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No. 641850

Irina Grigoreva is the mother of a microcephalic Russian boy named Roman Grigorev. Roman was born in 2010 with severe microcephaly, which was undetected in the womb. He can't walk, talk, and needs constant care.

Irina and her mother, Tatiana Glyzina, have refused to work while demanding taxpayer money to pay for Roman's expenses. They have also made unfound allegations against Roman's father, and refused the lawyer father to have contact with his son. They have also refused to give Roman any medical treatment that could help him make progress.

Meanwhile, Irina writes about the "discrimination" that the disabled in Russia experience, and tells of the "sexism" that she has faced as a woman of a disabled child.

So anons, what do you think of Russia's Gwen Hartley?

https://www.facebook.com/notes/irina-glyzina/my-story-about-my-struggle-for-the-rights-of-my-dear-microcephaly-son-name-roma-/1097584096940934/(read the rules & usage info)

No. 641851

You seem to be implying Russia doesn't have major issues with sexism and disability.

I don't see why this person is here.

No. 641852


they literally need the money and support for his care then?? why are they being posted here?

No. 642223


I thought we dont talk about children here? And why would we discuss a mother with a child with microcephaly on lolcow anyways?

No. 642452

Well, I think, unlike the other girls who were clearly detected with whatever-the-disease-name
this boy was undetected, what you want her to do anon? kill him?

she seems like a mother who is trying to help her child?

No. 644945


Apparently discussing children with certain disorders such as this boy and the Hartley Hooligans is exempt from the rule. Admin refuses to answer why.


No. 1784408

Irina and her mother are pretty fucked. I watched a Russian talk-show featuring them where they behaved inadequately, shouting at people who were actually trying to help them. 2ch users even sent her a rubber dick as trolling.(necro)

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