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No. 1601975


>Gus Johnson's ex-girlfriend Sabrina details her traumatic ectopic pregnancy experience, revealing Gus to be an abuser
>iDubbbz's Creator Clash goes down; fights receive mixed reviews but the overall event is a success, raising $1.3 million for charity
>JaidenAnimations "comes out" as aromantic asexual
>SuperMega is suing their ex friend/social media manager for embezzling 61k (embezzled money was spent of food and sweatpants)
>Youtube Pedohunter MamaMax is accused by various ex-girlfriends of being an abuser
>Youtube channel Disrupt "sells shares" of his Youtube channel, selling the move as a way of expanding the channel and leaving out the fact that they are 450k in debt
>Kalel makes a podcast

No. 1601976

Kalel talks about moving out of her parents house soon, calls the era of 2018-2022 her "lost years". Wants to make moving vlogs but she's too broke to make shopping vlogs. Mentions at one point having 25 cents in her bank account.

No. 1601981

If anyone is still interested in recent developments in the beef between Paulina >>1241591 and MamaMax (Paulina + all of MamaMax's other ex-gfs have been accusing him of all sorts of shit), he made a response. TL;DR for those of you who (understandably) can't stand his retarded voice:

>Max only dates batshit crazy girls, all seem like they are either lying or exaggerating to make him seem abusive

>Paulina spearheaded the accusations
>One of his exes (Olivia) admits, in a recorded phone call, that she lied about him being abusive because she didn't like seeing fan edits of him and was just annoyed\
>One ex, he dated months before she turned 18, when he was 20 – she lied about her age at the time, stating she was already 18, and is now painting all of their interactions as grooming
>Worst thing he is guilty of is acting like an edgy faggot toward a girl toward the end of high school (Haley) – said girl seems to enjoy the attention and downplays her reciprocity in her video painting Max as an abusive kidnapping stalker.
>End of video, Max reveals that Anthony, Haley's boyfriend, hates Max and has been aiding in spreading allegations against him, because he (Anthony), is a pedophile himself (includes screencaps of text conversation with victim)

No. 1602088

Not the anon above but here's a more detailed explanation of Mamamax addressing abuse allegations

First girl: Paulina
>fake pickme high pitched voice
>"mental illness check" tiktok
>says she's self medicating but max calls it substance abuse
>makeup is very strangely applied, visibly mentally unwell
>max claims she had been saying "sussy things to other men"(what a faggot way to phrase that jesus Max be an adult if you're so serious about this)
>broke up with her, she tried to get back with him a few months later, he declined but they stayed friends
>she allegedly kept trying to message Max and continued to find info on him through his sister
>she asked his new girlfriend if she was daying Max and immediately posted the abuse allegations on her Instagram
>claims Max doxxed her when her doxx has been available on Kiwifarms years before Max allegedly doxxed her
>big time suicide baiter on her social media
>smeared her actual fucking blood all over a plane ticket because she hadn't seen Max in a while
>is still shit flinging BPD epic style

Second girl: Olivia
>introduced as a very cheerful smiley person in a video making rape accusations
>Max skips her video because "most of what she says isn't important" and says "it's a waste of time" which is a very fucking suspicious thing to say about someone making accusations against him
>she calls him a rapist, an abuser, a stalker, and a groomer
>audio of call between Olivia and Max, full call audio available in description of video. Apparently entered a group call with his other ex girlfriends right after this call
>she tweets Max was 26 and she was 18 when she started dating
Max says this isn't true stating that he would then be older than his older brother. We should make a note of this piece of information in case future allegations come out because YouTubers will often lie about age
>took money from Max then immediately accused him of giving her "hush money"
>accuses him of being a loli watcher

Third girlfriend: Sarah
>"out of all of my exes, Sarah is the worst"
>Sarah has not yet come out publically
>has spoken about it with a lot of people in private DMs and is in the groupchat with the other ex girlfriends
(I'm starting to see /snow/ thread potential for his exes. Mamamax heartbreak support group general)
>claims Sarah raped and abused him
>his response to her in the screenshot is "you're fucking ugly to me now", "have fun being a slut to your new shrimpy"
>in the same screenshot she alleges max tried to feel her up when she was tipsy
His explanation of how Sarah would rape him:
>Sarah would molest him in his sleep
>she would persist if he turned away
>if he tried to resist, she would scream at him calling him a shrimp dick and not a real man
>he would just give up and let her fondle him until he was "hard enough to sit on"
>she accused him of raping her while she was drunk when confronted
Back to details
>max made a video years ago talking about Sarah without actually mentioning Sarah
>calls him an animal abuser because his dog died of cancer
>Sarah has leaked nudes of max
>allegedly cheated on max. She fucked a guy while they were broken up but she was still talking to the guy while they were together
>max tells Sarah to kill herself and calls her "a fucking whore"
Max is really coming off bad if you actually read the screenshots he shows. I'm not saying there are perfect victims but they really paint the situation as mutually abusive at times

Fourth girlfriend: Lucy
>took Max's virginity, first ever gf
>making accusations for 4 years straight (grooming, stalking, and rape)
>literally Tasmanian
>publically states Max dated her as a minor, 17, when she told Max she was 18 (2016 she was born in 1998). According ID she was 17 but 18 in 2 months when they started dating)
>When Sarah was 20 she was allegedly dating a 17 year old Britfag named Harry. He taunts Olivia by saying if she tells on Olivia he wont sue her for defamation
>met on a livestream where she was flirting with him in chat
>she presents a fake screenshot as evidence
This part is fucking weird:
>max says his famous birthdays page has the wrong age, listing him as 2 years younger than he is
>max waited until after they had started dated to disclose he was actually 20 and not 18
>she doxes him with a picture of him holding his ID to thousands of people
>says he always sends his partners pictures of him and his ID and asks they do the same as proof
>much like Pauline, she made public accusations only after Max made a video talking about the situation where she was not named
>screenshot of him essentially asking if she's free after school. Not a good look kek
>randomly brings up that his dad called him a loser because he wouldn't get a job despite his YouTube making no money at the time
>She talks about sending nudes which she refers to as CP of herself, which Max quips that she just admitted to distributing illegal porn
Am I retarded or has Max just also incriminated himself since he just highlighted the face he was in possession of said illegal porn? Kek this is a shit show
>she claims max sexually assaulted her in 2017 and then took her to a waterpark
>lies about how they broke up. She says she broke up when she got home from visiting him, irl they were together for 4 months then he broke up with her
>she keeps changing his age around in public accusations and people keep calling her out
>blocks CSA victims and then tweets that she wishes block button would kill people

>Haley is not an ex
>Haley hasn't abused Max
>Haley is a highschool crush
>Max (18) obsessed over her while in the military
>"Haley is painting a very different picture of our relationship during these times to make me look more like a creep"
>he hasn't seen her since he left for the military
>hasn't contacted her since she called the police on him
>hasn't contacted her boyfriend since messaging to apologise to him
Gearing up for some megamilk
>Haley's boyfriend is a fat neck beard who spoke publically about how Max and Haley attempted to resolve their issue privately
>Haley explains that she confided all her mental illness struggles in Max
>they were best friends
>Max claims whenever her bf was being a dick she would come to him for comfort (cheek kissing, cuddling, he would buy her things at the mall, stargazing, etc.)
>Max wanted to be a rapper named Fire Man or something idk
>invited him to her sisters birthday and told him where it was, later claimd she did not invite him and she had no idea how she knew where to go
>claims max turned up to his old job in a work uniform a year after he quit to stalk her while she still worked there, it was actually a week and he thought it would be funny to collect his last paycheck in his uniform.
>Haley claims he presented a diary in which Max detailed how he would violently murder her bf, Max says actually he promised he would murder the man who abused her (shows a doctor of "adolescent medicine" on screen?)
>he does not detail the abuse but further explains that the diary was actually a collection of rap songs about torturing and murdering this doctor
>he shows him performing one of these rap songs but he never released it because Haley might call the police
>they went 3 weeks with no contact, she came back and cuddled him in bed. He showed her an edgy video he made about how sad the relationship made him feel. She punched him in the shoulder but they were ok
>would not pursue her but would come to her whenever invited
>claimed Max stalked her to her college dorm, Max says he was invited and she let him in
>she messaged him to talk about problem in her life after agreeing with her friends that he was a weirdo
>her bf told her to cut contact with Max
>Max admits he was obsessed with her and says she loved that about him and responded in kind
>Max says she was very flirty and touchy with him before she left for college
>she lies about his sister being a psychology major, she is a law major
>Max says he was obsessed with her that he joined the military to avoid seeing her and wanted to die for a cause
>Max claims he booked a hotel room for them which he says she knew and said was ok "as long as you don't try to fuck me", they cuddled in bed and he told her he joined the military which made her cry
>Haley he trapped her in the room and wouldn't let her out
>Max claims they planned to get him out of the military by having her lie to the security clearance people and telling them he was too mentally ill to be allowed in the military
>she says she told Max she was dating a guy and Max said that's bit true because he would have freaked out
>lied about Max her at her job
>Max posted a video on Facebook of him cutting himself after learning about Anthony, Haley's fat neckbeard bf
>Max attempts to hang himself after they told him to never contact Haley again
>he brings his sister on as a witness

Anthony/ Magnatar on YouTube
>Haley's bf who is a pedophile
I literally can not think of a more suitable arch nemesis to a pedophile hunter than a pedophile who is dating his long lost love. That's insane
>exposed for weird shit with a young girl who knows max
>Anthony is pictured with Obama
>has multiple abuse victims allegedly

No. 1602089

Saged for correction: I incorrectly identify a man who looks like Ethan Ralph as Haley's bf Anthony. He is not, Anthony is a skinny Asian dude

No. 1602091

File: 1659181021618.jpg (73.55 KB, 720x345, 20220730_125520.jpg)


No. 1602117

Is this dude picking his girlfriends off a psychiatric ward?

No. 1602124

It's weird how all if his girlfriends are such liars and basket cases. Maybe he really hasn't done anything wrong bit that's a huge red flag imo, also take into account his whole channel, which is just hotline miami pedohunting LARP. He's an attention whore and a male and those things are never, ever a good mix.

No. 1602127

I think so too. The most likely case is that Max himself is BPD (literally cutting himself on FaceBook in response to finding out his favourite person is dating someone else is peak BPD) and would naturally be drawn to people who are also BPD so he can get that mutual obsession. Pauline is very obviously a BPD nutter seeing as she has been a lolcow for years because of her constant public meltdowns and attention seeking (seriously, what the fuck is that fake voice?). The others seem relatively normal so I'm highly confused why they've banded together like this

Max is also ppen about how he also is nuts because if you actually read his screenshots, his messages come off weird at times but tbh every normal person would say mean things if their partner was acting like a lunatic

Likely. They all mention having mental health issues in their own videos

No. 1602183

You can tell he’s a BPD sperg just by how he presents himself in videos. Narcissism showing when he makes himself out to be some internet vigilante through hotline Miami cosplay

No. 1602215

Has he ever talked about why he started pedo hunting? He seems to have hinted at a pediatrician molesting Haley, I wonder if that's where it all comes from

I'm not going to rag on him too much because I feel like exposing predators is a good thing but at the same time the way he makes his videos is… off. He does long unnecessary cinematic scenes that feel really out of place in a video intended to expose predators and I think he has good intentions but is too much of a sperg to present it correctly.

No. 1602277

I enjoy some of his videos but his fanbase is so annoying, treating him like some saint because he's "bringing pedos down". Honestly I'm suspicious of anyone specially male who dedicates too much thought to pedophilia even if it's to 'fight it'. Its like those right wing guys who project pedophilic desires in everything and feel some pathological need to protect children from the gays who end up being shady themselves. In this case Max is just probably BPD himself and that's why he attracts other mentally ill people

No. 1602393

I find his videos cringe but that makes them more appealing to kids and young teens, who are the kind of people who need to watch them. Kids don't like to be told they don't know what they're doing online and might not be interested in more professionally-presented videos, but making them feel like badasses for alerting their parents and the authorities that someone tried to groom them seems like a good outcome lol.

>The others seem relatively normal so I'm highly confused why they've banded together like this
I'm confused as well, I wonder if Paulina or maybe Olivia really sold their own abuse stories, and manipulated the other girls into thinking their input would help give their own stories credit?

No. 1602411

Her podcast lasted 3 episodes and she's quitting because she thinks editing is too much work. Her subscribers in the comments are enabling her saying it's fine to always give up on everything. If they stopped watching and she lost youtube revenue she'd probably change her habits quick.

No. 1602536

Ayrt. But even then that's such a bizarre thing to do. Pauline and Olivia are "off" mentally, that's very obvious from how they're known to behave on social media. You'd think Sarah and Haley would be able to see this and not get involved with what may possibly be a massive random lie. There's also Anthony to take into account. I guarantee now that Max has made the video we're going to see Anthony shitflinging on his own channel

No. 1602540

Anthony has now re uploaded his video about Max with a fundraiser attached

No. 1602576

Is this Anthony guy the actual pedophile? How ironic

No. 1602586

Yeah that's him. Max shows screenshots from a girl who had interacted with Anthont as a minor and he was being a pedo. Allegedly has more victims

No. 1602616

lmao the audacity of this guy calling Max an abuser when he himself is a fucking pedophile

No. 1605519

Sage because not milk

Anyone else get the vibe thag Max always wanted to be what Corpse Husband became? When he was talking about his rap career aspirations, as well as how he hated corpse + taking into account his whole voice change aesthetic…

No. 1605567

Nitpick but you can’t bring a family member in as a reference/ vouch for you. That segment is weird

No. 1605577

Both men are abusers, one man exploiting these women’s accounts of abuse for Youtube clout and Max being an obvious BPD suicide baiting wanna-be emo male manipulator. I just don’t see how all of these women would be lying about these accusations for.. what? What would they gain out of accusing this Z-list internet microceleb? Kek

No. 1605583

I used to love Dan and Phil, but Dan is so fucking annoying and unfunny. His wokebro shtick is cringe.

No. 1605589

File: 1659490923677.jpeg (272.19 KB, 909x2247, 7C35928E-5BCC-4AF1-AD4A-D6EF39…)

Same anon, of course he had to throw a half-assed jab at JK Rowling in there despite being too stupid to even understand what she’s been saying. He’s so fucking dumb and brainwashed.

No. 1605607

Part of me wants to believe him but why would that many people come out? It’s not like they’re getting money or fame out of it, and I’d get maybe if he dated like 100 girls there’d be a couple; but every single one? How has this guy not had a girlfriend that hasn’t accused him of something? just seems sus there isn’t any girlfriend that would actually back him up if it was “all lies”

No. 1605632

Even if all his ex girlfriends are lying I have no sympathy for scrotes who only date crazy women. Like you know what youre getting yourself into dude, he probably does it to play victim in his real life like other bitch ass men who seek out crazy women

No. 1605646

He’s always been a pretentious little nit but dude also watched porn on his YouTube channel that was aimed at teenagers like you’re not better than anyone Daniel

No. 1605652

he what?! When was this?
He is so fucking pretentious I would like to backhand him

No. 1605667

He did a video with Tyler Oakley a couple of years ago where they searched up odd words on porn sites to see what would come up. They didn't show anything graphic of course, just their reactions. I remember there being one on Dan's channel of this, but for some reason there's only the one on Tyler's account.
God that looks insufferable. His humor is so redundant too, it's mostly just awkward self-loathing shit that really only teens relate to.

No. 1605780

I can’t believe this was a normal thing with big YouTubers back in the day lol

No. 1605798

This. They're always scrotes like lowtax. They see a messed up woman, and instead of running away, they think they can take advantage of that. They exploit unbalanced women and leave them even more fucked up. No tears will be shed by me on the day that it blows up in a moid's face.

No. 1605866

Wow, did he gain weight? Dan (and Phil) have always been so horrendously schlubby and British to me. Unattractive unfunny scrotes

No. 1605871

Anybody else know who alizee is? She’s a relatively ‘small’ British youtuber that I follow.
She recently seems like she’s on stims, which is funny because she’s been prescribed ADHD meds (stims) which are supposed to calm down people with ADHD I thought?
She is an ex coke addict so it makes me suspicious of Doctor shopping or the like.
I can’t even watch her vids now as it makes me cringe how fast she’s talking and her thoughts get disrupted and she starts talking about something else. It just seems like she’s high to me.
ADHD meds are supposed to work from the first dose too so it’s not like she’s adjusting to the meds.
She’s also started putting out a lot more content than usual which can be a sign of stims eg. Increased productivity.

No. 1605927

adhd meds work like mood enhancers so that people with adhd dont need constant shortterm gratification. its what keeps them on task. so yes most adhd drugs are stimulants, behavioural intervention is more often needed and successful for someone with the disorder, but chucking pills at a spaz is just easier than the cognitive process.

tldr yeah shes probably taking stims and abusing them

No. 1605947

its not out of the question, often times fucked up people are only able to attract other fucked up people, like my sister's entire dating history has consisted of absolute psychos, narcs and losers, and I'm not saying she deserved that heartache but she's bipolar refuses to take any medication and is just an awful person at times, Max is proably just as fucked up as the girls he's been with

No. 1605949

I’m familiar with her. Haven’t bothered watching for a while but she seems like a chill person to hang out and split a bottle of wine with.
If she’s only recently started the medication or if she’s on the wrong dose it could be a reason she seems tweaky, but if that’s the case it’ll all settle down soon.

No. 1606032

Corpse was already exposed for stealing his shitty deep voice shtick from Max so tbh I'd be pissed too if the ONE reason someone became famous was for something they stole from me. Corpse is an uggo + his fame comes from trying to be sexy to minors so Max is still winning imo kek

No. 1606119

This doesn't make any sense…what a sad pathetic attempt at virtue signalling

No. 1606132

probably the antidepressants. they tend to make you gain weight like crazy.

No. 1606145

File: 1659553984454.png (626.04 KB, 556x710, Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 3.13…)

so ryan magee from supermega is definitely gay, right?

No. 1606147

some SM fans have speculated it's actually Matt who is at least bi. It's tinfoil, but there are pictures and videos of Ryan hanging out with OF girls, and one of them was a troon

No. 1606149

i feel like annabel would have outed him during their first breakup if matt was bi

No. 1606150

I would think so too, I heard she's a bit cow-y.

No. 1606153

I dont actually think theyre gay, i think theyre just pretty secure in themselves.. and also they are very woke, way more than I used to think, which defo made me like them alot less

No. 1606154

i accept their wokeness because they aren't preachy about it

No. 1606162

I think for the most part they stay in their lane. They have drama that they don't really put out there, like Matt's toxic relationship and a falling out with Don. It's mostly tinfoil for a lot of their drama honestly

No. 1606178

I didnt know they had a falling out with Don, wasnt he on their podcast not that long ago? Or maybe im remembering wrong. The only big drama I heard about was obviously the whole shitshow with Jackson

No. 1606183

File: 1659558352850.png (98.79 KB, 705x849, sdfdsfdsfds.png)

Don has stopped making thumbnails for them, as noted by the live podcasts (even though they were planning to make live podcasts) Don has taken out supermega from his twitter bio, and was staying at Matt's for a while but went back home abruptly before the AX convention.

No. 1606184

samefag, only Matt and Don aren't following each other anymore

No. 1606256

oh, were you guys unaware of the…uranium incident?

No. 1606318

Can someone elaborate on this? I thought it was just a funny goof or did Don actually get upset over it?

No. 1606359

Correct me if I’m wrong I’m pretty sure the uranium thing was a joke. The falling out happened recently like a month ago

No. 1606395

no the uranium thing was a goof for sure, i was just being cheeky.

don has talked about having a lot of mental health struggles so it wouldn't surprise me if he stepped back.

now let's talk about justin (supermega's editor) and foolishkia (channel artist)? they're dating for sure.

No. 1606408

100% they are

No. 1606434

>they're dating for sure
Looks like it. Good for them I guess

No. 1606457

They’re cute together. Justin seems like an awkward but nice guy and Kelly is goofy and matches him. Sorry kek none of this is milk or important discussion

No. 1606468

Wait can you elaborate on his toxic relationship

I can absolutely imagine him dating a cow

No. 1606471

Nvm I’m dumb, you meant with a friend

No. 1606482

No no sorry my post was worded weird. I meant with Annabel. This again seems to be tinfoil because most of the info is from “people that know people you know” if that makes sense. According to that Matt and Annabel have an on and off relationship because Annabel is a serial toxic and manipulative cheater apparently. Again this is not fact or proven

No. 1606537

she also allegedly faked a pregnancy and miscarriage/abortion

No. 1606907

File: 1659617990441.jpeg (591.26 KB, 828x1442, 33966566-8566-4FF3-9837-D3A6C3…)

SM fans mad at Nathan Barnett for giving Matt potentially a concussion a from Creator Clash

No. 1606916

matt has told them to lay off–he knew what he was getting into by boxing nathan. HOWEVER, apparently matt wasn't even supposed to go against nathan in the first place. when he finally agreed to do it, he wasn't aware of how in-shape the dude had gotten. nathan really went in on him though, no lie there.

No. 1606931

the dude signed up to be hit in the head for entertainment. And he knew he was fighting Dad who was way above his fitness level. These ppl should stop woobifying grown men, it's pathetic.

No. 1606941

Who the fuck would brag about beating a man who looks like he is made out of pretzel sticks during a charity boxing match. Eugenia Cooney could beat the shit out of Matt

No. 1606946


No. 1606961

I knew at least one of these fucking boxing matches would end up another Boll/Lowtax whinefest afterwards

No. 1606971

the funniest part is that matt literally said he expected to get the shit beaten out of him and the aiden fans are uwu'ing him to no end. he's had head injuries before, too (iirc an untreated concussion only a few months before the match) so this probably just exacerbated it.

if anyone should be mad, it's ryan. dude's back is fucked and he'll probably need surgery thanks to the fight. ||but fuck was he hot during that match||

No. 1606974

learn to spoiler Nona but I agree
Supermega in itself seems like it’s dying, it doesn’t have the same feel anymore.

No. 1607012

i tried nonna i really did

and yeah. i've never been a fan of the lets plays, honestly. not huge on that stuff. the podcast and live action are what i stuck around for.

No. 1607043

Seriously if Matt and Ryan dont stop talking about how much injury they got from the boxing matches im gonna stop listening to their shit. They mention it literally every 5 minutes for the past 15 videos.
I know Ryan got a back injury and Matt something with his head, which defo sucks and its hard to get over… im just a bit surprised they seem so surprised by it. Boxing is something people train for YEARS to do, not just 6 months, you have to be steadily in shape for your body to take it. Even pro boxers get injuries, so its not so surprising two out of shape dudes who worked out for alittle while get beat up for it.
And the fans complaining about them getting beat up in a sport thats literally about being beat up, are so stupid. Nathan didnt do anything wrong, nor did Doctor Mike against idubbz.
Sage for blogpost

No. 1607072

Ian was SO bitter about Doctor Mike. Him and Anisa who chickened out in the end.

No. 1607570


because moids are babies. every single dude in that lineup who didnt win is going omg guise im like so effed up rn ugh

No. 1607754

File: 1659674840499.jpg (35.59 KB, 484x702, IMG_1285.jpg)

not too far off this is apparently her

No. 1607789

Tana was on H3 today with Mike whatever tf & Jeff Wittick. Apparently she had surgery so that’s why she’s being so weird, pretty sure she was just xanned out. Start of the podcast she was kinda there, then once the Percy’s or whatever tf hit she was out and couldn’t even form sentences. Just sat there silent the whole time. Strange.

No. 1607955

Blurry screenshots with no identifying info, so believable anon!

No. 1615587

Matt Watson and Abelina Sabrina are fucking.

No. 1616341

at least it’s anyone but Gus thank god

No. 1616468

You already posted this in the previous thread. Give it a rest, or at least provide some evidence this time around.

No. 1617020

honestly like who cares too kek

No. 1617173

Does anyone know who Don's gf is? I only remember the (then) 18 yr old that later made a callout post about him.

No. 1617955

Where is this callout post? I NEVER heard of that.

No. 1618031

File: 1660687943008.jpeg (427.09 KB, 828x906, 637AD693-DB2A-40F7-9335-79D750…)

Kek for you weird mattabelina anon

No. 1618088

File: 1660694744187.png (870.95 KB, 980x542, Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 8.05…)

kek was just about to post this

not mattabelinanon but they kinda cute together

No. 1618092

i have literally never seen this post and i've been a member of the supermega community for a long time.

No. 1618112

I only remember the girl he dated who looked exactly like him and was also an artist as well. They went public and broke up shortly after. I don’t remember her name

No. 1623718

File: 1661291138719.jpg (91.94 KB, 535x730, Lc5Z2S8.jpg)

stale milk but this is trinlovell's bf kek? i thought she would be dating a normie

No. 1623721

i hate when gross weebs try to act cool

No. 1623723

Im gonna be rude, but I cant believe Abelina Sabrina is 28, she looks and sounds 35-40

No. 1623733

File: 1661292023906.jpg (197.79 KB, 1080x1350, 5hwLB5Q.jpg)

there's more
>trans(she/they, "any pronouns" picrel)
>fantasizes/constantly talking about black men

No. 1623734

also has a youtube channel

No. 1623778

Isn't he the ex skinwalking her or did she hit a double whammy and date two troons?

No. 1623821

you're kidding me, right? if anything she sounds like a chipmunk with that squeaky voice

No. 1623913

he's her ex, not surprised it ended like this.

No. 1624066

Wait, did he troon out after dating her or was he a troon during their relationship

No. 1625203

Jesus Christ can you agespergs just fuck off once in a while

No. 1627167

Apparently one of Mamamax's BPD ex girlfriends is going after Plagued Moth for some reason. He mentions it briefly while explaining that he has a different weird psycho stalker who edits his daughter into porn and sends it to him

No. 1627330

Good, Moth talks too much about watching gore while being happy about it, and says he watches CP for the government.

KiwiFarms had a thread WIP about Moth before it went down.

No. 1627490

When I went back to fetch the video link for this post, I noticed there are videos exposing him or some shit. I'm waiting for KF to stop bring seiged by trannies so I can read about him

No. 1628681

see i think this is so clear especially with the way they were acting on the podcast but matt keeps (periodically) retweeting annabel's replies on twitter so.. ?

No. 1628682

where did you get this because this looks overwhelmingly fake lol

No. 1631761

File: 1661949810979.jpeg (2.41 MB, 1100x2960, B42B957B-70B2-4E96-90E7-5AD667…)

imagine exposing yourself like that. coomer

No. 1631813

what's new? about ten years ago he was pimping out jessica nigri nonstop. he also spoke a lot about his love of big breasts and how a lot of girls send him (semi) nudes. he probably has toned himself down a lot in the last few years but he has always been like this.

No. 1631853

Hes been doing this for a long while now, its so gross considering nowadays he shows his kid on the channel too.

No. 1632003

File: 1661968062129.jpg (70.99 KB, 750x722, rapistsupportrapists.jpg)

Travel YouTuber Bald and Bankrupt recently went full "mask off" by showing his support for Sex trafficking women beating moid Andrew Tate surprising a lot of his fans even though it's been know for years he left the UK after being in court for a gang rape that he got away with due to as he bragged "she could only identify some of us" on an old forum post of his as well as also bragging about people from poorer countries he travelled to "offering up their 17 year old daughters" to him, mind you rape cases in the UK rarely go to trial unless the evidence is 90% and these forum posts he made were usually talking about how much prostitute "pussy" he got in these notorious for sex trafficking countries, "joking" about using Rohypnol on women, his extensive criminal record and talking about his 7yr old daughter he pays no child support on and doesn't even see

>Link to the rape case news article


>link to the thread where he talks about the gang rape


>Links to some of the archived forum posts where he posted under the usernames:Vorkuta/TheFantasist/TheLigurian/Perulover12


>the subreddit with all of the archives and even worse things


No. 1632130

File: 1661978971049.jpg (382.48 KB, 819x819, 20220514213821_1.jpg)

>dont generally read these threads, just happened to click out of curiosity today
>tfw this was one of the last scrote content creators i liked who wasnt yet revealed to be a horrible person
turns out this whole time i just didn't know the truth. fml
sorry for the blog but…fuck. thanks for sharing it though.

No. 1632133

It’s a bummer when that happens… at least now you know.

No. 1632155

>7 year old daughter he doesn't even see

Seems like he's doing her a favour by keeping away, absolutely disgusting

No. 1632159

Belle seems to have lost popularity yet this man keeps using her in his thumbnails for views, interesting. I think he has a huge crush based on how he formatted these images (she almost looks like she's sitting next to him) and the fact he's still wheeling her out after she dropped off

No. 1632200

>Warriors and thinkers
>Tristan and Andrew
Pick one

NFKRZ makes similar content to Bald and I've heard nothing bad about him. Although they did collaborate a few times so who knows

No. 1632297


thanks v much for this. he is legitimately scary

No. 1633122

Thanks anon i'll check it out

No. 1633219

I felt like this too up until a year or so ago. if you watch the way he talks to women versus men, it's clear he has some issues with them.

No. 1633479

Hey guys I've just watched a vid about Cody Ko and I remembered a post in the previous thread about how Cody slept with Tana who was underage at the time and I wanted to know, what's your thoughts?

No. 1642591

iirc it's kind of not clear if she was underage or had just turned 18, plus she deleted the part of her podcast that mentioned it which is pretty sus, it's not beyond her to lie or bend the truth for clout. I think it's way worse that Cody is friends with a rapist

No. 1642720

what rapist is he friends with?

No. 1643158

File: 1662702232014.jpg (155.12 KB, 828x835, 21231.jpg)

Colby Leachman, one of his fraternity brothers at Duke.

No. 1643159

File: 1662702288668.jpg (211.19 KB, 828x1792, 324321.jpg)

picrel is the two of them hanging out, posted on instagram just last year

No. 1643189

wait which Tana?

No. 1643209

tana mongeau

No. 1643215

Birds of a feather…

No. 1643377

Fucking vile and unsurprising.

No. 1643556

i think there’s a reason other youtubers that do his kind of content don’t collab with him except noel. he’s on a sinking ship and probably has dirt on noel tbh. which is a shame bc that man is fine as fuck.

No. 1643697

I went to one of Noel's standup shows and he was good-looking in person, short af though LMAO he was on a stage and he still looked small. The only controversy around Noel there's every really been is the recent pushback against him after he talked about Andrew Tate and took too neutral a stance on him, after that people dug up a video of him performing standup for a Breitbart event???

No. 1643776

Came up on my tl earlier, turns out Logan is a massive misogynist ffs(Self-poster, embarrassing )

No. 1643801

>"the only puddles I see are when I have girls over"
>"Mark and I, tag team, son"

No. 1643803

is anyone even slightly surprised

No. 1643806

I feel like this was obvious. I don’t trust some male commenter who used to be a super douchey “bro”

No. 1643828

This is a self post

No. 1643846

I'm surprised he still exists.

No. 1644052

Click the email field of the YouTube post

No. 1644064

Kek, you'd think this losers would have learned by now.

No. 1644174

he's like 5'6, 5'7 right? he and cody always joke a lot about the short kings thing but you can see that it bothers them. just like cody with the "oh kelsey is dating an old man" joke. it's clear that it hits a nerve. now the tana comments, i'm not too sure that it's off the mark.

No. 1644279

Yeah they're about that height, short men always look shorter in person kek.
>kelsey is dating an old man
One time during a video Cody did with Kelsey, Kelsey made some comment along the lines of "We're not doing the old jokes anymore you fuckers, he's young" which just made me laugh because clearly he complains about it regularly in private and is actually insecure about being in his thirties LMAO

No. 1644398

Do not redeem the email ma'am

No. 1644624

File: 1662828373864.png (336.46 KB, 401x464, logang.png)

How big of a forehead this ugly moid do y'all think he is hiding behind that stupid haircut?

No. 1644689

he's the next chris benoit

No. 1644767

It's a tribute to Lady Di's hair

No. 1647220

I hope Larry Diana haunts you and him for pointing that out

No. 1647782

Surprisingly, Pewdiepie released a video about quitting and it's not entirely clickbait. It's pretty obvious that he has slowly lost all enthusiasm for YouTube. I was actually a pretty cringe Pewdiepie fan back in 2013 so it's been weird seeing him just sort of be depressed. He says he thinks now is the best time to quit since he already peaked and he already acheived everything he possibly could but still won't entirely quit because he likes sharing his life with people. Honestly, moving to Japan and living happily ever after in obscurity would be a good ending for him

No. 1647822

So, this is how it ends.

No. 1648184

Not entirely. He wants to upload but only when he feels like it, kinda like he's doing now. Honestly? Good for him. He did was he set out to do and now he has accepted that his sun is setting and he should leave the spotlight with grace. He's getting older, has a wife, probably wants to just have time to start a family or something

No. 1651594

iNabber is being sued by Onision. To nobody's surprise, the legal document is complete nonsense and was sent to literally everyone who mentioned Onision. I'd post in the Onision thread but everyone gave up on it months ago kek that's how irrelevant he is now other than becoming a budding lolsuit legal cow

No. 1651615

What a fucking nigger.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1651623

I think he's hott…and yes im ashamed.

No. 1651631

i wonder how long it will take for him to hate living in japan, considering the sob stories from western expats that spend time in japan

No. 1651636

Tbh nonnie he probably wont. Westerners who move to Japan either think they're going to be living out a ghibli movie fantasy life or they're a woman who doesn't realise how fucking weird and sexist Japanese society is. Pewdiepie, as annoying as he is, does genuinely seem to have his head on straight and probably knew what to expect when he got there. He seems happy and in a weird way I'm happy that he gets the good ending

No. 1651645

He has money though so I think lots of things will be easy for him or easier than for your average j expat

No. 1651706

Good riddance.

No. 1651870

>Pewdiepie, as annoying as he is, does genuinely seem to have his head on straight
He doesn't. He and his wife are huge weebs who see Japan through anime lenses and it shows, they glorify Japan every chance they get. The reason he may not get bored is because he has a shitton on money and will live his life completely detached from normal people and routines. He even had his house in Japan built for him.
Marzia doesn't seem to have the intention of spending the rest of her life in Japan though.

No. 1652017

one thing they probably enjoy about Japan is the racism, especially against black people

No. 1652137

I hate pewdiepie but if you genuinely believe he's a racist nazi blah blah then you're legitimately libfem level retarded kek. He had an edgy phase and said the N word on stream he's not exactly out there advocating for an ethnostate, grow up

No. 1652162

NTA and i agree, i don't think he's an full blown racist but it's pretty clear he fell down the alt right rabbit hole on YouTube at some point in his career. It's not just a coincidence he suddenly started attracting all those scrote incels

No. 1652235

Maybe he doesn't technically believe black people are below him or anything but he still made poor African kids hold a sign up that said to kill all Jews. You can call it edgy humor but to me it's red flags all over the place

No. 1652251

The thing he did in the edgy era of YouTube where everyone was constantly trying to be the most edgy edge lord of them all? By that logic, iDubbz is a mega racist homophobe for coining the phrase "niggerfaggot". You can pick any big YouTuber from that era and apply the same logic. It's crazy that pewdiepie never had controversies outside of the regular pearl clutching from the type of libfems who tried to organise a global witchcraft ceremony over Twitter to take him down with magic and you still take it seriously

No. 1652269

I actually do think idubbz and his gang were actual homophobes/racist for coining niggerfaggot tho. They're the stereotypical straight guy that thinks peak humor is saying the word faggot or gay.

I don't personally think the excuse of it "being another time" is enough. They very clearly were using it in a derogatory way still.

No. 1652740

Idubbbz was a literal stereotypical 4chan until he had his 1st ever girlfriend, now he’s the walking embodiment of soyjack

No. 1652981

So just to be clear, you equate retarded unfunny jokes with actual real beliefs people have? Smosh used "gay" as an insult in their Legend of Zelda rap we better keep an eye on Anthony since he's a potential hate crimer kek

No. 1653041

I equate clearly derogatory humor as actual homophobic and racist. I don't care if Smosh used gay once in a video, Idubbz made nigger faggot and "are you fucking gay?" his whole personality online.

Why are you bootlicking scrotes this hard?

No. 1653048

you're weirdly sensitive for a lolcow user nonnie

No. 1653056

I'm not sensitive I'll just call a spade a spade instead of trying to find excuses for why it's actually just a spoon living in a different time

No. 1653066

You could find a bunch of incels online now and say “well it’s just the Andrew Tate 2022 era of inceldom so they aren’t actually misogynists”.

White men who love racial slurs are racist. Them finding their own racism funny doesn’t make them less racist. That edgy loudmouth era was a bunch of reddit types having fun amongst themselves and was considered low brow and degenerate at the time by everyone else. Yt kept promoting them for advertising money because they attracted doting obsessive moid children.

>weirdly sensitive for a lolcow user

This isn’t a hub for finding your dream femcel lover, you heard wrong and your larp flopped.

No. 1653067

File: 1663754105433.jpeg (630.19 KB, 828x1314, 7E24CA4C-16FE-48BC-B1EE-7C6E8B…)

So what’s up with VivaciousHoney? About to hit 1mil and I’ve been seeing her all over my youtube shorts feed being pushed HARD by the algorithm lately. She’s kind of giving BestDressed vibes but something about her rubs me up the wrong way. Maybe it’s because all her outfits are same-y yet she tries to claim they’re all different aesthetics and she’s such a fashionista .. Idk. Saging for no real milk but happy to potentially open the door to this one

No. 1653069

>It's not just a coincidence he suddenly started attracting all those scrote incels
I actually watched pewdiepie before and in this exact period (I know, bad taste) and there was honestly nothing he did that was considered alt right. Woke people wanted to see him fail and equated his edgy jokes with being a nazi, and then those rumors is what attracted the incels. It was a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. All throughout his edginess became more and more tame, and since he didn't actually cater to the alt right they slowly trickled off once they realized that.

No. 1653075

I don't know nonnie, maybe it was harder for you to see it as a fan but his mask definitely started to slip. The woke people didn't just randomly decide they wanted to cancel pewdiepie out of nowhere. He said nigger so casually it was clear he used it offline and his twitter follows were filled with alt-right trash like Jordan peterson.

No. 1653079

Nta but to add onto this. Didn’t like his older content, but I’ve been watching pewdiepies new stuff in Japan. During a q&a someone asked why Japan, and to tl;dr he said the normal weeb shit but then said how he appreciated the culture was monolith/crime less and it had strong allusions to anti-immigrant ideology. The rest of the vlogs are comfy but that part really had me thinking

No. 1653080

Ayrt but >>1653048 is kinda right, you do come off as pretty sensitive for a lolcow user. My point about unfunny edgy jokes not being equal to actual irl beliefs about gay people/POC isn't exactly unpopular. And I'm not boot licking? I can name women who did the same jokes too, you can't just accuse people of caping for moids every time they say something you don't like (in this case, pewdiepie is not a nazi)

Because pewdiepie was never alt right. He is a boring noisy normie who drew the ire of the 2016 wave of people who were constantly looking for people to jump on. A white scrote gamer who was edgy? He might as well have been a big walking target kek

No. 1653081

>he appreciated the culture was monolith/crime less and it had strong allusions to anti-immigrant ideology
it doesn't seem like he appreciates it if he's undermining it

No. 1653090

Nta but then you also surely remember where he basically did a collab with people like Ben Shapiro and the Muskrat? Not saying he's straight up racist and nazi but he's very right leaning and shares some of their views (when it comes to women too). Don't forget that he used to make videos browsing 4chan and pol. He thinks like your average reddit moid and that's exactly the crowd he attracts. In his book videos he admires the misogynistic imperialist japanese authors a lot. In any case he's an idiot.

Where does he undermine it? He only got pissed at Japan when he couldn't get in kek. Otherwise he worships literally anything japanese people do like the weeb that he is.

No. 1653093

The "collab" was meme review and those two were big memes at the times. Believe it or believe it now, a swedish normie living in England hosting two people he ever met and then never spoke to again doesn't mean he has political affiliations with the American alt right. It means he wanted something to draw people to his videos for money. The book shit is weird but tbf he did a lot of "oooo I'm going through my philosophical intellectual arc" videos where he pretty much said every philosopher he picked off a wikipedia list is great. It's not that deep

No. 1653094

>Where does he undermine it?
>anti-immigrant ideology
brilliant!!!! lets keep japan crimeless and homogeneous by moving to it

No. 1653116

>It's a joke!!
It's a joke only if it stays a joke. He went out of his way to host these two people on his channel because he shares some ideas, especially when it comes to Elon. Even without those it's not hard to see that he's right leaning. Browses reddit and 4chan, worships japan, thinks edgy nigger and waahmen jokes and making kids hold up a sign with the writing "kill all jews" is funny. You really don't need to defend this anon.
Again, he's not a nazi, but he's your typical right wing moid.

No. 1653122

Yeah the idea he shared with them is "Haha meme. We're both memes. Come on my meme show to review memes about yourself lol"
>you really don't have to defend this
The hill I will always die on is that not everything is serious and jokes aren't an irl thing. That's an important thing people need to know because the denial of it leads to retard behaviour, like half a million people calling a Eurofag weeb who shouts into a camera because he has no personality a genocidal racist over a joke. That line of thinking is one of the things that lead to the dire way things are now

No. 1653124

these twitter people never met and most likely will never meet an actual neonazi, they just wont understand the difference until they get hit by a brick by one i guess.

No. 1653146

This. Why the fuck can people not grasp that the red flags for identifying a real racist/homophobe don't include being mildly offensive? An actual problem person is someone like Andrew Tate who says what they say and pit full intention behind it

"Wow what a nigger" on Xbox =/= an actual dangerous violent white supremacist

No. 1653154

File: 1663765261091.jpg (133.58 KB, 1200x675, new-esports-template-166351404…)

About Andrew Tate, have you heard of the new G2 all women esports team? Their manager is friends with Andrew Tate and he spent a bunch of time agreeing with Tate on twitter, it makes me feel worried for the girls. I was hoping 'ah, maybe this time it wont be some PR move!' but no, it seems like it is.
I am never sure to which thread I should be sent to if I want to talk about it.
I do agree he is an idiot, but he is not as deep as twitterfags claim he is. His own wife does all of the financial work and takes care of things when he is out there, making videos and whatever. Even the current jvlogs are made by her. I really think people should focus on actual threats like Peterson, Tate and a bunch of other weirdos, not an OG multimillionare youtuber who seems to have been 'retired' for a long time now. Doesn't mean that people have to start liking him or anything, let people enjoy w/e they want as long as its not a weird 'lifestyle guru' like men above.

No. 1653160

He made a really bizarre response somewhere saying "you don't control who I party with". My brother in christ your bestie beats and trafficks women

No. 1653315


You got your cowcalculus fucked up. Hot white moids will get simped on, racism isn't milk but a red flag in tandem with other things. Stefan Molyneux/Japan is homogenous arc doesn't make someone a racist faggot and is only worth lib screeching because he would literally never take a bat to a darkie. Read the room

No. 1653329

You are absolutely correct and as a fan who used to like him before it started to take him over it was very easy to see it happening in real time. I had to stop watching him, he fell hard for the 4chan audience pandering and even on 4chan itself you could see people suddenly start to support him because he was now edgy, even though before whenever pewdiepie was mentioned on the site people would immediately insult him and call him e-celeb trash. The pewdiepie stasn here trying to defend him is so embarrassing kek. He really played a character in this era and it was full on pandering but i also believe it had parts of real him in it too. Also the japan obsession thing came out of nowhere too which is fucking weird. He used to watch anime but for a very long time in his career he never mentioned japan in special way. It is absolutely part of the incel hivemind of japan being perfect country that many of them spiel.

No. 1653337

Twitter is that way ->
Go clutch your pearls elsewhere.

No. 1653353

>The pewdiepie stasn here trying to defend him is so embarrassing
Everyone itt who is "defending" him has said they think he is a boring annoying unfunny scrote. Not everyone is pearl clutching over jokes that never meant anything, that had been the whole point of this debate. It has nothing to do with liking him and everything to do with not having a Twitterfag mindset when you're assessing people

No. 1653370

And yet this moid got suspended only for a few weeks for his tweet, and he will control a whole team of women.

No. 1653403

>Hot white moids will get simped on

Saying that an unfunny wealthy moid who used plebbit and 4chan and makes edgy racist jokes (and has screamed the word nigger in anger before) MAY be a little right wing isn't Twitter behaviour, it's common fucking sense. Not that any of it matters anyway.

No. 1653417

Guarantee you he will have allegations out about him at some point. Those women must be disgusted rn

You use lolcow farm. You realise people would just as easily call you a genocidal racist trans murdering homophobe for shit posting here. But that's not accurate, is it? You're just a person who uses an imageboard the exact same way that lanky shrieking ugly faggot uses a different imageboard

No. 1653442

Why are you so obsessed with twitter kek many of his ''jokes'' were racist, misogynistic and pandered to /pol/tards. Nothing twitter about saying how that shit sucked and changed him and his content for the worse. Even if you start something as a ''joke'', constantly repeating things will start to eventually become a real part of you. They start to have meaning and shape your mindset. I seriously cannot imagine simping for fucking pewdiepie out of all of people jesus

No. 1653459

it's not simping. It's just you and her have a completley different point of view on edgy jokes.

No. 1653498

Will you retards shut up already? Nobody is simping, nobody is boot licking, nobody is a pewdiepie stan. Sensitive nonnies fuck off to Twitter and edgy nonnies stay but stop fucking derailing while you're here

No. 1653507

Holy shit shut up about about twitter, I'm pretty sure none of us here actually care that pewdiepie is slightly racist but pretending like his alt-right era was just a funny meme and not at all an indication on how he acts offline is so incredibly retarded.

No. 1653511

Ayrt tf you mean shut up about Twitter? I just popped in expecting milk and it's literally just you and another nonnette derailing with walls of text. Nobody cares that you don't like edgy jokes. Provide milk, or cry about it on ~Twitter~

No. 1654116


don't forget pewdiepie did a video promoting smaller channels and several of them were outright shilling anti-feminist, right-leaning, anti-semitic views, commentary. how do you explain that

No. 1654263

it was only one channel i thought

No. 1654504

Ok while you faggots are making a wall of text with old milk that nobody cares about, I bring this: an actual dangerous moid who is worth worrying about. Onision is making further attempts to lift himself out of irrelevance with a sob story. He attempted to sue iNabber and a few days ago and according to iNabber there are other youtubers on the lolsuit list. We may have to revive the Onision threads for this one(wrong thread)

No. 1654507

post about it in his /pt/ thread. onision sending out fake lawsuits is nothing new, and this milk was already discussed in this thread.

No. 1654599

It was one channel and this guy didnt promote any of this in his videos, pewdiepoop quickly apologised for it saying he didnt know. Do your reps, i dont even watch this guy.
There is a pt thread for that, but i hope youtube will keep banning this sicko. Is he abusing the Johnny Depp train?

No. 1654641

File: 1663877032810.jpeg (468.5 KB, 1170x1552, 3CDE24AE-74AD-4E0D-8E79-61EAAD…)

Xiran Jay Zhao, autistic she/they Chinese YouTuber and “author”, is getting a film deal based off her retarded weeb-inspired fetish fanfic disguised as a novel.

No. 1654716

File: 1663882117076.jpeg (90.43 KB, 750x1189, BD3B122C-707A-45C3-A22F-7764EE…)

He officially has stated that he lives in Japan. I just hope that he realizes that he is just as much of an immigrant to Japan as a Somali is to Sweden.

No. 1654737

I'm sure his growing obsession with Japan in the last few years had to do with his retarded wife Marzia. She was the epitome of a dumb weaboo who's in it for the aesthetic, i mean this bitch was using a fake voice for years on youtube to sound so ~~girlie and innocent UwU~~, what a fake piece of shit she was. Couldn't stand her and can't stand him either.

>I just hope that he realizes that he is just as much of an immigrant to Japan as a Somali is to Sweden.

You're absolutely right, but you know why he's not thinking it's the same thing? Because he's a racist, and since he's white he must think he's blessing Japan with his presence, meanwhile he would tell you that somalis going to Sweden is a demographic disaster. Racists are like that, they don't care to emigrate and ruin other's people countries, they just care about minorities going to their country.

No. 1654797

I hope those girls all leave in protest. How can you stick around with a manager that openly agrees with and is friends with a scrote like that. Fuck him. Males always stick together and protect each other no matter what.

I doubt they’ll last long there. Their weebness can’t carry a life long commitment in a country that they have no ties to besides anime. Every person I’ve known who lived in Japan or Korea for a while always mention how feeling like an outsider because you’re a foreigner wears you down over time

No. 1654865

is she using her real voice now? i dont remember any changes to how she talks

No. 1654957

File: 1663899165145.png (80.45 KB, 300x168, BCEC6C40-6C90-47A0-A8F1-9CFCC9…)

I mean twilight got adapted into a movie series.

Though twilight was a mega hit and I’ve barely heard about Xiran’s shit at all.

I just hope it’s got some genuinely retarded scenes on par with related pic

No. 1655069

marzia comes across to me as fake and as right wing. she is dating pewdiepie who attacks women and her father named one of their dogs after Mussolini. she is also very fake with her uwu kawaii girl act. ironic that pewdiepie has attacked women who are fake but marzia has gotten multiple plastic surgeries. she also steals designs from others and makes subpar clothing ‘inspired’ by japan.

No. 1655108

i don't think a single youtuber has a clothing line that isn't overpriced garbage

No. 1655177

Marzia is so odd. She has been faking her voice for years and doing the uwu small bean thing all the most annoying cows do since before it was popular. Someone once said she was the first egirl and if by that they mean she does pickme things for attention then yeah absolutely
>attacks women
This is where I disagree with you, he made fun of Alinity who milked the situation for years afterward. When she couldn't milk it anymore she turned to doing shocking things like throwing her cat, spitting vodka in the cats mouth, and letting a dog stick its nose in her privates during one of her coomerbait streams. If laughing at a lolcow like her is attacking women then idk what to tell you

No. 1655189

You know some women actually just have higher pitched voices right? And some women just like cute shit. You don’t have to make it a competition and get all weird about it accusing people of “faking” their personality just because some men happen to like it.

No. 1655196

this. she is most certainly not faking her personality to cover up the fact that she is running an illegal trafficking ring

No. 1655198

File: 1663917434116.jpeg (262.57 KB, 732x822, 689360DA-A63E-4CFC-8E82-8BADF5…)

Pewdiepies friend Boyinaband was exposed on Reddit for being a creep to young women and dating a 17 year old when he was 23

No. 1655199

File: 1663917458121.jpeg (250.91 KB, 687x822, 9593DBB9-B560-4828-B184-B5DBDB…)

No. 1655201

File: 1663917563518.jpeg (222.93 KB, 680x788, 682C7AD2-E40B-4F00-8A8B-E7EA64…)

No. 1655207

All of this whining about pewdiepie and his wife comes off like Gurugossiptards type shit. >>1655198 like this dude is a creep on his own. You could've posted this 25 days ago if you cared about this idiot being a creep, vs phrasing it as "pewdiepies friend".
I saw this accusation on kiwifarms a while back, has nothing to do with pewdiepie. His wife and him are boring cringe idiots, that's it that's all.

No. 1655209

i wonder what pewdiepie did to her

No. 1655223

someone really needs to make a new breadtube thread, somehow these people go beyond regular youtubesrs, they get film deals and shows and feature in serious political documentaries

No. 1655244

>illegal trafficking ring

No. 1655321

His wife is retardedly fake for real though. She insists she only had a nosejob for health purposes but her other procedures are painfully obvious. She photoshops herself heavily (to the point she looks different every time) and has an ED that she says is just her being ~quirky~ and ~weird~ (pewdiepie has also mentioned that she makes very light flavorless meals and barely drinks). She's so much of a weeb that she wrote "by Marzia in Japan" on Maí's website years before she and her husband actually moved to Japan and she eventually had to remove it. She admitted to hiding half of her face for literally years and continues to do it. Both her and pewdiepie come off as retarded weebs and scummy people.

Does she have some special connections? There's no way they just picked up this weeby ass evangelion-but-chinese drama shit.

No. 1655407

I seem to recall it being said that she has rich parents in the last breadtube thread. Maybe I’m mixing her up with someone else, however. Whatever the parents do, money is always a sort of special connection. It can buy connections, at least. More of a lurker here but I’d be interested in more discussion regarding this area of the YouTubes. Not sure why she’s seen as a breadtuber, then again I’ve only harnessed my attention span to lazily listened to maybe two of her videos as background noise.

No. 1655443

File: 1663944036000.jpeg (776.36 KB, 960x1352, 8EE2D730-3733-445D-90F7-976A9E…)

>Does she have some special connections?
her parents are loaded(they bought her a fucking mansion in Vancouver BC), she's china rich and her grandad is literally a member of the CCP

No. 1655553

If your parents bought your spoiled ass a goddamn mansion in Vancouver, your idiotic publishing career was also paid for. This is what would have happened with Lindsay Ellis’ shitty fanfic book if her parents or husband were multimillionaires, kek.

I wish someone would do an exposé on YT about this idiot who pretends to be oppressed because she’s a mega rich east Asian with they/them pronouns.

No. 1655558

File: 1663953019531.jpg (45 KB, 531x849, cd86a7abec41662d7048c9ca1b5293…)

That reminds me, the only interesting milk that i actually found interesting in PewDiePie and Marzia were Marzias brother and especially sister in law. These people are insane and I am not surprised they dont hang out with them. Brother apparently would sell Marzias clothing when she moved out in order to get money out of her internet presence, and sister in law skinwalks her so much that she started having the same makeup, hair and style (apparently also stole some of marzias clothing too. Shes been skinwalking the same hair dyes and everything multiple times). She also had the same nose job as Marzia.

No. 1655564

>lives in a mansion
>unironed aliexpress outfit

No. 1655585

File: 1663955782508.png (907.84 KB, 1435x705, Juliette and Roma.png)

she's cosplaying the main character from a book written by chloe gong one of her fellow rich chinese dispora friends, my absolute favorite part about this book is despite the main plot being a retelling of romeo and juliet in 1920's Shanghai with a gang war allegory, the male love interest is a white russian guy, this is what the protagonists are supposed to look like

No. 1655614

I can't believe he found time to be disgusting while "depressed". Agree with >>1655207 . Should have posted earlier.

No. 1655647

File: 1663960627527.png (42.05 KB, 1187x287, Screenshot 2022-09-23 211405.p…)

I just checked her channel and I fucking cannot. After complaining about being dirt poor and how empty her bank account is, she went and just…bought a fricking house. I wish she was forced to somehow get in touch in reality like through volunteering in a homeless shelter or doing something that would make her realize how privilieged she is. She literally thinks working is a hobby and whines about how hard it is to upload a podcast few times a month. What surprised me is that she didn't delete the negative comments, and there had been quite a few, people are calling her out

No. 1655724

So like. How does the brother cope with his girlfriend being a clone of his sister?

No. 1656232

Is there at least one male youtuber who's not a sex pest at this point? I can't believe multiple girls are willing to be in a "poly" (which just means that the man cheats as he pleases) relationship with this ugly fucker. He's not even good at music, what the fuck is going on.

No. 1656277

Every musical moid is like that, especially if they have long hair. Anon posted this old milk just to try blaming pdp for no reason. I think if she cared about it she could have posted that earlier, because i saw this on Reddit a long time ago.

No. 1656285

She is selling rings illegally

No. 1656289

This is literally what they posted on the Marzia GG threads. Somehow they always came harder after her than Pewdiepie.

No. 1656362

Pewdiepie’s friend? More like Corpse Husband’s friend. Can’t wait for him to be outed as a creep too. The faceless ones always are

No. 1656434

Not surprised that this greasy haired candy corn-toothed dweeb is a polyamorous sex pest. he has ugly polyamorous moid phenotype

No. 1656536

>he has ugly polyamorous moid phenotype
Funny tou say that because looks and styles himself exactly like Plagued Moth who is also an ugly poly moid

No. 1658167

I do get what you’re saying with that, I agree she definitely has an ED and definitely has some huge insecurities about her face so it wouldn’t surprise me if she’d had other surgeries and hidden them— though I don’t really think she looks like she did tbh. I guess I just find her genuinely likeable for whatever reason and don’t get fake vibes at all- even if she is being fake it’s likely a front she feels she needs to put on in public, being sickeningly sweet so that other women don’t hate her guts. being a decently attractive woman and not being a bubbly ray of sunshine at all times = stuck up bitch in the eyes of some sad insecure women. But then acting sweet and kind will get you called fake and that you must be covering up some heinous personality flaws. Istg women can’t win

No. 1658170

File: 1664175514706.jpeg (48.59 KB, 460x589, 40AC476F-21FC-4414-B8D9-A5391E…)

Samefag apparently she has a complex about the right or left side of her jaw and thinks she looks super asymmetrical and weird. Can definitely relate as a previous BDDfag, and if she got surgery because she was so hyper fixated on that, I’d just feel bad for her not like she’s a fake bitch. It must also be a breeding ground for all types of insecurity being with a famous YouTuber, he’s not even that good looking but super ugly mfers who have a little bit of internet fame get pretty girls hounding them nonstop. Felix is also incredibly rich so I guarantee he has thousands of plastic sugar babies desperate to homewreck

No. 1658171

go back to GG, schizo-chan. 'a woman has BD', what else is new nonny? can we get actual milk or is twitch the only milky thing right now?

No. 1658489


It's her nose. It's asymetrical. She's had multiple nose jobs and talked about this and only takes her photos from the same angle. It's not milk.

No. 1658786

File: 1664225225039.jpeg (1002.3 KB, 1170x1905, 7D145A73-08A2-4467-8672-9E7FAA…)

Boyinaband is a hebephile

No. 1658793

Her first NJ was a failure and made her nose even more crooked. She only went for her surgeon cuz she was a woman kek

No. 1658930

Absolutely not shocked at all.

No. 1658958

tbh the only thing i think that was milky about her was her trying to sell pots that were clearly inspired by someone else and not giving credit. i've never seen her NLOG or talk shit about other girls

No. 1658981

File: 1664237572953.jpg (61.19 KB, 1366x768, 2diek0.jpg)

of course, it's always the scrote with neon dyed hair

No. 1658983


No. 1659034

File: 1664241183927.jpeg (161.13 KB, 1170x277, E59665C4-3BC8-4789-8180-329491…)

Seems Jaiden deleted “Empty”

No. 1659110

Super obscure but I remember he made a video with Kelsey Ellison at some point so I wonder if she has anything to say

No. 1659186

File: 1664255319605.jpeg (983.5 KB, 1242x2310, 2DCADB44-B98F-431D-ADA4-E6B869…)

Thoughts on Wendigoon?
Personally I like his content and his videos are interesting however he really rubs me off in the wrong way. Checking his twitter, he always interacts and likes tweets by the tradbros catholic incels so he’s definitely on 4chan (and reddit)
I know that he’s a youth pastor and is religious but still really cringe that he chooses to interact with frog twitter out of all things. he’s also retarded about guns and is really into them lmao I can’t watch his videos anymore without thinking about him posting retvrn memes on 4chan

No. 1659189

i blissfully ignored everything about his personal being because i really enjoy his videos.

No. 1659210

I enjoy his videos and really don't care about his politics, as long as he's not out abusing children

No. 1659216

I like his videos and for some reason, I knew that he would be a pastor or something (he just stereotypically looks like one lol). He is stupid, just like most of the moids, but as long as he didn't say something about women and their rights or/and did something to them and the kids, he's ok. Not all of his videos are interesting to me, but he is a nice background to listen to.

No. 1659280

I like his videos, why do men have to ruin everything. But as the other anons said, I just watch for the content and not for him so as long as he doesn’t get into womens issues it’s fine.
I think you could find out something “bad” about pretty much every person whose work you consume, that’s just how it is.

No. 1659394

I hate how he says whenever instead of when. Personality wise I knew we didn't align as he'd said before he was religious but as anons have said, as long as he's keeping the content interesting and scrotal opinions free I'm fine having his stuff play in the background while I do other things.

No. 1659400

In a shuwu thread I believe he was hitting on her at some point

No. 1659417

File: 1664285391698.jpeg (105.58 KB, 1170x1307, 59F6C7F7-28A2-4C56-886E-EED76C…)

The I love my wife guy Ned from try guys cheated on his wife. RIP BOZO

No. 1659429

Love to see another "uwu sooo wholesome" male get exposed. No male is wholesome. It's not possible.

No. 1659440

File: 1664286219352.png (3.48 MB, 713x5639, twit summary.png)

Twitter summary I found for those who want a bit more information. Alex (@aaherring) is one of the editors for the Try Guys and she had her own segment with the other editor, YB, called Food Babies.

No. 1659450

You're telling me those four guys aren't all gay and/or virgins?

No. 1659454

File: 1664286896040.jpg (167.55 KB, 824x915, mywiiiiife.jpg)

Ugh I know I should know better by now that all men are shit but I was really hoping his whole wife act was genuine. The absolute audacity of this nasally dork to not be grateful he even found a woman willing to marry him. She's definitely out of his league and seems really sweet, and yet he's still not satisfied. Nope gotta cheat on her with an employee who's 10 years younger. They have 2 young children as well. I feel so bad for her. And wtf is wrong with this Alex girl? If you're gonna be the other woman (shitty enough in itself) why go for THIS guy of all people? Now you've trashed your reputation and possibly screwed up a lot of work connections for a guy name Ned who sounds like he's doing a bad Urkel impression

No. 1659455

Eugene (purple) is actually gay kek and in a gay relationship. Zack (green) is engaged and has a whole video on his engagement. Keith (blue) is married and his wedding vlog is on Buzzfeed's channel. So, gay is partially right kek.

No. 1659457

He really didn't deserve Ariel

No. 1659458

I'm not soooo into the Try Guys that this is devastating news, but even as a casual fan I'm in disbelief about it. My wife this, my wife that. Men ain't shit and we should all know it by now, but sometimes I just want to hold out hope that the way he spoke and looked at Ariel was out of genuine and endless adoration and love for her. Two kids, TWO!!! Men get fucking greedy, and for what? I'm astonished it was with Alex, of all people. He couldn't even bother wetting his dick with someone random? Nooo, he had to go for an employee kek.

Alex has definitely fucked herself over. She was known as an editor but then fans really got to know her since she got a whole show with YB and regularly made appearances on their videos.

No. 1659462

In glad that the response is 99% vindictive toward him kek. Good. Hope Ariel will be okay, that sucks

No. 1659464

Wow, the egotistical, NFT-loving, misogynistic asshole who told a women her biological clock was ticking, Ivy League-boasting frat guy cheated on his wife? I, for one, am shocked!

No. 1659465

holyshit, fuck all these men who cheat on their wives/mothers of their children. adam levine's scandal last week wasn't so unexpected, but this fucking ned guy who made his whole brand off being a wholesome husband? disgusting. i continue to hate scrotes

No. 1659466

File: 1664288010992.jpg (211.13 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20220927-091148_Twi…)

Update from Alex's ex-fiance coming soon according to the Twitter account documenting everything

No. 1659467

People who have to play up certain parts of their persona to that extent are always overcompensating IE John Mulaney. I've seen a lot of long term couples where they act like this and once they break up it comes out that they were actually awful together kek. I don't give a shit about Try Guys but fuck him for ruining his family and hurting his wife. Also this girl is complete dumbass throwing away her fiance and career for this 4/10.

No. 1659469

Not super caught up on them, but when does Ned say he loves NFTs and told a women her biological clock was ticking?

No. 1659470

iirc it was in the podcast, but i dont listen to them so i can't pinpoin the exact episodes

No. 1659476

I'll give them credit that they at least took care of things internally instead of waiting for shit to hit the fan.

No. 1659489

Search the Reddit for NFT discussion, I believe he tweeted about it too at one point. Also funny considering on the podcast this week they shat all over celebrities that have NFTs… seems some animosity has been building for awhile.

The biological clock comment is in podcast #130 and Ned apologizes for it at the start of #131.

No. 1659490

Blast his ass. They were going to try and do some silent removal?

No. 1659505

I mean he's one of the owners of the company, if they went full nuclear that have a lot of bad legal implications. As lame as their channel is it's not just something some friends do in one of their basements kek

No. 1659532

thank god the kids seem to go after their mom and won't end up looking like their gremlin father

No. 1659543

I am very curious how the Try Guys will handle this, cause "Try guys" is a brand based firmly upon the personas of its 4 main stars, it should be obvious their on camera personalities are an act, maybe exaggerated versions of themselves but still very much characters they have to play, Ned cheating on his has inconceivably shattered that delusion and permanently ruined his particular brand, they can't just ignore it, so how is this gonna play out

No. 1659591

With all of these Youtuber men getting exposed for being shitty, I just have to wonder about Dead Meat/Dead Meat James. He ticks off a lot of the boxes
>le quirky and hecking wholesome
>loving wife
>very popular channel
>liberal white guy male feminist
>pro trans and pro porn

No. 1659610

i’m waiting on critikal. dude is so uppity and holier than thou and i just know he’s got something hidden. either critikal or one of those commentary guys like Danny, Drew, Jarvis, Kurtis.

No. 1659619

this only reminds me that Achievement Hunter guy who got outed for being a sick asshole who flew his underage twitch fans out to have sex with. Ryan I think? he played up this whole “oh i’m so devoted to my wife and kids” persona for years on that channel. it’s insane how quickly Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth buried that story. I’ve never even seen another youtuber talk about it which is weird.

No. 1659627

Wtf, how it can not be confirmed after this picture. Poor wife.
Never liked Try Guys because they never seemed genuine.
Same nonny. Critikal is an open porn sick creep so I hope one day he will get called out. I have a feeling that he is into crossdressing and ddlg crap too.

No. 1659645

File: 1664299439009.jpg (40.82 KB, 416x900, 20220927_191855.jpg)

Samefag, the person who leaked the screenshots was Alex's fiance (the girl who Ned was taken pictures with). The guy found out in DMs through his friend.

No. 1659684

Why do scrotes always cheat with women so much fuglier than their wives? I just don’t get it.

No. 1659696

File: 1664301689246.png (607.68 KB, 453x500, firefox_Dsmxa0LR9C.png)

shes quite the butterface

No. 1659705

For real, what a pathetic downgrade. Ariel is fucking gorgeous and I have to wonder if his motivation for cheating is being an insecure scrote.

Anyway. I hope she takes him for all he’s worth in the divorce, then marries a hotter guy and their kids end up calling him dad kek

No. 1659724

My money is on Kurtis. I don't know why but whenever he talks about womens issues and feminism I can't help but cringe. He just hams it up way too much, he's gotta be compensating for something.

No. 1659727

File: 1664303193660.png (220.89 KB, 874x1050, HE'S OUT.png)

No. 1659735

I like that style of content but I can't get myself to like HIS content.

Also, I automatically disliek any youtuber who spends the end 5 minutes of every video sperging about how much he loves his fans and how grateful he is for them and how much he loves them and have I mentioned he loves them?

No. 1659739

Rip bozo lmao

No. 1659742

what is wrong with women to hook up, and even have babies, with a moid so ugly lol.

No. 1659745

Figures the only good looking one is gay lol.

No. 1659746

He’s also super against JKR and has capped for trans people multiple times. Combine that with the TikTok mullet and he’s a walking red flag.

No. 1659747

he hung out with OTK people a lot. he probably cheats on his gf with some of the onlyfans girls they constantly have around.

No. 1659757

i came here to talk about the ned thing as well but literally as i was typing, i think everyone needs to stop getting on alex for a sec and wait until she and ned speak. cause like, it could very well be that alex didn't want to do this. people brought up ruining her career for him but like… that is her boss. it could very likely be that he forced this situation on her with the threat of ending her career

No. 1659763

Oh no doubt Crit1kal is into crossdressing lmfao

No. 1659764

I feel really awful for Ariel. Fuck both of them honestly.

No. 1659779

They only care about getting sexual attention from other women, their wife could be a perfect housewife rich supermodel but they’d still decide to go to some bar and fuck any woman who looks at him. Pretty sure most men really are mentally disabled due to their coombrain behavior that you can’t even respect your wife and children to not fuck around in public.

No. 1659784

The only thing I could believe what got Ned into cheating on his wife is because someone or a few other people he is close to often picks up random women at the club. This moid surrounded himself with other gross men and he ends up doing the same because it's what his buddies are doing so what's the big deal, right? Absolutely retarded.

No. 1659786

let's not infantilize women and pretend she accidentally fell on his erect dick all owoo what's this

No. 1659788

File: 1664306433930.png (247.05 KB, 952x1058, ned.png)

No. 1659790

Such a predictable response kek

No. 1659792

retard moid.

No. 1659796

“I lost focus” no you focused on knowingly betraying your family by getting your dick wet with an employee you wanted to bang. I hate when cheaters frame their actions as a mistake, it’s literally a decision you made.

No. 1659800

I cannot stand the retards acting like Alex was an uwu innocent victim in all of this. She knew his ugly ass was married

No. 1659807

Yeah there’s so many women who get off to being with married guys like it means they’re irresistible to be homewreckers.

No. 1659810

It's not even A SINGLE decision, it's always multiple decisions that lead to cheating. They always talk like that, "i lost focus", "i made a mistake", but it doesn't happen in one second. It's multiple decisions, you talk with someone, you realize you're attracted to them, you decide to continue talking to them despite being in a relationship, you flirt, you show that you're open, and then you fucking undress and put your vile penis into the person, and you don't stop. They don't stop and put their pants back on, they continue until they ejaculate. How is that a single mistake, you bitch of a man? I wish i could kill cheaters, i swear.

I have no idea how women can have any respect for a man who is as sorry for himself as that, a cheater is already a subhuman but that you dare to say you just "lost focus" like you don't have free will and didn't go through multiple wrong actions to end up cheating? How spineless can you be?

No. 1659814

File: 1664307389864.png (214.25 KB, 975x1223, ariel.PNG)

Ariel's response.

No. 1659822

I can't imagine being in her place with kids in the middle, but i hope she leaves his ass, and i hope he realizes how miserable his life is without her (since scrotes can't be happy without a maid at home).

And i agree that Alex is not an innocent victim, pickmes like that are the worst. Running after married ugly apes for validation, they're animals themselves.

No. 1659825

Exactly, I hate this crazy new way of thinking that absolves women who knowingly cheat with married men of any guilt. He's worse because he has children and a wife he would claim to love, but actively betrayed. But she slept with some guy for a crumb of that retard moid's attention. And if I see one person here talking about the power imbalance I'm going to lose my everloving shit because women aren't retard chimps and know better by their 20s. If you can buy a white claw you know better than to fuck married men, end of.

No. 1659835

If her fiancee is the one leaking shit, I’m inclined to believe that she equally wanted it. Though the power dynamic is fucky, and Ned is more to blame here, they’re both at fault

No. 1659850

Oh shut up, Ned wasnt her only boss, she worked for 3 extremely woke men, all she needed to do was speak out and theyd get rid of him. Accusations are taken seriously these days, especially in the online world.

No. 1659857

Are you stupid, nonny? She was engaged, she is also his co-worker (kind of), he is popular, she knew what she was doing. Both of them are shit people.

No. 1659863

I get sick of that shit, I've been seeing it here sometimes. Obviously the scrote is the most responsible, but any woman who knowingly messes with a married man is directly causing pain to another woman. Selfish, fucked up and inexcusable. If you are a woman who harms another woman for zero reasons but a scrote, fuck you and him.
He's trash and I wish his wife and kids the best.

No. 1659867

Yep, he's a pornsick weirdo who tries hard to be a nlog (not like other guys) but he's just a generic scrote.
Any man who does those things is always going to be outted for something. I truly believe that they are more likely to be a predator then scrotes who keep that shit out of their personas.
which is why I worry for Jerma

No. 1659871

its really weird how y'all are immediately jumping to saying this stuff about alex with literally no idea what the actual situation is. and also the weird conclusions being jumped to. i never said alex would be complete absolved or anything like that but it could very well be that ned threatened her career. and to act like she could have just gone and told someone after like, the thousands of me too stories that came out saying why that couldn't be possible for her, is real weird. all i said is before y'all jump to saying all this stuff, let her speak. she could come out and 100% agree she knowingly cheated but she could also say she was forced. most of the focus rn should be on ned who would be wrong either way

No. 1659875

well he has admitted to pissing in a girls mouth like it's nbd. old milk though

No. 1659877

Wow. “Consensual” yeah you were her employer. There’s no fucked up power dynamic there at all. His apology is shit and I hope Ariel never forgives him. Toxic little many baby.

No. 1659890

critikal was already terrible during the depp/heard drama

No. 1659898

File: 1664311568413.png (902.42 KB, 800x708, U7Cebbf.png)

waiting for shit about these two, pretty sure Matt is fucking abelina sabrina and 100% certain Ryan is gay

No. 1659906

This does not surprise me in the slightest. His "uwu i love my wife" schtick felt so damn forced. He's always seemed fake as fuck, even more than Zach. You could tell he was over-compensating.
Hope Ariel divorces him, I feel so bad for her.

No. 1659907

>matt is fucking sabrina
ok we get it but I'm pretty sure Matt's the gay one.

No. 1659911

Same.. I think this is the beginning of the end for the Try Guys. Ned's ghost will forever haunt them and be brought up. They're all best friends and their wives are all best friends. Ned has a wife and kids and Alex just got married. Ned and Alex reaaally fucked up.

No. 1659912

definitely not, he was dating annabel forever.

No. 1659914

Hard to say but it seems like they may try to work on it. I can see him convincing everyone it was "just a kiss" and that their marriage is worth saving for their kids. Even though I think she should dump his ass.

No. 1659916

It feels that way to me as well. I hope she does too

No. 1659927

sage for retarded question but if i know a youtuber whos best friend/discord admin/ghostwriter being a pedo and a rapist would that go in here or should i just scream into the vent thread on /ot/? i typed everything out but it felt like a huge blogpost so im leaning towards /ot/.

No. 1659929

I'm fucking howling. Leftist moids are something else I tell ya what.

No. 1659935

yeah sure post it, just make sure your ass is covered/no identifying info

No. 1659939

And he was her employer. Didn’t we already say in the early 2000’s that was a power imbalance with that? Leftest moids are a lost cause.

No. 1659970

coming back to talk more about this, and i REALLY think everyone should wait to hear from alex because the more being brought out, the more its clear this could have been a very messy bts thing.

firstly, and the thing people are trying to look past, ned is her boss. just because she's a higher level worker doesn't change that. not only that, ned is in charge of the HR related stuff. it could have been her whole career on the line and no way to being it forward

secondly and something i didn't think about, not only is alex being an employee bad for all the guys in general legally, but ned ruining his whole brand with this basically shatters all their deals, including the new shows they had and everything. now not only does alex have reason not to step forward in general, the other guys have reason to shush her or risk losing the entire future of the business

thirdly, someone actually posted a pic they took with ned while he was on the way to the club with alex and he looks out of it/high. if they were cheating, that pic could show ned has relapsed (hes talked about having drug problems before) and/or that this has been going on for a hot minute and the other guys/employees knew

there's like so much that could be going on behind the scenes then just the cheating that could really blow everything up for everyone.

No. 1659974

fuck off to reddit

No. 1659975

i deleted it, i'm paranoid about staying anonymous. maybe some other time.

No. 1659977

File: 1664315248741.png (33.12 KB, 777x237, 213131.png)

dw i archived it

No. 1659980

not the note app apology this dumb motherfucker. enjoy seeing his life crumble but poor Ariel and his kids. she designed their fucking house for a snake who doesn't deserve it.

No. 1659981

>He looks out of it
Yeah first thought is why do this in a setting around so many people. Cheaters are retarded though, but also if he's high on some drug that would make things even more interesting. Either way, his children do not deserve to be around that. They need to divorce. And his comment of the affair being consensual goes all down the drain if he's on drugs, he's not even mentally present. With the woman he cheated with, too, was she on something as well? What do words even mean. Ned should shut up.

No. 1659987

thanks nonnie, id rather it be archived this way by someone else than posted directly from my IP. idk if that actually matters in protecting my identity but it gives me peace of mind.

No. 1659997

I’m not surprised. Men have monkey brains and will destroy their entire lives for whatever their dicks want at any given moment. My mom tracks my dad’s every move on her phone (which my dad has consented to), and I think that’s based of her. Now, Alex… gurl, wtf? Weren’t you engaged?

No. 1660003

File: 1664316369237.png (134.98 KB, 1178x530, zach.png)

Obviously this has no proof but thought it was interesting. I feel like in the next few days we will get more accounts of shady behavior from all the Try Guys.

No. 1660008

GOOD. Now get rid of Mr. Wokepants Eugene Lee Yang. And Keith too, he’s annoying.

No. 1660011

File: 1664316947033.png (30.02 KB, 696x331, dsada.png)

always hated zach

No. 1660015

Both of them have girls way out of their leagues and still pull this shit. Don't date nerds, they get cocky.

No. 1660016

Of course men cant handle the fame or attention in any other way than to try and use it for sexual gain.

Just get rid of the try guys. They ran out of good ideas along time ago and now they are just grasping at straws to stay relevant. They could have had a respectable run and a gentle end but now they will be slandered, dragged and mocked for the rest of internet history.

No. 1660019

Those ugly little soyboys really have the nerve to do this shit wtf the audacity of those hideous pieces of buzzfeed shit

No. 1660024

Seeing all of this come out is crazy because I feel like the Try Guys were fairly un-controversial. I genuinely can't think of anything else that they've done.

No. 1660025

i have such a fucking bone to pick with this dude, i hate him so much for his stupid haircut and holier than thou attitude. i hope his 'uwu kurtis is so pure' fandom tears him apart

No. 1660039

Ugh, get rid of Zach too.

No. 1660041

File: 1664318783412.jpg (28.05 KB, 500x501, f3598ccff85c897dd5275d48bdc7d9…)

Everyone clowned on Buzzfeed but these irl wojack looking fucks were somehow the good ones? They're still moids, and arguably the worst kind for trying too hard with the whole "DAE think women are people too actually" brand
Also the current and ex-employees coming out with their "Hmm not surprised" subtweets are just snitching on themselves. This is like when the people featured in the SJW Twitter Artist thread act all buddy buddy then cancel each other every week like "I knew they were always problematic."

No. 1660048


and this is exactly why im telling everyone to hold on for alex to speak out. with all the stuff coming out, it seems more and more like everyone was aware of alex and ned and let it go on. if other members were also doing the same sort of stuff, it makes perfect sense why alex wouldn't come forward, especially if ned is not only her boss, but also running their HR.

i want her to say something and open the gates so a) we can actually clarify if she actively cheated just cause or if she was forced and b) get all the behind the scenes stuff cause there is obviously a lot more that was going on

No. 1660054

Tons of books get optioned. Most optioned books never get a movie made.

No. 1660056

Kek I love when someone will go on a tangent like this about cheaters and it’s so obvious they’ve been cheated on before and never got over it. Please go to therapy

No. 1660089

Not surprised. These moids were close friends who also worked closely together. No way that didn't know Ned was cheating, especially with an employee. They only fired him cause it got leaked. Not surprised that at least one of them is also a cheater.

No. 1660094

Nta but I love seeing male cheater get torn apart and insulted and dogpiled on so this is very pleasing to me

No. 1660110

Hating cheaters doesn’t mean you need to go to therapy kek her post was very based. You don’t have to go through cheating to recognize it’s easy to not do it and starting a relationship resulting in betraying your family isn’t a bitty mistake because you “lost focus” on not being a piece of trash sexually entitled male.

No. 1660120

File: 1664324147481.jpeg (228.82 KB, 1242x614, 4A00396E-5AFB-47EA-87E1-FB6624…)

I hate using that term but this is really npc behavior
Buzzfeed is literally a corporation, they dropped him for engaging with his employee and for ruining try guys’ brand image they did not do it for ~uwu we support women~ internet points

No. 1660126

Agree that women should know better by their 20s, but people seem to be confused about her actual age. I've seen multiple people says she's in her 20s, but her LinkedIn is public and it says she graduated high school in '09. This bitch is in her 30s lmao.

No. 1660143

She's ostensibly making videos for women, but she gives off the vibe of someone making content on youtube as a way to market their OnlyFans.

Just look at the 2nd from left outfit in that video thumbnail… who is the intended audience for that pic? Especially considering the pose.

Something about her comes off as conceited to me.

No. 1660144

Any man who intentionally tries to look nonthreatening is a walking red flag

No. 1660153

On the topic of shitty Youtuber men, we all know that YMS is an open degenerate. He had his thing with being pro dog fucking you can find it on his kiwi thread. It's old milk, but his friend Scott Henson is guilty of something I just know it. He makes cp and pedo jokes constantly and you know the saying of men joke about things they think they've gotten away with.

No. 1660194

Yet another faggot that makes misogynist jokes with his friends and excuses it with "either everything's on the table or nothing is!" He talks about how people should be open to criticism and not be sensitive as if he isn't running to twitter to complain every time he gets disagreed with on YT and Reddit

No. 1660225

why do asian women hate asian men so much lol

No. 1660238

Look at the korean incel forums and you’ll understand

No. 1660242

i was making a joke because the love interest is a white male, even though so many asians complain about the lack of representation in media and when given a chance to write an asian male character she decides not to.

No. 1660244

File: 1664331677562.jpeg (284.24 KB, 1242x479, 00F3B425-5EBF-4D42-A887-057219…)

Crazy how some women would jump at any instance to showcase their internalized misogyny to the world
What’s the point of insulting her in this passive aggressive manner? Ned is the one who is her boss with a wife and kids how is he a victim who lost everything
I’m not even defending her but Ned is literally the most boring ugly soyboy but yeah sure let’s insult the woman first

No. 1660246

One of his mods who runs his highlights channel came out as trans, they all say terrible misogynistic things but defend trannies like their life depends on it. I get being edgy but how can you constantly make jokes about rape and pedophilia while banning people who say men can’t transform into women. He also commented about the men in women’s sports issue and it came down to “who cares” coming from the guy who crippled himself editing the lion king remake review for like 3 years.

No. 1660251

That’s fairly common with westernized woc lol.. they complain on and on about lack of representation in media but once they get the chance to produce a project, they make the male lead some white guy falling in love with strict ethnic parents poc girl

No. 1660281

Or the strict straight laced white guy (bonus points if he's rich) who gets to experience the woc's background in the most watered down way possible.

No. 1660283

Spends all their time shitting on women and thinking they're inferior yet wanna be them so bad, make it make sense

No. 1660289

More milk about ned's creepy behavior came in, this was a reddit thread made some time ago before the cheating became public and is what got the subreddit to start investigating

No. 1660293

File: 1664334562435.jpg (304.22 KB, 1170x1343, 01.jpg)

More milk about ned's creepy behavior came in, this was a reddit thread made some time ago before the cheating became public and is what got the subreddit to start investigating

No. 1660302

Semi OT but pic OP is weird for trying to change his gf's mind

No. 1660319

i think you vastly underestimate how normiecore their audience is. these are the same people who liked shit on 9gag

No. 1660335

>jaiden deleted empty
I hope she stays away from more scrotes in the future. She was friends with that callmecarson streamer who got outed for having an underage gf. Now boyinaband. Wonder if alpharad is next up for a scandal

His videos are alright. But I’m not holding my breath that he’s innocent if he’s interacting with tradcath bros on twitter. It’s only a matter of time before he fucks up and likes or retweets something misogynistic about women being denied rights or something. Since tradcath twitter is always like that

Not only that but she was fucking engaged too. Alex wanted to fuck up ariel as much as her useless scrote of a hopefully soon to be ex husband did. If a woman knows that the male is married and still doesn’t back off she’s just as complicit and doesn’t deserve sympathy

No. 1660373

If critikal was cheating on his girlfriend, I don't think it would be any issue and his fans wouldn't care, Ned’s whole brand was literally ‘I love my wife’, the fanbases an online personality cultivates have have specific expectations for them, Twitter cancel culture has a lot to do with leftist expectations. The higher the expectations of you, the easier it is to get cancelled. For example, if you paint yourself out to be "liberal" or an and or a "progressive ally" people are far more inclined to freak the fuck out at you. Then on the flipside excessively saying "nigger" is literally part of Tarantino brand

No. 1660382

this is what is pissing me off about these sex scandals nowadays. every single time a scandal breaks out about a male celeb cheating on his girlfriend/wife, there’s idiots saying “the other woman/women didn’t know any better! they were naive!” as if you can be 20 years old and not know that fucking a taken man is morally wrong. it’s honestly insulting to the intelligence of women. implying that women are all fucking stupid and can be brainwashed into doing anything a man says.

No. 1660400

Not to defend him too much but I don't think YMS is a pedo, unless you know stuff I don't. He reviewed Todd Solondz's film Happiness on his podcast Sardonicast and he was vocal about hating pedo stuff and finding the child abuse in the movie disturbing (to the surprise of the other hosts), and that he was disappointed the child rapist character doesn't end up in jail at the end.

No. 1660403

calling it right now, the try guys will milk both upcoming brand name legal battle(ned owns 1/4th of company) and the custody battle

No. 1660428

I didn't really feel any kinda way about him until recently. I think it was a video where he talked about that Natalia Dyer plastic surgery tiktok or some type of similar topic where he said that he totally knows how shitty it feels for women to be scrutinized for our appearance bc people always tell him to cut his hair and shave his mustache…and once again I'm reminded of how much I hate scrotes.
First of all, no, you have NO IDEA what it's like to be a woman and have everyone think they have a right to comment on your appearance. And second, even if he was just saying he knows how Natalia feels and not women as a whole - we're talking extreme invasive plastic surgery vs a fucking haircut. And y'know what…they're right! His hair looks like shit! His mustache looks like shit! Why is it always dudes who can't grow proper facial hair who are the most insistent on trying out the latest retarded meme beard/mustache trends?? And his tattoos are lame and poorly thought out. He's a decent looking guy, why does he feel the need to uglify himself like this?? I don't understand.
And he's not funny. He's a commentary YouTuber, so that's a given but then he did a comedy show tour with drew gooden and danny gonzales (don't even get me started on drew…never seen a more punchable face). The only reason he has any fame is because teenage girls find him attractive. That's it. He's not particularly funny, smart, or talented. I just know he's got some nasty shit he's hiding.
Sage for all this autism but everyone I know loves him so I feel like I can't really rant about him anywhere else

No. 1660468

Knew it was Zach before I even finished reading.
I hate to say it but the try guys hit a jackpot with their faux leftist non-threatening feminist ally image. Liberal women eat it up with zero critical thought. These four are just as scrotey as every other scrote.

No. 1660588

Weak bait, bitch. I've never been cheated on but i won't blogpost my lifestory for your stupid bait. I just have values, and really it's only the minimum that mostly everyone would agree on. Imagine wanting to be such a contrarian that you think cheating is ok and just someone "losing focus", how retarded.

Either weak bait, like i said, or you're the one who needs therapy because you're a cheater and you're coping by laughing at sane people who don't accept treason. No one supports you though. Feels lonely? Cry to your mom, shitsack, maybe she still has it in herself to care.

No. 1660592

God damn did you get left at the alter

No. 1660679

damn, way to prove their point nonita. time for some betterhelp kek

No. 1660719

File: 1664379108151.gif (692.01 KB, 220x163, 5EC1EF87-8B01-4A36-B9BA-9DC859…)

Chill out kek

No. 1660731

It's like 2016 all over again, when YouTubers were exposed left and right of being creeps

No. 1660736

He found something that could make him stand out,aka talking about his family and how much of a family guy he is, since he was pretty bland and boring
Good for marketing,but there is no difference between him and mommy bloggers

No. 1660751

File: 1664380979198.jpeg (387.55 KB, 960x1103, 20B8003E-0865-4AFF-8CC6-C0C641…)

Especially since she bitches on Twitter about paying taxes to the Canadian govt but turns around and says “eat the rich” kek. I feel like Xiran maybe was paid by the CCP at one point. She says her YouTube videos are blocked by China but so is the entire site. Typically users are paid for putting out CCP approved propaganda on Twitter and YouTube. Sites blocked by China so they’re seen by westerners.

No. 1660767

I think your based nonnie. Women who are ok with cheating are just uber pickmes imo

No. 1660846

Thank you. I was wondering where i was for one second when i read all those pickmes saying chill out when this retard >>1660056 didn't get much reactions, as if being agressive towards cheaters isn't a sane thing, projecting all sorts of things like you were cheated on and couldn't recover because you're against it? Also mocking women who actually got cheated on at the same time, saying "kek go to therapy" and shit. Really glad i don't know those pickmes IRL.

No. 1660957

There’s a good chance that PDP and Marzia could try to become one of the “good immigrants” as well. During the anti-SJW era on YT this YTer named the Angry Foreigner became popular for his stance against Sweden ‘s pro-immigrant policies. Of course he was an immigrant himself (from Bosnia) but he constantly acted he was “not like other immigrants” and “so much better than those black and brown thugs who burn cars”.

No. 1660962

??? genuenly, why not dunk on her? She is as trash as he is for fucking a married man, and a father of 2 kids.

They both deserve to be ridiculed and dunked on.

No. 1660995

Nonnie ignore the retards, I genuinely believe the only people negging you are the same ones who have never had a healthy relationship lmao

No. 1661013

But he was her boss its so toxic shes a victim!!1!
As if him being her boss didnt sweeten the pot for the bitch
I can somewhat understand knowingly being the side chick if youve never met the wife and youre being fed lies about the marriage being terrible etc, but she filmed inside Ariels house, she knew her, she knew their kids. And thats not even mentioning her own relationship of 10 years
She 100% deserves shit for what she did and we make fun of peoples looks for much less here

No. 1661078

nice samefagging retard. you literally made the same joke twice.

No. 1661222

File: 1664409095568.png (222.96 KB, 592x847, Zoofreak1.png)

Iirc his most recent drama I saw was when he watched 15 minutes of a 2 hour long film but still gave it a low rating so obviously people pointed out that it was dumb to do he then doubled down and said he gave bad reviews/rating to multiple films he made videos/reviews about based off of the 10-20 minutes he's seen of them including ones he went to Sundance to specify see and make content about, people then started making fun of him for it since he's said before he considers himself a "true critic/reviewer" when he was shitting on the Oscars so he tripled down and started begging/demanding people to "debate" with him on it then when no one took the bait he invited some Randoms onto his twitch stream (including one who admitted he didn't even know who YMS was) that were clearly only coming on to clout chase by dropping their youtube/twitch names so didn't care about the debate so they just ended up agreeing with him which made him start claiming he'd "won" the argument after a 5 hour live "debate", even his own fans on the streams and the multiple hour uploaded videos of it were saying how pointless and stupid him getting this worked up about it was and he still kept going on it

No. 1661224

File: 1664409160585.jpg (316.35 KB, 818x2048, Zoofreak2.jpg)

No. 1661226

File: 1664409254249.png (108.32 KB, 595x847, Zoofreak3.png)

No. 1661227

File: 1664409456049.png (56.94 KB, 599x453, Zoofreak4.png)

No. 1661230

File: 1664409633573.png (88.87 KB, 600x752, Zoofreak5.png)

Overall just really spergy and desperate looking guess it hurt his ego when people were telling him reviewing 10-20 minutes of a film doesn't make you a film critic

No. 1661244

i would not be surprised if he gets outed as a diaper furfag or something

No. 1661275

his videos are entertaining but sometimes he rambles too much for my taste. i trust a somewhat normie christian moid over breadtube/male feminist anytime tbh

No. 1661279

He recently made a Twitter where he posts his nudes and there were ones of him wearing a schoolgirl skirt showing his dick and asshole. At least hide that shit behind a paywall so only other gay furry scrotes see it.

No. 1661289

He is a furry. It’s all over his alt account and he’d mention it constantly on his podcast.

No. 1661310

File: 1664413443416.png (29.78 KB, 586x292, matt pride.PNG)

i would prefer him to be with sabrina than annabel, their relationship is really toxic from what i heard.

No. 1661349

what the fuck is he on about? how is rating a movie the same as not finishing a 32 season long tv show? what a retard

No. 1661358

everyone keeps saying toxic but not bringing receipts. either spill or shut it

No. 1661379

is this true? he's been open about being a furry for a long time now, just a bit grim to think he's posting nudes on twitter

No. 1661405

File: 1664418648018.png (49.76 KB, 572x666, dondrrr.png)

ex-gf's account is suspended and tweets got deleted so this is all i have for now.
i do remember don retweeting it and the original callout post had a pastebin or twitlonger type of link detailing the 'grooming'.

No. 1661544

I checked out of morbid curiosity and it is true. He didn't actually make a new twitter, he started posting them on @HorseWengh, the personal twitter he has had for years. He just said "hey unfollow me if you don't want to see my nudes" and started posting hole lmao.

No. 1662631

File: 1664529041480.jpeg (117.9 KB, 934x826, 1776F6A8-AE10-4965-88A7-A08B16…)

Yeah fuck this guy. reddit mod looking ass

No. 1663513

Sage for non milk, but does anyone know if anything ever came of the insane pedo schizo stalker drama between the big horror channels? A short summary: an ex suicide girls adjacent cam girl goes absolutely ballistic every few months and takes down random websites claiming they're a pedo ring conspiracy whenever they mildly inconvenience her went on a hate campaign against Nexpo, Mutahar/someordinarygamers, and some third faggot I don't remember that got so bad that Mutahar actually had to juggle irl people thinking he is a pedophile. They made a huge deal of exposing her for some illegal shit and set it up like there would be updates but I've never seen anyone even mention it again

No. 1663896

File: 1664651024660.png (600.34 KB, 1338x611, Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 3.03…)

I remember this too nonnie, it was pretty fucking crazy. Last I recall they (the horror channels) tweeted things about how it had become an actual legal matter and they weren't going to talk about it anymore. The third guy is that Mamamax freak who was always incredibly annoying and, IMO, kind of ruined Nexpo by association. Nexpo started doing a lot more dorky ass shit around the time he befriended Mamamax, who always did epic tough guy skits or whatever in between talking about ~creepy youtube clips~ Then of course he had some meltdown about Youtube demonetizing some pedo-hunting video of his, as if youtube as a platform wants that content. Just look at how cornball his thumbnails are. he used to have other videos too but I guess he took them down, probably as a fuck you to Youtube or some gay shit.

No. 1663931

Ugh, christ, now I remember. Mamamax even got Nexpo to do a Hotline Miami larp at the end of his video I honestly don't know how I could forget it was him after that

No. 1664094

>you're fucking delusion so try your best to remember
>you are not a pimp, you're a borderline sex offender
aged like milk

No. 1664144

how so, I am very out of the loop with ian

No. 1664155

God, most fags who were into online debating realized how retarded they sounded years ago.

No. 1664175

NTA but I'm assuming anon was referencing the fact that Boyinaband was on this song, who has now been outed as an actual sex offender kek.

No. 1664185

not surprised, I mean look at him but I do wanna know more. I haven't even seen him since this video now that I think of it.

No. 1664380

i wish he'd just go back to faceless gaming vids. fuck

No. 1664400

I'm the anon who posted the video and I assumed that boyinaband writes the lyrics for all the YT collab songs.

No. 1664515

File: 1664688945084.jpg (148.01 KB, 1242x2208, 310143382_658372798943130_4489…)

Mykie hasn't made a video since October 2020, was a bit surprised to see a recent collab where they seem to not edit the photos of their models?? Seems strange. Also they fucked up/didn't retouch the makeup under her eyes, she didn't do her own glam makeup and it seems the makeup settled on her face and creased a bit. We only see filtered videos of her currently so was interesting to see her real face (shit makeup aside)

No. 1664517

File: 1664689029866.jpg (93.2 KB, 1242x2208, 309937616_189575433523590_7086…)

This one doesn't even look like her:

No. 1664518

File: 1664689257462.jpg (91.41 KB, 1242x2208, 309680909_425624839706554_9018…)

Another one. I wonder if she will ever come back to Youtube, that spankie vendetta "I will read into every text she sent me and spin it as negatively as possible while omitting my replies" video is still up and like the third result if you search "Mykie" so she may be gone forever

No. 1664519

Any anons care to spoonfeed me?! How did I miss this

No. 1664553

NTA but it's possible to be racist without being a full on neo-nazi, whiteknight-chan. He's at least slightly racist and it's perfectly reasonable to be put off by that. I wouldn't describe him as alt-right, though. Like other anons have said, I think he's just an edgy Reddit scrote pretending to be woke for the sake of keeping up appearances.

No. 1664556

Read >>1658786

I mean she did the kalel but smart route. She doesn’t have to do anything anymore thanks to Anthony.

No. 1664587

So all the woke soyboi manlets who get worshipped by little girls for being not-like-the-other-moids get exposed for being like (or even worse than) the other moids…? What a surprise.

>muh oppressed minority
lmao a 5th of the world is you

No. 1664625

File: 1664711246207.jpeg (182.84 KB, 1242x809, A189C94A-497B-4366-AA13-10F846…)

So is this little minecraft fag is doing an actual face reveal or is it a ploy?
It seems like a marketing scheme because all these random influencers are posting their video reactions to him face-timing them

No. 1664628

File: 1664711521715.jpeg (774.19 KB, 1242x1318, 3E8017CA-78DF-460D-B4F0-7A36CE…)

This whole thing is so hilariously retarded they’re treating a face reveal like it’s the second coming of jesus

No. 1664648

Bro had to go on a Hollywood exercise regime to ensure he was a twink for face reveal kek

No. 1664649

The pewdie fight was nearly 2 weeks ago, stop. We already came to the conclusion that he is a faggot

No. 1664652

why are they pretending his friends never got to see his face before

No. 1664668

Its so funny seeing Dream stans tweets on Trending. They treat everything as the second coming of jesus. I think some guy got his visa to meet a friend and they screamed about it for two days. Dreams fans are underage i assume (?)
Its just a baiter

No. 1664681

He's openly pro bestiality and no one talks about it.

No. 1664686

why are furry youtubers always degenerate? pyrocynical, yms and kero

No. 1664696

furries are degenerates even if they're non-offending

No. 1664717

File: 1664722243815.png (67.99 KB, 745x587, Local retard wants to fuck dog…)

he's going to look so generic and all these people look retarded hyping him up like this
I've seen a lot of people talk about it but YMS fans always find the comments and start going "B-but it was taken out of context!!1!" and harassing people over it even though he doubled down on it multiple times including this where he says "If it were concluded in a tested environment that the animal's comfortable and there's no sign of any distress, I don't see the issue."

No. 1664723

ok so was that 'doxx' fake? everyone keeps saying that it's been proven how that fat fuck from florida isn't actually dream

No. 1664732

so i watched that video her ex-friend made. besides the whining about being white, was she even wrong?? jefree star and james charles absolutely got famous just for being gay men in the beauty guru world. her skill is miles ahead and yet she had to kiss their asses just to get some recognition.

No. 1664753

Same here, not that he was ever really that funny but the low-tier humor used to cheer me up back in the day. Shit went even further downhill after his face reveal and his videos are so boring.

No. 1664794

God please let him be ugly as shit. Do this one thing for me please

No. 1664802

No one other than these creators saw his face yet. From what i have gathered this 'teaser' is just a part of the hype, and he never said when he would do this face reveal, but mentioned that he will milk it as much as he can. So it's nothing, really.

No. 1664813

You talking about the Swoop vid? Or is there another one?

No. 1664858

he said it's gonna be today. i've never watched his shit but it was just so funny to me when that fake KF doxx came out, i wonder if it really was him and he just lost weight since that pic was taken

No. 1665129

god that anthony padilla guy is so fucking cringy and desperate. imagine being almost 40 and recording yourself fake smiling about Minecraft drama. cannot imagine a worse existence

No. 1665143

I'll never understand why Anthony Padilla didn't do what Ian Hecox did and just let go when Smosh died. Nothing Anthony will ever make will outshine Food Battle 2009

No. 1665194

>5 more minutes

No. 1665198

File: 1664759055030.jpeg (534.18 KB, 2110x1242, 9772674C-8145-4498-8C3D-0B3A4A…)


No. 1665200

File: 1664759088918.png (255.95 KB, 613x544, ew.png)

the kiwi dox was right lmao painfully average

No. 1665202


No. 1665203

he does look like a floridan

No. 1665204

I expected him to be blonde for some reason, if he had iust done a normal face reveal without the social media campaigning nobody would care but now he’s going to get so much shit kek

No. 1665205

Kinda looks like anxiety war mixed with Shane.

No. 1665208

You guys have to see him in motion to realize how fucking weird looking he is. Keebler elf looking mf

No. 1665209

File: 1664759331216.jpg (44.88 KB, 883x711, 5fyE5cM.jpg)


No. 1665210

File: 1664759371597.jpeg (388.59 KB, 1242x1096, 611840C8-5963-4CC6-B186-92C1FE…)

No. 1665211

should’ve added the overbite would be more accurate

No. 1665213

File: 1664759429552.png (600.52 KB, 613x625, ew2.png)

Straight up the dox was him then even though he desperately tried to deny it ,I guess he lost weight, still a green goblin mfer tho can't wait to see his fans try to hype his school shooter lookin ass up

No. 1665214

He should’ve kept his face hidden honestly it’s better for his career and sanity

No. 1665217

File: 1664759679645.jpeg (253.53 KB, 1242x2067, 08542050-360F-46CC-BBF9-244E24…)

shane dawson is trending because everyone keep saying they look alike. rip.

No. 1665223

File: 1664760178799.png (159.38 KB, 644x558, fag.png)

Twitter is massacring his ass, after that shit he he pulled with the premium phone line scam I'm surprised he didn't put this behind a paywall

No. 1665228

yeah he looks like an uglier anxiety war with muscular dystrophy

No. 1665248

he looks like shane dawson and onisions child

No. 1665251

File: 1664762140298.jpg (32.74 KB, 450x849, U0bNEV5.jpg)

dream's thirst trapping on snapchat

No. 1665253

He had time and money to get surgery and he didn’t LMAO Korean borders are open dream!! What a low effort fuck. Anyways I’m living in the twitter dream tag, they’re roasting his ass

No. 1665255

File: 1664762263654.jpeg (40.1 KB, 342x732, 91DEBBD9-FCC1-4C62-BE34-05ADC1…)


No. 1665261

yeah the swoop video. btw swoop is apparently gonna be in a Gabby Petito documentary?? why??

No. 1665269

File: 1664763901916.jpg (124.92 KB, 614x789, lmao.jpg)

Dream was tending and I clicked on and I was not prepared for the dragging that was happening lmao

No. 1665273

Watch him gain all the weight back over the years just like Shane kek. Seems like he really went into overdrive to lose weight for this face reveal

No. 1665277

File: 1664764811231.jpg (80.07 KB, 593x495, 546118164854.jpg)

Im backing whoever said he looks like shane and onisions lovechild. Knowing onision that would turn him on probably.

No. 1665279

Nah he used to post body pics/thirst traps with the mask on back in 2020 so that means he lost weight a while ago

No. 1665284

imagine waiting all this time for that to be the reveal

No. 1665286

File: 1664765429705.jpeg (96.36 KB, 933x1067, D277DC6B-DEEC-4BB4-9570-546395…)

No. 1665293

I can’t explain what I mean exactly but he looks so autistic. His eyes are so weird and soulless oof

No. 1665294

It’s cus he’s a ginger nonnie

No. 1665295

Kek what tf are you saying?? Ginger where

No. 1665297

I don't get it, I know he's not the best looking guy(like 4/10) but idk the online reactions against him seen undeserved, like wtf did he do to make tiwtter hate him so much

No. 1665300

Idk but it’s so funny I love it

No. 1665301

I feel kinda bad for him the bullying is a lot but also.. his job is being on the internet he should’ve known not to promote his face reveal like that

No. 1665305

idgi, like…he isn't actually ugly. no idea who he is but he just looks like a normal dude to me.

No. 1665306

File: 1664766880256.jpeg (31.63 KB, 393x449, C4C7E10C-9E6F-44E1-A5E2-19BABE…)

Losing it over this image

No. 1665307

Nonna please.

No. 1665310

File: 1664767124176.jpeg (300.85 KB, 1536x2048, 73FB5F7F-E21D-418C-A51B-2C56BD…)

omg he looks nothing like I imagined I expected him to look like this

No. 1665313

don't watch him but saw all the fuss and…he looks fine, not ugly but also not super hot either

No. 1665319

File: 1664767649002.jpeg (147.54 KB, 1081x558, 66A62055-509A-429A-8620-EABA75…)

No. 1665322

where do you live if all the moids around you are so much better looking? maybe it's my shithole city, but i would wager most of the young men around me either look like this or worse

No. 1665327

did you all notice he wouldn't move his head at all? he really wanted that angle for the whole video

No. 1665328

File: 1664768090242.jpeg (797.76 KB, 1242x1742, F925F91A-05DD-48D9-9BEE-6275F8…)

no comment

No. 1665329

people have really been fucked up by the internet.

No. 1665334

Perhaps you’re right. Most moids look bad. I think it’s his soulless eyes and trollface chin that make him seem especially ugly to me.

No. 1665338

Is there a reason why people are being so cruel about this average to odd looking scrote? I don't care but i have a feeling like 50 videos are being made titled, "The reaction to Dreams face is not okay!".

No. 1665343

haha yes, he's a 2/3rds autist

No. 1665344

File: 1664768824627.jpeg (326.77 KB, 1242x1125, C113A009-4603-4F4B-AB3D-CFBBCC…)

It’s awful. He’s just a kid who streams minecraft that’s it I don’t understand unnecessary hate he’s getting for his looks so what if he’s average is it a crime to not be hot? People are horrible he’s like 23 I’m afraid he might kill himself or something

No. 1665349

File: 1664769096600.jpg (89.98 KB, 828x978, picrel.jpg)

>he scammed kids that he encourages parasocial relationships with calling them "kittens" by setting up a premium phone line but told fans they'd "have the chance to talk to them" but it was just pre-recorded messages
>defended his fans for drawing guro porn/shipping him and dream of his at the time 15 year old friend when people brought up how weird it was he doubled down and tweeted "I love all my fans!" even though his underage friend had voiced that the artwork made him uncomfortable
>cheated on his long-term ex with multiple fans iirc he was dating his irl gf and then two fans on the side who all found out about each other and when his irl gf and one of the fans made it public on twitter to warn people and talk about him abusing irl gf he blamed it on her for her BPD/mental health
>got a 15 year old doxed for simply criticising him by retweeting a comment she'd made publicly so all his weirdo fans started harassing her to the point she had to go offline and leave the address she was staying at for her own safety when his fans were "joking" about swatting her and then said “I’m just gonna express that, if you are a person on Twitter and you have seven followers and you get doxxed on Twitter, the odds of you having something happen to you in your life are so astronomically small it’s not even worth worrying about,” as well as pic attached but walked it back when he got obvious backlash
>even after the doxing a child incident responds to small criticisms publicly by name searching himself and then when his fans would harass whoever it was would say he "had no control over them"
>made a big announcement that for a whole month all the money he got on stream would go to charity but avoided streaming that entire month only streaming the start of the next month
>had the minecraft speedrun cheating drama and actually hired an astrophysicist to "prove" that he hadn't cheated before admitting to cheating via using mods
>more petty but he ripped his entire brand off of Cryaotic/Crywastaken smiley mask/hoodie/anime avatar and Cry was outed as an actual paedophile/groomer who was sexting and hooking up with underage girls

there's a reason he gets a lot of hate and whenever someone speaks up on any of this he sets his fans on them so he's almost contently in drama with other content creators, also him doxing the 15 year old and bragging about it was the most recent big drama with him I think all the old stuff was in the Kiwi threads on him

No. 1665350

It's just that…I guess I wasn't expecting people to be this mask off about it. What's the demo of his audience? I don't watch this scrote but when I think, "population minecraft youtuber" I think his fans would be gender special teens, mainly scrotes or TIFs. When I used to watch cringe gake mental illness tiktoks I saw TIfs making Dream Alters and shit.
Didn't expect to see so many flat out acting like he's deformed and it getting thousands of likes. Not defending him. I guess I'm just kind of shocked. Guess it's from seeing people praise actually ugly scrotes like that Dylan Troon, but a average weird chin scrote gets this kind of reaction. Maybe Dream should put on a dress, kek

No. 1665352

twitter (and people in general) love joining whatever hate bandwagon is trendy due to herd mentality and it feeling fun to shit on someone else and be part of something

No. 1665354

A lot of tweets I see isn't about his drama, just calling him ugly or fans/ex fans disappointed in his looks.

No. 1665356

found the dream teenage fans itt, if he hadnt made such a big fuss about his looks no one would give a fuck. for like the last week everywheres been OMG DREAM FACE REVEAL!! and then the facetiming hype videos acting like hes insanely hot guaranteed this type of reaction lmfao. if he cant handle it thats on him shouldnt have made such a huge deal out of it in the first place

No. 1665360

So true nonnie, a tiny percentage of moids actuslly warrant any kind of AWOOGA reaction & dream is just one of billions of guys a woman would settle for. He set himself up for this shit though…who cares about some dude’s face? Why make a big deal of it, was anyone asking before he started teasing NOT showing his mug ever?

No. 1665361

lol we’re not teenage dream fans it’s basic human empathy I don’t even watch his content aside from him and his fans being annoying and cringe what has warranted all this hate for his looks? Twitter people are just psychos who would jump to tweet anything for likes

No. 1665362

'teen fans' i don't even watch him but sure. i can see your point about the hype or whatever but it's still way overblown

No. 1665363

Usually from what I’ve seen on Twitter if you bring up any of his actual drama he’ll retweet you on his private account then you’ll get harassed or his rabid fans who name search him will flood your replies either justifying him or general harassment

I think a lot of the anger right now with people calling him ugly and such is because he faced absolutely no consequences when he doxed that 15 year old earlier this year + plus his fans harassing other content creators and his fans still defend him on it so people are just sort of done with him at this point and probably feel vindicated that this man that people have bent over backwards to defend whilst harassing people on his behalf looks like shane dawson with cerebral palsy, or at least that’s what I’m getting from the replies on these tweets where people are now talking about said drama though there’s obviously a hate train right now that people are riding on

No. 1665366

>I think a lot of the anger right now with people calling him ugly and such is because he faced absolutely no consequences when he doxed that 15 year old earlier this year

You’re giving them too much credit nonnie. People on twitter do not care or want know about this at all, they just saw an opportunity to have a hit tweet and took it that’s it, tweet “dream ugly dream shane dawson” and get 10k likes

No. 1665368

No you found an adult woman who doesn't get all the insults about this average banana faced scrote and surprised by the reactions. I don't know much about this idiot and I even agree that, him making this huge display more then likely caused a huge display of love and hate.
It's just an odd situation when you don't really know much about the scrote and very little about hos fanbase. Not everyone with a different opinion os a fan or teenager.

No. 1665370

I mean yes obviously the majority are but I’ve seen several tweets of people talking about the drama I mentioned due to him trending, either way there’s definitely some whiteknighting in here for some 23 year old scrote who bragged about doxing a child because she said didn’t like his content

No. 1665377

He is trying so hard to keep his forced jawline in view, it looks ridiculous

No. 1665383

c’mon, this dude has been on the internet for yearrrrs now, he knows how vicious and shitty people are for no reason. not to mention when someone does give them a reason to be, and he has. he’s been doing these shitty ass things the entire time he’s been online, while also making insane amounts of money off his fans. he knowingly bred this parasocial relationship with all those “weird teens” and let them fall in love with this idea of him being a hot stud irl, took their money for years, and then hyped up this face reveal for weeks to make even MORE money off of them

nobody should feel any sympathy for this loser. he knows exactly what he’s been doing and knows what he’s doing now, if there was any chance of him being suicidal over people’s reactions to him, he wouldn’t have done it.

No. 1665393

File: 1664771615175.jpeg (660.2 KB, 1242x1341, 154B90C4-68DB-4331-8BBA-52B311…)

anons please go scroll #dreamfanart for a good chuckle. the fans were drawing him like a cute anime boy before the face reveal lmao they must be so pissed

No. 1665397

No. 1665398

pretty sure those body pics were speculated to have been his brother, there was some evidence or at least discussion of this in his kf thread lmao

No. 1665410

Your prayers have been answered nonnie. God bless.

No. 1665413

>his irl gf

Nonna, this is a gay man.

No. 1665414

Maybe he really was into the gore fujo art of him and his 15 yr old friend

No. 1665434

Sorry I was staring at a picture of rumpelstiltskin that I thought was dream

No. 1665436

File: 1664780422683.jpeg (2.35 MB, 1125x1315, 1194E810-0A93-4D04-8B3E-1364DD…)

His own fault for letting his fans do this LMAO

No. 1665438

Why wouuld you.

No. 1665439

File: 1664780748695.jpg (40.83 KB, 840x801, thatswhatthepointofthemaskis.j…)

the truth was always there

No. 1665441

The hair color is completely different from the photos the was ''posting'' earlier. I'm starting to believe in KF brother-photo-double conspiracy.

No. 1665442

What difference does it make, he’s ugly either way

No. 1665445

I guess his haters will say he's ugly, his fans will say he's beautiful and they can argue forever. I agree he's mid looking, like if he broke his jaw and had Dr Frankenstein had to fix him.

No. 1665446

File: 1664781762714.jpg (6.76 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

I fucking KNEW his face reminded me of someone. With weight edited on he looks like Josh

No. 1665448

>i’m afraid he might kill himself
oh nooo a moid committing suicide that would be SO sad and tragic

No. 1665449

Is this your fujo fantasy?

No. 1665455

he's mediocre looking & has a face that would never be worth making fun of were it not attached to him. not particularly attractive, not particularly ugly, a face i would see in an econ class and immediately forget. completely and totally unremarkable, thats why I can't find these memes funny cause he is quite literally just weirdly average looking tall dude

No. 1665458

Why do people care

No. 1665459

Anxiety war is sexy wfym

No. 1665461

Dream stans itt coping

No. 1665462

If he hadn’t made it into some weird hype thing where he announced it like an album reveal, they likely wouldn’t

No. 1665463

He dug his own grave by promoting it for days and doing a whole marketing campaign for his face reveal

No. 1665467

Because fuck men. Bully them for how they look. Let them taste their own "2/10 btw elbows too pointy" medicine.
It is fucking funny.

No. 1665469

incredibly based

No. 1665471

File: 1664784535529.jpeg (189.38 KB, 744x1593, E21EACB5-E64B-4785-9973-737CDF…)

Rare dream W?
(this was being posted around on twitter to make him look bad, ugly or not he’s right)

No. 1665474

Looks like Null

No. 1665476

File: 1664785121317.png (324.21 KB, 602x680, Screenshot 9.png)

I think its similar to the backlash against Lindsay Ellis, its not what they have done that's caused this hatetrain but what they represent to these people, Lindsay Ellis represented the white feminist who wasn't doing enough for minorities and Dream is the mediocre white man who is "unfairly" popular and they believe he deserves the hatred cause it would be punching down

No. 1665477

He looks more like Null here and tbh this is something Null would say too kek

No. 1665491

Okay but if he killed himself over this… That would be so fucking funny.

No. 1665492

wow because there’s no possible way to change your hair color ever, right? kek

No. 1665495

Are you being purposely obtuse or trolling? He’s done a ton of shitty things, ellis had a shit opinion but dream has gaslit, cheated, and overall seems like straight male^tm stereotype

No. 1665499

Well we know he changed his hair color because we had his fat fucking photos, what is your problem?

No. 1665504

Holy shit he looks like a creep kek

No. 1665506

I don’t know much about him and I feel bad for the hate he is getting for just his looks alone. I haven’t seen anything about the stuff he has done/said in the tweets, that’s not why they are hating. So that’s why I feel a lil bad for him I guess

No. 1665509

Corpse will never do a face reveal now I bet

No. 1665510

That’s kinda crazy how much weight he lost

No. 1665511

File: 1664791755481.jpg (242.83 KB, 1080x1192, IMG_20221003_050839.jpg)

I'm kek'ing at the tweets, this is is so funny

No. 1665512

as he shouldnt, if he wants to keep getting paid
he looks like he got gastric bypass surgery or something. his face doesnt quite match his body.
girl hes ugly LMAO i honestly have no idea who this is-i know ive seen him trending before and i think he has a twitch? im assuming so because hes a streamer. anyway-i dont interact with ANYTHING about this man and some how his tweets wound up on my timeline-specifically the one where he said his face reveal was in 2 hours and kicking a big fuss like it was must-see-tv. he was funneling everyone to come look and now what. he got what he wanted didnt he? everyone looked. and they were rightfully repulsed because hes ugly. im sorry. that is one ugly gargoyle. this? >>1665251 bone-chilling. he should have saved that for the 31st if thats him.

god help the other vtubers out there. if its a girl shes probably fine because most girls are cute but men tend to be busted and unkept looking. its rare that one is genuinely breath-taking to look at. lord help me if shxtou ever does a face reveal god i just…men, dont do this. you are not good looking enough, i promise you. keep the fantasy going. never show your faces. dont get greedy because you want to be recognized in public and get laid easier.

No. 1665516

File: 1664792347676.jpg (176.18 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_2022-10-03-05-15-22…)

Right now twitter feels like a bunch of nonnies on the wild kek

No. 1665517

KF is coping hard right now and calling this Hapsburg retard handsome. Further proof scrotes can not evaluate themselves objectively and moid beauty standards are in hell. They seem to think not fat = auto 10/10 male.

No. 1665518

Damn, and he's ugly ugly, not even a little bit cute.

No. 1665519

God he’s such a twat

No. 1665520

Every single one of them saying OMG HES SO UGLYYY YESSS like. Okay. Herd of sheep always have to share their opinion on every little thing lol.

No. 1665523

I’m pretty sure he kept up the side-ish angle because he didn’t want people to make side by side comparisons of the fat kid pic with him now if he were sitting front-on

No. 1665526

File: 1664793565154.jpg (74.62 KB, 1080x318, IMG_20221003_053434.jpg)

Holy shit moids are blind.

No. 1665527

Why are people suprised? HOT PEOPLE DON'T HIDE THEIR FACES.

No. 1665528

Lmao incels from 4chan call every 4+/10 white guy a Chad but call 10/10 women ugly and elbows too pointy. They’re all faggots who sage pictures of male models all day and cry over the fact Chad won’t fuck their incel bussies.

No. 1665530

probably because they see themselves in him. it's like looking in the mirror for them. he has an average moid face you'll likely forget in 5 minutes.

>Habsburg retard

No. 1665536

I guess it's just a cope because they're pathetic enough they would kill themselves over being ugly kek

No. 1665540

File: 1664795053334.jpeg (135.23 KB, 1169x1181, FeG5rIeXoAUwFNB.jpeg)

No. 1665542

I was so disappointed to find out jerma loves troons

No. 1665545

File: 1664795368573.jpeg (17.29 KB, 739x415, images (4).jpeg)

It's cause he has a strong jaw and by strong jaw I mean like in Gintama when they have to crossdress to work at a hostess bar and give themselves an underbite to look uglier and not be picked.

No. 1665557

Nonnie he is notoriously nicknamed the lgbt joker. If he was anti trans he would lose his whole career kek

No. 1665560

File: 1664796786083.png (843.83 KB, 637x959, 1399580911911.png)

No. 1665566

File: 1664798180214.png (16.69 KB, 192x400, moonman.png)

it would've been less cringe if he looked like boogie or null

No. 1665591

His fanbase literally went from relatively normal people to genderspecial DID faking teenagers who infantilize him in these last two years since he blew up, nowadays anytime I check his discord it’s these kids talking about tiktok shit or how their families suck with neopronuns like xir/xim or fae/faeself in their username or bio, They also circlejerk about his “neurodivergentsy” because of his adhd diagnosis I literally saw a tweet the other day of these people talking about him “stimming” because he enjoyed eating food, though this shit does explain why he’s seemed irritated in some videos/streams recently imagine your fanbase goes from normal 16-20 year olds to tiktok brainrot 14 year olds

No. 1665599

his fanbase didnt go from 16 to 20 year olds, his fanbase grew up from 10 year olds to 14-16 year olds and this is what they grew into

No. 1665608

File: 1664804808264.jpg (90.86 KB, 751x1024, FGM_uXZXsAIb8f8.jpg)


No. 1665612

He looks like someone I would love to punch. You can tell he's a smug incel just by looking at his once-fat face.

No. 1665613

Did something else happen? Last I heard he just tries to keep shit calm, he allows the retards to be retards in his chat. Jerma is getting boring and acts like a puppet, but the biggest pandering he did. Was, "hey, don't say transphobic shit when people spam the troonheart in chat", I don't know what people expect him to do. He probably got sick of the spam and fighting, but he can't do anything but "Trans rights". It's funny, because now his chat sucks and every five mintue it's random transheart spam, but nobody can say stop because they'll get banned or starta fight. He doesn't "love troons" he just has to deal with them and because that Hhbomber situation brought them, now he has to deal with it. Kek. His chat is 90% special genders

No. 1665636

critikal was actually pretty damn hot. too bad he now looks like your creepy neighbor who doesn’t know how to bathe.

No. 1665638

File: 1664807963456.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1067, unknown.png)

I saw picrel today and though it was critikal at first glance. he's reached asmongold levels of haggard

No. 1665646

I think some people forget that Jerma was a school teacher. He knows kids are going to have retarded phases and more than likely applies the same "ok whatever they're kids" attitudes teachers have when a student is giving a class presentation on how they're actually a wolf. He's essentially a black belt in taking care of speds for money. That might actually be how he seems to have a major leg up on everyone else when it comes to keeping his fans well behaved

No. 1665651

File: 1664809899487.jpg (77.12 KB, 640x637, url(9).jpg)

I was regretfully on Tumblr when the first pic of him dropped and people went crazy. He's said he was a freak in college so I wonder if the face reveal motivated him to shower regularly before falling back into old habits

No. 1665659

So does he look like this in any videos because if so. I think they should be linked for research purposes.

No. 1665666

>jefree star and james charles absolutely got famous just for being gay men in the beauty guru world.
Yea, I agreed with Mykie about that. Swoop didn't seem to understand that point and was just hung up on thinking that Mykie was a homophobe. Still though, Mykie just came off as selfish and a user swoops vid.

Mykie's got a big enough catalog of Youtube vids that she can probably live off the ad money from them and doesn't need to make anymore so I wonder if she will ever come back.

>btw swoop is apparently gonna be in a Gabby Petito documentary?? why??

This does make zero sense. Why would she even want to be in this.

No. 1665668

I was randomly thinking of this yesterday when someone posted a pic of flashback Mary. James Charles was not particularly talented, and there were so many girls who did makeup like him at the time that nobody gave a fuck about that would never get the deals he got simply for being a dude putting on falsies and liquid lip. I don’t understand how he still has a platform.

No. 1665694

its Cry all over again… same mask, same anime twink art, turns out to be a fat unattractive sex pest.. give it a few years itll be the same shit different moid.

No. 1665696

I recommend watching the video if you haven't yet (starts 1:15), he looks so much worse when he moves

No. 1665699

his ex gf is a they/them now so i think the troon loving comment is valid lol

No. 1665703

he keeps the same angle all the time, probably intentional. also his neck looks really stiff.

No. 1665705

That's so uncanny. The strained neck, hard holding the 3/4 angle.

No. 1665711

This is so autistic, it's great. He's trying so hard to look like the gigachad memes. The fact he has to do his own face reveal is so… Odd. There's so many gaming YouTubers who just show themselves front and center no matter how ugly they are. Dream trying to upkeep this image that he's not ugly is fucking hilarious.

No. 1665720

I honestly think making it into some huge dramatic reveal is the only reason so many people are losing their minds. He was begging for attention and I suppose he got it

No. 1665722

File: 1664816146649.jpg (96.35 KB, 546x820, kek.jpg)

No. 1665728

I wonder if he paid all those other streamers to hype him up by making videos reacting to his face saying shit like “he’s so cute!”, “he’s got an amazing jawline” and “ he’s actually a handsome guy” only for him to look like the result of inbreeding with his underbite and cross eye that he wouldn’t turn his face to the camera front on due to it, it’s just so funny to me that he spent days hyping this up getting his friends to act like he was hot shit whilst trying to turn this into some big event and he just looks like Shane Dawsons failed clone though in a way I feel like it’s karma for him fostering this weird fanbase of underage girls and themites who attack anyone he has a minor disagreement with

No. 1665731

Most embarrassing behavior
I remember this lol
I can't get over how big this mfs chin is, looks like someone pushed the sliders all the way in Cas. Makes me want to redline and sperg about proportions.
You can tell that he lost a lot of weight too, his skin is oddly loose on his cheeks and neck.
Lastly, lmfao at him being stuck in 3/4 because that's the least bad angle

No. 1665734

Bella Poach saying “you should’ve kept the mask on” was funny

No. 1665736

>>ex girlfriend
Well if she's a ex and wasnt a they/them with him who cares. Want Kim not liked anyway? However I wouldn't be surprised if he did go down that road with a genderspeical current girlfriend. One of the first streams I watched with Jerma. Was when he did the Seaman stream and I can't remember, but he was asked a question about if he thought his spouse was the one. He blocked it but it kinda played the answer and i was sure he had to say something like. "I'm not sure " or "no". Anyone else remember that?

No. 1665737

does he have a horrible deformity on the left side of his face or is this that ariana grande i know my angle diva thing

No. 1665738

Yeah why is he holding his face like that

No. 1665739

File: 1664817419130.jpeg (46.05 KB, 600x738, 3B83418B-C0B8-498B-A090-D07DE1…)

No. 1665744

my bf says he said 'no' and justified it in chat like 'we haven't dated for that long' or something along those lines

No. 1665750

File: 1664818267081.jpg (88.26 KB, 750x1147, rip.jpg)

jesus christ it's embarrassing (OP deleted this tweet and locked their account soon after too lmao)

No. 1665761

minecraft autist speedrunner (cheat) probably means he thinks as long as he's the opposite of no-chin leafy he is a winrar. He might even have paid to enhance that fucking thing.

No. 1665788

Adding to what everyone else said, from what I've seen i think he started beef with kpop stans and you know how it goes, they're vicious and self-righteous. They labeled him racist, homophobe and ableist so they can roast him all they want with no guilt

No. 1665791


Everytime I see dream discourse pop up on my timeline it's cuz he offended someone or said something racist/sexist. Or it's because his fanbase is toxic. This shouldn't surprise anyone, a lot of terminally online community hate him. Plus, he's not cute enough to stan, we know how the internet will excuse a scrote if he's cute enough.

No. 1665836

I haven't watched the video, but he looks pretty good in this picture? Why is people calling him ugly? Was expecting way worse.

No. 1665840

He's gay. Not even bi despite having had gfs, I mean full on homosexual. I only watched his videos regarding his cheating situation so I didn't pick up on it before, but it's so obvious in his voice and body language.

No. 1665841

Well they’re not wrong about most of it. Just needs a stronger strong jawline

No. 1665847

The fact that he always tries to stay in the same angle is SO awkward

No. 1665856

did cry ever reveal his face? i don’t remember that.

No. 1665864

I know this has been said a lot, but he really did just rip off cry didn’t he

No. 1665866

Yes it is like he is trying to keep his head in one position, to make his chin pointy or something idk, it looks kinda like a robot or android

No. 1665871

because he isn’t handsome like his stans expected. And because people like to bandwagon and get likes

No. 1665880

File: 1664826950543.jpeg (92.38 KB, 954x1001, FA77C674-0A34-4C9E-BCBC-D69A97…)

The jokes keep on coming

No. 1665886

File: 1664827504539.png (211.01 KB, 828x841, 17c250b3bdfd0bf05974c229ae23dd…)

No. 1665887

File: 1664827573568.png (249.96 KB, 572x687, haha.PNG)

SNEAKO who is a wannabe Andrew Taint Youtuber was finally perm banned. His fanboys are in literal tears over this, kek.

No. 1665924

Weren't the Tate-like videos on his 2nd channel though? SNEAKO was his 1st channel.

No. 1665936

File: 1664831466790.jpg (64.44 KB, 720x999, Screenshot_20221003-160407.jpg)

No. 1665942

never been a dream fan and i always avoided that minecraft tuber scene as i am over the age of 20 but i think its really awkward how far people are making fun of him when he really isn't ugly… he just unfortunately looks a bit like shane dawson

No. 1665947

>pro trump
>anti SJW


Yeah absolutely not

No. 1665968

Why do you feel bad for a scrote retard? That’s the biggest question, gtfo(sage)

No. 1665973

TY for this nonna!

No. 1665979


they will ban you off the entire platform if you get banned on one channel

No. 1665981

I never played minecraft but I watched a good probability related video from a math youtuber I follow that explains how dream cheated his speedruns, lol. A lot of people hate him because his fans are crazy and he's a shitty persona.

No. 1665982

"vive la resistance" is not offensive pauvre con

No. 1666008

For anyone curious, here's the professional debunk. This bitch cheated to get more popular, then wrote an extremely long document full of empty words and fake probability that triggered me as a math autist and he threw a tantrum about it. I was surprised he came back from this, but it was mostly outsiders who criticised him, his fans care for the yaoi fanfiction of his minecraft server.

No. 1666009

File: 1664835335026.jpg (490.48 KB, 1536x2048, FeG2VTdXoAMsGIt.jpg)

No. 1666012

File: 1664835638988.jpeg (23.74 KB, 278x331, 3A85028D-7344-420E-8310-D51DC6…)

No. 1666037

I first saw the still and thought "he's kind of handsome". Now that I see him in motion, it's obvious he's trying to show his "best angle".

No. 1666041

he looks slightly like Robert Pattinson but, like, a bit inbred.

No. 1666055

irish Robert Pattinson

No. 1666088

> like Robert Pattinson but, like, a bit inbred.
Why the redundancy?

No. 1666160

I dk I'm a different anon and he's also pinging my gaydar. not every gay person has the stereotypical lgbt political opinions

No. 1666260

That anon doesn't know half the trump supporting men are actually gay lmfao

No. 1666268

Never heard of Fuentes either kek. Even Alex Jones got caught with tranny porn. Big homo coping in those circles.

No. 1666277

The IP2 chicken andy fent rv is being targeted by antifa who lit some fireworks causing a fire but rumor has it they started it themselves to script for content

No. 1666288

and then after denying it repeatedly and being self-defensive for so long, he comes out and says "oh oops i actually did cheat BUT ONLY BY ACCIDENT SO IT'S OKAY"

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