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File: 1489465670038.jpg (139.02 KB, 639x800, vos4.jpg)

No. 56436

Is it just me or do a lot of people here have really warped ideas of how people should look when they're in their 20s?
It's like some of you think women should look like perpetual teenagers until they hit 30 or something.
Maybe I'm just salty because I'm in my 20s and I see constant criticism of cows who I think look perfectly fine for their age being called old-looking and such. Such as Kota or Kiki, for example. Yeah Kota looks like shit lately but maybe she's just ugly. Kiki is still pretty and youthful in my opinion.
Don't get me wrong, I see SO many women who look at least 10 years older than they are IRL, due to bad life choice or poor genetics, but it seems like on here if you can't find anything obvious to criticize it's just "omg she looks so old!"
Well what is a normal, healthy 20-something woman supposed to look like?

No. 56437

Well, yes… I suspect it has more to do with an irritation of the person's personality than with appearances, but the words come out regardless. With that said, and like you point out, some of these people have aged themselves considerably as a consequence of life choices.

No. 56438

yeah, this^ much of the age-related comments directed at these two mostly come from anons who are not unbiased towards them. Kiki definitely looks like a normal example of a 24 year old. She's a bit pasty and bony, which I assume is where people get the word "haggard" from, but they exaggerate a lot.

No. 56439

I think a lot of the age comments on here, (not related to those two) generally come from the younger part of our userbase. I remember being a teenager and thinking people 25+ really looked old, and had distinct adult features. Being 25+ myself I have actually had a few conversations with friends about how we still pretty much look the same as we did when we were younger, but that it's probably just how we see ourselves. Most of the cows, both younger and older, pretty much look their age in my opinion.
Then there is pixie/jill, I mean… it's not common to have that many wrinkles at 18.

No. 56445

They're probably underage. People don't have a decent concept of aging until they turn 19-20. They probably see a cow they find ugly or unhealthy looking and assume it's because they aged when it's really not.

That's funny, I never saw that big of a difference. Even when I was 15-16 I'd see people in their mid-twenties and think we looked the exact same age. Older people sometimes looked like they carried themselves more maturely but it was more a question of attitude, tone and body language rather than looks.

No. 56449

Yeah, I really can't see people as old looking unless they have visibly bad skin with deep lines. People in their mid 20s have them in real life a lot of the time, but I rarely see it on people posted here.

No. 56451

I think there's also this crisis over regular aging lines being thought of as wrinkles/terrible.

So like mouth/smile lines or small crows feet gets nitpicked to hell and back when most people in the real world have them from like 18 onwwards.

No. 56452

I agree, op. The ostrengas do look their age. They can be awful people but they don't look as old as other anons say. Venus, on the other hand, has shown to be aging fast, not sure why tons to try deny that. Also I agree with >>56437

I'm about to hit my mid 20s and people still think I'm 18 sometimes because I'm rather small and I take good care of my skin but I know I won't look like a teen until I'm 29. It's sad but people age.

No. 56458


I think people try to deny that Venus is aging like spoiled milk because they feel bad for her.

No. 56459

I don't care about Venus any more than I care for any other person posted here, but I can't see it. She looks okay to me?

One thing I've noticed is that people on here generally tend to go for one of the following, regardless of whether or not it's warranted:
>age/skin condition
>general wishful thinking

By the latter I mean even if the person in question is doing just fine despite being a cow, they'll project like no tomorrow and constantly remark how they're going downhill, aging like milk, losing popularity, desperate for viewers/notes/followers, etc.

No. 56469

You may also notice that anyone who does look good is often said to have shopped the pictures. I'm not sure how it's possible to tell the difference, but I do not have a graphic designer background.

No. 56470


I haven't really seen any recent pictures of her but it wouldn't surprise me considering the amount of stress in her life right now, and iirc she lost tons of weight quick

No. 56475


hit the nail on the head there anon.

No. 56481


Yeah, she posted a picture of her in a Lolita getup and she looked pretty rough.

No. 56483

I agree but this is common knowledge e.g.
>nasolabial folds
But those folds are at least real things to point out even if they're perfectly normal.
Weight is subjective and we still have a lot of anachans around here. Oh that and so-called "saggy" breasts or "no waist".
I attribute the nose obsession as a weeb thing for the most part.
The aging thing I don't get at all though, pretty sure people just bring it up when they literally can't find anything to criticize.

No. 56485

Also I definitely think most of these people are really young as some other anons have said.


No. 56504

Because everyone here is either a) mentally ill as fuck or b) underage (as others have said). We've got anachans out the ass picking apart people with BMIs of 22 like they're fucking hamplanets, someone has a hint of a crows foot and it's like the nasolabial folds crisis all over again. It's retarded. Few lolcows are genuinely aging poorly. (PT is a good example of one that IS. And of course, it's obvious which ones are actually fat, and which ones are regular sized but just flabby.) Most of these girls look normal for their age.

Our board culture has taken a nose dive with the invasion of anachans and whatever other BDDchans that have swarmed here talking about all the plastic surgeries they want to have at age 20. It's pathetic and it's abnormal.

No. 56515

>>Our board culture has taken a nose dive with the invasion of anachans and whatever other BDDchans that have swarmed here talking about all the plastic surgeries they want to have at age 20. It's pathetic and it's abnormal.

you're so fucking right. it's sad to see normal looking girls, or even pretty girls, being torn apart because some anons have twisted standards. i do understand much of the hate comes from disliking the cows, but it doesn't make things any less better for the anons themselves. what a miserable life will you have if you think a 25 year old who looks their age is ancient and that you need unnecessary korean surgeries at age 19 before it's too late because in your early to late 20s you will look old af? it's obvious a great portion of our userbase IS underage.

No. 56554

The huge disconnect between how many people on this forum have BDD but then how much hate cows get for minor aesthetic issues really gets me.

The fixation on premature aging really highlights how young the userbase is. Jillian is no prize peach but even children sometimes have forehead lines, but anons speak as if she's the poster child for progeria. It just reminds me out of on cgl you have a bunch of teenagers ranting about how 20s is too old for the hobbies they enjoy. These kids are going to hate themselves when they learn that their expensive korean skincare won't actually keep them looking like irl anime foetuses forever.

No. 56571

Well, let's take a look at two examples who are similar in age.

Dasha, and Bunny.

People say Dasha is ugly, haggard looking, and alienlike.

Bunny, on the other hand (who actually IS ugly, and looks like a horse but knows how to dress herself… most of the time) is praised as a sweet, beautiful woman.

It's a matter of hyper criticism because of their personality. I'd say Dasha is much prettier than Bunny, but because Bunny is a good person I won't.

You know what I mean? I don't think people have weird expectations of aging girls here, it's just the regular attitude within the context of a chan.

No. 56572

I actually agree with you. While I do think there are a lot of anons that are too obsessed with appearance, I think a lot of people criticize the appearance of lolcows/snowflakes bc of their personality, like you said, and/or are just saying they can't pull off something. I will use anons talking about Kiki looking old as an example of the latter since op brought it up. The time people were talking about Kiki looking more mature the most was when she was trying to be famous in Japan. I don't think Kiki looks old, but I think we can all agree that she doesn't have youthful/cute features that Japan loves and it was unrealistic for her to think she has a chance of being famous there.

No. 56576

Still, I'd expect most people on a 18+ site to be aware of the disconnect between looks and personality.
Yeah, when you hate someone they start looking ugly to you blah blah blah, inb4 that stupid Roald Dahl picture, but I hope y'all are aware that shit isn't true and in the real world you can have gorgeous people with putrid personalities and vice versa, and very few people look as physically repulsive as you make them out to be.

You don't need to call their noses big or their accents fake/stupid (iirc someone actually suggested Yumi King's Chinese accent was fake even though she's literally from China) to get your point across, we all know what they've done. It honestly just makes you sound 10. That's literally what my little brother's classmates do when they dislike someone for no particular reason.

Surely I can't be the only one who's able to laugh at a cow without calling her an ugly old bitch with nasolabial folds.

No. 56578

You're not the only, like other anons have mentioned it's just the swarm of underage cunts criticizing every little thing. Of course, we bitch and nitpick but things seem to have gone out of control lately.

No. 56579

Don't get me wrong, I do agree with you completely. I don't find it really interesting or funny to pick apart someone's appearance like that either. I was just saying I could understand in some circumstances why someone would criticize some cows/snowflakes appearances. Like, I understand why people would criticize the looks of cows who are completely full of themselves but I do think it's wrong to criticize the looks of someone who isn't even trying to be known for their looks or anything.

No. 56583

File: 1489710781988.jpg (263.88 KB, 1200x700, ROONEY-MARA.jpg)

>She's a bit pasty and bony

to be fair a lot of models are "pasty" because pale skin is considered pretty. And they're often "bony" as well obviously.I don't think those two traits make someone look older. But I think kaka basically looks her age, so idk.

No. 56598

Another thing I find funny is the camgirl thread. So many people shitting on the way they look wow they're so gross she has a tummy and her vagina has actual labia blablabla, that shit reeks of jealousy.
Just fucking nitpicking because people are making money off of their bodies if you think you're so much better then give it a try too. No? Then shut up.

No. 56599

Samefagging there's actual drama there but on here it just devolves into picking apart women's bodies, somehow men are ok enough with it to pay them massive amounts of money no matter how fat or ugly you think they are.

No. 56601

Well, some of the stuff in the thread is a bit gross. But I agree with the majority of what people said here. Almost 70% of the threads are people nitpicking someones weight or something else that's rather normal.

Suzy is a great example. She sucks, sure, but almost half of the thread is about how fat she is.

No. 56607

Suzy being fat is kind of funny when it's presented alongside her shooping herself thinner or as further evidence of her letting herself go, but when it's just an endless barrage of 'fatty fatty fatty' it loses effect

No. 56617

That's it in a nutshell. That's my problem with this whole thing, they just keep regurgitating the same insult over and over. I want to read the Yumi thread but every time someone mentions her 'farmer face' I want to slap a bitch.

No. 56656


I've only been checking up on this site for about a year and mostly the Suzy thread, but I've poked around. My thing is, it seems like no body type is good for anyone? I've literally seen every single body here trashed. Too skinny, not skinny enough, she's flabby, breasts too saggy, too perky must be implants, etc. It's really weird, kind of makes me uncomfortable. Makes me wonder what people would consider 'good enough'.

And yeah, the Suzy thread got boring fast after her etsy thing died off. She's fat and everyone knows it, so sometimes it gets kind of tired when every comment is "lol pepsi and doritos much snoozy?"

No. 56667

I agree 100%. Most of us are women and we're often really awful when it comes to other women's bodies. It's just how it is, unfortunately. Honestly, being on here makes me feel insecure sometimes when I know I shouldn't. People often shit on cows/snowflakes that look fine or even really good because they're awful human beings… and sometimes I guess I hate to say it but it's probably jealousy.

No. 56669

>Most of us are women and we're often really awful
If you've ever been on a board full of men you'll realize they're just as bad, if not worse. The main difference between us and them is that they think women are a total waste of space if they aren't fuckable, at least we aren't denying someone's value as a human being by insulting their looks.

No. 56670

very good post anon

No. 56673

This is the only reason I often consider leaving this site for good.

It really sucks, because I love having a place to anonymously talk about things with other females. I'd love to make a couple friends off here because it's difficult to meet girls who like makeup/fashion/anime irl, but I don't want to risk meeting some of the anons here who srsly seem like typing time bombs.

Half the "cows" in snow aren't even cows and actually seem like nice people. Their threads are completely focused on appearance/photoshop (ie. Venus, Dakota, Taylor R). I honestly think the anons who fill these threads are just insane weebs who are jealous because these girls live in Japan, are blonde, white, possibly come from money, and have Japanese boyfriends/husbandos. They have to pick out their flaws in order to feel better about themselves.

No. 56675

Sometimes the nitpicking is absolutely unreal. Like… having a tiny bit of flaking around your nose in one picture doesn't mean you're not taking care of yourself jfc. And lots of normal or cute girls are called hideous, and lots of normal or slim girls are called hambeasts. It's insane.

No. 56679

>Japanese husbandos

Are farmers really unironically weeby enough to do this?

I don't give a rat's ass about Japanese men. They look like girls to me.

Plus from my perspective cows have always been this warning sign of how screwed up in the head a lot of the actual weebs are, some people on pt seem to have genuine mental illnesses.

And note that by weeb I mean person who genuinely adores everything about Japan and wants to live there. Not just someone who watches the odd anime series.

No. 56683

>it seems like no body type is good for anyone?
because we aren't a monolith? on each individual basis there are plenty of people who agree and disagree about how a cow's body looks. and there are plenty of posts of people saying stuff like "she's too x to be a japanese idol but she'd look great like y"

i feel like sometimes nitpicking someone's appearance isn't just to be mean. there are a lot that are followed up with some kind of advice and desire for the cow to do/be better.

No. 56687


I agree with you. snow has a lot of threads fueled by jealousy. Plus all those ana threads attract certain types. I like this site but there will always been hardcore weirdos on image boards. We're not all crazy though!

No. 56990

Depends on the ethnicity of the woman.

No. 57122

You guys really think Venus is aging badly? Can I get some examples? Her IG images look pretty fine, personally.

I compare all her appearances to the first interview of her in that mint lolita dress where she literally looks like an old woman in a wig, so my bar for rough-looking Venus is pretty high.

No. 57141

I haven't kept up with her threads in a long time but I guess that happens because she filters the fuck out of her face, so when we see a candid(ish) photo, she looks old af

No. 57142

The regular posters in her thread seem to think so but their evidence is usually screencaps of her with her face contorted.

She has her mom's harsh features and possibly has an eating disorder, but she doesn't look any older than her age, with or without filters. She just looks like a normal girl.

No. 57143

Harsh features…? Both of them look round as fuck with tiny faces and facial features, what harsh features? Margo obviously looks old and haggard because she is, but Venus looks like a normal girl.

No. 57144

File: 1490640807512.gif (2.71 MB, 200x200, 1479408268003.gif)

Anyone on her has nasolabial folds that don't actually look bad IRL but make you worry af? I am 24 and I am obsessing over mine even tho I know there's nothing abnormal there and that I actually look younger overall (people usually think I'm 19-20 years old). My grandmother and mom love to criticize every little detail about my appearance and not even them see anything wrong. They say I just have normal lines from smiling. BUT I SEE SOMETHING. Ugh.

However, I've noticed it gets worse when I'm dehydrated? I remember I first noticed them when I was like 17 and weeks or days later I was admitted to a hospital because I was severely dehydrated (don't ask, I don't even know how I let that happen). Nowadays I drink enough water, maybe even more than enough.

Gif unrelated eh

No. 57145

All of that is perfectly normal, I have them too and I don't mind them aside from them making me look angry sometimes.

No. 57150

Yes me too. They're not visible unless on specific lighting but I hate them. And same for hydratation, overall my face is much plumper when I drink a lot but having to pee every 30 minutes is irritating.

No. 57153

No. 57155

lol I agree, I mostly cruise onision but dare I peek into Dakotas thread where everyones hoping if they call her fat and old enough we'll all believe it

No. 57164

Dakota is awful on the inside but I would never call her ugly or fat IRL. Despite her forehead, which I is something that anons talk about all the time and most likely still bothers her, there's nothing weird about her. That's why I avoid that thread like the plague unless there's real milk like when people found out about lilou vos, people just nitpick like crazy.

No. 57197

Dakota is a bit of an exception to me because of how awful her shoops are lately and how different she looks IRL.
I wouldn't call her ugly, certainly not old-looking. She's not fat either except by model standards, which isn't exactly a baseless criticism considering she is a model. But she's still booking jobs so it kind of reeks of jealousy when people go on about it. Otherwise she's a cute girl.

No. 57198

I think she looks cute. Her shoops are pig disgusting and freak me out, but the girl herself isn't ugly (or fat, or 'chubby') by any means so I kek whenever I see salty PULLtards and mentally ill farmers who want to wear her skin sperging out and calling her fat/ugly/passé.

No. 57202

It's really jarring when people post side-by-sides or gifs of her irl vs shooped, so I get why people would think she's "ugly" because the difference is so insane when viewed like that (her face gets about twice its size for example). She is cute though.

No. 57677

File: 1491353070616.jpg (32.41 KB, 656x480, 54a7876148da3_-_elle-fanning-l…)

I have pretty bad nasolabial folds and undereye hollows, and I'm only 19. they really effect my self esteem, but then again I have pretty bad BDD so who knows. I'm terrified by aging.

No. 57681

Knowing how some people on this site are, I'm not sure whether this image is supposed to be showing bad nasolabial folds, or good ones…either way you are fucking 19 anon. I highly doubt you have bad nasolabial folds…stop comparing yourself to photos online and take a look at your peers. Even in high school, a lot of my peers had fine lines on their foreheads or around their eyes (not visible in photos, but visible irl).

No. 57684

thanks anon. It helps to just look at myself and realize how ridiculous I'm being. I'm honestly letting this consume my life. I doubt my self image is going to get better, but I can at least focus on other things. It's gotten to the point where I feel too ugly to go outside, whenever I see a prettier girl I automatically avert my gaze… I see everybody as my competition. BDD is no fun. People can call me cute, but no matter what I just feel so fucking ugly and old/fat looking.

sage for mental health whining

No. 57725

Dasha is like 21, and Bunny is 31 if you mean the one from YouTube..

No. 57729

19 year olds aren't old looking unless they have some serious disease anon. Just keep this in mind and don't go PT on people lol. Annnnd maybe, just maybe, the reason why every girl seems prettier to you when you go outside is because you see yourself as so ugly that anyone would be prettier?

Remember that you are more than just your appearance anyway. If you really are ugly, then just accept it and don't let it hold you back from enjoying life. One day you'll feel really stupid looking back at photos of yourself from when you were in your late teens/twenties. I've heard this way too many times, because suddenly you can see yourself objectively, almost like how you see the strangers outside now. Don't let your appearance (whether gorgeous or ugly) hold you back.

No. 57731

I am SO sick of hearing the term nasolabial folds on this site to the point that when someone here mentions it I unconsciously cringe.

Your smile lines at 18-23 aren't fucking wrinkles. They have more to do with the amount of fat on your face. Get over it. Slather them in some fucking retinol cream. This site is turning you delusional.

No. 57740

I'm glad this is being talked about. I come here for drama and milk, not for technically decent looking women being torn apart for not looking like a photoshopped magazine spread. I find that simply reading these nitpicks is making my BDD worse. Yeah sure people are mean because they don't like the cow but most of the time I don't see what their looks have to do with it. Even with Jill who I agree is annoying, spoiled and grating. I think she just looks bloated and unhealthy and she would look younger with a better diet and some weight loss. But she's still decently cute! I don't think she's aging terribly. Eye bags and even wrinkles aren't always a sign of premature aging. I had bags and creases under my eyes at 5 years old. It's a combo of genetics and allergies. I love lolcow, it's a big source of entertainment for me and it's way more entertaining than celebrity gossip. But it's adding more fuel to the fire when it comes to my body image. Also I don't understand why people think Sharla is ugly? I asked my boyfriend while I was watching a Sharla and Taylor video and he said that Sharla was more attractive. Because she looks real and approachable and not like an alien doll. I personally love the dolly look, but real life standards are so different and do not compare remotely to a concentration of self hating girls with BDD picking apart a stranger on the internet.

No. 57742

I don't have BDD, but the nitpicking annoys me too. I seriously wonder why some anons are so fucking fixated on this kind of shit. Noting someone is an asshat is one thing, but picking on them for not having plastic surgery or photoshopping their pics (who cares?) is simply cyberbullying and repetitive. It's the only reason I wouldn't tell anyone I use this site even though I'd love to share some of the bizarre milk some cows utter out (ie. PT thinking she's growing a penis). Don't need people thinking I'm one of those anons nasolabial fold/potato nose obsessed anons lol

No. 57743

>I am SO sick of hearing the term nasolabial folds


Most of the posters on here are so fucking young, ya'll got nothing to worry about. Just take care of yourselves.
Stop projecting your insecurities all over the damn place, it's so obvious in many of the threads.

Also, I'm in my mid-late twenties and am way hotter than I was when I was a teenager, but I remember the all-encompassing fear of "aging" when I was like 18. You'll get over it though. Don't buy into the media.

No. 57765

I think it has to do with a lot of people here may be fans of anime, which you know how that goes, most shows the MC is in their teenage years. I can't really think of many where this isn't the case. Oh, and also how the girls in them are usually moe.

No. 59635

Jillian has been getting so much facial nitpicking in her thread lately and it feels pretty unwarranted. To me she just looks like your average 19 year old, I would personally be happy to look like that, I don't understand. We know she eats like shit but I don't think it shows in her skin yet there's always comments about aging/sagging/bloating.
If the comments were just about how she was aging herself with bad clothes/makeup then it wouldn't bother me so much, but it's about her actual face.

It's not even a Japanese thing, most of the 'fun' western media tends to be about teenagers or very early 20s too.

No. 59677

They both have prominent noses. Venus is less so because she knows how to do makeup while her mom has not learned how to do makeup for a woman her age (You DO have to change some techniques as you get older, keep that in mind).

But Venus looks normal for her age, i don't get why anyone thinks she looks any different? She still looks like she's a teenager (the japan makeup trends help).

Her mom didn't age super well but it depends on the picture. She's better at taking selfies now than she used to be so i think she's looking better even if she's giving late night massages now lol

No. 59678

I have them but they aren't too pronounced.

What scares me is looking at how badly my mom has aged. Even my husband was shocked when i told him her age because his 70 year old grandparents look younger than she does.
But there's also a lot of rumours i've heard over the years about her being into cocaine (Her ex shouted it at me when i was 15 in some weird attempt to turn me against him. i ignored it then but it'd explain a lot now that i'm looking back on it) and i think my older brother mentioned it too (But he also thinks my schizophrenic uncle got his schizophrenia from lsd, while my mom said he's always been that way, the death of his twin made it worse though.

So i just keep hoping that if i take care of my skin now (even ifi had a late start on it at 26) and stay away from drugs i think i'll be fine.

People still ask me if i just graduated high school so hopefully that's a good sign ;;

IMO the only one i can think of who's aged badly is Jessica Nigri and that's mostly because of all her tanning and her never washing her face despite caking on 2007 style makeup

No. 62072

Are you seriously going to let that get to you? It's really obvious from the posts that they're either young or immature or mentally ill. Just look at the words they use and the hateboners some of them have for totally irrelevant and uninteresting people.
Its pretty obvious from all the
>eww manjaw
>lolll ugly grandma
>old hag
>nasolabial folds!!!
Nobody I know who's over 22 writes like that.

No. 62077

I've never seen some of the posters here described so accurately. This ×10

No. 62081

I was thinking about this the other day. This website introduced me to so many things regarding appearance - saddlebags, violin hips, nasolabial folds, undereye bags, potato nose, etc.

I mean, I don't care about them because I don't have most of them but the ones I do, I'm just like "eh, I never cared about it before so why should I care about it now?
Because a bunch of internet spergs care? Nah".

If this website is really affecting your self esteem, take a break from it. And be grateful you don't have a thread lol.

No. 62083

I agree for everything, except
is a nickname for Momokun, not a nitpick. But yeah, when I want to have a good laugh I go to Ahri's thread to read the inconsistent nitpicks at her supposedly "bulbous nose" and "whale body". Nobody of the people I know irl would ever say that

No. 62085

I'm sick of this meme that anyone who is a certain age grows up and suddenly "accepts" the aging process and becomes magically confident.

No. 62087

File: 1496334029347.jpg (43.03 KB, 362x406, IMG_5485.JPG)


I think it has more to do that these are directed towards what is perceived as nasty people and some nitpicking of course. irl flaws aren't that bad if you're not a complete asshole.

No. 62089

It's completely possible that late 20s, and even people entering their 30s, talk that way. Esp considering most of these posters were transplants from PULL or cgl.
I'm mid 20 and I've definitely said fattie or uggo.
I just don't crucify people who aren't badly ugly or fat because like >>62087 mentioned, I can excuse bad physical traits if they're not bad people. I notice ugliness more on pretty people who act awful than an actual ugly person who is just going about their day.

No. 62096

I'm sorry for your chuunibyou syndrome

No. 62112

I see posts like that criticizing pretty, thin girls and all I can do is assume those posters are hideous, jealous and insecure. Coming here to talk a little shit about cows/flakes is normal, but if it's not accurate and genuine shit talking it must be coming from a place of serious personal problems.

No. 62117

Honestly, I think there are a lot of girls on this forum who don't get out much, don't interact with a lot of everyday people, and spend too much time idealizing celebrities. I'm not saying that's everyone here and I don't even mean it as an insult, but if you take a quick look at g/ there are so many threads about people living as NEETS and struggling with mental illness problems that I think this is quite likely.

No. 62136

This… we have a lot of female robots and NEETs here. And naturally they get jealous about women who don't have "real jobs" because they couldn't work a day at a fucking burger king, let alone be paid to look pretty.

No. 62142


exactly. i come here to observe the users as much as i come to observe the cows, because users themselves seem to be as messed up and problematic as the cows. just have to keep reminding myself that their vitriol, impossibly high standards regarding appearance and extreme generalizations are mostly a result of being anonymous. they aren't the voice of a whole gender and most reasonable people rarely spend the time to post here anyway. they just browse and go.

No. 62144

head on back to pull. you and your crew have been part of the problem for years.

No. 62146

The people who whine about PULL are usually just as cringey themselves

Anyways, a lot of the threads are filled with jealous losers to the point where its just an angry circlejerk. Especially the twitch thread. You can tell its the same people whining about man jaws or potato noses.

No. 62150

In the ahri thread there's one retard constantly sperging out about her and it's super obvious because she always uses the same misspelled insult ("her nose is like a potatoe")

No. 62212

Image board, then, whatever. My point still stands, though I'm not really sure what your point was supposed to be by nitpicking my choice of vocabulary.

No. 62217

It's kind of ironic that in a thread about nitpicking…someone skips over your entire point just to nitpick a single word lol

Sage for I agree with what you have to say, but not contributing much to the thread otherwise

No. 62219

Same, same anon. Some anons here seem seriously in need of mental evaluation. I don't even say that to be mean or judgmental; I have depression and antidepressants have done me a world of good.

The crazy people on this forum are the reason why I am embarrassed to read it in public or tell any of my friends about lolcow. I seriously don't need people irl thinking I'm as judgmental and nasty as some of the user base here seems to portray themselves. Speaking for myself, I hardly even venture outside /g/ or /ot/ anymore because the "cows" aren't even cow-ish the majority of the time. Of course when I've tried bringing this up (ie. on behalf or Venus or Dakota) people screeeech that I must be one of them or some kind of fan. Um no, I just think it's ridiculous to basically cyberbully normal/nice people on an imageboard made to expose and discuss crazy jerks.

Judging by the eye makeup thread a while back it's pretty obvious most people here aren't super models, so I just don't get why there is so much nitpicking of cows.

No. 62232

You're right, the average farmer is far from a super model. A lot of people who post here are overweight. And far from attractive. I know a small handful of very beautiful ladies who post here, but they've never self posted and from what ice gathered they aren't even the type to nitpick appearances.

There is no other board that is as autistic as lolcow. The lack of self awareness and embarrassing amount of unnecessary vitriol make us look so bad. None of it effects me as I've been on chans for years, but it's only when I come here that I and up rolling my eyes and I've been around since the inception.

No. 62235

I feel you, anons. I browse /pt/ and /snow/, but rarely ever jump in the conversations anymore due to the smallest nitpicking and/or constant mentioning of flaws being picked at that has already been said a thousand times over for certain e-celebs that get pushed as new thought-provoking and unique observations.

Countless times I have been met with shut up (e-celeb name here) or stop shitting up the thread with action to report for trying to give an alternative view, reasoning on why A is doing Y and Z, or go against the majority groupthink. Some anons will call it out, however, but it's becoming less often.

Drama itself has picked up a lot on the internet just in the past few years - reading about it, gossiping about it, keeping tabs. Hell, there's a whole new community on YouTube dedicated to it now. I've even seen this place mentioned or hinted at before on several forums (not kiwifarms) and even in YouTube comments, which of course, brings in new crowds who are unfamiliar with chans in general but love the idea of being anonymous and gossiping. Which, of course, ushers in some of the worst types of people.

Some of them don't even bother to detach their real name/personal life from this shit, either. They get bigheaded and leave their social media usernames in screencaps, and you go look at them and awe at the lack of self-awareness. It's worse when you find out that no, they're not 16-19 years old, but 26 and stalking some e-celeb's IG to leave snarky comments every day.

lolcow really is the most autistic chan I've ever been on, especially in its most recent years. I find our /pt/ to be more severe than 8ch's /cow/ when it had more traffic (like during the Peter Coffin drama), which says a lot.

No. 62237

I've seen middle-aged mums tear normal bloggers apart just for having money and being pretty. Check out Get Off My Internets, most people there are some flavour of idle SAHM and are in many respects even worse than lolcow, mostly because there's really nothing to nitpick, they usually just call everyone an ugly liar who ages badly and label their kids 'autistic'.

/pt/ usually isn't as bad as /snow/ since there's actual stuff to discuss, but in some threads it just ends up being a contest of who can think of the most original way to call someone ugly/plain/average if they truly have nothing at all to nitpick, like with some ironed out instamodels.

I used to like /g/ before it turned into 'muh abusive relationships and mental illness', and the only genuinely fascinating cows were CWC, Asha and Her Majesty Queen PT. And even that was mostly because nitpicking their looks was utterly pointless so the threads weren't spammed with PULL shit.

No. 62253

People on this site equate boob veins to saggy, aging ugly boobs. Then when fake boobs pop up, girls will think its real. Check the shoeonhead thread.

It's really funny.

No. 62260


to be honest this is the thing thats really getting to me lately, my ED made me loose a ton of weight and just with aging in general my boobs have gotten saggier then they where when i was 15 and its making me feel so bad about them im planning on getting surgery before i hit 25 (im 19)

ive always had visible veins all over my body too and i just feel so bad, i wish i could SEE other peoples boobs without being weird and when i see boobs that look like mine most of them are older than me and it makes me feel like i did something really wrong with my body.

anyone else have saggy titties? sage for stupid

No. 62261

GIRL you are 19, you are not aging, what the fuck

No. 62262

How is this chuunibyou syndrome? It's unrealistic to think that in our mid 20s, we magically:

Become mentally healthy
Accept any flaws, perceived or real
Start liking everyone (versus being angry, jealous, bitter, etc.)

And before anyone says otherwise, yes, I have a career and go out into the real world. I'm not terribly ugly, either, but I have a warped perception of my body and looks.

I just find that it's easier to let these feelings out anonymously here (and harshly, too) and on other imageboards versus places like instagram, FB, or even to my friends where I'll be judged personally.

No. 62263

i'm 20, and have disgustingly saggy boobs. i've always had boobs too large, and gained a lot of weight as a teenager. when i hit 18 i lost a huge amount of weight in a short time without exercising, so now my boobs are still big, but have deflated some and look like a 40 year old's. i hate the more than anything and hope to have surgery one day when i can afford it. so you're not alone. it sucks to be ashamed of your tiddy's at such a young age.

No. 62264

Just wondering how much weight are we talking here ?

No. 62265

Not that anon but you always pop up asking this question whenever someone says they've lost or gained a lot of weight.
You sound like a fetishist or an anachan and ofc no one will want to say.

No. 62266

I mean, that's still technically aging no matter how young they are.

No. 62267

You do realise that not everyone (actually most people) has those problems, right? Most regular people over 20 gradually grow to be okay with their bodies and faces and don't turn into bitter, immature people who need to vent on an imageboard full of mentally ill women just to stay sane. No, it doesn't 'magically' happen but what you're experiencing is not the norm. Sticking around here is just going to make your insecurities worse.

No. 62268

This is a good thread and after reading this and seeing an old article of people being a complete dick about this fat girls weight when she was just showing her prom dress and saying she was happy, I legit think I need to leave this place.

I had a lot of fun here but like this negativity and self loathing everyone projects is rubbing off on me whom already has psychological issues.

Idk. I feel like I'm too impressionable and my self image is declining so rapidly. I just wanted to post this to encourage anyone else to do the same if they have any doubts on whether or not this place affects them. The chance that it might at my current psyche is enough for me to push away.

No. 62271

I'm sick of threads about girls who won't dump their shitty boyfriend's. You guys are weak as fuck. Baww my bf fisted me when I didn't want to I'm so tired of it. Aww my bf treats me like a maid.

Like it's fucking pathetic.

No. 62274

Yup. Same with me, anon. I love lolcow, but I've noticed that I've been commenting less and less on here. I want to see this chan thrive even though /pt/ and /snow/ are my less frequented boards, but it's become hard. I hope the new team can help. Except for onion, Luna and every once in a while the camwhore thread, I don't care about drama. I think most people on here are delusional when it comes to looks, and think that everyone has to be super thin with a super smol face, and very perky tits. And usually an adorable uguu k-kawaii personal style to match, otherwise they're not attractive. That is unrealistic and sad to watch. I'm tired of reading that perfectly normal good looking girls are ugly as sin. Or that non skelly girls are fat or look saggy when they actually don't. And even if they did, as long as you're not an deformed obese cow, or have ungodly ugly features you can definitely be considered attractive and lots of people in the real world will think that you are, no matter what obsessed​ retards say online.

A couple days ago I read this derailing discussion about shaved/masculine jaws that was absolutely fucking pathetic and made me feel bad for all the farmers involved.

I believe the fisting post was just bait, but I agree that as a whole many anons on the board have shitty boyfriends who treat them like trash and they choose to stay with. that is ridiculous and sad. I know that ending a bad relationship can be complicated, but I avoid this type of person IRL so now I just skip the same type of post too. Idk what that has anything to do with nitpicking and aging but there lol

No. 62275

Most mid 20 year olds actually do become more accepting of the things they don't like about themselves. It's part of growing up and realizing some of the things they dislike about themselves actually don't mean much, or are actually pretty normal.

No. 62279

I agree with what everyone says here, however there's no point in shaming people or feeling bad yourselves. This place is pretty damn toxic and it only exaggerates beauty standards even more and upkeep terrible bad habits but I wouldn't blame the site entirely. It's a gossip site, and that itself is already bad news, and it will have nitpicking no matter how much people want to avoid it.

I originally got into this place, because I got interested and fascinated about how people openly said their feelings that you can't talk about in most platforms. Its actually interesting to see what people honestly thought about others, because everything on the surface is sugarcoated and responses are controlled. But in cases like this, especially gossip sites; it inevitably escalates to get worse. It's natural, seeing that girls are pretty damn catty. I've known people who gossip in rl just as bad (attractive or not) but worse because it ultimately got people fired or it personally affected them more, persons or whole groups, even their families. It's only human nature and people can move on and forgive themselves, it’s just an image board after all.

The reason I say this, is because these e-celebs, in most cases face the same amount of toxic gossiping whether its from lolcow or not. The majority of us can move away from this, and forget about it. These people unavoidably won't be able to move away from gossip in their inner circles or against competition. I honestly believe that some cows themselves, acquaintances or people within these circles participate just as much in this board. It only just gets more toxic and obnoxious when it becomes an open forum. These people in these type of industries promote the nitpicking, competition and it becomes almost part of the territory. If we only got ahold of what they text/say about each other behind closed doors, we’d see some pretty vile shit. I’m not justifying this site, a gossip site is already a weird and malicious thing to get involved with in the first place and its unsurprising that it got up to this point.

No. 62284

Really, it only takes some browsing on other chans for a few days to see just how embarrassing this board has become.
Nobody can have a mature discussion. Everything is constantly derailed into "fatty chan orc kill yourself blah blah blah." Lolcow threads are starting to sound more and more like schizophrenic pasta. You know it's bad when /b/ is a thousand times more calm and serene in comparison. Yikes.

No. 62286


i'm here because i'm terribly gossipy and i like seeing over-entitled, spoiled, garbage people getting torn down, but i always attributed the excessive meanness to the chan culture. i had no idea it was that bad lol.

No. 62292

Same, and most of the people I know irl don't know about these cows so I can't talk to anyone about it when they do something ridiculous.

I don't even care if people think the cows are ugly because of their personality or whatever reason, but I have no interest in "She's so fat and ugly, wtf is that potato nose" or "Omg her nasolabial folds, she's aging SO badly!" Especially when it's likely normal-looking girls making these comments about other normal looking-girls.

Chans are hyper critical by nature, but imo stuff like that isn't even a discussion about anything and it just repeats over and over. It's even worse because it started as a meme, but now a lot of the posters actually think this way and it's super embarrassing. It really sucks because a lot of these cows are actually very milky and worthy of discussion, but the whole board is just infested with this shit posting.

No. 62293

File: 1496611006339.png (209.2 KB, 633x653, Clipboard01111.png)

>A couple days ago I read this derailing discussion about shaved/masculine jaws

You mean this one, right? My eyes can not roll back far enough.

No. 62294

I'd say the worse threads we have are Dakota's, League's, Gaijin in Japan's, Lilypichu's and Ahripop's. Lock these threads and the spergs will go away

No. 62310

Yep, that was the derailed thread I was talking about. Ridiculous.

No. 62313

It's funny when they say stuff like in your picture, because not even those Asian girls look like that.

No. 62315


i partially disagree. i check out most of the active threads and they're everywhere. for example in Moomoo thread everyone repeatedly says that they're criticising her not because of her size but her personality. but even when she's acting like a dumbass wearing crappy costumes, all the comments are "omg she's so fat, she has linebacker shoulders, her boobs are veiny, she has cellulite". tearing down her public pictures and posts, even her patreon content is one thing but now people are sneaking pictures of her in the wild just to rag on how she looks. wasn't this all about her crappy personality? gossip is fun but we're getting stalkerish, just like some cows blame us to be. it's not hard to see why these people are weird about aging and looks.

on the other hand, this behaviour can partially blamed on the absence of real milk though. i feel like people are learning to be careful on the internet, especially if they're cultivating a persona and now all we have left to criticise is the regular dumb, vain things everyone with internet access does.

sorry for this off-topic fucking essay, i'm of course saging it.

No. 62318


i'm actually okay with teenagers being dumb and i don't wanna criticise them too much, because it's the correct age to be dumb and experimental (i'm glad that lolcow has an over-16 age restriction, and i hope admin-chans bring it up to 18). people who play it too safe in their teens turn out to be bigger losers or weirdos because they didn't learn enough from experience in their formative years. like, i don't understand the point of Jillian thread at all; she's an 19 year old trying new things and trying to be somebody. what if she's spending her family's money (another thing i don't understand, most farmers seem to think that it's disgusting not to be financially independent by 18, which is something inconceivable in most cultures and countries) that is willingly given to her and taking some risks with her clothes that she won't be able to take later in life? the problem is, though, once something is online it stays online and people hold you accountable for it for years, even if you grew and changed and most people WILL dig it up and put it in your face.

No. 62323

I'm sort of biased because Jill annoys me (not to the point I actively wait for new posts in her thread like with Momo or something), but she doesn't even take advantage of the opportunities around her, like going to Japan just for shopping or planning to apply to programs that are low-effort or she doesn't even qualify for. I agree with your other points, though. She's not very milky, just an embodiment of lost opportunities, which is very personal to me, since I had a roughly similar situation as Jill.

Momo's thread was my favorite but now it's increasingly going overboard with people feet away taking candids of her to upload online for the thread to rip apart.

No. 62331

This exactly. I dont think all the nitpicking stops in certain boards, and locking those boards I doubt will prevent future behaviour like it anyways. It only encourages toxic nitpicking for a target few and others will continue to nitpick anyways.

No. 62332

Admin said (in /meta/) they'll take some action and there's going to be another hellweek. Let's hope for the best

No. 62492


I wish we could just agree like, okay she's fucking fat, let's talk about something else. Like it seems like all we talk about is people being ugly and thats why people are noticing its making them feel worse about their own self image. there's just no fucking milk besides cellulite, smile lines, and being fat for a lot of snows and cows currently and its just gonna get worse

No. 62846

other thread's locked, so i'll put my post here
>Asian sunscreens are the best, I quite like Biore Sarasara Aqua Rich Watery Essence. To protect skin when you go out would just to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, wear sunglasses, and a hat. Also long layers can help as well.
i'm always hearing people rave about asian products (sunscreens, masks, etc) and i'd like to try some stuff but where do i look? do i have to shop on gook sites? i don't understand a lick of moonspeak. and i know some stuff is available on amazon but i heard they're marked up/more expensive. that true?

No. 62895

Maybe this will be of help to you

No. 62898

Really depends on where you live. I find my stuff in Asian malls. Check if there's any Asian shops close to you. Otherwise Amazon is good, it's hard to recommend things when you don't state where you're located.

No. 62900

File: 1497387002896.jpg (275.22 KB, 945x1595, c.jpg)

>I'd say the worse threads we have are Dakota's

I'm glad some monitoring is being done, but things are SO bad in Dakota's thread that i doubt it can be helped at this point. 90% of the anons that go there regularly are the problem. I loved gossiping about Dakota and her shoops since PULL and it was one of my favorite threads, but I can't go there anymore because of the eyerolling bullshit. i'm almost afraid to say this so bluntly but jealous girls are using her threads as a playground to feed off each other's nitpicking and speculations. if you don't agree that she's broke poor, fucking her manager for money, that she looks 40, is still a loner with no friends, is a fat balding hambeast, her career is ending, and she's below-average hideous without photoshop you'll be met with extreme hostility, insults and the inevitable "hi kaka".

I can't help but be reminded of Flan. remember? she used to talk some high shit about Dakota, and it turned out she was secretly obsessed with her.

sage for OT

No. 62901

>tfw youre admitting of being a pulltard
>tfw youre saying sage but not actually doing it

No. 62915

what is flan up to nowadays?

No. 62964

Honestly i still love lolcow for all the entertainment but it's getting quite jarring. Everyone just wants to pick apart a cow's appearence when milk isn't flowing. /snow/ is particularly bad about it, since a lot of threads focus on literally just that, no milk, no drama, just "lol look @ her arm fat lmao she looks haggard oh my god have you guys seen those cottage cheese thighs". And then there's /pt/ but like… Momo's thread is somehow always derailed with "LOOK LIPO SCARS" "LOL LOOK HOW FAT SHE IS" "BITCH NEEDS LIP FILLERS/RHYNOPLASTY" and that's just the most proeminent example, in Luna's thread a LOT of the posts are about how fatty/uggo she is.
Nowadays there's few threads with relatively good, interesting flow, like Onision for example.

No. 62972

fuck off newfag

No. 62980


The fuck is wrong with being from pull, like half of the people here goes there. stfu

No. 63055

The only newfag i see that hasn't lurked enough in either /snow/ ou the aforementioned threads to see the pattern is you, sorry fam.

No. 63063

Agree with you 100% anon, the faglette calling you new sounds like one of those nitpickers who gets salty hearing about how their posts are petty and uninteresting.

No. 63066

lol what who said its too perky must be implants?

No. 63068

Ignore the spergs that think that being from PULL i bad. They've taken this meme too seriously.

No. 63076

Mystery's thread comes to mind

No. 63094

Except it was revealed in her own posts when mods tagged them that she had plastic surgeries, so…

No. 63146

Yes, but some anons didn't know that and were still commenting that her tits looked saggy, then another said they're too perfect and don't even look real, then when it was confirmed they started saying they look botched.

No. 63381

>Luna's thread
That's the fucking worst, Luna's gross hypocrisy and attention whoring can spawn up genuine milk sometimes, but all anybody will latch onto are her brassy undertones or weight gain. That shit is ok when part of a longer post but a whole thread of minor nitpicking on someone who is essentially a junkie is so unwarranted
the mods must be sick of my petty reports, but I hope you report the nitpicking too

No. 66509

The nitpicking about aging has really increased these past few weeks, hopefully it's just summer kids
I don't want to report it all in case the mods get annoyed at me for being a triggered old lady

No. 66531

File: 1502745639106.jpg (118.54 KB, 1300x867, 29332571-Worried-about-acne-Fr…)

>mf after browsing lolcow
>"is that a nasolabial fold coming in?"

No. 66534

Yeah, it's like hell week never even happened, tbh. I gave up reporting them after a while because I just didn't see the point, though I get that mods have lives outside of this place. Just sucks scrolling through comment after comment about how normal-looking 20-somethings look so saggy/manly/old for their age.

No. 66546

>Is it just me or do a lot of people here have really warped ideas of how people should look when they're in their 20s?
>It's like some of you think women should look like perpetual teenagers until they hit 30 or something.

Jokes on you, i look like i am still a teen, and i am, like, soon 30.
Best way to boost my ego is just buy some liquor and get asked for papers.

No. 66551

keep humblebragging anon, i bet no one is tired of it :)

No. 66552

Well not really, our body only starts dying at around 25.

No. 66554

Don't forget "hip dips".

No. 66557

That's what violin hips are

No. 66567

File: 1502842870680.jpg (28.82 KB, 650x400, 1491709934864.jpg)

Does anyone genuinely have an old hag face, like me? I'm in my early 20s. I look older than my age, and I use sunscreen, get lots of rest, don't drink or do drugs, etc. But people keep thinking I look older and they ask me if I have kids. Sometimes I look at my face in one of those little mirrors that sort of distort your face, and I look like a 40-year old woman trying to regain her lost youth.

No. 66568

that sucks! what do you think it is? bone structure? skin? the dreaded nasolabial folds?

No. 66569

I think it's bone structure, I obsess over my skincare routine and using sunscreen all the time and I don't have any wrinkles… but once I start developing them, it's all over. Might as well start grabbing the senior discount for everything.

No. 66575


while male boards often have lower standards, the amounts they go to just because they find a woman unattractive is ridiculous, lolcow even has the decency and empathy to make rules against revenge porn like mysterys, doxxing, finding family members, etc

lolcow has some shit it needs to fix but male boards need WAY more moderation and some morals

No. 66584

also calling out derailing/deleting threads if the only recurring criticism against the person is that they're ugly. many men will treat being an ugly woman as morally reprehensible and have 0 self awareness about it.

No. 66593


People all my life have told me I look older due to my bone structure. Thankfully it's only a couple of years but I have these big ass cheekbones that give me sunken cheeks and a sharp nose. I have a good skin care routine so I just hope I don't age like my mum because her skin is really weird and got really meh but my dad who I got most of my dominant genes from has amazing skin so I hope I'm fine.

Only thing I dread are my under eye circles and wrinkles. It's premature for sure but I had lots of allergies as a kid and would constantly ruby eyes not knowing that tugging the skin would cause wrinkles rip. At least no crows feet aha

No. 66630

A lot of places card people who look under 40. So you might not really look as young as you think. If your still getting carded at 40+, then you can brag.

No. 66634

>mfw my fat wrinkly mom got carded the other week and she is visibly over 40
people who card are such bullshitters.

No. 66636

i have heard of people doing that to older women to make them feel good

No. 66637

File: 1502935832448.jpg (61.79 KB, 1132x750, maxresdefault.jpg)

>tfw when I'm a pimply faced bitch with cystic acne but everyone thinks I have normal skin with one or two pimples every now and then because I'm good at makeup and I wanna be able to go to the gym and store without makeup but I can because I'm ugly
>tfw lolcow would have a mental breakdown if they saw my face
>tfw when I'd kill to have skin like this because it's nothing compared to what I have

No. 66639


Tbh I don't know if the twenty something year old cashier at Walgreens gives a shit about your dumbass ego and is just carding any and everyone who's trying to buy booze or cigs to protect cover their asses and protect their shitty part time jobs.

No. 66640

File: 1502938585567.png (243.59 KB, 517x468, 1502399249756.png)

can you go to the gym at weird times, like early morning or the late evening?
if it makes you feel any better, most of the people at my gym don't look like beautiful chads and staceys. it's mostly older men and women who are focused on themselves. people only notice you if you stink really badly. people just want to listen to their music.
i feel the same way about my acne scars, but i've been going to the gym, and the more i go, the less awkward i feel. i know it's silly, but i've been wearing eyeliner+mascara, in addition to translucent powder+sunscreen just so i don't feel totally ugly. but i used to not be able to go outside without FULL MAKEUP, like foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. but now i feel like there's a huge weight off my back now that i don't have to wear so much makeup outside.
best of luck, anon <3

No. 66680

isotretinoin or BPO regime, my friend

No. 66681


LMAOO girl wtf. You aren't special. Literally no one gives a shit about you at the gym unless you have a nice ass. Most guys will probably give a quick glance when you walk in the door because everyone does when the door opens but no one gives a shit. They're either checking their form in the mirror or on their phones.

Literally no one cares what you look like at the gym because it's the fucking gym. I don't see how you girls go with a full face of makeup it would be so disgusting to sweat in that and clog your pores up. I just fill in my eyebrows and apply mascara and I'm good to go. Honestly anon, that should be the one place where you can let your skin breathe besides the gym. Putting on so much makeup will just make it worse

No. 66683

Not American but here we do it because we have to card anyone who looks under 40 and if we don't we get sacked. Simple as. We do still get the odd 'teehee you carded me!' comment but I just assume they're deeply insecure about getting older and grasping for straws, or just painfully out of touch.

No. 66684

It's the same way in the US. Most places that sell liquor REQUIRE you to card anyone who "looks like they could be under 30" so really only people who look visibly middle aged and older will never or rarely get carded. If someone cards you and you're 21-30 they're just following rules and regulations, it doesn't mean they think you look underage.

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