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File: 1506901027403.png (239.12 KB, 713x1119, SSOlAoX.png)

No. 396096

>19-year-old vocaloid music producer (weeb)
>doesn't know music theory, gets butthurt when people point it out
>nonbinary, evolved from she/her being okay to full blown they/them
>okay artist, draws bendy and the ink machine art :/
>has 18+ vocaloids (that costs a fuccton)
>most of their music is made in garageband
>unnecessary trigger warnings just to be focking edgy as hecc
>history of mental illness
>gets mad when people use/make fanwork for their older songs
>is probably friends with jillian vessey/is jillian's clone

No. 396097

Would GHOST really be considered a full-on cow? I think this thread might be a better fit for /snow/ tbh.

No. 396098

you're likely right. honestly a thread on the western vocaloid community itself may be better

No. 396103

Holy shit, another Musician snowflake? COUNT ME IN.

>uses garageband

No music producer should EVER rely on Garageband. Do they not know what Cubase or Logic Pro is?

No. 396108

Honestly, I don't see what makes GHOST stand out from the rest of the edgelords in the western Vocaloid community. I agree with >>396098 in that we should just have a western Vocaloid community general thread.

No. 396150

Anything besides "she's edgy and a transtrender"?

Why not talk about how she made a song series "Communications", which is the reason for the majority of her fanbase, just to put it on a permanent hiatus because MUH ANXIETY.

Besides that though, she really doesn't stick out with all the other edgy western Vocaloid producers who want to make 2deep4u songs about mental illness (which is pretty much almost every Western Vocaloid producer, let's be real).

Anyway, totally agree with these anons here about a general Western Vocaloid community thread as well.

No. 396158

No. 396164

Hi Ghost
On the topic of that series, she ended up blaming her fans on her quitting it. Not that she had run out of creativity or originality (not like she had any in the first place, all her songs are the same), but she originally claimed to quit it because "you guys r pressuring me and triggering my anxiety!!1!"

No. 396169

hi anon!

btw did u not read the post i made where i wrote like 3 pages about how me cancelling cmncs wasn't my fans' fault and it was my own lack of motivation to continue or are we gonna continue spreading misinfo because it's fun to be mad at ppl

No. 396171

not that i'm upset or anything, thought i'd clarify since i'm just so tRiGgErEd all the time LOL i just find this thread really funny i love it thank u guys for the sunday night entertainment!

No. 396176

>okay artist
…sure, op.
lmao what the fuck is this awful tumblr shit. she should be embarrassed to post these.

glad we went from calling art renaissance paintings, to pre-raphaelite paintings, to whatever the fuck this 20 second doodle is for people too lazy and unskilled to learn anatomy.

No. 396188

File: 1506909328566.png (30.36 KB, 381x205, sweats.png)

Almost all posts ITT read like samefagging trying to sound like different people. It's kinda crazy. Especially because said flake is a nobody.

No. 396196

How did she find the thread within an hour? Sounds like she posts here regularly and this is a horrible self post attempt because no one else gives a fuck enough to give her attention. Shit thread on a boring nobody. Just another tumblr kid without a personality, skills or a job.

No. 396254

This is most likely her trying to sound different in all the posts. The jokes she's making are all the same in every "different" person's post and she keeps linking to her Twitter. This is a really obvious self post.

No. 396263

No. 396279

yep, its self post and just her sperging out on multiple platforms. i can see why. must be bored and dissatisfied with her life if she sucks this much ass at the only two things she does. its like spergchan v2 but less exciting.

No. 396310

Imagine being almost 20 years old and the most attention you can get is posting a failed attempt of a thread to lolcow and when nobody talks about it you keep spamming it until you get banned. Go outside.

No. 396329

has it ever occurred to any of you that maybe GHOST actually has fans, and that its their fans that are doing this?
is that so hard to grasp

No. 396359

this thread made me like ghost.

No. 396367

this is the best post in the thread

No. 396373

please think before you post

No. 396377

Can I play with you guys?

No. 396378

File: 1506911603400.png (102.85 KB, 248x364, banana.PNG)

This thread is fucking sad.

>Tfw you selfpost

>Tfw you shit up your own thread
>Tfw you pretend to have fans

No. 396380

did u not see all the comments on her twit post theres a least a few people

No. 396392

I'm proud!

No. 396395

Where the fuck are the mods?

No. 396406

guys let's maybe stop spamming the thread now???? like y'all have way better stuff to spend ur time on

tweeting a ? to confirm this is ghost

No. 396412

yeah, i was gonna say. this is fun and all but i think you guys have made your point.

No. 396422

Ghost week make ghost week the new keek week

No. 396444

File: 1506913030410.jpg (15.82 KB, 360x251, 9aceabd9253bc8b34900b08e66647d…)

whoever this ghost is, i must admit, they have some pretty dank memes.

No. 396448

holy fuck mods plz shut down this shitshow

No. 396452

>okay artist
>focking edgy as hecc
Nice self-post.

No. 396466

As a fellow artist I'm disappointed in you Ghost. You were an okay artist at your age and you were getting some followers. You didn't think it was enough so you thought you could get infamy to make yourself more popular.

But you couldn't handle 10 minutes of negativity and you spent the past 4 hours here posting everything in your image folder instead of working on your content.
Go to your corner

No. 396487

The spamming has been dealt with. Please stop reporting the thread.

No. 396506

this post made me laugh considering the mods banning ghost + making excuses as to why cuz :// video proof was posted too of ghost in fact NOT making multiple posts but y'all are too dense i suppose. anyways i love online hate and i think you're all doing a fantastic job - if you'd like to get better at it you should think of funnier things to say. i didn't realize that it was such a hard concept for people to realize that if someone is popular online enough to receive (poorly done) hate, they would be popular enough to have people to come to their defences? anyways i love stupid people(no one cares)

No. 396512


The admins never said they banned Ghost, only that the spamming was dealt with. You know Ghost ban evasion will just get you kicked off again. I don't know why you're upset? What did you think would happen when you self posted on an image board then sperged out?

No. 396535

Nice thread with absolutely zero milk. This is either a self post or some moron with a hate boner.

Either way either give us some milk or piss off.

No. 396542

Not sure if this is a contribution to the thread or deemed milky, but I remembered GHOST back when we were Tumblr mutuals (this was around when I was a teen) and she went by “Shay”. I’ve known a bunch of edgy Tumblr kids at the time who were super into Yume Nikki and its fangames, obsessed with psychological horror and other shit and generally attempting to look cool and special. Ngl, she was nice when I spoke to her, but from the distance, she was a major weeb who had an obsession for gory shit and stories where there’s at least one nihilist character to it (Aku no Hana, for example. she had a weird obsession with looking like Sawa Nakamura). I vividly remembered when she reblogged a post about an incident where two kids kidnapped this other kid, tied her up, and tortured her with razors and Shay/GHOST was just like, “wow cool! This kid is awesome”. That being said, I don’t think there’s anything actually wrong with her, she just tries way too hard. It's a shame she didn't grow out of her edgy phase. It’s even worst if she self-posted… like really, imagine being this bored and have nothing important to do in your life.
I only recognize her because of her unique art style. The visuals for Housewife Radio was fantastic and demonstrates improvement. However, it’s kind of sad to see that she’s apparently become a 20-year-old NEET who became internet famous for her edgy (unoriginal) songs and art style and possesses the sense of humor of a 14 year old on Tumblr. I’m sure all those Vocaloid voicebanks that she owns aren’t cheap, yet that’s more of a priority than going to college and getting a job or something. But yeah, that’s my useless input.

No. 396548

Samefagging but I think her current personal Tumblr url is absolutebeeb.

No. 396563

Yeah but all the spamming stopped after she was banned. It's pretty obvious it was her. I just don't understand how you start a thread on yourself on lolcow and when people actually point out what's wrong with you you shit up your own thread. What did she expect?

No. 396582

we've seen this happen a million times. even the REALLY popular cows' threads don't have fans coming in to spam as much as Ghost was doing and the posts all said the same unfunny tumblr garbage. it was just her pretending to have fans after my post touched her very core and hurt her fee fees.

you sound really new here so i assume its still you, ghost, trying to damage control hard.

yeah, please never come back. enjoy your ban

No. 396584


Can we actually have this though? I've never heard of this bitch but it'd be awesome to have a thread about the whole Western vocaloid scene, because I'm sure it's fucking cringy and awful

No. 396594

Seconding. I'm sure with all the weeby delusion and "mental illness" (narcissism at most) these kids claim to have so badly, theres lots of lulz to be had.

No. 396607

Lmao how tragic

No. 396609

I don't think a popular cow has ever directly linked to lolcow. Some of Her fans commented saying what they spammed. I'm not defending her its just annoying because obviously her fans are just as cringy as her so why is it hard to believe they would come here to show us meanies a thing or two.
I get annoyed how in every thread there's "oh this is totally ____ I can tell" even in cases like this when other people straight up said what they posted.

No. 396649


I concur. Haven't further delved into that cesspool of a community but had seen videos/listened to songs made by western Vocaloid music producers. They all sound the same and are equally fucking awful. Creep-P or whoever the fuck their name is had a DHMIS inspired series and it all sounded the same and were equally shitty.

No. 396650

I never really heard of her before this thread. I'm guessing she was an attention whore and thought we would give her praise like her pre teen fans. She def caters to the tumblr crowd. Her main vocaloid is some weird looking gender neutral femboy. Her art would be okay if it wasn't for the attitude.

No. 396669

File: 1506964087384.jpeg (59.23 KB, 600x450, 30a.jpeg)

>self posts and posts on twitter "interesting" with caps of the thread as if she mysteriously found it within 1 hour of the thread being made
>i totally didnt make this thread guys people care about me this much
>spams the entire thread to make it look like she has fans and keeps defending herself when anons make fun of her
>heavily spergs out and spams even more after anon calls her art shitty
People lying on the internet must be unheard of to you, huh. And yes, MUCH more popular cows have been linked and made aware of their own threads before and the spam wasn't anything like how this was. This spam was almost on par with kiki's sperg out, but I'm sure you don't remember that either.

No. 396673

Actually it was because someone on Tumblr informed them of this thread and I'm STILL convinced the person that told them about it was the one who made the thread because as you said they found it within an hour

That's too little time for someone to just "find" it

No. 396677

I vote for the hate boner theory because said person is also a fan and I suspect they're one of "those" fans

No. 396679

File: 1506964921645.jpg (46.95 KB, 500x372, IMG_6979.JPG)

Fucking this
Idgaf if even some of the posts were her cringy fans. She still self posted this thread and fucking tried to get away with samefagging hard (& pathetically)

The language and writing is so similar in TONS of the posts. Gurrrl, plz. Fuckin embarrassing.

No. 396680

Stop. Just stop. Seriously this is getting really embarrassing. We all know it was ghost. No fuckin fan made this thread, sent it to her, and within an hour she has checked her messages, felt this was serious enough, capped it, then tweeted it….all within 1 hour.
Just stahhhhhp.

No. 396682

Hey I'm not defending them dude, I'm just still baffled that it's not as obvious as it should be because of the chain of events that has been REPEATEDLY pointed out here

No. 396686

It was Ghost herself. Right when the mods banned her the sperging stopped, then she did a ban evade and asked why she was banned saying it wasn't her.
She is 19 years old and has a decent fan base. I'm more or less curious as to why she would do this to herself? To whine and get sympathy points cuz she has haters?

No. 396691

STILL convinced it was one of her "fans"

But it does add up that way too

If you want a reasoning though I've got only one word

""""""BPD""""""" (Please note the use of quotation marks here)

No. 396698


Lmao I wouldn't be surprised if she self-diagnosed with BPD. Lots of people on Tumblr do and whenever they get "called out" for not acting like a decent human being, they get angry and call you an ableist. Not sure if she listed that on her personal blog bio or Vocaloid one.

No. 396700


Thanks for the quotation marks. Like every other attention seeking gender binary tumbrina all her mental conditions are self diagnosed and used as an excuse to act like a cunt.

No. 396701

Guh, not to mention her ENTIRE fanbase also "has" it

It's a shitshow to say the least

No. 396705

No. 396707

Awe you beat me to it, I just got back from the twitter

No. 396712

Honestly, for whatever reason she did this (sympathy, le epic troll x3, rekkin' dem haterz, etc.) it's pretty fuckin' sad.

Thank you. A majority of these posts and op read the fucking same, she couldn't even make her own white knights sound different.

No. 396714

Lets hope she learned an important life lesson. Don't self post on an image board burn site. She's going to be licking her wounds for the next few weeks and I feel like we weren't that rough on her.

No. 396715

Eh, I don't feel like this is gonna be a lesson to anyone

This whole thing was just a waste of everyones time

No. 396720

GHOST is cringy as hell and honestly completely deserving of a thread. same with a lot of those other vocaloid producers.
Self post or not, she's still an overlooked cow

No. 396724

Maybe I haven't listened enough of these western Vocaloid producers' songs, but I noticed a pattern with all of them.

Their songs tend to sound like scratchy, unsavory asspulls. Creep-P's shitty DHMIS series is a good example of this, especially their song "Love" (which, by the way, they claimed in their description that it was based off of a recent abusive relationship they broke off of or something like that lol why would you write a weeby edgy song based off of that). Combined with the lack of direction and the usage of generic English Vocaloids, it just doesn't sound very good.

Anyways, it's pretty sad that a bunch of adults like these haven't mentally grown past 15 years old and still believe they have BPD or some shit.

No. 396733

>Maybe I haven't listened enough of these western Vocaloid producers' songs, but I noticed a pattern with all of them.

No man, you've nailed the pattern down perfectly to a T. I used to really like some of Creep-P and GHOST's songs, but over time I started realizing it's just the same shit rehashed over and over again with the only variations being which Vocaloid (or UTAU, but that's a lot rarer to see used for an original) was singing this month's thinly veiled allegory for an abusive relationship and/or mental illness song.

I mean, there's edgy producers on the Japanese side of the Vocaloid community too, and I can honestly give the same criticism to Maretu with regards to his music sounding like the same thing rehashed over and over again, but I think the difference is that Maretu, as far as we know, isn't a 19 year old who can't stand even the most shallow criticisms of their music and doesn't shit up threads talking negatively about them.

No. 396778

No offence but how does this have over a million views.

I've heard Division→Destruction of Hatsune Miku and that has more musical ability in about 5 mins than most of her channel.

No. 396783

It's mostly because of the certain viewers being able to """relate""" to the lyrics and "hidden" message in the song

(Take into account that almost if not every song is a means to vent, and all of the fanbase "has" the same issues they do and thus causes a lot of relating to the songs and THAT in turn causes lots of views from that group of people)

No. 396805


Wrong. The song become a very popular meme (you know memes get popular especially animation ones on YT) on YouTube it's called "trypohobia meme" and it went around alot and people came back to the original video because… it's the original

No. 396871

It was gaining a lot of traction before the meme but you're right, I forgot about that

That's how a lot of songs like that get big

No. 396906


She claims she's self diagnosed, but she defends self dxing because she can't piss off her fanbase consisting of genderqueer 15 year olds with self dxed bpd

No. 396909


That is LITERALLY EXACTLY how it is, god
Every single one, selfdxed

H u f f

No. 396910

I think the thing I hate most about Ghost's "music" is the awful, stupid lyrics that she puts into her songs. They are nonsensical, and overly edgy. They sound like someone wrote something vague in another language and put it into Google translate to make it english.

No. 396915

it's like she plays madlibs with a thesaurus

No. 396923

*not self diagnosed how didn't I catch that earlier
Hi ghost

No. 396926

I ain't GHOST, don't start that up again

I lurked here and waited until everyone left specifically to not be counted as GHOST(no1curr)

No. 396930

File: 1507002380636.jpg (29.93 KB, 556x527, disgusting.jpg)

this whole thread is fucking disgusting, ghost leave and don't forget to take your fucking meds you fucking nut case

No. 406642

pretty sure this thread is dead but

me and ghost used to trade dms back when she was Marz Mitzi (she's had three different channels because of anxiety or whatever the fuck) and the whole time we talked she just talked hella shit on krypt kreeper (another western vocaloid producer)

also I fucking hate her for starting the whole "fukase is a meme lord!!!11!!!" trend thats plaguing Vocaloid youtube

No. 406646


also one more thing: the only things that she's good at are playing the victim and being a huge narcissist. almost all of her "music" has to do with how her fans are crazy and obsessing over her.

that cunt drives me up a fucking wall

No. 406652

Stop pretending like anybody even knows who this bitch is

No. 407345

Krypy Kreeper is now known as Creep-P or Eyeris and she's done a few collabs with him



No. 414334

Probably repeating what someone said, but but there’s Japanese edgy songs too so like.. it’s not “uwuuw only American producers make edgy songs” it’s All The Same(learn 2 sage)

No. 415719

No. 419007

https://twitter.com/GHOST_AND_PALS/status/928290353530228736 http://archive.is/vARc5

Ghost is surprised her fans are underage idiots who have arguments in Youtube comments

No. 420774

Don't bump a thread just to repeat your comment in the general thread.

No. 959325

File: 1586971295195.jpeg (36.05 KB, 320x286, 9E5928A1-7312-4F36-B89D-6A3E33…)

I am a former friend of ghost, please refer to me as kikio. I hope they get their life together before quitting all of their friendships… this is them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 960318


Put that in the other thread, this one has been dead for years

No. 1027427



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