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File: 1601518680509.jpg (200.97 KB, 1123x1200, Efp95c2U0AAbIWK.jpg)

No. 1048899

Alyssa D. Silos / Alythuh

Alyssa D. Silos is an American influencer of Filipino descent who claims to be a self made artist successful enough to afford traveling the world with money made from art sales. However her art skill is mediocre, her accomplishments as an artist are always ambiguously described, and she already has been living a luxurious lifestyle traveling the world before she even became a full time artist.

> Claims to be not rich from childhood despite her previous tweets showing how privileged she is
> Brags a lot about her condo apartment and her looks, but not giving out details about her supposed international exhibits
> Constant dishonesty similar to that of a pathological liar (when telling stories about her successes, herself, and her life)
> Has strong stance against others stealing content, but steals photos and doesn't credit artists
> Exploits the black aesthetic for clout, painted herself darker than she is
> Notoriously bad photoshop and facetune edits to her face and body
> PickMe tendencies where she always has to mention anime and video games to be #notliketheothergirls
> Starts witch hunts with her fans and always has to call out the "haters" even if they have legitimate criticism
> Religiously stalks discussions about her, including her PrettyUglyLitleLiar Thread
> Has her sister derail a PULL discussion, revealing more intimate details about Alyssa more than she should have
> Often shares hypocritical advice and statements that do not line up with her behavior
> Constant retweeting and liking of self compliments
> Rarely shares her own art

Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/alythuh
Twitter (Side): https://twitter.com/alyafterdark
Instagram: https://instagram.com/alythuh
Website: https://alythuh.com
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@alythuh
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Alythuh/

No. 1048910

It’s about time someone posted a thread on here about her lol. Her attitude is vile and she is notorious for RTing other women degrading themselves for her.

No. 1048913

File: 1601520013801.jpg (695.04 KB, 1638x2048, EPEyIdzVUAEKkQJ.jpg_large.jpg)

Not to mention her staged "artsy" and "omg so nerdy" photos, including the before and after of her old room that made her go viral.
And we can't forget her photoshopped vacation pictures.

No. 1048920


what was said by her sister in the PULL thread?

What I find weird is that she’s this huge artist but for some reason she can’t aptly share nor be searched for by her art, nor where her exhibits are being held. How are people supposed to be buying her work? Besides the poorly made <100 dollar prints and miscellaneous merch on her store. Where are the big pieces she makes for exhibits? Are there even any buyers? Are there any actual exhibits? I’m surprised she hasn’t gone with the “oh guys I am actually working understand er a pen name so I can’t say what works are actually mine” excuse yet, because none of her lies so far have been really convincing.

No. 1048921

File: 1601520724907.jpeg (630.14 KB, 1564x1564, 4B276B05-2FFF-4946-92D8-29A97C…)

these photos are from the same day LOL. Her photoshopped image is on the left, and the candid image on the right. That’s not even the same person

No. 1048922

File: 1601520869180.jpeg (315.48 KB, 1726x1080, 515E763F-140E-430D-86B5-7FBE16…)

So happy she finally has a thread. Someone in the art cow thread mentioned that you can’t pull up her Japan or South Korea “exhibits.” Some speculate that she just pays for a private studio when she’s on her trips and tries passing it off as an art exhibit. It can’t be that far-fetched, seeing as how some influencers have been exposed for paying for studios that look like the interior of a private jet just to take selfies, kek.

She had a showcase in Portland, and she tried passing it off as a big deal. It was a small art show for this college. A close friend of hers was the curator, which is how she even got an invite.

Pic related: Alyssa showing off vs. what a college student says. It really wasn’t a massive deal. Also, she talked about her “success” before she was even viral.

No. 1048926

Samefag but just realized that she claimed it was her very own “solo art exhibit” when it was her friend’s art show that featured multiple artists lmao.

Also, she only rents her condo. She doesn’t actually own it. Angel (her sister) accidentally talked about Alyssa’s landlord on her twitter in a way that alluded to Alyssa renting. So much for ~owning my dream condo at a young age~

No. 1048927

She looks worse on the left and cuter on the right imo.

No. 1048931

File: 1601521525359.jpeg (574.24 KB, 750x1031, F4DC7DA9-E95C-4A5A-B69F-9E4162…)

She retweeted both of these. Why does she retweet all of this praise? It’s so egotistical.
>painting while sitting on bathroom floors

She had a very nice art desk with tons of materials, something most artists don’t start with. She tries making it sound like she went from nothing to something when she was always upper middle class.

No. 1048939

File: 1601522192827.jpeg (124.39 KB, 828x331, 086F980D-F3FD-45AA-87C5-B9FFF7…)

I LOVE the way she always passive aggressively responds to lolcow. She can’t handle it.

No. 1048940

i just noticed she photoshopped out the outlet on the wall near her calf, and it made me do a double take and… did she photoshop out the guy too? her pose is almost identical, did she just freeze in place while he rolled in and out of the shot? she just moved her right arm to adjust the ribbon (so you can see her tits). did she just……. paste over him with a white wall and floor trim… the shadows do look kind of weird. omg lol

No. 1048941

>RTing other women degrading themselves for her

No. 1048947

Nayrt but literally around the clock she RTs girls saying they want to be her and it’s so ugly

No. 1048948

File: 1601522482123.jpeg (382.69 KB, 828x810, 89202B8D-F785-4ABC-A4A3-48DC1F…)

Also these rts are so embarrassing

No. 1048950

Basically if you go look at her Retweets and comments section of selfies, it’s filled with “oh to be a hot titty anime woman” or “oh to be Alyssa…” with some whack endings every time as well as women pitying themselves for not looking like her.
Meanwhile, she doesn’t even look like her.

No. 1048951

File: 1601522726386.jpeg (134.29 KB, 593x865, 9F4CF07C-C838-4B10-987F-F7C4EE…)

That’s nothing, I’d like to add this gem from the art cows thread. Nice to see one of the few images of her real face.

No. 1048954

>designing new robes
She never had any other robes.
>getting a new warehouse soon
She’s never owned a warehouse before.
Why does she word things like this? Given how calculated and meticulous she is it makes her look like a liar by omission.

No. 1048958

> it makes her look like a liar by omission.

Not just makes her look like one, it does proves she is not telling the truth or misleading people into thinking what she's saying is real

Also tbh that photo of her with her real face is pretty, she must be really insecure to photoshop her face that much

No. 1048959

Just noticed she pins her ears back with photoshop KEK

No. 1048960


It's always funny how these artists praise her but they have way better technical skill than her

No. 1048961

It’s not that she’s ugly, but I think she’s very insecure because she looks very average for filipina beauty standard. In the Philippines, she’d be mistaken for an auntie.

No. 1048962

That's because her style is still stuck in the Vegas 90's aesthetic. Las Vegas has a very 90s aesthetic to it and she lives there so it kinda makes sense.

No. 1048964

File: 1601523730411.jpeg (269.94 KB, 828x609, 1076B622-16FC-47EC-A93C-6B4C06…)

Yes Alyssa. That’s the issue. The mirror is the only issue. Everyone is jealous and you can do no wrong because you’re absolutely perfect. You caught us.

This bitch is so fucking dumb.

It has nothing to do with her style, it’s her face without editing.

No. 1048966

File: 1601523936221.jpeg (172.78 KB, 750x863, C5DC2D68-FF46-483F-B2C6-9A600A…)

Kek here’s the full tweets, she deleted the top one.

No. 1048967

I missed that one. Kek she constantly feels the need to reiterate that she’s “winning,” who is she really trying to convince? Okay Charlie Sheen

No. 1048973

File: 1601524805480.jpeg (742.75 KB, 828x1468, C4DD6443-2FA5-4CA6-820E-21897A…)

Her sister posted a tiktok six months ago where Alyssa is in the background setting that very canvas in her staged sunrise pics up on an easel and then pretending to draw on a sheet of paper directly on her leg? So desperate to force everyone to see her as an artist lol. 1/2

No. 1048974

File: 1601524832934.jpeg (740.14 KB, 828x1470, 8D6A030F-6640-43BB-BE86-1789DE…)

No. 1048975

Admitting you’re a narcissist to justify your vanity isn’t a pretty look, either.

No. 1048979

She's average for filipina beauty standard? I don't know much about this chick but I think she's pretty. Maybe I'm just ugly kek

No. 1048991

A user named "noneofyourconcern" derailed the PULL thread back in April 2020. This was around the time Alythuh blasted a critic with a smaller account. In noneofyourconcern's posts, they gave away too many details like the following:

> Alythuh's ex cheated on her (nobody said this, not even Alyssa)

> Personal details about Alyssa's family life
> Very specific details about working in the Las Vegas strip, which Alyssa's sister Angel does
> This very unnecessary detail saying "Alyssa's sister works as a waitress, not a stripper". Like that's not even related to the topic but ok

Here are the exact posts:

The proof that she works at the strip, as a PULL user pointed out: https://archive.vn/ePMQg

IMHO Alythuh's sister isn't as milky as her and seems genuinely a cool person if you don't include her enabling Alythuh's actions. But she shot their feet when she revealed so much things that the PULL users didn't talk about before.

No. 1048992

File: 1601526919071.jpg (115.18 KB, 573x826, BwRN6f.jpg)

"Filipina beauty standard" is the key phrase here. It's not entirely fair because in the Philippines, looking mestiza/mixed is considered the pinnacle (pic related is a popular actress). So yes, her flat nose, big ears and dark skin, while not automatically "ugly" traits, likely contributes to her insecurity + need to intensely photoshop herself all the time

No. 1048994

File: 1601527131968.jpeg (474.35 KB, 750x937, 9ACC7F01-2929-4900-83D9-CC34F3…)

So does she just… “work” on the same piece, over and over and over again? Always the same shit.

What other artists post these thirst traps as frequently as she does? She should just come out as a sex worker already. Also, is it just me, or does her face look different in each pic? I know it’s photoshop, but it feels like I’m looking at a different woman each time.

No. 1048995

Thank you for explaining better, I didn’t want to be rude. I don’t think she’s ugly and I think her sister has a beautiful face, but Alyssa has very basic features that are extremely ordinary for pinay. Not to say they’re ugly, just that everyone has them. She has what my mom would call “tiya face”.

No. 1048999

Has anyone else seen her “day in my life as an artist” video? Surely she goes to the store every single day and lugs around a wagon full of plants casually. I also like how she forces in watching anime as she packs orders, as if she’s be able to concentrate fully. Also, she’s eating instant noodles at the end because she can’t cook lmao at least she can admit she doesn’t cook.


No. 1049001


Yeah that's true her photoshops make her look like a Filipino auntie who regularly goes clubbing. But I think other anon is saying the Vegas vibe is clearly seen in her makeup and fashion lol

No. 1049006

File: 1601528100069.jpeg (233.83 KB, 1704x946, 1FCB0853-2746-4EF6-9B40-7B319B…)

Found in the replies. I know she’s been caught lying about her ethnicity, too. But I thought that was way in the past, not as recent as last year. I doubt she’s mixed because there have been other times she’s said she’s “100% Filipina.”

No. 1049010

File: 1601528353109.jpeg (344.3 KB, 1200x1199, 1*jFNx1mguGkoQZAFxFRs0Gg.jpeg)

She only started calling herself full Filipino because Filipinos who don't know much about her will eat that shit up lol. But in 2017 she was all about her Chinese-Filipino ethnicity, even making an artwork about it.

Sauce: https://medium.com/@ekemininkanta/alythuh-representation-ace7d2526491

No. 1049011

File: 1601528517753.jpeg (508.69 KB, 1800x1643, F6D16854-5CB1-4050-A42E-74A565…)

When she tweeted she’s 100% Filipina and not mixed, then deleted it after a call out lol

No. 1049013

Those hands… the fuck

No. 1049014

File: 1601529000014.jpeg (733.63 KB, 828x1352, 74FBD2C3-358C-4E91-B712-D9C91E…)

Did she ever explain this one?

No. 1049020

No the photoshops don’t make her look like an auntie, her real unedited face is that of a million pinay aunties everywhere. Her editing makes her look like a basic ig baddie.

No. 1049022

Compulsive lying wbk

No. 1049031

I don't understand why she feels the need to make up this entire character performance that's completely fake. I went looking through her pictures and although it's all a little cliché, she seems like she has good aesthetic sense, the pictures have good composition, couldn't she go be a normal designer or something?

No. 1049033

File: 1601532242587.jpeg (117.25 KB, 482x701, 6CC34E12-061F-4AFC-91F0-6547B2…)

The way she overlines her lips is kind of weird, does she not realize people can see it in person or do real photos of her get posted so rarely that she doesn’t care

No. 1049037

Respectfully anon, being able to arrange your crap like a Pinterest moodboard is a heavily oversaturated skill that has no ties to ingenuity whatsoever. I don’t think a cliche wardrobe with dorky pageboy hats indicates style by a long shot either, she’s just thin with fake breasts and can afford tacky expensive junk.

No. 1049044

Yeah sorry, I really don't know much about design, it all just looks a lot better than her art so it seemed to me like a more logical career choice kek, not that she actually has a real career as an artist but, you know.

No. 1049050

why is this bitch so dramatic oh my god relax. she really thinks she's a shonen protagonist or something. "my energy is too strong" like what?

No. 1049053

By evolving she means like a Pokémon, and she’ll do so using facetune.

No. 1049059

First room's better, second one would feel like living in a catalogue

No. 1049062

I prefer the real her than the thot version she puts online. There's a cute awkwardness in the unshooped photos.

Her whole deal is aspirational thot, regardless of how her art "success" doesn't add up considering nobody actually likes or buys her work.

No. 1049066

As a non Filipino person it's because Filipino people have very nice faces naturally. So the average Filipino means something a lot different to average caucasian.

No. 1049067

Ah yes, the pedo artwork she casually displays next to sexual artwork of adults.

No. 1049068

My main gripe with Alythuh is she claims she's successful enough to have international exhibits yet I barely hear of her outside the US context. No galleries, cafes, or private venues in Japan and Korea even mention her. If you even google her name along with the translated words for "gallery" "exhibit" "artist exhibit", etc., nothing really pops up.

One time she mentioned she's gonna return to Korea to show her work in the gallery. But the year she returned to Korea, nothing of the gallery was ever mentioned again. https://archive.vn/j5qrp#20%

No. 1049074

To be fair, it’s not pedo at all. Her and her sister are both munchkins, and she can’t draw for shit. Can’t stand her but I draw the line at trying to pedo witch hunt when she’s just a shit artist with no talent or ability to render

No. 1049077

She doesn’t meet the Korean, Japanese, or Filipina standard the way she’s milking this dumb girlbaws American meme. I think she has this view of herself in her head that’s far from the reality, her persona doesn’t really interest anyone outside of a pipedream/ pyramid scheme-esque sort of algorithm that struggling Americans eat up. She isn’t particularly striking or envy-evoking for the countries she’s so desperate to capture the attention of.

No. 1049083

File: 1601537823573.jpg (179.22 KB, 1080x1080, 67682912_1240448596079477_6177…)

She reminds me a little bit of Justine Biticon, and I'm willing to bet she considers Justine a role model in some way. A lot of the same symptoms aside from them both being Filipino. Justine always posts instathot selfies that showcase her "dream" life. She's even done the whole "I'M MIXED!!!" bit by claiming to be part-Mexican… because her stepfather is Mexican. It's a shame because Justine has an actual, stable career as a model so it made sense that girls looked up to her; she had to go and ruin it by LARPing as a girlbawss and scamming countless people with her "clothing line" that rarely ever delivered orders. I'm actually waiting for a similar scandal to befall Alythuh tbh, and I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet. Maybe someone will eventually spill about her bogus robe business.

No. 1049084

File: 1601538119025.jpg (74 KB, 465x599, 1543767672277.jpg)

I used to see her and her work on my timeline sometimes and was surprised her stuff was apparently museum worthy because it…just doesn't look like high end art?

so feeling pretty vindicated rn >>1049013 is basically animu + bratz idealized portraits of herself. anyone else think it's EXACTLY like what kotakoti used to do when she was dakota rose?

No. 1049085

whoops I meant to refer to >>1049010

No. 1049086

I don't think they're talking about the looks. It's about her claiming her successes in these countries when nothing in Google, not even an article about an event for her, pops up.

My guess is either she's invited to really small spaces or it didn't happen. See >>1049068, she just brought along her artwork to Gyeongbokgung Palace or some similar looking tourist attraction lol. But no gallery whatsoever.

No. 1049088

Just wanted to say this was a really well-sourced and entertaining comment kek, thanks for the links! I love that a rando who works at the Strip just so happens to know intimate details of her family's history. Amazing

No. 1049143

IDK, it's actually well drawn and rendered, and size difference between portrayed characters really gives it a pedo vibe, whether intended or not

No. 1049180

Right, even if Alythuh and co are smol beans she has enough mental capacity to see what this looks like, especially where there are no other signs the small character is an adult.

No. 1049188

It’s so disingenuous of her to clout farm from small business artists, mainly women, and make them believe they can live this high rise condo fantasy on their art alone. While I do believe that is possible (but rare), she is selling these girls just that — a fantasy. First of all, she didn’t buy that condo, it’s an apartment she rents out of for an overpriced $3K a month. Renting in Vegas is actually known to be relatively cheap as well. She also plays the rags to riches card which is a straight lie. Her mom owns a eyelash business and her stepdad has money kek

No. 1049189

The knife from the self defense kit she resells for $30 is less than $1 on aliexpress too lmaooo

No. 1049198

KEK i was hoping someone would catch on to that bull

No. 1049206

File: 1601556772408.jpeg (589.95 KB, 750x940, 93835B72-CB7D-453D-8813-CE0CF5…)

But look at how poor she’s always been! If you haven’t read the PULL thread, I suggest reading a few pages to catch up because this cow truly is amazing. She straight up said her dad is a drug lord in prison in the Philippines. That’s her woe is me story, which doesn’t make sense because it means she’s always been rich if he’s a drug ~lord~ .. but also, she wouldn’t be able to comfortably visit the Philippines if that were true.

No. 1049212

i agree, it has definite pedo vibes

No. 1049215

I'm so confused.. she's insinuating that selling her prints and robes is the reason she can afford that apartment and all that stuff? i admit i know nothing about art as a profession but the only self made artists i've seen online seem to make considerably less than that and live a lot less lavishly.

No. 1049220

Yes, she calls herself a “self made artist” when in fact the lifestyle she is living is built on generational wealth.

No. 1049247

I was wondering if there would be a thread for her eventually. I didn't know about any of the PULL stuff, but this girl has been really viral on twitter lately with all her condo pictures and body pics

No. 1049255

Where did you get this photo from?

It must be tiring moving furniture around your house every time to take the perfectly curated selfie that you’re just going to photoshop to filth anyways.
She most definitely is super insecure if she’s photoshopping her already fake tits and changing her round face to a damn Dorito.

No. 1049285

I could tell that she was shooping herself but couldn't exactly pinpoint what she was trying to do. Seeing the side by side is wild. The candid looks better then her weird shoop.

Painting takes a while, esp depending on the medium (oil vs acrylic for example). But it seriously looks like she does a tiny little bit and then will only touch it if she's being photographed or filmed. Pretty tough for a "Full Time Artist" to make any money when she's barely producing anything.

No. 1049286

ironically it's her best piece, but if the pedo vibes aren't intentional then she is really bad at her job, what else are we supposed to see ? ( i still i wonder what the fuck she was thinking about but if she made this)

she kind of reminds me of berry tsukasa when she was still a thing, there is something in her photoshop abuse, the obsession with making aesthetic lifestyle twitter pictures for her dumb fanbase and the way she wants to make people think that her life is so much more than what it is, both are filipino too
sage for lolcow nostalgia

No. 1049287

*when she made this


No. 1049296

She looks cuter, and actually kind of classy/fashionable on the right. Also, what was the point of deep-frying the image after putting all the work into shrinking her waist, editing her eyes and adding longer lashes/more makeup? Now it just looks crispy and ugly, lmao.

No. 1049300

sage for no milk but a lot of Filipinos are part Chinese and/or Spanish fyi

No. 1049312

Seriously, what the fuck does this mean? What was she trying to say?

No. 1049316

The looks have everything to do with it, though. The looks are the only reason she’s popular in western spheres online. I’m saying that Asian countries dismiss her and don’t care about her ‘work’ because they aren’t charmed by her look the way caucasoids and american asians are.

No. 1049342

File: 1601572648630.jpeg (487.12 KB, 1242x1646, E265AC89-4B3C-4383-B0E7-107AB8…)

Alythuh also has a long running history of stealing photos from other people / travel blogs.
Most recently, she stole an image that had a completely different person in it, and tried to pass it off as herself. A user approached the original poster and the screenshot was the result.

Alyssa, for someone who prides themselves on being such a beautiful boss babe, why are you stealing other women’s photos?

No. 1049365

File: 1601574637638.jpeg (257.24 KB, 750x423, BF2C6F4D-82BA-4DCB-8676-10E1D3…)

This is such a nitpick but why does she hold chopsticks like this… just use a damn fork girl lol

No. 1049418

Filipina weebs are so funny. The fact that she even calls her boobs anime girl tiddies, meanwhile I’ve seen countless Chinese and Japanese influencers say anime comparisons make them uncomfortable.

No. 1049519

I got pedo vibes at first too, but looking at it now… the nails of the "adult" are painted, and there's nothing but the size to indicate that it was supposed to be a male. But the panties? Idk idgi

No. 1049525

I don’t think it is, I think it’s a melodramatic witch hunt. Her art sucks, her anatomy is horrible, and she only paints women. It’s just a shit render. When soeymilk drew an actual naked child and had a cow meltdown over it, several people on lolcow came to her defense so I don’t see why we’re so up and arms to condemn her for muh pedophilia when she’s never drawn loli shit before nor does she even pander elsewhere. It’s just supposed to be a woman giving a man a blowjob. She just can’t draw.

No. 1049567

LMFAO and her fans will ignore all of this stuff. God I hate this bitch so much. All of small biz “side hustle” artist (girls who sell crafts) twitter like worship her.

she sucks. Also wasn’t she a sugar baby too? I thought that’s how she got the apartment.

No. 1049591

File: 1601592386977.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x2043, 038EAF6B-B296-4AAC-AA46-C04447…)

Seems like she’s trying to convince Twitter she can look like this >>1048992

No. 1049621

File: 1601594963465.jpeg (469.53 KB, 750x1056, B48FEBBD-EAC0-43F7-AFB6-A36ADB…)

I think this is the ugliest part about her. If she didn’t do this and constantly post self-serving tweets, she wouldn’t be nearly as annoying. She seems to be getting worse each month.

Lol glad someone brought this up. It’s weird enough that she steals other people’s travel pics, but she actually stole someone’s selfie? She wishes she had half of this woman’s style.

No. 1049623

File: 1601595185852.jpeg (528.93 KB, 750x1230, B6BCC931-9CEE-4316-A5E0-0ED008…)

She posted this right as this thread took off. Does she seriously get that many orders for her art?

No. 1049626


I find it strange no one called her out on stealing a seflie of a completely different person.

The answer is no. She doesn't. She embellishes everything and "fakes it til she makes it". Wait until her orbiters find out how much she's profiting off her busted self-defense kits. kek

No. 1049629

Yeah for all the shitty things she does, she does not seem to be a pedo or pedo apologist in the slightest. Soeymilk was a different case because that woman knew how to draw and knew what the proportions of an adult vs child are based on other artworks and still drew a creepy naked kid but alyssa just seems to lack knowledge of proportions and perspective.

No. 1049634

Her packaging posts always reminds me of MLM sellers overstocking their inventory lol

No. 1049642

A warehouse? Is there going to be someone employed at the warehouse fulfilling and shipping orders? If not, what's the point of having one? It's probably more like a storage unit to keep her boxes of unsold merchandise in. Sage for blogpost but I know some semi-pro artists and if anything they rent studio space, not a gd warehouse

this, it's just to flex what a GIRLBAWSS she is

No. 1049649

Quite literally. Every single thing she does is just mental gymnastics to make herself look a certain way.

No. 1049650

Watch it be a self-storage unit like the ones people use in between moving or to store furniture lul

No. 1049653

File: 1601598529274.jpeg (172.72 KB, 1080x1920, 118C0E46-C7C7-4E8F-92BF-63AC21…)

She is literally like a lulu lemon hack. She’s definitely planning on pumping out Chinese sweatshop items as “couture fashion” because her art will not sell enough for her to need a warehouse. There isn’t even enough inventory in that truck to fill up a section of a warehouse. I promise you she rented out a space of a warehouse, which is very common. She probably leases a certain square footage, she certainly doesn’t own one. Lying ass.

>exciting project

I repeat, lying ass

No. 1049668

File: 1601600060370.jpeg (107.71 KB, 828x265, C4B1ADB5-A36B-4DBC-A1D9-9C6BC5…)

Lc says there isn’t enough in that truck to fill out a section of a warehouse. She then comes online to say she was transporting more. K.

No. 1049689

Hi Alyssa. Make it more obvious that you read on here why don’t you.

This should also prove that she does in fact just have some rinky dinky storage unit.

and now we watch her tweet a picture of said “warehouse” as proof cause she’s sO nOt BOtheREd haterz.

No. 1049701

File: 1601603380784.png (1.01 MB, 881x471, keys.PNG)

Found her F*ck off defense key online for less than $1. She is reselling them for almost $14 USD.

No. 1049718

Sounds about right. Wonder how little she’s going to pay the Chinese sweatshop workers for her tacky fake satin robes compared to how pricey she’s going to sell them for?

No. 1049723

File: 1601604928221.jpeg (383.41 KB, 828x1072, 4E705111-8F10-4105-A06B-5B810B…)

This wouldn’t prove anything, I am confident and near sure that she is only leasing out a section of a warehouse. She’s probably renting a single space, she could easily post photos of it claiming it’s hers and then risk the trouble of other peoples inventory being in her photos.

No. 1049732


I worked in logistics and 3PL. We had a huge warehouse with different options. People could use some parts as self-storage and companies could rent a small part and store their goods and manage their ordering and deliveries themselves, which is probably what she is doing.

Storage like these are also used because they make sure the storing conditions are controlled and you can store paintings and work of art safely.

Idk why she needs to imply she’s getting her own warehouse cause i can’t imagine how much it’d cost. You’d need good security and employees to deal with it (clean it, making sure rodents and birds aren’t nesting in). It’d make sense if she was sculpting large work of art, but even then …

No. 1049835

File: 1601615772831.jpeg (477.08 KB, 828x875, 3AFD5042-69C7-484C-9B20-2F0DD2…)

“Building furniture” more like fastening some ikea nuts and bolts and then spending two hours creating a ridiculously dumb and anal still life composition for your feed

No. 1049861

I doubt it. I'm glad to see this thread because I was looking into what she does yesterday and saw some very dakota rose tier art and found it REALLY hard to believe that that's how she makes a living

No. 1049868

This is such a toxic mindset to have, jesus. Especially if you're an artist. Criticism is not necessarily disrespect. She can say she's evolving all she wants but this is not how you grow as a person.

No. 1049876

It’s not like she has friends anyways, and that tweet just reiterates that people are only props to her.

No. 1049880

Wait a minute did she - did she photoshop her grey undershirt out so that she could show her tits……????

No. 1049885

If you look closely you can see it's a piece of ribbon that's covering her tits, not an undershirt. On the first photo she moved the ribbon out of the way.

No. 1049887

That's pretty cheap, I think you're right. Then she can take selfies in the "warehouse" and pretend she has miles of stock.

No. 1049894

Even if she's not an artist this is still toxic as fuck. Imagine how narcissistic she has to be if what she hears from others isn't anything close to kissing her ass.

No. 1049912

Bitch be bribing USPS drivers to take pictures of her in the back of their truck

No. 1049917

File: 1601627289865.jpg (211.04 KB, 1242x1379, EhSUZO1U8AEQ4LA.jpg)

Why does she always look pasted onto backgrounds? The fuck

No. 1049918

File: 1601627363822.jpg (579.5 KB, 1570x2048, Egs1P2WUMAAUi07.jpg)

Like, I know and we all know that she steals travel pictures and pastes herself on them, but she looks pasted onto her own condo too

No. 1049923

This all looks so uncomfortable and staged (duh it is) but the coaster being put out and the wine on the table cracks me up. Either she didn't think to put it on the coaster because she doesn't even use them usually or she put it like that to try to seem natural and not posed. Also the flowers on the left still in the bag wrap they come in kek

No. 1049929

File: 1601629775958.png (3.86 MB, 1236x1600, a0507eb07b9e9df47651ac21f06d0b…)

I think >>1048999 was wrong and she really does casually lug a bunch of plants around on a semi-daily basis, there's no way he's watering and looking after all of those plants. Not to mention the fact that plants don't look picture perfect for more than a few days after you get them, and we all know she needs the perfect catalogue background to paste herself to like a god damn magnetic paper doll

>inb4 she starts documenting the state of her plants to prove us wrong

No. 1049947

the brushes randomly scattered around the coffee table, sorted colored pencils squeezed on one end of it, the random artsy vase on the floor where the other girl would have to step over to get out of her seat… painful

No. 1049951


tinfoil but maybe she takes a pic of the background without herself in it, another to pose & photoshop, cuts the shopped image out & then pastes it back into/combines it with the initial photo lol. I feel like I remember a cow from way back that did/does something similar (also feel like vicky shingles has done this but poorly lmao)

No. 1049961

File: 1601636441239.jpeg (873.61 KB, 828x1082, EB9D991A-A96F-454A-B118-F03950…)

I gotta be real here anon, at least in these pics she looks the same to me

Unrelated but I dislike her for a lot of reasons but her fans will go crazy if they think you’re criticizing her.
A good example of that is when she dressed up as “Sexy~ ACNH Daisy Mae”.

It wasn’t any less strange or “scandalous” when adults cosplaying child/teen characters is common but the reaction was wild.
Just skimming the comments on the tweet nearly gave me brain damage. The people trying to meekly say things like “This is kinda weird, isn’t she a child?” got jumped by fans with “She’s an ADULT she can dress how she wants!! It doesn’t say in the game Daisy Mae is a child!! The character isn’t even real!!” and my personal favourite that still makes me laugh “Stop sexualizing cleavage!!!”

Here’s the tweet if you’re curious


No. 1049970

File: 1601637464643.png (1.72 MB, 1212x1332, Untitled.png)

Mainly under her foot but you can see that her legs are so tightly zipped together so no part of the background can peak through. Same with her arms lol.

No. 1049975

Maybe she stands so stiffly with no background between her legs and arms for shooping ease? She doesn't have to worry about warping as many lines

No. 1049978

Lol she does the thing a bunch of black artists don't like when drawing black people where they make their palms or under their feet way too light than what it would be for their skin tone.

No. 1049982

File: 1601639843632.png (285.53 KB, 452x568, 76F28ECE-5B0F-469F-85DF-5BBDEF…)

man who the fuck looks at this and thinks ‘shit this would be so good with sexy tits’?? this bitch is such a freak

No. 1049989

File: 1601640778998.jpeg (16.58 KB, 221x193, 225F7062-D4FC-4B45-B186-5D30B6…)

No. 1050002

All of the plants in her photos so far have been fake. Most of them aren’t even okay quality and are fucking hideous

We’ll see if she keeps up with dusting, though.

No. 1050005

mfw this is actually a good idea to make sure you get a clear shot and a good pose. When covid is over I'm doin' it.

No. 1050006

this is the thing about her that pisses me off so much lmao, but it's obviously petty

No. 1050022

File: 1601646437036.jpeg (558.72 KB, 750x1087, D7150E38-5EAB-47A1-907C-57BE30…)

before her shooping days kek, she’s extremely average looking

No. 1050023

File: 1601646677602.jpeg (417.18 KB, 750x1049, 7E05F9A2-7692-4CFC-9D87-1CC962…)

Her vibe and overall look was so different lmfaoo this is hilarious

No. 1050025

File: 1601647022896.jpeg (225.64 KB, 1000x941, 85B310C3-5FBB-42DE-A58E-DF5684…)

There’s nothing wrong with her being normal looking, she just can’t profit off of it

No. 1050028

Hold on a second. Clear proof she’s always been very desperate for attention. This is even considered sexual harassment.

No. 1050031

File: 1601647544780.jpeg (358 KB, 750x749, 1988468E-C52B-4D74-BA1D-B999C5…)

i don’t understand what her real face is at this point

No. 1050032

File: 1601647607863.jpeg (543.42 KB, 750x1062, 538C2B9F-87BD-42C8-949E-227220…)

(2/2) this is all so confusing like who is this because that’s not what she looks like now… lmao

No. 1050035

File: 1601647750033.jpeg (516.66 KB, 750x1050, 737D7841-5A2C-4261-B7C8-5C8041…)

The backwards cap makes it that much more unattractive

No. 1050036

File: 1601648427601.jpeg (850.71 KB, 828x1530, F79340DC-1596-4FD3-8538-F80818…)

The jokes write themselves.

That looks like balls.

It isn’t backwards?

No. 1050039

File: 1601648934459.jpg (1.11 MB, 1079x1743, Screenshot_20201002-162924_Ins…)

Is she able to actually draw? All her "art" just seems like props for instagram photos, like it was made by somebody else and she just uses it.

No. 1050044

The way all four of them are clearly black girls… if this bitch don’t stop trying so hard to get black women to co-sign her shit art

No. 1050061

Her art really isn't that impressive. Look at the blonde one on the bottom left's tits. And her whole face.

No. 1050065

If you look down her account she reposted these same paintings just in different pics with different props quite a few times. I think she paints her own stuff but not too often (or it takes her ages to produce new work) so she has to keep reposting etc.

No. 1050075

hit the nail on the head. i think she’s more concerned about her appearance / social media as opposed to her actual artwork. she’s very clout hungry so it makes sense

No. 1050078

She can't even apply a flat, even color, it all looks so dirty and unprofessional; it's ridiculous she's trying to pass as professional.
Not to mention anatomy, top right painting it clearly attempt to paint Duckie Thot but she's made her look so ugly.

No. 1050080

Did she ever take any lessons? If she wanted to be good artist for real she should. Even reading some books.

No. 1050086

It's a shame because based off >>1050031 and >>1050023 it's obvious that she has decent foundational skill and can do pretty good linework. It just disappears under her muddy skin and over-rendered faces.

No. 1050087

Bro it’s literally says “bad habits” with a child’s underwear coming off. I feel comfortable

No. 1050095

File: 1601653771015.png (922.43 KB, 595x592, aly.PNG)

I'm one of the anons that said before that it had pedo vibes and while i stand by it, when you look at it as a part of this series it really seems like she just can't do proportions right

No. 1050096

She has plenty of books, but it looks like she uses them for props and probably seldom reads them. There’s a specific color wheel she uses as a prop consistently and if she actually read it, her coloring would probably be less muddy. She didn’t go to college to “pursue her dream” or whatever the hell her excuse was so art classes seem unlikely.

No. 1050097

I thought it was pedo too, but now with the series I guess she is just really bad at art

No. 1050098

Bad habits as in casual sex. In context it’s got nothing to do with children, drama queen.

No. 1050100

Whether intended or not I still feel like she could have seen what it looked like and uhhh not post it? Remake it? Maybe she’s just that unaware of herself.

No. 1050101

I literally just said it wasn’t pedo anymore with all the other painting. The painting alone looks like a child, but she is just bad at art ig

No. 1050103

This. I don't understand the anons defending it. Ok, she's so bad at proportions that this unambiguously looks pedo.

No. 1050105

Where the hell was this energy for Soeymilk? It’s been established that Alyssa can’t draw, how would she notice it’s “blatantly pedophilic”? Please, this moral hypocrisy

No. 1050118

Cmon plenty of anons called soeymilk out, she can draw and knew what she was doing but made excuses.

This alyssa artwork is not pedo for sure, just unfortunate due to lack of skill but i doubt these were the only people who realized the size difference made it look creepy, she could have remade it early on to avoid more misunderstandings.

No. 1050119

The resemblance to Kota's work is uncanny

No. 1050123

I get that, but it’s already been established that she didn’t know. The intention isn’t there so I don’t get beating it into the ground and wagging fingers about how uNcOmFy and cWeEpY it is and calling it pedo, sounds like twitter cancel logic. I’ve contributed a lot to this thread, but I don’t understand calling it pedo art when it isn’t and saying she should have known when everyone keeps repeating she sucks shit at drawing and didn’t know. It isn’t “blatant” or “unambiguously” pedophilia, that’s just taking the moral high ground because we all hate her and want to pile more bias on her.

No. 1050163


Considering her main platform is Twitter I'd be surprised if no one said anything to her about it or she just piled any criticism up as hate and blocked them. On the other hand it's uncharacteristic because she's so concerned about appearances, seeming woke, and gaining stans.

No. 1050166

I think the point anons are making is that even with her being bad and just not knowing, for sure someone else from her thousands of followers realized this looked wrong, she could have fixed it to avoid further misunderstandings. She still can, if she lurks this thread.

Ofc it wasnt her intention, but she cant complain that some people who see that piece for the first time on her site will see a kid, not everyone will have context like us and this will repeat.

No. 1050170

File: 1601659869098.png (17.21 KB, 580x136, capture-20201002-192213.png)

i wanted to know the school she went to but apparently she didn't studied art, yet she claims to be a famous artist irl too but it's quite hard to be a successful artist in fine arts when you didn't went to a good school/aren't rich (if you're rich, you know the right people), at least that's how it is where i live (it's a bit more difficult than that but that's how it is, more or less, it's a weird world) a lot of doors are closed to you if you aren't one of these things, even if you're talented

is she really claiming that she just became a full time artist one day because she was really talented or something? i doubt that's how it went

No. 1050187

Judging from her instagram - if it's in any way representative - she was just posting a lot of beautiful travel / lifestyle content and a lot of photos of herself; and at some point when she already had the interest she's started posting art sometimes, even though amateur given she was already popular for more influencer-like content, people would praise her a lot and ask if it's for sale, fastforward to now, she's a pro artist

No. 1050206


The thing I don't get is that she's clearly a pro "influencer" who has monetized her online presence, so why isn't that good enough for her?

She can certainly make money on her looks and following. It's just the "artist" aspect that's so heavily overplayed. Nobody follows her for her art, she's just popular for her aesthetic and artificial beauty. The art is like a prop to make her seem more interesting. I guess she probably thinks she has "substance" due to being an "artist" instead of just a model, but people with real artistic (or business) sense can see that it doesn't add up the way she pretends it does.

No. 1050215

And it shows

No. 1050220

Actually (unless she purged) the first years of her insta activity was only sketches and drawings, in 2015 she switched to posting almost exclusively travel photos, increasingly more of herself and art just occasionally, and then at some point she became that boss bitch persona she's now; I believe she wants to be an artist actually, even if she also likes her own looks and attention it gives her. It's just that her art level is not yet the same as the popularity she achieved thanks to the looks and attitude, so it looks odd on the outside.

No. 1050226

File: 1601666272078.jpeg (933.47 KB, 828x1313, 0D7F0A4E-AE33-4D5C-AFD0-8B7954…)

It isn’t vulnerability if you only do it after everyone makes fun of you for being neurotically obsessive compulsive about how staged your environment is, alyssa. of course this comes after people say her apt doesn’t look lived in.

No. 1050230

File: 1601666641728.jpeg (489.03 KB, 1125x1797, 921C63DD-223D-44BF-B5C3-4368AA…)

I wanted to ask if anyone noticed this request for weed between the sisters in this same thread.
Picking up what? More clothes? Didnt she move out months ago? What are you picking up? Crumble is concentrated weed. Unless they’re talking about food or their dog lol

No. 1050233

A warehouse for prints/merch/stickers seems like such a strange thing, even if it is supposedly a small storage unit. Her apartment looks so spacious that it nearly looks empty. Even the most stupidly successful Artist Alley people I’ve known in my life haven’t had the need to rent out space for their merch… that much space for stickers and prints, huh? It’s so bizarre to look at her lifestyle from the perspective of someone who has grown up around artists who aren’t this “influencer style”.

No. 1050240

Are we sure these are her original drawings and aren't traced or "studies" based off other drawings? I find it hard to believe she regressed that much

No. 1050242

Everything she does is only so she can say she does it. Half assed fulfilling her delusions of grandeur. She said she also has two dogs and yet you never see them because they aren’t ~aesthetic~ like the kitten

No. 1050243

Weed is legal how is this milk ?

No. 1050244

>people would praise her a lot and ask if it's for sale
>fastforward to now, she's a pro artist
Sure, that's how it all happened, she's totes a pro artist now.

Didn't take too long for her WKs to find the thread huh?

No. 1050249

I’m…pretty sure anon was mocking her

No. 1050259

From the sequence of posts and typing style it sounds like the same person as >>1050220

>ackshually she started with art

>she just accidentally became famous and decided to own it
>ackshually she wants to be an artist, she just isn't quite there yet
>it just looks odd, it's not completely fake

No. 1050260

Ah I see now. Good catch. Probably her sister kek

No. 1050266

I wasn’t say it was a big deal, Because it really isn’t. I just was pointing out for someone who cares so much about their online image and is so calculative, what their thought process was to put it out in the open. Just a speculation. That’s all!

No. 1050270

She put it out in the open again, because she has no anatomical knowledge or artistic ability so that looks normal to her because she’s retarded

No. 1050284

Lol you guys are paranoid, is it obligatory to degrade people we talk about here to not have you automatically assume I'm affiliated with them? Yes, good catch, these are both my posts but at no point I was praising her; I'm just genuinely curious what made her into a fake persona she's now, since she is (or at least was) actually into art; I see no reason to be excessively mean about it tho. And yes, I was being sarcastic calling her a pro, but if you want to be nitpicky, even if her level of skill is amateurish, if art is her main source of income (who knows, maybe people who simp for her actually buy her paintings) then that would qualify her as pro.

No. 1050287

I’ve never heard of this person but her prints looks like average art school pieces and fan con kinda stuff, she should stop LARPing as some world famous artist (lmao) and just work as a freelance illustrator. Her pieces don’t have a coherent point of view or anything to say. Idgi

No. 1050315

No it wouldn’t.

No. 1050322

I’m so glad there’s a thread on this person, she’s such an obvious grifter. I’m almost more amused by the fans who are thick enough to believe her boldfaced lies.

Because the hook that allows her to be an influencer successfully is her girlboss charade. If she was just transparently profiting from being hot and aesthetic it wouldn’t be nearly as compelling and far fewer people would care

For someone who’s so keen on profiting off of blackness she’s pretty bad at drawing black skin. It so smudgey and overcolored. She must spend hours grinding her pencil into these tiny gradient details without stopping to look at whether she’s actually drawing something that’s proportionally accurate.

No. 1050373

File: 1601680869540.jpeg (199 KB, 750x1165, 5133B8EB-7389-417F-A593-6272D6…)

It makes me a little sad that she profits off of black women like this. For someone who’s into social justice, she really doesn’t mind taking up space. This black woman asked where she can buy Alyssa’s art. I can’t find it anymore, but I saw a black man call her out in the comments of one of her pictures. Her stans came out and told him snarky shit like “nice try.”

Also, when people were trying to amplify black businesses, she made a tweet asking for suggestions for black businesses just to virtue signal. She could’ve very easily done research herself.

No. 1050375

File: 1601681102440.jpeg (275.91 KB, 750x950, 5FE7DCFB-4F7B-4C0F-857D-44044A…)

I wonder if she actually bought shit.

>I want to support you!!

>Strictly paints black women and profits off of it when an actual black person could paint that and earn that money

Not trying to SJW I just find it hypocritical as fuck. Both her and her fans.

No. 1050377

She actually did this during the BLM protests so this makes it even worse

No. 1050378


It’s honestly so weird. When I first saw her on Twitter I thought she was mixed black with all the art she makes.

No. 1050386

File: 1601681889224.jpeg (584.75 KB, 1337x1678, 4F6B201E-C665-4D18-AEF6-7FAB5D…)

This is how she truly became famous, the fucking “room transformation.” It doesn’t make sense because there wasn’t ever a room transformation. That old room was when she was living in her mom’s house, the “new room” is when she moved into her condo. Also, her and that ex are still in good terms and follow each other on social media and even interact from time to time. Meanwhile her stans think she was a victim of abuse and that this ~transformation~ is a major accomplishment.
Ffs there’s even news articles on it:


No. 1050392

No that was still the room, I can understand why you got confused because her decor taste is so bland and cliche. She just moved into the ~hiiighriseee~ shortly after.

No. 1050399

File: 1601682484528.jpeg (170.41 KB, 750x1083, D574F913-CBDF-4657-BF8C-F12350…)

She probably liked this tweet

No. 1050401

File: 1601682544137.jpeg (148.09 KB, 684x900, 111C047F-E640-45B1-9688-2BF373…)

I didn’t even know she has dogs. Total photo prop

No. 1050405

File: 1601682644458.jpeg (146.19 KB, 828x370, DEC028C0-8EDA-4958-8742-D4AE05…)

No. 1050409

This girl used to be obsessed like completely infatuated with Mei, the girl with the pink hair. Her @ used to be infrontofapple I think. But now that I see the before and afters I really think that Alyssa tries to edit her features to look like Mei…

No. 1050416

File: 1601683014810.jpeg (264.85 KB, 750x1318, C0EEBCD9-4B59-4B04-A15B-8A1F8E…)

Such a gamer girl!

No. 1050422

File: 1601683478119.jpeg (1012.46 KB, 1481x1643, CD356A50-82BB-474D-B223-D5A441…)

This is one of her famous ~picnic art date~ sets that she routinely posts, except I haven’t seen anyone post this one from almost three years ago. It looks like she’s all alone and maybe set her camera up to take a selfie. In any case, one or two people wouldn’t eat ALL of that food. And you mean to tell me she had freshly painted that, around all that food?

No. 1050426

File: 1601683695990.png (1.04 MB, 998x906, screenshot.png)

yeah I found this drawing she did of mei. absolutely terrible job on the skin…if you gave me the pic on the left I would assume it's fucking grimes before I ever thought of mei lmao

not sure what's wrong w this tweet?

No. 1050428

File: 1601683788212.jpeg (474.99 KB, 828x701, FBF6141E-B35C-45DC-AF7C-FC4160…)

Not the—not the fucking wine glass facing the camera again. Someone needs to make a collage. What is wrong with her omfg

No. 1050429

She loves drawing nudity in public because she is literally begging for attention lmao. She reminds me of kids in elementary school who wanted people to crowd around them and call them a “good drawer.”

No. 1050430

goddamn the set-up makes no sense. there's not a drop of paint anywhere, not even near the palette. makes it real obvious she brought a finished piece

also the fucking titties omg. self-teach yourself some anatomy girl

No. 1050433

I actually agree with her though.

No. 1050434

yeah we get it you watched sailor moon once when you were 8 ok w/e

No. 1050435

In the PULL thread it was revealed that she was straw manning. No one actually came for her like that. If anything, everyone was being supportive. She would have a point if guys were actually attacking her, but they weren’t. It reads as more of a flex that she’s a ~need~ and she went onto post a viral video of her weeb corner in that same Twitter thread.

No. 1050436

Imagine you’re at the park and you see a girl wheeling a red wagon full of throw pillows and props as she carefully sets it all up, all alone with her dog, and spreads each slice of processed walmart cheese squares on pieces of plywood and then pretends to dab a little bit of paint on a near-complete canvas that looks like it was made by the dorky greasy anime girl in middle school. She takes pics with self timer and then throws all the food she left out for flies and ants in the bin, and then wheels her props and throw pillows away in her little red wagon.

No. 1050441

I can actually picture this entirely. You are a good writer.

No. 1050442

File: 1601684368916.jpeg (Spoiler Image,648 KB, 977x849, C60FC4D8-952A-4D1A-9445-ECE361…)

Seriously those boobs are fucked the fuck up. And the NOSE…

No. 1050443

Peep the two tubes of green gamblin left open—no seasoned artist would leave those open in the hot sun. Look at the piece, the only green are the three muddy moths. The only thing she painted was the moths. And then she left her high quality, treasured paint open for however long after completing all three moths so that it would look more used.

No. 1050445

lmao anon. don't forget her fake ass plants. probably put them down too and was like "wait no…"

No. 1050447

The fact that she displayed two books next to the canvas like she was also reading not one but two full books when you know she was only at that park for maybe an hour at most

No. 1050448

Like all cows, she paints girls that look the way she shoops herself

No. 1050451

File: 1601685058259.jpg (1.88 MB, 2796x2796, Twigs.jpg)

anyone else think this looks like FKA twigs with a broken nose? prob not intentional but we know this bitch fetishizes black women

No. 1050452

File: 1601685249782.jpeg (172.4 KB, 828x581, FDF3BE0A-7C24-4BA5-81E3-B45BA2…)

Pretending she supported her well-off family members…? Damn this bitch loves to lie unprovoked lol

No. 1050473

File: 1601686334397.jpeg (194.97 KB, 828x650, B9E20925-8D27-463D-A0D2-5D88CE…)

Hmm… kind of harmful, like telling people in financial hardship that they can be self-made hobby artists and go from “painting on bathroom floors” to living in an overpriced Vegas condo, huh Alyssa?

No. 1050474

Every time she makes up a tweet like this she barely survived a plane crash, got stranded in the ocean, got trapped in a fire in a 20 story building, or almost crushed under earthquake remains. All in the same day. Everything she posts seems exaggerated to dramatic extremes. Her life story, her appearance, and the importance of her work. She thinks she’s already made it when in fact nobody else knows her outside Twitter.

No. 1050475

File: 1601686389145.jpeg (174.47 KB, 828x519, A64BCCB5-E41E-4023-BC53-A3BBE3…)

No. 1050477

So it’s ok to steal a photographer’s photos? An influencer’s selfies?

No. 1050478

File: 1601686553931.jpeg (611.96 KB, 828x1183, 4C6D9980-1E5C-46A7-9FC7-9D3655…)

MLM scheme type shit

No. 1050481


is this bitch serious lmfao

No. 1050486

File: 1601686840943.jpeg (588.88 KB, 828x1261, 24072360-301B-465F-B319-371D4B…)

One last tweet nitpick—this is rich coming from someone who wore extremely low-cut tops with pushup bras in Japan and Egypt

No. 1050487

If you go through her TikTok dated around April 2020, she said she quit her job 3 years ago. If you go through that tweet, it’s around 2016. Someone on PULL pointed out that she keeps changing the date of when she actually quit her job. I’ll try to get back when I find the receipts, it’s too damning.

No. 1050491

File: 1601687066798.jpeg (67.09 KB, 828x209, C708DF48-77D9-4455-B24B-8F3309…)

Ok I lied, one more

No. 1050495

Is this tweet now deleted? I can't find it on twitter anymore.
Regardless, her mom owns her own business and her step-dad has wealth so this a lie kek

No. 1050502


No. 1050504

File: 1601687489053.jpeg (90.16 KB, 828x252, 7A267606-57E3-487C-8581-0FACB2…)


No, I just took that screenshot seconds before I posted it

No. 1050506

No. 1050507

File: 1601687727385.jpeg (747.13 KB, 828x1300, B2980324-C060-46E6-A5DE-3D5780…)

oh my god

No. 1050518

The halo effect really does all the work, she’s marketed herself successfully which is impressive besides the morals of it all.

No. 1050522

File: 1601688961879.png (848.17 KB, 1854x1200, Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 8.pn…)

I can't believe how far she'll take her lies. for what?? I'm actually outraged for women. I searched "international women's award" "alyssa silos award" and got nothing - except her own posts.

alyssa, why would any organization with prestige even consider YOU? what do you do other than post thirst traps and tweet all fucking day about muh artistry? at least make up a believable lie (or one that can't be easily verified you fucking dumbass) the nominees/winners are all REAL LIFE social activists, women with intelligence and dignity and fucking impact. stay in your e-thot lane.

No. 1050529

File: 1601690255920.jpeg (777.64 KB, 750x1282, BB748D02-3097-4D82-9360-A65125…)

Holy shit. Is this legit? Some random tweeted this (zero likes, zero retweets). If it’s real, where’s the online paper trail?

No. 1050531

And she's letting them run around tracking oil paints all over the floor. She's lucky that they haven't gotten sick from accidentally licking the paint

No. 1050532

Okay, but shaming a woman for wearing a lowcut top is bullshit. Question that culture, not her shirt.

No. 1050534


I googled, "international women's award 2019 london" and barely any search results came up. I then tried "visionary women alyssa silos" and again, nothing. Finally googled "international women's award alyssa silos" and only those tweets came up like anon post. Wtfff lol. The plot thickens.

No. 1050536

Every time she posts a photo of herself "travelling" it's more and more believable that she's escorts while she travels especially from her collection of lingerie and fetish gear.

She's very similar to another "boss babe influencer" I know who traveled between Australia and NZ a lot do get her brand started

No. 1050549

It appears to be an award from the Women Appreciating Women Awards. Apparently you're nominated by someone to receive the "WAW Honorary Award". I genuinely cannot find any evidence of her receiving one from the 2019 ceremony though.

No. 1050553

File: 1601692782776.jpg (231.41 KB, 1754x1240, image0 (1).jpg)

here is the criteria for the award kek

No. 1050557

Not to nitpick your post anon, but
>Strictly paints black women and profits off of it when an actual black person could paint that and earn that money
>when an actual black person could paint that and earn that money

There's no hard fast rule that black people can only paint black people, as much as some of them believe there is. Thinking people from other ethnicities shouldn't paint them because "it's taking their opportunities!" is complete nonsense, there is woke market demand for illustrations featuring black people, deliberately avoiding this demand and refraining from profiting "just so others can" is a ridiculous thin to expect.

I mean, yeah, it's tacky and tasteless that she paints them exclusively, but it's not like it's at odds with her SJW ways. It's representation after all, something they've been demanding for years.

No. 1050558

Not to nitpick on you either but don’t you think it’s fucked up when she doesn’t even have black ancestry to do this? And she does only paint dark skinned women with Eurocentric features too. Not because she intends something malicious, but her art is so bad she just draws the same face (her photoshopped face) over and over again.

No. 1050562

It isn’t representation, it’s exploitation. She’s a weirdo.

No. 1050564

……….In Japan the chest is highly sexualized yeah, but it’s literally countrywide resounding etiquette to keep your chest covered, and the only women who don’t are foreigners or literal prostitutes. And in Egypt, in all guides women are advised to cover up for their own safety for a reason. Please shut the fuck up, you aren’t teaching us lessons on farmcow dot lol.

No. 1050567

File: 1601694663187.jpeg (126.12 KB, 750x870, 959E78E7-DA75-41A0-A1D0-6F03FD…)

Success in 2016, huh?

No. 1050568

File: 1601694734629.jpeg (170.72 KB, 750x1073, 57821D7F-38B0-4800-8C66-BE9ADC…)

“Stop bitching and get to work!” Easy to say when you’re rich lol

No. 1050574

>she actually expects people to believe she lives off this kind of "art"
It's a little insulting tbh

It is tacky, I just don't think it makes sense to criticize someone for supplying when there's demand. I imagine that even with backlash and criticism it's still more profitable (in social media numbers of course kek) for her to keep doing it, it's just another decorative detail to compose her cliché pictures and maximize engagement

How the fuck is it exploitation, you think she has a black model chained under a pile of wigs in her cosplay closet ?

No. 1050577

You took my comment a little too literally. I simply meant she’s exploiting the general desire for ‘representation’ to her advantage when she’s a disingenuous bimbo whose entire persona revolves around pandering

No. 1050582

File: 1601696009074.jpeg (667.42 KB, 1080x1920, 1A2D2DF5-790F-4C17-A4F0-E30DCE…)

Just posted this

No. 1050583

File: 1601696035449.jpeg (734.5 KB, 1536x2048, 9069BACA-EC60-4359-8EC2-89421C…)

“Artist” uwu

No. 1050585

File: 1601696081019.jpeg (666.81 KB, 750x1243, 46C6FF50-7E0F-4F14-BC85-196F01…)

No. 1050586

She definitely giving off sex worker vibes here. What are these photos even for?

No. 1050589

To promote her totes! excitinggg!! new crazy marked up self defense kit pieces. Xoxo femmefatale xxxx

No. 1050590

The photoshop on her face in the very first pic LMAO

No. 1050591

everything in that pic is fucked holy. the arm doesn't even look like it connects to her body. but yeah the face shoop…I predict she'll start blackfishing sooner or later

girls! empower yourselves by buying shitty and probably breakable knives from me! the moid you tried to stab definitely won't be even more pissed!

No. 1050592

Continuing the predictable trend of advertising herself first, and her cheap aliexpress knives second.

No. 1050593

She already overlines her lips into her mustache

No. 1050597

is she genuinely not scared that someone will accuse her of selling knives that already exist elsewhere and aren’t a direct product produced by her? it’s strange to me how a professional artist will claim the knives they sell are under their name, when it’s mass produced by aliexpress. lol.

No. 1050599

I don’t think she cares as long as she is profiting tbh

No. 1050607


There's nothing wrong with it UNLESS she's claiming it's designed by her. Otherwise it's just basic business. However, given her platform as an artist, it's pretty ambiguous if it's not labeled at all.

No. 1050612

File: 1601702167513.jpeg (359.36 KB, 1688x1320, A6621B04-6EA2-4C20-AA37-0D6098…)

All the guys are mansplaining her, so I guess it’s backfired. I can’t feel bad for her because these are the types she panders to

No. 1050614

File: 1601702288541.jpeg (385 KB, 750x1166, A4F647DB-1552-4BF6-B47D-F696F6…)

Only Fans?

No. 1050634

File: 1601705514375.jpg (4.1 MB, 3925x2603, 169baa7815341ab06f64-1920w.jpg)

The awards are real and there's proof of her going there.

Proceeds of her self defense kit earnings go to Maya's Organization, an anti-assault organization in Davao, Philippines. The chairwoman was nominated by someone else; or self nominated herself for the work she did for the organization. She must have nominated Alythuh too hence Aly getting the award. I found a photo of her and the chairwoman in the latter's public Facebook posts too. So Alyssa did get an award, but it's because of her connections. It's not an "International Women's awards", it was a women's awards that was done in London. There it is again

Spoilers because O/T
Dunno if this will interest anyone else, but the chairwoman of that organization is a staunch supporter of Duterte and some photos in the gallery are with Duterte supporters or politicians allied to him. Kind of suspicious to run an anti-assault organization and be a support the biggest pervert in the country.

The org's gallery: https://www.mayasorganisationphilippines.org/gallery

The page where Alythuh claims her support for the org:

No. 1050635


Saged for Londonfaggery: the image on this one is definitely photoshopped. There isn’t even a red phone box there in real life. Nice effort pasting a bus in there too, with some Union Jack on just to drive the point home that she’s pretending to be in the UK. What a weirdo.

No. 1050639

I genuinely think this woman is a sex worker. The amount of money she seems to flaunt does not line up with her business.

No. 1050644

It was a ‘fan’ image made by that guy

No. 1050651

I was the poster of >>1050522 and had no doubt she must have won some type of award, but not the IWA. so why did she lie about it?

she ends up either looking like she's too stupid and thoughtless to get the name correct (which isn't plausible, as she's holding the damn WAW plaque, and she tweeted her supposed IWA 'visionary award' after she won), or she's disrespecting her friend's organization and WAW as well since it seems like they / their title apparently weren't good enough for her

No. 1050656

She also did this too to the friend who invited her to that Portland University exhibit. She made it a super big deal, when it was just a-okay. Plus she also didn't credit the private space / cafe / small gallery hosting her art in Japan lmaooo.

Her lack of credit towards the people who give her a platform is gonna bite her back in the ass real hard.

No. 1050679

It looks like a formal dress event? and she decided to dress casual street wear

No. 1050681

Girl finally learned the add noise filter on Photoshop to cover up her blurred warp tool body, but too bad you can see her awful shoop of removing her nipples from the 3 photos with red splotches

Where did your nipples go Alyssa? lmao

No. 1050707


The irony of preaching self made while not supporting small artists. Of preaching black support while taking up their space.

No. 1050714

and you know she’s only drawing black women to virtue signal / because black culture is in. definitely not an SJW but she should pick if it’s “support black owned businesses” or buy paintings of black women in an african art style from me, a non black woman. i bet all my money she didn’t buy shit from any of the black owned businesses tagged lmfao

No. 1050717

Her face actually looks so different in the gun photo.

No. 1050745

wasn’t that pic of her in the hospital bed from her boobjob surgery???

No. 1050763

File: 1601732882552.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 1079x2069, 566174EF-9793-47C5-B508-2D4A90…)

Here’s all the shopped areas pointed out

No. 1050773

File: 1601733817455.jpeg (592.07 KB, 1700x2048, 2CAC9FEE-10E7-488D-ACF2-3AF901…)

She does that a lot, this robe is from a small
designer Catherine Dlish and here she is with an Amazon knockoff. Couldn’t even tell ppl to support the original artist.

No. 1050778

Your othering "they" gives you away, racism-chan.

I think the point is she seems to only draw black women. Not even asian or white women. She's like a person created by an algorithm.

No. 1050779

Oh no she's definitely a sugar baby. This isn't a set of photos any non sex-worker just takes and posts online.

No. 1050781

I'm not an idpol leftist who thinks #representationmatters, pronouns-chan. That doesn't make anyone a racist.

>She's like a person created by an algorithm.

That was my entire point

No. 1050785

File: 1601736041146.png (4.43 MB, 2141x1277, duckiethot.png)

Not to start a debate about referencing, but it's in line with her brand of intellectual dishonesty to use other artists' work without credit, and barely change it too (it mostly looks different because her skill level is too low to copy accurately). I've been under the assumption that all her art is copied from photos, which is fine if she took them herself, but I think more often than not she just snags them from google or other influencers (like the stolen backgrounds).

I don't believe she drew those at all, not when her art has serious issues even when using a reference. Nevermind that she implies she spontaneously sketched the lewd one while in class or whatever. Does she ever show her actual sketches? I don't believe I've seen any, not counting the prop ones that she probably spent a lot of time on to make sure they look "aesthetic".

That kitten looks young… inb4 "it's a rescue!!"

I'm glad she got her own thread.

No. 1050786


I'm more surprised that anyone thinks she isn't a sex worker. Maybe not an escort, but I'd be hard pressed to believe she isn't selling her nudes to yellow fever weeaboo men, she has too many simps like that not to cash in on the market

No. 1050791

Ooh good catch.

Everything about this girl is turning out to be fake lol.

No. 1050798

I can't believe there are still fans believing she really gains all her money from her art only. There is no fucking way some mediocre bullshit like that, which is even copied from photos, would sell for a lot, and in my opinion it wouldn't sell at all. It's awful. And she doesn't even paint that much!
She definitely has another job, or has some rich fucker giving her money for sex work.

No. 1050800

In b4 she makes another post about not having a sugar daddy / sex work and that “she is the sugar daddy”

No. 1050804

File: 1601738769097.png (37.23 KB, 712x350, lol.png)

okay she's DEFINITELY reading the thread
hey alyssa

No. 1050805

File: 1601739011785.jpg (777.4 KB, 2048x1536, EgDJT3VVoAApsm7.jpg)

I love that she always has Persona 5 in the background if she wants a video game thing in her photos. The pic of her in the rob is from Jan, she still has it in the BG here and this pic is from August

No. 1050808

Her family is rich. If you look back tweets from her, her sister, or their cousin, their grandma’s idea of gifts is taking them to different Asian countries in one trip. Plus they’ve always been traveling even before she took off on Twitter.

Her sister also tweeted about their mom offering her tickets to EDC Portugal, meaning they can afford to splurge on a tickets to a festival outside the country.

No. 1050811

this came up in the artcow thread as well. there's a method to this thirst trap madness lmao, some lonely balding scrote with too much money on his hands is absolutely paying for her bossgirl delusions

and it's always the title screen kek

No. 1050815

I just layered the two photo and art, and it’s traced. It’s one thing to take inspiration, but this photo is traced back and forth. Even the shading. I knew it, she is to bad at proportions.

No. 1050816

File: 1601740073265.jpeg (193.83 KB, 750x1249, 66B356FD-11E5-4B7F-B656-841129…)

No. 1050817

I can also lighten and darken the photo over the art, to show how detailed it’s trailed, but I don’t know how to screen record

No. 1050822

This has nothing to do with reading the thread though. She’s likely talking about all the mansplaining going on in her mentions, she’s on here enough to know we are women.

No. 1050834

Wait, is this supposed to be the "after" in the room transformation? Bc the corner by the TV is not the same.

No. 1050842

File: 1601742960152.jpg (41.78 KB, 771x318, 0000.JPG)

I always thought about this.
>75 dollars for 3 keys, 2 tiny pepper sprays and 1 alarm
>30 dollars for 1 kit
>13 dollars for 1 key
>75 dollars minus shipping for repackaged cheapshit with extra words on it
Even if you bring minimum wages and the value of "fine art" into it, there's no way this is worth what it's worth
>go into aliexpress/alibaba/taobao/any chinese bulk item provider
>"self defense [item]"
>100000 options and designs
>can even get custom made items for less than a dollar each with free shipping
>some even provide more features, reviews/feedback, etc

Wonder how she'd react to someone else doing their own cutesy "self-defense artsy kits" and going big. Probably would be cancelled by WKs lol

You are not self-made, you are made of the cheap/enslaved third world factory workers and the clueless customers you ripoff.

No. 1050846


the reason those keys are originally so cheap is because they're so easily breakable, imagine spending 13 dollars for a plastic thing that'll have its blade break off after one stab

No. 1050862

The before/after room transformation photos were before she moved. This room is in her new condo.

No. 1050865

File: 1601744812216.jpeg (554.13 KB, 1614x2048, EE8002AC-5375-4457-B245-78D6AB…)

That foot looks so swollen. What even is that arm?

No. 1050870

File: 1601744964369.jpeg (505.33 KB, 750x902, 29936800-E4A8-484E-95FB-A46237…)

The fucking paint brushes on the floor omfg

Oh, she’s still doing this? I know there are over six photos where the same screen is in the background. We need a sailor moon wine glass + persona 5 background collage of her photos!

No. 1050874

File: 1601745201049.jpeg (509.14 KB, 750x1211, AAE5199F-3FC6-40AC-866A-FBAD60…)

Samefag but I just saw this. It gets worse. She’s told her stans that she isn’t always prancing around in lingerie, but now she says she’s always wearing it??
>I can’t wait for you all to feel the same

She really thinks people can only feel empowered by wearing lingerie that she specifically “made.” It sounds like she thinks there’s no other way women can feel empowered.

No. 1050882

I'm all for female empowerment but personally I wear sweatpants and hoodies round the house because it's comfortable and warm. Plus, I don't want to open the door to the pizza delivery guy whilst wearing only lingerie- I'm not in that kinda movie.

No. 1050885

I used to have one of these (not from her) because I thought they were cool and open a lot of packages at work and peddling them as a self defense tool is borderline irresponsible. They're nothing but a feel-good gimmick, they're hard to open (dig your fingernail into a tiny notch and pry it out, there's no switch mechanism or anything) and if you keep it on your keychain as intended then you're fucked anyway because your assailant can just yank your whole keyring away from you while you're fumbling with a tiny toothpick of a knife and now you're defenseless and locked out. There's no real-life use for this other than as a utility knife and to sell it at such a massive markup with messages of empowerment is such a scam, way beyond simple Aliexpress reselling.

No. 1050896

She literally only cares about things she can take photos with. Same goes for what she wears.

No. 1050901

People say there’s no way she’s making enough from her art and this is true, she makes all of her money from the self defense kits because they’re a gimmick and she marks them up a ridiculous amount. I don’t have time, but if anyone would be kind enough to compile the cold hard wholesale numbers of her aliexpress items compared to the price she charges in whole, it’d be appreciated, I won’t be able to do it today.

No. 1050945

Condos around the Resorts World Las Vegas, which is in her pictures from the balcony, cost about 400k (1 bedroom). Even if she was a fUlL tImE artist, she wouldn't have made that much money by now.

No. 1050954

sorry for samefagging, but nvm. I thought she bought the apartment, but the same kind of apartment she lives in are for rent for c.a 1.5 - 2k.

No. 1050958

I remember a real estate anon posted about her condo and the pricing of it in one of the art salt threads a while back, right around the time she moved into it, I'll see if I can find the post. It's not terribly hard to actually find which exact condo she lives in considering you can see very telling landmarks from her balcony photos.

No. 1050991

I have found her exact unit on rental sites from earlier in the year and I know for a fact she pays just under $3k a month.

this is also facts. she probably sells like 10 prints a month (if that). but she probably sells several defense kits per day because they're an easy gift item to give girls and you get the "feel good" aspect of supporting an artist and you will think you're getting something useful (even when you're not). the defense kit is the smartest thing alyssa's ever done but it does not, in any way, make her a professional artist. it makes her a reseller of cheap crap from china. lol.

btw there are tons of knock off defense kits available now. alyssa's version does the best because hers get promoted with viral tweets every time she posts a selfie or her condo lol. but she's gonna keep up the narrative this all happened because she's an ARteEST and not because she's a conventionally attractive girl scantily clad in a nerdy aesthetic apartment.

No. 1051029

No established artist would spend so much time desperately retweeting all the customer photos of her gimmicky dollar-store items. An established artist wouldn't even waste her time hawking them. Even if she wants to claim that this is her hobby and she's doing it to empower women uwu, she can donate some of her wealth or do literally anything else, it's clear that she doesn't actually care about women's safety and is only doing this to pander to the grrrr self-possessed she-devil badass twitter crowd.

I'd say the condo is a pretty good investment, all she has to do is to continue to project her success story to convert viral fame into sales. I still subscribe to the theory that she's a sugar baby at the very least.

No. 1051043

"in the studio" but the "studio" pic is just a diff corner of her apartment?!

No. 1051081

File: 1601766101070.jpeg (836.15 KB, 828x1277, 541AF271-303C-4AE0-B5F7-1CE7B2…)

She has something sketchy about her more to her false persona and fake ass pictures. Maybe it’s just the huge ego/narcissism, but it makes me worried about those who get close to her. Not sure if she edits her sister as well, but her sister seems prettier and with better style but I haven’t looked into her stuff besides seeing her in occasional pics where she’s used as a prop.

IMO she’s only going to become more successful as time goes on so a storage space for the cheap junk she shells out makes sense, anything she puts out will be modelled by a lot of “girl crush” types of influencers like Snitchery (all issues aside with those types of women) that people would rush to buy in hopes of being at least a little bit “just like them”.

She may have failed at being an artist, but she is continuing to grow as a social media presence because she’s catering to what her followers want (even despite not having it herself). I can respect her marketing and growth as an influencer, too bad she won’t take any art lessons (Pic related, is that supposed to be Duckie? Tragic.) or become any less annoying while she keeps building her socials.

No. 1051088

File: 1601767121039.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, AA43A19A-991A-400C-81C5-7E0AD1…)

What the fuck is up with this arm lmao

No. 1051117

File: 1601769942769.jpeg (3.19 MB, 2048x1534, 310FB4CB-F91D-4FEE-95F6-373BA4…)

Left is Alys twitter post, right is the deshopped version. Her body is already perfect there is no reason to do this lmao

No. 1051123

>Na but you have to be responsible and promote proper gun safety, think of the children.
>promote gun safety
>think of the children
My fucking sides.

No. 1051160

I like her sister too, I genuinely enjoy her socials because she talks like a normal fucking person and is very sincere. Alyssa talks at people, even her ‘compliments’ sound so manufactured. Her Twitter replies sound like a customer service bot.

No. 1051221

Nah her sister is trash like her, she's complies like a lapdog for her sister and encourages her toxic behaviour and goes out her way to defend/expose her on PULL probably on Lolcow too

No. 1051261

how come it's unlikely she's an escort? tinfoil but that's my theory. it would also explain her traveling so much

and why she always has her tits out in conservative countries. she looks like a prostitute there because she is one kek

No. 1051265

File: 1601783296180.jpeg (725.43 KB, 1536x2048, 0FE873DB-DFF6-4469-B155-D32EBF…)

This is unnerving to look at

No. 1051266

File: 1601783329979.jpeg (576.9 KB, 1536x2048, 8D8F35EF-F08D-4CD7-9D44-7A131E…)

No. 1051269

Her leg on the left looks fucked, and a completely different colour, did she frankenstein that shit together?
It also looks like her arm is just floating.
Also gotta add in that signature tit line she's so fond of

No. 1051270

To me, both of these look like she was just pasted into the photo

No. 1051272

I'm really starting to think that all her recent pics from "abroad" are just this

No. 1051276

Am I losing it or does everybody in the background look photoshopped in, too?? The proportions on that horse-drawn carriage look weird as fuck.

No. 1051279

I cannot believe she is dressed like that in Giza

No. 1051280

File: 1601784724108.jpeg (458.3 KB, 1584x2048, 88E113BC-B236-4F1A-8663-A62E2D…)

She posted this one month ago. I know it’s a cosplay, but it literally doesn’t look like her from the face.

No. 1051282

But… that’s because it’s her sister. I’ve seen that and I don’t really care, this is a little dramatic. I love my sister, I’m sure if she was bringing me along on lavish trips and allowing me to live her lifestyle by proxy I’d be doing the same thing. You guys talk about everyone like they’re Hitler ffs.

No. 1051283

File: 1601784860825.jpeg (350.28 KB, 1536x2048, 21017F5C-43D9-4764-96B7-014CD4…)

No. 1051287

File: 1601784995825.jpeg (385.64 KB, 1536x2048, 4BEC59D1-AE40-4A7E-9F0D-662F58…)

No. 1051288

The way she shrinks her nose to half the size is so dumb

No. 1051291

>toxic = hitler
What are you smoking, it's not dramatic if it's the truth anon lmao

You don't see other cows sisters encourage their shitty behaviour

No. 1051292

Are you 14? Mother of god

No. 1051294

File: 1601786008878.jpeg (173.47 KB, 750x1225, EA869F3D-F818-477D-9CCC-38F8E8…)

Here’s another “day in my life as an artist” video. I guess she tried making it seem like she finished this sketch in one day? A long with shipped all those orders, buying more art supplies, going to the post office, and fake watching anime in the background.


No. 1051298

That sketch is so bad lmao

No. 1051299

File: 1601786332863.jpeg (58.22 KB, 750x414, 25278214-A99B-4E77-BE3A-3F4EEA…)

She called it l fine art

No. 1051300

FiNe ArT

No. 1051302

File: 1601786478575.jpeg (402.76 KB, 750x752, 0C8C1AF6-7C85-49B7-96C9-CA4E90…)

Holy shit, this is so bad. She absolutely traveled as a teen, even said her mom took her to China for her high school graduation gift. Also, how was she able to afford to travel all these places + pay for all these tourist spots with just “art money”? Hardly anyone knew her in 2018. She even said she wasn’t really selling much in 2017.

No. 1051304

File: 1601786637279.jpeg (536.83 KB, 750x1128, 01BE8735-0975-45AA-9A4B-4F6C5E…)

Couldn’t sell art in 2017, traveled to multiple countries and major tourists attractions in 2018.

No. 1051307

A lot of her older tweets complained about Asian families not taking non-medical fields seriously and belittling her, it sounds like everything she does is severe overcompensation to try and +1up her family.

No. 1051321

>Tiny Asian girl.
>Senior dogs.
Up next:
>Rare day off.

No. 1051328

It really puts into perspective how retarded she is

No. 1051329

LMFAO this is all kinds of traced, i am crying
it even looks like she traced the face+silhouette from one reference and the arms from a second one
i hope she posts more sketches, this is giving me life

>thanks to my passion
>is it escorting.jpg

No. 1051332

all of the eraser marks too, you know she was sweating

No. 1051333

It just shows how much of an amateur she is, she doesn't know anatomy or basic fundamentals.

Sex sells first and her art is second

Also top kek that she covered the hands with the veil cause they would've ended up looking like: >>1049010

No. 1051335

File: 1601792191767.jpeg (875.83 KB, 1630x2048, 6DF8B139-B2F5-42C5-88B5-9D9D8C…)

Oh yes, surely she sat on that ledge.

No. 1051336

File: 1601792323655.jpeg (105.13 KB, 750x735, 57FDB467-06AE-471A-AC11-EE6EE4…)

What humanitarian work was she going to accomplish if she was hardly selling in 2017? Someone in a previous thread either on here or on PULL said that Alyssa said she was going to open a shelter for survivors of sexual abuse in the Philippines. What happened with that?

No. 1051338

I’m wheezing at her arm blurring into the concrete

No. 1051348

that photoshopped ass/thigh kek
her right hand is at half opacity btw

No. 1051350

This is a joke edit, right? Please tell me she didn’t actually post this

No. 1051352

The best or worst part is how useless this self defense kit is. Like what if people died because they thought they were protected by this aliexpress tiny cheap shit. Imagine digging around in your bag for your tiny alythuh aliexpress knife while getting attacked.

No. 1051353

File: 1601796665452.jpeg (152.47 KB, 750x932, A26FAF32-1DF3-4723-8803-96DA8E…)

She posted this literally five minutes ago. Oh, the irony.

No. 1051354

The left arm looks extremely pasted on, I'm guessing she takes the cringe photos indoors in perfect lighting and then pastes them onto the travel pics.

No. 1051357

File: 1601796847623.jpeg (806.86 KB, 1536x2048, 39AB2427-7D12-4A3E-B6DF-667A11…)

She posted all of these, unfortunately.

No. 1051358

File: 1601796876507.jpeg (617.22 KB, 1536x2048, 30DF09FF-795F-4CD5-A609-042CFB…)

No. 1051359

That left thigh and arm is tragically pixelated ….

No. 1051361

>thanks to my passion

So, sex work?

No. 1051362

File: 1601797183422.jpeg (719.88 KB, 1536x2048, 37AB09F5-5666-4399-B644-8FF832…)

No. 1051363

File: 1601797237264.jpeg (510.1 KB, 1683x2048, 3BEB241D-51E9-4D65-8D26-E77DF1…)

She walked around Egypt and climbed those rocks with those boots?

No. 1051364

The weird thing is she is pretty, so why fake all these photos by pasting yourself in when you could just…take a photo at the location?

Did she never travel to these places at all?

No. 1051367

File: 1601797577094.jpeg (829.06 KB, 1536x2048, 15C1F334-BF68-4210-B964-4D3B23…)

Angel has said that Alyssa steals people’s photos because her phone was dead, but that she actually has traveled to those places. She used that as a defense for Alyssa’s photo theft, even though Alyssa never gives photographers credit.

No. 1051368

I'm starting to wonder if this is some kind of social experiment?? See how many vapid simps and girlboss wannabes will believe in someone's success just because they're attractive? People caught on to Lillee Jean's bs, but her claims were wilder and she's not as conventionally hot.

>professional artist
>brand and image heavily dependent on photo ops
>brings dead phone and no other camera to fucking giza
yeah I don't buy it

No. 1051370

>Angel has said that Alyssa steals people’s photos because her phone was dead
What kind of retarded excuse is this???

No. 1051372

Guys, she isn’t bothered at all, she’s laying in bed watching anime with her senior dogs!

No. 1051373

Literally only saying this because dozens of people are exposing her as a fraud

No. 1051374

File: 1601798513701.jpeg (221.61 KB, 750x462, CD38BA07-4B61-4486-91F4-BCBEE8…)

The delusions.

Yeah, I don’t know why some anons like Angel too much. She’s definitely not milky, but she enables Alyssa’s antics. I tried finding the tweet, but she deleted it. It’s definitely on PULL. People were specifically confronting Alyssa about some photos from Japan that she stole, and that’s when Angel snapped and said Alyssa does take people’s photos but it’s totally alright because she has actually visited those places! Her phone was dead! I guess Alyssa’s phone is always dead?

There was also this other milky tweet that I can’t find. There was a nice period on Twitter where people were mocking Alyssa for always bragging about her condo, and she was getting quite a bit of hate for one day. Angel made a very timely tweet that talks about how she had “just gotten off the phone with her grandma” and that they talked about Alyssa’s a-thot success and how it’s crazy that 16 people all used to share a house and that they were poor.

No. 1051377

you'd think, as an artist she'd understand the contrasts between shadows and light. It easily looks as if she's cropped in because of the fact the upper portion of her body isn't shaded via the leaves' shadows. neither is her shadow shown anywhere on the boat, how strange. she isn't ugly to begin with. could be so photoshopping herself beforehand would make it easier than with a background? hm.

No. 1051378

I know I'm thinking about this too deeply but I just don't get it. She's perfectly pretty already, yet she constantly plays up just how much of a ttly tiny asian girlboss she is. Isn't it embarrassing to constantly retweet people thirsting on your photos?

No. 1051384

She could use that advice herself. All she ever does is either flex on her already existing privilege or address the "haters"

No. 1051391

I love how more and more aggressive her tweets are getting by the day, she really is bothered by this thread. She needs to follow her own advice and get off social media lmao and learn the basics on how to draw and work on her "projects"

No. 1051396

her lips are so over injected, they're beyond ugly and gross. she'd be a lot prettier with natural normal lips instead of fat clown ones

No. 1051400

i really love how the sister tried so hard to defend alyssa and all she really managed to do was place her foot FIRMLY in the mouth kek
my best guess is she's been to some of them, definitely not all, and even the places she HAS been to she blows it way out of proportions with pictures that have no other people in the background etc. just like she likes to blow everything else out of proportion

like i can't imagine going to the pyramids and have not a single person in the background, or go to a viewpoint with no one else at the railings etc. all fake pics, made up like the rest of her online presence

No. 1051409

You'd think she would at least try to look less bothered with how often she posts about how amazing her life is and how much she loves herself

No. 1051425

> it would also explain her traveling so much

Does she even "travel so much" though? Pasting herself to travel pics of others doesn't count

No. 1051435

very obvious shop, you can see the feathering around her, and the clouds are too I think? If even the clouds are photoshopped then she's insane.

No. 1051496

If you go look at her sisters Instagram page, you can see they did actually go to said places. The reason her photos went from a higher quality to what they are now is because of that ex (who is a photographer) she used as a prop to kickstart her fame. She’s just awful at photoshop lul

No. 1051503

walking around egypt dressed like this is SO ill-advised. I mean, marking yourself as a tourist in any foreign country is a bad idea, but this is genuinely dangerous. can't believe she's that starved for attention, but yes, also I can

No. 1051509

This is one of her worst shoops to date. I've seen this picture a million times and she seems to have no idea how small a kayak is compared to the average person. Who the fuck does she think she's fooling with this?

No. 1051526

Half of her bum and her legs are hanging off. This is not a normal way to just sit on a ledge like that, she’d have to be pressing down with her legs to keep balance but her body doesn’t look that stiff in these pictures, not to mention the weird arms/hands. I’m 100% convinced this is shipped to hell and back.

No. 1051559

>she's trying to look darker aka blackfishing
>she's profiting off of black women!

Filipinos are naturally dark skinned most of the time and I don't see the issue with her drawing black women, other than the art being ugly as sin. This thread is full of PULLfags who make everything about racefaking

No. 1051597

I don't think she is race-faking either at this moment in time but she definitely almost exclusively draws black women which is weird to say the least. It'd be fine if she drew a variety of PoC, or at the very least actually share and support black artists alongside.

She wants so hard to sound like she's self made when it'd just be better and less fake to admit she had tons of wealth and privilege. It's not like those things are easy to hide as we've seen especially with how much she likes to show off.

No. 1051618

I don't think she's "blackfishing" or w/e but you dont need to be an SJW to think its a little distasteful that her entire body of work that's currently available for sale is sexy portraits of black women when she herself is not black

No. 1051635

But there are asian artists that only paint white women and no one bats an eye.
She's obviously a phony but maybe she just likes the aesthetics of black models?

No. 1051673

I mean, sure, but since absolutely everything about Alythuh is algorithm-honed and fake, down to the carefully positioned sailor moon wineglasses, Persona title screens, lingerie, color swatches, haphazard "robe design" setups, photoshopped travel photos, and easels with the same dry untouched painting on it for months, it's understandable to question it. Maybe it's the one thing about her that's genuine? who knows? But she can't paint dark skintones for shit if it is her passion.

No. 1051680

Not to WK her, but I don't really know what you guys want her to do.
>represents black women in her art
>makes public post where people can list black businesses they know, self-promote their own and her followers will also see and support
>doesn't post hateful/shady content toward black women or speak down to black women like most Twitter chicks with a fascination for black culture do
She's definitely a weird grifting type, but so are all the white weebs who draw/paint Asian girls constantly, and the Asian westaboos who draw/paint white girls constantly, and no one says anything. In fact, it's considered a form of compliment and worship.
Why does it become a problem when the same starts to get done for black women? Do you seriously want every person who paints black women to be a black woman themselves, and for no one else to make fan art or tributes? Just let the Overton window shift, even the opportunists are still getting the message across. There are still plenty of black artists dominating the scene, too. As long as that doesn't stop, it’s more beneficial to allow it than to try and make everything insular, in the long run.
The biggest issue IMO is the tracing and blotchy colors (but what else do you expect from these IG aesthetic artists, honestly).
The "Eurocentric features" complaint someone posted is so dumb, too. Stereotyping black people's appearances and trying to essentially confiscate women's features for not fitting American-invented ideas is backward. No one says Russians who have curlier hair or noses that aren't super-narrow have "Afrocentric" features. Let us be diverse in peace.

No. 1051695

>I don't know what you guys want her to do

Paint a variety of people instead of tracing photos she doesn't own of only one race of people? Pretty simple. I did see a terrible work in progress shot above of her friend so maybe more variety is ahead. But you can't really call it diversity when it's an asian woman profiting off black women's image (at present)

It would look far more natural and be actual diversity to paint a variety of races, that's all. That doesn't mean stopping drawing black girls, it means drawing other races too. It just looks a lil weird, and plenty of people have brought this up to date.

No. 1051699

File: 1601842742075.png (4.73 MB, 1440x2081, alythuh site.png)

This is the first thing you see on her website (pic attached)

Click prints and it's all(?) black characters. She's Filipino, surely the most natural thing to draw would be characters who look like you. It's just another jarring Alythuh thing. btw where are the photos of her with her black friends? I don't think you need black friends to paint black people, but again, it's a little weird to make that your main motif if you don't have any black friends.

/sperg because alythuh's sister - I mean anon needs everything spelled out to her

No. 1051703

over injected and overlined. The woman has 0 taste.

No. 1051705

No. 1051710

File: 1601844084819.jpeg (17.94 KB, 156x322, 0956760A-EFC8-43DC-9A50-A331DE…)

(1/1) did she ever post this up? Found three screenshots where she’s showing this digital piece off with not a change in sight to it.

No. 1051711

File: 1601844136068.jpeg (20.45 KB, 156x322, 62A81311-B9FF-47CB-B8B9-0AE2F1…)

(1/2) bad quality due to it being an archived screenshot from pull.

No. 1051712

Wow, she's not good at painting ears.

No. 1051723

That was my issue with her dressing like this in Egypt and Japan! It’s extremely disrespectful to the culture. I don’t give a shit what anons try to say it makes you a “rape apologist” or whatever, the amount of sexual assaults that happen to women in Egypt is extremely dangerous. Women in Egypt look out for other women and are constantly warning tourists to cover up. You have to be extremely desperate to find that kind of scary, overt negative attention flattering. And as far as Japan goes, it isn’t an opinion—it’s a fact that only prostitutes or tourists show cleavage.

No. 1051725

I’m not a pullfag or a militant liberal but it’s pretty obvious what she’s doing. Painting mostly black women when you yourself are not black is fucking weird.

No. 1051726

part of your point makes sense but you honestly sound like a PULLtard sperging about culture and shit.

No. 1051730

I’m >>1051282. Sorry, I only saw the pull WKing and I didn’t know she defended her stealing other peoples images and shit. I still don’t think she’s that bad because I imagine if my sister was in the same position and lavishing me in gifts I’d probably want to defend her, too, but all the extra stuff has made me step back.

No. 1051753

now what about top left speaks ‘black’ to you anon? is it the pale skin? is it the monolid eyes? i’d love to know!

No. 1051754

File: 1601847247359.jpeg (Spoiler Image,698.92 KB, 828x1457, AC6D5717-4AC1-4936-B87B-F41AB3…)

Fine art.

I know this may sound absolutely wild to you, but respecting the countries you travel to is actually pretty normal among mature adults and if you think that was ‘sperging’ (literally 3 sentences) then idk what to tell you, maybe leave the house or something? Plenty of us don’t feel the need to posture as aloof edgefags, dunno how taking the high % of assault and violence against women there seriously is pull-tier but ok cool.

Okay now I see why people think her sister is here kek.

No. 1051759

sometimes i don't understand how people think her art is so good when you take away the over-rendered skin… this looks like something i'd draw in 5th grade to prove how much better of an artist i was than other kids

No. 1051762

i’m so sorry to break it, but not everyone who disagrees with you for being some obnoxious PULLtard who learned your moral code from tumblr dot edu dot com is a cow. i can smell the caucasian skin and the ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER.’ twitter bio from here. feel free to keep writing paragraphs and ‘hi cow’ing!’ every time you get called out for looking like a troglodyte though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1051763

girl are you dumb. her profiting off another race is a "problem" because it's a thread about her, not about weebs or westaboos. it would be irrelevant to talk about them in this one. if the latter is such a big deal to you, go make a thread about it.

for me it's this post >>1051730. it sounds like a little too much like her pattern of defending on PULL

angel you are so bad at integrating. did strip - I mean waitressing and e-begging melt your brain? keep posting tho, i love when cows / cows affiliates sperg out and get all their posts tagged kek.

No. 1051765

You are so weird. I’ve been on lc since inception and was on SR before, never had a blm bio, and don’t have tumblr. Your paranoia and aggression is a little OTT, didn’t hi cow but I said I see why other people are. Nice try tho.

Yeah, people are saying hi cow because this was literally her MO before.

No. 1051767

Samefag as this post, I just realized she color swatched these pieces ON the final pieces. Like she took an artist's note on a work-in-progress (if anything, you'd write this on a separate sheet of paper, but I digress) and included it awkwardly in the final pieces. I get that the inspiring point was all these flesh tones are not called "flesh 001/002" but it was a very cackhanded way of making that point, equivalent to pointing at an irl POC and shouting "yellow ochre" at them.

No. 1051776

you made me look closer at the post and I just noticed the black label on the bottom left picture. did she mess up there? it's looks like a splotch rather than a naturally occurring shadow

also PULLfags were talking about how her skin coloring is so muddy because she uses "white as a base." can any art anons confirm / elaborate on this?

No. 1051780

Nah that post was me. I’ve contributed a lot to this thread and art cows as well. I could for sure see her posting itt however. Unfortunately I know what nasolabial folds means to this board/ who spergchan is/ what neetlita means sorry to disappoint anon, if I integrated any harder I’d be accusing the mods of being trannies and rallying for the return of the GC/PP thread.

No. 1051795

Yeah, beginner artists usually use white to highlight and black to shade and it definitely makes your colors flat and ugly if not done well. Shading with a different hue but lighter/darker is more visually interesting and true to life generally.

Her using white as a base basically just uniformly washes out whatever color she is using on top of it and her art would have more dimension if she used a color base. If she literally ever did color studies from life she'd know this also but lol she doesn't ever try to improve her art

No. 1051810

File: 1601854361563.png (402.66 KB, 680x822, alythuh.PNG)


back in the PULL thread people were speculating/posting evidence that even though she does go to these places, the photos she uploads to social media are usually either shopped or just straight up stolen

had a look on the wayback machine n found the caps (1/2)

No. 1051811

File: 1601854387204.png (451.99 KB, 640x524, alythuh2.PNG)

No. 1051820

File: 1601854833690.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x1361, 63BE71FD-E018-4702-8610-187D7A…)

This is a Tumblr post citing the source of this photo

No. 1051821

AYRT. Yeah, I recall this as well. She has blatantly stolen images, left the original artists uncredited, and had her sibling defend her poorly on Twitter. She is in the finest sense of the word, a hypocrite. She goes on rants about art theft but then has gotten caught doing the same exact thing and instead of her defending herself, has had her family do it for her.

No. 1051825

Yup! Apparently Angel’s excuse is “[Alyssa] wanted to show the place she was in without her in it” which is so stupid because Alythuh could’ve just taken a photo of the place on her own, which she definitely has done before. But nah apparently they have to be in the photo to make it count as travel. /s

No. 1051830

Joking tinfoil: maybe she's a social experiment done by CIA to measure public response to an algorhithmically generated persona kek

No. 1051842

her art is so mediocre lol >>1051081 the lines to make the grid on these photos are so badly placed. her typography is so amateurish too.
also that pic of her on the floor looks extremely photoshopped

No. 1051843

>Maybe it's the one thing about her that's genuine?
This was already discussed upthread, the focus on black women is as algorithm-honed as the rest. The only people who have trouble understanding the basic concept of "woke capital" or accepting that painting black women is a smart move that gets you returns & engagement (and is not some subversive, revolutionary action) are SJWs who buy into their own narrative.

This thread really is filled with liberal PULLtards

No. 1051846

I see more people saying that it’s manipulative and shallow vs people who are defending her for doing so, though

No. 1051850

Yes, that happens when other areas of entertainment pander too hard too, but I imagine if they continue to do it then it must be getting enough return to justify doing it (rage/outrage marketing is still marketing after all)

She's algorithm-generated. "Painting black women" is algorithm-generated. There's as much depth to it as there is to her choice in placing this stupid plant on the floor >>1049918 >>1049947, or to stage random open paint when she wasn't painting >>1050422

No. 1051851

are you deliberating misreading posts to pick fights and call other anons SJWs/libfems/what the fuck ever? that anon was saying it could be genuine but every other part of Alyssa's persona is so disingenuous that this comes off as a ploy for attention either way. and if it is indeed her passion (which we are not saying it is, to be clear) she sucks ass at it though she's a tryhard at everything else.

No. 1051855

Pulltard this, pulltard that, right? There’s been some mild WKing but I think most of this thread has been pretty honest and the ratio of WK to actual content is decent. Strange to me that the tinfoils are being brought out like this when it’s one of our most organized threads.

No. 1051887

There wouldn't be so many accusations if half the thread wasn't people scrutinizing and commenting her choice of art subject as if it was significant or any different from literally everything else. The only reason to think it's different from the rest is if you think these subjects aren't favored by the algorithm. Basic logic, I wouldn't expect PULL refugees to follow

No. 1051891

Girl what

No. 1051932

okay then you're just retarded. if you had any reading comprehension, you'd realize that the anon's post had similar sentiment to yours and I was trying to dumb it down for you. are you trying to in-fight? calm down.

yup you called it kek

No. 1051982

not the same anon, but i'm from a middle-eastern background. it definitely is NOT recommended to dress that way in Egypt.

No. 1052021

File: 1601872694939.jpg (341.25 KB, 1080x2304, IMG_20201005_123639.jpg)

saged for no milk but everytime she talked about animes you can see it's the most trendy and popular ones.

No. 1052031

>boku no pico
dumb bitch smh

No. 1052033

what are you talking about? shes a quirky, tiny asian, girlboss, with her senior dogs that can make cool jokes about anime!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1052034

File: 1601874027755.jpeg (551.26 KB, 828x1429, B386C74D-1D8F-432F-AAC1-0016FC…)

There’s a lot more where this came from

No. 1052042

wow girl u r soo quirky! I can't believe you used to be so wild I could never!!1! /s kek

No. 1052047

File: 1601877207600.jpg (56.26 KB, 640x571, d64njrr3aze51.jpg)

>boku no pico
is this bitch for fucking real

No. 1052054

ok if i had thousands of followers and my overprocessed art looked like this i would legitimately want to kill myself

>tiny perfectionist

No. 1052055

Yeah but that's the whole meme? Tricking people into watching boku no pico by putting it in a top animes list or otherwise recommending it to unsuspecting people.

No. 1052060

ah my b, I don't use twitter so I wasn't familiar with that meme. I thought she'd reached some new incomprehensible level of NLOG lmao.

No. 1052078

File: 1601883614492.jpg (277.03 KB, 983x1210, alythuh family.jpg)

sage bc old but she's STILL insecure that her family doesn't take her art seriously, which I think is more evidence she doesn't have the renown she wants/claims to have. plus there's a contradiction since they accept her and then suddenly she's the "black sheep"

also she was whining about how her cousins aren't allowed to see her tiddy drawings…girl just turn them around or put a cover over them. why do little kids NEED to see them? weirdo.

No. 1052081

It's just occured to me that she might not be painting black people to pander or bait.

Tinfoil but maybe she's painting black and brown people because it's the only skin color she can render with her technique, since she uses black and white for shadows and highights. Imagine her painting white skin using that technique, the end result would surely make it obvious how untalented she is. At least with overrendered black skin she can call it stylized "fine art" and people who don't know anything about art or technique would agree.

No. 1052088

That’s being really generous, if that were the case maybe she wouldn’t paint African-centric themes

No. 1052095

bitch why are you doing post office runs at 3am, post office doesn't open until 9 my dude

No. 1052096

>designing stuff
>content creating
could she be any more obvious that she has created nothing of worth?

No. 1052108

The boxes are usually open all night.

No. 1052113

I don't see how she works from 6am to 9pm every day on her "art" with so little actual art produced every year. This just makes her look untalented.

>"Another failure!" Alythuh screams, throwing a hastily scribbled copy of a photo at her floor to ceiling windows, leaving a grimy streak in its wake.

>"Back to the grind." She mutters. "Version 100. Maybe this one will be good."

No. 1052127

There are multiple reasons I think she sticks to deeper skin tones rather than venturing off into a variety; A. She wants brownie points, ya know poc have to stick together spiel. Imo its not bad to show appreciation to darker-skin but come on, its excessive. B. Her technique. I agree with what anon said. I saw a speed-drawing of one her pieces, her layering technique seems… Scratchy? Generally darker colors mask mistakes. C. The praise she gets. When a human knows they're going to get praise out of doing a certain thing, they'll continue to do it again. I'm not sure if its genuine appreciation that she has but I do know if a white woman were to do the same, yikes. It feels strange how she markets off black and other deeper-skinned individuals. Shouldn't artists generally get a feel of diversity?

No. 1052134

> Monster
Wow good for her she Googled "psychological horror anime"
There's no way she has the patience to enjoy that lol, this list is so dated
also >boku no pico
wtf literally nobody likes that even as a joke

No. 1052174


I’d be more relieved if she was.


But she didn’t include FMAB and Jojo so she’s cool and original!!!

It’s early but I need “muh senior dogs!!!” to be in the next thread title if we make it there lol.

No. 1052188

Gotta admit I hate majority of these anime’s besides 91 days. All of them are just the top trending on Netflix. Like the writing is just so bad in parasite.

No. 1052192

Tbh I haven’t heard the BNP joke in a very long time. It’s strange to use a joke so tired and dated.

No. 1052219

her saying jojo isn't one of her favorite animes but she'll exploit the rabid fanbase for clout by constantly jojo posing okay lol so transparent. just doing whatever gets her likes and not keeping the story straight.

No. 1052224

samefag as this post, also find it so ironic that she talks so much about empowering women but every anime on that list except one or two were written/drawn/directed by men. she jabs at FMAB when Arakawa is such a prolific and rare example of a female shonen author. now there's a creative self-made woman that alyssa wishes she could be

No. 1052228

5 days and almost 500 replies, I never felt so much unity in talking about this cow it's beautiful.
I do miss the short era on twitter where people clowned on her penthouse and bobblehead proportions, do you think she'll ever be exposed for being a fake?
a boku joke in 2019… she really siphons her knowledge of anime from fucking reddit

No. 1052258

Aha I am enjoying this thread also.

No. 1052363

Honestly I was going to say the same thing. Arakawa is notably one of the most talented writers in modern time and it feels like she excluded FMAB just to be *~edgy and different~*.
Alternatively, the girl probably has never watched more than three episodes of Jojo in her entire life but farms clout with that “Jojo pose” TikTok song. If she actually watched JJBA she’d probably be screaming on Twitter about the dog abuse and somehow use it as a way to speak about her senior dogs lmfao

No. 1052413

do you think it's possible she doesn't even know Arakawa is female?

No. 1052415

This girl seems so insecure yet unaware of herself. Has she always been like this or did twitter fuel this behaviour?

No. 1052479

Honestly I find it hard to believe she wouldn’t know. Arakawa is so noteworthy
, just like the authors of Sailor Moon and InuYasha.

She’s had this strange fake it til you make it persona since like 2016. It only got worse after the last couple of years (2019-2020).

No. 1052515

Hahaha yes I love this thread. I've been aware of alythuh for ages and always found her artist persona off-putting. Plus her art is really… bad. I don't think it would be as hyped up if people had no idea what she looked like.

No. 1052517

I dunno, i think this tinfoilling is going deeper than it needs to. 5-6 if those titles are in my top SS tier fav anime list as well and I didn’t enjoy FMAB at all, female creator or not. She can be a dumb whore who can’t draw and still appreciate classic or edgy anime legitimately. The boku no piko bit is a desperate bid to appear funny to shitty dudes for SURE though. Might have been fresh in 2014. Sage for Blogposting, but it kind of annoys me that we share so many faves.

No. 1052522

>>1052363 Ya, it's not some conspiracy that she doesn't like FMAB, it's just rather ironic with her whole female empowerment persona and edgy to call it out like that. Bit weird to me that she loved HXH but not FMAB because of how they're both vaguely dark and philosophical shonens about a pair of close boys but shrug. That's probably just me liking both of those shows a lot.

>>1052363 bahahaha not the senior dogs. Searched both of her accounts for jojo and she's pretty much only ever mentioned it in the context of posing sooo

No. 1052583

File: 1601942507872.jpeg (290.35 KB, 1800x986, 06DEAAD9-6A62-46FC-B645-C9D9D1…)

What happened to this? She said this during the time she was going viral because of the room transformation. I think she lied to pique people’s interest and make people think she’s more famous than she really is.

She actually said One Piece isn’t her favorite, but that she talks about it a lot because it’s good for engagement. She said she “doesn’t want to talk about other anime” because it’s less relatable than One Piece, and it isn’t as good for engagement. Implying most of her fan base aren’t avid anime watchers. It’s also beneficial to her because she can claim to watch lots of ~underground~ anime.

No. 1052585

File: 1601942695731.jpeg (380.59 KB, 1238x1588, CA356C4A-4525-43B0-A312-3983EE…)

Photoshopped back arch?

No. 1052587

File: 1601942992546.jpeg (563.49 KB, 750x1090, 20F9661A-6490-4741-BD0A-506972…)

Her friend is a better artist lmao

No. 1052588

she's desperately trying to be different, who even cooks topless? that's just a burn waiting to happen on her "perfect anime titties"

No. 1052589

File: 1601943111352.png (323.68 KB, 594x401, lmaodfsgsdg.PNG)

Think she just bought the canvas and made up the collab? I'd buy it tbh

No. 1052590


yeah, she actually knows how proportions work and can draw more than one race pretty well.

No. 1052594

File: 1601943390848.jpeg (198.23 KB, 828x707, 09318F97-C048-4D12-9494-79BB06…)

Yeah here’s another. She loves to lie and misuse words, she probably just means they sent her free crap for her to post a photo with for promo.

No. 1052598

File: 1601943547261.jpeg (410.76 KB, 1800x1202, CA02508B-B924-47D7-B246-BF4290…)

This is the same friend she takes on her staged picnics. Not only is her friend more talented, knows proportions and colors, and takes on different styles of art, but she’s humble.
How embarrassing of Alyssa to imply she’s worthy of art shows and collabs when there are far better artists than her. Also, on this tweet >>1052587, you can tell her friend is so proud of herself. All Alyssa replied to her is, “YOU ARE SO LOVED” but didn’t compliment her technique.

No. 1052599

File: 1601943614355.png (393.45 KB, 1183x491, what the fuck.png)

No. 1052600

File: 1601943640318.png (258.77 KB, 595x552, what the fuck.png)

This one is apparently legit?

No. 1052601

File: 1601943881580.png (27.43 KB, 597x287, what the fuck.png)

No. 1052602

File: 1601943908467.jpeg (177.51 KB, 750x481, 6B77A1AC-3FD7-4368-BC07-CD462E…)

Oh, kek, the “interview” tweets lmao.

She ended up hiring two guys that she already knew. Angel accidentally revealed it when people were attacking Alyssa for having her “team” physically work together during lockdown. Angel said her assistants are two gay men who already live together and that they’re all good friends who have known each other for years. These interviews were pointless.

No. 1052605

Anything to make her feel better than mommy and aunties

No. 1052606

File: 1601944285287.jpeg (499.99 KB, 1800x1625, D89119D5-9086-4AEC-B7C4-E2CCD9…)

Totes not a sex worker! UwU

No. 1052618

Even at a distance you can see her awful photoshopped spine

No. 1052619

File: 1601945409882.png (167.97 KB, 358x359, c35d095cb4363667adc8feda45626d…)

No. 1052620

File: 1601945487380.jpeg (586.47 KB, 1539x1658, 9199DBBC-26EE-42EE-B9CE-C054FA…)

No. 1052622

No. 1052624

File: 1601945588825.jpeg (132.04 KB, 750x773, 8D3DF49A-2C77-4A0A-B464-448E9C…)

No. 1052625

File: 1601945635337.jpeg (111.96 KB, 750x532, 62177A02-9519-4263-82CE-4AEC7C…)

Please make it stop

No. 1052628

lmao peep how her friend had to compensate for her pancake ass

I jokingly brought up the senior dogs thing bc it was weird in the context of this tweet >>1050452
but I honestly can't believe she uses it as a common phrase

No. 1052640

File: 1601946624469.jpeg (240.14 KB, 750x703, 133F3C70-195F-4A22-90F3-AA76FF…)

She didn’t even tag Alyssa at any point.. this is similar to when she found random people on Twitter with hardly any followers who were making jokes about her bragging about her cOnDo simply by typing “high-rise” into the search bar.

No. 1052649

This brand ( Ayele & Co) is milky as fuck too and hella shady. They used to be called Bahi and changed their name to dodge fire coming their way after tweets went viral of people getting infections from their skincare and having allergic reactions due to the brand not completely disclosing all their ingredients. Their owner is super unprofessional and the pics of the infections were horrifying. Will go find pics if anyone actually cares.

No. 1052650

File: 1601947172173.jpg (158.94 KB, 985x842, Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 8.jp…)

oh man there's just layers and layers to this knowing who Alyssa is but curb your enthusiasm theme starts playing

No. 1052654

It’d be really funny if this was another artist with nice boobs. Just goes to show how narcissistic she is

No. 1052662

File: 1601948035373.jpeg (1015.67 KB, 1242x2135, 85F6ED17-2C73-4B6D-9ABE-1E8226…)

I guess she’s been asked about why she draws mostly dark skin (black) women and this was her public response. Not particularly milky, just adding for context.

No. 1052675

yeah tbh i agree with this. a lot of artists draw only fair-skinned people or characters, and no one says anything about that. the real issue is that her art doesn't look like it's advanced past what the typical artsy kid can do in high school. she just doesn't paint all that well considering the amount of money she's supposed to have made from her art. there are so many more skilled and talented artists out there, and they're not bragging about renting warehouses, buying condos, and traveling all over the world

No. 1052689

I totally agree with what she's said here at surface level. It's a bit weird in context though considering she says she's doing it for ~representation~ and then draws white features like big double-lid eyes, small pointed nose, high nose bridge, V jawline, ?? Falls a bit flat that she's not also representing different features along with different skin tones if that's going to be her excuse.

No. 1052700

File: 1601952133983.jpeg (401.59 KB, 1000x1000, 92D878EC-83D6-47E2-96D5-CD0227…)


More fine art. An anon traced over this and posted it in a previous thread.

No. 1052701

I doubt anyone’s dming her asking to draw more white people. What is she smoking ?

No. 1052717

File: 1601955788471.jpeg (235.79 KB, 1080x1182, 3BD481A3-984E-4265-B6A7-DE3416…)

Fine art traced by anon.

No. 1052720

didn't really need a trace for a line drawing anon. this isn't the sakimichan pull thread
i can't get over the backwards hands…

No. 1052723

She's fucking trash for saying no man has ever given her anything she's and the next sentence being about her supposed shelter for survivors who are fleeing domestic violence most likely by a man and have probably lost most everything

No. 1052724

I think she's right here. The sperging about her not drawing enough white people was dumb IMO.

No. 1052725

Not only that but when she isn’t drawing darkskin girls with thottie ig features, she’s drawing them to like like African women specifically? Idk, there comes a time where you’re just kind of bringing home the point that you want a cookie for being inclusive so bad that at face value people would look at your collective of art and think you were mixed or something

No. 1052726

If you saw the original drawing you can’t find which hand goes where and the outline exposes the excess fingers the taller woman has

No. 1052727

It’s more likely that she did her absolute favorite thing to do: rephrase and omit so she can manipulate anything she talks about to fit her goal narrative. People weren’t asking her why she doesn’t draw light skin, they were asking her why she draws so many black women when she isn’t a black woman lol.

No. 1052733

>implying only white people have those features, or that even most white people have them (except for the eye thing)
Pls don't do this. Her art's pretty bad regardless though

No. 1052734

File: 1601957531344.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x1969, EF3153AA-5A0B-46F1-87F3-CF6763…)

There’s one account on Instagram who mistook her as a black woman and added her in a collage filled with black women. They even tagged her lmao

No. 1052741

Backwards hands seems to be a theme with her, peep the red chick's right hand

No. 1052757

>>1052733 oops yeah I worded that pretty poorly. meant more that certain racial groups tend to have more people with certain features, eg for black people: curly/coily hair, full lips etc. but obviously those don't hold true for every member of that group and there's lots of variation. Definitely a bit nitpicky since there's a lot of ambiguity in the whole art style vs facial features vs when does it veer into caricatures etc etc area.

It's probably better to rephrase my criticism as more she has a bad case of same face syndrome where everyone just has the same big eyes, little face, little nose, big lips thing happening. Would be nice to see her do something different for once.

No. 1052778

What's the name of the organization? Which government heads? Which government agencies? What events? Which schools??? WHY IS SHE SO DAMN VAGUE??? How did this organization, with no name, no socials, already have land donated to them??? And in Davao City too, one of the most developed places in the Philippines with higher prices for land and rent. By donate does she actually mean her daddy bought the land?

No. 1052780

Bitch is lillee jean if lillee jean had a real following kek

No. 1052784

It's so weird, same with the random collabs. There's no proof of anything yet she makes some really big claims about big brands and honestly just seeing it gives me secondhand embarrassment.
If you're doing that well for yourself why the need to lie about fake brand collabs?

No. 1052826

She's more of an e-thot than an artist who draws/paints. Her photos are also thirst traps and the type you'll see in onlyfans.

No. 1052831

File: 1601980921479.png (945.82 KB, 1035x938, cantshoopyourselfintothisone.p…)

You'd think the anti-sexual abuse organization she's selflessly donating self-defense kits to and with whom she's supposedly "building" a women's shelter would mention her on their Members & Supporters page, kek (or any of their socials, for that matter (spoiler alert: they don't))


No. 1052832

She embellishes literally everything to the degree that it makes her borderline a pathological liar. She probably donated money and decided that meant she was a big part of it, never mind the fact that she has nothing to do with its building or all the hard work put into it

No. 1052835

The organization is real, it's called Maya's Organization. They're an anti-assault organization based in Davao City. This is their website: https://www.mayasorganisationphilippines.org

The tweet where she mentions the org: https://archive.vn/FBKGw

This same org nominated her for the award that >>1050553, >>1050634, and >>1050522 mentioned. It was just some form of participation award where anyone can nominate each other so it's not like she did something super noteworthy to warrant her earning it.

Also LOL yikes at the lack of mentioning her or her self defense kits in the website. You'd think that her mentioning that her self defense kit earnings would be at least mentioned by them but there's none at that end. Cringe.

No. 1052837

I love good stylized art. This is just bad. It is a wonky-looking face.

No. 1052845


Don’t know about the other aspects but I’ve always felt like she wanted and was trying for internet clout or fame or whatever.

No. 1052847


Another insensitive thing to do this time for people genuinely hoping for a job.

No. 1052859

File: 1601988245560.jpg (61.21 KB, 583x385, mayaorg.jpg)

Huh, looks like Alyssa has some shady connections, anons. At first I thought this was just some tax evasion scheme because of the lack of activities and certifications but the founder of the organization might actually be tied to Duterte and may indicate that the org is a Duterte plant. This is significant because if her Filipino fans (in the Philippines) find out, it's over for her lol

No. 1052861

She always has been insecure, but the increase in clout plus Twitter enabling her behavior even highlighted this further.

No. 1052863


If this was really the criticism she got then I don’t blame her but since it’s Alyssa and we don’t know what to trust she says lol

I’m more inclined to believe that as many anons here she’s been met with criticism about her weird obsession with drawing only black women and spun it this way do people can’t easily call her out for it lest they be labelled one of the DMs telling her to draw more white people. Someone said a black guy on twitter called her out but it didn’t seem to have done much. Most people who focus on one culture or race has connections to it. If she were to draw a range of PoCs I doubt people would be getting this vibe.

No. 1052865


Yes I think someone mentioned that the chairwoman of the org is an avid Duterte supporter and supporter of people connected with him

No. 1052867

File: 1601988981643.jpg (215.22 KB, 1031x624, bogo nga dds.jpg)

Samefag; 1 is Imee Marcos, daughter of Ferdinand Marcos, the Filipino dictator who tortured and murdered thousands of peasants and activists in the 80s. The Marcoses are hated by every educated and media literate Filipino who isn't a crony or paid propagandist. That alone could get her cancelled, the Filipinos (in the Ph) I've seen kissing her ass do NOT like Marcos.

2 is Bato dela Rosa, Duterte's lapdog who responded with "Shit happens" when criticized for the death of an innocent child in the drug war.

3 is the president of Duterte Diehard Supporters. Self-explanatory.

4 is Duterte's personal maid and 5 is Manny Pacquiao, beloved as a boxer and hated as a senator for being homophobic and generally retarded and underqualified.

6 is the Soledad Duterte High School, named after Duterte's mother. Ironically enough Duterte's mother was an activist, the kind that her son's current administration would murder.

What this all means is that there is a really really good chance that the Silos family are Duterte cronies. Her silence on the Anti Terror Bill (proposed by Duterte and co) supports this. If this info gets on twitter… kek. Ph twitter is gonna have a field day.

No. 1052869

Alyssa is also one of those 11 followers. She has to be close to the founders if she works with this no clout NGO, probably a family friend.

No. 1052875


Excellent farming, thank you for this crop. She’s a fucking dictator bootlicker this is amazing. I hope someone picks this up on twitter and she’s pushed into the cancellation station.

No. 1052877

File: 1601990339995.png (Spoiler Image,143.23 KB, 1162x608, Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 9.04…)

This is from the founder's public Facebook account. This was posted a day (April 1) after Duterte said those "shoot to kill" orders for anyone who doesn't adhere to quarantine rules:

Rough, really shitty translation because some words are of a dialect I'm not familiar with but hoping people get the gist of this:

>"If my husband was still alive, he would have cussed you all! Do you not feel sorry for the President who's doing everything to keep you all alive? Always complaining, always complaining of hunger… You all have fat asses. There's an ordinance, and you have to follow it. Get on an action plan [to fight COVID-19] and wait! (Filipino mindset)

> Don't you feel sorry for the frontliners whose hairs are turning white from the stress? People are criticizing politicians instead of prioritizing people's lives first. What are they even thinking?
>Save lives NO POLITICS!!! Excuse me!!

No. 1052878

https://archive.vn/VeDdm Here's the followers page of that account in case Alyssa unfollows them lol

No. 1052880

Either the Silos family are cronies or they do not give a shit for the Filipinos who are actually affected by Duterte's rule. Many Filipino-Americans tend to "respect" the guy because they have not experienced his BS first hand. :/

No. 1052885

we already found out her father was a millionaire drug trafficker in the artcows thread who fled the states to the philippines, whats really stopping them from being involved at this point? wouldnt that explain her access to cash and frequent vacationing to luxury hotels/resorts?

No. 1052887

As a Filipino, I actually find it kinda sus that:

- she hardly draws any Filipinos. For someone who’s all about representation it’s actually really disappointing that she doesn’t showcase a lot of Filipinos in her work when Filipinos (and South Asians) aren’t getting as much representation unlike their East Asian counterparts

- she doesn’t seem very involved with the Fil-Am diaspora. For someone who’s supposedly famous, I don’t really see her or her work being showcased in Fil-Am groups. I’m only basing this off of the SFT group tho so I could be wrong

No. 1052895

Until now I was mainly following for petty jealousy and anime boobies but man it's taken a thrilling turn

No. 1052899

What's her father's name? Wasn't there an anon on here who found their family tree and crest? So far it's sus that she's connected to this unknown NGO that I already suspect is a tax-evasion scheme and the fact that she received the award alongside the chairwoman makes me believe she really has a close personal connection to her. If I could get her dad's name I might find more milk.

Huh. Fled from the US to the PH? You know the Sinaloa cartel (aka the biggest drug cartel in the world) uses the Philippines, especially Mindanao and especially Davao as a shipment point? Bruh does this bitch actually have crime syndicate connections lmao. Points even more to the crony angle. Context for the non Filipinos, everyone here knows the drug war is a cover and Duterte and co are the biggest drug lords of all. Kills drug addicts and innocent poor people but rubs shoulders with rich drug lords, pardons and even appoints rich people with previous drug charges.

No. 1052910

File: 1601993853000.png (944.18 KB, 1200x1354, Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 10.1…)

Frankly I don't think her dad is a millionaire drug lord. He may have done shady shit (drug pushing) to get him deported but she may have exaggerated that part. Who in the right mind would fully admit to 150K - 500K followers that their dad got deported for selling drugs?

Also btw if you look through her past tweets she said he's an artist and the way she talks about him isn't as negative as her more recent stories about him.

No. 1052916

File: 1601994117825.png (25.63 KB, 597x262, 1588213342068.png)

at first i was going to agree and say mb, but re-reading the evidence from the artcows thread + her wonky timeline makes me jump right back to the drug trafficker tinfoil. sorry for my speculation anons, but this bitch is crazy.

No. 1052917

File: 1601994152392.jpeg (66.28 KB, 815x545, 1588240241877.jpeg)

No. 1052922

Nah I agree he did traffic drugs but she flip flops her stories so much it's hard to know the truth lol

No. 1052925

https://archive.vn/osdUa The tweet where she calls him an artist
https://archive.vn/IOIjR#50% The tweet where she says he got deported

No. 1052931

File: 1601995416285.jpeg (172.9 KB, 1440x779, 1588257689360.jpeg)

some stuff about her "single mother"

No. 1052932

File: 1601995449714.jpeg (171.57 KB, 1438x985, 1588257822980.jpeg)

No. 1052935

love how that tweet she quoted likely didn't call just her out and she probably just wanted pity points

No. 1052939

File: 1601995977215.jpg (104.46 KB, 881x496, mayafb.jpg)

The org's facebook page seems to be legit. The twitter acc hasn't posted since 2017 but the facebook page is still active. There's pictures of events through the years and some infographs on sexual assault. Aly has connections to the founders for sure but the org seems to be doing actual work. It's just weird that she makes it sound like it's HER organization. And if she's so proud about her "survivor center" she's not doing enough to promote them eh?

No. 1052943

every news article i find about deportation of drug traffickers (back to the philippines) leads to comments about dutertes war on drugs and the executions that happen to those involved- which reporters claim to be in the thousands. how is it possible for her seemingly to have direct involvement with duterte but also publicly name her father as a deported drug dealer? am i too mayonnaise to understand or is this not making sense.

No. 1052944

Her dad got deported pre-Duterte presidency so there’s your answer

No. 1052949

Anon only poor drug addicts and pushers are executed.Rich drug lords and anyone higher up in the hierarchy become friends with generals and police chiefs aka Duterte's bestfriends. Basically cops run an extortion racket on drug kingpins but kill poors to look like they're doing their job

No. 1052962

both make sense unfortunately

No. 1052969

Kek me too, she’s fast becoming my favourite cow

No. 1053091

This is freaking me out, anon. Great detective work. I wonder if it's her mom (and not her father) that has clan/familial ties with the cronies, if she was sending her daughters to foreign places as graduation gifts (assuming we're taking Alyssa's word for it). That can explain the discrepancies in stories about her dad.

Literally the last thing I expected to show up in this thread was political corruption in the Philippines.

No. 1053218

Does anyone know what's her mom profession?

No. 1053268

Her mom owns an eyelash business.

No. 1053277

File: 1602024762986.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1037, 7F91BF81-4F59-45A2-9BBA-6E1E99…)

She Just announced she is releasing a new Defense kit called Femme Fatale

No. 1053291

File: 1602025258062.jpeg (140.46 KB, 750x548, 7137F0F6-83FB-4153-B230-7CC524…)

When she says shit like, “raised by a single mom!” she’s saying it to seem poor and relatable. This is her mom. She looks very well off, boob job and all. Her dad was probably in deep drug trouble to have been deported, and the whole family seems well connected.

No. 1053298

Servin' that gangsta mob wife realness

No. 1053311

File: 1602026463487.jpeg (209.34 KB, 750x607, 29302D05-5F57-43EA-BC2A-829BC3…)

No. 1053312

File: 1602026513675.jpeg (407.92 KB, 750x997, 41844498-1029-4559-BF2B-6E97ED…)

All she draws is black women?

No. 1053317

>i like drawing chinese women
>I love using the color yellow

Is this some low quality bait?? Kinda racist imo

No. 1053318

File: 1602026866766.jpeg (584.92 KB, 750x1065, 08653B5C-2F12-4E23-A582-7B1DF5…)

Lmao, I know a lot can change in over three years, but she claims she was already established in 2017 (one year after this drawing). What is this? Everything about this is awful.

No. 1053324

Does she even know what hentai means…?

No. 1053327

File: 1602027264988.jpeg (105.56 KB, 750x397, 596F74A0-8177-4C03-8693-AFE7EA…)

No. 1053335

this has to be a troll, she's feeding her followers shitty advice on purpose. Also its pretty believable considering the shit anatomy in her own work.

No. 1053340

File: 1602029398323.png (115.27 KB, 994x426, Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 7.00…)

yeah this is her "advice" on coloring dark skin. not sure what the problem with electric blue would be? you can apply a variety of colors to represent highlights and shadows

either way this is a bitch who uses white to shade. only beginner artists don't know it's supposed to applied sparingly, for extreme highlights

No. 1053346

File: 1602029689230.jpeg (84.76 KB, 494x621, EB75BA0F-C706-4FE3-94D7-F38EDF…)

She also painted this btw so she can’t take her own advice kek

No. 1053349

File: 1602029824249.png (101.33 KB, 1008x406, Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 7.13…)

sage for samefag/art sperg but needing to study the elements of art / principles of design is day 1 shit

also "color theory" my ass >>1050426

No. 1053388

>the motherland

No. 1053409

so desperate to be unique she just draws literal porn for a funny

No. 1053431

>phlegm transfusion

No. 1053463

Girl you cant put blue lights on black girls

No. 1053467

Plus that's not how blue light on black skin looks like

No. 1053481

The point was that Aly said she’d never do that in the tweet.

No. 1053509

looking through what art I can actually find from her (not much) and she literally never uses pink and yellows to shade/highlight dark skin lmfaoooo it's all just white and black

No. 1053552

“Personally, I like to study the fundamentals.”

No. 1053567

So they all have boob jobs?

No. 1053584

>cosplaying as indiana jones when in egypt
>cosplaying as a paperboy when in britain
>cosplaying as an artist while in a public park

just imagine how much people around her must be laughing at her, there's really nothing in her life other that posing for social media. how bleak. next she'll go to france and put on a striped shirt and a red barette and carry a baguette and some paintbrushes around kek

holy wonky shit, how has she not learned to mirror her art? her larping as a successful artist wouldnt be so insufferable if she actually was even decent at art. i'd feel bad for the people who are buying this shit as real, but then again they must be kind of stupid to believe this, so..

No. 1053761

Don't give her ideas, that sounds exactly like the sort of thing she would do lmao

No. 1053802

Nitpicking but the "brass knuckle" in her self defense kits look so uncomfortable and ineffective.

No. 1053836

Fuck. I hasn’t thought of it like that. Her whole life is a cosplay. LOL.

No. 1054002

She also cosplays as a person who was poor from childhood lol. Her mom is rich asf and Alyssa mentioned that she can afford to travel 3x a year. Her grandma is rich enough to gift her, her sister, and their cousin a single trip to several Asian countries.

No. 1054131

File: 1602134453677.jpeg (205.75 KB, 828x492, BAD48F25-6FD4-44AB-8203-BE90A9…)

We all know what site you really wanted to say, Aly

No. 1054136

File: 1602136003623.jpeg (742.9 KB, 828x1461, 93BBC771-99B7-4127-B879-9C4CB2…)

Silly pinay weeb likes to play with samurai swords

No. 1054137

File: 1602136126592.jpeg (172.95 KB, 828x429, 07162ED6-AA47-48EE-9D1D-A54F2D…)

When cows collide

No. 1054163

File: 1602142844363.png (107.12 KB, 500x288, orenishii.png)

ily anon

No. 1054178

Eww, he's that tranny right?

No. 1054182

Yeah the one with the baybel cheese lips

No. 1054186

Is there a thread fr Sofie Halili? There should be

No. 1054187

why does her hand look so bright compared to the rest of her? what the fuck

No. 1054282

He's one of the cows in MTF general

No. 1054475

That’s normal for someone with naturally darker skin that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. It’s just the lighting

No. 1054494

I know this was six days ago, but she probably meant crumbl the cookie place. The way she said bring crumble sounds kind of weird if she's talking about weed.

No. 1054589

Watch the tiktok, it’s just the pink hue light close by.

No. 1054638

Im gonna hazard a guess at the source of her money. I don't think it's modeling, sex work, family (not poor) or art (lol what a joke).

This kind of thing was veeery typical in entrepreneurship circles a few years back 2015ish. classic import from china, FBA, branding, market a shitton and jack up prices. Made the early adopters very rich.

Nowadays, this sort of business model is starting to fail a bit from too much competition, tariffs, supply-chain breakdown. Most of them have sold their businesses to new suckers or are selling classes to people who want to "make it".

I guessing she's not making easy money anymore and she's trying to find new ways to hawk her crap. The whole influencer charade is just a way for her to keep her business afloat.

No. 1054693

File: 1602199684901.jpg (921.94 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20201008-182620_Twi…)

Did she photoshop herself… in front of a white wall? Look at the heel its just floating what is this i cant even wrap my head around it

No. 1054695

File: 1602199819693.jpg (1.01 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20201008-183049_Twi…)

Also this doesn't even look like her tbh I had to re-evalute it qhen I saw it on my Twitter feed before I realized it was her

No. 1054701

The shoop on her armpit in this one is so grainy and weird

No. 1054705

File: 1602200397274.jpeg (522.99 KB, 750x1077, FE27C029-7A6F-4B63-8920-3E49CE…)

So now she’s getting people to “vouch” for her work?

No. 1054747

Yeah… I'm pretty sure she did photoshop herself there. Why the fuck would you do that, to keep background unwarped from all the shoop going on?

No. 1054754

Is she showing us how she takes her travel photos?


No. 1054765

a sponsor without @ing the company? kinda weird

No. 1054783

She's just lifting her leg up anon, there's no photoshop involved.

No. 1054793

The outlet on the wall looks like it has a completely different vanishing point than the skirting

No. 1054810

File: 1602214754514.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2048x2002, EF2F0F4D-0AD5-48D8-A5BB-827351…)

This tacky ass backdrop? This is what she spent so much time on? Don’t get me started on the dinky little kit that was made by Chinese sweatshop workers for her to upsell at 8x the value

No. 1054815

I hope you're trolling me. There should be a shadow under her heel, or at the minimum one behind her on the wall depending where the light source is. She literally pastes herself into every picture

No. 1054817

File: 1602215676744.jpeg (191.31 KB, 1536x2048, 58A400E5-63F2-4F71-A4C6-75ACD7…)

Nta but if she isn’t pasting herself, she’s editing the entirety of her outline to the point it looks like she does. Slightly better quality, that leg is pixelated to hell and back and blending into the wall.

No. 1054825

>the fact that she must spend more time photoshopping than doing art

No. 1054842

the pieces labelled Mission #2 and Mission #3, haven't we seen them before in multiple pictures? i'm pretty sure they're stuck on the wall in most of the pictures she takes in her sTuDiO, i remember seeing the one on the left especially as far back as the Artcows thread, and the one on the right always surprises me because it seems very polished and well-composed and literally nothing like her art

what's happening here, is she just recycling art to create "more self-defence kits that are literally the same but buy them because i have tits!"

(also peep the composition on top left lmao, she literally has two of the same images pasted one below the other and she can't even tape together a straight grid. literally what the fuck girl)

No. 1054843

File: 1602220453731.jpeg (169.61 KB, 750x1025, C86F7918-FD51-40C3-B46A-7024C2…)

She posts this every month.

No. 1054844

File: 1602220490139.jpeg (709 KB, 1738x2048, B612678D-1D58-478F-ABE5-A8DAA0…)

No. 1054845


Edgy. And staged. Love how she plays the Death Note intro for nerd points.

No. 1054849

File: 1602221040457.jpeg (590.94 KB, 828x1029, 15DC20EB-CF50-4E3B-AB6E-600A56…)

This isn’t too relevant, but I noticed that she seems to be inspired by Soeymilk in some of her pieces, especially the ones she did with her friend, and it’s very interesting because when you compare a real professional artist like Soey, the results are comical. Picreal, notice how Soey says “reality.”

No. 1054859

File: 1602223064122.jpg (98.04 KB, 660x1030, Dancing-Couple.-Oil-on-canvas.…)

I thought this pose looked familiar

No. 1054869

Must be hard walking around your studio with all your shitty drawings you left on the ground so you could take a video and apprear arTsy and quIrky to your twitter stans. All those pretty supplies wasted on that "art"…

No. 1054915

File: 1602233591594.jpg (213.99 KB, 1242x1425, Ej2Phb9U8AE4A5k.jpg)

who tf draws in such position with no stable surface underneath

No. 1054920

Idk who tf draws literal porn in the middle of class and brags about how the guy next to her was staring at her the whole time?

No. 1054925

TBH bragging is weird flex but I've seen things like that (drawing porn in class) happen in an art school enough to not be really weirded out by it. This method of drawing tho or using piece of thin paper as a palette as in >>1048973 … weird and fake af

No. 1054928

She wasn’t in art school. Also the gist I was getting at is that every single thing she does is a desperate plea for attention, including pretending to draw on her lap.

No. 1054984

I think she’s using palette paper, anon. But that looks like it can fall off her lap at any minute.

No. 1054985

She's gonna step on and rip that canvas on the floor before the door to the balcony in fifteen minutes when she picks up that mirror and takes it outside to take her mandatory sunset overshooped mirror selfies.

No. 1055004

Oh, gotta admit I had no idea such thing existed, sometimes even a cow thread can teach me something seems like. Thanks!

No. 1055010

sage for nitpicking but why the fuck is she putting her art in direct sunlight. Especially in vegas where the sun really cooks shit up. RIP her canvases

No. 1055108

>RIP her canvases

they wont be missed

but this picture is so funny to me, she is trying so hard and it's so unnatural

No. 1055383

If she supposedly has two dogs, does she just keep them locked in one room all day? Why does she leave everything around to be stepped on? Either she doesn’t actually have the dogs or she locks them up to take her dumb staged Pinterest board pics.

No. 1055574

File: 1602310959295.jpeg (954.04 KB, 828x1433, E97B3E72-9CF5-43D9-B446-559E33…)

Oh lord

No. 1055668

Damn, maybe finally we will get to see the legendary duo of senior dogs

No. 1055682

Get ready for strategically placed canvases , mirrors, art supplies and brushes on the floor, Persona 5 menu screen, some anime shit hanging on the walls or playing in the background and lingerie in full view together with her tits. I'll look like a pinterest moodboard.

No. 1055689

someone should make a bingo chart

No. 1055694

She might accidentally reveal that simp boyfriend of hers she’s been hiding in that condo TikTok lol

No. 1055718

is…is that a thing she has??

No. 1055728

Yes it is lol, one of her mutuals is a guy constantly tweeting about Alyssa and her cat, and keeps trying to say that he moved in to her condo without being too explicit but at the same time he’s like “hey guys I’m in her life too!”. Meanwhile Alythuh is trying to appear as this independent single boss bitch who don’t need no man. The @ is yoitfitsmyname if you’re interested

Also she hid her ex (the ex in the viral tweet) even if he’s responsible for the nice travel photos he took of her. People we’re asking if she has a photographer take photos and she tried to be super ambiguous so she doesnt credit the then boyfriend.

Notice how shitty her Instagram feed is after she announced her room breakup transformation (around Jan 27)

No. 1055751

File: 1602342688292.png (403.19 KB, 588x690, bella.PNG)

His twitter is boring af but loving /s how he compares Bella Thorne not showing explicit nudes to Hitler war crimes, Alyssa sure got herself a catch

No. 1055780

What a retard. I wonder if Alythuh has an onlyfans alterego or something.

No. 1055815

File: 1602350365818.jpeg (389.09 KB, 1800x1356, B0A24231-9F42-4846-BD46-C8312F…)

Fucking kek

No. 1055821

hmm wonder how her fans would feel if they found out their favorite empowered girlboss femme fatale lets this dumbass stick his dick inside her?

No. 1055825

If so… why do we constantly see the same paintings laying around? No private collector interested? lmao

No. 1055828

File: 1602351322127.png (Spoiler Image,383.91 KB, 591x762, coomer_time.PNG)

IKR, no wonder she keeps a secret dating a guy with stuff like this on his twitter

No. 1055831

Is there proof they're dating?

No. 1055840

File: 1602353037921.png (92.12 KB, 594x779, 104024468_24552954761392_69805…)

No proof as in "we're together" but he tweets about her occasionally (stuff like that he is watching her play Persona game he bought her), also posted photos of that kitty >>1050401 that weren't reposts of her pics; they've interacted in a friendly way too. Not unlikely they're just friends but makes you wonder

No. 1055841

File: 1602353085110.jpeg (142.71 KB, 946x2048, 499A93A8-4EF4-4E45-93FD-031D7D…)

there’s also this video on twitter where he’s having lunch with a girl who might be Alyssa judging from the low-cut shirt she’s wearing. https://twitter.com/yoitfitsmyname/status/1272596949158342656?s=21

No. 1055842

He posted a video of him playing with Alyssa's cat and Angel liked it. https://twitter.com/yoitfitsmyname/status/1294262520866156544?s=21

He tweeted about the cat waking him up at dawn (implying he stayed the night) and Angel replies again.

Here he says he's buying groceries for the week for both him and Alyssa (he's moved in with her??) and Angel likes again.

I just think if they were only friends and he was lying about it for twitter, Angel wouldn't be liking or replying to his posts.

No. 1055844

her presentation is so sloppy, distracting, and unprofessional. you can see the tape for christ sake and it ruins the entire appeal of any mood she's trying to portray. hey Alyssa maybe you should take a college course or two so you can learn how to properly display your shoddy work

No. 1055847

File: 1602354260487.png (240.17 KB, 565x895, 564684.png)

sage for nitpick but she posted a video of her on her balcony, I thought >>1052228 was exaggerating when they called her a bobblehead but jesus. I see why she shoops now.

muñeca is def something you'd call your gf, they fuckin

No. 1055848

She has very little self-awareness lol. It's not impossible to be a successful and wealthy artist, but it's very hard considering all the talented artists in the world (many of whom are more talented than her). You need other things, like luck and connections and yes, a fair amount of privilege. She really doesn't want to acknowledge any privilege she has and just wants everyone to think she's entirely self-made— that all her expenses (her luxurious trips, her "bought" condo) are all funded by her mediocre art.

No. 1055863

File: 1602356933705.png (199.59 KB, 616x448, yoitfits.PNG)

looks like they're living together at least

No. 1056019

File: 1602372968425.jpg (447.7 KB, 1536x2048, 20201010_203156.jpg)

No. 1056025

theyre take from different ends of/angles off the balcony. She's more likely to post the "best" view

No. 1056035

tfw your ego is so inflated that when people say YOU can’t be living off your art you assume they mean NO ONE could ever possibly live off their art. why does she larp an entire life for herself like this good fucking god

No. 1056039

File: 1602374286834.png (503.07 KB, 558x684, TlMnzgJ.png)

No. 1056040

File: 1602374317845.png (526.24 KB, 521x655, zWubdPl.png)

No. 1056054

No. 1056107

>me budgeting $100 for groceries between Alyssa and I then only spending $80. Also getting more than what I planned

I thought she's loaded, so why does her bf have to buy their groceries and their budget is 50/person for the week?

No. 1056119

Her tits are not as big as she photoshops them to be then kek. How pathetic is it that she has to photoshop her boob job

No. 1056120

File: 1602384403366.jpeg (398.34 KB, 828x733, 98BFBE49-1B81-4991-80E6-BFDC86…)

Pretending to simp for girls while having a man her bed, so shocking.

No. 1056122

File: 1602384455753.jpeg (327.68 KB, 1026x2048, 3C9D88A8-9CFE-40B1-B643-36D51A…)

+good to see her normal body for once

No. 1056123

He originally posted her face blurred but I was too late to it. He wants people to know so bad lolllll.

No. 1056126

File: 1602384858238.jpg (562.25 KB, 1614x2048, 20201010_235533.jpg)

Thank you for pointing out. They're definitely the same here


No. 1056127

File: 1602384866835.jpeg (562.37 KB, 828x1206, 7E52E17D-6AE9-4593-A1D3-35ABE0…)

No. 1056129

File: 1602385212656.jpeg (88.56 KB, 828x218, 7D61B5B1-E3E4-4B62-A4F0-CA95CD…)

They’re not just friends.

No. 1056139

File: 1602385816864.jpeg (79.76 KB, 946x2048, 7A3B82BE-FB92-468F-85B7-E43EE4…)

No. 1056140

Damn that's a reality check. Kinda doughy by rich Asian girl standards but Filipinos aren't really known to be thin.

All anyone has to do is Google her and you see that she hasn't featured in as many galleries or had her art sold by anyone reputable. The art world isn't a mysterious labyrinth of back alley transactions. Anyone who can make a living off of their art would have a paper trail. Girl's just LARPing to plebs like Jonny Craig.

No. 1056142

File: 1602385943727.jpeg (577.63 KB, 828x1213, 46F753FD-B6B9-4690-A70A-5B6120…)

Bf face reveal~

No. 1056143

File: 1602386043898.jpeg (536.31 KB, 828x1037, 46FDDD14-D30B-4182-A430-339D96…)

Still scrolling but from what I can see, they’ve been together for at least nine months

No. 1056144

He looks native. Lmao what if he's one of those rich casino natives.

No. 1056149

File: 1602386502466.jpeg (574.46 KB, 532x2151, 7B660ED4-EB47-4D17-B7C8-3BF48C…)

Same shoes

No. 1056150

File: 1602386597045.jpeg (858.26 KB, 828x1470, 57E9FDCB-C0EC-460F-ADD1-4C83D9…)

Yeah, that’s her.

He’s not rich, but he’s obsessed with stocks and pepe memes apparently. I haven’t delved into his twitter and have no plans to but I passed something about him having to trade in his old car because the note was too high. His media tab is mostly hentai and a ridiculous amount of pepe reaction images. He’s pretty milquetoast, I’m sure they get on well.

No. 1056151

He’s Mexican.

No. 1056156

Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge! He’s Mexican.

No. 1056157

The guy is from California and he moved to Vegas for Alyssa. This guy might be the next viral tweet if they ever break up lol, then she’s gonna lie and make herself look like the good guy in her story just like what she did with the last one

No. 1056159

Also if you look at her old Instagram posts her ex is one of the frequent commenters

No. 1056160

Like I said the native Americans you think are so cool and mysterious are the same as the Mexicans you think are so brown and "other". Drawing continental lines on a map doesn't change ethnic bloodlines.

No. 1056162

File: 1602387674010.png (12.53 KB, 596x94, YIKES LMAO.png)

i know no one really bought alyssa "my family is fucking poor i came from nothing" thing so here's potential confirmation given everything we already know

No. 1056166

Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge! He’s Mexican.

No. 1056172

File: 1602388785804.png (13.82 KB, 589x123, 5176d7064d60f167b3e3a73207ed3b…)

this is the only other noteworthy tweet of his

No. 1056175

This tweet could NOT be more ironic considering the basic bitch he idolizes.

No. 1056183

Someone tell him he's dating the girl who "boasts all [her faked] successes"

No. 1056190

He dgaf, he still gets the pussy

No. 1056258

Yes, you can make a fine income if your art isn't mediocre Alyssa. Which is not your case, because your art is far from good and it's copied from photographs.
I kek every time she refers to her scribbles as "fine art".

No. 1056263

She isn't pasting herself onto random travel pictures, she's cutting herself out and shooping on another layer. Then she clone stamps the background and puts her edited body back in. That's why the lighting is always right but there's feathering around her.

No. 1056265

Saged bc this is just a theory but I'm guessing her photographer ex took travel photos without that much people, then she photoshops herself in them so it looks like she got lucky in taking them and have other impressionable people be jealous of her tourist "luck"

No. 1056319

Did this dumb bitch seriously trace a Leyendecker and think no one would notice? Lmao I bet she had no idea who Leyendecker is and just found that picture after searching for "couple dancing" on Google.

No. 1056344

The phrasing definitely suggests he thinks being poor or middle class is a bad thing. How tone-deaf to post this on Twitter which is full of normies, most of which are poor or middle class. So he definitely comes from money and so does she. They probably budget food because Alyssa's mom gives them an allowance. Rich kids LARPing as poorfags.

No. 1056350

I actually think she gets a clear shot of the background, and separately, takes photos at home in various poses in her themed outfit. Then combines the background with the photoshoot images.

No. 1056351

Reviewbrah, is that you?

No. 1056377

There's no way she's doing that. You have NO IDEA how much work it is to realistically paste something photographed in a studio setting to the outdoor environment, even the simplest one. Even if she did the photo outside, the amount of work to get the light right enough would make it not worth it. Theres NO WAY she has a skill to do something like that.

No. 1056403

Agreed I don’t think anon realizes how to do this. It’s easier then you think to match up the lighting if your editing with layers

No. 1056404

Imagine if her 6am to 9pm work days are all spent just tediously photoshopping images of herself. I think it is this because the lighting in her travel photos doesn't look like outdoor lighting (which is usually more varied and shadowy) and doesn't match the surroundings. It's easy to light yourself perfectly indoors with lightboxes and ring lights. Since her "art" is laborious with mediocre results, I wouldn't put it past her. Plus look at this floating foot and hand >>1054817
She is obviously practiced at posing around imaginary objects.

No. 1056407

Look at the lighting here. The "sun" comes in at the upper right. It is so bright it creates a glow (lol) on the edges of her fabric hat brim (not the way fabric reflects light, it's not glass) but there seems to be no bright light on the back of her neck and back, where a light bright enough to make a hat glow would surely hit. There is even a deep shadow on the (our) right shoulder which should also be bathed in this glowing light.

No. 1056427

File: 1602435482134.png (1.07 MB, 1064x641, light.png)

If she had the digital skills like that we would see a proof of this, it really is very advanced, to the point it requires less effort to take pictures on location than to actually edit them in. Look at the exact angle light is falling, it's slightly behind, so her nexk and face are fully covered by hair and the had, but it falls on her right shoulder exactly as it should. Alyssa struggles painting correct light even using photos as a direct reference (as with that photo of Duckie Thot and one of her "skintones" paintings), yet she would be capable to perfectly measure and lay out all of these nuances of natural light ? Not to mention perfectly painting the shadow on the rocks, there's very specific perspective knowledge required we have every right to suspect she doesnt have.
As for glow, it's how such strong sunlight reflects off pure white material, it's not just hat that's glowing, it's the parts of the pants and shirt that are in the sun too.
Doesn't help she definitely played with the level of contrast and exposure on this picture, which creates an unnatural effect.
She may be lying about her success but I seriously don't think she lies about her travels.

No. 1056430

We've all clearly established a bunch of her travel pictures are stolen, so yes, at least in some of them she is pasting herself.

No. 1056431

Enjoyed reading this! But let's not put it past her to pay someone else to photoshop her travel photos

No. 1056433

The hands are exactly the same lmfaoooo and you can see that the places where she struggles with anatomy in this piece are the places that in the leyendecker are covered by clothing/blending into the background

No. 1056447

KEK he doesn't have any native american features at all

No. 1056457

Mf looks straight up castilian

No. 1056464

I mean, so far we had a proof she is stealing pictures, even with other people in them where she'd claim it's her, but not that she's pasting herself.

>pay someone else to photoshop her travel photos
Hmm, yeah, I'd believe that! But definitely not doing it herself lmao

No. 1056560

Tinfoil but maybe that's what her ""assistants"" >>1052602 are for?

No. 1056582


My theory is that some of these travel shots are actually hers, but maybe she takes a photo of the background before taking a photo of her in the same location. That way she can edit her body and cut/paste the edited picture into the foreground of the landscape shot she took earlier. This way the lines in the background of the completed image aren’t warped from the shooping, and the lighting is the same. You can’t convince me that she didn’t edit herself in to some of these pictures, the pixelation around her body is really obvious >>1051357 and the one in front of the London bus. I assume that once she pasted her body in to the background photo, that’s when she does some of the more macro editing like brightness/saturation/filters etc

No. 1056589

I'm totally not saying she is not editing herself though, I think what >>1056263 suggested is very plausible, and by extension, what you've just said (empty photo of the location + photo of her in said location for faster editing) also sounds very likely.

No. 1056615

File: 1602452457225.png (2.78 MB, 2140x952, Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 4.42…)

there's an entire Facebook album of pictures of her at the art exhibit at PSU https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=PSUPIAAACenter&set=a.2300194083584762

No. 1056654

There are things about it that just don't add up, though. Why would her pants be pristine white after riding a camel/walking through the desert and climbing over a bunch of rocks? (Even if you take a bus to the pyramids, you have to walk/ride for about ten or fifteen minutes to get close.) Why is there digital feathering around her in these pictures? Why is she dressed so revealing in a notoriously dangerous place for women? When you take that into consideration, her photographer boyfriend knowing how to replicate the lighting so she can edit herself in isn't that unlikely.

No. 1056669

Didn't she definitely paste herself on >>1051357 and the balloon one that was posted to the art cow thread? I thought at least those two were confirmed

No. 1056670

*then boyfriend. This is the guy she talked shit about in her viral room transformation thread. The guy who was responsible in making her Instagram feed pretty at surface level. The guy who made it possible for her to get 200K+ IG followers

The new simp is nowhere that skilled lol

No. 1056752

That outfit looks so stupid when it isn't posed and shooped, she looks like she's in cosplay

No. 1056804

Alythuh pretended to be alone in a hotel but was with her boyfriend at that time, and her boyfriend calls her out for it

No. 1056854

God, he is so embarrassing, acting as if he us 17yo e-boy. How old is he anyway?

No. 1056856

Probably wasn’t a real question but he is 23 or 24, i can’t believe this guy got posted here because I know him as a random twitter user but he deserves it

No. 1056858

File: 1602489618919.png (410.02 KB, 538x912, 120033254_354564882399393_3025…)

god if my bf posted about me like this I'd be mortified, this is so cringey lmfao

No. 1056875

honestly this is a shining example of how she lies to larp an entirely different existence. tons of e-celebs hide their relationship status but will choose their words carefully or omit all mentions of their partner entirely. she could’ve just as easily said she was spending the day in a hotel and that’s still true… but it doesn’t quite sound as impressive. if she says she’s alone at the westin excelsior or wherever the fuck doing business and unwinding after because she’s drained of suffering from success, it plays directly into the self-made upper class independent woman persona she built

sorry for the rant

No. 1056913

So he's a fucking coomer.

No. 1056950

If she goes to Germany she'll surely wear an overly revealing version of a dirndl

No. 1056953

Being independent is a larp for her because she can't last being single. She suddenly went from dating a cheating softboi photographer to living with a stonks hentai coomer.

Watch her call Kevin (her new bf) her tripod even when he clearly takes photos of her kek

No. 1056968

File: 1602509905364.jpeg (735.41 KB, 1125x1005, 701B58E8-2D7C-4DA8-8315-501941…)

So based on the date of that tweet you just archived and her viral ex-boyfriend bedroom post, Alyssa and her new boyfriend were already together by that time.

No. 1056979

I also feel like she does it to keep her sexuality ambiguous, like how she rts girls who gush over her or say flirty things. Being perceived as potentially "wlw" gets her extra points and attention on twitter.

No. 1056982

She could just say she's bisexual for brownie points.

No. 1056983

File: 1602511232064.jpeg (211.17 KB, 828x629, 9DE11049-EE59-4D70-A306-E8F745…)

Does she have a thing for weeb coomers who compare her to hentai or what. Why is this a pattern for two boyfriends

No. 1056992

She seems to really get off on people calling her "irl anime" since she usually rts when people say things like that or call her boob job anime tits

No. 1057006

She is starving for the attention because she’s a desperate weeb, so.

No. 1057023

Yup! And if you look back at his tweets he met her in Anime Expo 2019. Way before her breakup.

No. 1057043

based on the timeline I'm pretty sure she was "single" for less than a month. got to love that she pulled this "strong independent boss babe" shit while never actually being single in her entire life, living with someone who pays half her 3k rent. she's like…on another level of bullshit frankly. i can't believe her friends and family just…are cool with the way she runs her social media full of blatant fucking lies. it's wild

No. 1057083

OT but to me this is a hilarious contrast to Infrontofapple/mei who said something like "Please stop telling me I look like an anime character, it is disrespectful to my Chinese heritage"

Can anyone tell me about this bathtub? It appears to be in the same room as all her other photos; am I correct in thinking that she.. dragged a mobile bathtub into her main room? Or this is just the bathroom and I'm wrong?

I think i'd have to suicide if my boyfriend posted tweets like this

No. 1057087

No it's the bathroom. The windows just face out the same way and have the same view.

No. 1057126

she didn't edit these, her ex-bf did

No. 1057275

It’s so deceptive, pseudo-flirting with girls on twitter and constantly bashing men—which is fine otherwise, but in this case she has a boyfriend and has for quite some time. She’s just a liar through and through, and she’s vying for female attention because they’re way more likely to buy her stupid dinky trinkets than a man would.

No. 1057302

Since you brought up her family I wonder how her dad feels about her revealing to the world he got deported because of doing drugs kek

No. 1057348

File: 1602559297409.jpeg (738.77 KB, 828x1462, AA0686AF-383A-442A-AA3B-65F16B…)

I think you really got to her anon, she posted this tiktok walking very unnaturally and sucking in at max capacity.

No. 1057350

File: 1602559558255.jpeg (138.38 KB, 828x301, D90E2216-DDA3-4ACB-A93D-8DA24B…)

Sure thing, I’m certain it helps to lie to yourself as much as you lie to everyone else

No. 1057352

File: 1602559644315.jpeg (225.09 KB, 828x532, 14647B6D-62BB-44B1-BB62-A5AFB1…)

No. 1057370

i thought you were kidding but her gait is so weird. also is her ass actually that massive? proportionally this looks super off. anyone got unedited photos of alyssa from that angle?

No. 1057375

File: 1602561186007.jpeg (475.91 KB, 828x984, BD1941A1-5F53-43C8-9B99-8D9E38…)

No. 1057384

Looks like its just the shape of pants are making.

No. 1057403

her head is really big tf

No. 1057430

It’s the baggy pants combined with her walking strangely like that

No. 1057431

Sage for slight OT but she kinda reminds me of Cindy Kimberly lol. Both southeastern Asian, both photoshop their face/body to oblivion and heavily darken their skin tone, both came from well-off families but try to act like they grew up poor and had it rough before becoming e-famous, both lack talent or personality as influencers so they try to compensate for it by also being “artists”. Cindy is prettier and less self-absorbed than Alyssa though, and while I suspect Cindy also traces her art, it looks lightyears better than anything Alyssa shits out on a good day.

No. 1057443

In order to sage, you have to put the word sage in the email field anon

No. 1057496

File: 1602581742038.jpeg (364.5 KB, 1242x2210, 7D2A7F98-DC71-4591-A73D-6FC470…)

Now she’s spewing this bullshit because PULL, Guru Gossip, and LC are all talking shit about her lol

No. 1057522

Ah, shit, my bad, I forgot. My apologies

No. 1057536

She has the body type of a midget wtf

No. 1057540

File: 1602587945301.jpeg (458.91 KB, 750x731, D1AE710D-A829-451B-824F-FA192C…)

you guys are right. there’s a few frames where the fabric hands kind of weird but they also are sweatpants three sizes too big

No. 1057542

Well joke's on her, we're all perfectly aware of our pettiness here and we're not gonna stop

No. 1057543

I don't think she knows about her thread here or anywhere else, like you and some other anons upthread imply. This whole "how to deal with haters" and "haters are just jealous" bit she does, she's been doing for years even before she got attention on twitter or even before she was mentioned in the artcows thread. She's just that conceited and insecure that she thinks there's "haters" lurking behind every corner.

No. 1057550

File: 1602589274763.jpeg (403.19 KB, 1233x2192, 64540A03-87CF-408E-AA22-165ACA…)

Her sister Angel made a “fan account” for Alyssa. It’s obvious because 1) this account’s first follower is Angel, 2) this person somehow has old prints and old thank you cards that Alyssa used to give, 3) Angel found the post in the image here and liked this obscure photo that only tags Alythuh, 4) this person somehow found different angles of Alyssa’s turquoise lounge robe, 5) this person also made an Angel video edit, and 6) Angel liked 95% of the tweets.


No. 1057551

She’s known for lurking in PULL and had her sister derail her own topic. So yeah. She’s always on forums or any other place where they talk shit about her. Because she’s a narcissist who wants to fight anyone who doesn’t kiss her ass

No. 1057554

Wow. Pathetic. Maybe the sister is even milkier than Alyssa.

No. 1057555

How naive, she’s said things in direct response to critiques in this thread within hours of the posts

No. 1057564

Her sister Angel is milky in terms of enabling Alyssa's lies and influencer bullshit. But if you take that away, she seems more genuine as a person because she actually talks in detail about her favorite games and anime. That's unlike Alyssa, who only talks about anime and video games in relation to how ~unique she is for being hot and liking these things.

But Angel's also stupid for defending her sister's photo stealing and accidentally revealing why Alyssa and her softboi ex broke up lol

No. 1057574

File: 1602593622197.jpeg (614.06 KB, 1125x1377, D99990F3-7375-4D81-9FA5-1CE9B9…)

Here is Angel thanking herself for the fancam that she made of herself.

No. 1057601

What other angles of the robe? That’s just a meme edit using the angles from her ig story. Everything else is cringe though yeah, just pointing this out for posterity.

No. 1057817

i went to go find the tiktok and wtf it looks so weird in motion

No. 1057883

After checking her tiktok

>she does look like an auntie

>that clip of her drawing like a printer is there, it explains a lot about her art
>the walking clips just look weird because she's sucking in and posing while walking
>her studio seems smaller on video

No. 1058072

File: 1602631951276.jpeg (252.22 KB, 750x789, C7A94D9C-8B02-45D1-9D3E-41B8D8…)

Oh, she absolutely wants the brownie points. Also the way she casually tells other e-girls to come to her place in a coy way.

Anyway, she’s lying about living alone. Reminds me of Pixielocks keeping people in her basement

No. 1058097

Bitch, you're a straight girl whose boyfriend is a chauvinistic prick who steals memes from r9k.

No. 1058186

well, to be fair in August she was still living alone, now that we know for sure she's not anymore I wonder if she will just stay conveniently quiet or maybe lie for "aesthetics".
I suppose she'll keep quiet though since it's very likely she (or her sister) reads LC and know lying will be noticed.

No. 1058240

How do you know she was living alone? She’s been with that guy since January.

No. 1058242

File: 1602642021025.jpeg (630.82 KB, 2048x2048, 326B6E57-B40B-42E7-8916-DA1D29…)

It’s a little late to finally try to act “casual” and normal, if you’ve already made every single stupid little thing you post extremely calculated and manipulative, people aren’t going to think anything from you is genuine

No. 1058243

File: 1602642043516.jpeg (445.31 KB, 1536x2048, 67BD78E7-03AF-4332-BD67-83A059…)

No. 1058245

File: 1602642213710.jpeg (173.35 KB, 828x403, C8AA6D41-2B02-463E-9C21-FA93C6…)

‘This guy’ no Alyssa everyone with half a functioning braincell says that because it’s true.

No. 1058257

i love how staged this “candid” is, the lack of authenicity is as palpable here as it is in all the sterile interior design shots of her apartment

No. 1058286

all this natural light and she has nothing but fake plastic plants. loser!!

No. 1058289

She's clearly not responsible enough to maintain them lol so she just got a fake plant instead kek

No. 1058291

What a narcissist, bitch think she's Frida Kahlo. If Kahlo lived today she wouldn't photoshop herself to the point of looking different. Unlike Alythuh.

No. 1058310

Decided to check this thread out, but holy shit. There are people who believe she's well respected in the art community? This is pop garbage that's borderline ugly. What she did to that photo trace job on the bottom right with color is a crime. Not only are the sleeves looking like an elementary school kid did them, but she managed to take a beautiful black woman and make her look slightly grotesque. The high lighting is offensive.

The woman's hands look like catchers mitts. Breasts look like Mrs. Garrison from South Park.

I don't understand the huge lie of being self made either. I mean she's RICH! All she needs to do is post vacation photos and designer outfits and it'll get enough envy to make her an influencer.

No. 1058335

>giant board with small detailed painting in the middle

I like how her whole technique screams amateur.

No. 1058368

>Breasts look like Mrs. Garrison from South Park.

This is even more hilarious cause I'm pretty sure she's referencing her own breasts

No. 1058376

Bolt ons and dangerously overlined and injected lips, check.

No. 1058422

File: 1602666550937.png (292.78 KB, 587x601, moving.PNG)

I meant to include a screencap and I forgot, sorry! He was posting about moving late September; the posts other anons put here before about him posting the same view from the balcony and him budgeting the groceries are from after that.

No. 1059070

File: 1602732778338.jpeg (246.92 KB, 1364x2048, D1C825D0-ED4F-4F94-AE61-83296E…)


No. 1059074

It’s the worst when girls with small hips get fake boobs that are too big

No. 1059086

She has a professional shop out her boobs bigger and her waist smaller this time lol.

Imagine being so insecure you still have to get your boobjob photoshoped

No. 1059096

File: 1602734178530.jpeg (303.65 KB, 1536x2048, 3B951255-DBA0-40CE-A774-49FF4D…)

No. 1059107

No fucking wonder this bitch can't finish a painting to save her life, it's like she is allergic to making her workspace clean or organized. Who tf paints like that?? I know artists who listen to music/podcasts/audiobooks while painting but watching Netflix???

No. 1059108

she tweeted an advertisement for the knives and it only has some 40 RTs and maybe 500 likes. she has about 700k followers. respected artist btw

No. 1059120

File: 1602740495947.png (35.52 KB, 177x87, boob.PNG)

She loves photoshopping in that weird extra cleavage line in all her photos, but this time she missed the mark

No. 1059124

i can't stand the obvious pose

No. 1059127

She’s mad as hell someone called her doughy

No. 1059129

Why would you pay for photos so shit quality and hazy. These are terrible and the fuzziness mixed with the ott plush background makes the photos look like they stink.

No. 1059194

paying for her condo as a SINGLE INDEPENDANT WOMAN with her highly valued art business (requiring a warehouse for all that merch no less!)

No. 1059268

File: 1602765962162.jpeg (370.05 KB, 750x1062, 64B05CEB-C8B3-44A8-9097-C0ECED…)


Proof that people literally only care about her looks. Where’s that like and retweet ratio for her shop link?

No. 1059269

File: 1602766158138.jpeg (676.84 KB, 750x1183, BCD85EE4-1317-4355-ADFD-ECF772…)

The fact that no one can find pics of her wearing normal people clothes kek

No. 1059293

The teacher will not be impressed

No. 1059321

A lot of creative types multitask while making art, I won't fault her that one.
It seems like she's become aware of the critique about the highly orchestrated photos, so she's gone the other way and is showing photos of her "candidly" sitting on cat scratching posts and painting boards instead

>Alyssa, look casual

>Alyssa, climbing a tree Like this?

No. 1059426

>Alyssa tensing her muscles, breaking her back, and sucking in as hard as she can
>Alyssa purposely teasing her hair to look more messy so people think she has bedhead
>Alyssa facing the other direction swaddled in blanket so she doesn’t have to photoshop

No. 1059470

Wouldn’t it have been smarter to condense the shop link tweet with the top one? Not that that’ll stop her fans from buying her overpriced shit anyway, but it would give her store link more reach because realistically, no rando who sees this pop up on their timeline from someone else is gonna open up the tweet to look at the replies.

No. 1059475


Not to WK, but it's normal to put links and extra text in a thread of follow-up tweets. It's considered good advice to work the algorithm. Adding links and walls of text to the first tweet will tank its reach, because people are more likely to interact with a tweet that's short and simple.

When people click a link in a tweet, it takes them off site and they're less likely to go back and interact with the actual tweet. Her link tweet getting very little traction compared to the initial promo image is normal, and she's actually using a strategy here.

No. 1059479

Twitters algorithm treats links and hashtags as spam. The more hashtags you have in a post the least likely people will see it and the same goes for links. Normally artists who sell products link their store in a replied tweet so their original doesn't accidentally get marked as spam by the algorithm.

No. 1059544

Oohh got it, forgot about the algorithm lol

No. 1059565

The teacher will see through Alyssa’s bullshit. They’ll give an F for Kelly kek

No. 1059715

File: 1602823618146.jpeg (114.59 KB, 828x320, CC9D866F-A9AB-4DE1-BB77-B5BB27…)

Cry me a river Alyssa

No. 1059716

File: 1602823652154.jpeg (164.38 KB, 828x467, 991CA59A-9EB3-4315-9D1C-D7C319…)

No. 1059745

Yeah Alythuh, people are disgusted by your behavior you have 3 forums coming right at you (PULL, GG, LC)

No. 1059753

for a 'bad bitch' she can't even tell her fans that she refreshes her lolcow thread every 20 seconds just so she can get mad

No. 1059754

Refreshes, changes course so obviously, still doesn’t get the point or learn anything.

No. 1059761

I haven't been able to find a GG thread on her, do you have a link?

No. 1059764

She has a discord channel under “Trash A Guru”. Speaking of Guru Gossip, Alyssa also has an inactive YouTube channel but she posted her vlogs there before she took them down.

I guess the YouTube comments immediately called out how rich her family was because she tells Twitter she’s “not rich”.

No. 1059777

Samefag as >>1059761 but here’s the link to GG discord: https://discord.gg/mZkhQmb

No. 1059978

preciate ya anon

No. 1060038

https://twitter.com/yoitfitsmyname/status/1317130061418430465?s=21 i’m sorry for posting a link, i can’t get a screenshot right now, i tried.

not milk i just thought it was funny that alyssa’s cat apparently hates her

No. 1060151

File: 1602890553575.jpeg (343.15 KB, 1800x1131, A0F816F8-9CC2-4D54-948E-CDBA8A…)

She’s probably bitter that we know that she has a bf. Her queerbaiting won’t work with us. These are some of the replies under her recent selfie. She calls people who she isn’t close to by their first name and gives them hearts. She doesn’t follow some of these people, and I think she calls them by their first name to make them feel special. She literally only tells her bf “LMAO” with a few emojis compared to how she talks to random women.

No. 1060220

Animals have great vibe check. They know who the bad ones are.

No. 1060533

File: 1602953480300.jpeg (514.75 KB, 828x1411, 139DA969-ACE3-4322-BCF0-92BB75…)

Look how far out of her way she’s going to lie about it either being her boyfriend or self timer that took the poor quality new photos.

No. 1060539

LMAO. That still doesn’t mean she can’t just say who the “photographer” is. What’s next? She signed an NDA? Come on, Aly-duh.

No. 1060540

She can’t say because it was her tripod or her live-in bf.

No. 1060571

i don’t want to post the photographer’s name here so he and his business are forever linked to this site just because he did a photoshoot with her, but if you scroll back on Alythuh she did tag him a few days ago.

however … he is very much still a photographer. he retweeted one set of photos, his instagram was updated 4 days ago and the archive goes back to early 2014. he’s a really small account too so you’d think she’d be interested in plugging his business as a courtesy between artists. but yes i’m sure Alyssa is telling the truth that he gave up his career and passion to do something else on a whim, and she’s not making things up to avoid crediting him or anything

No. 1060575

That’s… really weird. She tagged him on ig, idk why she said that on twitter

No. 1060587

Extra weird. Just checked and yeah her recent Instagram post credits him but adds in parenthesis that he’s a graphic designer. As if that’s needed when his bio clearly states it.

No. 1060609

huh. just checked her IG, she credits her friend there for the photos but credits a different professional photographer on twitter this post >>1059268 and it’s clearly from the same photoshoot… but the “friend’s” photos are pretty amateur in comparison so it’s possible i guess? but then that’s still fucked up to credit your friend and make a big deal out of that but then try to avoid crediting the photographer who does this for a living. to her credit she tagged them on instagram if you click the photo but this is such a weird thing to push back against

No. 1060626

Is it possible she is not tagging him on twitter so her real life friends won't expose the lies she says?

No. 1060694

Randomly calling people by their names is so awkward, nobody does that under normal circumstances, she probably picked it up from some "how to influence people" self-help book

No. 1060875

File: 1602993051047.png (3.25 MB, 1366x1525, Alythuh Room Changes.png)

I noticed Alyssa always milks this one side of her condo because the white door behind her always appears in her selfies. For every selfie, the objects behind her are different. So I played this as if it was a hidden objects game.

> Bright red- lingerie rack

> Dark red- lingerie mannequin with the Amazon knockoff robe
> Orange- hand shaped chair
> Lime green- her fake plants
> Emerald green- therapist chair
> Yellow- wine glass table
> Brown- rack with manga bookshelf or art materials
> Blue - art materials and prints, and that one anime poster

The photo sources:

It's so bizarre and sad how much time and effort she has to move things around her home for the perfect selfie. There's nothing natural or chill about this, this is unnerving.

No. 1060946

File: 1603010478857.jpeg (279.44 KB, 828x564, C7F21BAF-D29E-4CD1-AD07-04E70E…)

wtf is this shit

No. 1060949

File: 1603010503526.jpeg (289.97 KB, 1500x500, D89F4F34-6A53-4626-9DEE-AA2141…)

this is that accounts header… guys.

No. 1060970

That's peak influencer cringe, yo

No. 1060972

Wtf. If this isn't Angel herself she shouldn't be encouraging this person. Creepy.

No. 1060977

The account was made in 2018 and is completely a different person. I assume this is a really young and impressionable person who's into anime.

Angel shouldn't be encouraging this person because this person's gonna have it in their skin forever. Alyssa is a scammer and a liar and Angel is a huge enabler of Alyssa. I don't think anyone would want that in their skin lol

No. 1061016

Lmao holy shit, this collage really puts it in perspective. How do you rearrange your whole house for every photo? This is manic as fuck and I’m so confused.

No. 1061134

WHEWWWWW. I knew she was doing this but seeing it all put together like this really blows my mind. She has the farthest thing from a chill life LMAO.

fuck they should really not be encouraging this or even finding it flattering. That’s some cuckoo cult shit right there.

No. 1061140

File: 1603035814366.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, BBF55C27-FDC1-47BF-881B-B90169…)

same fag, apologies. But this has to be her best work and yet… no print of it. Nowhere is it posted on her socials. There’s plenty of screenshots from her past stories that shows her “working” on this soooo… where is it and why is it only used as a constant prop way in the background.

No. 1061141

She's not chill or authentic at all. IDK why some of her orbiters call her "real". This is some Black Mirror Nosedive shit levels of creepy.

No. 1061142

Plus if you look at her other tweets like this: https://archive.vn/3sirF she moves stuff inside the bedroom. Look at the knockoff robe at the corner, that's the same as the one in the collage.

No. 1061150

holy shit the amount of time and effort this must take her… I wonder if this is what she means by "grinding" and working her ass off lmao

No. 1061157

she's really taking a page out of the Vicky Shingle book here

No. 1061168

She might be trying to pull some intrigue from her followers and make one of those "so everyone’s been asking about ____" ‘casual’ marketing posts. But yeah, the rendering looks pretty clean from afar—it almost makes me think it’s not her work.

No. 1061171

File: 1603038557829.png (1.33 MB, 698x1138, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 12.2…)

That's because she traced it and someone in PULL was able to catch the original images. She traced over her own photo, this one heart shaped mirror, and many other image sources

No. 1061172

File: 1603038593298.png (986 KB, 1084x576, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 12.2…)

No. 1061179

File: 1603039634678.jpeg (234.54 KB, 960x1200, B8547684-9FA3-4C18-816D-B45C32…)

No. 1061180

File: 1603039697340.jpeg (448.06 KB, 1638x2048, CB15BF5A-8095-4E55-B60E-2B3226…)

No. 1061181

Controversial take, please don't imply I'm Angel again - if all of these belong to her, she's not stealing and she's not even showing this artwork, except for as a background prop, what's wrong with that?

No. 1061182

Tracing images to use in your Pinterest-tier backdrop so you can indirectly imply you made them with your oh so fine talent isn’t that noble to begin with. She also stole other peoples travel images and one girls selfie even. She loves implication and omission.

No. 1061190

File: 1603040853283.png (302.11 KB, 581x819, cathate.png)

here u go anon
alyssa's bf comments on some girl's video of a cat attacking her and says alyssa's cat hates her

No. 1061191

File: 1603040868848.jpg (98.04 KB, 640x640, Backward Hands.jpg)

Alyssa said before releasing those teasers that she hasn't been able to create art for a couple of months because of personal problems, yet somehow she managed to produce digital art style that suddenly improved from the shitshow attached here, which wasn't far enough from 2020. She never showed progress of stuff she does with her art either and we can see her traditional art has very little to no improvement. How the fuck are people going to believe she became that good in digital art when she never showed any other new piece from September last year until May?


Also nobody implies you're Angel but ok WK.

No. 1061195

File: 1603041326885.jpeg (243.93 KB, 750x694, 2656764E-740C-431F-84ED-327798…)

Her mental health was shit the beginning of the year and the middle of the year according to her, yet she was always saying how great her life is. Unproductive for months, according to her, and yet she has this much success still?

No. 1061203

Nothing is consistent with her ever lol

No. 1061211

Interesting how that anon did not imply you were Angel “again” or at all and you were the one to name drop lmfao

No. 1061219

>my cat
So it’s not even her cat? Where are her seniorrrr dogs

No. 1061305

File: 1603052051189.jpeg (20.88 KB, 156x228, 46131076-8F63-42B5-A8AA-114E87…)

of course. I shouldn’t even be surprised. The entire thing looks traced. How magical that she suddenly knows how to render shit perfectly… but only in digital format. Kek.

No. 1061310

The femme fatale shit is kind of rich coming from her when has a live-in chantard. Cashing in on misandry bux while she’s the most basic, lacking bitch.

No. 1061319

There's nothing technically wrong with that as long as the pictures she traced are hers, and the picture of the mirror and the gun were not. I personally don't mind it, anon, I just think it shows how bad of an artist she is, and tracing will only ever really get her so far.

No. 1061467

>>1056127 im fucking crying, this drawing is such shit too (i know im late but I COULDNT NOT SAY ANYTHING)

No. 1061519

File: 1603082930805.png (658.65 KB, 1170x1182, Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 12.4…)

So for the female anons out here, I found this.

If you guys are looking for a good self defense kit, you may want to check out Indomitable. I found the brand through this tweet (not by the owner, the OP just found the business on TikTok): https://twitter.com/lexy_faye/status/1288294639389163520 This is the Indomitable shop: https://indomitable.shop/

The owner knows her self defense well: https://twitter.com/indomitable4956/status/1197909412142354433

Another good one is by charmedbylyric:
https://twitter.com/charmedbylyric/status/1290745916098371584. Charmedbylyric shop: https://charmedbylyric.myshopify.com

These women's follower count combined is way less than Alyssa's. But their items look more durable and effective. They need to be hyped up more. Plus there are no cheap flimsy knives and silent sounding alarms around.

No. 1061532

I don’t think lc is the right demographic for ineffectual plastic toys

No. 1061539

She throws "I love you" at all her fans yet can't even reply a more sincere message to her boyfriend. Oh that's right. She's incapable of being sincere.

No. 1061540

for me it's the artwork in the top right corner. it looks so frickin polished, i love the composition of it too, but i've never seen it posted on her socials or her store even though it's on the wall in EVERY single background

a few pics where you can spot it:
i'm certain it's in tons of pics in the last thread too

No. 1061541

File: 1603089537715.jpeg (166.91 KB, 828x727, image0.png.jpeg)

I thought it was a one time thing and the only mishap Amura had is the report, though the comments section is as equally interesting.

What a shame because unlike Aly, she's genuinely talented.

No. 1061542

File: 1603089561686.jpeg (243.92 KB, 828x1028, image1.png.jpeg)

No. 1061543

Something I noticed: she never posts or shares her art immediately because she treats them like products. Teases in making them, but never shares the actual output. So she puts all these disingenuous selfies and lifestyle posts to make up for the lack of art.

Her lifestyle content heavily makes up for the mediocre art she makes. If she doesn't show herself in these photos she wouldn't have such a big following.

No. 1061559

Never understood why her orbiters want to be her. Do you want to constantly move around your couch and plants just because your selfie would look amazing with it? That shit's depressing as fuck and I wouldn't want to be such a loser.

No. 1061582

Every single one of her replies sound like a bot. It’s too nice to the point that it’s sickly disingenuous and fake. Calling people she doesn’t follow by their first names, using heart emojis, being way too complimentary for no reason. It’s all very robotic.

No. 1061642

All of this stuff is dangerous. Pulling out a little toy knife on an attacker will get you killed. If you feel the need to carry a self defense tool, look into guns.

No. 1061683

File: 1603119453121.jpeg (867.06 KB, 828x1324, EBC947AB-6901-474A-AD66-BA8FA8…)

These are some of the worst promotional photos I’ve seen

No. 1061700

The picture is so horribly cluttered it's hard to know what she's selling. passports? guns? lipstick??

No. 1061726

My god the formatting on the type path of that "Don't fuck with me"… graphic design is my passion

No. 1061745

i’m a little mad that you pointed it out. i wish i could go back to not seeing it
tfw on a base level the colors are visually appealing but this looks like an aesthetic pic vs promo shot
i can’t stop thinking about unhinged this is. how long til she gives up art and just does interior design or something?

No. 1062081

Quit your fucking shilling. If you want to play with those toys and get yourself killed you can go get them where they come from the chinkshit sellers on aliexpress, alibaba, taobao, etc. for their original price and quality and not get ripped off/scammed.

If you really want to moralfag then think about it, some of them are ~smol poor businesses uwu~ as well including undercover protesters, and it's "boss bitches" like Aly who buy and resell them for 30 times the price.

This is just confirmation these /"boss bitches" have 0 actual stock and buy from China with the cheapest longest shipping option then charge you the highest price for national shipping and the item itself.

No. 1062117

The uneven layout on the Don’t Fuck With Me print is so bad

No. 1062121

Anon, read again because the comments were talking about AmuraKills not Alyssa. That anon linked to the one post talking about Amura’s bad customer service:

Alyssa has more bad reviews than Amura though, no wonder why someone as talented as Amura would be friends with Alyssa.

No. 1062123

There’s so much going on her products don’t even stand out lol

No. 1062124

There’s one day where she just copy pasted “I love you (heart emoji)” to her replies to fans and it’s funny because she was like an auto bot lol. I’m trying to look for it but I can’t find the exact date lol

No. 1062144

File: 1603159410118.png (1.12 MB, 1254x1536, Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 9.57…)

This one is something I took from the PULL threads before the site shut down.

Alyssa and her bf had this mutual (male) friend who simped for Alyssa so hard, people on PULL thought he was her boyfriend.

This orbiter, AigooTim, was a huge fan of hers before they became Twitter mutuals and eventually friends. He would regularly simp so hard for her and white knighted for her hard when Alyssa and her fans cyberbullied Aphobiakills. Interesting enough, he and Alyssa stopped interacting all together, along with her boyfriend too. He's still close friends to Angel and the other people in their circle though. (Angel's bf is a different guy, btw, and is not a part of the Alythuh circlejerk squad.)

Just goes to show she keeps yes men and women around her.

No. 1062145

Samefag but the people at PULL managed to archive this before the guy went private. He used to be all over the place though, being Alyssa's number one simp. At some point he had "future manager of @alythuh" in his Twitter bio.

No. 1062197

And my point was Amura, Alyssa, the sites the anon was shilling, whatever, they're all apples from the same tree doing the same.

No. 1062235

File: 1603185587724.jpeg (156.61 KB, 675x900, DZK3jsLVoAAZKD-.jpeg)

>Alythuh: claims to be a successful full time artist by profession
>Also Alythuh: allows her paints under the sunlight

If she never had her merchandise shop or her shitty art I would've guessed she was another one of those MLM boss babes making those cringe ass posts about how luxurious they live.

No. 1062281

File: 1603197119055.jpeg (1.02 MB, 750x828, BFFF1EE8-2139-4741-99AC-375574…)

she captioned this something about being busy working. old photo so no milk, >>1060875 changed my life so i’ve been scrolling through to see how the corner and windows constantly change. i might compile them later if people want it but it really is mindboggling

No. 1062283

I'm observing the same thing as that anon. There's actually more, even the one in her own bedroom. She moves her robe mannequin and fake plants from her "studio" (her living room extension) to her bedroom. Also we'd love to see if you notice anything that anon has missed kek

If you noticed in her Tiktok video she rearranged her studio again after the mess she made in >>1054843. Her orbiters would be really dumb to call this "real"

No. 1062299

oh god the shallow flattery here is nauseating. i'm also cracking up at how her large following is impressive to him— attractive people, especially women, will always do well on social media. it would be much more impressive if her following was purely because of her work, not thirst traps that occasionally include half-finished artwork

No. 1062308

Sage for off topic but what’s wrong with painting under the sun?

No. 1062322

Yeah he strikes me as a cuck. Oh! If anyone doesn't know, her boyfriend now used to be a fan like this guy as well. Just goes to show she has no boundaries and that any average to above average looking man who shows the slightest interest in her can be her boyfriend lol: https://archive.vn/2Ha5S#30%

Oil paints fade badly under direct sunlight even when indoors. Bringing out oil paint tubes in sunlight and warmer climates can cause the tubes to leak viscous oil as well. Her oil paintings and oil paint tube's shelf life will decrease especially because she lets a lot of sunlight in her condo too. See >>1050443's comment.

No. 1062323


See the comment in >>1050443 (the apostrophe fucked up the tag)

No. 1062325

Just because it's "digital art", it doesn't give you the excuse to TRACE for an artwork that you are intending to sell. Anyone can clearly tell that the shit she's drawing on her ipad is TRACED, from the mirror and the tiger. When in fact she has shitty skills in doing traditional. Alyssa is lowering the level and effort of other digital artists by CHEATING from tracing over images which is complete bullshit!

No. 1062328

Or just a fucking tazer. There are to many crazy bitches on the street. Please don’t arm them all with guns

No. 1062331

I know I’m always finding drawing she traced. I don’t know why everyone in the thread acts like tracing is totally fine.

Tracing is only fine if your starting out, and just practicing art

Tracing is not fine when your selling art, or acting like you drew it yourself and drew up the anatomy yourself. She always does this, and I’m so confused why everyone gives her a pass on tracing.

No. 1062333

File: 1603206139046.png (2.28 MB, 1400x1050, 6051B13F-55FE-4D7A-95D6-7C24E8…)

i compiled some photos of specifically the windows and left corner. march 19 is her bedroom but shows the lingerie rack and luffy figure which shows up in other pictures. i couldn’t be bothered to circle things but it’s basically the same objects that change anyway

No. 1062334

File: 1603206204876.png (296.97 KB, 535x710, F59E5A17-B123-47F4-820B-C1E003…)

I also found some other stuff while doing the collagr

No. 1062335

File: 1603206380157.png (619.51 KB, 591x727, A16F6EAC-4E47-4CDA-B316-A46645…)

debunks a tweet I can’t find in this thread because I’m blind but the “We only have $50/week for groceries” one. this freezer is overflowing

No. 1062341

Wow, thank you for these anon! The March 19 photo was an old one from her old bedroom in her mom's house (the layout seems different and looks like the one in >>1048913 ) but otherwise great work!

It does put into even more perspective how much she moves things around her room lol. I'm speechless. I do think influencers do this to some degree but she takes it on a new level, holy shit.

No. 1062354

Doubt everyone is cool with tracing here, anon. That was a single wk/anon/possibly Alyssa or angel that commented on how it’s not bad.

it’s always been obvious she traces ever since she showed off these digital pieces. I’m always amazed at how tracers out themselves every. single. time.

I can’t believe that I at one point believed in the life she’s been selling. all these collages here are fucking mind blowing (bless you anons) and really makes you wonder what goes through her head throughout the day lmao now watch as she suddenly changes her format of picture taking.

oh to be a fly on one of those walls in her floor to ceiling condo bullshit.

AND all of those are vegan/gluten free products so now double that price. 50 dollars a week my ass.

so according to Alyssa her diet consists of wine, tv dinners (but they’re vegan so it’s totally healthy guys) and whatever takeout she apparently routinely gets.

Tell me again how she only supports herself by doing ‘aRt’.

No. 1062383

File: 1603213652242.jpeg (261.32 KB, 828x625, EB139DC9-B4CA-41FE-80FE-78AB77…)

Bitch is a bot, can’t even say “thank you Hannah.” How the hell do you formulate sentences like this when English is your only language?

No. 1062400

>bumping a thread to nitpick about grammar, despite plenty of English speakers (first language and ESL alike) formulating sentences that way.
Anon, thank you for your contribution.

No. 1062417

File: 1603217137414.jpeg (296.21 KB, 828x783, 19C19B34-5736-4A76-B684-575BE4…)

I think more notable is that like three days before this tweet on main she was talking about how chill she was. And now it's omg i'm so stressed these days I work so hard!! She can't even keep a consistent narrative going.

No. 1062436

The point is that she talks to people extremely irregularly, go through her replies and she literally sounds like a bot. I forgot to sage, cry me a river.

No. 1062487

Does this bitch only drink wine? Does she think that saying that she sips cheap disgusting wine from a cheap Sailor Moon glass makes her look fancy and rich?

No. 1062493

It’s literally her only personality trait aside from larping as a fine artist

No. 1062791

File: 1603251482987.jpeg (Spoiler Image,169.69 KB, 750x689, 8AAB2D7A-78CA-4A00-BD25-1B0A07…)

The scar from her boob job that she did a piss poor job at concealing kek.

No. 1063015

Not milk

No. 1065558

hella bpd vibes

No. 1065887


Your whiteknighting is embarrassing and obvious.

No. 1065917

File: 1603399342572.jpeg (312.05 KB, 1718x2048, 270F0822-7646-40C6-A9AC-305E52…)

No. 1066069

You stupid bitch, I’m only >>1063015 and I’m one of the main contributors of her content itt. Give it a rest.

I don’t even know what to say about how ridiculous and stupid she looks at this point, it’s comical even

No. 1066074

File: 1603416042334.jpeg (446.45 KB, 1520x2048, FA436510-4D9D-41EE-BD82-3D2FF9…)

She has been very insistent on posting her bare abdomen ever since people found the photo of her laying on the couch without her stomach sucked in, I think she was truly floored when that anon said she was doughy

No. 1066131

File: 1603425373063.jpeg (370.75 KB, 750x1096, 559B9D10-B3B6-4F23-942B-6C54BF…)

From her site.

world famous artist guys.

No. 1066141

ew those hands

No. 1066177

Wearing lingerie and staring at yourself in the mirror while holding a gun is so empowering! Could she be any more of a boring cliche, yuck.

No. 1066219

man the glasses don't lie, so easy to tell how much you've edited your face. They're so wonky lol

No. 1066220

Lmao does her vagina end at her stockings??? learn to paint shadows holy shit

No. 1066241

Well at least she lets her face look as busted as the art, glasses are hilarious but I’m loving how her left cheek just…disappears? Is twice the size of her right and being smooshed by the whip?

No. 1066257

File: 1603454148336.png (1.24 MB, 1153x614, alythuh.PNG)

>really makes you wonder what goes through her head throughout the day

Her head is filled with white noise all day long, her brain is a processor in which she runs the algorithm that tells her how to stage the next viral picture.

No. 1066302

Hahaha yep I wear glasses, you don’t even need to wear glasses to see how different shapes the frames are. Seriously glasses and piercings always look fucked when people edit there face and it exposes them

No. 1066857

Getting that constipated look just right. Also the black line on her cleavage looks drawn on.

The shadows are atrocious, the hand is disgusting and of course the face is mostly covered.

No. 1067017

File: 1603556597783.jpeg (444.98 KB, 944x1647, 3DA38833-2964-4088-A22F-0F3405…)

Who asked for this?

No. 1067018

File: 1603556694924.jpeg (137.91 KB, 828x388, 41523CCB-EC45-466B-90B4-952192…)

Still baiting gay girls.

No. 1067019

File: 1603556750981.jpeg (153.05 KB, 828x372, DE2926B5-B8A9-4082-B19D-11D08F…)

No. 1067020

File: 1603556786535.jpeg (141.55 KB, 828x385, 7A1CBC10-56DA-458C-942E-92FB4F…)

Desperation 3/3

No. 1067025

that fabric looks unbelievably cheap and shitty.

No. 1067026

Don’t insult the efforts of the children in the Chinese sweatshop like that

No. 1067048

I think I hate this the most about her tbh. I wonder how long until her simps find out she has a boyfriend

No. 1067054

File: 1603559855660.jpeg (752.58 KB, 828x1416, 948C5081-3242-423A-92C0-29B4E4…)

“Luxurious” she says about literal sweatshop labor

No. 1067056

File: 1603559928836.jpeg (955.18 KB, 828x1399, E377504B-19B3-4A4E-96AA-B9A229…)

“The oil paint swatch is even done by me” like that’s such a gift of effort. Lord get over yourself.

No. 1067058

File: 1603559970793.jpeg (958.33 KB, 828x1411, 7A603162-76E0-48DB-B579-E27545…)

No. 1067060

She took a photo of ‘swatches’ she spent ages getting to look a certain way, cut them out, and had what is presumably yet another sweatshop place them in custom acrylic plastic or glass. None of the brunt work is her own, the audacity kek.

No. 1067085


those fold wrinkles indicate it's cheap, shitty satin. Buy a steamer to at least make it look less shitty jfc.

No. 1067088

It's just slightly different colors with a shinier fabric, nothing about it yells luxurious lol.

No. 1067090

It just looks like aliexpress satin clothes vs the same thing turned inside out.

Exactly, it just looks like a printed picture sandwiched in plastic. I thought she was going to be swatching each one with real paint at least.

No. 1067115

Wait, is the one on the left the final sample?? I was looking at it backwards and thinking "weird color choice but yeah, looks like an improvement".

The one on the right looks cleaner and the matte fabric looks more expensive than the polysatin on the left.

In the one on the left, the interlining either hasn't shrunk proportionally or hasn't been fused properly with the satin causing little wrinkles to form all along the edges of the navy trim. I can't tell if there's aqua piping along the join seam of the navy trim or if there's just a really bad wrinkle pressed into the fabric there from a presserfoot. Either way both of these would look way better after a steam, I'm surprised she just photoed them all wrinkled like this.

No. 1067160

I’m almost positive she added the certificate of authenticity because she fears that the Chinese factory she’s using to make the robes will start selling them on their own. So it’s likely she bought a bunch of custom acrylic plastic plaques to sandwich and glue the cut out of her dumb swatch into and add in to the order.

No. 1067292

Yeah I can see this is thin satin even from this photo. These robes are gonna look like shit irl.

No. 1067295

>bragging on a photo which looks like an aliexpress flag

No. 1067298

Hahahahah this swatch looks like literal turds what is she thinking

No. 1067301

I think that is just printed acrylic rather than it being sandwiched, looks like the standard keyring format artists use. Print on both sides.

No. 1067306

My mind immediately went to clots of menstrual blood

No. 1067318

I don't know anything about sewing so correct me if I'm wrong… but the first one has better craftsmanship right? the final has way better colors but the stitching looks horrible.

and nitpick but for someone who carries a color wheel everywhere she sure doesn't know anything about color theory

No. 1067329

>had factory mass print swatch on acrylic
??? Ironically this would have been a cool idea if she had actually given each purchaser a real hand painted swatch or something.

No. 1067345

super luxurious.

I can see it now. pictures her white knights will be posting of their collection of ‘certificates’ and whoever has the most impressive collection of plastic will win a retweet from Alyssa herself.

god I can’t wait to see how much she’s going to charge for these. can’t wait for the outrageous price she’s gonna throw on all because of these added certificates lmao

No. 1067428

The first one has better craftsmanship, no question, but it also looks like it's broadcloth. That kind of material is difficult to fuck up, as long as you can sew a straight line you can make it look well-made. Most importantly though, it's not comfortable to wear in a garment, especially something intended to be comfy and flowy.

The second looks like polyester satin, which while more comfortable to wear than broadcloth, is obviously less forgiving. It's just as cheap though. In other words, they both look mass-produced and use inferior materials, only one of them can hide it better.

No. 1067529

File: 1603610039775.png (1.78 MB, 2046x3782, Alythuh Back Off.png)

Some anons in here and people at PULL and GG mentioned her self defense items coming from Aliexpress and Alibaba. So I took off some info from those sites and compiled the screenshots of her products compared to the products in Aliexpress and Alibaba

Back off Knife:
Alyssa's product ($12)

Original Sources:
https://archive.vn/4DXO2 ($0.48 maximum)
https://archive.vn/5iX3v ($0.90 maximum)

No. 1067530

File: 1603610430187.png (2.9 MB, 2054x3949, Alythuh Fck Off.png)

F*ck Off Knife

Alyssa's product ($13.95)

Original Sources:
https://archive.vn/67GBK ($0.98 maximum)
https://archive.vn/hHQjr ($0.85 maximum)

No. 1067540

File: 1603611446346.png (4.68 MB, 4096x3097, Alythuh Emergecy Alarm.png)


Emergency Alarms (both $12.95)
Raise Hell: https://archive.vn/lrD0c
Coexist: https://archive.vn/YWiCV

Original Sources:
https://archive.vn/wNRfr ($1.50 maximum)
https://archive.vn/UijI6 ($0.80 - $1.50)

No. 1067545

She’s really selling the “””intimate and personal””” thing. She’s capitalising on the young demographic that wants to be noticed by their influencer idol and not her as an artist. Shady af.

No. 1067547

File: 1603614010924.png (3.45 MB, 2038x4447, Alythuh Pepper Spray.png)


Pepper Sprays (both $14.95)
Gaia: https://archive.vn/Rfiwz
Potheads: https://archive.vn/tKO4N

Original Source:
https://archive.vn/ZLdaw ($1.20 max)

And those are all of the products. She's marked them up to around 85 - 95% of the original price, and changed nothing except adding her shitty art to these items. There is no way she can twist this as knockoff items because these people are her suppliers. Chinese suppliers will really shit on people who turn on their businesses, so she's gonna get hexed and cursed if she makes more lies out of this.

She's a scammer who capitalizes on women's rights. She's no real advocate for it.

No. 1067553

I feel sorry for all the girls buying these overpriced self defence plastic toys and thinking that they're actually useful.

No. 1067558

I feel sorry for all the girls buying these overpriced self defence plastic toys and thinking that they're actually useful.

No. 1067561

I mean, isn't that what artist alley people do anyway? A keychain typically costs $3-4 to make and artists tend to sell them for $10+

I don't think her art is necessarily worth paying for, but she's not really doing anything that other artists don't (selling mass manufactured products that she marks up with her art). She just hams it up a lot more with her pro artist angle.

No. 1067570


I suppose it’s more concerning that she’s not selling aesthetic products but self defence kits advertised as effective. There’s some responsibility on the buyer to do their research but that doesn’t take away how scummy it is for her to sell products that could potentially be dangerous if ineffective for what they are marketed for.

No. 1067573

She marketed her stuff as self defense and not just regular trinkets so she could earn a buck from the women's rights crowd.

No. 1067634

Praying a highly influential Twitter figure in the art i