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No. 1883914

Read the rules, Newfags. Upper left hand tab that says [Rules]. Read it all. Then click the part where where it says "Check this guide to learn about posting on lolcow.farm." Read that too.

Previous thread: >> <a href=">>>/snow/1874088"> 1874088 </a>

Last thread saw the udders start to plump with potential new cow milk. Farmers were thrilled, or not, because apparently all we do on here is make fun of poor, pathetic anachans because our lives are sooooper sad. Uwu.

Laura attempted to attempted. Or attempted to attempt to attempt (?) by climbing up her window to presumably try to launch herself out…or who knows with her. Regardless, the big event was that the physical limits of the building structure combined with Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation combined with hamplanet Laura’s black-hole-esque gravitational pull…and a striking cocktail of antipsychotics melting her brain…caused an unfortunate plummet to the ground, breaking her delicate dancing foot. Don’t worry though farmers, she bravely fought through it and shows up authentically leg lifting herself to new heights, and new supported accommodations. Speaking of new supported accommodations, it’s all but been confirmed that Laura’s psychotic break and scurrry scurry voices were all part of a plot to secure different supported accommodations. Our spider-feeling, man-hearing, dainty Ana queen is suddenly so compliant and willing to improve after seeing the opportunity to move to upgraded digs. If she keeps at this long enough, maybe she’ll secure herself a stay at Balmoral for some shooting.

Marie/Elise is perhaps living on her own, though no one can figure out how or why. Posted some EDTWT body checks and basked in the glow of her single digit BMI flooding her feed with UwU “omg ur so tiny Elise..be careful”. Will she be careful, or will the consumption take her out like the frail Victorian ghost child that she is.

Speaking of single digit BMIs, did you know Zara pulled herself out of the single digits herself? How did she Zarvive, you ask? We don’t know….but she’ll likely tell us at some point when she releases her Zarvival Podcast (trademark pending…probably).

Enara presented to the ED with Acute Suicidal Ideation, a plan, active bleeding head wound (minor), psychomotor agitation, pressured speech, infighting at the Pony club and raging bpd at 2145. Not only did she not get seen by a doctor within 30 minutes, she was also exposed to a mentally ill, naked man. She self assessed as a Category 2 or 3 patient for gods sakes. Interestingly, she’s managed to keep herself quite safe despite the lack of desired medical intervention. Makes one think that maybe her tri-weekly A&E pilgrimages are not needed.

Becca claims IS NOT BPD, guys. She’s autistic. Sadly, Becca’s family dog was removed at exactly 12:12 8 days ago. Lyn may or may not have made a surprise appearance as a euthanasia vet. Becca’s got bones to pick with her excruciating bones. Still.

Stef left on a jet plane. Farmers suspect she’s on her annual trip to the ERC ITU, or perhaps even the holy grail, ACUTE. There have been no recent wide angle lens full body photos or pictures of weirdly bony chest. Maybe she’s learned…or maybe she’s been warned that she’ll get the boot if she TikTok’s her way through the feeding farm like last year. Keep alert.

Lucinda is alive. She made a return to social media looking like a spoopy Jenna Ortega/Raggedy Anne doll cross. Still as unhinged as ever.

Kate gained weight. She’s no longer the most Ana of all Ana queens. She looks good. She should stay here. She should also find a new hobby and focus on screwing in drain pipes or whatever she does.

Katbeatanorexia…by a lot.

Rachel rising is still shilling her fake recovery content and challenging herself to black coffees and coloring her hair in ways that makes her ghoulish face look more spoopy. More spoop, more $.

RecoveryforMedicine continued to provide some low key entertainment. Mostly in the form of her inability to recognize that she’s gotten a heavy hand of special accommodations, that she’s not the skelly queen that she believes she is, and that she actually has to make an effort in her NHS funded day program. She just wants to go back to staring at babies for 48 hours straight. She’s a comfort to those incubated babies who end up imprinting on her haggard face.

Lauren and Emily funded their way through a whole day in Ibiza. Rumour has it that they took pills to show Avicii they were cool, and when they finally got sober they felt ten years older…and looked that way too. No one has seen or heard from them since. Jk. They’re around.

Additional cows: TimTam/TinTin/TamZin/Zyrtec whatever her their name/names is/was, was brought back into the mix as was a quality photo of a self administered bolus tube feed using a mop as a bag pole. We love a resourceful cow - perhaps she could share some of her Zarvival skills on the new podcast.

https://twitter.com/lowcalkate(shit thread, read the rules before making a thread, emoji use)

No. 1883918


Previous thread link…sorry. First time thread creator, don’t know all the ins and outs.

No. 1883920

Delete this newfag, take out the sad face emoticon, and learn to link correctly by reading https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 1883922

Or…alternatively, fuck off and Accept the new thread. Or make your own new one and then I’ll delete!

No. 1883943

File: 1692383709211.jpeg (1.44 MB, 987x1784, IMG_3366.jpeg)

Handle is Green.Leem, she’s been in and out of the hospital for a year (legit spends most of her time there) despite not looking too spoopy ever, and uses the hospital rooms to look aesthetic in pity videos

No. 1884099

I personally enjoyed the mike posner lyrics and appreciate the new thread effort!

No. 1884355

File: 1692454266014.png (6.79 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5948.png)

I can’t

No. 1884370

It's odd that so many people with binge eating disorders are claiming to have anorexia. Like , I'm sure she could have an ED but it's not the one that makes someone feel like they need to starve yourself

No. 1884828

jesus what a boring, pathetic way to live

No. 1885541

Bored shitless and was scrolling old threads. Miss the og New Farm cows being outed. Been a patient there since before it was renovated and it was 4 EDP patients to a room with 1 bathroom. Dying to spill the milk but don't want to be outed. Have been on both a normal ward and EDP with porgie and just lol.
The ED program was an absolute joke, but a last resort for many with only 4 public ED beds (if you met the criteria public would do a 10 day re feeding protocol and discharge you once you weren't dying)
It's now been taken over by a different psychiatrist and a different dietician. Strict 6 wk program, if you're not committed to getting better, you're out. No spoops running laps around the block between checks, or watering down their NG feeds, and being there for ages.

No. 1886418

I'm here for an update on that German edtw girl, handle idontgiveafuck or something I can't find her. If you know, tell me if she is alive or at least her actual handle.

No. 1886474

AFAIR her handle is Idontfckingcare, and shes still alive and spoopy.

No. 1886810

@butidontcareatall on Instagram?

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