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File: 1472254617952.jpeg (20.69 KB, 168x94, image.jpeg)

No. 168767


How about a thread for the IG accounts that seem to take pride in posting mental illness diagnosis on their profiles, post pictures of prescription meds/police sections/hospital trips

- No Eating Disorder/Pro Ana scum
- No Emily Crocker/Ember talk

No. 168777

Can I post "totes haffu" weeaboo trash who posts about hospital trips whenever they can?

No. 168787

File: 1472258633157.png (1.82 MB, 1440x2095, Lul.png)


OP I just found this nut. Don't know if she meets your criteria but her photoshop fails and love thyself captions are so funny to me!

No. 168789

File: 1472259029499.png (1.91 MB, 1430x1744, kek.png)

No. 168793

Her proportions are bizarre, but I don't see how this girl is a cow, snowflake, or attention whore.

No. 168798

Hm ok. Well I can't delete it anymore

No. 168806

Not sure if any of these people are on private, but highbulimic is always threatening suicide/account deleting every week. She goes away for a day or two then comes back and makes Youtube videos?

There's also unicorn.fights/life.with.bpd who often post about how they've run away, then allowed the police to find them and get sectioned leaving the poor police officers to sit with them in hospital all night whilst they post about it on IG

No. 168812

I think photoshop as obvious as >>168789 is pretty snowflakey and fun to laugh at. She's not gonna provide a lot of milk but this a general thread for attention whoring so idt she needs to be full of drama since other people will be posted here to pick up the slack

No. 168820

File: 1472268882338.jpeg (62.53 KB, 616x920, image.jpeg)

This sort of thing. Who the hell posts to IG when they're surrounded by police?

No. 168938

File: 1472322681354.jpeg (145.65 KB, 750x1152, image.jpeg)

I think she has some potential personally. She is god awful at shopping and is clearly an attention whore, so I don't see why not frankly.

Her arm melting into her side in this pic made me laugh. Does she not realize how ridiculous she looks?

No. 168939

File: 1472322934379.jpeg (103.13 KB, 749x1122, image.jpeg)

If you're gonna shoop your ass why in the world would you make it this shape?

No. 168945

File: 1472323817027.jpeg (307.24 KB, 746x1211, image.jpeg)

Her real ass at least looks like it belongs to a human

No. 168946

File: 1472323975929.jpeg (145.9 KB, 750x1197, image.jpeg)

So much blur on her stomach that her belly button disappeared

No. 168948

Lying attention whores, of course

No. 168950

File: 1472324245917.jpeg (130.17 KB, 750x1188, image.jpeg)

Her tits look misshapen in almost every picture she posts from the liquify tool abuse

No. 168951

File: 1472325318962.jpeg (152.97 KB, 750x1187, image.jpeg)

This is the last one I'll post but holy shit all those wobbly lines

No. 168952

Thank you for posting these haha at least someone gets it. All her ig comments are positive, I suppose she blocks a ton of people

No. 168962


lololol I can't wait for the day someone sees her in the wild and takes a pic, then posts it online. It will be great.

No. 168981

File: 1472338877071.jpg (236.25 KB, 750x1117, 098677954.jpg)

Savanna Peterson is a potential cow.
The narcissism is heavy with this one.

She recently caught the cancer after her boyfriend of 2 weeks dumped her, because she was a little loopy from the antibiotics she got from the doctor. This post was deleted after people started questioning her, and saying antibiotics don't alter your state of mind. She reposted later saying all her friends know she has cancer and she's not faking. It was a hilarious shit show.
She's never once mentioned having cancer, and her close friends seemed shocked.
Despite claiming to have cancer, she still drinks heavily.

Her Facebook contains most of the milk.


No. 169868

Anyone follow livingwithborderline or

No. 171033

File: 1472931983090.jpeg (166.49 KB, 639x1001, image.jpeg)

Ok so IGNORING the fact this woman claims to have anorexia, the rest of her posts are just screaming munchausins/hypochondriac. She is almost like another kadee but her drs and local hospitals seem to be totally onto her malingering. Shes unemployed (on disability apparently unable to work due to her chronic ana) and just seems to spend her days finding more and more physical symptoms to add to her resume. Currently she is wearing a holter moniter apparently at the request of her cardiologist but i have my suspicions she got it for herself. It gets better; she also posted about how because her gi drs have refused and "arent listening to her" SO SHE TUBED HERSELF !!! claims it is helping her keep water down. Anyone else know of her or noticed her milk??

No. 171034

File: 1472932092381.jpeg (430.88 KB, 1198x1678, image.jpeg)

Additional photos for mylifestruggles

No. 171043

>U can hate call me stomach
Is she off her nut on paid meds or something? I've re-read that three times and I don't know whether I'm being a tard or that sentence makes no sense.

No. 171151

She is private. Damn it, looks like a good cow too.

No. 171247

Underaged cows are not allowed; feel free to re-submit when she is 18.

No. 171342

Apologies for the confusion, she's not underage.

No. 171940

File: 1473252182027.jpeg (154 KB, 640x808, image.jpeg)

No. 172019

File: 1473281879239.png (543.26 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

mylifestruggles deffo has too much time on her hands - one day she thinks she might have an eptopic pregnancy due to the SAME symptoms she has had and been going to various drs about for nearly a year! Now shes just posted about going for a bladder scan. Is it just me or does it seem like in america its far too easy for hypochondriacs and medical attention seekers to just go from dr to dr and get whatever they think they need whilst these drs have no idea of their malingering behaviours or motives because there is no central communication system or standards?!

No. 172026

Yes and no. Depends on the insurance. Most plans require referrals to specialists which the primary doc sets up. Either she has a plan that requires no referrals, or she's going to the emergency room constantly like kadee.

No. 175463

File: 1474407116259.png (184.79 KB, 640x996, IMG_1855.PNG)

Why do these accounts that post from hospital always seem to take delight in showing off dressings? Also why does IG need to see a bag full of your piss?

No. 175492

emma does this frequently. She has previously posted pics of vomit, bloody urine and ofc every single iv she ever needed. she thrives off the attention she gets being sick and it is her whole identity. She is always trying to one-up others who have the same/similar issues and turns everything she can into an annecdote about her and her experiences and illnesses being more serious and life threatening than anyone elses.

No. 175498

She's recently attended a wedding and of course had a medical drama

No. 175500

File: 1474415803038.png (210.56 KB, 640x985, IMG_1858.PNG)

Forgot pic

No. 175526

Ignoring the ED stuff, would she warrant a thread?

No. 175543

No. 175577

I for one would love one. I am shamefully addicted to "spoonie" hypochondriac drama cows. They give great milk and cream regularly! We would just have to watch out for anachan sperg.

No. 175583

A thread has been made. Not emma specific.

No. 178943

This "published model/cosplayer" who I never heard of before until today when I saw her post on thedirty which she 100% submitted herself.


Her photoshop is soooo funny. She is super chubs lol

No. 541820

Stop necro-ing threads with your bs vendetta anon. Take a walk.

No. 541830

This is either a series of self posts or anon is a jealous vendetta-Chan by either way you’re embarrassing yourself anon

No. 541835

I just can't stand all the people who thinks she's so great in my circle, she's such a facetuning liar.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 541851

Are you 14? No one here cares about your personal high school drama or this girl, go away

No. 541925

lmao nice email, vendetta-chan

No. 909842

File: 1577310294858.jpg (215.55 KB, 720x1280, IMG_8675.JPG)

There's an instagrammer who calls herself 'extraordinary beauty' and 'plastic positive', has articles written about her and her selfie art, calls her boyfriend "daddy", could be a narcissist. Has artsy photos of herself/her body in her home.

No. 916288

File: 1578728834149.jpeg (470.67 KB, 750x652, 5DA118DD-0752-49CF-98D5-D61D07…)

Here’s one of that e thot who used a bikini pic to announce that her father committed suicide

No. 916292

She actually has a thread funny enough

No. 916296

Can you link it?

No. 916396

nta it’s kinda dead tho

No. 916397

Oops meant to tag u

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