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File: 1598593089285.jpeg (93.44 KB, 800x840, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

No. 1029866

Previous thread >>266984

>spoopy, longbodied horse faced woman who larps as a baby for sexual kicks

>made a barcroft documentary with a guy who is no longer her "daddy" kek
>Known for being an adult baby
>claims its therepeutic and nonsexual
>makes porn in her diapers and pacifiers
>begs for people to buy her degenerate porn
>pathological liar
>claims her dad raped her when she was 2
>still talks to him and deletes any videos mentioning it when talked about itt
>allegedly has nearly every mental illness ever
>married to some old emo faggot who tries to draw in an audience of emo preteens

Youtube:Binkie Princess
Tiktok: @BobaBrat

No. 1029906

You forget on the list jumps on eveyone elses bandwagon. Shes been a twitch streamer as well.

Her tiktok is just cringy as she still tries to promote her sex work on there.

No. 1030034

She also has a second Instagram called smolbink

No. 1030574

Just wait for her to start crying over the fact onlyfans payouts has changed

No. 1030877

Her clips4sale is binkiesplaypen, where she kept porn of David up long after they’d spilt

No. 1031477

Holy shit this discription is spot on. Thank you to who ever made this. Show no sympathy on this thread people.
Lol oh no whatever will she do without her just for fans pay lol…get ready for her rant.
Lol oh tiktok will be banned soon anyways. So that'll be another phase just like twitch. Her twitch is God awful it didnt survive.
Once this girl gets fat she wont be able to make money off her baby porn.lol she's like 26 wtf is this cow doing with her life. Who sit at home everyday taking videos of themselves at her age… I guess shes never gonna stop and we can troll her dumb ass forever.

No. 1031480

Jeez I know her selling David's videos after they split seemed like some revenge porn shit. Bet that dude never recieved a dime. This is why I think she uses people for porn girls too. The girls that are dumb enough to fallow this cow.

No. 1031574

Applause to the talented artist who made this photo thumbnail

No. 1031649

File: 1598931063788.jpg (807.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200831-225848_Twi…)

Is it just me or did she actually put on some weight?

Surprise surprise she DYED HER HAIR AGAIN. Another identity crisis?

That ass tattoo is gonna age soo well. eye roll

No. 1031677

Cringing that I’m even thinking this but she’s finally starting to look a bit better, she doesn’t look quite as much like a meth head here

No. 1031811

The hair doesn't help. But the meet on her body is making her look like less of a crack head. Lol

No. 1031815

But I honestly think that's part of these guys fetish. When the girls look like dying little starving string beans.

No. 1031864

The girls that make porn with her have issues them selves. And david had issues too she gets vulnerable people she can use to make money off of.

No. 1031978

Cant wait to see this cow crash and burn

No. 1032298

File: 1599053479589.jpg (363.53 KB, 1074x1014, 20200902_092336.jpg)

Jesus fucking christ I knew this girl was sick in the head but I actually watched her porn for the first time and almost puked it's so pedophylic. In this video she fakes riding a pony as infant then starts to cry. It's fucking disgusting. Theres something really wrong with you if you think that's at all sexy. Theres something really predatory about this.

No. 1032406

She also makes breastfeeding videos.

No. 1032685

I’m sorry what? Also the term for the therapeutic age play thing is age regression. Therapists do actually do this and I have checked online and asked one to make sure it’s legit. But I think it’s only in severe cases

No. 1032698

if you're going to support pedos at least sage your bullshit post

No. 1032700

Don't try to legitimize in any way. There is no right way to act like a CHILD when you aren't

No. 1032707

that’s fucking disgusting

No. 1032796

Jesus wept at this linebacker inna diaper.

No. 1032803

Regression is normal to some point but don't try to legitimize roleplaying a crying baby on a sybian.

No. 1032827

>>Regression is normal to some point
No it's not. People say it's used as therapy but even among mental health professionals it's controversial. Don't try to normalize your bullshit.

No. 1032835

Calm the fuck down anons, they never said what she is doing is normal or age regression

No. 1032851

I hate to be that person but those eyebrows she draws on look awful. She looks so much more prettier without them(nitpicking )

No. 1032975

I never said that it’s used as therapy though. I just meant that everyone does it sometimes, unknowingly, and that it’s normal to a certain degree, but then proceeded to say that whatever this shit is is definitely not normal.

No. 1033125

If you think that everyone age regresses sometimes, knowingly or not, you're fucking nuts. Most people don't do that. It's not normal and it's not healthy and you have no idea what you're saying.
Jesus christ PULL shutting down has turned this thread into absolute cancer.

No. 1033180

I dont give a fuck if you regress for therapy or not. That's on you. As long as you dont cry while cumming as a baby like this degenerate trash. As long as you dont think this behavior is normal then you are likely normal. I ligit felt sick to my stomach watching this. I can see why even the bdsm community frowns upon abdl.
I'm personally into BDSM. But this…. has no real bdsm dynamics its JUST pedophilic 100%. Anyone who actually defends this girl must be a pedophile them selves.
And yes shes making videos where shes drinking milk from a girl its disgusting.

No. 1033193

Her husband is equally disgusting. He encourages her to piss her self multiple times in the same dirty diaper. Then sticks his fingers in her dirty ass diaper. He also seems to like to show off his small dick. Her bj videos arent even sexy
Its like watching two pre teens trying to fuck. Lol their porn is honestly pathetic.

No. 1033235

File: 1599199033579.jpg (271.83 KB, 1080x1118, 20200904_015306.jpg)

This bitch needs to learn how to wash her fucking feet. Fuck. Shes posted up her dirty feet in YouTube videos. Porn videos and photoshoots. Lol Wtf. Shes so dirty.

No. 1033241

linebacker or hunchback

No. 1033245

File: 1599200515254.jpg (404.08 KB, 1080x1440, 20200904_022002.jpg)

She also made a "regression" video with some chick with a dick. Part of me wonders if jess was born Male too.

No. 1033300

I've been here pretty much from the start but good to know you have no idea what you're talking about so you can only resort to the ew newfag defense.

>"Since regression is a common phenomenon that occurs most often under stress, we all do it constantly, yet most of it is unconscious. When an executive feels stuck on a problem they might regress to infant behavior, sucking and chewing their pen down to the cartridge. When a spouse feels neglected they regress by throwing a tantrum and threatening to take something away. A new college student misses home and regresses by cuddling with their childhood Teddy Bear."


No. 1033758

Not only does she piss herself but she also doesnt know how to shower or wash.
Anyone know if this degenerate has progressed to scatt yet. Lol

No. 1033871

She would get to that stage if websites let her. Most them draw the limit at scat. They do not even let pretend scat. She is one them if she makes money she would.>>1033758

No. 1033886

Anyone remember when she admitted she pissed all over the sofa for no reason it must of stank

No. 1033985

Yeah her place must smell like piss. She peed the couch. Carpets. Overly used diapers. There something seriously wrong with this chick.

No. 1034000


just to clarify I don't condone what she's doing at all! I actually find it disgusting! I'm just clarifying that there is such thing as age regression but it is normally done in severe cases(like severe abuse where it can't be helped) and in a therapeutic way. Not in this way.

No. 1034002

and another thing I forgot to add on, I don't regress. I'm just stating I know people that do for those reasons.(derailing)

No. 1034028

I have heard of regression done for those reasons or even with traumatic brain injuries. I understand not everyone is a sexual degenerate who does it.
But this creature is disgusting. "I feel like I need to peepee" I almost vomited when I heard her saying that while playing with a vibrator. Her pornography is beyond pedophilic and theres NO FUCKING WAY. She can say what she does is thearapy when shes recreating child abuse fantasies. Shes actually most likely causing more damage to her trauma. That or shes a liar never had trauma and just is a dirty predator.

No. 1034035

She seems like the type of person to invite kids over to her play pen. But leave all her sex toys out. Or anyone for that matter just casually leave out sex toys around the house. She also seems like the type to call her husband daddy in public or around family. Because shes ligit mentally fucked.

No. 1034135

Seriously considering buying her only fans/ any videos just to make a YouTube video exposing her.

No. 1034172

This channel on YouTube called April Already made a video on her doing just that. It’s called, “Is Binkie Princess worse then a child molester” The video is extremely spot on. It shows free clips from her porn sites showing how she lied about ABDL being nonsexual, and her reenacting sexual child abuse, so no need to waste your money on supporting her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1034173

Yes I know about maskedbabes video. It's one of the most spot on opinions on this girl. But binkies porn has progressively gotten worse. People should fucking see that disgusting sybian clip. She seriously needs to be exposed I have no idea why april"maskedbabe" hasn't done an update on this degenerate. Or why she stopped youtubing at all.
I laughed so hard when I saw binkieprincess bitch about that video on Twitter.

No. 1034224

What video? How did she get mad? Spoonfeed please, i do not wanna Google this nasty womans shit

No. 1034267

Why do y’all act like she’s the only one making abdl porn? So many other creators make videos with very similar themes that’s what the fetish is. You may hate it but there’s nothing to expose because it’s allowed on the websites and has its own category on manyvids.(whiteknight)

No. 1034270

Opinion discarded, sex workers are not creators and the people who make those videos are pedophiles and usually ugly. Binkie princess looks like she's on meth and makes videos with trannies and ugly fridge shaped women who
>the website allows it so it's ok
No, retard. Go back to Twitter

No. 1034356

She was tweeting about maskedbabes video saying people are ignorant and no children are harmed. Lmfao she seemed really butt hurt about it lol.

Other people make abdl porn yes. But it normally stays under the abdreams platform or fetlife where it belongs.
But this chick posts her trash on every fucking platform possible. And stoops to the lowest levels for money. People hate her cuz she says its non sexual. But goes forward making the most pedophilic sexual videos ever.
Her nasty shit pops up on fucking Twitter like keep it to porn sites you degen.
Plus You cant say. I'm not turned on by this then oooop I changed my mind. Lol you cant change your mind on sexuality because sexuality ISNT A CHOICE. That's one of the dumbest arguments iv ever heard her say. "People can change their mind" durr. Nope can you change your mind on what gender you like and what turns you on.. no cuz it's not a choice.
This is why people hate her.
Wtf who even cares. If you like her why are you on here degen.

No. 1034360

HAHAHA NOTHING TO EXPOSE. Show her manyvideos to those tween twerps that fallow her. Maybe she will lose all those subscribers once they see how fucking nasty she is.
The fact that she thinks her content is remotely normal just shows how mentally fucked she is.
Just because other people make abdl porn doesn't make it "normal". I'm sure many people molest children too. is that your defense when you get caught? Theres a catagory for it… it's called molestation huh. Lol just because there are other degenerates out there doesnt make it remotely ok.

No. 1034364

Who was binkie friend she had a matching unicorn tattoo with and her ex friend like exposed binkie saying she got her drunk and something happened she didnt like (I belive it was sexual) and binkie just laughed it off. There was a whole tumblr post about it but forgot her name

No. 1034459

Omfg… u need to find that post asap!. I knew she was a fucking predator. That poor girl likely got that tattoo covered up.
Honestly no one stays friends with her . She had a online play date with another adult baby boy.. it got deleted fast. Her friend she first made videos with on YouTube. Comments are now turned off on every video including her… scream kiwi stopped being friends with her too… she uses people for her stupid fetish crap. Anyone with a brain figures it out fast.
And obviously she got her friend drunk. She came drunk alot of the time. And posts on Twitter how drunk she is. Lol like that's sexy or something…? The only ppl who actually like drunk girls are predators lol. Or other drunks.

No. 1034461


No. 1034498

Someone call chris Hansen asap.

No. 1034503

I only just remember her ex friend exposing her cause she was in that video somone posted about her dirty feet someone got to remember her aswell

No. 1034609

Post ??

No. 1034627

She stopped modeling for onesies downunder because they didnt want their company associated with her anymore.

No. 1034643

File: 1599442732466.jpg (182.63 KB, 1065x1165, 20200906_213346.jpg)

Lmfao… her husband. He may as well have tweeted I'm not a pedophile. I am not a pedophile. Please stop calling me a pedophile.
But they both are…
If these two had a child they would likely molest it together.
I'm surprised they arent trying to groom 13 year olds together.
She ligit recreates porn of toddlers being molested to get this guy off.

No. 1035030

File: 1599516671829.jpg (476.47 KB, 1080x1739, 20200907_180820.jpg)

Ew read her porn discription. puke.

No. 1035685

She ligit draggs everyone down with her that she socializes with. She should be exiled from communities. She will never bring her family honor. She will forever be seen as a predator till the day she dies.

No. 1037183

File: 1599874943226.jpg (429.54 KB, 1080x1427, 20200911_214122.jpg)

Omg… years later shes STILLL bitching about the docume tatt she was in …lol.

No. 1037185

Still bitching about the documentary she was in*

No. 1037216

With her bloated stomach and lack of physique she truly reminds me of one of those starving African kids.

No. 1037448

Why is she still ranting about a doc that was made 5 years ago. Girl you did it to yourself. No one else to blame but yourself. But she will still insist it is the film crew that made her look bad. Sweetie no.no. it's you that makes you look bad. You make yourself look bad daily.

No. 1037962

Binkie-princ-ess Bitchy-Tird-mess

No. 1038251

File: 1600046164332.jpg (365.93 KB, 1080x1501, 20200913_210536.jpg)

Oh wow a whole 13 fallowers. Jeez that's like a lousy 120$ a month max off her porn. She could make that in a day if she just got a real job like a normal adult. Cam girl = unemployable

No. 1038544

Pretty sure her husband lost his job too.

No. 1038594

>>1038251 sadly she has more suckers on justfor.fans but i wonder how many stick around once they seen her 33 videos as she seems to be really entitled

No. 1038602

>>1038544 he did lose his job. He said it was because of covid19. doubtful.
Why would anyone keep paying once they have seen all 33 videos. Even her online twitter is just her retweeting the same videos from a year ago.
I cant imagine making good money off this. She probably blows it all on tattoos, pop, chips and kid toys.
Like for real she not gonna be able to do this forever . Especially when shes older. I see her getting fat with in the next 3 years. Off junk food and booz.

No. 1038835

doing a Barcroft documentary is so embarrassing but >>1035030 pissing in a diaper for sexual kicks isn't.

This bitch is repulsive. I wonder if they use those old people diapers to act like toddlers,
Is her "rapist dad who she forgave and isn't in jail" one of those subscribers kek

No. 1038847

Good one. He doesn't even need to a subscriber to see her naked as a adult. She posts so much free nude content. But I'm sure that's the reason why she doesnt care if her family sees that shit. Because of her rapist daddy.
But if my son married a girl like this I'd never welcome her to our dinner table or family events. I wouldnt even show up to the wedding.

The doc wasnt embarrassing… she IS.

No. 1039255

Dont you love how she trys to deflect by saying others make abdl porn not just her.
But most those girls on abdreams hide their true identity for a reason. And dont go beyond porn platforms or do multiple interviews or documentaries.

No. 1039946

To be factual she did the docs before she did adult work so it’s not like her porn is publicized to the masses. It’s only promoted on her social media like other diaper girls.

No. 1039947

True, but people will easily find her porn because she did a doc/interviews, even if she did those first.

No. 1039954

I think there’s actually companies who sell DDLG diapers specifically for this pedo shit, I’ve seen it on Instagram.

No. 1039957

I always say what they do in private it does not harm anyone. she makes it all public and even then moans when people voice their views.

Other people who do DDLG porn frankly have better manners than her and know how to interact with fans with out being a stroppy cow.

No. 1040135

>>1039946 OKAY THEN JESS.
Keeping that shit public is grimey af.
Ohhh if only tosh.o could make fun of you now.
Twitter and Instagram are NOT advertising tools for SMUTTT PORN.
It's funny how jess will throw "other diaper girls" under the bus to protect herself so those other girls can get hate instead of her. Selfish much.

No. 1040141

Other people who do ddlg porn dont have their true identity in the public. Other people keep it to porn related platforms or websites.
Other people who do porn dont constantly obsessively fallow hate forms about themselves. Other people arent bitchy on social media like jess.
Her personality is as ugly as her.

No. 1041069

I would love it if twitter banned her and all these other sex workers. Would make twitter a much better place than this auto crap they post.

No. 1041237

Is there a lolcow on her husband he has a LOT of juicy drama

No. 1041354

If you have stuff, post it here
Also read the rules and learn the sage

No. 1041383

We would all appreciate her banned from regular platforms.

Just post your drama about him on here. Most people do.they are married now. So everything is shared. Including drama.

No. 1041391

Ohh. jess try being less obvious when posting on this hate forums about yourself.

No. 1042016

It just more funny how he has more follow than she has that its clear she uses his twitter to get more followers on to hers or promote her shit porn.

Wish bell wells did not do stuff with her as i sae one their live streams and she was much more friendly and had some peoples skills

No. 1042262

Shes desperate

No. 1042263

I'm sure bells wells will learn this on her own like everyone else

No. 1042467

People skills is one thing jess does not have. I have seen her be rude In live streams, twitter , YouTube, Instagram, and even on fetlife. She doesn't care how she makes her self look clearly.

No. 1042470

Haha another guy pointing out her degenerate behavior on YouTube.

No. 1042604

Isnt it hilarious how the guy in the video thought she was a tranny too.

No. 1044450

File: 1600963057275.jpg (19.7 KB, 320x460, unnamed.jpg)


No. 1045367

Tim Curry is beautiful, fuck off with this comparison

No. 1045598

I wish Steven would just have keep the bald head look the fake wigs and hair extensions look awful on him it does him no favours. He starting to look like a nonce

No. 1045618

True tim curry is too beautiful in comparison.
He looks horrible with his wigs but his bald head is just as bad. They are both ugly. They make a hideous couple.

No. 1045724


It then again… have you ever seen a good looking pedophile?

No. 1045771

I mean he loves his young audience and trying so hard to be a 15 year old emo I wouldn't be surprised if something ever came out about him. After all the abuse that he admitted to doing to 2 of his ex gf it would just be cherry on the cake

No. 1045908

Nothing surprises me with that couple. I cant wait for their house of cards to come falling down.

No. 1048418

Stevop is most deffinatly the reason for his ex death. He caused most of her emotional issues.

No. 1048444

Watch them be divorced in 2 years tops.

No. 1048787

actually it was her husband he physically abused her and kept her on drugs but okay

No. 1048788

Let’s not forget he pumped her out for drug money. The Nate guy is the reason she died

No. 1049235

Oh but stevop abusing her didnt top it all off? Lol the history started somewhere

No. 1049498

Guys maybe it best not to bring up the poor girl as she no longer here out of respect(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1049529

What are you talking about

No. 1049618

Well stevop should remove those videos of them off YouTube out of respect then. Why is that even still up… shes passed away and hes married now

shes not around anymore but that doesnt change that stevop abused her and admittingly did so.

No. 1050013

Maybe we need one these jus for Steveops as he is just as ad as binkie for being a washed up.

No. 1050034

No. Post whatever about him here, and unless you're contributing something of value type sage into the email field

No. 1050547

File: 1601691913169.jpg (730.35 KB, 1064x1419, 20201002_222003.jpg)

The girl in the purple sweater was only 19 years old and binkie was like 5 years older. Wtf is she doing fetish photos with a 19 year old for?…
Will she be surrounding her self with teens once shes 30 too?

No. 1051013

Not overly wise for her to surround herself with any TEEN especially with all the alligations against her and her husband

No. 1053461

What allegations

No. 1053513

There’s allegations that her husband is a pedophile, and grooms his young teen fans, and she helps him take advantage of them. But I really don’t understand how her hanging out with a 19 year old adult has anything to do with that.

No. 1053736

She's literally in diapers of course she is

No. 1053932

How does it not have anything to do with that? Shes hanging out with younger girls in fetish atmosphere… likely around her pedo husband.

No. 1054307

Because the girl is a consenting adult.

No. 1054318

Okay Jess

No. 1054327

It’s not Jess. I just don’t get how hanging out with someone above the age of consent makes them a pedophile.

No. 1054333

Its creepy because of who she is. We already know she is a pedo and hanging out with teenagers 5 year younger than you is pretty weird with the history she has.>>1054327

No. 1054339

If the word TEEN is still in the word… then yeah its gross. Most 25vyear olds chill with people between the age of 20-30 not TEENS. LOL ok so what if 18 is the age of consent if your older and only surround your self with younger people its CREEPY. Notice those guys that only get off on 18 year olds are judged. Doesn't matter it's the age of consent. It's the youngest you can go. That's what makes it gross. Again theres a reason at that age your still called TEEN. Fetish play with teenagers is wrong.
All the people I know in the kink community refuse to engage in any form of fetish with anyone under 20. And for good reason.
18 year olds and 19 year olds cant even drink… but can consent to fetish play with a eco couple? Hmmm…

No. 1054340

If they are ADULTS then why cant they buy alchohol? Lol

No. 1054415

Because the alcohol age was decided 21, but 18 is still considered legal adult as you can consent, and live independently. I get her reputation, but that doesn’t mean she’s doing anything wrong by doing fetish photos with a 19 year old. Her porn is still disturbing, but no actual children are being involved. She may be trying to roleplay pedophilia, but it’s not actual pedophilia.

No. 1054427

Also that’s your fetish communities choice to not participate with people under 20, but doesn’t make other fetish communities allowing 18, and 19 year olds wrong.

No. 1054429

What is a pedophile diaperfag doing on lolcow?

No. 1054431

Ew, a retard

No. 1054565

What the tea on her partner?

No. 1054667

Can’t you read ?

No. 1054725

Wow jess. Most adults have standards. I guess the kink community your involved in has no standards just like you then. Girls that are 18 & 19 are easily impressionable and easy to take advantage of. Do you also providing these girls booz and drugs they cant legally get cuz you consider these TEENS adults. Ew.

No. 1054730

Shes obsessed with herself and checks this blog daily.

No. 1055304

File: 1602281245162.png (349.61 KB, 623x449, Capture.PNG)

Funny how she has to do live streams with others. When ever i watch these streams for lolzs Bell is really engaging with fans. Jess is just rude and i wonder why people pay to tip.

No. 1055509

I don’t understand why she’s so rude to the only people that like her, and give her money. I’ve seen her get so pissed replying to comments where she was just asked a genuine question. She also will never reply to any nice comments on her free social medias, only to hate comments. I agree, Bell is a sweetheart with a great personality.

No. 1055554

Ot but I had no idea this was the binkie thread 2.0 because the thread pic is so disturbing. Now that I've stopped scrolling as far away as possible, good job OP.

This is frightening, especially the caption, coupled with being posted to public twitter. I guess she's completely given up sperging about how ddlg is totally ~not sexual~

No. 1055624

I’d bet money that at least half of the posts in this thread were made by diaperfags. Many lolcow threads are populated by people in the cow’s own community and the newfaggotry and failure to integrate ITT is very evident. Imagine calling lolcow a “blog” or saying that someone who gets off to pissing in diapers has “a great personality”.

It’s a shame, because Jess seems like a good cow.

No. 1055770

Actually lots of other ABDLS hate her, because she’s a hypocrite. Some of them are non sexual, and do it to help with stress, and they don’t like how she made a whole documentary about how it’s not sexual, and just to cope from her childhood, and then find her ABDL porn. Then whenever she’s called out she comes up with the excuse that she meant it just wasn’t sexual with David, even though in her documentary she said it wasn’t sexual for her at all.

No. 1055774


ok diaperfag, go shit yourself somewhere else

No. 1055788


tbh "non-sexual" diaperfags sound even more autistic than the blatant fetishists

No. 1055810

Ew its jess.

No. 1055813

I have to agree. Alot of other people regress and dont master ate for cash while doing so. Even the fetish community hates her.

No. 1055999

I think the issue most people face is it not the fetish itself but jess is the issue. She will do anything for money. She sits there trying to promote her porn on Tiktok which is full of minors.

No. 1056003

File: 1602371313858.png (75.46 KB, 589x537, Capture.PNG)

Just looking though his twitter. She is pretty rude often

No. 1056067

That’s nothing compared to how rude she normally is.

No. 1056206

She covered her ass cuz someone called her out. Shes typically rude on every platform

No. 1056332

This Bell bitch looks like Umbridge from hp

No. 1056340

This place is to roast jess and her husband. Not bell.

No. 1056425

Shes probably the most pathetic soul I have come across in my life time. Someone who flashes and begs for money.. and is pro pedophilia for cash. Is just desperate and sad. This girl needs therapy so fucking bad.

No. 1056437

File: 1602436111014.jpg (352.4 KB, 1080x1795, 20201011_130634.jpg)

Wow she has a total of 24 patrons.. how sad.

No. 1056977

I'm pretty sure onision had more patrons then that.. lmao.

No. 1057063

Simps will pay for anything. Your find she posts stuff on different things so people have to sign up to different accounts to get more money in

No. 1057114

What a cunt.

No. 1057546

Why are you defending a pedo fetishist?

No. 1057662

File: 1602605059481.jpg (895.73 KB, 1080x1760, 20201013_120313.jpg)

At least she knows shes trash.

No. 1058166

No ones defending pedos. People are just getting side tracked who this is about.

No. 1059320

She legit a dumpster baby

No. 1059909

I will never understand how she still bitches about how cringy her documentary is, but yet her porn isn’t.

No. 1059932

I'll never understand how she can look her self in the mirror everyday

No. 1061715

I bet you shes one of those girls that makes porn but in real life she really really bad in bed

No. 1061913

It's funny how they both dont do YouTube anymore

No. 1062062

If i could find the tweet i would, came down to she can not be bothered. Mostly as i think she did not make enough money doing it to actually bother. The girl is just money driven. He if i am honest could not be taken seriously the fact he appeared in her videos.

No. 1065687

She made new dumbass YouTube video looking dumb as fuck. I cant believe how slow she sounds when she speaks.
Shes wearing fake ass freckles in this video. Which you can tell are super fucking fake.
This video was about her gaming set up. But bitch cant even game!. Her twitch account failed like over 2 years ago. She couldnt even hold a gaming remote properly now shes at it again. Lmfao desperation at its best.
She says she doesn't do YouTube anymore cuz she cant handle the hate comments. Then get the fuck off the internet and stop being such a degenerate.
Nobody asked for you anyways jess.
Every single video is self centered about her self and what she looks like or what she wasted money on.

No. 1067141

File: 1603565487457.png (15.48 KB, 588x104, Capture.PNG)

Sounds like she running out of simps or money again.

No. 1067313

It's not like shes wise with her money. Lol she spends it on so much junk.

No. 1067678

Is she still a kitten/puppy?

No. 1067722


No. 1069142

No. 1071902

File: 1604176121814.png (17.12 KB, 600x96, Capture.PNG)

What a shame it would be if she did not get 16$ to get her payout

No. 1072560

Shes so desperate it's the most pathetic thing I have ever seen.

No. 1074886

Theres a shitty abdl video of her on pornhubb and people are just leaving mean comments on it. Lmfao

No. 1075013

Isnt it ironic how both states shes lived in are trump majority voters. Florida & Georgia. I bet shes a trump supporter.

No. 1075279

And? What does that have to do with anything?

No. 1075284

most people from the states she lives in are fucked up enough to be trump supporters. We already know shes fucked up so shes likely part of the problem and a pro trumper too.(political derailing)

No. 1075285

Just makes her that much more unlikable

No. 1075481

I’m a proud Trumpster, and I don’t support what she’s doing. You can’t judge someone just because they’re voting for someone different then you.(political derailing)

No. 1076022

Ew. vomiting
Now we are not only judging her for being a dumb ass but we are also judging you…
You have to be really thick to be proud of something like that. As thick as her for being proud to wear diapers.
Shes lived in some of the worst state. Totally judging her on so many levels.

No. 1076117


I can tell your the person who spams this form with 90% of posts of your nasty comments by the way you type. Grow up and get a life you sad fuck don't judge someone on where they live that has nothing to do with how somome can be they could be the nicest person and have unfortunate living situation. No this is not me defending her at all before you loose your shit

No. 1076415

You do realise 100% of comments on here are "Nasty comments".
Not to mention spammers get temporary banning and cant continuously spam.
You are one to talk about getting a life if you are on this website too.
To point out that shes from trumper states is just the obvious. but leave it to a trumper to get butthurt over that statement.
But jess is a huge child. So put her in a cage!

No. 1076457

Lol where did j mention trump? I didnt wind your neck in I said dont judge somone on where they live. I'm not even from us I dont follow anything trump does not that its your business. From the sounds it your the trump supporter. The only thing I ever said on this if she still a kitten dont see the point in spreading hate but seriously get a life hating people cause they live in a state that voted trump I can tell the type of person you are with out even seeing your face.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1076762

Well I DO very much judge on that note and it does give me even more of an excuse to hate her cracker looking ass. Moving to the land of anti-abortion Christians does kinda say alot about where she comes from.
Any person that says "I'm a proud trumper" is 99.9% garunterd to be a KAREN.>>1075481
I dont really care if you useless cows hate me. Im just here to shit on jess and everything about her useless self.

No. 1076847

She is very pro abortion and also atheist just saying.

No. 1077119

Wtf no one is pro abortion it's called pro choice. And obviously shes pro Choice shes into sex work. She also would be saving a childs misery from having a pedophile as a mother and father.one can only hope that cow doesn't breed.
Little miss spiritual crystal empath ls atheist now? Jeez I guess that's another personality phase.

No. 1077121

You cant be a spiritual empath if you are atheists.

No. 1077178

It’s sarcasm, because one of her phases was a spiritual crystal empath. She just does whatever gets her views, and money no matter how low she has to go. She has no value for herself.

No. 1077262

File: 1604772557606.jpg (186.38 KB, 1080x680, 20201107_130340.jpg)

Just another lie she portrays.heres a photo of her fetlife description about herself shes still playing the empath Card. And when's the last time you saw her talk about or appreciate Crystal's?

No. 1077266

(INFJ) meaning personality type is defined as having the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging traits. (Juging traits probably the most honest thing shes ever said)

No. 1077678

File: 1604804037093.jpg (268.03 KB, 1080x1606, 20201107_214936.jpg)

Twitter finally censored her ass

No. 1077734

It’s a setting that she put into place and most adult performers have per Twitter TOS in order to post nudity

No. 1077738

What ever was done thank God. People are no longer subjected to her cringy fetish. Boundaries on that shit was much needed. I personally have never seen that on any other sex workers profile on Twitter.

No. 1077774

It’s a option that you have to implement yourself, she’s had it for a long time. I follow other people who use it as well because it protects their accounts from minors.(learn2sage)

No. 1077885

Wtf Thats actual bullshit that wasnt there 2 months ago. I think she just finally realized people were reporting her Twitter too much for being such a degene. But regardless shes hella dirty.

No. 1077886

She made a YouTube video about getting a gamer chair for gaming. Only to turn around and make porn of her humping the chair. Guess that was the only use she could get out of it. we all knew shes not a gamer. And who in the right mind humps objects? A degenerate that's who.

No. 1078206

She had the twitter thing for a while where it displays them warnings. Shame Twitter does not just remove her for the amount of bot spam she gets from just for fans. She always seems to have to do a 5$ for 30 day to get suckers in to pay for her poor content. I did try and find the pornhub video where every one is mean but could only find one video where someone says about her feet

No. 1078242

Content warnings on Twitter are opt in for users but they're broken as fuck, sometimes you turn them off but should still get flagged for you

No. 1079027

I know Instagram has deleted her account I think 2 times.

No. 1081151

File: 1605222197833.png (44.05 KB, 599x395, Capture.PNG)

Classic Jess, jumping on someone else's train. How many platforms does this cow want to be on. She just start posting to one then no to the other then swap again.

No. 1081322

desperado slutto

No. 1081350

Anyway she can make money doing the degrading things she already does just filming it she’s in.

No. 1081422

She says doing herself a disservice more like other people making money I should be making. Jess you been on more platforms than anyone else. What happen is your little gang will all join it then the new platform will kick in. Oh have fun with it as well it subject to UK law.

No. 1084209

And just when I thought she couldn’t get any more cringy I decided to click her Pocketstars link. She refers to herself as a piss baby.(emoji use)

No. 1087234

Its absolutely disgusting how she keeps making porn content in her backyard! Her neighbors can obviously see. All they have to do is look through a upstairs window to see everything. She really has no shame and must get off on being humiliated by anyone or anyone.

No. 1087871

Why what she done now lol is it on her only fans?

No. 1087940

Yeah she has a bunch of content of her diapered in her backyard or running around naked in her yard swimming naked. Like wtf. Why subject your neighbors to that shit. Like they gonna hate you in the neighborhood.

No. 1088292

File: 1606005792950.png (36 KB, 590x368, Capture.PNG)

Sounds like someone is fishing for the oh your so good, dont feel like that type.

Does she not get she makes her money by doing porn that people pay for. I would not be surprised if in a year or so time we get the whole oh i am retiring from porn then a massive oh i came back to it

No. 1088370

Wow. What an attention seeker. She goes after it in such negative ways, and then wants people to pity her.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1089267

Studies interviewing pedophiles admitted to being atracted not only to children but child like objects… which just goes to show she truly is like a child molester. Getting off humping stuffed animals and sticking kid toys up her twat. By definition she has the same tendencies as a pedophile.

No. 1089299

Don’t forget masturbating in piss diapers while sucking on a pacifier.

No. 1089327

Which to some extent is worse. Real pedophiles stay in the closet. But shes so open about her mental illness its sickening

No. 1089329

Wtf is this cow talking about? All she does is think about her self. Talk about her self. And buy her self shit. Now shes trying to act like a generous robot. What horses shit.

No. 1089382

File: 1606137427433.jpeg (11.22 KB, 168x299, download.jpeg)

adora batbrat dressed up as a rape victim for Halloween. I'm honestly surprised jess didnt think of this victim complex costume first for attention. Watch her do this next just to get people talking about her.

No. 1089524

Exactly! They’re are pedophiles that were born with those urges, and are seeking help, but she just normalizes it by saying it’s her kink, and exploits it everywhere for money.

No. 1089629

I really can’t believe you’re acting like she’s worse than an actual pedophile for participating in an adult activity with adults, no matter how taboo it may be. You do know there’s a whole community of people with the same kink and other girls who make porn about it right? She didn’t come up with this concept.

No. 1090013

Jeez that doesn't sound like jess at all. Ha. always with the same response. other people are doing it isnt a valid argument. Other people do alot of fucked up things but just because others do it doesn't make it ok for you to join the party. They are all being judged too jess is just the poster child of it all.
No one said shes worse than a pedophile. But pointing out mentally shes just AS BAD. By definition pedophiles get aroused by child like objects. Jess does too so she has the same brain chemistry as those pedos. Theres no doubt about that. Its twisted anyone would try and defend this cow.

No. 1090014

Jess would dress up as a rape victim for sure. Shes already lied about being a rape victim. Typical dysfunctional white girls at their finest.

No. 1090106

You can’t really candidly declare that she lied about being sexually abused.

No. 1090107

You’re absolutely right. I just don’t like how she made it seem innocent in her Barcroft documentary, and said it helped her cope with being sexually abused at 2, but here she is doing taboo sexual stuff while in her baby headspace.

No. 1090120

Why would you hang out with your dad who raped you, anon? And everytime we brought it up she deleted the videos of them having a good relationship

No. 1090160

Issue with Jess is if you take away peoples views on it being pedo behaviour, she just rude, money driven, despite for money, barely has any social skills. Porn stars normally good at interacting with fans because fans pay money. Jess on the other hand expects people to give her money, can not come up with a idea on her own for her "brand". She has driven her life on that interview as her name shows up on the internet.

Yes there are people in to this fetish like myself but we do not sit there recording videos, making money on it, crying on social media because we feel we not making enough money.

There are people who with in the community do positive things to help people understand the fetish and make it very clear no under 18s should take part. They only show the non sexual side of the community which is positive.

Jess on the other hand shows how to be rude, how it about money. Try and find a tweet on her twitter that she is not being a brat, automated, about her cam shows (Surprise any one watches as golden rule to camming is keep a regular time table), or her having a melt down.

No. 1090165

you could've left the part about you being into the fetish out kek

No. 1090347

Wait what did she say about her dad?

No. 1090551

Her dad was the one who raped her, and she now has a relationship with him. She once celebrated Fathers Day, as Daddy Day with Stephen.

No. 1091071

Thank you for sharing anon. Hearing this from someone with similar kinks just goes to show how unlikable jess is.
"You can’t really candidly declare that she lied about being sexually abused"
Yes you can! When shes declared sexual abuse numerous times then recanted those statements. Its obvious shes got a victim complex and made those things up. And if it is true shes been abused then shes just made herself look like a liar over the years. Shes done all of this to herself. She dug herself into a hole of self pity she cant get out of.

No. 1091505

Trust me we not all like her. Most people keep it in private and not publishing it on the internet for money. Outside her little community she is really hated. A lot of people do not like her and she thinks shes a role model for the community yet she is. Shame it is how to be the most unlike community member and how to get underage minors in to the fetish.

No. 1091511

Can you fuck off? No1curr that you're a disgusting degenerate.

No. 1091513

>>1091511 Lol no thanks. How's being a virgin going for you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1092177

How come her partner been so quite on social media anyone know if he still works at Walmart I think it was? He used to be very active but since getting with jess he just kind off disappearing

No. 1092369

Mostly as when he post she attacks people who comment on it. Plus a few times he retweeted her porn posts i think caused his followers to stop following

No. 1092397

She views his 13-15 year old emo fan girls as a threat. She gets extremely rude to them when they comment on his posts.

No. 1092446

Nta but I couldn't ignore this. It's potentially the most juvenile response to being called out for clout chasing with a pedophila fetish (on LC of all places) I've ever seen.

>They only show the non sexual side of the community which is positive.
>How's being a virgin going for you?

The cognitive dissonance and double digit IQ is palpable throughout this sperg.

No. 1092861

Wait I seen all the comments she done They were quite nasty and rude
Is this because of low self stem or just because she jelly Of other girls giving him attention

No. 1093632

File: 1606570514345.png (309.5 KB, 592x456, Capture.PNG)

Even he posts her content. It might be why he slowly fading away.

No. 1093685

It’s both. The low self esteem, and insecurities makes her jealous, and view them as a threat for taking away her attention.

No. 1093705

Basically anyone who associates themselves with jess gets harrassed on YouTube. Likely why he's slowly stopped posting. Hes probably just trying to avoid being called a pedophile at this point.

And last I heard hes no longer working.

No. 1093754

He’s obviously working if you’ve paid attention to his Snapchat

No. 1093765

Ok Jess. Only pedos use snapchat

No. 1094207

yeah like anyone on here actually fallows these tools on snap chat.
He gives off the impression hes a useless bumb that lives off his gfs porn earnings. He gives off freeloading vibes. Food stamp vibes.

No. 1094209

File: 1606626730602.jpg (348.65 KB, 1080x1410, 20201129_000307.jpg)

Jess acting like a massive bitch towards someone she thinks is a minor. Anon you are right she is prissy towards 14 year olds.

No. 1094258

She constantly claims her Twitter is 18 plus, and minors can’t access it. If they do she says she instantly blocks them, but she’s doing the complete opposite by replying with a rude comment. So mature.

No. 1094264

She’s constantly being accused as a pedophile, so replying to someone you believe to be a minor with her 18 plus kink account isn’t a good look.

No. 1094473

It's odd she leaves up rude stuff like this.her Twitter is 80% ranting.

No. 1094475

" Lol no thanks. How's being a virgin going for you?"
90% sure. This comment was jess I have seen her say something similar to this on her Twitter in the past.

No. 1094849

Is it true she pissed in a bowl of oatmeal then ate it ?

No. 1094953

There’s some ABDL challenge called the oatmeal challenge that she did on her Just For Fans. She put it in her diaper which she pissed in, and if she ate if after that honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 1095366

Shes disgusting!!! She pisses in food now wtaf.

No. 1095768

She doesnt have her own "brand" she basically copies every abdl creator before her. This girl has a self image crisis and fails to have a original bone in her body. Ew shes into enemas too.

No. 1095860

She used to skin craw 2 of Stevens ex girlfriend from the way they dress and photo poses like it was identical images and even coping tattoos
It’s really fucking sad and creepy

No. 1097957

It's sad someone is that lost with in themselves emotionally and spiritually to not have their own identity. Not to mention her husband must of been freaked out by those things. He cant honestly think his wife is mentally stable. He likely plays with her mental illness and manipulates what he wants from her. Cuz it's easy. She also dyed her hair red the same colour as his ex when she met his ex… skin Walker. Reptilian.

No. 1097959

I saw a enema bag in the background of a photo shoot she did with abdreams. Pretty sure she does that too.

No. 1098838

I would not be surprised if she shits herself.

No. 1099034

On her Pocket Stars for custom videos she said she won’t do messy diaper videos. She also said it was a limit in her documentary, so you know if she won’t do it for money it’s a really hard limit.

No. 1099298

She not allowed to do messy play like that as manyvids and all them sites block scat or poo play. She will do anything for the right money

No. 1101751


That documentary was years ago she also said it was not sexual in that documentary lol things have really changed
She says she wont because alot of sits pan that.

No. 1101970

Word of advice jess. Instead of changing your hair color every 2 weeks you can actually just put in colorful hair extensions. You are likely gonna have thinning hair by the age of 28 at this rate.

No. 1102520

i also love how she instantly just stopped uploading to youtube as soon as youtubes content guidelines changed, shes so adamant that shes sfw with her work yet she doesnt upload anything anymore unless its promotional. Also her whole thing copying Tori is mad gross, she literally shit talked her to death and then goes and gets her tattoo as a service to her? Anything for a tiny bit of sympathy 'uwu look at me im so hurt', i hope cancel culture eats her ass.

No. 1102882

She goes where the money is. If she thinks other people making money on a another site she will start using that. Really she is a washed up has been who that interview brought her in to the spot light and now she's just far gone.

Steven on the other hand does nothing now

No. 1102934

Stevops always been a bumb and has a kink for fucked up girls.
She has no self identity. Shes a lost washed up has been who cant find her place. Anyone who pisses them selves for money is next level special ed. I cant wait to see what she looks like at 30.lmao
You know what else is fucked up. she posts age play photos on Facebook. Like… girl dont you have family on there??

No. 1103866

i wonder what happened with that girl who used to go by 'honey the cubbie?' they did porn together and then she just dipped, they arent following each other on twitter anymore either, the girl honey goes under 'thistle fernsby' now

No. 1103901

oh yeah, she also became freinds with Toris old friend who goes under 'creature 666' on Instagram when she moved to Georgia, i find that really strange… i was even in a livestream with her instagram once when i was a fan and Sarah (creature666) was the only one basically interacting with fans, she was so sweet, Jess was just lipsyncing music and basically ignoring everyone.

No. 1103904

has anyone checked out her AB instagram page lol? she tried to make it 18+ but because all of her fans are under 18 she just made it public haha

No. 1103972

That doesn’t surprise me. She says her Twitter is 18+, but had replied to minors on it.

No. 1104542

shes been weirdly inactive recently, the only thing shes doing is promoting her porn sites on twitter but you can tell theyre automated… she hasnt livestreamed in a while either, i wonder whats up with her :/

No. 1104572

December 3, 2020, 2:15 pm
Hi babes! Sorry for the absence, some personal things came up and then my dental surgery was today. I will be posting some throwbacks in the meantime to give you things to enjoy 💗


I think she one them she gets close to running out of money then posts this so she can do the whole big come back. Bell Wells is now the same all they do is post their automated stuff

No. 1104613

yikes to her honestly. I wonder how long her and Bells friendship will last since they always end up leaving her after they figure out who she is

No. 1105212

What happened to her friend rain they had matching unicorn wrist tattoos

No. 1105224

I saw a old comment on YouTube that Jess and scream kiwi stop being friends because Jess stole some her kitten gear? Was this true or just a rumour?

No. 1105235

Scream Kiwi still supports her

No. 1105243

Maybe she got covid19

No. 1105262

Jess and scream kiwi took a long break from being friends for a while then reconnected not sure why. The rumor was that jess never gave screamkiwi her kitten stuff back. really unsure if it was true or not. But I wouldnt doubt it.
Jess also made porn with girl named scummyprincess that sure didnt last long. She also had a "baby sitter"/little friend who went by babydipdipbird. Again another girl who disappeared. Then the girl with the matching tattoos..
She must be a really shitty friend. To have people drop like flys.

No. 1105386

bruhh why does eugenia follow her lmao

No. 1105614


Because Eugenia also has a select group of fetishists she secretly caters too although it's not so secret anymore.

No. 1105783

What do you mean by caters too?

No. 1105796

Yep. Donations from these fetishists is a large part of her income.

No. 1105947

im also pretty sure binkie said she had anorexia so shes probably watching her because euginia is going through a similar thing… also,binkie literally is an arse and probably makes fun of her, that wouldnt surprise me

No. 1105949

…im surprised shes stayed friends with kara for so long

No. 1105950

They are her obiters on discord and twitch. Most of her mods are grown ass men and most of her "fans" are little girls with EDs and issues. Its already been putted that one of her mods before she removed him was giving girls "diet advice" and soliciting inappropriate conversations with them. Anyone who thinks Eugina is naive and innocent is underestimating how far gone she is in her own sickness. Shes a dangerous adult for children whether she means to be or not.

No. 1106012

didn't watch her stream the other day but in her video she posted to promote it on twitter she wasn't wearing her collar. wonder if something happened with her and Stephen, it would explain some of her silence

No. 1106168

i doubt, she still has him in her bio

No. 1106406

Her silence and stuff like no collar means she do a whole come back set of videos and be active for a week or two then go quiet.

Likely to have had the collar off during her dental work but then will do a video like being collared by daddy again

No. 1106435

It's very odd eugenia fallows her nasty porn twitter. Eugenia is into stuffed animals and acting younger. But I'm surprised she would fallow such explicit sexual content so openly on her public Twitter. Not a smart move on her part.

Honestly I wouldnt be surprised if jess and Stephen had some issues going on. The first year of marriage he admitted in one of his YouTube videos that he was going through a life crisis and that's why he wasnt posting on YouTube. She also recently posted that she wasnt active online due to personal issues. Forget the collar see if shes still wearing the wedding ring. That would be a big indication that something is up with them.
I honestly cant see the relationship lasting with both their issues and her career Choice. I could see him getting fed up fast.
I cant imagine living with someone as annoying as her.

No. 1106441

I would not be surprised if they split as she's to focused on money and if he was making more she would not have liked it. Most people only have about 2-3 years in the industry before they washed up. Once someone paid 10$ for a month they seen all her content.

No. 1106802

actually I think there's no ring too but I'm on my phone right now & kinda blind lol

https://twitter.com/binkieprincess/status/1336839497896615943 this is the video I was referring to though(imageboard)

No. 1106847

I can not see a ring but on other videos i not noticed it before

No. 1107059

I would feel bad for them if they had split up cause they were a good couple And no one deserves to go though such heartbreak

No. 1107355

Yeah I'd actually feel bad too lol. I'm just super curious about it

No. 1107461

i wouldnt be surprised if he had problems with her porn stuff and the fact she doesnt want kids, considering im pretty sure hes stated in the past hes wanted kids.

No. 1107522

he made it with her. The fact she made a point about the state she lived in banning abortions says to me there is more to what is going on

No. 1107570

Yeah she was weirdly focused on the abortion subject. And hes wanted kids in the past with his ex. So why would that change in the case of this giant baby.

I wouldnt feel bad at all for them if they broke up. They are the ultimate cringe couple.
Plus shes doesn't even wear her wedding ring. That's a sign of her lack of commitment right there. He deserves better. And she deserves her miserable money gobbling self.

No. 1107577

I seriously think her mental health is declining. She said she no longer posts on YouTube cuz she can't handle the hate. I think being in the pubic eye is actually getting to her Borderline personality.

No. 1107587

Hers is always in decline, look at her she been a way for like less than two weeks and shes doing the whole come back bit.

Youtube changed a lot of things so people like Jess get flushed out as they do not want her content on the site.

No. 1107691

Me dumb dumb but what do you think going behind the scenes? Thanks

No. 1107757

wouldnt be surprised if she cheated on him like what she did with David. would explain how quiet their being

No. 1107798

u think she may have had an abortion or nearly ran into something like it and of course steve just didnt like it…

but yeah, i guess personally i couldnt deal with my partner doing porn with others but its up to him i suppose

No. 1107802

'I’ll be back on CB this week and back to posting regularly on JFF. I miss you guys and thank you for be patient with me during this hiatus!' - jess

No. 1107965

It's pretty obvious she cant be faithful. she cheated on David. And couldn't go through out this relationship with out sleeping with other girls. I wouldn't be surprised if she started talking to other guys.
David was too normal so she upgraded to a youtuber like her. Stephen is likely too "normal"for her now and she needs to upgrade to a guy who makes porn like her. Shes likely talking to other men who make porn.
I dont think they will make it to the end of 2021.

No. 1108068

Jess it's clear it you. Why not just give up and get a real job. All you do is on twitter is posted your same automated crap, have lots of issues in your life. Most sex workers bitch less than you do and frankly they care more about their fans than your 3 biggest tippers on cb.(lack of sage , hi cow, can't integrate)

No. 1108227

lmao it wasnt Jess, i just copied what she put on twitter a few days ago to keep with the conversation on why she left…

No. 1108249

this entire thread is an absolute dumpster fire

No. 1108253

Ok jess. Gtfooh

No. 1108277

How appropriate for a dumpster fire like jess.

No. 1108602

has she been known to lurk on this thread often?

No. 1108666

YES! she sent me a personal message on Twitter bitching at me for posting on a hate thread about her. What else could she be talking about? Obviously the lolcow.
All because I told her she wasnt the orginal creator of a photo she was trying to take credit for. Then she blocked me on Twitter. Hahahaha she got caught lying about originality then lashed out and blocked me. How sad.

No. 1108697

steve uploaded what i think is anold photo of himself on instagram, no caption, maybe hes the one lurking and wanted to kinda let everyone know hes alive? idk

No. 1108702

Not likely. think you are over reading things.

No. 1108732

Kara (binkies best freind) just posted on her story a meme about a toxic friendship ending…

No. 1108804

shes on cb right now, she mentioned her dog scratched the fuck out of her nipple and made it red… tf is this shit

No. 1108910

File: 1608195842446.jpeg (96.85 KB, 750x782, 4E19AA4D-5D93-461A-B7D7-30ADFD…)

Is it just me, or does she look likes she’s put on even more weight since last time? I suppose it’s good considering her past. Also still no collar and looks like it’s back into emo phase

No. 1108995

Did she say anything about the collar? It was such a big thing for her I'm shocked she wouldn't say anything on cb to her regulars

No. 1109013

she wasnt wearing her rings either, i checked when watching. And ye shes gained weight but meh, idrc about that. She didnt mention anything whilst i was there, the just uaully keeps to trying to get tokens and doing normal cam stuff, never really talks about anything personal.

No. 1109034

Yeah shes definitely put on weight. It's all the milk shes chugging in those bottles. IM NOT SAYING SHE FAT CUZ SHES NOT. but shes definitely put on weight. Likely a good 20 pounds compared to 3 years ago. Maybe shes an emotional eater?

No. 1109036

I saw in one of her porn videos stevop was wearing his ring and she wasnt.
Who is kara? Do u know if she Was talking about jess??

No. 1109040

She cant even fill out that bra. And has no calfs. But looks like all her fat goes to her stomach and thighs. I dont think she eats very healthy.

No. 1109143

Often in porn people do not wear the wedding rings as it a bit of a turn off to simps. It just strange how he has almost drop off the face of the planet. Strange also how they moved from one state to a another after the whole abortion lark then back to the state they came from

No. 1109256

she deff wore the wedding ring on cb before, not sure about in her videos but that's not really a big deal because technically you're playing a role in porn so you'd want your outfit & jewelry to match too

Collar she never took off tho and on cb she talks about Stephen all the time lol

No. 1109282

I'm not buying it the dude wears his ring and she hardly ever does. It's a sign of commitment.

When my hand swelled up from a injury my husband got me another ring one size up. Because of the commitment symbolism.
As a married woman I don't get it at all. It's in poor taste and rude towards the other spouse.

I was engaged once to someone I wasnt fully committed to and I took the ring off all the time. It's a subconscious.

Its obvious shes not fully committed her line of work is likely an excuse not to wear it.(no1curr about ur fatty ring)

No. 1109340

Still think she’s cheating and he found out their probly Having problems now

No. 1109372

cant say for certain if shes cheated. But I have a feeling theres issues with them for sure.

No. 1110069


In her baracroft docu you can see her and her ex pedoloving groomer bf where she calls him "daddy" at a fucking Costco or Sams club or some shit.

No. 1110073

I hope Steve gets away from her, you can tell he isn’t happy and hasn’t been in a long time. she drains people and probably has hurt him. He deserves so much more

No. 1110306

Jeez for someone who claims to be an empath she sure lives superficially

No. 1110428

File: 1608374263338.jpeg (318.54 KB, 640x1050, A74680E1-09B2-4154-824F-BEDF1E…)

Binkie made it on to bbc news. The met police using her disgusting content to terrorise and harass the women that work for them

No. 1110555

Her content back then is nothing compared to her porn now. Back then she was still claiming it wasn’t sexual.

No. 1110567

OT but this is some autistic shit
>Mr Redgewell repeatedly sent sexualised photos of the comic book characters Catwoman and Batman
Some people should just put the phone down and take a hike.

No. 1111011

WTF does that bat woman photo have anything to do with jess?? Nothinggg.
But it is actually comical he used jess photo as a form of harrassment. Cuz no one actually consents to her publicised fetish bs.

No. 1111013

She drains people like a energy vampire.

No. 1111019

Who ever the moderators are for this site fucking suck. They ban people for no valid reasoning at all. I guess they dont want the only people who use this shitty website. Dumb as fuck. Theres gotta be a better way to shit talk this cow.

No. 1111025

File: 1608437046901.jpg (802.85 KB, 1080x1843, 20201219_225249.jpg)

pretty sure theres trouble in the relationship. She changed her last name on Facebook from Jessica parker to jess thayer. She took away Stephens last name. Her Facebook no longer says shes married she took away her bublic relationship status.
(His Facebook says hes still married to her)

No. 1111043

poor steve. Her cheating must be true then, it all makes sense. Thats her pattern probably already replaced him with a new guy. cant imagine how steve is feeling having to deal with her and how selfish she is. should have never got married cause shes way to immature for a commited relationship

No. 1111050

Her last relationship before it ended she got engaged. Then this relationship she got married and looks like shes distancing herself after 1 year of marriage. This is her subtle way of distancing her self. No ring, name change, no relationship status, no social media posts. Its actually pretty sad. I never thought I'd say this but I feel bad for Stephen. He walked right into her web of lies. Idk if she cheated but she looks like the one doing the distancing in the relationship.

No. 1111060

File: 1608442664616.jpg (550.41 KB, 1080x1837, 20201220_003122.jpg)

Wow his public relationship status was removed right after the post about jess was made on here.
It no longer says hes married to her on Facebook. (Why would they remove the public relationship status on Facebook but keep it up on all other social media like twitter/Instagram?) Very strange.

No. 1111107

I totally knew something was up between them when they went quiet and she stopped wearing her collar. She went quiet on social media when she broke up with David too.

I wonder if cheating was involved or if Stephen did something awful. Having to get a divorce is so much harder than just a regular breakup though. Yikes

No. 1111124

That’s fucking funny. I’ve been following this cow since she had that segment on tosh.0, god what a trip. Can only wonder where she goes from here.

No. 1111156

What happened?

>>1111025 I thought she would have cute background on her facebook to go with her theme like baby bottles or hello kitty this kinda surprised me she's used trippy background

>>1111060 very strange unless they just making it a private relationship? Steven might be going off media completely who knows. They probably update there other social media soon I guess

>>1111107 they both been well know for cheating in each of their past relationships but if he done it she can't talk cause she's having fake sex with loads girls on camera
I wonder if they get a divorce or just split up for a while? I'm pretty sure they just moved into a new house as well so they sucks even more for them

No. 1111204

She changed her last name not looking good. They both removed the relationship status on Facebook and shes not wearing her collar or ring. All signs point to the. Splitting up. They will make a long video about it sooner or later if its official. Shes probably gonna kick him out of the house if it is over.

No. 1111212

Anyone fallow them on tiktok or snap chat? Any up dates on there ?

No. 1111252

File: 1608482517896.png (148.67 KB, 750x1624, image0.png)

Sorry if this is late but Binkie got banned from Tiktok is seems lmfao. Also with the them breaking up stuff- really not sure, but things dont look good. They havent changed their bio's on their insta or twitters. Maybe theyll wait until they have a video explaining things before taking it off to avoid everyone asking i guess

No. 1111257

Maybe she deleted everything off her tik tok? Or banned?

No. 1111258

The silence is really weird

No. 1111265

Yeah I feel like they won't change their twitter or insta bios until they're ready to announce it since those are their ~public~ social media where all their fans are

Stephen's comments on insta on his last post are all about Jess tho so how awkward if they're breaking up

No. 1111269

I should've screenshot the message, but if you go her page it'll pop up. It says she was banned for violating community guidelines too many times.

No. 1111280

Can’t say how I found out, but I can confirm she did cheat on Stephen. And already has a new guy. What an awful situation.

No. 1111320

ok you're gonna have to prove this claim

No. 1111326

can you give a story on how you know?

No. 1111344

How do you know this?? Receipts Please.

No. 1111367

Not exposing people that gave me information. These aren’t claims they are facts. You will all see in due time. Stephen was cheated on and still is being cheated on. He’s just being mature until they figure things out with the house and animals

No. 1111416

you dont have to expose the people to give us a basic overview of what happened, until then, we will just see in due time and your claim isnt valid.

No. 1111424


Relax, anons. We'll see her posting him and including him in her sex work in no time.

No. 1111457

He deleted all videos of her on his YouTube. She must have hurt him bad it’s obvious

No. 1111473

Holy shit he did delete everything of her.. wow. I guess its really over.

No. 1111491

…damn it really is going to be going off soon isnt it?

No. 1111493

Holy shit. I didn’t believe he deleted everything but checked and just wow…I can’t believe she actually cheated on him if that’s what happened. She played up how in love she was with him so much everywhere. I wonder if she really does already have someone new and if so…I wonder who/how this happened. Corona makes it hard to meet new people, so maybe it’s someone they were friends with?

No. 1111495

Samefag but just got to thinking, she never lost contact with David. Wouldn’t it be crazy if it was him.

No. 1111498

I really hope it was a mutual thing tbh and not cheating because honestly that's so sad even tho I don't like either of them.

No. 1111499

I had that thought that would be insane

No. 1111501

shes been 'gaming' a lot recently so it wouldnt surprise me if it was a discord.gg/moderator "moan for me again kitten your mic cut out" type of guy

i find it hillarious, he was a rebound that she couldnt get rid of that was taken too far and she didnt even have the decency to break up with him but cheated instead :/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1111513

I highly doubt its david.

I think maybe it's a older sugar daddy type deal.

Shes still in one of his videos called I'm "I'm back" but I think Stephen deleted everything else including the wedding video.

No. 1111520

Oof those matching tattoos gotta suck.

No. 1111543

I totally forgot about their matching tattoos ugh how cringe

No. 1111564

what about his TikToks has he removed the videos of her in?

No. 1111567

When I read deleted all his videos I thought his whole YouTube, but then I checked, and was shocked that he kept all his old videos, just deleted the ones of her, and especially the wedding video. Even though it wouldn’t be a surprise that she cheated considering all she does with other girls in her porn, I still genuinely feel bad for him as you can tell he truly loved her.

No. 1111578

Does his tiktok still have videos of her??
Seriously can't wait to hear what happened.

No. 1111608

he posted videos about gifts and things he was getting for her and i believe she was in videos but she was definitely mentioned in a lot of them. Im still waiting for someone to report back on it because i refuse to download the app lol

No. 1111620

What's gonna happen to the channel they made together.? Wasn't it called "Stress'd out"

No. 1111625

File: 1608518201293.png (3.82 MB, 750x1624, C3DEDA03-98D3-4BD3-B7CC-93D4CC…)

Nah, I don’t think he has yet. His most recent one with her was the date they went on after covid restriction lowered (stupidly here in Florida.) but I wouldn’t be surprised if soon he goes through it. I lowkey still can’t believe this is happening Lmfao

No. 1111636

We all saw it coming

No. 1111651

File: 1608520625933.jpg (237.13 KB, 1080x1432, 20201220_221246.jpg)

You think this is the guy?

No. 1111660


shes not following the person mentioned in the screenshot so i doubt it, who knows though.

No. 1111662

File: 1608521587637.jpg (112.06 KB, 957x957, jess.jpg)

She changed her profile photo on facebook 9 hours ago, if you look closely shes not wearing her collar.

No. 1111663

File: 1608521798263.jpg (133.12 KB, 960x960, 131098179_3679417078781144_907…)

another example, this was posted on the 12th

No. 1111664

File: 1608521830162.jpg (83.58 KB, 957x957, 131123428_3679404228782429_836…)

theres also this one from the 12 too, shes not wearing her ring.

No. 1112077

Yikes how awkward they even did porn videos together hopefully she delete them faster then she did the ones with David took her like 6 months to remove them

No. 1112083

She will not do that, that lose her money. She made a whole 47 videos and barely makes any new ones.

soon or later her simps will notice that they paying her money for nothing

No. 1112152

Tbh i noticed all of steven energy drain when they got together but when they got married he was a shell of the man he once was I think things have probably been sour for a while now

No. 1112162

He deleted the one and only last video with her in it on his YouTube channel.

I doubt she will delete any of her YouTube videos with him in it or porn. Just because she will lose money if she deletes stuff.

Shes likely leaving him for a sugar daddy.

No. 1112170

Well she changed her name and he removed all her YouTube videos.
I dont get why they are making it seem like they are still together on all other social media platforms. Its that harder? Putting up a facade.?

No. 1112177

I can still see all her youtube videos.

No. 1112239

No he deleted all the videos of her off HIS YouTube.

No. 1112382

Her CB live streams are so short. She doesn't stay online long.

No. 1113027

Where's the dirt,? Anyone got any update on the marriage yet,?

No. 1113058

looks like nothing yet but both have photos of each other on instagram. I would not be surprised still if he is taking a back seat on social media

No. 1113122

Yeah, nothing really yet. Watched her cb stream for a bit and she didnt talk much. A person asked her if she was excited for christmas and she very much emphasized she was not excited this year. She also mentioned everything is "meh" right now in her life. Also, that she bought presents for herself and thats all shes really done.

So nothing juicy, but still pointing to the signs of not good.

No. 1113312

She got her self gifts how sad. Yeah that doesn't sound too good.

No. 1113435

To keep ourselves occupied till the next update with binkie, what does everyone know about her and the first cam girl collab she did? The first girl she did a collab with, stayed at her house during her birthday week and apparently treated her like shit. The girl is also a little in the ddlg community.

No. 1113472

Is that the girl she did the cam FAQ video with too? I didn't know she treated her bad, what happened?

No. 1113619

Likely be Mia. Shes left caming. I wonder if she do her normal and when they split she do her radio slicence for a few months then she do a whole big i am back and want to do cam again. then she do about 3 cam shows then back to not bothering

No. 1113780

No it was a girl named smallpinkdoll, she's the one that designed binkie's ass tattoo and they have matching ones on their ass.

No. 1113908

>>1113435 who what girl? Post a photo of the girl you are talking about maybe ? How do u know she treated her badly?

Mia stopped caming? I mean mia is actually a really cool down to earth girl. she seems too much of hippy to be on the same level as jess. She likely got negative back lash after collaborating with jess.

Those ass tattoos will age so well. The drawing isnt bad but the pink is gonna fade badly.

No. 1113920

File: 1608783760732.jpg (836.38 KB, 1078x1728, Screenshot_20201223-231046.jpg)

She has the same tattoo as binkie as proof. She posted on her insta story but that was from last year. She has allegedly seen binkie, verbally degrade and smack Steven aside the head but he kept being in his shell like a turtle and didn't do anything. She also said they both got their tattoos in a sketchy place that was attached to a gas station. During when she was on cam shows with her on binkie's birthday week, she got way more attention and that got her jealous. Binkie was not respecting pinkdoll's limits when it came to how hard binkie was smacking her ass with a paddle board. Pinkdoll gave binkie a birthday and tossed it and didn't even bother opening it. They barely had any food in the house and all they had there was McDonald's one time so she was starving and asked another friend who lives in Florida, to come pick them up so they can get away for a bit because pinkdoll was having a anxiety attack.

No. 1113921

If that's true that Jess acted that way with Stephen that's a big yikes. But damn don't get a matching tattoo with someone the first time you meet them either

No. 1113932

I think pinkdoll got "starstrucked" From meeting binkie plus they were friends for a few years before they met. I also don't feel remorse for Steven since last thread had alleged evidence of him having relationships with minors/contacting minors.

No. 1113949

Both Steven and her ex David both have the same dead look in there eyes like there just frail empty And lacking emotion after being with her

No. 1114087

Okay but where did u find this story out.?
No food in the house sounds about right shes anorexic and the only time you see her eat is if its junk food/chips/McDonalds/fries/milkshakes. I doubt she actually knows how to cook.
She is a energy vampire. Sucks souls out of good people.
I still feel bad for David till this day the guy is a total push over and still claims they are friends?? Which is really hard to buy.

No. 1114092

They dont fallow each other on Twitter. There was likely a fall out with the two and that sucks they have matching tattoos.
So she has matching tattoos with smallpinkdoll, then matching unicorn tattoo, then matching tattoo with Stephen and a matching tattoo of his ex girlfriends ink. Shes a real skin Walker alright.

No. 1114101

Mia also doesn't fallow binkie princess anymore on Twitter. Jeez jess knows how to burn bridges.

No. 1114119

Mia pretty much ditched out all her sex work social media when she "retired". You do not see bell Wells really do much with binkie any more.

No. 1114149

What? She def still hangs out with Bells. They def are making porn together still. Bell and babystarabdl (i think thats her name) are basically her go-to friends right now.

No. 1114199

Is that why they have similar names on Instagram smallpink and smolbink

No. 1114245

Yeah she still hangs with bells and star.
Just her older friends all ditched her.
How do you know this happened?? Receipts?

No. 1114272

If anything it's mostly annoying how they are faking the relationship right now.
I cant wait till Stephen comes out telling his side of the story. I wonder if shes actually abuses him.

No. 1114330

I don’t think it’s faking if they’re getting a divorce. Slandering her online would probably backfire on him somehow legally. I’m sure once they are divorced he’ll be free enough to expose her I can only imagine the dirt he has on her after 4 years. He’s gonna be this forums godsend

No. 1114339

Yeah until the divorce is official I doubt we're gonna see anything on their social media. Though it's obvious enough with his total silence and her not bringing him up anywhere or wearing her ring/collar.

I hope he exposes her and doesn't take the quiet "we're still friends!" approach like David did lol. I understand that makes you the bigger person but I want the tea.

Then again what if he did something instead will she expose him?

No. 1114348

I highly doubt it was him considering the inside info that she cheated and him being quiet and the history of people seeing him being abused. I honestly think he tried in this relationship but chose the wrong person to try with. I feel bad for the guy and hope he finds better. We all know how awful of a person she is and over the years you can see Stephen closing off more and more until he finally fell off the grid. Can you imagine the emotional turmoil he must have gone through over these years? I wouldn’t be shocked if he killer himself from how she most likely treated him then she’d have to live with that, but probably just befriend more of his exes and get his old tattoos on her to get pity

No. 1114352

Yeah the fact that he had a big social media presence until he got together with her is wild and I totally agree that he looked dead inside just like David did lol she's awful

I just remember him having a history of abuse but stopped paying attention to them after they got married. Did that turn out to be not true?

No. 1114354

Can we talk about how she became “friends” with two of his exes? Who actually does that while in a relationship? Just seems weird and a weird manipulation game. She really has some major issues. This new guy is in for a trip for sure

No. 1114412

usually girls who befriend their partners exes are doing it so they can find out what that person was actually like in person so that they can become them

No. 1114430

File: 1608853971779.jpg (10.59 KB, 158x280, bbb.jpg)

he uploaded this to his instagram story randomly about 2 hours

read the lyrics yourself

No. 1114464

It’s just his favorite song he’s mentioned on twitch loads of times. I’m sure it’s a song he’s using to get in his emotions LOL

No. 1114472

No doubt she will try to make him look like the bad guy.
I see a YouTube war waiting to happen them shit talking each other if they get divorced.

David looked horribly dead inside in the documentary. Stephen is less enthusiastic then before.
Jess get made at people for simply complementing him. Hes lost alot of fallowers cuz of her
Dont think we will find out about abuse until someone speaks up.
That song sounds like he did something wrong?

No. 1114480

Like I said, just a song he said he listens to when he’s depressed along with that marianas trench band. Used to be a regular on his streams before he stopped

No. 1114483

Maybe the songs about jess? And how she ripped his heart off his sleeve.
I alway thought they were acting in love on camera and it was all for show. Like as soon as the camera turns off she doesn't act all cute and lovey anymore.

No. 1114501

This songs for stephen

No. 1114513

He’s not gonna post a song like that about himself. It’s either about her or just a song he’s using to deal with emotions

No. 1114716

File: 1608905207844.jpg (234.44 KB, 1080x1385, Screenshot_20201223-234335.jpg)

Pinkdoll shared it on her insta story and I'm mad I didn't do screen shots of it. Here's me, replying to some of them as proof.

No. 1114721

that is 2019 so things could of may have changed by now. Also some context missing

No. 1114750

Jess is always jealous shes a very insecure little girl.

No. 1114845

Looks like she didn't even acknowledge the message you sent her

No. 1115222

Her amazon wish list is all just useless junk. How much more baby shit does she need? Its like shes never content with what she has.
Not to sound like a bitch but I have yet to meet a single human with borderline personality that is happy or content in life.

No. 1115228

File: 1608986418165.jpg (421.56 KB, 1080x1366, 20201226_073518.jpg)

People are starting to notice somethings up with them.

No. 1115229

File: 1608986448093.jpg (496.13 KB, 1080x1634, 20201226_073533.jpg)

No. 1115389

Must been going sour for a long time then thought it was only resent

No. 1115432

It is recent, those are just old videos he posted confusing people

No. 1115436

Do you guys pay attention to nothing? He has his own gaming room like she has her baby room

No. 1115514

It just looks odd because it looks like hes got a bed in there. Why it looks like they have different rooms anon.
Really doesnt seem recent she hasnt posted about him since like April on Instagram.
If it is recently then shes been distancing way before hand.
She could of been cheating for a while for all we know.

Do any of you know how this unfolded like how he found out she was cheating? Or what really happened? What's the story?

No. 1115539

My source didn’t tell me how he found out, only that he did. I was just told that she cheated on him and that’s all I could get from them. They wouldn’t spill any more tea unfortunately. From his twitch streams he has a small pink bed that I think is hers in his game room. If they’re separating over the cheating I bet he’s sleeping on that and she gets their bedroom. That’s just assuming though

No. 1115540

His last videos are like 5 years old, he wasn’t with Jess at that time

No. 1115594

Those videos are from 4 months ago not 5 years ago?. Lmao. Wtf are you talking about?

Love how anon cant tell anyone anyone about the dirt they were preaching about cheating. Pfft. What a pile of steaming bullshit.

No. 1115600

They’re old videos, are you dumb? It’s the same background as his videos from 2015. It’s also in the description of the videos. Lol so dumb

No. 1115622

Sorry anon not all of us have a raging hard on for stephen like you. Why would we all remember what his bedroom looks like?

If anon knows what's up with their personal situation why cant anon say what happened if it's not a lie?

No. 1115626

See for yourself whenever he announces it when he’s free from her

No. 1115721

Okay cool. even if that happens. You still put zero context on the subject matter. Or have a story to tell? Which makes you a questionable source for anyone to believe. You have zero receipts, cant say how you know. And cant say how any of it went down. (Saying what happened doesn't expose the person that told you)
Which means you dont actually have a inside source.

No. 1115828

How do we not know that maybe he is splitting off that part of his life to progress further. Maybe the DDLG lark is holding him back so he is removing all trace of it.

Or they could just be having a ruff patch. She could be on her way out as a sex worker

No. 1116030

Exactly!! You have nothing to prove your claims. Haha
Dont think hes backing away from ddlg cuz he kept some of his ddlg videos up on YouTube. Only removed videos including jess. If he wanted to remove him self from the life style he would of had to tell jess to delete alot of stuff. Oh and she changed her last name. Soo seems like that was her choice.

It wouldnt surprise me if she has progressed to sex work/ escorting or working in a strip club.

No. 1116786

File: 1609187933389.jpg (313.88 KB, 1080x783, 20201228_153412.jpg)

What ever happened to this friend ?? All comments turned off on the video? I wonder why.

No. 1116802

I wonder what happened to all her friends in her tiktok videos…

No. 1116806

Anon can you spoiler that pic in OP please?

No. 1116829

They likely figured out how negative she was. And that shed a cheater / liar

No. 1116836

File: 1609191963097.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.85 KB, 1080x771, 20201228_164221.jpg)

Here anon

No. 1116838

Issue is we got no proof of cheating we just got a person saying they heard from someone….

No. 1116848

I know that anon is useless

No. 1117018

does anyone know why she stopped doing ASMR? i actually liked those videos

No. 1117032

obviously because it wasnt making her money. she only did it because she hopped onto the trend when it was popular, like she does with everything. She's just trying to look for the next thing to do to get cash. Same with her twitch streaming phase.

No. 1117122

Her twitch phase was a total failure. Shes so desperate.

No. 1117184

She is one them cows who has no original ideas. She copy's everyone if they making money. The whole pocketstars she just did as others making money on there as the likes of jess was not there before. She's a washed up sex worker. Would not be long till she does a fan fuck or becomes a stripper or hooker.

Always look at most sex workers they got about 1-3 years before they are washed up and done. She ends up with a articles as they rehash that crap then she fades off.

Steven on the other hand has always been a wash up loser

No. 1117341

Hope all of you end up dead somehow hahaha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1117353

Everybody dies eventually

No. 1117358

That’s probably Jess.

No. 1117371

If it is, the least she could do is give us the tea straight from the cows mouth. (She’s banned tho, I’m p sure. Not that people can’t get around ban evades tho.

No. 1117377

You think Steven would lurk here?

No. 1117618

Jesus jess even we dont wish death on anyone. Says alot about your character. Mentally unstable cow you are. It's funny you know its jess when theres no sage or defending herself. But she always get put to pasture.

I believe they both lurk. But I dont believe Stephen would say something like that. Jess on the other hand yes!.

No. 1117634

Well jess. I hope ever single one of your relationships is a shit show, for my own entertainment.

No. 1117639

>>1117634 Us farmers need her to keep having problems. Maybe she needs to smoke some more weed for her mental health. I am surprised no shit post on twitter yet. Stephen i think lurks but maybe sitting back enjoying the show

No. 1117643

File: 1609285943821.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.65 KB, 254x268, 20201229_184701.jpg)

Look how miserable she looked on her wedding day.

No. 1117644

that is jess's dappy shitting face.

No. 1117647

No amount of weed can fix her severe case of borderline personality. This chick never actually looks happy. Shes just a washed up slutty mental case.

No. 1117662

She looks like a straight up tranny lol she is lucky that someone married her in the first place so good luck finding another im sure you'll need it. Seriously though this bitch is ugly and lanky. The only time she has any "definition" is while wearing a diaper under her clothes like that is a top tier kek i can't even imagine how fucked up it must feel to know that the only genre she could appeal to was just going full degenerates because I mean I'm sure someone watching porn involving pissing in a diaper isn't going to be the most picky when jt comes to the face/body yuck

No. 1117676

I really don't understand how being gross in a diaper is a kink. That can't be good for her vagina regardless how much diaper powder she uses.

No. 1117683

But like Stephen wasnt even into diapers before meeting her. Do you think she pushed the fetish on him?
He was kinda normal then started telling her to piss her self on camera to putting his fingers in her piss diaper.
Do you think her fetish became too much for his liking?

No. 1117694

>1117683 I remember when Steven got asked about it or did a ddlg tag video, he said he never did it before and was open to it. Before they met, he seemed like one of those based ddlg discord kitten's dom. I mean who knows if she did, it would be hard to be in a kink relationship with a person like her trying to tip toe around the diaper kink.

No. 1117975

There is being in to a kink then there is 24/7 I think he suffered from the 24/7 and her being a sex worker. Means everything is about content. Also why a lot of YouTube couples break up

No. 1117977

File: 1609324774649.jpg (20.81 KB, 780x523, DkbOlQsU8AAUAdj.jpg)

>giving this much of a shit about a total nobody

No. 1118351

That kink of her acting like a bratty child 247 would drive anyone Mad. I actually knew they would last longer than 2 tears lol.

No. 1118441

You can tell alot of her old tattoos have blow outs and are just flat out badly done. Yikes.

No. 1119356

File: 1609477706168.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.71 KB, 1080x1661, 20210101_000256.jpg)

His most recent tweet.

No. 1119477

anyone know where to find smallpinkdolls porn?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1119493

I don't think pinkdoll makes porn

No. 1119532

This is very weak milk. It a very generic post that at midnight someone would put on twitter.

She on the other hand almost dropped off the face of the planet. Her cam shows are a bit of a no go. Looking at other peoples comments i think she is a mentally broken girl and something has gone on big time

No. 1119541

File: 1609512467613.jpg (Spoiler Image, 349.7 KB, 1080x1503, 20210101_002502.jpg)

If she blocked someone for simply asking about the break up. they most likely are. none of them denied it.

Ohh I also noticed jess Likes her own tweets. Lol

No. 1119561

nice self post kek. you can only view the statistics of your own tweet.

No. 1119919

point being what ? That Changes anything how ? She still blocked someone for mentioning it.

No. 1119935

She always blocks so easily that's been consistent for years lol

what is she so angry about? either confirm if you two are together or not or just ignore the tweet. she's MIA on social media anyway so why look at your replies at all tbh

No. 1119943

Exactly! Shes just angry people know before she "announced" it. She really is childish for a 26 year old.

No. 1120136

>>1119943 Jess has her own "brand" so lets not forget that (Did not know sex workers had brands, are they trying to class up their title). Her brand is have some drama in her life, disappear (Currently on that stage), Come back with a big announcement then disappear again with out a trace for months. Surprised to be fair she even blocked the person and did not ignore them.

They still follow each other on twitter.

No. 1120155

I was blocked by her once for asking where she got her hello kitty top from And that it suited her that’s how sad she is blocking people for completing her outfit almost like she the onLy one allowed to have that top. Surprised she has anyone left following her the amount of people she has blocked

No. 1120304

Pretty sure the only people left fallowing het are dirty old men or other diaper thots.

No. 1120327

She said once that she hates when people ask her where she got something lol but again to block someone over it? So extreme just don't answer or say you don't remember

She whines that people don't like her but she doesn't even try to make herself likeable? It's not hard to be halfway pleasant lmao and she had a fan base to work with

No. 1120408

I bet people on here are ex fans. Likely on here because of rude interactions with her.

No. 1120694

I wonder how long till she deletes her self off every social media platform Because of a mental break down

No. 1120814

im an ex fan, havent had a rude interaction personally but ive seen a lot of them that make me go 'ew'.

No. 1120856

Another ex fan here. I never interacted with her but yeah she gets mean to her fans. It's weird she will say specific things to boost her self-esteem. For example, that long video where she rambles about herself then jumps to the topic where she reveals her cringey singing. Not only to boost her self esteem but she's so self absorbed it's pathetic.

No. 1120878

omfg her singing and that song was so fucking cringeeeee, it reminds me of when your like 13 and do 'singing competitions' with your best friends, id be so humiliated if id posted that hahahaha. Shes such a narcissist

No. 1120913

Peppar who hate telling others where they bought a certain clothing item or hair dye or whatever are the ultimate narcs.

No. 1120958

please mods i’m begging you to autosage this shitshow of a thread it’s full of twitterfags and people who have never read the rules

No. 1121055

Clearly this is jess. Why would anyone else care. So far some pretty good milk has been coming up from people on here from the fans views.

Lets here some more Ex fans as they seem to be giving the best milk right now

No. 1121062

people are saging & fallowing rules? wtf you talking about? twitterfags? you likely have a twitter too. kek.
the only person who would want this taken down is stephen or jess

No. 1121063

sage your shit

No. 1121072

No. 1121124

I highly doubt Stephen would care about this page most likely jess

No. 1121547

I know for a fact she lurks on here. She messaged me on twitter bitching about it then blocked me. Kek. Months back.

No. 1121751

What a narc. If you can't handle the criticism about yourself, don't even come here if you won't change about yourself.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1122315

Wtf are you talking about anon? Who was that even directed towards? Who's a narc? That comment seems out of context.

No. 1122649

It’s about Jess.

No. 1125656

Surprised she's not done her big oh i am back bit. Looks also like a lot of her automatic spam of suckers paying her money has stopped on her twitter.(sage)

No. 1126015

She checked her pocketstars account on the 3rd and nothing since then. I wonder if she's even pulling in any money. Her streams were pretty dead the last 2-3 i visited. Granted that's probably because she's so irregular. Best guess is getting divorce papers/living situation sorted out with Stephan.

No. 1126251

Divorces can take a really long time. Sometimes years. So if that's what they are waiting on. It'll be a while before you see them online again.
For the house the simple thing to do would be to both move back to their original homes. Sell the house and split the money.
But jess would likely try to keep all the money dragging the divorce on.
Both channels are D.E.A.D R.I.P

No. 1128106

OMFG. she STILLL has porn videos of David for sale on her clips4sale account. Wtf. bet that guy didnt gets a dime.

No. 1128330

6 years later and shes still using the guy for money. And shes married keeping up bj videos of her ex. She can go really low.

No. 1129167

Has anyone noticed that datemogirl Kara her bff has unfollowed Jess and Steven on Instagram apart from Jess old account mylittlebinkie (her forgotten account).
She was following Jess private account & Smolbink & hellobinkie

Maybe that ending toxic friendship picture was about Jess?

No. 1129348

oh wow yeah youre right, makes sense because they havent even been hanging out at all recently.

No. 1129453

What one was kara again photos?

No. 1129456

Yeah kara is not fallowing her on Twitter anymore.

No. 1129536

Are you guys stupid? She’s literally still following Jess on Instagram and Twitter lol

No. 1129749

shes literally not, binkie is following her but shes not following back

No. 1129779

If you go to Kara’s Instagram and type in hellobinkie she is definitely still following her tf

No. 1129874

sage your shit.

No. 1130140

Guys did no one read this comment she still following mylittkebinkie On Instagram but not the other accounts

No. 1130274

that is her abandoned account, her 'backup' one. On her main account and Stephens account she is not following, if you search you will see. Perhaps she unfollwed her and forgot about the othe account considering its not used at all.

No. 1130493

Yeah she was following all them recently wonder what happened

No. 1130783

It's not like she keeps friends long. It's no surprise. Update once theres real milk about this.
I'm surprised no eX friends speak out against her.

No. 1131018

I know she doesn’t keep friends long, but her, and Kara were best friends before she even became well known on YouTube for 6 years. I’m really curious what would make her end that friendship after so long.

No. 1132587

Anyone notice Stephen deleted a few other YouTube videos I'm curious why.

No. 1132784

We all think they have split. Could also they they have decided to come out of that life style.

He has pretty much dropped off the face of the planet. Jess has pretty much on her way off the planet.

Likely also if they are devoicing there is no house as they likely renting. Not sure sex works makes that much money. She seemed obsessed with money and never liked if someone else on a site made more than her.

No. 1132799

She's about to get onto Chaturbate if anyone wants to check it out. First stream in a while

No. 1132815

So, a friend called her during her cam show and emphasized that they should tip too make Binkie feel better. She is def not in a good mood. The friend also asked if she was listening to her "sad" playlist.

1000%% Stephan and her are broken up. Just time to see if we'll ever get confirmation of cheating.

No. 1132838

Stephen isn’t the cheating type and we already know she is, it all boils down to if he will talk about it or not. Just gonna get popcorn ready for if he ever does

No. 1132847

Just watched her cam show for the first time. This chicks boring as fuck! How the hell is she a cam girl for a living. She just sits there and does absolutely nothing. She just has a nasty smoker's cough.

No. 1133054

Even before her shows was not that great. Totally different room as well by the looks of it. Almost very bare just for a sex workers cam room. She had her "tip wheel" but get the feeling she become short of money.

A very well timed phone call if she was not getting any tips. Almost the poor binkie is sad and moneys will make her feel better.

Looking at the video on her twitter promoting her cam show she looks quiet depressed. She tries to fake a smile but it comes out as fake. She looks very sorry for herself.

If i am honest i hope Stephan keeps his head up high and not public comment on it. I know we all want him to but I think he moving on in life

No. 1133151

Agreed she doesn't look like a happy person she just sits around and drinks.

No. 1133204

I kinda feel bad for her cause she clearly hitting rock bottom she’s potentially lost her husband, her house, her friend and her sex career probably isn’t the best And As well her social media barely gets any likes and views.
Sh3 is probably really struggling

No. 1133336

>>1133204 I really dont feel bad for her at all. She did it to herself. Karmasa bitch.
You are correct it really doesnt look like the sex work is going well for her. But sex work is about personality and seduction which ate two things she is lacking.

No. 1133405

someone needs to take one for the team and ask her about Stephen in her next stream to see what she says or if she gets mad lmao

also her shows are too boring to watch all the way through. even when she does stuff for tips there's like no attempt to act like she likes it. sw is about acting like you enjoy it because it's not fun to watch if the person doesn't seem to like it. I've even heard her complain about things people tipped for before(do not cowtip)

No. 1133409

So…This did happen last night. I'm actually angry 'cause it happened ofc the one time i walked away lmao. But when i came back, basically someone had said in the chat

"Hey..you're that girl thats married too steve right? that plays video games?"

and i wasnt there for her reply to that directly, but i heard her say something like "if your intention wasn't bad in asking that sorry,"

and the person replied saying that she just had looked familiar, not meaning anything malicious by it and she said really awkwardly

"Oh! Haha..Then yeah. That would be an accurate affiliation.." So…

I mean, there's no way she would've gotten defensive if things were fine. She used to brag about him being her daddy all the time. So to level it down to "accurate affiliation" too me…just doesn't seem good.

No. 1133495

WOW. If that’s really the context for what she was replying I’m shocked. I’d expect her to flip out, go off on the person for being rude and block them. Maybe she’s trying to be in her best behavior because she really needs the money now?

No. 1133850

She’s probably depressed and has no interest in doing sex work atm hence why she not posting much about it or even trying in her video clips and I can’t imagine she hard for money or she would be on it 24/7

No. 1133867

even cheaters get depressed but why feel bad for her it was her choice obviously

No. 1133884

Most sex workers only have kind of of a sell by date. Jess has reached hers. I would say she more now washed up has been.

When you see even the automated twitter stuff has dried up she soon start running out of money. As soon as sex workers stop producing content after a month or two people stop watching them.

>>1133867 we do not know shes cheated as the only person who "knew about it" has given no proof to the claim.

No. 1134588

Regardless if shes cheating or not. Still looks like they are splitting up.

No. 1135356

kara and her are still friends they were hanging out last night and its on karas instagram story, stephen wasnt there, just kara her husband and jess

No. 1135604

Probably because they have been reading this forum they thought they prove everyone wrong

No. 1135779

i think kara is cool af personally but jess, ew. I wonder if Kara knows about all of jesses internet history because i wouldnt want to be friends with her if that was me.

No. 1136051

Jess seems manipulative. I'm sure she has alot of her friends fooled. Also havent seen her with bell in a while.

No. 1136164

Funny how she’s re followed all jess accounts on Instagram again hmmmm

No. 1136221

Also very likely the friend who phoned during her cam show to say it make Jess happy if people tipped her.

They did a few together but i think a lot of people do not like jess so working with her would be brand damaging.

No. 1136226

It's done brand damage to mia she got hate for doing sex work with jess and shes no longer camming

No. 1137132

I think mia had her own issues going on and i do not think she was to in to porn.

No. 1137311

Well I still saw hate from teaming up with jess.

No. 1144500

Any tea ?

No. 1144740

Last seen on pocketstars a hour ago. More than likely so she can cash out all the money people wasting on her

No. 1145387

File: 1611950186865.jpg (122.53 KB, 1080x576, 20210129_133459.jpg)

She was still calling him daddy 11 weeks ago but I havent seen interactions between the two in a long time.
When is Stephen gonna finally talk jesus. Is he gonna wait till 2022 till he announces they aren't together anymore.

No. 1145407

Notice he didn't reply to her because she called his fallowers idiots about the election.

No. 1147445

I have just read all her comments on Stevens Trump post. What a bitch. She’s insulting anyone she can. What a pathetic low life.

No. 1147510

This thread is a dumpster fire, why is it still getting bumped?

No. 1147522

ok jess(newfaggotry)

No. 1147556

File: 1612127754635.jpg (Spoiler Image, 373.64 KB, 1080x963, 20210131_161058.jpg)

Is that a tattoo of a sad clown. kek. Jeez that's bad. you would think she would get it covered up before getting more.

No. 1147561

it appears to be a blown out drawing of a Dia De Los Muertos face paint you'd find on pinterest

No. 1147962

She has alot of blow out tattoos. I have spotted at least 3 or 4 on her body :/ it looks super bad that face isnt even symmetrical.

No. 1148294

File: 1612208746366.jpg (48.47 KB, 577x445, Capture.JPG)

So now she's back to trying to do sex work. She post a video, go back to being quiet. Must be running out of money

No. 1148326

File: 1612210202186.jpg (175.89 KB, 1080x1200, 20210201_150440.jpg)

Stevop posted on Twitter "I'm not a happy person" I went back and the tweet was deleted…
He also posted this.

No. 1148518

Ikr she said a really nasty comment saying this woman looked like a corpse in makeup then jess got triggered she got called a idiot back and freaked out
Don't reap what you can't sow

No. 1148520

Can you post a screen shot of some this as its be fun to see.

Looks like shes back to her sex work more as shes saying first time in 2 months shes been in a nappy

No. 1148994

File: 1612247772712.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 419.95 KB, 750x1323, C8E3D06D-74EA-47A0-9256-54D4CE…)

No. 1148995

File: 1612247799526.png (327.5 KB, 750x1334, E2F993CD-C583-4621-A286-AAA36A…)

No. 1148996

File: 1612247820698.png (297.79 KB, 750x1334, 33596580-4A54-40F5-BE83-F0C583…)

No. 1148997

File: 1612247876535.png (312.09 KB, 750x1334, 526AED11-2661-435A-83F6-12A777…)

No. 1148998

File: 1612247899861.png (313.68 KB, 750x1334, 5D9C43EA-D6D1-4120-96D9-17442C…)

No. 1149000

File: 1612247958761.png (307.37 KB, 750x1334, 40926BCC-D643-4B4B-8A2A-920692…)

She’s trying to say she doesn’t come at people on a petty level, even though that’s what she constantly does.‍♀️(emoji)

No. 1149259

Holy shit shes crazy she was actually trying to get fans to stop fallowing him. What a spiteful witch. Shes obviously nutts . Is she that dumb that she thinks the men that pay her are not trumpers?? They should all stop buy porn from you jess cuz they voated trump. Right ? I'd dump her ass so fast if I would Stephen.

No. 1149366

Who did she say that too? When was this. Ironic she called someone was a corpse when she use to have anorexia.

No. 1150518

Ok I agree the corpse makeup comment she made was wrong but don’t insult/mock a mental disorder such as anorexia.

No. 1150573

No ones mocking anorexics you think she would be more mindful. Calling someone a corpse when she likely has been called that herself in the past… so it is point blank ironic.

If I was mocking her I would of said she looked better as a anorexic and to lay off the dunkin doughnuts.
Which btw she has gained weight and the only time you see or hear of her eating is if its junk food. Which is funny considering she does sex work and with sex work your body is all you got.

No. 1153763

I knew her personally before she became an internet personality. She's always been a textbook narcissist who blames her shitty behavior on mental illness but takes no effort to get help. She was abusive towards her grandmother, she cheated on David , even when they were engaged, and shit talk him behind his back constantly while they were together. He wasn't perfect either, he was a drug addict who also cheated and was abusive as well. They were both toxic. She abuses Stephen and her animals as well, constantly screaming, using insults. She shit talks EVERYONE behind their back, but loses it any time people try to open up about the way she makes them feel. She's selfish, manipulative, and all around just someone to avoid. I don't really care if people don't believe me on this, I just thought I'd share what I know from experience. Binkie/Jess, if you read this, I hope that you'll find peace and get the therapy you need to become a better person. Trauma and mental illness is not an excuse for abusive behavior, ever.

No. 1153907

I know you could just be a random person making this up but from all the shit she’s done over the years this is mostly true the way has a nasty aura
What did she do to her grandmother?
Both David and Steven come across as scared shy individuals who are a shell of themselves.
A lot her old friends/ people who have worked with her have said the same stuff that She is abusive mean steals etc
As someone who used to be a fan off her I saw the way she spoke to people myself included it was vile unnecessary

No. 1155914

She's posted some more her attempt to get people to pay for her porn but seemed there been very little automated rubbish that nornally happens when someone joins her sites. Wonder if she's now clutching on to nothing

No. 1157141

Thx for sharing anon. This is very believable. But can you let us know how she abused her grandmother?

No. 1157377

How does she abuse animals??

No. 1159968

has anyone seen her cam shows lately. Just wondering if they are a dumpster fire as the last few photos of her no collar. Oh birthday cam show would be funny if no one watched it

No. 1160795

Dont think shes done a live show in a while. The one time I watched it. It was boring as fuck. She just sat there chugging soda.

No. 1160958

Actually, she's done 2-3 show in the past two weeks. Including saying she'll probably do a valentines day one tonight. I usually go too see if any milk or tea is dropped but ive been busy

No. 1161485

Shes doing sex work on Valentine's day . That's sad. Like spend it with the husband Jeez.

No. 1161487

File: 1613324556957.jpg (589.07 KB, 1080x1416, 20210214_123851.jpg)

Look at them fuck up eye brows

No. 1161488

She’s spending it with the guy she cheated on Stephen with obviously

No. 1161489

File: 1613324897578.jpg (820.84 KB, 1080x1920, 20210214_124428.jpg)

Wtf is going on down there? Her stomach got wrinkles?

No. 1162350

Looks like loads people are questing her lack of ring and collar on Instagram
But still has steven in her bio. Highly doubt they are together else she would of gone ham at her fans in the comments

No. 1162423

Anyone who mentions them not being together she just blocks and ignores. They both still have eachother in bios on Instagram and Twitter.

Post screenshot Instagram comments?

No. 1162862

Ah your right just went to go get screenshots and it appears all the comments are gone even mine but I wasn't blocked

No. 1163477

I dont use Instagram so idk if you can delete people's comments off your own posts? But if you can she likely just deleted them.

No. 1163995

File: 1613592543325.jpeg (143.08 KB, 750x357, 9B62CE66-A174-4E99-AB9E-3FD720…)

The famous birthdays lol…
Saw a little bit of her birthday cam show. She smashed a cake on herself and someone asked her “do you have someone to carry you to the bathroom?”

She actually sounded sad and was like “no, I have nobody, so…” and it seems she’s not with anyone on her birthday today either.

No. 1164333

Haha first of all. Shes not famous, shes a cam girl.

Lol no one there to carry her. Wheres Stephen? Back at his parents house?
This is just sad at this point.

No. 1164347

What is she like 30 now ?

No. 1164355

You do realize Stephen is an adult with a job? I’m sure he’s moved into an apartment or something Jesus

No. 1164363

And as someone who’s a fan of Stephen, have been for years, but I hate binkie, he’s had his own house. I doubt he’s lived with his parents since he was a teenager. He’s pretty dependent

No. 1164377

i meant independent

No. 1164537

I wonder if he gave her a choice of sex work or him. She does on her social media make a point of she only uses it for her sex work.

She is at rock bottom. I think he had the money not her. Sex work is not a stable job in any ways

No. 1164555

I don’t think so, he’s fine with sex work. I fully believe she cheated on him so he left her. I also don’t think she treated him very nice over the years, judging by what others who have hung with them have said.

They also got married really fast…and were getting matching tattoos like 3 mo into their relationship. She probably got bored of him

No. 1164634

Not seen much real proof to back all this other than a few anons saying stuff. Need some full fat milk not the soya stuff.

No. 1165001

I also watched half of her birthday stream. She talked about how she gained 40 lbs over the past year and lost 25 in the past couple of months because she's been stressed and depressed. Then she mentioned that the stress should be better "very soon"

She also talked about her plans to do drugs on her birthday lol

No. 1165068

What kind of drugs ?

No. 1165071

Yo 40 pounds is alot especially when all the men watching her want at small child like figure. + I have never seen her put one healthy thing in her mouth. She lives at the sonic drive through.

No. 1165078

if i had to guess from her facebook profile, probably LSD. She did it over the summer as well.

No. 1165203

Kinda sad she posted a instagram story video her drinking a can I think it was coke alone at the beach saying it her birthday

She probably got a new man moving in soon

>>1165071 but she was still small I wouldn’t been able to tell she even put on weight

No. 1167030

No you can definitely tell she got bigger. Her thighs, butt, stomach.40 pounds wont go unnoticed.

I mean I'm surprised Stephen even put up with that he sorsnt seem to be into drugs at all. Maybe that caused some conflict with them.

I think the relationship felt a little forceful with the over the top lovey BS

No. 1167189


They follow each other now though, and Jess only replies to that person in posts

No. 1167312

Well, nah. Stephan definitely smokes weed and they both did the acid over the summer. I saw the insta live she did after they were coming down on it together. I know he made a whole thing about not liking drugs on his channel, but he’s def into the casual/physcoactive stuff. I know they both smoke a shit ton of weed.

Part of me thought it was real, only because I know they acted so cringy but that’s legit how my bf and I are so I thought it maybe they might’ve actually lasted. However, they both are used to living life on camera so they’re used to faking it probably. I’m still just wondering when the public announcement will take place and they’re clearly avoiding it even when being called out.

No. 1167342

Just because it ended doesn’t mean it wasn’t real at one point

No. 1167386

She used to smoke weed on live streams. She had it for "medical reasons" more like using her mental health issues as a reason to be able to take tips for it and smoke it. Acid on the other hand the type of person she used to be like the goth / alt style would be suited to her lol.

She is likely not going to say anything about it as she be like oh its my personal life not my sex worker life. Plus wait for the whole big new new daddy revel videos.

Being Jess she will likely just dismiss it all off as people being mean / not getting sex workers / makes me no money

No. 1167614

Sage for no contribution but I can’t wait until a new thread is made as this threads pic scares me EVERY single time I scroll past

No. 1167794

Yeah its confusing because he made a big deal about doing drugs in the past. How fake.

Sorry not sorry. The over the top love videos looked fake af.

I donno why they fallow each other. He deleted every video with her off his YT channel and she changed her last name. It's clear as day something is up. Faking it is counterproductive. Like rip off the bandaid and stop dragging on something that's obviously not real.

Plus if guys thought she was single she would likely make more money with sex work.

No. 1167797

He tried acid and hated it and used to smoke week lol
He doesn’t do any drugs now sorry to break it to you

No. 1173210

They haven't posted any photos together in a year or so. Wish Stephen never married such a bitch.

No. 1176260

Is she starting a new YouTube channel??


No. 1176352

doesnt really seem her style but maybe? i mean, i dont understand why she would though considering she said she left the youtube abdl/ddlg community…

No. 1176454

I'm 99% this is a fake channel, someone trying to be her lol. She doesnt want to do youtube anymore + that tub is her old tub so nahh

No. 1176455

can you stevefags stop, he's just as bad if not worse than her.

No. 1177277

I was confused cuz the tub looked like it was from one of her videos. So she just wants to exclusively do porn? And not YouTube? Did she say why shes stopping YouTube?

No. 1177375

Because she can’t handle the hate she gets on YouTube, and she doesn’t make money on YouTube.

No. 1177699

Lol wow sad.

No. 1177786

Why do you know what her bath tub looks like…. and that it her old tub …. that's strange it is just a plain tub could been anyones?

No. 1177834

it looked like the tub from her old videos on youtube so i thought the person just took a clip from her old video. She's moved twice since then and has had dif bathrooms she's shown on livestreams lol…not that deep. However, tubs are pretty generic so it could just but this persons tub. I can't find the clip from her channel i was thinking of, so i'm probably wrong on that front

Either way, she talked about quitting youtube a long time ago because she doesnt like the judgment she gets on there and that time could be spent "making more porn for money." So, i'm just sure this a some skinwalker/faker. >>1177786

No. 1178043

Youtubers earn next to nothing if they not getting a sponser behind them. Somone like Jess because she is a sex worker a few brands would not pick her. Plus sex work is more profit as you get a few suckers to pay you xx amount a month for one or two videos (or non in her case).

She seems to not make a video for months then suddenly as people come up to closing their subscriptions she release a video enough to hook them for a month before she stops again

No. 1179461

Looks like she's losing members again as she's doing her only fans for $4.50 so must be desperate

No. 1179463

its weird though, its like shes kinda dropped off the face of the earth she does nothing other than porn now, theres nothing to actually hook people with because she doesnt post anything for people to have a reason to want to buy it. And she posts herself naked anyway all the time so viewers already see what theyre getting, theres just no value to her porn which is probably why theres nobody consuming it. But yeah she definitely leads people on with it, even her camshows are boring and plain, men would rather watch content like that for free and have it actually be good then pay her to do some plain ass cam show.

No. 1179769

it's probably bc shes depressed af she's single. Plus, she's done it before. She'll bounce back once the new man is publically in the picture

No. 1179814

still isnt confirmed fully if her and steven are broken up so we will just have to wait and see

No. 1179981

In a way she never announce it. All we keep hearing is from anons who apantly know her or could just be jess stiring the farmers.

She could suddenly do her big reveal of oh why me and Stephen split up. She's a master of come backs for a few weeks when short on some cash

No. 1180097

I know this was a long time ago but does anyone know why onesies down under and little for big onesies both stopped working with her?

No. 1180142

As she barely makes content so she not influenced to many people

No. 1180161

I'm the anon from the last thread who posted their wedding photo and hoped they'd stay together for a long time cuz nobody wants them.

So anyways that clearly aged like milk.

No. 1180178

yup, theres obviously something up with her but who knows what exactly.

No. 1180615

File: 1615351652376.png (557.47 KB, 750x1334, 4B141B37-26DA-4FD9-B595-B94DBF…)

No. 1180974

Says to me she is due a big come back then she fade away. Funny how she does that on her just for fans with her $4.50 offer to suck people in before she post nothing

No. 1181914

I know some of you are not Jess fans or whatever, but it really sad she selling her body for awful prices. she needs to give herself more self worth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1181921

They work on the theory sell it cheap and get a lot of followers in bulk. How much do you think a sex worker is worth. $10? $1000 dollers.

Problem with Jess is she does not have any more sticking to it power.

No. 1183469

notice she says MY new house and not OUR new house… big life changes = divorced. This has been a long time coming.

Another thing that bothers me about this girl her fetlife says shes pansexual yet shes only actually been in relationships with men. Shes one of those straight girls who only sleeps with women for porn content. Just another thing shes lied about to make herself seem less boring. Kek
You can tell shes unstable just by seeing how many times shes moved in the past 2 years.

No. 1183477

Shes not even worth 4$

They stopped working with her because a large amount of people in the age pay community dont like her.shes also not relevant anymore so she cant really do any promoting for them seeing as she doesn't do YouTube anymore.
She also spoke very badly publicly about one age play company which likely put a red flag over her head. She apologized but she had no real facts outting that company. I forget if the company was little for big or awwsocute.

No. 1188426

File: 1616186512829.jpeg (292.53 KB, 750x473, 0F3BD843-AFCE-483A-B8C2-1ED716…)

Datemogirl posted this a little bit ago.

She’s also not following binkie on any platforms. 100% the “friend” she’s talking about is her

Though, she is still following Stephan lmaoooo

Good for her though

No. 1188805

If it was Jess that thin photo would of most likely have been the picture she posted to twitter on 16 March her in a yellow swimming costume she looked tiny in it. Poor girl I’m glad she come to terms and taking a brace step off admitting it.

No. 1189076

could also be her talking about her in the past and idolising her older photos

No. 1189401

That was most likely jess. Jess has an eating disorder she starves her self and goes on junk food binges afterwards. It wouldn't surprise me if she encouraged an eating disorder on someone else.
Jess isn't even THAT skinny anymore she's kinda average now. Just with no boobs though so she looks kinda like a pear now.
Jess is the type of girl to surround her self with ugly ducklings to make her self feel better.

No. 1189403

File: 1616328862825.jpg (1.14 MB, 1062x1676, 20210321_080926.jpg)

Looks like she went from living in a house to a one bedroom apartment.

No. 1189452

How can you assume it’s a one bedroom from the living room?

No. 1189528

It seems like Steven is going to his old content on Tik Tok. How he’s talking about short girls. Maybe he’s trying to relive his YouTube days?

No. 1189533

File: 1616343262857.jpeg (72.62 KB, 1284x494, A19B3795-D005-4EC4-8FB2-5653DF…)

Seems like creature666 is friendly with her again now

No. 1189593

His video on there isn’t about short girls? Neither is any of his recent videos but he seems like he’s doing better

No. 1189604

I just want to know what happened to her animals like are they with her are they gone? So sad

No. 1189639

File: 1616350366092.jpeg (168.33 KB, 1284x418, 608DFD3E-96D4-4744-83C1-E98140…)

This is all we have so far as an update. Anyone else gonna try to watch that live?

No. 1189640

File: 1616350414911.jpeg (129.95 KB, 1284x614, 432FD29D-41E6-494B-853D-0D14B5…)

We shall see what happens

No. 1189735

Usually small kitchens like that = batchelor pad or one bedroom unit. I work for a property management company. All two bedrooms we rent out typically have larger kitchen space. Her small kitchen and bathroom resembles a bachelor pad.

No. 1189744

Obviously they split up! Why would she go from house to apartment. Lol she doesn't even have a couch. I guess Stephen was the money maker. She likely didnt keep alot of her pets. Pets are costly. I question if shes on social assistance.no way she actually makes money off her sex work.

No. 1189768

I would say she makes some money from it but likely not enough to sustain a life style. Her twitter seems to have a few sign ups when she does the half price but then when it goes back to full price. It then depends how much she makes on other platforms.

In her photos she always looks sad and unhappy. I think Stephen leaving her has left her pretty damaged.

No. 1189807

She wears that necklace all the time now

No. 1190088

Could potentially be a new ‘collar’ It looks like she has another red pic in her phone case maybe it is a matching necklace

No. 1190235

File: 1616413092007.jpeg (351.33 KB, 1536x2048, 94BEE5F3-2068-4561-A037-400B75…)

She’s wearing the necklace in her new pic too. Even in the bath.

No. 1190242

All of her pictures with Steven are off of her Facebook, but he still has ones with her on his.

No. 1190269

She was already damaged. Kek

Ya but he removed her off his YouTube. Honestly they should really update shit. This whole fake ass marriage thing is weirdness.
Like everyone already knows anyways.

No. 1190323

File: 1616423460461.jpg (460.27 KB, 1073x1461, 20210322_102512.jpg)

It no longer says shes his wife on Twitter she removed it from her headliner info.

No. 1190326

File: 1616423615371.jpg (254.5 KB, 1080x1146, 20210322_103032.jpg)

Same with her insta

No. 1190327

I'm pretty sure she removed all photos of him off Instagram too.

No. 1190365

hes also removed it from his headliners too

No. 1190386

Wonder what the story was them breaking up kinda thought they were a good match

No. 1190390

Her cheating from what we’ve seen

No. 1190421

That necklace is probably a bunch of monster can tabs on a string.

No. 1190461

>>1190390 where did we see she cheated?? some anon just said that with vero proof.

No. 1190491

She had said somewhere that she's trying to only use social media for work now, so I wonder if she'll ever even say officially that she and Stephen are done. It's fully official now that it's off the bios though, so someone is sure to ask.

No. 1190669

They both removed weddings photos from Facebook.
I doubt she will say what happened maybe stephen will

No. 1190674

I get the feeling they never say anything. To much damage for both sides.

>>1190491 she has said it on a few post she uses it for promoting her SW

No. 1190910

I’m pretty sure that’s a folded up dog crate in that mirror pic, so guessing the dog is with her but super sad if she just ditched her other animals

No. 1190913

I just remembered the matching tattoos they got 6 months into being together, and them saying that even if they did split up that it would still represent their roles, but now I’m sure it really hurts, especially for Steven.

No. 1191114

No I think it’s hers. She has a dog crate for her pet play stuff.

No. 1191152

Yes the dog crate is hers.
Those tattoos were a dumb idea. Lol

They both need to update fetlife profiles.

No. 1191163

She got a lip tattoo for him like less then a month for him saying daddy too but I think that faded fast

No. 1191195

They won't update it as fetlife does not drive traffic to her porn sites. If something does not make jess a lot of money she won't do it

No. 1191260

thats normal lip tattoos fade super fast and dont last

No. 1191463

Looks like screamkiwi is no longer fallowing jess on Twitter

No. 1192823

She cheated on Stephen with a guy called Daniel. She treated him like shit

No. 1193063

Where are the receipts if that's true?

No. 1193100

who the fuck is Daniel? where are the facts? no one will believe you anon.

No. 1193102

You will see when she starts posting about him eventually and she cheated

No. 1193118

genuinely asking here like what's the point of posting without any proof? like at least share Daniel's socials

No. 1193165

I love how vague and useless you are anon. What's the point of coming on here and commenting without any proof. I'm questioning where your logic is?

No. 1193172

Uh that's a chick. I doubt shes shacking up with her lol.

No. 1193223


That's not what anon is implying, screamkiwi is (was?) their friend and went to their wedding. She herself broke up with her ex guy because he cheated, so I would guess if Jess cheated she would unfollow her in support for stephen

No. 1193299

Anon was talking about the Instagram post of creature666 not screamkiwi

No. 1193623


It’s an old friend of hers that anons were saying she wasn’t friends with anymore. Read the whole thread dude.

No. 1193640

You people are so dumb. This is all useless milk.

No. 1194290

EW. SHES STILLLL SELLING PORN OF DAVID. How the fuck is that ok at all.?

No. 1194440

>>1194290 as its a adult video and she still makes money off them videos. Your trying to apply a non sex worker mind to a sex worker situation

No. 1194464

Has anyone noticed how many 17 years olds Steven follows on instagram like there us A LOT of underage Emo girls

No. 1194571

Ok so she profiting off her ex's dick? Which he has likely gotten zero dollars for! How is that not messed up!?
If I was him I'd call the police saying it's revenge porn shes selling of me 6-7 years later because shes a mentally unstable money guzzling tramp.

No. 1194617

Not Revenge porn as he consented to it before hand and a lot of site she sells on would require a model release form. The Sex industry is pretty much exploit the guy in a way. Police would not get involved.

No. 1194676

jfc can you learn to sage

No. 1195038

Learn to sage anon.
Just because someone consented to making a porno with a spouse doesnt mean they gave her consent to sell it online. Let's face it. Shes doing the equivalent of revenge porn. Soon she will have a archive of porn with every ex shes ever been with. Its creepy, its dirty, its petty, its selfish especially cuz she doesn't give those exs any of the money!.

No. 1195041

I honestly looked at who he fallows and it's mostly all alternative girls in their 20s lol. How do u know all these girls are 17 ?

No. 1195045

I wouldn't be surprised if he was into 16- 17 year olds
he did get off to a girl in a diaper and crib.

No. 1195550

Ah all the ones I looked at were 17 year olds there must been about 15 accounts of young emo girls
I do find him very creepy not kink shaming or anything but it’s a baby fetish it’s strange can someone enlighten me to how people get off to this stuff? I had a friend who liked it and pretended to be a baby and she left her boyfriend and realised how strange it

No. 1195579

She was into the fetish not so much him he didn’t seem like he actually liked it. Think that may have taken a toll on the relationship with him not being into her kink

No. 1195723

she has the cats, they were on her chaturbate a few days ago. Not sure about the dogs though but she definitely has the cats.

No. 1195945

can mods please autosage this shit

No. 1196007

Awww Jess you upset?

No. 1196083

I kinda doubt she takes good care of her pets.

What's your point anon ?

No. 1196280

that anon is right this sub needs to be autosaged from all the samefagging

No. 1196600

I'm not Jess, I made the literal first thread here and have watched it devolve into two of the same people rehashing dumbass shit, never saging, constantly bumping the thread for nothing and ruining any possibility to actually discuss anything

No. 1197284

Why would jess care about saging? I dont think she knows how to use this website properly.

No. 1198909

File: 1617235898221.jpg (38.51 KB, 480x410, cat1.JPG)

Just a quick grab so we know the cat is real. After she was going on about need to make money as she has bills to pay.

No. 1198984

I'm trying to sit through her stream and she keeps vaping and coughing after real cute

No. 1198992

She confirmed her and Steve are getting a divorce. They're on good terms with eachother tho and still talk. So I think cheating anon was probs lying lol

No. 1198995

Diff anon but she said she and him broke up at the end of Nov. She said more than once that she's sad about it so now I wonder if it was his decision

No. 1199042

Maybe. the way she phrased it did make me think it was more mutual, but who knows honestly. She said its not something she's really going to talk about again (sans probably a public announcement eventually)

However, if she did cheat ofc she'd want to make it seem like it was mutual/not something she did wrong. There's 0 facts to prove this, though.

No. 1199422

I kinda doubt they are good terms they deleted everything of each other lol. That doesn't seem like good terms.
I dont believe anything she says I'll wait for Stephen's side of the story if he ever goes back online.

Yeah her vaping habbit is narsty
When u see a girl trying to be sexy but has a smoker's cough it's a huge turn off.

Yes but jess is known for lying.

No. 1199446

If people break up they usually delete photos together because it sends the wrong message otherwise and want to move on. Really has nothing to do with what terms anyone is on.

No. 1199454

I doubt they’re on mutual terms after just breaking up out of the blue after 4 years, and getting married showing no signs of becoming distant. I feel really bad for Stevop, especially since he struggles with depression.

No. 1199462


Why do you guys not know how to fucking sage lol. Stop bumping the thread for your comments.

No. 1199578

Does Jess smoke cigarettes or just vape?

No. 1199590

sage your shit oh my god

No. 1199619

Actually I have TONS of Facebook friends that keep up old realationship photos because of memories or events/outings. As if you believe anything she says lol

Who cares regardless shes got a nasty smokers cough.

Seriously if they are coming on lol cow at least learn how to use it.

No. 1199724

That still doesn’t mean everyone thinks or feels that way and wants to keep old pics up. They might’ve saved the pics somewhere else and took them off public.

No. 1199907

Okay there.
You must be right, they must still be buddy buddy. (Sarcasm)

No. 1199909

File: 1617329356898.jpg (113.78 KB, 1600x900, cover8.jpg)

You a fan of jess or something lol ?

No. 1199953


You gotta like her since you clearly don’t know how this site works.

No. 1200140

Sage your shit your clogging up the feed more then anyone else. It’s annoying(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1200206

Nta but you didn't even sage fucking faggot. Also than*

No. 1200232

Do you even know what saging is or do you think it’s just a word tosses around here lol

No. 1200541

Does anyone know what the name of her dogs were? I think baby bells has one, she posted about getting a dog in her ig story(sage)

No. 1200546

You’re so fucking stupid. No one in this thread knows how to fucking sage

No. 1200566

Just go away if it's such a huge issue for you I love how angry you are getting for something so stupid

>>1200541 not sure the name but it looked like a collie

No. 1200622

>just go away

>mf can’t sage so this thread is in front page

Pick one

No. 1200632

Oh lord lemme sf idc I’ll take my b&
NTA and if it was milk it wouldn’t be an issue but we have
>what’s dogs names
Spoon feeding not saged
>saged for
No sage
Not saged
>spoon feeding
Not saged

And thats just the last like 6 posts I can keep going.

No. 1200713

No it's just that one anon not saging. They can simply googling lolcow + sage and find out. But they simply choose not to. Just let them not sage till they are banned.

No. 1201027

the dogs names are margo and calcifer

No. 1201348

Honestly who cares that's not milk

No. 1201354

File: 1617498266555.jpeg (287.57 KB, 750x903, F8A5C2B8-EB0A-46CE-9F67-A64D21…)

She posted this on their matching tattoo videos 6 months into their relationship.

No. 1201409

Yeah I kinda doubt she feels that way still and as for Stephen is he even gonna do the ddlg thing ever again? Lol I kinda think the tattoo for him was way more regretful

No. 1201433

Why do you Steve fans think this. He had littles before Jess, why wouldn’t he after? He’s clearly into it just as much as her. Christ. He’s gotten off to her in diapers many times lol. He’s as much as a degeneratie as she is

No. 1201604

The two girls before her seemed pretty normalish. But you are right he had sex with her in diapers seriously didnt know he had littles before her.

No. 1201679

I don’t think he had sex with her in diapers, he’s said in twitch streams he wasn’t into that

No. 1201788

His previous girlfriend before was also little, or at least had a little phase. He’s def into daddy dom, though I didn’t know he had said on stream that he doesn’t have sex with her in diapers.

No. 1202161

Well . He gets his dick sucked while shes in a diaper and crip. Has sex in a baby nursery. That's enough to turn off a normal human being. He is a degenerate too. After all he willingly married jess.

No. 1204465

it looks like they did divorce. Stephen is posting emo/typical breakup shit on his stories. (I saw that someone said she confirmed their divorce but it looks like that has been deleted)

No. 1204541

She didn't post it anywhere, she said it in a stream

No. 1204644

Sage for no contribution but god I can’t wait for new thread this thread pic startles me every time I scroll

No. 1205455

Cant wait till he finally speaks out about it.

No. 1205522

on his new post, people are commenting things, saying stuff like "I can see the sadness behind those eyes" and "hope everything is okay," and even one that said "single???" I wonder if they read this page or if it's that obvious they divorced lol

No. 1205580

He has posted selfies on his story as well, he looks like he's just gone done crying in them(imageboard, sage)

No. 1206169


Why do you post screenshots instead of narrating

No. 1206170

Why dont you post screenshots? **

No. 1206243

File: 1618202365423.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 345.33 KB, 750x729, 23D86369-2ECD-4CE3-AFE2-4A8109…)

over 24 hours so i can’t look at his story but he did make a post of what i’m assuming was from the same set of selfies (spoilered in case you don’t wanna see)

No. 1206295

I saw the story he posted and to me people who post pictures right after they have been crying annoy me cause it’s screams I want attention gimmie attention
But looks like everyone figured out he single now in the commmets of his post wonder if he will start to come back to YouTube and Instagram to find a new emo/little girlfriend as Jess would man hunt all his fans in every single post till he just stoped putting pictures and videos up

No. 1206419


Lmao hes for sure wearing a wig

No. 1206582

he is. there was a video a few years ago that was deleted where he said he was bald and showed the process, he still has one up called “the new me” that shows him bald, as well as other videos on binkie’s page. he was bald for a while but got the same bad wigs after a year or year and a half of being bald.

No. 1206644

The best thing he ever did was shave his head, he looked really good bald.
long hair doesn’t suit him

No. 1206789

He looks bad both ways

No. 1208135

if you go to stevops instagram hes complaining that someone is stealing and copying his content from 6 years ago. Tiktok cringe shit as usual, but the topic of 'short girls are mini ninjas of death' is such an incel pick-me-boy thing to care about. Hes still not telling his fans whats happened, rather reposting old shit and making useless drama about his idiotic videos.(imageboard)

No. 1208918

Is it me or does she post she's doing a cam show then seems to back out. Twice I noticed she's posted it then the tweet goes. Almost as if not enough response she won't do it

No. 1208932

You anons are annoying stop narrating and start posting screenshots of his posts then. Jesus.

No. 1209002

If Stephen was smart and wanted to get More views he should come out and talk about what happened

No. 1209136

“Smart and wanted more views.” Lmao you are such an idiot, it’s insane how dumb you are.

No. 1209338

I dmed her ex friend datemogirl and asked if she was still frends with her and she said they are no longer friends but wouldn’t tell me anything else

No. 1209531

Haha post a screenshot of this. Cuz that's milk.

No. 1209788

File: 1618576609678.jpeg (232.37 KB, 1125x1057, ED3CF530-6E7B-4D74-A8BF-539ECA…)


No. 1209842

I swear cow tippers are the biggest cows, imagine wasting your time digging for dirt on strangers to impress people on an anonymous image board.

No. 1209851

The worst part is that they got absolutely told and still thought posting their embarrassing exchange was worthwhile

No. 1209860

File: 1618587240481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1201x828, 1ZYQQJZ.jpg)

guys, it's Definitely not a fetish… #fetishfriday + #transisbeautiful on twitter(wrong thread)

No. 1209863

this thread desperately needs to be nuked or autosaged ffs

No. 1209867

careful anon, they're gonna accuse you of being jess kek

No. 1210158

File: 1618615255925.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 208.58 KB, 745x686, 4307C2DE-1C43-4327-A978-A97FCA…)

I feel bad. She’s lost a lot of weight, I wouldn’t be surprised if all stress from the divorce has triggered her ED. I mean, it was triggered enough that it pushed her best friend away for good- which I’m sure is only going to make it worst. She really needs to start a healthy diet and watch herself.

No. 1210579

I don’t feel bad for her since the divorce was probably her fault considering she cheats for the sake of porn I wouldn’t be surprised if the other cheating allegations were true. Stephen is the one I feel bad for. You can tell he’s really depressed.

No. 1210636

Thing is she is a sex worker. It was a full time job for her so everything is about making money on content. She stopped doing youtube as she was making no money on it. She does cam shows they do not make much money.

I bet she cared more about making content on her wedding night / honeymoon than being with him.

No. 1210849

Shes likely lost weight cuz Stephens not there to force her to eat anymore.
Also she looks exactly the same. Wtf ?

No. 1210856

jess has a mangina?? Kek
Jeez must have been a pretty bad friendship split.. this girl burns her bridges with EVERYONE!!.. even her and mia aren't friends anymore.

I honestwouldnt be surprised if she trys to manipulate people into making porn.

Notice you dont see her bell anymore too?

No. 1210982

She did a video with a mommy called Mama Bear Claire on Just For Fans. I never seen her before, so I wonder how much longer until she learns the true Jess.

No. 1210983

File: 1618716589697.jpeg (174.79 KB, 750x1274, C4BC4D23-9DBE-40ED-8EE5-C95BBD…)

They got divorced in November, and already by the end of the month she’s in a relationship with someone else. I can’t believe she did that to poor Stephen. It’s clear he loved her way more then she ever loved him.

No. 1210991

Stephen has his own faults but yeah, she made it pretty apparent with getting into a relationship so fast that she didn’t give a fuck

No. 1211025

her and Clair were in a babysitter/baby relationship around 4 years ago. you can tell it’s the same girl from the video “VLOG: Weekend With My Babysitter” (https://youtu.be/LO1YnTINwx8)

No. 1211138

Love how in that video she basically points out she wont be doing anything sexual. That seem to last a short time and that she was not going to do anything with her "Daddy" in them.

No. 1211150

Cheating makes sense with the timeframe. Think Stephen found out in December and that’s when he decided to divorce her. They had just went on their honeymoon in October. It makes completes that not even a month after their honeymoon she’s in a new relationship? She basically just outted herself as a cheater. Not a surprise but it makes sense. I feel bad for him, he got really quiet around December too and started looking depressed when he did post any time after that

No. 1211152

Meant anniversary of their wedding. She really must not have cared about him at all to do that to him. I feel bad for him though

No. 1211158

She likely jumped into that relationship 1 day after the divorce went through.
This girl hops tips fast. She cheated on david for Stephen now cheated on Stephen for this new guy.
Its actually pretty obvious she has borderline personality. She cant be single for 5 minutes.
I bet both families are disappointed in her. The wedding wasn't even that long ago.

No. 1211174

Yeah when she broke up with David the same day she was with Steven and about 2 days they were posting pictures together. I think she keep this new relationship private no face reveals

No. 1211309

Stephen posted he was single on his Instagram story

No. 1211378

Why the fuck don't you post screenshots you are so annoying anon.

I have a gutt feeling she will be posting about this new guy soon. But he might be a private dude. Who knows.

Shes definitely not pansexual like she says. if shes always with guy after guy. She seems pretty straight.

No. 1211382

No he didnt it's not on his story lol. stop making shit up anon.

No. 1211854

File: 1618815226381.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 55EEEB36-3EFA-41FD-AA7C-E8714A…)

not the same anon, but he did. it was on his story saturday, april 16th.

No. 1211874

These fucking wigs though… Jfc

No. 1211969

Wow notice his emo cut scars on his arm in that photo.
The wigs are pretty cringeworthy.

No. 1212000

yeah, he deleted that photo about an hour after posting it, must have had some backlash from it

No. 1212064

That’s not really something you should point out. keep those thoughts and opinions to yourself please

No. 1212090

I think you're lost. Sage your shit, too

No. 1212441

Lmfao. Yes cuz 30 year olds posting emo self harm scars is sooo mature. Your boner for this guy is hella obvious anon.
P.s. learn to sage. Are you 13 ?

No. 1212444

He posted a selfie? Expect a person who cut themself in the past to have just magically healed?? Lol. Not like he was like “look at my scars.” Such a dumbass you are. Must be embarrassing to be you, no lie.

No. 1212474

Straight up I feel he likes the emo attention. He can easily get a tattoo over that shit. He just gives off a "pitty me vibes". He looks like an emo teenager. Jobs seriously dont hire people with visable self harm scars.
There was a emo guy at my work and they made him wear long sleeved shirts. Shits pathetic.

No. 1212476

Then you’d shit on him for his tattoos. You just have no limit and put others down cause you’re a sad piece of shit. Literally obsessed with these people that have no affect on your life. You are actually beyond pathetic lol who obsessed over people this hard, seriously? You need a major reality check, and maybe try growing up, might do you some good.

No. 1212494

no1curr and for the love of god sage your shit

No. 1212505

“Sage sage sage sage” Jesus Christ shut the fuck up, winey little bitch. Can’t handle the truth so you just cry. Grow up. Focus on your own sad life. I know you’re sad and alone and no one loves you, I get it, so go do something about it. It’s insane how this is the only thing you look forward to out of your days, a stupid forum about people who couldn’t care less about you? Are you okay?? Haha. Go make a friend if you even can.(sage)

No. 1212507

Sage goes in email field. You’re welcome.

No. 1212630

Someones on the rag. For real are you okay mentally? Angry troll who spends just as much time on here as anyone else. You keep coming back for more. So you talking about yourself? Kek.
Yup! sage is rule on here. You don't know how to use lolcow.farm. so get off here. Multiple anons have told you countless times. Yet you refuse to learn. DURR.

No. 1212632

Okay officer doofy no one cares. You are annoying.

No. 1212757

Sorry anon I forgot, I am new to this website still. But stop Sageing people why are you obsessed with it Do you have nothing better to do then that
Why you so butt hurt over lol someone triggered.

I myself have many scars from my past as well as a lot a people who work normal jobs this is bullshit I highly doubt they made him cover up cause he can sue them for shit like that as it’s a form of discrimination.

Yeah no one can win with people like that judging people’s body’s for every little thing wrong with it but fail to see there own flaws.

No. 1212895

Go back in your room and play with your vacuum officer doofy. No1cares about your emo days.

Who is agreeing with you? No1 cuz you're clogging up the feed with your emo bullshit.

Come back when you have milk and tea. For now you are useless.

No. 1212919

By not saging you bump the thread up to the front page, which annoyed people as they usually check the thread since that usually signals new milk. That’s why everyone gets so annoyed. Also yeah, I understand your frustration but trust me this is not the place lol just ignore comments you don’t like or just don’t comment at all.

Any way, I do think Jess is going to keep this new relationship private for as long as she can. I don’t think we’ll see this guy at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s really ashamed she cheated and having such a public marriage makes it even worst. So I don’t think she’ll do it again. However, who knows.

No. 1212980

The split is seriously embarrassing. She made the past 2 relationships public and look how that turned out. She likely will keep this one private depending on what the guy wants.

No. 1213044

If Jess can use him to make money / if he has any followers she can get to pay for her stuff she will exploit. She likely saw Stevens fans as a target audience.

No. 1213427

No. 1213560

She still has Steven, and David’s videos on her porn site, so obviously she will try to use this guy too . I doubt this relationship will last. I’m honestly surprised she suckered another one in with her reputation.

No. 1213645

Coming back to the thread after years and holy hell.
what an absolute train wreck jess life has become.

No. 1214107

Shes a sad human being

No. 1215190

I know her old friend datemogirl and she treated her like shit why is this even still a tread? Stop giving her attention she doesn’t deserve it

No. 1215285

Thanks for bumping the thread with nothing of contribution kek. No one cares if you know her old friend. We already know Jess is shit.

No. 1215553

What Jess treated her like shit or datemo treated Jess like shit? And What happened

No. 1215891

Elaborate* spill the tea what did jess do to her?

No. 1215901

Looks like the removed the "in a relationship" status on her Facebook.

No. 1218214

File: 1619561546229.jpg (337.53 KB, 1080x1436, 20210427_180706.jpg)

HOLY SHIT. She is being accused of being transphobic now on her YouTube comments. O.o(don't use emoticons)

No. 1218272

File: 1619564890957.jpg (305.25 KB, 1080x1668, 20210427_190249.jpg)

Looks like people are finally starting to notice how shitty she is.

No. 1218797

It’s sad to see there’s teens that look up to her, and want to be like her, so I really hope it gets out that she’s nothing but rudeness, and drama.

No. 1218963

we hate trannies here too.

No. 1219414

Anyone else notice Stephen has new top teeth? Before he hardly showed his teeth, and when the off chance he did they were very dark at the top, almost dead. In his newer wig videos he has white teeth he shows more often.

No. 1219473

Sorry for slight blogposting, but I also noticed that specifically because I’m in the same situation. Fixing shitty teeth makes an immediate difference, because you’re used to hiding it. Makes sense that he would be more confident now in that situation.

No. 1219474

File: 1619688388352.jpg (313.33 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210429-071549.jpg)

She clearly does not want to bother with cramming yet she craves the money

No. 1219579

Jess you can delete posts on your twitter but screenshots do not tend to lie.

No. 1219616

What does hating trannies have to do with this thread, and not everyone here hates someone simply for being trans, me included.

No. 1220805

Apparently jess doesn't like trans people. And blocks them.

No. 1221002

File: 1619881973125.jpeg (207.67 KB, 750x963, 555D96FF-A4F8-44C4-A8AE-37C7DD…)

Well, she admitted she was giving someone head in the parking lot. We know it’s not Steve. I still feel bad for him esp now with this LOL.

No. 1221014

Wow! I never knew that. That just makes me hate her more. She wants people to support her fucked up kinks, but doesn’t support trans people.(tranny derail)

No. 1221057

Considering trannies are glorified incels and woman haters then good

No. 1221059

No. 1221066

Trans people should support themselves

From a beam

With a rope around their neck

No. 1221071

No. 1221090

Being trans IS a fucked up kink you mongoloid

No. 1221118

Granted the fetish age panders too is fucking weird enough, I have no doubt that grotesque tranny perverts flock to her. I once saw her pictures with sissy type captions on them too. It’s all gross but she’s quite fucking right in this.

No. 1221963

Sissies are next level fucked up
I could see why a predator like her likes them.

No. 1227376

File: 1620679872397.jpg (Spoiler Image, 472.39 KB, 1080x776, 20210510_164650.jpg)

Jess looks strung out af

No. 1227484

Also that’s not her apartment.
She’s talking about getting fucked on the regular again, so wondering if it’s new boy toys house.

No. 1227688

Wow she really didn’t give a shit about Steve did she
Just like she didn’t give a shit about David

No. 1227780

File: 1620744381994.jpeg (108.83 KB, 750x308, D7FDE5EF-8B89-4329-B59B-E460DF…)

She also apparently doesn’t give a shit about her customers. This guy replied to her now deleted tweet of saying she was going to came tonight and there’s another tweet by him saying he’s waited 8 months lol.

No. 1227794

File: 1620745454978.jpeg (86.19 KB, 750x310, D247CDAE-05E7-460D-9DA9-71A6EB…)

No. 1227952

File: 1620757482638.jpg (141.15 KB, 1080x661, 20210511_142100.jpg)

Jess is a mess.

No. 1227957

Shes clearly not even good at sex work kek. Imagine if she got a real job.

No. 1228485

Seriously questioning how legitimate this guy is.. I simply asked him a question regarding this and he blocked me. Lmao

No. 1228899

Girl, learn to spell. So far you have written “cramming” instead of camming and “came” instead of “cam.”

No. 1228958

Just say… that could be annoying auto correct on phones.

No. 1230885

Would not surprise me if she molested anyone in her past.

No. 1231269

File: 1621176606129.jpeg (392.75 KB, 960x720, binkiethot.jpeg)

Yeah, she's admitted she has a new boyfriend on her recent Instagram post. Hasn't specified who yet though. She also look so strung out as though she's on drugs or something.

No. 1231272

do you honestly not know how to take a screenshot on a computer? if thats a mac its shift cmd 3 for future reference. cmd is short for command tho the loopy key that has circles on the edges of a corner

No. 1231273

honestly, who gives a shit? does it actually matter?

No. 1231274

thx for tips

No. 1231278

Wow she moved on way too fast.

No. 1231284

It was probably the reason her and Steve broke it off, considering it is so quick. Probably a repeat of what happened with her and David, she seems to be a little more active on Instagram recently. The other day she posted on her story just saying 'I want to be able to post without being asked about that, thank you'. I forgot to take a screenshot, will probably be shat on for posting this honestly but it happened

No. 1231289

She did something to her friend rain (She has the unicorn Wrist tattoo As there friendship tat) the year when she started porn. Rain said about it on tumblr and they stop being friends asp. From what I can remember binkie and rain got drunk Or potentially drugs and binkie started touching up rain and she didn’t want it

The post is now gone but there was a tumblr account called binkieabdl&stevoace opinions that linked it/spoke about it maybe there some evidence left on there?

No. 1231297

just a theory, what if jess is with a 'muscian' ? since shes wearing the guitar picks around her neck constantly. Maybe it has something to do with Kara (datemogirls)'s band? Hence they fell out?

No. 1231301

You know, if you check her Facebook the only likes she has consistently is from this one guy- whose in a band lol.

No. 1231305

he was from the old peachy band, hes not in there anymore either

No. 1231307

they lost a member who was a guitarist, (david buchholz) and coincidentally all of of a sudden Kara falls out with her and shes wearing guitar picks around her neck?

No. 1231308

It would like up. Jess moves back to Florida, hangs with Kara since she was her bff. Meets David/already had been texting him. Cheats on Stephan with him, Kara falls out with both of them and he joins a new band. I bet she won’t say who it is bc if it is a band- they def aren’t gunna want her abdl reputation around them lol. Maybe that’s why she’s really playing up ‘normal porn star’ on OF.

No. 1231315

File: 1621180835812.png (72 KB, 1355x537, dan.png)

It makes sense with the timeline. He was still in PeachyBand in December, then all of a sudden Peachy dropped him with no warning or mention and then he get into a new band in February. Makes it more sus because Kara dropped her around this time. She starts wearing guitar picks around her neck and going for this weird grunge emo aesthetic, i bet thats what happened.

No. 1231318

File: 1621181325900.jpeg (408.37 KB, 750x866, 88749C46-0FEB-42B7-96D6-94811E…)

Confirmed. It’s his jacket,,,,

No. 1231319

so we sussed it out, thats basically what happened. Shes a stepmom now, he has children.

No. 1231323

He looks disgusting.

No. 1231326

File: 1621182301478.jpg (369.6 KB, 1283x1283, ew.jpg)

heres a more clear photo of him

No. 1231332

Likely he is loving the banging a porn star bit of he is in a band.

No. 1231333


its disgusting, he has 2 kids who are like 5 and 7 and hes doing ABDL and DDLG with her. Nasty af.

No. 1231344

so just shayna and fupa but the thin version? Disgusting.

No. 1231463

Yup his name is daniel Buchholz. That is his jacket. He does have little girls. Which is disturbing hes dating a predator. Who's his baby momma ??? Shouldnt she be warned?

No. 1231484

Shes always going after guys who look like teenagers. No surprise with her liking ageplay. That's likely why she likes them looking so young.

No. 1231957

File: 1621266932645.jpeg (656.66 KB, 750x1026, 07D76B5F-ABA7-43A6-B521-A93378…)

No. 1231975

First things first he's gotta cut the wig lol.

No. 1231982

File: 1621268596932.jpg (842.31 KB, 1080x1832, 20210517_121912.jpg)

He posted this on Twitter too.

No. 1231984

He’s really mourning Tori today.

No. 1232005

What makes you say that?

No. 1232064

File: 1621279136726.png (Spoiler Image, 4.22 MB, 750x1624, 43405EF4-E26B-4CDB-8673-6F077B…)

Insta story.

No. 1232314

Was that her hat or something?

No. 1232318

Him and tori generally looked so much happier than him and jess ever looked.

No. 1233638

I know! She was genuine, and sweet. You could tell they really loved each other. I think he rushed into things with Jess so he wouldn’t feel lonely.

No. 1233831

Yeah jess was a pretty shitty wife to him.

No. 1233927

I still feel bad for him as he seems really upset, but I mean with her reputation he should have known the kind of person she is with how slutty she acts online, and flirts with other men to make money.

No. 1233943

Well I dont have alot of sympathy for him considering he did partake in the abdl porn & decided to marry her. But you cant turn a hoe into a house wife. some guys have to learn the hard way.

No. 1234338

Pretty sure he proposed to her in the same place on the beach to Jess as he did with tori (and another ex)I think he was just trying to fill the girlfriend space as he still missed tori and he proposed to Jess when she was skin waking her so bad. I can’t believe how bad she wanted to be tori with dressing same doing same things taking the exact & same photos with Steven he must of known. She even got the exact same tattoo as her how creepy. After shaming and publicly humiliating her multiple times and then be friending her sister For a while too.
Tori was genuinely a nice girl and that’s something Jess could never be. Jess has a nasty personality hidden by the ‘cute baby’ fashion she chooses to wear.

Curious to why she skin walked tori and Allie so bad

No. 1234699

File: 1621540561594.jpeg (591.62 KB, 828x1288, 69A97AD2-952C-4CC3-8712-88C18D…)

It looks like Jess’ cheating started even before David (was that his name??) this looks like one of her first boyfriends based on this comment and a few others on her FB.

No. 1234700

File: 1621540617084.jpeg (393.35 KB, 828x1105, BACDCFC9-4ABB-4692-A806-25B3FE…)

David and him were friends, so I bet she cheated on this guy w David then Stephen then this new guy, jfc

No. 1234701

Yep and she even acted like she and Tori were friends after her death. Fucked and her followers eat it up and believe it. Insane.

No. 1234851

Shes a skin walker because she knows she could Never live up to being a nice sweet girl.

No. 1234852

Well shes clearly a liar with borderline personality that's why shes a skin Walker.im sure tori didn't like her.

No. 1234857

Someone pointed that out a long time ago she has a history of cheating and apparently she had BV when she was with that Joseph guy too.

No. 1235041

That usually happens if you having unprotected sex in most cases (not all cases I know) this could be from being with multiple people caused her to have BV

No. 1235055

I don’t he admitted being abusive to one of his ex on YouTube then quickly took the video down Like 3 years ago
Plus he gives me pure nonce vibes

No. 1235251

There are many reasons a person can get bv but knowing jess it was likely from sleeping around and just being flat out dirty.

No. 1235546

At first I just thought she was a typical slut that would sleep around for the sake of porn to make money, but turns out she’s a cheater that just can’t be happy with 1, and likes to manipulate, and hurt every man she’s been involved with.

No. 1236171

Nobody should feel sorry for Stephen. This is his karma for being a pedophile and cheater lol. Also whoever called him independent clearly doesn't know him personally. He lived with his grandmother until he moved in with his internet girlfriend and her family (he was in his early 20s, she was 15). They both cheated on each other lol.. When they kicked him out, he moved back in with his grandmother and kept on grooming teen girls, getting nude photos and videos from them. Lived with her until he moved in to that ghetto house right before blocking all his victims & side pieces and going public with Tori because she was the first to agree to move in with him (he had just offered to pay for my bus ticket to move in with him, I was a minor and glad I didnt). Cheated on and emotionally abused her until she basically lost her shit and relapsed. Started talking to Jess before they'd even split yet… ugh, he's just disgusting, they both don't deserve sympathy

No. 1236177

You’re an idiot, you’re basically blaming him for his exes death when you know nothing of the situation or of anything really. But it’s okay to want to feel important and want attention.

No. 1236189

Wtf are you talking about?? Toris downward spiral started after being with Stephen!. Its true hes fucking creepy and you would know that if you ever watched his porn with jess. Just because him and tori looked happy in videos doesn't mean shit didnt happen behind closed doors. Him and jess also looked happy but look how that turned out.
You honestly sound so dumb anon. Why you fan girling him on here?

No. 1236193

His porn with Jess is her fetish, he never seemed into it at all, even admitted to not liking abdl on a stream a while back. But go ahead and assume you know everything. Crazy how wrapped up you guys are about people has no influence on your life. Also blaming someone for someone’s death is childish when he tried to help her, you have no idea the shit he deals with not being able to get her the help she needed. Grow the hell up, no life losers.

No. 1236197

He sure acted like he liked it sticking his fingers in her dirty diaper and getting his dick sucked in a crib. Telling her when to piss herself. And he wasnt into it?? … he changed her diapers for fuck sake. But what ever you gotta tell yourself to stay in denial. Right.

Where did anyone say it's his fault shes dead? Someone just pointed out he abused her. Which he admitted to. But its pretty obvious where the chain of events started with her problems.

I love how you say we have no life. When you are on here trying to defend his honour lmfao. You okay over there thick skull?

No. 1236201

File: 1621774166432.jpg (720.35 KB, 1080x1735, 20210523_084505.jpg)

No. 1236211

>>1236177 different anon here
He did abuse her and cheat on her so….
she used to say on videos they would get physical all the time and post pictures of her bruises. Tori had a tumblr outing Steven and it was of photos of abuse and what he did to her all the time such as black eyes ect. I don’t get why he acting innocent and that he loved her. You wouldn’t do that shut if you loved someone truly. He a nasty peice of work who defo preys on younger emo girls

No. 1236219

No one saying he caused her death only you. He used to be into abdl with tori and he actively search for abdl girlfriends at one point so he obviously into abdl ddlg lifestyle. Not only that from what I remember right before he got with jess while living with tori he was chatting up another girl who was also into ddlg and was about to meet up with her before he ghosted her completely for jess (this is on the last form) I'm not blaming him for her death but he didnt bother helping her he just gasslighted her all over Twitter Instagram youtube and facebook by calling her crazy druggie and him and jess made a video of them laughing at her for a email she sent steven. If he loved Tori he would of been kind to her and get her help and supported her even as a friend. Pisses me off that he acting like she was his everything when he was horrible to her while she was alive.Everything has been documented and seen by many before you run your mouth go back and read these forms.

No. 1236220

Amen to that!

No. 1236222

Where is that video of them laughing at tori ??

No. 1236253

File: 1621783148611.jpg (66.8 KB, 540x961, fivemonth.jpg)

more proof to the fact that it was around January that they officially called it off. Looks like when Jess moved back to tampa and met Daniel, she cheated.

No. 1236256

File: 1621783446258.png (278.09 KB, 1282x518, werid.png)

Daniel has only just got out of a relationship himself and by the weird comment on the right, maybe to do with death? Havent seen any photos of the girl with their mum.

No. 1236258

File: 1621783685049.png (144.82 KB, 1244x527, Smarried.png)

looks like hes actually just got out of a marriage.

No. 1236261

Daniels sister who passed away recently is called Jessica too, weird af

No. 1236272

Those are lyrics from My Chemical Romance’s Helena. It looks like the dude was cosplaying from that music vid or something.

No. 1236300

It got deleted when she died. Basically it was a email she sent to them from prison allegedly and it said she misses Steven and it was Steven reading it in video and Jess fake laughing saying how gross tori is ect I wish I saved it. There might be more comments on the last thread? Cba to go find it

No. 1236343

Lol he spent their relationship going behind her back with me and God knows who else because I was still stupid enough to believe the BS he fed me. You're either Stephen or one of his new victims. I've known the man for over a decade now, don't tell me what I don't know lol.

No. 1236369

What her skin walk this girl next

Proof or it didn’t happen

No. 1236413

File: 1621799931713.jpeg (123.88 KB, 2048x1152, received_10208609288215772.jpe…)


Our conversation while he was dating Tori; she had found out about him cheating from the start so he turned around and gaslit and guilted her about it. He'd frequently text me and probably plenty of other young girls he kept in his pocket to talk badly about her and get sympathy from us. At the time I truly felt bad for him and was still forgiving and eating up his stories. This isn't something I would make up; engaging with him was terrible of me and I'm still ashamed years later. Tori was a really sweet girl, when I finally confronted her she wasn't angry with me or anything and we talked about career ideas. She wasn't much older than me.. If any of her family ever sees this, I am so so so sorry for the part I played in Stephen's abusing and breaking her. I believed and enabled him in painting her a villain when I should have immediately told Tori what was up.

I can't post the nudes he's sent because I don't want to be accused of pulling a revenge pr0n bs. And I used a texting app in this screenshot because I only had wifi at the time.

No. 1236467

File: 1621806054204.png (4.41 MB, 1242x2688, D27C10CD-48C4-4646-B38A-22C8B5…)

From Steve’s Insta.

No. 1236565

So I was watching videos on Steven, and Tori’s YouTube, and a lot of the videos they made are eerily similar to the ones he did with Jess when the vlogged. She really did skin walk, and torment that poor sweet girl.

No. 1237527

Ok maybe he wont be sharing kink content of him self but jess will still be posting videos of him doing kink stuff on her website.

No. 1239603

That’s true. I wonder what the payment arrangement was like between them while they were dating/married. Whatever it was, I highly doubt he will be getting anything for his adult content now that they are divorcing.

Steve is pretty much talking about him being single in his Instagram stories every day. He admitted that he is currently living out of a hotel. He’s also constantly wearing those bad wigs, and I think he took down some content from when his head was shaved.

No. 1239685

He only trying to get someone to feel sorry for him so he can move in like he done with his last 3 exs he never had his own place he likes to sponge of others big time

No. 1239712

But he has had his own place? Might wanna recheck your facts before you shit talk. Also he moved into two or three places with Binkie. And he has been working full time for years so I’m sure he payed most of the bills

No. 1239713

But he has had his own place? Might wanna recheck your facts before you shit talk. Also he moved into two or three places with Binkie. And he has been working full time for years so I’m sure he payed most of the bills

No. 1239740

He did move in with every single girl.. lol. Just because he had his own place at some point in time doesn't really mean anything. It's also more expensive to live out of a hotel so thats a dumb choice on his end.
Those wigs are terribly tacky.
No chance in hell he will get a dime from her content. If I was him I would of told the divorce lawyer that I want 50% of each video sold that included me in it. Or would of said she doesn't have my consent and if she keeps it up online I'll get her charged with revenge porn.

No. 1239763

In his Tiktok he said he’s only living in a hotel cause he’s waiting on an opening for an apartment. Cant say the man doesn’t have money, cause hotels are expensive

No. 1239999

He said in a video that he isn’t working at the moment — that he’s waiting to start a new job. So clearly he doesn’t ALWAYS have a job.
Your comment reads like you are in fact Steve himself, or someone close to him. Odd. Also, please sage your posts if you aren’t adding milk. You’re bumping the thread for no reason and and it also makes it easier to tell which posts are coming from you.

No. 1240019

“Working full time”
Learn to actually read, it’s not that hard. Someone seems jealous.

No. 1240204

I think it’s strange how they’re both calling it a “breakup” instead of a DIVORCE. They were married for ~2 years and together for ~4. It makes me think that maybe they weren’t that serious/committed (we know Jess cheated so she definitely wasn’t serious nor committed), or didn’t think that seriously about marriage.

No. 1240236

She hasn’t called it anything he’s the one talking about it and making videos about it 24/7 now. She still hasn’t said a word other than to not ask her.

No. 1240544

They technically were only married 1 year and a few months. Didnt even make it to 2 years.

Jeez anon why would anyone be jealous of pedophiles lol.

Jess also gives off "food stamp" vibes. She kinda seems like a bumb.

No. 1240765

Your so far up his arse it hurts.

No. 1241382

No. 1241796

File: 1622349442478.png (Spoiler Image, 1001.64 KB, 750x1334, 8967A82E-37A4-4D09-B14C-6A0034…)

She’s making her new relationship public before even speaking of her last one, and recently deleted every single video with him on YouTube trying to erase that they were ever married.

No. 1241966

Once a cheater always a cheater. Ain’t no changing some people. Give it 2 years and she have a will be doing it all over again

No. 1242164

I'm giving it a couple of months till he realizes shes crazy af. I'm assuming because he has children he might be more mature than her last boyfriends.

No. 1242293

She will likely cheat on this guy too.
I'm honestly surprised she deleted all the videos of stephen. I thought she would keep them up to make YT $$$

No. 1242297

She does not make much on youtube as she never got a sponsership deal as no one wants to be linked to a sex worker. Its why she cares about her pay sites.

No. 1242317


She 100% wasn't committed from the beginning

No. 1242461

That’s because she was still seen as sweet, and innocent when she got her main fan base on YouTube. A lot of girls looked up to her. She lied in her documentary that got her a lot of her YouTube following saying that regressing isn’t sexual for her, and it helps her get her innocence back from being molested at 2. Then she starts making her really sexual porn while being in her baby headspace in her nursery which was supposed to be her safe place filled with paddles, and dildos. She has no original personality she just does whatever fad to get attention. Ever since her true colors have been shown people have stopped supporting her. She’s been having to do really cheap deals on her sites, because now that people know who she really is they won’t support her content.

No. 1242634


What makes you so sure that she wasn't committed to the relationship the whole way through? Do you know something we don't, Anon?

From my observations and speculation: Jess was extremely into Steve at the beginning. Their chemistry became steadily less intense over time, but she she was still all-in.

I saw a big difference (in their interactions, Jess's body language around Steve, and in the way she spoke about him) around the time that Steve shaved his head. I think they already had issues at that point, but the hair thing pushed it over the edge. She is pretty vain and the shaved head (which now showed Steve's level of pattern-baldness and made it obvious he had been wearing wigs or a combover-extensions combo) ruined their aesthetic as a couple. The shaved head did not suit him at all, and it aged him.

Steve also became extremely insecure around that time, and someone with her personality type would likely be annoyed and turned off by his 'weakness'. The proposal and subsequent marriage were likely combination of 'relationship band-aide' and Steve panicking to lock a girl girl down now that he 'hit the wall' and lost his looks.

Both of them seem like the type to relish the honeymoon stage of a relationship. They crave that feeling, and that's probably a big part of why they both have a history of cheating.

No. 1242637

Not even close to what happened lol

No. 1242641

So tell us what you know then!

Also, learn to sage.

No. 1243125

Honest think they got married because the relationship was going downhill. It was an attempt to rekindle the honeymoon stage.but clearly did not work.

No. 1243843

File: 1622578063941.jpeg (700.15 KB, 1920x2560, 382708E0-9663-4998-B7A2-5563B2…)

For all you Steve apologists who’ve been saying “he only did little stuff bc Jess was into it! He’s not into it!”
Here ya go.

No. 1243848

File: 1622578318302.jpg (103.63 KB, 750x1334, ew.jpg)

I find it way too funny that he said he won't be sharing any kink content anywhere and that his page is a safe space for positivity and then jumps on the OnlyFans train! What an absolute dumpster fire of a man. Not only that but since that apparantly someone commented for Dxgitalprincess (was known as pokeprincess) on his OnlyFans TikTok post and he made a new TikTok video being extremely cringe and simpy for her pretty much when nobody asked for a video and its just very obvious hes trying to find someone else to leech onto even though she will never give him the time of day.

No. 1243857

Hes always been kinda creepy. No doubt. Hes still looking for little play… ew.

No. 1243866

It used to seem to me that Steven pushed her into the play a little bit but I can see where your coming from because she seemed more…”normal” ish with David but she never was normal anyway lol

No. 1243914

He definitely encouraged it. But the rapey baby play was ALLL HER.

No. 1244011

It’s funny how she removes videos each time she goes through a breakup. Probably can’t handle the fact the person who brought her millions of views left her

No. 1244057

Its cuz people were talking shit about her on her YouTube videos. Because of the break up.

No. 1244090

It’s pretty normal to not want pictures and videos of you and your ex all over your own social media, I’d think. She removed the porn of them off ManyVids too which I think is actually good on her.

No. 1244257

Thank God shes actually being respectful this time around. I bet he asked her to remove the porn.

No. 1244426

Can you uses the words respectful on a thread with Jess. Only thing is her spam on twitter still says "A new JFF superfan is enjoying my 58 videos, 120 posts, 570 photos, and 2109 likes. Here's a sneak peek. See ALL my content at: iamadumbsexworker.scam/binkieprincess"

No. 1244559

Why you posting the spam here ? What's your point?

No. 1245039

She not deleted the videos from her just for fans crap. As it still says a high number

No. 1245344

So maybe jess just posting bullshit in here lol

No. 1245417

Anyone getting the feeling she’s some sort of cheater or home wrecker?

No. 1245427

Lmao I don’t even follow this thread but damn, you really think so, anon? How’d you come to this conclusion? Riveting.

No. 1245640

No I just scrolled and people were thinking she cheated on david

No. 1245785

Shes a known cheater. No ifs or buts or thinks. She Is a cheater and over all a shitty person.

No. 1246022

Ew.. wtf. Seriously starting to think they were made for each other.

No. 1246023

File: 1622832809602.jpg (454.36 KB, 1080x1555, 20210604_144756.jpg)


No. 1246573

What’s up with her and dating men that look like they came out of 2007

No. 1246690

He Has no muscles at all look at his upper arm it’s like pure bone

No. 1246771

Is this supposed to be attractive to…anyone?

No. 1246823

I wish Steve would go bald again he looked hotter, with long hair and Dyed wigs he looks gross

No. 1246860

He looks like a boy both ways.

No. 1248191

File: 1623035141006.png (8.52 MB, 1284x2778, 356EFBD6-DA40-4CA6-A5FD-1D726D…)

Whelp she finally replied to one of them

No. 1248294

She had such a bitchy attitude about it too.

No. 1248300

I hope it's just the editing but her pupils are pinpoints.

No. 1248306

She’ll probably get a new boyfriend in like a month she craves someone who is into the same desires as her, probably gonna be the same break up and find a new someone pattern

No. 1248310

She’s probably on drugs.

No. 1249121

Apparently shes a druggie now

No. 1249415

Said who? Show proof?

No. 1249633

She’s loosing weight, looks strung out in her recent pictures, you can see it in her pictures, and she seems disassociated.

No. 1249640

She could just be depressed and not eating as she’s been known for

No. 1249691

File: 1623168729935.jpg (520.36 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-06-08-17-12-09…)

We all know what flower she means

No. 1249703

Weed isn’t a drug. I think she looks cracked out.

No. 1249760

Weed is a drug like alcohol is. Even sugar and caffeine are. Get over yourself wtf

No. 1249914

Lmfao you act like she was hiding that she smokes weed and you did some real detective work there foh

No. 1251007

weed is drug medical or not. its a drug lol but pretty sure she does harder shit. have you seen her pin point eyes?. yikes
she did acid a few months back and has been losing weight super fast.
shes likely on drugs or gave into her ED again.

No. 1251109

The pictures where her pupils are small she’s in front of a window or in the sun. Light shrinks pupils.

No. 1251667

I take photos in the sun all the time my eyes never look that fucked up. Huh?
Why you so fucking sure shes not a druggie? U her bff ?

No. 1251986

I wonder if she regrets making her relationships public after each breakup cause she never talks about them just jumps to the next boyfriend and act like nothing happened and expects everyone to magically know

No. 1252705

I always found that so weird because it’s obvious her and Steven really hit it off and obviously acknowledged each other more then her previous boyfriend David. It’s kind of awkward watching her videos knowing she used to have another boyfriend

No. 1252796

Life, people split, move on. Give it a while she be doing daddy videos with the new guy and his reputation will happily be trashed then again he in a band the fact grabbed a budget grade porn star will add to his cred

No. 1253102

I really don’t think him fucking an adult baby is going to be a good look for his band he’s probably keeping her a secret because no one is going to be ok wit that

No. 1253179

File: 1623438784695.jpg (33.74 KB, 303x540, hum.jpg)

hmmm? (new insta post) looks odd

No. 1253180

Oh no that doesn’t look good they appear to be fresh too

No. 1253212

i wanna vomit now

No. 1253213

That’s not where track marks would be. Looks like bug bites

No. 1253216

okay now i want to die

No. 1253237

Lmfao track marks can be ANYWHERE ON THE BODY. arms,legs,hands,feet, toes,fingures. I lived in rough neighborhood where people shot up in the street. And I saw them shoot up in the most unlikely place on the body. Seriously dont comment on shit you clearly know nothing about. The inner upper arm has a vein that goes straight to the heart. You betcha ya ppl stick needles there.
It very well could be bug bites but they are funny looking bug bites.
Wouldn't surprise me if she was a junky now. Shes pathetic.

No. 1253245

It’s fucked up to talk about addicts that way no matter who it is. But I doubt she would be parading around like that if those were track marks.

No. 1253264

>>1253245 talk about them what way? A junkie is a junkie period. You lose all respect for these kinds of people when you been around it enough. It is a pathetic way to live life. Just a fun fact.

Anyways almost all her recent Instagram photos she has no pupils. And she looks kinda struggling out too.

No. 1253326

That's track Marks her ex david posted a picture of his once on his tumblr of his track scars all over his arms when he was with jess back when she was pastel quarts kitten it wouldn't surprise me if she used to do it with him. I hope she isn't I like to think she has more common sence then to go down that road.

No. 1253361

Those are absolutely track marks. Also her eyes look pinned in >>1248191 , that’s a junkie face if I’ve ever seen one

No. 1253475

Lmao she’s been lurking here. She just posted a string of Instagram stories saying how the track marks are mosquito bites and how her pupils are small bc her eyes are light. Oh, and she was driving while making those stupid videos too. Way to endanger others while behind the wheel, Jess. All because you’re butthurt most of your “fans” can see through your bullshit.

No. 1253712

Not to wt, but those don’t look like bruises and tracks don’t get a perfect red circle around them. If they ever get that red, it’s long and rashy patches that follow the vein. Those also aren’t places someone would typically hit because arteries run through them. She’s milky enough to not have to make up a junkie saga.

No. 1253768

She admitted on instagram she used to do hard drugs

No. 1253786

Sage for blog but I used to shoot heroin and those are definitely the right marks kek.

No. 1253890

Wouldn’t you if there was a hate forum about you? I know I would

No. 1253910

Well she’s been known to post on here, but most of the time acts like she doesn’t know about the things discussed in here unless it’s true and she can’t come up with a cover up for it.

No. 1254219

She posted on her Instagram story about people accusing her of doing drugs. And she mentioned her new boytoy

No. 1254233

Got to love it "back when i was doing hard fucking drugs when i was 19"

Now we know why this cow is fucked up she only does weed and psychedelic drugs. Now this cow is producing some milk from her small excuses for tits.

More funny she is as rude as fuck in her videos. Cleary hit a nerve her.

No. 1254239

File: 1623533020813.jpg (314.24 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210612-172322_Fac…)

No. 1254248

Guess kids dont really bug this cow after all. Spenind the whole week with them

No. 1254250

Easy to enjoy someone else kids when you not had to carry them for 9 months and they not in nappies

No. 1254597

When she was 19 was like 2015 when she was with David….hmm

She was a nanny for a few years before venturing into sex work.

No. 1255064

druggy nanny wow who left there kids alone with her

No. 1255083

She likely shot up with david.
This guy is such a fucking dumb ass letting a predator close to his children.

No. 1255087

Anon you are soo dumb. Seriously you have no idea on the topic do you? "Not places you shoot up" you can shoot up anywhere that theres a vein. Lol. Believe me I know my nextdoor neighbor shoots up. Shes got Mark's head to toe and NO they dont look like a rash lol

No. 1255274

No. 1255327

File: 1623612514225.jpg (471.35 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210613-152848_Goo…)

Lol that mug shot. Definitely a winner

No. 1255381

Well no one ever said jess was bright. Seems like jess found someone as reckless as her.

No. 1255794

Did Jess show her new victim- cough I mean boyfriend?

No. 1256146

Looks like jess and stephen are no longer fallowing each other on Twitter. And screamkiwi is fallowing Stephen but not jess.

No. 1256248

Anyone know why he was kicked out that peachy band?

No. 1256288

Isn’t Jess’s ex BFF Kara in Peachy?

No. 1256375

probably kicked out because he home wrecked

No. 1256426

Learn to read before asking questions >>1231315

No. 1256436

I'd love to know the milk on the kara situation.

No. 1256584

I literally used to shoot drugs you dumb bitch but ok.
She has plenty of good veins all over her body and anyone with half a brain wouldn’t use near their ulnar artery. Ask you next door neighbor.(no1curr)

No. 1256822

Jeez anon you must be the king of shooting up with all that holy knowledge under that thick skull.>>1256584

No. 1257162

She must’ve cheated if she had her new boy toy mentioned not even that long after the divorce

No. 1257257

Well she changed her relationship status in November to in a relationship. But she wasn't offically divorced till December. Pretty sure she cheated and kara stopped being friends with her then kicked the other guy out of the band. So it's safe to bet they Both slept together while she was married.

No. 1257284

SHE'S STILLL SELLING PORN VIDEOS WITH STEVOP IN THEM. Wtf who on here said she took them down? They lied!. Shes still trying to profit off him.

No. 1257313

nobody fucking cares they're both loser abdl degenerates, why is there always one person in here with a bleeding heart for that fucking creep and another who is chronically unable to sage

No. 1257323

I dont like any of them. But it's fucking creepy how she continues to sell porn of all her ex boyfriends.

No. 1257855

She is making profit off she said in her interview she uses this to gain back innocence, pfft guess she was wrong. Innocence my ass binkie princess

No. 1258045

nothing about her is innocent. She's a shitty person.

No. 1258059

The very few people that actually did like her she fucked them over, and she also decided to put herself out there the way she did, so I don’t feel bad for the hate she gets.

No. 1258079

Don’t forget “fallow” anon. I’d be surprised if there’s more than 3-4 people regularly posting in this thread.

No. 1258979

No. 1258998

They’re talking about this. >>1256146

No. 1259427

Who the fuck cares! How irrelevant

No. 1260594

Her whole documentary was a fuckin lie if she’s doing all this kinky baby stuff(unsaged)

No. 1260637

What a ass

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