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File: 1436548920172.jpg (65.96 KB, 640x480, It's_Just_The_Lighting.jpg)

No. 179442

Gather round fledglings and for those that do not know let me tell you a tale.

32" Waist-chan is a cow that originated from Half'chan's /cgl/ in 2011 after contributing to a daily PT thread and daring to compare her ungainly 32" waist to the shapely, sexy bod' of our queen.
A few days of drama and doxxing ensued and much lulz were had before 32" Waist was eventually run off the board completely.

She's been mostly forgotten since then but very recently she's been discovered moonlighting on other boards under usernames and trips (/fa/ under the name "troll master" http://tinyurl.com/qxwlw3f).

Fresh dramu:

ED Page:

No. 179443

File: 1436548983854.jpg (328.76 KB, 1280x960, Thirty-Two_Inch_Waist.jpg)

The waist in question.

>"PT has a 32 inch waist? Now THIS is a 32 inch waist!"

No. 179444

File: 1436549126689.jpeg (33.24 KB, 480x666, Makeup_Artist_Forehead_Bitch.j…)

>lists herself as a makeup artist on OKCupid

No. 179445

File: 1436549166735.png (86.77 KB, 1327x597, Symmetricalasfuark.png)

No. 179446

File: 1436549208481.png (92.04 KB, 1330x449, 32inchwaisthotshit.png)

No. 179447

File: 1436549274224.png (213.69 KB, 703x391, 32inchwaistkafka.png)

No. 179448

File: 1436549376659.jpg (149.7 KB, 978x742, Where_did_the_Trip_Go.jpg)

Caught samefagging.

No. 179449

File: 1436549474797.png (50.57 KB, 974x335, 32inchwaistdoublestandards.png)

No. 179450

File: 1436549610700.png (518.69 KB, 1172x826, F.png)


>you must hate yourselvs to no extent to be able to be that horrible to another human being

No. 179451

File: 1436549686192.jpg (96.38 KB, 1205x289, 32_Inch_Waist_Chan_Retarded.jp…)

>I was just trolling you the whole time

No. 179452

File: 1436549957806.jpg (1.41 MB, 1944x2592, 1389650286338.jpg)

No. 179453

Lol I remember being part of this-
Holy fuck, where does time even go?

Tbqh a few years ago I didn't think PT was doing that bad insofar as weight. She just looked like a typical overweight, short girl and the only thing that made eyes turn were her immature and unflattering clothing choices. It was more sad how she couldn't get a job and keep it with her degree. I remember when she tried to be a 911 operator and couldn't handle it.

With all of her leaked videos now I'm sad to see her mental health has only gotten worse. It's also sad that she's still living with mom, that absolutely destroys self-esteem and the confidence to be independent. No wonder she has no real drive to take on any adult responsibilities.

No. 179454


Yeah, looking back she was almost "slender" by comparison.

>holy fuck, where does time even go?

i no rite?

No. 179455

File: 1436550583880.jpg (264.13 KB, 480x800, 1425511746893.jpg)

Holy fuck she is STILL posting to Halfchan on /fa/ under the name "troal minister".

Seems like /fa/ got sick of her shit too and found her Facebook, trolled her in handing out nudes and doxxed her shit.


No. 179456


It looks like she lost her ~32" waist~

How tragic. Maybe she'll come post here though?

No. 179457

File: 1436550921547.png (325.53 KB, 333x500, 1425457894668.png)


Actually she got fatter.

No. 179458

That's what i meant
"Lost" as in she got fatter

No. 179459

File: 1436551116443.jpg (365.54 KB, 2360x626, 1389656568683.jpg)

>"I take care of myself and am well-groomed generally"

No. 179460

Wow, she's so mentally fucked in the head.
>>"yes throwing up, OK? ive been fucking vomiting to try to lose weight because i know im fucking disgusting, and despite it all i just wish people could fucking love me for me, like this IS MY BODY why does it have to be like this? why cant i just be one of those women who doesnt have to exercise?"

I'm a fattie but even I know "those women" are either not eating shit, exercising, or both to remain permanently 100 pounds. Yeah, it sucks to have terribad cravings and feel like purging is the only way out, but that's what therapists are for. Not fucking anonymous people online. Get a grip girl!

Also cringing at her riding on Sieg's e-cock so hard. Yuck.

No. 179461

fuck I am SO sorry for the OT but I keep seeing things about how PT couldn't hold a job as a 911 operator and how sad that is and pathetic and it really pisses me off. I was a 911 operator for three years and I heard at least 4 onphone suicides and one case where a mother was attempting to call 911 while her bf beat her dog and kid and then he started hitting her too.

it's super intense. No way someone like PT could have handled it.

ANYWAYS, back to this 32 bitch
I love how she looks like a caricature of PT. Like, when people draw the queen as extra ugly and exaggerate her chin and nose. If she was truly the makeup artist she claimed to be, she'd be contouring that shit every damn day. Hell, I'd be homeless to save up enough money to get plastic surgery.

No. 179462

Fouuuuund her old Tumblr~*


No. 179463

She was also posting on /fa/ under the name and trip "fwnogf komaedacore scag burn !K0BceJFfFo".

This girl is mentally ill.

No. 179464

File: 1436553318628.gif (114.43 KB, 300x255, 900x900px-LL-58cf3418_salt_int…)

No. 179465

she is like the female version of a-log but instead of chris it's PT

No. 179466

now, this is the kind of new thread on /pt/ I can get behind.

No. 179467

File: 1436554855996.jpg (109.01 KB, 500x750, Brick-shithouse.jpg)


She is shaped, as my mother would put it, like a "brick shithouse".

No. 179468

Apparently she may be posting to 8chan now but she is probably still on /fa/ under a new trip.

I so desperately want to find her real name and Facebook; we never did find out what it was.

No. 179469

Sorry anon, I wasn't trying to say 911 operators don't have a hard job, but my point was that PT has never been able to hold a professional job.

No. 179470

it's okay anon, i didn't mean to sound so pissed. My jimmies just get rustled easily about that subject. <3 <3 <3 you're perfect boo

No. 179471

No anon she found out she wouldn't be able to take constant breaks and didn't even get through the training. It's not like she was one and quit, she tried to be one and failed.

No. 179472


No. 179473

File: 1462245928325.jpg (42.64 KB, 308x306, 4ad.jpg)

>Calling other people fat when you look like that

No. 179474

This is why you shouldn't publicly be an asshole and compare your body to other people. You don't always know what the future has in store for people, you could seriously wind up eating major shit.

Did you see how PT lost the weight and is now thinner than you? PT isn't about to call you an unfuckable ham and say how much sexier she is, but it would be no less than what you'd deserve.

No. 179475

just in case people aren't aware:

No. 179476

Bless you anon, I was suddenly confused as to why the thread decried.

No. 179477

Fuck, necroed. Goddamn mobile.

No. 179478

Sorry if this is a Newfag question, but who is spoony? All searches led to some some ugly dude, not a mildly hot redhead.

No. 179479

Goddamn, now that's an unfortunate face. She looks like Ellen Page's ugly big brother.

No. 179480

No. 179481

Thank you anon. Upon further inspection, she's not hot. I suppose having your picture next to 32" waist beast could make anyone look hot though.

No. 179482

This girl looks like an ugly version of Kelsey. Not saying Kelsey is a goddess, but still.

No. 179483

I get Lena Dunham as Kelly from Misfits.
>Scrapin' that hair back

No. 179484

Yass I see it.

No. 179485

File: 1462309636703.png (260.84 KB, 500x437, Kelly-3-kelly-bailey-misfits-2…)

No. 179486

what t

No. 179487

She's fucking hideous. She seriously think she looks gorgeous?! She looks like an ugly 50 year old mom that sells Jamberry wraps.

No. 179488

File: 1462481353037.jpeg (44.2 KB, 390x310, image.jpeg)

>She looks like an ugly 50 year old mom that sells Jamberry wraps.

No. 781465

great comments anon, thx 4 bumping every old shitty thread

No. 1964775


No. 1964776

thos is how the 32 in waist chan redtext was borne too(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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