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File: 1538735858827.jpeg (81.55 KB, 400x400, F75DE1F2-66A8-406B-9CA2-7C35FC…)

No. 704751


Thread for Mike Towers, and all his BS!

Claims to fame:
>runs AnimeLeague, a cringey weebfest forums, and equally cringey cons which feature cosplay slave auctions, deplorable hygiene and public makeouts between obeasts in cat ears
>advertised his cons as MCM-affiliated events on the MCM facebook page and subsequently received a lifetime ban from all MCM events in the UK
>has recently been accused of date rape and grooming underage girls, with evidence apparently being given to the police
>public clashes with MCM resident shitposter Obayed Khan, leading to Michael samefagging constantly on /cgl/ claiming that Obayed is a paedophile himself and threatening to 'see him at mcm' (which he is banned from)
>has used to cgl to try and spread rumours that Kita is cancelled and the MCM heads are under investigation for grooming and child abuse

There's a whole lot of milk here. Will add archive references next post

No. 704752

No. 705023

Off-Topic Thanks to whoever used my image for this topic, I do take pride in my works its nice to see it being more useful than AL is at running cons

No. 705473

so anything happen at bristol??

No. 705647

No. 705658

File: 1538874255430.png (372.19 KB, 1242x2208, 093E9A9C-9F87-414D-98B3-E53D9E…)

More bad news. lel

No. 706226

Andre deleted his facebook

No. 706239

Guessing the law's about to catch up with him

No. 706556

think he left al look like he wasnt host from what i seen

No. 706630

Andre is still an mod on al.

No. 706652

Apparently some AL staff no showed BAGC and Andre was nowhere to be seen.

People were complaining for refunds and noting how badly organised it was. Seems like a typical AL event really

No. 706688

File: 1539014009879.jpg (119.33 KB, 362x757, alshit.JPG)

This isn't Bristol-related but was posted today, triggered vendor in a thread about bootlegs!

No. 706762

oh any more info

No. 706811

Andre hasn't been to a Bristol event since last year. I don't think he's allowed to go anymore from what I've heard.

No. 706833

What specifically about Bristol? I know he was at the London ones.

No. 706843

He only went to the London ones cause of his cafe. I've heard ex maids and Mel say they hate the cafe and Andre is a mess. It wouldn't surprise me if he isn't at any cons next year.

I also heard he was on medication, living with his parents and wants to top himself. This is from his best mate who drives him everywhere.

No. 706971

So is he no longer with AL??

No. 707067

There's also whispers about Andre being sued by disgruntled former AL workers for sexual harassment and workplace bullying, though no-one has gone public about this yet.

No. 707359

I think someone should make a page like this for Andre. lel.

No. 707811

may as well keep it on the AL thread, it's all the same shit in the ends, just delusional perverts abusing their power and thinking it makes them successful when in fact becoming a cult leader isn't historically a good way to become well-remembered

in new news: if anyone bothered to post feedback on the Bristol AL forum thread or Facebook status it was swiftly deleted

either back to their usual tricks or people have stopped thinking it's worth doing

No. 707850

How can you sue an idiot? I know he isn't part of AL anymore he got fired after Alcon. Which is why he deleted his facebook and everything.

From what I've seen as a mod of AL no one has put any feedback in the thread. Do you have proof it got deleted?

No. 708727

of course not if it got deleted you inbred potato looking towers arselicker

but you're missing the point

No. 708830

How? Cause you can't say it got deleted when there's been no reply in that thread apart from one today. I can see in the history nothing has been deleted.

No. 708912


the point is, people don't care any more, there's no reason to post because nothing every happens, there are plenty of shitty reviews all over facebook (just not AL facebook where you can just delete whatever you like)

the point is, whenever AL has a 'clean' thread, people assume it's because the really bad shit has been deleted, not that it was in any way a good event.

but carry on arguing about my points in here while there's a big fat 'worst event ever' review at the top to ignore

No. 711809

No. 711810

No. 711923

I am so fucking glad Mike is going to prison for his bullshit.

I'm about to dump some fucking old but pretty goddamn funny milk. Take it with a grain of salt because i unfortunately cannot obtain the logs anymore, but i just feel like i gotta fucking talk about this because FUCK MIKE.

When i was 12-15 (so yeah this is over ten years ago in the early-mid 2000s but bear with me) i joined AL.

Mike and another fucking bastard DJ Battousai were the first creeps to start grooming me sexually online.

Yeah i was a dumb kid and curious, and lying about my age, but the difference between 12 and 14 isn't anything to the law.

Anyway so Mike and DJ would cyber me and convince me to get on webcam. Mike in particular has a fetish for young preteens or teens that develop early and have large breasts. Mike had his gf Mewski at the time so while he tried pretty hard he didn't like try to be my bf or anything. DJ on the other hand was a romantic, i guess. He convinced me we were the truest love and all this shit. But of course, turns out dude was the man slut of AL, like Mike he was cybering or trying to cyber with like half the site. So this other teenage girl and i got in this huge fight, she threatened to commit suicide, drama exploded in the journals section where she dropped it all. So Mike found out. Mike got jealous. Wicked jealous.

Mike banned DJ Battousai, ostensibly for preying on teenage girls and causing drama by cybering half the forum and not being honest about it. Holy shit the drama. Everyone saw through it, i remember Blah (who is also a creep but this isn't about him) a head admin was calling mike out heavily for also cybering half the forum, particularly the underage girls.

I was pretty mad at Mike, and disgustingly he came to me being all "I'm just protecting you from him :( noods now?" so yeah for awhile we had a falling out.

There were some users that quit and i think some that started threatening to call the authorities. This freaked Mike out. So i think eventually he let it go and DJ was unbanned, i think after like an apology or something. The people wanting to get Mike in trouble had nothing though, because that satisfied me enough that i didn't come forward. Though i had started realizing this was all pretty fucked up.

Of course when i was 15-16 i wanna say? I think we kinda started up again. Mike had a habit as demonstrated with Mewski of being a giant fucking malignant narcissist that had to have a harem of girls to pick and choose. So he was really good at figuring out insecurities, gently negging the girls, and then making them feel really special and wanted. This did not last long though. I'd moved on from AL and cut Mike off. I'd still hear about him being a creep though and never officially blocked him.

Anyway when I'm 17-18 he finds me again. At this point i know he's a creep, but i wanna mess with him and get dirt. So he tells me about like how he was trying to get into the con circuit, that he had gained a fuckload of weight, and had type2 diabetes. I honestly dunno why? He still would use old pics where he was a skinny bean pole.

Anyway i can't remember how exactly it came to this but i was indulging him cause he was being hilarious and pathetic. He started telling me about his supposed last hookup and that she had called him a "raging bull in the sack." i was laughing so hard you guys, because the way he described it it was totally obvious to everyone but him that such a statement was more of a complaint than a compliment.

Anyway idk if he's still a lardass, everyone seems to be using pics where he looks like his old bean pole self so i guess he either started managing it or uses really old pics still.

Anyway this is all to say he's always been a sociopath doing this shit and then projecting into others that may or may not be predators to deflect.

I actually at one time tried to report him…i was able to send a tip but nothing came of it because i can't get the evidence. The device this all happened on is long gone, and i seriously doubt msn still has the logs? Doesn't matter though, if it's true the police are looking into it.

The alleged date rape is new and horrifying though. When i still talked to a couple people from the old days we kinda assumed he was too much of a coward. He would collect CP and cyber and cam all day long but he'd never actually do it.

I really hate that we were apparently wrong.

No. 712020

None of his profile pictures are higher than 240p in resolution and this might be why

No. 712038

Oh btw just felt like adding,

He and i did voice chat and i swear to God with little exaggeration his accent sounds EXACTLY like Salad Fingers. Its burned into my brain. :(

That he had to rape is so unsurprising… what shocked me was that something lowered his inhibitions about getting caught.

No. 712210

he's going to prison? for real

No. 712334

Okay so I hate to be the jerk, but this has effectively come out of nowhere (either that or I've been super-behind on the tabloid gossip in AL), and so if you have anything to back up this "he's going to prison", then we as the mysterious anons might have to call bullshit on this.

Don't get me wrong; we all want that pleasure of reading that the police are arresting/questioning him, but considering fuck all has happened despite people saying so much about AL, him, and his harem, I find this "prison" stuff a little hard to believe.

…unless you're just jebaiting us.

No. 712345

Ack sorry I made a couple mistakes on a couple previous attempts and forgot to sage…lets try this again.

I'm sorry if it sounds like I have some SUPER SECRET INSIDER INFO from the police because I don't. You and I both know if the police ARE involved they are mum about it.

My ultimate point here is that this is 10+ years of grooming and a pattern. And he is not as smart as he pretends to be. I know it can seem like the justice system and the fact for years everyone has excused him with "mike being mike" makes it all hopeless.

But its not. I mean maybe I'm wrong and he's not an impulsive dumbass like he used to be and he's careful, but if he's still just as fucking pseudointellectual he's got all kinds of illegal material and evidence in his devices, in addition to the allegations.

If its all indeed true there's been evidence given to the police, well, I'm not as familiar with UK law, but Mike definitely about shit himself in the past thinking JUST online grooming and webcamming would get him in hot water. So I have to assume its a pretty big deal.

No. 712531

No. 712567

So Andre's deleted all his social media.

No. 712799

Webcaming? That's never been a thing with anyone's story, confused? Tbh I don't see Mike as the webcam type. Also how do you know the police are involved? Have you asked them yourself because looking at everything it seems no one has contacted them despite people saying they have

He's been like that for 2 weeks now like someone said before wouldn't surprise me if he topped himself

No. 712935

First of all this was a pretty long time ago. One of the reasons i know he was freaking out about getting caught is this came up between us about the camming.

We did it infrequently because he was so afraid of that crossing one too many lines. But he couldn't really help himself at the time, this was before getting that kinda material would be really easy and just require hopping on Tor.

He tried not to save images or ask for them, just infrequent cam sessions, tons of cybering and grooming. Idk, maybe he thought they couldn't prove he was looking at underage titty if the logs got looked into. I'm not 100% on where the lines are in UK law. Just know they take CP as seriously as we do.

He did emphasize he would not meet a minor unless they were 16 because that's age of consent. Not that i would've managed to get to the UK lol. Maybe that's part of why we all kinda excused/ignored a lot of this.

It was gross and wrong but like me a lot of the girls he was talking to at that time didn't live anywhere near him. He would groom them but play double speak like oh but i wouldn't really fuck you unless you were 16, darling. I know that because i talked to a few of the others when i started wising up that maybe Mike isn't a good guy and you are right that thinking now can't recall them mentioning camming, maybe i was the only one or one of a rare few. but the patterns and other behavior was the same.

No. 712941

I don't know why people are asking me "how i know" the cops are involved either. I regret assuming the information in the fucking OP was right. So just to fucking end this weird assumption I'm in contact with authorities, what i should have said is "I'm happy mike is likely going to prison, based on what the op claimed."

I reported a tip once, years ago (2014 i think?) when i thought i should. The problem was my device this all happened on was destroyed in a flood and thrown away. They can't exactly go on some anonymous hearsay about shit that happened years ago. I would think date rape allegation would do it but idk, police work slow and are not always the best at investigating sexual assault. Color me too optimistic.

And this is why there is even a disclaimer in my post. If i could get the goods i would.

No. 713394

that’s not true, his still got his Twitter account.

No. 713424

Attempted to find info, seems uk arrest records are not public.

Are UK court proceedings public or no? If not there's little chance of finding out since its hard to sniff out anyone mentioning things.

Maybe it really did go tits up. :/

No. 713695

As far as I'm aware a few of girls have actually gone to the police and given statements but nothing was done because the things they claim happened took place over a decade ago and there is no proof.

No. 713718

Yeah this is my problem too. And further research reveals the UK has some gray area about grooming which takes place online. If you can prove there was CP being exchanged they might be bothered to get off their asses but its not like the u.s.

Even in the u.s. shit gets thrown out because hurr i was never going to actually meet them and there's insufficient evidence to suggest otherwise. Probably why mike back then had a habit of emphasizing that he'd have to wait.

No. 715022

How hard is it to get onboard with AL, Crew up as an undercover Troll, Do 2 events organize a AL Themed Staff Party, invite everyone who hates towers and then invite towers = Cause shitstorm

No. 715082

Not very, AL pages and groups have been taken over more than once by people pretending to want to be staff

No. 715143

This actually happening lel

No. 716089

I know the unhappyweeb went undercover as crew at one event but he couldn't last long and so he had enough and just bailed. But that's how he found out about asbestos-gate. And I think MT made him public enemy #1 after that.

No. 718602

So, for those in the UK at least, the two videos by Tim Nur have been taken down due to defamation complaints.

Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHXqS-VgWgo

Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7NYYhUa8AE

All three videos are no longer available to watch in the UK. With a proxy, I was able to watch both of them. Michael can't handle criticism and sees it as "defamation". What a little bitch.

No. 718603

disregard that, I suck cocks. I meant two

No. 718604

The police in the UK is full of paedophiles. It's why they let Jimmy Saville, the rest of the BBC, politicians and now Muslim rape gangs get away with it. The victims are passed around to the higher ups in the police force as well.

No. 718638

The police also tell rape victims to close their legs and get a grip too as well as be racist towards blacks.

No. 718966

Does AL have a discord chat then?

No. 723354

Surprised Towers hasn't been boasting about stuff going down at MCM.

No. 723361

What happened at MCM?

No. 723365

On Friday, there was basically a "bomb scare" which led to the Green, Novotel and Ibis being evacuated. Whole area was sectioned off, and armed police arrived.

Turned out to apparently be a lasagne left in a bag in an Uber. Someone looked inside the car and apparently screamed: "BOMB" to create a commotion.

No. 723427

This is legitimately one of the funniest things I've ever heard. A bag with leftover lasagne? Really?

I get the sense MT is probably kinda of quiet about it because, much as he tends to not know when to quit, a few too many public enemies often elicits his true cowardice and then finally (thankfully) he kinda shuts up and just mulls privately. Just something I've observed over the years.

Optimistic but i do think if anything more serious were going on with him being investigated, we would be clued in by that cowardice showing up. He might huff n puff a little vaguely about going through something, but i think what to watch for will be when he does the opposite of a seasoned lolcow and shuts up, for once.

No. 723616

Yes but at the same time maybe no one cares? You are always going to get bomb scares in London especially in recent years and MCM is a place for it considering the amount of people there.

No. 723877

File: 1540912346670.png (10.44 KB, 1181x69, Screenshot_43.png)

AL has had a website overhaul, I do love this little lie about working with other companies, I don't think that's true, You're banned from mcm, Showmasters hates you, You bitch at kenny for his cosexpo you've bitched and tried to fuck up everyone else who runs events even that new Anime Connect con you tried to shutdown, Work with other companies and events, Fuck off

No. 725897

File: 1541253864462.png (227.5 KB, 1242x2208, A2066B70-CDF8-4365-B247-61E574…)

No. 725898

File: 1541253882158.png (238.46 KB, 1242x2208, DEE50783-6289-4960-9D49-5966A2…)

No. 726661

Are they filing for defamation?
Do you have the other part with the links?

No. 726666


No. 726719


Lmfao 'defamation'. AL are a treat.
They have another anime con next weekend in some city which actually hates them right? They're so tragic.

No. 726720


They've tried to take members of similar but far better groups away for their own benefit for years. Having their events fall on the same dates as the others, building up false hope of collaboration to make a bigger & better anime community, making people believe their events are more superior and stealing ideas for meets. That's one cute lie there AL.

No. 730075

so anythin happen at norwich anime con? any dramu

No. 730545

Saw a post on Twitter that is now gone that they played the online party game Jackbox and alot of the answers were about Towers before the staff got triggered and cut the screen off for 'inappropriate content that has ruined it for everyone else' despite they had weebs on stage screaming and swearing during some voice dub shit apparently.

No. 730616

lots of bad feedback on fb

No. 730650


Not surprised by anything AL puts together. Preparing for Towers to post how epic the first time Norwich con was even when it was obviously shit.

No. 730849

Please tell me recordings of this exists

No. 730866

If not recordings I'm sure photos exist.

No. 731105

File: 1542061485953.jpg (580.73 KB, 3264x2448, 1542058096950.jpg)

No. 731165

File: 1542066266787.jpg (77.42 KB, 720x960, NAGC.jpg)

Gee, the new Sims DLC looks great

(yes, this is the NAGC afterparty)

No. 731172


1,200 attendees went to NAGC though anon, looks like a banging party!

No. 731442

File: 1542109699537.jpeg (396.14 KB, 1242x862, DDDDCFF3-ACAF-4FB5-B081-515278…)

No. 731443

File: 1542109775302.png (459.35 KB, 1242x2208, 9875B951-9708-4FA6-AA2A-B1ACA9…)

No. 731444

File: 1542109821947.png (401.96 KB, 1242x2208, 5B7D0BFD-7B78-4943-B7A4-E8B99A…)

No. 731460

File: 1542113327779.jpeg (32.92 KB, 676x673, 1B35F412-DA65-47C9-9CC6-816611…)

Probs trying to get more moneys off attendees hoping they wouldn’t take notice, esp since they were asking everyone to “donate” extra and to give more moneys to “help the con”.

No. 731532

File: 1542127575401.png (33.68 KB, 716x454, shitcon.png)

AL think they held a fantastic event only because underaged and brainless weebs got their animu fix for the weekend. Another post fount, sounds worse than LAGC.

No. 731553

I will admit, the Jackbox stuff would be a lot to take in if you've never heard about AL and the allegations behind the scenes.

Skeletons in the closet doesn't even come close to it

No. 732099

Holy shit, this only just occurred to me, how parents could suddenly look at this jackbox stuff, and think that this was the best place to take their kids.

It doesn't even matter if the allegations are true or not; the fact that they are actually poking fun at something like this is braindead alone.

No. 732109

They've always been inappropriate and edgy, since before the convention days. Always been a sick "open joke" that Mike is a pedophile. I feel so bad for unwitting parents that brought their little kids or let their teens go, only to experience this shit.

Does not surprise me in the least that the only real clout they get comes in the form of edgy tweens that don't know what a good convention or community looks like. And those tweens are probably severely neglected or abused to begin with, any reasonable parent would look into this and go hell nope, even if they allowed it at first.

That's what makes this really sick to me and why i really want Mike taken down tbh. :/

No. 732187

With Jackbox it's limited answers, although this wasn't the most mature way to go about it, it certainly must have raised some eyebrows when the answers came up the way they did. AL love a witchunt so having this sort of game running really left them open to an attack.

No. 732224

Half their staff are basically walking PR disasters so in a way, most of the damage AL experiences is self-inflicted.

No. 735755

Towers lets it happen,
1) Good or Bad PR is still PR
2) If something goes wrong you can sack the person off and blame them and use their bad PR as a scapegoat (See Andre)

No. 736276

When is he going to pay Obayed for all that PR work

No. 736368

Assuming Obayed is not on the AL payroll already..

No. 740407

File: 1543492200006.jpeg (184.8 KB, 1242x462, 47B45A6B-90BC-42F8-8FB2-AFCAFD…)

No. 744176

File: 1544024094196.jpg (106.66 KB, 960x720, 37574469_2054876501212387_5237…)

Anybody going to the Manchester mini-con by AL on the 15th to cause a scene?

No. 744180

Are they running out of funds to host full cons now?

No. 744545

File: 1544071484970.jpeg (62.94 KB, 774x180, 0D7E167C-7A81-4028-8AA0-FA46E0…)

No, she still fat and ugly cow. lel

No. 744667


Their website seems to be password locked now too

No. 744887

They've always done this, its basically their manchester meet what you talking about?

No. 745324

oh yes it there cosplay ball tonight any dramu yet

No. 745376

Didn't Lewis Falcon say he was going in a dress?

No. 745729

Manchester Mini Con is taking place on the same day a lot of trains are on strike.

Perfect planning Mike

No. 745737

RIP Tim Nur
press F to pay respects

No. 746411

File: 1544383576731.png (586.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-12-06-12-06-56…)

Seems Mike has legal'd up on Google search results…

No. 746412

File: 1544383602010.png (187.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-12-06-12-07-25…)


No. 746413

File: 1544383696972.png (216.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-12-06-12-07-30…)


No. 746414

File: 1544383814211.png (179.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-12-06-12-07-42…)


No. 746417


Is that your gmail address at the bottom?

No. 746798

Technically no. Back before YouTube and gmail forcefully connected, I signed into my YouTube at a friends house, and then somewhere down the line, Google forcefully linked my YouTube to my friends mums gmail. Can't unlink it, and I don't touch the gmail account anyway.

I wouldn't have been ok with posting the screenshot if I did use the account.

No. 747616

Can someone explain to me what a pedophone is?

No. 747621

Might be nipping in to do some Xmas shopping so I may drop in just to see how much of a shitshow it is. I dropped in last years and it was dead by 3 o clock. Not expecting much more from this years, probably be worse tbh seen as more people are aware of AL being shady now.

No. 747702

shaw there xmas meet last week was super dead anyone know how there cosplay ball went I cant find photos at all

No. 750519

Requesting an update, Does anyone have any photos from the ball, I too haven't been able to find not one mention on social media

No. 750916

I saw that the Christmas ball was barely advertised. I thought there would have been some pics from the event at least. Unless the event was so dead they didn't want to show it.

Looks like Alcon is apparently reinventing itself?

No. 751139

Reinventing… In Anime League terms that means stealing and calling it your own creation.

No. 751271

File: 1545257847093.png (670.67 KB, 1854x864, AL fail.png)

"Oi, Mike! How are we gonna make Anime League look good again?"

"I got it! Let's rebrand ourselves using the banner of one of the most genocidal regimes in history!"

No. 751320

Is that all you could find? Well done!

They are using a national flag that is still used today as a symbol of good fortune, and is incorporated into products and advertisements. Clearly someone doesn't know their Japanese history.

If anything they haven't announced anything, so waiting to see if littlekuriboh is on their lists or if he's finally given up

No. 751321

Your location and gmail address is on this screenshot

No. 751322

You do realise the continued use of the Rising Sun flag is part of why virtually every East Asian nation still regards Japan with distrust?

No. 751323

That, and the fact Japan officially has never issued a full apology for what they did in the early 20th century.

No. 751324


if anyone feels nosy

No. 751336

Wait. So your reason to attack an ANIME convention which is Japanese-focused is because Japan is shitty?


No. 751338


While you two were bickering, I found this little gem on the website:

"Double Ensuite – £49 per night. Two person occupancy. You will need to bring a second pillow for the second person, as an additional pillow isn’t provided."

So AlCon Revival is not only MakeYourOwnFunCon, but also BringYourOwnPillowCon.

No. 751340

£49 a night is not too bad tbf for two people, you pay for what you get for

No. 751341

At AmeCon I always brought an extra pillow as you either didn't get any or it was really flat and crap. It's not the worse thing

No. 751342

I know Rootes was around £46 per night for Ame and Kitacon, but given the avalanche of problems people had with accommodation at DMU this past AlCon, I'm gonna assume there's a reason why en suite rooms are such a low price.

No. 751347

There's nearby hotels in the area as well? Pretty sure DMU is not the only place to stay in Leicester?

No. 751486

No. 751828

A new coat of paint aint gonna mean shit if they keep ignoring and deleting criticism.

No. 752091

Have they deleted any yet?

No. 752208

Yeah, someone commented on the event saying good job recognising that they killed their event by letting a nonce run it and having people make rape jokes on stage and that got deleted pretty fast kek

No. 752775

They're cracking down even harder now by taking down YouTube videos about their events with defamation claims

No. 752917

I wonder if MT got permission to use the song in this video? (It's 'Neptune' by Arc North btw)

If you feel adventurous to contact the artist and tell him his music is being used to promote an event like this, then be my guest.

No. 753009

Takes two seconds to google and see that that track is free for anyone to use. Stop nitpicking.

No. 753579

No. 758960

File: 1546601840374.jpeg (981.72 KB, 1242x1460, D66C867C-0DC1-40D6-89B2-F90EEC…)

No. 759997

see alcon hideing there reg number

No. 760140

They have a whole new website did you not notice?

No. 760160

File: 1546807268787.png (5.32 KB, 923x27, 154680715119826277.png)

>They have a whole new website

This is the website



No. 760216

but they have anime bingo anime bingo that will save them

No. 760219

First prize wins an Hour with the Tower

No. 769250

Andre is back(necro)

No. 769321


No. 769561


No. 769562

No. 774544

Anything noteworthy happen at the cardiff con today?

No. 775303

All the talk of an AL rebrand turned out to be bullshit. Same disorganisation, same outdated artwork, same nonce apologists working for them.

No. 775310

Actual info? Anything new?

No. 775375

Can we stop bumping a dead thread unless you actually have something to contribute? Sage if you’ve not got any milk

No. 776316

I see they are trying to start up a con in newcastle now to compete with sunnycon. Does towers personally attend all of his cons?

No. 777584

Yes! But not his mini-Cons, to answer your question

No. 777594

>compete with sunnycon

kek i'd love to see him try, he could book in vic mangiana to get the crowds in. Fits with his brand.

No. 786636

AlCon is officially dying, it's downsized to little more than a typical shitty AGC event. No more Thursdays, and the entire con is now in one single building on campus.

Also, they've reverted to old ways by removing any trace of a guest (i.e. Octopimp) who cancelled appearing at their con.


No. 786794

I don’t really see why everyone’s complaining about the one building. One of people’s complaints was the walking between buildings and low suddenly one building is bad?

I don’t think this is them dying. I think they can actually turn it around with these changes

No. 789529

No, it's them dying

No. 789674

They just announced two new events.

No. 789854

anon, you are really in denial if you think they are dying when they have enough money to do two new events AND keep Alcon going. Where's Kita or Amecon??

No. 789924

If they aren't dying then why isn't ALCon growing? Why aren't they having to upscale instead of downscaling like they are? The only reason they're trying to get new events going is because their current ones are doing really bad.

No. 789951

Seems to me that they're focusing now more on AL as a whole than Alcon. It's now one of 13 events they do in a year, you're stuck in 2013 anon

No. 789956


Did you actually read the update? Although they’re only using one building now, they were only using half of the building last year. They’re not actually going to have much less space. The only real difference is that they’re not doing Thursday anymore but that’s probably just because most people can’t do Thursdays anyway?

Like above anon said, whether you hate them or not, you’re blind if you think this is them dying. A failing company would not announce two new events. And don’t forget that the winter London this year was literally packed, and got really good feedback online.

No. 789958

one event doesn't make a year
lets see how their manchester anime and gaming con does next month - bet it gets less than last year

No. 789959

its attendance has dripped three years in a row now so wouldn't shock me lol

No. 789961


No. 790654

Exactly, I don't know why AL staff are coming to lolcow of all places to try and hype their events it's so sad

No. 797763

so anything happen at manchester anime con?

No. 798342

just that it was busy nothing really happened was just bigger than last year

No. 799458

I have heard that mike has been flirting with Grace Mellody a lot, both in person and on al.
Mel is out and Grace is in.


No. 799482

when and where?

No. 799505

not surprised if this is true, Grace is an ogre

No. 799534

screenshots? though Grace is known to sleep around with anyone

No. 799777

AnimeLeague are still at it, a review of Alcon on youtube with just over 400 views has been blocked in the UK after getting hit with a defamation claim. The video was fair and balanced and even had one of the guest abridgers (xthedarkone) comment on the video to state how much of a fair review it was

they are still censoring criticism even if it's from a small channel with 200 subscribers lmao

No. 799785

They were doing these claims right after Alcon, so this claim was probs made 5 months ago and only now has been looked at by youtube?
So really if youtube is taking it down then shouldn't you be moaning at youtube itself? AL doesn't have control over whats to be take down from a website they don't own???

No. 799806

If that really is true maybe this is why mel felt the need to add Queen to her name. She knows she’s getting replaced lel

It doesn’t take youtube five months to look at reports

No. 799817

why are AL autists infesting everything board that talks about them reeeing "justice"
fuck off man its boring

No. 799941

I'm just telling you what I heard myself. But it's ok Jack/Jackette (depending if you are wearing a dress today) you can cry over your little channel.

No. 799975

wrong about that one mate, i have no idea who Jack is.

I want to know the tea on Grace, she really porking Micheal?

No. 800221

I guess we’ll never know

No. 800468

Seems like a baseless lie unfortunately

No. 800482

File: 1556267436965.jpeg (130.43 KB, 1183x183, 34F2F9AB-C9CA-4424-8A9D-3EDDFA…)

no one is jealous of you. you look like a very ugly and fat man.

No. 800483

You do realise it’s a song that both her and grace posted lyrics to, right?

No. 800700

Anon, stalking forums doesn't look good on you

No. 800712

aaannnd heres the AL autism, again

No. 800728

Can we just post when there’s actual tea instead of just talking about the possibility of some girl being a whore and random status updates?

No. 801608

File: 1556726345617.jpeg (624.64 KB, 1242x1453, 02C7A851-31C9-4887-9D79-C7FE76…)

No. 801609

File: 1556726835984.jpeg (295.29 KB, 1242x685, 2A18F913-24AC-43D6-AB1F-677DC5…)

No. 801610

File: 1556726890826.jpeg (362.54 KB, 1242x911, 653A5DCD-8E6F-4462-BB5A-FE6882…)

No. 801611

File: 1556726915701.jpeg (312.69 KB, 1200x877, 10D69AE0-21A2-410D-8D80-D02DBE…)

No. 801827

No. 802620


To be fair i dont think announcing the correct character name would suddenly make the crowd love her cosplay, maybe they didnt react positively because it wasnt very good? sounds just like a salty dad.

No. 802625

They definitely just sound salty. Even if they didn’t say her character why would that make you cry? You still got to do the masquerade so it just seems like they’re trying to say “we worked so hard my daughter/I should have placed!!”

No. 803191

The masquerades in general tend to be poorly run (it's AL, what do you expect?) and according to Tim Nur, half of them are fixed anyway, but yeah, that post gives me r/EntitledParents vibes.

No. 803211

How would Tim even know though? Unless somebody has been crew I don’t see how anyone would know if it was fixed. I feel like he’ll just say anything against AL whether he has any evidence or not.

No. 803236

I mean just ask the cosplay guests who usually judge at their cons if it's fixed? I'm sure they'll be happy to know they don't have a say in that hour.

No. 803281

That’s the reason I don’t believe it, if it was fixed then one of the judges would have said something by now - they have different judges at every event so it would have come out by now

No. 803289

> Says something that makes sense and is sensible
In before someone suggests the girls- er sorry the "judges" are too scared/lazy/not bothered to speak up..

No. 815830

Who will be going this year?

I may do for bants since it's cheaper now LOL.

No. 816002

going where you lettuce wrap

No. 816009

File: 1559327678318.png (26.59 KB, 170x218, 4chon.png)

No. 834201

any good lagc dramu

No. 843831

File: 1564055237250.jpg (60.95 KB, 540x960, 67138149_10157378067376241_455…)

fresh dramu

No. 844044

not really this is last year. cosplay thot named Krystal looking for attention

No. 844312

This has been around for ages

No. 844984

This was only posted publicly recently. Only other person who would know when it was from is Mike himself

No. 845252

ummm in the screenshot says "2018" yes anon we aren't in 2019 right now

No. 845611

The girl herself has talked about it before…

No. 863731

File: 1567590398006.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1696, received_2935136746515985.png)

Grace Mellody doing a dirty delete because someone showed her evidence that they did go to the police about Towers on her post where she claimed all the victims are liars.

No. 863790

shit attempt at Obayed thread pops up 3 hours after this is posted.
Grace/Mel doing their dirty work for master pedo himself.
Also thank god someone shut that ogre down. she needed it.

No. 864258

That thread is straight up bullying, stalking and harassment. He could go to the police about it. Especially when they're so obviously letting everyone know who they are. The one who commented about his kid is Mike England B Frost, people told him he was a shit dad for wasting time bullying and harassing Obayed online instead of taking care of his kids and he went full victim mode and cried that people were bullying his child.

No. 864907

ALcon is running and nobody seems to care, I think it's finally dead.

No. 864935

Alcon today Lads.

Anyone on site to report for the rest of us?

No. 865002

For Obayed maybe as he's an angel

No. 866131

File: 1567972288128.jpg (26.1 KB, 489x673, 70494014_10158673965214638_849…)

No. 866240

I didn't get to attend the event but during a window of free time I was able to go to DMU hoping to see some people's cosplay. The place was barren. Used to be that the whole street out side DMU would be full of cosplay. On the Saturday midday there was a small group of 5 and a separate pair. I think part of me died with Alcon that day.

No. 866510

Probably because it’s one building now so people aren’t walking in between as much.

No. 866541

or because it's a dying con?

No. 866609

Most people seem to have enjoyed themselves looking through my newsfeed so something must be happening for people to still go

No. 866826

No. 866828

File: 1568106969687.jpg (326.37 KB, 1079x1076, Screenshot_20190910-101633_Fac…)

No. 866830

File: 1568107063054.jpg (390.53 KB, 1073x1369, Screenshot_20190910-101611_Fac…)

No. 866872

File: 1568115831142.jpg (389.9 KB, 1080x1383, Screenshot_20190910-124332_Fac…)

No. 866874

File: 1568115928578.jpg (511.76 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20190910-124411_Fac…)

No. 866876

File: 1568116211453.jpg (434.57 KB, 1080x2034, Screenshot_20190910_124815_com…)

An archived post from mike's old site. He's a confirmed nonce, literally admitted to sex with a 12 year old.

No. 866954

Proof that that's not some other random Mike? If you can prove it this is diamond.

No. 866957

12 year olds love their daddies lets be honest

No. 866975

Beth the biggest cosplay thot and claims everyone is shit compared to her. tbh with all these claims would be nice to see screenshots rather them all saying "I was raped #metoo"

No. 866986

Fuck off AL shill. None of these comments are even to do with rape, hence why I posted them. Mike's scumminess extends to his business practices beyond his noncing.

Also nobody gives a shit if Beth didn't touch your weewee, this is an AL thread.

No. 866990

wow not an AL shill btw reeeee. Still need to back it up with proof though? Anyone can say they used my picture for ages and I asked for them to take it down. Lets be honest cosplayers like the attention. Also how can Sammy claim Towers isn't doing the finances anymore? Do they have proof? All legit questions here

No. 867003

Apparently you're so new to this that you haven't seen the other cosplayers used for promo without their permission, as well as artists.

No. 867025

Not to wk but even if this is Mike, that reads as though they’re just saying the kid had sex, not necessarily meaning with the person writing the post.

No. 867061

Beth is a scum bag and a horrible human being, I don't really know cosplayers and such but I know of her. Vile person(derailing)

No. 867090

cosplayers need that fame. no one will see their pictures otherwise

No. 867095

its in obayed's secret harem club group along with proof its him, another archived post taking on the site about AL and referring to mike on the site

No. 867098

even if that interpretation is correct, it still admits to posessing child porn

No. 867131

link here? If it is so important and concrete post

No. 867132

secret group, cant directly link

No. 867160

Screenshot it.

No. 867177

wherever this person got their information is clearly wrong. The charity still gets the money as there has been evidence to back that up and Towers very much controls everything so he'd still be doing the finances. I would love to see this Sammy show evidence that this information is actually correct as it seems very far fetched.

No. 867237

Screenshot it, retard.

No. 867866

The charity did receive the money, however it was well over a week after it was raised and after he was caught still holding onto it

No. 867955

There is no law stating you have to give the money straight away. Pretty sure they would have spoken to the charity to arrange a time and bank transfer.

No. 867962

Further to that it'd be extremely unlikely that they'd have continued to raise money and the charity would have emailed them to thank them for subsequent donations (which they have posted evidence of) if there had been anything improper occurring.

No. 868061

I really don’t get why people focus on the charity shit when they post proof of donations. Sage for no contribution, but holy fuck wait for some actual milk.

No. 868085

It's more to do with chances are if he wasn't called out for it he would have pocketed that money. Plenty of ex staff have confirmed Towers has on many occasions pocketed some cash raised at his events.

No. 868092

Proof? I've seen many people claim they were staff but actually had nothing to do with Towers

No. 868116

Pretty sure there's proof in the previous thread you can look up, but if you want something more recent wait roughly a week or so

No. 869604

File: 1568697267023.jpg (529.35 KB, 1080x575, Screenshot_20190917-061204_Fac…)

The week before Minamicon, the next town over. Why is Mike so delusional and antagonistic towards other events? He's not going to take attendees from an established and wildly better con.

No. 869639

File: 1568716136692.png (1.61 MB, 1297x2048, Screenshot_20190917-122741.png)

No. 869677

Except they've literally just posted proof that they paid it in last week.

No. 869694

if you're going to double post in this and the obayed thread learn to sage you fucking AL normie

No. 869698

lel stalker alert owo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 869705

bumping both threads which are related to each other with the same timso comment
uwu stalker

No. 869709

File: 1568731417635.jpg (190.2 KB, 720x1252, Screenshot_20190917_154144.jpg)

Apart from sage anon. Obayed is liable now considering this is pretty much evidence they gave the money to charity. I wonder what Obayed has next on crusade against Towers

No. 869710

File: 1568731438978.jpg (18.12 KB, 720x405, FB_IMG_1568731255385.jpg)

No. 869721

They only posted that because he forced their hand.

No. 869723

When the photos and screenshots prove it was sorted out last week? They were just waiting on the letter to arrive in the post.

No. 869724

Holy shit little brown meme man is so good at rustling their jimmies that they spurge on two threads at the same time.

No. 870281

More like little brown meme man is obsessed with Towers and needs to get over his little AL-Vendetta?

No. 871595

File: 1569167175720.jpeg (126.47 KB, 1080x1525, received_381892259171628.jpeg)

Looks like Towers isn't the only AL staff member who thinks being trans is just a trend, a transgender guest is also speaking out on Facebook against Grace rn because they were repeatedly musgendered by staff at the very con AL were raising money for Mind lmaooo

No. 871603

Plenty of trans people actually shared this post and agreed on some points. It was very popular on Instagram among the LGTB Community. Also best read the whole post as it was mainly an open discussion. I don't think a Towers lolcow is the best thread to talk about the apparently 100 different genders now.

No. 871612

Wasn't this back in July? AL wasn't raising money for MIND back then only at ALCon

No. 871620

So they're allowed to be transphobic and misgender trans people before they raised money for mind, then??

No. 871628

I think they were just making the point of it not being fresh milk
Are we really stuck reposting old shit now?

No. 871630

File: 1569171778038.png (693.31 KB, 2048x737, Screenshot_20190922-175957.png)

Raising money for mind doesn't give staff the right to do this shit

No. 871631

It wasn't posted here before do it's not a repost

No. 871632

File: 1569172490524.jpg (60.02 KB, 677x966, 70681303_2324707111100844_3007…)

Adding to the whole charity fraud ALcon did post an official letter from Mind. Though people are calling it fake, what do you think?

No. 871636

File: 1569172883109.jpeg (265.84 KB, 1080x1944, received_509092013215413.jpeg)

The first email they showed was just a reply to them saying they will raise funds, they lied and tried to pass if off as confirmation when called out. That confirmation letter they posted was dated the day after they were called out which was two weeks after the money had been raised. Grace and Mel keep posting bull shit excuses like they were trying to phone up and couldn't get through but it only takes one look at their website to find the donation page. Are we supposed to believe that they didn't even see that??

No. 871638

File: 1569173133793.jpeg (46.02 KB, 920x408, received_506460510137937.jpeg)

In fact Grace even admitted they didn't donate it when they should have and is pulling the "they got the money eventually, stop complaining" routine. If people hadn't checked it probably would never have been donated. You can donate directly through their website even as an organisation and it doesn't take two weeks to do it.

No. 871639

2 weeks? More like 5 days. Above is the Natwest recipt with a stamp saying "13th September". As much as you hate AL, I don't think they are capable at faking a bank recipt. That was a Friday I see then give the weekend for the money to be given over and then you have Monday where the charity is actually open during normal hours.

No. 871640

You are really new to the thread aren't you? If you want to make a lolcow about Grace go for it because that seems to be your vendetta at the moment

No. 871641

File: 1569174038044.jpg (197.41 KB, 1080x1920, 70641327_10156100165521534_807…)

Working closely with charities before it is always best to ring up and answer any questions people donanting money have. Alot of the time charties don't do confirmation letters like those unless specifically asked for. Most of the time it is just an email saying "thanks for your donation". I think it is better they rang them up than just donated online because then there isn't any real evidence showing the transaction.

Also if you check the Mind Twitter again, it shows they did recieve the money. So why everyone is still complaining about it is beyond me. There's better dirt out there than this repeated mess.

No. 871681

It's actually hilarious how AL shills desperately try and bump the Obayed thread whenever they see the Towers thread get bumped.

No. 871716

Obayed himself actually bumped the thread. So bit of a bold statement there.

No. 871758

He's been banned for posting star wars memes and making hoes mad, and right now the thread is just anons digging up posts from years ago and cropping out likes and comments because they have nothing else to post about but desperately need to do something to bump it above the Towers thread because "they're winning lolcow"

No. 871761

File: 1569189044220.jpg (12.68 KB, 540x265, FB_IMG_1569189009381.jpg)

No. 871793


Just like >>871761 is doing. Hmmm…same anons with grudges against both?

No. 873459

But…He's Still a nonce though.


No. 873869

File: 1569627399794.jpg (188.61 KB, 989x720, Untitled94.jpg)

I mean… Yeah

No. 874023

And now to add revenge porn to the list of shitty things this creep has done. Grace Melody admitted he has shared photos with her about someone, that's gross.

No. 874049


No. 874069

Screencaps or fuck off

No. 874076


Now I know who you are because this is pretty hot shit with screen shots widely available.
Hi Mike, Hi Mel. Go ask Grace.

No. 874088

You seem very obsessed with Grace just make your own thread rather than bumping this thread with nothing to backup your points and memes don't count. Leave how to use the site before being an ass

No. 874112

Hi Karli Rae how are you? Still spreading your lies?

No. 874119

As far as I'm aware and as much I have witnessed, everything she has said she has had evidence for, it's the hob goblin and orange skid mark that deleted the proof

No. 874120

That's a blast from the past. I wish she did browse here as it would make things interesting, but anytime she's asked she really has no interest in "rejected embarrassments" who browse here. So while that was a good shot, you're in the wrong country to begin with if you think I am her. I'm a bit closer to home.

No. 874122

File: 1569693556827.jpg (126.19 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1569693495061.jpg)


Taken from the thread, this does indeed look like Mike has shown grace people's photos, which is revenge porn, which as far as I'm aware has been reported now.

Well done Grace.

No. 874123

Uh, she literally just said it was literally fake revenge-porn?

No. 874124

Actually no, sharing someone's photo without the person's consent is indeed revenge porn.
She dun goofed

No. 874125

You clearly don't understand the law, do you?

No. 874126

Sharing someone's photos nude or not, it's still revenge porn, as grave said in the message she's not entirely covered, aka partially nude.
Are you retarded or are you Mel?

No. 874127

I mean it's pretty black and white this is revenge porn and it's disgusting.

No. 874128

Do you really think Grace would accept someone else's nudes or are you retarded?

No. 874129

In the screenshot, Karli Rae clearly states to Grace Mellody that it's clothed and so not revenge porn.

In the screenshot.

Seriously, think.

No. 874130

>wants proof
>is given proof
>that's fake

These people are defo Mike or Mel. It's painfully obvious.

No. 874133

No actually, you can't read.
Grace said she's partially covered, Rae said so it's not a full on nudes then.

This is still revenge porn, and I know it's being reported.

No. 874134

Where does Karli say she's clothed? Because it doesn't say that anywhere

No. 874135

We'll they've got nothing better to do so of course it's them
What else would they be doing, running a good con? Nah

No. 874136

Mods, this person is clearly same-fagging, can you ban them please?

No. 874139

>so they aren't nudes then

….StIlL rEvENgE POrN reeee

No. 874142

Why not Grace? I thought you were best buddies with her Karli?

No. 874144

So, she will "report" this "revenge porn" just like her "rape". I'd say Mike has more of a case against Karli right now than anything else..

No. 874146

I mean, I'm not Karli but I am friends with her and she doesn't realise that I really don't care for her.

Also, did you know that sharing any photos of anyone (nude or not, consent or not) is against the law? I just got told that, interesting.

No. 874148

Well I for one look forward to this outcome as I know who's side I'm on.

Hint, not the child molester as I believe the evidence given even if you try to delete it

No. 874151

Yeah this is definitely Grace
We'll done on victim blaming and saying they lied about what happened
You're a sicko lol

No. 874152

Actually,fully nude or not, that is indeed considered revenge porn, it's against the law to share someone's photographs with or without their consent.

I think you need to learn a bit before you try to add something

No. 874154

What does Mike have against her?
The fact that he can cry she was mean and denied she was his GF? R/niceguys

Revenge porn is sick, and people here clearly are too far into the waifu body pillows to check the real world and the laws here.

No. 874155

But if people didn't suffer the E X A C T same way she did, it's not abuse silly!

Quoted her

No. 874156

Lol, that's hilarious. Seriously, google the definitions for a change rather than arrogantly thinking you know what's what. Karli, I know you have a lot of issues, but you need to get a grip and sort your own life out rather than wrecking those of others.

No. 874157

Okay, keep ignorant.
And I'll be sure to tell her that, and the fact you can't argue back and need to try and add a face to an anon to make it valid. The wrong face however but I can see psychosis is a running problem with AL attendees.

No. 874158

Karli, the mods can quite literally see you're same-fagging. Stop it.

No. 874160

ThE MoDs CaN sEe

You sound crazy my dude. How can you tell who is who from a random site? Tell me your wisdom, because it's not very good if you keep getting this wrong and mistaking the people here for this one imaginary girl

No. 874161

"My dude"

I know who this one is, and if you get it wrong you're retarded.

No. 874162

File: 1569695579427.jpeg (12.42 KB, 1080x330, received_409816016344072.jpeg)

Sure you don't. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
You're a joke lmao

No. 874163

>Karli Rae accuses Mike of rape
>Mike sends people screenshots showing this is false. Of the dozen plus screenshots one shows her sending a pic of herself fully clothed but "needy"
>Grace goes to Karli and shows this to her to tell her to shut up
>Karli claims a photo in the context of a conversation "revenge porn"
>Karli posts no actual evidence to substantiate this. How convenient?

If I were Karli, I'd be more worried about being reported to the police for false accusations potentially right now?

No. 874164

Man I wish I had the power this Karli chick does.
Making a guy go crazy because she rejected him, then he shares her photos about?

That's not boosh, and Mike. Mate. Get help, move on. This is sad, you're mother is crying.

No. 874167

Another false accusation with no actual evidence to back it up. Try harder.

No. 874168

Actually, she never accused him of rape. Just taking advantage, hurting her and being controlling, so evidence of this?

She did indeed report the abuse she sustained and reported the things that were said to her when she was underage.

Grace then went and tried to blackmail Karli to shut up not knowing what she's done is just admit that mike has indeed shared intimate photos of her without her consent, thus revenge porn.

She also included not 1, but 4 screen shots of the whole convo where grace tried to back peddle, but your not part of the thread to see that, are you mikey? I think your upset you can't see the full picture to see how this is looking.

I love you are desperatlytrying to put this girl down when she's untouchable because you have nothing on her.

No. 874170

Actually, she has made over a hundred posts harassing people in various ways. This will be submitted shortly.

No. 874171

If calling shitty people out is harassing go on then, she's not telling any lies.

No. 874172

Hope you enjoy the police at your doors soon, Miss Rae. ;)

No. 874173

Over ONE HUNDERED posts?!?!

I take bullshit for 2000 because she barely posts anything never mind a hundred posts.
She's been the most quiet on this whole thing and if it wasn't for Mel and Grace provoking her, I can assure you she wouldn't have even bothered with any of this.

You have only yourself to blame.

No. 874174

File: 1569696259758.jpg (83.07 KB, 1039x973, FB_IMG_1569611594571.jpg)

No. 874175

It's not her but okay I'll tell her I'm sure she would love the opportunity to push the case again, you're doing her a favour

No. 874177

Over the last week alone there are over 20 posts. It's probably closer to 300+ in the last two years but whose counting. ;)

No. 874178

I've looked at her profile.
She literally posts stupid rat memes and the occasional song and being annoyed by her neighbours. Are you okay in the head? Because I really want to see these mysterious posts you are on about from her

No. 874179

If you are intimidated by a ginger and a midget then something is wrong with you

No. 874181

I'm scared of catching something from either one of them, the ginger I don't want greased on and Mel? Well, I would rather saw my own dick off. Sorry lads I can't take one for the team this time.

No. 874182

Lol, replies to other statuses. Are you ok there Karli?

No. 874183

Clearly, Grace was the one intimidated when she deleted the post, if not why not argue it out with Karli public?


No. 874184

Standards. She's a Glasgow drug addict.

No. 874185

I mean, you're clearly counting and that's stalker behaviour my dude.
Where's these receipts you were talking about? If there's so many surely you can just pick anyone to show?

No. 874187

Are you just upset her mum bought groceries instead of smack like yours? You're clearly projecting, if she's a drug user then I wanna know what drugs she's on to make her look like she isn't taking them.

No. 874188

Does anyone find it odd how this thread goes for over two weeks with no reply and when Karli Rae's name gets bought in, it goes crazy?

Mods, seriously, look at the same-fagging here. Ban this nutjob.

No. 874189

She isn't even in Glasgow any more and hasn't been for 5 years. How can she be a Glasgow addict? Clutching at straws now.

No. 874190

Same-fag yawn

No. 874195

Legal action against whom and where? We're all anonymous you can speak freely here. ;)

No. 874196

Well that's obvious.
She's the only one Mike can't do anything about because what she says is true, so instead him and the crew have to come here to try and damage control.

Because let's be real, he's took legal action against others, why not her if she's been SO vocal?

We all know mike is a little bitch who got a defamation claim , bet his mum got that for him just to shut him up. I feel sorry for her.

No. 874198

It actually has never been confirmed if legal action was taken against people and if they were just threats. If you were actually part of the thread and not just same-fagging and trying to get attention you would know this.

Note - I am not Mike, Mel, Grace, Sindy or Obayed actually from the britgulls so take your pick.

No. 874199

Like confirmed he did take action, and when you search things on Google about it, it tells you a claim has been made.

Don't be stupid, look into it before commenting.

No. 874200

"Glasgow drug addict"
Says the alcoholic who apparently has a stomach condition. Move along now child, the adults are working

No. 874201

Dundee, Glasgow still a Scottish addict. Is there a difference?

No. 874202

Is this Karli? I bet this is Karli. Everyone's Karli. God her name is so weird typing it over and over again.

No. 874203

Drug addict, Glasgow, Dundee, Scottish or not.. she's still a fucking terrible person.

No. 874204

Karli Rae is this one right? https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Shacklez

No. 874205

Next she'll say she's Russian!

No. 874206

File: 1569697481864.jpeg (24.58 KB, 333x500, received_390049461677751.jpeg)

No. 874207

You say that but I've barely heard anything from her, apart from the arguments she has with shitheads which everyone joins in with.

You sound like someone she's had a go at. You probably deserved it.

No. 874208

Inb4 ban.

Also you don't need to link her account, her name is pretty unusual, so congrats on the ban for no reason.

No. 874209

…..okay calm down you're coming across as obsessed with her, that's just not funny.

No. 874210

Karli, you're clearly quite new to this. Your same-fagging is more likely to get you banned here

No. 874211

Is this even a Towers thread anymore or more about the people around him?

What a mess

No. 874212

I am one of the people with her currently, just not her.
You all are desperate for her to come here huh?

No. 874213

This is ludicrous. I'd say Karli Rae is doing an excellent job of making someone start her own thread.

No. 874214

Go ahead and make a thread about her then, you're all the ones who keep dragging her up into a towers thread.

However i will say, the milk on her will be little and stale.
She's boring with nothing really to offer.

No. 874215

When someone goes nuts at someone who is seen as a nounce and the outcome is to make him look less so..

Well played Karli, well played.

No. 874217

Everyone who follows towers deserves a lolcow, especially grace as in my opinion, she's the biggest cow

No. 874218

I'm going to change my birth certificate to her name because everyone is her, or maybe you're just strangely obsessed because you keep bringing her up in a thread for someone else.

No. 874219

I'm quite sure a sufficient amount can be found on Karli Rae to make a topic.

No. 874220


No. 874222

Hardly a need when it's already there.

No. 874223

Honestly, she's a cunt and I've tried in the past but she generally is pretty boring with nothing going on. Barely even attends cosplays events now from what I know.

No. 874224

Gosh she helped someone and then lied that she didn't?

Karli babe, lay off those drugs, not good for you!

No. 874225

she slid into my DMs once and made a pass at me I ignored her..never touch a chick with daddy issues

No. 874227

Backing out of this one now. Much as I'd love to keep giving some shade on Karli, I can see the ban hammer will come shortly. Rest of you, continue if you like but I know when enough is enough ;)

No. 874228

Pics or didn't happen because she's the definition of a nervous wreck with men

No. 874230

Okay Mike enough with your anime protag quotes.

No. 874231

No Daddy issues, but if you said abuse issues it would work.

No. 874240

File: 1569702385551.jpg (29.57 KB, 636x636, FB_IMG_1569611934965.jpg)

No. 874261

You do know that there's a status about that, so she's not on drugs.

No. 874269

I highly doubt she slid into your DMs consider she's never out a relationship, and she's asexual.
This is just sad.

No. 874276

File: 1569707766910.jpg (249.16 KB, 1229x1080, 71900917_367891477451843_12382…)

No. 874280

File: 1569708145819.jpg (52.94 KB, 989x720, FB_IMG_1569708115668.jpg)

No. 884953

So I posted in /cgl/ yesterday about my experiences as a staff member of AL and was directed here.
So I was a staff member years ago, was part of the staff skype and had a fair amount of experiences with the staff.
I looked a few weeks ago at AL out of curiousity, it seems the same few no lifers dedicate their lives to their post count. Browsing this thread brought back some names I haven't heard in years.
TL:DR, was banned from AL for fucking up the site. Banned as many people as I could, fucked up the radio, deleted years-old threads, shared private conversations of the staff talking shit about each other, etc. I'm banned from every convention they have and my name is "on file". I've snuck in a few times in cosplay since but their shows are constant shit fests.
I can probably dish some dirt on some users if you throw out a few names.

No. 885097

oh wow an AL forum mod that ain't staff that's being a looser. i bet you don't say how you kicked someone out of the house cause you were jealous of Baker when that whole friendship group fell apart. also if you don't like it why "sneak in" you paid money lol

No. 885375

I was before all the baker drama, faggot. Security doesn't care. I've strolled in without paying to see the empty ALcon shitshow before and I'll certainly do it again, you guys are a trainwreck.
They don't check bags and if just walk past security they don't even care, much less notice you.
Which AL no-lifer are you, mate?

No. 885726

Fuck it bro, dish on all of them. Don't hold back.

No. 885727

As I said on /cgl/, come here if you have actual screencaps. Without those your post is just some guy bragging about being ex-Al, which is pretty sad.

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