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No. 22923

Autumn Asphodel is a goth trans youtuber who claims to have extreme multiple personality disorder and DID. Her videos are a wild ride into a world of crazy.

No. 22924

Her description: "My name is Autumn Lilith Asphodel and the goal of this YouTube channel is to provide a variety of informative videos regarding mental health, LGBT / transsexualism*, philosophy, spirituality, makeup, product reviews, and other miscellaneous topics.

*Mental Health: Mood disorders, thought disorders, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, psychosis, paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, trauma, dissociation, etc.
**Transsexualism: I am a male to female transgender / transsexual person, full-time since 2012, and had sex reassignment surgery in March 2013.

(NOTE: I am not a licensed or trained professional and all opinions are solely from my experience. I represent only myself and am in no position to provide any sort of medical or mental health diagnosis.)"

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AutumnAsphodel
Her Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AutumnAsphodel/
website: https://autumnasphodel.com/

No. 22925

Oh man, I remember stumbling across their videos a couple of times on YT and being so confused.
Anyone here with experience in this stuff that can say her DID seems legit? Or does it reek of bullshit? I could never decide since I'm not versed in mental disorders and the like.

No. 22926


I mean the reason I stumbled upon it was because I watched that lady with 7 personalities.

Shit seems so fishy and fake but I never bothered to dig into it further. This thread kind of makes me want to do that.

No. 22927

The fact that she changes her clothes and make-up for the different 'personalities' seems hella sketchy to me also.
Like she implies she has no control over them when they're 'out' but they all just happened to want to get changed into clothes and make-up that suit each personality for the video.
It seems kinda set up to me.

No. 22928

Why are all trannies crazy attention whores?

No. 22929

No. 22930

So what's truly LolCow worthy about her? I mean, at least for her to be in /pt/.

No. 22931

She's very mentally ill but it's not DID. But then again I'm very on the fence about whether I believe it exists or not at all anyway.

No. 22932

DID is so much bullshit.
DID do not exist.
People who claim to have so much disorders, as hard to live with should be in fucking asylum, not doing fucking YT videos.
Makes me so mad.

No. 22933

They're not, just the ones on the internet, which can be said about every group ever

No. 22934

that's not true at all

No. 22935

File: 1441483313611.png (141.18 KB, 495x174, autumn.png)

Used to be a decent looking man.

No. 22936

She passes very well. Honestly, I like deep voice on women, and would tap that.

No. 22937

From what I recall, bitching about people she met on dating sites by regaling long-winded stories about their relationships/encounters, and going to great lengths to pretend to have a mental illness. Honestly though I think she is kind of sweet in a messed-up way, and I like listening to her voice hence I once half-watched her videos all afternoon whilst tidying my flat.

No. 23028

She has a video where she "switches" infront of the camera. and her alternate personalities seem to be aware that they are just personalities?

No. 23032

I agree, I think she is a sweetheart tbh. I don't think she is doing any harm or being pretentious. She has a few decent videos about mental health and trauma. Not lolcow worthy.

No. 23035

But its not a woman so you're gay…

No. 23036

But she is a woman.

No. 23043

It's a tranny, not a woman…Unless you're tumblr, and that's a whole different story.

No. 23046

this. it's such bullshit. anyone that disagrees is trying to be too "open minded". in five years it'll be completely obliterated as a potential disorder at all. it's such a fucking joke. it makes a mockery of people with actual mental illness.

lol except for the fact that she's perpetuating a bullshit disorder that "spreads" by exposure. there's no incidence of DID in places where it hasn't been sensationalized/played up…

No. 23049

I really have no idea about the validity of her DID – the videos seem pretty hinky but then again, I know fuck-all about it so I can't say. But I really like her, she seems sweet. There is something soothing about her.

No. 23108

I would believe in DID only if she was in an hospital setting.
Common, you change personality, have no control over it ? How can you really be functionnal and live on your own ?

And there she is, calling her "personnalities" who look more like a roast of character of a fanfin + the child they ALL feel obligated to put in.

It's just bullshit. It's a mockery of people who know what it's like to lose reality and wouldn't even think of making a YT video out of it because it's utterly terrifying.

No. 23176

So, who edited the video? While the so called unknown personality talks, there are annotations on screen adding to what she is saying in the video itself.

I think it's pretty obvious this person has some problems, but I don't buy the DID claim. Having so called alters come on screen at will is pretty dodgy already, but having some of them add stuff during the editing stage seems even more dodgy.

Personally, I don't see how you'd find her sweet or soothing, I find her quite scary. Most of the time she has the expression of a psychopath, with those owl eyes. It's not just the makeup.

No. 23228

DID is a actually legitimate thing, but her "personalities" nor herself would be able to refer to each other like that as, apparently, there's usually no memory of what the other "alter"/"alters" did during that time.

It's very rare to get diagnosed with it, because you don't realise when the "personality switches" happen and you basically need to be on a psychiatrist's couch when it does happen (e.g. if you're in the middle of an appointment to treat a different disorder etc - which is a common way people get diagnosed). Things like forgetting what you did for significant parts of the day, being tired despite doing nothing, random people constantly coming up to you and calling you a different name are all apparent indicators of it (but, those can be easily explained by other things - hence a psychiatrist needs to see it happen to diagnose). In a way, it's like what the narrator in Fight Club experienced minus the realisation, the talking to and fighting with your alter bit.

She is ill alright, but I very much doubt DID judging by the way she talks about it.

No. 23234

it's not a real thing. stop trying to give credence to a disorder that is only induced by mental health professionals or the movies. there literally is no incidence of DID in cultures where they aren't exposed to the idea of DID. it's fake, stop it.

No. 23235

Oh yeah, I remember this fanny on legs. Totally fake.

No. 23236

Awesome argument you got there! Anorexia is almost non-existent in third world countries, are you going to say it's faked by most suffers everywhere else where the rate is higher? At least, give some sources before you spew shit everywhere. Come on!

No. 23238

It's real, but the way that it is formed is far too horrific for most to even conceive of being possible, so they just write it off as fabricated. No one wants to believe in the evil that adults, parents, are capable of. A lot of its generational and on purpose..

No. 23240

Also, gonna add, this tranny is nuts, but does not have DID. Most have children alters, since that's when a lot of the trauma and splitting takes place. This bitch is just putting on different styles of make-up and putting on an act; the equivalent of tumblrcore 'headmates'.

No. 23241

it got kicked out of the new DSM for one, and generally a lot of doctors hate this disease now that we know it's fake

it's basically either attention whoring or a reaction to trauma, they don't literally have differen't personalities in their brain since it's not physically possible for the brain to do that, they just pretend they have different people living in them. It can feel very real to them, but it's not really another person.

No. 23245

it's not about being underdiagnosed because of a lack of health care. it's about it literally not existing. read about it. i can already tell you haven't the faintest clue about what you're talking about, seeing as how this is a well known fact about DID. it's not the result of not being diagnosed. cases of disease, mental, or otherwise are still acknowledged, even in places with poor health care. stop trying to act knowledgeable about this subject, because it's obvious you don't know shit.

No. 23246

Ooo, are you gonna cite the False Memory Foundation, which was funded and created by the CIA as damage control?
Get educated, bruv. Reality is much stranger and scarier than fiction.

No. 23247

No. 23248

It's a tough pill to swallow, but look into Project Paperclip and MK Ultra. The government has already admitted to it's implementation.

No. 23249

take the tin foil hat off

No. 23250

I used to study DID alot and came across that video just a few weeks ago.

From what I used to research about DID it literally has no backing whats so ever, the books i did read about people who did experience it wouldnt suddenly look different (change clothes and etc…) for the personality. A guy would literally just start acting like a fucking 7 year old girl.

But there is literally no backing to DID, It seems super interesting and shit thats why theres books of it "by people with DID" and etc but its super fake

No. 23260

But then the government will be able to read my thoughts!! D:

No. 23288

He's still a man.

No. 23289

You have to suffer through a severe traumatic event to even be able to have DID, and even then it would be rare to have more than ONE personality split. This idiot is lying for attention. How is this not obvious?

No. 23555

Except, it's still in there www.terapiacognitiva.eu/dwl/dsm5/DSM-5.pdf

I honestly would like to know what you've read about it (and anyone else reading about it who is certain it's fake), so if you could name some books/sites or throw up some links that'd be awesome because right now we're just battering around our opinions on what we've read and aren't actually getting anywhere with it.

Yeah, that wasn't my point re:anoexia actually. It was because starvation is so widespread in those areas because of poverty/famine/war etc. it's difficult to determine what is due to circumstance and which is due to a mental disorder (and of course, the variables causing anorexia by growing up in poverty in a third world country are going to be similar, yet different from someone growing up in the first world). But you know, re: DID, continue being a condescending fuck about it and don't provide anyone with any sources or give anyone any idea of where you're coming from, just so you can feel vaguely superior in your own head. Like, you talk a big one about you're sure it doesn't exist (and how I know jack shit apparently), but have yet to provide anything of substance to back up anything of what you're saying. You want to convince people that what you're saying is true? Start putting up links and try educating us! You clearly know more, oh great one!

Getting back to the main topic of this thread, whether you believe DID is real or not, I think we're all kind of in agreement that she certainly doesn't have it.

No. 23583

I love you anon, drag this fuckhead

No. 23616

I read Autumn as Autism…

No. 23618

DID is not bullshit, shut the fuck up.
I was diagnosed with DID. it's real

No. 23627

Oh yeah ? And you do a make up session for each alter, too ?
Common', most DID cases are borderline wanting that delichious attenshun daddy didn't gave them.

No. 23638

Here, guys. http://psychcentral.com/lib/dispelling-myths-about-dissociative-identity-disorder/

DID is real. It's just not what people think it is, because it is dramatized in the media. This interview with a professor says that people with DID don't actually have different personalities.

"Instead of distinct personalities, people with DID have different states. Brand describes it as “having different ways of being themselves, which we all do to some extent, but people with DID cannot always recall what they do or say while in their different states.” And they may act quite differently in different states.

Also, “There are many disorders that involve changes in state.” For instance, people with borderline personality disorder may go “from relatively calm to extremely angry with little provocation.” People with panic disorder may go “from an even emotional state to extremely panicked.” “However, patients with those disorders recall what they do and say in these different states, in contrast to the occasional amnesia that DID patients experience.”

As Brand points out, in the media, there is a great fascination with the self-states. But the self-states are not the biggest focus in treatment. Therapists address clients’ severe depression, dissociation, self-harm, painful memories and overwhelming feelings. They also help individuals “modulate their impulses” in all their states. The “majority [of treatment] is much more mundane than Hollywood would lead us to expect,” Brand said."

No. 23642

This debate could go on forever, because DID has been neither proved nor disproved in the psychological field anyway. It's definition and clinical signs change almost yearly, and it's the cause of a lot of contention between clinicians and scholars alike so I don't know if anyone on lolcow will be the first to determine the valid truth of whether or not DID exists.

No. 23686

I don't think anyone on here wants to prove or disprove it's existence for the sake of the psych community debates. A lot of the dispute on here is being caused by posters' egos - it would be nice if we could discuss it rationally, but not sure how possible that is if people are getting tripped up on the idea of being "right" (in a debate where it's currently impossible to be "right" even if it's your specialty field) instead of using the opportunity to educate others on why they believe what they believe (and what that says about Autumn's portrayal of DID). We're supposed to discuss these lolcows - not become lowcows in the process. Jesus!

No. 23687

Isn't it typical of Tumblr to call other personalities "alters"? It certainly makes them sound more like a fashion item than alternate personalies.

"LOL, yesterday my alter pooped on the carpet, how uncouth!"

No. 23690

Actually a lot of med journals refer to them as "alters" too though (and as secondary personalities). Of course, a lot of Tumblrwhores got word of some relevant language to make themselves look more legit when claiming that their "alters" did mad shit when really it was them (the tumblrwhore sans alters) being assholes. It's harder to call someone out for using relevant language in an appropriate context (which they realise), but it's harder to fake a blog run by a person with DID convincingly - they (tumblrwhores) copy each others inconsistencies when discussing their "experiences" of the disorder so it's very easy to pick out the fakes who haven't bothered to read beyond the opening paragraph of the wiki article.

No. 24787

Professionally diagnosed with DID here, and currently seeing a specialist for it.

This video is fake as hell. DID is a lot more than just different personality states. Each personality has different body language, vocabulary, vocal tones and inflections, tastes in clothing, genders, ages, and things like that. It's really like being completely different people. Each of these pseudo personalities have the same exact body language, the same wide-eye'd stare, the same clothing tastes, and they're all adults.

When you have DID, you tend to have at LEAST one child alter. Fidgets like a child before socialized to fidget in and adult way, child vocabulary, throws tantrums like a child, and other things like that. Since DID can only develop in early childhood, there tends to be at least one child alter.

Being able to record every personality on video is also very, very unrealistic. Each personality has their own interests, and own things they want to do. Some personalities may not even be able to use a computer, or have any interest in it. Rapid switching is also very, very exhausting. If I rapid switch a lot in one day, I normally end up sleeping for long periods afterwards. After all of those switches, she should be massively exhausted by the time she gets to the last personality, and probably not able to communicate as fluently, either.

She only speaks of her trauma and her alters, too, when there's more to DID than that. There's physical symptoms associated with DID, too, especially in higher stress situations. When I go through a gradual switch (which happens over the course of a few minutes) there's a lot of physical things along with it. A lot of frontal head pressure, ringing in my ears or hearing my heartbeat, vision either blurring extremely or getting too sharp, stiffness in my neck along the spine, lowered sensory registration, and these massively uncomfortable full body tingles that last even after someone else switches out. Some alters have different physical conditions than the others in the system, too. It was really frustrating for a while, because I would come up with all of these horrible physical things going on, would see a doctor, and nothing would show up on the tests, and then it would be completely fine, as if nothing happened at all. After I had gotten diagnosis, I realized that these physical things were specific to certain alters, and wouldn't show up on tests because of that.

Her alters are also very much a gross trope. The """"controller"""", as she calls it, tends to be a very passive alter, and rarely ever fronts, and would really have no reason to front to speak on a youtube video. They tend to pop out during therapy the most. However…they really just speak like how every media portrayal of DID thinks alters speak. She's also very dramatic about all of these alters, when a lot of times alters are pretty…standard people. Nothing special.

The fact that she can confidently say 100% of the time that she has DID is suspicious, also. Self invalidation is a symptom of DID, and even after professional diagnosis, you're never quite sure of if you've ever been abused at all, and you keep trying to rationalize the horrible things done to you. People with DID aren't really proud of having it, due to the massive societal stigma.

In videos where she talks about her trauma, also, that isn't typically the sort of trauma that causes DID to form. You have to go through some intense shit to develop DID. DID, in a lot of cases, tends to develop from violent sexual abuse from family, when you're still a child.

And in regards to gender with DID, to have all of the alters have the same gender doesn't happen. When you have DID, you go through an identity crisis frequently. She'd probably switch frequently between how she wanted to dress, what gender she was, dye her hair frequently, and would have a very, very flimsy sense of self. New alters with DID is sort of like going through life phases, except those phases stay with you after you get out of them.

5 is also a strange number for total system members. The average number of people in the system is between 7 and 14. Alters don't just split off from trauma. Sometimes if you're stressed from something as mundane as moving to a new house, you can split a new alter. With all of the attention she gets online, and going through medical transitioning for transgender things, she'd have a lot more than 5 alters.

People with DID can be really low functioning and require hospitalization, but it's a lot more mundane than people think. With therapy, you can very much learn how to cooperate and function like a decent human being. A lot of people think that you switch and you bounce off the walls like a fucking lunatic and commit a thousand crimes, but it's more like you switch, open the fridge, and wonder who the fuck ate your food that you were saving, and probably check your internet history and find some funny things. ("Can something be so spicy that you die?" was a funny one I found at one point.) It's definitely still stressful, but it's not nearly as extreme as media portrays it to be, but at the same time, it's nowhere near as casual as tumblr users think it is, either.

That being said, the fact that she lists those "mental health" things individually makes it look like she's begging for attention. DID is co-morbid with a lot of personality disorders, hallucinations are common with DID, you experience all sorts of dissociation outside of alters with DID, you NEED trauma for DID to even happen, etc. etc. etc. She could have blanketed most of that under "DID", but instead she had to list them all individually. Y'know, just in case you forgot she's mentally ill™.

Most videos you find on youtube, and most blogs you find on tumblr, of people with DID are extremely fake. People love the idea of having multiple personalities, and very negatively impact people that do have DID. They can turn it off whenver, but I don't get to turn off my stunted brain development. A big telltale sign of someone faking DID is all of the alters having the same voice tones/inflections, expressions, and body language. If they sound the same, they probably are the same. When you have DID, it isn't always consistent complete blackout amnesia, either. Sometimes it comes in blurs, and then other times your memories come in holes. Sometimes you remember you spoke to someone, but you couldn't name off any of the contents of the conversation. It's extremely rare for someone with DID to never remember anything ever, not even blurry things. If she has complete blackout amnesia every time a switch happens, it's fake.

tl;dr: She's full of shit and doesn't have DID.

No. 24804

Her part two video for this specifies that she does have a child alt, for what that's worth. i found it most amusing that her most 'seperate' personality was so insistent that shes fake.

No. 24844

This was long but worth the read and super informative.
Thanks for pretty much debunking her bullshit.

No. 24861

Not to be an asshole but anyone with half a brain can see how fake this is within the first 30 seconds. No need to analyze it like that.

Your DID may or may not be real as well, considering a growing number of psychologists do not consider it a real diagnosis.

No. 24864

Did she just happen to switch back through all of her alters when she was editing the video and putting comments on it?

No. 24891

Sorry if my typing is weird, or my thoughts are scattered. I'm adjusting to being awake right now.

There's a lot of conflicting views from the "controller". There are alters that will insist that everyone else in the system is faking, but those alters tend to also be introjects of past abusers. (Which aren't literal copies. They're just copies of the perceptions the victim has of the abuser.) But if this alter were an abuser introject, they wouldn't even recognize being part of the system, and definitely wouldn't be talking about controlling who knows about each other and such. The proper term for what she's trying to pull is "gatekeeper", and they're not even whole roles by themselves. Gatekeeping alters just refers to alters that have the ability to mildly or fully regulate front, and have slightly more knowledge about the system than everyone else, or know about everything going on in the system. Full gatekeepers are more often than not caretaker alters, for their main role. They're like dream parents that you never had, basically. If an alter like that were really regulating what happens in her system, she'd probably be living her life in hospitals, doped up on sedatives.

Nah, I know I don't need to analyze it. I've just got nothing better to do at the moment.

In regards to medical invalidation, I am aware that this is the case, yes. Doctors are very hesitant to diagnose with DID or send you to a dissociative specialist, because of this. You tend to be bounced around from doctor to doctor, cycling through a laundry list of medication, until you find that one miracle doctor that believes in DID and sends you to a dissociative specialist.

I don't really care if it's DID or some other sort of thing. However, having a diagnosis with DID and getting therapy directed specifically for DID has helped miles more than any of the other things I've gotten supposed help for, which is what really matters in the long run. My life is a lot more organized than it was before I started getting therapy for it, learning about alters, and trying to cooperate.

I'm just satisfied to be getting help and having a name to it, after years of not knowing what was going on. As with other people diagnosed with DID, you tend not to get the diagnosis until you're an adult. If some other condition pops up that explains all of these things and helps me more, I'd gladly drop saying my illness is DID. It's all about improving my own life, at this point. If it helps me improve my own life, I have nothing to complain about.

However, I will say that some doctors I've spoken to didn't even know what DID was, and asked ME the questions about it. There's an extensive amount of information about DID to be studied in order to qualify to say whether or not it exists, but why would psychiatrists dedicate their lives to studying something they don't believe exists? You have to spend a long time studying DID to say whether or not somebody has it, due to the co-morbidity with other illnesses, the physical symptoms, knowing how to speak to certain alter types that will freak out if they feel unsafe, learning the DID specific therapy for either integrating or cooperating, and all in all, knowing how to speak to victims of intense child abuse in a way that makes them feel comfortable. You also tend to get sent to physical doctors before diagnosis, too, and get brain scans done, blood tests, etc. to make sure that it's not some sort of thing like a huge tumor or some other sort of illness causing the symptoms. Getting evaluated by a dissociative specialist is an extensive process, and a lot of times people are sent to multiple specialists to double check the diagnosis of the others. If you get a legitimate diagnosis from a specialist, there's going to be a thorough evaluation process to make sure that this is the real deal, and not schizophrenia, and not BPD, or not some other sort of dissociative disorder. A lot of people focus hard on the "cool multiplicity party" part of DID, when there's really a whole lot more symptoms that goes into it than just being different people, and people overlooking those symptoms really negatively impacts viewpoints on the disorder itself, and gets you people like Autumn Asphodel, who claim it for the supposed glamour of being multiple people.

No. 24904

Man I posted about this chick a few months ago but everyone ignored it, lol. Did she get crazier?

No. 24931

Thanks for taking the time to write this, I found it really interesting. Plus you explained in detail what I could only be bothered to summarise as 'ya she's faking'.

No. 24937


Thanks for your posts, anon. I found them really interesting and informative. I'm glad you're getting the help you need.

No. 24948

Wow you responded so kindly to "not to be an asshole" chan. It gives me hope for this board.

No. 24964

gotta love that they all come with neat 5 edgy names too, as is the case with 90% of people i see claiming to have DID. convenient, that.

i read the transcript, does anybody else buy the "triggering" shit?

No. 24989

I appreciate all the kind things everybody's been saying to me. Thank you very much.

She's really heavily misusing the word "trigger" for DID. Switch triggers typically correlate with abuse. For certain alters to come out suddenly, she would have to purposely put herself in a situation where she was going to be abused, or felt like she was in massive danger. Should she do this anyway, the alter would most likely be an emotional mess after being brought out like that, and pretty pissed off with whoever purposely put them in that situation. They definitely wouldn't be willing to do a video after something like that. To know so many switch triggers and be able to get so many alters to cooperate so easily doesn't happen, either.

And in regards to straight up asking them to come out, the alter needs to be co conscious already, and if you have good enough communication with said co conscious alter, sometimes you can pull them into front. Otherwise…command switching isn't really a thing, and switches in general are hard to control without a lot of professional help. She'd be more likely to be able to stop a switch than command switch.

The circumstances where she speaks of certain alter types splitting off aren't the sorts of things those types of alters split off from, either. You wouldn't get a persecutor alter that harasses the host from internet bullying. You would get it from long term abuse from a single abuser. Persecutor alters tend to also split off incredibly early in life. A family member that raped you regularly, somebody that physically tortured you, a parent that heavily emotionally manipulated and convinced you that you can't survive without them, and such are the sorts of things that split those sorts of persecutors. Not being accused of faking on the internet. Coming to terms with a persecutor takes years and years to do, too. She wouldn't be so accepting of a persecutor alter so quickly.

"Child side" is also a poor way to word it, and people don't look at littles and assume the person is acting immature. Littles are preserved from childhood. People tend to assume that you have special needs, if a little fronts. They play, they throw tantrums, they use vocabulary like children, they run around a lot like children, they get into shit they shouldn't be like children, and so on and so on. It's not being immature. When littles front, it's like the person's mind never grew up, but their body did.

The way she speaks of her alters make them sound like edgy deviantart OCs. Even the alters I have that hold massive amounts of trauma act like people you could see anywhere. One of my alters that holds the most trauma shitposts on my social media and complains about not having food he wants whenever he's around, and has a passion for art. Another trauma holder cleans the entire house and watches cat videos when he's around. Another trauma holder is your typical emo weeaboo (She split off when I was 12. I'm so embarrassed. She could probably have her own thread on this board by herself.), and another trauma holder is social, flirty, and basically the complete opposite of the weeaboo one.

Not all alters have a role, either, and not all alters split from abuse. Sometimes you split new alters from stress and nothing really else. Sometimes an alter splits off, fronts once, and goes dormant for a few years, and you don't find out about them until they spring up again out of nowhere, despite them having split off so long ago.

A lot of times alters just pick names that they like, too, after they split off. The chances of getting an entire system of edgy emo names are slim to none, considering that alters have completely different viewpoints on things, different hobbies, and things like that.

The way she describes her symptoms is how everyone that quickly googles what DID is like describes their symptoms.

No. 25014

hello DID-anon, do you keep track of the alter's habits and things, and do they have schedules ? also do you have weird mix of things if they each like different clothes and house stuff?

No. 25015

Just another person wanting to say thank you for sharing, your posts are absolutely fascinating.

No. 25017

"did"-anon more than likely has an iatrogenic case of "did". how you guys are backpatting like her input on a fake disease is sooo incredible and amazing is seriously annoying.

No. 25018

Not as annoying as someone (you) adding nothing of substance to the thread and choosing to be a dick instead. You could further people's understanding of why you believe it's fake (links to sources would be nice!), but you don't have to be a condescending dick about it as it's not aiding the thread. And DID anon, is still welcome to offer their experiences as currently they're more helpful re:insight than what you're offering.

It's not like both perspectives can't co-exist in this thread: they can! But some people's attitudes towards discussing other's views and experiences need to change for that to happen.

No. 25019

nah, it's still very, very annoying. i'll post links later. and like that anon said earlier in the thread, the stench of narcissism and fakery is so obvious in autumn's video, that a breakdown is so totally not necessary. few mental health professionals that don't specialize in DID actually believe it's real, and those that do specialize end up creating cases. will post links later though.

No. 25078


this is ghostxperfume's white knight theforestcat's """DID""" friend. i've been wondering about him for a few months since the ash drama started but didn't have anywhere to bring it up. what do you think of this person?

No. 25094

Hello! There is no schedule for switches. Sometimes switches just happen for no reason whatsoever. Completely at random. I do try to keep track of things that happen after time is lost, yes. Checking text messages, looking through logs on my computer, search history, instant messaging chats, asking friends for reference of things that happened, and seeing if things around the house have been moved. The last one is a bit hard to keep track of sometimes, because there's always a slight bit of doubt of whether or not I moved it and just forgot. (Memory is an issue, even when I'm in front. There's a lot of times where I have a hard time remembering if I actually did/said something, or if I thought I did and never actually did it.)

I do also have a mix of things that various alters like in my home. Half of the clothes in my closet are things I hate and would never wear myself, but others in here like it. I have non-permanent gender presentation things in my house. (I refuse to do any sort of transitioning, because I know that my sense of self is too flimsy to safely do anything so permanent, and my gender perception heavily changes depending on alters around at the time.) I also have a bunch of stuffed animals and crayons for the littles, a ton of chintzy pony bead bracelets, and a lot of wigs. My hair ended up really damaged at one point, because of the frequent dye jobs and styling, so I ended up investing in wigs instead, so that others in here could have their preferred hairstyle, and my hair won't be completely fried. Food is sort of a mess here, too, because of different tastes in food. At one point someone bought 4 pounds of hot dogs, didn't front to eat them, and everyone else had to finish them off, despite hating them. Sometimes I also end up with multiple of the same item, like toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, etc. with the knowledge that more is needed, but the message that it was already bought doesn't always quite get through to everyone.

Iatrogenic DID is most definitely a thing that exists. I will give you that 100%, without a fight. Specialists creating DID happens, more often than not, from RMT, which involves using a combination of sedatives and hypnosis to "retrieve" memories. However, since hypnosis is a subconscious-based thing, false traumas are often created through this therapy.

There are alternatives to hypnosis, when working with DID patients, but as of right now, forced integration is completely legal, and until it becomes illegal, specialists are allowed to use hypnosis. Integration rarely works completely, and even after completely integrating, you never lose the ability to split alters. Often times, alters end up re-splitting from stress. It's a long process that takes years and years to get anywhere with, can create false cases of DID, make people believe trauma that didn't have, and a whole lot of other things that are flat out wrong. I am not going through integration therapy, and have not had any sort of hypnosis done. Frankly, I don't want to uncover my trauma. The point of my treatment is to get everyone to work together a bit more, so I can function properly in society, and not have to depend on people to care for me for the rest of my life.

However, you are completely entitled to your views on this, as am I, and I don't expect to make any sort of major impact on your views of DID. As stated before, if it turns out to be some other illness, after further professional evaluation, I will gladly drop saying it's DID. But as of right now, when taking into account psychiatric symptoms outside of being multiple people, the physical symptoms, the drastic identity changes for a majority of my life, the drastic handwriting inconsistencies, my diagnosis history, input from my family/friends, and a laundry list of other things, DID is the most fitting diagnosis at this point in time.

Also, you're completely right. The breakdown wasn't necessary. Nothing I do on the internet in my spare time is necessary. There's nothing more to it than I wanted to.

Fake. Fictives aren't a thing. A majority of DID blogs you see on tumblr are incredibly, incredibly fake. If anybody says that they like having DID, it's more than likely fake. If somebody talks about loving their persecutor alter, it's fake. If somebody has fictives, it's fake. Headmates, factive, fictives, and other things like that are all tumblr multiplicity terms. There's also a big trend of non-disordered multiples on tumblr, which is pretty damn offensive. There's a lot of drama between "non-disordered multiples" and people with DID, on tumblr. I haven't met a non-disordered multiple that wasn't an asshole, honestly.

But to go more in depth on this person, the DID term for what tumblr thinks is "fictives" is "fictional introjects". They aren't straight copies of these characters, though, and they're incredibly rare. Should you be in a situation where you subconsciously think being this character would help you survive, fictional introjects can happen. But they're copies of the impressions of the characters, and not actual rips. They don't do this "returning to their canon" bullshit after fronting that a lot of tumblr multiples claim, too. There's been a recent spike in Steven Universe fictives, after fusions were shown, which is pretty telling about tumblr multiples by itself. "Fictive" is actually considered an offensive term, among the DID crowd.

Looking at this further, they're claiming their fictive has medical knowledge of a doctor? Which…doesn't happen. You can't spawn that knowledge out of nowhere. If another system member had already had that knowledge and learned it in a traditional manner, and then they split off, then that could be viable. But randomly popping up with an alter like that doesn't happen.

Also, there's some pretty standard things that pretty much every legitimate case of DID has, and that's repressed trauma. If you don't have repressed trauma, it's not DID. It could be OSDD, but it's not DID. DID isn't really a thing to self diagnose, either, since there are symptoms not listed on common resources online, but are definitely taken account for during evaluation.

Being completely unaware of your alters….isn't really a thing, either. You tend to know base knowledge, at the very least. Alters, in a lot of cases, are like if you went through a phase when you were a child, but that phase never goes away, and fully comes back at random times. I had a phase where I had massive gender dysphoria, and was 100% convinced I was a man. Chopped off all of my hair, got a ton of new clothes, and wanted to medically transition. Nearly got my ass thrown into conversion therapy, but it's a good thing I didn't do anything permanent. However! This alter is still hanging around, and fronts pretty frequently. (Going back to what I said before, he's the one that shitposts on all of my social media, inhales food like a vacuum, and has a passion for art.) It's sort of surreal once you find out, actually. Alters are basically "me from this age". The ones I don't know about are ones that others in here have split, and not me. Sometimes the system members that do mapping leave notes about splits not everyone knows about, and alters are found that way. But all in all, you'll more than likely know base knowledge about your alters.

No. 25108

I said thanks for writing, and I've also previously pointed out that it isn't a clinically validated disorder. Personally I'm on the fence; 99% of what I've read and seen seems questionable or fake to me, but the 1% that sways me is self-reports such as anons which are closer to the suggested symptoms of DID than any other disorder, recognised or not.

I'm going to pretend you're one of DID-anon's alters.

No. 25114

They aren't one of my alters. I don't have an alter that insists I'm faking. It's been the same system member posting in this thread the entire time.

No. 28826

i wasnt talking about you. i was talking about the five or so ass kissing anons that posted with their whole "this is amazing! having a fresh perspective on this super interesting disease is wonderful!!!".

No. 28827

so you have did and are also into gender questioning shit, but refuse to transition? no offense, but that post seemed a bit too tumblr for mt liking.

No. 28830

Haha I know, sorry, I was just hoping you'd both appreciate the joke.

Woops. I've got to agree I don't think anybody should base any of their opinions on only one personal account.

No. 28881

I refuse to transition, because I acknowledge that my gender questioning is entirely influenced by illness, rather than being legitimately trans. It's been a thing I've debated in the past, but I don't like to make any sort of permanent bodily decisions, with the knowledge that I have DID, because I know that while I might be satisfied for a little bit, I might end up miserable later. All and all, the details of my gender questioning, as it happens, is majorly kept to myself. I don't really like to call myself trans anything, since it isn't really a legitimate case of being transgender.

Permanent bodily things also refers to tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications. Sometimes I want to do extreme changes to my body, that aren't inherently trans related, like blowing tons of money on tattoos, spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgeries, and such. I don't act on any of these things, though, because I know that this'll just happen again later.

So whenever any strong urges to do any sort of bodily changes comes around, I tend to wait it out, and see if the feeling lasts, before making any sort of long-term decisions.

The gender dysphoria isn't consistent, and entirely based around flimsy identity in general from DID, so I don't like to refer to myself as trans anything.

This period of time when I thought I was a boy was when I was 16, for the record, and before diagnosis. I was convinced I was trans. I was also a dumb kid, who didn't know what I was talking about.

Alters of a gender that isn't the gender of the core are there for a reason, and certain alter roles are more likely to be one gender or age range than others, and also tend to fit into some common behaviors associated with those roles. Around this time, a male alter was majorly around, and pretty heavily influenced what I wanted to do. However, I didn't know it was DID, and pegged it as legitimate trans things. A few years later, the DID diagnosis came up, and the gender questioning made sense. (Which I'm pretty relieved for. I don't want to be trans, and knowing that it'll always just be a passing feeling and I can continue going by my name and sex is a pretty big comfort.)

DID specialists tend to also know a fair bit about trans issues, and put that into account for evaluation. Flimsy gender identity is pretty common for DID.

As far as I'm aware, a new alter hasn't split in a long period of time, and a new alter splitting off is typically when those sorts of things come up strongest.

No. 28884

File: 1442252585608.jpg (81.06 KB, 392x500, tumblr_inline_n7yp1tyqGw1qc7g7…)

no1 cares

No. 28903

shut the fuck up and stop being an asshole

No. 28906

Transgenderism/gender dysphoria is arguably a mental illness itself. And sometimes, the best way to treat that illness is by transitioning.

The only difference I see with you is that the dysphoria comes and goes.

I'm still not convinced you truly have DID as well, though I'll try to stay open minded. Have you ever been diagnosed with bipolar or borderline?

No. 28952

not them but you really can't tell already tell that this girl probably doesn't have DID? come on…

No. 28988

>arguably a mental illness
It IS a mental illness. It's in the DSM.

No. 29040

Nobody has DID. Sybil was malingering.

No. 29045

conditions/disorders/etc.: autism, ADHD, schizoaffective disorder (psychotic, hypomanic, and depressive episodes), borderline personality disorder, conduct disorder (a milder version of antisocial personality disorder - rare in adults) along with general sociopathic tendencies and behaviours, panic disorder sometimes with and sometimes without agoraphobia, and dissociative identity disorder

No. 29071

I have in the past. Bipolar and BPD are often misdiagnosis that are given before you end up with the DID diagnosis.

Bipolar, BPD, Schizophrenia, and PTSD are the typical things psychiatrists jump to, before you end up with a diagnosis on DID. (Which was brought into account during my evaluation.)

So I've been diagnosed with it in the past. I kept getting medication for it, too, and it really just made the situation worse. Been on a lot of different medications. Ended up on lithium around when I was 17, and that stuck for a few years. Found out later, after evaluation, that it was a lot of misdiagnosing, and ended up with treatment for DID.

In the past I've gotten diagnosed with Bipolar, re evaluated and was switched to BPD, PTSD has always been consistent, got evaluated for schizophrenia, and after being in the mental health system for 8 years, I got evaluated for, and diagnosed with, DID.

I really don't mind if you're not convinced, though. I'm pretty open to speaking about these things, and I appreciate the politeness. In the long run, I'm not going to meet anybody on this site, and it doesn't really matter, but it passes the time.

Though, honestly, it's just about what's helping at this point. Been miserable for years, nothing was working, and after getting treatment for DID, it's still pretty tough, and I'm not as functional as I'd like to be, but it's a major improvement.

No. 29074

Why do you believe that fictives cannot exist?

No. 29136

There's always got to be a mental illness that's "trendy" to have. I remember when bipolar was like a fashion accessory. I've noticed a lot of young people on tumblr and ig picking up on DID and it's fucking pathetic.

This one signs every pic with the alter that wrote the caption

and this one

This one spends too much time interwebbing about it
(can't figure out if her "alters" have separate accounts they all comment on)

This has comments from people who name their "alters":
Many of these people who apparently have DID are really into pronouns.

This one shows you three of hers.

No. 30085

so do all your alters share the same levels of impulse control? if your alter who posts shit on your social media and makes poor choices like buying unnecessary food wanted a piercing for example, they would also be able to wait it out?

No. 30364

I already answered this in the next paragraph of that same post. I'm skeptical of anybody that has fictives, especially a large number of fictives. I acknowledge that fictional introjects are a valid thing, and do happen, but after the spike of people faking DID having 20 fictives in their system, I've been skeptical. Introjects believe that they're actually the person they're based on, but there's a lot of inaccuracies to introjects, especially fictional introjects, that happen on tumblr for the glamour of being a fictional character, that make me skeptical of anybody who says they have fictives.

As far as I know, there's different levels to this. Sometimes I get things coming in the mail that somebody else ordered. Sometimes I "wake up", so to speak, and I have a new hair cut. I haven't come across any permanent things, thankfully, but there definitely is a variance to impulse control, for everyone here. Biggest issue I've had with this sort of thing is one alter wanting to have frequent casual sex with really anybody willing, but that happens far less often now, thankfully.

No. 30381

File: 1442349692410.png (229.61 KB, 581x431, 3.png)

So…. do people with DID actually change their appearance when an "alter" takes over?


No. 30382

File: 1442349929954.png (412.29 KB, 1012x624, 3.png)

her 3rd alter "void"


is this legit or

No. 30383

i don't even know what to say about this

No. 30384

No, it's not.

DID is not nearly as common as these Youtubers are making it, and it's all complete bullshit. DID is more of a change in state, as a person in the thread mentioned above.
Going from a more happy-go-lucky side to a angry side triggered by something is what DID. Going from a redheaded kid to an ugly kid wearing a striped hat is not DID.

No. 30386

Switching is really disorienting, and comes with a lot of physical symptoms. When you switch, your first thought probably won't be to change your clothes. It's a lot of dissociation and depersonalization. When I switch, it's sort of like, "Who am I right now? I can't feel my legs. I have hands? How do I use them? Do I exist?" and a ton of headaches, and ringing or heartbeat in your ears, and tingling, and it's really unpleasant. You're not gonna change clothes immediately, when you switch, if at all.

Backing you up on this. It's definitely not legit. The different voices and body language are very forced, too, sort of like you're watching a bad actor. Alter vocal tone differences sound pretty natural.

However, I feel like describing alters as single emotions simplifies it a little too much. Different emotional states with alters is more of an OSDD thing, than DID. With DID, the splits are pretty complex, unless you've got a ton of fragments in your system. But if an alter in someone's system acts like a bad OC, they probably are.

No. 30387

That bad acting is bad. Jaysus!

No. 30407

This woman … she sits in a chair and all her alters introduce themselves like bang, bang, bang…how is that possible?

No. 30410

By playing pretend

No. 30457

Hahahaha that fake crying.

No. 30461

this is so embarassing wow

can you imagine being her friend? I bet she attention whores with this 24/7

No. 30464

No. 30465

Jeeeesus she's a terrible actress.

No. 30466

File: 1442363983990.png (14.19 KB, 678x264, fekoff.png)

No. 31845

Do your alters go by different names? That's one thing that struck out to me with all these fakers, they all give their "alters" the super special snowflake names and shit.

No. 32549

There's a mixed answer to that, honestly. Before diagnosis, I went through a number of identity crisis. But whenever that happens tends to be when a new alter is splitting off. These identity crisis tend to include fixating on a name, and straight up wanting to legally change my name to this name. These periods of time of going by this name would last for a year or so, or maybe a few years, and then it'd happen again. It's like going through life phases, but the phases stay with you.

Those end up being alters. They sort of choose their own names. Which is also why it's unrealistic to have some edgy special names for every alter. The emo one from when I was 12 has a pretty special snowflake name, but most of the others are pretty standard. All of my alters will answer to my name, though. Really, unless I'm especially close to the person and they have extensive knowledge on each alter, all of my alters try to act like a single person around most people.

DID isn't really a thing that I want the entire world to know about. It's not really a thing I'm proud to experience, and being open about that everywhere would cause more harm than good, and I don't really want a giant sign on my forehead that says "I'm mentally ill", so all alters try to act as a single person and go by one name, around most people.

But yes. They do have their own names, but they only go by their own names among specific people.

It also helps for organization purposes, honestly. Figuring out who did what at what point and such.

No. 32563

This might be too personal, but since this is anonymous I ask anyway. Were you abused as a child in a sexual way? If so, what was the relation of the abuser and what was the nature of the abuse? Do you think they did it to anyone else?

No. 32598

I'd rather not go into the details of the abuse, but I was. My parents weren't sexually abusive, but there were other people in my childhood that were. Family friends, a best friend I had in the neighborhood, my sister's (now ex) husband, and someone I had known in school. Aside from that, my parents were really physically and emotionally abusive.

I have knowledge of one sexual abuser going after other people, but I'm not aware of any others.

No. 32600

Thank you! The people in this thread actually taking this seriously, holy shit.

No. 33313

It's fucking ridiculous. Why is everyone suddenly pretending they have people living in their head?

No. 33329

>>33313 because inside out. lol jk

No. 33336

Because it makes them ~speshul~ and they haven't got anything going for them except a pretend illness to bore people with.

No. 38521

did she say that she raped someone? how come no one is mentioning that part?!

No. 38803

Oh my god, where does she say that??

No. 38805

During the first video with all of her personalities in, the slutty one says, from memory, something like "can you believe that I've never had sex? Unless you count rape as losing your virginity… yeah, I did that when I was a man".

No. 38809

thought she was saying she was raped as a man.

No. 38911

So did I. They give lots of hints at sexual abuse in their past, so I understood that comment as being a victim.
Actually, she hints a lot about her past being pretty shitty. I think we can all agree that her alters aren't based on mental illness like she wants us to believe, but maybe it's her way of coping.
Either way, she needs intense psychiatric help. It's obvious that she has serious unresolved issues.

No. 38947

>maybe it's her way of coping.
A lot of psychiatrists agree that people create "alters" as a means of coping. So yeah, fair assumption.

No. 38985

I don't know a thing about that chick, but she really looks like PT in the OP pic.
I'm out.

No. 39019

yeah I thought so too but the way she words it makes it sound like she was the rapist.

No. 39328

Damn this shit reminds me on my scene years.
I once had a girlfriend from another school that claimed to be her sparkledog oc and "switched" every time she wanted to keep the stares on her in public or if she wanted to make a lolsorandomxd ruckus.
But strangely, she acted fucking normal with me when we were alone! I remember trying to ask her about "the weird rumors I heard" and if she took medication for that, but she always avoided it.
I had to broke up with her once she tried to bite my tit off in front of her edgy friends to prove how krrrraazy she was…
As far as I know, she got over that bullshit once her parents found out about her attention whoring, but I still remember her long ass essays about "living with multiple personalities disorder" on DA and all the attention people give to her.
So, I have a hard time believing the existence of this kind of illnesses and when people describe it being fully aware of it, oddly structurated and specific it feels sketchy as fuck.

No. 39403

I honestly don't believe alt personalities exist. Like, it has to be a serious and rare medical case if it does happen.

No. 87331

This was in my recommended videos (I watch a lot of lolcows). Is there anything else to discuss? Apparently there's an update on the "alters" that I'm going to watch now

No. 87340


Guess it's cured now

No. 87465

Too long didn't listen.
I'm shallow. I fancy her, but don't take any notice of what she says. None at all.

No. 87480

DID anon, do you happen to have any links on this subject? I'm very interested, I like reading about mental illnesses and DID is one that I only ever find reading material written by tumblr retards.

I have occasional episodes of derealization and even though it's not too severe, it's still fucking terrifying (media portrayals of people killing themselves or others in order to ~wake from a coma or from a dream state does not help). I can't understand how anyone would ever find DID desirable, it sounds like a nightmare.

No. 87484

I imagine people fake it because it can't be proved. Though I do believe Autumn when she says that she's gone through a lot of abuse in her life.

In the video related, this guy talks about some of Tumblrdicks that abuse this illness to gain sympathy and attention online.

No. 87486

sorry for double posting

I really enjoyed this video of this person switching personalities/identities. It's really interesting to watch. And when she's reflecting on the disorder, she says that DID is like when you have a mirror and you put a lot of pressure/stress into one point and the mirror shatters. The mirror is still one mirror (meaning one person), but what is within it is shattered into different pieces.

My aunt has been diagnosed by it in the past, she was born during a war and was practically raised by my mum when she was 12. I believe my aunt has some other emotional issues that run along side it. When my aunt talks about it, she says that there's a person that takes care of her when she loses control, a person who's apparently a straight man who tries to have sex with women, and one which is extremely dark. In a sense, it's different compartments that have decided to have a separate entity.

No. 153045

There's no official reading on it as far as I know, mostly because psychiatrists think it's bullshit (or more nicely said, that it's a symptom of something else)

No. 158770

there's the theory of structual dissociation and DID would be the end of this spectrum. DID = most dissociation. multiple factors have to be involved to 'create' a dissociative identity.
-> high dissociative tendency (every brain can dissociate, but the tendency is varying)
-> repeated traumatization (abuse, sexual abuse, torture, neglect) beginning from the age of 3-5
-> no supportive environment (no one helps, comforts this child)
so it has to become more than one to handle the situation. One child that lives in nightmare and one that's able to go to school and function and so on. Perpetrators are mostly family members, so this also is a place where the child has to "function".


No. 166569

If you watch the video about the alters, he actually says, during the "sexual alter", that he raped someone when he was a male.

No. 166917


DID anon, I know most likely you aren't still here, but I wanted to respond just in case you still come around to lolcow. You see, I used to have DID, and I integrated late last year. I too had a "trans alter". I thought it was probably just the DID, as well, and stalled doing anything about it for several years. Now, as a whole person, I am in the process of transitioning from female to male. I think you should really think about whether or not you're just pinning your feelings onto an alter so that you don't have to face the reality of being transgender. The feelings would still be there, even if you didn't have DID. The reality is, you have gender dysphoria. Behind everything you're using to cope, like the alters, you have these feelings. I don't think it's very likely they just mean nothing.

No. 166934

Cool blog

No. 167012

Projecting, armchairing. DID anon seemed pretty coherent and self-aware in what she wants and feels. Good for you that worked, doesn't mean that experience is universal.

No. 167020

transgenderism itself is not the cause of DID like you're suggesting. like that anon said, the disorder messes up your sense of identity including gender. you either had some severe nuclear level denial to develop DID from gender dysphoria alone, or transitioning is a band-aid for your personality disorder.

No. 167035


I did not develop DID from gender dysphoria. But I did use it as a way to avoid owning my own feelings, yes. In the end, all of the alters are YOU. You just feel like you're different people, but you aren't in reality. That's the disorder.

No. 167044


>personality disorder

DID isn't a personality disorder, just fyi

No. 167393

this whole thread was fascinating. i have this perverse interest in DID and want to actually see videos of real people talking about it and i wish i could see a real transition but the internet is so chock full of bullshit that i've found that basically impossible. my weird curiosity will never be piqued…..

No. 167404

It's pretty annoying how people take what other say on the internet as absolute fact, esp an anon. When I studied this shit in college and DID was mentioned, we were taught that the other personalities don't know about each other. The professor kept reiterating that 'If someone claims they speak to the other personalities or that they communicate, they're faking.' You can argue that he could be incorrect but all of this shit is speculation to begin with, we can't really prove or disprove DID but that doesn't make it factual by default. Take what's posted ITT with a grain of salt.
Autumn is faking and she's lulzy for it. Please, lets stay on topic.

No. 167405

nobodies 'alters,' if anything like that truly exists (doubt it), are going to be able to put on different eyeliner looks and film themselves for youtube.
this is all on the level of otherkin/trans attention whoring shit.

No. 167424

Not that anon, but this is a pretty good resource: http://mpbooks.artefact.org.nz/book/

No. 167509

You'd probably have better luck if you looked for teaching resources, interviews with actual patients or speeches given by people with it at conventions or in psych classes. If you just look for videos of any disorder, you'll mostly get people who exaggerate and bullshit to get views.

Has there been anything more posted with Autumn, more on topic? Last I saw was some shit about spiritual enlightenment on her youtube channel.

No. 167589

I don't think that people need to criticize her. Although a video or two might be, as an attention seeker, but, I think she does know herself better than many… & if, people don't like her videos, just leave her, why staying & criticizing… Also, some of you mentioned her being a tranny, so, I would like to place an opinion, that, its not the gender or face that matters, what's important is, being a human inside… Calling yourself a MAN & then, hitting animals, with stones, is no humanity… :/

No. 167591

Hate to break it to you but you're literally retarded

No. 167594

File: 1471874958279.gif (2.04 MB, 500x393, 980x.gif)

Where exactly do you think you are, anon?

No. 167656

I am so glad I stumbled upon this thread because this past 6 months I've made a new friend who claims to have DID. She sounds just like the person in the video with how she describes her "alters", though she doesn't change clothes or do anything different when she "switches" to another alter.
This person also claims they have no control over which alter is out at any time, yet those alters just conveniently happen to be out whenever she needs them? It's so bizarre and slightly frustrating because I'm recognizing a lot of manipulative behavior and I think people that are "diagnosed" with DID know that since it's hard to prove, people won't call them out on it or something.

No. 167668

I guess the purpose of alters is to be out when you need them, but if she's younger she's probably making it up. People go decades without them realizing why they feel crazy or rememberin what happened to them. Is she professionally diagnosed?

No. 167739

She's around 23 years old so not sure if that an acceptable age, but she has used this disorder to be able to talk shit to people then not have to take the blame for it as well, if that makes sense (I just learned about this tonight from a mutual friend).
I don't know a lot about legitimate DID… so maybe I'm just over-analyzing, but it seems to me that if the person is using their "illness" as an excuse in such a way, it's probably not real? I'm just super on the fence and have limited knowledge about this whole thing, so sorry if I sound ignorant.

No. 167769

Legitimate DID is rare, and the fact that people can 'call' their other selves up whenever or their alters just appear in the nick of time is fucking retarded.

My fiance used to date a chick who claimed the same thing, she was a victorian goth who could speak draconian who just happened to want to rave a and fuck other guys but she wasnt responsible at all..

No. 167775

>but it seems to me that if the person is using their "illness" as an excuse in such a way, it's probably not real?

This is pretty much entirely right. If the person uses their illness as a defence against anything they're accused of, and go around treating everyone like shit with the excuse of "I can't help it because of X disorder", it's a good sign they've just made it up, sometimes exclusively so they can do that.

I've never met a person who thinks their disorder lets them treat others however they want, even people with stuff like serious Bipolar, when they legitimately can't control themselves when they're manic still feel guilty about it afterwards and take responsibility.

And as >>167769 said, legit DID is really rare as far as diagnosed cases go.

No. 327182

File: 1496357150542.png (560.46 KB, 965x531, exceptional.png)

I just stumbled across this thread and I am so happy because I just watched the first of this loony troon's videos.

What in the fuck. Her sexual alter is SO BADLY ACTED. What a phony, holy shit. I like how she uses an intertitle to give us bullet points of how the alter will behave and then proceeds to act that out in order.

He is so bad.

No. 327201

not to mention she implies she raped someone.

No. 327206


samefag of course, but yeah. I can't even believe what a joke this person is, or that her posts seem to have made up about 85% of this thread, which is pretty milky. DID is rarer than fuck and more commonly regarded as 'bullshit' by competent psychs.

"I'm seducing you now" No, you're not. You're really not. At best this idiot has BPD. She needs to gb2 tumblr with her shit. Unreal.

No. 327219

i found her so lulzy that i believe i've watched all her videos from that phase (I used to play them while i dyed my hair. it was my thing for a while..) and in one she addresses her faking it, passively admits she was faking it because she needed attention. also she now thinks she's a lilou vos tier earth angel and vlogs by the name Elle Stone.

No. 327220


Glad people are looking at this guy again!

I loved this bit of his spergery: "I acknowledge that fictional introjects are a valid thing, and do happen, but after the spike of people faking DID having 20 fictives in their system, I've been skeptical." Fictives are not a valid thing, eyebrows. After this, there's nothing they could say that I'd believe. He's just another munchie.

No. 327222


Haha, they are so cringe tho, how did you manage! The one where she allows them to 'trigger front' is really bad too. They're all really bad. How could anyone ever believe that this was real?

No. 327223

he's my fav munchie tbh. i'm glad there's a thread on him.

dude how can you do this makeup every day and not figure out your fuckin spermy brows

hah and she has fibromyalgia guiseeee!

No. 327224

yeah it was like watching a train wreck, it just really amused me so i genuinely watched tonnes. the seduction alter is the worst, because when he says the "im seducing you right now" line he trips over his words, and the tiny crooked bumps that are supposed to be his cupids bow make me upset.

No. 327225

Holy shit. His eyebrows have their own alters. Now I've seen it all.

No. 327227


and was schizophrenic! she makes it look so easy and fun! maybe i should try out schizophrenia this fall! oh my god.

No. 327228


I love the idea that the sexual alter is somehow seducing anyone instead of making them sick.

No. 327229


OT but guys with thin lips like that freak me out. It's even worse with lipstick. I'm wondering if the makeup is purposefully tragic for some of the alters or if it's just honestly come by. If he planned for purposefully tragic makeup that would be some true munchie dedication.

No. 327232


Wait, she admitted she was lying? I can't find the vid! Or are you talking about the one where her alter says she's faking it?

No. 327341

link for you; i would provide timestamp but she discusses it fairly early on and also throughout


No. 327359

do all tumblr folk just spin a wheel to choose what mental disorders they're gonna pretend to have for a while?

No. 327371

yes. that and a lot of the spoonie and ed community on ig.

No. 327383

skip to 1:00 if u want to avoid her rambling. She always sounds so drunk.

No. 327393

"was i faking what i was doing in the video? was it for attention and sympathy from others? in other words, was i faking having dissociative identity disorder? if i had to give a yes or no answer, it would be yes, in addition to no."

what the fuck does that mean? can someone please translate insane, because i'm not sure she understands what giving a yes OR no answer means or telling the truth.

No. 327396

Does she have a speech impediment?

No. 327402

She was trying to say that she has some personality disorder due her past (abuse, violence, etc) but not exactly DID. But I think she said "yes" to do some damage control because her whole DID acting is bad and people was dragging her. And she said "no" at the same time so she can keep her "mentally ill" status and just choose another disorder.

No. 327409

regardless, they lied. you cannot excuse lying like this with "i have trauma" lmao it doesn't work like that. you can't just claim shit and lie and be like ~oops i have trauma~ ffs. but i love this dancing around the truth. very muncheqsue.

No. 327433


I love it when he stutters trying to get that out. Such arouse, much erotic.

"It's so easy seduc–to seduce you."

No. 327436


I think he's trying to pitch his voice higher and slurs as a result of it, but more to the point, what is that accent? He has a super flat voice but he kind of sounds like he's from the NE, like New Jersey or Massachusetts or someplace like that? Every time he says the word 'day' or 'today' I hear it clearly but I still can't figure out where he's from.

No. 327437


oh my god she coaches people now and does hypnosis. who would watch one of these vids and think 'yeah, let me get hypno'ed by this trainwreck'?


No. 327472

this. i'd be so afraid to become a transtrender with 50 something physical and mental illnesses. no thank youuuuuuu.

No. 327642

What do you think about this girl? She says she has 5 personalities: A fashionable gurl, an american boy, a smartass boy and a 10 year old boy that likes dinosaurs

No. 327661

No. 327662

One thing that annoys me is how she/he glamorizes mental health illnesses like having it is cool or someshit. If she/he really did have problems, get help instead of sensationalizing it on your youtube channel

No. 327706

she does an even worse job that asphodel did…
>lowers her voice, changes make up "hello, im a completely different person"
she's so bad at faking it that it hurts

im rather annoyed and triggered by her eyebrows and her weird voice

No. 327711

as far as I understand it, she went into therapy then discovered she had ambivalent parts of her personality, things that contradict each other. E.g. (for other people) wanting to be a good mother to your new born and loving it, but at the same time wanting to trash it and go back to your old life.

She says she "mistook" those contradictions of her personality as having different alters.

It's pretty known in psychology though that the personality has different "ego states" but every sane personality does have it. What she says is, she thought those different ego states are different alters and therefore different personalities and therefore she has DID. bullscrap nonetheless and i dont know what kind of fucktard therapist she went to, he let her going on with that idea.

It only turns into DID when you actually have amnesia and your ego states are disconnected from each other therefore building completely new and whole personalities in your own.

No. 327930

No. 327962

>still filming from the same fucking attic apartment as 3 years ago
just get a fucking job, "autumn"

No. 328144


It's not an attic apartment.
It's her room in her grandmothers house.

No. 328331

thats actually even worse

No. 341304

he says he had a speech impediment as a child, between his r's and l's mostly if i recall correctly. you can tell if you listen out for it.

his voice captivates me tho, for some reason i assumed he was from a non english speaking country when i first found him.

No. 341306

not sure why you necro'd this thread except im not tottally mad because i have been wondering if there was a thread on this person but never searched so thanks i guess?

No. 341381

god damn it i'm sorry, that was me. i just love gossiping about him too much.

No. 514741

File: 1519619089261.png (6.12 MB, 2436x1125, D86FB67A-C469-4940-90EA-606B6F…)

No. 514746

File: 1519619372721.jpeg (446.06 KB, 1125x595, 915AB538-498F-4E6B-B970-C1A5F1…)

His face looks actually terrifying in this video

No. 583415

Why go closer to the camera when you're a tranny? Surely she'd want to minimise her giant head compared to her 'boyfriend'

No. 662650

Hello an Autumn video was recommended to me while I was watching Game Grumps 10 minute power hour for some fucking reason and I Google searched because I was intrigued and WOW THIS THREAD WAS WAY MORE THAN I BARGAINED FOR HOY FUC

No. 813393

Anyone else noticed she’s starting to shit talk other DID YouTubers for attention seeking when she was the one to pull the bull crap in the first place?(necro)

No. 819583

File: 1559997748428.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190530_194215358.j…)

Finally she admitted that she is a faker.

No. 819586

File: 1559998739019.jpg (549.66 KB, 1080x2160, IMG_20190608_145733.jpg)

>>813393 I've noticed but those Youtubers who really were diagnosed with DID rejected the collaboration with her. After this she made a pathetic and childish video about them.

No. 819694

reading this thread was wild. Cant believe farmers used to believe him 3 years ago. And that farmer who claimmed to have DID and wrote those long ass posts everyone believed? Crazy. Truly hope the userbase changed since then.

No. 819763

the user base has changed (for the worse)

No. 819923

I don't believe any of the youtube DID people are legit. Same with instagram and tumblr. Never have.

No. 820096

How come no one seems to have brought his dumpsterfire of a video up?
Around 2:29 she implies children can consent to sex, and this video is about pedophilia. Children cannot consent. This is absolutely disgusting.

No. 820104

Look at him though. He's a fucking deviant. He pretends to have DID. He's a sick bastard. A paedo apologist. Idk, I want this thing removed from life tbh.

No. 820181

since autumn died can we use this thread to talk about DID trannies in general they're so funny

No. 820381


Did you report this video? I reported her Meet My Alters video because she said she raped someone (18:45)
So I reported with the YouTube Reporting Tool which gives an opportunity to you to write a short letter about what is your problem.
One of her transgender videos was deleted by the YouTube and she has gone mad.(cowtipping; read the rules)

No. 820388

Here’s the DID youtubers general thread. >>663556

No. 874039

I see a video was made by this

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