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File: 1594745350244.jpg (72.71 KB, 900x750, ruby-franke-3.jpg)

No. 1006963

8Passengers are a family of 8 consisting of Ruby Franke, her husband Kevin Franke, and their 6 young children. They have a vlog family channel on YouTube with 2.44M subscribers. Here’s the rundown:

>They are a Mormon family, and Ruby’s parenting style is pretty strict.

>She humiliates her kids on camera by filming awkward moments (giving her daughter the sex talk, showing her daughter shaving her armpits, filming her daughter shopping for her first bra). The kids always look super humiliated and embarrassed and often ask her to stop filming, but Ruby refuses.
>Her oldest son was sent to a Mormon Wilderness camp, where he lived in the woods with other “troubled” kids. The Frankes sent him here because he wasn’t doing well in school.
>When the oldest son came home, he got his bed taken away for SEVEN MONTHS and had to sleep on a beanbag chair in the family room.
>Ruby has taken all the kids’ phones away for over a year. Kids complain that they have no friends at school because of this.
>Ruby’s 5-year-old daughter forgot to pack a lunch for school. Her teacher texted Ruby, asking her to bring in a lunch for her daughter, and Ruby refused, saying her daughter should starve to learn her lesson that she has to remember to pack a lunch. Ruby then says that she hopes no one shares food with her youngest daughter so she really learns her lesson.
>In one video, two of Ruby’s sons are playing around and laughing. Ruby tells them if they don’t stop, she’ll take away their “privilege to eat dinner.”
>Stole her eldest son’s homework and told him he had to pay her $20 in cash in order to get it back. The homework was worth half his grade. She said she did this to teach him the value of his things.
>Shows an art piece her young daughter made for her and said, “Too bad it’s going in the trash.”
>Puts her young son on camera and asks him if he thinks Ruby and Kevin are going to divorce.
>Threatened to cut the head off one of her youngest daughter’s stuffed animals. The daughter is crying and is clearly very upset and scared.

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ3FRaHOIwXLOQNeUwVpBUA
Ruby’s Instagram: @8Passengers

A few videos that explain the situation more:
The Disturbing Truth of Family Channels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaL5G5UxuaM
8 Passengers called out by fans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs0nXQa77bU
8 Passengers Mom is in Big Trouble: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy4cbfhayhM

Some articles:


There is also a change.org petition for CPS to investigate these lunatics:

No. 1006966

Mormanism should be recognized as a cult.

No. 1006989

it is by anyone who’s not afraid to be honest.

No. 1007144


I've known some Mormon families, and while they had stricter parents than most kids I knew, they certainly didn't veer into abusive, using deprivation of basic needs as punishment etc. Lots of this seems to be a terrible parenting thing not a Mormon thing (except the number of children).

No. 1007367

Just heard about this nutjob, boy is she cow potential. Her poor, poor teenagers literally have no friends. I think this is a decent breakdown of why she's a legitimately bad mother and person

No. 1007370

She sent her teenage son to a "wilderness retreat," AKA she had him kidnapped in the night and sent out to the desert with religious nutjobs. I'll try to find the video where she proudly talks about it.

No. 1007403

Does anyone feel uncomfortable seeing youtuber families picked apart on a place like this? Plus, you would think these people would have learned from those DaddyOFive people that filming your kids crying is fucking weird and the people that sit around on the internet trying to doxx you and call CPS to your house to "save" your kids are even weirder.

No. 1007414

i love ruby, she is psycho.

there's another family like this one–giant, religious (might be quiverfull), they all wear white clothing, the house (super minimalist and pretty, deep in the country) is also all white, mom's hair is white and the sons all have really long hair, i think one son was a busker but then split recently. dad is running the show but is creepy and hangs back. for a while they did camper living?they are giant weirdos and huge cows.

i've been searching for them all night, does anyone have any idea who i'm talking about? they started blowing up right before corona hit. they would make an amazing thread too.

No. 1007437

Almost 100% sure you're talking about the Licciardo-Toivola family. The mother, Taina is the one in charge of the channel.
She loves to ride on the "supermom of 10"-shtick, the older kids seem to be obviously embarrassed by her antics. Entire family is also vegan.

No. 1007452

Their fucking names lmao poor kids.. especially little Kingjames. And it's so depressing seeing her get up, exercise, put on makeup, do her hair, take care of a million kids, all while her hideously ugly old husband is sleeping.

No. 1007458

The names are even more ridiculous in context, as they live (or at least lived) in Finland. I can only imagine how an average Finn butchers names like Aphrodite and D'Artagnan.

No. 1007462

Honestly I find this woman’s motivation for the most banal life ever quite inspiring. The more children you have the more life becomes about making meals, cleaning house, and teaching someone ABCs/123s. She seems to love it.

No. 1007466

Sage if you don't have any new info. I'm glad to see YouTuber parents picked apart no matter where it takes place

No. 1007492

Afrodiitte and Dartanjani, how did these wackjobs even meet?

No. 1007517

omfg anon thank you! you are a beautiful soul. this family is so. crazy.

No. 1891745

I don't see this posted yet? But she's been arrested and the kids are at CPS. I came to this thread for that very reason, googling if you guys had a thread on her. Wasn't disappointed:


No. 1891786

Ebaums…? Anyway, should've happened years ago, she's deep in that cult shit (sorry, LIVING IN TRUTH) and is going to kill those kids someday.

No. 1891807

File: 1693578819897.jpeg (327.17 KB, 828x1165, IMG_0504.jpeg)

it's been reported by more serious outlets too https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna102731
kids were found with injuries after one of them jumped out of a window to alert the neighbours.
they're marked in custody on the sheriff's website too: https://news.washeriff.net/divisions/bookings/

No. 1891818

File: 1693579742467.png (882.78 KB, 956x2387, 8 passenders child abuse.png)

Ok saging because you all probably know but heres an article about her starving one of her kids for those who dont or want more detail.

No. 1891830

read under the banner of heaven by krakauer
those families aren't exceptions per se but many of the things ruby is doing fall very in line with mormon theology, including the taking phones/limiting access to tech thing or labeling necessities as privileges. also mormonism is inherently incredibly sexist and (to add to your anecdotal evidence) every mormon family ive met had relatively okay repressed sons (as far as "okay" moids can go) but very maladjusted nervous wreck daughters.
weird as hell for ruby to put all this on cam though considering how vain and generally "out of place" it is for a mormon woman to do this. she seems to be a good ol practicing mormon when she abuses her kids but the media attention is too strong to resist. plus why tf is she talking about divorce like that especially to her kids? divorce is the most evil thing a mormon woman can ask for.

No. 1891901

File: 1693590785212.png (537.06 KB, 863x921, Screenshot_20230901-105053.png)

Grabbed this from an article:
Ruby Franke's sisters released an Instagram statement saying her arrest on suspicion of child abuse 'needed to happen' and that 'the kids are now safe'
Her three sisters made the joint statement on Instagram.


No. 1892000

Holy shit I just came here to discuss this. It just keeps getting worse. The eldest daughter was estranged after dipping the fuck out and asked for help compiling instances of abuse or mentions of the children in youtube videos. That's probably why they quickly deleted the channel. I can't believe it took the child climbing out of the window and running away to get to this point. The father is trying to get custody and there's no way he didn't know about the situation.

No. 1892011

File: 1693602546581.png (1.83 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_8033.png)

She posted this on her story and also posted saying she’s being trying to get CPS involved for ages

No. 1892013

yeah I know, I often get comments on that but i'm a boomer and I still visit eBaums regularly.
So she's been going for becoming DaddyofFive 2.0. Youtube / influencer families already have a terrible name. I forgot who they where but remember that couple that adopted the Chinese autistic child, had it for like 5 years or something and then just returned it? They're the scum of the earth.

No. 1892051

the Stauffers. not only did they do all that but there were videos of them taping up his hands with duct tape bc he apparently wouldn’t stop sucking his thumb.

No. 1892113

>Chinese autistic child, had it for like 5 years or something and then just returned it?

they "rehomed" him
they made videos for a while without hoping to avoid the situation but they eventually had to give their stereotypical sitting on the floor/bed while wearing sighing sad explanation video of basically tossing their son somewhere else
i can't wait for the netflix doc series about these insane family vloggers in the future kek fucking insane narcissist adults

No. 1892321

Yeah and remember this is what Youtube wanted just "wholesome family vloggers" pushing product. I'm sure they regret that decision since one after the other they turn out to be child abusers.
The new youtube CEO has a job to do cleaning up after Susan Wojcicki's mess..

No. 1892396

I'm confused, what you mean youtube wanted this? like they wanted a push for "wholesome" content to save face because of all the controversies they have?

No. 1892504

oh yes, Youtube has been wanting to "change directions" for quite some time now, i'm talking since at least from the top of my head 2018. There's even been some leaks about it how they wanted to get rid of tea channels and gossip channels, trying to change it to sort of well.. more controlled, i guess? like television? Some of the major PR nightmares they have had are with Shane Dawson, Austin Jones, Family of Five, all that sort of stuff. They wanna go more Disney and less Jerry Springer, way less Jerry Springer and way more Nickelodeon. There's old articles online about that stuff too.

No. 1892595

I thought they only had the child for a few months at most. Five fucking years of raising this child and they threw him back into foster care like nothing? They're pieces of shit.
Imagine the stuff that will come out about onision. T is old enough to start speaking for himself at this point.

No. 1892791

Source on the YT stuff? They blow a lot of pr smoke but they've made very little in way of changes like you suggest and only because advertisers got mad.

No. 1892875

No. 1893247

Finally. She was brought up for many years until she was finally arrested. Those kids didn’t have to suffer for this long(learn2sage)

No. 1893300

if they saw shane dawson as a problem they'd stop putting him on trending. but they don't.

No. 1893307

The phrases “modest is hottest” and “white and delightsome” are burned into my brain

No. 1893328

You're forgetting a few years ago Shane got canceled hard and they had to perform some full on damage control. Shane even got demonetized for a while.

No. 1893459

Next should be Karissa Collins. She’s too far gone, one of her kids almost died of a UTI.. her baby went septic while she nonchalantly had lunch. I doubt those kids are getting anything remotely similar to a proper education at home.

No. 1893874

File: 1694004923817.jpg (246.92 KB, 2048x1365, 112.jpg)

heh- took the liberty to look her up and holy fucking shit lady, its a vagina, not a clowncar. she does pop up here and there on lolcow (like in tradthots) but she doesn't have her own thread yet. I think she should and yeah I think you're right, one of these days when CPS removes the shit from their eyes she'll definitely be next. Just some shit I found:





Women like these are these "traditional Christian (or other cult) wholesome mothers" and basically base their entire personality around that and "being perfect", in the meanwhile taking it out on the kids sadistically since they have no other outlet what so ever and they're "just being good traditional mothers and discipline them." (Bible said spare the rod, spoil the child, amirite?)
Those poor fucking kids. Holy shit. (unintended pun there). I think there should be a thread, maybe we should ask?
Also sorry did not mean to sidetrack this thread, hope you enjoy the milk. There's plenty to go around.

No. 1893877

File: 1694005344687.jpg (6.23 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

Andrea Yates says hi btw.

No. 1893878

>its a vagina, not a clowncar
I don't know anything about this woman yet but fuck off with your misogyny, women can decide for themselves whether and how many children to have. I hate scrote takes like this even if the woman being discussed has views I don't agree with.(infighting)

No. 1893882

his dna just gave up even trying after the 4th kid.

No. 1893898

I ain't a scrote you absolute tard. Fuck off, I say whatever the hell I wanna say, twat.
Its not like we haven't got enough people in the world. If anything we need less fucking people.
I bet he ran dryer than a martini.(infighting)

No. 1894371

I would definitely post if you start a thread nona. I’ve kept receipts on Karissa for a while but I’m too lazy to start a thread myself
A fundie general thread would be nice too

No. 1894422

There actually is a fundie general already

No. 1895062

here's the alleged call a neighbor made.

No. 1895084

File: 1694194410104.png (1.09 MB, 1242x2208, 04954EAD-314F-463A-AE6A-C0B271…)

No. 1895157

God, the emotion in that man's voice … his heart is breaking for this kid, a complete stranger, whose own mother believes that "eating is a privilege"

The kid is so happy to have a fucking banana, poor little man. My heart is breaking, I hope the witch who did this to her children, her flesh and blood, gets torn apart by wild dogs.

No. 1895177


Isn't this nice? This cunt of a mother accused her 12 year old son of molesting kids and going as far as accusing him watching porn at the age of 3. Also if R molested E then why is E with him at Jodi's house? Now the accused victim is gonna be separated from his siblings for the time being. How low can she fucking go?

Recently Jodi's niece went on a livestream for 3 hours explaining how she went through the same thing where they made her confess into doing things that she never did. Also this happened to her previous clients as well as they are speaking out.

I'm just baffled at this point. I hope the older kids like S will call out on this bullshit since she was the one who's doing all the raising while she and her deadbeat husband are going on vacations.

No. 1895240


She is such an evil cunt

No. 1895451

Holy fucking shit, this is so twisted. The tales she's spinning aren't about the son she sent to 'wilderness camp', are they? Or a younger son? And her husband just sits staring ahead as she says it? What the hell is wrong with these people

No. 1895548

It's the younger son.(sage your shit)

No. 1895581

White women really hate their black children. Not ALL white women obviously (most of you are completely normal and fine), but many of them (including my own mom) like the aesthetic of black children as a social status woke points thing, but act satanic towards their own.
Sage for sperg, but I'm right.

No. 1895671

Always feel sorry for token adoptees, especially the ones taken in for the purpose of being godly little soldiers. They get the outside baths, get false memories of taking and killing other children in their home countries, then inevitably get dumped into perverts from the internet they've been "rehomed" with.

No. 1895686

Im a little confused as to why you mention this because none of her kids are black or adopted

No. 1895705

Have you never seen mixed race black/white kids?

No. 1895737

her kids are mixed race not black. if anything they’re more than white than they are black since the dad probably is partially european because of mixing during slavery

No. 1895817

Sorry about touching that nerve lmao

No. 1895823

Anyway, yes you are right. The "too many children for clout" genre and the "white mom with a series of little butlers" genre have some serious overlap. All these borderline mothers have an intense savior/martyr/god complex made worse by the media attention and sponsors they get.

No. 1896341

Every moid I’ve met who grew up in a Mormon household but left the religion as a teenager or an adult is honestly a demon kek. They were so repressed and now they just sleep around, do drugs and hate anything wholesome and family related. (Personal anecdote for the 5-6 ex mormons I’ve been around/met).

No. 1901155

File: 1695185735847.jpg (90 KB, 681x480, gtfo.jpg)

Kevin Franke's attorney has made statements claiming that Kevin didn't know about any of the abuse the children were facing, and went on to blame Jodi Hildebrandt.
Jfc she's a piece of shit who deserves whatever is coming to her. Her own sister has spoken out about being estranged and cut off from the family. They only started reconnecting with the oldest daughter that left that environment.

No. 1901158

File: 1695186450092.jpg (130.07 KB, 651x853, pos.jpg)

Article detailing what Ruby Franke's sister knew, she also reconnected with Shari Franke, the eldest daughter who dipped out of that hellhouse.

No. 1901418

Jail is too good for Ruby tbh. She gets three meals and a bed. That's more than what her children get

No. 1904763

File: 1695764012926.jpg (624.52 KB, 1080x1738, Sparklescrossover.jpg)

Sage to be safe but this cow crossover was pretty amusing to stumble across

No. 1913637

File: 1697323379010.jpeg (2.75 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4611.jpeg)

Saw this in line at the grocery store today

No. 1914010

Oh, fuck. It's so wild that after all these years not only is the 8 passengers abuse common Internet knowledge but it's actually main-fucking-stream. So surreal seeing this evolve beyond an iNabber whine video kek

No. 1932320

File: 1700690760214.jpg (143.12 KB, 1200x675, https___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_da…)

She's daddy of five and Louise Turpin rolled in to one.
Remember with the Turpins there was also one kid who escaped out a window, who was previously bound and gagged, begging neighbors for food and help.
I'm sure her fellow inmates will give her the full treatment.

No. 1979637

File: 1711365345903.png (852.59 KB, 864x1264, 1000022559.png)

A lot of evidence has been released in this case. Be aware that there are graphic pictures of the abused children. It is horrific. I don't believe the father knew nothing about this tbh. I think it just got too intense for him & she got the kids away from him to abuse on her own. The files are available at the link on this page.
The journal is truly horrifying, worse than the photos even in terms of how the abuse is described.

No. 1979660

oh my god. it was way worse than i ever imagined. a day later and he probably would’ve lost a foot.

No. 1979760

Kevin absolutely knew about it and participated in it until the folie à deux/sexual weirdness between Ruby and Jodi got too intense
he was doing “exorcisms” on the kids, which meant waterboarding them, hitting them with cactuses, heat-torturing them, and so on

No. 1979766

yes, you are right. I didn't really follow them until the abuse rumors began (not in their demographic), so I didn't realize his involvement until I read around a bit more. However, how is he not getting investigated and charged too? There's plenty of evidence of his prior involvement in abuse. I don't get why he is a free man.

Ruby and Jodi are monsters; I'm not trying to detract from that. If R hadn't escaped, he and his sister would probably have died in Arizona after Jodi moved them to the new "land." I was heartened by R and E telling their mom off and not losing their spirits entirely. I hope they know they have millions of supporters who want them to recover and live amazing lives.

I hope the other four children are also getting therapy and help. I wish so much they'd get out of Mormonism for good. Leave Utah. That state is so creepy.

No. 1979816

the real question is what’s on his laptop? their oldest daughter went by their house to get the kids’ stuff and she took his laptop. he raised hell to get that laptop back and even wanted to put her in jail for it. what the fuck does he have on there?

No. 1979825

I really think she was going to kill those kids in Arizona. She'd claim that she did it to save their souls.

Hopefully the pen papers are released soon. Now that's going to be some wild shit.

No. 1979931

didn't know about this! I'll have to look this up, ty anon

No. 1979934


There are multiple laptops listed in the evidence documents, iirc. I'm way more curious what's on any of Jodi's devices than Kevin's.

No. 1979996

>I really think she was going to kill those kids in Arizona. She'd claim that she did it to save their souls.
Like some Lori Vallow shit. Gives me chills thinking about it.

No. 1980040

she went back to get her own stuff including a laptop, I understood it was her own computer. he tried to sic the cops on her because he's a deranged control freak who hates her for escaping. I don't think it's any more complicated than that.

No. 1980047


Source on him participating in the abuse over the summer? Is that in the evidence documents?

No. 1980336

not in the summer, back when Jodi was living with them he was “the official exorcist” according to his second interview

No. 1980620

File: 1711640691392.mp4 (5.29 MB, 1280x720, 02C-04_CLIP 2_EMT Maddy Crying…)

The images and videos are horrific. Even the EMTs are disturbed so you know it's bad. Her journaling so frankly about the abuse she inflicts daily is insane, she even calls it abuse like she is fully aware what she's doing is abuse but feels completely justified or has some psycho godbag reasoning for it. So much worse than I imagined it would be.

No. 1980756

I saw in a video that Mormons tend to be very focused on truth, and that they literally think feelings = truth. Not sure how right that is but it would explain some things.

No. 1980783

For anyone just becoming aware of this if you want to go down the rabbit hole a lot of the 8passengers content has been archived in the following places. Obviously there are clips floating around like vidrel since this went mainstream but if you want to see the actual videos you have to look a bit harder, I'm not sure there's a 100% complete collection anywhere but if anyone knows of one I'd be interested.

some older videos (4+ years) https://www.youtube.com/@eightpassengers1180/videos

Knowing exactly how bad it got since Franke/Hildebrandt were arrested and convicted, then going back and looking at the "happy family" vlogger videos is trippy.

No. 1980784

The way that Jodi talks about teaching god's word in prison creeps me out. She really does have cult leader vibes to her and I am sure that they were going to build a cult ranch in Arizona. Other things I've seen discussed about her are poor hygiene, possibly same sex attracted, possibly administered drugs to adults, might have flirted with the husbands she separated from their spouses, has "night visions" and delusions, and she thinks this is all God's work. Sick fuck.

No. 1980848

File: 1711695243604.jpeg (327.4 KB, 1170x1427, 5D935477-6AF1-4343-993B-47E2C5…)

There are far too many references to this poor child’s bathroom habits and it’s so demented. I left some out because I just felt bad. Can you imagine how humiliated he must feel? Obviously Franke is making it sound like he was doing it on purpose but anyone else can see its some kind of trauma response. Also
>poop too watery
??? He’s so beyond emaciated how could he have normal stool anyways…. Beyond demented nonas.

No. 1980852

File: 1711696681747.jpeg (399.37 KB, 1170x1541, BE07FCC6-F12A-4E0E-AFCC-2CB6B2…)

Samefag, but this in particular was so disturbing to me. This poor girl must have been in so much anguish.
>she is so numb
>After being cozy w/ the cactus
You see this more in the videos when you see Franke’s expressions but she enjoys the pain she inflicts on them. In the journal there’s more insight to her reasoning and the whole Satan and demons are in my children and I have to get it out angle, but at her core she likes to control her children and be a sadist to them. In some video, I’m sorry I forget which, but she brags to her own children how she gets to eat brownies and sleep in a bed. (Theres even one where she makes one of them rub her back and she’s so grossly smug and prideful when she asks for it. Control freak shit) In the videos it’s made out to be like a dinner is skipped once in a while or there won’t be food if they’re forgetful but in the journal she constantly denies them food. They’re always fasting and she asks them to go ask Satan for food, or that she will feed (their name) and not the demon inside them. She feeds the 12 year old brown rice beans and lentils and makes even the food out to be a punishment. Even the food she denies them she has a whole narrative how children need plain food like that for disciplinary purposes and to be humble. There’s even a part where he asks for different food and a bed. When he runs away the first time and she monitors him 24/7 she ties themselves together and he sleeps in her bed while they’re tied by the feet… and she says “he got what he wanted,” bitter as fuck. SICK. It’s sick. “Being cozy with the cactus.” Beyond gross. She makes a point that the girl acts out as a form of manipulation and I just know that must torment the poor girl.
>She doesn’t get water if she screams
Franke is constantly projecting her demonic sadism onto her children.

No. 1980932

This is horrifying, she is journaling her child abuse. And I can definitely see her enjoying all the documentation and spin on how much she has to 'work' to save these kids. And their biggest sin? Being defiant, in any miniscule way to her wants. Kids don't like her food? They don't eat, but it's biblical fasting not child abuse. Kids are angry that she took away their electronics and don't get to see their friends anymore? More fasting, punishment, lack of stable housing, excessive physical exercise to tire and shrink their brains until they are subservient. But she journals it in a way to frame it as "it's not the kids that I punished- it was the devil I fought!" Retard grade Mormon mom, had too many kids and now is destroying their lives after monotizing them first. I haven't downloaded the full dairy but the articles online have quotes that the kids knew they were being starved.

No. 1980939

Honestly she actually comes across as demonically possessed in her writing which is ironic. Not religious myself so don’t mean to play like she’s not just a horrible person but it’s so outrageous that it defies normal behavior

No. 1981204

There's speculation that Jodi administered drugs to Ruby and Kevin without their consent

No. 1981247

Source? Was that something that came up in court or an older rumor?

No. 1982331

I couldn't keep reading the abuse diary, I listen to this video at 1.5x speed and felt disgust and she wrote this about her kids. Her rage is insane, this diary needs to be shown to everyone who could release her from jail for good behavior. She is one bad day way from going full joker mode on her kids and community.

No. 1982391

The true crime content creators are creaming themselves over this.

Have the pen papers been released yet?

No. 1982422

Like others have said se was 1000% going to kill these kids in the name of god. The kid escaped right on time because apperently Jodi was building a FACILITY to take these kids to rid them of their demons once and for all. Take it as you will, but sounded like they were going to torture those kids to death to get rid of demons.

No. 1982476

Looking at how malnourished the son who escaped was absolutely shocking and that alone confirms that she could have killed those children one way or another, at the point murder was not beneath her. And even in jail she is not sorry, she is still being delusional.

No. 1982590

He looked like a holocaust victim, but also the wounds on his ankles were horrific. The adults were clearly treating them but it's like they did just enough first aid to be able to keep him tied up. Any longer and he was gonna lose a foot if he didn't starve to death first. 10,000% he wasn't gonna live another 6 months if he hadn't escaped.

No. 1982802

I hated seeing the children in the footage, they were both so scared. It's actually haunting seeing children in that kind of distress. The poor boy was so respectful to the older man despite being in pain and scared. It was seriously so sad the way the little girl just sat on the floor, static. I couldn't imagine what was going through her head. I remember hearing Jodi saying something to the effect of: "they'll see his wounds and think we did it, he did it to himself actually!", fucking crazies

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