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File: 1489170873921.jpg (94.79 KB, 1200x630, jess.jpg)

No. 266984

I haven't been able to find a thread on Jess and I hate to be the bitch who's like "HURR CANT BELEVE DER ISNT THREAD ON THIS PERSON!" but.. yeah I really can't believe it.

Jess is 21 I believe, an age-player, ABDL and a "little".

She has been on YouTube for a while and goes by BinkiePrincess.
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjq-XsenvGBgzao7rFvU4Q

She blew up a little after Barcroft made a documentary about her for their Extreme Love series focusing on the fact she's an adult baby (and the fact that her bf looks like he wants to kill himself)
Doc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA5OzZ4sSMQ

She came out with a 20+ minute rebuttal to the documentary saying they portrayed her incorrectly and basically bitching that people disagree with her lifestyle.

She made a massive point before of saying there was nothing sexual about her ageplay, but recently started making ageplay porn with her bf and a few others, this can be seen on clips4sale but she recently made her own website for it.

I'm talking masturbating in a diaper she has pissed in, giving her bf a handjob while he pretends to be a teddybear, "daddy gives me cummies" type thing.

Is adamant there is nothing wrong with what she is doing.

No. 267020

File: 1489174501674.png (21.76 KB, 748x120, lolok.png)

had no idea she actually started doing that shit especially after that whole 'we don't sexualize it' thing

seems things have changed in the past few months lol

No. 267025

Why do they continuously deny that it's sexual when she keeps whips and glass dildos in her "nursery"???

No. 267040

She's so nasty….

No. 267047

adult babies are just failure adults. get a real hobby, fucking sickos.

No. 267048


>> Binkie is hanging out in her room, while reading a book in her very wet diaper. She starts to wiggle and realizes that the squishy, full diaper feels good against her pussy. Turning onto her back, she starts to push and rub the soaked diaper against her clit and begins to breathe heavily. After shifting different positions and trying different techniques, Binkie eventually reaches orgasm and cums in her pee-filled diaper.

>> Binkie is coloring a pretty picture on the floor and drinking her juice. Then, Daddy comes in and tells her that it is time to put a diaper on before bed, it's getting late! She hops into his arms and he carries her off, placing her onto her changing table. While Daddy tries to find a diaper that she might like, Binkie finds a massager wand next to her and starts to inspect it. Daddy goes over to his little princess and asks her if she wants to play with it, and if he can show her how! Binkie agrees and he promptly removes her panties and begins to play with the wand on her princess part. Eventually, he decides to add a finger into her tight, wet hole. The horny baby girl wiggles about and soon begins to cum just for her Daddy! Afterward, he wipes away her cummies, powders her bum, and diapers her up. Time for bed, Binkie!

stop the fucking planet I need to leave

No. 267049

yup, they made a massive deal about it not being sexual and people were overreacting, when at the same time they kept sex toys in her "nursery" and it's come out now that they're doing ABDL porn. So it's obvious now she was lying all along???? Like come on

No. 267051

Wow these make me feel physically ill.

No. 267053

Oh this girl… She is a great example of Florida trash. Her 'daddy' looks like he would rather be in a casket than babying her, though she says he is totally cool with it. His dead eyes say otherwise.

It was funny to see her go from insisting its not a sex thing, to saying ok well it kind of is for her, to now doing softcore porn. As if we all didn't see that coming.

No. 267058

File: 1489178127019.jpg (161.54 KB, 1080x1349, discusting.jpg)

The majority of the people that comment on her photos/videos are underage and she 30k followers…Ugh. I miss the days where someone like this would be considered insane, not just quirky and kinky uwu.

he has a thousand yard (nappy?) stare…

No. 267073

She's full of shit, her fetish has always been sexual. Be fore she was into ABDL she was into kitten play. Most of those videos on her channel are gone.

No. 267090

This ageplay shit as a whole makes me so sick to my stomach. Maybe I'm being melodramatic, idk, but emulating the behavior of a child for sexual satisfaction sounds absolutely sickening.

No. 267094

Why does this DDLG/ageplay shit seem like a trend amongst late teen - early 20s girls on tumblr and other areas of the internet? I feel like you're either into that kind of thing or not, but I feel like an absurd amount of girls claim to be into this shit.

No. 267114

It seems to go along with the stereotype of women being more submissive, wanting to be cared for, etc. So maybe that plus the fact that it is an actual trend at the moment makes it appealing. People do the dumbest most nonsensical fucking things if its a trend so pretending to be a baby while having sex doesnt surprise me. I'm sure you can develop kinks from exposure/other people reacring positively to them (from personal experience). I'm sure someone much smarter than I am would have a more interesting analysis though, it seems like a really complex topic.

No. 267146

I'm willing to bet that a large chunk of the girls who claim to be into "DDLG" are exaggerating or interested in it for the wrong reasons. Most of them are insecure, attention seeking teenagers who are interested in Disney movies and Hello Kitty an Japanese fashion/pastel shit and are afraid of becoming an "adult". They like wearing chokers and think in order to enjoy all of these things past the age of 18, they must be into DDLG.
You have extremists like Jess, but most of them aren't like this and it's just a phase for them.

No. 267156

it's so icky, even when it really has nothing to do with actual children. I really don't like the idea of it being normalised. Even in otherwise regular porn you'll hear a bunch of "daddy"s.

No. 267168

oh anon thank you so much. I saw her featured in a news article last year and couldn't find anything lulzy on her.


No. 267270

this grown woman has a babysitter….alright then.

No. 267315

she's "engaged" to her bf now. the man looks like someone fresh back from deployment suffering from ptsd

No. 267915

File: 1489293811079.jpg (151.74 KB, 1433x358, Screenshot_20170311-234154.jpg)

She was on Tosh.0 when she was still into kittenplay. It's on YouTube but you have to pay to watch it. I'm sure you could find it somewhere on the internet for free though.

No. 267923

>baby with tattoos

No. 271462

Her fetlife is Binkieprincess if anyone's interested

No. 304233

thread is dead but she broke up with david and has already moved onto a new daddy and back into kittenplay

No. 304234

Where are you getting this milk on her? I'm >>267168 anon and I'm dying to find out more about her insanity

No. 304242

>they broke up
of course they did. it was only a matter of time until he cracked

No. 304252

File: 1493893012497.png (546.03 KB, 699x535, death.png)

why does the boyfriend stay with her?
He says he's not into it and he always looks so unhappy,
what exactly is he getting out of this relationship? why not just leave and find a normal girlfriend. I bet he pays for all her crap too

No. 304256

i need to go to church this girl is fucked up

No. 304286

it's on her twitter and tumblr, and she and her new daddy have very public interactions there too

No. 304289

File: 1493900242530.png (1.49 MB, 1133x727, lmaofaggot.png)

lmao her new "daddy" looks like a generic metalhead beta

No. 304293

samefag, found a video of them together - Skip past the first 2 minutes to ignore his tryhard vlogging.

She licks his face ~3:10 and he looks fucking horrified by the experience

No. 304295

He sounds like he is on something

No. 304297

File: 1493900749125.png (721.95 KB, 1302x735, lmaofaggot2.png)

samefag AGAIN but holy shit this guy has literally no furniture. Other than in pic, there's a table-chair and mirror in that room. Headboard but no bed frame. This seems like a major step-down from her pastel-pink baby bedroom with the other guy.

No. 304300

He said in the vid he just moved in so maybe they are getting some but that video…. I dont even know what to say other then ewwweee

No. 304301

Wtf is it with these little preteen boys and playing 'daddy'?
They look underage themselves, I don't understand how either a little would want such a pathetic excuse for a 'daddy' or how they would be ok spending their teen years roleplaying a perversion of something they will be stuck with as an adult anyway.

No. 304317

File: 1493902903255.jpg (54.72 KB, 1022x767, shotty.jpg)

https://twitter.com/binkieprincess/status/859594839826079744 this was so fucking awkward. Sorry don't know how to embed twitter video

No. 304319

lol samefag, ignore the image - i thought the coke bottle in >>304297 was a bong but it's just a coke bottle with water in it. Forgot to remove the image

No. 304323

File: 1493903365525.png (17.68 KB, 603x128, creeeeeeppyyy.png)

uhh, little SISTER? creepy.

No. 304326

That dudes always been a fucking pedo creep tho.

No. 304341

File: 1493904909399.jpg (346.27 KB, 1012x1536, lolwow.jpg)

looking through his twitter, I didn't notice anything too lulzy/outright pedo. Other than the dd/lg stuff obviously. He seemed to be in a normal, non-kinky relationship until like January this year? It sounds like she cheated on him, so he left.

He's a brony though lol. Check out that necklace. (also included: the funniest shit I could find on his twitter, he's a fan of Onionboy and Lainey)

No. 304355

File: 1493906592181.png (Spoiler Image, 260.21 KB, 397x302, killme.png)


No. 304357

ABDL is such cancer, jess makes these for a sute i think they are 'not-porn'

No. 304358

Oh dear sweet jesus my eyes

No. 304362

>"Age play is nothing sexual for me." Binkie 2016

No. 304367

Watching this and cringing infinitely. How does… How do people do this shit seriously??

No. 304375

6:42 she shows him her "secret thing" on the bed which is restraining cuffs

No. 304380

Around 2:30 she mentions the new fetish/sex website shes making and then proceeds to acknowledge that in the past she said it wasnt sexual and people will scoff at her lmao

No. 304384

File: 1493908879856.jpg (113.65 KB, 839x431, ss (2017-05-04 at 07.40.39).jp…)

wtf is this logic

No. 304388

File: 1493909125560.jpg (128.31 KB, 1153x500, ss (2017-05-04 at 07.45.00).jp…)

No. 304389

File: 1493909158390.jpg (158.12 KB, 1142x588, ss (2017-05-04 at 07.45.46).jp…)

No. 304391

File: 1493909275408.jpg (141.26 KB, 931x398, ss (2017-05-04 at 07.47.36).jp…)

No. 304392


it makes me sad that interesting-looking alt guys are either weirdos like this one or have the personality of a self-important piece of cardboard.

sage for off-topic whining.

No. 304393

>interesting-looking alt guys
interesting sure is the word

No. 304397

No. 304398

It's cringy enough to do this, but even broadcast it to the whole world online? What the fuck is wrong with them?

No. 304399

File: 1493909699248.jpg (108.83 KB, 845x471, ss (2017-05-04 at 07.54.15).jp…)

Shes really clinging tight to the fact that she doesnt enjoy this sexually

No. 304400

Vid its from

No. 304403

>dyed hair

and here I thought they tried to look like kids

No. 304420

Isnt it funny that in her video "clearing up assumptions" shes wearing something a bit more proper then her regular 2-year old attire

No. 304528

i know a little bit about stephen parker or whatever his name is, my friend
and i followed his old relationship cuz it was so cringy. basically he was in a ddlg relationship with this heroin addict named tori aka onepastyprincess on ig and spookibunnii on twitter. they broke up a lot. she claimed he beat her, deleted all her social media, made a new tumblr chroncling the abuse. posted pics of her black eye. they got back together. she left stephen. he made a 10 part video on her calling her a cheater and a heroin addict. they broke up and got back together 20 times in like a month. so yeah. sage for ot but just to give you an idea of what a fuckin weird dramatic relationship he was in previously……..

No. 304602

omfg what was that i feel so dirty after watching that it was so embarrassing dude

No. 304710

File: 1493935730730.gif (242.35 KB, 475x300, 7sow24.gif)

this is so ridiculous looking omg

No. 305023

File: 1493972405051.jpg (108.3 KB, 540x765, IMG_2616.JPG)

gotta love that "nonsexual ageplay"

No. 305181


IM a bit confused? Is binkie in a multiple person relationship? She has her "babysitter" and now her "brother" so …?

No. 305183

oi sorry just saw that its her new "daddy'. Im still confused about the babysitter woman though

No. 305184

File: 1493999228410.jpg (198.68 KB, 675x1200, 1.jpg)

No. 305185

File: 1493999266053.jpg (195.41 KB, 675x1200, 2.jpg)

No. 305186

File: 1493999330269.jpg (174.46 KB, 675x1200, 3.jpg)

No. 305188

File: 1493999414646.jpg (268.89 KB, 1200x1200, C-JMbhOXsAE5jx_.jpg)

No. 305189

File: 1493999550670.jpg (176.88 KB, 918x1200, C8FwnFLX0AASlRZ.jpg)

No. 305193

File: 1494000157167.png (9.68 KB, 566x268, ss (2017-05-05 at 09.02.12).pn…)

umm what the fuck is this.

No. 305194

File: 1494000300401.png (36.44 KB, 555x401, ss (2017-05-05 at 09.04.50).pn…)

No. 305203

the mirror newspaper link a little up in the thread says that she was raped at age 2 by her father.

Didn't sound legit to me, more like an excuse for her degeneracy

No. 305214

Thanks for keeping us posted, Jess

No. 305248

BDSM is a sexual thing.
It's not AT ALL related to wearing diapers and sucking on pacifiers while you're beta make calls you "princess" and coo's. Being an adult baby is fucking gross because you're pretending to be a toddler.

No. 305250


Yeah she can fuck right off trying to tie ADBL/LGDD in with the BDSM community. 50 Shades of Grey did enough damage, they don't need this pedo bullshit too.

No. 305254

So she doesn't work or have any hobbies, right?
The only thing she does all day is wet herself, suck binkie, and pretend to be retarded? Talk about life on easy mode, I'm just wondering what male, er 'babysitter,' we need to thank for funding this level of entertainment.

No. 305266

The term princess parts is sooo grim

No. 305454

OP here and I was following binkie for laughs for a long time and am genuinely surprised she and david split.

jess is a twat and so is he but they were engaged and he really did love her, if you watched more than the barcroft doc where they emphasised how not-into it he was, you could really really see it.

now, he's trying to further his music career when there is a video of him wearing a onesie having his floppy dick played with by a girl pretending to be a baby.

No. 305484

I was more talking about the fact that she got a tattoo to commemorate the occasion

No. 305528

Strange how you have the option to edit/delete this tumblr post huh???

Got em

No. 305530

answer your messages jess

No. 305593

Oh shit I didn't even notice that. Of course shes here lmao

No. 305705

I sort of get why some women like this crap for various fucked up reasons but I draw the line at diapers

No. 305717

Goddamn, the mental gymnastics these degerates go through to absolve themselves of guilt is infuriating.

No. 305720

Holy fuck. Exposed.

No. 305764

You people are idiots, she posted screenshots of her tumblr on twitter.

No. 305779

well done tipping the cow, she wasn't here.

No. 306844

fucking kek

No. 319668

cringe fest

No. 319688

her new boyfriend seems like a little himself

No. 319692

they both seem like emo retards

No. 319725


did she literally admit she doesnt go anywhere lmao

No. 319728

File: 1495546323760.png (60.06 KB, 825x407, 20170523_083107.png)

i shuddered

No. 319906

File: 1495564590970.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)

the fucking comment section


>Naoko never asked for this
Y'know I heard she hates her fans, and honestly I don't blame her

No. 319937

I will never understand why most of these ddlg chicks have these huge trashy gaudy tattoos? Like that's not very loli like. Talk about not being committed to your craft

No. 319955

what the fuck is wrong with her tits?
she looks like a 50 yr old small town business woman, she doesnt fit this shit at all

No. 319957

How can anyone respect this faggot? He looks stuck in 2008.

No. 319959

they got them in their "omgcxxx scenester phaze" until they realized scene died out, and now pretending to be a small child in sexual situations is now a thing so they hopped onto that as well

No. 319963

I think the jet black hair doesn't suit her at all, makes her look older and gaunt.

No. 319968

probably because they are adults and its not about being loli or actual children.

No. 319971

she has a tattoo as symbolism for when her "dad raped her" ?

No. 320008

>its not about being loli or actual children.
Imagine being this delusional.

No. 320014

it definitely is, but it's also for attention, thus the tattoos. ageplayers are pathetic attention whores.

No. 320177

love how she pulls a leda and changes her style to suit the guy's aesthetic. she had a post recently about how she dyed her hair and now feels like a dark mysterious girl. kek

No. 320181

yeah tbh I'd love more info on this or links

No. 322696

David, her ex 'daddy' (topazdaddy on instagram) posted something about quitting Heroin. I wonder if that had to do with her splitting? I wonder if she did it aswell..? Hmm. Ive watched her for cringe factor for a few years.. she got into 'bdsm' by copying screamkiwi with kittenplay.

No. 322932

he did heroin??? what the fuck

No. 322966

Is this the girl that had the really cringeworthy and uncomfortable petplay video with her bf? I can't find it on her channel but I know it showed up on a lot of cringe sites in the past.

No. 322974


Yeah that was her.

No. 322997

looking at his skeletal appearance and dead stare is it really that suprising

No. 323014

I'd do heroin too if I was dating this mess

No. 323038


No. 323099

Well, he was clearly reluctant on this shit. I've always wondered if she was offering other crazy sex in exchange for participating in something he was clearly disgusted by.
Welp, he was probably high the whole time. I'm sad for that guy. I hope he's getting better.

No. 323196

File: 1495931415267.png (459.65 KB, 920x595, topaz.png)

Full caption:

This, is what you'll be left with if you get addicted to, and use off and on over several years, IV heroin. That scar over my vein, on both arms, will probably be there forever.
For better or for worse, I know by experience just about everything there is to know about heroin, shooting up, being a junkie, ODing, reviving someone else who OD'd, dealing with shifty drug dealers in the hood, going to jail, going to rehab, going through withdrawals, the worst feeling I've ever felt in my life, doing things I never thought I'd do, hurting people I never wanted to hurt. This shit is spreading like mad across America right now, and I feel a sense of obligation to say something about it because of what I've done, where I've been, and my stupid extreme luck in still being alive and well, and free of diseases. So here's the message: Don't do this shit. Stick to pot if you just gotta get high, but don't try this shit, because it will slowly consume your entire life, and you absolutely will NOT be aware of it until one day, you're out of money, feel like your bones are breaking, like you have a super-flu 1000x worse than the regular flu, and just to "feel better" you start doing whatever it is you gotta do to get up that cash for it; and from there, every single day onward just gets worse, and worse, and worse, until you can't remember what "normal" feels like anymore, have no friends or family who trust you anymore, no money, no job, no happiness, and absolutely no relief until you finally scrap together enough stolen shit to pawn for enough cash to get a bag. Then, finally, relief…For a few hours. Then you're right back in the shithole. Rinse and repeat until you either die, or manage to make it out and back to reality out of pure desperation.

No. 323699

they have such a trailor trash level aesthetic, it literally looks like they just came back from shooting meth behind a trailer park dumpster, they're so hateable and annoying

No. 324172

she is one of the most unlikable person I have ever seen, how can anyone just live with being so disgusting?

No. 324955

nope, if you noticed, it's a lot of recovering scene queens, they got tattoos to fit their aesthetic, now that scene died out and pretending to be a child getting molested is now a trend they jump on that mindlessly and have to deal with the tattoos

No. 324963

Meh, big fucking deal. I have old scars from using for over a decade and the only people who notice are people in the medical field.
Plus there's this amazing product called concealer that you can use if you feel self conscious about it. FFS

No. 324968

Much strong, so domly

He's a fucking skinny baby, can you imagine submitting to someone that… pathetic? dear god

No. 324975

It took me a moment, like a Where's Willy type of thing.

What a limp noodle this guy is.
Imagine trying to bring that thing to life…

No. 325026

if I were a guy and had to fuck this ugly annoying pedo loving bitch I'd be limp as fuck too in this situation

No. 325530

File: 1496180574529.png (192.02 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3462.PNG)

Slightly OT, but Jess' new "daddy" gave me major deja-vu, so I decided to lurk around a bit. A few years ago, he dated a girl named Allie (I only knew about them because my friend knew them), typical scene couple, lots of yt vids, super sad long distance relationship. Eventually they broke up & Allie claimed abuse (photo attached; old tumblr url is ohemgeepenis, current is thevintagemermaid if anyone wants to lurk around some more).
It seemed really juvenile when the two broke up so I'm not sure how true any of it is, but I'm anxious to see if this all repeats with Jess. Steven was apparently very controlling, so maybe this relationship with so much micromanaging and rules will be fitting for the two of them.

No. 325575

>you start doing whatever it is you gotta do to get up that cash for it
Well that explains him agreeing to be in her gross porn. He should share the screenshot of him as the sad semi-hard teddy, that would put anyone off taking heroin.

No. 325760

some of it seems true and some of it seems stretched maybe the situations are true but exaggerated?even the most controlling guys I knew didnt make their girlfriend not go anywhere because a male dared to be in the same area as they are going

No. 326212

No. 326236

I don't follow this thread at all, but wtf this girl could actually be really cute if it wasn't for the whole baby/little whatever thing
the 'posing' in the video was extremely cringey though

No. 326415

File: 1496266050424.png (392.3 KB, 440x677, capture10.png)

No. 326485


No. 326562

why she gotta bring mars argo into this

No. 326579

No. 326580

No. 326611

she has a man ass

No. 326795

Anyone else miss the days when you only saw these kind of people in documentaries about outsiders and they were all middle-aged men doing it in secret?

No. 327207

oh my god these are so much worse than all her youtube activity combined. i secretly want someone to buy her clips4sale to see how cringe they are

No. 327209

samefag but i feel like she could genuinely be a great voice actress

No. 327985

No. 327991

No. 327992

As someone into ddlg holy shit is she cringe

Also that guy is not very dom-like at all…

No. 327995

Same tbh. Didn't want to air my degeneracy first. This bitch absolutely disgusts me and that says a lot. I mean everyones different, im hardly into big older match dudes. That shit isn't necessary. I just couldn't call such pathetic weedy excuses for men my dom or daddu

No. 327999

ffs same. she makes ddlg look so bad and at this point i only watch her for the drama, it's gonna be one big show when they break up.

No. 328136

his last gf onepastyprincess / spookibunnii (the girl in the dick sucking gif) said he was abusive and claimed he gave her a black eye. she posted pics. so allie and his last gf both said it. might not be far off.

No. 328351

I don't doubt it, I've seen tons after tons of abusive people who are into ddlg, but a lot of it seems exaggerated, sure what he did is awful but is all of it 100% true or 90% true

No. 328796

warning: extreme cringe. Viewer discretion is adviced.

No. 328811

>tfw im into puppyplay and this made even me cringe

No. 328969

File: 1496593815823.jpg (21.38 KB, 325x325, killme.jpg)

i hate this so much especially since the music playing is from my favorite artist

No. 329145

>even the most controlling guys I knew didnt make their girlfriend not go anywhere because a male dared to be in the same area as they are going
You'd be surprised how crazy men can get. Sorry to blogpost but to give some back up to these claims, before you call her a liar, my mom's roommate (note they aren't even together) gets mad even if she steps foot out of the house and is really controlling and delusional. He claims she's screwing everyone in town even the women and her coworkers which are mainly female. It makes sense why he would take on being a daddy in a DDLG relationship if he acts like this off camera.

No. 329178

i know right anon! we need to stop her from using mars

No. 330263

No. 330305

>"tfw im into puppyplay"
What the actual fuck

No. 330361

i would like to die now, thanks

No. 330573

The autism is palpable.

No. 331357


it's so funny how all the "daddies" for some reason are always young skinny white boys who look like their balls have barely dropped

No. 331370


He looks like a girl, complete with scene girl hair, so I'm confused too. I wouldn't be able to take anything he says seriously. Maybe she's a closet lesbian.

God and his voice. I got about 6 seconds in and wanted to blow my brains out.

No. 331622

He doesn't come across as dominant at all.

No. 331909

she can't handle people calling him "daddy" in the comments lmao

No. 331911

File: 1497026589693.gif (970.16 KB, 320x240, tumblr_inline_n2x2w7Fo9O1rghrc…)

you reminded me of whoever this is

No. 331916


You know, I had this exact gif in my head when I wrote that comment. It's almost always the same type. Maybe it's because they're so weak they need this fantasy where they can feel like they're in control of someone, have some sort of power and feel masculine and big.

No. 331917

Why can't this little boy stay still? Get him a fidget spinner.

No. 331937

In the still, she looks equally as manly as he does. Can't decide which one should feel bad about that, probably him. He even makes David look manly in comparison.

No. 331991

>do you cook for your little?
>I made macaroni cheese once
>also I can make chicken and fries

I can't believe people live like this, that's disgusting.

No. 332182

Ummmm, macaroni and cheese is delicious anon. Especially the Kraft kind. Go ahead, hate. I eat whole foods, primarily, but damn, I loves me some boxed mac and cheese. Saying people who eat chicken and fries and macaroni and cheese are "disgusting" is a little extreme.

No. 333316

This. Love me some kraft or (cheesey pasta as it's known in britland) legit reminds me of being a kid so maybe that's the appeal.

No. 333407

i lowkEY feel bad for his followers bc he used to talk about normal, relatable shit. now it's all about jess and ddlg, like………this is what's gonna bring it to the light and i don't think people in the community really want this to be so known. it's a sexual lifestyle, a part of bdsm, it isn't really supposed to be discussed out of the relationship, so…why are they trying so hard like oml i get a few videos but it's consistently about it now

No. 333412

Ya'll have some fuckin Annie's mac n cheese where you are? It's almost always on sale and tbh I prefer it to Kraft. It's seriously the shit.

Btw I'm going to guess that anon may have been referring to the fact that the person made it seem like they've never made anything but mac n cheese before. Which would be pretty embarrassing for an adult.

No. 333415

Omg I love the Annie's Mac and Cheese hnnng.

No. 333477


don´t be sad, you´ll find another ugly idiot youtuber to watch

No. 333530

No. 333589

shes breaking her damn back for an ass LMAO

No. 334938

File: 1497359159332.png (1.14 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8621.PNG)

why would you make a public video about this, that isnt even 18+?!

every single day we stray further and further from gods light ?

No. 335018

Her boyfriend either takes too much Adderall or not enough.. I can't tell.

No. 335102


Go play with your gfs shit-filled diapers, you ugly pathetic pedophile.

What a cheap way to make ppl watch your stupid videos. Just fuck off

No. 335104

Why can't people like this just jump off a bridge and save humanity from their defective pedophile genes.

No. 335153

uh wyd thats not even them cant you tell. thats instagram stories and it shows his username not "your story"

No. 335165


Uh… This isn't a selfpost. That's a screenshot from the dudes Snapchat. Christ some of y'all are slow.


I think you're replying to the wrong person

No. 335242

TELL ME WHY JESSICA THAYER LOOKIN LIKE A DAMN LIBRARIAN https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DCErChxXoAA72kZ.jpg:large

No. 335254

No. 335259


>> bring me the horizon playing

>> weak ass spanks
>> his shitty foot in the back left while she blows his pencil dick

Is that her riding him at the end???

No. 335327

I think so… What a tiny dick, poor guy lol

No. 335355

Oh my god

Ohhhhhhh my god

Both of these people are legal adults with their names on leases.
Who made a sexy music video for a bring me the horizon song. I've never been this embarrassed for anyone in my life.

No. 335369


Hahaha well played. You edited your post with the direct link to your shitty YT-video and you know it.

No. 335371

please don't compare this with autism. This is so much worse

No. 335386

Why did I click this

No. 335509

youre a fucking dumbass.

No. 335513

I nominate them for 2017 cringe couple awards

No. 336208

File: 1497578248486.png (28.9 KB, 633x758, lonelywhy.png)

TFW I will never have a qt man put up with my bullshit mental illnesses like this.

No. 336236


In the clip preview, in the lower left corner. What the fuck is that? It's scaring me so much. It doesn't look human but doesn't look like an animal either.

No. 336252

lmaooo wtf i thought maybe her cat at first, but then i saw the finger(?) maybe it was her boyfriend/daddy at the time, idek.

No. 336253

YOOOOO THE ENDING MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS WATCHING CP ????? and this is coming from someone within this kink, fml. https://clips4sale.com/studio/108570/16683268/Binkie+Bubble+Bath(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 336280

>this is coming from someone within this kink

No. 337308

is it weird I feel like she smells like a shitty diaper?
all I can think of when I see her is that she smells like straight up poo

No. 337309

what the fuck, it looks like a really long thumb or dick, why would someone grab the door like that or try to stick their dick between the doorfram?

No. 337434

this guy needs to stop

No. 337458

so do you, directlinkfag.

No. 337480

I don't think she actually shits them. That's quite a whole other thing from wetting. But yeah she will smell of pee sometimes anyway

No. 337522

At least it's not as bad as this one.

No. 337585

well not exactly the diapers is why I described her smelling like diapers, it just came off my head when I saw how she acted in the video and how she looks

pretty gross she's doing either, I wonder how many yeast infections she's gotten, plus she seems like her breath would smell awful

No. 337818

Fathers day = sexual fetish thing to someone.

No. 337839

was binkie a man at some point?

No. 338001

File: 1497902730798.jpg (90.69 KB, 960x720, cat1.jpg)

Oh lord

No. 338034

File: 1497908398440.png (474.12 KB, 499x596, muhsexualabuse.png)

What was that about being raped at 2?

No. 338043

idk anon, I know a couple girls that are still 'friendly' with their abusers
I'm not sure if thats proof enough

sage for ot and blog

No. 338046

When did she say that? Is that her dad?

No. 338063

she's literally talking about that in the pic. taking a picture with her dad while literally talking about how she's trying to get over what happened to her isn't proof of making her abuse up.

No. 338110

yes, and Stockholm syndrome is common in people who've survived abuse.

No. 338111

DDLG people always act as if it's not sexualising father/daughter relationships then they go and make fathers day videos lol

No. 338120

My eyes, my ears.

No. 338130

unless he just walked out her life or mild abuse, I doubt she would forgive an alleged pedophile rapist, unless she's retarded

No. 338509

7:56 "I don't think of ABDL sexually"
How can she possibly keep saying that?

No. 338518

She said that DDLG is sexual to her tho, so she gets off on that dynamic but not… the acting like a baby bit? Just a little girl? Isn't that the same thing I'm confused

No. 338521

ddlg and abdl are apparently different. The ddlg crowd actually get quite shitty about being lumped in with the abdls for some fucking reason. I think they tie in so often they may as well be the same thing. tbth. But I think in general regression is more a relaxing state of mine thing. DDLG is more "fuck me daddy" dom and sub.

No. 338544

ABDL is literally ADULT BABY DIAPER LOVER. DDLG is degenerate and gross but at least they aren't SHITTING. In DIAPERS.

No. 338553

she lied either way,her sexual videos literally include sexual diaper stuff
in the one video the anon posted that got banned it said ABDL on the wall… who does she think she's fooling

No. 338556

Each to their own but I don't think the shitting is as widespread as you think. Personally I can't even begin to care what consenting adults do. I just don't particularly like cringey attention whores doing this online.

You sound about 12 tho tbh

No. 338557

I don't know if she's just using that as a way to make money. But seeing as she's a sexual adult I don't see why the two wouldn't cross over. I woukd think if she wasnt then sexual stuff in baby mode woukd creep her out or at the very least not cross her mind. She's full of shit

No. 338558


Holy fuck, he's so annoying. Trying too hard to be RaNDoM Xd funny and being spatic like.. urgh.

No. 338560

hm? I never said what she could or couldn't do, I don't understand how I'm 12 simply for thinking she could at least be honest about what she's doing
I don't like ABDL and don't think it should be encouraged outside the comfort of ones bedroom, it's one thing to make videos of it, but another with her telling the world she isn't sexual when she's in a diaper but she clearly is
sage for samefagging

No. 338561

File: 1497998746928.jpg (1.13 MB, 1564x1564, 1493841834428.jpg)

>"My Daddy is the strongest and most supportive male role in my life, therefore I am choosing to dedicate this day to him."

that dude seems like some dweeby teenager just going through puberty though, jfc

No. 338796

>unless she´s retarded

she describes herself as "Abdl/Ddlg/Pet"

No. 340220

No. 340353

I don't know if this is more sad or anger inducing. Can't you leave Father's day alone?

The legs on that guy, though. lmao.

No. 341378

No. 341855


No. 341861

I wish you'd have a wider variety of YouTube videos like you use to, with vlogs, and such. Because I see many people including myself finding the baby stuff kinda disturbing (I don't mean this as hate.) I just don't understand it I guess. I don't understand why a full grown girl is dressing and acting like a baby and doing it sexual as well, baby's shouldn't be a sexual thing in my opinion. But I can understand the getting took care of part, everyone likes to be cared for, but you don't have to act and dress like a baby to do so. Anyways you should vlog, and expand the variety a bit. : )

No. 341877

This whole comment seems out of place here

No. 342019


it´d be great if y´all would take some screenshots, summarize a bit, give quotes from the vids, etc. Because so many cows, so little time. Can´t just watch all of these vids, I´m a busy person

No. 342034


I didn't post any of these, but I watched with the intention of summarizing and like…

There no content.

He spins the camera around. Stuffs and All Time Low CD down his pants. He and Jess sit on a Teddy Bear and half-heartedly play with stuffed animals and take turns removing her pacifier to kiss. Cut to the living room, where Jess is doing…a dance? Having a trance-like seroquel fit? They throw around a Carebear. He picks her up. This is all done to two music-box arrangements, the latter of which is fucking Lana Del Rey. No words. The CD is never seen again.

No. 342066


this is unwatchable! wtf what's the point? i also hate Stevo's entire look, gag.

No. 342179

File: 1498579363851.png (Spoiler Image, 149.97 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9148.PNG)

found Jess bitching on her bfs instagram, sorry if this is gonna be considered "spam" idk how to post multiple pics in one post.

this is where i found them: https://instagram.com/p/BV09KgkAko2/

No. 342180

File: 1498579382751.png (Spoiler Image, 124.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9149.PNG)

No. 342181

File: 1498579401421.png (Spoiler Image, 127.23 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9150.PNG)

No. 342182

File: 1498579419060.png (Spoiler Image, 143.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9151.PNG)

No. 342183

File: 1498579432665.png (Spoiler Image, 159.53 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9152.PNG)

No. 342184

File: 1498579448277.png (Spoiler Image, 159.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9153.PNG)

No. 342185

File: 1498579487897.png (Spoiler Image, 596.35 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9154.PNG)

and if youre too lazy to look at his instagram, this is what he posted.

No. 342189

File: 1498579619765.png (Spoiler Image, 148.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9155.PNG)

No. 342190

File: 1498579637852.png (Spoiler Image, 142 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9156.PNG)

No. 342307

>makes porn dressed as and acting as a baby
>gets mad when someone who is legal in many states hits on her 20-something boyfriend

I agree it would be gross for a 26yo and a 17yo to be in a relationship, but a 17yo girl fangirling over a guy who is 26 isn't really anything to bat an eye at. She's clearly insecure.

No. 342554

File: 1498626066918.jpg (47.16 KB, 552x414, 1395540762954.jpg)

No. 342979


No. 343181

This is a shit thread. Zero milk and it attracts idiots like >>341861

No. 343593

Speak for yourself. I like this thread. Go to a different one if you hate it so much and quit clogging it up with your shitposts.


No. 344268

wtf is this dumb shit

No. 344273


I can't bare how cringy he is, dear lord.
He looks like a retard doing that winky face and putting his tongue out every 6 seconds. I wish I could punch him.

Sage for rage.

No. 344276

Why would he use cardboard? That shit is usually pretty hard to cupt up with scissors. Also, why do this in reverse?

No. 344780

>>zero milk

No. 346335

New video

No. 346348

swoon points for the preteens that watch this garbage and want him to be their loving "daddy" even though hes some skinny scene kid dweeb. he gives me a lowkey creepy, abusive vibe like some anons were talking about upthread with his ex gfs. not cute

harder to read too than if it were a post it note or regular old white paper.

how do they do this? if they act like this, the whole relationship seems superficial and dishonest aka completely pointless. its like acting for retards

No. 346812

File: 1499283790536.png (167 KB, 337x600, tumblr_osh4hbocM41woh7ddo1_400…)

No. 346814

File: 1499283928976.png (924.74 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_orel7lzkMP1woh7ddo1_128…)

No. 346816

Amber was enjoying herself in the pool, and feeling a little frisky. So, she began to play with herself under the water. She kept going and started feeling really good. Getting that tingling feeling, she didnt realize she was drifting into the deep end of the pool. Holding her breath, and massging herself faster and faster. Her bikini top comes loose exposing Her breasts as she begings nipple pinches, all the while administering clitoral stimulation. She moans quite a bit underwater from the intense feeling, making her lose air and bubbles underwater. It gets to a point where she is trying to finish herself off, really struggling to hold her breath. Faster and faster until she cums hard underwater. She screams as the orgasm rips thru her, violently shaking and thrashing at how good it feels. Her goal was to cum before surfacing, but right after the cum, her body is spent and her eyes show wide open panic. Her arms start to float to the sides and overhead as her eyes go wide and mouth open. Some final twitches before she goes motionless….she has . Her body floats to surface face down and legs spread in a gentle "V". The Masturbation has lead to more than she bargained for.

No. 346876

what the hell anon

No. 346955

Wtf is this shit? Her forced baby voice makes me want to lobotomize myself.

No. 347131

the two of them look really alike, this is kinda weird

No. 347255

THIS! in the thumbnail for the newest haul video i literally thought she was him.

she's gone mad for sticking her middle finger up and talking like a scene valley girl since they started going out. also the fact that people still follow the scene aesthetic literally depresses me.

No. 347300

Binkie response was perfect.
So shes back to catgirl. She knew she wouldnt make money in regular sexwork so she joined our com then that wasnt enough so she went abdl. She has had a sponser since day 1. I cant believe there is money in that. Yuck.

No. 347323

That has to be a description of one of her videos, it sounds like binkie

Not that anon so don't know but ya.

No. 347653

back when jess and david were together.

No. 347654

No. 347655

File: 1499399077576.png (34.14 KB, 136x124, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.4…)

"how old were you when you lost your virginity?"

No. 347657

File: 1499399173506.png (80.59 KB, 226x206, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.4…)

No. 347658

File: 1499399187794.png (152.59 KB, 347x295, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.4…)

kitten play days lmfao

No. 347659

File: 1499399197536.png (280.88 KB, 649x290, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.4…)

No. 347661

File: 1499399206138.png (31.69 KB, 89x163, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.4…)

No. 347662

File: 1499399213959.png (114.29 KB, 316x258, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.4…)

No. 347663

File: 1499399274790.png (40.58 KB, 153x135, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.4…)

No. 347665

File: 1499399480548.png (72.85 KB, 177x232, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.4…)

No. 347666

File: 1499399506188.png (79.49 KB, 246x238, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.4…)

No. 347667

File: 1499399513413.png (355.59 KB, 755x391, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.5…)

No. 347668

File: 1499399523292.png (425.09 KB, 725x356, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.5…)

No. 347677

These yaoi hands though

No. 347679

link??(sage this)

No. 347719

>"how old were you when you lost your virginity?"

Wait doesn't that prove she's full of shit? She's one of those lying Tumblrites that say her fetish is due to her "working out her childhood sexual abuse" right?

No. 347727


I don't think someone who was sexually abused would count getting raped or anything done none consensually as losing their virginity. But it does concern me if someone did get sexually abused why they would have sex so soon after

No. 347765

Idk to me 14 is young enough for it to be abuse. Or for abuse to have made her sexual at such a young age. Happens

No. 347784

Imagine being at build-a-bear with a kid and you see a grown woman pulling up her dress to expose a diaper in public.

No. 347813

Not OP but the pun was that Binkie drowns in the end

Anyway, I find it ironic that all the girls into dd/lg seem to look so haggard. So far I haven't seen any babyface

No. 348832

fuck is this

No. 348842

ive seen she did porn with her ex David before. does she do porn with Steve now?

No. 348845

i dont even comment on him. this is some crappy vlog of 13 year old emo boy (mentally)

No. 348852

cringe at the little girls in the comments saying they want him to be their daddy. 13 year old emo boys arent exactly "daddy" material.

the awful music in the background is also really obnoxious and distracting. sounds like a rip off of animal crossing osts with an offputting trap twist.

No. 348854

i cannot imagine anyone but emo mentally teens and pedophiles to be daddys

No. 349026

File: 1499571146482.png (328.53 KB, 434x542, img829382381112938392.png)

No. 349037

agreed, I've seen them complain about having big boobs and its hard being a little

its almost like grown women arent suppose to pretend to be a child getting molested, or anyone for that matter

No. 349041

idk, all the girls I known who have been sexually abused as a child don't have sex til late teens/early adulthood and say it makes them uncomfortable to do it so early because of their experience

however I did know one girl who liked pretending to be a child (not sexually) and brought sippy cups, stuffed animals, pacifiers, bottles, etc but the daddy shit grossed her out, she said she never really had a chance to be a child so it felt good doing that

No. 349215

ins't majority of steven's fanbase graphic mostly pre/teens emos? like he's posting ddlg tag videos exposing his underage fanbase to a kink. Then jess be like "we do not expose kids to kink" 'we keep in in our bedrooms"

No. 349220

File: 1499594105195.jpg (118.91 KB, 784x500, binkieprincess1.thumb.jpg.015d…)

I wonder what people who went to binkie's high school thinks of her public appearance

No. 349243

File: 1499601265654.jpg (17.19 KB, 480x360, no2.jpg)

No. 349391

File: 1499621589195.png (265.83 KB, 421x486, yeet.png)

No. 349824

File: 1499670305965.png (60.84 KB, 264x349, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 2.03…)


No. 349825

File: 1499670322177.png (381.42 KB, 822x413, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 2.03…)

No. 349846

File: 1499673529381.png (150.53 KB, 449x442, ECC52D0C-4FEB-46E8-9017-5DE4FE…)

oh shit girl get out of there

No. 349871

yeah, even though i don't like jess
glad she out from that relationship

No. 349872

File: 1499682070464.png (252.21 KB, 473x521, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 5.01…)


No. 349873

File: 1499682128394.png (Spoiler Image, 118.73 KB, 529x223, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 5.03…)


No. 349877

File: 1499683560651.png (Spoiler Image, 351.6 KB, 533x622, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 5.41…)

she straight up said ddlg is p#dophillia or p#do roleplay?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 349878

NVM, i read that bad.

No. 349885

File: 1499686200380.png (289.42 KB, 549x577, Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 6.27…)

No. 350024

If people like this jumped off a bridge they'd be doing society a service.

No. 350053


No. 350211

yup, she also into incest…………

No. 350500

File: 1499760785824.png (755.29 KB, 1345x603, Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 3.11…)

No. 350502

File: 1499761070648.png (174.36 KB, 1096x341, Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 3.17…)

No. 350558

so she did straight up post that she's been molested by her dad. what the hell was with the father's day photo she took with him then with the soppy caption?? Surely you don't go back and try to build bridges with someone who sexually abused and molested you when you were a literal baby??????????

No. 350562


No. 350579

isn't molesting same thing as rape…..taking advantage of someone, forcing, not consenting?
assault or abuse (a person, especially a woman or child) sexually.
"he was charged with molesting and taking obscene photographs of a ten-year-old boy"
synonyms: (sexually) abuse, (sexually) assault, interfere with, rape, violate; More


unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.

both are terrible and fucked up

Her dad is a fucking pedophile then…..why tf would you do that to your own child or anyone. disgusting!


No. 350580

File: 1499780784816.png (Spoiler Image, 25.15 KB, 530x204, Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 8.30…)


No. 350605

can we stop with the trigger warnings

No. 350671

Consider this: maybe she's lying about being abused.

No. 350807

your dumb
people on this thread may has triggers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350809

why would someone lie about being abused? Yikes jess

No. 350832

her tail is fucking awful and cheap looking, and is it dirty? With cum stains? Ew. Clean your toys, COSTUMES count.

No. 350834

I think you either go hypersexual and kinky starting young, or get a slow and shaky start towards losing your V card when you've been SA'd as a kid. Usually the fetish is to overwrite the trauma, yeah? Like I'd rather my husband do what was done to me in the comfort of my home so I can work out physical memories, than do nothing at all. I can see how that would play out to become an ageplay or whatever fetish. PTSD patients are supposed to confront triggers, right? I'd say it's the same line of thought. Though I def don't believe every ABDL/DDlg blogger was molested or raped young. You CAN just be a degenerate, and not have a prompt.

No. 350844

yeah but triggers aren't like that – usually they're more like, "oh you use the same detergent as my abuser wow sorry for shooting across the room like that, it's cuz of some kinda instinctual fear and gross feelings in my head," not, "oh boo hoo this person said 'rape' so now I'm flopping like a fish on the floor remembering the whole thing!!"

What anon basically did was type, "TW RAPE" and when you open the image it's just "RAPE" in bold font. Useless. TWs aren't usually helpful cuz if they were they'd be like, "a bathroom with yellow walls that have a sunflower border," or "taxidermy deer head in dim lighting next to a bed with red sheets." TWs are proven to not really help anyone anyway.

like, nigga, wake up

No. 350850

well the thing is with that logic, people who have been in car accidents, other horrible experiences feel the need to act it out, which makes no sense

for example someone who was in combat and captured by the opposing force, why would they wanna act out the moment they were capture in a roleplay setting, it just makes no sense that the ONLY type of people who have had trauma that feel the need to roleplay it later in life are victims of child molestation, or at least claim to be

I am an understanding person, I completely understand people who have "little spaces" that don't involve their partner romantically or sexually, like the girl I mentioned, who liked kids toys and pacifiers and kids movies and whatnot but would never wanna bring her romance life or sex life into it at all, you can confront your triggers without sexualizing children/ child molestation

No. 350851

File: 1499815662619.jpg (77.53 KB, 791x644, IMG_0964.JPG)

Thanks for the falseness & ban
Just wanna complain how we added tiggerwarnings for some on thread that are sensitive to a topic like this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350852

Does jess like kitten play still

No. 350853

yo how did you post this if you're banned
also delete this and edit out your IP and sage

No. 350855

I wanna hear the dad talk about this tbh

No. 350856

I was using a business/work laptop and don't worry I use a change my ip apps.

Then someone basically spammed up with false

No. 350858

No. 350860

well you can't really tell exactly if it did happen if he denies it, if he denies it he could lie or tell the truth, so if he did talk about it you should watch for body language and behavior to tell if he is lying, other than denying or admitting it, I wanna see what else he will do, remove himself from her life? go to the police? make a video explaining ? tell the truth? prove he didn't do it? they need dr. phil up in there

No. 350863

I don't understand though
Are her parents still together??
Or did they divorce
Because if her mom stayed with a man who did stuff to her daughter………

No. 350865

I knew this psycho of a mom who stayed with her husband who got arrested for beating up his ex wife and walked in on him molesting her 16 yr old daughter but stayed with him, the daughter was my friend and I tried getting her to go to the police but she couldn't because they pretty much gave her hush money and said "oooo we will pay for cosmetology school and buy you things if you stay with us"

she's out now and for some reason friends with her mom, although I'm urging her to come stay at my apartment once she gets a job she can transfer to around me

No. 350868

Jesus are they fucking serious
Is she okay right now?

No. 350869

File: 1499817621838.jpg (53.41 KB, 775x495, header3_derogatory-women-city1…)

yeah, she lives near her mom and got brainwashed by some druggie dude, I'm worried about her but I feel like once she moves in with me and our friend group she will get back on track soon

I live in a southern state where no one really gives a shit if a man physically hurts a woman, it's really shit, pretty much the opposite of what mgtow preaches, they're sexist as fuck here

No. 350870

File: 1499817904493.png (122.71 KB, 640x866, IMG_0965.PNG)

Jess/binkieprincess ex irl friend.
I totally agree with her friend, she treats her fanbase rude

Is links allowed? If so here's her post
Please don't bother "ra**", she doesn't want anything to do with jess

No. 350874

Your a great person for helping her. Her mom, Dad, and that druggie is manipulative as hell…..poor girl
I Wish the best for her.
No one should go through this, especially jess (if her dad case is true)

No. 350898

File: 1499825061610.jpg (67.62 KB, 345x513, IMG_0972.JPG)

This is kinda old
Screenshot from back in April

No. 350899

File: 1499825272009.jpg (121.72 KB, 640x855, IMG_0976.JPG)

No. 350989

I'd wanna see this happen tbh, i wamna see the lawyer laugh in her pedo face as they cease to give a shit "but..but… muh pics" guess the pedos didn't give her enough vape and pedo roleplay toy money

No. 351022

You're from Louisiana anon? I remember reading how louisiana is one of the states with the highest number of violence against women problems, I went to nola once for uni trip and the men seemed to be complete dicks who don't care about hurting women physically, I never understood why the law enforcement refuses to take greater measures, most of the women from Louisiana i talked to, when brought up to the subject of violence and sharing their stories, it was almost always men attacking the woman first for no good reason, the only situations where the man was in trouble is if there was excessive proof, they were 21+, and if it was clear that there was no good reason

Sage for OT

No. 351044

offtopic but isn't like 90% of women there have been violently assaulted by a man at least once? I remember it was in the 80s or 90s range and I also know 1 and 3 women there had been a victim of domestic violence, but that doesn't account for women who were hurt by men who weren't their partner

in another thread, I believe it was OT, an anon who lived in louisiana said that a guy almost attacked a girl for sitting a few feet away from him and he choked her for not doing push ups when she asked, also bragged about making a girls vagina bleed after kicking it and that the school refused to do anything because they felt bad for him

I don't mean to derail the thread, I'm generally interested in why this one state, is the most sexist, violent against women and gives the least of shits about women getting attacked by men despite it being a huge problem there

No. 351099

she reminds me of those teenage emo fail girls that all have ~online emo boyfriend who wanna marry them and move to emotown castle~ and they all barely shower but instead of a catfish generic emo boyfriend it's an actual emo kid

No. 351113

Kinda new to this cow, context?

Also, is she talking about Stephen here?

No. 351157

No, this was an ex before david. It says 2014.

No. 351405

rumour has it yes.

No. 351413

sauce, or are you joking?

No. 351417

she mentioned something about it in a younow but idkkkkk

No. 351516

No. 351522

did she delete this? I had to archive it

No. 351535

no, just make a fb account to see it all

No. 351667

She's cis female. She has cleared it up before. She takes birth control and talks about her period product preference in a video

No. 351677

she's not a man but she does have an unfortunate white trash cousin fucker face

No. 351774

no 1 currr go back to pull

No. 351795

Can y'all stop complaining, it's ridiculous and annoying. Stop spamming the thread with off topic nonsense

No. 351797

Did David actually went to jail, because someone said jess getting a tattoo done while he was gone for 5 months or whatever

No. 351801

File: 1499952922042.png (560.77 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1059.PNG)

What do you guys think of this video?

No. 351804

lmao i saw that a few weeks ago. nothing to say tbh, mildy surprised jess or stephen havent commented about it yet.

No. 351806

I'm surprised jess hasn't filed a copyright strike or claim the video. I hate it when people make videos on her now because she said "haters makes me famous" on her Instagram. We should stop giving her attention on YouTube tbh, but I'm in mixed mood/ I really want someone that call her out and make her fanbase realize how disgusting she been lately.

No. 352369

they actually made a livestream with Seth and all her fans were white knighting her

No. 352474

learn to post the video rather than a screenshot

No. 352613

Was it on you now?

No. 352620

Sage next time

No. 352623

Platform for Livestreaming.

No. 352626

let me check if someone memory the moment on her page.

No. 352750

No. 352759

24 days ago around 30mins long

No. 352810

File: 1500087017883.png (67.39 KB, 229x194, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 9.49…)


No. 352811

File: 1500087186897.png (177.28 KB, 293x390, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 9.52…)

No. 352812

File: 1500087197806.png (175.12 KB, 291x389, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 9.51…)

No. 352815

File: 1500087469621.png (132.82 KB, 293x395, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 9.56…)

No. 352888

She got so mad when he said
"This is a fetish?, so your literally fetishizing babies and kids ok,,,"

She herself said it was a fetish or a kink "we do no actually want to fuck kids, it's both consenting legal adults1 and in the bdsm role strictly 18+ uwu" "we are adult babies >,>" regresses to 1yr old and imitaties child likely,,,,the shit that turns them on

She been using that card instead realizing how the word infantilism and kink in the same sentence is disgusting along that.. fetishizing kids!

Props for him for also getting on her ass about not age restricting every videos on her channel (she ignored him) and 24 days later it's still not age restricted especially her new videos.

No. 353237

i thought that was steve

No. 353917

she's been looking rough lately. i mean, she never looked particularly good but she's looking kind of washed out and tired

No. 353918

maybe her and steve have been sharing the meth or heroin needle, whatever the fuck he's on

No. 353941

basically some emo kids friend list?

No. 355890


No. 355967

ugh why does he even have fans

No. 356086

never thought i'd say this, but i'd kill for david's apathetic stares while jess vlogs instead of this shit

No. 356172

No. 356384

too true. at least then there was some hope he could coax her out of it, now she's just being enabled.

so we know now that david was literally doing heroin, but steve has spoken openly before about how drugs disgust him. does anyone know if jess used with david? cause she sure looks like no stranger to it. wondering if it's something she'll still do

No. 356507

i dont know if theyre doing heroin, but the 'drugs digust me' could be a front for his preteen fans

No. 358054

isn't it funny how instagram didn't banned her yet? Would be fun if people report raided her.

^ saged

No. 358529

instagram has no reason to ban her tbh, same as there's loads of other ddlg and dbdl crowd on insta.

good point. he seems so transparent though tbh i think it would be a lot more obvious if he was lying.

No. 358531

instagram has no reason to ban her tbh, same as there's loads of other ddlg and dbdl crowd on insta.

good point. he seems so transparent though tbh i think it would be a lot more obvious if he was lying.

No. 358532

instagram has no reason to ban her tbh, same as there's loads of other ddlg and dbdl crowd on insta.

good point. he seems so transparent though tbh i think it would be a lot more obvious if he was lying.

No. 358763

nobody cares about the other abdl accounts. At least they don't have kids following, actually put's 18+ in bio, or flag their content. hope she gets terminated on youtube too

No. 358797

she was banned less than a year ago. instagram decided her account's content was inappropriate but it was after many reports.

No. 360045


No. 361771

fuck my bad, didn't realise that happened. too late for me to delete it now lmao and i'm the op of this thread so I essentially spammed myself. great!

does anyone know what david is up to now?

No. 361859

hes in jail.

No. 362059

oh fuck, you cant just say shit like that and not elaborate anon

No. 362101


i need da milky source tho anon..

No. 362104

he post on tumblr 2 hours ago tho? i call bullshit anon

No. 362135

File: 1501231921948.png (9.01 KB, 589x146, david.png)

No. Unless he's living somewhere else now..

No. 362419

we know his last name already, we've known since he and Jess became a big thing on youtube back in 2015. David Kaay.

No. 362508

lol his last name is not Kaay you fucking retard. He changed it to Kaay on Facebook so that people wouldn't stalk him.

No. 362598

File: 1501290747035.png (347.39 KB, 1261x867, 2.png)


Here's the image. He was arrested for possession of paraphernalia, possession of weed under 20 grams, and ROWOV (resisting arrest without violence) so he ran from the cops probably.

Source link: https://openpasts.com/PublicRecord/DAVID-KIP/0948341882078

No. 362625


these are from 2010 though…?

No. 362748

are you okay

No. 363230

why are you posting this old ass shit lol move along anon. hes not in jail.

No. 363263

I get the vibe that his act is completely artificial rather than him being 'transparent'.

No. 363878

right now, jess is blocking everyone who associates with opinions pages about her on tumblr. do you guys think this is childish of jess? like she pulls criticism on people all the time,, especially on snapchat many said. But she doesn't like it when people criticize her

No. 363899


sage goes in the email field

No. 363908

yeah i know that. I accidentally put it in the wrong area and was too lazy to delete that shit after posting it.

No. 363912

File: 1501501289363.png (107.83 KB, 574x613, tumblrss.png)

No. 363923


Tori, Steven ex gf
Just wait til jess and Steven go at it with each other in a couple months
Both are filthy scums

No. 364072

>>clicks link

well I don't believe jack shit this chick says tbh

No. 364092

jess and steven fanbase is mostly shitty "i smoke weed" mid age/ underage "ddlg" emos.
these type of people have the most cringest drama on youtube.. like onision and his wife emo fanbase vs social repose emo fanbase bullshit. Jess is the fucking worst of them all with her incest and pedophile self. If the thing about steven abusing is true, I hope this bitch get fucking hit and they both end up jail for getting turned on by children getting manipulated and abused . Along that exposing minors to a disgusting kink.

No. 364101

The lead singer of BOTDF is a predator i heard.
wouldn't be surprised if jess and steven listen to their shit songs in bed for hours like, they said they do. They literally said they spend half of the day doing nothing but, listening to "2009 emo music" and vape. How could people like this pay bills, while some people who are actually doing more work struggle a little.

No. 364107

considering it mentions a few times that they actively tried for a baby, I'd take what his ex says with a grain of salt. she's clearly retarded if she went through "such abusee!!!!" and felt "so trapped!!!1" and wanted a fucking band aid child. No respect for her

No. 364118

either way jess is too, clearly proven retarded to be with a jobless and driveless 26yr old emo vaper. Ain't no shame to people who are jobless/unemployed and can't drive but, he doesn't even put effort or bother to at least do something productive like an average 20+ yrs/adult do. He has no medical issues or things pulling him back. I mean I could be wrong but, this isn't healthy or going to last long .Glad steven didn't got tori pregnant and jess not wanting kids because, we do not need more of people like this.

No. 364269

wait, he's white?

No. 364378

probably mixed but knowing the pigs, they were too lazy to put it in. he looks mexican as fuck.

No. 364399


> There is one particular thing that she did during a drunken night, that I didn’t remember until she told me. She was conscious enough to know every detail, but I only knew a fraction of the situation. And the way she laughed it off made me sick to my stomach. I didn’t know how to react, other than laugh it off. It’s awkward and complicated. I think have to go to therapy for it.

I wonder what this was. I can't help but feel it has something to do with actual pedophilia, like she confessed she's really attracted to babies/kids or she touched the baby she nannied for or something

No. 364570

Jess IS a pedophile.

No. 364890

worst part is…shes's a nanny

No. 364911

Oh my god, is it true?

No. 365174

yes, she was probably scared to admit it in the shane dawson video on where she works at. jess being a pedophile and incest lover, not making her have a good look on the platform and people calling her out.

No. 365202

File: 1501686653783.png (32.74 KB, 255x216, download.png)

No. 365223

No, she's not a pedophile. And she doesn't like real incest. "Family taboo" is a kink and is pretty popular. She likes simulated brother/sister play. It is a huge stretch to say that she actually likes kids and accustations like that are fucked up. Being into ddlg and abdl doesn't not mean she likes kids. Also her being a nanny has nothing to do with ddlg or abdl. I know plenty of littles who are in childcare jobs. You are seriously filling in blanks with no grounds to base it off of.

No. 365225

People are going to accuse you of white knighting but I know where you're coming from, anon. Fantasy is fantasy. Unless we have solid proof she's into kiddie porn no one can claim she's a pedo. Yeah she's insufferable and downplays what she's doing isn't pornographic or sexual, but we cannot call her a pedo.

No. 365246

Is no one going to talk about the awful "my _ does my makeup" videos her and Stephen uploaded to their Youtube channels?

No. 365247

getting turned on by kids or infants behavior seems pretty paedophilic and disgusting to me. she reblogs lolicon before, and you can see it on her tumblr.

agree, we caannot confirm if she is a paedophile but the who sexualizing minors and making porn of infants in sexual situation = money of it. it's just wrong making money of children being abuse or any of those serious topic.

No. 365250

I couldn't watch it tbh. i cringed at the powder part

No. 365267


The end result is slightly more feminine than Jess herself

No. 365325

She doesn't make porn of INFANTS she makes porn of adults. I'm an ABDL into the fetish aspect of it myself, and putting that out there is crudely misinformative. No I don't personally agree with all of her choices, but her doing ABDL porn is NOT being a pedophile and NOT sexualizing children. It's the idea of adults being vulnerable and regressing that turns people on. It's the fact that it's an adult behaving that way that is exciting. Not children.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 365333

stop supporting pedophiliac behavior. if a person gets turned on by the "childish" aspect of how an adult acts, it's still sexualizing the way that children act. you and all the other fetishists who are into it are disgusting.

No. 365342

No. 365351

>NOT sexualizing children
Oh, fuck the fuck off.

You can keep coming in here trying defend this but it doesn't change the fact you, along with Jess, are gross fucks. I don't think she's a pedo but she definitely sexualizes the shit out of children.

No. 365672

File: 1501731155800.png (44.88 KB, 818x175, Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.3…)

what a jealous bitch.

No. 365718


You're the first one to mention brother/sister play. You also type just like her. Hi Jess!

No. 365746

"I know plenty of littles who are in childcare jobs"
oh? just like many pedos are into child care jobs too?

I will never in a million years ever let someone who roleplays child molestation be around kids, sorry jess

No. 365819

I have a feeling that what Jess calls molestation by her father was probably not much of note. I really get the impression she exaggerates it, whatever it is. Like maybe she has a memory of sitting on his lap when he was little and he got an erection (it happens to men for no reason, at inopportune times) and it's stuck with her. Or maybe she has bad memories of suppositories or something. I really don't think it could have been that extreme or even intentionally sexual in nature. It would explain why she's cool with having a relationship with him to this day.

No. 365847

File: 1501745463687.png (14.38 KB, 264x122, download 1.png)

No. 366030

"I felt like a filthy whore"

No. 366048

Also check out this video a guy did on binkie.

I think he covered the how she lied about it not being sexual or pedophilia perfectly. Her turning around making porn sexualizing babies.


No. 366093

>its the idea of regressing that turns people on
what do you think regressing means? lmao. this line literally contradicts your post and means you just admitted yall are turned on by age regressing aka kids. theres a reason why you guys are not allowed to interact with genuine age regressors (caused by mental illness and used for coping from trauma) on certain blogs. fuck off.

No. 366150

I really love how these ddlg fucks calls us uneducated but cant tell a simple difference between 'age regression' and 'age play'. age play (ddlg) sexualize and roleplay kids, they must be dumb to not see how getting turned on by innocent kids behavior is wrong.
age regression has and don't want nothing to do with the age play "ddlg" kink community. age regression is seen as a coping mechanism or other reasons people use it for. I feel bad for age regressors that had to put up with bitchy ddlg folks 24/7.

No. 366411

File: 1501838306953.png (43.43 KB, 552x449, Screen Shot .png)


No. 366414

She even blocked people who liked these opinion posts recently. people who had never followed or interacted with her before, is all of the sudden blocked. so there's evidence that she defending her pedo self in these forums

No. 366567

"tee hee I'm not REALLY fucking brother I'm just pretending to"

Do these people think we don't know how fantasies start out and translate into roleplay? think of teacher/students roleplay, if someone is heavily into it and wants to roleplay it, then the only logical translation is that they have had actual teacher/student fantasies, and maybe actually willing to fuck their teacher or student if giving the time, place and chance. incest roleplay doesn't start out of nowhere jessie.

No. 366569

these people also try to find some sort of excuse to it. its funny

No. 368152

I'm surprised you weren't put out to pasture

No. 370374


can someone try to find out who Olivia C is and what her younow/youtube is? I'm curious to see the video and if she and jess still talk.

No. 370568

Found Olivia C's channel doing a quick Google search for her name and Jess' older username PastelQuartz. I'll post specifics if I find anything about her friendship with Jess.
Here is Olivia's Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxlZfZ1z9V0rEFpQNCgpFVg

No. 370571

I'm sorry I'm doing this from mobile and should have posted this in that post too

From what I can see, Olivia only has three videos up BUT I managed to find this?
It's from 2015, which is around the time Jess was into kittenplay

No. 370633

i searched her name on youtube last night and i saw her but idk, she didn't look to me like a 'kitten play' type of girl ig. thanks for finding it though!

No. 371177

I know Olivia C from back when I was kind of into kittenplay for like a week. She posted videos about kittenplay and BDSM when she was THIRTEEN and Jess supported it and sent her gear and stuff.

No. 371210

jess is disgusting.

No. 371246

God the girl in that video is a child what the hell, I couldn't get past the beginning where she mentioned fandoms, something much more age appropriate.
If jess really encouraged her to buy into kink shit thats grooming without a doubt in my mind.

No. 371500

File: 1502580772108.png (29.26 KB, 343x98, commentsjess.png)

found this on her Facebook….

No. 371501

File: 1502580792137.png (378.32 KB, 624x419, 2013.png)

Her ex was friends with david?

No. 371502

File: 1502580808444.png (720.3 KB, 654x672, jessex.png)

This is him.

No. 371519

No. 371542

what? those aren't links to her opening the gift or her younow.

No. 371548

I was just linking to the posts anon was referring to, so no one else needs scroll through pages of unrelated posts

No. 371703

jesus christ, a girl being open about this problematic kinks can make even the most beautiful of girls ugly

OT but something to me is really unappealing when a girl talks about "ooo I like pretending to be a little girl and fuck my boyfriend who pretends to be my dad" openly, it's just so unclassy and tacky, it reminds me of how onion talks about his sex life

No. 375906

File: 1503249760251.png (58.58 KB, 152x233, Screen Shot.png)

No. 376632


she reblogged this. "force me into littlespace" is just.. such a pedo thing oh my god.

No. 378333

Yup. it is a pedo thing, she romanticizing children getting abused by someone way above. cannot believe she getting support by people smh

No. 378347

File: 1503545543950.png (413.26 KB, 848x440, ss.png)

what do you guys think of her new videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AawMPX1_9w

No. 378446

This is the cringiest shit I've ever seen in my life. It looks like hot sauce.

No. 378573

Oh my god, are things like these even allowed on youtube? These videos are outright extremely sexual and have no other substance. She clearly uploades them expecting people to jerk off to her, because what other purpose do they serve?

No. 379038

Never thought I'd say this but… it's not nearly as cringe as >>378446

No. 380143

she can get her channel taken down for these sexual videos. report them.

No. 380146

File: 1503760102192.png (200.03 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8072.PNG)

This is an image board ffs

No. 380159

This is pretty awful but the memeish formatting makes it so much worse.

No. 380234

She removed the video???

No. 380726


For those who didn't see it it was Binkie in lingerie and vampire fangs trying really hard to be sexy while playing with "blood lube" that was bright orange and looked like it belongs on buffalo wings. She was dripping and rubbing it all over her body and rolling around on the bed with a shitty Marilyn Manson instrumental cover playing over everything. It was so damn embarrassing.

She or the creator of the lube or someone recently mentioned one of the ingredients was honey so great job, putting sugar in a lubricant. Hope she gets a yeast infection for her stupidity.

No. 382735

So glad I saw it in time. Quality milk.

No. 382766

File: 1504040889799.jpg (18.31 KB, 424x640, 277230-merchant.jpg)

"Got some rare used buttplugs on sale, stranger!"

No. 383707

Jess can't come to the phone right now. Why? Cause she's dead.

No. 383856


What you talkin bout?

No. 384244

This dumbass lives in flordia and hasn't done anything to prepare for the hurricane. She's literally on snapchat talking about getting her hair done next week. She honestly deserves whatever damage comes to her at this point if she's too retarded to do anything. Her ignorance is risking her own safety.

No. 384832

File: 1505114529975.png (647.26 KB, 643x626, Screenshot_1.png)

Bringing joy and care into Irma's heart? IT'S A HURRICANE.

No. 385370

uwu we'll show that mean hurricane who's boss! shits diaper

No. 387181

Fuck, her tumblr makes me so nauseous. She reblogged a gif of a woman sucking dick while drinking milk from a baby bottle the guy was holding.. & yet I regretfully kept scrolling just to quickly find sicker gifs; her entire blog is sexualizing babies/young girls.

Ok, MAJOR powerlevel & a-log ahead, sorry! She also reblogged a song by my all time favorite band since my early teens. & a barbie I had that became one of my cat's favorite toys (it had a soft body & glow in the dark hair) before she died last year @ 2 from kidney failure that I did every treatment possible for. The doll was given to me by my grandma, whose also dying this weekend, like recieved her last rites yesterday dying. Sorry again for the long blog & personal rant/rage.

Jess is gross

No. 391225

Hi, I am one of the mods that runs the new Binkieprincess Opinions blog on Tumblr. I don't have anything really too exciting to share with you but it is very lol worthy.


TL:DR; we placed a tracker on the blog and watched all week as she accessed the page and defended herself anonymously (not so anonymous when people see your IP though lol!)

This is my first time posting, long time lolcow lurker so I'm sorry if I fucked up anything here.

No. 391609

File: 1506196132696.png (794.99 KB, 796x739, Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 2.48…)

No. 391610

File: 1506196147092.png (286.16 KB, 588x394, Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 2.48…)


No. 392695


Lol this is amazing, I'm the one who kept suggesting Hydra track the IPs so I'm glad someone finally did it. I knew it was Jess checking up on the blog and defending herself all the time. She's completely obsessed with herself.

No. 397680

File: 1507099355134.png (61.12 KB, 404x343, Screenshot_4.png)


No. 400679

File: 1507510068351.jpg (42.49 KB, 640x480, 22220611_887444188091383_10622…)

These dumbasses got DDLG couples tattoos on their WRISTS after only being together for a few MONTHS. smdh

No. 400683

so are they willing to cover up their wrists forever or have everyone see their "I'm retarded and a pedophile" tattoos

No. 400687

Whose hand is whose
If his hand is the one that says "daddy's " it implies he belongs to a daddy

There would have been many less retarded looking ways of doing this

No. 400696

i thought it said “daddy’s” too but if u look closer it says “daddy” and then the line loops into a heart like hers does. still fucking retarded tho

No. 400759

her hand looks like a mans lmao

No. 401389

File: 1507619717308.jpg (109.98 KB, 960x960, 21557796_1996551357025602_4368…)

No. 404812

does no one remember this girl first went public when tosh.O had her on for the cat girl video where she was annoying the shit out of her boyfriend??? she first went public by making a complete fool of herself, and I have NO idea how she’s become so popular in the age play world lately. She used to be the laughing stock of the petplay community, because she went public about it acting like she knew so much about it when she really didn’t. Then she switched to age play and people obsessed over her for that, when in reality she was giving horrible advice to people. With her new boyfriend yah he’s into it but tbh they both seem really hoaxy together.

No. 405521

>my boyfriend fucking me while i pretended to be a cat
>pretending someone is your dad/brother is not incest
People like her should be taken out in the backyard

No. 405538

File: 1508346212362.png (579.74 KB, 720x1280, 1508335758014.png)

Why is she bragging so hard about owning a lucky pack dress from AP (that sells for less than 100$, at that) ?
Telling the price and repeating it's brand is so tacky.
Even such a tacky print doesn't deserve such a horrible fate though.

No. 405550

What happened to the binkieprincessopinions blog now??? First it switched mods & now its password protected??

No. 405576

Yeah. I also wondered what happened to that tumblr…

No. 405785

i am so fucking ENRAGED why can't these ageplay fucks keep away from lolita, you're making us look bad

sage for rage

No. 406002

I feel the same anon. I really do. I hate them so much.
sage for more rage

No. 407974

Her bf did a video on abusive relationships recently, lmao ironic.

No. 409337

The fact that there's conventions on this fetish is disturbing.

No. 409534

File: 1509004708289.png (1.45 MB, 1268x672, Screenshot_1.png)

"I drew me and my daddy!"


No. 409749

File: 1509044324700.png (60.22 KB, 911x416, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 1.56…)

No. 409752

File: 1509044569351.png (77.01 KB, 821x447, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 2.01…)

No. 410822

File: 1509189949228.jpg (36.33 KB, 622x313, ew.JPG)

ohmygod im getting rilakkuma porn flashbacks

No. 410823

File: 1509190027819.jpg (28.66 KB, 615x307, ew.JPG)

imagine meeting a new co-worker or your friends older brother or something and they seemed weird but nice so you looked them up and fucking found this shit

No. 410912


every day we stray further from god's light

No. 413900

As far as I know she doesn't attribute her kink to her childhood at all. I don't recall ever reading or hearing anything about her being abused as a child, but that she didn't have a great relationship with her parents. But she still doesn't see that as a catalyst to her kink.

No. 414483

In the past, she mentioned being sexually abused by her father when she was very young (like four years old or something). It's been talked about in this very thread.

No. 414490

Here's a link to the thread where she mentions being abused at the age of 2 and a half by her father.

No. 435949

No. 435957

>that kingdom hearts melody
omg they're ruining it for me haha.

I know it's super cringe either way. Yet there's something about how she snatches that bottle from the table when he sets it down, and the camera catches all her hand tattoos, that makes it fucking ridiculous. How could anyone suspend imagination and pretend this is an innocent girl when she's got all that nasty ink? Lmao.

No. 435987

lmao same on the melody anon, I already have it drilled into my head from all the times I’d sleep on the menu screen and hearing it here is so weird/cringey/jarring. it’s weird to me that she always uses it too because if she just wanted another “lullaby” music box type tune she could find whatever. she keeps using it over and over

No. 436020


lmao at that cat in the beginning refusing to let her touch it.

No. 436089

No. 436142

File: 1512193362513.png (Spoiler Image, 1.59 MB, 1233x691, open if you dare.png)

It looks like someone's mom at a trailer park got into a little girl's room and decided to have fun. This is bad.

In one of the photos you can tell she's been freshly spanked based on the red markings on her ass. Yeesh.

No. 436471


No. 439910

I was a late bloomer wrt getting rid of my virginity but once I did, I got to a point where I felt as though the more sexual acts I engaged in the better, and the riskier the better. It's sad, but the more dangerously I behaved, the cleaner I felt, which I guess is a less intelligent way of saying 'rewriting the trauma', though looking back that's exactly what I was doing I was hyper aggressive with men and would go to bars, pick up guys who were with other women, and have one night stands with them. Sometimes I was so drunk that I didn't know who they were and I didn't care. A couple of times I was tied up. Once I got hung from a closet door; it's honestly a miracle that nothing ever happened to me. I never got an STD, I never got hurt.

I lived with my best friend at the time and he and I would talk about this stuff when I would get home, and I was always so happy that next day. I would feel amazing. I felt clean. Those memories are so strong for me, and I loved the feeling of power I got from those men. The weirdest thing is that it was my mother who molested me and my dad wasn't even around. So it wasn't even that I hated men, it was more that I was trying to scrub her off me. And every time I went out, it got better, and then I didn't need to do it anymore one day. It just stopped cold.

Now that I've blogposted, I'll get to my point about this 'fetish' and why it makes no sense to me.

With both abdl and dd/lg, it seems like the girls not only sexualize the trauma, (if there ever was trauma, I'm not necessarily convinced there was with some of the girls) but they're retraumatizing themselves. It's sad when you internalize that shit so much that you take over for the person who abused you, but at some point, you have to realize that's exactly what you're doing. They do it in the context of being children though, which is why it's so disturbing. I understand wanting to be taken care and treated lovingly by your partner. A lot of the time, even if you don't want to do it or aren't conscious of it, a partner can act like a substitute for the parent who fucked you over; I personally get a little bit odd when I'm sick. I want to be taken care of, and hugged a lot, and have my bf make me soup, and have my arm tickled ??? but these girls don't seem to want that.

They want to stop being adults, and they haven't even been adults yet. They're unable to act as adults in their sexuality, which is grotesque. Okay, sure, you do you and let's not kink shame, but babies don't have sex. Four year olds don't have sex, willingly, with adults. I'm sorry, but pacifiers actually don't belong in your vagina and you are sexualizing children when you do that. You can rationalize it from here to Sunday, but I'm going to side eye you, and so will a lot of others.

They think that care and love that you get from a healthy parental relationship is about fucking, which is disgusting; and that love equals their ridiculous 'rules', and it looks so unhealthy from the outside.

They choose men who are barely even men. Does that feel safer to them? They're either redpill dweebs, or fake tough guys, or whatever these dudes perceive themselves to be. Some of them seem like incels that lucked out, I mean, they're that awful. And these girls are giving everything up, all their power, to losers. I mean, I would laugh in someone's face if they told me to eat my tendies or make sure daddy is the only one who can 'use' ← wtf? my princess parts. The anon who said that phrase is fucking grim is on the money, btw.

I feel like they all have extreme cognitive dissonance, and as with Binkie, they can't even articulate what they feel about the whole thing or why they like it. She doesn't condone abdl or fetishize and romanticize molestation, but she will do porn of it and make YouTube channels based on it? Okay, then. I understand that having bad or weird experiences in life might push a person to do strange things that they might not have done if they hadn't had the shitty experience, but being so inarticulate about it bothers me on a personal level, and I don't understand her extreme defensiveness when people ask her to clarify.

Sorry this was long but I just found this thread, read the whole thing in a sort of horrified fascination, and wrote a novel. I'm going for my doctorate, it's probably annoyingly apparent. Sorry again.

No. 461661

File: 1515084261988.png (375.94 KB, 625x917, chrome_2018-01-04_10-43-02.png)

She's now offering fetish videos in exchange for birthday gifts. Something about this rubs me the wrong way and seems really desperate and sleazy to me.

No. 480199

has anyone noticed her recent attempts to get into "goth" fashion? its honestly cringy how obsessed with labels this girl is.
you're allowed to shove on some shit colored lipstick and black clothing, it doesn't make you a goth toddler.
her personality is so boring that she has to resort to the weirdest shit to try and feel special.

No. 480221

sage for blogpost

Not to say none of these girls have ever experienced sexual abuse but I'd bet real money that a good number of these girls who claim to use this fetish bullshit to 'cope' just use it as an excuse. It's a get out of jail free card. What, are you gonna question someone who was raped as a child? How dare you!

And then the rest who think this helps are just pretending it helps cause it gets their rocks off. God knows every single one of these girls still gets up to shady disturbed shit & drink like there's no bottom to the bottle, but sure, it "helps".

No. 480331

does she blind to stay flat for pedo daddy or does she just have unfortunate genetics

No. 480545


She's just board-chested. And she was (is?) an ana-chan so that could have something to do with it

No. 480926


she looks like drug-chan

No. 481561

I dont know if it's because of the darker makeup and the very pale skin foundation but, in her goth video, she looks like a man. She looks like marilyn manson but with less style. Its bad. She should stick with pastel colors it suits her so much more imo

No. 482286

File: 1517014743527.png (641.12 KB, 634x645, 2018-01-26_18-57-28.png)

The goth phase didn't last long. She's gone full scene kid now.

I wonder if this weird identity crisis has to do with her BPD? Rapid cycling through styles doesn't seem normal.

No. 482299

Funny since scene has been dead since 2012

No. 482304

Is it just me or does Jess kind of sound like Genocide Jill from Danganronpa when she does that stupid toddler voice?

No. 482412

File: 1517026254157.png (1.09 MB, 513x925, chrome_2018-01-26_22-10-00.png)

No. 482838

Oh my god this is the single most cringe thing I've seen her do. What the fuck. I thought her bf was cringe enough stuck in the emo phase but this is worse. She's mental. Whys she cycling from baby to pastel baby to pastel ddlg dumdollyesque brat to super dark goth to scene kid in like 5 minutes flat?? What the fuck

No. 483851

I myself like to experiment with different style but, omgg! How is she able to switch styles that fast? I think that she has an identity crisis

No. 483900

Holy fucking ill fitting wig

No. 484432

my theory is that she caught her boyfriend talking to an emo/scene girl, or at least liking instagram pics etc, maybe jerking off to alt girls or something. he seems like that kind of creeper. and shes DESPERATE for approval and super defensive about it

No. 484996

sucks they got those matching tattoos

No. 485547

Sadly that's her real hair, though the color and cut definitely makes it look like a wig.

No. 487840

Is it just me or does she seem super manic in this new video?

No. 487960

Agree, holy shit look at her fidget with that vape too.
Maybe this is part of this new scene persona? Idk. But damn that hair doesn't flatter her compared to the brown.

No. 488021

Yeah! I think she is doing all that alt girl for her boyfriend's approval… Its sad

No. 488024

Her new video is soo pointless. Is this the first time she is going at a club? Guys do that all the time.. Its called being drunk. It doesn't make that ok of course, but, it's the kind of behavior that you expect to see in such place. No need to to do a video about it lol

No. 488681

it's so bizarre. There are people who are very popular for a new-age kind of scene look i.e linzor, kitty milkgore, even leda. But she is going for this mismatched aspect of scene that is the cringe parts all mashed together, calling herself a scene queen, "owning" it, and using the myspace comic sans esque fonts and rawr. I don't get what she thinks she's pulling cause none of her phases last very long?

I'm surprised she hasn't gotten into looning; or balloon pop fetishes. It's a supposedly good niche market to make money from and she did a balloon popping video once for clips4sale.

No. 488974

Has anyone seen her latest Instagram story? It's just a video of her screaming. Not screaming singing, not screaming words, it's literally just a video of her going AHHHHHHHHHHHHH like a fucking lunatic. She's so fucking dumb.

No. 493149

She has a Twitch channel now, great. Wonder what new cancer this will bring.


No. 493162

Did she publicity annouced that she had a twitch?

No. 496768



She's honestly awful as a streamer. I tuned in for a few minutes and she was playing Nekopara, a visual novel in Japanese, and wasn't even reading the dialogue or anything, she was just sitting there mostly silent, sometimes talking about random unrelated shit, clicking through the game. I watch a fuckton of Twitch, I have streams going almost 24/7, I know what makes a good streamer and makes someone watchable. She is not a good streamer. She's boring and not the least bit engaging.

No. 498602

There are rules against linking to patreons with nudes and stuff.

Linking to a YouTube/Twitter about ABDL-ism is bannable isn't it?

No. 500047

File: 1518298113347.png (3.07 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180210-152746.png)

Yikes her graphics are a mess

No. 501410


Woooww… It looks like some old emo background found on photobucket

No. 501964

So with this Twitch stuff is she just doing anything she can to avoid having a real job? Bitch thinks she can just sell herself online her whole life and never have to work like a real person.

No. 502060

>ecchi baby

Jesus christ, that's disgusting.

No. 502182

I like that she's so much much taller than her manlet "daddy".

No. 502262


Isn't she a babysitter?

No. 504773

How is there not more milk on her jfc shes a gross person

No. 505122

ffs please sage and instead of complaining that there's no milk un-saged and bumping the thread, maybe you could look for some milk

No. 513979

File: 1519542209313.png (558.35 KB, 908x654, Untitled.png)

So now she's doing modeling for a really shitty, bigoted company that's awful to people in her community. She'll do anything to get a quick buck.
Fairly confident she's going to pull the "Well they were perfectly nice to ME!" card and ignore all the evidence of them being awful.
Oh yeah, and her URL is sailorbinkie now. She says she's trying to make more varied content and wants a less kink specific name.

No. 513995

File: 1519544676811.png (14.25 KB, 600x115, chrome_2018-02-25_01-44-30.png)

No. 514919

Why is her boyfriend reuploading all the flagged ddlg content? His patreon didnt work as expected? :p

No. 517510

Does anyone remember all the people who wrote to her after she did Tosh saying they'd been outed because of her? There were a number of people saying they lost their jobs because their boss caught on to their kink because they saw Jess talking about it on TV, or that their parents had found out and taken away all their kink gear or even threatened to kick them out. There were even rumors a girl had killed herself because her parents found out she was a kitten and threw away all her stuff and took away her computer/phone and banned her from seeing her boyfriend.

Of course whenever people brought any of this up Jess said "Not my fault, not my problem" and would block them. Jess you chose to go on TV and talk about this kink that a lot of people are in the closet about, it really is your fault that all these people got outed. She didn't take the best interest of the community into consideration at all.

No. 517526

Lol no sympathy. If people got "outed" they must have already talked about or showed their gross fetish around. If they had actually kept it to themselves, no one would have "caught on". Boo hoo you cant publicly prance your fetish for fucking kids around anymore now that people are aware of it being a thing. That isn't fucking being outed because you never kept it hidden in the first place.

No. 517636

>killing yourself over not being able to wear fake ears and text your boyfriend
Yeah, that wasn’t Jess’s fault. She’s disgusting, but you don’t commit suicide over not being able to indulge a fetish if you’re mentally stable.

No. 517706

Agreed. I can't stand Jess, but it's ridiculous to blame her for someone killing themselves because of being "outed". There were many different documentaries made about this fetish (at least I saw links to several of those on Youtube), so that one popular video with Jess isn't even the only one around. Are we going to blame every documentarist for basically doing their job (even though yes, the topic itself is a bit of a clickbait)?

No. 517941


This. Why the fuck would you bring kink shit to your job? Why would you have that shit in the open when you live with your parents? If you lack discretion that's your fault

No. 518320

To be clear the tosh episode wasn't about ddlg or abdl, it was about kittenplay. people weren't really parading their fetish around, just wearing cat ears and stuff, and that plus jess's tosh episode was enough to make people put two and two together.

No. 518323

No one's talking about "that one popular video with Jess". We're talking about her going on primetime TV wearing cat ears and talking about petplay and telling everyone it's a fetish. Suddenly everybody knows why so many young girls like to wear ears around (which is really tame and not really waving your fetish around) and a lot of people were pissed off that something they were able to indulge in on the DL is know known to be a kink thing. IMO it's perfectly reasonable to be pissed about that.

No. 518392

If a kink is contingent on wearing cat ears in public and if being "outed" so you can no longer do it pisses people off… Good? Who cares lmao

No. 518424


I dislike her as much as anybody else here, but aren't the clips on Tosh found via the show's researchers or by submissions? You act like she asked to be on the show. Did Jess choose to make her kink public on the internet? Yes, but that doesn't mean she's at fault for others being outed. If you don't want others to find out then learn to be discreet ffs.

No. 520204

She didn't choose for her clips to be on the show but she did choose to go on the show and be interviewed and tell everyone about the kink.

No. 520210

the people were dumb about it yeah (and if you're underage you shouldn't even be involved in the first place)
jess assumes everyone is like her and their life revolves around pretending to be a child and roleplaying child molestation

jess should have still been discreet about it, it's a taboo that has a fuck ton of slippery slopes, but keep in mind the community itself isn't just ugly girls trying to make pedos jerk to them by pretending to be a child or pedophiles projecting, most of the problematic side of bdsm comes from ddlg and abdl, petplay, slaveplay and all that, it's harmful but a lot of the people into it tend to be pretty average people if they don't take it too extreme or are just trying to get attention/hide behind it

No. 521086

File: 1520248102879.png (876.71 KB, 2523x1259, Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 18.2…)

No. 521090

File: 1520248171108.png (1.11 MB, 2452x1277, Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 18.3…)

some real nasty shit off her tumblr
doesn't she still claim it's non sexual in her personal life?
jesus she is disgusting

No. 521095

I fucking hate ageplay/ABDL/DDLG/whatever the fuck it is. Age regression done in a therapists office with a licensed therapist is fine, everyone else needs to go see a fucking therapist because they’re clearly mentally unwell. Disgusting.

No. 521395

literally like "force me into my trauma-induced childlike mindset and rape me" aw so cute uwu selfcare therapeutic

No. 521416

how do people seriously ignore the fact that whoever is writing or reading this has to imagine this as a child.

No. 521472

trying to look at it in the way they claim - its all just about being a "caring dom" and shit and not about fucking a child

No. 523002

Omg I'm so happy I found this page. I know Jess from high school, she didn't go to mine but she always was at the mall I went to hanging out with the scene kids lol I can't believe she's turned into this, well I guess I can she was a weirdo back then too.

No. 523024

tell me more, tell me more……

No. 523639


No. 524059

File: 1520530426405.jpg (32.48 KB, 250x354, image.jpg.28e7532c884786ffcb20…)

old but (1/2)

No. 524060

File: 1520530473251.jpg (45.82 KB, 500x369, image.jpg.d65d0aa1ebac1ba84a19…)

this makes me want to die (2/2)

No. 524086

>>little baby asshole


No. 524245

you can assert that without calling yourself a baby. i feel like most of the girls writing this are pedo themselves and just living out their fantasy.

No. 524720

File: 1520596729911.png (109.34 KB, 416x159, binkieprincess1.png)

She made that video about her rebranding herself and trying to step away from ddlg, and then deletes the video and goes back to the same shit she's always posted?

No. 524721

she profits off the ddlg community.

No. 524722

File: 1520596894964.png (369.29 KB, 597x400, binkieprincess2.png)

She's also really trying to milk this whole ~kawaii twitch streamer gamer girl~ gig. It's like she tried to put all her eggs in one basket by trying to change her content to be more stream friendly after one stream, but then went back on it after realizing she's not going to make anything from just doing twitch and not posting ddlg content.

No. 524725

File: 1520597354470.png (680.08 KB, 851x479, binkieprincess3.png)

Also she owns a chibi moon body pillow? She really can't help herself can she…

No. 524751

File: 1520604114216.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 341.1 KB, 800x1187, 3FA08C0F-5E87-4104-9B1E-95DD8B…)

I got curious and googled the pillowcase, at least the ~lewd side is black lady not that it makes it any better

No. 525129


I wasn't close with her but some of my friends were. None of them speak to her anymore but she was always an emo who loved twilight and said "RAWR XD" she was always attention seeking, always hanging all over whatever boyfriend she had. Attention seeking of course.
When she lived with David she lived in the GHETTO. Also she frequents a nightclub near me, She goes to the castle alot which is like a nightclub for ravers, goths, bdsm … it's right next to a gay club I go to. She's there like 2 times a month or so, I see her alot there but she doesn't remember me I don't think. She's always acting like a retard in the streets.
If you wonder anything else let me know and I 'll try to answer.

No. 525132

>live tweeting while you fuck your bf
>"little baby asshole"
Where's the eye bleach when you need it

No. 525269


s2g I have such problems with this shit, like if you wake up with dried come all over you it’s really not a cutesy thing ffs, I hate this kink so much

No. 525321

>the castle

wait, where does she live?

No. 525433

No. 525466

File: 1520684168897.png (167.69 KB, 750x1050, IMG_6956.PNG)

So she keeps track of this thread? Not really surprised

No. 525471

Nice move Jess, drive your fans to the thread that has receipts of your bullshit
What a Raven move

No. 525511

I'm pretty sure she posts here regulary. All those DLs to her videos without a summary of the content

No. 525549

She deleted the tweet but it looks like she posted it within 10-15 minutes after >>525129 was. Damn, she must be checking this thread constantly, lol.

No. 525648

isn't chibi underage? wtf is she doing with a chibi body pillow

No. 525655

She probably deleted it because of >>525471 or because she saw it got relayed here.


No. 525685


"Little pussy" bet that whore is as wide as a well

No. 525692

Anon vaginas don’t work that way

No. 525694

Jess what the fuck ever, I'll take a pic of you next time I see you then funny how of all I said that's what she picked apart

No. 525710


I understand I meant it in a more "metaphorical" way

No. 525806

She's supposed to be in the second grade and ages later I think, Black Lady is an adult. I guess this is a case of "They aged her up in this lewd drawing so it's not technically loli!!"

No. 526322

wiki says shes 5 :))))))))))))

No. 526327

this has made my fucking week

No. 526337

File: 1520786485461.png (158.67 KB, 418x281, 1516527198147.png)

Learn to sage.
>wiki says she's 5. So? Drawings are not real, this isn't a difficult concept to understand. The wiki could say she's 500 and it wouldn't make a fucking difference because none of it is real.
Pls go back to tumblr and stay there especially if you think loli equates to real life.

No. 526345

Art portraying children in sexual situations is for pedos and you don't have to come from tumblr to get that.
There's a lot of pedos who make pedo art in different styles, it is still portraying sexualized underdeveloped bodies just in whatever the pedos art style happens to be, why is it different if its anime.
Only a pedo would look at a portrayal of a sexualized child, what is clearly a sexualized prepubescent body, and think "this is fine!!! Stop having a problem with this waaah!!"

No. 526348

as a side note I do not specifically mean this instance because the pillow doesn't look like an underaged body and since its art the portrayal is what matters.
But the whole "loli isn't real life who cares if I like sexualized child art I'm not a pedo just because prepubescent bodies turn me on??" Thing is ludacris.

No. 526349

you dont think about her age when you're jacking off to a thing what looks like a toddler.

No. 526405

wtf is wrong with you.

No. 526430

someone asked a question, i answered hun
i dont give a shit what you like to look at, i just find it interesting how jess is so “its nothing to do with fucking kids i dont find kids hot” while sexually posing on top of a body pillow with a kid also sexually posing on

No. 526487

File: 1520801695772.jpg (31.32 KB, 480x462, 772.jpg)

>Only a pedo would look at a portrayal of a sexualized child, what is clearly a sexualized prepubescent body, and think "this is fine!!! Stop having a problem with this waaah!!"

The only one that has a problem with it is you, it's a fucking drawing. It doesn't exist and it's "age" and "characteristics" are exaggerated caricatures that do not reflect reality. Or are you going to try to tell me real children have eyes that take up 3/4ths of their head and have no nose? Regular anime characters don't even look human let alone a loli looking like a real child.

>But the whole "loli isn't real life who cares if I like sexualized child art I'm not a pedo just because prepubescent bodies turn me on??" Thing is ludacris.

It's literally not real but go off. By that logic, all furries are into real life bestiality and people who like gore art are sociopaths :^)


Of all the stupid shit this cow does, getting hung up over her liking loli of all things is stupid. The dakimakura she has wouldn't even be considered loli.

No. 526492

you ok pedo-chan?

No. 526502

File: 1520803165377.jpg (140.85 KB, 1145x1080, 1493498480666.jpg)

Please do not post unsaged posts in the thread especially when you are not contributing. My favorite part of your post is where you rebutted all my points instead of using an ad hominem.

We should just ban any media that can be problematic like violent video games and books that have graphic content. If a work does not pass by tumblr approved guidelines then it shouldn't exist and everyone who likes it is a problematic pedophile rapist. I wonder how all those doujinka in Japan are going to feel when they find out a bunch of westerners are calling them pedos for drawing in a certain art style? Someone should really tell them they are a bunch of pedophiles contributing to the endangerment and sex-trafficking of real kids by drawing a picture in paint tool sai and posting it on pixiv.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 526525

shut the fuck up with your ot blog shit
no one cares that you like lolicon

No. 526536

Checking in to let you know that some other people definitely think that kidsex material is gross regardless of the media used to make it.

Please. You do know that a lot of furries do fuck their goddamned pets, ffs. Your argument is laughably bad.

Are you schlicking the bean as you type?

No. 526538


I’m happy that Jess reads here. I love it when the cow chews its cud up close. Your kink is disgusting, Jess. /waves

No. 526543

it’s interesting that she’s working with a company that seems to be generally hated (they also called her ugly lmao)

No. 526544

File: 1520805453394.png (176.04 KB, 640x1136, 51BC01ED-1D6C-4776-848E-16062B…)

No. 526545

File: 1520805476624.png (104.47 KB, 640x1136, 55971A7F-AB5D-42FD-9697-769F1E…)

No. 526575

i'm going to assume you came from jess's twitter, huh? jess sent out the pedo "ddlg" group to here


No. 526577

she also said she doesn't support littleforbig, them supporting minors for kink. And now she supports them. BITCH?????????

No. 526591

heaven forfend, someone dissed ‘Onesies Downunder’ do these people even realize how stupid they sound

their sex lives are public jokes

No. 526596

He doesn't even seem that bad. Normal level broken English creeper. She's just mad he finds her ugly and the other girl sounds a massive ass kisser goody two shoes

No. 526598

I guess this type of thing is a real concern in the lives of retards who LARP as toddlers fucking their dads, but I just can’t bring myself to care.

No. 527569

It's not only this, they routinely reblog pictures of underage people on their kink Tumblr and are generally super creepy.

No. 527724

There's also the fact that the owner is racist and thinks "whites should stay with whites, blacks should stay with blacks" or some shit. He's a disgusting creep and a racist. But Binkie approves!

No. 527883

as long as shes getting money!!

No. 527888

File: 1520939078418.png (34.42 KB, 792x224, response.png)

Here's a response she made to people on her 'Kawaii/Discreet "Little" Outfits!' video.

No. 527890

File: 1520939292173.jpg (170.02 KB, 900x1200, C-DAYozXkAAvF-Y.jpg)

she looks so normal in this picture.. it suits her

No. 527913

where's even the proof of that. I see the same weak screenshots about like it proves anything. Presumably it's the worst they could screenshot

No. 528789

either way he's a twat and shes going back on her word for cash, thats the point

No. 528804

Gross, why would you bring a fitted sheet to lie on at at the beach? Who does that ugh

No. 528818

Seems pretty smart. People do have washing machines?

No. 528820

File: 1521028309794.jpg (79.75 KB, 868x493, lmao.JPG)

her response to an expose video of her.

No. 528825

what video was this?

No. 528843

A fitted sheets is a good beach blanket. You put rocks in the elastic corners so it doesn't blow away.

No. 528907

oh my god, you dont just forgive a guy that raped you when you were a toddler, also why isnt he in prison??
i call utter bullshit, i still have panic attacks if i see the person who abused me

No. 528920

>DDLG has nothing to do with children
>Wants a relationship with the same dad that supposedly raped her when she was an actual child

kys. She also mentioned the facebook post being the reason the shit about her dad leaked but aren't there caps in threads where she talks about it on her tumblr too?

No. 528963

Yeah, it wasn't a Facebook post that was posted here, it was a screenshot from her public tumblr. Bitch is lying.

No. 528965

Here's proof.

No. 528968

Yeah, wanting a relationship with someone who raped you when you were 2 AND HALF YEARS old is so perfectly healthy and normal. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 528980


I feel sorry for the children she was the nanny of. Imagine if the parents that hired her found this shit.

No. 529102

beep beep fucking lamb sauce
I am the OP of the video she is responding to there and I didn't even get the post from LC when I made the video.

No. 529499

lmao try again jess

No. 529536

So what is this so-called expose video? Can you please provide a link?

No. 529726

No. 529748

Girl, invest in some microphone, speak a bit louder and bring some life into your voice. Almost anything would be better than what you used for voice-recording here (I don't remember ever seeing a Youtube video with such a terrible audio, and that includes random webcam videos). It really brings the quality of the whole video down. I almost wasn't able to finish it.

No. 530141

Ah, sage bc I don't want the thread to drag on about my shit video, I know the audio is just awful that's why I never linked it. I don't have anything better to record on, but hopefully someday soon. I appreciate the concrit, trust me I had a hard enough time editing it and listening to it.. aggghh I need to sort it

Has she left her weird scene phase now? She seems to be coming full circle back into beeing a weeb.

No. 530317

File: 1521150773743.png (1.34 MB, 640x1136, F00AF80F-EB21-4111-931F-92EE04…)


No. 530321

File: 1521150857814.png (1.49 MB, 640x1136, 36A04D01-4154-4187-9C7D-2D11A9…)

Nothing says sexy like Winnie the Pooh

No. 530420

All the people in the comments… yikes.

No. 533239

File: 1521507077312.png (39.81 KB, 420x151, Screen_Shot_2017-07-06_at_4.46…)

No. 534957

File: 1521653025720.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 107.15 KB, 640x461, 4D4C6D4F-8273-44A1-A05C-4FA265…)

No. 534959

File: 1521653065480.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.47 KB, 640x461, 4BB6A87B-C188-453A-9797-7785FB…)

How do they think it’s normal or okay

No. 534985

File: 1521654733620.jpg (33.71 KB, 641x372, ddlg.jpg)

Just reminds me of this

No. 534992

Oh my god that’s so good kek

No. 535055

File: 1521660634864.png (522.78 KB, 630x422, 4A0D63F6-3FBB-4C17-B418-01AE08…)

No. 535068

Its not sexualising children though!!1!!!! Its just a care thing!!!!!!!!!!

No. 535619

File: 1521708395953.png (61.46 KB, 649x508, Binkie is a bigot.PNG)

She has been deleting comments she doesn't like from her youtube videos

No. 535621

File: 1521708580701.png (54.94 KB, 576x485, Binkie is a bigot 2.PNG)

She really doesn't want people to know she supports bigots I guess.

These were from this video


No. 535627

>women with penises aren’t women
This doesn’t make her a bigot, it’s a biological fact.

Sage for OT but this is dumb shit.

No. 535671

are you pedo-chan? kek

No. 535751

File: 1521732015020.png (868.23 KB, 1080x1071, IMG_20180322_151258.png)

Saw this 'binkieprincess' inspired art on facebook today.

No. 535754

What the fuck? How does agreeing that women don’t have penises make me a pedo? Retard

No. 535766

File: 1521733939594.png (22.73 KB, 585x215, binkieprincess.png)

Why do they always post about shit like this that no one wants to read? Also she did an interview with LADbible.

No. 535787

I was referring to earlier in the thread, bigot

No. 535790

Oh my god this is literally her though
she goes on and on about how its not a sexual thing for her but only does it in a sexual context kek

No. 537608

I'm gonna vomit. What the fuck is wrong with them those bitches need therapy

No. 537747

Too true and makes porn vids in that “baby” attire lol

No. 537893

File: 1521966857859.jpeg (94.33 KB, 586x720, 85E9A127-5E06-4AB7-89F4-A3F996…)

No. 537927

BAHAHAHA of all the things to hate her for, ~transphobia~ is not it. It's her only redeeming quality. Back to tumblr you go, faggot.

No. 537972

what has any of that got to do with transphobia though

No. 537991


you think hating on trans* people is a positive thing? you must be an internet bully. check your privilege.

No. 552543

No. 552569

Wow. Looks like a masculine version of Jeffree Star

No. 552662

File: 1523468967659.jpg (671.71 KB, 1080x2130, 20180411_104857.jpg)

No. 552901

does this disgusting bitch have no friends irl she can tell this to?

No. 552947

Come on do you really think a friendship wouldlast? Just imagine meeting a friend and going to their house to the out they have a baby sex room?

No. 553343

Most women don't have orgasms from penetration, doesn't mean they're "broken". Bitch is so clueless. I guess her only source of learning about sex is porn.

No. 553855

File: 1523574624915.jpg (77.97 KB, 640x799, 30076584_554197668299548_21873…)


Her Instagram account is back now…unfortunately.
In other news her boyfriend shaved off his ratty balding hair and is going to be bald now, and she put temporary tattoos all over it and they went in public like that. Ew.

No. 553927

goddamn i thought that greasy mess he had before was bad but this is… something…

No. 554077

No. 554136



No. 554138

Seriously, wtf?


No. 554350

>replying to one-month-old comments about fitted bed sheets

No. 555665

File: 1523738465840.png (536.07 KB, 627x411, a00c82974e3cb11d12eadcb5fe6147…)

She looks disgusting. And her put on child voice makes it more disturbing. Get a toothbrush

No. 555713

That lip colour is really not helping her lmao.

No. 561947

god this is so fucking vile. do ddlg/abdl fuckers seriously find nothing wrong with roleplaying pedophilia?!

No. 564731

Anyone notice how she flips between the baby talk and normal talking? Like within the same sentence
This being age regression is bullshit, I’ve regressed like once and it was fucking terrifying, definitely not a cute sexy state of mind to be in fuck
Especially if she was a victim of CSA, no one would enjoy reliving that

No. 565208

right. being a prolonged csa victim, i INVOLUNTARILY regress. i have no say in it, and trauma reminders and flashbbacks are ultimately a trillion times worse. this isn't age regression, just an excuse for jess to sexualize csa like this

No. 566200

It’s so disgusting, regressing is terrifying

No. 571620

File: 1525234348930.jpg (671.4 KB, 1080x2508, 20180501_210246.jpg)

new video on her YouTube and I saw this commenter concerned about the filth on thrift store stuffed animals. this was her absolutely vile reply. that's one way to get a scabies infestation kek

No. 571753

Oh my god that’s vile

No. 571761

Sage for bs but
>>stuffed animals can't be cleaned? Since when. They're made for children.
>>asking a YouTube ageplayer instead of googling and following a plethora of tutorials

No. 575997

They’re obviously a child
Also the point is Jess snuggles up to diseased old stuffed animals in her fuck crib

No. 576640


This isn’t surprising, she is disgusting. I honestly can’t figure out if she’s mentally handicapped, a degenerate or both.

No. 576737

Honestly I think she just wants attention and this is the easiest way to get it
She’s only been into DDLG for like a year and a half, and look at how much of her life it takes up and how vital it is to her existence
She never showed interest before 2017

No. 576747

What? The interview in the OP is from 2016 and she has “little” videos from 2015. Not that the length of time makes it any less creepy

No. 577207

She seriously looks like she was on hard drugs here and in other old videos. Can't help but wonder if she occasionally did drugs with her junkie ex.

No. 577215


I think she almost certainly did. I would go so far as to suggest that she got into drugs quite young to deal with childhood trauma and that combined with this sickening fetish shit is her coping mechanism. She does seem legitimately handicapped though. She looks and sounds mentally retarded.

No. 577322

There was no trauma, I’m certain of it

No. 577349

She posted publically on her fb a post with her dad saying she was getting over the abuse and happy father's day, and she posted it on her tumblr too afaik. When it was posted in an expose video, she hounded the video saying that was from her "very personal facebook". I wouldn't be surprised if maybe she had a difficult childhood with him and that's what the post was about, and she's mad people are seeing it now that she's outed him for sexually abusing her, as that might get back to her family.

No. 577983

What I don’t understand is why hasn’t her father faced time in jail? I might be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t. And how could you go back to someone who raped you as a baby, it just doesn’t make sense.

No. 578020

Yeah, that's not something you just forgive and forget.

I get the feeling she exaggerated the abuse to excuse her ageplay and regression as "therapy" for the alleged abuse? If people knew of the abuse, why didn't he get in any trouble? How would she have found out if no one knew? I don't know, a lot of it doesn't really add up. Maybe he was abusive, but maybe just not sexually, when she was an infant?

If my father did that to me, and never faced any legal consequences for it, I'd make sure it would happen. She seems like she's just trying to backpeddle and hide it now?

No. 578338

Plus like regressing in a sexual context/having sex somewhere that should be safe seems like it would just trigger memories or bad feelings no?

No. 585265

i mean, personally it absolutely would 'cause it's happened before. but since jess is probably using fake trauma to excuse her vile fetish, it doesn't apply

No. 590691

She's posting videos while driving again. There's a few on her Instagram story right now.
I know people have gotten on her ass about this before but she won't listen. Apparently shitty vids of her singing and dancing behind the wheel are more important than everyone's safety.
What a dumb cunt.

No. 590743

Not surprised. This is someone who's vile enough to sexualize children and lie about having trauma.

No. 592030

File: 1527096311610.jpg (340.63 KB, 1080x1920, 20180523_102005.jpg)

I saw Jess' ex best friend had this to say on someone's video that mentioned her. I wonder what tea Rain has on this cunt. I bet it's milky.

No. 592605

I really really wish Rain would come out and tell us what Jess did so wrong, it would be so milky and delicious.

No. 593719

we want the teaaaaaa

No. 596325

What the fuck.

No. 600451

File: 1527985564613.jpg (93.9 KB, 1080x810, 32908029_2036314249776905_7871…)

She just got a tattoo of kawaii anime Lil Peep fuckin WHY

No. 600452

File: 1527985742474.png (779.17 KB, 630x632, chrome_2018-06-02_19-28-05.png)

Samefag but

>>(Pokémon go is on my boyfriends phone not mine)

What is the purpose of such a stupid comment? She doesn't want people to think she plays some normie game? She doesn't want people to think she has as normal black phone and not some uwu kawaii pink phone? Weirdass pointless comment.

No. 600723

What's with the "uwu so kawaii yet someone goffic" girls and their obsession with lil peep? He's so fucking generic

No. 600733

It's hard to explain why some girls thought lil peep is/was so fuckable, but if you know, you know.

No. 600743

Ngl if you were into that shit fully that'd be a nice tattoo, especially if it had SOME meaning

No. 600749

No. 626899

Reminder not to link directly to Onision's videos. Use hooktube or reupload the video yourself.

No. 628331

Yo sorry, forgot about that.
Trying this again -
Being the sellout, money desperate hoe that she is Binkie started advertising appetite suppressant lollies on Instagram last week. Some say they're dangerous, others say they're placebo, but most can agree that they're not something worth advertising.
Onion made a video about it. You know it's bad when Onion is calling you out on your shit.


No. 629057

File: 1530753303999.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, 67FDA11F-61C0-477B-80AE-D1AA9B…)

her long ass toes omg gross

No. 629060

File: 1530753367944.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, 0FF969E0-8923-4AA3-88AF-AA908B…)

she’s been promoting her “premium snapchat” and all that shit recently. i do wonder how much she’s asking for people to pay to have this content though, lmao

No. 629063

File: 1530753722041.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 839219DC-16F6-4ADC-BC32-FF619D…)

No. 629065

File: 1530753760403.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, 5DCA6484-4D20-41F5-AE17-2F5D27…)

No. 629066

File: 1530753829205.png (452.86 KB, 750x1334, E3D80477-746C-4D40-95C9-C3160D…)

lmaooo she called her ass out. smh

No. 629194

This is one of the worst tattoos I've seen in my life. Just … the concept. The sheer concept of it. It's so fucking stupid.

No. 634857


Lmao ik this pic is a few months old but I'm serisouly loving that awkward ass t-rex arm/hover hand combo hes giving her… favorite cringy couple

No. 638612

tori died.

No. 638639

Whose Tori again?
And proof?

No. 638660

control+f is your friend

No. 638697

File: 1531792364224.jpg (610.63 KB, 1440x1229, ic-3424.jpg)

Tori was Stevens ex prior to Jess. I wish I screenshotted where Jess commented on Tori's facebook status, posting about her death, but she deleted it after someone bitched her out.

No. 638866

He tweeted but also deleted it. She OD after her drug dealer husband was arrested for rape charges.

No. 638980

What did she write?

No. 639141

File: 1531844027246.jpg (1.13 MB, 1329x1866, ic-1543.jpg)

That she always would have a friend in Jess and that she was slaying dragons in heaven, something to that effect.
The person who bitched her out, referenced this email Steven received late last year. It's supposedly from Tori.

No. 640064

File: 1531926771363.png (525.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-18-10-07-47…)

Livid that this trash is using Toris death for attention despite TRASHING HER on social media repeatedly, wish I still had screenshots of the worst of it. She deleted the comments off her own shitty post but when she commented on Toris saying "I forgive you for everything" myself and other girls tore her a new one, I posted screenshots, she deleted her comment. Fuckin attention seeking pussy. Tori was an awesome person before Stephen came along. It was like he slowly drove her mad. Tori chose to do drugs but Stephen was a huge factor in that choice, and he's trash for constantly putting her down over it.

No. 640069

How did she died? The orbituary says that she was ill. What was her illness? God.. Thats really sad. I dont know if jess,steve and tori worked their disagrement behind closed door but, if its not the case, they are hypocrites and opportunist. It disgusts me

No. 640094

She talked alot of shit about Tori for awhile and now she wants to pretend that she needs to grieve over her like they were best friends? Disgusting. She will do anything for attention.

No. 640099

Re: pedo Stephen comments. Here are 2 channels you can check out, look at the comments in the videos etc, he's even in at least two videos. Wonder if I could dig up the old love letter youtube video from one of his secret underage girlfriends back in the day. I have full blown videos and texts from a 16 yr old he had a sexual and romantic relationship but don't want legal trouble for leaking his dick, don't have to believe me if you don't want I supoose. And @ Jess latest tweet, this isnt about internet drama, it's people pissed you are so manipulative and using your boyfriends grief and a dead girl for attention

No. 640102

File: 1531930048322.png (418.92 KB, 720x1094, Screenshot_2018-07-18-10-32-00…)

FerociousFrye and musicforlife209 (sorry for fuck ups. Never felt a need to post till now)

No. 640123

File: 1531932254683.png (511.07 KB, 750x1334, 93C042AC-45C8-40FD-99A4-577BE4…)

holy shit guys. i did some searching about tori’s death and her past with Stephen and I found out that she had spoken to someone who was with him a few years ago who was abused by Stephen too. And Binkie/Jess has been doing videos and snapchat shit with Allie who is this girl that was once with Stephen. Why the hell is Jess with this prick anyway, and is “friends” with these girls yet still dates Stephen when she has to at least know something.

No. 640125

exactly. Jess was always jealous of Tori to begin with and saw her as a threat when her and Stephen first got together. I’m so upset that Tori passed, she was trying so hard and is truly the only victim in this whole situation, Stephen and Jess caused more problems than need be.

No. 640131

File: 1531933120499.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, D5FF522E-10AB-47E6-9005-14664E…)

allie (vintage mermaid) and stephen back in 2012

No. 640135

File: 1531933336793.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, FD3051CF-0AD5-46E8-9BBD-6DBC25…)

okay i found this from Allies and Stephens youtube channel and they were still dating when this was posted. I don’t know when he and Tori started dating but if anyone knows the time more or less then that can explain a lot on how this dude jumps from girl to girl.

No. 640151

File: 1531934485319.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, ED9CA91F-BD0E-49FA-83F8-934EE9…)

No. 640186

Stephen and Allie were roughly December 2010 to January 2013. Check his Tumblr archives and you'll also see that ferocious Frye and other underage girls in his asks talking about love and missing each other and shit. Stephen then secretly "dated" dozens of underage girls, asking them for dirty pictures and videos, etc. And would block them when he got in to a real relationship with one willing to youtube with him and unblock them when they broke up. Think it was a girl falled Ashley and one other before Tori which started September 2015 and ended officially roughly January 2017. He and Jess were official in March 2017. His tumblr archive has a lot of other girls between those relationships that are much younger and even underage that he exchanged messages with and revlogged from about their relationship.

No. 640188

Jess is insecure and manipulative and tries to get close to his ex girlfriends to feel in control.

No. 640298

File: 1531942946852.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 185.44 KB, 750x561, C3C70450-E2B6-4905-9924-6E882D…)

Good girl, suck on Daddy.

No. 640319

Spoil this dumbass

No. 640419

He was trash to Tori. He posted a bunch of videos on his Youtube after they broke up outing her for being on prostitution websites and I think if I remember correctly he told her dad about it. Also he hit her and his excuse was his hand slipped trying to hold her back.

Anyway she died from an OD. Since her tolerance was so low after not using for a while the moment she used again it was too much for her. She died the day her husband was going to be arraigned. If you search Nathaniel Lee Wilcox rape his mugshot comes up. She seemed like she was getting better but getting mixed up with all those assholes did her on.

No. 640473

Wtf is the point of posting that gif? She's dead. I know this is lolcow but can we not have at least a shred of respect for the girl to not post her nasty ex's dick on her face?

No. 640483

File: 1531952650071.jpg (35.33 KB, 350x350, wooly-willy-mustache-magic-toy…)

What the fuck is wrong with her eyebrows? She looks like Wooly Willy.

No. 640485

Given the comment posted with it, it seems either a vendetta post or bait. Just report and ignore the troll.

No. 640513

Y'all see Jess latest tweets? After 20h of her social media break to grieve she's already back at it with a awful video where she tries to copy Allie but doesn't have the ass for it. So cringe. Jess, find your own fucking niche that works for you

No. 640597

“work” or she can get a regular job..what happened to her nanny gig? though i wouldn’t blame the parents for not wanting her around their children.(emoji)

No. 641018

It's fucking stupid that she is so insecure that she can't just let her boyfriend grieve a chick that was an important part in his life. Jess has to make it about her, has to be involved and a victim too. She does realise that giving a fuck about Tori being dead doesn't mean he doesn't care about her, right? (probably not)

No. 641148

What gets me is that when these two first got together, jess was all over social media bragging that she was a fan of Stephen's since high school. Like she's been following him on social media so knows he dated Tori and Allie and the shit that they went through with him. Yet she still gets with Stephen and then tries to befriend these girls! Who tries to make porn with their boyfriend's ex? Especially one that alleged abuse? Jess is too fucking weird, that is some manipulative controlling shit right there.

No. 641183

File: 1532020434384.png (1.17 MB, 1021x753, binkie.png)

Even worse, Jess was friends with Tori WHILE Tori was dating Stephen. She even defended Tori against Stephen after the breakup.

pic attached is in response to Stephen commenting "brat" on a picture of Tori post breakup (Jess will probably delete her comment after seeing this)

No. 641191

Hooooly shit. She played the side needed just to be some part of his life through whoever necessary. Shit just got real. Jess you're here, we need your half ass explanations ☕

No. 641196

Im mobile somebody go ctrl+f her posts for binkie so we can see how far this new hole goes

No. 641426

No way! Shit just got real milky! She is even crazier than I thought lol. I wonder if that's what Rain meant when she was saying Jess isn't all she seems and that she is not a good friend. TEA!

No. 641448

And Jess clearly just wanted to stir more shit, she must have noticed if she was THAT damn close and also partaking in that lifestyle that the brat comment was meant to be endearing, yiiiiikes

No. 641491

File: 1532038515970.jpeg (498.38 KB, 750x1184, AAA4DD3E-5663-4241-978C-A8263E…)

and Jess also is called brat by stephen.

No. 641830

File: 1532051658186.jpeg (258 KB, 1242x1051, 4DBBB85B-D399-40A5-836A-58F6D6…)

No proof, but not unbelievable.

No. 641853

Another ex here. He used to work 3rd shift at Walmart as a sticker when he lived in Arkansas so I'd believe the anon. And he always has a Plan B (and usually v d e f and g…) lined up when things either haven't gotten fb official with a girl or things are starting to go sour. He'd randomly text me bs about Tori when they were fighting and then when they settled he'd cut me off again. He's cruel lmao

No. 641856

File: 1532053411421.jpeg (495.06 KB, 2048x2048, 65AD0C66-422E-4999-BE02-8D9047…)

They didn’t give a shit about her. She was only brought up for ad revenue or ass pat seeking purposes.

No. 641864

Honestly. it’s fucking terrible of them to do this. Tori didn’t mean shit to either one of them, no matter what they claim to say.

No. 641874

File: 1532054705256.jpeg (93.83 KB, 750x391, 38DB4CB0-D275-407D-8875-368478…)

on jess’ most recent post.

No. 641875

Anybody got a link to the vid?

No. 641888

File: 1532055543658.jpeg (518.54 KB, 2048x2048, 5E094A21-7D16-4707-B40F-E3F391…)

This is how low these two will sink. They would of gone to the grease mansion if they had the chance.
I remember Jess followed Dasha (Dasha/Cyr/Mina/Edwin) on ig even after all their shit made its debut. I don’t know if she still does.

No. 641962

File: 1532059935218.jpeg (381.35 KB, 2048x2048, 110C2806-1BC4-4EDB-9137-07DC5B…)

I pretty sure these are from around the time Stephen posted the email video.

No. 641965

File: 1532059974005.jpeg (266.66 KB, 1242x833, 107B7DF2-7B74-45CE-8AF3-C77183…)


No. 641966

Damn! She really is willing to do what ever it takes to get 'famous' huh? Bitch went on Tosh.0, did a Barcroft documentary and another for Ladbible, the one with Shane Dawson, trying to get at any 'famous' person she can i.e. Stephen, Plainey, Dasha. She is such a fake person. She would leave Stephen if she found someone that would benefit her more and he would clearly do the same.

No. 641981

She is only 23. Her full name is attached to a few things she’s done online but that’s all it takes. This boat sank before I ever knew it was even on fire.

No. 642694

Welp. Makes sense why she is pushing her snap so hard kek can't get a normal job cause she fucked herself over

No. 642769

shit you can see who ss on your ig story???, i screenshotted and tried to post it on here earlier but it wouldn’t submit.

No. 642770

File: 1532127836469.png (3.7 MB, 750x1334, 1F272663-D50B-4F58-80B8-114A92…)

No. 642831

File: 1532132483282.jpeg (603.26 KB, 1242x1681, 7E8704E1-6581-4FF1-AB0F-CABB39…)

This is a snippet from a giant post fromTori’s deactivated tumblr.
I didn’t know they tried to have kids. Wtf.
I can not wait to see Jess try to get away from him. You deserve him, you dumb bish.

No. 642947

File: 1532140157888.jpeg (334.58 KB, 750x1153, 7AA1E7EA-6D1C-44E4-A302-2BC3C4…)

No. 642950

He and Jess are BOTH terrible people.

No. 642982

I used to follow Allie and by extension know of Stephen online. I could tell he was a manipulative person so this isn't surprising. Even trying to have a baby while like 21 and unmarried is crazy manipulative

No. 643002

File: 1532143780276.jpeg (494 KB, 2048x2048, CA7A92FF-4762-4631-891C-D39F7E…)

Stephen is disgusting. Jess might not be a good person (exposing minors to kink/only interacting negatively with fans/flashing her diaper in a store/spewing awful shit online/ misinforming people about any topic she ever adopts into her life momentarily) but she doesn’t have these kind of claims/allegations against her.

No. 643345

File: 1532192256649.jpg (1.44 MB, 1080x6703, 20180721_095324.jpg)

They can act like they need to grieve Tori all they want but the truth is they have always trashed her online and they were STILL doing it at the beginning of this year! Disgusting humans using a young girl's death to gain attention and sympathy.

No. 643346

When are people going to hook it up with her premium snapchat?(read the rules & usage info)

No. 643413

File: 1532198477751.jpeg (270.38 KB, 1242x1414, AF2131DC-D7AF-4750-832E-6B2E44…)

I fuckin wish. I wonder if she would say some shit like this again and then it never gets removed. HA.

No. 643632

i would but i don’t want to waste money. i do want to know her paypal so i can freeze her account though. (:

No. 643769

File: 1532221120245.jpeg (53.14 KB, 1242x276, 7DAD96EC-A500-4D6A-BB3F-C723AC…)

What could she be up to?
a. Helping her mom move
b. Vacation/real life event
c. Shooting porn with someone, somewhere else
d. Kink con (she may have said she was done going to those for now but I don’t know)
e. Packing all Stephens shit so it can be put outside and she can lock the doors and leave.
f. Discovered another kink that people will spend there money on. E.g. pegging queen(fingers crossed), anal training, figging, queening with a glittery ending.
g. She’s moving

No. 643792

She is so dumb to use her Paypal account for sex work. I hope she gets it frozen. Would love to figure out what email is connected to her account.

No. 643800

File: 1532223312271.jpeg (337.31 KB, 1242x1368, E1F26E86-D1DC-454B-883B-848B73…)

It’s anon so could be fake but it does sound like him.
I haven’t seen anyone talking shit about Tori recently. Ya, she has a past but I haven’t seen anyone talking about it on social media beyond asking what happened. Except Jess and Stephen of course, who just so happen to be doing that earlier this year. Except they knew actual information, not just speculation.

No. 643808

i know! if i could figure it out i would literally send a penny and put “snapchat sex vids” or something to flag her. someone do this asap.(cowtipping)

No. 643818

File: 1532224893668.jpeg (389.45 KB, 2048x2048, 98631800-0E36-4F8F-AE25-18B078…)

Jess commented on his post but deleted it before I got a ss.

No. 643828

Well her ig contact email is binkieabdlcontact@gmail.com I wonder if that is it(read the rules)

No. 643867

This is considered cowtipping. Do not post about doing this. Do not encourage other users to do it.

No. 646548

In her new strip video on snapchat she's so fucking cringey, pole dancing is not easy please take classes first. Hair looks better tho

No. 646611

File: 1532489828365.jpeg (218.6 KB, 750x508, 86AC78C5-316B-4A53-B2B8-6FF57F…)

No. 646638

Is any snapchat anon going to screen record ?

No. 647253

Snapchat tells you when somebody screen records and she said you’d be blocked if you screenshotted/screen record

No. 648321

You can use 3rd party apps or take photos of the screen using a different phone

No. 649531

Why would anybody want to see that??
Jeeez, the censored videos and pictures on her Twitter won't leave up enough for imagination to not make me sick to my core.
I just don't understand why those ddlg/abdl people are so ignorant about their cleary unhealthy lifestyle.

One could argue that this girls prevent pedophilies from acting out. I say that they create a new generation of them. It's just sad..

Saged for moral lecturing and deep concern for future generations.

No. 649772

In some places they give paedos sex dolls that resemble children as "prevention" but it ends up fuelling the fantasy further and makes them more like to go for "the real thing"

No. 651611

File: 1533007451966.jpg (105.9 KB, 750x937, 37774502_249559738996704_88322…)

She looks strung out.

No. 651824

This is the worst I've seen her look, holy hell. Like a different person. Her face is so weirdly gaunt - more than usual.

No. 651831

Bony face with caked on make-up + piercings + tattoos + dyed hair + edgy scene kid clothing is pretty much as far away as you can get from looking youthful and cute lol…

No. 652509

File: 1533075407815.jpg (54.07 KB, 400x400, shhh.jpg)

i thought this was oil wife life
no shade to owlu she looks just fine for her age

No. 653534

Oh my god, she looks more corpse than toddler
Odds-on her abandoning DDLG like she did with kittenplay because it doesnt get the attention it used to

No. 654867

anyone see how jess made a couples youtube channel called "stess'd out" with a montage video suspiciously similar to "stori time"

Jess' video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuFS7Pt4SdY
Tori's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJac8XpEL88

very insecure of her lmao

No. 655460

Jesus, the difference in tone is wild
The one with Tori is so cutesy and cuddly, then Jess is just screaming swears at the camera and tonguing him?

She has to one up everyone, jesus christ

No. 655469


She has basically turned alternative and ~ emo ~ when she started going out with Stephen.

No. 655476

Lol no, she changes styles like once a month. Since being with Stephen she's been pastel, goth, scene, emo, a whole bunch of things and she shuffles through them depending on her mood and how manic she is.

No. 655478

Samefag but her looking gross and strung out in that pic has nothing to do with emo/alternative style either, it's that she looks gaunt and dirty and like she's on heroin or something.

No. 655542

She looks methy. Does she like speed? Way too gaunt looking.

No. 655548

she’s one-upping a dead girl, for christ’s sake. but yet she has the audacity to say she misses her and acts like they were friends. Tori wasn’t even following her or Stephen on instagram. i’m sure Jess just followed Tori on Instagram as soon as she found out she passed so it’d look like she was the one to reach out to Tori, even though Jess always shitted on her from the start. and now Tori isn’t even here to defend herself and they are both taking advantage of that.

No. 655617

That whole group seems to be into drugs, so I wouldn't be surprised. Her ex used to do heroin, etc.

No. 655850

Damn oil wife life looks so much more youthful than jess in this picture kek. WOOF. She looks strung out and crusty. Totally screams uwu babygurl uwu /s

No. 656183

Anybody else notice the creepy likeness of jess' bj video on snapchat and the one Stephen did with his ex? They even put it in b&w like the other one. Jess copies her pretty closely.

No. 656235

I swear jess doesn't have one original bone in her body. Bitch copies everyone. She seems to have no personality for herself and just takes on the qualities or who ever she decides to ski skinwalk for the moment. Does it with her boyfriends, friends, shit even her bf's exes aren't off limits for her. So fake.

No. 656266

Unfortunately that's common in people with BPD. She's just particularly annoying and shitty about it.

No. 659078

File: 1533686001717.jpg (951.41 KB, 1440x1919, 20180807_165031.jpg)

Acting like they are big time celebs kek

No. 659212

Best part is it isn't true and he only sees those first because he's tagged, lol dumbass

No. 659232

File: 1533700345245.jpg (82.26 KB, 1063x1063, 37964387_714977395534837_67109…)

She's trying so hard to make it look like she has an ass lmao

No. 659984

File: 1533773036034.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 202.21 KB, 1242x1627, 9C2D3AF5-372E-42F2-8682-86CB4E…)

I wonder if she is going to start doing weird stuff with her mods. I hope so.

No. 659988

File: 1533773162315.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 173.1 KB, 1242x1614, DD792AE5-A9C5-4D66-AD8A-9E3122…)

Both from her twitter on 8/6

No. 660389

Probably sucking her toes or something like little kids do. Glad she censored that shit

No. 660504

Yikes those monkey toes freak me out

No. 660818

ughhh she looks so bad, i feel ill
maybe she'll start vaping with her ass or something?

No. 662525

Those fetcon pics are so cringe. I've only been modeling for 4 years, yet at this point she should be better with her posture and how she poses when trying to be professional, photographer of 8 years though and yikes

No. 663218

File: 1534118172586.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.07 KB, 640x960, why tho.jpg)

Spoilered pic from fetcon because Jess is frightening.

No. 663390

…why is she wearing a skunk tail

No. 664264

She thinks shes soooo sexy but jesus
She looks so fucking rough and just like one of those girls who's "totally soooo kinky!!1!!!" but just likes wearing cat ears and being called kitten

No. 665853

File: 1534383714192.png (272.25 KB, 1175x361, chrome_2018-08-15_20-40-51.png)

No. 665859

what the actual fuck

No. 666274

Author: Diapered Xtreme? Wtf?

No. 668910

They had sex in little space on her premium snap. THIS IS NOT A DRILL

No. 668935

Do you know anything about BDSM or the communites invovled in it lmao.

No. 668961

some rando pervert probably wrote that and stole her pic for the cover
oh god i'm scared to ask but… what happened?

No. 668970

Literally not pedos though.
Pedos get off on literal children. Not adults acting like children or dressing like them.

No. 668975

Is she suppose to be a cat or a skunk?

No. 669930

I am so sick of this being the bog standard response to her degenerate shit. Yes I have been a part of the bdsm community for years, organised events and know my shit. I would wager many people calling Jess out are the same. Stop acting like we just don't understand your super high society of kinks, spastic.

Remember when her main argument and saving grace was that for her it's not sexual uwu, like in videos with her ex David and in the Barcroft documentary. What a world we live in where these people feel comfortable enough to broadcast this shit.

I agree, if it was to do with her then her name would be all over it. She has written some seriously disgusting video descriptions of her own though so she's still certainly no better than whoever wrote this demon spawn.

No. 670459

Anybody seen her bfs ex Allie/vintagemermaid? She's a suicide girl model and generally 100% upgrade from jess, wtf happened to stephens judgment lol. And every time jess tweets a video trying to dance I cringe. Its like a teenager trying to figure out how to be sexy and I don't see anyone being able to get off on it

No. 671931

File: 1535088216945.jpg (686.66 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180824_002143.jpg)

Jess back at it again with her skinwalker ways, her wrist tattoo looks slightly new.

No. 671950

That's so fucking creepy

No. 672433

even creepier that she claims it has 'special meaning to her uwu' no bitch you are just trying to wear your boyfriends ex's skin and she meant nothing to you until you wanted pity. disgusting.

No. 673442

"Vape shop ASMR". How fucking white trash can you get.

No. 675313

File: 1535504096730.webm (9.82 MB, 640x800, 39022334_238184670113623_91319…)

I'm starting to think she's legitimately retarded

No. 675493

How and why do people get off to this

No. 675658

File: 1535563373073.jpeg (158.98 KB, 1152x2048, received_10208612470375324.jpe…)

Looked up the bf and found this screenshot. So is this guy an actual pedo?

No. 676363

File: 1535648316497.jpeg (883.11 KB, 1242x1232, FC0C6BDD-EC81-43CA-AC6A-AE2C7D…)

Her face, arms, back, and legs look much more filled out now. Good for her since she's had issues with eating disorders in the past. She seems healthier and happier with Stephen.

No. 676471

Not really. Check >>651611 Not to mention all the personality/image changes she keeps cycling through.

Also gross. Should spoiler that.

No. 676498

File: 1535660458043.jpeg (93.22 KB, 744x757, 12441E38-259C-4337-B9DC-657E7A…)

They have a new channel “together”. Here are a few highlights from the first vlog. 1/3

No. 676501

File: 1535660720868.jpeg (226.39 KB, 1391x1242, C067E8AC-BC5C-4418-8775-379680…)

2/3 Her recommend, kek. Why am I not surprised she still watches Doormat.

No. 676502

File: 1535661283022.jpeg (163.22 KB, 1242x1916, ED30F8E9-597E-48B3-8025-AF92CE…)

3/3 I can’t wait to see how soon this new channel dies.

No. 676525

File: 1535662467896.jpeg (164.14 KB, 1242x610, 92789206-CF7D-4ECE-A8D0-0B132F…)

Just saw this. I have issues with her but that is fucked. If she starts dropping back to where she was, this would definitely have something to do with it.

No. 676588

What a dumbass bitch. How the fuck is anyone supposed to just know if someone else has body issues?

No. 677650

a follower of hers commented on her having anorexia and she denied it, like said she’s never had it and is just “lucky to be thin.” but i clearly remember her old youtube channels “Jess Thayer” having proana shit. but she must’ve logged into those and deleted the accounts. /: wish i had the proof of that now. damn

No. 677656

How the fuck is she out here making porn and throwing her body up online but still wants to talk about body issues like gross men arent commenting on that shit daily.
But fucking rip somebody asked if you were pregnant, must be so awful to relate being fat / weight gain to pregnancy.
I sure as hell can't relate and If she
Relapses it has more to do with her being the certified attention whore she is and nothing to do with a one off comment.
Girls like her always blame their relapses on one off's when in reality they get bored and want to go back into old habits.
Pedos and personal issues go hand in hand

No. 677846

If it upset her so bad than why post about it to the whole world? Especially after denying having any issues with ED. Way to add fuel to a fire, jess. Just going to make more people say things like that because you've given them the reaction they want. Anything for the attention though amirite? kek

No. 678184

File: 1535854279758.jpeg (198.97 KB, 750x751, 1511D775-C4D3-41A2-8813-2913C6…)

pisses me off how everyone feels the need to defend this girl. she’s trying to embody tori.

No. 678191

This response is so painfully autistic. Where were you raised that it's ever not rude to ask someone if they're pregnant?

No. 678300

Peoples faces narrow out the older they get, besides focal length of selfie phone cameras vs actual cameras

No. 678340

File: 1535871803485.gif (1.89 MB, 480x270, f55.gif)

>>daddy gives me cummies

fuck whoever is into this sick shit, these are pedophilia cosplayers, make no bones about it.

No. 681663

File: 1536175360522.jpg (78.94 KB, 1080x911, 40388817_283788952233977_84770…)

What are these faces?! Is this supposed to be sexy? Jesus christ she looks like she's constipated and high on heroin

No. 681672

I don't understand why every single "little" is also covered in tattoos. Is it to make their kink less creepy in their subconscious minds? Cause no actual pedo would want a tatted girl? I'm just wondering if it's some kind of defensive psychology. I'm pretty sure even the lillolita or whatever is also tatted up. I actually can't think of a single sex worker "little" who isn't tattooed.

No. 681689

I'm guessing it's because they are adults who still have adult interests? And the guys aren't mistaking them for actual children either.

No. 681691

>>I'm pretty sure even the lillolita or whatever is also tatted up.

Yet she's vehemently anti-makeup and brags about it like it makes her somehow special. Fuckin weirdos.

No. 681704

the entire point is for the girl to look/act as childlike as possible, though, isn't it? why (especially if it's your career) would you ruin that image with tattoos? I feel like the males who are into it wouldn't want to see a "little" with tattoos, they probably just settle because I don't think there is a single girl out there who is fucked up enough to act like a kid during sex but also not have ink. Unfilled niche?

Yeah that is weird. I played with makeup all the time as a kid and was wearing it regularly at 12/13. I know lots of kids who play with or wear makeup, don't really know any kids with tats.

No. 681716

it's literally what >>681689 said - they are adults who also have adult interests. They aren't in littlespace or acting like kids 100% of the time.
That said, them being adults with adult interests outside of ddlg or work doesn't make it any less creepy when they have sex and film porn while pretending to be children, eugh.

No. 681721

This is exactly it, MOST littles are not in little mode full time and live most their life as regular adults, and therefore do things like get tattoos, or drink or whatever.
People like Jess, however, since being little online is kind of her career you'd think she'd avoid tattoos and try to be as little as possible. I wonder if she would choose to have not gotten them if she could go back.
I kind of wonder what she'd look like if she took out her piercings, did normal hair, and covered all her tattoos with makeup to look as little as possible but at the same time I really really don't, and the implication is kind of gross.

No. 681727

Aside from the creepy outliers you get in every fetish, it's an attraction to adults in a gentle more cute submissive role. Again there's only so many ways an adult can resemble a child, it's the same asdudes liking girls in cat ears or playboy bunny tails but not being into beastiality. at the end of the day they are unmistakably adults and that is the fetish.

Don't get me wrong, it's obviously weird as hell to me. But it's a bit much to think it's merely a legal outlet for pedos.

No. 681758

This is what I'm getting at. I understand they are adults with adult interests. I'm saying I don't understand why, if being little is their career, they would do things like get a ton of tattoos. I don't understand how all the sex worker "littles" aren't constantly anxious about being upstaged by a girl who is actually cute and childlike in both appearance and mannerisms. I just feel like they'd be more conscious about their brand image when they could be so easily usurped.

No. 681779

Again because they are adults with adult wants. Binkie being especially popular shows it clearly makes no difference. Also some argument for the correlation of that "trashy" (for want of a better term) look that does often comes with a traumatic past, abuse, general mental illness. That they also like this shit seems to me the same ball park.

No. 681838

could you losers shut up about your gross kink. 'littlespace' isnt a real thing

No. 682233

File: 1536227381657.jpg (704.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180906-044657_Ins…)

She is always on the defensive and gets so snippy in response to any little comment she doesn't like. Imagine being this sensitive.

No. 682243

Whether you like it or not it's very much a kink, and for a lot of people. It's not MY kink, but if a dominant or submissive headspace can exist it's perfectly reasonable that a more childlike one can too. It's really just a mood for some people. You ever have days where you feel more silly or immature than usual? It's literally nothing more than that for a lot of people. I understand that, because I'm not a fucking retard like you apparently are.
Anyway it's a thread about a very popular figure in the community so of course it's going to come up. If you don't want to read about it I don't know why the fuck you're reading this thread.

No. 682244

Samefag but I also want to add that if you actually used your reading comprehension skills you'd know that most people here don't even condone it and find it weird/gross. We're all pretty critical of DDLG/ABDL here. That doesn't mean we can't discuss it.

No. 682279

"littlespace" can be a way of describing age regression, which is something people with childhood trauma experience involuntarily

No. 682610

if it's not an outlet for pedos, than why was proof that her "daddy" had sex w/ unerage kids posted upthread? c'mon. i think we all know this shit is for pedos.

No. 682747

it isn’t. he’s just one person. it’s disgusting how her and her boyfriend are the “face” of this kink now and putting a bad name out for the people who are into it, and aren’t even doing anything illegal.

No. 682951


she's so disturbed i don't understand the point of skin walking ur abusive bf's dead ex Jesus

No. 683030

We've alrady had 50 of you try to "explain" the kink while acting lik you're ~totally not into it urself uwu~ yet think grown adults acting like children while getting dicked down is just a kink and not at all pedophilic in nature??
Back down the retard and realize we're critical to the kink the same way people are critical to furries: its retarded degeneracy that gets away with normalizing degenerate behavior, not "age regression happens in therapy so littlespace its totes a thing there just are a few very bad eggs in the community basket!!"

Binkie has to be loosing her marbles going from dead gf tattoo to vape shop ASMR, I mean what is she even trying to gain from her life at this point.

No. 683188

An adult acting and dressed in a childish manner is no more a child than a toddler dressed in sexy lingerie would be an adult. I just don't see what's difficult to comprehend about it being adults
Don't even follow the thread but underage isn't necessarily a child is it.. Even accounting for it still being gross. Come back to me with this argument when he's fucking 8 year olds. Which I'm guessing isn't the case

No. 683200

Fuck off Binkie
Role-playing having sex with a child is still uncomfortable for a lot of people and underage is still illegal, try harder bitch

No. 683213

Binkie was put out to pasture like a year ago she isn’t able to post here.

No. 683218

People get round bans all the time, literally just use a different internet connection/device no?

No. 683301

Lol good one. I don't have to be into this to know it's not pedophillia. Fucking someone underage is more often than not pretty fucked up. But let's not pretend a 16 or 17 year old is pedophillia

No. 683633

we have this infighting everyday, comrades

No. 683678

If it’s the IP on the router it bans all devices and if you go to someone else’s house for internet connection, the IP in your phone is still blocked.

No. 683691

I never said it wasn't an outlet for pedos dumbass just that it's a kink a lot of people have and that discussing it doesn't mean we condone it. Christ does no one here have any reading comprehension skills?

No. 683886

File: 1536425759000.jpeg (277.54 KB, 1242x1271, CF00E15C-56A8-4984-9656-11219A…)

It finally happened. We finally have an idea of his pattern of baldness. Fuck, I really wanted to see what it looked like when he still had long hair on the sides. Oh well.
I love baldness, they just made such a big deal out of it that it has become funny to me. I remember one of them saying that it was more than a few months that they had been together and she still hadn’t seen him without his beanie. She’s lucky their wasn’t a swastika under there. That would of been great. Horribly great.

No. 684422

File: 1536488158947.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 236.57 KB, 2048x1414, DfmiluuWAAAqVNO.jpg_large.jpeg)

I made the mistake of going through her Twitter while looking for a particular photo. Absolutely repulsive. So much gross sex stuff…and I'm absolutely not a prude but anything sexual coming from her just grosses me out. And then shit like this. Ugh.

No. 684424

File: 1536488196516.jpeg (240.51 KB, 1242x1658, DYcEXgYX4AcO9-o.jpg_large.jpeg)

I also noticed her philtrum piercing was super fucking disgusting and rejecting.

No. 684426

File: 1536488321924.jpeg (93.09 KB, 1018x809, DXRZ5KVWsAAXRhi.jpg_large.jpeg)

One last thing, this was her subscriber emote for Twitch, lmao. I've been using Twitch since the JTV days and she honestly had absolutely no idea how to stream, and I s2g this is the worst emote I've ever seen. Completely subpar compared to standard emotes.
She really had absolutely no fucking idea what she was doing on Twitch and would not have had any viewers if she weren't an established internet personality. So glad that phase is over and she's moved onto whoring herself on Snap as her next scheme to make money.

No. 684466

Ughhh how can people look at this and be like "its not sexualising children!"

No. 684489

This explains why onion constantly hates on ddlg and includes Binkie in his videos, he doesn't want Lainey to make friends

No. 684490

retard alert

No. 684859

Because it's clearly an adult woman. How many kids do you know have big nipples/aereolas and are covered in tats?

No. 684920

Stop trying to justify your vile kink. This is just gross

No. 684926

she's back to doing pole dancing with steve's ex. again, thats beyond weird. I wouldnt ever do that with anyone my bf used to date. with friends, sure but my friends havent f-cked my bf. and she's really bad at pole dancing. like all power to his ex cuz she looks great especially compared to jess. steve must be jizzing his pants at that vid

No. 685050

On what planet are those areloas big?
Anyway how tf is a grown woman trying to mimic a child for sexual purposes not sexualizing kids

No. 685158

It doesn't matter that she's an adult, she's trying to make herself look as much like a baby as possible, while doing a porn shoot
It's intensely uncomfortable to see so much inventional baby imagery in pornography

No. 685498

I think it’s weird, I thought he left on bad terms with all of his exes. Maybe it’s just cuz they are both in sex work so thought it would be “easy” money. She doesn’t have other friends that also do sex work she can team up with? Oh ya, she is not good at friends. The ex doing this is also kinda ick. Oh well, more boring porn=more $ to cycle through these generic phases she is going back to.

No. 685509

File: 1536622617573.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 388.65 KB, 1242x1928, EEF3A4B2-E2B8-43FF-9071-99D968…)

I don’t think she liked it. Kek.

No. 685514

File: 1536623212283.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 364.35 KB, 1242x1921, 8FEBB6EC-9FDF-4987-8055-6FBD54…)

I have a strong suspicion that his diet is absolute shit.

No. 685522

File: 1536623694121.jpeg (380.7 KB, 1280x1712, 08E11304-B6BB-45F6-AA46-6B0BA8…)

I love the way she holds the controller like she is rod dowsing. She is more than just pretending to be into kink. She also likes to pretend to be into gaming. She already deleted it from her ig.

No. 685531

No she didn’t…

No. 685980

He is lol. He's the guy who will only order fuckin chicken tenders every time you go out. He's talked about it before.

No. 685988

>rod dowsing
holy fuck i kek'd

No. 693198

Soooo we gonna talk about the skinwalker dying her hair the same color as Allies and painting fake freckles on like her? Cause its creepy. How the fuck does Stephen not see how crazy she is

No. 693383

Pics please. Also what account is Allie using now? She got deleted twice and I lost track after that

No. 696626

File: 1537898193433.png (1.11 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-25-12-51-51…)

Allie is @VintageMermaid_ on twitter

No. 696834

File: 1537915211722.jpg (1.17 MB, 1440x2074, ic-6049.jpg)

I'm sure Stephen's well aware and content with this and Allies probably flattered by her. It's creepy as shit how close she gets to his exes. Tori dies so she moves onto the previous.

No. 698410

Stephen stayed obsessed with Allie forever after they split. Even cheated on Tori with her. Sure he loves the chance to be able to watch her porn under this guise lol

No. 704042

Allie makes Jess look like shit lol

No. 705394

File: 1538831197207.jpg (951.17 KB, 1439x1949, Screenshot_20181006-140439_Ins…)

Can you imagine being the typical cringe girl working in a vape shop and also being a ddlg adult baby on the side? I just can't fathom that she's so shameless

No. 705490

She was hanging out there read the caption she doesn’t work at a vape shop.

No. 705522

Not that I like ddlg but why do people think that you can’t do other stuff if you have a kink?

No. 705541

Anon was pointing out her doing two cringy things simultaneously. She might not work there but she is still promoting and doing some form of pr.
Also learn to sage lmao

No. 705544

I don’t really know how to use this website so I’m sorry if I didn’t reply properly. Everyone in this site is so rude to each other idk why it’s kinda hostile.

No. 705551

if you don't like it then just leave lmfao we have rules you can go read to learn how to use it plus most people are here to talk about these specific people they don't want ur self posting about ur hurt feelings lmfaoooo

No. 705552

no one is saying that haha anon is pointing out that jess jumps from one cringy trend to another and makes it her entire identity (i.e. her kitten play phase and now her uwu stoner gorl vape shit she's doing rn)

No. 705565

But she’s been vaping for a few years maybe that’s why I was confused. No need for the hostility really just giving my thoughts like everyone else (: I’ll go!

No. 709212

The way she replies to people on her Instagram is so nasty, like she is a straight up bitch ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 733984

File: 1542513551909.jpg (1.77 MB, 1440x2048, ic-7044.jpg)

Oh boy. The noise she makes when he puts the ring on her finger is cringy.

No. 733995

Well hopefully this goes better than her last engagement to the last "love of her life" that she broke up with a month after he proposed.

No. 734002

Damn excitement is so cringey
This isn’t tea bro this is just a life event
Wait until she does something actually cringe

No. 734027

Pfft she was engaged to the last guy too. Hopefully this one lasts because the result will be fucking hilarious. Wonder what diaper will go under her wedding dress uwu

No. 734050

i wonder if steve will wear the beanie and 47 rubber wrist bands at the altar

No. 734122

Stephen proposed the exact same way to Allie lmaooooo congrats on your fourth engagement man hope you make it to the alter since you seem to break up soon after every time


No. 734124

The text is you're lazy, they lived in Florida as well so even the same place: "We went to the water, and had a picnic on the beach.
We spent the time cuddling, laughing, and laying looking at the stars.

After a while we started slow dancing to our songs, he let me stand on his feet the whole time, so I could be as tall, and look in his eyes.

When our songs were done he held me around my waist, and we looked across the water at the next city over’s lights. And a few minutes later, he was whispering things he loves about me in my ear. He then looked into my eyes and told me he never wanted to spend the rest of his life with anyone but me, got on one knee and asked me.

Not even a minute later really, I saw my first shooting star. It came flying through the sky, exploded green and disappeared. It was the most amazing night of my life. <3 "

No. 734145

Jesus its so fitting that after all the shit talking Jess did about Allie only to skinwalk and praise her when she passed, that cancer patient daddy would do something like just recycling his engagement plan.
It shows how shitty they are and the perfect couple they amount to. A trail of ex-fiancees, dirty nails on a sandy beach, both look unwashed and malnourished and the engagement was a recreation.
Its not 100% pure jersey cow milk, but it is a low fat skimmed milk.
Cause either they have some cheap wedding in their backyard/go to the court house in their pj's and beanies or they break up soon, but something will happen considering this is the phase they are both known to deteriorate at.

No. 735584

Tori is the one who died, he proposed to her after/while cheating with Allie, who is an ex-also worth noting she was only a 15 year old he lived with and proposed to her while he was 21-23

Also, Allie is the hot red headed Suicide Girl/camgirl

No. 735700

wew thats embarassing but the milk has been dry for so long i legitimately lost track cause they're all just whipping their gentials out for cash

No. 737746

you know who worked at a vape shop?


No. 739137

Even weirder, Tori took a picture almost exactly like that with a similar caption I think on twitter? It's one thing to have some similarities to your partners ex, shit they look for in a partner, but she skinwalkin

No. 739616

File: 1543380165704.jpeg (464.53 KB, 1242x1567, 85B4489E-BEB6-4AC8-B185-8B4029…)

No. 739618

File: 1543380191902.jpeg (435.1 KB, 1242x1509, 120C0007-4D84-4DBD-95FC-7C14CF…)

No. 739639

Jess doesn’t work at a vape shop though and she’s been vaping for years she was just hangin out

No. 739649


lil podcast episode on binkie if anyone wants to listen

No. 744466

File: 1544062518962.png (153.77 KB, 1014x635, Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 8.14…)

why doesn't she just get a damn job?

No. 744469

File: 1544062674342.png (146.95 KB, 1052x558, Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 8.17…)

No. 744473

She can't wear her nappies and fetish gear at a real job. That's too much commitment, anon!

No. 744691

She deleted her tumblr I think

No. 744703

Tumblr is purging everything related to porn so it either got deleted by tumblr or she saw no reason to keep it now

No. 744708

Her new vid is cringe (but is that really surprising?). Girl is somehow worse than a soundcloud rapper. Its a nice beat and all but her voice is flat and the song itself is shallow af. Also her "singing" at the end is subpar at most. Sorry binkie but you can't sing.

Also side note in this vid she seems angry for no reason? Like I get shes trying to appear like she doesn't give a f but it just comes across as her finding something to bitch about??

No. 744709

Her feet in the thumbnail are dirty as fuck.
What is it with "sw"s and basic hygiene

No. 744750


She did seem majorly defensive over nothing. And like…she kinda shot herself in the foot spending all that time hyping up her singing. She's not BAD or anything, but just…average white girl. After all that talk I was expecting more

No. 744856

the actual rapping with the music is pretty alright but nothing spectacular

also that one friend she has who just got married is a "singer" seems like the same skin walking she does with tori

No. 745079

omfg. at 14:05 she sings this song that was in a video Tori made and it's on youtube from 2015 with Stephen. I'll add it here so y'all can see.

No. 745080

No. 746755

Also worth noting ex Allie is an ACTUAL singer like took classes growing up, performs gig's etc. And actually sounds great

No. 746760

Allie was a better singer at like 13 than Jess is now lmao

No. 746785

Just caught up with this cow, and holy shit, I remember Stephen from the scene kid sphere. He used to stalk LedaMonsterBunny, a former scene queen. When Leda came back to the internet after her long break, she was into kittenplay and hung out with the My Digital Escape YouTube faggots. MDE was led by Bryan Starz, a huge manipulative pedo creep as well. Stephen would kiss ass to MDE and Leda all the time on social media. Stephen was like an MDE reject, and if I remember correctly, he was going to be part of My Digital Escape 2, MDE’s failed relaunch. He’d always be at the top of Leda’s YouTube comments, and would flirt with her when she had a boyfriend. Even her fans noticed he was just waiting on Leda to post so he can comment, and they’d reply to his comments saying they see him all over Leda’s content. I guess he was also in a relationship during his time period of flirting with Leda, so he’s likely a serial cheater. Saged for no contribution, but he’s always thirsted after scene thots with public kinks and relevancy and is a complete degenerate who was friends with all these predatory scene men. Unsurprising he’s a predatory douche as well. He’s always been a try-hard attention whore who is only friends with people stuck in 2008.

No. 748233

Jesus, at the end she sounds awful
like those girls at school who thought they were great at singing because no one told them they weren't lmao

No. 749060

Jess and Kara used to sing together on YouTube in high school and Jess has been singing and had a vocal coach for years. She just hasn’t shared it online… for this reason right here lol

No. 749401

She is going off right now in her ig story. About how she regrets the Barcroft doc she did years ago. I really feel like she didn’t read the contract. I’m sure it said that they own everything they could get out of her. Now it’s going to be playing on tv. This is so good. Her neighbors could see it. Stevens coworkers could see it. She hasn’t posted anything on ig since December 2. She also said at the end that she “DOES NOT want people messaging her about how they are happy to see her on tv cuz she is not happy about it.”

No. 749406

File: 1544847301049.jpeg (313.77 KB, 1730x1240, 48994B15-58F2-4592-AF76-1666F1…)

One of the many hilarious clips this “documentary” has to offer. I could only imagine how D feels about this now. I also bet Steven is so mad about not getting to be in his own cringe doc with Jess/anyone. He would have completely committed to the role.

No. 749408

File: 1544847773180.jpeg (280.08 KB, 1242x1037, A432E9FD-BAD4-465E-AA4C-57CAF8…)

The “doc” description. She went on in her ig live about how they sweet talked her, made her trust them and she was naive.

No. 749493

Jesus she's saying she's angry that this video is still being spread despite the fact that it's from years ago and she's not in that relationship anymore.
What the fuck Jess you think they're just going to take it offline because you broke up with David? You think anyone gives a shit about that? This bitch is delusional. She should know better than anyone that once something's online it's not going to go away.

No. 750312

she looks like a freaking vampire in their engagement photos


No. 750361

File: 1545079188544.png (471.83 KB, 475x596, Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 3.37…)

I give em a week of being married followed by a very public break up.

No. 750364

File: 1545080037122.jpg (106.85 KB, 640x800, 46746012_583738715417470_73543…)

From their engagement photos. I know I should never be shocked by the level of trashy these losers are yet they always manage to somehow surprise me.

No. 750643

this would be cool if it wasn't vape smoke ugh

No. 750674

he looks like he's dying of pancreatic cancer and is on his last leg, kek. why would anyone want this dude? she's incredibly gross but just… he's really disgusting and more outwardly predatory

No. 753959

Now they're both singers apparently. Oh loooord

No. 756487

Jess is back to using fake freckles. Wonder if she'll do the thing where she swears they're real again even though they're different every time and mysteriously appear after long hiatus

No. 762815

File: 1547230423999.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1235, Screenshot_20190111-110937~2.p…)

What are those contacts? I think they look awful.

No. 762816

File: 1547230473365.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1218, Screenshot_20190111-110945~2.p…)

And is she wearing a furry diaper? Or fuzzy shorts as a diaper?

No. 762818

File: 1547230589076.png (856.3 KB, 1080x1365, Screenshot_20190111-094654~2.p…)

The way her hand is basically groping her vag makes me cringe so hard.

No. 771136

File: 1548346472649.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190124-083352.png)

Wtf is baby space? Disgusting lol

No. 775073

does anyone have access to her patreon? curious if its all porn or if she basically just posts her youtube videos on there instead(sage)

No. 775139

It might be fuzzy lounge/room shorts pulled up way too high but who knows.

No. 781536

No. 781657

Honestly she looks much better here with a dark natural hair color and more "normie" clothes instead of kawaii pastel vomit garbage.

No. 782715

Its crazy how quickly she goes through these phases though

No. 783049

Why is it phases to like different styles of clothes?

No. 783069

learn to sage, jess
And its more extreme than liking different styles, she completely surrounds herself in one aesthetic

Like the pastel babygirl phase
Then the goth phase
Then the gamergirl phase

No. 783273


It's a theme with a few cows on here, they'll replace nearly all their belongings to suit a new style/phase every so often.

Sometimes it's a sign of borderline personality. Not saying that she has it but that it's reminiscent of it

No. 785057

I used to watch her all the time but since i discovered how much of a disgusting human being she is i was hurt and somewhat destroyed bc she is lying to so many people and she is by far the reason why people hate the dd/md/lg/lb community.(no1curr)

No. 785242

>>744708 I love this beat from UMI's song Butterfly, that's real talent and did the music justice. I can't believe that she even called that rapping.

No. 785298

im sure she doesnt help matters by bringing it to the public eye but its your own degeneracy is plenty for people to dislike about your communities

No. 809388

File: 1558323570847.png (Spoiler Image, 558.65 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2019-05-19-20-33-12…)

No. 823914

that picture Jess posted to Twitter is of a friend/possible ex girlfriend of Toris. wtf. i know she has bpd but how is her spouse okay with his gf trying to be his ex to the point of moving to her hometown and befriending her friends

No. 824466

File: 1561065929285.png (2.45 MB, 1125x4906, IMG_0596.PNG)

this is old milk but binkie hit up kitty pryde about her fetish soundcloud rap and freaked kitty out lol, this is from kitty's private twitter

No. 824469

File: 1561066124124.jpeg (288.5 KB, 1125x2436, 985A9091-74F4-4476-A87F-99CFB1…)

I don’t wanna blow her spot up so I edited the names out but here’s a tweet where she’s talking about herself and her husband for proof

No. 825065

I'm sure her bf is okay with it since he is manipulative and controlling, like he was with Tori.

No. 825282

Yet kitty just has Binkie in her new music video called mami??

No. 825283

Kitty and Sam both follow her on twitter

No. 825441

yea she and i are friends now actually, her first message weirded me out a lot cuz honestly a lot of the time when people hmu asking me for music advice theyre….creepy. so i assumed she would be creepy right off the bat but she's actually really cool. idk her well but yea i thought she was such a good fit in that video lol


(this is kitty)

No. 837767

File: 1563077382184.jpeg (552.47 KB, 750x1059, 4204FD1B-FAD5-486D-9E16-2642FE…)

this bitch didn’t even know Tori or associate with her before Stephen cape into Binkie’s life. Why does she have to invade shit that has nothing to do with her?

No. 837963

She was actually friends with her beforehand and got close with her later on. Tori posted about being good friends a few months before she died but deleted it due to drama. Grief is valid and we don’t know their relationship.

No. 841226

It's clear she is suffering from some sort of identity disorder, maybe borderline personality disorder. But she really needs to get help. It's as if she's always trying to be someone else but herself. With the constant hair changes and changes in styles, its almost as if she not happy with her self or doesn't know who she is.
Honestly when it comes to the age play and porn she should put that on hold and seriously consider getting sexual assualt theropy. She seems to not understand boundaries very well. If she was truly abused as a child like she claims, getting help will help her understand why she has this "fetish". But right now it looks as if she's acting out as a child continueing the pattern of abuse on herself with her role play daddy. It's physiologically disturbing.
I also question if any of the people in her porn videos make a profit off it. Or if she just uses people for her own profit. They come across as a manipulative couple together.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 841253

>>841226 why the autistic namefagging? we all know she's a mess ffs.

No. 845827

The fact that she's blatantly imitating Tori from. The selfie poses to the way she dresses etc. is fuckin weird

No. 849992

Anyone know if she even shares the profit of her porn videos she made with the other girls she used ? Lol or did she keep it all for her self ? And fuck them over? She seems the type.

No. 850010

In porn people do content trade and it’s ewually beneficial, you don’t pay someone a cut every time a video is bought. You shoot content for them to sell and they shoot content for you to sell. It’s common practice.

No. 851340

She hardly even hangs out with half the girls you see in those porn clips. lol. And she doesnt even pay them a cut when each clip is sold?. Hahaha so ya… they are just using girls for their own profit. I saw she still had porn up of David after they broke up like a year later. She's profiting off her ex's dck! That's like some weird revenge porn sht. She clearly doesn't understand consent considering she does public kink. This is no surprise she using people's bodies for cash.lol

No. 851344

You… don’t have to be friends with people you do porn with. It’s a business relationship. You clearly don’t know how sex work works. You also don’t even know if she pays them or not. Tons of models do content trade with each other where they shoot content for each other and it’s an even trade, nobody gets paid. Or they pay a one time fee. But nobody gets paid royalties every time a clip with someone in it is purchased. No models do that.

No. 851459

Well, manyvids has revenue share, I don't know about the other sites she uses. But you're right, a release form and one time fee is pretty reasonable/standard. There's no suggestion that anyone is being "used".
She's still a degenerate pedo-pandering piece of shit, though.

No. 851470

115 lb? this nigguh light weight

No. 851516

She isn’t with him anymore but he was a drug addict so yeah he’s small

No. 852122

YEAHHH NORMALLY A ONE TIME FEE IS GIVEN TO THE GIRLS OR SOME SORT OF PROFIT IN THE LONG RUN! Not "I'll film you if you film me teehee" that is very amature. I wouldn't recommend ANY professional sex workers to work with her. She sounds like amature hour101. She had clips4sale up of her ex longggg… after they broke up which is realllly sleezy. So how is David profiting off it lol ? SO YA! She's just using people it's really obvious. It was also really disguing how kitty agreed to put jess in her music video after hearing her diaper poop rap. But that's jess for you. Trying to get attention anyway she can feeding off other girls. OR copying other girls for her own attention. That to me is someone who uses people.
Oh and I'm pretty sure she's gonna go bald soon. She changed her hair color AGAIN!.(lack of integration)

No. 852166

I was horrified to find out this girl actually bbysits children.

No. 852284

Kitty asked Binkie to be in her video, she didn’t convince her to let her. Also her song never talked about diapers at all, Kitty was exaggerating out of shock. She actually stood up for binkie a couple posts back on here. Lastly, it’s called content trade and most c4s and MV girls do content trade. It’s beneficial for both parties and common practice. Trade content together to sell individually without paying each other. It’s a mutual agreement.

No. 853799

Well at least it looks like shes becoming less relevant and less popular on youtube

No. 854243

After Onisions videos about them. Steven slowed down on posting videos.

No. 854298

He slowed down on posting because he has a full time job

No. 855677

Anyone see Binkies pitiful video attempt at explaining caming to her "fans" She hardly talks or explains anything. But she does note that EVERYONE knows shes a cam girl. So everyone knows her boyfriend does age play porn too right?. I guess his full time job will know soon enough. LoL
Imagine having a daughter who tells the world her father molested her. Then starts acting like a little girl… then starts making porn in diapers. Gets little girl tattooed on her hand. Imagine how much embarrassment shes caused her family if everyone knows shes a cam girl as she said.

No. 858725

She 100% is a predator. Watching Stevop "PLAY RAPE" HER. While binkie is acting saying no daddy… no. This is a result of her preditory fantasies and behavior. Regressing into a little girl for sexual outlet IS NOT HEALTHY. This couple for real shouldn't be supported at all.

No. 859109

She changed her hair colour 3 times in 2 months. YIKES. She lives a 24/7 pedophilia life style online. Changing her hair color ant going to change that. Duh Binkie. Apparently shes not into ddlg in a sexual way? And only does it for "porn" and "high demand". So shes just supporting other pedophiles fantasies for cash. When really she could just make normal adult porn and still make money with out feeding pedos fantasies. There's a reason why all these guys are watching a 115 pound girl in a baby room who looks young and not watching a 30 year old woman. It's because she's targeting pedos. She nothing but a bad liar. Tit flashing for change degenerate.

No. 859392

You guys are so vanilla is hilarious CNC is a huge thing. Consensual non consent a lot of people love to play fake rape because it’s just roleplay. Also lots of sexual Littles are into saying so and putting up a fake fight. It’s not porn for pedos it’s porn for other adults that like to see other adults act young. It’s a power exchange and humiliation thing.(no1curr)

No. 859394

The CNC in itself, that’s not really the part people are saying is pedophillic…

No. 859556

>Girl makes porn of herself in a diaper pretending to be a baby.
>But it's not porn for pedos!

I'm sorry is there some group of upstanding gentlemen who get off to this kind of thing? Go look at the audiences of Jessica or any of these kinds of girls. Would you honestly trust any of those men with a child?

This is as eye rolling as when Jessica insists there is nothing sexual about pissing and masturbating in a diaper.

Though it is quite humiliating. Her shit is on the internet forever lol.

No. 860254

Binkie is so naive that she can't even acknowledge others opinions or points of views without going on a twitter/insta/youtube rant with out coming across ignorant/naive or passive aggressive in posts. She is naive to think posting videos as a "little girl" getting raped by a adult male. Won't put ideas into some sick pedos head if he's got access to a REAL little girl down the hall after watching binkieprincess get raped videos. Then yes she is VERY naive. So not only is she exploiting children objects and childrenfantasies sexually. She is also promoting rape culture for cash now too. This girl is all kinds of sick in the head. Children and people get raped everyday in this world and she's making content encouraging those fantasies and behaviors. She is a predator if she enjoys watching porn of people being raped acting like children. Just because she's in a small female body her predatory ways are cute? Absolutely not!. Shes just as disgusting as all the men that buy her content. There is a reason why her rapey content isn't uploaded to youtube. She's hiding her true colors. I don't know any real assualt victims that like their boyfriends play raping them. She's repeating the same pattern of abuse over and over again expecting to heal her trauma? When really The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. She's mentally ill.

No. 860269

You’re so pressed lol! You know a lot of victims do turn to BDSM to reclaim their control over a traumatic situation? I know many people who do rape play and are Littles due to childhood trauma it makes them feel powerful. Also ddlg porn is made for others into ddlg. If you actually look at her consumer base, it’s mainly other female Littles into ddlg or other males into ddlg or abdl as daddies or as Littles themselves. Her cam audience? All mainly female fans that want to support her. You all act like she’s the only person into ddlg that makes porn of it. Abdreams is an entire porn site dedicated to abdl porn. Kiki Cali presents herself young and calls all of her clients daddy and does in person sessions. There are so many abdl and ddlg porn models on twitter that do this stuff and it’s for other people in the kink, not for pedos. As a little or a mommy or daddy dom, you like to watch porn of the same kink you’re into because that’s what you like. Clearly you just don’t understand the kink and that’s fine but you’re peddling a super extreme stance.(derailing)

No. 860278

yeah and they're all sick creeps too

No. 860388

And it is my stance that she is a degenerate along with all the other people you just named. It's my opinion that Jess is PRO RAPE CULTURE PROMOTING RAPE PORN FANTASIES EVERYDAY. She likes to be raped on camera and then doesn't understand why men send her dick pictures and try to touch her in public ? That's because these people that watch her can't separate reality and fantasy. It's 100% a lie that it's mostly girls watching her. Just click on her chatterbate and you can see its mostly all men watching her, just read the chatterbate comments. STOP SAYING THIS IS INNOCENT IT'S NOT. She has gone from saying nothing sexual at all about her kink. To its healthy sexually to make cnc/rape porn. Its just her true colors shining slowly. Her boyfriend has been accused of being abusive in past relationships but now makes rape porn. SURPRISE SURPRISE. So she can think I'm ignorant for not "understanding" UHdurrrrr XD But I do understand. I do understand that she was abused and the only thing she knows is abuse to counter past abuse. Believe me I get that.
But that it does't mean it's healthy or that she's surrounding her self with healthy people profiting off of smut garbage baby rape porn. • BABY • RAPE • PORN • 3 words that should never be put together. But add • FANTASY • BABY • RAPE • PORN • And suddenly its okay? Sure whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep better at night as a couple.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 861214

That is a fucking rough 21.

No. 864124

Jess said her selfesteem was better then ever with ABDL instead of traditional therapy or medication. But posted something on youtube later on saying how she has horrible anxiety and NEEDS Clonazepam in her life because nothing helps her anxiety like Clonazepam. So it doesn't sound like Age-play/CNC/Sexual Regression is helping her anxiety/trauma if she now needs medication in her life.

No. 865773

She needs the drugs lol(samefag necro)

No. 877956

Does binkie vaping princess know people are ending up in the hospital from vaping and banning vaping in some countries now?. Lmao.
She keeps dying her hair and she now has bald spots in her new photos on instagram its hilarious what shes doing to her self slowly.
As for this so called engagement it's safe to bet this engagement is like the rest of Stevops engagements … with out a date. Lol
Easy couple to hate online or youtube considering they will do anything for money. Including making rape porn with each other while binkie acts like a 4 year old. The sick online persona never stops with these two degenerates.

No. 878150

File: 1570592886370.png (1.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-161443.png)

It's probably because people can sense your boyfriend is a massive creep and something's gotta be wrong with you too

No. 878161

They’re getting married in 3 weeks they’ve have a date for a year now, weddings take time to plan. Vaping nicotine vape juice isn’t killing people it’s blackmarket THC carts and unregulated juice if you spent two seconds researching. Bald spots? I don’t see that. That’s her hair parted in a certain way and her light roots showing it’s not bald.

No. 878229

okay, Jess. https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/basic_information/e-cigarettes/severe-lung-disease.html two seconds of research. The CDC currently suggests refraining from use of ALL vaping products because, while a lot of cases seem connected to THC, they aren't 100% sure. They say NUMEROUS times they're still not completely sure and it's a complex issue they're still investigating. If you want to interpret that as "it's 100% THC and unregulated juice you're all idiots that can't do research!!!!!" you do you?

No. 878484

Still less deaths than cigarettes. Waaaaaaay less. Like under 100 versus hundreds of thousands.

No. 878564

Can y'all not necro a thread to argue about vaping???

No. 891860

File: 1573490798296.png (2.52 MB, 1080x1465, Screenshot_20191111-094548~2.p…)

Here's a wedding photo of them. Hope they stay married for a long time because nobody wants them.

No. 912810

File: 1577996546187.png (59.2 KB, 1193x684, ss saved.png)

Not really milk
but did her 'adult baby' barcoft video get deleted recently?(necro)

No. 931611

She was posting adds for custom porn clips for 15$ lol(the crackhead  hookers on my block charge at least 20$ for rub n tug) right  after she just got married. Yikes postings that while on her honeymoon not off to
strong start to a marriage. She really NEEDS the money   … I guess if she has sex with pillows and stuffed animals while peeing  her self.what won't she do for money her husband went full blown brittany spears shaved his head and fell off the face of YouTube. But jess is dedicated  to the baby life style  considering she married someone with pre pubescent looking dick. Why doesnt she have friends in any posts or videos….

No. 932386

Dont believe for  one minute she was abused by her dad. Jess is all about attention.  I know ppl who were really abused and never would re create the daddy abuse. Too  fuck4d up. Shes a liar.

No. 932456

It's actually a common way survivors cope with trauma. Not that it's any better than therapy though.