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File: 1552184426766.jpg (124.89 KB, 667x567, lB3cGOA.jpg)

No. 39353

During the last thread, Sabrina moved back to Germany, attempted to fix all the bridges she burned, and wrote a long-winded tell-all about bullying in the weeb community in which she bent over backwards reaching to blame her lack of success on anything but her own mediocrity, vagueposting about several friends, exes, acquaintances and competitors who all nastily worked against her through intense slander and intrigue to hinder her growth as an idol. https://archive.is/RGEUc >>>/w/38433

Further recent drama:

>suddenly turned asexual and nonbinary >>>/w/13463

>claimed to have split personality disorder/DID and 7 alters >>>/w/13544
>claimed breast cancer and epilepsy http://archive.is/hss7b
>came to lolcow to speak out about her ex forcing her to work as a sugar baby >>>/w/13589
>got a nose job (and blamed that, too, on a handful of specific haters) >>>/w/38433
>started selling full nudes via Patreon which she now promotes on her instagram >>>/w/33121
>trying to break into more degeneracy like foot fetish >>>/w/38278
>released a new music video which is the epitome of cringe >>>/w/38427

No. 39360

She almost looks like a baby version of margaret palermo

No. 39403

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the same. An overly filtered Margo look isn't the way to forward.

No. 39408

File: 1552231908958.png (342.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190310-163149.png)

Thanks for making a new thread OP!

Damn her surgery looks botched as hell from the side LOL

No. 39413

File: 1552235774994.jpg (174.55 KB, 1200x1200, vUF1cF0.jpg)

It's really disconcerting how her features should technically look young, but something about her face makes her look so much older than she is. (pic related)

Anyway, she has a new video in which she "exposes" her old youtube channel. Is it me or did her accent change again? For a while she tried to sound british, now it almost feels like she purposely dropped the accent to sound more German again and it came with a new personality too. The uwu shtick is mostly gone and replaced with a pseudo self-aware sassy persona. Her new haircut is also doing her no favors.


No. 39419

I mean, I wouldn't say botched, so much as she should've got more done than just removing the hump lmao

I've thought this for a long ass time

I always felt she should've taken margo up on the "make you a star" gig back when she was trying to manage people lmfao

they'd look more like mother+daughter than margot and venus do

No. 39425

it's 100% botched, anon. nostrils and bridge are fucked from the front too, hump is still there it's just smaller.

No. 39437

all this time i thought himezawa was the singer himeka and was like damn she got fucked up, turns out just another baka gaijin except no talent.

bless himeka

No. 39443

File: 1552256210001.png (949.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190310-231702.png)

what kinda content is she even aiming to make anymore

No. 39686

Judging by the dying light in her eyes, whatever gets her attention in the hopes she'll be rescued by a rich Asian man like Taylor or Venus so she never has to grow up.

No. 39791

Wtf she looks like a prepubescent boy in those new pics. Not a good look to be a hooker.

No. 39800

I've seen this assumption in her threads before but based on her former partners (not including the ex-husband bc if you live in Japan, you'll 99% end up with a Japanese), I doubt she has a rich Asian men fetish.

No. 39804

I've noticed she tries to do a commentary channel PewdiePie kind of voice in her regular videos but pitches up her voice really high and does her uwu persona for her cosplay makeup videos. Her TikToks also go from trying to get noticed by PDP by participating in memes to emulating a more sfw version of Belle Delphine. She has no idea what she wants to be.

I think she could have had some fame if she stuck to her original cringe weeb persona like how Venus Angelic got fame, because back then (before she went to Japan) I had real life friends find and send me her cringy videos running late to school with toast. If she amped it she would have gotten in some cringe compilations which are a sure way to get attention. But she takes herself so seriously (as a singer, idol, author, japanese model) while being so terrible…

No. 40306

You mean Paul if I recall his name correctly, she was doing Sex-for-rent to stay at his house for free while studying in London.

No. 40412

File: 1552894948109.png (35.19 KB, 580x168, Screenshot at Mar 18 08-38-27.…)

I kekked because now she's retweeting THE most obvious scam account that all the other desperate Twitter hoes are flocking to. For context: He was previously caught shilling an app he claimed to own where he tried to get users to use his code to sign up so he'd get something like 15 cents per user.

Big if true, do you have any source for that?

No. 40421

She've been rt that account since last year, thot can never live without her sugar daddies lol

No. 40463

Just compiling the sources from all the previous 4 lolcow threads/pull/kiwi/etc, it's pretty much a telltale sign. My source is not the only which lined up to what other had shared, aside from scamming people, she have been milking people to get whatever she wants up until now.

No. 40492

That isn’t a real sugar daddy anon it’s a scam twitter

No. 40522

It's her intention that matters sweetie, hoe will fish anyone with a sugar daddy title

No. 40526

File: 1553007009094.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20190319-154856_1.p…)

Nobel level writer Himezawa strikes again

No. 40527

File: 1553007064122.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190319-154839.png)

also she makes the least sexy bunny girl I have ever seen

No. 40537

File: 1553015254952.jpg (20.29 KB, 316x354, patreon.JPG)


I was curious to see how many patreons she has…


No. 40546

She doesn't need money from patreon, her sugar daddies pay her directly after sex anyway.

No. 40629

Himezawa literally have no talent at all in whatever image she is trying to sell, she fakes everything hoping that someone would buy into her lies. She can't play guitar and violin or any music instruments, yet she always poses photo with it and even claim she was practicing it. Ever wonder why there is not a single video of her singing live at all her super-mini-concert tour, because she sounds horrible in live without lip sync. Guess autotune can only help so much for her self-produced CD album, lol! God don't even make me start on her self-publish novel and all those self-written interviews she mass-mailed to every possible media outlets in hope that some stupid staff who didn't do their homework would publish it. We are talking about the girl who write her own super-polished Wikipedia page for laughing out loud.

No. 40728

File: 1553172317814.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190321-134344.png)

I bet this is gonna be a totally legit autobiography

No. 40797

If so, she will be writing about her being a prostitute, kek.

No. 42475

File: 1554129466224.png (279.15 KB, 934x603, buzunnie.PNG)

Zawa is going to Korea now. Also check out the comments for a cow crossover!

No. 42483

…this is a joke, right?

No. 42492


I'm assuming April Fool's

No. 42519

I truly hope its for april fools because she really is too old to pick back up that stale idol dream.

No. 42526

File: 1554157670455.jpeg (19.64 KB, 640x154, AF23C64C-64C4-4483-A8A0-9FC48A…)

No. 42620

Its 9 now lmao

No. 44781

File: 1555965282555.jpg (1.24 MB, 1980x1874, Untitled-1.jpg)

She is finally selling her used stockings, I guess next will be panties.

No. 44802

>buy my stockings hehe
Her pain is palpable.

No. 44839

Pain? Some filthy greasebeard is gonna give her money for worthless garbage that most people throw out and you think it's painful? She's tickled pink and trying to be coy, most people actually have to work for a living instead of being lazy paywhores selling used undergarments.

No. 44870

Not surprised at all, knowing that she already resort to prostitution back in London when she was only 18. Didnt her sugardaddies paid her enough? She's really a greedy whore.

No. 45368

File: 1556383280622.jpg (99.03 KB, 1024x1820, StorySaver_himezawa_57156351_1…)

Does anyone really buy this?!

No. 45369

The answer is no

No. 45372

She's way too skinny, it's gross. Guys can easily find another patreon thot with a decent body, why would they pay her?

No. 45388

dudes into traps may like her.

No. 45402

guys will pay for anyone, especially if they have personal interaction. its not about getting the top of the line

that said, I agree, I've never seen a body type so unfortunate as hers lmao

No. 45574

she have the face only a mother would love and a body only a relative would fuck lol

No. 47865

File: 1558037334798.jpg (108.29 KB, 1080x937, 4t34.jpg)

Thot self-justification game is strong, kek.

No. 47893


>> yall

does she think she lives in some texan netorara fantasy?

No. 48047

wtf is with her lips

No. 48135

File: 1558213377524.jpg (545.07 KB, 1436x2424, hrth.jpg)

Didnt she just got a new laptop less than a few months ago?? What a way to prey on people into spending money on her luxury.

No. 49869

File: 1558500895489.jpeg (505.38 KB, 1080x1917, B2B8E8CE-D965-4F62-8F64-3FDDA3…)

Gain some weight girl and get a jaw lift ffs…

No. 49870

File: 1558501001705.jpeg (207.34 KB, 717x1274, 48A69CFC-7775-44C8-9D27-347D49…)

This ones a lil better, I fixed her saggy jaw and changed the nose a bit, I think it adds more character to her dead horse face(fanart)

No. 49940

she shooped her hip or something. There's a weird bump

No. 50049


not but she's a native german speaker.
german has a proper word for plural "you" so it is her way to cope with y'all's retarded language. calm down.


i mean she's right. i don't think SW = being a thot and there is indeed no shame in producing adult content.


i think if she gained weight, she'd lose her weeaboo incel audience. i don't think any of them are into THICC, fit, healthy looking women (and also it would mess up her uwu ~doitsu~ princess persona HIMEzawa

No. 50053

Dude, she doesn’t have any audience. Last time I checked she had two and a half people following her.
She’s an anomaly in my eyes. I’ve never met someone so…unfit for anything. She’s not only ungodly plain and weird looking, but she’s pretty much shit at anything she tries her hand at, genuinely unlikeable and unpleasant person. I have no idea how she does this, this have to be a talent of its own.

No. 51190

She went from being an uwu pure aidoru to selling full frontal nudity, she's clearly desperate and not just really passionate about sex work. Her patreon has 9 patrons, her YT never took off, her IG is stagnating, she doesn't have an audience or the personality to be some sort internet personality. Having pictures like that out there impacts your future, whether it should or not.

No. 66730

she tried to do one video a day in august ("veda") and gave up on the 14th half way lol

(sorry if this is considered necroing)

No. 67355

Her "cellphone novel" got published on paper. Read the masterpiece for yourselves here, totally not a copy of the manga Watashi ni xx Shinasai:


No. 68018

File: 1569955642726.jpg (118.22 KB, 1024x1820, StorySaver_himezawa_69213336_1…)

Some people don’t know when to give up…

No. 68107

I wonder if all of these is Himezawa self-posting. She is such old news. I remember when she was one of the most discussed people in lolcow so it would make sense for her to self post just as she's "rebranding" her channel into no more weebshit. Nobody talks about you even negatively anymore, Himezawa. Fans never followed aside from the short time when idol dance videos were popular and they followed for the weeb, not the bland person, which is why most of her videos don't even break 500 views. Nowadays not even haters hate follow either. It's time to drop the influencer attempt and get some real job skills.

No. 85686

File: 1583932447843.png (52.32 KB, 811x393, a sorrow of sound.png)

I know no one cares about her any more and I know this thread is dead but she's got a new book out and it's $8.50 for the ebook and $12 for the paperback.
It wouldn't be a terrible price for a book but it's 77 pages! I wouldn't even pay that much for such a short novel by an actual write.
It's not even short stories. Based on the sample it's made up of poems like her other cellphone novels
I don't think even her die hard fans (lol) would pay that much! She should charge $0.99 since I don't think anyone will pay more for it. At least that way she'll make some money.

No. 85687

>aging and rebirth
What's she even gonna write about, the only thing she's lived long enough to age out of is teenagehood and I'm sure there are tons of better books of poetry about that out there. I hate it when girls who are insecure about no longer being 17 act like they've got wisdom when in reality they have zero life experience.

No. 85696

Everytime I scroll past her thread I think it's Margo with tons of filters, is it just me or she looks a lot like her, more than Venus her own daughter I'd say lol

No. 86031

I highly doubt she has enough fans that she will earn any decent amount with that book. Also she doesn't have any writing skills, that's why she can only produce 5 short stories instead of a full novel.

On another note I'm surprised she still has 6 people paying her on Patreon.

No. 86142

Is she still selling nudes or did she stop that?

No. 86155

From what I see on her social media she stopped it. She just made it to get more patreons but she gained a total of 2 people, so she dropped it.

No. 86156

it's probably cause germans used to inbreed a fuck ton, so anyone with german blood looks similar.

No. 86160

Don't confuse Germans for brits or murricans please.

No. 86223


Margo isn't German though

No. 86575

File: 1584655451866.jpeg (277.33 KB, 1005x1787, IMG_5749.jpeg)

She's back selling nudes here:

Who wants to buy such pictures tho, she looks anorexic, not attractive at all

No. 86584

I think the same thing every time I scroll past.

No. 87605

File: 1585687660132.png (1.59 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200331-203808.png)

Can someone explain to me how she is trans?

She takes no hormones and has never had surgery. I thought she was non-binary. Is that seriously considered trans?

No. 87608

File: 1585688217811.png (112.62 KB, 1080x928, Screenshot_20200331-225402.png)

How fucking interesting to read this, after her whinging about how "broke" and "unsafe" she is in her IG stories a few days ago. Fucking e-beggers make me sick.

No. 87610


Non-binary falls under the trans umbrella (differs from gender assigned at birth) but some of us don't use trans to describe ourselves while others do.(>>tumblr)

No. 87612

>some of us

No. 87634

ok. New to me, then. I consider myself NB, but I have never thought of this as trans, and the only people I know who do identify as such have taken hormones or had surgery.(nobody cares)

No. 87654

Where did she get fillers, her undereyes or something? She looks exactly the same.

No. 87661

she has posted exactly zero current pictures so who knows.

No. 87822

Found on himezawa's twitch profile (https://www.twitch.tv/himezawa):

"What languages do you speak?

German, English, Italian, Latin, Japanese, very basic Cantonese"

Latin, right. When will cows learn that this is basically a blinking sign stating that you're a liar, pseudo-intellectual, and starved for attention?

No. 87829

She isn't trans. She never changed anything about her body and also after outing herself as male she soon continued to post pictures etc as a female. I really thought she stopped calling herself male because of it

No. 87861

She probably learned it at school as a lot of Germans do, as it's pretty common. But she should label it as 'I know.the following languages' no one speaks Latin except for those really crazy teachers.

No. 88716

Is she now trans?
I saw in ber tiktok that she points at: had top surgery in 2019?(necro)

No. 89311

File: 1587365287992.jpg (258.07 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20200420_084710.jpg)

No. 89339

Does she need money again

No. 89358

girl doesn't need top surgery, anon.

No. 89878


Yep, doing HRT confirmed on twitter

No. 89888

what's with these hyper feminine and frilly chicks going trans? Is it really for attention?

No. 89893

this is an imageboard.

No. 89894

File: 1587814043264.jpg (51.28 KB, 585x409, sabrina.JPG)


nta but here some stuff I saw on her twitter page

No. 89895

File: 1587814170880.jpg (41.05 KB, 588x498, sabrina1.JPG)

No. 89896

File: 1587814233209.jpg (20.29 KB, 589x149, sabrina2.JPG)


and I think this is the tweet that anon mentioned here >>89878

No. 89897

File: 1587814408236.jpg (Spoiler Image,292.92 KB, 1168x2048, EUg4rJ9X0AAXs5E.jpg)


For me it looks like she is just another case light Fahr. Taking their gay cosplay shipping into a new level with being trans now. Totally not a fetish!!1

and of course she is selling noodz as well.

No. 89898

File: 1587814569658.jpg (78.41 KB, 930x596, sabrinainsta.JPG)


she also likes to cosplay with this other "dude" lol

No. 89901

File: 1587823118005.jpg (36.2 KB, 500x500, wat.jpg)

apparently her new "name" is Q, or Quinn? Her girl-boy-xe-whatever-friend is named "little miss yaoi"…

No. 89902

File: 1587823201480.png (5.78 KB, 546x242, nosejob.png)

Hopefully she isn't miking her parents dry…

No. 89904

Q is the name of the character she's cosplaying (Ben Whishaw in Daniel Craig's James Bond movies)

No. 89905

Their name is now Q / Quinn. Took the name of a fictional character. Sounds like a great plan for life.

I've screenshotted a lot of Himezawa whining and cringe recently, if the thread picks up, I'll post some of it. Most ungrateful and entitled person I've seen come out of the weeb idol community

No. 89910


This thread is pretty much dead, so you can go ahead and post everything now.

No. 89917

ooooh so she's just a yaoi/ gay fetishes
And these delusional cows wonder why actual gay men want nothing to do with them

No. 89935

File: 1587851878153.png (1.16 MB, 1043x1677, Screenshot_20191130-131109.png)

OK. Here's the admission of having worked as a stripper. I'm not sure if this refers to lewd patreon sets, or irl stripping.

In one of the previous Valentine's patreon sets, Himezawa told everyone that their childhood/teenage dream was to have her pictures in Playboy. I always thought that was a very thirsty lie, meant to bait neckbeards into buying them. Who knows though.

No. 89938

Incapable of following instructions - what a drama qween. Literally every post about education is a complaint somehow. It's sooo haaaaarrrrdddd or so, like, pointless. Why do these classes cost money? My teachers suck!

No. 89939

File: 1587852680624.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20191130-131053.png)

dropped the pic

No. 89941

i hope she knows she's not going to become popular this way either.

No. 89951

What is she even talking about?? What does she work as?

No. 89957

she works as a lewd cosplayer

both of the above are from Nov 30, 2019

No. 89960

Toppest of lels, she looks so much better and more normal as a dude. I'm still not buying she's on T at all or experiences any of the troon maladies, it's just another ploy to get attention. Absolutely hilarious that it has come to this!

No. 90252

probably her most of the time. she's so irrelevant lol

No. 90253

>Literally every single failed j-idol wannabee is going porn now

No. 90331

She doesn't work as a lewd cosplayer, she tries to work as one, but she doesn't earn a single penny with it

No. 90373

I think it was a new way to try to become popular. I also think it's how some aging lolitas/ attention whores hide the fact they are aging. Instead of looking like a woman close to their 30's they can look like an anemic teen boy

No. 90417

Please post it all. She's one of my favorite cows, she's really got all of the markings of the ultimate weeb cow.

No. 90581

I won't let you down, anon. I have some stuff to finish first, but I'll be back.

No. 90722


New to lolcow here, came from a different thread

Himezawas name is not Q/Quinn.

His name is Noel and he's engaged to the other girl "little miss yaoi" or whatever

i have a picture of him after surgery in my phone somewhere but i don't want to "get caught"

No. 90783



No. 90790

No. 90829

There's literally a video where Himezawa says their name is Q/Quinn now, but because "Himezawa" is like a brand, they're keeping the handle. It was said miss yaoi suggested the name. So is there now another name?? I would not put it past our idoru to need multiple names, they have DID, after all. Or they did have it. Allegedly.

And you won't get caught, because the most vague, weird footage of this person was posted by them on tiktok immediately after people here doubted about the surgery. Ever the victim.

So Himezawa/Q, why did you lie about having breast cancer? Why did you make it sound like breast cancer was something that could be ignored for years without any negative effects?

My friend is your age and went through 3 years of hell because of breast cancer. She still has side effects despite being in remission. So please answer this question, sir.

No. 90854


Doesnt she stalk this site or some shit?

I dont know why she has another name but she didnt want it public or whatever

I don't know about the breast cancer story thats interesting the only thing she ever told me about was top surgery

No. 90989

I haven't looked at this cow in years, her PS is so fucking bad lol

No. 90994


Lmao does anyone even buy her sets?

No. 91186

Right I don’t think this will be too interesting? But uh yeah

No. 91188

File: 1588700920501.jpeg (164.98 KB, 750x1625, D4E1CA32-D334-45AE-936F-AE6DA8…)

So like 2 days ago I got a nice little voice message accusing me of posting the stuff that uh the other anon posted about himezawas name and surgery

This message threatened to basically take me to court or whatever for “doxing ” on online forums and for “revenge porn”

I asked and asked “what forum? When did this happen” and got ignored causing me to panic :))))))

Himezawa since people here say you look at this site

No I did not post that thread

No I do not have a picture of you after surgery because I have no interest in keeping a picture of you (that you posted on your close friends) without a shirt

The fact that some of your old friends have posted on this site should tell you something and maybe you should take on board some of the advice or criticisms given :)

No. 91189

Nvm 3 days ago

No. 91194

Can you post the voice recordings? A screen recorder app like Xrecorder will do just fine, then a Google Drive upload or YouTube. It'd be hilarious to hear her screech about legal consequences kek

No. 91199


After telling keyes shit (a person who I fucking trusted) and threatening me with legal action (btw I’m under 18 :))) )

It will be my fucking pleasure(underaged)

No. 91201

has she changed her accent? It sounds different compared to how I remember her voice…

She's not my favorite cow (not that I have that many in the first place) but the fact that she managed to be so deluded to keep up all of this for so many years is… rather impressive.

And yet, she has basically fewer followers than any random instathot lol

No. 91204


Lol i feel bad that you knew these people

No. 91221

File: 1588718911225.jpeg (10.32 KB, 239x210, kek.jpeg)

I'm fucking howling at her calling the threat of having a post-surgery selfie posted revenge porn and a hate crime, holy shit! Thank you for delivering, anon. You can really hear how much she's seething in these, she didn't even bother to put on her faux accent. Full-on Kraut coming through.

I'm with you here, last I checked she had like what, 2000 followers? For a fucking decade of attention whoring in as many weeby hobbies as I can think of, and toting around achievements like "record deal" and "TV appearances" and "published author" - even though we all know her success is mostly a sham (like her books being self published), a charismatic person would still have managed to turn all that smoke-and-mirrors fame into a decent following. The fact that she's still so stubborn about it is what makes her such a cow.

No. 91230


I checked this whole intire lolcow thing and theres literally a screenshot of him revealing his chest that got taken down from tiktok

And he acuses me of having a picture of him like??????

Lmao you know the more i read the more im starting to believe the stuff you guys post and how much of an idiot i was for thinking nothing of these people

My friends even thought it was strange that i was friends with 20 something year old and a near 40 year old

No. 91231

I’m such a dumbass for trusting them like… damn

No. 91239

You're pretty young and they seem pretty good at wrapping impressionable people around their finger with their whole larger-than-life bullshit, don't beat yourself up over it. And don't worry about any legal actions, any threats are unfounded and even if they tried (which is unlikely due to how broke both of them are), they'd just be told to block you and get over it. I've been there. Happy posting <3

No. 91248


Thank you :’) anon, bitch gave me a fucking heart attack at like 5pm.

No. 91255

I see that fahrsindrams thread has something posted by what I’m assuming is the same anon the posted the stuff I got accused of

Should I post in that too? Or just leave it cause Keyes hasn’t exactly spoken to me he just ignored me

No. 91258

Honestly, as someone who used to know both of them, it's only a matter of time until they toss you out like trash anyway. Might as well get ahead of the curve.

No. 91263


Looks like they already done that… so yeah.. im starting to think that Keyes just thought I was one of his fans… then again I think he thinks that of everyone that follows him so yeah I guess he did

No. 91270

Made my night, anon. I hope someone saved this for posterity.

Revenge porn and a hate crime?
So is that why it got taken off of tiktok? For being porn? Himezawa, you naughty beast!

No. 91276


Lol pretty sure the thing he posted on his close friends story is different from what he posted on tiktok

No. 91283

File: 1588734366111.webm (9.09 MB, 640x1388, Here you go-8QGTVcGQVnE.webm)

>I hope someone saved this for posterity.

I did.

No. 91285

Is this said "revenge porn"?

No. 91287


i've yet to see these pictures of her after surgery but is there really any difference? she had barely any tits to begin with


also you cant really accuse someone of "revenge porn" when you post lewds online and show of your chest on tiktok lmao


she really be stooping this low as to accuse a kid of having pictures that she herself posted feel sorry for you man

No. 91343


I don't know why the reappearance of her native accent is so funny to me. I speak German. The tone he is using in these messages is like how you might speak to a phone company or something. It's way too polite for hate revenge porn.

Given that nakedness is no big deal in Germany (look up FKK), the suggestion that a shirtless transman's pic is "porn" is ludicrous. I'm sure that someone will quickly prosecute this hate crime committed against the great idoru Himezawa.

No. 91484

Maybe she should have changed her name to Karen

No. 91486

File: 1588790107744.png (33.9 KB, 595x119, hz.png)

No. 91492


I will say it again

maybe actually take on board some criticism and don’t blame everyone else

“Boo hoo friends I falsely accused are being mean”

Ugh he’s annoying

No. 91494

Sabrina treats friends like commodities and accessories. You reap what you sow. I'm honestly surprised more people haven't come out to spill her drama.

No. 91497

File: 1588792412746.png (131.53 KB, 590x555, lol2.png)

>My tweets are technically viral material
>1 Like

No. 91609

She deleted all of these. Lurking much?

No. 91709

File: 1588879665071.jpeg (104.64 KB, 750x1625, E5FB1A99-1E28-4B96-B7C7-8B6221…)

No himezawa you will not die because i told you of a perfectly good help service that provides all these things and they are completely confidential

So stop acting as if youre dying

No. 93253

Well both of them are close friends so unless it’s about something good they probably won’t tell if it’s something bad.

No. 98736

I'll start posting some himezawa stuff.
Here's her real voice without autotune.

No. 99635


Aye but must they really just accuse people of random shit?

After reading all this shit about both of them i'm kinda gald i'm no longer friends with them… Kinda dodged a bullet? Not really but meh…

Also there's literally about a million poeple with the same name as him its not like they gave away his address or some shit(necro)

No. 118122

It's so weird that after going on hormones and cutting off their chest bumps, "Himezawa" is posting all these old photos in a corset with tits visible. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEKJsHhDRDW/

I feel like this whole phase is just designed to piss their parents off as much as possible. Despite being what? 27?

Or this transition happened purely to sell "trap" cosplay pics/lewds.

No. 118636

File: 1604111776058.png (686.04 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20201031-033419.png)

No. 119322

She said she had tumour in her brain before and was going blind suddenly that's no longer a thing and her breast cancer is apparently gone too(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 119325

Um did she ever had boobs? Like she always was super flat chested so she could easily fake having her boobs cutted off.

Also I'm impressed that after all this time she STILL doesn't give up and tries to be famous, despite having so little followers, never earned a single penny with her art etc.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 119529

Did she actually get a mastectomy?? I know she was a fakeboi for like two minutes a while ago, is she lying about having cancer to avoid the shame of cutting off her tits to be a boy and changing her mind?

No. 119543

this person lied about cancer years before becoming a fakeboi.

No. 119829

>>119529 she cut them off not too long ago lol

No. 119875

Wouldn't this by dysmorphic for someobe trans..?

No. 119879

I thought the same thing.

Update from last week: https://youtu.be/tBkwA3cgxkE

I honestly wish someone could explain to me what himezawa wanted from top surgery, what this person identifies as, how someone should even insinuate at all to call himezawa he/him (as requested). Is the whole thing an art projekt? wtf


And don't mark this as pandering. I am just so confused by himezawa in particular. this seems different and worse than the normal fakeboi stuff. omg.

No. 119927

I thought her boy phase was over because most of her pictures are super girly and the 'male' pictures look like cosplay.

I guess she doesn't take hormones because her face still looks very female?

No. 119929

six months on T…?
I'm in Europe, went to Catholic school, and was taught female anatomy. Pretty sure that's required in Germany, they don't fuck around.

No. 120062


As far as I'm aware she's not on T also she lives in the UK lol she ain't that dysphoric think she's just obssesed with becoming something she's not like her friend

No. 120254

I know himezawa lives in the UK. The TikTok video claims Catholic school never taught himezawa about the female "bean" (clitoris). Himezawa is from Germany. Education in Germany is regulated strictly. You can't just teach whatever the fuck. It's not the US over there.

I'm not German but Catholic schools im Europe teach about the existence and function of the clitoris. At least where I live they do.

No. 121772

Why even post this? Maybe they broke up?

Himezawa always tells us how much life sucks. It never changes, everything always sucks and is always the absolute worst. I never knew such drama queens could be produced in Germany.

No. 131222

File: 1610154869156.jpg (24.74 KB, 1080x241, 100009100324_249910.jpg)

Wish I didn't have to sage this, as it's a hilarious statement from the lolita qween with the squeakiest voice, whose biggest dream was to be the the bestest idoru in glorious Nippon. But I don't want to be banned for necromancy…

No. 142632

She seems to be deleting everything and every socials she got around these days.Guessed she's doing everyone and herself a favor now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 142633

Her twitter account is private and she deleted all her youtube videos

No. 142642

yeah I'm kind of sad because I keep trying to find that video about hwr alters and the video about her 'boob cancer'

himezawa is a favorite mini-cow of mine.

No. 142643

samefag but I would love old material like this. I still have some things to share but not videos. There was a time when literally everything she posted on twitter made me giggle.

I think some of her OF or pay-for-lewds content may have leaked, because there are a lot of hits on random porny sites for her name. I also think her SO broke up with her.

No. 142645

File: 1616759524344.png (904.05 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20200317-022248.png)

Let's briefly travel back to Himezawa posting on March 16, 2020. Surely she is alarmed at the state of the world and the people who were worried about loved ones or first responders. Right?

No. 142646

File: 1616759578894.png (1.12 MB, 1079x1912, Screenshot_20200317-022254.png)

No. 142647

File: 1616759702227.png (695.64 KB, 1079x1903, Screenshot_20200317-022302.png)

No. 142648

File: 1616759818130.png (382.01 KB, 1080x1740, Screenshot_20200317-022311.png)

No. 142758

She’s so salty lmao just get a job? There are so many job offers online now

No. 142761

as if "it being a tough time" isn't an extremely valid reason for people to unsub

No. 142764

it was a year ago but lol

I have more stuff saved, I'll post it later. I know it's old, so we probably shouldn't bump this thread. If anyone has the video of her talking about her "boob cancer" or her asexuality or her DID, I would be so grateful. I just feel like eating some aged cheese…

No. 147400

This one also turned into a sex worker? >>142646

What is happening
What happening to /w/ cows

No. 147712

She deleted all of her socials now.

No. 147741

No. 147742

I don't think she's giving up yet though. What's she gonna do, get a minimum wage job? She has nothing to build a career on, she'll continue trying to find ways to attention-whore her way into money until she finds another sucker willing to pay her way.

No. 147755

what was her last status quo? Is she still in the Uk and being a fakeboy?

No. 147880

I think her partner broke up with her and she went nuts, personally. There were a few signs.

Someone has been uploading her gross lewd pics to porn sites (they come up when you search her name with safe search off). Her patreon still has some signs of life, the usual "i'm so sorry i didn't upload bc of health reasons" stuff cows inevitably post on patreon.

No. 148112

Like her real legal name or her artist name Himezawa? How will she ever be able to find serious work with porn sites connected to your name? She's already making not enough money from her lewd pics and it will get less yhe older she gets. Time for a reality check.

No. 148245

Wasn’t she visa-married to some jp dude?
How is she still in Japan? Or did she move home?

No. 148400

It's mostly under himezawa. I used a public computer to click on one of the links and it seems to be pics leaked from her patreon, plus nudes that got leaked here (there were a couple uncensored ones).

idk what's going on with her but it seems to have started after some drama with her partner. Last I checked, himezawa is in the UK, not Japan. Yes, she had a visa marriage for awhile but that's old. As a German citizen, she doesn't need much to stay legally in the UK, even after Brexit.

I'm p sure she got her AA breasts removed on the NHS.I do miss her incessant bitching on twitter. She always had some rant or complaint going on there.

No. 148401

home lol
she hates her parents
once said everyone over 30 needs classes on gender identity, as if she isn't mid-20s herself.

She especially hates mommy. She's from a small Bavarian town. I'm sure her preferance for taking her clothes off is a source of embarrassment for the family. Being gay isn't that big of a deal anymore,being trans well… I wouldn't want to be trans in Bavaria, but mtf would be a billion times worse. There are plenty of forlorn uggos in Germany, esp at university - virgin nerd look is everywhere - and looking like himezawa is not going to make you stand out unless you bleat on about it. She certainly does because she needs to be a victim.

No. 148629

Still lives in UK, legally changed her name but uses himezawa and sabrina for her books and stuff.

She got top surgery for her none existant boobs (she oayed for it to get it done quickly) and she broke up with her partner who she was engaged to.

Sorry if its just repeated stuff last i checked (before she deleted her socials) some guy was trying to help them get sponsorships but i guess that fell through

No. 148642

oh interesting, himezawa initiated the breakup? do you know why?

No. 148685

They are producing receipts, so take their unsaged post with a grain of salt.

No. 148837

sure, but some of what they said is true, so I wanted to ask

No. 148923


Sorry anons i should have explained better, she gone completely dark but from what i understood she wasnt the one to initiate the brake up.

She still lives in Scotland in her apartment unless she has moved which i highly doubt since she doesnt have a real job. Ive met her a couple of times but we no longer speak

No. 148924

Sorry for the double post but ever since shes gone i havent spoken to her and even then she rarely spoke to me.

Im not sure why shes been deleting all her stuff maybe trying to rebrand? Doubt it though(learn to sage)

No. 148941

Scotland? I thought she lived in England.

No. 148985


Nah she lives quite far from glasgow but her and some of her friends live in Scotland.

Pretty sure her family payed for the flat? Not sure but she didnt have a job then nor now. She was in uni here not too long ago, i think she was studying art? Not sure.

She also went to Germany about a year or so ago and stayed with family there and didnt stop complaining about how much she hated it

No. 148995

File: 1620337499267.png (100.63 KB, 740x2178, 1618164137783.png)

>Sorry for the double post but ever since shes gone i havent spoken to her and even then she rarely spoke to me.

>Im not sure why shes been deleting all her stuff maybe trying to rebrand? Doubt it though

No. 149031

Unless you're going to somehow prove who you are, you could literally be making all this up. You're not some magic intel.

No. 149039

It seems plausible to me that it is probably the poster who got a voice message from Himezawa last year. Or someone else who posted earlier in this thread and also seems young. Obviously this person can't or shouldn't prove their identity to us so we either believe them or not. This thread is sadly glacial, so I'm willing to talk to them, I guess.

(magicintelanon - please write sage in the email field to sage posts)

The person could be making everything up. You're right. But:
- doesn't have real job
- was at uni (person can't remember if it was art because she changed majors at least once if not twice - she complained about all her classes. I'll have to go root around but I think she did graphic design and then switched to compsci lite or stats or idk. She was moaning about how fried her brain was from math but how much she loves it bc it's soooo masc to like STEM.)
- Germany (moved to Germany from Japan to get her nose job paid for by her parents before going to the UK)
- parents paying for her flat (absolutely they did, Himezawa never had any income to speak of)
- top surgery (yes, end 2019)

All this stuff was on her social networking profiles/IG stories for a limited time, so if you didn't follow Himezawa's lulz closely or know her, you probably wouldn't remember all of it.

idk why I thought she was somewhere in England (not London, she could never afford that). She never once said something that made me think Scotland. Good job, I guess, if magicintelanon is right.

No. 149054

This is shit we know already. Anon isn't adding anything new that isn't tinfoil.

No. 149129

i cannot prove who i am for obvious reasons i dont want to deal with her.

I know she lives in Scotland because ive seen where she lives, weve hung out with friends plenty of times.

I think but take this with a grain of salt, she went to Edinburgh uni i could be completely wrong. I just remembered that she travelled there a lot.

No. 149130

No. 149139

Anon you're not adding anything new. You clearly aren't involved with her or know her personally. You're just throwing tinfoils out in hopes people believes the gaps your filling.

No. 149160

File: 1620420192028.png (277.81 KB, 1079x1676, Screenshot_20200426-014742.png)

Not milk, but I saved this for some reason. Her ever-changing major.

No. 149532

She also deleted her Patreon?!

No. 149545

I heard he is thinking of detransitioning, but I don't have proof so idk

No. 149572


No. 149841

File: 1620895977160.png (740.49 KB, 628x608, Screenshot_105.png)

You're a nigger, you're a fucking nigger; you're the blackest gorilla monkey i've ever seen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 150658

She deleted everything, even her youtube. But if anyone is interested, I archived about 104 videos of her main-channel.

No. 150669

Do you have her DID video?

No. 150688

I'm really curious about what you have, anon!

No. 150741

yes please! I have a few too such as her FREE! choreo video

No. 150790

I want these if possible!
Draw my life
the vlog/update including her (fake) cancer reveal

No. 150794

She still has videos on her Vimeo!

No. 151028

Sadly these aren't the milky ones, just some random shitty performances.

Is she also detransitioning from having to walk using her cane? kek

No. 153248

why did she need a cane? I never knew that. She used to "dance" - what happened

No. 170140

She back somehwere?

No. 171581

please anon don't leave us hanging here

No. 179417

Anyone knows what happened to this cow(necro)

No. 179447

Wondered the other day the same thing. Sabrina was once my fave cow to follow. Maybe she finally realized that "it" will never happen for her. No career as a lolita fashun model, singer, actress, ytuber, writer, cosplayer, e-thot, troon and god knows how many other career paths in which she failed. Sad to see that >>150658 never re-uploaded her vids somewhere …

No. 181962

anon i check this thread hoping for your post. where are the vids why did you forsake us? himezawa is an eternal cow, it's like when Zeus immortalizes outstanding or weird people/animals by making them constellations in the heavens. There's a himezawa in the stars, acting cringe for eternity. We must have these videos for posterity.

No. 205779

Sorry nonnas, I completely forgot I posted here. For the off-chance someone might still see it, here is what I have. Unfortunately it's only until November 2020, when she already deleted some stuff:

(Farmhands pls no sage-your-shit ban, this is for archival purposes)

No. 205788

omg thank you sooo much. I can't wait to get home and download this. Himezawa was truly a favorite cow for me and I miss her crazy lack of self-awareness. Somehow I think she must still be on the internet somewhere, but she did a big disappearing act & idk where to look. Whatever happened must have been more than a break-up

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