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No. 735424

25 year old Julia Zelg is married to a 62 year old, pink haired, heifer who has an extensive criminal past and is currently going by the name Eileen De Freest Zelg (Sellge). This is one of many name that Eileen has been known to use over the years.

Eileen's Wrap Sheet

Dob: 2 oct 1957

Known Aliases: Eileen Rita Defreest / Eileen Rita De Freest / Eileen Defreest / Aileen Defreest, Eileen Grey, Eileen Braden / Eileen Rita Braden, Eileen Vanarden / Eileen Van Arden, Eileen Ashton-Ryder and very likely: Eileen King.

Current name: Eileen De Freest-Sellge (in her IG)


1990 - married “Alastair king”, a man in NY - LIC # 22701 (possible nationality fraud)

1998 - 22 may 98 her company in NY go Bancrupt, chapter 7, case# 98043700

1999 - arrested in London for credit abuse (most likely sent to Holloway prison)

2001 - warrant for a bounced check NJ (TBD)

2004 - evicted case 09R03615 - CA (Centinela MotorXEileen)

2004 - 9/04/2004 case SS012534 - CA - Eileen Defreest petitioned to change her name

2004 - arrested NY for the “car thing”, Arrest # M05604094

2004 - 6/12/2004 - Eileen Braden incorporated Idea Lab ltd in uk - company# 05304994 - accounts not filed/struck off.


2005 - 20/04/2005 warrant NY for the “car thing”, case 2005NY021068

2005 - 26/7/2005 case SS013637 - CA - Eileen Braden petitioned to change her name

2005 - 28/7/2005 case 05CS1464 CA - debt collection $13k

2006 - evicted CA Case 06R01648 (Jour-mohammadiXEileen)

2006 - Eileen Van Arden incorporated Devon Media in uk - company # 05944005 accounts not filed/struck off.


2006 - Eileen Van Arden incorporated RiotMedia Ltd in uk - company # 05912906 accounts not filed/struck off.


2007 - 3/2/2007 case SS15149 - CA - Eileen Van Arden petitioned to change her name

2007 - 22/06/2007 Eileen Van arden incorporated Prologiks Ltd in uk - company # 06290376 accounts not filed/struck off.


2008 - Eileen Van Arden incorporated Oslab in uk - company # 06470211 accounts not filed/struck off.


2009 - 20/07/2009 case 09V02462 - CA - Evicted (KeeneyXEileen).

2009 - moved to London

2009 - Eileen Ashton-Ryder incorporated E-Grey Design in uk - company # 07005139 accounts not filed/struck off.


note: The fillings docs of this company are from another planet

        1. Eileen Grey and Eileen Ashton-Ryder (same person), are business partners!

        2. One request is to change Ms Eileen Grey to Mrs Eileen Grey… lol

2011 - 25 oct 2011 her brother, Kevin A Defreest, passed away and she did not attended the funeral. Maybe was too risky and no idiot to bail her out at that time.

2011/2014 - incorporated multiples companies with different aliases at same time in uk - all accounts not filed/struck off.

Eileen Ashton-Ryder

Capital £273k


Eileen De Freest


Eileen Grey (incorporate) and transfer to Eileen Defrest

Capital £250k


Eileen Grey


2018 - Set the 1st Tinder date in her flat bc of a “knee problem” and 3 months later Married a woman 37 years younger, dye her hair pink and state: “Im a youtuber”.

2019 - Fly to USA only after “be ready financially” to deal with the warrants (Julia paid), got arrested bc of the open warrants and released bc the plantiff withdrew the case.

Eileen was arrested in london with 42 years old. I d like to know what surprises the Timeline during the 80’s and 90’s are reserved for us.


She opened at least 10 companies in UK with different names after be arrested for credit abuse and never filled any account! 

Eileen Braden Amazon wishlist:


Eileen had a 14 year old warrant out for her arrest and was arrested for car theft the moment the couple landed in New York. The whole sorry saga was planned of course because "it really helps the channel" to post sob stories and try to gain sympathy from your viewers. Julia is fond of playing the victim card and is can now officially be deemed as the poor man's (well, woman's in this case) Trisha Paytas (who happens to be Julia's idol).

Arrest and baying for sympathy aside. Eileen and Julia deserve stick for their repulsive videos together in which they kiss and declare their love every two seconds, followed by moans and "oh baby. Then proceeding to over share about their sex life.

"Let's also not forget the infamous smash and pass video in which Eileen criticized the bodies of young healthy women despite being an obese old lady with pink hair and a drug problem. No young woman would touch Eileen other than Julia, who has mommy issues and a suspected case of severe Histrionic Personality Disorder. Their trip to the US saw them collab with notorious Transphobe, Arielle Scarcelle and afforded Eileen the opportunity to reveal that she can squirt.

Julia is generally delusional and believes that moving to LA will "really help the channel." Sure yes, because the whole world is waiting for her high quality content consisting of make overs in which Eileen is featured half naked.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735433

File: 1574984717950.jpeg (92.02 KB, 986x1024, C83DAA81-C81A-4215-BEBE-1CC6F5…)

Thought this was some kind of female sugar daddy thing but since she’s a criminal and a druggie how the deuce does a 60yo obese hag marry a decently attractive young female if money isn’t involved? Is it a fetish? Visa fraud?

No. 735506

OP can you link to their social medias?

weird how all that money seemed to come from nowhere, but she could have had rich family die or something and leave it to her.

what kind of design company is it?

No. 735588

This belongs on /snow/, why do none of you read the rules?

No. 735592

No. 735600

Eileen isn't rich. She basically fled the US and moved to the UK so she could get a council flat, benefits and free health care. That's how they are able to live in Kensington and Chelsea on YouTube income alone. Eileen's career as a political pundit is almost non-existent and mostly comprises of very rare appearances on BBC radio Ulster. She sits at home all day and winges about Trump on Twitter, she is calls other users "bots" and blocks them if they challenge her opinion. Oh and yeah, she's lying about her education. She's claiming at the moment to be educated up to BA level but in the past she said she was educated up to doctorate level. Notice she always says "educated up to…." she doesn't actually hold a degree.

No. 735604

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