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File: 1450454880156.jpg (30.9 KB, 636x358, miley.jpg)

No. 215362

I mean miley, whats wrong? Why you do this, we know you crazy but damn! (Suggested in another thread to give miley her own so here it is)

No. 215363

By this i actually mean her wierd new vid not that pic

No. 215365

>bf is constantly being mushy, doing PDA stuff and using babytalk with her
>she thinks it's creepy, weird and cringy
>does creepy, weird and cringy shit in her new video so he feels equally weirded out and/or amused instead of just offended by her confronting his behavior through song
It's like a Hannah Montana episode, but IRL.

No. 215370

File: 1450458125555.png (401.11 KB, 719x535, 1378092342.png)

wtf is this caption

No. 215373

I know the video is AWFUL like really I hate watching it too…but…I like…the song

No. 215374

>inb4 the bf actually gets off on shit like this

No. 215376

I feel like she's going to have a drug induced mental breakdown any day now

No. 215377

this is so shitty

No. 215379

I hate the way she talks but I find it entertaining at the same time. It's like weabspeak.

No. 215382

Absolute programming.

No. 215387

I think what makes this more creepy is the recent stefonknee thing that came out-i bet a lot of fetishes are getting off on that. Also she sings about not being a dumb bitch while in that video, the irony kek

No. 215388

This cracks me up. It's so uncomfortable. hahahahaha

No. 215389

File: 1450465480276.jpg (138.19 KB, 490x327, miley_zpsvagswppe.jpg)

Thanks for posting this, OP. Miley was a cow of a celeb if there ever was one.

>"I was so sober, I painted myself pink to enjoy a slice in my fairy garden.

>I've never tried any psychedelics, but I'm not against it. LOL.
>The very small people you see in the bottom right frame are actually just shrunken reflections of my inner self."

No. 215390

Nah. She's basically trying to do what Die Antwoord do, i.e. projecting a loud, colorful "ratchet" persona for the sake of her career/art. If not that, she's acting this way so she can tone it down in a few years and have people talk about how she "recovered" from heavy drug addiction and talk about how "beautiful and amazing" she is instead of just forgetting about her.
The fact that some people don't realize what she's doing is so retarded.

No. 215393

I think Miley does do drugs, but nothing really severe.

Ever noticed the most edgy edgelords are the ones with the most mundane and boring lives? She has to make it out to be like she's some psychedelic 420 weed child because she's probably new to drugs and doesn't do as much as she says. She also probably never got a chance to do them in her teens.

I remember reading Gaga's songs about sex made it seem like she had a colorful and glamorous bisexual sex life, but she said it couldn't be further from the truth and "Lady Gaga was a lie" even. She's said she's really shy, intimate, and she settled down with a husband very quickly and actually stopped calling herself bi. Her persona was kind of just her projecting and being who she wanted to be since she thought those things were cool.

No. 215394

die antwoord can get away with it because they were white trash south africans who came from nothing, afaik. miley just got big with her daddy's money and contacts.

No. 215398

It's funny how she chose the most obnoxious way to break away from the Disney stigma. Even by Tumblr standards Miley's persona is stupid.

I have a feeling she and Nick Jonas are going to be super religious in ten years once the sales begin to dip and the looks fade. They can minister at the same megachurch.

No. 215402

That's actually untrue. Yolandi Vi$$er (the female member) is from a middle upper-class, conservative home and her dad is/was a preacher. She was never white trash. At least Ninja seemed to have gone through some shit, but nothing as bad as his current persona would imply. People who have worked with them talk about how normal they actually are IRL.
The difference is 1) They're very dedicated to their work. They basically make it a point to never break immersion when cameras are rolling, and 2) They were virtually unknown before they put on their persona. They had many, many other music projects that never really hit mainstream the same way the "Die Antwoord" project did, so there's no reason for people to doubt them the same way they'd doubt Miley (a rich Disney star).
Miley just chose the wrong method, and it's glaringly obvious to anyone with eyes what she's doing. People will eat it up because they like controversy, anyway.

No. 215403

Nah Die Antwoord were highly educated and came from a middle class family. Their zef thing is entirely an act. They're just very clever and understands thieir market.

No. 215405

Except miley had made digs as sexual assult victims which as far as i know die antwood have not done, but i could be wrong. would be wierd if it were an act.

No. 215407

Actually "taken the piss" is a better term than digs.

No. 215408

I;m not sure its "like controversy" more than cannot ignore/look away from it. Bit like a car crash.

You're welcome :3

No. 215412

Die Antwoord make tons of rape jokes though

No. 215413

i didn't realise that, but at least they're working for it and are smart and dedicated enough to fool people. miley is transparent as all hell.

No. 215423

File: 1450470895342.jpg (31.92 KB, 500x333, Miley-Terry-T-Shirt.jpg)

Rape jokes are honestly all whatever and usually purposefully off color. They're usually made to offend people in general, not attack real victims.

Why Miley's was upsetting was because she was taking a stab at a small, specific group of women that were basically powerless and didn't have daddy's big dollars and lawyers to protect them. They were no-name models Terry Richardson would rape and sexually assault because he was a well known photographer and had the chance to make them famous. Miley acted like it was glamorous to joke about being "touched" by him, but he apparently never truly molests or rapes big name celebs because he's not stupid. She isn't the first well known female celeb to joke about the rape accusations not being true because he's really kind to popular celebs, hence "Uncle Terry".

Miley think it's funny that poor girls trying to get into modeling get raped by a well-known creep photographer because it can't happen to her. It's not even what I'd call a generic rape joke. It's more like laughing at peasants who are fodder in the modeling industry and won't ever be an A-list celeb like her.

No. 215425

File: 1450471912678.jpg (103.26 KB, 510x651, FFN_Miley_Concert_JKING_121515…)

She might not be doing that many drugs but she seems unstable. And she just keeps getting thinner.

Its obvious she's surrounded by a bunch of yes-people who don't really care about her and don't stop her from making a fool of herself. It's just really suspect.

No. 215426

Can someone post that crazy theory of this Miley being almost a skinwalker and shit? pol loved to talk about the real one being deadabd the actual one being a double to cover Disney's sexplotation of their child stars, fucking hysterical.

No. 215428

… Do little girls even like Miley these days?
Like they buy tickets and shit like in the old days?
Like, what the hell happened to her Disney-oriented fanbase that still watches re runs of Hannah Montana?
Poor kids.

No. 215429


Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips being a prime example. He's wanted to be mainstream famous for so long. Latching on to Kesha didn't work out but Miley is a bigger catch for now.

No. 215432


I dont think any parents would let their little kids see miley nowadays. Her fan base is just edgy teens.

No. 215433

The record lables and PR people most likely told her to act like that and pretend she was bi. Her "persona" was really just a bunch of rich people trying to appeal to what's "trendy" so that they can make more money. I doubt she had much say in it.
A lot of singers don't even write their own songs or have much control over their image lol.

No. 215435

Reminds me of this video

No. 215436

fucking gross

No. 215437

Wayne is a lolcow too. He left his long time wife for Miley 2.0. I think her name is Katy weaver. She's in mileys pics. They're best friends I think. They party and get stupid tattoos together. People said Waynes wife was awesome and him leaving her was a total shock to her. He's having a midlife crisis for sure on top of being fame hungry

No. 215439

You really think Terry Richard's didn't try to make a move on her? I think you're giving him waaaay too much credit. He's shot her naked and taken very provocative pictures of her. I almost 100% guarantee that he's made a pass at every female that's walked into his office, famous celeb or not. He is a grade A creep that uses his celebrity status to manipulate people.
He's also very rich (net worth $185 million) and I'm sure he uses that to his advantage as well.

No. 215440


No. 215443

I randomly found the artist who made this getup for her on instagram this morning. He was going on weird verbose rants defending her and talking about how amazing she is in the captions of his pictures. I'm pretty sure he's a middle aged man.

He had pics of the "unicorn dick" he made for her, and the original harness suit. There's a fake pussy underneath the dick lol. I wonder if I could find his account again…

No. 215445

What even was the occasion here? A gay pride parade? Or does she think unicorn strap-on bondage is acceptable concert atire? Anyone who's still a fan of hers must be an absolutely brain dead.

No. 215447

Miley doesn't get that we sure do talk about her, but that doesn't mean we like her or that it's even a good thing. She's shed so many fans and potential fans from these antics she keeps churning out. If she were more tactful in her edginess, she might have more fans. There's plenty of edgelord singers and bands, but they're appealing in how they do it.

I honestly dislike Taylor Swift, but look at her whole persona. She had the whole "America's Sweetheart" image so whole families tended to like her. She could easily come off as an approvable daughter figure to dad's (dresses generally like a normal girl), mom's would approve of most of her songs (lecturing about love to younger girls) and women in general can relate to her songs. They're also arguably "kid friendly" too.

She then branched into pop music without feeling the need to strip and actually gained even more fans. When she did Bad Blood, it was kind of darker and edgier than normal for her, but she didn't alienate and offend a ton of people. Taylor Swift is basically in a league of her own in record sales, literally far above everyone else.

In comparison, who is Miley's audience? I'd actually like to know what cow thinks it is.

No. 215450

File: 1450474371430.gif (976.92 KB, 500x281, miley-unplugged-horse-twerk-gi…)

It's from one of her tours. There's no occasion where she doesn't take the chance to look trashy.

No. 215451

Edgy teenagers

No. 215452

Weird washed up hippies, rave kids, and tranny perverts.

The website for her Happy Hippie foundation gives me a headache. http://www.happyhippies.org/

No. 215454

melanie martinez ripoff
and melanie isn't even that good

No. 215457

She kind of looks like a dude.

No. 215461

File: 1450475435593.png (531.95 KB, 537x535, 1:11.png)

I'm gonna dump some cringe from her instagram cuz I'm bored

No. 215462

File: 1450475450875.png (563.65 KB, 532x530, 2:11.png)

No. 215463

File: 1450475460351.png (469.84 KB, 532x532, 3:11.png)

No. 215465

File: 1450475470796.png (524.55 KB, 539x539, 4:11.png)

No. 215466

File: 1450475481798.png (515.71 KB, 531x534, 5:11.png)

No. 215467

File: 1450475499105.png (353.41 KB, 430x539, 6:11.png)

No. 215468

File: 1450475508033.png (538.34 KB, 459x536, 7:11.png)

No. 215469

File: 1450475516819.png (372.67 KB, 533x537, 8:11.png)

No. 215470

File: 1450475528384.png (420.77 KB, 536x533, 9:11.png)

No. 215471

File: 1450475539563.png (395.62 KB, 530x536, 10:11.png)

No. 215472

File: 1450475553043.png (519.21 KB, 533x538, 11:11.png)

No. 215476

lol at her whole change in persona after Nicki called her out for basically trying to be black. I really do think Nicki had something to do with it, because then she suddenly dropped her hijacking rapper stuff and adopted a hippie persona, which is generally considered kind of trashy and white.

A reminder she was trying to be everyone's little white girl rap mascot before that happened:


No. 215477

I think the backlash Iggy got for doing the same white girl hip hop act was the reason she switched. She changed her persona/ghetto rap stuff before Nicki called her out after all.

No. 215478

Iggy Azalea for all you farmers who don't know

No. 215479

It was always evident she didn't listen to much hiphop. During party in the USA when people asked what Jay Z song she referenced, she had no clue. She also thought Kendrick Lamar had the song about LSD, when really it was ASAP Rocky. Shes pretty hated in the rap world save for those profiting from her (Mike Will, Wiz Khalifa,etc)

I think it's hilarious she hangs out with Dan Bulzerian too

No. 215481

Black girls shaming white girls who rap is fucking stupid

No. 215486

Oh i definitely agree. I have nothing against it personally imo. Like look at Eminem. But anyway the Tumblr crowd is obsessed with cultural appropriation and have a hate boner for miley. She got a lot of flak for the box braids. Her VMA phase/aesthetic wasn't so hip hop to me as it was Die Antwood and Spring Breakers Alien etc.

No. 215487

File: 1450478456860.jpg (1.1 MB, 3004x2100, miley-cyrus-vma-cultural-appro…)

Miley is just really ignorant. I hate cultural appropriation and generally think it doesn't even exist, but Miley was literally just taking thing she didn't understand and waving them around. It just so happens that she picked a lot of black american culture, which is eternally a sensitive issue, and got hit by unbearable backlash. I can't really blame anyone for hating her for it, pic related. At least Nicki finally stood up to her and told her off. All the black male rappers sure didn't. They just wanted a white girl rapper with a decent body in their videos.

No. 215489

I dont think theres anything wrong with white girls rapping, I just think its weird when they do the whole ghetto hood act and put on a fake accent when they're from minnesota or some shit.

No. 215491

Well shit. I hadn't really kept up with him at all recently and goddamn he's a fucking mess these days.

No. 215492

someone euthanize her

No. 215494

Literally everyone in the hood learned to spell "bananas" from Gwen Stefani, it has little to do with her being white.
Iggy wasn't even a good rapper. The reason she seemed talented was because white girl rappers are so underrepresented/underestimated in the media. She learned how to cop an American accent even though she's fucking Australian, and do what any "ghetto" black girl rapper could do (except they'd just be called mediocre/subpar for it because they're not doing anything interesting or new).
On top of that, she literally talked about how her being white would help her early on, at least to one person. She's fully aware that being white lends her an "edge".

No. 215501

Ive always disliked Miley. Especially during Hanna Montana. She was a Brat. Then the music video for we can't stop came out, and I flipped my opinion. I really liked the song, the video, her hair. It was the perfect transition from Disney to legitimate, in my eyes. I was Defending her to my friends.

Then that fucking VMA performance. It was like watching the sloppy drunk girl at a party, slobbering all over everyone, and herself. Then in the morning she's face down on the lawn with her skirt up over her head. Fucking idiot.
Miley triggers me.

No. 215507

I was about 15 when Hannah Montana was in it's hay day (2007) and my fiends and I really liked her. Hannah Montana songs (at least the first and second season ones) surprisingly hold up and are pretty good. It's a shame that she went off the deep end like she has, because she has a really good voice and when she wants to she can make some kick ass pop music.

Maybe it was weed, maybe it was the childhood fame, maybe something deeper, who knows. But her whole "HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT HOW SEXUAL AND CONTRIVERSIAL I'M BEING!" act was worn out even after the Can't Be Tamed video. I hope she eventually snaps out of it, or else she's gonna end up in 27 club.

No. 215512

I really like how her voice sounds in the "singing" part of this song, too bad everything else makes me cringe.

No. 215514

File: 1450483657568.png (756.66 KB, 1039x452, 19287.png)

I've never been a fan of hers, but she definitely had potential and seemed to be shaping up into a classy, level-headed young lady. Then she chopped her hair off and totally went off the deep end.
I think she's really grown into her voice (especially on her most recent album) and could be a great musician if she just pulled it together. She needs to focus on writing lyrics that aren't just about sex and drugs.
I hate her old music, but hearing her sing songs like "Karen" and "Fweaky" made me change my mind about her vocal skills.
It's really sad how she's wasting her talent and beauty on this crazy hippy shit.

No. 215515

>my fiends

I want fiends.

No. 215516

She's lost her mind. holy shit

No. 215517

File: 1450483872396.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

Trashy as fuck.

No. 215518

Is this all an act or did she snap? She's so trashy.

No. 215530

File: 1450484860336.jpg (132.79 KB, 529x793, goyim.jpg)

No. 215532

She's acting like she's the first person to ever take drugs or join a party subculture. I find her antics tiresome but that baby video is my first moment of actual disgust.

(Old ex-raver here)

No. 215545

Lady gaga does still say she is bi, but she is now more open about things that actually happened to her, like rape and does more stuff that she wants to instead of what is going to get money. And to the point Gaga doesnt do crazy antics anymore because she has the attention she needs. Miley is likely trying to do the same, but with the added need to be so not Hannah Montana.

Thats the point. She said even when she was 16 and trying to get more into music that she wanted to be grown up. Said when she cut her hair short she wanted to do more of what she wanted not what was expected of her. It is all on purpose, she doesnt want the disney fanbase anymore.

She has the voice and the talent but does not want to be mature. I think sadly being a child actor is what fucked her up, she is trying to do all the edgy teenager stuff that most people could have done when they are teens now that she is alone and in charge of her stuff. Pretty much like Lindsey Lohan.

No. 215546

Wait what? Okay now you have to tell us about skin walker miley

I just feel really sad for her. Like, she had so much potential and she looked so sweet back in the Hannah Montanna days. Her transformation was like Lindsay Lohan's, but way worse

No. 215553

Gaga was cool in my book. She did the edgy and over the top thing but in a visually appealing way. I don't even know what the fuck Miley's going for. She looks like shit constantly and there seems to be no vision behind it other than being as tryhard edgelord as possible.

No. 215554

I thought the "skinwalker" theory was really just that the real Miley was done away with somehow and replaced by this new "edgy" version as an attempt to make money and silence the old one about the shit that goes on with Disney teen stars.

So basically, that South Park episode irl.

No. 215558

Wasn't this territory already covered by the "Paul is Dead" theory?

Damn, the music business must be sustaining a cottage industry in doubles.

No. 215561

I think i've read about this too, during one of my 4am web searches where I'm looking up shit like "illuminati in the music industry" and "disney and MK Ultra"… glad it's not just my imagination honestly.

No. 215562

Her Disney fanbase got big, went to high school, and became yolo swagfag edgy teenagers who are still into her music most likely.
Do little kids even still watch Hannah Montana? Because even a couple years ago when I was babysitting to put myself through college I don't remember kids I took care of (girls ages 8-12) being into Hannah Montana anymore, on account of that show is "old" now, and also "babyish".

No. 215564

I think Miley is trolling us all

No. 215565

File: 1450497348514.jpg (68.73 KB, 467x632, 9059cac63fece126db16fc7875bf50…)

I think everyone who thinks Miley has gone ~crazy~ is wrong. She's totally manufactured, and the people pushing her brand know exactly what they're doing. She did the ghetto thing to appeal to young, edgy teens, but dropped it because it was too offensive to sell well. Also, as other posters have pointed out, it was too obviously manufactured and fake. She had no real interest in hip-hop culture, just the aesthetic.

Now, she's totally picked up the edgy soft grunge, neu-hippie and dd/lg aesthetic straight from tumblr. The attached picture is what you get when you google "soft grunge tumblr" and it looks exactly like the aesthetic she's putting out now. She is a living amalgamation of edgy teen blogs, and that aesthetic – that brand – is going to get her merch in hot topics and other stores across the malls of america and sell.

No. 215566

Is anyone else longing for an actually controversial celeb? We're always told that Lady Gaga and Miley are shocking but to whom? People like Marilyn Manson and even Eminem used to get banned from cities whereas Miley and Gaga just make everyone face palm.

Manson's "Rock is Dead" seems appropriate.

No. 215567

It's a bit more complicated than that. I would argue that it's Yolandi who came from nothing, and Ninja who helped her out. Yolandi was adopted by the preacher as a baby (she was found abandoned) and in her teens she ran away and became homeless. Then she met Ninja.

No. 215581

No. 215587

jfc what she's become

No. 215588

tbh I never thought she was "pretty". Something about her face is just off.

No. 215589

I didn't know about that, thanks for clarifying, anon.

No. 215592

Wait, what's the name of her new video? Link?

No. 215593

ITT people who don't understand how record companies market musicians to consumers.

No. 215600

Prepare for a pic dump of her "Uncle Terry" photoshoot. I'll select some of the choice photos for you all and spoiler them for the safety of your eyes.

No. 215601

File: 1450510554058.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.21 KB, 400x600, 1.jpg)

No. 215603

Dat Hank hill ass

No. 215604

File: 1450510762700.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.41 KB, 600x400, 2.jpg)

No. 215608

File: 1450511033407.jpg (25.69 KB, 400x600, 3.jpg)

No. 215611

File: 1450511132743.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.22 KB, 600x399, 4.jpg)

No. 215612

File: 1450511183739.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.21 KB, 400x600, 5.jpg)

No. 215617

File: 1450511436764.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.12 KB, 400x600, 6.jpg)

No. 215618

File: 1450511478313.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.86 KB, 400x600, 7.jpg)

No. 215619

File: 1450511524911.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.31 KB, 400x600, 8.jpg)

No. 215621

File: 1450511553858.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.19 KB, 600x400, 9.jpg)

All I have for the moment

No. 215653

i don't get Terry Richardson's appeal. I, too, own a DSLR camera and a white wall. Can i take photos of celebrities now?

BONUS: I won't sexually assault anyone!

No. 215673

Oh my god, whyyyy

No. 215675

File: 1450522769770.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 145.02 KB, 1024x708, image.jpeg)

Idk but they probably fucked. Pic related

No. 215677

File: 1450523240373.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 448.26 KB, 855x1200, image.jpeg)

Damn, we need a Terry thread

No. 215686

Nicky Minaj is fucking stupid.

No. 215688

Ugh no we don't i dont think i will ever feel clean after seeing that. I'm gonna be sick.

No. 215689

File: 1450528659959.jpg (88.95 KB, 500x500, 402389-audience-reaction-to-mi…)

The fucking VMAs were a fucking experience, its the first time I see so many celebrities disappointed/looking utterly disgusted at someone's performance. Even Lady gaga visually cringed at Miley and Nicki looked about to go nuclear right there.

No. 215690

And what does she have to do with it?

No. 215695

idk… I've always seen her as pretty promiscuous even when she was on Hannah Montana. Wasn't she caught giving some producer a lap dance when she was still underage?

The "twerking" phase was definitely manufactured to get attention and she's admitted to it while she was doing it, but this nasty Black Snake Moan trip is 100% Miley imo

No. 215699


haha yeah because they are sooo classy. I almost prefer Miley, at least she is (or act) shameless in her sluttyness

No. 215701

fight me

No. 215703

I didn't know she has that many ugly tattoos

No. 215704

She has like no body hair expect for that disgusting patch of armpit hair
>feminist confirmed

No. 215708

I'm sorry but this is kinda hot

No. 215711

> I've never tried any psychedelics, but I'm not against it. LOL.
if you are implying that in this pic she is on drugs, psychedelics do not make you act like this BTW

No. 215712

oh dear god she's disgusting…imagine her father seeing this. if she was my daughter, i would never speak to her again
so much disappointment…..

No. 215713

After her perusing around with her tits out and high on drugs in public, her fashioning a strap on would be the tipping point for you? If Billy hasn't disowned her after all these antics, it's never gonna happen. The waters have been well tested, he's spineless.

No. 215722

>dad mode activated

It will be more and more difficult to find an actually controversial celebrity, because society's acceptance of deviancy has been increasing over time.

No. 215724

File: 1450539062078.jpg (50.32 KB, 633x461, a horse is a horse of course o…)

It's OT but can we tip a cup of oats for Miley's half brother Trace? Serial scene queen dater and workhorse behind a MySpace band best forgotten.

No. 215726

File: 1450539474694.jpg (136.39 KB, 500x413, lol.jpg)

That week Miley decided to dress like Trace's then-gf Hanna Beth. never4get

No. 215729

File: 1450539827038.jpg (148.62 KB, 1024x979, miley-cyrus-ex-freunde.jpg)

say what you want but she used to have a good taste in man. i wonder if that changed too

No. 215734

The Smiths were reacting at Lady Gaga's performance btw

No. 215736

This basic bitch dated Liam Hemsworth, yes. It still breaks my heart. :(

No. 215743

do you honestly believe miley's father approves her behaviour? what knd of sick bastard would tolerate that

No. 215744

I take it you've never tripped before lol. Covering your naked body in pink sparkle paint, running around in your backyard in a showercap and towel,and taking pictures with a random fairy garden while eating pizza is exactly the type of shit you'd be up to while tripping lol.
Me and a friend once wasted an entire carton of eggs when we were on LSD, because we wanted to know what it felt like to crush one in your hand. We got carried away and killed the entire carton because it felt fucking amazing. We were laughing like maniacs the entire time and rubbing egg on our arms.

Psychedelics make you loopy as fuck.

No. 215745


Not her but she bailed he paedo brother out of jail who was there for raping a 12 year old. She's stupid.

No. 215746

He's completely given up. He's come out and said that he thinks the devil has a hold on his family and he doesn't know what to do.


No. 215747

File: 1450542168151.jpg (69.22 KB, 615x923, um.jpg)

He had his weird moment of SATAN GOT MY CHILD that might have had something to do with Miley cutting him off due to his cheating on her mom, but I think he was on set for one of the Richardson shoots and had the whole family in the audience for her VMA hosting thing.

Since his opportunities declined Miley has been his breadwinner. The younger sister is next for this treatment btw. She's due for a Kylie Jenner revamp paid for by family soon. Pic related.

No. 215748

What is it with people with a shit ton of money (Charms- I'm lookin' at you) getting shitty tattoos? STOP IT

No. 215749

she shames people the most. it's probably just cause she's nervous that others will be better than her.

i don't think she understands that she's being used by the system just like all the other black studio hacks.

No. 215752

… that's her younger sister? Oh no.
I feel bad for young women (& men) in the industry. They get pimped out and taken advantage of 24/7.

No. 215753

Actually, it was revealed that it was her mother who did that, not her.
Read the news next time instead of jumping to conclusions, anon.

No. 215754

They're all fucking ugly, wtf

No. 215755

I'm sure she 100% understands it and is just projecting her frusteration. She knows that she's a shit rapper and basically a circus freak sideshow with that ginormous fake ass.
Her first mixtape was actually really good, and I was excited about her because quality female rappers are few and far between. Then lil Wayne got a hold of her and it all went to shit. YMCB or whatever their stupid group is called, turned her into a cheap plastic whore that makes watered down "rap" music with no substance.

Vid is old Nikki covering a Biggie song.

No. 215756

…This was back in 2011. She wasn't even that bad back then. That's pretty sad.

No. 215757

She's a great rapper, but she makes shit because no one is just trying to listen to good music. They want a big fat ass and a black stereotype to gawk at (hence why Azealia Banks, ie a top-tier rapper who doesn't have a shitton of butt/boob implants, is only ever popular when she's attacking someone or being rude).

No. 215758

File: 1450543644902.jpg (1.69 MB, 2068x3004, 486008996.jpg)

If anyone watched the shit show that was the 2015 VMAs, Miley hosted and had a few skits in between performances. There was one skit where she had a sleep over with some random rappers and before they turn the lights out Billy Ray comes in the room and says goodnight or whatever, turns out the light, leaves, and they all light a bowl.
He was also in the front row at the VMAs, watching her cringey attempt at hosting.
At one point she said that she was jealous of the baby inside of Kim Kardashian because it would get to suck on her nipples…
She also came onstage wearing this… while her father was watching. Barf.

No. 215759

This. Nicki does has some really good songs, but they rarely make it on the radio. Let's be serious how many songs with actual meaning are actually popular. Take still I raise vs beez in the trap.

No. 215760

She makes shit because she's paid to make shit lol. People who have an actual taste in music don't listen to "rapers" like Nikki Minaj and Piggy Azaela. They're completely artificial.
I also used to like Azaela Banks back when 212 came out, but she's a ninny.

No. 215761

Rapers lmfao

No. 215763

even so, selling out to get popular doesn't entitle you to bitch and baww at someone else doing the same fucking thing. she's just bringing race into it for pretty much no reason, 'black' music barely belongs to them anyways, it's mostly just cutout sensationalist shit now. it's really pathetic honestly.

No. 215764

File: 1450544077958.jpg (97.88 KB, 695x1000, brandi-cyrus-2014-pre-grammy-g…)

This is her older sister, Brandi.
This entire family is ugly as fuck, jfc. At least she seems sane.

No. 215766

File: 1450544304956.jpg (2.27 MB, 3197x4091, noah-cyrus-gray-hair-dye.jpg)

She's scary looking. Noah is derp af too.

No. 215773

Funny enough now he's married to Brenda Song, another Disney star.
I loved his band in middle school tho, damn. I met him in a bar randomly last year and he was actually pretty chill. I wish I had asked him about miley.

No. 215777

I couldn't even believe this was her sister until I looked it up. She's 15 years old, yet she's wearing that top?

No. 215784

the in-breeding is strong with this family

unfortante to see her sister go from cute and fresh-faced in this picture >>215766 to a Kylie Jenner wannabe in this picture >>215747

No. 215789

File: 1450547872109.jpg (19.33 KB, 385x240, pictureforants.jpg)

I'll be damned; those are some clone faces if I've ever seen 'em. Her mom's is even worse.

No. 215790

Holy fuck she looks like her mum.
Both ugly as fuck now. Miley actually looked kind of cute when she had long hair. Now she looks like a tumblr trainwreck. Pitty.

No. 215791

File: 1450548189484.jpg (214.16 KB, 500x667, ew.jpg)

>rich white trash

No. 215792

The mom's vacant doll eyes are everything a fancy filter tries to give people like Margo Palermo and thousands on Instagram but just can't.

Her name is Tish because of course it is. Tish Cyrus.

No. 215800

File: 1450550488511.jpg (94.77 KB, 760x933, spooky.jpg)

She looks absolutely dead inside

No. 215807

She's never had to learn to be responsible. She's never had to learn to be an adult. She has no idea what her limits are, because she's never needed them. She's pampered trash.

People like her, when they try to prove they have more depth than a puddle and more life experience than a mayfly, go completely off the deep end because they have no idea what the hell they're doing.

As long as she's rich and still has people wanting to buy her music and see her perform, she has no reason to believe she's a train wreck. She's basically a child playing pretend, too sheltered to realize that she's not ~edgy~, she's just gross and pathetic.

No. 215808

Do people look like ogres where you come from?

No. 215810

do you honestly think he gives a shit? he is the one who pimped out miley to disney in the first place to revive his dead country singer career.

it is a known thing that children don't grow up stable in the entertainment industry, yet he still used her. and the whole cyrus family keeps using their children, because without them, the family would be broke and forgotten. just like the kardashians/jenners.

No. 215812

Don't worry anon, shit happens. I liked a few tracks off her new album too, that slab of butter one and some other i don't remember

just listen to it till you get bored of it and forget about it

No. 215814

File: 1450553799310.jpg (38.08 KB, 320x240, billy-ray-miley-320.jpg)

some fucked up ass family

No. 215816

because taking pics with your "almost naked" daughter is every father's dream.

No. 215817

holy shit that emotionless stare reminds me of a fucking real doll peter coffin would fawn over. Uncanny as shit.

No. 215818

File: 1450554352411.jpg (173.58 KB, 816x1222, miley-cyrus-fierce-sexy-at-amf…)

the epitome of trashy

No. 215819

I do think he gives a shit but it's too late now. He shouldn't be pushing the blame on others; the way his wife looks says enough about who he is.

No. 215823

Ugh, she's posing with her near naked daughter and still has that no-ones-home look. What happened to Tish?

No. 215825


I started thinking wtf why were her nips so tiny compared to the Richardson shoot. Realized too late they were fake tits. I'm dumb

No. 215826

File: 1450555034288.gif (630.18 KB, 500x378, pelVq3z.gif)

He's seriously blaming all this on David Lynch casting him in Mullholland Dr?
He can fuck right off with his shitty parenting. At least David Lynch isn't a talentless hack.

No. 215831

can you all please fuck off with that nicki cunt? thanks.

No. 215843

File: 1450563767976.png (229.02 KB, 579x306, CHPtIFYWsAAdBHY[1].png)

No. 215848

Last guy she dated was Patrick Schwarzenegger, currently with Stella Maxwell.

idk if this makes it better or worse, but she's a vegan and is gluten intolerant. I saw a comment about her coming thinner somewhere, and it's because of the dietary choices, not being ana.

No. 215869

File: 1450564859485.jpg (97.33 KB, 600x901, m&m dress.jpg)

Apparently, Miley showed off an ambiguous text from someone that just said "I love u". Some people think it's from Liam, other people think it's from Leto. Other people just think their weird ass fuck buddies.

Even if Miley has an okay body, I seriously can't imagine fucking someone that much of an attention whore.

No. 215871

They're both obnoxious as fuck (her and Leto that is) so they're perfect for each other.

No. 215873

Despite how tacky the photos collated together make her seem, her interviews always win me over.

No. 215874

He looks so unhappy here.

No. 215883

Can somebody explain to me why people seem to dislike Jared Leto?
I get that he has crazy eyes and comes off a little manic, but I'm not caught up that much with celebrity gossip.

No. 215887

Just look at him. If he wasn't famous he would be a topic in /snow/.

He's had a few decent roles in various films and I have a soft spot for My So-Called Life, but everything else about him bugs the shit out of me. The music, the self importance, the Hot Topic Platinum Visa card…

No. 215889

Agreed - underneath the mad fake persona she seems a friendly and fun person.

No. 215892


I'm pretty sure he got called out for raping underaged fans a couple of years back - not sure if just rumours but a bunch of girls had said similar stories where he would make them beg him for sex and stuff. He's so up his own ass I'm surprised he can see.

No. 215905

This reminds me of that "thingken of life" picture

No. 215909

I hate to say this, but most celebrity rape accusations are bullshit. They just wanted attention and/or money.

No. 215910

Is it bad I kind of liked her look in the Baby Talk video? It reminded me of Melanie Martinez a bit. (Melanie is way more talented, though.)

I don't know what to think about Miley's ongoing bullshit. The VMA/MTV stunts were all definitely fabricated, but is it really getting her that much attention? Her new music video barely has any views, compared to other artists. She's like, almost completely irrelevant. People think of Miley, go "ew" and that's about it. There's nothing remarkable about her at this point, even her outrageousness has gotten so old.

No. 215911


Does Miley's mum have facial paralysis or something? Can she really only do that one face? Is this like a botox thing or something? I don't want to shit on her if she's got a legit medical condition that makes her face look like that all the time, but omg can she not change facial expressions?
Maybe Miley's mum is MK Ultra programmed as well…

No. 215915


To be controversial you don't need to be "deviant" in the /pol/ sense. You only need iconoclastic. Iconoclasm is usually considered anti-religious but it can be anti-anything.

Even with someone like Manson a lot of his lyrics were anti-PC but that was ignored because his imagery was so anti-religion. In his Mechanical Animals era he got a lot of shit from the right because of his androgynous imagery even while his lyrics were mocking metrosexuals. Literally all we need is a new Manson with an updated image for the times.

Meanwhile with someone like Miley the media is telling us we should be offended but who is? It's all manufactured. Madonna used to incite protests without taking her bra off but Miley has shown everything and nothing happened.

No. 215921

Well, it is generational most of the time.

No. 215923

She could actually be controversial if she put a little thought into it. Imagine if she showed up at her next concert or photoshoot in her usual half-nakedness but with a big unshaven bush for example. That would be noteworthy and interesting and maybe even have some meaning behind it. The armpit hair thing? Sttapons? Very passe and just jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of attention. Controversy should send a message, not just… "shock" for no reason.

No. 215924


No. 215928




Proof Miley can still be classy if she truly wants to be. I wish she'd just stop it. She doesn't have to do any of this. A kind of rare glimpse of her new persona not being an absolute nutcase on stage.

No. 215929

Yes! I don't understand having armpit hair if your gonna shave your legs and bush. She should totally grow out all her body hair.

She should just make porn already. She wants to sooo bad, you can tell. She could Direct it and make the music for it, and film it with her cell phone.

No. 215930

You can tell by her hair, that this was recorded before the drag race finale which was April 2015 from the hair. Her instagram doesn't go that far back, so my best assumption is that it was recorded late 2014/early 2015.

She says that she's stopped doing the cookie cutter stuff, is that it didn't make her happy. I think a big turning point in her life was when she was considering quitting Hannah Montana - which was her stable source of income.

I saw a video that said she spent like 3k on her hair extentions during her hannah montana days, and by the looks of it she doesn't really take care of that stuff any more. idk.

No. 215931


That still wouldn't be controversial and that's exactly the same sort shit that she's doing now. Tabloids will write some shit about how she's "challenging culture" while 99% of people won't care because they saw similar stunts when they were teens 10-40 years ago.

What she needs to do is insult some modern sacred cows that will be sure to drag in third parties. She should go up on stage wearing a sexy burka or something like that.

No. 215932


And to be ten times more controversial: don't wear the burka in one of her concerts, wear it while accepting like an MTV award so even non-fans see it.

No. 215933

Didn't Lady Gaga already do that?

No. 215938

File: 1450587860865.jpg (185 KB, 2048x1536, tumblr_mahmfvWcqb1qc2qdgo1_.jp…)


Apparently, but not at an awards show. She did it quite tastefully and seems to have merely been accused on being Orientalist.

I'm sure Miley could accomplish a fatwa if she put her mind to it.

No. 215940

i-is it bad i would actually let her fuck me with that?
this just intensified my weird lesbian fantasies about her, she got so hot when she cut her hair short

No. 215943

File: 1450590480393.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-20-00-46-05…)

>tfw laura jane grace is in cahoots with her
kill me now

No. 215945

what a wasted life. no one's ever gonna take this crazy whore seriously

No. 215946

aaahhhh…such a perfect example of shitty parenting
i'd slap the shit out of miley if i was her mother.doesn'tmatter she's an adult but goddamn….

No. 215947

File: 1450591376896.jpg (50.49 KB, 584x444, pulled-out_xoxo.jpg)

No. 215949

i saw this yesterday and thought DAMN SHE HAS A WONDERFUL VOICE what is she doing with her life?? I genuinely enjoyed "Let it snow".

No. 215951

File: 1450592184460.jpg (45.51 KB, 600x564, miley-cyrus-naked-bathtub-0801…)

Remember when THIS was shocking?

No. 215952

No. 215956

All my keks. I bet this really happened, though.

No. 215959

get the fuck off this site please

No. 215960

Is that her vogue shoot when she was like 16? I remember that was such a controversy back then lol

No. 215966

Down, girl

No. 215970

File: 1450605438208.jpg (81.46 KB, 930x1243, a5254.jpg)

Anyone else remember when this happened? Only like a year after Hannah Montana started as well.

No. 215972

Pretty much this. Seeing how she's an ex-Disney star it's ironical how even her rebellious offensive era is met with lukewarm reactions. But in the end she doesn't manage to provoke anyone despite going on stage half-naked and with fake tits and a dildo strapped to her crotch. Who should be offended? She's just nude and sticking out her tongue. That's not radical or offensive, she's not anti-anything and not making a stand other than "I'm not a kid anymore". If she actually wanted to shock people, she should actually disgrace something other than herself.

No. 215973

She is a good singer but I hate how she purposefully lowers her voice while speaking now to sound "cool" and "butch". When Nicki called her out I was so embarrassed by Miley's ratchet ass reply, especially done in that fake deep voice.

Nicki's not much better though, what she did was pretty immature and self-centered.

No. 215976


>If she actually wanted to shock people, she should actually disgrace something other than herself.


No. 215977

nicki's terrible. I don't understand why there were some people here licking her clit.

No. 215978


And where exactly did Nicki Minajs' mother get a casual $100,000 to bail out get paedo son? That's no small amount Anon. Nicki paid.

No. 215979

Someone said it in this thread already but I think the only way to be controversial in today's society would be to question muslims, charities that use money for everything else than charitable acts, business made with global warming, the limitation of free speech by censorship etc. Making fun of Christians, conservatives and such is a default now and we've seen it done over and over again by every artist ever for 40+ years so it's completely lost its edge. But nobody wants to be that person who actually has to fear for their safety (see Charlie Hebdo) so they just stick to the mundane acts that they feel are shocking but in reality nobody outside of tabloid journalists give a shit.

No. 215981

This was so obviously staged. I still can't believe how many people were going YAAAAAAASS SLAY QUEEN NICKI SLAY and all that shit afterwards.

No. 215984

The mom put up half in money and half in the form of her house

No. 215990

Wasn't she in a lesbian relationship with Stella Maxwell? I saw the pics

No. 215993

Wow, she should start pulling the vintage pin-up look. Looks lovely in this

No. 215998

Stella's Wiki entry said that they shared a kiss on Instagram or something, but Miley claimed they never dated or have been in a relationship.

No. 216000

>>She was rumored to be in a relationship with American singer Miley Cyrus in July 2015, after pictures of them kissing intimately immersed. However, Cyrus denied the relationship in August 2015 to Elle UK.

From her Wiki page.

No. 216001

File: 1450627409607.jpg (144.28 KB, 480x320, the people's finger.jpg)

The entire extent of that relationship seemed to be one public fingering session for TMZ photographers. Publicity, it's not difficult.

No. 216018


Oh wow, never seen that one

No. 216081

She used to look cute…what a waste

No. 216095

Staged af for attention, I can't believe people even fell for that

No. 216105

she's so trashy and slutty holy shit
if this was my daughter i'd disown her, damn

No. 216108

i fail to see what's the cultural appropriation and nicki minaj is fucking stupid and this situation is pretty ironic.
Nicki minaj perpetuates the shitty stereotype that black women are ghetto and insert shitty ass rap and are only good for tits and ass and sex objects smh

No. 216125

File: 1450667747925.jpg (45.98 KB, 630x920, VF1.jpg)

even this was controversial at one point, kek. I think it's a nice photo.

No. 216130

also she has been call out by SJW before for the same reason, cultural appropriation, in her harajuku girl phase.
And it was so stupid too, but she should not go mad with people for doing the same she has done before

No. 216137

Zion and Mengele daisies.
Hrmmm. Still spooked

No. 216139

Donald Trump?

>tfw when there will never be another G.G. Allin

No. 216194

At least this was artistic and classy.

No. 216204

shit, yeah, I remember that. everyone was like "AHHHH MILEY IS TOPLESS" but it was a very tasteful photo. it looks like a pretty painting.

No. 216208

File: 1450688979061.png (60.69 KB, 363x466, bondage angel.png)

I'm sadly reminded of something I like, SMT. the angels, anyway. Damn it.

No. 216226

I think the issue here was that she was 16 at the time.

No. 216268

Just me or does brown hair like in >>215951 suit her much better? The shade of blonde she has now isn't really doing her any favours

No. 216307

I thought the same thing haha

The brunette hair did look pretty good, especially the braided photo that was posted earlier in the thread. Miley's face isn't that attractive but the long brown hair suited it nicely.

No. 216312

she looks very pretty here.
it's a shame she changed so much

No. 216313

I think she looks kinda bad here. Her lips look smeared, her eyes are too small, something is happening with her nose. And she's turning her head so far that her neck is full of folds. And this is after all the editing for a magazine

No. 216388

Her eyes aren't naturally that huge (just very round), especially when she was younger and had a bit more weight on her than she does now. Her nose is just like that.

As for the lips I agree but I think they were going for kind of a messy look here, like with her hair. I still think it's a nice photo.

No. 216399

File: 1450745036834.png (683.89 KB, 600x600, image.png)

No. 216400

>Will smith and his family's reactions
This is great.

No. 216406

His name's colin something, he's fucking bat shit. I followed him because I liked his fiberglass work but he posts at least once a day going off about how women are goddesses and how men are retarded and the word needs to stop "pretending a book from hundreds of years ago matters!!!".

No. 216410

It pains me that obnoxious idiots like these get the spotlight and actual intellects are barely acknowledged.

No. 216411

Joan Jett! Nooo

No. 216421

Look on the bright side, Joan probably knows Miley is a trainwreck and is just doing the Happy Hippy for money so she can buy herself cool stuff or something

No. 216428

she looks like she's having some sort of vivid war flashback

No. 216448

I do, I remember how controversial it was.


No. 216463


joan is a bitch anyway.

No. 216477

How dumb are you? Every single time I trip on shrooms I end up painting my body and putting lipstick in my hair. This shit most deff happens

No. 216482

Miley is tragic.
She tries so hard for attention but still doesn't get it. It's hilarous imo.

No. 216498

>Will Smith and his family
That is some serious disgust right there.

No. 216499

Her image is so tryhard, and trashy. I'm surprised she still has fans.

No. 216500

birds of a feather etc

No. 216504


Miley singing to lick her "pussy and her crack" in a weird butterfly hippie look then goes on to say to suck her dick and eat her pussy out.

Does Miley actually think she has both? I think she's said she's genderqueer before. She's made some of these fake dildos she have have a fake vagina underneath them too. I think she's literally trying to say in multiple ways she has both of these genitals.

No. 216511

File: 1450767901422.jpg (55.74 KB, 600x598, noah.jpg)

No. 216514

yikes. they really love embracing their trailer park trash roots……..

No. 216515

eyy those are Colin Christian pieces.

No. 216517

File: 1450769037252.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 166.18 KB, 750x1147, image.jpeg)

No. 216522


No. 216523

>Does Miley actually think she has both?
Most likely not. But her target audience from Tumblr are into that transtrender/genderqueer bs, hence why she is suddenly "genderqueer" now with a fake penis.

No. 216527


No. 216536

Are they really? I never imagined that Brenda Song would marry him.
I really like her and it seems like she's one of few who have come out of being a Disney child star unscathed.

No. 216541

File: 1450779787617.jpg (77.97 KB, 450x600, 4151_600.jpg)

Dumping some weird ass shots from Miley's recent Plastik photoshoot.

No. 216542

File: 1450779824727.jpg (53.94 KB, 450x600, 4587_600.jpg)

No. 216543

File: 1450779860475.jpg (71.31 KB, 450x600, 4893_600.jpg)

No. 216544

File: 1450779928202.jpg (89.03 KB, 450x600, 5171_600.jpg)

No. 216546

Bonus: Normal Christmas Miley so you can rinse your eyes after having to look at those. Probably the most normal and clothed anyone has seen her in a long time. She's supposedly releasing this song shortly.

No. 216548

Sounds pretty similar to Pablo the Blowfish

No. 216551

All these photos would be nice if she had an attractive face tbh.

No. 216552

Yeah Miley has got an amazing body, but…the whole family looks inbred.

No. 216577

well she's a heroin addict.

No. 216600

this shit makes me wanna kill myself

No. 216617

She already has the horse face of a trailer trash mother in her 40s.

No. 216627

File: 1450814726967.jpg (56.66 KB, 640x972, miley-cyrus-flat-ass-vma.jpg)


>yeah Miley has got an amazing body

Sure, if skinnyfat white girl is your thing.

No. 216630

I agree her body isn't the most enviable, but you have to admit those shorts are just a nightmare and would be on almost anyone.

No. 216637

Ok yeah she looked awful there and she's got no ass but I think she generally looks pretty toned? Like >>215869 for instance.

No. 216640

Nobody looks good in latex lingerie. Nobody.

No. 216641

File: 1450816332377.jpeg (47.88 KB, 592x640, image.jpeg)

No. 216657

I think everyones ass would look like shit with those shorts and that weird pose.

No. 216658

Mein sides

No. 216659

Her latex underwear were like a size or two too small for her and when she was moving around a bunch, it pushed basically her whole ass out. That isn't what her ass was actually shaped like. It's 100% fault of the latex underwear and everyone is stupid as fuck and lost their shit.

No. 216671

is this anne frank

No. 216680

File: 1450827209170.jpg (59.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 216745

d'aww… how heartbreaking…

Wow she is unfortunate looking. A bit like onionsan's wife in her face honestly. But at least without that awful haircut she would look normal…

Ok are there fake boobs attached to that harness as well as a fake dick? those don't look at all like Miley's boobs unless she's had them did.

No. 216752

Yes, the breasts are fake.

No. 216805

File: 1450857757959.jpeg (8.94 KB, 225x225, 2015-12-23-01-51-30-45923539.j…)

She herself is a con-artist. I don't see y anyone would have to "turn her" ("grown-woman") into anything.
On a more related note, I'm not sure y people r so obsessed with Miley. She seems like a rich girl "suffering" from affluenza, a.k.a too much money + power + immaturity. At least she shows her colors, whether people like it or not. I blame the media (and people who wont shut up about her), I mean look at how famous they made Kim K and now Kylie J. I get tht she is lolzy, but im pretty sure shes just a rich girl living her life (ofc its in the limelight wen u used to b Hannah Montana, and now ur watevr she is, and the media chooses to like her either way). Im not sure y people think otherwise. & wth did i come back to? Mayb dumblr's here..

No. 216842

I think that she was trying very hard to show everyone she wasn't Hannah Montana anymore. And now it's gone too far and she'll have to ride it out until no one cares about her anymore.

I don't listen to this kind of music. I couldn't name one of her songs. I only know her visually. So I can't comment on the music angle. But she reminds me a bit of Madonna during her spikey bra days. Although way more trashy. Madonna did some gross looking things on stage. But this is a lot more disgusting. I wouldn't even call it daring. It's just barf inducing.

No. 216843

I think that she was trying very hard to show everyone she wasn't Hannah Montana anymore. And now it's gone too far and she'll have to ride it out until no one cares about her anymore.

I don't listen to this kind of music. I couldn't name one of her songs. I only know her visually. So I can't comment on the music angle. But she reminds me a bit of Madonna during her spikey bra days. Although way more trashy. Madonna did some gross looking things on stage. But this is a lot more disgusting. I wouldn't even call it daring. It's just barf inducing.

No. 216850


>I don't see y anyone would have to "turn her" ("grown-woman") into anything.

Normally I would agree with you, but it's not that straightforward. She's a grown woman, yes, but a lot of people in the public eye, pop artists especially, need to fit a certain image so that people will listen to their music.

No. 216890

I'm just not sure why people always blame everyone else for stuff that she CLEARLY chooses to do on her own. Its like they think the whole world revolves around her and everybody is out to hurt her just because she's a rapper. I'm pretty sure she's not really a good person, so if someone is out to get her, its because of tht. But I dont c y randomly people would give a crap to force her into what she is today image-wise (& I could care less about her personal life). Her public persona is just narcissistic, toxic negativity this scumbag targets at young teens. I don't see why any normal functioning adult wouldn't b able to c through her bs trolling for money + attention.

No. 216894


>I dont c y randomly people would give a crap to force her into what she is today image-wise

It's simple marketing.

>I don't see why any normal functioning adult wouldn't b able to c through her bs trolling for money + attention.

But her target audience isn't normal functioning adults. Like you said, it's stupid, impressionable teenagers who get sucked into this fake "glamorous" image that has been fabricated for her.

I'm definitely not denying she's a money hungry attention whore, though. And it's not like she has no say in the things she does.

No. 216912

>I dont c y randomly people would give a crap to force her into what she is today image-wise

>It's simple marketing.

Thing is I really don't c this kind of thing happen to the extent people claim its happening with her to other celebrities, I mean who the heck is she supposed to be?

No. 216915

Yeah, Madonna at least turned you on being edgy an risque back in the day, but this right here? It just makes me sick, as a human being and a lesbian, like… Oh no, please don't rub you pussy with that anymore, p-put your tongue back in your mouth, someone please cleanse this filthy body.

No. 216935

Why? Bc Miley is a fucking reptilian Illuminati member thats why.

No. 216972


She looks dead inside.

No. 216976

Jesus Christ this is embarassing. The crowd is almost completely silent, and she can't say 2 words without cussing.

Also, she never said "suck my dick" or mentions having a penis… She was talking about how she always hears men say it in their songs, and I think she was suprised that no one wanted to go along with her and chant "eat my pussy and my crack".

Saying "EAT MY PUSSY BEEYOTCH" as an insult is the dumbest shit ever. It just doesn't have the same effect as saying "suck my dick".

Women who go out of their way to be crude are so repulsive.

No. 216982

File: 1450915008856.jpg (20.68 KB, 324x453, images.jpg)

I think she looked her best while dating Liam. She was so elegant and pretty.

No. 216984

This makes me sad… She looks so sophisticated in this photo.

No. 216987

This guy gets it.

No. 216989

I always thought so too. I remember thinking she was finally growing up but it turned out to be yet another phase

No. 217001

So she's trying to bring gender equality to cursing? Okay, Miley. You sacrifice being a legitimate human being where people take what you say seriously when you do all your gimmicks.

Also, I agree. There's nothing to be proud about with a girl who says "suck my dick" or "eat my pussy" either way. Hell, does she not get that guys who say it tend to get looked at as loud assholes too? No one looks good when they say it.

No. 217002

David Icke and his Satanic reptile people theories are fucking retarded.

No. 217009

I guess even someone who suffers from affluenza does actually suffer, since they basically loose control. Miley really seems to believe people can b as brave her and do whatever they want, regardless of public scrutiny. Even if they were to, even though it may seem like freedom at first, I don't think it quite works that way. The most I think anyone should take from Miley Cyrus is to b less judgemental, maybe even learn how to think for themselves regardless of society more often. This is all getting old and was nvr all tht funny.

No. 217013


That's exactly what a reptilian would say…

No. 217015

File: 1450924280711.gif (332.91 KB, 289x149, 1448085889257.gif)

Stop trying to make this a thing. It's retarded. She's just a dumb rich girl who's parents never told her no. On top of that, she was pimped out to Hollywood at a young age, and Hollywood is basically notorious for their mistreatment of children.
The reason why she's lost control and has no inhibitions is because of the ridiculous amount of LSD and who knows what other drugs she's been taking. She's not free, she's being controlled by her label and PR people who only encourage her insanity because it makes them money. She's contributing nothing to society, and is encouraging people, especially young women, to act like degenerates. If anything, we should be more judgemental. For fucks sake, the chick wears strap ons, barely wears anything, humps everything in sight, and yells about eating pussy at concerts that are for ALL AGES. Her most recent video was a pedophile's wet dream and her newest album is just a bunch of trite songs about drugs and sex. She is an absolute disgrace to herself, her family, her fans, and anyone who has willingly or accidentally subjected themselves to her work.

Society should NOT be encouraging behavior like this. Nothing good will come of it. Most people don't think she'll make it to 30. But "no judgement guise, accept everything!!Peace n LUV".

I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in a modern day Babylon, goddammit.

Also, you type like a 12 year old. This is an 18+ board.

No. 217016

Sodom and Gamorra would have been a better example than Babylon, but my point still stands.

No. 217022

Affluenza is just a way of saying
>he's just a dumb rich girl who's parents never told her no
In one word instead of an entire sentence, you spastic.

No. 217031

I never said she was free, I was just implying my theory that that was how she wanted to feel. I disagree.

No. 217034

Who's holding a gun to their head? Who's holding the gun to Nicki's head telling her to be a trashy, large-ass freakshow? Don't forget they're (celebrities) getting paid more in a decade than we'll earn in a lifetime. If she doesn't like making a retarded show of herself, she can go work a 9-5 like most people, but if she's not willing to do that, then why feel sorry for her? She's earned a lot, she fulfill current contracts and stop signing more if she's really that upset with showbiz.

No. 217036

You actual autist

No. 217037

their point was that it makes it sound important. stupidity comes from not being raised properly it's not some disease rich kids get.

No. 217365

lol such a tiny cone.
i bet she cant punch fatties to save her life

No. 217378

lsd lol, sure. all those nasty lsd addicts, right?

No. 217451

I can't really bring myself to dislike her. To me it seems very obvious that her persona is manufactured to make money and evidently it is succeeding. Miley herself most likely does enjoy at least some of what she does but at some point there was a meeting with PR people that created the Miley we know now. She'll simmer down into a more elegant persona when this one stops making money. I like part of the aesthetic she presents and I liked her last album. I similarly think I am the ONLY person who prefers her with the short blond hair, its much more visually interesting than the long brunette hair (very boring, pretty much JC Penney tier).

The one part I must adamantly disagree is with any comparisons to Lindsay Lohan. She was a real trainwreck, suffering from drug addiction and mental health issues coupled with irresponsible spending habits, thievery and an inability to complete her work. Miley may be trashy but I've the impression she's more responsible. She made a point to party in her own home so she could avoid press and avoid getting busted for drinking when she was still under 21. I haven't heard of her stealing or tottering on the edge of bankruptcy due to frivolous spending nor having poor work ethic. No DUIs or arrests and court appearances. Lindsay Lohan was a unique disaster.

Granted I do think she must have some mental health issues, what child star wouldn't.

No. 217486

I prefer her short hair too anon. She went from average/pretty to really hot.

No. 217487

Tumblr generally doesn't like her actually because of that fake rapper ghetto girl persona she used to have

No. 217510


I'm so astounded by this boards misconception of drugs at times, especially regarding psychedelics.

You can't get addicted to it, neither can you feel the effects of it if you attempt to take it daily, it just doesn't work.

No. 217558

That and they think that her popularising twerking/making it mainstream means she stole black 'culture'.

No. 218235

File: 1451401823409.jpg (73.41 KB, 480x720, 201011081387740069.jpg)

She looked SO good here. So sad. What a dumbfuck for fucking it up.

No. 218251

im pretty sure if i had a hemsworth and lost him i'd go off the deepend too.

No. 218421

I'm a straight girl and I'd fuck her here.

No. 218422

File: 1451441853490.jpg (127.99 KB, 2000x1000, happy meal.jpg)

I'm sure everyone's seen this, but I love how she clearly licked off her makeup here sticking out her tongue

No. 218428

File: 1451442470389.gif (806.38 KB, 500x282, tumblr_mw694fgezw1ql5yr7o1_500…)

>licking off her makeup
This bitch is nuts. I don't know why I'm saying this like its breaking news, but moses. How vile.

No. 218431

File: 1451443299452.jpg (93.31 KB, 650x488, Photo-Flashback.jpg)

Actually I think that was from when all these people were using a type of hd face powder that would look terrible when photographed. If she had really licked off all her concealer around her chin area, then her lipstick would have been messed up as well.

No. 218433

thats highlighting product you silly duffer

No. 218434

>>218251 which came first, Liam dumping her or her going crazy? I think she started to spiral first, but it all happened in a short span

No. 218436

Wait, why would they wear that powdery garbage?

No. 218446

Apparently it makes your skin look really nice…until you get photographed.

No. 218452

That's so odd. Why not just take care of your skin and wear normal makeup? Also, they're wearing it to events where they know they will be photographed. Celebs really are not that bright, are they?

No. 218453

File: 1451449054167.png (648.85 KB, 964x457, spot the difference.png)

No. 218455

I'm almost positive they were endorsed to wear it. As stupid as it sounds, standing out so obviously in photos makes the product recognizable, and the company knows that people will buy it just because celebs wear it.

No. 218457

File: 1451449467350.jpg (40.78 KB, 493x337, image.jpg)

this came out in the same magazine and I remember people freaking out thinking it was too sexual.. oh the irony

No. 218472

That isn't sexual, I actually think it's kind of nice. Her dad loves her, he isn't a creep.

No. 218485

top. fucking. kek.

No. 218498

It's a little gross because of her stomach showing and his hand on her thigh tbh… I wouldn't pose with my own father like that.

No. 218499

Whoops, i just realized it's her own hand. Still, she's cute here, but the photo remains creepy.

No. 218518


>fully clothed

>no genitalia on display
>not even looking at each other

Americans are weird.

No. 218520

I think it's the fact that she's hanging out in his crotch. It's a very couple-y pose.

No. 218543

Does anyone remember back in 2010(?) when a video leaked of her smoking a bong? I remember she said some stuff about Disney and Hemsworth in the video but I can't remember and I'm not sure where to find the video

No. 218547

I remember! It was the first "bad" thing she did, wasn't it? It was on her 18th birthday, and her dad felt sooo bad. Didn't he make a public apology? I bet she claimed it was her first time. kek

Look at how she ended up, she uploads nudes, and posts pics of herself smoking mary on her Instagram. Yuck.


No. 218548

It's the post to be honest. You don't have to be scantily clad for something to be sexual. Do you pose with your father like that?

No. 218549

i remember that. I forgot what she was smoking, but it wasn't like hard core crack cocaine or anything, was it? I think it was weed?? i dunno. People were making a huge deal out of nothing just because she was hannah montana.

No. 218555

Eh, I think the first 'bad' thing she did was the photoshoot where she was topless (but shot from behind, so only bare shoulders really) that was mentioned further up the thread. At the time people were genuinely outraged about a ~~Disney star~~ doing that.

No. 218558

I believe she said it was salvia.

No. 218561

File: 1451491379197.jpg (72.42 KB, 500x665, tumblr_np5aqsa2eR1ux20z9o1_500…)

Before that even a bunch of suggestive pictures of her were leaked from her personal email and MySpace that she sent to Nick Jonas, but it was a pretty small news story. Pic related

No. 218565


her facial expression makes me feel like she's been abused all her life or something.

No. 218568

I wouldnt be surprised. She's a child star and is hyper sexual. That screams child abuse.

No. 218638

File: 1451505419026.jpg (40.59 KB, 400x290, image.jpg)

I remember this. There was also a photo of her laying down with some guy on a bed with her stomach out. She was still doing Hannah Montana, so it was a big deal at the time. I remember hearing about it on some shitty news outlet.

No. 218652

No. 218713

It seems likely. But I really hope it's not true. It's such an awful thing to happen to anybody.

No. 218789

This is finishing powder. If it contains silica, it appears that way during flash. Doesn't look that way at all irl, is undetectable, but the flash makes it show up.

No. 218840

File: 1451543698059.jpg (135.19 KB, 783x960, IMG_20151230_232538.jpg)


No. 218857

File: 1451546679326.jpeg (40.27 KB, 383x384, image.jpeg)

No. 218858

File: 1451546704179.jpeg (32.93 KB, 443x332, image.jpeg)

No. 218863

This is my new favorite thing

No. 220805

So she and Liam might be back together again. Honestly don't understand how she can get guys like him and Patrick Schwarzenegger. My current theory is that they're gay and she's a willing beard
the spiral started a little bit before they broke up

No. 220819

Why the fuck would Liam take her skanky ass back?! Gay or not, have some respect. if you're gay, come out. if you're straight, GET A REAL WOMAN, not this skanky ho.

No. 220820

Liam x Miley again? Please provide sauce

No. 220829


Bitter much? Kek

No. 220835

This tbh

No. 220847

Not even into guys or Liam, but he deserves better. Come on now, Miley. Get off lolcow.

No. 220879

Yeah, Liam seems like a pretty genuine, respectable guy. I don't want him to be sucked into the hellish abyss that is now Miley's existence.

No. 220882

It's understandable they were together in the first place. But taking her back now in the state she is in? That's fucking weird.
Maybe we'll see her spiral in reverse now.

No. 220919

I don't like neither Miley nor Liam but Liam cheated on Miley so I don't think he's respectable

No. 220946

I say it's a PR stunt

No. 221171

fucking disgusting

No. 221177

her sister is ugly ew and her style is horrible

No. 221338

how old are you?

No. 221365

My guess is over 13, because nobody over thirteen would like that look

No. 225185

File: 1453639768651.jpg (68.31 KB, 640x800, 12512593_10153976306192147_803…)

To everyone who thought Miley was better with Liam, there's speculation that they're back together. According to a few online tabloids, she's wearing the engagement ring again, and has been seen in a U-Haul near his house.

No. 225234

No. 225259

I actually love this song and her newest album. Very psychedellic <3

No. 225277

lmao if you think its psychedelic you must be a baby
its a good song tho

No. 225282

well her album is psychedellic in general tbh. And i know the song itself isnt psychedellic, but it has that soft tumblr hipster artsyfartsy sound if you know what I mean…I like this Miley!

No. 225311

This is psychedelic anon, the real kind

No. 225312

So edgy

No. 225316

Meh, her album have psychedellic influences stop being so /mu/. I like your video but lets not be edgy and pretend Miley's album is pop or country.

No. 225365

It's pretty experimental too, so I think the main goal is not to make something that conforms perfectly. I enjoy the new album a lot.

No. 225472

Miley is not a cow, you're a cow.

No. 225518

>actually entering an e-mail
You absolute fuckwit.

No. 225526

An email I use for spam, I don't give a shit.

No. 225545

Goddamn newfags.

No. 225547

What's the big deal? How does this pertain to what I have posted?
I've written on numerous threads and this is what I get called out for? Odd. Anyways, not sure why it matters about the email, please feel free to explain since I'm a "new fag", I'm not a true forum/neck beard dweller. Please enlighten me.

No. 225556

>Miley is not a cow, you're a cow.

Your content is more retarded than entering your email on an anon board. Do us a favor, kill yourself and free us from the shit posts that plague the site, newfag.

No. 225560

>calls an imageboard a forum
>calls us neckbeards when most of the posters here are women
>"new fag"

You're obviously mentally challenged, so I'll go slow for you. Posting on a chan style imageboard with your email attached is seen as newfag behavior because the purpose of an imageboard is to discuss things anonymously. If you're too oversensitive to handle being called out for not knowing what you're doing, this place probably isn't for you.

I'm not going to spoon feed you any further, so please do your own research before posting.

As they say: Lurk moar, faggot.

No. 225563

Just wanted an explanation is all, now I got it. I will most certainly lurk, this site is entertaining.

No. 225610

Please leave.

No. 225611

Eat shit and die.

No. 225642

Lmfao you got put in your place real quick. Stop embarrassing yourself any further.

No. 225651

Kek k haneej

No. 225757

Why would any of this actually be embarrassing? Truly it is not.

No. 225868

Pls drop this already you stupid samefag.

No. 252620

Fuck, her body is cranking here.

No. 252625

File: 1458931332377.jpg (84.65 KB, 1080x1080, 10844266_1133919876632591_1894…)

I like her recent body just as much or more personally but her old hair/makeup were so nice. According to Miley she absolutely hated getting all dressed up like that, though I don't know why that's so different from getting dressed up in crazy makeup and wigs and revealing costumes (besides the latter looking way worse, she's getting dolled up either way).

No. 252669

Her older body was nice. I don't know what's up to now. drugs?

Her revealing costumes are awful. She can at least respect herself and wear pants/shirt combo or simple dress. I can understand both extremes being terrible, but she really is contradicting herself.

No. 252670

I hate these forced faces trend. So punchable.

No. 252723

Dude I still dig some of the songs from Meet Miley Cyrus. Shits catchy.

No. 252771

I honestly can't believe this is still in /pt/, it belongs in >>>/b/

No. 252778

I think her body has always been amazing, then and now, but I liked her much better with short hair. She seems to be growing it out again and I think that's a shame.

No. 252830

I feel like shes signed to do garbagey bs because she knows itll still get her attention, and shes doing a lot for homeless people, trans/gay people, and acwhole bunch of other shit
But of course, they just want you to know all the little shit that doesnt matter.
Like yeah her music is garbage but she still knows what it means to be a genuine human being
If i knew how shit the industry was at that agw and just how much theyre trying to sell sex and obscenities, yeah id get real midfucky with it


oh.. But no one else is?

If anything, she wants egeeyone to be repulsed because thats what it all should be. Ignore the surface, the deep ocean is much more exciting and beautiful.

I dunno, thats at least how i see it. Shes a real sensible person, itd be real close-minded to actually think shes as intelligent as her wacky wardrobes.

Like did you hear her Silent Night performance? Or special whatever tou call it.
She looks hot as fuck and just takes you away with her voice

idk man she aint that bad

No. 252910

I feel like a lot of the crazy stuff was to try to sever the association with Hannah Montana.

When the thing with the VMAs and the twerking was in the news, most of them were saying "Miley Cyrus, who used to play/also known as/formerly Hannah Montana" and she just wants to move past that. She's no longer pandering to young kids and I think she felt like she had to be crazy to get people to realize that.

No. 253656

she always looks like she smells like sweat

No. 253660

>I feel like a lot of the crazy stuff was to try to sever the association with Hannah Montana

I feel like that, too. Either way, I just hope she's been pulling all of this crap because she genuinely wants to, not because she felt like she had to.

No. 253701

I think she's doing that as well. I remember when she started doing all this, someone on tumblr made a post saying that they tried getting her to sign a Hannah Montana album after one of her concerts, she refused to do it and told them that it wasn't funny.

I honestly think she's been trying to shed this image for a long while now. Even when she was still associated with Disney, she was still trying to be sexy and have a more mature audience.

No. 253803

The way I see it this bitch is either going to:
a) die in a few years
b) have a mental break down, push further, start doing porn on stage because what else is there left she could shock people with while trying to stay relevant
c)clean up her act, because a lot of people love the "comeback to the good girl persona" type of stories ( causing a lot of us fellow anons to assemble for a tactical group facepalm )

No. 253811

Thank you whoever bumped this 2 month old shit thread. Admin-sama put this quality thread in /b/ please!

No. 253850

agreed and I even reported it (we are in indefinite hellweek after all) but it didn't get moved.

No. 332352

lmao shes dead RIP(necromancy)

No. 332357


No. 332359

Please don't bring back a dead thread no one cares about over a hoax.

No. 332360

Don't bump dead threads with fake news you cunt

No. 384491

"Video not found" lmao

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