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File: 1453792705040.png (372.87 KB, 572x295, snoozy.png)

No. 226099

No. 226100

File: 1453792740907.jpg (69.68 KB, 480x640, 1.jpg)

alright I made this thread just to post these because the old one reached it's limit

No. 226101

File: 1453792755928.jpg (75.71 KB, 480x640, 2.jpg)

No. 226103

File: 1453792789855.jpg (37.78 KB, 540x405, 3.jpg)

No. 226105

File: 1453792842429.jpg (111.68 KB, 540x720, 4.jpg)

No. 226106

File: 1453792945331.jpg (61.11 KB, 600x800, CZnu_a0WIAAu60J.jpg)

No. 226113

Woah. Context for all this vintage Arin? He was kind of adorable then.

No. 226114

jesus christ what a fucking neckbeard

No. 226117

Jesus Christ, why would he post these? If I had pictures like these I'd have fucking deleted them as soon as I found them; I'd never want hundreds of thousands of people to see them

No. 226136

Try being friends with one. Any time she makes a joke I end up learning that it was from Game Grumps. So not only is she not funny, she's also unoriginal. I'm biding my time until she stops watching them.

No. 226137

Proof that Suzy would look way cuter if she lost a little weight and stopped doing that eyebrow bullshit.


No. 226138

I'm sure this has been posted before, but it's and episode of Game Grumps without Dan. Arin has no fucking personality.

No. 226140

How does she not realize how fucking stupid she looks? She's basically showing people how pretty she could be, and then reminding them that she's not.

No. 226141

When she has nice lighting + edited pics vs. shitty quality videos, that is.

No. 226145

File: 1453800387625.jpg (93.59 KB, 500x375, Duster.jpg)

No. 226150


No. 226151

Haven't seen anyone post this, anyone bother to watch it?

No. 226157


No. 226170

I haven't but I get the feeling it's because holly and ross played it on holly's channel after she did a cosplay of one of the Skylanders characters. Holly was sponsored by the company so that makes sense.

No. 226192

Can't wait for the GG Valentine's Day episodes tbh, the ones from last year where so cringy and entertaining

No. 226193

Arin cleaned up his Computer and posted a bunch of old pics on his twitter

No. 226198

Actually Arin is obsessed with Skylanders and has pretty much every toy. From my understanding it was Arin who got Holly into Skylanders to begin with

No. 226209

No. 226229

Same, anon. Arin wasn't that unattractive, he still isn't. His personality ruins it, though.

No. 226232

she's a grade A cunt. Woolie should fight her. She's probably one of those girls who thinks girls with short hair are butch dykes or something and you need long hair and dresses to be feminine.

No. 226236


No. 226237

Love yourself

No. 226239

No. 226240

Duzy has been wearing the SAME style makeup for 10+ years now. Proof that she is completely unoriginal in every way. damn

No. 226242

>From my understanding it was Arin who got Holly into Skylanders to begin with

Uhhh, i don't think so.

No. 226264


No. 226269

Her cat eye wing almost connects with her eyebrow.

That would be a more interesting look than any of the tutorials she puts out. And it's not like she wears any of this shit out of the house anyways so she doesn't have to worry about embarrassing herself.

No. 226296

wow, she looks cute here. I'd still take away her eyeliner privileges, though.

No. 226298

File: 1453830925786.png (832.58 KB, 935x600, Screenshot_1.png)

The colors are off, but this outfit isn't half bad

No. 226318

thats because its literally just a pair of leggings and a black shirt… i mean who couldnt wear this?!

No. 226321

File: 1453831790919.jpg (67.8 KB, 600x450, jojoposing.jpg)


grumps have hired vernon shaw, the dude who makes hot pepper gaming
which is kind of a shame cause i genuinely liked that channel. OH WELL

No. 226323

File: 1453831849944.jpg (55.83 KB, 599x337, rossinbg.jpg)


why does arin feel the need to hire his friends? it's only gonna make it more difficult to fire them when they turn out to be shit at their job coughkevinsuzycough

No. 226339

>fat bitch wearing skeleton leggings
Haha, the irony.

No. 226341

>hot pepper gaming
>two best friends/best friends play
so many people that need to respect themselves and not deal with Game chumps.

No. 226343

Is that octopimp as well? cuz that dude has the most punchable face in existence. he was funny when he did 50% OFF, but now he's in the whole twitch streaming and i'm just tired of everyone jumping on that band wagon.

No. 226347

File: 1453833969691.gif (850.78 KB, 250x185, NOOOO.gif)

If he joins the GG I will probs stop watching them, his voice is so annoying and he's so fake.

No. 226360

That top is way more flattering on her than bodycon.

What the fuck do they need more people for?

Thanks for reminding me of that movie, anon, been years since I saw it.

No. 226387

Are they trying to build their own yt network or something? How many people can you possibly need to play video games for a few hours every week? It kind of just feels like whenever a tv show runs out of good stories or jokes so they just add a couple of new characters instead.

No. 226403

They could be trying to do what RoosterTeeth did and eventually just make their own company, might be a long shot though considering RT is a lot more stable with what they're doing.

No. 226407

Is it just me or does Suzy's eyeliner look shopped

No. 226409

Now that you mention it, it does look very…flat.

No. 226412

Probably, they just left Polaris so it would make sense

No. 226417

Amen to that.
(That gif is so accurate. haha) Octopimp is so fucking obnoxious. His twitter is basically one giant circlejerk.

No. 226436

the difference between them and roosterteeth is that… RT has been around… for over a decade? and actually know what they're doing? they're a legit company with genuine, versatile staff and a variety of content.
and it sucks because some RT employees are GG fans and GG were at last year's RTX and they were the most… unfunny people there. the CAH and On the Spot panels were so cringey because of arin's droll humour… it was just obnoxious.
i'll become really upset if they make their own website and try to sell sponsorship (as if they could be bothered delivering sponsor only content anyway)
if arin thinks hiring all of his friends and making unfunny, lazy content for their 13 y/o fans is good business practice then… this can only end in disaster…

No. 226453

^This. I mean, I'm at RT/AH stan, but they at least have clue, listen to their fans/interact with them, and monitor the quality of content they put out. They can also take this piss out of each other without getting butt hurt about it and don't have to tip-toe around certain staff members.

No. 226455

*an RT/AH stan

No. 226484

File: 1453842920402.jpg (401.65 KB, 1152x2048, we get it.jpg)

No. 226486


No. 226487

He looks like a serial killer.

No. 226488

As someone who wears all black a majority of the time, I'm still going to nitpick this. The black of the leggings does NOT AT ALL go well with the black of the shirt. One is way warmer than the other. However, that sweater does look pretty good. It looks like something I've seen before from Noctex or Ovate.

No. 226494

File: 1453843568292.gif (480.86 KB, 500x375, no good.gif)

No. 226505

I don't fuck with RT anymore but when I was a kid I saw a few of them at a convention. They signed my bag for me and I found that bag a few weeks ago. RT gave me a lot of good memories back then so if GG is trying to emulate RT then my jimmies will be slightly rustled.

No. 226563

I was gonna say… it's also hard to tell if the leggings have a sheen or if they are stretched so much that they are see through.

No. 226565

Blackmilk leggings usually do have a sheen, not sure about this pair though, but they look so much lighter on her thighs than anywhere on her calves so they are probably too small for her

No. 226566

the bone-design looks like it's not too stretched though…the camera flash probably just reflected on her thighs more due to angle etc.

No. 226567

People who wear shirts like this make me laugh and make it easier to stay away from them as complete, pathetic losers.

No. 226571

I'm imagining a bunch of middle/high school fans buying this shirt because "le Brian is so hilarious!". Seriously anyone who wears this shirt is either lying because they don't have a PhD, or they do have a PhD and they're just an asshole.

No. 226575

it's probably people who think it's hilarious if someone doesn't 'get' the shitty youtube show inside joke/reference and they can feel funny and superior about it.

No. 226587

Has anyone noticed that Arin is stealing lingo from ~2013 The Creatures?

He's started saying shit like "damn dude" and "hundo" and shit like that, all of which were basically commonplace in The Creatures' vocabularies back in the day.

I don't watch much anymore but I'm sure it won't be long until he makes a Detroit reference or talks about silverback gorillas and the fans eat it up like he's being original and shit.

No. 226589

So this is the only thing he has going for him, huh?

No. 226628

To be fair, those are pretty common slang terms? And hundo is just a good word.

No. 226634

I just feel like there's been such an oddly specific overlap that it's more than just coincidence.

I can see why he would, 2012-2014 was a pretty decent time for The Creatures.

No. 226654

Oh yeah. I can't wait for Date night 2 Suzy gets called out on more shit. She prob won't even invite Holly might use Brian and his wife.

No. 226758

nooo arin dont ruin the creatures' lingo for me, theyre all i have left on youtube

No. 226774

His pretend "Oh I am so kewl and nice and humble :333" attitude is really grating as well.

No. 226794

That's his entire shtick.

No. 226795

Kevin wasnt their friend. They hired him randomly through craigslist. He does a fine job as an editor he just isnt as good as Barry was.

No that's their intern. He's irish or somethin. I dont think even the Grumps are stupid enough to hire that weeaboo trash.

>>226347 >>226360 >>226387
He's basically there to be management. Help them organize schedules and the such. They've said that the currently have no plans on him being in video.

No. 226806

The joke they have is that he is well educated but earns his living making dick jokes on the internet.

No. 226812

Pretty much

No. 226813

>No that's their intern. He's irish or somethin. I dont think even the Grumps are stupid enough to hire that weeaboo trash.

oooh okay. I know he was on guest grump with them though. lol Arin and co are weeaboo trash too though. Arin is the definition of a neckbeard.

No. 226842

I have a feeling Suzy really wanted those jeffrey campbell shoes graveyardgirl have that already have these kind of belts on them, but she couldnt get them so she made a shitty DIY instead

No. 226849

That is literally crap you can find at Michaels and just glue on.

No. 226880

She posted in a facebook Jeffrey Campbell buy/sell group I'm in. I thought she looked super familiar

No. 226890

File: 1453927105734.jpg (579.96 KB, 3600x2700, artsy.jpg)

When your fans recognise your true self

No. 226910

Eh, I wouldn't say Kevin does a "fine" job, it's really below average. He doesn't do anything special and misspells things, doesn't cut out stuff like Dan encouraging people to doxx a guy, etc. I'm pretty sure his degree is in Film Editing, and he doesn't really know what to do for Youtube editing, but now that he's befriended the Grumps, Arin wouldn't dare fire him.

No. 226913

>drawing her tattoos on the wrong arm

No. 226981

I'm good friends with someone who is dating a member of GG and I love her to death but she constantly makes references to videos and stans for Suzy so hard

No. 226984

Sounds fuckin legit

No. 226990

your friend is dating Barry?

pics or it didn't happen

No. 227018

Who's she dating? Pics or it didn't happen

No. 227026

this sounds like bullshit, not because of the supposed close connection Anon has to GG, but because it implies that an adult who met Suzy would like her, let alone stan her

No. 227044

>Eye shadow on eyebrows
Fucking hell Suzy what's wrong with you?
>Using ring lights for all your vids and now you mention it
>250,000 people believe in this shit.

No. 227085

lol wtf there is nothing wrong with filling in your brows with shadow

No. 227111

File: 1453959566639.jpg (67.6 KB, 500x496, tumblr_nlzvjlUDOE1u0retoo1_500…)

10$ that you are talking about Kevins Girlfriend, who has the exact same hair as Snoozy

No. 227138

File: 1453962474111.jpg (9.74 KB, 140x140, pauletta1728-1399500689_140.jp…)

Have Suzy and Paulette even really interacted, I really don't know much about her?

No. 227164


Yeah, I've seen a lot of people do that. As long as you're not using a shimmery eyeshadow or something, what's the bfd?

No. 227183

Lol if the eyeshadow is matte it's really not a big deal.

No. 227185

My 27 year old friend stans her. It makes me want to scream, honestly.

No. 227201

What a lovely lesbian couple.

No. 227206

She was in some Game Grumps Streams, just hanging around. Apparently she's pretty often at the office

No. 227207

The first three top comments on their new Mario Maker are gold.


For fucks sake, the artist only left out Suzy (also Kevin and Brian) take a chill pill.

No. 227211

Oh my fucking god Arin you are so childish. I don't know how Dan manages to interact with such a huge manbaby on a regular basis

No. 227212

"The one of all of us that doesn't have Suzy in it?"
Arin come the fuck on. That was uncomfortable to listen to

No. 227231


>He's basically there to be management. Help them organize schedules and the such

wait isn't that suzys job lel

No. 227235


Holy shit what a whiny baby. He seems completely unappreciative of the fan that drew that?? It doesn't seem like a particular jab at suzy since it doesn't include other grumps either, there likely just wasn't enough space tbh.

>what an ungrateful arsehole

No. 227236


… also Arin talking about masturbation and erectile dysfunction

No. 227330

Don't get the hate either. I do it all the time and use a sealer so it doesn't smudge and it's fine. Suzy just sucks as makeup overall though.

No. 227332

Arin is the kind of guy I'm surprised doesn't get punched in the face a lot. He is literal manchild and a huge spoiled brat. How is he nearing 30??

No. 227333

Think their sex life is in trouble? kek

No. 227339

File: 1454014807180.png (776.9 KB, 935x592, Screenshot_1.png)

Why does she look like whoever is behind the camera is pointing a gun at her?

No. 227342

"slouchy hoodie"
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that term used for baggy hoodies, the kind that are usually loose everywhere? Why does hers look skin tight.

No. 227345

It's not slouchy, she's slouchy and mistakenly applies that word to everything that touches her.

No. 227346

It is a slouchy hoodie.
For a smaller woman.

No. 227353

JFC, all her shoes are so damn ugly.

No. 227391


dear lord those shoes look like she stuck hot glue on them and dipped her feet in an industrial junk pile.

No. 227403

she'd probably take that as a compliment

No. 227412

well, she does look a bit like an alien sometimes so it's nice to see some #selfawareness for once

No. 227420

I thought the same. Looks like a toddler's art class project..

No. 227426

This outfit would be pretty cute if it weren't for those hideous shoes.

No. 227487

Hay she's a Medium now.

No. 227490

These sponsored video is not remotely veiled at all. That fake enthusiasm, wow.

No. 227497


No. 227498

Lol blend your foundation to your neck Suzy, that's like beauty 101.

No. 227527

Funny how Arin slowly became decent looking throughout the years while Suzy has significantly became less attractive

No. 227557


Woah Suzy made a joke in this that could have been funny/decent but her delivery and voice is so terrible it just sucked all the life out of it

>one of those packages you need like…. scissors and an adult to open

No. 227607


I didn't watch the video so I thought you meant medium as in psychic and I was like oh god don't tell me she went to psychic school and is a musem grade fortune teller or something, phew

No. 227618


>a musem grade fortune teller or something

Fucking lmao

No. 227633

File: 1454088132223.jpg (12.25 KB, 211x202, IMG_20160120_212209.jpg)

decent is being way too generous, no?

No. 227640

>female medium

No. 227641

File: 1454090192881.png (121.7 KB, 283x269, a broken man.png)

No. 227644

Eh… He's giving me "friend's dad who thinks he's still hip" vibes.

No. 227653

He swings his hair around a lot, and not in the "get off my face way", it's in the "man I'm hot I bet all my wife's viewers think I'm hot" way.

No. 227654

I'm the one who thinks he's hot af. Should I be ashamed?

No. 227658


No. 227659

Are you kidding? He's gotten way worse, especially since he started growing out that patchy mess he calls a beard.

No. 227661

He looks like a gay pirate

No. 227666

Your parents raised you better than this.

No. 227672

Her new OOTD video had "ok" outfits but I'm just SO annoyed by how she models :/ She does these "kawaii" faces and I just really don't like it. I wish she would actually model the clothes normally. It just feels so forced

No. 227674

imo not hot af but he has his moments that i find him attractive. That being said, those moments are few and far between and I admit I have shit taste in men.

No. 227676

She talks so much about having been a model, but she's terrible at it. She always looks like she just had some strong coffee and can't stand still in her OOTD videos, they feel so fucking rushed and sloppy.

No. 227700

They're both hideous. I don't get why so many farmers give Arin a pass but not suzy? they both look awful. Arin is worse because of his neckbeard/creeper personality. He's obsessed with anime tits for fucks sake.

No. 227717

The worst part is that they both have potential. Arin would have to make a real solid effort to eat healthy and lose weight as well as not look like a fucking edge lord in dumb shirts all the time, and Suzy is the same but the girl version with normal make up and shit. Neither want to be normal but it would look best for both of them.

No. 227722

Her outfits are…ergh.
they just seem really lazy.

outfit 1
>black shirt
>blackmilk tights (can't even match the blacks)
>an excuse to show off her 'shoe garter' & promote her DIY tutorial vid

outfit 2
>galaxy hoodie/dress
>ripped tights
>industrial trash creepers
>neat necklace which she NEVER BOTHERS TO SHOWCASE because she's too busy making faces for the camera

outfit three
>change the dress
>same tights
>same shoes as the first outfit

at best, they're passable, but really underwhelming for the 'alt goth' scene she's trying to represent herself as a member of. she seems like one of those people who puts outfits together for the brand names, not because they looks good.

No. 227724

meh, but that's all superficial. They'd still be terrible human beings. Lazy, lying, scamming, egotistical, hypocritical asshats. Just with more flattering haircuts.

No. 227733

File: 1454104575351.png (512.26 KB, 629x429, whatnow.png)

"Arin, help, what do I do now?"

"Oh, right, more tryhard model postures!"

No. 227737

If I see her in person at MAGfest, i'm gonna take to snap some photos of her fat ass. She seriously must have gained at least 35-40 pounds.

No. 227738

How come you guys think Arin gets a pass? Any time a farmer says they think Arin is alright gets several hilarious responses about how they should love themselves.

No. 227739

Suzy why. You would look better naked at this point.

No. 227746


>You would look better naked at this point.

Hmmm… I'm not so sure.

No. 227749

File: 1454107521049.jpg (868.55 KB, 500x265, 971eadff2b74d4afba78caf332b82f…)

Wait, guys, stop complaining for a sec, don't even pay attention to how shit the outfit is. SHE'S FINALLY WEARING SOMETHING OTHER THAN A BODYCON SKIRT!! REJOICE!

No. 227751


No. 227752

>Nikki's face makes me unreasonably angry, more so than Suzy
I seriously hate that clown bitch.

No. 227767

Okay well this is a thread about Suzy, not your shit opinion

No. 227791

marry me Anon.

No. 227795

File: 1454122478821.jpg (123.22 KB, 936x601, uh-mazing.jpg)

Not sucking her nigger cunt and get back on topic. Nikki is shit.

Suzy has made two posts on IG trying to sell her overpriced butterfly rings for Valentine's days. Does she really think her fangirls even have boyfriends ? Especially ones willing to spend $100+ on their cow girlfriends?

I also wonder about the quality of those pieces. How fast would they fall apart?

No. 227796

I never noticed Snoozy made her own cheap little triangle logo to attach to her overpriced garbage.

No. 227799

super hot with courtney love lingerie, huh.

is that supposed to be a compliment?

No. 227803

I just caught that comment. Does Courtney Love actually have a lingerie line in 2016?

No. 227809

File: 1454125185239.jpg (158.61 KB, 1340x2010, 61933.0.zoom.jpg)

She just released a collaboration with Nasty Gal. This is the only lingerie in the collection.

No. 227810

The model is cute as fuck. I wonder if she'd get her daughter to model some of the lingerie? Hmm..

No. 227812


It's not lingerie, just clothes (including a lace bodysuit!) and it's all expensive as hell.


Doubt it, I think Frances is pretty much living her own life away from Courtney. The last time I saw them together was at the Montage Of Heck premiere last year.

Sorry for getting OT.

No. 227815

No prob, anon! thanks for the info anyway. I'll stop derailing. Interesting stuff. I'll google the rest.

No. 227819

Well when you put it like that, it s pretty sad

No. 227846

File: 1454140305887.jpg (124.42 KB, 1024x512, 46becfe6f9a3fe5aa97b539407eed5…)

Wine and dine me first bb

No. 227850

To me at least, personality is a huge portion of what makes someone attractive. If I saw a random "hot" person I'd be very meh until I actually knew them. But if someone has a really sweet personality they seem far more attractive to me, even if they look very average (unless they're dirty/don't look after themselves properly).

On this line of thought if Arin cleaned himself up a bit he could look pretty great but at the back of my mind I'd never be able to let go his obsession with anime titties or preachy/shit opinions on the video game industry. Same for Suzy - I'd likely think she was pre cute if she wasnt such a damn cunt who rips people off on etsy for a living

No. 227853

you mean a butt pirate

No. 227854

this whole outfit is a fucking mess

No. 227869

File: 1454149337699.png (367.37 KB, 608x448, 1452317929103.png)


I love this fucking board.

No. 227887


I'm sure they'd look objectively better if they lost weight, etc etc, but they're such obnoxious people it doesn't even matter. They'll always be shit-tier because of that.

No. 227896


Completely agree. I'm very much like >>227850 opinion where people can be more/less attractive depending on their personality… It's always a little bit strange to say though since I dont want to sound like really corny with the "oh but inside is what really matters~~~"

To me Suzy will always be a hideous pig even if she lost weight, since shes a lying lazy pos. And arin even though I'm sort of in the camp with other anons finding him mildly attractive in looks occasionally. He's way too much of a repressed creepy pervert. Lets not forget the Sailor Moon commission he got Spazkid(?) to do for him.
>i think it was spaz but I honestly forget

No. 227925

This bugs(hah) me because I'm really into butterflies and I would LOVE jewelry like this but I'd chew off my own arm before I'd give Suzy my money for her overpriced bullshit.

No. 227933

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that weird Usagi Panty Shot Drawing. Thank you for reminding me why he's creepy

No. 227934

I actually find Dan and Arin both be a little bit predatory from time to time but even though Dan once stated that he doesn't give a shit about statutory rape laws, I think Arin wins

No. 227939

wait…what? Any source on the Dan thing? I've never heard about this before.

just search for butterfly jewelry on etsy or ebay. There's loads of similar necklaces for 30-40 bucks. Some even cheaper than that.

No. 227945

It's in one of the Super Mario World episodes, gonna try to find the one I'm talking about later

No. 227951

Not that anon but here's another super predatory video.
2:51 is just Dan and Arin being straight up creepy and at 9:00 Arin explains that it's totally ok to be attracted to 14 year olds as long as they look good!

No. 227963

File: 1454181767853.jpg (120.12 KB, 897x590, okok.JPG)

No. 227969

she looks really good here, but it means nothing when you know she doesn't look like this at all in real life

No. 227976


nooo dan why… you're my favourite. not like my options are varied, mind. but I'm into the long haired rockers, so.

it's weird, it's like sometimes he comes across as such a nice, warm and honest guy, and then other times he's creepy, slimy and disrespectful. I'm not even talking about his poor class of racial humour.

No. 227977

there are tons of better and more affordable taxidermists out there. Just google them.

No. 227978

The panty shot of Usagi who is like 13/14 yrs old? yeah, it was done by Spaz kid

No. 227980

HOW IS THIS OKAY? they're both fucking sick. holyshit. it's not okay to be attracted to 14 year olds. what the actual fuck is wrong with these disgusting men?

No. 227982

I agree. He seems like a cool dude but sometimes his whole attitude towards women and sex just comes off as forced and overcompensation…if that makes sense? Like some adolescent virgin who desperately tries to convince everyone at school that they totally got laid last weekend.

No. 227989

No. 227994

No. 227996

God this was in her fattest period.. at least she isnt THIS bloated anymore!
She still needs to loose some weight but she has defiently dropped down a bit more than this

No. 228002

That haircut. And I remember the videos this came from (the Christmas 'baking' ones) she came off as a right bitch in those…her typical annoyed come-on-you-guiiiiz attitude.

No. 228007

File: 1454187062509.png (437.64 KB, 540x579, unreal.png)

No. 228012

LOL is ERIN JOHNSON a really lazy pseudonym for Arin Hanson.

Seriously though, buying bugs online and sticks them into a frame. That's all she does. And she's not even good at it compared to other people's work.

Lets take this moment to remember: Suzanne Berhow, the taxidermy and insect expert who doesn't know how to pronounce 'cicada'

No. 228032

File: 1454190304231.png (527.33 KB, 1016x705, ea4d8c86ae09348bad8fd7b1163573…)

No. 228040

figured as much…the Erin/Arin thing was just a little joke because it caught my eye.

No. 228049

File: 1454191665093.jpg (80.78 KB, 612x612, 11208587_646272182172188_56039…)

the time she met her idol

No. 228052

who wants autism? fakethebitch.com/suzy-hanson-fakes-t13900.html

NSFW, seriously why do people want fakes of snoozy, she is ugly af.

No. 228055

in reference to >>220799

you know Ross showed them this: http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Game_Grumps/1

No. 228056

If we're to compare suzy & bunny
one thing I just realized is

Bunny buys all this goffik shit, but at least she fucking wears it. Suzy buys it, pretends to be some style she isn't, and doesn't wear it.

I can only imagine the hundreds of dollars sitting in her closet, going to waste. She doesn't even wear them sometimes

No. 228057

I may think Bunny has an insufferable personality, but at least she's true to herself, unlike Suzy. And she can actually look really nice in a lot of model photos. Suzy looks like a hobbit next to her.

No. 228059

I love how Bunny dresses interesting irl and Suzy is just a slob in a hoodie, tshirt + jeans combo. Hahaha

No. 228060

I don't think she wears any of it outside the house. It's literally just shoes and clothes she buys because she can, takes a short video and back into the closet they go. she's a greedy fucking cunt.

No. 228062



And they say romance is dead.

No. 228066

true, bunny looks good as long as she keeps her mouth shut

No. 228067

sorry but when the fuck does bunny wear gothic shit outside? like once a month? she always look like shes legit homeless in all her videoes, wearing an old gross shirt and no makeup.
Bunny is better at wearing her shit than Suzy but only SLIGHTLY

No. 228073

>claims she's "so goffic"
>tacky circle lenses
>animu "eye-enlarging" makeup
Suzy plz

No. 228078

lol do you know Bunny irl? I'm sure she dresses up more than Suzy does. No one realistic dresses up every time they go out. I doubt she films her entire life, unlike Suzy who has none.

No. 228081

I'd agree with this, but whenever she's doing photos with friends, meetngreets, and that sort of stuff; she does wear those clothes.
Which, imo, is a lot more than suzy does. Because how many con pictures does she show in, wearing only jeans and a shirt and not her "zany omgwackie style"

I didn't say bunny looked better in the clothes than suzy, she at least sports them when suzy doesn't.

No. 228097

File: 1454204974485.jpeg (83.23 KB, 640x616, image.jpeg)

"Because she doesn't make poopy fart dick jokes" and most people don't find it funny when Arin makes those same jokes either

No. 228107

I'm willing to bet money he has a small dick.

No. 228108

does anyone know where that top came from?

No. 228109

does anyone know where that top came from?

No. 228131

Usagi very much looks underage as well. I can kind of understand when people are talking about 16/17 year olds who can be pretty well developed by then, but 14 year olds look like kids.

No. 228134

Him and Arin. Willing to make that bet myself. they're both slimy. I hate the GG fanbase. they all want to sleep with Danny so bad. it's gross.

No. 228139

Bunny also doesn't push on how GOFFIC she is anyway, she just wears edgy, vintage, distressed halloweeny shit. Even when she's not all dressed up she still keeps her own general ripped up tie dye/bleach stained style. Whereas Suzy is always wearing sneakers, leggings, and hoodies.

I disagree, Bunny is in her 30's and hanging out around the house most of the time. She's not the type to dress up unnecessarily for videos and whenever she's out she's usually dressed. Maybe I might be biased because I follow her everywhere, but I know that I stopped caring what I look like on the inside of my home around age 15.

No. 228147

File: 1454213938861.png (Spoiler Image, 371.64 KB, 600x514, CBkdvr9VIAADpxC.png)

Is this the drawing you're both referring to? Arin says he drew it for spazkid, though.

No. 228148

Whoever drew it for who, it's shit. She has a rubber spine.

No. 228156

God she looks fucking enormous in these gifs. Holy shit hahaha. just keep packing it on Suzy. It makes me laugh.

No. 228168

It looks like she's shitting in her panties??
Or has a cock-bulge.

No. 228172

Sage for OT, but Suzy's face reminds me of the face Ash is constantly wearing. The same spiteful, irritated, forced smile.

No. 228178

the post 'above' you mean?
It's from cooking with the grumps, but the word "cooking" is an exaggeration tbh

No. 228193

That's how men draw puffy vaginas. Have you never seen it before? Have you never used the internet?

No. 228196

What? No!
She is clearly constipated.
Look at her facial expression, her eyes. She's clearly determined to birth that teddy bear out of her anus.

Now the whole picture looks way worse than it actually is.

No. 228241

The fact that she's wearing stereotypical little girl panties doesn't make this any less creepier…

No. 228245

File: 1454260328695.png (Spoiler Image, 847.72 KB, 800x711, 1654523 - Arin_Hanson Game_Gru…)



No. 228250

File: 1454261375995.png (645.85 KB, 643x789, castlesnoozy.png)

Man Suzy gets fanart THIS good.. for what reason excactly?! Wow Im jelly a person like her gets such good art for free

No. 228251

Wild guessing: the artist probably knows Suzy would reblog this one (because: wow I'm such a dark gothic gurl myself, this is like 100% me), because it IS really good art…. so he receives a large audience (GG fans)for his art in return.
I reeeaally doubt, he did this because he's such a huge Suzy fan.

No. 228252

* ,plus it IS really good art

No. 228253

She's probably just jealous that her face is too fat to look good with short hair

No. 228255

I just laughed so hard, this fanart is amazing

No. 228265

this looks like spazkid's style, if you look in his videos he draws the puffy vagina thing too.

No. 228275

fuck me, why did I click that?

No. 228276

Very much inspired by Kojima who does all the Castlevania art. Damn, this is really good. Hilarious though. Suzy WISHES so bad she was that attractive and thin.

No. 228278

Only repulsive otakus draw vaginas like that since they've never been with a real woman.

No. 228279

File: 1454271972252.jpg (49.63 KB, 597x665, Gross.jpg)

Dan just annoys the shit out of me.

No. 228281

why exactly does he own a mlp doll? and why is he taking pictures with it shirtless?
weird fetish probably

No. 228282

He's so hot but also he's fucking creepy

No. 228283

Well, he has a thing for The Last Unicorn so who knows ( ° ʖ °)

No. 228284

I don't think that's supposed to be the vag, it's the curve of the buttcheek

No. 228285

File: 1454274791908.png (343.84 KB, 600x514, spazzz.png)

No it's where I drew the red line, and yes I'm a bit bored rn

No. 228286

No, its definitely puffy anime pussy.
Art like this makes me somewhat worried at how far back men seem to think vulvae are.

No. 228289

As far as their fetishes want to go.

Puffy vaginas exist, but they're sooo prevalent in anime porn it's like they think they're the norm.

No. 228290

sure they exist. mostly on pre-pubescent girls

No. 228291

File: 1454276490154.jpg (106.6 KB, 640x640, 926848_735819023131011_9913300…)

I really could join in this conversation about unreal pussy….

but I also have this pic:

No. 228292


I feel like y'all are over reacting about that picture. Yeah, he's pretty creepy but the picture was tame imo

No. 228294

Yup. The norm like gravity defying tits. That's why, you single ladies, do not date anime obsessed or porn obsessed men. they have no idea how female anatomy works and are probably terrible in bed.

Is that Holly's rocket raccoon? This is probably the first costume of hers I don't like.

No. 228295

I think so. if that's the case, she should have just cosplayed a female Starlord or Gamora. This looks odd to me. I barely recognized the character.

No. 228305

Holly looks way hotter than usual but that's still a horrible cosplay

No. 228309

tbh Suzy is really thin here, but Holly has the better genes (excluding her facial features)

No. 228312

File: 1454279248390.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.66 MB, 5400x5400, Vagina_collage_12.jpg)

I feel like more neckbeards need to take a look at pictures like this. I remember this picture got posted to reddit and a ton of people were like "ew I'm gay now!!" like lol not every vagina is a cute little anime girl vagina.

No. 228313

>do not date anime obsessed or porn obsessed men
Porn obsessed men will fuck you like they're in a bar fight with your cervix and anime obsessed men aren't even sure where your cervix is.

No. 228314

i know still off-topic…

but WTF?!? Probably these fuckers never took a look on their own floppy dicks

No. 228335

Bingo. I was semi-big on dA years ago (not humon-tier, maybe c-list) and everyone that's good, or even decent only draws fanart when they're getting lazy or feel like they've stagnated. They only draw popular internet people when they know they'll get a free feature and want a mega boost.

No. 228343

I don't know if it's just this picture but Dan is really starting to look his age now. I always thought he looked a little younger than mid/late 30s

No. 228345


Just one more reason I'm glad to be a lesbian and married.

No. 228347

File: 1454282132115.jpg (66.98 KB, 480x720, Noice.jpg)

Holly looks really good with dark brown or black hair. She looked really nice in her Commander Shepard cosplay.

No. 228348

He's been looking worse in the last year or two since really getting involved with Game Grumps. I'd age badly too if I had to spend 10 hours a day around a manchild like Arin.

No. 228354

TBH Dan has always looked like an old scraggly haired greaseball to me. Never understand the young girls that cream over him.

No. 228355

holy shit.
>tfw yours is basically 3rd row down 3 across and now you feel like you won the genetic lottery.

I always thought guys were exaggerating when they complained about 'roasties', but now I feel some sympathy. I never realized there was such variety.
sage for OT.

No. 228357

its reassuring to see this and i think its needs to be in schools because i refused to have sex or be seen naked because i thought my vagina was wrong and i wanted surgery to fix it first.
>second row down third along here
sage for OT.

No. 228365

I feel like flapfear is most prevalent in places where most dudes are circumcised and non-varying anyways.
Shit, vagina thread now. It doesn't help now that the same 'skinny-shaming' thing is also happening with vaginas. Tumblr SJWs that are obsessed with the whole issue are now calling anyone who naturally has small labia a clamshell or babygine/vag. I know it's useless to care about but trying to spread acceptance while acting super bitter and self conscious that you have extra skin doesn't fix the problem.

>underdeveloped babygine to qt bubblegum


No. 228366

milks running low

No. 228373

File: 1454285818079.png (36.01 KB, 321x251, penguin.png)


Sorry for OT but my personal experience with these types

My weeb bf
>actually good in bed
>but indirectly I felt like shit about myself since I wasn't some 2D tiny lolicon

Porn obsessed bf
>would furiously finger me because he believed all women could squirt
>literally beat up my vagina until I pretended to squirt by pissing on him lol
>sex all the time, whether I felt like it or not
>wet sports a few times. This fetish doesn't really bother me but doesn't arouse me either
>wanted me to drink his piss wtf no thats way too fucking disgusting
>tells me he's into anal prolapsing??? I dont even think this is psychically safe to do
>eventually showed me he's into fart porn
>lol wtf
>he wants me to fart in his face
>turns out he also likes scat
>fucking what the fuck holy shit no
>he wanted to watch me take a dump

girls love yourself more than I did

No. 228375

jfc, yes, please love yourself heterosexual ladies… damn.

No. 228381

serious but saged for OT question: which ones are these are actually considered 'attractive'? I don't find any sort of genitals attractive, so I'm curious as to what is deemed attractive.

No. 228382

Stop derailing robot and take this to /b/

No. 228383

File: 1454289565015.png (543.37 KB, 794x540, ?Suzy Berhow? (@mortemer) • In…)

I agree. Anyway look who didn't wear a hoodie yesterday?

No. 228384

Why do I feel like this is staged?

No. 228385

Still wearing those frumpy ass boots.

No. 228386

why did you thing I saged it?
Also not a robot.
This is one of the few threads of /pt I post in.

No. 228389

So a rare picture of her going outside and she wears normie clothing and little makeup. Confirmed for only having all those expensive clothing for videos.

No. 228397

Sort of. The dress and jacket have been in OOTD vids before. It is one of her better outfits since she's not too try hard with it.

No. 228429

I actually find this a pleasant surprise, because she could have been in jeans and a t-shirt like she's always pictured outside

No. 228432

rofl that comment about Arin sharting himself. Is that from that GG video??

No. 228437

I feel it too.

At least she's wearing tights, I suppose.

No. 228448

She actually looks decent here. Almost cute, actually

No. 228450

File: 1454306251840.png (463.46 KB, 494x1291, 1441421009838.png)

wew lad

No. 228452

>I pretended to squirt by pissing on him

that's what squirting is. it's urine.

>The present data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyses indicate that squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.


No. 228453


No. 228515




kek this meme will never die. Keep going, robots.

No. 228521

So… Roast beef vagina confirmed? I don't know why people out themselves in spergy rage like this.
Had some guy on Facebook rage about microdicks and how body shaming men was bad. He's a manlet so it's probably proportionate to his body.

Why scream at friends and strangers to STOP SHAMING when no one ever said anything?

No. 228539

Compared to the last time she wore this outfit, it looks like she took some of our advice (got rid of the scarf, added tights). Maybe she lurks here?

No. 228544

Even though they hate reddit we know they read it from time to time. Has there been mention on there about how she never seems to wear anything from her outfit videos out?

No. 228545

If a guy wants to miss out on having sex because of a little added roast beef then he's got problems. But not as many problems as this woman. Women make fun of penises all the time, do women think they're exempt? Even the prettiest of vaginas look like slabs of cut up meat.

No. 228548

I've never really seen anyone talk about it on reddit…but I'm pretty sure people mention it in the youtube and instagram comments from time to time and we know she monitors those.

No. 228557

Well at least there we knows she has to have seen it since she'd likely delete such comments.

Again, why I think that image is 'staged' since she's admitted she spends most of her life in sweatpants and no makeup. Not to mention, it's not a selfie, it's Arin taking the photo.

No. 228560

>"they're super non-slip (…) if you're somewhere, like, with a slippery floor - I don't know why you would be"

gosh darn it, Suzy. I don't know either! Possibly because some people leave the house on occasions and enter areas where they have no control over the weather and floor conditions? Imagine that!

No. 228562

God she's such a fucking idiot. I get that she's lived in FL and CA, states that aren't known for getting a lot of snow and ice, but come on!

No. 228564

Also having watched it, they are waaaaay too tight for her calves.

Sage for samefag.

No. 228565

it might have looked marginally better if she wore some tights or leggings. How does she not notice?

I just love how she can barely make it through one video without sound like a complete moron. She's either mispronouncing words, doesn't know what something means, has trouble understanding basic everyday concepts. It's baffling.

No. 228566

Well she's gonna wear it for one of her outfit videos so we'll have to wait and see if she bothered with tights.

Iactually do like the style of the boots, but I don't need another pair of boots in my life (also they are on sale if you check the website http://www.tukshoes.com/white-3-strap-port-boot She never seems to get anything full price apart from dumb nerdy shit.)

No. 228569

I literally just watched the video and you purposely omitted the fact she says "so you wont slip if it's raining"

Why did you feel the need to completely bullshit and make something up? Is this thread really this dry?

No. 228574

File: 1454352760155.png (968.18 KB, 736x741, snoozytheassmage.png)

Why does Suzy constantly insist on wearing clothing almost showing her ass?!

No. 228578

Because fatties often think that they have great butts even though they are gross and cottage cheese-y? Her legs are the only thing that aren't totally gross comparatively, but she doesn't know shit about modeling.

Also I think she's starting to jump onto strega.

No. 228581

File: 1454355187562.jpg (36.3 KB, 400x385, 2601740_orig.jpg)


>it's urine

Actually no, it is not. That's a huge missconception. It comes from a different gland (located under the clit) and it's a different liquid, it's colorless, has no smell, and it's not as water-ish as urine.

Saged for OT, and sorry about it, but my jimmies get rustled everytime i hear that shit.

No. 228584

It is piss tho, sorry love.
But its alright you want to be gross in the bedroom and conceal it with your magic liquid excuse

No. 228585

Nope. Recent study last year proved it was urine and even examined the bladders of people who could squirt with ultrasounds whilst it was happening. The bladder acts differently when it's happening but the fluid is undoubtedly urine.

I'd link you the paper, but if I go on any academic website I get a redirect 'cause I'm on my unis internet. Google it though, it was published in newscientist.

No. 228599

Her butts weirdly red, I really don't wanna know why

No. 228605

File: 1454357902904.jpg (16.78 KB, 300x388, suzzy.jpg)


I never squirted in my life, sorry.


I read that. they tested it on 7 woman iirc, and was very flawed in general. I'm just pretty skeptical that one little study on whole seven woman (!!) could be conclusive. As I said before, I don't even squirt, but this just seems like another stupid reason to shame women's sex life.

I feel bad for so much OT, have a vintage Suzy pic.

No. 228606

wow she looks like Björk here a bit doesn't she?
This gotta be the best picture of Suzys face I've seen so far, even if her body pose is fucking awkward!
Man she COULD look like this if she tried, thats sad to know!

No. 228607

God no wonder she can't model now. She couldn't even make herself look good then.

No. 228613

File: 1454358418463.jpg (20.4 KB, 300x388, suzzy.jpg)


Just a reminder that Suzy is the one in the back, being even more awkward.
Her hair was way uglier.

No. 228620


I love how many times in these threads someone has said "Wow, Suzy looked good here!" and it's turned out to be Jean.

No. 228628

It's basically every time. You'd think SUzy would realize that her sister is doing so many things right that she just isn't.

No. 228629

lmaoo I totally just did!

No. 228635

I don't know why but Suzy looks a little like Bjork with all black hair in my opinion at least.

No. 228639

Its still so crazy to me how much Jean just looks so much more interesting than Suzy. They're twins and they generally have the same features, but for some reason they work so much better on Jean, while Suzy just looks like silly puddy.

No. 228641

twins are such a brutal mindfuck. why does this shit exist? also i wish i had a twin. crazy shit

No. 228643

It's kind of common for one twin to be fatter then the other, or that they are differently sized. Like… the Sprouse twins, if you remember them. Dylan always had a rounder face then Cole, and I can't find a good image that shows this.

No. 228644

She doesn't look like she uses lotion…

No. 228653

I love the fact that she's holding a crow for the sake of holding a crow. It looks so stupid with her holding the base of the thing.

No. 228659

Small sample size is a relative thing. We don't know what percentage of this phenomenon happens to, but I'm guessing it's very small. There have been massive breakthrough studies for drugs and diseases that have less than ten people in them.

Also, it's not shaming women. Men shame women by expecting them to be able to do shit like this because they see it in porn and think it's normal. I think the majority of women who can't squirt take precedent here because men are beating up their vaginas trying to force them to do it.

No. 228664

I'm curious now what the other two outfits in her video will be

No. 228668

File: 1454364731930.jpg (156.23 KB, 612x612, snoozyzoons.jpg)

when she was younger and thin

No. 228669

That sucked in gut, and turned in toes. not fooling anyone

No. 228670

Her sense of style has not changed. The bangs really need to come back.

No. 228672

>It comes from a different gland (located under the clit)

so it's either magic fluid emitted by a ductless gland unknown to science below the clitoris, or it's urine coming out of the urethra which is coincidentally in the exact same place

No. 228673

No. 228674

It's urine.

Scientific proof here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jsm.12799/abstract?campaign=wolearlyview

End of story.

Back to topic.

No. 228675

Or this one, much better to read.

So back to Snoozy.

No. 228676

No. 228677

Even if she is sucking in her gut shes still wayy thinner here

No. 228679


Google skene gland, it's not that hard. Even the article stating it is diluted pee say's it's mixed with the fluid's from it.

No. 228680

File: 1454366339696.png (100.71 KB, 210x195, 1425138743495.png)

Holy shit, that flat ass

No. 228682

she's a big girl
for you

No. 228685

File: 1454367642450.jpg (123.06 KB, 1017x719, flyer.jpg)

"Bet I can deep fry this card?"

No. 228686

File: 1454367682084.jpg (161.29 KB, 1280x721, dd.jpg)

Dead inside

No. 228688

Holly looks like she wants to sink into her collar. I don't blame her, being forced to be friends with her husband's business partner's wife.

No. 228691

I… I like that makeup on Holly.

it's actually sort of #gothic #creepy #museum quality

No. 228692

oh come on, she doesn't have to be there if she doesn't want to. Don't get me wrong, I like Holly. But she could have easily opted out. It's a wise business choice for her to be on TF.

No. 228693

PS: not having a go at you. She does look uncomfortable. But she so often does (I remember an episode of Friendzone with her on and she looked like she was bored out of her skull/ready to run)

No. 228694

This is true. I personally would love to play a game with Barry, Holly, Ross and Dan. Just not Suzy and Arin.

Eh. I can believe that tho. I've tried watching FZ eps a few times and man is if fucking boring half the time (and it goes on for over an hour!???!!!). When Holly and Ross are on it together it's a bit more enjoyable.

No. 228701

Even if it is the same as urine, the action of squirting is not the same as the action of urinating. Nobody who squirts is doing it as some kind of piss play thing because people who are into piss play can just piss

No. 228706

a flat ass is cute, i don't get the hate. better than being a land whale IMO

No. 228712

File: 1454374545478.png (302.17 KB, 519x516, Mortemer (@Mort3mer) - Twitter…)

I'm sorry you have no booty.

No. 228714

No. 228715

suzy looks so much better here.

No. 228723

File: 1454376229261.jpg (98.83 KB, 604x669, wtf.jpg)

Someone said in a NSP video a year or two ago that they should do a cover album and named it "Under the covers." It got upvoted quite a bit. I wonder if they'll ever credit that user on youtube?

No. 228724

Poor Holly and Barry really don't want to be there.

No. 228725

There is not an original bone in Suzy's body. this is off the rack witch/goth/tumblr bullshit.

No. 228726

I have a strong feeling this is going to be terrible.
Dan has a good voice but he needs to not ruin the 80's

No. 228736

>The difference 4 years makes! We are all married now!!
plus you and your husband are fat fucks. Ross and Holly look exactly the same.

No. 228759

Those damn panda eyes look better then the inner wing cat she does. Good to know that she did experiment once with make up in her life.

No. 228770

Don't go hating on bitches with a nice round booty cause you ain't got one.

Suzy has no ass and a meh body. Her make up skills are basic, she dresses basic, she's just basic and has nothing special about her.

No. 228778


I swear you guys just don't realize how AMAZING she is because she's SUZY.

No. 228810

>4 down, 4 across
The fucking labia is literally shaped like a ball.

I really think they select about half the girls with extremely abnormal vaginas for these.

No. 228820


No. 228824

File: 1454390938880.jpg (Spoiler Image, 677.54 KB, 1135x1594, Luxury_by_klarawagner.jpg)

that's a "Klara Wagner"

No. 228828

Yep. My first boyfriend was a massive weeaboo (before that term was even a thing) and constantly asked me gross awkward questions about my body ("Do your boobs make sound when you squeeze them?") because he was addicted to hentai. We were never intimate and you can guess why I got rid of him.

No. 228831

>Do your boobs make sound when you squeeze them?

well, do they? do you have magic musicmaker boobs?

No. 228838

Not that anon, but all breasts sound like a clown horn honking when squeezed correctly. Scientific fact.

No. 228839

File: 1454392988235.png (Spoiler Image, 7.36 KB, 382x373, 1452466321644.png)

I must have been doing it wrong all these years…

No. 228857

the more I get to know them, the more I really do not like Dan and Brian

No. 228923

no I meant that I like her top in that video/gif and want to know where to purchase it

No. 228977

Her pussy looks like a ham sandwich

No. 228978

Sorry, i couldn't resist

No. 228979

Dans face looks so photoshopped

No. 228983

Game Grumps has now reached 3 mil subscribers.

No. 229001

Let them have their cake, they all know that GG will die soon

No. 229006

Fatties are always like "omg I have huge tits" or "wow my butt is so round and big" but in reality it's all just fat. If you ain't got a slim waist to match, it ain't big.

Jean has a smaller head(?) than Suzy and a more prominent V-shaped chin.

No. 229029

Don't go hating on girls with no ass just because you keep all your junk in the trunk.

See how stupid this argument is?

There's a lot of stuff Suzy can/should fix about her appearance and squatting up a storm to get a big ass that's 'in' right now is pretty low on the list imo.

I'm thinking co-ordination skills are the biggest thing for her to work on. I could put up with her terrible make-up if she just dressed better. It's not like she can't afford to.

No. 229036



No. 229039

I know anon. But given she wants 2016 to an even spoopier year for herself, she's gonna discover strega.

No. 229053

Danny's face looks really odd here or is it just me? It looks photoshopped.

No. 229055

Same, anon.

No. 229061

To me the werirdest part is just the straight hair. It doesn't suit him.

No. 229064

He should just cut his hair and straighten it. i bet it would look nicer with a Leon Kennedy style cut, but whatever. Danny seems like a lazy fucker who doesn't shower much to begin with.

No. 229070

He has admitted that he doesn't ever clean his hair because it gets 'too dry'. I wonder if anyone has told him about conditioner.

No. 229079

this is the shit i hate the most, especially since i have a curly jew fro myself

No. 229084

As a girl with curly hair as well, regular conditioner does jack shit in keeping my hair not dry. I have to use a deep conditioner/treatment. My guess is that he's had the same experience, and also being a dude never really looked into what up keep long hair actually involves. I've said it in previous threads I just want to give Dan some select deva curl products and change his hair life.

No. 229123

Being a dude has zero to do with not giving a shit about your hair and not knowing hair care products. he's just fucking lazy.

No. 229179

She actually looks pretty cute here.

No. 229185

Soooo like a lot of dudes. I worked at a beauty store, while the trend is on the rise for straight men giving a shit about this stuff, we still had plenty of guys surprised we carried men's products at all.

Main thing I'm surprised about that he is so fucking lazy about it is that he lived in NYC for a period of time. One year in NYC and my brother gave much more of a shit about his appearance (and my brother also eventually donated his long curly hair to LoL before the BS was known about them.) And my brother was a gross nerd up until then. And basically the same age as Dan.

No. 229193

The dumbest shit is thinking hair products are for women only in the first place.

No. 229194

No the dumbest shit is is thinking that unless the packaging is navy and black then it must otherwise be for women. While I worked at the store I realized that most packaging is pretty gender neutral (some exceptions but on the whole this is the case) but it's like that weird thing in history where rich people don't want to eat the same thing as poor people. Men don't want to use the same products as women, even if the scent and packaging isn't really 'feminine'.

No. 229195

I knew a turbo autist that asked me about skincare because he was concerned about his dark circles. I recommended a product and he stupidly asked, "Will this work on men's skin too?" Oh my Jesus.

No. 229196

It's dumb as shit because it's a stereotype that so many guys wanna fall for, yet I know plenty of dudes in various jobs and careers that care about their hair being clean and soft and even use styling products. I hate the media and how certain people thing.

No. 229197

>Men don't want to use the same products as women, even if the scent and packaging isn't really 'feminine'.

literally the only 'men' who think this way also use Axe deodorant unironically.

No. 229198

I fucking hate the misconception that makeup, skincare and hair products are gender specific. jfc. it's so goddamn annoying. While some people have more oily or dry and sensitive skin, it has nothing to do with having a penis or vagina. Just use night cream and clean your face every night and stop complaining, stupid people. I could give two fucks what my packages look like, as long the product works.

No. 229205

I literally have never understood how scents were feminine either, most hair products smell like citrus or the ocean. Even if, every dude I know that has beautiful hair and skin smells like wildflowers and it's never a problem for them. Nobody is gonna ask a beautiful man why he smells good.

Also on topic of manly Axe users, wouldn't it be ideal to smell like a chick? Then people would assume you were around one.

No. 229208

No shit. I worked at Kiehls for a while, and even though they have their own men's line, guys were STILL all stupid about using skincare. Like omg if I use a face cream someone somewhere is going to know and now I'm not so manly. Jfc just take care of your skin. Id rather smell my grandma's perfume on you than have to look at all of the whiteheads about to burst all over your fucking face.

No. 229210

It's mostly florals and specifically grapefruit that tend to be marked as 'feminine' scents. If you compare most men's fragrances to most women's, mens tend to be earthier, with more tones of wood and spice, while women tend to flock towards fruit, flowers and sweet smells. Granted there are a fair few women's fragrances that are 'earthy' but few men's fragrances smell like fruit or flowers. YSL makes a great men's fragrence that is pretty gender neutral because it's slightly sweet but still earthy.

You'd think guys would want to smell like things girls like. Axe isn't one of those things, at all.

It's kind of one of the thing Asia, specifically Korea and Japan, do kinda right in that skincare and even make up is a thing for everyone, regardless of gender. I remember watching a show with SNSD members going to interview a famous actor (I think?) and they noted the BB cream he used because it was the same brand one of them liked. It'd

No. 229214

Yeah.I gotta give it to Asia. Most Korean and Japanese men give a shit about their skin since it's a country based on looks. American men are gross half the time unless you live in a big city like New York or San Fran or Chicago.

No. 229220

File: 1454476134358.jpg (Spoiler Image, 354.68 KB, 1600x1200, Take_my_Hand_by_klarawagner.jp…)

she was pretty infamous on DeviantArt at the time

No. 229221


No. 229229

I wish we learned about different vaginas honestly, because when I was 12 I started growing labia and I legit thought I was turning into a boy and those were my balls dropping. they need to cover more in sex ed.

No. 229232

File: 1454477598061.png (461.41 KB, 785x698, damnitsuzy.png)

Ok, yes, vaginas are all very different and unique. Guess what? There is an actual vagina thread on /g/!!!

Let's all take our lovely vagina related discussions there and get back to Suzy spergs here because she's so

No. 229234

File: 1454477646904.gif (504.9 KB, 400x500, thanks for the update.gif)

this thread, honestly

No. 229235

Didn't finish that last thought. Because she's such an attention whore. But you didn't me to tell you that.

No. 229257

I'm sorry to get on this topic but anon, you were born with labia. I'm genuinely worried about you pleas come to the vagina thread on /g/

No. 229355

it looks like a macaron to me

No. 229370

I will never understand people looking up to Suzy when she has done nothing special. Who are these girls and why can't they come over and worship me instead? haha

No. 229379


Marry a YouTube famous neckbeard and you, too, can be a vapid, 20-something mallgoth worshipped by teenagers despite having no talents or redeeming qualities whatsoever, anon!!

No. 229406

File: 1454513406425.jpg (74.78 KB, 934x600, stupidwhore.jpg)

Suzy is buying from Devilish666, which is a Japanese brand that is pretty popular on IG. She's even featured on their IG page. She looks disgusting here. I have no idea how someone who looks like this is just fine with it? I'd be working out like mad to get back into proper human shape.

No. 229409

y'know, I was wondering what was going on with the shoulder thing. I thought she might've butchered a DIA belt that didn't fit her anymore and made… that.

No. 229411

She's got a really bad muffin top and is probably wearing underwear that is too small for her. Even if she didn't try to lose the weight she should've at least put on some shapewear to smooth out the lumps. Or just stop wearing bodycon all together. Yes, that would be better.

No. 229416

She should definitely stop wearing these kinds of dresses until she loses weight, but who knows if she ever will? She's supposed to be at MAGfest in a few weeks. I hope to run into her and see what basic shit she'll be wearing.

No. 229418

Try to take lots of candids! I'd love to see just how bad she's gotten.

No. 229455

I really liked the first one and they got worse as the video kept going.

No. 229459

I agree the first one was good. Her posing was still incredibly cringey though… Making constipated faces while rocking back and forth. The second one would be cool as just a top paired with something less stretchy and lump-enhancing. The third might be good with a thick belt.

No. 229463

Suzy should wear more peplums which is why that first outfit worked. Peplums are great when you have a tummy or chunky hips.

The second outfit looks like it came out of a Halloween store. It's the worst of the three and should be burned.

The third makes her thighs look MASSIVE and should have been paired with tights or leggings and shoes that don't make her look stumpy. This one is salvageable but by someone who knows how to coordinate an outfit properly.

Also NO ONE TELL HER ABOUT STREGA she is so close to that aesthetic and will start tagging it once she finds out. A lot of strega still looks dumb imo, but that's likely because it's still kinda new.

No. 229467

I really don't think she's cut out for all this goth shit..

No. 229476

Okay seriously now I need to know what strega is, people keep mentioning it… is it like witch or pagan inspired clothing??

No. 229478

I thought she was talking about persona 3 for a second there.

No. 229480

The best way I can describe it us if dark mori went witchy. "Strega" means witch, so the point is to look like a fairy tale forest witch. But pretty.

No. 229492

File: 1454523352690.jpg (39.55 KB, 500x525, 1388538182083.jpg)

the fact that every picture/video where she isn't inside of her house is her dressed basic as fuck and not even close to "gothy" makes me want to stab my eyes out. stop being so god damn fake snoozy, and if you're going to pretend to be "alt goffik gurl" at least copy paste someones outfit because yours are and have always been the worst.

No. 229493

I don't give a fuck what Suzy dressed like, she wants to wear this gothy shit? Fine, who cares. But the fucking fact she's wasting probably thousands of dollars on it just for these videos, that only 12 year old goff girls and her weird adult male fanbase watch, is fucking retarded.

No. 229506

Honestly that first look gotta be the best outfit shes ever worn in one of these videoes, wow I actually found myself really liking it!
Too bad the other two were oversized halloween bags that did nothing for her whatsoever! Second outfit legit looks like what I wore when I was dressed up as death at halloween when I was 12. Dressing as death is usually cool but not when you look like a 12 year old going trick 'r treat.

Imagine if outfit 1 was the kind of thing she wore at meetups, people would adore her! But nope, baggy hoodie and jeans… why spend this much money on clothes you never wear? I feel bad when I havent worn one of my dresses in a few months because I hate buying clothes that just lays around… come on Suzy go outside

No. 229509

Dude I think you've just been watching too many Suzy OOTD videos because that first outfit is not very good….

Also that Killstar hoodie makes her look like a stumpy garden gnome.

Find clothing with better fabrics. Seriously if she can afford Killstar stuff (which is generally awful for the price) She should at least look into like…Ovate, Sisters of the Black Moon, Noctex ect….because the fabrics she typically wears do not flatter her at all.

But seriously she can't work the goth style. I don't understand what makes her attracted to it. She has no idea how to match blacks. Her personality just doesn't fit the style she's trying to wear at all. It appears as though she doesn't listen to any music that would make her interested in the style….She seems like one of these 'I'm so spoopy and cute' 'goff gurlssss' that started dressing creepy the first time they saw American Horror Story.

No. 229521

Why does she always look like she's being forced to do the video? Her facial expressions are awful. She's looks uncomfortable and constipated. She could have never been a model especially when she doesn't know how to model clothes

No. 229526

Maybe she is using a tripod in some shots like our queen.

No. 229534

It is baby steps with suzy. I don't like the first outfit in its entirety, like that dumb bondage thing, but the proportions of the pieces have been the most flattering for her then a lot of what she's worn. And yeah she's wearing really shit stuff, but it's like trying to get pixy to not lift her skirt and do the pooping pose.

No. 229540

File: 1454527969803.jpg (298.49 KB, 2100x2800, jadenplz.jpg)

those model qualities

suzy pls

No. 229556

The first outfit is cute but the shoes are atrocious. Why does it look like she has diarrhea cramps throughout the video? Go evacuate your bowls, white pig.

No. 229557

People in the comments who make remarks about Suzy's ass being hot/cute have shit taste

No. 229564

Her ass sticks out as much as her stomach does. She does have somewhat of an ass but there's like no shape to it. Some squats would do her good but that means she has to workout

No. 229570

File: 1454530817777.png (884.63 KB, 643x737, constipation.png)

ffs Suzy, you looked really good in the video in this outfit, WHY did you pick a picture with THIS face?!?!

No. 229573

"um gaize excuse me i have diarrhea ahuhuhu"
yeah, true. or even some jogging would help shape/firm it. just looks like a sad sack of potatoes…

No. 229576

She is such a mouth breather, constantly reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite…

No. 229577

If she starts doing Strega i might cry because it's my type of fashion and I don't want her whale ass to ruin it.

No. 229579

She looks old in her face here. Gross.

No. 229581

I usually don't hate on other people's choice of tattoos, but hers is really hideous.I don't know what she was thinking. It's just…too much going on and makes her fat arm look even fatter.
Also fuck her and her stupid Jaden Smith face.

No. 229584

File: 1454533425095.jpg (53.88 KB, 662x372, kiki4.jpg)

The third outfit makes her look like a fat retarded Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service, all she needs is a red bow.

No. 229590

at least it'll cover the stretch marks no doubt showing up on her chunky arms

No. 229593

I kind of want her to start doing it because I feel like you've got to be pretty trim to pull off layering and I want to see her in full-on Jabba-core.

No. 229596

That shit looks like a fucking bag.

No. 229617

I also really like how Jon's girlfriend has a fuckton of artist talent.
You know, the thing Suzy really lacks, but she think she has.

No. 229624


meh, you can pull off anything if you're trim. I'm a plus size and I can pull off layering as long as I choose where the layers go. Rather than just toss long pieces on top of the other, I focus on layering the top or the bottom, so that there is shape showing. It's when u lose the shape of your body that it looks bad. I've got dresses or long tees that are awful because they don't sit right and sit taut over curves rather than skim.

No. 229648

Yeah, Nicole is awesome. She's done art for several comic book covers recently, including Rick and Morty stuff.

No. 229690

That's true, but that's kind of my point. We know Suzy is shit at flattering her body, so she'll pile it on where it isn't needed.

No. 229695

Is this her tumblr? Her stuff is pretty damn good.

No. 229712

Yup, that's her!

No. 229766

another way Nicole isn't like Suzy: she does emphasize the fact she's with someone who's "YouTube famous" and lets her work speak for itself, it seems.

No. 229770

Arin and Suzy just seem like a lower grade of Jon and Nicole, and I don't even like Jon that much (and don't know enough about Nicole to make a real judgement.)

No. 229799

I've known Nicole in person for about a year now. She's very chill and down to earth. She almost never mentions the fact she's dating jontron. She just says 'my boyfriend' from time to time and for the most part, she's really big on her art. So she's focusing on that instead of making some basic bitch makeup channel like Suzy does. She doesn't ride on anyone's coat tails. I really respect her. I can see why she wouldn't get along with Snooze.

No. 229804

Do yo on what went down and if any of the rumors are true? Or do they just not talk about it at all?

No. 229839

Sadly Nicole prefers to not even mention Suzy. There are screencaps from her streams years ago, but recently she just doesn't even mention her existence. She's good friends with Holly and Ross though, as they stayed with Jon and her during NYCC last year. I have no idea what her stance on Arin is, but probably the same as Suzy as things considered.

No. 229841

Meant to say *All things considered.

No. 229861

That understandable. My guess is that Nicole doesn't try to butt into everything Jon does as well, like Suzy is soooo inclined to do with Arin.

I'd supposed Nicole likely at least respects that Jon would like to keep his friendship with Arin, and just has to deal with Suzy as little as possible.

No. 230094

This outfit is as ugly as all the rest of them. Everything is busy as fuck, her tattoo included. It looks like she randomly pulled everything out of her wardrobe. The only thing I can say is good about this is that she's wearing a peplum and not something that's body-con for once.

No. 230103

File: 1454593450054.gif (13.28 MB, 533x300, snooz.gif)

Jesus, I'm getting more and more uncomfortable watching her videos.

No. 230104

her facial expressions here makes it look like she has diarrhea

No. 230106

Business is often one of her main issues with outfits. She just tries to put together as many "interesting" things as possible. If she wore better shoes + took off the bondage harness or wore a plainer bag it would be fairly nice though.

No. 230109

This entire gif is just what the fuck.
she really is stupid isn't she

No. 230110

I actually watched that video for once and I'm never watching another, wtf.

No. 230124

I actually thought her posing was pretty okay till now. What the hell is that

No. 230132

Damn this girl gets an assload of attention. How does she have this many followers and threads on pt? Aside from her etsy scandal, she hasn't killed or beaten anyone. What does she even do (now) other than shooping the hell out of her face and flashing her awful taste? She's so boring, this thread kinda seems like a waste by keeping her relevant.

No. 230156

holy fuck, that is some seriously gorgeous art

No. 230159

She mainly just acts like an incompetent idiot these days.

No. 230172

We also talk about the dumb shit the rest of the grumps do. Arin is just as bad as his wife.

No. 230174

She looks like someone's making her pose with a gun to her head.

No. 230176

Most cows haven't killed or beaten anyone. You may find her boring, but a lot of people find her idiocy and shit taste entertaining.

No. 230248

Honestly most cows are really boring once you break them down… the whole fun of lolcows are their self-delusion about being far greater and prettier than they actually are, so Suzy defiently fits the mold.
Other cows are more based on drama (like venus)and im guessing those are the ones you like to read about more.
Honestly I just find delusional stupid people funny.

No. 230249

Sorry for all those grammar and spelling mistakes, dear lord I'm tired right now!

No. 230287

Hi, you must be new here. All cows are boring but still entertaining to watch make fools of themselves.
If you aren't new then you must be use to other drama fueled cows. I'm not a fan of those myself but hay to each there own.

No. 230295

I heard that she was an artist but dang I didn't expect her to be that good
it's insane how she's the complete opposite of snoozy, I can see how they would not get along, she's actually talented and does her own thing. She doesn't have to leech off her bf's fame or shoving herself in his projects to be noticed

No. 230323

File: 1454610511035.png (783.69 KB, 573x738, suzyzz.png)

I didn't think Suzys face was THIS ugly and shiny in the video, why does she pick out such bad photos of herself.

This dress is a legit bag

No. 230341

i know she never wears her 'goffik' shit outside the house anyway, but if i had no idea who she was i'd wonder why the fuck anyone would want to go around dressed as the grim reaper when it's not halloween and they aren't 12

No. 230360

File: 1454613722950.jpg (78.62 KB, 444x592, et-in-blanket-madame-tussauds.…)


No. 230362

Is she trying to be sexy?? What the hell is this

No. 230367

>I'm totes a model, guise!!

No. 230371

Isn't it just fashion 101 that if you buy a loose-fitting dress with nothing to balance it out (or if it's just not flattering on you), the best go-to solution is a belt… How does she just leave this the way it is?

No. 230372

She looks like she does low budget porn and regrets it everyday.

No. 230373

Best comment.

No. 230378

I have no idea. And why not try stockings or cute socks with this? Something about this makes her look like she's part of a halfassed cult where they usually go nude.

No. 230381

This combination of dress and shoes makes her legs look so bad.

No. 230429

Whenever I see her videos I'm always like "this is a joke right?" She just looks so fucking uncomfortable that I feel legitimately embarrassed FOR her.

No. 230499

being thin is fashion 101. you can't wear weird shit if you're not a tall scarecrow, simple as that

No. 230556

And even if you're not tall, you can still be thin. Suzy is neither.

No. 230560

According to her Model Mayhem account she's 5'8", which is definitely above average for height in females. She just has a very unfortunate body type that makes her look stumpy as all hell.

No. 230567

She's 5'8" and she looks like that?! yeah, bitch is fatter than I thought. No excuse for her height.

No. 230584

In one of her video she's stated that she is actually 5'5" but wears heels to make her look taller. So basically, she lies on her modelmayhem. It's common for models to add a half inch or a full inch to compensate for average or short height, but not 3 inches.

No. 230588

Just here to remind you guys who love Dan or think Arin is good looking they both tried to suck themselves off.

No. 230593

I honestly can't stop watching how bad this is. She looks like a 40 year old woman that's trying to pick up 20 year old men.

No. 230614

File: 1454658984718.jpg (246.94 KB, 1000x500, wow.jpg)

No. 230622

I don't know why she wears those circle lenses. They look creepy.

No. 230633

The fuck is wrong with her light?
She looks 10 times better in the first video, not only she was less bloated - it's also the better (brighter) light she used then.

But I guess she thinks the darker videos make her look more goffic.

No. 230670

>Acting like this is a bad/weird thing

Pretty sure ever guy in the world has tried this before, who cares? Some girls lick their own nipples during masturbation so how is that any different?

No. 230672

She actually looks cute in that first pic. She should get that hair cut again, and of course lose a few pounds. But I sadly doubt either will happen.

No. 230675

calm down robot.

No. 230676

Dan and Arin are gross. and trying to lick your own nipples isn't the same as trying to lick your own dick.

No. 230677

What's the difference?

No. 230743

Her face and neck got chubbier and her posture looks worse. This juxtaposition. Sure Suzy is the same annoying piece of shit, but at least she looks way better in the first pic. How sad.

No. 230745


the thing that gets me is that she's aware of the difference and she hates it. She freaking hates it. But you can't be all ~*body positivity*~ if you're not even positive about your own body, on the inside. Yeah, she can parade around all she likes, Arin can kiss ass all he wants about curvy women, but what Suzy wishes she had was her old body back.

That's not a bad thing, and neither is her current body. I just hate how she uses the facade of positivity and acceptance to swallow the bitterness she feels about her own self. That's not what it's about. If she was truly positive she'd embrace it and not pine for her old self.

No. 230750


because it makes her eyes look bigger and stand out more, even if they seem like the pits of hell because they make her look soulless. In the comparison pics her natural eyes get kind of lost with all that eyeliner whereas the black rim makes them pop more.

Course, she'd look better without the eyeliner to weigh down her eye shape and her actually pretty eye colour could shine, but it's Suzy we're talking about. I don't even take her IG into account cause I bet she uses enlargement filters on her eyes.

No. 230763

Isn't the first pic before she got her undercut? Because I agree with >>230672 that she should go back to that look.

No. 230778


In her first video about Gilly Hicks she mentions that it's weird for them to require the product sent back before they send a new one. I thought that was standard procedure? If there's a mistake you send back the wrong product and they send the right one.

I also kind of wonder what Jean thinks of Suzy's behaviour. Does she care? Does she approve or does she secretly have the same opinion we do about her shitty practises? I kind of wish I was a fly on the wall when it comes to their interactions.

No. 230800

Literally no difference between the two, calm down "no fun" officer.

No. 230809

And here's what kills me. It isn't impossible. All she has to do is eat right and work out. It's so fucking simple, but fat people would rather cry and gain sympathy points instead of it.

No. 230811

k Arin

No. 230951

The far also made her eyes look smaller. I feel like this is a common thing, where when you gain weight, your face kind of puffs out. This has happened to my mom, but at least she can blame 6 pregnancies, 2 kids, and menopause.

No. 230956

File: 1454701087918.jpg (37.83 KB, 612x531, bawww.jpg)

Yes. Remember when she tweeted this gem?

No. 231005

File: 1454704535429.jpeg (103.85 KB, 639x871, image.jpeg)

But I thought she loved being #curvy #curvygirl

No. 231017

her body was still really sadly proportioned back when this picture was taken, aint no changing that, but her face looks really good here! She should defiently get bangs again and try more of this kind of makeup

No. 231018

I agree. I mean, her body is fine by like, normal person standards, not exactly "instagram ready" or whatever but. Her face looks stunning though.

No. 231021

Haha, cry more, Snooze.

No. 231023

>Suzy's face
Ummm… no

No. 231031

I'm just referring to that particular photo of her. Her face really does look good there.

No. 231083

It looks good, but Suzy has never been stunning with her FAS face.

No. 231084

Somewhat Off-Topic, but also not:

You do know the Game Grumps and fans still go nuts over Brian and his fucking "I have a PhD"?
And even selling a shirt with it??

Well do you remember Friends?

They got someone with a PhD, also: https://youtu.be/hTrJ7rFwFZA

No. 231118

Even Brian got sick of the PhD shit in a recent episode he was in. Seems like he's the only member who wants a running joke to end eventually.

No. 231140

File: 1454719631978.jpg (56.2 KB, 400x489, XrrJErz.jpg)


>This picture of 14-year-old Regina Kay Walters was taken by serial killer Robert Ben Rhoades, who toured the country in an 18-wheeler equipped with a torture chamber in the back. This photo was taken in an abandoned Illinois barn, where Rhoades killed Walters after cutting off her hair and making her wear a black dress and heels.

Yeah looks the same to me

No. 231146

thx for the nightmares. was about to go to bed

No. 231148

wtf dude

No. 231149

Same here…I hate stuff like that ffs

No. 231155

Worse than a photo of a corpse.

No. 231156

The fuck is wrong with you!! this is not only off topic, but disturbing!


No. 231166

so apparently spoiler doesn't exist anymore

No. 231192

File: 1454725926419.png (143.04 KB, 376x600, tumblr_o1e1fzmEMw1s3lh71o2_400…)

I feel like Suzy's essence was really captured in this fan art.

No. 231221


Are you guys triggered?
For trolls, you're kinda pussies

No. 231227

Especially the space between her nose and upper lip.

No. 231231

File: 1454731894644.jpg (74.48 KB, 530x588, 1425917491186.jpg)

dont forget the full body

No. 231250


I mean, she's ana-posing in the older one, but she definitely looked better before. I'm seriously considering saving this picture and using it as incentive to run tomorrow morning.

No. 231252

And that ice bucket challenge photo was from how long ago?? Early 2015? she needs to lose the weight. She's such a lazy slob now.

No. 231253

Thighs touching was borderline taboo on instagram at the time she was skinny, but ana-posing aside, she's trim and cute. But at her biggest she was mad overweight and standing with her feet a mile apart in the second pic just makes her look bigger imo. muh thyroid medication tho
OTWorking out is the whole reason I saved this pic in the first place, it was my wake up call to start again and boy did it help.

No. 231255

>dem long legs
>dem hips
As someone with a stumpy fridge body that manages to not constantly overeat and exercise I can't imagine how she can't when she has such a nice body shape. It's almost perfect except she's kind of flat. What a waste.

No. 231259

umm, nothing wrong with small breasts.

No. 231277

Insecure little boob-chan found

No. 231283

dont start.

No. 231326

I see i hit a soft point

No. 231328

fuck off with your ot shit

No. 231372

>on a site focused on insulting people
>can't take insults

No. 231393

can someone ban this faggot?

No. 231520

File: 1454775201130.jpg (106.8 KB, 960x540, 3not this shit again.jpg)


It's like I went back in time and I'm back on /cgl/
Stop derailing.

No. 231611

Agreed. Also she could just wear a padded bra which most other girls seem to nowadays anyway. But regardless her body shape when she is at a fairly slim weight is pretty nice.

No. 231614

If anyone should be banned it should be
I don't think the amount of cognitive dissonance even exists to get personally insulted over small boobs in a thread mainly how ugly and fat a girl is. It's a successful troll pretending to be body positive tumblr faggot.

No. 231631

>tfw you look like the after pic

Granted I've never been as slim as her, always on the thicker side, but man if I let myself go that much I'd be depressed too.

No. 231715

I have that body shape too, it's just where her fat deposits. It sucks, but I know better than to wear something that shows off my body shape like that. Body con dresses/skirts were not made for us.

No. 231717

found this video and thought you guys would get a kick off the comments. Most people are surprised Suzy is hot when it's really Jean. kek

No. 231731

Do you think Arin thinks about Jean when they're porking?

No. 231769

File: 1454794490682.jpg (126.12 KB, 1174x728, messyasfuck.jpg)

Someone titled this : "She’s a makeup goddess"
Yeah, sorry you're obviously nearsighted.

No. 231772

>that uneven top lip
>those eyebrows
this is beyond a mess.

No. 231798

her lack of a philtrum bothers me so much

No. 231800

I'm dying looking at those falsies!! Omg.
Like you can totally see how she placed them to make her eyes look "bigger" and totally missed her real lash line. Like they are so far off. And peeling up on the sides.

No. 231848

>dat lipstick smudged on her teeth

girl,no. All of this is a mess.

No. 231854

she looks like someone doing drag for the first time ever lol

No. 231870

PLEASE tell me this isn't recent…

No. 231901

It was August 2014

No. 231918

Is it just me or does it seem like she's been a bit snappy with Arin lately?
Like it seems like he's been trying to include her in things more and she's just not having any of it.

No. 231935

It's more like she wants the spotlight and shes not getting it

No. 231959

Her eyebrows look so crusty. She gloats about how long she's been doing her ~Egyptian~ inspired cat eye and yet it looks so shaky and terribly applied…
Why do people set their standards so low?

No. 231960

File: 1454803077524.jpg (290.43 KB, 1427x2188, IMG_20160206_185709.jpg)

Suzy's doing some cucking with an app.

No. 231971

So scary looking

No. 231980

LOL Snow is a Korean app… Not Japanese.

No. 231986

File: 1454805320444.png (407.91 KB, 477x609, pleasegodno.png)

No. 231991

An artbook??? Why? Who wants this?

No. 232086

Yeah that's what I thought too. She probably thinks any wacky Asian stuff is Japanese because she's a weeb

No. 232087

>EgoSonic artwork

No. 232096

cause he hates sonic and its funneh xd

No. 232241

12 year old's with spending money.

No. 232249

I'd rather be dead, what the fuck.
whats the address so I can torture them?

No. 232369

File: 1454832143797.jpg (51.5 KB, 500x380, 1414839158283.jpg)

Ddidn't read the entire thread but has anyone brought up that Suzy possibly cheated on Arin with Mike Matel?

thats the rumor anyways

No. 232432

that's a weird and probably unfounded rumor

they live on opposite sides of the country. not sure Arin has even met James and Mike before.

No. 232450

A contract worker that does GG work said they met at a few conferences and suzy confessed to arin

No. 232465

And we should believe that without proof or what

No. 232517

Nah, i'll see if i dig it up but no you shouldn't. it just honestly wouldn't surprise me. Suzy has does shady shit like that before the marriage, dating arin and living with another guy. Matel is a bit of a give no shits kinda opportunists so it's feasible.

Arin would probably just ask for a courtesy turn with ross's wife

No. 232765


Show us some receipts or let go, seriously.
Don't make shit up.
Plus I think he's called Mike Matei

No. 232766

File: 1454874646772.jpg (104.23 KB, 700x1050, Silk-Coconutmilk.jpg)

Yes, this is brought up once in every thread but nobody has any info or a timeline and you can't find shit anywhere on the subject.
You can't just make shit up.
This is fake milk.

No. 232781

I actually didn't mind Brian in this video.

Bit of a warning there's some retching with Matt and Ryan but they did censor it but I thought Id still warn any of you anons

No. 232792

The dog food bean made me vomit irl.

No. 232808


Why is Jean so cute and genuine?! How can they look so alike yet so different at the same time…

No. 232809

No one's cheating on anyone with Motherfucker Mike

No. 232814

Maybe. Mike can't shut up about his 10 inch dick, so I wouldn't be surprised if he cheated on his current gf with suzy. Though, it still seems unlikely.

No. 232818

Part of it is the cute makeup with smooth brows (not super arched like Suzy's), normal eyeliner without the inner corners that make Suzy look squinty, and a nice pink lip color unlike the nude or dark colors that Suzy often does. Her hair is also nice and brightens up her face + covers the forehead which Suzy should do too

No. 232850

she's so adorable it's kind of surreal because i can just imagine how seriously people would take suzy if she just… acted this chill.

No. 232856


Her voice is so different, it's not whiny or Suzy-ish. She's so chill <3 I really hope Jean sees right through Suzy and almost disapproves of the shit she's done. They seem like night and day, honestly. Jean graduated with a great degree and probably has tangible goals. Meanwhile Suzy is filthy rich and scamming people with Arin.

No. 232865

the things that bother me about her videos is the lighting seems too warm and the camera placement is inconsistent with each upload, but otherwise she acts so much more professional about things than snooz. i kind of which she continued doing videos?
in her unboxing/haul videos, she actually reviews each item in detail, and states whether she'll use it. unlike snoozy's 'uhh-MAZING' reviews. way more cute and genuine.
kind of upsetting grumps fans are clogging up the comments with shit like 'OMG SNOOZY'S SISTER!'

No. 232876

Pretty sure she also hates her sis' fanbase.

No. 232880

>"welcome to another exciting episode of… grumpcade"
>calls Dr Shrunk an "oxelot"
Suzy stop

No. 232892

She probably does. I mean, she has her own life, but so many tards are still like 'OMGGGG SUZY HAS A TWIN??" on poor Jean's Youtube and IG.

No. 232901

between these two i'd rather hang out with suzy. shoot me

No. 232904

same. i can't stand bunny's mouth, voice, or basically anything about the bitch

No. 232918

I would hang out with Bunny if she didn't act how she does in her videos. But Suzy would just be boring regardless for certain.

No. 232920

im a little biased because i actually kinda like suzy? she doesnt have a superstar personality but i kind of think thats charming. like it would be really easy to hang out with her and just veg out and not have to plan some amazing special activities.

bunny just… her face her voice her fucking everything is so grating. i can't believe she has any following on youtube.

No. 232921

Why does Suzy insist on drawing her eyeliner past the inner corners of her eyes all the time? I just…don't get it. It looks weird.

No. 232922

Nothing about Suzy is real.
I don't think you understand this thread.

No. 232923

because her eyes are small and quite spaced apart, in photos or from a distance it makes them appear to be bigger and more normal set. though most times she really overdoes it.

No. 232950

File: 1454897893217.jpeg (145.68 KB, 640x888, image.jpeg)

Some grown ass Suzy fans in their 20s harassing a 15 year old over a harmless funny post lol. Her fans get easily offended just like her

No. 232951

File: 1454898123550.jpeg (145.3 KB, 640x684, image.jpeg)

If it's about this picture then honestly I agree with him. You can barely even see Mochi bitch just wanted to take a pic of her spoopy unique bed

No. 232959

This is hardly a variation on one of the most basic makeup looks in the fucking universe and somehow she managed to fuck up every single aspect of it.

How long has she been doing makeup, again?

No. 232966

She's had her channel for a couple of years at this point, and likely started wearing make up in High school or middle school, like a lot of girls.

Yeah, Suzy is shit at everything she does. Or at least, she doesn't take the time she should for the stuff she does. A look like that could take a good hour, simply because of making sure you apply everything right and doing cleanup with a cotton swab and make up remover as needed.

So they don't have the tacky zebra print bed anymore?

No. 232970

As much as canopy beds are the ideal, this is hideous and super tacky.
Not unlike Suzy and Arin themselves though

No. 232983

Imagine how musty this velour stinktrap gets during the summer with Suzy, Arin and multiple bags of Fritos in residence.

No. 232986

Oh fuck, you're right. Beds like this were designed to keep the cold out originally. And they live in CA which isn't known for long and cold winters. They are fucking stupid.

No. 233007

It just baffles me how she's been doing this exact same makeup for so long and still is consistently shit at it. You should be bad at applying a look that you've been doing most days for literal years. I'd get it being bad if this was something experimental that she'd never tried before but it's the exact same cat eyes shit that she's been doing forever. How is it still SO shitty?

No. 233008

*should not be bad

No. 233011

I'm curious on how much she's spent on eyeliner and how long it tends to last her.

I can't STAND the white inner eye think like >>231769

No. 233016

She tends to buy all of the expensive high end shit she can get her hands on, so I'd say she's probably spent hundreds on eyeliner alone.

As for how long it lasts her, probably not long. I'm not sure what kind she uses but a lot of the time it looks like whatever she's used was on it's last legs when she put it on.

No. 233018

omG tots g0thiK

That green comforter with the gold and red curtains looks butt ugly. Can't she coordinate anything?

No. 233019

I live fairly close to the city they live in and our winter basically just ended yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if the paint starts to peel off their walls from the stank by next month.

No. 233028

She puts on A LOT of makeup shimmer/highlighter on her entire face hence why she looks so oily/shiny (specifically Candlelight Glow, which is really easy to overuse)
I really want to see a flash photo of her in a dark room just to see how ghostly pale white her face is compared to her neck and body to lol at.

No. 233034

I love the actual frame, but everything else is mismatched and ugly.

Also, since they live in warm California, that room's gotta smell like swamp ass and desperation.

No. 233035

And yet this heifer can't afford her thyroid(or whatever the fuck) medication. Or a personal trainer.

No. 233046

holy fuck this is so bad.
>bad placement of false eyelashes
>gross looking eyebrows
>weird eyeliner on the inner corner
>incorrect usage of white eyeliner
>poorly applied lipstick smudged on teeth
i kinda wanna do her makeup for her… that's how bad for her I feel
It's like I'm looking at a middle schooler who doesn't know how to do their makeup in a well or in flattering way yet

No. 233053

I hate her ugly deformed cats. and Suzy is a tryhard show off.

No. 233092

Right? Especially when Arin talks about poop in his underwear all the time. Dooky drawers boy.

No. 233093

Also I wonder how frequently they change their sheets lol

No. 233102

probably once a year, twice at best

No. 233190

I'd never watched a Jean video before so watching this was surreal, I kept expecting her to break into Suzy style. she seems a lot more genuine than Suzy, and a lot better storyteller.

No. 233201

File: 1454928514427.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_2016-02-08-11-47-21…)

No. 233213

Thanks Snooze for gracing my CNY with your potato sack-esque outfit, gremlin face, and unlaced boots.

t. Chinese-chan

No. 233300

She's used Stila stay all day eyeliner, which isn't super expensive but it is high end. It's a good eyeliner and comes in a lot of colors, but she likely buys 5 at a time since she uses so much on a regular basis.

Meanwhile on the east coast we're getting some more snow today. Fuck Suzy, she could be using that money to help people besides herself.

No. 233309

File: 1454937301159.jpeg (74.57 KB, 400x400, image.jpeg)

I don't think I've ever seen a more annoying group of people. Like you can just tell they're painfully unfunny by looking at them. And Suzy's not even in the pic lol

No. 233311

Arin is Sam in this pic

No. 233365

With how greasy they both are, you're very likely correct

No. 233379

I don't think it's been posted before, but Suzy has (had?) a Vine account, but they're all from 2013. I assume she forgot about it or decided to quit uploading.

No. 233437

She is so fucking unattractive.

No. 233439

The only two I can tolerate are Ross and maybe Barry. The others can please do the world a favor and off themselves. They're like a bunch of stereotypical dudes who hang out and make horrible sexist and racist jokes with each other.

No. 233440

Her nose contour lmao

No. 233446

going through it and it's really sad she has no friends of her own.

Does she even girl night??

No. 233448

File: 1454960645263.png (48.11 KB, 771x209, sounique.png)

but anon… doesn't this bio blurb make you totally want to be her friend!?

[seriously, though. She sounds like an edgy teen in this… and this was only 3 years ago. She was still in her 20s here, right?]

No. 233452

Because if you had a decent amount of money you would totally be donating it to better causes and not buy some gaudy shit you like

No. 233453


No. 233455

I wonder if she wrote that shit ages ago and forgot to change it. I bet my MySpace page probably has some similar embarrassing ass descriptions

No. 233459

This fucking 'I'm manic depressive and I hate people'.
Are you also still a scene gurl or what?
Are fucking stuck in the past?
You're mentally a fucking 13 year old tumblr girl.

No. 233460

File: 1454961793349.jpg (31.2 KB, 377x346, IMG_20160129_202440.jpg)

As a person with bipolar disorder this makes me cringe

No. 233467

'Hey guys it's Mortemer'

No. 233470

Yeah I guess all of Arin's friends are her friends too. I've never seen her hang out with someone that wasn't affiliated with the grumps or Arin. She also has almost no female friends

No. 233482

Nicole/Sheena seems desperate to try to be her friend and they whore one another out when they are together but I'm kinda glad Suzy isn't giving her that much attention.

No. 233485

Nicoles fucking face and response is killing me. No wonder she doesn't like Suzy

No. 233486

To her defense, she's answering the question "What's your name on vine" and says "I think it's mortemer". Took me some replays too

No. 233490

Jean looks back on her phone.
Barry laughs awkwardly and looks way.
Nicole can't escape the scene and has to answer.
Fucking kek

No. 233491


this one is far more cringeworthy
'wow look at who im hanging out with, cool internet people'
imagine her waddling you way around her husband's friends just shoving the camera in each of their faces?

No. 233493

can you imagine*

forgive me im so dead today i cant even bitch on the internet correctly

No. 233501

After going through a few of GG and affiliate videos I have to give Suzy at least one positive, when she talks to Arin she doesn't sound like she fucking hates him.

I was looking at videos where the guys had their grilfriends/other girls channels and holy fuck in some of them the girls just sound so done and pissed off but as if its a regular thing. I'd kill myself if I was that pissy and pessimistic all the goddamn time. But its something I've noticed in a lot of girlfriends of youtubers though, they come off as complete bitches on videos.

No. 233508

No. 233509

I think they're trying to come off as funny and sassy but most of the time they just seem bitchy.

I agree though, I actually think Suzy and Arin really care about each other. Sometimes it looks like they really love the idea of their relationship (oooh we met when we were teens and have been together ever since ~so unique~) but they're probably really good together.

No. 233511


I'm also trying to figure out what she's doing in this one…

No. 233514

This one guy is Oney, but who is this Corey guy?

No. 233517


No. 233518

So he's the face of animated pervesion?
Thanks, anon!

No. 233520

Yup, looks exactly as disgusting as he seems.

No. 233530

File: 1454971380912.png (22.97 KB, 416x528, vtkyrHM.png)

not to crawl inside Nicole's ass or anything, but at least SHE HAS HER OWN THING

she has NEVER shown up on an episode of Jontron. ever.

No. 233532

File: 1454971505700.png (112.44 KB, 860x1392, 2jvRSsX.png)

to be fair, I think during this stream she was as drunk as Jon and Shane were and kept asking to play whatever game Shane and Jon were playing, but Jon said no

No. 233535


"mommy, why is that man making a sandcastle? why is he wearing a shirt in the water?"

No. 233540

Arin is also friends with Zone and Shadman

No. 233554

Ewww, Shadman.

No. 233583

I wish I hadn't googled shadman. I wish I were still ignorant and unaware.

No. 233586

I hate Shadman so fucking much. Not only is he a filthy pigdemon, he ruined Sleepycast for me.

No. 233609

In the older threads, people said Arin drew it

No. 233634

The fact that Sleepycabin is slowly dying and we're left with the worst members bums me the fuck out. I don't want to listed to Corey, Shad and the rest of those spunklords waffle on for an entire hour.

No. 233644

but the difference is that skinny-shaming and kawaii vagina shaming is not really "shaming' because they were always praised.
people insult tiny vaginas and thin people because of jealousy while people insult fat people and "nonkawaii" vaginas because they genuinely think they're ugly. that truly hurts.

No. 233645

Zach is gone for good, apparently. I only listened for him. He's in NY and I'm hoping him and Jon make a podcast of their own or something, they tried so hard to talk intelligently around the other retards and fail cause they're too busy being edgy and trying to hard to be funny.

RIPP Sleepcast RIP My babe Zach

No. 233646

Her flat ass is sad but her thighs look hot.
jesus christ what the fuck happened?

No. 233648

Dude, necrophilia is illegal.

No. 233649

Saying a flat ass is fine is like saying flat chests are fine.
Both are considered ugly to most people.
It's not our fault you're so fucking insecure you can't handle the truth jfc
do you also think acne skin is pretty because you probably dont have clear skin too?
how pathetic

No. 233653

see >>233648
please go back to cgl if you want to start offtopic arguments over the internet

No. 233654

the tattoo is disgusting
what is it supposed to be anyway?

No. 233655

I only loved Zach in sleepycabin

No. 233710

Am I missing something? I just see an iffy pornsite.

I love flat chests, they're not considered ugly, just less sexualized.
Anyway, stop derailing, please.

No. 233722

that's rare.
Flat chests and flat butts are ugly to MOST people.
you're probably a lolicon but w/e
that's like saying small dicks are attractive.
some women find small dicks attractive but it's fucking rare so move on

No. 233723

No. 233730

Shadman TL;DR- sketchy gross sperglord. He got kicked out of college and put on a list for being a pedo/lolicon.
Nobody likes him.

No. 233755

Oh god I had no idea it was THAT bad.

No. 233756


Can the small boob-chans and the ~REAL womyn~ fatty-chans take their titty debate to /b/ already? Nobody cares.

No. 233769

Everyone has a preference. let's move the fuck on and get back to Snoozy pls. Not everyone likes big saggy tits.


I really like Nicole's art. Glad she has enough sense not to like Suzy.

No. 233788

>put on a list for being a pedo/lolicon
Say WHAT now?
I knew he was a creep but not that bad.

No. 233791

It's why he left Sweden to live America.

There's also rumors he raped somebody and then admitted, to the point of bragging, about it online? But I've only heard that secondhand, I've never been able to find anything that proves he was.
Knowing his rep I wouldn't dismiss it, but I can't believe anything thrown around without a source.

No. 233814

I wouldn't doubt it honestly.
He's a racist sexist piece of shit who 'hates everyone equally', that's really disgusting if what he did is true though, and the fact that Arin and the gang still hang out with him despite that is equally disgusting.

No. 233815

In a recent podcast and on reddit they said Zach is only down in NY for work and they're heading up to NY to record, this was before the storm hit hard so I'm sure that got postponed.

No. 233845

File: 1454992957135.png (574.87 KB, 597x595, tumblr_nwjwfi3FgF1qa510wo3_128…)

Her mouth to nose ratio almost looks normal here

No. 233853

>actually draws in her upper lip
>making a weird perma-confused face

look her brows look like tildes

No. 233854

Filters can do that.

No. 233856

She gave herself an upper lip

No. 233858

almost… still drives me mad when I can see the shape of peoples lips when they overdraw. I just want that trend to end.

No. 233861

>her brows look like tildes

No. 233864

She needs to dump the nudes and reds and just go with pinks, it'd compliment her skin and lip shape a lot more. Not top mention pink lipstick helps lips look more full.

No. 233877

I think it wouldn't be a bad idea for her to get lip fillers at this point

No. 233924

She needs to start choosing better outfit pieces, jfc… Just stick with black, Suzy. All black everything, you could continue to wear your shitty Wal*Mart clothes, even! Just ditch everything that's not black and maybe you'll look halfway decent.

And get some fucking bangs cut in to frame your gigantic face, jfc

No. 233940

I just checked out this brand and daaamn they're overpriced as fuck. $27+shipping for a pink heart ring choker? I can find that shit on Taobao for like $3.

No. 233945

If people have enough info it sounds like we could do with a Shadman thread

No. 234038

True, but how much splatoon nazi kink can one person stomach?

No. 234149

Agreed, she clearly wants fuller lips, would look a lot better with them, and can afford fillers easily

No. 234277

The main issue with Snoozy aside from her shit makeup skills is that she wears FULL FACE MAKEUP with basic tshirt and jeans. Usually, you wear that kind of shit with a slighter fancier outfit, but it just looks retarded to wear such a heavy amount of makeup and just put on basic clothing. Suzy is an idiot.

No. 234302

Pretty sure she does this to hide the FAS

No. 234304

Even I don't think a full face look is bad when you're in basic clothes, it's just she units on doing the heavy eyeliner all. The. Time. If you must wear full coverage foundation because your skin is shit, ok whatever, but don't do a giant cat eye on top of it. If she just tightlined and put mascara on she wouldn't look so dumb.

No. 234311

Doesn't bother me. I think it's kind of cool when you're casual with a well put together face. A bit balanced instead of looking try hard. What's obnoxious about Suzy is that her make it is plain bad. Whether she was dressed up or not, it looks awful.

No. 234315

File: 1455041341054.jpg (26.46 KB, 604x234, 1.JPG)

No. 234316

File: 1455041351835.jpg (37.06 KB, 567x259, 3.JPG)

No. 234317

File: 1455041371450.jpg (169.96 KB, 923x593, 4.JPG)

>Don't laugh, send help

No. 234318

File: 1455041397531.jpg (42.07 KB, 618x478, 5.JPG)

This one made me actually laugh

No. 234319

File: 1455041454054.jpg (53.38 KB, 615x671, 2.JPG)

And here's another good artist who's sucking suzys vagina for twitter fame

No. 234320

Suzy acts like she ever grew up in the first place.

No. 234321

Suzy WISHES she was that cute. What a waste of talent.

No. 234322

Doesn't Nicole date psychicpebbles now?

No. 234323

>big eyes
>full lips
>nice brows


No. 234324

That's true. I didn't mean to make it sound like no woman can do a full face with a basic outfit, but it just seems worse on Suzy, esp when she buys a shitton of overpriced clothing and never wears them outside the house.

No. 234326

Pretty sure she's still with Jon.

No. 234327

Why is she choking that poor dog

No. 234330

Yeah that's what I meant, the brows on the drawing look nice compared to Suzy's usual trainwreck brows.

No. 234338

File: 1455042875241.jpg (166.38 KB, 1280x989, tumblr_o21li19OF41qe3q73o1_128…)


No. 234339

This is pretty good, but it looks nothing like Snoozy lmao

No. 234340

That dog looks so uncomfortable

No. 234342

File: 1455043157930.png (167.67 KB, 540x697, tumblr_o1z4kq0SPG1qmaozdo1_540…)

Also accurate

No. 234346

Nah, too curvy and fierce to be snooz.

No. 234348

The face/head is what makes me see her. it's so featureless and round.

No. 234357


Yeah right criticism is okay even even if it's not what you want to hear.

But if you're insulted over youtube comments made from 12 year olds you are definitely lacking something.

You should grow as a human and just laugh about it.

If you whine about it, you add fuel to the fire and the "haters" just LOVE it.

No. 234358

File: 1455044444206.jpg (239.86 KB, 966x1450, Jenny-GG-episode-stills-jenny-…)

looks like taylor momsen in her early gossip girl days, am i the only who sees it?

No. 234366

It doesn't look like Suzy at all because the artist still gave it a philtrum, a thin neck, no crazy space between the nose and top lip and plumped lips. Plus the forehead is way too small.

The art is good but it's like they drew it with a template of a basic pretty girl in mind then added some details.

No. 234370

File: 1455045710893.jpeg (37.3 KB, 480x270, image.jpeg)

Yeah these people really need thicker skin. They get upset over something they saw a couple people say on the Internet. Anytime I see someone complaining over Internet hate I think of these tweets

No. 234371

I don't see it, but man Taylor was such a qt in the early seasons of GG. I hated when she got so trashy looking.

No. 234372

I don't know who this dude is, but he seems really obnoxious.

No. 234374

Of course she made the art look good. If you drew Suzy as she was, it'd look like an insult. Also this way the artist can be like "look how cute I make things, visit my site/commission me."

No. 234376


No. 234410

File: 1455049767164.png (641.64 KB, 729x739, jean.png)

I know we say that Suzy would look better if she styled herself more like Jean in terms of hair (bangs/color) and make up, but even without bangs Jean's features are still kind of better.

No. 234413

It's the eyebrows, I'm telling you!

No. 234422


I still believe it's going to take more than styling to save the mess.

No. 234463

Right, like you can unlearn saying the n-word

No. 234595

File: 1455062558916.png (424.33 KB, 615x671, whoville.png)

No. 234600


No. 234601

oh my god
it's so accurate I could cry

No. 234621

It looks like a goblin had a baby with a bottle of vodka and a teacup pig.

10/10 accuracy.

No. 234636

lmao, i saw this while just scrolling through the front page and for sure thought someone was doing some amazing underhand shade to her.

No. 234641



It would be great if someone actually did that. Draw Suzy fanart
with beautiful coloring and great technique, but make her facial features same as in real life.

No. 234645

Yes please, I want more deets on this trashbag.

No. 234646

This might be weird to say but damn she takes such good care of her teeth, they are always so freakishly white.

No. 234676

Man, her sister is so much more interesting to watch in a video review. She just seems so much more engaged, and girl-next-door flirty.

Suzy just kinda seems a little spazzy in her vids.

No. 234705

File: 1455076994535.png (552.42 KB, 599x446, Screenshot_214234.png)

Whyyyy does she insist on using that shitty lipstick? God help me, I want to smack her.

No. 234712

File: 1455078216082.jpg (44.01 KB, 550x463, Red is the Color.jpg)

Reminds me of this abomination.

No. 234714

what the hell is that??

No. 234715

an 'art piece' featuring menstrual blood lipstick

No. 234717

jesus christ

No. 234726

she missed a spot there.

No. 234727

She looks like she was vigorously sucking on Arin's asshole.

What in the holy fuck. accurate tho

No. 234746

I hope not, didnt Jon move to NY to be with her?

No. 234759

Zach is dating Nikkinacks, different girl.

No. 234760

This was 3 years ago. How do you go downhill so fast?

No. 234762

Back then I thought she was ugly.

But she has downgraded so much, the past, skinny version of her looks cute to me

No. 234763

Bless you, anon.

No. 234764

That headpiece looks like cheap halloween-tier trash.

No. 234793

File: 1455094166202.gif (251.13 KB, 500x343, giphy.gif)


This made my husband and I laugh so hard anon, thank you. 10/10 top kek work

No. 234816


>Great teeth with sharp, not rounded edges

>Natural but groomed brows
>No crazy eyeliner
>Great skin, not greasy and overall better complexion
>Slightly skinnier as well ?

No. 234895

Jean is way thinner than Suzy, to the point that she celebrated gaining 15 pounds (or something like that) and looked good. That had to sting for Suzy lol

No. 234910

Does anyone know if Suzy and Jean are identical twins or not? I know they did a twin tag video, but I don't think I watched it. If they aren't identical, jean got all the good genes. If they are identical… jean should have eaten Suzy in the womb and saved us all.

No. 234915

Another thing with jean ive noticed is that her face is a bit "tighter" like she got face and body of someone that excersizes to stay skinny. While suzy is the type of person that starves herself to stay thin and becomes skinny-fat because even when suzy was skinny she still had a double chin and the skin on her face was sagging down

No. 234940

Yup, I don't know how Suzy and Arin eat but I'd bet Jean has a way better diet. It's crazy how your diet can affect your skin, after cutting out certain types of food mine cleared up a lot more !

I'm not american but I heard it's common to eat out a lot so they probably eat greasy food frequently. Even Arin looks like a sweaty pig most of the time.

No. 234956

So true. Jean does the body of someone who works out at least twice a week versus Suzy who sits around eating donuts and doing unboxing videos.

No. 234957

So true. I eat fruits when I get a sugar craving instead of processed chocolate (real dark chocolate is good shit but I'm talking about snickers or m&ms) and it helps detox you and clear out your skin big time.

I bet Arin and suzy never use their kitchen.

No. 234959

Unless they've said they are or aren't, you can't just tell by looking. Sometimes identical looking twins are actually fraternal and visa versa.

There's ways of telling at birth.

No. 234965


They are stated they are identical twins in many IG posts and Youtube videos.

No. 234966

*They have stated
whoops typo

No. 234970

It really does not matter what you eat if you exercise to gain muscle/eat to gain. Genes that activate when your body grows also cause acne.

No. 235001

I think Jean does ballet or something like that? Regardless, while Suzy's unboxing and being a ~makeup guru~, Jean got an associates degree in physical sciences and looks like she has her own friends (lol).

Also, if you guys want it, her ig is jeanbug10.

No. 235022

OT but should we have a sleepycabin thread?

No. 235025

ummm, not to go too OT but diet DEFINITELY affects your skin.

No. 235027

I didn't say it didn't! But if you excercise or eat enough to build new tissue, you're activating pathways that induce acne. Doesn't matter how "clean" or not-acne-inducing the food is.

No. 235030

File: 1455125542862.gif (1.02 MB, 280x550, hookersnooze.gif)

Different anon here but I wanted to say good point. Some people definitely go overboard on whey and shit like that which makes hormone levels go out of whack but yeah you are right building muscle especially does generally cause more acne issues regardless.

To stay on topic though, I think Snooze should get a home gym next time she wants to throw down a huge wad of cash on something. Clearly she likes sitting at home in a t-shirt and sweats rather than going out so it would be good for her. Even just having a treadmill at home makes health/fitness/weight excuses disappear pretty fast.

No. 235032

>>235027 ew this bitch looks so ugly in d.i.a clothes, leave that shit for gyaru only.

No. 235033

>>woops samefag here meant to reply to >>235030

No. 235035

I'ts defiently the eyebrows! But honestly I still think Jean needs bangs aswell, both of them look way better with bangs

No. 235036

Not even. For my exercise I walk/jog in front of the tv and make sure I hit at least 10k steps daily on my Fitbit. No gym or equipment needed. Suzy's just lazy.

No. 235038

She looks like a trashy hooker. Like a stereotypical one from an 80s movie.

But her sense of clothing proportions is getting better, but she's still making her legs look like stumps with bad shoe choices.

No. 235049

Or get serious about exercising with Arin. He says he goes to lolcrossfit, but it's better than nothing (and free weights are really good in general). They could gain so much from that, motivating each other to start becoming consistent with exercising. but she seems lazy and averse to exercise.

A "home gym" is sort of overrated, all you need is a chin up bar and you can do bodyweight exercises that activate your whole body. But at the same time they seem to have a lot of space between the office/house, so they could probably dedicate a room/area to an actual weight lifting setup with bench and power cage and everything. I've thought of that before and it makes me jealous.

Yeah, you can literally start anytime with getting fitter. Bodyweight squats, pushups, etc. are all free.

Why even is that fuzzy stuff around her boots popular?

No. 235050

This gif is the cringiest thing I've seen in a while.

No. 235052

Some people like having a machine at home though. I love having a bike and treadmill. I can push myself hard and be in comfortable clothing rather than outside if it's snowing or raining or freezing. Either way, home gym is more sensible and cheaper than a gym membership in the end.

No. 235056


Am I the only one who thinks Barry and Jean look like they would make a cute couple?

No. 235057

Yeah but if you live in a small house or apartment, or you don't have the money, then that's not an option.

No. 235060


Even making small changes to your daily habits works. Such as primarily drinking water for hydration, cutting down on eating out (lol) and even going for a short walk daily.

She is lazy and even if it is her thyroid (depending on if it's hypo or hyperactive) many lose weight from the medication.

No. 235063

It is, but I don't trust either of them not to injure themselves with free weights. And some people find PTs motivating. Them not pushing themselves would probably be another issue.

… maybe? She's sat with her legs crossed though.

Or just eat until you're full and then stop. Ask for a doggy bag.

Why would she have thyroid problems? Is that part of FAS or does she have a history or is it just "she's fat so its probably glandular"

No. 235064


I guess.. Who even knows with he's straight or not.

No. 235066

Browsed through Jean's IG for a bit, she is a cutie although a little bit weeabooish~

No. 235073

Apparently some time ago she had some issues with her thyroid, I think she called it a "cancer scare" originally, but maybe it's a "glandualr disorder" excuse for weight gain.

No. 235078

As unflattering and kinda cheap this outfit makes her look, its more coordinated than anything we've seen her in recently, imo. Like it's tacky as fuck but looks more put together. I'm actually thankful she has the sense to wear a pair of tights here. What happened, Snoozy?

No. 235082

Even Chica hates her

No. 235088

File: 1455133164112.jpg (100.85 KB, 750x750, 12141919_844151419037322_92296…)

I actually like that Jean has particular interests without going overboard and making her appearance look obnoxious due to them (like Suzy with her tacky "spooky" shit). Jean just looks normal and cute.

No. 235093

She's adorable. I would love to hang out with her.

sage for obvious OT

No. 235096

Jean is a qt. She's well spoken and has her own hobbies. Suzy must hate her.

No. 235097

>That Eyeliner

No. 235098

she is definitely not pretty but has that charm that makes me go ''qt''

No. 235101

Nothing really worthy of cow status happens over there, everything has been addressed here. Cory is a creepy pervert and Shad (Who actually isn't a member) is a creepy pervert.

No. 235110

File: 1455136692468.jpg (18.89 KB, 360x272, sad.jpg)

Has this been posted yet?
Suzy's baby goth look-alike

No. 235122


Looks like a 5 year old drew on her face with a black crayon.

Why does she insist on doing that shitty eye make up. It makes her look so fckn retarded

No. 235124


I'm done
My screen is covered in coffee!!!

No. 235146

Jesus Christ. I'm terrible at makeup and even I can tell what an absolute nightmare this is. Her eyebrows look like they were done in crayon.

No. 235168

The more pics I see of jean the more I suspect Suzy is spoopy in order to make it easier to tell the difference between the two. Like jean would be the preppy twin and Suzy is the goth one. And also to make herself seem more special by having all these "weird" interests.

There was an anon who posted awhile ago who said they went to school with them and that jean was the more tolerable of the two. I really want to know why Suzy is so try hard aND if her sister is part of the reason.

No. 235175

I think Jean's gotta be at least half of why she's such a try hard. I mean, she seems like the kinda person that wants to one-up everyone, especially if there's someone she's constantly compared to

No. 235188

File: 1455150371819.png (22.5 KB, 542x154, THE DREADED POPULARS.png)

No. 235190

Well, at least she knows shes a loser.

No. 235191

That is because you never grew emotionally since high school.

No. 235193

Didn't she say she was popular in the GG Valentine episodes? Maybe I'm remembering wrong

No. 235194

why does she writes so many tweets this way, so she gets ass-padded and pampered by her autistic fanbase?
Grow some balls.

No. 235195

Lmao, yeah. She started off by saying she was really popular among boys and had a lot of friends, etc. Then Holly talks about how in HS she was bullied and stuff and Suzy interjects claiming she was too despite what she JUST said not even 5 minutes previously. Holly even kind of calls her out on it, too.

No. 235214

Well she got married and got fat. Those are the people you're supposed to laugh at when you go to reunions. Especially when she wanted to be model back then too.

No. 235221

File: 1455156515145.jpg (80.91 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o2d0k09kJq1qils0po1_500…)


No. 235222

File: 1455156580232.jpg (14.68 KB, 166x303, ebony.jpg)

her personality and these damned tweets made me think of My Immortal. Suzy is totally Ebony IRL. All the boys want her and the preps totally hate her.

No. 235223

Why the fuck would you think that winking is a good expression to do when you've drawn on your eyes with white eyeliner to make them look bigger?

She also looks uncomfortable as fuck. Like someone is holding her at gunpoint and forcing her to take this picture.

No. 235225

Holy shit what was she thinking… with that everything?

No. 235226

is she having a stroke?

No. 235228

LOL she needs some lip liner. Her lipstick is a mess

No. 235231

Her lips……bitch learn to how to line your lips or just get lip injections this is so embarrassing

No. 235232

File: 1455157543690.jpg (122.18 KB, 634x932, article-2561575-1B976E8D000005…)

Suzy in a few months honestly

No. 235233

File: 1455157846166.jpg (29.96 KB, 450x450, laughingcheeta.jpg)

Hahaha omg. I have no words.

So true!

No. 235234

How old is Suzy again…?

No. 235235

26, I believe.

No. 235262

She literally goes to micheals every week and buys whatever is 40% or more off doesn't she?

And it seriously looks like she's trying to shape her lips with liquid lipsticks instead of a liner or with a lip brush. Why tho? You get decent precision but only if you have a decent lip shape to begin with.

No. 235264

File: 1455161675774.jpg (61.5 KB, 600x600, 600px-Egorap-her.jpg)

why am i attracted to this? is arin a hotter girl than suzy?

>the answer is yes

No. 235267

File: 1455161883177.jpg (86.71 KB, 624x480, tumblr_mqmj8pCWnA1qfrrv2o4_128…)

No. 235268

Arin in GOOD drag looks like hot 90's alt chick. It works.

No. 235270

File: 1455162229205.jpg (54.85 KB, 600x450, bcnGSme.jpg)

damn Jon and Arin would have been such a cute gay couple why isn't life movies?

No. 235277

I wouldn't say that but if Rue Paul did drag race with washed up YT celebutards in the future I would vote for him every week.

No. 235278

Haha, I like you

No. 235280

Damn, Arin in his prime was a qt, and at least back then he had youth as an excuse for being a moron. Now he's just a fat greasy manchild. Shame.

No. 235311

another case of out aging your fan base, it will be fun to watch out of Forsens, Pewd, Athenes and other twitch and youtuber lets players who ends up a 40 year old man making squueky noises at indy horror games for cash.

No. 235315

File: 1455167106358.png (675.87 KB, 745x502, RV93dwb.png)

Arin if he lost some weight would be a decent milf

No. 235316

I live for that day

No. 235335

No he wouldn't. Have some standards. He's an ugly and whiny manchild.

No. 235337

Most lets players are and will become that way.

You know what i never got? RT gets a pass despite being a failing company because Burnie seems like a cool guy.

I wonder where Geoff and the other mid life crisis will be once Gavin and all the popular ones ditch RT

No. 235413

This eyeliner, those lips, this wink, this garbage crown on her head, this eyeshadow not matching everything else, this botchy eyebrow fill-in.

Did I miss something?

No. 235447

This is Ross?

No. 235494

shieet those lips

No. 235501

I know the pains of having tiny tiny fucking lips, just like Suzy I have super thin lips and no upperlip at all, but jesus I mean I can still SEE in the MIRROR when my overdrawing is too bad to show people!

No. 235590

Part of the problem is that snooz doesn't know how to over draw her lips. Most beauty yt-ers have decent lip sizes and shapes so very few need to over draw. Suzy really just needs to experiment and prqctice, but she fucking doesn't know how to do that kind of thing because she's perfect the first time, every time right?

No. 235683

File: 1455226335917.png (792.85 KB, 727x740, screenshotsuzyred.png)

This isnt as bad as the other picture but those lips still look just awful

No. 235701

That flower crown looks like nothing more than stamps in whatever app filter she's using. It just looks so outrages it doesn't look real.

No. 235798

tfw i'm a rooster teeth fan and one of my favourite employees is on a grumpcade.
this episode wasn't as bad at least, probably because there's no arin or snooz. that intro is still annoying as fuck though.

No. 235812

she would look so much better if her lips actually were that size.
But it's like dakota where you get a closer look and see the shine on the upper lip ridge and the illusion is shattered.

No. 235813

I like her eyes but her lips look so bad. This is why you line a nice shape and then fill them in, not just slather lipstick all over the entire expanse of your lips. She looks like she's stuck in a perpetual frown because of how much the bottom corners of her lip stick out.

No. 235814

why is her sister so much better looking?

Like it's not even the make up, she is just way better looking

No. 235825

She's trying so hard to make it look like she has full lips it's embarrassing. Girls with thin lips always do that stupid mouth open look to make their lips look bigger

No. 235827

I'm really surprised no one said anything about her messy ass lips on her Instagram. Unless they did and she removed the comments

No. 235834

>implying all big boobs are saggy to praise your flat chest
why are anas allowed here

No. 235835

any proof?

No. 235836

Snoozy jfc, highlight your drawn on cupid's bow, even out your lip liner, and I know you breath with it, but close your mouth.

No. 235837

this is not how you draw lips oh god

No. 235838

because she doesnt do that stupid eyeliner thing

No. 235840

of course it's fake anon

No. 235843

She meant it looked photoshopped on, not that it was silk flowers.

No. 235846

she looks like lily mcmenamy if you squint (another mouth breather)

No. 235855

I seriously believe that's why she looks so different than her sister. They're said they're identical twins and mouth-breathing does affect face development enough that it would change her entire appearance.

No. 235864

File: 1455237865439.png (815.44 KB, 727x740, 1455226335917_meitu_1.png)

snoozy please

No. 235901

If Suzy looked like that… well she'd need some damn good lip fillers. I feel like the main reason why she wouldn't is because she'd feel "fake" which is ironic.

No. 235908

The changes in this shoop are so simple, but they do wonders for her. If only she'd try to do her makeup like this and get some damn lip fillers

No. 235973

She actually looks attractive here. You are a shooping God.

No. 236041

damn son if only she actually looked like that

No. 236058

Did you just change the lips and over exaggerated cat eyeliner? She's beautiful here.

I think Suzy needs the Kylie Jenner lip challenge/surgery.

No. 236065

If the lip injections were done right, she'd look pretty close to the pic in >>235864 mostly because her lips do have a V shape, it's just so fucking thin and with no discernible philtrum it's hard to tell.

All I can think of is the two buzzfeed girls who got injections and in truth I think the doctor didn't give either of them much in the way of injections in order to keep them 'normal' looking. All Suzy really needs to to have her top lip match/balance out her bottom lip.

No. 236069

They also changed the eyebrows subtlety. Helps so much.

No. 236078

man y'all play too much, they're both fucking hideous. trying to convince yourself this alien baby is "cute" just because you hate suzzz is retarded

No. 236090

I think I saw somewhere on IG that she goes vegan on and off, which would explain her healthier side in contrast to suzy's wild diet.

No. 236108

I mean Jean isn't a goddess descended upon us lowly creatures, she's just cute. Not overly attractive and not unattractive. She still has the abnormal length between her nose and lips and the smaller upper lip but she at least knows how to divert attention better than snuzzbucket.

No. 236136


live the dream

No. 236137

File: 1455272316302.jpg (55.39 KB, 1023x682, CZoUpYyXEAALghC.jpg)

it is Ross

No. 236138

I fucking hate Brian

No. 236176

because her sister isn't a tryhard like Suzy and actually knows how to do nice makeup that suits her face.

No. 236177

rofl calm down. No one is worshipping Jean but in comparison to her twin sister, she is much easier on the eyes and her personality isn't fake, so she's more attractive in that aspect as well. She has a qt/girl next door type look imo.

No. 236178

I wonder how Brian's wife feels about him giving up being a college professor for this shit?

No. 236180

I wonder how ross's wife deals with arin constantly creeping on her

No. 236181

File: 1455281611018.png (49.45 KB, 693x294, sunny.png)

This is a joke, right?
Because, girl, you don't have the brainpower for something like this.

No. 236185

Changed the unflattering filter color. Lightened and evened out hideous clown lips, they still look drawn on but given that they are it's okay. Relaxed her crazy arched brows, slighty changed jawline so it didn't appear open still. Rid her of the uneven jewels and changed the harsh eyeliner but left some of the inner corner cause I think it helps her. Not the way she does it ofc. Hope I didnt koti-fy her too much.
I'm also happy with how it came out, though. Been wanting to see her features with some sharp eyeshadow in place of the harsh exaggerated liner, but she'll never do it herself so meitu it is.


No. 236186

Oh, Suzy. You silly, silly girl.

No. 236187

File: 1455282537121.jpeg (102.96 KB, 1024x768, I used to be a physicist.jpeg)

this is his life now

No. 236189

File: 1455282679374.jpeg (76.39 KB, 1024x579, CJMamvBUAAIyLLY.jpg large.jpeg)

for no reason at all, a photo in which Ross confirmed he had shit his pants, in public, at a meet and greet

No. 236196

Everyone in these pictures seems so tryhard and disappointing, and then there's Jon who actually just looks like a normal guy. I'm glad he's doing his own work now and not sticking around GG except minimally and that probably just for politeness/fans

No. 236202

Ugh, Ray deserves better.

No. 236214

Why is Kevin always there? Isn't he still just the editor?

No. 236252

Not a meet and greet, they just happened to meet fans at a store during a con weekend. One of the steam train videos ross talks about it to barry. Holly is super sweet in the face of knowing her husband shat himself.

He's shown up in gg videos (specifically stout train last year) so he's technically a grump. The other intern guy is just… a guy. He hasn't been in vids. Kevin has his own horde of thirsty fans even though he sucks at editing and is bland as fuck.

No. 236256

easy money, fairly open schedule, more time with his daughter, and game grumps is extremely temporary, they got maybe another good 3, or 5 years (max) to still be a money making business.

after this is over he still has a career he can fall back on pretty much any time he wants to.

No. 236262


There's actually a instagram photo from a time ago that shows a treadmill in the background lol. It was talked about in a previous thread. Suzy is just a lazy fuck

No. 236266


Wait wtf he actually shat himself? Why?

No. 236287

It's time again to hotglue everything!!!!

No. 236289

If I recall correctlythey met up at an anime con, decided to get some food and it didn't it well with ross. He mistook a shit for a fat and… well shat himself. The pic posted I believe was him trying to find a bathroom to use because he literally had poop pants. There ended up meeting some fans and only holly knew that ross was having an emergency butt issue.

That's what I'm guessing. Not to mention if they steer their music career right they'd still have no to work with.

I'm a little afraid to watch. It'll have to wait anyway.

No. 236293

> something you could wear to work or school
to work? what? she must assume everybody else sits around hot gluing shit to other shit for a living too

No. 236318

i work retail and they encourage us to do dumb shit for the holidays, my job wouldn't care really.

i dont think any CEOs are watching suzy's videos.

No. 236319

Does he?? I never heard about that. Holly seems really nice too, so I hope she isn't being taken advantage of. Ross seems protective of her at least.

No. 236320

File: 1455307642107.gif (995.44 KB, 280x201, tumblr_m7ds2vPuqO1ram5ofo1_400…)

HAHAHAHA. I'm sorry, I'm at work, but I burst into tears laughing. Suzy is the most unfunny person on Youtube, even less so than Jenna Marbles and Pewdiepie. She has no hope of making a show as brilliant and well written as Always Sunny.

No. 236323

I hate Kevin. He isn't even a good editor and has the most punchable face. People just seem to like him because he's Asian and most GG fans have yellow fever.

No. 236325

good god, her youtube channel is so fucking lazy. It's always the same thing: DIY = hot glue shit, OOTD = same 3 awkward poses at the exact same spot in her house and no other information (what's the inspiration for that look, quality of the item, anything?), her make up tutorials are pretty much the same every time just occasionally she'll use dark lipstick or something.

It's the equivalent of someone starting a baking channel and then making the exact same cake every time but one week they use cherries to decorate it and the next they'll use strawberries.

No. 236326

Damn, that's embarrassing. I would have found a bathroom before taking a photo with fans. Sharting smells up your pants immediately too.

No. 236332

How many times does she even say "uh" and "uhm" in this video???

No. 236338

pewdiepie's face is like 40% chin. How can so many people call him attractive?

No. 236346

Part of the problem was that they'd long since left the restaurant and we're just hanging out and a lot of shops don't always have bathrooms for normal people. I've been in this predicament before as well, only with a sudden period and no place to put on a pad. Main reasons why cities suck somwtimes.

Yeah same. I also work at a craft store so that kind of shit would go down nicely. I can't imagine a normal job being cool with it.

No. 236347

File: 1455310015562.png (355.67 KB, 1000x800, gmgrmps.png)

I found this on tumblr.
I like it.

No. 236350

holy fuck that's spot on

I can't imagine the amount of hate they're going to get for it tho haah

No. 236352

Kevin is probably the ugliest out of all of them

No. 236373

Cities are fine. You have a better chance of finding a place will a restroom, especially for period emergencies. I'd rather be in NYC than when i visit a smaller town and the nearest restroom is in the next mall miles away.

Sucks since it's a situation we've all been in, but Ross shouldn't have played that gamble card.

No. 236375

KEK! this is fucking perfect

No. 236387

File: 1455313812979.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.2 KB, 640x640, i want to die.jpg)

No. 236397

Congradulations Snoozy, you've finally gotten what you want! You look completely horrifying in these. Your 'creepy evil gurl' persona finally paid off

No. 236398

Those false lashes are killing me the most. Why didn't she cut them in half before applying them? She legit took those fresh out of the box and just glued them on. Those are way too thick to be wearing when it's not for a Halloween or nightclub look anyway. Worst guru ever.

No. 236401

I wandered around NYC for a good half hour before finding a public restroom at Grand Central. At least in the boonies of NJ I can find a Wawa or a Quickcheck that wouldn't care if I bought something before using their bathroom.

I don't think Ross realized he'd be in that situation.

If it weren't for her gross lips, the last pic (bottom right) would actually be pretty nice had it not ended up cropped. That's the kind of face you need to pull Suzy, not your dead in the eye look you always have now.

No. 236402

Top left reminds me of Chanty Binx. Ew

No. 236403

wait octopimp? as in 'nyeh wweh xD' octopimp? jesus christ.

No. 236409

I cannot get over that mess on her head. I mean WHAT THE FUCK. It looks like a 2nd grader's Valentine's day gift they made in school for their parents.

No. 236411

File: 1455316444432.jpg (64.21 KB, 599x580, iwanttostaboctochump.jpg)

Yup! Octo has been chilling with Game grumps for a few months now and riding their dick. He has also been bothering both Holly/Ross, as well as Dodger and her fiance. He jumped onto the twitch streaming train as well. He's insufferable.

No. 236414

Oh Holly. You are better then that outfit.

No. 236441

implying she doesn't daily dress like an autistic bitch who chopped her bangs off with kiddy scissors

No. 236445

It's one thing if you're at home, dress however the fuck you want but it's clear she can dress cutely (or at least more cutely then Snooz) like in >>236187.

No. 236447

idk who she is, but anon she looks like shit.
Her hair is shit, her outfits are shit, she's a fatass, and could really use some makeup.

Just because FASuzy is also shit, doesn't make this girl any less so. Just a different flavour.

No. 236451

Hi Suzy

Holly might dress weird, but she is a genuine and kind person who owns a bird sanctuary in her backyard and does charity work. Go back to your smelly manchild husband. I think he shat himself and needs his pants changed.

No. 236452

I've seen her dress nicer in meetups and at cons. Not sure why she choose that skirt/pants option.

No. 236453

File: 1455326098476.gif (1.42 MB, 400x225, tumblr_n81snqiyv01sd39dco1_400…)

>her hair is shit
>her outfit is shit

Ok, I can kind of agree with that

>she's a fatass

Nope. Where do you see fat? And if you knew anything about Holly, she actually has a nice personality and is a genuine person, unlike Snoozy. Also, Holly had said before she doesn't really like wearing makeup so that's up to her, now isn't it m8?

You smell like a newfag or a robot or both. Fuck off.

No. 236455

File: 1455326324066.jpg (45.18 KB, 559x599, bitchpls.jpg)

Sage for slight OT. I just really like Holly and admire her skills, charity work, and think Ross and her are pretty cute couple.

Now back to Snooozy. This bitch. That shirt is obnoxious and I don't understand the overhype that show gets.

It's Original Law and Order or Criminal Intent or nothing at all.

No. 236456

The space between her nose and upper lip is really bad. Like seeing it like this really makes me sad she will always look like a retard because her parents drank.

No. 236457

Speaking as a fan of Holly's, I think she'd look way better with darker hair and maybe have it a bit longer. her outfits aren't the best but….>>228291
fat definitely isn't something she is.

I probably wouldn't be so harsh on Suzy if she acted natural and seemed genuinely kind.

No. 236458

whoops meant to put this >>228291

No. 236462

Wait so in SVU did Meloni start dating Hargitay? (tbh I mainly watched the L&O with Donofrio and that other woman)

No. 236463

sage 4 ot but meloni left the show a while ago, they never dated
not even sure what the shirt means tbh

No. 236466

File: 1455329337399.png (1.02 MB, 917x539, That's okay you keep being laz…)

No. 236468

just gotta keep doing the bare minimum

No. 236471

File: 1455329949729.jpg (46.75 KB, 600x576, Holly-conrad-.jpg)

Agreed. She looks much better with brown or dark red hair.

No. 236472

Suzy is being a tryhard as usual. I wonder if she even watches that show?

No. 236473

That looks like that's gonna fall apart as soon as you wear it once.

No. 236529

>he still has a career he can fall back on pretty much any time he wants to.

not in academia. you get behind on the newest shit and you're done.

No. 236535

File: 1455338612877.jpg (99.79 KB, 640x640, 11357631_482477825248033_96875…)

this is a family photo of Holly as a child

I'd like for you to guess which one is her

No. 236536

File: 1455338711310.jpg (51.06 KB, 300x229, 1314675137606.jpg)

>an autistic bitch who chopped her bangs off with kiddy scissors

>my motherfucking face when

No. 236540

sure, but he's not a moron. i'd imagine he'd be able to get a good job after this even if it's no longer teaching. It's a pretty sweet deal right now, gets to spend time and take care of his kid while she's young, as she grows older it would be much easier to get a regular ass 9-5 job and he still has plenty of options.

No. 236543

That's really OT. fuck off.

This is literal trash. I wonder how much she's charging for them?

No. 236547

I wouldn't even wear that ugly piece of shit she 'made' if I was sitting at home alone.

No. 236590


No. 236600

oh my fucking god I didn't even notice that

my sides

No. 236602

File: 1455354126598.jpg (251.68 KB, 1920x1080, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

She looks like Alison Scagliotti in Warehouse 13

pic related

No. 236611

>That's really OT. fuck off.

sorry, I guess I'll just go back to saying "zomg Suzy's makeup is really bad and her etsy is a ripoff" about 100 times more

No. 236649

iirc, they were ~the best~ partners in fandom opinion. also in the episodes since meloni left, it's become the "oliva benson torture porn hour!" imo.

sage 4 ot.

No. 236652

Let us discuss everyone's ambiguous sexual orientation instead. Starting with Barry!

No. 236699

File: 1455381632457.png (424.76 KB, 915x568, Ninja Sex Party (@ninjasexpart…)

>That's really OT. fuck off.
Sorry M8 this is a Suzy and GG thread. If you roll with them you are on the chopping block. Go circle jerk somewhere else.

In GG related news NSP has the track list for there next CD. My money is rock with you is going to suck….like most of this album.

No. 236701

they are going to cover pink floyd… please end me

No. 236771

>relationship goals
>he's always married
>and when he's seperated shes off being an eco terrorist
>he ends up knocking up his wife again
>and then leaves the show

Granted the chemistry is great between them, but that is only a goal if you need a damn good friend. Which Suzy does need but she'll never get on because she's a fake bitch.

I always preferred munch.

No. 236800


Fuck, Wish You Were Here is one of my favorite songs and I bet Dan is going to ruin it with his horrible echoey layered vocals. He's not a terrible singer I just don't think his voice is anything special.

You can listen to little snippets of each song on the amazon page [https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BF1BWTA?ie=UTF8&Version=1&entries=0] and they sound really uninspired. Like, just a cut-and-paste cover of each track.

No. 236802

I can't wait to hear Take On Me. That high note in the chorus.

was just about to post the same link. And I totally agree. All the snippets sound like everything else they've done. It's just so samey and boring. Whether he's singing a joke song about dicks or a sad song - he/they always sounds the same.

No. 236806

I mean, that's the thread. Holly isn't Suzy nor is she a member of Game Grumps.

No. 236811

Serious suggestion, should we just start making these threads GG General, or make a separate thread for all of GG apart from Suzy?
I don't mind the way it is now but it seems like some people understandably feel it's OT.

No. 236815

I just skipped through the clips but why is there an echo effect on EVERY SINGLE SONG.
This sounds like someone recorded himself playing Singstar and I can't tell if it's because of horrible production or just Dans super uninspired voice

No. 236816

Suzy doesn't need a thread for herself only, she only does something lulzy every blue moon. I think a GG General would make more sense at this point

No. 236819

dans very adamant that he doesnt use an echo effect, and honestly it doesnt sound like he does. because the layering of it sounds really off. like an actual program would make the echo sound better, its just him layering his own voice over and over.

yeah it doesnt sound great. he's not the best singer ever, but that effect is just really tiring to listen to after a few songs.

No. 236826

Gonna be honest here, I really like early NSP and even some of the Starbomb stuff but I think at this point they should just give up on that whole Comedy thing. The last NSP Album was not even funny, just cringy and you can clearly tell that at least Dan is trying to go a little bit more into serious singing. I really like the stuff they did with TWRP a while back and I think they should just stick to this kind of music

No. 236829

would like this way more if it just didn't have that bloody layering thing

No. 236834

Holly is part of the larger clusterfuck of failure that is the Game Grumps youtube channel

rather than going "lol look at this new outfit of the day video, Suzy is trying so hard to be gofick, isn't her twin Jean cuter?" every fucking time she releases one, I think we're allowed to talk shit about how fucked up and weird Suzy's "friends" are, even if they're friends of convenience like Holly obviously is

No. 236835

>his horrible echoey layered vocals

as far as I know, I don't think the fucker is capable of recording vocals unless there's chorus and reverb cranked up to 9 in his effects loop

not sure how much of that is Dan's preference or Brian's shitty production

No. 236836

>I can't wait to hear Take On Me. That high note in the chorus.

that's why the Cap'N Jazz version will always be my favorite

No. 236840


I second this. They're all pretty cringey at this point, Suze is just significantly moreso and it's basically common knowledge at this point.

No. 236841

File: 1455393508401.jpg (10.9 KB, 220x229, nigs.jpg)


Just realized I used "at this point" twice in one sentence.. Fuck. My point still stands.

No. 236842

Yep, GG in general is a bit of a shit-show at this point. I guess Suzy stands out because she does RL videos (and social media posts) more than the others. But no need to split it up.

No. 236846

File: 1455394705768.jpg (48.21 KB, 381x604, jean what r u doing.jpg)

Alright, whoever the next OP is should keep in mind that it's Grump Team General now when this Suzy thread dies.

No. 236848

Yeah, Suzy threads have basically always been GG General threads but the change in title is a good call.

No. 236862

File: 1455397908978.png (7.38 KB, 426x304, srs.png)

Jesus just listened to the samples and man that is trash. I really hope people aren't going to pay real money for glorified karaoke.

No. 236864

File: 1455398361383.png (103.58 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-02-13-16-14-25…)

Someone is so mad on tumblr. Kek

No. 236871

they both look extremely trailer trashy with their hair…also kind of inbred.

No. 236880

it's like kidzbop crap

No. 236895

They are from Florida… a state with a lot of trash.

No. 236897

I just LOVE the last one.
Trying to solid his opinion and trying desperately not to hurt Snoozys feelings - he/she just does the opposite with this defensive answer…

No. 236898

he/she/hers/it/ixit/brony whatever pronouns these tumblr folks use these days, pick one.

No. 236926

i know but seriously, suzy's fugbangs make her look like the world's best example of how to catfish with makeup and jean looks like she's been 'down on the bayou'

No. 236985

suzy is too stupid to know how to spell

No. 236988

i like holly's personality but damn she's ugly and looks like a dude.
why is everyone in gg except ross so fucking ugly? i mean even jon looked better

No. 236989

both suzy and holly are fat and ugly.

No. 236990

hello holly whiteknight, this is a GG thread.
we're free to shit on all GG members

No. 236993

this is terrible

No. 236995

GG became shit since Jon left.
honestly, all this drama wouldnt have happen if he was still here.
the episodes arent funny, they're all cringe-worthy and the fandom is even more cancerous than before

No. 237013


I used to think Barry had potentional and his laid-back personality earned him bonus points, but now he's just as bad as the rest and is unattractive now

No. 237020

File: 1455409877212.jpg (170.83 KB, 640x640, IMG_1313.JPG)

Holly just looks average to me but makes herself look worse by refusing to use makeup. She could just use an under-eye concealer/highlight, some simple, slightly winged liner to open up her close together eyes, and blush. Pic related, put Holly through some shitty makeup app to simulate how basic makeup could help her face.

I guess most of them are ugly because someone really hot would usually be off doing better things and associating with different people. When you're ugly it's easy to resign yourself to a group of awkward losers.

No. 237022


Suzy's whiteknights are hilarious.

No. 237025

Suzy could totally be Anette Olzons uglier twin sister!

No. 237032

Suzy could totally be Jean's uglier twin sister

No. 237035

Holly isn't an official GG member though.

No. 237041

she still belongs in this thread.

No. 237042

and she can still be shat at so just accept it anon.

No. 237044

she looks average here.
too bad she never wears makeup.
she'd look pretty with this kind of makeup + a wig (her hair makes her look like a kid)

No. 237057

If you read >>236864 Holly says herself she isn't a grump. So she's not on topic with this thread. If you want to discuss her, go make a thread about her.

No. 237079

Discussing Holly is OT since she is NOT an official Grump like Danny, Brian, Kevin, Barry, etc, etc . Stop being little shits and get back to Snoozy.

No. 237083

I'd like to point out Spazkid and Shadman were discussed also and they aren't 'Grumps'. But they're still semi-OT considering they all hang out and suck eachother's dicks.

Discussing Holly briefly is not OT.

No. 237087

But shes married to one right? If Kevins gf is considered on topic because shes closely associated with the grumps then why not Holly who has actually been in multiple episodes? Not to mention its been decided higher up in the thread to turn Suzy threads into general grump threads because they're just as lol worthy. Please jump off Hollys dick anon, shes going to be talked about whether positive or negative.

No. 237088

Anyone who's a guest at some point is fair game, provided they are actually lulzy. Holly isn't, just a bit unfortunate looking in the way a lot of white girls are but not horrible, and unlike Suzy has an actually personality and is a genuine person. You can shit on Holly for looking average, but she isn't lulzy. Most of the GG guests aren't really.

Kevin's GF was discussed mostly because she has the same tryhard look as Suzy, and speculation on all of the non-married members love lives come up because we're an image board that has mostly females and we like knowing about this shit, let's be real.

No. 237089

Adding to this, if it is about a personal admiration for Holly I'd like to point out the negative posts have been pretty mild compared to everything on here. Excluding the baiters/bonelords calling her fat.

If anything, this is just making everyone bring Holly up more.

No. 237093

File: 1455420026851.png (7.52 KB, 1299x107, shits gold.png)

the last Starbomb album reached #4 on the Billboard rap chart

the last Ninja Sex Party album reached #1 on the comedy chart, #21 for total album sales the week of its release

No. 237094

you know what's even more off-topic? complaining about Holly posts being off topic.

No. 237100

Who keeps buying this shit??

No. 237109

No. 237124

She's still included here so stop being so offended, whiteknight.
Heck, people have talked about octopus and zach in this thread too

No. 237125

my nightmare

No. 237127

File: 1455427273453.png (244 KB, 600x600, tumblr_o2htb42AMu1sntjsso1_128…)

>[Joke] Arin reveals cover for new rap album
how is this funny?

No. 237134

File: 1455427423450.jpg (604.02 KB, 724x900, game_grumps__holly_and_ross_go…)

No. 237136


Oops. >>237083 Here. That's my fuck up. I mean the first OT as on topic and second OT as off topic. I should've spelled it out.

**Discussing Holly briefly is not off topic.

No. 237137

It's a reference to a stupid text he sent dan that dan decided to talk about during gg, which their fans thought was the funniest thing on the face of the earth

No. 237157

that's just a generic anime drawing someone recolored and added captions to, right?

No. 237158

File: 1455431353061.jpg (673.99 KB, 676x900, egoraptor_and_mort3mer__by_kir…)

No. 237159

File: 1455431416514.jpg (570.8 KB, 609x899, kittykatgaming_mort3mer_and_co…)

she gives Holly such big tits

No. 237160

File: 1455431448671.jpg (540.69 KB, 900x668, mortem3r__kittykatgaming_by_ki…)

No. 237162

Say what you will about me, but I think this art is really cute.

No. 237163

File: 1455431605529.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.63 KB, 328x314, trigger warning trypophobia.jp…)

Snoozy's tattoo looks like HOLES

No. 237164

it's painstakingly elaborate moe shit

yeah, it's cute, and well crafted, but hackneyed as fuck

No. 237168

why the fuck would you post that here.

No. 237171

Goddammit this pisses me off because aside from the terrible, boring writing on Starbomb, Arin is a fucking horrible rapper. His delivery is unintelligible and his flow's so weak it probably does squats with a PVC pipe.

No. 237172

fucking Rachel Bloom was on their first album

I wonder how that happened

No. 237174

Just has I feared there is no soul in Rock with You. Fuck. He sounds like Karaoke tracks or songs you would use for dance competitions without giving 100% of the money to the original artist.

No. 237176

File: 1455434441156.jpg (68.04 KB, 1100x841, time-person-of-the-year-caitly…)

No. 237200

what the fuck is up with the drum beat in "Take On Me?" I don't like Brian's choice of synth sounds either

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" is passable. Dan's vocals match Tears for Fears pretty well, and Brian's arrangement has the proper mid 80s nostalgic sound

"Subdivisions": it's pretty much only possible to improve on Geddy Lee's vocals performance. Whoever is playing drums on the track is definitely no Neil Peart, though, fuck.

Instrumentation on Misunderstanding is alright, but basically just an imitation of the Genesis arrangement. That's how "Subdivisions" and "Everybody" were too, but I feel like Brian really nailed it on "Everybody," whereas the others were glib facsimiles. Dan's vocals here do not draw praise in comparison to Phil Collins's.

Competently funky backing track for "Rock With You." It lacks the disco slickness of the original, and that's a good thing. Dan's vocals are like the smooth jazz version for an easy listening radio station.

I'm not familiar at all with "Madrigal." seems to be a Rush track. The backing track reminds me of an album I found of Joy Division songs arranged to be baby lullabies.

"The Burning Down": more prog dad rock. Not much else to say.

"Jump": oh god, Dan's layered vocals sound particularly ridiculous here. like a soggy limp dick compared to the raging hardon of David Lee Roth. This is the lead synth sound Brian uses on almost every Ninja Sex Party song.

"We Close Our Eyes": the Oingo Boingo original had the same kind of arrangement that Brian nailed on "Everybody." this version is a little funkier. one time where there's an attempt at variation and it doesn't really work. lacks energy, the tempo's been slowed down.

"The Last Unicorn": like the song was written for Dan and Brian. the synth arrangement, the vocals, everything lines up. when the dick joke song market collapses, maybe NSP can switch to writing songs about King Arthur and shit.

"Wish You Were Here": sample clip is instrumental only. sounds pretty good. I hope to god Danny's vocals aren't the layered crap he does on literally every other song he's ever recorded. they simply will not work on a song this sparse.

overall, eh. nostalgic 80s dadrock and pop. mostly tries to recreate the original artist's take, with bland results. the cliche "tired and uninspired" comes to mind. Danny needs to learn when not to use his double or triple or googolplex tracking. yeah he can harmonize very well, but it's just not appropriate for every song.

No. 237202

Arin pulls it off better tbh

No. 237301

File: 1455468790985.png (1.07 MB, 1079x1515, Screenshot_2016-02-14-17-51-29…)

No. 237302

File: 1455468816234.png (1.03 MB, 1077x1617, Screenshot_2016-02-14-17-51-48…)

No. 237343

Suzy looks pretty decent here. I may be biased due to recent atrocities like >>235221 though.

No. 237345

too bad it looks like the pic was taken in a serial killer's basement.

No. 237357

Aw I thought it was ded

No. 237358

remember when gamegrumps was just Jon and Arin.

No. 237361


Me too.. I was hoping..

No. 237362

only good thing about table flip is holly in a plague mask.

No. 237365

yeah she should have kept it on the whole time so we didnt have to see her face

No. 237373

The good old days, when it had actual comedy and memorable moments that weren't forced by the fanbase.

No. 237383

Those bottom lashes look awful.

No. 237387

She looks like an orc

No. 237388

+1 to this
she could make a cool outfit but she still can't fix that ugly ass hair of hers

No. 237389

I'm going to give them this. They had a meaningful conversation @23:59
Kevin and Dan have earned 5 respect points from me.

No. 237391

Goddammit I don't want to like Kevin, but he seems chill. I love that thing he said denouncing the idea of finding your other half, I've always hated that.

No. 237392

Also, samefagging here, but I think that's Suzy's problem hardcore. She isn't her own person at all, and Arin is very much her "other half". A big part of her personality is being Arin's wife.

No. 237400

the good ol days where saying nigger and faggot got you laughs.

in other news, holly is fucking hideous


No. 237405

Towards the end, Dan also gets serious and personal about how in the past (15 years ago) he cheated on girls, and talks about how fucked up it was for both him and the girls he wronged. Given that it was so long ago I have to give props to him just for being a different person now and being so honest about his mistakes and what they've shown him about how not to be as a person. It's refreshing compared to the classic Arin/Suzy "we can do no wrong" mindset.

No. 237408

i really enjoy holly as a person, but she's so ugly
it's mostly her hair that does it for me tbh
like it looks fried and the dye job is always awful since he does it herself
if she just grew out her fucking bowl cut ass bangs and dyed it a normal colour her face wouldn't look as busted

No. 237409

That looks nothing like my mental image of her. It's like night and day.

I feel like he's a cool guy (albeit not very well read), but people seem to disagree. I honestly don't get it. I'm open for any explanations though.

No. 237421

File: 1455498054534.jpg (82.27 KB, 449x640, tumblr_nie4qrkPvj1snqnydo1_500…)

This is some kawaii ugu Gravitation anime style bullshit art.

Except the artist for Gravitation is actually talented with their manga stuff. The megamixes are still my guilty pleasure.

No. 237422

Her arm does look like it's full of holes. wth

No. 237426

What. She was so annoying on HoC. She also looks inbred, it's her eyes. They're too close together and look weird with her nose.

No. 237428

HoC was also staged for drama, but i agree, everybody on that show was fucking annoying
i think she's mellowed out since then
her hipster stuff is annoying at times still, but overall, i don't find her so bad?
like, i really appreciate how she educates people about birds and rescues them, etc
out of all the grumps and those affiliated, her and ross are the least terrible

i feel bad for ross, a year ago the running joke on grumps was how awful and terrible he is.
lately i haven't hardly seen him on grump related anything

No. 237430

Well that one girl who friend zoned her roomie and suckered him into making her props was worse.

The only one I liked was Jesse.

No. 237431

i don't remember any of their names, sorry anon

on the show, holly was really high strung
but on it she even talked about how cosplaying is for everyone, which i support even if i'm too ugly to make good costumes
her crafting skills are so good, i wish she'd get back into making shit instead of playing ukulele and making lets play like the rest of youtube imho

No. 237437

Jesse was the steampunk guy with the facial hair.

Becky was the one who friend zoned her male roomate and somehow rang him into doing some dumb Wreck It Ralph costume, the roomate built a car for her or whatever and then it fell apart during shipping, I think.

No. 237438

>and rescues them, etc
out of all the grumps and those affiliated, her and ross are the least terrible

What about Barry? He seems innocent enough.

No. 237440

Are the birds she rescues wild, or like…domesticated birds that have somehow gotten away from home? 'cuz rescuing wild animals isn't the best idea.

No. 237441

By her, I mean Holly.

No. 237461


They're abandoned domesticated pigeons. People breed pigeons for various reasons, and just ditch them if they aren't perfect, especially the fancy breeds. They can't live in the wild because they were born domesticated, but hardly anyone will take them in because they are worthless to breeders x

No. 237462


She often streams her cosplay process! Crunk Crafting is great too, especially for people who are actually not good at making things like me.. I wish there was more Kati in videos in general though, she's really nice.

No. 237468

File: 1455504304823.gif (1.63 MB, 400x225, blathers.gif)

Same. Her crafting skills are really nice. I hate her bird song ukulele crap, but i do appreciate her educating people on birds and her bird rescue charities. Her Blathers costume is so freakin cute though.

No. 237477

yep, barry is another one out of them all i don't mind
i forgot to mention him since i was talking about holly, but he's mellow enough and hasn't made any crude jokes just for le laughs. also, his editing was good as hell for an internet show

i think kati's bland, but she is nice

her singing is terrible, but she's taught me a lot about birds i didn't know

No. 237525

for a married couple in their late 20s they sure go to a lot of theme parks

No. 237527

File: 1455515911979.png (84.75 KB, 589x566, holly.png)

>her hipster stuff is annoying at times still, but overall, i don't find her so bad?

literally reddit: the cosplayer

No. 237530

It makes me so sad that she dresses "gyaru" but doesn't even attempt to do hair and makeup…

No. 237539

File: 1455518774373.jpeg (67.21 KB, 640x433, image.jpeg)

ok suzy

No. 237540

did you mean tumblr?

If you told me these were someone's pictures from the 90's, I would believe you. He actually looks weirdly good compared to his normal slob self.

No. 237546

File: 1455522160023.png (212.1 KB, 586x618, literally reddit.png)

no I meant reddit

see also: her Rocket Raccoon cosplay

No. 237575

File: 1455525460918.png (1.58 MB, 1079x1356, Screenshot_2016-02-15-09-34-34…)

I know it's kinda stupid to care but Kevin isn't single, why is he on an episode called Single Train?
Is Dan really the only one of the grumps who's single atm?
that's kind of sad

No. 237585

File: 1455525886468.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_2016-02-15-09-42-07…)

No. 237592

File: 1455526104287.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1260, Screenshot_2016-02-15-09-42-53…)

I feel like this is what you see before you go to hell

No. 237593

Oh wow, she's pretty. Also, they recorded the episode ahead of time, and Kevin only recently got in a relationship. He was single at the time.

No. 237596

"I've basically never been single but if you are, get over it!" Lol I mean I agree Valentines Day is overrated but she just made a giant shitty rose crown the other day.

No. 237597

This is legitimately nightmarish.

No. 237598

wasn't kevin engaged to some girl named pam-somethingoranother?

No. 237603

Pauline was her name, apparently they broke up. Good for him, that new girl is super fucking pretty

No. 237605

The recording was at least two days before he ended up with his new girlfriend. I hope it works out for him. As are as single members go, well, there's still Barry…maybe.

I know Dan goes on about how he's fine with being single and all that, but I can't help but to think that sometimes he gets bummed out because of it.

No. 237612

Can't tell if the shirt is just very loose or if Suzy has gotten fatter again

No. 237613

>Oh wow, she's pretty.

she looks like a Thai ladyboy hooker

No. 237614

Well, Kevin looks like a asian lesbian so it fits

No. 237619

I thought Barry was single?

No. 237630

I thought so too, but he wasn't on Single Train with Kevin and Dan. Maybe he was busy, but he hasn't updated on Twitter in two days, so I'm not entirely sure. Which is why I say maybe. He's more secretive about his current love life than Dan at this point.

No. 237649

Dan and Kevin said they were the only singles who were available to record that day, implying that Barry was busy. That said, it could also mean Barry isn't single- but it's none of my business so I won't bother looking into it!

No. 237696

i wouldnt go that far, but she definitely looks like 10 years older than him

No. 237699

Looks like a ladyboy

No. 237702

Oh wow, they look like garbage.

No. 237727

File: 1455564318199.jpg (130.5 KB, 1000x500, bgf.jpg)

No he is not.

But I love the fact that he and his girlfriend are the only ones who understand how to keep private stuff PRIVATE online.
(…ok including Dan)

No. 237751

Barry has some damn good willpower since I don't think he ever even mentions previous relationships. Unless he hasn't had any… which is fine too. Barry is basically the chillest grump out of all of them and it makes me sad because also probably the only one who is actually friends with suzy.

No. 237757

you're talking as if having a boyfriend or girlfriend needs to be kept a secret? is it really surprising to you that people who spend their careers talking about their every day lives might mention the person they are with?

like how fuckin lonely are you?

No. 237760

If I was a YouTube famous person with psycho conspiratorial/asslicking fans, I wouldn't want people knowing much about my significant others if I could help it. Just look at how this board rips into people that are only minimally associated with Suze and the Grumps.

No. 237762

File: 1455569641640.png (705.66 KB, 1115x744, creepyasfuck.png)

what… what the actual fuck is this photo Suzy?

No. 237766

File: 1455569831986.jpg (14.75 KB, 600x450, alfredhitchcock_bw_b.jpg)

No. 237769

So because there's a mean internet board you would stop yourself from including your SO into your super fun business with all your friends? Lawl bruh you take internet hate way too seriously. News flash; none of these famous YouTube channels give two shits we exist.

No. 237776

Maybe you care if you want to have a serious job outside youtube, and you don't want to be associated with dumb shit on the internet.
Even if it's not true, it can influence on how employers think of you.
This affects not only you but also your family members as well.

No. 237777

File: 1455570728154.jpg (146.25 KB, 1437x1057, IMG_20160215_161128.jpg)

So I guess she finally got the memo with regards to her lighting issue.

No. 237787

unless your channel is about murdering people chances are future employers wont give a shit about what you used to do on your youtube

Especially if your youtube was fucking insanely popular and did nothing but be a profitable business.

No. 237790


I gotta agree. You sacrifice your privacy once you gain a "following", it becomes near impossible to keep anything secret which does suck dick.

Besides, I can't be the only one curious to what Barry's elusive girlfriend looks like? I can't help it, ya it's nosey, but whatever I'm just curious.

No. 237791

I don't think so.
My evenly unfamous friends told me, they didn't want me to post photos of them partying, because they were applying for new jobs.
Employers do look for you on the internet, it's a common thing.

No. 237792


..didn't help much..

No. 237793

if anything you can use your insanely popular youtube channel and e-fame to get your feet in doorways you wouldn't have been able to before.

Probably because you were going to post them on Facebook under their real names on their non private account.
Also partying is not the same to an employer as running a hugely successful internet franchise.

No. 237796

I think the takeaway here is that it's understandable to not want to share your personal life with a fanbase known to be creepy brown-nosers and stalker-ish at times. And besides, with Grumps having more members than I can keep track of, I don't think they need more. If I were Barry's gf I wouldn't want to be spotlighted in Grumps context.

No. 237797

I just wanted to point out that there is something like internet-reputation, and it can catches up to regarding your future life non-online or else…

I don't want to start a huge discussion bout this here, back to Snoozy ….

No. 237801

Yes, back to Snoozoo
Lighting's still flat as fuck, drab as hell. Maybe a bit brighter and actually white-balanced, but still far from decent. Did she have some help with the old, good lighting setup, I wonder?

No. 237805

She's talking about how she's afraid of getting lip injections, because somehow this could turn into cancer?

No. 237807

porky the pig here thought pepsi gave her mom cancer, apparently
but she still eats like a slob, but, inb4 MUH CANCER

No. 237811

still looks awful. And she's slouching so much… all that dead space above her head is to hide her stomach, I guess. She should do them at a desk with nice bright washed out lighting and like a black tank top or something. These ugly ass t-shirts need to stahp.

No. 237814

that's some impressive stalking there.

No. 237816

Is octodick a grump now?

No. 237819

File: 1455577702718.jpg (489.71 KB, 3600x2700, kek.jpg)

Anons, I really like you, so I made this,
please enjoy ♥

No. 237821

They're both so ugly.

No. 237822

Does she read here? It just seemed weird the way she mentioned it.

No. 237823


She is so fat, and her unfortunate face really accentuates it.

No. 237824

oh my fucking god this is awful

No. 237825

Good god, she really did pack on a ton of weight. It shows the most in her face and arms.

No. 237826

it looks like Suzy's teeth are trying to escape her face in the last pic. I don't blame them.

No. 237829

Holly looks like she is going to implode with hatred and shame for even being there

No. 237833

She really shouldn't be wearing such a tight necklace when she's got a fat neck/face. Or maybe she should, it's funny

No. 237839

Hey, don't be mean! It's not the necklace's fault her gullet is too big.

No. 237846

Kevin is gross but at least him and his gf dressed up.

Suzy and Arin so fucking BORING. >>237585

No. 237847

She's pretty average tbh and just because she's not ugly doesn't mean she's a good person or not a bitch.

No. 237848

Suzy is pathetic. She honestly thinks she is better than everyone just because she's been dating Arin since they were young teens. It isn't an accomplishment since their relationship is forced and they're both fat and ugly with no creativity. Arin looks like he has tits here. Look at that weak ass jawline as well.

No. 237850

HOLYSHIT, Suzy has double chins now!! She is a fat as fuck

No. 237859

kek i was about to mention that, too, anon! Didn't her sister have braces at one point? Why wouldn't they both get them if they both had jacked up teeth?

No. 237861

real talk, are there any watchable episodes of Table Flip?

No. 237863

I don't like Mark much, but this is the only episode that had me interested in purchasing a board game for myself and actually made me laugh several times.

No. 237881

File: 1455591951060.png (946.47 KB, 916x594, 4567890.png)

my guess is that holly read this or someone in general talking about how she looks?

while i get the sentiment, reading this made me cringe so hard.

lmao tweethearts is okay if someone is hitler!! they only insecure n demselfs ((: <3

No. 237884

she is in total hugbox mode right now

No. 237893

>I feel like this is what you see before you go to hell
I've gotta clean up my act then.

No. 237895

The Grump fans are fucking vicious. Just look back at the damn GameFAQ author the fuckers DOXd and were ready to ruin his life over their SA:DX playthrough. I wouldn't want my SO being known in that environment, especially if things went south.

No. 237913

implying a board like this one is any better tho

No. 237982

File: 1455629621449.png (1.97 MB, 697x1675, Bigduze.png)


How many years does it take for Suzy to bury her neck in chin? Just two.
The images on the left are from the debut episode of Table Flip, whereas the images on the right are from Win, Lose, Banana.
Not only does she now have a massive double chin, extremely chubby cheeks and squinty pig-like eyes, but she's lost any definition that she used to have; images on the left showcase a jawline and pointed chin that are utterly lost from the images on the right. Everything just blends together now, you can't tell where the jawline starts and when her neck begins - everything under her lips inflates like a bullfrog.
Imagine what the next two years are going to look like… Gain Grumps indeed…

No. 237990

File: 1455632882576.gif (929.68 KB, 500x270, tumblr_m5utlnzstx1r91zw0o1_500…)

That's so sad to look at…

No. 237994


Holy shit, the second from bottom is just grim. I do sometimes feel genuinely awful for her because I know how much it sucks to pack on weight and how crap it makes you feel, but with all her money, she's very equipped to do something about it.

No. 238008

Yeah, they're seriously batshit insane. I wouldn't want to put my face out in public with GG.