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File: 1468781358519.jpg (39.33 KB, 400x400, eNV_UnIV.jpg)

No. 156431

Old thread

Info from old thread
>she took a break from school to go to japan
> apparently her parents paid everything and she claims to pay all the money back which is around 20k
>runs around in cosplay with her friends in tokyo bragging about all the jp pple taking pictures of them
>calls herself a youtuber even though she barely updates her channel

New info
>dumped her bf after he came to visit her in japan
>turned lesbian
>still lurks this thread
>throw out all her parents money for cosplay, makeup, extensions, parties, nails etc while she was in Japan
>lied about getting a job in Japan
>just came back to Germany
>since she's back she's on a 24/7 rant on her twitter
>barely updates her instagram

never forget

Social Media

No. 156465

File: 1468789390445.jpg (45.98 KB, 550x413, SOWG86385.jpg)

I just wanted to point out in the last thread >>138832

>Looks like shit on girls without cleavage

That character has a flat chest,
Reach Fucking Harder

No. 156652

Pretty sure the person who wrote that cleavage post is a robot. God they're ruining this board.

No. 156668

Well, the characters design is shitty then. Sorry, but a top like that shouldn't be worn by children

No. 156672

>implying flat chested girls=children
lol anon pls

If you actually watched the anime that "girl" is actually a woman that's hundreds of years old.

If you're going to shit on someone, at least know what you're talking about.

No. 156677

Stop the anime discussion and talk about the cow.

She just bought makeup and skincare products for about 200€ and now says she's broke af

No. 156682

File: 1468818979753.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1795, Screenshot_2016-07-18-07-14-36…)

Forgot to attach the photo

No. 156688

The anime is a legitimate point because if you're going to drag this girl at least bring up good points instead of reaching for random "facts" to shit talk her on

No. 156691

Fact is, she herself said that this character should better be cosplayed by someone with boobs, cause it'd match better with the sort of clothes this character wears throughout the series.

>acts like she has boobs and a booty, while also saying she just has an a cup and on no photos taken by others you can spot a single thought of a booty
Top kek

No. 156718

File: 1468831692821.jpg (134.1 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

This thread always feels like it's being kept alive by the same three salty bitches
Here's a "nice" pic from ChisaiiCon

No. 156728

The old thread was pretty popular in the beginning, also yazoo, janet and co are still lurking here and trying to whiteknight

No. 156859

finally someone made another thread haha nice even my boyfriend lurks here bc she is so ridiculous

No. 156863

Thumbs up to your boyfriend

No. 157211

File: 1468946898067.png (148.08 KB, 1080x858, Screenshot_2016-07-19-18-35-24…)

This is just sad yazo, really sad
>slut shaming
>yazo doesn't even know that this women actually IS from Slovenia
>yazo actually looks like this woman, makeup, style wise, on her latest photos
>yazo is a cheap east european prostitute or what?

>So trump is against foreigners, yet his weird wife who looks like a prostitute from east Europe is ok?

No. 157448

hahaha this makes absolutely 0 sense but well everyone who disagrees with her opinion is a slut
she is just a poor weaboo

No. 157542

File: 1469039488364.jpg (978.25 KB, 1920x2560, 16-07-20-20-30-13-032_deco.jpg)

Her English got so much better

No. 157618

ew, for someone who is mostly fluent with the english language, this hurts.
it bothers me the most bc i never even tried activly to learn english and everyone who has been educated and writes like this just makes me cringe

No. 157689

It's even more cringe worthy since she actively claims that her English got so much better in Japan. Tbh it got worse.

>This filter makes me to a full elf


No. 157715

>muh loli is billion years old
This is the most retarded excuse out there.

No. 157716

Yeah the anime sucks but it doesn't change the fact that you all trash her on a part of her cosplay that is technical'y accurate to the character

No. 157720

Can we stay with relevant stuff guys?

Also as said above, yazoo herself said that this cosplay should better be worn by someone with boobs rather than a noodle

No. 157761

File: 1469102477551.png (550.33 KB, 505x441, Unbenannt.PNG)


>This filter makes me to a full elf

ears like an elefant

No. 157762

yazoo herself said she makes most of her cosplays hersef too.

but mommas money compensates for her not existing skills of cosplay making

No. 157765

The only cosplay she completely made herself was Sabrina. With the Elsa thing she got lots of help and it was basically just adding some glitter to a bought dress wow such effort

No. 157767

Did she mean
>this filter turns me into a real elf?

No. 157768

ever since she went back to germany she has been doing literally nothing, only playing pokemon go. I dont have the screenshots anymore but she used to hate a lot on pokemon saying that pokemon sucks and that digimon is way better than pokemon etc. now that everyones hyping pokemon go she suddenly turned into the biggest pokemon nerd ever, all her tweets are about that game and her going outside in the middle of the night to search for pokemon. that's so typical her though, she loves to bash on things which are popular but suddenly she loves it. and why doesnt she look for a job like she literally owes her parents 10k+€

No. 157771

File: 1469104531472.jpg (64.35 KB, 640x1136, 13833374_1060937950652066_9715…)

pokemon go is nice but I cant wait for the hype to be gone cause people who only go with the trend and act like theyre suddenly the biggest nerds ever are annoying af

No. 157772

She also hated Sailor Moon.

Also doesn't she claim to have Spanish classes?

No. 157773

nah, I think she mentioned on twitter once that she was so bored to the point where she started studying the spanish language probably with her school textbooks.

No. 157774

File: 1469104918860.jpg (56.07 KB, 540x960, 13819361_1060943670651494_1736…)

No. 157775

File: 1469105003940.jpg (59.97 KB, 540x960, 13817003_1060943643984830_6321…)

more embarassing tweets, i had to chuckle at the part where the guy/girl replied 'one'

No. 157778

File: 1469107352116.png (366.19 KB, 567x388, 2.PNG)


No. 157780

File: 1469107498263.png (371.22 KB, 571x540, Unbenannt.PNG)

yes barrista yazoo, pressing buttons on the coffe machine is a good achievement in life, write that onto your curriculum vitae

No. 157781

i remember her saying she is in a spanish class and she couldnt even build sentences.
i guess it was a school spanish course, you need 2 foreign languages for a "abitur" high degree

No. 157789


why did you cut the picture? ;))))
also why is she so full of herself she looks like the fucking moon emoji in real life

No. 157790

it´s so funny how she only plays pkm go because of the hype. it´s SO obvious, she has no idea how the game actually works, all she does is catching to get a high level but she could never actually fight.
i´ve always loved pokemon and i own all games and i have 1 pikachu plushie and that´s it, like even a fan like me doesn´t buy a pkm go sweater. she´s such an attention whore and the second the hype is over she will delete the app and continues her "pokemon sucks, digimon is way better"

No. 157791

chill yazo, i wanted to show your ear not your clevage

No. 157796

File: 1469111339110.jpg (50.44 KB, 540x960, 13817026_1060943563984838_1662…)

her hair and make up are a disaster and wtf is she wearing is that underwear or clothes she actually wears outside?

No. 157797

i like how her ombré extensions arent ombré at all.. just black and straight to blond no blending.. but yea high quality rich bitch

No. 157799

she looks like a skunk with that hair

No. 157804

She just received them (and the brand is actually great!) but they already look like she has killed them. Damn girl, if you want long hair just let your own hair grow.

No. 157805


"i hate long hair, it´s such a pain to wash it"

No. 157816

And short hair is difficult to style. I mean it definitely takes longer to attach those extensions than to blow dry your own hair

No. 157820

it's funny how she keeps complaining about her hair looking like shit and that she used to have such pretty curly and healthy hair which she damaged due to straightening and bleaching it too much. if she likes her natural curly hair so much, why doesnt she let it grow out and stop straightening and coloring it? I bet she actually doesn't like curly hair on herself cause it's not japanese looking at all and doesn't make her look as 'kawaii' as long straight hair. It's such a shame, cause I think she looks prettier with her natural hair.

No. 157838

I wish I had hair like her natural hair.

No. 157844

ikr, curly hair is precious

No. 157849

It's not only the curls, since I have wavy to curly hair myself, but the thickness I envy

No. 158095

Mad that your fatass would'ndt be able to cosplay cute teen characters?

No. 158100

Mad that no one fucks a stick?

No. 158101

Because models are so undesirable, everyone wants Real wymminz!!

No. 158139

I saw her hunting some pokemons last night… should have approached her dam

No. 158146

Should have kicked her butt

No. 160674

File: 1469627656281.png (1.04 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160727-155246.png)

those Photoshop skills

No. 160682

This looks akward af

No. 160715


wanna know what´s awkward? her push up bra.

No. 160723

noone cares about her fugly extensions, she only made a video cause she got sponsored. where are all the japan related videos she promised her 'fans'? didnt she say she recorded tons of stuff but wasnt able to upload it yet cause she didnt have a laptop? well, shes back in germany now, has loads of time cause shes jobless and doesnt know what to do with her life so why doesnt she make more videos?

No. 160726

She also said she had her (Fach)abitur and that she'll pay her parents back kek

No. 160728

True, it looks super fake because everyone knows she's flat.
(To not start a stupid war again, it's not BAD to have no boobs, but she is 'pushing' her a cup into sth that looks like a d/e cup)

No. 160969

Did you see all the new cuts on her arms in the new video?

No. 161006

that doesn't look like d/e cup at all

No. 161064

It looks gross and it's super obvious that it's just the bra

No, because I didn't manage to watch the whole video. Can't stand her voice, which got even worse over the years. So, she's still cutting for attention kek go to a doctor girl

No. 161311

File: 1469734780038.png (30.6 KB, 361x154, lol.png)

can you stop lying honey? like it´s so obvious it´s a lie, stop thinking we´re stupid. you always called everyone else stupid when they made a typo or something, but actually you´re the stupid person here :) sorry just saying the truth bye

No. 161323

6 is such a big number for her, she doesnt know how many vids she made.. learn counting first, after that u can start english and japanese
> jplt

No. 161657

she didn't make a single video
lies over lies

No. 161713

File: 1469849844042.png (113.09 KB, 1079x452, Screenshot_2016-07-29-19-07-31…)

6 months of studying Japanese
>where the kanji for 忘れる?
>what the hell is that random お?or did she mean を?

No. 161814

File: 1469889709169.png (32.5 KB, 606x348, asf.PNG)

she clearly reads this thread, now she boasts with her knowledge
"but there isnt any lu~~~"
yea wow how dumb are u that u wont realise that this isnt legit and for kiddies.

No. 161836

what's the difference of お and を??

No. 161841

を is a particle and お is just a vowel. You can also use お in お家 or お金

No. 161926

Oh ok! Thanks for that

No. 162085



No. 162087

It's just her lurking the thread, that's why she made that tweet in Japanese to show off her
skills kek

No. 162089

it´s also funny how she suddenly posts a lot about best friends and such good friendship and stuff :D

No. 162092

She still has friends? I highly doubt that. The most people who are around her are just famesuckers like Janet

No. 162093


ofc it´s a lie

No. 162096

Sad thing but I think she really believe that these people ARE her friends

No. 162098

´-chan, learn how to type.

No. 162099

am i the fucking only one here who thinks that the people in her videos don´t like her? she´s all like attention attention i need attention, screaming and no one is interacting with her at all. they all just look second hand embarrassed

No. 162100


fuck you fat ass

No. 162102

You're not the only one! Even in her early videos with her 'gang' everyone was like
>ok, ok yes you're there yazoo and now stfu omg stop this oh my god just stop
Eg the Chisaii videos or the gazette concert one with domi

No. 162103

File: 1469990126326.jpg (89.88 KB, 1080x623, Screenshot_2016-07-31-20-28-46…)

Much bff
He talked so much shit behind your back hny

Almost all her old friends left/dislike her

No. 162104

Did someome else wrote these two tweets for her? The English seems decent compared to her usual grammar abuse

No. 162107

'Sascha and I didn't see for like 2 years' are you serious? her english still sucks ass haha btw am I the only one who's annoyed by her wannabe american slang like she always uses 'NO CHILL' and adds 'yo' in every sentence? People who can't even use english grammar properly shouldn't be allowed to make use of english slang

No. 162109

Her "no chill" is one of the most annoying things I've ever heard and it sounds so stupid omfg

No. 162110

Annoying words/phrases she uses/used
>no chill
>sorry not sorry

Any more to add?

No. 162117


Idk about now but she used to say "diggah" a lot

No. 162203

File: 1470038955498.png (39.02 KB, 602x279, 1111.PNG)


No. 162204

Explains her weightloss and new self harm wounds. Her parents should send her to a closed clinic for a while, this girls mental health hasn't been stable for ages.

No. 162214

Is this another princessdoll situation? Why was this screenshot taken 16 seconds after she posted. Is she posting herself here?

No. 162215

samefagging, but it's in german too… suspicious

No. 162217

Didn't she also find the first thread shortly after it had been made?

No. 162218

Most people in this thread are Germans. Wouldn't read too much into this.

No. 162240

Well, but she likes the attention, doesn't she? It might not be her to post here, but maybe janet?

But I also think that she lurked her way BEFORE the first thread has been posted

No. 162242

She's not relevant enough for someone to be tracking her twitter SO precisely that they can upload her posts after 16 seconds. She must be posting herself here. Pathetic.

No. 162248

I think so too.

Hi Yazo! You should go to a closed psychiatric clinic and stay there for a while, would be better for you and your family

No. 162255


most germans have vacation now bc we dont have school now, it isnt unlikly that someone is up so late and just saw her tweet like this

No. 162268

God Yazo we all know that it's you. You're English grammar is one of a kind

No. 162271

No. 162290


what weight loss? :D do you really believe her lies?

No. 162295

I actually think she lost a bit since she's back to Germany, she looks thinner in her latest YouTube video.

No. 162298


? her arms look bigger than in every photo ever

No. 162302

funny how she felt the need to show off her scars. she really only cuts for attention or else she would cut somewhere else and not her arms :))

No. 162305

Her new insta photo shows them off so much, I've actually reported it, because some of these scars are pretty fresh (maybe that's why even photoshop can't cover them)

No. 162306


she can´t use photoshop, someone else always does it for her, this is just one of those chinese/japanese beauty app filters

No. 162309

That's what I meant by photoshop you fucktard

No. 162310


but it´s not the same you crack whore

No. 162311

You can't be that stupid! If you write photoshopped on these kind of forums you mean any kind of deforming apps or real photoshop by it.

No. 162313


i hope adobe reads this and deletes photoshop of everyone´s computer because beauty apps are the same

No. 162315

You are such a retard

Anyway she didn't manage to shoop her open wounds away but the photo got over a thousand likes. Such a great rolemodel

No. 162318

File: 1470074469887.jpg (108.95 KB, 600x600, cunt.jpg)


come on and do this in your chinese attention whore self disgust apps, suprise me bitch.
nice argument btw you piece of shit, why are you not her white knight? you would be best friends with her

No. 162319

was that even a cosplay or did she randomly dress up like that?

No. 162321

come on guys, it's not photoshop nor those cheap chinese beauty apps, it's tons of filters to make her look flawless and like an elf kek

No. 162322

Random, I guess.

No. 162324

i hope her new classmates will actually find her twitter and ig account and see what kind of sick shit she posts and btw I think she copied the make up of her newest ig post from michellemoe

No. 162330

This makeup is pretty popular on tumblr for some time now, so no wonder she copied it. It just confuses me that it got 1000likes more than her average posts.

I bet she'll end up as the 'popular kid' again, for the 3weeks or something she'll attend hs

No. 162339

her fans probably think she created that make up look by herself but she's not creative at all her make up is a mess

I wouldn't be too sure about that as she's already 20/will be 21. they will probably think she's dumb asf which is true in a way lol

No. 162340

File: 1470075791557.jpg (84.86 KB, 1050x1258, Screenshot_2016-08-01-20-15-30…)

Well she does follow her

No. 162343

is it just me or did she stop posting about her 'gf'janet ever since both returned to germany? when they were in japan they acted as if they couldn't bear being seperated for even a day but now there's nothing, like no picture or tweets? I wasn't sure at first whether their rs was fake or not, but now it's quite obvious it was only for attentionwhoring…

I also checked janets twitter and wtf she's transforming into a total cliche lesbian rn (no offense to lesbians), her style and hair completely changed and apparently she even bought mens wear…

No. 162344

she's always copying people whose style is popular on tumblr atm, it was creepyyeha first, now it's probably michelle

No. 162346


I'm pretty sure Janet is actually in love with Yazo and now slowly realises that Yazo doesn't love her and never did. I give them a few months.

Let's hope Janet will give us lots of milk after their break up kek

No. 162348

Well that's true. People in her new class will all be around 17-19 amd she'll be 21 by then. But she always managed to trick people into platonic friendships just to dump them later.

They're still tweeting with eachother, but it is really obvious that their rl has been nothing but attentionwhoring from the very beginning. They'll let it flame up again as soon as it's hip to be lesbian again

No. 162349

I still remember janet posting on twitter that she felt like shit and misses her when yazoo left few weeks before her, yazoo didn't even give a shit her tweets were all like 'I CANT WAIT TO MEET MY CAT AND FRIENDS AND FAMILY'

No. 162350

That'd be glorious. Especially because janet is known to shit talk others

No. 162353

plus she's different from usual high school students, she will probably try to make friends with pokemon go kek

I feel like they barely met each other after they went home? like there's no pictures tgt nor romantic tweets. I know from twitter that they met once at night to catch pokemon tgt
I don't believe that they wanna keep their rs private all of sudden given the fact that they openly shared pictures of them kissing hugging and whatnot not long ago

No. 162354

She'll attend classes for only a few weeks anyway until it'll get too stressful and boring. So who cares if she'll make any friends or not.

I think so too. Yazo just needed some more attention and because it's cool to be lesbian, let's dumb the guy who took a flight to Japan to meet her just to fuck janet the girl with the tiny LV

No. 162358

I just hope it won't be a private high school again for her parents, that would be such a waste of money
normal schools are different from private schools, most teachers don't care about you and there's just a lot she will have to deal with and it will definitely make her anxious

that guy was just for attention asw, whenever she mentioned him, it was only things like 'oh look who treated me like a princess on my birthday' or 'oh look who flew 4905843095km to see me'
her attentionwhoring probably annoyed the fck out of her old bf, that's why he broke up with her

No. 162360

Not sure if it'll be that private school again. Otherwise she can only go on a Stadtteilschule and then she'll be so fucked kek

I know, but he actually was quiet of a poser tbh. I looked up his fb and he was showing off all his expensive shit and high class lifestyle so she probably just hoped for some free fancy shit, which she got

No. 162362

she'll be fucked no matter what school she's gonna attend

the only difference is probably that he worked hard for all those exp things while she gets money and new stuff like her car and phone shoved up her ass by her parents

No. 162363


I found her old animexx account!
her photoshootings are so cringy, especially those boys love? pictures

No. 162367

Did she get a new car as well??

No. 162368

I remember all of these! Which actually shows that I know her from the very beginning

No. 162369

nope, still has her old car

No. 162370

I bet she'll try to delete her old animexx account once she reads this thread just like she did with her ask account haha

No. 162372

File: 1470078831556.jpg (179.9 KB, 851x1280, 8435956.gross.jpg-0-1280-1280-…)

Queen Yazo

No. 162373

Well, actually you can't delete your ask account, just deactivate it. So if some of her old friends get salty and remember the password they sure would be able to reactivate it

No. 162374

And actually she still looks like this kek

No. 162375

File: 1470079104802.jpg (73.56 KB, 354x617, 10786427.gross.jpg-0-1280-1280…)


No. 162380

Which chisaiiCon was that?

No. 162381

Hobby Bildbearbeitung (image editing) ye i see
sexual oriantation : mag beides (bisexual) oh didnt she say she didnt know she was bi /lesbian before janet.. this acc is old.
wasn't there some milk about how she and her friend domi had something?

No. 162383

She always claimed to be bi amd yes there has been some milk about domi and her

No. 162388

File: 1470082241597.png (10.84 KB, 629x157, 22.PNG)

Question was : Ich dachte das Yazo hetero wäre
(I thought Yazo was hereo?)
Anser: Dachte sie auch
(Thats what she thought too)

No. 162389

so Janet thought Yazo was hetero.. interesting that she would lie to her about her sexuality hmmm

No. 162656

learn how to type properly, anon..in english asw as in german

No. 162682

I still love her and her beautiful smile♥
I will try to talk with her at the next convention and see how she BEHAVES in real life!

No. 162731

She'll act all nice and sweet until you'll turn your back at her and she can start to shittalk about you with someone who's prettier/has more followers/more interesting than you kek

No. 162758

her smile is creepy af and she openly shittalked about her fans even though they always gift her cakes or other stuff, youre delusional anon if you were serious

No. 162766

She still shittalks them, but she used to openly hate them

No. 162794

this is 100% true she always talked shit about her fans being annoying and ugly when she talked with me

lol isn't that girl domis friend she knew for over 10 years?

No. 162797


Yepp, she also talked alot of shit about fans who also had an eating disorder bc "everyone is faking it ONLY Queen Yazoo has a real eating disorder"

No. 162813

also true

she also talked shit about some girls in her current cosplaygroup some years ago because they were shitty cosplayer and pretend to be her hahaha

No. 162817

how do you know? i doubt she would openly shittalk about other cosplayers (except for that one time when she said that she was a better krul than another girl cosplaying krul) idk if you or other anons were close enough to her to make her talk shit about her fans/fellow cosplayers but if yes is there more milk?

No. 162821

If you don't know her from the very beginnimg aka her Naruto and Elfenlied cosplays it's pretty to recreat everything. Until 2013 she was extremely aggressive and shittalked alot, openly on her social media accounts. Then she had her cosplay, wigs and lenses are only for weebs phase and now she's back on the run

No. 162840


Her an me were "friends" and I've met her on some cons at that time. (2-3 years ago) that's how I know.

I remember her hating on Andi (?)
(She is part of her cosplay crew now)

No. 162877

she said on her ask.fm that andi is copying her

No. 162895

Oh right! She hated andi, because andi 'sure' copied her. Andi was also probably getting her inspo of tumblr

No. 163007

she thinks all german cosplayers are copying her who look slightly good in their cosplays and are pretty wellknown among the community

No. 163028

so yazoo wants to move out, she has an appointment today. I'm not sure but apparently it's a flat share!
why does she want to leave her parents house all of sudden? first of all, she doesn't have any money, her parents would probably be the ones to pay the rent (it's not like she owes them at least 20k already kek) and secondly, she's messy and lazy af, she'd never tidy up or clean anything, just remembering the tiny room she shared with janet in japan gives me the chills..

No. 163029

I also want to add, she's the worst flat mate you could ever have. She's a heavy smoker, she would smoke IN the room and leave her smoked cigarettes everywhere. She hates cleaning and tidying up and if someone tells her to clean the kitchen, she would definitely get into a fight with them. She would also leave her trash and remains of food and bottles everywhere, if she's out of space, she will just put all the trash on the balcony. She needs forever to get ready because of her make up and hair, cause she wants to look like a kawaii doll, so she will most likely block the toilet for hours. So all in all, she has the worst aspects a male flat mate could have asw as female flat mates.

No. 163030

remember the one video she uploaded on twitter where a crow stole a trashbag HAHAH

No. 163033

File: 1470304898280.jpg (209.83 KB, 1078x1846, Screenshot_2016-08-04-11-56-53…)

surrounded by the people you love,huh? So where is Janet?
It seems like they do not meet very often nowadays.

This spoiled brat will never manage to live in her own flat.
There is no need for it anyway.
Her poor stepdad will have to pay it all

No. 163063

ahahahaha this was the best video I have ever seen. Glad I saved it hahaha

No. 163394


i need to see it! pleeeease

No. 163518

so janet is having a mental breakdown on twitter since ytd but yazoo doesnt give a fuck, such a good, caring gf
the only thing she cares about is csd and whether it will rain or not on that day

No. 163519


well she doesn´t get enough attention with janet anymore and on csd she will get a lot of attention :)

No. 163520

Sorry, but what is ytd standing for?

And omg yazo and the csd is something we shall never talk about. In my opinion she actually makes fun of these people and doesn't take it serious at all. She always attends for the likes

No. 163521


Stupid fucktard

No. 163522

File: 1470474369527.jpg (82.73 KB, 750x1334, b.jpg)

soooo this filter makes your face thinner and she still looks fat af? funny

No. 163524

are you serious anon? ytd means yesterday

No. 163525


i didn´t ask you bitch, it was someone else

No. 163526

her face is broad and wide af, not elf like at all

did she wanted to look like a transvestite, if yes, good job

No. 163527


she´s even uglier than i thought she is

No. 163530

as far as I remember, didn't she make fun of transgenders and genders in general on twitter? someone posted screenshots on this thread a while ago, where she had an argument with another person saying that transgenders shouldn't be allowed to have their own toilet or share toilets with women
she's such a hypocrite, she doesn't care at all about the concept of the csd, she only wants to attend for attention

No. 163531

sorry, wrong quoting

No. 163532


i read that too :)) and she and janet both make fun of genderfluid people. like i get if you hate FAKE genderfluid people but she also fakes her sexuality etc so she´s not better than those people, but people who are actually genderfluid, etc, really struggle in life

No. 163533



i´m sorry i´m such a stupid bitch i should kill myself

No. 163534

File: 1470475428805.jpg (149.3 KB, 1068x1544, Screenshot_2016-08-06-11-09-10…)

going to the CSD in jeans and shirt is impossible, let's dress like a fucking clown. It's obvious that she isn't going bc she's gay (kek) but bc she needs the attention.

No. 163535


her legs are so ugly and the heels actually make it worse

No. 163537

Is it a wig or did she just raped her hair again?

No. 163539

No. 163540

Have you ever been to one ? It's quite normal to dress "like a clown" there
Try harder, anon.

No. 163541

Buddy chill, no need to apologize on an anonymous image board. Especially not on a shit thread like this

No. 163542

it´s funny how she cried that she needs a good outfit and all she does is put feathers on something which shoes her ass.
such a good outfit

No. 163545


Yes I have been to some.

My Problem is that she as a straight person who pretends to be a lesbian and dresses like a wannabe drag queen all for the likes and attention. She even said that the CSD is her favorite day of the year although she makes fun of transgender people.

No. 163548

And yet she doesn't even have an ass

No. 163550


that´s why it´s so funny bruh

No. 163551

It's like her trying to make her boobs look like she has some. Gurl just ask your parents for some implants, I'm sure they'll pay for them if you tell them to pay it back kek

No. 163552



No. 163555

It'll just be like another 20k I bet she can easily pay it back with her pocket money

No. 163556


"pocket money"

i´m crying isn´t she like 20?

No. 163558

She gets about 150Euro each month plus a lot of extra money since she's 14 or so

No. 163559

don't forget that she gets extra stuff like she recently got a new iphone 6 and I'm pretty sure she didn't buy it with her own money

No. 163561


i know but it´s so funny she´s such a useless piece of shit, she didn´t even finish school

No. 163563

And most of the time her mother will pay for her gasoline.

Chill your life dude (don't take this serious) she'll make her abitur next year!!!

No. 163565

File: 1470480403716.png (55.5 KB, 1015x402, 20160806_124336-1.png)

Is it really called 'GAY' parade (schwulen parade) though? If yes then excuse me, but this seems like one of her pretty odd wannabe translations and also sounds a little lgbtq+phobic because there's not only 'gay' people walking on this parade as far as I remember

No. 163566


omg i´m so sorry she´s so smart, how could i forget #jplt

No. 163567

She'll obviously not make her abitur in English

No. 163573

i´m gonna eat a cactus if she graduates

No. 163576

Well she has to attend school regulary and learn for it for the next 8-9months. I doubt she'll do that

No. 163578


+ she´s moving out lol

No. 163579

>a little lgbtq+ phobic
who cares, tumblrina

No. 163580

Yazo is the only tumblrina here

No. 163582

Keep backpedaling, you were reaching really hard there with your righteous indignation

No. 163584

Hi whiteknight

No. 163585


So you're also defending THIS behaviour?

I mean, all these tumblr trash pastel fairykei wannabe 'genderfluid' people aside, being killed for being born in the wrong body or for loving the 'wrong' gender etc are a serious issue and the main cause for the csd to exist.

No. 163587

File: 1470488043305.png (87.93 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

can she stop saying 'gay parade'?? csd is not only about gays, you stupid cunt
it's so obvious she doesn't know shit, she's one of those pple who only join the parade cause it's fun and flashy

No. 163595

so yazo dumped janet? haha
did u hear that yazo and some of her old friends ahared some nudes? ;)

No. 163596


proof? (of both)

No. 163600

i dont think so
she just posted a picture 19 houres ago
https://twitter.com/YazoChan/status/761627056895565824 and she wrote with
cnm which stand for canim which is sweetheart or so in turkish i guess this is janet.
or have we proof that they broke up?
just ignoring her or not caring if janet is miserable isnt breaking up.

No. 163603

>clapped their hand

Proof for the nudes please

No. 163609

yazoo too dumb too think about the english word for Applaus … applause

No. 163610


you can´t applaude with only one hand tho

No. 163611

That's what I meant kek you got it anon

No. 163690

File: 1470524895194.png (721.5 KB, 515x603, 1.png)

filthy room

No. 163710

why is her face brown and her hands white? lmao

No. 163743

This is the cellar though. Yazo where did your own mirror go? Or is your room looking even worse than this rn?

No. 163747

File: 1470548085475.png (483.42 KB, 1080x1434, 20160807_073317.png)

Someone here is addicted to read their own thread.

Everyone, say hi to Yazoo cause she's always with us

No. 163779

she's so pathetic, she didn't say a word about janet the last few days…after reading this thread she's gonna post tons of things about her beloved gf

No. 163799

shadow from the iphone, dumbass

No. 163831

It's so funny, because this insta post obviously shows that she is a regular reader of this thread and that >>162203 has definitely been a self post

No. 163833


Na she might lurk here sometimes but she is not the person who self posts.

No. 163835

Fuck off yazo we know you self posted.

No. 163840

why doesnt lolcow show (YOU) on the posts like 4chan does, i dont like her either but i'd like to show you guys that i posted that >>162203

No. 163844

Your English shows that you can't be yazoo m8 so it's ok.

Anyway she not only lurks on here, she definitely also posts. I bet that over half of the posts in the old thread which have been written in super bad English were by her

No. 163848


You guys clearly don't know her.
I hate that bitch just like you but I know that she is not some one who would self post (at least not so often)
I know for sure that Janet is lurking here tho

No. 163850

Guys I feel like I just have to say this… Janets new "style" with her huge glasses and boyish clothes doesn't suit her AT ALL… I know plenty of people who really look good in this but she doesn't at all

No. 163852

She looks like the typical tumblrina 'kampflesbe'

No. 163854

tumblerina kampflesbe with a bit japan mixed in.. because the jap bois are suuu much cuter nyu~

No. 163856

just checked tumblr hashtags yazo and yazochan you can find her tumblr easily, not even 10 posts but all are either cos pics with jannetteruuu~ or emo pics "im so lonly" last updated 8 months ago.
the music her tumblr plays is called sanatorium.. how fitting hah

No. 163859

She's getting all her 'inspo' from tumblr and claims it to be original.

No. 163864

File: 1470581992651.jpg (167.49 KB, 1280x960, 81a4dc1e-8ad2-429f-aad1-2ea140…)

This is so unflattering

No. 163867

Ew is that janet? What's going on with her nose?

No. 163873

File: 1470586264837.png (530.92 KB, 926x588, v.png)

why is she so full of herself HAHAHAHAH "slayin"

it looks so fucking cheap and it´s not special at all + her legs are really ugly

No. 163881

She's abusing the filters way too much kek that wig is blonde not grey, wonder what she wanna try hiding with changing the colors of this photo so drastically

No. 163883


i think it´s to look pale or tanned, she can´t decide. it´s the same with her weight, one day she crys because she´s too fat and the next she´s like "my upper body looks so anorexic, it´s disgusting".
she really has a personality/body disorder in my opinion.

No. 163887

"The old body i wore for halloween"
>yazo murders people confirmed

No. 163889

That might be. Sometimes she goes like
>omg I need to be tanned
>goes to the tanning salon

The other day she's like
>eww I don't wanna get a tan
>stays inside at daylight for a whole month

No. 163892

I think her legs are pretty ideal, long and thin

No. 163893


i don´t like the shape of them tbh, i can´t explain it but they look weird even in high heels imo

No. 163894

She's stretching them with some beauty apps. So they aren't neither long nor really that thin irl

I've seen her a few times after her anorexia is awesome phase and her thighs are chubby which looks pretty awful since she doesn't have a booty at all

No. 163902

she actually wants to be tan, but since she 'needs' to stay pale for cosplays, she's always in denial

No. 163903

I've seen her irl too many times, she is thin but her legs are definitely not as skinny as in her pictures

No. 163906

yaziiiii can uuuuu touch my tralala again?? ;)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 163913

either u spill some milk if u have to say something or u get out with your imbecile posts.
No smileys especially

No. 164006

File: 1470641455675.png (681.59 KB, 1080x1494, 20160808_092713.png)

Her eyes are 'fucked' for about 4 or so years by now, by not taking care of her circle lenses. She's still SHARING them with others and wears them longer than the package says. Also, the store she usually gets sponsored by (linsenfinder) has a super bad lens quality in general.

>she's still wearing lenses all day long

Girl, your eyes can't be that fucked

No. 164012

I can't agree with your opinion on linsenfinder, I ordered quite a few lenses from them in the past and they always had a really good quality and were comfortable to wear. One time one lense was torn when it arrived, they sent me a new one in no time and for free. I've made way worse experiences when buying from other shops.

No. 164016

Yet it doesn't change the fact that shouldn't wear lenses anymore if her eyes were as fucked as she claims them to be

No. 164022

I think all circle lenses which are around $20 are cheap and bad quality.
Especially if you plan to wear them often. it's your eyes after all, normal contact lenses cost more than $100+

No. 164025

Wtf? What kind of contact lenses do you buy? I have to wear mine daily because of my bad vision. So the ones I wear most often are the ones I'm getting from my doctor which are 36Euro per package (incl 6lenses wearable for about 6weeks each)

No. 164054

Um no? Normal lenses from a good brand with prescription for three months cost me 36 euro. The most expensive ones are for astigmatism and can cost around 60, but it's still less than 100.
Sage for non contribution

No. 164057

File: 1470667606481.png (786.19 KB, 1080x1395, Screenshot_2016-08-08-16-45-23…)

What happened to the mirrors in her room? Or is her room currently looking like her balcony in Japan?

No. 164058

The only lenses I ever saw in a price range from 80-120$ were scleras. Also if you're old and are both near and farsighted lenses might cost you about 70-100$ yet would be wearable for about 6months or longer

No. 164059


i once wore something similar and some guy catcalled me and called me a slut because i was showing a bit stomach (like she does here)
i really wonder how people react to her when she wears clothes which are showing more skin…..
(off topic i know sorry, but i´m really wondering, because sometimes her clothes show more than i wanna see)

No. 164060

File: 1470668076077.png (513.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-08-16-50-35…)

She wrote "shit" three times in this description, trying so hard to sound cool….
Also another proof she's reading this thread, yazo wants to proof she actually cares about gay rights and doesn't go to the csd because she wants to be important…

No. 164061

her snapchat videos are so much second hand embarrassment, she really thinks she can sing…………………………

No. 164062

Yazo is too cool to get cat called.

Look how gay I am, I'm posting somwthing with a rainbow and tell people that gay rights are ok, oh and please follow me on snapchat guys

No. 164066

Her singing videos make me cringe

Also her last snap said "wanted to make a new video, but now mommy's home and I hate making videos then"
Seriously yazo? Do you really think anyone believes this? Just admit you're lazy as fuck….

No. 164067


the cringe is still real even after 10 minutes past watching this…

and YES omg, as if people would still believe her lies, even after moving out she won´t make videos only if they are sponsored

No. 164068

there is a difference between medical lenses and circle lenses without dioptre

No. 164070

Didn't she say that she took like 6 videos? Yet the only one she uploaded in ages was the vp fashion one which is absolute cringe and second hand embarrassement

No. 164071

did u all see her new snaps
first u can see she cut her self again near her shoulder in the snap after the "workout" snap then u can see how meeeeessed up her hair is whaat did she do to it god it looks awful

No. 164072


yes i did and i regret it, i don´t wanna see this cringe

No. 164073

Can you guys take screenshots or something? I don't have snapchat but I want to cringe with you

No. 164074


why would you wanna do this to yourself

the worst is the singing video tho

No. 164075

either u make yourself a snapchat account for her snaps or u dont see them, we wont put ourselves up so she knows who we are dude

No. 164077

Sorry, but I have no idea how snapchat works, I just know that hers seems to be very public so just anyone can follow her? So how would you put yourselves up if taking screenshots?

No. 164078


if you make a screenshot it shows her the person who took it, but yeah everyone can follow her

No. 164079

if you take a screenshot she get to see who took it.
you can make an account an see her snaps there are no regulations you just have to add her and there are many people who add her so she wont know who are her fans and who are the farmers

No. 164080

Thank you guys. I didn't know that!
And sorry for OT

No. 164081

I was talking about lenses which last for a whole year like circle lenses usually do. wasn't talking about monthly lenses

No. 164082

her english sounds so cringy in her snaps and seems like she didn't do anything productive the whole day…

No. 164083

I had my optician check my circle lenses since I've also been worried how good the quality actually is and so on. Actually, no CL's even the yearly ones for 20$ aren't harmful to your eyes if you actually take care of them as you're supposed to.

Anyway people like yazoo
>share there lenses with other people
>wear them longer than 8hours a day
>wear them longer than eg 3months
>wear them even though they're having eye problems

No. 164085

even if one pair might not be harmful, you never know whether the next pair you order will be harming your eyes. Some people had bad experience with ordering lenses online from wellknown shops, I just dont want to take the risk.I don't trust those online stores anyway, the production cost of each pair is prob not even $2.

No. 164086

>no CL's even the yearly ones for 20$ aren't harmful to your eyes if you actually take care of them as you're supposed to.


No. 164087

better not breath anymore, could be harmful gases in the air. and the production cost is low too prob.

No. 164088

calm down, you can wear your beloved circle lenses all you want, I prefer normal contact lenses prescribed by my eye doctor.
Guess I'm just overcautious when it comes to my eyes.
Anyway, I can't be the only one who finds it weird that people are actually wearing flashy circle lenses on a daily basis like yazoo does. The natural brown colored ones can pass as normal lenses but the bright blue,green grey ones just look weird? especially if they have that weird unnatural pattern
but then again yazoos make up looks weird in general with her cheap fake lashes and blacktinted eyebrows

No. 164089

The production of a 'normal' lens isn't any more expensive and is probably done in the same factory since most lenses are produced in either Japan or Korea.

I wear them on a daily basis mysefl, but I don't claim to be 'all natural' and also my eyes aren't damaged like hers. I'm going to see an optician at least once a year, which you totally should even if you wear those lenses only once in a blue moon.

No. 164095

all of you are so fucking annoying go make a fucking thread over lenses if you wanna talk about it all day

No. 164098

Says the one who then doesn't even open up a new theme to talk about/submits fresh milk.

Anyway, I still want to know what happened to the mirrors in her room?

No. 164099


why the fuck should i? you guys only continue to talk about fucking lenses, there was a lot of fresh milk and the only things i read are "eeehhhh but lenses cost 60" "nooo they cost 100" "nooo they cost 20"

No. 164101

File: 1470676023310.png (592.73 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_2016-08-08-19-03-50…)

Someone's so obviously lurking this thread. I can't this is so funny

No. 164102


i just watched all of this cringe and first of all
omg yazo-chan kawaii gooddessu desu ne thank you for this pokemon go tip everyone knew already from the beginning, you´re such a goddess, you don´t even know shit about this game but ok :*

and what is this full of herself singing/lipsync shit, she honestly can´t believe she 1. looks good/sexy and can sing. gurl u embarrassing

No. 164104

File: 1470676279285.png (177.49 KB, 501x495, messy.png)

and here is her mirror in front of dirt and mess

No. 164108

I bet she tries to be funny by indirectly replying to nearly everything in this thread, yet we are the ones to make fun of her.

Holy shit girl, you do nothing all day long. At least clean your room

No. 164109


omg take this back she´s working hard to upload snapchats and she even made a youtube video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bet her computer crashed and it was deleted tho :(

No. 164111


Let's be serious she could've at least work part time until school starts again. She's definitely old enough

No. 164115


lol of course and like at leeeeast fucking clean this room, i´m working full time and my room is cleaner like wtf, but queen yazo-sama will never work, she will just let her parents pay because she will pay it back right???



No. 164119

I also work fulltime and during my holidays I'm also working somewhat fulltime at a part time job. But you'll never actually find dirt in my room, accept for the one in my bin which I bring out at least once a week. I'd never consider collecting trash in my room until my mom coms and brings it out, well my mom would have killed me long ago if I showed this time of behaviour

No. 164122

That doesn't look like dirt though?
More like clothes on the floor
Y'all are too damn sensitive

No. 164124

This in particular might not be dirt, but in previous videos and photos (before Japan) she even SAID that she's collecting all the dirt in her room until her mom comes in amd brings it out

No. 164130

her mother is no better remember when yazo was in jp and her mom used her car to fill with plasticbottles which u even can bring to the store in germany to get 25 cents back but k better be messy

No. 164131

Proof for that please

No. 164133

>"fresh milk"
>implying this thread isn't one of the most boring and repetitive vendetta threads on this whole fucking site

No. 164136

omg she srsly has no life, how many snaps is she going to make today
she should fuck off to musically if she wants to lipsync that badly, her singing is awful btw
her music taste is trash too, can't believe pple still listen to shit like tokio hotel or killerpilze?? it's funny how she used to be the biggest jrock fan ever, she fucking lipsynced to all music genres except for jrock, even kpop, even tho she 'hates' kpop
she's so full of shit and watching these snaps rlly drained me, her make up and hair gives me eye cancer

No. 164137

Her whole existence gives me cancer

No. 164139

Until now I haven't seen a single piece of vendetta neither in this nor in the old thread. Because vendetta would mean that people whom she had pissed off in person would try to bring her down, by posting senseless shit (see the old aminyan thread for example).

But yazoo is providing so much milk, she even lurks this thread and indirectly replies to nearly every post in here, but you're right anon no milk, just vendetta (not)

No. 164143

looking forward to the new school term, she's gonna be in emo mood everyday and will prob go to her therapist everyday
looking forward to her tweets when that happens!

No. 164144

But bruuuuh, she has no need for a therapist. Self harm, vomiting, not eating and not attending school is totally normal and healthy

No. 164145

is there anyone here who actually goes to anime cons?
id love to see her at cons like how she behaves (from what ive seen in videos she thinks shes the queen and treats everyone else like peasants) and how she rlly looks like I mean her cosplay pictures look hella edited! but unfortunately im not into cons or cosplay so yea

No. 164147

she even had appointments with her therapist in japan
which means she was mentally unstable when she was there
I really wonder what kind of problems she has rn? like she was selfharming herself bc she was 'anorexic' but she got over it now
her excuse of having anxiety is so bs, that's typical tumblrina behaviour, apparently all tumblr users suffer from anxiety.
but can't blame her tbh, if i was a big failure like her in life with no achievements at that age, i would have anxiety too

No. 164149

File: 1470681658805.png (166.44 KB, 505x510, 111.PNG)

Blauer sack is a big blue sack for trash 140 liter volume

No. 164151

Are you kidding me? Ok, this thread isn't nearly as full of vendetta as the last one was but please tell me who would post shit like >>157780 without having an actual vendetta. I agree that her answering to the board through Twitter, Snapchat etc , desperately trying to prove you guys wrong, is funny (same goes for the whole hurr durr I'm a lesbian now thing) but that's pretty much it. All you guys ever talk about is how much of her parents money she spends and that she didn't finish school. If you would actually concentrate on the lulzy parts, this thread wouldn't even be half as bad as it is now

No. 164152

Also stop trying to be funny, adding (not) behind a sentence doesn't count as humour. It's just plain annoying

No. 164154

I've seen her at several cons by now. She always has some fans (desperate famehoes) following her around like flies are flying around a piece of shit. She won't talk to you unless you're either a part of the fly cirlce or someone with an equal amount of followers or more followers than you. She's only taking photos with 'uglies' if she's able to imagine a follower gaining story along with it.

>self harm
And for the ultimate tumblr likes

Well, I wouldn't call her mother lazy because of this, because yazo asked for it.

Then, if you can do better, please do so. Also I'm sometimes adding the (not) in an ironical way referring to her style of writing/acting, since we're not allowed to use emoticons on here


No. 164158

Well she calls her lazy doesn't equal that she is lazy. Her mother actually has a full-time job to afford her daughters life

No. 164160

She called her mother lazy, i didn't
but i can see from where yazo's lazynes comes, her mother has enough time to bring the bottles away but she rather stores them until she has more than one 140 liter bag of bottles

No. 164162


gosh all you anonfags complaining about this thread being so vendetta and providing no milk are fucking annoying.
If you know better, contribute sth, show us what real yazoo 'milk' is.
Or if you don't like the posts in this thread fuck off and ignore it.

No. 164163

I'd rather call this woman stupid. She doesn't seem to realize or doesn't want to realize that she raised her daughter to be a lazy piece of shit who'll never be able to live on her own for a decent amount of time, because every kind of work would get too much in just no time

No. 164166

I actually thought this post was pretty amusing, because anon made it look very ironical and tbh I could imagine it so well that she'd add this into her CV I laughed my ass off for minutes

No. 164169

apparently anon doesn't know what sarcasm and irony is kek

No. 164170

I think her mom is scared that yazoo will go back to being an anorexic wreck who selfharms herself for attention
thats why she probably lets her do everything she wants and shoves money and other shit up her ass
yazoo needs asian education tbh lol

No. 164171

I think so too, but that's exactly the wrong way. As mentioned before, she should be send into a closed clinic for a while

No. 164172

I already do fam, believe me.

Sorry, it's hard to tell If someone is "trying to be funny" like >>164139 or >>164109 haha .
Or if they are just retarded like >>164115 or >>163906 were.

No. 164175

I you're using these as examples and tell that it's hard to see the difference than wow, you must be new to the Internet, get yourself a cookie

Also, the ones you said are 'good' were both mine, you make me blush

No. 164179

bitch wtf tho why are you lying? i made the 2nd "good" and the first retarded post
like why are you lying???

No. 164183

File: 1470684865393.gif (Spoiler Image, 1000.38 KB, 500x255, giphy.gif)

You don't even know how and when you have to Sage.
And I never said any of those were good, It's called sarcasm.
>>164169 ;)))

Anyway, I'm done here.
Have fun playing in the shit pit, I'm out

No. 164187

grow up.

No. 164190

This thread has had multiple posts reported, either for being totally irrelevant, vendetta posts, not knowing when to sage, etc.

Reading over the thread, a lot of the posts are starting to become repetitive, irrelevant, or just users fighting with one another. There also seem to be a few people that are major contributors, but aside from them there aren't a lot of other people posting.

Please keep the thread on topic from this point onward, and keep in mind it is still Hellweek. Thanks guys.

No. 164193

sorry of I'm being stupid but what does "vendetta" mean?

No. 164201

File: 1470688204450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.54 KB, 600x450, pageawerw345346.jpg)

don't mess!!!!

No. 164202

btw: I am not a hater, I "liked" her back in 2011-2014, just lost interest

No. 164223

File: 1470694088931.jpg (8.69 KB, 170x296, 68747470.jpg)

No. 164240

The guy was an asshat, that shirt has nothing wrong. I see crop tops everywhere honestly, showing a bit of stomach is something only Amish would gawk at. So, people react to her just like they do with every other girl who dresses at H&M and Forever21

No. 164287

Did she made this?

No. 164323

File: 1470737607490.png (145.63 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

'nagging at someone because that someone has scars and also shows them. is that someone supposed to hide forever?' (too lazy to translate the third tweet word to word but you get the meaning behind it)

her retweeting this makes me laugh cause she used to attentionwhore with her fresh selfharm scars by showing them on purpose and make them as visible as possible and when someone asked her about her scars she would bitch at them and ask why everyones so rude
then she suddenly started photoshopping her scars and recently openly showed them again probably cause she wanted attention again

No. 164326


she literally shows FRESH wounds which is a different thing than old scars, she's not even slightly ashamed at all. kids can see them in public too… and i remember her ask answers about them sooo well, why is she showing off and then bitches about questions about it.

No. 164356

literally yesterday in the thread someone said that it looked like there are new scars in her snaps and then she made a twitter video where you clearly saw the scars how obvious

No. 164360

I also think that it's different to show old scars compared to fresh wounds. Anyway these fresh wounds just show how obviously she's needing a doctor.

No. 164404

did you guys check her newest snaps?
can't ss them and upload them here but again, it's hella obvious she's lurking on this thread, probably checking every 5min

in one snap she says that she's tidying up her room rn (anons kept saying how messy she is and that she treats her living space like a garbage dump)
in another snap she showed the gifts from her fans with the caption 'collected every single thing i ever got from you' (clearly she wants to show us that she's not that kind of person who shittalks about her fans and makes fun of them) and finally there's a snap with a picture of some jrocker from gazette (after an anon said that she used to be the biggest jrockfan ever and suddenly she doesnt give a fuck)

It's so amusing how she wants to prove to us that she's not the spoilt, lazy, shittalking weeb, yet she fails

No. 164413

the tidying up snap featuring "blauer sack" and now let's guess how much dirt she has in her room if she needs this while cleaning.

No. 164605

all in all, typical generic basic weeb video about pros and cons living in japan
her crappy english was gold as always kek

No. 164613

Her voice is so goddamn deep wow

No. 164615

well she does have the voice of a typical heavy smoker

No. 164616

'why is everything so expensive?'

>bought like 5 or more cosplays

>bought mostly non japanese food because jp food is disgusting
>got exp extensions which only lasted for a few weeks
>got her nails done many times
>spent most of the weekend in tokyo even though she stayed in yokohama (it's not like there are tons of izakayas and karaoke bars in yokohama asw)
>theres definitely more which I can't think of rn

No. 164631

And of course she's showing off her fresh scars

No. 164644

This is the first video I've seen of her and oh my god she's so pretty. I haaaate it.

No. 164658

File: 1470858348500.gif (1.65 MB, 300x233, ni38r9DxJc1qgf1i8.gif)

So are all of you just jealous weebs and that's why you post in this nonsense thread or…?

No. 164672

so you want to tell us you don't watch your own videos yazo? sure

No. 164678

the shirt she's wearing is so unflattering

No. 164700

i'm extremely jealous of her, yes :(

No. 164794

Why are you talking about yourself in third person lol

No. 164795

Hello yazo ~

No. 164889

Actually Japan is so fucking cheap compared to Germany. But if you have to buy brand makeup, cosplays, extensions etc all the time, then it might get fucking expensive

No. 164898

Well a fucking melon doesn't cost 2000¥ in Germany so no not really.
Of course there is stuff which is cheaper but Japan or especially big cities like Tokyo are expensive I think Tokyo is even under the Top 10 of expensive cities in the world ?
But just because big cities like Tokyo are expensive doesn't mean that Japan in general is

No. 164901

Not every melon is 2000¥ and why would you even buy a whole one if you'd get a cut potion of it at the conbini for 250¥?

Also, if you know how and where, even Tokyo isn't that expensive.

No. 164902

If you're a posh bitch like yazo who complains about everything being too expensive; being too poor and wanting all deluxe shit everything's gonna be expensive

No. 164919

if she bought japanese vegetables, seafood, conbini fruits and stuff like tofu she would have spent way less money
I bet she didn't even try to find the right places to buy cheap groceries, probably just went to the next overpriced supermarket or even those in department stores.
The only thing which is more expensive in japan are the trains compared to hamburg (where she lives)

No. 164920

I think clothes, some electronics and restaurants/fast food chains are cheaper than in germany, but other than that it's more expensive especially in big cities
but the thing is, most of the time the exp things no matter whether its a product or service are worth the price you pay
in germany you pay tons of money for shitty service most of the time

No. 165062


did her face get even rounder and fatter?

No. 165063

How come she looks so light and nice here? In her pics she looks so swarthy and Turkish.

No. 165064


Why is she only making such boring and attention whoring videos? It´s either a sponsored video or it´s about "japan", she didn´t even travel japan, she only "knows" tokyo aka shibuya LOL and yet she wants to show off.
all of her fans are requesting outfit videos, and like the typical beauty guru videos and she doesn´t even think about doing those

No. 165511

Yet she still calls herself a "youtuber". Uploading a video every 6 months does NOT make you a youtuber yazo

No. 165514

Also why hasn't she took this video when she was still IN Japan?

No. 165516

File: 1471162011882.png (33.94 KB, 575x466, lol.png)


remember that she got a new laptop for editing videos in japan? :D

No. 165517

Didn't she also get a new camera?

No. 165521


as far as i remember she wanted one but she didn´t get one? she would have posted a picture for sure if she got one. it´s still super funny because 2 years ago she wanted to "do something with media" as a job so bad but even now she can´t use a dslr kek

No. 165522

She's still in the phase where making some youtube videos using vegas equals working with media

No. 165538


she´s still in her cosplay weaboo kawaii desu ne i need to show off with japan phase desu ne-chan

No. 165611

Guys, prepare! She's searching for a part-time job again!!

No. 165638

hope she will work at a cafe so I can "lolcow" her

No. 165642

If she even gets one/is serious about finding one, she'll drop it after a month or so anyway because working AND preparation for finals? That'd be way too exhausting for our little princess kek

No. 165643

should we play bingo if she gets a job?
"i want more money"
"they dont pay (enough)"
"i cant work there anymore bc of…"
"stress" "depression" "selfishness"

No. 165644

Do it! We also need one for why she'll quit school

No. 165646

where you got this? did she brag on twitter/ insta?

No. 165647

File: 1471204761007.png (174.99 KB, 496x490, 1.png)

>no bra
nobody asked.. princessu of cringe

No. 165651

>Attentionwhoring at its finest
>yet she wouldn't even a need to wear a bra anyways with those flat af a cups

Personal facebook

No. 165900

she wrote on her private fb that shes looking for a part time job and lots of people commented and gave her suggestions but she ignored everything
(most of the suggestions were cafes and restaurants)
theres no way shes gonna work at a cafe again after she got fired from her old cafe job

No. 165903

I think so too and working at a supernarket would be too low level for her so maybe she'll work at a shisha bar again. Or get herself a sugar daddy and dump janet, because seriously ahe already milked all the attention she could get with that I'm so lesbian phase

No. 165938

yeah she definitely wants a job with a chill boss who lets her smoke and take breaks whenever she wants
what about her disney fairytale princess job btw? they probably dont want her anymore

No. 165944

Probably too stressful, because she can't smoke and has to deal with kids and parents

No. 165948

didn't she say that it was the best job ever?
they probably wanted her to dress up as another disney princess other than elsa or anna and she probably didn't want to do it.

No. 165949

No, you usually only dress up as one.

She might said so, but she also said how much she loves her boy, that she'll get a part-time job in Japan, that Japan sucks and only weebs go there, that she'll pay her parents back (just a few examples) so we all know that 99% of the stuff she says is a lie

No. 165950

oh ok, I didn't know

she probably showed off with that job because she wanted people to think what a 'good' and 'pure' person she is ('I love making kids smile and seeing their dreams come true blabla')
She used to say that she hates kids and that they annoy her
Everything she does and say makes her look like a hypocrite now

No. 166054

How many years was it tho ?
Ever heard of this thing were someones opinion changes
Stupid example really because I do believe that her opinion changed on this matter

No. 166087


i do believe opinions change but i don't believe her anything she says. she's always contradicting herself and no matter what she does, it's 90% just for attention. i don't even think she likes cosplaying anymore, she just realised that she gets the most likes and real life attention from cosplay

No. 166103

She actually had her 2013-2014 I hate cosplay only weebs like that shit phase and then suddenly when no one paid attention to her shit anymore, she started cosplaying again because muuu attention

No. 166107

yes, but it's yazoo we are talking about
she would do everything for attention and lie about things
she used to hate on pokemon asw now shes like the biggest pokemon go fan
she used to say she would never ever live in japan but stayed there for 6 months few months later

No. 166108

I think so too
she realised cosplay is the only reason why pple still give her attention and follow her
thats why she made a new animexx account and created other accounts on other cosplay sites and shared it on her fb page
when her ig got deleted and she made a new one she uploaded 90% cosplay related posts

No. 166111

Still trying to get her ig down again. Too much self harm and nudity on there kek(do not disturb the cows.)

No. 166143

You're one of the worst people here
This is too much

No. 166146

I only report the photos of her in which the self harm is too obvious. We should be serious here, she has lots of followers who're still teens. Seeing this obvious selfharm and glorifying of nudity is a huge nono

No. 166149

File: 1471349512693.png (345.53 KB, 786x438, dLfPsSw.png)

>glorifying of nudity

No. 166161

You don't make sense
Where is she glorifying that stuff ? Nudity for real ? Are you a Mormon or what ?
And the self harm stuff - wtf should she do with the scars ? I know lots of people who are just tired of hiding them or they are over the scars and don't care anymore because they have finished this chapter of their life already

No. 166174

please leave

No. 166183

I don't care about her old scars but she obviously has some rather new ones which are still more flesh than scar like. Little teenagers shouldn't have to see this stuff tbh.

The nudity is more of an irony, because she always bragged about thay 'she doesn't need to show flesh to be a popular cosplayer' but now she's trying to put her no existent curves into the spot of nearly every post she makes. Don't get me wrong here, I don't give a fuck about some nice shots, but hell, this is just way too funny to NOT trying to report it.

No. 166246

Teenager shouldn´t see fresh, red, open wounds from self harm. A few years ago i would have been highly triggered by those and NOT by old, healed scars :)))

No. 166350

Y'all are sounding like Tumblr fags
There was one wound. Haven't seen more than that.
And that didn't even look that bad. Hell my cat scratched me worse than this

No. 166384

so she cleaned her room and is searching for a job? :D please tell us again how you don't care about this thread kawaii yazo-chan neko desu ne nyaa x3

No. 166385


She can't even go to a language school, yet she wants to work after normal school.

No. 166399

she reminds me of berry tsukasa, she thinks doing the most common things is the biggest achievement ever
like wtf I cant believe she even made a video of her cleaned room to show off on twitter

No. 166408


she reminds me of a 5 year old

No. 166443

File: 1471444714080.jpg (212.09 KB, 960x1280, CqEO5afWcAAQh_H.jpg large.jpg)

sure she wants to show off her hair.
like i said, princessu of cringe it is

No. 166444

her hair looks so fucked up

where are her big boobs from her youtube videos?

No. 166446


and she's outside to tan :D can't wait for her "omg i'm to tan to cosplay buhu cry" tweet

No. 166606

her voice and her way of talking is so disgusting, she sounds like those RTL assi tv people (germans will understand) and she sometimes acts like those kind of people too :)))) yet she's so full of herself, don't understand where she gets her self esteem from.

No. 166608

and i just realised she never got her tattoo done. she's such an attention whoring liar "i will get a tattoo the moment i turn 18 bla bla bla bla"

No. 166661

bitch gets nothing done

No. 167597

File: 1471875492240.jpeg (119.62 KB, 750x903, image.jpeg)

so yazoo hates ram and rem but loves a character like krul. ok. also funny how she hates all the good animes because she's too stupid to understand the plot kek

No. 167598

she has no taste anyway when it comes to anime

but more importantly, how about looking for a job or preparing for school (it's not like school is already starting in a week)or just doing productive things in general instead of binge watching animes, yazo?

No. 167599

File: 1471876028976.jpeg (45.93 KB, 750x297, image.jpeg)

No. 167600

File: 1471876094574.jpeg (77.87 KB, 750x579, image.jpeg)


as if she would prepare or work in general or would do anything which is not laying in bed :)))

No. 167601

noone cares, but subaru is one of the most annoying and hated characters among rezero fans
if she likes him this much she should cosplay him kek

No. 167602


why would she prepare for sth she will quit within 2 months anyway

btw, getting back into the routine of studying is really hard, she probably forgot how to study properly, I already see her having trouble with basic stuff students have to master in the 'Oberstufe'like writing proper analyses or 'Erörterungen' (sorry, no idea what the english word for that is) or even writing a full page text in general

No. 167605

she wants a structured day? she couldn't even handel language school which is fun to literally everyone but she just went for attention so of course she wouldn't have in japan at all. she really has such a sad, boring and way too basic life.

No. 167611

No one does anything productive in their vacation
She isn't the only one try harder

No. 167613

So she's just a spoilt rich girl?
This whole thread is jelly German bitches bashing some literally who that nobody cares about in horrible Engrish.


No. 167614


your English is just as bad kek

No. 167619

What part cuz it seems pretty typical English to me.

No. 167634

They don't sound jealous. They sound like they used to be friends with Yazo who did them dirty and now they're having a blast talking shit about her.

No. 167635


if you count her last school year and the language school as vacation, ok

No. 167636


Seems like the queen of cosplay still has some 13 year old fans kek

No. 167637

i would be productive if i was 20 and didn't do anything for my future for the past 12 months
you whiteknights are annoying

No. 167640


jealous of what? just give me ONE thing. i´m not even jealous of her japan trip because she just drank, saw only shibuya and didn´t even learn japanese at all. give me one thing to be jealous of and i agree with you :)

No. 167664

R u dum?

No. 167665

I'm no expert but you seem to be pretty jealous of her Japan trip

No. 167701

It's perfectly fine, she's just being edgy.
It's honestly not that hard, she's just lazy.

No. 167765

School isn't that hard even
Stupid people can get their Abitur and even if you're average yours can still be good

No. 167785


yes i really wanna cut my arms open because i'm so jealous of yazoo :((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 167930

her mental breakdown bc of the spider in her room and on her front door was hilarious. cutie princess had to call "best friend" sasha to the rescue

No. 168012


why is she so obssessed with sascha lately? she never really mentioned him before and now she spams about him. and her mum wants them to be in a relationship? i thought she told her parents she's a lesbian? poor janet tho, i wonder how she feels when she reads shit like this

No. 168035

princess never will get her shit together, she just whined on twitter that she's hungry and now she "won" a free 25 € coupon from a take out service. what even

No. 168041


I highly doubt that her parents would starve her on purpose

No. 168063

File: 1472055031555.png (228.35 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160824-180931.png)

"i'm so good at being annoying now my mom will take me to the mall"

No. 168065

Metro not mall. To enter the Metro you need a special entry pass.

No. 168107

instead of annoying her mom she could have just went by herself to a nearby supermarket
shes acting like a 10yo

No. 168156

so yazoo is hating on the anime rezero on almost all her social medias
she said that she doesnt get the hype rezero gets and that all characters are annoying
then why the fuck did she watch all 21 episodes within 1 or 2 days?
if I dont like an anime I wont even last 2 episodes
its kinda obvious she doesnt like it because its popular cause queen yazoo has a special anime taste and is so different from all the other weebs

No. 168161

It's like her hate over psycho-pass

No. 168167

she probably was too dumb to understand the plot cause it was too deep

No. 168168

she literally dedicated 10 tweets to that sasha dude raving about him
she never did that for her gf janet like I would feel like a piece of shit if I had to read those tweets as a gf

No. 168170

Who exactly is this guy though? Never heard of him be4

No. 168171

apparently he used to be her bff, then they didn't keep in touch for a long time until she came back from japan
now they're bff again and she acts like he's her soulmate
I bet she's exaggerating though

No. 168174

haven't heard anything about this chick until I just now clicked on this thread. i'm watching her videos, is she a MtF trans?

No. 168175

nah, what made you think so? her voice or her appearance kek

No. 168176

her voice. sounded very masculine to me at first

No. 168177

well heavy smokers sound like that

No. 168179

Excessive smoking since she was 13 or something if I remember correctly

No. 168277


well her fav anime is ons so we all know how smart she is :)

No. 168278


on her snapchat she showed pics and videos of her playing games with guys again, i bet sascha was there too but janet wasn't. it's pretty obvious she only used her now, once the attention she gets from outing herself is over she dumps her. i bet she already f*cks other guys tbh

No. 168281

File: 1472107504383.jpeg (147.75 KB, 750x813, image.jpeg)

her excuses get literally worse every time. she only sleeps all day and doesn't she edit on a fucking laptop? also she makes another cringeworthy video in english and about japan again. as if whole japan is harajuku and she knows sooooo much about it.

No. 168282

if shes too lazy to upload videos she should just say so
I dont think anyone expects sth from her anymore shes a failure at everything

No. 168286

What kind of video did she plan to upload??

No. 168289

she wanted to upload the second part of the like and dislikes about japan video
its been more than a week since she uploaded the first part she doesn't even have to edit much since its just her talking
i dont get why shes desperately looking for excuses
besides she literally did nothing ever since she came back from japan shes been lazying around at home either sleeping or watching animes

No. 168293

A second part of this bullshit?

No. 168301


she just wants us to cringe really hard

No. 168328


She won't upload anyway because the spider touched her laptop or idk it's bad weather, she will find an excuse ?

No. 168330

if she wasn't so damn lazy she'd make an video about the "horrible experience of how she lived with a killer spider"

No. 168355

she sounds high or drunk in this vdeo
and again, it's a sponsored wig video

No. 168358


she sounds like a drunk 16 year old ghetto bitch. she always told everyone how smart she is, but why is her english so bad then? and it´s getting worse tbh
and the end of this video already makes me angry. "i have to think about what to say, what is ok to say, what is racism …" if she hates japan and japanese people so much that she has to think about being careful to not saying something racist then whey did she go there for 6 months? she didn´t even get attention from this trip

No. 168367

I know this shop usually sells pretty great wigs, but this lacefront looks so cheap, ugly and straight outa walmart it hurts my eyes.

Didn't manage to watch the whole video, but did she really said that she has to think about what to say to not sound racist??? Wtf?? Girl why did you go to Japan?

No. 168382

That's not what she meant I think
Since racism is defined different all the time I think that talking about a race (a so kinda generalising it) it's hard to not cross the line (I hope this makes sense for you)
She actually said that she talked to friends she made in Japan and asked about their opinion

No. 168394


i don't think it is tbh, but ok. like if i would fly to japan for 6 months to study japanese after i've been in tokyo for 2 times already, i wouldn't be scared to say anything racist about this country even if it's a negative thing. but since she can only feel hate and love ofc it's hard for her and she hates most about japan anyways. and asking her friends she met in japan? do you mean like other foreigerns who also photograph strangers in the subway, scream really loud in trains etc and do cosplay on the streets where it creeps people out? that's a good reference.

No. 168397

I don't get why she would make such a video in the first place as she could get hate easily if she says something wrong
people are really sensitive and misunderstand easily
it's like a white person would make a video about what he/she likes and dislikes about black people or that's how I feel at least
there's different cultures, morals and customs in every country, instead of making such childish videos where she whines about the differences between germany and japan she should just accept the fact that these are normal things in japan.

No. 168398


i dont get it either, she doesnt get any more attention for japan trips at all and she only hates on really cultural things and saying things like "japanese food is DISGUSTING". she cant even give proper opinions, there are so many ways of saying "i dont like the food" and she chose the rudest, dumbest and childiest way and at the same time she acts like she knows whole japan and their culture. i feel like she really wants to be hated to get at least negative attention since she cant get anymore positive after being a psycho bitch to friends and family

No. 168400

tbh she could have just make another kind of video sth like 'differences between living in japan and germany'
and true, she always says she hates this and that but can't explain why

No. 168401

yeah thats my point, also shes such a bad bad bad youtuber, she cant even use her camera after like idk approximately 5 years? plus shes actually too lazy to actually film, she had such a good opportunity to make good and interesting videos about japan without being a rude asocial bitch but she wasted it for fetish clubs, drinking, sponsored videos, excuses for not uploading (even tho she never filmed), lies, lies, lies and more lies

No. 168404

that part where she showed the small card describing what it says but it couldn't be seen bc of the overexposure

No. 168595

She's not getting any more views for these shitty reviews. 12h passed and it's still under 1k kek

No. 168609

did you read the comments? even her fans think she does shitty videos, noone gives a fuck about her cheap looking sponsored wigs
I hope she will stop getting sponsored since she doesn't get that many views anymore

No. 168613

Just took a look at them lol her 'fans' are super bored of her.

No. 168614

it's because her videos are super boring and always the same ones
she's only talking in broken english and keeps repeating herself
she's seriously so uncreative
if I got sponsored by a wig company I would do sth with the wig to make the video more interesting
e.g. she could have styled the wig and put on some cosplay to demonstrate how the wig looks like with a cosplay

No. 168616


and she's always awkwardly moving way too much, does she have adhd? it's so annoying.

No. 168621

I don't want to hear her speaking Japanese since her English is already so bad. I want to know if she got through her jlpt though and which one she actually took.

No. 168651

She already deleted some mean comments under her new video lol

No. 168658

Damn you're right!

Why haven't I taken any screenshots??
There were like 5 'negative' comments which at least all included somewhat constructive criticism

No. 168662

Do you remember what they said?

No. 168669

What the fuck did I just watch?

No. 168670

All said, her videos got a little boring recently and that they wish she'd be more creative again and that her English sucks and appears very acted.

No. 168674

There are a total of three videos and in every damn video she says
>konnichiwaaaa minna saaaaan

1.that grammar
2.don't introduce yourself as …chan

She was bragging so much about this project but never showed the outcome and now I know why. She's probably embarrassed af

She looks like crackwhore x weeb! Worst combination.

No. 168744

Why does she start and end the video in Japanese??? That's totally out of context omg
And why did she even take part in that? It looks like the start of a bad porn tbh

No. 168759

what even

No. 168823

Some people in the last thread said that this was her internship which her parents got for her so that she has at least her fachabi while being too lazy for the real thing. Yet, usually these internships need to be at least a year long, but some said that in Hamburg, three months are enough.

No. 168840


as if she did this internship or anything for 3 months, or longer than 2 weeks. a real fachabi also can be pretty hard if you add an apprenticeship to it f.e., all she did was quit school early, imo she doesn´t have a REAL fachabi.

No. 168850

I only watched 20 seconds but does this Versicherungsmakler have something to do with Japan? Why is she greeting the viewers in Japanese?

No. 168851


because she´s a weeb at heart

No. 168852

She was supposed to cat and film these videos as a CM for his Company kek

No. 168855


i kinda feel sorry for them

No. 168857

what does an insurance company have to do with japan or weebs?
she didn't even share those videos so it wasn't really a commercial or benefit that guy

No. 168860

Well as mentioned before, her parents got her the job.

No. 168891

love how she bingewatches animes just to hate about them on twitter but makes people think she has no time to work or anything :)

No. 168893

plus she's watching animes with sasha now, not with janet anymore
even tho she used to do that with her

she's hating on popular animes on purpose cause she wants to seem special
I wish she had myanimelist so I can see how she rates them, she probably doesn't have one cause she only watched less than 50 kek

No. 168894

wow I didn't expect from her to actually delete comments which weren't even hate comments but from her 'fans' who only critized her recent videos

I read them before so I know which ones she deleted
she deleted the ones which said that her english sounds weird and fake (aufgesetzt)
and one which said that she only makes videos when she gets sponsored

No. 168895


but she writes with her on twitter about it :D even tho janet also only watches anime. must be a great relationship kek

she literally only hates on popular anime, but i honestly start thinking that this is her actual taste. she is dumb and would never understand anime with an actual story so ofc she would hate them. like re zero is too unrealistic but ons isn´t :D

No. 168896


als critisism is hate to her, since it´s negative and not sucking her ass.

No. 168897

I just checked her new video again and seems like the comments are back now?

No. 168901

either "oh no they saw the comments on lolcow so i'd let them this time, im real"
or "if i delete all negative comments there will only be 3 left, im too popular, cant have just 3"

No. 168903

yazo is out drinking and watching anime with 4 grown men while janet is alone best gf

No. 169251

yazo snap update;
chest pic while tanning (u have nothing to show off hon)
pic of tanned skin caption: "YES!" (which she will cry about in t- 2 days)
obligatory pic with janet while she lays on yazoo lap (yea best relationship were quite now it's ok)

No. 169424

File: 1472446529471.jpg (175.66 KB, 1280x960, IMG_20160829_065442.jpg)

Her nose.

No. 169431

Didn't she whine about how broke she is and that she 'can't afford' this ugly skirt?

No. 169445

that's a really unfortunate looking nose
no wonder she always hides it by putting 1000 filters on her selfies

No. 169446

not sure whether it was the skirt in the picture but it looked very similar yes

No. 169477


she´s so ugly, idk where she gets her self esteem from, really. all of her pics are good angles, tons of filters and brightened up to death, ofc she would get compliments, but did she already forget how she looks in real life?

No. 169533

she looks ok with extensions, heavy make up and decent clothes
but without all that shit she looks like gollum

No. 169685

remember the spider? she still refuses to enter her room, what a child.

No. 169710

What the? Really?

No. 169714

I forgot to add
>and this child wants to move into an own apartment?
What will she do if a spider appears there? Immediately move out and let her parents rent a new apartment for her? And she will have all kind of nasty creatures crawling around if she treats her own apartment the same way in which she treated her room in Japan

No. 169724

the spider is probably gone by now it's been days

btw she complained again that she's poor and got no money for a subway which doesn't even cost 3€
but she has money to drive with her car (gas costs) and buy exp make up

No. 169725

subway ticket*

No. 169727

A subway ticket is about 6,20 if you want to go back and forth and a little further than your local mall. Also since she's still a student she'd be able to get a monthly ticket for less than 60€ but I guess her parents won't pay it. But yeah 400€ a month for her car is ok

No. 169736

maybe in your city, but hamburg isn't that expensive when it comes to subway tickets
I'm paying 4,40€ at most for 10 stations and as far as I know she doesn't live that far away from downtown

No. 169737

I'm also from Hamburg and for a proper day ticket you need to pay the 6,20 kek if you pay 4,40 for 10stations then it's just a one way ticket usually or you're still under 14 and shouldn't be on this side

No. 169741

I have a semesterticket now, so I don't need to buy daily tickets anymore but I used to get one way tickets for 2,20 to get to the goal station and 2,20 again to get back (which were about 10 stations)
even tho the official hvv website says it's 3,20 i never paid that much and didn't get fined either
but that's off topic anyway
she buys so much useless exp shit but doesn't have 5€ for a ticket
if she had a job she could afford it easily

No. 169742

True, her parents can pay for her car, makeup, smartphone and all the other useless shit she has and buys, but won't buy her a train ticket?? So mean

No. 169743

stop being mean to her, she just collapsed in front of her grandpa kek
seriously, wtf is wrong with her? She doesn't know how to take care of herself
she collapsed a couple of times when she was in japan asw, so it's not the first time

No. 169744

File: 1472549636538.png (138.37 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 169745

Have you seen what she wear today and what kind of makeup and hair she did to go out with her grandpa? How low must her selfesteem be if she has to go full whore when meeting up a relativ wtf

And no, I don't feel sorry for her. If her body really is that weak she should go and see a doctor for a checkup, but she won't because uwuu doctors are pissing her off, telling her she's not having a healthy lifestyle and that she needs to get her mental health situation fixed

No. 169747

File: 1472550630787.png (775.57 KB, 1079x1439, Screenshot_2016-08-30-11-48-17…)

Seriously ho'd go out like this to meet their grandparents? Also, if you don't sleep at night don't wonder why you faint at daylight

No. 169748

her eyebrows look horrible

No. 169749

Her whole face is a disaster or well let's say her style. I'm not even sure for she's going for anymore, obviously tumblr, but sometimes it seems like she wants to appear more mature and sophisticated but then she still has these cheap looking piercings and her ruined hair.

She's actually the first person for me to see who let's vpfashion extensions look cheap

No. 169754


I think you're reaching, she doesn't even look bad here. Just an average girl going for a Tumblr-ish style. She's not hideously ugly, her eyebrows are drawn in the same way a lot of girls draw theirs. Her piercings aren't cheap looking, and her outfit isn't too offensive for old people, lol. Reach harder, guys.

No. 169756

I never said it's offensive you fuckin'whiteknight. But if she's just meeting her grandfather she doesn't need to go full whore style, that's what I said. Why all that makeup and extensions if she's just going to make food for some old man?

I swear she'd would wear her Elsa cos to the funeral of her parents if it'd give her attention

No. 169758

Also seems like you're not getting the point, she's currently trying to make up a rich, sophisticated, elegant girl persona. Someone who's 'rich and sophisticated' doesn't wear (visble) piercings or has ruined dead hair along with clip in extensions.

No. 169761


I don't even like her, I just think you could find something better to complain about other than her outfit and style choices. Don't get so upset lmao. It'll be okay.

No. 169762

>nasty crawling creatures

No. 169764

she still has not overcome her proana phase

No. 169767

she still has not overcome her proana phase
now she's constantly meeting her grandparents to get money or at least inherit it if they die. what a bitch

No. 169768

I'm a poetic genius

No. 169769

Grandparent stories are always good for sympathy attention points

No. 169771

>nasty crawling creatures
yazo is arachnophobic,
yazo self-harms,
Yazo is arachnoid confirmed

No. 169787

exactly, she went for the 'full eyebrows on fleek' style like any other tumblr and ig girl, but it looks like shit on her
idk what product she's using but it looks like she drew them on with black thick kajal
She used to have those thin and over plucked vkei jrock whatsoever eyebrows and even tho they didn't look nice either they were better than her current eyebrows anyway

No. 169788

you're on lolcow, what are you expecting?
literally all threads, no matter whether it's kota, taylor or venus have anons complaining about their outfit or make up choices
you whiteknights should reach harder

No. 169792

>complains about being pale
>showed off her tan
>edits her pictures with tons of filters to make her look pale

No. 169802


she looks OK on pictures but not in real life ? her face is fat and round like the moon emoji, her nose is awful (that's why she always makes front pics and covers it with light and filters), her hair is disgusting and you can clearly see the extensions irl and her body is not that skinny either. her style could be good but she aims for attention and not for an actual style that's why her combinations etc are so ugly. also her make up skills are a joke. first she cried "I LOVE MY THIN VKEI EYEBROWS AND I WILL NEVER CHANGE THEM WHO WANTS BIG EYEBROWS????" and now she draws them on with 5.0mm edding

No. 169803


whoops i meant cm i'm a bitch

No. 169811

pls look at her new snaps
"lol I collapsed"
who wears sneakers to a whore look?
and the last pic off her cat and sure she did some mad yoga to get her cuts into the picture. so obvious

No. 169813


"oh so funny i collapsed pls give me attention" i don´t believe her at all :) and her legs

her shoe choices are always the WORST and her fucking top is disgusting is eh even wearing a bra??? like srsly she visited her grandpa not going to a strip club

and her cuts :D it makes it even more obvious that her whole collapse story is fake. she just needs attention and ass sucking again, her grandpa wouldn´t read her twitter so who can proof this shit :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169814

did she change her piercings into silber btw? funny how she did it after WE talked about how black piercings look disgusting.

No. 169816

ohohoho didn't notice at all hahahah how piddling sad little puzzle piece yazo won't fit in and does really everything to be liked

No. 169818

well, I don't think we can judge her for wearing a bra or not, she barel has any tits anyway so no need to wear a bra really

No. 169819


she´s visiting her granpa man, put some clothes on.

No. 169822

at least she wore sneakers and not heels

No. 169823


the ugliest i´ve ever seen but ok yeah :D

No. 169825

what kind of? also you're on lolcow, grow up and drop the emojis(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169830


"also you´re on lolcow, grow up" and stop whiteknightening :*(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169831

Wonder why farmhand hasn't put on pasture yet

Maybe we should tell her that it would look super awesome if she had green balack hair, a hello kitty tattoo and wear a potato sack.

No. 169833

I just had a read through this thread and the first one
first of all I know yazoo in real life and she is for sure one of the sweetest, nicest and prettiest person I know
it is so clear that you are all jealous of her
you dont even know her and believe in rumours which are false
I met her many times at conventions and she is so sweet to her friends, she accepted gifts and was taking many pictures with her friends
and stop bullying her because of her scars, she had a horrible past and you dont know what even happened to her that made her this way
what would you do if someone made fun of your scars?
please stop spreading false rumours about her, it is illegal and you can get reported for it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169838

What have I just read??

No. 169839

same kek
must be one of her 13yo delusional fans who still thinks she's the queen

No. 169841

>I've met her several times at cons
>she accepts presents

Such an idol desu. I've met her too, several times and sure she tries to give a good image of herself, but if you were close to her >>169833 you little whiteknight, you'd know how much she shits on her fans amd friends

No. 169842

Also this sounds like yazoo wrote this herself.

No. 169843


da fuck i just read

No. 169848


>she accepted gifts

i´m crying. this is the best reason to like someone, really. i agree that she must have had a horrible past or else she wouldn´t have turned out like the horrible person she is. please be her friend for 2 years and then come back and tell us again how perfect she is kek

No. 169849

why don't you all grow up before bullying a person you don't even know.
tell me a single problem she caused for you have to spread wrong rumours about her
from my point of view I think you are bullying her because she has everything you don't have
money, she is the best german cosplayer,was in japan many times, is a famous youtuber
tell me one thing you have which she doesn't have(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169850

>horrible past

Aka spoiled bitch whith rich parents who didn't really care of how the behavior of their child evolves

No. 169851

please leave this website and never come back.

No. 169852

Stop it, or I'll die from laughing


SHE doesn't have a single penny, she gets everything from her parents

>best German cosplayer

Ever heard of Kana? Also cgl hasn't even heard of Yazoo no one aside of the Hamburg community and a very few from the NRW comm know her.

>was in Japan many times

Payed by her parents
Only for attention
She hates Japan, Japanese ppl amd Japanese food
Damn even I have been there many times

>famous youtuber

She's NOT a youtuber! Venus is a youtuber, kanadajin is a youtuber, die lochis are youtubers, but yazoo IS NOT a youtuber! She doesn't give a flying fuck about her YouTube

And now go to bed lil'teeny it's past 6o'clock

No. 169853

>she has everything you don't have

you mean:
no education? no chances of getting a good job? basically no real friends? not able to socialize? childish? dependent?

>famous youtuber

she´s not famous, not even in youtube germany, so please stop lying to yourself.

it´s ok if you have idols and are a fan of someone, but please choose someone nice and a good role model.

No. 169854

You're right, I have my high school diploma, a job, friends and more followers.
Get your whiteknights outa here Yazoo

No. 169855

stop lying, because she has lots of friends who always got her back when she needs help
I have friends who are her friends
she makes youtube videos, so she is a youtuber
her cosplay pictures are shared and wellknown on many pages, at cons people recognize her and want to take pictures with her
if she is not famous, why do you all know her?

No. 169856


/cringes into space

No. 169857

Every single day, there are MULTIPLE reports coming from this thread. There is also a high level of samefagging in this thread.

I've already posted once in here, hoping that I could get you guys to keep things on track, but apparently that has done nothing.

If this thread continues to be a report ridden, off topic, pointless vendetta thread, it will be locked.

No. 169873

File: 1472578946491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.3 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>>169857(don't let your dreams be dreams!)

No. 170351

tomorrow school holidays will end and she will have her first school day
looking forward to her tweets!

No. 170465

Anyone saw her latest Japan cringe video?

No. 170479

yeah it's so obvious she read this thread, she was very careful with what she said
but i kinda found the video unnecessary like everyone knows that jp are polite cause it's their policy and men are always pushy, no matter from which country and what age

No. 170480

just read her tweets and they're hilarious
apparently it's a private high school again cause she called it 'Bonzenschule'
she literally wrote 20 tweets and only talked to 11th graders
being on your phone the whole time is the worst thing you can do on your first school day
it makes you come off looking uninterested and unapproachable
she should just talk to as many people as possible

No. 170481


highly doubt japanese people would change a seat because of a foreigner IN TOKYO. she obviously was loud or somehow rude in any other way

No. 170484

Most often people slept on my shoulders, don't know what she's done wrong there. Also realised that even the positive comments say that her videos are too bright?

And have you seen that her number of total views has declined since she the first Q&A video from last year?

No. 170485


i really think she was loud or people thought she was suspicious. just look at her, she dressed like a slut sometimes. stuff like this didn´t even happen to me in smaller cities in japan, so she really messed up kek

i think people clicked her other japan video just because it´s about japan, so maybe this one will get more views because of that too, but that won´t give her followers.


oh man she´s spaming. and funny how she said she´s one of the youngest in her class. what kind of school is this kek

btw guys, i wanted to ask if we should all write names in here? of course not our real ones, just nicknames

No. 170488

I bet they thought she was drunk or on drugs, that's why they changed seats kek

No. 170489


well she was drunk pretty often kek

No. 170490

She has been filming drunk salary men, walked around drunk at night in Shibuya and as far as I know she's in contact with a girl known as vika who showed her around Shinjuku (vika is a known prostitute). I guess Japanese people tried to stay out of her reach as much as possible.

I omce had a turkish friend whom I used to hang out around tokyo and while I got all the attention, Japanese guys didn't even looked at her with their butts. She wasn't even ugly, but maybe boring? Because small, dark eyes, dark hair and stuff. And maybe also Japanese people might have a bad image of people who look middle eastern?

No. 170491


well most of the foreigners in japan misbehave really really bad, so i see where this is coming from.

No. 170493

but she doesn't look turkish at all, well she does everything not to look turkish
she had very light extensions, blue or green circle lenses with a dolly eye make up and rlly flashy girly clothes
japanese pple definitely thought she's white

No. 170494

yeah but not to that extent
there are tons of foreigners who look like her in japan, in big cities like tokyo theyre pretty much used to it
when i was in tokyo last year they didnt even pay attention to typical foreigners (blonde hair,tall and blue eyes) anymore

No. 170495

That girl I hung out with also didn't look typical turkish, but skin was slightly darker and the nose was wider just as yazoos.

But yeah, she must've been very loud and crazy that Japanese people stood up to change their seats to not have to sit close to her

No. 170497

maybe they thought she was crossdressing kek
given that her voice is deep af and crossdressers usually put on tons of make up

No. 170499


Are you sure about vika?
The first time she was in Japan she saw Vika with an old japanese man and made sneaky pictures of them and sent them to all her friends. (One of her friends showed me that's how I know) She also talked so bad about Vika and called her a slut.

But yeah.. actually it sounds a lot like her. Talking bad about a person behind their back but being super nice to them in person.

No. 170500


like she is to her fans /keks into space

No. 170501

wait what's going on?
who is vika? and does she know vika personally to do such things behind her back?
she calls pple a slut, but she slept with the first available guy she met in japan, had an asian bf in germany but suddenly turned into a lesbian in japan

No. 170503


She is a girl from Hamburg (thats how she and Yazoo know each other) who moved to Tokyo and is (probably) a prostitute

No. 170504

Sorry for OT, but Vika IS a prostitute. Her advertisment has been posted on one of the former gaijin in Japan threads, fuckyeahbangya and also on PULL. The pictures are still there though the advertisment as well as all her social media got deleted (by her) after this.
She has had a sugar daddy (financial support by some men) since 2012/2013 though.

Anyway, Yazoo does know her a long with probably a few other of the whores and they probably showed her around.

>had an asian bf in Germany which she dropped after he traveled to Japan just to meet her and then she suddenly became a lesbian for some bonus likes

No. 170506

now she probably dropped her gf asw
there are no tweets nor photos of them being tgt anymore

No. 170507

File: 1472727579112.png (148.58 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_2016-09-01-12-56-04…)

>everyone looks like 25, but are 11th grad. I look like 12, but am in 13th grade.

How will she be able to do 13th grade if she hasn't even done the 12th one? Her parents really must have some connections going on.

Also, Yazoo behaving like you're 12 and looking like it is a huuuge difference. You look like every other instagram whore not like a 12yo girl.

No. 170515

File: 1472735605043.png (130.38 KB, 607x569, jfljef.png)

No. 170516

File: 1472736057437.png (60.5 KB, 583x219, lol.png)

so it´s unpolite to get up in class, but it´s totally fine to make photos of strangers, scream whenever she can, put on super loud music on cons, etc etc and of course all only for attention while those in her class are only hungry.
and i just remembered when she sent out domi on a con to tell someone really far away that his music is too loud, yet she does the same. does she really think we believe her new "i´m such a good girl"-play?

No. 170519

Well, while this guy got himself some food she was sitting on her phone, same level of rudeness though.

Also, who didn't went to school occasionally out of lazyness and who already had to redo a whole fucking year because of that?

No. 170523


you should either be lazy or dumb, if you´re both you´re pretty much fucked in life

No. 170530

She's 20 and hasn't finished grade 12 yet?

No. 170533


soon 21 and yes, but we´re all so jealous of her because she has all the things we don´t have kek

No. 170535

She was too lazy to attend the 12th grade before going to Japan. Usually it's NOT possible to leave that year out, because you need the grades from that year to count to your Abitur. So her parents must have extremely good connections, usually a school wouldn't have accepted her

No. 170638

ikr she claimed that she has her 'Fachabitur' but in order to get it she needs to finish 12th grade
I find it funny how her mom sent her to a private school just so she only needs to repeat one year, not two

No. 170642

I highly doubt that she can do it. I don't think she's stupid in the way of really stupid, but she's lazy af and she hasn't done anything real in at least a year (going to Japan on a language school doesn't really count, because it's sth one likes to do unlike real school). So she got even more used to do nothing. If we take her 12th grade in account, she hasn't done any proper learning in the past two years for now

No. 170736

she said on twitter that she has 8 finals (Abiprüfungen)
there's no way she can do it
maybe if she didn't take a break for 2 years, but she needs to revise and study all the stuff from 11th grade which is a lot
plus she needs to commute an hour to school, I doubt she will be able to study since that much is already too exhausting for her
yesterday was her first school day and when she got home she went to sleep right away for 12 hours

No. 170763


12 hours "and I don't feel too exhausted" kek

for real? smart people can learn things even when they are lazy, simply because they´re smart. doesn´t mean they will all get the best marks, but they would finish school without having to study 10 hours a day.

No. 170765

File: 1472822842714.jpg (97.09 KB, 768x1024, ccc.jpg)

she has the worst style ever

No. 170766

those boots look horrible
especially on her cause she doesn't know how to combine them with other clothes

and bitch,get a job if you want to buy stuff so bad

No. 170775

i like how she posted that her mom wanted to buy her these, but she "refused" sure u dont read this thread honey sure

No. 170777


omg this is sooo pathetic. her lies are the worst kek

No. 170780

I love how she likes to play down her ED, but at the same time is making poses and is editing her legs as ana as possible

No. 170782

i loved her ed game like "i wanna gain wait, i want boobs and a butt -inserts pics of "bigger" instagrammers- and the next day she´s like "i´m so fat i hate myself", next day "all bodies are beautiful no matter what size and shape" and so on. she obviously has some kind of disorder and not even one imo and she still acts like she´s going to therapy. then why does nothing change? kek

No. 170784

She hasn't been into therapy since ages though? Her mom tried to force her to since yazoo has obviouly NOT been in a condition to get out of therapy. but yazoo knows better

No. 170785


she posted about it a few times. she said she went to therapy via skype in japan and a few days ago as well. i don´t believe her though

No. 170786

she just posted she isnt allowed to do stem cell donation,
now lets google under what criteria you arent allowed to donate stem cells.
20 bucks on "addictions
like medication, drug or alcohol addiction"

No. 170788

i don´t believe her a single letter in this post tbh kek

No. 170789

or "Not healed STD
such as syphilis or gonorrhea" kek

No. 170790

i´m literally crying

No. 170795

If she really has
As she claims or claimed she has for years, just a little online therapy won't be enough. Usually you'll get medication and have to see a doctor in person.

Stem cell donation? How if she already faints from just being??
She just made this post for 'positive attention' as she does with her posts about blood donation

No. 170796


what are you talking about, she´s such a good girl!!11!!!1111111!one!1! kek

No. 170845

Someone just asked her on twitter what the conditions for becoming a stem cell donator are, and yazo answered "the list of things they want from you is quite long"
I am a stem cell donator myself and I cen tell you guys, becoming one is easy as fuck and no they don't want a long list of stuff about you like yazo said (name, address, age and there you go)
You don't even need to go anywhere, they send the package with the stuff you need for registering yourself to you…..

No. 170923

File: 1472891800271.png (436.64 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

this sounds like she wants her stepdad to pay for the shoes, is she serious?
if I was in her position I wouldn't even ask my parents for money at all, unless I need it for important stuff. She's already owing her parents tons of money, they pay for her car and tuition asw (not to mention all the other things like exp phones and other stuff she 'desperately' needs)
If she didn't buy at least 6 cosplays in japan she would have had spare money to buy those shoes

No. 170924

>If she didn't buy at least 6 cosplays in japan she would have had spare money to buy those shoes
u mean her parents?

No. 170926


ok so first she´s all like. "mommy wanted to buy me these but i refused" to act like the good girl, but having her stepdad paying them is a good move? just because she owes her mum the over 17k japan money and not him? she acts like a 15 year old, i feel like she never grew up a tiny bit in 5 years. she will never be able to have a normal life, she will forever be the little baby which can´t do anything on her own. how about "i´m searching for a part time job after school" she´s really the biggest liar i know. go and suck on a baby soother and let your parents change your diapers

No. 170927

she refers to it as her own money kek
I still rmb that tweet when she got hate for staying in japan making her parents pay for it and she was being sarcastic and said 'omg how rude of me to pay for everything with my own money'
as if she paid a single penny for it

No. 170929

she just posted
"Men are so simple, if I said I want a ps4 would my stepfather buy immediately because technology"
"If I say I need shoes then he does not even listen to me HAHAHAHAHAHA"
>need shoes
bet 10 bucks nobody ever saw her barefooted outside, honey you have enough shit its no surprise you dont get everything you want princess

No. 170930

if a normal, independent, adult person needs something, they fucking work for it. or at least save their pocket money if they are little kids like yazoo. not only did she get her 17k japan trip (+cosplay etc) paid, which didn´t help her AT ALL for her future work, she gets her car paid, her private school for idiots (she just needs because she´s a lazy and dumb piece of shit) and she still wants more stuff. my parents are also not poor and i baaaarely ask for things, i only ask for stuff for my birthday, christmas and for food to take home, since i´m able to live alone without skipping college and/or work. she´s nearly 21 and didn´t finish school yet, at her age some people are graduating college. i´m so glad i got raised to be a normal, indipendent person. i sometimes hate my life but when i see hers, i´m glad for everything i have.(blogpost)

No. 170933

even my boyfriend who was a total dependend neet and had a 3y gap in his cv found a job that pays 1100/month. whats her excuse?

No. 170935

her excuse will obviously be a mental illness which makes her unable to work or go to school. can´t wait for her to say that

No. 170936

which she will introduce in school by fainting again

No. 170937

all her tweets make me pissed
she only sees her parents as a wallet tbh
whenever she talks about them its always things like 'my mom just bought me this, ordered me that, paid this much for me' same goes to her stepdad
has she ever done a single thing for them?
I dont think so

No. 170938

inb4 "i just did xxx for my yyy" posts on twitter in the next 2 weeks

No. 170939

still in high school at age 21 kek. at least be a good girl if you suck out your parent´s money

No. 170940

she will probably be like 'i just made my mom breakfast, im the best daughter in the world'

No. 170941

never did that tho, only for her girlfriend kek

No. 170942

I just realised she was supposed to graduate in 2014 cause I did and we are the same age
which means she wasted 3 years of her life

No. 170944

and it´s not even save that she will graduate this time kek

No. 170945

yeah and judging from her twitter posts it's a very exp private school which means her mom will waste thousands of dollars again on her

No. 170947

wow thats so sad, im turning 19 next month, i lost so many years because of skipping school and bad friends still im graduating in may with my "forq" and a nursery nurse/kindergarden teacher certificate

No. 170948

i really don´t understand her mum. i feel like even her fans don´t believe that she will graduate, someone wrote her "well good luck that you´ll make it". but since she´s not able to work either, i kinda get her point (and no normal school would take such a supid brat)

No. 170952

you wasted time, she lost 3years AND wasted 20k for nothing kek

No. 170954

she's extremely good at manipulating her mom
she made her mom believe that staying in japan for 6 years will help her in the future and get her a job
and that she went there to 'study'
she also promised her to graduate once she went back to germany so yea her mom is still believing her lies

No. 170955

but it´s her MOM. we outsiders here know better than her and that she won´t study and shit. it´s so fucked up. also she wasn´t able to graduate the first time, so why would she be able to do it now when it´s even harder. her mom is so blind and nice to still wanna help her get a good, indipendent life kek. sorry to say but it´s 2 years too late hhahahah

No. 170957

she stopped going to school mid 2015 and went to japan beginning of 2016 so she had around half a year to get 15~20k
did she really expect people to believe her that she was able to get that much only with part time jobs!? 7-8k is the maximum you can get only with part time jobs so who is she kidding
and I doubt she had more than $500 saved given that she always complained how broke she was

No. 170959

she said she wanted to work in japan as well (never laughed so hard in my entire life) and what did she do? skip school and drink. she now can´t even afford a public transportation ticket, why is she such a child?

No. 170963

She gets about 150€ of pocket money each month, a part time job won'T give you more than 450€ a month, she didn't work all the time and even if she would have been paid more illegally (what I doubt) she would've never made the 20k€ which she needed just to pay the organisation. She might have had a bit of money to afford her extra expenses, but most of it would'Ve been her parents money as well, becausse she already spend lots of her part-time money before going to japan

No. 170964

yet she stills lies about paying it back to look like a good girl.

No. 170965

she also said to pay domis flight back and when she went to Japan to fuck that other Japanese guy and her mom paid a hotel for her she didn't even use, because she stayed with her fucktoy.
Oh fucktoy, there've never been photos of him online, right? Bet he wasn't VK, Host or whatever edgy looking enough to give her some white girl x asian guy bonus likes kek

No. 170966

I think she had 2-3 part time jobs at the same time, but even then she wouldn't get paid nearly enough to cover all the expenses

No. 170967

nonononono, she had one after another in a really short time, because she either got fired for being lazy and/or not coming or she quit because she couldn´t stay in bed all day. she would never work that much

No. 170969

She had this 'video editing' job first, which was given to her by her parents. Then she had the princess job and then the job at the shishabar.

I'm not sure when she had the job at this cafe where she claimed that she didn't got her payment check though

No. 170970

I think she had the job at the cafe when she was still at school
defintiely before she wanted to go to japan

No. 170971


the cafe one was her first job ever while she was still at school, yes and i don´t believe her a single word. first she said her boss is so nice and makes her tea when she was sick and went home and then he suddenly doesn´t pay and her mom has to sue him.

No. 170972

and she didn't even get her pay in the end, so hiring a lawyer was a waste of money again
this also means that her boss' reasons not to pay her was justified kek

No. 170974

She got her new shoes lol

No. 170975

she probably skipped 20 out of 30 days and when she went to work, she called in sick to go earlier or didn´t work and only had fun with her colleagues. i remember some posts like that too.

No. 170976

well yes of course or else she would threaten to cut herself again or go an eating disorder clinic.

No. 170977

File: 1472900125017.png (567.21 KB, 574x539, 1.png)

ugh really

No. 170978

she's so pathetic
only 14yo kids show off their new boots
doesn't she realise herself how much she's acting like a kid?
only kids beg for stuff until their parents give in

No. 170979

I bet she convinced her stepdad with sth like 'I went to school for 2 days!!!! I didn't skip a single day! I deserve a reward!!!'

No. 170980

but honestly she doesn´t need to convince him at all. he bought her a new laptop to edit videos in japan, he bought her or wanted to buy (i forgot) a brand new iphone even though she hates iphone, so he can also pay some boots which don´t even look expensive

No. 170981

They're from Schuhkay I think, looking at the first pic she posted while trying them on. So they're probably around 70-150€.

If she would've payed for them herself or if they were a birthday present it would've been totally ok to post this, but she just begged until she got them and I already see her selling them or throwing them away within the next few months

No. 170982

yep they won´t be more than 200€ for sure and yes she will maybe wear them 10 times until she gets bored of them. those ugly silver sneakers are the only ones she actually wore a lot lol

No. 170983

I think she already owns a pair of boots which look very similar to those new ones

No. 170984

yes from one of her cosplays

No. 170991

Isn't she already owning two?? Because didn't she buy a whole new tepe cos in tokyo?

No. 170993

in tokyo??? this was already over 2 months ago, those shoes must be completely broken already kek

No. 171329

File: 1473052846208.jpg (683.18 KB, 1439x1982, 20160905_072013.jpg)


No. 171333

top kek

She'll be the next Venus Angelic, sleeping in the same be as her mom, with the same men

No. 171369

she's so childish and extra
I'm scared of spiders too, but I don't make a big fuss over it to the point where I sleep in my moms' room

No. 171374

the samefagging in this thread is atrocious. take your vendetta to back Animexx

No. 171777

No. 171787

I feel sorry for Janet

No. 172162

how can you have wealthy parents and act like the biggest ghetto bitch

No. 172989

on her twitter just ensued a cringe fest too much to post

No. 173029

Do you mean the mystic messenger shit?

No. 173068

everything, the cos shit the messenger shit, the pics with the money, her posting every 2 minutes, is she diagnosed with hyperactivity? does somebody know?!

No. 173657

guess who doesn't go to school anymore, she posted (5 h. ago) that she just woke up after 16 h of sleep hahah

No. 173660

I gave her two weeks, how damn right I was. Let's see if she'll already drive to the connichi by tomorrow

No. 173707

she now hangs around with some instagram model named sam she literally posts about him subtly everywhere

No. 173713

Why are you reaching so hard?

No. 173780

Never heard of that person, but well let me guess why she hangs out with him…to gain more likes? Kek

No. 173804

wait she didnt post about him on ig nor on twitter, are you sure?

No. 173886

she posted snaps with him/ about him
on twitter was something too about how he brought his ps4 cable to her so she can continue her neet life.

No. 173888

File: 1473871332724.png (505.1 KB, 590x520, 1.PNG)

lets play "guess it right and u get nothing" question is who paid for it?

No. 173890

File: 1473871470674.png (354.25 KB, 599x363, 2.PNG)

and for this ?

No. 173897

Her parents
Which brand are these though? Also, why does she need them? Her makeup is shit and the pencils won't change much about it

Probably begged at that store showing off her number of followers to get it sponsored

No. 173906

Sorry for samefag, but this looks like one of the bodyline wigs a friend had. Why the heck did she even get a new one, that other wig was totally ok though?

No. 173935

Oh god don't ruin mystic messenger for me

No. 174005

File: 1473892035213.png (104.78 KB, 750x880, IMG_7180.PNG)

Looks like AliExpress/Wish brushes. They're like 1 buck

No. 174113

You're right, those look exactly like them

No. 174186

ok this is funny
she gets exp perfumes, skincare, make up products and whatnot
but can't afford decent brushes
or her parents didn't want to pay for her shit this time

No. 174199


No. 174200

This time Janet can't jump in telling people that it's real dior desu

No. 174202


Honestly, it's easier to find nice/decent quality brushes for cheap vs things like cheap makeup or perfume. Even brushes like the $3 elf ones are decent but you can't really find a good perfume at that price point for example.

No. 174204

You clearly have no idea. I recently bought me some more expensive brushes and they apply the makeup so much better and more even than the cheap shit I used before.

Also she's always bragging about how much luxurious she is now kek

No. 174209

Used to own a 5€ foundation brush, it was crap compared to sigmas kabuki brush I own now
she doesn't even know how to use these brushes? She probably will only use 2 or 3 at most

No. 174211

I love how she acts like she's a pro at make up and needs all those brushes even though she always has the same weeb make up look
>pink eyeshadow, fake lashes and blush

No. 174212

You're right though this is a super basic kit, she'll probably use most of them. I tend to own multiple ones for different purposes. But damn in Japan she used to share her makeup brushes with Janet, she even shares circle lenses with other people or gives away her old (used!) ones

No. 174213


>You clearly have no idea

Please. I bet that maybe most cheap/low cost brushes can be scratchy and not blend/deposit color properly but there are also many low cost alternatives that work very well. Sure, I love my MAC 217 the most of all my blending brushes, but I also own 5 elf crease brushes ($3) that are really amazing for that price. Same thing goes for some of my $60+ brushes which although are seriously amazing, you can find some comparable gems for low cost.


She will prob use all of them, albeit very badly. I'm waiting for her to try more "advanced" makeup looks compared to her normal looks (>>174211) with her brushes and fail horribly.

No. 174217

What do you mean by 'more advanced' though?

Also, if we're talking just about crease brushes or lip pencils then yes, the cheap ones will do that as well also blush brushes can be fine in the cheaper price range. But if we talk about foundation applicators and powder brushes then nope start at 15$ min for a brush to be alright ish

No. 174449

File: 1474051088037.png (282.9 KB, 513x546, 1.PNG)

how pathetic is she

No. 174456

Sad story here, her ex who visited her in Japan bought these goku outfits for them to twin

No. 174504

kinda impressed she doesnt go full desu~~ sugardaddy style,
but understandable too, she gets more "aw she so cute" with that lesbo number,

No. 174608

Well, I think she'd do it if she'd find herself maybe a trans woman or man to spend money on her? So more likes and more attention
>look how cute my dress looks on my trans girlfriend thihi
>look I did the makeup of my TRANS girlfriend

That'd be something for her

No. 174638

No. 174639


>look I helped my TRANS boyfriend to shave

>my TRANS boyfriend bought me food

No. 174701

inb4 janet transitions bc she feels lonely and wants yazoos attantion back

No. 174705

Maybe Yazoo will soon make her to transition

No. 175378

brangelina split and she tweeted "I feel like my own parents split" what the fuck

No. 175380

Wtf? Not like her real parents split ages ago for whatever reason and the relationship of her mother and her new fucktoy just seems to be kind of platonic. He's barely ever at home but buys them lots of stuff kek

No. 175668

hoes got sugardaddy

No. 175697

"I have the eating habits of a bulimic just without the throwing up"

oh god girl please stop!!!
You just "have" an eating disorder but you ain't a bulimic!

No. 175710


she´s constantly talking about weight gain, i guess she wants people to compliment her when she posts a pic somewhere.
and she clearly has no respect for people with a real eating disorder even tho she claimed to have one

No. 176168

that or she wants to be the fragile cute little flower "I fainted… again" like once a month just to remind us she needs the "fan love"

No. 176847

she again posted that she cosplays elsa for some "instagram model"'s little sister.
earn ALL the attantion

No. 176865

He's not only
>insta fame
But also
So double attention points on this kek

No. 177560

File: 1475032691155.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160928-050713.png)

No. 177563

The caption is even better kek

Can't wait for her making a gap year working in a social area and trying to brag about it all over the Internet as if it was something special

No. 177576

her snapstory is 100 % about sam how pathetic

No. 177588

Poor Janet, the lesbian plus points dried out

No. 177623

I wonder why she didn't go full official lesbian with domi.. remember the rumors?
guess she wasn't that desperate for attantion back then

No. 177626

Back then being lesbian wasn't that much of a thing to be honest. Also she could still play the pro ana, pro mental health disorder and so on cards back then. That was way more 'interesting' for the kiddos back then.

If you've watched her for some times you'll see that she's always tried to follow the most popular tumblr and later instagram trends to stay relevant. She even tried lolita at some point

No. 177638

loooook at her last snap how desperate can one be? at least they are alike. ew how he is over her, ew how she is showing her off, poor janet

No. 177675

jhc the same fag in this thread is unreal

No. 178270

File: 1475262305548.png (1017.05 KB, 1080x1546, Screenshot_2016-09-30-21-01-34…)

What is she working as??

And can someone please tell her that this is not how eyebrows work?

No. 178484

File: 1475339080783.png (183.33 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161001-182347.png)

can someone translate?

No. 178494

*put. you seem stupid, anon.

No. 178497

For what does she even wear a bra? She has no boobs

No. 178655

File: 1475401386412.png (1.63 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161002-114153.png)

"I love this guy" poor janet I'm too lazy to translate the chat

No. 178660

autsch.. I feel so sorry for Janet.
I'd get super jealous and upset If my girlfriend did such a thing

No. 178727

File: 1475428353981.png (197.21 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161002-191150.png)

just look what janet posted

No. 178752

her face gets fatter and rounder every day

No. 178762

Why do people write like this HAHAHA it's fucking annoying HAHAHAHA laugh smiley with tears

No. 178893

Her new photo with her "glasses"
never go full retard…

No. 178897

Can you not only say that there's something new, but also submit a screenshot then? I don't follow this hoe so I don't remember all of her @ nor do I have the time to check all of them

No. 178898

File: 1475486408216.jpg (111.32 KB, 576x1024, CtyL1LhWYAAcM_a.jpg large.jpg)

this would be a good pic for the next thread if this one ends and we get some more milk

No. 178899

File: 1475488303700.jpg (529.65 KB, 791x1024, 16-10-03-11-50-46-840_deco.jpg)

No. 179205

her snapstory, hahah she posted a selfie in a police shirt, mentioning her room, honey we all know what's the focus of that pic.

No. 181276

File: 1476041514258.png (433.17 KB, 658x487, kek.png)

No. 181277

File: 1476041595066.png (167.98 KB, 205x464, beauty.png)

chou kawaii

No. 181278

File: 1476041814584.jpg (15.21 KB, 540x540, 12805855.jpg)

Can we all agree the one hundred years old loli things is just an excuse so pedos can fap guilt-free?

No. 181281

well that's unflattering

No. 181299

Such pro cosplayer, letting her hair peek out of the wig cap

No. 181334


No. 181495

File: 1476109232542.png (491.14 KB, 610x442, asfasf.PNG)


No. 181500

This cosplay looks so unflattering on her and on top it also looks really half assed. She literally just started with this for the likes, because it's popular right now

No. 181538

File: 1476121783751.jpg (247.56 KB, 750x1044, vvv.jpg)


it´s literally just boy clothing and a wig. she also posted on twitter/replied to janet that buying a cosplay is not worth it if people don´t know the character because they won´t hype it then.
she cosplays just for attention, yet janet and her freak out over someone doing an early af costest after one episode of an anime (because they´re salty that they didn´t get the attention for it) with the explanation: "how can you like a character so much after only one episode that you want to cosplay him"

No. 181540

File: 1476122299366.png (72.38 KB, 587x339, Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-10 um 1…)


here´s 1/3 and yes this is totally samefagging vendetta because you can´t fucking upload more then one pic fuck you all

No. 181544

Not like yazoo made her yoosung 'costest' right after she's pushed the dowload button of the game?

Also, why can't janet cosplay whatever the fuck she wants, she looks better in cos than yazoo does anyway

No. 181545


imo janet is prettier than yazoo if she only lost some weight and she really puts more effort in her cosplays and i think she actually likes anime and japan and doesn´t do all of this for attention, just a normal healthy amount of attention whoring

No. 181546

Is Janet that fat? Sorry, I don't know her so much. Can you post a photo on which her weight would be visible. Also yazoo got a lot chubbier too

No. 181547

File: 1476123603806.png (459.92 KB, 522x514, c.png)


she´s not fat but definetely a bit chubby. she barely posts body pics but you can see her better in snaps or videos on instagram. it´s funny how yazoo still can make herself look thin in her pictures while she actually gets bigger

No. 181548

In this one Janet looks a lot thinner and also healthier than yazoo though

No. 181551

File: 1476124236285.png (121.35 KB, 187x387, b.png)

No. 181552

File: 1476124726153.jpg (60.22 KB, 1136x640, 14689896_1125334540879073_4760…)


Never trust pictures, only videos

No. 181553

That's one awefully akward screenshot. Don't they feel ashamed for running around in their cosplays all the time? I do get people in Jfashion, I even get people wearing maid dresses and school uniforms, because that's still somewhat fashion like. But these girls are all in their 20s acting like 12yo otakus, running around and being loud in their mediocre to shitty cosplays

No. 181554

I'd call this an hourglass or well very female shaped body. It's nothing with what she should cosplay boys with, but she's not really chubby or fat. Just female

No. 181555


they played loud music, were screaming and thought they´re queens or something. it´s so cringy how they behave, i can´t even watch this videos without hardcore 2nd hand embarrassment

No. 181556



No. 181558

here's the video, do not watch if you can't handle cringy behaviour!

No. 181751

File: 1476162263826.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-11-07-01-49…)

I love how in this newest pic on twitter she bows her upper body forward so she looks thinner and can fake a thigh gap :)

No. 181765

Can't these people keep their rooms tidy and clean?

No. 181821

File: 1476185321713.png (84.3 KB, 1080x526, Screenshot_2016-10-11-13-25-31…)

THIS is what she has learned in 6months? Is she fucking kidding me? That's what you learn via self study in about 3 weeks if you're only a bit serious about it.

No. 181826

Can somebody translate?

No. 181834

What am I doing? I carelessly forgot all my Japanese.
Ahhh it's embarrassing (lol)
I don't want to forget it, but please speak to me.
Help me

This is not how google translate would translate it, this is an exact translation of the shit she wrote.

No. 181925

I bet it took her an hour or more to write this kek

No. 181928

I guess she's desperate because she barely has any Japanese fans. She never had, only people from Germany and a few other European countries know her

No. 181929

File: 1476209144994.jpeg (58.51 KB, 640x469, image.jpeg)

sorry for samefagging but this screenshot shows what a big hypocrite she is
'I will never watch yuri on ice' and 'I don't enjoy watching sports anime except for the old ones which were about friendship and sports and not homos'

so she's making every character she cosplays from normal animes (which aren't about boys love or remotely indicate that there's some sort of indirect bl going on) into the biggest yaoi trash
every cosplay photoshooting she has has at least one picture where 2 male characters are kissing or doing indecent stuff and now she's complaining about 'homos' in sports animes
because of weeb trash like her who are into that bl shit the anime industry has no other choice other thqn to use fanservice like that

No. 181931

But yazoo it's popular! You could get some more likes and followers only from watching it!

No. 181933

Also, not that this naruto shit she likes is any better than any of these other hyped anime. It's mediocre shit made for a broad audience just like justin bieber

No. 181943

she's basicially hating on popular anime because she wants to be oh so special but on the other hand she needs the attention so once in a while she's overhyping shit like mystic messenger or pretty much all the other stuff she cosplayed

No. 181945

True. Just like she's hating on this ren and ram anime (sorry I don't know the title) but I think she could have gotten much more likes out of that one because she'd have had a partner cos with janet and the characters have no boobs just like her

No. 181947

you probably mean rezero
and actually she's been shitting on that anime constantly but ended up watching all 25 episodes
she wants to cosplay a character called felis who has cat ears kek

No. 181951

That one, rezero. I think it's stupid of her to not take the opportunity to do this perfect loli cosplay together with her oh so beloved gf.

I mean, she was also shitting on sailor moon and when she saw that it was popular she cosplayed the shit together with janet and she still wants to cosplay chibiusa

No. 181964

I think she didn't do it cause she started watching rezero literally a few weeks ago and it was already hyped ever since the first episode got released several months ago
now that tons of cosplayers already did the rem and ram cosplay she doesn't want to do it cause it's not special anymore

No. 181966

I think it only recently popped up on my timelines. She could've done it.

But I mean, her recent cosplays were all so half assed. Dazai is literally normals clothes with wig, yoosung as well. If I wanted I could also do this with things I have at home and I'm not even a cosplayer. That says a lot about her shitty cosplays to me tbh

Also can she please get rid of these ratty extensions? I always wanted to try out VP extensions, but when I see the color of hers and how much they're ruined, I highly doubt that they're worth all the money

No. 181969

at cons there are tons of rem and ram cosplayers already, I actually think she only wants to cosplay male characters she ships with other male ones.

I agree with you on that, she bought her dazai cosplay in japan asw as her sailor mars one, what a good and creative cosplayer she is

believe me, it's only hers
my friend owns vp extensions and they look way better than her shitty fried ones

No. 182372

tbh I would like to have sex with both of them
at the same time g
Her Yoosung cosplay was "okay".
She is just a small indecisive kid in all.
I bet we will never see a angewomon cos from her?? ;)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 182660

File: 1476363894369.gif (3.52 MB, 490x476, 1449936098527.gif)

No. 182888

I want to ask you something. It's fine to dislike her for whatever reason. But why make a thread to hate on her? What do you want to reach with that? Does it make you happy? Well, people like talking about other people. But instead of making theared you could talk about it privatly or write her personally of what you think of her. Do you realize that this already cyber mobbing?

No. 182890

Taking her latest instagram posts in concern
>is she late for school everyday?
>is she even going there everyday?

No. 182917

apparently she only has a few hours school everyday, she said on twitter that she hates having so much freetime because of that (wtf even)
anyway, I think she's lying, she's probably skipping lessons a lot considering that you can't have that few lessons if you have 8 subjects
she's at school at 9am or later but is already at home around 1pm or 2pm (it takes her an hour or more to commute to school and back)

No. 182925

How the hell will she get a legit abitur like that? In your main subjects which are 4 you have to have about 4 lessons a week, that's 16 lessons à 45minutes. Than you have your other subjects with about 3-2lessons each in a week. You'll come on around 32-36 lessons a week then. How the hell?? How?? How is she not going to school? Yazoo your parents can buy you into school, but that can't buy the Abitur for you! You can't be that spoiled and stupid

No. 183229

let's be real, she will definitely fail or barely pass with very bad grades
She never studies asw even though she has that much 'freetime'

No. 183230

File: 1476519439528.jpeg (93.87 KB, 426x731, image.jpeg)

she looks like a transvestite with that make up and those cheap looking extensions
also, why the hell are her selfies always so overexposed!?!?
she said she will have a photoshooting with her gf janet/jenpai today
I wonder if they will do a lesbian themed photoshooting

No. 183232

Also that job at the bar of her uncle kek how many times a week is she working there and does he transfer the money directly on her parents back accounts?? She must owe them about 30.000€ by now.
>previous flights to Japan
>multiple iphones

No. 183236

Jesus Christ stop samefagging your English is awful

No. 186747

Her snapchat stories make me cringe

No. 188702

Why isn't she active on twitter?

No. 188789

I've been wondering about that too
she didn't tweet anything for like 10 days

No. 188802

Maybe she got hacked? Or 'she's too busy with school' kek

No. 189032

File: 1477546628466.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x2560, 16-10-27-07-34-02-311_deco.jpg)

Upper one
>uhuh look at my hourglass body!!
Where? You're nowhere near an hourglass, you're at best a pear girl

Second one was about her cleaning her room taking a photo after getting her makeup table tidy
>clean your brushes
>so not obviously showing off her bones

Get your shit together yazoo and go into a real clinical therapy

No. 189066

did you ever look in the back of the photo where she said she cleaned her make up desk? probably the only thing the cleaned, even homeless people live cleaner than her. and she's not skinny just because her body is naturally boney, or else she wouldnt need to bend her body to hell and back to look skinny, just look at this pathetic pose. in videos she even looks kinda chubby sometimes.

No. 189067


No. 189144

>all those bottles behind her
Penner confirmed

No. 189174

I didn't imply that she's skinny, as I know she's not. Anyway, I just thought that it's hilarious how in one photo she tries to show off how 'thin' she is while in the next one she tries to convince everyone that she has an hourglass shaped body which she clearly has not as it requieres a slim waist which she doesn't have kek

No. 189923


Omg I have never in my life seen a pose that says "I tried but I failed" as much as this one

No. 193952

File: 1478351649139.jpg (47 KB, 569x563, Unbe.JPG)

> "muh curves"

No. 193962

>such hourglass

No. 194908

She posted this pic on instagram too
In one pic she brags about her "curvy" body and in the next she clearly shows she has less boobs than half of the boys out there lmao

No. 194917

I think sje has wide hips but she has no boobs, so she clearly is a pear not an hourglass. But pear isn't sexy or unique enough for her so she tries to give a wrong image about hourglass bodies to her fans

No. 194962


i just remembered a few years ago someone wrote her on ask that she looks like a guy and she completely went off and posted the most female looking pic of her she could find, it was cosplay tho kek

and remember how she cried about feeling boyish and ugly at one convention where she cosplayed this ugly ass disney shit boy?
i feel like she only does these pics because coming out as transgender is getting attention af

but tbh i´ve always prefered the short hair and boyish look on her, she´s not girly at all. behaviour and looks are 100% ghetto male

No. 194965

Behavior is 100% ghetto and assi turk.

Looks…well she could make something out of herself, but she fucks up so badly with wanting to be an 'hourglass' while she's clearly not

No. 197211

Her Graduation picture….
She looks like an 40+ Mom.

No. 197213

Graduation from what?

No. 197216

File: 1478969449541.png (1.97 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161112-174643.png)

Must be from tenth grade, sie posted some of her old pictures on her instagram story.

And why is she suddenly cosplaying Yuri? Tought Shell hated yuri on ice.

No. 197220

Because muuuh attention

No. 198159

Can she please stop putting on half assed makeup, a cheap wig and a shirt that has nothing to do with the character she's portraying and then pretend it's cosplay?
Also why does she do countless "costests" für characters she doesn't even finish?

No. 198165

Because muuh attention

But seriously, now she's 'cosplaying' this yuri on ice shit, while absolutely hating on it at the same time. While preaching that you should only cosplay characters that you like.

>I lived in Japan for 6months and I'd never do it again.

Her parents literally spend about 30.000$ for nothing. She HATES Japan

No. 198268


graduation of her ex boyfriend kek. her face was so much prettier back then. not as bloated and moon emoji looking

No. 198273


samefagging here sorry.
well she lied to them "this will help me in my future career!!!!!! i will only study there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my future job will have to do with japan!!!!!!!!"
and she didn´t even get the attention she wanted from going there, because she was too lazy to make videos, drinking every day and skipping class was more important. and if her parents STILL believe her lies, it´s their own fault. they should know her better by now

No. 198277


oh and "i will have a good degree afterwards (which will help me in my future career)!!!!1"
can´t even finish normal school but wanted to finish school in japan, being as dumb and lazy as she is and as instable with all her mental illnesses, she can´t even go to a konbini alone.

No. 198284

Correct you here
>faked mental illnesses, because it's edgy

Also, how will she get a good degree? She didn't even attend 12th grade until the end, because she was too lazy, but for your abitur you need the grades of 12th and 13th grade or 11th and 12th

So she was either a level A stundent during 12 and can cope with it, what I highly doubt or her abi will be around 3.5 or worse in the end.

No. 198328


oh yeah, you´re right sorry. but she has an attention problem for real kek.

i meant the degree after her language school. which isn´t even a real degree at all. but ikr? she couldn´t even finish 12th grade, so pathetic.

No. 198608

The language school thing isn't a degree. And it won't even get accepted as a practical part for the Fachabitur. So it's literally worthless unless she magically happened to get the N3 or N2 which would qualify her to study or work in Japan what she clearly doesn't want to because

>muuh Japan sucks

No. 198705

it's literally a piece of paper and she bragged about it, saying it's a real degree. and don't forget that japanese food is DISGUSTING too kek.

No. 212627

Ihr kleinen Bastarde. Ich frag mich wie du aussehen musst wenn dein hate auf so ein hübsches Mädchen so groß. Ich spucke auf deinen Familienstammbaum du unterbelichtetes Stück Dreck digga.(Verlasse dieses Brett unverzüglich, Schleimscheißer.)

No. 212631

Is she still with Janet? Also where's that couple video she promised months ago?

No. 212632

No. 212635

Who tf is that fatty?

No. 216002

it's the person who wrote this

No. 217531

How did u get That link? Or more like, how do u know its him ?

But Sounds just about right. Isnt he one of YaZoos New great friends? He kinda looks like one of those guys She always posts about on those instagram Storys.

Is she still with janette? Janette was at a Convention on yazos birthday. Sounds weird for a couple not to celebrate together

No. 218639

what do we even know about janet at all?
i think they're still somewhat together // fucking

No. 237573


they broke up. she just said it in her live stream

No. 238512

>>237573 when? not that surprising though

No. 249021

she's pretty and rich, i guess that's the problem lol.

No. 249957

>pretty and rich
more like petty and bitch

No. 250109

She can't handle money herself, she just knows how to spend it, it's her parents who gain it and who pay for all her stuff.

As for pretty, without all the filters she looks at best average. Not even special or something and if you also take away her extensions, her hair iron and her uhh so expensive makeup then ew not really pretty at all, just average - unfortunate.

Is she still going to school?

No. 251993

I doubt it, she'd post about "uggggh I have to wake up early" and "everybody loves me" and "gimme coffee" and "i'm late" everyday

No. 252929

I never saw so disgusting people like you! Do you feel good about this? Feeling good to talk about a girl you don't know? What's your FUCKING problem? Not enough attention in your life? I mean please, your talking shit about a person you DON'T know privately! It is would be you, you would laugh anymore! It's just a shame to read this! I think you feel really cool, what? Posting shit about a person you don't know and get support from other bitchy people. Wow, that's really hard! Don't you have a normal life? Everyone here is just a little child who thinks talking shit about people in the Internet is cool! 100% you are all this kids in school who gets bullied and know you're the one who is hurting other people for NO reason!!!

No. 252933

File: 1487285474361.jpg (10.33 KB, 480x360, killyourselfnewfag.jpg)

No. 253326

that's a long way to say "I suck yazoo's dick daily"

No. 253381


Judging by your english skills you're obviously german and new to this site, so I'll tell you something. This thread was pretty dead anyways until someone decided to bump it out of nowhere and then suddenly you came along to defend her. That's a little suspicious tbh.. But currently Yazoo isn't doing anything cringeworthy anyways (I haven't kept up with her tho), so this thread will die again. Just leave this thread and don't bring more attention to it by whiteknighting her.

No. 281641

She's in a mental hospital again

No. 281669

Deets? And why even? I thought 'doctors can't help her with her problems'? Or well recently being depressive became a thing again, so maybe that's why.

No. 281671

Sage for samefag, but does that mean she won't get her HS diploma again? How many times are you allowed to retry it?

No. 281787

File: 1490988688287.jpg (502.36 KB, 810x1647, Screenshot_20170331-152419.jpg)

Under normal circumstances you can basically try it 2 times.
But since she hasn't taken the actual exams I think she can try it again ? (This might be different from my state though)
Also because of her health issues I'm sure the schools will let her try again anyways

But I'm not sure if she can go to any school when she gets older.
She might have to go to the evening classes

No. 281801

>when I'm back from Japan I'll make my HS diploma

Diploma in her ass, she's literally so lazy. If she gets to finish school one day she'd need to work, have a real job and such and that's what she probably doesn't want, because then her parents won't pay her anymore (or not as much as they do now)

No. 281943

I do feel kinda sorry for her. Idk, she's 21 (?) and still hasn't a proper diploma
And besides she won't ever bring up the motivation for studying oder starting a ausbildung

No. 282001

Me too I hope she gets her shit together after this
I mean if she still wants to take her Abitur then it will take at least 1 more year again
So she will be 22 by then

No. 282698

I seriously wonder why she goes to a clinic again at this point? I think it might've been her mother who send her there, because yazu already refused to see her doctor regularly.

No. 282797

I think so too, I guess her mom admitted her to the mental hospital secretly without letting her know
if she knew, then she wouldn't have made plans to go to London and do the RE shooting
It was her third time trying to get her Abitur and she still couldn't make it probably due to laziness and using her mental illness as an excuse, hopefully her mom won't give her another chance

No. 283191

I'm pretty sure it was her second time

No. 283199

I think it was her third time
cause we are the same age and I got my Abitur in 2014
2014-17, that's 4 years so she had the chance to get her hs diploma 4 times
she didn't take a break for 2 years as far as I know, so it's probably her third time trying

No. 283307

I hope they'll cut her from social media soon, because that's one of the main points which ruin her. She's so efame hungry that she even admitted it to her fans. She even 'forbid' her gf to cosplay characters which she likes because they're not popular enough and won't give enough likes

No. 283668

She had the opportunity to do her Abitur in 2015 I think because she went to Japan instead for a year in 2015 until 16
So she started school again in 2016

So yeah pretty sure it was her second time

No. 330737

So she got a new boyfriend? (Instastory)

No. 330766

Poor dude I say

No. 331076

File: 1496882334668.jpg (115.35 KB, 712x1213, IMG-20170601-WA0002_1.jpg)


Yeah, she does.
I guess being lesbian doesn't bring enough likes anymore kek

I wonder how Janet feels rn.
They still seem to be friends online but they'll probably drift apart after a while.

No. 331209

That's the most disgusting arm I've seen in a while.
Funny she always claimed she liked
>feminine asian guys
Guess this dude has money, otherwise she'd parade around with him on her sns

No. 331908

funny how she scattered around in the dark for YEARS to save her precious white skin from getting tan, and now, having a hairy kanacken bf she does eveything to please him just so she gets some attantion

No. 331923

File: 1497028108512.jpg (219.63 KB, 1080x1529, _20170609_190755.JPG)

What is going on with her boobs

No. 331992

The afteredit is so obvious and all that blurr. Like, I do understand her, blurring her arms, but she literally blurrs every photo of her into something I imagine to be the view of someone who has an extremely bad vision

No. 388721

anyone knows what she's up to right now after obviously failing her a levels. Does she a have a job?

No. 389108

looks like she's attending school again(occasionally ofc)

No. 389252

What kind of school? High school? How embarrassing

No. 389310

How about taking your fucking personal vendetta somewhere else since there's no milk about her at all?

No. 454391

funny read tbh. do people neeed some milk ?

No. 454410

Always appreciated. I think she's still unemployed and mainly sucki g of her parents money?

No. 454428

I would say if you don't want to be banned for necromancy, give milk

No. 454436

well at first some basic information about her parents. Her father is a diplomat and thats the main reason for their living condition. She constantly ignores people who did favors for her in the past. As many have already pointed out, she cant do shit on her own. And lately she is on that "I love my curves" trip, while not even being curvy. She went from full lesbian to "look at my bf this and that". Still no job. Constantly Sleeping. Back in the day she used to embrace her turkish roots. Shes lazy as fuck and doesn't even like to take walks. The Gym attitude is just for instagram and yeah.. all in all she is a bad person and very selfish.

No. 454446

She doesn't watch animes. Her dream is to become a renowned "cosplayer" and she hates cosplayers who use their boobs for likes. But being "female and curvy" is her main "selling point" lately. Also being hype about Starwars and Dragonball - as usual. I heard that she and Janet never really were THAT close and that Janet spends money even more selfishly than she does. All in all it was a very toxic relationship that ended in a lot of drama. Mainly because neither of them wanted to tone down their personalities.

No. 454449

That's all not really new. It'd be interesting if someone could provide any information on why she doesn't get herself into a proper job as she's obviously able to work since she does part time at her uncles shisha bar

No. 454459

Working at uncles bar from time to time to satisfy her parents is easier than starting to become a part of society where nothing revovles around you and yourself.

No. 454464

Well that's true. I keked super hard when she posted about wanting to get a sleeve and that it doesn't matter where the artist is located. Because obviously her parents will pay for it. But it's so funny, because chances to get a job will get even lower if one has a full tattoo over the arm.

No. 454467

Well from having talked to her IRL, I can assure you, that becoming a part of society is the least of her worries! She is set to become a famous cosplayer while not even doing shit to make that a reality. I think she has no clue about what to really make out of her life and thats why we see her change so often.

No. 454468

She isn't even cosplaying anymore. I wish more of her little fans would know what a lazy and bad person she is. I remember when she openly talked about all her fans being losers and not worth to talk to.

No. 454943

The last time I checked up on her she was about to make her Abitur at a new private school? What happened to that?

No. 454959

That was shortly after coming back from Japan, so over a year ago. She went to school for like a month and then dropped off again, because it'd disturb her sleeping rythm and as said above it's easier to just part time work a few times a month to please her parents while sucking of their money

No. 455257

File: 1514487701756.png (23.46 KB, 581x109, Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-28 um 2…)

About her mom..

No. 455299

She's constantly ungrateful. I get if sometimes you have to say that your parents annoy you even if they do a lot for you, but she does it constantly as if she was still a teenager. My parents would've kicked me out long ago if I behaved like her and I'm already 'spoiled' by some peoples standards.

No. 465894

i think her 'friends' who try to leech the shit out of her, are way worse. always complaining how they don't get enough instagram likes..dafuq

No. 465924

Who are you talking about? Provide some screenshots. But honestly yazoo is only friends with people she can benefit from, let it be money, followers or other free shit she needs. While people who act like they're 'friends' of yazoo are 'friends' with her to leech of her 'fame'

No. 465971

>>465924 i'm talking about hirikihime, can't add a screenshot, because she posted it on her insta story some days ago. I can recall, that Janet has complained about it as well, because her ig follower didn't push her enough

No. 466589

Just make a thread about all the German cosplayers or Europeans in general idc, instead of shitting up a dead thread.

No. 466657

>>466589 well, why are you still examining this thread, as it's dead?

No. 728683

Any new info?(necromancy)

No. 728776

It looks like she still has no legit job or apprenticeship and is just hanging around. She’s a lost case and will probably end up living in welfare when her parents will stop providing

No. 728903


perhaps she's still in school trying to tackle her a-levels for the 5th (???) time

No. 729246

Highly doubt so as you’re only allowed three tries. She’s a mess and will always be. And her latest victim bf looks like a terrorist.

No. 729457

I think she gave up on that soon after the last try and since then just stayed home and played up the BPD persona to get money from the government instead

No. 729459

File: 1541763195172.png (42.58 KB, 857x316, 1237261_9086.PNG)

She mentioned school back in September…
Isn't she like 25 years old at this point?
Why is she still going to school?

No. 729506

She’s 23. The only school she could go to at this point would be Berufsschule. But I wonder what job she applied for? I don’t Shisha Bar waitress is a legit thing kek

No. 909825

File: 1577304494429.jpg (134.28 KB, 1080x625, Screenshot_20191225-210050__01…)

So, our queen Yazochan wants to start with Cosplay again. This time it's Elsa (what else?) again.
Now she's begging for help to get her costume together. And, people already bought stuff for her cosplay. And now the funny part, she bought an Iphone 11 1-2 months ago…well, I'm sure her parents paid it again but anyways, I can't believe that ppl really buy her stuff? Although she has enough money?

No. 910471

File: 1577410911266.jpg (59.99 KB, 429x494, Screenshot_20191225-211452__01…)

The real question is, whata going on with her face? I guess snow and beautyplus are her only friends after dumping all her old ones LOL

No. 910815

File: 1577504079562.jpg (265.27 KB, 1080x1600, Screenshot_20191228-043051__01…)

apparently this brat complains that she doesn't want to drive the small car. But she adds that she should be happy that her parents have so many cars. Oh Yazoo, just shut up and go work for your own car. Maybe you can buy yourself a BIG car in some years. Lol.

No. 910816

She's such a cunt. Hope her parents kick her flat ass outta the house.

No. 910818

File: 1577504356348.jpg (776.55 KB, 1500x1500, 1577425617668.jpg)


No. 910819

File: 1577504441745.jpg (184.05 KB, 1024x768, 1577425060894.jpg)

She never published this photo, I wonder why looool

No. 910847

File: 1577511070392.jpg (6.6 KB, 235x220, 706fb1052a46b8988eb805b186d4b2…)

No. 912006

I know this is not new milk about yazo.
But does someone know what's happened with Domis Twitter acc?

No. 913097

I think she just got annoyed by all the Twitter drama and she also deleted her instagram
She’s still friends with Amy I think
They were together in Japan

No. 913892

I am not sure, but I think she went to a psychiatry. But we should not invold her in this thread.

No. 913904

File: 1578222586838.jpg (489.81 KB, 1080x2013, Screenshot_20200105-120751__01…)

"Hey I am yazo ( bitch idc with how many O's your name is written) and I like to ass licking other cosplayers ass with 10k+ followers. Because everyone else is not fame enough for queen yazo after she dumped all her ugly cosplay friends

No. 913979

Domi deactivated/abandoned her ig and twitter to focus on her recovery, good for her

No. 915166

I remember a really old twitter post from Yazoo. She postet a picture of some pudding and tagged Domi with the caption "binging" or something like that
That girl really destroyed Domi
Also when they were in Japan together no one seemed to care about Domis health which is disgusting

No. 915188

Uff that's crazy stuff. No one needs a friend like Yazoo.

No. 915190

Last week Yazoo cries because of the empty battery of her Smart. I don't know why she's so angry about a car. Maybe she should be more realistic and not on the "I'm so f*ing rich and I need a big sized car."

No. 915298

Didn't she sued to have a Mini Cooper?

No. 935309


Yeah she was throwing a tantrum to her mum so she could get one.

Seriously though she got a car with 18 or 19 for fucking free.
She is such a privileged girl and makes fun of people that have less money.
Bitch still lives with her mum while others need to work and get money.

She even sperged on twitter on how she wants to be a dubbing artist or whatever its called.
Shit costs lots of money though. Also her voice ain't that good it's very deep but not in a good way for dubbing kek

No. 935327

File: 1582382154656.png (20.65 KB, 586x177, Screenshot_5.png)

mfw sie weder deutsch noch englisch ordentlich beherrscht

No. 935336

Und im Endeffekt auch 'nur' einen Realschulabschluss hat.

No. 935343


Hält sie sich nicht selbst für die schlauste aber hat 2 mal versucht hat Abitur zu kriegen und nie geschafft kek

No. 935358

Ja so ist es. Sie ist die schlauste und beste in allem, kann aber bis heute weder Ausbildung, Studium noch sonstwas vorweisen

No. 935369

hat jemand das passwort für ihren ED blog?

No. 940831

File: 1583335833936.jpg (293.42 KB, 720x1106, 20200304_162857.jpg)

Opfer. Woher hat die überhaupt Geld. Kriegt bestimmt noch Taschengeld von Mami.

No. 940834

Warum fängt man überhaupt so ein großes und unnötig teures Projekt an, wenn man sich eigentlich schon Mitte/Ende Januar denken konnte dass große Veranstaltungen wegem dem Virus abgesagt werden würden??

>kein Geld für essen oder irgendwas

Ja, sure. Wenn du 600€ für ein mittelmäßiges Cosplay übrig hast, hast du wohl noch 1€ für ein Brötchen übrig.

No. 940903


Mal davon abgesehen lebt die noch zu Hause. Die kann auf Kosten von Mutti leben.
Hat sie nicht letzten noch von Ausziehen geredet. Wie will sie das machen wenn sie nicht mal ihr Freizeitgeld planen kann und dann zusätzlich Miete bezahlen soll.

No. 940923

Falls sie wirklich eines Tages ausziehen würde, würde sie sicherlich nicht alleine leben sondern mit ihrem Freund, der sie dann finanziell unterstützen bzw. tragen kann

No. 940936

Das krasse ist einfach, sie hat damals 1000€ im Monat bekommen als Taschengeld, wird sie ja vermutlich heute auch noch und dazu hat sie das Geld, was sie in der Shishabar macht. Wie verplempert man mal eben so ca 1500€ im Monat?

No. 940948


Wofür? Hast du Screenshots oder so?

No. 940956

Ist zu lang her. Das war ihr Taschengeld, weil sie musste sich ja Klamotten und alles selber kaufen.

No. 941223

File: 1583390522290.jpg (663.13 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20200305-074042_Ins…)

Yazo-chan kann null nähen. Ihre Enden sehen aus als hätte es ein Noob gemacht.
Wenn man 600 Euro für ein Cosplay ausgibt sollte man sich zumindest anstrengen kek.

No. 941257

So after what, 7yrs she's still riding on the Anna and Elsa train? How creative, not. I really can't wait for the train wreck if she's really going to move out.

No. 941311

It's the only thing keeping her somewhat "relevant"
She can't post cringe pictures with children pretending she is popular.

No. 941514


No. 941805

File: 1583479731428.jpg (285.69 KB, 719x850, Screenshot_20200306-082600_Ins…)

She looks ridiculous here.
I really don't get her makeup at all. She is fucking bad at it and can only do 2 looks.
Anyways she looks like she had plastic surgery definitely facetuned.

No. 941808

But I still remember how she used to shit on Love Live and their Cosplayers and now she does this but can't get it right at all kek

No. 941935

The older she gets, the more she edits herself to look plastic

No. 941938

It's a fairly common & trendy thing amongst cosplayers, why should Yazo be any different?

No. 942327

File: 1583585587683.jpg (391.35 KB, 719x1017, Screenshot_20200307-135216_Ins…)


Look at how her lips look normally compared to her hanamaru
Who does she want to fool

No. 942344

Her eyebrows are on the same lvl as shaygnars kek maybe she should try to cam to raise some money.

No. 942428

She's obviously pushing her lower lip to the front on the Hanamaru selfie, she's good at angles (but that doesn't change the fact that her face is shooped to hell and back regardless). I wouldn't be surprised if she had recently gotten her lips done though, she sure has the funds for that.

No. 942709

Of course she knows her angles.
But this looks too much really especially her upper lip compared to how it is normally.

Well Yazo and Janet are in contact again and want to cosplay Tifa and that other chick from FF7.
Anyways Janets mom seems to be on some plastic surgery stuff so I wouldn't be surprised if Yazo and Janet would do something together.
Janet probably got something done already kek. Kid looks busted.

No. 942780


Was she not in contact with janet anymore?
Also yazo said in the comments that she did get lip filler

No. 942872

Not as frequent as before.

Her lip fillers are too much then. She should tone it down.
But if she got something done then so did Janet

No. 946918

sie hat sich die lippen aufspritzen lassen, hatte sie von irgendwem zum geburtstag letztes jahr geschenekt bekommen. hab aber keine screenshots gemacht, tschuligom

No. 946954

Ich hab noch nie so eine heuchlerische Person wie yAzOocHaN gesehen. Leute haben ihr tatsächlich Sachen von ihrer Wishlist gekauft und paar Tage sieht man, wie sie stolz ihr neues Iphone 11 präsentiert. Achja, animal crossing + ne geleihte Switch hat sie sich auch gegönnt.
Aber die arme yazo ist ja sooo Arm und verhungert ja vor geldnot kek

No. 957138

Ich wunder mich ja jedes Mal das sie ja jetzt einen auf Gamerin macht x‘D Muss sich jetzt bestimmt interessant machen für ihren Freund

No. 957146

Trying to stay relevant w/o any talent. Ob sie irgendwann nochmal merkt, daß man nunmal auch arbeiten gehen muss um wirklich dauerhaft an Geld zu kommen?

No. 962310

So wie ich letztens auf Twitter oder Instagram gelesen habe geht sie dieses Jahr im Sommer arbeiten lol(necro)

No. 962405

Ohne Ausbildung? Als was denn bitte, Putzfrau, Kellnerin?

No. 962806

Wenn ich mich richtig erinnern angeblich als Bürokauffrau oder so lol
Hat ja 2 Jahre eine schulische Ausbildung gemacht. Aber was mich wundert das sie erst gesagt hat, das sie Fremdsprachen Korrespondentin macht und jetzt irgendetwas mit bürokauffrau

No. 962886

Hab jetzt auch mal ihr Twitter durchgesehen. Die lebt wirklich noch in ihrem 'fame' von vor 8 Jahren. Schreiben tut sie wie eine deutsche Version von shay, das tut echt weh in den Augen.

Und ja, ein paar tweets mit kaufmännische Ausbildung habe ich gefunden und irgendwas mit spanisch und Englisch Prüfungen. Ich hatte gedacht so holt ihr verpatztes Abi endlich mal nach, aber gleichzeitig hört sich alles was sie schreibt maximal nach einzelhandelskauffrau an. Die Frau hat echt einen Schaden und gehört einfach nur wieder in die Klinik zurück.

No. 964975

Wann kommt die eigentlich endlich weg von ihrem Frozen Trip? Es ist so todes peinlich wie sie immer noch versucht seit Jahren relevant damit zu bleiben. Und ich cringe jedes mal wenn sie sich selbst queen nennt.

No. 964976

Hat jemand den Rant von ihr auf Instagram gesehen? Sie hat sich über ne Cosplay Beichte Seite beschwert und meinte dass Cosplayer die dünn oder dick sind akzeptiert werden bzw. Dass sie es tut. Dabei war sie es die damals eine cosplayerin als Fett und hässlich genannt hat. Und sogar das Bild von ihr gepostet hat. Screenshots incoming.

No. 968246

>Screenshots incoming

No. 978097

File: 1590251688034.png (5.47 MB, 1125x2436, EA04CB50-8FFC-4EA5-8692-AC231B…)

Wait, she wants to be a streamer now? The fact that she’s watching her own old videos is also quite funny in my opinion. It‘s going to be cringe indeed

No. 978119

Only Fans incoming in

No. 978390

Literally who wants to see that

No. 990642

Hat jemand von euch auch schon die neuen Bilder heute gesehen?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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