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File: 1425862838532.jpg (84.14 KB, 500x500, Suzy.jpg)

No. 58845

Someone mentioned making a thread for her so voila.


A little background/drama:

>Egoraptor's wife

>Started out YT doing animation shorts and working Ego on his animations, started her own "beauty" channel, became the PR manager for GG, now hosts her own show on polaris and sometimes appears in GG episodes
>Painfully unfunny compared to her show-mates
>Cannot take criticism, writes off anything negative said about her as "sexist" and just "virgin gamergate bros mad at her for being a ~gril gamur~"
>Rumored as the reason Jon left GameGrumps, Jon's GF Nicole has serious beef with Suzy
>Filed DMCA charges against a fanmade video because it painted her in a "negative light", when people called her out, she called the whole GG fandom a pile of shit and stormed off
>Resells cheap ebay charms and bug taxidermy on her etsy page for hundreds of dollars a piece
>Beauty channel is now currently 100% sponsored by BirchBox, doesn't give honest product reviews, recommends shit like $30 hairclips from the BirchBox store as X-Mas gifts, etc.
>Made a video about depression saying how her husband and his money makes her not so sad anymore

No. 58846

File: 1425862930478.jpg (14.24 KB, 300x414, 300x300.jpg)

No. 58847

Yoko Ono.

No. 58848

File: 1425863094966.png (443.41 KB, 852x470, SQasTVf.png)

No. 58849

Depression video

No. 58850

File: 1425863379122.png (249.92 KB, 2040x1452, 1404551557541.png)


No. 58858

Fucking hell I hate reddit and everyone on it

No. 58859

Oh man. I used to follow her on IG but when I asked her why her necklaces were $100, all of her fans started piling on me with "WELL, SHE CANT MAKE UP HER OWN PRICES" and "If you dont like it, go somewhere else!"

It was ridiculous. Also, i truly believe she is one of the reasons why Arin and Jon's friendship ended. Not the deciding factor, but one of the reasons at least.

She also fakes her voice. Her videos with her twin sister prove that. She tries to go the whole 'kawaii high pitch' voice thing and it's just annoying to listen to her speak.

No. 58860

Suzy is such a cunt. I honestly can't stand her. Thanks for making this thread, anon. I'm sure there will lots of lulz to post on it. She's definitely a lolcow who ONLY got popular because she's married to Egoraptor. He always looks so damn soulless in her Loot crate videos.

No. 58861

I heard about her selling her jewelry at ridiculous prices, but $105 for a pendant maybe costing $5 to make? She's insane. Damn!

No. 58862

>Beauty channel is now currently 100% sponsored by BirchBox, doesn't give honest product reviews
She does this with Loot Crate too, it's so fucking annoying. She's been posting 'unboxing' videos with it for the last, I think 2 years now and she always starts the videos off with the same whole scripted garbage information about Loot Crate, every fucking time. She always drags Arin into the videos and he always looks bored as fuck like he just wants it to be over asap.

No. 58863

rofl literally all of her videos are labeled "Omg best loot crate ever!" and +10,000 more views because she states in every video that Egoraptor is her husbando.

No. 58864

I get a really reverse-Onision feeling from them. Like, Suzy's cashing in on her hubby's internet fame and dragging him into videos he's not jazzed about so she can shit all over his fanbase.

No. 58865

Arin looks like he's about to drop dead omg.
On top of all the shit he already does I can't believe Suzy still makes him sit through these unboxing shit videos. Most of LootCrate is just cheap video game junk imo.

No. 58866

Any pictures of her without makeup? I get the feeling she's one of those girls who's "pretty" until she gets married, then only tarts up for the camera.

No. 58868

File: 1425864846783.jpg (119.54 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

From one of her first YT vids. She deffs cakes it on, some of her insta pics you can really see the powder and foundation caked on. She also gained a lot of weight recently.

No. 58869

File: 1425864864295.jpg (103.31 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

She looks fine without make up. As fake as she is, I will say she does like wearing make up for herself and not for others. I dont like judging girls who wear make up because that's kind of bullshit, but she's fine make up wise. I just think she wears a bit too much. She explains in a video she's been wearing the same kind of make up since 7th grade or something because she liked Cleopatra?? I dunno.

I think she's wearing a bit of make up in this photo but not caked on as usual.

No. 58870

I agree, I definitely think she was the straw that broke the camel's back. I honestly don't know much about her, but from what I've seen, she seems incredibly bitchy and bossy. Why is she even involved with gg anyway?

No. 58871

Loot crate definitely gives you useless junk. I hate the whole nerd culture that's suddenly popular anyway. Arin looks so dead and exhausted in all of her videos. Like he's fighting just to stay awake.

No. 58872

Are you kidding? She looks heinous bare-faced. She has eyes like a crab. I remember there was one make-up tutorial video I watched where in the beginning she was explaining it with the finished look on and then it cut to her starting the tutorial without any make-up on and it genuinely fucking scared me a little.

No. 58873

She did a lot of editing/producing and props for the GG. She did a great job from the background, just like Barry did. Then they both got fucking greedy and wanted to be in the fore ground.

tbh I really like table flip. I was super into that show because Suzy and Barry have good chemistry as friends and I also love board games. But now they're both really into GG and I can't stand any episode they're in.

No. 58875

She doesn't look like that bad. I dunno. Maybe I'm just a woman who doesn't expect women to look so magical without make up, because make up can really change someone's face. Her eyes are very small, but that's really it. Her twin sister for some reason looks 1,000x better than her. Haha. I have no idea how that works. Probably because Jean isn't fake.

No. 58876

lmao Egoraptor has such a gross profile. That saggy neck.

No. 58877

File: 1425865391374.png (96.55 KB, 732x592, 1CkQW9A.png)

Suzy's post on the ~sexism~ she faces for playing video games.

No. 58881

She's so obnoxious. I'm a woman who plays games too, so I can understand actual sexism against women who play video games, HOWEVER in Suzy's case, she's just very unlikable as a person!

Gender aside. She is not funny. She does not have the good chemistry with the other members of GG. Something tells me she doesn't play more games than Ego does either. She's just mad that people don't like her. When Holly guested on GG, people really loved her. Then Suzy couldn't claim sexism because people really liked Holly's sense of humor and her cuteness with Ross.

Suzy is just boring, unfunny and doesn't fit it. She's only in GG because she's married to Egoraptor and she knows it. People make valid arguments on why they don't like Suzy and someone always calls sexism! It's so annoying.

No. 58883

>Everyone has a different sense of humor - and I am NEW to this!

Gamegrumps has been around for how many years now? You have had your own show for how long now? You've been on Youtube foR HOW MANY YEARS NOW? I'm sorry but you are NOT new to this. You are not funny not because you're new, but because you're just shit when it comes to comedy, Suzy.

>I can only hope to achieve 1/10th of their skills

Take an improv class then? Comedy isn't something that just comes to you over time by sitting on your ass in front of a tv. Dan literally went to school and studied musical comedy. Arin has spent years working on animations and writing jokes. God damn you're lazy.

>game grumps was a show about friends hanging out and playing video games - when was being funny a prerequisite?

Since they have been advertising themselves as a comedy channel since day one??? And wow it hardly started out as just "friends playin vidya", GG has been a legit business since it began. What even are these excuses.

>We make a show for fun, to have fun.

No…You make a show for money, Suzy. Please don't get those confused.

No. 58885

Let's not forget this trainwreck of a tutorial.

No. 58886

>I'm a woman, you have to like me or you're sexist. whaaaa
She's so irritating. And yes, I agree with you anon. She's lazy and looking for easy hand outs.

Just like her lazy ass rice crispy videos. She couldn't even be bothered to make rice crispies!

No. 58887

….She thinks this is Gyaru? No. Honey. No.

No. 58888

File: 1425866152817.gif (864.44 KB, 278x237, chins.gif)

No. 58891

Nothing is worse than this, I assure you. She is wearing so much make up to cosplay a 14/15 year old character. And look at all the people getting attacked for calling out her shit make up.

No. 58892

The fucking strings tied around the pigtails get me every time omg wtf.

No. 58893

I know! And the cheap dollar store gems. Her collar is underside down too so the moon is pointing down.

No. 58895

>people in the comments who will use this make up as inspiration for Sailor moon
Why? So many people saying she looks great when she really doesn't.

No. 58896

If she got surgery to make her eyes less beady, she'd probably look pretty good. She looks fucking bizarre as is though.

No. 58897

Yeah, holy shit her eyes are so small and far apart. Does she have fetal alcohol syndrome or something?

No. 58900


Remembered this thread from last year that I was lurking before it 404'd and found the archived version for y'all. Though, I'm not sure how much credibility it has coming from a /b/ anon. It did seem quite legit though and they seemed to know a lot. It looks like it was archived long before OP had left so it's not as meaty here as it actually turned out to be. There was more talk about Suzy and how she was very controlling over Arin and always wanted things to go her way or she'd throw a strop.

No. 58902

>How To Lose 10 Pounds With Just Contouring!
>that double neck + super unflattering camera angle

….Ok suzy.

No. 58903

Thanks for the link, kind anon. I've def heard stories about how she'd be controlling a lot of the production of GG from behind the scenes. I can see it with her attitude on some of her own videos with the game grumps crew in it.

No. 58904

She really should've stuck with editing, and beauty videos, then. She says in here >>58877 that gg is about friends hanging out and playing games, but I feel she's just Egoraptor's wife to everyone else.

I'm pretty sure she does actually.

No. 58905

I do like her eyebrows, but her eyes freak me out a bit.

No. 58906

File: 1425866899594.png (46.29 KB, 1542x411, 1405136281239.png)

I have some conspiracy bits saved too.
There's a trend on 4chan for these threads of "what happened with jontron".
Suzy being a controlling bitch seems to be up there as most likely for me tho.

No. 58908

File: 1425867053236.jpg (303.34 KB, 1037x1158, 1404895349817.jpg)

The "Arin Slapped Jon's GF Theory".
I'm pretty sure this was debunked but who knows.

No. 58910

Found another post pointing out even more of the bullshit behind her etsy store.


I'm glad a lot of people have sourced her items. Now people can make their own for like $100 cheaper than her prices. Jesus.

No. 58912

No problem! OP also talks a lot about Arin being a dick towards Jon in a lot of instances, which makes me sad (I'm biased towards Jon).
>Arin was constantly trying to push it to be a more proper monetized professional thing
The OP from the thread I posted said this too; that Arin was more interested in profits and making the most amount of money from GG and Jon just wanted it be like a fun, laid-back thing.

No. 58915

I could totally see that. I wouldn't even doubt Suzy being a bit behind the driving point to monetize grumps more and more.
I think I remember hearing about how Arin only wanted to be sponsored by Disney so he could visit the park for free at some point.

Remember when Jon made a video advertising his new Jontron episode of King's Quest and the whole GG fandom had a massive breakdown so bad they deleted the video from the Grumps channel? And now Danny advertises every single music video he makes on the Grump channel and everyone is okay with it.
It's sad bc I deffs favor Jon too. He's not even paid anymore for the episodes he did in the past that still make hella money.

No. 58917

Ego hit Jon's gf Nicole? To defend Suzy, I can see it. He's a huge whiteknight for Suzy.

No. 58918

What the fuck, he isn't? That's utter bullshit, he's mostly what made Game Grumps so popular, it's obvious most people favoured Jon. I think if they'd had Danny from the start they wouldn't be nearly as popular. They still obviously get views from their older videos with Jon, he should be entitled to a cut.

No. 58920

File: 1425868671652.png (32.02 KB, 1008x249, sCOBCcO.png)

From reddit.
Yeah it's really fucked up. He probably had to give up rights to all the content he made while on the show when he quit. :\ Really fucking raw deal considering how many views those videos still get to this day. I know he's fine on his own but it's fucked up.

No. 58921

I don't know why everyone's hating on Suzy's makeup video's, they aren't THAT bad. She's not a makeup artist, I honestly think she's just a girl who likes makeup and plays around with it a lot so sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not.

Two. I always kind of wondered what Arin see's in Suzy? We don't really know their relationship off camera, but everything I've seen from her videos to the video's where they made those rice krispy treats - like videos you can physically see them together - he always seem's awkward with her and slightly uncomfortable? And I feel like it's just with her in that way, because you see him at panels and in front of a crowd, and he plays it up and might go at an awkward angle but it's in a way that's funny and made to be laughed at.
So I never understand their dynamic, bc her videos she's all "oh I love you!" and he's just kind of like "yeah."

I could totally see her being controlling, I'm sure before every loot crate video she goes over what they're going to kind of do - like some sort of very simple script because it totally sounds scripted.

I used to like her, because she seemed all about feminism and female power, and I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt when it come's to people needlessly hating on her; but I do agree that she's very whiny. Like, why even bother to respond to hate on reddit? And if you're going to at least don't go bat shit about it, keep yourself collected? Because whether she likes it or not, she does have an image, and if I were her I wouldn't want to have people think that I was just a parasite of my husband's success.

No. 58922

File: 1425868796612.png (112.44 KB, 860x1392, 2jvRSsX.png)

There's obvious tension between Suzy and Nicole. Don't know if things would escalate that far… But they really don't like each other.

No. 58923

Damn, I never even thought about it. It's sad knowing you made hundreds of videos with someone who used to be a good friend and now they're meaningless.

No. 58924

I don't think I've ever seen Jon really resentful about their breakup, if Arin hitting Nicole is true. I mean with Nicole you can totally see it, they despise each other, and Arin will shrug any talk of Jon immediately. But I've never seen Jon retaliate, am I wrong?

No. 58926

It's really hard to judge whether she's replying to the Suzy things since it's a live stream with all the other people adding shit in, which makes it frustrating. I wonder what she meant by "I don't wanna be a suzy", it definitely seems vitriolic though especially with the "SHOTS FIRED" response.

No. 58927

I can sorta agree with this.
When it comes to the relationship between Arin and Suzy, Arin has stated multiple times that if he wasn't with Suzy right now he'd be scared to death of dating anyone. He has this fear that women will only like him bc he's "successful" and makes bank off YT. (But it's ok if Suzy does those exact things). Arin also met Suzy when she was like 13? And they dated for a long time.
Suzy mentioned how they had a breakup in her "Draw My Life" video. Arin moved to LA to really dig into animation and voice acting and apparently wrote her a letter every day bc he still loved her even tho she moved on to someone else.
This seemed sorta fishy to me because despite that they broke up, Suzy ~dramatically~ took a plunge and moved in with him after he got pretty big. She then writes off the guy she was seeing before as mean and awful or something? idk.
Arin talked about how when she first moved in things were rocky.

SO IDK. I don't know what to assume from all this. Suzy's intentions seem really iffy to me tho.

No. 58929

I feel like a lot of people go through this phase where, they date their first ever partner and feel like it will last forever, and when it doesn't their self esteem gets crippled and they go through a lot of emotions. And I kind of thought that in the Draw My Life video.

I feel like if Arin dated someone else during that time, it would have expanded his horizon, because he doesn't seem all that bad - yeah there's things that I don't think are good about him, in a way that I wouldn't date him unless he kind of grew up. But I think if he dated someone else, like I said it would have helped? I'm not good at explaining it, but I've sort of experienced it myself, where you realize "oh it's not the end of the world, and dating other people isn't some horrible sin, and it doesn't abolish my previous relationship/feelings that I had for them, I'm just with someone new and things are different"

No. 58931

Yeah for real, Jean is a cutie. Crazy how they're pretty much identical yet Jean clearly looks more attractive. I watched her videos when she still uploaded them and she seemed a lot sweeter than Suzy, just an all-round nicer attitude about her. She's kind of awkward in them because she'd never done YouTube stuff before and she didn't keep it up for long, but I find it endearing.

No. 58933

Have ALWAYS loved Jean, she's so cute, and wish that she would do more youtube video's whatever they would be.

Another point on Arin/Suzy, is that he watches A LOT of porn. And I don't think there's anything wrong with your partner watching porn, as long as their faithful and stuff, but for some reason with them I see it as a detachment of himself, like him seeing other people without necessarily 'seeing' them; if that makes sense.

No. 58934

i hate her face

No. 58935

File: 1425869993519.png (225.39 KB, 540x765, tumblr_njasuth9sG1r6iajbo1_540…)

No. 58936

File: 1425870090377.jpg (471.54 KB, 4000x4000, oF9HTPE.jpg)

No. 58937

Yeah, love Jean. I follow her on IG. She's def down to Earth and not a fake like Suzy is. She doesn't fake her voice either and doesn't cake on the make up.

No. 58938

I think there's something really odd about watching porn, esp a lot of it when you're married. I'm sorry, but I guess it's one) i dont think watching two people fake fucking is arousing and two) i only want to think of the person I'm with in a sexual manner. I'm married too and I really can't find any other women attractive but my wife. I think Arin and Suzy have a very disconnected marriage though in general.

No. 58939

Hah. Brilliant.

No. 58940

No. 58943

File: 1425870385093.jpg (Spoiler Image, 176.52 KB, 900x675, 9ktdg9r.jpg)


isn't this them?

No. 58944

… why don't more of you exist? why are women that aren't botched gargoyles forced to accept that men "have" to jack off to porn/want to always fuck other girls while in marriage(but they swear, it doesn't mean anything!)?

you're practically a unicorn op.

No. 58945

those meat claws, my god

also, ew @ everything

No. 58946

Hahaha I have this saved on my computer, it was posted by some anon in that archived thread. I remember OP saying they weren't 100% sure it was them because of xyz reasons, I don't remember what they were. I replied to the picture saying something like "I think this picture perfectly sums up their relationship" and OP said they agree. You can't deny it really looks like Arin, and the pudginess of the girl's body resembles Suzy's a lot.

No. 58947

Basically her talking about how she's realized how amazing she is.

No. 58948

If you hadn't posted this, I'd just assume she or he posted it to brag about what a cool ~gam3r gurl~ she is.

No. 58949

I totally get where you're coming from, because I've been in that state as well. With my partner right now, we're pretty secure in our relationship and don't do that type of thing; but I know that there are relationships out there where that's acceptable and totally fine, that's all I meant. I agree with you though on a personal level.

No. 58950

Haven't watched it yet, because I'm kind of scared it'll be like her Draw My Life video, where her whole life is some magical fairytale and she over came some 'problems' in her life.

No. 58951

Yeah her Draw my life video was so privileged. Like she really worked for nothing in her life - it was all handed to her.

No. 58952

How did you get this? Holy shit

No. 58953

File: 1425871122293.jpg (133.55 KB, 640x640, 10747941_307908852753616_56678…)

She really knows how to work angles bc damn she's put on weight (I know, it's bc of a thyroid thing or whatever) because it rly shows in her face.

but her outfits… are questionable. I get she's trying to be punk or something? but these are… not good.

No. 58954

wtf, not to be confused with bipolar? uh, bipolar disorder is bipolar, and when the fuck is bipolar disorder thought to be multiple personality disorder, or disassociative personality disorder?

she can fuck right off with this "i love morbid oddities, my hair is black. i have a disorder!" shit

No. 58955

I feel like she played it up so much, honestly if she just told her real story and bared a lot more truth, I would have liked it and her more. It was totally this thing like "Oh I was good at everything, I got so many rewards, I was a model and artist, I'm so inspiring! Also I once dated a crazy guy, but I left him for my childhood sweetheart Arin and now we live this magical life where I get to lounge around all day since he rakes in the cash."
It's just so damn fake, no one's life is like that unless you're a billionaire the moment you pop out.

No. 58956

God this is the most self-absorbed thing I've seen in a while.

>Youtube messaged ME!! to make a vid about ME!! ahah :'))))

>ppl dont like ME and i think about ME all night long but its ok because im ME!!
>i was so weird aha i wore a wedding dress to school!!
>my fashion iS AMAZING!!! omg i just love what ive become!! ppl like ME so much!
>im so UNIQUE~~ and ME!!
>poor ME i was sad one time!! but dont worry money and pills make it better!!
>im so SMART!! and inDEPENDENT!! thats why i have a rich husband who does everything for ME!!
>i hope MY story inspires people like ME!!
>that fake tear wipe

No. 58957

i wouldn't even try if i looked like this, tbh

No. 58959

That fucking necklace on her head. Suzy stop.

No. 58960

That does really look like Arin. Oh man, haha.

No. 58962

That first outfit is a mess. Is that a shirt tied around her waist, but at the side? I never understood her style. I'm all for trying new things, but she never seemed to know what her entire style was exactly. I do envy those first boots tho.

No. 58963

Oh, please Suzy. That's every fatty's excuse.
I agree, her style is pretty bad. I mean, she still wears flare jeans for fuck's sake. She pretty much mixes grunge-y UNIF stuff with basic bitch shit, it's a disaster.

No. 58964

She's so tumblr, it's not even funny. She even shaved her head and got tattoos. Sheesh.

No. 58965

Is this bitch on PULL? She's definitely some kind of snowflake.

No. 58966

She dresses more like this than the pictures in the previous post.
In every video she posts up, when chilling with the grumps she never dresses all out like in her OOTD vids it's so weird how her style contradicts itself sometimes but I guess she's just trying to figure it out

No. 58967

She actually HAS a thyroid issue. But that doesn't excuse her shitty fashion sense. All those outfits are a mess.

No. 58968

I've seen skirts like that but I wouldn't put it past her to wear a shirt as bottoms and think she's created some amazing new style. That plain white singlet tho. I have one exactly like that, I wear it to bed.

No. 58969

how the fuck does she fit into D.I.A?
I thought their largest size was 26? I am jealous of the belts, though… I've been eyeing them for awhile but am currently not willing to dish out $50+ for one.

No. 58970

Yeah, she's always in hoodies and jeans when she's out with Arin and the Grump crew.

No. 58972

I dont see the hate with flared jeans. They're a cute look and can work with the right top and shoes. If she likes flared jeans, she can. She just has kind of a boring style for someone who claims to be so ALT STYLE.

No. 58973

It looks like with these, she's trying for Kuro Gyaru? (I know, that's the dark-skinned style, but idk what to really call it. Is it tsuyome? whatever. the one that thinks everything needs to be D.I.A)

No. 58974

In her video about her thyroid she explained how hard she tried to lose it like some crazy intense diet.
She stuck to 700 calories a day for three weeks and expected to lose the weight. With that low of a calorie count your body goes into STARVATION MODE. You lose muscle mass not fat. She doesn't even know how to diet right.
Also expecting any diet to work in only three weeks without any exercise is insane.

Suzy is just lazy as all fuck and full of excuses like always.

No. 58975

Yeah, I know what you mean and I agree, if you're fully channeling the 2000's style it would look good, but this…no. It looks tacky in the non-ironic way.

No. 58976

This video was always weird for me because rather than it being her sharing something with her viewers, it seemed more like a "feel bad for me" thing.

No. 58977

File: 1425872390196.jpg (81.67 KB, 500x311, tumblr_n3op7jbL0M1qils0po1_500…)

more from that gyaru phase

No. 58978

Rokku is the style you're thinking of

No. 58979

Ehh… but I think more Ghost of Harlem/Glavil for Rokku tbh. She's just whoring D.I.A. like Black Diamond does, as well as newer gals who think they need brand to look good.

No. 58980

Why does she look like Arin's pimp.

No. 58981

I don't think she's rokku either, I just wanted to help out the other anon.

No. 58984

it's like she's trying to make herself look bigger. WHY.

lmfao. tbh… as obnoxious as they both are, and as much of a dick he is, i do think arin is kind of attractive, facially

no idea why he's w her, especially when she causes more drama, doesnt bring in the cash, and is unattractive.

No. 58987

I was actually the other anon, as well :P
But thank you!

No. 58989

What even was the point of this video?

No. 58991

I think Arin could look quite good if he worked out a bit/slimmed down and styled his hair nicely. He has decent features.

No. 58992

She owns a lot of expensive pieces it seems, but can't really piece a proper outfit together. For a former model, she really has huge legs.

No. 58995

She probably doesnt even know what Rokku Gyaru is.

No. 58996

>Dress: D.I.A
>Belt: D.I.A
>Leg Warmers: D.I.A

Yup, looks like you nailed it, anon.

No. 58997

File: 1425873506192.jpg (57.51 KB, 400x529, tumblr_mhne9yA6UR1rsodsyo1_400…)

No. 58998

I take it back. I take it aaaaall back.

No. 58999

Because she kind of is.

No. 59002

lol I like Arin's longer hair, but he definitely needs to slim down/work out. He's so pudge. It aint cute.

No. 59006

Yeah, I got the same vibe.

No. 59008

All that white eyeliner under her eyes.

No. 59009

Almost everything on her etsy is $100. Is she serious? Do people actual buy from her?

No. 59012

Her and Arin must rake in quite a lot of money between them. But then again, the profits from GG is split many ways now. Still, Suzy and Arin both have their own channels and are sponsored by fuckin' loot crate and all that shit.

No. 59013

I wonder how much her sponsorship is, because sponsors aren't always obligated to give them cash. But knowing Suzy I feel like she would push for payment for her 'reviews'.

No. 59015

I wonder. She probably makes a lot more money from loot crate since they're featured on her channel. Unless they are both sponsered separately? She keeps saying she isn't sponsered by them or 99 gamers, but we all know they are.

No. 59016

Yeah, it's really obvious. Isn't it supposedly not legal to lie about sponsorships? To not state something is an advert is false advertising if I'm right.

No. 59018

Mhmm. She is incredibly guilty of this.
It's hard to believe that her videos aren't sponsored when she has referral links to everything birchbox, and only does videos reviewing items on the birchbox site, and only includes birchbox items in her favorites…

No. 59020

She also has that whole "use this link to subscribe to Birch and get 10% off your first purchase" thing, which feels like sponsership.

No. 59025

Yeah, that's definitely sponsored. I was going to say if she has links like that or coupons in the description then it's for sure sponsored.

No. 59028

Arin posted some videos of him working out the other day

No. 59030

Does she have FAS or something? Where's her philtrum? She looks like an alien even with makeup.

No. 59032

It does kinda look that way. Her twin sister looks the same though (obviously), would it affect both babies?

No. 59034

File: 1425878239288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.67 KB, 450x600, 450px-SuzyGoose.jpg)

Is this real? I feel like it's not. If so, why.

No. 59036

Nah, it's shooped.

No. 59037

Yea that one is shooped.
Someone sent it to Jon to antagonize him, Jon asked them to send him the real photo to prove it was fake. Shooper just badly edited the jizz off and sent it back to Jon. Made it look like Jon tried to poorly shoop off the jizz to prove it was fake so people believe it's real.
I think it's mentioned on the GG ED page or something.

No. 59038

File: 1425878644251.jpg (614.76 KB, 1536x2048, ECDIM8Q.jpg)

Here's the original.

No. 59040

dat mustache

No. 59042

Ally and Sally are also twins with fas so it's possible.

No. 59043

Whats her store link?

No. 59046

In the OP.

No. 59056


It's funny watching Ashens open Loot Crates as it really puts them in context.

Ashens is mainly known for buying cheap toys from Poundland and reviewing them. Chinese action figures and failed card games etc.

So when he opens a Loot Crate and it contains stuff he's bought from Poundland a year earlier it's hilarious. Loot Crate and all similar products are basically just a scam to push shitty failed products at a higher price than they'd fetch at a pound/dollar store.

No. 59068

Is it true that she has FAS?

No. 59080

Yes she has FAS. It's also mentioned on PULL briefly.


Supposedly the disorder is more common in twins, just like Ally & Sally.

No. 59085

Models aren't only limited to tall, skinny women with alien like faces. She's most likely a commercial model which means pretty much anybody can model as long as you fit the client's criteria.

No. 59087

I don't recall Suzy ever confirming this. Anyone have source? I don't doubt it though, it seems very likely. Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe Megan from >>30923 has it too. She has very similar features.

No. 59090

Wow, I remember my first trip to MAGfest, years ago - Arin kept bragging "if you see a super hot woman at the table, that's my girlfriend " (They weren't married yet.) Suzy really is an….odd looking person.

No. 59091

Every woman has a little hair on their upper lip. every single one. So that's unfair to pick on. However, I will say her make up isn't doing her small eyes any justice.

No. 59092

I just looked up Ally and Sally. Jfc they're hideous.

No. 59099

File: 1425903228029.jpg (110.52 KB, 1148x486, sdsad.jpg)


>I don't recall Suzy ever confirming this

Why would anybody confirm that their mother hitting the bottle whilst they were a foetus left them with a messed up face and potentially diminished intellect?

It's something people in the GG community have suspected for a long time and really, anybody that's familiar with the condition only need to take one look at her to confirm it. She's pretty much a poster child for the condition.

No. 59100

File: 1425903511158.jpg (82.81 KB, 970x736, 67082329.jpg)

Also interesting to note that Charlie Sheen's kids are being tested for FAS, and are also twins.

No. 59102

File: 1425904336037.jpg (30.47 KB, 400x600, full.jpg)


Suzy has never been a model.
People seem to forget that the original point of modelling is to actually, you know, model something. Clothing, jewellery, hair.
Suzy used to get dressed up and take photos of herself years ago, but she never actually modelled anything, and the focus of the shots was always herself, never what she was wearing.

Paying a professional to take a few glamour shots of you does not make you a model the same way that buying an expensive camera does not make you a photographer.

Picture related is from a couple of years ago before she packed the weight on. She never did anything serious and has never been in any major publications.

No. 59107

File: 1425906235822.jpg (273.02 KB, 848x1354, asdsad.jpg)

Suzy really needs to go on a diet. Ever since she married Arin she's really packed it on.

No. 59108

She was a model for hot topic for a few years though.

She just found out recently she has a thyroid problem. It has nothing to do with getting married. Damn you sound salty as fuck.

No. 59109

Holy shit, that fringe is so fucked up. Her eyes are so tiny. She looks like she has FAS. But hey, no one can help the fucked up shit their parents do to them.

I wonder what it would be like, to live a life where you are completely taken care of financially, and your only real job was ripping off people on etsy. She has obligation to do anything but talk about video games all day.

Tbh she sounds like a home wrecker/friend wrecker. I wouldn't want to become her when I'm older.
Also lol at the pic where he is trying to eat her out but she won't give him the time of day. Lolz my games r more important than oral sex!!! 2 gAmEr grRRL 4 u!!

No. 59110


Oh wait sorry you're right, she modelled a few t-shirts once for Hot Topic, a modelling gig she applied for herself through her websites.

No. 59111

Arin has been fat forever, but the one time Suzy gains a little weight because she has a legit medical condition, you wanna be a jerk. This thread is about her overpriced jewelry and inability to take criticism, not her weight.

No. 59113

File: 1425906828430.jpg (105.69 KB, 600x799, arin.jpg)


>arin has been fat forever

No he hasn't. He was slim before he met Suzy.

No. 59114

She does seem to have a pretty easy going life. She was living with Arin in a huge house by the time she was only 21? 22?

No. 59116


>"b-but muh thyroid"

Fucking lol that is what every fat person says.

An underactive thyroid can cause you to gain around 10-20lbs as a maximum. You don't just gain magic fat out of nowhere, it's energy in>energy out. You sound fat.

No. 59117

Damn bitch. You wanna suck Arin's cock or something?

No. 59118


I like girls, Suzy.

No. 59119

Rofl. Blaming Suzy for Arin's inability to move his own fat ass more is grasping those straws, gurl. He is trying to get in shape now, but he has been overweight for a while.

No. 59120


They both have an inability to move their fat asses.

No. 59122

Goddamn, her sister is a million times cuter than she is…

No. 59124

I really feel bad for kids who end up with FAS. Irresponsible parents.

No. 59126

Yeah, Jean is a doll. She seems way more down to earth too.

No. 59127


I'm the one posting the FAS stuff and in her defence, it's something that can easily happen if you don't realise you're pregnant and continue drinking.

No. 59130

I really like Danny and Ninja sex party, but man it sucks to see every new video now is just Danny + grump crew when it used to be just Danny and Brian as it should be. Tired of all the youtube celeb bullshit and name dropping. NSP is no where near as funny anymore.

No. 59131

File: 1425908338765.jpg (2.38 MB, 2979x3784, bjork-1998-norman-jean-roy-06.…)

Bjork also has FAS but it's not professionally diagnosed because she's mentally competent and was born during an era where not many mothers knew about FAS and it was common for them to have a light drink throughout pregnancy.

Bjork and Suzy legit look like they could be twins.

No. 59134

File: 1425908611612.png (194.29 KB, 422x750, 1423444389618-0.png)

No. 59136

How much are you drinking though? Usually someone realizes they might get pregnant if they're fucking without a condom and then you get sick pretty quickly. If you're only drinking once a week or so, is FAS still an issue? Mom is a drunk.

No. 59138


You don't have to drink a lot in order for a child to develop FAS.

No. 59139

Is this legit? Where did you get it?

No. 59140


It's been circulating the net in threads concerning her for a while now.
I don't know if it's legit but from what you can see of her face it sure does look like her + same blonde streak.

No. 59141

Are you serious? It's called fetal alcohol syndrome.

No. 59142

Her ass looks way too big to be Suzy, but I could be wrong.

No. 59143


No shit it's called foetal alcohol syndrome, but technically you can only have one glass of wine during your whole pregnancy and still have a child develop with it.
Don't try to argue this shit with me when I studied it in college.

No. 59146

Not even same anon, but lol calm down.

No. 59148

No. 59163

Whats her ethnicity? She might be a raging bitch but damn, she's cute as a button

No. 59167

It's like she's been gaining the weight Arin's lost. (Aside from the 1000 yard stare he's been looking better lately I think.)

I bet her huge sense of entitlement comes from having FAS. Her mom probably felt guilty and spoiled the shit out of them both and now she thinks the world owes her something. Not unlike kween fastard Kailyn. Except not as retarded.

No. 59177

Untreated thyroid issue, you mean. Hypothyroidism is the one that makes you gain weight and the treatment is taking a pill every morning. That's it. Hyperthyroidism is a little more complicated, but most of the time they just kill your thyroid gland with radiation and have you take pills.

So she had no excuse. It's insanely treatable.

No. 59178


No. 59179

We get it. You know every personal information about Suzy and you're a doctor as well.

No. 59181

I'm not the other anon(s), that was my first post in the thread. My mum suffered really badly with it so I know the ins and outs and know when someone is bullshitting about it.

No. 59182

Nah not necessarily true. My friend didn't know she was pregnant until 8 months in. She thought she was infertile and had had a really bad stomach issue the month before she got pregnant where she was vomiting all the time so she didn't suspect anything when she felt nauseous/threw up. She drank throughout the entire pregnancy (obviously stopped when she found out) and the baby was completely fine. She even broke her leg falling down stairs during the pregnancy and her son was fine.
On the other end of the spectrum, even not drinking all that much can cause FAS, especially since there are a few reasons why someone might not realize they are pregnant straight away like >>59127 said. It doesn't mean the mother is an alcoholic or anything.

No. 59183

Hope your mom is doing fine anon. I just feel like it could be different for everyone.

No. 59190


I actually am the other anon and my mother had hypothyroidism so I know a bit about it too, and like you that it's very treatable and whilst it does affect metabolic rate not to the rate where you lose/gain a drastic amount of weight.


kek I never said I was a doctor, I'm not a dumbass and actually paid attention in school and studied Human Phys. in college.

No. 59191

File: 1425917491186.jpg (74.48 KB, 530x588, 1423444389618-1.jpg)

Thyroid problem my ass, she got married and got lazy.

No. 59193


We get it you're fat. Stop blaming your weight on an imaginary thyroid condition and start working out ffs.

No. 59196

Man whats it with people being such assholes lately? (sorry for ot)

her right arm looks huge compared to her left.

No. 59203

Looking at this shit >>58977 I'm guessing yes. She probably looked up black diamond and started emulating their horrible style with excessive and the tackiest D.I.A clothes. The coords are shit, but especially her flat as fuck hairstyle doesn't go with those clothes at all.

No. 59214

That isn't Suzy, that's a random black chick.

No. 59217

The thyroid thing isn't the first time Suzy has come up with a list of excuses for her laziness.

She obviously isn't trying to lose the weight, never mentioned any exercise, etc. Her excuse was "UHm I have medical problem!! They stabbed my neck it's legit!!".
All while Arin is on Grumps talking about the diet Suzy has put him on and the amount of times he's been hitting the gym lately.
Cunt will gladly pick out a diet for her husband but won't be bothered to get off her lazy ass and do the same.

It's the same shit with her whining about people not liking her on GG.
"Who cares I'm not funny???!!!"
"I'm a GIRL so ur SEXIST!!"
She's too goddamn lazy to go and actually try to learn about comedy. She can't take any criticism and writes everything off as ~sexism~.

When someone called her out for her scamming bullshit on etsy, she came up with a ton of excuses like:
"I support local businesses!!"
"OMG I work HARD for this hobby! which means i get to price them even more!!"
"Sterling silver chains COST A LOT OK???"

Arin basically spoon-feeds this girl. He's provided everything for her and let's her spend vast amounts of money on expensive makeup and clothing.

I'm just sick of her excuses.

No. 59218


>random black chic

>white skin

No. 59219

You do realize there's light skin black women, right? You can't be that dense.

No. 59220

File: 1425922427041.png (292.89 KB, 871x1191, CPyzH7n.png)


Whilst we're on the subject of GG in general, idk how familiar lolcow is with the ongoing JonTron debacle.

No. 59221

Someone said it was on Arin's phone? Apparently the pic is supposed to be from their wedding night (hence the super styled hair).

No. 59222


>I'm calling you dense so I must be right

No shit there's light skinned black people but when you're THAT light you're basically white.

That is white skin. Even Beyonce doesn't look that "light skinned" in her blown-the-fuck-own makeup/hair adverts.

No. 59225

she looks weird, but y'all are ridiculous. people with FAS look WAY weirder. she's just got a unique face (still ugly) face.

her nasal bridge is not that flat, and neither are her lips. your lips can be shortened/made to look flatter, if your teeth stick out a little bit. your lips start to 'curl' around and underneath them, so it looks like she has thinner lips than she does. that's also why her nasolabial folds are pretty prominent.

not FAS.

No. 59226

I've reverse image searched this and nothing came up but a thread on /int/ but there was no content about it being from his phone. That's not how her hair looked during their wedding either.

No. 59227

There are black people that complexion, it's not a rare thing.

No. 59228


Okay Suzy.

No. 59229


If you have that complexion then you are NO LONGER BLACK.

No. 59231

Idk it's just the shit people have been saying on reddit. and yeah the hair is totally different my b.
Wouldn't doubt if it was a shoop. There are a ton of bad shoops on her on r34.

No. 59232

File: 1425923633354.jpg (517.44 KB, 960x1280, 2015-03-09-13-47-54_deco.jpg)

Side by side and the only thing similar is the hair color. I don't like Suzy either, but at least post things that can be backed with reliable sources and links.

No. 59233

File: 1425924122560.jpg (91.13 KB, 853x467, dssdfsf.jpg)


I heard honeymoon and not wedding night, and what's interesting is that she actually did bleach the sides of her head as opposed to just once side whilst in Japan…

No. 59234

Either way, that isn't Suzy in the picture on the left, it's someone else, and she does look black.

No. 59235


Why did you keep parotting that it's a black woman? That is clearly a white woman's skin AND hair.

No. 59236

This makes more sense. If it were honeymoon it would also explain the hotel room.
Suzy does have pretty wide hips and that angle could make anyone's ass look huge.
I don't think it's a black woman.

No. 59237

i never paid attention to gamegrumps but what i've been told by shoe0nhead is that suzy is what ruined it / made jontron leave gamegrumps

she's apparently top cancer / the yoko ono of youtube


No. 59239

File: 1425924897801.png (68.51 KB, 1964x592, kfhNIxX.png)

There's definitely some issues between Suzy & Nicole, and Arin & Nicole.

No. 59240


lol I wouldn't follow the guy who slapped me over his gilfriend either.

No. 59243

Nothing about that mystery woman looks like Suzy, besides the hair color and that's off. The complexion is darker, the blonde is darker, the hair is shorter, the ass is bigger too, and there's a tattoo on her back. And she really does look black. Not to mention black women can have hairstyled like that.

No. 59245

>white skin

No. 59246


Idc whether it's Suzy or not, it's probably not, but explain to me how somebody can be black when they've got white skin, albinos excluded.

How is somebody black when they've got Caucasian genetics. Explain it.

No. 59248


You know, there is such a thing as a lights skinned black woman right?

No. 59250

Not that anon but I had a teacher who was 100% black that had super pale white skin, but wasn't albino since she has dark eyes and dark hair. There was also a news story on a black couple giving birth to a blonde haired, blue eyed, white baby. Light skin is a genetic mutation.

No. 59251

I honestly think its the lighting thats confusing everyone. The girl in the picture ends up looking pretty olive toned because of the super yellow light, i dont think shes black though. And definitely not Suzy.

No. 59254


Okay you morons, what's a black person?
A person who is characterised as black retains particular features that correspond to the climate in which their ancestors evolved in, right?

EUMELANINS - Imparts a black/brown hue to the melanin of the skin, a feature present in those originating from warmer climates as a means of protecting their skin from harmful UV rays.
PHEOMELANINS - Imparts reddish/pinkish hues in the skin, present in the skin of lighter coloured people and is also responsible for the colour of red hair.

You explain to me in genetic terms, something you're both apparently unfamiliar with, how it is a woman is BLACK when she is WHITE.

I don't give a shit if your teacher was "black" with light skin. If she had light skin then she wasn't black, but she wasn't white either. She was mixed.

You cannot by definition be black if you have light skin.
You are no longer black if you have light skin.
What is it about that you do not fucking grasp.

No. 59256

Black women aren't not the only women with larger asses. Seriously, what the fuck. Black women do have the market on big butts. Suzy does kind of have a bubble butt.

No. 59258


>Not that anon but I had a teacher who was 100% black that had super pale white skin

>that had super pale white skin

Then she wasn't black.

No. 59259

I heard a lot about the issues between Suzy and Nicole. No doubt Suzy wouldn't let Arin speak to Nicole even if they were okay, but why does Suzy follow Jon??

No. 59262

To give the illusion nothing is wrong?

No. 59263

No, that's possible, I live in a predominately black neighborhood and see women who look like the chick in the picture who are in fact black.

I've seen Suzy's butt around the time of the wedding, it's not "juicy" enough to look like that, even bent over.

Not every black person has the same "wide nose, big lips" feature. Why don't you try going to a black neighborhood. You'll see what I mean.

No. 59266


Likely keeping up appearances.

Arin and Danny will be making hundreds of thousands off of the revenue of Game Grumps. Jon recently confirmed that he's not making any money off the old Game Grumps so I expect that when he left they got a legal team in drafted up some contracts and paid Jon off. Seeing as mentioning Jon could potentially spoil the gravy train I expect they were are all advised not to make mention of what happened.

People think it's just a Youtube channel but there is a shit load of money in this particular one.


You can't be black if you're white. You're not black then, you're mixed.
People need to stop saying this.

No. 59267

can we stop going off topic before this thread goes to SHIT? Please get back on topic.
That photo looks like Suzy. Even if it's not her, it looks a lot like her face and hair wise and even skin tone. Maybe the angle is making her butt look larger than it is? Who cares!

Anyway, Did anyone see Suzy at Magfest this year? That was crazy to see that photo of Arin and Jon surface a few days after the con.

No. 59268

Sometimes I feel sad when I watch Jontron and see the tiny Jon Grump face sticker in the back of his shots from time to time. I'm sure he feels bad about Game grumps and everything that went down. I also have a feeling he really didn't get along with Suzy.

No. 59269


If you don't have black features i.e. skin, hair, nose etc. then you are by definition not black. End of.

No. 59272

File: 1425927994325.jpg (40.47 KB, 729x453, jongrumpface.jpg)

Look at this adorable little grump face.
I definitely don't regret Game grumps when it first came out. It was a great thing to watch after work. It got me more into Jontron's solo stuff as well.

Anyway, Arin kind of stopped animating and used Jon and GG to make easy money. I wonder what he's going to do now? Dan quit his job to do GG full time.

Suzy says taxidermy is her main source of income, but who knows how true that is.

No. 59279

For the February box.
In March.

No. 59282

Something about her teeth bugs me.

No. 59287

Why does she get all up in the camera and fumbles around to show off a product up close?
Can't she just edit in footage of the product like other gurus? ugh.
It's just sloppy and lazy.

No. 59290


Her main source of income is Arin lol

No. 59292

Her voice is so nasally when her twin sister's isn't. Why does she do this?

No. 59377

God she's really unfortunate looking.

No. 59419

File: 1425943524793.jpg (14.63 KB, 192x154, 1382195503053.jpg)

>skip to end
>still looks fat

No. 59426

File: 1425944020649.jpg (74.26 KB, 500x500, ucxukiuz[1].jpg)

better times

No. 59448

It's kinda funny too, cause I specifically remember in an old video she stated "I am NOT a jeans and a tshirt kind of person, I'm just not that way" but then now it seems like that's all she wears

No. 59456

I'm sorta surprised to see Suzy on this site, but it really does feel more and more to me like she is becoming a lolcow…

I was a fan of hers about 3 years ago, but she's so different now compared to then. Her style is becoming lazier, she only does boring unboxing videos, and seems less genuine.

Seeing her on Game Grumps has made me dislike her more. She is only there because she is Arin's wife. No one rips on her like they do the others, she struggles to make jokes, often shuts down jokes. She just does not mesh well on the show. Sometimes she does well, but I feel like the amount she's been on the show she should be more "used to it" by now. They had Holly on a few episodes and I've enjoyed that 100x more than any episode with Suzy.

The comments she's made to the fanbase are awful. Granted there are legitimately some people who are sexist, but for the most part most people just don't like her because she isn't funny, and that's not really sexist. She needs a PR person because her outbursts to comments online are just inappropriate and look bad. You shouldn't have outbursts like hers when her husbands and her friends and her own job all depend on those people.

IDK mang, I've had a lot of opinions pent up on her/her behavior recently. I'm just not a fan anymore. I like her tattoo, and some other little things she does here and there. But I've been waiting for non-review videos to come up and there's rarely anything. I've been waiting for her to upload something to her new gaming channel for a month now and I think she's just gonna abandon that. Which sucks, cause she could actually use that to prove herself in "gaming culture" instead of just looking bad at all the games they play.

No. 59467

Actually, it's about Suzy and GG in general, so talking about her fat ass is perfectly relevant. Soz, anon.

No. 59549

She has a mass on her thyroid, like a tumor. She explained it herself on a video. It's not a case of 'b-but muh thyroid'. Hey, it'll actually be true, every once in a while. Laugh all you want at her attitude, but don't be a dick about her health.

No. 59550

I think talking about her weight is unfair. I don't see why everyone is calling her fat, just because she hasn't lost any weight. She's not obligated to lose weight; so who cares.

I agree with this, because I was in the same boat when I first saw her - I totally used to love her videos just because she seemed fun and nice, and all about girl power. But now her videos are very redundant and the same.

I actually didn't care for Holly, but I only saw her in the one episode for Grumpcade where they played that Wario game. I thought she was alright, and she seemed nice and relateable so I like her, but I didn't necessarily think she was a good piece on the show. She did contribute to the conversation really well, which is more than I can say for Suzy; because she seemed to want to change the subject to herself in some moments.

No. 59552

File: 1425954297303.jpg (86.85 KB, 500x625, nigeri.jpg)

not same anon but it is possible for a black person or person with mostly black features to be that white.

I feel like this is an ethnic ass, weather black or not, but I could be wrong as well.

No. 59553

She has a tumor. It's not hypothyroidism. You may not know every condition ever, anon. Don't let google-fu lead you to believe you're suddenly a doctor.

No. 59561

> If you have that complexion then you are NO LONGER BLACK.


Sorry if I'm being pedantic but being light skinned doesn't change your race. You still will have certain features because its your genetics.

No. 59562

That's because make up doesn't make you thinner. LOL! Oh Suzy

No. 59563

I keep forgetting how short Barry is.

No. 59564

kind of related, does anyone remember when the mass effect 3 voting for the femshep game art was going on and holly was bitching about the blonde shep winning? it was really pathetic

No. 59568

Yeah, I tend to skip over any Suzy episodes on GG. Same line up for FNAFs 3. Why can't it just be Arin and Danny?

No. 59584

File: 1425955941764.png (715.13 KB, 1112x586, 1423721485121.png)

Not to defend her but I do feel a little bad for her with the weight gain but I think that's kind of just what happens to some people when they get in a serious relationship get comfortable and settle down.

Andd also her husband sits and spends most of his time playing videogames. Being together probably fueled some of the laziness since they don't have to work a a physical labour kind of job.

Going from a super thin model to an chubster would probably destroy some self confidence in anyone and turn them to a grump

No. 59587

File: 1425956221483.jpg (98.28 KB, 540x720, medium_portrait.jpg)


Hmmmm except that's a picture of Dominique Armorer and here's a picture of her where she's not had her skin blown the fuck out :^)

No. 59589


>she's not obligated to lose weight; so who cares

This is not fucking PULL.
This is lolcow, created as a means of escape from the hugboxes that PULL and /cgl/ became.
If you want hugs and rainbows fucking leave and go back there.

No. 59591

Seriously, take the fucking off topic shit to ANOTHER thread or even /b/ where it belongs. Stop.

Back on topic:
I only don't like Suzy's fake persona. She really doesn't take kindly to anyone having a different opinion. I wonder what Danny and Ross really think of her?

No. 59602

File: 1425957361318.jpg (Spoiler Image, 322.71 KB, 1616x675, 1425923457770.jpg)

Ah okay I had no idea who she was and just picked an image from google , It's still very possible though for black women to be fair (check Jasmine sanders)~ if there's a /b/ post I'd gladly share more picture of fair black women

Don't be mad anon, just trying to discuss the plausibility of it being suzy or not but I guess it did get a bit dragged out and off topic.

Back OT someone posted this. What do you guys think.

No. 59606

File: 1425957765205.gif (Spoiler Image, 552.61 KB, 406x253, 1416162 - Game_Grumps Mortem3r…)

There's a lot of shooped content of Suzy out there too

No. 59608

Good spotting with the freckle, anon. I'm trying to stare at it to link more similarities but it's really difficult to find anything solid. Who even took that picture by the way? Arin with his right arm? Or was it on a timer? And for what purpose? It's not sexy. It just shows how bored she is during sex/how shit he is at giving head.

No. 59609

Hahaha when you actually tilt your head to look at her face right side up it looks so weird. Her teeth look horseish.

No. 59610

I think the pic is pretty old. Probably around the time Suzy and Arin started working at Disney?
To me it almost looks like she has a bunch of Arin's doodles taped to the wall. IDK his art is always super bright and colorful.
The face deffs looks like Arin's. They seem to be the kinda couple to take a picture like this too. "hurr girl gamur power!!"

Also it's probs a timer.

No. 59612

It really does look like Arin too. And awesome job spotting that freckle.

No. 59613

…Ugh. I dont know how people watch porn and actually get aroused by it.

No. 59618

Yeah, I got the feeling it was kinda old too. The room they're in doesn't feel like it's the house they currently live in. Their house always looks modernly designed and stuff and idk, that room seems just kinda messy and eh. Like a teenagers room.

No. 59624

This is their bedroom in their current house, definitely not like the one in this picture, so it's either not them or it's old, I think the latter (note the same black DS)
Dat gaudy as fuck bedframe tho. They must be rolling in cash. Funny how she wanted people to vote for her to get a free flight and 'everything paid for' to London Fashion Week as if they can't afford that shit themselves.

No. 59625

That outfit is so tacky omg.
"Filming a video!! better have my 3DS out so ppl kno im a REALL GURL GamUR!1!!"

No. 59626


Jesus fucking christ she looks basic as fuck.

I think she's taking "it's not what you wear, it's who you wear" a little too far.
Labels do not make an outfit, and that necklace is goddamn hideous.

No. 59628

Her favorite color is black. Probably why the DS is black in the video and pic.
I'm like 80% sure that pic is real.

No. 59630

Yeah, seriously. Wearing F21 to a London Fashion Week afterparty.
so desginer, vury high fashun~

No. 59635

I'm not even from PULL chill the fuck out.
If you're so on her ass about losing weight then why don't you better your damn self too. Don't expect shit from people like they owe you the world. I'm stating the damn obvious, stop picking on her for stupid shit like her body fat.

No. 59638


she really thinks that trash outfit will garner any votes? bitch looks like a 14 yr old that just discovered tumblr how is she this bad at doing nothing

No. 59640

Agree on everything about that video holy shit
The outfit looks so bad, nothing about it reads high fashion. It reads forever21.

No. 59641


She looks like Mira in that thumbnail.

No. 59644


those freckles aren't even in the same spot tho. freckle on the left is on her radius and Suzy's is on her ulna

No. 59646

I think the point of pointing out how chubby she has gotten has to do with, A) her hypocrisy (having Arin be on a special diet) while she just sits on her fat ass putting chains on ebay charms, and B) the fact that she used to be a model and got gigs at Hot Topic and Smashbox and now looks like utter shit.
The thyroid excuse is just convenient.

No. 59650


Implying I didn't lose 22 lbs over Winter :^)

No. 59651

I agree that the thing about Arin is total bullshit, and that yeah it's unfair to expect something of your spouse and not of yourself.
But damn don't fucking harp on her for just her weight as if it's so damn horrible and that's the end all be all

listen anglo saxon bitch, I never said anything about YOUR weight, I said better yourself. check your attitude hoe

No. 59653


We can talk about whatever the hell we want.

No. 59655


>implying losing all that chub wasnt bettering myself

>implying you're not still fat which is why you're projecting our insults at Suzy onto yourself and taking it as a personal insult

Mate just stop fucking eating so much. I did it so so can you jeez.

No. 59660

You're not going to convince anyone to stop talking shit on here, regardless of whether you think it's too harsh, petty or 'horrible'.
Seriously, you belong on PULL if you can't deal with it.

No. 59669

Seriously what's with the influx of people going 'waaahhhhh don't make fun of her fat wahhhh dnt pick on her moustache! All wymns has it!!'

No. 59674

>Mental Health Awareness Month! My Mental Problems!
>Thumbnail is a selfie

Is she even trying?

No. 59676

Why anglo saxon? R u ok anon?

No. 59677

> people with FAS look WAY weirder

There's a range of severity. She absolutely looks like she has mild to moderate FAS.

No. 59683

File: 1425981041604.gif (1.81 MB, 329x227, stopyourbs.gif)

Do you even know where you're at right now? Like, seriously do you even -know- the place you're in right now?

It's funny how people like you want to take the moral high ground on a site such as lolcow by spewing retarded shit like "hurrrr y dun u better urself 2 liek u can't criticize someone if ur not top notch XD".

If you can't deal with people being meenies then just get the fuck out and find a hugbox where people hold hands and sing around a rainbow.

No. 59684

I don't really mind that JOn left, as Arin and Danny have a really nice chemistry when playing. However i do dislike Suzy. She is such a leech and really unfunny. She is also very rude to GG fans and really does not make a good addition to the show in any way at all.

No. 59686


It's weird but my boyfriend doesn't ever look at porn like you. Ever. He finds it boring. Me on the other hand? …I kind of like porn. Once and awhile I mean. But mostly I enjoy reading smutfic. My boyfriend knows I do it, though and I never hide it so IDK as long as you're open with your porn consumption and it's not detracting from your relationship, I say fap on.

No. 59689


Wonder what Suzy thinks about this.

No. 59691

File: 1425984030025.jpg (13.51 KB, 300x171, whatthe.jpg)


What the fuck am I reading? Did you really just say that if you have lighter skin you are automatically just Caucasian? Wtf is this? You sound rather ignorant and by your 'logic' implies people who are dark skinned Italians/Greek are somehow black now?

Plz gtfo this thread. I say this as a light skinned black person.


And that is the reason I skip every one of the episodes with her in it. That voice is obnoxious.

No. 59693


I dunno what it is, but I want to cuddle the hell out of Jon. Dem chubby cheeks.

No. 59695

Eh I'm an EU size 38 and I fit in the larger ones well. Some of them are small af though.

No. 59699

File: 1425987610245.gif (369.61 KB, 250x141, datcuteness.gif)


Dem cheeks. 10 out of 10. Best Jon. The greatest. Jon is the cure. Arin and him used to be amazing together, but yeah. I'm with Jon. Forever.

Also because he didn't buckle to SJWs feefees.

No. 59701

This. Jon is such a li'l cutie. He's my baby.
This is one of my favourite GG animations. It makes me squee.

No. 59702

I've tried to post that three times now and I keep fucking it up. Quoted the wrong post, then added the wrong YouTube URL because autoplay is a cunt, then quoted the same wrong post again. I swear to god I quoted >>59693. Going insane.

No. 59705

File: 1425988310758.gif (726.11 KB, 300x168, itscool.gif)


Don't worry anon. I knew who you were trying to reply to. Have a Jontron.

Jon is legit cuter than Suzy. This is fact.

No. 59706

File: 1425990084262.gif (4.15 MB, 654x378, jawwwwwn.gif)

Because of the flood detection I had to wait like 5 minutes in between reposting too :'(
Hey, thanks for the JonTron, buddy. Here, have a JonTron for your troubles.

No. 59712

All these Jon gifs :D! He really is a qt.

No. 59738

U ppl have really low standards for men

No. 59740

Bae tho

No. 59743


right?! lolling so hard about how critical this site is about every single woman that is posted (she's fat, she looks 80 years old, her tits are ugly, she can't do makeup, etc) and then creams their panties over some neckbeard on youtube

No. 59745

Well tbf, all these girls have shitty personalities, if they didn't, people wouldn't be as critical over them. But I think the attraction to jontron is because he's funny, at least to me. If he was an unfunny asshole, people would be just as critical over him.

No. 59755

Lolling so hard about all the buttmad girls who take every criticism about women they don't even know super personally though. "Weh weh all wimmin have mustache!!! Small boobie r as good as big boob! All wimmin gain weight after marriage!!!" No one is talking about or cares about your mustache/weight gain/small boobs that you are obviously insecure about.

No. 59766

File: 1426007023114.jpg (261.77 KB, 500x750, roald-dahl-2.jpg)

No. 59774


you're the only one that sounds buttmad anon. pointing out hypocrisy does not = taking shit personally. I don't give a single fuck about what anyone calls any of these girls here but it's funny as fuck when you do the exact same shit that you bitched about /cow/ doing with the genders reversed.

if that was true than all of us here would look like quirky amirite :o)

No. 59776


>if that was true than all of us here would look like quirky amirite :o)

Nah, I am pretty confident that virtually of the people present on this site are alike in some way in that we're not actually bad people in real life, but we use the site as a means of venting our frustrations.

IRL I'm nice as fuck. lolcow gives me the chance to be the cunt that was to never be.

No. 59782


I kinda feel you on that in that I try to be nice IRL and I do good deeds and help people and be a good friend but at the same time I acknowledge that the small amount of time I spend here could be spent in a more positive/productive way and I'm still being negative about these people even if they all do suck ass and deserve it (which they do)

like they all totally suck and looking at them and laughing at them makes me feel so awesome about my life but at the same time I'm spending energy being negative, nawmsayin

No. 59784


As long as you keep your internet life and your personal life separate it's fine.

Everybody needs a means of letting off steam sometimes and going off on people anonymously on a forum which those people will likely never see if better than letting your frustrations build up IRL resulting in you eventually blowing up at somebody you know and love.

I know plenty of old tripfags from /cgl/ and even though a lot of them say that they're grown up and matured, which for the most part is true, really what they mean is that they've finally learnt to separate their internet life from their personal one. Give them a sniff of drama and they still go apeshit, as do I haha

No. 59786

You have explained my reasoning for being on this site perfectly. I enjoy a bit of shit-talking every now and again, but irl is not the place for it, nor do I hang out with people who do it, so lolow is a nice release.

No. 59792


yeah that's the other reason I've always loved gossip sites, I dunno what it is but I love other people's dramu lol. I used to be part of this livejournal comm called efagz and then they kicked a bunch of random people out because one person started shitting up the group and they were trying to figure out who it was so for the longest time I was a lost soul, wandering the net in search of a new group of people to talk shit about internet attention whores with

No. 59794

I dont know who suzy and jon are but based on appearances alone, im pretty shocked he has a girl friend who looks like suzy. Way out of his league.

No. 59796


you know it's only cos he's got dat YouTube $$$

No. 59798


Jontron is a total sweetheart.
He's a lovely guy with a big heart and is an animal lover to boot. He has this little parrot named Jacques that sits on his shoulder during filming and you can tell he just loves that little bird to death and the bird loves him.

When somebody is beautiful on the inside it reflects on the outside. It's the same reason why for a long time everybody was shit talking about how ugly Dakota was. When we first got to know her she was disgusting on the inside so that's all we were able to see.

Watch a few videos of Jontron and you'll fall in love with him too.

No. 59799

I feel like w/JonTron what you see is what you get, and at least he admits he's bad with criticism and negative comments and doesn't try to blame it on… well, I guess in his case it would be people thinking he's a neckbeard (you know, like Suzy blaming the criticism she gets on her being a girl).

No. 59800

Jon's an awesome guy. Most people like him because he's earned it.

Arin used to be cool but Suzy corrupts him more and more by the day.

No. 59801

I dont believe in that beauty comes from within stuff. Idk him but if i had to choose between being alone forever or being with him, id choose being alone.

No. 59802


Jon seems like the type of person I'd love to have as a friend IRL. It's not everyday I see a Youtube personality that comes across as genuine and chill as him.

No. 59805

they are, or at least partially descended from. I think it's supposedly Southern italians that are the most likely to contain 'moorish' blood because of the crossbreeding that occurred on account of trade w/ African nations? but the north had huge port cities like venice too so idk.
this is why italian guys claim they all have huge dicks, anyways.

No. 59812

In general, I think that the less likable someone is just as a person, the less attractive they are because you're more likely to nitpick all their faults. The opposite is also true. I don't mean to say that being a nice person is going transcend all laws of aesthetics, but it certainly helps because people will focus more on your good physical qualities than your less attractive ones.

Like, if Suzy were a super kind, considerate person I might actually find her weird facial structure slightly endearing, rather than just seeing a rotten person with an ugly face.

No. 59814

>people trying to pretend they're moral on a gossip board

top fucking kek

if you're on this board there's a reason and it's not bc you think Suzy in her mustached FASy glory is beautiful

No. 59817

I used to be a fan of hers years ago, thought she had an interesting look and her videos were kinda interesting (never really been into youtube celebrities/personalities or whatever), so I was fine with her. Now she just seems so fake and try hard, which is too bad. Her appearances with GG just seem so forced and paired with Ego's terrible personality, they're just all sorts of 'ehhhhhh'.

I think it's funny, for being a twin, though her sister is totally cute and likable. Shame she stopped doing videos or whatever, she probably didn't want to follow in her twin's footsteps.

Also, Jontron is great. Sure, he's overweight and has a neckbeard look, but his personality is so great and you can tell he's genuine, unlike Ego.

No. 59846

Arin has't been his own person for a long time though. He stopped animating so long ago and even his sequelitis is full of so many holes and contradictions. I could barely get through his Zelda one. He's always talking himself in circles.

No. 59847

I never thought of Jon as a neckbeard look though, lol. I mean, he looks like he showers regularly. Most neckbeards are dirty and unkempt. I also really enjoy his love for our fellow avians.

No. 59886

Really? I just get scared when I look at some of their jeans on Rakuten bc I wouldn't be sure how true-to-size they are. Like, I guess I'd be an EU 32? I feel like their brand is something I'd actually have to try on in person to be sure though.

No. 59949

She finally posted a video to her new channel. It's only a month late…
Also she got someone else to animate her opening sequence (despite Suzy herself being an artist and "animator") and seems like Arin did all the voices for it too.
>Very lazy

No. 59950

The facecam literally takes up 1/4 of the screen and she gets out of frame a minute in what in the hell even.

No. 59951

Jontron is great. I stopped watching Game Grumps after he left since that show went to shit afterward. I always found him to be funnier and more genuine than Arin. I'm glad he has his own channel since his humor was the only thing that kept me watching.

No. 59952

File: 1426027037045.jpg (113.46 KB, 1033x628, dundundun.jpg)

I was JUST going to post her IG update about this, but my net died. Thanks anon! And yeah… it's awkward. I don't know why she's jumping on this bandwagon. To prove something to the Game Grumps fans?

No. 59954

I'm cringing so hard rn though. Why did she upload an eleven minute video of just character creation.
She literally scrolled through hairstyles for half the video.
Then she bragged about how well she knows the game and has 40 hours done already.
Is she trying to prove that she's good at video games?
Or that she's a good entertainer?

Because she isn't….omg.

No. 59955

>facecame takes up 1/4 of screen
>doesn't edit out the starting up/loading data parts
in spite of already saying that about Lion King and many other games. At least she's like Arin in that aspect.
>that super unnecessary intro

She is officially a special snowflake, isn't she?

No. 59956

Oh man, I didn't even click on the link yet, but it's just character creation for 11 mins?? She's trying so hard. lol!

No. 59958

KittyKatGaming? Is she 12?

No. 59962

Yes omg…
She makes her character and then makes a cat thing for a couple of minutes then shows some of the opening cutscenes to the game.

At least when Arin and Dan were making their Wrestlemania fighters they were cracking jokes and actually being entertaining.
She just sits there and scrolls through hairstyles.
"Oh this one is spikey hah….oh another pigtails style…."

No. 59966

For comparison:

No. 59986

>if you're on this board there's a reason and it's not bc you think Suzy in her mustached FASy glory is beautiful

I think the argument is that you can be (generally) moral and yet still laugh at Suzy and call her an ugly mutant because she deserves it, not solely because she's weird looking.

No. 59996

I loved these episodes.

No. 60113

I'm feelin' the JonTron love in this thread.
Something about Jon makes him extremely lovable. I guess it's a combination of his sense of humor, his mannerisms and his cute chubbiness. I myself don't feel a sexual attraction to Jon, he just makes you wanna give him a big hug. He's adorable. Even my boyfriend thinks he's a qt.

No. 60129

Fuck this is so goddamn sluggish and boring.
She has nothing to bring when making gameplay videos. Most people who make gameplay videos are focused on comedy and if not that, they're usually really good at whatever they're playing or are entertaining in other ways. They're always talking and there's no dead air (like Suzy has for a huge chunk of the video). Suzy doesn't fit any of that criteria. She's just trying to prove to the GG fanbase and anyone else she can that she's a 'real n tru gamur gurl!!1! XDD so nerdy!!'

No. 60132

Same. I think he's adorbs in that way too.

And I like him much better off GG. I think he's way funnier on his own. Arin talked too fucking much and he's not really funny outside of his animations, IMO.

No. 60154

>spends almost 9 minutes in character customization
>fast forwards through actual gameplay
>the end BYE!

You'd think from being on Game Grumps/associating with it for the last few years she'd have some clue as to how to arrange a decent gameplay video. Hell, even Arin could have given her tips. She probably showed him the final product before she uploaded it. He was probably too afraid to say anything since she takes criticism horribly.
Also, those fucking audio levels. The track she used through the fast forwarding and the outro was so goddamn loud.

No. 60156

I never found gg nor her funny to be honest. I dont get why people love jon and game grumps so much? I cant stand jon

No. 60158

I know, she makes no sense. It's so amateur and there is zero excuse when her husband basically plays video games as his source of income! How can she be this boring and unfunny? She should just stick to her shitty make up stuff.

No. 60192

Basically this.
What got me so mad was the shitty camera angle. It would take literally five minutes to take some test footage and adjust it accordingly.
Naw this bitch does not care about quality at all. It's hard to take her seriously as a content creator when he cam takes up almost half the screen and her face gets out of frame ever five seconds.
Even shitty camgirls who play video games with their tits out have better set ups. And Suzy is literally married to a man who makes his living off playing video games.
God what a wreck.

No. 60200

John's vids are fucking annoying like pewds
His voice and fans are retarded, stop being obsessed with him holy shit

No. 60233

Let's nip all the Jon stuff in the butt before it gets this thread really OT.

No. 60235

That's what kills me! She knows how to do this. She has been producing GG for years and yet she can't even set up a proper camera and stay in frame? She had to have edited that video. I would of been incredibly embarrassed to have spent more than 11-12 minutes playing a game only to see the video of just me talking about nonsense. Who wants to sit through that? I like how they do this filming in a professional studio too. Suzy is just digging her hole deeper and giving fans more people to dislike her as a solo artist.

No. 60294

She is not entertaining at all. What is she trying to prove? That she is a gamurgirl?

No. 60322

She knows because she's married to him that she can half-ass anything she does and his fans will still support her, and her whiteknights will still defend her. Even if she produces the most disgusting content, she will still have tons of fan boys to back her up.

No. 60337


Nah m8,the GG community fucking despises her and considers her Yoko Ono 2.

No. 60370

I think a lot of em know deep down that she's Yoko Ono of the grumps, but a lot like to deny it. She still has LOADS of whiteknights. There are a ton that even harp on her "that's sexist!!" remarks.
It's really sad seeing how much people worship her just for fucking Ego.

But there is a subreddit called VentGrumps and all they do is shit on Suzy.

No. 60388

I've been to vent grumps to express my honest opinion on why I don't like Suzy. There are still white knights who will go "Nah, take it easy on her" or the occasional "but that's sexist" even when I let them know I'm a woman.

No. 60392

You can't shit on any of the GG's appearances on r/ventgrumps though… so kudos to lolcow for letting us do that.

No. 60394

Episode two is up.

The opening is so fucking annoying tho.
Something about Suzy wanting a crowd of animated cats to be completely enamored and fawning over her is just…. pathetic?

No. 60407

File: 1426095975253.jpg (203.46 KB, 1539x648, maxresdefault.jpg)

The little animated Suzy got me the best

>massive eyes

>super long hair
>huge boobs
>tiny waist


No. 60412

well, she at least fixed the face cam.

No. 60414

I've always found Jon to be ugly and a huge fucking asshole, and I've seen a few of his vids on GG but not many because I despise him so much.
Can people link me to their fav vids and show me what they see in him, because so many people love his personality for some reason and I'm just not seeing what they are.

No. 60418

I thought the opening and art was so cute! But immediately knew that she wasn't the one to draw/animate it, in her draw my life video - even though it probably isn't a good representation of all of her art skills - it was just normal drawing; like something I could do.

I thought the opening was so cute, but honestly have no interest in the game itself so I didn't watch past the OP

No. 60428

Pretty sure the artist is linzb0t on twitter. Looks like her style.

No. 60589

All she knows how to do is waste money and blab about it on YT.

No. 60593


She looks like a horse.

No. 60600

I don't know much about GG so it surprises me that people agree that he reacts negatively to criticism. I only saw his vids on his channel and I think (beside the robotic bird which is annoying imo) that his jokes are well timed and well delivered. Also he doesn't seem pretentious or full of himself, as far as I saw. I guess I like him mainly because he really plans out his videos.

I know there's some stylisation going on with chibi characters but that looks nothing like her.

No. 60602

You know what has been always killing me every time I looked at her?

I kinda like her eyes (I mean, ONLY with make up on, it's well done and flatters her button-like eyes, imo), her nose is petite, straight and cute, she has nice eyebrows and lovely lips. In other words, her facial feautures are besically decent. But there's something about PROPORTIONS of all these feautures, about how they are placed on her face, that makes the whole face look weird and very unattractive! The proportions ruin everything! Why?? D': Damn you, FAS!

No. 60614

>>59949 that video was the stupidest thing she has posted yet. The only way it would be considered enjoyable would to be either a five year old or physically blind, considering she's practivally dictating it like it's kindergarten story time.
Oh, and then when something a little more exciting happens, speed through the fucking scene with some ugly song behind it.

I used to think Suzy was okay, but I find it hard to like someone who doesn't make the effort to give the audience something they want-humor, excitement, or whatever the fuck people would watch a LP for.
(Inb4 guest starring Arin, Barry and Danny)

My other beef with her is how self congratulatory she is. Both her Draw My Life and #DearMe are her praising herself for things that were either not genuinely big accomplishments, or for things that weren't in her control.

She and Arin must be rolling in cash, if she wants something to talk about, maybe she should go to college to actually animate. Or go to make up school or something.

No. 60619

I think her lips are the worst part because they make her look super tardy

No. 60622

I'm pretty sure it's 95% the eyes. Their tiny size, odd position (look how far her eyebrows are from her eyes), and very flat shape.

The other 5% I think is her hairline and giant forehead.

Both of those things can be addressed with makeup and hairstyles, which is how she manages to look decent when she spends tons of time preparing.

No. 60623

Is it true Arin dropped out of high school? Or is that something I've skimmed on Reddit that may or may not be true?

No. 60624

File: 1426113706801.gif (889.68 KB, 245x239, tumblr_static_61tx9aotm4soockc…)

Suzy has said multiple times that college is stupid because of how expensive it is. While I agree the cost of tuition is fucking ridiculous now, it's not like she and Arin don't have the fucking money for it.
she always talks like oh woe is me when it comes to this shit. She pushed her taxidermy shit for weeks so she could get enough money to go to legit taxidermy school. She apparently doesn't have the funds for school that would only help her improve, but she has the money to waste on a week long trip to Hawaii?? (Not to mention her wardrobe, cosmetics, fucking box subscriptions, etc)

She looked a lot more decent with bangs. Not the fucked up fringe above, but when she swooped em to the side a bit. Framed her face a lot better and made her forehead seem less huge. The weight gain plus her new hairstyle just makes her look like complete shit.

No. 60628

She looks really pretty here. However I agree her lips make her FAS more obvious, especially since the pronounced part above her lips isn't there.

No. 60634

>college is stupid because of how expensive it is

There's always community college, but for some reason I think it would be beneath her.

No. 60636

You're right, the upper lip looks really weird. So eyes + hairline/forehead + upper lip. Plastic surgery could maybe help with the lip, but I'm not sure it could help much with the rest.

No. 60642

It's true, he's talked about it in some GG video's although I don't remember which

No. 60643

He basically failed everything and halfway through high school he moved into a different district with a much worse school or something so his mom pulled him out of school. Suzy finished high school tho and did the Disney college thing.

It's also probably because she's lazy and pretty comfy with her current situation too. And yeah, she definitely talks about school like she's too good for it.

No. 60652

File: 1426115570012.jpg (157.23 KB, 828x648, Untitled-2.jpg)


No. 60653

Omfg anon yess amazing!! aHAHAh!

No. 60656

Rumour has it that Arin and Suzy dated whilst they were younger but then Suzy broke up with him to get with another guy.

A few years later, Arin hadn't really had a proper girlfriend since then, but when the Newgrounds stuff started to take off and he started making major $$$ from GameGrumps Suzy broke up with the guy she was seeing at the time and slimed right on over back to Arin, who promptly took her back because he'd developed this weird phobia of people only being interested in him for his money and Suzy was his teen romance.

No. 60659

That's really funny/sad if it's true. Any actual proof?

No. 60660

It's kind of sad, since like, I get the reason, but he seems to have some pretty good qualities to himself. I think it will be a bitter end when GameGrumps looses its charm some more and when the money slows down.
Tbh I think he should try and work more on his animations, or join a network or something.

No. 60662

And then, every Lush video:
"it's vegan and animal cruelty free, and that is SUPER IMPORTANT TO ME!!!"
-Still gets shit manufactured in China were animal testing is compulsory.

No. 60664

I kinda got that vibe from her Draw my Life video too. She tried to cover it up with some Notebook-esque ~romance~ of Arin sending her letters every day bc ~love~ but that read more as desperation and just generally being pathetic on his part.
I wish he actually got out there and tried, maybe he wouldn't have ended with such a shit-stain for a wife.

No. 60672


No direct proof but even Suzy herself talks about it in her video here >>60664

No. 60743

It's not compulsory anymore, they passed a new law some time ago. I mean, you can still do it, but it's not an obligation.

No. 60753

if it's just manufactured there to be sold in america and not china, it can still be cruelty free. the mandatory animal testing was only for cosmetics being retailed in china.

No. 60765

Yeah, Arin sending her love letters every day when she was dating someone else is creepy and desperate. He's a beta though, so what can you expect? He seems like a sad pathetic person who has only dated one woman his entire life and probably doesn't even have any female friends. He probably lets Suzy do whatever she wants because he's afraid the only other women who want to date him will be for his fame and money.

No. 60766

>mandatory animal testing on make up in china
fuck, i hate that country and their lack of animal and human rights laws.

No. 60805

her lenses are so beautiful

No. 60809

I totally love a lot of the lenses she wears, except the ones that are all black, they're not my style.

I also like her makeup, sure it's not MUA standards, but she definitely knows what so accentuate on her face which I like since I'm colorblind I have a really hard time applying makeup.

No. 60818

Have you seen her recently? Her foundation is so splotchy and dark, makes her skin look awful. Also her eyebrows have been so poorly put on it looks like she used a marker smh.

No. 60820

She actually does use a type of gel or marker applicator I think, and I also think that's just the look of it. I think her makeup looked better before, but when you try new products it seems hard to immediately tell if it works with what you were doing previously or not - or that's how I feel because I have a hard time telling the application on myself.

I don't know what foundation she uses now, but the powder foundation worked really well for her and made her coverage look pretty good. But on youtube I can't watch videos in 1080hd for some reason, it's usually 720 for me so I don't know if I'm seeing everything everyone else is.

I've always liked the way she did her makeup on her eyes. I wouldn't wear it that way, but it seems to elongate them and not make them look so small.
And I like her blush and highlighter selections the best.

No. 60821

I think her makeup application used to be a lot better. Now she just looks awful imo. It could also be the addition of her shit lighting. I have no idea why she changed it? But okay?

To me her foundation makes her face almost look dirty…but it could also be poor bronzer application. She looks dark and orange.
The eyebrows kill me bc they don't blend with her natural brow aT ALL. It looks like she used to use a dark brown pencil which looked really good. She's got sharpie brows now.
Whatever she is doing now is not doing her any favors.

No. 60824

Yeah, her brows look really bad here for some reason. And usually her brows are what she's really good at. At least imo. I'm terribly at doing my own brows.

No. 60825

hi suzy

No. 60826

File: 1426130810296.gif (500.95 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n9djo47Kgx1r4vymlo1_500…)


No. 60830

yeah, no. I totally agree that her eyebrows now look bad, but I think she is using like a gel marker type makeup for them, before though they looked better.
I don't see her face looking dirty but I'll believe you guys because I can't see pigmentation well.

Also, that's not Suzy I posted it and I don't see anything that would have you suspect it to be Suzy?
I was just saying her makeup is not that bad. I've seen a lot worse, but I guess that's my opinion. Other guru's who are more famous on youtube, like Ingrid, i don't like her application at all it looks like she just slathers it on. I feel like Suzy knows what each product is for, but maybe like me she needs to learn how to apply it better or get a better color or realize that it doesn't look good.
Whenever I buy something new and use it, and I could wear it out for a while, and maybe a month or so later I'll take a selfie and see it in a picture and then realize it doesn't look good and it was my eyes looking in the mirror and just not seeing that the color/application was heavy or wrong.

No. 60839

Tbh there are some mascaras that are more drying than others. I use better than sex by Toofaced and ran out, so I had to get rimmel mascara last minute and it was drying as hell. Do not recommend. So I guess some forumlas make your lashes less brittle feeling and cakey.

No. 60847

No kidding, her eyebrows look awful here! I agree, I always thought she was really good at doing her brows. Sheesh.

No. 60850

Some mascaras have moisturizing properties, although I can see why it's strange to some people.

No. 60855

File: 1426136393785.jpg (174.72 KB, 500x500, Suzy2.jpg)

Her eyes are really odd and beady but with make-up she manages to make them look really nice and sultry, I actually think it's her nose that's one of the oddest looking things. It's very up-turned, placed quite high up and her nostrils are super obvious and prominent. It's kinda piggish.

I tried to shoop her nostrils smaller + nose less upturned. Also made her top lip a little more prominent. I dunno, does she look a little less weird?

No. 60881

her nose is just way, way too far away from her mouth. I think she could be attractive if it weren't for that glaring abnormality.

No. 60896

File: 1426151151467.jpg (89.53 KB, 912x648, slightlybetter.jpg)

I think it's her faceshape (not cute and elongated), her mouth is too far away from her nose and her teeth are round (no offense but I don't think it's pretty) + double chin.

Am probably missing other features, I touched her up quickly but I realise without surgery it'd be impossible for her to look like that.

No. 60925

Did she actually say herself she has FAS?

I remember this girl now.. you guys actually taught me what FAS is and the same day I realize my friend has two kids with FAS. He has twin girls and they look completely different because one was "struck" harder than the other.

No. 60934

i cant believe how common FAS is dont people know not to drink while pregs

No. 60935

Yeah, it's like her whole face was just elongated from the mouth down. She only looks average when she's thin and wearing tons of makeup. Without it she's fug as hell.

No. 60974

I don't understand.

Why did she just spend an entire video on character creation? Why? Why not pick out a character beforehand and get into the gameplay? Why is she starting at the loading screen that takes a gorillion hours to get past? Why is she starting at the tutorial part of the game? Why did she fastforward through the tutorial when it was the most interesting part of her entire video? If she's 40 hours in why not just use your older file and fight a monster from the previously completed quests? If she's 40 hours into MH4U then why does the loading screen go directly into creating extra save data and then character creation than going to the file select screen? Did she buy a new SD card/game cartridge specifically for this game? Why isn't she playing on the same cartridge and just in a different save file if she wants to start anew?

I don't understand. I can't understand.

No. 60978

No. 60979

I know these 'symptoms' too well. She gained weight and now she feels fat and unatractive which is why she takes less care of clothes, hair and make. It's the typical sign of the downward spiral that people who suddenly gain weight experience.
You'd think she'd tried harder on her looks to look more atractive, but it doesn't work that way, it's like a vicious cycle.

No. 60981

It's common to not even notice you're pregnant until you're months in and the damage is done. Not all women react the same way when they get pregnant; for instance, I don't have regular periods. I always skip a couple of months. So I'm always buying pregnancy tests even though I'm on the pill, just in case XD

No. 60986

Yeah I definitely don't believe her thyroid is what made her chub up. Like someone else said, if it's diagnosed and she's getting treatment, she should be getting back to her original weight. I don't have a thyroid problem but I have a somewhat similar issue with PCOS that was responsible for really massive disgusting weight gain and went untreated for years, but as soon as I started taking medicine for it I dropped 10lbs in the first month and less than a year later I'm down 60ish lbs - smaller than I was even in high school.

So I'm pretty sure she's just getting a little too comfy in the married life. Meanwhile Arin's actually losing weight and other than the dead look in his eyes he looks better than he has in years.

Also if she would get a normal fringe like her sister has I think that would help her look a lot less FAStardesque. Jean doesn't have much better features than her but the bangs and the way she styles herself overall makes her look quite pretty.

No. 60992

Watching this just makes me want to stop watching and play a dress-up game or something. Jfc this shit is boring

No. 60994

What the fuck? If this is what it's going to be like, I feel like she's going to be skipping through actual gameplay in these videos

No. 61008

If any other person do what she did they would get ripped apart for being such a newb and amateur for trying to jump on the LP boat. but fuck, Suzy is supposed to be professional. She has spent years with her boyfriend/husband while he did Game grumps. GG is about 3 years old now? There is no excuse. Especially if she says she's a totes gamur.

No. 61027

What I understand is that the mass in her thyroid is not that easy to treat and that whatever weightloss she experiences from now on is gonna be slow as fuck.

No. 61089

wait what meds? Because my doctor only told me to go on the pill to regulate. Now I'm curious.

No. 61094

I dont think theyre insecure about having small tits lol thata dumb

No. 61157

not that anon, but it's probably metformin

No. 61169

I swear MH is not supposed to be that boring. She showed the first 11 minutes of a 200+ hour game, most of which was the stupid character creation screen. I honestly don't know why she spent so long on the face and hair. The only time in the game you even look at your characters face or hair is when you're picking it. 95% of armors cover some if not all of your characters face, and you're too zoomed out to see it anyway. The most important part of your character is actually choosing the voice to make sure it isn't annoying as shit, seeing as how every time your character attacks or rolls you and everyone you play with is going to hear "HYUT! HAWW! HA! YA! RUGHH!" And then she spends like ten seconds on voices and chooses one of the whinier, higher pitched ones right off the bat.

If she's 40 hours in, even if she's taking her sweet ass time like I am in the game to complete every quest in each star ranking, and grinding for every piece of armor, she should still be just about to hunt Gore Magala for the first time. Even if she didn't want to fight Gore because he's a bitch to do she would have still had a bunch of other fun monsters unlocked on her quest lists like Kut ku, gypceros, congala, seltas, and tetsucabra. Why couldn't she fight one of those?

Also, why does she call MH an RPG? It's a hardcore excruciatingly skill based adventure/action game. The only thing you level up is upgrading armor or weapons, but even then you could choose to do naked runs against a savage jho if you're good enough. That's what I like about MH, you're only as good as your skills are. If you're a shit player you'll die regardless of how good your armor or weapons are. I guess the new palico system is RPG-like in the sense that you have to level up your kitty cats, but that's about it.

No. 61178

and she still took like 4 minutes to even get into the tutorial mission. If she isn't afraid to fastforward certain parts of her videos, why doesn't she fastforward through the text and setup? No one likes the new walls of text in MH4U, everyone just wants to fight monsters. You don't play this kind of game for the story.

No. 61308

>Monster Hunter
Yeah no. It's painfully obvious that she's not a super huge fan like she claims to be.
I know genre seems like a small thing, but she couldn't be bothered to do a fucking 2 second google search? I just hate when people play up their interests to look cool.

No. 61313

Seems like Barry and Arin are way more into Monster Hunter than her.
Also Monster Hunter is probably the worst game to start a LP channel with. Does she literally play anything else, like she claims?

>That tumblr post saying she plays more video games than all the grumps

Ahahaha bitch please. What do you think they do for a living???

No. 61329

she mentioned she plays animal crossing and that shitty Donkey kong country remake. All hand held stuff it seems.

No. 61335

God I hope she doesn't start playing Animal Crossing on her channel.
Jon and Arin did a decent job with the game because they gave each of the characters voices but obviously it gets old after a while since the game is seriously repetitive.

Suzy is just so lacking when it comes to entertaining people. Even on Table Flip, (her own damn show) Barry, Ross, and Dan always outshine her.

She's the YT equivalent of watching paint dry.

No. 61340

Yeah, it would be really terrible if she did ANCL. There's no way she can go solo with her dry, unfunny jokes.
>YT equivalent of watching paint dry
I'm dying rofl

No. 61341

Blasted. Meant ACNL

No. 61548

Sorry, I keep going back and harping on her MH LP, but I am really beginning to think she's highly exaggerating her interests as well.

>uses insect glaive which = babbymode

>opens the item chest to get potions/whetstones for the tutorial quest which gives you first aid meds/rations/mini-whetstones
>bothered to get potions but didn't bother to switch to her fave weapon
>"never used sword and shield"
This one bothers me the most. The one star quests have a tutorial quest for each and every weapon. If she's 40 hours in, she must be taking her time to complete quests, I'd assume she'd at least do some of the tutorial quests to complete the one star roster. Furthermore, I thought she had played MH with the other grumps before? The other MH series didn't have insect glaive. Did she really use only LS, a weapon notorious for tripping and hindering your allies, in a giant group? Also it's weird how long it takes her to remember what weapons she favors. Your weapon is the most important piece of equipment you take into a hunt.

and my personal pet peeve:
>pronouncing "aptonoth" as "ap-nee-awth"

No. 61576

I didn't really pay attention to this chick til fairly recently. I watched her wedding faq video or whatever and she was talking about not wanting to get her tattoo until afterwards, then gave the dumbest reason ever. She was like "ur wedding is about ur natural beauty" or some shit yet she got married with her cheesey half black half bleached hair with her 20lbs of eyeliner. Have your preferences but that answer was literally retarded.

No. 61630

Six jobs? Uhm.

No. 61678

That thumbnail legit scared me.

No. 61679

Yeah. It was kind of obnoxious. I see what you mean.

No. 61727

In the first pic she looked really pretty

No. 61729

She looks a bit like Bjork in the second picture.

No. 61732

How much does gg makes?

No. 61756


ya'll need to quit comparing mai waifu to this hag

No. 61950

This. Bjork is adorable and has actual talent. Suzy is just a FAS ridden nobody.

No. 61951

File: 1426302960364.jpg (132.38 KB, 1045x627, cringeworthyshit.jpg)

Wtf is going on here? Bitch is getting fanart now?

No. 61963

This is cute, I would do fanart too if I could draw because I really like the KKG persona and all the GGers as cats how fucking cute is that holy shit

but whenever I think of fanart I think of that one fiasco where she reported someone's fanart supposedly because she thought it was ugly. I think there's a post about it in the GG reddit.

No. 62051

Sorry anon, Bjork is bae :)

No. 62055

Pf, bullshit. That's like someone working at Subway and saying they work 4 jobs because they 1. make sandwiches, 2. operate the til, 3. clean surfaces/appliances and 4. handle customers.

No. 62165

Part 3 and part 4 is up. I'm just going to bitch for a little bit.

She acts like she's a total veteran to the game, but doesn't know to crouch to carve faster (and lets all the dead konchu despawn because of it), or to press B to jump when climbing to go faster and instead complains about how slow climbing is. This is especially annoying because she's trying to create a tutorial for newbies, but doesn't know a lot of important tips and tricks to make things easier. I can understand not wanting to confuse newcomers, but if that's the case then why did she show them the upgrading equipment screen, especially the kinsect upgrading BS that confuses even hardcore gamers, when she couldn't upgrade shit in the first place?

No. 62166

part 4 shows how bad she is using IG, she doesn't know how to vault to mount or use her kinsect properly. I thought this was her favorite weapon? She doesn't even bother to jump off the cliff to try to mount the seltas right at the beginning. She just sort of runs around the entire video. She also never reorients her camera.

It's absolutely hilarious how badly she got combo'd by the Velocidrome (blue lizard), she almost carted. Paintballs don't do jack on expeditions, either. There's no overarching map for you to track them, so she almost got killed for nothing. Furthermore, Velocidromes are not electric, Gendromes (green lizard) are the species that are able to paralyze. Also electric attacks and paralysis attacks in this game are not one-in-the-same.
>"I don't think they can climb"
>"sparkles will never disappear"

And lol @ her calling Capcom racist for making the meylynx (the "black" cats with white paws who wear bandit masks and steal) racist for being "bad" and the feyline (the "white cats", they're not white, they're siamese) for being "good". They're not that "good", either. Sometimes they'll throw bombs at you while you're trying to fight large monsters, even if the large monsters are the ones to provoke them.


No. 62167

*melynx, sorry.

No. 62169

She reported fanart because she didn't like it?? That is not hard to believe considering.

Yeah, the GGs as cats is adorable!

No. 62213

Like, 80% (or more. idk. Her tumblr is boring) of her Tumblr reblogs are fanart of her, though???

No. 62217

It's on their subreddit in i think conspiracy grumps or the rant one, probably the rant one. But they have all the info there, i can't link it

No. 62229

she could be an instagram ho if she had an upper lip

other than that yawn

No. 63113

She's useless. This video is idiotic rambling. "If you get hurt a potion restores life!!!"

Fuck this video. >: (

No. 63184

The worst part is half the shit she says is either inaccurate or completely wrong, and the other half of what she says is already told to you in the tutorial quests.

To me, as a person who's played MH for a couple years now, the worst part is that she's presenting this LP like a tutorial. This is supposed to introduce newbs to the Monster Hunter series and help them learn to play a game with a notoriously high learning curve, but all she's going to do is confuse newcomers and turn them off to it. This game is really hard if you have to learn by yourself all the little finicky tricks that make fighting monsters easier. It's going to be even harder for those people using her as a guide since she's feeding them bad information.

The worst part is, I'll be the one stuck playing online with a random naive player who just runs around not doing anything or almost dying all the time and he'll think it's how the game is supposed to be played thanks to Suzy's bullshit. I'm mad.

No. 63187

I don't know why I said "the worst part" three times in a row. I guess it's because it's all the worst part. All of it.

No. 63193

I laughed because I can honestly relate to your legit rage over Suzy. She's just adding more to the stereotype of fake gamur gurlz and it really sucks.

No. 63199

It hurts to watch, but I just can't stop watching her videos, though. I honestly feel so embarrassed for her. I don't know why Arin or Barry or SOMEONE isn't just going "no honey no" and stopping, or at least fixing, this trainwreck before she posts them. The whiteknights in her comments trying desperately to help her, "press B and a direction on the analog stick to jump on walls, kick konchus to roll them up, etc. etc. etc.", and defend her by saying "she can play how she wants! So what if her not using her weapon to the fullest puts her at a humongous disadvantage and defeats the purpose of using that weapon!" just makes the whole thing more painful.

No. 63209

This reminds me so much of the painful LP of The Last of Us by Markiplier. He didn't even craft a shiv for a good 3/4 of the game. I couldn't believe it.

So many whiteknights were like "Oh, but it's his first playthrough! it's okay!"

Even though when he was constantly killed by a clicker, the subtext would good "YOU CAN CRAFT A SHIV TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST CLICKERS"
My blood was boiling.

No. 63211

would go* I meant.

No. 63228

Ugh, don't remind me. Even the Arin and Danny and the rest of the Gamegrumps pack often do stupid shit for like, 2-5 episodes, and a lot of people call them out for it. Unfortunately, calling out a "gurl gamer" will get you not only the regular whiteknights defending their bad reading comprehension/decision making, but you get the ones calling you sexist as well. No, she's not a shitty player because she has a vagina. She's a shitty player because she's a shitty player.

No. 63232

*Even Arin and Danny

No. 63233

Exactly. It just sucks because there are gamers who are legit harassed for being women, but Suzy definitely isn't one of them.

No. 63234

Nah, the Arin and Danny was a funny typo. lol!

No. 63258

God, I can't help but think that Suzy is a parody rather than actually thinking she can get away with her shitty gaming channel.

I think she's the fuel for sexism in gaming. She tries to sell her looks (lol), does sloppy walk throughs where she obviously has not scripted any decent advise and sells herself as a cute little sex kitten in the intro. What a fraud.

So I'm fairly feminine, okay looking (not by any means hot) and whenever I tell a guy I love playing video games they say "HOT!!" WTF?! Sitting in my sweats and playing Ni No Kuni and scarfing down pizza is definitely not hot. Maybe, at most, endearing, but not hot. I'd like a guy to say "ME TOO" when I mention gaming. You know, because it's fun. Because you don't need to be edgy and cool to like gaming. Girls like Suzy sell the "gamzes gurl" mentality and stereotype so that liking a video game will automatically link you to an imagine of >>59102. Fuck that. I just want to play a video game without any sexual connotations and eat some pizza like any other person.

No. 63261

image of

No. 63276

usually the guys who think gamer girls are hot are guys who play COD. I laugh in their faces.

No. 63283

Fucking casuals.

You have to remember most guys that will say that are beta as shit.

No. 63288

I've had a lotta non-betas say it, but I know where you're coming from, anon. Betas think if they have anything in common with a woman, it means they might have a chance.

No. 63291

God shes soooo boring. I can't even make it through the whole thing.

Just give me cr1tikal anyday.

No. 63320

At this point I rarely mention gaming as one of my hobbies even though it's 75% of what I do in my spare time. Back when I had an OKC profile I made one small mention of it ("I prefer to play games than watch tv") and nerds took that to mean I'm sooooo into gamez look at me I play GAMES talk to me about that and ONLY that as if I'm completely vapid without any interests in other things! Then these guys will go back and complain about gamer girls as if theyre not the ones allowing this shit to be perpetuated

No. 63335

I play a lot of horror games. So I could care less if some loser guy wants to label me as whatever. I play both video and board games and so does my gf, so it's a great time to get friends together and do game nights. Or even when I'm soloing on my psvita. I think it's obnoxious when girls like Suzy try to make it part of their identity, than blank out and know nothing about the game they supposedly love to play so much of.

No. 63348

Oh god Suzy reminds me of a boss I had years ago working a shitty retail job. She was such a tryhard. I used to have to check employee's bags before they left the building, and every time she came to me she'd say "oh, nothing in here but my GAME BOY COLOR… tee hee…"

No. 63349

I'm glad I'm already married cause it's enough of a passtime for me that I like to mention it when I'm talking to new people, I can't imagine looking to be in a relationship. These guys are like fat fetishists. They only care about one part of you, and they're too dim-witted to understand how shallow that is.
Everybody that thinks a girl is hot or unique only for playing video games, no matter if she's an greasy haired, stained sweatpants kinda chick, a generic twitch whore, or just an average person, is a fucking retard. It doesn't matter if it's Tetris or Dark Souls, nobody is special because they can pick up a controller and build a skill.

This shit gets me beyond mad.

No. 63355

rofl that's so sad. I actually pictured that person saying that. So cringy.

No. 63357

Yeah, and of course the women who were around in the 80s/90s when games first started off get ignored even though we were into the hobby for many years. I've spoken to so many god damn casuals who found out i played games and went "Omg, me too!!" and proceeded to name call of duty and halo and then when I ask what else, they go "…umm, waiting for the next COD." Not even fucking joking. Oh yeah, some of them might play evolve. I mention left for dead and there are blank stares. Come on, everyone knows left for dead, even people who dont own an XBOX.

No. 63358

and of course League. They always play League.
(Another happily married anon here too. I'm glad for you. )

No. 63359

crap. meant for >>63349

No. 63393

Oh god, I'm so scared now that a lot of youtubers are playing the new MH that we'll get a huge influx of retarded people treating the game like Dark Souls who are playing it because "lol look how hard it is! XD" or LoL where they think it's cool to play because it's "unpopular".

MH relies heavily on high skills and proper teamwork in online hunts, especially high rank and G rank. The western community is small, too. If you have a bunch of new people running around double or triple carting because "it's so funneh look how hard this game is XD" it'll be a clusterfuck. The only up-side about MH4U is that it takes about 100 hours before you even get to village high rank. Unless they get someone to carry their sorry asses through online, they won't make it even close to G rank.

No. 63402

Love horror games. Off topic, but any recommendations?

No. 63433

Anon you just said everything i think. Except for the pizza part, i sit in my jammies/onesie and drink tea and eat chocolate.

I hate how girls like Suzy have white knights that tell you you are sexist. No i am not, fuck i am a girl myself, but Suzy should just stop with KKG. Being bad at games isnt that terrible when doing a LP as long as you are funny. If you cant compensate with humor you better be a damn good player.

No. 63443


This is so true. I started gaming at around five, sat on my father's lap playing Monkey Island with my Dad and telling him what to click on. It's a huge part of my childhood, and I currently make games because I love them so much, but this influx of people who game because it's 'cool' not because they have any real passion for it, is just weird to me. Especially harping that CoD is the best game ever? Like, ehhhhh there are so many better shooters.

And then you have these asshats sjws deciding they know what's best for games/wanting to police them though they aren't really gamers or in the industry and then the assholes on the other side who won't take criticism or are going to an extreme to get their point across and just a clusterfuck of the industry. It's a weird time for games. I just want to play/make fun stuff. I remember the golden time before we had to have a bunch of social commentary and non-games and had compelling stories that didn't revolve around just shoehorning agendas into everything. :T


She really is not funny. At all. The Grumps can be awful at games at times but at least it makes me laugh. I didn't chuckle ONCE watching her video. Not a good sign.

No. 63474

I'm a big fan of the ps1 and ps2 era. Silent hill 1-3. Nothing really good after that. Fatal frame games 1-3. I actually really do love the first two clock tower games as well. Even the snes one was good imo. Especially for its time. Siren 1 on ps1. It's hard but worth it. Part 2 is amazing, however I'm not sure if it ever was released outside Japan.

There's an old ps1 game called echo knight, though it's more mystery than horror. Recommend Eternal darkness if you can too for the GameCube.

Suzy sucks. Lol she needs to brush up on either her gaming skills or comedy since she has neither. She is just not entertaining.

No. 63480


I'd say the closet new era game that's gotten survival horror rightish was Alien: Iso. It's frustrating but I like that it actually did have a strategy for a lot of it. And did a flip of the stealth by forcing you to keep going and not hide. Once I figured out that I had to keep moving towards my objective and not continually hide, it got a lot easier.

But echoing this person. One of my favourites also is Haunting Ground.

No. 63492

Agreed! Alien:isolation was a hidden gem among garbage like dying light.
(Haunting grounds? You're awesome, anon. I love seeing more horror fans around.)

I am reminded of how funny Arin and Danny playing Shattered memories was. GG has gone downhill since then.

No. 63509


any idea on how to play it today? do I need to buy it on egay?

No. 63510


Dying Light. I wanted to like it but man. And Evil Within. SUCH a let down. It was RE4 reskin with brains and while some of it was good, it was a slog to get through and frustrating.

I keep hoping they'll play through maybe original SH Arin and Danny but I'm not holding my breath. I was SO happy when Two Best Friends playing SH2. If they do 3, I may die of happiness.

No. 63523

Not that anon, but if you don't mind being a pirate, you can emulate it on your computer or just simply mod your ps2 to play burned games using freemcboot.

No. 63530

Evil Within was so-so. Hard enough that you felt like it was survival horror, but the story was so damn try hard. The beginning, where you're in the butcher shop place is pretty cool, but all the shock value ruins any sort of atmosphere the game could have built at.

Fatal Frame is available on the Playstation Network. I'm halfway through it now. :3

Big fan of Silent Hill, even the shitty sequels after 3. I'm still waiting for my local used game shop to get Silent Hill 4 despite its reviews. Thanks for the recs!

I don't feel like survival horror is a dying genre as most say because it was never a well represented genre anyways. However, it's now harder than ever to expect a good horror game since gaming has devoted itself to first person shooter and ADD pacing.

No. 63534

The blood was too shiny. I don't know, but everything was too shiny to look realistic or spoopy. I also thought the main character was unlikable and unrelateable. Falling through sewerage and grime after getting a chainsaw to the back of the leg with no infection was seriously wtf. It was too try hard. Extremely, extremely disappointing for the man who made RE1.

Current survival horror games are dead. It's all outlast clones from here on out.

No. 63535

Sewage* Damn it phone

No. 63564

To me, it doesn't matter that she's not funny. Some let's plays are for introducing the audience to a game or to give helpful advice, where a silent walkthrough would be too boring. MH is mostly some inconsequential text and then nothing but fighting monsters, cutscenes are few and far between, and have no dialogue, so a tutorial in a LP style is perfect for MH.

Be that as it may, she's TERRIBAD at the game. She's giving useless to completely awful advice. She's clearly exaggerating how much she knows about the game. It's a trainwreck that's hurting more than helping the small MH community.

I would love to see a more competent LP'er do a tutorial-style LP for MH, like Robbaz.

What consoles do you have? Are you not against using an emulator? My husband and I have like, every good horror game to come out.

No. 63581

Personally, I really liked Silent Hill 4. A lot of people hate it because of the constant back and forth from his apartment, but I was fine with it. I haven't played it in awhile, so I can't give a definite review but I remember enough to say it's worth a play if your a SH fan. Haven't played any after that though. Heard they were shit.
(We should have a horror game thread. )

No. 63583

I love it too. I just tend to disassociate it from the original three, like shattered memories.

No. 63584

I can make a thread on b when I get home from work in an hour.

Yeah, Suzy is misinformed. It's pathetic.

No. 63588

I can definitely agree with this.

This is suppose to be a LP? It feels like the tutorials I have to watch for my Photoshop class where they have to explain every single fucking thing including shit you don't care about. Plus she is about as charming as a lawn turd so there is no entertainment value here whatsoever. Fuck this.

No. 63626

personally, I play league. but I actively focus on getting better and don't stream (I'm currently diamond 4, still need to work hard to get better). Playing league=/= gamer gurlz. But there ARE a lot of those types
I really can't stand anyone who actively forces their gender in any games like it's supposed to give them some handicap. League, dota, cod, whatever it is.

No. 63636

I think she's trying to make it a tutorial-style LP. I wonder if she's doing it in this style because of the regular gamegrumps audience watching some of the GG crew play MH, and complaining about how hard it is? Either way she does a shitty job.

No. 63724

Guys, you're making it worse! I don't want to buy The Room because it's fucking expensive and the game shop sells it for 15 bucks whenever it receives a copy. sigh Stupid fucking PSN released it in Japan, but not America. entitled

No. 63727

I mean buy it off ebay or amazon.

No. 63809

Arin is a beta tho

No. 63918

Yup. Extremely. I mean, he's only dated one woman his entire life and while that isn't beta on its own. being with the same person since 13 is odd to me. Like, how do you even do that? I was too into video games and drawing at 13 to think about dating. wth

No. 63996

It isn't too odd if you're friends and then dating, I guess. What's weird is that they've been together that long, but they have absolutely no real interaction or chemistry in any of their videos. My husband and I have been together since we were teenagers like 7 years ago, and we still goof off like dumb kids all the time. However, Suzy and Arin show no proper interaction of two people who are comfortable with one another. After a few years you know someone so well that you have a bunch of in-jokes, silly faces you know will make the person laugh, how to roll with one another's style of humor and punchlines, and generally talk freely with no hesitation. I don't see that in their interaction at all, it just feels so empty when Arin is stuck being in her videos. It's kind of sad.

I wonder if he really is just with her because he's afraid that no one else will like him.

No. 64046

I see what you mean, anon. It's true Suzy loves to throw the "I've been with Arin since forever!! I knew he was the love of my life" speech around a lot, but when you actually see them together, it's always robotic and awkward. Apparently she does ALL the house work too and Arin doesnt contribute at all. I'm sorry, but if you've been together that long, it should be pretty equal.

No. 64047

I will also add I do truly think he's only with Suzy because he got famous and didn't expect to, now he IS afraid no other woman will want him other than his fame and fortune. They were engaged for like 4 years or so before getting married, which is a long time imo. He got real popular after the Metal gear awesome stuff and even more popular after Game grumps and sequelitis.

No. 64223

There was an old episode where Jon and Arin are talking about eating chicks out. Arin is talking about how awesome the taste is and how much he enjoys it.

Then you remember and realise you have just listened to a five star review of Suzie's snatch flavor.

No. 64226

File: 1426606306671.gif (24.62 KB, 460x520, 1245632341.gif)

>Reminding us of listening to five star reviews of Suzie's snatch flavor
Why would you do this to us?

No. 64238

Oh my gods. That's just….no.

No. 64240

That's so tactless. Arin, fuck your t.m.i

No. 64312

Hmm I've seen most old GG episodes but I've never heard of that one?
Do you know what game they were playing? I'm curious

No. 64348

I'm curious as to which episode this was too now.

Do you remember anon?

No. 64444

Stretch Panic part 1, about 3:20ish in.

No. 64547


No. 64549

ill never think of jon the same way, ew

No. 64581

different anon, but here's the whole video. I haven't watched it yet, so idk what to expect.

No. 65204

Looks like she ditched the foundation? But woW ANOTHER BIRCHBOX VIDEO WHO WOULD HAVE EXPECTED THAT WOW.

No. 65209

…Why Jon? Or are you that immature that you find cunnilingus 'ew omg so gross!!'?

No. 65214

Jon was never mature. and he always seemed to have this extremely sexist view of women. Im not sure if it's because he's Persian, but he's said really fucked up shit that's prevented me from really liking him on GG.

No. 65215

Guys who find cunnilingus unappealing are usually the same assholes who always want women to give them blowjobs. I don't take those people seriously.

No. 65225

Totally untrue.
Jon is definitely one of the most sincere youtubers, he just has a terrible habit of attracting SJWs.

No. 65232

He's said some racy shit in the past though. Nothing to do with SJW when I mean he has said sexist things and rape jokes.

No. 65234


No. 65237

Did she read this thread or something? I swear to the gods she read this thread.

No. 65238

>starts the game
>not sure what the date is
>those fucking ugly yellow glasses
Holy shit, she actually looks like Yoko Ono in those things
I am a huge ACNL fan. That game is seriously loads of fun, but it's not a game to LP. it's repetitive. It's not fun to sit there and watch unless the person has very witty dialog. i can't believe she's doing this game. She's so boring and unfunny and her voice isn't nice to listen to for more than a minute or two.

No. 65251

>what are jokes?
>what is sarcasm?

I love Jontron so much.

No. 65260

lol, he said he didn't like the taste of vagina, but that he likes it in theory, meaning he finds it hot and it turns him on to eat a girl out, but he just doesn't like the actual taste of pussy (or just the ones he has experienced).

No. 65267

Am I the only one who finds talking about Jon eating a vajajay deeply disturbing? I mean, I know he's got a gf and all, but the thought of him in a sexual context just seem unnatural… he just reek of forever virgin (not in a deprecative manner though, more in a "I can't believe this person has sex" type of deal)

No. 65268


No. 65289

this, to me he is completely asexual like a teddybear

No. 65310

Now I feel guilty that I abandoned my town. I had a bunch of cat neighbors and everything. I'll need to go back to the time I left to make sure no one moves out.
>Loves sheep
>Shitty QR codes that she didn't bother lining up half the time
>using traffic signs
>shitting up her layout with unorganized tree orchards instead of bug farming on the island
>uses the exact sets of furniture in most of her houses instead of being imaginative
Her town a shit. Why didn't she show off her town after she cleaned it up? It's not rare for youtubers to make a short 10 minute video showing their towns, but a 20 minute video of a messy-ass town with no funny dialogue isn't fun to watch.

Part 5 of her MH4U is more of her killing small monsters and taking a gorillion hours to do so. Why is she showing these little chore quests? No one likes doing chore quests, much less watching them.

>ending via subquest is a brand new feature

I'm pretty sure you could end via subquest on MH3, so idk what she's talking about.
>Rathian is a female-dominated species
No it isn't. There's no such thing a as a "male rathian". The male of the species is a rathalos, which is larger (and more of a pain in the ass) than the female.

>You can't make farcasters at this part of the game

Yes you can. It's not like iron ore/stones, sap plants, and exciteshrooms are rare.

>running around everywhere looking for jaggis for like a 1/3rd of the video but never bothers to go to the actual jaggi lair area in the northwest

It's like she's trying to make her audience tear their own eyes out.

No. 65312

I was under the impression his ew-ing was him trying to get Arin to shut up about eating pussy bc seriously, no one wants to know that Suzy's v tastes like salty milk and pennies.
(I asked my boyfriend if he agreed about the taste and he just made a face and was like "uhhh I'm not sure what grungy pussies he's been licking")

No. 65314

I meant why did that anon think what he said was gross and that they'd 'never think of him the same way'. I agree, that's why I thought he was saying "gross", because he knew the only pussy he has tasted is Suzy's and he doesn't want to know that kind of shit.

No. 65418

Sorry im not a jon fan but i find him immature, annoying and gross
Get over it anon

No. 65420

I agree

No. 65423

Jontron cannot handle critism and he sounds like an asshole.
The person on twitter asked him politely to not use the word retard and apologize and jon went apeshit. His fans are also retarded and get butthurt over everything. Theyre as worst as suzy's and eyk's, fuck

No. 65436

You sound immature as fuck. What do you think pussy tastes like? Not flowers or freshly clean linen. Get over yourself. you can clean yourself all you want, but it's still going to taste how biologically a vagina should taste.

No. 65469


Not that anon but calm the fuck down.
Neither we or Jon wanted to know the taste of Suzy's buffet

No. 65476

Haha what?

No. 65692

File: 1426823457690.gif (9.78 MB, 320x240, OP makes a shocking discovery.…)

>wanting people to stop using the word "retard"
>on the fucking internet
>because retards that can barely read or use the bathroom apparently have enough faculties to surf the internet to see the word "retard" and get offended
>Bitches about someone using the super mean "r" word on a board dedicated to bitching about people, making mean jokes, and generally being dicks to everyone
>not realizing that if people are forced to stop using the "r" word that they'll just use another word meaning "retarded" in a negative connotation, such as "special", "downie", "trig", "handicapped", etc.

Anon, I'm sorry, but I have some really bad news for you.

No. 65696

File: 1426823575394.jpg (9.04 KB, 274x184, puss.jpg)

>> salty milk and pennies.

Saying pussy tastes like salty milk and coins is an ancient 4chan joke. Arin was just memeing.

No. 65711

Okay like

pussy tastes like pussy. we all know that. No one is expecting is to taste like flowers or linen, but I'm sure we all commit decent enough hygein where our v's and the ones of our partners have a pretty standard pussy flavor

but are you REALLY defending the fact that you think it's normal to taste like pennies

really anon. really.

No. 65926

Jon went apeshit because someone asked him politely to not use he word retard. yeah, hes a dick

No. 65927

And i didnt bitch about the r word wtf. I know what lolcow is. Learn how to read. I meant why was he so rude when someone politely asked him not to use it? lmao he even got hurted about the hate he received. What a dumbass

No. 65956

I'm not sure you bitches belong on this board

No. 65974

Can we go back to shit talking Suzy and her abysmal channel.

No. 65976

>Zero swatches
>Claims all the products are full-size when they're not
>Half the video is just her rubbing oil in her hair, the review being "it smells good!!"

No. 65979

File: 1426883243660.jpg (7.15 KB, 232x217, index.jpg)

I know Arin isn't the handsomest guy, but man I feel he could've done a little better.
>He should've just married Jon, they had better chemistry than him and Suzy

No. 65980

>>i didnt bitch about the r word wtf
>>r word

im sorry he hurt your feefees anon.

is ipsy another one of her sponsors? this video was so stale. reminds me of those QVC infomercials.

No. 65983

How many of these piece of shit bags and boxes she receives in a month?

No. 66148

>Someone "politely" asked an online entertainer to censor himself because "muh feels"
>He's a jerk for not wanting to censor himself even though there is absolutely no reason to other than to appease someone on the internet he doesn't know
>implying tumblrites know what politeness is, much less free speach

Do you go to stand up shows and tell them not to say bad words, too?

No. 66169

No. 67160

New MH video. Barry carries her while she spends most of her time running around. When she does decide to hit the monster she just ends up tripping Barry.

I have no idea how she fought Gore enough to get that armor, she must have just got Barry or Arin to carry her through the online gore quest a bunch of times. Gore armor isn't even the best, mixing gore with ceanataur is better. Not that it matters when fighting a gypceros, Barry did fine with just velociprey armor. She should have just used something with negate stun/halve stun.

She may not have even beaten HR yet; she didn't even upgrade her food by capturing a rathalos, which is like the last quest before fighting shagaru magala.

No. 67297

I know, right? She's so boring. No swatches of the colors and all she says is
>it smells so good!
>I love it! omg you guys
Fuck Suzy. She's a terrible make up 'guru'

No. 67299

Off the top of my head
>loot crate
And I know she reviews LUSH products a lot because even though they don't sponsor her officially, she kind of just buys their shit all the time.

No. 67312


Wow she got 5 items in that bag at a price of $10. That's $2 per item and literally only the lipstick was fullsized…. a tiny vial of hair "oil" and makeup remover (what are baby wipes)?

These dumb monthly box things are total ripoff. I expect they're not even premium products either, probably old stock that they were unable to sell in stores.

No. 67876

Only because i dont praise jon? :^( baw
Jon is a dick and thats my opinion
But whatever
i wish arin would understand that suzy is using him

No. 67878

I dont give a shit if anyone uses the word retard, it doesnt bother me and he oesnt hurt me lmao but no need to be so rude to someone that politely asks you to not use a word. Hes s a manchildren that get hurted by what the sjw think about him because muh feelings :^(

No. 67880

No, hes a jerk for being so rude to that person and then making fun of them.
If jon would have just said "no, thatd ust how i speak" then its fine but he went apeshit because he got tumblr hate which was expected. I dont care if people use bad words, but dont be surprised nor be butthurt when people ahet you for kt because you cannot take negative critism

No. 67882

*just how i speak
Fuck im sorry for all the typos

No. 67893


Why did you make 3 separate posts? Damn, just keep it to the 1.

>refers to it as "the r word" instead of just saying retard

>I-I don't care about people s-saying that word, really!

>Expecting someone to be tolerant or entertaining of some idiot asking an outrageous request that they should have known was fucking dumb from the get go

You're a retard

No. 67895

All of you fucking idiots should shut up.
This is a thread about Suzy.
You want to discuss stupid shit or Jon go somewhere else.

No. 67950

yeah, those items tend to be really cheap and not worth the price. It seems to be mainly stuff to use during air travel if anything.

No. 67956

In her Esty store vid with Holly she claims that she invented necklaces with butterfly wings preserved in the pendant. I feel like those were a thing long before she started doing them.

No. 67993

I really like Holly. She's calm, straight forward and to the point. Suzy is so damn annoying and trying so hard to be cute.

Haha, how to run an etsy shop? Well, if you're like suzy, you order online and jack up the price more than 200%.

No. 67995

Just posted the vid link. and yeah, Suzy is such a damn try hard.

No. 67997

I like how this is actually really. Still a bit pricy, BUT $40 is much more reasonable than Suzy's $100+ dollar chinese jewelry


No. 67998

really cute and kind of affordable ^

No. 68000

Anyone who thinks Suzy created taxidermy jewelry is probably someone under 21 because that shit has been around for at least a century. Maybe longer.

No. 68015

those fucking flower crowns

they look ridiculous with their outfits, too, holy hell

No. 68016

At least Holly's is small. Suzy's is enormous for no reason.

No. 68022

That's literally just the style of flower crowns, they come in all shapes and sizes

I couldn't sit and watch the whole thing, I got about a minute in maybe and it was just so boring for me. Holly looked slightly uncomfortable, so I don't know if that changes as the video goes on. Can't tell if it's because of the fact that she's on cam, seems like it to me because she didn't seem that awkward when she was on GG.

No. 68024

I noticed Holly looked a bit uncomfortable to be there. It's like, she wanted to talk, but she had anxiety happening. Suzy's just so damn annoying.

No. 68069

The subject of this thread is 'Suzy Berhow/Mortem3r/GG Thread', so Jon is definitely relevant. Though I agree, retard-chan needs to shut the fuck up, they're not adding anything to the thread by saying "I HATE JON SO THERE".

No. 68163

Her voice ticks me off even more when she is with someone who sounds normal like Barry. When she is alone in her video's it is like ''Yeah kinda annoying'' but when you have someone to compare it too, you just can't help but notice how fake her voice is.

No. 68290

This. It's so noticable in the video with Holly because Holly's just normal and chill. Suzy's spazzing out like "TEE HEE I PUT BUTTERFLY WINGS IN NECKLACES"

I really can't stand her. Why did Arin marry her?

No. 68924

I heard it was something like this:
> Suzy was Arin's sweetheart before he got E-fame and money
> Suzy and Arin break up
> Arin gets e-fame and gets paranoid as fuck about bitches wanting him for his money
> He gets back with Suzy as she liked him before he had money

No. 69231

Arin is a loser. He isn't even talented. He animations could of been better, but I doubt he even draws anymore.

No. 69257

Well, someone had to draw/animate that obnoxious "kitty kat gaming" opening for Suzy. The cat's voice is definitely Arin's. I wonder if that opening was her idea or his.

I can't believe she has 3 episodes of an ACNL LP that just shows her foodling about for 15 minutes with no interesting dialogue. Also Suzy and Holly have an ACNL LP. I have no idea why they think milling about and showing off furniture makes for an interesting LP. The part where the beetles fight is honestly the most interesting part of the entire video.

No. 69277


wasn't Suzy living with some other dude at the time? didn't they only get back together after he got dem youtube shekels?

No. 69287

Nah, I used to follow Arin back in the day on newgrounds and I remember he was famous and with Suzy back then. He is famous in a different way nowadays but he was really internet famous back then, everyone knew his animations. When they broke up he stopped posting online for about a year.
It's so weird because all he ever used to talk about was how his girlfriend was a model whenever he brought her up but I'd never seen any pictures so when years later I saw Suzy I was really thrown back.

No. 69375

I know some of you aren't fans of reddit, but someone uncovered more on her reselling etsy bits and lying about buying local.


She gives a sort of half hearted apology.

No. 69383

No. 69442

Suzy broke up with Arin and dated someone else, like a normal person who wants variety, but Arin was such a loser that he sent a letter to Suzy every day from California to proclaim his beta love.

No. 69594

Arin needs to get his head out of Suzy's pussy. The dumb bitch admitted to lying after getting caught but he says the one who discovered the truth is lying.

Nigga, what?

No. 69606

I think Arin's response is what really made me mad. How he's excusing everything his wife has done and then ends it with "Suzy is sad so feel bad for her boohoo".


>It makes me think that, even if Suzy were to do something as drastic as refund everyone, nobody would care, or it would make people angrier.

How are you that delusional Arin omg. Suzy very clearly ripped of hundreds of people. She extorting her fans using her online popularity (and her husband's) to sell overpriced wholesale Chinese plastic jewelry. She SHOULD refund ANYONE who wants their money back. She advertised locally bought, quality, handmade items, and that is the opposite of what ANYONE got.

>Art is subjective, and it is simply a fact that something as trivial as a dot drawn on a piece of paper has a fluctuating value based on who drew that dot. We're not Wal-Mart, we don't have to sell absolutely everything we make as artists at cost.

But Suzy ran a BUSINESS. They weren't art pieces being sold to the highest bidder. She was selling a product. A product she falsely advertised which is an actual crime FYI.

>You can see by Suzy's Etsy rating that her customers are happy with the quality of her items, because if the items were cheap, or bad, she wouldn't have such high ratings.

This is literally a logical fallacy. Get out of here with this appealing to popularity bullshit Arin.

>To hear her ask me "should I just stop being on Game Grumps?" in the most sullen, defeated tone I've ever heard in order to protect the one thing that fills her with excitement the most breaks my fucking heart.

Idc how much her feelings were hurt bc people don't think she's funny. Her being on GameGrumps is a business decision. IMO she doesn't do shit for the show and usually episodes that star her are impossible to watch. She's Arin's employee. Usually when an employee doesn't do their work, they get fired. Just saying.

Fuck Arin for blindly defending this chick bc she jumps on his dick every so often. Just fuck everything about her half-assed apology and Arin's response.
True scum of the earth.

No. 69608


Arin only made things worse with his ass-backwards logic. He made people lose respect for him and retarded mods made people lose even more respect by censoring and dropping the banhammer on people who bumped mentioned it any further.

They fucking deserve whatever consequences happen over this.

No. 69614

Thanks for the link, anon. I like how even with all this info on her crazy prices and lying, people are STILL defending her. wth

No. 69615

After she admitted she was lying and I read his response I really just lot any tad of respect I had for him. I agree with everything you said.

>Art is subjective, and it is simply a fact that something as trivial as a dot drawn on a piece of paper has a fluctuating value based on who drew that dot. We're not Wal-Mart, we don't have to sell absolutely everything we make as artists at cost.

I feel like this is almost admitting she uses her fanbase/popularity to take advantage of the young followers who want to support her by buying her marked up pieces. Not only that but I don't feel like this is art. Like the holy water charm was completely made by someone else she just put it on a string.

>You can see by Suzy's Etsy rating that her customers are happy with the quality of her items, because if the items were cheap, or bad, she wouldn't have such high ratings.

Sometimes people scrape together that $100 or so to have something made by someone they admire, that doesn't justify ripping them off and lying about it.

I also hate the fact he tried to justify it with that perler bead comparison. The difference is Suzy just put a stone on a necklace ( she didn't even make the silver serpent it was wrapped in, she just bought a finished product) beadsprites usually take time to make and assemble a character,there's more work in it and large products take hours, the beads are just a raw material. It's like saying you can't sell a shirt you sew'd(sp?)because you didn't make the fabric.

No. 69618

>Arin making a post for Suzy because she's too chicken shit to do it herself
>Arin comparing Suzy's cheap chinese jewelry to a Jackson Pollock
>making up shit like Suzy was harassed by ONE person until multiple handles.
HORY SHIET. All respect lost for this man. He has no dignity.

No. 69620

Can someone cap this shit before Arin baleets it??

No. 69623

>To hear her ask me "should I just stop being on Game Grumps?" in the most sullen, defeated tone I've ever heard in order to protect the one thing that fills her with excitement the most breaks my fucking heart. Of all of us, Suzy has been the one who has come up with the most ideas for acknowledging and appreciating fans.

He is such a piece of shit. Bravo, Arin.

No. 69624

>Before I say anything I just want to apologize for some things I said. I claimed that I buy parts locally and that isn't true. I guess I was just scared… this is my first time running a shop and I didn't want to seem like I'm selling cheap parts (I'm not)

perfume vial $2.99
snake pendant - $3.00
taxidermy beetle - $4.99
jewel beetles 5 for -$8.99

what kind of poorfag thinks these materials AREN'T cheap. This shit is so cheap and easy to find it definitely doesn't deserve the markup she gave it.

No. 69627

Suzy is disgusting with her lying, and Arin fighting tooth and nail to defend her is even worse.

No. 69631

File: 1427435161779.jpg (123.37 KB, 1014x613, wowthisbitch.jpg)

My sides are in orbit.

No. 69632


No. 69636

All those people whiteknighting Suzy's actions in the thread are so shitty. Especially when they're downvoting people's posts because they don't agree. Fucking bullshit.

No. 69641

"She just committed a federal crime. By saying she buys locally, she falsely stated where her parts for her items came from, illegal under the FTC act."

Laughing about how Arin can excuse his wife literally breaking the law because she ~apologized~.

No. 69643

Is he seriously admitting his wife committed a crime? online? where people can cap this shit? omg. beautiful.

No. 69645

Naw naw, he's denying any bad business practices on her part.
I quoted a user from reddit about the actual law that Suzy broke when she lied about where her items are from. Claiming shit is handmade in the USA while buying bugs and charms from China and Thailand is illegal.

No. 69681

File: 1427445045094.png (214.21 KB, 888x1453, ggfgfg.png)

here u go friend

No. 69683

Woah he wrote like 5000 words for this shit

No. 69684

he's right though that businesses jack up prices like mad, and no one says shit. i don't think it's wrong or immoral in her case. it's opportunistic, but not wrong. if she knows people will pay a shit ton for it, why not take advantage of it?

No. 69689

I feel bad for Arin because he really is in love with someone like Suzy.

No. 69707

No. 69771

Hey guys, I'm from SRD, what's this site for? I don't get the joke

Thanks in advance y'all :)

No. 69773

It's not so much the high price itself that's making people mad. It's the price being that high when she advertised that she was using local items and stuff she's making all by herself, which was proven to not be true. If she WAS making things all by herself, buying only local, then she can price it at whatever the hell she wants. But she didn't, she doesn't, therefore she shouldn't say she does and keep that pricetag.

You'd be surprised at what lengths some people go to buy local, and how much it means to some people to continue to support their community. It's no surprise that someone would get upset that she lied about it being local, that's something you'd expect a big corporation to do, not a small seller who you can talk to.

No. 69776

Does "lurk more" apply to our site? I feel like it does. If you don't know where you are or what it's for, go ask the info thread at the top of the board. This is a Suzy thread about her fuckups, not a meta/info thread.

No. 69783

Hey I don't know how to reply on 4chan websites but can you walk me to the info place and could you hold my hand all the way there? I'm a girl and I'm scared I'll get made fun of on the way there if I go alone

No. 69794

You are seriously awesome. I'm saving this shit. I can't believe he wrote such an essay in a vain attempt to defend his lying wife.

No. 69810

Suzy really is the Yoko Ono of game grumps isn't she? How long do you think before their regular fans turn on them?

No. 70036

It bothers me a lot that people keep defending her saying she did nothing wrong

No. 70040

idk, it seems like much of their fanbase is akin to pewdiepie and think they can do nothing wrong. lots of 14 year olds who, for whatever reason, admire and obsess over two guys who make dick jokes and play video games.

No. 70042

Yeah, it's pathetic. When these idiots realize that Arin just got lucky and you cannot make a legit job out of this.

No. 70051



I really hate the fans that have to vocally express how they don't hate Suzy and defend her in the hopes that the Grumps will love them.

No. 70062


It actually does taste like copper this is well known.

No. 70067

She's just an ugly version of Kirsten Amanda who did send the items that were paid for. They both scammed people out of loads of money for cheap products, with a horde of brown-nosing idiots defending them.

No. 70076

It's not even the fact they like her. It's the fact they will defend her lying and scamming for no reason. I don't get it.

No. 70204

Where I work, we have to jack up prices of some items because of our rent. I work at a small mom and pop shop, so that's how it goes sadly, however she's not doing the same. She's literally paying little money for a cheap chinese knockoff, SAYING it's authentic and from her local such and such and THEN jacking the price almost 200%

She's LYING.

No. 70213

Another loot crate video. It must be torment for Arin to act like he gives a shit when this entire shitstorm for Suzy's lying and scamming is happening.

No. 70214

Arin has the
>Don't laugh
>Send help
face going on. It's so sad. He looks like a broken man.

No. 70215

Wow, that loot crate was worse than usual.
>rope bracelet
>cheap ass plastic watch
>mad libs

Come on. And Arin was trying so hard to seem happy or excited.

No. 70233

rofl at Arin's dead face.

No. 70242

>>70214 I honestly wonder how he is able to put up with her sometimes. Like, to me, she seems absolutely fake, pretentious, and insufferable to be around in general. I dunno. And it doesn't seem like she has any friends outside of the GG "family".

No. 70244

he looks like he dreamin bout chicken wings

No. 70249

Bc arin is beta as all hell, Suzy can do no wrong in his eyes.

He wrote a damn essay excusing every little thing his wife has done…. never once saying something like "Suzy did something wrong and that's not okay, we will work through this together to make sure everyone is satisfied with the outcome."

Suzy just half-assed apologized and so they both just washed their hands of the whole affair. Now they'll spend extra effort pretending like it never happened, just like they did with Jon.

IMO people have a right to be mad. Especially those who bought her products, thinking they were handmade, quality pieces. Suzy broke federal law when she lied about supporting local businesses. She could be taken to small claims court over what she's done :\\\

She SHOULD be refunding customers right now. But she won't because the internet made her feel bad :'(( and now she has to spend the money on makeup and box subscriptions to feel better.

No. 70253

I'll add this too:
>Suzy makes false DMCA report on a video (illegal) because it "made her look bad".
Not a single word from Arin.
>Suzy calls the entire GameGrumps fanbase a piece of shit.
Not a single word from Arin.
>Suzy calls every bit of criticism "sexist" and calls GG fans "sexist pigs". Cherrypicks examples and rants on tumblr how sexist gamers are.
Not a single word from Arin.
>Suzy rants about GamerGate in an episode of GameGrumps, using the show as her own personal soapbox. Again, calling every gamer "sexist".
Not a single word from Arin.
>Suzy gets called out for the third time with undeniable evidence that she had been lying about her products, marking up items as much as 2000%, thus leading to a very "Sorry-not-sorry" apology about her etsy store.
>1,329 words. All excusing her behavior, using poor comparisons and logical fallacies to support his defense, attacking the original person who called Suzy out, then ending it with a cry for pity for Suzy.

Arin is just such a shit I can't even.

No. 70254


>I think it only costs…. er…. $15 now…

Confirmed for sponsorship.
Suzy's entire channel is one big fucking shill. She doesn't give a fuck about these businesses or their products, which are shit anyway, she's getting fucking paid + free items to do this shit.

Jesus christ just when I through she couldn't sink any lower.

No. 70255

Arin doesn't give a fuck about Suzy jacking up prices because everything has always been about profits to him anyway. He always wanted GG to be monetized and to squeeze every cent he could out of it, I can definitely see Suzy having the same view, it definitely shows with her Etsy bullshit.

No. 70271

>$15 for a box of cheap chinese shit worth 50 cents nobody needs
>arin's face

this is anti-commercial or?

No. 70292

He actually said in a recent episode that he stopped animating because of how bad money is for animators now. So I'm really sure he's in it for the money.

No. 70300

hahahahha, the first 5 seconds of the video


No. 70323

Hahaha! Thanks for that post as soon as I woke up. Cheered me up as I get ready for work.

No. 70324

Arin is a shit and I have seriously lost all respect for him.

No. 70325

The last 2 minutes are even worse. Suzy pretending to be excited over Arin unfolding a box.

No. 70329


didn't her or arin's half-ass apology include something about not trying to capitalize on the GG fan base? and then she puts him in a video that clearly neither of them care about in an attempt to get more views?

>guize look at my husband EGORAPTOR!!!!!! did I mention that he's EGORAPTOR!!!! we're totally game grumps guize

No. 70330

File: 1427548975622.png (353.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-03-28-09-14-39…)

also this… can't even give enough of a fuck to match her eyebrows

No. 70331


that's because she doesn't actually care about fans or comedy, she just wants to make more money

No. 70352

link? He didn't earn shit in his early Newgrounds days though

No. 70357

Her instagram is even worse. She's made two posts about how she's the luckiest woman in the world because she's married to Egoraptor. It's hilarious

No. 70373

Arin and Suzy are some special kind of stupid.

They make their entire living off of fans, the people that devote a little bit of their time daily to watching them and they think it's a smart idea to piss of their fanbase further and treat them with contempt.

If they keep this up I can see GG losing a really substantial chunk of it's fanbase, which would mean less $$$ money for them.
Already people that I know have stopped watching them, like my boyfriend who used to tune in daily has since switched over to Two Best Friends Play because he can't stand how arrogant Arin has become, the mistreatment of Jon and his constant pandering to his hog wife.

No. 70390

This. I was a game grumps fan since the beginning. Even before the loot crate unboxing and Arin being an idiot, I stopped. I gave the Danny era one year, but I can barely stomach their bullshit. I haven't watched in months.

No. 70394

He just looks bored and tired

No. 70396

>150 dollars
>for a shitty cheap looking watch
>a "lolsonerdy XD" portal shirt
>a hiker's bracelet that you can make yourself for like a dollar's worth of paracord
>a lanyard with a piece of plastic
>a tiny-ass notebook that I've seen for 50 cents at stores
>a comic book that looks the size of tiny comic books that DC was using as cereal box prizes a few months ago
>mad libs which you find next to the cash register at grocery stores for like a buck-fifty
>a comic about a shitty BBC show with a shitty twist

The only thing worth any amount of money would be that shit watch and shirt. The rest is practically worth nothing.

No. 70410

Her eyebrows don't look that bad to me
what does is her skin
I'm not sure if she's wearing foundation at all, or if its a super light makeup but her skin just isn't all that here
I mean she doesn't have to wear makeup, and like no one has nice flawless skin
but she used to do her facemakeup super flawlessly, and it didn't look red and blotchy and uneven

w/e foundation she's using, if any, isn't doing her much good. especially in front of an HD camera and high lighting, in that type of atmosphere you need something more
might be good for every day use

No. 70413


it's not that her eyebrows look BAD it's that they don't match each other at all

No. 70414

I'm dying at one of her comments on YT, someone was like "omg Suzy looks so nice all natural and without make up"


No. 70419

That must be sarcasm…
Are her followers really that stupid? My god.

No. 70423

@3:00 mark.
Arin being passive aggressive and playing it off as a joke. Or probably doesn't realize he described his wife perfectly.

No. 70447

I just read the comment. They were totally serious. Reply was "oh… I thought she wasn't wearing make up. I guess I'm a make up noob"

No, you're just a fucking idiot.

No. 70451

The fake enthusiasm is cringe worthy

No. 70466

B-but eyebrows are sisters!!! not twinz!!!

No. 70471

Exactly . No two eyebrows every look exactly alike. Our eye shapes aren't symmetrical.

No. 70602

Holy shit, you're right. Danny and Arin describing Suzy perfectly is too funny.

No. 70606

File: 1427588342925.jpg (54.16 KB, 690x592, dumbassnigga.jpg)

I commented on this thread yesterday but I guess the OP deleted it because he didn't me pointing out how obvious it was Suzy was wearing make up.

No. 70624


lmao i saw this too, like how does not see that black mass on right top of her fucking eyelids >>70606

No. 70628

I just want to talk about her "How I keep Organized!" video for a sec because seriously lol. It takes her 5 and a half minutes to say, "I have a planner and I use apps on my phone".

I dunno, I feel like I was expecting a little more than that but it IS Suzy we're talking about, so I guess joke's on me. ◔ ʖ ◔

No. 70633


What are the 6 jobs she is referring to?

No. 70640


My guess:
-Game Grumps Secretary…thing?
-Etsy Store


-Game Grumps Instagram headhon/cho (???)
-Arin's personal dietitian (????)
-Box subscription unboxer (????????????)

there. six 'jobs'.

No. 70641


Blowjob, handjob, tit job, lazy at the job, not doing a good job, no job.

No. 70644

I just watched her "How to Run Your OWN Shop!" video. How does she think she can give advice on running an Etsy shop with all the drama surrounding her?

No. 70647

File: 1427592829464.jpg (33.42 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 70660

It's Suzy, she's probably the kind of snooty bitch that considers being a wife a job.

On top of etsy, being a total make up artist, professional gamer, and a youtuber. Modelling too, cause you know piggy still puts that in her resume.

No. 70694

A lot of people on that video called her out on it. Not sure if she deleted it. I saw someone write "This video is pretty ironic, isn't it?"

No. 70695

Pretty thinks Jniggers tits are real too. kek

No. 70707

File: 1427598738244.png (937.76 KB, 996x591, LOOOOOL.png)


It's still up, lol.
Also lol @ this on her instagram. Way to try to suck up after fucking up.

No. 70710

>real life bugs remind me of video game versions of real life bugs
Is this her fanbase? Everything on her Etsy is on sale. haha

No. 70776

Thank code to save is "thank you" ? Why Suzy?

No. 70790

Guessing it's because if she used a code like "sorry" or whatever, her instagram fans who have no idea about Reddit & the drama that appeared on it would ask what happened, why she's sorry, etc. I'm surprised no one called her out on it (last I checked).

No. 70951

You're right. Her fans on IG probably never go on Reddit. Shame.

No. 70961


I'm sure if they did call her out, Suzy would quickly delete the messages. That's probably one of her 6 jobs, covering her tracks …

No. 70976

She's very bad at her job then.

No. 70989

I feel like Suzy has the potential to become one of the next great lolcows, we just need to find an angle and apply the right amount of pressure.

No. 71021

People have tried to call her out but you have the other fans going "She APOLOGIIZZEEDD!!!! YOU'RE A WHINY BABY!"

No. 71024

I seen someone say without Suzy there would be no grumps

No. 71025

I've NEVER heard anyone say that ever lmao

I've heard Arin say without BARRY there would be no GG

No. 71027

Go in her tumblr tag you see a lot of stuff like that

No. 71028

it's all over tumblr and some reddit threads.

No. 71030

Do you mean that GG would have never started, or in a way that suzy does a lot of work for GG so therefore it wouldn't be as good if she wasn't there to do t he work?

No. 71036

Except Suzy literally tore GG apart when she split Arin and Jon….lol.
Without Dan or Barry or someone, it would have ended, yeah.

God imagine if Arin couldn't find a replacement and his only choice was Suzy back then…
Gamegrumps would literally be in the dirt if that happened.

No. 71043

GG is already in the dirt. I actually don't know why the fandom sticks around.

No. 71688

They seem to be younger teenage girls if that explains

No. 71737

Nigga, the entire fandom is a sausage fest.

No. 71827

her newest video:

shes just looking worse and worse in each video

No. 71847

>spends 7 and a half minutes explaining what bullying and trolling is
>"ok if ur being bullied u need to tell ur mom or a teacher n if ur bein trollololed XDD just block them, ok bye guyyyss!!"
Thank you so much Suzy for not spewing the same recycled shit that everyone in the world has heard a million times before, wow, so insightful.

No. 71883

Didn't even bother watching this, because I assumed she would make it all about her trials and tribulations and then at then end just give a quick "here's what you should do!" aka advice that's not helpful for anyone

No. 71888

At least post it on the YT Link

Yeah, she's such a lying piece of shit. She immediately brings up people who run online shops and in the gaming community getting cyber bullied. I think this is a whole video about her own feelings since the Etsy scams came to light.

No. 71896


wow do you guys think we're just a bunch a bullies??? :(

honestly though,just because people called her out on her shit and didn't accept her apology doesn't mean they're trolls or bullies. i understand she does get a fair amount of hate on her channel, but this video is funny coming right after that shitstorm on reddit. this has nothing to do with her trying to help others, this is just her way of getting kudos and sympathy.

No. 71899

File: 1427746523501.jpg (63.47 KB, 780x433, whiteknights_totherescue.jpg)

White knights!

No. 71901

Even that thumbnail pisses me off. She's such an attention whore. jfc

No. 71902

lol at the amount of airbrush and shooping she did to her skin for the thumbnail picture, looks like shit in the actual video.

No. 71915

How to deal with bullying: Marry a popular youtuber and get white knights to defend your every action

No. 71949

Rofl. Pretty much. Suzy can do no wrong.

She made ONE mistake, gaiz

No. 72024


"I will find you and kill you."

I can spot that fedora a mile away.

No. 72047

I know. Like really, threatening physical violence against someone online because they dont kiss Suzy's ass? lovely. that person is so desperate.

No. 72162

File: 1427769748663.jpg (125.93 KB, 1023x616, bawww_feelbadforme.jpg)

I can't believe she's making a post whining about having to drink water when most people don't even have clean drinking water accessible to them. I wanna backhand this bitch.

No. 72176

why does her thumbnail skin look better than it does in the actual video
suzy no

No. 72178

She must not know about after effects

No. 72181

Dear god no one tell her

No. 72198

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day though is a myth. Everyone retains water differently, so you're only supposed to drink water when you're really thirsty, or else you're running to the bathroom and pissing all day for no reason. Your body will tell you when you need to hydrate. She acts like a child with this pity seeking.

No. 72222

Wow a thirteen minute video of just straight up rambling, lying, and trying to garner sympathy from her underage fans.

I'm so mad that she made this video because she didn't make it with the intentions of helping others or providing some comfort to real victims…she made it whine about the big meanies on the internet who called her out and ~boohoo poor me!!~

Suzy literally broke FEDERAL LAW, and thinks she can get away with it by saying sorry and making this shit?

And wow this video is filled with so much false information. She said that all bullies have mental disorders and that is why they bully? Not only is that enabling as fuck, it's also extremely insulting to anyone with a mental disorder. Uhm no sorry Suzy but my disorder doesn't make me a douchebag, thanks.

She is talking completely out her ass jfc. Can we just shut down her store already??

No. 72243

new KKG videos with her and Arin. She's using IG, but never even knocks it out of the air or mounts it, and almost carts.

Her and Arin have slightly better chemistry in this vid, but I guess that's because they have a game to help move the conversation along.

No. 72245

And I forgot to embed the video. Sorry about that.

No. 72254

She actually said all bullies have mental disorders? What a fucking cunt. I mean, isn't there a way to report her ass for breaking federal law anyway? I think she should also be able to be reported for lying through her teeth about a subject she knows NOTHING about.

She's a dumb model. And a bad once at that. She isn't a doctor or a psychiatrist. All respect gone for this woman. She is really just trash.

No. 72280

People who bought her shit could take her to small claims court and sue her ass. Or if a bunch of people got together they could file a class action lawsuit (like what's happening with LC right now I think?). I'm hoping somebody does something.

Somebody said although she blatantly lied about her products online, it's be hard to prove in court?? But IDK I'm not a lawyer.
Etsy needs to shut down her shop tho.

The "bullying" video is probably the most Suzy will touch on about the subject of her store. She doesn't want to air that dirty laundry and lose customers. If she really wanted to be honest she would make a video explaining the situation and reach out to her customers to make sure everyone is completely satisfied. She SHOULD be refunding everyone right now too…

Her store is now on "vacation" because I guess she's going on holiday for a bit even though she just went to Hawaii a couple weeks ago? Whatever.

No. 72828

I would think she would at least watch what shed say considering shes already in a bad light but to say someone bullies because they have a mental disorder is really wrong…

No. 72829

>all bullies have mental disorders

She who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones.

No. 72830

Didn't she make a video a while back about having mental disorders herself? Saying she is bipolar and manic? what a dumb bitch

No. 72831

Oh crap, didn't see it way posted way up in the beginning of the thread. Either way, she's still a hypocrite and attention seeker like crazy.

No. 72907

I forgot about that video
So is she saying she's also a bully?

No. 72919

According to her own diagnosis, yes.

No. 73712

Oh boy… more animal crossing…

No. 73726


No. 73728

It's so funny seeing her perfect shooped, smooth skin in the thumbnail and then clicking on the video to see her skin looking like a patchy, discolored mess.

No. 73762

Why the fuck would mention a pillow to take with you on a plane and then go "Nevermind. it's uncomfortable" ???

That makes no sense.

No. 73764

The thumbnails on her videos make no sense.
>frankenstein head
>smiley tongue

>rubs hands to prove how dry it is


Why is she acting like you cant ask for water on the plane? her tips are awful.

>Dress comfortable

>bring a mobile device
>drink water

No. 73765

How to do your makeup just like Suzy!!

No. 73813

File: 1427936419715.png (731.25 KB, 1035x616, hj6znYZ.png)

Why is Suzy making fun of how other girls dress? Doesn't she claim to be a super big feminist? Wtf.

No. 73814

Her voice is so fucking annoying. "And today I have a new video for you!" Well no shit, dumbass.

No. 73828

that thumbnail art, did she draw it
thought she was an artiste~~~~ tho

No. 73850

it's like since everything about her etsy came about shes just been digging her hole deeper

No. 73895

That's not even a funny April fool's joke
HER HUMOR IS SO DRY AND AWFUL. Why does she think she's funny?

No. 74032

>Talking about irrelevant shit
>don't have enough brain power to read one more word that's right next to the word "yellow"
They can't even do an Animal Crossing minigame right. What the fuck.

No. 74049

>bleached all of my hair BLONDE and got UGGS teeHEe Look at this STARBUCKS AHAHAHA april FOOLS i'm SUCH A NERD! no way would I GO OVER to the DARK SIDE of BLONDE PREPPY JERKS!!!!

jfc is she in middle school

No. 74116

She deleted the comment from that person notgonnacare

No. 74126

You know, I still can't believe she's 25 or whatever with how she acts.

No. 74127

what was the comment?

No. 74129

It's on the screenshot posted above of her super clever April Fools joke

No. 74130

What the hell is wrong with bleaching your hair blonde and starbucks? I don't get it. She seems like one of those assholes that was made fun of in school for dressing a certain way and being stereotyped, but now that she's quasi famous she cant mock others who aren't gothic enough. She's not even goth herself or as different as she thinks. She wears jeans and hoodies when she goes out.

No. 74131

Oh I see it! Oh shit, she deleted it? what a curmudgeon

No. 74136

Everyone is defending her so hard. i really do dislike Suzy so much. she claims to be a feminist, but she's part of everything wrong by mocking other women.

No. 74150

I tried to find a reason to like her but since this whole thing happened all my respect dropped

No. 74165

What annoys me about this is the way people force a person who disagrees with them into backtracking and basically ask for forgiveness about what they said. Some people in there were initially saying that they didn't find it funny but now they're agreeing with the people who gave them shit for finding her picture stupid and just not funny.

She's literally pulling the "not like other girls XD" and people are defending it.

No. 74169

She tries to be super gam3r guurrlll and shes pulling the not like other girls

Are we sure shes not in middle school?

No. 74180

File: 1428002846901.png (1.16 MB, 375x6003, img.png)

Some screencaps I took.
I angered her whiteknights lmao. Also apparently making a sexist joke makes Suzy a "great feminist". Go figure.

No. 74186

I couldn't even read all of them her fans are so stupid

No. 74198

Thanks for the caps. Man, it's so sad you can never have a diff opinion from Suzy or else you got stomped on by her whiteknights. The same thing happened to me months ago when I still followed her on IG. I aksed why her wing necklaces were $100 when a full bug was $110 and her fans lost it and said 'SHE CAN CHARGE WHAT SHE WANTS' 'DONT LIKE IT DONT BUY IT' etc

making a sexist joke =/= feminist. what an annoying person. She needs to get some female friends. She hangs around with Arin and GG crew all day and thinks she's 'one of the guys.' ffs

Also, I do happen to follow her twin sister Jean on IG who is actually a cute and sincere person. Complete opposite from Suzy.

No. 74201

Pretty much. But if you don't like Suzy, you're sexist, anon. even if you have valid reasons.

No. 74362

White Knights eveywhere!!!!

No. 74400

we need to press the dislike button on every single video with suzy in it and leave negative comments, we know it has an effect, if we all do it they will see it

No. 74409

i was platinum mad when i saw that 'apology' she did on the gamegrumps subreddit when it was proven she was taking other peoples work and essentially adding chains / other irrelevant things, and seeing it for a profit margin of 800%+

and people accepted it


arin even had the audacity to post saying that people are essentially 'whiners' and 'idiots' for wanting refunds from a scammer like suzy

No. 74419

I'm okay with doing this.

No. 74465

I did my part. leaving a dislike and a comment about Suzy scamming her fanbase.

No. 74488


Maybe if we can dislike all her videos to the point where they're at LEAST half dislikes, she'll quit KKG

No. 74490

I'm sure if she gets enough dislikes on both her GG and KKG videos, something will happen. We should do it.

No. 74498


Did my part. Let's make this bitch's ass hurt

No. 74520

File: 1428030918317.jpg (70.11 KB, 576x927, tumblr_m5fnlwKmd81qdqlkxo1_128…)


lolcow finally being active on the net, not just passive onlookers discussing the zoo animals.

I've been waiting for this pain. Make me FEEL it.

No. 74540

Careful now, we don't want to be /calfomet/.

(Nothing in this thread violates any rules. Just speaking in general.)

No. 74542

Right, why does she make such a show of how goth she is when she really isn't at all. It's a small thing but it bugs me.

No. 74640

Damn it, Greyfox.

No. 74641

She's one of those girls who buys all this 2edgy5me stuff and then never wears it outside past their front porch.

No. 74642

No. 74653

what a manface
she looks like a drag queen

No. 74743

I never thought I'd see the day where I would agree with swami, but yeah. I can't believe her, or her pussy whipped hubby.

No. 74825

I really hate the term pussy whipped. That's bullshit

No. 74826

Arin is just clingy and has never been with another woman. ever.

No. 75098

Suzy dresses like shit. It's like she walked out of a hot topic store. Sans the Uggs she looks kinda better in that April Fool's "Joke." I could less if she made a joke about a certain type of woman (we all know she was trying to say she was a "california bimbo" instead of trendy gawthy tumblr self, but please Suzy. Your clothes are absolute shit and have no place to be making fun of other fashion trends.

No. 75113

It's funny she's making fun of the california girl type with her annoying high pitched valley tone.

No. 75202

No. 75205

Ugh, she got both Danny and Markiplier on her KKG channel? so much ass kissing.

No. 75744

Why does she not show the wiiu pad at all? It's boring just watching the screen.

Also lol@her face the entire time she's talking to Markiplier, she totally wants his D. Poor Arin.

No. 75750

she looks like egorapter in fucking cakeface my sides
I guess they're both attracted to themselves

No. 75766


the fucking sexual tension.
Mark is not interested at all and its painful to watch suzy interacting with him

No. 75769

Mark may be riding the Pewdiepie style train, but at least he's semi attractive and I'm sure he has standards that aren't Suzy.

No. 75772

That game looked like a lot of fun, but I wish they showed the wii u pad.

No. 75774


I find Mark to be pretty good looking… not physically, but his personality is incredibly attractive to me. I'm weirdly attracted to men who are over 6 foot, and all my boyfriends have been at least 6'4 or taller Its an odd thing but I find the taller a man to be the more attractive he is. Marks like 5'10 or something, but damn.. if he was like 6'5 or something..
Wolf whistle

No. 75776


It's weird to see him beside Danny and Arin because he looks to be almost a foot shorter than him, but in his photos he seems like he's taller.

I guess he is above average looking idk

No. 75777


Sorry I meant shorter than them… not him.

No. 75785

I never understood the thing with only dating super tall guys. like, there's a small amount of guys out there that tall. wouldnt you rather have good personality than….height? like, as long as they're like 5' 1", who cares. 5' 10" is a good height, unless you're 5'10" yourself, like wtf.

No. 75786

as long as they're not 5' 1"

No. 75788


haha Sorry, it's just an odd preference I like. I've dated guys who were anything from 5'5 to 5'10, but all my long term relationships were with tall dudes. It's not a 'I only date tall guys', it just so happens all the guys who were over 6 foot had a more compatible personality with me. Their height was a small factor in the overall attraction.

but hey, different strokes for different folks (Idfk if anyone even says that anymore)

No. 75790


Wow. Such edgy making fun of preps like that. Much like Ebony Dark'Ness Dementia Raven Way this one is. Wow.

No. 75792

He is definitely good looking and his voice is amazing. Kind of annoying, unfunny and his eyes are too close together but I would let him smash it

No. 75793

rofl! Oh my gosh, now I just remember the part of the fic where she kept making fun of the jocks and the preppy kids.

No. 75814


lbr, Suzy is basically just a weebly gamer version of Enoby Way.

No. 77317

it seems they are in Japan

No. 77332

Bitch has been to Japan three times already in less than a year.

No. 77592

This video made me feel like she was a little kid who just learned swear words and wanted to use them to impressa cool older guy

No. 77595

what an ungrateful whiny cunt

No. 77597

she's so fat, jesus christ

No. 77598

blonde hair is love blonde hair is life
suzy your way of dressing is a fucking disaster
those girls look better than you anyway

No. 77605

blonde hair is love. blonde hair is life. praise be to blondes

No. 77611

different anon here but
most of guys i know are over 6'
i don't know, i just find it manly and extremely attractive
anyway my bf is 6'4 and he has a great personality so i'm glad haha
short guys are cute tho

No. 77627

I love how she whines about having fresh, clean water to drink anytime.

No. 77636


Same anon, My boyfriends the same, he's close to 7 foot and all the men in his family are 6'4 and taller.
When you're hanging around with guys over 6 foot… it's weird to hang around with guys shorter than it because you're so used to being surrounded by people you have to look up at instead of people you can make eye contact with without having to lift your head up.

yeah, it all just depends on if you find your SO to be attractive and have a good personality.

No. 77637

No. 77835

File: 1428512279656.jpg (215.98 KB, 1024x855, 1363492422852.jpg)

I'm fine with people having physical standards for guys and girls. What I can't stand is when fatties or uggos want the tall hot guys and bitch when a guy says he doesn't want a fatass for a gf, then suddenly it's "size doesn't matter! omg sexism!" You can't choose how tall you are, but you can choose how much cake you shove in your face.

Lookin' at you, Suzy.

No. 78013

I agree 100%

No. 78062

Whoa, she's hideous

No. 78158

what a hypocrite. If she thinks she shouldn't have to lower her standards then why should the men she's complaining about have to?

No. 78353

Seriously. She's huge. No one is going to realistically want that.

No. 78357


You would be surprised. Hell even Saxxy got some

No. 78597

Did anyone watch the valentines day love train whatever video with Holly and Ross? It's old but you can see how full of herself she is..

>Suzy talks about how much she got hit on

>Holly talks about how she was picked on when she was younger
>Now it's a contest and Suzy totally got picked on way more for being a 2edge4u goth
>gets called out " where you picked on or hit on? You said you got hit on a lot."
>Suzy: um this guy totally picked on me because he was in love withme and he got my drawing tattood on his chest"

No. 78604

Holly seems like a sweet, chill person than you have Suzy

No. 78922

Mind posting it? I don't want to sift through a bunch of shit to find it, and I only see the one with Ross and Holly on it playing ostrich island.

No. 78997

Suzy pisses me off so much.

No. 79033

It was this one here.

No. 79046


I must say, Suzy looked a lot better a few years ago before she piled on the weight.

No. 79047

Jean is still 1,000x cuter than Suzy, but yeah.. Hope Suzy gets off her ass and loses the weight because she looks awful now.

No. 79114

File: 1428672776523.jpg (77.16 KB, 720x477, 14271581.jpg)

lol @ Arin's face.

No. 79176

Gross. Gross. Gross.

No. 79184

Arin lookin lean as fuck there… what went so wrong?

No. 79190

OT: but it's been hella fun creepin' on some profiles from this link and seeing who is friends with who in the comm.

No. 79196

this bitch could look so good if she lost at least 50 pounds and got an upper lip

No. 79207

File: 1428687247828.gif (28.64 KB, 176x200, 200_s.gif)

Did… he dye his hair to look like his wife?

No. 79225

I love the grad pic of her taxidermy class. Not for any malicious reason or whatever, but it's just her and a couple older burly dudes lol

No. 79226

I remember when he first got it they were saying how he kind of always wanted one. I don't think he's maintained it or anything though, or he's coloured it a shade darker since it's a lot less noticeable in recent videos.

No. 79470

File: 1428725675543.gif (3.48 MB, 480x292, gaben-sees-faggots-.gif)

That screencap made me cringe the fuck out. Every single person in that cap was a fucking cow.
The cows:
1) Suzy - being an unfunny cunt
2) Ms. "this offends me" del Tumblr - taking a joke way too personally and being even more of a tumblrtard than everyone else in that convo (hard as it is to believe)
3) Whiteknights - wasting time defending a dumb cunt from an even dumber cunt

No. 79492

I…i actually kind of agree with her on this. I hate these basic bitches who do their makeup and hair nice then go out wearing tight sweatpants and a T-shirt. I just don't understand why girls who seem to care about their looks can't fucking dress themselves and wear the same types of shit everyday. I don't think she's funny, though.

No. 79495

I don't know what it is about her face that makes me think this, but it seriously looks like she is stuck in a wind tunnel.

No. 79502

You know you just described Suzy… right? She flaunts all these 2edgy lel hot topic goff clothes in her videos, but almost always wear t-shirts and jeans in public.

No. 79581

No. 79585

So what though? Not everyone is 3edgy5me like Suzy. At least they're comfortable being themselves. Suzy says she's alt, but she dresses in jeans and hoodies 9/10 times. You're hilarious if you cant see how funny it is that Suzy is basically mocking herself.

No. 79586

Honestly I'm going to have to agree with >>79502

she has nice pieces of clothing but outside of stuff for instantaneous and ootd videos she doesn't actually really wear a lot of that stuff. she's pretty basic with simple dark pieces and she always does her makeup and has her lenses but she's usually in a jacket or black tank. check a lot of the candid shots on her Facebook . I don't really think its a problem but I think it's more of an image thing than something she does consistently.

No. 79588

Oops meant *instagram

It's a bit silly tbh. Also taking effort to do your hair and makeup at least doesn't make you look completely lazy.

No. 80305

god she is adorable

No. 80373

I honestly don't understand this mentality. If I see a pretty person with pretty makeup and hair I think they're pretty regardless of if they're wearing shit clothes or not. Those girls probably want to look pretty but also don't have money/want to invest in nice clothes/want to be comfortable.

No. 80374

Suzy is an obnoxious hypocrite. Not everyone wants to dress up all glamorous. I think everyone has their own style and at least if they take time to groom themselves, they should be fine, even wearing a simple pair of jeans and a tshirt. She's just mad cuz she can't change the fact that she has no upper lip, even with caked on make up.

No. 80397

These types of girls are always wearing name brand clothing, though. Like Hollister or Nike, it's like the clothes don't need to look nice so long as they're from some well known brand. I also fucking hate it when bitches wear a bun on the top of their heads with a giant rubber-band thing, I instantly assume they are white trash.
Ughhhh I hate ugly tacky cunts.

No. 80400

>wanting to be comfortable
>white trash
not speaking for everyone, but i've bought brand new hollister and nike clothing at second hand stores real, real cheap. i see normal looking girls in goodwill and similar places. not that it accounts for most of them, but you don't need to spend a lot to wear brand names. plus, hollister has great sales. you can buy last season shirts and shorts for 7-10 dollars if you go on sale days.

No. 80404

Not for nothing, but just because someone likes to wear buns and brand clothes doesnt make them white trash. I'm confused, really. Acting a certain way or wearing clothing that is way too tight/small on your body is trashy, but wearing comfy shit isn't.

I dont get why it's cool to shit all over people because their personal style is different than yours.

No. 80405

Ok, Suzy. lol

No. 80416

But it makes them look like white trash. Shit's fucking ugly. How can these retarded whores leave the house looking like shit and feel no shame?
>but it's comfortable
And it's uncomfortable for everyone around you to look at your ugly ass. If you think it takes a long time to dress decent then your retarded, throw a dress over your shoulders or something. anything other than pajamas is uncomfortable, apparently.
>spaghetti strap tank top with visible bra straps
>top knot bun with sweat band
>sweat shorts
>Victoria's secret sweatpants

Lolcow will defend this.

No. 80425

Damn, that's a some high sodium content you have there.

No. 80431

File: 1428829256894.jpg (122.75 KB, 720x720, 1422777553535.jpg)

m8 i like to dress nice on a daily basis but this is fucking dumb. let it go.

No. 80439

Ya'll just fucking salty that someone thinks your sweat pants are ugly, salty as fuck don't be salty cuz I'm saying how I feel

No. 80458

File: 1428834419799.png (26.82 KB, 105x86, b5db1d0a3a4944213ebbd8ac9b573f…)

i don't even own sweatpants. you're being a cunt.

No. 80461

File: 1428835439381.jpg (112.08 KB, 650x668, sexy-ass1.jpg)

errmagwahs who cares about if you retards wear, own, or whatever fucking sweatpants.

No. 80463

Bitches please, can we stop discussing sweatpants and start gossiping about Suzy again?

No. 80515

there are too many teenagers on thie board

No. 80519

>And it's uncomfortable for everyone around you

I think you care too much about what people think. You're projecting. You may act very confident because you style yourself well all of the time, but it seems like your desire to dress well stems from a place of anxiety based around the thoughts and feeling of others, as opposed to dressing well because you enjoy it. Your confidence comes from feeling as though you're free of negativity from others, when it should come because you feel good about yourself in those clothing.

It's okay anon, it really isn't that important. Nobody thinks about the way you look for more than a second, especially if you're just going out really quickly. The only people who will care are potential employers and potential love interests, and if your love interest is going to judge you for dressing comfortably at the grocery store then they're probably not the one for you anyway.

No. 80620

File: 1428863360470.jpg (92.14 KB, 720x477, 189270_10150252109508096_39590…)

It's okay, I have found a way to combine our hatred for the clothing that salty-anon hates AND Suzy! Observe.

Spaghetti straps and showing bras? Check.

No. 80621

File: 1428863407081.jpg (79.14 KB, 720x540, 215063_10150252127793096_21191…)

Brand-name shit that doesn't fit well? Greasy-looking cowlicked hair? Check.

No. 80622

File: 1428863488950.jpg (102.03 KB, 720x540, 284963_10150254758948096_12708…)

More brandname sweatshirt, this time with the word "pink" in it, and situationally inappropriate short-shorts? Double check.

No. 80624

File: 1428863608865.jpg (66.55 KB, 720x477, 208039_10150155954458096_32550…)

Thinking you look good because you're not wearing what those "basic bitches" are wearing, but instead end up looking like you raided the closet of the mom from the movie Mathilda? Check, Check, checkarooney.

No. 80626

File: 1428863733123.jpg (491.7 KB, 2000x1333, 39757408.jpg)

*Matilda. Either way, the outfit is almost uncanny.

No. 80630

that's perfectly clean hair, it's just black.

No. 80631

Ah, now that I'm not looking at the thumbnail, I see it's just really straightened. I don't know why she styles it that way, though. It doesn't flatter her fivehead at all.

No. 80638

yeah the fivehead is only hot on modelesque alien girls

No. 80668

She… really does look like an alien wearing makeup as one anon said. Jebus.

No. 81530

I just realized there are four parts of her and Markiplier just sitting there while the main screen is recorded. Why does she keep posting these?

No. 81657

Hoping to get views through Markiplier's fans

No. 81669


No. 81695

Her thumbnails make me want to stab my eyes out. Especially since every time she has a new guest on her show, she makes a new series and a new thumbnail. She has like 3 "Animal Crossing PART 4" videos wth.
Her channel is just a mess.

No. 81721


Don't judge, yo. They could've been on their way to/from the gym or dance class. Like…

>spaghetti strap tank top with visible bra straps

>top knot bun with sweat band
>sweat shorts
>Victoria's secret sweatpants

That's totes me shopping at the shops on the way home from dance. Or if I'm just popping out at 6am for a gallon of milk or bread or w/e… guess what… sweatpants.

Soz we can't all be as well dressed as you.

No. 81723


Sometimes I wonder if she really plays anything BUT animal crossing, when all I see in my yt feed from her is animal crossing videos. I know that's just yt's algorithms telling me what to watch though, but goshdamn she does have a lot of animal crossing vids.

No. 82281

Aantonen notice how Suzy's white knights aren getting butt hurt because holly gets love from the fandom now she appeared on a one off with Ross? I am laughing my balls off as they come up with lamé excuses how people only like Holly to justify their hate for Suzy's not sexist.

No. 82347

As a woman, i find it appalling that someone can't judge someone Suzy without her pulling the sexist card. She's making it harder for actual good female gamers and other women in the industry to be taken seriously. I can't stand her.

No. 84135

Bjork probably doesn't have FAS. She might be part sami or greenland native which explains the abnormal features, but people with FAS don't usually look as magical as her.

No. 84139

Ignore that instigator. Most people dress really comfy when they are shopping or going out for someone after work, etc. I don't care what people wear, as long as it's not 3 sizes too small or a crop top on an obese person. And it's funny that Suzy would even make that joke considering she wears baggy hoodies almost 24/7.

No. 84331

Funny how she complained about having to lose 20 some pounds and is being forced to drink water, and yet now she is in Japan eating nothing but junk and sweets. She's her own worst enemy. I believe that she has a thyroid issue, but eating this way after she complains about weight isn't doing her any good.

No. 84352


I'm curious how she found out about her thyroid issue. Do they do tests and figure it out or is it a symptoms thing?

No. 84355

they do tests. she has a video about how she found out if you're ever inclined to sit through it

No. 84446

My mother has a tyhroid condition and uses it as an excuse for being unable to lose weight, but then again she say'sshes been eating clean but in reality binges on junk food and does fuck all exercise. I can't help but feel suzy is like that too.

No. 84484

People with thyroid issues have a hard time losing weight but it's not impossible. My mom put me on this diet our neighbor was following, she had thyroid issues and she also had to get cortisone for some other shit.

There were two things I noticed and one is that it's more expensive than whatever other diet [because it's for someone with actual health issues who can't eat whatever, which was retarded of my mom to make me follow because I don't have thyroid issues but whatever], and well, everything's balanced in small portions and stuff.

Truth is that a lot of people don't want to go on diets because of their restrictive nature, but when you have health issues you can't just ignore that shit.

Besides, it's not like she couldn't afford a diet like that since she's swimming in dough from her scamming and GG.

No. 84494

Thyroid is an excuse. Mine is barely functioning (docs words) because years of being in lithium blized the fuck out of it. I lost 5 stone on a no junk food, calorie controlled diet so blaming underactive thyroid is bs. You have to spend your life eating less than most people, but you can lose and keep it off /personalblog

No. 84499

Simple thyroid function blood test. They do them a lot if someone feels tired a lot of the time, and also for other things like increased sweating. Didn't watch her youtube. Cant be arsed.

No. 84570

>>You're projecting.
>>omg u so insecure
>>eff society and der standards
Holy fucking shit. Just shut the fuck up you stupid cunt. I didn't read past the first two lines because you're that fucking retarded. If you look like shit, I'm going to assume that you don't care enough to make yourself presentable to others. I'm going to assume that you're a selfish cunt who doesn't care about society in the slightest. If you want to be liked and respected, then you need to make yourself a likable, respectable person. If you look like shit, I'm going to treat you like shit without giving a fuck.

No. 84572

Why do you think Egoraptor married her to begin with? He has a likable enough personality and enough internet fame to find a better waifu than this shit.

No. 84575


omg she wore f21 to a london fashion show holy hell

No. 84577

Because he is afraid of someone getting with him because of money. Also he's a beta.

This was just for a contest to go to LFW, obviously she didn't win.

No. 84607

Youre really shallow, what the fuck. How is not dressing for others "selfish"? Why do you care so much about what others wear,someone could dress horribly but have a great personality. Youre a retarded shallow bitch that thinks shes superior to others. You sound like himezawa

No. 84611

File: 1429416632046.jpg (32.54 KB, 294x273, 1368285797412.jpg)

I am not none of the anons you've been arguing with, but honestly? If I see you overdressed at Walmart, I'm going to judge the shit out of you, simply because it's stupid to have that "oh mah gawd what will they think of me???????". You're really basic if you do that, and from the looks of it, you're one of those.

Appearances matter, but you have to know when and where they do, otherwise you look like a stuck up asshole who never got over their "I need to wear heels to high school" phase.

For the record? I don't even wear any of the brands mentioned here, but at least I know how to mind my own business instead of being such an insufferable fashion snob pretending the world cares about my clothing choices.

TL;DR you're basic. Shut the fuck up.

>mfw you reply with some salty shit

No. 84614

I'm none**

No. 84615


Don't use the word basic, you obviously don't know what it means.

Shut the fuck up.

No. 84630

>in after you replied with some salty shit

No. 84671

Haha. It's not surprising she didn't win. She really has no sense of personal style.

No. 84673

It's been said over before. Egoraptor is extremely introverted and he's known Suzy all his life. He's been felt the most secure enough with only her to marry her. He never even dated other women.

No. 84675

>If you look like shit, I'm going to treat you like shit without giving a fuck.
I think you need to take a step back. Not everyone wants to dress up for YOU, special anon.

No. 84737

I I see someone "overdressed" at a place like Walmart I usually assume they're dressed up for something they're doing after/have done before.

Other than that, you're right.

No. 84757

File: 1429450094453.jpg (103.7 KB, 640x640, 11084971_1421246651518017_1630…)

A life long goal for her was to dress up like a Japanese person.

"Today I got to accomplish a life long goal of dressing as an Oiran."

No. 84761

People who actually dress well often are very unlikely to be seen at walmart in the first place.

Sorry not everyone adheres to your bitter white trash views.

No. 85214

God, STFU with your bitching. This threads about Suzy not a bitchfest

No. 85218

You sound more and more retarded the more you post. Just shut the fuck up.

Going back to the cow at hand >>84757
this is so cringeworthy I can't even.

No. 85237

wow she's like pt

No. 85240

Why the fuck was one of her life long goals to dress up as a prostitute??

No. 85242

Despite being "privileged" enough to live in LA, in a nice big house with her husband, she feels the need to diss it when coming home from her glorious Nippon. She lovingly calls it "stinky, grey, hot LA" followed by a Booo. She's so ungrateful it's sick.

No. 85245

I understand a lot of foreigners into Japanese culture do this because of the experience, but to say it's her life long dream is kind of wtf?? I bet she gets really excited when her idiotic IG followers ask if she's part Asian. A lot of people actually thought she was related to Markiplier (who is half Korean, I believe.)

No. 85246

I thought she already dressed up like this on her first trip to Japan with Arin 3 years ago?

No. 85249

Don't be that guy.

No. 85253

File: 1429478738255.jpg (97.26 KB, 612x607, wtfffff.jpg)

Isn't this kind of insensitive or at least some kind of racist? because wow. So much second hand embarrassment…

No. 85256

Whatever studio she went to did a good job with making her look pretty.

No. 85259

They have studios in Japan where you pay to be dressed up like a geisha or oiran. I think samurai too, but I'm not really sure.

No. 85262

File: 1429478988905.jpg (76.42 KB, 616x611, basic_bitch.jpg)

Look how basic Suzy dresses outside her home. And she says these photos are taken two years apart. I love how in the recent photo, she's hiding away from the camera because she sees how much weight she's gained.

No. 85263

I think everyone knows this. But why are the guys dressed like that? They look like fucking idiots and embarrassing foreigners.

No. 85269

Barry and Arin probably asked to be dressed like that. I'm not really sure about the other two, but from what I've seen those places have very large wardrobes, so maybe they asked if they dress up in those? Again I'm not sure, it depends on the place.

No. 85272

File: 1429479356748.jpg (127.2 KB, 1007x608, yellowfacebitch.jpg)

The comments on this IG post are worth checking out. Lots of back and forth people white knighting Suzy and some calling her out on yellowface. So hilarious.

No. 85273



No. 85281

I understand. It just feels pretty disrespectful imo. If you're going to go to Japan to take in the culture; you're basically asking them to dress you like a geisha in order to mock them. I mean, they probably thought it was 'lulz so funny' to dress up like women and it just feels inappropriate and a bit crude. I dunno. I know most of their fans are like 17, but come on.

No. 85286

I think you're looking a bit too deep into it all.

No. 85288

Maybe? I hope I don't come off as aggressive. If so, I apologize.

No. 85296

No, you're cool.

No. 85317

Well, for Arin he was only on a 'diet' so he can eat whatever in Japan, so it is likely she is doing the same.

Tbh, Japan is welcoming of that kind of stuff. Not to mention that Japan like many other countries have a history of men dressing like women for plays and comedy. This is why crossdressing is more of a thing there too like in vkei. As long as they did it with the permission of the Japanese, which obviously happened in a Japanese studio, it is all in good fun. Context is important, also note that this isnt some cheap costume either, so it isnt mocking the culture as it is all the real stuff and worn properly.

No. 85322

Agree actually. She's kinda rocking that look imo. But to be fair, I think that sort of costume geisha make up is quite beautiful on everyone really since it hides sins rather well.

No. 85329

Agree with this person. Context is important here.

I think you've kind of got a gut reaction of 'this is disrespectful' and I think that's kind of natural considering how austere Japanese culture is but it seems to me that this is no different than the boutiques you can do in America where you dress up in olde west clothes and take pics for a bit, which I know for a fact foreigners do as well. Sure, it's perhaps not entirely in reverence to Japanese culture, but I think it's mostly a fun thing they were invited to do at a studio that specialises in that sort of stuff.

Certainly no reason to start screaming Yellowface! at Suzy for dressing in a traditional way and painting her face (which is in no way yellow?) especially if she's had it done by Japanese people.

No. 85393

She looks really, really old here. Is it the white face paint?

No. 85399

it might be the lips

No. 85413

Just looking at the thumbnail

No. 85417

> take in the culture
> mock them
Pick one
Idgi at all, the line between appreciation and appropriation plz inspire me tumblrina

No. 85425

The difference is before she was a geisha(maiko from the looks of it), this time she's an oiran.I wonder if she's really into geisha and oiran.

No. 85427

Ahhhh okay! I'm sorry ignore my ignorance

No. 85428

No, it's fine. They have a similar look so I can understand the confusion.

No. 85458

literally anyone can pay to be dressed up as a Geisha in Japan. Japan doesn't care. I don't see how they're 'mocking' Japan either.

No. 85461

I'm really divided on something like this tbh.
Because I know personally, if I visited another country, I wouldn't dress up like that because it just isn't my culture, ykno?
I get that "gut reaction" too, especially considering Suzy's character.
Suzy seems like she's in a teenage weeaboo stage of obsessed with Japan. Like wearing circle lenses daily and eating Pocky makes her ~totemo kawaii~.

I think it's the whole "Culture is not a costume" thing. But like anon said above, it depends on the context. This just seems like Suzy playing a glorified version of dress-up.

No. 85492

Arin looks like a dad or creepy uncle in the thumbnail.

No. 85497

It's just dress-up to her, yeah, but at least she's giving the Japanese studios business just like all the other white tourists that want to play dress up. Japanese people really don't care because it's something fun and it makes them money, they also purposefully make things wrong so they're never confused as an actual geisha (except from other white people)

No. 85531

She looks like such typical trailer trash here.

No. 85534

Actually that's how maiko are dressed(how Suzy looks in the thumbnail pic) and that oiran look is pretty accurate too. I haven't seen someone dressed up as a geiko, but I think that's how they avoid the confusion issue. Honestly, to someone who isn familiar with any of that, it would all look the same in a way.

No. 85542

There really is something about that photo that makes her look extra off. I don't know what it is.

No. 85553

Its her massive forehead and her trailer park part in the middle of her hair

No. 85555

No one is going to be offended that some American girl dressed up like a geisha or whatever besides tumblr bitches. For fuck's sake it's part of the fun.

No. 85561

People can have opinions or be offended without being automatically from tumblr. I'm sick of this accusation.

No. 85571

Alright sorry, over-sensitive faggots then.

No. 85579

Wow. No need to be such a fucking bitch.

No. 85603

As if this isn't an anonymous image board lmao aren't you the most badass tot on the 3rd grade playground

No. 87065

It sucks Suzy doesn't have her own ED page yet, but at least someone seemed to have updated the Game Grumps one to include her more. She def needs a page about her lying and scamming.


No. 87251

I got curious about her twin sister and it really is weird how much more tolerable she is

No. 87297


Normal voice. Normal mannerism. Not annoying/hyperactive. No disgusting, caked-on make-up.

Jean's qt.

No. 87303

I mean, here they are in a video together. I'm sure it's been posted before, but it's still cool seeing the difference between them.

No. 87304

to be fair, its a vacation. even people on strict diets tend to give themselves a little leeway while on vacation. its likely all the junk food eating was counteracted by lots of walking.

No. 87305

I follow her on IG. Not only is she a super qt, she's already studying for a degree in school and makes pottery. She's seriously adorable, genuine, and the total opposite of Suzy.

No. 87306

File: 1429768792625.jpg (43.52 KB, 695x520, mysides.jpg)

Oh man, those comments are amazing.

No. 87312

I'm not sure what it is but face wise she's really cute even without make up

No. 87313

I think it's because she has a genuine smile and cute expressions ?

No. 87314

> one time my fiance hugged Jean since he thought it was me

I assume she talks about Arin? Because if so cant we just kidnap Suzy and convince Jean to pretend to be Suzy. Jean is so much more tolerable. She doesnt look like a mongloid for some reason and her voice is normal and she also doesnt talk in this hyperactive and loud way.

No. 87327

Jean is way too good for Arin though, honestly.

No. 87369

Jean looks so cute and natural.

No. 87372

File: 1429782433609.jpg (19.45 KB, 745x119, wutt.jpg)

I really hate these kind of comments. Why do guys make them? A lot of YT makeup users I follow have a lot of "I'm a guy, but I still watch this channel" Like okay, do you want a cookie or something? Plenty of guys can know about makeup by googling. Women aren't born knowing how to use makeup either.

No. 87943

Whenever I read the title for these it always just seems like WITH EGORAPTOR. EGORAPTOR MY HUSBAND.
For Dan, Holly, and Barry she just has it all in lowercase but for Mark and Aric its upper case to catch attention more

No. 87984

I got two minutes in and my ears started to bleed. Her voice is so fucking annoying.

sorta OT: the person who does the art for her thumbnails is really talented. They're actually pretty adorable. Too bad she looks nothing like that irl. Her shaved head hair style makes her fat ass extra unattractive.

No. 87998


She also has more of a chin.
Suzy is a bit fatter and it really goes to her face.

No. 88005

She was actually a bit cuter in her older videos. At least cuter than now

No. 88007

She really did put EGORAPTOR in huge caps. Hahaha that's fucking hilarious. She knows she can't draw an audience without Arin in her videos. It's the only reason her unboxing vids got views and why she even got any subs.

No. 88176

It's funny how Suzy mentions having double the wardrobe bc they're twins, and talks about raiding Jean's closet and vice-versa.

I want to see current fat ass Suzy try and squeeze into Jean's clothes.

No. 88212

It must be so awkward to be the fat and unattractive twin. Haha

No. 88230

I wonder was there any weird relationship between Jean and Arin. Like, Arin is boning her sister, but do you think when he was fucking Suzy he might have thought about jean once or twice… I mean. They're fucking identical twins.

Maybe that's why Suzy is so try hard and wants to be the opposite of her sister appearance wise

No. 88232


Does anyone know if the artist who made these are also getting some of the profit?

No. 88235


Ah I fucking doubt it. Those designs were made by https://instagram.com/linzb0t/
but I doubt she will see a single cent from any of those sales

No. 88236

That's sad. her art is really cute and that's probably the best thing in her shop.

No. 88239

I would be crazy pissed if someone was selling my art for money. Ugh.

No. 88240

Suzy is an animator, isn't she? So why doesn't she design her own stickers and avatar stuff?

No. 88244

Oh wow! Her art is so adorable! Love her style.

No. 88246

Bc her animations are garbage.

No. 88247

So much cringe.

No. 88248

File: 1429929183068.jpg (100.89 KB, 1003x610, jantran.jpg)

Oh my gosh. this woman has earned a follower. Love these. I wish she did mass produce them, but apparently she made them just for Jontron. Really sweet.

No. 88249

That reminded me of one of those stereotypical movies with the bratty, blonde teenage girl as the antagonist.

No. 88250

File: 1429929212063.jpg (97.76 KB, 997x613, suzy-the-pig.jpg)

Also, look at Suzy being a fat ass.

No. 88251

It really seems like Suzy has an issue with blonde spoiled brats, which is ironic considering she is also a spoiled brat who's had everything handed down to her.

No. 88252

Does she have something against lesbians or something? What the hell is this shit?

No. 88254

who the fuck are you

No. 88255

That just looks so sugary I feel nauseous looking at it

No. 88257

I think someone should bring that to the artist attention. I wanna see this dumb bitch shut down.

I can't stand when people profit off of another's work.

No. 88259

I wonder if she already knows? I wish I could sent an anon ask on IG, but that's not possible.

No. 88267

man, how do some people lash out $100+ for just a picture of a pinned butterfly?
Is there a tumblr with ask on?

No. 88278



There you go my dear anon.

No. 88288


No. 88304

I'm pretty sure the artist knows Suzy is selling the stickers. I just looked in her art tag on her tumblr and she reblogged Suzy's announcement post about it. Still doesn't really reveal anything about whether she makes money off of it tho.

No. 88307

No. 88320

Thanks for the link.

No. 88878

You're reading it wrong, I'm pretty sure. Some characters are pretty hard to fuck in Mass Effect if you don't know what you're doing, so the animation is more of a nod to her poor gaming skills than her "having a thing against lesbians". This is further disproven by the human captain who is trying to woo Tali (the purple lady), who is the main character that the player controls named Captain Shepherd.

Please learn something about games before jumping to conclusions.

No. 88908

i don't feel bad for him.
he needs to stop being a fucking beta

No. 88937

Wow. Calm down there buddy.

No. 89009

I found it quite funny to look at thumbnails with Arin in them

No. 89034

File: 1430073687631.png (578.93 KB, 609x610, 1415383591296.png)


my husband (erin) also known as EGOOOOOORAPTOR

No. 89035

File: 1430073782915.png (385.75 KB, 1291x817, sozee.png)

hahahahahaha. oh man.

No. 89039


No. 89041

The fanbase is so delusional.

No. 89043

Why did she have to introduce Arin like that? I'm pretty sure the only people who sub to Suzy are aware she's married to him. Wtf. GG is way bigger than Suzy and her shitty channel will ever be.

She's so fake. How can he take her? She is just so….fake. I always have to turn down my volume whenever I click her video.

>I like puzzles and anime stuff, so i'm gonna play Phoenix wright.

This bitch…ugh…I really fucking can't stand her.

No. 89045

this reminds me that a few days ago I seen someone get angry saying the other person was just hating on Suzy when they brought up how her shop had illegal actions.

No. 89064

File: 1430076166173.png (362.27 KB, 707x363, 1344380819476.png)

Like I wish you could just write the shit off by saying their teens, but most are young adults/ mid 20s like jfc.

No. 89069

That image is amazing. Hahaha But yeah, most of Suzy's fanbase is early to even mid 20s. I dont get it at all.

No. 89116

Woof. Suzy's lookin…bloated.

No. 89119


she looks pregnant. anyone else?

No. 89131

I actually used to really like her channel, when she actually produced content. I felt like she was making her channel for enjoyment, as any channel would be. However, after she Pushed and pushed and pushed getting close to 100k subscribers, and then getting her stupid silver plaque, she just totally gave up on it and stopped caring. It's like she only wanted youtube to make her feel special with that thing and then said fuck it, time to move on (hence NO videos and if it is, it's just unboxing shit). It wouldn't surprise me if she tried to make that stupid KKG channel just to do the exact same thing.

No. 89135

I don't see it but than again I don't see things like that a lot
I think that's my reason for having a bit of built up anger from her.

No. 89137

Dis bitch need some fucking toner

No. 89138

Wow. Her voice is different in older videos, if only slightly. Like, nasally? Weird.

Also lol @ that orange face, but she used to be pretty qt.

No. 89160

File: 1430089890071.png (880.83 KB, 1000x515, ffffffffffffff.png)


No. 89164

File: 1430090136154.jpg (550.49 KB, 713x2773, sadad.jpg)

She's at it again with the scams apparently.

No. 89165

fuck lol. suzy needs to wise the fuck up

No. 89169

This person has so much stuff calling out and saying the truth of her I'd honestly be terrified of the backlash from some of her fans considering most go crazy just when you make a simple mistake on her.

No. 89323

Jean a cute.

No. 89324

Wow, this is awful. Bless this person for exposing her. I wish more people would see how much of a shitty scammer she is. A lot of guys who defend her are like "So what?"

She's lying She's scamming people out of hard earned money for a cheap piece of jewelry. She's bullshit.

No. 89458

I'm the user that posted >>89164 to Tumblr and this morning I've woken to discover that Suzy has barred/blocked any posts I make from appearing in her tags henceforth. The old posts remain however no new posts appear.

This is not the first time this has happened to me, as a similar thing occurred when I was calling out Kiki on her scam store. After about 2 days, I found that none of my posts were showing up any more.

With this I've got reasonable belief that Tumblr allows internet figures of reasonable acknowledgement to effectively block undesirable users from having their posts show up in tags that directly refer to them.

I'm pretty annoyed so I might actually go make a post on the GG drama Reddit and induce the Streisand effect.

No. 89470

Man, that's so shitty. She's making it worse by blocking the fact she scams people and it's only going to come and bite her harder.

No. 89477

idk if its cuz i'm on the app but your posts still show up in the suzy tag, also lul she blocked me and deleted my comment just for saying "why u still scammin tho". My comment was left for a little while though and idk if that's because she hadn't noticed it or she was waiting for people to defend her, either way she's being a sneaky shit!

No. 89479


Yeah any older posts I made are still present but if I try to make any news ones and tag them they just don't appear full stop.

No. 89483

wow that is absolute bull. she's so much faker than i thought, i really wonder if the other grumps actually like her, I just can't understand how

No. 89484

You're awesome and I'm sorry your messages were blocked. Suzy has been blocking people before. It even proven she deleted Youtube comments. She has deleted mine before. She's so shady. I don't get why people keep defending her lying and nasty attitude towards anyone who doesn't kiss her ass.

No. 89485

This makes me 100% sure she is the reason Jon left GG. Even if he didn't have a girlfriend in NYC, he would have left eventually. I cannot see Jon as a person (a survivor of domestic abuse) put up with Suzy for that long.

No. 89486

People probably defend because they want to be on the good side of all the grumps.

No. 89487

Yes! Post on Reddit and produce the Streisand effect. Eventually Suzy will have her day when she is unable to keep up with her lies or defend herself with solid evidence.

No. 89490

Oh wow I never knew he was a survivor of domestic abuse.

Speaking of Suzy, i wonder if she knows about this thread.

No. 89496

If you Google Jontron parents, it's the third link. Someone did research and then posted this http://imgur.com/r/gamegrumps/u3f0d

No. 89499

File: 1430156083928.png (82.9 KB, 1510x403, sdadad.png)


A little after an hour after I fired this off to Tumblr support, it looks like my posts have begun mysteriously appearing in the tags again, only one of them though.

This is seriously fishy, it's almost like they're being moderated and approved by something to be included in the tags.

I know this isn't a weird glitch as it's the same thing that happened with Kiki, only then my posts never appeared again after that, but then I never complained to Tumblr support that time either.

No. 89500

It doesn't excuse his sometimes harsh humor, however you can see a bit of why he acts a certain, especially being an only child of immigrant parents.

Also, I have no doubt Suzy knows about this thread. Her or some of her followers must of told her by now.

No. 89502

So tumblr basically unblocked your tags?? Good!

No. 89507


Sort of.
I mean only one has appeared in the tags, and roughly around an hour after I first made it, so there was a one hour delay in it appearing and I'm really interested in what it was that created that one hour delay because script wise it should appear immediately unless something been instructed to block its appearance.

There's another post that I've since made, a response to an ask I received, which has yet to appear, but I'll wait and see.

I don't expect I'll get a response from Tumblr. Their practices have been getting progressively fishier ever since the Yahoo acquisition, I don't know if I'm the only one to have noticed this.

I suppose it's typical for a company whenever they go "corporate" though.

No. 89509


Now the other one has suddenly appeared, after a delay.

Fishy, fishy, fishy.

No. 89511

So do you think tumblr let Suzy have control over her tags? I'm generally curious of this situation now

No. 89512


I have no idea to be honest.
It's definitely not some kind of mechanical glitch, I can say that as much.

When you enter a tag onto a post the registry is updated to display said post on the specified tag page. It's an immediate update, the server doesn't get to decide what does and doesn't appear, it's something that can only be done with deliberate human intervention unless the server itself is in running slow or in need of debugging, which it obviously isn't.

It's just extremely suspicious and leads me to believe that notable Tumblr users who can provide evidence of their public profile can claim fear of stalking/harassment or subsequent violence and request that Tumblr block/moderate specific users submissions to their tags.

I wouldn't stretch to this if I hadn't seen first hand what happened with Tumblr when the Dakota shit was first going down.
Does anybody else remember that? How Cathy got in contact with the Tumblr CEO and then Tumblr began suddenly deleting and blocking anti-kotakoti blogs and posts en-masse without notification and ignoring all subsequent complaints?

No. 89513

I remember that with kota. Man, she really is digging down game grumps with all this if it's real. I'd think since she's older she'd be a little smarter. I can see this kind of stuff coming from a teenager but she's 25 (i think)

No. 89515

Why do you think jon left.

No. 89517

File: 1430158585490.png (22.97 KB, 416x528, BUsY8dv.png)


There's a rumour that has been floating around for a while that it had to do with Jon's girlfriend's Nicole's relationship with Suzy.

Supposedly Jon didn't like Suzy very much but was polite, respectful and tolerant of her what with her being Arin's gf. Jon's gf Nicole on the other hand absolutely fucking hated her and made no attempt to hide her disdain of Suzy.

There are even chat logs made public in an IRC chat where Nicole confirmed Suzy the Yoko Onno of Gamegrumps.

This next rumour came from somebody confirmed to be directly within the GG friend circle, but he reported that one day Nicole made a nasty snipe at Suzy whilst Arin was present and Arin slapped Nicole.

Whether this is true or not, next thing we know, overnight Jon has left Gamegrumps with no official warning, is moving to NYC and Arin had roped in Danny out of nowhere.

Whatever happened, it was definitely something big and something they want to keep private, and definitely not a case of "Jon just wanting to move on".

No. 89522

If your curious theres more screencaps of Nicole talking about Suzy at >>58922
and the theory of Arin slapping Nicole here >>58908

I also heard the reason Danny was there because he was supposed to be part of Steam Train and was recruited by Ross or something

No. 89523

Jon didn't like Suzy. Jon has a GF in NYC that he wanted to be with instead of being in a LDR. Suzy didn't like Jon's girlfriend, Nicole. Arin was apparently letting Suzy run GG and Jon did not agree to it. A bunch of reasons. Jon and Arin def had a friendship falling out.

If you Google Jontron, reddit and why he left GG, you can get some more info.

No. 89526

Yeah, Ross knew Barry I believe, so he kind of got Danny involved the same way. Sucks since I really, really liked NSP and now their quality isn't the same since Arin has had lots of input in their videos' direction.

No. 89585

I've noticed the ask of the anon saying thank you for revealing her is showing in the tags now but I'm not sure if that is a newer post.
The amount of kiss assing in that tag is more then I can take

No. 89677

the fact that she "apologized" and didn't rectify the situation speaks volumes about her personality. She closed the store down after the whole issue happened, but it's back open as if nothing ever happened. Is there a way at all to report her Etsy storm for selling false items and lying about it? Besides just spreading around what she is doing, why not take it to Etsy themselves with all the proof she is scamming people? Unless Etsy just doesn't care.

No. 89679

She apologizes, but never discussed her lying and scamming. She keeps the prices the same and acts like it never happened. Never refunded anyone, etc. She's a bitch. She's really a bitch. I don't know why she thinks this is the path to go down when I'm sure Arin makes enough money for the both of them. She can still make her own money, but this isn't the way to do it.

No. 89680

I wonder now what Etsy's policies are with lying about an item? I know on Ebay the seller gets into legal trouble, but what does Etsy do about it?

No. 89684

Lately Etsy has been flooded with fake and bootleg items, I am not sure if they do anything about it, or if the process is just slow. I would think that reselling other products that are not hand crafted (like bootlegs) would be grounds to have the store removed. With all her positive feedback though, they might not be willing to do anything about it.

No. 89685


Oh Arin makes more than enough money off of GG to easily and comfortably support both of them, and Suzy makes money off of her own channel and Kitty Kat Gaming. I mean, did you hear how much they spent on their wedding and their honeymoon in Japan? They are rolling in $$$.

It's just pure fucking greed.

No. 89700

Did anyone else read Regretsy back when it was on the go? I think the archive is still up if you google it, it's totally worth a read.

Basically, unless a lot of things have changed, Etsy doesn't really give a shit about reselling shit and listing it as 'handmade'. I'm sure if you pushed hard enough you could get someone's store pulled for it, seeing as it is technically against the rules, but it's not very commonly enforced.

'OOAK'/'One of a kind' is basically just as worthless as labeling your item 'steampunk' or 'whimsical' or some bullshit like that. It's really just marketing. Nobody holds you to your word or anything.

Also, technically, seeing as she attached the ugly chain to that cheap-ass charm, it constitutes as 'handmade'. That's how low the standards for selling are. There are probably thousands of shops that half-assedly hotglue ugly factory-made shit together and call it 'handmade'.

She's a total ripoff artist, but unfortunately Etsy's rules are so lax that there's not very much you can do about it.

No. 89733

Speaking of money, do game grumps do charity events anymore? I've noticed Markiplier doing one and streamers at vinesauce are planning a new one but I think the last one they did was 2013? I'm just very curious, sorry if this is a stupid question

No. 89767

she didn't even really close the shop down. she put up a "hiatus" thing because she was going to japan. that's it.

No. 89782

I actually watched her wedding video way back and she did a lot of penny pinching and DIY to save on cash. It was kinda cool actually.

No. 89790


Art-fag reporting in. Just so everyone knows Etsy now allows factory manufactured items. Thats why there is an influx of cheap Chinese items on there. It was a huge controversy for every online seller there and now everyone is pissed at them for it. So I would say in Etsys terms what Suzy is doing is OK, but I'm not sure about the lying about it being locally sourced. Did she tell that shit with her new listings?

No. 89886

File: 1430224567089.png (1.9 MB, 994x1148, mort.png)

I was browsing through her etsy because of someone mentioning her going back to her scamming ways.

Look at the trash I found of page 2. The materials look like garbage and those random strings tied off look so disgusting to me.

No. 89887

File: 1430224752241.png (53.07 KB, 596x1007, mort2.png)


At least shes not lying about it being sourced locally I guess. But that up selling description kek

No. 89890

File: 1430225748345.png (172.98 KB, 325x387, ss (2015-03-01 at 09.34.03).pn…)


>This necklace is FRAGILE so please treat it gently and keep out of water!

probably because it's cheap as fuck lel

No. 89891

Etsy doesn't give a shit about anything. You can even infringe on copyright there and they won't stop you unless the copyright holder files a claim themselves.

No. 89900

OT, but does she really buy into all that crystal healing shit? It's SiO2 that's had some of its crystal structure replaced with iron due to the it being irradiated at some point. Furthermore, it's SiO2 that Suzy is covering in hotglue and slapping a chain onto, not very ceremonial or symbolic.

No. 89904

I don't really give a shit about her selling overpriced rubbish but did she really write that her cheap-ass necklace cures cancer ahahahaha

No. 89908


No way she's just hopping on the the "spooky pastel crystal forever 18 years old" Tumblr crowd.

She's a bit late to the fucking party though, that shit started dying out over a year ago.

No. 89909

i dont think it is, anon

No. 89927

that's such an ugly piece it looks like one of those $20 diy rosary kits you can get in a religion store

No. 89931

File: 1430236729821.jpg (73.14 KB, 450x450, disgust.jpg)


She spent like 5 minutes with cheap craft store beads and fishing wire looking shit and didn't even sort out the ends she tied off

No. 89974

That set up is so chaotic, you can barely focus on the necklace. Why have Ouji board and other stuff set up when you cant see the necklace? Also it looks like such cheap plastic. holy shit. How DARE she charge over $100 for this thing. It's barely worth $5.

No. 89975

Can she be held responsible for writing that this necklace cures cancer and helps with sobriety, etc? That's really shameless. Like…fucking wow.

No. 89982

no, probably because she didn't even write that. it was copy & pasted from here: http://www.charmsoflight.com/amethyst-healing-properties.html

No. 90020

Why does this bitch have the illuminati triangle on everything? It's fucked up tbh, 2edgy5me

No. 90038

because she's soo edgy and not like those other girls

No. 90043

it's so cheap how her shop is called psychic circle when you can tell she doesn't know shit about that stuff.

No. 90071

That's like insulting someone for not knowing shit about phrenology or homeopathy.

No. 90103

No. 90222

What the fuck Suzy…

No. 90242


I dunno why it bugs me so much that she's calling it a rosary when it's not even close to a proper rosary. Maybe because I was raised Catholic. I can excuse the hand charm, as it's supposed to be a goffick piece like wut would Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way would wear, but jesus how many decades are on that thing? At least make the bead count less off, ffs. It just looks so random, like she strung 10$ worth of leftover beads preschool style onto fishing line with some imitation metal charms.

No. 90256

Yeah, I've seen better goffick more accurate rosaries for way less. She could have at least looked it up. A simple google search could have even been done.

No. 90428

The hand eye charm isn't even a goffick thing. It's called a Hamsa.

No. 90514

Hand charm is not gothic. I believe it's Indian or Hindu. Suzy is just stringing random shit together without any knowledge and that pisses me off.

No. 90516

Yeah, she really knows jack shit about the spiritual stuff she's supposed into.

No. 90518

>Suzy is too lazy to write her own shop items descriptions
jfc, Just when I thought this bitch couldn't get any worse.

No. 90519

Wow, i didn't know that at all, either and I feel rather stupid for also making a gothic remark. Thank you for clearing that up that's rather interesting.

No. 90524

No problem, anon. You made a simple mistake. You're nothing like Suzy, haha. She blatantly lies about being into spiritual stuff and churns this out.

I don't know much about catholic rosaries, so I'd probably make mistakes on those. Such as; how many beads are supposed to be on the rosary.

No. 90561

Doesn't look like a hamsa to me, usually they're a lot more stylized and perfectly symmetrical. I've never seen one with a realistic hand like that before, and an eye on a hand isn't enough to qualify as one.

No. 90575

iirc historians are not really sure which religion started the whole "hand with an eye" symbol we now know as the hamsa. Although it's now mostly associated with Jewish religion in modern times, it's believed that started somewhere in Mesopotamia. It's been used by ancient Egyptian religions, Buddhism, Islam, and even Christianity. It's basically a universal symbol of good fortune, and is used to ward of the evil eye, as is most eye-based decorations around the Mediterranean. As Christians call their version of hamsa "the hand of Mary" I guess it sort of fits, but I've never seen one on a rosary, and the hand of Mary is a rare symbol to find in Catholicism. Mostly Christians in the middle east use it, but most western Christians don't associate with it. I doubt Suzy even knew what the hamsa was in the first place, though, so maybe I'm giving her too much credit.

No. 90586

Looks like a hand with an eye to me, not a hamsa. I count five fingers. All Hamsa i have seen had four.

No. 90587

Sorry i am an idiot. I remembered wrong. Hamsa do have five fingers, but usually two are thumbs

No. 90588

Hamsa have five fingers, the little finger and the thumb are just symmetrical. I mean, the point of using a hand as a symbol is that the number five is considered magical.

No. 90594

I wonder if she tried to fit herself into more D.I.A clothes while in Japan…

No. 90623

Man, that's seriously so cool though. I wouldn't get why she wouldn't want to know more about this stuff because it's seriously amazing.

No. 90656

File: 1430328389367.jpg (61.73 KB, 600x600, CDwp4NVUMAIHKNx.jpg)


No. 90657

No. 90662

She does look like Arin, sometimes

No. 90665

Agreed. I love all the info I'm getting from this thread. Suzy is just a lazy cunt who wants easy money from her fanbase.

No. 90674

I've been curious, does anyone know what video it was or has it been taken down?

No. 90676

it was this one

No. 90678

Oh thanks! I was seriously expecting something worse but if I didn't know much about Game Grumps I would have just thought "Big man misses other man who is now showing love to other people"

No. 90755


I really don't like Suzy's character, but I think it's mostly because of the position she's put herself in of being the 'funny gamer girl'. She obviously doesn't game as much as she says she does, she's always getting confused and cocky in let's plays…

It'd be cool if she went back to her modelling roots and did a series on something like losing weight for people that have slipped out of the healthy loop. Maybe it'd make her more relatable.. idk

No. 90758

Since this is also a GG thread, sometimes I wish they had Holly on the show more with Ross. There is something seriously endearing about her

No. 90759

Am i the only one who mever found her attractive, even when she was a "model"?
She was too skinny.

No. 90761

I dont know much about gg because i really dislike their videos (i dont like gg and pewdipie) but does anyone know why tons of people bash all the gg members except jon?
I dont get it

No. 90763

There's a lot of bashing for jon, too. I know a lot of people really hated some of the jokes he made and there was even a huge commotion over him on tumblr last year.
I think it's more since he's not 100% always in the spotlight now that you don't hear as much hate for him

No. 90770


The 'big commotion' was just using the word retarded to describe something that I don't remember. Basically he didn't want to really apologize because he found the whole thing stupid.

Funny thing is that he predicted this shit. He was doing a live stream, and some other gamer got under fire for something else, and he basically was like "One day, I'm going to say something, and I'm gonna get shit for it."

No. 90772

Excluding the tumblr thing, why does everyone praise jon and act likr the other members were only okay or nobodies?