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File: 1520898024341.png (750.76 KB, 713x1078, 1520624800259.png)

No. 527514

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>518176

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
New Twitter: https://twitter.com/omariahmallad

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her lackeys have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>Originally 'thicc Samus' with 2+ lipo sessions now trying keep some semblance of a figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>So laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>Does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>Thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>Has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon, not above bullying staff to get a free 'Professional' badge
>Pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>Constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same
>Lies about attending college even in the face of mountains of evidence proving otherwise
>Rips off a dress design from indie designer MyOppa, denies it and has yet to make an "official statement" about her blatant bullshit
>Also rips of well-known hentai character as her original character and mascot, once again denies it
>Yes, her photos are being used for a KIK FOR FAT ad

>moo decides to "fix" kbbq's work so she can credit herself for "refurbishment"
>Shows off her terrible weightlifting form and her weeb DBZ belt that she doesn't need
>"I used to lift competitively!!!!" when faced with criticism on her terrible form
>Tries to express her necessary opinion on voice actor drama
>Spergs about clearly fake facebook news but can't make time to make that statement about MyOppa
>Travels to SanFran to shoot her Saber and lewd sheep + elf no one gives a shit about
>Getting ready for going to South America all while saying "oh man midterms am I right?? Because I am in college"

No. 527529

File: 1520899074101.jpeg (614.71 KB, 750x1145, CCB9672B-480E-4566-AB7E-7AC617…)

>retweet literal mspaint tier art

No. 527531

File: 1520899141654.jpg (237.74 KB, 1080x896, Screenshot_20180312-165856.jpg)

Love when people catch on with her bullshit

No. 527536

what post is this on

No. 527540

Elf post

No. 527543

Damn, even mythical creatures have a bone to pick with Mariah.

No. 527576

File: 1520903596385.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, 90723224-448D-467A-B087-9706A0…)

visibly driving even though she’s stopped at a light she gives us cosplay updates.
- not taking anything big to Mexico
- taking chun li
- a new cosplay (Bridgette?)
- something else she hasn’t decided yet

No. 527577

File: 1520903649726.jpeg (479.02 KB, 1563x2048, CA3DEE14-C3AF-4003-8B38-093304…)

Thanks for the OP update anon!

This one got her smug look right.

No. 527578

File: 1520903806411.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, 2FC1328B-A964-4895-9157-56EF82…)

- going to take a tour of Aztec pyramids while she’s there which will “be so sick cause you know your girl loves some hiking”

- her Apple Watch is broken and she keeps sending it in, gonna go bitch at Apple store instead

No. 527588


I’m screaming. This looks like rule 34 Peggy Hill lewdness.

No. 527595


What's "Labeanse"?

No. 527598

See the previous thread near the bottom

No. 527600

see the end of last thread, she wrote a shitty bio where she misspelled Lebanese as "Lebeanse" and OP misspelled that…

No. 527603


It always shocks me when I see her fans drawing her with muscular/ toned body parts because nothing on her is muscular or toned. She's lied so much about her body and tries to pretend she's been working out all this time with her "work out" videos that some people actually buy into her lies.

No. 527605

why draw her with a fug face and ok body?

No. 527618

Yeah. Your fat ass is going to love hiking at that altitude in some of the worlds worst air pollution. And if you think you are going to go there and run around by yourself or with just another costhot for company good luck sister. We may not be seeing you again.

No. 527620

File: 1520906864009.png (1.65 MB, 1563x2048, whoosp.png)

Here's a little edit, my dudes~

No. 527626

File: 1520907384381.png (922.68 KB, 627x810, Capture.PNG)

Might be a reach
Her elf OC looks like a walmart version of this one:

No. 527630

Even if it's not this one, it's someone else's she hasn't an original bone in her body.

No. 527637

i feel like shes not worried at all

No. 527638

Stupid and ignorant people seldom are. Then the next thing you know their parents are calling the US embassy to try and find out what happened to them.

No. 527640

File: 1520908467144.gif (3.67 MB, 337x600, 74E4B8B1-FBA8-4E6F-A3D7-B2090B…)

publicly show that you still love vamp after you spend the whole weekend with your new bffs.gif

No. 527642

Gotta make sure she stays loyal.

No. 527643

Prob reading into this a bit much. But right before she sees the flowers. To me Vamp looks panicked as fuck that Moo is there. Not that I blame her, I doubt she tells many people about her cosplay life/friends at work.

No. 527645

she prolly thought moo had a gun

No. 527646

That look on Vamps face at first is sheer terror. You know that moo made a loud scene and embarrassed her. She is one of the least self aware beings on the planet. And she probably dropped the flowers somewhere 5 minutes after this without paying for them.

No. 527649

>tfw moo "buys" you flowers, but she really just got them out of the floral section of the grocery you work at and didn't pay cause she expects them for free since you work there

No. 527654

She says “hey Collette, I bought you flowers”

No. 527657

File: 1520909410341.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 00AB6468-B456-46F1-AA2D-461CED…)

No. 527659

File: 1520909456633.png (2.95 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-03-12-22-38-40…)

Kiyotanimoto posted these on his story

No. 527661

File: 1520909529864.png (2.37 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-03-12-22-38-50…)

No. 527662

w h e w that sleeve barely hanging on for dear life

No. 527664

Is this a photog? Because I wouldn't be promoting that I didn't edit out the sloppy flaking makeup and prominent nasolabial folds from my fat slob of a client…

No. 527666

not only that, but the titty blur on nu-vamp's pics is visible from the thumbnail.

No. 527668

Did these two dummies not realize that you need arrows to use a bow.

No. 527669

God those elf ears are triggering me, they're so discolored compared to their actual skin tones.

No. 527670

Alex is the only one who looks decent. Man even though Mariah has a new wig it still bugs the hell out of me!

No. 527677

I'm just ever so shocked that the breastplate after all her hard work still sticks out like a sore them.

No. 527678

GG autocorrect

No. 527681

I love how everyone else looks decent and colors mesh well. And then there's Moo looking like a Chinese knock off mobile game.

No. 527682

>ass flatter than a corpse's heart rate
>the nails that triggered a thousand anons

Fantastic, but needs more arm-fat folds.

9/10 Would kek again

No. 527683

>that instinctive look of terror
I can't even imagine what she had to tell her coworkers that saw this.

No. 527696

Veronica looks like a 50 year old woman holy shit she ages worse than moo

No. 527706

I don't know about that. She's more like mother-tier while Moo is granny-tier.

No. 527733

i think he is trying the "look how good the shots already were even before i edited them!"

i think elizabeth looks good too, (if you ignore that she is missing a quiver) she and he were the only ones which worked well with the bg. also veronica's and mariah's ears looks so fucking terrible.

No. 527736

The difference between Elizabeth's wig and the mess that is Mariah's has me living right now.

No. 527742

Mariah's looks like those dolls that you leave on your shelf for 20 years and they slowly mold into shape with all the air debris.

No. 527750

File: 1520914915611.jpg (428.15 KB, 3200x1680, 636375748745443454-XXX-ANNABEL…)

No. 527759

it’s funny because she did that anabelle makeup tutorial

No. 527761

looks like someone's reading higurashi porn again, poor Natsumi doesn't deserve this

No. 527767

File: 1520916566451.png (757.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180312-214927.png)

Looks like someone got their watch

No. 527803

I think it's because the light is behind them and shining through the prosthetics. But I think the style of ear is ugly. they look like little flaps of skin instead of elf ears.

No. 527825

File: 1520927951011.jpeg (544.47 KB, 750x1023, B1764BF6-AEB6-4D0C-9BB7-4986C0…)

“I love doing originals because no one can tell me I’m not accurate”

No. 527827

>Spergs about clearly fake facebook news but can't make time to make that statement about MyOppa
It has been almost 2 months since the incident happened, I doubt that she will ever address it. She purposely avoided the drama by never making a statement and hoping it would forgotten by people or becoming less relevant as time goes by. I can’t see her facebook, so I don’t know if people are still demanding a statement there and twitter seems pretty dead about it too. She probably said that she would make a statement about, so that big name cosplayers wouldn’t call her out, only that she actually never did so in the end.

No. 527828


>throw together

mariah could you at least pretend you're putting in any effort

No. 527833

File: 1520929890149.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180313-013015.png)

People actually give this thing money too see her model. Thumb nail pic from her latest work out vid.

No. 527836

File: 1520930324133.jpeg (520 KB, 750x1000, EAC37817-6674-41CF-A27C-D2F9A0…)

No. 527837

File: 1520930664420.gif (4.34 MB, 352x352, EAB9C6ED-3631-4FEC-95AF-550ADA…)

Samefag but this video actually does show her trainer (he’s wearing the sin city gym or whatever it is shirt) but please someone remember this other than me. I remember someone saying in an older thread that her trainer was always on his phone. kek looks like that’s true.

No. 527839

who the fuck does Jaeger bombs and then tries to say they never drink???
No one who isnt used to drinking does shots much less those because they're the stereotypical 'this will ruin you' drink.

still doesnt really prove that it's her 'trainer'. Lots of staff will stand around to spot people using the bench especially if there's no one else to do spotting. A proper trainer you're paying for wouldnt be on their phone. Also her form with the smaller weights (that jerky pull up) is terrible. She's not working anything out there because it's supposed to be about stability. She's using her back and torso to lift more than her actual arm, your torso is barely supposed to move when lifting single hand weights which also points to a very shitty or non-existent trainer

No. 527840

File: 1520931235450.gif (1.35 MB, 250x250, tumblr_osmqkiA19M1r55eygo2_250…)

What trainer doesn't have her doing cardio? It's always strength training. A trainer should be having you do both.

> I never drink so my body is still like BLEH MARIAH WHY!

I'm 99% sure that your body is telling you that because of all the shit that you put it through, not because of your lie about barely drinking, Mariah.

No. 527842

Also fucking this!!! She's jerking the weight up which just goes to show that she knows absolutely nothing about exercise and her trainer is just as incompetent as she is.

No. 527846

File: 1520931665355.png (595.78 KB, 917x439, kwk.png)

no original bone in our beloved cow's body

No. 527860

File: 1520932841430.jpeg (295.72 KB, 677x934, 50A3B64D-E65D-4F3E-BFD3-14FE06…)

most of these comments are calling out her terrible form instead of kissing her ass

No. 527873

could she make it any more obvious that she lurks here. shes keeping her feet on the ground because anons were wondering why she was jumping… when she's actually supposed to jump a little. you call that a clean, mariah? stop lying about a trainer and stop pretending to know enough to train on your own, because you're gonna get seriously injured.

No. 527875

That's just an employee spotting her. No trainer would be on their phone when someone like Moo was fucking up this badly with weights.

No. 527880

i wonder if OP chose this picture because in the thumbnail it looks there's sheep poos she's shitted out

No. 527881

File: 1520937696860.jpeg (125.35 KB, 750x584, 86C30161-6A53-4A67-989C-A8B4B3…)

Her response to all the form comments. She can’t just not make a sarcastic comment back, ever. It isn’t hard to admit you messed up, especially with something like this and just move on. Some of the people commenting are actually giving good advice and look to be actual powerlifters themselves.

No. 527891

how does she fuck up dumbbell rows this badly??? like how is this possible?

No. 527897


please…. nobody gets injured doing POWER CLEANS. i bet she's only saying that because its the only olympic weightlifting exercise she knows.

No. 527898

I remember the phone thing. But not if it was something someone said as a fact or a hypothetical.

No. 527912

literally takes like 16 minutes in response to something negative and not her nonexistent myoppa statement that could've just be written in just 16 mins as well, the irony. a few sentences like that if you were to ever write that statement would be the bare minimum, but at least she would touch on the subject. but wait, that takes effort.

#1 best self aware grandma

No. 527931

She's by definition a binge drinker lol. She's probably caught up thinking that she doesn't have a problem because she doesn't drink like that often but whenever we see her drink she's getting trashed, so yes it's a problem. Probably the most normal of her problems and age appropriate though tbh

No. 527998

>excited to get to these during free time
Does that mean the photographer did all of this for free? Fucking love yourself and your skill, shit.

Its because the issue had nothing to do with what Kbbq primed with, and all to do with the fact Mariah is fat.

Yo I have never weight trained in my life and I can already tell you that movement she does when she's lifting with one hand is TERRIBLE. That just looks fucking painful for your body. Why is her ~trainer~ letting her do that?!

Fuck off Mariah. People replying to you seemed 100% genuine about you not getting hurt and this is how you treat them? Also it makes no sense, she's been ~lifting~ for a least a month now and her form doesn't seem to be getting any better.

No. 528010

Why can't she just admit that her form is bad and take some advice? She's the one who's gonna get hurt if she doesn't fix it, not the people commenting. It's bad for her if she doesn't listen

No. 528024

I interpreted the "free time" as in she posted that during her break from being sooo busy. Because clapping back to your followers like an entitled brat is a full time job.

No. 528035

Benching over your shoulders. Get rekt with those rotator cuff injuries. Trainer is wasting your money if he's standing right there fucking watching your shit form!

No. 528038

After nearly two years straight of wrecking her body with binge eating and drinking plus ill-advised rounds of lipo, she's going to show us haturz what's what by injuring herself through exercise. Fucking beautiful, I can't get enough of this dumb cow.

No. 528045

What a nice sarcastic dig… God, she's obnoxious. No one pointing out her terrible form is "policing" her. I've never done weight lifting in my life and even I know you don't jerk your arm up like that. It's obvious that you'll mess up a muscle or something that way. It's just common sense!

No. 528047

i still think it's just a guy spotting her. bitch is on his phone.

No. 528073

Agreed. He’s not visible in any other shots and wouldn’t be on his phone while she was lifting. It’s def some random that she asked for a spot, I’d be pissed and sitting on my phone too if some whale interrupted my workout to spot a 60lb bench press. Those are 10lb weights.

No. 528084

I can't imagine how long it takes to improve form. All the dumb bitch needs to do is watch and/or have someone show her how it's done. You can also feel it in your body when you're targetting the right muscles. She is so stupid.

No. 528085

I don't go to the gym so I wouldn't know but when she's lifting the weight with one hand and she's bent over, is she meant to jerk the weight up to her body like that? That looks like it would hurt.

No. 528099


you must have missed the 30 other comments saying this isn't proper form

No. 528106

If you're curious what proper form looks like (if nothing else but to compare moo to a regular human) bodybuilding.com has videos of most normal exercises. Vid related, normal human executing single arm dumbell row: https://youtu.be/PgpQ4-jHiq4
Saged for tangenting a bit.

No. 528130

Its her trainer. He's on his phone for no reason

No. 528134

Even without a trainer, you KNOW when a weight is too much for you. She's so desperate to show off for instagram that she's going to injure herself. Jfc

No. 528136

Those dumbbells are probably AT MOST 10lbs and her hammy arms have to yank them up using her entire upper body. Good job moomoo, weight lifter extraordinaire. Lower the weights until you can lift it correctly you porcine princes.

No. 528153

>Drinks regularly
>"I never drink, teehee!"
Why. If you binge drink all weekend you body will give you the middle finger, it's normal.

No. 528168

Lmao she's talking like improving lifting form takes weeks. Her form doing the power clean was awful from start to finish, not even in a minor nitpicky way. She's standing too far away from the bar, her back is arched and her knees are not bent enough. No trainer would let her proceed with the lift, much less let her film that shit for all of the internet to see.

No. 528170

Exactly that last part. How would that help a trainer bring in business? If anything it's showing the world that he's a shit trainer. A good trainer would never allow for that shit to go up on the internet without at least trying to fix her form.

No. 528172

I just wanted to point out, I'm 110 pounds and I use those weights. She's almost double my weight… isn't that like, nothing to her? I mean, good on her for trying I guess.

No. 528179

Double your weight but half your muscle mass, no doubt

No. 528189

File: 1520973541271.png (154.18 KB, 1440x1162, Screenshot_20180313-163624.png)

"Now you can't say that I still don't play the flute anymore teehee :3"

No. 528204

File: 1520974393669.jpeg (305.66 KB, 750x934, CA2A18D3-E41B-4625-A323-B25881…)

No. 528206

File: 1520974421186.jpeg (94.02 KB, 750x156, C8112C0D-B641-4DD0-B41C-A2D136…)

No. 528211

File: 1520974702939.png (Spoiler Image, 417.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180313-145749.png)

No. 528216

Skin looking dryer than her lips which just makes her granny lines more prominent.

Why is this bitch so against hydration? Is it really that hard to take care of your body, Mariah?

No. 528222

Oops someone got to it before I did my bad

No. 528224

she counts coffee and alcohol as cups of water no doubt

No. 528225

ultimate kek, the form on, just everything. injury incoming.

also what trainer has you doing shit like this your second or third week. you are borderline obese you need to be losing weight by cardio and diet, not building mass. stupid stupid cow.

holy crap i'm dying
looks like an art-anon drew it haha

No. 528226

Whenever I question myself as to why guys still jerk it to her and give her money, I just need to remind myself that she's a female neckbeard and they think they have an excellent chance of porking her unlike the other thots they enjoy.

No. 528231

How does a 22(?) year old even manage to look like this? Like, am I being harsh? From the little I've seen of her parents on here, they look alright, but Mariah honestly looks two decades older than she actually is.

No. 528233

Weight lifting is great for losing weight. But Moo eats like shit and isn’t consistent with her workouts to see progress. Sage for ot but I was Moo’s weight half a year ago and lost 40 pounds with nothing but weight lifting and clean eating. She’s just too lazy too see progress.

No. 528239

that’s what I thought when I saw this too, like her skin looks sooooo dry. I know she’ll blame it on flying and traveling but she looks ashy almost kek. Put on some lotion

No. 528242

If I recall, that only counts if you're lifting enough weight. Moo's lifting lightly and most likely isn't doing enough reps for it to make a difference.

No. 528249

File: 1520975827112.png (161.47 KB, 720x941, Screenshot_2018-03-13-14-16-13…)

She had her mistake projected lol

No. 528250

It could also just be someone from the gym assigned to watch her because she does stupid shit and they want to make sure she doesn't get hurt at their facility. But the truth to all this is that she does not go to the gym to work out. She goes to the gym to get photos of her at the gym. She's only posting these actual workout vids now because we called her on it here.

No. 528259

The invisible hat is always in place.

No. 528272

This. She stopped taking photos outside of the gym and more in the gym.

Actually, this brings her previous trips to light. All of those times of her taking photos outside of the gym pretending to go and now her saying, "I've only been doing this for a few weeks guys, I'm rusty".

Either she did actually fake those trips or she's lying about it being a few weeks. Regardless, she's lying.

No. 528285

File: 1520978044683.jpeg (154.71 KB, 750x423, B9DE42F7-D491-4612-852C-310C03…)

No. 528290

File: 1520978351170.jpg (249.31 KB, 672x883, mumuhkuhnn.jpg)

Took like 10 minutes to clean her up.
Didn't go messing with her anatomy tho coz I don't have the 200 hours and a magic wand required to fix that mess.

No. 528296



No. 528299

She is killing those midterms. Doesn't even have to study. Since this is her last semester of senior year I guess we can expect that standard photo of the proud parents flanking the graduate in cap and gown holding her degree. Or degrees in this case? And no moo. A pic of you in your apartment with your tits hanging out of a graduation gown doesn't count.

No. 528311


No. 528321

File: 1520980187357.jpeg (114.51 KB, 750x256, 6E0ECC14-6A7C-4684-BC9C-2DCF29…)

No. 528323

It's not their fault you keep ordering things that are too small for you, Mariah.

No. 528324

Maybe you're the one who is the wrong size Moo.

Sleep earlier and stop looking at porn for the entire day so that your eye stops twitching :3

No. 528325

I am kind of surprised that she hasn't been bragging about the UNLV basketball team with the championship tournament coming up. I'm sure she's a huge fan and we will never hear the end of it if they win.

No. 528326

maybe… I dunno… ask for a refund and take your money elsewhere? Alternatively, since you’re soooo professional cosplayer desu, make it yourself?

No. 528339

She's probably buying something that has asian sizing so she expects the XL to fit her when asian xl wouldnt fit her thigh

No. 528346

who is filming these?! I would never ever publicly share videos of myself working out. "hey please film me while I look my shittiest and farting when I bend over! I want people to see!"

No. 528347

Does not fit because you are huge ≠ wrong size.

No. 528364

from the angle it looks like it's on the floor leaning against something

No. 528384

Don't worry, she will now that you've brought it up.

No. 528386

File: 1520984966988.png (1.51 MB, 1440x2594, Screenshot_2018-03-13-19-43-23…)

Another crappy fanart

No. 528388

A lot of normie girls post gym gifs of themselves. It's not new or rare. Can def see costhots wanting to do it, their orbiters probably eat this shit up.

No. 528393

I saw a kiwi got their lifter friend to hard critique momokuns technique and shit in the kiwi thread about her, it was pretty fun

Saged just in case this is old news

No. 528401


I think it's more likely because people kept calling her out about not working out so she's trying extra hard to make it seem like she works out. She should realize people had the right to believe she wasn't working out because even when she did gym selfies, it was like once every two weeks. And most other times she was binge eating or drinking. She always talks about diets and lifting but it looks like she's gaining weight and not losing it

No. 528420

This as well as if she was really going to the gym as long as she's been CLAIMING to have gone to the gym why would her form still be so terrible. It's been over a year since her first gym selfie so if she was going to the gym all this time with her form being that bad she would have had several really bad injuries as well as be working with much bigger weights by now.

but oh wait those old selfies were just so she could lie about her lipo

No. 528441

She is 100% going to get lipo on those ham hocks she calls arms next. Does she have the balls to lie about it this time though?

No. 528444

if she does, isn't that much lipo on one body in such a short time dangerous? lipo has become common but it's still a major surgery.

No. 528452

>is it dangerous?
Not really. Might have been the case years ago but not today, it's actually an in-and-out procedure for the most part.
But again, fat people who get more lipo are more likely to get bad results from regain or general lumpiness. Like what happened with her stomach. Moo might as well just get bariatric so at least she won't have to keep getting the lipo done because it's just wasting her money.

No. 528456

Yes, it has been an amazing 4 years. And with the way she documents here every waking moment on the interwebs I feel Like I have been right there with her. At least for the last two years. All those great observations and pictures of campus life. All those funny stories about things that happened in class. Late nights cramming for exams. Projects with crushing deadlines. The romances. And all the great friends she has made along the way. Congrats MooMoo. Your college years were truly unique and unforgettable.

No. 528479

File: 1520991723120.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 9A4A972E-9297-4A65-B56F-2B2D20…)

dying fabric

No. 528480


Her arms have to be too far gone for lipo…right? I mean, she would be left with major bat wings. Especially since she clearly doesn’t comply with after care.

I guess if she bulked up her arms and then did lipo, it wouldn’t be so dramatic.

No. 528499

File: 1520993002483.gif (4.86 MB, 270x480, 47E73E8B-0DBF-4A16-9753-76027A…)

talking about how she’s going to be at la mole for all 3 days. Looks tired af

No. 528507

This is going to be an epic fail.

No. 528509

>gonna get seriously injured

Then let her

No. 528511

File: 1520994416814.jpeg (450.95 KB, 750x500, 42E90F08-C6BB-48AD-A8AD-DBDEF6…)

No. 528512

File: 1520994432561.jpeg (482.15 KB, 750x491, CEFBF8FE-1B52-4141-9BD9-626624…)

No. 528514

File: 1520994465425.jpeg (455.42 KB, 750x497, EC54546F-1546-4AAC-8098-73672A…)

No. 528515

File: 1520994501520.jpeg (180.09 KB, 750x500, 2CB741B5-A31D-4626-BB52-365187…)

No. 528517

i'm embarrassed for everyone involved.

No. 528518

File: 1520994781573.jpg (675.14 KB, 1080x2087, Screenshot_20180313-193300.jpg)

What cosplay needs this?

No. 528519

No. 528522

her new moomoo redesign

No. 528524

Who thought this was a good idea? This is beyond cringey.

No. 528525


I think my fucking head is going to explode.

No. 528526

Stupid is as stupid does.

No. 528528

tbh I'm pretty excited they went as far as to eat the grass, what the fuck lmao

No. 528529

I think it's funny that she cosplayed the sheep girl even after the original artist said they wished she'd rather not. Soooo disrespectful. I guess I expected nothing less.

No. 528530

File: 1520995202995.png (18.77 KB, 555x196, largeincharge.png)

understandable, it would be the largest thing there.

No. 528531

Disfigured sheep feed their senior citizen sheep

No. 528532

the original artist has retweeted her/group and keeps commenting on their cosplays saying they love them and think they’re awesome. it’s one thing to call her out but this time the artist is fine with it at least at this point

No. 528533

Well I've got my laugh for the night, god this is so embarrassing. How did they think this was something people would want to see??

No. 528536

File: 1520995412859.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180314-024222.png)

God I feel so sorry for Megamarines in this instant, he is staring straight at moomoo's unshaved, unwashed uncovered ass.

No. 528539

he looks like just threw up in his mouth a little.

No. 528540

File: 1520995656805.png (62.3 KB, 327x251, ange_smirk.png)

well I know what I want the next thread's OP picture to be

No. 528546

Looking forward to her just completely fucking collapsing at one of these conventions one day soon, and no one, not even her fans, gives a single fuck because they just want to see her tits. And then the doctors will tear her a new one for treating her body like shit for so long. Stupid fuck. This is going to be great.

No. 528557

She'll drink the water and become infected. Watch.

No. 528561


Found my new computer backdrop. I cannot wait to see the confused looks on people passing by my laptop at the research library.

The composition in these photographs is better than it has any right to be. I wonder what the photographer was thinking while taking these?

No. 528562

white background for easy manipulation, still looks like trash kek

No. 528566

can't wait to see her upcoming invisible grad cap photos

No. 528568

she already lied about her ab sculpting so yes.

No. 528578

I know this is such a small thing but I've noticed that Mariah always zooms in on Colettes face/mouth in videos and photos too. Seems like such a shitty thing to do, if I had a friend who had obvious insecurities like jacked teeth I wouldn't make a point of highlighting them in every video I take of them.

No. 528591

her arms scream diabetes to me in this.
seriously she looks like a mom of 4 who lives on welfare.

No. 528593

proof? the original artist is japanese.

No. 528597

No. 528602

actually the composition is shit.
why are they all in a straight line in most of these with giant bars of negative space?

This is the tier of 'i let my friend take pictures for me in the back yard'

No. 528604

it's a joke. the composition is so bad that it's good.

No. 528605

I think these were more goofy bts shots, not that the real deal will be that much better if there are more

No. 528607

my apologies then. sorry for spergin.

The artist has under 1k followers of course they're gonna support anyone who cosplays their stuff. Gotta leach whatever fame they can

No. 528613

File: 1521000389422.jpeg (96.93 KB, 960x1200, DX3f57DVoAAZ9Xn.jpeg)

I feel like this 1000% better cow design then Momo's. This is probably what Mariah thinks her body looks like her in her delusion mind.

No. 528614

That blur in the center of her chest is unnerving.

No. 528630

File: 1521001009037.jpg (43.46 KB, 682x1024, kkmtz7w6.jpg)

quick editing with a beauty app goes a long way moo

No. 528656

>hideous bolt ons
>hiked up underwear
>blow up doll expression
>terrible makeup
>fucked up proportions

Is this a self post?

No. 528659

Sorry, but she's gross.

No. 528670

not as gross as moo but still pretty gross. that hooker make up and bad photoshop isn't helping either

No. 528712

What “design”?
Just looks like a blow up doll wearing a generic cow costume. Snore.

No. 528722

they have such a small following, I know momo only found the group and got the idea because danny do it’s ex is in the group. Maybe it’s like a dominance thing

No. 528723

File: 1521009065697.png (1.04 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-03-13-23-28-48…)


No. 528724


this is the only pic we've seen of moo standing in these shoes and she looks like she's in so much pain. it's pretty obvious she can't stand in them.
also it looks like she's wearing a diaper.

No. 528731

>>528515 this whole group is tragic. they look like their wearing discolored diapers, that one guy has his horns on backwards, they're eating grass in the backyard like autists.. like the list goes on.

No. 528754

The artist was fine with it at first but when people told them what Moo was like, it's not like they could take it back when they already said yes, so they were going to keep an eye on her incase she did steal their art

No. 528760

To be fair with the shoes she is on grass and wearing most non-flat shoes in grass makes it pretty hard to stand

No. 528770

is she wearing tights? Come on moo, why not make the stockings, then.

No. 528786

File: 1521022989915.png (114.52 KB, 894x894, momokuntheram.png)

No. 528824

I will give my right tit for this to be next thread picture

No. 528844

File: 1521030990257.gif (442.35 KB, 718x934, moomooedit.gif)

shit okay I know some of you hate these but this is my first try with editing her and I see why anons find it so fun, it's incredible how huge her arms look even with shit tons of liquify. got a bit lazy with the face
sage for photoshop sperg

No. 528851

great job with the stockings anon, it took this for me to realize how off color her stockings actually were

No. 528853

I don't know why she didn't just wear full stockings, isn't it more effort to have them as thigh highs?

No. 528858

you finally gave her an ass she always thought she had

No. 528861

This is the worst. They're trying too hard to be "quirky and wacky" for this, but it just looks bad.

None of these are really any better. Steph doesn't seem like an asshole like Moo but none of these cow/animal OCs are good.

No. 528881

I agree. I'm not even sure why these sheep girls are popular when the designs look generic as fuck.

Despite that, Mariah somehow made it look more generic.

No. 528892

File: 1521035876806.jpg (127.33 KB, 336x600, Weresheep_0[1].jpg)

seriously. they all just look like monster girl encyclopedia design ripoffs (pic related) this is actual porn tho, don't know why moo hasn't cosplayed any MGE stuff it's classic.

No. 528895

She probably didn't know about it before now.
She doesn't actually know that many trendy things until after the fact.

No. 528919

File: 1521038372088.jpg (255.73 KB, 750x934, ThiccMariah.jpg)

tbh she's lost weight, I know it because of the amount I have photoshopped her. This took me a lot less work than any previous shop I have done of her and I had to use a lot less tools.

No. 528923

It could also be the pose and angle.

No. 528936

For most of these cosplayers its something easy that they can shit out and put on their patreon. But otherwise there's nothing creative or interesting about them. At least with MGE there's interesting design elements >>528892

No. 528941

Actual autistic here (high functioning), and hey buddy, fucka-you for suggesting these idiots are anything like us. This is just stupid "teehee, look at us, we're so cute" shit. Doesn't take a differently functioning brain to act like a fucking idiot, duh.(autism)

No. 528947

we can tell your autistic for taking anon's comment literally.

No. 528956

i'm half expecting she's going to look it up and cosplay something from it. any bets on what one?

No. 528960

You mean she got lipo again so she "lost weight"

No. 528970

Whichever one has monstrous tits, that seems to be her MO with what designs she squeezes her lard into these days.

No. 528974

This comment is as cringy as Mariah.

But anons, they work hard on their cosplays! Mariah even wanted to make a cosplay house because she just loooves making cosplays. This is clearly one of her most detailed ones.

Seriously though, it looks like they're all wearing diaper thongs.

No. 528975

SHH please don’t give her costume fodder

No. 528978

"As cringy as Mariah"
So was lumping those fucking morons in with autistics. In fact, how about just not being 4chan edgelordy and going right to "they're being dumb and nontypical, WELP GUESS THEY MUST BE AUTISTIC!" That's so 2017.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 528982

They look like fucking Kaijus here.

No. 529009

What happened to roxychan? She used to defend moo like crazy and moo brought her along to a bunch of shit, but brought Rage to NorCal instead lol

No. 529033


Mariah goes through calves the same way she goes through a bag of chips.
Maybe word got out that Roxy wasn't comfortable doing 'lewds' like anons have mentioned and Mariah was like "how dare you not enjoy showing off your skin for attention!!!" And dropped her.

No. 529035

File: 1521046212254.jpg (196.61 KB, 2048x1366, IMG_20180314_094956.jpg)

From twitter

No. 529038

File: 1521046283973.jpg (180.66 KB, 2048x1366, IMG_20180314_094952.jpg)

No. 529041

File: 1521046384278.png (497.63 KB, 720x940, Screenshot_2018-03-14-09-50-06…)

No. 529042

File: 1521046403229.png (209.18 KB, 720x690, Screenshot_2018-03-14-09-46-58…)

No. 529043

Her head is so small in this shot who in their right mind would think this looks good? And this really shows how shit her paint job is, she wrecked that breastplate real good.

Looks like an old woman hunching over her cane.

No. 529054

File: 1521047819056.png (32.55 KB, 452x287, Screenshot 2018-03-14 at 10.15…)

No. 529058

Aren't there tweets of her saying how she thinks the arby's marketing is a failure and argued against someone about it???

No. 529062


No. 529063

What is that garbage on her hips, eugh

No. 529065

File: 1521048349750.jpg (84.54 KB, 300x300, tumblr_inline_ojp1jyjNF71rlceu…)

>mfw only one of them makes this look genuinely funny
God bless the dude on the right. The only saving grace to this trainwreck.

No. 529066

she looks dirty

No. 529068

That's the armour she made herself. Apparently.

I know it's shit, but I still think she had help with it too lmao

No. 529090

File: 1521049731615.gif (2.22 MB, 245x190, 8532752C-76B7-4188-9166-422305…)

It’s like I’m watching an opening of sheep fetish porn or something.

No. 529091

reminds me of the human centipede for some reason

No. 529103


…..this is beyond trashy…. like what was the point of this shoot? Not just that but the photography work is lacking as well. There's no focus. It just looks like some random got out their phone and took a picture of a bunch of weirdos eating grass.

No. 529115

Obviously you didn't like it that much seeing as you're already using a different one, Moo.

No. 529117

Surprisingly no, she's another cow posted on this board. Friends with Kelly Eden

No. 529129

the hooves come as thigh highs. Since she's such an amazing cosplayer who knows better than everyone she could have easily swapped it out with tights though

it takes literally 2 seconds to look up that Arby's has a 'design team' who does these marketing photos and arent actually Arby's employees. they're properly thought out ads you dumb cow.

She probably thinks it's some actual Arby's cashier who they let fuck around with markers and scissors every day to make weeby shit.

No. 529132

Clearly Mariah has no idea how she looks with all of these fit/in shape people around. She stands out like the lard ass that she is.

No. 529147


Of course not anon. She's been in denial about her body since day one. She's been telling people her arms were big because of her 'muscles'. Hate to break it to you Mariah but you haven't played any sports for 3 years and based on your form you clearly haven't been going to the gym. Whatever 'muscles' you think you had then are not around now. It's just fat.

No. 529171

File: 1521055298929.jpeg (118.04 KB, 750x500, 1520994416814.jpeg)

No. 529177

File: 1521055635388.png (211.64 KB, 1194x576, arbysmoo.png)

this is all I can find on it

No. 529178

File: 1521055661267.png (16.96 KB, 459x90, Screenshot 2018-03-14 at 12.28…)

it begins

No. 529179

definition of wake me up inside

No. 529184

im kind of excited tbh but not for anything good

No. 529189

Can't wait to see her standing beside actual pro cosplayers in her outfits

No. 529193

A bit ot but since moo can’t keep her hands to herself especially when it comes to attractive people she thinks she’s in leagues with, are those Mexican twins going to that con? I think they’re called twinmexcosplay or something?? They’ve gotten popular recently and they kinda remind me of Leon Chirio (sp?) so I wonder if she’ll pull them in with her gravitational force

No. 529197

this isn't the serious shoot, just seems to be messing around. It's terrible yes, but not trying to be professional. We will see those soon i'm sure. My body is ready

No. 529200

Is she going alone? Honestly surprised she's even going tbh

No. 529201

Twin cosplays next guesting is in switzerland and they weren't announced as guests at the Mexcian con. Ot but I thought they weren't actually related as they do fanservice content.

Leon Chiro will be at the con. If she latches onto anyone it will be him. But he has an ego to rival Momo's, he's just more professional about it.

No. 529203

File: 1521057286322.png (653.42 KB, 968x500, ArabCosplayMasterRace.png)

La Mole write-up Moo

No. 529208

Given his friendship with ModOK, I'd like to see how this goes. Or he'll just play nice to her. He's good at that, too. Either way, let's see if she's going to try to whip out a costume to match on of his suddenly.

No. 529212

File: 1521057653095.jpeg (598.77 KB, 750x1098, FBDC236F-AFD6-4B04-A85D-D6510C…)

Why did she use a weird fanart moomoo??

No. 529216

Samefag but I guess it’s blurred because it’s supposed to be a surprise. anyway good job going to a comic con and cosplaying two ocs and one video game.

No. 529217

his lineup seems to be Gaston, All Might and Dante
bet she wishes she finished any of her many plans for BnHA costumes now

No. 529220

I mean tbh at least his ego is warranted. He's flown all over the world for cons, has a body he obviously works for and has thousands of people who would probably take a bullet for him.

Meanwhile Moo's closest friends are the ones who usually leak her bullshit.

She probably did it so she didnt have to credit the artist tbh

No. 529226

lol they called her an it? is this a google translate?

No. 529227

yes it was, I thought it was more accurate anyways though lol

No. 529262

That can't be true anon. Don't you remember when moo officially declared one of her many majors to be international business?

No. 529371

Hey moo, notice how your fellow cosplayers had fluff from the hooves to wherever their "socks" stopped.
Yeah, they did that because it looked better than what you got goin on.

No. 529378

the original is supposed to have fully fluffy thigh highs. idk why the fuck moo fucked this all up.

No. 529403

File: 1521068879904.png (1.04 MB, 1440x2164, Screenshot_20180314-190718.png)

No. 529409

wig is triggering

No. 529414

File: 1521069799594.jpg (50.5 KB, 812x358, Screenshot_20180314-182234.jpg)

No. 529426

Whats that under her lip? Shadow or mole?

No. 529430


Wait so she's going to Mexico during the week of her midterms??? A week after being in NorCal where she obviously wasn't studying????

Also keep in mind some online classes require you to be in class for midterms.

She is such an obvious liar

No. 529439

Nit pick but I hate how every desc she writes up she gotta play the POC card. Like no shut up you’re whiter than mayo.

No. 529442

Clearly jealous of her Lebeanse.

No. 529443

lol i stand alone, except in making my own shitty cosplays

No. 529444

No. 529458

She's not even making any effort to back up this bullshit anymore. Her neckbeards don't really care one way or the other. And everyone else she knows realizes by now that she's a compulsive liar and just ignores it.

No. 529508

File: 1521079467227.gif (4.59 MB, 270x480, 494839DF-1478-4F5E-8011-BD0550…)

momo has arrived in Mexico with a surprise! she took her mom with her! tomorrow they’re going on their temple hike

No. 529511

so her porn debut is gonna be mother/daughter gangbang by natives?

No. 529516


I’m going to guess that she literally couldn’t get anyone else to come with her and only took her because she didn’t want to be there all alone.

No. 529521

File: 1521080072984.jpeg (381.25 KB, 750x1080, 83F4D92A-BB7A-4E86-9EEA-CA3041…)


No. 529522

Holy shit this is going to be such a cringefest. Hope you're real proud of your daughter Mrs. Mallad

No. 529525


No. 529526

does this have a dick, it looks like it should…

No. 529527

no it’s mariahs beautiful womanly figure anon

No. 529529

but it's got ~dyke~ hair, anon.

No. 529534

>have art on personal FB and as Twitter header

No. 529535

that lebeanese skin color tho

No. 529537

Of course she took her mom. She is, after all, a fucking child. And it's not a hike Mariah you total dumbass. It's just a huge, hot, dusty, dirty area that requires a lot of walking and dodging hawkers and scammers. And best of all, now we also have to be prepared for ignorant observations from the worlds leading expert on the Aztec civilization. moomoo

No. 529540

I’ve never been but any pictures I’ve always seen have been in huge flat open areas with big groups. people go there everyday to get these tours momo it’s not a damn trek. I think she thinks she’s going to be like tomb raider in the jungle scaling a temple

No. 529541

File: 1521081998976.jpeg (158.32 KB, 750x446, 7D1287AE-F357-4F76-9E77-FC508C…)

international cosplayer coming through!!!

No. 529546

>excited the airport

dammit moo keep it in your pants!

No. 529550

oh my fucking god she can't really believe everyone won't see this is a made up story?

No. 529552

no insta vid = did not happen

No. 529557

>so many people
>likely just the person from the con with a sign that said her name

No. 529561

File: 1521085078005.gif (4.7 MB, 337x600, F10C8399-D2D0-4589-B22B-8A7D09…)

No. 529567

No. 529571

With her actual mother around, Moo isn't going to be spending this con high as a kite or drunk off her ass. Oh man this is going to be some premium milk.

No. 529573

Scream is one of my workout songs…
I feel dirty…

No. 529575

File: 1521086793513.gif (4.57 MB, 337x600, 34B69458-157D-4A6D-960C-72F9C5…)

mama and momo have ventured out for tacos. momo thinks it’s funnier to make jokes about the prices “$160 for some tacos? wha da hell? those better be some bomb tacos” we know she’s knows it’s not American money but haha so funny

No. 529577

File: 1521087107358.png (2.39 MB, 750x1334, 45333588-428E-4095-9706-16C859…)

in just the few moments it has taken them to order tacos, momo is already preaching her understanding of other people’s language barrier struggles. “We’re here having to speak Spanish that we don’t speak”

No. 529578

The look on her mom's face before she starts to laugh is just amazing. You raised this monster Mama Moo, there is no backing out now.

No. 529579

File: 1521087181136.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, 760629C2-501C-4D59-B4D9-7AA54C…)

mama wants the camera out of her face. she’s in for a treat

No. 529580

File: 1521087302188.png (314.8 KB, 626x451, fakelaugh.png)

No. 529585

Why is she looking like Pepper from American Horror Story.

No. 529589

I'm thinking mom was all too happy to go, expecting a fun Mexican vacation while her daughter prances around in silly costumes and makes money from being a slut for the camera.

Little did she know how much Moo lives through Instragram and how desperately lonely her chubby little snowflake really is.

No. 529594

Awww not even gonna lie, her and her mom look so much alike, it's so cute. Looks like Moo got her eyebags from mom, tragic.

No. 529608


“Meanwhile, on planet: That Obviously Didn’t Fucking Happen”

Like how fucking pathetic is she that she has to obviously lie about something like that. This bitch has to beg people to take her photo at con, yet as soon as she steps off the the plane in Mexico she is treated like Angelina fucking Jolie where everyone is just begging to get a photo?

I honestly think she just might be retarded. Only a complete moron would lie about something like that.

No. 529649

File: 1521096659061.jpeg (175.3 KB, 750x423, 29C624EE-D4EE-46DE-938A-59C976…)

This weeks cosplay rapist has been named and shamed, of course she chimes in

No. 529655

File: 1521097236492.png (65.78 KB, 1000x1000, hmmbitch.png)

>don't support rapist
>but do support Shad who makes child porn

No. 529657

She wants to call out rapists but she still supports an artist that constantly draws child pornography and beastiality?? Fuck her, she's a terrible person.

No. 529658

File: 1521097499618.jpg (61.4 KB, 640x645, 1508202794160.jpg)

>B-but support Shad!
>B-but support me after I made lewds of an eight-year old and doxxed and harassed a guy who didn't want to sleep with me!
Zero self-awareness.

No. 529660

obligatory post from the business major going to a con where the con guest is a alleged sexual predator
Moo grabbing her gold coins already, hoping no one beats her in calling her out on her bullshit

No. 529663

Didn’t she grab a guy’s ass without his consent on camera???

No. 529665

No. 529669

who is a sexual predator?

No. 529671

only thing standing alone is that fucking breastplate

No. 529698

File: 1521108098443.png (88.54 KB, 466x590, IMG_2176.PNG)

Lets also not forget this

No. 529747


Who is this weeks flavor?

No. 529765

Ernesto Garcia, apparently a cosplayer

No. 529857

I know this Robin cosplayer
There is a 90% this is true
He doesn't really have a filter so lying is super hard for him

No. 529859

He's on the spectrum too. Which might not be a detail needed, but it seems way more fucked up that Mariah sexually assaulted someone on the spectrum

No. 529872

why? that doesn't mean he's retarded. high-functioning autists have a learning disability they're not stunted.

No. 529911

File: 1521133571148.jpg (59.44 KB, 960x576, 28166957_793454830844601_47056…)


No. 529914

Depending on the person though, being high-functioning can still mean you have more trouble than others in social situations, especially something uncomfortable like this. It can be hard for a lot of people to stand up for themselves when they're being harrassed (especially in a party setting where you risk "ruining the mood"), I'd imagine it could be really daunting for a lot of people on the spectrum.

No. 529944

Yeah that's what I meant

No. 529958

Sorry but this is gross. Her mom isn't the cow here. Sage for whatever.

No. 529960

I agree.

No. 529963

Her mom defended Mariah when drama went down, fighting with people who were confronting Moo on Facebook. And have you forgotten what site you're on? People talk shit about Onision's mom too.

No. 529977


Checking the other guests ig stories it's kinda sad how lonely she's is compared to them, in a social aspect. There's nothing wrong to travel with your mom, but seeing how the others share with their friends even in another country, go out and meet new things makes even obvious how alone she is.

No. 529995

File: 1521138742058.jpeg (654.6 KB, 750x1083, 696775E0-5680-4E91-8B35-83680D…)

Every time I see a picture from this trip all I’m going to think is “her mom took that”

No. 530001

I don't agree with ripping on her mom's appreance (she isn't selling her body like moo)
But posting her from moos shit is fair game

No. 530004

And the answer will be yes kek

No. 530009

File: 1521139053996.jpeg (467.17 KB, 750x1104, 1FA3511D-E2B9-4145-A4DB-7FCF21…)

>muh incredible climb

No. 530014


Incredible gut.

No. 530019


Trying to be Jnig with that hair. But that droopy gut though….

No. 530021

She always smiles with only her top teeth showing and it bothers me for some reason

No. 530022

File: 1521139413684.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, 377AD2B6-2AFE-484E-9374-6AE12A…)

I wish she’d stop wearing this cringey crybaby necklace, it’s melanie Martinez merch even if she wants to pretend it’s devilman

No. 530023

She’s trying so hard to take photos like Nigri does when Nigri hikes and does poses in scenic locations

Even the hairstyle and sunglasses


No. 530024

She’s so creepy*

No. 530028

Didn’t it recently come out that Melanie Martinez raped her friend too?

Great job supporting a rapist moo.

No. 530029

We all know it wasn’t a crazy hike either, just look at the other tourists around. someone’s grandma in capris and a sun hat is behind her in the selfie. those other two photos are straight ripped off Nigri though

No. 530032

File: 1521139659662.png (462.79 KB, 609x647, Screenshot 2018-03-15 at 11.47…)

Snow app working extra hard for Wrinklekun

No. 530033

Her mom looks younger than her.

No. 530046

You know she's overusing a blur filter when her mom looks like she has no wrinkles. Like her mom definitely looks better than Moo but her mom's skin is like leather.

No. 530047

90% of the mothers would. that doesn't make it ok.

No. 530049

They honestly look more like siblings than mother and child, and I don't mean that in a flattering sense. I'd think that Mariah was roughly the same age as her mom if I didn't know otherwise.

No. 530053

And I guess we'll add financially supporting an actual alleged rapist to that list as well. >>530022

No. 530059

A good parent knows when to tell their child when they're wrong. Pretending like they're saints just makes them more bratty. We talk about everyone's looks on this site, get over it. We aren't sharing their personal information, it's not that deep, anon.

No. 530061

I can't get over the weird shape of her body, jfc

No. 530074

I never said she was a good mother? I just don't think she belongs here apart from what moo shows of her.

No. 530076


why does she always insist on wearing crop tops? you're delusional intentionally flashing your gut like that.

No. 530078

Yes but Melanie ended up saying something along the lines of "she never said no to anything we did together" and that came off as pretty rape-y.

No. 530081

Got to show off the investment before she ruins it for a third time!

No. 530085

What’s even better is in Leon Chiros live video of him at the same place today, everyone there looked like regular tourists/actually ready to hike - T-shirt, khakis etc. Then there’s dumbass Mariah stomping around in her head to toe black with long sleeves and crop top. Jesus.

No. 530119

Her thigh asses and lack of actual ass is so astounding to me. For someone basing her image around peaches, her thighs outshining her ass in size is amazingly ironic. Lipo was a mistake

No. 530165

Gotta make sure her invisible hat stays on during the 10 stair climb she'll manage.

No. 530174

The peach thing is because momo means peach in japanese. The whole "peach" thing came after she was already going by Momo. So it wasn't actually intentional. She needs to get a butt lift though

No. 530177

Lets hope she gets another sunburn that makes her blister like from Hawaii

No. 530186

tbh it probably was intentional. moo's story about momo was from her japanese class in hs, claiming the teacher called her momo but she'd be マライア (maraia) meaning there's no mo in her name.

No. 530188

From now on all you can see is the pee-stain on her panties.

No. 530194

File: 1521145683350.jpeg (607.06 KB, 2048x2048, 401CE4AC-1932-4E86-8FD4-EB9B09…)

Even when she has boundless photos of Nigri to be "inspired" by, she remains true to who she is and what she knows

No. 530198

File: 1521145764394.png (373.26 KB, 480x604, Capture _2018-03-15-16-24-20.p…)

No. 530213

File: 1521146553926.jpg (204.71 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_8770.JPG)

On one hand her mother definitely doesnt deserve it.
On the other hand, it would be great to see Momos hypocritical reaction to people making fun of her mom when she herself has said FAR WORSE about her own mother.

No. 530217

File: 1521146602514.jpg (214.83 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_8771.JPG)

Bonus, bitching cause her mom bought her a car but it WASNT A MUSTANG THAT BITCH

No. 530219

Wow. I understand these are from 2013/14 but jesus. It feels like I'm looking at a 14 year old's twitter
Most kid's parents can't even get them a used shit car, Moo

No. 530221

fucked up that she was 18 in 2014

No. 530230

I hate when people defend her saying "she was a teenager she's changed!!!"
She was 18 in these.
Even as a bratty young teen I would never say shit like this. It's not an excuse to be awful to people, especially you're own mother.

No. 530258

Leon, Nicole.. Just no. Don't play nice with Mariah

No. 530264

They're most likely just being professional. Can you imagine having to force a smile with that whiny brat around?

No. 530270

I mean …. this girl is fat and unhealthy looking with no muscle tone either. I guess in comparison to Moo she looks better but that’s not saying much

No. 530287

I think they just saw each other and took that pic. Because he started his live video right after posting that pic… to film while he climbed the ruins and neither Moo or her mom were in it and he didn’t mention her either.

No. 530291

Yeah he did this with another cosplay girl that was pretty known for drama and shit. Selfie tags and no video. He's just being professional and living his life. Sage for no milk.

No. 530306

Well the calves thread has gone to shit. Someone's in there white knighting MooMoos friends and attacking Susu and Bunny lol.

No. 530339

Her thigh is fucking enormous. Probably filled with fat and zero muscle.

No. 530343

She has been quite silent for the amount of stories that she usually upload non-stop.

No. 530357

damn, she's such a cunt towards her own mother.

No. 530375

You have a point, but moo is a grown woman. Her mom can disapprove, but not much else. I guess it's wild to see an average middle aged woman get ripped on here who isn't Maggot and has no personal milk just a milky kid. Unless I missed something. Sage for mom talk.

No. 530388

She probably doesn't have phone coverage and couldn't find a wi-fi hotspot.

No. 530390

Oh don't get me wrong, I agree with you. Her mom shouldn't tell her what to do. But she did try and prove to "haters" that her daughter was a saint and that everyone was simply bullying her which wasn't the case at all.

She also failed at disciplining Mariah while growing up. Getting Mariah a cake on her sister's birthday for example. If she had just nipped that shit in the bud ages ago, Mariah probably wouldn't be as bad as she is now.

Nevertheless, she can't go back in time and change it but she can try and drop a comment here and there about her daughter's behavior rather than encouraging her to be a brat.

No. 530428


Kek. It looks like a green screen.

No. 530430

>No pic from the top

Never happened.

No. 530447

Oh man, her new fitfag persona is great, I can't wait to see how badly this all is going to end for her.

No. 530477

File: 1521157404855.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180316-004016.png)

I checked Leon's story and it seems like this is just a trip for all of the guest? Which would explain why he took a picture with her.
I'm pretty sure that this is Moomoo sleeping kek.

No. 530487

In mexico but she still has time for facetune? Seems like she's having "fun"

No. 530488

File: 1521158026277.jpeg (548.52 KB, 685x915, 683D8737-A522-487D-84B0-95F3B9…)

with one of the other girls on the trip

No. 530491

If they have them traveling together (which makes sense from a liability standpoint), it would also explain why people were “waiting” for her at the airport to “take pics”. Because he also did a live story last night of meeting the people sent to pick him up at the airport. Looks like Leon (surprisingly?) is our ticket to seeing the truth behind her lies this trip. He definitely climbed to the top of the ruins live too and did many pans / 360s and she was nowhere to be seen. For what that’s worth.

No. 530494

File: 1521158157850.jpeg (642.58 KB, 679x911, 2CB2122B-DFE4-417F-BB96-620229…)

imaginary sombrero

No. 530495

File: 1521158212778.jpeg (414.97 KB, 674x883, 1C2BBC75-40BE-4E6B-A828-CAA0A2…)

No. 530496

File: 1521158267251.jpeg (812.3 KB, 686x897, 5A632AFD-EFEB-4FB9-B93F-B19765…)

No. 530497

notice her claiming Italian in this screen shot but every where else she'll pull the Lebanese card

No. 530501

It always make me cringe to see her alongside legitimate popular cosplayers. Like, it's just so weird. She really doesn't belong.

Also sad to see someone with Leon's following basically promoting Moo.

No. 530505

It's circa when she claimed Italian first aka old

No. 530518

Does she use darker fundation to appear more ~poc~?? Her face looks kinda orange compared to her neck

No. 530519

jesus her inserting those paper at leon's abs was soo cringy

No. 530533

Why is it that pretty much all of the ~cosplay famous~ ladies look so fucking haggard without liberal photoshop? Like, every single one of them. They all look so rough.

No. 530538

I honestly thought this was a different person.
Either she shopped the hell out of this or she got some crazy angling powers going on because her face does not usually look that slender.

No. 530540

Isn't NMJ actually in her late 20's-early 30's? As opposed to Moo who looks older than 22.

I honestly don't think that photo looks as bad…her skin somehow even has a healthy glow?

No. 530550

How bad do you think moo’s going to try to fuck Leon? He’s known for sleeping with any and every cosplay girl.

No. 530553

people keep saying this but there's no proof. If he was sleeping around we'd be hearing it all over the place. Also with the other girls who dont look like a foot? why would he sleep with moo?

No. 530567

the ripples on her stomach tho

No. 530569

If he’s nice to her it’s because he’s professional and also doesn’t want to look like an ass, she is not his type at all he likes them short and in shape like enjinight

No. 530578


Aaaand of course she had to do her obnoxious zoom on the face in the insta stories, and also film his ass on the distance.

No. 530583

You can bet your ass that Moo is already trying, she's tried to get him to notice her on social media before. I highly doubt he'll even consider it though.

No. 530607

He has his pick of women at the con. Moo probably doesn’t even crack the top 100 of choices for him there.

No. 530627

She honestly looks massive here. Sometimes I feel like people exaggerate how big she is but dear lord, she's huge.

No. 530628

Wouldn't put it past her she's trying to get his attention even more with her new healthy fitness lifestyle or whatever the fuck she's embracing lately just to score points. Gym buddies my dudez!

No. 530633

Ugh it disgusts me that her mom most likely filmed this

No. 530646

File: 1521168682833.jpg (274.93 KB, 900x1200, tube of dough.jpg)

No. 530654

Nah, I agree we shouldn't be attacking her mother. However, my post at >>529580 wasn't an attack on her mom's appearance in any way. I was simply comparing her pained laugh/expression to a popular meme about fake laughing because it seemed like she was forcing a laugh at Mariah's bad joke.

I never even noticed that, I had just assumed that it said "Mariah" or "momokun" because she's that basic. Her "aesthetic" is just so trash. Too small athletic wear clinging to her lumpy body, dirty moccasins/toms, a cheap melanie martinez necklace from the hot topic clearance bin, splotchy, stringy, faded pink hair, and full face of makeup with falsies for a "hike" in Mexico…?

So she was only in the full face of makeup to try to impress her new "friends"?

No. 530657

>her mom

Her left arm is extended out so she’s probably filming herself.

No. 530659

Remember kids, if you take enough POV shoots and splash enough fake cum on yourself that you too can get all expense paid trips around the world!
That's what annoys me the most about Moo and her fellow costhots. The reason why they are where they are popularty wise is because they're pretty much cam whores. But when conventions want a ride on those coat tails they're "professionals" and "body positive."
A spades a spade. I wish people who were actually worth it and not one trick ponies got the attention they deserve.

No. 530669

IMO Moo’s mother is quite youthful looking for her age - she has a healthy and pleasant look to her which I’m sure isn’t hurt by her normal weight and undamaged hair.

Honestly, every time I see pictures of Mariah’s parents, I just feel really perplexed. Both of her parents have aged well and are good-looking people, and yet you look at Mariah and just… yeah. Moo has genetics that have afforded her a body that could (and has in the past) attain a decent level of athleticism, good teeth, thick hair, and a shape that would genuinely look curvy if she lost weight and actually took care of herself. She has all the building blocks but she just squanders them by not taking care of herself. it’s not like she’s hideous or anything - she’s not the most beautiful girl out there, but she isn’t deformed or super facially disproportionate. Moo could easily “glo up” a shit ton if she actually tried. She has so much potential and she just … doesn’t seem to realize or care.

No. 530673

Honestly, Mariah was pretty cute when she was first "thicc samus". She could have used a good workout routine and a personality overhaul, but she wasn't the dried out, lumpy mess that she is now.

No. 530677

It's because her income isnt affected by her weight gain at all, if anything shes probably making more by appealing to the BBW lovers with deep pockets. The people who are paying her bills dont care about her fried hair, eyebags, acne etc because they just focus on her tits and "ass". If she went back down to her old, normal size she would just be another average body costhot in a sea of them, at least this way she has a niche market of fatty lovers who will pay out more because "lewd" fat cosplayers are harder to come by.

No. 530679


Don't forget some think they're actually better than camwhores all because some of them don't go full nude. But that moot now since many of them have started doing full nude now. They also think they're above camwhroes and cosplay deviants because they have a patreon and don't go through "smutty" websites. It's dumb. They're subconsciously slut shaming while doing the same exact shit they're doing. Mariah even admitted to making porn so is she really any better than cam whores? I hate patreon because of how it's being used. Of these bitches think they're so popular why don't they just start their own websites and make money off of them? They're giving patreon a bad name.

No. 530680

I'd hardly say her mum has aged well. She looks like a wrinkly Skeletor/Donkey hybrid.

No. 530713

This. This 100%. The cell service in Mexico is really bad. My friend had none for two weeks when she went unless you went to the very, VERY touristy spots in the city. They will probably have it at the convention or in certain places to eat though. If anything I think she might be trying to be more entertaining with her mother since they are kind of on a vacation together.

Also.. What the hell is Moo doing at the convention anyway besides there to do a meet-and-greet for probably an hour? It's not like she's bringing a booth or anything to promote herself. I always wondered why she never did that at conventions. Every other guest who ever goes to one does.

No. 530716

I'm just fascinated that since she lipo her gut her fat is gathering in her legs, thighs, arms and back. It is… weird to look at. Even weirder is her chubby fans think the fat is muscle

No. 530727

like yeah? like even vamp had a booth some time ago

No. 530728

OT but I have to point this out. Anon, if you wanna remain "anonymous" stop your constant "This." response at the beginning of each of your posts. It's becoming way too obvious who you are at this rate. I'm not trying to make fun of you, just trying to make sure every anon is safe from being discovered.

But if I'm just tinfoiling and you're not the same person at all then I'm sorry, carry on lol

No. 530735

who are they lmao

No. 530743

Is she worried no one would want to stop by her booth? I swear she had one at one point, didn't she?

No. 530746

I think its purely obvious that the reason why Momo goes to the gym more often recently is because Leon is going as well and she wants to be up his ass about how much of a bodylifter she is and how they should connect. Don't be surprised if she tries to get into his pants despite him having a gf.

No. 530752

File: 1521176714776.png (22.6 KB, 591x208, Screenshot 2018-03-15 at 10.05…)

No one can be this oblivious

No. 530753

hasn't stopped her before. She has a history of being trashy and trying to date taken men. I think she is one of those thots who thinks if she sleeps with a taken dude it means she's better than the first girl when the reality is she's just an easy lay.
But once she realizes she can't have him she will stop posting gym pics and continue on her cycle of gaining weight

No. 530755

she seems to have brought a bunch of covered cosplays. which is a good idea cause she's gonna get raped anyways.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 530757


I think she's biting the inside of her cheeks. My sister used to do that to appear skinnier and she had the exact same constipated smile.

No. 530758


Not cool man.

No. 530760

On her insecure days, she tapes her face. She has jowls.
Honestly, this is a great chance for her to get some questionable plastic surgery down in Mexico.

No. 530763

The one time botched butt injections would actually work in her favor

No. 530771

She ruined her body with lipo on top of poor habits. The only reason she ever looked good was because of men - her coach (lol idk on this one, but there was prob a male somewhere), her father, her freak proportioned ex. Now men literally pay her to be an ugly freak with her clothes off, so why make any effort?

No. 530773

This feels like the cos-weeb equivalent of a white guy wearing a rice farmer hat in China or some shit.

No. 530774

I dont get it?

No. 530775

If moo had a booth she'd have to actually pay for a con (Mexico excluded) vs ghosting outside for a few hours then leaving to get munted.

No. 530776

Are you thinking of her failed clothing shit?

No. 530779

She had a booth at halcon (dinky tiny con in canada) but from what i heard she was only bolted on as a guest because her friend was guesting and begged the con for the free space

No. 530781

No. Usually, when someone gets guested at a convention they bring a booth with them to promote themselves further. Sell posters and prints and the finally brought over from the US, cosplay books. Its very rare you see a guest who doesn't bring anything with them.

She doesn't even have cosplay cards which almost every big name has and thats very surprising.

No. 530783

File: 1521178445861.jpg (321.65 KB, 850x1347, __quetzalcoatl_kobayashi_san_c…)

Lucoa from Kobayashi, if you're questioning that alone.
But if you're going to MEXICO and you're a cosplayer who wants to be ~on point~ maybe you should be a little more aware of your environment and seize opportunities as they come. She could've taken photos as Lucoa in her native dress. Leon Chiro took photos in cosplay at the ruins so I don't get her thinking.

No. 530786

Shit, I knew I should've taken caps…looks like the comment of a anti-con goer was deleted.
Moo was asked about the con by a commentor and why she was going to La Mole when they overcharge for their autograph booths. From what I gathered, this person was accusing the con (on her status) that they had a cover fee on top of the related autograph fee of seeing the said person. I think she deleted it because her white knights just thought this guy was overreacting, he sperged in English and Spanish, and it was hard for me to even follow.

We'll see if she has a booth or just autographs.

No. 530788

lmao, it happened to jnig, mexican weeb dudes are nasty shits.

No. 530790

i knew who was lucoa but didn't knew she was mexican wow. thanks!

No. 530800

What the fuck? She didn’t get raped in Mexico. She felt uncomfortable because of comments made and called the audience out that made the comments during the costume contest.

Take your cringey, racist, sperging elsewhere.

No. 530802

Also it was Brazil not Mexico IIRC

No. 530805

File: 1521182035848.png (30.57 KB, 589x177, Screenshot 2018-03-15 at 11.34…)

No. 530807


Holy fuck, I don't know how she did it (probably because she's not showing her ham arms), but Mariah looks so much skinnier here, and 100% better. I hope she looks at this pic straight and good and realise what she could be if she wasn't such a lazy sow.


And them I am here reminded of how she really looks like. yuck.


OT bu I thought jaguars were strictly south american?

No. 530808

That was already posted. It was a $35 set preview or something. The only things posted right now that are new is a $5 photo for an exclusive sheep photo and a 'I'm doing a shoot right now' bts $5 thing too.

No. 530809

Oh, so it's just one set? I'll look back.

No. 530810

It wasn't really a set. It was just a few photos. Wasn't even in a dropbox. I'm going to check to make sure I didn't miss them. But there is only those two so far since Feb.

No. 530811

She just posted it. That's why I didn't see it 20 minutes ago or whatever. Lol.

No. 530812

Sorry for being OT, but Lucoa is the nickname for her in the anime. Her "dragon" is actually a Quetzalcoatl which is Aztec and the hike that the cosplayers did today was around Aztec pyramids/ruins iirc

No. 530817

File: 1521184366050.jpeg (300.6 KB, 1504x1000, 022EF6D5-F42E-43CF-B096-E4F727…)

Lmao climb??? She’s full of shit.
I’m certain this location is Teotihuacan and she’s posing in front of the Pyramid of the Sun, not ON it. I cannot ever imagine her actually going to the top without passing out from altitude sickness alone, since tourists are not acclimated to Mexico city’s really high altitude.
Plus, there isn’t any elevator or anything to get you up there. You actually have to take your time and care since there isn’t even any solid railing for its really steep stairs.
In the time that I visited, I didn’t even bother climbing up the stairs of the moon pyramid. It wasn’t as large as Sun but each step may have been more than a foot and a half tall of solid stone. The railing was like this tenuous elastic rope. These aren’t regular standard-code stairs, they’re ancient and made for a very athletic people who never even used the wheel.

Anyone can do it, I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I noped out since I was wearing flip flops like a moron and feeling tired from lack of oxygen and shit. I can’t imagine our ignorant and obese cow being bothered to do it, all smug in her gym outfit and posing for pictures at ground level because it’s so much easier just to lie about it and call it a day.

Sorry for major sperg and blog but ugh. It’s too easy to see through her lack of respect for whatever grand environment she’s in.

No. 530823

Her mouth looks so stiff, she's probably biting her cheeks.

No. 530827

holy shit, thank you for all the fake followers !!

No. 530828

File: 1521187262394.jpg (210.8 KB, 1364x2048, DYY9IWdVoAAH-Li.jpg large.jpg)

No. 530839

Aside from the Snooki hair it’s actually not bad imo

No. 530841

Please try to stay on topic and avoid the racebaiting.

No. 530843

Her back fat ate up the strings in the back.

Here's to hoping she actually does do a lot of physical activity there.

No. 530845

Kinda OT so saged but I saw a Instagram story of someone talking about waiting in line for Leon once.
Anyways there was a girl in line who just reeked like popnor whatever even after theu told her to wash up and Leon was very professional about it still talking to her and what not.
So yeah I highly believe that he's just professional about it. She'll probably tell him about her workout routine kek

No. 530847

Why wouldn't she be wearing her tail in these?

No. 530848

File: 1521190420262.jpg (335.92 KB, 628x733, 1521187262394.jpg)

Can someone please explain to me wtf is happening here? Bad shoop? Impossibly sad back rolls?

No. 530857

Its just weird perspective shes not just turning at her waist shes turning her shoulders too and the top is diggin into her backfat. Shes showing her ass and trying to get her tits in the picture and look to the camera all at the same time

No. 530860

File: 1521192991696.gif (549.49 KB, 690x1000, moooooo.gif)

God I'm bored

No. 530861

It was NOT Brazil. It was Chile. Sage for OT.

Now is really clingy what moomoo is doing. Even when Leon is trying to be pro, you can just tell how uncomfortable he was by her side. I laugh when I saw his post about her on in IG. Poor guy have to be put at the same level of this heifer.

No. 530866

File: 1521194521945.png (701.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180316-030022.png)


No. 530867

I don't even follow Moomoo threads, and this image is so impressive I came to comment on it.
Job well done, anon.

No. 530870

dude still has his horn on the wrong side

No. 530881

this is actually unreal, she looks like a fucking clydesdale.

No. 530882

wtf is with this italian mafioso looking motherfucker on the side?
they all look terrible. only the blue haired girl looks like her face hasn't been pasted on in photoshop.

No. 530884



This explains so much. At least that OP was willing to tag the artist.

No. 530896

File: 1521203072233.jpeg (78.33 KB, 699x852, F1C47CE9-38CC-4219-8BF5-EDC6B9…)

Lmao what the fuck is this
>mystic beta insert with tampon ears

No. 530920

File: 1521209484918.jpeg (136.54 KB, 707x717, 760FAA68-745E-4041-953E-8FA42E…)

>Holy fuck, I don't know how she did it (probably because she's not showing her ham arms), but Mariah looks so much skinnier here, and 100% better

….uhhhh what? She’s doing the exact same thing fat girls have been doing since the selfie became a thing. Lifting the camera up at an angle and cropping the frame makes anyone look slimmer. Don’t act all astonished like she’s suddenly magically transformed herself. She’s a fat girl using the fat girl angle. That’s all.

No. 530955

2 guys and 3 girls is so awkward..

No. 530966

this. fat girl angle is really iconic. it's existed since myspace and even before.

No. 530986

File: 1521217866640.jpeg (272.71 KB, 750x1047, C98EF998-31BB-4037-A59F-6C6065…)

she uploaded an ~exclusive to her backup

No. 531002

The ass

No. 531003

ah yes, the iconic hat pose! but yikes, i can see all of her wrinkles and creases on her face

No. 531012


Leon's also super close friends with moderatelyokaycosplay who loathes Moo, so I'm sure they've discussed her before.

No. 531013

I get it, you don’t want to over shoop and make it look too fake. But damn Mariah, you can shoop a LITTLE. Love yourself and get rid of your wrinkles and lines on your face, damn…

No. 531014

she's all thighs and no ass damn

No. 531019


i don't know what's funnier:
-the diaper
-the shitty seams on the diaper
-the old woman face/makeup
-the fact that she clearly can't stand in these shoes

No. 531021

I'm still pretty positive that she got her old twitter deleted herself to get rid of all this evidence.

I know we've been through this a million times but holy hell her body looks simply grotesque. It's like those Russian human barbies who get their ribs removed to look more like a doll.

sweet jesus this is gold

No. 531022

What's even more hilarious is that she gets her body shooped to high heavens but her face is always left untouched. It's like the photographer intentionally wants to fuck her up.

No. 531023

Holding her breath/sucking in that gut like her life depended on it

No. 531028

File: 1521222340077.jpeg (505.99 KB, 750x1108, 39A8621D-A194-447B-BE51-EC5ED7…)

Mama must be proud

No. 531030

jesus christ, that's probably one of the worst photos of her to choose

No. 531032

she will be luck if she sells just one of those prints

No. 531038

lmao its so hideous ive always hated the tongue thing shes doing

No. 531039

It still baffles me that she/her phtographer didn't edit out the bra under her bikini top.

No. 531040


sorry but what's ocrastating?

No. 531041

File: 1521224145272.jpeg (50.65 KB, 572x522, 6ACD5F77-CFC2-42D2-B312-2B57F9…)

That tongue is horrifying. Lizard people confirmed

No. 531045

Holding invisible sheep hat

No. 531046

Orchestrating, these poor dummies can't spell or put horns on properly.

No. 531054

File: 1521224819199.png (434.22 KB, 487x600, Screenshot 2018-03-16 at 11.27…)

No. 531055

There’s no way her mom is there with her today. She’s selling the bee keeper mei print with the fake cum.

No. 531056

File: 1521224849024.png (202.91 KB, 306x483, Screenshot 2018-03-16 at 11.27…)

No. 531057

this is the first time i see this bitch literally inside a con. glorious.

No. 531062

Ngl her lower half doesnt look too bad in this photo.

No. 531063

File: 1521225485228.png (134.66 KB, 191x460, Screenshot 2018-03-16 at 11.38…)

No. 531067

How much would it cost to print that wallscroll?

No. 531068

File: 1521225792154.jpeg (555.84 KB, 750x550, DD8D1F49-6523-4E1C-84EC-73CBC8…)


All I see, every time

No. 531070

Totally unfair to tortoises.

No. 531071

Pretty sure the Con did it, she'd never shell out money to print something like that on her own.

No. 531075

Leon seems to be posting IG stories with every female cosplay guest except for moo

No. 531079

Don't worry Mooriah, we can tell that the diaper was made by you.

No. 531081


The epitome of pure trash. Sitting on a bed with her tits hanging out, her tongue acting like she’s wanting so suck someone off, and prints of her playing with fake cum on her fingers and in her mouth. Boy, I’m sure every cosplayer really looks up to you moo, keep pretending they see you as more than a piece of meat they want to fuck and throw away after. Girls like her don’t deserve attention, and yet it’s attention no respectable cosplayer, or person would want anyways. I wonder if people there have asked her anything dirty yet so she can cry about being objectified. With the way she behaves online I’d be stunned if someone didn’t try to cop a feel or something worse.

No. 531084

File: 1521227396251.png (1022.26 KB, 640x1136, 793B18FB-3AF8-48D1-B404-DB6964…)

I’m just going to leave that here

No. 531087


No. 531096

how much shapewear y'all think she has on underneath that?

No. 531105

tbh that kind of represents how she looks irl anyway

No. 531137

Tons. She loves her Chunk-Li outfit because not only does the wig flatter her skin tone, it hides her usual shapewear AND her hammy arms. Plus you know, she gets to pretend she's a stronk feemuhl gaymer.

No. 531151

Has that photo been posted here? I want to see how ridiculous it looks.

No. 531165

I Noticed their logo after posting… There's no way she'd spend money on something she can't reuse.

It's crazy to me the con did. Damn they're thirsty af for her

No. 531171

I feel like it was supposed to be an exclusive charity print, wasn't it? Hm…

I don't have it saved, but it has been posted before.

No. 531172

Yeah it was supposed to be for a bee charity but then the shooting and hurricane happened so she jumped ships

No. 531173

yes, it's on the google drive i think.

yes it was

No. 531174

The fact she's selling them at thirst con is extra gross then.

No. 531180

yeah bc her dress is hiding her usual hideous leg fat. smart of her to bring this cosplay w/ her to mexico where it covers almost every single part of her body

No. 531182

File: 1521234542949.gif (279.9 KB, 750x770, Moooooo.gif)

Man, editing these makes it realllyyy clear how old she looks. And she supposedly younger than me? Blows my mind.

No. 531184

The con probably has a special deal with the printing company. TBH printing out giant banners isnt that expensive especially if it doesnt need to be long lasting. You can even get high quality banners from places like vistaprint for like $5

No. 531194

They also made those huge banners for the rest of their guests. It looks like they’re all off to the side and if you were across the room you could clearly see them. They probably did get some kind of group deal for them.

No. 531200

File: 1521236830432.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.02 KB, 405x378, Screenshot_20180316-144643.jpg)

How is she only 22

No. 531206

File: 1521237098736.jpg (145.27 KB, 1077x776, Screenshot_20180316-145039.jpg)

Kek Someone said it

No. 531207

y i k e s. that face looks like it was straight from a horror movie

No. 531220

spread positivity and love my dudessss

No. 531222

Holy shit. I'm a native Spanish speaker and it didn't click until just now, seeing it written right there next to her.
"La Mole" literally means "The Huge Mass", or "The Large Lump". As in, something that you would ACTUALLY call a very fat person to insult them.
This is HILARIOUS and I'm sure that many attendees are laughing at this.

No. 531229

It is actually the name of the convention. The La Mole Comic Con International.

No. 531235

I know. It still means what I said. And it is still absolutely hilarious, for any Spanish speaker, to see Moo posing next to signs saying "THE FAT MASS".

No. 531238

or one of those stupid-ass screamers..


No. 531240

Here come the Mexicanos. And they are going to come hard.

No. 531241

Weak clapback moo.

No. 531251

i hope they rampage her

No. 531254

Why does this idiot reply to every negative comment instead of ignoring them like a real professional would? Seriously, she can't be this dumb and unprofessional, but she is.

Put on your professional face and shut the fuck up, Mariah.

No. 531255

i was prancing around their facebook page and they say it's a con appropriate for children. oh moo you shouldn't be selling at least half of those prints.

No. 531259

Looks like the poster for a new horror movie. The Fifty Foot Costhot.

No. 531260

I find it interesting that Leon chiro has a huge line of fans and he keeps updating his Instagram with them while in character for Gaston, but moo who documents everything hasn’t posted about her fans or storied with them she’d be one to brag if she was crowded, normally I’d say that the con has crap reception but now she’s walking around the con being annoying and posting random stories.

No. 531271

File: 1521240606328.gif (14.65 MB, 480x627, lolwut.gif)

Made this gif a while ago when lolcow was down, I posted it in the temp thread but I guess its relevant.

No. 531276

i love this gif so much

No. 531278

You know she's being her usual ignant self. Refusing to even try to speak Spanish and looking down her nose a people because of her "fame". And Americans are not super popular in Mexico right now because of reasons so she would have to make an effort. Oh, and the fact that she's a big puta probably does not help.

No. 531300

Ah guess we are back up and running. Now I can go back to my nightly ritual of lurking this thread before bed

No. 531301

File: 1521345442366.gif (2.35 MB, 440x440, BCBD79B4-B1A1-4E4C-92E7-A81C2D…)

WHILE WE WERE OUT: Mariah slapped her thighs on national television

No. 531306

File: 1521345562382.jpeg (85.12 KB, 749x450, 38A4246C-18BD-4070-B6E0-151E33…)

she continued to constantly suck up to Leon, we all know she secretly thinks she’s describing herself

No. 531308

File: 1521345612426.jpeg (187.04 KB, 900x1200, ED1E450D-9A9B-461C-A85E-FC1332…)

She was on deaths door this morning, but managed to make it down to the con in her new moomoo

No. 531310

File: 1521345662841.jpeg (262.76 KB, 1172x1200, F0BBC16E-7A56-4AFC-BA2C-8B756C…)

A new friend, creasekun has really been making the rounds today

No. 531312

File: 1521345716665.png (4.27 MB, 750x1334, 9AB55348-B246-476B-A00D-FC5353…)

and wrapping up the update, everyone might miss seeing her red forest tomorrow because so sick

No. 531313

File: 1521345736894.png (4.48 MB, 750x1334, E4151481-ADF7-4E41-8CF7-ED63C8…)

No. 531317

Going through withdrawals since she can't partake around mommy? Either that or Moo went and drank the water like we thought she would.

No. 531319

honestly, she doesn't drink water or eat properly, so traveling plus the sun and shit are probably beating the piss out of her

No. 531330

File: 1521346442129.jpg (51.23 KB, 310x335, 20180318_001216.jpg)


>I find kinda funny, I find it kind of sad, the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had

No. 531331

I've experienced something like this before while traveling abroad. Her unhealthy habits probably aren't doing her any favors, but I don't think they're the sole cause of it. Even if Las Vegas is really sunny, it's a whole different level if you're tromping around in a place that's closer to the equator and probably at a higher altitude, like a previous anon said.

No. 531336

File: 1521346782566.png (1.17 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-03-17-13-21-23…)

No. 531338

File: 1521346809605.png (455.09 KB, 357x725, Screenshot_2018-03-17-19-01-13…)

No. 531339

File: 1521346838925.png (476.63 KB, 406x743, Screenshot_2018-03-17-19-01-04…)

No. 531340

If she's this trashed from visiting Mexico, I can't wait until her trip to Peru! I'm still thinking that she's going to bail on that one though, as it won't be 'prestigious' enough for our world-famous heifer.

No. 531344

Kek. And while she's at it she can add humble, kind, and supportive to the list of things her delusional mind thinks she is.

No. 531348

File: 1521347417869.png (419.91 KB, 348x723, Screenshot_2018-03-17-21-27-37…)

No. 531357

File: 1521348144264.png (122.83 KB, 173x401, Screenshot 2018-03-16 at 8.37.…)

No. 531358

File: 1521348157768.png (273.4 KB, 312x598, Screenshot 2018-03-16 at 8.34.…)

No. 531359

File: 1521348177802.jpg (331.91 KB, 635x835, streamingexpert.jpg)

No. 531363

File: 1521348215240.png (158.64 KB, 264x406, Screenshot 2018-03-16 at 8.34.…)

No. 531368

thank you for the coverage

back to business

No. 531370

File: 1521348415060.jpeg (146.69 KB, 639x707, C17C95DF-88A6-4F40-AB90-E1531E…)

No. 531372

Yo, how the fuck is her cheongsam cutting into her backfat!?

No. 531374

File: 1521348475289.jpeg (68.35 KB, 260x684, 60EA46D0-48E6-49CD-BF48-7DACD2…)

No. 531380

God she's rough. I'm dying to see what the back of that wig looks like. Can she make it anymore obvious she doesn't know how to cut bangs? I know Saber was enough proof but this is baby's-first-wig-job bad. That sprayed to shit extreme side part.

No. 531390

>The Red Riding Hood boots
>Her professional job disressing those cheap jeans

Moo, never, ever stop being so damned cheap.

No. 531394

No one warned her not to drink the water because we all assumed she doesn't drink it in general

No. 531405

File: 1521350457213.jpeg (1.36 MB, 750x1253, 0311EDA6-4FEB-4732-A4F7-0C9DA4…)

No. 531408

I bet all the shapewear on day 1 would do a number on her too, it's a miracle she hasn't fainted or something. If she's still going as forest moo she'll be so fucked.

No. 531415

Says the person who regularly steals art & designs

No. 531472

This is hilarious to me. It gives me vibes that screams that porn fetish genre where you have the tall, Amazon lesbian seducing the tiny petit girl next door. Moo looks huge next to that girl, and Moo holding her like that… lmao

No. 531478

or you know, streaming sites like crunchy roll and funimation etc. create shitty monopolies and do half-baked garbage tier sub jobs. but whatever.

No. 531485

She's probably trying to show how 'solid' she is built. But tights hold everything in, especially if they are smaller, which makes you less jiggly and she's only hitting the topside of her leg. Girl. SMACK that side of your leg. Lets see that.

No. 531491

wasnt she just caught watching pirated anime on youtube not long ago?? it was fate I know for sure I just cant remember exactly when. She's probably hoping funimation-sama will take her back or trying to suck up to crunchyroll-kun.

No. 531528

Does anyone know the official closure/stance on the MyOppa situation? Did she ignore them and keep the pictures up? Did she say anything at all? Wanna make sure I’m not missing anything.

No. 531532

She got ballsy with Bunny and SSS about making a statement(Really cause she hates lesbians imo) promising to make one and never did.

Besides that one time and her telling OhNips that she would, she ignored every mention of it like the scared little bitch that she is.

No. 531553

I honestly love images of her actually standing next to other girls, it truthfully showcases how huge she is. It's so easy for her to cheat in solo photos with angles and poses and shit.

Pretty sure she's trying to weasel back into Funimation's graces or throw her net at Crunchyroll.

No. 531594


As many people have already said, she won't make a statement ever. Her 'statement' has been clear since the beginning; she didn't copy MyOppa because in her words her version and their version have slight differences such as the white parts being beige and the length being slightly different, and that MooMoo is still her OC and totally not Milk Party but 'inspired' by it.

She's a coward and will not make a statement at this point because she doesn't want to start back up the drama. And that's what she's apparently been telling some of her friends as well, according to someone I know who is 'friends' with Mariah.

She will NEVER EVER make her so called statement. Like even if she got backed into a corner again by SSS and Bunny she will try to weasel her way out again.

No. 531627

Yes,and she was pressuring someone to read that gross as fuck manga on a site that rips off manga artists or something

No. 531639

File: 1521380343736.jpeg (797.54 KB, 1242x1765, 6419121C-53A7-42D9-BCA1-1A71E9…)

I'm sorry if this is more suited for the calves thread but it was in her tags and oh my god

No. 531679

the one with her fucking face ahahahaha

No. 531685

File: 1521386484335.jpeg (482.18 KB, 1200x1500, D2A8DE61-EF27-43A4-BBA5-F7FF76…)

No. 531693

What is that crease on her stomach? Is that from all the lipo? Just a fat roll? Either way, gross

No. 531697

Sounds like altitude sickness. Dumbass should have been prepared for this.

No. 531699

is her belt buckle upside down?

No. 531701

it's supposed to be a peach, but it does look like its upside down

No. 531705

These nails are killing me. So “moomoo” is just a trashy redneck chick with horns. It all makes sense now.

No. 531707

i think its whats left of her lipo abs, yeah…

No. 531717

File: 1521388995417.jpg (357.5 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20180318-120021.jpg)

Holy shit her chin just disappears into her neck, she looks so massive and awful in all of these

No. 531719

Why would she not use a better wig for the Moomoo cosplay at cons? Holy shit that wig needs to die already.

No. 531720

File: 1521389306939.jpg (22.29 KB, 330x455, pipimi-123306.jpg)

No. 531727

don’t ever compare this bitch to pippimi

No. 531735

Good lord. The new queen of white trash is amongst us.

No. 531750

Do you guys really think she is sick or since her mom went with her, she feels ashamed to be wearing such revealing clothes day 2 and 3? Like I want to believe her, but she such a liar.

No. 531759

Her bangs just look like a 15 year old “scene queens” bangs, lmfao.

No. 531762

An anon pointed out how she only smiles with her top teeth, and now I realize how much it makes her look special ed

No. 531807

It’s funny that Momo uploads a video on Instagram showing herself apparently meeting a bunch of fans who queued up to see her but on Leon’s story he pans over his huge queue and catches Momo sat at her own table with zero people nearby.

No. 531817

She probably is sick. She's too stupid to completely avoid the water and she probably wasn't even aware of the altitude and the level of air pollution there. But she is probably also realizing that she is completely out of her element and could very well not be getting the amount of attention she needs to survive. So probably a combination of a lot of things.

No. 531829

File: 1521396711903.gif (5 MB, 333x250, giphy-downsized-large.gif)

No. 531831

File: 1521396807563.jpeg (263.26 KB, 967x1200, B3AE51C5-4B2E-4527-B458-B12251…)


Well this too funny. Not only does Shad make a comic perfectly encapsulating Patreon thots like Moomoo, but he featured her “cosplay Mom” Nigri wearing one of his shirts.

So how fast until she buys a shirt and tries to suck his dick for attention?

No. 531872

File: 1521401381417.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180318-122729.png)

Holy shit.. everyone has a line but her.

No. 531873

File: 1521401393858.png (4.44 MB, 750x1334, CBF86DDA-DD1D-4AD0-A7EA-59E2DA…)

sorry forest

No. 531874

File: 1521401447454.gif (1.64 MB, 337x600, B2E94A64-F5BF-4E9A-9A43-34278C…)

she should have just made this her oc outfit because she never takes it off

No. 531877

MooMoo workout outfit. Clearly.

No. 531894

fucking empty. What a nobody.

No. 531905

But she had fans waiting at the airport to take photos of her, anon!

No. 531914

Not only is there no line. There is a very large empty space. So much for her fame. No asses to kiss and no one trying to kiss hers. Que lastima.

No. 531916

This is almost heartbreaking but because it's Moo it's hilarious as shit. Where are the loyal fans who were there to greet her at the airport?

What a professional. She wore a cosplay for only one day and it was one of the most easy mode ones. Was she even planning to bring anything else but Chun Li?

No. 531918

File: 1521404301094.jpeg (139.69 KB, 750x700, 82E70D10-DC6F-4D00-966C-0A5D0E…)

Meanwhile it’s still 2 weeks til the end of the month and her patreon numbers have already started dropping.

No. 531923

File: 1521404376460.jpeg (217.3 KB, 768x1024, 3FE8110D-2A0A-4B9A-918C-6A2BFB…)

Oooof…. that gut

No. 531924

her lineup was chun li, regular outfit moo (yesterday) and bunny suit moo was supposed to be today.

anyone else think she just didn’t want anyone to see her in full unedited bright light forestkun glory?

No. 531925

Nope and that’s what’s just dumb to me. You’re going to a convention as a “professional” cosplayer guest, but two of the 3 days are of your “oc” (and couldn’t even do that…so one cosplay, one oc dress up and then casual wear)….instead of something recognizable to attract potential new fans…

No. 531932

What it sounds like is a hangover, she was out partying with the other guests the night before and as expected the next day she was “sick” lol

No. 531948


Man. That’s just sad. And this bitch was bragging about how she was literally getting stopped for photos the second she got off the plane.


B-but anon. Don’t you know that she hates drinking and would rather stay in her room and play board games? Surely she wouldn’t get completely shitfaced the night before she is supposed to meet her “fans”.

No. 531949

I really hope this convinces future cons to continue ignoring her as a potential guest, but we all know Mexico and Peru were due to thirst over any accomplishments she may or may not have to her name.

No fucking clue about the mini con over in Portland, another mad thirsty conchair perhaps?

No. 531955

I was wondering why she was rting all the people taking pictures with her. But it was only like five people

No. 531967

I doubt she hung with the other guests at all. She hasn't posted any selfies with them or tweeted about interacting with them at all for the whole weekend. And being the namedropping social climber she is, she most certainly would've done that if she was partying with them. I'd imagine they didn't want to have anything to do with her at all.

No. 531985

Classic moo and why she is such a loser. Finally gets a shot at being an actual con guest and she half asses it and blows the opportunity. Professional cosplayer my ass. She's not even a good amatuer.

No. 531986

It was in her stories she kept zooming her camera on Leon eating and making dirty jokes, they were all drinking the story is gone now

No. 531987

this clashes so much with the video she posted though? how did she get that many people anyway?

No. 531991

They did hang out the other guests just avoid putting her in their stories, Day 1 Leon was posting and promoting everyone except moo even though her booth is literally next to his! All the guests did have dinner and go to the pyramids and museum together but even they avoid posting about her, they all follow each other on ig but I think it’s only to keep professional

No. 531996


Wow. She really is a loser. Pretty much no one wants to actually be seen with her.

No. 532005

It's easy to see why. She acts like a seven year old banshee with all the screaming that she does in public and being inappropriate when people just want to breathe and have fun.

No. 532008

not that anon but it's not that hard

No. 532009

>pompayyIs it weird meeting people you know are jackin' off to you?


No. 532014

To be fair, I think it could actually be because she's not feeling well. Altitude sickness/sun overexposure is a real thing.

I think also the possibility that she's not hanging out with guests because they don't have as high of a follower count as her is very real. Leon has 21k on twitter. Shika has 11k, and neither of them are really American cosplayers so they're not really part of her scene. She has some videos with NMJ, but she's a cosplayer from the US with a much higher following count than the others and even Moo.

It's moo we're talking about, so if you're wondering, it's probably true.

No. 532015

She will start off by claiming that she had a great time and they loved her so much at the con. Then the truth will start to come out and she will start trashing the con.

No. 532017

I thought were looking for Leon's instagram, not Momos. That ones obvious

No. 532025

this looks like one of those people of Walmart pics.

No. 532032


Not to mention her constantly screeching and shoving her phone into everyone’s faces at every possible minute. She can’t ever just relax and hang out with people. She has to always be broadcasting to the world how she is best friends with everyone and how “awesome” her life is. It’s probably why Nigri can’t stand her.

No. 532051


The fact of she is using the same outfit that she used on the pyramid "climb" makes remember something. I used to have a friend that probably had the same weigh as Moomoo and she constantly used to travel to ny city for asisting to cons and stuff, most part of her luggage was full of her cosplays so she usually wasn't carry a lot of casual clothes so she had to re-use them and cover herself in perfume for avoid to stink, never washed any of her casual clothes or take a bath between the con days, just like Moomoo.

I can see her completely covering herself in deodorant or perfume every con morning.

No. 532054

Well, the sleeves and pants were a good move, it covers her back fat, linebacker shoulders, and the need to contour her flat ass with makeup. Less risk of cottage cheese candids like from Colossalcon or sad Cindy butt. Not like anyone outside of the US cares/hate-cares about her enough to take those kinds of pics.

No. 532057

Hold up, I was always under the impression that Leon was hot shit. She would at least be trying to ride is dick or something to brag about how all cosplay guys want a piece of her.

No. 532059

she literally sat on nyc garbage bags and wore the same outfit all weekend. what do you think.

No. 532063

Leon’s line has been full the entire weekend even today, moo was shoving her phone in his face day 1 at dinner it just so happens it’s not documented on here because the site was down

No. 532065

I don’t think he is putting up with her shit

No. 532068

None of the guests are, they are only being nice to her to avoid drama

No. 532138

Some of them follow her but Leon doesn't and he didn't like any of her photos on IG either. It seems NMJ is the only other one she's talked about on this trip. I think they are just being professional…does anyone know how old Leon is? They all seem so much more mature than her and they are all better experienced at traveling abroad than she is. Much more respectful than she is, for sure.

No. 532148

He’s like 25-26, he became known when he was like 21 and got hired by Ubisoft to be the official assasins creed model

No. 532152

He's more of an international cosplayer (and it looks like nmj is marketing herself as one too, judging by her profile). I think because the community is so big in America, it's a bit more insular than the European or Latin American scene, which are spread across several countries/nationalities. I.e you can be big in America, but not outside of that and vice versa.

Obviously there are cosplayers who can break into both communities easily, but I imagine language and cultural barriers make those kind of cosplayers less common.

All this is to say that Momo is a small fish from a big pond that's completely separate from the lake that is the international cosplay scene. Whether it's because she knows her antics and craftsmanship wouldn't impress any of these people or she's too chickenshit to actually network, she's completely out of her element here.

No. 532174

File: 1521420086030.gif (1.94 MB, 337x600, EF9AC43C-9943-4F64-AC34-87F844…)

double peace sign is the invisible hat of this con

No. 532196

It is…. really bizarre to see a cosplay guest not cosplaying at the con they were brought over to cosplay at.

No. 532198

watching this on a loop just makes her look even more phony.

No. 532211

File: 1521421908356.jpeg (225.89 KB, 750x585, DBEC023A-6598-4E09-B1E4-904ABC…)

here we go

No. 532214

File: 1521421928192.jpeg (497.78 KB, 750x878, 3283F630-F9F7-49FE-99C2-F066AE…)

No. 532222

Why the FUCK is she coming here to Texas? Trash ass Anime Matsuri?

No. 532225

File: 1521422343614.gif (3.69 MB, 426x213, 1353.gif)

>I wasn't ready for how many of you there were!

I'm going to assume she meant the lack of them.

No. 532226

File: 1521422401490.jpeg (491.49 KB, 554x910, BBCF7B85-DE81-4F62-8E0F-2C8626…)

come on baby, let’s do the twist

No. 532227

File: 1521422427989.jpeg (203.65 KB, 900x1200, E5346D07-ACEA-4C40-B1F1-4B1030…)

No. 532230

omg it was so amazing being an actual guest AND INSIDE THE CON not just ghosting outside for 3 hours and then getting blitzed im like crying my dudes

No. 532267

File: 1521424541158.jpeg (101.66 KB, 337x825, 0AD828D3-194E-4A88-90CD-62DF5C…)

Ab kun is deflating. Now with 2 flab creases

No. 532268

And I'm so sorry that i didn't even bother to buy a basic Spanish phrase book or even try to use a translation app because I just assumed you would all speak English. And linguistics.

No. 532272

Yeah moo. There's only like 9 million people living there but how would you know that?

No. 532281

i don't think she met everyone in the city anon

No. 532284

This is so baffling to me, she's being paid to be there and nobody gives a crap about people in casual clothes at a con ??? All she had to do was get dressed!

No. 532293

Yeah what is this crease thats appeared? Is it because of her lipo sculpting?

No. 532303

File: 1521427135562.jpeg (14.45 KB, 350x228, 1944423809_jackie_chan_wtf_fac…)


Sage for samfagging this is still blowing my mind. She's wearing full makeup! She did half the work already!!

Im a party clown and I know from experience that with enough Excedrin and caffeine you can slap on a costume and get thru pretty much anything (hangovers, no sleep) unless your seriously sick like with the flu or something.

If she could pose for all those pics she could have done it wearing her bunny suit. maybe she was afraid of fainting from the tightlacing?

No. 532308

she didn't get paid to get there, she just got flown in.

No. 532309

they still paid in other ways
ie she probably had a handler, so human resources and other manpower etc
probably driving around, like with the pyramid

No. 532318

I just gotta laugh at how she felt too sick to be in costume today but yet she is posting stories on IG of her drinking and being loud and obnoxious at dinner…and they are definitely from tonight as everyone is still in costume makeup from today

No. 532324

but they didnt spend any extra driving her around. she was just getting perks the other guests were already getting. Also most cons have volunteers who are assigned to several guests so i doubt she had a personal handler (else why do you think she brought her mom???)

She's just an add on to everything.

No. 532327

File: 1521428545097.png (270.04 KB, 293x558, Screenshot 2018-03-18 at 8.02.…)

her head gets tinier the bigger she gets i swear

No. 532329

File: 1521428576508.png (170.07 KB, 319x383, Screenshot 2018-03-18 at 8.00.…)

>when your patreon loses 100

No. 532331

File: 1521428649186.png (302.9 KB, 315x590, Screenshot 2018-03-18 at 8.03.…)

No. 532333

File: 1521428717776.png (199.42 KB, 197x585, Screenshot 2018-03-18 at 8.04.…)

No. 532348

On Leon’s ig stories moomoo is yelling as loud as possible despite claiming she had a sore throat yesterday and is looking not so sick and taking shots of tequila worm with the other guests. Mexicans trying to enjoy their meals look very annoyed with the group.

No. 532354

It’s funny how as soon as leon chiro is mentioned not featuring moo on his ig that moomoo shows up in his stories.

No. 532355

Omg, did that dude seriously bring his daughter or niece or whatever to meet this whore? The little girl dressed as Merida from Brave is so cute, but that's kind of gross to think about bringing any child near Mooriah's stank ass.

No. 532360

wtf is with that full face of makeup

No. 532363

Honestly Leon is kinda blowing her spot…unintentionally or not. She seems absolutely obnoxious to deal with and she's had at least 3 double shots of tequila in these stories alone. She looked MASSIVE when he first walked in and you could hear her from a mile away. Moo, you can be fun without screaming, dude.

No. 532365

I honestly think he just feels bad for her. He was next to her booth which had no people in line and he's known for being kind. One of his fans might've told him a sob story. Hell, she could have given him one herself.

No. 532368

On Momos instagram she's bothering everyone at the table trying to get their attention. She's so fucking loud. They're very obviously annoyed, It's hilarious.
She brought her mom too.
Can you imagine going to dinner with other adult cosplayers and one of them brings her mom?
That's Pixielocks levels of embarrassment

No. 532373

She's really pushing this shitty Insta-hoe pose to make it look like she has any semblance of an ass.

No. 532375

File: 1521430790304.png (640.97 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-03-18-20-32-50…)

I got you

No. 532376

This is why she shouldn't be a fake bitch to all her friends. If everyone looooved her, she could have invited actual friends to this con instead of her mom like a fucking loser.

No. 532380

File: 1521430931726.png (923.66 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2018-03-18-20-36-34…)

If anyone wants to enjoy her full obnoxiousness go to itsnmj's Instagram. She was screaming "BIT COLLECT" and no one got it so she had to explain it.

No. 532384

im not watching

was she seriously saying COLLECT

because the line is "connect"

No. 532386

File: 1521431101495.png (841.53 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-03-18-20-33-51…)

I'm sure Leon did this on purpose. Fat girl angle cannot save her

No. 532389

File: 1521431157711.png (927.42 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-03-18-20-30-20…)

I couldn't tell. Might've been.

No. 532390

File: 1521431193928.png (667.13 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-03-18-20-31-50…)

No. 532391

File: 1521431218600.png (779.44 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-03-18-20-35-28…)

No. 532393

i know it ultimately doesnt matter, but i just cant get past the idea of her getting a simple meme(?) incorrect. again.

No. 532395

Her leg lookin' like a chicken drummie, where's that Colonel Sanders cosplayer.

I felt so bad for that one chick she was constantly zooming in on, she looked so fed up with her and I don't blame her.

No. 532397

"I never drink so my body's like MEEEH MARIAH"

-Mariah just last week.

No. 532400

I not only feel sorry for the other guests and diners, I feel extremely sorry for her mom, holy christ. -Then again, her mom enabled our special girl to be this way so hey, maybe I'm not TOO sorry.

No. 532401

I definitely feel sorry for the Mexican citizens who had to endure her disgusting behavior, thus further making people hate Americans in their country.

her mom enabled her shitty behavior, so yeah, she's responsible for this trash.

No. 532403

File: 1521431727895.png (9.06 MB, 1242x2208, 484DCFE5-C845-4EF4-9ADB-576964…)

Can gif anon do the ones on nmj’s story? They’re SOOO obviously tired of her and holy shit here she is SCREECHING non stop at the top of her lungs a day after tweeting about how much pain her throat was in.

No. 532407

Yes, please come through gif anon!!

I wish the people around her would have told her to stfu. She's so damn obnoxious

No. 532408

Nah don’t feel bad for her mom, her moms there with them drinking and isn’t doing anything to stop Mariah to quit being a fucking idiot and giving a bad name to people who actually want to peacefully tour Mexico
On the upside I hope people are charging her up the ass because she’s a dumb rude American
(Also I miss the gifanon who took time to do that for her stories so we don’t have to view them )

No. 532411

>>532403 She is the perfect example of the fat, loud, obnoxious, pretentious american stereotype that has no idea how to behave when visiting other countries, jesus christ.

No. 532419

File: 1521432288801.gif (499 KB, 500x200, regina-george-mean-girls.gif)

>wears work out clothes to a work gig

No. 532421

File: 1521432335706.jpeg (805.31 KB, 1242x1341, 1E833B98-60AC-48FC-8775-628685…)

She’s so insufferable, she feels the need to post and take pictures of EVERY LITTLE THING. Let them have some privacy instead of bragging about all the people who are forced to hang out with you.

No. 532427

File: 1521432538331.png (777.44 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-03-18-21-06-02…)


No. 532430

itsnmj ig stories isn't working here. only i am having this problem?

No. 532431

She's the drunk fat chick friend at parties who guys fuck when they strike out with the better looking friend

No. 532433

Sorry it's nicolemjean. itsnmj is her second account.

No. 532437

what are those signs saying? or is it just advertising for food

No. 532441

File: 1521433123670.gif (5.28 MB, 270x480, 8A966048-AAEE-4694-B6C4-9C2E7F…)

“Ooh hey you have to eat a worm now”
“yeah you do you gotta eat a worm”
“I ate a worm”

No. 532443

just food

No. 532445

File: 1521433219088.png (297.81 KB, 312x589, sorrynotsorry.png)

This is such an unflattering picture.

Also I had to get this out of my system.

No. 532447

File: 1521433346270.gif (627.46 KB, 361x324, plasticneesan.gif)


No. 532450

Her mom and her drinking “I’m Muslim my dudes” bitch PLEASE. Her mom isn’t Muslim and neither is she and this confirms that she only ever uses it for POC points. Please slam her ass the next time she says that shit. Double confirmed since she only uses “Lebeanese” as a way of identifying herself and never her faith. Keep it that way Mariah. Muslim my ass lmao

No. 532455

File: 1521433585121.gif (2.76 MB, 337x600, 29B6F502-5798-4ECA-B459-02AA06…)

coming through with some of momo from the Nicole girls ig:

first we have “more tequila”

No. 532457

File: 1521433692771.gif (4.25 MB, 270x480, F424E26B-5BE0-4016-B297-2C1C91…)

singing the tequila song

No. 532461

File: 1521433792980.gif (4.93 MB, 337x600, A8120D19-7627-471D-B4C4-BF0118…)

“Check our ids, what if we’re 14 years old. Can you drink if you’re 14 years old? My eyelash is coming off I can feel it”

No. 532464

I really feel sorry for the other patrons and staff at the restaurant.
I'm also thankful these are gifs, so I don't have the hear her loud fatgirl screeching.

No. 532468

Not that it makes it any better but it does kind of look like they’re in a privatish room so maybe the other customers aren’t suffering too badly

No. 532469

If she's screeching like she does every other time she goes out, they can probably hear it.

No. 532471

While the banquet room they're in is to the side, no one there was yelling except for Leon…but even then, he wasn't make a spectacle out of himself to try and be the sole focus of attention.

No. 532472

I'm too scared of listening to her loud voice. What does she sound like?

No. 532475

She’s like the obnoxious dipshit who tries to act more drunk or high ham they actually are to be “Lol so random” and say stupid shit. She’s just screeching whatever stupid shit pops up into her head to get everyone’s attention so she can be “the funny one”.

Either that or she is a total lightweight who can’t handle her liquor and gets completely shitfaced to try to keep up with all the cool kids.

No. 532476

red mei nose or red drunk nose

we may never know

No. 532477

File: 1521434861144.jpg (831.29 KB, 761x1354, 1803.jpg)

You can't take photos in there, just some random uncultured people do it, the police is always like NO PHOTOS under the "El Paraguas"… dumb bitch

ANYWAYS,I saw the cow live today, what a weird thing, there was no line to met her, just some random fat chicks talking to her. She had full makeup and the same outfit she wore to the pyramids i think… hope she washed it cause she went to a big museum (probably just to take the photo i mentioned above) and the pyramids in the same day.
The other girls had neckbeards in line to take photos, and here she was just sitting and with maybe 4 people randomly taking photos.
if she felt sick because the altitude in Mexico city is very high, what a lazy cow, artists come to play concerts and they still give a show and sing, she just had to wear a crappy costume and pose

whatever, i'm shocked, her tights look like they're about to explode, yikes.

No. 532478


Just think of every stereotypical trashy, drunk white girl times ten.

No. 532485


She's so loud and annoying. She tries too hard. Like she's obviously trying to get attention. Can she just be quiet for once instead of being all "look at me!!!"

No. 532488


>hope she washed it

No. No she didn't wash it.

No. 532497


I absolutely love that fat/ 'plus sized' people still look up to her because she said before that she no longer promotes "body positivity" after people called her out for lipo. People must have forgotten about the whole lipo fiasco or something.
Like why look up to someone who LIED about her whole weight loss and view about "body positivity?"

That whole incident only proved to me that she pushed the body positivity label for the fame and because it was easy for her rather than her actual beliefs. Let's face it, she probably wishes she has Jessica Nigri's body rather than her own.

No. 532498

Never Drinks MY DUDES is completely shitfaced the night before the can she's appearing at

No. 532504

I wonder if her mom just tuned her out the entire time to a mini vacation in Mexico City.

No. 532505

File: 1521436183358.png (294.01 KB, 310x583, thighmeats.png)

Other anon did a glorious job, but I also couldn't help myself. Sage for bs.

No. 532508

One day we really have to get some sort of concrete evidence that she just has awful hygiene. Several people have commented on it in the past.

No. 532516

My money is on that her mom is her manager.

No. 532531

Random question:

Does the majority see threads about Mariah on lolcow as being fake news and see the people who post as being nothing but jealous people? Or do the majority see a lot of the claims made here as legit?

The reason I'm curious is because I've been here since the first thread and knew of Mariah since then and now know her enough personally to see that she is the terrible person people write about here.

I'm asking here because as a person who is fb friends with her for screenshots I obviously cannot just ask people who know me.

Idk… I'm just curious as to see if I'm just a crazy person or something since there are people are my friends who stay friends with her and cling to her so I want to make sure I'm just seeing something that isn't there.

No. 532538

Tell us what you think.
You're your own person, tbh. Our assessments are not based on falsified information. It's on her social media.

If you want to remain on neutral or positive terms with her then that's fine too. We just happen to not be neckbeards with huge boners and low expectations.

No. 532552

File: 1521441218046.jpeg (75.18 KB, 750x216, FF36D8ED-C29C-4261-89E3-C256D3…)

Imagine being in a hotel room with your mom and tweeting like this

No. 532553

File: 1521441250844.jpeg (175.67 KB, 750x464, A1A0BF3C-0F64-46E6-90F8-4DB8A5…)

No. 532560

Run away, Leon. Run as fast as you can. And never look back.

But no seriously. Who wants to take bets she tried??

No. 532561

I'm probably reaching but could this be in response to her trying to pimp out Lean earlier? Like trying to catch him with "My dude I'm suuch a freak in the beed make me ahegao!!"

No. 532562

God the thought of it makes me want to drink brain bleach

No. 532563

Her thirst tweets just keep getting more frequent and more desperate. Is moo not getting laid?

Mariah, you look at least in your 30's, no one is going to mistake you for a 14yo.

No. 532568


I think it's more that I'm literally shook when I see people genuinely think she's a good person when from what I have experienced and seen, she is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I've seen her lie and manipulate people. I have even been in the same room as her while she was openly discussing with others about basically lying to a cosplayer to stay on his or her good side.

I'm not taking a neutral stance with her. I'm just watching in the shadows and taking screenshots of her Facebook posts when she posts something milky.

No. 532571

It'd be smarter to not say you're lurking her posts.
She's been known to do mass friend cleansing because of it.

No. 532574

File: 1521443528785.jpg (127.81 KB, 675x1200, DYoiEq8V4AE_yEe.jpg)

No. 532575

File: 1521443582051.jpg (204.24 KB, 900x1200, DYoh7cPVMAANPjs.jpg)

No. 532576

File: 1521443597184.jpg (163.25 KB, 900x1200, DYoh7cOVAAA9Qu-.jpg)

No. 532584

Is this girl cosplaying as Moo? She has the pink hair, horns and a cow glove thing

No. 532587

A thought for fallen belt buckle-kun. He fought bravely.

No. 532590

File: 1521445241321.png (194.28 KB, 247x570, Screenshot 2018-03-19 at 12.40…)

No. 532594

I still can't believe she showed up to her first con guesting job like this. Not even mentionning the state of her melting face and body. She's in her shitty ripped off OC that consists of an ill-fitting shirt, disproportionate plastic looking horns, too tight jeans, a tangled wig, repurposed boots and a dangling buckle that looks like it's upside down. I saw pics of La Mole and amateur attendees look miles better than her. What the actual fuck.

No. 532597

File: 1521445761633.png (113.22 KB, 162x428, Screenshot 2018-03-19 at 12.48…)

No. 532599

File: 1521445925905.png (5.6 MB, 1242x2208, 39101ECD-0665-42AF-B6CD-B035CD…)

She’s so incredibly charming

No. 532600

Does she know that….hentai…. Is not real….

No. 532602

Leon's on the site but not her…I wonder if she got into this last minute or a different con…

No. 532605

it has to be anime matsuri. no one's going to havencon, that austin con the same weekend as AM.

No. 532606

File: 1521446473026.png (344.6 KB, 929x698, Screenshot 2018-03-19 at 1.00.…)


No. 532608

Amazingly…she looks better

No. 532609

The girl on the right on that pic, with dark red hair, downright tells her to stop during one of Mariah's insta story. She's talking to the dude next to her and Mariah keeps interrupting her and pulling her sleeve for attention. And she thought that was story worthy.

No. 532610


Next thread picture

No. 532614

I'm starting to think the friends that she pay to stick around deserve a raise.

No. 532615


Every time Nicole Marie Jean would speak she would interrupt. Her poor mom just sitting on the side quietly. Man i don’t know .. it’s so cringe and sad.

No. 532623

>>529171 Underrated

No. 532632

Seconding what >>532610 said.


I know this may sound petty but those close-ups are not doing moo any favors whatsoever. Unless thirsty guys like it even more when lardo cos-thots are all oily.

If shes sticking with improving her image she'd benefit to going to that Hugbox trashfire of a con.

She'll get excited for AM and then drunkenly want to come back down for A-Kon later on.

No. 532633

File: 1521451785689.jpg (550.48 KB, 1077x1040, Screenshot_20180319-022847.jpg)

Can this Bitch really not do a cosplay with her bra hanging out? And her cow tag looks like shit man.

No. 532635


the pose doesn't even make sense for a goddamn cow, i…

No. 532636

Seriously?? So much for her rants about not supporting rapists and people who sexually harass others

No. 532639

File: 1521452310811.jpg (350.87 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20180319-023751.jpg)

She looks so awkward in this.. her back is bugging me

No. 532657

File: 1521455294609.jpg (675.55 KB, 1079x1811, Screenshot_20180319-032623.jpg)

-Sage for reaching- but like, this looks very much like momo's bunny suite for moomoo. Saw it while scrolling on facebook.

No. 532691

Well, do you have some hard proof?

No. 532693

corsets are a pretty simple thing though, might be a bit of a reach. but it’s worth noting i’ve known about this project for a while now and this design has been out for much longer than moo’s cosplays, so it’s a possibly she “borrowed” from it if she ever saw it.

No. 532716

I am certain she hit on Leon all weekend and he had to laugh it off

No. 532732

How can she be perfectly okay with being a cosplay guest and not even cosplay. I am getting more popular in the cosplay scene in my area and it would be an absolute dream of mine to be invited as a cosplay guest. But it is disheartening to see that this is what people prefer to have at their cons. I really hope she doesn't somehow weseal her way into going to Acen this year.

No. 532735

Lmao did someone save that

No. 532749

there's. no. manager.

No. 532758

She claimed last week or two weeks ago that she had one. In an insta story she said “she works so hard and so often, her manager texts her back saying stop thinking about work at 3am”

No. 532763

No offense but you actually believe that? She also said she had a trainer at the gym but we all know she's bullshitting that one too.
That being said I wouldn't be surprised if her mom was a faux manager, that's a very mom thing to say when you're juggling working cosplay, midterms, a fashion line and working out my dudes!!

No. 532764

lmao this humble brag, and a local to acen too. Not surprised, but also try not to out yourself anon. Acen is massive con with tons of irrelevant guests every year

No. 532767

uh….this was kind f embarrassing to read….embarrassing for u lol

No. 532769

Everyone knows she's bullshitting about having a manager, that's why people wouldn't be surprised if it was actually her mum, considering like her "manager" her mother doesn't do shit to control Mariah's behaviour

No. 532790

Leon is a million times more attractive than the neckbeards that flock to her. Of course she did. Knowing that she has no social awareness she may have even done it in front of her mom.

Ignoring the cringy humble brag, idk how she could be a cosplay guest and only cosplay one day either. Cosplay is the only reason for her to be there. And no, her OC shouldn't even count. She's not a Mangaka promoting her independent novel or well known for larping or being in the DnD comm. Why does she even need an OC in the first place?? Especially one she was accused of plagerism for? It would have helped her to bring along Mei or something else recognizable even if she wore the same cosplays all weekend. (Yuck) At least she would be cosplaying something the attendees would relate to.

But she's such a savy business women, why would she even need a manager?

No. 532791


Don't worry. I'm someone she least suspects at this point. I know it's fake to be 'friends' with her while not really liking her as a person but it gives me the best shot at keeping tabs on her.

Just like I said before there are a lot of mutuals who leech off of her and it is disheartening to see but after I posted on hear last night someone else actually asked me the same question I asked here and turns out she also doesn't like Mariah. So it's nice to see that there's a possibility that a lot of her calves or cattle or whatever secretly don't like her.


As for proof I can post here: I do not have any that wouldn't out me outright. Some of her chats with me were very specific. I'm planning on releasing everything eventually but in the meantime I want to gather all I can and post stuff from her facebook when I can. I know there are others who post from facebook too but I want to contribute what I can for now.

No. 532798


She has a manager. His name is Emerson. Or at least that's how she introduced me to him at AX last year. I've heard from some Vegas folks that he's a POS. He helped her sign her prints on her instagram stories before. I don't know why people find it so hard to believe she has a manager. I get that she makes terrible choices but her getting a terrible manager is further evidence of that. I don't know if she pays the guy but if she does she is way worse with money than I suspected. Usually when people hire a manager they become more organized and structured. But Mariah is still the same unchained immature child she's always been.

No. 532829

It's hard to believe because she posts so much of her life you'd think her manager would come up in insta stories. I mean if he is a POS then it's not surprising her just doesn't want to be around her lol. I'd do that too.

No. 532864

File: 1521482740600.png (27.37 KB, 591x183, Screenshot 2018-03-19 at 11.02…)

No. 532867

File: 1521483081665.png (145.48 KB, 288x384, Screenshot 2018-03-19 at 11.11…)

No. 532869

File: 1521483127192.png (887.17 KB, 877x1142, Baiken_REV_2.png)

here's the character for people who don't know baiken

i feel like since minda ash did i-no, that's why she wants to do baiken, but she's gonna pull the "i've been a fan of guilty gear since [insert age or year here] and baiken has been a big inspiration to me. [insert reason here] so i HAD to do her!!". also since baiken's hair is like yoko and her cow oc, you know that wig is about to be ratty as fuck.

No. 532876

Sure Jan. If she had a manager then we would have seen him by now. Maybe at the time they were butt buddies so she was claiming he was but if he was her manager where is he now??? Where are all the gigs he's booking her???

A manager … MANAGES their 'talent'? Doesnt just sit in the dark signing prints in a single story. Anyone can say 'this is my manager' so show receipts or give it up.

No. 532890

File: 1521485075996.png (940.34 KB, 1196x1074, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 2.43…)

this is the only mention of an emerson i could find…. is this him?

No. 532891

for context, the caption of the picture was just mariah saying "caption this"

No. 532893

Not only have we not seen him but if she's had one since AX why is her reputation STILL sliding further down the shitter? Where was this manager during her bi-weekly twitter rants? He should be yelling her to clean up her fucking act online and not doxx everyone that bruises her fragile ego. Why is she still behind on patreon rewards? Why has her content gradually become worst over the months? If she had someone managing her "career" (which is litterally her whole life) than we should seen somewhat of an improvement already. But there is none.

No. 532896

Lol weren't people saying her trainer is this Emerson
Sod off

No. 532897

If she truly does have a manager… even if it’s not this Emerson dude and a new person… they need to be fired ASAP. Because they literally sit aside and watch her destroy herself and her reputation. Unless that’s their goal lol? I just can’t believe she would pay someone to sit around and do nothing

No. 532921

People pay her to do the same thing, anon.

No. 532937

File: 1521489329796.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1885, 339C2274-8455-4304-9470-64C07B…)

Also stumbled upon this.. her poor gut getting squished out

No. 532939

File: 1521489437497.jpeg (492.07 KB, 1241x1522, 5CEFA02E-7BE7-4687-AA1A-65631F…)

Whoops. Fixed pic. Really bad eye shoop on this on, looks like they did the green in MS paint

No. 532944

ngl this pic is pretty flattering to her, must be a good mix of shapewear and bending forward enough to appear to be normal

No. 532960

File: 1521490888661.png (682.32 KB, 821x803, Screenshot_2018-03-19-13-10-41…)

God the tweets she posted about that ahegao shit is so cringey and thirsty. She was so loud and obnoxious in those instagram stories…I am kind of wondering if Leon is the kind of guy who smashed if he was drunk enough, I can almost see her tweeting that shit when they were together in a group and hoping he read it while they were partying together to give him "ideas". Ew. Anyways, screencap before she drunkenly yells about eating worms. Wot a big bitch. Shes huge. She needs to clean up her language she swears every other word in those stories haha.

No. 532961

File: 1521490960409.png (617.45 KB, 624x923, Screenshot_2018-03-19-13-10-20…)

No. 532965


mama must be proud

No. 532972

You may be joking, but I genuinely think she is.

No. 532973

"wow im so sick you guys, i can barely function, you're all so lucky i even showed up to these meet and greets! i'm not even going to wear a cosplay because im so sick"

a few hours later, she's pounding back tequila shots. lol okay lady

No. 532978

can we stop this fucking manager meme please? moo is too cheap and thinks she's too clever to even think about hiring a manager. i know we want moo to be getting dupped or whatever but she's too stingy to waste money on someone who will call her out for her poor PR and money handling. plus even if she wanted one, she'd only go for mama nigri's manager, which is impossible.

No. 533027

She has no self awareness. She went to a comic con as a guest and didn't cosplay ANY comic character. Her OC is shit and tacky, and Chun Li is a video game girl. She's an idiot

No. 533031

well to be fair comic cons have a lot of overlap and street fighter does have comics but it's still ridiculous to cosplay her OC that has nothing to it. It's basically what other cosplayers would throw on when they want to be 'casual' but still in a costume after wearing a big stuffy costume, not a mainline thing you would wear all day.

Then again it shows the level moo is at where she's proud of a button up shirt and jeans.

I would say she has other costumes she could wear but how many of them fit her at this point? It also kinda points out that the con wasnt spending ANY extra money on moo because usually if a con wants a cosplay guest they'll give them the extra money for bigger checked luggage (or offer to cover it afterwards) so they can actually bring nice costumes and props.

No. 533034

haha, wow. Yeah, that's way above her skill level by a thousand. Especially that wig.

Reminds me of Jnig when she went to Anime North and said she was too sick to do meet and greet, but tweeted about being at the Aquarium hours later.

No. 533039

I know her personally and in my opinion the opinions expressed here only begin to scratch the surface of what a toxic bitch she is.

No. 533041

Apples and oranges imho.
I can buy being too sick to go to a con and have to interact with a bunch of people vs going to an aquarium even if it's a bit shitty.

You cant be too sick to put on a costume (lets be real she could have even reworn chun li) but then not be too sick to be yelling, screaming and getting wasted.

As always Moo takes every mistake or 'supposed mistake' Jess has made and does a shittier, worse irredeemable version of it.

No. 533042

Tired of the the supposed "close" friend posts yet no proof. I know you're supposedly cataloging everything for a big release later but all this does is make her lurk here more to try and figure out who you are and go more crazy.

No. 533043

File: 1521497161217.jpeg (105.67 KB, 800x800, 1521147455595.jpeg)

Tell us more

No. 533047

Her Mom works and has no time to be Mariah's manager. Mariah has no manager. Stop debating it. it is just another one of her lies.

No. 533049

Also I think Leon was interested in the other girl that was with them not Nicole, I think she had purplish blondish hair, but it was when Mariah was trying to throw limes in Leon’s mouth and Nicole zooms in on the other girl and she was saying notice him!! He wants you to notice him, so I think moo was trying to project more since Leon seemed interest in someone else

No. 533051

A little bit of real talk? I follow Leon on insta and even day after con he is up early and posting about how it was. Even during DragonCon he was up after like 3 hours of sleep vlogging. After Moo's posts about his nose last night he's been on radio silence till just an hour ago.

IDK if it's a coincidence, but he's VERY good at hiding what he does/if he does when he's drunk if it's something not perceived as acceptably silly. I think she might've actually embarrassed him.

No. 533053

Moo embarrasses everyone just by being in the same room as them. Every insta story we've seen involving other people she's just so relentlessly obnoxious and shitty, I really agree with that caption saying she's actually 14, because that's what Moo is mentally: A 14-year old boy who was raised on the internet and just happens to have tits.

No. 533061

She already suspects that there is more than one anon who knows her. Knows her. Not friends. She has no real friends. And she provides the proof that what these anons say is true with her actions. No one is going to take a chance on outing themselves. She's not worth the drama that would be unleashed.

No. 533075

Why does she scream all the time…

No. 533096

Why does a child scream? For attention. No one else is allowed to speak or be looked at when moomoo is in the vicinity. It is exhausting.

No. 533098

>comparing dragoncon to la mole

Also Monday is the last day of dragoncon so of course he'd be up early vlogging on the monday: people are still there.

Either way after a huge con like dragoncon you would still be pumped up even if your body is tired. Leon goes to so many cons this was kind of just another con for him whereas dcon is in a class of it's own

No. 533110

but nig was being paid by the con and she dipped out and still got paid. that's like asking for a day off, getting told no and conveniently being 'sick'.

No. 533114

So is this defending Momokun or??? Cause after pretty much EVERY con he's vlogging
something inspirational or how he's leaving or stories from the previous days at the end of the trip/convention. Except for this one and the only noticeable difference is his bloody nose getting posted all over Moo's social media network.

The fact still remains that I doubt she asked permission to post that shit online and did it anyway for the views my dudes.

No. 533120

not defending moo. Just saying there's a million reasons why he might not be vlogging right now. I dont think moo matters to him enough that her shitty little ig stories would have made him not do his usual shtick??

No. 533129

Hanging out with moo is hours of alternately listening to her lie and babble in a loud voice and being ignored because she is on her phone. There is no real personal interaction.

No. 533132

File: 1521501517968.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1726, 4BE9FAA4-3342-4FB4-9941-21F781…)

No. 533134

File: 1521501601854.jpeg (929.45 KB, 983x1625, 46AE8B9F-15DE-45B1-AFF1-FE52C1…)

Top kek the horse face girl in the middle’s left side is melting. Can’t wait to see the shoddy editing they had to do to make moo look acceptable.

No. 533138

>moo's fat thigh is as wide as the left girl's waist wtf.

No. 533141

>beep beep were sheep


No. 533145

>shooping every bit of skin visible but not shooping out the loose threads.

Also it's so unflattering that their just in some generic middle age person's bedroom?? They couldnt move those pictures and lamp?

it could have even been cute to buy a little piece of cat grass and have that on the side table like 'get it we're sheep we eat grass?' but the motif of the bedroom doesnt match at all. This same picture could have been taken outside in the grass. Why would sheep be inside on a bed???

No. 533151

Well its hard for us (yes there are a few of us who are close and post here) as she gets hella paranoid about this shit and tells all of us different stories or only bits and pieces of information and tries so very hard to weed us out which we find funny because its quite obvious what she is trying to do :^)

No. 533154

that's nice but you miss the point. we don't care unless there's milk. cough up or lurk. no one gives a shit about people saying 'oh you think moo is bad now (when you can clearly tell) well let me tell you, but actually i can't!

no1curr. i think it's a general consensus that we actually don't give a shit about you're alleged relationship with her.

No. 533155

Moo is easily 250lbs +

who is this bitch trying to kid lol

No. 533161

Wtf her thigh alone looks bigger than the torso of one of the girls!

And is it just me or is the girl in the middle's underboob section shooped weird on the left(our left)?

No. 533163

File: 1521503597337.jpg (821.27 KB, 1104x1534, pt2018_03_20_01_50_25.jpg)

Resemblance is uncanny

No. 533166

Damn, you know you're ugly when Godzilla looks better than you.

No. 533175

Don't do Godzilla dirty like this. At least he has actual fame related to his name, unlike Moo.

No. 533178


You're implying that Mariah is smart enough to hire a legit manager. She isn't. She likely hired some crackpot who pretended to know how to be a manager for her money. Mariah is the type who is dumb enough to hire an incompetent manager just to hype herself up as being legit.

Listen, a few anons already have confirmed that she has a manager and we have seen her mention this 'emerson' person a few times. I don't know what's so bad about her having a manager??? It just proves she's so dumb that she's being scammed obviously. And she's too dumb to know the guy has been giving her terrible advice.

No. 533184

>anons confirmed
that doesn't mean anything.

if moo really had one she'd be flaunting it like she does everything else. she's likely just saying she has one to hype herself up but we don't have an intro from him or pics of him plastered anywhere or @s # or anything. i get that moo is dumb but just let the manager thing go.

No. 533187

the whole photo is covered in blur and it appears they blurred out the cleavage by accident, even though it's really easy to just draw it back kek.

No. 533194


If different anons are saying the same thing, there's a good chance there's truth to it. As much as Mariah posts EVERYTHING on social media, she doesn't have to @ everything or tweet about everything.
She mentioned her manager on instagram stories and he's been on her instagram stories "helping" her with patreon rewards. There's a screenshot of her mentioning someone named "Emerson" in a text.

Y'all need to quit acting like her having a manager is the end of the world. It makes her "career" even sadder knowing it's going down the drain even with the "help" of a manager.

No. 533199

paying a photo editor who is literally to dumb to use the undo button wew

No. 533200

we're not, it's just stupid to believe her on this out of all the things. she has done nothing to prove to the world she has a manager, and she does that with literally everything. it just sounds naive to believe her on this. not to mention, she could have easily just blamed the manager for all that shit she got called out on, but she didn't. it would have been super easy for her to weasel out of a TON of shit by using her manager as an excuse.

No. 533201

Is moo the only one without ears

No. 533202

This. we're talking about moo who brags about 'guesting a con' when she's just at some rando's booth. Who brags about going to the gym and 'totally being a legit lifter' and then having terrible form. She brags about not drinking and then basically a week later brags about how much she drinks. She brags about literally EVERYTHING so if she had a manager then where has he been since AX last year? Where has he been at all her cons, shoots, anything?

Also if she had a manager she could have brushed aside SEVERAL accusations by saying 'My manager was supposed to do that' hell she could have even said 'my manager tried to contact myoppa but never got a response or told me it was fine.'

If she had a manager she would 200% blame them for every single thing she gets accused of. Patreon rewards didnt go out on time? My manager was supposed to take care of that. I'm being accused of stealing art or something? My manager said we had permission.

There's no real proof that they're different anons though? Where are the stories that she mentioned a manager? Also just because he's a helper doesnt mean he's being paid or is her manager? By that mentality All her other calves are her managers too cause they help her too. It's not the end of the world it just simply doesnt make any sense and there's no proof of it.

No. 533208

She still hasn’t released that “statement” about the call out post, right?

No. 533223

Never going to happen unless another big name cosplayer or company she's trying to suck up to calls her out on it.

No. 533244

And not only that. If she really does have a manager name one thing that he actually did do for her. She does everything, what little she actually gets done, herself and brags about it non stop.

No. 533273

It's a farce

No. 533284

She also said that she goes to school and showed some textbooks. Just because she says something and shows something one time doesn't make it true with her. Maybe with another cow but not with this one.

No. 533305

File: 1521510515475.jpeg (288.4 KB, 750x490, 629DAF8E-752F-4B4C-A0ED-72A176…)

she looks huge on this bed, I have no idea what size it is but she makes it look like a twin mattress

No. 533307

thats at least a double lmfao holy shit

No. 533309

File: 1521510576930.jpeg (66.42 KB, 750x500, received_1784837401576773.jpeg)

No. 533344

She's coming to Lima, so no altitude problems here, also in June it´s not really sunny.

No. 533345

It is pretty sad when some poor schmuck's Airbnb house is a huge improvement in setting over her usual choice of a con hotel room.

No. 533346

Its a queen bed

No. 533358

the textbooks she showed were all for freshmen even tho she's apparently a double-major linguistics/business student in her senior year. so that example doesn't work lol she's just a straight up liar i could give a shit if she has or doesn't have a manager. it's not relevant because either way she's embarrassing herself and ruining her body and future lol

No. 533378

I know all of that anon and it's irrelevant. The connection I was making was that just because she says something with a photo, doesn't make it true. Just because she has a photo with someone she claims to be her manager, doesn't mean she really has one. We've seen no evidence of one just like we've seen no evidence that she's in school.

No. 533385

It is relevant. One of the ways she is ruining her future is by showing herself to be a compulsive liar. She is very young and yet she already has a bad reputation, a bad international reputation. Think about that. People in other countries halfway around the world have heard of her but only because she is such a train wreck.

No. 533389

File: 1521513771649.png (334.7 KB, 486x596, Screenshot 2018-03-19 at 7.42.…)

No. 533390

I could have sworn she said Hola taco

No. 533402

So we can confirm that she ducked Burdock since she stills follows him and retweets after him calling out all costhots like her

No. 533404

File: 1521514458494.png (271.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180319-215047.png)

No. 533409

File: 1521514638946.png (258.75 KB, 588x620, Screenshot 2018-03-19 at 7.57.…)

No. 533413

I honestly think he was just recovering from a night of drinking, anon. Not defending her because she was so cringe and the stuff she recorded of everyone was not flattering, but the post that he made kind of explained that he was feeling gross after all the drinking and worms, which makes sense.

No. 533418

File: 1521514968640.jpg (36.59 KB, 960x622, 29343075_1284565371688409_3381…)

No. 533419

File: 1521515007032.jpg (43.09 KB, 960x640, 29425011_1284565361688410_2044…)

methinks she had sewn her sleeve off so it looks tight?

No. 533420

File: 1521515025642.jpg (52.27 KB, 640x960, 29386269_1284566025021677_7510…)

No. 533431

this. we should concentrate on shitting on moo for solid concrete things, like lying about school.

No. 533436

Jesus I feel bad for saberfags. It's one thing when someone is cosplaying a shitty low-effort version of your waifu in bad lighting on a shit camera, but this is like a slap to the face because some of the individual components work but it's still overwhelmingly shoddy.

No. 533437

I will never not be triggered by that floating breastplate.

No. 533456


jesus she looks so haggard

No. 533494

File: 1521520488124.jpg (34.05 KB, 414x385, 1521430790304.jpg)

No. 533495

Drugs + Drinking like a fish + Shit diet + Smoking like a chimney + Too much face taping + No sleep ever = A beautiful thicc goddess, my dudes!

No. 533497

She started Darling in the Franxx. Zero Two cosplay when?

No. 533502


she looks so massive compared to the others on the table in the ig story

No. 533503


>pretends to be a cosplay crafting guru

>glove pieces and side plates that she made herself look like shit
>missing finger armor on her right glove
>wig looks like Armin and He-Man

Yeah Mariah you're such an expert on everything that is cosplay. Tear down your own work before trying to tear down others.

No. 533505

lmao anon this is perfect

No. 533509

Hilarious moo sucks ass to bardock after she constantalty goes on about how bullies are the worst. He lost previous accounts because of how he would obsessivley harrass women to look cool to his incel fanbase. He was calling Leslie Jones a gorilla and shitting on various random women every day. Moo really only cares about “bullying” when it’s actually people calling out her disgusting actions. Her and her crew are the most toxic hypocrites in the community.

No. 533514

There is literally nothing good about this.

No. 533517

File: 1521522931914.png (269.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-001037.png)

Great to see that she retweets someone who shortly before describes her perfectly and doesn't want her type to follow them.

No. 533530

lmao he nailed momo 100% spot on. love that she retweeted his post. what a dumbass

No. 533540

File: 1521524558928.png (882.82 KB, 1080x1088, 20180319_223922.png)

That ass

No. 533543

it looks like she's wearing those butt cutlets but got too small a size

No. 533545

she stuck a single orange down her nasty work out pants

No. 533549

so many breast grabbing pictures :/

No. 533552

She's trying her hardest to look bisexual, give her a break, anon!

No. 533570

she couldn't even be bothered to move the cable off the table. how can you be this lazy?

No. 533642

File: 1521542580488.jpeg (124.15 KB, 750x1011, A8D66CDB-56D2-4E14-AEFE-119398…)

No. 533644

File: 1521542625380.jpeg (200.08 KB, 750x1081, 73ED6CD0-7EF8-4F37-804E-554580…)

Something tells me this is the most we will see of any sort of “statement”

No. 533672

So now Oh Nips is publically roasting her after saying she was still Moo’s friend? Lmao

No. 533673

…that’s it? that’s all she’s gonna say?

No. 533684

hi moo(hi [cow])

No. 533686

This surprises you why? The girl is burning bridges faster than she can build them at this point and she deserves it.

No. 533690

there's nothing that implies this is moo, wth?

ohnips came here and said she didn't wanna really cause dramu and was super adamant about just being disappointed in her and not actually hating her, but i guess she wised up real quick. good on you nips if you're lurking!

No. 533701

File: 1521550393715.jpg (886.11 KB, 1078x2020, Screenshot_20180320-055213.jpg)

Oh god

No. 533702

I meant moo in that sentence, my b. But I share the sentiment, I'm glad she's put her foot down and called her out like this and I hope it causes others to do the same.

No. 533703

File: 1521550471811.png (1009.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180320-055410.png)

No. 533712


I am loving the variety of her facial expressions in her photo shoots.

No. 533722

I would kill for this to be the next thread picture if not the sheep in the lawn trainwreck

No. 533729

File: 1521552988098.jpg (19.69 KB, 640x282, momokun.jpg)

Quasimodo looking motherfucker

No. 533731

File: 1521553264456.jpg (172.02 KB, 1176x447, 178549465954684645479.jpg)


The many faces of a professional cosplay model

No. 533743

oh okay, gotcha. but yeah, good on her!

No. 533752

Surprised that Moo wasn't reminded of her other thefts too like her OC, but the MyOppa point is certainly the most important one to the artist in the community.

No. 533765


So after months of insisting she wasn't wrong she finally admits that she was wrong? If that's the case, why doesn't she make a public "statement" about it instead of saying it because someone bigger than her is calling her out?

No. 533773

File: 1521556217220.jpeg (263.62 KB, 469x971, 8382C79D-C027-409F-BC08-1C9138…)

I always joke with my friends boyfriends about sitting on their faces too, I don’t know about you guys

No. 533774

File: 1521556260608.jpeg (446.65 KB, 750x847, 42168365-5BA5-46C2-8EDB-519DF1…)

No. 533779


Did she seriously wear the same gross clothes for 3 days in a row? That is fucking disgusting.

No. 533811

File: 1521559905883.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 1515433144723.png)

Good on Moo for finally admitting her true weight.

No. 533817

File: 1521560320206.png (7.93 MB, 1242x2208, C8FC6FE9-1E05-4347-96C6-973A22…)

She’s going to Texas to hang out with her new calf momoakuma, the one who used to be close to SSS/bunny but ditched them. Moo also said she’s “going to see friends” in her story, not a con

No. 533823

I don't fuck outside of my weight class, sorry moo.

No. 533884

Ah, so she's going to shoot a trashy ass shoot with her new galpal, gotcha. I'll lol forever if they go ghost Anime Matsuri though.

No. 533898

honestly, good for ohnips for even saying shit. the fact this whole thing has been swept under the rug is infuriating, she has dealt with 0 backlash from it, AGAIN. she just ignores and people forget. i don't understand how she does it.

No. 533903

That repaint job she did on the chestplate is awful, it looks like she just fingerpainted on it.

No. 533921

Not to give Momo any props but stoic characters like saber are so hard to pose/show expression for.

Though this just looks like she is a tired turtle/fish with dead fucking eyes.

moo opening your lips just a bit and having wide af eyes does not a facial expression make.

No. 533924

I agree that a character like Saber can be hard to portray without getting boring, but god there's still something she could have done besides stand there with that empty expression on her face. She's the biggest Fate fan in the world, she has to know that Saber does more than just stand there with her sword. Pose with it, swing it, look angry, smile, /something/.
God she's awful. She should get her money back for that acting class.

No. 533939


I agree that Saber is a stoic character and hard to pose as, but at the very least she could have had a few pictures where she is angry. Maybe even a battle cry. A smile?

Instead she goes for her generic dead tortoise - fish hybrid look.

No. 533942

I'm convinced she has no idea how to pose when she can't be sexual. Not that she's much better then, but she literally can't convey emotion with just her face.

No. 533944

File: 1521568772495.png (Spoiler Image, 6.16 MB, 1242x2208, 7E32B273-62EC-4B83-9535-279728…)

Mariah weren't you the best Starbucks barista ever? Shouldn't you know that espresso doesn't have anything to do with the kind of beans, but with the way it's brewed?
Sorry I'm triggered but I'm a barista and she's an idiot. It takes two seconds to look this stuff up. Or you know, she should know it by heart because she's probably a master of all things coffee.

No. 533954


What do you expect from someone who claims to be an expert on everything?


It's because no one calls her out on it. A big issue for this is that we are not allow to "cow tip" so people who as just normies or fans of her do not know the full scale of what a shit person she is. People who do not know about lolcow or people who do not have a firsthand terrible experience with her just blindly listen to her and believe every lie she says.
Don't forget that for the longest time people (non-farmers) actually thought she was using FitTea and exercise and dieting to lose her weight. She got away with lying about how much weight she lost and farmers had to dig up proof of her lies by showing her claiming a different weight a month before.
I'm not suggesting that we all cow tip. Lolcow wasn't created to take down people. I'm just saying that the reason why she gets away with bullshit that we all see through is because people who aren't on here or have had personal experience with her do not realize how toxic and troublesome she is.

No. 533973

File: 1521570633715.png (177.71 KB, 720x1123, Screenshot_2018-03-20-13-27-30…)

The longer she holds out on making the statement the worse her already bad rep gets

No. 533978

Bless Nips for keeping Mooriah's ass on the line for this.

No. 533982


Surprising no one, she is again completely wrong about something she claims to be an expert at.

No. 533983


I hav no idea who Ohnips is, but it hilarious seeing them make Moomoo squirm like this. She is going to be such a passive aggressive bitch about this and will try so hard to act like she isn’t bothered by someone bringing this up again.

No. 533985

Does mariah not realise how many people lurk/talk in her threads? I'm pretty sure A LOT of cosplayers do. I know shes use to it, but she makes herself out to be a fool. The longer she holds this out the more guilty she looks.

No. 533988

God she's such a bitch lmao. Heaven forbid people hold you accountable and aren't pleased with your "oopsies whoopsies my bad dudes!"

No. 533998

"Ok thank you I can't say anything to clap back at you so let's stop this"

No. 534001


Exactly. She can’t make some bitchy, snarky comment back at her, so she always falls back on passive aggressive “Oh thank you so much, have a nice day”.

Her version of “This conversation is over now. Don’t bring this up anymore”.

No. 534010

The “ok thank you” is hella disrespectful. Tear her apart Ohnips.

No. 534017

File: 1521573948887.png (993.24 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-03-20-12-22-21…)

First stop is Sabrina's new house

No. 534025

I can't wait to see more about this calf, she is so embarrassing. I hope they do a shoot together

No. 534073

barista anon as well, and i'm sitting right here with you annoyed as fuck. i've been waiting for her to spew some knowledge on us about coffee

No. 534077

>people who aren't on here or have had personal experience with her do not realize how toxic and troublesome she is.

going to have to disagree with you on that one, tbh. i see her get a lot of heat from people outside of lolcow/ her cosplay group. look at how much attention the tweet about the myoppa fiasco got, that was not all because of lolcow. Yes, a farmer posted it, but the general public is the reason it got so much traction. another example is the funimation post. i think people severely underestimate how much the public outside of lolcow despise her. which is why its even more frustrating that nothing happens

No. 534088

File: 1521578804927.jpeg (215.15 KB, 776x1200, F351C8CB-89DF-4882-B8CC-BF1F37…)

Doubt someone desperate enough for relevancy they’d suck up to moo would ditch two people more popular and well liked. This ugly akuma bitch does ahegao faces and a slutty version of Froppy, it’s clear she is thirsty af for cosfame and trashy enough to be around moo.

No. 534089

Can't forget the Black Widow fiasco on Facebook too.

No. 534096

Why would someone who looks 35+ years old, tans themselves orange and has a chunky body cosplay Froppy, let alone a slut version? She’s just like moo.

No. 534111

God if you're not going to wear contacts for Medusa at least wear the blindfold. It's not that hard.
Both of them look like hot messes, a perfect match for Moo!

No. 534146

I think Vamp is wearing dark violet lenses? She still could’ve picked something lighter.
Still looks like trash though

No. 534149

where's moo's manager now bby?

No. 534173

They were friends/acquantinces. She might've done art for moo or something idr

No. 534180

Next thread image, please. hahaha

No. 534181

File: 1521585042710.jpg (315.91 KB, 1132x1572, Capture _2018-03-20-15-24-44.j…)

The resemblance is uncanny. Of course Moo only gets the highest quality fanart.

No. 534186

kek he perfectly captured the wooden expression and vacant dead eyed stare.

No. 534190

Eerily accurate tbh

No. 534207

>slutting froppy up

This is why people HATE costhots and want to generalize cosplayers now. There is legit already a character in My hero Academia who is a slut as a super power. She uses her whip and allure to get her way with men. Why not do her?! She wears lingerie as a canon outfit.

Sage for anime sperging

No. 534212

File: 1521586686042.png (782.65 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-03-20-15-56-30…)

Holy shit

No. 534214

File: 1521586720627.png (777.76 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-03-20-15-56-35…)

No. 534218

Wew lads.
Looks like a 40+ special needs woman.

No. 534219

Jesus… this shit needs to spoilered. She already looks high. Wtf.

No. 534220

A peach filled with worms that fell to the ground and shriveled up.

No. 534226

Go to sleep, kids, or your eyes will have 5-fold eyebags.

No. 534248

Holy fuck she looks horrific

No. 534249

Phony smile. Eyebags. Look it's moomoo. And she brought her fame with her.

No. 534250

moomoo inspires me to drink water and moisturize almost daily

No. 534253


She looks like complete shit.

No. 534275

Jfc her eye bags make her eyes look swollen
How anyone can find her attractive is beyond me

No. 534277

She is holding a plastic container… What is she eating now?

same, anon. same

No. 534279

Blueberries, her only actual fruit intake of the month.

No. 534280

File: 1521589392785.png (457.09 KB, 643x765, Screenshot 2018-03-20 at 4.42.…)

No. 534289

File: 1521589680918.png (483.63 KB, 720x917, Screenshot_2018-03-20-16-46-13…)

No. 534291

File: 1521589748833.jpg (53.71 KB, 640x960, 29386072_1284927164985563_6133…)

make it stop she looks like a ham

No. 534337

She looks like she’s missing half her body. The girl in the middle looks chubby and scared. Rage is literally the only decent one in the group..

No. 534357

File: 1521593610726.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-175149.png)

No. 534362

Is this supposed to be sexy? My god that's so gross…

No. 534363

Disgusting. What the fuck are those colors? That green is so nasty. Is she shoving a lemon up her vagina? The rolls are obsene.

No. 534364

Each bikini shoot gets worse..

No. 534366

EW is she wearing her calf’s outfit and wig?? >>534280

No. 534372

This may as well be straight porn coz I just threw up a bit

No. 534374

File: 1521594518858.png (673.62 KB, 720x948, Screenshot_2018-03-20-18-06-21…)

No. 534376

File: 1521594535606.jpeg (165.25 KB, 941x1936, 30BE34DD-F07C-4A92-8F61-2342CE…)

Holy shit this is some of the worst photoshop she’s ever done, I swear she’s high off her ass right now or something. It looks like one of our joke edits.

No. 534377

File: 1521594590654.jpeg (860.86 KB, 1242x1990, 0BADAA90-8E30-4B00-B5B7-709123…)

No. 534378

She looks like Buffalo Bill & has the bulge to prove it.

No. 534379

Why is her upper lip black? What does that nasty green bikini have to do with “peaches and cream”. Oh god not another disgusting whipped cream yeast infection shoot.

No. 534380

File: 1521594813197.jpg (30.65 KB, 600x375, comeonnow.jpg)

Bitch we know you stacked like the Little Debbies you ate earlier today you ain't fooling no one with those Snow app Facetune shoops

No. 534384


. . . She is literally dressed like a stripper. So is she is still going to deny that what she does is porn? I’m sure her mom would be so proud seeing her like this.

No. 534386

I’m sure right when she opened her legs, the whole studio smells

No. 534388


She's melting.

No. 534389

so like, is she using her extra migrated titty fat to make it look like her boobs are bigger? we know that shit ain't that big.

No. 534390

It's not cosplay, it's not art, it's not porn, it's not modelling as who the fuck poses like this:
What is it? Who wants this?

No. 534393

she almost has more armpit fat than titty to be honest, the ratios are FUCKED

No. 534394

it's cause she keeps wearing tinyass push up bras. idk if you're american or not, but they don't wear the correct bra size like almost ever and american shops only sold DD as the biggest size for years, basically she smooshed her boobs till they moved over cause they didn't fit in her bras.

No. 534403

What character is this supposed to be? Bitch looks like Stephanie from Lazytown.

No. 534404


lmao this does her zero favors, who told her that pose was flattering? also, looking at the size of her head, hands, and feet compared to the rest of her, you can really tell that her frame is not meant to be this large.

No. 534406

I can’t tell if this is edited and fucked up, or non edited and just truly horrifying. Both options are equally bad.

No. 534408

Don’t insult Stephanie like that. She had integrity and actually worked out.

No. 534413

She is literally wearing stripper heels. She's disgusting. I have no doubts this fat bitch will be doing porn in less than a year.

No. 534417

this is my 55 y/o mom's body shape
what in the fuck are you doing to yourself momo

No. 534428

because neckbeards are thirsty for characters like froppy

No. 534430

wtf is that roll underneath her right thigh (the one on the bench)????

No. 534431

La Mole is also generally the name we call "The Thing" from the Fantastic Four

No. 534434

Her nonexistent asscheek hanging on for dear life

No. 534449

File: 1521597664119.png (Spoiler Image, 986.68 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-03-20-18-57-59…)

End it already

No. 534454

File: 1521597820011.jpeg (453.61 KB, 750x1034, E42D114D-CE07-4AD8-8452-C2D8A3…)

Bitch get your rolls sorted

No. 534457

the bottle over momo's face….at least we were spared of that ugly over the shoulder look

No. 534462

File: 1521598073635.jpeg (560.51 KB, 750x1195, 872F7871-DA9B-43A7-91FB-94CBAF…)

Wow moo managed to find someone just as haggard and old looking as her. Looks like a pair of crack whores at a gas station. The fucking jaw on this bitch. Absolute unit.

No. 534465

her ass looks like a box

No. 534472

File: 1521598459031.png (421.71 KB, 720x1035, Screenshot_2018-03-20-19-11-33…)

No. 534473

What the fuck are all those tags? Try hard much?

No. 534474

Boy did I ever hit the nail on the head predicting that these heifers were going to make an absolutely nasty shoot together.

No. 534481

They look like washed up hookers trying to stay relevant as young 20 year olds join the community. It's insane how bad they both look.

No. 534488


A bit ahead of schedule from when I predicted, but it looks like she is finally nosediving into the world of porn.

No. 534490

Watch, she'll be selling her nudes like invadernoodles before the end of the year

No. 534494

File: 1521599208936.jpg (41.12 KB, 465x840, 648655646.jpg)


No. 534495


I’m sure Patreon won’t let her sell nudes of herself. Maybe she will switch to camming?

No. 534496

Funny that she ends up doing a whorish shoot like this literally one day after she spends a couple of days with her mom. But she'll never be like those evil sex workers!

No. 534497


Ew, she went straight from the plane into a shoot after going straight home from mexico?? take a damn shower!

No. 534498

I hope they dont use that cum lube…

No. 534500

What’s happening

No. 534501


She already admitted that she does porn a long time a go, anon.

ngl, I think that the haircut of the wig suits her face (better than the rat's nest he has now) and the dark green suits her complexion. But everything else…. The proportions… The armpit fat… Them "abs"… Dear god, why.

What is this even supposed to be? It doesn't even look like fake cum. Piss fetish? Just being wet?

No. 534503

Patreon doesn’t give a shit

No. 534504

that looks like sabrina the bunny (someone people correct me if i'm wrong!!)helping them out with this shoot

No. 534505

What is supposed to be in that glass? It looks like water but I'm not sure??? And what is dripping on them because it doesn't look like water. What is peaches and cream about this. This is all so confusing and awful to look at

No. 534506

That's most likely the cream part.

But Mooriah first needs to have an ass before she can claim the peach part.

No. 534508

File: 1521599894060.png (872.39 KB, 720x989, Screenshot_2018-03-20-19-34-48…)

No. 534512

You can literally see her assbones in the right photo because her ass is so flat. Fucking hilarious, thanks for the laugh, Mariah!

These polaroids remind me of the ones serial killers take of their victims while forcing them to look sexy.

No. 534514

I can literally think of no way this is supposed to be attractive.

No. 534515

This whole thing screams dirty 70's porno and I'm dying

No. 534518

This has got to be the most disgusting, trashy thing she has ever done. Way to make yourself look like a dried up nasty, used whore. She is the absolute bottom of the barrel with this shoot. I’m in literal disbelief at how low she’s gone and so quickly at that.

No. 534519

I can't stop laughing at these square ass cheeks, holy shit.

No. 534520

It looks like it could be oil of some sort. Massage oil?

No. 534523

I hate when you can see her true ass like those two tiny idk if they're even cheeks ugh

No. 534532

Yeah, Ohnips did the design for Moo's Punk Mei thing right before their falling out.

No. 534535

so is mariah a fucking COW or is she going to stick with momokun and peaches??? lmao this bitch only took on the cow motif to try and show lolcow that she truly embraces the cow stigma~ but all it does is show that she's easy to manipulate. Thanks for becoming a true cow for us mariah! You've gave us so much milk with it love ya cutie <3

No. 534539

it's sabrina putting something into momoakuma butt. with a brush like you do with food before baking

No. 534540

>hey kids I found some pictures of your mom

No. 534546

Honestly, I feel like she's right at the peak of releasing masturbation vids and her fans will wander off. Why pay for it when plenty of desperate, obese women masturbate for free online?

No. 534555

it looks like they just painted over her photo.

No. 534563

Not a barista and never have been and I understand it.

What a total hardworking double major college student.

No. 534564

as i said, MOMOAKUMA, not moo

No. 534566

She knows this is true which is shy she shits on chelhellbunny every chance she gets

No. 534567

I really am wondering what her target audience is going to be. Actual porn will drive off the handful of idiots who get annoyed by her lewd shoots, but she also looks down on sex workers so good luck getting the porn crowd (who probably have standards too high for her anyway on account of most porn stars, chubby and otherwise, actually being attractive). She'd effectively decimate her audience.

No. 534571

File: 1521603594282.png (1.15 MB, 1440x1663, Screenshot_20180320-233545.png)

it's corn syrup

No. 534579

How stupid are they oh my god

No. 534586

I’m sure that’s going to cause some kind of vag infection and a hella bad acne on our cow.

Is her sheep set up yet?

No. 534590

you mean to tell me they couldn't go buy baby oil or clear lube??


No. 534591

File: 1521604217809.jpg (485.47 KB, 2896x2896, 20180320_224915.jpg)

She has a wolf tail in the last video

No. 534594

Good lord, Moo is on a tour de Texan skank!

No. 534597


No. 534600

She legit looks like a clone just a bit thinner/stripper

I bet moo wishes she looked like her

No. 534601


That chick is shapep like a brick and yet Mariah still makes her look good in comparison. Jesus.

they probably did tbh lol Talentless hacks do that a lot.

Hah, gross. Good luck with that yeast infection.

No. 534603


. . . Just use baby oil you dumb fucks. Wow are these bitches stupid.

No. 534604

Yo these are the photos York finds in deadly premonition. Like two anons will get this reference.

No. 534611

File: 1521605057560.png (1 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-03-20-20-58-38…)

No. 534620

wtf man. corn syrup doesn't even have the right consistency.

No. 534622

Nothing like some teppanyaki or korean BBQ after a hard day of being a whore, eh Moo? Way to keep up that clean diet of yours, my dude.

No. 534623

File: 1521605855288.png (1.21 MB, 720x1164, Screenshot_2018-03-20-21-13-23…)

No. 534625</