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File: 1510336201769.png (578.62 KB, 545x980, icandobetter.png)

No. 462530

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>459966

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
NEW Twitter: https://twitter.com/omariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad

IG Stories Archive:

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her lackeys have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>”body positive”, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly, resorted to getting liposuction to keep some semblance of figure (and failing miserably) all while lying and saying she lost weight through exercise
>Old twitter had at least 20k bought followers, likely even more
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Mei costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>does "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite making over $10k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest
>lewded a dragon loli after people told her not to and massively backpedaled after she couldn't just laugh off the backlash
>had a major fallout with her boytoy KBBQ bc he didn’t want to fuck her, according to numerous rumors she threatened KBBQ with something that made him quit all social media in a second, then commissioned a piece from him
>constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that’s happening to her when she’s done the same
>goes off on social media tirades and then immediately back pedals

Highlights from the Last Thread:
>Brags about getting a badge to Blizzcon, yet all evidence points to her ghosting
>Debuts Beekeeper Mei v2 still looks like shit but with new hat!
>Twitter is permanently suspended, makes new one openly ban evading
>As of now only has 12.6k followers on her new twitter, can’t afford to buy more fakes
>Not even back home from Blizzcon before her and Vamplette get a fourth cat
>Finally donates the Las Vegas charity money a week after she promised and weeks after she started fundraising
>”Let’s all just be nice to everyone!! We’re all fam in the cos community!!” proceeds to call someone a cunt
>Still calls herself irl Mei, retweets everyone confirming her delusion
>Skipping Sabakon after her public hissy fit, lets everyone know she’s a special guest for a joke con
>Posting more Halloween-sale costume snapchats for #ThanksforLewding
>Still too busy to ship out patreon rewards my dudes

No. 462531

As a reminder DO NOT post about getting people to report her accounts, do it yourself and shut up about it

No. 462535

well done OP photo.

No. 462539

>>462503 Sorry for repost just replying from previous thread
Collette won't bail because Mariah pays for everything. She couldn't afford to live in that house without Mariah paying for more than half. She totalled her car last year which she didn't pay for other people did. Like Collette did drugs and was the easy chick at parties in Vegas when she was Mariah's age. Even Collette's ex didn't like Mariah because he saw her as a bad influence so they broke up over it but he wasn't all cool his ex cheated on him to make him unnerved about trusting Collette. Which it wasn't her it was Mariah cuz even when she's in a relationship or talking to someone she's also flirting with other guys on the side which is what she's done since Highschool when she was dating jocks.

No. 462540

File: 1510338195854.png (781.41 KB, 909x795, tarven.png)

Is Moomoo in LA again for a photoshoot?

Also am I reading her twitter correctly in that patrons are rewarded with potato-quality pics of her in Halloween costumes??

No. 462542


If this is true then vamp is as bad as Moo is. I've heard from other Vegas peeps that she is a master manipulator and was a typical con ho before meeting mariah. I guess when you get to live for basically free you're willing to put up with Mariah. I can bet money that if Mariah ever made vamp pay for rent she would turn on her. Vamp seems like the type of person to say they'll pay for food or utilities instead of rent when asked to pay rent.

No. 462543

Oh man I'm going down for the weekend and hanging with some friends in little Tokyo tonight. Will post candids if I see her

No. 462547

It shows with their friends. Like the only person who showed up for Mariah's childhood dream shoot wasn't a bunch of friends she's had over the past 2 years or before. It was people from recent and Eric, Maroon Cosplay, who's her ex she dumped to pursue this career. Like everyone got paid to be there, except him which if they were real friends who loved the content or person it wouldn't be a paid thing. Even Sabrina has been quiet, the girl who outed the lipo, and hasn't come out to defend Mariah. No one is on the same page with her because she doesn't know who to trust. Even her own Mom doesn't know all the details and not just small stuff. She's fucked up cuz she has keep all those stories straight at different times with different people. She fucks up then wants sympathy and pity points but when you continue to do it all the time it gets old. She's getting the reputation of the Keemstar of Cosplay where she's just drama and controversy then whines about why she's not respected or trusted then after she's forgiven/it blows over she just does the same shit expecting a different result. It's Bi Polar insanity. It's like being a Sex Offender nobody cares when you did it but you're registered now.

No. 462548


Tbf it looks like anon is saying they had depression and anxiety from having their reputations smeared by moo. As much as cosplay is a hobby many people have made friends and associates through the hobby. Being shunned out of a hobby like that because of some corrupt pig in a thong would hurt a lot of people. I can imagine people starving themselves from suddenly losing friends within a community especially when no one is brave enough to speak out against her. You can argue that they can just make new friends and such but it wouldn't be the same and if you have anxiety you aren't going to want to get out there . Some people actively try to hide and avoid her because of how damaging she is. She has bullied countless people and I would not be surprised if it continues…. sadly

No. 462550

people in moo's circle don't speak out because they know shell doxx them. she's psychotic and they've all decided it's best to let her crash and burn herself instead of getting their names involved involved.

No. 462571

Moomoo needs to be knocked off her pedestal by someone far more known in the community and who isn't going to remotely care about it. She'll continue behaving how she does and intimidating those she sees as "beneath" her until something huge flattens her ego.

No. 462575

something that makes me still giggle is that lana_rain hasn't responed to her "compliment" back then on her old account
to her (ann porn video).
She is a cow on here too on snow/ and
I would found it hilarious if they had a blast off in the past against each other.

I honestly wonder what even lana, a simple cosplay cam girl, thinks about
moomoo - the porn ripoff

I bet this would have been a big thing

No. 462576


But with JNig currently maintaining her cos-Mama image, there's not a lot of others who could do it.

No. 462578

So we've really come to just cheap Party City Halloween costumes now? Am I reading this right? Jfc, just do porn already.

No. 462581

Moo will find someone else eventually to suck up to and it'll backfire, or maybe by miracle she'll actually get on the wrong side of Nigri. So far she's only been showing the kind and caring Mariah that her cosmom is just as blinded by as her fans are.

No. 462583

It would be easier to speak up against her if it wasn't for JNig cushioning her. i sincerely can't tell if JNIg is just oblivious to moo's fuckery because 'well she's nice to me', or if she's in the same boat as the rest of the community where she just doesn't want the drama.

Ironically JNig just tweeted out that cosplay should be the "best zone", and we need to help fellow cosplayers…all while allowing a toxic cow like moomoo to bully freely.

No. 462584

File: 1510350449540.jpg (7.88 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr.jpg)

Slight sage for OT…but does anyone remember reading that article where that morbidly obese woman killed her kitten by sitting on it? I don't know, I just felt a premonition is all…

No. 462585


So is she going to stick to that damn pink nose make up forever?

No. 462587

I think JNig is just trying to stay out of it. She ignored Moo as mch as she interacts with her and it seems like she keeps her at arms length. I think she knows that Moo would freak out and cause drama if she doesn't at least humor her somewhat, so she does the bare minimum. Staying out of drama and not having Moo go on a witchhunt is the smart thing for her to do.

No. 462590

Are we really surprised that she stole this other girls shoot?
She did it before in the beginning of the year with her Velma shoot

She shot at the exact same location and used to same lighting as another velma cosplayer

No. 462591

Yeah you're probably right. but JNig is a HUGE icon and for her to be idle is saying a lot about her character. if JNig spoke out i have no doubt shed win. though maybe she's just waiting for moo to do something so outrageously stupid it can't be denied.

No. 462597

File: 1510353080024.png (662.27 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-11-10-14-24-54…)

They went to the studio for filming or paperwork and now she's buying a spa treatment for herself and Squarenoodles

No. 462598

File: 1510353100901.png (649.61 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-11-10-14-23-42…)

No. 462600

please tell me she did not go to a spa with that ratty ass wig and false lashes on…

No. 462601

I think she had a makeup artist do her makeup for this shoot as well as her autumn witch and MAYBE her cow one? She posted about wanting an in home one. It would explain why she decided to be gross and keep this makeup on so long, when you can’t do it yourself and have to pay for it you’ll want it to last for a while.

No. 462605

Nah, I assume it's referring to the photos she took in clothes outside.

No. 462606

He must been paid really well to endure a spa trip with her.

No. 462612

Remember when the VA for Mei RT a photo of Mariah, but people spammed the replies with the lewds with Mariah’s Mei?

Yeah that post is gone. No one likes your lewd versions of Mei, Mariah. Especially the VA. That has to hurt. RIP.

No. 462613


He's just using her for opportunity. Him and Nomisphotos were pretty good friends. I doubt he would want to get too close to someone who would do his friend dirty like that.

I also have a feeling that Moo at this point is just buying her friends. I wouldn't be surprised if she's the type to pay for everything and put it over their heads. Like "I'm a good person my dude. I bought you lunch before."

No. 462616

>>462612 holy shit are there caps of this??

No. 462617

>Also am I reading her twitter correctly in that patrons are rewarded with potato-quality pics of her in Halloween costumes??

how is that different from any other time tho

No. 462620


In the last thread or the one before. It was semi recent

No. 462621

File: 1510356409667.jpeg (417.97 KB, 1242x2134, B9993C90-6C2D-4991-BC94-030740…)

Found when someone retweeted screenshots of her old account getting suspended. No surprise.

No. 462636

File: 1510380342695.png (186.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171111-000251.png)

So I've seen confessions like this a lot, idk if it's all from the same source or if it's just someone reposting but it seems to be true for those who've been lurking

No. 462640


I hate how Moomoo keeps trying say anything negative towards her is "nasty rumors". It's not a rumor if multiple people who you have worked with and were close to come out and say it. None of them even have anything to gain. Like lxm duo who I assume is the sister in law the tweeter is talking about was someone who shot all her early photos and doesn't photograph cosplays all that often anymore has called her out on her bs. She has nothing to gain. And clearly Moomoo cut ties with her because she got too ~famous~ and wanted an excuse to get shot by Asian fuckbois instead. She talked about how kbbq was telling people that she would go after them if they got too close to him and I can see that being true. She went on a whole rampage just because he rejected her. Imagine what she would do to a more attractive (which isn't hard) female that goes after him. I even heard from someone that Moo talked to them about avoiding Simon (Nomis) because he wasn't a good person or something for playing her. She clearly cannot stand it when guys don't choose her and is not above trying to meddle with people's lives. I have never seen so much power corrupt so quickly. I hang out with bigger names than her even outside of conventions and none of them have her ego and act the way she does. I'm so glad I have never worked with her. Not like she hasn't asked though.

No. 462641

so I just got back from fan expo Vancouver and I visited the omen by HP booth and mentioned the whole momokun thing to my friend, and I shit you not the booth girl standing next to us told us that it was her that dropped moomoo from the booth

apparently omen has some sort of partnership with Disney and cannot have someone like Momo flaunting around with her tits out at the booth. she also mentioned that they did not like how she falls back to her Mei and had no other cosplay to debut. she also said that they were uncomfortable with the fact that she lewded underage/childish characters in the past and that is an image they dont want representing the booth

No. 462645


Omen dropping her came after I DMed them warning them about her recent feature with Funimation and the backlash they received. She was dropped the next morning.

No. 462646

File: 1510383195301.jpg (12.32 KB, 261x275, 1475745468935.jpg)

Good fucking job!
Anons you're a blessing. This also has to confirm that they didn't give her shit after they dropped her ass. Now it's time for others to follow and do the same

No. 462647

tbh moo would still just call this a “nasty rumor”

or fake news she might as well be the trump of cosplay

No. 462648

she just seems to shrug off every rumor that is proven to be true. With the lipo she blamed her haters. Drugs, stress due to haters. Why she was (And still is a bully) she was full of hate and an angsty teen. In the past when photographers called her out she just blamed them like "they were mean to me meeh"
nothing is ever her fault

No. 462649

File: 1510384133596.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171110-230821.png)

What diet

No. 462651


Do you know how bad your clothes smell after KBBQ? And wigs easily hold on to scents as well. Ughhh

No. 462655

>> implying she doesn't always smell like hot salty grilled meat

No. 462656

I bet she doesn’t even eat it correctly and just shovels the meat into her face lol

No. 462660

Tbh I'm still waiting for her collabs with Nigri because she always brags about how close they are but hey haven't collaborated.

No. 462664

it’s always so jarring to see cows go to places that’s so close/places where i go to sometimes lmao

No. 462666

You're doing god's work anon.

So basically they dropped her ass and didn't give her shit. But because Momo had already made a huge deal out of attending Blizzcon as a booth babe she couldn't just cancel the whole trip and ghosted instead while claiming the company "overbooked". She's so predictable it's almost pitiful.

No. 462672

File: 1510394503587.jpg (444.23 KB, 2048x1365, 23331245_1765532850185452_4811…)

Sorry but bumping the old thread.

No. 462673

File: 1510394519324.jpg (396.77 KB, 2048x1152, 23415157_1765532813518789_2541…)

No. 462674


No. 462675

1:21, 3:36

No. 462676

Holy shit Vamplettes missed the mark on her dva far far far off. That looks awful.

Also Mariah can’t do punk to save her life. That’s trash bitch. Not punk. Dumbass. Her and Nips that illustrated are both pendejas.

No. 462679

Collette was Symmetra, but overall most of the cosplayers in this groups were really shitty and didn't get punk right at all. And Mariah looks like the fattest person in this group.

No. 462682


Yeah I’m talking about her cosplay not shitty symmetra . Let’s take all the PoC members of ow and have all white people in this group lol Jesus Christ part 2

No. 462688

I don't care about how "popular" she is, I would laugh my ass off if I saw this in person. All of these people look great, and then there's half-assed moo looking like total shit. Can't even wear a proper bra. How does she even get to be included in with them? It looks stupid when one member sticks out look that.

No. 462689

Sometimes I actually wonder if Moo is actually GOOD for Nigri's career because now there is someone who does even shittier stuff than her out there with a following and the bad publicity focus has been taken off JNig. Sure, her associating with Moo at all isn't great for her rep, but like other anon said, she barely even indulges Moo with the bare minimum attention.

No. 462694

If you think about it Nigri also does some of the same shit: late Patreon rewards, lewding characters, lying about getting surgeries, makes shitty cosplays, softcore porn etc. Difference is Moo is so much louder, Nigri's washed up but Moo gained so much bad attention it made Nigri look relatively better

No. 462696


No. 462701

OT, but are any of you guys triggered by that Mercy? It's punk themed yet she wears a Led Zeppelin shirt. What?! If you're going to wear a band shirt at least get a PUNK BAND. Led Zeppelin has nothing to do with punk. Might as well wear a Kenny Rogers shirt.

No. 462703

File: 1510410182982.png (179.18 KB, 996x1152, gross.png)

Christ, those shoulders/arms

No. 462705

What happened to her saying groups were lame and that duos were better? Lmao

No. 462706

haven't you seen her dad my dude? those are genetically huge shoulders lol

No. 462709

File: 1510413375533.png (Spoiler Image, 550.2 KB, 720x923, 20171111_171443.png)

No. 462710

It's sometimes very hard to believe she's 22 years old.

No. 462711

God. If this is true this is gold. Really comes to show how shitty Moomoo really is.

Comes to show that costhots don't give a shit about anything.

No. 462712


I will not buy that Jnig gives two shits about Moo until they do a shoot or something just with each other. Moo has been bragging about Jnig being her mom for more than a year now so it shouldn't be hard right? ;)

No. 462713

File: 1510415504265.png (625.27 KB, 1440x2041, 20171111_105032.png)

Some tinfoiling here but do you guys think she stole the milkbath idea from this girl as well. Same girl with the copied chun li set that's the only reason I am suspicious. Images are very similar again, same pose, same wig. I looked at the dates and these were done in July vs moomoo in the end of September

No. 462716

Kek, wouldn't put it past her. But I have seen other cosplayers do milk bath sets too though.

No. 462718

Her boobs look so lopsided… holy shit…

No. 462719


As much as I would love to believe this I know this girl licks Moos ass. The shoots are the same because squarenoodles shot both of them and probably doesn't have many original ideas of his own. Or Moo saw this girl's shoot that he did and insisted they do the same.

No. 462722

Squarenoodles only shot the images of that girl on th beach. Not the ones in the warehouse.

No. 462723

File: 1510420324033.jpeg (367.5 KB, 1416x2048, 7251885E-76EC-4238-9558-3E2CC3…)

No. 462739


She knows it isn't punk. She's wearing it for the tongue-in-cheek reference to Icarus's melting wings. It's not the best idea to be sure but it's a tiny bit better when it's a Mercy giving nod to a band with a famous album cover with a winged mythological figure. Could be worse. She could have worn a Paul McCartney's Wings or "Wind Beneath My Wings" shirt to get the visual pun.

No. 462745

I get you anon, that triggered me too along with the fact that no one seems to actually know what punk is. This shoot screams Tumblr "unique" fashion to me.

No. 462749

im new and missed the kbbq drama. does anyone know roughly which thread it was on?

No. 462754

So she wanna make patreon for her cat…

No. 462755

Long story short, they met up last year and started doing POV shoots. Had feelings for each other but decided the distance between Vegas and LA was too much strain plus his BS of joining the military in Korea. Became FWB and KBBQ talked to other girls on the side while Momo flirted with other dudes. Creating resentment where KBBQ just was using her for money and parties and she used him for crafting/ getting dick. She found out hed been talking behind her back things exploded he left social media to just leave the toxicness of her and her fans. Which she denies he left cuz of her but obviously it was when she posted pics of him titled " I found my snake!"

No. 462756

File: 1510433163359.png (981.8 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2017-11-11-12-45-08…)

No. 462757

File: 1510433691410.jpg (46.85 KB, 625x337, 1d607eb1a0aff7dfbfd172d05e9a01…)

No. 462758


That healthy diet yo

No. 462759


I don't blame him for talking shit behind her back. It's obvious that he's seen things more behind the seems than people who cling to her at cons for her fame. We all know at this point everyone talks about her behind her back. Heck in a lot of pictures I've seen her post with other cosplayers I laugh because they have talked shit on her many times when she isn't around. The whole situation really shows how much of a cunt she is because she basically tries to get back at him by talking shit on him in public and hoping people would go after him. Like that's totally professional of her.

No. 462763

Obese people should even have pets. They can't take care of themselves, they shouldn't be allowed to have an innocent animal.

No. 462764

None of these thots know what actual punk is… Maybe the Tracer is okay, but the rest are god awful.

No. 462766

Don't forget that while she was posting his pictures and calling him a snake, at the same time, she was going on about how someone was "fat shaming" her because they wouldn't date her because she was fat. You just know she was implying it was KBBQ and wanted to get her social justice warrior fans to dox and send him death threats for her. Just like that guy who got her twitter suspended. She really is nothing but toxic waste. I can't wait til she gets what's coming to her. (Watch she's gonna read this and pretend she thinks I sent her a bomb in the mail or something like the gun meme kid she doxed too.)

No. 462781

do we know what ever came from the gun meme kid? She went crying to the police but I never heard any outcomes.

No. 462782

ModOkCos spoke out and gave moo a hard truth and he's still ok. She won't go after big name people that have a bigger clout than her.
jes might be waiting for a good time to do so with evidence? I don't know, but she has nothing to worry about from cutting off moo

No. 462783

Yeah OT but I noticed the wings first too

No. 462786

File: 1510445009606.png (827.03 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-11-11-16-02-19…)

Hard at work

No. 462787

Any caps of this? I've only seen the small exchange when Moo was taking about how her Cindy cosplay "wouldn't get as much attention", and then later when she talked about lewding Cuphead.

No. 462788

Yeah I kinda wanna see caps too. ModOkCos is a cool guy, want to know what she did to make him drop a truth bomb on her.

No. 462794

all of their faces save maybe tracer and… reinhardt? whoever that is behind her? just drip "bland boring plain cosplay girl"

No. 462795

File: 1510451092611.gif (14.65 MB, 480x627, lolwut.gif)

Made this while the site was down

No. 462797

LLOPLLLLLLLL OMG ANON next thread pic please

No. 462799

What was being referenced are those 2 exact things.

No. 462800

okay but how did you do this loooool

No. 462802


That's the kind of leech Moo is. She wants to be so badly associated with the big names or anyone with fame that she's really careful around them when she has something to gain. But she seems to treat regular associates like dirt. Karma is going to bite back hard.

No. 462803

File: 1510453285274.png (61.6 KB, 595x569, 1503046506404.png)

Was looking through the Thot folder

No. 462804

Maybe Yayahan

No. 462805


LOL….but then her slush fund would dry up because no neckbeard would care.

No. 462808

File: 1510453851236.jpg (32.36 KB, 750x475, DMS4Un9X4AAGToH.jpg large.jpg)

No. 462809


If she really care about wanting to be taken seriously as a cosplay she wouldn't be commissioning all of her cosplays. She doesn't have a ~real~ job. She has nothing but time to improve her crafting skills. There's countless YouTube videos and Facebook pages dedicated to helping people improve. She's lazy and fine having guys jerking off to her as long as she gets paid for it.

No. 462810

You guys asked for caps, what more do you want?

No. 462812

He's totally right.
If she wanted to be appreciated for actual costuming, she would have practiced and worked to get better at it. But she wouldn't make any money if she wasn't doing lewds. Unfortunately, no one makes any money off cosplay unless they are selling costumes/costume pieces etc. or are just a glorified cam girl calling themselves a cosplayer.
Yes, it's frustrating as hell, but as someone who contributes to this, Moo has no room to talk.

No. 462813

Marvin's the kind of person that wants to be friends with everyone, even if one person fucked over his other friends. Not surprising at all, not the first time he'd be doing it. I've never seen him being anything other than OTT friendly to everyone he meets.

No. 462815

I don't know why it looks so shit. Here's an imgur link https://imgur.com/a/nAiwK

No. 462816


Sick of her talking like what she does is anything special. She is always trying to call people out to tell them to do what she does if they think what she's doing is easy. News flash people don't do it because they don't have to or want to. There are countless girls who look better than Mooriah with way better bodies but they will never stoop to her level. Mooriah talks high and mighty about what she does now but past screenshots of her speaking out against thots is proof that she only promotes it now because she's making money off of it. It's pathetic.

No. 462817

Marvin is a moocher. He's the typical social ladder climber and is willing to kiss as much ass as he can if it means getting something out of it.

No. 462820

File: 1510456459849.gif (1.03 MB, 344x200, lmao.gif)


im laffin anon thats amazing

No. 462824

best boi

No. 462826

he truly is

No. 462827

Because mooomoo is a virtue signaller and doesn't give a shit about the morality behind it. She just wants the appearance because she's a shallow piece of shit. When she's able to paint herself as a desperate young woman who was FORCED to do porn instead of actual cosplay ~ART~. It's the evil misogynists who fap to her that's to blame for her posing nude. She is the victim here. She would STARVE without the evil neckbeards giving her money. (We'll ignore that she's treating her fans like shit, because that works well)

Like we're expected to go all "Damn Mariah, you fuckin' fine, all sexy with your flabby body and horrific taped lard that you hide." Not only having to tolerate her monstrous fucking visage but her haughty attitude as everyone on twitter tells her she's STILL GOT IT and DAMN, MOMOKUN LOOKS LIKE THAT?? because they're not the ones who have to sit there and watch her piggish fucking gremlin face contort into types of grimaces we didn't even know existed before that day.

No. 462829


Everyone knows she needs her social media for an ego trip. That's why she panicked after she lost her first twitter. She was afraid of not getting asspats.

No. 462830

File: 1510460834130.png (979.1 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-11-11-20-24-49…)

No. 462831

File: 1510460885018.png (849.32 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2017-11-11-20-25-02…)

No. 462832

lmao but ya'll where are the J CUP TIDDIEZ??

No. 462833

One of her eyes is looking down while the other is looking straight ahead.

No. 462834

She said once that she wears sports bras so she can compress them…but she's also said she wants them worked on so welp

No. 462835

Get that pennywise shit outta here moo.

No. 462837


She wants people to focus on her boobs because she knows that's all she's good for.

No. 462838

File: 1510463180207.png (915.23 KB, 720x1174, Screenshot_2017-11-11-21-01-37…)

So far since arriving she's gone to Castle Corsetry in the same clothes and makeup, went to the spa with SN and hung out with ReaganKathyrn in Target. She's now eating…busy month my dudes so many projects my dudes

No. 462841


Ugh Reagan is so fake. I hate how cosplay is like this now where people just want to kiss ass of even the more terrible people if it means gaining more followers. This is why toxic cunts like Mariah exist.

No. 462842

If her boobs were as big as shes been shooping them recently they would not be squished to the size you see in the beekini n chun li sets. Its just impossible unless her tits are actually inflatable.

Just as a comparison i have Dcups and even in my tightest spprts bra my boobs dont look as small as hers do in the chun li set.

No. 462843

The thing is, cosplay is a hobby. Of course you're not gonna be paid to cosplay unless your "cosplay" is you getting naked in front of a camera. Costhots like to pretend that cosplay is some big popularity contest and a cash grab, but in actuality, 90% of cosplayers just do it for fun to hang out in stupid costume with other people who like the same stuff they do. They don't have photoshoots or patreons or dedicated social media pages or anything. It's like complaining that you can't make any money off of making model airplanes. Of course you can't, unless you're shoving the plane up your ass for the internet, like Moo does with cosplay.

No. 462844


She has the most unfortunate face. Why is it that she always looks different in every photo? Despite that, every photo is always worse than the last.

No. 462845

nah i’m moo-sized tbh and my boobs look completely different in a date night push up bra and a sports bra. just depends on how compressing the sports bra is. some are just supportive and some make you nearly flat chested.

anyway the point of my blog post is that i don’t think she’s shopping her boob size. just using the tried and true method of a way too small push up bra.

No. 462846

Please look at the beekini mei or bikini kanna sets again cause there is no way her boobs wouldn't be falling out of either of those if she actually had big boobs. Plus there are several photos where you can see her shooping her boobs bigger in the milk set.

No. 462848

Her boobs look smaller in bikini sets because bikinis aren’t supportive. Her boobs are very saggy without the help of a push up bra. That’s also why they look smaller in the chunk li set, because C.K. sports bras/bralettes are NOT supportive at all.

There are a million ways a girl can make her tits look like they’re several cup sizes bigger. Padding, push ups, too small cups just to name a few. You do not need photoshop. If she was shooping them, why not make her tits look bigger in bikini sets?

No. 462849

File: 1510466974573.png (989.67 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2017-11-11-22-06-25…)

No. 462850

Nice diet moo

No. 462857

File: 1510469580917.png (1.47 MB, 711x1183, Screenshot_2017-11-11-22-50-55…)

No. 462858

bbq, ice cream, booze, great diet pfft

No. 462859


So she did do that or she found it there already? This is IN the store. The fuck were they trying to do? Smuggle it and it fell out of their black hoodies? Considering how cheap she is, probably. Wine, ice cream, KBBQ… I mean. You can have your cheat day and all, but seriously. She's probably the type to see a small difference in her body and then think its okay to go back to eating shit.

No. 462860

File: 1510470432450.png (518.4 KB, 501x750, Mx94Qs2vrBd0HJQ6h7RmOHEP5oQfSA…)

No. 462861

Turtle lips and granny hands, yum.

I swear to god her lips get more turtley with every costume.

No. 462864

The widest part is her fat arms

No. 462865

How does she think letting parts of her bra stick out of her outfits is perfectly fine?
It looks 100% trashy tbh

No. 462866

dem fictional boobies

No. 462867

I still can’t get my mind over how people find her hot/sexy/thicc or even remotely pretty, like she’s so ugly to me and it’s like ew lol she’s truly unfortunate inside and out
Her fucking proportions are so fucking weird

No. 462868

Can we call just look at how FUCKED that index finger is?!

No. 462869

The head on those beers is just unfortunate. And again, why is her bra ALWAYS SHOWING.

No. 462870

That smooth, well kept wig

No. 462871

Wait so she released oktoberfest after halloween?

No. 462872

Tavern Girl - ThanksForLewding preview

No. 462873

That looks like fucking root beer in those glasses.

It's like a granny trying to get her groove back.

No. 462875

root beer and the one kinda looks like it has ice cream in it…did she make floats to use as her "beer"? floats would hold a head and it would explain the SO MUCH HEAD vs so little liquid thing….

No. 462876

Jfc, that airbrushing. Also, what the hell is going on with her nose?

No. 462877

File: 1510474507297.jpeg (82.19 KB, 501x750, 1510474460505.jpeg)

srsly looks like a damn float with only a spoon full of mostly melted ice cream

No. 462878

her face is creepy as hell in this
also looks like she airbrushed skin over part of her eye, wtf

No. 462880


The boob vein is gone. Where are the dumbfucks tang worship that ugly shit at, show them this

No. 462881

Is… is her finger getting fat? WTF is going on there? It looks like she broke it or something and it's swollen.
Why is she wearing yellow contacts? Why can't she brush her wig? Why can't she cover up her bra?
I swear she must be on drugs or literally insane to think this looks good?

No. 462884

This is just so rich.
>I only do fetish porn shoots and sexualize everything that I create, never make my own cosplays and I keep lying about it, why the hell people don't follow me for my art and effort?!
>Have you tried not being a gigantic thot and actually trying to attract people who value you for more than just your tits?

I doubt she wants to be seen as a "serious" cosplayer because she legitimately does not give any shits about this hobby. She was just milking for compliments and asspats with her whining.

No. 462885


Let's not forget a few weeks ago, she claimed to have quit drinking. Nice to know she keeps her words.

No. 462886

I don’t know how to link to the archive of them (on mobile) but her insta stories are ridiculous, she’s so obviously stoned and has been drinking.

No. 462894

Those normal glasses for a German beer maiden kek couldn't afford the real thing, eh

No. 462902


i appreciate that she is using a dark beer for an autumn/winter shoot, but if a waitress came up to me with that much head on my beer i would really question that establishment

No. 462903

Wow like getting some prop beer steins would be SOOO HARD.

No. 462905

File: 1510493708788.jpg (752.66 KB, 1434x1459, Screenshot_20171112-082800.jpg)

Hmm…the skinny dude with the checkered shirt look familiar. Then a few hours ago she tweeted this. Honestly, very disappointed in CND.

No. 462912

File: 1510496426985.png (256.36 KB, 532x678, bawww.png)

Here she goes with her "love has been everywhere" posts on twitter, but she doesn't get NEAR the amount of traction she used to. For that many followers, 4 comments and a few retweets is nothing. It's disgusting how much validation she needs to function.

No. 462914

File: 1510497538507.png (324.02 KB, 530x633, cats.png)

lol…retire. Don't even fucking relate yourself to people who have to work their asses off to get good retirement, fuck you moo.

No. 462915

Take care of them? She can't even feed her kitten proper food

No. 462916


lol should've thought twice about doing porn then. No matter what she does after she "retires" people will come across the kind of photos she's taking and think twice about working with her.

No. 462923

sometimes i cant help but to get a little jelly at the fact that she’s at the weight that she is and yet has such a slim jawline in photos

No. 462924

Because she tapes her face.

No. 462925

She tapes the shit out of her face, anon. And Photoshops. In a few months she will have saggier jaws than she should have because she tapes so damn hard.

No. 462926

i still dont understand what a "tavern girl" has to do with thanksgiving

No. 462928

She doesn't want people to know which airbnb she is staying in but shows a unique part of it… It's like she just doesn't understand social media and being in the public eye.

No. 462931

No. 462933

Who rented it? Cause the listing says you must be 25, no parties, etc…

No. 462936

what "work" does she even do? scamming people from their money? going on coke fueled twitter rants? she doesn't make 90% of her cosplays and when she does she half asses it, it's not like doing photoshoots is hard when she does the exact same pose and facial expressions for all of them

this bitch is way too self absorbed

No. 462942


Her photoshoots aren't even anything crazy. Looking at the lighting of her outdoor shoots you can tell they don't take more than an hour and a half. An hour and a half of shooting is nothing. Actual models will spend 6-8 hours in a studio doing poses and photography work for most of that time.

No. 462948

File: 1510514305201.png (911.44 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-11-12-11-16-46…)

No. 462949

File: 1510514329734.png (956.91 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-11-12-11-16-55…)

No. 462953

File: 1510515494816.png (819.92 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2017-11-12-11-35-16…)

No. 462954

File: 1510515521419.png (653.36 KB, 720x996, Screenshot_2017-11-12-11-36-24…)

No. 462955

File: 1510515670924.jpg (25.47 KB, 500x500, implying.jpg)

>finest moments

No. 462967

Whines about wasting wax and then random comment about a 2008 movie. Why and how does her brain work?

No. 462968

File: 1510518441020.jpg (66.14 KB, 300x399, beer_head.jpg)

this picture needs a fucking trigger warning holy shit

when you spend most of your life jerking off to fictional characters, i guess they cant tell the difference anymore

No. 462972

He's also a chubby chaser so maybe she's what he's getting out of it.

No. 462975

if her face wasnt such a weird fugly turn-off her body could be enough for some weird feeder-fetish buddies.

No. 462976


Don’t be disappointed in CND. I don’t know who he is but glancing at his profile, he’s into the Nintendo things like Roger Luigi whatever is, and that’s Reagan’s boyfriend. Reagan and Elizabeth are close and do shit together, they were hanging out last night with Mariah so CND might have become friends with Reagan and that’s how Mariah became involved. Not to mention Mariah inviting herself to their friend Alvin’s birthday dinner which is what Mariah does, puts herself places where she’s not welcomed or invited all the time but she was with Reagan who is Alvin’s close friend so that’s why she tagged along.

Funny how none of these people had a spot for her and she had to rent an Airbnb for herself. Wake up Mariah.

No. 462977

why is her bra out

No. 462984


Because she’s trash. This is established. Nasty.

No. 462986

When isn't it.

No. 462993

File: 1510522638991.png (725.16 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_2017-11-12-13-36-17…)

No. 462997

File: 1510522808148.png (189.27 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_2017-11-12-13-38-42…)

She ate shrimp and took any clip of her screaming/zooming in on shrimp do people like this gibbering

No. 462999

File: 1510522930364.png (175.78 KB, 720x810, Screenshot_2017-11-12-13-41-31…)

No. 463000


I can't wait to see this unhemmed train wreck. Mariah reminds me of like the Amy Schumer of cosplay.

No. 463001


She has a habit of inviting herself to things she's not invited to. She's the kind of person who always has to feel included. I can picture her going to events and demanding a seat or a spot when no one asked her to come.

No. 463005


She also touches people who have told her that they don’t want to be touched. Maybe she’s autistic. It would make a lot of sense. The way she looks, acts, speaks, her mannerisms, how she tries to make sense of what she does.

No. 463006

She likes to put on the fcade that she's "popular" and can gather friends like Nigri when she's just as socially retarded as the money bags she calls fans.

No. 463035

Can we not? I work with autistic kids. Whatever she's got going on isn't autism,; she's just an asshole.
Sage for offtopic

No. 463041

Absolutely disgusting.

and that wig must be totally rancid by now.

No. 463042

I think its the same Samus wig from 2 years ago. Have this woman ever heard of washing a wig?

No. 463053

why do they always make her eyes look evil and glowing

No. 463056

File: 1510530395671.png (452.73 KB, 583x586, 49e8668ccfc79e88a1ad21607868fb…)

Good luck to the 5 sorry fucks who'll never see that giftcard for several months. Or maybe go for a new record and not send it out for a year?

No. 463058

LOL…..isn't that money supposed to be used for Cosplay and shit? Anyone who contributes to her Patreon is a fool.

No. 463060

Basically she's not getting the reach she used to on twitter so she's basically giving away money to get people to RT. Cool.

No. 463061

Looking at OP, I just realzed that Moo is so fat she can't even do that actual middle pose because her body is so fucked up she can't balance properly with her arms out in a pose or her foot/leg angled properly. Nothing about what Moo is doing is a pose Chun-Li would ever do. Its like she is trying to let out a fat so it doesn't make that "BRRRT" sound and instead it can go silent.

No. 463063


How is she going to count the people who repost if she doesn't get notification of it? lel

No. 463064

I honestly can’t get over how bad that beer pour is, she’s supposed to be a “tavern girl” yet is not even using a beer glass. Lazy even on her laziest costumes

No. 463070

Does she not learn her lesson about putting too much on her plate? The amount of photos she posts, plus the fact this whole "event" is suppose to last the entire month… She'll forget about it in like a week and never mention it again.

No. 463072

>end of the month

in b4 december 12 actual date

No. 463073


Really desperate to get her numbers back. Back when she had the numbers she rarely did a giveaway this grand. She really wants the attention.

No. 463074

File: 1510531686128.png (1.05 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-11-12-16-05-43…)


No. 463076


>putting too much on her plate


No. 463077

She never did giveaways despite her patreon goals claiming she would do ones weekly/ monthly.

No. 463078

File: 1510531899641.png (526.71 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_2017-11-12-16-06-34…)

Repost since its on Twitter but

No. 463080

File: 1510531970179.png (164.67 KB, 720x933, Screenshot_2017-11-12-16-09-31…)

Remember those FAVORS she does for EVERYONE just before you come for her lmao are you for real

No. 463081

File: 1510531992967.png (189.33 KB, 720x800, Screenshot_2017-11-12-16-09-37…)

No. 463082

i think thats against patreon rules, people recently were reporting onion for that kind of shit

No. 463086

>>463056 Thanks for Lewding is the stupidest fucking "catchphrase", are we supposed to be thankful for her fatass waving her tits around for money? She's so disgusting.

No. 463089

If you look through her goals they're still there.

>For this I'd like to do something like a really big giveaway!! Instead of the little giveaways I do. Also I would like to make something like Tshirt's or Really cool posters.

No. 463090

So is this before or after she rudely interrupts their photoshoot to steal the spotlight for herself?

No. 463091


She's doing this giveaway on Instagram, FB AND twitter? She's going to shell out $1,500 for people to share her shit with her crappy hashtag? Or is she picking 5 winners total from all 3? She's already made a hot mess for herself by cross-platforming this, what a mess. R.I.P. those 15 people who think they will actually get a gift card from her.

No. 463092


the bitch adopted a cute kitten and now she's acting like a damn animal's rights activist. as soon as the cat grows up and gets boring she'll forget about it and never mention this shit again. just like it happened with the other cat ("OMFG I LOVE MY CAT SIX MONTHS LATER CAT IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN AND NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN). just like when she was sooo obsessed with h3h3 and wouldn't shut up about it for like two weeks, then she sort of forgot about the whole thing. she's going to forget this "I'M A CAT LADY NOW" shit as soon as the cat gets older and she has to start dealing with two grown cats. calm the fuck down, attention whore. you got some expensive kitten now and you think its cute (for now). WE KNOW.

No. 463093

Doesn't say 5 people from each platform, just 5 people in general. So, $500

No. 463094

She's going to nitpick her choices. She isn't going to use any sort of random choice making system. Fuck, she couldve done those "like for like and you get one submission" type of contests that a lot of YouTuber's use for giveaways.

No. 463095

Her leg right of frame is making me super uncomfortable.
Sorry for the sperg, but how the FUCK is Kiritsugu Lawful Neutral? He's a hardcore Chaotic Good. Kayneth is Lawful Neutral, but edges the Evil boarder from time to time.
Pay attention on your next supposed rewatch moo.

No. 463096

File: 1510535389578.jpg (247.25 KB, 720x525, Education_for_death_7large.jpg)

Reminds me of Germany from Disney's intake of Hitler

No. 463098


See when she does acts like this and makes posts about it and replies to it constantly to add more detail, it no longer comes off as something she did for the good of her heart. What is she trying to prove here? Does she want her friends to lick her ass some more for doing these things? Does she want the whole world to believe she isn't toxic? Bitch please. We all know she is the type to hold acts like this over people's heads. I wouldn't be surprised if a friend of hers argued with her or says something negative and she'll be like "I let you use my photogs for photos my dude. How dare you be ungrateful."

The fact that she has to go on twitter and posts about her "good deeds" is why people don't think she is a good person. A good person doesn't ask for asspats. People know they're nice.

No. 463102

File: 1510536284454.jpeg (513.22 KB, 2560x1395, B287CEC5-12BB-4354-BE67-36B9DF…)

Idk why but I thought they look alike

No. 463103

File: 1510537264294.jpg (332.1 KB, 512x1054, Screenshot_20171112-203334.jpg)

No. 463104

s k e t c h y

No. 463107


She's posting this and all these cosplayers. She's trying to prove she cares about other people. Support people who DONT have fucking huge followings. Im actually laughing she didn't include her 'mama' in ANY fucking post. Especially the one where she says "Absolutely my favorite cosplayer of all time".

No. 463108

File: 1510538288854.png (226.11 KB, 750x1026, 1464755519261.png)


throw back day of the week

this is from over a year ago, how far has she come? i would say upgraded from walmart to halloween, at least.

No. 463109


It's dumb though because she's doing shit like this only to cover her ass. If she REALLY cared about other cosplayers that much she wouldn't be bullying them in the first place. Whether or not they started shit with her first it's her obligation as a professional to act like one. Anytime there's a huge backlash or she's not getting the attention she wants she always resorts to posts like these. Fucking get off social media and work on cosplays.

No. 463110

All that foam fucking pisses me off

No. 463111

Most accurate comparison I've seen yet. She thinks she's sooo funny and talented, but everyone actually fucking hates her and follows simply for the train wreck.

No. 463112

Why do people hate MostFlogged? I feel out of the loop.

Sage for OT

No. 463113

Google "mostflogged drama thread"

No. 463116

she was a cow like 10 years ago but she's cleaned her act.

It's ironic because mostflogged has openly said she hates mariah, so mariah saying she's a cosplay idol is laughable

No. 463117

File: 1510540030551.jpg (542.93 KB, 2896x2896, 20171112_202459.jpg)

"Black & gold" chun li shot at the same location, she doesn't know how to be original eh

No. 463118

LA's chinatown is small. So is San Francisco, but doesn't have a nice photo aesthetic. I guess Vegas doesn't have some kind of knockoff chinese casino??

No. 463123

lmao she doesn’t have an original idea of her own

No. 463125

File: 1510541796140.jpeg (92.38 KB, 640x686, 9C9D891B-E9DC-4686-A2D4-5F0D14…)

Never forget

No. 463126

File: 1510541851680.png (344.93 KB, 589x589, 24DA3F02-3D7C-46CB-8263-33E150…)

Her friends joining in, also how much better Moo looked here
If only they all knew what was to come

No. 463127

File: 1510542120672.png (203.23 KB, 720x904, tumblr_oyswwzARwG1wgdp08o2_128…)

i wonder what happened to make them friends
did moo give her a bunch of money

No. 463128


No. 463133


Nice to know Moo was a cunt even at 20k followers. Wow I can't believe she would use her fan base as her own personal army even back then. She hasn't changed.

No. 463139

Mostflogged is a SJW tho they cant be fwends!!!

No. 463155

File: 1510546279502.png (271.8 KB, 750x1334, 158F1312-CFC5-4C8B-95C3-454D37…)

No. 463156

there is a chinatown in vegas but the only ornamental looking part is a single plaza that she'd have to be dancing around in the busy parking lot to do a photoshoot in. then again, she did one in a parking garage downtown by the container park, so…

im kinda surprised she doesn't shoot in casinos, especially since her dad works for caesars and she could probably get free admission to all the guest pools etc. the goat yoga thing she did a while back was an employee promotion within caesars so it wouldn't be totally out of character.

No. 463157

File: 1510546315240.png (786.89 KB, 720x1173, Screenshot_2017-11-12-20-08-26…)

Crying over thefact that Overwatch staff put the video comp she's in on the site. CND is with her

No. 463161


No. 463166

photoshop turned her in to a skinwalker

No. 463168

late halloween costume delivery

No. 463172

has she said what shes supposedly doing

No. 463174

Marketing, someone said.

No. 463175


No. 463177

ok. i thought that was at actual school and she was doing online shit now (and possibly changed majors)

No. 463179

File: 1510549886091.jpg (119.32 KB, 720x688, moomooburg.jpg)

bumping with OC

No. 463180

File: 1510550042445.jpg (88.72 KB, 720x616, Moomoocantlewdthat.jpg)


another one

No. 463182

Oh no, totally not Moo's sister said she was taking online classes and totes going for a legit degree ok

No. 463184


to me this feels like she knows that her friends cosplays are better. so she lets them take their pics first since they're more important/put more effort into their shit. and she's playing it off as "oh i'm just such a nice person, that's why i do it". but then again, my theory would require some self-awareness from her, so its probably wrong.

No. 463185

Physically going to school would mean less time for eating and ranting online, my dude!!!

No. 463186

She reminds me of the fat italian daughter with a shit attitude in movies

No. 463190


She has no self awareness anon. She thinks her bought/ "altered" cosplays are at the same level as Yaya and Vampy. She thinks she's famous because of her amazinggg business decisions and cosplay skills.

No. 463192

Didnt notice it earlier, but that painted on cleavage.

No. 463193

more like require her to be awake when the sun is up

No. 463195

File: 1510554804660.png (377.48 KB, 720x780, Screenshot_2017-11-12-21-29-51…)

No. 463196



No. 463198

Can someone do a new audit on her twitter by the way? It says I need premium to do it and Im not doing that.

No. 463199

>greasy wig and makeup touching those white sheets
i'm a li'l triggered

No. 463201

She is still wearing those nails, super overgrown, and she even has two missing. Get your nails redone. You went to a spa. You can't spend 5% of what a spa costs to do your nails? Also, Im so curious about her hair right now. We haven't seen her without her wig in a while.

No. 463202

isnt this her real hair? i dont even know tbh

No. 463204

No, these are recent nails. That's the style she chose, the half color. Now can we stop going on about this BS that doesn't even matter already?

No. 463206

Fucking agreed. Her nails are of little concern and nitpicky compared to all of the other shit that she hasn't done. like the Bee-kini Mei charity prints, her still not sending out very late prints, going to spas and vacations while spouting how "hard at work" she is,her exercising and diet lasting only a week, not making the Discord that she promised her Patreons, not keeping up with the charity streams or Q&As, promising to be more honest from her last one and not doing that yet. I mean, the list could go on and on and her nails not being filled would be at the fucking bottom. Choose your battles.

No. 463207

File: 1510557011489.png (653.5 KB, 720x1058, Screenshot_2017-11-12-23-07-56…)

No. 463208

Has she even sent out the hurricane shit yet?

No. 463210

She said that she was waiting until mid-November or some shit.

No. 463211

But she has time to thot it up with the calicosthot community?

No. 463212


That's this week. Time is ticking, moomoo

No. 463213

They just have to wait until after she gets home from a con and Disneyland, my dude!

No. 463216

Anon she was at KBBQ silly too busy for everything my dudes

No. 463217

They all hate her too, that’s the funniest part. Only Elizabeth actually tolerates her and the rest of that group wants nothing to do with her.

No. 463222

She literally looks like a fucking mom way past her prime

No. 463244

File: 1510570789943.png (278.23 KB, 717x1133, tumblr_oysvucGlJD1wgdp08o1_128…)

I know this is probably an old post but she's such a hypocrite?? She tells Luna not to worry over patrons pulling out yet she has an absolute fit when people do it to her and also attacks other cosplayers that didn't do anything

No. 463245

old but useful repost.

No. 463248

File: 1510571387499.jpeg (139.9 KB, 741x310, EFDA460D-9864-4743-801D-FBD9DA…)

sure Jan

No. 463250

While on the topic of old posts, BardockObama is apparently buddies with her but he was shitting on her not long ago?? Idk what's going on but it seems so two-faced

No. 463257

Moo strikes me as the kind of person who takes online classes not because she doesn't have the time to take in person classes but because it's easier to cheat on online tests. Even then, I'm sure she has like a 1.0 GPA or else she would have bragged about it at some point.

No. 463259

File: 1510577342741.png (465.33 KB, 750x1334, 1508517851950.png)

ot but as the anon who originally screenshot these pics im so proud that they keep getting brought up in the threads
also im only jusy at thread 34 so i wont respond to this in all likelihood anons
sage for ot

No. 463263

god she was so skinny then, she actually looked half decent compared to the shit shes looking like now

No. 463275

File: 1510580698951.jpg (46.75 KB, 1280x720, 423.jpg)

oh god no

No. 463282

Didn't MF drag her ass multiple times? Is she now just desperately sucking up to people after realizing that she has a really bad reputation?

This, she's only giving shoutouts to OTHER popular cosplayers because she's trying to kiss their asses. She doesn't care about supporting the community ffs, that bs about her "asking photogs to shoot her friends and forgetting about herself" is a lie, she always gets photos of herself.

No. 463293


I heard she commissioned kbbq for Saber's armor. Is it true?

No. 463294

That reminds me, she says she wants photographers to shoot her friends, but what friends?? I see online that she's only ever with Vamp

No. 463297

By "friends" she means whatever popular cosplayer she's sucking up to that week.

No. 463298

Not all of the Cosplayers she tagged are even remotely well known

No. 463307

Not all well known but a lot have been gaining a steady following lately. Could be she's taking a note from jnig and is latching onto rising thots.

No. 463313

File: 1510598716525.png (475.62 KB, 540x960, 22552370_1683657285041289_2149…)

any rips of the recent cowgirl set? I found one with 10 images but I think there's more than that

also beekeeper mei, I'm not seeing either in the google drive link at the top

No. 463314


Regardless she is only doing it because she wants to look like a good person. The fact that she has to tell the whole world about what she's doing for her leeches, I mean friends, is evidence she wants attention for it.

On another note I find it hilarious that she lurks here and uses some of the advice we give her. Hey Moo is you really want to support small time cosplayers why don't you start promoting actually talented people who deserve a bigger following than just people who ride your dick all day?

No. 463316

File: 1510599466448.png (232.14 KB, 1156x1631, IMG_2395.PNG)

Mooriah made a new IG for her and Vamp's cats.
Instantly posts her boobs.

No. 463318

Well she had already made it about her with the name of the instagram. You could never tell that it was meant to include Vamp's cats when it says "Momoscats". It's going to be more about her than the cats too. What a selfish pig.

No. 463326

>4 pets
Does she and vamp have a permit for-
Who am I kidding, of course they don't.

No. 463328

>>463316 She is going to get so bored of this it's not even funny. She can barely keep up with any other side projects, the minute this starts to take effort, which it will, she'll toss it aside like everything else. Girl doesn't know how to balance shit.

No. 463331

>too stupid to google how to fucking pour beer

i cant

No. 463332

the fact she never seems to bring it up makes it seem like a lie lol

yes and no, she has a waist trainer whatever on

but even then, you can tell her current photoshopped weight is more than her 1yr ago real weight

No. 463333


They don't and they can be reported. A few people in Vegas who know where she lives are planning on reporting her.

No. 463335


Where did you get this from? He hates cosplay thots.

No. 463337

they were "friends" like a year ago, maybe anon is confused

No. 463338

I saw posts on twitter recently of them flirting with each other

No. 463342


"Momo scats"

Oh god please no

No. 463344



No. 463346

It was last year. They flirted but it was at the same time she was flirting with KBBQ. She flirts with multiple dudes even when shes in a relationship. That's why she's a thot

No. 463347

Ah okay, I swear it was last week or something aha

No. 463348

reminder he posted this only a few weeks ago

sage cause its already been posted in prior thread

No. 463349

Oh!! I've been reading so many of the old threads I'm starting to lose track of what's recent. sage for ot

No. 463355

no worries. if you see something recent, feel free to share. the numbers he uses in his rant reflect the numbers generally used for momo, so it feels like a vague call out

No. 463357

File: 1510605902329.jpg (22.53 KB, 491x251, DOTLplaUEAAe-Yl.jpg)

>still has Tayla in her insta profile pic

Never change MF

God, I remember that shit
I love how taki shat on Mariah but then last ALA she hung around her crew and cosplayed with moo's fuckboy friend.
Cosplayers, man.
I mean that was 2 years ago so maybe they forgot?
Or maybe she's trying to get in on MF's crew/following as well.

No. 463364


If I remember correctly, Fae (Taki) posted shit about Moo around the time she did her Kanna shoot.

No. 463372

i wouldn't really say Fae is trying to get on either one's side. she can't stand Tayla because she's scammed a shit ton of people (including some of Fae's friends) and she doesn't like Mariah because of her bad choices and especially because of the Kanna shit that happened around Fanime.

No. 463378

File: 1510610591685.png (26.98 KB, 586x220, gg.PNG)

Fair enough, I guess Fae has cleaned up her act from the last time I heard about her
I'm surprised Tayla hasn't been run off social media for scamming people(why the fuck is MF still friends with her), I'm not surprised Momo commissioned the likes of her.
Maybe Momo is getting desperate and clinging to anyone that'll bring her more followers, also looks like she'll be giving the cat back.

No. 463379

Of course, she doesn't know how to introduce cats properly or do trial meets. She makes a decision without considering the health of the animals by just plopping more of them in her gross ass house and stressing them out.

No. 463381


Shoo bah dab dooby doob dee lee lee lipo

Doot doo loo loo loo lewds

No. 463382

File: 1510611471030.png (684.84 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-11-13-14-15-12…)

No. 463383

Of course trash looks up to trash.

No. 463384

File: 1510611687340.png (507.21 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2017-11-13-14-15-24…)

Here's a tip: cats aren't decoration. Don't get a new cat, you twat

No. 463385


Friends don't stay together long in the coscommunity. Everyone has a high schooler mentality of wanting popularity. They are willing to backstab and lie to each other if it means climbing the social ladder. Plus people live for the drama.

No. 463387

This kind of shit gets repeated a lot with social media thots.
>They get a pet
>Ohmygod so cute!! And people like the photos I tweet of them!!! I need to have MORE!!
>Starts getting multiple new pets in a short amount of time and gloats to the world about their self-declared "zoo"
>Pets don't get along because the thot doesn't know how to introduce them properly and never socialized them to begin with
>Abruptly gets rid of the new pet(s) to get rid of the problem and never talks of it again
Why are people like this so prone to hoarding animals? On top of it all Mariah wanted a pet lizard too. Cats are NOT herd animals and they hate sharing their territory.

No. 463388

File: 1510613010447.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 508.89 KB, 750x1047, A448B2FE-8513-4FEE-948C-00050E…)

No. 463389

>i want to be taken seriously as a cosplayer

No. 463392

It's like she's trying her hardest to prove Bardock Obama right.

No. 463393

File: 1510613550770.png (678.79 KB, 648x718, Momos next cosplay.PNG)

she should totally do this.

No. 463394

Not surprised she stans his racist, misogynistic fake ass.
She probably wants free shit from him.

No. 463395

im gonna vom

gee too bad she doesn't get more attention for all her non-sexy cosplays that she does all the time, right

this is also completely unsurprising

No. 463397

Here is my tip, Mariah: Stop fucking hoarding cats and maybe they won't be so miserable and aggressive.

I can't believe this development in the Moo saga. Now she's transforming into a crazy animal hoarder to go with her junky house. I hate people like this the most, though. Taking in a strays that show up on your doorstep is one thing, but she buys from "breeders" and purposefully seeks out more animals to hoarde. Disgusting.

No. 463399

i assume this is the new cat she got in cali or what the fuck ever
im sure she'll blame it being a stray and not from a breeder or some dumb shit

No. 463400


>claims to be too busy to keep up with patreon

>claims to have no time to work on cosplay
>constantly travels

Why does she think it's a good idea to get more pets? Does she think Collette is going to take care of them all? For an animal lover she sure doesn't understand the love and attention animals need.


Let's face it guys she will never be a serious cosplayer. She only claims to try to want to be one so people don't think she is a lazy fat ass. Actions speak louder than words and we have not seen her put any effort at all into her cosplays. The last cosplay she made herself was her Yoko?? And that one was terrible especially for someone who is getting paid to cosplay. Good on her though for being able to make money off of cheap Halloween costumes. She is just proving everyone right about how she doesn't care about being taken seriously as a cosplayer, how she is nothing but masturbation fodder, and how she is a lazy cunt.

No. 463401

>>463316 mom-scat

No. 463402

She probably didn't do any sort of research into the cat at all, like whether it even likes other cats. Not to mention older cats tend to be way more territorial than younger cats so ofc they'd wanna fight each other. She's so irresponsible.

No. 463403

File: 1510614780011.png (173.12 KB, 531x774, moomoocats.png)

People know she's a fucking idiot, anyone with a brain knows how to introduce animals, cats OR dogs. The fact that she's treating them like accessories you can just return to the store is disgusting. Fuck you Moo.

No. 463404

Damn doug over here going full ham.

Tenleid is right 100% and you should never not slowly introduce them. I left mine in a bathroom for 3 months and only let it out when the other was put away until their smells were intermixed and even then for the first month after they were fully introduced it was hell.

What a dumb cunt

Sage for cat shit

No. 463405

is ten the person who was talking to her about lizards idr

No. 463406


He’s so openly racist towards blacks and Latinos yet moo moo is always DUN BE RACIST!!!!111! What a fucking hypocrite lmao but unsurprising

No. 463420

it gives me narcissistic parent vibes. i think its cus they get excited with this new "thing" and then the excitement wears off so they get another one

No. 463430

yes she was trying to talk moomoo down from getting a snake or lizard because she didn't want her to kill them with her terrible husbandry.

No. 463432

I don't know why she didn't just call her holiday lewd spree Thankslewding to get the syllables correct (since lewdsgiving is out because her cos-mom took that name).

No. 463435

The business model for backpedaling and being a piece of shit garbage person? Nailed it.

No. 463445

File: 1510618133764.jpeg (195.13 KB, 517x768, EF75A86D-5ECB-4EB8-9506-FDD25E…)

No. 463453

Oh girl, no…she can't be that dumb. She can't.

No. 463454

Moomoo is trying so hard to be like Nigri it's actually embarrassing. The more "cosplay" she does the more the cringe sets in.

No. 463463

File: 1510620868027.png (80.67 KB, 718x508, Screenshot_2017-11-13-16-52-56…)

No one can be this dumb

No. 463469

File: 1510621066307.jpg (90.67 KB, 852x852, u md.jpg)

search ur heart, u kno it to be tru

girl is as dumb as a sack of bricks.

No. 463470

Thats not going to solve the blatant problem of her introducing two young cats to poor Jaeda. You're just a dumb ass Mariah.

It honestly seemed like Vamp was jealous of the kitten and wanted to get one of her own, and neither of them thought it through. That Twitter user is 100% correct that stress like this can kill and older cat.

No. 463474

yeah ignore the advice people gave you and go for the pheromones plug in, nice that'll work

No. 463475

how hard is it to isolate the cat and introduce it slowly? it can still be done, she's only had the cat for like 2 days hasn't she?

No. 463478

samefagging to add that there is an easy fucking solution to the cats stress. it's not like its pulling its hair unexplainably or is stressed because you moved homes or seperation anxiety or something. like there is a direct solution, why … i just..

No. 463480

This girl is the dumbest bitch I never thought would exist. That poor cat is is gonna die with too much stress because she is too fucking selfish and stubborn to learn how to introduce cats properly. The poor fucking cat.

Why show something that your don't have?

No. 463482

no it's been since she's been back from California from blizzcon, a weekish?

No. 463483

File: 1510621565201.jpeg (156.35 KB, 750x1334, 86243F3F-BAFB-4544-B83B-CCEC2C…)

Phenomenon spray, lol

No. 463490

what the fuck even is "phenomenon spray"???

No. 463496

File: 1510622088187.jpg (111.35 KB, 640x480, phenomenon.jpg)

unsaged anon pls, she meant pheromone as someone else already stated

No. 463498


They're both dumbasses. Cats are not accessories. If you two loved your cats so much why get more and make it harder on the cats you guys already have? This is what happens when you give idiots money. Spend it all on shit they don't need. If Mariah is as busy as she claims to be on her social media getting another animal should've been the last thing on her mind.

No. 463504

File: 1510622269018.png (66.06 KB, 1030x224, Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 5.14…)

Apparently not difficult enough for you to stop being selfish and stop hoarding cats. Who wants to bet if she got rid of the new cat, shed just replace them with a new kitten because its 'easier'.

No. 463507

in b4 she blames vamp

No. 463509

No. 463512

The sad thing is that if it was Guzma causing the stress there would be no way in hell she'd consider finding him a new home. But since its Vamp's and a cat, I'm assuming, they just picked up at a shelter, then Namine is expendable.

No. 463520

i have screenshots of dms between me and her from a while back about taking her cat to cons, are those ok to post or is self posting frowned upon? sage for probably dumb question

No. 463521

Post away!

No. 463522

If its milky then post it.

No. 463525

If it's a shelter cat returning her makes it even less likely she'll get adopted. Seriously that shit pisses me off. Vamp likely did it for the attention Moo was getting but wanted to outdo by saying Rescue. Saged of course

No. 463528

Its better for a shelter cat to go back to the shelter it was adopted from, if for whatever reason the family can't/ won't care for it. But they adopted her in California, and even tho Moo is out there right now sucking dick I highly doubt she'd travel all the way just to give Namine back to the shelter. IF they even got her at a shelter, I don't think they ever specified where Namine even came from.

No. 463529

She got the cat from Roxy. Guessing Roxy is a backyard breeder since she had a hoarde of cats

No. 463532

So basically roxy probably didn't get her cats fixed and then pawned the spawn off on Vamp and Moo, who will continue to not care for them. Sage for tinfoil.

No. 463553

Basically. Either roxy is taking terrible care of them which is why it’s attacking jaeda, or moo took a cat that’s ferrel and was careless enough to assume it’ll integrate fine. No matter what they both look like terrible people

No. 463558

Do we have proof of her getting the cat from Roxy? I never saw anything about where the cat was from. Sage for possible OT.

No. 463560

Moo posted an instastory of them picking the cat up at a girls house. I wasn’t paying attention to whose house it was at the time, but that’s where these anons are getting that.

No. 463561

Moo said in an instastory that they got the cat from Roxy specifically and there is another earlier video of them at someone's house with about 6-7 visible cats all over the place

No. 463562

File: 1510626843433.png (492.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171113-203048.png)

Wait, did she get lipo before she was "cosfamous" too?

No. 463565

I assume they mean lap band surgery or something similar. Not lipo. And she has no scars from that sort of surgery so I highly doubt that's true.

No. 463567

I mean if she got lipo around 16 the scars would be LONG gone, they’re usually gone after a couple years.

No. 463569

File: 1510627466778.jpeg (173.9 KB, 750x596, DD073673-E120-451D-B397-B29EEF…)

I feel like this is a lie since those things notoriously don’t work. She probably is just trying to cover her ass after people were criticizing her for getting too many cats too quickly.

No. 463571

File: 1510628247317.png (95.47 KB, 720x536, Screenshot_2017-11-13-18-56-25…)

No. 463574

File: 1510628858473.jpeg (329.49 KB, 750x1054, 1BCAC377-D64F-4528-ABC3-64F3D1…)

Totally not passive aggressive my dudes

No. 463575

so this is where the charity money is going lel

No. 463580

Basically MooMoo

No. 463582

Its a bandaid for a problem that happens with older cats. She was JUST complaining that Jaeda is territorial and she preferred Guzma. This just seems like she's unsatisfied with the outcome and would rather do a quick fix than create a system to help this adopted cat. She would probably get rid of Jaeda if she attacked Guzma.

No. 463584

Putting bets on when momo just quietly shuts up about her cats because one of them has died or something because of her negligence

No. 463585

Jaeda probably already has attacked, or at least swiped at Guzma when Moo hasn't been looking.

But, it does make me think, if they're forced to give up one of the cats because they don't have a license to own that many, which one would end up being given up?

No. 463589

They notoriously don't work and wouldnt work in 4 hours she's an idiot. It takes days and even then doesnt do shit or didnt for me. What a liar

No. 463590

She's just saying that to keep people from riding her ass about introducing two new cats to her old one.

No. 463593

Wow never thought I’d be praising someone like tenlied for shit but here we are. She also went on a “don’t get cats from breeders” rant after moo got Guzma and sage bc no proof but I heard from another farmer close to her that it was confirmed for being about moo. People need to keep holding this cow accountable for her shit.

No. 463594

File: 1510632915234.png (270.68 KB, 1242x2208, 28FE31A3-634D-4A36-BAB6-4C8D9E…)

been sitting on these for a while since more important stuff was going on and i didn’t want to clog the thread. these are from halloween, same day she released takano project. i only sound really polite because i figured if i wasn’t asspatting i’d get ignored

No. 463595

not defending the mess that is Momo, but Feliway works on some level for most cats? are there other ones out there that don't work?

No. 463596

File: 1510633039692.png (291.5 KB, 1242x2208, 7EC6293D-BEF0-43BE-B948-8EEEB9…)

No. 463597

File: 1510633195299.png (289.19 KB, 1242x2208, E406B656-C83D-4D30-ACC3-AED482…)

she implies that not only does she want to take him to cons, she wants to dress him up too. what the fuck

i would have fought her harder but it felt like talking to a brick wall.

No. 463598

Thanks for the screenshots, anon! This bitch seriously refuses to listen to anything anyone says. I am so baffled that she seriously thinks bringing an 8 month old cat to a convention is ok.

On the other hand, I find it so hilarious that she thinks she’d actually be able to bring an 8 month old cat to a convention. Emotional support animals are not service animals, therefore they are not granted the same privileges of being able to go to public places without question. She’s fucking retarded for believing otherwise. It takes two minutes of research to understand this.

No. 463600

You're right, she'd just make excuses
>oh I'm taking the cat to local cons not far away cons
>ignoring that the subtext is about taking the cat out to stressful situations in general
Girl is dumb.

No. 463602

It didn’t work on 2 out of 3 cats in my house, and it only worked for a couple of days.

No. 463608

This is where the charity money/neckbeard biz went? I feel sorry the locals have to witness this lard stomp around. She’ll probably wear cosplay in punblic thinking it’s ok over there.

No. 463609

I double dog dare her to grab at someone's ass randomly there. Please, get deported and banned.

No. 463612

Oh yee of little mind.

No. 463614


No. 463617

this has nothing to do with cats specifically, this is how she approaches everything

No. 463624

File: 1510641433465.png (616.12 KB, 720x1027, Screenshot_2017-11-13-22-34-10…)

Meds hitting a little hard tonight

No. 463625

it's the cat pheromones

No. 463626

chill our momo trump

No. 463629

"Phenomenon" my dudes

No. 463631

Its actually quite disgusting how disposable she is treating the cat, its basically "we have tried nothing and we are all out of ideas". she has been home from blizzcon like not even a week and she is already ready to chuck it in the bin.

My bet is the cat probably pissed on something and using bullshit reasons to get rid of it

No. 463640

She got it from another cosplayer who fosters cats.

No. 463642

Jfc. Animal Control isn't going to come out and fucking take her cats away. Everyone needs to calm down about reporting her. There are millions of breeders and other pet owners with surprise the cat you have is pregnant incidences. I get the law, but seriously. Don't go fucking reporting someone's house and animals. Its not your business. Its not like she is torturing them. She doesn't know how to introduce them and integrate them properly. I get the whole stress thing for Jaeda, but come on.
Does she not realize emotional support animals have zero rights that service animals have? You can't bring them places and just flash some damn paper saying that they are an emotional support animal. You can still kick that person off a bus, out of a hotel, froma convention, planes… Its 100% not the same. Why does she think her situation is any more special than anyone else's? Millions of people have the same mental issues as her, but aren't nearly as fucking dumb.

No. 463649

File: 1510646220212.png (210.43 KB, 500x332, 1471193220301.png)

That anon didn't even mention reporting anyone, so chill out.

Moomoo isn't going to learn that her kitten isn't allowed in certain places until she gets rejected. And even then she's going to turn it into a sob story and possibly have her neckvirgins attack those places and people. Sadly there is no talking sense into an idiot.

No. 463650


If it isn't already obvious Moo likes to surround herself with people who agree with her. She even messages me at times for reassurance. At first I was trying to be a good friend but it started to become obvious that she only talked to me whenever she needed someone to agree with her or to tell her she is right…. it was made very obvious when she had a falling out with kbbq. She kept trying to convince me that he was the one in the wrong. I don't know why though because I've been friends with him way before she started talking to me. She's a coward. Plain and simple. When her twitter got deleted she asked me to retweet her so she could gain her followers again and tried to guilt trip me when she felt like I would say no to her. I'm trying my best to get her out of my life and lucky for me she only talks to me she needs something. It's really off putting that she needs a bunch of people to agree with her to feel validated.

No. 463651

No. 463652

These are cats she's had for a while too. Jawda and whatever Vamo's older cat's name is. Unless this is a different black fluffy cat outside the door. But if you already have two cats that act like this, why bother with a 4th? Let alone getting a kitten before Jaeda even still likes Vamp's older cat? The Naimine cat is white, isn't it?


No. 463653

So are you tenlied or who even are you? Show caps or don't talk about her coming to you. You could be making this all up for we know.

No. 463655

I have a sneaking suspicion you were born in 1706 and created the Chidori.

No. 463657

She already donated the charity money. Unless you mean the Bee prints she hasnt uploaded yet to get money to donate because you know, victims can wait.

No. 463658

she used my old friend (another cosplayer) too. had her sign her into Disneyland and then ignored her and was a complete bitch the whole time apparently. kbbq was the one who apologized to her for moo being a rude and ungrateful bitch and moo only apologized to her after she posted publicly about the incident and said some shit about “sorry my dude i was high and it wasn’t a good trip”. which was a lie because she was only in a bad mood until my friend left because she felt used and unwanted. TLDR; moo is a cunt and kbbq was always compensating to fix her problems.

Sage for OT and no caps because this was months ago.

No. 463659

File: 1510649620970.jpeg (124.56 KB, 750x983, AAB36D1B-AA0B-4E34-AC67-35A9B9…)

The ignorance of the people that support her is just fucking astounding

Btw this is one the girl that isn’t Roxy in her Higurashi video

No. 463660

KBBQ is old news and unless we have caps, we should just stop talking about him. Claiming to know people or know them personally without proof doesn't do anyone any good and looks more like conjecture rather than anything actually solid.

No. 463661


Typical moomookunt only apologizing when it benefits her and not because it's the right thing to do. Why does she even need someone to get her in? She's always flaunting the patreon bux.

No. 463663

if I recall kbbq asked to sign in moo. friend did it because she was friends with moo too. trying to find screenshots now. I can message the friend too. hold up.

Saging again for no caps

No. 463664

eh feliway has worked for me and my cats.

No. 463665

yeah it works for me but i have to respray every few days.

No. 463666


Mariah has a history of trying to get free stuff cough HP cough so it wouldn't surprise me if she pestered him to ask her for her as well.

No. 463667

With that tho, everything she said that David said is true. He did say that he only is around her just to see her fail and that he’s around her because she gives him money. But this was something that could have been handled quietly instead of instigating a witch hunt.

No. 463669

Show some caps of him saying that, anon. Otherwise it's still hearsay.

No. 463670


I doubt he was using her for the money. He's pretty well off without her. I also heard she treated him like shit throughout the so called friendship. If I remember correctly she poured a potted plant on him at a convention and took pictures to humiliate him. I don't blame him for thinking low of her since she doesn't seem to treat her friends very well.

No. 463671

Take KBBQ to /snow/ >>>/snow/386826

No. 463672

File: 1510651015926.png (510.78 KB, 750x1334, 364F3E88-4779-4F22-8D4A-BE28C8…)

Sage for OT but I have more screenshots I’ll take to snow if people want to see

But yeah David is a dick

No. 463675

Christmas came early

No. 463677

Finally someone showed the text messages that Mariah got forwarded. I’ve seen these and it was from another “friend” of Mariah’s at the time before she exhausted her resources of people to pat her on the back. Shortly after seeing the convo she than sent on her social media rampage of David.

No. 463681

Yeah I mean I would have shown her the messages no matter what bc he’s a dick, but she shouldn’t have rampaged against him. That was really shitty made me feel a little regret for doing so bc I didn’t realize that she doxes people and sends her little army after people. It’s immature and a bad media presence.

No. 463682

I appreciate that this evidence but there is now the situation where drama will come your friends way cuz of this.

No. 463683


>trusts Mooriah will not make a big drama out of anything

You obviously have not known her long.

No. 463684

Well I officially know who you are now.
Sorry you feel regret about it but it happens. Sometimes you can’t be nice to ignorance.

No. 463685

deleting then. didn't think it through. forgot moo might lurk through.

No. 463686

I know I’ll be fine, none of my friends like her and most of them know what I did so if she comes after me then so be it

Yeah you right. I haven’t known her long and gave her the benefit of doubt despite what David kept telling me.

And you’re right about that. But I honestly wouldn’t change what I did. He’s a shit and a creeper and at least I had some sense of decency to show Mariah how much of a shit person he is behind her back.

No. 463687

Two wrongs will never make a right;
I don’t blame you for showing her but she has zero respect for anyone and unfortunately she isn’t mature enough to handle a situation that could have been held privately.

No. 463690

Every action she does appalls me. And shows no way of maturing. Like I know this has been said before but… she’s a child with the amount of money she collects and is just so immature.

No. 463692


Anon if you know you’ll be fine would you mind reposting?

Or were the posts by 2 different anons?

No. 463693

two different anons.

No. 463694

Also what about those „big plan“ cosplays for winter? Alexander ,Trevor ,And this one Mei version for Christmas…

No. 463695

If we're going to be real now then I'll admit it. I've given nearly 4k in helping her, Collette, and Gabby. She went to San Fran last August and she asked me for help cuz she mismanaged her money. $400 bucks there. Collete totalled her car and I gave her $700 to help her stay out of debt cuz she's Mariah's best friend. I donated money to Gabby's husband's medical expenses cuz of the same reason. I think that was $400-$500. $500 for the recent chairty, between $1100-$1400 with her other streams, and Patreon money idk the exact. Granted I actually wanted to be her friend and try to develop a relationship with her cuz of the depression post 2 years ago. I'm blocked by her cuz I told her about Bardock a year ago on how he would flip on her about his self image and the whole costhot thing. She said I don't know him cuz I'd never met him in person. Here we are a year later. Told her Dave was trouble cuz of his ex who cheated on him, his crossplay, and the military draft Korea thing. That he also had self image issues that would implode their friendship. Blocked for that and ratified 8 months later. Like I've been trying to genuinely fix things with her and address this shit. Like all of you on these threads, her personal shit, and just the whole spiel. It's been like trying to care for a drug addict who just won't stop. I've been on the block list then made new profiles in order to just be the voice in this to her that she didn't buy and was honest toward her and all it ever is excuses, bs, flirting with other dudes, resentment building silence, guilt tripping, and just draining. She treats genuine people like shit but wants to hang out with Overflow who's with Keemstar and this same dude congratulates Bardock who's wanting her, not said directly but heavily insinuated, to be at the Patreon chopping block. Like really? You can't be bothered to just ask how my day's going just once in 2 years. 2 years. I'm not mad about the money or bring played or whatever Cuck dude insult that may come my way of being strung along or what the fuck ever. It's just being Morty from Rick & Morty where Jessica calls looking for him and he says " You don't miss me. You miss someone loving you so much that you don't have to love them back." And y'all can give me shit or lay into me as much as you want. I saw more than what was there and I was blinded too much to notice it.

No. 463696

I'm sorry for making this a sap post but I am proud of the people who are posting caps and are posting stories about Mariah in here. I can relate to you all who "fear" retribution on her behalf and what they would do to your own relationships irl. It's not easy and I promise cutting the bitch out of your life one way or another is more refreshing than letting it dwell; don't let your feelings be in the dumpster til someone fishes it out.

No. 463697


Who is this??? And I am so sorry this happened to you.

No. 463698


You need a hug. You had faith in a person and you’re a good guy for that. Unfortunately, she’s young and very spoiled. Her whole life she’s been spoiled. So she can’t appreciate a good thing. I hope the right person crosses your path so you can shower them with you love anon.

No. 463699

thats probably why she doesn't talk to my friend anymore either. because she shared her experience with moo is and moo didn't like what she heard so she faked an apology (friend even said it didn't feel genuine because it took a mutuals friend getting on moos case) and then dumped her. but she won't speak out against moo publicly because as she's said in the past she doesn't want to be attacked or risk losing her favorite hobby (cosplay) or job over it. they have a lot of mutual friends to my understanding and doesn't want to jeopardize that so she keeps her mouth shut publicly. she won't even talk about moo via text half the time because she's so afraid of being doxxed if something makes the rounds.

No. 463702

follow up: mind you even when she does talk about moo shes always respectful and she doesn't really say many negative things. just that she prefers keeping her opinion on moo to herself because she doesn't need the drama. pisses me off that moo has the power she has.

No. 463703

I appreciate it. I'm just tired of trying to tell her that she could of avoided all this and could resolve things to some degree in order to fix herself. Just met with dismissal or an excuse but also just repeat the same cycle of getting high energy then huge crashes in emotions on her part in her life. Be chomping at the bit to do a bunch of projects then deflates extremely then it's just damage control. It isn't healthy and it feeds into itself until the tipping point. Which is why I stayed in so long in order to avoid that.

No. 463704

kind of want to know who you are because you might know my friend. sorry to hear she did that to you. glad you wised up. you deserve better.

No. 463705

Like even this is that cycle. All the work last month then now it will deflate. She'll get notified about these recent posts and it will just be " I've been betrayed again!" type of posts or smear campaign. Just more pain general and it fucking sucks. Like I'm not naive to think she was a saint or she's the best crafter it was recognizing similar shit in her issues with her family and self and wanting to help resolve them. So we wouldn't be here 36 threads deep on her or all this drama.

No. 463708

I doubt it. I'm not a cosplayer.

No. 463710

Oh god, please don't let her go to Japan, foreigners already have enough stereotypes and I don't need this whale sexually harassing Asian men and being a disrespectful cunt to those around her

No. 463713

She can't afford furniture or to take care of her pet's health bills, I doubt it.

No. 463714

Plus she wouldn't be able to take her cats or her drugs if she did go

No. 463719

Bets on her trying to smuggle weed using hacks from Wikihow?
I'll also bet on her trying to bring the kitten as an emotional support animal and going apeshit when denied.

No. 463720

File: 1510661902102.jpg (50.12 KB, 640x960, 22894388_1188162601328687_1840…)

No. 463722

File: 1510661976875.jpg (48 KB, 640x960, 22815499_1188162514662029_1503…)

No. 463724

so this is the same wig she’s been wearing for the last couple days, right

No. 463727

No. 463761


> when you're on your period and go to change in a public restroom and forgot to bring a pad

No. 463764

>hmm ok ill open my mouth and eyes real wide! that'll make me look crazy

No. 463768

Thank you to those that have come forward and put themselves out there.

Mariah is a shit stain, and I hate that people are afraid of saying anything about it because of what she may do to them publicly. Its fucking bullshit, people shouldn't be held hostage like that.

Now we know why Mariah freaked on KBBQ, but she's still the one that takes credit for his work while also continuing to commission him for things. So… I'm sure most of the people in her life are just there to watch the inevitable trainwreck

Also I love that this >>463695 anon confirmed how shit she is with her money. And to me the possibility that she spent all that charity money and waited for her Patreonbux to come in at the first of the month is probably, most likely, absolutely true.

No. 463772

How long till she releases actual porn?

No. 463774

God… look at the difference between both pics. One looks so classy while Momokun looks like she's about to eat your soul with these eyes. What bothers me so much about Momokun is how her poses and faces never look sexy no matter what…

No. 463775

i realized Mariahs biggest issue is that she doesn't know enough to know she doesn't know enough. Like she calls herself a business genius but if she took an MBA course she will realize how much she doesn't know. But then again knowing her she will act like she knew everything all along.

No. 463778


It's too amusing how she claims to be such a business savvy person but can't deliver Patreon rewards on schedule. She has no concept of what it means to run a serious business, she's winging it, making ridiculous amounts of money and thanks to Patreon's soft touch rules as they clearly don't give a shit, she's still behind on delivering to her loyal fans. Any normal business with such shit customer service would be gone in a flash.

No. 463780

This is why I feel the fabled online collage classes that are mentioned here and there are so unlikely. Especially if it was for something like business. Education is all about discovering how little you actually know and understand about the world, and I doubt Moo is ready to face that. She is way too emotionally fragile. If she was taking classes she would be bragging about whatever she was learning so people could feed her ego and assure her that she's so smart and whatever. This chick literally needs someone to pat her ass 24/7 and tell her how right she is about everything. No fucking way she'd put herself in any position to be told she's wrong.

No. 463781

What if she's just doing so poorly in her classes that she doesn't want people to know? Mariah seems like the kind of student that is just getting by with C's and D's, and because she's taking online classes she could also look up the answer to tests. Throughout October she was doing all those costumes and shoots, when does she realistically have the time to actually study?

No. 463783

File: 1510679364182.png (1.2 MB, 1170x960, shoop.png)

just wanted to put this to rest. Momo has obviously found someone who will shoop her boobs bigger in photos and does an ok job at it. There is no way this is all 'posing my dudes' and they're from the same shoot.

No. 463784

this post made me kek like no tomorrow tbh

Honestly the one who showed Mariah these messages has to be vile as hell. Someone tells stuff THIS confidential to you and you just go out your way and tell it to the person in question, while fully acknowledging what a psycho bitch Moo is? I would be terrified of a person like Mariah and I really don't blame KBBQ for lashing out at her in private. If he confronted her about it or dropped her completely, she would've thrown a tantrum like that anyway. Does someone REALLY believe that Moo would be able to put on her grown girl pants and be an adult about this and NOT make it into a huge public drama?

No. 463785


Narcissists will always believe they're 100% right. Any slight criticism and out comes the passive aggressive replies, which we've seen Momo do countless times, or the downright negative highschool bitch type responses which she's also great at. We'll be seeing her do more sexual projects each time her social media or herself personally takes a hit ie the Twitter suspension. She gets nowhere near the likes or retweets she used to since on her new account, so she's desperately trying to get that back no matter what it takes.

Momo needs that validation fix and craves more & more as she gets more attention as it makes her feel more complete, even if that means spreading her ass cheeks in a cheap costume in a tatty blonde wig holding poorly poured beer while hosting this stupid #thanksforlewding thing. Those Amazon gift cards she's promising probably don't even exist.

No. 463790

If she's taking classes, does anyone know where? UNLVs calendar hasn't reached finals yet, unless online classes are shorter terms.

No. 463793


wow look a convenient excuse not to send out the bee-kini mei charity prints when she said she would

No. 463797


Online classes in general are a joke. I would not be surprised if she's taking community college online courses instead of UNLV. Regardless as someone who has done online classes herself I can say that online classes were leagues easier than my regular classes. I could look up answers online during tests and even take tests together with fellow classmates. I'm not the smartest girl but even I was able to cram a weeks worth of class in 2 hours because a lot of it was just online modules. Only As I received in collegere were online classes. I was taking my business and Econ classes.

No. 463798

File: 1510680989272.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171114-093408.png)

>charging patrons for this content
>also posts it for free everywhere

What a cunt.

No. 463799

File: 1510681021421.png (1002.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171114-093251.png)

No. 463800


Oh look another commissioned costume…not surprised there.

No. 463805

Only Moomoo would go on a vacation while having two brand new cats. Bitch couldn't wait until after they've settled in or after the hostilities between the cats died down? Selfish fucking cunt.

No. 463806

Did her photo exposing her ass got deleted from instagram?

No. 463807

Why is it so hard for her to properly link or even spell people's handles right?


It's not insta where you can't put links to give proper credit.

No. 463808

Yeah, the one who spilled must be very naive as fuck to think that Moo wouldn't blow it up. Even if they followed Mariah, they would see how vile she is by her twitter posts alone. She posts nasty tweets every week. That person has to take some responsibility for running someone off of the internet. KBBQ wasn't even as vicious as Mariah. I'd want to see her burn too if she dumped a potted plant onto my head and kept taking credit for my work.

No. 463809

No, it's still there.

No. 463812

File: 1510682866766.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 8FB73B87-ADF5-491C-8199-84C500…)

“Now watch as my new kitchen scratches and bites the shit out of it!!!! Such an incredible dress” but she’s letting her kitten destroy it already. What a sloppy person.

No. 463817

A custom dress that looks exactly like everything else in that chicks store for $140+ is she gonna actually add to it and claim an OC or just pose with too much flesh showing again and call it a day?

No. 463819


Such a hard working cosplayer my dudes.

No. 463828

I didn’t know Mariah well enough and trust me, a lot happened between me and kbbq to the point that I couldn’t trust what he said and I actually went to Mariah for clarification bc he told me a lot about her and I didn’t know what was true and false. I wasn’t just whistleblowing, I wanted to know what he said to me (which I’m sure was stuff she told him in confidentiality) was true or false and honestly, he said that so many times that if I was in Mariah’s place with him, I wouldn’t want him as a friend either. It’s really shit to have someone like that and say that they’re only around me only to watch my downfall.

I know it’s hard to do this since this is all anon, but trust me, he’s an asshole and I had no control over what she did next, but I still feel it was right to tell her.

No. 463829

Forgot to sage for OT

No. 463830

You do know that she's exactly the same, right? She does the same thing to her friends that kbbq did. They're one in the same. You fucked up, imo. It's not smart to go to anyone and ask, "Hey is this stuff true?" and expect for them to tell the truth. Naive as hell.

No. 463832

File: 1510686124146.png (141.77 KB, 720x787, Screenshot_2017-11-14-10-56-46…)

Aww, Moomoo passive aggressively subtweeting people still like the insecure teenager we all know you are inside.

She's more active on twitter too, so I'm thinking she's using this suspension as an excuse to give her even more of a hugbox, she can post without a filter safe from all the boolies uwu

No. 463833

I agree with >>463830, you really expect someone to be accused of being a shitty person to admit to it? Whether what you were told by KBBQ was true or not, Momo would deny it regardless.

No. 463834


lol she's probably lurking here and trying to wrap her head about who the people coming forward are and unfollowing a bunch of people out of paranoia.

No. 463835

Yeah I didn’t okay? I barely paid attention to her because I didn’t know who or what she was and I didn’t know anyone else that I knew that knew her I could have gone to and cleared everything up.

Now assuming that people actually read the threads, yeah I didn’t know what she would do. I thought she would have handled this privately. I only followed her IG and that’s it. So anything else about her I was in the dark.

This is hopefully the last of me talking about this but either way, he got what was coming to him because he’s a fuckboy and a liar and honestly, all my friends don’t even like him because he never gave them the bare amount of respect.

No. 463837


What kind of dipshit goes up to someone and says “Hey, are all the horrible things people are saying you did true?” What makes you think she was going to tell the truth?

It seems like all you did was come here to defend Moomoo and her bullshit. All you’ve said is “What she did was bad, but KBBQ is a fuckboy and a liar and all my friends hate him. But don’t blame me because I barely knew her”

You’re no different than all the other anons who come here with these bullshit “inner circle” claims and that KBBQ is a rapist.

No. 463838


God both of you shut the fuck up and take your infighting elsewhere unless you have something actually to contribute to the thread

No. 463840


Regardless this is just more proof that people who are "friends" with Moomoo do not actually like her. It's proof that eventually everyone will jump ship on her once it sinks. Time is ticking.

No. 463841

I do think she's said before they're online classes at UNLV.

No. 463842

I get you don't like KBBQ but it just seems like you were stirring the pot tbh. Either that or you're just incredibly naive. Not that I'm complaining too much since it brought a bunch of milk.

No. 463845

There's more than one anon replying to them and it's barely even infighting, anon. Chill out.

Mariah doesn't seem like the type to study so I wonder if she's faking these classes or barely keeping up. She goes on way too many vacations to be a student.

No. 463846

The more you're explaining it the more suspicious it gets. Either you're Momo herself or you're feeling bad about it and trying to justify your extremely shitty deed by this ridiculous "b-but I didn't know Mariah and that she would blow it up like that!" bullshit. If KBBQ trusted you enough to tell this kind of stuff to you, you DEFINITELY knew what kind of a person she is. She's a very visible figure in the circles as well. Just saying.

This, if it's not Momo herself posting, anon was just mad at KBBQ and wanted to fuck him up. No sane person goes up to someone and says "hey by the way this guy told me you're a crazy bitch and he enjoys watching you crash and burn, is it true?" without spiteful intentions.

No. 463849

>This, if it's not Momo herself posting, anon was just mad at KBBQ and wanted to fuck him up.

this + he wanted moos attention

No. 463850

yeah you fucked up. but thanks for the milk i guess?
im pretty much guessing that she’s saying this shit because some mutuals who were following her before won’t follow her here lol she’s so butthurt lmao

No. 463851

Sounds like bs. UNLV semesters are 16 weeks and end in mid-December. (https://www.unlv.edu/news-story/2017-2018-academic-calendar)

Also their online dept doesn't have a business program. Most are Masters degrees for working people. (https://www.unlv.edu/learn-online/programs)

Out of curiosity I also checked College of Southern Nevada, which also has 16-week semesters and there are shortened 8-week classes, but those go from Aug-Oct, or Oct-Dec.

Moo is probably lying, because she has to put everything mundane on her social media and never talks about studying….

No. 463856

File: 1510689462402.png (120.69 KB, 280x262, Outfit.PNG)

"Exact look I wanted!"
"We collabed on this dress

No. 463857


She's probably getting that university of Phoenix degree lol

No. 463858

she didnt link it cause she didnt wanna make it easy to find it was just shit she bought i guess lmao holy fuck moo you are pathetic

No. 463860

I wonder who she’s pissed about? I haven’t seen Gabby, Tasha, or any of her usual leeches tweeting at her and she hasn’t tweeted at them, but she’s following so many people it’s hard to check

No. 463866


But why lie about going to school? Maybe she doesn’t like being thought of as some talentless whale whose only “skill” is laying on her back and spreading her legs. So she has to tell everyone that she is in school and is making something out of herself so that she feels better about the lies she tells herself.

I’ll never understand people who publicly lie when it’s so easy to find out the truth.

No. 463868

>>463863 If she was really going to school, like a normal student she would be posting about it often, what she's been working on, etc. Her claiming to suddenly have a final exam after all she does is post her partying, cats, drinking, cosplay shit, no one really thinks she goes to school. I doubt anyone cares either, she keeps behaving like her followers want to know about her life, when all they want to know is when her legs will spread.

No. 463869

lmfao..great find anon, this is fucking hilarious
What a pathetic cow

No. 463873

it would almost be sad if she wasnt such a garbage human being

No. 463874


If she was a REAL cosplayer you'd think she would work on something fall themed. And cosplay it. It's so obvious she wants to be like her mom Jnig who also does small shoots with Halloween costumes. Except the different between the two is that I can trust Jnig to bust out a big project cosplay without commissioning.

No. 463879

Why lie like that? I was laughing because she commissioned something she could have easily made by hot gluing rags to a premade dress, but now jfc my sides. It's nice for the event it's intended for but cosplay wise it's so uncreative and boring.

No. 463886

that dress is fucking horrible and lazy. everything in that etsy shop is horrible and lazy. "hey lets take a wal-mart dress and attach a buncha scarves to that. SO EDGE"

No. 463907

Because people always brings up how she does nothing with her life. So she tries to brag about the fact she's a student (wow) and also how she apparently helps her struggling, upper middle class family.

No. 463908

Its funny because she only ever mentions school when she's looking for a pity party or when these "final exams" happen.

No. 463913

I believe that
Momo is living proof of that

No. 463926

One of her old cosplayers she used unfollowed her. Probably because of that. Lol

No. 463936

It goes with her narcissistic personality. She can't stand be told she's not the best or right when it comes to everything. This is why she constantly claps back and makes excuses for everything: her shitty cosplays, patreon rewards not being shipped out,the charity fiasco, her weight, and even retarded shit like tinfoil fan theories (cuz she's totally a super fan of everything my dudes). Even her shitty attitude isn't her fault, it the booooolllies! So of course she's going to clap back with the claim she's a student earning a fancy degree and NOT sitting on her ass all day reading lolcow. We are just all jelly of how great she is and we're gonna be sorry when she is….what, exactly the same in 5 years?

No. 463947

File: 1510698826455.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20171114-133516.png)


No. 463950

Because she wants everyone to think she is smart my dudes. Not just some dumb ass silly little bitch from dearborn. lol

Oh, and she also lies about everything so anyone out there is stupid enough to ever believe she is taking classes of any kind needs to go subscribe to her patreon because you are a sucker.

No. 463951

>>463947 there is literally no such thing as tasteful to her. This could be a cute photo, but no, her tits have to be hanging out in her bra and it has to look like she has no pants on either. She has to whore anything up to get any kind of attention, its so gross.

No. 463952

File: 1510699536110.png (777.16 KB, 900x599, Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 5.44…)

No. 463956

it's about tenleid. Ten's ex replying in the comments makes it clear, plus she's probably mad abt the advice she gave about the cats.

No. 463958

Guzma on yet another car journey with her again…poor thing is just a toy.

No. 463962


Nigri wore this same thing last year for he’d lewd whatever, Christmas probably

No. 463964

lmao i like how she is trying to hide Fupa-chan by bringing her legs closer to her body. not working moomoo.

No. 463981

Is she honestly wearing the blonde wig around just to convince herself even further that she is exactly like Nigri?

No. 463983

File: 1510703505682.jpeg (103.09 KB, 1242x422, A01C2968-8623-4A11-BF63-DFC90B…)

just going to assume we know exactly who this is about.

No. 463985


Do they follow each other?

No. 463987

yeah but I never see them interact anymore.

No. 463990

File: 1510704308123.jpeg (307.22 KB, 1242x1307, B9D2E15F-CF30-48F8-A524-98E5F7…)

anyone think these are connected? i know this cosplayer has interacted / been around moo in the past.
sage for possible tinfoil

No. 463993

>please be humble please be kind

lol is this moos alt

No. 464002

lol she’s still a relatively small following and probably naive. followed her since we met at ala when she was with tasha.

No. 464003

File: 1510705281983.png (560.72 KB, 795x579, exercise.png)

She has NO idea what the fuck she is doing. The proof is in her caption though,

"dude love posting these videos cause you guys can see what I'm doing and not doing right and I get a lot of feedback. 130lbs Down & Back x 3"

She just wants people to shower her with how amazing she is. What legit trainer would be okay with how lazily she is flipping those fucking tires, and with her back?

No. 464010

More like she read the criticism about her posture here.

No. 464011

Is she doing crossfit?? Crossfit is so fucking dangerous cuz a lot of the stuff they do is just plain bad for your body to be doing, especially for someone her weight. Also, it's super easy to be a crossfit trainer, so I wouldn't trust a trainer there to give correct form advice.

Just fucking work out like a normal person, Moo. Working out doesn't have to be stupid fun games like in Kindergarten gym class. Lift some weights, do some pull ups, maybe your body will finally not look like a sack of fat.

Side note, how much she's posting pictures of her working out now is basically proof that all those years she was bragging about working out without any picture evidence was all lies.

No. 464012


Looks like Mariah has more "snakes" in her garden. Who am I kidding. No one is her real friend. She probably knows that her numbers are the only reason people give her the time of day. If she acted like she did with a fraction of the following she has she would have been kicked out of the con scene in a flash.

No. 464017

>literally spreading your gross ass on instagram

every time i think moo cant get any more gross SHE DOES. the gift that keeps on giving.

happy holidays moo. thank you.

No. 464023

Ugh, you just don't get it , anon! She can't show how much of a super awesome workout goddess she is just by running on the treadmill or lifting weights like a dumb normie. Mariah is hardcore! She has to to do Crossfit. I mean, how else will people know how hard she works super hard on achieving that chiseled Olympian physique of hers?

No. 464025

how else will people know how hard she works on achieving that chiseled Olympian physique of hers?**
Is what I meant.
I obviously do not know how to type lol.

No. 464027

>kotaku makes a post about punk overwatch cosplayers
>includes a solo picture of Vamp, only a few pictures with Moo in them


No. 464040

a lot of people in the cosplay scene won’t call her out because she’ll just dox the fuck out of them. no one likes her, they just have to put up with her or face being attacked by her horny neckbeard knights.

No. 464041

thinks 10 lazy tire flips with poor form will help her lose weight. lmfao bless. try some diet and cardio you slug.

No. 464043

File: 1510711001640.png (810.43 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-11-14-17-54-09…)

This makes me sick knowing she's close to giving up Namine any day now. You cant just swap cats like a store return for fat fuck

No. 464044

File: 1510711029485.png (988.4 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2017-11-14-17-52-28…)

No. 464045

File: 1510711094426.png (789.41 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2017-11-14-17-52-45…)

No. 464046

This looks like hot garbage.

No. 464047

The outfit was garbage to begin with. Then she just threw more garbage on top to go without her garbage looks and now garbage personality.

No. 464048

she’s going to look homeless in that kek

No. 464049


That's fucking gross.

No. 464052


This folks is what happens when you give idiots money. They spend it on useless things without a second thought. Who in the right mind gets an older cat right after getting a very young one? I hope someone who knows her reports her.

No. 464053

File: 1510711758411.png (389.97 KB, 720x940, Screenshot_2017-11-14-18-02-15…)

No. 464054

File: 1510711850181.png (212.92 KB, 720x644, Screenshot_2017-11-14-18-03-40…)

No. 464055

woo dem Florida hurricane survivors are going to be sooooo thankful.

No. 464056

File: 1510711953890.jpg (85.13 KB, 1140x678, shesanobody.jpg)

She wishes she was a somebody…

Not that Nigri is the best example but moo def wants to wear her skin so that's why I used her.

No. 464057


If she spent as much time working and improving her cosplays as she did on twitter looking at people with actual talent, these threads would dry up.

No. 464059

File: 1510712155404.png (295.8 KB, 720x663, Screenshot_2017-11-14-18-12-27…)

No. 464060


No they wouldn't. Her cunt attitude and retarded thinking alone keep this place going. She's an all around hateful piece of shit. Her cosplay is just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 464061


Yeah okay except for the fact that you've stated before that this is a JOB not a hobby. You're getting paid for it you fat fuck. It's not a goddamn hobby for you.

No. 464063

She can't even spell Shielder right, does she have any spellcheck at all? Not that anybody who's been into the game for that long bothers to call her that, the post even uses her name.

No. 464069


It’s no longer a hobby and for fun if you’re making a massive profit off of it.

No. 464072


Special attention to Jessica Nigri after Martin Wong and some chick got into it on Twitter about what is Cosplay and Nigri posts “Cosplay is for fun!” While she makes a million a year off of it. Yeah, I’m sure it’s for fun.

No. 464073


You know what else is a hobby? Knitting. If a person got paid 15k a month just to knit, would you expect that person to pay for someone else to knit for them?

Mariah pays others to make her cosplays for her. I understand that you don't have to make your cosplays to cosplay but when you have nothing but time and money there is no excuse for why she can't. On top of that, what she calls cosplaying is mostly her in a wig and in a bikini or lingerie. She markets her lewds more than her actual cosplays for a reason. Heck if someone on YouTube got paid to be a YouTuber you would expect them to make their own content right? You'd be pissed if they paid other people to make content and videos for them.

No. 464074

File: 1510714541032.png (156.22 KB, 559x516, 2017-11-14 (1).png)

In case anyone was wondering, Mariah's made a total of 56 Storenvy sales. I don't know if she's sold things on Storenvy before but if these are all just for the charity prints then I'm wondering how long it's going to take for her to send them out. Is she going to wait until she sends out all her Patreon rewards first, or are people spending $15 for one photo going to get them before her patrons who have been waiting for months?

Speaking of which, did Mariah ever mention how big the prints are going to be? $15 for anything smaller than a poster is sort of ridiculous, even if it is for charity.

No. 464081

I don't think most people would be searching her under mariah mallad, they'd be searching momokun

No. 464082

File: 1510715780898.png (48.28 KB, 1144x586, Updatee.PNG)

Not original poster, but I added momokun to it.

No. 464084

File: 1510715915249.png (1.16 MB, 1280x1171, 8df.png)


No matter what, Mariah will never cut it close to Jessica LOL.

No. 464085

File: 1510715934689.jpg (2.29 MB, 3840x5760, MARV9350_original.jpg)

Found out she uploaded the full image files for her Bee Keeper Mei Storenvy listings. That honey cum is even faker once you can see it at full resolution. I don't recall anyone posting the full res pictures so I'm posting them here before she takes them off her store.

No. 464086

File: 1510715981062.jpg (2.18 MB, 3840x5760, MARV9239_original.jpg)

No. 464087

Her using both her legal name and handle interchangably when it came to her cosplay always stumped me. Either use one or the other. I know a lot of cosplayers throw out their first name but it's different when it's subtitled under their cosplay handle. Not when you use a completely different name for major social media platforms like twitter and instagram. It's smarter to use the same thing across the board so your easier to find.

But then again, Moo is obviously a cosplay marketing god among us dirty plebs so what do I know.

No. 464088

kek those gloves look just like cleaning gloves

No. 464089

File: 1510716297248.png (628.35 KB, 720x938, Screenshot_2017-11-14-19-22-53…)

No. 464090

Don't know what triggers me more: The fake cum, saggy granny tits, or how THE REAL MEI would never whore herself out like this.

No. 464092

Why don't those socks/stockings have feet…? Did she think they'd look better without or something?

No. 464094

is she not wearing underwear?

No. 464095

Jesus christ what's going on with the side of her thigh?

No. 464096

jfc i know it's in all her unedited photos, but it always surprises me just how little ass she has for such a big girl.

No. 464098

Nah, that's her fupa hanging over her bikini bottom and hiding it.

No. 464099

>>didn't bother to re color then pool of cum lube on her tongue

No. 464100

Her bottoms are off in this pic……..

No. 464101


You can barely see it, but the fold of the bottoms can be seen on the right, it's just stupidly blended, and her fat rolls are hiding it on the left.

No. 464105

Mariah has said herself that about $10 of the $15 will be going to pay for the printing and shipping. So people are paying $15 to donate $5 to a charity.

Its fucking BULL SHIT and it aggravates people aren't blowing shit up about it.

No. 464107

She couldn't even bother to check it her liquid eyeliner was flaking off? She looks so messy. Did she shoot this set after walking around a con for a day or something?

No. 464111

>>464107 I went back to see and noticed she over free her top lips but left the bottom on dry and crusty. Why. Also is it just my eyes or are there hickies on her tits?

No. 464113


No. 464114


>56 sales

>$5 of each print goes to charity (even though she said she would ship it out on her own dime so should all $15 go to charity?)
>=$280 for charity.

This is just sad… for someone with her following she should be selling a lot more. She marketed it a decent amount too. This is why she probably clings to patreon so hard. If she had to make her own website if her patreon ever shuts down she's going to have a hard time making ends meet.

No. 464115

She probably did and just won't post about it anymore in hopes that people will think she still has her. This is so depressing… She's the absolute worst person in the world. No one will want to adopt her knowing she was given back for something that isn't evenher fault.

No. 464117

I used to sell prints and it costs no more than $1.50 for an 8x10 print and costs approx. $3 to ship a flat envelope

And she should be buying her shipping supplies in bulk anyways for her Patreon so she shouldn’t be counting that cost in

It shouldn’t take $10 per print for production

No. 464124

File: 1510720228586.png (118.88 KB, 720x776, 1508559103652.png)

Here's the tweet where she did the cost breakdown. This is after she posted on Patreon weeks before she was CONSIDERING just paying it herself.

No. 464125

y didnt they shoop her feet too, fuck

No. 464126

Packaging isn’t $3 a piece when you’re buying in bulk of 100s for your Patreon already….

No. 464142

"Im going to donate 5-10 dollars out of 15, you dont know"
Sounds like a copout to keep 5 dollars for profit, 5 for printing/shipping, and 5 for donations

No. 464143

File: 1510726186196.png (87.39 KB, 635x641, Screenshot 2017-11-14 at 10.pn…)

No. 464144

File: 1510726205254.png (37.87 KB, 640x222, Screenshot 2017-11-14 at 10.08…)

No. 464145

File: 1510726334859.png (41.46 KB, 625x314, Screenshot 2017-11-14 at 10.11…)

Hard to recognize emotion when you use emotions as a weapon huh

No. 464146


I'm sure it's easy to love your parents when they start kissing your ass for your money.

No. 464147


It really is pretty funny to watch her doing so much of this rather fake "love and peace, my dudes" sentimental garbage. Damage control is just too little, too late, Mariah. You're on the way to a slowly accelerating implosion now, and will only really be remembered as a cautionary tale of what not to do with sudden e-fame, and why it's better to build your brand gradually, instead of trying to force yourself all over everyone at once as if you're "teh most awesomest thign EVAR!!!1WonOne"

No. 464148

File: 1510727204727.png (254.75 KB, 499x607, Screenshot 2017-11-14 at 10.26…)

No. 464149

File: 1510727295505.png (66.18 KB, 564x623, discordqq.png)

She told two different people the Discord would be up tonight. Thats after saying a month ago it would be up. kek

No. 464150

>I cannot tell you how much I love getting my ass fanned for this mediocre cosplay

No. 464152

File: 1510727846886.png (851.05 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2017-11-14-22-36-08…)

No. 464154

Noticed her twitter following is spiking again. Can anyone audit to see how much are bought? lol

sage for OT

No. 464158

File: 1510730611932.jpg (475.62 KB, 1200x600, tmp_24741-MakeApp-841475794410…)

Too bad filters fuck this app up

No. 464159


No. 464162

File: 1510732122865.jpg (509.83 KB, 1600x900, MYXJ_20171114234623_save.jpg)

No. 464163

there's no way she looks THIS terrible. jesus christ. It looks like some kind of app people play with. must suck to be like this full time lol

No. 464164

wow she looks… human. and not possessed for once.

No. 464165

I don't know if you're the same anon that posted the screenshots about KBBQ, but you don't sage by typing in "sage for OT", you need to type sage in the email field

No. 464166

All this editing and they didn’t get the flaky nose skin, gap between eyeliner and falsies, and glasses smudge. And so much more.

Safe for angry photo editor

No. 464169


i still can't get over the fact that she had to cut the toes off of those stockings to be able to pull them up and just posed with them toeless like a dumbass. so cheap and trashy.

No. 464170

I can never take her fake positivity tweets seriously, especially since. She. Writes. Types. Like. This. Has. This. Dumb. Thot. Never. Heard. Of. A. Comma. ?

No. 464171

File: 1510736633132.png (Spoiler Image, 686.6 KB, 1242x2208, 5F63FAA2-AD3A-4389-9E5C-67CC22…)

Excuse the tinfoil but I saw this and immediately thought she’s sick of being blonde because of moo. Wouldn’t blame her.

No. 464172

Why is her upper lip such a different color than her lower lip?

No. 464174

File: 1510739907137.png (282.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171115-015639.png)

No. 464175

File: 1510739924017.png (337.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171115-015646.png)

No. 464176

File: 1510739945227.png (277.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171115-015649.png)

No. 464177

File: 1510739964440.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171115-015701.png)

No. 464178

Looks like she’s stole these from a theatre department at a high school kek

No. 464179


She needs to fucking stop with this charity bullshit. She could barely handle the last 2 and while still holding onto the mei bikini one, she needs to calm the fuck down. Oh sure, you love giving back to people, but you haven't sent your FUCKING PATREON REWARDS OUT IN SEVEN MONTHS.

She's so transparent and fake with this love and cherish people BS, counting down until her next public meltdown to make her look like the disgusting cunt she is. Also, if it's the lewdest set she's ever done, she better watch out if she wants to hang onto her patreon.

No. 464180

david as in kbbq?

No. 464182

No. 464183

She keeps milking commissions out of him even though she hates him

No. 464187

> huge project for katsucon
> starting in middle of january
> katsu is in february
yep, that’s definitely getting done in time

No. 464189


um, calm down and dont insult crossfit like that, it's super difficult and you have to be a real beast to train crossfit. what this cow is doing is NOT crossfit, if anything tire-flipping is a strongman functional exercise. not all functional exercises are crossfit and mooriah couldnt clean and jerk or box jump if her life depended on it.

No. 464191

File: 1510747753454.png (711.5 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2017-11-15-04-05-48…)

No. 464192

>wider stance so i can lift with my legs
>bent at a 90 degree angle

that was so painful to watch

No. 464193

I feel like text messages shouldn't be classed as proof/milk as they're so easy to fake, can we just stick to caps where their usernames are used, like insta, fb etc?

No. 464195

She didn't even bother to get her toe nails done for this…

No. 464198

I don't understand why she has her upper lip darker in these pictures…

No. 464199

Because she used brown lipstick on her top lip

No. 464206

thats dumb the cats might lose their home if that happens

No. 464207


"red riding hood with wolves in a forest" is actually a pretty good photoshoot idea, so much that i feel like it can't be hers. it sounds like it would be something a hot russian cosplayer and photographer would do and the results would turn up in every content aggregator ever. can she be lifting this idea from someone else too?

No. 464215

File: 1510755594866.png (571.16 KB, 1224x422, wolves.png)


It honestly isn't as creative as she likes to claim. A quick google search shows many people have done it before, but of course she's going to milk it as if she's the first to do it.

No. 464216


The cats would go to a better home at least, not a trashy cosplay cave where the owners aren't there enough to look after them properly. Moo and Vamp are useless.

No. 464222

Holy shit, at first I thought was one of my friends. She did a photo shoot that looked exactly like this with one of her wolf dogs.(no one cares)

No. 464225


No crossfit is garbage any professional body builder will tell you that.
I also dont think what Moo is doing is the proper exercise for losing weight, and if its getting her any results she is also building muscle which she does not need right now Especially with her gorialla shoulders.

No. 464229

People are already starting their Katsu builds NOW and this bitch thinks she can shit something out in a week that will compete with them? It's got to be another commission or this will be good.

No. 464230


Mariah is the least original person out there. Every ~business~ idea she ever had was taken elsewhere. She brags about how POVs shoots were a stroke of her genius but she got the idea from SSS.

No. 464231

that's because bodybuilders are 100% for show and cant actually perform exercises for shit.

No. 464232


What if she only commissioned him so she can look like she didn't kick him out of social media (which she obviously did). Or she is embarrassed about her measurements getting out to the public so she doesn't want to commission anyone new. The measurements and weight she posts seem fishy so I can see them being obvious lies.

No. 464235

Sage for how pointless this conversation is, but bodybuilders definitely can perform exercises, that’s ridiculous. How would they build muscle without doing any exercise whatsoever? I know a title bodybuilder - he works out constantly and is a PT at a gym, so… stop being butthurt.

No. 464242

So she can apologise for being a fucking brat to her parents on Twitter but not to any of the many people she bullied in high school? Their pain doesn't go away just because you don't have the haters reminding you with the screenshots you trash.

No. 464244

Lol ok.(learn 2 sage)

No. 464247

And the countless people she's doxxed and harassed over twitter but *~everyone be nice and spread positivity my dudes except me~*

No. 464249

File: 1510764019345.png (191.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171115-083818.png)

No. 464253

why would their addresses be wrong

No. 464254

File: 1510764323954.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1671, 20171115_084244.png)

Wider stance =/= improved form

Nobody probably corrects her because she's walking around she's walking around like she's the toughest person there. The way she walks off at the end of the video past the camera as if she's the most fit person there who will take on anybody, is really cringey

No. 464255

Because it took her ages to get it shipped out, patrons might have moved already lel

No. 464258

She's stalling for time to make it seem like she still working on it.

No. 464259

tbh yeah, if you’re in there with an attitude, everyone is just going to talk shit about you doing everything wrong instead of trying to help you, because you’re obviously just a bitch lol

No. 464261

>oh you didnt get your prints? you probably got your address wrong, you know how people always forget where they live or, or..its the mailmen losing it in transit, sorry my dude!

No. 464265


She must be really behind on shipping them if she barely started finding out about wrong addresses. She has been doing this for more than a year and hasnt brought this up before.

No. 464266

Because she rarely sends out rewards kek

No. 464267

Bullshit. I can and I train hard. I also do karate, gymnastics and CrossFit and I locally compete for a category called FITNESS, look it up. Look it up for the 4x Olympia champion OKSANA GRISHNA and what she does on stage because talking shit. From where you got that bodybuilders only do it for show?!?!

Sage for bodybuilding autism

No. 464269

File: 1510769003697.jpg (69.77 KB, 590x511, Miss-Trunchbull-589057.jpg)

She reminds me more of Miss Trunchbull every day

No. 464270

> I would like to give back more

lol only instead of just donating a portion of her already huge income, she’s going to do another photo shoot that she can milk for attention / followers and then pretend “see my lewds are for a good cause my dudes!”.

No. 464272

Topkek, anon. She really does. I feel like we need a Photoshop hybrid of the Moo-Jontron-Trunchbull creature she has become. She has the attitude and disgusting hatred of an insane Roald Dahl character, that's for sure.

No. 464274

Can you guys please take this argument elsewhere, like damn I love to workout too and have my own opinions of different workout circles but that's not what this thread is about. Let's all just ridicule Moo's terrible form and effort and move on, thanks.

holy shit too accurate.

No. 464278

File: 1510770281213.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-14-19-28-14…)

>when this comes on your instagram recommended
How can anyone believe the garbage they say when they've got side by side comparison?

No. 464279


Well tbf dappergeeknews is just as bad as Mariah when it comes to ass kissing. He's hated by a lot of California photogs for constant name drops and reposting older popular content over and over again to gain attention.

No. 464285

That wide shape.. Looks like a cow about to graze

No. 464286

God I hate these bitches.
>it's a hobby! I'm just like all of the other cosplayers!
Would you still be able to pay your rent and still buy all of this shit if you shut down your patreon? Maybe stopped photographing yourself naked in a wig and ears? No? Okay then shut the fuck up. You don't go to work as a hobby. I have nothing against people who are lucky enough to make some pocket change off of cosplaying but they need to start being real with themselves and the people sorry enough to believe them. You're most definitely different from your average cosplayer who just does this for fun.

No. 464287

Um, I guess at least she's commissioning Saber? There's no way she would be able to pull that off, it's a very complicated costume.
Her armor is going to look like shit though. And not match since she's commissioning part of it. Why not just commission all of it?

No. 464288

File: 1510772088119.jpg (16.89 KB, 256x256, IMG_1130.JPG)

I know her nose is supposed to be like Mei's cold, but it always ends up looking like it's sore…

No. 464289

I’m sorry but this is sketchy as fuck. Its not okay that she thinks she can use the idea of charity to scam people. She’s claiming she will donate it to somewhere a personal friend works - the same “competent vet tech” who follows her on twitter and hasn’t once told her guzma is too young or being handled wrong, encouraged her in that post about wanting reptiles to make her house a “pet zoo”, and didn’t tell her adding a 4th cat would be a bad idea. This person is close enough to her that she comes to moos house to hang out with her.

This is fishy as fuck.

No. 464293

It's going to be a beautiful ride through this costume. I've seen decent but fat Saber cosplayers get ripped apart so I expect much worse for Moo. I mean she already gets hate in comments for pretty much everything now, add to it the Saberfag autism and REEEing.

I know it gets said about every cosplay, but Saberfags are some of the worst.

No. 464294

why does she make it red ALL THE TIME? mei's nose is red cause she's cold, she wouldn't be cold as a beekeeper, or in a fucking bikini

No. 464295

No one cares, stay on topic, spergs.

She's even wearing the Miss Trunchbull outfit kek!

Exactly this. You don't owe a backlog of promised goods for a "hobby". You do for jobs.

No. 464296

moo probably hasnt even seen snow irl

No. 464297

this. saber fanboys are fucking insane! if they don't like moo already she is going to get torn apart.


fucking why?

No. 464300

Agreed DGN is notorious for that and is disliked by fellow photogs

No. 464302

As long as she makes money, she'll say she's a success and so amazing.

But she's aged like 10 years in only 2, so I dunno how she cna delude herself in believing she can keep it up.

No. 464304

It's both. She's leaning back in the left, and is sticking out her chest on the right. I imagine the pose on the right is gonna happen all the time now, since it would be easier to manipulate her breasts.

No. 464306

Lmfao she makes nothing she wears.
Money buys cosplay does not equal talent.

No. 464308

we already knew u were as wide as a tire moo

No. 464309

File: 1510775810113.jpg (148.91 KB, 700x800, shelder my dudes.jpg)

>this week
>posts on the 14th



No. 464311

>torn mcl
She does know that's a recoverable injury, right?
>they have her doing memeflips and not starting out with lightweight deadlifts and squats trained with solid form to help recover strength in her knees and establish general foundation since she's going from couch to lifting
Even her workouts are cow worthy.

No. 464314


It'll be so obvious which parts she made herself and which parts she commissioned. Her Beekeeper Mei is a prime example. Her sombrero is triggering.

No. 464319

File: 1510778297064.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171115-123658.png)

No. 464321

File: 1510778371113.png (1.38 MB, 1430x794, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 12.3…)

No. 464324


>plans on spending 10 months to recreate a room

>can't spend even a month focusing on making cosplay.

No. 464327


….She could easily ask a really nice hotel or a castle [we have some in CA] where she could shoot as long as she gets permission. It doesn't have to be spot on because we all knows she's just going to fuck it up. She's probably going to buy the furniture instead of renting it [like people do for open houses] and end up having no money for rent and whatnot. Plus painting? With a new kitten? Jesus.

No. 464332

the armpit fat makes it look like she has four tits kek

No. 464336

its her utters kek

No. 464338

File: 1510780163510.png (219.33 KB, 750x1334, E919BA17-4898-4DDF-9C03-7EC85F…)

No. 464340

People need to ask specifically what sanctuary its called so others can keep tabs of whether she even donates the money.

She already admitted to took off more than she could chew last time, and yet once again we see her jumping head first with no second thought. The whole charity work is the reason she took her whole four day break from the internet because people were hounding her for it. Is she really this stupid? If she cares so much then just donate the fucking money and let it be. Judging by how she's splitting up the money for Beekini Mei she isn't even raising that much from prints. Wow, a whole $250.

No. 464343

File: 1510780675599.jpeg (120.58 KB, 750x386, 5A5DA95D-B554-4D8B-91FB-9DF85E…)

This was in response to someone asking how much a personal trainer would cost. As far as I can tell this guy probably does go to her gym / isn’t a fake account or anything out of the ordinary.

No. 464344

lol what she's muslim? what's her ethnic bg? saged for no milk

No. 464345


She’s only Muslim because her dad is like half Muslim. She practices NONE of it and just says she is because she was born into it. Sorry Mariah, that doesn’t make you Muslim.

No. 464346

>It's hateful people like you that don't belong.

well since you say that, you can see yourself out the door as well while you're at it, Moo

No. 464347


What was it she was claiming to be again? Lebanese?

No. 464350

File: 1510781289569.jpeg (3.33 MB, 3072x3072, 968C6741-7E69-4813-BFBC-DCEF43…)

Narcissism at its finest.

No. 464351

>>464350 >>464278

her body is so wildly disproportionate jfc. what is it about the shape of her nose, lips and jaw is so unsettling.

No. 464352

File: 1510781590076.jpeg (315.18 KB, 1242x1770, 369217E5-7CBF-4545-B2B0-03A87B…)

Found this interesting:

1. Moms house? No one refers to their parents house as belonging to one specific parents. Parents divorced? Because a year ago there was happy family pictures on vacation. And clearly Mariah isn’t speaking to her dad because she only mentions Mom. I wonder if Mariah’s actions, pursing this “career” field as a soft porn star created a split in the house, since her Mom supports her but I bet all my money her dad doesn’t.

2. No, and I repeat, NO Muslim kid gets Christmas presents from their Muslim parents. It seems as though her dad is loosely a Muslim and doesn’t practice which means Mariah just borrows that she’s Muslim whenever she feels like it. Her mom isn’t Muslim.

No. 464354

I call it my mom's house because my dad is dead. And before that I was still calling it "my house" even though I had moved out.
I agree that it's possible her parents have split.

No. 464355

I THINK her parents are separated, I don't think they're divorced. Her parents relationship seems very wishy-washy, like they split and get back together etc.

No. 464360

yeah but if she "designs the set" it makes her look like she puts more work into her photos and "her work" makes up a larger portion of the credits

> i put on a swimsuit and fake cum on myself but also arranged some furniture. so much hard work my dudes

No. 464361


She only does "nice things" when it benefits her. She wants to look like a good person and transparent so she tries to come off like she's complimenting others but clearly it's "omg guys look at how nice I am for being proud of my photographers! Yeah totally teamwork!" It's just one more thing for her to bring up when people accuse her of being a bad person.

No. 464363


I love how she's sucking up about her mom to the point that it's fake and gross because she was called out for wanting to see her hit by a truck and cut up/dead only a few years ago, she's trying to "prove" she's changed and has a good relationship with her. Anyone that has to prove it as hard as she does obviously has a terrible relationship with their parents. Any mother that spoils her rotten, and comes to her defense on her basically softcore porn facebook page has serious issues of her own.

No. 464367

Totally agreed on the first point, but not the second. My family is Muslim and immigrated to the US, but love Christmas. Obviously they have no ties to it religiously, but they just find it fun to give gifts to people they care about and enjoy all the decorations, food, music, whatever. I'd probably describe it as a "when in Rome" kinda thing for them. Sage for no milk contribution

No. 464370

Gotta add "professional" set designer to her huge resume amirite.

Muslim-Americans can culturally celebrate Christmas, there is not hardcore rule against it. All the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions acknowledge each other (even if they think the others are not the one true way) and respect the prophets as legit.
Also Xmas is so commercialized now that you can give gifts and do holiday shit without it having a religious meaning. (Though of course Moo is doing the holiday stuff for seasonal whoring reasons obviously)

No. 464383

File: 1510785492267.png (1.2 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2017-11-15-13-21-05…)

No. 464384

Looks like she picked this up from the outside decor section of Hobby Lobby.

No. 464385

I always love when I can go to the image board and just click on a picture that I think goes to this thread and be correct.

But honestly, isn't that something you pick out of craft stores? I've seen it. What is she going to do next, wrap a few fall vines around it and stick some flowers in it?
that hot glue craftsmanship at its best.

No. 464386

the worst part about this is that she's only doing it cause 'weh everyone bullies me if i don't make anything myself, my dudes'.

no moo, we bully you when you lie, don't credit and act like making the simplest thing somehow makes you a cosplay/crafting god.

No. 464388

Look at Japan… they love Christmas and totally celebrate it, just not in a religious sense. Hell, I'm pretty sure 90% of people in the US who celebrate it don't do so with a religious connotation. I'm sure there are other Patreon thots who are Jewish and stuff who do Christmas themed sets for the bucks. It's reaching to call her out on that.

No. 464396

i think the issue is more that she hides behind being a totes unique muslim poc when she gets called out for things, she's pointing out her being muslim (so she can have her sjw wall) but she's obviously not practicing.

No. 464399

Is she going to cosplay as Jesus?

No. 464400


Shes been cosplaying for more than a year and makes loads more than most people will make cosplaying yet her crafting level is still at the level where she's proud of forming a ring with twigs? Would be even funnier if she bought it. Out of other popular female cosplayers she's one of the few who barely makes her own cosplays. Even worse is that she passes off lazy bikini/ lingerie with a wig barely resembling the character as cosplay. Where is the damn effort? There are newer cosplayers who make things better than her. When she makes enough money to take crafting/ sewing classes for fun she has no excuse for why her crafting level is this low. Her Yoko (the one cosplay she proudly advertises as being made 100% by her) was so terribly made that seams were ripping out. And she has the guts to put herself in the same level as Nigri, Kamui, Kinpatsu, and Stella?

No. 464413

Muslim celebrate Christmas with other people and for other people, but never with each other. Reread: no Muslim parents get their Muslim kids Christmas gifts. They have two holidays where it’s pretty much Christmas, two Eids.

No. 464417

i'd put my money on that being bought, I work with decor like this, and the little brown wires holding it together looks like a factory/production thing that all premade wreaths i've bought/used come with, and given her skill im doubting she'd think to 1) use wire and 2) use wire on multiple places on the twigs to old them in place lol. also looks sort of like grape vine, which is a common wreath type that can be bought.
sorry if i sound pretentious as fuck, i just don't believe this girl can make shit. especially given that recent youtube video of the DIY pheonix (or whoever i cant remember)

No. 464421

Happy LewdXmas or something…

No. 464422

File: 1510793263644.png (1.17 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2017-11-15-16-44-59…)

No. 464423

File: 1510793298643.png (78.81 KB, 492x454, momokunt.png)

Saw this in the comments of a shared photo of Momokun's calvin klein underwear selfies

No. 464424

File: 1510793314001.png (1.1 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2017-11-15-16-45-09…)

Sure Jan

No. 464426

Both my friend and I married into different faiths, Judaism and Islam, and there was NO Christmas. Just in my family. That's the way it is. What kind of a dumb bitch is she? She needs a strong Muslim woman to sit her ass down.

No. 464430

Sage for OT but who gives a shit if she celebrates christmas. Everyone does. This isn't milk.
I'm not defending Momo, fuck her. I just don't find this crap to be interesting or milky on itself.
Also a bunch of anons seem to think Muslim means you are from a certain place, or a "poc" (seriously fuck that stupid tumblrina acronym) just like Momo does. It doesn't. It's not a goddamn race.

Also "his dad is half muslim". What. What does that even mean.

The whole religious sperging here is so cringey. We already know she says she is muslim for attention or victim points, so quit pointing out "yea but a TRU MUSLEM™ wouldn't do that" all the time, jeez.

No. 464435

File: 1510795066192.png (619.66 KB, 720x929, Screenshot_2017-11-15-17-15-56…)

Its almost like making your own shit is worthwhile or something

No. 464436

Can we get back on fucking topic now, ffs. This is the second time today that people went off-topic.

This sounds exactly like something Mariah would do.

Kek that Hobby Lobby looking shit.

No. 464438


Because it’s fucked up that she uses it as a victim/POC card when she’s white (Italian is white) and Christian. It’s also important to point out all her lies and hypocrisies.

That’s great that you’re probably aethestic and sperg out when faith is discussed, but being of that faith and POC is actually incredibly important for those people, and steps all over them when she pretends to be that for whatever reason she needs, while the people of that race and faith suffer constantly from being that due to the rampant racism in this country, especially right now

No. 464440

so fucking cluttered didnt anyone tell you less is more? You look like you fell into the bargain bin of hobby lobby

No. 464441

But anon, she DID buy the bargain bin from HL! And Target..

No. 464442


zip tied antlers, just why?

No. 464444

>18 gauge wire
oh my fucking god thats way too fucking thick for a flower crown. girl knows literally nothing.

No. 464445

Fricking this, the sperging about Christmas is so dumb, Muslims can define themselves what does it mean to not celebrate, she's not dressing up as the Virgin Mary or going to masses, it's not a big deal

No. 464447

Shut the hell up then.

holy hell this looks like a centerpiece for a table.

No. 464452

I think people are more pissed that since the holiday season is coming up she will be milking the POC Muslim claim to the max. Thought it's weird she never mentions celebrating Muslim holidays.

No. 464454

Its like a diarrhea of basic diy crown tutorials.

No. 464455

It's not about christmas for moo. It's about demanding gifts from anyone unfortunate enough to have been pulled in by the gravitational field her fat ass has created. Probably also why she's going all emo about her mom. Need to get in good with the fam when gift giving time nears. And besides that she's been apologizing for being a bitch her whole life. Has it made any difference?

No. 464456

File: 1510797874398.png (40.7 KB, 637x331, tumblr_oyssbwt1K41wgdp08o1_128…)

No. 464464


Personally I'm just happy to see that she made something herself for once. The only thing that sucks is knowing that she will never put even a fraction of the effort she put into this crown into her actual cosplays.

No. 464465

File: 1510798414207.jpg (44.86 KB, 685x457, Capture976.JPG)

No. 464467



It's different when your whole ~business~ model is that you are a cosplayer. With a huge following she sadly represents cosplayers. She made it a job. She gets paid to cosplay. It's not crazy for people to expect her to make her own cosplays because many cosplayers do. People making their cosplays is what drove the hobby to where it is now. When I started cosplaying 12 years ago people rarely bought cosplays because the ones online were very cheaply made compared to how they are now. Cosplaying is more than just wearing a cosplayer. It's also creating. She can't keep ignoring the fact that she should be improving her craftsmanship instead of binge drinking and selling porn by using "cosplayers don't have to make cosplay my dudes" as an excuse. As people have mentioned many times she has nothing but time and money. So much time and money that she decided to get two new cats. So much money that she commissions everything. So much money that she can buy all th booze and parties she wants. Yet none of that goes into making herself better.

This is why people hate you Mariah. You're a cunt. You're lazy and you live off the talent of others. When people compliment your cosplays you take all the credit. Don't even deny it. *I complimented your Mei at Blizzcon just to see what you'd say and you didn't mention once that you commissioned the pieces.

No. 464497


And when photographers take pictures of her they don’t post the long list of credits either. And those go viral.

unfortunately it’s called “gatekeeping” and anyone can cosplay, and there’s no definition to cosplaying.

No. 464522

>yes I'm Muslim
Sure you are moomoo, just because you are a cockroach does not mean you can also use Islam as a SHEILDER when its convenient.

No. 464524

>Wraped a bit of brown cloth around a Christmas decoration
This is just a bunch of cheap craft supplies for Christmas decorations stuck together, truly the work of a craftsman

No. 464527

She thinks she's a Kazuma Kaneko character

No. 464534

Is she acting like being muslim is a race? This is rich

No. 464536

Thats what I was thinking.

No. 464547

File: 1510819517842.png (221.02 KB, 471x472, Screenshot 2017-11-16 at 12.05…)

No. 464548

File: 1510819539528.png (277.77 KB, 498x606, Screenshot 2017-11-16 at 12.04…)

No. 464554


you called it >>464385 anon.

No. 464555

So to anyone who isn't aware of what DDLG is, it's a subdivision of BDSM. A dominant Daddy and little girl thing. The relationship requires a huge amount of trust and communication. But obviously from multiple people in her life she can't do that.

No. 464557

The idea of her cooing around some dude calling him "Daddy" and baby talking makes my skin crawl.
Sage for nightmare thoughts.

No. 464559

So this is cataloging that she bought all of it then glued it together yet the wording in the pics don't say that. The captions are different in each pic yet they both imply she made the wreath. That she found sticks and made it. Momo this is why you get flak when you can't even get your wording right

No. 464563

File: 1510820874353.png (1.18 MB, 1020x693, Screenshot 2017-11-16 at 12.pn…)

No. 464567

File: 1510822327812.png (1.13 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-11-16-00-46-34…)

No. 464571

File: 1510822831560.png (157.18 KB, 899x1248, 1505972685258.png)

Remember folks

No. 464582

When your address is visible in your insta story.

No. 464585

Caps for those of us who are blocked

No. 464592

Villa Malaparte Ave, Las Vegas

No. 464606

The L in DDLG means Little.

Ain't nothin' little about her.

No. 464621


This is so disgusting and trashy. Pictures like this are what solidifies her as anything BUT a cosplayer, just a trashy cam slut.

No. 464622

File: 1510838394180.png (41.92 KB, 546x184, parents.png)

Oh, did you talk about how you spread your bare ass on instagram, pose with simulated cum all over your tits and in your mouth, while getting comments about men jerking off to you as nothing but fap fodder? Sure must be great conversation over at your loving muslim parents house. She's so fake it hurts.

No. 464624

did she casually do this in response to that post about her saying "mom's house"? and she mentioned her dad being friendly with her..

>momo is a-lurkin

No. 464650

Looking at this makes me violently nauseous.

No. 464652

Momocow has a lot of bad things about her but bashing her for simply being a sex worker is soo out of fashion lol.

No. 464656

There's nothing wrong with being a sex worker but I'm pretty sure it's against Muslim culture

No. 464658

I'm pretty sure that she lives here.

No. 464666

You can be a sex worker and not be a complete embarrassment. Plus Momo is apparently a ~professional cosplayer~ not a sex worker, so?

No. 464667

She admitted that what she was doing is sex work

No. 464669


Quit looking to start an argument, there was no "bashing" in that comment. This thread is filled with people trying to argue or counter argue. Who fucking cares, stop sperging over nothing every time someone makes a comment.

No. 464672

After months of people badgering her and her insulting sex workers. And when she finally admits what she does is porn she drags every cosplayer into it saying they all do porn too, because God forbid she admits what she does.

No. 464673


Wait, did she?? I think Ten and JNig haven't yet. Unless Vamp has?? I honestly haven't kept up with the side drama thread or Intagram's of others.

No. 464674

Yeah it was when Patreon updated their rules, she posted on facebook how cosplayers, and sex workers like her would be affected or something

No. 464676

No, this was months ago when she first admitted to it. She said every single cosplayer that does boudoir also does porn, and Jnig and a few other cosplayers got pissed at her about it. It was fun to see the two actual bicker back and forth.

No. 464678

I didn't see that part omg

No. 464679


She's pretty messed up. Not all 'sexy' cosplayers do the 'newds'and last I checked 'pin-up' (which is now called lewds for the lulz I guess??) was fine by the rules.

I missed that, too… There's a difference between the two that's pretty glaring, as far as I'm concerned. Caps, by chance? Or thread number??

No. 464680

I'm laughing because she was on the whole 'lewds before nudes' thing yet leaked her own nudes a few years ago

No. 464681

File: 1510848885553.png (67.22 KB, 454x331, sexworker.png)

>>455871 Original cap here


Here anons

No. 464682

Yeah that's the one!!

No. 464684

Ok, is this bitch seriously only running the charity prints for less than a week? Because this is the first time I'm hearing she actually got off her lazy ass to do it.

No. 464685

This isn't what I was talking about in >>464676 There was an instance months, and months ago, where her and Jnig got into it a bit on Twitter. I don't have the caps but they were posted in the threads, just don't remember which one. Can't really go looking atm so hopefully a nice anon will unload.

No. 464688

File: 1510850004892.png (46.52 KB, 720x288, 20171116_162159.png)

Have patience my friend, it's inevitable

No. 464689

what are men

No. 464691

File: 1510851638044.png (171.05 KB, 1366x548, B5EFC9F3-F142-46E3-85DE-C38836…)


These are from thread 20 where someone tried putting Ivy in the same category as Momo and she wasn’t having it lol

No. 464693

I think I remember that. Meg Turney jumped in too, didn't she? It started with Mariah and Ivy Doom Kitty I think.

No. 464694

File: 1510851691245.jpeg (539.71 KB, 2565x1792, 0E869AEA-1E52-4829-820F-E374F5…)


Mama can’t save you now.

No. 464697

Yeah this one!
I never understood how dumbass I mean Mariah could call Ivy a bully for laughing at her saying that she changed the meaning of boudoir as if she's Cosplay Jesus.

Yet she can go on rants about people, dox and run them off of the internet. That's not "helping out the cosplay community" Mariah, that's being a damn bully. Fucking mongrel.

When professionals jumped in, she clammed up real quick. It was a memorable experience.

No. 464699

No she had them up some time around late October. They've been up for roughly 2-3 weeks I think?

No. 464702


Still waiting for a big collab with her mama Jnig. I will only believe that they are suuupeerrrrr close if that happens.

If they never collab it's proof her mama don't love her

No. 464703

Miserable little piles of secrets!

No. 464705

*what are neckbeards

No. 464706


ty anon for posting screenies! this was such a memorable moment in momo-history, we should never forget it.

No. 464714


>Ryan- your content is what you want it to be.

Can't argue there. It's true. When Moo does her POV shoots and lewds she definitely isn't doing it for "art". She knows her fan base by now and knows they only want her for jack off material.

No. 464717

Now it's her parent's house. Nice lurking moo

No. 464718

Moo's fanbase summed in 1 video

No. 464720


Thank you. The casual sexism on these threads always annoys me. There are plenty of very vocal dudes that dislike Moo. Neckbeard =/= every man.

No. 464721

I wonder if there's a list of how many promises she has yet to keep this year alone.

No. 464723

I find it funny that she didn't include her at all in her 'favorite cosplayers' instagrams.

No. 464728

"Not a pancake" boi don't be fooled by the fuckery of angles/ps/shapewear/forced wedgies/makeup. She has a Hank Hill ass while both thin and now. "Best bbw cosplayer" by what standards? Because she paid for features? Who is gonna send him pics of her Bee keeper Mei pointing out exactly what she did (wrong at that) & what others besides David made. Her face is already unbearable without heavy editing,but then again has T&A ever stopped a butterface?

No. 464729

you can say men without meaning every single man, calm down my dude

No. 464730

Okay incel

No. 464733

not that anon, but it's really easy to use specifics than just give generalizations. i don't want to argue, but for stuff like this, it's better to acknowledge the specifics, and not just to spare someone's feelings.

No. 464734

I don't get that argument, why be vague on purpose? It just makes people defensive, and now you're also defending the other anon's choice of words.

No. 464738

For fucks sake what is it with you idiots? Stop fighting and shut the hell up.


I seriously can't believe how stupid she is. She defended herself here >>464681 in the entirely opposite way she did >>464691

>what we do is literally patreon porn my dudes

>porn is defined by the person getting off, not by the creator or the intent
>bu-but softcore(porn) isn't porn right??

This dumb fucking child.

No. 464740

File: 1510865991803.png (37.15 KB, 634x318, Screenshot 2017-11-16 at 12.58…)

No. 464742

Don’t forget
> my stuff isn’t porn so my Patreon won’t get shut down

No. 464743

so moo's address is exposed on her instastory. a quick search on google earth will find it.

No. 464745

We sure it's hers or her parents?

No. 464749


It's not her parents. It looks different. A while ago someone on kiwifarms exposed her parents address and I think someone also exposed it on 4chan before.

No. 464752

Family Tree Now has her address for her parent's.

No. 464755

Then again I'm not surprised she is going. Most cosfamous go there to get pretty pictures.
I wonder if she'll be ghosting the con? The Gaylord is infamously easy to ghost; some cosfamous just go there to take photos without purchasing a badge.

No. 464757

TBH when I first heard about Katsucon no one ever talked about events or guests. Alot of my cosplay friends spend more money on their costume for good portfolio photos than the con itself. The main space is beautiful.

No. 464758

Pretty much though. Most of the time cosplayers spend their time at Katsu just getting photos than they do going to panels or events. Katsu is for the most part picturecon.
The Gaylord really is beautiful when it's not crowded, but when Katsucon is around it's so saturated with ghosters and attendees alike that it's hard to find a good space to take a photo.

No. 464759

File: 1510870132023.jpg (208.29 KB, 640x480, 38243013022_da7dcbce29_z.jpg)

No. 464760

File: 1510870382937.jpg (118.1 KB, 640x426, 38230206971_1e82380367_z.jpg)

No. 464762

what was the name of the fb page she did the shitty black widow cosplay for again

No. 464763

DIY Costume Squad/Cinefix

No. 464764

I'm pretty sure one of her nudes or an underwear selfie has a message to "daddy" on it

she probably sees herself as her patrons lg kek

No. 464769

Those boots look so stupid and unconfortable

No. 464774

Does she know how to do any other pose in this stupid thing? Its embarrassing.

No. 464775

yes she also knows the hat holding pose

she is a model/actress, how dare u

No. 464776

>doesn't even give the content people pay for let alone "what they deserve"

No. 464777

the girl he tells you not to worry about, and you

No. 464785

File: 1510873521131.png (1.19 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-11-16-15-02-50…)

No sweat

No. 464786

she is just using it as an excuse to buy furniture

No. 464804


I get you guys hate her, but zero ready to reinterate her address on here. Thats just not cool.

No. 464805

Once again…how many gym memberships is this now? Four? Eos, sincity, lvac and this?

No. 464806

She probably pulls up to whatever gym she can find, snaps a selfie for the geotag and bounces tbh.

No. 464809


No. 464810

she cleans after herself anon, she isn't dirty

No. 464819

yeah, isn't it against the rules to post personal info about cows like street addresses and such?

No. 464832

fucking report it and move along then. you're just going to draw more attention to the post before it's deleted, idiots.

No. 464838

That has been a trick used by celebrities for a while to hide drug use and/or cosmetic surgery for weight loss. Show up at the gym in your clothes, take pictures, leave, pictures, no sweat. "Oh look, now I have proof I was at the gym, that's how I lost weight." Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.

No. 464839

File: 1510878632229.png (265.66 KB, 525x401, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 7.26…)

she legit sounds like a pornstar bot here

No. 464844

"the bedroom set" that's just about 95% of her photoshoots.

No. 464850


She did that with her lipo. She tried to pretend she was using fitea. That's straight up false advertising. I'm not saying it's a great company but her lying definitely makes her a liability for them. That whole ordeal proved to me how manipulative she is as a person and how okay she is doing that.

No. 464856

Honestly those two next to her have way better cosplays than her and they definitely peek out more to my eye.

Also : moo’s manly crotch shows again

sage for no milk

No. 464858

That fupa is coming along nicely

No. 464862

Momo taking her latest gym selfies must be code for getting more lipo done. It seems to be a reoccurring thing. After all she's a false promoter of body positivity.

No. 464867

File: 1510881855671.png (592.53 KB, 518x606, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 5.22…)

Those crows feet and bags though… yikes.

No. 464868

You should see the unedited version further back up the thread.

No. 464869

No. 464870


Can we talk about the piss poor photoshop job on the cheeks tho?

No. 464874

Where is the image board with all the shots we have of her?

I don’t mean Patreon bullshit, I mean the memes, the unedited pictures, etc. I have an idea.

No. 464878

i have an idea. you and all the other newfags kys.

No. 464879

File: 1510886258966.jpg (45.31 KB, 540x442, crabs.JPG)

Imagine being so desperate for followers that you spend $500 of your own money for them. I can think of a lot of better things I would do with that money.

No. 464880

lol she's probably spent more than 500 before

No. 464881

yea on pho

No. 464883

Jfc anons edit was better>>464162

No. 464884

Dang, this is such a good point anon. TY for pointing out the obvious flip flop

No. 464886

the stupid worbla hexagon make the worse shadows around her face and just make her look like she has down syndrome

No. 464887

oh. what. what the fuck does a blonde wig and sweater have to to do with thanksgiving? i'm so confused as to the point of this whole ~campaign~

No. 464888

She always has had bad eye bags, but i think the crows feet you're seeing is the shadow from her eyelashes?

No. 464889

this. is. not. cosplay.

No. 464890

post turkey nap maybe? nothing's sexier than the haze you fall into after stuffing yourself. she could make this set scratch and sniff if she mails out prints…just a hint of gravy on the lips

No. 464894

You'd figure the "original biggest fan of dragonballz Mooriah" would mention something about bulmas voice actor passing away. Four hours ago.

No. 464898

well you know all her news comes from lolcow, so

No. 464901

File: 1510890712658.png (748.33 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2017-11-16-19-45-23…)

No. 464902

File: 1510890759791.png (1013.72 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2017-11-16-19-46-32…)

This is the ugliest fucking thing

No. 464904


yeesh less is more!

No. 464905

File: 1510890831536.png (902.71 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2017-11-16-19-47-02…)

No. 464907

Oh ya, let this kitten climb all over your Saber armor. That's smart. It doesn't even look that good either.

No. 464908

Curious how much she spent on it since an anon already found it in this post >>464563

No. 464913


I don't think it looks that bad. I bet she's going to ~repaint~ it to make it seem like she did work on it herself or said she only had help on it. Everyone knows that's way above her skill level.

No. 464915

Ranges from 175 and the more elaborate is 195 for a headdress so my guess is at least 160 for this mess

No. 464923

what a fucking waste of money lmfao

No. 464924

lordt she could spend about half to make something similar? although i guess if she touched it, it would turn to shit

No. 464928

File: 1510894276072.jpg (158.59 KB, 1200x900, IMG_3088.JPG)

soooo….since she bought her winter head dress instead of making it, I'm assuming it was too hard for her somehow. good to know that this picture basically shows her maximum skill level and the maximum amount of work she's willing to put into her cosplays. it's true though, the work she does do usually amounts to little more than painting and gluing.

No. 464937

File: 1510895454977.png (170.81 KB, 750x1334, 0AC5BD6A-716D-4AB4-B8F9-D724FE…)

No. 464948

If I were kbbq I’d do as shit a job as possible on her stuff

No. 464950

that would backfire 100%. but i bet he doesn't try his best, since she wouldn't be able to tell the difference

No. 464951

I know, right? that headpiece doesn't look any better either

No. 464954

>we want “the naked”

lmao good example of a moomoo fan

No. 464955

Yeah just goes to show nobody actually gives a shit about her craft they just want to see her naked. Best part these are the people she think will stick up for her through all this while she fucks over all her actual friends. News flash Moomoo when the next chick shows up you ain't got shit but yourself to blame.

No. 464978

File: 1510899436173.png (814.35 KB, 720x1052, Screenshot_2017-11-16-22-07-43…)

No. 464990

squints Where's the ass? All I see is a fat pig thigh.

No. 464998

Thank goodness she is posting these images everywhere and not just on her Patreon exclusive shit. Way to keep the ball rolling with making people pay for stuff that you are giving out for free you fat, no ass cow.

No. 465000

The way those cushions sink! AHA! You can tell she is struggling to keep herself from actually falling too far into them.

No. 465002

i like her frowny face from her bingo arm fat

No. 465004

Dude, she did make it. Thats why it looks so shitty.

No. 465005

Probably with how cozy the season is? She's giving the illusion that yes, even YOU anon, could be the one laying next to here by a fire.

No. 465008

File: 1510900711634.png (19.55 KB, 596x107, Screenshot 2017-11-16 at 10.37…)

>spelled "Bulma" wrong

No. 465009

He definitely doesn't. His Beekeeper stuff compared to the Overwatch stuff he did during Fanime showed that he knows how to make shit. He just didn't give a damn for anything afterwards because its for someone who treats him like garbage. Good on you, KBBQ.

No. 465015

>like or retweet
Does this woman know anything about social media marketing? Always ask people to share. Those likes are doing nothing for you.

No. 465016

her butt looks dirty

No. 465020

File: 1510901859303.jpg (43.9 KB, 500x375, Bulma-Screenshots-Episode-001-…)


is this for real

No. 465023

I get the feeling she does a lot of talk-to-text things. It would explain how bad she is at spelling..?

No. 465024

She's wearing that Torrid bra again, but that cheap store bought costume makes it look less like lace and more like there is a huge stain on her tits.

No. 465025

you can find it by going to her fb page where it was shared

No. 465026

you should have tagged lolcow, moo.

No. 465050

All I can see is how much the liquify tool was abused. It's clearly seen when you look closer.

No. 465052

File: 1510909373703.jpeg (136.41 KB, 720x1280, tavern whore.jpeg)

No. 465053

She looks like a corpse, yikes.

No. 465054

File: 1510909965161.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 1242x2084, 2E8198B7-2AD6-45A7-9365-6C64C8…)

Each day she gets closer to camwhoring

No. 465055

What are those? Blue asparaguses?

No. 465056

File: 1510910166833.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 305.83 KB, 1153x2048, 3568E70C-B9A8-4B9E-AF1B-A07DCD…)

Legitimately, her lips are hanging out.

No. 465057

File: 1510910277032.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 556.59 KB, 2048x2048, 21D655A4-BB9C-4857-9EB3-5B5EF8…)

The shoop on these just emphasizes how weirdly shaped and small her ass is. I didn't think it was possible for it to look even stranger than it has in other shoots.

No. 465059

jesus christ could they have done a worse photoshop job??? that shading is atrocious.

No. 465060

why does she always have to make faces like shes being held at gunpoint

No. 465061

At this point it's just been painted on..

No. 465063

It’s not even a photo shoot? Just… selfies??????

No. 465070

Damn those thigh highs are fighting for their lives.

This just goes on to show you what her audience wants. And she chose them herself and continues doing so by posting photos we're she's just sticking her nonexistent ass towards the camera. Yet she has the balls to complain about not being taken seriously for her ~art~ as a ~real cosplayer~.

No. 465077

This looks like a bad cut-and-paste job. Like they took another butt from elsewhere and added it in.

Also waaaaay too air brushed.

>muh body positivity

No. 465078

Looks like her vagina even has it's own fupa.

No. 465084

File: 1510916079947.jpg (790.77 KB, 2048x2048, 04061341-1C6C-49B0-8A93-1974FC…)

People pay her and she releases grainy shit tier PHONE SELFIES, no thats not the same picture she just thought these two were both worth posting.

No. 465085

File: 1510916340052.jpg (577.15 KB, 2048x2048, 4682DEA0-98BE-4090-82E1-E94251…)

What gets me about her 'shoots' is that she never pays attention to how her expressions look up close, unless its absolutely atrocious…then she just shoops apart her face.

The neckrolls from her ass angles are amazing too.

No. 465086


I guess the charm of these is that it feels like your girlfriend is taking lewd photos of herself to send to you and you alone (even though all her patrons get them)
surprisingly a lot of people prefer the more amateur shots to more professional looking shoots because they feel a lot more personal

No. 465088

File: 1510917067803.jpg (218.89 KB, 548x750, 17-11-17-12-08-56-675_deco.jpg)

Sorry for the shitty edit best thing I could do on my phone

No. 465089

This pose makes her look like she's gained SO much weight. It's really unflattering from her arms to her thighs.

No. 465090

Is it weird that I think she could still be a good person? If she stopped all this shit, just took a break from cosplay for a few months to take care of herself, and just started back from the bottom and focused more on learning to craft? It's all fun to get some good milk here, but it's just sad. She's really young, and honestly if she just took a break and finished up school/focused not doing heavy make up all day or frying her hair/maybe even moved out to her own place for a bit I think could really do wonders… If she just did something to take herself away from the toxic spotlight she needs to be in, I think it would be super good for her to get some clarity….

No. 465092

She kinda tried to but then came back after 4 days and then started shit again, people like her won't really change, she's been like this for 3-4 years

No. 465095

File: 1510918908084.jpeg (291.19 KB, 1064x1891, E2CF68EE-76B7-49DA-B314-C07F00…)

This is a legit pig nose…??

No. 465096


she's been a shit person long before cosplay was involved

No. 465097


Anon she is a piece of shit, two years ago. Before boudoir and the fame. Trust me on this. I can’t tell you what she did to me because it’ll out me immediately, but she is a horrible person.

No. 465099


I’ll tell you this much: she tried to wreck my relationship. She definitely is that bitch who tries to steal a girls bf. Fuck you Mariah, I hope you burn for that.

No. 465101

If she ever wanted to rectify herself, she needs to personally and publicly apologize to a lot of people.

No. 465102

Im not kidding. The stupid red shading on her nose makes it look like a pigs snout and her lips aremt helping. She fucking has a pigs face.

No. 465103

File: 1510920785096.jpeg (2.03 MB, 2048x2048, E1A5B911-08DC-4731-8365-46741A…)

No. 465107

woah now that's really reaching, anon

No. 465108

please do not insult waddles

No. 465110

she'll lewd this cute pig next

No. 465111

Waddles did nothing to deserve this!!!!!

No. 465118


>"People thinks using pink blush on nose is very Mei so I'll smudge half the palette on it"

No. 465126

Looking like a goat taking a shit

No. 465135


Holy shit. She didn’t even make an attempt to cover it up. She is slowly but surely making her way into bring just like Chelhellbunny: Spreading her asshole with her tits hanging out.

Kinda sad actually. Because this is exactly what her “fans” want from her. More titilation. More raunchiness. Just the slightest peek at her naughty bits. And they’ll only want more, because it’s never enough.

So what’s next? A nipple? A “no underwear” shoot? Dildo props?

No. 465136

There was already a nip slip last year

No. 465148

This is horrific. How is this at all sensual or erotic?

No. 465150


it's not. that's why she not an "erotic model" but a "patreon whore". it's just sloppy, uncouth sexuality for sale.

No. 465151

File: 1510930474582.png (697.96 KB, 429x725, ApplicationFrameHost_2017-11-1…)

hey here's a bit you didn't shop enough, momo, your veins are showing

when are you gonna show the tit veins properly though?

sage for nitpicking/no contribution imo(Boob vein!)

No. 465157

No, she's probably drunk. That's why.

No. 465162

She published it herself. It's not doxxing if it's an information the cow herself posted.

No. 465169

not to defend them but technically she showed it by accident in her instastory

No. 465173



No. 465191

It is weird. And no, she's always been like this, it's not even really being magnified by her 'fame' all that much. It's sad, but she chose this opportunistically. She seems depressed, insecure and self-loathing, but she's also a spoiled, selfish, lazy brat. I've talked to her, she seems okay when you're being nice or kissing her ass, but after that she turns on you. Yeah, she's young, this is the age when people make mistakes they need to learn from, this lewd modeling stuff is just her mistake. Some people get pregnant so it could be worse. The only thing that can make someone like her change is having to start from the beginning.

No. 465199

File: 1510935682303.png (113.27 KB, 280x260, hamakowai.png)

christ… how can anyone see anything but a pig nose? part of me wants to laugh, but I can't be anything but horrified looking at this

No. 465200

File: 1510935811032.png (1.09 MB, 2000x1046, Swine_Prince.png)

Next cosplay confirmed?

No. 465202


She's made a mistake that's going to follow her everywhere her whole life. Her choice to make herself look cheap online, get naked, take cum photos of herself AND using her real name, will ALWAYS be there even if she tries to start over. She has no education, no job experience, and one google search of her name shows all the photos like what gets posted here. Girl has ruined her life before she's even started to really live it.

No. 465213

Yea she did and it's sad. She isn't doing this stuff cause she needs to, she was living at home, working at starbucks and possibly trying to go to school when she decided to sell herself for money. I only feel bad not for her specifically, but for people who get pulled in to sex work. Sex work is not glamarous, it's not a positive thing. I don't hate the sex workers, but the sex work itself. It's not something empowering, and instead makes them powerless. I know it's not necessarily easy, but it's something that people can do with no education, and those people tend to stay uneducated, and it becomes an endless cycle. Moo put herself in it, so I don't really pity her other than the fact that she bought into it. I just get pissed because it's not like she had to do this to live, it was just a simple way to make money without doing real work. That kind of thing digusts me because it totally destroys a woman's potential.

No. 465218

Holy jesus christ the photoshop is so obvious and ugly (because it looks actually like a drawing made with bad brushes in photoshop), plus the nose makes me laugh because it's violet, like someone beated her up.

No. 465219


I don’t feel bad. She’s making 15k MONTHLY off of dirty mirror selfies with her legs open. She’s 22. Literally has no excuse. Living a good life with her parents going to school and working a normal job, anyone would be happy with that, and wanted more without working hard for it so here she’s at. Sex work is the most bullshit fucking occupation. You’re doing nothing for no one except your own damn self. The most greedy occupation. And no it’s not empowering. Any woman who says that for herself is trying to make herself feel better. It’s empowering to be naked, for you. Not for men to jizz all over you or a picture of you or a video. There’s 0 empowerment in that. I hate it when people call it that and it’s the same fucking word that women bust their ass in college and life for to use that and some bitch in a nasty $10 lingerie uses that to explain her greedy lazy ass way to survive.

No. 465220

Is your bf a random asian guy?

Or from the cow shoot?

No. 465223

Right, I said I don't feel bad for her, but the fact that she, and other people can be manipulated by the idea of easy money.

I think there's a stigma against attacking sexwork, because people feel like the sexwokers are being attacked. No, the profession is what's terrible an disgusting. Most sexworkers didn't have a choice or the ability to go to college. Many of them get into it for necessity not simply because they're lazy, but they stay stuck in it because they don't know anything else. I have compassion for people like that, but not like people posted on this site, or moo. She wasn't stuck on the streets at 18 with no other way to survive.

No. 465224


Moomoo saw the gateway and knew cosplay sex work will definitely get her the money she wanted. This empowerment bullshit she wants to represent is just a load of bollocks. She's insecure as hell and relies on the reassuring "compliments" from cuck fanboys to feel an ounce of confidence, quoting on that as 90% of the comments range from them wanting to fuck her. Which is why she'll never be in any form of a stable relationship because she's viewed as disposable goods.

No. 465227

>Tfw when I was a sex worker at 17 on the streets with no other way to survive, and even I wouldn’t have embarrassed myself with this shit-tier attempt at “sex work”

No. 465229

I've had to, too anon. Moo is likely like this because she isn't embarrassed and has delusions of grandeur about herself and what she's doing.

No. 465232

File: 1510940892679.png (442.5 KB, 772x506, Screenshot 2017-11-17 at 9.47.…)

Her back fat makes more of a mound than her actual ass

No. 465233

I think that HOW moo is doing it is what's the grossest. There are plenty of people who do boudoir, lewd, nude, or even full on pornographic photos but none of moo's photos have shown any class since her original Calvin Klein shoot (Yes including the non-lewd ones). She's continuously sticking her ass into the camera and spreading that gaping maw of hers to actively degrade herself.

I mean just look at Susu. She's openly called herself a sex-worker for years now and even still her stuff if always 'tasteful' and even her lewd shoots could be put in certain portfolios meanwhile momo's shoots will damn her for her future and she'll without a doubt have a hard time finding normal work in the future since her real name is plastered all over this stuff

No. 465234

The reason why some dudes willingly pay for and jerk it to Moo's pics is truly the eighth wonder of the world. I just will never understanding.

No. 465236

I guess I'll never understand proper verb tense either.

No. 465237

File: 1510941705337.png (1.13 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-11-17-09-54-51…)

No. 465238

File: 1510941780035.png (820.95 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2017-11-17-09-56-33…)

No. 465239

File: 1510941814108.png (919.41 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2017-11-17-09-55-02…)

No. 465240

File: 1510942020318.png (72.14 KB, 632x476, Screenshot 2017-11-17 at 10.06…)

I can't wait for her hair to fall out like in The Craft

No. 465241

Wow momo is running out of man meat faster and faster now. I bet Maroon is looking at how much she's inflated and thanks god he got out while he still could

No. 465243


What disgusted me was how much she thinks she is above other sex workers. She validates her porn as not being porn because it's not trashy as other people's. I met her at a party at a convention and when someone brought up lolcow she went on a field day about how she isn't doing porn and even had the balls to talk down on other lewd models. She thinks she's better than them because she has a higher 'budget'. What budget? Does she include booze and drugs that she does during the shoots as a part of her budget? She also admitted to saying that she said she did porn because of all of the peer pressure from others. It's hilarious how easily she falls to peer pressure.

No. 465246

File: 1510942482986.png (63.91 KB, 356x308, Screenshot 2017-11-17 at 10.14…)

I'm going to puke

No. 465247

File: 1510942521157.png (228.46 KB, 496x512, Screenshot 2017-11-17 at 10.15…)

No. 465249


Bless, she's running out of gullible guys to cosplay with. There's plenty of neckbeard fanboys to choose from for Moomoo who'd love to cosplay with her, well as long as they're muscular and Asian that is because double standards my dudes.

No. 465250

I noticed RaeKayBro hasn't cosplayed with her, even though he's Sabrina's boyfriend. Even before they got together there was no RaeKay hand

No. 465252


Because there's only so many times he can keep wearing Hanzo. Plus he doesn't have the skills to make that Saber cosplay. Maybe Charlie will do it for another POV groping set.

No. 465253

moo is such a moron. her 'totes professional hairdresser' gave her scalp burn because she doesn't know how to dye hair. she is probably just going to go back to the same one.

No. 465254

>this isn't cosplay

then what is it moo? It's softcore/gravure shit which is porn.

No. 465257

Tbh I kinda wish I had that confidence, but also glad I don’t because potentially ending up on lolcow.

Sage for blogpost

No. 465259

This is so sad cause she looks SO much better with dark hair. Blonde does NOT look nice on her and her Rin wig is the best she's looked in months.

Also wearing wigs constantly will actually prevent her scalp from healing properly since it's not able to breathe properly while also chafing it since her hair is stuffed in a wig cap under that.

No. 465260

She can get like a ton of other scalp issues from wearing wigs if she's not washing her hair properly. It's probably a gross mess in there.

No. 465270

Blonde makes her look more trashy, I don't get why she wouldn't go darker, especially because it looks better in fall and winter.

No. 465276

Because she wants to look like her cosplay mom

No. 465292

File: 1510946775805.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171118-032019.png)

No. 465293

so when is she just gonna try and kill nigri and wear her skin?

No. 465294

File: 1510946886390.jpg (96.9 KB, 940x646, ct3go4h.jpg)

Nice bukkake fairy cosplay

No. 465295


When she gets enough lipo done to fit into it. I would not be surprised if this is why Jnig is trying to keep her at a distance.

No. 465296

I'm sure both wig and hair don't get washed properly, she might as well shave her head bald

No. 465297

There’s the same god awful wig again.. I want someone to try to make a collage of every time she rewore that awful bra/those Calvin panties or this gross wig. She’s so cheap

No. 465298


Funny how she has to use "shading" for her nonexistent collar bones, and with a bad job at that.

No. 465300

she looks like a fucking mental patient. does she understand that she doesn't need to widen her eyes when she has circle lenses AND falsies on? If she's done her makeup correctly they will look big enough, and she can always shoop them later, but she's giving me serial killer vibes. like imagine being knocked out and waking up to this asking you if you think lipo is a legit work out or not.

No. 465305

File: 1510948070107.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171118-034330.png)

No. 465312

Nice nose contour. You actually made your nose look wider. Also, try a thinner line down the lips. I literally thought she had a plastic spoon or some shit in her mouth.

No. 465313

Looks like she rolled around in poop. Why does a "harvest fairy" need to be dirty in the literal dirt sense?

No. 465314


Did she copy African tribal face painting..?

Now here we are appropriating culture.

No. 465316


The white strip on the lips and chin is very African. Wtf is this bitch thinking

No. 465318

File: 1510949190929.jpg (271.58 KB, 946x649, Screenshot_20171117-150521.jpg)

Trying to be like mommy as usual, huh?

No. 465319

Being offended on behalf of Africans, how noble of you
You'd have a field day with the other run-of-the-mill deer aesthetic makeup
Moo's awful with makeup, but "cultural appropriation"? For real?

No. 465320

where do these girls learn to contour anyways?

ffs anon she aleady cosplays and literally thinks she is a chinese girl, you newfags need history lessons on the cows before you post.

No. 465322

Your Tumblr is showing, take it outside. We don't do that shit here.

WHY DOESN'T THIS WOMAN LEARN. Let your hair be for a fucking second, you're going to go bald if you start bleaching your hair when your scalp is still healing! When you lose your hair follicles they're gone FOREVER.

No. 465323

File: 1510949992142.gif (593.03 KB, 500x281, ech.gif)

This. dumb. cow.

Is she pretending to be hip or something? Yes, Bulma's voice actor died and a lot of actual DBZ fans are sad, as well as Hiromi's irl friends and family. But Moo's gotta milk it for those fake fan points.

No. 465324

tinfoil time:

moo is purposely making her self fugly so she can troll all the haters by making money despite how terrible she looks

No. 465325

you really think she watched the original, she watched the dub if anything.

No. 465326

Waddles is precious. You take that back.

No. 465329

Man shut the fuck up about the Tumblr bullshit. I call them as I see them dumbshit. It is appropriation. Just because she’s done it before with another culture doesn’t mean she’s exempt from doing it with others and can’t be called out. Fuck off

No. 465330

SAGE and stfu, aren't you tumblr types supposed to be okay with your precious non-whites appropriating whatever they want?

No. 465331


Are you for real? These lines on her face make her ugly as hell, but srsly you can find face paint like this in lots of cultures, stop reaching

No. 465332

Lol fucking let her go bald. I want to see her look crazier and crazier on her ig stories with bald spots to complement the crackhead look

No. 465336

cultural appropriation doesn't exist

wanna bash her for something 'cultural'? then bash her for being racist with that ching chong bullshit

No. 465339

File: 1510952471427.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, D9CF253A-908E-44A4-B4FA-353E9B…)

That hideous white line has already flaked off and she hasn’t even started the shoot kek

No. 465342

File: 1510952792166.jpg (561.38 KB, 1948x1429, endless-summer[1].jpg)

this thread.

and just lc in general tbh.

No. 465343

Don't worry anon, that's was post-production aka Photoshop is for (still kek at the beekini mei "honey" lube) watch, Moo isn't going to touch up anything.

No. 465346

File: 1510953460568.png (10.57 KB, 593x66, Screenshot 2017-11-17 at 1.16.…)

no one's talked in the discord since Halloween lmao

No. 465348

Rae actually does have some good ass crafting skills. He basically made Sabrina's witch mercy. He doesn't try to make anything new unless its with someone else it seems.
But also I feel like Rae would rather be super dedicated to 1 person, plus Momo isn't his type. He has only dated really small girls (ie Vylocka cosplay/ Killersgrinon). So if Moo asked him for a shoot he would turn her down. Plus it seems like Sabrina has distanced herself from moo after the whole lipo thing.

No. 465350


Everyone is distancing themselves from Moo. Well besides Roxy who seems to be riding on her clit. Poor Vamp might even get replaced by her as Moo's bestieeee

No. 465356

She looks like she’s staring down a box of donuts

No. 465359


Speaking of Vamp, Moo really doesn't support her 'bestie' when it involves Patreon. You'd think with how much asslicking she does with everyone else, she'd help out her supposed #1 best friend on the exact website she also profits from.

No. 465363

It is probably because Vamp has nothing to offer Mariah in terms of ladder climbing.

No. 465365


Vamp also has nothing much to offer. Moo markets to chubby chasers and feedies at least. Vamp on the other hand has a very average body and busted face. Why pay for her when there are better looking people with better bodies. Her fabrication skills are also on the low end so she can't sell tips and patterns like other fabricators do. She is a lost cause. She's also like 30 so she's way past her expiration date.

No. 465366

>>465292 From a distance her arm looks ridiculously bruised, and she just looks like she's dirty, all that brown looks like she's been rolling around in the grass. What is supposed to be fall about any of this? Her wig looks as fried as her real hair at this point, it would have looked MUCH better with a darker brown to match fall but, it's moo so what can we say lol.

No. 465367

She’s live on insta rn

No. 465374

File: 1510957542498.png (2.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171118-062342.png)

So many Arabs in her live feed.

No. 465375

I watched for like 30 seconds and all she was doing was screaming. How’s can people stand her?

No. 465376


Does that mean purchased followers? Legit question here. On twitter I saw someone with 56.6k followers, and who only made 16 posts on their account. 90% of the followers on that account were arab. , would that be proof she bought her instagram followers like she did her twitter ones?

No. 465378

trigger warning holy shit i want to unsee

No. 465379

watched as well. it was painful. can't count how many times her photographer had to say "focus mariah", she was screaming, complaining and generally being annoying and unprofessional.

No. 465380

confirmed watched for a solid 5 mins and only saw about 4 English speaking comments. and one was the guy who is filming's girlfriend saying hi to him.

No. 465381


I've googled for "Instagram purchase followers arab" and surprisingly there are a lot of websites showed up. One site said that its followers are quite active on Instagram but I am not sure if live feed is a part of it. Now, it is a possibility she bought some followers given that most of her viewers are arab or some middle eastern language.

No. 465383


Are these live feeds saved for a while? Caps should be made of all the arab comments flooding the video vs actual people who comment.

No. 465386

File: 1510958883359.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171118-063007.png)


I took a lot of screenshot and will upload them on imgur in a bit. but here's one more

No. 465388

"they're just my fans from the Middle East they love me because I'm also Middle Eastern my dudes!"

No. 465390


diligent work anon, you're a champ!

No. 465396


Here's the Imgur link for the rest of the screenies of >>465374 : https://m.imgur.com/a/RM3fA

No. 465398

dirty feet are so sexy, aren't they?

No. 465400

From the last thread but… I had to again

No. 465404

what did she do anyway? accidentally show a shipping label?

No. 465405

File: 1510962629353.png (67.16 KB, 1242x382, IMG_0508.PNG)


Pretty sure you made your opinion clear on her page…

No. 465415

jesus if my legs ever became that massive I’d just kill myself

No. 465416

File: 1510964590137.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 1EB247C5-5D27-4772-9EA9-FB3CE8…)

No. 465422


That’s a different anon

No. 465423

careful anon, you might trigger someone

No. 465431

Im fucking dying, Nana literally said this a few weeks ago what an unoriginal cunt

No. 465432

tiny headed fall witch thing just in time for winter

No. 465433

Mariah's helping Collette set up her Sabakon table right now. Trying to get pictures without her being able to tell where I am. She's still wearing the blond wig from her shoot.

No. 465434

pretend youre texting or doing a selfie

No. 465435

do ppl even know its back up? given the sperging of one anon, i assumed it was still down

No. 465436


She's still there after trying to trash them on twitter ?

No. 465437

is she still wearing the white makeup parts

No. 465441

Yeah she is.

Still can't get any photos because this is a small venue and she might be able to tell which table I'm at. I do have a photo but it would give me away right away.

No. 465442


I think you are severely overestimating her intelligence.

No. 465443

they must be table right next to them or something lmao

No. 465444


does it really matter if she notices you taking a picture if you aren't a interweb famous cosplayer? Most she'll do is cry about it on Instagram

No. 465445

post photos or stfu. quit being a baby what's big bad moomoo gonna do to you?

No. 465450

File: 1510972509803.gif (736.62 KB, 500x273, 1497118931932.gif)

This is what I was thinking. Moomoo ain't shit to be afraid of. The worst she'll do is talk shit about you and you'll get harassed for a day or two and that's about it. Bitch has no power only fat.

No. 465451

just post the pic

No. 465455

exactly. and if she does come after you, what? just proves what everyone knows about how shes a huge fucking insecure baby and a bully and can't handle the slightest bit of dislike from someone without having a huge meltdown??

No. 465458

File: 1510974347673.png