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No. 64247

The old one's videos got deleted from youtoob, so I'm giving this another shot.

Watch fatties, lolcows, potential lolcows, SJWs or whatever else you feel like sharing.

Banter, top keks and heavy use of the video embedding feature are strongly encouraged ♥

No. 64257

fanfiction fail

No. 64265

Come on, anon. She's just a kid. She probably went through so much shit after this video.
She's like a real life Dawn Wiener.

No. 64267

yeah I actually felt bad after posting it, I forgot she was a kid, it's not as funny as much as it badass in a way anyway lol

No. 64270

x-factors if full of top keks

No. 64316

No. 64327

Damn her face is so unfortunate

No. 64353

omg it's basically penus angelic on american idol

No. 64367

>dat beginning
Why didn't she just ask to share an umbrella with someone? Is she that awkward?
I actually want to slap that girl to her right (left?) under an umbrella just standing there noticing the girl getting soaked, noticing the camera and just smiling about all this shit as if she doesn't look like a total asshat.

No. 64375

I seriously thought this was Dakota's sister for a sec, kek

No. 64381

lel soooo cringeworthy
This shit happens in every country apparently, weeaboos are a plague.

No. 64382

She actually reminds me of Paris Hilton when she was in Repo! The Genetic Opera.


No. 64388

that movie was such a guilty pleasure tbh

No. 64393

It's still one of my guilty pleasures. Haha.

No. 64396

hahahaha i died when they started singing hahah

No. 64398

Tbh Kiki actually going on like some Japanese tv show, in all her spastic trashy glory would be the funniest thing ever.

No. 64401

Omg this film looks so cheesy but fucking awesome.

No. 64404

It is it has like the most unlikely cast ever.
Giles from Buffy, Paul Sorvino, that chick from spy kids or whatever, Paris Hilton, and Sarah Brightman (ALW's ex-wife, and original Christine Daae)
Hope nobody minds the OT. If they do, I'll be happy to make a thread in /b/

No. 64405

You need to watch it anon!

Here's the trailer for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzgpU25C6fg

No. 64412

Omfg I need to see this now, it's cinematography is so 80's. Looks brilliant.

No. 64414

I still have hopes they'll make a sequel. I know it'll never happen.

No. 64425

wtf am I looking at

what is this hot mess

No. 64426

Sigh yeah. "The Devil's Carnival" was intended as a sort of spiritual successor but tbh I wasn't really impressed with it.

No. 64427

can someone explain what the point of these 'fat man eats' videos is?

is it some weeeird fetish?

No. 64429

probably yeah
stuffing fetish or something idfk

No. 64438

No. 64441

And yet there will be a sequel to that..

No. 64447

Yeah. I actually just watched it. It was almost horrible.

No. 64450

why, for god's sake. it wasn't even terrible, it was just fucking boring. like why do we want a sequel to this? why does anyone want a sequel?

No. 64454

Haha, I actually met this girl. I ran into her with these two fat weeb girls I hung out with in middle school when we went to Boston on a choir trip. We were three thirteen year old girls and this twenty-ish year old woman started clinging to us and sperging out over Naruto when she noticed the pins fat weeb girl #1 had on her backback. The conversation then turned to singing because we were on a trip with our choir, after all, and she ranted on and on about how much singing was her sole passion in life. I was stuck with them while they chatted and squeed for about an hour when Mere was supposed to be working (it was at one of those Hard Rock restaurants). She was really clingy and insisted on getting all of our phone numbers; she texted me obsessively for a while, but I never responded to any of her messages and she eventually stopped.

My fucking face when I was watching American Idol and saw her step out and audition.

No. 64455

Username is: AuntieDeirdre
Not many vids, but lots of cringe

No. 64456

Thats very obviously fake

No. 64457

>meow meooow meow meoooow meow meooow meoooow

No. 64458

And this…poem

No. 64460

Why is she badly lip syncing kitty noises? It's not cute and requires no effort. It would have still been bad if she made her own cat noises, but would have at least required some effort.

No. 64461

dude, that reminded me of that amy chick from ultimategothguide/stripy tights and dark delights
does anyone remember her? i have no idea what happened to her tbh

No. 64462

No. 64464

oh I have ears like that… I bought them at A-Kon when I was 14.

No. 64465

her voice is killing me

No. 64470

She was also on Snog, Marry, Avoid.


No. 64474

that was found to be a fake. i think it was done by collegehumor or something, on the downlow

No. 64497

How does he not hate himself? What the fuck?

No. 64499

The thing that pisses me off about this video and the fact that it went viral as an example of SJWs is that she's trying to say things that actually make sense and they'd agree with if it was coming from a man, but they're talking over her and she's getting (rightfully) mad.
She's not even a "bad" feminist, they're just not fucking listening and when she tells them to shut the fuck up they just consider it a reason to disregard her even more.

No. 64501

At least she's hot, I guess.

No. 64516

I know you're not serious, right? There have been multiple videos on her and in each and every single one, she's completely tactless towards people, curses them out, tells them to shut the fuck up, and outright shouts over them. There were even other girls who were speaking at a reasonable volume that she screamed at when they tried to ask her a question.

You don't get anywhere by screaming at anyone and she had some nerve to call herself "the perfect woman", when she's carrying on like Tila Tequila at a fucking ICP concert. She is a bad feminist in the sense that she couldn't be assed to conduct herself in a respectable manner and much like her lovely Tumblr counterparts, felt entitled to screaming at everyone and getting aggressive to the point where the police could have been called on her. She looks like she's about to assault people, this bitch is not stable.

No. 64520

Snog Marry Avoid. Pick an episode, the people are all disgusting.


No. 64521

No. 64527

File: 1426637903544.webm (19.37 MB, 200x150, pasty_twirling.webm)

Rockabilly/burlesque girls are always insane, but this one's 3edgy5me too


No. 64533


I vomited a little in my mouth.

No. 64541

why do we need one more word for "fat"

No. 64543

She looks like Ginger from Ginger Snaps.

No. 64544


The older episodes of Wife Swap were always amusing. Who could forget this sparkly bitch.

No. 64545

Damn, I was just thinking about Wife Swamp earlier today, specifically the Goth episode. That shit was hilarious.


No. 64550

Maybe its her

No. 64551

>wife swamp
That needs to be a thing lol sounds awesome

No. 64554

She kinda sounds like quirky

No. 64556

No. 64559

Whats up with tila tequila nowadays? She's into illuminati stuff, supposedly she got mk ultra'd

No. 64561

How is this any different from being a stripper lol

No. 64615

Too much Alex Jones/David Icke.

No. 65256

i just realised this probably fits better into this thread.

No. 65264

ugh that's basically child abuse, like the antivacc people whose kids die or get disabled from measles

makes me so mad

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