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File: 1679506325832.png (Spoiler Image, 391.22 KB, 608x910, Screenshot_20230322-121708.png)

No. 1793278

Summary: James Healey is a failed art student with a failed movie. He has been encouraging amounts of misogyny on the internet as well as multiple suspicious allegations against him, specifically seeming to target young boys to brainwash them into hating women. Also suspected abuse against his girlfriend
>He's made posts about his gf midwestvampire is fat
>Laughs off women who point out things like women posting about being raped or cheated on isn't an L for them
>Laughs at anyone who calls out his slander really
>Has a failed movie called penis boy or something
>Has multiple rape accusations from underaged women
>Somehow never gets account taken down despite multiple reports of misogyny??
>Dropped out of art school
>Posted a woman getting sexually assaulted (jizzed on while shopping) as an L
>Has slandered and photoshopped posts such as taking a woman's photo and photoshopping the tweet to say she's a single mom with like 50 sex partners and is unemployed who wants to date, for men to send her out rape threats and rip apart her appearance. The model ended up being a 21 yr old makeup artist from Mississippi with no kids
>Took a photo of a woman protesting against police brutality and Photoshop the photo to make it look like she was asking for a step dad for her black kid
>Knows most of his followers just have a circlejerk of misogyny, actively encourages it and targets innocent women for simply existing
>One of those moids who tells other men if a woman isn't locked in her room all day and is a 24 hour text bot to him, she must be cheating


No. 1793313

File: 1679508898468.jpg (445.34 KB, 2151x3716, wahmenbeliek.jpg)

This is obviously edited I'll try to find the original.

No. 1793314

isn't he dating some turbo-pick me as well ?

No. 1793350

This was posted from a new outlet pertaining to police brutality against black people. The original said "my black daughter needs her black father". You can even see where they used black paint around the words. The woman is mixed I believe.

Moids were so desperate to hate on women they literally thought some lady just walked in front of a police station with a sign asking for step dad for her "black daughter"

No. 1793357

He posted his gf multiple times on his account womenpostingLs, tagged her in it, and basically let moida enjoy a circlejerk of ripping her appearance apart, mindlessly making jokes about how she's going to end up a single mom, etc. He knows exactly what happens to women that he posts, why the fuck is he essentially pimping out his girlfriend to be an incel emotional punching bag?

No. 1793376

File: 1679515149725.png (39.18 KB, 720x1205, Screenshot_20230322-145840.png)

Imagine being in a relationship with a moid who can send his army after you to rip apart your appearance and send you rape and death threats if you don't do something he wants. Couldn't be me

No. 1793380

File: 1679515516385.png (32.47 KB, 720x609, Screenshot_20230322-150446.png)

I can't. She looks healthy and James and at least 60 lbs overweight

No. 1793381

File: 1679515687603.png (43.35 KB, 720x759, Screenshot_20230322-150814.png)

No. 1793406

He looks like he smells like baby poop

No. 1793526

she's too good for him and he has to break her down so she'll stay because he is worthless

No. 1793599

I disagree, if you you willingly date someone who runs the "womanpostingL's" account, then I think you deserve the misogyny that he inflicts on other women

No. 1793600

Wasn’t he kicked out of film school? Kek. He had an extremely cringey tiktok account too but I can’t find it now

No. 1793601

Samefag. Never mind, found it. He deleted a lot of the cringier videos.

No. 1793617

File: 1679551308398.jpeg (90.52 KB, 813x598, 9A3926F2-8330-4696-810F-4A8ED1…)

this moonfaced pigman has no business commenting on anyone else’s looks. this picture triggers my fight or flight response

No. 1793621

Those evil rotten eyes. No way he didn't rape anyone

No. 1793642

Thought he was dating that retarded ironyposter-adjacent bitch who thinks she looks like Nicole Kidman. pretty sure they fucked

No. 1793669

isn't he involved in that pedophile NFT scam milady?

No. 1793704

THANK YOU FOR THIS THREAD. I hate this failed abortion with Klinefelters so goddamn much.

No. 1793914

Shane Dawson.
What's with these nasty redheaded pig skin fat men and their degenerate? See Dream.

No. 1795079

File: 1679781343280.png (122.02 KB, 720x1032, Screenshot_20230325-165427.png)

What even is an "L" anymore? Why is he posting situations out of the woman's control as an L? Shouldn't an L be a failure brought onto someone by themselves?

No. 1795095

File: 1679783402727.png (105.49 KB, 1116x602, Screenshot 2023-03-25 152751.p…)

Anyone checked his shop out yet? What's with the autistic fixation on trucks? And more importantly who's buying this shit?

No. 1795121

This looks some fugly clearance shirts in the boys section at Walmart

No. 1795129

He’s probably just trying to fake a fixation on trucks to mimick Sam Hyde’s car hobby

No. 1795202

Yeah mean having a man act like a rapist shithead to you is totes an L, Ratio! Buy my shitty shirts and subscribe to my cringe youtube.

No. 1795222

>underaged women

OP you know we have a word for this, right?

No. 1795228

This shit makes Redbubble look like Gucci

No. 1795282

File: 1679801109620.jpg (60.82 KB, 1200x577, Screenshot_20230325-230918_Bra…)

>Has a failed movie called penis boy or something
Apparently it went viral in 2015 for being colossally shit edge lord material that couldn't execute being taboo.
Also op is kinda shit, we need a bit more detail on almost everything cause this cow has some serious potential but we need examples of him chimping out at critics and knowledge on his failed art career.
He has that bloated Shane Dawson face with the same pedo eyes, I see why he's insecure about his ~masculinity~ kek

No. 1795283

File: 1679801219929.jpg (287.85 KB, 1200x1659, Screenshot_20230325-231221_Bra…)

Link to the movie, I'll watch tomorrow and recap if noone else does

No. 1795306

doesn't this scrote have a massive manchild pokemon card collection? much masculinity.. it's about time we made fun of him

No. 1795317

Kek you know it's bad when even film reviewers are able to see the misogyny. Women truly live rent free in his head

On a serious note one of the most concerning things about this dude is he laughs of basically every sort of questioning, criticism or anything else he gets relating to people concerning about how his obsession with misogynistic jokes may be getting a little too obsessive. It's very psychotic if he truly is laughing it off but stupid and insecure if his best way to respond to these sorts of things is to tell everyone he's laughing

No. 1813320

File: 1682190924884.jpeg (261.61 KB, 1215x1798, B5C8E0D8-6480-4075-9AD9-2945FC…)

he really is a pig lol
its weird how they are calling minor girls women not expanding on the allegations or how they know and not including the fact he definitely is involved with that pedophile nft, to answer >>1793669 question

No. 1813352

This is the first time I've seen this guy. When this scrolled by I thought it was a TIF. Something about the eyes

No. 1813456

Brittany Venti is friends with this guy and streams with him on a fairly regular basis…really super gross.

No. 1813863

also the fact that his gf was only 17 years old when he first slid into her dms.

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