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File: 1536905383379.png (182.26 KB, 281x500, D83CF38D-61E1-4D31-8F7C-D4818C…)

No. 687916

Brianna Slaughter is a 19 year old "jvlogger" youtuber going to Doshisha University in japan and has recently gotten a growing following due to "hoeing 101" in japan video's that blew up on worldstar.
Instagram link:https://instagram.com/milkymorena?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=wux8zzqvb1qc
Twitter link:https://twitter.com/morenainjapan?s=09
Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIn3HliztMlN2NhUbt9-z-g

*Constantly begging/guilting fans for money and then spending it on mcdonalds and things she doesn't need like, ya know groceries. Has gotten $1300 from followers to go back to america for the summer recently

*Claims to be genderfluid and pansexual all of a sudden even though all she talks about is dick.

*Fetishes japanese men to an extreme extent.This girl has claimed she slept with "50" japanese men in the year she's been there. Also reinforcing harmful and hateful sterotypes about them.

*Talks about how she seems to"hate" japan despite going to college there.

*Uses her mental illnesses she diagnosed herself with as excuses for such bitchy,selfish behaviour and to make her followers feel bad and give her $$$

*had the nerve to wear a see through shirt in Kyoto and complain when stared at lmao

No. 687932

Finally someone made a thread about this mess of a human being lmao

No. 687946

Didn't she say her nips got touched by a young Nippon guy?

No. 687948

>*Fetishes japanese men to an extreme extent.This girl has claimed she slept with "50" japanese men in the year she's been there.
I don't think she does. She made it pretty clear the dick is mediocre, and she's talked about fucking plenty of other races. I think she just sleeps around wherever she is, with whoever is around.

What she clearly is doing, though, is taking advantage of the western weebs who DO fetishize asian men and want to hear validating stories of how easily she gets them. She blew up because of that video, that's what gets her clicks. Guys of other races wouldn't.

No. 687949

File: 1536912924536.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 272.31 KB, 750x1059, 999B7625-10A6-44E8-8C76-2D1DFB…)

I disagree, she definitely does.

The funny thing about her is, that she's actually a law student kek. Good luck trying to find a job after putting that on the internet.

>had the nerve to wear a see through shirt

That doesn't even qualify for a shirt, not even a bra, she's basically completely naked. Also, despite dressing like this, she also claims to suffer from anxiety.

No. 687950

Naaah she is a massive weeb herself. Her old profiles were all full of Naruto shit. She just tries to hide it for fake wokeness. She shits on black and white guys regularly not individually but as a collective. Besides which she's a pathological liar so I think its safe to say she exaggerates her experience a lot.

No. 687951

File: 1536912959681.png (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-25-09-23-33…)

No. 687952

File: 1536913096684.png (132.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-15-06-41-27…)

She's also an oppressed poc who deserves to get free shit from whitie.

No. 687954

what is this kskekeskesk shit

No. 687969

File: 1536916287187.jpeg (126.81 KB, 815x472, BAF6A5EA-D7A0-4D49-A0A6-0A3007…)


No. 687982

omfg this girl kek

No. 687987

Did you write your own email address in the OP lmao what?

No. 687998

Kek, if so at least OP has great taste in boys…

No. 688003

Not defending her but that would be really fucking ridiculous if you couldn't get a job cos you uploaded a silly "hoeing" jvlog video or whatever in Japan. I mean, seriously. I hate how that happens to women but it wouldn't be the same if a man did it.

No. 688004

Comparing one of her recent videos(the one about being raised mexican) to her most popular (hoeing in japan) she seems so different. The latter video is just so comical. Are we sure she's not just playing up some persona?

No. 688006

HIMR lost a convenience store job over his vids.

No. 688007

What were the content of his vids? If it was some hateful shit then I don't care.

No. 688026

Lmao, what? That's got nothing to do with sexism, where do you live that it's okay to run around naked, upload disgusting shit with your name and face in it, and then want to get a professional job? Especially lawyers have an image to uphold. >>688006 Losing a part retail job because of videos however does't really make that much sense.

No. 688056

>OP turns out to be a weeb themselves
Every time

No. 688073

Are you that anon from Shayna's threads? The one who infights with people who acknowledge that degenerate fetish shit and camwhoring is… well, degenerate? "Cos" you sure do remind me of her.

Anyways, employing a literal whore (male or female) isn't good for business unless that business is, like, Hooters. Men do get fired over this shit too.

No. 688094

Camwhoring and fetish shit is degenerate. Definitely not that anon.

>Anyways, employing a literal whore (male or female) isn't good for business unless that business is, like, Hooters. Men do get fired over this shit too.

k. I'm sure.

No. 688102

I bet OP is one of those PULLtards who get butthurt when some non-asian goes to asia and gets loads of dick.

Poor poor wittle smol asian boys getting ‘fetishized’ but icky stinky western women :’( i bet they feel so oppressed getting pussy and ghosting them afterwards. They need real asians and ~real hapas~ to show them they are worthy!

No. 688149

You think it's professional for a man to do something like this? What kind of world do you live in lmao

omg i hate people like this

No. 688174

Her constantly begging for money to go home, for only like 2 weeks and come back is ridiculous.
She said her family doesn't have that much money, so I get not being able to afford to buy a ticket but if seeing her family like that is important to her then maybe she should've thought about that before moving to a country half across the globe from her.

No. 688301

File: 1536957657104.jpg (51.39 KB, 800x533, 19450314_1491429009.2883.jpg)

Lol, if they knew…

Help Brianna Internationally

I began studying Japanese as my third language in order to gain a perspective of cultures unlike my own. I was raised in a traditional Mexican household in Southern California where Japanese culture was never introduced. While already being fluent in English and Spanish, I mastered Hiragana and Katakana in a matter of two weeks. Then, I paved my way towards understanding Kanji and the grammatical structure of the Japanese language.

As a Black woman, I understand that I will face many challenges in an Asian country where the color of my skin is not widely seen nor appreciated. It may seem incredibly gutsy to go to a foreign country at age 18 to earn a degree, but I am dedicated to generating change on a global scale and feel I have the potential to do so.

I was a research intern for the WorldLink program at the University of San Diego’s Joan B. Kroc School Institute For Peace and Justice. For over three months, I contributed to the extensive research on the gender spectrum, the importance of leadership and participation, the magnitude of gender-based violence, the value of sustainable development, and the priority of peace and security.

I was given the opportunity to speak to over 700 high school students from San Diego and Mexico. As an opening speaker, I discussed global affairs and international concerns and issues with these students.

My independent path has prepared me for a vigorous college life. I believe I can achieve my future goals, which are to have a career in Foreign Service and to promote international awareness among people of all backgrounds. My studies in Japan will provide me with tools to be successful in this ambition.

I hope you will support my aim of generating change on a global scale. Your contributions towards this goal are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

No. 688310

>I mastered Hiragana and Katakana in a matter of two weeks.
Is this supposed to be impressive? lol

No. 688313

This, this girl is so boring.

No. 688315

still waiting on the milk that distinguishes this bitch from a million other weebs.

No. 688334

Did she study gender lol?

No. 688348

No she studies japanese law

No. 688376

She’s kind of the female version of rooshv. Fucking gross and degenerate to talk about asian men like this.

No. 688379

wtf is this trashy outfit in broad daylight??

No. 688539

nitpick & ot, but wtf is this outfit? Her torso looks like it's 2 inches.

No. 688673

File: 1537001249076.png (100.06 KB, 291x500, 20180808_200018.thumb.png.93dd…)

So, her behavior is totally normal for every single girl who goes to Japan?
Tell us when you're going, can't wait for the milk lol

Anyways, she said that her family's income is less thn 20k a year and still her moom sends her 500 each month (and if she doesn't she complains).
>Wealth needs to be redistributed
but not to you…

No. 688851

Imagine the cute, modest clothes japanese girls wear next to this pile of shit. Seriously is this a fucking sexy spongebob themed outfit?

No. 688873

I don't think Op covered most of the ratchet things she does tbh. Some that I can think of:
Not crediting an artist that she uses for her merch
She thinks of herself as a goddess/deity (super narc)
Talks about being suicidal even thinks it's funny to make her friends worry
Makes it out like she's irresistible and it's easy to get guys lol. On a live stream, she called a guy to hang out with her but he rejected her since it's not for sex.
Went to the USA to surprise her ex but he didn't want her back.
Rude to her fans, didn't thank them for donations until PULL called her out.

No. 688889

I feel like she's bulimic. Her cheeks are so swollen, specifically in this video.

No. 688900

you just proved anon's point. none of this is milky.

>implying it isn't easy as fuck to get male attention for any human female above a 5/10

No. 688909

yeah, and back in og youtube shane dawson lost his job at jenny craig's over a video he made. it's not exactly about gender.

No. 688933

She's not milky, but if her popularity continues to increase she definitely will be come milky since she's basically a cross between weeb-y gajin and woke black Twitter with 'sex-posi' thot sprinkled in

No. 688950

File: 1537041246045.jpeg (35.58 KB, 550x412, 787047EB-F638-4DC1-8675-C6826F…)

Yeah but OP ruined it over stupid ~fetishization~ shit when its obvious that the men shes meeting are from apps like tinder or those weirdo guys who stand outside of stations shouting WHERE FROM?????

Nobody is denying she is a stupid entitled shit who self diagnoses hersef with every mental illness out there, but it stinks of PULL-tier weeabooism when the only thing people care about is how she wants to fuck with asian guys and doesnt eat japanese food and go to traditional tea ceremonies every day kek

Using tinder does not a cow make

No. 689084

I meant that she acts like she's desirable but can't get a guy to stay with out sex involved. She does risky things to me that makes her milky lol. For example those tacky outfits she wears in public and doing stupid things like she didn't want to back clubbing with her friend or wait outside so some random elderly guy (not from the club) offered a place to stay for her at his house. And she went, lucky he didn't kill or rape her only touch her before she escaped.

No. 689086

>she cant make a guy stick!!!!

what kinda newfaggy shit thread is this? Bring real milk or gtfo, the whole thread reeks vendetta. Not every failed weeb in japan needs a thread.

No. 689190

ugh, this cow doesn't give a fuck about the redistribution of wealth. Just be real and "I'm greedy".

No. 689344

File: 1537092985688.png (72.77 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_2018-09-15-21-40-37…)

and you guys doubt her fetishizing japanese men? this is just one of the tweets i found

No. 689345

File: 1537093044168.jpeg (66.09 KB, 441x500, AF939035-E688-4B7A-8352-D044D0…)

Pt 2 of the tweets

No. 689412

You have truly shown me the light. I'm shedding a tear for all those poor, exploited creepy gaijin-chasers on apps like Tinder, lmao. I'm sure she made all those men feel used and dirty with her impure, non-Asian orifices. :'(((
Just be honest and say you're envious that you're not hoeing around in Japan and living every cringy, western Japanophile's dream right now.

No. 689421

go back to pull, weeb. you're embarrassing yourself.

No. 689423

Lmao exactly
She's no doubt a weeb but she's not some evil Asian fetishist, she just a hoe. Of course she's gonna be fucking Japanese men when she's staying in Japan

No. 691053

File: 1537291526425.jpeg (47.77 KB, 632x496, 91B16699-B215-4D5E-B82A-4DF588…)

so whats stopping her getting dick in the US…if she was a simple ass hoe, gettin dick in the US or japan shouldn’t matter

No. 691149

Because she's a weeb, much like the OP of this thread (and probably you).

No. 691178

Yellow fever and higher std rates, I guess.


No. 691439

>she's not a japanese fetishist, i don't get why everyone is trying to make it seem that way
>well obviously she would only want to sleep with japanese men duh

good logic

anyway this girl is a walking train wreck and i look forward to her continuing to act a fool

No. 717894

He'd make videos talking about how he has an STD but won't use protection, selling pictures of Japanese girls he dated, talk about his wife's private issues even when she'd tell him not to then he'd have a bitch when she'd threatened to divorce him, he's weird as fuck

No. 735407

Pull update: anonymous throwaway account now alleging Bri sexually assaulted her


No. 735423

lol I don't believe that for a fucking second. pull is full of shit.

and post caps, this is an imageboard

No. 735437

why is this place so full of wks for this thot lol evidently her fans lurk here often

No. 735446

This is the story, as reposted by a user from PULL. Sorry, too spaced out to screencap. The original poster said they were leaving because they were sent doxxing threats.
Source: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/10670-brianna-slaughter-morena-in-japan/?page=135
Made a Pastebin for future reference: https://pastebin.com/gJ2YgcKm
>"Before I started going to Language School, I was subscribed to a number of Expats living in Japan on YouTube. These Japanese Vloggers (or J-Vloggers) helped me get a good idea of what studying in or even living in a foreign country looked like.

>One of my favorites was a channel called Morena In Japan.Why? Simple: She was a breath of fresh air. I appreciated all the ESL and ALT teachers that posted, as someone who wanted to teach their experiences and advice was so helpful to me, but Morena was lively,fun,and talked about "risque" topics like sex,dating, and was so open with her life an experiences I admit I fell into a bit of hero-worship.

>When I arrived in Japan, it was with a group of mostly white classmates,so I was very happy when I met a like-minded group of black expats. It was through one of these expats that mine and Morena's lives overlapped.

>I was initially anxious to go out without my classmates,we travelled the city,but mostly together. Turning down an invitation seemed rude so I decided with a bit of apprehension to go and party at a "Black Event" at Sauce Boss in Osaka. This was in July.

>She was very sweet and energetic per her videos, and I felt we had made a quick connection. It was sort of surreal for me to see someone I had watched on YouTube in person,but I didn't want to creep her out by acting like a typical "fangirl".

>I mingled with people,laughed,and went back to Dormy happy that I had taken a chance and gotten some numbers-Morena's included. We chatted casually for the next few weeks and the good vibes I had gotten off her seemed to be reinforced with our conversations.

>On the day that change my life forever, Morena asked me if I would be busy that night and I said no,she invited me to come see her.I accepted.

>I got carried away drinking. Does that excuse what happened next? No,but it is important for me to note my mind was impaired and even now I feel a bit of internalized blame for it. I told her my head was hurting,and she invited me to lay down. When I closed my eyes,I felt a hand reach out and touch my breast. I was confused but not offened:I am openly bisexual and Morena had told before about her experiences with the "Sexually Submissive" women of Japan.

No. 735532

I posted the link to the sexual assault allegation on her current live stream and she immediately deleted my comment and unlisted her livestream. Sus

No. 735534

Here's the link,feel free to post it in the comments on her YT and social media. She needs to be exposed: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/10670-brianna-slaughter-morena-in-japan/?do=findComment&comment=406350

No. 735566

>doubting SA allegations from some random illiterate pulltard that read like bad fanfiction is wking

No. 735588

she's throwing a fit on her instagram acting like a retarded five year old

well shit i didn't know a personal narrative about a rape experience had to read like an academic thesis

No. 735599

File: 1542769100889.png (1.13 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-20-20-57-32…)

No. 735600

File: 1542769123742.png (2.6 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-20-20-57-40…)

No. 735601

File: 1542769157253.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-20-20-57-50…)


No. 735607

This thread smells vendetta

No. 735611

I feel like Morena has been in this thread from the start. I've never seen a thread screech "no milk! no milk!" like this, especially after we get legitimate milk.

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