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File: 1403572196702.jpg (10.85 KB, 400x400, sid from ice age.jpg)

No. 19

How much do you think she's made from MFC so far?

No. 28

File: 1403572344528.jpg (34.36 KB, 711x309, 140230386546.jpg)


No. 30

File: 1403572435920.png (252.85 KB, 1269x1115, 140230954056.png)

Not enough, Elmo wants more.

No. 35

That photo is extremely inaccurate…you forgot her potato nose!!! Otherwise its perfect. And LOL at her grabbing her fat.

No. 37


>don't forget to watch the sequel

No. 198

File: 1403614729354.png (295.53 KB, 1366x768, Mfc request denied.png)

Lol, this bitch denies having a MFC. Then what is this >>28, her lost twin sister?

No. 200

That was three months ago you idiot. She's only had mfcs for a month now,

No. 240

She looks so gorgeous in the op pic

No. 242

File: 1403638711876.jpg (70.06 KB, 451x718, cia and bane.jpg)

the happy couple

No. 244

It's sad because she has the potential to look cute but she prefers to look like… Like this…>>28

No. 248

Sequel link doesn't work

No. 259

works for me

No. 267

File: 1403658107595.gif (987.56 KB, 268x327, orangenip.gif)

No. 271

File: 1403662872804.gif (952.29 KB, 308x246, gif- let it go.gif)

How long is this grudge going to last?

No. 283

What grudge?

No. 290

I know she isn't hurting anyone, leave her to it.

No. 297

>she isn't hurting anyone
Except her dignity.

No. 317


How does it feel knowing that your gf inherited her dads cancer genes?

What do you think will happen first? She gets her act together or she'll die of brain cancer first?

Tick Tock Tick Tock :)

No. 321

1, you're a sack of shit
2. Orange didn't inherit any cancer gene, the type her dad had wasn't genetic you fuck shit
She's written about it a lot
3 I'm not even the same anon who posted the gif but I literally couldn't sit here and read the shit that you typed without commenting

No. 322

How do you feel about your girlfriend taking her stripping for strangers on the internet?

No. 323

same fagging so hard

No. 325

Holy shit. Maybe I'm a little sensitive but it's not right to poke fun of someone's dead parent that died from cancer. I hate OC's goblin cunt ass as much as the next person, but that's a bit much.

No. 328

File: 1403734289855.gif (489.12 KB, 420x315, Michael.gif)


Well I don't read any of her blogs, or PULL posts, so please tell me about his cancer. Was he huffing asbestos? Is that why it's not genetic?

No. 334

File: 1403743788377.jpg (18.99 KB, 300x300, 1403739533596.jpg)

Looking at OP pic made me realize something about Orange. Pic related


No. 336

Yeah this is too far. OC is a pretty terrible person but you can't make fun of her for her dad dying of fucking cancer.

No. 337

True, but it's not like she hides it.
Every other sentence is
>muh dead dad
After a certain point, the sympathy well dries up.
I can't tell if Orange really can't get over her dad's death or if she just uses it at this point for sympathy and attention.

No. 340

Honestly, her and faggot boyfriend shouldn't have spammed our thread with their bullshit. People are cruel on the internet, this place isn't a hugbox for them. Don't want to hear awful things that might drive you to tears or rage? Then don't act like you can ween troll the board.
If they stop spamming the thread, I'll stop bringing her dad up.

Besides, she always used him for pity points, yet turns around and shows her tits to greasy motherfuckers on the internet for money. You ask me, she doesn't think about her dad all that often, she sure as hell doesn't act like it.

No. 341

or maybe her father, her life, her choices are none of your fucking business
maybe she fucking grieves in private
how fucking stupid are you
Someone's pet dies and lets say they don't cry about it in front of you
Suddenly they don't care their animal died?
you're a piece of shit stop trying to justify bringing up someone's dead parent to make fun of them
her dad died when she was fucking 15
leave her fucking family out of this shit

who the fuck is spamming the thread? who the fuck do you think is here?
you literally think everyone is oc or her bf then you need to get off the computer friend
as far as I know, the constant bringing up of a death can be a coping mechanism
sometimes the affected just have to bring it up as a fact to help themselves get over it
i took a psych class, not as my major, but you don't have to take my word on it

No. 343


>> I took a psych class

Lmao, you're so legit.

She put all that information on the net for the world to see. She wanted it to be seen. You shouldn't do that shit when you're a major cunt because it can be used against you.

Besides, I didn't e stalk her or hack her computer/Facebook to get this info. It's all out there in the open.

Besides I'm not making fun of her father, I just brought him up. Grow some skin or you'll just stay mad forever.

No. 344


Oops used too many besides.

No. 345

you're mad about how a teen girl is living her life which causes no harm to you
it's time to throw in the towel
>not making fun of her father
>"hahah you're gonna die just like your dad did from cancer hahah"

No. 346


I'm not mad, but you sure sound like it.

Also go back and read my post. No hahahas or lols. Way to exaggerate shit. Go back to pull if you don't like the way imageboard anons act

No. 347

>i don't see her grieve about her father she dun care!
>all she does is bring up her dad she's using him for pity!
>well she put it out there so
>well she isn't publicly grieving so
you are grasping at fucking straws
ok she annoys you i get it
trust me I really do get it she hasn't actually done anything awful
so she fucking annoys you okay
and maybe what she does is morally questionable to you
but she isn't actually doing anything wrong
why don't you go and fucking try to get pedophiles prosecuted or something fucking productive

No. 349

>she hasn't actually done anything awful
That's your opinion.
>Claimed she was a victim of a pedo at age 14 who got her nudes
>Turns 18 and quickly goes on myfreecams to get cash from pedos
I'd say the hypocritical behavior and getting videos taken down is pretty awful behavior. Cringeworthy for sure.

No. 350

dude how do you know she removed the videos
she clearly was a victim of a pedo, the picture is there to prove it
she waited 6 months to get a mfcs after turning 18 and as far as we know she's doing it for medical reasons

okay so she makes you cringe but for godsake she isn't hurting anyone fuck man
i honestly just don't understand
i mean we'll probably never know for sure what did happen with her or to her
just because some sexually fucked up shit happened to her when she was young doesn't mean she can't have fun with her sexuality now

i don't know man it just seems like you're all uptight about one girl you don't even know, will probably never know, and really isn't hurting anyone

No. 351

>>or maybe her father, her life, her choices are none of your fucking business

Lol, no. With that logic this imageboard shouldn't exist. Every person on here is a terrible person and we talk shit about them, their life choices, and their shit personalities, so you can kindly go fuck yourself you white kinghting fagget.

And she's just exploring her sexuality? By acting like a twelve year old? Trying to look as young as possible to attract the very pedos that got her "raped"?

By all means cam if that's your thing, but when that cam girl turns out to be a shitty hypocrite, then they're fair game.

She's hungry for fame and guess what? She fucking got it.

This isn't pull. This is a gossip site. Yeah we're gossipy bitches, so? You don't like it, then leave because we're not here to give you hugs or say nice things to you to make your day better.

No. 352

>wiggling her b cups and nonexistent ass on internet
>medical reasons


No. 353

I wonder what her father would say if he was alive and found out his little girl takes her clothes off for old men and nasty neckbeards for a few bucks because she doesn't want to get a real job.

It would probably break his heart and kill him :(

No. 354

Also I find amusing how you selectively forgot about the whole "HURR DONT SEXUALIZE KIDS DURRR" , next minute she's behaving like a fucking 12 yr old pedobait lol

No. 355

And you know what dumbass, we're not so bad. We could be dicks and send screencaps to her moms facebook of her itty bitty titties. Fuck we could just straight up make her life miserable by sending them to everyone on her moms FB. But we don't, we keep her nonsense confined here.

Don't you prefer that? Or you know, some of the members might change their minds if you keep it up. After all she's just a sweet little girl exploring her sexuality. Nothing wrong with that, just like you said, It's just innocent, right?

No. 358

Yeah seriously. I'm pretty sure the first guy that hated her spread her underage nude with an infographic type image around /b/. Basically tried to scare her. Now that's mean-spirited.

Making fun of the mfc room and pointing out her hypocritical lifestyle isn't anything to whine about. It's just funny stuff.

No. 362

File: 1403786347906.jpg (45.14 KB, 621x465, 14027846245.jpg)

>get a mfcs after turning 18 for medical reasons

ahahaha wtf that's so fucking dumb.
She's just a slut who desperately wants male attention.
I don't even believe she was raped.

No. 367

So… Did anyone save any of those lulzy screenshots before SR died?

No. 371

Can you stop posting this pic? So tired of seeing this girl's saggy tits.

No. 372

OMG this bitch. I used to despise her so much when I posted on the JNigri thread on PULL. One could not move any slight critic towards her without having her and her retarded minions jumping at your throat, accusing you of slut-shaming. Now I understand why she took the slut-shaming issue to her heart, if you catch my drift…

No. 377


Nice try, but no OC, OC's autistic bf, or OC's whiteknight, we will keep posting those sad titties fooorreevveeer.

In fact weren't there more n00ds? we need them to blackmail this dumbass in case she sends her retards to spam the threads again.

And one more thing, the day this idiot gains weight PT style (and she will, they all do because they're skinny fat, not skinny fit), her tits are going to sag to her belly button. She's only 18 and the bottom of her breast is in cahoots with her elbow.

No. 379

Too bad staminarose is down, I just discovered OC's hidden "past" (?) and now I wanna find all about it! So yeah, anyone who has more material please post it =)

No. 380

I want to know who she said sent her noods to and why he leaked them all over 4chan. We can't see them because it's CP.

We lost so many users when admin threw her hissy fit and shut down the board. She offered to transfer it to someone on unichan, several people took her up on it, but like the cunt that she is, she just disappeared.

No. 381

CP??? Although she looks like 13, isn't she 18? Does it mean she used to webcamming as a minor too? Or are we talking about other n00dz?

No. 382

Didn't she get doxed and this is how they were leaked?

No. 383

she was 14 then you moron
she didn't even know about unichan

No. 384

So where did you guys know her from? I knew her from when she was a mod on the PULL forum, where she was a raging bitch and used her status to act like a bully. One day she threw a tantrum and decided to close a very popular thread because it didn't sit well with her. After that, the other mods demoted her, lol :p I'm surprised to find out about her dirty side… very hypocritical if you asked me, since she used to be on a site that allegedely makes fun of snowflakes. She's the biggest snowflake of them all.

No. 385

when she's 40 sure those ~huge~ titties will reach her bellybutton

No. 386

That was actually thanks to SR that she got canned

No. 388

No. 389


I think I love you. Thanks

No. 434

File: 1403861501716.jpg (318.89 KB, 1586x970, lulz.jpg)

I've saved a lot of pics from SR so don't worry

No. 437

To quote someone from the unichan thread: ~oh boo hoo boo hoo! she has big tits and i have big tits and it hurts my big tittied feeling did i mention i have big tits??~ That made me lol hard xD

No. 445

She's a model on MFC, retard. You can find her nudes if you google her username and "myfreecams". Fucking shocking.

No. 508

I kinda want to pretend on MFC that I am some daddy dom figure to see how far she will go, but on the other hand I don't want to see her sad titties for so long.

No. 517

Plus you'd probably have to pay her. Why bother?

No. 573

File: 1404041905448.jpg (137.42 KB, 1024x811, 5375979b11e7d.jpg)

She's ugly as fuck…

No. 574

File: 1404041998561.jpg (112.37 KB, 1024x811, 53966f439033a.jpg)


No. 581

She reminds me of those tiny shriveled up granny's but without wrinkles. Which weirds me out.

No. 587

This is a quote from someone in her MFC room.

>niggaDESHAWN: you look like a dying old woman and a underage girl at the same damn time got a nigga fucked up

No. 588

I guess it's because of narrow shoulders and saggy boobs

No. 613

File: 1404079327150.png (102.14 KB, 334x252, jhgjtfh.png)


…and she sees herself as a young Natalie Portman?! LOL

No. 616

File: 1404080114649.jpg (58.93 KB, 852x480, image.jpg)

Is that why she cut her hair like that? Cause she looks like a little girl who got ahold of the scissor and chopped all her hair off like like a Barbie.

No. 617

Damn what's with those grandma clothes. Is that all she does now? Dance around in her underwear in cat ears spankin her self and bitchin about things no one cares about. People are going to get bored fast.

No. 620

I don't think her boobs are saggy to begin with but the MySpace angle sure doesn't do them any favors.

No. 625




No. 626

I wish she would do something not retarded with her hair. She looks like a disfigured Matilda.

No. 627

If this is the work of a hairdresser, I hope the person gets fired.

No. 644

why is she even a lolcow?

No. 656

Oh god I am so glad that I am not the only one who is confused by how she looks.

No. 658

File: 1404122867633.jpg (41.06 KB, 524x302, h.jpg)

>Stop sexualizing girls in any way

No. 662

She's so fucking hypocritical.

No. 665

File: 1404126949216.png (925.11 KB, 934x550, 1371865457234.png)

>black girlhood
what the fuck
when will tumblr stop making things up to be upset about?

No. 666

File: 1404128926665.jpg (41.88 KB, 720x960, tumblr_n0suohlve11r4132mo2_128…)

Because she:
>desperately tried to get noticed on the web (4chan/unichan)
>created a chan dedicated to herself
>closed the Jnig thread on PULL because people hurted her feminazis feelings
>said she was bullied because of her enormous boobs when they're an average size
>said a lot of bullshits about being raped/stalked, things I don't remember. Looks like every men can't resist her.
>posted pics of allergy tests and nosebleeds on tumblr for gaining sympathy/followers
>told children shouldn't be sexualized, and now she's on MFC imitating a 12 yo girl for pedos

No. 669

> "my tits are so big you guise it makes me sad"
> no tits in this pic at all

No. 670

I still laugh my ass off at those pictures. Allergy tests man, they aren't worth crying over. Not even if you are scared of needles. I have had them countless times and it is just a small prick. Sometimes it isn't even done with a tiny needle but they just plaster stickers all over you.

No. 673

Honestly, when girls claim to have been abused/rape on the internet, especially tumblr, I tend not to believe it. You might think I'm horrible to doubt that, but that's just the way I am, I'm super sceptical towards those kind of claims. I don't think that a real rape victim would talk about it very nonchalantely and in such graphic manner, like most of these girls do. OC here is no exception. I find it very hard to believe that if she was allegedely raped at 14, she'd be taking n00dz for the whole internet to see around the same time.

No. 676

>she'd be taking n00dz for the whole internet to see around the same time
But she didn't? Those nudes were the result of her getting doxed by some old fag, she didn't post any herself.

No. 677

Yeah but she still took them, to show them to somebody I can assume?

No. 684

To defend this idiot kid, I've worked on some terrifying child abuse cases and many times, the child grows up to be engaged in sex careers, sex addiction and so on.
Either way, I don't really feel comfortable questioning if OC was molested because that shit is really sad. However, it gives her zero excuse to act the way she does and do those disgusting pedo shows.

No. 685

Not to*

No. 691


You shouldn't be taking nude photos of yourself at that age, I sure as hell wasn't. I mean yeah I liked boys, but I wasn't showing them my tits. I also knew better because even if I didn't upload them online, they could have been found by my mom, dad, friend or some stranger if I lost or lent out my phone/camera. Common sense amirite? Just admit that she's fucking stupid.

D0xed by an old fag? Don't send pictures of your tits to some dude online because you know… he might show them to the world (or 4chan whatever). And don't give me the SHE WAS HAX0RD BY SOME EVIL TROLL. No. Shut up. Those pictures shouldn't have been on her computer anyway, so your point is moot.

You're grasping at straws here buddy

>>644 <~~~ Also I know this was you as well. stop samefagging.
If you're going to whiteknight OC then at least namefag. Might I suggest bigstupidcunt? Or if your her bf or new sugar daddy betamaximus might be more up your alley.

No. 694

Not samefag but nice try.

You seem to forget that we live in a society where even 11 year old are already making nudes for their bf/gf, just as note.

No. 695

Yeah you're probably right on this, except I don't think it applies to OC specifically, just because of the way she chose to talk about her alleged abuse. I just find it really hard to believe, regardless of her sexual behaviour in general. I realize it may be really mean if that actually happen, but since I don't know, I just find it hard to believe, as I don't believe she's native, she's as ill as she says she is etc. I just feel attention-seeking on her part.

No. 696

And you don't see anything wrong with it, at all?

No. 698

Never said that but because of that I can't see her case as something special.

No. 704


Wut. That is simply not true. Show me a report or study that confirms this that isn't some blogger or Nancy Grace/Fox News bullshit propaganda and I'll give you some credit. I can maybe see this going on in big city schools, low income areas, or the ghetto, but from what I know of this dumbass 1)(and I might be wrong here) She was home-schooled 2) She lives in a decent enough area where this sort of promiscuous behavior, at such a young age, doesn't really happen if at all *(unless that child has been a victim of a sex crime).

But this is a speshul case. There were n00ds sent out either before or after she was allegedly raped. If it was before she was raped, then she was already slutty and probably had sex with someone she regretted later because he told all his friends and slut shammed her.
If it was after, then I just simply don't believe that she got raped in the first place and probably latched on to RAPE RAPE RAEP, so people would forget about her slutiness (while keeping her slutiness confined to the internet).

And before the BUT PEOPLE DEAL WITH RAPE DIFFERENTLY, I. DON'T. BELIEVE. HER. Who the fuck gets triggered by the word rape then follows by making a video describing a very graphic rape that would be (ironically?) triggering as fuck to a real rape victim?

Does anyone have a mirror of this video?

No. 705


Also comparing her maturity level to that of an eleven year old is stupid. You literally ignored everything I said and retaliated with BUT SOME ELEVEN YEARS OLDS DO IT TOO!! Is OC mentally retarded now? She seriously doesn't know better than an eleven year old that has terrible parents?

No. 714

File: 1404200911590.jpg (122.93 KB, 1024x811, 53833614ee84e.jpg)

Gamer guuurrlll.

(her hair looks greasy…)

No. 725

Because we all play games in our bra's right guys? Teehee.

No. 727


>I know this is you as well

no I'm just a newfag to her drama calm your tits

after all that drama and bawwing about it you'd think she'd be smart enough to change her username, god, she's so easy to track

No. 728

Nobody compared her matury level to the one of an 11 old but it doesn't change the fact that she was still a child at the underage nudes.

No. 731

So this is a slutshaming board now? If we start out like this we also should post everyone else that made nudes as minor and is into webcamming now because ~so slut~.

No. 732

No one is making fun of her just because she recently became a cam model.

It's all the other ridiculous shit she's done in the past, like pretending her life sucked due to her massive tits, combined with the fact that while on cam she pretends to be a 12 year old girl and caters to pedophiles with names like "bigguy1952" and "daddy53" for more tips.

We had like a 700 page thread about her well before she even became a model.

No. 740

I agree with you anon. It strikes me as odd that she describes it in such graphic detail (Also those ''I was almost kidnapped stories''), but is already triggered when even the word rape falls. This combined with her attention seeking (Don't hate me, my dad died of cancer and my mom is very ill (She seemed to throw that around every occasion too, not doubting that her dad died of cancer or that her mom is sick, but just that she uses it as a pity card)/My tits so big and it is such a burden/I was almost kidnapped you know/I am stalked) strikes me as either she is lying about being raped, or exaggerates it so she can get pity. I know some victims can start acting promiscuous and end up in the sex industry, but I also know that even though they get promiscuous they still like to hide as much of the rape story as possible, and the industry is only a way to suppress nasty memories/feel strong.

No. 742

Then focus more on that than just talking about her having nudes, the later is just plain boring.

No. 743

Slut shaming? Bitch this ain't PULL. Go back to the SJW hole you came from.

No. 744

Somebody here seems to forget this site is about lolcows, not using it as storage for MFC nudes that have nothing to do with lulz anyways.

No. 747

I think that OC pretending to be a kawaii loli desu on cam is very lulzy.

No. 748

Don't see any of that in those, she doesn't even speak in a high pitched kawaii uguu way.

No. 750

No. 751


Oh well, guess you best get moving along because we're not going to stop. If that's what we're focusing on lately it's because that's what she's been doing lately. You guys are retarded and when we bring up why she's hated/disliked/laughable you guys scream SLUT SHAMMING, SHE'S NOT EVEN FUNNY, HER DAD DIED, SHE WAS RAPED!!! yawn Yup.

She abused her power on PULL, was demoted, then quickly turned to camming and pretending to be a little itty bitty girl who needs a good spanking all because someone demoted her. She wants attention? She's got it and boohoo it's not all positive. ~le cry~

I can feel a tumor growing in my head from all the fucks I lost :(

No. 757

>She abused her power on PULL, was demoted, then quickly turned to camming and pretending to be a little itty bitty girl who needs a good spanking all because someone demoted her.

Don't forget how she tried to go back on the PULL forum to edit her bitchy posts and the admins called her out on it.

And after all of this someone asked on her tumblr(?) if she goes on PULL anymore and she said "No… that website makes me sad for some reason ;_;"

No. 777

>>#young #cute #school girl #daddy

No. 855

File: 1404379717133.png (15.68 KB, 550x177, great parent.png)

>Enjoys money her daughter earned thanks to pedos
>great parent

No. 864

camgirls make a lot of money, wouldn't her mother start questioning where the $$$ came from?

No. 866

Her mom knows about it appearently.

No. 867


I seriously doubts she knows the extent to what her daughter is doing. I doubt she'd be ok with her daughter showing her tits to grown ass grown men, acting like pedobait and spanking her ass until it turns pink.

No. 870

This. Orange puts on her profile that she's "none-nude" (lol). I'm guessing her mom thinks it's something like this, where nothing sexual happens, yet people pay to watch.


No. 1043

Word on the street is orange got drunk on mfc for the Fourth of July. Anyone got deets? I feel like this could be very lulworthy.

No. 1052

File: 1404651333915.jpg (57.94 KB, 875x268, orashit.jpg)

No. 1053

File: 1404651461849.jpg (102.56 KB, 624x736, ora.jpg)

No. 1235

how the fuck is she doing that with her legs? in the bottom row pics?? anyone got a video of this?

No. 1237

She probably is just flexible, it is also a bikram yoga pose.

No. 1248

she has a really flabby looking butt for her age. And what's with the red marks? Did she slap herself?

No. 1249

>Did she slap herself?
She did.

No. 1281

No. 1327

File: 1404847365369.gif (409.18 KB, 320x240, OCinanutshell.gif)

No. 1367

File: 1404885524723.png (145.11 KB, 483x362, aDKGxzd.png)


No. 1369

Holy shit this is unbearable, I can't…Why does she even have fans? She's not very engaging or interesting and just…kind of obnoxious. Her "drunk" acting is sad, especially the fake hiccups she keeps throwing in there.

No. 1371

This is fucking great, I'm laughing my ass off right now

No. 1372

She's 18 right? Can we report her?

No. 1373


DOO IT. How do I report her? I'll do it too

No. 1377

I don't know how :(

No. 1378

LOL I was bigdaddypedo, shee maaaad

No. 1379

She's still ranting about you lel

No. 1380

Lol in "Models you may also like" Nia shows up.

No. 1381

Why does she say she's American Indian? This girl is white as fuck.

Her hiccuping is embarrassing.

No. 1382

Being nonwhite is vogue

No. 1383

"Waahhh nobody's tipping, I'm going to sleep soon"

Yup OC, we totally don't know what you're trying to do.

No. 1384

I wonder how much longer she would have fans if someone posted a link to here in her room lol (not doing it, just curious)

No. 1385

She wouldn't have such a hard time if she actually did something besides hiccup and yell about her braces.

No. 1386

Who the fuck is she talking about when she says that people are complaining that they can't see her braces? She just LOL SHE'S SMACKING HER ASS

No. 1388

She ranted about you for like 5 solid minutes

No. 1389

what did he do to warrant such a rant?

No. 1391

See saw the name "pedo" and flipped the fuck out. She went on a rant on how she's not here to fulfill sick pedo's little girl fantasies.

No. 1392


I said "You look so young, that's so sexy."
Then she banned me :(

I'll get a different name next time :3

No. 1396

at least she's good at being a dumb whore
watching Orange is just sad

>baww I hate pedos fuck you

>makes big $$$ from being pedo bait

No. 1397

Did people screen cap her rants? Video record her sad drunk act? I want to join the fun too. I always miss her live acts, because of the time difference between MURICA and The Netherlands.

No. 1399

File: 1404904571187.jpg (114.28 KB, 605x900, lol.jpg)

She also follows & reblogs from ageplay tumblrs

No. 1402

lol she reblogged that from a friend pretty0lly you idiot
she's another webcam model

No. 1403

…prettyp0lly is another snowflake, just saying.

No. 1404

No. 1407

File: 1404911327274.png (1.16 MB, 1541x635, mat.png)

lol and then? Who cares? That was just an example, you fag.
If you're 100% against pedos you can't follow/like that shit, even if that comes from your bff.
She's a huge hypocrite.

No. 1410

She likes to be called Mathilda from Léon: The Professional, the underage girl in it. She buys lolita clothing, she actively tries to act younger than she is and her best pal is Loli chan who calls herself Delores from the book/movie Lolita.

Her only appeal on MFC's (because let's be honest it isn't her charming personality or looks) is that she looks like an underage girl and that's what attracts most of the guys there with a large number of them being MUCH older than her.

Yet she rants and raves about pedos. It makes no sense at all. Her brain is fried. The men are there because they like young looking girls but she is ranting about how evil and bad men are that like underage girls.

Hope you all didn't miss her health problems, I don't believe there is anything she hasn't got. And she got "so drunk" on 2 bottles of hard lemonade at 3.2% alcohol content each.

The girl is an absolute wreck.

No. 1411

File: 1404920890746.jpg (126.27 KB, 500x508, tumblr_mo7altULO11r4132mo1_500…)

I don't see why her fans would be surprised that a bunch of jealous, logic-impaired, nitpicking, puerile haters get some satisfaction by writing hate comments about her.
They'd probably just feel sympathy for her and pity for the pathetic no-lifes who criticize her.

No. 1412

File: 1404922282196.png (120.41 KB, 1882x805, cfsac.png)

Yeah cause she totally against the sexualisation of kids.

No. 1414

File: 1404923926847.jpg (23.52 KB, 277x182, image.jpg)

Sup pt? I'm from Uni, just wanted to come in and give huge ups to whoever it was who came in as bigdaddypedo. Inspiring such a hilarious rant from the albino native was just plain artful.

Also shared this with Uni, but feel like it's be appreciated here too. OC's whitewashing camera trickery reminds me of this bit from arrested development, when they tries to airbrush the mom into looking 40, and they ended up having to check albino off on the dmv form. It's what oc will look like if she goes any further with this bullshit. I can't even sort out where her walls end and the white of her sweater begins

No. 1417

File: 1404927097409.png (470.75 KB, 432x576, tumblr_ly9tcyX1771r4132mo1_r1_…)

Yeah cause you haven't completely twisted the meaning of the phrase. How can you sexualize a kid if there are no kids involved? OC is 18, dumbass. No matter what she wears, she's not a kid.

Sorry that you went out of your way only to fail miserably.

No. 1418


Oh, it's you again.


Thinking you can refute any argument by accusing said person as jealous doesn't really work outside of tumblr. You probably call everyone "racist" who doesn't agree with your views too.

As you are the anomaly here perhaps a suggestion would be you stick to her MFC's page and you can compliment her all day on what an amazing person she is and how she radiates beauty.

No. 1419

>How can you sexualize a kid if there are no kids involved? OC is 18

How can somebody be literally this stupid.

No. 1421

because muh 7/9873 part native american heritiji

No. 1424

File: 1404929398233.jpg (75.6 KB, 500x380, tumblr_mrmvzf7usE1r4132mo1_500…)

How can you be so stupid?
You're making an issue out of nothing. There is nothing wrong with an 18-year-old being in the sex industry. The underlined words which are supposed to be so damning can be applied to any number of 18-year-olds. Many, like OC, have braces, are in school and are obviously teens. I'm surprised you didn't underline "sweet and "cute". They are young in that they are the youngest possible age to go on cam legally but are no where near the age that would attract pedophiles.
That constant accusation of pedo-pandering only proves how little you have use against her in your endless campaign. Outside of this circle-jerk no one would consider men who prefer "barely legal" girls to MILFs to be pedophiles. Eighteen is just sexier than twenty-eight. Any women who has seen the effects of time on her breasts, belly and muscle tone starting with her adult years would have to understand that.

The "sexualization of kids" posts referred to kids who are actually 10-12 years old being viewed sexually. MFC models have nothing to do with that.

I'm sorry that you had planned to make a pointless remark without anyone pointing out how stupid it is. I guess this is supposed to be a "Let's bash OC whether it we make any senses or not" thread.

No. 1425


You also didn't make any sense in your posts, tho.

No. 1427

Anon you are dumb as fuck have you not heard of age play? Why do you think MFC has such strict rules against this.

No. 1429

File: 1404931831150.jpg (95.7 KB, 538x717, orange citrus4.jpg)

You can't blame me for your limited intelligence. Maybe the house you grew up in had lead-based paint.

ageplay=an adult pretending to be a child in sexual roleplaying

sexualization of kids=children being seen as sexual objects

Don't tell me you can't see the difference. In one case, people are playing, pretending, acting, doing make-believe. In the other, someone is targeting an actual child for victimization. Would you really say a victimless indulgence is the same as a potential act of assault? If a couple engages in sexual bondage is that the same as a man abducting and raping someone?

Besides, you said yourself that ageplay is against MFC rules so it and the sexualization of kids have nothing to do with OC. It's just more irrelevant, inflammatory bullshit being thrown by someone with an axe to grind.

No. 1430

why would adults dress as children for sexual role play if they did not think of children sexually / sexualize children? explain that.

No. 1431

Not the same anon but she doesn't, at least I haven't seen her acting like a child or wearing children's clothes on MFC.

No. 1432

File: 1404934287984.jpg (471.36 KB, 1280x720, orange citrus12.jpg)

Why would someone play a video game where they steal cars and kill people if they didn't want to do it in real life? Don't be stupid. There's a pretty huge gulf between pretending to do something and actually doing it.

She has even stated that she won't pretend to be underaged. The whole "ageplay" issue is just inflammatory and baseless. She has worn Sailor Scout-style cosplay outfits but that hardly counts. "Pedophila" as a word just has so much weight, haters try to attach it to anyone that they can't bring down by legitimate means.

No. 1433

File: 1404934549513.png (202.06 KB, 617x451, 2N344AP.png)

No. 1435

File: 1404935716543.jpg (51.68 KB, 853x468, 140489660684.jpg)

No. 1436

>Why would someone play a video game where they steal cars and kill people if they didn't want to do it in real life?

Okay now you stop rigth there. You're a flippin idiot. This is what happen when SR was up. I'm assuming this is the same person since they were also posting her stupid photos along with a long ass rant.

I suggest we do the same and ignore this troll.

No. 1437

Damn, Orange sounds like a little prepubescent boy. She looks like one too LOL.

No. 1438


No. 1439

File: 1404936239873.gif (1.45 MB, 402x300, 140489060371.gif)


No. 1440

lol at OC trying to defend herself here.

Confirmed for retard.

Eighteen is sexier, yet MILFs are a standard preference in the sex industry? And I know you're pretty proud of your pedo-baiting, Orange, but your tits and ass don't sag when you're 28…unless you're pixyteri. However, what a silly thing to argue, because I'll admit that an 18 year old could have perkier tits and a tighter ass, but…your ass sags, OC. Your butt is actually terrifying because it looks like an old grandpa's ass.

Men who are interested in "barely legal" porn are interested in it because it has sexy, "inexperienced" virgin type girls. Even in "baby sitter" porn and school girl porn, the girl looks like an adult. However you try and portray yourself as an elementary school girl. We all know what you're doing and so do you. Quit trying to defend yourself because you have zero integrity.

No. 1441

I doubt it's OC, he is doing the same at Uni all the time and with posting this thread's link at her show you probably got him onto it.

No. 1443

File: 1404937676935.jpg (25.72 KB, 324x331, TheOrangeCitrus[what the i don…)

>yet MILFs are a standard preference in the sex industry
What the fuck are you talking about?

>However you try and portray yourself as an elementary school girl.

That has never happened.

Congratulations! Everything you've stated is wrong.

No. 1446


>That has never happened.

One of her MFC tags literally says "school girl" kek

No. 1447

MILF is an incredibly popular category in pornography. So while you may think that most men are into pedo-bait like Orange, the answer is no. Men want to watch hot women having sex, whether an 18 year old "barely legal" or a 40 year old hot housewife. Orange isn't either of these things. She's indeed 18, but not hot. So, when women can't sell their looks in porn, they result into fetish type porn which Orange is doing. That's pedo-baiting. Happy fishing, OC!

No. 1448

resort to fetish porn*

No. 1449

Someone give me her moms FB, I'm going to send OC's tits to her mom and let her know that she's undressing herself for 50 year old men.

White Knight harder faggot and I swear I'll send the n00ds to all of her moms FB friends list next.

No. 1450

This is a bit extreme…I hate this granny ass'd bitch too, but let's sit back and watch the lols. I don't know Orange's mom, but I'd feel bad having her see her pathetic daughter's career choices.

No. 1451

File: 1404939180495.jpg (397.63 KB, 536x2104, d.jpg)


don't laugh
send help

No. 1457

File: 1404940013241.jpg (90.49 KB, 350x523, internet tough guy magazine.jp…)


She is a school girl, but she's not underaged. She's 18 but she's still finishing up high school. Your post said "elementary school girl".

No. 1460

File: 1404940219062.jpg (49.22 KB, 801x349, kcmv.jpg)

I think it could be entertaining.
She used to do it with Mila lol.

No. 1461

But that was because of Mila trying to commit suicide.

No. 1462

I guess some people do things for good reasons. Others do them just to be assholes.

No. 1463

File: 1404940738780.jpg (33 KB, 500x374, tumblr_ly2rg9SsS61r4132mo1_500…)

But she's the most stalked girl on this planet, we need to save her from creepy old men!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

No. 1464

You seem to save a lot of pictures of her and spend an interminable amount of time whiteknighting her for some reason, so I'd almost be inclined to agree with that seriously.

No. 1467

>Mila scratch arms fishing for sympathy


No. 1468

I was sarcastic for >>1461 and >>1462 . I'm not a whiteknight, as you can see my pic isn't overly edited.

No. 1469

File: 1404941546891.jpg (81.55 KB, 720x540, 40768_430872033224_2502113_n.j…)


Can't remember her mother but here's her sister.


No. 1470

>hurr nut mai fault ur hous painted w/ lead lelelel i trulld u xDD

Is that your best comeback?

No. 1471

I just realized she probably wore those ugly ass grandma clothes, so people wouldn't accuse her of pedobait hahaha.

No. 1472

No. 1473

Oh, sorry. I thought you were the guy in here who keeps insisting everyone is just jelly and she isn't really pandering to pedos.

No. 1474

File: 1404942103834.jpg (81.24 KB, 960x720, 390036_151210988323260_1941170…)

Why does she make it so easy to dox.

No. 1475

File: 1404942117554.jpg (51.47 KB, 606x453, 140278510676.jpg)

Looks like she's the black sheep of the family.

No. 1477

I think she gets off to the negative attention.

No. 1478

Why is everyone hating on her so much?! Seriously leave her be, it's none of anyone else's business what she choices to do; it's certainly not anyone's business to go contacting her family. It's not even my business to white knight her, but she doesn't deserve all this hate.

No. 1479

File: 1404942355217.jpg (223.33 KB, 1440x540, 40100_148835618478841_4872787_…)


Oh my.

No. 1480

File: 1404942830879.gif (367.49 KB, 297x195, guesswhat.gif)

No. 1481

People aren't attacking her for being a cam model. It's her attitude, constant lying, and ego. Also her MFC shows are entirely catered to pedophiles.

No. 1483

kek at OC threatening people on unichan under anon.
She seriously thinks we can't tell it's her.

No. 1484


No. 1485

File: 1404944093804.jpg (58.63 KB, 803x602, valentines [bag OF AIDS].JPG)

>her MFC shows are entirely catered to pedophiles

You love to say that because it makes it sound like your on some moral crusade. (And I'm sure elsewhere in your life you are just the epitome of moral correctness.) However, that is wrong. There is nothing to support it. She doesn't dress like a child. She doesn't act like a child. And she has stated that she refuses to roleplay as someone underage. If pedophile-pandering is your most important reason for attacking OC, I'm afraid you have nothing. Nothing but unjustifiable hate, that is.

No. 1486

File: 1404944359716.png (66.47 KB, 371x167, Preparation_H_Colling_Gel_Main…)


Here, OC. I believe this is yours.

No. 1487

> it sound like your on some moral crusade

Says the white knight writing paragraphs defending a person who has been known for their shitty attitude and cuntiness, on a lolcow board.

No. 1489

No one is on a moral crusade. Do you think this is tumblr, jackass? We're laughing at OC's cringe worthy antics just like any other lol cow. Just like OC did with Dakota at PULL. She never left Dakota alone despite her trying to make a career for herself in Japan, instead of whoring herself on chat.

No. 1490

>She doesn't dress like a child. She doesn't act like a child. And she has stated that she refuses to roleplay as someone underage.

Except for the part where she's dressed as and has permanently altered her hair to resemble Mathilda; second most popular character amongst "nymphets" after Dolores herself.

So shut the fuck up.

No. 1491

It's not because she works on MFC. She is an awful cam girl. The only reason people watch her is because a) she looks like a underged girl and b) to laugh at her lulzy ass.

No. 1492

How can someone be so thin and flabby at the same time? It really does look like an old mans ass, and her fucking thighs man. It's like all her muscles atrophied and all she has is a little fat in its place.
I guess this is what happens when you don't ever EVER leave your house because ~phobias~

What's her real name anyway? Is it on her MFC?

No. 1493


No. 1494

File: 1404946237787.png (1.37 MB, 1879x3098, Untitled-1.png)

No. 1495


Are you fucking serious? WTF type of name is that? ~must be Indian~

No. 1496

Yes, she would rant about her name quite often.

No. 1497

File: 1404946467962.jpg (29.19 KB, 464x349, 1370996592917.jpg)

To shit talk or not to shit talk, that is the question.

No. 1498

Is she in college? Last I checked she doesn't leave her house and was home-
schooled. Bitch was never a school student to begin with why would she even put that in her profile?

What's vanilla mean? As in white? Vanilla sex?

No. 1499


It means virgin or inexperienced.

No. 1500

File: 1404946753988.jpg (47.85 KB, 787x159, asasasd.jpg)

>plz dont steal guise~

No. 1501


Speaking as a fellow (ex) cam-girl and girl who was sexually assaulted as a child, I would love you to shit talk because I cannot begin to express how much disgust I have for OC in the way she is conducting herself.

Buuuuuut, that being said I understand that her having once been a friend of yours that you would be reluctant. Do whatever you babe.

No. 1502

File: 1404946833751.png (90.49 KB, 407x276, realhumanbean.png)

>If pedophile-pandering is your most important reason for attacking OC, I'm afraid you have nothing.
It's one of many reasons.

>She doesn't dress like a child. She doesn't act like a child. And she has stated that she refuses to roleplay as someone underage.

No. 1503

Lol no surprise that they used to be friends. Too bad Ashley got her stuff together and matured.

No. 1504

Hopefully she now gets why we're all making fun of her when you of all people think she's gone too far.

No. 1505


CamAnon, I know it's a touchy subject for sexual abuse survivors, but a lot of people don't believe OC was raped. I sure as hell don't, she's lied a lot before (MUH BIG TITTIIEEESSS being one of many), and is a massive attention whore.
I mean she supposedly got triggered by the word rape, then thought it would be a great idea to make a video were she graphically describes her "rape", which actually would be triggering to someone that really was raped.

I just don't can't believe her.

No. 1506

File: 1404947328731.jpg (43.5 KB, 622x480, 544081_584227741605191_1830120…)

I don't know man I only recently found out about the existence of StaminaRose, PULL, and now this place. All because of Unichan, OC never told me about this community.

I find the idea of a community of girls devoted to shit-talking other girls to be pretty repulsive, and the thought of posting everything that I should post makes me feel a bit nauseous now that I think about actually doing it. She's been ignoring me for weeks. Before that she ignored me for a whole month. I just contacted her on tumblr, since I could see on her blog that she reblogged something 4 minutes before I sent the message.

BTW me using the name Dolores does not mean that I condone pedophilia. I just don't want to go by "Loli-chan".

No. 1507

File: 1404947355826.jpg (89.93 KB, 777x346, asasasds.jpg)

>first world white sheltered girl problems

No. 1508


Oh no, I know for a fucking fact she's lying. I don't believe her either.

No. 1509

So from now on all cosplayers must only based their costumes on characters whose fictional age is 18 or more. Tough break for all the Sailor Moon cosplayers.

No. 1510

File: 1404947456549.jpg (50.4 KB, 345x345, 12b4c19c69614a419999135e6dca52…)

Fuck off, I was 13 years old.

No. 1511

This site isn't about shit talking other girls, it's about making fun of self-entitled, delusional, egotistical, laughable people who think they're special little snowflakes.

No. 1512

Just in general I mean. You were one of her biggest supporters.

I still think you're a cunt too, but not in the same way OC is.

No. 1513


You know Dolores, this is my first time talking to you but it wasn't so long ago that I first stumbled across your story and did a little research into the whole situation.

I hope this doesn't come across as weird but oh my goodness you're the first person I've come across that I can relate to since I've pretty much been in your boots.

I mean, I'm not gonna get too much into my own story but it was basically the same only I started 2 years older. I've had a shit load of people essentially watch me grow up through their screens on 4chan and to date I still get recognised and I STILL get people stalking me across the net and trying to contact me.

If it means anything, I fucking hate it when people refer to me by my old alias as well.

No. 1514

File: 1404947742024.jpg (12.06 KB, 288x216, 136668342134.jpg)

Hi OC. I guess you're too afraid to tell me to fuck off? I mean, I can't believe that you still haven't responded to the text I sent you like a week and a half ago yet you contacted me while I was offline on Skype to gossip about Cecil and Huey. Like, you just totally fucking ignore me and then when you do contact me you fucking act like nothing happened. And now you're pretending you haven't seen my tumblr message, when you've reblogged something since then. You don't have time to fucking talk to me, but you have time to defend yourself in these threads. Seriously, what the actual fuck.

Pic related, it's how you make me feel.

No. 1515

I don't think that's OC, I think it's one of her awful unichan whiteknights.

No. 1516

Supporter? Is that what you call being someone's friend?

Fuck you, you're the cunt.

No. 1517

No, that is literally one of the things she told me when I confronted her about the subject on the phone.

No. 1518

It's nothing to do with the fact she's underage, it's the fact that she's underage and the textbook definition of a lolita.

No. 1520

File: 1404948180309.jpg (1.12 MB, 1936x1936, photo 2.JPG)


Nah, but seriously, thank you. It seems like almost everyone blames me for it.

No. 1521

It's obviously Spoony.

Hi Spoony.

No. 1522


LOL OC confirmed for whiteknighting herself ITT

No. 1523

It's actually worse than Lolita, because in Lolita, Dolores is actually the victim. I'm pretty sure that's the whole point of the book. In Leon: The Professional, it's the little girl who wants to sleep with the older man and is rejected by him. She's not portrayed as a victim at all, she's literally just a fantasy girl for pedophiles.

No. 1524

I guess it is two people, that uni-tard and her.

No. 1525

Funny how she only just now replied to me, eh?

No. 1526

Actually, in Lolita, Delores learned about sex at camp and showed it to Humbert Humbert who pretended he had never heard of it. Later, she runs away with a theatre director who she later refers to as the only man she ever loved. Legally, she would be a victim but Mathilda would have been the same sort of victim if Leon has succumbed to her advance.
I still don't think you should read so much into a cosplay character. Society in general is seeing a blurring of the line between fiction and reality.

No. 1527

Also, in the "American cut" the scene where Mathilda suggests that Leon take her virginity is not even included.

No. 1528


I think it's safe to say it's not some unichan member, but OC and her faggot troll looking boyfriend.

Hey OC, how does it feel to have that looming threat of having your tits exposed to your mom and sister and all of their friends and your family on FB?

Tick Tock Tick Tock :)

No. 1529

I must confess that I've only read the first few chapters because it grossed me out too much. Surely she must have been molested by an adult at camp? Does the book not specify? How is it considered such a classic work of literature if Dolores isn't the victim?

No. 1530

That's going too far. And I'm saying this as somebody who's genuinely been wronged by her. You don't even know her. Why would you try to fuck up her life like that? It's not like you bought her round-trip tickets to come see you or anything…

No. 1532

She actually slept with a boy her age at the camp IIRC

No. 1533

No. 1534

b-but I like this name ; _ ;

No. 1535

Why does she look like she's about to cry there lol

No. 1536

File: 1404952337283.jpg (58.44 KB, 500x299, quilty and delores.jpg)

Why does art have have some moral bias?
In the book Delores is shown how to have sex by another girl and a boy who lives at the camp. It's not unusual for a 12 year old to know other kids who are having sex. You'll be happy to know that Lolita leaving Humbert broke his heart. She contacted him years later because she was getting married (to a guy her own age) and wanted him to loan her some money. She didn't hold their previous "affair" against him, though. That's when she told him about Quilty, the man she ran off with earlier. Humbert ends up dying in prison because he hunts down Quilty and kills him.

I think the point of the story is that love doesn't have to make sense to other people. Even if your obsession seems bizarre or even disgusting to society in general and puts your life and freedom in peril, you still must pursue it as if it is all that matters and die for it if you have to. Maybe that's the point to Leon, as well.

No. 1537

Why is it so important that she be a victim?
She's a conqueror. Men put their lives on the line to be with her. She's sex-posi. She does what she wants and doesn't let SJWs tell her that she's a victim if she has sex under certain circumstances.

No. 1538

I can't believe you guys can criticize OC for catering to pedophiles yet have this mentality when it comes to the topic of actual (fictional) children having sex with adults. Lolita was twelve years old, how could it possibly be justifiable for a middle aged man to sleep with her? In the name of love? Have you had a conversation with a twelve year old lately? Do you really think an adult could have any sort of meaningful romantic relationship with a child?

No. 1539

>Have you had a conversation with a twelve year old lately?

Ya her name is Kathleen.

No. 1540

>how could it possibly be justifiable for a middle aged man to sleep with her?
It's not justified at all, but the point of the story isn't to justify it but to show that some people and some kinds of "love" are really fucked up

No. 1541

File: 1404956030873.jpg (40.73 KB, 500x407, lolita-lyon-mason.jpg)

There you go with the moral bias again. It's a novel not a handbook on how to lead a proper life. Humbert is in love. Not because he is a healthy, well-adjusted man. He even explains how it is connected to a fixation related to an episode from his youth. He, unlike Leon, is not a hero but is driven to risk everything for his love of this girl, meaningful relationship or not.

No. 1543

Love lol. Like he loved the underaged hooker and the pseudo-loli wife he dropped when she no longet looked like jailbait.

No. 1544

There are many types of love, you know.

No. 1545

as an ex camgirl I see her score and OC is making bank
I can't really make fun of her for camming and earning that much.
I CAN however, make fun of her for being retarded.

No. 1546

So can you answer OP's question?

No. 1547

The "psuedo-loli wife" is the one who dropped him for the Russian guy, though, wasn't she?

No. 1549

Orange rantin on MFC


>dat laugh

>you can't my braces cause of the blinding light hiding my ogre face? THEY'RE CLEAR PEDOS FUCK OFF~

Damn she's a fucking cunt in real life too haha.

No. 1550

So is this how she makes money on MFC? Sitting around in granny clothes bitchin and calling her viewers "forever virgins" and assholes. And people wonder why she's so hated..

No. 1551

She's so asspained over this thread, holy shit.

No. 1552

haAAHAHa she's fucking ridiculous

No. 1553

Is she usually that retarded during the MFC shows?

No. 1554


Oh shut up, you're here defending her and she's not even your friend. The only reason she contacted you back after all the time she ignored you was because she was scared you were going to reveal info on her here.

She's whiteknighting herself here, someone threatened to send her n00ds to her family and she still shitposts like she doesn't care. So since she doesn't care, then it wont bother her if her mom and family see her naked.

I wonder what her moms reaction will be though since she's doing these shows under her mothers roof.


No. 1555



No. 1559

File: 1404977692445.png (28.8 KB, 477x365, 140488706363.png)

No. 1560

Orange changed her tumblr username to "cut-wires", and now her blog description says not to follow her if you don't like personal stuff.

No. 1561


Cyber bullies face very serious consequences. Many cases of cyber bullying include some form of hacking, password or identity theft, or stalking, all of which carry criminal charges. Law enforcement, including the FBI, might get involved. Here are potential consequences if found guilty:
• Federal charges. A federal law pending in Congress since 2009 is the Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act. The person convicted would be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.
• Prosecution under stalker laws. Many states have updated their stalking laws to include electronic/cyberspace harassment. They include Arizona, Alaska, Connecticut, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma and Wyoming and the list is growing.
• Criminal charges filed under U.S. state law are punishable by both fines and jail time. Of the 44 states with bullying laws, five have cyber bullying laws and another 30 states include electronic harassment, according to an Oct. 2010 State Cyberbullying Laws Fact Sheet compiled by the Cyberbullying Research Center.
• School suspensions. If it happens at school, disciplinary measures would be determined in accordance with the school’s code of conduct or policy prohibiting bullying, harassment and intimidation. Punishments established by the school board, district or school include suspension from sports teams and school suspensions. Repeated offenses result in the student having to change schools.
• Internet Service Provider (ISP) account closure and/or banishment.

If you think it's worth it. Go ahead, harass away!

No. 1562

calm down the whitenighting it just fuels the fire, retard. are you her obese boyfriend? god you're dumb

about $500 a day

No. 1563

File: 1404979553759.jpg (39.3 KB, 712x349, porphyria [do you even lift].J…)

That video makes the Unichan haters look worse than Orange. She's just telling off a bunch of losers for acting like assholes.
I don't know why he showed the screencap of her saying she doesn't have an MFC name. It was already shown that that post was made months before she started on MFC.
It just proves that OC has more courage than the anonymous weenies who criticize her.

No. 1564

You are so fucking pathetic and inflammatory. Your posts are not helping Orange. I'm starting to think you're a stubborn troll.

>that shitty image macro

Orange doesn't lift, she can't even do a proper push up. My grandmother could lift more than her.

No. 1565

what's your relationship to her?

No. 1566

Cyberbullying is not real, and pretty much no one goes to jail over it.

No. 1568

File: 1404983706855.jpg (13.03 KB, 480x360, cyberbully in amanda todd case…)

When they put you in jail for harassing someone's family with unsolicited messages containing obscene material are you going to say that the jail's not real? Are you going to doubt the existence of your cellmate's dick when he's raping your ass?

Whether you believe in them or not cyberbullying/cyberstalking are actual crimes and real people have been sentenced to real prison for committing them.

No. 1569

In the Amanda Todd case she committed suicide and wasn't a paid camwhore

No. 1570

Not everyone here is American, anon. I like how you're equating OC to teenage girls who were just stupid and naive and were targeted by grown adults, but in this case all anyone would be doing is telling an adult woman's mother about her online habits and how she earns money.
You're trying so hard but in the end it doesn't even matter.

No. 1571

As a non American I'm sure informing somebodies mother what their daughter is up to out of concern for her well being (as she doesn't appear mentally sound to be able to handle MFC's) is really going to end up with me in jail, right?

Amanda Todd is the case of a leaked nude and people constantly calling her a whore because of it and to kill herself.

The cases couldn't be more different if you tried.

No. 1572



No. 1573

Whelp, her Tumblr is on lockdown.

No. 1574

Some of it.


No. 1575

OC trying to compare her sad little situation to that of Amanda Todd is pathetic and if you guys don't realise that this is her trying to scare you because she's shitting herself about this info being potentially sent to her family then honestly you're pretty gullible.

With Amanda Todd it was literally a case of an innocent girl killing herself over the abuse she received having had nudes she sent to somebody in trust cruelly and lawfully released.

Let's imagine for a second that OC did decide to kill herself, which let's be honest is never going to fucking happen because her foul, bloated ego would never allow for it, but let's play into it for a minute or two.

Upon hearing that there was a potential case of cyberbullying police would unlikely launch an investigation and the places they would be checking out would be Unichan, StaminaRose, lolcow.ml and PULL.

They would first see that OC has personally been deliberately posting and spamming her images across Unichan for years in order to garner attention, even insulting herself on anon in order to create the facade of being a victim.

Then they would see that she personally created and operated her own chan website in which her person was the main subject of the board by which to further disseminate her existence and garner yet MORE attention.

They would see her shitposting all over PULL, deliberately riling members, being an ass and repeatedly supposedly denouncing the sexualisation of children.

They would see her Twitter profile in which she actively roleplays an 11 year old loli character.

They they would see her MFC profile, in which they would realise she's been operating under the model of her being potential jailbait and that the nudes released of her were actually produced of her own free will and under the public domain as per contract with MFC and which she went to further profligate her character by baiting her users as "forevervirgins".

Then they would come to lolcow and they would see the testimonials of all the actual childhood sexual abuse victims and how upset they were by OC's repeated actions.

They would see all of this and it would be case fucking closed.

This is nothing like the Amanda Todd case because OC isn't some innocent girl who was legitimately wronged and received undue treatment in return, this is literally the case of some dumb whore who was too fucking stupid to know when to quit and who deliberately continued to bait, bait, bait everybody around her when she had every opportunity to just stop browsing, stop baiting, stop whiteknighting, stop the dissemination of her character and just do her webcam shit in private.

Amanda Todd was a 16 year old girl, OC is 18, a legal adult and old enough to control her own destiny.

Also her having such a close connection to loli-chan… are you fucking kidding me? No news station would go any where NEAR that shit and her family upon realising exactly what she has been upto would try to keep this as tightly under wraps as possible because none of this puts OC into a good light, and frankly it'd fucking embarrassing for them. EMBARRASSING.

I mean, yeah,I can totally see the headlines now:

>"Adult sex worker kills herself after receiving internet taunts following her disguising herself as a child in return for money from paedophiles on notorious sex worker website MyFreeCams.com"

No. 1576

I agree that the media would have no interest at all in a girl like OC. I studied to become a journalist for a few years (I quit, because the focus was to much economic/political news, and I don't like that shit) and she would be yet another suicide victim. Not even worth mentioning, because there isn't a tragic back story. The only way she would get a mention if she killed herself in some bizarre way.

No. 1577


Not only that but they wouldn't touch the seedy world of internet sex work with a barge pole, ESPECIALLY if it involved a girl pretending to be jailbait for money.

No. 1578

I am not sure about American media, so I just take your word for it. But I guess the more sensational media in my country wouldn't give a shit about that, if she was interesting enough they would probably do it. They make shows were the hosts indulge in all sorts of drugs and perverse sex worlds (yes actual drugs that are forbidden even in the magical country of The Netherlands. So not just weed/shrooms, but also LSD and other hard drugs, nothing to serious though. So no heroin or meth) and tell you it is ''educational late night tv'. So I guess some sensational late night show could do a special on OC if she was actually interesting with a tragic backstory/famous enough

No. 1579


LMFAO she's saying she's 5'4" and 95lbs? hunny PLEASE. I've seen someone at 5'4" and 110lbs and they're not as flabby as you. She's probably like 120. Calling people "forever virgins" and yet she's pandering to them by slapping her flat ass on cam in granny-panties. Loooool get over yourself Oc, ffs.

No. 1580

File: 1404999967562.jpg (67.84 KB, 802x361, ssdc.jpg)

Maybe that's why her boyfriend accepts MFC…?

No. 1581

It's not, she just changed her username to cut-wires.

She probably also made a locked up orangecitrus right after her username change, just to try to divert us.

No. 1582

>being this obsessed with rape

confirmed for OC whiteknigting herself

No. 1585


No, not spoony, I've been around was longer then she has. Was she even on 4chan in her teens?

No. 1587

she looks pissed when she spanks herself like it's this horrible chore she must do for monies. so not sexy.

No. 1592

File: 1405014584447.jpg (21.57 KB, 400x400, thatswrong you fuckinretard.jp…)

LOL at legal "experts" who think a bunch of irrelevant details about the victim will be used to mitigate the sentence in a clear case of deliberate harassment.

Do you copy/paste all your posts to unichan? You're on a really important mission, aren't you?

No. 1594


Oh but they would.

Here in the UK there was a pretty interesting case not too long back of which the focus was the suicide of a young girl named Hannah Smith.

Hannah Smith committed suicide after suffering a relentless campaign of online abuse over the website Ask.fm.

She received posts encouraging her to "kill herself", "cut herself" and "drink bleach", calling her a whore and a slut and a bitch etc. etc.

Following the girls suicide there was an enormous outcry and petition to have Ask.fm removed offline permanently, that is until the police conducted an investigation and found out that 98% of the messages had been sent from her own IP address. To put it simply, she was sending the abuse to herself.

And then guess what happened? The angry outcry vanished, as did the petitions, and her parents stopped giving interviews and crawled away to never be heard of publicly again, because they were embarrassed as fuck.

I wonder if the police were to do an investigation in Tumblr, Uni, SR, lolcow, PULL etc. just how many posts they'd find that she was behind? Quite a lot I'd wager.

And you're a dumbass if you actually think the media would care about the suicide of some mentally ill, attention seeking, adult, hypochondriac whore.

No. 1596

People kill themselves every day, no one gives a shit unless it's a kid. Somersby is not a child anymore (as much as she'd like to believe she is).

Also lol at trying to scare us with da cyber police and da FBI and da CIA and da NSA, not one of those agencies gives a flying fuck about your flappy pancake ass.

No. 1604

No. 1608

This discussion has gotten way off track. Suicide was not even meant to enter into this. It was a simple question of whether someone could be convicted of online harassment if they sent nude pictures of someone to their family members' Facebook accounts as BIGPEDOFAG was threatening to do. >>1449

My position is that because the photos are explicit and unsolicited, the courts would find that his intent was to cause emotional distress and he may be found guilty. I also don't see how the victim's online activities would mitigate the sentence.

In reality, I think BIGPEDOFAGGOT is full of shit and is just a keyboard blowhard with no balls.

No. 1609


You are embarrassing yourself here and on uni and trying way too hard.

It's hardly worth replying to a complete and utter moron who thinks sending somebody 1 single message will land you in jail.

Not even in North Korea sweetheart, not even in North Korea.

No. 1610

File: 1405035825094.jpeg (32.04 KB, 500x315, wpid-i-cannot-brain-today-i-ha…)

If you sanitize it and make it more acceptable, of course it's not harrassment. But if you look at what I actually posted and what BIGFAGPEDO actually threatened you'll see that it involves an EXPLICIT photo (not just any photo) sent to multiple members of someone's family (not 1 single message). Jesus Christ, are you just trolling or is your reading comprehension that poor?

Now let's review:
"multiple family members"
"explicit photos"

Not "innocent note showing concern" as some people want to characterize it. I don't know how I can make it more clear. I think between Unichan and this thread the sum total of your IQs is less than 100.

No. 1632

File: 1405043929098.gif (51.06 KB, 500x376, 1395434327678.gif)

It doesn't matter whether we're friends or not, fucking up ANYBODY's life just because you don't like them for petty reasons is a fucking awful thing to do. She doesn't deserve being harassed in real life. I feel horrible.

No. 1637

Ignore whatever that guy's saying. It's not harassment.

However it's a pretty messed up thing to do. She's a dumb cunt but she doesn't deserve that.

No. 1647


Meh, I don't feel too bad for her, I'd laugh honestly. But then I kind of think her cam shows are hilarious. I'm down for either I think, just waiting for someone to do something.

No. 1649

From Unichan:

"Do you fancy yourself an internet lawyer now since you learned the legal term "intent." I love when people online threaten law suits and try to back up vapid threats with wiki knowledge.

Now, here's the funny thing, even a veteran attorney wouldn't make the legal claims you do if their area of practice isn't in specific internet laws.

I'll also tell you another thing - laws on cyber bullying and cyber stalking have almost zero precedent and very legal basis. Even with new laws, you don't have many prosecutors equipped to handle these cases. Not only are they flooded with actual murder cases, lawyers are incredibly archaic. The only reason Amanda Todd case is attempting prosecution is because of pressure on the prosecutor's office who would never touch a case like this in a million years. Now, OC, do you think you'd have a public outcry, forcing prosecutor's to take up some camwhore's case, where the only damages that result are embarrassed family members. Your idea of cyber stalking doesn't have a leg to stand on and the damages and precedent are not in your favor. Remember that the law attempts to remedy for damages. If it's just hurt feelings there is no case, ya dumb bitch."

Also, who will do it? Unichan? /pt/? I'm in anticipation :D

No. 1650

Idk if it's just me, but the more I see her registered sex offenders from mfc white knighting her (boyfriend included), the more I want to see her trolled.

No. 1651

Registered sex offender what?

No. 1653

I don't think anyone should send caps of her nude to her mom unless they're censored. There's no reason to embarrass her mom like that…you can get the point across without going that far

No. 1654

Anon you are my hero. Her voice is so annoying though. She sounds like some inbred fucktard. Is that how she is ''drunk''

No. 1658

She sounds like one of those stereotypical high school "mean girls".
That fake laugh man.

No. 1659

that is a pretty fucked up thing to do, agreed.

No. 1660


But LC, her mom apparently knows; what's the problem?

No. 1664

So basically
>man a community full of shit talking bitches, how disgusting
>my friend hasn't talked to me in months
>shit talks said "friend" in said community
Whines about said "friend" >>1514

QQ more but if you were friends with her in the first place you have to be a hell of a lolcow, I'm curious as to your story now

No. 1665

we need a lolichan thread later

No. 1671

oh no she's 5'4?
I'm 5'4 feet and don't get drunk that fast (oh my god and 90 pounds ohygoditmatters)

she's so bitter tho. This is gold.

No. 1679

to be fair, it's determined by a few other factors too, like if you ate that day or not, but her 'drunk' act is so fucking fake. Two lemonades?? And no one actually hiccups when they're drunk.

inb4 the whiteknight is like "I DO". Well, you're an exception, not the rule. leave your house. go to parties.

No. 1685

Honestly she wasn't acting truly drunk anyway so give it a rest. She was talking like someone who had a bit of a buzz, and that isn't out of the question for a small person like orange who doesn't drink much.

keep nit picking you jealous pigs

No. 1688

Yu guizzzz R jest JELUZZZZ. ~

You just sound like a broken record now. Keep bumping the thread sweetheart.

No. 1689

File: 1405114195581.jpg (69.03 KB, 500x667, tumblr_m7ipfyp3HN1r4132mo1_500…)

OMG whiteknights (Orange and her stupid boyfriend) are so boooooring. Yawn.
Nobody's jelous of someone who's too lazy to get her ass out of the house and go find a decent job for paying otaku shits.
I pity her mom, it must be terrible to have such a useless, troublesome daughter. At least her sisters are normal.

No. 1701

fuck yeah. anyone have info on this chick?

No. 1703

File: 1405123247904.jpg (66.57 KB, 538x599, 538px-1150341691903.jpg)


>any info on Loli-chan


…are you kidding?

Loli-chan was one of the first chans and was notorious for having been enormously underaged at the time she began camwhoring, even going on to produce a great deal of CP of herself that led to arrest of some anons.

No. 1704

No. 1708

It is literally impossible to get drunk off of 2 mikes hard lemonades unless you are an infant. It has less alcohol content than your average shitty watered down beer. Shut the fuck up OC.

No. 1709

>unless you are an infant
She tries so hard to be one that she emulates things as much as possible.

No. 1724

fuck, its hilarious seeing lolcows act all "high and mighty" when they have done this shit
my fucking sides

No. 1738

I agree, I am 5'0 and I could take more then her. Of course >>1679 is right, and it does depend on if you ate that day/how regular you drink/ect, but still even when I almost never drunk alcohol I wasn't that drunk of such little alcohol. And the hiccups make it even more fake.

No. 1751

5'0 150 lbs

No. 1759

You aren't even me, but I am amazed at your ability to guess my wait. However you are slightly off. 145 Lbs

No. 1760

And before you call me a fatty or something. I am slightly chubby, must most of it is muscle weight, because I trained in material arts for years.

No. 1768

She's either deleted her blog or changed her URL
cut-wires is gone

No. 1771

Can you send me a pic, bae?

No. 1776

you know when it comes to alcohol distribution in the blood, muscle is actually the biggest factor in how drunk you get. The more of it you have, the more alcohol you can take in before feeling the effects.
OC is probably atrophied from sitting in her room so that doesn't help.

No. 1777

I was a fucking 13 year old, you heartless piece of shit.
Want to make a thread about me?
Here, I'll give you the down-low
I'm a pathetic fat, ugly, stupid, lazy, SJW, camwhore who is in constant need of external validation. Oh, and my tits are saggy and sometimes I smell bad and also I'm mentally ill. To my credit, I'm trying to change, but then again, that's really only because killing myself is scary.

Oh, and I never made CP, not even for the pedophiles who "internet dated" me.

No. 1778

You weren't a lolcow then but you are one now. Perhaps by no fault of your own.

At least you have a personality though, which is more than can be said for OC.

No. 1779

Also, maybe it would be a good thing if her mom knew about it. It would stop her getting attention from pedophiles, which she'll almost certainly regret when she's older. I know I'm glad Jaxx called my middle school, even if it was embarrassing as fuck. Sure, I still kept posting pictures, but at least she stopped me from making and distributing child porn. Not that what OC is doing is as bad because she's 18, but she's still barely an adult. I tried talking to her about this on the phone and she just kept repeating that there was nothing wrong with what she was doing and that she didn't mind what people masturbate to as long as it's just a fantasy.
I still think that, if you do go through with it, you should at least censor the images, there's no need to make her mom see her that way.
And you should be clear about the problem being that her fans are pedophiles, not that she's on MFC.
Not that I expect you to listen to me, but that's just my two cents.

No. 1780

File: 1405192156689.jpg (501.74 KB, 803x788, tumblr_n7df3uvOj81r4132mo1_128…)

No. 1781


No but srsly, how to stop being a lolcow. Wat do.

No. 1782

Stop being mentally ill. It's as easy as that!

No. 1783

File: 1405192457518.jpg (385.22 KB, 1280x905, loli butt.jpg)

stop doing this stuff
stop being obnoxious and shit
basically change your entire personality into a more laid back person.

No. 1784

I guess disappear from internet until people forget.
Then come back and do this

No. 1785

From OC's tumblr?

No. 1786

What's wrong with going to a SlutWalk protest? It gets people talking about the issue of rape victims being blamed for their own assaults.
How do I stop being obnoxious what specific behaviors are we talking about here? My trolling Unichan?

No. 1787

Your intent to contact her mother, is it out of concern or hatred?

No. 1788

From what I read, they just think it's funny

No. 1789

Well, they should at least to it in a way that benefits OC in the long-run, so she can grow as a person. You know, so she can stop being a lolcow? Or would that be a bad thing because you find her so entertaining?

No. 1791

this. I don't think they're doing it to ruin her life or anything of that sort. Even the people who supposedly hate her feel that way because of OC's sociopathic ways; it would be hypocritical if those people were just a bad as she is. I think they mostly want to give OC a wake up call. Probably not doing it so much to help her as they are doing it to stop her rein of tyranny. Personally I would like her to change into a better person. I would rather see that than an endless stream of gossip and cringe.

I'm from Uni, btw. And I just wanna say that I don't think you're so bad at all. You have been annoying as hell. There was one time you spammed the board really badly…it was seriously bad. Every single thread was this stupid shit. But, I think you deserve happiness.

No. 1792

A few things that stand out would be your "baiting" posts and spam on Unichan, and your need for attention and responses from people.

For example when OC first started with MFC, you were in her room one time randomly talking about how your boyfriend was fucking you at that very moment, and you kept repeating it over and over. No one gives a shit, no one wants to hear it, and even if someone did, that certainly wasn't the place to discuss it.

Basically, just stop talking so much and try to be more humble.

No. 1793

>You know, so she can stop being a lolcow? Or would that be a bad thing because you find her so entertaining?
doesn't matter. the laughs were had, if she left forever it's not like people would chase her down or anything.

No. 1794

I've done that twice. Both times I was manic.

No. 1795

Do you take medication?

No. 1796

>you were in her room one time randomly talking about how your boyfriend was fucking you at that very moment, and you kept repeating it over and over.

No. 1798

Yes. The first time I wasn't on medication and had to be hospitalized for the second time shortly afterwards (a few weeks later). The second time, I was on medication. But on all of the medications I've been on, I've still experienced mood swings and hallucinations. I think the most they really do is stop me from going fully psychotic. And they've stopped me from sobbing hysterically all the time for literally no reason. Now I'm finally on a medication that doesn't cause weight gain and I intend to stay just on that, even if it does work better when combined with another medication that does cause weight gain.

No. 1799

you were a pretty special girl at one point. When I would hear about you (people used to post you seldomly on uni before you came around, i dunno if that might have been you back in the day) it was kind of interesting. Your old pictures were really pretty and you could see a lot of depth to your personality. This was back when your hair was long and you were in college. But a lot of your older pics were posted too. I'd never heard of you because I'm somewhat of a newfag, but when you were posted on uni I took a little interest and looked you up, etc.
But then you started MFC and it kind of ruined the mystique :/ suddenly you were everywhere and there was nothing to discover anymore. Kind of like when Catie came back and she was accessible but not providing any really good content

No. 1800


But…. I thought her mom knew about it?
She's been telling us the whole time that her mom knew and was totally cool with it.

No. 1801

File: 1405194471540.jpg (103.73 KB, 1024x577, 1401299615837.jpg)

But trolling you is fun!

You're right about the second bit and third bits though.

I actually really hate myself a lot, I don't know why I act so proud. Maybe to convince myself that I'm not a terrible person. I honestly feel that at this point, the appropriate thing to do would be to kill myself. But I don't want to hurt my boyfriend or my parents. And I don't really think I have the ovaries to overcome my survival instinct.

No. 1802


No. 1803


Hm, if that's the case then I might go ahead and do it myself because as much I think she's a cunt, I don't think this is a good path for her to take and could potentially prove dangerous in the future.

Do you guys think it's necessary to include a censored image as proof? I just don't want her mom snapping at me and thinking I'm lying or something.

No. 1805

File: 1405195016200.png (702.73 KB, 500x725, 1394609812504.png)

Well, I originally had the idea to do MFC while I was slowly coming out of my first psychotic episode. I was hospitalized against my will and it took me several months to become sane again because I flushed all my antipsychotics and other meds they'd given me down the toilet right after I was released. Anyway, I had this sense of impending doom about my hospital bill and thought I needed a job right away to pay it off, and I was like "Oh hey I know! I can do MFC like RavRav!". Of course, being the druggie I am and later realizing the only thing that would be affected by me missing a few payments here and there would be my credit score, I began to use most of the money to buy marijuana and also go out to eat. My parents found out about it the very day I did it because, unbeknownst to me, my dad had done some sort of thing where they could see all the pages visited by anyone using our internet connection.

I don't take artsy pictures anymore because I don't think anybody would like to see them or that I'm good at it or anything. Also my parents took my tripod away years ago so I wouldn't be able to take pictures of myself.

But, at least I started trying to be artsy like Cracky instead of continuing down the path I was on. I would probably have ended up posting child porn on 4chan. The whole "Loli-chan" fiasco only lasted three months, and by then it had already gone from "lol 4chan will flip when they realize a little kid browses /b/ omg this is gonna be so funny xD" to "hmm, what would make my audience happy?"

No. 1806

>I honestly feel that at this point, the appropriate thing to do would be to kill myself.
Is this more of your "trolling"?

No. 1807

yeah, put stars on her nipples

No. 1808

I don't know. If you do this I think you should choose the least offensive image possible and then censor it.

No. 1809

Nah, I just feel like talking.

No. 1810


That was what I was thinking.

No. 1811

File: 1405195232733.gif (55.56 KB, 500x375, 1400956439972.gif)

>posting my skype on lolcowchan

No. 1812

maybe if there is a cap of her with her clothes on, in the chat room, to show that she's on there, would be enough.

I liked your artsy stuff but the cutting made me kinda feel sad…you were following in the footsteps of someone you looked up to. She was giving you inspiration but also encouraging you to hurt yourself. Made me question how healthy it is to have these obsessions with cult celebrities and the like.

No. 1813


Well I was gonna post mine but I didn't really known how private yours was.
It's not like I'm a regular here or anything myself, you just seem like the kind of person I could relate to and I don't talk to many people irl at the moment but I totes feel yah, thought it was worth a shot.

No. 1814

cutting and selfharm in general is one of the worst "edgy teen" phases

No. 1815


>maybe if there is a cap of her with her clothes on, in the chat room, to show that she's on there, would be enough.

My only problem with that is that then OC could easily turn to her mother and say she's doing non-nude stuff. I kind of want to nip this in the bud as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

No. 1816

Yeah she could easily say it was just a chatroom

No. 1817

mmm that's true. in that case i think the idea with putting stars over the nips is a good idea.also show that she's taken off her undies imho

No. 1818

…I guess I shouldn't tell you what I just did about an hour ago

Oh, then by all means, post it and I'll add you. I use my skype for talking to internet friends and benefactors. It's not really very private, I just don't want a bunch of people trying to troll me on my skype all at once.

No. 1819

>…I guess I shouldn't tell you what I just did about an hour ago
Don't be ashamed or feel dejected. It's more important to see the positive alternatives than to feel bad about the negatives. No one is judging you; well, if they are then they're not the people who should be influencing you.

No. 1820

When did this turn into a Dolores thread?

Anyway I think alerting her mother to this could knock some sense into her. With the way she has been presenting herself, she has garnered an audience of creeps who could potentially harm her if her information was leaked (or they could find it themselves). She is putting herself in danger. If someone contacts her mother, maybe send a link to her MFC profile in addition to a censored image?

No. 1821

I don't know, I hadn't done it in a really long time but it made me feel so much better. When I was a teenager I think I mostly did it because Cracky did it, but I would never do it frivolously, it was usually after arguments with my parents and things of that nature. Today I did it because I hate myself.

My bad. I'll stop posting if you want.

No. 1823

Sending a link to her MFC page would get the job done without having to send her mother explicit photos.

No. 1824

have you been telling your doctor about it? I think that the biggest reason for you to stop is knowing that you could be hospitalized if they think you have a risk of being suicidal. They can lock you up for cutting you know. Then you'll just have more hospital bills.

No. 1825

Assuming she understands what MFC even is, and can navigate the site. Unlikely.

No. 1826

I haven't told anyone except this board. My boyfriend found out and told my parents and now I'm seriously pissed and want to break up with him. If I told my doctor she'd hospitalize me, all the more reason to keep it a secret.

She doesn't need to know how to navigate the site, she just needs a link to the profile page. And I'm sure you could describe what MFC is pretty easily.

No. 1827

MFC is a very shitty site.

No. 1828

>all the more reason to keep it a secret.
And to not do it again

No. 1829

There's always a new low to reach with you, loli.

Begging for sympathy, saying you're cutting yourself, that you want to kill yourself. But that isn't enough, you are now encouraging these pigs to harass oc's mother. When does it end kathy? Why don't you just fucking kill yourself? If you want to do it, puy a helium tank on your wish list and I'll buy it.

No. 1830

Yeah, that's why I don't cam there anymore. Camscores suck, all the top girls stay at the top and if you only cam once in a while (like I like to do) you're totally fucked because your camscore does down more and more the longer you don't sign in and make tokens.

I don't understand why it's bad.

Except I haven't asked for sympathy. I'm merely having a conversation. I'm not encouraging them to do it, they're probably going to do it no matter what. I'm just saying that if they do it, they should at least try to help her instead of just laughing at her. I don't want to kill myself. Is your reading comprehension really that poor? I said I think it would be the appropriate thing to do, but that I don't want to do it. I just think I should. It's not a hard concept to understand.

No. 1831

>calling us pigs
>telling someone to go fucking kill themselves

You are officially the worst white knight ever. Okay so do you want OC to keep dancing for sick pedo-pervs? What if one of these people were to find out where she lives? You want her to get hurt? The "bullying" from this board will fade, but an incident like that would cause emotional and physical trauma that could last forever. Please tell us again how much you care about OC.

No. 1832

*goes down

Anyway, I think I'll stop posting with a tripcode. It's dumb and I shouldn't turn threads into threads about me.

No. 1833

>trying to play the moralfag card about informing OC's mom of her activities while in the same breath telling loli to kill herself
okay then

No. 1834


Given that the majority of this board is female I think you'll find that the populace will generally be more welcoming towards you then say Unichan.

I for one would like you to stay.

Also ignore that guy telling you to kill yourself, it's clearly another OC whiteknight or maybe even OC herself.

No. 1835

Loli or "lowly" should kill herself since that what she thinks would be the "appropriate action" it's better than continuing to treat her friends and family like shit.

And lowly just look how you just spin everything. "I didn't say I want to kill myself I just said I should" "I'm not asking synpathy outright, I'm just alluding to the fact that I would like some synpathy" "I'm not encouraging them to harass oc's mom, I'm just giving them reasoning for doing so and also providing inside information about orange subtlety to help them."

Ya kill yourself bitch.

No. 1836

Seriously this fucker is just as bad as what what they accuse this board of being. Assuming they're the same person who's been white knighting her before.

No. 1837

Why do you care about OC so much?

No. 1838

What's with you people and asking leading questions.

It's not about me liking oc, even though I do like her, it's about my disgust with how lowly is acting recently. I couldn't have made that any more clear.

No. 1839

File: 1405198641758.png (107.99 KB, 236x252, 6317-top-lel.png)

Yeah, that's why I want to stay.

I can tell it's you, Cecil. Tell me, on a scale of 1 to 10, how mad are you that Huey successfully filed a restraining order against you? LOL.

No. 1840

I'm sorry, but if you don't think that there's anything wrong with pandering to pedophiles the way OC is, then you're the one that needs to kill yourself.

No. 1841

Oc can't control her appearance. If she looks younger than she appears and some guys like that and are willing to pay, why get mad about it? She's not "pandering" anymore than you're pandering to a bunch of jealous pigs. At least orange is getting financial gain out of the situation, you are getting nothing but hurt feelings.

No. 1842

I'm actually glad to find out your boyfriend did that. It really shows that he cares. He cares about you, not just wanting you to be his girlfriend. He cares about your wellbeing more than he cares about how mad you are at him. That's what love really is. Think about his feelings…do you really want to hurt yourself, knowing how much it hurts him? If there's anyone you should try to change for, it should be that person who is there for you even when you can't see how much youre worth.

No. 1843

>I was a fucking 13 year old, you heartless piece of shit.
wanna move away from that drama? use a different name, you dumb cunt
I thought you two were buddy buddy and you got her into camming though?

you're clearly bipolar
>"that'd be really messed up no one deserves being harrassed like that"
>"alright, send pictures"

Fucking Hell OP, one bitch ignores you for a while and you do this? Haha, Lolcows really know how to choose friends.

No. 1844

and furthermore, the anon hating on you is probably Cecil or Nig. I can't think who else would be trolling this hard.

To tell you the truth, Uni has abandonment issues. Probably much like the crackyverse. Both of our queens left us and now every girl who comes to the community is just a reminder. I don't think uni really hates you that much. There are some people who do and there are others that hate your actions. But the worst of it is just people who are afraid of being left as soon as they come to admire a girl.

No. 1845

K guys, it's done, and according to Facebook the message has been seen by her mother so I'm just going to leave it at that.

Also Whiteknight-chan can stop his squalling, it's already finished.

No. 1846

She just said she's not going to post with her trip anymore, dumbass.

No. 1847

Damn I hope this goes well. What exactly did you send her anon? If you don't mind me asking.

No. 1848

*meant to say Loli-chan but was thinking "OC" damn, that typo

as if she's that hard to spot

No. 1849


I didn't really go into any specific details.

Just that her daughters been cultivating an internet personality over the last few years that has resulted in her having released CP at at least one known point, dropped out of highschool to work on MFC and is putting herself in a super compromising and potentially dangerous position by the continuation of the roleplaying and baiting etc.

I'm not gonna post a cap right now for obvious reasons, but I might later.

No. 1850

just block out your name and icon, her name and icon, and post it

No. 1851


I don't want OC to see my message right now until her mother has had a good, stern talk with her.

No. 1852

>implying that oc seeing your message would stop her mother from giving her some verbal beatdown

No. 1853

Are you sure I don't just get winded half-way through trying to stuff cheetos into my mouth? lol thanks for your honesty tho <3

1) She got herself into camming. She just told everyone that I got her into it. I just didn't stop her because I didn't think it would develop the way it did. I would have if I had known.
2)You're clearly Sherlock fucking Holmes.
3)I had a change of heart once I thought about my own life experiences and realized that my life didn't get ruined when my parents found out what I was doing. My life IMPROVED because somebody cared enough to make sure my parents found out.

I feel bad for posting about all the petty drama between she and I, but not about this.

No. 1854


No but if she's aware of the content she'll have the opportunity to twist what I've said to her own agenda to make it sound like I'm lying. Better if she doesn't know. Just let her mom handle it from here.

No. 1855

>as if she's that hard to spot


No. 1856

But how will you know when her mother has had that talk with her? It's not as if OC will post about it here or anything.

No. 1857

do your parents know you're camming now?

No. 1858

Like I said, they've known from the start.

No. 1859


I guess we won't; she'll probably stop camming. idk, if I get a reply I'll let you guys know.

No. 1860

Make sure to screenshot it!

No. 1861


No. 1862

Sigh. I guess I shouldn't break up with him. I still deserved what I did tho.

Also where is that Anon who wanted to skype with me I'd really enjoy talking to her ; _ ;

No. 1863

I love how he hasn't denied it's him.

No. 1864

It seems like that comment scared him away

No. 1865

I'm so fucking glad that girl is safe from him now.

No. 1866

Ayyy, I couldn't help myself.

No. 1867

Did you mention in your msg that OC claims that her mom know about her camming?

No. 1868

This, and did you link her to http://thankyouelmo.tk/

No. 1869

Has loli ever been this mad because of Unichan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHr0r4C0HQg

No. 1870

I don't get mad at Unichan, they get mad at me. Boy do they try though.

No. 1871

I will never get tired of this video tbh

No. 1872


No. 1873

File: 1405202251511.jpg (55.06 KB, 500x388, tumblr_mrdmaxQZFY1r4132mo1_500…)

OMG Dolores you look like a gigantic attention whore. This thread is about Orange, not you and your mentally ill persona.

Orange mom deserves to see what her daughter is doing, it's HER house.18 yo means you're not a minor anymore, if Orange wants to live the life of a cocksucker she needs to get out of that place.

No. 1874

>potato nose


No. 1875

Not that anon, but if you're cool with it, I'd really like to talk to you, if it's ok?

No. 1877

No. 1878

Durrlores still thinks she "le epic trolls" Unichan. My fecking sides.

No. 1879

B-B-but muh hugbox! ; _ ;

Post your skype and I'll add you.

No. 1881

LOL at her trying to do "push up".
Orange, all that does not even count as one. Stop lying in bed all day.

No. 1883

shes not even trying to do a real push up, any idiot can do a push up.


No. 1884

Cool. Thank you! It's gyn0id

No. 1886

It's so fucking weird and dumb. It's like she's trying to follow a book called "How to appear cute for dummies" and is doing everything in her power to seem like a 12 year old feeble kawaii princess. It all looks so fake and deliberate.

No. 1888

File: 1405204118573.jpg (64.05 KB, 810x366, doll.jpg)


but she looks like an anime!!! (lol)

No. 1889

butthurt unifag detected

No. 1890

Good point. Because a clumsy idiot is so moeeee kawaiisome and further adds to her innocent lil girl persona. Orange please.

No. 1891

Don't turn this into a thread about your obsession with Unichan, Dolores. We're trying to discuss Orange.

No. 1893

Orange's new tumblr URL is buttercup-blossom.

Orange, I'm sorry, but changing your URL honestly doesn't help at all.

No. 1894

File: 1405206751656.jpg (26.48 KB, 589x403, CreepyPerfectBlueStalker.jpg)

she sure does

No. 1895

Gross. Wtf is with the guro shit she's been reblogging?

No. 1896


No. 1897

it's how this thread makes her feel~*~

No. 1898

File: 1405207327880.jpg (131.67 KB, 500x694, tumblr_n829ol4dWs1s2vpt9o1_500…)

Poor orange ;-;

No. 1903

image hidden :^)

No. 1904

Wow, she changed it again? I reckon she does visit these threads… and Unichan

No. 1908

File: 1405209135182.png (62.18 KB, 493x310, Screen shot 2014-07-12 at 7.47…)

From her tumblr.

Story of her life. Except she considers herself a victim merely for existing.

No. 1909

File: 1405209510683.png (62.48 KB, 511x400, earentry.png)

what the fuck is this girl's obsession with telling the world about her various ailments and injuries

No. 1910

The things that weirds me out the most is the dates…maybe she's a hypochondriac?

No. 1911

I'm pretty sure she is, but she's like a social hypochondriac as well. Letting everyone know just how sick she is and how icky she feels.

No. 1912

You know what I do when this happens? I fill a squirt bottle with warm water, lean over a sink, put the tip in my ear and squeeze hard. It may take a few tries but it usually dislodges the tiny clog. I am replicating what the doc did for ne when I went in with that problem. I bet OC just has a chunk of wax in there.

No. 1913

that sounds dangerous. your ear is not made for things squirting at rapid speeds inside of it.

No. 1915

I have wax in my ear.


It's like she actually wants half the shit she says she has just so she could have more excuses to not do anything and because she'd get more pity attention.

No. 1941

"Stay strong."

Poor OC, such hardship.

No. 1944

holy shit screenshot your message I want proof

No. 1949

At least post a blurred screen shot so we know you aren't just OC trying to get people to stop

No. 1963

Nah the thread isn't about me, bae. And honestly my fat isn't as lulzworthy as OC (I don't dress like star, nor am I as fat as Dana/PT), so lets talk about OC.

Yeah she totally looks like a doll. Miss potatohead.

Hey OC, i think you are gonna die. I mean it can't just be some fluid stuck behind your eardrum can it?

No. 1967


Seems more like Münchausen syndrome to me. But telling her that she has anything wrong with her is just giving her what she wants.

No. 1970


No. 1972

Nah I don't think so. Münchausen is rare. This is just attention whoring.

No. 2005

File: 1405283442363.jpg (229.4 KB, 772x938, ocmessage.jpg)

The person who posted the screenshot deleted their post for some reason.

No. 2009

You forgot to mention that Mathilda was originally going to have sex with Leon in the movie, but they changed it

No. 2029

File: 1405302290774.jpg (98.84 KB, 927x1321, oc.jpg)

rare pic of oc

No. 2031

OC. Some see her as a beautiful young woman (mainly her boyfriend and autistic white knights), but the rest of us muthrrfucksrrs know she's just an uggo potato nose naggin like an old bat, in hopes that someone will pity her for the ongoing suffering of mild health issues no one gives a shit about.

No. 2033

Did I mention she's trying to look and act way younger than she actually is, in order to please her adoring fans (cough pedos).

No. 2042

she stopped coming on, I wonder if related

Of course, did you think she got all those peoples money by pretending to be nice and family friendly?

No. 2044

You're preaching to the choir anon. I was referencing the optical illusion >>2029 where you can see a old and young woman in the same picture.

The white knights still think she's oh so innocent though. I wonder if shit went down after her mom read the message. I would love to see the look on her face.

No. 2046

I don't get the elmo thing, can someone explain?

No. 2049

No. 2050

File: 1405325560423.jpg (123.5 KB, 602x741, lol.jpg)


No. 2053

No. 2058


No. 2085

>she stopped coming on, I wonder if related
I doubt her mom is online often anyways.

No. 2093

File: 1405378629831.png (22.97 KB, 580x375, idontgetit.png)

No. 2157

File: 1405386086068.png (80.11 KB, 353x373, 14053074088.png)

The people paying her are idiots, you barely can see anything with all that brightness.

No. 2158

No. 2160

>muh big boobs anorexia hole in my lungs irregular heartbeat low breathing pressure chronic nosebleed allergy check agoraphobia, but at least i'm not a forever virgin

No. 2161

You can watch for free as a guest, but pay for private/group shows and I guess to have her spank herself. Idk I'm not a MFC expert. Free or not, why would anyone want to watch her besides to laugh at her, as she is bitching about something in every show (and bringing up her deceased father).

No. 2162

Well, she earns at least some money with it because she would talk about it on her Tumblr.

No. 2166


I can't believe she's so out of breath from moving her hips around for like two minutes.
That is pathetic. Maybe she can use some of the funds she made off of MFC to buy an elliptical or something that'll with her atrophied muscles.

Like seriously, that's all this girl is, skin, bones, and some fat. Most anorexics I've seen on documentaries are obsessive about exercising.

No. 2169

Her torso seems really long for someone supposedly so short.

No. 2175

File: 1405402742163.jpg (3.76 KB, 125x94, image.jpg)

She kind of looks like Jeff the killer here.

No. 2194

Her cat is adorable though. What a snugglebeast. I laugh about those people being all like ''Professional dancer??'' She is out of breath from just some silly club dancing that basically every girl with a bit of hip movement can do.

No. 2212

Anyone else notice how we were telling that lone whiteknight that he was only making the threads worse and causing everyone to post more when it would've died out if he just stopped?
Lol, looks like we were right…the thread here and on uni have been quiet ever since he stopped. And it's funny because I think it's mostly his fault that Somersby's mom got that message because people would've stopped caring way sooner if he just shut up like we told him to…

No. 2225


I think it was OC herself. She's so fucking arrogant and stupid. People warned her: stop spamming the thread, but she just kept shining on.
She's probably scared that someone might send her mom her MFC n00ds, the anon that messaged her mother was really considerate.

I'm an asshole, but I really want someone to send her mom the n00ds because I'm pretty sure OC swears up and down that she doesn't do nude shows, (it says so on her MFC profile!!).

No. 2227

>OC swears up and down that she doesn't do nude shows, (it says so on her MFC profile!!)


No. 2303

Wtf is going on with the uni thread, they are fighting each other over terms.

No. 2333

being someone from uni, when I read your comment I thought "lol sounds like typical posting when uni is slow" but then i went to see and it's literally insane. wtf? o_o

No. 2336

She's ridiculous, she curses out girls who are modest for the sake of her supposed "bullying" for dressing like an attention whore. Instead of looking up to girls with successful careers and moving ahead in the world, She looks up to sluts taking off their clothes for money.. as if that isn't already prominent in the US of A.

No. 2337

>she curses out girls who are modest for the sake of her supposed "bullying"
wait…what? where does she do this??

No. 2338

She was raging on PULL at girls who made a comment about about how ridiculous it looked for "young girls" wearing over exposing clothes. So basically if another female disagreed with her about the subject she'd rage and make them apologize for making a statement. Of course this was on a post about Nigri. Throughout the forum you'll see her acting like Like the whore shaming Police.

No. 2339

That's part of the reason why the Nigri post disappeared for a while

No. 2340

I don't understand how someone telling someone to dress appropriately is considered bullying, But then calling people names and cursing at them isn't considered bullying. Her logic is a bit skewed

No. 2341

like…how young are we talking? Like under age 18? I can see 16+ wearing "exposing" clothing. But anyone younger than that really shouldn't be…

No. 2342

Age wasn't classified i the topic at the time. I'm suggesting it was under 18 years because of how the girl commented. She made a remark on how "she laughed at girls at school for whirring shorts too short" Orange citrus then would say "fuck you who are you to judge?" and then the rage would go on and on. I need to see if i can find this post and Screen shot.

No. 2343

I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't already removed since that disc. was deleted in the beginning.

No. 2344

yeah if it's at school that's pretty bad…there's no reason girls need to be wearing exposing clothing to school. I don't see how it's appropriate for a girl under 18 to be wearing super short shorts unless it's at home where you're comfortable or with some friends hanging out. Any time you go into public you're getting pervs looking at you and assuming you're of-age.

No. 2350

I don't even how the discussion about medical conditions started since they seem to be unrelated to OC.

No. 2353

someone called her a sociopath and that went on to influence the thread in a strange direction…

No. 2390

Not only did she give shit to everyone on the Nigri forum, but also on any other forum. I remember there was this one forum about 'slut-shamming' and i said that its annoying/dumb when girls use their sexuality and dress slutty to get what they want. She raged so bad, she insulted me and went on a long ass rant. On the nigri forum every time someone mentioned her boobs she accused them of slut shamming. I couldn't stand her at all. She acted like it was okay for her to talk shit about wtv she wanted and used her power (since she was a mod) to make others feel threatened

No. 2391

There's nothing wrong with women using their sexuality as a weapon.

No. 2392

When you put hours of effort into an assignment/project and the slutty girl sleeps with a guy in exchange of the assignment its pretty shitty. Or the girl that dresses really skimpy at work and tries to sleep with the manager in order to get the promotion, when other people work really hard.

No. 2393

There are consequences to every action. Always remember that.

No. 2394

There is idiocracy growing in this world. She's not even 20. Logic doesn't set in until mid 20's trust me regret will hit hard.

No. 2395

Seems like she changed her Tumblr URL again.

No. 2396

Is this like the 6th time now?

No. 2397

4th time, so far it was orangecitrus, cut-wires and buttercup-blossom.

No. 2407

OC is that you?

Honesty, using anything "as a weapon" is wrong. That's like saying killing someone with a knife is bad, but using a pencil is okay. Gaining something through shortcuts instead of putting in the hard work that is necessary to achieve and deserve it, is pretty shitty. Paying for your grades is shitty. Sleepin with your boss to get a promotion is shitty. It has nothing to do with the action itself, but the intentions of it; to cheat your way through life.

Annoyed purely because someone chose to dress more revealing or being sexually promiscuous is slut-shaming. Many things OC claimed was doing this, was not. She had this mentality that anything involving women and sex was slut shaming. It was extremely obnoxious.

(I hope this blabbering makes sense. I'm not that good with my words.)

No. 2409

Not to mention that she isn't using her sexuality as a weapon, she uses the one of a fictional loli character she pretends to be and that is just wrong.

No. 2411

File: 1405558658566.jpg (20.71 KB, 257x281, 1405557818919.jpg)

No. 2419

Her new URL is a-family-of-trees.

No. 2420

Somebody convince her to get back on MFC. It's just not the same without her…

No. 2435

Awwww you miss your loli, pedo bear?

In all seriousness, someone contacted her mom about it. If she didn't know before, she surely does now. The jigg is up and if she stops camming, we know what happened.

No. 2444

So, I found this on /x/. The guy has photos of OC taped to his walls, bought a doll he referred to as his daughter and named it "Orange".
Not sure if all this shit is an elaborate joke or actual mental illness.

No. 2448

Wait, wait. Is her URL really family-of-trees?

No. 2449

It's a-family-of-trees.

No. 2450

Oh, shit. Read that wrong. Thanks.

No. 2451

File: 1405600121154.png (68.41 KB, 543x524, reblog.png)

No. 2454

Not hard to hear that it is acting, he sounds like salad fingers.

No. 2456

I'd wager you have to have some form of autism to print out that many photos of OC, order a doll online, buy and drink a lot of soda and pretend the doll did it, talk about "Jimmy" and the Russians knowing what you're thinking, cut off the doll's head and legs, put the head on a stuffed animal and wear the legs on your feet while talking about how much you wish you were a pretty doll, scream "Ma'am, please wait! I want to touch you" at a woman in public to get her attention and make fleshlight tutorials all to be le epic trole.

No. 2466

Her tumblr "me" tag seems to suggest she is with Jesse at the moment (taking him out for dinner), yet Jesse's twitter posts, posted at a similar time appear to be coming from west coast times, not sure whats going on there.

No. 2469

She is probably lying, he wasn't very happy about her doing webcam shows in the first place but she always would say he prefers it over her being poor which isn't true, nobody wants a slut as gf.

No. 2470

Oh my fucking god she couldn't be trying to be Boxxy any harder.

This is fucking embarrassing.


No. 2472

OC goes on /x/ and probably attracted one of their users.

No. 2473

I believe he was okay with the non-nude stuff, but after the boobs came out I don't know what happened.

No. 2474

Oh god man. As if she wasn't annoying on her own, she is now imitating Boxxy. God what a stupid cunt.

No. 2477

That video was from two years ago. But she probably was initiating boxxy. So much second hand embarrassment.

No. 2479

Well that is sort of a relieve, I thought it was recent. Although it is still annoying, at least she isn't jumping on the boxxy train right now.

No. 2481


She was imitating Boxxy.
This is from the period where she used to hang out on the CatieWayne forums. She was constantly selfposting there trying to get her attention. It was very embarrassing.

No. 2488

Oh wow…. that is really pitiful… I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't such an annoying cunt (maybe).

No. 2493

He didn't drop her. When she was pregnant he still wanted her to come live with him because he still loved her. But she refused. But he still gave her the money, then went to kill the other guy who assumed he was just a pedo. He got mad about it and killed him.

No. 2526

She does

No. 2549

I'm just sad because she provided late night laughs and drama.

Beeblefox is a genius. Pure, high quality comedy.

No. 2557

File: 1405701727774.png (57.86 KB, 532x359, 346346.png)

She always tries to be somebody else, yet reblogs posts like this all the time.

No. 2591

File: 1405740031786.png (283.99 KB, 335x448, scumbagbeeble.png)

I wouldn't classify a genius as a middle aged man living off welfare. Hurling insults at an 18 year old with his pet bitch on various image boards. Leaving unsolicited messages to her mother. Sounds more like miserable scum who are messing with the wrong person.

No. 2656

Did she really stop camming? She was fucking hilarious and cringy. I'd actually stay up past my bedtime to watch her make a fool out of herself.

She could have told her mom she did non-nudes only since the FB post that was sent to her mother didn't include her n00ds (and her MFC did say non-nude model or whatever).

Maybe someone did send them and didn't say anything on the board for fear of a backlash?

I wonder if she warrants an ED article yet.

No. 2657


Are you talking about OC? LOL we messed with the wrong person? What is she going to do? Dox us? Hax0r us? Build an anon army from /b/ to flood the board?

We have this bitch by her twisted tits. If she even tried to get people to spam the board I myself will send her mom and sister uncensored n00d pictures.

This isn't even a "Dis is l3gi0n" crap. It's as simple as messaging her mom and telling her OC constantly talks about her dead father and claims to be anorexic to complete and total pedo strangers.

OH! And her n00ds.

Keep whiteknighting faggot, it's not like I don't have her saggy pancake ass that she spanked pink and her sad little titties saved on my computer.

No. 2658

I think OC is beautiful, I mean, there are a lot of awful things about her, but I don't think her appearance is one of them.

No. 2659


Is there any evidence to support the theory that she's stopped camming other than someone contacting her mother?

No. 2660

File: 1405810615039.jpg (12.26 KB, 395x89, o.jpg)

No. 2661

I think her mother should probably be contacted again. With nude pics this time.

No. 2666

what homework? didn't she dropped?

No. 2667

Isnt she at some makeup artist school?

No. 2670

Why are you getting so mad? Beeblefox makes comedic videos. OC makes… well let's not get into that.

Who are you?

No. 2673

she stopped, I check her room regularly. elmo must be very sad
she failed HS, but she's in homeschool. she said in her room, her rage was amazing
>makeup artist
pick one

No. 2674

>We have this bitch by her twisted tits.
I giggled

No. 2681


OC doesn't wear makeup, that's why her videos are always so white washed (I think). If she wore makeup she'd look her age.

Even then, the times I have seen her with makeup (pictures), she globbed on a shitload of black eyeliner and mascara or had really loud colors like hot pink or some shit. Nothing wrong with wearing bold eyeshadows, she just doesn't know how to make it work.

Cosmetology would do her a world of good for her makeup routine. Other than that, lets be real, it's not like she'd leave her house to put that certificate to good use and get a job because ~muh agoraphobia~

Bitch needs a bingo card

Muh agoraphobia
Muh giant hole in my lung
Muh dad died
Muh asthma
Muh anorexia
Muh triggers
Muh rape

Feel free to add moar

No. 2682


What was she raging about? Was she blaming the school? Her teachers? Her ~bullies~?

No. 2684

Muh braces are clear asshole

No. 2687

I was not talking about normal makeup but the theather makeup that she made in school, she frequently posts the photos of them at FB.

No. 2688

No. 2689

Hahaha I laughed way harder than I should have.

No. 2690

Can't view it. Not her friend.

No. 2691

File: 1405851291002.png (675.87 KB, 850x473, 4141.png)

I am neither but here you go.

No. 2692

Do you think homeschool offers the same kind of hands on practice?

No. 2696


Don't forget her deformed heart and IBS!

No. 2703

That last one looks like a bleeding vag.

No. 2705


If she created this it's not too shabby. Even if she didn't, it's good to have a hobby and share that hobby with other people. Shit if she really wanted to she could have a career doing that, working in small theaters or whatever and she would have had fun doing it. Instead she opted for camming where you can see that she obviously hates it. She hates spanking her ass and treats MFC as her alternative hugbox since she's been chased out of PULL.

OC's mom letting her drop out of school so OC could stay in her hugbox forever is the worst thing she could have done.

Her mom should have made her stay in school and sent her to a therapist. Knowing OC she probably got called a slut a few times and that was enough to drop out because Muh Bullies

I got slut shammed too. You know what? I fucking dealt with it, I shouldn't have slept with that guy who went and told everyone. Eventually everyone lost interest and moved on to the next girl.

Also for the bingo card:

Muh Bullies

No. 2707

Dropping out of school because you are bullied is the dumbest thing you can do. I always saw it this way: ''If I stop going, they win. They got what they want, getting rid of me. But I won't let them, I am gonna walk around with my head high!' And just by walking in everyday and ignoring it all made the bullying stop in the end (Sure I was deeply hurt when I was bullied, but I made sure not to show that to anyone), and some former bullies even gained some respect for me, because I didn't let them drag me down. But when OC would grab anything so she can be in a world of hugbox

No. 2720

she's homeschooled in a group setting (I think, she only spoke a little bit). she blamed her teachers. she said she dropped out for being bullied for "her GIANT TITS"

No. 2721

Lol she got bullied for stuffing

No. 2723


Didn't she mention on PULL that her cleavage would just naturally show when she wore blouses to school and people would try to fix it by pulling her shirt up only to have it fall back neatly into place?

Bitch was wearing pushup bras to school and low cut shirts.

Look at this pic: >>613
That's a normal bra, I don't see a cleavage. Her tits sag so low that she'd have to be wearing a really really low cut blouse.
So she opted for a pushup bra and stuffing her titties with toilet paper (or whatever girls use).

No. 2724

File: 1405891783681.jpg (39.57 KB, 612x612, 140286499668.jpg)


Most likely it was socks when she was younger and then moved to fabric/padding from other bras. She uses like 2" of padding for that perky round shape.

No. 2725

Muh huge titties
Muh weakness
Muh chronic nosebleeds/allergies

No. 2726


Is that her Bro? Like, I can't imagine myself showing that much skin and tits in front of him. That's fucking weird man.

No. 2728

Is that the alleged rapist?

No. 2729

No. 2732


Yeah, also why would she wear that much padding at home?

OT, once I was walking around the house in short shorts (like, a inch below buttcheeks) mom made me change them immediately and banned from wearing them again. She did good, tho.

No. 2733

maybe she's on cam
I honestly don't see the point though

No. 2738

So when are you allowed to wear those shorts

No. 2743

When there's no one at home

No. 2745

Your mom is a bitch wear them whenever you fucking want to holy shit

No. 2751

File: 1405921589862.jpg (13.89 KB, 400x250, people-of-walmart-fail.jpg)

I thought the same while she was scolding me for wearing skimpy clothes "WTF mom i can wear whatever I want!!1!"

I used to weight about 90 kilos back then (67 now), so you can imagine how awful I looked in them. I'm thankful she slapped some common sense on me.

pic somewhat related

-end of offtopic-

No. 2755

now it all makes sense.

No. 2781


No. 2789

Ok well if you were thin then your mom would be a bitch.

No. 2816

thin privilege!!11

No. 2862

so she seriously stopped doing MFC because we contacted her mom

No. 2866

her mom shouldn't even let her have a tumblr anymore

No. 2870

It was a pretty shit of whoever contacted her. But it's also rude as hell, living with a parent and doing cam shows without them knowing. I think it's okay if you live alone or with friends.

So, I can't feel too sorry for her.

No. 2874


Her MFC profile says her last login was "Sun, Jul 20 2014 10:30 PM" (I think that time is UTC+1) and that's only like a day and a half ago.

So even if she's not broadcasting she's still signing in to read messages or whatever.

If she's already got her sugar daddies then she won't need MFC anymore, except of course she's a greedy exhibitionist so who knows.

No. 2896

File: 1406061181345.jpg (211.19 KB, 415x720, tumblr_n93d8z9gzK1r4132mo2_500…)

…how can she think this looks good?

No. 2897

i fucking hate when girls pluck their eyebrows too far from the middle. it always looks horrible. eyebrows should star where your inner eye tear ducts/sides of your nostrils are. its so ridiculously common too. STOP OVER PLUCKING!!

No. 2898


HAHA, Oh lord, that haircut would look retarded even on a five year old.

It looks like she put a bowl over her head and cut her hair around it.

Fucking lol. It doesn't even look even, I think her hairstylist hates her. That's if she didn't cut it herself that is.

No. 2903

Well she's 18, if she was my daughter I'd resent what she was doing but be scared to kick her out.

No. 2904

I'm laughing so fucking hard right now holy shit she looks like someone took scissors to Rock Lee christ

No. 2905

We are talking about a mother that jokes about having sex with dogs, go figure.

No. 2910


No. 2911

Was talked about in the old SR Orange thread.

No. 2913

I'm a newfag to her drama, pls tell me about it.

No. 2914

>a mother that jokes about having sex with dogs
I keep hearing this "has sex with dogs" thing but never get the full story. What happened?

No. 2917

I'm no hairstylist but man, this cut looks terrible! It doesn't go with her face. What the fuck is up with her horrible taste in EVERYTHING?!

No. 2918

File: 1406078556216.jpg (16.81 KB, 400x293, eyebrows23.jpg)

Wow, I just noticed this.

No. 2921

File: 1406079662991.jpg (39.2 KB, 650x366, Mathilda-Natalie-Portman-in-Th…)

She wants to look like Mathilda but she failed badly at the haircut, it is too stiff and short.

No. 2930

Holy crap, she is way off the mark.

No. 2942

She needs to stop with the straight across bangs and just go with side bangs, maybe grow her hair out too. Her haircut right now makes her look like an autist.

No. 2956

But she is an autist.

No. 2959

she once bragged about how she had some doctor dropping thousands on her. I talked to him once, he had taken her to true privates where no one hear or see besides the person and the model.

Apparently she was quick to agree to sleep with him when he could find the time to visit. No clue if anything ever came of it or if she was just manipulating him.

No. 2962

File: 1406094965307.png (221.65 KB, 500x375, coconut_head.png)

No. 3100

File: 1406143611887.gif (474.6 KB, 300x243, 5xHUxCn.gif)

No. 3102

Fucking gross. Wanting to actually physically prostitute herself out to some guy just because he's rich. Chances are he solicits prostitutes often if he has that much money… So I'm willing to bet this guy has some nasty ass STDs. She's a fucking idiot. To shake your naked ass on cam is one thing but to actually fuck for money???

I'm also wondering about her doormat boyfriend. I honestly can't see any man in a serious relationship being okay with his girlfriend getting naked for strangers. Fucking them is even worse.

No. 3111

What if her bf is basicly her pimp? He said he would rather die than being poor and according to her Tumblr posts he gets quite the profit from her cam stuff.

No. 3113

File: 1406145772464.jpg (53.4 KB, 500x409, tumblr_n93d8z9gzK1r4132mo1_500…)

No. 3115

Damn… I never even thought about that but you very well could be right.

No. 3120

Let's start a fundraiser to send her a wig and eyebrow stencil's…

No. 3125

Nah, she can afford that shit thanks to the money that pedophiles are dropping on her. I still can't get over how horrible her hair looks now. She has such horrible taste… The haircut in the OP image looks a lot cuter and suits he face more but my god… Couldn't she have just bought a wig for her MFC shows instead of fucking up her hair? It must be embarrassing going out in public with that shitty haircut.

No. 3127


Excuse me? She has agoraphobia, anorexia, heart murmurs, asthma, holes in her brain and lungs, her dad is dead, big tits, bullies and and and I'm sure I'm missing at least one hundred other things.

Watch your ordinary privilege

No. 3128


#don't sexualize children*

*tries to look like a ten year old

No. 3131

File: 1406151906031.jpg (35.04 KB, 255x600, 1406055377177.jpg)

And the guy who does the most bullying is 31 years old, arthritis, No job, borderline suicidal, lives with his mother, in debt, pedo and has an unfortunate 16 year old girlfriend who has got alot of mental issues who also assists him in these cyber attacks.

No. 3134

Was that a joke, or are you on about Cecil or Beeblefoxx?
Excuse my autism.

No. 3142

File: 1406157673083.jpg (74.68 KB, 505x655, kawaiisjw.jpg)

No. 3147

what is this supposed to prove, thats kind of cute that she's so caring, actually.

but major crybaby syndrome, jfc

No. 3150

Drawing deviantART level animoo =/= caring

No. 3166

It happens a lot in the sex industry actually. Boyfriend manages/pimps out girl to line his own pockets, and honestly that's exactly what it seems hes doing since he is jobless otherwise.

Sure would explain why he puts up with her.

Let's go one step further, what if she is well aware of how horrible and unwanted she is and acknowledges and accepts that this is the only way she can get/keep a guy?

Suddenly her "life choices" make a lot more sense.

No. 3169

Augh god. A tiny part of me feels bad for her if this is the case. The girl needs therapy because she is making some horrific choices in life to only be 18.

No. 3171

I'm no fucking famous artist either, and practice makes perfect. its just nitpicking when there are other things to talk about honestly.
no, she's a hoe, he went in her room sometimes to declare he's a lazy sack of shit, and says he doesn't really like her job.
I think he puts up with it because he is a lazy sack of shit, and seems to be doing pretty well for herself on this site.

No. 3173

The quality of the art has nothing to do with it. It's the whole "look how caring and pc I am guys" shit. It's the same as when she felt the need to post on tumblr about how she gave money to a homeless guy. That's a good thing to do, no need to attention whore over it.

No. 3180


It looks like animu self portrait tbh. Or at least the nose looks the same.

>oh poor ME!!! those people made ME suffer SOOO MUCH wahhhhh!!!

No. 3183

>cried about boys getting shot at a beach
>drew a girl
Also her hair is sticking out, which is not really a think if we're talking hijabs.

/nitpicking assholery

No. 3192

she's a sad woman with a diaper on her head, duh

No. 3212

File: 1406192283600.jpg (88.52 KB, 960x540, who dat ugly fuck.jpg)

so she claims she got engaged

No. 3217


Awh, they have matching haircuts.

No. 3218

She looks like his effeminate retarded little brother.

No. 3219

Well it's obvious he's a desperate guy now.
Wonder if that's why she'll stop camming (as her cover story, instead of saying her mom found out).

No. 3221

I just realized that she even wears the same choker as Mathilda, lol.

No. 3223


>bases entire look on character who is 11 years old and wants to have sex with a 45 year old man

>"stop sexualising children, you guys!"

No. 3224

She's posted several times about finding her exact outfits (hey where can I get ____ from this picture) and even going so far as to get PROPS that Mathilda held in the movie. If that's not disgustingly terrifying then I don't know what is.

No. 3226


>she was quick to agree to sleep with him when he could find the time to visit

…and she said she was raped huh? ORANGE FAIL.

No. 3227

Protect the missile launchpad that is Palestine, yeah good one OC!

No. 3240

you'd better be a troll

No. 3244

Her name… Is so fucking stupid. Summer sounds a billion times nicer alone.

No. 3247


Somersby reminds me of the sort of names upper middle class English families give their children.

Think of Saffron from AbFab.

No. 3252

Nothing to contribute about OC, but god yeah AbFab. I loved that show.

No. 3398

>has sex with guy
>later decides she regrets it, maybe break up or one night stand blues
>"guys guys! I was raped!"
but in all seriousness, don't people who that shit happens to have more likelihood to get into the sex industry? Like the stereotype of strippers with daddy issues?

Idk, I went in once for the like 2 minutes I could stomach. And it was just her talking about how he is in there EVERY night, personally I think he gets off on it.

>he won't leave me if we are married right?!
also could be a way to get out from under moms house to start camming again.

No. 3439

My theory: I think she may have been promiscuous in highschool (ok so was I, my bad), she then was most likely bullied (SLUT SHAMIING). H.S girls and guys can be fucking vicious, calculating, cruel. So to save face she started claiming that she was raped, bullying didn't stop, so she just dropped out.

Yeah it sucks having people calling you a slut and have them snicker at you. It hurts.

I'm not saying I'm better than OC, but ffs, I never, ever claimed I was raped and no, dropping out wasn't an option. What the hell was I going to tell my parents? I'm being bullied because I slept around?

No. 3446

>a way to get out of her moms house
>marry a jobless sack of shit that lives with his parents

No. 3468

It's OC after all, we can't expect better.

No. 3473

why can't the option be to close your legs?

No. 3475


No. 3476

File: 1406344362828.jpg (201.14 KB, 657x467, tumblr_n96vivKq5N1qcnteko1_128…)

this bitch rekt her

seeing this on my dash though has wondered if there is like some strange ass following of bowl cut girls.

No. 3482

Woah she really pulls the look off. So cool _)

No. 3485

She makes OC look like even more of an autistic 11 year old boy, holy shit

No. 3491

Looks trampy as fuck.

No. 3492

File: 1406385980578.jpg (228.52 KB, 500x375, sing.jpg)

So, you dress like this, right?

No. 3493

It's called fashion, look it up.

No. 3494

She even pulls of wearing a choker a million times better.

No. 3495

And all fashion I must like or else I'm uncool!
No it looks trampy, I hate chokers anyway, the eye make up is way ott, and the hair colour reminds me of engine fluid.
No. I'm a man.

No. 3496

you're a man, your opinion is invalid

No. 3497

>I'm a man
Whatever, you hate anything that doesn't make your dick hard lol

No. 3498

Other way round love.

No. 3499


>>Other way around love

You know you sound like those faggots Mirrorman or the other idiot A-logic when you "trolled" Stmainarose (Well the only person they ended up trolling was the admin herself because she's a yeasty cunt)

No. 3500

This is the only woman I've ever seen to pull off that weird haircut. This type of fashion isn't my thing, but she pulls it off well.

No. 3503

What makes this look soooooo much worse is that there is little variation in color between her skin, shirt and the wall, which makes her hair look like this stark black helmet. As opposed to >>3476 where the haircut probably looks just as helmet-y, but is more competently cut and styled, as well as her overall look has other focal points that draw your attention away from the shape of her hair.

Also, OC is a moron for thinking Matilda's bob is a bowlcut.

No. 3505

You're from Unichan, aren't you?
Why do so many of the anons there hate anything they can't fap to?

No. 3507

I guess I'm from Uni, it's not that I hate it because I can't fap to it, I just think there's too much going on, too heavy makeup. Lips look ridiculous.

No. 3516

>Fucks like 5 guys
>Lies about rape
>Strips on MFC
>'not a slut'
'im not a slut guys stop slut shaming. theres no such thing as a slut'

No. 3543

File: 1406444189791.jpg (122.95 KB, 426x282, girl_short_bob_with_bangs.jpg)

I bet she was looking for something like this now that she ruined her precious Mathilda's haircut.

No. 3544

If you feel shameful of being a slut (like OC) that is literally your own problem to overcome.

If you cant handle being a slut and dealing with the judgement for fucking everything that moves, then don't. Why does everyone else have to change instead of only you changing?

No. 3591

File: 1406487950050.jpg (10.92 KB, 424x335, m.jpg)

>what's sarcasm

No. 3896

anything new about OC? Hard to imagine she's just willingly fallen off the face of the earth.

No. 3898

Just nothing lolcow worthy or new, that's all. She is reblogging the same shit as usual on her Tumblr.

No. 4002

So no more MFC?

>>Waaahhh well I'm going to sleep after drinking two mike hards lemonades, I'm so drunk and no one is tipping me. Muh braces are clear fucking Unichan

Like ffs, you're doing a camshow, why the hell are you browsing image boards when you should be paying attention to your fans/johns.

No. 4019

I think she might go back to MFC once she moves out.
I'll be waiting
ever notice how the proposal came directly AFTER anon did the (horrible) move of contacting her mother?
she's probably feeling pretty victimized that her mother wont let her be a whore, and will be packing up, moving out into jobless, sad sack of shit Jesse's parents house.

if she started camming from there it would be amazing.

No. 4026

good point, next move is inform his parents of what a whore she is!

No. 4029

If someone did that and they wouldn't let her live with them after it would be gold

No. 4046


I totally forgot she's getting married or whatever. Like what a sack of shit, I have no respect for this loser. There's nothing wrong with dating a girl in the sex industry, but ffs, at least have a fucking job and don't mooch of your GF.

>>I'd rather die than be poor

Way to pick them dumbass.

No. 4049


Don't kill the golden goose. I don't think OC really harms anyone else so why put a premature end to the lulz?

As an experienced fapper, I can inform you that MFC models tend to be very shy in the beginning and do more as time goes by. OC is still in the shy stage.

Of course, if she wasn't an idiot she'd drop this Mathilda crap and market herself as a normal 18 year old high school girl. Similar to how HaleyIsSoarx (150k YouTube subscribers) is also the successful HighSkoolSlut on MFC but doesn't think anyone notices they're the same person (unfortunately for us she's not a lolcow though).

No. 4050


No one cared about contacting her mom, but she just kept shitting up the thread Marijan style like she was some epic troll.
We warned her, she thought we wouldn't do it, and we did it.
The person that did it was actually very nice about it. I was going to send her mom and sister her uncensored n00ds, but you know, there are better humans out there than me.

As long as she stops shitting the thread, then no one gives a shit about contacting her family or her BF's family.

You hear that OC you stupid dumb muh big tits retard? Don't fuck with us and we won't fuck with you back.

No. 4051

>feeding into pedophiles addiction
>telling people shell be their irl fucktoy for private shows
>pretending to be non nude
I wouldn't so much as call this shy but flat out lying and manipulative. Which seems to fit her MO.

No. 4052


Starting of non-nude and then doing anal fuck machine shows within a couple months is pretty normal on MFC.

No. 4059

she says she's non nude but goes nude in private. lies.
did she really? models beat around the bush a lot like "maybeee… teehee" but did she flat out say?

No. 4076


Well, at the risk of revealing myself as a total fap machine, basically no models on MFC are genuinely non-nude. Why the fuck would they sign up to MFC if they were? They basically all fall into one of the following.

1) They were fully nude until they found their sugar daddies and didn't need to be anymore (MJ).

2) Were fully nude but became non-nude after friends and family found out (ChloeLamb, KellyHeart, MiniGxo, SensiPearl).

3) Are non-nude 99% of the time but have group shows with so many "oopsies" they might as well be nude (Eight_Bit).

4) Are "non-nude" until they're comfortable with themselves (many new girls, probably OC).

tl;dr "non-nude" on MFC is a joke. Who would have guessed?

No. 4119

OC is caught between wanting to be pedobait and wanting to be edgy and high fashion.

No. 4123

No, she doesn't.

No. 4157

Doesn't what? If anything the former is more true than the latter, but neither of them are false.

No. 4159

She doesn't try to be edgy and high fashion, she is only trying to be a clone of Mathilda from Léon: The Professional.

No. 4175

And on this day, the pigs continued to roll around in, and eat, their own shit.

Waiting for that fateful day, when their god chooses them, and they realize their life's purpose: becoming processed bacon.

No. 4272

hitting the mike's again, OC?

No. 4360

think she had 3 this time, probably in full blackout mode

No. 4362

u have to be cute to pull this haircut off.
which is why oc can't pull it off.

No. 4365

File: 1406865574649.jpg (17.12 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

Bob haircut girls are so cute tho! ( ;_;)
I saw this on my dashboard and it reminded me of how horrible ocs haircut looks on her compared to others.

No. 4371

her camscore is almost 6000…

No. 4375

she's gotta be making at least $300 a day with that.
who the fuck pays for this?

No. 4378


Camscore is mostly based on tokens per hour. So models who stay on for 6 hours a day every day and talk bullshit with viewers will have lower camscores even if they earn more.

I don't think there's a way to calculate earnings from the camscore. Miss MFC ranking would be a better measurement.

No. 4503

there is a way to calculate earnings for camscore.
its approximate though.

No. 4526

Yes, hers would be 60.00 an hour about. Ad the decimal point in, and you get a rough estimate. This may not have been what it is consistently, it could be that she got a large tip and that's how it was divided.

No. 4529

>>2923 actually some hairstylists can't do it.

i asked for a bob a few months ago, hoping for: http://hairstylesweekly.com/images/2012/07/Short-blunt-white-bob-hairstyle.jpg

but i ended up like: http://www.hairstyle-short.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Short-Bob-Hairstyles-with-Bangs.jpg

if someone with a college education for cutting/styling hair can't follow simple directions (such as "no layers, just all chin length", i bet others can't do it either.

but besides that, bob haircuts are gorgeous. just some people can't pull them off :/

No. 4536

File: 1406921970555.jpg (57.77 KB, 425x307, ear length.jpg)

does this work?

No. 4538

Bobs don't work on OC because she's a potato face with a potato nose. I have a round face and I'm fairly pale, so I don't want people to see a big blob when I go out.

OC needs long wavy tresses to save that lumpy face of hers.

No. 4553

Oh god. The pedo pandering piece of shit got promo-ed by sex worker royalty.


I feel like someone should inform her of OC's loli stunts because Ten is 100% against that shit.

No. 4721

lmao why did she draw OCs tits so big????? they're not even close to that size irl. bet she asked them to be drawn like her dearest Nigri's. …the face…way to make her seem even more derpy.

7/10 for effort.

No. 4722

Titty size inaccuracy aside, she did get the stomach pouch right.

No. 4725

Speaking as a straight guy, OC's body is fine for an 18 year old.

I'm fully into making fun of her for things like "omg my tits are sooo big" (they're still a good size) but you guys are getting pretty far into the bitchy side of things.

In pics like >>434, who else but a virgin would think that she's wearing anything but a push up bra? No girl's tits look like that in reality.

You want to make fun of her? How about how in >>1780 her scales are clearly on carpet and so 95lbs is completely inaccurate. Most likely it's well over 100lbs, maybe as high as 120lbs+. I bet half of you make the same mistake with scales on carpet.

No. 4727

have you seen Nigri's tits?

>>same mistakes on carpet

not even. what idiot weighs themselves while on carpet?

No. 4729


With Nigir's (fake) tits you can actually see more of them than just the cleavage.

A corset can give even the most flat chested girl cleavage so never trust cleavage.

No. 4731

>>have you seen Nigri's tits?
I don't know what you're getting at. Her tits are fake, so they can't really be used as a comparison.

No. 4758

Not really a fair comparison because Nigri's tits are fake.

No. 4765

Did this really happen?

No. 4770

Yeah, people even posted a screen of it back at staminarose but her mom made everything private since people started contacting her.

No. 4773

we need that screencap!

No. 5365

has anyone mentioned the fact the oc and her bf are now engaged?

No. 5366

Was the topic here 2 weeks ago, slowpoke.

No. 5371

It was actually 13 days ago.
And where's the ring?

No. 5372

wow, 1 day short of 2 weeks, totally worth nitpicking

No. 5379

i see she's reblogging nonsense sjw again. she reblogged a post about black face and trans-black from an obvious joke blog which stole a photograph of a a woman in a daiso charcoal mask. they said they were trans-black and go out in black-face all the time and it had many angry responses about racism and things. but it was not even close to black-face.

No. 5380

what is her new tumblr?

No. 5460


No. 5463

File: 1407347884540.png (79.74 KB, 780x322, Screen-Shot-2014-08-05-at-10.3…)

shes an actress now

No. 5465

That post is old as fuck, what's with all the slowpokes here.

No. 5471

I like Orange I think shes cute, well not now because of that ugly ass haircut but after watching the rant video and the push up video shes actually pretty fucking weird

No. 5488


No. 5490


No. 5498

I don't get why she keeps reblogging posts related to black girls and pictures of models/generally pretty black girls.

No. 5500

>>5498cuz she is a ~woc~ remember???

No. 5502

But she's as white as a cracker dipped in mayo

No. 5504


Not according to her, shes 1/36748348037489347234328479324 native american. Probably from when her ancestors raped them and took their land

No. 5547

Whats wrong with her blogging WOC? Attractive isn't a race.

No. 5551

It's cultural appropriation on her part.

No. 5552

He's right you know.

No. 5557

probably some cheap plastic dollar store crap.

No. 5558

I'm starting to wonder about that too. Why would you want to marry someone that can't even buy you an engagement ring? One of the biggest reasons people these days divorce is over finances. They're sure to have a happy marriage. The prostitute and the deadbeat.

No. 5586

You mean asian women? What about jewish? They're called black, fucking stop you tumblr scum.

No. 5589

Not really.

1. I was simply using the pharse of the person I was responding to. I wasn't the first person in this thread to use the terminology.
2. Don't have a tumblr.It attracts and breeds smart ass anonymous users. Who like to cherry pick comments.

No. 5604

File: 1407408007887.png (481.79 KB, 444x854, 140738601450.png)

No. 5605

she needs to chill with all that padding. looks like a uniboob.

No. 5624

reblogging rape culture shit again
"“Rape culture is when I was six, and
my brother punched my two front teeth out. Instead of reprimanding him, my mother said “Stefanie, what did you do to provoke him?”" Does she seriously believe that?Everything is rape culture to her and idiots on tumblr.

No. 5625

Right. It's rape culture. Not the fact that siblings routinely antagonise one another until one of them snaps and hits the other. Ffs.

No. 5630

I'm kind of thinking the "look at my pretty nails" thing is because on unichan's thread about her they were talking about how gross her nails are.

Maybe not, but it's not like she doesn't lurk uni and lolcow on a regular basis

No. 5634

File: 1407428454071.png (18.06 KB, 515x265, ss (2014-08-07 at 06.18.24).pn…)

No. 5635

File: 1407429024628.jpg (35.47 KB, 432x380, kim.JPG)

No. 5670

when I was 8 I was pushing my sister in a cart at the grocery store and she swung her feet high up and knocked my two front teeth out

my sister raped me and I had no idea. thanks for enlightening me, OC

No. 5686

How… is this rape culture? It's just two young siblings being assholes.

No. 5719

A man was involved. That's why.

No. 5727

It is only a reblog tho, that post seems to be popular with "feminists".

No. 5735

>mom doesn't like your camwhoring
>move into pathetic boyfriend's house and continue camwhoring
alert those people too

No. 5742


Well that's a given.

No. 6121

File: 1407604406625.jpg (48.72 KB, 540x960, 10556250_10202358518911031_110…)

No. 6128

Aw I think she is cute, i'm just not a fan of the hair-do.

No. 6129

Or the personality.

No. 6223

Aw shit. I've just noticed how much her potato nose resembles my potato nose when smiling. Realizing that I have something in common with OC is making me sick to my stomach.

No. 6224

That giant potato nose and awful haircut… Good lord. The haircut amplifies the nose!

No. 6227

Aw she cute, I think her nose and dimple is adorable.

No. 6236


No. 6301

i have a quick question. what is this thank you elmo? never mind it actually loaded for the first time wow holy shits

No. 6305

File: 1407697733363.png (49.72 KB, 358x356, sXUN9G9.png)

No. 6310

Some pedo with the name Elmo was always giving her large tips in her MFC room. Her fake laugh and overall fakeness she displays in the room is what created the fodder.

No. 6359


Hai OC! You're ugly as fuck and your hair is fucking wrecked. Have fun shoving dildos up your ass for MFC coins.

No. 6377

ah i see. thank you!

No. 6481

Nope not OC, English IP and not through using a proxy. Sick of people saying i'm the person being talked about on this site, every single time I give a small compliment or say something that is not slating them "Omg noes staph self posting, lawl stop compliment yourself fag."

No. 6486

File: 1407772854326.gif (1.21 MB, 300x169, deal with it.gif)

If you're here to dish out compliments, then you've come to the wrong site.

No. 6497

You're right I suppose, LOL that GIF.

No. 6771

No. 6774

The reblogs are worse than her double standards, people treating to attack Kyary at concerts, wtf is going on with this world.

No. 8126


No. 8133


No. 8138

why no screenshots?

No. 8255

File: 1408559146272.jpeg (32.03 KB, 650x650, oc.jpeg)

I know it's shopped but hairstyle aside, I think she looks pretty here.

No. 8276


No. 8336


That fucking hair always makes me piss myself from laughter. W.T.F was she thinking? Oh I remember, I'm soulbonded to Mathilda

No. 8398

No. 8402

How the fuck does she make money? And boo, she blocked basic members. I made an account called "FistingKids".

No. 8403

Say hello for me lol
IDEK why anyone would be willing to give money to watch a girl with nothing special on her going on, just… standing there before cam. why

No. 8404

god shes ugly as hell

No. 8405

some fool gave 450 tokens to her

No. 8407

File: 1408595189098.jpg (11.12 KB, 326x279, LadyAmalthea.jpg)

I guess the tokens got her so excited that she took off her shorts on cam.

No. 8408

she'll take her shirt off for 1000 tokens
how much money is that? anyone knows?

No. 8410

mfc camwhores are too old comparing to her loli figure. However no nude = no money. They pay you to masturbate , that's all

No. 8411

All she does is nod her head to music.

No. 8412


No. 8413

About $100 but MFC take about half of that.

No. 8415

That fucking hair… so god damn awful, I'm dying every time I see it.

No. 8416

I'd just like to see her naked honestly

No. 8417

Lmao she actually has more people in her room than Nia's boring ass, holy fuck. I honestly don't know which of the two cam skanks is shittier.

No. 8421

File: 1408597762998.jpg (10.99 KB, 335x277, LadyAmalthea 2.jpg)

She took off her shirt

No. 8422

good striptease would likely end my need to see her again. All I know is she looks unhappy about a lot

No. 8423

Wow. When she said "take off my shirt" I expected bra too. Smh.

Also that contrast, she needs to turn that shit down. Her room burns my eyes.

No. 8424

anyone in the group?

No. 8429

Only suckers

No. 8439

There is still drama about OC? Isn't she just a normal cam girl now? I mean how much more can we milk from her? We have countless nudes of her naked.

No. 8440

by pretending to be underage and telling people she will meet up and fuck/run away with them (dunno if shes ever gone through on it but w/e)

No. 8444

Oh shit let the drama continue
Wasn't she always on about protecting the young people? More funny how she said she had sooo much anxiety that she couldn't leave the house? Yes because people with anxiety run away with strangers they met on the internet. I bet cha her family is tired of her shit and she is too lazy to get her own place and is just looking for a sugar daddy ticket

No. 8452

File: 1408611491220.jpg (51.56 KB, 415x243, OrangeCitrus.jpg)

Every fucking time I see this terrible haircut all I can think of is Gary Oldman in 5th Element.

No. 8454

As opposed to nudes of her with clothes on

No. 8479

Isn't she living with her bf these days?

No. 8504

So she calls herself a sex worker,
and yet she almost never does anything sexual. Does she seriously go "pay me $100 and I'll maybe take off my shirt and that's it"?

No. 8530


When did people start referring to cam girls as "sex workers" anyway? It seems to be a Tumblr thing and not something the cam girls actually call themselves.

Sure it's all part of the same general industry but the term "sex worker" is more of a euphemism for escorts or prostitutes.

No. 8533

The day they considered seeing woman nude as rape too.

No. 8561

as a camgirl, I disagree. sex work is exactly that, work in the sex industry. i would also say the term applies to mainstream pornstars as well, but you're right in that when people hear it they immediately think of escorts

No. 8566

if you have countless nudes of her naked where are they?

No. 8571


Please just say nudes

No. 8830

No. 8928

Huh, I used to know this girl. Used to play LoL and alien swarm with her a lot.

No. 8976


Go on…

No. 8980


Well I mean I'm not exactly gonna tell you anything personal about her, she was my friend after all.

No. 8984

then why say anything at all, dickbag?

No. 8994

shut up then if you're not going to spill dem juicy beans

No. 9287


lol this tard.

>>at a gossip board

>>hey I know this girl!
>>spill the deets cumrag
>>uhhh no she's muh friend guise

Seriously, there's a bag of dicks at unichan, head on over there and eat them.

No. 9288

File: 1408816067369.jpg (30.38 KB, 450x299, yourfavoritetree.jpg)

No. 9503

No. 9874

anyone know her current tumblr, would love to see what hypocritical nonsense she's spouting now

No. 9875

All you've got to do to find her forever is search orangecitrus in the tags and see someone she has liked a post of.

Unless she deletes it or something.

No. 9960

Which means you were one of the people who frequented her tinychat, and then her skype group. Hmmm, you obviously arent Scary…

No. 10120

more noodz plzzz

No. 10121

File: 1409016508518.jpg (197.06 KB, 1200x943, 896.3420.jpg)

there you go, faggot

No. 10248


No, I was friends with her before she had a tinychat or skype group. She'd know who I was.

No. 10261

GTFO then

No. 10282

I have a feeling your name is Andre.

No. 10291

I have no idea who Andre is.

No. 10294

No surprise an old friend of OC's is also an attention whore.

No. 10350

Fucking liar

No. 10561

File: 1409317324352.png (25.45 KB, 464x334, 2c644f9d3ba0a91c1d1aa5d296132b…)

well atleast OP has an answer now

No. 10562

I hope she's paying taxes on that.

No. 10577

Lol, as if.

No. 10578

>2000 every 2 weeks
>good money


No. 10597

if paypal finds out they'll cancel her account, happens to a lot of them camgirls tbh.

No. 10626


$52k a year is loadsamoney for an 18 year old. Actually it's good money for anyone without a family or debts.


PayPal don't allow you to use their services for any adult work and doing so will get you suspended regardless of taxes. But I doubt she uses PayPal anyway, it's simpler and safer to stick to MFC tokens.


Even MissAlice was complaining about being in debt once. Apparently even though she is paying taxes she had no idea how high taxes are and didn't set enough aside.

No. 10632

She'd make a lot more money getting naked and masturbating. 4K a month is pretty low for a camgirl even with the amount of viewers she gets. I think her ass is lying.

No. 10633

That's low, really? Jeez, I'm in the wrong profession (and gender).

No. 10637

yeah, I wish I earned money by doing nothing when I was 18, but let's not forget people eventually get bored and move to the next jailbait camgirl. Unless she actually does something interesting aside sitting there half naked bitching and moaning about everything, I don't think it will be a long camming career for her.

No. 10638


Lolcow is the only place I've been that claims that cam girls are raking it in. Someone in the Kiki thread said that Cherry is almost a millionaire by now. Seriously?

If you go to Amber Cutie's Forum (AFC) most seem to be struggling to make ends meet. Sure, there's a top 1% making 6 figures but I really don't think that the case for everyone else.

Being new and 18 gives you a massive bonus that will fade away, thus why every cam girl eventually starts doing cum shows.

Not to mention the damage being a cam girl does to your CV (i.e. gaps in employment, forget the whole sex work angle). Even if you're lucky enough to be in the top 1% you better be saving for the rest of your life or investing into something else.

No. 10650

This girl just doesn't know when to stop digging her hole even deeper.

No. 10655

If a girl is attractive to at least a subset of men (and most are) and has some personality/enthusiasm she can make decent money, certainly enough to get by without struggle (as long as she isn't trying to live in Manhattan or a major city like that). Whether she handles her money well is another issue and yes, it's not a good long term option, but it isn't that hard to make okay money with it.

No. 10661

Pretty much this.

I cam on the side for extra money for rent and stuff. Usually I can make $50 a day if I really put effort into it, sometimes $60 if I'm lucky. My rent is pretty cheap so I can live pretty comfortably.

No. 11216

I saw this girl and her face kind of reminds me of Orange, but prettier. http://elfblossom.tumblr.com

No. 11230

Hella good money?
I wouldn't even make rent with that what the fuck.

No. 11259

I guess it depends on where you live.I stay in a nice apartment complex and for my area it's considered to be on the expensive side. If I were to move to say New York, the only place I could afford would probably be a rat infested closet.

No. 11262

Really? Assuming that's after tax and you're living in the US, I imagine the only places you'd be unable to live in would be downtown Manhattan and San Francisco. That's $4000 per month, and even in Manhattan you should be able to find a few places that charge around that or less. And of course, in most parts of the country, single bedroom apartment rent is about $400-1300.

No. 11264

>has some personality

are we talking about the same girl?

No. 11270


Also confused by this. Where do you live? I've never seen an apartment for more than like 800 in a regular suburban area here and thats for at least 2 bedrooms.

No. 11288

I barely know who this Orange person is,but it`s clear from the comments that she`s braver and more intelligent than the people typing them.

No. 11290

Lol go away Orange. The strange typing that suggests a non-native speaker's syntax isn't fooling anyone.

No. 11295

Reading comprehension much?

Attractive to at least a subset of men =/= attractive

Hence why she panders to the pedos.

No. 11302

File: 1409641292221.png (18.94 KB, 640x480, 139944043488.png)

No. 11307

I figured I did the math wrong, my rent is 1400$ though, living in Norway.

No. 11309

In the states that's kinda high for a apartment. I know people who pay less than than that on mortgage.

No. 11310

Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, but they also get very high salaries compared to the rest of us Eurofags, so it's all balanced.

No. 11313

Don't forget

>did i tell you my dad is dead

No. 11317

To me $50/day isn't worth taking my clothes off for strangers. I already make about $100/day, 5 days a week for good honest hard work. I feel good about my contributions to society and my dedication. Also I retain the dignity I would lose if I were to do cams. Of course everyone has a different set of personal ideals and morals. I don't think that would really be worth it to me.

No. 11322

OC is making approximately $133 per day assuming the $2000 every 2 weeks number is true.

No. 11325

I don't think it's much either because there are so many disadvantages if your nudes get public and either your boss or your coworkers find them.
And it's over when you're 30. All those kids on tumblr, including Orange, think this is when your life ends when in reality you might have 60 more years to live.

Most people I read about have psychological problems after working in the sex industry.
It's just not worth it, especially if you are a rather labile person like Orange.

No. 11406

OMFG I was talking to my mother about how Orange was caming and now she wants to do it


No. 11415

i bet she could put on a better show than Orange

No. 12513

Honestly I think most people in the sex industry are damaged before hand. See Orange's apparent daddy issues and SJW obsession prior to becoming a camwhore for more details.

This is just wrong, I used to know someone on there, the camscore is loosely based on money/time spent on cam/2 months time period. So her not being on for weeks at a time doesn't change her camscore and creates the illusion that she is still making good money until 2 months rolls by, which it has and her score has dropped over 2,000 points. Meaning she isn't making shit and is still trying to be every pedo's dream come true.

On a side note, I noticed her on earlier, she came on only to do a quick private with the doctor she was promising to run away with and be his under aged sex toy.

inb4 orange or one of her pedophiles attacks me for being on MFC, I mostly sit in the lounge and laugh at what train wrecks most of these models are and at the retards who worship them.

No. 12554

>doctor she was promising to run away with and be his under aged sex toy

Does her boyfriend know?

No. 12610

Im ashamed to have once called her a friend. God she's awful.

No. 12628

No. 12646

File: 1410475935262.png (73.23 KB, 936x181, oc.png)

Saw this on /b/ the other day.

No. 12648

Now I don't wonder anymore about how some retarded trolls found this site.

No. 12670

Now we know: the worst boards on 4chan. I was wondering how this site went to shit so fast. Thanks fucking /b/ and /pol/.

No. 12688

No. 12690


Holy hell, its the first time I actually ever watched her live and I swear all her viewers are pedophiles. They barely pass off as ephebophiles, she looks like an 11 year old and her mannerisms/voice are like that too. I'm actually disgusted by looking at it.

No. 12691


Don't forget Micky who brought her Tumblr squadron. Also Yukipon browses through here sometimes.

No. 12692

File: 1410499521047.png (113.7 KB, 337x393, asd.png)

You know how pedophiles enjoy watching little girl gymnasts?

No. 12694

I really hope someone is recording the group show she's in right now. If I wasn't living paycheck to paycheck I'd do it myself. :(

No. 12695

File: 1410502852009.png (50.13 KB, 539x476, LadyA.png)

No. 12697

She can't afford to be such a huge cunt to her fans. Then again, maybe this particular faggot likes it.

No. 12712

File: 1410517780153.jpg (12.1 KB, 272x185, images (2).jpg)

Saw my niece with a Ramona Quimby book, can't unsee the Orange-ness

No. 12732

For some reason this strikes me as her trying to be an ~empowered feminist~ like a lot of other bratty tumblr radfems. Has she tried to latch onto a new persona or something?

No. 12749


I agree. She's constantly reblogging shit from that fullten girl who acts like this. I'm sure she's mimicking her.

No. 12758

Keep letting your fans know what kind of selfish bitch you are, OC.

No. 12773

She's trying to be fullten so badly. Ten is a dom, that's her job. OC is pretending to be a kawaii desu anime girl and being a fucking cunt to people doesn't match that persona.She just comes off as a stuck up bitch.

No. 12779


I thought maybe I was the only one that had noticed her sucking upto/trying to imitate Fullten recently, but she isn't cut out for that kind of style and she certainly isn't any where near hot enough to pull it off. She legit looks like a grandma with an 11 yr olds body.

Fullten is a complete fool for trusting her.

No. 12782

Guh I fucking hate Fullten. And I disagree about her being hot, you get a good view up her nostrils from any angle.

No. 12789


Oh god no, I never meant Fullten was hot, but she's a hell of a lot more easy on the eye when compared with buckethead over here.

No. 12791


The only reason she's sucking fullten's tits is because ten is pretty up there with her popularity among the caller community, mostly because she advertises constantly. OC sucks up to anyone famous enough so she can ride their wind long enough to get noticed and start her own brand of pseudo-popularity. (cough) boxxy (cough)

No. 12792

A bit late, but one of the stand-out features of bipolar disorder is delusions of grandeur. I have them as well.

No. 12862

File: 1410583273070.png (530.3 KB, 809x627, ocW6r.png)

>I mostly sit in the lounge and laugh at what train wrecks most of these models are and at the retards who worship them.

I don't even login to MFC anymore. Back in 2010 or so models weren't allowed to do shows in public so logging in and going to group was actually worth it.

But I also feels like there's been no good MFC drama for years, though maybe that's because I don't go into the lounge anymore? The lounge is insufferable but is that where I now need to go to find the trainwrecks?

I just feel like MFC is a lot less crazy than it used to be.

No. 12877

my favorite trainwreck is babyzelda
I sat in her room and I guffawed hard
>"teehee, wanna see my belly"
>sucks it in
>"here it is you guys"
>sits back down, drenched in sweat, her greasy hair clinging to her forehead

people actually pay her

No. 13010

orange is a lulz cow and her pedo stable is filled with pay pigs

No. 13013

Oh my fucking god, babyzelda. I don't get how she even makes money. She's so fucking ugly and looks like Golem–especially with those giant creepy eyes.

No. 13015

she's a top model too, it fucking baffles me

No. 13026

>she's a top model too, it fucking baffles me

I think it's probably because she's willing to do stuff like what's pictured here >>12862

No. 13049

I guess it goes to show that most guys that frequent that site have such low standards when it comes to women… Especially the greasy, gross, fat neckbeards that just want a girl that shares a common interest with them no matter how ugly she is. That and because of what >>13026 said. Still man… There's cuter geek chicks on there that are genuine geeks. Not saying babyzelda isn't one but Eugh… She looks like the stereotypical, ugly, fat, greasy nerd girl.

No. 13057

File: 1410726712688.jpg (59.1 KB, 628x235, ew.jpg)

Thank you so much for this wonderful idea, anon. Have some nudes of Hank Hill.

No. 13058


Dammit booby!

No. 13059

File: 1410729563458.jpg (36.87 KB, 710x176, oc.jpg)

No. 13060

And yet she claims she isn't a sex worker. Looool

No. 13064

Can we be sure that this profile wasn't made to troll us tho? Because it just got created.

No. 13065

I don't think she ever claimed she wasn't a sex worker. She claimed her blog wasn't "sex work oriented", but I don't think she's denied the fact she's a camwhore.


I don't see why she would when I'm sure nobody would care enough to call her, but who knows?

No. 13066

She posted a link to it on her twitter, it's official.

No. 13067

I wasn't talking about her, it wouldn't be the first time some trolls come here with evidence they created themself.

No. 13068

she called herself "little amalthea" there and she changed her twitter name to that too

No. 13070

What is her Twitter anyways? I can't find any linked on her social network profiles.

No. 13071

No. 13072

I am starting to wonder if she has some mental problems (besides the obvious ones) because she seems shizo.

No. 13073


Does anyone remember an MFC model from 2+ years ago who ALWAYS spoke in a "sensual" voice? I don't remember her name or what happened to her but she was decently popular for a year or so.

The thing is, she was only 18/19 and her "sensual" voice and "dirty talk" were hilariously bad. A teenager does not have a sexy voice.

Someone needs to call Orange just to hear how bad it is.

No. 13074

She does sound like a prepubescent boy, so I can't even imagine how hardly she will fail at that.

No. 13075

Gay pedos sure will love that.

No. 13076

*hard - sorry, damn autocorrect.

No. 13077

No. 13078

We've got even a fedora in the bunch. That's just too perfect.

No. 13086

Didn't I tell you guys before that she sucks up to ten because she's "famous" in the calling community, and she does it just to gain her own popularity. I'm giggling right now because I was right. She's so easy to figure out. You're somewhat famous and can generate either money or followers? OC is now your best friend!

No. 13087

people have no qualms about having their faces linked to masturbating over a little granny girl, fuck is wrong with these guys.

No. 13088

File: 1410739911083.gif (312.95 KB, 518x494, oc.gif)

No. 13090

that picture on her profile fucking kills me. that haircut is hysterical

No. 13091

unpopular opinion: girls should not make any decisions on becoming camgirls before being at least 20 years old

No. 13092

I agree, actually. And based on many of the 20 year old girls I know, 20 may still be too young.

No. 13094

File: 1410743593065.gif (803.86 KB, 245x144, tumblr_n580bwYezM1r1da95o1_250…)

she's an mlp fag too
I seriously want to ask people what they see of her

>saw this gif on tumblr and could only think of orange

No. 13095


I've also noticed this. ALso, I remember ten expressing disgust for people who act like children on MFC, but she drew a picture of OC and they seem to be buddy buddy…

No. 13096

No. 13097

i'm not usually one to body shame but WHY are her boobs so saggy???? they're not even that big??? like it looks REALLY weird for them to be as low as they are

No. 13098

File: 1410750685397.jpg (100.79 KB, 612x612, asd.jpg)


I'm sorry, what happened to her dad?

No. 13108

I know everyone commented on the daddy issue but… Gha I never knew how casually she spoke of a beloved dead person so happily and care free. I guess everyone is different but… uh… she seems to just to use her dead father as an accessory. She literally talks like "Oh Tee hee I'm little Matilda, I'm short and petite, I love kawaii things, My daddy is dead tee hee and I act like a child."

No. 13109

She wishes

No. 13115

I actually agree with you there. When you're that young, you tend to make some stupid decisions you later on regret. Doing it at 18?Heeeellllll no.

No. 13116

God, she really does sound like a prepubescent boy. Fucking disgusting.

No. 13131

is kill

No. 13132

I think it's just the angle.

No. 13133

File: 1410763207250.jpg (442.94 KB, 800x800, orange.jpg)

No. 13135

This. She is so disrespectful…
I bet he would be ashamed if he could hear his daughter talking about him like this while camming half naked for pedos.

No. 13136

*while being on cam

No. 13137

No. 13141


I'm on MFC and I 100% agree.

No. 13142


I actually sent a message to Fullten about this and my feelings regarding it as a child sex-abuse victim and she flat-out ignored me.

Bitch should try practising what she fucking preaches. That was the day I unfollowed her. I can't follow somebody who actively support somebody who promotes child sexualisation.

No. 13146

Her laughing is so fucking cringe inducing. I can't tell if she's trying to get sympathy or if she's trying to be edgy.

No. 13148

>my dead is dead teehee
>still dead, teehee

jesus fucking christ

No. 13277

File: 1410832111400.png (331.06 KB, 519x643, OC.png)

She's on Niteflirt now? God I wonder what a call with her is like.

No. 13294

File: 1410841771637.jpg (37.14 KB, 600x600, a69d7d3a-b890-4da2-a780-e70630…)


how about no

No. 13303

"my job and my tumblr is different! fuck you!"
"teehee call me on niteflirt ;)"

No. 13314

File: 1410857602066.jpg (14.79 KB, 331x246, io.JPG)

She is on right now.
Talking with a really childish voice and imitating pokemons.

No. 13317

Her hypocrisy is sickening. She truly is the scum of the earth.

No. 13321

File: 1410864062123.png (381.73 KB, 636x389, 141086160154.png)

Just saw this on Uni… Lol…

She should probably be scared


Might try making the hormones though, they seem legit

No. 13329

File: 1410879147123.gif (153.87 KB, 500x490, tumblr_nbx8vuCKcE1r4132mo1_500…)

I guess you don't have to pay her to take her shirt off anymore. Just browse her tumblr! This came from a similar post to >>13277

Before long, I'm sure she'll have a sex work blog like Fullten.

No. 13330

Totally sucking her stomach in.

No. 13331

Oh lord this girl is like the last two girls I've been involved with.

I've had my mom die from cancer. It sucks. You bring it up a lot. But you don't do it three years after the fact.

She's like them physically and mentally. Immature, fishing for attention. I pity the guy who lowers his standards to be with her. Sure she's kind of cute cute but people like this will make you want to off yourself.

HAHAHAHAHAH she couldn't pull off a joke like financial "domination" if she tried.

No. 13344

omg whats wrong with this chick..she's going to ruin her life.

No. 13345

oh wait..she already has

No. 13348

I call PS on that waist and hip ratio. Her thighs are almost as big as her torso, either my knowledge of anatomy is wrong or she's faking it.

No. 13349

but she's an animu character, anon!! how do you dare to question her anatomy!!!

No. 13351

she already did

No. 13352

Its not that weird if youre a pear shape. My thighs are almost as big as my torso because i have the fattest fucking thighs but a skinny fat torso. Her pose and possible sucking in would make her midsection appear even smaller as well

No. 13359

No. 13362


lol! Her fan page is so sad. She gets like 4 likes and maybe one comment if she is lucky on all her status. I get more just from my friends.

No. 13365

File: 1410901331010.jpg (17.85 KB, 400x400, image.jpg)

She looks like a gelfling

No. 13366

I found out about OC from beeblefox's channel. I still don't know the whole story behind him, either. Is he just a really good troll or is he actually ill? It's kinda eerie that this stuff isn't documented on Encyclopedia Dramatica or anywhere, really.

No. 13367


He's a very, very dedicated troll.

No. 13379

He must be really bored because he's been making over the top videos about her since she was 10x the nobody she is now. He put legitimate time and energy into those videos and like no one even gave a fuck because orange citrus was barely known to a few people in maybe one and a half communities tops. Now that she has MFC going she's got more of a following but even that doesn't warrant the level of effort he's devoting to this "troll". It seems he's trolling himself more than anything. When people first saw his videos they literally didn't care because it wasn't funny, it wasn't relevant, and no one was interested in OC to begin with. He's just deluded.

No. 13380

So what's her tumblr password?

No. 13414

He's a persistent and dedicated troll but not a very subtle one, let's be honest. If you think he's being serious in his videos then you may not have met a real severely mentally ill person…

No. 13416

not defending fullten but she's been ignoring most of her messages now because she's getting massive amounts of flak due to her recent "hurr durr white devil"/reverse racism tirade, so it's very possible she just didn't read it

No. 13420


I sent it roughly 3 months ago now, before the backlash.

She read it alright, she's just a cunt.

No. 13425

oh. nevermind then. yeah.

No. 13427

No. 13439

It's weird how this whole saga of drama isn't documented in many places. A lot of people look over this kind of stuff and I think it's interesting.

No. 13449

File: 1410933315380.jpg (21.55 KB, 325x242, oc.jpg)

she's online, guys

She claims she dated a guy that said if she cheated on him he'd "do what happens to the main character in School Days"

No. 13450

File: 1410933600319.jpg (21.32 KB, 316x241, oc.jpg)

No. 13451

How does this work? Do you have to pay to watch?

No. 13452

No. 13453

Nevermind. I figured it out.

No. 13454

>I'm not a highly sexual person
>Takes clothes off for creepy old men on the internet for a living

No. 13456

File: 1410934084843.jpg (45.9 KB, 317x616, la.jpg)

jfc she looks so soulless

No. 13457

She mentions a person who "we used to be friends with at the time" who got her onto MFC and then mentions her dead dad again

well then

No. 13458

don't shame sex workers anon~!!!1!

(read it in OC's voice)

No. 13459

She wants to voice Sailor Moon.

No. 13463

What's the exchange rate on tokens?

No. 13467


1 token = 5 cents to the model.

No. 13468

This is probably a completely pointless opinion but she has the most annoying "thank you" I've ever heard…

No. 13470

File: 1410935754990.png (127.61 KB, 335x248, 1hehe.png)


No. 13472

File: 1410936409168.png (102.19 KB, 330x246, 0001672.png)

No. 13478

I really don't get why men would pay for this teasing shit. It's weird.

No. 13480

does someone have more pics of her naked?

No. 13481

was someone here in her private show group tonight?

No. 13483

She has such a granny-ish bra on, it's so ugly.

No. 13486

File: 1410942869334.png (95.44 KB, 262x236, no.png)

she looks absolutely 5 years old

No. 13488

look at that potato face.
just look at it.

No. 13492


I don't really follow OC drama, but seeing her rubbery little goblin potato face smirking away every time I come here is really starting to get to me. I'm starting to think I find her even more unattractive than PT. She's just so creepy and gross.

No. 13506

I fucking hate her webcam. She's pale as fuck and she blends in with her background, except you see her ugly helmet hair at full power.

No. 13524

Her hair is so bad.

No. 13526

Lol, no you sick fuck.
If you really wanna see her naked pay her you basement dweller.

No. 13530

>encouraging people to pay her
are you fucking dumb

No. 13531

Erm, who cares if people pay her? If they want to piss their money away, let them.

No. 13544

Somebody mentioned 'basement dweller'.That pretty well describes most of the commenters.A basement full of sad losers.Average age 15,average IQ 15.

No. 13547

>london shirt
I see what they did there.

What, on a porn site? Is this a new phenomena to you?

No. 13548

I'm so confused. didn't she spazz on an anon for asking about her camming on tumblr? but she posts about it…? girl

No. 13552

That's why I think she is shizo.

No. 13578

No. 13637

File: 1411054469530.png (545.47 KB, 971x728, lavenderbow.png)


Just reminded myself of a really good MFC lolcow: LavenderBow

I think she's hot (I really like her boobs) but she cannot cope with trolls and I've seen her break down crying 3-4 times this year. It's going on right now so I decided to login to check the lounge and sure enough it's them trying to wind her up.

Should we create a thread for MFC/etc? Should it go in /b/ or /pt/?

> so edge with her razor blade necklace (she got suspended at new years for threatening to commit suicide on cam)

No. 13654

At first I thought the trolls thing was a bit funny but when I read the committing suicide on cam thing, now I'm kinda concerned?
She shouldn't be on the internet, or at least be a camgirl, and needs to focus on herself

No. 13658

File: 1411071600267.png (857.87 KB, 1074x1076, lolwut.png)

she tagged this 'me'

No. 13659

OC official confirmed for sex worker.

No. 13661


I didn't really take what she was saying that seriously. It went a little something like…

> she's kind of drunk, on her period, and has the new year blues

> guy from lounge comes in and calls her fat
> instead of ignoring and banning him she argues with him for 20 minutes
> finally bans him
> another guy from lounge comes in and does the same thing for 20 mins
> repeat
> she's crying/sniffling
> lounge continues to troll her for like 2 hours
> creates negative atmosphere in room and no tips but lots of viewers because of the drama
> she starts saying stuff like "I bet I'd get loads of viewers if I killed myself, I'd be a celebrity"
> guys from lounge say "yes you would"
> MFC suspends her account for a couple days

For some reason she always argues with trolls instead of ignoring and banning them immediately, and the lounge has really figured out how to push her buttons. She even knows it's the lounge trying to wind her up but instead of ignoring them she goes on 5 minute rants against them which spurs them on more.

She seems perfectly nice but I've never seen anyone more incompetent at dealing with trolls.

No. 13668


Also the pic with the razor blade necklace is a screenshot I took of her today. She didn't have that razor blade at new years and wasn't waving it around threatening or anything like that. It's just something she happened to wear today that reminded me of new years.

I doubt it's even a real razor blade anyway.

No. 13698

she's honest for once

No. 13700


No. 13778

File: 1411104871427.jpg (19.6 KB, 166x290, R1eJv1qxSOSgy9jPbb-0Azl72eJkfb…)


No. 13990

gross. and her mom lets her do it too

No. 14003

what is this

No. 14071

File: 1411264493960.gif (4.7 MB, 430x215, 1389111215616.gif)

>that fucking bowl cut
>that fucking potato nose


No. 14075

Wait. Just noticed that signature says 2010 next to it. Was she doing this kind of thing at 14? Or am I reading that wrong?

No. 14076

Ok nvm. Just did a backwards image search.

No. 14109

File: 1411281265259.jpg (19.87 KB, 323x248, ss (2014-09-21 at 02.32.16).jp…)

she's on now.

"i get acid reflux from drinking water"

"i'm lactose intolerant, so i drink lactose-free milk"

she says while she's eating pizza

No. 14110

so, these are now OC's imaginary illness of the week?

No. 14113

File: 1411284047590.jpg (113.69 KB, 1026x380, ss (2014-09-21 at 03.16.04).jp…)

i don't know how this site works, is 10,000 tokens a lot? apparently at 10,000 tokens she's going to rub oil all over her body on cam or something

No. 14114

"900 Tokens for $74.99"

she's asking for 10,000 tokens
you do the math

No. 14115


For her it's $500.

For the guys tipping it's like $600-800 (there's discounted token bundles above 900 if you spend enough).

Literally only top 10 models like AspenRae would dare ask for 10k tokens for just an oil show. Anyone else would do it for like 2-3k max.

She must know that she's pedobait if she believes she can ask for 10k. Why else would guys pay her 3 times more than some of the hotties on MFC?

No. 14116


yeah this bitch is like a 4 at best, i'd pay her like $10 tops to see her with her shirt off. and that's being generous, like "oh no maybe she needs to pay her bills" generous, but this bitch is eating a fucking pizza on cam. what the fuck

No. 14117


You wouldn't even have to pay $10, only like $5 and other guys would tip the rest. Cam sites are basically like 100 guys throwing pennies at models.

But then there are some super rich guys who just don't give a fuck. Like Nikki Skyler is dating Drew Carey and they met on MFC. So there's definitely a lot of big spenders but to them $500 is still "cheap".

No. 14122

She literally talked about her bowel movements and pimples for more than an hour and then complained how she is logging off because she is not getting enough tokens.

No. 14126


Noone was going to tip towards a a 10k token goal. What's the point when it will take hours to complete?

She'd make the same money with 5x 2000 token goals and people would be more willing to tip for them. But then she'd have to think of 5 ideas instead of being a lazy cunt.

No. 14188


Being a whiny bitch won't lure men to donate. Even these betas get the lure of A+ bitches on MFC. Think, Orange, your pedo bait can only go so far. You are indeed not a child and incredibly ugly. You should set lower standards.

No. 14201

Lol'ing forever. Hot damn, Orange you're a dumbass.

Holy shit. This girl is ugly as shit, like babyzelda tier ugly and yet she's ASKING FOR $500?!

No. 14223

File: 1411347137266.gif (837.19 KB, 245x144, tumblr_n580bwYezM1r1da95o2_250…)

>babyzelda teir ugly
I wouldn't go that far, they're both different kinds of ugly.
babyzelda looks like the fat female equivilant of a 30 year old neckbeard
and Orange looks like an old lady with baby face.

her baby face and pedo-pandering is sickening.
"I don't pander to pedos heehee" "pedos are disgusting"
her own "fiance" must love the fact that she looks like a child and doesn't tell her that. that's the ONLY way you could find her attractive.

No. 14561

File: 1411572366054.png (333.42 KB, 564x591, o.png)

Saw this on unichan

No. 14578

File: 1411576689068.jpg (63.15 KB, 496x533, oc.JPG)

OC being proud womyn of color

No. 14581

File: 1411577420719.jpg (30.05 KB, 530x413, OC.jpg)

OC is a proud ho

No. 14582

File: 1411578636133.jpg (4.37 KB, 141x165, 10690223_10204825036365793_164…)

No. 14584

>proud of being a ~PoC~
>pics/camshows brightened to hell and back


No. 14586

No. 14587

No. 14588

Cunts like Orange make me so angry. The same thing goes for a shitton of other white people on Tumblr who think it's fashionable to lie about being native. They cry about appropriation and yet they do this shit to my culture all the time.

Is she still trying to emulate Ten's domme persona? Orange panders to pedophiles since she looks and sounds like a prepubescent boy and grandma. Those freaks like subs, not doms. Bitch can't be both.

No. 14594

jesus fuck OC

No. 14597

So she's still pretending to be native american? Does she want to fit in with the SJW crowd so badly? Or is being a victim because of her big tits, her bullying, her agoraphobia, her random made-up illnesses, her rape, her dead dad, her gender and her status as a "sex worker" just not interesting enough and she has to pretend being a victim of history as well? Ffs.

No. 14600

File: 1411583983851.png (446.33 KB, 459x707, tumblr_inline_ncf3vnNb1H1r13r1…)

She just posted an image of her white as fuck "Cherokee" grandmother to prove her heritage kek

No. 14602

That looks exactly like OC it's kinda scary

No. 14604

Maybe it is. It's not hard to picture trying to pass off a (shooped?) photo of herself as her ttly Cherokee (omgbbq!!11!!) grandma.

…Of course, it could just be my tinfoil hat talking. Who knows? ;)

No. 14605

even though they basically have the same face, for some reason OC's grandma is way cuter than OC. i think it's her cheeks and her lack of "berries and cream" guy haircut.

the native american thing is hilarious. why do most lolcows (especially white girls) go through phases where they want to be special snowflakes by claiming non-white/"exotic" heritage? is that the cool new thing, not being white?

No. 14607

OC is uglier

No. 14609

since when has she been Native American?
That was my first thought anon. I looks like she just shooped herself to make a picture of her "grandmother"

No. 14612

By that logic, bitch is ridiculing Japanese culture and sexualizing japanese schoolgirls

>I was stolen from us


Hope some real Native slaps her for that.

since digging for nonwhite long lost ancestors became fashionable

No. 14613

Why is it that when ever white girls want to be trendy by digging for non-white ancestry they always have a
Cherokee grandmother or a Cherokee princess great great grandmother? Because it seems like almost everyone these days is like 1/16 Cherokee.

Do people not know the names of any other tribes?

No. 14615

File: 1411589233978.jpg (94.57 KB, 545x424, dasdasd.jpg)


No. 14616

Apparently now she can speak in the language of her "tribe".

No. 14617

ew she's major cringe fodder.

No. 14618

File: 1411589465962.jpg (92.5 KB, 1057x438, sdfsdf.jpg)

How much money do you want to bet that she ignores this?

No. 14621

I bet you 10,000 tokens she answers it to try and out sass you by giving a bitchy answer.

No. 14623


>TW: racism



No. 14624

not so much OC but what is with those comments about "omg they didn't name the person of color", in this instance they fucking named them in the article and the post on tumblr. The person replying with that cares more about their SJW prerogative than the fuckin Indian kids invention.

No. 14625

File: 1411590621755.jpg (249.62 KB, 1662x710, 1411576689068.jpg)


No. 14626

hahaha this is gold.

No. 14637

Haha wow. With cunts like OC and Tumblr's extreme racist SJWs, I now understand how Japanese people feel when they read about Pixyteri…

No. 14638

She's actually less than 25% Native American. It was her grandmother who was 50% and her mother who was 25%. My great grandma was Cherokee too but I'm as white as OC and I don't go around screaming how I'm Native American. I can't believe this girl.

No. 14641

Lies, lies, LIES.. Orange, you cringe worthy, ugly, goblin. I'm still amazed that she makes any money at all. She's nothing to look at and the fact that she's trying to be a dom makes me lol. She doesn't have the right personality for that, even if she tries to fake it. Sure, she's a bitch but she's a very stupid one. And has zero allure.

No. 14644

getting real tired of OCs bullshit

No. 14665

To be fair, it might just be a drop-down option given by MFC.

No. 14672


But if she's more white than she is native why would she list herself as native at all aside because she obviously wanted to appear exotic.

No. 14675

So OC's heritage is apparently native + Irish, which explains why her nose looks like a potato.

God knows those Irish love their potatoes.

No. 14680

they look exactly the same…

No. 14686


They may look similar, but OC's has an empty stare. Even if she's smiling, her eyes look fucking dead. That, and the potato nose.

No. 14689

Wonder how much it'd cost for OC to masturbate while only wearing a cherokee headdress.

No. 14691

3 bison.

No. 14692

File: 1411613865222.jpg (5.8 MB, 6205x8066, Lange-MigrantMother02.jpg)

To be fair, Cherokee don't always look that injun. OC is still a retard for clinging to it, though.

No. 14699

Was her grandma really a child in the 60's? Maybe my grandparents are just really old.

But wow, her thinking that American Indian is a slur. Many irl natives actually prefer American Indian.

She has to have roots in the South. Everyone here, even (especially?) the white trash, supposedly had a great-grandparent who was SO TOTALLY CHEROKEE YOU GUYS I SWEAR. The Cherokee Nation needs to get more strict about its membership requirements.

No. 14710

Please don't tell me she expects to do this for a living and never do anything more than flash her tits.

She's not even remotely interesting to talk to either so I doubt people will pay for riveting conversation.

No. 14712

She doesn't sound southern, but who knows. Ya, that's some bullshit, though. It's from the "one drop rule".

No. 14716

No. 14718

Im a quarter native (cahuilla) but I dont go parading around as OMFG IM SO NATIVE GAIZZZ. Admit it your fucking white, nothing wrong with being white for fucks sake. The cherokee thing makes me lol though, like seriously every one seems to be 1/16 cherokee I guess its the only tribe oc knew about and just went with that so she could totally pull the IM POC!!! STOP APPROPRIATING MEEEEEEE bullshit

No. 14774

I actually do have a bit of Cherokee because my great grandmother was one. I don't call myself that but I like to know my origins. Though I assume most people just say it because they don't know other tribes, like you said.

No. 14776

that woman does look injun though, particularly her eyes mouth and jaw, and her dark hair

No. 14782


I can't believe there are people out there who actually believe this shit

No. 14788

It's against strong scientific evidence to call red Indians "natives"

No. 14797

This. My mother's paternal grandmother is from Killarney, Ireland and her maternal grandfather is from Ostrava in the Czech Republic, but while I'll say I have Irish and Czech heritage, I'm Caucasian as fuck and will say so. These fucking snowflakes just want to be interesting.

No. 14799

Aren't both those countries white? I don't get what you're trying to say here. You would be Caucasian either way, there's no reason for you to call yourself anything but white.

No. 14803


Her grandmother is missing the potato nose Orange has

No. 14819

race =/= ethnicity

No. 14825

Not the person you originally replied to, but I think their point was that some people will say anything to avoid "admitting" that they're just straight up white American. For example, I have seen people trying to say that eastern European/Italian/Spanish people etc aren't white or that even though Irish people are white they're like, totally oppressed because of the whole "no Irish" thing way back. Basically "Oh, I have some none WASP heritage. See, I'm totally oppressed you guys! Please please please can I join your special snowflake oppression bandwagon??"

No. 14878

>>I'm Caucasian as fuck and will say so.

Implies that being Irish and Czech means you're not Caucasian? I know I'm going to get shit for this, but if OC is telling the truth about her ancestry, then I wouldn't consider her white. I also don't consider her native, she's mixed. Having just a small amount of another race in you actually makes a big difference in your genetics. I know it's annoying for people of one race to have someone trying to identify with your race when you don't consider them so, but seriously, that's why the term "mixed raced" exists. Not one race, but also not the other, so don't try to identify with either. There's a number of racial features that would either be obvious or hidden entirely varying by individual or by racial breakdown. Like if someone were a quarter black, compared to being a quarter hispanic. The black part would be pretty noticeable, the hispanic, not so much depending on what you inherit.
Her nose, eye shape and face doesn't look white to me at all, especially in >>1463 where her hair isn't dyed. God, she's so weird looking. Some people just have weird faces, I know, but these look like racial features. I'm 100% white, by the way. Not trying to defend 1/4th obscure heritigi, just saying that some of you aren't as white as you may think.

I have never heard anyone say something like that, ever. White=Europe. If it's in Europe, then you're white.

No. 14879

On that note,
>>Irish and Cherokee

Confirmed white trash.

No. 14880

Are you kidding? She looks white. She is white. She has never lived on a reservation, she has never been oppressed because of her race, because she looks white, because she IS white. Like 50% of white americans have native american blood in them, especially Cherokee because it was one of the first nations to assimilate to white culture.

It'll be nice when being a POC isn't trendy and these white people who have never been oppressed quit acting like the world owes them shit because of their great great grandmother or whatever.

No. 14884

Hispanic isn't a race. There's white and black Hispanics.

No. 14889


>White=Europe. If it's in Europe, then you're white.

Russians aren't white?

No. 14891

No, they're red hehe

No. 14892

>>Admit it your fucking white, nothing wrong with being white for fucks sake

If you're a SJW like OC, everything's wrong with being white. How would you be able to run around screaming "MUH OPPRESSION!" at everyone who dares criticize you?

No. 14906

Western Russia is part of Europe.

No. 14913

What? Maybe some living on the edge of East Europe but I consider Russians white because the majority descended from Slavic (aka white) people, have more European traditions, and the capital would be considered to be in the "Western" part of Russia.

No. 14924

People from european countries like Turkey sure aren't white tho because they are actually arabic asians.

No. 14951

File: 1411763624904.jpg (1.68 MB, 6786x1364, humantypes2.jpg)

Some of you guys need help learning the members of the Caucasian race.

Spoiler: Some are not fair skinned.

No. 14952

>A European country

Try again.

No. 14954

Not the anon you're replying to, but Turkey is a transcontinental country, meaning that a part of it is situated in Europe, and another part in Asia.

No. 14956

File: 1411765001305.jpg (556.62 KB, 1162x850, 1365334799907.jpg)

I'm slavic and people can't tell me apart from every other brit, french or whatever nationality white girl until they see my surname or I tell them where I'm from.

The only "differences" might be a higher frequency of certain hair colours and eye colours in slavic populations and we tend to have angry looking faces.

Also the back of our skulls tends to be perfectly flat so the skull doesn't stick out further than the neck, I never knew this was unusual until my bf pointed it out.

No. 14958

File: 1411765154486.jpg (39.22 KB, 288x240, aboriginal-vs-slav.jpg)

Races are a social construct you shitlord.

No. 14965

File: 1411767300590.jpg (11.45 KB, 250x315, 32.jpg)


Oh wow, that's so cool.

No. 14966

>these look like racial features.
Lol no she's just an ugly person who happens to be white
I think you're grasping really hard for shit that just isn't there

No. 14982

How the fuck does that little gremlin look white in any way? You are confirmed for not being white, you sound like one of those black people who thought Zimmerman was white because you don't know what white people are.
>>Like 50% of white americans have native american blood in them

That's some bullshit you just made up. Less than 3.2% of "white people" who still think they're white for some reason have Native American admixture. You're either a none-white who thinks everything that's not dark as fuck is white or you're one of those none-white hispanics things who thinks their white despite being dark as fuck and not considered white by white people. If you have none-white in you, then you are not fucking white. We've always been very strict about that, I don't care if you be all light skinned and shit. Looking white and being white are two very different things. I've seen all too many South Americans mongrels thinking their white despite being having black mixed in. They're always dark as fuck, but they're lighter than other black people so they think they're white. "Identifying" as white doesn't make you white, that's why the term mixed exists. If you have none-white in you, then you're not white. Deal with it.


No. 14983

Turkey isn't in Europe, wtf are you talking about? It's in west asia.

No. 14984

File: 1411771962312.jpeg (54.03 KB, 732x501, Image15-8.jpeg)

No. 14985

Caucasian and white are two different things, bro.

No. 14986

File: 1411772200173.jpg (34.93 KB, 482x312, europe.jpg)

Please tell me you are kidding, it is even on the list for joining the European Union because it is part of Europe…

No. 14988

File: 1411772548336.jpg (70.42 KB, 482x312, 1411772200173.jpg)

Because of this little part right here.

No. 14996

>Still believing in the one drop rule
Look at this retard and laugh

No. 14999

>We've always been very strict about that
Speak for your fucking self. We're not all race-obsessed cunts like you.

No. 15014

No one calls Oboma white, despite the fact that he's half white, sort of light skinned, and has a lot of white facial features. It's not really a "belief", it's how we classify races. A white person is someone of 100% European ancestry. If you do not have full European ancestry, then you're not white. YOU may consider a mixed person white, but they aren't actually white. Geneticists always separate African American from Black Africans, because the white in black Americans changes their genetic make up. African black people wouldn't consider black Americans to be one of them, but black Americans still identify with one another, even though they aren't technically "black", because most are mixed with whites.
"We" as in white people. Who do you think invented the one drop rule? We have our own system for classifying what is and isn't white, and people who aren't 100% aren't white.

On that note, this "identifying" with whatever race you chose to regardless of ancestry is why Cherokee Nations is having so many memberships problems. They have no minimum blood quantum, so any retard with a long lost ancestor can enroll and take their money. They need to man up and make the requirement 100%, because that's what a fucking Cherokee actually is. These people are mixed raced, so they aren't Cherokee. Get it? There's nothing wrong with being mixed, just don't try to claim a specific race. Call yourself mixed and be done with it.

Inb4 race is a social construct.

No. 15017

Race is a social construct.

You can't lie about your race, you can only misrepresent your heritage. And that's what OC is doing.

No. 15021


Stop with this shit. You learn it in every sociology course from people who don't practice real science and know nothing about genetics.

No. 15022

>A white person is someone of 100% European ancestry
Google "definition of white person"
>white person

>A person of the Caucasian race (6 Fed. Rep. 256).

Don't see a 100% anywhere, anon.

>If you do not have full European ancestry, then you're not white.

Unless you are inbred, you are more than likely to have ancestry from at least one other race. :^)
>inb4 it doesn't matter, i-i still look white!! it's just one tiny drop! pls /pol/, i am still white master race, pls
Race is not a social construct, but your retarded concept of classifying it on such ungrounded, arbitrary terms most certainly is.

No. 15024

>No one calls Oboma white, despite the fact that he's half white, sort of light skinned, and has a lot of white facial features. It's not really a "belief", it's how we classify races. A white person is someone of 100% European ancestry. If you do not have full European ancestry, then you're not white.

Or maybe they don't call him white because his skin is brown?

OC's skin is pale and white. She looks visibly white. So she's white.

It's 2014, almost no one (except yourself) gives a shit about meticulously and pedantically classifying humans into different categories based on things that don't matter one bit. White people are called white and black people are called black based on their physical appearance. I don't care if you don't think they should be. Deal with it.

No. 15025

Race isn't real? Yeah try telling that to a a forensic anthropologist.

No. 15029

If you have to have 100% European blood to be white, there are no white people only POC

No. 15030

I bet you anything miss white princess over here has more than enough non-European blood to make her mixed.

No. 15036

File: 1411777634581.png (82.69 KB, 549x535, dfrg.png)

>>Unless you are inbred, you are more than likely to have ancestry from at least one other race. :^)
citation needed
>>Google "definition of white person"

I know what you're saying here, but most of the people who are labeled as "white" by the United States Census Bureau aren't really white. They've changed the definition of white to match the definition of Caucasian. No one anywhere would ever call an Arab white, but they did it anyways to be sensitive to none-whites who identify as white. Race has become something that's a bit obscure to the government, they've relaxed their classification rules by a lot. However, that doesn't change biology.
Look at black Africans, then look at Obama. He doesn't look white, but he doesn't really look that black. Everyone refers to him as black, though it's obvious he's mixed.
You sound frustrated.

No. 15041

Are you fucking uneducated? Arabs are Caucasoid.
And feature-wise, white people might as well be Arabs with slightly different skin and hair pigmentation tbh

No. 15043

No one gives a flying shit. You're the one writing essays and posting infographics because you don't like people calling OC white.

She's white. Accept it.

No. 15045

They are Caucasoid, but they aren't white. Like I said, they changed the definition of white to match the definition of Caucasian. Google image search "Arab", they have very distinctive facial features.
>>slightly different
We're pretty different looking, dude. I can see how we would look like Middle Easterns, though.
That's just, like, your opinion. Race isn't really an opinion, though.

No. 15046

>citation needed
I'm not sure about Yurop, but if you are American, there is a pretty good chance you are a mutt of some sort. That's just how it is.
I know what you're saying here, but most of the people who are labeled as "white" by the United States Census Bureau aren't really white.
**"They aren't white because I don't think they should be considered white."
>They've changed the definition of white to match the definition of Caucasian.
But that's exactly what being white means. Caucasian heritage.
>No one anywhere would ever call an Arab white
They're Caucasoid.
>but they did it anyways to be sensitive to none-whites who identify as white
citation needed

No. 15048

White used to mean "european", now it means "whatever you want." Would you consider an Arab white? If you would, then that's pretty funny.

No. 15049

Correct, it does mean "whatever you want". So why are you making all these posts?

No. 15051

By that logic, all these "white" tumblr kids calling themselves Cherokee are correct about not being white. The klan would have lynched half the people being classified as white by the government, and I'm pretty sure these people wouldn't consider themselves white in the first place. The government doesn't control what race is and isn't, genetics do.

No. 15055

I have no problem with someone calling themselves white if their skin is naturally white, regardless of what their ancestry is. And excluding skin conditions and albinism.

White is just a word for a color. Saying you're Cherokee when you're really 1/16 Native American is a completely different and unrelated issue.

I also have no problem with calling themselves "not white" even if they look white. They can think of themselves as whatever they want.

No. 15057

>>I have no problem with someone calling themselves white if their skin is naturally white, regardless of what their ancestry is.
>>Saying you're Cherokee when you're really 1/16 Native American is a completely different and unrelated issue.

No it's not, it's the same shit. A white person has always been someone of European ancestry, it was never based on skin color alone.

No. 15058

Okay, but language and culture changes over time. Now most people in the West don't use that definition anymore, except for a handful of people like you.

Lots of people also didn't consider Italians or Irish to be white back then, even though they were definitely European. There are all sorts of dumb historical definitions for words.

In contrast, the definition of "Cherokee" has remained the same and will never change.

No. 15059

>> Now most people in the West don't use that definition anymore, except for a handful of people like you.

Lmao, are you kidding me? You'll never hear anyone say that Arabs or Middle Eastern people are white in the West. It's absurd.

Irish and Italians have always been considered white, Irish were just considered a lower/inferior form of white people. Whites discriminated against other whites quite often back then, but now all white Americans are considered the same group. Even today, in Europe, there's lots of people who don't like eastern European migrating into their countries because of economic reasons or because they want to preserve they're ethnicity/culture. They're still aware that Slavs are white, though, that doesn't mean all whites are on the same page.

No. 15060

File: 1411781492285.jpg (86.4 KB, 720x507, Princess_Lalla_Salma_of_Morocc…)

Are Berbers white?

No. 15061

She's so pale for a Moroccan. My mom is 100% Berber and she's so dark, she almost looks Middle Eastern. Is this woman mixed or something? Genuinely curious.

No. 15064


She's the Princess Consort of Morocco, so upper class.

>She was born Salma Bennani in Fes to an upper middle class family.

>Her parents were al-Haj Abdel Hamid Bennani, a schoolteacher, and Naima (née Bensouda)

No. 15065

File: 1411782885658.jpg (176.3 KB, 361x496, Asma_al-Assad.jpg)

Also Bashar al-Assad has a weird head shape but his dad and wife both look white, even though they're all Syrian.

No. 15066

Not true at all, Irish were considered by many to not be white when they first came here. Especially by fundamentalist protestant Americans.

Most people don't consider Arabs white because most of them do not have pale skin. Some Americans consider Persians white.