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File: 1487809723566.jpg (10.13 KB, 206x275, 1430955986701.jpg)

No. 256183

Old thread >>132905

http://ichigoflavor.tumblr.com/ (dead)

Truth Blog (dead):

Since these aren't banned anymore, I decided to make a new Berry thread to talk about my fave cow

No. 256186

File: 1487809895271.png (168.23 KB, 394x500, berry_6.thumb.png.4c588783aaa1…)

What do you think about the whole stealing shit that happened with Berry?

tl;dr she posted some stolen images on twitter that ended up getting retweet a lot and got an interview with Buzzfeed. She didn't deny the pics weren't hers, but got mad when someone posted the same pics and got more retweets than her.

Here's the original poster, he's korean

No. 256189

Really shitty start to this thread. Explain what makes her a cow. All that I remember were her retarded ass photoshops trying to look animu

No. 256193

honestly? she's really cute imo. i followed because of her overwatch posts

No. 256205

Berry was never one of my favorite cows so pardon if I get some details wrong, but I think what made her a cow was just how much she lied, and the lengths she would go to make her lies seem like the truth. Lying about being rich, lying about her boyfriend (who may or may not be a real person iirc?), lying about being in university when it seemed like she was in high school etc. She was kind of boring herself, but it was fun watching her threads unfold because of the detective work people would put into debunking her claims. idk, OP provided links to old posts and a tumblr that should sufficiently summarize why she was a cow, I feel like that's enough?

No. 256206

She got into a tiff with someone because her S3 overwatch rank was Platinum but she lied and listed it as Master. You're not Master if you dropped down to Plat…

No. 256207

She also stole and reposted drawings but now that Ouji is trying to become an artist she's suddenly huge about proper credit

No. 256212

Lol are you guys going to spend 500 posts arguing about her nose being too big again?

Girl can't help it if she has a potato schnozzie. A lot of people have worse ones.

No. 256216

she made it to master but decayed. the girl that tried to out her was @queensteppani and @pixelgirlfriend ratted her out. now berry follows pixelgirlfriend

No. 256232

Anything new with her? Still a hyper-NEET fatty pretending to be a tiny, pale Korean girl aspiring to be a medical doctor and insisting that her wigs are her actual hair and that she lives in a lavish mansion?

No. 256277

Pretty much. She's an Overwatch elitist now too.

No. 256415

File: 1487829484382.png (385.51 KB, 500x399, tumblr_inline_nzyn48CyLa1talf9…)

I remember her for her cringy shops and her pretending to be a rich asian girl in a mansion when she was dirt poor. That and wearing baggy sweaters to hide she was kinda chub. That and her pretending to be one of her ex's and her sending herself romantic messages. Is she still doing that?

also in reality she ain't cute. Some of her past bad PS

No. 256417

you only decay to 3000 though which is the beginning of diamond rank.

No. 256445

the best part about people stressing how she has a massive nose was, that the same fucking bitch (assumedly berry herself) was overly butthurt about it.

also, it has been deduced, that she was posting from the ouji account herself, which makes the posts even more cringeworthy than they already are.

No. 256448

File: 1487838636559.png (27.59 KB, 679x603, 568526785.png)

an example of one of her posts on here. there are MANY more.

No. 257679

Doesn't she play on console too? On console it's easy mode, well when I played on that platform. You get to play ez If youre decent. If she was against pc players I don't even think she would have had a chance. And btw blizzard fixed the rankings from last season because people were being placed higher than what they were suppose to be. However if she was masters tier to begin with, I doubt she can ever drop down to plat- masters are for the real no lifes who are godly in that game. Hell it's weird that she couldn't even by pass plat coming from a master's tier last season. She's just a hunk of bullshit like always

No. 259067

You don't even have to be "god tier" to get to masters. You have to be at least decent and have enough time to grind or you can get carried. I mean, Berry mains Mercy who's a support hero. She probably just got carried to Masters since being Mercy only really takes good map awareness, not a lot of mechanical skill goes into playing her.

No. 259650

i thought she mained d.va until she got nerfed kek. which was super easy mode cause she was so fckin OP…mercy is easy enough if you got ppl to cover you.
but yeah, she's still clinging to anything remotely trendy so…nothing new there. way less selfies tho, i guess shooping is too much work. I wish she'd come back in full force, she was one of my fav cows

No. 259664

It takes some skill to at least get there, there's a reason so few even make it to masters. There's pros who are master level and comparing their skill level to hers is kinda….lol. not even close I highly doubt it because at that level they were former CSGO or tf2 pros. And she's playing on console so that explains a lot. I doubt she ever made it to masters

No. 259695

Has anyone ever found out if her boyfriend Ouji is an actual real person? Out of all the things she lied about, this seemed the most interesting to me lol.

No. 259711

I think he was real but I don't think they've ever actually met in real life. He's stuck in the Philippines somewhere.

No. 259720

File: 1488219118270.gif (574.02 KB, 340x280, 1360099943067.gif)


eh not really. i know mobas are different than fps's but with enough grinding, getting carried and being a one trick pony you can make it to master. it's right after diamond which i've seen a lot of shit people in all games make to low diamond elo by grinding. a little more skill or time and you can def grind to master, an example is gross gore back when he was on twitch and was a twisted fate 1 trick.
also she's on console so, she may be better than the average female (because at least half of female players arent hardcore gamers let's be real) but that's not much of an accomplishment in my book, especially if she's stuck in plat nowadays.

sadly i wasn't aware of her a couple of years ago but does anyone want to post her shoop fail pictures? theyre hilarious

No. 259721


samefag but i kind of read your sentence wrong at first, sorry. i do agree with you, and knowing how she's a chronic liar i wouldnt believe she's in master tbh

No. 259742

No. 259744

File: 1488222096176.jpg (21.65 KB, 193x340, IMG_1932.JPG)

did she really think this looked decent..?

No. 259745

also i didnt mean to post this my bad

No. 259756

its k. Like what I mentioned tho she was never really in masters because she doesn't clearly have the skills to be one. She's barely in diamond this season and the last two seasons she was a higher diamond and a bronze, never a master. This is her account http://masteroverwatch.com/profile/psn/global/CornDesu/season/3

No. 259766

Lmao. I saw her screenshot and her season high was BARELY Masters but I never even bothered to look up her stats in depth. When you look at her stats it's obvious she got carried. I play OW too and I have way better stats than her but I'm still in Diamond. Just shows that it's easy for low skill players to get to high tier rankings. The Competitive mode in OW is broken anyways, it has been for a long time.

No. 259864

File: 1488236185073.jpg (28.49 KB, 500x283, large.jpg)

this shop is so horrific

there are a lot of them in the old threads but this one is hilarious to me because you can't even see her jawline, everything's so blurry

No. 259885

Why do her lips always look like a prolapsed anus

No. 259916

oh shit this girl. she lives in my town and I helped her brother at gamestop once lmao

No. 259944

Assuming you're not bullshitting, how different does she look irl?

No. 260116


Not bullshitting! I've never seen her. I only knew it was her brother bc he used his powerup rewards card and I remembered his name being mentioned here.

She one time posted a selfie in Ocean County Mall and I recognized the spot as well. That was a year or two ago though.

No. 260396

File: 1488303271063.png (153.37 KB, 1242x915, IMG_2176.PNG)

It's so embarrasing to tweet shit like this when you are 22 years old and have 400+ hours on Overwatch

No. 260770

I remember something like this in an older thread so I guess you're the same person

No. 358770

File: 1500864501680.jpg (136.11 KB, 1080x1350, 20181004_802826306565553_99407…)

So Berry is back in her old ways

No. 358771

File: 1500864509633.jpg (118.63 KB, 1080x1204, 20214022_301152340349075_30342…)

No. 358772

File: 1500864538318.jpg (85.48 KB, 1080x1193, 19534041_233023217205483_47681…)

No. 358774

File: 1500864883751.jpg (34.68 KB, 375x500, DDL8BDiWsAAenlj.thumb.jpg.ef36…)

No. 358897

File: 1500886138468.png (268.51 KB, 640x564, 85434567543.png)

What's with all of the lip photoshop from her lately? She never used to really pay too much attention to them. In fact, I remember in older photos they sometimes looked chapped and flaky, but now she's really pushing this plump, glossy lip thing. It's weird as hell and looks pretty stupid because of how over shooped it is.

No. 358905

Ew those bangs

No. 358921

Glossy lips are in right now

No. 358967

What the hell is she doing these days? She ought to be in college now, right? She always used to go on about going to med school and wanting to be a doctor or whatever. What happened to that?

No. 358998

One thing that has not changed is her desire to be ~nipponjin~

Why do Filipinos hate bing south east asian so much? They sure have alot of self hate for a country that is extremely prideful
Fuckin kek the irony.

No. 359010

I've had someone explain to me that there's this sort of "hierarchy" when it comes to ethnicity for asians and that Filipinos are essentially seen as the "Mexicans of asians" (which is incredibly fucked up.)

No. 359119

step 1: colour them nothing like peach's lips and do a shitty korean ombre lip tint
step 2: shoop your lips to the shape of a prolapsed anus

yup that hierarchy they have. it's japanese > korean > chinese and idk what would come after that since east asia is the in thing

No. 359393

she deleted all her old pics from ig so people don't see her changed face. There was one of her followers who actually told her she would like to have a changing face like hers kek too bad I didn't save it

No. 359525

File: 1500941576220.gif (237.1 KB, 400x534, berry1.gif)

I honestly missed this lol (eyes position are the same in both pics compared so you can see how full of shit she is)

No. 359526

File: 1500941591560.gif (287.45 KB, 400x711, berry2.gif)

another one

No. 359567

So I'm an oldfag and I don't understand the appeal of ole berryfag. Trying not to judge since I know it was a popular thread. So other than lying, living a thinly veiled double life via online lies and really bad photoshopping, where are the lolz? What do you guys love so much about her that fills up threads?

No. 359589

Is this meant to be the same person? I literally can't see it, the entire facial structure and size is completely different.
This is my first time seeing this tart though so I don't know if she's had unprecedented extensive surgery or what, but maybe it's all an elaborate hoax of two chicks pretending to be the same person.

Sage for idk who the fuck she is

No. 359600

File: 1500948305793.png (251.55 KB, 400x562, tumblr_ntblm7STsT1ue5x2io4_400…)

No surgery, she's a 20-something year old girl who's been lying tons (saying she's rich when in fact she's from a normal filipino family, for example) since her photoshopped pics became kind of famous. This is her face a few years back.

For me, I just want to see her exposed one day for all the lies and the shit she did and keeps doing

No. 359608

>"im an oldfag"
>no idea how to sage

No. 360225

why do you need to mention that ur an oldfag when ur clearly not? whats that got to do with anything in ur post or this thread?

exactly. cringe.

No. 360481

File: 1501032007787.gif (219.42 KB, 404x587, berry.gif)

more shit for our fave oldfag

No. 361164

File: 1501104046694.jpg (86.51 KB, 281x350, buri - Copy (2).jpg)

>crop head and phone out so stretching isn't obvious
>darken pic so shadows look deeper aka more slimming

all i did was lighten the pic and squish it to what her shoulders looked like from her selfies

No. 361165

"A somewhat common statement (also written as “Sage goes in all fields”) in reply to particularly horrible threads, in which “sage” is placed not only in the email field, but also the name, subject, and body of the post. This of course has no additional effect compared to including “sage” only in the email field; it is used purely to express extreme disgust in the thread in question."

Perhaps I should have put it in the body. Disregard questions. This thread was previously put down for a reason I suppose.


No. 361219

Nice result, probably really close to what she looks. Funny how she never shows a full body + face pic kek

If this thread is so bad then why are you still here? Hide the thread and fuck off.

No. 361246

you can tell so clearly by her arm in the original that she's chubby

No. 361260

I'm not gonna act like I never used these tricks before to make myself look better in photos but goddamn she has man shoulders

No. 361262

she went from fake as hell ~waifu~ aesthetic to fake as hell instathot aesthetic ?

No. 361273

especially because of her chubby hand

No. 361296

Lol the question of why the berry threads exist has never really been answered aside from her lying about her looks and school apparently.

No. 361351

Has no one (outside of us, I mean) seriously questioned why the fuck she never posts full body pictures that actually show her face? This is rhetorical, but god her followers don't find that a little weird?
We've had threads exist for pettier reasons.

No. 361694

File: 1501183395470.jpg (294.84 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nyv1gfjkPk1uzby90o6_128…)

She kinda looks like Poo in this pics but with heavier makeup, maybe she's trying to steal her "mature" look

No. 362225

File: 1501248455781.jpg (139.78 KB, 720x1183, IMG_20170728_142450.jpg)

From her instagram story, she posted this video and you can definitely see how freaking much she photoshops

No. 362229

File: 1501248946401.jpg (253.51 KB, 1241x1806, IMG_20170728_143431.jpg)

No. 362266

Sheesh, the SNOW filter is kinda overt. Maybe I'm crazy, but it looked like her eye and mouth were jiggling. Her voice reminds of Dakota's early speaking videos.

No. 362550

Also if you look at her boobs, she stretched it to look bigger lol. Same ol Berry

No. 362552

this looks terrible. like raychiel tier shooping. how do people believe this shit?

No. 362584

File: 1501289540165.gif (373.05 KB, 621x903, berrytsukasa.gif)

These are too much fun to do. Keep in mind she has the eye full open in the selfie but on the screencap it is half open, so I tried to compare it accordingly. That difference, though kek

No. 362585

File: 1501289597360.png (841.2 KB, 621x903, berry.png)

The static one too

No. 362587

File: 1501289744796.jpg (61.38 KB, 500x750, IMG_7014.JPG)

This looks like she's channeling Wylonia

No. 362589

File: 1501290018800.png (293.67 KB, 592x624, kek.png)

No. 362600

guess she forgot to shoop her nose smaller kek

oh god this doesnt even look like the same person. she forgot to shoop the tip of her nose samller here too i guess and fix her wobbly jaw shadows lol

hm… whats the equivalent of chinese farmer face to filipinos

No. 362608

It isn't Berry in >>362587, it's Wylona, another famous liar regarding her appearance.

But yeah, that nose, and especially, you can see how fat her face actually is

No. 362627

She looks like a typical fatty azn trying to be instahot. Thing is even through the shooping you can tell she's really fat.

No. 362646

This thread doesn't have much milk and is already mostly nitpicking, if it does not improve this thread will be autosaged.

No. 362807

What's Chinese farmer face?

No. 362953

a round flat face

No. 363080

generic unattractive flat face that a good portion of the chinese population has.

No. 364325

File: 1501556817881.jpg (155.65 KB, 841x1163, DGFurTsXYAAk2fQ.jpg)


No. 364353

she doesn't understand anatomy. if she was that thin, her belly button wouldn't be that wide or flatten that much. it's literally the size of a fat guy's in this and her actual fat is weighing it down big time. theres no really hiding that, and she forgot to add some collarbones to her airbrushed chest too.

No. 365614

File: 1501724697378.gif (216.33 KB, 787x460, neck - Copy.gif)

all I did was look at her laughable pencilneck and tiny shoulder

No. 365686

File: 1501732788167.jpg (162.54 KB, 869x1199, DGRYSblUMAAyuMg.jpg)

Also new pic. I'll only believe Berry has that body when I see a full body pic with her face on it

No. 365695

kek i love how badly the lense is pasted on, u can literally see the white patches at the sides of it

No. 366097

the body on the right matches that fat squished belly button much more kek. thank you for this.

wait what the fuck is going on with that eye? it looks like she has a second tear duct and its consuming a third of her eye. is she for real that anyones not gonna notice that? it looks disgusting srsly wtf is that huge muscley pink thing

No. 366128

100% that is the bellybutton of a chubster, it's laughably obvious by the way it folds over on itself.
Who the fuck is she trying to fool.
She's going for the 'thicc' Kylie Jenner instahoe look now so she half wants to actually show the 'curvier' (kek) parts of her body but still wants to shoop that waist nice and tiny.

No. 366171

she shooped the lens with white background onto her darker sclera
(berry pls, no one has completely white, weinless sclera, i thought at least "future doctor" should know this)

No. 366235

File: 1501799493551.jpg (103.09 KB, 938x1200, DGVgxmUUMAE5dhd.jpg)

So she's now "glad some people stopped following her" because she said she has a dick, what

No. 366245

OH i see it now. thank you. yeah the shoop is way too white it almost looks like she stuck paper inside her eyes.

uh… i imagine her thought process went something like this
>i have a dick gaiz lol im so quirky and randum! xD
>w-wait… followers, dont leave i was joking!
>fine whatever psh i dont need you guys. glad these people stopped following me!
when someone makes a post about losing followers you know theyre butthurt about it lmao

No. 366301

Look how fat her shoulder/arm looks in this photo

No. 366363

her chest is fat too. her collarbones are missing. totally superrr thin.

No. 366378

Was comparing her arms on her new pic to the others and yep, they are quite big

No. 366400

File: 1501837208949.jpg (23.6 KB, 572x245, screenshot8474.jpg)

I like how she retweeted this a few days ago, even though she hasn't played overwatch since June and has decayed to 3000sr again

Berry, you are not Masters lol

No. 366413

Is she still with her imaginary bf? Doesn't seem like they tweet at each other anymore ..

No. 366534

Maybe she lost the password for that Twitter account.

No. 366816

File: 1501898384347.jpg (152.5 KB, 914x1200, DGWauEDV0AAttd7.jpg)

And one more picture

No. 366819

do my eyes deceive me or is that her unedited face on her phone in the reflection of her glasses

No. 366821

I was actually trying to check that on ps, but the reflection is way too low res to compare. But it seems the face on the reflection is way more round. I put one on top of the other and the lips/chin didn't fit at all

No. 366837

File: 1501901830904.jpg (140.27 KB, 885x1200, DGbsStMXcAA7ePI.jpg)

No. 366850

Lmaoo she strank her nose like 70%
Why do Filipinos hate being Filipino so much? It's kinda sad.

No. 366868

TBH she would be actually OK looking with her makeup if she didn't power on the ps. Just a bit chub, but I think her face has decent qualities now that she's a little older. She just isn't happy unless she looks ~flawless~ lol

No. 367000

Was it ever proven that he was fake though?

No. 367232

He's real and still posts and they like each other stuff sometimes. It just seems one of those online relationships that will go nowhere

No. 367325

File: 1501982939381.jpg (130.56 KB, 926x1194, DGe7hzkXoAAxn_h.jpg)

She's getting lazy with ps

No. 367331

I thought it was lillychu at first and she got a shitty haircut

the sad thing is that I find her more attractive her here than I do in any of her pics, probably because she doesn't look like she is wearing 5 lbs of makeup, a wig, and didn't edit the everloving shit out of it to meet whatever aesthetic she is pretending to have

No. 367344

Fingers crossed she'll give it up all together and come clean.

No. 367345

Fcuk, I mistyped sage sorry about that

No. 367816

she's streaming again https://www.twitch.tv/lazyimouto

No. 368120

i'm glad she didn't whiten the hell out of this, she looks younger in this pic too

No. 368148

I know her skin is blurred like crazy, but I think she looks so cute here! Not that whole wylona makeup disaster.

No. 368496

at least this era is more aesthetically pleasing than her weeb princess bs

No. 368613

She's not even ugly tbh maybe a little fat but not ugly, she should show her real face and end up with this whole "I'm a kawaii princess" shit she's 22, she should grow up

No. 368628


yeah, I always thought berry was a decently cute girl, she's one of the better looking cows here. She's just fat.

No. 368700

if you guys zoom in her hand looks chubby kek

No. 368749

Is she actually fat or just chubby? It's obvious she's not as skinny as she likes to shoop herself, but have we actually found proof she's straight up fat?

No. 368765

I think she's pretty chubby for an Asian her size. She has no neck, no collarbones, and she got those thick mommy arms. Wouldn't say she's actually fat though, maybe a little?

No. 368958

not really. looks gross and haggard like any other instagram ho now.

the truth is in her arms, hands, chest, and the belly button she decided to show. she's definitely chubby, anon.

No. 369005

File: 1502229992544.jpg (73.59 KB, 551x868, DGulUrjUAAE4eh4.jpg)

kek I laughed at this edit, apparently she's travelling

No. 369020

She looks like a Filipino aunt here. She definitely has a chubby girl's face.

No. 369022

what the fuck is this editing lmao

No. 369041

That haircut makes her look like Kris Jenner.

No. 369129

File: 1502247199100.jpg (69.79 KB, 686x1024, DGwFSEOVYAAV63L.jpg)

You're right!

Also, is she finally coming clean about his true face?

No. 369194

I don't doubt she's chubby, I was just wondering if we had any idea how chubby she actually is.

No. 369459


Stereotypical asian mom having a mid life crisis, and discovered photoshop and cheap tour guide busses.

Btw I figured when she'd make her come back she would've at least dropped some weight… She still looks like a neckless ham.

No. 369645

File: 1502320442538.jpg (49.18 KB, 604x404, sEgA2FjzIeo.jpg)

her old pictures are a good starting point, she probably didn't loose that much weight since that time

No. 369646

File: 1502320469502.jpg (44.44 KB, 604x338, eYudfpj0M10.jpg)

also this, although edited you can see more or less her true weight

No. 370243

File: 1502404004020.png (586.82 KB, 731x604, b02.png)

Apparently Berry is with that girl Michelle (the one who came here once whiteknight her) and she posted a picture of Berry. Of course the face is hidden behind a stamp and you can see the floor was edited to make Berry look way thinner than she is in reality, so I guess you have your reply to how fat she is anon lol

No. 370245

File: 1502404188753.png (585.48 KB, 731x604, b01.png)

The floor, if you can't see it

No. 370247

File: 1502404305617.png (580.09 KB, 731x604, b03.png)

And this is my try to make the line on the floor more accurate to reality. Not perfect but you can get a sense of her real weight.

No. 370307

File: 1502411984118.jpg (1.58 MB, 2800x1137, burrpls.jpg)

The construction barrier made me laugh. Try harder pls

No. 370309

Sage but i cant believe she makes her friends upload shopped pics of her…what is this narcissism

No. 370317

lord almighty anon, i know you tried and all but damn sis

No. 370327

bless you anon, and sorry for the eyes I fucked with my "amazing" edit kek guess I such at ps

No. 370438

File: 1502432965869.jpg (903.85 KB, 1600x960, srsly.jpg)

why are her friends shopping her photos for her??? why can't they appear in a shot with both their faces and bodies showing? wtf kind of friendship is this???

No. 371046

File: 1502509971341.jpg (787.48 KB, 1392x887, stop.jpg)

No. 371054

Why does Berry's friends help her ps? I'm surprised she even has friends lmao

No. 371256

I think that was a different Michele/Michelle, there are two lol

No. 371333

well, she did sperg out numerous times in her threads (for example whenever people said she had a wide nose).
also she had this other twitter, that she posted from, pretending to be her bf. i remember cringing hard, when she was talking to herself via those 2 accounts.

No. 371395


I don't get it …

Why doesn't she just diet and lose the weight ? Its really not that hard.

No. 371433

You're right! The one who came here now goes by @PrincessKimbap on twitter.

No. 371442

You know honestly, going off of the de-shoops the other anons made, her real weight doesn't even seem that bad. She's just chubby. She probably doesn't even look that bad irl as is. Her outfits are cute and her makeup looks pretty on point. She must just really not like herself at all.

No. 371443

*She must just really not like herself at all to go to all these extents to hide how she really looks.

No. 371531

She doesn't like her own race, ofc she won't like her appearance

No. 372047

She's not responding to people asking where she's vacationing. My guess is that she's travelling to visit colleges, since she graduated this year than whatever year she lied about, and with the school semester about to start soon she's in deep shit if she's still touring campuses. Can't brag bout med school if everyone rejected her shit grades

No. 373567

She wasn't on Toms River North graduate list (https://patch.com/new-jersey/tomsriver/toms-river-north-class-2017-graduates) and I found on South just to be sure and she isn't there either (https://patch.com/new-jersey/tomsriver/toms-river-south-class-2017-graduates). Maybe she took a gap year?

No. 373569

File: 1502923088376.jpg (109.87 KB, 574x1024, DHYAc0rXsAAdb_F.jpg)

No. 373892

Who tf prints out there shopped photos?
Imagining visiting her as a friend and seeing this shit on the wall knowing damn well it doesn't look like her. This is just embarrassing… What's the point?

No. 374189

Its not berry, its her friend michele who printed those out

No. 374377

when the threads were in their prime, i visited a lot and iirc someone said that her friend in that one photo she was in with them graduated in 2015 or something? if that's the case she probably would have had to graduate either 2014, 2015 or 2016. tbh i thinks she graduated in 2016. idk either way she's been lying about her age for yeaaaars lol.

No. 375288

most likely haha
it's a shame there are no lists of graduates in 2015 nor 2016 (at least that I could find). Her sister graduated in 2010 though, so if we know their age differences we could guess more or less (unless she repeated the year? I'm not american, not really sure how that works).

No. 377959

File: 1503506356823.jpg (81.32 KB, 712x968, DH443lcXkAggj2I.jpg)

Tf is this???

No. 377961

looks like a NANA cosplay tbh

No. 377965

this whole thing looks off as fuck

No. 377996

File: 1503508803530.png (166.39 KB, 1440x874, 20170823_131742.png)

Lmao again with this fanfic. Even if it was true, she's 23 now, lives at home, no job no college, so that's even sadder. Can't even afford to fly to see her fake boyfriend.

No. 378012


40yr old mom after face lift. Her facial skin looks to tight and stiff. Ick.

No. 378022

she looked better in her weeb days, and she was looking pretty bad then. how can anyone think this is attractive? she looks old with this makeup

No. 378282

File: 1503539821671.jpg (1.94 MB, 1400x2750, bur4 (2).jpg)

No. 378293

So how is her school thing going?

No. 378321

Right? She used to go on about wanting to go to med school like nonstop.

No. 378477

you just made her look cuter lmao

No. 378517

kek at the fat between her boobz

No. 378522

>previously never before seen gazonga titties
maximum keks

No. 378726

guys did you notice she tried to make a totally uncomfortable pose to show non existent collarbones? someone is lurking her thread over here

No. 378739

no cuz i still can't see em. lol she totally should take my criticism to shoop some collarbones if shes gonna shoop her waist that thin. i mean she fucking copy and pasted someone else's iris and sclera onto her own, might as well copy and paste some collarbones

No. 379004

File: 1503617206825.jpg (140.78 KB, 817x1200, DIBmALfXcAEdxOC.jpg)

New pic

No. 379006

File: 1503617357553.jpg (611.09 KB, 549x971, IMG_9953.JPG.ecd448396d014b623…)

Also a deshop someone made, not bad

No. 380191

at least she wears lacefront wigs now, she can lie more properly about changing her own hair color

I was re-reading old threads of berry and by this time she supposedly has to be on 3-4 year of med school, but since we all know it was a massive lie my bet is she's still living with her parents doing nothing but playing OW

Did someone knows who real happens with ouji?

No. 380420

File: 1503785326040.jpg (139.9 KB, 1080x1349, 20987278_270625420096166_40233…)

Apparently they're still "together" (ldr), as he drew "her" (or her photoshopped self) on her bday

She's not lying about the wig because she's promoting the store but lol at those times, she thinks others are dumb kek

Also, another pic

No. 380423

The fuck? Is her tongue blending into her chin?

No. 380431

God.. she's such a ugly fillipino.

No. 380447

File: 1503788730243.png (975.27 KB, 1440x1440, 2017-08-26 19.04.18.png)

guess she really didn't give a fuck with the editting on this one

No. 380448

Fuck, didn't mean to reply to myself

No. 380476

her tongue and lips look absolutely disgusting. they remind me of the butthole scene from pink flamingos. imagine smelling that shit

No. 380485

File: 1503793146350.jpg (26.67 KB, 335x440, Screenshot_3.jpg)

yeah I saw the illustration, ouji have a generic talent tho at least he draws well, but I was asking because I lurked onto berry's twitter and she doesn't reply ouji or even tweet about him anymore (like the way she do it in the past) maybe they broke up?

Also, this is old but homegirl still dreamin' about having prominent fangs because she's so pale, so out of this world gorg she must be a vampire

No. 380486

samefag here, forgot to add she finally begged her parents to buy her an Iphone, yay berry you can finally fill the empty case you bought like 2 years ago when you had another broken phone

No. 381649

on berry's Twitter you can hear her voice in a video she recently uploaded but if I remember correctly there's a video of her floating around where she's playing Overwatch and her giggle is so fake and *~kawaii animu~* sounding.

No. 381800

If you can't even post links, let alone the actual content, then don't post here at all

No. 382850

No. 383273

File: 1504119518846.jpg (113.24 KB, 900x1200, DH7UZGQXgAQVOog.jpg)

Fresh news, apparently(!) Berry switched Ouji for a guy called Switch (no pun intended)


She isn't even following Ouji on twitter anymore (but they're still following each other on ig) and Ouji has been posting a lot of comments about how he has been wrong and black screens on ig story (sorry I'm on laptop and can't screenshot).

This Switch guy has been getting her gifts and shit, it's the one in the vid on >>382850

No. 383274

I meant *She isn't following Ouji on IG anymore, but they're following each other on twitter still, sorry got sns mixed up

No. 383345

ah I knew it, Berry wasn't bragging about Ouji on twitter anymore and she only retweeted and commented something very short in that birthday draw he made for her, at least this guy is apparently from the US, so I guess they'll meet someday

No. 383355

This guy is an insult to Mccree.

No. 383657

File: 1504171438943.png (555.84 KB, 815x600, berry1489.png)

Is she acknowledging the "blurry" comments with this caption or am I reading into it too much?

No. 383658

File: 1504171594875.png (561.13 KB, 480x599, 420justblaze.png)

Why does she honestly look fucking stoned in every one of her photos

No. 383703

lol, it's her new carry daddy

No. 383789

File: 1504197574098.jpg (24.41 KB, 666x360, C8gQgPDXcAIniv8.jpg)

>that little ass hand

No. 383904

And she's not following Ouji on IG anymore, poor Ouji, I feel bad for him but at the same time it's his fault for being so dumb

No. 383922

lol we don't know how he is behind the scenes either
not saying berry is right, just saying that he also might not be so nice

No. 383973

File: 1504216067462.jpg (743.29 KB, 2048x2048, 6A50943E-B5BB-4F02-ACD5-608822…)

Nothing new but it's crazy how small she used to shop her face and try to pass it off as natural. She's still photoshopping like crazy but at least her face is a little more true to life than what it used to be.

No. 384003

I guess you're right, I mean he had Berry as a gf

No. 384204

File: 1505002857558.jpg (34.55 KB, 351x500, DJISyx8XkAAMlBG.thumb.jpg.4b04…)

snagged from pull
sis is built like a tonka truck

No. 384219

wait I thought Ouji was Berry?

No. 384253

No. 384276

No collar bones, nothing.

Also this, I remember people thinking Ouji was completely made up. I can't remember how long ago that was and I think I stopped reading about her, plus there was a break from her threads on here, right? Did we ever see his face?

No. 384301

Jesus, look at her neck folds from her raising her arm…. Tf.

No. 384681

there was a lot of speculation as to what real bf would constantly kiss her ass like that right?

and they kind of started as a "internet dating" couple, like how tweens used to say they have a bf/gf back in early 2000s, I just cant imagine it going on for this long between grown adults.

No. 384696

Apparently she isn't "dating" Ouji anymore

No. 384762

ouji seems real enough, hes been occasionally posting IG stories
(nothing important, just sht like him going somewhere and more recently just him in a suit)

No. 384787

I mean she isn't dating Ouji because of Switch, but was she "dating" Ouji the entire time though before?

No. 384819

File: 1505109992091.png (452.44 KB, 489x598, sausagefingers.png)

Anyone ele notice her damn sausage fingers? Like I sat here, staring at my own hand, trying to make the same osition as hers and no matter what, I clearly have gaps between my fingers. I not even that small but like - how can she post this and then post photos of her ~totally thin~ body. It's so annoying and it's obvious shes fat like jfc

No. 386322

File: 1505354040369.jpg (1.52 MB, 1080x1251, 21689892_153319385253663_75715…)

>Like I sat here, staring at my own hand, trying to make the same osition as hers and no matter what, I clearly have gaps between my fingers.
I also did that lol

New pic

No. 386331

ouch Anon
now i feel embarrassed about my fingers

No. 386391

yeah people pointed out her fat sausage links years ago. her nails are really long and disgusting too, she needs to cut those fuckers.

No. 386484

File: 1505387330763.jpg (23.9 KB, 196x240, bama.jpg)

You girls want a cookie for not being a fat chick with fat fingers?

No. 387484

No one cares that she's overweight, we care because she photoshops her body so hard and tries to give off this impression she's this tiny chick when we know she's not. It's dumb of her to post photos like this that clearly highlight what a liar she is. That's all.

No. 387819

kek idgaf is she's fat or not, I just love to discover her lies and shit shops

No. 387820

File: 1505594753299.jpg (131.24 KB, 791x1197, DJ0p_r0WkAEI1Bs.jpg)

should've posted the new pics

No. 387821

File: 1505594766446.jpg (30.13 KB, 400x400, Eomrxhmw_400x400.jpg)

and this

No. 388024

It feels like she's trying so hard to be badass and edgy lately. Blood, knives, cigarettes, etc. like… calm down, boo, you ain't shit. I wonder what prompted this stuff, though.

No. 388066

she's already done all of that before though

No. 388074

Really? It seems like it's a lot more front and center now compared to older photos. Either way, her trying to be badass is really laughable when compared to her old "kawaii" days.

No. 388640

Agreed, it was more subtle in the past I guess

No. 388681

She didn't upload any photos for like a whole year almost. We probably would've saw more of a progression if that wasn't the case.

No. 388864

kek she looks like someone's botoxed stepmom now. tragic.

No. 389058

File: 1505766524939.jpg (209.51 KB, 851x1199, DKBv3aIXoAEaCuR.jpg)

She posted this, what happened, did someone sent her hate kek I wanna see

No. 389067

She should just embrace being fat. There are plenty of fat girls who have a following like erikalipps. She wants to be an "instagram baddie" and a "bad bitch" so bad, but she doesn't even have the confidence to post an unshooped pic.

No. 389229

She mostly posts photos of her face anyway, what would the difference be? People eat up plus size girls nowadays. Bonus points if she has a fat ass too.

No. 389293

busy with school???

No. 389297

ahahahahahaha what the fuck

No. 389309

She's been talking about being in med school for who knows how long and we all know it's the biggest lie ever because med school requires a lot of studying and a heavy course load and all she does is post about video games and anime 24/7. She's full of shit kek.

No. 389526

idk but maybe she finally got into uni? She went to visit that Michelle girl, maybe she was visiting universities? I doubt it's medschool though (I'm not american, so I'm not really into the way things are there so I'm probably wrong)

No. 389742

her claims of med school were more than likely pre-med, which you can take during your time at a normal 4 year uni. then she would have to graduate around 22-23 if she started uni right after hs around 18-19 yrs old. so she'd have to graduate either this year or next year. since she's still talking about school, i assume next year. she can probably go to med school if her gpa etc. is good, and she passes, and has all the requirements etc. idk google it like i did lol but judging by >>260396 she has a really long time status on overwatch. and i mean, i would say i doubt a college student in pre-med could have that buuuut summer was just recently and she could've probably gotten that in summer time i assume? however if anyone notices now that she is less active then maybe she is busy with schooling… but she claims she's been in college for 3-4 years now… she's been really active for someone in uni studying pre-med… >>389526 but maybe she did finally get into uni, but she's 22 and just starting uni? she took 3-4 years off??? or did she just graduate high school?! meaning she's lying about her age. idk honestly everything she does is weird because all she does is lie lol

No. 389759

I mean kudos if she did but she must be really smart to not have to study all the time if she's got the time to shoop her photos to hell and back and still post about stupid things on Twitter.

No. 390664

she doesn't really talk about med school anymore though..just thought i'd point that out lol
and it is possible that she has taken gap years or she's doing a 5 or 6 year plan instead of the typical 3 - 4 years

No. 390843

yeah, she doesn't talk about it anymore. i don't think it's wrong to hold her up to what she's said before, though. honestly, given what she's said online and what people know about her and her actions, it can go a few ways… pick your poison. schooling: 4 year, 6 year, or even 2 year. pre-med, not pre-med. college: university, technical college, community college. the list can go on. and everyone has a different theory. the reason it's so hard to form a solid fact on it could be because it is quite possible she's taken a gap year or several. the holes in her story could be solved by this somewhat, i guess.

No. 391175

a gap year or two would make sense on why she isn't as stressed yet

No. 391208

File: 1506123029329.jpg (101.57 KB, 688x973, DKXB1BAX0AAGcAB.jpg)

Mm'welp. Fuck having thick thighs, I guess.

No. 391213

File: 1506123646627.jpg (1.17 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-08-11-14-39-14…)

when you compare it with other pics, it's very legit kek

No. 391214

File: 1506123666129.png (2.96 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170810-222623.png…)

and this one

No. 392926

jesus berry, you can't hide the sausage fingers and the total lack of knuckles with snow

No. 392933

This haircut is so soccer mom-esque and makes her look even chubbier.

No. 393207

That sticker over her friends face is definitely there to cover up how skewed and edited the photo is. It probably squished the face so it had to be covered. Ugh.

No. 393244

File: 1506473602021.jpg (108.34 KB, 899x1199, DKsNbLqW4AEX6fd.jpg)

When u shop so much your shoulders no longer match

No. 393283

Her foundation is a whole fucking shade lighter than her body, that's embarrassing as hell.

No. 393290

File: 1506478811301.jpg (13.95 KB, 309x267, veo-co-tre-em.jpg)

my fucking sides, I can't stop laughing at her uneven shoulders

No. 393292

At this rate, it's not even foundation anymore. It's all edited. It's way too hard to believe that her skin is THAT PERFECTLY smooth anyways. jeezus fucking christ. Tone down on the filters girl.

No. 393322

Honestly, it's her neck that I can't stop looking at. How does she not notice these errors? It's so lazy and it is possible to make photoshop look more realistic. She just can't be bothered…

No. 393361

Wow, she's not even trying anymore. This is Real Doll looking shit. Uncanny valley as fuck.
Poor thing tried to use the dodge and burn tools to shoop in some collarbones as well. Tragic.

No. 393370

i cannot get over how wobbly everything is. right on par with dakota with this nonsense.

No. 398671

File: 1507248068130.jpeg (359.41 KB, 750x870, 58AB9D32-EB8C-49A7-8C3C-F2F32A…)

So she’s saying she has a job now?

No. 398710

Maybe? If so, I wish I'd know what she does lol

No. 399429

now that she's said she has a job i think we can throw her being in school out? because i doubt she has a job - even if it's part time, goes to school, AND is into gaming. that just can't work. also, is there still a way to see how much time she has accrued on the game? i know someone mentioned it before.

No. 399530


it's perfectly possible to balance all three if you live with your parents.

No. 399854

even if the parents do all chores in the house, i don't see how it's possible to be a gamer, go to school AND have a part time job. with 6-8 hours of sleep daily, a few hours a day for a job, and the rest being dedicated to school, it's okay to have a bit of time to casually game, especially on the weekends. but not to be a gamer and as obsessed with a game as she is. i only see it possible if she has a job/game or work/game only.

No. 399948

It's very possible, I understand that she's a liar, but I work like 8 hours a week, two days a week, and I play a lot of games, and I go to school everyday 8-4.

Part time can legit be 8 hours, maybe that's how she's paying for her small study stuffies or whatever weeb shit she has currently.

No. 400577

sure you can work, study and play games, but berry claims she's studying medicine and excuse if i'm wrong me but I have friends who are studying medicine and they don't have time for anything else than study so unless berry is a brilliant A++++++ student who learns only by listening things in class I don't see it possible

No. 400610


Yeah, if it's medicine or anything in that area (which is probably a lie though) I doubt she has time. I have time to game an hour or two max if I already went to the gym and I have no homework. I work two 8 hour shifts on the weekend but I'm usually doing extensive homework from Friday-Monday with little time for games in between. I couldn't imagine taking selfies and streaming overwatch on top of that and I have an easy degree compared to medicine.
Sure it's do-able, but not to the extent she seems to be doing, unless she has 1 or 2 small shifts a week and somehow doesn't get a lot of homework nor needs to study or do group projects.
I still think she barely works and isn't going to school.

No. 400632

Not related to her job but I'd think she'd be all over Umaru again now that the second season is airing

No. 401127

that's what i think as well. she claimed in a tweet that she goes to school and work 'everyday'. she should be in her 3rd or 4th year of college by now, based on how long she's been tweeting about it. and now a job? yet she's a gamer. and is online very often - often enough to have a NEW online bf too. i don't think it all add's up. nothing she does ever add's up though, lol. who knows, maybe she babysits and goes to online school, lol. that could explain it.

No. 401146

Berry lying about her life again?! gasp what a surprise.

No. 401167

File: 1507587063597.png (461.1 KB, 1080x1395, 20171009_180847.png)

When she roleplays being with him in person… (and this is a small snippet of a huge bunch of "When ur bf does XYZ thing IRL" tweets)

No. 401171

File: 1507587141024.png (273.8 KB, 1080x866, 20171009_180810.png)

…but he's actually in Arkansas and u are just too poor of a rich girl to go see him

No. 401192

File: 1507588537570.jpg (446.03 KB, 2896x2896, 20171009_183246.jpg)

Cringeworthy "23"-year-old virgin compilation.

Also, theory about her lying about her age - she was underage when she first dated Ouji. Maybe she sent him CP like a dumbass. Now she has to keep up with the lie. Thoughts?

No. 401360

lol I cannot believe she preffers to be into internet relationships than real ones, maybe she isn't able to get a real BF because she photoshops herself to hell and back so no man wanna be with her fake ass, I'm dying to know what actually happened with ouji though

No. 401547

File: 1507654213892.jpg (292.19 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20171010-124655.jpg)

Posted the CP theory yesterday and today she doubles down. This must be why Ouji is silent about her cheating on him with Switch aka Tyler.

All theories of course but if the shoe fits…

No. 401743

Has anyone tried asking ouji or anyone who might know about what happened?

No. 401753

File: 1507678823266.jpg (288.73 KB, 1066x1450, Screenshot_20171010-193736.jpg)

Even Switch is in on it now. How beta is this fuck? Who talks like this about their SO to some rando?

No. 402386

File: 1507781837222.png (137.78 KB, 858x678, Screenshot-2017-10-12 Berry Ts…)

This was posted on pull, not sure about truth, as there's no screencaps

No. 402830

That's my post on PULL. I have the caps if you need to proof.

No. 402851

Sure, it'd be nice if you could post them here.

No. 402863

File: 1507866575865.png (271.4 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1536.PNG.c45c38b4eaaff63e1…)

No. 402864

File: 1507866656248.png (332.59 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1537.PNG.d288b6bcde71a0779…)

This rest of the convo isn't relevant

No. 402865

Fuck Berry. I don't know Ouji but he seems seriously hurt. Yet at the same time I think he should be relieved and move on, that thing wouldn't go anywhere, especially if she preferred to spend money on shit instead of saving to go to visit him. I just hope he can finally get someone "real" instead of some fake spoiled crybaby like Berry is.

No. 402870


Berry never seemed to really even give a fuck after their breakup. I think they're mutually silent because of the CP thing but like you can tell she's as brainless and superficial as she appears.

I watched her on stream once and she was so fucking vapid. Dragging her words, responding to questions by just repeating herself or completely missing the point, and just sounding like a fucking drag.

Like it made all the speculation about her being held back in school ring completely true. I can't imagine her fucking voice in any sort of college class, especially in the ones that ask for participation. And all her tweets about college are so vague to the point where you can absolutely tell she has no fucking clue what college even is, other than "finals" and "books are expensive lol." Reminds me of her proudly showing off her algebra homework in which every line had a mistake. Dumbass.

Good thing Switch is some NEET in Arkansas who's desperate for nudes, even Berry's.

No. 403100

Thank you anon for provide us with this information.

I agree with you, I don't know Ouji but poor guy! I really feel sorry for him, he seems sad, but at the same time I want to slap him because come on how can you be in a long distance relationship for years in the conditions they were

No. 403156

Feeling bad for him but why didn't he save money to visit her?? Lol I assume that after so many years he knows her unphotoshopped face, there should have been no issue with meeting

No. 403196

I know in certain countries it's hard for the people to get visiting rights into America. That was an issue my friend from south america had when they wanted to visit me because they want to make sure youre not just trying to run away to a new country to live illegally so sometimes people aren't approved.(If you don't have a stable job, house, etc. back home) I don't know if that's the reason for Ouji not visiting but it's a possibility? maybe? lol

No. 403280

Isn't Berry so rich? lol then it would be much easier for her to go and visit him instead of getting him to visit her. He doesn't seem that well off, I assume is from a middle-income family, at least if you take in consideration the few glimpses of his house you can get in his pictures.

In a way I'm glad he's free from her. He should go on with his life and forget her as soon as possible, like she did with him.

No. 403300

Lol my greedy, milk-starved ass wishes he'd spill more… Like, he didn't at all find it a bit odd how heavily she'd edit her pictures? Or how much she'd lie about weird shit (like living in a ~*huge mansion*~ like some anime ojousama, when in reality she just lives in some regular brokedown suburb in Jersey.)

No. 403318

It's hard not to be skeptical of the Ouji stuff. Aside from the things you mention, she was clearly controlling most of his social media back when they dated.
His twitter feed was all responses to her in her own voice with her lolrandom sense of humor etc.

No. 403339

File: 1507952794192.png (437.63 KB, 1080x1370, 20171013_234236.png)

Berry thinks she upgraded by getting a "bf" who can afford Amazon Prime lmaooo

She asked for the snacks yesterday, tweeted that he bought them for her, they're here today. Aww Berry you're so pitiful. Why don't you get a "bf" who can afford plane tickets huh?

Also, fuck Ouji and his handmade presents right? All his art he spent so much time on means nothing compared to Fenty Trophy Wife (which is completely the wrong shade for you LMAO dumbass) and bags of gummy worms huh?

No. 403340

File: 1507952847977.jpg (87.41 KB, 810x687, 20171013_234248.jpg)


Cringe indeed

No. 403349

ya I was hoping ouji spilling out some milk too but I guess he might still loves berry so maybe he doesn't want to hurt her by ruining her "public figura"
I was thinking, and this is pure tinfoil theory here, but maybe berry's parents are quite restrictive and they would never aloud something like an online boyfriend visiting and staying in their house and sleeping on the couch, I guess ouji could save the money for airplane tickets n shit but maybe not for staying over there in a hotel? and berry couldn't gave him lodgment in her house bc of that?

No. 403355

lol I agree, coming from an asian family myself it would be hard to get approval going out of country and asking to go to indonesia already doesn't sound like such a good idea
even if she was ~rich~ that doesn't make it easy for her

No. 403580

not to mention she was probably underage when they met

No. 403653

Don't wanna burst your bubble but it does work. I go to school & work full time and still find time for games. It works, but not for Berry. I doubt she's working & doing school full time.

No. 403712

did yall forget about how she used to brag about calling her parents "bitches" and how she would show them off as these super loving, cool and casual parents??? if her parents were really like that im sure they wouldve let her meet ouji back then already lmfao

No. 403713

god i cant believe i was one of her fans… my bf told me that during my days as berry's fan, he felt annoyed at berry's posts that i would show him, that he felt like shes so obnoxious and fake. being blinded by admiration sucks but whatever im here now

No. 404365


CP thing? wtf

No. 404398

The theory is that Berry insists she's older because Ouji met her when she was underage and she sent him nudes aka CP.

With how Switch keeps tweeting at her to DM him every time she posts a slutty-auntie pic, and how he constantly refers to himself as an "eboy" and how sexual they've gotten in public without ever meeting, it's not hard to believe that she was equally desperate to ensnare Ouji with the same tactics.

No. 404399

File: 1508121590938.jpg (208.7 KB, 1200x1200, DMNxZm6VwAAGPm-.jpg)

That's some heavy filtering on her double chin

No. 404427

The way she edits her mouth kinda makes it look like she has three front teeth.

No. 404434

well she doesn't have straight teeth

No. 404440

she always overdoes the shoop when she's doing a chin/mouth only pic. they never look this enormously plump n pillowy in full face pics

No. 404753

File: 1508189837108.png (25.86 KB, 880x475, Screenshot-2017-10-16 Berry Ts…)

No. 405647

File: 1508364763195.png (1.26 MB, 861x2264, Screenshot-2017-10-18 Berry Ts…)

No. 406150

File: 1508463996241.jpg (114.27 KB, 845x1200, DMi0zE-WAAAF2Nu.jpg)

This is simultaneously the most shooped (skin, eyes, lips) and least shooped (nose, fat) I've ever seen her

No. 407578

File: 1508687508194.jpg (24.97 KB, 480x479, 11038083_848240585247310_95918…)

someone posted this on pull but it got deleted is this her real name?

No. 407628

Yeah that name has been posted before.

No. 407642

no offense but her name sounds a little ugly no wonder why she would use "berry tsukasa" as her online name

No. 410395

File: 1509128496006.jpg (332.85 KB, 978x1186, Screenshot_20171027-140626.jpg)

I'll bet she literally just turned 21. The legal age in NJ is 21, she's never mentioned drinking or buying alcohol in her life, and of course she would immediately brag about being carded for the 1st time.

She also wants to drink whisky on stream lmaooooo this bitch gonna puke all over her chubby hands

Anyway this adds weight to the CP theory. She's been with Ouji at least since 2010 and always hid HIS age, so she was his GF since she was 14. And here she is sending nudes to Switch now because she's still fucking dumb.

No. 410398

File: 1509128824677.jpg (66.45 KB, 1126x1195, DNJJQC8WAAIsfSR.jpg)


No. 410743


I'm the old TR anon who saw her in the ocean county mall forever ago- this person needs to chill a bit.

There really isn't THAT much to do in Toms River- that's why there's such a bad drug problem going on.

and petty but- it's Toms River - NOT Tom's River

No. 410872


OP here of that post. I spoke about what to do in that are of Jersey in general, not Tom's River. Tom's River is pretty dead (almost as dead as this thread and your ability to read), just as much as Brick and Point are generally dead.

And sorry for the way of spelling it. I just moved to Jersey about a year ago, I live in Point, and typing out Tom's is a reflex. /shrug

No. 410900

No. 410933

File: 1509211230952.jpg (84.22 KB, 640x547, tumblr_men34xXA5X1r3wd4to1_128…)

i remember being a fan of berry and ouji as a couple and i would say it was mostly because ouji was a sweet nice guy, but god this switch idiot is just as obnoxious as berry god have mercy…………… i mean look at how sweet ouji was…

No. 411201

I really think she's going through that "any person who gives me ELO in a video game must be my significant other" phase a lot of people who play games go through, except hers seems to be a little less genuine. Some people just get really emotional over the bond two "partners in crime have," and they mistake it for love or romantic interest. I've seen it happen numerous times. People fall for their healer/support in a game, fall for their tank/dps, etc. because they spend so much time with them and bond, but it's not as deep as they think it is at the time. I doubt she's using Switch, but I think she's just in that "wow I play games with this person a lot and I think I love them" thing. Plus, he buys her stuff. She'll grow some sort of dependency on them and find it hard to leave because leaving them comes with more cons than benefits (free stuff, free elo, etc). Again, not saying she's using, but it's something that just happens.

And in the same vein, she could be using Switch. WHO KNOWS. Berry could be coming up on her e-girl phase. Maybe we'll see her streaming soon, more consistently, since she's top 500 on PS4. : )

No. 411228

i agree also she tweets a lot about how hot mccree is and how switch looked like and was good at playing mccree.
she even tweeted before that boys who are good at video games are really attractive lol.
Just confirms your theory more

No. 411261


thats so sad lol… but then again i can see why shes SOOOO IN LOVE with switch since back then with ouji, all he could do for her was doodle comics or write her name on his face. but honestly those seem more genuine imo.

No. 411339

you are so right. for people who live on the computer and game a lot, it's really common for them to fall for someone who is the same. once anything changes and that person can't be online anymore, the relationship falls out. who knows. maybe ouji didn't game as much, or had other things. and despite them talking a lot, they didn't share that common bond that she desired. that's probably why she fell for someone who quickly after despite them being together for such a long time. because she fell for him easier because he gave her attention in that game, attention she desired. i kinda feel bad for ouji (that is, if he didn't knowingly get into a relationship with her when she was underage…). because honestly he seems like a good guy? i think berry didn't deserve him and i really hope that he finds a nice person to be with in real life. someone who doesn't live on the internet.

No. 411370


yeah ouji was a sweet and nice guy, i mean cmon he's been with her for YEARS? they broke up around may this year and even before may, berry seemed to be getting along well with switch already. so it's pretty obvious that berry was itching to break up with ouji already since as soon as they broke up, it was when berry started tweeting openly about her and switch.

No. 411780

File: 1509336931102.jpg (28.35 KB, 539x960, 23113448_10208531764366514_198…)


No. 411781

File: 1509336942388.jpg (27.72 KB, 539x960, 22901334_10208531764406515_178…)


No. 411805

No. 411808

op is just happy he is moving on i guess. i'm glad too, honestly.

No. 412043

Ouji was dumb enough for staying in an online relationship for almost 4-5 years but yeah it's nice to see he's actually in a physical relationship

No. 412194

* 7 years

No. 412209

maybe he was wrong for staying despite the lies and other shit of berry, but that even proves more that he loved her genuinely, unlike berry's ungrateful lying ass :-////

No. 412521

File: 1509473928531.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 57B58927-89C2-4CC9-A08A-9FA28F…)

No. 412526

Doubt she took it. It's too HQ and posed. Probably posted it from her camera roll after seeing that Ouji posted his night after photos.

No. 412571

lol, is this supposed to be her counter to ouji's posts? it's in black and white and everything.

No. 412633

a birthday post doesn't imply anything..lol..

No. 412782


No. 412784

File: 1509512847422.jpg (54.02 KB, 539x960, 23115009_10208543949271129_119…)

ouji posted this saying hes gonna go swimming with his new girl haha stupid ass berry cant even take pics like this with her new boy toy

No. 413047

I'm really curious as to how good she is at OW, or if Switch just carries her. She doesn't stream that often, despite the popularity of OW streamers and her being top 500.

No. 413133

Man, berry was always so boring but watching her try to get people to buy her lies/shooping was always fascinating

No. 413938

File: 1509680486904.jpg (315.49 KB, 1055x1016, Screenshot_20171102-233912.jpg)

I didn't know New Jersey and Arkansas had non-stop flights

(Okay but seriously this is next level bullshit she must be rustled af at Ouji's shade)

No. 413942

File: 1509680839201.jpg (447.73 KB, 2896x2896, 20171102_234408.jpg)

More Arkansas proof, although cars can have out of state plates. But combined with his Conway tweet it's pretty much a given he's in. Deadass. Arkansas.

Nice of Berry to send nudes to this poor guy I guess

No. 414030

is she top500?

No. 414218

she always does that thing where she says things that can be taken different ways. she probably meant "if I ever slept at switch's house we would sleep like this cause of my cold feet" so later if she is accused of anything she could say "i didn't mean it like thattt so i'm not a liar" lol

No. 414255

She apparently got top 500 on PS4. She bragged about it on Twitter and her border showed it.

No. 414271

If you search the storefront in the photo, it's found in Conway, Arkansas.

No. 415889

i'll believe she's legit good when she starts streaming while showing her sausage hands tbh. other then that, i'm almost 100% sure she's either carried, boosted or someone else is straight up playing in her stead.

No. 415944

Same. Her stats are sub-par. I started playing last season and our stats on our same DPS heros are essentially the same, and I'm only level 121 compared to her being level 1050. I play at a low gold level, as well.

No. 416723

File: 1510027577371.jpg (38.93 KB, 404x720, 23361048_10208571226273037_211…)

No. 416725

File: 1510027593872.jpg (46.84 KB, 404x720, 23283333_10208571226713048_922…)

im beyond shookt

No. 416814

Good for him, I guess.

No. 418922

File: 1510177823774.jpg (129.18 KB, 1036x565, Screenshot_20171108-122056.jpg)

This is just sad

No. 419539

taking RPing to a whole different (pathetic) level. ouch.

No. 419705

File: 1510257799031.jpg (130.62 KB, 665x1200, DONZZ7uW4AAmNH7.jpg)

This shop doesn't even match her other fat face shops

Ouji's gf must have rustled Berry's jimmies

No. 419708

File: 1510258231579.png (217.4 KB, 281x500, 3597E161-B81C-451C-86A0-F7FF75…)

Ouji's gf

No. 420048



No. 420057

what the hell is happening with her makeup she looks oily

No. 420153

The photoshop on this is wild. What did she do to her face? It's like, missing dimension or depth or something. Too much.

No. 420168

idk if i’m seeing it right but her iris is a square lmao

No. 420169

*pupil my bad

No. 420172

>> 420169

omg i didnt see that before WOW… shop fail

No. 420218


clearly shes a goat

No. 427185

File: 1511025371561.png (75.02 KB, 281x500, CDE69234-F16B-426B-B31B-C2A260…)

berry is 3ggered af

No. 427187

she probably reads here or on pull and got pissed LOL loser

No. 427435

"qurl" doesn't even play video games. she "plays" one that seems the most popular atm. must only have time for 1 considering she's in medschool. why not tweet about that? and her being rich af?? huh Burry?

No. 427503

>good at videogames

No. 428424

if she was actually in med school im sure she would crazy brag about it, posting pics of her in that white coat and shit, but obv she aint lmaooo and yes i agree the only games she plays are the ones most popular, like when l4d2 first came out she tweeted nonstop about that shit, using anime girl mods for the characters, next time a super popular game comes out, she will prob go gaga over it and act like shes sooo good at playing it

No. 432217

File: 1511714530448.jpg (122.82 KB, 754x1200, DPidwJwXkAAtjkm.jpg)

Again, very shooped, but in different ways. She shaved her jaws down but let her cheeks full so you get this weird half chubby bobblehead.

Also her lack of collarbone and weird neck fat. Go outside, Burry. Exercise. Eat a vegetable.

And does anyone notice she never mentioned the makeup palette her bf got her by name or brand? Too low end for you to brag about, huh?

No. 433590

man its just crazy how diff her face looks for every pic??? and if you compare her current look to her weeb phase looks… its SOOO DIFFERENT???

No. 433721


The way she edited Her nose looks like someone nailed it into her head with a hammer

No. 434020

File: 1511916012475.jpg (167.33 KB, 500x500, IMG_20171126_234817.thumb.jpg.…)

>Again, very shooped, but in different ways. She shaved her jaws down but let her cheeks full so you get this weird half chubby bobblehead.

Her face looks really weird and couldn't put it in words but you could explain it very well.

No. 434490

where's the giant upper lip in the D-VA photo burry?

No. 434982

damn, she looks like a worn out mom of 5…what happened Burry? pls go back to shooping yourself like a weeb, at least that was nice to look at lmao.

No. 435021

Lmao she looks like a mix between a pig and a failed Kylie Jenner clone.

No. 436323

i would literally stab anyone who tells me the difference between those 2 pictures are just because she changed her makeup style GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE LMAOOOO

No. 436324



No. 436327


jesus christ that nose bridge on her dva pic vs the lack of the bride in the 2nd pic??? YIKES! berry might be shopping her nose A BIT less so its more obvious how filipino her nose is, but still her nose seems smaller than the usual filipino nose (im filipino and my nose is a hella lot bigger than hers :-/ ) so shes lucky she can contour and edit it easily

No. 436365

tbh she just needs to lose weight, get a nose job, maybe a jaw shave

she already has nice tits and eyes

No. 436715

>> 436365

if she really wanted to lose weight she should just workout and eat healthy AND STOP SHOPPING HER PICS LOL

No. 471196

File: 1516052307891.jpg (456.24 KB, 1200x822, 20180115_163742.jpg)

This looks nothing like any of her other photos

No. 471213

none of her photos look like any of her other photos.

but why is she trying to bring back the 2007 asian concealer lip trend while shooping her upper lip bigger than it really is? i guess she still can't leave her weeb days behind. her photos and style are as tacky as ever.

No. 471818

OT, but what 2007 lip trend are you referring to? I don't remember anything like that.

No. 565742

File: 1524701911975.jpg (48.1 KB, 720x960, 20663699_1629164203769332_3214…)

Berry is irrelevant now but someone on pull claims they found a picture of her without PS. What do you even think. They say it was found on her mother's fb profile

No. 565746

I believe it. Out of all her family, Berry is the only one who would wear strong eye makeup like that. Strong enough to be noticeable in this poorly lit image. She looks like >>359600 but fatter.

No wonder she only takes photos from her tits up.

No. 565751

Same straw hat

Same top

Same low hanging backpack

It's her. She's obese…

No. 565782

I know this thread is pretty much dead but it's still fascinating to see a pretty recent photo of her without the PS.

Can't say it's an old picture since she has her hair super short now.

No. 565784

File: 1524705480170.jpg (120.31 KB, 756x512, kek.jpg)

Still it's sad to see how much she photoshops. She's fat, but she isn't too bad looking

No. 565789


She looks like a lunch lady.

No. 565805

This is wild, I always assumed she would be chubby, but she's a lot bigger than I expected. I hope there's more of this.

No. 565825


Just realized all the deshoops of her body were being really generous, unless she gained weight

No. 565829

someone should tweet these to Berry

No. 565933

nah she's pretty bad looking.

No. 566401

omg why on earth she's wearing those kind of pants with a pretty fit top, girl please use some high waistband jeans for christ sake

No. 566402

let`s be honest here. She doesn't look good looking at all and she looks so fcking fat, nothing close to what she used to photoshop herself to

No. 566404

File: 1524767784657.png (644.91 KB, 615x910, lel.png)


No. 566406

mostly horrified by those saggy unsupported titties tbh

No. 566420

Her face is so round. It’s almost a perfect circle.

No. 566431

Right? You would think with how much she edits her pictures, she'd be a bit more conscious of shit like that. I'm just confused.

No. 566447

bragging about her big tits and all when of course you gonna have big tits if you are that fat lmao it aint nothing special sis

No. 566455

ikr, i mean if she's so concerned about photoshopping her ass the hell and back for some shitty selfies on social media why isn't she wearing a propper outfit, some clothes that suits her in her daily life
Tottally agree, if her dad have the money to buy her "real cartier" bracaletes she definitely would have the money to buy a good bra
her gut is bigger than her tits tho

No. 566535

File: 1524778569202.png (172.9 KB, 1191x414, Screenshot.png)

idk if this is old news, but there's a webtoon called the daily life of OUjiand Berry.


No. 566537

File: 1524778626165.jpg (473.68 KB, 808x1784, Screenshot_20180426-173034_Twi…)

Switch is really out here defending someone currently catifshing him out of his money. LMAO Also, why would anyone be jealous of his dusty ass catfish gf and her grandma body. Even her photoshopped body looked stupid af. Maybe he's trying to convince himself that he wasn't catfished and made into an idiot.

No. 566544


Nice deflection. Berry literally looks nothing like her photos, yet he's always on her ass fawning over her utterly fake looks. He's equally culpable yet he's acting like it's no big deal that he's helped to perpetuate the fiction. She could literally use someone else's photos on her Twitter and the difference would be just as stark.

Have fun working your dead end jobs in Arkansas and Jersey, Berry & Switch! Oh and don't forget to foreplay that you're actually together IRL totally having hot sexy sex!

No. 566603

Jesus Christ you retarded newfag. Don't cow tip.

No. 566628

I'm not >>566404 and I'm pretty sure they grabbed this from PULL. I just checked the page and took a screenshot of the exchange between that user and Switch. Cool it.

No. 566640

extremely old news lmao

No. 566677

LMAO he’s not even denying it’s her I’m dyingggg

No. 566679

Switch is better looking that her kek

No. 566684

Right? Still if I was him, I would have taken that L, and dumped her. The fact he rather stay and continued to be played is pretty embarrassing.

No. 566697

Honestly he looks like the sort of guy who'd settle for a fat weeb NEET like Berry.

No. 566737


She really has nothing going for her. No skills, no talents, only good at applying shopped makeup on herself, not rich, apparently not super engaged with college etc. I've never seen her mention any college class with any specificity. Not even things like "haha MLA style amirite?" Just generic "lol books are expensive" that a bot could come up with it.

Bragging about how much her parents pay SOOOO much for her because they LOVE HER SO MUCH just makes her seem even sadder now. She could make something of herself, but she won't.

Hell her entire twitch run makes sense now. She sounded so vapid and uninteresting, not even funny, just spewing nonsense whine the whole time. It's because she truly has nothing to offer, not even looks.

No. 566990


whoever tweeted at him is a fucking psychopath. at least switch isn’t denying it and is supportive of her regardless, like that’s the most she has going at this point.

No. 567030

this is the one time I actually condone cow tipping, this shit is hilarious. If there was a psychopath in this whole story, it'd be the PULL user who admitted they frequently check Berry's family's facebooks and was ultimately the one to expose Berry by posting that photo.

No. 567064


while i do think its not healthy for a person to check on the online accounts of berry's family, it still resulted in us finally seeing what berry really looks like, full body, without a single edit applied. that picture is literally a blessing lmao. all berry's old fans, inluding myself, used to feel so hurt and bad about ourselves thinking why cant we be pretty as her or be talented BUT LIKE SHIT MAN all this time ive been comparing myself to a fake ass bitch who looks like THAT? LOOOOOOOOOOL

No. 567089

even if it's shoop or real or whatever, it's super cringy to be that sad cause someone else looks better than you. it also may be worse now that you're pulling this "haha all my years of self-loathing are in vain" shit.

No. 567196


its not "cringey" to feel sad or anything when someone looks better than you. its a normal human reaction, we compare ourselves to the ppl we see, whether online or irl. and to you it may be "worse", but from a diff perspective, its actually in a way, liberating. you realize that oh this person that i used to compare myself so much to isnt as great as they seemed to be. being an old fan of berry's i def put her on this high af pedestal and compared myself to her often (esp snce she bragged sooooo much about how great she was and shit lmao) but after all this drama it made me realize shes just a normal human being and i shouldnt compare myself to something thats been altered. thats what i mean sis.

No. 567207

no it's cringy. not all of us are sitting in these threads gritting our teeth cause we're sad that she looks oh-so pretty. you just sound super fucking insecure, nothing human nature about obsessing over someone else's looks. you sound like the same kind of salty bitches in koot's threads.

No. 567210

You sound underage. Maybe spend less time online comparing yourselves to others. Also sure, she is fake, but others aren't, are you going to switch to being someone else's fan and do the same thing? Go outside.

No. 567231

Lmao like Berry goes outside, the girl who exclusively conjures up images for an entirely fake internet presence, actually stole pics from skinny pale Korean girls, but in actuality looks like an obese lunch lady IRL

Stop nitpicking the anons, it's derailing the thread.

No. 567236


Berry herself perpetuated that shit. Never forget when her friends were down about their relationships, she would humblebrag about Ouji. When her friends wanted advice on bleaching their hair, Berry gave them stupid ass advice knowing full well she only ever wore wigs. For a while she boasted about her As! Now she's dispensing trite relationship koans when Switch lives in fucking Arkansas, she lives in Jersey, and they can't meet because her "rich" family won't pay and/or doesn't know about her catfishing. She loves to sound all mature when she's a sheltered little child who was probably held back in high school.

She has ZERO life experience and yet always wants to present herself as this knowing older senpai (vomit).

No. 567724


u didnt get fooled into being berry's fan ok great for u and ur very intact self-confidence and security amazing congratulations

No. 567726


exactly lmao some of these anons here act like theyre so damn smart and im pretty sure most of the anons here are not underage anymore since berry was around in her late teens when she got popular, so obv her audience or anyone here was more or less the same age as her

No. 567802


are u the anon that’s mad that they were called a psychopath, cause you’re sounding a little unhinged.

No. 585411

After all this time and she’s still lying about her face and body. This is just sad and pathetic. I hope she gets help.

No. 704100

File: 1538667056587.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.52 KB, 400x400, DoUKbBgXUAEUGoV.jpeg)

New pic

No. 704101

File: 1538667131460.jpeg (Spoiler Image,231.66 KB, 987x1200, Df1sYenUwAEAdpl.jpeg)

She's claming to live with her bf now? Do they live at her mom's house because her room still looks the same

No. 704102

File: 1538667175139.jpeg (90.39 KB, 768x1024, DgqLkr1UwAATGPp.jpeg)

And this one, maybe they have met?

No. 704107

File: 1538667523051.png (635.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181004-113742.png)

No. 704109

File: 1538667548755.png (522.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181004-113809.png)

No. 704341

I wish I saved it but she had a video on her Instagram riding in the car with her boyfriend or some guy holding his hand on her Instagram story

No. 704524

It's on Pull still I'm pretty sure

No. 704845

Yes the video is on PULL I'm the one who recorded it.

No. 704867

Does anybody know Berry's mom's name on Facebook(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 704871

No. 704905

She doesn't look fat in the video how did she edit it?

No. 704906

also why do people think that she hasn't met her boyfriend when there's video evidence not defending her just wondering why

No. 704917

I mean… her body is barely in it. All you see is just a hint of an arm and her filtered face.

No. 704923

I mean based on her facial structure she doesn't seem fat but does the filter change it

No. 706503

for y'all who are behind, BASICALLY berry stayed over at her switch's house for few weeks over summer and kept saying that they were "living together" lmfaooo, she also deleted BOTH her instagram and facebook page, as for berry's mother, if y'all remember that whole body pic of fatass berry, that was found from her mom's fb? unfortunately (i think) because of that, her mom's fb now is like totally private, you won't see any pics anymore.

No. 724236

File: 1540954630938.jpeg (159.02 KB, 277x500, 02BC3C1C-DDF6-4587-877E-E21B4F…)

bitch really tryna be so edgy OOF

No. 724406

God, that laugh is terrible and annoying.

No. 774249

File: 1549057718718.jpeg (375.67 KB, 977x1476, 2B4A66ED-2337-4878-BC5E-C2020A…)

Bratz doll makeup that’s been going around

No. 1189321

File: 1616305312084.png (589.08 KB, 598x833, Screenshot.png)

Wow, it's been 2 years since the thread was active.
I'm happy that she's normal now but something caught my eyes a few days ago.

Reminded me of the time a lot of anons believed she was lying about her age with the school photos, birthday cake, etc.(necro)

No. 1480354

File: 1648166246541.jpg (915.55 KB, 1932x2576, FN2QsrxXwAQmkby.jpg)

She's back with the half-assed cosplays and blurry edits. Bringing the ole light skin small nose back. Plus the melting cleavage.
Can't wait for the new saga.

No. 1883272

File: 1692292098568.jpeg (Spoiler Image,425.24 KB, 1300x1703, F3CgVSWXAAEEqQu.jpeg)

Well, the less-edited face era didn't last long. No new milk besides lying about her age (now 1 year younger), bragging about being "mentally ill" and taking Plan-B as a form of birth control.

No. 1944065

File: 1702771606685.jpg (86 KB, 1064x1078, Screenshot_20231216_160711_Pho…)

the obvious difference in body weight because she can't shoop herself as well when sitting down kek

No. 1950320

berry and switch broke up?? does anyone know? @.@

No. 1950825

wow this takes me backb to memory lane. You would think after a decade she would just go on a diet and work out if she hates being fat

No. 1962280

Looks like the same house. She made him delete Twitter. For months she hinted at liking guys without social media and then he disappeared. She probably got tired of being normal and convinced him to delete so she can continue her terminally online insecure behavior.

& lol @ her being 28 now when she's supposed to be turning 30 this year according to her Tumblr bio

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