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File: 1641813005692.jpeg (99.5 KB, 720x1024, 1636116381697.jpeg)

No. 1413687

The Death Positive Movement encourages people to speak openly about death, dying, and corpses. The term "death positive" was popularized by Caitlin Doughty, better known online as Ask a Mortician. She is an American mortician, author, YouTuber, and death acceptance advocate. However, she is overwhelmingly hated in the death care industry for:

>Joining the funerary industry for the spooky/goth aesthetic and movie/tv show opportunities.

>Making a game out of cremating dead babies.
>Bullying other women and funeral directors.
>Sending her stans to harass her critics, while calling herself a “rabble rouser”.
>Putting out incorrect information and stating personal opinions as facts.
>Painting all funeral directors as crooks to push her alternative burials agenda.
>Pretending to care about the families’ wishes, but shaming them if they choose to take an approach she doesn’t approve.
>Suggesting that we let the elderly and sick die to fight against overpopulation.
>Lacking empathy and making fun of grieving families and the deceased.
>Fetishizing foreign funerary practices while demonizing Western customs.
>Writing insufferable, quirky books with a disrespectful attitude towards the profession.

Caitlin vs Other Women
Caitlin is a pick-me, who will find any excuse to bully, insult or ridicule other women:
>She tore down another woman, Daniella, in the funerary industry because she saw her as competition. She used her real name, linked her interview with a news outlet and posted her photos on her blog post, where she painted her as a bimbo and called her a HotTopic dethgirl >>1361140
>She wrote a blog post about Elizabeth, a young fashionista who plans funeral services as parties. Caitlin once again used her platform to reduce her as a vapid idiot >>1361751, despite being eerily similar to what she wanted to accomplish with La Belle Mort, her dream funeral home >>1364391.
>She publicly addresses a terminally ill woman who had an issue with her disrespectful way of talking about death. Caitlin told her that she is dying too… ACTUALLY everyone is dying, so her opinion is not important just because she is sick >>1361823
>She wrote an angry blog post about Lindsay Lohan and said that she is only interesting as a drugged out former child star >>1362086. Caitlin was upset that the search results for the LA morgue showed the news that Lindsay was assigned to do her community service there.
>She made fun of a widow's botox lips and tears her down on how she handled the suicide of her husband >>1361649.
>She took photos of random overweight women in public for her friends to make fun of them >>1360808.
>She criticized a woman who announced in Facebook that she visited a concentration camp >>1361734, despite the fact that she has done the exact same thing in IG >>1361626.
>She made a IG post where she shares the username and photo of a mortuary student who made a negative comment about her. Despite asking her fans to not harass her, Caitlin monitors the comments and actively participates in the harassment and humiliation of this girl until she deletes her account. This girl is no longer in the funerary industry >>1362996
>Wrote a post directed to a woman in her comments (includes her name and last name) because she had the audacity to point out that the funeral business is not cool or about the goth aesthetic >>1368071
>She made Amber, her business partner, do all the work for Undertaking LA. Caitlin possibly underpaid her and then got rid of her when a better offer came along >>1367547
>She never misses an opportunity to remind her fans how not like other girls is. While other women like stuff like pumpkin spice candles and Uggs >>1361797, she has a wax moulage face with primary syphilis and dish towels with skeletons >>1361506

The Order of the Good Death
After working at a crematory for a year, Caitlin decides that the funeral industry needs reform and she is the only person who can do that. She enrolled in mortuary school and created a collective called The Order of the Good Death. The group is made of mostly artists and writers who will lead the death revolution. In reality, they are a bunch of true crime fans and/or goths, who equate liking spooky/gory stuff and Halloween decor to death positivity. Some honorable mentions:

Sarah Chavez (https://twitter.com/sarah_calavera)
>Former paranormal investigator and cemetery tour guide >>1370245. Currently the executive director of the Order of the Good Death >>1361924
>Decided to rebrand her internet presence as a Latinx/Xicana once her paranormal activity investigator and morbid historian schtick wasn't bringing her enough fame or money >>1369839.
>Calls her family self-hating Mexicans because they wanted to assimilate to life in the United States >>1363491.
>Can’t speak Spanish and promotes social justice causes but doesn’t actually do anything to support Mexican people, understand their struggles or know much beyond Dia de los Muertos >>1364847.

Louise Hung (https://twitter.com/LouiseHung1)
>Former writer for xoJane/CreepyCorner, current Producer & Writer for Caitlin’s videos.
>American-Chinese with identity issues >>1365492.
>Writes articles about her Asianness >>1366053, >>1365492 while knowingly disrespecting Chinese customs >>1366692.

Caroline Reilly (https://twitter.com/ms_creilly)
>Social media content contributor and seasoned nudes enthusiast >>1366839.
>Pick-me who uploads nudes on her social media and uses male validation to feel better about her emotional and physical trauma >>1366845.
>Spends entire paychecks on lingerie and sends "reams of masturbatory material" to any man who will look her way or call her brave, from classmates to her older co-workers >>1367018.
>Writes articles about how other women should follow her footsteps >>1366995.

Last Thread >>>/snow/1356618
Caitlin’s Background and Past:
>Her childhood >>1364307 and teenage years >>1356620, >>1357622, >>1357934
>Her romantic life: Luke >>1357423, Landis >>1362586, Unnamed man >>1362796
>Timeline of her TV show negotiations and online career >>1360155, >>1360199, >>1360337
>Her responses to criticism and negative comments >>1356936, >>1356806, >>1357768
>Discussions about her books >>1356693, >>1363143, >>1363491, >>1357153

>Anons find evidence of Caitlin bullying other women in the industry and confirm the rumors from Reddit of Caitlin's behavior >>1361140, >>1364391, >>1362996, >>1368071 (See section Caitlin vs Other Women)
>Speculation that Caitlin doesn’t actually work in the funeral home. Taryn, the embalmer, and the other female employees do all the work >>1356928, >>1358182, >>1358953
>Caitlin calling Auschwitz a beautiful summer camp and makes questionable posts about the Holocaust >>1361626, >>1366913, >>1366966
>Caitlin’s business cards include a still from a silent film where a woman humps a skeleton >>1361636, >>1362872
>Caitlin lied about making a scholarship to provide funding for black women, that was announced at the height of BLM >>1363169, >>1363212
>Caitlin is selling a 9-hour online course on how to deal with the fear of death for $195 >>1394222, >>1394225
>Caitlin and Louise are archiving their Patreon subs' Facebook group, The Deathling Den >>1394624, >>1394751, >>1394798
>Caitlin might have stumbled upon the thread. She is doing damage control by hiding from her fans in Facebook >>1394654, >>1394751 and addressing the scholarship >>1409772
>Amber, former partner in Undertaking LA, talks about Caitlin in IG comments >>1413106, >>1413107. She calls Caitlin a fraud who hasn't worked in a funeral home in a while.

>Discussions about The Order of the Good Death >>1365651, >>1365937
>Off-topic discussions about embalming >>1363562, >>1363631, >>1363924 and the funerary industry >>1356821, >>1363938, >>1363773

Social Media/Links

1. Don't come here to defend Caitlin or complain about the existence of this thread. If you like her or enjoy her content, just hide the thread.
2. This thread is to discuss Caitlin Doughty and other cows from the Death Positive Movement. Read the site rules and description before posting a new cow here.
3. We are not here to hate or defend a particular burial method, but to critique the cows' behavior, attitudes and sense of entitlement to dictate how others should grieve and/or disposition methods.

No. 1413689

File: 1641813163861.gif (2.31 MB, 600x337, 1636483913278.gif)

No. 1413690

File: 1641813391255.png (2.95 MB, 2500x5000, 1641759315439.png)

I am reposting these screenshots here from the last thread. The yellow highlight is Amber, Caitlin's former business partner in Undertaking LA.

No. 1413692

File: 1641813577127.png (2.15 MB, 2500x3000, 1641759361957.png)

>i always read everyone's comments when they talk about her and the wildest thing everyone seems to miss is that she hasn't worked in a funeral home since she was in san francisco. she never worked at undertaking la unless she was doing a post or taking photos. if people want to really have a dialogue about her role in the funeral industry i suggest asking her when's the last she even conducted a funeral or met with a family. she's just an author and "influencer"

No. 1413693

Oh my god, I never saw the first thread, but I'm so glad this woman has been established as a cow - just the way she speaks and acts like a know-it-all has come across as extremely pickme.

No. 1413695

File: 1641814213375.webm (7.39 MB, 720x406, 271296395_675302456834513_8982…)

I got you covered, anon

Clip of Caitlin talking about the Good Death Fellowship

No. 1413701

Does anyone else think that these grants reek of scam? Nowhere does it say how much they have received from the donors, the amount they need is vague and the amount they will give to the winners is not specific either.


No. 1413746

File: 1641822185362.jpeg (220.35 KB, 750x1334, 16B1F10B-0919-409C-818A-0A6D8F…)

You angel! I think I was struggling because I’m on my phone

Also I want to point out that in that video, despite in her description saying that it’s about scholarships, to my memory she doesn’t actually address it, just talks about her weird fellowship venture.

I really hate to harp on about the scholarship but it really rubbed me the wrong way, the anon from the end last thread was right in that it was a poorly executed idea that was completely self serving at the height of BLM. I know that it’s been chewed over already but for any of her deathlings that come across this thread, she specifically advertised this for being for black students (now black female students) but that isn’t an actual requirement for the scholarship. Any student can apply for the scholarship. It was all a rouse to make her look good.

I want her to be more forthcoming about the donations she receives and how she spends it. (And I know she’s not going to be). $5-$8k for three winners… errr I mean fellows… doesn’t feel like much when you consider her level of success (books, YouTube, Patreon, donations… does she have merch too?)

Also yes! Let’s talk about how she doesn’t even work in a home anymore. Ffs Caitlin your a shit funeral director if you don’t even do that side of the work and only did it for five mins before galavanting off to write books (and be a cheeky bitch, don’t think I’ve forgot when she was preparing a woman for her funeral - so her loved ones could say goodbye to her, and she compared her to a pig in lipstick. So unprofessional) and beg for TV deals.

When was the last funeral you organised Caitlin? The last time you dealt with a grieving family? Or are the white Americans that can afford to have their funeral arranged by you personally not exotic enough for you to gawk at?

No. 1413752

File: 1641823201681.png (293.08 KB, 590x600, askamorticianpatreon.png)

Caitlin has 6,626 subs on his Patreon and the lowest tier is $2. She gets at the very least $13,252 per month minus the 5% cut from Patreon = $12,589 per month. This is assuming everyone is paying the lowest tier, the highest one costs $120!

I just noticed that she lost 100 subs since the thread started 2 months ago >>1356934

>does she have merch too?

Of course she does: https://the-order-of-the-good-death.myshopify.com/
The cheapest thing is a basic mug for $20 and the clothes are priced between $28-35.

No. 1413758

ugh her hammy "Acting" is so cringe. tryhard quirky fat bitch using halfassed goth gear to hide her insecurity

No. 1413760

How can Caitlin accuse other people of being money hungry when she is raking in so much money and then she has the audacity to sell her shitty 9-hour course for $190?

At least $12,589 per month from Patreon, YouTube adsense money, her books, her merch, her online courses… now the scholarships, which she could just pocket a huge chunk and no one will bat an eye.

No. 1413779

File: 1641825811953.jpeg (162.51 KB, 750x1187, 070C5EF8-6A16-45B6-8DE3-52B25D…)

Does she have sponsorship payments too (which can be quite lucrative as I understand).

I want to make it clear I’m not mad at her making money, everyone’s gotta eat, but she goes so hard at social justice and then is very quiet about what funds she receives and how they’re distributed. It makes me suspicious of how much goes in her back pocket - especially at the extent of tearing down other women and damaging other peoples business. The vast majority of funeral homes are going to be equipped for current funeral demands (embalming, traditional funerals, traditional cremation etc). Things like aquamation are still relatively new, no? And I imagine the upfront cost of the equipment coupled with lower demand makes less homes offer it. She reminds me of a vegan who expects the entire meat industry to be overturned overnight.

Her “radical death acceptance duuuuude” and “death reform” desire for the consumer to put her out of business is making her some serious coin. I know I’m the last thread I made the Nigel Farage reference and I’ll make it again here for new readers:
Nigel ran the UK Independence Party and ran for PM, he played the exciting role of anti hero, guzzling pints down the pub with the other regular joes whilst running for prime minister. He insisted he wanted Britain to leave the EU and “put him out of a job” and insisting he had no desire to be prime minister at all. It made him wildly popular (and very wealthy in the process) he was all over the news with his cries for independence from Brussels and demanding reform of the system. Then Britain did leave the EU! So he quit his job as leader of UKIP which he sort of promised all along (though I think he bailed in shock he’d tricked so many people). He’s now running a whole new party.

Tell me that doesn’t make you think of Caitlin? The funeral director that isn’t really, a trained mortician that doesn’t actually work in a funeral home, cries “put me out of a job” whilst lining her back pocket. She cries over and over “put me out of a job”. The truth is she doesn’t really want the funeral industry in the palms of the consumer, whilst there’s certainly a philosophical debate to be had about our relationship with our dead loved ones and the secrecy that seems to surround the industry, imo she just wants to run the show. She wants her name in history books, she wants attention, she wants fame and she wants money. And she’s getting it.

I know a lot of you won’t like her, but I remember Kat Blaque saying once that she was always sceptical of people who do the most, and I think that applies here.

Oh and for those of you not planning on sleeping tonight she was painted by a Swedish illustrator on Instagram majaluningart - I’m sure that proper watered her ego flower

Soz for the sperg

No. 1413803

File: 1641830540095.png (262.2 KB, 580x657, scholarship.png)

Just to clarify:

The fellowship is open for anyone and will have 3 winners which will be announced by March 2022. It's to provide funding to death positive projects, which can be anything from a cook book and art to something directly related in the funeral industry >>1413695. The fellowship will offer between $5-$8k to each winner.

The scholarship was announced a month after George Floyd's death and Caitlin promoted it as a way to provide funding for black mortuary students >>1363169. The page in the Order of The Good Death website specifies that it's for black female mortuary students >>1363235. But if you check the university page, the scholarship doesn't say it's for black students >>1363212, >>1363220 and even uses photos of non-black students to promote the scholarship >>1363463. The scholarship covers the tuition of a mortuary student for one year, which is $6,918 for Maryland residents and $10,062 for out-of-state students.

No. 1413912

File: 1641841595365.png (153.64 KB, 1172x529, radicaldeathstudies.png)

No. 1413914

File: 1641841707517.png (445.11 KB, 760x512, radicaldeathstudies.png)

>social justice work, anti-racism work and work that must include the death/dying experiences of queer folx, black and brown people as well as women, immigrants and all whose death norms and last rites rituals have been othered

No. 1413924

why do women like caitlin doughty and elizabeth holmes feel like they need to lower their voices? is it just an nlog thing? they sound like they're doing whatever corpse husband is doing. also, nitpick, but caitlin's hair looks like a weird wig.

No. 1413955

Interesting choice of the ermine. It's supposed to symbolise purity since medieval and renaissance people thought they'd kill themselves if they got dirty, hence lots of fair maidens holding them non-nonchalantly.

I'm not sure if it is really appropriate since her personal brand is built on the unpleasant realities of undertaking, accepting death and the natural rotting of dead bodies. I don't think any of that screams "supernaturally pure virgin".

If she's meant to be rejecting such ideals why have their symbol featured so prominently instead of in the background or explicitly turning away from her?

My guess is just she thought it was quirky and gothic looking. Fair enough but then why play the momento mori straight?

No. 1414262

>caitlin's hair looks like a weird wig
pretty sure it is

No. 1414445


Thanks anon, I can't unhear it now.

I think there is some research out there that shows people with deeper voices are taken more seriously and seen as being more authoritative. If you have a vested interest in being taken seriously such as in a presentation you might take care to speak in a slightly deeper voice. If you had no qualms about seeming superficial, you might exaggerate it all the time because every aspect of your life is a performance and you have nothing substantial to back it up.

No. 1415293

I tried to upload a video screen recording but I can’t (possibly because I’m using a mobile device).

the_modern_mortician on YouTube made a story about Caitlin, she explained that national geographic also approached her for the same show they approached Caitlin about (travelling round the world featuring different death customs). I was under the impression the show was Caitlin’s idea so that’s very interesting

She does also shout out this thread so it’s evident that other professionals are finding this thread and calling her out

No. 1415416

File: 1642012623825.webm (1.98 MB, 720x1280, 1-2942361F191AA2293D05383640CB…)

To download Instagram videos, use: https://www.save-insta.com/story-downloader/ or https://inflact.com/downloader/instagram/stories/

Holy shit, it's surreal to see someone in the industry who also have a platform call Caitlin out and link her thread. The Modern Mortician has 40.8k followers in Instagram fyi.

Modern Mortician's story (1/8)

No. 1415417

File: 1642012656844.webm (1.68 MB, 720x1280, 2-4F496F13D492619240E410B65198…)

Modern Mortician's story (2/8)

No. 1415418

File: 1642012754206.webm (1.23 MB, 720x1280, 3-584BA5C8E1DA2DFBF4FBC393021E…)

Modern Mortician's story (3/8)

No. 1415419

File: 1642012848214.webm (2.13 MB, 720x1280, 4-2E4DDA15F5217194437BEE66F652…)

Modern Mortician's story (4/8)

No. 1415421

File: 1642012945690.webm (1.82 MB, 720x1280, 5-5A479F4BFAC462CA3014B04B89A9…)

Modern Mortician's story (5/8)

No. 1415424

File: 1642013062558.webm (1.56 MB, 720x1280, 6-41476B64103AC5015C90C3658E02…)

Modern Mortician's story (6/8)

No. 1415426

File: 1642013163626.png (294.58 KB, 358x633, modern1.png)

Modern Mortician's story (7/8)

No. 1415427

File: 1642013271361.png (340.2 KB, 360x635, modern2.png)

Modern Mortician's story (8/8)

No. 1415437

>she explained that national geographic also approached her for the same show they approached Caitlin about (travelling round the world featuring different death customs). I was under the impression the show was Caitlin’s idea so that’s very interesting
I was under that same impression. Does that mean that National Geographic had the idea and Caitlin stole it for her book or the other way around? The Modern Mortician was offered the show in 2017. Caitlin was in negotiations for the show in 2012 and published "From Here to Eternity" in 2017. NatGeo published an interview with her about the book in 2017 (https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/article/dead-burial-funeral-mortician-caitlin-doughty). It doesn't seem like Caitlin has burned a bridge with NatGeo at least…

No. 1415449

hello, my name is lazy-chan and my english is not great. can somebody do a list post of the points?

No. 1415451

holy kek, everyone brace yourselves for an influx of goffic newfags

No. 1415453

Apparently funeral directors have been passing around the Caitlin's lc thread among themselves. She talks about Caitlin trying to pitch tv ideas and negotiate deals with cable networks as soon as she got out of mortuary school, which puts into question her real motivations. Then she links the thread >>1415426 and takes screenshots of the post >>1415427

No. 1415457

I know you got linked this thread but you aren't actually supposed to use the name field or put your actual e-mail.

No. 1415458

Caitlin also supported the Mushroom Burial Shroud, and Jae Rhim Lee, the creator, was one of the original members of The Order.
The product is a sham, and @the_modern_mortician has multiple posts about it on her insta… this being one.
https://www.instagram.com/the_modern_mortician/p/CR0UwiAFgXH/?utm_medium=copy_link(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1415460

File: 1642017096393.png (529.49 KB, 1182x410, jae.png)

Picrel is from the Order's Founders page

From the Modern Mortician's post:
>Early 2016, I met up with the creator of the Mushroom Burial Shroud at a dingy crematory on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. They had never been around a dead body before, and acted like it. I gently coaxed them thru the process of shrouding the deceased in the magic shroud fabric of broken promises, noting their relief when I passed them a pair of nitrile blue gloves.
>A researcher met us at the burial ground an hour later, a few hours before the family was set to arrive. The gravedigger dug the grave (3.5 deep, as is with most natural burials- it's where all the good microbial action is!), the researcher placed the tools - pvc pipe down the top right corner of the grave to run a camera during the research to take photos and retrieve soil samples, and the funeral director (that's me!) adorned the grave with greenery before having help placing the cocooned decedent in their final resting place.
>Months went by. Calls unreturned, emails ignored. Then, one day the researcher emailed me. It was sad news. No shrooms grew. Soil was unchanged. Product didn't deliver.
>LESSON: not all products will perform as claimed, but even in this particular failure, the decedent received a lovely shrouded burial near her family's home (in a green burial park) surrounded by care and honor.

No. 1415461

File: 1642017202028.png (134.88 KB, 1185x514, zone.png)

When you click on Jae's name, you get redirected to a movies rec page… did something happened to her?

No. 1415481

Yikes, Caitlin promoted a scammer who is still in her Order of the Good Death page:

>It turns out the purported benefits of the Infinity Suit differ little from the regular decomposition of an unembalmed body.
>The complex biology of decomposition and mushroom ecology makes it difficult to design a better system than nature already has.
>In a piece for AlterNet, authors Sarah and Tim Crews call the suit’s claims “wildly misleading.” They also accuse the budding “green burial” industry of manipulating customers to buy unnecessary products.
>Critics also argue it falls into the same trap as the traditional funeral industry.

No. 1415493

Doesn’t she Have a $195 course that someone was saying was overpriced. I’m interested in taking it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1415501

thank you

No. 1415505

>Caitlin trying to pitch tv ideas and negotiate deals with cable networks as soon as she got out of mortuary school
so she just wanted to be a goth-themed celebrity all along and thought a mortuary degree would give her fat ass leverage. wow i hate her even more now

No. 1415510

File: 1642020029533.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, 26E1E8C0-8105-48C7-8EAB-73C4FA…)

Mod mortician corrected herself, it was 2012

No. 1415517

File: 1642020589348.jpg (52.27 KB, 500x500, avatars-000555451758-u4azpd-t5…)

Ok, Sarah Jade Roberts. No one asked.

No. 1415525

I’ll shut-up now lol(retard)

No. 1415528

Sage goes in the email field if you have no milk and just want to discuss

I know the other day I read a comment from amber on an Instagram thread (I’ll go back and look for it but I wanna say it before I forget). She said she’d written several paragraphs about what happened but I couldn’t find them anywhere

I really hope the presence of this thread prompts her to post it I’m very interested to hear what she has to say

No. 1415542

KEK is that a tranny

No. 1415576

this person, while correct about what's wrong with caitlin, is surely a nutbar herself. look at that botox and BPD eyes. dollars to donuts she'll be a cow in this thread herself soon enough.

No. 1415606

This post reeks of subtle wk, especially the nitpick at appearance in lieu of an actual argument as to why she's wrong. I'll take my ban for saying you even sound like Cait herself, since we all know she just loves to pick at other women's looks to make herself feel better.

No. 1415644

kek i hate cait, but have a personal irrational hatred of botox face and ski jump brows on anyone. it's a sign of…something

No. 1415680

File: 1642033658784.jpg (579.92 KB, 1080x1245, inbound6877829430897132479.jpg)

Bringing the truth from Amber, Caitlin former business partner at Undertaking LA

No. 1415690

Thread subject sounds vicious but I just had to lol at
>48 hours randomly doubled over with chest pain

Seems the lass was holding caitlyn somewhat responsible for amber’s mental health but Caitlin also sounds like a dishonorable person

No. 1415703

be skeptical of any LA social media bitches i guess

No. 1415803

That is one scary brow lift

No. 1415839

I suspect that this witness is Louise. Amber and Louise still have an amicable relationship online. Everyone else unfollowed Amber.

No. 1415841

Please do. Then come back here and post screenshots. We are interested to see what makes it worth $195.

No. 1415843


> she had me sign a form

Bruh either you signed the form yourself of your own free will or you were coerced which means you have legal rights. I was bullied by my boss at work 3 years ago so badly i havent worked since. Made to feel like nobody would believe me and everything was my fault. Unfortunately I waived my rights because i fucked up while talking to HR and was conditioned in childhood to protect the people who hurt me. That bullying experience still affects me to this day, though the flashbacks are much weaker and I'm starting to get ready to go back into the workforce. But i take responsibility for letting myself be hurt and manipulated as well. I didn't know better. I do now. You can't blame someone else for your own action of signing something and thats what this comes across as.

You're better off saying "while i take responsibility for letting her manipulate me into signing, Caitlyn's behaviour in asking me to sign that and the manipulative and exploitative tactics she used on me would not have been used by a moral or ethical person." If Amber is reading this, girl you are free to use that wording as your own. Also, my greatest sympathies to you, I know the pain intimately. What she did was fucked up.

I would double check the law, too. In Australia signing away your rights to back pay probably wouldn't hold up legally and the employer would be in extra trouble for trying to skirt fair wage laws. Depending on your state it may not fly.

On a completely different note, this fucking wig thing… has anyone considered she could have alopecia or early onset female pattern baldness or some shit, or just not want to get all the carcinogens from black dye directly on her scalp for the sake of aEsThEtiC… That said it's still unusual so I'm here for the added weirdness. And were the human hair industry not propped up by women in poor countries sacrificing their hair for little pay, I'd look for a wig like that myself. As MM says, thats a damn good wig.

No. 1415848

How much do you want to bet that if Caitlin ever addresses the thread, she will mostly focus on the wig and disregard everything else?

No. 1415871

Jae Rhim Lee is an artist, not a scientist. This explains why she is unknowledgeable on the topic and the experiments she was conducting are amateurish.

>Lee should get credit for her original thinking in terms of accelerating nutrient recycling and detoxification, and for drawing attention to the process. It is an issue some of us in conservation burial have been thinking about for a couple of decades, but we have never had any where near the media coverage
>The technology she proposes is not very well grounded in the science associated with decay of buried bodies in general nor the ecological role of soil fungi in particular.
>"I have my own little DIY lab. I made a glovebox out of plastic storage boxes, and it all kind of works. You don’t need thousands of dollars worth of equipment to do this. My lab is a white tarp tent, it’s just a simple space, and it’s in my home." Sorry, but a plastic box containing keratin (hair and nails) in no way emulates the complex and changing environment of a buried body.
>Keratin is extremely hard to degrade, requiring very specific proteases (keratinases) that until now have not been associated with basidiomycetes (which includes most mushrooms, stinkhorns, puffballs and earthstars-among other varieties).
>basidiomycetes (“mushrooms”), unlike some other very distant fungal relatives, are not known to produce the three enzymes required to break down keratin
>Both the biology of subterranean decay and fungal/mycorrhiizal ecology are far more complex than Lee (or even we) imagined. To design a system that efficiently recycles the body’s nutrients, we must consider the major role of bacteria and nematodes, fungal utilization of organic (and later inorganic) nitrogen, including the succession of different fungal species adapted to various stages of decay, the issue of depth and soil aereation, and symbiotic relationships between different ectomycorrhzal species and vascular plants
>Soil bacteria, nematodes and some insects also contribute to recycling the body, probably as much or more than fungi do. A square meter of soil may contain a million nematodes; some fungi depend on these tiny animals for their food supply.
>Lee is a great designer and spokesperson, and her belief that fungi play an important role in recycling nutrients of a buried body to the living layer is correct. No, her suit will not work

No. 1415880

If I can find it again and it’s still for sale.(namefagging)

No. 1415959

I Found it but I was thinking of an instructor led course. This looks like your basically paying $200 for an 8 chapter book and maybe access to a shitty little members only area.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1415966

Found another interesting article about the Mushroom Shroud. Since most of the people in the Order of the Good Death are artists/writers, no one is capable to question the science behind anything that they are advocating. Anyone can join them with a bogus product and they will support it because it's marketed as a green alternative.

>In 2011, artist Jae Rhim Lee walked onto the TED stage in a curious black suit of her own design which she described as the second prototype of a burial suit infused with mushroom spores: a mushroom death suit.
>So what’s the problem? When Lee decided to take her idea out of the realm of imagination and art and into production, she and her company co-founder, Mike Ma, came up with a solution to an invented problem and people are lining up to pay for it. That curious black suit is one product among a growing number, bringing to the green burial movement what the funeral industry has brought to funerals for decades — convincing people they need to purchase something in order to “take responsibility” for our bodies in death, and marketing it on sketchy science.
>But here’s the clincher: Nature already does the work, cleaning out toxins through natural decomposition, for free.
>The central idea of the Infinity Burial Suit — that fungi will help to decompose our bodies, break down organic toxins, bind heavy metals, and help release nutrients contained in our tissues — is compelling at first glance. However, all of these things happen when un-embalmed bodies are buried in soil, without Infinity Suits, in shrouds or simple wooden boxes.
>When pushed to explain how purchasing and wearing an Infinity Burial Suit might improve on what nature already does, Lee and Ma frequently claim that the body will decompose faster, implying that somehow, faster is better. There is no evidence that wearing a suit makes a body decompose faster.
>Many green burial advocates have also embraced the idea. Unfortunately, critical discussion about the claims Lee and Ma are making about their product is mostly absent. Journalists writing about the Infinity Burial project are not even asking if there is any evidence to back up their claims. Wildly misleading information is being perpetuated about the suit.

No. 1415987

File: 1642061880612.png (115.97 KB, 596x390, sensiblepathtowealth.png)

>Caitlin trying to pitch tv ideas and negotiate deals with cable networks as soon as she got out of mortuary school
>At least $12,589 per month from Patreon, YouTube adsense money, her books, her merch, her online courses… now the scholarships, which she could just pocket a huge chunk and no one will bat an eye.

The irony

No. 1416025


Anon and lurkers, you really don't need to pay Caitlin $200 to overcome your fear of death. I bingewatched her videos in 2017, and the ones she posted around and before that year actually were the sole reason I got my own fear of death in proportion.

So if you want to use her content to overcome death fear anyway, don't pay for it, just go watch a bunch of her older videos. Even just learning about funereal practices around the world and the ins and outs of the business in modern day america was quite soothing for me, it helped me place my own fears in context with the rest of humanity: we will all have to face it someday.

Or go watch other morticians' content, it sounds like they would have the same effect and are more deserving of the views tbh.

If you do pay, share excerpts pls n thx. Its probably the same stuff you can find on her older videos for free though.

No. 1416030


Same anon here, i should be clear. The conclusion i meant to make from this is not to defend her but to say you can get the same cathartic material from her for free, or from other people. The $200 course is a grift. If she really gave a crap about you overcoming your fear of death she would be doing this for free, funded by her massive patreon, or for a much lower cost. You dont complain about inaccessibility of affordable deathcare and the modern american refusal to deal with death and then charge that amount.

No. 1416037

The trailer of the Mortal course

No. 1416165

All of this is making me question the other alternatives that the Order of the Good Death is advocating. Can the funeral directors in the thread offer their perspectives?

For example, is human composting viewed positively by the industry? Caitlin has been working with Katrina Spade from Recompose for almost a decade. This costs 6 times more than a regular cremation. Is this safe? Could prion and other diseases survive composting?
source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/washington-could-become-first-state-legalize-human-composting-n952421).
>The process involves placing unembalmed human remains wrapped in a shroud in a 5-foot-by-10-foot cylindrical vessel with a bed of organic material such as wood chips, alfalfa and straw. Air is then periodically pulled into the vessel, providing oxygen to accelerate microbial activity. Within approximately one month, the remains are reduced to a cubic yard of compost that can be used to grow new plants.

There is also liquid cremation, which Caitlin has mentioned numerous times and expressed her excitement over it. Is it that much better for our remains to end up in the sewers?
source: https://memorialecosystemswordpress.wordpress.com/2016/04/18/part-2-green-burial-innovations/
>The body is put in a giant pressure cooker with 5% potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide-very strong alkalis more commonly known as lye. It is heated under great pressure to 350F for several hours. What is left is a brownish green liquid containing remnants of the body’s soft tissues (amino acids, various peptides, sugars, salts, etc.) that is sometimes flushed to the sewers. The remaining bone is soft and can be crushed into a powder that the families can dispose of.
It doesn't seem to be that environmentally friendly either:
>OK, no fossil fuels are used in the actual “resommation” (other than that used to make the electricity to run the cooker-maybe 90 Kwh), but alkali production is one of the most energy intensive industries out there. Billions of kilowatt-hours world-wide, with the average chloralkali plant consuming as much electricity as 30,000 American households. Some of that electricity is made from coal, releasing many tonnes of CO2 and a fair amount of mercury (from the coal).

No. 1416284


say what you like about Caitlyn but please, don't say anything bad about water resomation, I think it's the future.

In traditional body prep methods like embalming, the blood and fluids from the body go straight into the sewers with DNA intact - along with a shit ton of formaldehyde whereas with alkaline hydrolysis, none of the fluids have intact DNA as the process breaks it all down to amino acids and proteins. It uses 90% less energy than cremation, costs the same and you get really clean bones to grind up at the end.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu just got water resomated too, I think it'll start being more accepted in the near future.

No. 1416393

Can these anons showing up actually read the OP where it says this isn't about burial option discussions. It's about the cows. We had this problem last thread because some of you keep focusing on the wrong thing.

No. 1418793

I mean, I think its interesting to have the industry perspective because most people know very little about the subject. Otherwise we’d just have to take cows at face value

No. 1422730

File: 1642721065198.png (Spoiler Image, 3.3 MB, 2480x1386, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 6.19…)

She's a cow in a different way than Caitlin and Sarah, but Caroline Reilly is still my fav cow in the Order of the Good Death scene. Just out here constantly posting her tall ass on Instagram and Twitter to her 600 followers for free, and pretending she does it for "self-care," not bc she's got low self-esteem and is addicted to attention from pathetic moids.

No. 1422732

File: 1642721323545.png (Spoiler Image, 4.66 MB, 2846x1086, ms_creilly.png)

and her multiple pics with abortion merch - we get it, abortions and sloppy nudes are your brand, wow such girlboss

No. 1422839

wow that is a LONG butt.

No. 1423198

Sad behaviour.

No. 1423278

This shit just pisses me off. She reinforces the idea that abortions are something that promiscuous women have because they’re not taking adequate birth control. Abortion is a medical procedure that isn’t taken lightly by most women who have to have one and flopping your baps out doesn’t help the cause when it’s repeatedly criminalised.

I know she thinks she’s sticking one to the haters by taking pictures like that but it doesn’t help. You reinforce stupid ideologies by doing that.

Boils my piss.

No. 1423557

File: 1642812512221.png (345.27 KB, 828x1792, 6C4307B3-81D1-48E5-AC1E-AAA7C7…)

I love you anonymous!(namefag)

No. 1423566

File: 1642813149610.jpeg (143.67 KB, 446x417, F9E7174F-0B40-4E56-A0BB-2EC83E…)

God damn you’re one ugly faggot “Sara Jade Roberts”

No. 1423586

Is that a troon? or someone’s meth addicted Grandma?

No. 1423596

It’s a tranny, he calls himself a “ Southern Goddess Shemale Hypnodomme”

No. 1423679

Someone come get your fucking grandpa he’s lost

No. 1423722

kek, he's been namefagging for a week

No. 1423855

so great to know this dude is the audience scammer Caitlin appeals to as if we couldn't already assume lol

No. 1423906

his saggy old man belly kek

No. 1426516

Why the fuck are these people pushing water embalming? It sounds so gross. Eww(sage your shit)

No. 1427101

cheapest/environmentally friendly method

No. 1434298

Caitlin's interest in anthropodermic bibliopegy was also brought up on the last thread >>1361683, >>1361720

No. 1456893

Somewhat OT but I believe this was briefly touched upon in the previous thread -

Obviously I'm a bit surprised the "commentary youtubers" haven't latched onto this drama yet, and I am wondering if people would be interested in viewing a video essay compiling this evidence? I would credit the lolcow posters for contributing much of the info. I contributed to the previous thread as well, and actually considered making a video before I thought to search Caitlin on here. I'm a nobody so I doubt it would gain much traction, but I do have some more receipts and things from when I was a fan of hers (I am the posted from the previous thread who was in the Deathling Den FB group before it got nuked). I'm also happy to contribute anything I have to this thread, I just need to access a computer hard drive I have at work.(sage)

No. 1457086

Please contribute more if you're able and sage non-milk.

No. 1463525

File: 1646965081169.jpg (620.36 KB, 2316x3088, TheTurdMan.jpg)

Thank you, you are right. I let myself go a lot since I started driving an 18 wheeler a year and a half ago. Its supposed to be a poo emoji on the sticky note. I guess I'm helping you guys now I'm going to have to deactivate facebook because I'm ashamed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1463614

File: 1646971563986.png (261.87 KB, 620x613, funeraldirector1.png)

I have some stuff too, but it's not as milky as the things I posted on the first thread. Picrel Caitlin screenshooting comments she receives from other funeral directors and then putting them on blast on her Twitter

No. 1463617

File: 1646971681888.png (128.98 KB, 599x555, funeraldirector2.png)

Another funeral director called her out and she proceeds to screenshot and drag his name through the mud even after he apologized.

No. 1463619

File: 1646971951403.png (33.1 KB, 485x140, army.png)

Caitlin is proud of her army of deathlings

No. 1509932

Abortions for the majority of women are treated as birth control. Most women who get them are sluts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1509937

No. 1509953

I found this thread because I went on to youtube and I saw her gross fat face with caked on makeup grinning like a smug cunt in the recommended videos again. Normally I just ignore whatever youtube suggests but it really pissed me off for some reason. I clicked on her channel page and of course every video has her grimacing with her fat fucking pale pig face and the ones that aren't just clickbait for retards are full of SJW pandering for BLM activists, troons and faggots. This is the predominant theme on the order of the good death website, as other posters have pointed out, with the communist fist on the "radical death studies banner" and everything. Of course, like every leftist, she has nothing but contempt for Western and Christian burial practices, but despite being an atheists, talks about how wonderful third-world noble savage pygmies and cannibals are in their rituals. I'm not surprised to find out she's such a trainwreck as a person.

No. 1510100

I've been a fan of hers for a bit but this and the previous thread has definitely opened my eyes up. something always seemed a bit off about her, and a lot of the jokes about very serious subjects was turning me off.

No. 1510367

Every roastie with blown-out flaps thinks abortion is a "serious medical procedure" but it's just a way to escape and facilitate poor life choices.

No. 1510446

>roastie with blown-out flaps
"i have never touched a woman"

No. 1510514

No. 1510516

Lmao @ the pathetic state of males

No. 1510554

File: 1650832927765.png (82.51 KB, 265x260, askamortician.png)

Is this bitch dumb or what? She puts grieving Jackie Kennedy behind that retarded expression on her face. The choice of the title of the video is also stupid. Yeah Caitlin, put a clickbait title on a video about something literally everyone knows, that will make it much more interesting and creative.

No. 1510691

She and Ready to Glare really love using the same tired facial expressions don't they.

No. 1510886

Could it possibly be because someone shot half his head off?

Seriously lame clickbait.

No. 1511027

This feels like a parody of YouTube thumbnails. Like its a perfect combination of obvious bullshit and black comedy.

No. 1511840

Seriously. It didn't require 40 minutes to explain this and the viewcount along with her sub count are sus. They're never that close together. I feel like a bot did this shit.

No. 1512387

Poking fun at another persons' grief.
That's one of the most abominable things.

No. 1512795

File: 1651035184739.png (257.36 KB, 1818x1375, bought subs?.png)

She seems to have her daily sub count go over 10k on April 17th. The last video she posted was 4 days ago, which would be the 22nd. The video before that was posted a month ago, so where did this sudden influx of so many followers come from? Maybe other anons who are more knowledgeable with youtube can help.

No. 1512900

anon, this is just how socialblade works for youtube now, because they changed public subscriber counts above a certain amount to display in increments of 10,000.

No. 1517929

omg, i always watch het videos..I never thought she’s like that…(necro)

No. 1524425

Ugh…she's the millennial version of a Gen X riotgrrl. Girls like this have a screw loose. She probably got into mortuary science so she could corkscrew granny nipples and ride the biggest piece of deceased dickmeat she could find. Being a smug SJW just makes it worse.(namefag)

No. 1524444

So, does anyone have milk updates or just retarded newfag takes?

No. 1577581

What happened with the Fellowship winners? Were they announced or did Caitlin pocket the money?

No. 1638303

And you will never be a woman.(necro)

No. 1638345

You're so mad you got called out for incel speak you came back 4 months later to necro a thread and call anon a tranny? Fucking random.

No. 1638417

I don't have any updates, but this was one of the best threads in snow

No. 1638822

She’s a dollar store Jessica Mitford with 10% of Decca’s intelligence, but lots more narcissism and greed.

I’m sure Doughty has talked about Mitford, but if you want a expose of the funeral industry done with biting wit and intelligence, The American Way of Death is still the best and it’s impact is still felt today. A far better boon to read than Doughery’s smug dumb book.(sage)

No. 1638836

go ahead and sage next time anon (type sage in the email field, so you don't bump the thread)

comment tax i read through this whole thread and learned a lot about burials & got some hot takes on abortion. tho i encountered very little actual milk

No. 1672343

Drive to LA and ask the first crack head on the street to sign your shit namefag moid

No. 1672351

File: 1665489195853.png (108.66 KB, 340x444, 983.png)


No. 1675340

Caitlin is pissed off at YouTube (rightfully so). She suggests that they might start releasing videos only on Patreon. She's also moving to the east coast and giving up ownership of the funeral home in LA. And her hair currently looks like a bad wig.

No. 1675584

>giving up land you own in a really expensive state when the market is high to move cross country and buy a new home
what level of retarded do you have to be , jesus fucking christ.

No. 1675783

southern california isn't gonna be inhabitable in the next 20 years, get a better nitpick.

No. 1702327

She looks like a drag queen. No wonder every other "good death" article is about some SJW or faggot shit.

No. 1702332

>woman in a simple, classic bold lip makeup
>looks like drag queen

No. 1702335

Nta but cope harder. It's a super unflattering makeup style (overdone everything) that only looks right in theatre productions combined with a wannabe quirky gurl Amelie mushroom cut. Drag queen.

No. 1702369

what exactly is overdone? the eyeliner is minimal, the lips aren't overlined. she could use some blush, but other than that no highlight/contour etc which are all staples in drag makeup? i agree with >>1702332
the hair is hidoeus yes i agree, but cmon

No. 1702407

File: 1668724852464.jpeg (24.82 KB, 764x401, 193372992337942.jpeg)

You can say you think she's just ugly anon. Personally all I see is Angelica Hudson in witches.

No. 1702427

Nitpick, she looks good. Troons wish they looked like her. Stop seeing them everywhere.

No. 1702622

Even a troon would have to be desperate to see Caitlin and think 'yup, that's the look.'

No. 1702729

Huston* !!

No. 1703014

Fuck me. Are there truly women who have been groomed into seeing this level of heavy mask makeup as "minimal"?
Yes, there are people out there who overline their lips like a clown and do cat eyes out to the sides of their face. That doesn't make this "minimal".
I feel like too many women see that moids hate on heavy makeup, and subsequently deem it an act of feminist reclamation to paint your face up like a clown. If you want to sport some WackoWax lips then you're more than entitled to it, but it looks completely ridiculous.

No. 1703051

Caitlin Doughy lol

No. 1703154

it’s not that deep, and it’s certainly does not look troon levels of overdone. go to your local sephora or ulta and tell me what you see when you interact with the employees there. like can women not have their own things and not be reduced to troons for wearing stuff that was originally made for us? sounds like you’re the one who’s been groomed, do you wanna lecture us about patriarchy while you’re at it? i hate this holier than thou attitude about makeup and sick of women comparing other women to trannies. it’s disgusting

No. 1727807

Learn 2 read. Anon didn't say she had natural, minimal makeup. It's a classic bold lip look, something you see on the streets every day. In context of modern makeup trends, the eyeliner application is minimal. It's not literally minimal. You are correct in thinking that makeup is not feminist and everyone should be more comfortable with their natural features, but shaming women who do wear makeup won't solve anything. No one will listen to a word you say if you first call them a clown and compare them to troons.

No. 1727874

Heavy makeup is when you spend 10 minutes or more trying to hide pimples. Putting on unnaturally colored lip stick takes 1 minute at most.

No. 1847202

I see this was bumped recently… does anyone want to trash C.Doughy v.2, aka Monica Torres/ColdHandsHosts? She's chunky and funky and making money hand-over-fist from both the Death Positive Girlies and the normies hungering for some creepy business, since she recently opened up some of her classes to non-professionals. She is the ultimate money-hungry vulture and her courses are laughable, for $450 you can have someone condescendingly explain the basics to you and ALSO be really really denigrating to questions you and your peers ask! Waoooow!
She claims to be a "woman empowering women" but when a question came up during one of her desairology classes, she was outright bitchy and annoyed that someone would DARE interrupt her spiel and when the conversation continued via chat, she first attempted to draw the attention back to her by announcing "we could either get our money's worth from the class, or keep being distracted in chat". When the conversation continued in chat (because lets be real, she was talking about some REALLY EMBALMING 101 STUFF) all of a sudden she got this fart-sniffing look on her face and then the chat was silenced. Because professionals with more experience than her were sharing tips and tricks for free?? Wow, Monica.

Also she was a real shit when several class attendees were confused by the starting time for her class and reached out to her via email. She addressed the issue an hour later and snidely claimed "Arizona doesn't do Daylight Savings Time" … okay?? The majority of us aren't in Arizona and were concerned when our $500 class was delayed, because we have other shit to attend to? Maybe send this info out in an email?

Anyway, she's wildly unprofessional and making bank over Cemetery Gorls salivating over her beginner tips. Glad it was CEU money she wasted and not my own because !!both!! classes I've taken have been laughably bad, amateur, and she's acted like a stuck-up bitch the entire time despite the subject matter.

The side-shave is the new Blunt Black Bangs for middle-aged "death movement" women and it looks shit on you, babe! Go back to the nail salon, Monica!! xoxo

No. 1847204

File: 1686869854765.png (291.2 KB, 340x767, Screenshot_20230615-183301-351…)

Upload length dropped my picture. She actually showed up to a trade venue looking like this, in her $20 Amazon art deco dress.

You think she could invest in some heavy-duty shapewear for what she rakes in for a single class? Nah.

No. 1850511

>she could invest in some heavy-duty shapewear
While her hair and dress are both absolutely hideous, her shape isn't in dire need of "heavy duty shapewear" anon. Are you okay?

No. 1850694

It's okay to be fat, nonnie. It's not okay to have to respond to a week-old post in order to feel superior about being fat.

My condolences to your owchie fee-fees, RIP.

No. 1851474

There's so much projection going on in this reply lmao. Her body looks completely normal here. She even looks like she lost weight in comparison to older photos?

No. 1851641

The state of this site. Anachans should stay in their pro-ana thread, but they rattle their bones in every thread.

Also, that woman is unprofessional, possibly a scammer, and totally inappropriately dressed for a seminar, but her biggest flaw is not wearing heavy-duty shapewear. Really bitches?

No. 1858202

Y'all do realize that if you can't contribute to the thread, you can just scroll right?

Derail-chans are why this farm is in the sewer(derailing/infighting/minimodding)

No. 1858534

Not to mention the mods banning the only person trying to discuss the subject matter. Peace, bitches!

Enjoy your stale milk!(k byeee!)

No. 1870886

This article raises some thought-provoking points. It certainly made me rethink my stance on the matter.

No. 1886259

Fuck whoever keeps bumping this and deleting their posts, it's so annoying.

No. 1894924

also hear to say fuck them.
whoever keeps bumping this and then deleting the post so that everyone looking on the front page just sees a dead thread with no milk, can you please just stop. it's extremely annoying. what's the point of this? if you're just trolling then get a better troll than bumping a thread every few weeks for no reason. if you're not trolling then it's okay to just … leave your posts up. if you actually have milk then we'd love to see it, you don't have to freak out at the thought of interacting with farmers and then panick delete whatever you posted (if that's what's happening).

No. 1895030

ironic that the mortician thread won't stay dead

No. 1898548

I assume it's someone terminally bitchy and too deep into lolcows who has decided to target Caitlin longterm with their cuntiness because (lbr) she's pretty grating. But this farmer has just enough self awareness to realize that they have nothing of substance to say beyond lol ugly fat. So instead they just try to bump the thread in the hopes that it will get people to start talking shit about their dead vendetta cow.

No. 1907875

File: 1696277387308.png (6.95 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0208.PNG)

I love Caitlyn and I think the necrophilia is hot. I want her to do my cremation, put most of my ashes in a poo emoji urn then give them to terfs who hate me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1907881

I'm just shocked this isn't the person who keeps bumping the thread then deleting their messages immediately afterwards

No. 1908175

It probably is, they just felt emboldened.

No. 1908381

this is some next level mental illness
another blaine style self-posting tranny with a humiliation fetish but this time feat. necrophilia
at this point maybe we should create a containment thread for these types of troons including the aforementioned ones plus pariah of the post-leftcows thread. just let them self-post into the void and laugh and their desperation

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