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No. 309842

Why hasn't anyone posted about Leda Muir yet? She's a youtuber and last year she deleted all her sites because she had a breakdown cause someone was talking shit about her.She dyes her hair every 5 weeks,she used to be a scene kid:LedaMonsterBunny.She changes her personality and the way she looks depending on who she hangs out with and who she's dating.People found her old yahoo answer page that she made when she was 13,she starved herself to get skinny,she got pregnant at 13.She's 21 and when she's not living with her boyfriend she lives with her parents.All she's done in life is make Youtube videos and take selfies and gets attention for it.She edits pics of her face so much even though fans have posted pics of her unedited face.I used to be a fan of hers but now the only good thing I can say about her is that she's absolutely gorgeous.What do you guys think?

No. 309843

Sounds like a boring normal alternative 21 year old. Doesn't belong in /pt.

No. 309844

Move to snow

No. 309847

>she got pregnant at 13
If anything that's sad and would explain why she feels the need to do shit like dye her hair so often as well as publicly post other behaviors online to seek validation from people.
I see people like her as victims of circumstance: obviously her parents weren't on top of her shit to protect her from being impregnated so young, nor there to give her any direction to aspire to anything greater than a generic vlogger.

I think she's not unique and is representative of many young adults stuck in mental purgatory due to their upbringing.
She is also not really cow material for the fact.

No. 309856

this is like half my friends tbh


No. 309872


There was a thread made a year ago when the mental breakdown happened. She's done nothing cow worthy other than be an alternative girl on the internet. Who cares if she edits shit? She doesn't cause drama

No. 309875

Sounds like a special snowflake. Looks like no one gives a shit about this users, so why do I feel like this wreaks of self-post?

It always seems to be that when someone posts a new thread about someone who isn't very well-known, they seem to know sooo much about her and think highly enough to post them in /pt/ and not /snow/?

Lol all this is missing is a samefag arguing about her and then white knighting. Lmao, pathetic.

No. 309877

And the milk is where?

No. 309893

Lazy OP. There are already threads on her. There are no recent posts because she is so scarce on the internet nowadays that there is no recent milk.

There was a some before/during her breakdown, but now she's just a bit cringe in in inability to support herself, not noteworthy.

No. 309894

File: 1477979093044.gif (903.01 KB, 300x200, C275E780-D7D5-4F0A-858F-59DCCE…)

That's what we are all saying. Given all of this, this is either a complete newfag (unlikely, because what newfags would even know about her?), or, more than likely, OP is her and self-posting.

Which would be great and bring the milk, because then admin-sama can do another reveal once s/he is done with keeks!

And since anyone here can just search the catalog, she probably didn't want to be super obvious and bump her own thread.

As if this is any more subtle. Lol, the hoards of people self-posting on here are hilarious. If admin can catch Kiki sperg-chan(ing) behind all of those proxies, the rest of you are doomed. LOL

No. 309895

Hi Leda :) Whoever the fuck you are because no one seems to care. Please be more obvious.

No. 309922

why are there 3 threads on this self-posting bitch? It's so obvious.

No. 309980


leda is pretty well known from the scene era. she just isn't note worthy anymore sinc she can't even upload videos regularly and doesn't post hardly ever anymore and isn't involved in any drama anymore. boring thread.

although i'm confused about leda being pregnant at 13?? never heard about this, anyone know what happened to the baby

No. 310055

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