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File: 1701542343252.jpg (1.25 MB, 2765x2048, 2b7aAw7xyrU.jpg)

No. 1936763

What Happens Next is a webcomic by max graves(@maximumgraves), allegedly about the aftermath of the murder of a 16-year-old Haylie Gorski. The comic instead follows it's TIF protagonist Milo and the queer and trans-people she encounters with in the true-crime and online trans communities.
Other than its awful art and politics, the series is notable for it's large trans/queer audience, most of whom find the awful and perverted behavior of its cast to be relatable to the "trans experience"

Link the comic
Social media accounts:

No. 1936765

Lol I'm glad she/the comic has a thread. The comic is fun to hate-read.

No. 1936770

I find the comments to be the most interesting, you'll never see TIM and TIFs being as honest as they are in the comments of this webcomic.

No. 1936778

Read the first chapter, and what the hell is the plot? I feel like I’m reading one of those nonsensical dreams you have when you’re sick

No. 1936820

>amorphous, plump, hyperfeminized pooner and a decrepit fat neckbeard

Many such cases

No. 1936847

File: 1701551831647.jpeg (212.76 KB, 1668x1443, 1700666356306.jpeg)

I swear she needs a class or two about how to make a comic because using each vignette on its own is annoying, specially when there is only one of the character just staring and saying nothing. She could even make it vertically like Webtoon, but no, each vignette has its own damn page.

I don't know how long it takes her to make a full page, but it seems is faster to draw like that rather than take her time and make a full page.

Picrel, one of the many fanarts.

No. 1936878

File: 1701554839247.png (23.12 KB, 800x800, 51537a1643844190b68615f5964513…)

>straightest looking couple ever
It feels like this comic is secretly a comedy because of how close to being self aware it is, but it always stops short because the author is actually serious. at the very least it's scarily accurate at depicting certain kinds of people/online spaces, but the characters are all obnoxious and shitty people

No. 1936885

just read the whole thing. TERF Claire is based and waifu material, too bad the author is clearly going to make an “example” out of her and make her change her mind

No. 1936902

Could be worse, she could be a victim from TIMs like that Manhunter book.

No. 1936910

File: 1701559898629.png (159.18 KB, 598x694, sucker punch fanart.png)

3 years and she hasn't improved at her art at all. You would think with all the material over internet she would learn a thing or two about… Art in general.

No. 1936916

This is supposed to be taken seriously?

No. 1936920

File: 1701561298578.png (1.09 MB, 1080x3326, maximumgraves.png)

No. 1936951

this is inspiring i wont lie

No. 1936955

broken clock, that's a good point
still funny that she can't get thumbs right though

No. 1936969

File: 1701567791343.png (23.89 KB, 800x800, 1700663082418.png)

>>you don't have to be good at art to be a cartoonist

I disagree: you HAVE to be able to chameleon your style with any given studio style. Otherwise, you might not have a fighting chance in the industry (now that the industry is stained is in its own thread). That opinion sounds like "is my animu style".

Besides lol @ being able to trace backgrounds from real photos but she cannot take photos of her own hands to trace them as well? Nah, people like your art because tras will enjoy anything about "TRAs good, terfs bad".

picrel, how she draw hands when she's too lazy to take a damn pic.

No. 1936981

why is everyone agreeing with her, when her art and comic are dogshit? she's obviously only coping because of her lack of skill and commitment. It's what lazy artists say when they don't want to even try. She's speaking as if she was ONE(original one punch man creator) and not a lazy gendie neet that made a horrible comic people only read because it hits the same spot as sonichu, where it's so bad it's entertaining to witness the trainwreck.

No. 1936990

File: 1701572781500.png (46.55 KB, 1925x2975, GADmSsfX0AAK43d.png)

This. She has no talk about how "yeah, go ahead and draw like shit, people will like it" when she does draw like shit (picrel quite related) and seems not taking critiques to get better at art. Then again, this shows TRAs in general will like any shitty art as long it is "trans positivism".

No. 1936997

File: 1701575463843.png (179.34 KB, 555x574, Screenshot 2023-12-02 10.43.54…)

Finally. The boyfriend stim hammer post and anon the anon who said it'd be something right out her comic killed me.

No. 1936999

File: 1701575852836.jpeg (122.14 KB, 891x649, IMG_5518.jpeg)

stfu about my waifu’s beautiful correctly shaped fingers

No. 1937003

File: 1701576136659.png (258.2 KB, 660x541, edgy so cool.png)

Kek what. Anyway imo all the tif characters in the comic are just probably just a mash up of her self inserts.

No. 1937023

File: 1701578972353.png (706.55 KB, 793x649, edit.png)

Like, come on this is the character Gage,
>edgy chill guy persona
>horror/gore/true crime fan with tumblr blog
>does drugs, self harm and has an ed
>her "boyfriend" (who is also a tif) is the character who killed the 2 girls
This is just who edgy tifs want to be, flaws and all.

Meanwhile the character Milo,
>tumblr user with internet addiction
>huge victim complex woe is me attitude
>in universe lolcow, gets called out online or blocked when tumblr users learn about her past
>soft boi with tame immature interests like toys and cartoons (mlp, furby, sanrio, steven universe)
>fat or just looks fat because bad art skills
>kicked out of the house by dad
>gets manipulated by every person she comes in contact with (including gage who tried to make some moves on her)
Probably the more relatable one.

No. 1937026

how do people post this and not see its extremely tryhard

No. 1937027

shes cute to me ok

No. 1937053

Gage and her crossbow can get it tbh

No. 1937065

File: 1701585583775.jpeg (483.06 KB, 1170x1500, IMG_7648.jpeg)

I love this fan art so much it’s basically a wojack and she still reblogged it kek. the poster was definitely making fun of her

No. 1937066

File: 1701585849305.jpeg (747.59 KB, 1170x1507, IMG_7647.jpeg)

The change in art style is truly incredible kek

No. 1937069

Sage for sperg shit but does anyone else feel like this is a parody of the tif that shot up the high school in Colorado? Alec McKinney for nonnas who haven’t heard of this case. But it feels uncannily similar

No. 1937072

thats not a tif, thats a moid

No. 1937074

doesn't seem like it, the comic is about a single murder and cover-up.

No. 1937082

tldr but it's depressing you genuinely read and discuss some losers attemps of art
that's not funny

No. 1937088

File: 1701588593749.png (121.37 KB, 815x810, Screenshots_2023-12-03-10-22-4…)

why does this comic have to worship a literal killers transmascness every nanosecond… I've barely started reading this thing and it's been shoved down my throat how many times? Also the two podcaster thingy characters are so chill with calling… like I said… an actual murderer. Maybe I'm just oh so illiterate and can't understand the rivoting nuance of this right nonnas? Will report back when i finish this thing.

No. 1937090

Devon was the moid. Alex was the tif. They shot up the school together but Alex wasn’t in the news bc she was 16 so they couldn’t legally show her face

No. 1937109

It seems somewhat inspired by the slenderman murder. A psychotic kid kills her friend and enlists a more normal but susceptible friend to help

No. 1937118

Why is this zero effort thread here? There's already threads for troons. What's the milk supposed to be?
It's not school holidays for the burgers, is it?

No. 1937124

I'm ESL and I wanted to avoid making mistakes, she's been discussed a lot and people were requesting that a thread about her be made, so I made one, plus she seems to associate with other TIMs and TIF online and seems to get in retarded online drama, which doesn't fit always in the TIF thread either.

No. 1937133

File: 1701595620307.png (185.95 KB, 816x1065, Screenshots_2023-12-03-12-23-2…)

well still haven't finished it but they had to force this stupid misgendering scene just to get more pity for milo or whatever it was called. The dialogue in this thing is so jagged if you get what i mean.

No. 1937146

I swear the comic didn't mention the murderer was a TIF until waay later on in the piece. I thought she was just a deranged scrote for ages. Not going back to reread to find out however. Also thought alot of the characters were wearing black eyeshadow but it's just part of the MS paint rendering I guess.

No. 1937163

man.. the format of her comic is so uncomfortable to read

No. 1937171

she's a good storyteller. I like the comic. shame about the ogre boyfriend though.(sage)

No. 1937184

shit thread

No. 1937220

File: 1701615749598.png (278.55 KB, 817x1268, Screenshots_2023-12-03-18-03-0…)

"the classic egg outfit" the commenters are just as annoying as the comic itself my god

No. 1937227

>zelda shirt and cargo shorts are the egg outfit
There are like 4 million epic bacon retards that existed between 2000 to 2014 who dressed like this but had actual XY chromosones

No. 1937229

File: 1701616695593.gif (2.41 MB, 390x277, e8a.gif)

>oh so gothic and evil
>wears a St Peter's cross


No. 1937233

File: 1701617040982.png (21.57 KB, 800x800, 51537a1636517178b68615f1662575…)

That's what refrains me to read it fully. With a vertical shitty format like Webtoon at least you can scroll it. She really expect to the reader to click and click and click to then find a pic like this.

Someone should pay her a class from Domestika/Skillshare for webcomic but I bet she's the typical "but muh style" artist that will shit for the suggestion.

No. 1937236

you can scroll it, just scroll up and select "scroll view" on the linked page

No. 1937238

Wow I didn't saw that. What a shame, that should be the first format than… Whatever she's trying to do with each vignette on its own.

No. 1937242

yeah it's stupid, especially since a good portion of the pics are empty with no dialogue or anything whatsoever, saw someone talk about how it added "gravity" and it made me kek

No. 1937246

File: 1701617832916.jpeg (283.13 KB, 2880x1800, D63WHfLUcAAJYvE.jpeg)

What "gravity"? It does work if the character looks like picrel but all her characters look the same and none of them have expressions or poses except being high, angry or… just a blank face and no hands on their face? Except when they killed that poor girl.

She needs to read more mangas, but I bet most of them are "transphobic".

No. 1937250

File: 1701618318326.png (154.85 KB, 816x833, Screenshots_2023-12-03-18-45-5…)

these characters are such moral scapegoats dear lord

No. 1937255

>studio style
The posts were clearly about self published internet comics

No. 1937258

File: 1701619682469.png (108.47 KB, 815x431, Screenshots_2023-12-03-19-07-3…)

author plugged another project in the comments of the comic, im too lazy so does any other nonna want to check it out?

No. 1937261

File: 1701620236111.png (58.16 KB, 816x569, Screenshots_2023-12-03-19-17-2…)

also, mentions of a discord server.it being 18+ intruiges me further

No. 1937265

She got the fact that TIMs don't respect TIFs whatsoever right kek

No. 1937269

File: 1701620952841.png (1.21 MB, 816x1290, Screenshots_2023-12-03-19-28-0…)

some… interesting art on maximum's tumblr. not sure when this is from since Tumblr doesn't let me see dates but i wasn't scrolling for that long kek

No. 1937271

File: 1701621016864.png (780.31 KB, 816x1427, Screenshots_2023-12-03-19-28-3…)

also, whatever the hell this is is the first post on that tumblr.

No. 1937275

File: 1701621416907.png (765.49 KB, 778x605, 980.png)

Someone should make a recompilation like this with her art because I think most of her characters have the same damn expression.

No. 1937276

the big bobble head art style is getting so old. I miss when people could draw realistically.

No. 1937297

I can't help but feel like they were trying to imitate Homestuck's one panel per page style. It sucked with Homestuck and it sucks even harder here.

No. 1937304

that's the most likely explanation. so much of Internet culture can be blamed on Homestuck and it's consequences.

No. 1937305

i checked this out, not really milky but the art is a lot better imo

No. 1937307

I noticed it for the MS paint pixel style and the copypasta. At least Andrew Hussie could make it work.

No. 1937349

File: 1701629319578.png (136.67 KB, 5000x3333, 51537a1636508042b68615f8830973…)

am i the only one that can't stand that the self-made font she uses has a backward 3 instead of an E? my dyslexia cannot handle this shit

No. 1937363

File: 1701629867808.png (888.31 KB, 816x1474, Screenshots_2023-12-03-19-14-4…)

oh my god i didn't think it was true until i saw this reblogging, one of claire looking like she's about to die from the sheer cholesterol clogging her arteries

No. 1937384

Kek I though this to

No. 1937433

The main character hacked off a dead girls arms and they are still trying to say they are a good person?

No. 1937446

to be fair her character is 5"2 and 200 lbs but this is still funny

No. 1937533

File: 1701653751355.jpg (22.79 KB, 640x264, 19176dd021593f576b5705d8bf4257…)

picrel is how you can summarize the comic. "Yeah, a woman died but the victim is me!".

No. 1937560

I like this, who is the artist?

No. 1937578

>moid character troons out
>she adds eyelashes to the glasses
disney tier sexual dimorphism, so progressive.

No. 1937579

i actually kinda like these, for some reason. If that's her old art then she somehow downgraded, those backgrounds and colors are miles better than the ones in her new art.

No. 1937599

File: 1701663016322.jpeg (299.53 KB, 812x2045, IMG_7654.jpeg)

Tweet rom December 2nd. I know tifs are obsessed with being femboy catboys but I have no idea how she thought she looked good here.

No. 1937603

this made me uncomfortable IRL.

No. 1937606

God they're so hyperfeminized it's not even funny. I can smell the estrogen dominance from this picture alone. No cheekbones, no jaw, no browbones, round bovine eyes, soft oblong face, soft and flabby physique with high adiposity, enormously wide hips, tiny fucking hands. Just like tims are all cro-magnon 7 ft tall chadoids with dark triad eyes and acromegaly, tifs are all hyperfertile 19th century milkmaids. Is this why they troon out? Is this why tims are psychotically jealous of them?

No. 1937610

I pretty sure he’s still cis in the comic but he’ll probably troon out later. He doesn’t have the same level of Disney dimorphism as the goth tim with glasses and hasn’t worn any dresses. But he does wear a lot of pink and those glasses are pretty feminine. I’m betting he troons out later.

No. 1937621

this art is fucking amazing

No. 1937629

File: 1701665834930.png (53.29 KB, 1200x800, 1700624846564.png)

ngl i would probably dig this if the art wasn't so fucking shitty. i like the vibes of it despite the annoying author
also this panel is gold

No. 1937632

seeing this post get made finally got me to actually sit down and read the comic. I can't lie, I'm really enjoying it. She captures the circles she's in extrordinarily well.

No. 1937636

I think it's accurate if you've ever been terminally online.

No. 1937644

Of course he will troon out, it's for conflict with or to teach Claire a lesson about being a TERF. That is if she'll be alive, she went missing at the end of the last chapter. If she's dead he can fully transition without her judgement in the way, and somehow that will be spun as a good thing and all the fans will celebrate it.

The discord is probably 18+ because it's an adult comic anon. Good for her, more artists should be more firm about their shit not being for kids. Not that it really helps, one look at the comment section on the comics and it's clear the average age of the fans. She probably finds them as obnoxious as we do.

No. 1937681

>caring enough to complain
sad! imo this is a good thread because max clearly knows a lot about lolcow culture and is self aware but not self aware enough to realize she is a massive lolcow herself. Though it's only a matter of time until she finds this thread, I'm hoping she won't go all unitedkoopas and nuke her shit.

No. 1937701

Am I retarded or is the guy on the right a very on the nose design based on Jeffrey Dahmer?

No. 1937703

I hate that the only effort she makes in her “art” is in the character’s faces. There’s absolutely no effort in any background objects. Glad this joke of an artist got a thread

No. 1937710

It's interesting that between the tranny flag and the m/m symbol, the Japanese on the bandage (?) says 'women and girls'.

No. 1937781

What is it with troons being obsessed with SH/gore/murder/necrophilia etc? It's actually disturbing. Either that or they're furries/zoophiles. This is why everyone hates them.(sage)

No. 1937793

Why is her stomach like that? Can T do that?

No. 1937794

probably, testosterone can put weight around the abdomen region

No. 1937807

why is she wearing an info wars tshirt what the fuck. can anyone post a summary of this cow itt? im interested but OP didn't give us much to work with.

No. 1937810

she wishes she was a TIM so bad.

No. 1937811

i think it's just meant to represent eyeliner

No. 1937840

File: 1701709868835.jpg (182.73 KB, 1080x807, Screenshot_20231204_180748_Ope…)

This is pure cringe. I can't believe this woman isn't a 14 year-old. Definitely a lolcow worth observing from now on. Fucking traumacore kiddies have no idea what real trauma is like. All of them romanticising mental illness… definitely getting a Jill vibe from all of this.

No. 1937844

File: 1701710709187.jpg (209.97 KB, 996x996, Screenshot_20231204_182244_Ope…)

I want to alog with all the power of 8 consoomerism threads. Maybe if these retards stopped obsessing and relating everything they do to sanrio characters and touched reality they wouldn't be riding downward the depressive spiral all the time…

No. 1937845

isn't that character supposed to come off as cringey? Her tumblr username is autisticstarlightglimmer, the cringe definitely seems intentional.

No. 1937849

File: 1701711053382.jpg (349.45 KB, 1080x820, Screenshot_20231204_183025_Ope…)

You'd think that was the case, but the characters past actions are related to Starlight Glimmers later in the comic and it is treated with seriousness kek

No. 1937867

I thought mostly TIMs liked mlp, do TIFs like it as well.

No. 1937875

File: 1701713530813.jpg (17.53 KB, 275x202, 1571087487752.jpg)

sage for OT but It's hilarious how her art is somehow even worse than Holly Brown's, yet she seems to have a far larger audience and received mostly positive reviews, while Holly is a failure, it's just hilarious to me.

No. 1937878

If Holly Brown wrote about troons then she would have a fanbase too. The power of gendies is truly incredible.

No. 1937895

considering that no one today cares about tracing anymore, I believe Holly would have been much better received if she had started recently. What is Holly up to these days anyway?

No. 1937897

File: 1701716850271.jpg (277.56 KB, 996x660, Screenshot_20231204_200534_Ope…)

What the supposedly "awful misgendering terf" sister of the victim discovered KEK
It's the main character sawing the arms off of the victims body

No. 1937927

Kek at the chapter titled "you'll all be sorry" being about the TIM

No. 1937931

File: 1701719848994.jpg (374 KB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_20231204_205624_Ope…)

>well, not great that your account is locked
Nonas, what is this hellhole wasteland I just stumbled upon. I can't tear my eyes away from it. The part of internet she interacts with is like observing an enclosed terrarium full of deranged individuals.

No. 1937937

sage and spoilered for ot but it looks like she's still drawing and working on that paranormal plague comic despite getting next to zero attention or interaction. the most recent chapter, chapter 6, was posted in July of this year and still has less than 1K views. she also said she submitted it to a publisher kek. I can admire the dedication to this comic literally no one cares about though. she's posting under hcbrownart now on ig

No. 1937939

File: 1701720635969.png (193.04 KB, 1080x901, tumblr_36441dbb28de2ed8b2cf5cd…)

Also feel like this is worth posting in this thread.
>that brand of "radical feminism" is a political, moral, and aesthetic dead end.
Fear nonas for the TIF hath called us an aesthetic dead end
>boring, self-righteous and ugly
What a bunch of empty words. No arguments, just adjectives. Oh woe is my terribly insulted heart.

No. 1937940

Sageblog but I'm surprised that TIF got banned for only telling to a terf to kill herself twice. I have reported tons of misogynist tweets and most of them falls in "have you consider in just block the person?".

I wouldn't be surprised if one of the "trans women cartoonist" is the infamous Stephen Labelle from "Assigned Male", seeing how creepy their copypasta expresions are.

No. 1937941

File: 1701720838551.png (269.75 KB, 1080x1609, tumblr_ec1544c497603b848932c05…)

>whatever perspective or experience they think they have in common with me
So self-centered. I am uncomfortable when we are not about me much?

No. 1937943

samefag, sorry for mixing up the files

No. 1937944

If she really send it to a publisher, she'll get rejected for the format and the shitty design (she can cry is due transphobia, of course). Her best option is printing the comic on her own, but the format, once again, is going to be problematic and will be expensive with all the colors she use in each page (and I doubt she knows how to calibrate a print, less how to print in general). So unless she's prepared to make a Kickstarter, I doubt she'll publish that comic in any sense.

No. 1937963

Male pattern adiposity, except she's in this awful in-between stage where she also has childbearing hips

No. 1937966

Hideous homestuck fanart is peak cutting edge aesthetics, of course. Can't wait to see her at the art basel this year.

No. 1937992

So she saw an obvious girl committing a heinous crime, and then was forced to call her 'he'? What an odd inversion of how that usually plays out.
Not the girl behind THIS art calling anything an 'aesthetic dead end'….

No. 1938011

And understand HE is the victim, not the girl she killed with her cold hands.

I'm still surprised she's not in jail, IIRC.

No. 1938018

this retard has no right to call anyone aesthetic dead end when she draws like a gacha life kid at 23

No. 1938039

I don't think I could be offended by this if I tried. It's like being called a retard by someone with a severe mental handicap. She just doesn't have the skill or comprehension of nuance for me to view her as someone I have anything to learn from.
The "artist" is a blatantly autistic prison abolitionist who seems to think that punishing violent criminals is genuinely more heinous than actually being a violent criminal. The sheer derangement of the narrative makes a lot more sense with that in mind.

No. 1938044

she still refuses to call either of the girls men and gets flack for it

No. 1938048

What happens next in this is Milo tells Claire something like “he’ll be back run” referring to Griffin the ftm killer. Claire asks who, as if she did not know Griffin is trans, or she assumed it was a man who broke in and did this and not the 2 teenaged girls who are friends with her sister. But I wouldn’t put it past Max to have had this be also interpreted as sign of early TERFism in Claire and a “it’s bad to misgender any criminals uwu” moral. I don’t know which page the comment in >>1932564 is from but i’ll bet that the comments were about Chris Chan’s pronouns. If any anons know the page link it
Friendship is Witchcraft songs over deepfried ms paint and brands slapped on t-shirts is so deep silly TERFs just wouldn’t get it.

No. 1938051

kek you’re so real for this nonnie

No. 1938053

accidentally wrote a tif4tif lesbian yaoi roleplayer character accurately?
I'm guessing the shirt is being worn for irony points or she's larping one of those right wing catboys in the pic
she's talking about a tumblr account I think so that's the difference. Tumblr takes death threats seriously actually

No. 1938054

>Friendship is Witchcraft songs over deepfried ms paint and brands slapped on t-shirts is so deep silly TERFs just wouldn’t get it.
kekkington, your finger is on the pulse anon. bleeding edge of tranny aesthetics

No. 1938069

an "aesthetic dead end" is how id describe her genetics

No. 1938078

File: 1701740286701.png (8.85 MB, 3464x3464, 842067C7-5CF2-4F18-A9E1-149523…)

I love seeing her with her stim hammer boyfriend kek. He looks like a southern, racist middle-aged man with five children who hunts, shoots guns, and call kweers slurs as a hobby and she’s his youngest son who he is teaching how to become a big strong man. She wants to be just like her papa when she grows up so she copies everything he does.

They wear matching father-son cowboy costumes on Halloween and she gets a fake mustache because she’s too young to grow facial hair yet but one day she wants a beard just like her Papa. Papa buys her a hunting jacket to match his, hers is obviously too big but that’s ok because she’s a growing boy and will grow into it eventually. She loves her papa so much.

No. 1938084

not wking but she didn't kill the girl, the other tif killed her and she just cut up the corpse

No. 1938090

Usually the type to immediately roll up the windows while driving through a "sketchy" neighborhood.

No. 1938091

File: 1701741723170.png (260.23 KB, 258x500, artist.png)

>TIFs kills a girl for self-hate.
>Someone misgender a TIF/TIM.

>and she just cut up the corpse
So she's also guilty in this.

No. 1938097

File: 1701742293091.png (750.8 KB, 598x1000, speakbyyourself.png)

Funny, you would say the same on how TRAs talk about it like "missing the teen days" they have seen on TV shows.

No. 1938101

Kekk nonna thats exactly how they look

No. 1938128

Why did the girl get murdered in the first place?

No. 1938130

Yes. But because she didn’t actually murder anyone and her mother is a lawyer she was able to get away with just a few years in the psych ward while the other one got 40 years prison.

No. 1938131

Unknown as of now

No. 1938137

My bet are "she's either a terf" or "she kept misgender us" or "we were so fans of true crime podcast, we wanted to make one ourselves" or "she found she was the one trolling us".

Still, none of them would make the comic a bit better.

No. 1938139

File: 1701747647037.jpg (108.91 KB, 1024x683, Clark_Green.jpg)

she looks like that kid from the office

No. 1938142

I think it’ll be weird schizo delusions inspired by those two girls who tried to kill a girl because slenderman.

No. 1938145

most english webcomics (that aren't scroll-format) are either released one-panel style or single-page. I think it's just so that the author can post as soon as possible and not wait until there's actually enough for a full chapter

No. 1938150

It's because the one tif had already murdered/sexually abused an 11 year old girl, and Haley (the one whose arms got cut off) found her (the 11 year old's) clothes that the killer had kept in her (the murderous tif's) room since Haley and the tif were dating. The character who cut off Haley's arms, Milo, ends up trooning out while spending 3 years in a mental hospital before being released.

No. 1938152


Ugh , Mitski’s good name doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near this trash.

No. 1938155

File: 1701750790807.png (22.39 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1686623955b68615f1398798…)

ovarit.com lol

No. 1938156

Ugly art or not, she NAILS depicting different corners of the web

No. 1938160

That's actually kinda sad. It's a terrible comic, but she really didn't deserve crap for issues that frankly, many artists were guilty of. Also, her channel got hacked and literally nobody came to help her. I hope she doesn't troon out.

No. 1938168

holy shit he's fucking huge he looks so pedophilic too how old is he? because he looks like he could be her dad

No. 1938169

>things that are rewards for good behavior: not being murdered
>things that aren't rewards for good behavior: honoring some pooner's view of herself

most logically consistent tranny

No. 1938170

I noticed this too, kek. the way she portrayed kiwifarms doxxing the main character gave me a good chuckle.

No. 1938172

I hope she'll include lc soon, maybe she will now that she's got a feature here lol.

No. 1938186

File: 1701756486055.png (49.49 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1666034780b68615f2995624…)

great thread thanks. i'm here to provide picture examples to give you an idea of the fine quality of the themes and art of this webcomic.

No. 1938188

File: 1701756619880.png (38.25 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1680652903b68615f1970039…)

the stylized oh-cees have no emotional range, there's 3 logos and cartoon characters per image. trans experience ? nostalgia ? character and personality ? it's all consoom man.

No. 1938189

farmhand pissed I'm right lol, lmao even(ban evading retard)

No. 1938190

File: 1701756939613.png (63.03 KB, 812x533, loool.png)

also want to repost these beautiful incredible comments from the author herself lest they be lost in the tif thread

No. 1938194

She should go meta and just include the anons calling Claire waifu

No. 1938205

>prison abolition

her vaushoid bf is a cp collecting pedo groomer & she knows, screenshot this. the only thing more indicative of being a pedo than prison abolitionism is being a lolbert kek

No. 1938207

File: 1701762374697.png (123.17 KB, 1061x613, smallfemalewoman.png)

I love how you can tell how tiny she is by how big the unlit cig looks in her mouth lmfao.

No. 1938210


No. 1938219

your right, I don't smoke but I'm from asian country where people are shorter on average, most men are 5'6-ish and even they look normal with cigarettes in their mouth.

No. 1938291

My bet was on she's against prisons because "tims have to stay with cis men and tifs with women, that's tranphobic", but now that you mention it…

No. 1938294

File: 1701781433094.jpeg (856.68 KB, 1170x1163, IMG_7668.jpeg)

Kek this piece is beautiful nonnie. thank you for blessing us with an actual quality drawing. Reminds me of Chris Chan’s red straw drawing

No. 1938347

File: 1701791900948.jpeg (344.04 KB, 1170x1167, IMG_1747.jpeg)

Based Claire. I can see how the author is a cow, but I don’t think the story is that bad. I don’t look at a lot of tumblr art, so maybe I’m not repulsed by it, and an anon here made it readable with the infinite scroll option advice. I’d say the grungey living conditions and denial to face reality parallels the trans and depression experiences pretty well. Based Claire because this panel made me cackle.

I know you aren’t the same anons that bitch and moan anytime there’s a zoomer infiltration. Whatever visibility LC gets from whn is going to bring twans zoomies here to defend their uwu artist king, or worse, they’ll just hole up in /ot/ cozy threads and never leave.

No. 1938378

I propose we start calling her Maxine instead of Max. We know she’s probably going to find this eventually, let’s make sure she gets even more triggered when she does

No. 1938393

your obsession with "zoomers" is unreal

No. 1938404

open your eyes, nonnies. strip away the tranny shit and you have something so beautiful: a comic about psychotic and evil lesbians. she has literally created so many shitty dysfunctional little waifus.

No. 1938405

The thing that really gets me with this comic is that it attempts to portray the normal people as evil transphobes but ends up making them out to seem really logical and having depth. The grandma and dad who misgender our poor crybaby tranny and kick her out are both shown to be extremely stressed out by the situation and are also shown to deeply care for Mindy, but she poisons those relationships with her unwillingness to take accountability for anything. The sister who's a brutal misgenderer!!!!! caught our crybaby sawing off the arms of her sister and then saw her quite literally get out of jail free to collect fucking toys and boohoo on Tunglr while her rich parents sent her money (until she was retarded enough to talk to a true crime YouTuber who made a video on her stupid ass).

No. 1938408

It's not that crazy to just look at this as it is, most permanently online losers into tranny shit are just trying to go viral by adding retarded pronouns and stupid ass gender discourse with the depth of a very tiny puddle.
During another time this comic would've been about lesbian girls being unhinged after being forced to live like the average woman who has to be sweet 24/7.

No. 1938419

Nonna, i’ve seen her readers mistake ovarit for reddit when the ovarit url is right there in the damn fake screenshot. If the comic ever includes LC they’d just assume evil image board = 4chan. Unless it included any visible indication of this site, and you know it’d have to be some weird meta thing to lead them to this thread somehow. Or just her directly linking or talking about it. Your worse case scenario seems unlikely, they’d just shit up the thread first which at least would be funny to see what edgy insults they try to pull out, get banned and then fuck off and not come back because this is an evil TERF site. They’re chronically online trannies who eat up a comic where a tranny has a kiwifarms thread like slop, they’re not going to come here to chill. But if Max did do what I joked and included anons calling Claire waifu that would be problematic wow is she trying to say lesbians are bad?

Since characters being lolcows, and the parts of online transphobia and TERF sites are already a part of the comic it’s highly likely LC will make an appearance anyways. Claire has mysteriously disappeared and from the ovarit post >>1938155 she’s already known by gcs so I predict she’s dead from suicide or murder or suicide set up to look like murder. She’ll be treated like a martyr or something, screenshots will be shown from all your assorted transphobic hate sites blaming her death on one of the trans characters. Maybe Milo, Aaron who’ll finally be outed, hell throw in his tranny friends. The lives of these characters will be ruined more from harassment or even violence. Max would also probably throw in the one black girl character Audrey facing racist harassment and violence from TERFs because she was Claire’s girlfriend. Maybe some twists like the trans character defending themselves (or Gage doing it for Milo with her crossbow kek) and killing a TERF, I’m writing fanfic at this point but it’s fun to predict what happens next! The actual parts of lolcow discussions of Milo/Griffin aren’t that explored in the comic either in favor of more Tumblr discourse and come on i’m just really curious to see how she’d portray this site. She did kiwifarms pretty okay but it’s not hard to do that since it’s just retarded moid babble.

No. 1938433

I’m really curious what she’ll do with Audrey. At least in 2020 white writers couldn’t depict a black or brown person in any type of situation without TikTok up their ass about “profiting from trauma that isn’t yours” so it’s surprising she hasn’t already been canceled for it tbh. Maybe Audrey will be quietly written out.

No. 1938446

I feel the same way lol

No. 1938449

Honestly I don’t think Claire would get talked about very much on lc unless it was in relation to twitter seething about her or something. Claire isn’t actually involved in feminist causes and probably socializes more with republican types at the events she speaks at.

No. 1938532

my sides, thanks anon for the OC

No. 1938575

File: 1701815800761.png (5.75 MB, 4468x3360, btwx5w57h3r41.png)

It felt the same with Assigned Male. Each straw man Stephen draw to show Sophie rants a TL;RD comment have good points on why kids shouldn't transition so earlier.
Picrel is each time a trans artist try to make an "evil" character that shows more sympathy than the "good" characters.

No. 1938578

File: 1701816118376.jpg (213.79 KB, 1080x976, claire transmasc.jpg)

No. 1938580

File: 1701816184334.png (26.88 KB, 800x800, 51537a1700443030b68615f4859483…)


No. 1938594

File: 1701817444814.jpg (390.8 KB, 1280x910, LwKu8Co.jpg)

this is one of the trans women cartoonists she's inspired by btw, Aaron Diaz(now Senna) he was an archetypical pervy male-feminist type, who was so awful that even the libfems of tumblr called him out on his misogyny, that is until he trooned out and now he's hailed as a queer feminist trailblazer.

No. 1938596

File: 1701817665578.jpeg (180.23 KB, 1080x1489, Fg-2-nsaUAAyTr1.jpeg)

>more talent and perspective than any of these shit for brains reactionaries

No. 1938627

>whatever you think you have in common with me you don’t
>commenters decide the terf character is trans

No. 1938682

>whatever you think you have in common with me you don’t

We get it, you were a NLOG too. We all were back then.

No. 1938704

kek yeah i really enjoyed reading the comic with this lens. i was even kind of baffled as it went on and her views about trannydom/incarceration became more clear because i literally thought it was tranny critical to begin with (milo being extremely stunted and locked in her trauma and falling prey to genderism because shes a traumatised anxious passive easily manipulated girl). also with gage being the archetypal creepy slob ftm. its way more of a nuanced picture (whether she intended it to be or not) than id ever expect from someone like the author.
only thing is i HIGHLY doubt that nuance and attention to subcultural trends and details will extend to her male trannies. they will be harmless, sweet, asexual autists with sad lonely upbringings who can do no wrong i guarantee it
period this is why i thought it was tranny critical kek. i actually do tinfoil that this is intended on some level because there's no way that she expects those characters not to be sympathised with.
ugh i hope your prediction is wrong because that would be so immensely boring but it sounds incredibly feasible.
>everyone is a tranny

No. 1938750

File: 1701838452125.jpeg (132.43 KB, 1170x890, IMG_3838.jpeg)

We’ll see

No. 1938787

i have no idea what i am looking at

No. 1938798

>only thing is i HIGHLY doubt that nuance and attention to subcultural trends and details will extend to her male trannies
I was hoping that if this current chapter is only about the men, it would at least delve into their depravity. You're right though, sneaking peeks at corpses and the thin one ~misgendering~ Milo is probably the worst they'll get up to. I was disappointed that the fat one turned out to be a man though.
this is amazing nona lol

No. 1938799

I know it's supposed to be the face of a mangled corpse, but the lack of consistency in the injuries and absence of real biogical detail strips it of any cohesion. It sort of looks like what I imagine a toddler with no education on biology would think it would look like to hit someone in the face with an axe, except it was drawn by someone with the art skills of a 9-year-old.

No. 1938804

File: 1701845309440.png (26.73 KB, 1132x273, b.png)

Max didn't unfortunately uwu have to look at accident victims for you to say this.

No. 1938842

Imagine someone you knew died a painful death, and then some retard on the internet used photos of their mangled corpse as a reference for a poorly drawn one-off shot that only exists to further characterize one of her tranny OCs.

No. 1938884

Is that not the target audience?

No. 1938893

File: 1701872806193.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.28 KB, 400x561, cate wurtz.jpg)

she's never once mentioned aaron diaz, that was a shitpost by one of the anons in the other thread. She has however mentioned Cate Wurtz, a pedo diaperfur troon, and she's also a fan of Remy Boydell, an ftmtf with a callout for posting drawn cp and bestiality who pretends to be a transwoman online because it gets you a lot more clout in furry troon circles than being an evil detransitioner, and likely has her fooled.

No. 1938895

they only think she's trans because she's somewhat boyish and they have incredibly regressive views on gender

No. 1938896

No. 1938911

I mean, if you want to get better at art, using real photos is a good reference, but of course she still draw like shit while still drawing an accident victim.

If they're the TIMs that have more talent and perspective than anybody else, then she has no picked out any comic/manga book and its shows.

No. 1938916

Hey, sis! If you get to read this: Waste your time drawing real anatomy than browsing social media pages, at least you can draw better than with your copypasta style.

No. 1938920

she knows how it usually plays out, but if she had a transwoman killer in her comic she'd be fucking crucified

No. 1938921

File: 1701876336953.jpg (284.48 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_53205a5cf429912c4e64f14…)

surprised no one posted this. Some absolute crackhead looking trannies had a party to celebrate the comics one year anniversary.

No. 1938922

File: 1701876391145.jpg (446.1 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_747b6df89970165f38b1cbf…)

No. 1938924

File: 1701876713678.jpeg (226.13 KB, 2048x1361, Eq2AA3FXEAYOqTR.jpeg)

WTF is written in the cake? And who wrote that shit? If it was from the store itself, I would have complained about it.

No. 1938925

images you can smell.

No. 1938927

it reads 'what is it with FTM trenders and dog names', a line from the first chapter of the comic

No. 1938945

>I am a prison abolitionist
I can’t wait for the day when her stim hammer-boyfriend inevitably gets too violent for comfort and she has to reconsider her retarded decisions or end up with a caved in skull. But hey, at least there was no misgendering

No. 1938950

File: 1701881538806.gif (158.64 KB, 500x375, 1495998520687.gif)

Or her moid boyfriend use the MTF card and she goes "at least place her in the women prison!".

No. 1938957

Too bad the art sucks shit

No. 1938960

These retards never leave the house and have never thrown a punch. Arguments about trannies pretty much never happen in person, it's all online.

No. 1938968

the ones that do always assault elderly women tho

No. 1938978

File: 1701885649923.png (115.12 KB, 254x237, 1701740286701d.png)

KEK this face is killing me.

No. 1938991

File: 1701886448718.png (27.17 KB, 800x800, 51537a1648093392b68615f1847465…)

I absolutely hate the way she draws the eyes.

No. 1939030

File: 1701890091064.jpeg (22.5 KB, 300x300, 1668645691406.jpeg)

Reminds me of that fat kid from the office.

No. 1939038

File: 1701890826104.jpg (156.16 KB, 643x1147, Fw1InO9XwAUfFkl.jpg)

No. 1939041

File: 1701891205080.png (22.53 KB, 800x800, 51537a1672121760b68615f8780859…)

Is she supposed to take a photo? With her fingers covering the camera? tf

No. 1939045

The phone looks tiny too. Also, are the hands copy pasted? Lazy shit.

No. 1939046

File: 1701891824319.jpg (323.09 KB, 800x1509, Untitled.jpg)

I don't want this thread to focus too much on nitpicky stuff like this, but she has a tendency to make these kind of obvious careless mistakes, e.g. the pencil changing hands between panels in this sequence

No. 1939052

There's a pic of him doing women boxing because "WoMEn SafEty".

No. 1939055

File: 1701894101621.png (24.86 KB, 598x263, smokingsbadmkay.png)

Which leads me to think she's lying about "tracing" from backgrounds. She draws like shit in general and just claims is "her style".

>i wish i were more consistently productive but oh well. sometimes life gets in the way.

Well, not surprised if she draws while being in weed.

No. 1939061

it's a redrawn version of a comic she did a while ago. It's clearly only the first chapter of a larger work. Writes about intersex people in that slightly weird way trannies always do, but it's pretty alright.

No. 1939106

Nah you don’t understand. It’s CLEARLY an artistic visual metaphor for that character transing to the other gender. The author is so much smarter than us, we peon cissies wouldn’t get it

No. 1939118

File: 1701901909225.png (155.32 KB, 986x1473, claire.png)

No. 1939121

the comic kind of plays it both ways about whether she was forced to do it at knifepoint or just did it because she's an idiot.

No. 1939131

No. 1939157

File: 1701907695748.jpg (253.9 KB, 1500x1500, 1586872688_2_5663.jpg)

i like how whichever one of them did this was visibly losing their sanity with each line of squeezy icing. intensely relatable

No. 1939221

they are trying to look like quirky awkward nerds so bad but they just look like special ed kids

No. 1939252

File: 1701927156865.png (11.68 KB, 800x800, 1.png)

I don't want to discredit her intelligence too much but a lot of the accidental critique she does of trans culture feels like it's just that, accidental. Almost like she can't help but portray them in a bad light because she's striving for accuracy. Milo in particular is notable for this effect but it happens with all the characters to some extent; most notably the mtf taking sexy photos of himself in a pose eerily similar to a photo of a female murder victim posted to his blog.

No. 1939254

File: 1701927190287.png (28.12 KB, 800x800, 2.png)

No. 1939255

File: 1701927267999.png (94.34 KB, 997x521, Screenshot 2023-12-06 11.33.25…)

I honestly enjoy reading the comments section of these pages, they really add something to the experience.

No. 1939256

Samefag I misremembered what he was doing but you get the idea.

No. 1939257

That's why I think it's fascinating, you'll never see a space where both TIMs and TIFs are so honest about themselves.

No. 1939265

>le meta comic in tune with every autistic online corner

if she draws something about lc without a kikomi cameo it's an L

No. 1939277

Can't wait until Mindy makes an aesthetic edit with Kikomi as the prosecutor who put the murderer in jail.

No. 1939287

I mean, it would be tragic if it really happened, and I don't generally wish any real harm upon TIFs even when they're being obnoxious TRAs, but it would also be incredibly meta if her schizo boyfriend ended up stim-hammering her to death.

No. 1939359

the comic was originally intended to be a comedy, i think it's still the listed genre on comicfury. later on she started taking herself a bit too seriously which is how we got the prison abolition arc

No. 1939379

I'm still reading the first part, there's an prison abolition storyline?

No. 1939381

What comedy besides the milk?

No. 1939391

File: 1701968815577.png (101.04 KB, 5000x3333, 51537a1636508387b68615f2706282…)

a lot of the stuff in the comic, particularly the earlier chapters, is funny and absurd on purpose, like milo sanrio traumacore posting about cutting an actual person up with a saw, gage talking about the lack of transmasc representation among serial killers, picrel, etc.

genuinely some of you are too autistic to parse when she's joking from when she expects the reader to take something seriously

No. 1939397

File: 1701969169790.png (93.34 KB, 5000x3333, 51537a1636515822b68615f1625184…)

i wonder if she's a farmer, the thing of accusing random women of having fas is kind of a specific to know about if you haven't browsed here or the other farms.

No. 1939412

I don’t think a lot of anons itt even read the whole comic. Which I don’t blame them for not wanting to.
She can’t confirm it kek her social circle would eat her alive. Even though i’d say most of them all have no problem with making fun of Chris Chan and knowing the deep lore. I guess we’ll find out more when it returns focus back to Milo and Griffin. I think you can tell when someone is an actual farmer from shallow attempts at replication like those tiktok zoomers who think it makes them cool #femcels. The dog names part is something I swear i’ve seen on our TIF threads before too.
This also reminds me that someone on the tv tropes page for the comic refers to a kf user as a “LolCow” user kek.

No. 1939417

Hatebrowsing lolcow/kiwifarms/etc as a form of self-harm like a lot of trannies probably

No. 1939421

the dog names thing kind of reminds me of the observation that a lot of tifs have stereotypically jewish names (i don't think it's particularly a racial thing, those names are just trendy among North American women 'cos they're pretty). I wondered if she changed it to avoid the racial implication, but what you said makes more sense.

My personal headcanon is she's one of those tifs who post in the tif threads, you know the type, probably used to identify as trutrans/ transmed when that was a thing (again i have zero proof of this, I'm just spitballing)

No. 1939425

Tbf the satire troons write about themselves can be really confusing to non-delusional people. It's hard to fathom being an unironic member of an ideological group when you know it's comprised of incompetent spergs with victimhood complexes and sociopathic perverts who deserve mockery and scorn. It would be like a meth addict writing a comic about how junkies are all embarrassing losers, but still romanticizing drug use and not having any intentions of trying to go clean irl.

No. 1939454

>The dog names part is something I swear i’ve seen on our TIF threads before too.
I picked up on that too, she's definitely spent time here.
In that vein, I've noticed there isn't a whole lot of discussion around the characters' actual transitioning process. There's moments of transphobia, but the characters' motives for transition and "gender feels" aren't mentioned. Milo was "cis" before the murder, so when did she decide to transition? Did it happen while she was in the psych ward, or after? It would be interesting to get into that given Griffin's extreme influence over her but I'm guessing Ms. Max probably wouldn't want to because it would correctly imply that transition is a social contagion or a response to trauma.

No. 1939513

I read through her old Q&A the other day and she mentioned that one of the characters browsed PULL when it was a thing, which was before my time but my understanding is that it was extremely similar to lc as it is now.

No. 1939538

Which character? I used to browse PULL and the site for sure had a lot of overlap with lolcow especially /pt/

No. 1939582

That's her fetish lol

No. 1939642

gage, the one who wears yellow glasses
https://retrospring.net/@maximumgraves/a/109967414303491421 (cba to screencap since it's not really milk)

No. 1939702

Actually started reading this and it's an alright webcomic if you view it like >>1938404 does. The toxic yuri nobody asked for

No. 1939709

File: 1702009878079.png (215.49 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_3836.png)

Sorry I saw this but couldn’t respond right away

No. 1939754

File: 1702019403232.jpeg (47.36 KB, 600x586, 1681741311255.jpeg)

I don't think it would require much autism to be confused about whether anything related to TRAs is parody or not. They're making parody impossible by embodying it.

No. 1939790

File: 1702023706870.png (41.85 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1701989766b68615f5775038…)

No. 1939892

This pic is so fucking funny to me for reason.

No. 1939994

I hate these hideous fags. I wish the story would only focus on the girls. No one cares about some greasy incels.

No. 1940001

finally some fanservice for the fujos i will draw the guy on the right getting railed by his ugly bastard

No. 1940024

File: 1702035404072.jpg (374.47 KB, 1600x900, wishrightnow.jpg)

No. 1940030

File: 1702036803445.jpg (573.56 KB, 1079x3105, Screenshot_20231208_130027_Ope…)

>Well, I thought it was funny
American romance

No. 1940040

>"Weren't you the guy who made that school shooting threat?"
>"Yeah, and? I was obviously joking about that. The school just didn't think it was funny."
>"Well…I thought it was funny."
>"You have no idea how much that means to me."
>Comments are almost all sympathizing with the characters or romanticizing this dynamic
If we are to assume that Maxine and her trandom are truly self-aware and making dark jokes about how awful and narcissistic they and all their fellow troons are, that would mean that they are actively choosing revel in being self-destructive narcissists instead of attempting to better themselves. I can't help but think this undermines Maxine's "no one chooses to be a bad person, even the most heinous criminals would improve if given a real chance" prison abolitionist narrative, in a way.

No. 1940044

I fucking knew this would come, I knew a "gay boy" TIF, would have to bring in her fujoism fetish one way or the other.

No. 1940060

both characters troon out, so ironically the author probably thinks she's showing a touching lesbian relationship

No. 1940069

I hope the author's not going to have Audrey be a suspect in Claire's disappearance in order to "teach her a lesson about her Blackness", but I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1940082

That's exactly what the author would probably do. It's crazy how these prison abolitionist trannies get mad at black people for not getting on board with their ideology.
>You won't agree that rapists and murderers deserve to avoid prison if they say they're really, really sorry? Well guess what, sweaty? That's basically racism. What if, right now, I called you a n

No. 1940088

Audrey was probably the last one to have seen her so I doubt that would happen. Also max is white and definitely seems like she’d shy away from doing something like that for fear of being cancelled.

No. 1940089

really? cause that's so much funnier, how are TIMs reacting this in the comments?

No. 1940097

Do you think one of the (intentional) themes is supposed to be that homeschooling is a bad idea because it can leave kids unprepared for the real world and it's too easy for the ones in vulnerable situations to slip through the cracks? There's Mindy of course, but then the author has apparently said that Griffin's parents were bad (unsurprising), and it took the murdered 11 year old's parents until the next day to report her missing. And there was that ominous "sign this so we are not legally responsible for any harm that befalls you during our funshops" document we saw.

No. 1940098

>she's showing a touching lesbian relationship

She said she had a "NLOG teen days" perspective, so I doubt she'll call that relationship a "lesbian" one. Probably a "WLW" one.

No. 1940099

Yeah, she'd have to be a TIM to get away with that because tran womym are incapable of institutional whiteness even if they're white (or some shit like that)

No. 1940103

Yeah, I think that's intentional. Most people probably don't care about that message all that much, though, since "homeschooled kids are socially stunted and unprepared for the outside world" isn't exactly a groundbreaking statement these days.

No. 1940117

She would probably have Claire kill herself and then pair Audrey with the Aaron tranny to show that good lesbians like dick.

No. 1940138

That's so interesting it makes sense if you consider gage's LDR posters.

No. 1940139

Makes sense, considering Gage is her self-insert

No. 1940146

Putting my tinfoil hat on for a little bit here. I've seen multiple anons on lolcow talk about creating a webcomic about trannies then slowly using it to peak others. This webcomic is created by a tif who clearly spends time here. Nothing about the comic portrays trannies as anything but psychotic retards. Now given that the the fans of this comic seem to also be psychotic retards one can infer that perhaps the creator is also a psychotic retard, but what if miss maxine has peaked? She probably hasn't but it would be kind of funny. A tif starts a comic poking fun at the worst types of tifs then slowly becomes transphobic as she realizes that her audience of trannies are exactly the type she's making fun of.

No. 1940160

Gage looks most like her but she’s said Milo is most like her in the q&a a number of times, like as a reflection of the way she acted when she was younger.

No. 1940184

You can see that on Lease Bound. Rusty has shown all the types of TIFs seen in the wild.

No. 1940189

Leasebound's trannies somehow feel more caricaturized despite being less horrible imo.

No. 1940231

Just started reading it and the whole thing feels more like a google slides presentation than a webcomic

No. 1940255

You can pick up the scroll option, but I felt the same while clicking and clicking the pages to find blank pages.

No. 1940270

I read the comic, I'm confused if it's meant to be making fun of those kinds of people? I can't take anything seriously about it, and it seems to be made that way i guess, which doesn't make it so bad if thats its goal
It does make me feel kind of gross though to think that kind of people exist and the art style is very ugly and hard to look at, I get the only moment that supposedly should be taken serious is when misgendering happens but I mean, all characters are so painfully unlikeable and annoying, how is the reader supposed to feel sympathy for any of them? What's even the comic trying to say?

No. 1940285

File: 1702083268558.png (4.32 MB, 3464x3463, DC20BFF2-2D5A-4661-B9F2-5AB925…)


Legitimately sad this is not milk and she was trolling. The love of Bronies and the dislike of government establishments really seem to fit her beliefs, at least from what I’ve observed in the comic. I feel like a tard for falling for this but if Bronycoin was a real, I think her post would be completely sincere.

No. 1940291

It's because LB has a message and WHN is just insane troons in their native habitat. They seem more natural as a result.

No. 1940517

File: 1702133504224.png (191.03 KB, 598x716, misogyny.png)

I know she said it sarcastically, but after reading her comic and her "NLOG teen era", I don't have doubts.

No. 1940521

>but i don't want to solicit unpaid work from people myself
>asking for art using fake money because "capitalism is bad, mmmm k?".

If she hates banks so much, how she earns money without her horrid commissions? Does her moid have a job or something?

No. 1940589

I can fix Milo

No. 1940591

the author herself was homeschooled, which explains a lot about the way she is

No. 1940592

Tifs being misogynistic to come off as masculine will never not be funny to me

No. 1940615

File: 1702147488321.png (24.08 KB, 604x137, yaoi.png)

She doesn't even like the TIM characters kek

No. 1940617

Nona her iq is too low to be anything but your tradwife

No. 1940631

the fact that none of the other characters are able to explain why Claire is wrong to want what she wants suggests even Max doesn't really know why she supports prison abolition. idk maybe i'm being uncharitable and she just didn't want to get soapbox-y, but i also thought it was weird that we never really learn what hayleys law actually entails: usually these dead girl laws have a very specific scope, but hayleys law just introduces harsher sentences for minors in some undefined way. does it expand the circumstances where minors can be tried as adults? does it introduce a minimum sentence for teen murderers? is it more about coming down hard on accomplices like milo?

No. 1940635

i get you. like not even in a romantic way, it'd be fun to rehabilitate someone like her into society. she just needs a little push that isn't her dad moid raging about how he's going to throw all her cuddly toys away.

No. 1940646

Kekkkk thank you queen I'm so excited for more toxic lesbian content

No. 1940803

File: 1702184323320.gif (1.24 MB, 257x200, 1505826510612.gif)

>Sick of writing about girls
>Her characters are girls in Denial.

No. 1940856

Ok so I caught up whats with the mtfs being presented in a positive light and yet all the ftms/lesbians are villians and/or dead. I know why deep down but my god she is so misogynistic
According to one character it would affect black teens negatively so I guess that's the only real argument she has to offer

No. 1940962

inb4 one of audrey's siblings get incarcerated for weed

No. 1940994

It's been implied that Audrey's youngest brother has autism or ADHD through her conversation with her other brother (he mentions the youngest is on an IEP), so I'm honestly expecting that one to get arrested as the result of a meltdown. An arrest for cannabis possession would be unlikely, since recreational cannabis use has been legal in Illinois since 2020. I can only say "unlikely," though, since I'm still not completely certain the story takes place present-day.

No. 1941108

It obviously takes place in present day, or at least after 2010 anyway. You can tell by the references to MLP, Undertale etc.

No. 1941128

It’s present day but in a world where covid didn’t happen cause she didn’t feel like writing a covid story

No. 1941131

she's also gone out of her way to say that seth mcfarlane died in 9/11 in her story world lol

No. 1941138

Maybe Gage should arrange a threesome with Milo and Griffin?

No. 1941214

File: 1702257821430.jpg (162.37 KB, 1064x395, Untitled.jpg)

the comic takes place around present day (outside of flashbacks obviously), but there are a ton of anachronisms, for example the first murder victim giving Griffin a drawing of an undertale character when she should have died before the game came out. Max has gone on record saying she just doesn't really give a shit, which is on brand.

No. 1941215

File: 1702257974133.jpg (33.9 KB, 1066x218, Untitled.jpg)

she also mentioned that vikki is a /tttt/ poster

No. 1941220

are 3 person conjugal visits allowed?

No. 1941244

For the sake of yaoi (lesbians), surely yes they are.

No. 1941400

Mindy is straight.

No. 1941407

Do we really know anything about who she likes? She's been sexless thus far.

No. 1941551

the comic makes a big deal regarding prisons and muh abolishment, yet the author hasn't explored why the Haylie law is bad. if anything, it has shown that Griffin is still psychotic, doesn't show remorse for her crimes and should definitely be in jail(learn to sage)

No. 1941553

it's mentioned she was platonically e-dating another tif at one point, but she got dumped after her past got revealed. in some scenes it seems like she might have had a bit of a crush on griffin, but it also could have just been friendship jealousy.

No. 1941574

The only two actual males we've seen Mindy interact with so far are her dad and Vikki.

No. 1941655

Gage kissed her once while they were smoking epic weed and she freaked out, but I don't think it means anything either way.

No. 1941659

Nonnies might shame me for this but I feel like if Gage kissed me I'd kiss her back. I wish I knew what her deadname is. But yeah, Milo is probably a "gay trans guy" or something

No. 1941664

if it's any consolation you're not alone. toxic begendered redheads, my worst weakness….

No. 1941666

Gage looks dirty and has a dirty house. Probably smells too

No. 1941686

Gage used to browse PULL, maybe with enough commitment and tough love she could be peaked and even become a farmer

No. 1941687

>Milo is probably a "gay trans guy"

She's a straight girl.

No. 1941723

KEK nonnies you're not alone. I'd make her scrub out her filthy bong and take her for a hike in the mountains.

No. 1941815

I'm going to need to see her show some attraction to a man first before I assume anything. Way more likely she's a lesbian like all the other women.

No. 1942037

Ok enjoy your pedo dating skelly but Milo is still the superior waifu choice

No. 1942242

wdym pedo?

No. 1942244

DA but I think she's talking about Griffin assaulting her younger murder victim. It could be bait though, I find it extremely hard to believe anyone unironically sees Milo as hot

No. 1942263

OH, I misread and thought nona meant Gage was the pedo, my bad.

No. 1944996

Author confirmed character sexualities a while back on retrospring, I don't care to dig deep into it again but Milo is indeed "gay" (read: a straight woman). Another point of interest is that the killer, Griffin, is confirmed "straight" (aka lesbian) while dating a he/they on T kek

No. 1945128

mind you, one of the troons is a 'lesbian' despite dating another mtf troon, so it's not off the table that she'd date another tif

No. 1945301

She's only straight if she wouldn't fuck a tif, which we know tifs often do since they obviously can't fuck gay men.

No. 1945357

its so joever. milo accepting that shes a tarded lesbian would have fixed her. i was hoping for toxic hannibal style prison visit/break. sad.

No. 1945598

her retrospring is open again. don't cowtip or act retarded https://retrospring.net/@maximumgraves

No. 1945636

File: 1703115072479.jpeg (234.58 KB, 1170x808, 39869FFF-730A-4642-8EB1-F86407…)

nonnies where do I find a gf like this

No. 1945678

What's my future detrans gf Gage's sexuality? I'd have a threesome with her and Griffin, nonnas forgive me

No. 1945713

God these people ask the most boring questions
Hey anon it could still happen, she could be a t4t gay transman lol

No. 1945728

File: 1703133992258.png (22.46 KB, 833x192, max graves.png)

So rather than learn from the "wonderful trans women artist" on how to make a comic page, she just gave up.

No. 1945911

I will say that (and this isn't to speak to the character of the comic creators, at all) at least people like remy boydell and ranni or whatever had some amount of technical skill. It drives me insane that this person slaps huge, stylized mickey mouse ears on all the people for seemingly no reason, doesn't think about silhouette or framing, and doesn't seem to be willing to learn how to use pacing. I feel like they're biting a lot of the Tumblr teen humor from Hal Schrieve's comic, Vivian's ghost, but VG felt a little more intentional and the outlining done by the artist was more obvious.

No. 1945936


No. 1945956

googled vivian's ghost and wow it sounds like the worst shit ever. Remy Boydell is okayish but nowhere near professional (I do think it's funny that Max probably doesn't know she's a real woman though), but I think the bigger influence on max is Cate Wurtz, whose art is complete dogshit

now that i think about it, I can't think of a single transwoman artist who doesn't suck shit

No. 1945973

File: 1703193042079.jpg (181.6 KB, 1063x506, Untitled.jpg)

I found this response where she said she was surprised people disagreed with her on the prison abolition storyline/ agreed with Claire illuminating. Like yeah no shit almost everyone wants rapists and murders to be in prison as long as possible so they have less time to run around raping and murdering, especially when you offer no counterarguments beyond claire's ex-friend incompetently bringing up police racism and a link to a random prison abolition article buried in the comments, not even in the comic itself.

No. 1945976

File: 1703193741864.jpg (47.19 KB, 1062x247, Untitled.jpg)

She'll say this and then suck up to pedo tranny cate wurtz, girlfriend beater David Foster Wallace (who referred to female fans like her as 'audience pussy') and other assorted moid/ troon nutjobs

No. 1945981

File: 1703194437801.jpg (85.69 KB, 1401x304, Untitled.jpg)

devastating news for lesbian threesome anon

No. 1946062

File: 1703214933088.png (28.32 KB, 1140x205, himax.png)

>I hope my bitching and moaning inspires a few people to seek out writing on prison abolition from scholars and activists who actually know what they're talking about.

Yeah, look for better sources than a girl that have no idea why there are people in prison: most of the time is for raping/murdering/drugs, not just because. I bet she's not dumb enough to claim the innocence on the teens that murdered that young agp tim.

>He knows and is reading it

Hi, Milo. I'm sorry your author sucks.

No. 1946319

AYRT except sometimes when a couple’s relationship is failing they try to save it by introducing a third and Gage has already been shown to violate Milo’s boundaries. Call it denial if you want but my attraction to these sausage fingered cartoons refuses to let go of the possibility.

No. 1946329

anything less than pure bimbo is transmasc

No. 1946794

I believe in you nonna. you WILL get your fucked up steamy yuri threesome

No. 1946805

I feel kind of bad for these women. So warped by men in society they're coping thinking that womens oppression is a costume and short hair/pants = man is a liberal opinion because men refuse to change and they're still desperate to pander for their attention due to being outcasts. You'd think they realise which one is the actual liberal opinion when men ree that terfs hate men the same way they reed about 'feminazis'.

No. 1946811

i sort of dig how hostile and rude she is to her fans.

No. 1947090

she doesn't seem hostile or rude, just very flat. it seems she's trying to give off an "idgaf cool guy" attitude, but she comes across as a bored, mild millennial woman - nothing edgy or biting about her responses.

No. 1947356

She’s trying and failing to mask her female-socialized typing style kek. She types in only lowercase and forgets periods occasionally both which automatically makes your messaging more feminine. Lowercase typing and lack of periods immediately makes your typing seem softer and less masculine, the most masculine way of communication is with proper capitalization and punctuation. However she’s clearly trying because she’s avoiding the Twitter emotion indicators (/pos) and saying “lol” or “haha” every couple of sentences. These make the writing more feminine by showing the message receiver that you are being lighthearted and don’t want to offend them. Masculine writing trusts that you will interpret their words correctly and does not need to be softened in these ways.

I am saying this all as a former gendie who sperged about male and female writing styles and “passing” through text.

No. 1948030

her retrospring is closed again.

No. 1948461

File: 1703884042508.jpeg (461.63 KB, 750x855, IMG_7553.jpeg)

I've been thinking this comic was inspired by vivian's ghost too. That comic was a ride. Among other things, she had a teenage TIF's ghost possess a gender critical writer's body and force him to have sex with another TIF who has a "misgendering kink" AKA likes to be called a little girl while fucking. The joke is supposed to be haha he's so gay because he's having het sex with a TIF, I guess. There's also a detransitioned woman character with a kink for being a puppy (???) who becomes a tradwife, gets pregnant, has hallucinations of Jesus, and shoots the same gender critical writer in the head at the end. Oh and there's a flashback scene where the three TIFs of the story are teenagers and have a threesome in a bowling alley (iirc) bathroom stall, one of them fists the other, it's fucking nuts.

No. 1948464

fuck me I forgot to sage again, sorry.

No. 1948467

yaoi, online addiction and mental illness.

No. 1948475

>feminine typing is when no capitalization and punctuation because women dumb
Then why are your boys failing at school and their university graduation rate is steadily dropping? Men don't even read books saying that proper punctuation is a male trait is retarded.

No. 1948476

Consider me surprised after the prison abolition shithole.

No. 1948585

Of course women aren’t dumb and can have good grammar but it’s all about the look of the sentence, not the grammar or punctuation, that determines masculine or feminine typing while online.

“sry i didnt respond i had to do smth irl lol”
“Sry I didnt respond I had to do smth irl.”

The sentences are almost exactly the same, but the second sentence is more masculine. The occasional capitalization causes more variation and makes the sentence look spiked, while no capitalization makes it look smooth. A sentence that is completely capitalized is also very feminine.

Most of Max’s tweets are written without any capitalization, which immediately makes her typing look softer and more feminine, so she’s failing to be a man even while typing online. This image board is more masculine than her.

No. 1948590

>This image board is more masculine than her.

No. 1948592

Goddammit anon. I thought she updated. Maybe I'm spoiled because the comic I follow has been updating 3x a week but damn, she really hasn't uploaded anything since the 7th. It's not like her art is super complex.

No. 1948604

File: 1703920242805.png (177.22 KB, 800x800, BzhXYcu.png)

new pages, looks like she's pulling a vivzie and focusing on the 2 disgusting moids, classic fujocoomer.

No. 1948608

i think men would rather type like that bc they think it makes them look smarter and refined like obeying the grammar and punctuation rules in English surely is indicative of a higher IQ somehow kek.

No. 1948624

She's a homophobic bihet who thinks lesbian girls are out there raping and murdering other girls like men. What did you expect?

No. 1948634

Feminine typing isn't all lowercase in every circumstance, it started off as being too bored to use caps lock and she's not doing it to pass

No. 1948635

For all you know, she could simply be a PC user

No. 1948653

This anon is correct, however retarded it sounds. I've noticed a long time ago that tifs really do try to pass by always typing grammatically correct-proper punctuation-uppercase always where it should be, to appear more masculine n fformal.It's really funny when you notice it, bc a. they still slip and make average teenage fandom girl jokes that no true dick and balls scotsman would think of and b. they stick out comically among their peers due to everyone else typing normally and that makes them pass even less somehow.

No. 1948891

File: 1703986151426.png (32.1 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1703894136b68615f1775607…)

>misfits shirt

So punky, so edgy

No. 1948896

Are Vikki and Xandra supposed to be transbians?

No. 1948899

Booooo, boring. Nobody actually cares about these moids' backstories. Commenters just like to yass kween them.
Yes lol

No. 1948903

File: 1703988573557.jpeg (59.23 KB, 750x206, IMG_7571.jpeg)

genuinely hope whoever typed this kills themselves

No. 1948909

>the stripy collared shirt

Chris Chan transbian aesthetic

No. 1949003

File: 1704010088549.jpg (153.32 KB, 762x613, Untitled.jpg)

Another awesome take from Ms. Graves

No. 1949009

>"jacking off is a human right!"
Firstly, people jacked off just fine without access to porn for thousands of years. Hell, animals masturbate all the time, and they definitely don't have porn. Needing porn to be able to get off from masturbation is pathetic, and sounds a lot like an addict saying they need drugs to be happy.
Second, the implication of this argument is that, because some people "totally can't get off without porn", porn should be considered a necessity. This is basically a repackaging of "sex is a human right" incel logic, which argues that people (almost always men) who can't seem to get laid the traditional way (charisma, attractiveness, love) "need" access to a group of people (almost always women and girls) who are considered socially acceptable for them to rape, because for "some reason" the suffering of a man going without sex is seen as "much worse" than the suffering of a woman or girl being raped. To put it bluntly, the argument posits that some people being raped is more acceptable than some people not being able to jack off. It would be no better than saying "some people don't enjoy the taste of anything except human meat, so those people should have the right to cannibalize, even if that means risking some of those cannibalized people being unwilling or coerced".

No. 1949011

we have to throw the whole prison system in the garbage because it's beyond repair but the sex industry is necessary and can be reformed, apparently

No. 1949015

File: 1704015201012.png (38.65 KB, 1200x800, i read about them on lolcow.fa…)

No. 1949017

This is actually kinda fascinating. Here, she is depicting two absolute, pathetic human cockroaches who are genuinely failed human beings, who are making each other even worse. Yet max and the troon commentators genuinely think this is a beautiful, and authentic transbian love story

No. 1949018

it's authentic, i'll give her that

No. 1949023

i like how she gives all her actually male characters sideburns

No. 1949065

Good point! I'm a little mad that I didn't think of that contradiction before you pointed it out kek.

No. 1949068

i can fix the right one

No. 1949069

he's probably addicted to tranny porn

No. 1949070

i can beat him into submission

No. 1949071

that will make him troon out faster.

No. 1949072

not if she beats him even more

No. 1949073

half of these moids have elaborate force-fem fantasies, they get off on it.

No. 1949075

then she can beat them to the point even their dicks can't be aroused by it

No. 1949109

File: 1704041794863.png (38.61 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1704002345b68615f3815579…)

the overwrought social commentary shit is so heavy that a sudden reminder that this comic is, ostensibly, a dark comedy almost always actually lands. god help me I actually laughed.

No. 1949277

Okay narratively is there any point to this though because as far as I can tell neither of them have anything to do with the story besides hosting Milo on their youtube channel. I wouldn't expect a random in depth backstory for these two of all people.

No. 1949400

i think she's just doing general social commentary on callous school shooter adjacent boys (sorry, awesome trans girls) who jerk off to pictures of dead bodies on the internet, like how the haylie chapter was doing social commentary on carceral feminism of whatever. it seems like she has a lot of Opinions and Observations and she wants to include them all in the comic, rather than focusing on the plot. She's mentioned being a fan of infinite jest, and that book has a billion characters

No. 1949516

>She's mentioned being a fan of infinite jest
I think that's just a joke, cause there's a big twitter/tumblr about shitting on people who've read Infinite Jest, calling them pretentious.

No. 1949520

File: 1704155946932.jpg (212.6 KB, 1393x739, dfw.jpg)

she's an actual fan, she even quoted him in the authors note of the very first page

No. 1949521

File: 1704156132713.png (22.96 KB, 1020x788, moids.png)

one of her fans drew this

No. 1949563

Can't you retards give this shit a rest for five seconds? No one cares about fujos. Graves is clearly shoving some superfluous TiMs in so she can claim it represents transbian relationships or whatever.

No. 1949564

It's an image of a man putting his penis in a vagina. Are you retarded?(doubleposting to infight )

No. 1949570

>no 5 o'clock shadows


No. 1949678

I don't understand the issue. She identifies as a 'gay TIF', so there is a 99% chance she started out as a fujoshi. The sudden shift and focus on two moids essentially confirm it.

No. 1949872

kek right looks like crossdressing filthy frank

No. 1949879

i don't get what the tranny on the right is doing with his hands, or what's going on in this "drawing" in general. can any nonnas enlighten me kek

No. 1950547

what do anons think the character's deadnames are likely to be? my guesses:

>gage - jessica

>vikki - trevor
>xandra - christian

No. 1950559

vikki’s already been revealed to be Danny

No. 1950595

File: 1704353547331.png (1.33 MB, 2304x4096, F721801D-EC1A-4C15-B8EB-603F1A…)

The TIMs names were shown in the latest chapter. Vikki’s name is Danny and Xandra’s is Alexander.

I don’t think Gage’s name has been revealed yet, but Jessica is probably a good guess. TiFs love choosing names that are completely unrelated to their birth names.

No. 1951393

Saw Saltburn recently and it got me thinking how fun it'd be if Gage's story about having a rough upbringing turned out to be a lie she made up to get close to Milo and in reality she was raised in a loving middle class family

No. 1951415

i feel like she has a very vague idea of what's going to happen after each "chapter" and she uses the cliffhangers to stall while she figures out what to do next.

No. 1952894

It's honestly pathetic how slow her updates are when her artstyle is so simple and this is a story that has been in the works for years now. She should know exactly where she's going and be able to pump out these xkcd-tier panels like clockwork.

No. 1953321

in fairness she has an actual job (convenience store cashier iirc)

No. 1955078

People who can't jack off to their imagination are mentally disabled.

No. 1960253

File: 1706437688859.png (3.32 MB, 2598x3464, D027ED0E-3A20-477C-8C93-9359E9…)

you’ll be sorry panels 53-68 and comments underneath them. still vikki and xandra’s backstory.
>vikki and xandra are at a house party.
>vikki trooned out. you can tell he trooned out because he has long hair, earrings, and eyelashes. everything you need to be a woman.
>background character flashes ass.
>max drew ass cellulite and commenters are fangirling because grey squiggles add soooo much realism despite the consistently terrible anatomy.
>vikki gets elbowed in the nose while dancing and gets a nose bleed.
>looks at himself crying in the bathroom mirror. gotta love the running mascara to show he’s a real womanly woman who wears make up.
>tim commenter interprets the panel as vikki enjoying how he looks when he’s crying mascara. then tim talks about his own experiences crying while wearing makeup and says how it looks better than crying without makeup.
>xandra wipes vikki’s bleeding nose and they have a steamy yaoi makeout session. how romantic.
>commenters go wild and call it yuri and lesbian because that’s apparently what two moids kissing means now.
>vikki’s full outfit is revealed. ofc he’s wearing a skirt. surprised he’s not wearing thigh highs to be completely accurate to troon culture.
i thought the story had stopped updating because no one talked about it in a while. here’s a the milkiest new panels imo. sorry if it’s shit. im a newfag to posting instead of lurking.

No. 1960255

File: 1706438859932.jpeg (246.51 KB, 1170x822, IMG_8386.jpeg)

> they’re 17 at start of this chapter and 18 at the house party.
not milk just comment under panel 68 where max finally clears up chapter timeline because she’s pretentious and loves confusing time skips.
Also some other nonnacheck out the other comments under panel 68. there’s fan theories and funny gendie jargon if you want to try to get some milk out of that. im tired and collecting milk is annoying. i respect all nonnas who do this.
link to panel 68 comments: https://comicfury.com/read/whathappensnext/comments/1978084

No. 1960256

I really do love this comics, cause it's such an honest admission by TIMs and TIFs about how degenerate and dysfunctional they tend to be.

No. 1960307

I wouldn't have realized that was cellulite unless someone pointed it out. It just looks like there are a bunch of ingrown hairs

No. 1960320

I love how she's following the proud 00s webcomic tradition of having the whole comic screech to a halt for months so we can get the complete unabridged backstory of an incidental character

do you think she's hammering home that the characters are 18 because we're gearing up for a yaoi sex scene?

No. 1960349

she posted pages on January 4, January 5, and January 22. she has posted irregularly in past but not this time. i think nonnies just got bored of reading her shit comic to look for milk kek.
yaoi sex scene will only happen if the moids are in skirts and pretending to be lesbians. the world needs more t4t transbian representation!!!

No. 1960492

kek at your recap anon, would definitely read one again if she ever gets around to consistently updating. still waiting for the "yaoi" (presumably involving gage that was promised), the moid characters are so boring

No. 1960502

Personally I stopped checking this month because she'd gone so long between updates previously that I assumed another month would go by before we got anything. I'm not quite bored of it yet but I gotta say the agp backstory is testing my patience.
From far away it looks like a fucking family guy screencap kek

No. 1961784

File: 1706865337343.jpeg (604.14 KB, 2760x1920, FE59AAD8-1CE8-4437-AF8F-AF30A5…)

>ANOTHER time skip.
>alexander/xandra has finally become a true and honest woman offscreen
>he now has eyelashes and tranny bangs like every female
>comments included because it is truly amazing how handmaiden commenters call even fictional tims beautiful
>saying his hat looks stupid won’t hurt his feelings
>he is fictional.

Maxine released 8 new panels. Read here: https://comicfury.com/read/whathappensnext/comics/1985641

No. 1961791

File: 1706866763136.jpeg (549.93 KB, 2687x1663, 91D11846-4361-4795-8E77-2CCBFA…)

Saged and separate post because it’s not really milk. it pisses me off how many time skips/scene changes that Maxine uses. here are all the different scenes in this chapter so far:
>> 1) Danny/Vikki in his bedroom looking at liveleak and cross dressing
>> 2) tims meet at school for the first time
>> 3) tims going to Danny’s funeral house to look at a body
>> 4) smoke weed at a graveyard
>> 5) spray painting a grain silo
>> 6) smoke while sitting on roof of strip mall
>> 7) get called faggot by man driving a car
>> 8) standing outside in a random location discussing trans and gay stuff
>> 9) goes to random house party
>> 10) now starting a YouTube channel
That’s 10 scene changes/time skips in 76 channels. Actually I may be undercounting the timeskips, but I didn’t want to get too nitpicky. The time between skips can be assumed as hours, days, or months. It’s very unclear! Each scene lasts probably 2-15 pages before a skip. I get the ideas of vignettes to write a story but Maxine’s usage makes everything choppy and it flows weird. We went from tims kissing at a house party to starting a YouTube channel??? The slight connection is that in the last time you see Alexander (in panel 68) he’s asking about what it’s like to be a girl and then the next time you see him (in panel 72) he is a a girl. Such an incredibly smooth transition wow.
This genuinely frustrates me.

No. 1961792

Nice buffalo bill style moth on the trannies wall, it really is tranny serial killer chic.

No. 1961800

How many actually read this comic?

No. 1961801

kek thats the first thing i thought too anon

No. 1961833

File: 1706878139824.jpeg (784.64 KB, 1170x1166, IMG_8440.jpeg)

A lot of people honestly. She posts the comic on Twitter too and most posts get 200-600 likes and up to30k views. Her first post of panels from the story got over 3K likes.

No. 1961837

>reeing about it shocking mom
Well they got the arrested development aspect of trannies accurate kek.

No. 1961851

>k0rn tattoo
Ok I'm confused now by the year this shit is from? If the tattoo shows the Issues doll, released on '99, then these "teens" were 18 (unless she made them have a self-made tattoo). So that means these characters are older than 30-40 when the comic begins? That would explains tons of stuff.

No. 1961854

File: 1706884868416.jpeg (1013.71 KB, 2502x1442, GFRpG0eWcAAEpw1.jpeg)

Same anon. I know I was being stupid to think the character had the tattoo the same day the Issues single was released, but would be funny if the characters turned out to be in their 30s.

Another fanart.

No. 1961873

File: 1706889201938.jpeg (Spoiler Image,526.57 KB, 605x1459, IMG_7481.jpeg)

The murderer looks like a pasty emo hamster. Reminds me of Alyssa Bustamante who also murdered another young girl as a teen

No. 1961892

File: 1706893622877.png (297.38 KB, 598x622, car-dependance.png)

Do you think she has found this thread yet? I bet if she's always googling her name to find someone bad mouthing her.

No. 1961898

I wonder if she'll depict us as old British women.

No. 1961910

I hope she doesn't forget to add some women of different nationalities though, not everyone who is making fun of her is le ebil mastermind genocidal Karen.

No. 1961983

I, for once, would like to be depicted by a TIF like an evil British woman that wrote something more popular and cultural than her.

No. 1962001

how is this comic getting actual decent fanart?

No. 1962068

Don't think she has, she would deffinitely milk it for le evil terf opression points. Also this thread doesnt show up when googling her name or webcomic title yet

No. 1962126

File: 1706939806188.jpeg (570.46 KB, 2048x1346, F0nP_cXXsAIHj-g.jpeg)

That's her secret: She doesn't.

No. 1962379

Who on earth is the one on the left meant to be? Looks like Griffin but she's on the right.

No. 1962387

File: 1707020253551.png (7 MB, 2600x3900, normalgirls.png)

Has anyone read her webcomic Normal Girls? She released about 11 issues on webtoon before abandoning it and starting What Happens Next. To no one's surprise, it's about a serial killer tif who murders moids in dysphoric rage and her tif friends but this time in furry form.


No. 1962395

I think they're both Griffin.

No. 1962400

Jees, think what would happen if she gets contacted to work for Tapas or Webtoon:

>Ok, what's the plot of your comic?

>A tif who kills terfs and shows that prisons should be abolished while the reader can learn how gender disphoria wo-
>But you already have two comic about it and one about waste. Do you have another plot for the platform?
>Uhhhhh how about a tif that kills terfs?

No. 1962750

>I could just ruin my family relationships and fuck with my career and mutilate my perfectly healthy body
>what do I do whenever I see a trans guy? I look at his face and try to picture what he looked like as a girl
Once again, I am floored at how honest she is. Is none of it really meant to be critical?

No. 1962776

File: 1707124343233.png (619.16 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_8461.png)

yeah shes not criticizing anything. it boils down to a furry vent comic with a loose storyline. every chapter is the name of a depressing song just like a poorly written fanfic kek

I read it looking for milk but the story is so earnestly sad that it feels wrong to laugh. You can tell a lot of what she’s depicting is from personal experience like the group therapy, psych ward, and suicide attempts. I’m going to bet that the characters are genuinely based off of people she met in the ward. It truly feels like she was trying to express and process the pain she was going through.

No. 1963002

File: 1707177621209.png (229.22 KB, 1947x1534, Untitled.png)

I've never seen a more retarded way to hold a handsaw.

No. 1963440

stories about killing terfs are more of a TIM thing

No. 1963692

I hope since she's doing the TIM flashback we'll eventually get some kind of similar Gage (waifu) flashback where we learn her "deadname" and get to witness her comfortable upper middle class upbringing and what led to her trooning.

No. 1963990

File: 1707431258577.png (39.49 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1667977260b68615f5492178…)

we already learnt quite a bit about her during no matter what: her abusive ex-boyfriend shooting her with an airsoft gun was what caused her to troon out (she's depicted as being very feminine before that), she claims to have grown up poor, she never graduated due to dyscalculia, she's been in a psych ward but not long term (likely due to anorexia or general cluster b antics), she's estranged from her mother. picrel is her childhood home

No. 1964000

cate wurtz could borderline sue her for copyright infringement

No. 1964004

KEK I love how Max’s inability to differentiate background from foreground made Gage a Telly tubby.
Also which chapter is this from? I don’t remember it.

No. 1964013

no matter what, that super long chapter that's mainly gage and milo dicking around and arguing. the gage lore dump starts about page 260 of that chapter, and the flashback with pre-troon gage starts at 330

No. 1965797

File: 1707871904975.jpg (312.69 KB, 1560x2104, GGMB1zoXQAAPYvT.jpg)

she's transitioning into Gage

No. 1966130

I thought Gage was supposed to be hot

No. 1968745

she looks like she’s about to tell her only friend not to come to school tomorrow

No. 1968813

File: 1708626778064.png (781.94 KB, 853x395, i mean they do look really sim…)

That's what she wishes she looked like when in reality she looks like a dolphin that crawled out of the sea.

No. 1971534

File: 1709326671796.png (26.13 KB, 800x800, worlds smallest violin.png)

No. 1971548

I hate these characters so fucking much.

No. 1971581

You’re supposed to lol

No. 1971607

NAYRT: I hate their design and how annoying they're. If that's the purpose, she did it well.

No. 1971615

File: 1709346345217.png (14.48 KB, 800x800, 51537a1700247781b68615f3538227…)

This chapter has been really boring, but I'm excited for the suicide trigger warning to come into play

No. 1971616

nice nuva ring(learn to sage)

No. 1971617

if he blows his brains out on stream i'll take back all the mean things i've said about this comic

No. 1971623

Of course this freak is bringing up things like "cultural concepts" of respect for the dead lmao she really does a great job of capturing that slimy troon way of speaking
Never been more excited for an update but I'm betting it's somehow Claire, I could totally see it. She runs away into the woods out of shame and drinks herself to death or something kek

No. 1971692

Hoping for a 41% arc and hopefully it's the moid

No. 1972431

File: 1709587662718.png (360.39 KB, 967x831, image_2024-03-04_163017494.png)

i'm convinced this retard is allergic to drawing thumbs on the correct side of the hands, or even being able to draw hands period

No. 1975650

File: 1710295235752.png (48.38 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1710030312b68615f1714802…)

it updated
>daughter not allowed to go to school
>daughter troons out at a young age

do you think griffins parents were part of a sex abuse cult?

No. 1975668

I think most of the characters in this comic are part of a sex abuse cult.

No. 1975714

im hispanic, next update i want her to draw me with a sombrero

No. 1975755

This comic was never a masterpiece but man she's fucking ruined the pacing. It's a total snoozefest now. I don't think Griffin's parents will be cultists though because Maxine will be too scared of portraying poly people in a bad light, IMO.

No. 1975774

she's portrayed trannies as absolute degenerate freaks so far, why stop at polyamorous people?

No. 1976322

File: 1710463976001.png (27.25 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1710451024b68615f7047974…)

another update, looks like we're getting close to the 41% moment

No. 1976345

she captured whiny tim temper tantrums really well

No. 1976346

File: 1710467703809.png (478.06 KB, 1449x966, r3G9jbYt5.png)

This one's constant self-pity and self-victimization to deflect from his shortcomings, do you think it was written in as a character flaw on purpose? Or is like an Activist Statement the reader supposed to take seriously and feel bad for him? I enjoy the ambiguity of the author's self awareness tbh. The drones in the comments take it unquestionably at face value, which is funny.

No. 1976530

File: 1710523717705.jpg (67.3 KB, 659x1000, 71xoXrZCM7L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

this feels like a tif-ified version of "penance" by eliza clark and i will never shut up about it.
> toxic internet culture, specifically tumblr and true crime/tcc - littered with discourse lingo
> "who has the right to tell these gruesome stories?"
> nonlinear storytelling style
> unreliable narration
> ringleader + pathetic friend who goes along with what they say, who snivels and moans after the fact
i've heard eliza clark is a bit of a cow herself but she can actually write, unlike this woman.

No. 1976644

File: 1710542674447.png (22.81 KB, 800x800, uwu.png)

The way she drew his mannerisms and posture absolutely destroyed me kek, look at him! So dainty, so fragile. Practically about to swoon!

No. 1976829

someone should ask her if she's "inspired" by the story when she opens up her questions.

No. 1977037

File: 1710646564688.png (152.49 KB, 944x812, kek.png)

kek, i genuinely considered it when i finished reading it while her dms were open, but i didn't want to cowtip and won't do it now. she added her own flair to it in some extremely minor aspects (gendies and the focus on "cow" sites) but everything else is ripped off of clark IMO.

No. 1977247

Holy shit the thumbs are drawn correctly now
She's improving!

No. 1978105

holy shit nona, i bought this book bc of your post and it really is super similar! i'm liking it so far, thanks for the tip.

not surprising, since i also have to be honest about how i actually really enjoy the comic from the OP, i think it captures that specific subset of online culture and the people involved in it really well.

No. 1978319

the perspective of this hurts my brain.

No. 1978823

File: 1711103321472.png (21.82 KB, 800x1200, GIhCsDYXQAAIw8L.png)

MDE fan incoming. Probably named Kyler Halverson, probably Gage's ex. Seen here https://twitter.com/maximumgraves/status/1767736380493357154

We also got a new update https://whathappensnext.webcomic.ws/comics/904

No. 1978827

No. 1978831

File: 1711105356421.jpeg (280.58 KB, 783x550, IMG_7834.jpeg)

I feel like she’d possibly touch on nazis being hypocrites at some point, like making a archetypal /pol/tard gay or a tranny

No. 1978833

possible, most MDE fans switched to watching Cumtown and eventually switched politically to 'post-left'

No. 1978849

if she does this ill love her again kek

No. 1978960

I thought this was chudlogic, which is funny because he's a chaser.

No. 1978968

I can't believe we're getting a cumboy in what happens next

No. 1979011

File: 1711147592653.png (89.65 KB, 1101x472, Screenshot 2024-03-22 5.43.19 …)

Troons mad because people are criticizing Vikki for suicide baiting, lol. Also accusing Milo of "leveraging white woman tears" which I found funny. Incredible how these moids can just say whatever, even stuff that's considered transphobic in their circles, and all the gendies nod their heads because a man is saying it.

No. 1979593

kek, if this exact same character was a biological woman they'd be at its throat. it's to be expected, but still, this fanbase is a joke.

No. 1979662

File: 1711378593983.png (21.71 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1711149905b68615f1456457…)

No. 1979702

calling it right now, he's going to be revealed to have gotten off to some corpse.

No. 1979722

Isn’t the way you guys are using this thread more fitting for /m/? No one is discussing cow stuff, just reading webcomic updates and discussing the plot.

No. 1979733

Kek I was gonna say can we all just accept that we are fans even if we weren't the intended audience for the trooncomic?

No. 1979748

idk go pester the mods ig

No. 1979957

what a fun update. literally nothing happened

No. 1980267

it's poetic that we're getting this arc right after the irl james somerton suicide tantrum over youtube drama

No. 1980279

File: 1711550150359.png (26.9 KB, 1200x800, 51537a1711507848b68615f1507340…)

New update, we crawl closer to Vikki 41 percenting https://whathappensnext.webcomic.ws/comics/920

No. 1980288

File: 1711552375348.png (32.58 KB, 800x800, unQqrHe.png)

the unimaginable horrors of living in a small town.

No. 1980308

File: 1711558042835.png (5.24 KB, 242x290, tangent.png)

this is why you should avoid tangents

No. 1980334

I hope this tranny and the fat one kill themselves but I have a feeling it'll be Claire.

No. 1980486

I wouldn't be surprised if most of the readers she's having now are from this board than the tif ones.

No. 1980688

Hate read this webcomic the same day you said this after seeing the thread so many times. Had to know what you meant… and well.. hate to say it but you may be right. It’s a fucking disaster piece. I love and hate it.
If anyone makes a /m/ thread link it here. I can fix gage. I can fix her.
>>1980486 wouldnt doubt it tbh

No. 1980895

File: 1711732627208.png (533.65 KB, 1200x800, f.png)

new update in which vikki gives off school shooter vibes

No. 1980901

is he supposed to be non-white? I really can't tell with the way she draws skin-tones.

No. 1980906

> wuornos t-shirt
Am I being stupid/not up to date on lore or is this an Aileen Wuornos ref?

No. 1980950

Yes it is kek. Either Max thinks her fake moid would be a based Wuornos supporter, or she sensed the thought process behind this type of troon and recreated it for her comic: see a woman, copy her, "become" her. In this case he's copying the women in the true crime community he's part of.

No. 1980966

>based Wuornos supporter
You must be over 18 to post here.

No. 1981022

aping the jhonen vasquez homicidal maniac style i see

No. 1981070

he's mexican

No. 1984500

File: 1712817889020.png (22.91 KB, 800x800, IJZs4ao.png)

new update, we learn his troon friend moved away

No. 1984794

Every single page she draws of this TIM sloshing his wine glass around with his booty popped out makes me laugh so hard I forget what I'm reading about for a second. Totally immersion breaking.

No. 1984804

You know, if if wasn't for this thread, I would have thought she asked to someone else to drew that. How sad that she has skills to draw in more styles but is stuck in that ms paint style.

No. 1985666

late but i adore how the blonde one is peak low effort tim.

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