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File: 1527986336378.png (716.1 KB, 753x672, RbXt0o0.png)

No. 600461

Anna Browne is a member of the Mermaiding community (that is it's own can of worms) who is known for lying and scamming people, as well as starting drama.

>Tried selling random garbage and shit she bought at Hot Topic at an insane mark up. Including a $45 dollar Ariel handbag for $200.

>Tried to sell dangerous shit like broken monofins.
>Makes multiple facebook accounts to harass people who give her a bad review.
>Catfishes autistic dudes so she can pretend that she is a sexual harassment victim.
>Makes ugly mermaid tails made of fabric and a layer of glue and passes it off as Silicone.
>Sells broken monofins.
>Lies about her athletic ability. (Claims to have been an athlete swimmer her whole life, powerful enough to jump out of the water without a monofin. She's clearly overweight.)
>Had an unknown grievance with the company Finfolk Productions. Rather than leaving a review like a grown-up, she tried making a "behind the bows" style confession blog where she made multiple fake negative reviews of tails she never bought. (Deleted, but she posted a thread about it here.) https://mernetwork.com/index/showthread.php?15977-FinFolk-Productions-is-a-Hypocrite&highlight=hypocrite
>Bought a DDOS attack on the Mernetwork when the other mermaids didn't go along with it.
>Tries to bother Simon Cowell with her poetry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcajS2Wbkh0

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/SiliconeCove
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MermaidAnnabella
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anna.browne.5036459
Twitter: https://twitter.com/merannabella?lang=en
Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/MermaidAnnabella
Google+: https://plus.google.com/116325321513704576383
Thread of Angry Mermaids: https://mernetwork.com/index/showthread.php?16842-Warning-about-Anna-Browne-quot-Tail-Maker-quot
Google Docs made by angry mermaids:https://www.dropbox.com/s/vx2zeqhajbrrcm7/This-document-serves-as-a-track-record-of-Anna-Browne.doc?dl=0

No. 600463

Mermaid vendettas, looks exciting.

No. 600472

I support this

No. 600475

great thread for the summer! never thought about mermaid drama

No. 600483

They still seem pretty niche, but the community is similar to the lolita one, only more expensive and with lower standards.

No. 600541

Are there any more screenshots on the things on her? She definitely seems like a cow, especially with the scamming and trying to fuck with that autistic dude

No. 600552

File: 1527993776540.png (268.35 KB, 520x794, wchsF7t.png)

My personal favorite is when she messaged the owner of the Mernetwork as the DDOS was still underway, claiming that she ran into the "hackers" at a Starbucks in Seattle.

No. 600555

Also claiming to be able to jump like a dolphin without the aid of a monofin.

No. 600556

File: 1527994123693.png (39.76 KB, 492x192, LABUIEb.png)

No. 600558

File: 1527994340797.gif (50.69 KB, 184x275, 1507903696551.gif)

Seems milky! I want more

(pic: courtesy of the Bad/Hideous thread)

No. 600567

File: 1527995621823.png (814.52 KB, 1194x1410, Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 11.1…)

I'm laughing so hard, etsy replied to her and told her she's wrong lol

No. 600570

File: 1527995978026.png (701.62 KB, 1034x1298, Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 11.1…)

her ex boyfriend is a murderer????

No. 600571

File: 1527996071988.jpg (98.91 KB, 539x640, ywInXH4.jpg)


How tf do you manage to get banned from buying Avon?

No. 600578

I found another youtube channel, Uplifting and Drifting.

>"I try to keep my life drama-free"

>Posts name-dropping drama video about all of her friends.


No. 600580

Etsy was wrong tho' it is "your" in this context.
>>600570 oh god pls let her be a psycho shooterupper fangirl or religious nut who's bf wasted his babygravy before wedlock.

No. 600585

lol what? it says "your" on the etsy site, the autistic mermaid tweeted them and said it's "you're," and etsy replied to her and said that no, it's "your"

No. 600588

and she claims that she's a talented writer. kek

No. 600591

Shit I read it wrong, ugh I need to sleeeep! Sry

No. 600727

File: 1528021141757.png (1.11 MB, 1334x750, EFC5E586-B754-4424-ACBA-B1C90B…)

Holy shit anon, thanks for blessing me with my new favorite YouTube title card.

No. 600734

That story is insane. So her wealthy parents let one of her school friends live with them in a guest house because her mom and then her boyfriend kicked her out. And made this, presumably underaged, friend sign a contact about cleaning at a “designated” time and chose to pay $600 for her driving lessons. Then this clearly troubled teen was kicked out for being messy. Like kids sometimes are. And she’s the “psychotic” one. Not the parents for being fucking weirdos. And this “friend” should be committed to a mental hospital for being “deeply disturbed” because she had piles of laundry and gross food??

What world does this girl function in? This was most certainly not “uplifting.” That poor kid who thought she’d been taken in only to be kicked out and publicly slandered instead of helped.

No. 600736

File: 1528022560330.jpeg (316.27 KB, 750x627, C65A6E8D-2C9B-44F9-A71A-B46B7E…)

She gave her friend toilet paper for Valentine’s Day, because her friend is poor

No. 600737

Good christ the secondhand embarrassment. And one fucking roll? Not a pack? She specifically just took one out of her own fucking pack?

No. 600742

OT but; Link to the thread you got that gif from please?

No. 600753

@charmin is probably the saddest thing I've ever seen in a Valentine's day tweet. That hashtag is a close second
But seriously, what did she expect? A sponsorship from a toilet paper company? A shoutout and fame through a meme? The internet spreading her tweet around hailing her as the generous queen for giving a singular roll of toilet paper from a larger pack she likely grabbed from her house?
Not only that, if your friend is struggling so much toilet paper is a luxury, they wouldn't buy it in bulk over Christmas, and no good friends/family would only give them that at Christmas. Not to mention a government program through the year would help them out.
Finally on this, she gave a singular roll of toilet paper on Valentine's day. That roll won't make it to next Christmas

No. 600791

File: 1528032863168.png (37.92 KB, 1008x328, hithere.PNG)

She clearly has potential if even other mermaids are calling her infamous.

I didn't know people in the mermaid community knew about these places though. Worlds collide.

No. 600855

OP might have been an a mermaid in the first place

No. 600914

What a cunt, saying "this for a family who can only afford toilet paper on Christmas" hope the "friend" realized how this delusional mermaid psycho wannabe is after getting humiliated like that.

No. 601326

She appears to have deleted her facebook and twitter. Either she found us or she's worried about all of the angry mermaids.

No. 601681

what's up. I'm the "angry mermaid" who made the document. LOL if any of you come across any other proof we'd love it. She's financially scammed a lot of people, seems to be her MO. Trying to compile evidence for those putting in paypal claims etc to get refunds. Thanks!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 602093

Half of the drama in the mermaid community has your name on it. Don't go onto lolcow boards and break rules and draw attention to yourself unless you want a thread about you.

No. 602833

the book she published on Create Space is an amazing study of how important editing is.

No. 602861

What book? Link?

No. 603743

No. 603798


I want to riff it, but I don't want to pay for it. Dilema dilema.

No. 603866

also not willing to pay for it, but the sample pages speak for themselves.

No. 604041

File: 1528369492198.png (1.24 MB, 1270x852, m32xc5d.png)

looks like she's doing the "delete everything!" route of hiding from us now.

except apparently she's socking on the mermaid site trying to sell a bra she ruined.

>nobody wanting her trash


>angry mermaid calling it


No. 604063

File: 1528373512241.jpeg (125.13 KB, 1067x800, 792FCD28-90B2-40EC-9395-F42EDE…)

Y i k e s

No. 604064

File: 1528373524036.jpeg (399.75 KB, 750x1161, 14E4C42D-DA73-401E-A89E-53294B…)

No. 604067

File: 1528373856935.jpeg (70.29 KB, 443x960, EC55C8EC-B46C-4296-88E7-EF6236…)

No. 604068

File: 1528373868443.jpeg (57.44 KB, 536x960, 891FD26B-CED1-4305-8D02-7FF0CC…)

No. 604069

File: 1528373884614.jpeg (57.39 KB, 443x960, 0C168A2B-E83B-4E26-8FA1-EDB73B…)

No. 604070

File: 1528373898688.jpeg (54.5 KB, 443x960, C634F739-487B-4367-8C91-AEF496…)

No. 604076

File: 1528374275957.jpeg (556.48 KB, 1200x1600, E4984BD0-90F1-42B4-938E-BC8B62…)

If her parents are so rich, why is she scamming people with shit?

No. 604083

because mental illness. this girl is clearly fucked in the head. her upbringing probably didn't help.

No. 604085

lol her parents are psycho about cleaning but that carpet is filfhty and what's with the totally trashed chair?

No. 604137

Oh shit, I'm sorry. Here's the thread my anon >>>/ot/208764

No. 604173

Did she tape the fin to the tail? How is somebody supposed to swim in that?

No. 604802

she sews the fins (that she got off of etsy and then tried to get the seller's shop shut down) to the neoprene tail, then coats it with some sort of silicone, it absolutely doesn't look like dragon skin.

that bra looks like someone jizzed all over it

No. 604845


No. 605002

I need more mermaid drama in my life

I actually know a merman from where I used to work, but I never wanted to get too involved with his hobbies since I genuinely didn't care

He was always going on about tails though

No. 605200

>I actually know a merman
This shit is wild, I love niche communities
I want more stories! It makes me wonder about all those other niche communities with untapped drama. I know the furry community is ripe but nobody wants to dig into it

No. 605355

Kiwifarms has an entire subforum dedicated to them.

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