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File: 1518746551748.jpg (87.77 KB, 960x960, 27067652_2036083796637223_7097…)

No. 504458

19 year old Glaswegian NEET with a collection of body mods including (among many others) a split tongue, reshaped ears, stretched labret, retired stretched philtrum that looks like an anus, failed facial scarification and crappy hand tattoos.

Other fun facts:
- Wears hilariously bad makeup
- Obnoxious vegan
- Fucks any tattooed unemployed guy that will let her call him daddy, is surprised when they inevitably turn out to be dickheads.
- Has recently started tying to make money through a NSFW Tumblr. The content mainly consists of her shoving things in her butt.
- Does this under her real name because she's obviously not planning on ever getting a real job.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/skyepurdon
FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007068665131
NSFW Tumblr: https://restingcxntface.tumblr.com

No. 504459

File: 1518746565615.jpg (42.31 KB, 357x506, b68f3aa037c6afaeeac1e07d14304c…)

No. 504460

File: 1518746583883.jpg (45.83 KB, 586x739, 17498920_1886652644913673_2852…)

No. 504461

File: 1518746603907.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.05 KB, 720x960, 23472755_1996518193927117_6263…)

No. 504462

File: 1518746620888.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.58 KB, 640x640, 3210418f6840e6caf5c231f906bbb0…)

No. 504465

File: 1518746839738.jpg (33.71 KB, 320x400, 21577228_1976931599263100_2991…)

No. 504466

holy fuck, what look was she going for with this??

No. 504472

So fuckin edgy lmao

No. 504473

I’d call this look ‘at me always’

No. 504620


perpetual unemployment

No. 504732

Her highlight is really annoying. She looks like she’s sweating oil.

No. 505127

jesus, not only is this so tryhard edgy because it's a burning bible and it's on her hand to make sure everyone sees it, but it's so fucking shittily done. legit looks like clipart

thanks for the thread btw OP!

No. 506669

File: 1518915253990.png (1.32 MB, 1065x1009, Screenshot_20180218-004456.png)

Imagine paying $42 for this tacky piece of plastic

No. 506689

Oh this bitch. She used to pop up on my explore page a while back. Her stories were full of “accidentally showing off my self harm scars” and body checking. Oh and she used to be obsessed with one of those lip suckers that Kylie Jenner claimed to use before omg shocker, she got injections. She’s self obsessed and obnoxious. Def snow material but wouldn’t say she’s milky. Its just fun to laugh at her 2edgy4you aesthetics.

No. 506722

On her story she's always showing off that she's going over to random tinder guys' places to fuck. Gross.

One of them oh so surprisingly turned out to be a dick (who thought a greasy tattooed fuck you met on tinder could have a bad personality) and burnt his favourite shirt. IIRC it was an Overwatch shirt. Classy.

I didn't know she got injections. I thought her lips looked big because of her stretched lip piercing.

No. 506771

I was referring to Kylie Jenner getting injection. Poor sentence structure on my end.

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this girl eventually did get injections. After she got her philtrum stretched, her lip was fat and swollen and she was like “omg I hope the swelling never goes down my lip looks so fat I love it”. She was saying she wished she could get lip fillers. Last I knew she was just using one of those lip sucker plumpers.
Maybe shoving things in her butt got her enough money for the procedure.

No. 506788

oh fuck i remember this girl, she was on my facebook friends list for a while until recently i had a good clean out. Shes an obnoxious bitch

No. 507260

"hmm this piercing is going to be right under my nose let's make it bright ass green"

No. 507262

I've followed skye on instagram for more than a year now, I remember when she came to Manchester to get her head moon done and she was so proud of it, massively bigging up the tattoo shop that did it (holier than thou) - and then within weeks she said she hated it and it didn't turn out the way she wanted. Her burning bible tattoo (>>504465) was done by an apprentice and looks shit as a result, the shirt incident that >>506722 talks about was actually her on/off boyfriend who was a druggie and she met off tinder. Her mum is completely aware of her lifestyle and even encourages her at times. She was supposed to be a tattoo apprentice a while ago but dropped out, was going to a local college iirc but gave up pretty quick into it. She's been bald for a while but recently wearing wigs that she's got from sponsors. Her stories showing her after tinder hook ups/filming videos are revolting. Her tongue split didn't actually work that well, a lot of it rejoined so she was talking about fixing it. Sorry for the essay, I hate how she overdraws her lips to look like slugs as well lmao

No. 507263

File: 1518973074103.jpg (75.54 KB, 750x737, sjk.jpg)

No. 507298

Spoiler this anon!!!! Shit thats nasty af why did she think this was nice to post like how edgy do you have to be to start shaving off whatever 2 brain cells you have with your edge

No. 507382

File: 1518980828997.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1703, A04C1F80-8FDF-4693-A2A7-3B122B…)

I have some dumb tattoos but I feel like a mockingjay one is next level for some reason

No. 507394

File: 1518981194893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.19 KB, 400x533, tumblr_p2tmm5AJIQ1weusgjo1_400…)

Gotta admit she does have nice boobies.

No. 507395

Why would you let an apprentice tattoo your hand?!

No. 507474

underrated post.

Even worse, imagine waking up next to this.

Seriously, "cruelty free"? What is she doing with her face then??

No. 508347

Like I said this on the thread request suggestion for her but if anyone here has stretched ears you know how gross they get
She used to post vids of her popping out her philtrum jewelry and licking the hole euuugghhh

Does anyone have more details on the shirt burning guy? One of her exes who used to pose with her follows me on IG, I'm wondering if it's the same guy, or also if it's the same guy she did boy/girl porn on her blog with

Her nsfw blog doesn't seem to have many followers at all so I'm surprised at how she's doing her content. Most people would big it up and tease way before doing a boygirl anything bc that way there's a higher demand, people are anticipating it and you'd make more money etc
Her blog is kind of like a free for all and she seems fairly easy to get content out of for little money

No. 508662

that mockingjay is hilarious, she's just so edgy

No. 508666

because she's an idiot. she posted some guy's belongings in her story earlier so no doubt it's another tinder hook up who she'll make ~content~ with
she's vile. regarding the guy, she definitely has a type, scummy alt gamer boy. she constantly posts free pics on her tumblr anyway

No. 508674

Is that an eating disorder symbol on her arm?

No. 508692

Please anon, say this isn’t so. I legit gagged at my desk.

No. 508694

Is that the three dots?

No. 508699

File: 1519070901485.jpeg (10.09 KB, 236x314, E3F9787F-6D59-45BA-BDFB-CFF58C…)

I think it’s the curvy line with a bump alongside, it almost looks like a music note. The one that looks like this, but I don’t know what it stands for.

No. 508701


isn't this the NEDA symbol?

No. 508704

File: 1519071029067.png (Spoiler Image, 452.96 KB, 507x511, fegdf.png)

she also has two harry potter tattoos
she has talked about body issues in the past, but these days seems to be more comfortable with her body

No. 508707

Ahaha I want to die now, she’s disgusting.

No. 508709

I honestly don’t know. Is this for recovery or is it pro?

No. 508713

File: 1519071435067.png (Spoiler Image, 526.34 KB, 459x552, sehe.png)

actually i lied, she has three harry potter tattoos

No. 508717

File: 1519071537300.png (172.82 KB, 464x595, 2016.png)

one of her body checks from september 2016

No. 509367


She had a pro ana account a few years back.

No. 509392

>H5'6 (short arse)

How is 5'6" short?

No. 509394

File: 1519134012949.jpg (51.18 KB, 612x612, 6tag-1511028030-82533868828618…)

Real lip size

No. 509399

Wow, good find anon. Wonder why she hasn't deleted it unless she's locked out if it.

No. 509402

File: 1519134384379.jpg (1.17 MB, 1440x2381, Screenshot_20180220-134544.jpg)

She really went hard on getting a lot of bland, empty and likely dirt cheap tattoos just to be covered in tattoos asap.

No. 509415

Desperate to be tiny fragile ana fairy > not actually tiny, in fact painfully average

No. 509445


I checked her Instagram when she came to Holier Than Thou (they @ her). But then never looked her up again. Had no idea she didn't like the halfmoon, after all it's one of her better mods. Most of her tattoos are just painful.

No. 509572

She looks absolutely fucking ridiculous. That monkey anus lips, the extremely shitty tattoos. And she's only 19 years old? Too early to ruin your body. I feel a bit sorry for her

No. 509653

File: 1519151785169.png (1.33 MB, 1063x1049, Screenshot_20180220-141031.png)

Her newest one is ok. I mean, it's hideous but it's well done.

No. 509693

Where does she get her money? The jewelry she wears is not cheap. Some of her earrings are one-of-a-kind and sell for several hundred dollars a pair on Bodyartforms. She has shown-off custom pieces as well.

No. 510059

File: 1519174808518.png (319.21 KB, 600x450, absolutely-disgusting.png)


that drool leaking down her chin tho.

this is the most nauseating thing i've seen all week. i bet her whole face utterly reeks.

No. 510401


I assume her mom since she still lives at home (im pretty sure?). She seems like an entitled rich cunt with nothing going on in her life and no desire to go to school or get a job because why bother when you have mummy.

No. 510471

Sweet lord.

No. 510664

Do you even get rich people in Glasgow?

No. 510672

Cannot stand this cunt. I'm really into mods (subtly done ones that look grown up and sleek, not one that makes it look like someone has had a shrapnel accident) and this little sweat thinks she speaks for all people with mods/tattoos. She's forever posting pic of herself in her underwear with stupid captions like 'I ate this today teehee'.


These guys are my local studio and they did my nostril punches a few years back. They're good, but my feelings for them went declined when I saw them cut massive parts of this girl's face/ears off all for street cred. Really disappointed with HTT.

No. 510673


There’s rich people everywhere. Not saying she is and also, sage your pointless questions.(minimodding)

No. 510677

I've still got a price list from Holier Than Thou from when they first opened. The edgiest thing they did then was genital piercings!

No. 510704

Blogpost but HTT also did my dahlia piercings. They’re all pretty heavily modded themselves so it stands to reason that they would think doing extreme mods is cool.

No. 510710

That’s one of the worst done tattoos I’ve ever seen look at the fucking flames. She reminds me of charms

No. 510711

I remember them too. I used to email them as a 14 year old and ask them the dumbest questions!

I know mate, I completely get that. But I also think there should be some sort of thought for this girl's future much in the way that tattoo artists will often to refuse to tattoo necks/hands/faces unless you're already heavily tattooed.
I just think it was poor judgement on their behalf because yeah, she's of legal age to get that shit done, but cutting half of a young girl's ear off at the age of 18? I dunno.

No. 510723

I see what you’re saying, but I guess it’s not going to affect her future per se, is it? Not like face tattoos or whatever. Yeah she might regret it but most people will probably assume she lost part of her ear in an accident or something, because who’s mental enough to do that on purpose…

No. 510724

Nahh I get you. I think it's just because I did things to my body similar-ish to what she's done and I dunno, something just doesn't settle right though. Saying that, I do love HTT, they're lovely people and their jewellery is ace.
P.S I had no idea there were fellow Manchester anons on here.
Sage'd for blogposting etc.

No. 510726

She had really pretty lips, that’s just sad.

No. 510734

yeah i was horrified when i realised she came all the way to my town to get this stuff done, whenever i've gone to htt for advice they've always been great.

she posted more pics of herself in free promo stuff today and pics of a random guy again, no doubt making new material for her tumblr.
she lives with her mum and she seems pretty supportive, she used to claim to have a part time job but i think she was lying

No. 510742

Yah I always kind of internally wince when I see teenagers doing shit like this because I’m permanently heavily modded now and sometimes I regret it haha.
I don’t live in Manchester anymore but still up North!

No. 510752

File: 1519237525044.png (Spoiler Image, 709.76 KB, 563x511, akkk.png)

manc anons unite~

No. 510885

File: 1519245838892.png (754.39 KB, 1080x1578, Screenshot_20180221-203510.png)

She was a piercing apprentice for about two months. Not sure why she stopped but posting shit like this probably didn't help

No. 510892

>high-key ana-chan thinspo shit with job tagged

hmmm i wonder why

No. 511208

>ugly alt vegan
>sells butt pics
>poor taste in men
>body checks
Soooo what else did she do besides from looking especially ugly? This girl is dime a dozen. Yawwwnnnn.

No. 517109

So I didn’t this bitch for a few months in 2017, and she’s a fucking psycho. To answe some of y’all questions:

• she was fired from the apprenticeship bc she was really really shit
• gets the money from her mum, who happens to be a coke addict
• the overwatxh burning guy, can’t remember his name but she accused him of rape & multiple others ON INSTAGRAM
• she blocks anyone that doesn’t agree with her
• claims she hates guys but would suck a dick of any human you put in front of her
• claims to be vegan, eats jelly

reply if you want more x

No. 517220

pls more anon

No. 517670


Please share, anon!!

I was in a group with her. I'll dig up some stuff when I get home

No. 520668



No. 524737

>> 517109

hi this me again

Some more juicy shit for y'all, sorry I took so long, been busy with work n shit innit.

• Hated her scarification the day she got it because it was so badly done and thin, doesn't speak to Hollier than thou anymore because of how fucked up it is.

• All her tattoos - she doesn't take care of them properly, which is why nearly all of them are faded and look like trash. She goes to places that do them cheap as shit and tries to get discounts by showing her tits / offering to suck their dick after they've tattooed her. She did this once while we were together, where she offered to suck the tattoo artists dick for a 50% discount on the tattoo.

• Claims her ex (overwatch dude) forced her to delete her Tumblr because he didn't want people seeing her naked, when in reality she deleted it herself because she had a mid life crisis mental break down and tried to get a real job, but was declined because of how she looked (good) which is why she now sells her nudes online, because she can't get a real job.

• Spends money on body modifications, tattoos etc to make herself feel better about her body but won't get her crooked as teeth fixed because "she's a female that doesn't need to attend to beauty standards", while buying wigs to attend… to beauty standards…

• Meets guy's on Tinder for 1 night stands, gets annoyed when they won't shag her again and accuses them of abuse / rape.

I can't really think of much more, we stopped dating after a while because she went full scale psycho and I had better things to do. I can post proof of us dating/being together, but don't want to as she'll probably find this, call me out and I cba with that shit anymore. I did used to her on her tumblr page though, but I can't post that link as she deleted her https://skyepurdon.tumblr account, rip us all.

No. 524740


I have a feeling it might be me that follows you. Which boyfriend date wise was it? late 2016, early 2017 or late 2017? There's a few guys in between those dates but I could probably work it out by one of them.

No. 524742

The overwatch cut/burning t-shirt guy was:


Before him was


There was a recent guy as well that she sucked off in a "public place" but I can't seem to find his account anymore.

No. 524832

she spoke or her story yesterday and oh boy those teeth, such a weird contrast with the insta cake face she does, idgi why couldn't she at least whiten them a little

No. 527127


Her face is bad but her teeth are fucking horrific.

No. 527653

Post her teeth

No. 529006

File: 1521044862326.png (984.36 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2018-03-14-17-27-05…)

No. 529044

Her labret hole has blowouts on both sides, it's disgusting. I pity the plastic surgeon who will have to fix her face.

No. 529093

i love you pls come back with more if you think of any

Was her scarification actually objectively shittily done or did she not comunicate properly how she wanted? I'm modded myself and don't hate scarification by any means, it's just so unreliable on how it will both turn out and heal

do you have any links to said overwatch guy? I seem to have missed that drama

No. 529097

fuck I legit just responded asking for details about the exes and overwatch guy is the guy that follows me, weird. He seems quiet and nice especially in comparison to her, although I haven't spoken to him directly

So she accused him of rape? She really seems like a trainwreck. The choices she has made with her appearance are not normally ones I would judge as I have some similar and know a lot of others who do. It's fine if you have a cushy place in a job, work in a non-customer facing customer service environment as they usually dont care, or primarily if you work in tattooing or piercing. She has done all of this to herself so young with no career set up for herself and then resorted to doing sex work with no clear cut goals or business structure, which will make her situation so much worse. hope she at least stays away from hard drugs.

No. 530257

Pretty sure she is straightedge, or atleast she was when I followed her on Instagtam a while back.

Imagine making all these terrible life choices whilst being completely sober. Jesus.

No. 530643


This is the dude that she's been fucking recently.

No. 530849

File: 1521190465551.jpeg (194.22 KB, 640x595, DB66F4E8-DF2D-4D9E-ACE0-788BF5…)

what the actual fuck is going on here

No. 530916

There’s an edit app called Airbrush that does this when you acne-remove over a weird area. Maybe she was trying to get rid of the wrinkles on her nose from scrunching up her eye?

No. 531006

File: 1521219361536.png (113.06 KB, 1080x886, Screenshot_20180316-025252.png)

No. 531018

File: 1521221219441.jpg (65.43 KB, 720x960, random.jpg)

When you start a new RPG and hit the "Randomise" button on the character creation screen.

No. 531061

Aw fuck sake I know him. He's a fanny and really vain but pretty harmless, how the hell did he get involved with her?

No. 531798

Her restingcxntface tumblr still has a lot of her porn on it, you'd think if she deleted the last one and is intent on selling those pictures/videos she wouldn't have them up on tumblr? Free advertisement I suppose. I don't know who she made the videos with though

No. 531800

File: 1521394692725.png (Spoiler Image, 728.4 KB, 1014x810, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 17.3…)

Oh christ she's in to ddlg. She couldn't get worse

No. 532190

She makes them with Toni, the new guy she's fucking but not dating. But apparently she's a lesbian now.

No. 535229

File: 1521672356685.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1012x608, 84523489.png)

she spoke more on her story today, spoilered for the size of image

No. 535241

She's going the way of Nicole Dollanganger in the way she feels she has to stick to this body mod 'destroy my body any way possible' shit like Nicole with the trash aesthetic desperate for attention by any means necessary and is just spiralling in to a puffy disaster. Also duds of what?

No. 535320

File: 1521677539191.jpg (1.82 MB, 2560x1920, 18-03-22-00-09-05-929_deco.jpg)

manny's lipsticks. imo the shades are quite crap to start with

No. 535635

That colour is repulsive. Black Moon are usually good, (they're the ones that sued Manny and Jeffree for using the crescent moon logo) but what the fuck are those colours

No. 535670

ayrt, shit i confused the two due to that entire logo drama, sorry!
and idk hazel and cider are literally baby food/diarrhoea colour lol

No. 535908


I can confirm she is not straight edge. She claims she is, but she definitely drinks. I have a text messages from her drunk (or acting drunk) somewhere.


Yeah so that happened while I was with her because she kept sticking her tongue through it. The only way she'll ever be able to fix it is plastic surgery, but considering the fact she blows her money on stupid shit I doubt that'll ever happen.


Hello fren.

So, the accusations where to both guys, overwatch dude and the lyeuhm guy from what I recall, I'd have to look at my DM's on instagram to confirm that though because I did speak to them both when she dated them because they seemed like cool guys.

But for y'all who like hearing about new shit, here ya go:

* Dumb bitch just tattooed her fingers today (https://www.instagram.com/p/BgoZdL1hHVw/?taken-by=skyepurdon) it looks like she tattooed “striaghtedge vegan” (XVX) on her fingers, but considering the fact she drinks alcohol and definitely smokes weed with her mum, she’s far from straight edge but w/e.
* She appears to have started selling vids on a tickling fetish website? Which is odd considering the fact that when we were together she claimed she’d never sell herself in that way because she was against porn but look at her now lmao.
* She’s recently been doing heavy DDLG stuff, but the fucking kicker to this is a lot of the photos if you look at her tumblr she’s holding a pink teddy bear, she got that pink teddy from her ex (I believe the lyeuhm) guy and claimed she burned it after they broke up - on her instagram story - but appears to have lied about that like everything else she lies about.
* Her mum was recently arrested for selling pot and being caught, she doesn’t appear to have posted online about it (wonder why) but that is why her mum hasn’t been in her instagram a lot lately. I’m not 100% sure this is genuine, but a few mutual friends have confirmed it as true.

She doesn’t actually make that much money from her snapchat / nudes. No one appears to be buying them becuase of the way she looks and the weird noises she makes, that arent even remotely attractive (i have a video plowing her, she makes weird noises)

Anyway, hmu if you want more. I’ll reply whenever I have the chance my dudes.

No. 535923

I'm not really surprised she went in to porn, It's not like she's gonna get any other work looking and smelling so bad. She's not selling her snap or anything else because she doesn't list prices, no one is gonna message her about it because generally people don't like to publicly admit they're watching porn and also because she's posting videos on tumblr anyway so why pay for what you can get for free? She honestly just acts like ones I used to know from Easterhouse, no respect for herself or anyone else.

No. 536005

I checked out the tattoo studio that she went to and they offer buy one get one free tattoos and £10 nipple piercings. Classy.

Ex anon, what's the extent of her mum's coke habit, and how does she pay for it?

No. 544450

I used to think she was pretty cool and was friends on fb/insta, I enjoyed that she seemed to just do her own thing with her looks and all. But I'm also a heavily modified influencer and she up and blocked me out of nowhere, no idea why honestly.

No. 544521

[[I'm the ex guy with the big posts from above]]


Genuine question here - are you a male? When we were together she used to block people, guys specifically, just because she didn't like the fact they weren't vegan or they had an opinion she didn't agree with.

It's probably increased a lot now, but her Facebook Blocklist is about 3,000+ people, her instagram blocklist was just ridiculous because she blocks people that leave any form of negative or opinionated comment on her posts, which is why she turns comments off sometimes.

No. 544527


Yeah that place is trashy as hell. My friend went to get a piercing there and it just seemed really, unhygienic.

It was pretty bad at the time we were together, I'm unsure of how much it's escalated or decreased now, but when we were together she spent most of her money on it.

IIRC - Their rent is hella cheap because they live in Govan, which we all know is a shit hole if you're from Scotland [It's not the kind of place you'd walk through after dark basically], it was only a few hundred a month. They don't have much in their house that they really need to pay for other than food, electric and general crap, so their monthly outgoings only really added up to about £600, give or take. Her mum work(ed)s in telecoms, aka a call centre for some company making just above minimum wage full-time, so her general intake of money wasn't too bad. Anything that was left over from the general bills went to drugs, so minimum would've been about £400-500 a month.

Skye get's an allowance from her mum and gran, so that's how she affords all her tattoos, piercings etc. I think they get money off her dad as well, but she never really brought him up much because apparently he was "abusive", but considering she says every guy that she doesn't like is abusive in some form, I wouldn't take that as honest.

No. 544542

That's pretty low of her, the whole "everyone I don't like is abusive" thing. Kinda feel bad for Toni and what his future looks like, he's a bit of a fanny but not a bad person and no doubt she's gonna decide she doesn't like him and all of a sudden he's a rapist or something because they filmed porn together and that's his rep ruined. I'm not surprised she's in Govan, I thought she was in Calton but I probably just presumed or guessed.

No. 544812


I'm a girl, and I'm also vegan. Pretty sure I never commented or said anything remotely negative either but oh well.

No. 545277


Yeah she’s trash. Govan / just
outside govan in Linthouse, basically Govan tho.

No. 545278


In that case I can only assume you posted something she disagreed with

No. 545287

Surprised she survives in Govan looking like that, although I've seen a fair few face tattoos around there.

No. 545501

File: 1522790159843.png (823.2 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20180403-220912.png)

"model" lol ok

No. 545534

Isn't she a 'lesbian' though according to her? A lesbian with a boyfriend, nice one Skye

No. 545792

this is toni believe it or not
found this thread and normally id just let people stew in their hate

but i can say 100% without a shadow of a doubt 95% of everything that has been said in this threat is either totally false, out of context, or twisted

will debunk all of this if needed

No. 545795


No. 545918

start debunking, then.

No. 546037

go ahead. it will be really funny for us when you realise she pulled the cloth over your eyes.

No. 546077

Looking forward to it.

No. 546078

>a heavily modified influencer

Is this a profession?

No. 546092


She's more a heavily influenced modifier.

No. 546101

>but i can say 100% without a shadow of a doubt 95% of everything that has been said in this threat is either totally false, out of context, or twisted

Okay so… not a vegan with a lot of piercings, never done porn and the piercings don't have blowout holes?

Sure, Jan.

No. 546296

read the last 5 words you fucking spastic >>546037
so even if she turned out to be mental, it still wouldnt make most of the things said here true. a lot of what is said here is just TOTALLY fabricated and false. then there are toher things that i cant prove are false but given how much of what is said here IS totally false it really doesnt lend well to their stories at all

im going to make a second post after this one going over the stuff people have said

No. 546331

If you insist on making replies with absolutely no fucking milk to speak of, either start saging or stop posting. I have a funny feeling you’re not going to have anything to “disprove” “95%” of this thread. Instead of being a white knight, why not just accept the fact that she’s going to be discussed whether or not you have a problem with it?

No. 546490

so my personal experience with skye has been NOTHING but lovely, we arnt going out but we have seen each other quite a lot since november. not once has any weirdness or mental episodes happened. the comments here would suggest that would be a common thing but with me ive had nothing a nice time with her, shes honestly really smart, cute and funny and generally great and fun to hang out with.

now granted she MIGHT HAVE been quite difficult to be with in the past, she fully admits openly to struggling with mental health and when her annorexia was bad she even tells me it really fucked with her emotions which honestly i feel is understandable to some extent. the tattoo people were questioning is a recovery tattoo, she is totally over her ana now (which should be obvious really) she doesnt body check and shes very against pro-ana pages

im going to go down the thread and address things as i see them now

she idnt pay for this, dollskill or goodbye bread (cant remember what brand it is) sends her loads of this stuff for free, as youd expect anyone with 70k+ insta followers

she does have a lot of self harm scars, but shes changed a lot from a few years ago, she very very rarely does it anymore which is down to her mental health getting better i guess, she has not had lip injections. (i know this wasnt about skye but just to confirm it) she does want lip fillers though, but soo many girls do its not even a strange thing.

any post since november has been about me. skye told me her side about the overwatch guy and he really wasnt too great it seems, i dont wanna start slating him for stuff i dont 100% know the truth on but given some of the things that 100% happened (such as the fact he just moved his stuff into her house and didnt leave, and was phoning her months after they broke up) im inclined to be on her side with things. they broke up because he was incredibly paranoid about her shagging other people, a classic case of suffocation in a relationship really. i dont agree with destroying his shirt though at all. frankly i cannot believe how sound her mum was about the whole thing.

she does like her scarification actually, but obviously admits to the colour not setting evenly over the full thing, not her fault but it was done pretty well its totally on center and the lines are clean.
he wsnt a druggie unless you count weed as druggie?
her mum is a literal angel, and isnt ACTUALLY aware of her sex work or if she is shes not letting on anyway. the only thing she knows is her instagram popularity so skye just says she gets sent stuff from sponsors. again any posts since november are about me, so sorry about that lol. its common for tongues to heal up a bit after a split, honestly it just seems weird to me to even comment on that specifically.

even she doesnt like the mocking jay one

i mean, she really does lets be fair

right this is fucking dumb, my ears are 42mm they dont get dross AT ALL, funnily enough if you just wash them like any other part of your body its fine. i take mine out in the shower and they dont smell AT ALL, they dont get slimey or crusty or anything else, playing about with the philtrum piercing is totally fine.
her nsfw blog has 13k followers, and its been growing pretty rapidly recently it was under 10k a month or so ago. she has a fuckton of people requesting content everyday, you might be right with the teasing it out thing but ultimately meh who cares. her prices id say fall in line with other people doing similar things, reasonable not not cheap, like say a fiver. she makes A LOT, between 2/3k a month easy

only person shes made content with is me. since starting to sell content, shes censored all pictures on her tumblr, i mean sure it doesnt leave MUCH to the imagination but you gotta advertise your new material in some way or another.

replying to this and the replies of this post. yeah its the recovery symbol, i mean she definitely has recovered at this point.
i dont know why you seem to think shes drooling all over herself or something at all times. i know its just my word for it but shes actually super fucking hygenic, showers every day, shaves every day, cleans her piercings every day. she actually smells pretty good overall, a lot more hygienic than some people ive seen in the past.

this is her obviously, but just to reiterate she 100% does not hold this mindset any longer. like i said she even admits to the ana fucking with her, she told me anyway that she doesnt even understand her thought processes back then, when she thinks back to it.

i dont think this is really all that bad tbh, but me and her both agree the colours and shading could do with a touch up, overall i like the art style though

again, she does like it

a lot of these places have sent her full sets of jewelry for free just due to the amount of exposure she gives them, pretty incredible tbh she has 1000s of pounds worth. again though she does make a fucking killing with her content, she gives me a cut on the videos we have done together also

this couldnt be further from the truth, its quite funny because when you compile all the things said about her in this thread shes, an entitled rich cunt, whos mum is also a coke addict and a drug dealer but they live in govan also and her mum works in a call center. you cant have all of that.

the truth is, she gets her money from her content, before that she never had any money really she wasnt on benefits either, so at least she wasnt being a sponge? they arnt rich, they live in a (fairly nice tbh) flat in govan. her mum works in a call center and is certainly not a druggie, her mum is lovely, legit a fucking angel. we would all be lucky to have a mum as supportive as she is honestly.

she has literally NEVER posted shit like that, so i dont get this. like legit, she does post pics of her food, like fucking ANYONE but not under the context of this post.

something to consider is that shes been into mods for years, at least since she was 14 and is showing no signs of her regretting them or wanting to go back, you might be right that it is questionable that they would do that but at the same time its what shes wanted for years.

any "random guy" is me.
she worked as a piercing apprentice in town somewhere. she left (along with most of the other staff) because they wernt paying their staff what they were due.

so this is the anon that keeps posting straight up lies.
she wasnt fired, she left.
she gets no money at all from her mum, her mum is most certainly not a fucking coke addict! its insane that youd just make that up, especially bringing her mum into this just seems a bit odd.

she never accused him of rape, anything relating to rape was her other ex (that fat one) who was supposed to go to court for raping his ex that wasnt her. there was 1 sketchy situation relating to him, but she doesnt class it as rape just…well sketchy.

SHE DOES ACTUALLY block a lot of people, this is one of the few things thats true in this thread. but if you saw the amount of messages and shit she gets not even daily, HOURLY. she just cant be fucked getting harassed off folk. i personally wouldnt but its hardly not-unerstandable

she doesnt claim to hate guys at all

she most certainly IS vegan, she doesnt even LIKE jelly, and you can get vegan jelly?!

like i get that if youre just put off by a person yeah sure youre gonna talk about them, and thats fine i dont actually care about that, hence why im not really replying to anything thats subjective
but to just make blatant lies up is fucking crazier than what you claim her to be really, at least if youre going to have something on her, let it be true!!

-thats just not true
-she takes very good care of her tattoos, and her skin in general tbh (she has a full skincare ritual she does every night). this also doesnt happen, she does to people she knows/likes price isnt an issue and i know how much they cost because she doesnt have a bank account (lol i know) so she gets me to lift the money by paypaling me it, so i know this isnt true.
-this never happened she deleted it because he was paranoid and wouldnt stop going on about it, she wasnt making money from nudes back then so she had to real qualms about deleting it.
-from what i can tell she hasnt gotten dental work done because shes scared of the dentist nothing to do with beauty standards or whatever
-we went a while before our first and second meeting (like over a year) so it seemed like we wernt going to again, nothing like this never happened. shes one of the people that advocates for being against fake rape accusations anyway

its not blow outs, it does LOOK like that though i will admit, but its just kind of i dunno, raw? ive seen it out and i know what a blowout is, although fair enough its easily mistaken as such.

its actualy me that encouraged her to do sex work, she has a load of people ask her but she didnt really do it. a few things for a few people but i said to start advertising herself and show its available, floods of people right off the bat. drugs are definitely not her thing, shes never even smoked. and drank very little anyway, so just decided to become edge as it wasnt something shes ever been interested in. >>530257

gee thanks lmao, i met her on tinder and we just spoke and got on so we deided to hang out and stuff, really that simple

she deleted all the non-censored stuff, or as much as she could anyway.

dunno where the fuck you got that from, shes always been openly bi though

she is edge now, last time she drank was new years iirc. again she drank very little anyway and hasnt touched drugs before at all.

sticking your tongue through it wouldnt blow it out what a dumb thing to say

as i said earlier, she hasnt accused anyone of rape, its her ex (lyeuhm) that was supposed to go
to court for raping his ex, i dont know the high specifics but she never claimed he raped her, there was just 1 very sketchy situation involving him and her.

she definitely doesnt do either of those things.

i cant confirm this burning thing, but she really loves both of the stuffed toys he got her.

her mum was MOST CERTAINLY NOT arrested for anything!!

she does make that much money, fs ive made a nice little bit on the side just from the cut of MY stuff alone.

she definitely doesnt smell bad, and tons of folk buy it

as ive said this IS actually true, she blocks loads of people

there is no extent of any coke habit
again i dont know why youre making a coke habit up. she also doesnt get an allowance.

im not ashamed at all to have filmed with her, even if we stopped talking. but as we arnt going out and are really good friends i dont see any reason for us to stop talking

no she isnt a lesbian and doesnt claim to be

No. 548326

File: 1523047919630.jpeg (187.67 KB, 1125x2436, BBE5C2BD-D93C-4EEA-A34E-193B7D…)


The Lyeuhm guy posted this on twitter a few months ago. Her number was in it, and he has others with her NAME in it as well. you might want to reevaluate your friendship with her, she’s clearly pulled some shit over your eyes.

The whole “case reopened” thing is bull shit she started after they broke up because she CHEATED on him with a guy from tumblr, he has receipts for that too which I’ll try find on his twitter. There was also a MASSIVE post he did on Facebook afterwards stating how mentally abusifs she was with screenshots of conversations with her trying to blame him for things he never did, and then said later that he never did them and apologised.

She’s done content with more than you, but she deleted her old blog while she was with the Overwatch guy so that doesn’t make sense either.

No. 548381

Long time lurker, first time poster but I had to weigh in on this thread seeing as I've had her on Facebook for about a year and my boyfriend has known her for years. From I've heard, she's been posting her nudes on Tumblr for years, definitely from before she was 18. For a while she was the talk of the emos in the city centre because of it. Obviously I don't know if this is true for sure but I trust the info and if it is true then she's worse than most people think lol

No. 549196


Yeah she’s been posting nudes well before she was 18, I remmeber seeing them in 2015 or so. She’s had so many accounts though that they’re probably gone now (good)

All her old instagrams and twitters are there though if you just search her name, the most common one being “skyebones” which is just full fledged ANA advertisement.

No. 550040

File: 1523227935894.png (167.3 KB, 1080x508, Screenshot_20180408-235131.png)

Is Skye Purdon not her real name?

No. 550041

File: 1523228067687.png (607.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180408-235401.png)

No. 550042

File: 1523228085870.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180408-235407.png)

No. 550051

woww another ex normie just like lilith. late comers to alt styles seem to miss the subtletly that long term enthusiasts develop over the years lol

No. 550675


Always something I've noticed myself. It's like they're trying to prove themselves or some shite.

No. 550977

File: 1523308680248.png (5.51 MB, 1242x2208, 92B2D3CE-A1B3-4119-9835-A0ED94…)

Such class

No. 550979

Erm…most people are ex-normies? It isn’t some Sekret Klub where you start ramming holes in your face at age 11. Most parents don’t give their kids that freedom of individuality and self discovery.

No. 550988


Except when it was a secret club during the 80s. But I'm an old.

No. 550998

That doesn’t make their point any less valid. Most of the emo/scene/alt start off as such in middle school (since it’s sort of pathetic to start “being emo” any later in life) where they get all the OTT cringe angsty teen shit out of their system. As they mature their style does too and they learn to tone it down.


Pls go.

No. 551011

>so autistic that “erm” triggers

No. 551021

Not that anon, but emoticons and weird vocab like "erm" are perfect examples of not integrating.

No. 551073

Other Anon is right, most "genuine" alternative folk try and integrate it into their ordinary lives and thus arent exceptionally obnoxious about it like the ones who converted yesterday. There are phases, office goth for example, in that integration. People who are alternative for fame/clicks usually have zero subtlety as their goal is to shock and get attention, rather than express themselves.

Also Goths etc were usually nerds prior being Goth, whereas the fakers were usually standard popular bitches/bastards prior their sudden conversion into Extreme Alternative. There's also the more extreme teen phase as >>550998 mentioned, but that usually occurs at 14-17 and not older as with the fakers.

No. 551087

It's sad that the only people she socialises with are her mum, her nan and whatever dude she's convinced to make content with her.

No. 551149

i'm the anon that said that and yeah a lot of adult alt people were into it since middle school, even if they weren't allowed to have full on body mods and crazy hair as >>550998 touched on. Both Lilith and Skye's style before what they are now was so completely opposite, not even remotely edgy. Body mods aren't the issue.
But it doesn't matter at the end of the day, don't worry. If you were wearing the north face and vineyard vines and then did a full 180 at 22 that's not a crime. It just looks a little weird to people who have at least had some interest in this stuff since early teens, but only you know your motivations.

No. 551232

:^) has been around on all chans since before your internet inception, so I don’t think you should be touting anything about integration.

No. 551516

File: 1523357813621.png (611.38 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180410-055412.png)

To the person that said her mom was like, literally the sweetest person ever, I'm gonna call bullshit(namefagging)

No. 551659

One tweet from 2012 about her mom. Gasp! Shock! The horror! What a piece of shit!!!!!1

No. 551660

stop namefagging and well done on putting your email out there for everyone to see. lrn2imageboard.

No. 552438

so you're ragging on this gal because you don't like the way she looks and that she does sex work?

No. 552540

File: 1523456968319.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_20180411-152704.png)

If you really feel the need to put a spike through your septum could you at least choose a colour other than green?!

No. 552656

wow youre really clutching at straws with this one fucking hell
literally could have done anything, but in your mind she kicked the shit out of the wee lassie(whiteknighting)

No. 552882

Got some video content and a few piccies for swapping, if anyone is interested.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 552952


where do you think you are

No. 552989


you realise the site you're on, and the specific thread yeah?

literally none of us are going to buy her "content", when we can just go jack it to porn hub or some shit you dumb fuck.

can't believe you fucking paid for her "content" you fag.

No. 553064

yo i get this is lolcow but you're a straight up low piece of shit for exposing such intimate things as her ex, the fuck is wrong with you. the body mod stuff is funny but exposing her sex stuff?

girl obviously has a lot wrong with her, most disorders can't reliably be diagnosed until 25 and I'm willing to bet money she has some real issues. the fact that she's doing sex stuff she said she never would is a good indicator, and mutilating her body so young.

most of these cows are assholes but she actually seems to have real mental health issues and you're pretty much trying to ruin her life. shit will come back on you my guy.(no one cares)

No. 553539


You realize I only spoke about stuff that’s she’s PUBLICLY spoken about herself?

Literally the only non-public thing is the fact her mom is an addict, you inbred faggot.

No. 553541

File: 1523554127750.jpeg (346.96 KB, 1125x1716, 33D1CCF3-0962-4114-9B55-80D50C…)

that post description is cringe as fuck.

No. 553607


Holy shit that's an embarrassing tattoo. And the placement is right in the way of any future chest piece that she may want. Not that she seems like the type to plan ahead.

No. 553651

There was NO NEED for her to wear a bra that barely contains her tits to get that tattoo. It's so disrespectful to the artist. Guess she was trying to get a discount.

No. 554416


What a stupid tattoo. Also why the fuck are her tits out??

No. 554430

not tryna defend skye or anything, but ive had so many clients forget to dress for their tattoos on the day of their appointment and end up shirtless/wearing a makeshift shirt we put together with tape and pb towels.

couldnt she have gone for a smaller script? it'd still be dumb, but she could at least get it covered easier after she grew out of her edgy tumblr phase

No. 557363

She's moving towards a more mainstream version of alternative. Not that long ago she didn't wear wigs or false eyelashes, she didn't have eyebrows and she had a stretched philtrum and high nostril piercings.

No. 557755

She's currently getting vegan tattooed under her tits as we speak, make good life choices people

No. 557819

File: 1523971851269.jpg (222.98 KB, 1511x2015, FB_IMG_1523971678460.jpg)

Pretty sure she's been vegan for less than a year

No. 557900

File: 1523979967989.gif (1.95 MB, 245x275, 1517531026188.gif)

No. 557912

I wonder if she knows that most tattoo ink isn't vegan kek

No. 558124


Sad Vegan. Speaks for itself really

No. 558142

I highly suspect that that tattoo isn't vegan and she didn't bother to ask for vegan ink, which would just be extra hilarious.

No. 558155

she’s cringe af lol
does it annoy anyone else that she’s getting all these patches and putting them on a jacket, but only ironing them on? pfft

No. 558170


People like her always go OTT with mods in such a stupidly short amount of time, I'm honestly surprised she's able to heal anything at all. She's obviously just doing it so she can get instagram likes for "looking modified" none of it seems genuine.

No. 558178

Uhhh… no that's a perfectly normal thing to do with iron on patches.

No. 558359

File: 1524011373679.png (101.12 KB, 1080x732, Screenshot_20180418-012441.png)

Hi Skye. How's your maw's coke habit?

No. 558471

no it’s acting like a bitch. real ones sew

No. 560213

File: 1524170095266.png (555.02 KB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20180419-202506.png)

I actually gagged

No. 560377


Her ears are a fucking state

No. 560790

File: 1524239530038.png (455.49 KB, 486x488, 2018-04-20 16_51_03-(1) Skye P…)

Third tattoo in eight days. I guess someone out there is buying her content.

No. 560813

Holy shit, her tattoos are so fucking bad. How is this real.

No. 560827

Seriously? I mean, some of them are trash, particularly her hands, but this one is perfectly executed.

No. 560922

Yeah that's spot on. Nothing technically wrong with it, it just might not be to your taste.

She really shouldn't be getting so many in such a short amount of time though. Her body is going to be so exhausting trying to heal this shit all the time.

No. 570436

File: 1525124943135.png (Spoiler Image, 66.98 KB, 656x519, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 22.4…)

apparently she doesn't do hookups? wut.

No. 572602

File: 1525348722620.png (116.43 KB, 1080x1011, 20180503_125801.png)

No. 572622

File: 1525351625246.png (382.39 KB, 309x601, 435256.png)

the text is irrelevant but check out that sweet colour difference betweeen her neck and face, it legit looks like a mask

No. 573321

thats shadow and the yellow from the hoodie tinting her skin you fucking spastic

No. 573588


Modifying your body to such a degree and in such a short time frame really isn't wise. It seems like she barely waits a week between her shitty mods. Can't wait to see how this one looks.

No. 580226

She’s just a ignorant bitch. She blocked me because I helped her out. She deserves all the hate anyways(emoji use)

No. 582362

File: 1526300918973.jpg (106.13 KB, 1440x1393, FB_IMG_1526300891106.jpg)

Here we go

No. 582372

Is she having it redone? Because that still looks pretty shallow and will heal super faint again like last time..

No. 582446

File: 1526306860978.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 581B30A6-590C-419A-8529-DBE758…)

No. 582448

Wow how did they fuck up the simplist thing? It's wonky as hell.

No. 582451

how are the lines so fucked up. The artist who did it normally has like really solid linework.unless she moved around a lot? Super strange. Hopefully it heals well

No. 582482

File: 1526309630819.jpg (114.48 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1526309609500.jpg)

No. 582493

Could it be because they're tattooing over scarification that was already fucked up? I don't know much about it. I know she's tilting her head in the photo but yeah I hope she enjoys having a crooked moon head.

No. 582494

When you're so desperate to be covered head to toe in mods that you don't even give a fuck if it heals right. I look forward to seeing how she feels about basing her identity solely on her appearance when she grows up a little.

No. 582505

If she starts to hate the moon or realises it's fucked up she's gonna need to wear wigs with fringes for ever
The lines don't even joint properly though. Like how can you do that to someone's head

No. 582531

File: 1526312637960.jpeg (237.82 KB, 583x514, C19826A9-3455-4A4A-94F9-B31652…)

Lmao the line work is fucked. Good job it’s on her forehead and not somewhere hideable.

No. 582638

botched as fuck. So bad in fact it looks like a stick and poke I've got on my leg. To think she paid for that is a joke. She's either gone to someone with a hand tremor (or lack of skill) or she found it too painful and moved about.

No. 582648

File: 1526319548830.jpeg (612.81 KB, 750x1101, B12FB28D-29AF-4A23-9BDB-D5C72F…)

The guy who went over her moon scarification also did this tattoo of hers

No. 582655

He's not very good at moons it seems.
Also skye is like posting someone's pic for sharing one of her pics to a 'shaming' group. Bit shitty tbh

No. 582656

File: 1526320105977.png (95.61 KB, 1080x818, 20180514_184814.png)

Dropped pic

No. 582661

She's now trying to justify it on her insta. Girl you put yourself out there on the internet. People are gonna judge you. You could be the bigger person and ignore it. Or you know be a child and shame her in front of your thousands of followers. Good way to encourage brands to work with you. Great choice

No. 582668


why does she always look damp? so gross

No. 582874

I love her and idc what you losers say she’s gorgeous and fucking dope(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 582906


fuck off white knight

No. 582930

We're you already laughed off here? Get a fucking grip man. Hope you end up ruining your face like she did if you admire her so much.

No. 582948

Probably 'manky wee flat' syndrome. Damp rooms, poor ventilation means damp clothes, damp air, damp wigs.

No. 583590


What the hell!?

Why are pages like this even exist?

Your lifes must be boring as hell…
There‘s no other reason besides frustration, which makes ppl write this kind of sh*t! :-/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 583643

File: 1526398961504.jpeg (152.55 KB, 749x1037, DC081C4F-CF3C-4DC2-BB20-410225…)

My eyes go straight to the giant wonky moon on her forehead

No. 583657

I wonder how long it will take for her to admit it was fucked up and go get it fixed?

She's only 19. Way to ruin your life, Skye.

No. 583672

When your tattoo artist has Parkinson's

No. 583735

Christ I thought she was in her 30s by looking at her.

No. 583738

No. 583773

Her hair looks like it's photoshopped near the top, the fuck?

No. 583778

Might just be the lace from her lacefront.

No. 584569

Is no one else going to mention the fact that wig wig fibers are falling in her eye but her forehead is ridiculously smooth, sans pink fibers?

No. 584957

File: 1526489861798.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 00B8A146-E69E-499F-A46E-3A9693…)


No. 585969

File: 1526554778260.jpg (112.16 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1526554755929.jpg)

No. 585995


That moon is fucking tragic

No. 586022

I'm all for the natural aging process of a body but when her tits drop and her silicone face droops, the SAD above her breasts is going to boost that effect
She's only 19, what is she thinking?

No. 586073

''Sad'' is appropriate. That moon and her fucking lips. I can't.

No. 586074

She isn't

No. 586399

The lower labret is beyond terrible on her. she switched from a stretched philtrum to a stretched labret and with her big face it legit looks like a shaved beard piece

No. 586456

I actually quite like her sad tattoo however I don’t feel like it blends well with the rest of her appearance. I picture that tattoo on someone with a more minimalist/blackwork kind of aesthetic but on her it looks a little misplaced since she’s so over the top but that’s just my opinion. I think on the right person it’d look really good.

No. 586769

If her tattoos were like readytoglares tattoos it would work I think. Her chest tattoo doesn't really feel out of place

No. 588823

File: 1526773442792.png (1.97 MB, 750x1334, D81EFE85-5A5C-4D88-8520-C08EC2…)

The wig already looks like shit like does she not know how to care for a wig

No. 588878

File: 1526778178000.png (314.84 KB, 510x390, Screen-shot-2014-07-07-at-3.16…)

It also makes her look like she's constantly gurning

No. 592792

File: 1527172728893.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1449, Screenshot_20180524-153442.png)

Either she had Skye in her 40s or she's lived a rough fucking life. She looks haggered

No. 592803

I'd say likely the latter. It's been claimed she's a druggie several times. Whether that's true or not who knows but she certainly looks like she's in her late 40's at the very least

No. 592845

File: 1527180075148.jpg (122.21 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1527180047773.jpg)

That definetly looks like effective swimwear 10/10

No. 592866

That vegan tattoo is fucking stupid and funny coming from someone who transitioned from a vegan to a meat eater

No. 592883


Is that what makes her a sad vegan?

Which is more distracting: the nose shoop or that arm bruise?

No. 592886

Lord, her tattoos will look even more tragic if her skin ages as badly as her mum's has.

No. 592888

are you kidding? She does NOT look like she's in her 40s. are you around many people who look really bad for their age? She looks like she's in her 60s.

No. 592896

Fuck, that grim reaper tattoo still makes me laugh every time I see it. Every single time.

No. 592981

I vote option 3: the hunger games tattoo that foreshadowed her being a trend follower with no taste who will get anything tattooed

This entire comment tbh. I love a lot of heavily modded gals and skye thinks the hate must be coming from close minded individuals who don't like her style when in reality she just isn't executing it right at all. I don't think she's ugly or anything, but the majority of her tattoos look god awful to me, the kind apprentices in my old shop would do on each other for free and to have more edgy visible hand tattoos etc. About the only thing I like about skye is her eye makeup, and only sometimes. The moon tattoo is the worst one yet, I wonder was it just a complete fluke or was the scar and purple line actually wonky and they were like "uh so you want us to fill in the scar exactly?


No. 593680

File: 1527268774410.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1342, 20180525_181924.png)

No. 593685

Her face makes me physically ill to look at. I don't get extreme body mods at all.

No. 593823

What happened to the weird discoloration that used to be on her stomach? Did it disappear or does she shop it out?

No. 593826

File: 1527280934186.png (71.35 KB, 1080x437, 20180525_214055.png)

Not sure I believe this

No. 593929

File: 1527285931700.png (94.6 KB, 1080x634, Screenshot_20180525-230354.png)

Bitch come on. You know full well that's a bargain basement stripper outfit, not a bathing suit.

No. 593967

She's a Scottish 40s.

No. 594010

Why not? Pretty sure she's not been in a relationship with any of the guys she's been boning lately.

No. 594715

Bad news for her sorta-boyfriend who was posting on here standing up for her

No. 600364


Nah, ma maws Scottish & 52 and looks nothin like that, she’s Junkie 40’s if anything.

No. 601794

File: 1528130655074.jpg (134.95 KB, 288x2048, FB_IMG_1528130144486.jpg)

Her ex-boyfriend posted this on Facebook

No. 601883


At first I thought that it wasn't sure that it was about her, then I read the last sentence and everything made sense.

No. 601938

Late 40's and 60's aren't that far apart, I'm not sure how you didn't quite get that not much changes in 10ish years.

No. 601940

He seemed a bit dim, he'll live. They were only fucking according to her anyway so maybe he thought more of it than was meant

No. 601946

Ironic that she was meeting with a 'T' and is now making porn with Toni. Wouldn't be surprised she was fucking them both over at the same time. I guarantee someone is gonna get all high and mighty about how he "Shouldn't put her business out there he's just as bad as her" which is always the go to for these lassies who think feminism and 'sticking together' transcends someone being a terrible person. He'll get the blame for speaking out because poor defenceless Skye would never do that and now everyone knows her fanny is fucking youth hostel "Pay with shitty tattoos please", it's his fault for making people see her badly

No. 603288

So who‘s her ex bf?

Don’t know which josh or so.. :D

No. 603320

that guy needs to learn how to use a comma

No. 606373

Skyes posted on her Insta story that she has lowered her prices. People must of stopped buying her shitty porn

No. 606856

File: 1528653938278.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180610-190229.png)

That butthole on her upper lip makes me gag

No. 606879

File: 1528656327742.jpg (16.39 KB, 350x371, YoVEQzW.jpg)

Jesus Christ what the fuck
I never noticed how prominent that hole is

No. 611208

File: 1529033035894.jpg (64.58 KB, 841x1024, FB_IMG_1529032213330.jpg)

Her hand tattoos have aged sooo poorly, they have to be one of the biggest mistakes she's made. I don't mind hand tattoos when they're done well, but these were just so horrible from the get go. I hope she's learned from this and when she eventually gets them fixed/removed she picks a more experienced artist.

Also, does she have any friends? Besides her mom, gram, and fuckboy? I've only seen one (possible) friend in a picture with her.

No. 611238

oh jesus christ i just went to look at her nsfw tumblr and she has a gif of her like rolling her split tongue around (i know imageboard but i got the hell outta there after i saw it)

No. 611245

these brows
i cri evrytiem

No. 611247

Pretty thicc for a vegan.

No. 611254

You can always see where she’s tried to shop out those blowouts on her labret. Ugh.

No. 611370

good artist or not, hand/finger tattoos age very poorly in most cases. I got mine done by a very skilled and experienced artist but it still bleached out very quickly

No. 611372

Well she got hers done by an apprentice. Don't know what she expected would happen. She got the heart one fixed but it clearly didn't help.

No. 612487

lyeuhm on insta

No. 614922

This might sound weird, but I definitely believe him, although I don‘t know both of them in personal.

I can imagine very well, how this happened and I feel so damn sorry for this guy.
Even if I don’t know him in person, I think he didn’t deserve this whole bunch of abusive shit…and most important: It is definitely NOT his own fault!
It’s hers!

My opinion on her, based on her presence on the Internet, has now changed a lot!

She claims to be open minded, tolerant and loving, but she has clearly some deep down issues for which she should fuckin‘ do a therapy! :-/

No. 618096

File: 1529679210362.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20180622-155107.png)

This photo is… unfortunate. In so many ways.

No. 618168


I fucking despise this trend of girls yanking their knickers right up onto their hips to simulate being 'thicc'. It makes their vag's look a ridiculous shape and it's not flattering at all. Bird could have at least waited 10 minutes for the clothes marks around her belly to fade.

No. 618250

I just can't stop looking at the hand tattoos. They are just so bad

No. 618263

Same anon. When will it end?

No. 618264

i actually kinda like her underwear. kill me lol

No. 620690

i like the wig

that's literally the only nice thing i can say about this picture

No. 620695

she has a really nice body though tbh. i dont see anything unfortunate aside from her hideous tattoos. does she shoop?

No. 620708

File: 1529901052438.png (905.06 KB, 936x644, yep.png)

I don't know if I'd say "really nice", but it's alright. She does shoop though.

No. 621021

her body is prett average, she just takes advantage of her good angles, but you can tell she’s forcing her hips back to make them look bigger 24/7. when she stands up straight i’d imagine she looks quite different.

No. 621802

File: 1530011174910.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180626-120447.png)

Foolish child

No. 621804

File: 1530011242487.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180626-120458.png)

This dumb bitch has never had a real job and now probably never will. You can't be an IG hoe forever, Skye.

No. 621807

File: 1530011592865.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1705, sketch-1530011512597.png)

Also the artist only posted this flash 12 hours ago. Not like getting face tattoos is something you should give some thought or anything.

No. 621825


this has been planned for months
this is also toni

No. 621847

Does Skye know that you stalk online discussions about her?

No. 621859

She could be a tattooist/piercer, they're pretty much the only people you see who look like that but that actually requires a lot of skill

No. 621879


yeah, obviously she does

No. 621925


No. 621974

File: 1530024994156.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 7B2186C6-3D45-4DFA-B5E0-941582…)

I’ll never understand why she wears a full face of makeup when getting her face tattooed. Gotta get the bus home like that

No. 622024

I follow her for quite a while now, but this tattoo is horrendous.

No. 622033

i know it might not be easy to get even lines on this part of the face, but holy fuck the inconsistency of them is so obvious, the dotwork diamonds look super wonky and what happened with that one triangle lol.

No. 622079

File: 1530035708750.jpg (544.46 KB, 1075x1530, 20180626_125239.jpg)

I can't wait to see these straight on. They look too big for her face, and one side goes sooo much farther towards her eyes than the other side.

No. 622083

Did this guy seriously flip the stencil on the other side. They look so uneven and weird holy shit

No. 622094

Haha, true!
The make up thing clearly makes no sense at all…

Why gurl, WHY? :‘D

No. 622158

File: 1530040385839.jpg (484.77 KB, 1075x1080, skye.jpg)

He did. (Reposted with some colour to make it easier to see)

No. 622164

Does anyone know why she is bald? Does she shave her head or?

No. 622168

Yeah she shaves her head.

No. 622169

Oh my god.. they are so uneven and asymmetrical. She looks horrendous!

Who in the world (besides Charms) would think this is a good idea?

No. 622191

I was wondering why he’d just flipped the stencil! Because of the way he’s flipped it, one side goes further up to her head and no so far down her jaw. And then the other side goes right down her jaw but just slightly above her ear. Mannnn whyyyy

No. 622240

File: 1530046106051.png (506.04 KB, 500x666, tumblr_ovejeuk5ES1wy8oyzo1_500…)

some tumblrina drew fanart of our "darling" skye

No. 622245

What's odd is that this tattoo artist is usually fairly decent. Same with the dude who did her wonky forehead moon. Maybe they just saw her terrible hand tattoos and figurednthey could half-arse it.

No. 622258

that poor stretched ear oof

No. 622284

File: 1530049153914.jpg (394.39 KB, 1075x996, Jodie Travers young 14 yo.jpg)

Such a shame. She was very beautiful when young.

No. 622290

not "very beautiful" but yeah, she looked sane

No. 622375

She looked like every Glaswegian teenage girl you'd see being lairy in McDonald's or on the bus.

No. 622532

shame on whoever is running the bodyartforms profile for liking this, way to turn me off from ever ordering anything from there. idk how neither she or the artist noticed the image flip, i'd be super pissed if that was my face.

No. 622595


It's the owner. They run all of their social media. And I agree. They have their head jammed up a few disagreeable peoples arses.

No. 624184

You've heard of Sexy Vegan, now get ready for…

No. 624234

File: 1530277514327.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1345, 20180629_140508.png)

Nothing about this is cute

No. 624536

girl what is that lash line.

No. 624891

>Doing the fake freckles trend
>In 2018

No. 625006

File: 1530325122639.jpg (427.95 KB, 1076x1048, 20180629_211544.jpg)

What is going on with the "freckles"? I understand doing things for art, but make it at least look good and not like ya messed up with your mascara. We already know she shops he face/backgrounds so I don't understand why she'd not shop this out.

No. 625057

those are just some realistic "i should probably get these freckles checked" freckles

No. 626692


this seems to be this retards thing at the moment, all her recent instagrams have the same shit spread on her forehead

No. 627072

God, the fact that she has YA fan tattoos among all her ~edgy~ shit makes me cackle.

No. 628044

File: 1530647050243.jpg (816.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180703-144345_Ins…)

Date night…

No. 628055

her body looks a lot different here. that tube top tho…

No. 628246

what the fuck, why is her head wider than her body?

No. 628635


Those spots get darker and more numerous with each pic and has spread to her upper lip and chin. She should get that checked.

Did she mistake a headband for a tube top?

No. 628803

File: 1530730199829.png (Spoiler Image, 797.07 KB, 750x1334, 46FAFB6C-A562-495A-80E3-A43DB4…)


This girl is clearly messed up. Her Tumblr is full of really nasty pictures ..
And what’s she’s supposed to do when the IG and Snapchat fame is over ? Standing in shady corners on the streets ?

No. 628840

I seriously think that's one of those kiddie training tube bras. I had one exactly like that when I was 12. She wouldn't look too horrible if she'd have a nice shirt on but here it looks like her "date" is with the first guy at the club desperate enough to go home with her

No. 628861

100% a kiddies tube top, it’s far too small.

No. 629356

File: 1530796951665.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1742, 20180705_142156.png)

Nope it's from the brand that constantly sends her stuff. I can't see the straps so it looks like she's wearing the one that broke. Which is weird since she got sent a new one for free again.

No. 629416

That thing makes her body look so unfortunate….SAD, indeed.

No. 630252

File: 1530892260620.png (153.08 KB, 1080x907, Screenshot_20180706-164906.png)

This is the description that this trash brand has for that 'top'.

No. 631770

Definetly not noticeable shopping skills

No. 631771

File: 1531083579009.jpg (287.02 KB, 1080x1324, 20180708_215927.jpg)

Dropped pic whoops

No. 631897

If only her ear was the result of bad shooping

No. 631911

how does she not even shoop the lace off her forehead? lord.

No. 633825

File: 1531324020561.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20180711-163754.png)

Yet another tattoo. At least this one is well done. Also, she mentioned in her stories that she's getting her labret sewn up.

No. 633904

Her body is permanently in a "healing" state I bet she feels like shit all the time. She's such a fucking tryhand I really don't think her love for body modification is genuine.

No. 634135

is it supposed to look like her or

No. 634157

She doesn't even like.. Pull a punk look? She's much more uwu snowflake tumblr alt witch. Did she just close her eyes and point at some flash???

No. 634232

Apparently it's supposed to represent her mum in her younger years

No. 634251


honestly she is very trashy but i kind of admire how she has the guts to go all the way with her body motifications and general appearance, being alt isn't always an easy decision and she is very extreme.

Very bad decision of hers to tattoo her mother though, she is so young, imagine if they fall out completely later on in her life, lol

No. 634305

File: 1531399216664.png (293.07 KB, 844x542, Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 13.3…)

I got blocked instantly for haha reacting. Well, Skye, I'm sorry that your post on the public forum that is Facebook was subjected to mild criticism.

It's a shitty tattoo that the both of them will regret, I don't see what she's so upset about and it's a little rich that you want to call others 'reprobates' when you're a 20 year old woman who's never had a job, has now totally sabotaged her prospects of ever getting a job, and has to get the bus everywhere. This is Vicky-tier "people just want to be like me!!!1!!!"delusion.

No. 634306

kek, I doubt it's even 'her' tattoo, it's probably some shitty arctic monkeys tumblr aesthetic bullshit she found trending on tumblr

No. 634772


can anyone find the same logo/tattoo? I refuse to believe she invented this

No. 634802

i feel like she didn’t invent the deathly hallows or mockingjay either

No. 635249

File: 1531470852796.jpg (60.61 KB, 337x470, stock-vector-glitch-vector-art…)

It's probably just glitch typography she found somewhere.
You can find tons of examples, so it's not really an original idea.

No. 635471

dumb slut got another tattoo today lmaooo

No. 635484

Post caps then.

I'm in disbelief over how many tats she got in the span of ONE MONTH. There ought to be no more space on her face left.

No. 635555

File: 1531505635720.png (5.18 MB, 1125x2436, 807BDBF6-F117-4A89-94E2-4B5F90…)


sorry friend, the file didn’t upload ;( - screenshot from her recent post

ironically, dice don’t have a 7 on them.

No. 635580


I assume the 7 is intentional (for the sum of 13 by the two die), but the rest of it is wrong anyway. 6s and 1s are always on opposite sides, as are 2s and 5s. Her tattoo "artist" is trash for putting that hideous thing on her.

No. 635684

I looked through his portfolio on Instagram. That looks so shit compared to his other work. What is with skye and artists doing subpar work on her

No. 635695

spergy as fuck of me to say this but I can't stand trad style tattoos done with skinny as fuck lines. It looks cheap as fuck, like Skye does. Honestly, I am surprised her immune system must be run ragged by all that healing she's doing.

No. 636579

File: 1531616063145.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1218, Screenshot_20180715-014957.png)

Seriously though. He's capable of something as beautifully executed as this and yet he shat out that terrible piece on Skye.

She turned comments off for the dice photo, she clearly knows it's trash.

No. 637543


Someone above said that most tattooist must see how shit are tattoos are and not give a fuck about if they’re work on her is trash, and honestly I’m starting to see a trend lmao.

No. 637570

this looks like silken tofu… that perspective and dem crooked/warped lines tho…

No. 641006

File: 1532005472494.jpg (135.29 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(39).jpg)

Probably because their so shocked at how much damage you've done to yourself in such a short amount of time

No. 641038

Those brows though kek

No. 642285

I‘m still a little shocked how bad the moon on her forehead turned out. :/

She‘s gorgeous…but it’s a no from me for the moon! :O(don't use emojis)

No. 642416

File: 1532106927719.jpg (502.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180720-115350_Ins…)

She answered some questions on her IG I'll be putting up. I don't understand because she's always saying you should love your body and everyone is different and perfect, but then says she wants to get her boobs and nose done? I think she has pretty decent sized boobs, and I never noticed her nose. If anything, she needs to get her goddamn teeth fixed.

No. 642419

File: 1532107018241.jpg (527.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180720-115400_Ins…)

She already gets stuff from goodbye bread and the wig shops, so what's the difference? I say within a year she'll have a PO box.

No. 642421

File: 1532107087046.jpg (535.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180720-115318_Ins…)

It'll be interesting to see if this changes once she runs out of space to tattoo on her body.

No. 642589

>fixing my damn nose
I assume by ''fix'' she means she wants to have a conventionally attractive nose? That's an odd choice for someone whose entire look is based on not looking like society expects you too. It would be a complete waste of money too, her nose is the least of her problems and her entire body looks fucked up anyway so what is the point of a nose job

No. 643116


I always thought I had shit teeth but holy fuck

No. 643900

File: 1532231245637.png (Spoiler Image, 811.16 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6271.PNG)

"best sellers"??????????

No. 643910

File: 1532232095904.png (Spoiler Image, 51.99 KB, 640x604, IMG_6272.PNG)

No. 643911

File: 1532232325521.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 299x299, IMG_6273.GIF)

No. 643915

File: 1532232821754.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 327x327, IMG_6275.GIF)

she can't make much money? I mean….

No. 644051

These are awful. It's also bizarre to make porn but also try and pretend she is this sensitive posh girl with boundaries on Instagram (she gets offended and switches off comments, doesn't post certain pictures, is shy about body selfies)

No. 644128

Someone uploaded the tickle porn to PornHub, search her name and both clips come up. Not sure if they’re the whole things going by the fact they’re only 30/40 seconds long but they’re there and they’re hilarious.

Girl is a mess.

No. 644290

She's so obsessed with mods and fakery that she wants big bimbo bolt one when she has perfectly fine boobs. Such an idiot

No. 645106

This whole thread is so sad. Her whole life seems to be on a fast downwards spiral. I don't understand why she doesn't go on a college course (free in Scotland) or make a make-up portfolio as she seems to be good at that.

No. 645196

Most college courses won’t wccept her because of her piercings. That would also imply that she would have to do something with her life other than badly suck cock.

No. 645198

ngl unless we're talking like ivy league (even then doubtful) what kind of colleges have you seen reject people based on their piercings?

No. 645217

She did get into a college course but they told her should would need to take out her piercings for certain classes. It was a hospitality course so that makes sense. She threw a hissy fit about it and never went.

No. 645220

No, college in the UK takes anyone. It's like technical school, different from university. She could even study make-up. Her instagram says she studied photography at college for a bit, wonder what happened.

No. 645244

I wish that were true but it’s not. Depending on the course they won’t let you hahe piercings, and it’s not even just courses for cooking, I did a course in music (!!!!!) and they didn’t want me having my facial piercings in.

Her piercings are also over the top ridiculous compared to what she had when she first applied.

No. 645252

Im pretty sure thats more specific to the school itself so I think her bigger issue would be anyone recognizing her on campus (sex work is a sure as fuck way to get kicked tf out)

No. 645449


I live near her, see her in town a lot, so assuming she'd applied to the college near the area, they probably wouldn't accept her unless she took the majority of her piercings out

the face tat doesn't help either, which I completely forgot about until right now

No. 645454

File: 1532382005738.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 364x364, tumblr_p6xzv2omFy1weusgjo1_400…)

her ass is gross wtf

No. 645475


Ummm, it just looks like a regular arse? What's the issue with it? It's hardly a wart covered rot-ass like Shayna's is. Quit reaching.

On another note, why are a pair of those arms grey/blue?

No. 645481


Arms? Do you mean her legs?

No. 645518

I think she has socks on. Looks like the guy is holding the vibe too close and it's uncomfortable.

No. 646859

File: 1532531789144.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1342, 20180725_161333.png)

Shop your damn lace Jesus, also the foundation over the mood is not doing it any favours.

No. 646907

Are those supposed to be fake freckles? Because it just looks like she got mud splashed on her face or something

No. 652481

Anyone got a link to the DDLG video??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 653495

File: 1533136124609.jpg (824.34 KB, 1080x1771, Tattoo bird zomm.jpg)

She got a new tattoo. Again.

No. 653503

was going to say at least it's decently done but can't tell if the shading outside the legs is intentional or not, and if that's supposed to be a worm why does it have a tongue.

No. 653535


I think it's meant to be a snake. Also the outside the lines shading… there's a chance it might be stencil that wasn't rubbed off properly or ink that was smudged on the skin I dunno I'm trying to remain optimistic here.

No. 653538

a worm? lmao anon, her tats are shit but come on. i think the shading COULD be crappy feathers or some shit but probably is just sloppy work.

No. 653547


this tattoo is pretty decent

No. 653576

She really needs to give her body a break. She must feel like crap from all the healing

No. 654304


It is where they've gone over the line work. That style of tattoo shading is called whip shading and sometimes an artist can accidentally slip outside of the lines if they're a bit heavy handed with it. It can happen and that bit will probably fall out because it's so lightly applied to the skin, so it's no big deal. Still, poor technique. The tattoo itself looks good though apart from that!

No. 655058

File: 1533248599615.png (3.99 MB, 1125x2436, 168C4C32-18F3-401F-917B-E6E53B…)


She’s updated the info on that post since the last guy posted it - her body is literally fighting for her to stop getting tattoos and she’s just ignoring it, silly girl.

No. 655342

File: 1533273495730.jpg (568.14 KB, 1079x1249, 20180803_071656.jpg)

She claims she is straight edge, but she reblogged a stoner.

No. 655496

Literally why the fuck would that matter, you're really clutching here mate

No. 655541


Yup. Plenty of straight edge people appreciate stoner culture. Do you expect her to recoil in horror and fall to the ground in grief if she sees someone daring to put a beer to their lips? Most edge people aren't that soft, anon. Move along.

No. 655642

File: 1533315094742.png (1.22 MB, 1078x1068, Screenshot_20180803-170449.png)

Finally editing her lace front. Or attempting to.

No. 655643


The way she pouts in pictures is fucking hilarious, also her lace shoop… fucking hell.

No. 655943


Funnily, she can’t acfually not pout anymore because of her stretched lips.

No. 655949

Can't tell if she purposely avoids putting foundation on her moon or wipes it off when she's done applying. Either way it looks weird and so noticeable

No. 656092

Even though this look is objectively ridiculous, she looks beautiful here. I think all these mods+porn+shaved head is a weird form of self harm for her, hope she gets over it one day

Sorry for vague WK, she's a disaster now but I have hope for the future

No. 656319


if you look closely you can see she's gone around the outline with a q-tip lolololol this pic is a trainwreck

No. 656612


The uneven moon and ear tattoos are permanent, as is the butthole on her top lip.

No. 660482

File: 1533822458558.jpg (155.49 KB, 423x710, edge.jpg)

She's now fucking some edgy soundcloud rapper looking dude

No. 660490

haha how do these guys not understand that look is a huge joke now

No. 660526


lol, a match made in heaven

No. 660578

Does anyone know who this guy is? I wonder how Toni feels about this, or is she fucking them both now…

No. 660630

At a glance I thought that was a vagina tattooed on his face

No. 660726

shits offensive to soundcloud rappers

No. 660800

I thought she said she was getting the philtrum stretch repaired? I thought I read that she was having it stitched back up or something, is it impossible to fix a stretched pierce?

No. 661260

File: 1533906047800.png (1.08 MB, 1242x2208, 61CF7CD7-A93C-43E7-B4F5-D823EC…)

she goes on to say that after the person told her, she contacted the owner of the shop and they banned her friend from the shop lmao.
Anyone know what tattoo shop she’s talking about?

No. 661266

Holier than thou Manchester

No. 661321

File: 1533913319055.jpeg (494.84 KB, 750x846, 1D816DDB-4882-4286-8D1D-5CF782…)

it’s actually not that impossible, most modification artists close up stretched piercings all the time and they heal pretty good. She’s probably just to lazy to do it

No. 661446

I know someone that does modifications that has told me that she’s literally the worst person (Skye) to work with and that her appearance is horrendous, so I’m
not surprised.

No. 661541

Oh? My friend tattooed her and said that she was super shy, barely said a word.

No. 661683

No. 661736

I don't think she quite gets that the staff are obligated to perform mods etc on her if she's paying, but they are damn well not obligated to like her or think she's the shit because she's done some pretty 'out there' mods. People are going to talk about you if you have big pieces of your face/head cut out. What the fuck did she expect? I'm sick of this twat.

No. 661816

No, but it's still incredibly unprofessional to talk about clients like that.

No. 661817

people in general can say anything they want but when you're at your job in front of customers its definitely inappropriate to talk about other patrons

No. 662134

Maybe they were talking shit about her as she got her moon scarification done there only to then get it (badly) tattooed over a while later, kind of defeats the object of getting it in the first place? Also if she’s already considering getting one of her mods sewed up, can you imagine what else she’ll regret in a few years. You can’t possibly sustain an income on selling your x-rated Snapchat and boring porn videos forever, reality will hit her in a few years and she’ll have fucked her body up too much to ever be able to get a real job.

No. 662175

That's entirely untrue. No college in the UK would decline someone due to piercings, as they don't even know what you look like from your application.

No. 662176

Again, false. Maybe in the USA they would, but British universities would not just expel someone because of their job, even if it is porn or sex work.

No. 662202

I didn't realise that she's getting her labret AND her philtrum sewn up. You'd think it would make her hold off on the body mods until she's mature enough to make permanent decisions.

No. 662242

File: 1534009066552.png (658.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180811-183446.png)

If she doesn't know what size she is then how can she know what size she wants to be? She's quite possibly already a D cup.

No. 662361

Lmao she always shows off her snapchat and proudly talks about being a sex worker yet I asked how she became one and blocked me

No. 662401

File: 1534025956987.jpg (673.2 KB, 1080x1842, 20180811_171834.jpg)

I find it funny he's a trimmer and a vegan. There's nothing vegan about that job.

No. 662404

She also told people on her IG to go like her 'boos' page and the first post is only from July 28. I remember seeing this guy post on some of her pictures and looking at his profile, maybe 1-2 months ago. Kind of seems like he only hung out with her to promote his band.

No. 662467

She just blocked me for almost cringily respectfully asking her whys she shaves her head if she's wearing wigs in most of the pics, while answering to a previous question before that she's ~ open to personal questions ~ and ~ has no shame ~. What a boring twat.

No. 662473

File: 1534034033455.jpg (944.92 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180811_192347.jpg)

Someone asked her that before and she said it was easier not dealing with hair/it gets caught in everything/it's hot and they don't have AC in her flat. It's so funny with her, if you just ask something she blocks you, but if you put 'i luv u ur so pretty!!' at the end she doesn't. She has super thin skin, even if it was worded just as a question if you don't validate her in someway she sees it as a dig at her.

Also, the Josh guy has been to her flat before, back in February, so is this an off/on fuck buddy? He has a newish born which is maybe why there was a gap between when they last hungout. She's said multiple times she doesn't want kids so this should be interesting.

No. 662500

File: 1534037416266.jpeg (447.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-11-18-56-57…)


Apparently, according to her it was fucking up her teeth.

Also, I got the whole story on the tattoo shop drama screenshoted, anyone interested?

No. 662501

what an spoiled bitch.

No. 662502

Yes, post it

No. 662518


Okay, I'd swear to god I took screenshots but for some reason I've looked at all my folders in my phone and I can't seem to find them. Sorry for the dissapointment anon.

From what I remember, she mentioned that everything you guys saw in the screenshot the other anon posted and the rest was her saying how unprofessional it was of them and also how hypocritical because "they are in an industry that's based off looking different and unique" or something. A fair point tbh but she still looks busted lmao.

No. 662550

File: 1534042908514.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1578, Screenshot_20180812-035922.png)

Very likely that it was Josh who overheard people talking about Skye at Holier Than Thou.

No. 662553

File: 1534043112528.jpg (368.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180810-101453_Ins…)

I think these are the SS you were referring to.

No. 662554

File: 1534043179781.jpg (822.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180810-101458_Ins…)


No. 662556

File: 1534043325881.jpg (817.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180810-101502_Ins…)

The lines on that look like shit.

No. 662558

File: 1534043421881.jpg (476.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180810-101506_Ins…)

One more

No. 662559

File: 1534043675744.jpg (466.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180810-101511_Ins…)

I think she doesn't get that fact that everyone talks shit about ANYBODY. Sure they shouldn't have done it around clients, but it happens. Especially in a shop atmosphere people are going to talk shit about her horrendous hand tattoos. (Which I'm assuming a group of tattoo artists would do.)

No. 662698


You are right, the shop is still handling this situation very unprofessionally and I'd be disappointed and angry too tbh.

No. 662748

She doesn't know how bra sizes work. She thinks DD = biggest size. She is at least DD already, probably 30FF.

No. 662867


yes, thank you. I couldn't find mine.

No. 663113


To be fair to the shop, it's entirely up to them what they say about their clients. If they want to shit talk them, fair enough to them, it just means less people will go.

But at the same time, she got a mod done at that shop, and then tattooed over it and shit talked about Holly a few weeks later saying she did a really shit job (It was on her story, I'm sure someone on here will have a screenshot of it)

No. 663117


Are you retarded? Of course they wouldn't decline you from your application, they'd decline you at the interview you have to get on the course. Certain courses, specifically the ones she would want to go into (MAU, Cookery) will 100% decline her for her piercings and hand tattoos. She could maybe get into college for MAU if she went to the right one, but no one will accept her for cookery.


Wrong. Are you just sucking him to her to get some brownie points? You're probably one of the guys she's fucked lately (and by gosh, there's a load of them anyway). Doing sex work is 100% wonderful way of getting kicked out of college/university, and if anyone ever found her pictures online if she ever got a real job, she'd likely get fired as well as it looks bad on the business. You're mentally retarded if you think otherwise.

No. 663118


Went for a tattoo a few months ago at Rock n Roll in Glasgow, and someone had mentioned her as it must've been around the time she got a new tattoo and they were talking about how low quality her tats where.

No. 663159

What? She's fucked two guys lately. We'd know there was anyone else because she's constantly updating her stories. She only ever hangs out with her mum, her nan, and the guy of the moment.

No. 663971

File: 1534207425869.png (924.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180814-013421.png)

No. 664003

File: 1534210782732.jpg (481.84 KB, 1000x570, skye.jpg)

Tattoos so far this year

No. 664010

Concerning. Reminds me of the guy who got himself turned grey with black eyes in the course of a year. None of these things are vital enough to need to be done so fast. "Vegan". Like at one point on the meaningless tattoo journey you are just branding yourself like a farm animal

No. 664048


She's no Adam Curlykale or Farrah Fucking Flawless. Having worked in the body art industry I have seen plenty of people get tattooed as frequently as she has.

No. 664143

I actually knew Skye IRL from the ages of 3-9 years old, She was one of my closest friends at the time. I'm in no god dam way defending her actions at all. However, Skye has had a much rougher life than one might imagine, She was ran over at the age of (10-11 years old, I cant remember the exact age) by a ice cream truck that really caused some physical issues, I'm actually not convinced she came out of that accident with the same IQ she went in with. After that she became very cold, quiet, shy etc etc. I'm not giving her any excuses for the shitty decisions she has made since, i'm however just giving some reasoning to why she may be like this. Also, She treats her mother and grandmother like a ATM and threatens to kill herself if she doesn't get what she wants. Thus the reason she seems to be able to afford shit while not working. Here for the next few hours to answer any questions about the beast of glasgow

No. 664151


brain damage sounds kind of plausible honestly

No. 664158

Is her mother as off the rails as previous anons suggested? Do ye still live generally close, what's the general opinion of her? Thanks for sharing anon.

No. 664173

Is the ice cream van what caused the weird discolouration on her stomach? And is her name Skye or Jodie?

No. 664245

Wow. She fucked her face up in less than one month. I don't want to armchair but getting this many tattoos over the course of five (!) months can't be healthy. I really hope she gets help.

No. 664442

File: 1534270282829.png (115.92 KB, 750x1334, B75AD99B-9289-4D86-8072-E7F1CA…)

Got blocked for suggesting she watch the Jeffree star series that has come out haaaaa

No. 664502


Her name is definitely jodie, http://twitter.com/jodie_purdonT

T stands for travers, IIRC her dads name.

No. 664514


she is again at it lmao

No. 665138

Funny that she‘s fucking Josh again..

Been bitchy about him for keeping her labret jewelry which was only lent to him and stuff.

No. 665263

File: 1534350955417.png (763.61 KB, 750x1334, 572962F9-9F63-4847-8836-BF2D1C…)

oh noooo the cringe

No. 665314

File: 1534354627471.jpg (701.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180815-193618_Ins…)

She cuts herself. Look at her right upper leg.

No. 665329

File: 1534355561574.jpg (696.64 KB, 1077x1699, 20180815_124834.jpg)

I was just about to post that. It also seems like she was dating the Josh guy for weekend and now it's over. Or he was using her as a booty call and she took it to serious.

No. 665380

Christ maybe she is using all this body modification as a form of self harm or a terrible coping skill. Shes obviously struggling and will probably look back at her scars and tattoos later in life with the same regret

No. 665388


the regret is setting in! lol.

she identifies with not smoking weed soooo hard that she got that lifestyle choice branded on her.

No. 665437


I don't see how getting a tattoo could be self harm. Tattoos are decorations for your body, even if it involves pain.

No. 665528

Pictures from a few weeks back and it looks like she didn't had self harm marks. Maybe something recent? I found an article of a guy named Travers who is from glasgow and he did some weird shut. He was a business man, but he robbed people with a toy gun a couple of times. Seems like a long stretch, but maybe her dad?

No. 665585

idk anon. blog: I have quite a few (not as many as Skye though) and haven’t gotten one in several years but looking back I can see that I got all of my biggest pieces done at times of stress and high emotion. Also tattoos can either mitigate or badly worsen body dysmorphia. I’ve gotten a few tattoos where I’ve had a sudden complete panic reaction of “this doesn’t seem like my skin/body anymore” and some where it wasn’t a big deal. I would not call my own mods self harm, but all I’m trying to say is body mods and tattoos especially can have all kinds of significant emotional impact, either before or after you get them, and I can easily buy that body mods are a form of self harm for a lot of people.

No. 665635

File: 1534374592937.jpg (328.28 KB, 1511x2015, FB_IMG_1534373805409.jpg)

Dont know if its just me but something feels off about the tattoo

No. 665670

wtf why is it shaded inside the web? looks like an asshole fr. ugly tatt

No. 665730

File: 1534377977591.png (597.91 KB, 1006x1045, Screenshot_20180816-010355.png)

Some spiderweb tattoos are shaded and don't look like trash. She just chose to go back to the dude who did her shitty forehead moon.

No. 665940

I had no idea that this was a spiderweb until >>665730’s reply.

No. 666047

That looks ugly too

No. 666063


this….this is just bad. Imagine giving blowjobs for tattoos and this is what you get.

She just wants to fill her body with so many tattoos. If she were thinking carefully and let herself heal for each one I'd support it but it just feels like she is doing it on a whim and I can't comprehend how someone can tattoo themselves on a whim that often.

No. 666068

can’t this bitch leave her body alone just for a few weeks?

No. 666069


I have a few tattoos and the rule has always been, get your design or idea or whatever and wait 6 months. If you still like it after 6 months, then you're good to go.

Just going and getting so many on a whim is a bad idea. Of my tattoos, three were not thought out and guess which ones I really don't like anymore? She's going to end up regretting this. God knows what a 50 year old woman with dobby ears and a moon on her face is going to look like. Just sad.

No. 666104

File: 1534410940786.jpeg (170.36 KB, 750x1334, 3062083C-6F96-41C7-A5A2-1A9A67…)

No. 666137

It literally makes her sound like she has no financial awareness living check by check because thinking ahead is too far for her.
She would be more happy somebody gave her a 100$ in her hand than 1000$ in momthly installments.

You should be worried how the money comes in, jfc it has alot of importance but god forbid you peer into the future besides online dick appointments & tattoo sessions.

No. 666179

File: 1534421494417.jpg (39.02 KB, 430x662, Capture.JPG)

Just posted this on her story, if she's not actively picking at the scabs (which shouldn't even be fully formed after less than 24 hours) then that's just an open graze/wound D:

No. 666223

This can happen though. Different areas of the skin heal/scab differently, plus it's on her knee, so with movement comes potential for skin to split or slough off. It does look quite dry though which in general isn't a good again as again - knee = high frequency of movement. She should either be keeping that thing slightly moistened with appropriate aftercare ointment or wet healing it. If I had my knees or elbows done then I would definitely opt for wet healing.

In relation to her basically living paycheck to paycheck, she needs to stop that right now before she gets much older and all that is on her CV is 'worked in a body piercing studio for a month and then quit to choke on dicks for a living'. I know there is always a way around these things and not everyone absolutely needs to have a decent working history, but it really fucking helps, especially if you are heavily modified or tattooed. Reality will hit her hard when someone out outdoes her in the levels of physical change of she's put herself through the last few years and she's no longer a point of interest. It's sad, as I wouldn't wish that on anyone no matter how much I disliked them, but in cases like this and at her age, she really should know better and grow the fuck up. Time to stop spending all that money on absolutely dog shit tattoos and start saving.

No. 666283

UGH why does she try and do fake freckles like this? It's not cute, it just looks like someone sharted on her face.

No. 666308

Every time I see her freckle makeup I think of the Duck President from South Park spraying diarrhea onto people’s faces

No. 667009

First the reaper and now this. Gotta throw out the whole leg at this point. Surely she doesn't think these tattoos are good? Filling up your body with trash ink so young is such a waste.

No. 667721

File: 1534616299823.png (865.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180818-191738.png)

Those boobs look sad

No. 667734


She needs to buy clothes that fit.

No. 667736

File: 1534617731351.png (6.22 MB, 1125x2436, C08967A4-3006-4273-BF21-2B6496…)


You can actually see where she has tried to shop the straggly bits of her wig out LOL.

No. 667749

The SAD tat is so appropriate with those tits. Wew.

No. 667750

What even is that smear across her philtrum lol, I guess she’s not going to try anymore?

No. 667776

I know this is three days old when I was younger I was a major cutter and when I turned 18 I started getting piercings because I just liked the pain, without realizing. Looking back that exactly why I got so many in such a short time. At her age I'm sure that's why shes doing this shit like >>665585 said

sage for blogpost

No. 667880

Am I the only one who noticed how yellow her face is compared to her body? Like damn. Could be the lighting but I wonder if her foundation is the wrong shade… kek

No. 668283

File: 1534695030869.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, sketch-1534695004958.png)


No. 668499


says the person that sucks dick for any low-cost artist tattoo? Nice.

No. 668723

File: 1534747797469.png (831.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180820-012134.png)


No. 668724

File: 1534747822529.png (761.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180820-012141.png)


No. 668725

File: 1534747874403.png (672.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180820-012209.png)


Nice job wasting NHS time, dumbass.

No. 668756

Does this girl have any friends? lmao

No. 668819


Who’s artists dicks has she sucked and how do we know this?

No. 668863

agreed. She splurges a lot of money on her look and could invest it better. Clothes don't fit, colours are always mismatched and everything is over the top and unbalanced. I don't think she realises how much it all clashes. She could do so much better.

find her more cringy than milky though.

No. 668888

File: 1534783182305.png (Spoiler Image, 792.9 KB, 750x1334, 4DCFFE42-DFC9-49DE-BD80-A5C9AD…)

Does she just stand and stank herself? Can’t think of anything less sexy…

No. 669350

Literally nobody, she had a thing with one of the people that tattooed her about 2 years ago, nobody since or before. This is just a shit rumour spread by this thread

No. 669687

Wasn't that with the guy who gave her those awful hand tattoos?

No. 669904


she’s defo shagged other tattooists in the last two years

No. 669997

where are you getting your info from

No. 671310

File: 1535039658672.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, E6D62E0F-A62E-4802-AD80-7C8A73…)

No. 671672

File: 1535066140618.jpg (205.93 KB, 517x592, lol.jpg)

Why does she not grow out her eyebrows instead of drawing them on?? They'd look so much better.

Also gurl, that eyelash, is u ok

No. 671675

I believe she said in a story she's trying to grow them out. I can't say for sure, but I think once you've plucked/shaved your brows for so long, they don't grow back.

No. 671777

File: 1535072772391.png (1.18 MB, 800x1051, Screenshot_2018-08-23-18-03-15…)

No. 672083


It doesn't really matter if she has eyebrows or not, she still has a scratchy moon tattoo across her forehead lol.

No. 672169

>fucked up sex doll look
>body poz
>I hate myself, somebody kill me
>mah makeup skillz
>lol I spent all mah moneyz on tatooozzzz, broke ho diet

What a disgusting retard…

No. 672257

File: 1535131053512.png (533.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180824-180118.png)

Possible lurking?

No. 672278

I thought the same thing when I saw this.

Isn't microblading really expensive? I've heard ladies in my area say it's almost 350USD the first time they went, and you have to keep getting it done. Should we take bets on how they'll look?

No. 672435

2 racks that it’ll look worse than the moon.

No. 672526

Depends who does it and what they charge. You really do get what you pay for with microblading. Here in the UK I've seen it run anywhere from £80 to £280, so yeah, about $350 for the first hit. First top ups are usually done for free too. With the oh so amazing quality of her tattoos though, I can see them ending up looking like crap.

No. 672888

File: 1535205573006.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 16F31572-4DC7-4353-AE42-C76F63…)

I wonder if the jeans already had a cut on the knee… or if she ripped a brand new pair of jeans just to shoe off her sIcK KnEe tAt

No. 672894

She was so desperate to show off the tattoo that her knee looks like an amputee stump here tbh

She totally lurks anyway, and at least some people she knows. It consistently sounds like there is one same person in here defending her or asking where we are getting info etc.

With regard to her microblading plans, it is expensive and requires retouching. If she hasn't been a total dumbass and has been shaving her brows like that instead of plucking or waxing, then she could be planning to grow them out when they've been microbladed. With how little of a shit she gave about ensuring her middle of her forehead facial tattoo looking symmetrical and decent, god knows she'll go to someone shit for her eyebrows and not take care of them either.

No. 673216

File: 1535231122787.png (696.56 KB, 1080x1920, sketch-1535231063002.png)

Explains a lot

No. 673218

File: 1535231262338.png (802.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180824-233714.png)

Both of her hand tattoos are trash but the burning Bible is waaaay worse than the heart.

No. 673236

File: 1535232962390.png (889.68 KB, 606x916, Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 2.35…)

Oldie but goodie

That hole above her lip tho..

No. 673241

This thread makes me sad. I desperately want to like this girl, but watching her social media is like watching a star burn out. Literally every decision she makes will harm her in the long run, and maybe she soothes herself with these manic & poorly thought out body modifications, but it's all at the expense of her long term health and happiness. There's just no way she'll feel satisfied with all these body modifications when she's already had so many issues & regrets with her existing ones. And the porn thing..will likely haunt her forever. Sadly

I desperately hope that one day we'll see her turn things around. That she learns to not mask her natural beauty with all these problematic body modifications, that she stops posting porn & learns to find value instead in her personality and contributions to others. That she finds friends she can take comfort in, instead of lousy tatted loser men that use her and lose her.

Maybe blogpost, but I know Skye lurks this thread so I wanted to say this.

Skye, please just do the right things for yourself & your future. Love yourself, girl!

No. 673367


Anyone who asks that should not be getting a tattoo.


>black out

Or, "How to disguise your regrettable ink with something even more regrettable."

No. 673609


If you posted this on one of her photos she’d block you then shit post about you. She constantly says she “loves herself” when quite clearly the only thing she loves is dick.

No. 676967

File: 1535694801750.png (Spoiler Image, 794.7 KB, 750x1334, B3984A6F-900E-4DA8-AB5C-E3A960…)

She’s fucking so rude like she ignores any messages you send her she only cares about herself not her followers and she only ever replies with tysm. Also she fucking things depression is a joke like she said she isn’t actually depressed but uses it to address her mood I’m so mad ugh why idolise it it’s not cool at all it’s a fucking
mental illness

No. 676970

File: 1535694976121.png (Spoiler Image, 147.06 KB, 750x1334, 5D93E22E-2B94-4DEC-B677-13E947…)

Preparing to be blocked looooo

No. 677028


Yikes you look fucking nuts lol less than two weeks ago you were trying to talk to her. Did you get rejected even after the charming DM with the emoji?

No. 677036

dude I’m all for taking and getting on it’s not that she didn’t reply that I’m mad I’m mad because she on about depression when it’s not a joke. Needs to be said

No. 677217

File: 1535738575230.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 27123EBB-C49D-493F-B819-876867…)

… is she looking for a job!?

No. 677750

File: 1535790926396.png (238.8 KB, 1080x1641, Screenshot_20180901-093349.png)

Looks like it was for this job. Does she seriously think a bank would hire her, even in a call center?

No. 677782


That’s the contact centre her mom works in, she’s probably trying to get in so she can work with her precious mother.

But considering during the interview process you can’t have piercings or dyed hair for some companies, I don’t imagine she’ll get close to having that job.

No. 679831

Her mum doesn't work for a bank

No. 679879

File: 1535991501881.jpg (195.82 KB, 1511x2015, FB_IMG_1535991428319.jpg)

Her eyes look like spiders are coming out of them. Might be one of her worst photos yet

No. 679886


she looks like an egg.

No. 679909

Anymor details on what actually happened with this ice cream truck incident I’m well curious lol also I’m not understanding why none of her tattoos are pretty or actually taken time with they just are rushed tacky and looks like an apprentice did all of them ew

No. 680251

This is the embodiment of "trying to be popular on Instagram". Eyes shut, tongue out, collar, bad wig, bad makeup, bad tattoos = Instagram edge achieved pls like me

No. 680320

File: 1536028213185.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.41 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(52).jpg)

So gross and tragic, do you think food leaks out of it?

No. 680685


She's fucked that labret up immensely, although I'm more surprised at the fact she's managed to heal her cheek piercings. I thought they were notoriously difficult to heal?

No. 680690

Fucking hell, what a cursed image.

No. 680711

Aren’t you supposed to keep jewelry in it? And basically work backwards putting smaller and smaller pieces until it can close without shit fall out of it?

No. 681753

Same call centre, different company within the call centre.

No. 681759

If you want it to close up, you generally leave the jewellery out and it will shrink down. However, you can wear slightly smaller sizes in it if you don't want water/food dripping out of your face.

No. 684149

File: 1536447279051.png (121.71 KB, 750x1334, A3E18D58-D8BF-4801-B9FB-368BD4…)

She must be desperate for subscribers

No. 684151

File: 1536447322014.png (Spoiler Image, 216.8 KB, 750x1334, 4539B731-B755-47E9-B98E-72DDAA…)

That josh lad must be back on the scene?

No. 684457

It’s sad, on her snap you can see she’s still self harming, fresh cuts down her thigh.

No. 684485

I know people that work at the shop she’s been slagging off and the whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. All that had been said was that she should’ve come to get her work retouched if she wasn’t happy with it, woulda been easier to fix than tattoo that moon over. But she took it badly when fed back to her and kicked off.

No. 684501

share pics please
yeah holier than thou have a great reputation locally and having been pierced there i cant imagine anyone criticising her for her appearance or whatever (also you don't need to type in a username or email on here, you've made it pretty obvious who you are by doing so)

No. 684518

I didn’t realise, oops. It doesn’t matter anyways, there’s no malice in what I’ve said (I am however now anon ‘cos learning!) it’s just silly how far things can get misconcstrued when people plaster it on social media.

No. 684523


No can do, Snap sends her a notification if you screenshot

No. 684542

>>684523 use an app

No. 684554

Or use another phone, camera or tablet. Nothing is impossible.

No. 684701

Turn on airplane mode the screen shot

No. 684702

How much are you paying for her snapchat?

She’s always super secretive about pricing!

No. 685260


I think it was £10? It was maybe a year ago, before her sad vegan tattoos definitely. She had it on her instagram that she had it on "sale" so I don't know if she normally charges more?

Sage not really milky

No. 685293

So like a 1 off payment?
How the fuck does she afford to buy stuff with that(emojis)

No. 685318

Actually it‘s 30£ I guess.

No. 685332

Her new boyf is a lad called Josh. He's getting paid to be in the videos when he's in scotland. Apparently she gives him decent money for this appearances. He's pretty messed up though and has a few mental issues going on. Always has done. So they totally suit by the sounds of it. He's looking at jobs up there and houses in Scotland to live with her.(namefag)

No. 685373

File: 1536609106030.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, F655437E-ED38-4898-8C87-A813F4…)

Does she do “freckles” to try and cover up how bad the moon is?

It just draws more attention to it imo

No. 685375

Do you know them?

Just curious as to where you got this info!

No. 685416


Josh G? The face tattoo guy that was at her place recently?

No. 685904

Just a quick one, Skye and Josh aren't together, and I know he isn't moving or getting a job in Scotland

No. 686290

File: 1536721653238.jpg (658.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180911-183213_Ins…)

No. 686310

Honestly, Her mother has calmed down alot on all the shit she was doing for years, She is playing a huge role in her daughters decisions. I know for a fact that she spent over 10,000 on Jodie's obsession with mods

No. 686312

The ice cream van is the reason for that yes, But you will also see with her knee there is clear signs of damage to it. Her name is Jodie Travers, Named after her father who was a absolutely trash human being in her and her mothers eyes, I seen him from a different light to be honest(namefag)

No. 686400

No. 686522

Leave the name and email fields blank and write "sage" in the email field if you don't want to bump the thread. If you want to reply to a post then click that posts number while writing in the text box of your own post. I appreciate you bringing info and don't want you to get banned for these things. You can find more info in the rules.

How do you know her mother has spent money on her mods? Has her mother ever said anything remotely critical of her lifestyle? I'm an alternative weird bitch myself but even if my kid was making such terrible choices I wouldn't be able to be quiet on it let alone encourage it

She really is throwing it all out on the table with her sex work. She didn't work to build a following specifically interested in that side of her rather than just mods, and she doesn't build up her posts or videos and isn't leaving a teasing kind of market for certain acts, like How most porn stars won't do anal straight away because if they strictly don't do anal for ages and then release an anal vid the want for it will be so much bigger. That kind of thing.

No. 686559


Don’t believe so, don’t recognise the first name.

No. 686673

She's back with that Toni guy again, posting stuff on her IG story with him

No. 686870

File: 1536794591816.jpg (607.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180912-122356_Ins…)

Gauged ears without their gauges are disgusting.

No. 686893

They are called plugs, not gauges. But yeah, gross ears.

No. 686903



No. 687201

Gonna need some more insight into what she’s like in real life???

No. 687458

this LITERALLY isnt true, wtf her mods dont even come close to 10k either what are you smoking dude

No. 687463

the unicorn one?

No. 688051

why she always has to post the holding hands pic? this chic doesn’t have any friends?

No. 688151


You can hardly see it but it’s the brown teddy looking thing next to him, I just checked her insta on my friends phone and she has the pink one in her highlights lmao.

No. 688815

File: 1537024663511.jpg (912.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180915-091654_Ins…)

somehow she still gets sent things. cant wait to see my fav influencer in this getup.

No. 689286

Does anyone here subscribe to her snapchat?

What does she even do when she doesn’t have a lad visiting?

No. 689368


I do - if she's got a bloke around it's dick sucking, otherwise she just strips, wiggles her tits/bum around, sometimes plays with toys. Pretty softcore most of the time. Rarely she's done foot stuff when there's a guy there, and actual sex. She never really talks or does any regular day-to-day stuff like her instagram stories.

No. 689592


No. 689641


Another guy, assuming it wasn’t him, didn’t want to because it would notify her and apparently she’s against screenshots lmao

No. 690018

If you turn airplane mode on there won’t be any notifications

No. 690113


Same anon here, I've tried the airplane mode thing and it's been problematic, my phone is pretty derpy. I'll see what I can do

No. 692845

File: 1537471226775.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, FD41E25B-AF29-46F2-A851-1929CF…)

„I need friends“

Well…really seems problematic.

No. 693289

File: 1537508670496.jpg (749.31 KB, 1075x1778, Screenshot_20180921-074410_Ins…)

No. 693361

Do you know how she turned from proana to a vegan bodypos fat ass? Is it her therapy, medication or being hit by a van? Sure she was average, but definitely better looking than now.

Speaking of which, I'm still not following what this being hit by a van story is all about, can somebody elaborate?

No. 693900

Coming to her senses and wanting to be healthy and not be fucking hungry all the time anymore? Seriously what kind of question is that? Are you actually retarded? Like you're now digging up shite from like 2/3 years ago when she was in a bad place then going WOW LOOK HOW SHE CHANGED HER MIND!!

So you've never changed your mind on anything in your life then? You've never grown or attempted to do 1 positive fucking thing, what a fucking idiot you are

No. 693916


Are you some kind of retard?

No. 693929

>heroic music plays as the white knight appears on her steed

I don't know if you English good, but I think anon meant it was quite the personality transformation. Not that drilling holes in oneself and tattooing generic shit all over yourself could be considered as such a healthy recovery anyway.

No. 693932


Doublepost, but see also:
Filming porn and putting it on Tumblr

Wow she sure turned over a new leaf. What a mentally healthy life she now leads. Just a different type of body obsession and online attention seeking, but ok anon.

No. 693958

Thank you anon for speaking with the fools. This is exactly what I meant, and it's not even that she eats a lot better, 60 cent instant noodle soups, which are not even (sad) vegan by the way. Are those WKs denying that she caused herself way more damage recently than she dealt with ED? Now she cannot even find a job with all that shit on her face and body and porn online. She still self harms but on another level.
So yeah, think twice before posting and don't forget to sage.

No. 694229

Quick recap, I'm a anon that knew her. If you read further up you will see she was hit by a van at a young age and I believe that has left some brain damage

No. 694231

>>687201 She is a completely different person. There are two extreme sides of her. The IRL non porn one is actually pretty chill. But if she doesnt get what she wants she will lose her temper

No. 694873

I knew her and the IRL Skye is worse in person than she is online. She’s fucking weird and a compulsive liar.

No. 695736


Any other milk?

No. 696127

Not really. Most of the shit here is pretty accurate and as milky as it gets to be honest. I’m sure her ex’s probably have some milk, worth asking them since their instagrams are above somewhere.

No. 697023

File: 1537932285341.jpg (399.05 KB, 1080x1861, girl.jpg)

I wish she would get off my explore page.

No. 697049

that chunky glitter looks itchy, what is going on around the moon and i don't see how this is "clowny" but i'm tired of all the lazy 'clown' looks on ig in general.

No. 697273

File: 1537958699475.png (4.06 MB, 1242x2208, AA830B9F-4C4E-4B7D-BC5C-CB9A04…)

i’m pretty sure she’s at blancolo which is a shitty piercing/tattoo place that does piercings for £10

No. 697347


Did she say what she was getting pierced? Blancolo's a bit of a downgrade from her usual places, no?

That being said I've never had any problems going there when I didn't know any better, it's always been clean and the piercers have been nice etc

No. 697421

She got her nostril piercings changed to hoops with blue opals to match her other jewelry.

No. 697426

File: 1537975244864.jpg (470.47 KB, 1069x1718, 20180926_101855.jpg)

Same anon as above, not sure why she had to have someone do this? I changed mine out all this time and it's easy.

No. 697509

Different anon. I prefer to go to a shop because i don't have to bend my nose in weird ways to make sure I got my jewelry in correct. I also don't wear nostril screws, only labrets so..
I usually recommend people going to a shop if they can, it's clean and you don't have to put extra stress on the pierce site since you're not trying to see up your own nostril.

No. 697691


Your piercer will usually do this for free if you purchased your jewelry at their shop. I like to change mine at my piercer's because a lot of the jewelry is internally threaded and difficult to manage myself.

Still, I would never go somewhere that had piercings priced so low… Yikes!

Sage for piercing autism

No. 702347

File: 1538466759079.png (667.29 KB, 812x600, Capture.PNG)

No. 702348

File: 1538466802185.png (206.59 KB, 407x699, Capture.PNG)

Not cute

No. 703197

File: 1538571122626.jpg (663.58 KB, 1080x1328, 20181003_135103.jpg)

Oh no

No. 704530

Her eyes look so dead empty and derpy in every photo, I just can't. She still sits in her room covered in makeup because of no friends?
Her pupils are also super small, wild guessing but is she on fentanyl or something?

This looks like a traced photo, maybe with manually adjusted eyes/lips/nose. Lazy and not pretty.

No. 704803

Fentanyl??? What planet are you on

It’s probably because she’s standing in front of a window with light in her eyes you gimp(emojis)

No. 704847

File: 1538752474903.jpg (Spoiler Image, 739.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181003-081946_Ins…)

She's hurting for money, which is probably why her filming lad was over last night.

No. 704994

a like how she says so she can eat this month, implying she doesn't still live with her mother who buys all of her food…


There's a window directly in front of where she's taking a photo ya mad wank, girls a psycho but she's no a coke head

No. 705105

I hate how scottish people type in this thread omg

No. 705393

I mean, I almost wrote back to anon to say it's just her standing in front of a light source, but there's always one idiot in here that gets a little too profane and defensive. Sage your shit and cop on

No. 705494

fuck up ya mad melt, there’s bound to be scots here considering she is scottish


No. 705576

File: 1538859531871.jpg (980.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181006-155221_Ins…)

Her self harm scars are so big, or is that just me? The one going with her forearm looks like at one point to was a really wide/deep cut. So weird she would swatch over those, but I guess the front of her hands have horrible tattoos and are unusable.

(Also, keep on with the Scottish accents!)

No. 705931

Both her arms are quite bad IIRC, I hate the girl but a had a pal in high school who self harmed a lot too and she hates herself for it now, as long as she isn’t posting them for attention kudos to her for not hiding them

No. 705972


Somebody hasn't seen Scottish people twitter, this shit is mild. Of course scottish anons will comment on scottish milk what are you expecting

No. 705973


Total self fag but I have really bad scars from school and 10+ years later they're very obvious. It's impossible to hide them unless I wear long sleeves always. And in summer fuck that.

But with Skye she shows fresh/open cuts on her thighs on her snap according to somebody else up the thread which is just attention seeking and dangerous for the young girls who idolise her.

No. 706095

Tomorrow she i going to get her tits tatted. She posted it on facebook. There is no stopping this girl.

No. 706106

File: 1538938110038.jpg (296.14 KB, 1080x1588, Screenshot_20181007-134309_Fac…)

Since this is an image board…

Anyone know where she's going to get them done? I can't wait to see how bad they look, judging from her hit or miss (more of the later too) with tattoo artists.

Also probably why she was begging people to buy her snap earlier.

No. 706151

File: 1538942783164.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

These are images you can practically smell, augh.

No. 706164

OT but how do people get such good swatches of eyeshadows???

No. 706588


Those are pomades, not eyeshadows, so I think they're already heavily pigmented. Also I know some beauty vloggers put primer on underneath and pack on shadow to make the colour really stand out

No. 706590

File: 1538999782228.png (266.08 KB, 452x677, Capture.PNG)

Oh god they're going to look so horrible

No. 706596

But she wants to get implants. Why the fuck isn't she waiting until after to get her tits tattooed?

No. 706613

Those look entirely too large. Like plastic and proud has hers done and they look big and in turn make he nipples look giant in certain see thru shirts.

No. 706614

Those look entirely too large. Like plastic and proud has hers done and they look big and in turn make he nipples look giant in certain see thru shirts.

No. 706634


NGL it's a damn shame, Skye has messed up a lot of her body but her boobs are really nice.

No. 706637

I've seen wider.

I think the depth of the cut is only one factor. Genetics, weight gain, and skin health play their own roles.

No. 706663

Right?! RIP cute titties.

No. 706731


Because she never properly thinks about these things.

No. 706769

File: 1539021042177.jpeg (186.99 KB, 750x1152, 15C1F7DA-C653-4A49-B01B-1EEB1B…)

I mean…really!?
This is just…unnecessary!

Been removed on snap bc of Screenshots from this horrible stencils..Absolutely regret spending money on it anyway.
It‘s been hella boring and always the same stuff.
I was just curious.

I‘m really starting to dislike her for her arrongant and bitchy attitude more and more!

No. 706771

File: 1539021225458.jpeg (150.05 KB, 750x1068, 4CF49967-442B-4275-8B42-90695E…)

No. 706800

imagine selling a snapchat and removing people who paid for it for screenshoting the content they paid for

No. 706828


imagine having such cute boobs and then being SOOO committed to an edgelord aesthetic that you permanently disfigure them with a cheap spiderweb mandala design.


No. 706829

>tfw destroying your tits

Why do people do this?

No. 706854

File: 1539028427245.jpg (467.83 KB, 1079x1349, Screenshot_20181008-205312_Ins…)

aaand she has suceeded in ruining a perfectly cute pair if tits, rip

No. 706855

File: 1539028455033.jpg (463.92 KB, 1078x1347, Screenshot_20181008-205327_Ins…)

No. 706868

These are so huge, why?
Extreme and frequent bodymodding like this is probably some form of self-harm. I've heard from people who used to cut that getting a tattoo is a similar release.

No. 706877

oh my god those tittattoos are depressing as hell

why would anyone do this ever?

No. 706879

So fuckin sad!

I still can not believe how anybody can find this attractive.. how seh can find this attractive or beautiful..

Like.. Y!?

No. 706890


this doesn't even look original, she did a similar thing on her face sides and its the now trendy basic white girl pattern

No. 706905

I… I just don't get it. Why. Why would she do this. She had beautiful boobs. I just don't get it. The tattoos are so fucking huge also.

No. 706966


This looks so bad. They look terrible. As another anon said above, the tattooing is just another vehicle of self harm for this girl.

No. 707035

File: 1539043306752.jpg (218.4 KB, 1078x1347, sad-vegan-tiddies.jpg)


I came up with a free concept for her. The evolution of shitty tiddie tattoo. There is no coming back from ruining your body, right?

Not following people calling her tits cute though. They are low, sagging, with stretch marks and possibly scars? Does somebody have a tit jealousy here?

No. 707051

Tattoos like this make you look like you're wearing clothes (effectively). I think it's a way of de-sexualising yourself (a giant vegan right under the breasts is not sexy either) so seeing them all together I can see why she got it done. Still, preventing others from seeing and sexualising your body also prevents yourself from seeing it. I know she does porn stuff too which is why I suspect that's the reason.

No. 707078


LOL was she not begging for money so "she can eat" this month?

Maybe if she stopped getting mediocre tattoos every week she'd be able to afford food.

No. 707081

Almost all natural boobs bigger than a b cup sag plus she’s slouching. They aren’t perfect but they were nice before the tattoos.

No. 707084


Her boobs aren't saggy, obviously heavier breasts will sit differently to a smaller cup size.

And about the stretch marks, I've never in my life encountered a woman who didn't have them unless she was completely flat chested. It's just what happens to people when they grow, dude.

No. 707119


No. 707242


There's an interesting paper on this, actually. The survey found that 37% of the body-modded people who took it had histories of self harm.

To give you some perspective, only 4% of all Americans have practiced self harm.

Correlation obviously does not equal causation, but with a difference this significant, it's very likely a connection exists.

The paper:

No. 707332


I love how scottish people type.

No. 707671


We've reached peak white people modern primitive with mandalas and unilomes.

No. 708304

have you ever seen tits that aren’t on a porn star ya fanny? aw titties have stretch marks, and anything above a 32C are gonna “sag”, it’s literally two balls of fat on their chest

Her tits aren’t amazing but they were at least cute to look at, now they’re just shite

No. 709051

However.. isn‘t it sad that she deletes every single negative comment on der social media?

I mean.. how old is she? 12?

No. 711000

I was too late to screenshot, but on her AMA insta story yesterday she responded to somebody asking how she can afford all these tattoos with "I have a job".

She literally just sells her snap. That's not a job. That's a very lazy camgirl.

No. 711022

File: 1539345241021.png (563.23 KB, 750x1334, 223E900A-C5FD-4596-9008-63DB0A…)


I gotchu

No. 711089

She's such a fucking weirdo, she responds so pissy to the most innocent of questions. Her tattoos are shite anyway I doubt they put her back much.

No. 711375

Most of her tats are under £100 cos she goes to shit trainee artists 90% of the time.

She doesn’t have a job, her frequent instagram stories tells everyone she doesn’t have a job - she sells pictures of her messy ham.

No. 711764

Is her ham messy tho? Or are you being a dick


No. 712375

On her tumblr she said next year will be "extra exciting" for body mods/tattoos and to "keep your eyes peeled"

Something tells me she's hinting at sclera tattoos.

No. 712404


Lol they're going to look awful, the only person who can sort of pull them off is Grace Neutral and even hers aren't great. I thought her next big thing would be breast implants? Fuck knows how she'd afford it

No. 712957

File: 1539572136523.jpg (707.65 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181015_035541.jpg)

No. 713159

File: 1539604599475.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 188.48 KB, 750x1057, 8E509F00-5111-48FF-AF6A-E7B95B…)

Still cannot believe she ruined her tits like this!

No. 713164

I bet the next think will be sclera tattoos..
So funny, that she desperately wants to be modified.

Still remember the times she said the won‘t get her tongue split because she simply don‘t likes it and ppl should stop asking or advising her to get a split.

Fake ass girl!

No. 713351

God this really is exceptionally horrible and unfortunate
Her tongue is split…

No. 714358

That‘s the point. She said she won‘t get a split and did it. Desperately wants to be „bodymodded“.
So I bet she‘ll get her scleras tattooed, too!

I lost my sympathy for her, even if it’s been small anyways.

No. 717538

can someone tell me what the hell are her ears supposed to be? it looks like they were cut off randomly

No. 722752

she said in her story a few weeks back (i think) that she chose the shape so its unique to her instead of following what everyone else has

No. 723760

Has anybody got milk on her? This thread is dying.

No. 725436

I hate the girl but she hasn’t really done much lately.

No. 726409

File: 1541324758802.jpg (187.55 KB, 720x1015, IMG_20181104_104353.jpg)

Next tattoo idea

No. 726507

I saw someone asking her on insta what her next tattoo-project would be and she said "getting my whole chest finshed". Can't wait to see how bad it's gonna be…

No. 726837


lol wtf can she put on her chest? she has the word sad on it already. how is she gonna make it a full chest piece?

No. 732116

File: 1542223526363.jpg (131.88 KB, 1280x960, FB_IMG_1542223424395.jpg)

Looks like she's still actively cutting like an anon a while ago thought.

No. 732120

File: 1542223794845.jpg (776.29 KB, 1080x1711, 20181114_132741.jpg)

Better than some of her tattoos, but parts of the shading look weird.

If someone came to me to get tattooed and I saw self harm around the area, I'd decline to do the job. Some of these look like they're pretty fresh, why do all that work when the client is just going to ruin it with self harm?

No. 732122

File: 1542223978453.jpg (553.29 KB, 1080x1706, Screenshot_20181114-133236_Fac…)

2 hours later and probably already ruining that tattoo.

No. 732152

Any decent tattoo artist wouldn't. Because the skin is damaged, it's more than likely going to require a touch up to replace any ink that's been shed. Most artists try and prevent touch ups from happening as they're usually done free of charge depending on the severity, which costs them time, supplies and the potential to lose out on paying customers. This seems like it's inevitably going to require one. The tattoo itself isn't that bad though. The colours look a bit muddy but they might settle into the skin nice in a few months time (minus the scarred areas).

No. 732169

So tattoo artists won’t tattoo over old self harm scars?

I mean, I understand declining to do the job if the scars are still fresh and red/purple. You have no idea how those scars are going to settle and look a year from now. Also, I feel like it’s not an extreme jump from going from cutting as the primary means of self harm to tattooing.

I guess I was just wondering if you, and other, tattoo artists will deny to work on really old scars (I’m talking a decade or more.) I thought that many people were able to cover up their old scars with tattoos so they aren’t as promenient.

No. 732185

That tattoo is fresh it’s going to look distorted until it fully heals.


And no, most tattoo artists have no problems tattooing over scars. It’s actually incredibly common. As long as the scar is fully healed there no reason it can’t be tattooed over even if it may require a slight touch up. I would assume for most people getting tattooed over scars deters them from self harming in that area because tattoos are usually expensive so why ruin it?

No. 732193

They will tattoo over self harm scars but as long as they're older than 1 year (what I got told) and aren't keloid (can be hard to keep the ink) then it's fine. But if they're like 1 month old, it's risky.

No. 732522

I used to self-harm a lot and stopped doing it 3-4 years ago and my scars are still changing even though they're all old now. When I saw her new tattoo it made me a little confused that a tattoo-artist would tattoo fresh scars, but I'm not in the industry so I don't really now much about how it works with tattoing over scars. I just know how much my own scars has changed through the years and I can only imagine how ugly it would've turned out if I had them covered up by a tattoo. Also, scars or not, if she "dry-heal" this tattoo as well as she have done with some of her other tattoos it will end up really ugly either way. All of her pieces that she have dry-healed" have ended up looking really uneven and patchy.

No. 732572

We will tattoo over self harm scar and any other kind of scar, however, if they are of the keloid variety or are excessively damaging to the skin wherein the ink wont sit right in the skin and make the work look poor, that is generally when it will get refused or a work around is figured out until both artist and customer are happy. If the scar is happy and settled, then it's fine.


No. 733380

File: 1542402756150.jpeg (34.4 KB, 439x660, EN_00981535_0526.jpeg)

sage for no new milk but she's 19 iirc and has done irreversable damage to her body… what will she do when it's just a phase and she wants to get rid of all these body mods? what will she look like when she's older? she reminds me of that mexican vampire lady in the pic above who covered her whole body in tattoos, piercings and other modifications

No. 733384

File: 1542403235446.jpg (649.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181116-161931_Sam…)

Is it just me or is it weird how her concealer is way too light for her skin? She looks like a reverse panda

No. 733477

That may be done on purpose for the doll like pin up style whatever she's going for

No. 734056

tbh it looks better than if it were darker than her natural color like a lot of girls do

also lol at those bangs covering her moon tattoo, i can't imagine how awful it'd be having that thing permanently stuck on your forehead

No. 734108

I agree, but at the same time, I sadly believe it’s way too late for her at this point. I followed her for some years (mostly just really shocked/fascinated by her look at the time), and would get a little excited when she grew back her eyebrows, wore wigs and removed some piercings since I thought she was going back to decent. She has a pretty face underneath all that junk.

Buuuuut wow. It’s been at least a year since I last saw this girl online and I’m shook upon discovering this thread lmao. Like I’m horrified. From the massive increase in (terrible) tattoos to her cringe inducing porn, I don’t think there’s any coming back from that. I’m astounded at how far she’s gone and how far gone she’s become.

No. 742962

File: 1543848554246.jpg (356.2 KB, 1511x2015, FB_IMG_1543848469909.jpg)

What's the count at for tattoos this year alone? And what the hell is this supposed to be?

No. 742971


A nail, methinks.

No. 743044

About 13 i think? Not all her tattoos got dedicated posts on Instagram so could be more

No. 743055

A spike? Or maybe a traffic cone.

No. 743066


These >>664003 plus knees, nips and hand I think.

No. 743102


classic oldschool/traditional or more like neo trad nail tattoo

really boring design tbh

No. 743111

File: 1543867196392.jpg (158.8 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20181203-135947_Tum…)

Starting December 17th Tumblr will no longer allow adult content. And since she's made it clear she doesn't post any where else, I can see her starting to ebeg. Looks like the almost 20 tattoos she got this past year is going to be it for a while.

All the Tumblr thots must be shitting themselves.

No. 743716

File: 1543957952807.jpg (584.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181204-161056_Sam…)

what the hell is this

No. 743729

Not posting screenshots because i dont have a throw away account butttt skye admitted she isnt straight edge anymore. It was that long ago she got her straight edge finger tattoos. She is also gonna make a twitter for sex work

No. 743772

i know palm tattoos are difficult but it's still pretty bad. maybe most of the ink will fall out haha.

No. 743787

That is pretty hilarious considering the nail is a highly recognisable symbol if you're straight edge. 'nailed to the X' and all that. She's a fucking dipshit and I hope the ink falls out.

No. 743818

I didn't know a nail is a symbol for straight edge. It makes the tattoo 10x worse since she's lying about it.

No. 744012

File: 1543987015011.jpg (47.59 KB, 600x600, 2250716-eyeball-tattoos.jpg)

I want to make a prediction. Img.

No. 744083

Yup. You usually get 2 in an X formation and a lot of edge tattoos include nails in their designs. She is an idiot.

No. 744167

She's said before she'd never get eyeball tattoos because of the dangers of doing it. But, she also said she was straight edge and now she says she's not. Kek

No. 745213

That's obviously a very bad tattoo that is going to age terribly.
Sage for nitpick, but that's not really a nitpick, it's her entire palm.

No. 748341

File: 1544666613281.jpg (Spoiler Image, 455.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181212-200026_Ins…)

What in the world. I have worn fake nails, and also done my own, I have never had this happen.

No. 748344

File: 1544666711643.jpg (Spoiler Image, 552.26 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181212-200030_Ins…)

If she treats the rest of her modifications like she treats her nails, it's no wonder her tattoos are shit and her makeup is a caked on mess.

No. 748390


Anyone who has ever worn fake nails knows that you're not meant to just rip them off, jesus christ.

No. 748489


Hell, I even once had 2 or 3 fake nails left on for a week after I removed the others (used nail glue and misunderestimated the strength) because they were a struggle to come off. What a sperg, her poor nailbeds.

No. 748903

File: 1544752035703.jpg (670.83 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20181213-194406_Ins…)

Left shoulder has cuts on it, and they weren't there on her picture from two weeks ago when you could see her shoulder.

No. 748905

Looks like fingernail scratches

No. 751114

File: 1545232465720.jpg (Spoiler Image, 706.65 KB, 2688x1512, Snapchat-1260977857.jpg)

You're welcome :)(spoiler needed)

No. 751125

So I get banned for a day for not spoilering an image that has no nudity, and yet this is up for 30 minutes without a spoiler? Nice, mods.

No. 751184

Try using the report function instead of being a lil bitch

No. 751195

It looks like the points closest to her nipple isn't spaced out properly.

>>751125 kek

No. 751329

Any chance you got a picture of her hand tattoo healed? I doubt its healed well

No. 752118

Terrible photoshop, just compare her two different shoulders sizes, for example. If she goes to all this trouble so often, idk why she doesn’t edit out the scars as well…

No. 752343

This whole forum is full of hater cunts that need to get a life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 752380

Probably not, but sometimes stretch marks look like that, a purple-y color that can look like an injury from far away. But I don't think she gained a lot of weight recently and they're usually on areas where women gain weight such as the hips/thighs or the stomach during pregnancy so I doubt it, but it's a possibility.

No. 752656

File: 1545503044751.jpeg (137.71 KB, 575x1024, D18F1CD7-79B7-43F8-9E1C-8D4B28…)

sorry for the black bars, one of her ex’s sent me this and i don’t want to name drop him, if you know who he is you’ll know these are genuine

they’re from May 2017

No. 752657

File: 1545503094172.jpeg (158.66 KB, 575x1024, 173004BC-7E21-46C3-AEBF-D09F02…)

Pt. 2

No. 752659

File: 1545503193013.jpeg (147.33 KB, 575x1024, FBCA9979-CB4C-4C41-A23E-D0C1E1…)

Pt. 3 - last one i can post without it being super obvious who he is

No. 752664

Why was she so convinced he was going to kill himself

No. 752690

Dude has a bunch of mental health issues and she used to use them to her advantage a lot to get her way. So she’d make it seem like she was worried/his fault if she did any bullshit stuff like cheat on him

No. 752874

File: 1545535567755.jpg (280.72 KB, 1488x641, skye.jpg)

Found this after she posted about it on her IG story

No. 753383

lol(no contribution)

No. 754053


someone made that account at some point as a parody and now skye is on twitter they asked if she wanted the username, instead of saying yes please or something she just said what’s in their header, so they blocked her and kept the username lol

No. 754054


someone made that account at some point as a parody and now skye is on twitter they asked if she wanted the username, instead of saying yes please or something she just said what’s in their header, so they blocked her and kept the username lol

No. 754055


someone made that account at some point as a parody and now skye is on twitter they asked if she wanted the username, instead of saying yes please or something she just said what’s in their header, so they blocked her and kept the username lol

No. 755784

File: 1546099210670.jpg (44.1 KB, 433x290, Untitled.jpg)

Works in a Tattoo shop if you believe that.

No. 755890

She doesn't, who is that person in relation to her? Also, you don't need your email on here

No. 755897

Some guy shared one of her photos and I looked at his page to see the comments. The person commenting seems to live in america so maybe a customer?

No. 755898

and I made up the email as I only just learned this second how to post anonymous

No. 755952

She lives in Scotland so he doesn't know her. Learn how to sage your comments.

No. 756002


No. 756054

No. 756056

No. 756792

File: 1546261835100.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, B3A5B720-18EC-488C-BD99-6C431F…)

I know palm tattoos don’t stick very easily, but holy shit this is a mess

No. 756836

This is the worst palm tattoo design and fallout I've ever seen.

No. 756874

She's not even straight edge anymore, her snaps are full of pics of her drinking, what a dumb tattoo

No. 757061

Fucking ridiculous. What an absolute waste of money. She would have been better off investing in a chocolate teapot than this.

No. 757109

Both the line work and the shading on this are horrendous.

No. 757678

Can't say I like her, but so what she must make money doing this without having to do real sex work so credit to her.

No. 757679


Without having to do real sex work yet.

She doesn't have to pay rent or bills because she lives with her mam. And she won't be young forever. She'll be a skaghead in ten years watch this space

No. 757708

>it's looking great

barely even there anymore ya bint

No. 757717

Her tits were nice, virgin. I can understand disliking the woman for all the dumb shit she does, but she ain't ugly… she just makes her self look ugly with all those god awful body mods.
MAN, that is a horrible tat in every conceivable way!!

No. 758005

What do you mean, without having to do real sex work? She makes literal porn/gets fucked by guys/gives blowjobs on snapchat, what part of that isn't real sex work?

No. 758240

uh the difference is that she's not getting paid, so it's not work. dumbass

No. 758374

File: 1546529068616.jpg (297.1 KB, 1080x865, 20190103_162417.jpg)

New tat. The cringe is real.

No. 758389

People have to pay to see it all.

How is that "not being paid"

No. 758395

I absolutely hate the 'y'. It honestly looks like they made a 'v'.

No. 758397

And sorry for the double post but who wears that to get tattooed?? You're getting black work done and you wear a pink thong?

No. 758409

Oof, that'll look good on her when she's 40 and a worn out heroin addict

No. 758454


Lol looks like she reads this page, she's complaining about people criticising the thong on her story

No. 758459

File: 1546541016430.jpg (741.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190103-124029_Ins…)

No. 758483

All of her tattoos are just ripoffs of what other sad tumblrinas already have

No. 758937

The part where she doesn't take random punters off the street and give them a full service. Its sex work lite and an insult to real sex workers i.e. whores who carry out real risk in earning their money.

No. 758966

You're right, it looks absolutely terrible.
Guess that's how she gets those discounts.

No. 759679

File: 1546717003408.jpeg (378.82 KB, 640x792, 620C8F0A-08D1-46FE-9CF3-AD43C4…)

Can she learn to buy clothes that actually fit her? I feel like she thinks she’s skinnier than she actually is. Her tits just look fat and saggy in this pic

No. 759690

what’s the point, it’s not like she has a job or any adult responsibilities requiring normal human being attire kek

No. 759700

Can’t she spend a fucking month without getting a tattoo jesus fucking christ

No. 759710

Sex work is an umbrella term, just like "food service." Sex work can be anything from what she does, to stripping, to professional porn or prostitution, just like food service can be anything from cleaning a toilet at McDonalds to a 5-star chef.

She gets paid for her nudes and porn and is therefore a sex worker.

No. 760795

She looks so much like Tuna here minus 50lbs and the drug destruction

No. 760822

Ugh, this literally looks like someone smeared some diesel on her thighs. Why did she think this was a good idea?!?

Jokes aside, girl needs help. I'm arm-chairing here, but I assume she started drinking as a way to cope with her issues as well? At the rate she's going, soon she'll have no more skin left to cover up and I wonder what her next step will be. The thought kind of scares me tbh, especially considering the apparent lack of professional help/support. She seems like a decent enough person and I'd hate for her to go that route even further, cow or not.

No. 761046


That's just the ink that's yet to be wiped off.

No. 761236

No shit Sherlock, but I could not care less. Her going on like shes a proper sex worker when all she does is post pics and videos from the comfort of her home and filming herself having sex.

No. 761256

The term you're looking for is "prostitute" or "full service sex worker," which she is not. But she IS a sex worker.

No. 761475

File: 1547039112020.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190109-130421.png)

Place your bets folks, what's it going to be?

No. 761478

Is she for real getting another tattoo? Has it even been a week since her last?!

No. 761531

Yes and no. Her body has no time to heal at this rate.

No. 761535

Have you guys seen the end product?! She’s beginning to look diseased!(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 761541

So her body is constantly healing tattoos, nice one

No. 761559

>>761535 this is an image board. post caps.

No. 761600

File: 1547058668737.jpg (727.32 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20190109-122910_Ins…)

Why are you all so retarded? Put 'sage'in the email field when you have nothing to contribute.

No. 761721

She’s an actual weirdo, she blocked me on insta just for asking if she liked the eyeshadow palette she just bought cause I was thinking of buying it but hadn’t saw many reviews yet. Top class dick!

No. 761723

That tattoo is horrid. Looks like the inside of an arsehole with piles. Lord almighty.

No. 761789

still can't figure it out huh

No. 761796

It looks like a giant pink cabbage

No. 761929


hahahaha. idk what it is about this thread but there's just so little integration. prob a bunch of her exes who could care less about the rules.

No. 762025

It's a chrysanthemum.Only it's been stretched to fit to a knee so it's long as opposed to being rounder in shape. I can see some wobbly lines and the colour looks patch. Also, check out that lame attempt at filling up the centre of the flower with a bit of scribbly shading and round lines.
I get wanting new tattoos, but with the amount she's spent on getting shit done lately, she could have saved a decent chunk of a house deposit or sommat.

No. 762161

File: 1547122274791.png (816.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190110-121042.png)

She's only just got home. Exchanging sex for tattoos confirmed?

No. 762164

how did all the colour drop out so fast wtf

No. 762259

The picture was probably edited so the colours looked brighter.

No. 762350

The guy she got it done by is apparently known to be a sleazy creep so it wouldn't surprise me if there was a sex payment of some sort…

No. 762359

Wow really,
Mac is a top class tattoo artist,
You all are seriously reaching.
And willing women fucking him and getting tattoos, not a new thing and if they are consenting adults who caressssssss.
I'd let max put a tattoo or his willy on my body in a second.
Ya jealous bitches

No. 762365

File: 1547155743513.jpeg (503.84 KB, 741x728, 4C9BDC15-0A25-40C1-9E91-D41246…)

No. 762450


Press F for this poor soul.

It's trashy if you fuck someone for a tattoo.
Especially a low quality one.

No. 762669

File: 1547187049029.gif (734.4 KB, 500x250, giphy.gif)

No. 763340

I don't need a term she doesn't do real whoring and goes on like she does.

No. 763369

Does anybody have anything to tell us about the name change thing?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 763754

1. Learn to sage.

2. She changed her name because her dad was an asshole (give or take a lie or two from herself), looks like she changed it c. 2014/2015, but she never actually changed it legally, her bank etc. is still under her old name, so Skye is more like an online name than her legal name.

Purdon is her middle name, Travers is her last name (easily findable online, linked here too), so her name is actually Jodie Purdon Travers, not Skye Purdon.

No. 764874

Stfu you dumb bitch

No. 764875

Shut your bitch as up

No. 764876

Stop redtexting. It’s annoying. It’s like if you have to add it somewhere in sake that the thread will go to shit. Some of your statuses should be taken away. Jesus Christ on a bike.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 764885

File: 1547459554048.png (234.48 KB, 330x344, Capture.PNG)


jesus christ someone come get the newfags out of here

No. 766418

Cringy bitch is on a hooker shoe shopping spree apparently.

No. 766423

File: 1547585785694.png (3.79 MB, 750x1334, 36EE2F1B-EFC0-413C-9B95-F4B4EF…)


No. 766428

It’s sad, in a way to see how far she’s fallen (not that she was very high to begin with) seriously though- she’s become painful to even watch. It’s so Nasty I can’t stop’

No. 766552

Please leave. Those were embarrassing.

No. 766819


No. 766854


Learn to fucking sage

No. 766983

File: 1547664630423.jpg (Spoiler Image, 339.06 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20190116-123114_Chr…)

One day when she's not cute and can't make it as a sex worker, someone will Google her and see her pissing for money. Classy.

No. 766987

That fucking hand tattoo. It's hideous!

No. 766989

She always goes on about how bad her other hand tattoo is but never mentions that monstrosity.

No. 766993

Skye's Twitter is pretty much just her taking to other sex workers. There seem to be very few paying customers interacting with her.

Attached pic is someone she RT'd who has made even more poor life choices then she has.

No. 766995

File: 1547665683831.png (Spoiler Image, 1.65 MB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_20190116-190239.png)

Derp, dropped pic

No. 767025

Figured out sage, I hope this is better?

No. 767026

I can’t imagine pissing for money, it’s even harder to imagine than sex work. HOW is that photo cute?

No. 767102

Who/what the fuck is that?

No. 767108

This is absolutely fucking nightmare inducing. I can't imagine what these people talk about when they get together.

No. 767416

File: 1547787427614.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.47 KB, 576x1024, ayyy.jpg)

Getting your eyeballs injected with ink is a very bad idea.

No. 767552

What her @?

No. 767565


No. 767764

What the fuck is this thing?

I wonder if that's Skye next stage of evolution… or devolution.

No. 767958

Seems like it’s a blatant form of “safe self harm”…. everyone of these weird looking “humans” (term used loosely) seems to stem from a severe cutting background. One day they will wake up once the fog that is in their brains stemming from their mental health issues lifts and say holy fuck what have I done. But it’ll be far far far too late. I’d like to meet the reprobates who looks at the likes of those two and thinks yep, she be wife material to be honest! Bet they’ll be as much of a catch and those two wannabe tall greys ha

No. 768105

File: 1547885577883.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.31 KB, 574x583, sadvegan.jpg)

Looking even more miserable than usually.

No. 768138

File: 1547894162314.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, B44FDCC0-FE14-4366-B15E-799EEE…)

What the fuck is that red lace thingy?

No. 768139

I'm friends with the guy who did the tattoo. He doesn't exchange sex for tattoos, but he will definitely fuck a client if he gets a chance. And I know this because he's tattooed me… Lol

No. 768148


A look made trendy by Ariana three years ago.

No. 768301

It’s legit fuckin ridiculous.

No. 769695

this is absolutely the most disgusting tattoo i've ever seen. skye's breast tats are bad, but this is next level repellent. just the idea of the body of the spider being her actual breast…i can't.

No. 770168

I find it really funny that she claims to be bisexual, yet all she does is only fuck, date and post about guys. Also, does she have any friends other than the guys she fucks? lmao

No. 770173


Yikes. One of the saddest tat girls I've ever seen.
Look at all those cutting scars on her arms.

No. 770483

When she had a tumblr she used to keep saying that she’d love to find a chick to hook up with but it’s really hard and stuff.
She doesn’t seem to actually know/interact with any real people apart from the guys the fucks, her mum, her gran and the postman.

No. 771977

She’s drinking all the time and got that straight edge tattoo only a few months ago! If she couldn’t keep her shit together for under six months, I can only imagine how much she’ll hate herself in a few years.

No. 772456

File: 1548607681213.jpg (295.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190127-164649_Ins…)

Holy fuck

No. 772477

Hopefully she's trolling?

No. 772479

File: 1548609546492.png (78.07 KB, 1080x555, Screenshot_20190127-171748.png)

Oh wait. Wishful thinking.

No. 772500

File: 1548612248952.jpg (356 KB, 716x1112, 20190127_180346.jpg)

No. 772501

Those are her best tats yet. If you scroll down so you don't see her actual eyes, those mini tats look like suspicious slits who look at you disaprovingly.

No. 772506

They look crooked?

No. 772535

are you fucking kidding me this idiot gets a tattoo every week why is she so fucking stupid, I’m so mad.

No. 772537

File: 1548617724387.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, 32A30C10-F3FE-4EA3-A738-35D3CF…)

aaand she’s fucking another guy.

No. 772544

Does she just go around tattoo shops looking for designs and be like “Oh yes, this is definitely a good design to have permanently on my body that I’m obviously not gonna regret in a few years”

No. 772545

With something that simple she could have just drawn them on with eyeliner when she wanted them instead of dooming herself to a life of mediocrity.

No. 772547

File: 1548618296479.png (1016.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190127-171610.png)

Gee, I wonder how she's paying for that tattoo

No. 772600

File: 1548625493413.jpeg (20.25 KB, 298x194, 1EE9C772-08EE-42CE-9E71-EC1F1E…)

c u r s e d i m a g e

No. 772842

File: 1548668501186.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, 336BBA14-2432-4E9D-9C99-6A1A24…)

She’s got to be kidding! They’re awful!
The artist she fucked seems to be a trainee.
Also, why is her tacky nail up her nose, here?

No. 772883

Why anyone would agree to tattoo this shit on a 20 year old with no job is beyond me. And no, Skye, being an instathot is not a job.

No. 772957

Have any of you seen that twitter bio? ‘chunky vag’, ‘internet thot trash?
Why? She’s TWENTY.

No. 772962

File: 1548705889951.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 117.3 KB, 750x782, 20BCAFA2-2C87-4D7A-88F6-998C32…)

Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t this extremely unsexy?

No. 773182

forgive me if i’m just being an idiot, but why would someone that is always wearing foundation get face tattoos? if you have a full coverage base on, they will just look blurry. and because it’s such a small design, you can’t really go around them neatly. i’d imagine they look horrible in real life.

i also found it fucking dumb she wore foundation both times she got her face tattooed.

No. 773188

File: 1548751323000.jpg (125.93 KB, 639x742, 1534405968227.jpg)


There's an insta "model" called Elizabeth Minto Das who has a bunch of face tattoos and sometimes covers them up with foundation (in this pic she's covered up the "Lucas" across her left cheek, you can just barely see it). I guess maybe Skye is planning to do something similar, either paint around with foundation which will look patchy, or try and block it out with concealer. It will look shit either way.

No. 773193

Jesus… she could either be 24 or 54

No. 773216


She's said before that she uses a cotton bud and wipes away the foundation around her moon tattoo, so she'l probs do the same for her cheek ones.

No. 773229

Oh god, this ruined specimen is EXACTLY what Skye wants- chest piece, fuller lips!
Speaking of, the best thing she’s done in the last like year is STOP with the gross mouth stuff.

No. 773250

>ruined specimen
Imho someone doing something you don't agree with to their body isn't milk
Someone covering their face in tattoos AND THEN complaining that nobody will hire them or pay for their snapchat nudes would be milk, but just shitting on aesthetic choices is too much like nitpicking

No. 773279

We’re all on a literal Internet forum that’s dedicated to hating on Skye Purdin and her ridiculous life choices. Don’t bother with the moral high ground, on here.

No. 773521

The girl got XVX tattooed on her fingers and not even six months later decided she’s not straightedge anymore. Laughing at her terrible life choices isn’t nitpicking, it’s more of watching in horror as she gets more and more tattoos that will ultimately negatively affect her life considering she doesn’t work in the body mod industry and you can’t make a career out of being an instathot

No. 773665

what about all the insta thots that HAVE done such a thing? surely they all know its not long term anyway? just cash in while you can do something later

No. 773669

Do you have any examples? What other instathots have moved onto bigger and better, and are just as heavily modified?

No. 773783

who said anything about bigger and better? why does it need to be bigger and better? we all fucking millionaires in this thread or something?? like why does it matter to you, wtf are you doing?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 773861

Do you mean people like Monami Frost and such? Whilst she does seem dumb as a rock, she is actually fairly classy and unlike Skye seems so have a wonderful marriage and has for a few years. She made bad decisions in her teens but seems to have bounced back alright. I’m not sure I consider her YouTube stuff a career though…

No. 773862

And let’s face it guys, Skye is going to be doing porn within the year at the rate she’s going. She’s a young woman who’s an absolute mess and is complensating with these horrible, thoughtless (and yes, I’m aware that tattoos don’t have to have meaning ty) mods and is going to have to learn to pay for herself an some point. People follow her for tits, but I’m guessing 30% just continue to follow her cuz they have for a while and can’t take their eyes off her decent into insanity. She isn’t the next success story.

No. 773924

File: 1548958215210.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1813, 5133EEEC-3E05-4211-80B1-FF0B4F…)

Older and wiser? Didn’t she get this last year? I guess she is “older” now but I think that’s a pretty quick turn around to being wise.

No. 773963

She is STILL not acknowledging the hideous burning bible!

No. 774179

Whats a good screenshot app without notification the sender these days.

No. 774192

>>773862 she is making porn now tho on her private snap

No. 774493

That was me being stupid, what I meant was: selling herself like an actual sex worker to pay for shit. She’s well on her way.

No. 774494

Instagram stories don’t send notifications for screenshots.

No. 774801

File: 1549221970033.jpeg (239.11 KB, 750x743, D9D29C28-ECF4-46B9-B637-4230C1…)

The infinite wisdoms of Skye Purdon continue…

No. 774855

i really like her hair like this and hope she keeps it. the bangs are really good and the length suits her, makes her look younger. nice color.

everything else is a screaming cry for help but she got a thing right for once.

is there any way she can laser that awful moon or would it interfere with her scarification underneath? i definitely know, considering the fall out, she could laser most of these atrocities off and maybe that's why she's getting tattooed for outrage validation, bc she knows most can be lifted. I feel like she's doing this to compensate/distract from some originally shitty tattoos, and i'm assuming it's her moon or the hands. like bitch get them lasered the fuck off and chill your body dysmorphia. you got options.

No. 774861

shops have decent to beautiful flash based on centuries of traditional knowledge informed by timeless symbols (usually originating from the occult, superstitions of sailors, and what plain looked good and fit the body well) that can be tattooed my skilled artists who understand positioning and how to get around the aging process as much as possible to ensure their best work on a client. She's obviously not going to those places, nor does she want to, she wants the trendiest look for the most followers/likes. she just trolls instagram and other big "models"/trend victims and copies them. she doesn't like tattoos at all actually that much is clear.

No. 774977

File: 1549283378788.png (3.98 MB, 750x1334, 940DED50-3F84-451D-B8AA-6B92C4…)

It’s beem under a week since the last.

No. 774978


How can her body even heal at this point, you're not meant to shotgun tattoos one after another

No. 775003

File: 1549295985401.jpg (367.98 KB, 720x996, 20190204_155915.jpg)

No. 775006

so now it reads "sad vegan hurt me" huh? like one of those sentences where the meaning changes depending on where you put the comma kek.
it's obvious self harm at this point, don't see any other reason she'd be getting new tattoo every week or so

No. 775020


At this point I just pity her. This is horrible in so many ways.

No. 775034


"he's a mate"

Ok but those underwear are obviously see-through and I dunno about you but I'm pretty close to my mates and my mates haven't seen my entire vag

No. 775067

Tell me about it- I don’t let my “mates” look at my birthday pretty much naked vag no matter how tight we are.
We all know this tattoo was discounted.
Her stories from like 12 hours from now proclaiming she ‘just got home’ will be proof.

No. 775068

Idk how ‘Birthday’ got on there but it was obvious a mistake! Sorry.

No. 775069

Why is Toni not jumping to her defence anymore?

No. 775165

fucking seriuously

No. 775227

She really didn't need to strip down to her underwear…

Also her tattoos are all absolutely hideous, she clearly has no real love for body mods, she just wants attention online.

No. 775257

No. 775269

Well I don't tend to come here anymore because nothing I say matters, you don't believe what I say and just want somebody to hate, I've been really close friends with her for over a year and literally nobody has ever treated me as nice as her so whatever guys you can hate her all you want but ultimately I know her and all you have is rumours and speculation

No. 775297

bit sus that you happen to come at the moment someone calls you out “toni”

Just cos she lets you piss on her doesn’t make her a nice person x

No. 775316

We actually see her content, it’s not pure speculation, we see what the psychotic woman does.
Imagine, if he showed up a few hours after I called him out, how much time, she, her self obsessed self must be spending on here. Lol.

No. 775317

I think it’s hilarious that her last post got removed. The bare vag was so attention seeking and unnecessary.

No. 775336

I just found this thread. I’ve been following Skye for a while but I’ve never heard of this burning an ex’s shirt thing. I’d love to hear about that.

No. 775344

See this is exactly what I'm saying, you all make up scenarios and assume that she comes onto this, when the reality is that yes she knows about it but she can't change your minds, you don't want to like her so you apply your own motivations to her actions. You say she's just an attention seeker and that's why she gets mods, but no she loves mods and tattoos and likes what she gets (for the most part), she makes enough bank to pay for them on the reg but YOU all assume its different and even though I literally know her and talk to her every day and am explicitly telling you that you're wrong. You don't believe me and at this point are choosing to believe the wrong thing because you simply dislike her, you're not open to a different opinion. And that's why she doesn't come on here. Nobody wants to see such negative shit being said about themselves do they? I come on here just out of morbid curiosity at this stage, just soo happens I saw the post about me soon after it was posted

No. 775349


nobody cares

No. 775359

Literally not a single person. You poor, naive shmuck.

No. 775390

you have to hit the post number to reply to people anon

No. 775447


Then clear shit up if it's just rumours.

No. 775458

kinda hard to prove it unless people have photos, but she cut his t-shirt up. this was the start of last year?

No. 775627

File: 1549480315276.jpg (148.92 KB, 1511x2015, FB_IMG_1549480069682.jpg)


Why doesn't she go to good artists with smooth lines? She's had so many shitty tattoos and here she is again, wonky lines and all.

No. 775667

Because good artists don't exchange tattoos for sex

No. 775670

yeah because you go see your mates with underwear like that, bitch ass.

No. 775674

Tinfoil but what if shes getting tattoos in order to prevent her from self harming? If she wants to cut, she can't without ruining her ink?

No. 775726

good to know she's planning on blacking out the arm (wtf) but as with everything else she does, um, why? i don't get how she heals from any of these tattoos, her body must be super run down at this point.

how many has she gotten in the past six months, even? ten? that sounds crazy but i think that's right?

No. 775727


This is so bad.

I know it's meant to be a rose but…. oof.

No. 775751

No. 775756

File: 1549517817771.jpg (27.39 KB, 300x245, overdone.jpg)

does she mean she plans on going full Farrah Flawless on her arm?

No. 775762

Farrah Flawless is fucking terrifying. Skye should do the beard thingy since she craves regrets.

No. 775795


She should go Brutal Black Project if she is addicted more to the pain and the neurotransmitters than to the tattoos themselves.

No. 776009

That rose just looks like a shitty cover up by someone who can’t do cover ups. The solid black flower is awful.

No. 776248

it looks like it's off-center too. like the whole thing should be shifted left

No. 776277

Why get face tattoos if you’re just gonna slater then in foundation and make them only semi visible..?

No. 776450

File: 1549743764328.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, 52766B8E-9403-46BF-BCC9-450E0B…)

anotha tattoo?(namefagging)

No. 776453

Either a new tattoo or she’s gotta finish ‘paying’ for the last one.

No. 776741

Are those shakes from too much caffeine or from her body giving up from all the healing?

No. 776783

Not a new tattoo, she was out fucking some dude. Dunno who, not Toni. She actually seemed to be enjoying herself for once.

No. 776810

She’s fucking that @andrewstewarttattoos guy, I’m so sure. She even posted a picture with him that’s stupid but she “loves”. Half payment, then she decided he’s sooo awesome.
That girl needs some proper sort of fun, at lesast she seems sort of happy for a change

No. 776812

How do you feel about this, Toni?

No. 776871

Nah, the guy in her Snapchat video didn't have hand tattoos.

No. 776904

Omg you bought her snap! You should share shit!

No. 777010

File: 1549893013171.png (Spoiler Image, 453.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190211-130621.png)

No. 777024


There is no way she's not gonna fucks with her tits in the future, those sad titty tats aren't gonna stop her from getting plastic surgery, I wonder how her donkey brain is gonna try and normalize her fucked up looks then. If y'all think that fugly breastpiece looks bad now, it's gonna be beyond words later on. BDD is a hell of a drug.

No. 777127


She's already said she wants implants.

No. 777137

File: 1549918061606.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 70950C84-2D6C-47A5-80C0-6F7191…)

Encouraging others to get tattoos as awful as her own ones. Maybe the burning bible guy should execute this.

No. 777272

she looks like the new genie from aladdin lmao

No. 777464

her natural tits are really cute. She ruined them with the tats but I'd kill for tits like those, i'd hate to see her ruin them with implants.

No. 777471


Same, before they were tattooed I would have loved boobs like that. Everything about her is a waste and a damn shame.

No. 777508

Sadly, her tits are already ruined thanks to the tattoos. Might as well ruin them further.

No. 777764

File: 1550040052921.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 256.21 KB, 750x737, E7E6DB3F-3BFE-40B1-83E4-7FE8D4…)

Skye’s next tattoo?

No. 777776

This actually looks pretty cool and alien, although it's probably just the pose and looks horrible in regular, every day life. Better than whatever disease or lizard scales she has on her tits now, tbh.

No. 777784


That's Belle Atrix, she's a right unprofessional prick. Took money from me for a tattoo deposit and then cancelled the appointment on the day, never got a refund. Probably thought my tattoo wasn't cool enough for her.

No. 777863

No one cares about your sob story anon

No. 777924

I kind of do- illustrate the moral and work ethics of these morons.

No. 778080

Isn’t Belle the white chick that tattooed her ass black for some reason?

No. 778090


It's not a sob story, it was twenty quid. I don't give a fuck. I just don't want people holding her up as some kind of example of a cool tattooist with cool tattoos when she's a rude moron.

No. 778091


Yeah that's the one. She's also got sanskrit scrawled across her face, so edgy.

No. 778254


All tattoo artists are lolcowish. I had one with dark brown teeth cause he never brushed them - his waiting list ranged from 6 months to 1.5 years. Good thread material for /ot/?

No. 778922

She literally went from completely straight edge to posting about drinking nearly everyday!

No. 779156


Absolutely nothing she does is genuine, it's all for likes on instagram. Quite sad, really.

No. 779180

File: 1550509198528.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 82889DEB-4449-4BBB-AFA6-7543D1…)

really bitch???

No. 779192

so her tattoos are shit AND they're going to age horribly

No. 779208

Dry healing is terrible for what is essentially damaged skin. It takes 10 seconds to wash, 4 to pat dry, a minute to air dry then 10 more seconds to apply a suitable cream. What's the point in spending all that money on tattoos if you're not going to look after them?

No. 779219

File: 1550521552875.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 3F32AC07-CE61-4F7C-9981-7B16DD…)

That’s not even a joke, that’s her real plan, if she doesn’t know, I can tell her that much!
Ridiculous woman.

No. 779220

File: 1550521646723.png (3.59 MB, 750x1334, 8AB79530-755F-41FE-AABE-B09C27…)

This is obvs cuz none of them have any real meaning at all and all look like shite!

No. 779221

Holy crap she just called herself the “tooth fairy”. You’d have thought the tooth fairy would have given herself a note to go to the dentist!
More like Thot Fairy.

No. 779223

This is weird looking, it accentuates the stretch marks or the veins under the skin or something. Like when bodybuilders use oil to make their muscles pop? This level of blackwork just draws attention to those small imperfections and not in a good way. It even makes her areolas look weird.

Skye is def headed in this direction though. She's 100% the female version of Pauly Unstoppable/Farrah Flawless: completely unhappy in her own skin and addicted to mods and tats.

No. 779224

I've never seen her w/o makeup, really sad, she looks like the child she is.

No. 779225

File: 1550521880281.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, FD94134A-1B0F-46E6-BAFD-58C752…)

I’d be embarrassed to show this off if I were her. I wonder if she’ll redo it or if she’ll cover it up, now that she’s not straight edge anymore

No. 779226

I’m just dying for her to do her chin black like Farah/Pauly. With all that self hate, it’s only a matter of time.

No. 779234

File: 1550525772060.jpeg (28.08 KB, 1080x1350, 0E80C97C-254C-4F14-8F1A-0511FA…)

Yeah, I don't think it's far off. Maybe we should set up a betting pool?

I want to say she's going to do something more disfiguring (blackout part of her face/remove another body part) within the next three months. She's ramping up her collection.

I've been trying to keep track of all the work she's had done and it's difficult. I did find an old picture of her with next to nothing done, but I'm not sure when she started, either - pic related

No. 779246

>>779234 i think she has mentioned wanting to black out an arm?

No. 779281

that looks like shit

No. 779310

okay then, laying down a hundred e-dollarydoos that she blacks out a body part within eight weeks. come through, skye, come through.

No. 779314

I'd read a thread about tattoo artists, good idea, anon!

No. 779379

Is that Skye on the dudes shoulders?! Where did you find this anon?

No. 779380

I’m willing to bet that she’s gonna black something out soon. Can’t say what.
I read on another lolcow thread that extreme mod enthusiasts believe that removal of body parts like fingers, toes, earlobe’s or even limbs is the ultimate form of body modifications. While this is true, Skye would never have the balls for this much, thankfully.

No. 779381

on her facebook page!

No. 779382

File: 1550552342437.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 56.58 KB, 640x640, 7593C4B4-AE24-43C8-A698-93BF1A…)

If you're not much for body modding, I think the ear reshaping definitely counts as having something chopped off.

No. 779385

Oh it does! But I think that’s as far as she goes with this sort of thing.
Her next intense projects will be her tits or her lips.

No. 779386

I’d forgotten how repulsive the war stuff was :/ ew(:/)

No. 779388

I can’t see any of this stuff on her Facebook, though I did find a few eyebrowless treasures from the littlemissmetalface days. Tbh, she was far cooler and more original back then.

No. 779389

Tbh, I was just shocked to see her with somebody other than her mum, nan, or whatever she’s fucking that day.

No. 779400

If the pictures aren't in the thread, would you share them? Thanks in advance!

No. 779415

it's been done SO0O0O MANY TIMES on instagram thots i don't understand how she obviously can see it done so much, for literally years, and that's all she can bring to the table when all she does all day is probably troll instagram. I think it's fair to say whatever you spend the majority of your day on should be your passion or be making you a lot of money… she doesn't live far from extremely talented artists in Europe, I legitimately don't understand how she doesn't just save her money, spend a couple extra actual minutes and lurk up the reputable artists, and travel. An instagram about a supposed "tattoo model" would be so much more interesting if she travelled and got done by great artists that she has access to being where she is.

There's no excuse for being this tattooed and having a new solid black rose silhouette tattoo in 2019. If she's a sex worker and not making enough to pay for world class tattoos and travel she's just fucking up her damn life because nothing will be worth it.

No. 779494

File: 1550600265295.png (706.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190219-181656.png)

From straight edge to drinking alone at home on a Tuesday. How long until she starts eating meat?

No. 779529

File: 1550606647130.jpg (675.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190219-140210_Gal…)

Someone's salty she got called out.

People eating meat/using their byproducts doesn't impact her either, but still she bitches.

No. 779547


her hypocrisy aside,


you eating meat does impact the environment, which you and other folks live in and also long-term the planet y'alls children are gon live on so.

No. 779548

Idk about you guys, but I’m not ‘annoyed’ that she’s not straight edge. I love my alcohol. I’m just enjoying this ride of hypocrisy and indecisiveness.(no1curr, lack of sage)

No. 779549

So sorry I didn’t sage

No. 779558

File: 1550611078427.png (Spoiler Image, 3.42 MB, 1188x1548, sk.png)

Not the same anon, but here is some.

No. 779559

>>779558 is it just me or does her nose looking incredibly shopped? It looks so flat and slim?

No. 779560

Apart from her eyes which are genuinely lovely, she looks scary! Check out her lips though

No. 779563

Her lower lip looks misshapen because of the plug. She's not pretty, per se, but she would look so much better without all the crap in her face.

That hole in her philtrum triggers me for some reason.

No. 779572

File: 1550615641391.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 17FFFD39-4D3F-4AFE-B096-DA7269…)

she reads the thread for sure

No. 779573

oh she definitely does, she’s talken about it before

No. 779575

her teeth tho, i mean my teeth were fucked up too but i’m saving every penny to finish fixing them and she just?? wasting money on tattoos she doesnt even take care of? (sorry for my english, it’s not my native language)

No. 779690

She’s too vain to be able to ignore this thread. Probably spends all the time she’s not on Instagram and sticking with things inside herself, on here getting salty

No. 780113

How does she afford all this shit? Is her mummy rich? Does she literally get paid in tattoos by the guys she fucks?

No. 780150

Her mum is poor
She fucks the tattoo artists for tattoos/gets 'mates rates'

No. 780152

Besides the tattoos there's also makeup, wigs, clothes and so on though.

No. 780173

A lot of which she gets from sponsors, and the money comes from her shitty porn vids. She doesn't have any living expenses

No. 780181

I honestly feel though she is looking more normal. She grew her eyebrows back and wears wigs all the time. And her makeup is often times just basic white bitch make up

No. 780187

File: 1550759789713.jpeg (87.76 KB, 1125x497, FAF34787-E1B9-4246-9C94-CFE439…)

So does this mean she’s an escort now?

No. 780207

Yeah if you covered up all the hideous botched tattoos and gave her a personality transplant she would actually be rather pretty. Nice alt model type. She’s just ruining herself more and more as the days go on

No. 780243



No. 780254

its shite bein scottish(no contribution)

No. 780306

File: 1550793265439.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1207, Screenshot_20190221-235222.png)

Nah, she was very plain.

No. 780330

File: 1550801690897.png (Spoiler Image, 2.67 MB, 750x1334, 5C502A74-1DE6-49D0-9D34-60DAC0…)

This fucking shit popped up out of nowhere as an ad when I was looking through stories on Instagram and I instantly recognised the degenerate behind the tatts

No. 780392

how old is she in this? she looks cute.

No. 780530


About 15/16

No. 780655

I keep forgetting how young she is, she's wrecked her looks so much so fast. Christ.

No. 780738

File: 1550952444718.png (103.12 KB, 640x1136, 3B056FC5-A736-45AC-9D73-66FC9B…)

No. 780740

Who let's a 3 and 6 year old get ice cream alone? No wonder Jodie is so fucking messed up. But it said her back and shoulder had skin taken off, not her stomach, and in her old pictures she had something going on with her stomach. Very nice find though!

No. 780772

the fact that happened at all is hilarious

No. 780815

Maybe had some harvested for a skin graft assuming she had one by the way it was worded, tend to do it on people who’s skin isnt thick enough on legs

No. 780854

File: 1550992491922.jpg (661.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190224-081436_Chr…)

Found an old ask.fm of hers


No. 780856

Gonna say that dumbass driver did it on purpose, who suddenly pulls away right after selling icecreams to two kids? It's be within minutes since 3 and 6 year olds aren't gonna walk around with icecreams for more than 10 minutes

No. 780863

What a fucking mess. She already slept with a bunch of different guys at the age of 14?! Where the fuck were her parents? No wonder she turnes out the way she did.

No. 780866

Also found her vk page.


No. 780914

Theres also a phone number listed

No. 780929

File: 1551037714297.jpg (86.92 KB, 1079x382, Screenshot_20190224-134221_Chr…)

I can not wait until she botches her lips. I was just watching about how the US has 3-4 approved lip filler brands, but in the UK there's literally thousands and for the most part not regulated. Lumpy lips here Jodie comes!

No. 780971

File: 1551049712618.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 159.17 KB, 625x625, 37E192BE-8973-4E94-80E0-42C171…)

she said she is going to finish her chest piece soon and i thought she might go for something like this?

No. 781049

I feel like lip injections are a bad idea for someone with that many holes in their lips. It isn't going to be an even application and is going to dissipate and heal unevenly too

No. 781058

where are her nipples

No. 781061

does stuff like this always age terribly? i dont know anything about tattoos but common sense tells me this will be a blob of black

No. 781063


Looks like she's wearing decorated pasties, that or a shoop.

No. 781066

Not really. Providing the wearer doesn't expose the tattoo to large amounts of sun, it wont fade too much. It will however, become wrinkly and saggy when they woman gets older so in that way, it'll age, but it wont all spread out and become a blobby mess.

No. 781074

Whereas you are in theory right, look at who we are dealing with here. Her tattoos are not quality and she doesn't believe in caring for them.

The majority of her tattoos look aged af even to me, someone who knows nothing about them.

She will manhandle the results.

Just like she will fuck up her lips.

No. 781103


God I hate attention thirsty people who are cunty to their audience like ??? Lashing out at every fan message equally makes you a trash instahoe.

No. 781105


That looks like absolute shite, I hope she gets it done.

No. 781169

Of course, we know Skye will go to someone who doesn't know how to lay ink properly. It wont last until she's old.

No. 781260

File: 1551165140925.jpeg (257.13 KB, 750x1334, DD216017-202A-4D6C-88A7-EF3DD7…)

So says a woman who goes to tattoo appointments in a fancy thong to get a discount.

No. 781262

File: 1551165316647.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 5EAB6A8E-A6AF-488A-8254-C38EBE…)

As opposed to what other job? The only job she’s ever had was the apprenticeship that lasted like a month!

No. 781263

I really want to somebody to ask what’s up with her stomach. I’m sure people asked and got blocked and ignored.

No. 781266


what is up w her stomach? image board etc. etc. post pics

No. 781278

She has the sort of saggy/untoned stomach of someone who used to be ana and gained a lot of weight relatively quickly. Other than that there's nothing weird about it

No. 781291

No; it’s not that. She used to have this weird blackish discolouration or something. Like it was spotty or I’m not sure what exactly. Thats what we’re referring to.

No. 781318


Not sure how accurate this is but I’m friends with a lot of people she went to school with and apparently she tried to burn her stomach when she had her ED lmao

No. 781327

Wtf, that’s crazy! What would that even achieve!

No. 781332

It’s literally addressed upthread a few posts. She was in an accident as a child.

No. 781335

No, that SPECIFICALLY states that her stomach wasn’t injured, her back and shoulder were. Read.

No. 781445

File: 1551239000203.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.68 MB, 382x496, ezgif-2-127e4edb2ba0.gif)

I went on her Twitter and this was the first thing I saw aaand now i feel sick.

No. 781466

Same. This is disgusting. It looks like he spat a whole wad of phlegm in her mouth.
Have you guys seen the askFm page? She denies being a slut, talks about how she’s all decent and clean and everyone of those things she dows/says now is the opposite of her now.
It’s even sort of sad. She’s disgusting

No. 781479

Yeah, she’s really became something else. Ugh, that thick spit shit isn’t helping.

No. 781514

File: 1551272290210.jpeg (228.58 KB, 750x956, C2F5B31C-40E6-4FF3-9D2F-E422E4…)

Ah, the good old days.

No. 781518


It was toasted syndrome, typically caused by prolonged exposure to heat. Such as a hot water bottle.

No. 781602

Collection of ew.

No. 781603

Thanks for clearing that up anon. She’s probably photoshopping it out now…

No. 781782

how are you lot getting these absolute rotten images like the shower piss(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 781812

back when she actually cared about body mods

No. 781847

No. 781849

This is closer to what she looked like when I started following her. She was so much more interesting back then. She’s degenerated into a painfully average internet thot now.

No. 781862

File: 1551379521619.jpeg (98.47 KB, 750x1294, BC8F5145-F310-4E27-8861-737F05…)

She’s making it seem like the answer is no rn but I’m sure like her ask account, tables will turn and it’ll become her thing shortly.

No. 782062


> talks about not kink shaming people and doing what you want

> kink shames people

No. 782126

i’m pretty sure you’re allowed to “”””kink shame””””” when gross men message you about things like this. it’s an invitation. sage shit like this next time.

No. 782221

Since she’s a sex worker and takes/gives golden showers and loves sticking things up her arse, it isn’t that weird a question coming from a creepy internet man. On her ask a few years ago she meantioned she’d never do gross things like this but here we are today. Who knows if it’ll be her next thing. lol

No. 782222

Reckon her mum’s found out the real source of her money yet? I’m really curious how she’d react

No. 782284

File: 1551472388301.jpeg (189.24 KB, 750x736, 9589D2A3-BD73-468C-B1FE-0F9CFB…)

It’s official. She’s become a prostitute. KNEW this was gonna happen.

No. 782285

File: 1551472606142.jpeg (160.87 KB, 750x649, AFF1E979-D9A1-4CD5-9AE5-D2415B…)

No. 782338

of course her mom knows this, she still lives with her

No. 782525

Possibly not, she used to say her mum knew about her being an Instagram influencer but not that she sold nudes online and stuff

No. 782880

I’m pleased she’s finally taking a break from getting new tattoos.

No. 782887

Who would hire her?!

No. 783020


Lol she deleted this post.

does she lurk here or is it Tony again

No. 783144

Really? Lol
Probably both of them- it doesn’t seem like she’s still seeing Toni though does it?

No. 783793

I wonder what her hourly rate is… lol. Especially since Tindr is a thing and ya don’t pay a thing.

No. 783860

I don’t think hookers will ever stop being a thing. People have been paying for sex since times immemorial. I’d love to know her prices!

No. 783861

File: 1551891589673.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, CB50677A-4596-41CC-9863-1D24CB…)

Look at the dismal state of her palm tattoo!

No. 784100

I do get that yeah, but it seems strange since she makes it seem like she charges a lot, for something that’s becoming more and more readily available for free. Ah well!

No. 784761

So much stupid on her Instagram story rn

No. 785099

File: 1552211683229.png (868.5 KB, 640x1136, 631E0663-5AAC-4AEA-89FA-F89D57…)

Snap of her ma clearly smoking in the house(emojis)

No. 785115

No she wasn't. She posted it as a story on Instagram and she was just biting her nail and afterwards making a peace sign with her fingers and there was nothing in her hand or mouth.

No. 785119

Look at her other hand, she’s holding a cigarette

No. 785124

File: 1552227735074.jpg (378.99 KB, 640x1136, 1552211683229.jpg)

Ntayrt but there is clearly something in her right hand.

No. 785133

File: 1552230752006.jpg (611.52 KB, 1079x1448, Screenshot_20190310-101153_Fac…)

Yes, it is, and she does it all the time which just means everything about them smells like nasty stale cigarettes.

No. 785170

wow. wild

No. 785509

I watched this like four times on Instagram just to make sure- she’s definately smoking something, you could even see the smoke wafting upward.
Wonder who’s defensive these people? Jodie/Skye? Toni? Is that you?

No. 785743

tbh i’m confused why yous are all going nuts over someone smoking in their own house? like how dare they???(emoji)

No. 785749

One of you guys around Glasgow should message her on Facebook asking for rates and stuff- just because we all want to know. I’d do it myself but I’m a non modified British woman living in Spain for the foreseeable future.(do not encourage cowtipping)

No. 785761

How about no because that's very obviously cowtipping which is against the rules.

No. 785898

Sorry; didn’t realise it was against the lolcow policy!

No. 785904

Couldn’t agree more. Also, we’ve still never seen suggest that S herself smokes or anything else, particularly drug use

No. 786343

File: 1552527799049.png (Spoiler Image, 999.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190314-013143.png)