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No. 87801

Anyone know of any new aspiring aidorus/ idol groups?

Anyone know of any that are actually good/decent?

No. 87807

You laugh, but the Wish Sisters are going to be top aidoru one day.

No. 87808

File: 1429849743200.jpg (7.51 KB, 188x269, ichigo.jpg)

No. 87809

the only thing I remember about Ichigo Chu was her greasy ass bangs.

No. 87820

The only idol I know of who was actually good was Yukapon. She could sing well, dance, look good, but she ruined everything with her attitude and drug abuse that aged her. It's sad. She could've been way better than many of the aspiring western idols.

No. 87862

File: 1429858409198.jpg (291.03 KB, 800x1067, tumblr_mhnwj9oGrK1s56v5bo1_128…)


Eh, she was just your typical teenage whore. Nigga, are you crazy. All she wanted was the jap dick like the rest of white wash idols wannabe adirous. Plus theres nude videos of her everywhere so i doubt she could ever be one again. And yep, drugs made her old as fuck.

No. 87885

The problem with the Wish Sisters is that fat girls can't dance.

No. 87891

nude videos? Where?

No. 87906

yuka be hideous. she always has been.

No. 87912

No. 87916

doesnt work

No. 87961

Their dancing is bad but you can fix dancing….their singing is worse imo.

No. 87975

File: 1429896185477.jpg (59.37 KB, 960x638, 1488091_830862163640770_882705…)

saw this gal on PULL. Her name is Lucy Paradise and is Spanish

>Oh and dancing on the subway and inside stores is penalized ._. The bakery let her but I doubt it was the owner

too much embarrassment

Someone told her to learn to sing because 'we all know how to destroy songs' hahaha also pointed out something about her dancing

No. 88110

Wait there's something on xvideos? The link doesn't work. What was it?

No. 88126

No. 88127

This is so cringe worthy, holy shit.

No. 88130

Her fucking hair, did she spray paint it with the shit in a can from the halloween store? Her hair is also a mess in that bakery video. Who is she kidding with those thin cheap clip ins?

No. 88137

the hair… my skin has crawled completely off my bones i cant believe this is real

why is she pairing that hair with that neck the length of a sequoia. ive never seen a person more in need of a wardrobe made only of turtlenecks

i could rent this bitch out as a cherry picker

No. 88139

she's living a fake dream lol she uses autotune, a lot kek and yeah, she painted it with spray. also look at her eyebrows ew.
Her vids are cheap and I don't know how she doesn't feel embarrased

No. 88141

they all look like men. like, i don't get it. fine if you look like a dude, ok. and ok if you even want to dress cute, but WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WOULD YOU WANT ATTENTION/PRAISE FOR IT

i think the last one was actually carl sagan

No. 88142

wow Lucy, I know about her, she's pathetic. And has lots of white knights

No. 88165

No. 88172

The thing I don't get about these girls is that if they are so into idols and anime and shit why don't they try harder to fit the image? Most of them aren't great looking but they could at least TRY. Make some matching costumes or some shit idk.

No. 88181

No. 88185

This is the most awkward thing I have ever seen.

No. 88188


This makes me feel like I should post this from the old thread

No. 88191

oh wow. her face looks like its been taken off a retarded, high-testosterone version of kathy bates and put onto a normal girl's body. that was terrible.

No. 88195

all this girl needs is bangs, eyebrow shaping, new glasses and some voice/dance lessons. I kind of like her semi-groovy awkwardness.

No. 88200

She actually looks kinda cute with the blue wig, but this video is just so bad, haha. Like, this is the kind of stuff you keep between you and your friends, not put on YT.

No. 88217

I watch this every time it's posted. I think the best part is that she's an actual idol (kind of).

No. 88222

Is she an Akihabara idol like Yukapon was trying to be or is she actually under some other idol industry similar to Mano Erina? I'm generally curious.

No. 88291

File: 1429935474828.jpg (9.31 KB, 252x255, 1423177727544.jpg)

this…this is a joke, right?

No. 88294

this thread is my life

No. 88296


No. 88299

This is horrible.

No. 88300

File: 1429935975767.png (551.31 KB, 820x457, kawaiinigga.png)

No. 88302

I don't really know the details, someone else might know better than me. But she does work as an idol/singer.

No. 88303

I'm not sure if OP actually wanted decent groups but Seoul Beat isn't the best (and isn't market as an idol group but more a kpop cover group) but their decent

No. 88310

Noo, I want to see more fail

No. 88316

me too!

No. 88321

Jellybeannose (or Nyx) is one of my favourite youtube dance groups.

No. 88326

No. 88327

the best aidoru dancer of all time

No. 88330

I'm sorry I failed thee.
I'm still waiting for Ichigo-chu's return one day

No. 88390

>matching costumes
But what about those gorgeous Bodyline pastel seifukus!!! Everyone looks great in those~

This goes on for so long. It's only 2:33 but it feels like it's dragging after about 30 seconds.

No. 88393

Honestly, I get the joke, but at least they put some effort into trying to look like idols. Ha..

No. 88485

how old is she?

No. 88487

pls tell me it's a joke

No. 88513

No. 88584

She was and still is awful at singing and dancing. Why did she get noticed in the first place?

No. 88592

Never really cared about Beckii but holy shit, her pronunciation is terrible and she's completely emotionless. Wow.

No. 88595

>pronouncing japanese R's as english R's

No. 88602

Ewwww she looks like my crazy ass ex-best friend. Who happens to be half Spaniard.

No. 88619


She may not have the "look" but I think her dancing is pretty cute

>thanks for 33 subscribers!
I don't know why but I find it kinda endearing how happy she is about only 33

No. 88623

This j-pop dancing fad is dying out tbh, even Jrcach doesn't give a shit anymore haha.

No. 88625

Honestly, because she was one of the first ones to do it. It could have been any other moderately cute white girl.

No. 88626

Well, and the fact that she was 13 and that appealed to lolicon otaku.

No. 88629

I always assumed she only got a chance because the 'manager' guy liked her.

No. 88801


No. 88804

What a trainwreck.

No. 88805

I think she'd be at least 20 by now?
But in that video probably ~17?


No. 88806

No. 88809

I don't wear makeup much myself, however if I were going to do some video to put on YT as a dance cover or whatever, I would invest a little effort into my hair and makeup. This girl is a mess.

No. 88810

When people (obviously a teenager or young 20s) draw/write in crayons, it kind of disturbs me.

No. 88816

File: 1430038055650.jpg (260.08 KB, 500x500, smiling[1].jpg)

what happened to these niggas

No. 88881

Idols have to be cute and ok at dancing and singing. It's not about talent. It's the whole package of being cute.

No. 88911


No. 88964

Oshii!Project is still around? I thought they would have disbanded after Beckii stopped supporting them and KimonoTime graduated.

No. 88976

File: 1430067329474.png (43.12 KB, 207x102, 87654398.PNG)

This tumblr post kinda describes what happened to them. http://cph4critiques.tumblr.com/post/105893938928/im-going-to-write-about-something-thats-been

Basically Beckii and Camille aka Dansa no Himitsu abandoned Oishii Project with no formal announcement. Beckii won't respond to people asking what happened to the project and the members don't even know what's going on.

No. 88993

Isn't Danse no Himitsu a total cow herself?

No. 89255


•☆*♬★ eternally 14 ☆~*!!

No. 89283

SO KAWAIII!!!!/not

No. 89314

her boobs look like they hurt

No. 89364

She used to be thin.

No. 89372

yeah she used to have that tumblr by the same name where she critiqued/gossiped(?) about dancers and she finally got a lot of criticism and decided to change her motive towards helping dancers and aspiring idols.

No. 89383

I saw a group called Hitode Army perform at a con. I was fully expecting a gigantic cringe-fest but they were pretty cute and danced pretty well. I was pleasantly surprised.
They're not aidorus though, I guess they're just a dance group but from what I gathered, they perform in a bunch of cons this year and even have fans so I think they fit into this thread.

No. 89388

Omg cuties. It's so refreshing to see groups like this that dance well, I love to watch this stuff.

No. 89390

No. 89434

I'm so tired of posts like this. "Yukapon was the only girl who ______" "if Yukapon didn't ruin herself she " blah blah blah. You guys act as if she's the fucking tupac of weeb aidoru. Why do people secretly worship lolcows like Kota and Yukapon? It's a super PULL thing.

No. 89467

Is Abbie kins still trying to be an idol in Japan or did she quit? I barely see her around

No. 89518


She outgrew the kawaii aidoru thing but she hasn't posted in a while. Maybe she got bored of jpop

No. 89731

No. 89736

They're not attractive at all. But it's the awkwardness that gets me. The one with the side ponytail is especially bad. She moves like a spastic robot.

No. 89743

So many bad Pon Pon Pon covers, so little time.

No. 89769

No. 89775

She has her own thread.

No. 89832

dat tits

No. 89835

I'm cringing

No. 90177

How about idol cosplayers?

No. 90180

File: 1430256674207.jpg (32.48 KB, 400x251, image.jpg)

No. 90188

What are they even cosplaying…?
coloured wig + clothes =/= cosplay

No. 90191

panty and stocking??

No. 90192

File: 1430259015033.jpg (10.26 KB, 299x168, nozomi and eli.jpg)


They're supposed to be Eli and Nozomi from Love Live!

No. 90257

I thought these guys were… alright, until the blonde threw some funky shapes at 0.39. Speak of wooden.

No. 90259

Help Me!! is such a weird song in general to try and do as 3 people it will just always look off

No. 90265

No. 90285

>>90259 Or, the girl is just painfully uncoordinated. Look at 1:55. You can't blame that level of stiffness on dance formation, I'm sorry.

No. 90306

I was just talking about how the dance looks off completely but yeah, I agree with you completely

No. 90467

File: 1430287666068.png (679.61 KB, 948x537, tumblr_mjw653HT4r1qcp1s3o3_128…)

I've honestly never been genuinely disgusted by a fat person still now but the girl on the left legitimately repulsed me

No. 90473

Motherfucking this. I've seen a million aidoru groups but they never, EVER get the look down. Unmatched, wrinkly, ill-fitting outfits, no make-up or sloppy make-up, greasy fried hair or unstyled cosplay wigs, shitty and unrehearsed choreography, chubby and fat. The make-up part especially irks me because it's an essential part about the whole aidoru thing.

But in reality they couldn't give a shit about perfecting their look, the important thing for them is to FEEL popular and have attention, not to learn what an authentic aidoru is like.

No. 90505

holy crap, that was so painful.

No. 90508

How the crap did they think they could do a 10 person dance routine with only 3 people?

No. 90509

She's pretty bad. Also, really skinny. Looks like she very little body fat in a creepy way.

No. 90553

Maybe I've become desensitized but this wouldn't be too bad if she wasn't wearing that sad potato sack costume from Bodyline.

No. 90563

No. 90564

At least they can sing.

No. 90565

OP asked for any that were good/decent and I think they're pretty decent so I shared.
I think they're former members of on of those Project groups

No. 90726

Are they suppose to look so bored?
I could ignore stuff like not being able to sing, because lbr how many idols were chosen based on their singing talent and how many of their fans actual care about it.
But one thing that bothers me with some of these net idols is that they look so bored and like as if someone forced them to dance and sing especially when the song is upbeat, it just ruins the whole atmosphere.

No. 90739

loling at the fat bitch on the left.

No. 90808

Apparently adding 'project' to the end your groups' name automatically makes you an 'idol' group these days.

No. 90812

"Its time to give your fever"

No. 90921


Could probably find out somehow from her blog if you understand Japanese well enough- http://ameblo.jp/himesama1101/

She posts regularly and seems sweet.

No. 90932

This is actually calming as fuck

No. 90991

I like how one of the members is a little person and is actually never seen to the other three.

No. 91034


No. 91037


Is that Michigopyon?

No. 91043

Wait, what's wrong with them? I actually though this was pretty fantastic.

No. 91112

No. 91113

Yes! She's the only one out of the four who really fits the idol image imo.

No. 91116

They're good but why did Chii wear that horrible wig?
And the blonde looks way too gyaru-esque to be an idol. Idols are supposed to look pure.

No. 91125

"Anyone know of any that are actually good/decent?"
OP asked for some good/decent groups as well, so they were posted.

No. 91132

File: 1430370704761.jpg (56.66 KB, 250x378, Risakowant.jpg)

Not all are pure looking but a lot of the ones who don't fit the typical image usually don't sit well with all the fans. Pic related, she was an idol since she was training as an idol since she was 8

No. 91198

8 years old? Poor girl.

No. 91199

>that dwarf in lolita wearing uggs
Alright they can sing decently.

No. 91204

Yep, trained in 2002, joined the group berryz Koubou 2004, and disbanded this year. A lot of these girls on youtube seem to think it's just singing, dancing, and looking cute but theres a lot of practice that goes into it. I remember this year members under Hello! Project were forced to miss their coming of age ceremony.
A lot of these girls go through a lot just to be idols and I think a lot of it goes unnoticed by try to be aidoru girls. (sorry for the mini slightly off topic rant)

No. 91311

File: 1430398980116.png (826.71 KB, 600x696, collage.png)

lol k

No. 91389

No. 91402

lol x300
I'm done with these girls.

No. 91422

why a cape? why?

No. 91427

I wish people would stop repeating the "they have to look pure" thing. There are all different types of idols meant to appeal to all different people. People who think they all have to be pure either don't know much about idols except for what is constantly harped on or get all their info from idol anime.

No. 91429

No. 91442

BiS were considered an idol group. it'd be nice to stop seeing girls with the cutesy act constantly on youtube

No. 91624

This. Why would you try to be an idol if you seem bored as hell dancing, singing or even just talking? Aren't idols supposed to be energetic and full of personality or something?

You can't resist their charms~☆

No. 91697

Sorry but you seem to Know very little about idols yourself, and are just one of those western people who think not all idols need to cater to wota and it's unfair.

There are a small handful of idols who don't fit that pure image, but they don't have as many fans.
Risako was pushed in Berryz, but their fan base in general was slipping because of their sloppy attitudes.
A gyaru as an idol is usually a joke to Japanese people. Sorry but it's true. She looks more Koda Kumi when idols are supposed to be more "the pretty girl in my class I used to have a crush on."
Idols are based on looks. Sorry you don't like it, but it's the sad truth.

No. 91712

I agree with this so much. And BiS weren't idols. They started off as "idols" but the edgy shit scared away true idol fans and their fans were all hipster fucks. Idols do need to be pure 9/10. Japanese society values youth, and idols are for men too afraid to pursue women.

No. 91714

And yeah you can't be gyaru and be an idol. Gyaru = rebellion while idol = Yamato nadeshiko(the image ideal of a Japanese woman).

No. 91716

Yeah, that's why when I brought it up I said they usually don't sit well with fans in the end. I'm sorry for causing such a mess in this thread, have a newer best idol in the world video for my apologies.

No. 91942

This is soooooo bad

No. 91944

How old is she?
Like 9? lol

No. 91947

holy shit that eyeliner application…

No. 92143

The original costume has a cape.

No. 92308

100% aidoru material

No. 92310

This video reminded me of that drunk Alice in wonderland video

No. 92324

was that supposed to be funny?

No. 92367

I love them. r.i.p :'c

No. 92369

No. 92395

File: 1430571160285.gif (1.05 MB, 350x197, huh.gif)

No. 92396

No. 92400

>reading allotment magazine
>playing darts
So kawaii desu ne

No. 92457

I think the girl with pigtails has a cute voice but the rest make me sad.

No. 92458

So much second hand embarrassment from that google translate-tier Italian…

No. 92459

they sound and look very german…am i right?

No. 92460

pigtail-chan a cute

No. 92494

Here's Sakura Station's debut


>Sakura Station subscribed to a channel
>Downward Submission Position

No. 92509


No. 92512

No. 92513

No. 92517

I actually had hope in this like a year or maybe 2 yrs ago. But like, I don't see much activity, expect for a bunch of shit previews and teasers. The only song I can say I like is Win This War, but even that along with the others sound like songs school with force the kids to sing about.. With a pop beat. Anyways, it's pretty nice. Some of the girls are cute a'f, and some are as ugly than IchigoChu.
Sigh, wish them luck. For whatever the fuck they're doing now.

No. 92527

No. 92543

I really like Yapura Meri. She has good backgrounds, nice outfits, fluent moves, and hair to die for.

No. 92560

This is honestly pretty creepy.

No. 92563

I did not expect her to sing…yikes.

No. 92566

Everyone in this group looks and sounds bored as fuck.


No. 92579

The girl with the high ponytail is really cute.

No. 92593

1) What the fuck is up with the Asian girl's hair??
2) Everything after 1:40 is like a bad trippy experience wtf

No. 92597

I don't understand how they all think this is good.

No. 92612

She has a great face and looks the best out of all of them, but that hair ruins it a bit.

This video made me bust up laughing after 1:40

No. 92615

"Sing along, Christmas song, Christmas all the way"
How generic


>"Spread your wings like sacred treasure"
wtf does that mean?

No. 92620


Is that her natural voice? I'm pretty certain she's faking that voice.


This songis so dreary. Why is it so slow? They sound so sad.

No. 92712

For a Christmas song you'd think they'd sound a little happier.

No. 92727

Her hair is so flowy here, I love it

No. 92734

kill her

No. 92766

Seems like they thought this was good too

They sound like the turrets from Portal

No. 92776

This bitch has fantastic legs holy balls

No. 92778

it's not actually an idol, i guess he just makes dance covers, he even was on stage dancing to this… it's just… yea

No. 92780

he's amazing

No. 92783

How fucking deaf do you have to be to think this sounds good?

Damn, he's got everyone in this thread (aside from Yapura Meri) beat

No. 92792

What is up with the girl on the left??
What is this thread? I thought we were supposed to posting decent idols lmfao
What is life?

No. 92795

No. 92816

on a totally different level

No. 92974

Not really idols but they're definitely going for that ~kawaii dolly~ look

No. 93309

No. 93312

Girl on right's shirt says weeb in the thumbnail.

No. 93336

The girl in the shorts and the two girls with the Dweeb shirts are the best in the group. The chick in the blue dress is behind and awkward at times. The girl in the pink is okay I guess.

All in all, it wasn't that bad. I could have done without the awkward close ups. Especially of the girl in the blue dress (dead face) and the girl in the pink (it was too low and you couldn't see her face properly). The first zoom when it was of the chick in the grey dweeb shirt pretty much just standing there was the most awkward.

No. 93556

No. 93591

it's like they took one take and were like "ok, this is good enough." like, they may not even be too bad, this just looks like they were practicing.

No. 93790

best pinku

No. 93815


No. 93816

No. 93831


I can't explain it, but I know in my heart that this is the same girl. It's just a feeling, like when you meet the person you're going to marry and grow old with.

No. 93861

that was more cringe than i expected it to be

No. 93897

i've had a huge bi boner for the girl in the shorts since i first saw the video, like, last year. the pink and blue girls were kinda awkward tho, but as a whole, not too bad

No. 93967

here's one of their actual performances

No. 93976

This sounds like something I woulda loved when I was 10

No. 93998

File: 1430853769531.jpg (1.79 MB, 2448x3264, image8.jpg)

the song reminds me of aqua's barbie girl, but preformed by itas

No. 94109

No. 94385

No. 94433

I want to fucking burn her wardrobe

No. 94507

I don't mind Kelsey when it comes to her dancing but her woredrobe choices are terrible and she has been overusing her kawaii voice as of late that she sounds terrible now.
She needs to only only stick with the dance covers.

No. 94698

No. 94705


This video is so old. I bet all the people in it look at this and cringe at the utter weeb that makes up this video

No. 94803

File: 1430974667323.jpg (192.35 KB, 1154x804, dollystyle.jpg)

>The main source of inspiration for Dolly Style is taken from the Japanese Fairy Kei but also Lolita and Gyaru.

No. 94808

at least her moves are sharp.

No. 94894

Her voice and outfits are just annoying in every way.

That ridiculous eyeliner is terrible too. It always looks wonky because of her eye, she should go for a way thinner line to make it less obvious.

No. 94935

i think kelsey is a great dancer and her wardrobe – well, maybe i'm desensitized, seems like every tumblr trash dresses like this lately. but her makeup is always so bad and i'm not sure about her becoming a pop singer. way better than most people's attempts though imo.

No. 95032

Reminds me of Shrinkle fashion.

No. 95043

Everything about her makes me fucking mad

No. 95179

No. 96200


What is it with weeb thinking it is cute to eat sweets on camera?

If I watch the video I want to see the Dancing. Not close ups of awful ass white eyeliner and them stuffing their faces with sweets.

Is there any dancer out there who hasn't eaten sweets on camera?

No. 96307

I agree. People can bash yuka as long as they want, she was still an amazing aidoru.

No. 96312

Because even if yuka did bad things, her aidoru character was still great. jesus christ get over it already. Stop acting as if yuka wasnt a good idol just because of the bad stuff she did and its called an opinion.
She was the best western idol imo and her shitty personality doesnt change my mind

No. 96314

Why do they want to be aidorus?
Like why would you want to be flat chested and flat butt, have a non serious idol carreer that people will make fun of, gets treated horribly and pleasing sexist old jap men? Wtf

No. 96318

Im so glad i wasnt on the internet when i was 13-15. I had a cringy weeab aidoru phase. I wish these girls would have had better parenting. When theyll grow up theyre going to regret it

No. 96519

american aidoru

No. 96563

You do realize people are flat chested and have a flat butt that aren't idol wannabes? Its called body type. Just like there are people with giant butts and tits that aren't Kim kardashian whores.

No. 96613

I feel so old. This show is like 15 years old now

No. 96666

No. 96708

>>96666 Hmm… Aren't they a lil too old to be aiming for the idol industry?…

No. 96710

Why do landwhales always go for my waifu?
I am disgusted.

No. 96730

No, it's super PULL-ish to call idolize cows. Just how so many so called Kotakoti haters secretly fap over her or copy her. Yuka's aidoru character was created by a 45 year old Japanese man. She was great but only by comparison to the terrible weeb idols in walmart clothes, their dark room and couldn't speak Japanese. With that standard anyone is great. If you compare Yuka to real idols in japan she's a dime a dozen.

No. 96748


Oh come on, they don't look old at all.

No. 96948

File: 1431203351297.jpg (119.58 KB, 500x655, tumblr_n7c5s2tsYs1qkb07fo1_500…)


>Coming together in 2006 under the name Happy! Project, their aim is to become the first well-known Japanese pop group in America.

I can't find anything regarding their ages, but the group was formed 9 years ago.

No. 96961

which one? lol. but assuming you meant nozomi, a lot of fatties cosplay her because they think she's meant to be fat. she IS slightly larger than the other girls but it's her boobs, i don't know why they can't tell that. also i think a lot of tumblr wiccans (often fats) are into her because she's into tarot and stuff.

thing about the love live dances is that there are so many routines with two or three girls, idk why they always try to make a 9-piece dance work with only a couple people.

No. 97085

girls who want to be idols want to be stick thin. Idols are usually stick-thin. sorry you're offended but flat chests and flat butts are unattractive to most people. it's sad they want the body of a 12 years old boy and want the face and mentality of a 12 years old girl just to please old jap men.

No. 97095

>Yuka's aidoru character was created by a 45 year old Japanese man.
It wasn't, even now she loves to act like that retarded loli character and she even did act this retarded when she was still into gyaru.

No. 97105

Liking Loli shit wasn't enough. Akira bought her nico douga account, made her scripts, sent her clothes. Stop worshipping cows.

No. 97162

>We are excited to announce the release of our first single, Make It Platinum!
>This is a cover of the song originally released by the idol group i☆Ris

How can it be their first single if it's a cover?

No. 97165

Also, wotagei for their cover by one of the members (skip to 2:00)

No. 97190


No. 97262

No. 97277

Nobody is worshipping her.
Yuka was a popular and great aidoru. Just because she was a lolcow doesnt mean her character was shit, stop it. She knew Japanese very well, she had the looks.

No. 97371

Kiss ass more faggot

No. 97648

I wasn't even the same anon you faggot and nobody "bought" her a nico nico accounts because you don't need to buy accounts at all, your newfag is showing.

No. 97670


Actually you have to pay for a premium account in order to post lives.

No. 97675

I made livestreams with Nico Live before and I didn't have to pay shit.

No. 97676

>your newfag is showing
If you want to rally for yukapon despite her entire "character" being copied from Japanese idol Sakuragawa Himeko, and her nico nico douga accounts being paid for by a 45 year old pedo then go to PULL. You guys give her way too much credit when she made a ton of terrible and irrational choices.

No. 97677

You have to pay for a premium account. You probably streamed on that shitty English version or something.

No. 97678

Once again, you don't need to pay anything.

No. 97681

You have to pay for a premium account but you don't need one in order to livestream.

No. 97728

>because all idols that are into the lolicon niche copies sakuragawa himeko
gtfo, seriously. her character was great and popular. you seem to hate yuka way too much. denying everything yuka has done just because "she made bad choices" is fucking dumb.

No. 97729

Anon seems jealous of Yuka, I rarely pull out the jealousy card but you really seem mad that some people can like yuka or dakota even though "omg theyre lolcows wow nobody should like them because i say so!!! GO BACK TO PULL".
it's fucking pathetic.
The only reason why people now bash yuka is because she did some stupid shit.
Before she has done it, everyone liked her and found her character cute and adorable. so sorry but the fact she did stupid shit doesnt affect her yuka character and you really reek jealousy if you think so lol get over it already faggot

No. 97787

File: 1431277942689.png (170.63 KB, 500x374, 1364014158465.png)

>The only reason why people now bash yuka is because she did some stupid shit.

that's why we bash on everyone here, genius.

she's a joke, much like yourself. get a grip.

No. 97803

How is Yuka different than Pt?

No. 97805

Are you seriously asking that?

No. 97808

Yes give some legit differences

No. 97812

They aren't even comparable?

Yuka was an actual child/teenager and developed a lolicon character (or Akira did, whatever) that had some success in Japan and she would have probably had some success as an Akiba idol if she had not made foolish decisions. She has been to Japan and has been photographed on street-snap blogs. She is still trying to make something of herself in Japan (even if she is mainly partying and doing drugs).

PT is a delusional 30 year old woman who has been dressing as a loli only since her 20s, and she has never once fit the image, not even in high school. She has always claimed to want to be a famous cosplayer or compared herself to idols despite putting no effort into her appearance or at the very least, her costumes. She has had many opportunities to go to Japan (allegedly) and never taken them and still acts like it's not her fault that her life is shit. She has not left her hometown since at least high school, probably ever.

It's easy to assume people kiss Yuka's ass because she's cute and actually looked good as a loli character and I'm sure that's some of it. But, Yuka is someone who was thisclose to achieving her dreams or whatever but shat it away but has tried to move on, PT has just never even tried and still lives in her delusion. People here do have a soft spot for people who genuinely try and succeed.

No. 97854

File: 1431284711299.jpg (97.12 KB, 960x640, 89032-d4c5dd0c53b538c48f8beb02…)

No idol-waifu is safe

No. 97931

No. 97986


The constant kawaii heart bleeping out of the one girl in the yellow dress is agitating. If the panty flashing is to keep happening, at least wear shorts like the others or tights beneath the dress. She's not comfortable in it.

No. 98046

Every single one of them is a dog. fuck…

No. 98238

What success did Yuka have in Japan?

No. 98245

I think she is wearing shorts, but they're super short. Probably her vag that keeps popping out.

No. 98352

File: 1431313570383.png (468.16 KB, 1280x586, tumblr_nm3678wUXx1r6a1vco10_12…)

because tumblr

No. 98358

Excessive shoehorning pisses me off. Might be being irrational or whatever.

No. 98372

No. 98402

i hate this so much

No. 98413

No. 98423

trying to show diversity but using the same idiot face for every character? ok
this is more cringeworthy than the cowplayers themselves

No. 98435

The official drawings have the same face too. Just different eye colors, basically.

No. 98440

but they're moe.

>>98352 looks gross

No. 98517

they want your affection anon-chan

No. 98625

I don't think the show tries to make a socially concious/ artistic point (unless money counts cos moe faggotry prints that shit)

No. 98909

File: 1431357401206.jpg (982.77 KB, 1086x1200, 77016-07dc17df39a850b200465b82…)

nico looks like a starving indian child and eli looks like a character straight out of a yaoi doujin

not irrational at all, especially considering that idols are supposed to be ideal girls, and not one of those girls is desirable

No. 98993

Are these all men? It's hideous art.

No. 99018

>Congrats to the first idol group with cute curves

No. 99041

Aw, they're so cute!

No. 99077

File: 1431370682778.jpg (30.69 KB, 362x628, Ling_by_decrepitmonkey.jpg)

>>98352 I knew they looked familiar and I finally put my finger on it

Its nice to see composed chubby girls dancing. Refreshing from the huge yt mess of so called "idols"

No. 99086

im fucking shitting myself i was thinking hte same thing

No. 99093

Chubbiness is pretty cute too but it looks like a lot lost a lot of weight since becoming idols which could be expected since there's a lot pf practice involved.

No. 99101

That video is pretty hilarious, it's nice to see they got some humor about it.

No. 99127

Ha, I love this. Interesting that this is considered chubby in Japan and that they are embracing it. If someone called people of that size chubby anywhere else there would denial and claims of body shaming/fat shaming.

No. 99134

r u serious
she is in japan now
living it up

No. 99135

When people say anime characters look like white people, I show them pics like this. I honestly think anime characters look hafu or neither.

No. 99196

Yeah. I know anime characters are supposed to be Japanese (unless specified) but they just look kind of like an unreal anime race to me.

No. 99567

>Ruki is a Japanese-culture lover and multifaceted artist (Singer, Cosplay Model, Designer…), who is trying to make all her dreams come true!

No. 100028

What is with that random phone dialing error sound?

No. 100040


This ruki girl is so anoying, there's something she makes with her face in all her video that's just… urgh

No. 100057

Ruki is dumb as fuck. Are you Spanish, anon? If not, there's a tv show called españolesxelmundo and there was a special chapter about Spanish culture in Japan and Ruki appeared. It was uncomfortable to see her talking and acting lmao she was like "heyyyyyy look at meeeee I'm a spanish idoru in Japannnnn kawaii desu neeee~ omg I'm so nervous!!!! And Japanese tv is always interviewing me but omg spanishu televisionsuuuu~". I don't know why she appeared, because other people were interesting people that brought spanish culture to japan and she was like "anime, kawaii, karaoke" nothing spanish.

No. 100067

Ignore the man trying to be funny and ending up being disrespectful. Ruki appears in 21:00
if someone wants to know what they are talking about just tell me and I'll translate

No. 100173

File: 1431450506836.jpg (87.19 KB, 960x960, 11258038_817979544949893_32003…)

No. 100191


No. 100203

Isn't this the bitch who peed in a cup on cam? iirc the guy she was camming with said it came out of the blue. I also think the piss cup was blue.

No. 100218


Are you sure you're not thinking of Yukapon? >51992

No. 100220



Holy fucking shit it's like I haven't used the internet before

No. 100239

Ah, yes you're right i was thinking about her! I guess I found the angle quite resembling but now that i look at her again, not so much. Damn, think about it, she's trying her hardest to be supah kawaii and all I could think was piss cup

No. 100286

She was pretty cute back then tbh, and she's not really ugly now if you wanna compare her to coughVenuscough
All I'm saying is maturity hit her really hard.

No. 100342

idk if it's just me but venus is waaaaay cuter than beckii imo even now.

No. 100426

File: 1431472654435.jpg (107.93 KB, 619x523, Otaku-Owls-Krissie-Catherine-A…)

Who is that?

No. 100449

Someone remember Promise Sisters?
What they are doing now?

No. 100480

I have no idea who they are but they seem to have not been active since last year on their facebook

Who let them have their own concert?? and why is black inuyasha their opening act?

No. 100514

The thumbnail looks like a bunch of PT clones

No. 100579

still big nope

No. 100587

File: 1431480913495.png (1.6 MB, 1391x626, 86424789q4q24y6546yt6.png)

No. 101366

No. 101385

That inuyasha has a nice voice

No. 101396

>that girl in the middle.

No. 101623


No. 102300

No. 102301

No. 102327

Who is that, her baby brother? Look at him cringe. He wanted her to stop lol

No. 102328

her movements are terrible most of the time. i always question when i see videos like this though. like, you couldn't find another place? you couldn't wait until you weren't being forced to watch your baby brother?

No. 102366


No. 102475

No. 102492

Shit like this makes me wonder how these people can make these videos and not cringe at themselves.
Like the girl herself is cute, but this whole video is just really embarrassing to watch.
Like I imagine her excitedly showing this to friends who have no idea what the fuck she's trying to do, or this ending up in a cringe compilation titled "FUNNIEST White Girl Dancing Fails 2015 NEW".

No. 102513

The fact that they were all secure enough to eat and jump in front of the camera fucks me up. Still cute, though. I couldn't stop watching certain bits, and the song is cute.
Oh and most of them are actually obese tbh

No. 102956

Disgusting obese hams.

No. 103156

why is santa holding dildos?

No. 103306


They are glow sticks for wotagei.
I always find people doing their own wotagei so creepy. And teaching your audience to wotagei is just a bit egotistical.

But if they were actually dildos then that would be hilarious

No. 103317

even this wotagei >>97165 could be improved with dildos

No. 103338

eh, say what you will about abipop (and all the others from her crew) but she's immensely better at what she's doing than most of the other girls in this thread.

No. 103379


this would only be mildly impressive if she was actually like seven years old. Anyone older doing this isn't precious or skilled. In fact most of these dancers seem like they are trying to emulate the dancing skills of a child, which is a skill level of zero.

No. 103383

No. 103440

>In fact most of these dancers seem like they are trying to emulate the dancing skills of a child

um…they are. well, i guess a few years ago, the "thing" was to have a loli imouto image. i know that's still kind of a thing but it seems like a lot of the weebs doing this are now more interested in idol anime than akiba.

a lot of the dancing others are doing (love live etc) aren't really impressive either, it's just that they are expected to be singing as well, or with a large group, which adds difficulty – but most of them just do it alone without singing.

genuinely impressed ha

No. 103441

How old is she? What an unfortunate face. She has the face of an old woman.

No. 103450

I want to say she's about 21 or 22 now. In that video she was like 16 or 17.

No. 103454

Maybe it's her thin lips, but she looked closer to 25 or 26 in that video. Wow. bad genes.

No. 103490

Is she cosplaying anything or is she dressed as herself?

No. 103498

>just imagines all the pedos in Japan masturbating to this.

No. 103527

No. 103700

in the meantime there's ichigo-chan
(she's not bad by any means, and kinda cute imo, but not really anything special)

No. 103975

nice try abi

No. 103981

No. 104100

jfc do you really think she would stop in to lolcow to defend a years old video? this "hur you said something vaguely nice so you must be them" thing is so old.

She's not cute but she tried and she dances better than 80% of this thread, no matter how simplistic the dances are. Anyway, are we just posting old videos now?

No. 104124

>she tried and she dances better than 80% of this thread
Top kek.

No. 104208

cute? are you blind? she looks like a geek and not in a good way

No. 104211

im positive it was just her dressed as herself

Ririri is better than this entire thread tbh

No. 104432

File: 1431999440662.png (438.8 KB, 607x471, Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.3…)

No. 104471

holy shit this man.
can we have a thread about vic? he's kind of old news, but god, everyone has a story about dick mangina.

No. 104481

Tell me more(I love Vic tho)

No. 104485

dubs are gross, sis. the guy is creepy to young girls that lust after him. he is a decent va though, i'll say that much.

No. 104589

And she is like younger than all of them lololol

No. 104601

some dubs are good. most are bad.

No. 105369

I like him as Edward Elric.

No. 105495

And he's been banking on that one role for a decade now. He's pathetic and a gross pedo. Let's stop talking about him now.

No. 107963

The wish sisters are performing this weekend at London MCM

I wonder if they will finally be in time with each other

No. 107977

Eh, I guess I have low standards being an ugly girl myself

My guess is it's not likely

No. 107986

isn't that the point of lolcow? to share weird & terrible stories about shitty human beings?
The face that he's a z-list 'celebrity' only adds icing to the cake.

everyone who's ever had to work with him or for him has got a story about what a heel Vic is. I've never interacted with him, but I've seen his shenanigans from afar.
At one convention that I attended, he literally made his fans wait over an hour in line before he even came downstairs from the green room and started signing things.
The reason for the hold-up? The hotel didn't sell Vic's preferred brand of bottled water. I think it's Evian?–so he insisted that his volunteer assistant for the weekend drive out and find a case before he'd do the signing. In the meanwhile, a line formed that literally snaked around the circumference of the convention space and met itself on the other end. It created a horrible traffic jam for everybody else. If you were trying to get to a panel room? You were shit out of luck. If you had to maneuver a bulky and/or delicate costume through the halls? Prepare to get it damaged. He has absolutely no consideration for other people and thinks that the rest of us are only too delighted to bend over backwards at his convenience. Dude really does deserve his own thread. If only I wasn't so lazy, I'd look up the rest of his exploits for y'all's amusement.

No. 108472

File: 1432511843289.jpg (489.78 KB, 890x713, eli.jpg)


> nico is polyamorous, a trans girl and biromantic asexual! she also has bpd.

>bpd rin who is also a trans girl and is a panromantic demisexual
> trans boy nico! he wants to be the cutest boy idol in history
>consider: trans girlfriends rinpana & nozoeli

why the fuck does everyone need to be trans

No. 108490

Hahahaha, wow. This should be posted in the tumblr autism thread.

No. 117894

Abbie's back yo.

No. 117901

File: 1433647709125.png (628.99 KB, 629x462, wtf.png)

No. 117902

what's up with her mouth?

No. 118007

I can't get over how much she looks like OC.

No. 118237

Does she not know that the 'u' in suki is silent?……………..

No. 118259

Um no it's not. You don't say "ski". Just don't put a ton of emphasis on "u" but it's not completely gone. I'm tired of you Japanese 101 community college fags trying to correct shit.

No. 118270


>I don't laik school, meat, boys, vinter und cold weazher

I love her.

No. 118271

Semantics semantics, sensay. "Swallowed", not "silent" if that makes you happier. "sooohkee" makes me kek

No. 118568

File: 1433789807790.jpg (31.1 KB, 600x400, CGcsTvTU8AANi5g.jpg)

Her fucking nose cracks me up every time.

No. 118570

Also jfc her tabs are huge, comical almost.

No. 118588

What's wrong with it? She can't change how it looks so it's kinda stupid to take the piss out of her for it.

No. 118589

Her what?

No. 118590

No. 118600


This is the cringiest thing I've seen in a while.

No. 118836

You better watch out for those angles, Sab!

No. 118849

No. 118986

Wasn't this already posted?

No. 119555

No. 119591

jesus, her voice is so bad

No. 122828

No. 123407

Still the best J-dancers ever :D

No. 123409

No. 123410

Nothing beats this XD
Them almost naked background dancers tho

No. 123424

go back to your thread, Ashley.

No. 123427

relationship goals
>tfw no gf

No. 123434

what? it's not THAT bad. I've heard worse

No. 123435

oops… my mistake. she wasn't that bad in the beginning

No. 123436

No. 123438

they're hilarious

No. 123439

love this weird shit

No. 123777


For me, they are one and only true J-dancers. Love them so much :D

No. 123824

favorite JPOP dancer lol
Ririri is the only good one and she like just turned eight. These other basic wannabe idols need to step up their game.

No. 124558

No. 124563

this is about losing your virginity lol.

No. 124739

You'd think they could at least get some quality wigs.

No. 124742

who tf wrote these lyrics

No. 124744

I hate how they pull this pastel fairy kei kawaii dolly look yet they all have a pretty low, husky voice and sing about losing your virginity. What the fuck.

No. 124798

No. 124810

Song aside, this music video is just so fucking uninspired. It's really obvious they're marketing themselves toward people who don't know anything about Jfash and will mistakenly think they're looking at something unique or interesting. I'm legitimately enraged by how basic and pleb this whole thing is and how they just look so satisfied with themselves. They just threw on some fucking wigs and contact lenses, went on a 30-minute look through the "kawaii" and "pastel" tags on Instagram or Tumblr and called it a day.
0/10, little to no aesthetic knowledge applied here, would not watch again. Good quality camera, though.

No. 124866

i just saw this the other day, wow, what a coincidence.

it's just terribly cringeworthy.

No. 124981

cheap american crap

No. 124983

File: 1434861979692.jpg (50.92 KB, 720x960, 59739_914612865262689_59353056…)

No. 124985

They're Swedish

No. 125000

Dude, did you not hear her voice give out in the middle of the song, also she's completely off beat. How you gonna go to japan and fuck up like that?

No. 125029

What's up with Sweden and making Japanese style music videos like that Butterfly song?

No. 125040

The genre is called "bubblegum dance," and it originated in Europe, specifically in Scandinavia.

>The main source of inspiration for Dolly Style is taken from the Japanese Fairy Kei but also Lolita and Gyaru. The girls are incredibly interested in the style and love it! On stage Molly, Holly, and Polly are very similar to their manga depicted cartoon characters. Although the look is derived from part of the Japanese culture, the music is pure bubblegum/dance pop.

No. 125073

What anon was talking about I think are bands such as d.k or YOHIO(sp?).
Unless songs such as 'Koko Soko', 'Japanese Boy', 'Tomoe'(I think I spelt this one wrong) and 'Butterfly' are bubblegum dance

No. 125187

i can't help but admire the dedication of Japanese idol fans… that one dude in the front who ripped off his hoodie lmfao

No. 125190

don't you know?? if you post your photo publicly on the internet you must be examined by the genetic perfection police.

No. 125367

Oh I misunderstood
But yeah, Smile.dk's music is bubblegum pop.
I've never heard of Yohio, but he doesn't seem to be bubblegum pop, just dresses in J-fashion.

Bubblegum pop is basically just catchy, upbeat songs with cutesy, usually meaningless lyrics (like Aqua's Barbie Girl)

Now to get the thread somewhat back on topic, The Wish Sisters' latest performance

No. 125389

No. 125528

No. 125754

I found this and thought of you, anon
Theres also a dancer I think you would like called Monoton though she's not active anymore http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22712769 (You can take a guess which one she is)

No. 126059

No. 126593

oh my lord…….

No. 126594

Hahaha didn't see that coming !

No. 126639

The Wish Sisters' cover of Start:Dash!! is private now.

I wonder why..

No. 127030

>0:05 - Hello Hi
>1:05 - Upsy Daisy (Not officially released yet)
>4:30 - Cherry Gum

They look like a bunch of weebs performing in a middle school talent show

No. 127323

Fucking lol

No. 127430

No. 127620

New idol group that looks pretty serious and professional. But they're from the UK, so be warned. Theres also a familiar face you might recognise x'D



No. 127630

File: 1435306430722.gif (485.15 KB, 193x135, bert.gif)

I can't help but believe there is at least one self post ITT.

No. 127636

File: 1435308457508.jpg (75.02 KB, 640x960, 11230777_492556140908568_75166…)

>Theres also a familiar face you might recognise x'D
Who's supposed to be familiar?
For a second I thought Rina was Himezawa (bc Sabrina and also that nose) but I'm not 100% sure

Also, how do they have 421 likes on Facebook without having any content yet?

No. 127639

File: 1435309324059.jpg (163.78 KB, 1000x1500, 11216209_492556097575239_52817…)

Christ we have a lot of ugly people in this country.
'Kuri' even admits she's not an idol fan, what's the point of this group?

Beth was in Wish Sisters >>126639
I guess the likes are just from the members
sharing on their own pages.

No. 127644

Ah, thank you.

After looking a little more, I see that this is Rina (girl on the right in the vid).

No. 127653

Dude, they're all fucking selfposts. None of these wannabee white aidoru things are actually good, they're all average to ugly with no talents aside from the synchronized dances that can look okay with lots of practice.

No. 127731

File: 1435332340490.jpg (238.52 KB, 2048x758, 10285832_492555590908623_33367…)

Why the hell there are no aidoru wannabee groups with members who at least have decent faces

No. 127733

are u dumb?

No. 127734

File: 1435332522873.jpg (102.74 KB, 960x640, 10444447_10203674538880294_794…)

No. 127735

File: 1435332561555.jpg (131.81 KB, 960x638, 10699209_10204379373500719_594…)

100000x the autism.

No. 127738

No. 127740


Eh, the black one is kinda cute in that picture

No. 127741

most of them are nice girls but damn they need to work on posing

No. 127785

Tbh this seems promising.
>Average to kinda cute girls
>Clean cut
>Sorta professional looking costumes
>All in one area
>Not too many girls
Now if these girls can get their asses out of Japan or actually attempted to get a Japanese audience (learning Japanese, NND Lives YouTube Streams, actually trying to gain connections or agents in Japan), they can actuay be successful and start the idea of 'idols' girl/boy groups outside of Japan/UK/US that isn't trying to gain Japanese appeal but Western appeal. Somewhat like a mix of kpop groups and Fifth Harmony/1D.

No. 127827

No. 127915

File: 1435355749158.png (982.38 KB, 638x638, rina.PNG)

No. 127933

Christ. Really getting genki~** Kawaii aidoru~~~ vibes from that Rina chick

No. 127935

>>127915 What makes this hilarious is that cushion grinning at her butt

No. 127938

How the hell did Beth get into this group???

No. 127940

shes pretty hot to be fair

No. 127942

Are we talking about the same person?

No. 127943

are you blind maybe? those proportions are hot. tiny waist big tits shes stunning.

No. 127946

>>127943 I was referring to the video maybe? Her body is alright… shame about the face

No. 127948

i dont see much wrong with it normal european face right?

No. 127949

Only other video of her dancing

No. 127955

Again, my comment: >>127933 was about her posture and lack of energy, not specifically looks. But regardless, I assume they are aiming for the Japanese market- and its all about a youthful, full, small face, bright eyes and dazzling "genki" personality- sadly, she possesses none of the above.

No. 127956

it wasnt terrible could be more energetic and happy looking thouhg there are way worse videos out there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKEPGfKI3q8

No. 127959

whats everones thoughts on this group??

No. 127965

>>127959 Self post?

1:30 Girl can't pronounce the name of her favourite group face palm

No. 127967

i just stumbled across the cringe… the camera quality is impressively bad

No. 127969

They look like a pair of pre-pubescent boys tbh

No. 127971

they all look like that i think..

No. 127972


No. 127975

File: 1435361838270.jpg (40.46 KB, 400x600, Furi.jpg)

"one of the more experienced idols in the group"
I can't with this girl.

No. 127976

wow did they record with potatos?

No. 127977

the one on the right is kind of cute looking though

No. 127978

No. 127979

she'd be cuter if she filmed/took photos in decent lighting..

No. 127980

Here's her introduction

No. 127981

my cat ran away lol, i think this scared her

No. 127982

oh… nevermind then

No. 127984

File: 1435362270730.png (85.74 KB, 480x360, 10391037_768437109872176_72023…)

oh wow. what pro looking icons…

No. 127985

arent this group affiliate with other amazing net groups like kirakira project and crystal rose..

No. 127986

again.. wow.

No. 127990

File: 1435362986927.gif (805.92 KB, 500x280, mentalfive.gif)

Seeing all these makes me feel pretty good about my own weeb years.

No. 127995

have any of youu checked out weaboo stories?

No. 127998

Not even auto-tuning can fucking save them

No. 127999

Nope but im on it rn, will keep me busy for the rest of the night lol. Thanks anon!

No. 128001

This is worse (girl on the left at 1:02 looks 40 years old)

No. 128002

File: 1435364016023.png (225.71 KB, 423x462, oh.PNG)

No. 128005

that looks like my aunt lol

No. 128029

Which idol or idol group would you consider to be the worst?

Music-wise, Flusay Girls are fucking awful (video related).

No. 128047

Fkusay or those Hanapinku chicks.
Video wise at least. Voice? Flusay.

No. 128060

Sakura Station or whatever is by far the worst. At everything.

No. 128072

What is flusay?

No. 128084


Flusay is a combination of the girls who started Flusay Girls names, Flugel and Lindsay

No. 128088

So the name is a combo of Flugel and Lindsay? It sounds sorta like a disease.

No. 128091

>It sounds sorta like a disease.
So it's appropriate.

No. 128097

Ok what is this song supposed to be based on? Tried to look it up but got different results

No. 128100

That's a remix of their own song

Flugel writes the lyrics, produces the music, and edits the videos for every song it seems

No. 128105

This is legit terrifying. Sounds like the theme song of a parasitic infection

No. 128115

Who is Rina? Does she have a thread here?

Also, just curious if she's German. Most German girls I've seen/known have looked a bit like this.

No. 128118

File: 1435392442516.png (662.83 KB, 418x637, rina 2.PNG)

No, she doesn't have a thread, I just mistook her for a different lolcow (Himezawa)


No. 128120

Jesus, I would rather listen to Ruaridoll than this mess.

No. 128249

thoughts? it's definitely one of the better dances from the wish sisters but still not perfect. they did well though compared to old dances.

No. 128265

the hair in their faces all the time though.. and lighting problems, they're more in sync than usual though which is good, i can see them progressing well

No. 128335

I wonder when the one in green will get an outfit that actually matches the others. It makes her stick out so badly and draws attention

If they want to look professional on stage (well as professional as weeb dancers can) then they really should all have matching outfits

No. 128336

Also I really wish they would learn some new dances. It is getting so fucking boring seeing the same ones over and over

No. 128346

it might have something to do with some ranking system they have now. the two in uniform are 'S rank' and the green one is 'B rank'??

No. 128396

No. 128523

it's going to be an extra merry christmas this year

No. 128890

Feel free to mention any I've missed

Active aidoru groups:
>FuriFuri https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyvfcZxSskcWJO5ipSlwqXw
>The Wish Sisters https://www.youtube.com/user/TheWishSisters/
>Flusay Girls https://www.youtube.com/user/flusaygirls
>Heart Shot Project https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIZJo6jChunKZv412fwTk7g
>Sakura Station https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWg2og-4CgnqTjIOg7uctcg
>Platinum Happy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClAURq1VzSvNVlG1jPfN1XQ
>SHEawase https://www.youtube.com/user/SHEawaseOfficial/
>Amai Tsuki Land https://www.youtube.com/user/amaitsukiland/
>Nebula Kiss https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqEwQ84zhC7N7f0k2v11X7Q/
>KiraKira Project https://www.youtube.com/user/KRPofficial/
>Jelly Heroine https://www.youtube.com/user/JellyHeroine/

As awful as some of these groups are, I genuinely hope they continue doing what they're doing, whether they improve or not. It's entertaining either way.

>LolliPop Project (1 year) https://www.youtube.com/user/oxIceCreamProjectxo
>Oishii Project (1 year) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqPn9MP5bpWYCZv4AjLB3Tw
>Yumeki Angels (1 year) https://www.youtube.com/user/yumekiangelsofficial/
>Pinku Project (2 years) https://www.youtube.com/user/pinkuproject/
>Otaku Owls (2 years) Deleted most of their stuff

And here's some groups that seem to have ended before they even began
>ChocoParadise http://chocolordess.wix.com/choco-paradise
>Hoshine http://hoshine.weebly.com/

Also this

I'll make another post for solo aspiring aidorus later.

No. 128930

>>128890 Other Active groups: Berri~Team, Deity Savannah, Ice Qream. Maybe 4TE? but they don't necessarily promote as an 'idol group'

No. 128935

How do you tell if someone is an aspiring aidoru? Do they actually admit to that sort of weeby thing or is it just those that seem to be trying too hard to fit in with the kawaii aidoru image?

No. 128958

Jesus christ the girl on the right is doing the dance completely wrong, like all of her hand movements and foot movements are off from the girl on the left and she also looks tired, there is no energy in her, I was hoping that FuriKuri would actually be good but if they are all like the girl on the right they're doomed.

No. 128961

what the fuck
I mean she's cute
but I'm pretty sure she's tone deaf

No. 128964

*Furi Furi

No. 129034

Aidoru groups will usually outright call themselves "idols"

>"Kirakira! Project (KRP) is the umbrella name of multiple idol units that release Japanese-pop inspired music and videos."

>"Pinku! Project is a Toronto based idol group… Our goal had been bringing some Asian idol culture to people in Canada"

>(Flusay Girls) "Welcome to the new age of Cyberspace idols/Artists"

>"We are Platinum Happy, an aspiring lifestyle idol group!"

>(Sakura Station) "We are a Jpop Net-idol, with a passion for japanese music."

While solo girls will say it's their ~dream~ to become an idol

>(Ichigo Chu) My dream Is to be an Akiba Idol In Akihabara!

And I vaguely remember a video where Himezawa was interviewed on some Japanese show and said she wanted to become Japan's #1 idol or something like that?

No. 129138

No. 129142

Flusay Girls and Sakura Station are both fucking terrible, but I haven't checked out all the ones on this list >>128890

No. 129148

There is Beri! New day

No. 129178


Isn't the girl on the left Amelia from The Wish Sisters? It looks like her before she got bangs.

No. 129341

Yep, that's her

No. 129417

Holy shit, I want this to be an animu so bad
>kawaii TOP SKILLED DANCER rich girl with no friends
>forces her butler to be in a sugoi aidoru duo with her
I would watch the shit out of this

No. 129426


I also think it'd be cute and funny to watch, kinda something like honey and clover where the girl is all tiny and adorable

No. 129447

She uses so much more energy here than in any of her Wish Sisters performances.

If she used that energy with wish it would make the videos a bit better to watch

No. 129514

No. 129522

Flugel, leader of the Flusay Girls, is 26, has a 3-year-old daughter and lives with her parents.

That's her daughter laying in the bed in this video.

No. 129531

File: 1435636576742.png (40.53 KB, 724x1034, flugel.png)

No. 129532

her daughter looks as interested in it as i am

No. 129538

idgi, is her name Flugel or Natalie?

No. 129552

>Answers a bunch of invasive questions
>Wants to keep private life private

No. 129553

Flugel is probably just an online handle

No. 129587

Amina's debut MV is out. Thoughts? The video concept is pretty cute.

No. 129588

It's cute but I've never liked her voice.

No. 129589

meh it fits idols I think. they're supposed to be cute even if it's fake.

No. 129608

i don't think it fits anyone because it sounds bad. who even wants to listen to fake high pitched baby voices singing about candy? seriously? i just don't see the appeal. like who anticipates this and listens to it proudly? i can understand the appeal of being an idol but the music is beyond shit tier.

No. 129610

she looks cute but i really hate this.

No. 129612

>who even wants to listen to fake high pitched baby voices singing about candy?
Me, lol. Although I don't like this song, I just like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's music, lol.

Anyway, I love Amina, I think she's really cute and all, but honestly, her singing/music is just awful. I don't know much about idols, all I know/like is Idolm@ster and AKB48, but they can't be that bad, can they? I don't get how anyone could even tolerate the shitty music, even if the most attractive person on the earth was making it. I mean, I actually really did want to like this, because like I said, I really like Amina, and even I couldn't tolerate it.

No. 129622

Not trying to defend shitty music but the entire purpose of idols is the person rather than the music. That's why AKB CDs are so cheap because they're only bought to support the idol. The fans don't give shit about the music. And Aminyan's song is about a date not candy. Either way it's vapid lyrics, overused beat and just ok voice. Not different than most music, especially Jpop

No. 129626

And again not trying to white knight but she didn't make this song. Some Japanese did. Idols have almost zero control over what they do.

No. 129628

Yeah, but AKB48 is actually pretty good imo. Maybe I just have shit taste, but I actually really do enjoy listening to their songs. Amina's song is just unbearable imo.

No. 129630

If Rina and Amelia are good friends, do I sense a Furi Furi x Wish collab

That could be a hilarious disaster.

No. 129651

No. 129686

She can't sing even a little bit but she is cute

No. 129770

Meh, if you have shit taset than I do too. Kokoro no Placard has been stuck in my head all week. Not all idol songs are super bad and not all have freaky baby voices.

No. 129799

Hmm… I much prefer the original vocals, this one sounds too forced imo. Some parts of the video are horribly timed and the effects scream amateur. Its OK… could have been a lot better tho. Also wished she smiled more, at least that would distract from her painful awkwardness

No. 129803

I don't know why you guys are comparing aminyan, an untrained American weeb to angerme or AKB who has been training for years and companies with million dollar budgets.

No. 129806

And this is the original vocal. Same as the CD.

No. 129807

Training might polish your performance/ ability to hold a note (In the case of Sayumi Michishige) - but if you can't sing… you can't sing. Maybe she can beneath the fake cute thing idk

No. 129808

Why don't I remember it being this bad O.O

No. 129812

Sayumi can't sing and everyone knows that. That's why they would autotune her parts. Either way it's pretty stupid to compare her to a group like AKB which has been out for a while. If you listen to individual members songs they're not great singers.
Maybe you're just being nitpicky. It's the exact same somg.

No. 129815

Being an idol is all about being cute. She about doing anything other Japanese idols don't do and most of them are not that skilled either but that's not what being an idol is about in Japan.

No. 129824

Yeah, thinking back Angerme isn't a fair comparison considering only 1 of the members has been training for a little over a year. Sorry

No. 129831

I hope she doesn't audition with that fake high pitched voice ew…. She has a video on her fb singing part of your world and she actually sounded good, that high pitched voice sounds so forced.. Someone needs to tell her this :/

No. 129840

You guys realize that some idols in Japan purposely use bad voices to be cuter? In japan it's all about infantilizing women.

No. 129842

Why do you think Yuka and Keeki used a fake high pitch voice?

No. 129878

I….I actually kinda want to see that…
sure it might be terrible, but all 9 of them together? they could do some love live, theres not a lot of groups that have all the members, theres always a few missing.

No. 129892

Yea I know they fake high pitched voices but she shouldn't have to especially when it makes her sound horrible. If you're gonna be a foreigner especially a black one auditioning for an idol group at least show them you have talent and maybe they'd be more willing to take the risk in promoting a foreign girl. I really like aminyan but the high pitched voice has got to go or at least toned down a bit… She shouldn't use it when singing at all.

No. 129893

The image that Japanese have of black women is that they can all sing like Beyoncé or soulful R and B singer. That totally conflicts with the idol image so if she went in singing like that, they would be even more reluctant.

No. 130009

An acapella preview of Flusay Girls newest song:

and the lyrics:

>When the world has spoken one last time

>No more salvation for your kind
>When we resonate with glowing light
>Divination call's to put up a fight

These lyrics sound like whoever she's breaking up with is doomed to eternal damnation on Judgement Day or some shit.

No. 130117

It's difficult for me to accept that this woman is a mother

No. 130136

i fucking hate that song
why does every single weeaboo dance to this kiddy crap

No. 130142

a lot of the popular japanese dancers actually covered this dance/song

No. 130168

The way she was beckoning I honestly thought this'd be a pixyteri style '''gravure''' vid.

No. 130169

This girl's really cute but the net art editing is post-trend and cluttery. Reminds me of something Kiki'd do.

No. 130199

She's a mother???? does her parents take care of her baby?? how old is this weeaboo?

No. 130201

Those children are going to be so fucked up.

No. 130266

File: 1435780699927.jpg (716.59 KB, 1280x720, FuriFuri.jpg)

Furi Furi announced that their first dance cover will be up this Friday.

No. 130268

To the anon who seemed paranoid over Ririri's fanbase, don't worry. She seems to have more female fans if anything and a lot of dancers of nico usually are just hobby dancers and

Have another Melochin Ririri video if the first one wasn't cute enough for you

No. 130269

Last one, I promise

No. 130273


Well by the look of that photo, they didn't bother to sort out footwork and half are doing different things with their hands, also correct me if I'm wrong but I thought there was 6?

No. 130274

Isnt there 6 members of furi furi?
who is missing?

No. 130279

Kuri isnt it? She's hardly in any of their posts…

No. 130294

Yeah they leave her out of just about everything, place your bets on how long until she is either kicked out or leaves because of being bullied or something

No. 130297

Kuri's train was delayed and she unfortunately couldn't make the video filming. We wouldn't bully anyone in our group, we're a big family and Furi Furi wouldn't be the same if one of us were missing.

No. 130298

anon, sounds like you know some stuff going on behind the scenes. Spill?

No. 130299

Film another day or wait until she got there. You'd think it'd be necessary for her to be there since its the debut.

No. 130300

I agree
While I hate the video and the song is pretty shit. Amina pretty much had no control over this, she didn't even know when they were filming her for the music video which can explain why she looks so lost at some parts. I'm not inclined to judge her just yet, especially since they told her to use the voice that she is currently using instead of her natural voice. Hopefully as she becomes more popular and experienced she can start to be herself a bit more but right now I'm not impressed.

No. 130301

it also looks like she is the only one who didnt get to write a new post for their tumblr thing, they just copied and pasted her bio

No. 130302

Unfortunately this WAS the 'other day'
and trying to get 6 girls from around the UK all in the same place is really difficult and with our first public performance being this Saturday, we didn't have time.

No. 130303

that's a really terrible excuse, if this is your debut then all the members should be there, that and the fact that you all look off in this picture >>130266 really destroys the little bit of faith I had in your group.

No. 130304

it was before your rehearsals, which she was at you could have waited or done it during/after

No. 130305

>>130297 >>130302
Are you just lurking places that talk about idol groups? Because I saw you on cgl as well defending yourself or whatever when people were discussing your group.

No. 130306

When will weebs learn not to 'defend' themselves on here. It makes them look 10x worse especially with the excuse they are using.

No. 130307

yeah I agree with anons, it says very little about your dedication or the effort you put into your group if you couldnt be bothered to wait a bit to have a proper debut video rather than exclude her intentionally or not, its unprofessional >>130303 my faith is now lost too

No. 130309

You never thought about her feelings? You just care about time? It wasn't like she had purposely let you down.

No. 130311

Its probably that Rina girl from earlier in this thread, in her post on their site she says she does all the online shit and if theres any problems its her fault

No. 130312

File: 1435787777392.jpg (105.45 KB, 614x632, furiwithoutkuri.jpg)

Her train was delayed here too?

No. 130313

File: 1435787814825.jpg (38.82 KB, 599x337, whereskuri.jpg)

No. 130314

isn't that at their photoshoot ? she had to have been there cause she had photos taken in those weird hats too

No. 130316

if thats from the photoshoot its possible she was having her photos done, with the amount of girls theres bound to be a lot of sitting around waiting

No. 130317

Tbh I heard that Kuri was a bitch anyway I feel no sympathy at all

No. 130318

so the only group photo from the shoot they choose to post is the one without her ?

No. 130319

judging by the outfits this was before they filmed that video

No. 130320

the video which she is also not in

No. 130321

still a dick move. Take a photo at rehearsals instead.

No. 130322

Mmm well we don't really know what's going on with chemistry and stuff so my faith in this group hasn't disappeared yet

No. 130323

how many people think this is a disgruntled member anonymously voicing feelings

No. 130324


That wouldn't shock me after what I've heard about this group.

No. 130325

File: 1435788363705.png (557.93 KB, 638x640, furifuri.png)

on their instagram theres a photo of them all after rehearsals

No. 130326

so they just left her out of it all when they didnt need to

No. 130327

Yeah… you failed to notice that Kuri took this photo. But when the others take the photos she magically disappears.

No. 130328

Why are people speculating and starting rumours about a group that havent even properly debuted.

No. 130329

Another member of furifuri has arrived. And so it begins…

No. 130330

speculating or not they have a point that their debut no matter what should include them all, even dumb idols would know that

No. 130332

you cant properly debut with a member missing

No. 130333

That's true but then again I guess they haven't debuted? Or have they? I'm new to this whole western idol scene

No. 130335

the debut will be this video friday without a member

No. 130336

then I guess just count their first full dance as their debut?

No. 130337

The first cover is the debut. If it doesn't contain all members it will look unprofessional and time wasting.

No. 130338

Hunny, that's not how it works.

No. 130339

Oh okay mm I didn't know it worked like that I thought it'd be something like first original song would be a debut. Anyway something tells me something's not right with this group like.. Maybe it's not all black and white? I'm probably looking too deeply into this XD

No. 130340

It looks like a group has been thrown together by someone and they are now having petty arguments before debuting properly. This won't end well.

No. 130341

you cant debut twice, the first dance whatever it is with whoever, that is their debut as it's their first impression as performers

No. 130342

No. 130343

You can say that again though isn't that the same with all groups? I know when I do group projects it goes like that. You kinda just learn to get along?

No. 130344

a lot of groups come from friends wanting to do something together

No. 130347

File: 1435789405158.png (215.59 KB, 898x859, vfdvdzz.png)

Sorry for the bad quality. One of them was on the Convention Gaijin Idol/Cover Groups/Cover Soloist Thread on /cgl/ defending the group.

According to one of the members, they only record dances once they've perfected them.

No. 130348

No. 130349

but I heard this group was like made kinda like how they do in the k pop industry They like applied to join the group or something.

No. 130350


Well.. they're completely full of shit.

No. 130351

how can they consider missing an entire person 'perfected'

No. 130352

yeah, the guy who they applied to tried to make it a year ago with members such as himezawa and it fell to shit so he's trying again

No. 130355

Have you met them personally? Everyone here seems to talk from experience I kinda wanna beware just in case I like bump into them or something

No. 130357

Someone I know isn't fond of some of them…

No. 130358

Furi member fishing around

No. 130359

I've seen one at a convention. Didn't recognize her until people kept posting photos.

No. 130360

Oh I understand that like I've got a friend who's had bad experiences with wish that's their name right? Wish sisters?

No. 130361

teenage girls bitch about each other.

No. 130362

Very true but technically everyone bitches about everyone I mean look at us XD we can't really talk can we

No. 130369


what is the girl in purple doing?

No. 130370

I guess though we don't pretend to be friends haha

No. 130384

True though some of you seem pretty cool though.

No. 130393

File: 1435795859506.png (202.47 KB, 734x385, hbgvftcrd.png)

From the Jfashion/lolita/cosplay Instagram sharing thread.

No. 130394


No. 130405

Someone keeps bringing this group up but no ones discussed this natsu m@ster collaboration that cinnamon Purin and moe and mk dance are doing because it seems so promising

No. 130409

lol who, who, and who?

No. 130412

No. 130414

There are more??… Wow looking forward to seeing more of this…. The standards are so high too

No. 130452

File: 1435805840982.gif (796.67 KB, 500x385, padnw.gif)

Self posting more than confirmed.

No. 130809

I'm positive Rina is the one who's posting on behalf of Furi Furi

This video of her was posted in a cringe thread on /cgl/ and she tried to defend herself

She also tried to promote her instagram

>Rina currently manages the group's online presence applying her extensive knowledge of social networking to organise the groups online content.

No. 130814

her nose and chin are huge, fuckin weeaboo

No. 130851

Psst what's a weeaboo

No. 130854

>thinking this video is serious in any way

No. 130866

someone that likes anime too much
most of these girls try too hard to look like a anime girl and fail supremely almost every time

No. 130871

Ahh I see

No. 130876

weeaboo is the same as japanophiles, those people who think that japan is a holy ground where everything is perfect and happy and everyone would accept them as family (example: PT). Not the same as otaku (what you just described).

No. 130887

File: 1435881892179.jpg (37.3 KB, 960x639, OATIakJ.jpg)

>I was dared to do this by my friend, the whole thing is a joke
>I make it insanely obvious is was a huge joke.

Calling something a joke doesn't automatically make it funny, Rina.

No. 130899

if they like anime too much it counts too IMO they mostly mesh together
pixy doesn't know about japan, she just likes anime and thinks japan is anime IRL

No. 130901

This poor girl…

No. 131209

kawaii japanese aidoru desu ne !!!!

No. 131215

The dude looks so gay so LOL
Nevertheless, this is really entertaining. They're really good!

No. 131216

Her legs are like sausages.

No. 131219

Her voice is so fake
it hurts my ears

No. 131226

someone should take her kid away from her…
she can't raise her properly….

No. 131228

She cant be 26.Maybe shes lying about her age??

No. 131231

No. 131236

I thought this was a joke

No. 131238

No. 131256

Another video with her daughter

>Maya Wasn't feeling well so she decided to sit in my room and watch a DVD for a while =) usually she is asleep when i film videos XD

No. 131297

Another "cafe" group, Sugar Pink Cafe

No. 131300

And this is one of their members

No. 131384


Did you guys recognize popku (@POP) in these? She seems in fudanjuku these days. always being kinda tomboyish. i miss her miku hatsune days tho

No. 131441


I stand by my initial opinion, they really are shit.

No. 131444

I know one of the members was on this thread before, how many times did you rehearse this?

No. 131445

the middle girl has velociraptor arms…

No. 131453


No. 131454

Their not too bad, the dance is basic so I won't judge their dancing talent until I see them do something more complex. obviously there's things to improve on but I'm not expecting top notch "been trained since I was able to walk" dancing so we'll see.

No. 131455

you just said it yourself.
'the dance is so basic'
And they still make it look untidy and do different moves.

No. 131457

I think the common misconception here is that we can't really expect everything to be perfect and tbh because it's basic making it look sharp isn't the first thing that comes to mind with these dances. They have potential. They just need to be given a chance to get comfortable? I remember hearing that they were put together instead of knowing each other from before hand. It takes years to be in sync with people your performing with especially in dance, these girls probably had a couple of days or whatever. But yeah as I said it could have been better

No. 131463

if they managed to pull this off within a few hours then I'll be impressed.

No. 131477

well for a first cover, its not terrible, as mentioned, they were thrown together without knowing each other so its gonna take a while of getting used to each other, also filming in public for the first time is scary.
not bad, I see potential, at least the dancing is much more in time than some others first covers

No. 131480

Eh, I've seen worse, BUT they are shit for not even debuting with a main member, wtf? Tbh, they should have waited because they needed to practice a LOT more kek.

No. 131484

considering a member said they were only going cover dances when they thought they were perfect, it goes against what they say.

No. 131733

No. 131745

File: 1435964810853.gif (920.29 KB, 500x600, belle.gif)

KFC is quite an easy song to dance. One girl's timing is so off that it makes me want to punch a baby. It's not River, it's KFC, not Kamonegix or UZA.

No. 131765

which? they all seem pretty in time to me

No. 131771

File: 1435966587996.gif (14.08 MB, 643x351, furifuri.gif)

Not that anon, but imo Beth (far left) is really off, especially after the fourth minute of the video

No. 131831

So I may be thinking way too much into this, but didn't they say they had a member missing because her train was late and they couldn't wait any longer before filming?

It seems like they managed to perfect the movement of everyone without that sixth member very easily for not knowing she would be missing. I know it probably wasn't very difficult to reorganise people but it just some as though everyone knows just where they need to be, I would have expected it to be a bit more obvious they had a member missing. I was expecting to see where the member was supposed to be or a bit of confusion over the new movements as they swap places. Was the sixth member just stuck on the end and so it didn't really matter if she was missing?

No. 131870

File: 1435979296936.gif (7.23 MB, 667x324, 2.gif)

That's actually a really good point.
It's kinda hard to see where an extra person would be in this choreography. It's as if it was a 5-person dance to begin with.

Not sure if that means anything though.

No. 131900

Left in the front has zero energy whatsover, white girl in the back is always looking off like she is in her own little world, and glasses in the front on the right is looking at everyone else for some parts of the video which is distracting.

No. 131902

Glasses is off
and once again long hair in the front doesn't know what the fuck she is doing

No. 131956


kfc dance is so 2013 why they did that song

No. 131961

Why would you record the 'debut' dance the same day or just a few days before you upload? If they prepared it like let's say a week before, they could have stayed in the area together or something, practice so it wouldn't look off, and record with the 6th member.
If I was that member, I wouldn't want to be in such a group that acts professional but is not. They look like they don't need her? Well fine she can drop out. I could understand if it was later on for another dance.

They shouldn't have called it a debut then, because a debut showcases the whole group.
Like the other anon said, it's really.basic compared to their.other songs, so I guess it was the best one to do. It's like the basic bitch song.
Not gonna patronize them for that though, I myself prefer their older songs, so if I was an idoru I would want to cover River or Beginner or something.

No. 131980

they look so bad tbh
>one black and three overweight girls
ugh and their dancing…..

No. 131982

and the girl in the middle is so stiff

No. 132000

Actually you could very easily make this 6 > 5. In this gif >>131870 you can see that ginger girl thinks she's the middle girl, meaning the 6th member who isn't in the debut would be next to glasses. So there would be 3 at the back, 3 at the front, they travel in between each other. It's very simple and not rocket science to remove the end girl.

No. 132001

Same anon as above, but also they could've been rehearsing it as a 5 since they were bullying the 6th member.

No. 132002

the girl in the middle is trying to hard to be the 'kawaii favorite' shes not a good dancer and is trying to hard which makes it look really bad.

No. 132012

>bullying the 6th member
If they sent applications in, I wonder if they have a manager or leader who isn't dancing? If so, would they allow this behavior? I mean, wouldn't the manager tell them to wait, or practice the 5 dance so no one could be confused?

Poor Kuri, can't blame her for the train because she is trying, but probably she should invest in an earlier train.

No. 132016

Why do they always do creepy shit?

No. 132025

I searched furi furi a few weeks ago and found a man putting up an ad for them looking for dance teachers… I looked into this and found out he looks around 30. His name is 'Philip Achille'.

No. 132129

wow I just searched him andhe's a harmonica player? and tweets about missing kids..

No. 132130


The Wish Sisters have uploaded two videos without the third member.
Does she live too far away from them to meet up?

No. 132131

Maybe they had already filmed the videos before she had joined or something? it says theyre all london based on their page

No. 132134

Let's take a break from ugly weeaboos for a second.
So beautiful.

No. 132136

choa my queen

No. 132207

when I auditioned for that group they send you a demo contract or something and they tell you about ranks so because the new member is probably a low rank right now it doesn't mean she gets opportunities or something. I can't remember the actual phrasing of the contract but the higher rank you are the more opportunities.

No. 132211

I want Kuri to quit the group and go off on her own if there is bullying involved. No one should take that shit

No. 132220

That is absolute bullshit.
There are not nearly enough members for them to have "ranks" that just makes it like they are singling out the new member.

Contract? Seriously? They are not a professional group what the fuck would a contract do besides guilt trip people into being loyal to a weebish dance group. What if a better opportunity comes up for a member but they can't take it because of this fucking "contract" for a no way professional group

No. 132276

why are only two of them performing this weekend aswell?

No. 132284

Maybe the other one has other commitments?

No. 132285

could y'all possibly make a separate thread for Furi Furi

No. 132303

The Wish Sisters are not being very sisterly

No. 132330

File: 1436057417251.gif (13.16 MB, 659x374, perfected.gif)

If we were going to, should it be in /b/ or /pt/?
Have they done enough lulzy things to warrant an entire thread?

>one member (most likely Rina, as she's in charge of the group's social media) managed to almost ruin her group's image before they've even properly debuted

>promoted the group on /cgl/ and lolcow
>claimed they don't record their dances until they've perfected them
>defensive over criticisms that probably wouldn't have been as harsh if she hadn't come in here claiming their group is totally professional

I guess until they post more videos, we could discuss the members themselves if there is anything to discuss about them. Or maybe Rina will come in and continue to try to defend the group.

No. 132342

I'd think the coming in here to try and defend themselves was funny enough but the big thing is if they'll continue being this lulzy

No. 132372

Um, what abiut FaithChu? I've watched her since Jrcrotch said he liked her and thought she was cute for a black girl when he got under fire from comparing Amina(??) to a roach.

Tbh, I liked her older videos, but now I think she's trying to sing and dance at the same time and the quality went down since.

Since I found her commenting on Amina's shit on tumblr, I tried following her, but she's either boring or cringey. Using "XD" all the time.

What do y'all think? She's already 19 and only now deciding to be an idol, but she probably has potential of being….. Good?

One of her newer videos for reference.

No. 132375

versus One of her older ones

No. 132406

Jrcach doesn't consider black girls to be girls, apparently we're subhuman, I'm not sure how he could outwardly call this girl cute
Her nose is the size of texas and her eyebrows are shit. What the ever loving fuck?

No. 132407

he thought she what prettier than aminyan?im questioning his taste

No. 132408

sometimes he calls random ass black girls cute so he doesnt look racist

No. 132432

He never compared Amina to a roach. That was momo/himeka. Jrcach used to like ami.

No. 132451

My bad, that's why I had the question marks there in case I was wrong lol.

Either way, yh he called her cute, but Idk she ain't ugly either? With proper makeup I'm sure she can look a LOT better.

No. 132509

one of the most, if not the most beautiful Korean women I've seen

No. 132518

Wow and it doesn't look like she's had plastic surgery either. Amazing.

No. 132520


samefag + possible self-post

No. 132521

Faithchu has a twin sister and they've been around a long while both are cringe worthy imo hair eyebrows nd nose are tragic. anybody who uses xD still is a mess. Jrcach never liked any black girl he just would say that when he was about to bash a black girl or just Did.

No. 132522

if she did they did a fantastic job, one thing I hate is how obvious ps looks on some Koreans, especially on celebrities (aside from eyelids, the horrible nose job that kind up ends up looking like a dick)

No. 132523

>sees something they've never seen before
>self post
>can't tell whether a response was sarcastic or not
>has to be the same person

No. 132525


none of this has anything to do with aspiring idols

No. 132526

File: 1436079898828.jpg (42.53 KB, 400x600, rinaa3smaller.jpg)

She's pretty and all, but this is the wrong thread for her; she's not an idol.

>the big thing is if they'll continue being this lulzy
True, maybe it's best to hold off a new thread for a while until they have more content or whichever member is lurking here comes back to defend the group.


>"Resident meme queen"

No. 132566

Omg that girl…. is Jrcock's fan #1.

No. 132749

File: 1436125952630.jpg (74.02 KB, 720x960, 11705354_496627140501468_30293…)

This is probably a dumb idea so I apologize in advance,
but would it be worth the trouble to ask an admin if the person who first mentioned Furi Furi in this thread ( >>127620) is the same IP or location or whatever as the Furi Furi member trying to justify why they debuted without a member ( >>130297, >>130302)?

Just to confirm whether or not a member of the group was stupid enough to try and promote themselves on a site dedicated to making fun of people and then defend themselves

No. 132755

That'd be hilarious maybe even see if the person saying this too >>130317 if it isn't too much trouble

No. 132768

File: 1436130839532.jpg (74.06 KB, 640x640, 11379066_844844408936172_11750…)

Oh shit, good idea.

So, it needs to be confirmed whether these posts >>130317 >>127620 were made by the same person as >>130297 >>130302. Or would it be simpler to just ask for all posts that were made by the Furi Furi member?

Also, how does one go about requesting an admin to check…?

No. 132829

File: 1436142461647.jpg (65.5 KB, 576x1024, somefuriwithkuri.jpg)

They performed at a con talent show yesterday.
I hope someone recorded their performance; I'm wondering how their live would compare to their debut video.

No. 132830

apparently they sung too

No. 132863

I love how they get called out on bullying a kuri and then automatically include her in everything now. Poor girl probably doesn't even know why.

No. 132873

File: 1436147277007.jpg (59.17 KB, 360x640, image.jpg)

No. 132876

still kickin

No. 132877

Did she change her eyebrows because of the rejection? Her eyebrows were better on her other pictures.

No. 132878

No. 132883

Well considering I posted the OP: >>127620 You'd be wasting your time. And excuse me for posting about a new idol group under the idol group thread. Y'all are getting way too paranoid for your own good. Clutching at straws trying to create drama about a group that has barely debut lol. Are you that desperate for drama?? Go outside

No. 132884

Furi. She looks like some JROCK band member now.

No. 132885

>>132509 She looks like a ladyboy.

No. 132902

You're complaining about drama…on lolcow

No. 132903

her dancing is alright but why does she always use music by this awful group?

No. 132911

You probably look like Mama June but no one's saying anything :^)

No. 132985

the girl in red is the girl in shorts from this video >>93309

No. 133228

nobody cares

No. 133266

Did you edit her in?

No. 133326

she was already in. the original is on the instagram

No. 133337

We found a Kuri!

No. 133338


Where the hell are you seeing her? All I see is Rina with a half assed fringe in the ring.

No. 133351

File: 1436224600603.png (267.46 KB, 365x593, furifurihasnokuri.png)

No. 133352


maybe it was edited..

No. 133387

Guys I can confirm that the picture was taken with Kuri, I actually spotted them at LAGC and not spied but kinda watched their chemistry for a while.

No. 133468

File: 1436235673724.jpg (128.46 KB, 600x600, flusay.jpg)

>Currently a Stay at home mum, I'd like to work more online with youtube (I love making videos) and music which are my hobbies but I'd really like to find where my future profession might be. For now I just need to focus more and figure it out

I don't know whether to encourage her endeavors with Flusay Girls just so she'll create more shit like >>92566 or to tell her to quit the weeby idol shit and get a job so she can support her daughter and move out of her parents' house.

No. 133485

I gotta admit, she looks really young for a mom.

No. 133729

middle girl has potential

No. 133827

I'm all for people following their dreams (within reason) but she's 26 and has a child. She needs to let this wannabe idol stuff go, get an education and get a job so she can make a better life for herself and her daughter. She needs to stop playing make believe at this point.

No. 133849

Do you think she'll get her daughter involved in dances when she is old enough?

The japanese dancers that are children seem to have loads of views so it wouldn't surprise me if she tried to get more views that way.
Mother and daughter aidoru unit?

No. 133850

even her room is that of a 14 year old.

it's sad. she really needs to grow up. you can still be kawaii in your spare time, just get a real job.

or at least like get a husband or something.

No. 133851

imagine her daughter when she grows up….
she's going to need lots of therapy

No. 133859


Her parenting is still better than Margo's

No. 134126

Yeah, she could almost be lolcow material:
>unemployed and living with her parents
>started a net idol group with a bunch weeby teenagers
(though I'm not really sure what her goal is with Flusay Girls, like if she's trying to become famous/popular or if it's just a hobby or whatever)
>is the song writer, composer and mixer, producer, and video editor for all of Flusay Girls' songs and videos and is shit at all of them
but I don't want her daughter to end up messed up because mommy's too busy being kawaii on the internet to take care of her

Her daughter shows up in this video at 3:30 (this video is from 2 years ago)

No. 134135

because having a kid and being a crazy single mom is so kawaii desu

No. 134141

idk, who am I to say she should stop what she does because she's old by the jcomm standards? At least she has her youngish features to work with
Some people get into the whole weeb thing late, or they just like it from childhood.
Tbh, the only thing that upset me bit is that she doesn't have a proper job.
Not going to fault her for living with her mom because some cultures basically keep their kids in for financial reasoning and familial reasons. Idk if her mom wants her there or not.
Probably she can take some online college courses and see what she wants with her life.

No. 134250

please give this bitch her own thread

No. 134263


You make it seem like being a single mom is a bad thing, but I guess you're those types that enjoy sucking on daddy's dick, huh?

No. 134267

…you must be a single mom, huh?

No. 134271

didn't know single moms browsed this site

No. 134397

what the hell is that outfit? nightgown, moccasins and don't forget a backpack??? how the fuck does any of that go together

No. 134532

The thing is that she's too immature to be a mother.

No. 134781

someone seems asshurt
being a single just-out of-teenage mom is a bad thing and shows that they are clearly incapable of making good decisions or maintaining or choosing good relationships
btw bringing up that daddy thing out of nowhere is kind of strange and makes it seem you have a fetish for it or something

No. 134816


So… now we make a thread for each girl that has been on MTV's teen mom? That sounds like we would need an entire board for them.

What makes her a perfect lolcow candidate? Just asking.

No. 134830

the fact that she makes videos of herself dancing in japanese schoolgirl outfits in bare feet and messy hair while her kid hangs off the edge of a bed
how is that not lolcow worthy?
are you her or something?

No. 135096

The English in this is horrendous. Couldn't they get a native to scan over it. Christ
I ask me who am I

No. 135200

what was the chemistry like

No. 135213

I saw them at LAGC too, they seemed to all get along really well and all seemed lovely. My friend was in the talent show and said one of them had a panic attack backstage and a member went out and got her friend/boyfriend to help calm her down, not sure which one that was though

No. 135240

>dat auto tune
>dat bad english
>dat bad production
>dat everything

Holy shit man

No. 135304

Everywhere I see you here
Every step I do, you're in front of me
Everything I can hear can bring me back to reality

this is so inspiring. my tearz

No. 135316

At most it vaguely sounds like a love letter to a stalker wtf

No. 135331

>>135096 *But now my love is in pain
I cut my heart with the help of a knife*

No. 136368

No. 136410

Another inactive idol project, Fransuno!Project, with only one unit named SweetnesS.

Shame they're inactive; this actually sounds pretty nice (at least, compared to other groups in this thread)

No. 136428

at least they're not singing in broken japanese

No. 136514

They need more practice, practice and even MORE practice.

No. 136515

Also they fucked up the whole dance, gotten tired literally half way through and most of them are either forgetting parts or just half-assing it.

No. 136530

jesus-sama? i didn't know you used the internet or frequented this site

No. 136793

My child, I am everywhere. This site is a canvas for souls that needs to be saved…..badly.

No. 136888

Same group with more dancers lol

No. 136890

There's more.

No. 136920

jesus i'm dying!!!

No. 136921


No. 136923

These obese girls are pretty disturbing

No. 136965

Some things were off but they did better than fortune cookie. And not all of them were off

No. 136968

I disagree, Ikuze Kaito Shojo (Shoujo?) looks too messy, KFC looks slightly more organized, despite the timing problems.
Also, Momoiro Clover Z choreographies tend to be waaay more challenging because of the stamina required. I call this an unfortunate song choice. The member that played Kanako couldn't jump very high, so the "Kanako Jump" made her look really heavy and unathletic, I would choose someone different in the group to play her.

No. 136969

which one is the jumper?

No. 136971

no body else has noticed that rina replied to a family member/another account of hers?

No. 136973

File: 1436805425863.png (14.72 KB, 506x176, rinasrelative.png)

forgot to attach how i found that video (went onto the person who commented videos and found a video which looked very similar to Rina not sure if its 100% her)

No. 137209

Jesus this is the most embarrassing shit I've seen in a while.

No. 137210


There are like, one or two decent girls but they sadly get overshadowed by just cringe from everyone else.

No. 137211

File: 1436839332430.jpg (87.19 KB, 960x720, 11741846_1103996632948667_2676…)

This girl is Japan right now performing, there is only a 5 second clip of her on stage so I don't know how well she did.

No. 137235

isn't this dwarfchan?

No. 137248

reminds me a bit of a skinny PT

No. 137333

that's the girl who talked shit about aminyan but went right along and did the same thing she's doing. she's like 24 lol.

No. 137349

Did she talk shit about Aminyan? Because apparently she got to Japan and was able to secure a live because of connections that she had with her. It's kinda shitty if she's going to talk shit about someone but use them to get popular at the same time.

No. 137350

File: 1436875580848.png (343.97 KB, 616x464, 1371740549959.png)

Yes she is,she's also the same girl who begged for money to go to Japan to see her favorite idol and then posted her nudes on /b/


No. 137453

Yeah aminyan posted about it but deleted it. She would talk tons of shit about aminyan but used her connections to perform at the same places and try to be buddy buddy now…she's super annoying.

No. 137767

File: 1436915573799.jpg (75.55 KB, 720x960, 11214242_892944474097937_74571…)

>Begs for money to go to Japan for free.

>Then Anime Weekend Atlanta sends her as an idol representative for the Haneda International Anime Music Festival where she is seen performing here.


>And now she is Japan for free, a third time after winning the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival

I'm a little impressed.

No. 137778

File: 1436916331573.jpg (63.66 KB, 500x505, face.jpg)

jeez how old is she?

No. 137780

sauce on nudes

No. 137783

File: 1436916845172.jpg (440.25 KB, 1280x960, 1346543160943.jpg)

No. 137787

just google dwarfchan

No. 137790


how do these fuckers get away with this?

No. 137793

holy shit her tits are huge

No. 137800

wasn't she like 16 when she posted those nudes

I kinda remember dwarfchan isn't she half Filipino?

No. 137804

File: 1436918966092.jpg (74.52 KB, 640x960, 16788_535727433237472_80310828…)

Massive dick sucking I assume

Nah dude, she's like as white a curdled milk

No. 137810

Around 24 I thought

No. 137817

way too old to be acting like this

No. 137827

she is 21 now so I've been told

No. 137835

File: 1436923198379.jpg (169.67 KB, 1356x1365, 1418676604882.jpg)

Pretty sure she's 23

No. 137845

File: 1436924602687.png (101.38 KB, 240x240, tumblr_inline_ng8gua6bL01qk8x8…)

No. 137893

Just talked to a guy who almost dated her, she was 14 in her nudes and is turning 22 soon

No. 137903

>>do u guys know any idol group that r good?

Why is this shit not in /b/? How is any of this shit lolcow at all? All western idol groups are autistic and weeb as fuck. Hobby for no-talents who thirst for weeb fame

No. 137925

is she fucking retarded?

No. 137952

Where Did she make fun of aminyan? She has a twitter? She looks like she's about to hit 40..

No. 137961

idk where but amina has mentioned it several times in her statuses

No. 137964

Yea I saw those statuses I was so curious about who she was talking about.

No. 138102

File: 1436980276706.png (26.05 KB, 509x285, hayleyshade.png)

here she mentions that the girl who bullied her performed at Haneda International Airport Festival (HAF) and is now performing at Akiba SIXTEEN and makes a point to say she is NOT her friend

No. 138109


She's 26… how is that just out of teen?

No. 138111

That's pretty messed up. Even in Japan she can't escape bullying. I really want to know this woman's issue with Amina. What's compelling her to harass her?

No. 138127

>tfw no idol/aidorus with actual non annoying high pitch voices.

No. 138129

jealousy most likely

No. 138226

I remember when jrcach started spamming plp about aminyan cause she was on a jp TV show he started bashing her with this foreign girl I'm wondering if that's the same girl.

No. 138262

File: 1437005874483.png (274.65 KB, 842x519, cottagecheese.png)

yeah she's definitely talking about her

No. 138266


That's kinda sad

No. 138267


probs cos she's black and kawaii while she's white and fugly

her whiteness is the only fab thing japs would like

No. 138269


Not sure what's sad about it, pale skin is a high beauty standard in Asia, and Japan is all over that shit. Japan loves white gaijin women, this isn't breaking news.

No. 138275

She's just like Micky with the whole ~so pale, so white~ thing.
You can see here >>137804 she isn't that light. She just abuses filters. I also don't get why she thinks being oogled by Japanese people is special, they do that to every nonjapanese person.

No. 138304

So is she trying to be an idol? Or she just went to perform and she's going home? Under a company?

No. 138306

Lol thought the same thing

No. 138333

Moved to >>>/b/16081.

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