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File: 1634201138728.jpeg (590.5 KB, 750x1203, 181D5A69-F05E-4C93-84F6-465BB7…)

No. 1347157

Winona Brooks, aka Cheyenne Green, or Winona Green (Basically, a woman of many names!) is LilBoWeep (Or LilBoTweak to one anon, including me.) or Unaloon. She's 21/23-year-old "Influencer" / "Musician" / "Contortionist" / Photoshop abuser / Junkie / GoFundMe E-Begger / Scammer on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, Depop, Apple Music and other platforms who is from Australia.
She has 176k followers on Instagram, and also sells bad porn on OnlyFans, some of which being filmed with Steven Moses (stevenmoses99 on Instagram and Twitter), LilBoTweak's ex (but then, current) boyfriend, who's another wannabe musician.
LilBoTweak cannot take any accountability whatsoever. If people point out the holes in her stories, or points out her lies, or asks why things she sold to people haven't been sent - the comments get deleted.
LilBoTweak claims to have a lot of medical issues, like lupus, holes in her stomach, an immune disorder, and even had to beg her followers for money to get surgery to get tubes implanted in her ears. Who knows if that surgery ever happened, but it certainly wasn't the only GoFundMe she started during the pandemic.
She's currently back in Australia after being stuck in America during the Pandemic, and ever since her return, she's claiming to be pregnant! Even though the baby bump photos are almost all heavily shopped, and on her friend's (@ArsonAffinity on Instagram) live's there's never a bump, and on the pictures posted of LilBoTweak there isn't. And since coming back to Australia, she's doing doing a lot of whippets, even posting pictures with her friend doing them. And yes, she's been stupid enough to be posting them even after posting about her 'pregnancy' on Twitter and Instagram.

Social Media Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiLBoWeep?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
TikTok: Was "Theplayboywasteland"
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmFqCFdxLINRT-fPbGpj-9A

Previous Threads:
Thread #1: >>>/snow/982637
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1206481

No. 1347175

File: 1634203829707.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x1219, IMG_20211014_141653.jpg)

this junkie is legitimately trying to say this isnt the same crackhouse she was doing drugs at earlier with her "creative" and "loving" and "oh so caring" friends

and shes in the comments telling people it's not edited and that shes losing weight.

please die, winona. youre a terrible liar and a general piece of shit.

No. 1347177

File: 1634204004330.jpg (75.6 KB, 1080x574, Screenshot_2021-10-14-14-15-59…)


her comment replying to someone calling out that god awful editing.

bitch, you fool no one.

not to mention anyone notice she took the gofundme about steven out her bio?

scammy little cunt much. steven needs to grow balls and sue her for every centrelink penny shes got.

No. 1347179

File: 1634204241418.jpg (503.79 KB, 1080x1529, IMG_20211014_200616.jpg)

Straight up replasing crackhead vibes in her new post without caking her god with it. Cant edit videos the same way you can with photos, can you Winona?

Man, drugs made her so much uglier. No filter or amount of editing can save those sunken in lifeless eyeballs.

No. 1347186

File: 1634204953832.jpg (569.74 KB, 1026x1653, IMG_20211014_201843.jpg)

that's not your soulmate tweak.. that's more like a mirror image

No. 1347187

File: 1634205014668.jpg (462.2 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_2021-10-14-20-20-20…)

No. 1347189

File: 1634205184240.jpg (742.28 KB, 1080x2128, Screenshot_2021-10-14-20-21-43…)

No gofundme on her Linktree anymore, go figure.

Probably realized that was the amount she was getting and no one else gives a fuck especially to cough up such an absorbant amount for absolutely nothing but her own narcissitic existence pretending shes doing anything to help anyone or anything except her drug addiction.

No. 1347191

File: 1634205564936.jpg (53.36 KB, 1200x630, sahartabar.jpg)

Legit thought this was Sahar Tabar

No. 1347194

ugh as soon as stevens new gal posted about her photography and how in love her and steven are, she insists on having her own drugged out photo shoot.
At least the new one chick can edit her pics, lbw looks like a tweaker trying to get onlyfans money for drugs…oh wait.
Also can we take a minute to appreciate all the horrific editing to try and make her look skeletal AND artsy!? what absolute creative genius and not at all a quick attempt to get back at your ex.

No. 1347203


I wonder if anyone will let dave navarro know that lbw scammed him out of a bunch of money publicly lol

No. 1347232

File: 1634210228960.jpeg (361.36 KB, 1241x1950, DCBE2B94-06FB-452C-BA29-C4EA47…)

Thanks for making the new thread nonnie, she's clearly been going off the rails somewhat, impulsive hair dying and piercings kek, looks like a lot of her following isn't buying it anymore, it seems like most people stuck around for the shitshow and thats it - her drug related posts get like triple the interaction than anything else she posts kek. Comments on this pic >>1347175 she's clearly not healthy

No. 1347264

File: 1634215455142.jpeg (1.53 MB, 3464x3464, 17DA8ACA-6915-4FE8-8D99-868B93…)

Live on tiktok doing poppers and has previously been snorting with all that white up her nose kek so sober

No. 1347265

hanging out in your friends crack-den taking photos on your phone doesn't make it a photoshoot nor does it make you a model. she wishes she amounted to anything. not gonna lie i could sweat half her audience is bought. no one gives a shit unless its "muh relapse muh ana ana chan U DONT KNOW ME"

so much for being an artist when no one gives a shit about your so called "talent" or "creativity". we all here to watch the downhill spiral, even the ones who claim to like her are silently judging her only care about her demise.

grow up lilbotweaker, fucken' crackie. what a fucken' attention whoring cooked thing she is.

clean ya car too.

No. 1347268

the white blocks around her eyebrows cause the bleach

her new hair and eyebrows look sooooo stupid and ugly omg! didnt think she could make herself look worse but boy she proved me wrong over an over

No. 1347313

>14 viewers
>13 viewers

No. 1347324

File: 1634221622885.jpeg (666.61 KB, 1241x1983, 85F5FF59-30D9-469B-9326-18EF54…)

She really has somehow managed to look worse than when she was deep in her fentanyl addiction in LA, pic related - I don't think there's a straight line on those tiles whatsoever, her hair is fried and the editing on her face is just abhorrent the bitch looks like some sort of disproportionate basement dweller. Astounding how she can deteriorate so quickly with regards to pretty much every aspect of her life I wonder what her future plans are

No. 1347425

She actually looks like she’s possessed. Dead eyes. Addiction ate her soul and the person she used to be is gone.

No. 1347460

I don’t follow her threads what the fuck is that picture hahahahaha what was she doing what is that

No. 1347474

Some anon said she looked like gollum in the last thread, must be her way of coping and proving she reads here often.

No. 1347551

File: 1634232197298.jpg (103.02 KB, 828x1792, 245408192_1492933991079653_832…)

i recorded her cutting and dying her hair. she looked pretty high and it seems like she has stuff in her nose from snorting

No. 1347770

It’s dexamphetamine. Moved from opiates to amphetamines.

No. 1347996


obviously amphetamines. she's in australia literally awake ALL night almost every night. been like that all week.

No. 1348016


anyone watched her new rant about climate change and straws? she has a horrible filter on and basically tries to be funny while talking about how there "should be different options" for cups
THERE ARE you're just too high to know that there are other options. I dont know why she fakes an interest in climate disaster while smoking cigs/vapes, buying a car, using so many fkn whippits, and hoarding bullshit glitter and fast fashion. Her entire existence is based on getting non-sustainable things consistently.
FFS she sees ONE thing about climate change and, like she does with everything, assumes it as her identity for 3 days before going back to being scum.

No. 1348018


i'm so happy to see that she's abusing prescription pills again!! i was worried she would go back to opiates, but she hasn't fucked around with amphetamines yet!!
wonder which of her mates pretends to have ADHD to get dexies and sell them to her.

No. 1348023

samefag but another one of weeps friends is uprooting her life and moving to QLD? Why does this seem to be a pattern

No. 1348026

her new brows REALLY emphasize how fucked her sunken in eyes and bags from her drug addictions are, yuck is all i can say

No. 1348043


"Like I don't want to be on this planet anymore" – BoTweaker

Then kill yourself, our planet doesn't want you.

She literally does not give a shit about the environment. I bet she doesnt even recycle. Everything she buys is wrapped in fucking plastic but shes never once opened her trap about it. What about all the shit your drugs come in? The boxes? The blister packets? Man the ugliest type of hypocrite junkie.

I cant even imagine how much toxic waste she produces in the world alongside the shit she likes to call "content", "art, or "music".

Speaking of- her voice is so gross to hear whine on live without her autotune and horrible enhanced whind chime backdrops.

No. 1348050

File: 1634278398785.jpeg (300.96 KB, 827x1448, 40402BDA-F6AB-4EAB-89D3-1C2E47…)

Arson posted this too? So confused because @baby_kittenn_ is the friend that is moving

No. 1348053


as soon as she said "i don't want to be on this planet anymore" i was like, okay so you've discovered a meme from 10 years ago while describing something that everyone has known for an equal amount of time.

And yeah, what about all the shit she puts out into the world? her shitty bedazzling? the non-biodegradable glitter? The vapes? the fucking weird shit she gets when she's off her face to try and look cool? How about how much paper she uses making her shitty artwork to cover walls? What about using polaroids even though they're wasteful?

Stay in your lane, tryhard tweak.

No. 1348054

File: 1634278585226.jpg (106.14 KB, 640x1138, 8loDgAy70s.jpg)


Yeah, @baby_kittenn_ uploaded this. Pretty sure she's sick of weep too.
Oh, peek the crushed dexies on the table

No. 1348056

File: 1634278620281.jpg (92.69 KB, 640x1138, W1KAKPnG9O.jpg)

No. 1348059

also, she's going live tonight on her tiktok to talk about her poetry book. If you're nice and send her gifts thru the live, you're gonna get a discount on her handwritten book!
pls ebeg harder weep, we know the gofund me didnt get you enough $$ to buy ketamine, fent, dexies, cigarettes, AND help someone other than yourself.
Please can someone record the live tonight? i won't be able to.

No. 1348066


imagine thinking anyone would give a fuck about her "poetry book". shes not famous, barely even z list. shes a flop from adelaide.

and holy fuck, the ebegging is real. love how she took the gofundme of her linktree.

imagine if she actually needed help for something like surgery that could save her life oneday? no one would donate because the rep shes given herself lmao

No. 1348068

YOOOO this bitch gives off WANNABE grimes vibes

and thats not a compliment to either of them, clowns lol

No. 1348069

File: 1634281170889.jpg (1 MB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_2021-10-15-17-28-45…)


she straight up deleted that post from her feed(don't use emojis)

No. 1348071

File: 1634281885971.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_2021-10-15-17-33-41…)

"i will be making multi-series Book some of my poetry through my healings you're my toxic relationships, drugs addictions, learnings, spirituality, philosophy, perception, AI and technology etc"

1. stop trying to act like you're an intellectual you cracked out tweaker.

2. she's either high as fuck and cant form a fucking sentence at the moment or proof read anything

3. actually try read it how shes written it, to see how cooked it actually sounds

No. 1348074


Tweak got high, realised she didnt have enough money to front her dealer, decided to revive the fkn bullshit book idea so that she can afford to live beyond her means yet again

she isn't an artist or anything, she's a disappointment who constantly tries to justify herself by being hurt and being sad but nah…she's too high to process any form of trauma

she's not sober, she's not helping herself, she's fucking up her own family, and she is trying to manipulate it all again to help her.

on a different note, i get the feeling that she's gonna continue to pretend she's only using tumblr so she can claim that she has brought it back, single-handedly. Like how she created E-girls and totally influenced a bunch of ACTUAL artists who are ACTUALLY famous.

No. 1348075

File: 1634282859943.jpeg (99.75 KB, 1125x656, 5CDD849B-4587-4ACC-8AD4-1614F3…)

No. 1348076

Peep the comments on her latests posts, people pointing out her relapse.
Its good to see she's getting called out on her bullshit.

No. 1348083

File: 1634284125394.png (3.14 MB, 900x1800, C15BE776-342A-437A-9059-6922DD…)

“I’m sick of people accusing me of photoshopping my Body”
The Wall doesn’t even Line up with the corner

No. 1348087

File: 1634284558094.jpg (185.19 KB, 1080x1217, PicsArt_10-15-06.21.45.jpg)

just have to put this here again

since shes on the whole "i make my edits obvious when i edit but i have not been editing any of my photo so stop saying i am"

and telling people shes not edited a photo when she obviously has.

i doubt she has any issues with an eating disorder, lying bitch.

its an insult to people who DO have eating disorders. youre just a fucking junkie fiend and the drugs keep you skinny you rancid cow. xx

hope you see this tweaker, you're literally rancid and disgusting

get off social medie and shut the fuck up if you cant handle critisism.

you're the one who posts everything you do day to day including your personal life you attention whoring fat fucking milky cow.

No. 1348089

"ive been in the industry for a while now i can handle it"

no, youre not in any industry you washed up gollum looking fuck.

you've been on the INTERNET.

fucking poser.

No. 1348100


plus she makes it everyone's business?? like fucks sake, no one wants to look at someone struggling and lying for attention. But when you do it so frequently and glamorise the worst shit (addiction, ED's) then YEAH its our business too.

Stop putting fake pictures of yourself online so that people are triggered into a relapse of some kind, bitch just TELL PEOPLE YOU FUCKING EDIT.

I mean, struggling is one thing but lying about it to try and get clout is literally the worst thing you can do for the minors who for some reason love you. God i wish i could believe she cared about anyone at all but herself, but i can't. She just acts like the people in the psych ward who were diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathic tendencies.

At least arson learned something and got some kind of help, this bitch is spiralling and telling us she's on top of the world

No. 1348101

"if youre triggered by something don't look at it"


No. 1348102

can someone please record her live for me?

No. 1348103


No. 1348105

File: 1634287233511.jpg (653.84 KB, 1072x1423, IMG_20211015_190207.jpg)

shes sounds high as FUCK in her live

that poor girl who is getting her hair done is screaming "HELP ME" every 30 seconds with her eyes. she cant even see what the tweakers doing to the back of her head.

tweak is so busy talking and rambling away shes paying absolutely no mind to the bleach on shes put directly on the back of that girls head. bet she hasnt even got any idea how long its been in for.

que the hair being bright orange and snapping and falling out so shes forced into the haircut tweak was trying to peer pressure her into in the first place.

that girl does NOT look impressed whatsoever, hope she does chop her hair off and make herself look like her cracked out friends. it's disgusting.

No. 1348110


dude that poor girls gonna get burns to her scalp
i can't see it damn it

No. 1348111


its not even interesting shes just ruining her "friends" hair

No. 1348114

shes so fucking high in her live lmao disgusting slurring her words, bullshit shes sober jesus christ that bitch is a bartard

No. 1348115

omg hearing her talk like she knows anything about hair is painful

she's actually delusional and so stupid

No. 1348117


um excuse me shes over 170 days sober with 0 slip ups and ketamine is RECOVERY KETAMINE

lmao she really thinks shes smart enough to hide her relapses but then goes on live like a clown

No. 1348119

"send roses so we can pay our bills"

get a job you disgusting fucking centrelink junkie

No. 1348122


bitch go back onto OF, you happily sell your body and soul for drug money

No. 1348123


30 minutes later ATLEAST

shes still bleaching NEW bits of her hair

cant wait to see the burns, the breaking and falling out.

No. 1348125


a moment of silence for the wrecked hair, that girls sanity, a blow up, and the resulting breakdown of weep who will somehow be victim in this.

No. 1348128


amen poor girl

No. 1348129

how are you that fucking broke you need to use coles shopping bags as hair foils?

holy fuck you ebeg THAT much and youre still a bogan who cant even afford some alfoil.

p.s the one bleaching just admitting to using benzos are dexies

they're all a bunch of rat junkies on centrelink. hopeless fucking losers. beg more maybe you can buy a $2 roll of aluminium

No. 1348131


please, lets not be rude….those on centrelink tend to have more self respect. And the common sense to deal what you take. Weep could NEVER.

No. 1348132


same sage

i have nothing against anyone on centrelink. just those who use it to abuse drugs and the system exactly like these girls do. they're junkies who refuse to get off their asses and work for anything. beg beg beg.(learn2sage)

No. 1348134


i completely agree, at least the druggies I know on centrelink find other forms of income(i mean selling weed but its still better than ebegging). These chicks wouldn't know how to work as anything, ever. Arson could at least dance.
These chicks can't even disappoint their parents right.

No. 1348135

Learn to sage and stop samefagging retard you’re shitting up the thread

No. 1348156

those cheeks and bangs.. I guess the crustie larp era has begun. Anyway what is with all the unhinged samefagging, someone just discovered the thread?

No. 1348170

File: 1634296778235.jpeg (142.69 KB, 828x817, 69C59378-B915-45C6-80D7-C7EFF8…)

This is 5 days ago. She made herself look completely cracked up overnight

No. 1348178

File: 1634298048100.jpeg (1 MB, 3464x3464, 382CA644-1119-44D8-BD6A-DFE73E…)

Kek its almost impressive how quickly she's fucked up her appearance, somehow she didn't look this bad back in LA and she looked like a mess a lot then, she has to be editing everything when she's absolutely cracked out because this is just a joke she makes herself look a thousand times worse when she edits those stupid bug eyes

No. 1348264

File: 1634313552447.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 7AFBEB2E-2818-47F6-BD15-16A602…)

now it's ”relapsed on ketamine” lmfao

No. 1348267

She literally snorted a white powder substance on live on tiktok a few hours ago. She said it was her ADHD medication and that it hits her harder that way if she snorts it.

No. 1348284

File: 1634316524815.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3464x3464, 1C306F3A-2BCF-4E87-B7B0-5CA499…)

My screen recording of that part of the live didn't save sadly, but she was sniffing it plainly in view kek I don't think she's slept for at least a day or two at this point. The live generally was pretty boring, she's claiming she's going to charge between 100 and 150 (dollars) for her book "due to them being handmade" whilst begging her 30 viewers to send gifts on tiktok for discounts on her book and a follow back kek

No. 1348293

Aaron carter? That’s Aaron carter.

No. 1348348

I think we struck a nerve Nonnies


No. 1348422


she's a fucking idiot. Dexies don't hit harder if you snort them, you actually tend to waste them more. She's full of shit.
And this is coming from an ADHD person who is on dexamphetamines daily, actually prescribed and diagnosed though….LBW just wants to snort shit

No. 1348423


i would hope that us striking a nerve stopped her, but it probably encourages her

No. 1348427

File: 1634331054530.jpg (128.7 KB, 640x1138, ZkKRsZW30F.jpg)

samefag but @baby_kittenn_ talking about leaving adelaide and having an awful weekend…which i'm fairly sure she spent with weep and her weeping tweakers.

No. 1348439

Another lie. Winona you don’t have fucking ADHD. Those guys she’s always with, they have scrips.

No. 1348521

In her tiktok live that @p1easeg0away was repeating messages to Weep that (I assume) are from@baby_kittenn_ that i'd guess is relating to the situation with Arson as Weep mentions something about "she stalks me and she knows I take (blank)", idk it's pretty hard to make out what's said

No. 1348527


thank you nonnie! yeah, so hard to make out but i think i agree with you. It seems wild to me that weep thinks people stalk her when she updates the world on her life 24/7 on at least 4 different platforms.
I feel bad for koma though, she seems to be doing alright now she's away from weep and weep seems obsessed with bringing her name down. Just let the girl live

No. 1348572

How about her pretending to eat in her recent ig story??? Wtf is her problem

No. 1348599

Bailey says: “She said (@baby_kittenn_) she wants to keep talking to Koma because that’s her place to stay when she moves and she needs…”
Didn’t catch the very last word
So Koma is being used by @baby_kittenn_.

No. 1348646


or, maybe arson is self aware enough to understand @baby_kittenn_ actually needs help and to get away, regardless of if it is a form of using her. maybe she understands from experience how bad it can get and wants to help someone else out of that hole.

i doubt @baby_kittenn would be a bad influence to arson compared to how tweak is to all the people around her.

No. 1348655

> Arson is self aware enough
That’s a funny joke. Koma is a mess.

No. 1348659


keyword is enough lol

No. 1348669

File: 1634359153359.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 7D59688C-B877-4D4C-9835-29EC65…)


No. 1348673

Total tinfoil but I find it so weird how she’s almost repositioning herself as some kind of holier-than-thou guru. Her new aesthetic is also a weird mishmash of her new friends looks, although (of course) she’s being even more extra because she always has to do “the most”, be the most zany, most out there, etc etc. some of her “you don’t know me” spergs sound like she’s rehearsed it with someone & then came back and word vomited it on stories. Idk man.

No. 1348681

File: 1634359957533.jpg (452.37 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_2021-10-16-15-17-56…)


>2017 lilbotweak pov looking at lilbotweaker tweaking in 2021.

am just havin a giggle m8

No. 1348695

Why she look like unicorn Lucinda

No. 1348701

File: 1634361660126.jpeg (338.66 KB, 750x1056, E4156E0C-49C6-4B78-867A-6C51B2…)


She literally said like a week or so ago that she doesn’t do dexies. Now she has ADHD & racks them? Lying yet again, yikes.

No. 1348705

i said this upthread kek. the first picture she also looks like holli/heroingranola the lilith calf

No. 1348710


Or some kinda cracked out garden gnome.

No. 1348738


Not particularly milky. Weep doing a GRWM while running 5 hours late for “work”. People start calling her out in the comments re. the Moses go fund me money

No. 1348740

File: 1634367731333.jpeg (253.12 KB, 827x1459, 09CCCBAA-651A-4379-BC31-01E182…)

She said she hasn’t slept at all for two days and that she’s 5 hours late for ~work~
Who would even let this junkie work for them?

No. 1348742


she made a live and here she is addressing a comment about her making her personal life everybody’s business.
But of course, this is aaaaall about the „victims“ and not her at all

No. 1348755

File: 1634370276468.jpeg (215.72 KB, 827x1467, 766AAD57-28DD-43BC-BB5E-0AC9D5…)

White dropped out of her nose on live and she was like
> Oh my god guys it’s Ritalin I’m not a drug addict I have ADHD
So embarrassing honestly

No. 1348759


i wish i was there to see that omfg lol(ban evading newfag)

No. 1348769

No. 1348774


It's so funny because snorting dexies doesn't end with it falling out your nose. Snorting ket/low grade coke/opiates that make your nose run? yeah. Thats the shit that comes out of your nose.
Also she's in australia, its not fucking ritalin. The doses that actually help you/get you methy (concerta etc) have to go through a process to be crushed properly. And bitch cant hold a conversation, we know she can't do this.

Please can people screencap her comments when people call her out? she keeps deleting like the tweaker she is.

No. 1348776

oh yeah, and she is wrong about dexies(bitch its DEXIES) absorbing faster through the nose - she's just trying to look cool.

Checked with pharmacists who laughed because they know that tryhards snort dexies because they're convinced its cool and a party drug.

Weep get "tryhard" tatted on your forehead, its the best warning you can give people when they first meet you.

No. 1348783

jesus this thread is full of the samefagging retard who can't seem to figure out how to sage. embarrassing that they think its not obvious. i'm surprised the mods havent done something about it kek

No. 1348785


then tell them or report jesus man

No. 1348789

?? you must be legitimately retarded

No. 1348791


bit drunk but nah, thx for the concern bb

No. 1348798

File: 1634378767626.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, E27E3526-ED5A-45F4-9A0D-3E9ED9…)

Sperg sorry, but bullshit with Steven & bringing “justice” against him was still being discussed a month ago. She was still talking about her “miscarriages” a month ago. Beef with Koma - a month ago. She made all this stuff other people’s business & now it’s “don’t comment on my private life, u don’t know me”. Hilarious.

You can dye your hair & smear brown crap on your face but you’re still the same person who did this stuff & you opened it up for public debate.

No. 1348800

Random and idk if arson has save the live but a few days or so ago? She had a live talking bout how she wanted her dimples re pierced. Winona literally got hers done the next day….

No. 1348806


she has no original thought and is dumb enough to take credit for others ideas so yeah i see this happening.

No. 1348812

Yeah. Pretty much all her looks ever… have been based off of who she is around. Personality as well, which would make sense with personality disorders..

She really looks the worst she ever has now tho, and def is cracked out like in the live with the nose drip, talking about “someone’s following me, oh wait he’s gone..”

Like no bitch. You’re literally lil Bo tweak now. Honestly this shit just keeps getting worse and worse, genuinely wish I knew what was wrong with her gross ass.

Also she didn’t even wash her hands in the live where she peed…. Nasty dirty bitch. I feel like she smells like rat and sewer. Sorry rant but. Disgusting she is

No. 1348813

And Koma also had her cheeks pierced at one point ???

No. 1348814

Yeah that’s what I’m saying! So koma had a live the other day (just checked to see if saved, it’s gone) where she said she was said cuz one of her dimples healed to where it didn’t look like a dimple anymore.. and she wanted to get them redone for the dimple effect.

Winona literally got hers done the next day. I wish I had proof but I didn’t film the live because idk, I didn’t expect Winona to do that shit lol

No. 1348816

File: 1634382170169.jpeg (413.15 KB, 1283x2410, 3AFA253C-6F14-4E4E-BA01-211311…)

Did anyone notice how she uploaded the video of missing her “brother” about five times lol? Probably all twacked out. I know who cares but I wonder if he’s the one she cheated on Steven with. Hmm

No. 1348818

I'd like to know if he even misses her back or cares of her at any level

No. 1348821

>>1347232 did she really pull out the "don't you know who I am!?" Delusions og grandeur right there.

No. 1348826



No. 1348827

Tattoo Asylum

No. 1348828

File: 1634384429141.jpeg (1.54 MB, 3464x3464, F49E9F1C-DCF6-4BF8-99D6-BB75F4…)

Surely she's simply there to idk cater to the workers and customers or something there's no way this bitch is actively working in a tattoo shop with absolutely no qualifications or prior experience surely?

Her whole "I'm happy" cope is so painfully transparent, "there's no way I would relapse and I have a lot going for me right now" kek

No. 1348829

I wonder too honestly, I feel like he doesn’t even interact w her shit

No. 1348830

I love these comments, gold, Ty for posting

No. 1348831

File: 1634384847002.jpeg (654.8 KB, 750x1126, 956E073E-2990-44ED-AFFB-6D970F…)

I dont remember if it was here on or previous thread but someone asked if dortbag is still hanging with her still, and the awnser is yes - this is from three days ago

No. 1348833

File: 1634384960727.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.36 KB, 1284x370, 5487A262-24BC-4B0D-A2D2-8573CB…)

Lmfao that’s a good one, look in the mirror
So incapable of self reflecting

No. 1348835

Wow he looks like shit too (not that he didn’t before), black widow out here draining folks of their life force

No. 1348836

Even if she wouldn't tattoo on anyone SHE IS HIGH ON WORK. IN A TATTOO SHOP.

No. 1348837

File: 1634385389742.png (4.68 MB, 1152x2048, D786FE15-A366-435A-ABCA-F22D19…)

Her hair is legit gonna fall out, sad because it actually wasn’t that bad at one point , the change is astonishing

No. 1348844

File: 1634386631790.jpeg (627.95 KB, 2449x2854, C5D78435-948A-43B5-886F-E6733A…)

Go ahead and call me a snitch but I jus gave them a heads up - with few lovely videos from this morning where she speaks how she hasn't slept for two days and drugs dripping from her nose(cowtipping )

No. 1348846

I just tought that what if want to make a ”exposing Liar Bo Tweak” ig account? Good or bad idea?(bad idea)

No. 1348850

Damn, she's really gone downhill fast. What a trainwreck.

No. 1348872

File: 1634390268785.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3464x3464, 1A9CA0BB-778A-4177-AAC3-882E4B…)

She has completely lost her mind at this point kek I don't see why she wouldn't just message him this? Cringe

No. 1348885

File: 1634391464177.jpg (108.75 KB, 702x925, CrackheadThings.jpg)

Comments from her recent post.

No. 1348889

I honestly believe she's going to die soon

No. 1348895

most likely get psychosis and schizophrenia and end up homeless on hindley street. Thats what I see.

No. 1348902


she stuck a tampon in on live (off camera) and didnt wash her hands either

No. 1348940

File: 1634396246568.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1284x1964, 0A96204F-E113-4783-B625-268CFB…)

Why do I kinda feel bad for her honestly like she is not well. Why do her lips look all cracked like this?

No. 1348943

Ummmm whoa this is a lot. Where was this? Like commented on the videos? Yeah idk why she didn’t just send him that… so weird. Wonder if he will say anything back. Wonder how his GF feels about her spilling her LuVvV like this lol

No. 1348945

Omfg I forgot… and then proceeded to touch her face.. ew. And second of all where did she put all the trash and possibly old tampon.. on her friends floor??? I hope not that’s rude as fuck.

No. 1348952

She got very triggered here when people asked questions she didn’t like .. very NPD


No. 1348983

She also went to pee on live at one point, did not wash her hands, and then immediately starting rubbing her bangs .. she is so GROSS

No. 1349156

Which one are you “prescribed”?
Adderall or Ritalin? They are two different things Winona

No. 1349158

Samefag but does she think her fans are stupid? No Australian doctor would prescribe Adderall to an ex fent junkie.

No. 1349185


They haven't prescribed her shit. We don't really use adderall here, we have dexamphetamines and ritalin for the really bad cases. She's just an idiot
ALSO she's starting a podcast - because shes interested in history, psychology, philosophy, AI, science….so she's listing every elective you can take in highschool and pretending its her new identity?

No. 1349197

File: 1634421555288.png (1.75 MB, 1020x1632, lbwsc1.png)

Guess she's on a Steven memory roll last time. don't know if you anons seen this but that's a video from her tumblr. Crazy, if you want to highlight how much he hurt you and all then why making a nostalgic video with old vids of Steven documenting all these moments you cherish and so on?

No. 1349198

File: 1634421578252.png (2.5 MB, 1544x1756, lbwsc2.png)

No. 1349212

File: 1634438742761.jpeg (149.23 KB, 750x727, 1FB71D78-4567-4077-8931-85B0D2…)

Rurik don’t seem to give a fuck

No. 1349214


After 2 posts on each of her socials and this is the one response

that sent me

No. 1349256

>Your story

No. 1349257

File: 1634442210897.jpeg (1.64 MB, 2925x3913, A2E2DE13-327E-4632-ADBF-60DCE8…)

No. 1349258

File: 1634442234902.jpeg (931.49 KB, 1930x4029, BE60E399-6F99-4DDF-8CFE-6801DF…)

No. 1349270


shut the fuck up winona

"your story"

milky ass cow(sage your shit)

No. 1349386

File: 1634462490446.jpeg (94.08 KB, 750x475, 74498D8D-62D6-47B4-B9A0-6C898E…)

No comment on the big sperg post.

No. 1349387

Kek he doesn't give a fuck how embarrassing.

When talking about her plans for a podcast on her most recent live its beyond clear she only cared about the money as whenever she mentioned a specific platform she would comment on how the monetisation works, I'd hope none of her fans are stupid enough to waste their money on her and her fucking book at this point but that may be asking too much

No. 1349389


for sure that’s all she’s interested in. She sees herself as some sort of esoteric, eccentric intellectual. Kinda hope she goes ahead with the podcast, I reckon it’d be hilarious.

No. 1349390

File: 1634463502574.jpeg (185.07 KB, 750x661, D60FFB1E-C7D0-437B-91F8-C77F4E…)

No. 1349397

File: 1634464047688.jpeg (617.74 KB, 1881x3464, 2E849459-CDD5-444A-9D58-190054…)

The only response she got from her so called "brother" she's just embarrassing herself

No. 1349444

There were more comments people saying things about her snorting ADHD meds, so she deleted the whole comment. Shocker.

I was gonna come to say the same. Everything that she doesn't want to talk about triggers her, what a lame cow.

No. 1349495

File: 1634480172003.png (171.92 KB, 840x876, yourstorylol.png)

Kek chill anon, i'm not Winona. This is on her tumblr, she obviously recorded her own story and reposted but i just uploaded it here. not very milky but i wanted to point out the way she handles it isn't convincing/moving at all.

No. 1349513

File: 1634483156080.jpeg (2.32 MB, 3464x2435, A8D64216-7660-4E90-9390-E502AA…)

No. 1349548

is she skinwalking lucinda?

No. 1349630

It's funny cuz I actually think Lucinda looks a lot better than her and that's saying something

No. 1349667

File: 1634499833544.jpg (235.23 KB, 1200x1200, image.jpg)


No. 1349814

File: 1634509915188.jpeg (181.7 KB, 960x1834, 8574E578-69AA-4700-8B97-62CB3C…)

The link to her go fund me is still up in her Tumblr and under SURVIVING STEVEN MOSES. Can we all start reporting the go fund me…she don’t deserve any more drug money. She’s gone past deleting comments to just turning them off, getting heat for mocking the BLM movement(cowtipping)

No. 1349828

File: 1634511303647.jpeg (393.02 KB, 750x739, 2AB0CE6B-84D7-43B5-9E5A-57A492…)

It’d be unwise to make a blood pact with an IV drug user. Just sayin.

No. 1349835

No. 1349877

it’s a copypaste anyway

No. 1349929

Is she claiming this has no filter? Look at the whole room glitch when she stands. Is she slow that she doesn’t notice this? I really think her brain has been fried from drug use to think everyone’s so stupid and believes her lies. Or she’s just that much of a narc


No. 1349935

File: 1634522390864.png (10.74 MB, 1284x2778, F534051C-236D-467E-8170-89E05B…)

Lips w/o the filter ….

No. 1350028

File: 1634528707778.jpeg (356.89 KB, 750x1334, 93CA64A8-C8FE-4202-850F-4FCA85…)

Because it’s been so long since drugs ruined her life I think a lot of people forget she used to look really unique like a model fairy.. Beautiful/ ethereal/.. which makes it even more Sad.. I just wish she would look at old photos of herself from when she was more natural because that was the weep I actually LOVED the hippy natural weep

No. 1350038

It's possible people forgot because she never looked like that, not even under sixteen filters.

No. 1350073

But this is not her natural face. U gotta dig deeper for that

No. 1350075

I Can’t see any filters here.. doesn’t matter how much u dislike her now you can’t deny she was really pretty at one point and drugs messed it up.. yes she photoshops & uses filters now but that’s only cause drugs messed up her looks before that she never used to like if you look up her interviews on YouTube she looked completely different to now what’s also sad is she has similar singing tone to the cranberry’s- Zombies.. without her social media presence her music alone is nice to hear she should just focus on that tbh being more low-key and under the radar just making music(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1350076

True she did get work done to look a little more enhanced in these pics but she never looked anywhere near as bad as now I think that’s my main point so I’ll just leave it there not trying to make a long debate just stating she used to be pretty before the drugs that’s all.. Next topic

No. 1350087

Honestly she makes me sad now. I know she’s been controversial since her early teen years, so I can’t say she’s really changed. But the highly visible damage due to drug use is terrifying. I can’t even look at her. I can’t believe her parents haven’t stepped in and sent her to a rehabilitation service. She lives with her dad rent free I’m sure he Atleast cares enough since he’s done that, so why doesn’t he care that she’s trashing herself with drugs. K said on a live a while ago Ws parents were really nice and supportive.

No. 1350091


she was pretty before she decided to make herself into a cartoon and a meme.
I'd say "as long as she's happy" but she's clearly unhappy and hasn't got her own personality, just absorbs whoevers is closest.
I wish she'd stop trying to pass her own face off as a filter, it seems like she's full of herself enough without pretending she has no pores and ridiculous eyes.

Also, sage my guy. Sage ur shit.

No. 1350093


samefag but this shit belongs on reddit, the glitch in the filter killed me.
Instagram vs reality

No. 1350103


Her parents seem super nice & supportive. Her dad bought her a car & took her out for driving lessons. Her mum has a photo of her & weep together as her cover photo on fb & seems like a really nice, good mum. As far as weep saying her mum is severely mentally ill, she works in state medical research and is like a scientist. Sincerely doubt that she could maintain such an intellectually gruelling career if her functioning was impaired that dramatically.

Weep also seems to have an older half sister on her dads side who she isn’t in contact with.

No. 1350239

Maybe her parents have tried/cobtinue trying to talk to her to go to rehab. But you can't force someone to go.
If this is the case, 100% sure that she claims to them she doesn't have a problem and can stop whenever she wants or denies everything claiming she’s fully sober

No. 1350286

So like… are her parents rich? Isn’t her dad a cop? Isn’t he embarrassed that his daughter is publicly trashing herself in public and internet.. being known as a cop to their community?

Throwback but when Steven was posting all those stories during their peak drama stage (the ones defending himself or whatever), he said she is well known to the cops out there.. but didn’t make it sound like because of her family but because of all the shit she pulls

I feel bad for her family honestly, but also I definitely feel like they enable the shit out of her and look the other way, or at least I feel that about her dad. I feel like maybe she hates her mom because she insisted on her getting help

What a mess, so spoiled and privileged. She makes me sick

No. 1350336

Current live… I feel like she’s using her “cptsd” as an excuse for how shitty she is and the awful things she’s done. Makes me so upset..

I’ve actually been diagnosed with ptsd and it does not make you do the horrible shit she’s done, like scam, and lie to followers, and fake a pregnancy and numerous other shit she’s done. This actually makes me so upset I have no respect for this bitch.

Yes trauma and ptsd can make you treat people poorly and make you do fucked up shit, but not in that sense Winona. those are just you being a pathological fucking liar and maybe a sociopath. Is it “oops I scam and lie because of my PTSD”? I think the fuck not. You’re a bitch.

No. 1350338

No. 1350341

She’s tweaked as shit tbh and calling it mania

Also said she wants to use opiates again in the future “when she feels better” and thinks she of all ppl can do it in moderation

No. 1350343

There's no such thing as moderation when it comes to substances and you're an addict. She's dumb af

No. 1350349

She's got that scumbag, Dave Navarro enabling her, and using her. Dave is a trash dude. He's selling tshirts with "dual diagnosis" printed on them. A tiny tiny portion goes to 4 different charities. Probably about 5%. Dave is a known scumbag. He's helping feed her ego, and drug use. What's funny, is Winona knows it too. That's why she ignores him unless she's really bored.

No. 1350353

Btw, cigarettes are bad for the environment, Winnie. Especially when you throw them on the ground. They aren't biodegradable, plus kids and animals are exposed to a drug called, nicotine. Cunt.

No. 1350357

When one does those hard drugs, one support's drug cartels, violence, murder, death by drug's and drug use. All bad for our planet, and people. Winona is a complete asshole.

No. 1350362

She's traumatized from watching the looting, and rioting?? George Floyd was traumatized! She is traumatized by LIFE in general!! No wonder she trying to die. She can't experience anything because she is fucking wasted!! Hello?

No. 1350372

So she thinks she's going to become a tattooist now kek. In the live she claims she was bullied severely in school, and again commenting on her mom "not being a good person", claiming she forced Winona to wear concealer to cover her dark circles at 8 years old, apparently encouraged Winona to have an eating disorder, and even paid for 7 laser surgeries to remove Winona's freckles? Does she hear herself jesus christ

No. 1350376

No. 1350391

Lmaooooo wow she’s insane. Sounds like pathological lying to me smh

No. 1350396

So, we can't say shit to Windbag, but we can shit on her mother for her mental illness??? Oh.. okay. Hypocrite

No. 1350454

File: 1634575888529.jpeg (612.37 KB, 828x1511, 8533FE62-5421-40F3-8CB9-21449A…)

That’s an awful lot of words for just trying to say
„guyz I dont have BPD it is just my ptsd“
why is it always bpd fags trying to call it misdiagnosis and make it ANYTHING else besides BPD
it’s like it’s not „good enough“ for the mental disorder olympics

No. 1350489

File: 1634579874088.jpeg (493.85 KB, 1241x1822, F4388F62-576C-4CCE-A17D-9252A9…)

So is this book of hers just going to be made up entirely of "poetry" like this?

No. 1350498

She's asking how much we'd pay for this shit..

No. 1350643


It really looks like she’s ripping off her “friend” Doggie, @sickofellinlove on ig.

No. 1350656

Her whole damn life story in the caption here kek, it's clear she's cracked out one way or another rn, be it drugs or sheer insanity

No. 1350660


Might be a reach but benzos and opioids make you hiccup.

No. 1350664

File: 1634593398553.png (170.3 KB, 750x1334, DC4EFFC6-E25F-47F0-994F-F00459…)

Multi-post screen caps of the YouTube description because these need to be archived somewhere before it gets rewritten. These read like a mad-woman wrote them. For someone who calls herself a “writer” this is rubbish. Sentences which don’t go anywhere and odd phrasing which sounds unhinged.

No. 1350665

File: 1634593460497.png (195.45 KB, 750x1334, 9179E4F7-09B5-46F2-ACD1-A792E8…)

No. 1350667

File: 1634593506107.png (191.16 KB, 750x1334, FCB199AD-EA28-450A-8B81-8BF9B3…)

No. 1350668

File: 1634593571150.jpeg (180.01 KB, 750x686, A5530613-54A0-49DF-A4D9-B6F34B…)

No. 1350676

lmao “I’m more than happy to give you mental health advice”.


No. 1350683

File: 1634595709164.jpeg (2.62 MB, 3024x4032, F9EDF41B-44A5-4C0C-ADA2-014ABC…)

This “book” is a vanity project to make cash. If she was really interested in helping people by sharing “learnings and teachings” She’d make as many copies as she could (not hand writing them) and charge a decent price, not whatever trumped up amount she’s charging. Essentially, she’s making a zine and will be charging through the ass for it. She’s also ripped off Doggie’s style (@sickofellinlove) & I’d bet cold hard cash that she’s also ripping off Ram Dass’s “Be Here Now”. Pics of both below.

No. 1350708

Do you guys think it’s odd that she says she’s a writer and loves poetry, but she never posts anything about any of the books she’s reading or talks about her favourite writers / poets?

No. 1350710


cos shes a lying poser

No. 1350731


lmao i think the fuck not, i'd get better advice from steven's left foot.

She must be relapsing, promoting all this shit for money. She aint got drug money anymore, and she can't take nudes to sell bc she's living with her dad (wouldn't put it passed her though)

Dumb bitch is really asking a price for her "art" and "poetry" like she has no idea how much this costs, because she's just doing it for the money and has no idea how to write or price her shit.

She needs to shut the fuck up and stay the fuck away from any internet access.

No. 1350752


she 100% is just trying to vanity & cash grab with her shitty attempt at poetry. none of her poetry is even remotely good, in any fucking way. ive never seen @sickofellinlove but tweaker has 200% tried to rip on her style with poetry there.

a real artist never asks people how much theyd pay for their work. they set their price and if someone wants it theyll buy it or support them. shed at least know the base cost if shes making it all. the idiot.

she legit just needs $ for her drug addiction, id bet my own money on that.

No. 1350760


Sicko was her friend in LA. She tried to get her to go to rehab but weep wouldn’t go. There are some lives of her talking about it in lolcow thread #2

No. 1350811

She’s currently going on a massive sperg on her story now about ~stolen tattoos~ and she looks so tweaked out. The way she always has to say that others should “seek psychological help”…. Maybe take your own advice.

No. 1350812


She said earlier she hadn’t slept yet & was going to bed. It’s like 1pm in Australia right now & she’s still posting. Those dexies she’s snorting for her ADHD must be keeping her up.

No. 1350816

You can hear her chopping something up with a card. I remember that sound distinctly, lol. She's off her face again.. That annoying monotone voice, and DRAMA! Oh, someone is stealing tattoos and kitties! She's "not sending hate" but, she is. She's also a big fat hypocrite!

No. 1350817


shes constantly awake throughout the middle of the night and day.

not normal hours even for an insomniac.

No. 1350819


that iconic scraping noise

does she even realize???

No. 1350821


dude, not even normal hours for someone on adhd meds. I’m prescribed fast release Ritalin for mine. I take one in the morning, one at lunchtime, and by the end of the day they’ve worn off & I sleep like a baby. She must be chewing a bunch of whatever she’s taking.

No. 1350822


yeah funny how amphetamines do that lmao

like all of her shit is just a tweaked out "high on 30mg dexies and can't contain energy" vibe because she's just pushing out half assed crap thinking its divine
nah tweak, thats how amphetamines work. I'm sure she's gonna go to ice next, seeing as she's in aus and is probably loving her "productivity" on someone else's meds.

ughhhhh someone just send her to rehab already

No. 1350826


samefag but yeah i agree. I have ADHD, dexies, and when i work (8-10 hr chef) i take like 5 (25mg) during the day?
Anymore and it fucks your mental health and your sleep and you start getting paranoid and it turns to psychosis (personal experience lmao)

Honestly it really pisses me off that she's passing this off as nothing when its already fucking up the younger crowd around my area. ADHD meds are getting more safeguarded by medical professionals bc of tweakers like her

No. 1350829

she's talking about disrespect and copying and not being dramatic. Bitch have you met yourself? You uploaded a girl nodding off to defame your ex when he got a hotter girlfriend.
She steals and never credits half the artists she uses
she rips off all her fans
she rips off her entire family by lying to them
what the fuck is she on currently bc i need some unfounded self-esteem and no drugs have given me that yet??

No. 1350832


lmao you hit the nail on the head. Btw xannies give you unfounded self esteem. Documented proof that she likes munching on those also.

No. 1350843

File: 1634610150144.jpeg (1.55 MB, 2780x3862, F81D4899-C1E7-4DE9-AA23-8D731D…)

I feel ridiculous posting this but that girl who ripped off tweaks tats didn’t “copy” her cat. This girls cat is called Luci, its like 8 years old & looks nothing like tweaks cat.

No. 1350845


imagine thinking you're cool enough for someone to rip off all of your tatts AND your cat.
Lmao all of her super "unique" tattoos are also really popular. Ballerina, the lamb thing, the style of it all. People changed their style and weep just doesnt want to be mainstream so ATTACK EVERYONE

No. 1350847


man after abusing xannies for like 5 years, they don't hit the same. Same with Valium etc, gotta get up to waay high doses
which is $$
which is apparently why she's now a poet, author, artist, and podcast host.
If the anon up the thread was right and her dad is a cop, i'm baffled by how he hasn't caught on to her being a fuckwit. The poor dude.

No. 1350851

Probably just turns a blind eye.

No. 1350856


He isn’t a cop, he was a correctional officer/warden in the Adelaide prison system for like ten years & now he trains other wardens.

No. 1350866

holy fuck the nasal drip from her last live and her scraping powder in her new story has to be on purpose. this is way too obvious. an anon said before that dexies don't even give u nasal drip like that. i think she may be playing us bc this is getting ridiculous

No. 1350868


nasal drip comes from things that numb your nose or fuck up your perception of your body. So ketamine, opiates, coke, meth, all of that. She's probably mixing shit, coke isnt worth anything here (bad quality and only tools spend $300+ on a g of shitty coke) and she'd easily be able to get anything else.

Her dad was a correctional officer? wow that man would have seen some shit, he's probably seen willing addicts before and knows he can't do much til she makes an effort.

No. 1350869


ive first hand seen people who didnt crush up their dexies enough before choosing to snort them have mad nasal drip just sayin

No. 1350877

If she's overdosing like riding a bike, like she said? Her family and friends are enabling her. This bitch is a goner. Her narcissism is worse than her drug use.

No. 1350974

cptsd isnt real. its not in the dsm yet. its a new term for bpd, it behaves exactly the same. dont let them minimize ur ptsd diagnosis nonnie, im sorry. i hate liars too

No. 1350995

sorry nonnie but c-ptsd is a real condition from prolonged trauma and it does manifest in a similar way to bpd, but itsnt. it isn't talked about much but it is a real diagnosis.

No. 1350999

What's up with her lying about her "starting" a band? She claims she started, "sodaband" and they just posted on stories about a gig, but I never see her with them. She isn't at this practice. Lmfao, how does one start a band, and not be around? Why wouldn't she be at a practice for a special gig?? Oh, my bad! She's fucking lying! She didn't "start" the band. She wouldn't know how to schedule shit. Notice how she's always digging through bag's looking for shit? She lives on her floor like a cockroach.. She is fucked up 24/7 how she going to direct a band? Windbag posted about an hour ago, she never went to bed.

No. 1351000


yeah i agree with you anon, c-ptsd is fairly new and therefore not diagnosed as much - but its real.
Weep is just making it into a personality trait and using it as an excuse for her shitty behaviour for the last 3+ years. It's an insult to anyone who struggles with ptsd/cptsd/any kind of trauma.
Even if weep has trauma, she uses it to excuse every single shortcoming she has. Every single bad thing that happens is part of her illness or recovery. Her recovery ketamine, the herbal cigarettes, her going insane on live, her being dramatic, her leaving LA, her ex bfs new girl, every fucken thing.

Also the band thing - she just wanted to take credit for someone elses work again. She has no intention of putting in any work, just taking credit and complaining while getting high as fuck.

No. 1351028

File: 1634637741702.jpeg (221.07 KB, 1241x1093, 27A774A4-C39F-4F03-95A5-4E00AE…)

Kek glad somebody mentioned it because that was clear as day, surely she has to get to a point where she realises she's doing this shit at home alone and that's just depressing as hell. She has to be monitoring and deleting comments because there's no way people are eating her shit up at this point

No. 1351031


holy fuck "im also a writer for a living"
no, you aren't
she travelled to…canada and the USA…? you guys know that canada and the USA count as travelling the world?
fucking hell i wish she'd live her life like she paints it out to be on insta.
You're right, she's sad and at home doing weird shit and getting high and needing an interaction because she's desperate. Its a low point in any addiction, gotta say. Being an addict at home alone in your house/room doing random shit is not rock bottom, but she'll get there soon enough.

No. 1351032

Ok windbag lmfaoooo dead. Perfect name

No. 1351033

Lmao sad because she should honestly be in a correctional facility. Yikes

No. 1351036

Thank you for this… I appreciate it a lot. I had no idea it wasn’t even in the DSM yet!!

Honestly… I’m just waiting for karma to get her ass for all the wrong shit she’s done. We can already see it’s taking it’s toll….

No. 1351039

Honestly yes her doing drugs alone in her room isn’t rock bottom, but tweaking out as hard as she does alone is pretty low.. I can see how people do downers alone but like. Being tweaked out alone in her messy dirty ass room (and saying this as someone who’s had addictions to all types of drugs when younger too)…. Sounds fucking horrible. I would be so stressed and want to die tbh. Idk how she’s content living in her filth, with all her shit in bags and on the floor, curled up like an actual hobbit rummaging thru the mess. She is literally a tweaker

Also, how is she funding her drugs? Clearly she isn’t doing much with her life to actually earn money? I wonder if she’s still “flipping tricks” lol

No. 1351046

Yeah it's one thing to be doing it alone which I would say is depressing because at that point it's clear the drugs are being used as an escape, but the fact she is constantly broadcasting it and clearly can't handle being alone with herself/her thoughts is just beyond depressing, as someone that has had addictions in the past it is just really sad to see her not even try to get any sort of help for herself, but impossible to feel sorry for the bitch when she takes it out on everyone else and constantly lies about everything and scams the poor fuckers that lap her shit up, what a joke.

I believe she's trying everything she can at this point to get money, in any previous tiktok lives she would be practically begging her audience to send the monetised gifts, she has mentioned contemplating streaming and monetising that, in the past she at least mentioned plans of selling some of her clothes, she's clearly scrambling to make drug money however she can, it would not surprise me if she is still posting on onlyfans and just not advertising it.

No. 1351052

I love how she said she not gonna put the girls at but did. Like ok

No. 1351053

File: 1634641204938.png (3.38 MB, 1284x2778, 4339E3E0-20A1-4ED0-9790-0342FA…)

Yikes lol
I kno who tf cares about this rando but awkward. I wonder if she will spill any tea on Winona

No. 1351055

Oh wait I’m retarded I guess that’s one of the girls who got copied my bad

No. 1351067

File: 1634643203069.jpeg (488.83 KB, 1241x2138, 764A9DE2-5E93-47A8-9407-F754A1…)

She's going live in 20 mins to work through a counselling worksheet kek, she must have not slept for at least 3 days now

No. 1351082

I can't believe the rake has an instagram and stans. Creepy pastas have really evolved.

No. 1351106

File: 1634649151407.jpeg (1.6 MB, 3464x3464, 5232B005-00A8-47DC-8435-A4006D…)

Kek thanks for that nonnie really made me chuckle.

Somebody's trolling her live, screen recording failed to save and the rest of the live was pretty boring but she got pretty livid responding to this person, clearly was struggling to get her story together at first as she just flustered for 30 seconds and then started ranting about him being a murderer

No. 1351116

can someone explain to me how does she have a filter with lipstick and fake cheeks piercings in every pic but also in the live? (I'm sure about it because when she touched her lips you could see the lip color was a filter and those cheeks are obviously not real)

No. 1351118

the whole thing about the girl that copy her tattos is also funny because the cat Mei is not lbw's cat it's polymorphe's and she doesn't even talk to her anymore but she is friend with the girl truxoxo cheated on poly and stole her life and also his new girlfriend that's messed up

No. 1351151

You can download video filter's. You can use them from your phone or computer while videoing. They do glitch a lot. She sounded horrible a minute ago on live. I hate her, but damn.. she's really in bad shape physically and mentally. Wow.. she's just in her head.

No. 1351153

It's sad Windbag dislikes working. Considering she gets her begging cash from people that work.

No. 1351159

C ptsd is PTSD from multiple or prolong traumatic events (like being a sex trafficking victim or having a drug addict parent that beats you every day). It's not like bpd. Similar but people w cptsd are more avoidant and stuck in constant fight flight freeze or fawn mode just tryna survive while bpdfags are obsessed w abandonment and finding a savior (while also pushing them away cus low self esteem and paranoia). I have c ptsd (I was diagnosed by a psych even though it's not in the dsm) it's real. I've met people w BPD trust me it's no where near the same. Alot of bpdfags claim cptsd because they don't want to do the work in therapy and think if they claim to have complex PTSD that means they can keep being a shitty person but c ptsd doesn't make u a fucking retard obsessed with people saving/leaving you you're literally just stuck in survivor mode. People w cptsd are more independent and hesitant to rely on others or ask for help while bpdfags are entirely codependent

No. 1351337

Dude wtf, her cheeck piercings are real?

No. 1351380

I wish she would stop name dropping Dave Navarro, we get it Cheyenne he’s your last famous friend, and no one cares about him? He’s fried and known scum

No. 1351387

No one cares. Stop medfagging

No. 1351410


i'd say she's not only because she's living with her dad, she looks like someone who will give you all the heps and all the herpes, and she's too full of herself.
Guys who hire escorts/working girls here either expect more or at the very least expect not to get an STI, so they'd probably steer clear of tweak.
Onlyfans tho? i'd imagine she'd upload anyones nudes to make money (cough steven cough)

HOLY SHIT the anon on her live calling her out gave me life.

No. 1351433

she's been awake for so long her voice is cracking between her two accents/personalities. FUCK tweak go to bed, you spoke more sense when you were on fent

No. 1351436

File: 1634678992089.jpg (375.51 KB, 1080x1494, 20211019_172749.jpg)

"Toxic" family that saved you, gave you a care, set up treatment, and probably isn't happy with your relapse

No. 1351442


Yeah i totally get what you mean, its so very low. I just mean that she hasn't been sent inside yet, gotten any police charges against her. So its rock bottom as you can go before all that? idk if that makes sense

No. 1351451


She doesn’t sound or look good here. Her books are apparently supposed to be released this week. How many is she making, and how many pages? It’d take you like 6-months to a year to write multiple copies of the same book.

No. 1351456


yeah but that's assuming they're of good quality, and not something your kid would make in "arts and crafts" at daycare.
I'm guessing it's gonna be thick but cheap art paper, black ink, and probably bound in cheap black ribbon. Costs nothing to make, but she's already been told by randoms they'd pay whatever she wanted.
She's just going to get dexed up, write/copy each page for 30 books, send them off, and we will never hear of it again. Until like 2 months later when everyone either realises how shit it is or the 30 people actually received nothing like the last times she sold shit lmao

No. 1351459

Kek how many bets she deems her family as "toxic" because they aren't enabling her drug abuse, as far as we're aware she is living with her father without paying rent and is free to come and go as she pleases and generally do as she wishes, where is the toxicity?

Exactly how I expect it to go down, now that she's abusing stimulants she'll probably hash together a bunch of half assed ramblings on no sleep and then most likely have the cheek to argue with customers when they are inevitably disappointed at what they receive.

No. 1351464

File: 1634681586333.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3024x4032, 8F39AFCA-0906-439D-B0BD-236CC0…)

She’s switched her YouTube to private but these are the kinda comments she’s getting there

No. 1351466


lol everyone who disagrees with her or challenges her wild ideas about her "trauma" and mental health issues is TOXIC
so i guess her parents are probably being parents and attempting to NOT have their kid OD on a live, trying to get money out if 14yr olds, while white powder drips out of her lifeless face.
toxic af, trying to actually help your kid who is manic and most likely going to hurt someone else…probably with the car that they so toxically bought for her.

No. 1351469


lol she's already deleted a few, wonder if she'll leave these up?

No. 1351573

lol no

No. 1351655

File: 1634697567268.jpg (95.29 KB, 1080x898, Screenshot_2021-10-20-13-07-57…)


yes, her cheek piercings are real. she got them done two days after arson mentioned wanting to repierce hers.

they dont make weep look any nicer, just more cracked.


no, she wont lmao. pic for reference.

No. 1351693

File: 1634702079032.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3024x4032, 1911AE2C-B971-4476-8A91-B843AF…)

YouTube comments

No. 1351705


but everyone steals everything from her??? remember she's SUPER honest and not a thief??
fuck this tweaker needs a muzzle

No. 1351723

File: 1634706981660.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, B7DFDE9D-BF52-486A-81B5-B07E53…)

No. 1351727

File: 1634707604579.jpeg (223.53 KB, 750x885, 28503F9D-768B-4A92-A856-0F89AD…)

If you do a face swap you can really see how much she’s messed with her face / how much she sh00ps

No. 1351732

Wait her cheek piercings are fake? I swear you could see the nasty ass puss leaking out of the infected one on her live a few days back. Was disgusting

No. 1351736

This is the person who said they have PTSD diagnoses a few days ago, I swear I’m not minimizing your illness because of her… I believe it is real. I just don’t believe she has that. She literally is using it as an excuse to be a horrible person which is fucked, because as I said PTSD and c-PTSD don’t make you a compulsive lying, stealing, narc/ sociopath. She def seems BPD, also maybe histrionic as well. Loves attention. I think she is actually severely mentally Sick which I’m not shaming, but def disagree with her self diagnoses. I highly doubt she has seen anyone…. She definitely has some shit that makes her delusional as well.

Winona, you’re self diagnoses are not an excuse for you being a horrible person. You trying to teach people info about mental illness that I’m sure you didn’t learn from an actual mental health worker, is actually harmful to the public and possibly misinforming. Stop.

No. 1351741


not to mention her lying about photoshopping/editing/getting shit done to her body and face is feeding her fans shit. She says she struggles with ED, but somehow has no idea how her impossible standards (editing) makes young girls want to get smaller and skinnier.
Like fuck, if she actually cared about half the shit that comes out of that facehole of hers then maybe she wouldn't be such a pick-me ass bitch.
Winona's shittiness outweighs any good she's done

No. 1351744

samefag but this bitch is the modern day felice fawn but with opiates and less self respect

No. 1351746

This! She’s such a huge fucking pick me? Everything she says is a contradiction of what she is. I wonder if this bitch has multiple personalities lol because what the actual fuck.

No. 1351748

THIS… wow yes!!!! Definitely less followers. How insane would it be if this was her all along lmao

No. 1351749


I don’t reckon they’re fake. Her cheeks were mega swollen after she got them done. It made her face look even stranger.

No. 1351750


HAHA nah drugs age you too much, i reckon a distant tweaker relative?! I mean, didn't they pull the exact same t-shirt scam?
Yo winny go look up Felice Fawn while you stalk this thread, shes the OG tumblr famous E-girls

No. 1351782

She used to be so pretty wow, it’s a shame. Almost forgot because of how bad she looks now.

No. 1351819


yeah they not fake. i saw the live too and they looked super inflamed and pus was running from them. she told about it while cleaning her new fresh cheek piercings with baby wipes

No. 1351830

File: 1634720885830.jpeg (927.33 KB, 3464x3464, 0039B146-6964-4AC8-BD51-30D88C…)

No. 1351849


her plan to use that gollum filter to hide drug abuse really backfired lmao not even gollum looks that whacked out

No. 1351862

File: 1634724693866.jpeg (589.91 KB, 750x1254, F15FBF28-AACB-40C7-9D8F-EE1C6E…)

No. 1351918

File: 1634733947518.jpeg (200.14 KB, 750x704, FE729408-C868-468F-9EE9-24A6C9…)

She doesn't even work at the Asylum Tattoo in Adelaide.
Is this that she has a job also just a lie amongst the others or is it another tattoo shop?


No. 1351984

File: 1634740855253.jpg (424.42 KB, 1080x1881, IMG_20211021_011014.jpg)

No. 1351985

File: 1634740886542.jpg (287.04 KB, 1080x1958, Screenshot_2021-10-21-01-09-49…)

No. 1351994

Haha BET she knows exactly who she is… they both edit their eyes bigger too and try to be Ana Chans but like “nooo I’m not Ana” lmao. So funny so glad someone made the comparison

No. 1352001

I feel like she is lying cuz her live “in the shop” literally looked like the tweaker den “photoshoot of our food” or whatever. Like the same location… with the same spray paint. Either she’s lying bout the shop, or honestly it could be the person doing tats literally does them out of a drug nest/den. Real hygienic. Makes more sense

No. 1352002

Or maybe…..Winnie, you need to stop hurting everyone around YOU. How many times have we said look in a mirror

You are literally incapable of any self reflection and it’s telling and very concerning actually

No. 1352010

File: 1634742786146.jpeg (229.7 KB, 739x1284, B7DC01BD-9E3A-446B-A0B5-D6EE5B…)

Alright so I got some TEA imo and I’m excited to share it lmao. So was bored and noticed Steven’s new girl has dimples, they kinda look like from piercings she had previously (the point is to give u dimples). So my mind says… go way back and see if she’s had them.

What do you fucking kno, she did!!

No. 1352018

File: 1634743207989.jpeg (582.92 KB, 1283x2538, 58483BA5-C458-4E50-AF5B-F75A27…)

Gf also has this posted on her story, which is about mental health… and which if u click on it.. Winona liked it (which all the stuff is the BS Winona does lol?) anyway wonder if she’s trying to be a mental ~hElTh-~ “advocate” to be this girl. Wow.

No. 1352019

File: 1634743302845.jpeg (375.61 KB, 1284x2245, A6E9402E-0F2F-4D2F-9338-E244DA…)

My proof to show Winona liked a post on Steven’s gf story

No. 1352180

Good pickup anon!

No. 1352270

File: 1634767070639.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 96A1F7F2-38F7-48BE-BC73-A25065…)

Turns out It was her friend that apparently got the job at the tattoo shop.

No. 1352274


Crop out your Instagram pfp before posting nonnie

No. 1352352

File: 1634773687001.png (9 MB, 1242x2688, B9765342-78BF-45A8-A1A5-FDC809…)

No. 1352357

She calls herself a “full time traveler” LMFAO

No. 1352375


wow shes actually "silently obsessed"

No. 1352380


how does this tweaker claim to be an artist or a writer when the bitch literally isn't even literate?


If you see this Winona go back to fucking primary school grade 3 because even a child knows the fucking difference. Guess the drugs are taking obvious effect.

No. 1352443

So LBW was pretending to ~work~ there when she was just a tag along kek

No. 1352479


what the fuck? there's awareness that HELPS people, and then there is this.
She hasn't gotten sympathy in a whole week, so she posts this for some pity attention.
As a recovered addict this is fucked. She's posting herself high as fuck and skinny, but for what? No one is helped by this at all? She isn't donating shit to help people struggling(winona don't you DARE read this and then start a fucking gofund)
She isn't raising any real awareness about the disease or the issues, just that she was an addict.
She isn't working to help herself or anyone else. Promoting yourself as healthy and sober when you aren't gives people who are recovering such a warped idea.
This bitch is basically promoting being an addict bc she got skinny and high and got money for her 2 nose jobs.
Tweak needs to stop posting drug fucked body checks


Lmao yeah man all of her posts have terrible spelling, grammar, and general rhythm. You woulda thought a professional travelling writer would be able to fucken write.

No. 1352675


I also reckon that it’s dangerous that she’s positioning herself as some kind of recovery guru, and sending the message that if you’re in recovery from addiction that it’s safe & fine to still use ket, snort things & get baked. Even if these substances aren’t what you initially had an issue with, lowering your inhibitions can lead to relapse with your substance of choice.

No. 1352682


i totally agree. When i relapsed, it was because i had a lil something, then i was already high so may as well do something else!! (don't do this please)

I think she is also being way too open about it at such a critical stage. You should focus your energy on yourself and getting yourself better and coming up with art OFF of drugs. THEN think about publicly saying something about it.
Also its so sad that she can't be creative sober. Almost like she relies on drugs of any kind to create.

No. 1352707

File: 1634795863925.jpeg (285.95 KB, 750x781, 789BC852-4D11-43B4-A781-453159…)


In a similar vein (no pun intended) this recent comment is pretty on point.

No. 1352749

File: 1634799615666.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 85EEE9D4-1F90-4B50-9430-C0D1C1…)

No. 1352751

File: 1634799774309.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 00D08244-DDCD-48D7-856E-F95936…)

No. 1352756


bitch needs a psychiatrist not a doctor for her bullshit

No. 1352758


samefag but the one after this she says the internet is fragile and misinterpreted?
Isn't that her mantra that she says to herself every morning? "i am fragile and misinterpreted "

No. 1352761

File: 1634800756318.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 4FE815B3-FAFB-4CFF-B46E-BD2405…)

No. 1352763

File: 1634800777820.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 3F167880-7573-4D3E-8F77-B8E2D9…)

No. 1352768

She’s just being her goofy ol’ self anons

No. 1352773

File: 1634802026566.png (525.57 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 6.37…)

she doesnt edit??

No. 1352790

She's deleted this now kek.

This is such a cope and just damage control at this point, she really hasn't been doing anything out of the ordinary with regards to her makeup/editing she's always done this shit, she's just noticed the amount of comments calling her shit out.

No. 1352793

Alright so why do all her friends look like 12 year olds? (Being dramatic.. like 17-19 ish) and she literally looks old as fuck hanging with them? It’s embarrassing lol at least these children have jobs?

Or maybe she just looks way older from aging due to her drug use, Ana, and not taking care of herself at all.

No. 1352795

Is the front of her hair shaved off? Also where are these random black dreads coming from the blonde from? Did she edit these dreads in lol? Or add some black to the blonde cuz it does not look right

No. 1352796

File: 1634804402412.png (889.61 KB, 750x1334, C6DFDD11-6E30-4A87-8C0E-84C2F3…)

Wasn’t she just saying the other day that she aims to scare people, and if you’re scared you’re just ”frail”? Why is she apologising for scaring people now?

No. 1352798

File: 1634804466383.jpeg (867.05 KB, 1284x940, 291D2D24-1A8B-48AD-83B7-CCD76D…)

Ew if u look really close at these her leg is not even coming out from her hip wtf so poorly edited

No. 1352802

She dyed her fringe blonde and it looks like she also cut it quite short, probably whilst on drugs I assume. The dreads are just laying over the blonde fringe in the picture, which i'm surprised she would post because she looks an absolute state.

No. 1352803

File: 1634804729117.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x1234, 7F0EA8F6-DEAE-44A7-B287-20BA05…)

Old pic but look past her right arm and her thigh from one side to the other doesn’t even match

“I’m just really underweight”

No you’ve just always wanted attention tweak

No. 1352807


yeah that sent me. Honestly she's in the exact same position for both photos, but basically stretched her limbs and then lied about it.
Angles and lighting do a lot, but they dont make ur thigh 2x as long and as thick as ur (edited) waist

No. 1352823

As another recovered addict, this is really fucked. I’ve noticed a lot of her followers are recovering… which only makes her charade worse. I was on heroin for 6 years and the relapsed on fent this last year. Looking at that is not helpful, it’s actually triggering to a lot of people… and you’re not giving any helpful info Winona wtf? You’re literally looking for praise for “getting sober”. You’re not even sober. Making shit like this IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE of remotely anything close they would suggest from treatment centers/ rehabs.

The first fucking step is to ACTUALLY GET SOBER, Winona, and not seek praise for it from others. Be proud of yourself for it if/ when you get there and stop fucking seeking praise elsewhere? A lot of that LA crew got sober and none of them ever made shit like this. No one does this. Just get fucking better and stop spreading harmful gross misinformation

And videos of you drugged out for no reason. You don’t look much healthier now so there was literally no point except for to hear the few followers that are sheep say “omg I’m so happy for you”. I’m actually disgusted at this video

You’re literally romanticizing your drug usage. Look that shit up bitch, it’s an actual term they use for recovering addicts (since u wanna act like you are a mental health Kw33n now)

Fuck you

No. 1352827

“Weekly Ana body check done guyz!”

Love how the video glitches from editing as well! How cute! Also love ur dexy nose drip wipe You threw in. How cute


No. 1352832


you're right on everything her man. She's gross for promoting a false sense of sobriety and for being proud of a lie.
As a recovered addict (lol same one as above) to another, I get how triggering she is. Please don't let it send you into a spiral, i think i smoked half a pack of cigs after seeing half her bullshit recovery tiktok.

Fuck winona and fuck anyone who romanticises drug useage.
Try losing years of your memory and not remembering basic info easily because you've rotted your brain. Try actually building your fucking life after fent destroys your body, family, sends you to rehab and almost prison. Give it a solid fucken go winny.
I've seen the boys who got done for posession back in the day in Australia. I've seen my family struggle with Hepatitis, blackouts, scams, bailouts, prison time, and loss of feeling and nerve function from ruining your veins injecting shit.

You don't wanna play this game Winny. They don't believe junkies who look like you and aussie cops don't fuck round. But hey, fuck around and find out. And babygirl would be silent and finally sober stuck in a cell. (yeah medications take a while to process through the system if at all- have a fun few withdrawals)

No. 1352845


Its so funny having these sooper serious vids accompanied by all the glitching she slaps on it, how any one could take it serious is beyond me

No. 1352854

lol yes, fucking retard

No. 1352876

I'm glad to see so many sober people here commenting. I also am sober. It's upsetting to me as well, watching her bullshit about being sober, and pretending to be a sobriety guru. We've seen it before, but she knows she has really young people who follow, and fan her. Her saying she wants to do opiates ( after telling everyone to stay away from them in older post's ) is proof of what a drug money grubbing cunt she is. FAR from any kind of sobriety. Has anyone seen her story this morning? She's half naked, stripping for some dude. While singing, "my back my back, my pussy and my crack, I don't do no crack, I just look like that." Some guy filming her, and laugh's. The surrounding's don't look familiar. I bet she's fucking for drugs. She's high ASF. Her friend, Chloe posted an awful suicidal story yesterday..it was really sad, and she was fucked up. Wtf is up in Adelaide?? I tried to copy and paste lbtweak little episode this morning, but not having any luck.

No. 1352915

File: 1634823048556.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1672, IMG_20211021_142859.png)

Couldn't screen record the video but the ss give a good idea of how whacked out she is I reckon 1/2

No. 1352916

File: 1634823074782.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1689, IMG_20211021_142911.png)


No. 1352951

Here is the video. She’s deleted it already

No. 1352956

File: 1634826549965.jpeg (568.95 KB, 1735x2372, 89290304-8DBB-4657-BAE4-4A70FF…)

A good morning photo at 10pm

No. 1352978

In response to your post about stealing tattoos did anyone notice that she said @veryunpleasent is her friend now but let’s not forget she was bashing her because veryunpleasant was dating her “Brother” Rurik and cheated on him with steven like 2 days after weep and Steven broke up???

No. 1352983

>>1352916 does she really think people don't notice when she's clearly strung out?? Winnie its fucking obvious every single time man you cant hide the way your eyelids sit or the glaze

No. 1353035

You know she's whacked out or she wouldn't post this shit, and wake up and delete it. Jesus. There's a person posting in here that keeps saying, "reckon." Australians say that often, and I wonder if her new pals are tripping her up? I find it strange that lbt would lie about having a job at the tattoo shop knowing her friend might see? How much of a compulsive liar does one have to be? I've honestly never seen a person lie so much. It's really insane.

No. 1353114

I feel like ther ‘new friends’ at least some have an actual brain like @p1easeg0away and others
Yet she is still hanging in crack dens and on mattresses on ‘friends’ floors all while ebegging

No. 1353156


thats fucking disgusting holy shit
shes pure rancid trash

No. 1353158

hopefully they use their brains and realize to stay far away from this junkie lbtweaker

No. 1353161

Half the anons here are from Adelaide. It’s a small city.

No. 1353212

Adelaide isn’t that small and yeah I agree I feel like a lot on anon posts are from people living in the Adelaide but it gives better insight into her tweaked mind

No. 1353231

Bless you nonnie

This is so upsetting wtf. I think she’s doing shitty coke

No. 1353262

What a mess this is just awful. It's honestly surprising how she somehow just keeps getting worse.(sage)

No. 1353271


Sage your posts.

Its not surprising either. She’s been like this her whole life.

No. 1353344

Also I know everyone knows it but that tattoo rant when literally like all her tattoos are grace neutrals, even the ballerina thing, grace doesn't have a ballerina tattoo but says she was a ballerina

No. 1353433


adelaide is also filled with drugs n tweakers. no offense to anyone recovered here, thats not who i mean by tweaker. but adelaide does have a meth problem as well as plenty of other drugs.

No. 1353464

File: 1634875926340.jpeg (143.08 KB, 827x1009, 7967FC7D-69EB-4B94-AC49-F863BD…)

Yeah, could say we have a meth problem.

No. 1353465

Samefag but it’s strange knowing everyone mentioned on a thread personally especially after being on here for years. Sage for blog, it’s just surreal.

No. 1353543

File: 1634889166114.png (942.1 KB, 750x1334, 2B2901E5-FDCA-4D38-8B22-A664B0…)

Did anyone watch her recent stories of the TikTok she made? She isn’t “deeply impacted”, the protest footage she used wasn’t even from the same state she’s in. She’s in Adelaide. Lockdowns in Adelaide have been few and far between, unlike Melbourne or Sydney?? For fucks sake, she’s looking for any reason to get people to pity her. Stop. Milking. Other. Peoples. Misfortune.

No. 1353545


Here’s her bullshit TikTok. Srsly this makes me so mad. Melbourne legit just got out of the worlds longest lockdown and she’s acting like she was right there, locked down too. Fuck her.

No. 1353580

File: 1634898651397.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 0317E2A9-2103-4357-B0AD-7E3DCA…)

No. 1353581

File: 1634898689137.jpeg (159.5 KB, 750x912, 4F7A0996-963D-4682-A1FA-4A9C51…)

guys i think we found him(sage your shit )

No. 1353656

File: 1634911918506.jpg (224.4 KB, 1080x715, Screenshot_2021-10-23-00-39-44…)

yeah, theres a reason its hard for people who arent diagnosed with adhd to get prescribed, what a scummy slag

i hope a doctor doesnt enable her drug addicts and abuse ever. i hope they see thru all her shit.

No. 1353657

File: 1634912061490.jpg (308.89 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_2021-10-23-00-43-02…)

ty nonnie for this call out

No. 1353675

Antipsychotics also cause weight gain, no matter what. I don't believe she's taking them even if she was prescribed. I had an eating disorder, and there was no way in fuck that I'd take them then! Her purse haul this morning? Where would she be getting money? Why isn't she buying material to make books? Her GoFundMe is indeed still up. I'm sure it's been reported? Steven Moses just cut his hair, and released new music. I'm surprised lbt isn't coming up with some act? Does anyone know where she gets money? I'm pretty sure her tattoo apprenticeship isn't helping her buy food. Lol. Btw, where's the contortion classes? Didn't she claim awhile ago that she already was a tattoo artist??

No. 1353690

Now she's promoting BDSM? Lmfao

No. 1353719

No it’s cowtipping. Stop interacting with the cow ffs

No. 1353738


she'd live rent free with her dad. 100% on centrelink. wouldnt put it past her to try for disability payments which are a lot more also.

thats at least $600 a fortnight to waste on drugs or whatever she wants. she also probably does sell her nudes, they are all over the internet sooo. would make sense.

No. 1353739


these arent my insta comments and who knows if they even come to this thread. i just thought that comment was relevant and milky. her response on adhd for example.

No. 1353740

File: 1634923806314.jpg (152.44 KB, 610x637, Screenshot_2021-10-23-03-59-25…)

i dont even know how anyone honestly finds her remotely attractive or sober

No. 1353762

I’m confused how is she currently 21/23. I feel like I first saw her like a decade ago and even then she looked like someone who is in their late teens to mid twenties.

No. 1353769

Deeply impacted by the fact that none of her "family" from L.A. would even allow her to sleep on their floor when she had no where else to go. Lmfao. Why would they want her back in L.A. when she clearly is even more disgusting, and pathetic?? She's a crackhead who lives out of a bunch of bag's, doesn't work, doesn't function unless pushed to the edge to do so? Cockroach.

No. 1353880

How come she doesn't dye her bang's black or add color or add colored locks?? Why tf would she want to look so freaking bad? When she has her hair up, it looks like a literal rodents nest.

No. 1353887

File: 1634937744467.jpeg (144.33 KB, 750x490, 83B64656-A4E3-429E-AE45-FA82DA…)

No. 1353901

Damn I know the blonde photo is edited to hell and back, but she changed so much… even a few months ago it wasn't that bad. That's kind of shocking what she's become. And considering all these comments people aren't buying her shit anymore so can't imagine who would like to buy her idiotic scribblings, sorry, a "a book"

No. 1354028

I have many friends who are recovered heroin addicts and one thing they all have in common is that they have gained weight.
Much more than they weighed before heroin. So it is funny that she says she is getting skinnier and posting bodychecks while „trying to gain weight“. But I forget that even though she lies a lot, she is still not good at it.

No. 1354216

File: 1634982410789.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 57C24A93-9BAE-4AF1-BACF-8745B9…)

She posted a pamphlet about kink too but deleted it. Wondering if kink & bdsm will be her next major identity shift.

No. 1354226

I see it now
I honestly don’t see her doing well in that department. She’ll probably claim abuse and or sexual assault on the people she’s doing it with… even tho it’s in agreement

Honestly would not trust doing anything like that with her

Also her back look red as shit in her lil stripping vid above, maybe she’s already started. I just don’t see it going well honestly

No. 1354254

I noticed the red marks on her back, as well. I think she's completely lost her mind at this point. She is not in any kind of reality. She doesn't know who "she" is. She's not even trying to. She just picks up on whatever she thinks will be "edgy" or daring. It isn't anymore. It's just lame. She is a zero without mooching off of other's. She's not even driving! She decorated her car like a teenager's bedroom, but can't even drive it. The other day she was waiting for an Uber, and I'm wondering why isn't she driving? She said she passed her test, which most people don't on the first try.. She probably knows she is too fucked up to drive? I honestly don't understand what anyone over the age of 18 would find interesting or fun to hang out with? All she does is feed her narcissism, lay around on the floor, mooch drug's and lie, lie, lie. After what she did to Steven, I honestly hate the bitch. Not that Steven is a saint, but multiple murderer and rapist?? I'd be filled with revenge lol

No. 1354279

File: 1634993144928.jpeg (376.04 KB, 828x1276, 5EA82343-E05A-41DE-B5CC-D3906C…)

so she posted an artist on her story that has apparently painted her before. further proof that life indeed imitates art. she is shooping herself into this artist version of her( and their general style of drawing). pic for reference. also the artist drew her back in March, way before her intense golum face (although tbh did she ever not shoop herself into a frog?)

No. 1354324


wynona rider looking ass

it aint attractive

No. 1354480

This would be a compliment to her

No. 1354540

ryder looks nothing like this lol

No. 1354550

Ironically enough she is obsessed with another girl interrupted actress: Brittany Murphy. I knew her back in the day and she first started really extreme shoops in 2016, mostly trying to look like her. I remember her even telling me that this was her goal. I would add screenshot but it was a comment on a pic of 2016 on her disabled account

No. 1354575

It's odd that she claimed to have minor surgery, when she had her cheeks pierced. Then posted she had her cheeks pierced "after surgery." She didn't have surgery, she had her cheeks pierced. Why the fuck even lie in this way?? What a sick mind..

No. 1354615


i remember this exact post. i remember it because it was the same day koma/arson, her ex friend was in hospital actually. i feel like lbt has a lurk account and watches her ex friends and tries to jab or poke at them incase they care enough to look at her back.

she had no images of being in hospital that day. just speaking about it and the piercings. koma/arson actually had photos of her in the hospital bed and was actually there forna reason.

tweak is a disgusting immoral human.

No. 1354638


She has just replaced one drug for another. Aussies typically have meth, shitty coke (like whoever said) or we abuse our medicare system to get dexies. Sober, she created drama and was in her feelings all the time.
On uppers? she's gonna be so cREATIVE bc she's CLEARLY GOT ADHD and shit. Meth here is cheap, Dexies are becoming harder to get access to, and the coke isnt worth paying for so i'm guessing her mates give it to her.
Galpal is gonna end up with another addiction and "trauma" that she will undoubtedly use to get money.
Hope her mates are smarter than her though, and if they are reading this KEEP RECEIPTS. Thats the only way Steven cleared his name in the eyes of her 13 year old fans.

No. 1354744

Anyone notice that her OF and the twitter linked to it is still up? literally a pic of her with Stevens cum on her face ?
Thought he abused winnz and killed a whole family of humans?

No. 1354775

Lbt is using Steven for the only fans money. I remember last year when he dropped some music, and she announced,"LBW having sex with Steven Moses!" on that same day. Using his name/fame to sell her pussy. I commented how low it was. She blocked me. She's still using his name for any kind of money/attention. She can't get much on her own. She's gross and I can't imagine how diseased she must be.

No. 1354821

She’s posting about ‘Scorpio season’ but she was born on the 2nd Jan 2000. I don’t understand this delusion

No. 1354826

It’s because Steven’s girl, Karlee, posted about Scorpio season 6 hours previously in her story as it’s her birthday month.

No. 1354849

Lmao, I saw that Karleejane posted that hours before lbt. Now lbt is posting crackhead wisdom about "happiness" as well. I don't think she understands that no one is responsible for her's. Her ego is so in her way of just living. Winona, first way of being happy is: being truly independent. Not taking a room from daddy. Buying your own food. Buying your own car ( instead of buying bag's, cosmetics, bondage gear, slime, oh, and drug's. Be an adult, pay your own rent. Pay your debts. Be honest of you've got nothing to hide. Action's speak louder than words, and you have done zero to make amends with people. Your karma ( please read the stages of karma ) is what's happening to you. It's bad news, Stinky. You are just bad news.

No. 1354857

File: 1635088626507.jpeg (372.35 KB, 1125x1479, 5D753F2E-9EC1-484B-9765-9A15EC…)

tiny bit of a nitpick but this is really what she’s spending the money that fans give her

No. 1354867

I can guarantee her main account @lilboweep was deleted because of the Steven drama and videos. The account would’ve been back within the month if it wasn’t fully deleted by Instagram. Now she ‘only’ has 19k and is is doing the absolute most to get attention and followers

No. 1354884

File: 1635091229185.png (2.18 MB, 828x1792, 9A8B52C6-EE56-4F77-99D9-9047F0…)

She posted this on her lilboweep account and I believe it was taken down because of the image. I could be wrong.

No. 1354891

File: 1635091875786.jpeg (184 KB, 1170x1094, D72B3F54-3239-44C0-9A32-2FBAE1…)

Comment on her post about her book. She’s always stealing from someone’s style, always.

No. 1354928

File: 1635096949275.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 1D255DC8-3ACE-407C-A733-626444…)

No. 1354935

File: 1635097465685.jpeg (74.26 KB, 828x524, EC5CDFA0-9969-41F5-9811-556613…)

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