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File: 1520098829642.jpg (116.66 KB, 1024x475, PeopleofKekistan-1024x475.jpg)

No. 519691

It's about time we have a thread for the Anti-SJW/Skeptic Community. Here you can discuss any drama involving the people in it. Shoe0nhead has her own thread >>509237 so does Blaire White >>192045, you can still discuss any drama involving them in the community, but keep their own specific stuff to their threads.
Some known events to discuss:
>Kraut and Tea getting RageAfterStorm fired from her job by tweeting her employer and the entire community screeching at him for doxxing her.
>Post vidcon drama that Shoe0nhead,Andy Warski and Blaire White stirred up involving their fellow anti-sjw stalker.
>The alt-right doxxing discord server that many of anti-sjws such as Sargon, Jeff Holiday, Kraut and Tea took part in.
>JF aka Jean-Francois Gariepy and Kraut and Tea "debating race realism" while some random women are crying in the bg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlHTVa--8Jg
>Kilroy drama where Computing Forever, Based Mama and Sister Danger fail to organize an event and stir up the community.
>Based Mama forcing many speakers to sign 3 year NDA in order to be promoted.
>Race realism live streams and internet bloodsports in general and those Andy Warski hosts on his channel.
Some people in this community:
Andy Warski: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2h3yPmh9TfQv2z3aTDTHHA
SomeBlackGuy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7e57qWIEAZTQAaFwHpKdlw
Barbara4u2c: https://www.youtube.com/user/Barbara4u2c
Roaming Millenial: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLUrVTVTA3PnUFpYvpfMcpg
Computing Forever: https://www.youtube.com/user/LACK78/videos
Jean-Francois Gariepy: https://www.youtube.com/user/JFGariepyVideo
Sargon Of Akkad: https://www.youtube.com/user/SargonofAkkad100/
Kraut and Tea: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr_Q-bPpcw5fJ-Oow1BW1NQ
Jeff Holiday: https://www.youtube.com/user/RottingLepha
No Bullshit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZNk7Jjb2t8EuBdgn4Zj1cw
Hunter Avallone: https://www.youtube.com/user/hunteravallone
Stefan Molyneux: https://www.youtube.com/user/stefbot

No. 519701

Are these people ever going to stop being relevant? I would have expected it to happen by now.

They all make the same videos saying the same shit about the same people and events. How do you not get bored of yourself bitching about feminism and ~the decline of western civilization~? Honest to god. How fucking dull.

No. 519721

I highly doubt it. Some of them have evolved to talk about shit like race realism (ex: Andy Warski) but as long as money keeps coming their way, they will continue to pander to their audience.

No. 528625

I have just become aware of this thread. OP has a few things wrong.
1)K&T didn't get RAS fired from her job. He tweeted at her non-employer about the content of her vids and was lambasted for it from all sides.
2) K&T server wasn't a doxing server, K&T and known doxer Zephanorian were privately plotting to dox. Others on the server weren't aware of it. Many have publicly stated so. (Zephanorian has doxed many of the Anti-SJWs whenever her or his girlfriend Lizz Reptile have or create beef with them.)
3) It wasn't Based Mama who forced the NDAs or the contracts for the conference, it was Sister Danger. She held the position of planner/coordinator due to her 'over 2 decades of professional experience', a point she was sure to make and repeat as often as possible until it turned out not to be such a popular concept.
(The person who published the NDA has told me that Based Mama asked him to publish it, so if she was 100% into it, it wouldn't make sense that she would publish it and therefore void it.)

Andy Warski has gone completely off the reservation and aligned himself and others with not only Joy Sparkle BS, but is now letting pedo advocate JFG basically run his entire channel.

No. 528765

Did anyone else go through a cringy anti-sjw phase. When I was a teen I thought I was so cool and superior for being willfully ignorant and just plugging my ears and screaming whatever anti-sjw nonsense was popular at the time even if I knew it was factually incorrect or manipulated information. I grew up but its sad seeing people like Sargon and shoe etc still being so dumb when they're so old.

No. 529614

The Wrong Bishop does a great job of dissecting the alt-right/anti-sjw connections.
He's fair and pretty balanced. Andy Warski and his associates are disgusting people. Sharing the planet with them is a depressive thought

No. 529664

File: 1521098565082.jpg (22.27 KB, 300x300, ew.jpg)


they all look musty, like they need a good scrubbing with dettol and a wire brush

No. 529709

So the thread about the Skeptics is dead then?

No. 530135

File: 1521143981726.jpg (8.1 KB, 104x474, the pandering dead.jpg)

The two on the right look like they've been dead for weeks.

No. 530548

That would be Rucka Rucka Ali, who was probably doing it on purpose.
Below him is Lizz Reptile who made a video with her boyfriend about how they don't want anymore drama in the anti-sjw community and then went on to create a firestorm of drama, including heavy involement in the "doxing" server scandal that revealed that no one had actually been doxed.

No. 532209

There's a skeptic thread? Where's that?

No. 532232

Nvm, I found it. It's full of idiots who don't know what's going on, acting like they know what's going on. Same as the kiwi farms threads. Are there no anons that actually talk to any of these people to be able to accurately report the situation? Jfc, it's getting to be worse than /b/ over here.

No. 532243

I like how if it weren't for the flag they'd be pretty much interchangeable with the stereotypical sjw, style wise. mishmash of nerdy and emo accessories, rainbow lanyards. The only thing missing is "danger hair." Maybe that's why they're so obsessed with it? Deep down they know they look and act just like militant sjws, so they hyperfocus on the arbitrary differences

No. 532319

File: 1521428183060.png (15 KB, 468x140, cantwait.png)

No. 532356

File: 1521429941367.png (92.64 KB, 532x290, haha.png)

(Also, stefan being so thick he thinks this sounds bad)

No. 532362

Then why not correct the thread rather than just bitching about it?

No. 532480

Seriously. You mean I can have a lot of cute men when I'm young and retire peacefully with a ton of cats once I'm old? Hell yeah, where do I sign up?

No. 532526

stefan you man hater. plenty of men don't care about how many previous partners you've had in the past as long as you have a good fulfilling relationship now. Not all men are irrational unempathetic hypocrites who only want a pure virgin bride, you misandrist.

No. 532611

Good ol' Stefan

No. 532619

This guy is a psycho. I looked into all his 'DEFOO' crap last year and he pressured his wife into cutting off her parents and even posted the letter her parents wrote begging their daughter to speak to them again as proof of their 'manipulative behaviour'. I don't know if it's all still up. But really sad.

No. 532622

I guess you didn't know that he was originally a cult leader already then

No. 532641

Metokur and Ethan Ralph both started going off on the ":Mens Rights Movement", after one of the members Dr.Randomnercam defended an autistic paedo in comments of a Metokur video.

Most people mentioned in the video are tangentially related to the Anti-SJW community.

No. 533050


i was about to ask if he thought he was Scientology or something. sit your 1st world ass without any real problems down and shut the fuck up.

No. 533052

Are we going to add internet aristocrat / Mister Metokur? He was pretty prevalent in GG and now with his blood sports but I guess he's not super anti-sjw like the above

No. 533088

I don't think Metokur is at all milky or cringey but someone mentioned in another thread that they couldn't wait for him to be exposed because there is so much milk on him but I'm not sure if they're just butthurt by his asshole persona or not.
Either way I'm interested in any milk on him.

No. 533159

Well Metokur is in on the JQ but refuses to directly answer his opinion on it
But he outed himself on his opinion fighting Vee because he isn't the best at debates, let's face it. He rages way too quickly too

I'm sure none of them have a clean past (as Sargon has said about the right already, but look at all sides there are tbh)

No. 533167

ew lol i always thought he sounded like a total cult leader but i hadn't heard about this stuff/DEFOO until just now (i don't keep up with him much). idk how anyone can stand to listen to stephan's smarmy voice, he's physically repulsive to listen to

No. 535585

Metokur never goes after the alt-right and I heard, but have not confirmed, that he spends a lot of time in alt-right discords, unironically.
If he gets caught out, he says he's just in it for the lulz, but he's never in it for the lulz when it comes to the alt-right. JF's court docs get released and picked up by normie media and Metokur has nothing to say?
Yeah….for the lulz, Jimbo.

No. 535629

File: 1521709699738.png (46.46 KB, 376x213, C7Jmt88.png)

No. 535643


I know for sure that Metokur (Internet Aristocrat back then) used to browse /pol/ back in 2015.

Other than that the biggest drama surrounding him (when he deleted his Internet Aristocrat channel) is when he was a part of some Google Hangouts Gamergate discussion and you could hear him fucking his girlfriend live.

No. 535644

Video in question, skip to 1:52:53

The original video got a lot of scrutiny for it and he got criticized for being unprofessional and trashy etc

His (ex?) gf was also crazy.

No. 538690

Yeah, anti-sjwism is a teen thing

No. 538692


This whole stream is pretty milky, Warski, Metokur, and JF are touching dicks about how epic their trolling is.

No. 538772

oh man i was only able to see little bit of it before their circle jerk became annoying.

Andy is just an idiot who got famous of off a sjw trend, JF has an extremely inflated ego (even the viewers are catching on now in the latest stream where he lashed out at Andy when he was losing a debate) and he most def has a pregnancy kink it's creepy af.

The debate mentioned

No. 538888

Dw anon, we all have our cringey teen phases. The same thing applies to the teens who fall into the extreme left trap except you were just edgier. Balance and moderation is key for everything including good mindset and character.

No. 539011

anyone else find it bizarre that warski is the one who rose to prominence with all this internet bloodsports stuff? he's a shit host and an even shittier moderator and he can barely even read the superchats. and everyone runs rings around him, even pseudo-intellectuals like sargon. it's clearly gone to his head as well, you can tell he thinks he's hot shit now. just embarrassing.

No. 539606

Warski's entire cabal are shit.
Lately, it has been fun since Warski was 'schooled' by JF and they're having a sissy-girl slap fight because JF basically took over his channel. That is what the alt-right does to everyone who tries to fuck around with them: ease in, take over, turn on them, cry victim, destroy them. They do it to every single youtuber dumb enough to mess with them, but these idiots never learn.

No. 540260

Warski isn't smart, and it's pretty apparent whenever he tries to debate someone.
Even Destiny could stand up against him.

No. 540265

He really was only able to do it off the backs of Spencer and Sargon ironically enough.

No. 540299

I never put AW in the "skeptic" realm. He's not smart enough to correctly use words like Alynskiesque or know who kurt vonnegut is. He's just a stoner dudebro who wants to be taken seriously but can't be arsed to put even the slightest effort into any kind of self-improvement and relies heavily on his much smarter, more well-known affiliations.
Or, he did until he burned all his bridges to them and is now back to groveling and begging them to take him back. He's an idiot for putting all his eggs in JF's basketcase.

No. 540344

How did the old saying go?
Something like,
“Battle not with monsters ‘least you become a monster yourself and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you.”.

Really could be applied to all if not most of them.

No. 540381

>he did until he burned all his bridges
What do you mean

No. 540383

Well, Sargon and shoe are mostly bandwagon hoppers and retarded as fuck, and anti-SJW was the word of the month at some time. I've always been anti-SJW and still am but even when Sargon was gaining momentum I thought he was full of shit and picking the low hanging fruits to gain views. Same goes for shoe.

tbh I'm pretty sure it was June/shoe posting to derail because it was replying to an anon who said they wished Metokur to make a video out of her. If there was any real milk on him out there, it would've most definitely come to daylight by now.

Warski isn't a lolcow per se but goddamn he's retarded. I don't get why he's around the bloodsports gang and gets invited constantly because he outright said he's bad with banter and can't take it.

No. 540589

Stefan has some good points but it's necessary to take everything he says in general with a grain of salt. His infographic videos tend to be somewhat informative, but that's all there really is other than stating the obvious and raging over only getting $1 dollar tips to keep his radiocast website going

No. 540595

Well if you think about it, Andy only has the bloodsports fad now.
He's a common backseater and allows everyone to host for him on his own channel and to create content for him.
JF is essentially a creep in his own regard, and AW has no real friends in any of these circles.
He's merely the class clown and who draws the crowd among the other bloodsports channels.
He's a tool for other YouTubers and any meaningful interactions he once had is now lost forever. He's an asset, a tool to be used and discarded
He's too blinded by the spotlight right now however to care about the future of his own YouTube career if you can even call it that

That's merely my assessment anyway

No. 540601

Outside of Kilroy, is there any milk on Computing Forever? I've been curious about him for a while besides Black Pigeon Speaks who's been ousted as being in far East Asia and involving himself with a business involving prostitutes or something like that
I need another Anon to confirm or debunk this
Vid related; BPS reveal because he works for another channel on YouTube particularly exploring why you should visit Asian countries

No. 540740

I had heard the same re: BPS running some kind of Japanese cat house for American sex tourists or something like that, but cannot confirm.
I can dig a little and see what I find.

No. 541407

File: 1522403612055.jpg (9.97 KB, 300x300, cAbMfRG.jpg)

Any ideas on Roaming Millennial?

No. 546024

she is a half Asian
White mom and Asian dad
she is civil nationalist christian conservative right wing .

Who posts a lot of right-wing material on youtube channel.
She is fan of fox news

She hate identify politic.

she against identity politic. Being mixed race is an identity. Saying you're opposed to identity politics because you identify as someone with "no identity" i.e RM identifies as having no identity therefore she has to be against "identity politics". She is looking thru the lense of seeing people who have no care of their future race and offspring as "individuals" and those who care about their future offspring as "collectivest".

She has also described herself as "pro-white" at one point, in the sense that she doesn't belief white people or 'whiteness' should be vilified


No. 546026

Hapa Supremacy

She support white identity

Both them are half Asian part of the skeptic community.

The couple been on Pilleater podcast and support eurasian ethnostate from pilleater.

Pilleater White Supremacist Youtuber named “PillEater” pushes for Asian-Aryanism

Neo-Nazi and Alt-right founder of a website named “Asian-Aryanism,” complains about how liberal, feminist white women are disapproving of the relationships between Neo-Nazis and Asian women

No. 546318

i have been watching her recently, she gives me shoe vibes in terms of her on screen appearance and behaviour and cadence of speaking. she constantly sounds like she is trying extremely hard to be the ultimate notliketheothergirls, cool girly girl thing. interested to see what other people think of her.


she's also pro life.

No. 546326


She just a pretty girlthat ring wing closet racist just jack off to her.

one of her video she she play by saying she abling white supremacy.

Richard Spencer feel sorry her because she mixed.

No. 546346

No bullshit has Asian girlfriend .


He doesn't understand racist Ideology. There lot of white dude with carry polite view that has racist view. There are many racist dude with Asian girlfriend but use the girlfriend as shield of the race.

No. 546348

ESL anon, read the rules and stop replying to yourself.

No. 547015


Agreed, to me she's almost as unlikeable as Shoe. Roaming tries so hard to sound ''smart'' it's ridiculous, I mean she's like 19-22? Wtf does she know?

She always sounds so arrogant and has that holier-than-thou speech that makes her insufferable.
Most of her videos are shit anyways, but the one on Veganism was just embarrassing.

No. 547373

No. 547511

File: 1522971086142.png (199.96 KB, 640x1136, 1522940771776.png)

Sargon's old twitter is full of good stuff.

No. 547521

Why didn't you just post the tweet instead of this whole ass screenshot…?

No. 547648

File: 1522981372923.jpg (29.95 KB, 737x353, 5n43b597lqsz.jpg)

Couldn't find it, sorry.

No. 547652

The thing that really upsets me about sargon vs the alt-right is that the alt-right just spews idiotic arguments, but sargon can't debate and just spergs out at them.

No. 547692

Sargon's old twitter was full of gay BLACKED porn for a while and a picture of his own bare ass.

No. 547696

"Liberalists" like Sargon can't debate the far left or the far right properly because their whole argument boils down to "but I don't care and neither should you because we are all just individuals"

No. 547894

Roaming Millenial says no identity politics, nazis turn on her showing how they truly feel on half/ full asians, they call her a half breed and worthless mongrel in the comments.

No. 547966

File: 1523022737537.jpg (132.94 KB, 949x1200, 1522971562136.jpg)

The thing is Sargon can't even manage to argue that point, he just starts trying to argue about semantics and logistics instead of actually debating ideas. The only reason Sargon is against the alt-right is because they like to pick on him.

That whole "tribalism is ingrained in human society because babies prefer to be held by members of their own race" argument is really fucking weak, and if Sargon was smart he could have easily took it down.

He did a debate with Andrew Angln where he came on and said, "I'm not here to debate with you" and spent the whole stream arguing about whether or not he agreed to come on for a debate.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csfHwkT-2jg

Vee, who isn't really a liberal either, is actually sorta smart and can effectively debate these people. Sargon cant.

No. 561623

Bumping this thread, has any of you been following the Baked Alaska drama? It's been such a huge fucking abyss of an endless train wreck that I have trouble keeping aboard.
>Baked got a new airheaded thot to appear on his stream and complained about people being "toxic" in his stream's chatbox
>Baked got BTFOd by a very angry Metokur who called him a sellout during a very heated stream and then hung up on him
>Baked was crying over being bullied by him and during a later Ralph Retort stream threw his weight around at everyone, attacking Warski by revealing that he was asking him for a cocaine dealer
>Warski's family "coincidentally" got doxxed
>Someone leaks a 40-minute discord call and e-mails of Baked looking for a DEEP WEB HACKER!!!! to take down Warski's, Tonka Saw's etc. channels and every mirror archive channel hosting bits of Baked's meltdown
>Apparently he got a hold of a hacker who turned out to be a fake and leaked all of this shit
>It's just going on and I lost track of it because it gained traction ridiculously fast
I swear these manbaby drama shows of grown men acting like children are the best.

No. 567515

Good lord,I can't stand this naive child!

I get that the RadFems and SJWs can be annoying,but let's be honest,WTF are they gonna do about em? Take away their 1st amendment right to speak?

I remember her "debate" with Destiny and good lord she sucked up to Nick Fuentes so much! rolls eyes

No. 654976

It could be a game where they don't feel guilty I used to enjoy having newborns and I don't mind and even the one who is it? I only have one question, why don't you just focusing on dental hygiene.Some people do forget though that after jail she will start slapping the ass now.

I must admit most of the same thing as your favorite scent?

No. 685684

File: 1536642443750.png (323.88 KB, 616x1128, 1yaQzHU.png)

This girl is friends with redpillchick btw.

No. 685688

File: 1536642624237.png (405.45 KB, 1018x914, FQ9D185.png)

No. 685689

File: 1536642685027.png (61.42 KB, 610x482, mKZVdag.png)

No. 685748

File: 1536651149420.png (17.69 KB, 788x148, G51dMpQ.png)

Shoe also follows her.

No. 1959139

File: 1706169552452.png (993.56 KB, 1428x2349, Screenshot_20240125-025350.png)

JF "short stack" gariepy's wife has been missing for over 6 months

No. 1959153

I used to be into the anti-SJW stuff, but I got bored with it afterwhile. I think they occasionally make some solid points, but when your whole gimmick is talking about things that are "woke", it gets old.

I'm now in the "don't consume what you don't like" camp. If you see something you consider "woke", don't talk about it and don't buy it. Don't give them attention. The less money they make off of "wokeness", the more likely they are to stop being "woke".

Also, for the record, I define "wokeness" as moral grandstanding/preachiness, especially with regards to feminism, race, and LGBTQ+ activism.(blogging, no contribution of milk, lack of integration)

No. 1959271


No. 1959420

He did not kill Mama JF, he respected her liberty, and dropped her off, at the gas station, to start a new life. He replaced all the carpeting, in his house, the day after, because he wanted it to be his style. Mama JF, has always been a drifter, she can cross the border without a passport, he dropped her, in front of a camera, it's fine, he did not kill her. Women, just make silly decisions, she asked to be released, into the woods. People only think he killed, Mama JF, because he is a white man. And, if she is dead, it does not matter, because his new girlfriend is better. He will inseminate her soon. Mama JF is fine, don't worry about it.(USER, HAS BEEN, PUT OUT, TO, PASTURE)

No. 1959636

How come there's no metokur ITT? I remember when that fag actually had an encyclopedia dramatica page with his real name and mug but then it got taken down lmao

No. 1959969

I am watching you on surveillance camera.

No. 1960023

It's kinda funny these guys are more racially diverse then most breadtubers.

No. 1960550

one of life's little jokes

No. 1963447

The fact he's backed by Epstein makes it creepier. Did she know to much? Was she gonna expose the fact that he maybe apart of some sex Illuminati trafficking ring lol(learn to sage)

No. 1963488

what the fuuck. he's the race realist guy right? what a fucking sicko may he rot in jail

No. 1963591

These moids are starting to use an AI engine called DignifAI to take images of women and remove their tattoos/put them in modest dresses with a baby on their hip to ‘guilt them into becoming tradwives’

Why are right wing moids so fucking cringe and retarded

No. 1963743

Add Ronnie radke to this. Honestly he should have his own thread

No. 1963763

he came out of his cave to stream a few days ago just to sperg about Ralph some more. It's really fucking sad how obsessed they are with eachother. Metokur used to say all these interesting internet stories and he knew details of figures and events that everyone in his circle just ignored, like Nick Fuentes actually not being banned from flying or Israel or details of the Candid disaster

No. 1964003

Use AI to give moids hair, shrink their midsections and put them in a Job

No. 1964056

He definitely killed her. He didn't report her missing at all, he says she suddenly decided to become a nomad leaving her young children at home with him and he dropped her off at a gas station, didn't tell anyone shed left then coincidentally decided to redecorate his whole house including replacing plasterboard. It was her family who reported her missing weeks later. The court docs from his previous relationship are worth reading because he abused and controlled his ex gf and then she ran away with the kid and he's not allowed any contact at all, he had a psych eval saying he's basically a sociopath.
It's so clear that his latest broodmare wanted to leave him and he didn't want to risk her getting the kids so he murdered her and got rid of the body before anyone even knew she was missing. I hope they find her remains soon and throw the fucking book at him.

No. 1964071

absolutely horrifying

No. 1964146

Could be good material for the tradthots thread, too bad it's locked.

No. 1964263

Was it? I noticed the trolls from there spilling over into other threads already.

No. 1964266

That Daily Beast story is terrifying. I watched one of this freak’s videos once and he just oozes evil energy from every pore.

No. 1964338

File: 1707524107707.jpg (326.53 KB, 1080x2044, jfg.jpg)

There's also the court docs from the time he tried to lure and impregnate a young woman with the mental age of a ten year old, I think it was actually this one that's got the psych eval in but his whole MO is targeting mentally disabled women to use as incubators. Luckily this one had her parents around to protect her

No. 1964339

No. 1964340

average “eugenics supporter” moid

No. 1964342

File: 1707524575904.jpg (317.44 KB, 1080x1056, jfg2.jpg)

A hypocritical one too for all his white supremacy shit cause she was Hispanic.

No. 1964343

File: 1707524679225.jpg (939.36 KB, 1080x2340, jfg3.jpg)

No. 1964345

File: 1707525307402.jpg (627.95 KB, 1080x2340, jfg4.jpg)

No. 1964346

File: 1707525375285.jpg (584.44 KB, 1080x2340, jfg5.jpg)

He contested the parents getting guardianship over her

No. 1964348

File: 1707525633537.jpg (544.6 KB, 1080x2340, jfg6.jpg)

He claimed he was her fiancee and moved her in for three weeks before her parents came and got her, he had already started to register his address for her insurance. Men are generally awful but this guy is the worst kind of monster, a true predator who has only ever wanted to enslave vulnerable teenagers and make them give birth for him, I don't even think it's about the sex at all

No. 1964357

He referred to marriage as ‘contract for a baby’ so yeah he’s repulsive. The kf thread is good.

No. 1964363

File: 1707529059853.jpeg (2.6 MB, 1267x1841, E52D6162-A153-41D9-9EA1-E41C5E…)

Yeah, I read it from the start when it first came out that she was missing and it was wild to see how obviously his behavior towards women has escalated. I just had a look back and it seems the link to the custody case is dead now but here's a bit of the psych eval, the whole case is fucking insane.

No. 1964481

What the fuck did he do touring the expectant parents ward that made the hospital officials literally call the police, have the girl change her identity to give birth and offer her security protection during and directly after labor?! I am transfixed with this entire saga and I must know more. I read the entire 58 page court thing about the autistic girl.

No. 1964501

File: 1707569840490.png (635.01 KB, 608x708, lol.PNG)

No. 1964502

File: 1707569894249.png (757.63 KB, 654x824, 1 (1).PNG)

No. 1964503

File: 1707569924130.png (704.64 KB, 631x823, 2 (1).PNG)

No. 1964504

File: 1707569950689.png (586.4 KB, 587x818, 3.PNG)

No. 1964505

File: 1707569978899.png (626.08 KB, 629x814, 4.PNG)

No. 1964506

File: 1707570053884.png (629.72 KB, 623x830, 5.PNG)

No. 1964507

File: 1707570110424.png (509.95 KB, 596x688, 6.PNG)

No. 1964508

File: 1707570144243.png (527.15 KB, 754x377, psych1.PNG)

No. 1964510

File: 1707570172104.png (1.09 MB, 773x772, psych2.PNG)

No. 1964511

File: 1707570198188.png (1.06 MB, 756x795, psych3.PNG)

No. 1964512

File: 1707570300725.png (650.06 KB, 755x526, psych4.PNG)

I'm sure there's more in the KF thread, here's the final court opinion too which is a pretty brief overview https://law.justia.com/cases/north-carolina/court-of-appeals/2018/17-1175.html

No. 1964744

No. 1986213

File: 1713336409093.png (371.28 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20240416-220758.png)

It seems JF found another victim, here he is sperging out on twitter about his missing wife and essentially victim blaming her while simultaneously bragging about how he preyed on another poor woman.
Link to milk:

No. 1986217

How the fuck is it even legal, as a medical professional with the authority to officially declared someone a sociapath and let them walk free?

No. 1986220

File: 1713339814871.png (90.08 KB, 1172x636, RageRaging .png)

Since this thread was bumped I may as well post some older milk thought I doubt this will ever lead anywhere else anytime soon. RageAfterStorm apparently tried to get her KiwiFarms removed a few years back for “defamation” despite nothing there being faked and she had been irrelevant for years even for the time, obviously she was trying to cover her tracks. I do miss Rage honestly because if nothing else her videos at least could’ve brought some good milk and she could’ve been a good cow. I do think there were some people tinfoiling she was going into camgirling/porn but that came from 8Chan so it was probably fake knowing that site

No. 1986238

File: 1713349675538.jpeg (699.02 KB, 1125x1632, IMG_4561.jpeg)

martin sellner was banned from germany and deported from switzerland. other prominent alt righters have ofc been crying about muh free speech and state terrorism on social media on his behalf ever since. borders and remigration for thee and not for me i guess kek

No. 1986250

File: 1713355571084.png (102.3 KB, 905x486, 1713177778600 (1).png)

Wait, is JF the one everyone memed for only going after "muh potato wives" where they all were either severely autistic or low IQ or is he the one that would get made fun of for poorly pandering to 4chan- I'll eat my mini ban for spoonfeeding.

At this point, I'm not entirely sure if Metokur's just a massive munchie or actually dying of cancer. Had no idea he was even doing streams until recently

No. 1987074

Has anyone else listened to any of the interviews JF gave after Élora went missing? I'm aware of three, but I 'll post with links and timestamps to events I found interesting.
First of all, this is his interview with The Crucible. He mentions some beef with Ramzpaul betraying him by implying he is guilty of murdering his wife, but I'm not sure if that was an interview too or if Ramz was just talking about JF on his show. Either way, the host on The Crucible was acting in a way that made JF feel like he was being believed and he was comfortable talking about some of the details of Élora's disappearance. Comments have been disabled.

[3:59] JF says that Élora could be dead, or she could be having so much fun at parties that she doesn't know anyone is looking for her

[6:30] JF talks about how his wife did something similar (leaving for a trip/hitch hiking) in 2021 from "our current location" to Quebec "which is more than ten hours of driving".

[8:00] He talks about how on June 17th in the early afternoon, Élora asked him to drop her off at a gas station close to a bridge that a lot of truck drivers go to. He mentions she had done this in the past. He keeps talking about how he dropped her off in front of cameras and that was the last time he personally saw her. He says he knew she was alive on the 18th and 19th of June because they tried to call each other and also texted, but that the last contact was via text on June 19th before he says she decided to get rid of her cellphone. He says she was spotted by other people on June 19th in New Brunswick.

[11:26] JF says he informed her family on June 17th "that she was going toward them" because "she was probably heading west".

[11:49] He says that her family's position on the matter "is that you cannot retain a woman against her will" and then goes on to say, "They have always been clear to me that they don't want me to beat Mama JF, they don't want me to intimidate Mama JF"

[12:50] He says that as of June 19th, her family is also looking for her

[13:48] JF says that Élora had been collecting survival gear but he didn't think she had packed it with her when she left because she had packed so lightly, said that he "wouldn't think that she was going for extended survival in nature".

[15:20] JF says that he wouldn't be worried about her being able to pass over the border through "networks of smuggling" and then states that "she could be on a container of bananas heading toward Peru right now."

[16:36] JF says that he told the investigators that his wife would hide from them.

[18:00] JF keeps complimenting the investigators and saying that he was never a suspect to them.

[20:56] The host talks about how statistically, women are most likely to be killed by the men closest to them and JF gets mad and spergs out. He said to "check your own bigotry"

[27:00] JF explains why he cleaned his house after Élora disappeared. Mentions how she has "broken two of my laptops" by "just playing with water" (?). Talks about wanting to make more room in his fridge for diet pepsi because his wife's vegetables were in the way.

[32:30] JF talks about having to have restraint because he is not allowed to mention certain details about the investigation as it is still ongoing.

[36:30] JF makes a bizarre hypothetical "plea" to Élora that she should contact him through an encrypted email to diminish the police/media attention

[39:20] JF gets really smug and angry and starts talking about how nobody is entitled to know where his wife is

[1:08:48] Superchatter asks JF, "Is it comforting to you knowing there are so many people out there who care about her and her safety and they'll eventually find her?" to which JF blows up in anger and calls everyone "a bunch of fucking normies" for caring about his wife.

No. 1987077

Lauren DeLaguna's interview follows. It is very apparent that JF didn't know who she was and that he only came on the interview to speak to an attractive young lady. He was able to be comfortable for the first half because he really wanted to be able to talk about himself to a woman. He gets pissed off at her eventually once they start discussing Élora and then he rage quits.

[13:36] JF talks about how he worked in a psychiatric clinic and the women he would meet there
[17:32] JF asking Lauren what kind of men she is attracted to
[22:06] superchatter asks JF about if his children are safe, he just says “yeah”.
[25:29] Lauren asks JF if Élora was the only woman he had children with and says he already told her he wouldn’t answer any questions about children, then implies he has a lot of children and calls them “projects”.
[28:45] Lauren asks JF how he has been getting on after his wife’s disappearance, mentions she heard his fridge was empty and then JF gets mad about his fridge, does damage control about the contents of his fridge
[33:14] JF describes what Élora was wearing when she went missing
[35:28] Lauren asks JF if he can show his final texts with Élora and he refuses because the police would have his texts if they wanted them
[39:58] superchatter asks why JF’s wife would leave the children. Lauren says his wife committed a crime by leaving the kids, JF blows up and insults her intelligence, then rage quits
[41:40] Lauren’s friends were listening in the background the whole time and start making fun of him for being guilty

No. 1987079

The last interview I'm aware of is the one on The Dick Show. JF starts out pretty uncomfortable but Dick seems to get JF comfortable by acting shockjocky and disparaging Lauren's interview. He seems the most comfortable in this interview out of the three and says some pretty weird things. One of the comments under this video that I found interesting:
>The two weeks she left last year she went to her family and stayed in contact, and JF's streaming revolved around publicly looking for a replacement wife to try to make his wife jealous, complete with a countdown until she returned.

[6:33] “It was happiness for four months” after Élora disappeared
[8:20] JF talks about how he had to have the house sterilized because women leave an imprint on the house
[8:52] JF brags about how he has so much technical knowledge of the way police investigate crimes
[12:02] JF says he doesn’t have an opinion on whether or not he would like his wife to come back home because he is a libertarian, then says he is getting lots of attention from women after having been suspected of killing his wife
[26:53] Dick asks JF what he should do if he wanted to kill his own wife and get away with it, further emboldening JF to talk about himself and his perceived knowledge about getting away with crimes
[32:07] Dick tries to make JF more comfortable talking about Élora by telling his chat that JF is not incriminating himself, then JF talks about how sure he is he won’t go to jail
[33:23] JF expresses he was angry at Lauren during the interview because she accused him of not having any food in his fridge (lol)
[34:53]“There are grief periods that you have. Not necessarily the grief of knowing that she is dead, but the grief of having control over your wife, the grief of, yeah, you’re gonna have to keep living without knowing.”
[35:45] JF expresses that he is afraid of a future where someone will replicate his DNA and have it “spread all over a murder scene”, then says he has 24/7 tracking and filming of himself and keeps a camera above himself while he sleeps

No. 1987135

If you’re going to post this at least include the entire context. Martin isn’t trying to move there, he wanted to enter Germany temporarily, and as he rightly pointed out the German govt has repeatedly acted as if they believe borders are oppressive constructs and simply have no way of keeping people out - until it’s someone like Martin. They’re hypocrites, and worst of all their hypocrisy is enacted against someone who is of no threat to the native populace of Germany. The govt is quite happy to allow in unvetted migrants who rape and murder their native populace.

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