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File: 1632687804498.jpg (1.77 MB, 3072x3072, IMG_3754.JPG)

No. 1335075

Jay/Fae is a 22 year old they/them "lesbian"

>is dating a man, Connor

>posted about sex and her huge boobs frequently, would then complain when tiktok slaps her on the wrist for sexual content
>main tiktok account eventually got deleted, probably from too many violations
>said boyfriend was apparently abusive to an ex and Jay
>Jay's roomate was uncomfortable with Connor and didn't want him in their apartment, they made an agreement that he wouldn't be allowed over.
>didn't even last a month lol. Her roomate left, ruined their friendship, made vids about each other and Jay threatens legal action for "spreading lies"
>generally just an embarrassing obese genderspecial
>autistic, bpd, hates her dad, apparently disabled, used to be anorexic and is now morbidly obese

ig: https://www.instagram.com/pinkfaefemme/
of: https://onlyfans.com/pinkfaefemme
tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pinkfaefemme?
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgNiKKxMecJn1jKmhv6hpiQ?app=desktop&view_as=subscriber
twitter: https://twitter.com/pinkfaefemme

the totally not a man boyfriend

ig: https://www.instagram.com/skully_b0y_/
tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@feverghost?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1

No. 1335077

this is my first time making a thread I hope it's okay!

No. 1335078

cool. post some more screenshots now

No. 1335083

File: 1632688460041.jpeg (332.93 KB, 1536x1854, image7.jpeg)

the messages from her roomate

No. 1335084

File: 1632688481635.jpeg (294.48 KB, 1536x1869, image8.jpeg)

No. 1335085

File: 1632688519267.jpeg (324.28 KB, 1536x1790, image9.jpeg)

No. 1335086

File: 1632688548696.jpeg (256.84 KB, 1536x1558, image10.jpeg)

No. 1335087

File: 1632688580409.jpeg (248.74 KB, 1536x1809, image11.jpeg)

No. 1335088

File: 1632688622549.jpeg (309.45 KB, 1536x1825, image13.jpeg)

No. 1335096

File: 1632689048516.jpg (1.28 MB, 4096x3072, IMG_3765.JPG)

I didn't want all her milk to get lost in the personal thread and something bad is probs gonna happen again

No. 1335099

File: 1632689208123.jpeg (1.69 MB, 4096x3072, 1632448556269.jpeg)

No. 1335101


No. 1335105

Absolutely ridiculous first message, is like she's ready to suicide bait if the roomie says no. Did this person move out already?

No. 1335109

yeah this was around June

No. 1335111

confused, is the blacked out name the cow? because holy shit

No. 1335113

Oh my god she has an OF?! Who’s willing to take one for the team an see what kind of tragic content it is. Must be “lesbian” content with her totally feMALE partner.
This is one cow I think could have a lot of interesting potential. Is there more posted in a different thread?? Looks to be a pixie fan probably by the looks of it, she checks all the boxes.

No. 1335116

File: 1632689851669.jpeg (296.77 KB, 1536x1672, EC463310-58A6-4E64-B5C0-2EFFB8…)

yeah Jay is the blacked out name. Here she says she can afford the apartment but then opened a gofundme

No. 1335117

File: 1632689889617.jpeg (286.58 KB, 1536x1738, 6638DD48-1898-4E8F-8B0A-E2EA6F…)

No. 1335119

File: 1632689917740.jpeg (290.83 KB, 1536x1817, 75A18EDD-4BB6-4684-8E39-770100…)

No. 1335128

some of her mentions in the personal cows thread

No. 1335133

I’m getting my intake of milk as we speak.
As for the room mate situation holy shit, she REALLY flipped switched when she realizes the roommate isn’t going to let her have her way from being decently respectful to full on trying to be a victim. OML id slap the bitch in gunt for trying to undermine me.

No. 1335135

File: 1632690768818.jpeg (379.09 KB, 1536x1958, 69109FFD-45D5-4F88-96B0-10C6F2…)

Here’s a preview just for you lol, I’ve been dying to see what shit she posts there too

No. 1335147

I wouldn’t mind if some scrote came here an gave us the downlow of how terrible it is, it can’t be like Lori tier could it? I mean it’s not saying much when she legit posted the ghost face onto her photo lmao. Maybe I’ll take one for the team.. it’s so tempting to see the train wreck that’s hidden behind a paywall.

No. 1335163

File: 1632692715297.jpeg (727.8 KB, 750x930, 17A39C33-74D8-4270-82AC-2E19B7…)

Oh yes, THIS is a lesbian couple

No. 1335164

Person in the hat visibly is a downy

No. 1335170

Is the boyfriend ftm? He’s got that weird pudgy girl on T look at him

No. 1335171

Oh my god it’s Shaynus at 350lbs kek

No. 1335186

nonnies I'm so sorry but how do I post a video? I want to show the vids with her bf

No. 1335190

It is unfortunately, in fact, the opposite. The boyfriend is "mtf" but makes zero effort at looking even remotely non-male. Horrendous.

No. 1335191

File: 1632694150890.jpeg (244.53 KB, 1267x1915, 462E475A-C70E-4EAC-A54B-445DBF…)

that’s definitely a man lol

No. 1335192

Wait sorry I'm wrong, the boyfriend is nonbinary and that's why she can still call herself a lesbian lmao they're a t4t couple. Disgusting.

No. 1335196

File: 1632694363092.jpeg (407.89 KB, 1536x1923, B17E3E26-0DC5-45BA-8F24-A7D766…)

No. 1335217

File: 1632696410544.webm (762.08 KB, 720x1280, why.webm)

it's so unfair that tiktok bans me for sexual content when that's all I make!

No. 1335218

File: 1632696586231.webm (1.05 MB, 720x1280, 205316173_221269843167766_6339…)

No. 1335226

File: 1632696884281.webm (2.5 MB, 720x1280, 203954093_122829829995693_7982…)

No. 1335231

absolutely offensive and rancid

No. 1335232

energy of a 16 year old desperate for attention

No. 1335233

File: 1632697524070.jpeg (12.98 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

she's vile. anyway i hope she never finds out she's on here, something tells me this one would love the attention

No. 1335237

File: 1632697929674.jpg (287.51 KB, 720x883, 20210926_190946.jpg)

not to encourage the boyfriend's tranny delusions, but this pic really makes it look like he's expecting kek

No. 1335260

lmao this one seems promising. gotta love an insecure dangerhair fatso covering up her issues with borrowed bravado.

No. 1335290

I would love to see her initial tantrum but she would then cry to her followers abt it and use it for more 'woe is me' posts

No. 1335294

I’m so confused, boyfriend looks like a fakeboi says he’s nonbinary and that they are t4t, was he born male or female? Judging from his Instagram the way he dresses and his body I assume female?

No. 1335295

Pretty sure he was born male

No. 1335296

I thought this was the fakeboi thread.

No. 1335298

nonnie he's just a fat man with colored hair, not a woman.

No. 1335303

Good point, those look like man tits

No. 1335304

File: 1632702181116.webm (757.17 KB, 576x1024, TikMate_online_nacl.webm)

and here's this loveley video captioned #boysinskirts. They're both desperate for attention, we'll give it to them.

No. 1335320

this isn't her dumbass, it says bunny.

No. 1335321

This smells like selfpost.

No. 1335323

lmao dumbass, that's someone else entirely. this cow and bunny are two different people

No. 1335327

Mb thought bunny was one of her weird ass names.

No. 1335331

Imagine the mental gymnastics it would take to call yourself a lesbian while fucking that scrote

No. 1335349

This is nightmare fuel. These people need their phones taken away, how else does one get this retarded?

No. 1335356

File: 1632706315097.jpg (202.61 KB, 720x1297, 20210926_213046.jpg)

Beautiful lesbian couple

No. 1335357

This belongs on agpsthatmakeyouwanttodie

No. 1335396

I'd take the deposit and run honestly but good luck getting that money kek.
Can you actually imagine living with a cow? I don't know who the fuck this is but if I walked in after work and saw my obese roommate getting ridden by her soyboy tranny boyfriend I'd probably just go get the rope.

No. 1335449

need her and pixielocks to link up and fight to the death cause someone else is doing "fat ugly str8 white girl pretending they aren't" and they both wouldn't be able to stand it

No. 1335503

File: 1632729034836.jpeg (127.91 KB, 720x1021, 900B3CCE-124C-448E-89EF-81464C…)

She reminded me of this image immediately

No. 1335507

she seems like she has potential to be the next feebs. good thread op

No. 1335525

Holy shit this cow is 22? she looks grotesque

No. 1335534

File: 1632736910014.png (29.51 KB, 129x181, please.PNG)

there's so much wrong here but the one thing jumping out to me is who chats to their roommate on fucking discord?

No. 1335537

File: 1632737524212.png (90.03 KB, 150x270, busted piano keys.PNG)

No. 1335753

File: 1632765713546.jpeg (555.47 KB, 1254x1956, 5683AB4F-EAC8-4D74-9BA0-7272F2…)

okay 100% confirmed he is a guy. Also ew.

No. 1335758

File: 1632766003080.jpeg (137.6 KB, 1276x1409, 9EEC1D9F-4C6D-4A1D-9C4D-C2BBC2…)

No. 1335760

File: 1632766144137.jpg (25.91 KB, 515x374, d2a7fa1a3e25bc564ba16010cafea0…)

No. 1335775

Incredible I’ve never seen a real man embody the fakeboi aesthetic like this one. I guess that’s how she wraps her mind around calling herself a lesbian while sucking dick, cause he looks like a fat girl going through an identity crisis

No. 1335818

Why do these fatties always have some type of bruises on their udder. STG her tit was the first one her redditor-looking moid ever touched so he had to injure her thinking its a nintendo stick.

No. 1335924

Yes! Glad I'm not the only one that saw the similarities between these two:
Fats, munchies, dangerhair, ~totes queer~ but are in a relationship with some autistic scrote (to be fair, poor Henry wasn't a gross AGP), victim complex, e-beggars. Fuck, even their Instagram handles are similar :

No. 1335978

File: 1632782926500.webm (11.93 MB, 576x1024, [tiktokder.com]vids_202109_701…)

lol she said "I'm gonna have cleavage I'm a fucking…" she almost said woman this dumb bitch doesn't even think of herself as nonbinary. How she gonna constantly talk about her tits and dress super feminine yet refuse to identify as a woman.

No. 1336050

Oh wow she talks like a sped

No. 1336092

It's like she was gonna say "I'm fucking fat" but said "I have big fucking tits" instead. kek

No. 1337147

She looks like if Daisy Foxglove gained 100 pounds, and her voice sounds a lot like Creepshow. Bad combination.

No. 1343420

File: 1633654073306.jpeg (304.53 KB, 1285x1960, 3292FC2F-74CA-40EC-B1A9-698FBC…)

retarded bf changed his name

No. 1343426

Why have these types latched onto Garfield?

No. 1343442

Irony. He's like the apathetic, fat neckbeard cousin of Hello Kitty in a way. Maybe 'they' resonate with being fat and unlikable?

No. 1343459

TFW you side with the cow because the roommate sounds insufferable. You just know she’s the kind of person who’ll find a “boundary” issue with every person she lives with eventually

No. 1343464

> Lycan

I find it even harder to believe he’s not a ftm with a name like that kek

No. 1343564

Bitch you think that weird fucking guy would be safe/pleasant to have around? I wouldn't want some weird fat abusive fuck around me that's for sure.

No. 1343568

I bet he pees sitting down to.
What a tragedy to look at.. looks like man hood still hasn’t bestowed itself upon him kek. Instead people should call him Pup instead of Lycian. No wonder this little boy has so many issues, he’s really just a frustrated male that never got an ounce of testosterone growing up so he throws fits and tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.

No. 1343697

File: 1633704323557.jpg (380.49 KB, 1080x1454, IMG_20211008_114321.jpg)

I don't think her art is worth what she's asking for

No. 1343698

File: 1633704460742.jpg (287.36 KB, 1080x1651, IMG_20211008_114250.jpg)

Up to 3-4 weeks to complete such art masterpieces
Samefag but saged

No. 1343737

File: 1633709126439.jpeg (Spoiler Image,135.07 KB, 2048x1930, 8AEA0C66-76E5-40D1-9E0A-5512BD…)

she has the art skills of a middle schooler

No. 1344234

File: 1633753780969.png (239.63 KB, 736x736, pinkfaejack.png)

holy fuck, she draws herself with "The Nutshack"-esque proportions.

No. 1344362

oof, that's the body of a referenced photo and the artist doesn't understand how bodies work kek

3-4 weeks for ONE? and she has all those slots? what a fire

No. 1344481

shes so desperate for the validation of being "fuckable", her entire account would fit right into r/ihavesex

No. 1344783

File: 1633856407532.jpg (61.46 KB, 721x587, ghfgfg.JPG)

Nightmare fuel

No. 1344798

how did she even find the Sanrio set in such large size???

No. 1344839

Not saying she looks good by any means but this cow has more outfits fitted to her size than Shatna, and she's twice as big. Kinda scary she could learn a thing or two from this hamplanet.

No. 1344841

Good lord. Lol she over values her work. Not saying I’m a great artists, but I don’t even sell my shit for over 50 because I know I’m a nobody lol. These are like $10 request drawing tier skills at best.

No. 1344866

Why is it always people named Jay that are so obnoxious? I've never met a Jay that wasn't some twitterfag wannabe FTM troon.

No. 1344872

this chick has a lot of potential to me, interested to see where this all goes. i love watching bpdfags beg for attention online <3(don't use emojis)

No. 1345057

dear god n*nnies watch their couple q&a video. Her forced “cute” giggle and their confusion at being “mistaken” for a cis het couple when they’re both totally trans and gay, it’s all just unbelievably embarrassing.

No. 1345080

aliexpress has bootlegs of them, those ears look sus

No. 1345123

File: 1633910647861.png (544.04 KB, 576x467, image(26).PNG)

her mannerisms are so annoying and her speech impediment sounds like it was caused by her fatness. kek at the shallow self harm

No. 1345215

File: 1633927022628.jpg (51.26 KB, 542x277, hgfhhffyrds.jpg)

cows colliding

No. 1345273

>we need more cottagecore outfits
she literally looks like a trailer park gypsy

No. 1345344

This cow will be even fatter than ALR by the time she’s 30 if she doesn’t do something fast. It’s obscene to be this fat, but especially at only 22.

No. 1345357

>trailer park gypsy
More like car park pikey

No. 1346085

File: 1634090520607.webm (1.5 MB, 576x1024, dfc43cb5386d56ff7d2cd9f9b42179…)

One of the most disgusting

No. 1346115

File: 1634095833818.jpeg (282.78 KB, 702x878, 39FBAC7E-54FD-40CC-9B1B-B1D813…)

I cannot get over the fact that she calls herself a lesbian and is putting this man’s cum in her mouth. Mental illness. Anyways, here’s their Halloween costumes.

No. 1346123

Halloween costume eh? That’s literally how they normally look.

No. 1346126

tf is he supposed to be? joe dirt meets retarded goth cheerleader?

No. 1346151

is she meant to be chucky? Could she not find suspenders in her size? I literally have no fucking clue what he's meant to be.

No. 1346152

File: 1634103082359.jpg (32.69 KB, 500x750, 01558afa-3561-401e-bafa-356fd5…)

I think he was trying to go for the bride of chucky/tiffany…. but it's a very half assed attempt. If even.

No. 1346156

this is insufferable to watch

No. 1346162

File: 1634105870664.png (1.05 MB, 1109x498, fatsquared.png)

i couldnt get through it. it reeks so much of bpd manic episode rushed relationship.
but lmao she stole all her mannerisms from pixie. why would you ever want to skinwalk pixielocks of all people? in a few months pixie will get to this hamplanet's size

No. 1346168

File: 1634106442686.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1206x1946, 08FACBFE-2630-4ED8-A356-6BA6F4…)

even bought her dress

No. 1346173

25 min in "we're both super gay"
so obnoxious

No. 1346197

File: 1634110404924.jpeg (254.64 KB, 750x1200, 1578206886959.jpeg)

her bf looks like poopbrooch ash.they have the same bad haircut lmao

No. 1346240

How dare you anon! Sperm is actually nonbinary and saying it's a man's cum is actually transphobic!! /s

No. 1346401

File: 1634141465305.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.36 KB, 471x630, RGVVVVVVVEQSZQSERGVEVE.JPG)

uh…I took the fall bc I had a gf with bpd who ruined my life but this is really fucking bleak I think I lost a part of my soul in the process…
spoilered for her bf's dick with her underneath

No. 1346404

File: 1634141583084.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.25 KB, 470x626, BFDSGBGFVERDGVF.JPG)

No. 1346405

File: 1634141632702.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.7 KB, 597x387, GVCCCCCC.JPG)

No. 1346408

Thanks for taking the fall but good fucking lord.

No. 1346412

File: 1634141980662.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.33 KB, 471x627, GVSRWEGFVESZWFGE.JPG)

I witnessed something vile and I will take you all down this path w/ me

No. 1346416

What a horrible day to have eyes. It is worse than I imagined. Do you think there's an audience for this??

No. 1346417

Holy shit someone actually did it. You’re very appreciated but I can’t even laugh at these she’s so depressing. Pathetic.

No. 1346419

this is somehow the worst one of all of them. i can't believe she's only 22, what the fuck

No. 1346420

File: 1634142631092.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.49 KB, 835x633, TRYFDRTYDDR.JPG)

Feeders? Or scrotes who enjoy seeing women sink more and more into…whatever this is.

No. 1346423

what a horrible day to have eyes. She could not look more uncomfortable. It’s hard to believe she is only twenty-two and if she does not put her health first she probably won’t live all that much longer.

No. 1346436

How revolting! Making faggy ass anime faces while your totes “lesbian gf” shoves his dick in. I want to forget ever seeing this.

No. 1346445

File: 1634144474821.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.07 KB, 592x453, FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFHGF.JPG)

If you ever find a way to erase your memories pls help

No. 1346949

I truly believe this chick is a mentally retarded person that's being taken advantage of. I just can't believe that this person is doing all of this on her own free will. Watching her speak makes it extremely obvious that she's mentally deficient. She's like those trailer park retards that get taken advantage of and think it's what they want because someone told them it was OK.

No. 1346952

She's the first woman to ever make me fucking nauseous.

No. 1347043

File: 1634187863033.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.91 KB, 475x631, BSDFBVGDFSWGBVDF.JPG)

I see how you could mistake her with a mentally retarded person but don't let her appearance fool you, she is very self-righteous in all of her beliefs and actions. She will twist the truth to turn it into what she wants to be true. Self-centered as well, claiming several mental illnesses like Pixie does. She claims to be autistic.

No. 1347046

File: 1634188093941.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.91 KB, 836x631, GHVJJJJJJJJ.JPG)


No. 1347047

File: 1634188192611.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.11 KB, 596x393, SRHGRFDGGGGGG.JPG)

No. 1347048

File: 1634188267693.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.79 KB, 472x627, FSDDDFSDFSDDDDDDDDD.JPG)

No. 1347049

ew wtf, she probably can’t even reach around to clean her ass crack, it must smell unholy

No. 1347053

Thought this was an obese tranny first

No. 1347083

File: 1634190991688.png (63.33 KB, 585x683, aids2.png)

No. 1347084

jfc the way she worded this… how could she not see how that reads lol

No. 1347095

jesus i thought were were getting a hiv confession for a sec. there is no way this bitch isnt down the severe end of the spectrum, she looks fucking autistic and talks like she is too.

No. 1347098

i will never understand how these landwhale hogface whores have the confidence to post this shit, how does she look at these and think 'yeah i look hot'
she has the body of an obese man and the face of a burn victim

No. 1347125

I'm bummed out now

No. 1347192

File: 1634205738964.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.65 KB, 522x627, HTFFFHFFFFFFFFF.JPG)

No. 1347195

File: 1634205828710.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.08 KB, 399x632, JGVHJGGGGGG.JPG)

No. 1347198

File: 1634205919437.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.91 KB, 827x628, GFVSREFGEDSFGES.JPG)

She shooped out the pores on her face but not the pores on her arms

No. 1347200

File: 1634206084203.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.37 KB, 530x630, HKVVVVVVV.JPG)

Am I the only one thinking her underwear isn't appropriate for this kind of content?

No. 1347208

This bitch is fucking gross and fat and I regret looking at this thread. I can not believe people who look like this not only take pictures of themselves but also post them on the internet. She must have reverse body dysmorphia where you think you are way hotter than you are. Absolutely haram pig.

No. 1347221

I needed some fitspo this week. I feel like running 3 miles now. Yeowtch.

No. 1347241


Holy shit I was not prepared for this image - early Halloween scare!

No. 1347245

lord, this made me straight up dry heave. i know that it's just a keyboard smash, but that image file name really does capture the essence of this picture

No. 1347254

this is off the fucking chain. going to the gym first thing tomorrow. may god have mercy on your soul nonny

No. 1347256

File: 1634214854130.jpg (44.77 KB, 592x340, Screen_Shot_2019-10-24_at_3.19…)

No. 1347257

This is the grossest pic I've ever seen, is that discharge? I want to Kermit
Lmaoo my fucking sides

No. 1347258

Holy Fuck the fucking shock of this one made me laugh out loud I am vomit

No. 1347328

File: 1634221772212.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.46 KB, 468x629, HNTRFDEGBETRFGBDXF.JPG)

An Onision sized penis for your enjoyment

No. 1347383

wtfs wrong with it. Lol. Why does it look like that?

No. 1347400

File: 1634224986762.jpeg (259.34 KB, 1920x1006, 1AC3503C-E728-42C2-A42B-380CBA…)

finally figured out what her gross face reminded me of

No. 1347403

She wants us to believe this is lesbian porn KEK

No. 1347503

Body like pepe the frog

No. 1347567

File: 1634233092612.jpeg (122.7 KB, 939x894, 163422498676.jpeg)

You're onto something anon

No. 1347608

what is being licked here? it looks like a piece of poop?

No. 1347617

I’m p sure theyre just chocolate teddy graham’s

No. 1347688

Nipples the size of literal dinner plates

No. 1347690

im so glad someone made this thread kek. once upon a time when i was a fat teen and dressed like an ita clown i would get compared to this cunt and it actually motivated me to get fit and change my style. literal horror cow motivation.

No. 1347699

File: 1634243663829.jpeg (165.22 KB, 820x1208, 980FA3A7-FC72-44CF-8249-4708C2…)

and i thought shayna is the one that has her retard porn perfected.
autistic fanart, please be gentle.

No. 1347722

her arms actually have the complexion of a late stage diabetic, very worrying for someone so young

No. 1347733

Ew gross, her dirty ass feet. Just goes to show she doesn’t take care of where she lives, or doesn’t regularly bathe if her feet look that dirty.

No. 1347762

Her arms are giving me Tropophobia vibes.
Scary stuff.

No. 1347776

Isn't that just dead skin her feet grew on the soles because it has to constantly bear her body weight?

No. 1347871

File: 1634258939364.png (374.12 KB, 598x863, dudeweed.png)

fat cows like her always draw themselves way skinnier than they really are.

No. 1347921

File: 1634264535271.jpeg (498.5 KB, 1379x1307, 9F9904E9-52C9-42D3-B194-93EBFC…)

It didn’t even take me 3-4 weeks.

No. 1347952

Yeah, there's a face in the abdomen. I was thinking Diddy Kong, but Pepe fits too

No. 1347955

File: 1634269130820.png (287.68 KB, 528x649, 1627117980943.png)

LMAO this is amazing but she's way bigger

No. 1347978

Good god I want to sit under a cold shower after looking at this image what the FUCK are those holes in her arms

No. 1347995

i kekd nonny

No. 1348096

File: 1634285620105.jpg (43.03 KB, 602x390, HFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.JPG)

she WISHES she had a neck

No. 1348097

File: 1634285932307.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.97 KB, 476x626, YRRRRRDR.JPG)


No. 1348098

File: 1634286082606.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.63 KB, 461x627, GREDGFVERZGVEZQES.JPG)

No. 1348120

imagine having a thigh thats triple the size of your saggy ass… so fucking disgusting

No. 1348164

I love when fat chicks think they’re “thicc” but are fat everywhere but where it counts loll

No. 1348226

File: 1634306337393.jpg (535.8 KB, 1080x1966, IMG_20211015_105638.jpg)

I agree but how dare she act repulsed by losers when she and her bf and the most disgusting losers of them all?

No. 1348229

Sorry to samefag but this is revolting!!!

No. 1348234

Shayna how dare you bother our favourite t4t nonbinary lesbian with BPD autism and AIDS while she works to provide for her Shein hauls!
(mobility aids, to be precise)

No. 1348600

i kek’d lol the crossover we deserve. this bitch uses being too fat for regular stores as an excuse to shop exclusively at shein though and we know shayna would never admit it to herself.

No. 1348857

Says the loser who exhibitions herself on tiktok.

Sounds like insecure jealousy.

No. 1354664

File: 1635052865772.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.06 KB, 468x627, GERGERGEGR.JPG)

No. 1354665

File: 1635052887956.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.37 KB, 599x395, HYF.JPG)

No. 1354666

File: 1635052926598.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.1 KB, 475x623, UKGYYYYYYYY.JPG)

No. 1355527

This disgusting, actual stink pig showed up on my IG explore page somehow, and I have never blocked an account I didn’t need to before now. It is horrible to even look at, much less have accidentally seen porn of. Popping up in the wild was too much for me, I’m not convinced this autistic blob is human.

No. 1355555

Fucking grim.
She showed up on mine too, yesterday. Instant flashbacks to those OF pics… my mind is scarred, I don't want to live any longer

No. 1355556

File: 1635181775883.jpg (196.09 KB, 720x1213, Screenshot_20211025-130808_Ins…)

Her tranny boyfriend looked pretty normal just last year. I wonder what happened.

No. 1355899

probably pixielocks syndrome, she trooned him out after they met to validate her ‘totes lesbian’ identity.

No. 1356604

File: 1635318910625.jpeg (977.21 KB, 1291x1952, AAA95B6D-4B3F-4E20-A687-0E5728…)


No. 1356605

samefag but people have told her not to use fae as pronouns before because it’s part of Celtic culture or something

No. 1356805

File: 1635351015214.jpg (68.22 KB, 926x469, 12332344556436653.JPG)

I'm trying really hard not to laugh. First her tiktok and now even insta is kicking her out. those big bad companies really hate disabled bimbos!

No. 1356824

She comes across about as “fae” as Jason Momoa.

No. 1356833

the absolute cope in her bio always sends me. ‘Bimbo’ and ‘drag artistry’ but seemingly can’t even do the bare minimum of washing her greasy mop.

No. 1357275

> moth/moths
Could you imagine having to explain to someone from 20 years ago that some people now refer to themselves as “mothself”?

No. 1357298

i used to be mutuals with this bitch back when she was a homestuck cosplayer, and i haven't seen anyone mention that she was yet. i don't have any screenshots because this was probably ~5 years ago but i do remember that she was constantly sucking up to more popular creators, posting her shit-tier su cosplays, or whining about misgendering and "lesbophobia" which is ironic since she's dating the greasiest moid ever. it's insane that she's still doing the same exact thing only she's 100 pounds bigger.

No. 1357902

Even worse, now she's doing lewd versions of kids shows. She did a "lewd" Bee from Bee and puppycat. What was her name back then?

No. 1357912

File: 1635485561090.jpg (43.01 KB, 635x365, 1224675684435232566778.JPG)

So edgy! a romantic picnic in a cemetary!
>I'm very excited, we're at a cemetary, there's gravestones behind me!
>We're making sure to be very respectful of the actual graves themselves because I don't want to be cursed
>but I'm also just a good person who doesn't want to disrespect the dead

No. 1358350

File: 1635561741836.png (7.17 MB, 2048x1536, 168FE7ED-8EF1-4C23-A1FB-353EEC…)

She’s standing in front of her shower and she’s almost the same width…..how. She uploaded a new video, you should watch it to see her act like a person with brain damage.

No. 1358356

File: 1635562752035.jpeg (499.27 KB, 886x664, 3CCC6BED-D06B-447A-888A-A9B3DA…)

No. 1358362

is this an anachan using my precious cow as fatspo!?! or whatever

No. 1358373

honestly i was curious bc of your post so i clicked on that user's profile and it's just another fat girl

No. 1358375

Her eyeliner triggers my fight or flight response every single time

No. 1358393

she’s so fucking ugly lol, literal Halloween witch nose. i feel like when you have naturally/unchangeable unfortunate features, you either figure out every trick to flatter your face/body and people won’t even notice, or swing in the wildly opposite direction and have shitty greasy hair, unwashed skin, terrible clashing clothing, and eat yourself into the size of a Kia Soul in a desperate attempt to cover it up.

No. 1358696

File: 1635625942248.jpeg (254.08 KB, 1303x1811, FF4B09C0-42F5-4BD6-BC2B-33FA70…)

girl your eyebrows…

No. 1362381


No. 1364924

File: 1636428789504.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1275x1626, 3456E0CC-1110-4642-99E4-5A435C…)

she is the size of 3 people

No. 1372990

File: 1637500404612.jpg (31.4 KB, 587x321, 85758757886245875.jpg)

Damn sexy man boobs

No. 1373010

File: 1637506152936.jpg (49.48 KB, 639x367, 7852752763385438947.jpg)

Imagine waking up next to this

No. 1373012

Big troon energy

No. 1373013

File: 1637506305950.jpg (20.64 KB, 502x311, 35486745167398234156412.jpg)


No. 1373554

I'm hoping we're seeing a potential cow surface here who can reach the heights of fat, ugly close up selfies, delusional sense of grandeur and fake gender and disability claims of Feebs. She was my favourite cow, so this one has some promise

No. 1373804

I’ve seen her mentioned a few other times but who is Feebs?

No. 1374319

File: 1637657687005.webm (1.45 MB, 576x1024, e1729dc42e2cf7f1a5daa6fd6f4aa5…)

update she quit her job at spencer's and is now getting even more money from disability's.

No. 1374320

File: 1637657796723.webm (3.43 MB, 576x1024, ef2f5c97ca11909a5fe6461c09f9cb…)

No. 1374321

File: 1637658110090.webm (1.02 MB, 576x1024, 8a16446b275e7b770c3fb837fe2c14…)

haven't seen this gem posted yet

No. 1374333

>"hello im gonna make videos bragging about how mentally ill and fucked in the head i am publicly and this will obviously be beneficial to me"
retard is as retard does

No. 1374344

Phoebe Tickner, an inactive but formerly very milky cow >>>/snow/783899

No. 1374368

> got a "back payment" from disability that will keep her in hot pockets and mountain dew for 2 fucking years.
What is her disability? Being fat and autistic? She says here >>1374321 it's autism, bpd and bipolar. So basically the same as every gen z with a tiktok account.
This is actually really aggravating. Why do fatties have such an easy time getting disability (like on 600lb life) when people who are actually disabled struggle and get rejected?
Also isn't it funny how many of thesse tiktokers have anxiety/depression yet are 100% fine getting up everyday, doing their makeup, getting dressed up and posting videos/pictures of themselves all day. She's well enough to make porn but not well enough to work at a retail store? ok lmao

No. 1374406

Every facial expression this horrible nightmare creature makes causes me pain. It dresses like that in public?!?! rage fuel.

No. 1374448

File: 1637685319254.jpg (103.69 KB, 895x579, 515416502541585.JPG)

No. 1374451

File: 1637685794801.jpg (41.18 KB, 316x580, 52415121545545.jpg)

She sculpted her heart but didn't include the cholesterol inside

No. 1374457

That seems about accurate sized for a morbidly obese persons enlarged heart. A healthy heart is just about the size of your fist.

No. 1374468

File: 1637687353971.png (4.11 MB, 1334x750, 42D613CF-5EE2-4AD4-A5B9-6FB36A…)

Cat spotted. Of course she’s the kind to want trendy plants and not give a damn that almost all are toxic to cats. Unless there’s some sort of fool proof way to keep cats from biting and getting into them? A spray of some kind?

No. 1374477

not to wk but sometimes cats just don't care about plants, i have some of these and my cats were never interested in eating them

No. 1374485

I've heard you can use cayenne pepper or diluted citrus on the leaves of some plants to repel cats. There are also store-bought spray repellents, though I'm not sure if they work on plants without killing them.

No. 1374516

File: 1637692143487.jpeg (1.42 MB, 4096x3072, B5737EDB-9CE9-4F2F-B874-CE4368…)

this was around a month ago she was already struggling and decided to get a second cat, but now she’s jobless, this cow is enraging. Also i tried to watch her disability vid and she’s so vague the whole time, I’m pretty sure her “disability” is just that being the size of a small planet is putting too much stress on her joints.

No. 1374583

don't follow this thread but kek why is fatty dating the grinch?

No. 1374643

Oh she's one of those vague "chronic pain" types. If she lost weight she'd have less pressure on her joints and be able to walk better.

No. 1374759


Go fund me?! She needs to be publicly shamed.

No. 1374781

she’s had that stupid gofundme ever since she forced her roommate to leave. Also recently made spergy tiktoks talking about boundaries that were obviously directed at her former roommate. lol get over it girl, you made them leave.

No. 1374789

The mental gymnastics she to do in order to seem like the evermore kawaii harbinger of peace and mental health jfc. Quick look at the thread's first screenshots and you can see what a pathetic liar she really is.

No. 1374935


the roommate literally asked for the bare minimum respect. they had few rules and they were completely normal shit to ask if youre gonna live with others. shes trying to twist it into manipulation, gaslight, and whatever the fuck, the borderline brain is so awful.

No. 1375020

Here before she claims DID as an excuse to be as bitchy as she wants and still keep the sweet happy-go-lucky persona. She's got these eyes that scream "if you disagree with me, I might as well go batshit on you"

No. 1375185

Didn't her roommate just ask her to not bring her abusive bf around anymore because it was upsetting her? Is this bitch so selfish that she can't see how hearing that shit go on in her own house would impact her roommates mental health? I noticed in >>1335084 she says that "X has only harmed me so why do you care" which is one of the most tone-deaf, selfish, sociopathic shit I've read. Even if the roommate didn't give a shit if this fat ugly thot got pummeled to death, should she not be scared for her own safety? This cow is like what a boomer would create if they were told to design a tiktoker.

No. 1376211

File: 1637940085567.jpg (91.87 KB, 819x521, 5484515645632254.jpg)

Someone is butthurt about not being able to flaunt her Shein haul

No. 1376212

File: 1637940190825.jpg (80.72 KB, 460x579, 854687974574.jpg)

Kawaii icon.

No. 1376214

File: 1637940469957.jpg (108.36 KB, 896x536, 156784843651367487.jpg)

Jillian Vessey heart nose drag

No. 1376215

she looks even more like grimace than usual

No. 1376220

don’t insult my boy Grimace like that

No. 1379512

not an amerifag so sorry if im misunderstanding the system but i though disability payments were for people who are too disabled to work? how could she be eligible since she clearly had a job and her conditions weren't hurting her performance since she "never had a meltdown at work"

like how can you make one tiktok about how your disability totally doesn't get in the way of you working and it's abelist for anyone to suggest that, then immediately follow it up by saying you're receiving a huge disability payment???

No. 1379547

Sage for slight tinfoil but I'm willing to bet that while Jay might not have had a meltdown on the floor, she definitely threatened a meltdown to get her way/ get out of work at some point. In my experience most people don't know what a meltdown is in relationship to autism, so I find it really weird that her manager would just out of the blue know that's a possible autistic behavior that might happen in a stressful circumstance without Jay telling them about it, either to make them accommodate her or just generally bc she needs everyone to know how totes autistic and disabled she is.

No. 1380301

I don’t think you have to be completely disabled to get benefits, she mentioned that if she made over a certain amount of money at her job then she wouldn’t get benefits anymore.
In that vid she says her manager is a woman, but there was definitely a male manager that she told about her physical disability at least bc she made a video about how she was having a bad day physically and he did one of her heavy lifting tasks, she probably told them about her autism too.

No. 1381961

File: 1638443235308.jpg (46.94 KB, 326x541, 454512015436451.jpg)

"you don't know my connection to the fae"

No. 1381992

wth is wrong with her mouth? She’s about as fae as she is lesbian. Which is none at all.

No. 1382361

Maybe the fae folk post shitty pictures of their porn on onlyfans and we just didn't know. The lying and manipulation is on point though

No. 1384584

File: 1638611559698.jpg (60.09 KB, 895x542, 045864155564874455514687936978…)

No. 1384807

File: 1638632590391.jpeg (31.04 KB, 500x500, 7A37D9D6-85D8-4407-AA07-B788B3…)

the DELUSION. Her head is hilariously small compared to rest of her body.

No. 1388269

File: 1638996067267.webm (1.12 MB, 576x1024, 57f05caf26487137970820b84c473b…)

No. 1388368

I'm dead, holy shit

No. 1388529

just read through this thread and holy shit, i feel so good about myself right now. how disgusting.

No. 1390187

File: 1639196321565.webm (2.59 MB, 576x1024, e32d423f88b5b71bc1bbbe05c3da8c…)

No. 1390219

I can’t even put into words how much I hate this person. I have never seen someone who radiates so much smugness for absolutely no reason. God damn I hate this bitch

No. 1390352

Man, she looks so much like Daisy Foxglove. She could be her longlost obese American twin.

No. 1390353

File: 1639219773639.webm (2.95 MB, 576x1024, efeec5ca7ede4f1e563aa0ca380daf…)

No. 1390354

File: 1639219820292.webm (4.93 MB, 576x1024, 798f72a4404368144f3ffcb00bedf0…)

No. 1390401

does this bitch ever stop talking about her boobs. We should all report this one, maybe her account will get deleted again.

No. 1390403

Shayna needs to take a long hard look at this bitch and realise this is where she's headed. Looks like the estranged third slaton sister

No. 1390508

File: 1639246551897.jpeg (367.54 KB, 1274x1951, 02EA8D53-2098-4272-94A2-464249…)

begging for likes again

No. 1390826

Ugh her tiktoks are the worst
She can barely manage to shake her boobs with all the extra fat on herself
Too lazy to put in real effort??

No. 1391789

File: 1639397553672.jpeg (538.61 KB, 750x1084, AB813EEB-8B1F-47E9-8158-EAB709…)

which one of you did this lol

No. 1391798

I would love to know why she thinks it's this account lmfao

No. 1391860

I looked thru some of their posts and their story and I didn’t see anything about her so yea idk why she thinks they posted her content

No. 1392127

Hi nonny, its the instagram user here. I did post it, but it was a long time ago (literally 2 months ago lol). I just went public for 2 hours, and I guess it saw my posts. I publicized again but I have no idea how they saw it, unless they specifically scrolled down my account. Thanks for letting me know, bc it blocked me.(cowtipping)

No. 1392343

You should check out /g/ there's a good skincare thread on there

No. 1393061

File: 1639533531491.webm (8.31 MB, 576x1024, e604db6ef078cb4a4013241350dbe8…)

>"Hi lovelies! Look at what I'm doing with my disability check while people can barely afford to eat!"

No. 1393063

File: 1639533599398.webm (5.37 MB, 576x1024, 5af75b09953c22a3b803433b1c6b0c…)

No. 1393083

Her mannerisms are so fucking gross. What is it with people on this app puckering their lips so much, shaking their head, and sticking their tongues out? It looks special needs.

No. 1393100

DID LARP for beginners

No. 1393109

Idk why but I have such a visceral reaction to the mannerisms

No. 1393489

Kek, she wants to be a real tiktoker "influencer" so badly. I remember when she claimed she had a brand deal with ACDC rag and said they sent her free shit, but they reposted her photo of the "brand deal" outfits saying thank you for supporting our shop kek

No. 1393529

I don't mean to nitpick but the cat ears made of hair look so fucking dumb. Also her scrunched up smile she always does (like in >>1376212) annoys the hell out of me for some reason. It's so derpy and accentuates her weird, small mouth. The smugness is too much with this one. /ends sperg

No. 1393607

File: 1639597582932.jpeg (947.28 KB, 3072x3072, 5BCED30F-A0D7-45A3-B818-216D88…)

Opened a patreon lolol.
To everyone else above me her constant puckering and her ugly smile always bugged the crap outta me too but I didn’t want to sound to nitpicky. But yeah she makes the weirdest/dumbest expressions in an attempt to be cute.

No. 1393621

I don't think it's a nitpick when she does it in every single selfie or tiktok video she creates and it seems as if she tries to make these mannerisms part of her non existent brand.

Same, I think it's because we all know it's fake as fuck and seeing someone so hideous trying to act cute is nauseating. I have the same reaction when Shayna does that stupid tongue between teeth Miley Cyrus during her public mental breakdown phase shit. There's just something so gross about someone as fat, ugly, and hopeless as porkfatfemme trying to look cute with these love live tier emotes. Lori does similar shit.

No. 1393646

Jay, you are not fucking involved in jfashion at all. You wear size XXXL american brands, and even then, I've seen many fat jfash girls who can manage to pull it off, you have no fucking sense of style.

No. 1393746

$5 just to get content a day early? what a joke lmao

No. 1393897

how pretentious do you have to be to think people would pay 100$ a month to see your shit-tier art and unboxing videos?

No. 1394618

I would have thought a 22k insta account could net you a least a few patrons, even just out of pity, but her count is still at 0

I wonder how many of her followers are just there to hate watch

No. 1395105

I don't think she realizes that the people who call her "mommy" or "yummy" don't actually care about her. They just have a fetish.

No. 1395162

File: 1639728857693.jpeg (572.02 KB, 4096x3072, 3F36E507-1D93-48DC-BAE7-F48457…)

Her carrd with all her links is gone and I tried to find her patreon but nothing showed up? The patreon post didn’t even get 200 likes, and the only comment is someone calling her out so yeah, I don’t know where all her ~adoring supportive fans~ are now.

No. 1395167

File: 1639729224565.jpeg (264.76 KB, 1920x1006, 436E4F2E-9EC1-441A-A88B-E521D5…)

The duality of tard

No. 1395278

What the hell is it about being a white fat woman that breeds these kinds of people? You hardly ever see black fat women acting like this. Is it just them not ever experiencing actual hardship so they blow everything out of proportion like a toddler? This bitch is particularly insufferable.

No. 1395310

Yes fat white women feel like they are the most oppressed because they hold so much "intersectionality" basically they'll talk over anyone except other fat women who are white that cry about being called fat. All of them fly into hysterics when they see fit people or get called any names. They both think they're the most desirable and sexy while knowing they are bloated corpses people point and laugh at. It just kinda unravels their psyche and they snap like little rat dogs when they aren't being told they're bootiful at any size.

No. 1395871

File: 1639794322902.png (10.2 MB, 1242x2688, F0FB89AC-C3F5-4892-BCD6-B2E070…)

Now she wants to be POC

No. 1395874

Does this retard realize that she could stop being fat by dieting and exercising and that a poc cannot just take their ethnicity off.

No. 1395878

File: 1639794951888.jpg (191.33 KB, 680x387, please-sir-may-i-have-a-crumb-…)

No. 1395953

OT but where is this art from ? i like old-style anime drawings but i don't read manga/watch anime so i have no clue

No. 1395954

Its Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura.

No. 1395967

I think we should photoshop her skinnier.

No. 1395983

Since we're on the subject of it: I found this incredibly funny porkfaefemme would use a picture of Tomoyo and Sakura, two very sweet and sincere girls, the opposite of her. Not to mention very skinny, so unrelated (and frankly unsensitive to her fat followers kek) to the subject of "fat white women are so oppressed!"

No. 1396059

I find it funny that she’s so very offended about “oppression” if she imagines it applies to her or if it’s popular (racism), and yet she’s openly ageist. >>1348226 But I imagine she’ll take up THAT cause once she hits 30.

No. 1396125

Nonnie go outside, ageism isn’t real kek

No. 1396133

True, but I was pointing out the irony of a an insane sjw who’s claiming to be in a queer relationship picking and choosing who can be shamed. I was being facetious, it’s not that deep.

No. 1396198

File: 1639845759424.jpeg (2.16 MB, 1242x2193, C9AD03EF-C42F-4B56-BE72-8D691F…)

“I’m so oppressed” my ass.

No. 1396217

It wasn't made for binge eating gobloids either. It was always meant for all women, with a focus on disabled bodies, not "i disabled myself" bodies. Psycho fatties and race-fixated twitter tards made it all about themselves once they realized they weren't the sole focus. Classic narc mentality. God. This discourse wouldn't have added anything if she said it ten years ago, definitely doesn't mean shit now. All this whinging is her unabashedly begging for ass pats. I wonder how many spoons it took out of her to do this activist emotional labor on instagram? She must be wiped, hobbling to the kitchen with her cane looking for some fucking ho-ho's like a wild boar.

No. 1396277

why do these bitches always like shoujo anime and kpop? not exactly fat inclusive domains.

No. 1396361

>yelled by passing cars "oink oink" "fat whore" "cow".
Surely it's all in her head and never happened, but it made me realize I should start this as a hobby. I need to practice my driving, if I can yell at fatties in the meanwhile it's two birds with one stone! Thankyou pokyfemme

No. 1396398

Fuck off retard.

No. 1396445

>oink oink

No. 1396506

File: 1639864432422.jpeg (1.85 MB, 4096x3072, 1A577316-6184-45D9-A5DC-484891…)

Why does she stick her tongue out so much to eat? From her ‘what I eat in a week’ video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV_dcW4R0ew
porkfatfemme eats a shit ton of pasta and apparently loves salads. Also she talks to her boyfriend in a grating ~cutesy~ voice and I just wonder if that’s how they really talk to each other even when the camera is off.

No. 1396520

I get made fun of for being naturally thin and underweight, guess I have a marginalized body!
It's hilarious how she (and other fat retards) feels the need to hijack a movement meant for burn victims and amputees and turn it into some ''all bodies are beautiful, even if you're going to die at 25 from your food addiction and clogged arteries teehee!'' type shit.
I would love to hear her elaborate more on her totally not fake super real anorexia that's definitely not just an excuse for her to be fat and a shield so you can't make fun of her for being fat.

No. 1396535

>Alot of people fail to realize I love salad
>I put on alot of dressing
Its like she was trying to prove she loves healthy food only to prove she needs extra calories to make it "yummy"

No. 1396593

Not trying to nitpick, but aside from stupid mannerisms what is it with fat girls on social media who are in the "kawaii" scene using fucking baby words like 'yummy', 'nummy', etc? They're already hideous in stretched out clothing which isn't suited for their body types and then they add to it by doing retarded smiles like >>1376212 or puckering their lips, do they not realize that talking that way on top of everything else makes them appear, at best, special needs and at worst like fucking tryhards?

No. 1396640

File: 1639877279684.png (88.38 KB, 770x642, S.png)

Surprised nobody posted these.

No. 1396655

Her “super spoopy anachan” phase was just a slightly overweight teenager btw. She was never even close to being a spoop kek shes posted pics before

No. 1396657

Breakfast: pancakes made with mix &eggs
Lunch: soup, sandwich (didn’t specify what was in it) and chips
Supper: “stir fry” cheap ramen noodles, broccoli and beef

No. 1396658

I don't know much about her, but yeah I figured it was bullshit because look at how massive she is. There's just no way.

No. 1396659

Fuck I forgot the donut as a snack and a milkshake for dessert

No. 1396661

File: 1639878720440.png (7.66 MB, 2079x960, 5E4FB8E6-7336-4966-9173-9293E2…)


No. 1396666

Scrolled past quickly and thought this thumbnail was Courtney Love in her usual trashiness.

No. 1396774

that’s a hole lotta courtney and not enough love if i say so myself sorry not funny ill leave but you’re right, they have the same hag nose, too bad fattyj isn’t nearly as talented or has a coke habit maybe it’d be an improvement

No. 1396829

nta but yes it is.

No. 1397055

Ew that’s so fucking weird. Disgusting his must do that cuz she thinks she’s starving. Maybe she does it so it goes down her gullet faster like a bird know. Who needs to chew, just consume. Like a fucking dumbass dog who inhaled its fool and continues to look for food or steal food from other dogs because their whole purpose is to consume. What a disgusting lard. Well with any luck her unhealthy life style will make her dead soon enough.

No. 1397113

File: 1639932564393.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1683x1453, A4C37D5A-D4C3-4D5C-BBDF-EEE01D…)

That fuckin nasty gut #fatliberation

No. 1397127

Holy hell - her body is growing it’s own peplum!

No. 1397128

Right? The food is gonna get to her mouth a whole .2 seconds faster, girl calm down. Unhinging her jaw like a damn snake.

No. 1397136

It’s a deathfat thing. Foodie beauty and amberlynn reid do it too. They’re like addicts, craving their next hit and trying to get it in as fast as possible.
I’m honestly just shocked at how MTFy she looks. She ate herself into looking like a middle aged tranny, it’s fascinating.

No. 1397154

That's a gunt nonnie

No. 1397200

>when I was anorexic and close to death
bitch you were never anorexic and your BMI of 567 is the only fucking reason you are NOW close to death.

No. 1397202

I laughed nonnie, but I am retarded.

No. 1397237

oh anon, I appreciate you

No. 1397238

File: 1639942588360.jpg (140.42 KB, 1080x1022, Screenshot_20211219-143429_Ins…)

KEK all spam comments but then there's this gem

No. 1397245

I do wonder what her "disability" is. I've been reading this thread since it came out, and don't remember her mentioning a specific condition. Correct me if I'm wrong anons, but I have a feeling that all of her health woes would be solved if she lost weight. She has the capacity to manage her social media, and goes out on dates, etc… doesn't seem to be someone who really needs to be on disability. Also, is she allowed to have income from patreon as someone on disability? So many questions. She really comes off as a lazy grifter.

No. 1397408

read the thread, she has said it’s the munchie trifecta, bpd/autism/and ‘chronic pain’/fibromyalgia

No. 1397422

Her face is kinda cute without the clown makeup.

No. 1397543

you’re blind, anon. even if she was stick thin she would still look like a hag, kind of unfixable. speaking of, does the anon who mentioned her spooky scary ana phase care to share pics? I can’t imagine this face on a semi-normal body.

No. 1397595

File: 1639984357078.jpeg (482.81 KB, 1282x1960, 755FC51F-D7D7-448C-98A0-88A23A…)

I laughed so fucking hard, she’s gonna end up in the hospital. Won’t that be too harsh on her poor disabled joints?

No. 1397628

thank you nonna !!

No. 1397691

I bet this bitch can’t even touch her toes.

No. 1397695


No. 1397696

She can actually touch her toes… with her gunt tho.

No. 1397707

No. 1397773

I thought so too, but I think this is only because her regular make up look is so diabolically nasty and ugly, that anything that looks normal and human in comparison comes off as acceptable and cute. It's so jarringly different, but at the end of the day, two sides of the same coin of ugly.

No. 1397774

Why yes, she should liberate herself from all the fat. I hope she succeeds so she can start wearing regular people clothes and stop making herself ugly on purpose!

Kek nice

No. 1397906

''Anorexic and close to death'' You mean that time you skipped breakfast once? I really don't understand why she latches onto her point that she was ''Anorexic'' for pity and to avoid criticism. I don't know why she feels the need to bring that up, I've only seen her do this once but judging from the OP, she must have done this before. I know people who have recovered from ED's and some still actively struggle with eating and body image, but they don't bring it up at every chance they get, maybe because that's extremely personal and not something you just bring up randomly during conversation. I feel like if her ''Anorexia'' was something she can only bring up to make the meanie evil fatphobes feel bad for her, she probably wasn't actually Anorexic.

No. 1397952

Her fat is trying to liberate itself from her clothes

No. 1398768

File: 1640118224338.jpeg (62.49 KB, 769x1024, F568B46B-C416-49D8-A1D0-00BC43…)

No. 1399248

File: 1640175925749.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2458x3072, D00FCC52-79EA-44B3-8B3E-366462…)

Any Nebraska locals wanna see this shit show in person?

No. 1399253

Why doesn’t she make the make up make up test look as fat, ugly, and bloated as the rest of her if she’s such a proud fattie. Lol looking through ruse colored glasses maybe? Lol. Does she think her face looks like that? Lol also why is she going to a “drag” show when she’s a woman and dressing as a woman. These fucking socially inept retards need purged from this planet.

No. 1399301

her carrd is under her other username now (https://pinkfaefemme.carrd.co/) and her patreon is still up and still at 0 subscribers, if anyone was wondering, not even at the $5 tier. tbh i would have thought that if you set up a patron you would at least get courtesy follows from close friends/ mutuals, the people in her life must truly detest her

tbh i kinda agree that she looks cuter, her natural eye shape is quite pretty without being swallowed by 3ft of eyeliner and the smile seems candid and genuine

what is the point of bleaching/shaving your eyebrows if you just draw them back in dark and blocky? ik it's a nitpick but she could just draw over her natural brows and produce the exact same effect

No. 1399378

That makeup looks infinitely better than the full clown getup she does on the daily. This heifer is so naturally ugly she looks normal as a monster kek

No. 1400491

No one cares, sage ur shit newfag

No. 1402342

File: 1640583749477.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x2204, 935730C5-B3CC-4333-8B26-E9F226…)

No. 1402465

I’m sorry but her ultra heavy eyeliner wing things look terrifying. She looks like some fucking Don Bluthe villain.

No. 1402620

I know people shit on cosplayers all the time for tiny mishaps but gosh that dress is holding on for dear life this is more than a mishap this is a waste of fabric

No. 1403047

The “DO NOT FEED” is sending me.

No. 1403687

genuinely struggling to comprehend the physics of what is going on in her waist/ bust area

(also basic white women who think they could totes be drag queens, i am begging you to please stop doing half-assed Trixie Mattel makeup and rip off someone else for once)

No. 1404072

She's wearing a corset that's supposed to prop her breast up (the stomach area is a lost cause) but instead it just cuts into the fat of her armpits as well as cutting inbetween her breast. Looks really uncomfortable, especially since what cuts into her fat are the sharp corners.

No. 1407065

File: 1641149652090.jpeg (506.69 KB, 1297x1612, 57870195-7B49-4B0B-9EEC-CC370A…)

lol are you fucking kidding me? Get a job you worthless sow.

No. 1407071

But she just got that huge sum of disability money. She said it'd last at least a year kek. Wonder what happened to that?

No. 1407074

Here's where she says the back payment is substantial and would support her for at least 2 years.

No. 1407112

File: 1641153120703.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1242x2588, B9440420-CA8E-4892-8982-85DDC6…)

as a lesbian, i thought she meant an actual girl…..

No. 1407127

Did she… Contour her double chin to make it more prominent??

No. 1407150

>Classic ham-planet on the internet
What else is new

No. 1407177

I thought this was Pixielocks

No. 1407320

It really fucking does kek. If I were pixie and saw this, I’d take it as a look into the future. If she doesn’t stop she’s gonna end us just like this fat hagfish.

No. 1407465

What the hell are those two little thick hair things coming out of her eyes??

No. 1407512

that’s an australian bushbaby i believe

No. 1407643

If she wanted to look like a man in drag she nailed it. How sad to be a girl and ending up looking like a morbidly obese man. Of course she’s probably take that as a compliment.

No. 1407650

I can’t post the video but she is so grotesque in action

No. 1407847

File: 1641237680435.jpeg (422.27 KB, 1276x1596, A99F8725-14B5-4C6A-821E-DA6DDB…)

She still has 0 patrons lol

No. 1407852

That’s just pathetic lmao. Usually one starts a patron when they already have an audience. Who the fuck is her audience besides us laughing at her.

No. 1407912

File: 1641243283880.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x2125, 292A205A-8A24-4367-A5EC-8BA874…)


No. 1408040

"Drag" Okay girl…where?

No. 1408099

Her real name is Jordyn Post and her boyfriend is Connor Dohrmann

No. 1408105

File: 1641259498453.jpeg (304.89 KB, 749x1299, 0AC1B74D-846C-4EEC-B06F-27963A…)

No. 1408114

File: 1641260008425.jpeg (301.8 KB, 1080x1450, C34B1BB0-C643-49B6-88CD-7A7862…)

Her mama did her dirty with these pictures

No. 1408121


There was never going to be a good angle for this girl

No. 1408237

god her boobs look ready to burst/fall off there’s so many veins and stretchmarks, that cannot be comfortable

No. 1408446

You know…, as proud as she is of her “big Mommy milkers”, they really aren’t notable in proportion to the rest of her. Her gut sticks out WAY further than her boobs.

No. 1408489

She looks just like Jill. This is unnerving.

No. 1408619

File: 1641323140038.png (907.76 KB, 691x1199, hair_cut.png)

kek anon, have you see her new haircut ?

No. 1408637

Like Jill's evil twin, complete with those black, cold, dead eyes and tard fingerpaint eyeliner kek

No. 1408666

She’s clearly been influenced by Jill quite a bit, I bet she’s gonna “come out” with DID as well at some point

No. 1409397

File: 1641407881305.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1242x2184, 669AA119-3C65-4FC4-A6B2-5CC1FE…)

didn’t she make fun of skinny people for existing? the hypocrisy.

No. 1409408

File: 1641408718734.jpeg (13.55 KB, 460x276, F8AB6CA8-1702-4E66-9FBD-83EA6B…)

it’s not for “simply existing” it’s for literally looking like a deceased blobfish

No. 1409972

File: 1641464399332.webm (1.78 MB, 576x1024, 806a3122a8176b2325ffefd1f3749a…)

No. 1409974

File: 1641464596630.webm (754.09 KB, 576x1024, 7927f18947ef2802ecedcd9727e2fa…)

"Whatever you can" must mean "scam as many people as possible or make them pity me enough to donate money eventhough I have already a very confortable income of disability money" uh. Weird lingo these days for the youngsters.

No. 1409975

I've seen men in their 40's who look more youthful than this (apparently) 22 years old, what the fuck. Morbid obesity and being a rotten cunt ages you like hell.

No. 1409979

File: 1641465282523.jpeg (395.88 KB, 1536x1964, 409F1060-FD76-4A84-BCC7-A88A72…)

I’m always amazed at how huge she is

No. 1409992

I’m so glad I stopped drinking soda and switched to water recently. Seeing this girth just reaffirms I’m making good choices.

No. 1409998

Good lord, shes a tub of blue paint from being rolled out of the chocolate factory
>>1409992 keep up the good work, nona.

No. 1410049

File: 1641474680002.png (12.01 KB, 338x301, Pou.png)

lmao bitch is built like a pou

No. 1410077

Her system better be of like 10 people because she looks like that’s the amount of food she eats.

No. 1410109

i' not even trying to be shady here but their food bill every week must be massive. No wonder they're already begging for money after getting their tugboat backpay

No. 1410318

File: 1641500096561.png (1.89 MB, 2000x1000, Spot The Difference.png)

No. 1410536

Yup. Former fatty here and I can honestly tell you: when you are half the size you were, your food bill is also half the money you used to spend. Doesn't justify e-begging though because she said she had enough for 2 years and it hasn't even been, what? 3 months? of buying clothes and frivolous shit. Especially with her little collage "Help Jay afford housing :(" with her neckbeard in hand.

No. 1410748

File: 1641531828068.webm (1.34 MB, 1088x1980, oh really.webm)

God this shit gets me every time

No. 1410805

Watch her "what i eat in a week" vid, bitch only eats noodles and pancake mix, couldn't be that pricy.

No. 1410820

File: 1641543850259.jpg (112.77 KB, 1024x682, lena-dunham-luis-felber-89.jpg)

Something about her smile reminds me of chonker Lena Dunham. It might be how she pushes her tongue against her front teeth. Really aggravating for some reason

No. 1411206

File: 1641588656113.jpeg (425.13 KB, 1233x1960, 0732FA0A-600E-41FD-A0BA-A3B5E9…)

girl you’re unemployed, what do you have to “recover” from?

No. 1411336

It seems like pinkfatfemme spends all her ebegging and disability money on clothes that make her look like a special needs patient, “drag lewks”, and the 200 square acres of eyeliner she needs daily, and still has enough to spend on gaining weight. Maybe she wouldn’t have to e-beg if she cut her clothing and stupid makeup budget. We will never know, sadly.

No. 1411340

I can’t even imagine how rank she smells.

No. 1412540

If you want a taste of vomit in your mouth you can always look at her onlyfans's pictures upthread

No. 1413228

File: 1641766757735.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x2049, 379056FB-A4AF-42A5-AECC-A15956…)

just putting this here

No. 1413272

oh great her nasty moid is identifying as a girl now.

No. 1414006

File: 1641850044467.png (840.41 KB, 590x834, male.png)

nonna this doesn't look like a beautiful empowered lesbian woman to you? kek

No. 1414723

Or the comments saying she's not lesbian if she's dating a man(to shit with her "but we're T4T!!!") got to her. And now she calls him "girlfriend" exclusively, replacing the "partner" one she used. Gotta keep her high-lesbian card somehow. Maybe him and Stewie will troon out together.

No. 1416613

File: 1642120814431.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x1998, C3B3ED9F-C271-4B9E-AFCC-414125…)

No. 1416666

File: 1642124602381.jpeg (81.73 KB, 492x659, 47D99ABC-4C79-4359-9D04-6E4F0E…)

It’s hilarious how sexy she think she is when she just comes off as mentally challenged.

No. 1416669

This man gets fatter with every picture.

No. 1416676

File: 1642125269036.jpeg (230.55 KB, 933x1450, 8730D923-526D-4D27-A741-CF5382…)

Samefag looks like she got another job at a mall

No. 1416681

This photo is so confusing to look at. Why is she looking to the left but her legs are straight foward?

No. 1416745

File: 1642131988246.gif (3.43 MB, 320x180, 9qrr6P.gif)

She reminds me of this one character from spawn

No. 1416758

She did the troon skirt spinTM

No. 1417372

File: 1642196586573.png (533.98 KB, 752x592, i found out why you're disable…)

idk if this is nitpick but holy shit does she ever stop to think maybe she's "disabled" and has "chronic pain" because her knees and joints are literally giving out under all her fat?

No. 1417412

wow how fatphobic and ableist, im literally shaking rn /s

No. 1419199

File: 1642379604853.jpeg (450.84 KB, 1288x1960, 7C2ADCA4-ACD7-44B0-8B1F-1CD386…)

Jay you’re literally just fat, shut up.

No. 1419717

File: 1642441501780.png (1.71 MB, 866x1536, Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 11.3…)

"afab drag queen" is so funny… you're a woman dressing up like a woman. also how does this compute with being a "t4t" "lesbian"?

it's an incredible amount of hoops to jump through to just be a mediocre obese woman doing mediocre makeup lol.

No. 1421998

i feel like if you take away that five o'clock shadow he would probably look prettier and more feminine than jay tho

No. 1422850

File: 1642733563739.png (1.26 MB, 756x1334, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 20.5…)

showing off her mixed drink made of vodka, monster energy, and candy

No. 1423084

Okay where the fuck are those nonnies who said she was cute, she looks like a toothless grandma.

No. 1424756

File: 1642959731800.jpg (47.46 KB, 457x403, 354365473284046.jpg)


No. 1424816

I love how he can't even do the bare minimum and shave

No. 1425474

File: 1643045410194.jpeg (264.64 KB, 1681x1452, 624A151A-AA48-438B-9688-7F023D…)

She made a video poking fun at a slim lady talking about her belly pooch, but apparently she copied the idea so she deleted the vid and is now literally on the verge of tears. I would post the vid but I’m just a poor mobilefag. https://www.tiktok.com/@pinkfaefemme/video/7056556287022173487?sender_device=mobile&sender_web_id=7056823563278829061&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0

No. 1425620

File: 1643053975995.jpg (441.96 KB, 1080x1967, IMG_20220124_165034.jpg)

She acts like a abuse victim crying about a random being mad at her kek
What's going on with the eyebrow??? Where's the other one!!! She ate it

No. 1425950

File: 1643074983568.jpg (201.06 KB, 1125x2436, Michyman.jpg)

shes live on tiktok right now

No. 1425952

File: 1643075179023.png (74.73 KB, 242x293, mdbff.png)

holy shit this girl looks like the mandelbrot fractal KEK

No. 1426007

File: 1643081350519.png (1.31 MB, 1022x870, before.png)

not milk but I was going through her tiktok and apparently this is what she used to look like. I wonder wtf happened

No. 1426023

Probably sexual assault and internet addiction

No. 1426077

the cheap wig, clown makeup, and see-through garbage clothing, I’m in actual shock this is an actual human being and not some kind of comedy sketch being put on by a grown man in a dress. Everything about it screams costume, she must be hurting inside so bad to have absolutely no personality besides being fat, ugly, and mad all the time.

No. 1426078

I retract my former statement that i thought she would be hideous no matter her weight, I think she looks quite pretty here. Her nose looks 4x bigger now it’s so swollen even her moon face can’t hide it.

No. 1426080

holy fucking shit can you imagine this level of disfiguring internet sickness happening to your daughter. i would kill myself fr

No. 1426132

Wow she was actually kind of cute, although maybe I just think that because of the insane contrast with how she looks now. Something has to have happened to her to make her gain that much weight in what looks like only a few years

No. 1426164

Yeah she has said she was raped, I’m not digging through all her old videos but she mentioned it a few times a while ago way before she was dating Connor, I’ve been thinking it’s also why despite obviously being straight she insists she’s a lesbian.

No. 1433304

the black and white photo looks so much like lillee jean kek

No. 1433771

File: 1643908134945.jpeg (296.65 KB, 744x1146, CF18AC73-CEB2-4D2F-9648-9802B9…)

No. 1443910

File: 1644944794947.jpeg (936.04 KB, 828x1039, 1644115342080.jpeg)

The dream of being featured on an artcow painting and Shayna's thread(stop)

No. 1443915

stop posting this attention seeker's ugly art, it was bad enough when the shayna thread got derailed about it. you're probably the artist selfposting anyway. the only immediately recognizable cows are moo and the middle one, and only because there's enough extra traits to make them identifiable. Take your autism out of here and learn to draw something that isnt coomer-tier garbage

No. 1443969

didn't mean to derail, dear. My thinking process went more along the lines of "Business is really starting to look up for her!" since it's the first time she's been featured alongside her fellow cows and as you can see upthread, we were already seeing similarities between her and Shatna.

No. 1444226

THIS is what she considers severely underweight and anorexic? Kek. She was a cute, slightly chubby girl who deformed herself for internet validation, sad!

No. 1444238

Holy shit is that main girl Lucinda??? The unicorn girl from that other thread lmaooo

No. 1444533

>>1444238 all hail Lucina, the unicow queen

No. 1447014

Lucinda is definitely the queen, and she isn't even wearing cow attire because she isn't one. I hope all these fatties seethe. I hope one day her and this ogre cross paths and she takes her down.

No. 1493551

File: 1649180511728.jpeg (63.84 KB, 422x658, 972F2639-1385-4FF8-87C8-96A1F3…)

Oh hell naw

No. 1493583

Welp there we go. We can't say she's not lesbian now. What a beautiful girl!

No. 1493603

File: 1649183940128.jpeg (382.73 KB, 750x1021, CB3DA2E2-6BD9-4C24-B13A-B6FE3A…)

So there was some drama over her calling out the Lolita community for racism and stuff, she and her nasty boyfriend are thinking of starting a podcast (god please do) and she dropped her entire friend group because she felt like a backup friend. Honestly I’m surprised she doesn’t post about her friends if she ever has them because she overshares so much and i wish other anons would contribute to this thread she’s the only cow i follow

No. 1493605

File: 1649184002237.jpeg (396.83 KB, 750x1005, 5B1AF426-2C7D-4574-A0F6-4EB7CC…)

Also it sounds like some of her followers found this thread

No. 1493628

ive saw this chick on OKC recently, I thought i recognized her from somewhere, shoulda capped it lol kinda crazy to see a cow in the wild. she was totally listed as a poly non binary lesbian looking for kinky stuff too, very on brand it seems. gag. swiped left on that fatty so fast.

No. 1494084

Lol. I wonder if this was her bf idea to just sleep around with other people?

No. 1494314


his teeth are godawful. I noticed they're both fully committing to calling him a her, dressing him in those silly dresses etc even though he's clearly male. So many shades of Feebz in this cow.

No. 1496034

File: 1649401352250.jpeg (180.34 KB, 750x993, 68BB891A-760F-40F0-8263-5DC917…)

Apparently she experiences psychosis now, and of course she sees fairies how cute and convenient is that!!

No. 1496035

I can guarantee not a single tiktok zoomer that makes quirky videos about their omg super severe psychosis/adhd/autism/did has anything wrong with them other than a chronic addiction to anything that’ll get them attention

No. 1496057

I wonder why she bothered to call out the lolita community. is she herself a lolita?

No. 1496058

Yes. Look through the thread, look at her posts, she sometimes wears shitty Lolita dresses

No. 1496506

Damn, her and her man are some unfortunate looking individuals. Moments like these make you grateful that whatever being out there didn't choose you to look like either of those porky pig fuckers.

No. 1497947

File: 1649616409008.jpeg (101.18 KB, 750x262, B1D2FE43-F09A-4BCD-8424-6048B7…)

Well, I am very interested in watching your unhinged and embarrassing behavior.

No. 1511415

File: 1650911604706.jpeg (183.08 KB, 750x524, C63C73CD-ABED-49BD-8EC1-4612F5…)

Quite a few of the anachans on twitter seem to hate her, it’s kind of funny

No. 1511419

I don’t have caps but I swear I saw this bitch get called out on instagram for talking to 15-17 year old girls while she 20. Take what I say with a grain of salt though since I don’t have proof and it was a long time ago

No. 1511440

Haha yeah that's not a good thing. Like the retard everyone laughs about at the highschool reunion. Any attention is good I suppose.

No. 1512528

>for talking to 15-17 year old girls while she 20

it's probably false because I'm pretty sure she's straight

No. 1528749

File: 1652556469824.webm (1.83 MB, 576x1024, suuuure.webm)

… lol, whatever helps you sleep at night.
(Straight! You're in a straight relationship!)

No. 1528774

Interesting how the bf is suddenly no longer "nb" and is her "gf" now lmao.

No. 1528932

File: 1652571464593.webm (13.27 MB, 576x1024, owwie.webm)

All while literally nothing about his appearance has changed, lol.

No. 1529001

File: 1652577033909.png (210.19 KB, 706x837, 1643572019378.png)

No. 1529394

File: 1652615980503.jpeg (1.62 MB, 2458x3072, 7695567D-4C9D-4335-9AAA-9A7017…)

She wants to be different so bad but she’s just an ugly fatass with an uglier personality
Um he grew his hair out so he is definitely 100% woman now. Love that he only wears skirts and dresses that BARELY cover his dick.

No. 1529488

File: 1652629100359.png (497.87 KB, 526x831, lmao.PNG)

the delusion kek

No. 1529501

File: 1652629969029.webm (2.52 MB, 576x1024, part1.webm)

No. 1529507

File: 1652630341140.webm (15.17 MB, 576x1024, part2.webm)

Fucking lmao. This fake nicey-nice thing she and other wokies all seem to do truly gives me the heeby-jeebies. She is SO obviously pissed.
Somewhat off topic, but I wish there was a poly cringe thread. I find that community extremely morbidly fascinating for some reason.


No. 1529521

Acting like addition to opioid medication isn't already a widespread issue…

No. 1529585

I wish I had the delusion people like this had. Thinking they're very attractive but in fact not attractive in any degree. What a cope.
Pleaae god give me the confidence of troons.

No. 1529602

> “It was recommended by my doctor!”
> “I’d feel shitty without it!”
> “Sure, other people might get addicted, but not me! I can’t go a day without it, but I’m not an addict.”

Yeah, nothing she said there doesn’t make her sound like an addict, lol. How many oxycontin and xanax addicts have said the exact same things? Not that I think weed is on the same level as those drugs (obviously), but I think most people know someone with an unhealthy relationship to it. It may not be chemically addictive, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to form a dependency. With all her talk about her alleged hallucinations and being prescribed medication for bipolar disorder she’s honestly the last person who should be using weed daily.

Also, full offense, but there is a solution to her excruciating, constant pain and it’s losing weight. Lose weight! I’m far from an anachan, but I have little sympathy for women of her size who spend all their time complaining about their laundry list of health issues (while simultaneously parroting HAES rhetoric). You made your bed, either lay in it or make a change.

This is in fact a biological female kek

No. 1529629

Not trying to wk but it's amazing how much better she looks when she isn't wearing her normal makeup and making retarded faces at the camera.

No. 1529698

Are you for real nona? She looks as bad as shay.

No. 1529712

NTA but it's the lesser of two evils. Her make up look makes her look so extraordinarily bad that anything will make her look better in comparison.

No. 1529717

ayrt, "she looks better" =/= "she looks good or even acceptable."

No. 1530704

File: 1652709711185.webm (2.86 MB, 576x1024, download2.webm)

You don't find this attractive, anons?

No. 1530714

>I wish there was a poly cringe thread
This is a good idea, r/polyamory is great to lurk for profiles of people who end being huge cows

No. 1530721

Holy fuck, her midsection in that skirt looks like 90s inflatable furniture

No. 1530728

File: 1652711494896.jpg (76.36 KB, 750x750, HTB1ctVRbtzvK1RkSnfoq6zMwVXaX.…)

lmao I see it too

No. 1531413

File: 1652771489310.png (379.97 KB, 561x570, pinkfaeinflatable.png)

No. 1531674

lol nice

No. 1534436

I'm very tempted to get a thread going, there are already a few cows that I know of. I'll link back if I do. I doubt jay would even really make the top 10 list of worst poly cows, but she could be an honorable calf feature kek

No. 1534747

File: 1653102522969.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, DA5B8D23-8284-4C97-AB94-79DA03…)

jesus christ lmao

No. 1534782

File: 1653106265741.png (5.7 KB, 217x232, kkk.png)

>you have nothing better to do than be a small little piss!
KEKK. She thinks shes obese Regina George just because she has a few followers on tik tok lmao. Her comment legit sounds like a bully in a Disney channel movie. The fact she was proud and even added it to her story like she said a sick burn… Absolutely delusional. You will never be the pretty girl you LARP as and you will never be a lesbian, move on.

No. 1534853


Anyone who pays for her art is as big as an autist as her boyfriend.

Spicy straights are the worst good lord. Why do they try so hard to larp as lesbians or gay men like boody hell. Troons and spicy straights re the same level of retardation.

No. 1534867

Does she wear contacts or are her eyes naturally that dark and cold looking? They kinda freak me out ngl

No. 1534979


They're circle lenses, she's wearing them pretty consistently recently but you can see her without on her older content.

No. 1535088

File: 1653147965896.webm (1.7 MB, 576x1024, cluster b behaviour.webm)

lmaooo she posted this on tiktok immediately afterwards. She really thinks she did something, doesn't she

No. 1535112

Literally everything she wrote applies to herself, she just sits in her crusty ass apartment making her shitty middle school tier art, jobless because she’s retarded and too fat to keep a job while her gross agp boyfriend supports them both, shoveling food into her mouth as she thinks about her next shein haul and how hot her lumpy body is that she can barely move.

No. 1535284

it's so ironic that she calls them a dumbass when this lardo doesn't know the difference between your and you're.

No. 1535580

File: 1653176811866.webm (1.83 MB, 576x1024, spicy straights.webm)

No. 1536044

I wanna make fun of this cow but I don't think someone with the username "destiel rp" has any right to criticize literally anyone

No. 1536732

she's like if the singer aurora was the size of a small planet

No. 1540618

She has her boyfriend move all her clothes out of the closet bc he’s so nice (she’s too fat to do it herself)! But she still gets tired from sorting her clothes after only 40 minutes. 3:58 the way she looked at him made me shudder they’re so fcking gross.

No. 1540666

OT, but what's the source of the audio?

No. 1540697

so much shitty, cheap-made fast fashion. i don’t know how you can be so precious about transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, etc. and not give a fuck about all the women and children that slave away their lives to make your shitty polyester XXXXXL clothing.

No. 1541770

She's done an apartment tour, absolutely filthy

No. 1541775

File: 1653675860760.webm (7.84 MB, 576x1024, roommate.webm)

I wish I knew what the context of this was lol. What is it with cows and roommate drama? Is it just untreated BPD?

No. 1541779

File: 1653676628355.png (916.26 KB, 1042x611, roommate2.png)

Nevermind, here's "Lucifer"

No. 1541782

God this is so bleak. I don’t know what’s more depressing: That a pair of 20-somethings live as if they’re toddlers, or that she’s so gobby fat that she gets winded from walking and talking at the same time.

No. 1541788

This is the ex roommate that didn’t want the tranny bf in the house because she didn’t feel safe around him? This blobfish should fucking drop it. Not shutting the fuck up about it and posting about it on tiktok so her followers can dogpile on this person is so immature. She’s living out her high school mean girl fantasies because she was probably bullied for being a fatty.

No. 1541794

File: 1653677720138.png (1.46 MB, 1104x573, instagramstory.png)

No. 1541796

I just noticed that the pictures got cut off a bit, my bad. The missing part in the middle image says "in any way really shows his true self." The last line of the third image is "lying and trying to ruin my life and my partner's life!" if anyone can't read that either.

No. 1541801

How long until they break up and she backpedals on this?

No. 1541840


sage but please do this, there's a good thread on KF but my hatred of polytards is fanatical and I need moar derision

No. 1541842

Where’s the KF thread? I can’t find it.

No. 1541844



here you go enjoy its like 200 plus pages of curated organic cringe

No. 1541852

Someone should make a compilation of all the times she calls herself cute and sweet and then all the times she aggressively calls people cunts on tiktok. Hate her “uwu I’m so wholesome” act

No. 1541912

holy moly are there any more photos of her back then?? I have to admit at her size I assumed she was morbidly obese from childhood.

No. 1541916

the background music is from howl's moving castle, and i think the guy talking is from snapcube's sonic fandub although i could be wrong about that part

No. 1542117

I predict that she'll be 'cancelled' soon enough. These types aggressively attack and cancel others, but it eventually bites them in the ass. She should stop fucking calling attention to it because I'm sure there's about to be people coming out of the woodwork to corroborate the assault allegations. I think what disgusts me the most is how degenerate she is, like the wholesome act is clearly her ddlg fetish wrapped in a woke bow. Blog but this cow makes me especially angry because I know a woman who acts exactly like her, its the untreated bpd.

No. 1542631

File: 1653756780970.jpeg (219.14 KB, 750x971, 5822843A-E7A6-4E24-9B92-04D519…)

How is this counter supporting her weight and how did she even get up there?

No. 1542688

Sage for non-contribution but god fucking DAMN that's one big bitch.

No. 1542696

Why would you order that ugly ass track suit that doesn't even look that good on thin people. So tired of seeing it everywhere, let alone on this big body escalade kek

No. 1543126

…She did not just say that late May was the middle of summer (six-minutes in).

kek she looks like a tard wrangler showing us what antics the 10yo sped she was required to watch got up to.

No. 1543316

File: 1653827271269.png (463.52 KB, 375x585, sped.png)

i hope some of you are anachans because i bring info that will make you puke. retarded boyfriend has a missing toenail.

No. 1543375

I know this comment is old as fuck but the phrasing is so perfect I can’t stop thinking about it when this thread comes up. “Disfiguring internet sickness” is right. Morbidly obese girls are dime a dozen, but her appearance betrays the same kind of rapidly developing internet brainrot that lucinda has. It’s like she was hollowed out and replaced with her tiktok fyp, there’s nothing left of whoever she was originally. Scary.

No. 1543421

That's absolutely horrific, I thought those two couldn't get more disgusting… not really… but still, goddamn.

No. 1543423

yeah actually, sorry. at least i didn't put it in the webm in which he picks at it for like a minute.

No. 1543439

File: 1653840322366.webm (7.86 MB, 576x1024, lolita fashion community.webm)

here's a quick dump of webms regarding the lolita community drama she got herself wrapped up in a few months ago.

No. 1543441

File: 1653840383783.webm (9.88 MB, 576x1024, lolita fashion 2.webm)

No. 1543443

File: 1653840479293.webm (14.07 MB, 576x1024, lolita fashion 3.webm)

No. 1543464

Ohh I'm sorry if I came off as rude in that post, was just disgusted by him haha. And he fucking does what??!
Her lolita 'looks' are so shitty. The dresses don't match her Amazon boots, nor her dog collars. Everything looks so cheap.

No. 1543482

File: 1653843568334.jpeg (1.76 MB, 3072x3072, 7FE20F92-F045-44C5-B443-42598E…)

Her looks in general are bad, the first fit is just mismatched pink shit thrown together, and she mostly wears these 2 shoe with everything but they don’t always work with the outfit. Also is it just me or does she look a bit slimmer in the right pic? It’s from August of last year.

No. 1543489

you didn't anon, no worries ! i should have put in that spoiler lmao.
the pictures actually make her case worse…

No. 1543502

If I remember right, that's when someone commented that she looked skinnier, and she responded by saying she had an eating disorder/that she was so skinny because she was 'restricting' again. I'll look for the vid later.

No. 1543516

Oh yeah I remember that, she obviously didn’t stick with it lol, and it doesn’t help that she smokes weed and probably binges all day now >>1529507

No. 1543589

how the fuck is this hag a lesbian if their dating a man?(newfag)

No. 1543613

Why does she make that face?
I hate to be mean, but does anyone else find her comically ugly? Like, not just normal ugly.It's like a joke face. It kinda makes me want to giggle.

No. 1543630

File: 1653854168191.webm (11.91 MB, 576x1024, download (2).webm)

Because she's not a bigot, bigot. She's sooo oppressed by terf meanies and society as a whole, and all because she's dating a literal man! You wouldn't understand.

(Jesus fucking Christ, she's such a nasty and aggressive person. She responds to anything even slightly challenging by lashing out, because coming up with a thoughtful response might require her to self reflect and she's incapable of that.)

No. 1543634

File: 1653854319939.png (659.01 KB, 690x554, Untitled.png)

This is what the other person was responding to.

No. 1543696

It's okay royaelscrem@gmail.com, you can refer to her by her actual pronouns here. And welcome, newfag!

…Ma'am, grease pouring out of your skin is just a morbidly obese issue.

No. 1543754

She looks like a cartoon character. The way the fat pools on her cheekbones, nose and chin is already funny, then she goes and highlights it with her awful makeup and manic expressions and it makes her look like she’s wearing a clown mask kek

No. 1543763

She's pixie in the future, they both make me wanna have a giggle fit, because they purposely make themselves look funny. More so on Pink because she genuinely has a weird face MADE for comedy. They wanna look like clowns and they do. Just not in the way they think they do. Like it's just a natural comedy.

No. 1543962

The difference between how she acts on tiktok and how she acts on youtube is polar opposites, your bpd is showing Jay

No. 1544101

File: 1653913921492.jpeg (18.54 KB, 275x264, 1633515845173.jpeg)

Damn I haven't had the urge to bully the fuck out of someone since middle school just wow jay you're just the perfect comedy prompt to however who looks at you. Lmao you really think someone will take you seriously with you're silly voice and clown look and idiotic rethoric?
Is sad nonitas, how this silly girl can't even argue with a floating question without getting emotional kek I bet she gets all red and cries when she gets called out in real life. Do you think she's violent? I imagining her having crazy meltdowns, screaming and crying on the floor calling the attention of everyone. Anyway I love jay's milk even if it is a little too retarded and greasy

No. 1544317

File: 1653932643385.webm (15.04 MB, 576x1024, disability.webm)

No. 1544416

i love how she says "most people don't decide to be disabled" bc it's entirely possible her disability consists of the consequences of choosing to eat to obesity and probably being a munchie about the rest.
she's funnier when she's not parroting sjw nonsense though and just being herself.

No. 1544500

>"Don't disabilities make your life somewhat more difficult?"
>Yes but actually no and if you say this it's EUGENICS

Can she just have a normal reaction to normal questions please.

No. 1544542

File: 1653952412506.png (301.51 KB, 345x608, Screenshot.png)

Here's what she looked like in 2019. Compare that to >>1542631. It's amazing that she's STILL gaining lol.

No. 1544581

She still looked stupid and ugly back then. What the fuck is it with deathfats and sticking their tongues out and making exaggerated, dumb faces that only serve to exacerbate how mongrel-like they look?

No. 1544595

> What the fuck is it with deathfats and sticking their tongues out and making exaggerated, dumb faces that only serve to exacerbate how mongrel-like they look?
When they look like shit in the picture, they can justify it to themselves as ‘of course I look bad, I was making a silly face’. They hope we think the same as well.

No. 1544603

Holy shit, she was already big, but she looks like she's quickly closing in on doubling her size since 2019. Is she 400lbs yet or what?

No. 1544660

Lmao reminds me of the wall of text my ex left me after I called them out for being a cheating asshat, coincidentally she was also an obese NB cunt, too.

No. 1544725

She is so damn DRAMATIC, acting like disabled people are getting shot in the streets for being disabled. The only disability she has is mental.
Damn I never noticed how much bigger she’s actually gotten, seriously how many calories is she eating to continue gaining like this?? She’s 5’5 if I remember correctly. I wonder if she thinks she’s healthy when she gets winded from just walking around her apartment.

No. 1544875

Nobody else noticed how she "misgendered" her "girlfriend" in the just panel? She says "when the only victim he has is me"
Oh, so he's a he now?

No. 1544893

ntayrt but good catch! she will probably say it's a typo but it's a slip lol

No. 1545155

File: 1654021111506.webm (5.73 MB, 576x1024, ex friends.webm)

Pro tip: anyone with a bunch of "ex-friends" should be avoided at all costs if you don't want to get sucked into constant drama.

No. 1545336

File: 1654031141229.png (779.1 KB, 623x611, 1653268598573.png)

bitches like this talk in riddles cause they know if they told the actual story no one would be on their side. like, what did she even say?
>If you feel like you're really replaceable. Or like you aren't even belonging in the group. And you bring them up to your friends multiple times…
What does this even mean? Why are you blaming your friends for your own insecurity and low self esteem? What are they supposed to do about it? They're not your therapists. You cant even give an example of them mistreating you purposefully, its all in your fucking head. so no i dont believe they were the problem. fucking bpd man…

No. 1545349

Well yeah looking at the messages she sent to her roommate, she seems the type to throw a fit when she doesn’t get her way or isn’t getting her ass kissed

No. 1547203

File: 1654193777524.webm (3.13 MB, 576x1024, soft in a cruel world.webm)

>Takes picture of herself on a bed, wearing lingerie, titties all the way out
>How DARE you think that was sexual?!

lmao this bitch.

No. 1547205

File: 1654193828330.webm (2.06 MB, 576x1024, no.webm)

No. 1547226

Tard voice

No. 1547227

please she wishes someone would sexualize her unappealing ass kek

No. 1547231

File: 1654195482089.png (Spoiler Image,170.81 KB, 337x283, Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 1.43…)

shes literaly in underwear… and the fucking bra is too small for her so its inches away from exploding… fucking delusional.
if she was just wearing her ugly clothes and some moid started talking about her breasts yeah its weird, get angry. but you literally post onlyfans shit and deliberately wore tiny underwear with sanrio shit when all your followers are teenage girls. fucking weirdo ham. in what universe is this not sexual? im even gonna have to spoiler it so people dont throw up browisng /snow/

No. 1547250

File: 1654196756233.jpg (429.14 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20220602_145753.jpg)

She also loves to bitch and moan about being shadowbanned on tiktok for "literally existing as a fat person!!!" Your cleavage takes up 40% of the screen in all of your videos, do the math.

No. 1547254

Also has the word “paypigs” in it so she’s whoring herself out on this platform which I’m certain is against the guidelines. Cry more, land whale .

No. 1547258

File: 1654197634608.jpg (369.47 KB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_20220602_152014.jpg)

The audio is "hey paypigs, here's my cashapp and Venmo, give me money!" Literally indistinguishable from findom shit lmao

No. 1547364

File: 1654205324758.jpeg (256.61 KB, 750x1049, 3889D598-C4E6-494F-8890-F0880C…)

Commissions opened, again. She sure does draw herself a lot.

No. 1547884

Her "art" always look like poorly traced Picrews kek

No. 1548123

Jay you are not a lesbian you’re just spicy straight too afraid to admit your attraction to men. Shut up. You have never and will never date a real woman.
https://www.tiktok.com/@pinkfaefemme/video/7104806856421297450?sender_device=mobile&sender_web_id=7105073237928756782&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1548131

I have never seen a thin or even non-obese girl wearing this bra kek.

No. 1548139

File: 1654280391813.webm (1.36 MB, 576x1024, iamalesbian.webm)

Let me embed that for you

No. 1548144

File: 1654280636515.webm (2.89 MB, 576x1024, cause its gay and we are gay.w…)

She also posted this captioned "Cause it’s gay! And we’re gay!" Repeating it all the time doesn't make it true, Jay.

No. 1548146

Thank you nonnie i am but a poor mobilefag it’s pride month so of course she has to let everyone know how much of a super lesbian she is even though she sucks a mans dick.

No. 1548171

What the fuck? She looks fucking unhinged, what the fuck is this even supposed to be? Her face already looks so punchable from a normal angle and this makes it worse.

No. 1548199

>i'm a lesbian i like gender non comforming people
oh my god shut up

No. 1548271

File: 1654287829276.png (27.88 KB, 605x122, twitter.png)

No. 1548998

File: 1654362520696.jpg (392.23 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20220602_144615.jpg)

Getting a fucking furby permanently tattooed to your body? Make it stop.

No. 1549026

Do you really expect anything better from this water balloon filled with cheetos?

No. 1549053

Animal murderer (she stabbed her snake through his lung while high) & neglector, heroin addict and professional victim Taylor Nicole Dean of Pettube and /pt/ fame also has a Furby tattoo on her thigh.
Cows mooing for attention all end up sounding the same, I guess.

No. 1549073

File: 1654368481703.png (285.42 KB, 553x640, Screenshot 2022-06-04 1.09.59 …)

No. 1549078

File: 1654368791536.png (65.25 KB, 629x355, Screenshot 2022-06-04 1.10.38 …)

Fuck off, spicy straights like YOU are the ones who have divided the community. Actual ~ queer ~ (aka LGB) people are being drowned out.

No. 1549868

Aww, look at all those little mini furbies….kek

No. 1551308

File: 1654546702306.jpeg (226.87 KB, 750x1051, 5DC48427-3485-421D-B72D-3A5ECA…)

No. 1551311

File: 1654546779811.png (2.1 MB, 1666x1111, A8C81575-3A58-49D2-8C3D-F60E35…)

samefag, excuse the autism but her wording in that tweet immediately made me think of this meme.

No. 1560373

File: 1655216917726.png (559.08 KB, 495x554, pinkfaefemme engaged.png)

they are engaged and have dirty nails. idk if i believe it, but it's funny anyway.

No. 1560377

File: 1655217128298.png (574.66 KB, 999x622, pinkfaefemme sped.png)

they've been together for one year, she posted this the day before… also why does she do this face, she looks special needs not to mention her teeth. gingivitis ? tartar ? idk but they look disgusting.

No. 1560408

I don't want to nailpick but man those things are grimy, looks like she in particular just got done digging in mud

No. 1560410

kek at least its an actual anniversary this time and not the usual "8.5 month anniversary love my nasty moid" posts

No. 1560411

nonnie that's not nitpicking. it would be if it wasn't her actual engagement picture lmao

No. 1560414

i wonder if theyll need to cut the ring off her fat hands? her finger is already turning red

No. 1560502

I did not believe this but I just checked and he proposed in front of some random performer, how fucking awkward. And Jay is so fat she moves like a grandma.

No. 1560552

good catch lmao
i mean, i still don't believe it. they probably have no set day and will be engaged for like 2 years leading to either a trashy elopement/plastic chairs in auntie's garden wedding, or a breakup

No. 1560802

Saging since I don't have the pic, but did she delete her "straight women stop claiming you want to be a lesbian" post on TikTok or am I just blind? Because that video literally described her entire life, kek.
But I'd just like to point out, there are two rings in >>1560373. Did he fucking buy himself a ring when he was supposed to be proposing to her? Or did he make her go shopping for one with him afterwards?

No. 1561713

Someone post her two latest tiktoks, she’s sperging about Tom Holland and Zendaya being obviously not queer and then someone called her out about making “assumptions”

No. 1565781

File: 1655655670523.jpeg (449.2 KB, 750x959, F8ACBE6F-83FB-4986-B74E-129248…)

He for real proposed in front of some random performer I can’t get over this, and she has her cane!! Girl lose weight!

No. 1565786

samefag but it’s funny that they’re both ~nonbinary lesbians~ yet he still takes on the masculine role, they could not get any straighter.

No. 1565908

jayy von monroe from blood on the dance floors drag persona, lol. odd choice of a person to propose in front of

No. 1566108

kek didn’t he have some kind of SA allegations against him?
is there a nonny with more info who can bump the drag cows thread

No. 1566153

What did she look like thin

No. 1566189

if it was down to her to get on one knee she wouldn’t get back up kek

No. 1566448

It was last year but guy alleged jayy groomed him as a 15 yr old during botdf days and then retracted not too long after.

No. 1567464

Nonny that's not actually jayy von monroe, the other anon was joking

No. 1567518

File: 1655790914653.png (32.85 KB, 682x204, dahli.png)

No, they're not.

No. 1568931

Nice rings, was there a clearance sale at Claire’s?

No. 1575844

File: 1656538611814.jpg (5.86 KB, 480x360, shrek ring.jpg)

No. 1575893

Holy shit….. I watched that whole season and had no idea. What the actual fuck

No. 1576415

The negative IQ of this reply

No. 1577182

Nonnie, I’m not razzing you but did you not hear him talking about being forced to go out on tour when he was really sick with HIV? That didn’t register with you?

Dahvie Vanity truly is one of the shittiest people to ever exist.

No. 1594000

File: 1658462163118.jpeg (349.92 KB, 750x894, 534B36C7-A20A-4DF7-9EAA-D805B1…)

idk if milky enough but the anachans continue to make hate threads and she knows they posted her nudes, also she moved to a new place.

No. 1598102

The person that posted it went private but their account is open again. Im almost positive they got all the pics from this thread. Honestly its really mean spirited but when are people that get posted as fatspo on edtwt gonna realize that the more you try to act like youre the bigger person and you pity them/theyre just jealous/youre unbothered, the more it puts a target on your back to be posted more. They literally do not care

No. 1604832

File: 1659409681901.jpg (10.98 KB, 268x188, IMG_20220801_220513_620.jpg)


No. 1604920

So good I love it

No. 1610242

i checked out her amazon wishlist it's full of tiktok ""goth egirl"" pieces will she do a 180 on her lolita shit?

No. 1613989

She and her boyfriend moved back in with her parents, literally living in the basement. Surprisingly a single minimum wage income isn’t enough for a 2 bed 2 bath apartment, I don’t understand why she didn’t try to move to something smaller once the roommate dipped. She will break in half like a twig (literally her words) if she has to do anything so her boyfriend does all the painting/moving/decorating.
Wants to get a service dog
Not going to get legally married bc she would lose her disability benefits.

you know it’s possible to dress in/like more than one style? She dresses goth/cutesy and sometimes does “cottagecore” fairy whatever. She’s probably refraining from dressing too alternatively now so her and her boyfriend can be opposing aesthetics uwu

No. 1614134

Sorry if request for spoonfeeding, but what does she even get disability for? Surprised she's not one of those cows that list it off in her bio.

No. 1614146

File: 1660334210702.png (9.24 MB, 1242x2208, B74236F9-5ED6-4835-8CF6-D35755…)

I don’t think she was ever thin

No. 1614388

Jfc this bitch was always husky

No. 1616247

from a look at her insta, raging mental illness is my guess

No. 1617898

File: 1660674833240.webm (972.92 KB, 576x1024, narcissistdisorder.webm)

this is why I don't believe she'll ever get better, her ego is sky-high

No. 1617989

She's obviously insecure about her arms. lol
That's relatable but having such an obvious insecurity just makes this vid funny.
This isn't confidence lol

No. 1618448

Before inflation: >>>/snow/1426007

No. 1620450

maybe its my tism but is it because shes always wearing sleeves to cover her arms? im not disagreeing with you one bit, i wouldnt be surprised at all

No. 1621098

File: 1661032127505.jpeg (864.79 KB, 828x1236, 5833EBD8-6A5C-429D-89E9-429DBF…)

from her recent tiktok. her skin is literally purple from how clogged her arteries are…. sad considering she’s only 23

No. 1621234

It's extremely difficult to not put my entire fist through the screen she is so fucking punchable. Her eyeliner and ugly rat eye circle lenses are so disgusting.

No. 1621303

Don’t forget the brows

No. 1621306

Calm down, you sound like a moid

No. 1621314

Nta but she’s deplorably ugly and does herself no favors and like moid would really know what circle lenses are

No. 1621332

Have you read the thread? She's not just a smug looking ugly sow, she's a vile person in general. Tbh her insisting she's a lesbian while making gross porn sucking her gross ass boyfriend's dick should be enough to make anyone want to punch her.

No. 1621367

Wanting to punch a woman for being ugly is a moid thing, sorry. Yes she's ugly as sin, yeah she's a mentally ill weirdo I'm not defending her as a person, but wanting to punch your screen to feel like you're assaulting her sounds like retarded testosterone fueled moid rage.

No. 1622940

Imagine taking what that anon said setiously, i'd advise you to stay away from the internet nona.

No. 1622942

I agree her smug fat face makes anyone want to alog

No. 1622948

This pic really encapsulates Amerishart in the mart culture, kek.

No. 1639015

File: 1662484193220.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1125x1364, D70CEFA8-E964-4A25-895C-7276DF…)

Help she’s using a fucking cane now

No. 1639053

No. 1639059

Not to bone rattle but I don’t see a single thin person there except for the brown dude taking a photo behind her kek

No. 1639099

There's the other guy on the left side too. American diets at play

No. 1639258

looks like she is cosplaying the truck kek

No. 1640624

was right. But she's going to be Amberlynn size before 25.

No. 1640940

No. 1641314

god damn has she gained weight? in some pics her face looks recognizable as human but this is just beyond any reason

No. 1641726

I refuse to believe she's only 23, she's gotta be lying

No. 1642027

File: 1662620965514.jpeg (283.32 KB, 1244x1543, 1652615980503-01.jpeg)

Does anybody know what brand that jsk is? Just morbid curiosity. I assume it's a custom American brand. I can't figure out if she re-bought it in a larger size, or let it out a foot in the back. Or if she gained over a foot of girth and now the bust is just hiked up to the moon. Wow.

No. 1642049

No. 1642062

File: 1662623716704.jpeg (104.58 KB, 600x800, IMG_0870-600x800w.jpeg)

Thanks. It maxed out at 38 inch waist. Now the waist is the bust. I really want to see what she did to the back, but she obviously won't post that.

No. 1642129

The boyfriend HAS to be a feeder if he’s not begging her to lose some weight. I’m no Ana-Chan, but only an idiot would argue her weight isn’t the cause of her health issues.

No. 1642320

File: 1662654289736.jpeg (345.79 KB, 1536x1858, F1036279-E9A5-40B7-A4AF-956A62…)

Her boyfriend is actually taking estrogen now, I wonder if he’ll ever cut his dick off. >>1642129
Where have you been? Body positivity has people believing morbid obesity has literally no negative health consequences.

No. 1642326

File: 1662654528487.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1536x1862, 4A4AF5BC-C476-44BD-ABCA-92F1E6…)

yet another video sperging about being opressed and an Actual Lesbian

No. 1642327

Either post webm or at least link the video.

No. 1642349

Oh please let him cut his dick off and get him the hell out of the gene pool; diabetes definitely already has her out. God, can you imagine the spawn of those two?

No. 1642350

serving the deadly sin of gluttony

No. 1642353

Being a fatass dating a man with a crossdressing paraphilia doesn’t qualify for oppression, retard. These are lifestyle choices.

No. 1642366

File: 1662656268715.webm (2.5 MB, 720x1306, XRecorder_Edited_08092022_1254…)

Webm. Everything about this makes me nauseous.

No. 1642586

Ew. How are these sex crazed baffoons gonna feel when his dick stops working right?? Hopefully the milk starts flowing because of this.

No. 1642594

Im sad you think this is sad. It would be sad if she didnt do it to herself and wasnt constantly crying about body positivity and fat acceptance haes bullshit. Dont waste your pity on this cow.

No. 1642730

File: 1662675330529.webm (3.53 MB, 720x1330, XRecorder_Edited_08092022_1810…)

Enjoy, ladies. This is from the boyfriend's tiktok.

No. 1642766

Thanks! I hate it.

No. 1643160

Kek she talks to him like a child. Groomer vibes.

No. 1643243

They both talk to each other like they’re children, just overly cutesy it’s vomit inducing.

No. 1643757

Honestly I get the vibe that she's kind of pushing the trans stuff onto him. That's not to say that I don't believe he's a total degenerate- he's a moid, of course he is. But he looked pretty normal in old pictures before they got together. He also seems kind of uncomfortable in some of the videos, like shes somewhat forcing him into being in her stupid tik toks. Purely tinfoil, but this seems heavily influenced by Jay's desire to be in a zomg super kweer kawaii lesbian relationship. But they're both gross so I could be wrong I guess.

No. 1665136

File: 1664751898784.webm (3.02 MB, 576x1024, eefc6955a5d01808daa3774091c113…)

God she irks me

No. 1665164

File: 1664754929021.jpg (36.76 KB, 480x719, EHbeV3UWoAIfA-R.jpg)

I hate it when these kweer larpers act like they're pic related when there's probably a lot of LGB people around them who either are closeted or simply act like regular people and get on with their lives instead of dressing up like giant fat clowns. It's so performative.

No. 1667857

>Thinking she's gay when she's dating a male
>Was actively upset that her effeminate moid identified as she/her
>Prayed to god for her moid to stop claiming to be female so she could just be in a heterosexual relationship (despite being in one regardless of his delusions or fetishes)
This is the most heterosexual thing I've ever read.
t. An actual lesbian who tried to be hetero and knows that this isn't what comphet or internalized homophobia is or looks like.

No. 1684679

File: 1666730822279.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1270x1952, B8370A56-A363-4020-A71D-44B98C…)

lol once again trying to charge people for her super high quality content which consists of gnarly pictures of her boyfriend and cheap clothing hauls

No. 1684754

File: 1666735315736.jpeg (708.82 KB, 869x1287, 07EDC4D4-4A89-48BA-907C-9E4041…)

how do these people always amass such an astonishing collection of consoomer garbage? closets full of shein clothes, tons of kawaii~ plushies, a shelf of assorted garfield merchandise…

No. 1691033

File: 1667325217743.jpeg (270.62 KB, 828x920, 3FDEACFF-71CF-4C11-8F03-5DF91E…)

Skim milk, but she’s been going through her indirects on twitter.

No. 1691271

The new Draculaura is obese and hag-faced? Can’t imagine that will go over well.

No. 1691423

File: 1667358698666.jpg (370.28 KB, 1598x2560, 81LVskr -hL.jpg)

kek. In what world is she living in?

No. 1691703

File: 1667402462883.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1536x1966, EB277E6B-C1DD-447A-94B4-505E3C…)

So basically trying to do her patreon again, which failed spectacularly

No. 1691708

they made her thicker, not uglier

No. 1695746

File: 1667803862463.png (Spoiler Image,727.05 KB, 1433x708, live slug reaction.png)

her body looks like live slug reaction

No. 1734000

File: 1672358136367.jpeg (129.09 KB, 640x907, image.jpeg)

Yeah it's not like the trans community is full of love bombing vulnerable people to go further and further in their transition. No that never happens at all.

No. 1734007

Hateful fat fuck

No. 1734709

Incoming skim flood.

No. 1734710

File: 1672459245411.png (22.24 KB, 526x154, lol pt 1.png)

No. 1734712

File: 1672459379368.png (1.02 MB, 661x835, lol pt 2.png)

No. 1734713

File: 1672459514447.png (58.55 KB, 673x649, lol 3.png)

Wannabe Ginger Bronson behavior.

No. 1737691

Codename Sailor V promoted in a kawaii post? Not very ~woke~ of her unless she includes a heavy content warning for the suicide ending kek
The ending is her soulmate committing suicide to allow her to continue in her duties without the distraction of love, he very explicitly states he is her only soulmate and his death absolutely eliminates her ability to find love. As to be expected this devastates and changes her forever. It's quite depressing and if you read it after reading the original you can see why she's quite serious under her bubbly exterior despite being a year younger than the others.
Wonder if she has actually read it or if it's collected like merch to be forgotten about in the house cause she vaguely remembers liking the shitty DIC dub as a kid.

No. 1743075

File: 1673557354368.jpeg (423.06 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpeg)

Her legs freak me the fuck out

No. 1756479

File: 1675085927664.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230130-133556_Ins…)


No. 1756481

File: 1675085980254.jpg (882.05 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230130-133644_Ins…)

Also they're kinda right tho, asking for money and the NEXT thing you post Is weed shit? I'd be pissed too

No. 1757079

When your legs are so massive you can't even pull up your loose socks past your meaty cankles. Lord have mercy.

>both working 40+ hours a week

No. 1757552

File: 1675194343002.jpeg (92.1 KB, 640x770, image.jpeg)

is this not literally her though?? Unemployed living at home supported by your boyfriend lol
lord she's annoying

No. 1789118

File: 1678900716774.jpeg (57.31 KB, 640x688, image.jpeg)

No. 1789145

What a freak. I bet you his mom told him "youre not a woman, you will never be a woman, and no i wont give you money so you can buy your fat lazy jobless girlfriend weed so she can get high instead of being productive." But yeah, suure, she straight abuses an adult man who probably doesnt even live with her anymore. I fucking hate adults who play victim. Grow the fuck up.

No. 1789148

Ok? Report this to the board of ethics or whatever and actually do something if this “abusive” nurse is actually harming patients, you brain dead skank

No. 1789191

She doesnt even abuse her patients. Shes saying she abuses lycan.

Imagine trying to ruin someones reputation because they didnt give you what you wanted.

No. 1789429

>muh disibilities!1
Bitch, if you didn't eat yourself to landwhale size, you wouldn't be having your problems.

No. 1790683


I'm still watching but she eats fucking 3 full dinner worthy meals in one day?? Omurice as breakfast, spaghetti and bread as lunch and mac and cheese for dinner. No wonder this cow is so far.(lrn2embed)

No. 1790685

Samefag, her everything I eat a week is just noodles, pasta, bread, meat, dairy, like 1 portion of veggies and no fruit at all. Jesus christ(continued weight sperging)

No. 1791185

I would ask for this nurse specifically based on the land whale’s recommendation. Can you imagine the shame of having a child like “Lycan”?

No. 1916259

File: 1697796288054.png (Spoiler Image,527.81 KB, 607x787, EWGGERGGGGGGG.png)

"Girl cock" from her nsfw twitt account. Unspoiler at your own risk(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1936730

new vid from the diabetes behemoth, grimy ita bag full of useless shit. at some point she says she's paranoid about showing her meds because her ~deadname~ is on it.

No. 1936887

Literally all carbs. Mostly noodles, pasta & bread. She does the thing that all deathfats do where she sticks her full tongue out to take a bite. It's nauseating. She says at one point that spaghetti is her 'safe food' and is comforting to her because of the plain texture. Picky eaters are so juvenile.
Her whole lifestyle is so juvenile. All she & her genderspecial partner do is eat and sit around the house in their pajamas. Occasionally they will take arts & crafts time to draw anime crap like literal toddlers. Who is funding this lifestyle? How do they both afford to sit around all day doing nothing of value? Are they on disability or something?

No. 1936889

samefag cause I forgot to say that it makes my eye twitch how she eats everything over blankets/pillows. They never once used a table. Eating in bed is so fucking disgusting. I'm surprised she's not covered in pimples from all the crumbs she's sleeping in.

No. 1936901

>meals mostly consist of large portions of bread,pasta,rice or ramen
It's no wonder her and her bf are lardballs. Can't imagine how high their blood pressure is from all the salt and sugar they eat too.

No. 1936922

She has another 'what I eat in a week' video from 3 months ago.
This is my first introduction to this cow, but holy hell is she the most insufferable failure-to-launch stereotype of a tumblr user. This woman will never work an honest day in her life, no question. Everything about her channel & persona is a long-winded and navel-gazing excuse as to why she is incapable of functioning like a normal human being. She uses therapy-speak to excuse herself from participating in life beyond eating & lounging around at home in her pj's.
Work is too hard. She has the tism. It's all overwhelming. She has a super serious eating disorder and that means she is actually a brave lil warrior for eating spaghetti. She may be paradoxically malnourished and obese at the same time, but she still deserves a gold star for conquering her ED goddamit!
What a waste of life.
I have to wonder what her parents are like. Coddlers I would assume.

No. 1936953

Monster drinks. Of fucking course.

No. 1936993

Her life seems sad. All her and her tranny bf do is eat junk and sit around. Also the convos they have seem so fake kek.How does this girl and her troon bf even afford an apartment and to eat out?

No. 1937110

Not to medfag, but you can be malnourished and obese at the same time and it's not a rare diagnoses either here in American Nursing facilities. It's pretty much always due to the person choosing to eat garbage though, excess calories and lack of vitamins and nutrients. She's still ultimately doing it to herself. The only eating disorder this heifer suffers from in binge eating trash foods and endless carbs.

Just wait until the health issues and medical emergencies eventually actually start to occur due to their lifestyle. Have to wonder if either of them is already collecting public aid of some kind.

No. 1937383

Exactly nonna. Maybe I didn't word it correctly, but that's what I was getting at. You can tell just by looking at her that she is both deficient in vitamins and also consuming over twice her recommended calories. She eats way more than she needs, but it's all processed carb slop with no vitamins. You can tell she's malnourished without even looking at her diet because of how sallow and rough her complexion is. And apparently she is in her early 20s as well? Huge yikes. She looks very rough for her age, and it just makes the adult toddler carebear aesthetic even cringier.
Watching her shovel in trough after trough of nutrient-devoid carb slop, I was thinking "yep. Makes total sense".
These deathfats in denial think that they are being slick by claiming that they eat hulthy or that they actually have an undereating problem tyvm, but their eating habits are written all over their bodies. The only people they end up fooling are themselves.

No. 1969868

File: 1708872223236.mp4 (3.28 MB, 576x1024, special ed twirl.mp4)

look at these tards causing an earthquake. their little wiggling legs and how she sends him flying away.

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