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File: 1524151037732.jpg (2.1 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20180419_10141479…)

No. 559988

New Jessie blush thread. Old one was full and she's been milky lately.

Previous thread: >>141494

Former famous scene queen/former Vegas cam model weeb.

Has a 4/5 year old daughter she doesn't even take care of.

Notorious for dating men who completely and utterly degrade her on social media.

First boyfriend was THISISSHOTTY. An aspiring Vegas rapper who fails miserably and causes second hand embarrassment. A week after their breakup, she got with some tattoo dude named David that treats her with disrespect. Although she states

"Finally someone who treats me like an absolute queen"

Just like with every other guy.


Nose and teeth are still fucked up.

Has shitty breast implants and even shittier lip fillers, making her look like Ronald McDonald in drag.

Keeps hinting she is going back to camming, with her most recent tweet saying "thotty Jessie is back" along with a half naked picture.

Has been back with Shotty ever since her and David broke up. Shotty still hasn't "taken over" shit and decided to get a real job so he became a real estate agent. He is supporting Jessie and her daughter while Jessie does nothing.

Seems like every other day her and Shotty are broken up again and she can't stop posting about this fake life she's been living for social media. Recent claims entail he was cheating on her the whole time. Not a surprise as Shotty kept hinting on his Snapchat that she is an unappreciative little brat.

Frequently appears in shottys Snapchat posts naked or yelling and being a cunt (his snap user is: thisisshotty)

Also, I guess she got hit with a car and broke her collarbone (most likely a lie or exxageration) and nobody visited her at the hospital or even called her.




KEEP TO FORUM RULES. No picture posts of her kid off instagram.

No. 560014

File: 1524153099681.png (4.08 MB, 1242x2208, 0661B49B-5662-46DE-B73D-788C9B…)

No. 560043

they have both deleted everything about eachother on their instagrams lol shes still all over his fb. but why spend all this money on her and her kid just to turn around and fuck around? maybe to prove that shes ungrateful? but come on just break up with her your 30 something. cheating is for children… and why bring a dog into the situation since she hasnt even been around for a month yet??

No. 560062

Dude… she’s only 23? I thought she was at least 27. Girl is wrecked

No. 560067

File: 1524157408426.jpeg (91.56 KB, 1237x515, 80C9C7C9-6144-4E2B-9A34-1CAAB1…)

She means +past but why the hell would Billy NOT talk shit about her, honestly? She’s a mess and surrounds herself with even bigger messes. In regards to her saying everything is all for social media, I don’t really believe that. She’s done this before and retracted all the statements she made and also who gives a fuck about her and her relationship enough for her to think she’s putting on a show for fans? You’re forgotten and everything you put out these days is just cringe. Everyone can see right through it.

No. 560071

I think he spends money literally just to brag to anyone that will listen. He literally takes pictures of himself spending $200 at Taco Bell as if that would actually impress anyone. And if he spends money so frivolously why on earth wouldn’t he just spend it on whatever hoe is living in his house at the moment. Makes sense that he’s not been there for her though.

No. 560085

She is such a drama queen. I would not be surprised at all if she was actually the one cheating.

Shotty is a douchebag but at least he works Jessie just leeches off him. What is she doing all day when her kid is with daddy and Shotty is at work? NOT working

And even if he did cheat… I hate when dumb cunts exaggerate like this… "treated like garbage the entire time"? Bitch please. He JUST took you and your kid to Disneyland, again… His family is why your kid does ballet… He is even who took your new dog that you love so much to the vet (how you going to buy dog food without a man to support you Jess??).

If he cheated, and this isn't another one of your "mental health episodes", it's still bullshit to front like he's treated you poorly the entire time when there are numerous screencaps of posts you have made about how he treats you like a princess.

Try being real for once, you corndog nose, fake titty having bucktooth cunt.

No. 560145

So basically she's forced to be a cam whore again since Shitty cheated on her and she has no other skill other than to shove dildos in her ass ?

No. 560164

I think that (iirc) Bucky hated that she was a cam girl so she quit bc he didn't support it. So I think them being broken up means she's going to cam again especially now that she has fake tits.

No. 560166

File: 1524166438459.jpg (105.58 KB, 731x958, IMG_2771.JPG)

Bucky still has all their photos together up on his Facebook, and Jessie is still friends with his mom on Facebook. I don't know if they're actually broken up or just fighting and getting back together in three days. Hopefully they're breaking up and she's getting back to camming. She's not amazing but she can do better without shitty.

No. 560177

can i just say she has put that wig through the fuckin ringer

No. 560178

What on earth makes you think Jessie can "do better" without Shitty? She's all talk. No education, no job, no skills…

She's still living in the house he rents. That should tell you a lot

No. 560200

She will always end up with terrible guys because she brings absolutely nothing to the table. Only morons and losers are going to be able to tolerate a conversation with her

No. 560220

oh you guys, she will be fine. she only needs one arm to shove a dildo up her pussy. now what im worried about it how will she move all her pretty pink furniture out since she has no friends to help her? or is bucky keeping it since he bought it? it would be the perfect bed frame for background when shes camming ;)

No. 560233

Where will she move it to, does this stupid bitch even own a car? HAHA

No. 560305

I don’t have caps, but after she quit canning she went on and on about how horrible the business is but suddenly she “misses it”.

No. 560326

She also talks about how she was making all these changes for her daughter, and literally hours after she has an issue with Shotty she is “thotty” again.

No. 560420

no she does not hahahaha i doubt she even has her license tbh. and she claimed to want to move in with her sister who doesn't live in vegas lol

No. 560507

I'm surprised she hasn't started stippering yet.

No. 560588

File: 1524206032261.jpeg (135.04 KB, 1242x690, EC5FA9D8-FC01-421F-B673-BE366E…)

Yeah she said she wishes so could move with Leah to Portland. Can you imagine Jessie in Portland?

No. 560589

File: 1524206133475.jpeg (93.83 KB, 1242x513, 6DC59D95-4C48-4CB8-9D3F-8752E1…)

Samefag. Needs “retail therapy” more than roof over her and her daughters head or a car to even get to whatever lame ass job she MIGHT be getting, since she claims to be leaving Bucky/moving out.

No. 560756

probably just wants cute new lingerie to wear for 5 minutes before stripping it off lmao

pretty sure she just said that for shotty since he hated her doing that. now its somehow, even more gross cause shes doing it to be spiteful when she cant even physically do it since shes all fucked up lmao really think her sister if going to be ok with her camming while shes living there with her? maybe she will help her get a REAL job. like why doesnt she go work at sephora or something? oh thats right cause shes only a MA for herself and cant do other peoples makeup lmao probably give the whole store a stye anyways

No. 560768

kek. shotty is now claiming on his sc and insta story (insta one is now deleted) that his insta got "hacked" and now all the pics from the past year are gone. lol dont play us for fools. everyone knows jessie did it cause shes pissed. nobody would take the time to hack your pathetic little account. and then he goes to post the video of both of them on the big screen at the hockey game… this guy is scum if hes STILL pretending theyre happy.

No. 560791

The best thing is that he’s claiming someone hacked and deleted photos and said “why you people wanna be like me I’ll never understand.” Insinuating someone cares enough about his lame life to actually be jealous of him… nah. He or Jessie deleted them and now they’re backtracking cause she’s not gonna dump him cause she can’t take care of herself and has nowhere to go. So they’re gonna keep pretending like they like each other.

No. 560921

kek. "if you havent already noticed my posts are deleted" bitch boy nobody goes out of their way to click on you profile. people only go on it cause its milky af. after jessie is gone you wont be relevant anymore.

No. 560925

How long until Jessie starts tweeting her lame excuses about why she didn't get the job today?

No. 560935

A year ago this online friend I had commented that she shouldn’t post so many camming pics back to back with her daughter’s pics on IG and she and her followers were on her ass, I saw the comment war, and commented that she has a right to her opinion and that they shouldn’t flame my friend (I was brand new to IG, way younger than her, didn’t get the senselessness of it yet), then all of a sudden hoards of people were telling me (she included) to kill myself because I didn’t matter in life and never would because I was ugly, stupid, and would never have a following like hers… that I was inferior and automatically jealous of every cam girl like her because I “didn’t have the balls to make the money” that they all said they did.. anyway I started posting normal pics. Fast forward I’m about to hit 100K on IG now and I make a living on it without any sex work, graduated college and now it’s weird bc on one hand she’s changed my life for the better by being a crazy bitch, but that night I cried bc I thought she was rich and famous and she and all her friends said I was scum.. found this thread and now it’s like.. oh. She was just insane and a liar with a pattern of toxic abuse online. Her life is all smoke and mirrors.

No. 560952

File: 1524255665127.jpeg (68.8 KB, 640x455, 066D6E98-3A1A-4BCF-8630-F9FE97…)

She’s evil. Welcome to the club lmao. You should take vengeance on her while her satanic hoe bag attention starving vortex of energy is low.

No. 560955

File: 1524255873216.jpeg (42.15 KB, 640x267, 9B24877C-2D80-4AD1-95AD-1188DC…)

What a psychopath.. Blaming everyone else in her life for her position when she’s a grown ass woman choosing to stay with him and doing whatever the hell she does with her “miserable” life in Vegs.

No. 560958

I hate that she says stuff like this. YOUR CHILD IS IN YOUR LIFE. You are literally saying you hate your child, you horrible fucking cunt

No. 560996

File: 1524260294875.jpeg (398.21 KB, 1242x772, 6AFD60FA-D3B7-4782-9866-8CCA00…)

Wow didn’t see this coming //sarcasm//

No. 561194

Jessie will stay with Bucky, no doubt about it. Her conceited brain is probably convinced that if Bucky cheated, it was only because some slut (who isn't a stunning beauty like jessie, btw) caught him in a moment of weakness. She isn't smart enough to consider that her personality flaws could have contributed to his cheating. She also won't leave because she has literally nothing of her own or way to support herself and daughter. She would rather stick things in her orifices and post it to the internet for the world to see than go build sandwiches at Subway to earn money. She is a lazy, vain, single mother with zero personality or charm and a fucked up nose and teeth. She doesn't have many options and knows it. So she will talk a gang of shit now but in a few days they will be the "power couple" again.

No. 562754

File: 1524441851053.png (2.3 MB, 1242x2208, AFC9BE9B-51B3-4DFE-AF17-A81C13…)

No. 562803

She literally does nothing but complain on Twitter and pretend her life is wonderful and that she’s an A+ mother on Facebook

No. 564560

File: 1524599116491.png (893.25 KB, 750x1334, 92A0A862-CCC1-4517-A171-BC5A6F…)

This doesn’t look serious at all. Such an attention who’re

No. 564943

He posted selfies in his ig story with her and Leah today sooo.

Would cap but he'd block me for sure.

No. 565030

All those videos of Bucky playing with Leah on his name but where in the world is Jessie?

No. 565246

probably sitting on her couch 24/7 feeling sorry fr herself and wont take anytime to go out and get some exercise and spend time with her child. shotty even stated in those snaps with leah at the park that him and jessie "may not be getting along" but hes "still damn good step dad" bitch you gotta be MARRIED to be a real step dad. your just her mommas boyfriend.

No. 565252

did you guys catch that pic of him and jessie on his insta? she was brushing her teeth and he hugged her from behind….. the bitch JUST broke her arm and fucked up her collar bone and has been complaining non stop about how much pain she is in….. id be livid if my man was so insensitive that he grabbed me like that when he knows im hurt. in the pic she was making a weird, pained face so hes the ass who hurt his gf for the gram. im surprised she didnt go off on twitter for that lol

No. 565283

Shes probably going off on him in real life. Expect it to show up on twitter later, that bitch can't help but broadcast her entire life to the world.

No. 565331

You are on an IMAGE BOARD post screenshots.

No. 565358

I mean….or she’s exaggerating her injuries like we’ve all assumed and he knows she’s milking it so he hugged her like a normal person? Pained expression to keep up the “poor me” appearance.

No. 565488

if only instagram didnt notify people when their story has been capped. nobodys going to risk getting blocked over that

No. 566013

This is a bit OT but I wonder what happened with that girl Jessie was super close with and always posting g pictures with with Shotty. Does anyone else remember her? Girl was a total Jessie wannabe and I’m so curious wtf she’s up to now.

No. 566048

File: 1524729525721.png (46.95 KB, 750x307, IMG_2930.PNG)

Wow so fragile and delicate wow poor Jessie wow

No. 566484

i wanna say her name is Theresa? Total corndog nose wanna be but at least she had braces lmao

No. 566495

File: 1524774991560.png (617.44 KB, 474x836, Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 1.35…)

Behold: a rat without makeup and her new $40 amazon wig she's going to wear every day

No. 566533

Not going to lie, she has nice eyes and over all, a nice face shape.

What happened to her nose and lips though? It throws her entire face off and makes her face look gross somehow. Lip fillers? Botched nose job?

No. 566556

She got lip fillers but maybe the classic mistake of going for boobs before rhinoplasty sadly.
Whoever told her that piercing was a good idea was a liar too.

No. 566606

i cant get over that buttchin holy shit

No. 566646

File: 1524784274937.jpg (126.56 KB, 500x333, marcia.jpg)

She has a medusa? I thought it was just an unfortunately placed pimple. It looks infected here.

She should have left her lips alone and sorted out her weird nose shape. Her nose looks like Marcia Brady's from that iconic football episode.

Sage for heinously outdated references.

No. 566787

Couldn’t figure out who Theresa was but now I remember… she and Jessie used to hang out, but then Jessie got robbed and she went on a rant fest on Facebook and Twitter. This was a couple years ago maybe, I’m not sure as I’ve been following Jessie for a long time. She was saying she and Shotty had proof that Theresa had played a part in it. Supposedly some of her cam stuff and wigs had been stolen. Haven’t heard of the chick since. Sage for no screenshots, this was before I knew of these threads.

No. 566980

I followed Jessie since she was 14 o less. She lived with Billie (I was so jealous! Hahaha silly me) and I remember she losing a baby before getting pregnant with Leah, she used to post updates on DeviantArt all the time. After breaking up with BD she started dating another emo boy who wore suspenders and a suit all the time XD, Billie fucked a single teenmom (who was a Kottonmouth fan and a stoner) and Jessie found out and went nuts on her, trashing her all over Twitter, accusing them of cheaters. She said she left this said guy and soon after moved out with a long-haired boy, I can't recall his name 🤔. Dick hopping much?. Sorry about my English, this is not my first lenguaje but I wanted to add my two pennies!

No. 566988

File: 1524815364794.png (843.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180427-043220.png)

I'm the same poster, first time using this forum, sorry!

This is the guy with the long hair I was talking about, I find it funny that she has a Twitter where she's still "taken" by him. It was around May 2015, she lived with him but cheated with Shotty and left. You can see his IG posts about being lied to 😂.

If IRC she used to say he picked her up from the streets without even knowing her when she had nowhere to live and the 2 of them lived in his mom house for months!

No. 567174

Her lips and nose may look a pug that ran into a building, but can we take a moment to talk about her brows? They legit look like mini tampons that were glued onto her face.

No. 567388

File: 1524859390221.png (2.25 MB, 1276x1208, gargoyle.png)

and here we have the guy which she cheated on with shitty

No. 567409

Her taste in men is terrible.

Shotty's IG story has her in it. I guess the cheating was another one of her delusions. Or she's just such a loser that she is going to stay with his cheating ass because he supports her financially.

No. 567444

File: 1524863728296.png (40.64 KB, 750x232, IMG_2979.PNG)

She knows what she's doing

No. 567460

File: 1524864968674.jpeg (99.29 KB, 1242x490, 4EE6497E-90BF-4435-B9A9-8D48AB…)

Oh god what in the world do you do on your own Jessie and what the hell do you have to offer anyone else? She’s also saying she wants to get an Ashley piercing in the future lmao please don’t, the Medusa makes her lips look bad enough.

No. 567496

File: 1524868420850.jpeg (183.55 KB, 1242x671, 720D3F71-E0F1-4457-8B0F-98A583…)

Things that didn’t happen: ^
Doctors go to HOURS of classes alone just on sexual harassment prevention on what not to say and do to patients. This falls under that. Sorry that I don’t believe an MD would risk losing his license over your white trash corndog nose-having ass.

No. 567511

Is she too dumb to realize that a breast exam on fake tits requires having to feel harder to get to the tissue under the implant to make sure there aren’t lumps

No. 567520

Anyone who’s ever had a breast exam knows no DR goes in hands full. It’s finger tip compressions. Bitch is dumb.

No. 567547

File: 1524872061638.png (5.93 MB, 1242x2208, A10E3DE7-BE5B-4FF9-898A-2A5B13…)

I know this is old but I remember posting about the bodysuit pic and we were discussing her back of butt and her positioning and

No. 567548

lack* sorry y’all

No. 568202

That nose

No. 568583

It has and will always be a corndog. Maybe she can aspire for a plastic corndog one day

No. 569155

I wish I could just leech off people and not work and still complain about how my life sucks. I wonder what her plans for the future are? She obviously doesn’t plan on getting a real job. Reality will hit her hard in her 30’s.

No. 569837

File: 1525069551724.jpeg (142 KB, 1216x580, 03CBB019-7F16-41C7-8150-BF0F25…)

You would think with all the boasting about a “takeover” that a 5k medical bill wouldn’t affect their finances much

No. 569883

I’m sorry but I don’t see how her injuries would add up to 5k. Maybe a couple hundred at most. I could be wrong but the girl didn’t even get an actual cast or anything for her “broken arm and collarbone.”

No. 570230

Stop calling government assistance insurance Jess

No. 570714

Does anyone know what happened to her the night of the “break”

No. 570723

And they have a roommate, some random ugly white guy. If shitty really was ballin then why couldn't they just live alone?

No. 570799

File: 1525150786715.png (1.63 MB, 1427x2062, Screenshot_20180430-235508.png)

shotty : " I spend so much money buying my girl expensive ass shit" Jessie: " new makeup things! but here's the expensive one I actually want that my boyfriend won't buy me" kek.

No. 570817

I mean, regardless of how much you make, no one wants to give out money for stuff they, in a sense, wouldnt have had to. So, I dont really blame them for being annoyed at having to pay $5k in hospital bills

No. 571142

she's an ungrateful useless whore and why is she taking a picture displaying that all of her makeup is caked in foundation lmao

No. 571237

You believe her? kek

There is no way she has insurance AND has to pay 5k out of pocket for a fucking sling. She didn't get a cast, didn't need surgery…

Just another one of her lies for attention and pity. She either doesn't really have insurance (she has no job so this seems most likely) or she does and the bill is $5k but she only has to pay her deductible.

No. 571313

Notice how Jessie isn't talking about suing the person driving the car that hit her.

So fake.

No. 572430

File: 1525326748288.jpeg (64.87 KB, 1242x392, EF021A00-4720-459E-94AA-777179…)

……..Jessie you were literally just talking about wanting to move to Portland and live with your sister. Like are you ok?
On the real though, I wonder what it’s like to be this full of hate for everyone around whilst being hated by almost everyone around you, meaning those that don’t solely know you based on an online airhead persona you play. This girl has no one and continues to think she’s not at all the problem. I mean maybe instead of tweeting your every negative thought about anyone that’s actually in your life you could be an adult and I don’t know…actually sit down and have a conversation with whomever you’re having issues with so they can be resolved and so your daughter can have more family to actually cherish her than just her father and whatever dude’s family you have take care of her financially for you.
I just really don’t understand how someone who has little to no redeeming qualities or anything of value she can provide to other people in her life that CONSTANTLY help her out can go and publicly say how she thinks everyone else is trash.

No. 572795

Her sister probably said she won't help her move to Portland. Sage for speculation.

No. 573728

File: 1525457581991.png (1.47 MB, 1242x2208, 2280B608-E6B7-4809-A8CF-3D394C…)


No. 574099

What, is she gonna throw herself a pity party because she didn't get enough attention for ''breaking'' her collarbone? Oh woe is her, everyone knows better than to fall for her attention seeking behavior nowadays.

No. 574130

File: 1525493505871.png (519.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180505-010247.png)

Her father had a heart attack but she finds a way to make it about her. I can't with this b*tch!

No. 574140

File: 1525494947905.png (235.05 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180504-233323.png)

No. 577312

File: 1525853865263.jpeg (596.58 KB, 2088x2088, 8D1E427F-35D9-4004-926A-73D1B3…)

A little update. Sounds like she’s attempting to turn things around. Also I thought her daughter had her father? Or does Jessie still pretend he doesn’t exist?

No. 577380

shotty went on a rant last night about jessie in his snapchat. only saying how he pays bills and spoils them but him and his girl always fight and "dont get along AT ALL" "but if you dont fight with your girl then thats not a real relationship." like wtf thats a really unhealthy attitude.and talking about how if he wasnt with her he would be hitting up bitches n staying in hotels n shit, but now hes playing dad. if you hate it so much then fucking leave her.

No. 577897

He's such an idiot, I don't know why he bothers with her. Surely there's some other dumb blonde in Las Vegas that isn't nearly as problematic that he could parade around and spend his money on?

No. 578980

Yeah, she does have her father and he uploads more pictures of (and with) her than Jessie ever did.
He posts stories playing with her and I think he may pay her more attention than her mother really(no photos of kids)

No. 581304

File: 1526225121307.jpeg (108.94 KB, 1219x514, 561BC565-6A6C-46D5-89C0-1D3368…)

Um here’s an idea: grow the fuck up, get a real job to care of your kid maybe? That should fix that video game you’re entirely too old for.

No. 581486

File: 1526237445037.jpeg (219.75 KB, 1242x1427, 00A7EA91-4A6C-42C4-9E38-0D0482…)

I’ve never laughed so hard

No. 581517

Not like she doesn't do this on the regular… Every time she posts something of Leah she has to be in the damn photo looking like a whore.

No. 582285

You, jessie. You do. On the regular. FUCK this bloated bitch to the nth degree, her kid is going to have such horrible issues from growing up with such a useless bland attention sponge for a mother, and a complete tool for a father.

No. 582564

dont forget that self obsessed asshole step dad she has to grow up with who exploits her all the time, ie "Leah say The Takeover" like ffs. everyone she has to look up to are horrible and dont give two shits about her. she does seem super smart and kind so hopefully she will know better and maybe find this thread when shes older and realize how terrible her parents are and ditch them completely. unless jessie somehow makes a complete change and betters their lives for LEAHS sake… not jessies, then maybe things will change. but for now, fuck jessie. terrible bipolar parent. rant over haha

No. 582680


LOL you’re kidding right? If Leah found this page when she’s older it would humiliate her. If she googled her not only would she find her cam videos, but two threads worth of people dragging and calling her mom every name in the book. And considering kids use the internet at younger ages, she’ll find out sooner than later. Everything in her life up to now will play a role in who she becomes and everything she reads on here will more than likely only add fuel to the fire. Hate to say it but even if Jessie turns it around and steps it up for Leah, this thread will prolly fuck up their relationship

No. 582689


Don’t get me wrong. not preaching about this page but realistically, finding a thread where people rip on your mom saying she doesn’t give a shit about you when you probably already feel that way, isn’t gonna do a kid any favors. She may split from her mom but it could also push her into the same spiral that Jessie’s in. Cuz you know, vicious cycle and shit. But let’s hope she’s one of the lucky ones who makes it out alright.

No. 582731

Billy is still active in Leah's life, so I take solace in the hope that Leah will never view an shitty aspiring rapper as her dad.

No. 582741

From what I've seen on Billy's pages Leah loves him a lot more than Bucky… Billy doesn't view her as an accessory and actually sees her as the child she is.

No. 582888

No mention of the job she supposedly started Saturday, just tweets about the sims.
And of course, Mr I can't do a damn thing without making sure everyone knows about it, Bucky posted videos on Snapchat with the edible arrangement he bought Jessie as well as videos of them out to dinner.

What a trashy hoe, catches him cheating multiple times and yet she's still living with him, still accepting gifts from him…

Teach your daughter better Jessie!

No. 583204

File: 1526356535114.png (90.51 KB, 750x660, IMG_3320.PNG)

Ummmm talk to your therapist about it?

No. 583208

File: 1526356797383.png (111.76 KB, 750x679, IMG_3321.PNG)

Jessie's baby daddy's mom posted this. Megan is BD's gf. Bet this bothered Jessie lmao. You know she probably hates her bd's girl.

No. 583245

pretty sure it was only physical therapy lol

No. 583394


Shitty doesn’t buy those gifts for HER. He buys them to make himself look good on his snapchats.

No. 583722

File: 1526403200304.png (45.53 KB, 637x344, Capture.PNG)

kek. never even thought of it like that xD this bitch needs all kinds of therapy…

No. 584513

This is hilarious because I recall her telling people to kill themselves for disagreeing with her in the past. Jessie loves to play the whole “anti-bullying” charade but turns around and is horrible to anyone that isn’t kissing her ass all of the time.

No. 584538

File: 1526445140653.png (167.95 KB, 750x1056, IMG_3334.PNG)

Hope she fries her hair off again

No. 584540

File: 1526445199564.png (176.45 KB, 750x1041, IMG_3335.PNG)

Bucky's post is so cringe. He looks like a newt and she looks awfully uncomfortable. Who wears hats indoors?

No. 584586

Okay but she’d have to lighten her hair to get red and probably have to lighten her roots before doing the red every time she needs to touch up so I don’t see how this is all that much better from going back to platinum aside from her not having to lighten her hair as many times. She’d know this if she ever actually went to cosmetology school like she kept saying she was going to do. I can’t imagine the horrors she’d produce on other people’s hair. Kek.

No. 584588

is it just me or does her face look a lot more……filled out/round here? she looks bloated as hell and yeah, she looks incredibly uncomfortable

No. 584592

Kek she probably paid for the dinner
Bucky didn’t shell out a cent for mother’s day, just telling everyone how unselfish she is to financial support his leeching lazy ass.

No. 584642

going to a nice dinner- better slap on my sweaty wig, retarded hat, trendy ass choker and crop top

No. 584987

I don't think Echo & Rig takes food stamps

No. 585158

With what money? He has a job. She doesn't lmao.

No. 585182

She's probably getting some basic as fuck benefit tbh

No. 585185

Seriously what the fuck are you on? You must be a Jessie fan cause anyone with 3 brain cells knows this bitch hasn't worked for months, she was literally just tweeting about starting a job this past Saturday and unless she was being a whore she hasn't got a paycheck yet… so how the fuck can you view HER as the one supporting a leech when it's clear as day that she's broke and staying with the guy that supposedly cheated on her because he pays for things?

No. 585377


I doubt she paid her way and that she’s supported him, but let’s stop giving Shitty a pass here and acting like she’s “using” him. Shitty LOOOOVES that he supports her. He brags about that shit every chance he gets. You honestly thinks he loves her and thinks it’s a great relationship? He knows what he’s doing. He sees her posts and passive aggressively talks about her on snap all the time. I would be willing to put money down that he encouraged her to stop working and just uses it as a power move. The only reason I wouldn’t believe he cheated is because I can’t believe any girl would touch him with a 10 foot pole. I really don’t feel bad if Jessie “uses” him because that dude is a fucking tool who uses chicks for his own benefit also.

No. 585660


He’s only had a job for like a year. He was a poor “rapper” before that as he loves to remind us. He’s only recently started earning something and I’m pretty sure its commission based so it’s not like he has a steady paycheck either. His parents look wealthy and probably footed his bill til they decided their 30 year old son who was going nowhere needed to get it together. I find it hard to believe that he was able to pay for much with the money he made from his music. It’s garbage.

No. 585854

His mom works at the same hotel and I'm pretty sure she would have helped him get the job. He sells hotel timeshares I think.

No. 586259


Yeah that’s exactly what he does and that’s more than likely how he got the position. It’s amusing how he acts like he did something amazing and worked really hard for it. My point was: enough with this “wow what a lazy cunt Jessie is for using him” crap when he’s a fucking turd himself who loves to exploit that shit. She needs to get her shit together, but he knows what he’s doing and he knows who he’s with so that really doesn’t all fall back on her.

No. 586394

They are both pieces of shit. He flaunts things that no one other than idiotic children are impressed with, amd she leeches off him and then whines on twitter that no one ever does shit for her.

But the idea that Jessie paid for dinner is just too funny to me.

No. 586672

Exactly, they're both complete tools. At this point, I don't know who the bigger cow is, Jessie or Bucky?

No. 587056

He's been posting stories in ig of him driving in a convertible with the top down. He hasn't mentioned it's his car but we all know he's trying to flaunt it like it is. It's probably a rental from when Jessie got "hit by a car" especially bc in one of the snaps he gets close to the sun visor and there's a no smoking sticker on it. Wish I could cap but I'd for sure get blocked.

No. 587462


Her face in the last post is hilarious. She looks so uncomfortable. Why does he feel the need to do that stupid “whooo” shit in every single recording he does?

No. 587465

his whole family looks cringy af lmao

No. 588176

Bucky and Jessie are a cringey match made in heaven tbh, like it amazes me how alike they are.

No. 588933

File: 1526780417062.png (241.96 KB, 748x1070, IMG_3369.PNG)


No. 589083

File: 1526797655147.jpg (120.06 KB, 642x960, IMG_3370.JPG)

No. 589251

I hope she gets that butt chin filled in one day. it's always bothered me lol

No. 589306

You people are disgusting! If it’s bothering you, just DONT LOOK AT HER PICTURES!!! Why do you love her so much that you follow every fcking step she takes? Stop stalking her and leave her be.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 589356

Cry more

No. 589410

Jessica is that you? Lol get over it. This is hardly the place for well wishes.

On another note: you could probably fill that sucker in with plaster!

No. 589453

I just don’t understand why she’s always got to add such juvenile touches to more revealing outfits. She always looks like a skittle little womanchild and considering she was in camming and had a kid, it just leaves a weird taste in my mouth.
Why would you wear revealing outfits and accessorize with items your daughter should be wearing ?

No. 589455

Same fag *slutty, not skittle

No. 589570

you know when you see something so disturbing you can't look away and you can't help but laugh? that's Jessies life lmao if she puts all this cringey shit online then we have a right to judge.

No. 590261

File: 1526919005369.png (593.76 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180521-110951.png)

shotty is literally so heated on his insta story becauuse he can't party anymore lololol

No. 590262

File: 1526919031182.png (854.29 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180521-110959.png)

No. 590544

File: 1526941675705.png (97.4 KB, 750x675, IMG_3398.PNG)

No. 591020

File: 1526998078271.png (43.78 KB, 632x318, Capture.PNG)

" i hate myself… i love myself….feel sorry for me cause im in a shit relationship but i make him buy me everything and take 40000000 pics of me daily…." jessie shut up already. your embarassing yourself

No. 591025

says shes dressing as more "scene" yesterday…. only ties a shoe lace around her head xD

No. 591134


Are you kidding me? She doesn’t “make” him do anything. That asshole buys her shit and takes pictures of her to boost his own pathetic ego.


That was great. I think that was a glimpse of the real Bucky. Bitter and miserable.

No. 591391

File: 1527024632287.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, DF12F280-59CE-4DC8-9FDE-83E3BD…)

She looks ridiculous.

No. 591448

She’s trying to pander to the OTT styles being pushed by brands like Dolls Kill, omighty, and goodbyebread, however it doesn’t suit her at all and it’s obvious this is not an outfit she’d ever pick for herself. The proportions are awful and make her figure look even worse. Something about her face looks different too. I almost feel bad for her at this point. Like she got so used to being big on social media, sold her soul to camming because she’s too lazy to actually try to acquire a skill that could better her life and now that no one really cares to keep up with her, she’s lost herself. I feel as though she genuinely is struggling to find out who she is because she never bothered to do so before when she had opportunities coming her way.

No. 591460

What in the ever loving fuck is that outfit… Jessie please take a course in hospitality or something… Try to figure out who you are without all this nonsense.

No. 591475

File: 1527032978330.png (507.99 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180522-184759.png)

No. 591480

File: 1527033106594.png (656.01 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180522-184838.png)

her tits seem like they would be nasty naked ngl lmao thotty Jessie would have flashed them by now if they were half decent

No. 591521

I imagine them being slightly purple and stretched looking tbh.

I'm surprised she didn't say she was going to kick that girls ass or something or has she finally realised that she ain't shit ?

No. 591543

Isn't that her new wig? Why does it already look like a nest? She has it pulled back but her forehead still looks massive. Annnd "Thanks dollskill for the outfit" ?? Bitch you bought it yourself. No company wants your rat ass as a promoter.

No. 591548

File: 1527038150699.gif (581.33 KB, 268x250, dear jessie.gif)

>Vegas never seizes to amaze me.

No. 591654

File: 1527046297748.png (72.68 KB, 750x452, IMG_3420.PNG)

No. 591664

File: 1527047196254.png (192.7 KB, 750x984, IMG_3422.PNG)

No. 591667

holy meth face and stinky odor, Batman!

No. 591689


No. 591709

Oh but Jessie, I thought your relationship was done by everything else you’ve been saying on Twitter….
Also bitch your titties used to look like that girl’s stfu

No. 591718

File: 1527053326517.png (89.48 KB, 750x524, IMG_3425.PNG)

No. 591719

File: 1527053345614.jpg (212.16 KB, 802x1200, IMG_3424.JPG)

No. 591806

“Vegas never seizes to amaze me”….

She’s so cringey. Bitches so hard about self esteem and Shotty and it takes one photo shoot to cure those things enough that she’s comfortable letting him share ass grab pictures to the world? So shallow. What a horrible example for women and for her daughter.

No. 591936

"Photo shoot". Riiiiiiiiiight.

No. 592073

She really stays trying to look like a stripper or a cam girl all the time, doesn’t she? If she had closed that door and truly felt everything she said about it being such a horrible industry, that she’d attempt to create a new image for herself and move on with her life instead of still choosing to look like she’s going to self promo a chaturbate link everywhere she goes.

No. 592141

It doesn’t count as a photo shoot if your lame ass boyfriend takes the photos what is she on

No. 592285

File: 1527113471198.png (147.68 KB, 750x942, IMG_3430.PNG)

When is she going to retire that crusty ass hat

No. 592404

Hopefully asap. I'm not the most fashionable person but even I can recognise that the hat is ugly and covered in those fabric bubbles (lint? idk)

No. 592423

Her lips are so gross. That Medusa piercing sits so weird on her mouth.

No. 592425

I'm more concerned about the wig..

No. 592440

It's one of those woven straw type hats by the looks of it. Cheap.

No. 592623


Pretty sure that chick flashed Shitty because one of you was a photographer and the other modeling, not giving off a “relationship” vibe since you both hate each other. I highly doubt it was because she was remotely interested in your man. Also, not everyone hates their body and would let someone laughing at them ruin their night Jessie. Still haven’t learned have you? Scream from your soapbox when your talked about or people are mean to you but continuing to insult others.

No. 592634

It’s funny cause i used to hate this site ( because my annoying ass was a thread once apon a time ) but i can’t get enough of this jessie thread. Her and shitty are comical to watch.(no one cares)

No. 592675

Wtf this girl is so pretty. The surgeries are not my taste, but she's skinny and has a pretty face. Just what THE FUCK is with that obvious and cheap-looking wig in every picture? Is she bald or something?

No. 593268

Years of being a scene queen took its toll on her

No. 593398

It’s like she was a huge sceney bop deal in 2010, but it’s like she got stuck there and left behind. She can’t keep up with what’s popular now, she tries so hard but always has to put a stupid fucking sceney spin to it like an oversize hat from 2012 or a choker that hasn’t been popular for 3 years. DOLLSKILL HASNT BEEN A THING FOR 5 YEARS, take some advice: STOP.

No. 594103

File: 1527304930043.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180526-001431.png)

Her boobs change size like she changes her mood WTF

No. 594148

It seems she still wears push ups even though she's had her tits done. Makes no sense but k.

No. 594167

File: 1527313192437.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3459.PNG)

No. 594231

is she sitting her bare ass on a curb in just a bodysuit??? jesus jess. love yourself.

No. 594283

Surprise surprise, she doesn’t know that body suits aren’t meant to be worn by themselves.. cringe..

No. 594285

That bodysuit is becoming the new “same old black hat and terrible wig.”

No. 594497

Not going to post it bc no kids allowed, but Jess posted Leah's "yearbook" photos with her dance class and Leah's uni for ballet is dirty af. Everyone else is in bright pink and Leah's is dingy and grey looking. Why didn't Jessie throw it in the wash???

No. 594660

File: 1527372851293.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180526-190844.png)

No time for washing clothes when you have boobs to show…

No. 594779


She's a shapehifter, her tits look different in every picture. Editing?

No. 594798

That idiot posted their address on his snap bragging about free shit

No. 595003

Wow I didn’t think he could get any more stupid. His snaps are so hard to watch, he’s so full of himself.

No. 596501

File: 1527577592144.png (161.34 KB, 740x1185, IMG_3487.PNG)

She posted and already deleted this :)

No. 596553

Who wants to bet she got wasted and tried to get them to DP her?

No. 596567

Sorry I’m not native speaker. What does dp mean?

No. 596568

double penetration

No. 597137

File: 1527636959880.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180529-203402.png)


Shorty uploaded this, I guess they were together but this Bitch wears the same cloths everyday, you can't even know!

No. 597211

It's hard to afford the water to wash your clothes weekly when you don't have a job.

No. 597301

File: 1527656101478.png (205.22 KB, 750x1081, IMG_3496.PNG)

Shotty looks like a lost little boy but also an 80 year old man.

No. 597342

years and years of meth abuse

No. 597397

File: 1527668070016.png (779.56 KB, 991x480, shottyfeldman.png)

This dude looks like if the guy from Blink 182 was fathered by Corey Feldman.

No. 597550

Her piercing looks like a booger.

No. 597939

File: 1527718007712.png (7.8 MB, 1242x2208, C921C08A-AD24-4BEE-B419-7A2DE8…)

Lmao she look braaazy

No. 598148

Wow yes I LOL'd

No. 598273

File: 1527741123523.png (251.59 KB, 750x1115, IMG_3503.PNG)

Booty? Where? That's like all thigh lol

No. 598306

her nose highlight just makes it look that much more corn doggy
she looks squished??? I think those boots are making her look like she got halfway through a trash compactor, girl looks short and stumpy af now whereas she normally looks like a string bean

No. 598331

File: 1527748918541.png (165.72 KB, 750x879, IMG_3505.PNG)

You're an adult?? Your parents don't have to accept anything, they're not supposed to be taking care of you anymore. If they're really that toxic, cut them out. Damn.

No. 598332

File: 1527748974706.png (112.94 KB, 750x662, IMG_3506.PNG)

She's been on one. She should get a job, whatever happened to her starting her job or the interviews?

No. 598603

on one hand I can kind of sympathize with her because my own family also kind of tried to keep my mental illness hush hush and say I was fine when I knew from the jump that I wasn’t and my family never helped me find the resources to get help/get better when I was younger. On the other hand though, this sounds a lot like “poor me, everyone is always telling me I’m perfect but I’m not, although I live a relatively easy, irresponsible life and the things I struggle with are my own doing, not a chemical imbalance”

No. 598624

Same situation here all my life but the "I'm always told I'm perfect!" Tone throws any sympathy I could have out the window. If her daughter came to her about something like this I honestly think Jessie would talk on and on about how she struggled and her family didn't listen to her and how she's a great mom for "listening" to her daughter when she won't be an actual help at all.

No. 599939

File: 1527917303307.png (146.84 KB, 750x900, IMG_3515.PNG)

"Very loving" Jessie lol.

No. 600697

File: 1528016172290.jpeg (317.53 KB, 1242x531, 878DB2AD-9FA4-4C2C-8240-483925…)

Sure Jessie. That totally happened. I noticed she often makes up these ridiculous stories to make herself seem so desirable and interesting. It’s sad honestly.

No. 601479

File: 1528082024098.png (221.92 KB, 750x1078, IMG_3586.PNG)

No. 601494

If any guy was staring at her, it was in disgust because everything about her is FAKE!

So gross, 10/10 wouldn't fuck if I had a dick

No. 601565

Hahah what the fuck

No. 602104

File: 1528158360911.jpeg (142.79 KB, 1220x646, 4F039027-DD97-433D-86B6-B5327D…)

Yet another episode of “Things That Didn’t Happen!” your dumb, basic ass would be taking pictures and posting it. The stories she makes up to make herself seem interesting get more and more pathetic

No. 602946

Okay so I just found out about this joke of a “rapper” call Matt OX and this little 12 year old reminds me of Bucky, his looks, clothing style, mannerisms and their music. This kid even says “taking over”

No. 602983

Weird. You weren't kidding, kid looks, acts, and sounds like he's Bucky's mini me.

No. 603144

File: 1528266992543.png (67.21 KB, 750x469, IMG_3602.PNG)

Damn Jessie part 1/3

No. 603145

File: 1528267011710.png (147.95 KB, 750x931, IMG_3603.PNG)

Damn Jessie part 2/3

No. 603147

File: 1528267056577.png (116.73 KB, 750x784, IMG_3604.PNG)

Damn Jessie part 3/3

No. 603741

She’s getting ready for leah’s birthday party on Snapchat. leah’s hair is either wet or greasy.

No. 603990

It looked greasy tbh. She’s such a cute kid I wish she didn’t have these two twats trying to steal her thunder.

No. 605404

File: 1528488183683.png (134.04 KB, 598x1294, IMG_3625.PNG)

Yalllll she rlly don't have any other clothes or accessories. Same raggedy wig, same cheap ass straw hat, shoe lace choker, black shirt, and Disney skirt. The damn trifecta.

Photo from Leah's birthday.

No. 605560

gross. her foundation is so yellow compared to the awful extensive sun damage on her chest. she’s going to look like an old leather jacket before long.

No. 605629

You’d kinda think with all the claims she’s made about being a makeup artist she’d know she’s obv not a yellow undertone..

No. 610192

File: 1528950458871.png (10.57 MB, 1242x2208, D94F7A52-84D6-49F1-9B60-EABC3E…)

dat lack of hip

No. 610267


i’m sure jessie’s daughter is gonna be so proud of her mom when she’s older. you know the second one of her male classmates finds her mom’s photos it’s game over for her. really fucking sad actually. jess, if you want to be a ho, either be a classy ho or keep that shit off your fucking social media where you post pictures of your young child.

you can inflate your tits but not your brain, sucks to suck.

No. 610351

File: 1528970489282.png (4.86 MB, 1242x2208, 6545E691-9CD1-4D1B-8AD7-A7BDAF…)

these look like those children’s heels you get from the dollar store.

No. 610353

File: 1528970590194.jpeg (34.44 KB, 500x500, 31B1970E-5E2A-4A01-B2DB-2AFE2B…)

Pic related

No. 610889

I just….why does she keep buying these? If I’m not mistaken, I think they’re from Dolls Kill and aren’t exactly cheap. Like girl you’re not dancing, you’re not cramming, you’re not being a “showgirl” and you’re not modeling so why are you shelling out money on these trashy ass shoes in various colors instead of I dunno…SAVING FOR YOUR FUTURE?

No. 610891

Meant to say *camming but I guess cramming fits too hahahah

No. 611267

File: 1529037207367.jpg (145.74 KB, 1334x750, IMG_3776.JPG)

Her tits look like utters here

No. 611289

Well she's a cow, so..

No. 611341

File: 1529046909359.png (66.62 KB, 750x421, IMG_3784.PNG)

Literally no one thinks you're bald Jessie. No one even thinks about your eyelashes either?? Fucking idiot.

No. 611511

she has no under boob crease. ugly bikini too, looks like the top is on backwards with that ugly ass clip and too much no crease boobs that are about to bust out of her skin.

No. 613800

File: 1529293499870.png (105.77 KB, 750x607, IMG_3847.PNG)

Do something or quit bitching jess.

No. 614391

File: 1529361557060.jpg (70.36 KB, 243x948, IMG_3859.JPG)

This wig makes her look like a drowned rat, and this dumb flamingo pose is getting old.

No. 614458

Damn Bucky looks so vitamin deficient. And Jess just really needs a dentist at this point.

No. 616203

File: 1529532486583.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3910.PNG)

She's such a liar. Bucky took her to the mac store the other day and posted it on his ig story.

No. 617814

“Can’t keep up anymore”
What exactly can’t she keep up with? It’s not like she actually works or gets loads of PR to review that has been taking up her time. Jessie tries so hard to act like she’s still relevant but the best thing she could do for her own sanity would be to abandon all her social accounts for a few years and truly work on herself.

No. 617821

File: 1529648368405.png (163.63 KB, 750x1055, IMG_3918.PNG)

This wig makes her head look like a balding alien.

Wish she'd go back to camming tho. At least she was able to switch up her outfits then.

No. 617966

No. 618158

File: 1529681837797.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, 130FB052-8145-413A-86A7-632EF8…)

Where is the rest of her eyebrow

No. 618160

File: 1529682042663.png (340 KB, 750x1334, 246A9358-61E4-4579-9A4D-041E2F…)

If it was anything respectable you wouldn’t hide it Jess

No. 618628

Her hair looks so flat…it just blends in with her head and her hair starts at her ears, like she’s bald on the top of her head? It looks so bad.

No. 618778

File: 1529728743373.jpg (379.74 KB, 1280x1712, cameraRollTempImage.jpg)

She's starting to get that grinch bod. Or atleast that's what it looks like In this pic. But she's actually just trying to be ig thiccc

No. 618890

kek, she’s sitting on the bed to make it look like she doesn’t have narrow child hips, but it’s obvious when you look at her bony ass knees that her thighs and ass are actually toothpicks.

No. 628177

File: 1530656128068.png (Spoiler Image,2.39 MB, 1190x1565, 20180703_231534.png)

Jesus christ

No. 628179

File: 1530656220438.png (Spoiler Image,2.25 MB, 1182x1543, 20180703_231706.png)

The fact she "twerks" with literally just all thigh though.

No. 628181

File: 1530656307598.png (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 1152x1541, 20180703_231855.png)

Where dat ass at?

No. 628412

File: 1530679923417.jpeg (358.1 KB, 750x820, CBCA4962-8FD4-4D1B-85C0-3E4D4A…)

It’s funny to me that they’re still masquerading as a happy couple and Shotty is doing things like showing her naked on Instagram and she’s posting things like this on Twitter…

No. 628946

Ain't no way she's not had any action in two months, thots like her can't go without for that long

No. 629130

File: 1530760739383.jpeg (1.03 MB, 750x1033, 8E32DE6C-077C-43C6-954A-450D6C…)

Her piercing looks like a hitler stache

No. 629265

File: 1530779582329.png (228.95 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180705-093251.png)

So going to hotels and restaurants all the time which you always Snapchat about is need leaving the house? Okay then…

No. 629266


No. 629268

Jessie gonna have a hard time figuring out who you are out of those 7 likes

No. 629334

So is this jessie admitting she’s back to camming?

No. 629646

Meh I unliked after so she can go crazy wondering who it was lol

No. 631469

File: 1531034505493.png (549.67 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180708-082208.png)

3? Who she trying to fool?

No. 631586

What are you talking about? Her exes are just Billy, Kris and David. She’s not fooling anyone you’re just dumb lmao

No. 631923

Let’s play who is who.

I’m guessing David is trump supporter
Kris is party boy
And baby daddy is the one she likes

No. 632017

I bet they’re cringing just as much for dating her.
“We got the attention thirsty cam whore with corn dog nose that literally won’t get a job and lies about starting clothing/makeup companies that thinks a boob job is more important than having a fucking house.”

Sorry cow, you aren’t the biggest catch either.

No. 632021

I found her Facebook can I post it or is that doxxing?

No. 632049

Screencap, not link, and blur out/cover any names and any images of children or unrelated persons (anyone who is not her, or other boyfriends)

And only post if it is milk, that is interesting in some way. An account simply existing is not interesting

No. 632052

I thought her Facebook was already known? People posted caps from it in the other thread.

No. 632055

I don’t know I’m new here. I stumbled upon her Facebook through a friend of a friend and didn’t see it linked.
Thank you, I won’t be posting today but if I come across any milk I’ll screen cap it.

No. 632060

Same fag but her fb has been posted in this thread. I should look before I post

No. 632445

File: 1531160769903.png (Spoiler Image,2.95 MB, 1440x2362, 20180709_192634.png)

Hasn't had sex in months suuuuuureee

No. 632449

Travel the world with?
Vegas to Henderson or Anaheim isn't being a world traveler Shotty.
These losers probably don't even have their passports

No. 632459

File: 1531161642671.jpg (913.41 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180709_133819.jpg)

Does she wear a super padded bra, even though she had her breasts done?

No. 632510

Her post op pics in the last thread show how small she went, she absolutely wasted her money and definitely still stuffs/tapes and/or wears pushups

No. 632658

It’s a push up back less plung bra thing she got

No. 633858

File: 1531328207327.jpeg (212.93 KB, 750x1034, 7D818AD3-D986-44F6-BEEF-4E4186…)

Stop acting like you’re doing something Jessica

No. 635219

ok but she doesn’t even work, right? unless it’s ads on instagram which is still unlikely that she makes enough to support herself AND her daughter with anything. she relies on other people so much, what is she talking about? and investors? what does she have going for her that anyone would even consider investing in? stock in manyvids?

No. 636778

of course she would have nothing but a thong and the scuffed wig on. Literally the ugliest face and wtf is that stomach pouch

No. 639471

File: 1531862307672.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, DE5A5493-5366-4E74-846D-634A08…)

I don’t know which is more sad:

The fact she still thinks sailor moon or “kawaii” is still in, or the fact she thinks people believe she’s getting a sleeve. How about a job Jessie? Or a car?

No. 639819

not to WK but plenty of people like sailor moon. it wasn't just a fad, it's still a popular enjoyable anime.
Jessie is a shit person but she just isn't milky anymore. posting about wanting a sleeve isn't milk.
this thread has devolved into nitpicking her appearance and telling her to get a job. the only slightly interesting posts are when she sperges on twitter but it's always the same shit.

No. 644030


I agree. Now it’s just sad and the thread is mostly just about her looks, her money, or her irrelevant tweets about her stagnant relationship. Unsurprisingly. We get it. She’s in a crap relationship that she’s not leaving, she wears shitty wigs and got her tits done, she needs her teeth fixed, her nose is an issue, and so is her lack of a job. It’s not milky. It’s just sounds like a bitter bitchfest now. This cow’s run dry.

No. 644283

Wheres the milk at or the drama? Have we honestly stooped this low to dissing somone elses looks. Yeah she fucked up and made some stupid mistakes. Yes she needs to be a better mother. Yes she needs a job and to be with a more mature man but why is she bad?

No. 644293

Really? No posts for 5 days and you bump this just to talk about the lack of milk? Stfu.
At least sage your whiteknighting

No. 644865


Whoops. Just learned how to sage. But uh, I’ve got some Midol for your PMS if you need it.

No. 645993

File: 1532443307650.png (40.38 KB, 613x323, jess.PNG)

she is so gross

No. 645999

File: 1532443508377.png (13.8 KB, 468x101, jess.PNG)

then do it already. clearly its the only thing that will ever make you truly happy.

No. 646706

File: 1532508326824.png (2.25 MB, 1191x1547, 20180725_094306.png)

No. 646707

File: 1532508350846.png (2.45 MB, 1215x1550, 20180725_094244.png)

No. 646708

File: 1532508364681.png (2.46 MB, 1190x1547, 20180725_094324.png)

No. 646709

File: 1532508376078.png (2.32 MB, 1200x1555, 20180725_094355.png)

No. 646710

File: 1532508386718.png (2.18 MB, 1202x1532, 20180725_094427.png)

No. 646814

yes so glad someone caught this cringy shit.

i cant believe she wears those stupid black poms on her head. i understand around her daughter to be fun or disneyland but everywhere? its so ugly, even with that old basic ass outfit.

No. 648668

Anyone else not understanding why being horny wild make her miss being a cam girl? Correct me if I’m wrong but you can still fiddle yourself without the world watching? She acts like the whole universe needs to know everything.

No. 649159

You can’t believe it? Lol I can. She’s tacky as hell.

No. 649198

anyone else think this guy is in the closet?

No. 649261

File: 1532747996997.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 8C3D6765-F6F6-4EFD-A501-1AEF61…)

Older but still wtf

No. 649559

>Tom DeLonge's gay cousin

No. 650446

File: 1532890154387.png (595.88 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180729-194833.png)

Soooo bucky took her money apparently lel

No. 652106

File: 1533054106319.png (75.82 KB, 636x565, jessie.PNG)


No. 652215

'Barely started working'? She was talking about her new job 3 months ago.
God fucking forbid someone expects you to help pay the bills Jessie

No. 652493

File: 1533074741000.png (2.27 MB, 1212x1558, 20180731_230434.png)

Rare sight of natural hair wow where's the ratty wig jessie

No. 652498

File: 1533074823831.png (2.58 MB, 1203x1576, 20180731_230407.png)

No surprise there really bucko

No. 654882

lord mf voldemort

No. 655501


Voldemort with corndog nose ratty wig and fake tits

No. 655653

Sage posts like this.

No. 660352

File: 1533799903222.png (2.32 MB, 1218x1547, 20180809_083028.png)

Does she actually have any other clothes because she's always wearing the same everytime we see anything of her online

No. 660528

File: 1533826088631.png (505.39 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180809-093004.png)

No. 661141

File: 1533884643216.jpeg (226.27 KB, 1242x1046, 6FC01293-2612-44F9-A8E2-EF7430…)

That god awful mirror she had made so many posts about…

No. 661612

File: 1533934188444.png (1.96 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180810-154617.png)

can she not match any other style/colour of clothes?

No. 661773

No, she truly never evolves. All the weight just went to her stomach pouch. Still has chicken legs and Hank Hill ass.

No. 662918

File: 1534096442743.png (Spoiler Image,2.81 MB, 750x1334, CFB74474-EA9C-4F4B-9556-9C5038…)

According to jessie this is the cutest thing she owns.

No. 662994

File: 1534101451341.jpg (184.35 KB, 900x1240, kisspng-lord-voldemort-ralph-f…)

No. 663564

File: 1534169070100.png (647.23 KB, 1242x2208, 25F7BC2B-501F-4DC2-9184-8363AF…)

I’d put money down that there isn’t anyone copying her or has her same tattoos; she just wants everyone to think she’s worshipped by someone and she’s not. Your style is grimey and outdated, sorry..

No. 669333

File: 1534824913077.png (548.23 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180820-231332.png)

No. 669335

File: 1534824964152.png (1 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180820-231259.png)

No. 669337

how does shotty never see these daily posts that she makes about him?

No. 669404

let's be honest, this is the kind of stuff you mute from friends and acquaintances. I know they live together but he probably muted her stuff a loooong time ago.

No. 669416

If he doesn’t pay attention to her I’m real life he’s definitely not reading her Twitter

No. 670425

File: 1534957883387.png (698.22 KB, 750x1334, 17A5F6DC-51A6-47BF-9CD8-99B97A…)

Damn why’s shottys ig gotta be private

No. 670571

File: 1534971045320.jpeg (993.69 KB, 750x1178, 468ED845-E3D6-4C80-9202-8D165E…)

He’s not posting anyone but Jessie so who knows wtf she’s talking about

No. 671230

File: 1535034095863.png (2.83 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180823-092012.png)

No. 671247

File: 1535035498591.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180823-094213.png)

the outfit has made it out again

No. 671648

He posted videos on his story that I think were music videos and it has a bunch of half naked girls.

No. 672511

File: 1535148298199.jpeg (153.51 KB, 750x1014, FDE0B615-3D8C-43D5-BD16-EA657B…)

So I’m pretty sure Jessie just works part time in this store, if she actually has a job.

No. 672528

Based on….?

No. 673835

She tagged the shop ig in the picture of her wearing the harness.

Pretty sure she referenced the get up as something for work.

She follows the ig for the shop even tho it has barely any followers compared to her

She posted a photo of her “taking a break” (I think on snap) smoking a cigarette in it.

Typically shops like these liek you to wear something of theirs at work.

Plus working part time in retail, isn’t that hard/doesn’t take that many hours so ofc she isn’t flexing it and is able to be on the internet still.

Tinfoil analysis ofc.

No. 674598

Vegasfag here, lots of wannabe models shop there. Just because she tagged that shop in a photo of her wearing something from that shop doesn't make her an employee.

I am tempted to pop in next time I am in the area to see if I spot her though.

No. 680682

File: 1536078171523.jpeg (59.39 KB, 750x270, 5FD3D0E1-3161-4550-8672-18FE2C…)

! Anyone wanna be in a video interview? Bahaha who does she think she is? A celebrity?

No. 683190

File: 1536336069249.png (415.66 KB, 750x1334, CD61AD55-E013-4747-97B1-A88E31…)

No. 683688


This douche is a classic emotional abuser and I really hope someone whoops his ass and knocks out those nasty meth teeth. What a fucking turd.

No. 710373

File: 1539289052113.jpeg (170.66 KB, 750x1071, A3E47FB3-9E5B-4DCD-8434-480FDF…)

Jessie supports littleforbig, interesting.

No. 714767

She posted a snapchat the other day crying with the text "just feel like giving up" and has since deleted twitter and not updated ig but eh, who tf really cares?

No. 738287

File: 1543201452530.jpeg (198.81 KB, 750x1067, 51CB34C0-8515-4E17-84D5-9BF9F9…)

Buckys Facetune! I’m screaming

No. 738288

File: 1543201738197.png (4.6 MB, 750x1334, 972EA2E6-AD65-4B51-BBA5-0439DD…)

Every trip they take this picture, and each time Bucky looks like he’s straining more and more.

No. 739149

They.. both look like nursing home patients with props on them. What the fuck

No. 742700

File: 1543797479768.jpeg (210.05 KB, 750x1021, F8BDFB44-5567-4EF8-A6F6-3D33F4…)

Still wondering why she didn’t get a rhinoplasty to correct the corn dog nose instead of grapefruits on her chest… classic mistake

No. 743345

It’s pretty clear y’all have run out of things to say about this girl. Let her live her life and stop body shaming(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 743591


Go back to PULL.

No. 745523

Jessie’s the type to constantly bitch about HaTuRzZz so I’m not surprised this comment would come up as soon as the thread acquires milk lmao

There’s lots of things we could be posting and nitpicking at, stfu

No. 746183

File: 1544346198497.jpeg (175.7 KB, 590x690, 3A44201E-7303-4DBD-BDC7-FD2B77…)

Jessie sweetie, if you’re reading this.. retire that rat you have on your head.

Peep that Fupa, is she pregnant or just too many nachos?

No. 759452


Well you do, obviously, since you watched it and then felt the need to post about it.

No. 759453


Lol what milk? This thread dry as hell. A boob job is hardly milky and that news is old af anyway.

No. 778786

File: 1550345553416.jpeg (132.44 KB, 750x547, C8014479-D90B-4FC3-A9EF-06E19D…)

They’re finally going to get a home apparently

No. 782072

Is this a hint that she IS actually pregnant as an anon above suggested a while ago?

No. 783122

I hope not, she’s been drinking.

No. 783125

File: 1551674535703.jpeg (167.92 KB, 750x1155, F61AFAA9-AFE1-439C-85FE-57ADE5…)

She’s really out here still pretending Mac sponsors her…

No. 783126

File: 1551674573969.jpeg (35.45 KB, 750x241, 2D3575B2-44FB-4AE2-AB6B-ED7BBB…)

No. 784219

File: 1551977568857.jpeg (264.18 KB, 1214x1243, 917496A5-1B09-412E-B941-6F6F5F…)

You literally look 28.

No. 799168

File: 1555767802552.jpg (466.64 KB, 884x1150, 20190420_144210.jpg)

Dat weight gain

No. 799170


No. 799206

File: 1555788597193.jpeg (309.48 KB, 1125x819, B5E014C3-452C-4232-88F3-72E7A6…)

She posted this not too long ago, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember her ever talking about having an issue with plucking out her hair? She doesn’t seem mentally well and this is a tad worrying.

No. 799208

File: 1555788825501.png (3.05 MB, 1536x2048, 71DEA867-4B6B-48AE-A976-40FCF0…)

This just looks like an oversized hoodie to me. Her legs look like the chicken legs they always have.

No. 799350

Idk, her body seems to be the type that stores fat around the waist and not the legs as seen here >>746183 but she’s definitely ballooning up, there’s no way her face was that jowly before.

No. 815698

Judging by her new insta she's not fat after all

No. 824167

File: 1560986167596.jpg (208.19 KB, 720x1124, _20190619_181424.JPG)

She's back on YouTube.

No. 824171

No. 824211

All her makeup techniques are from like 2016. Girl’s style and skill hasn’t evolved in so long. The makeup community is literally always changing and it seems she’s definitely not moving along with it despite trying so hard to say makeup is her passion in life. She looked like she was going to cry throughout the whole intro too. This was painful to watch.

No. 824524

File: 1561076254911.jpg (2.11 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190620_171631085.j…)

Lol @ 2:49 when she opens her maw and the inside of her mouth is exactly the same color as the soda against her paper white foundation skin.

God damn that makeup ages her 10 years easily. What a shame. She has a decently cute face sans makeup imo. Also I know it's personal preference but that's a ton of makeup.

She said she's going to make more videos talking about the "whirlwind of events" her life has consisted of in the past 5 years. Hopefully there's milk abound

No. 824525

File: 1561076601234.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 3404x1655, 20190620_172241.jpg)

No. 824631

puts on foundation
ends up covering her face in concealer

No. 824793

she goes from cute girl next door w/o make up to actual Drag "I'm still producing T tho" Queen.

No. 828437

File: 1561692106200.jpeg (224.46 KB, 1125x723, 917253E3-70B9-452C-B74A-653E1C…)

“Beauty guru” Ahahah seriously?!(learn 2 sage)

No. 847229

File: 1564687396152.jpeg (211.84 KB, 1125x976, 6A2229E6-9DF0-4833-8B74-DAEEB3…)

She’s back on twitter either tweeting about how much money she makes or constantly complaining about how shitty Bucky treats her, now I guess he’s cheating on her. The cost of living isn’t that expensive in Vegas, if she’s supposedly making so much money, just fucking get an apartment and leave???

No. 965243

File: 1587850945557.png (4.55 MB, 1125x2436, 7C983211-9AD4-4FDE-96F0-6E2657…)

became curious as to what happened to her since she’s the reason I discovered lolcow, here’s some of the latest photos for anyone interested

She has an active fb for fans it seems.

No. 965244

File: 1587850997191.png (5.89 MB, 1125x2436, 0F3FA439-513D-44F1-AE73-1F8EBD…)

No. 965245

File: 1587851039349.png (2.47 MB, 1125x2436, 8702A712-B1FD-4EA1-ACF6-840D51…)

No. 1102234

It took longer than I expected… Jessie has hopped on the OF bandwagon.

No. 1910072

Y'all, I remember being teenager & thinking Jessie had the PERFECT life! Then, I saw a some pics of her with her baby in the hospital, and I was even more jelly! To me she was just some random pretty girl online that knew not a thing about!(dumbass fucking necro)

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