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Townhall Chat on Friday, March 20 @ 2PM GMT

File: 1580391037836.jpeg (232.66 KB, 750x1178, D1D4896D-DC71-4BAC-A30C-46C320…)

No. 753753

Fahr Sindram / FahrlightLoki Anonymous 4 years ago No. 156500


Fame-thirsty cosplayer with delusions of grandeur, tries to conceal that the only publisher that prints her "manga" is actually owned by her family.

Denies photoshopping, begs for donations for rent, vet bills, and now she claims to be trans and gets donations for all medical costs relating to it, threatens suicide if followers don’t donate.(shit thread)

No. 753755

File: 1580391495936.png (2.69 MB, 750x1334, CBE5026D-97EF-4E9D-A97A-38BEEB…)

What a surprise… something went wrong with the appointment!

No. 753757

File: 1580391526328.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 5C65EB38-F466-49B7-98F2-6B63E1…)

No. 753761

her dyslexia? i get that she's german but, ahhh, you know, if you're going to LARP as a dude then get your dysphoria in order..

No. 753773

that’s not how it works, but ok. They totally weren’t ready

No. 753782

Well, it will be interesting to see if Fahr really does lop her tits off on the 9th.

Query for German anons, is elective surgery typically scheduled for Sunday in Germany? It is fairly unusual in the US.

No. 753820

no, dyslexia is correct when making mistakes with letters and numbers and marking things down wrong.

No. 753919

No, it’s unusual over here too.
Scheduled surgeries usually happen on a weekday mornings as there are less physicians working on weekends and they’re only meant to be there in case of emergency and to monitor patients that were admitted/had surgery.
From my experience, even if you got admitted with let’s say an (not severe) appendicitis on a Sunday they’ll try to postpone surgery until Monday morning, simply because there will be much more personnel present.

No. 754147

gotta check you didn't write the wrong date again then

No. 754151

Yeah, it basically confirms my personal theory regarding this.

No. 754494

File: 1580562920835.png (240.23 KB, 750x1334, F1BB8372-444B-4ECC-93E0-8816C4…)

The other day she posted the name of the hospital. I looked it up. They’re not open on Sundays.

No. 754511

Welp, RIP her donors' Euros then. Should have known better based on past behavior.

No. 754533

it doesn't mean you sub in completely different words. try again. fahr is just an idiot.

No. 754680

Numbers would be dyscalculia, not dyslexia

I wonder what fahr will pull as an excuse when the surgery date comes and goes

No. 754992

nayrt they meant dyslexia/dyscalculia is messing up spellings and stuff, dysphoria is when your self-image doesn't match your appearance to the point that it causes you distress, which is what trans people get surgery/hormones/etc to alleviate

No. 755034

File: 1580738583528.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, E30D15ED-CA41-4B24-84FA-A1A53B…)

No. 755037

i know what the words mean lol it's why i called her out. this is the first time she's ever said anything about dyslexia, she doesn't have it. just stop.

No. 755038

She really is insufferable. Can't wait for next Sunday to roll around so we can see her new boobs!

My prediction: She will bind herself really tightly and say she had it done.

No. 755044

We do know she’s good with photoshop, so I’m guessing that will be involved as well.

No. 755045

File: 1580740982445.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, E6A6BB71-DBE9-4079-8A29-F04C55…)

But she’s in too much pain daily to hold down a job.

No. 755087

Why does she even hold AMAs if she's not gonna answer anything

No. 755630

Yeah but the person who said this seems to be confused:
>if you're going to LARP as a dude then get your dysphoria in order..

No. 756115

File: 1581112473761.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, D5DB30CA-A9D6-4E3C-B7C2-8A6D72…)

She’s being reborn on Tom’s birthday!

No. 756286

LOL. She's doubling down on getting her ~surgery~ on a Sunday, apparently.

No. 756298

File: 1581185911350.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200208-101858.png)

Wonder if this is legit but interesting for "Customer not present"

No. 756305

Oh, so that’s why she says the surgery is on a Sunday. “I didn’t choose the date, the surgeon did!” My ass.
My tinfoil is that the surgery is probably on Monday and she just wants to claim it’s been on Tom’s birthday.

No. 756306

Looks like legit to me. It's pretty normal for medical practices to be pre-authorization to charge on a specific date.

No. 756312

It's usually the option used for auditing purposes when payment is made over the phone. Given the envelope behind it, i assume they posted it out.

No. 756327

She claims they’re admitting her the night before because the surgery is so early. Is that typical in the UK?

No. 756336

Anon from the UK working in hospital. Nope it's not. Usually you are admitted on the day of surgery. Patients who are first to go in theatre will be asked to come at 7am for prep.
There is absolutely no reason why we would hold up a much needed bed for an entire night.
Now if it's plastic surgery, not sure at all but don't see why they would get her in a night before, it's not a hotel.

No. 756339

You are probably right. I have been trying to think of why she keeps lying about this and doubling down, and I keep forgetting what a stalker she is about Hiddleston.

Again, I guess we'll see if she actually gets her tits removed. (I think she will back out, if she actually has a surgery scheduled.)

No. 756344

Not in the UK but in Scandinavia you can be admitted the night before, had a family member that depending on how early they would go in had the option of getting admitted the previous night.

No. 756428

Spire Murrayfield is a private hospital so it'll be different from typical UK hospitals.

No. 756455

Maybe she paid extra for an overnight stay and Tom’s birthday, since it wasn’t her money anyway.

No. 756459

My friend got a top Surgery in GB and she had to be there the day before aswell for some last talks, tests, etc.
Personally not UK but I got plastic surgery and also had to came in a day early

No. 756479

File: 1581273679884.png (3.14 MB, 750x1334, 83FDF7A9-F60C-43EB-90F0-860669…)

No. 756482

she's sick. this is the weirdest thing to me because she is not trans, she wants to be tom hiddleston and whatever doctor signed off on this is a real asshole. all you have to do is google her. anyone can see that she's delusional.

No. 756532

She's probably living under her real name, very disconnected from the online bullshit that would incriminate her.
At least that's my first guess. It's sadly more realistic to think they probably don't care if she can afford the procedure.

No. 756559

all I can say is yikes

No. 756588

What do you mean? Fahr Sindram IS her real name, there is no hiding

No. 756597

File: 1581334301755.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, AC0148D3-1CFA-4F75-8D77-FA29CD…)

Last week she did one of her “ask me anything” things. Someone asked if she worries she’ll regret the surgery and she flipped out on them saying they already asked the same question and they’re obviously a transphobe. Now, a week later, she’s bringing it up again. And then throwing in the thing about being cut open to make it sound like this person is currently attacking her, even though it was a week ago. Desperate to be a victim.

No. 756662


This is ridiculous. So she's saying that she had surgery a day ago and is already allowed to go home?!
No way any responsible hospital would do that.
You have to stay at least 2/3 days to make sure the stitches don't tear and it won't get infected.
Also you will probably vomit a lot and won't be in the mood for Instagram attention whoring.
Source: had a friend undergone this kind of procedure.

100% pocketed the monkey

No. 756681

File: 1581370422406.png (190.55 KB, 2004x758, Runningfahrwiththemoney.png)


The hospital that receipt in >>756298 doesn't even offer gender reassignment treatments or the bilateral breast reduction that FtM get.

Even in the list of cosmetic procedures, they only offer reduction to remove excess tissue, not complete removal.

No. 756682

Meant to add, the masectomy option is only available as an elective surgery for those at risk of breast cancer and need to go through a consultation to ensure this is the correct choice - all taken from the hospitals page itself

No. 756687


Also you are not allowed to raise your arms because the stitches could tear easily.

Who the hell believes the cap she throws around.

No. 756689

This is very clearly a hospital gown and a hospital bed though

No. 756692

Not necessarily a hospital bed.
The hospital gown can be purchased off of Amazon for <10 bucks.
(As is the oxygen mask that hasn't really been explained. It's an oxygen mask usually used in an ER… )

No. 756693

Take a look at any munchie thread, this is easily faked by buying equipment online. Eli used to photoshop scars onto himself and badly remove his eyebrows

No. 756697

It's funny that she's the mirror gender swap of every 30-something moron guy dressed like a Spice Girls reject, who thinks he can become an IRL loli anime character.

No. 756709

Their site is dumb to navigate but if you look up specific doctors it provides another list of procedures that doctor can perform. I'm too lazy to try to comb through the Edinburgh site tho, especially with everything being behind an inquiry wall

No. 756718

File: 1581388884820.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, 4CA47C61-916F-4776-B53F-EF4FBC…)

No. 756794

File: 1581433434212.jpeg (104.74 KB, 900x900, 753A8548-6ACF-4FBA-B501-E5617E…)

Me watching Fahr being exposed after she’s been giving the evidence to expose herself like

No. 756795

wouldn't she have still have drains in her chest at this point? she's already got them out and is onto the compression wrap?

not sure i buy this yet but if she's stupid enough to mutilate herself to live the thorki lifestyle 24/7 then i'm glad she's gradually removing herself from the gene pool.

No. 756798

No fucking way in hell that the one with the oxygen mask is legit. If she is conscious and well enough to hold and operate her phone like that, she wouldn’t require the mask.

>This is ridiculous. So she's saying that she had surgery a day ago and is already allowed to go home?!
No way any responsible hospital would do that.
>You have to stay at least 2/3 days to make sure the stitches don't tear and it won't get infected.

Not really. Top surgery patients usually go home the same day or the day after. Staying >2 days is actually rather unusual.
You don’t necessarily throw up either. That usually only happens when you don’t tolerate the anesthesia or the pain meds well. They also give you some antiemetics in advance sometimes.

Yeah, drains usually stay in for at least 3-5 days.

So much about this whole thing is extremely fishy.

No. 756839

Well… this seems legit to me, she took her boobs off. She's really sick, she ain't trans. Now we must wait till the day she regrets it and try to kill herself

No. 756885

well… I hope that won't happen… you can say about fahr whatever you want but I really hope she won't try to kill herself :/(:/)

No. 756992

File: 1581517095222.jpg (590.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200212-221801.jpg)

No. 757004

Why doesn’t she have drains?

No. 757009

Drains are usually optional, she probably didnt get them because they do not look nice on those "look at my top surgery" instagram stories

No. 757130

it's still up in the air if this is real. she could just be wearing a dirty binder. remember we still aren't 100% if that surgery can even be performed at that hospital.

No. 757161

Drains are not always necessary for smaller procedures. How much breast tissue was removed? I'm not super familiar with this person's boobs, but if they were small to begin with that could be why there are no drains.

Sorry for blog, but I had a lot of skin removed after weight loss, and I only had drains at my hips for my tummy tuck - they didn't give me drains for the boobs. I know it's a different procedure, but it could be a valid explanation.

Still loony, though.

This criticism is correct. Any breast/chest surgery will come with the directive to not lift your arms past your shoulders for at least 2-3 weeks, or until the stitches come out. Have somebody else take your hospital bed photos, if you must have them, otherwise all that money will be wasted when the stitches tear!

The oxygen in that photo is supplemental. Lots of people who have surgeries and are conscious and well still have them for a few hours after surgery while the anesthesia wears off and they're keeping an eye on you.

No. 757214

File: 1581562507956.jpeg (192.31 KB, 750x1067, 8F649227-43CB-40E6-B7BB-4FDD5C…)

Her boobs were huge.

No. 757264

Wait the binder changed. In the second image it doesn't have a front closure necessary to take the item on and off.
She's already holding the phone at a high angle, did she really decide to change her own binder and pull one over her head, risking the stitches tearing?

No. 757267

File: 1581584089383.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1394, 61D0D54D-022D-4C8E-BEA6-C688EC…)

Yeah, that may apply to the oxygen tube in that photo. I was talking about the actual mask in the one that hasn’t been posted.

No. 757285

It might be fastened it the back, if someone is helping her clean or change or smth
The thing underneath is bloody so I guess that needs to be changed now and then.
Her arm also isn't above her shoulder, and I'd guess she's using one of those handheld tripods

No. 757305

File: 1581609722284.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, A5E4BA88-0C2F-4613-9818-F4BCAC…)

No. 757306

I hate to WK but it looks like she has iodine staining on her shoulders.

No. 757331

idk guys, I think she had the surgery. Either Fahr is trans, or incredibly dedicated to this act.

No. 757338

Pretty sure it's legit by now. That being said, if you pay for it yourself you will always find a doctor who will chop off your tits even without a gender dysphoria diagnosis.

No. 757343

File: 1581621148782.jpg (340.4 KB, 1080x1364, Screenshot_20200213-141257_Ins…)

The real fahr. This is what happens when a tumblr fag hits 40

No. 757349

>>757338 Yeah I definitely don’t think she’s trans. Just a couple years ago she said her depression was from a doctor giving her the wrong medication at one point and it caused her to have depression. She insisted on that for years. Then it was that she’s trans and surgery will fix her depression. What she needs to do is get some real psychiatric help.

No. 757364

this facial expression makes me sad

No. 757375

Agreed. There are plenty of psychiatric disorders that come with body dysmorphia, and I do believe she is unwell, but not trans. Her bust was quite big, I can easily see how it might have caused her discomfort. For her sake, I hope she can live with what she's done years down the road, but she definitely needs actual psychiatric care.

No. 757382

that is the face of regret good god. She's def not trans but that just screams this thing I was certain to help me did shit for all on how I actually feel.

No. 757405

When did she drop the whole intersex act?

No. 757411

Holy shit. The last time I saw her she didn't look that wasted…

No. 757418

Well, I mean she just had major surgery and is probably on some decent quality painkillers.

Man, I do not think she is trans (like at all) and like someone else said above, that is the face of regret. I actually feel sickened by this.

No. 757469

Christ. I realize she always shooped her face, but she must have gained 30 pounds since her prime. At this point, nobody is going to think this overstuffed dumpling is a man, even after a complete mastectomy.

No. 757499

File: 1581654584505.jpg (557.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200214-122738.jpg)

No. 757510

she looks like a MtF now.. tragic

No. 757540

YIKES. I'm sorry, I'm completely new to this cow, has she been taking any hormones? Or even lived her life as a man for an extended period before all this? (not as loki)

No. 757548

no lemme greentext

>started as a lolita years ago

>known for taking 2deep5u pictures of herself in ghetto areas and at mcdonalds with posed actors
>regarded as pretentious twat due to her "i'm da beauty in dis ugly world" attitude
>becomes obsessed with loki
>starts cosplaying loki (despite not really cosplaying before)
>slowly leaves lolita and becomes a loki cosplayer exclusively
>suddenly is trans
>actually nvm is intersex and was always primary a man and not a woman
>crowdfunds for boob removal

all during this time she was also "oh so disabled" and "oh so poor/homeless" and "irl loki" and you know the drill. but yea basically she's nuts and one of those cows who thinks that anything she's said has happened in a vacuum so she can just change it when she wants.

No. 757574

She also started out saying she didn’t have dysphoria. Then she suddenly had dysphoria and it was so bad she had to quit her job and ebegged to pay bills.
And not only did she never present as male before this, she dressed in super-feminine Lolita and said that it wasn’t a costume, it was her own personal fashion.

No. 757577

I can't wait until she realizes this trans bullshit isn't for her and tries to detransition.

No. 757630

Getting surgery doesn't mean you're trans, it just means you had enough money to manipulate a surgeon into mutilating body. She'll regret this in a few years tops.

No. 757665

Anon, fahr first appeared with her cringy manga "losing Neverland" back in 06

No. 757716

She’s only been on hormones for 5 months >>697214

Little masculinization has taken place and I haven’t seen any videos of her voice dropping at all. Is she extremely unlucky with genetics or something? She said once she had top surgery and she got a deeper voice, she believed she would pass as a man.

No. 757743

Tbh she probably will pass as a guy, she's not very feminine looking when unshooped
Her voice is very feminine tho, but that should drop on T I guess

No. 757785

no one ever does anyhow. trans men always have eyes that are too small and close set; centered in the face. even buck angel looks like this. fahr is just mutilating herself because she's a munch and a thorki erotic roleplayer who takes it to irl.

tragic, really, and a cautionary tale. she's killing herself on the installment plan because she likes to play tom hiddleston dressup. what a fucking world.

No. 757795

i fucking forgot about that shit because it was so long ago. her lolita days were pretty notorious and kind of drowned out everything else from before.

No. 757813

Fahr isn't a munch, she's obsessed with men and draws yaoi like any other basic straight girl. I kind of get the feeling that she's got distaste for women in general, she tries to act feminist but she's very negative about them.

No. 757842

sorry, should have stated the munchie bit was jmo. transing and being a munchie are the same, along with anorexia/bulimia, just different expressions of the same disordered thinking. again, just my opinion.

No. 757858

I think Fahr is just incredibly dedicated to this act since it’ll probably get her more money. With no tits, she can ride the Hiddleston dick party with no thought to herself!

Still can’t convince me she’s trans tho

No. 757890

File: 1581790467673.jpg (191.66 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20200216-021016__01…)

No. 757895

Man, i can't believe she turns 40 next year and this is what she does online

No. 757896

Congratulations, you’re a more androgynous flabby NEET now than you were before surgery. What a triumph.

No. 757977

File: 1581823447647.jpg (493.47 KB, 1080x1920, 20200215_192447.jpg)


No. 757988

>toxic positivity

Imagine being this fucking pathetic at 40

No. 757989

She has ED now? lmao

No. 758036

Funny how lopping off her tits is fine, but the one and only thing that could make her slightly androgynous is somepletely off limits.

No. 758060

This looks like a freak yaoi cosplay of teen Snape, with sallow skin, greasy hair, and unattractive, once again mauled/gangbanged by the Marauders.

No. 758077


ngl, "tormented angsty teenage Snape" is a pretty funny and horrifying cosplay idea. fahr'll probably jump on it immediately.

No. 758083

okay, then. fat NEET it is.

No. 758362

you know she had to do it to em

No. 758436

File: 1582006892920.jpg (409.19 KB, 1080x1650, Screenshot_20200218_072001.jpg)

…. Again

No. 758482

File: 1582029720942.jpg (15.04 KB, 552x168, 86802383_3490521131021653_3862…)

This was one of the picture she posted… atleast its not overly photoshopped

No. 758492

Man, imagine mutilating yourself in order to look more like an actor. If I were Tom H I would try and get a restraining order, because this is crazy and she is crazy.

No. 758505

Literally the only resemblance is that they are two white people and she copys his get up from a movie role.

No. 758604

Jesus this is so sad. Get a life, Fhar.

No. 758853

File: 1582166881021.jpg (876.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200220-104559.jpg)

No. 758968

she looks her age now

No. 758983

Oh my god is that Tom Hiddleston?

No. 759005

The manliest of men.

Narrator: She did not look like a man at all, but bore a strong likeness to a 40-year-old hausfrau.

No. 759022

the real dysphoria is starting to set in now.

No. 759036

File: 1582220540799.png (628.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200220-184129.png)

she looks so busted

No. 759046


This is such a waste of actual nice big boobs. I’m genuinely sorry for her if/when this transtrender thing is over and she realizes no type of implant is every going to replicate what she paid money to ruin. Maybe tho by then she’ll be 50 and old and it won’t matter

No. 759048


She doesn’t have masculine facial proportions and will need thousand of $$$$$ in facial implants, hairline adjustment ect for her to realistically look like TH in any way. I truly feel sorry for her, this shit isnt a game and she can’t really go back now. Just off the top of my head I’d say she needs minimally brow + cheek implants, maybe chin reshaping with fillers which is probably a good 5-10,000 surgery right there.

No. 759067

I'm pretty sure most big name actors have people that look into crazy fans to ensure the safety of the person. Imagine being the person that has to keep on top of this circus.

No. 759112

fahr 100% has erotic target location errors. she's not trans, she's an autoandrophiliac, but it only extends to tom hiddleston.

No. 759119

This. Plus even if she starts hormones, it's not a guarantee her fave will get more angular in the same places or look more like Tom Hiddleston. She is going to end up looking like a weird inbetween tranny probably even less than TH than she used to when she cosplayed him.

No. 759138

Betting she becomes the next Oli London.

No. 759160

File: 1582252748528.jpeg (53.12 KB, 662x960, 31641624-2C77-4071-A631-F71694…)

Your skull develops in childhood/adolescence, so no amount of hormones is going to give her the prominent brow ridge/ocular rim/chin/ect even the most uwu bishonen pretty boi cismen all have. Unless her parents gift her 10,000+ dollars (or whatever equivalent Deutschmarks) she’s fucked, she will never look like the object of her desire and will always have extreme self-hatred although it will be interesting to see if she’s smart enough to realize why or just blame on general “dysphoria”

No. 759208

File: 1582267766489.jpg (Spoiler Image, 699.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200221-012238.jpg)

Her boobs now.

No. 759217


I've never seen anyone with dysphoria show off their breasts like that, even if they're just a thing of the past. Even taking a picture of them and keeping it is weird. She's really fucked up and will realize it later.

No. 759236

She looks like….just a middle aged, slightly butch German woman! How is it possible that she looked more masculine when she was younger and Lolita?

She has already been on hormones that past 5 or 6 months. Most trans men see significant changes in the first couple months yet this is Fahr almost half a year in.

I really am concerned about that. Her obsession with Tom, her prior bad physical shape and health, almost no effects from HRT and now lopping off her breasts so soon. The dysphoria will terrible and it doesn’t seem like she has any genuinely caring support system to deal with what is going to happen. I know she’s an asshole but I wouldn’t wish that kind of Hell on anyone.

No. 759255

RIP to a pair of decent looking tits.

No. 759266

Nothing about her is remotely masculine. Still looks like a German woman with rough features.

No. 759275

hopefully the nipples don't die and fall off.

No. 759317

When I met Fahr in the mid 2000s she was fame and attention thirsty like you wouldn't believe, far far more than what could be considered normal. Imo cosplaying Loki and getting some recognition from the Hollywood star who plays him is the closest she ever got to actual fame, and that's why this shit is in her head 24/7 now. Wonder what went wrong in her life that she turned out like this.

No. 759365

Problem is that the bit of recognition she got made her into a worse person who pushed away almost every single person who genuinely cared about her.
I alps knew her in 2009/10 and she was obnoxious and a bit desperate but not a terrible person and she had people around her I would describe as friends. Now she has no one left apart from some insta kiddies who will never really help her if the crisis is hitting. And the crisis is imo getting closer each day. I'm getting really worried tbh.

No. 759366

Something seems very off about the arms in the after picture… They look like little twigs

No. 759367

File: 1582324454691.png (6.6 KB, 637x233, fr.png)

Did she delete her instagram??

No. 759368

>How is it possible that she looked more masculine when she was younger and Lolita?
I think she has the opposite physiology to Tess Holliday, she's somebody who gets a round puffy face the instant she gets overweight.

No. 759369


Seems to be gone. Makes me wonder if anything Fahr's posted the last few days has broken any ToS?

No. 759370

File: 1582325430522.jpg (632.72 KB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20200221-234848_Ins…)

nah not gone… just changed the name

No. 759389

Because she doesn't work and has waaay too much time, so her craziness could evolve. But even back then she was already online 24/7 and tried to get involved in every drama possible and make it her own problem.

No. 759404

this is some sad bullshit

No. 759407

File: 1582341135664.jpg (98.4 KB, 1080x422, Screenshot_20200221-221109_Chr…)

This is seriously her. She us so fucked in the head

No. 759455

File: 1582374900727.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, 32DDFC27-13A3-48C8-AD57-A2FB22…)

No. 759460

Her ~masculinity~ is pretty performative, like a lot of troons, I see.

No. 759466

File: 1582382557956.jpg (Spoiler Image, 657.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200222-222910.jpg)

She is fucking disgusting.

No. 759468

All this…. For just a crumb of fucking clout….

No. 759476

File: 1582388811282.png (3.75 MB, 750x1334, 0BD4D6AD-EE98-4954-9F26-230DA1…)

She was the one who said she was being reborn on Tom’s birthday

No. 759477

File: 1582388972444.png (4.41 MB, 750x1334, C603C33C-F9FA-4095-B19B-2D97D2…)

No. 759485

the amount of shoop on that face is hilarious

No. 759494

She still… didn't answer the fucking question??

No. 759505

>Detransitioners are under 5%. They aren't an issue, it's not something we need to talk about.
This cunt

No. 759508

File: 1582405820020.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 8097B039-4431-40E8-A1CD-BAD729…)

There’s a page 2

No. 759509

This bitch thinking her being fake trans is like postpartum depression.

No. 759518

File: 1582407299464.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, B3284924-3E59-426E-99E6-ED96CD…)

No. 759519

File: 1582407374127.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 5B34DC3F-1345-4B90-9B1C-38DC2C…)

Oh her body is fine, it’s society who has a problem. Meanwhile a few days ago she had “severe dysphoria.”

No. 759522

>people ignore that i'm intersex >why?
oh, i don't know, maybe it's because you didn't make that up until recently and everyone knows it's shit?

No. 759536

File: 1582413347944.jpeg (18.03 KB, 250x228, 48BE5CFF-F569-4C4D-9C15-035A08…)

What is she implying? That her vagina is kinda like a penis ?

No. 759537

She probably just has a big clit, anon

No. 759544

File: 1582418641475.jpg (678.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200222-145823_Ins…)

"anyone who has differing opinions than me give me bad vibes"

Yes because believing there should be a medical reason[gender dysphoria] to transition is such a bad thing lmao.

If a person doesn't have gender dysphoria why would you want them to transition just to end up getting it anyway? Please

No. 759546

File: 1582418787194.jpg (836.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200222-145624_Ins…)

Also this makes me laugh

Tuey actually haven't and there's not nearly enough studies involving transpeople brains to show one way or another
If we're talking people who aren't trans male and female brains do actually have some differences to them and you're outright lying to your audience by saying this

Also what is this energy bullshit being spouted

No. 759576

Most people are trans nowadays because it looks cool and they can claim oppression…..

I can’t stand Fahr.

No. 759582

"I wasn't born in the wrong body, I just need to completely change it in order to fit what I want it to be"
What a load of shit lol. If the 'problem' was just being assigned the wrong gender as she puts it then wouldn't the solution be to just say she's man?

No. 759589

File: 1582431948497.jpg (687.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200223-122141.jpg)

But she dressed up as a lolita.

No. 759644

I thought those brain studies actually showed similarities between the brain structure of homosexuals and the opposite sex? Like gay men’s and HSTS‘ brains being more similar to female brains, but the same studies did not repeat results for “transbians” and “gay trans men”?

Whatever the case, her answers to these questions don’t make any sense at all! She constantly contradicts herself, usually by the next sentence.

No. 759664

what about being intersex??

No. 759674

File: 1582473374207.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, 7FE98CDC-D36F-444C-9AA3-0127AB…)

No. 759685

She's a hermaphrodite…dont forget.
a person or animal having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics
>no. She is just fucked in the head

No. 759688

Every single last cell in this idiot's brain has female dna. I can't believe this smolfat lopped her breasts off, and is still attention seeking when she's going into middle age.

No. 759718

I came here to say that. she's so disgusting. a mentally ill person wanting to larp as the other sex is not the same as a mother having depression after child birth. stupid bitch.

No. 759745

does she mean cis people like boy george, annie lennox, grace jones etc etc ad nauseam

No. 759806

File: 1582506941067.jpg (638.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200223-170307_Ins…)

"tender aren't real its cringe to say otherwise"

Because taking into account people fake having a medical condition to look special is cringe, ya hear?

It's like people want transsexuality to be some open door to anyone and not what it is, a medical condition which has symptoms that need to be properly addressed.
Stop treating it like an inclusive party fahr

No. 759808

File: 1582507389158.jpg (843.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200223-170330_Ins…)

Also I don't get this

They took them out when you left?
I'll speak by anecdote but they waited a week to take mine out simply to make sure the bleeding had gone down completely

I mean it's not like fahr didn't go through with it, its just odd, like the doc rushed removing them for little to no gain?

No. 759843

Is it possible her boobs are actually small and the pictures of them are altered so she's claiming surgery when really she just went extra with faking?

No. 759865

probably not but maybe? a lot of her pics in lolita show her with fluctuation boob size actually…

my first thought was why would someone stuff their bra to the point that their lolita is ill fitting, but look at who we're talking about here, not that fahr fetched(sorry).

No. 760099

Lol she's just saying this because she herself is a trender, of course she would defend her people, and knowing she's just there for the validation there's no doubt she is just posting this so people can validate her surgery because she's probably already regretting what she's done to herself, this is what happens when your life decisions are 100% made for clout/attention.

No. 760176

File: 1582613223517.jpg (273.34 KB, 720x1005, 20200225_074633.jpg)

No. 760183

If she’s so dysphoric, why does she keep shoving her old girls in our face?
We get it.
You cut your tits off

No. 760189

never seen a transman showing off his boobs that often

No. 760198

File: 1582629541022.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.09 KB, 960x960, 20431326_1602843503122768_4643…)

I knew i wasn't a girl!!!!

No. 760255

File: 1582653037539.jpg (161.76 KB, 452x700, 1434805776890.jpg)

I still remember when she claimed that in this picture that few girls were laughing at her and calling her a "tranny" and she commented how she is a girl not a boy.

No. 760402

God what a shame. This is so fucked up and nightmareish. How someone can just chop off their boobs like that it’s insane, makes my skin crawl

No. 760413

Her face may have been unflatteringly proportioned but she was ultimately a attractive/hot woman that most men would have wanted to date, to now being a unattractive doughy soyboy bodied fakeboi that 99% of gay man will never touch. I really think this one of saddest things I’ve ever seen on lolcow. I hope for her sake, she locked down a simp of some kind before she did this shit.

No. 760430

It’s still so ridiculous to me that she tried to pass this series of photos off as unstaged. Sure, these random women who came up to laugh at you are just going to stand there and pose like stock photo mean girls while your photographer moves around taking several carefully composed photos in which their faces are clearly visible, without at any point looking annoyed or upset that they’re being photographed. Of course that happened, Fahr.

No. 760455

Also, she does in fact look like a tranny there, so.

No. 760479

she did that with every obviously staged photo. mcdonalds one too.

No. 760824

Had to stop watching bc she wouldnt stop droning on about her food allergies, but Fahr is live rn explaining that she's not going to be cosplaying for at least 3 months bc now that's shes had the top surgery she'd like to get in shape so props to her for the self awareness about her newfound shapelessness I guess, would be nice if the self awareness extended elsewhere tho

No. 760888

File: 1582857784330.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 0D100FF9-9991-43FA-ABAB-1DA0D5…)

No. 760942

File: 1582889326170.jpg (95.95 KB, 1080x401, Screenshot_20200228-122534_Fac…)


No. 760978

So, I don't know or follow Fahr and I just discovered her because of her involvement in the Eurocosplay drama.

I was just reading this thread out of curiosity and I have to say, oh boy…

(S)he(?) has never looked more fragile and feminine than on her recent photos, especially >>760888

I didn't think she looked manly or even remotely like Tom Hiddleston in her pre-op pics (could definitely see she wore heavy contouring and shoop) but she definitely had an androgynous look going on. Now, with the post-op pics, her feminine features are coming out even more, as we can see her body is clearly not suited to be a man's bod. Maybe with some further efforts, I hope.

I know this isn't the place but I definitely felt sad reading this new thread. I came in thinking Fahr was just a just a delusional cosplayer, but it goes beyond that now, I see a person who needs immediate medical and psychological support and I do hope it is duly provided and (s)he has true friends (and not just dick sucking followers or haters) around who will be there for the dysphoria realness (s)he's about to experience. It's especially worrying if that person has been on hormones for a while now, as they keep looking (even more?) feminine despite the efforts.

I'm also concerned that medical doctors can, nowadays. allow such people to mutilate their body without probably having received the necessary psychological assessment and support they should have had (that's how it seems anyway).

The saddest thing is - and from what I've read, a lot of folks here had the same underlying feeling - is that (s)he doesn't seem to be able to be honest with anyone about how (s)he feels right now. It is OK to feel unsure about a body mutilation that just occurred, and it is OK to tell their close friends/therapist about it. It won't undermine the whole procedure. Being trans and owning it doesn't mean you can't be human and have regrets/doubts in the first hours.

No. 760984

Anon, that wasn’t self awareness….. she actively lurks sites like this. She saw that we said she looks like a mushy fridge.
She won’t work out, I promise you that.

No. 760992

Any friends she had (and her family too) walked away from her after she lied to, exploited or mistreaded them. Her internet fame is more important to her than the people around her. So don't waste your pity on her, she doesn't want it anyway.

No. 760994

File: 1582910199996.jpg (429.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200229-011413.jpg)

You're just getting fat. You don't have ED. lol

No. 761003


Someone posted before somewhere that she has delusions that she and Tom should date/where went to be together, does she understand he would probably be creeped the out as fuck by her at this point?

No. 761068

I definitely agree with you, reading this thread and seeing all the recent events in Fahr's life makes me just feel really sad for him for some reason. He might be a bad person, definitely tends to seem like it from the stuff mentioned in the threads here, but something about this all transition, struggle to present masculine and so feels just upsetting at this point. At the same time, I assume one wouldn't be able to just get the hormone therapy and top surgery without a full and in-depth psychological evaluation, right? So maybe, despite to how it seems to us on the surface, he really needed it and really is happier now. No idea.

No. 761086

LOL no, these doctors do not give full in depth psychiatric evaluations. Some people can go to a gender doctor once and get the prescription needed. And plenty have told the story of how they learned online exactly what to say to get the prescription.

No. 761106

File: 1582952864331.jpg (486.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200229-130612.jpg)

No. 761161

There's no reason to feel bad for her. She's an old school attention whore who realized that she needed to up her game, so like every other munchie she did something stupid and irreversible by cutting her tits off. She looks like an idiot. Hope she really loves being a z-grade Tom Hiddleston.

This picture is hilarious. She's so pudgy, there's no bicep to show off. Her torso looks like a potato, no muscle definition in her abs, no pecs (not any more) she's showing off…what? Being flabby?

No. 761192


She has abdominal fat, just like a normal busted 5/10 man who doesn’t take if themselves would. Im kind of laughing that this is what being on T did for her in lie of actual masculinization, she needs to get a gym membership ASAP.

No. 761198

Outstanding, you look like a flabby incel who uses the word “sportsball” unironically. The wonders of modern medicine.

No. 761289

>>760992 >>761068

IDK, in my book, no doctor in their right mind would allow a delusional person who think they are a Marvel character (and who previously identified as a non-binary lolita?! Sorry, I don't quite get the whole character, too many changes over time) to transition without thorough psychological investigation, as they seem to have serious psychological issues to start with (and probably not all caused by gender dysphoria). And from what I've read about this person (who shares every bit of their life online), it doesn't look like they're getting any kind of therapeutic help, like, AT ALL. That's worrying.

Maybe the docs were just like fuck it, that person is 40 years old, they can handle getting their tits getting chopped off and we'll just walk with the cash, who knows… That's very scary though.

Hoping that person's happier now and gets the adequate psychological help though.

No. 761290

Doctors, psychologists and all those people aren't difficult to lie to if you somewhat know what to say. They aren't mind readers.

No. 761291

Also following their patients' instagram and online exploits really isn't in a doctor's job description.

No. 761292

File: 1583076902620.jpg (553.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200301-233416.jpg)

No. 761304

Fahr isn’t her real name so there’s a good chance they had no idea about any of this.

No. 761332

File: 1583094751691.jpg (488.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200301-123059_Ins…)

Baby me any time you post anything

You're fucking 40. Stop saying everything triggers you and get a hold of your fucking emotions like a good damned adult.

Like holy shit

No. 761343

Please don't tell me this dumbass claims Jewish heritage on top of everything else

No. 761392

That was the first thing she claimed. But after a while it wasnt special enough to be a german jew so she had to add new identities

No. 761393

Wasn’t it Astaru paganism or something like that?
How the fuck can you be a pagan Jew?

No. 761406

You can be Jewish by ancestry anon

No. 761409


Is she faking it or is there any proof she really is? And by is, I mean like one grandma max lol. I know that a few German Jews returned to Germany post WWII but the number was so, so small I really have a hard time believing this on any level lol

No. 761474

Jews exist in Germany but Fahr has added so many items to her list of identities it's hard to believe any of it.

This fucking baby is just fishing for reasons to boss people around.

No. 761477

Ik, but the vast majority are not descendants of German Jews, to insinuate that is also to insinuate her family is from somewhere else. The only two places I can think of with a recent Jewish to Germany immigration of any kind is the former USSR and isreal, and she clearly isn’t from either.

No. 761482

File: 1583179583214.png (226.57 KB, 750x1334, C689AB9F-6BBE-43DB-BD40-47DE4D…)

No. 761559

>“Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?”

No. 761601

I can kind of see where she’s coming from with this. Sometimes people ask me stuff and demand my full attention (heavy advice or something) without asking me. It gets draining.
But Fahr acts like she’s God’s gift to man, and she thrives off attention so…..

No. 761661

But everything triggers her. She once said asking about travel is triggering.

No. 761718

File: 1583305141084.jpg (833.53 KB, 1080x1782, 20200303_235508.jpg)

Which is it, Fahr?

No. 761729

File: 1583325460346.jpg (475.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200304-203629.jpg)

lol TEDx

No. 761840

Worse yet, she acts like someone is scum and intentionally insulting her for even asking. It's like she's so narcissistic that she can't believe some rando on the internet isn't meticulously keeping track of every little minutiae of her life in order to ask her an appropriate question. Why even have people ask you questions if you're just going to act like a whiny bitch about half of them? Fahr just loves being offended and persecuted which is why she parades these cringey interactions around as if they don't make her look terrible.

No. 761910

On a board with Dasha, Greg, Lillie Jean, and TND among its chief denizens, somehow Fahr contrives to be more insufferable than any of them. She doesn't seem malicious though, which is more than I can say about the rest. She's just a posturing, performative asshole.

No. 761947

Watching her slip from
"Its fun being different people - cosplay/lolita are fun"

To "I am Loki. Tom Hiddleson is me." Has been kind of a wild ride. It's so clear that obviously something deteriorated her sense of reality. She doesnt even want to be a "man" she wants to be Tom Hiddleson or even worse a fictional marvel character Tom Hiddleson plays. Im not against people getting top surgery if that's what they want but It's really sad people crowd funded to help her slowly sink more into her delusions that shes somehow Loki. It's not pretend anymore and the lines are so blurred between cosplay and reality its concerning she was given the a okay by doctors to go through an intensive surgery like that. I feel like any therapist would clearly see shes not a FTM, she purely just wants to live a fantasy that's not possible or real to anyone but herself.

Wish I could say I hope she gets better because like anon above me said, shes clearly not malicious. Maybe at most selfish for always asking for donations but if shes already almost middle aged I dont see her ever shaking her obsession with this character without severe intensive treatment which she would 100% refuse.

No. 762095

Trust me.. She is malicious. Source : I knew her for years before it all started and she would intentionally hurt people emotionally and even sabotage friendships and relationships

No. 762100

>>762095 can we get some examples anon?

No. 762101

I obv won't give out names. It was back in Kiel within the Lolita community, she hit pretty hard on one of the girls and told her made up stuff about her boyfriend. Then did the same to her boyfriend. Caused a big scene, ended up pretty bad, involved crying, shouting and blocking people. Second thing I witnessed was when she befriended people who where friends t/ea and hang with only one of them. Then told shit about the other person until both confronted her when they realise what she tried. Played the victim card and basically threatened to kill herself. Another time she started a fight with some Loki cospalyer and involved her mum. (girl was underaged) ended up in the psych ward. I think I heard some more stories after she moved from Kiel to Berlin but I didn't follow up and also quit contact back then. It was messed up

No. 762112

I don't know how people can think she is not malicious when she grabs every opportunity to belittle other people and even her own fans. It's only harmless because she has no power to do anything beyond being a bitch on social media. Imagine having someone with her attitude in your life though.

No. 762136

Fahr is absolutely malicious. She just hasn’t physically touched anyone. I’ve personally been in the receiving end of her bullshit and I’ve seen her go out of her way to utterly destroy lolitas who could have been bigger than her and cosplayers who do Loki better than her.
She’s mean, and for no reason other than she’s bitter that her cosplay, manga and Lolita never made her famous.

No. 762153

What did you experience with her? Similar to the previous mentioned things?

No. 762493

She talked a lot of shit about me to a good friend of mine. This now ex friend believed every word, then Fahr went out of her way to set up a huge argument between us, just to make sure.

Fahr is a bitch and if you aren’t worshipping her, you mean nothing to her.

No. 762512

New here: why do people follow Fahr? She seems like a malicious uninteresting person who’s acting like a dick…

No. 762514

Lmao I watched the exact same happen to some girl she dragged along to some meetups years ago. No idea what happened to her tho.
She even was a bitch to the girl she labeled as her bff but then pushed her deeper into Ed on purpose.

No. 762633

The ones I know started following her for her oversaturated sweet lolita aesthetic and stuck around because they want to be seen as trans allies. They’ll occasionally defend her because they’ve bought into her eternal victim shtick but don’t seem all that interested otherwise.

Fahr is definitely alienating the followers she picked up from both the lolita and cosplay communities and unless she manages to attract a dedicated TRA following she’ll end up e-begging into the void.

No. 762868

File: 1583836544109.jpg (398.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200310-033155_Ins…)

"y'all are making it so hard for people to question and explore their identity"

Lmao okay yeah no. That's not how it works. Calling people out for using a medical condition to "explore themselves" is not making it hard for anyone to explore their identity. People can explore their identities without making a joke out of a medical condition.

Do not use something I suffer with everyday to "explore" yourself.

No. 762869

File: 1583836596559.png (627.87 KB, 750x1334, 50D7CC82-18F2-42C6-B895-1A3A02…)

Yes, there are real trans people
Being attacked… which is why the people being trans for a trend is so bad.

No. 762875

Can they at least admit that transgender is trendy with the tumblr crowd. Hard to buy any of their other points when they deny something so obvious. I remember the internet before this fad caught on in fangirl centric communities. There were always fangirls roleplaying as yaoi boys. Since mental illness abounds in fandom, some take their fetish way too far.

No. 762887

File: 1583845452804.jpg (252.14 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20200310-210327__01…)

She only wants to be a frictional character.

No. 763235

I’m thinking Fahr will claim she has corona virus by next week.

No. 763242

I'm taking bets on this lamo

No. 763263

File: 1583979223686.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200312-100849.jpg)

another self diagnosis

No. 763281

It's truly a shame for her that therapy is a total joke in 2020. She has led a messed up life with terrible priorities for years, so of course she's going to feel shitty all the time. The first step to feeling better would be to reasses all her choices and get in 30 minutes of cardio outside every day.

No. 763306

Correct me if I’m wrong (ESL), but that ask sounds to me like they’re complaining about CFS and doctors not acknowledging it. Like someone’s trying to commiserate with Fahr but she immediately assumes she’s being attacked and becomes angry and defensive instead.
Why do people even try to talk to her anymore? All she does is lash out, at everyone, all the time.

No. 763316

Chronic fatigue IS real and I have it myself…but I work 8hours every day 6 days a week, that's NOT an excuse. Just precluded for certain jobs.

No. 763321

Well did they ask for permission before trying to commiserate with Fahr? What if she gets triggered? No wonder she lashes out at them, bet you didn't think about that anon.

No. 763323

Maybe she should just list the syndromes and diseases she doesn't suffer from, it would save everyone a lot of time.

No. 763474


I still find it funny that when she moved to the UK, and was about to join the lolita coms, people were pre-warned about her presence, she's that awful a person.

No. 763493

I wish I had listened. Would have saved some stress.
Live and learn. Not everyone can be lying about a single person.

No. 763495

File: 1584076053097.jpg (453.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200313-110005.jpg)

No. 763511

This is gross and should be spoilered. Those are tits not a mans chest.

No. 763525

File: 1584105513574.jpg (642.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200313-211310.jpg)

Getting butthurt again.

No. 763530

How on Earth was somebody with such an extensive list of health(and mental) problems approved for HRT and top surgery?! Going on body-altering drugs and having major surgery isn’t some walk in the park for even healthy people. You do that to someone with constant ailments and you are just asking for a nightmare of complications.

No. 763532

Yes, yes. Very manly, much Hiddleston.

No. 763536

crispin glover Charlie’s angels

No. 763558

might as well say she's dying from vertigo smh

No. 763638

No. 763654

on the plus she can throw all her frilly girly things up on depop or ebay and maybe stop ebegging for a while. Since they’re so triggering.

No. 763671

File: 1584144693852.jpeg (180.86 KB, 750x1041, 19EE5829-3429-448F-A2D2-597197…)

No. 763694

Her chest looks so disgusting. she is gonna keep telling herself she loves it, but that shit looks BAD. and she's gonna feel the regret real soon

No. 763727

File: 1584184075238.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, BC6A0462-DBFA-40BF-9298-F56E62…)

No. 763763

why wouldn't they get corrective surgery to fix her nose instead of lopping off her tits? y'unno..something actualling useful?

No. 763799

Sounds like she's subconsciously realizing how bad she just fucked up. The human brain/body KNOWS it's wrong to lop off a huge chunk on it. No matter how bad your delusion is, you cant rewrite the laws of nature and just say "I'm going to self inflict huge amounts of physical trauma" with the expectation you will be fine.

No. 763866

Ugh whoever asked her this is such a faggot, now she will probably engage in cringy armchair psycology, trying to larp Tom Hiddleston not only phisically but mentally (Which is impossible and fucked up), anyways, not to engage in armchair psychology myself but, Fahr, if you're reading this, Tom's type is infp which is impossible for you to be since you're an attention-seeking weirdo who has an history of manipulating her cult of followers into paying her surgeries and believing her lies, you're an obvious enfj but you're too oblivious (Or delusional) to face it.

No. 763870

File: 1584246615103.jpg (696.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200315-122835.jpg)


No. 763872

File: 1584246731623.jpg (430.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200315-123142.jpg)

said pic.

No. 763877

Already regretting this stupid decision, I see. I can’t count how many women I’ve met that regretted chopping their tits off because some people on the internet convinced them that they were trans after a few months or couple of years. How long until she says she’s NB and not male then wants to get implants like every other woman that does this shit?

No. 763891

As much as I think Fahr isn't actually trans, like Chris Chan, and that she an embarrassment to the people that actually are, let's not use her to paint every trans person the same way.

She's just an overall idiot.

What I am surprised about that I don't think has been mentioned in this thread or the previous one is her vast collection of elephant trunk dildos. (Not kidding.)

No. 763893

Pics or it didn’t happen

No. 763920

i am interested in the uh trunks

No. 763933

trannies are an embarrassment by default, fahr is just another fakeboi, one that's apparently ~dysphoric~ but not dysphoric enough to prevent her from shoving dildos in her vagina.

No. 763941

Isn’t her belief system that Loki is actual trans man or some shit because he gave birth/did drag to hide out in the original Icelandic/Norse belief? Nvrmind that he literally is the most despised figure in the original Norse religious cosmology and everything associated with him is framed in a negative context but who cares… avengers ftw

No. 763950

>Fahr isn't actually trans … she an embarrassment to the people that actually are
All trans people are an embarrassment

No. 763953

I don't think I took any photos, also wouldn't post if I did as I know she lurks and I know she'd know who I was. Cba with having her mob on me.

I'm sure she's showed others them that went to her place, surely?

I think there was a dragon themed one too?

No. 763956

Yea sure honey. Also sage if u can’t provide milk

No. 763957

I often think she is asking the questions herself… So every day, she has something to complain about

No. 763977

I think this is probably a hard reality at this point, in fact, I feel it sounds too much like her sometimes, like, there have been some questions that genuinely had me wondering "Who the fuck would ask such overly specific shit??"

No. 764004

File: 1584335706563.jpg (762.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200316-131334.jpg)

No. 764013

Does she not know the word “simply” exists?

No. 764039

if she lurks and you let on with that information, she'll know who it was that said that. whats the point of saying something like that, exposing yourself then not following up with proof if it werent fake or something?

No. 764111

Loki being a trans man wouldn’t really cover how he managed to give birth to a giant six-legged horse and impregnate a giantess. But of course Fahr doesn’t care about actual Norse mythology, she just wants to be Tom Hiddleston.

She calls herself trans because she wants the untouchability that goes with that label but she also wants to be Hiddleston who’s a real man, so she flip-flops between being trans and being an intersex man who’s been male the entire time and just dressed in drag for a while.

No. 764118

There are lots of cases where the gender/sex of intersex born children is decided by a doctor/ the parents. I believe that’s happened to her. Didn’t she say sth about not needing/wanting SRS?

No. 764169

She has also said she menstruates, which means she’s female and unlikely to have an intersex condition.

No. 764200

Her story was that she has XXY chromosomes. It’s extremely rare for someone to be born with xxy and a female body (phenotype), but those who are born with xxy/female don’t have developed female sex organs (ovaries/uterus) so they don’t menstruate. Fahr often talks about the fact that she does menstruate so this means she is lying about being xxy.
She also claimed that she had no idea she was intersex until she had a gyno exam in her 30s, and she claims the doctor felt a prostate during that exam, immediately recognized it as a prostate from that simple exam, and never followed that up with any scans or tests or anything, which is just complete bullshit on so many levels. I mean just the basic fact that no doctor could feel a lump through a vaginal wall and just know it was a prostate just by touching it.

No. 764259

Fahr never had any gender issues and happily lived a 100%-female life. Uusally if you are intersex and your doctor/parents decide for one gender, but you identify with the opposite, you know this from early childhood. You don't suddenly get gender issues with 30-something only after your doctor tells you, 'Oh btw you have testicals'.

No. 764264

File: 1584445972796.jpeg (63.95 KB, 552x685, 317F2530-6838-4217-8662-3CBA8E…)

She doesn’t… identify… with…..


No. 764293

Okey after reading this I’m 100% convinced she’s just a huge shithead. Who tf cuts off their tiddies out of a ~mood~

No. 764598

don’t know this cow but
>claiming to have a prostate
sounds like the weird fetish of a woman who grew up with yaoi fanfics. faking something like that is so embarrassing.

No. 764612

You're right on the money. She used to be an artist who drew shotacon manga.

No. 764670

File: 1584646729018.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, 029F46AC-EA54-4ED9-9A46-00578A…)

“I don’t identify with my scars! I have to edit them out because of my dysphoria!”
“I’m totally happy wearing a bra!”

No. 764675

File: 1584650396423.jpg (514.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200319-133721_Ins…)

Yes, because taking note that bat's have transferred diseases to humans before that have cause epidemic and noting that the DNA of the virus is similar to that of sars, which is also thought to have originated from bat's makes you a moron.

Bravo, moron

No. 764740

File: 1584681461535.jpg (234.78 KB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_20200320-131455__01…)

Already regret of cutting her boobs.

No. 764755


oh god why

No. 764762

Trans people aren't mentally ill, they said.

No. 764766

i was gonna say something.. until I read more up this thread and realized it's full of blatant transphobes. nvm. but for the record Fahr isn't trans. she did this over a fantasy to self-insert herself irl as a fictional character that she fetishizes.

No. 764770

thanks for this blistering hot take that no one had ever articulated until you rolled up.

No. 764775

go take your meds

No. 764796

Leave this website and go dilate, this place isn't for you.

No. 764807

Jesus - she looked more masculine with her boobs than she does without ‘em!

No. 764811

If a person was truly a manly man stuck in a woman's body, why would that person also own a frilly polka dot bra? There are people who aren't even butch and buy less feminine underwear.

No. 764815

Someone who truly wants to be a man would be happy to never have to wear a bra again, and throw them out instead of taking cute bra pictures.

No. 764818

File: 1584731730098.png (1.34 MB, 1000x1000, I AM A MAN.png)

No. 764820

RIP these cute tiddies

No. 764839

File: 1584740647501.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 2A9BB36D-91A4-4772-8C98-80DD7A…)

No. 764842

sell your old clothes maybe. set up a depop. and get rid of those horrible triggering girly clothes.

tits are only off five minutes and she’s bloody ebegging again

No. 764850

How poor is she that she can't affort 20€ for a duvet?! And doesn't she have a washing machine. No need to pay for professional cleaning.

No. 764899

I know these are shooped/filtered, but her body was actually one of the best things she had going for her. A damn shame.

No. 764923

File: 1584788225549.jpg (862.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200321-185140.jpg)

I thought her "boyfriend" was at her place? They are both handicap?

No. 764926

Shouldn’t she be recovered enough now to do things on her own?

No. 764931

File: 1584792635683.jpg (609.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200321-130139_Ins…)

Is she her own everything…?
good for her I guess?

No. 764932

WHAT so she did not change her bed for A WHOLE FUCKING MONTH?
I remember another anon saying her apartment was full of dirt and mess, not surprised at this point

No. 764934

I am afraid to ask but what exactly happened to her duvet?

No. 764936

File: 1584793940396.jpg (577.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200321-203138.jpg)

Her cat pissed on it.

No. 764980


So she’s been lying in a bed full of cat piss because she ‘had surgery last month’?

Dude, I had abdominal surgery and I was doing normal shit the week after…

No. 764984

Yes, they all live together, plus the sister lives there too.

No. 764990

File: 1584814581241.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, 32DCF376-803E-4EF9-88D3-AE66E3…)

>my feet hurt
>tfw missing my tits
>sleeping in cat piss
>is not wearing Tom Hiddlestons skin yet
Woe is meeee

No. 764991

Fahr has complained about every single "invisible" illness in the tumblr handbook to get sympathy and donations for merely existing. A stomach ache to her is probably "crippling fibromyalgia" while a headache is "chronic unbearable migraines"

Do you think now that she actually has a visible and valid reason (even if it was self inflicted) to complain and cry about she wouldnt milk it for months on end? I honestly wouldn't put it past her to use her surgery as a springboard to complain how there were "complications" or that "my body just has been reacting so poorly to the procedure uwu most days I'm still in so much pain but have no idea why" once the honeymoon phase of her flat chest wears off and stops garning her attention.

No. 764998

Countdown to her having the most serious case of COVID-19 in the entire world

No. 765000

This is so much bullshit. No doctor would tell somebody her age to lay around atrophying after surgery. They want you to immediately get back up and start doing things again. And washing a duvet is not heavy lifting.

No. 765002

Or lifting a delicate finger to click "order" on Amazon

If she needs a blanket asap then there are a million ways she can get one for 20 dollars without even having to get out of her bed. She wants people to donate to the bottomless Fahr funds so shes making even bigger issues for herself. Its gross she plays on the sympathy of others thinking she went through a surgery and is in pain and cant even sleep with a blanket even though she had it a month ago and lives with people that could easily clean her fucking blanket for her. But I guess randos on the internet are easier to swindle into doing things than people who live with you and actually know what kind of BS you spout.

No. 765014

File: 1584823468885.png (8.1 MB, 1242x2208, 97B0B657-877B-434D-9F22-84AF29…)

Are on to buy a new one. Doesn’t seem be so lazy to get one.

No. 765041

I think the cat just peed on it yesterday, and she’s saying she can’t clean it because she had surgery last month. So it’s not month-old pee.

No. 765045

if she’s so high risk she should he self isolating and either ordering online or having someone shop.

but honestly it’s not even a huge deal. any asda or tesco sells duvets.

oh also a scarf around the mouth won’t protect from corona if you’re breathing through your fucking nose.

No. 765049


I just remember this from a live stream I saw the reason for wear scarfs cus their apartment is cold I. Could be maybe they just get cold easily, but yea.

No. 765169

File: 1584907672766.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, A2F41BFF-B586-4746-9477-DCB0FD…)

Too high risk, too weak and too sick to go duvet shopping but totally fine to go out here?

No. 765191

god she literally takes the worst selfies.

No. 765256

I guess she wanted to low-key e-beg a duvet and when it didn't worked, she suddenly got healthy again

No. 765316

Okey but where does she live that she can travel to new asgard?

No. 765327

St Abbs is about an hour and a half hour away from Edinburgh, where she lives.

No. 765341

So she’s one of the people who treated the self isolation sunday like a free bank holiday as well? fuck corona, just travel out one of the city into a wee town. what could go wrong.

this is why we’re under lockdown now.

No. 765382

Way to be selfish, Fahr.
People like her are why we're going into a global lockdown and why this shit is spreading.

No. 765419

>ahh this virus terrifies me, my health won't handle it if I get it
>doesn't wear a mask

Really makes ya think

No. 765458

File: 1585067374807.jpg (550.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200325-002826.jpg)

"or bought sth from me lately" lol

No. 765481

Bought what? Her ol bras?

No. 765578

File: 1585142076092.jpeg (27.99 KB, 742x279, D389E6E1-7C15-4454-B431-D471DA…)

Stumbled upon this totally real trans man in YT comments under a video about marvel’s new woke superheroes. Nice projection, Fahr.

No. 765591

But Fahr, you said there’s no such thing as a fake trans person!?!

No. 765630

I feel like Fahr has been out in public more in the past few days than in a long, long time. Her actions really don't look like any responsible adult in the UK right now, let alone an at-risk person's actions. Doesn't she normally send her flatmates out on errands on her behalf, so why venture outside now?

No. 765647

the same reason half the country is going out. cause The Man said not to.

No. 765669

File: 1585193127527.jpg (868.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200326-112435.jpg)

I am vulnerable. Let's go out to shop for nothing.

No. 765757

It’s a pity with a long line when you get there, so you may not get anything.

No. 765760

That's a Sainsburys, they make you queue outside to make sure the store isn't too full at any one time. There's also times where nhs workers, the vulnerable etc get to go in and browse away from the general public so at those times you would be turned away. As usual Fahr is totally self absorbed and amazingly unconcerned about measures put in place to supposedly protect her oh so fragile self.

No. 765765


People like her are the reason we needed a lockdown. Fucking moron.

No. 765820

Pretty sure it’s le art and clothes.

No. 765915


If she is so vulnerable she could do her groceries online and have them delivered to her door or have someone else go shopping fo her.

No. 766268

File: 1585495003278.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, 357F6767-C59D-40B7-B106-F9F7AC…)

No. 766271

Oh my lord, I think I just puked in my mouth

No. 766273

she looks like one of those eunuch drawings those weird sisters draw

No. 766278

Dont flatter her, shes way too fat and witchy/horsey looking

No. 766286

I like how she clearly still looks like she has breasts

No. 766287

File: 1585504650493.jpg (573.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200330-015704.jpg)

No. 766292

She looks like the child catcher from ChittyChitty BangBang

No. 766298

whoa what’s happened to her right nipple? is that normal?

No. 766303

None of this is normal. So with that in mind, yes, it is normal. A symptom of mutilation.

No. 766317

I know you wont see the final results of top surgery for at least a year but, something clearly doesn't look right with their chest. Or is it the weird body?

No. 766323

File: 1585530785730.png (138.99 KB, 235x275, 1533106142034.png)

It kinda looks like the dr tried to give her fake pecs by moving some tisue near/under her armpits topkek.

No. 766330

Photoshop, that why it looks like there isn’t any scars lol.

No. 766340

You’re right!

No. 766343

dog ears? this image looks shopped.

No. 766344

Her right nipple looks bad.

No. 766346

File: 1585544681632.jpg (60.34 KB, 450x405, 26642_c_zm-450x405.jpg)

It does. It's a disaster. A guy with that high a body fat % would still have moobs. Sculpting square pecs into fat was a bad decision.

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