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File: 1448211491391.png (288.17 KB, 537x555, 508ed4e732c94b75b8ef54d094bc48…)

No. 206726

No. 206727

File: 1448211586592.png (94.16 KB, 535x536, d0f024a68e7fa35e14f7422741e518…)


No. 206728

she looks pregnant here!
>vanilla abstract

No. 206736

What is up with Youtube Let's Players getting weird fanart like this? Do they not have eyes? She's super chubby these days.

No. 206744

File: 1448215225302.png (Spoiler Image, 759.75 KB, 1280x656, 1448206652184.png)

No. 206753


oh jesus fucking christ in heaven

No. 206763



No. 206784

For some of you who like jontron, i found him there: https://soundcloud.com/sleepycabin/sleepycast-s2-e1-open-season-on-jontron-season-2-begins
also i found Arin did some voice acting in psychicpebbles's videos like this one.
looking back, zach (psychicpebbles), arin, ross and jontron seemed like good friends.
i guess after jon left, zach became closer to arin? idk

No. 206785

I love how they draw her thin when they know she looks fat as fuck

No. 206786

File: 1448223367284.png (99.14 KB, 287x223, y.png)

L-leave Undertale a-alone

No. 206832

File: 1448230602934.png (213.56 KB, 536x552, mertmer.png)


No. 206834

this make me choke on my dinner laughing jfc its so accurate

No. 206835

this make me choke on my dinner laughing jfc its so accurate

No. 206843

I'm dead.

No. 206844


No. 206852


Fucking kek'ing m8, well played.

No. 206883

This is simply magnificent!

is this some kind of humblebrag about how much attention she got?

No. 206885

That art style is so cute, but that is not Suzy! LOL Suzy wishes she was that thin.

No. 206886

NO, FUCK YOU. NO. Why does Undertale have to suffer?

No. 206888

File: 1448240492912.jpg (96.46 KB, 596x628, 1446118068254.jpg)

You're golden, anon

No. 206889

>is this some kind of humblebrag about how much attention she got?

She's just trying really hard to mimic Graveyardgirl/Bunny.

No. 206892

Oh, I just remembered Snoozy mentioning her before as an "inspiration". So that makes sense.

No. 206893

soemone send this to her lel

No. 206905

anon please lmfao


No. 206907


I love you

No. 206908



No. 206912

For the anon who asked where her paranormal vlogs are you can find them if you sort her videos by oldest. She has 2 or 3 of them I think

No. 206914

I found two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRkgxBIAX2M and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YizMoXyNRR4

I didn't really manage to sit through either of them because it's all such inconsequential nonsense.

No. 206941

That's just Lana, she likes to lick famous people's asses.

No. 206942

Welp, at least Arin being a child is the one thing the artist got right

No. 206956

File: 1448262550591.png (1.07 MB, 912x594, can you feel it mrcrabs.png)

Get ready for Holiday Bullshit

No. 206958

this is it. the tipping point. undertale is dead now.

No. 206966

No. 206968

Agreed, I love Undertale too but who gives a fuck if someone drew Fanart of it involving the Grumps.

Undertale has been dead since the Tumblr ppl found it. Get over it

No. 206989

She looks okay here?
Or is this the plethora of cold meds I'm on talking?

No. 206992

The only reason she looks good in any photo she takes is because she filters the fuck out of her face and takes them at the most slimming angles. If she took a photo of how she really looked, people wouldn't be fangasming over her so hard, or maybe they would considering her fans are fucking crazy anyways.

No. 206993

I'm so happy that she stopped doing that shit eyeliner.
She's moving in the right direction

No. 206994

File: 1448289754681.jpg (55.76 KB, 800x804, 1440555908597.jpg)

No. 206995

File: 1448290756901.png (56.65 KB, 630x483, 1431631191528.png)

Everytime I see Suzy now I remember her old whiny posts about wanting to be a model.
It's kinda sad to be honest

No. 207004

Whoa how long ago was this? It couldn't be that long ago because she mentions her "fiancee" (how long were they engaged?)

Also, if this wasn't long ago and she was in her 20s and not her early teens, I'm cringing at the fact that she can't spell "believe."

No. 207008

It's from 2008

No. 207009

Lol her mom is right

No. 207016

File: 1448297383660.png (1.24 MB, 863x652, wtfisthis.png)

wtf is this? bad contouring?

No. 207019


As cringy as some of this was to read, abusive childhood? What are the details on this? I've never seen any badblood between Suzy and her folks (and there's not all that much funny about it if it is legit and not just blatant pandering for attention)

But I dunno, I really think Suzy is smalltime as far as cows go on this board, she's just a whiny chubby girl who has money to blow due to a youtube "famous" husband, and a few special snowflake tendencies, there are tons of people like her around.

No. 207020

Also do you have a link to her posts? I found her main one but I guess it isn't accessible.

No. 207022

Found it while browsing through one of the old Suzy threads, can't remember which one but I think it was the second one

No. 207032


I hate it when people make thumbnails (or profile pics) that are so photoshopped to death, using filters etc THAT DOESN'T MATCH UP with the person in the video.

Aren't people shocked when they click the video???

But I guess she has to do it, otherwise it would repulse people clicking on her videos.

No. 207033


The best video is when she talks about her experience about model agencies and she is so full of herself.
"I got the job on the spot" making a pause after that sentence as if she was waiting for fucking applause.
Watch it here and a few entries of her before it gets deleted for good: https://mortemer.wordpress.com/

No. 207039

>My stock donation acount - [link]


No. 207061


>"you? you'll never be a model"

>I had an abusive childhood

Yeah, because it would have been better for your mother to lie to your face and instil you with false hope.

Her mother sounds realistic and like she actually wants to encourage her towards a career she's more suited to, not some useless, vain pipe dream.
Idiots like Suzy forget that the point of modelling is to model things - coats, shoes, hats etc., nobody's gonna want to buy anything if it's hanging off of her FAS riddled mug.

No. 207090

Could be. Could.also be weird lighting because it looks like the pic is taken in a bathroom (with one if those shower stalls that has the weird glass to make it private) which would mean the direction of the light is from above. Pair that with the over use of filters and you get wonkiness like that.

No. 207109

also "them selves" (potentially a typo but I doubt it), "anounce", "oportunitys" and "the finnally" which is an amazing misspelling of both "finally" and "finale". Holy shit she is dumb lmao.

No. 207118

I just hope she keeps the eyeliner off

No. 207130

She's from Florida and has Kiebler elves for parents.

No. 207134

>I had a very abusive childhood
this is really weirding me out. I feel genuinely bad for her if this is true but she seem to talk quite fondly of her parents and childhood these days (and I remember Arin mentioning his in-laws too in a positive way). So I'm kinda leaning towards 'dramatic immaturity' because mum and dad made her come home at 11 and didn't buy her a puppy.

No. 207137

Some people can surprise you. Some people who never seem to be abused happened to have been abused.

Though I do not see how mentioning her abusive childhood was relevant to anything regarding modeling.

No. 207140

Things change. I used to have a very terrible relationship with my family and a lot of it was their fault (and mine) but after getting help (was very ill and didn't know it) and growing up, I don't see my parents as these evil uncaring people. Just human.

So I just went on a tangent, anyways, my point is she very well could have been through something but is now well adjusted in regards to her family.

No. 207142

yeah, you're right. I was trying to be snarky but I guess this isn't the best topic to be snarky about. Glad to hear you're doing better now!

No. 207183

What about her childhood was abusive, I wonder. Or is she just referring to her mom's low expectations of her?

No. 207187

File: 1448342258162.jpg (111.14 KB, 750x750, image.jpg)

>Growing out my side cut is taking FOREVER!!! It’s long enough to lay flat now but not long enough to go in my pony tail #sidecut

No. 207189


I know there's a metric fuckton of shoop going on there, but she looks a lot nicer with lighter makeup

No. 207194

like a downsier nicholas hoult

No. 207231

I have to agree, she looks much better without the usual eye makeup.

I'm sure a makeup expert/enthusiast would know better than me but wouldn't her eyes look bigger if she didn't line all the way around them?

No. 207236

Yup! Lining the top makes your lash line look thicker, making your eyes look bigger. But if you line your entire eye, you box it in and it looks smaller as a result. Some people think she does it on purpose to look Asian, though.

No. 207243

I think she'd look really nice with a dark, smokey version of Dakota's 'doll' makeup. The tightlining all the way around does not suit her at all.

No. 207274

I mean she clearly has FAS so its definitely possible she was abused.

No. 207275


Having FAS has like, zero correlation with being abused though.

Children can end up with FAS if their mother's consume even a tiny amount of alcohol without realising that they're pregnant.

No. 207284


If she wasn't so fat now, she could have looked really good with short hair dayum.

No. 207286

File: 1448388972392.png (38.25 KB, 350x573, ss (2015-11-24 at 10.16.22).pn…)

No. 207287

File: 1448389019643.png (19.31 KB, 353x280, ss (2015-11-24 at 10.17.24).pn…)

No. 207289

File: 1448389064164.jpg (82.47 KB, 356x559, ss (2015-11-24 at 10.18.01).jp…)

No. 207290

File: 1448389102168.png (21.29 KB, 354x488, ss (2015-11-24 at 10.18.35).pn…)

No. 207291

File: 1448389144416.png (23.6 KB, 367x434, ss (2015-11-24 at 10.19.31).pn…)

No. 207292

File: 1448389271635.png (272.97 KB, 337x1220, felica.png)

No. 207293

File: 1448389458362.png (59.64 KB, 324x937, skaasd.png)

No. 207295

There are varying degrees of FAS. you don't get that stupid and deformed because your mum had a couple of glasses of wine once.

No. 207296


Actually FAS can be caused by as little as half a glass of wine. It's extremely variable and indiscriminate.

No. 207298

I always thought she was too short to model. Maybe its her shape?

No. 207310


good thing she never made this darkstalkers cosplay ……

No. 207380

File: 1448406819455.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.35 KB, 800x827, catnip.jpg)


Like that ?!?

No. 207617

Main reason why I'm wary of asymmetrical cuts, the growing out phase seems like a bitch.

It's a shame Suzy is incapable of making friends. I'd like to see her team up with some other beauty yt-ers and swap make up looks around. Frmheadtotoe did that about awhile ago and it was interesting.

Also Suzy was probably band wagoning cosplaying Felicia. I feel like that was the sexy cosplay you saw back then, like Yoko from TTGL a few years ago.

No. 207628

File: 1448419713170.jpg (36.11 KB, 500x216, 1447630464565.jpg)

Three cans of soda a day? Looks like that caught up to her.

No. 207652

She was definitely one of those "skinny bitches" that ate whatever they wanted to and expected to be thin forever. It seems she's having trouble these days because she can't imagine there's anything wrong with having a few sodas and snacks once a day.

Man, was suze delusional. Looks like she was probably the "hot" girl in some shit school with awkward teens and thought she was capable of modeling. The entire "NO ONE BELIEVES IN ME. IT WAS MY DREAM." Unlike most careers, modeling is based entirely on what you born with. I wonder what made her stand in front of a mirror and think she could compete?

No. 207658

Oh my gosh, don't you dare insult that beautiful man.

No. 207659

>unironically likes Perez Hilton
Ugh, wow Snoozy. You really have no standards.

No. 207660

She really was. I mean, in this >>207293
blog post, she goes on about her new addiction being some dr pepper soda. She probably ate and drank anything and barely moved and counted on her youthful habits to be fine into adulthood.

No. 207788

These shoes are hideous.

No. 207805

Is she really doing an unboxing of a pair shoes when she already made the same video last year with those same shoes?

No. 207807

Wait, how far apart are these videos? Don't wanna give snoozy any clicks

No. 207809


This one is >>207805 Oct 8, 2014
This one is >>207788 Nov 25, 2015 (today, 3 hours ago)

No. 207810

This video is almost identical. What the hell?

No. 207811

File: 1448485182111.png (1.17 MB, 1700x442, before-after.png)

she looks so frumpy and matronly now, and she puts no effort in anymore kek

No. 207813

Her jaw disappeared

No. 207815

Seems like she's just re-unboxing these as an excuse to use another invite code that the site provides..

No. 207819

Does she have a pixie cut in the before picture? Looks kind of nice imo.

No. 207820

those lashes in the first pic/video though…did she glue old broom bristles onto her lashline?

No. 207831


Maybe it's just me but it's weird that Suzy, as someone who obviously owns more than one pair of that brand, should know how to spell it… The brand is JeffREY Campbell, not JeffERY.

No. 207883

File: 1448508334688.png (725.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-25-23-54-54…)

New and exciting content

No. 207884

File: 1448508389837.png (415.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-25-23-56-33…)

No. 207885


No. 207886

No. 207890

She's a new kind of dumb. Bets this gets taken down in a few hours

No. 207891

She can fuck right off with this shit.

No. 207895

Fuck you Suzy I'm going to buy stuff from Target I need not your shitty dead bugs

No. 207904

That new backdrop is some bullshit.

No. 207905


The message would have been better if she said DON'T SUPPORT BLACK FRIDAY AT ALL (which I do not. refuse to give into that horrible day.)

Holyshit, what a money grubbing bitch. She's a huge hypocrite

No. 207918

File: 1448521136848.jpeg (65.39 KB, 640x434, image.jpeg)

The game grumps tag is hilarious

No. 207920

I'm a huge advocate against sexist bullshit but I want to scream every time someone brings up sexism or misogynist everytime a person doesn't like Suzy for legit reasons. It's like she isn't allowed to be criticized.

No. 207921

File: 1448522773377.gif (82.7 KB, 395x281, 100.gif)

"Kind and beautiful person!"

Literally everything about her personality is fake. Her fans are a special kind of fucking stupid.

No. 207923

File: 1448523861154.png (16.49 KB, 863x121, suzyshit.png)

"kind and beautiful"

No. 207949

File: 1448542502750.jpg (87.22 KB, 320x652, tumblr_lgubmu6pUX1qeldg8o1_500…)

So vaguely related to Suzy. I was browsing lolita tags on tumblr and noticed Linzb0t (the artist that draws all of suzys shit) made posts about it. So I guess she used to be into the fashion ??
Just something interesting I discovered

Though she only seemed to own Milky Planet and the posts are 4 years old, so I guess it was a short lived phase

No. 207950

File: 1448542511597.jpg (139.9 KB, 450x600, tumblr_lfwztvD6Dj1qeldg8o1_500…)

No. 207951

Ok and whats so bad about that??

No. 207958

Same thought here. It's unprofessional but I can't say she's wrong.

No. 207959

I commented yesterday on a post that actually was calling her out on reusing the shoes. their all deleted now :/ no surprise

No. 207960

Just checked she made the old video private

No. 207973

So Suzy, who makes a living (or at least Arin does) from being on youtube/google, most of her videos are like QVC for the dim-witted just trying to shill lootcrates. shoes and makeup to people, who bought cheap crap and then grossly overpriced said crap…this Suzy is trying to talk about the finer points of capitalism now?

I know she's basically just saying: BUY MY AMAZING STUFF! But fuck, shit like that annoys me. Whenever I start to think: 'meh, maybe she's not that bad?' she does something like this.

No. 207979

bbbbbbut I do hate all the game grumps. At least I hate Arin too.

No. 207984

File: 1448555380437.png (8.1 KB, 692x54, lol.png)

Comment from her "Support small business" picture. Idk about you guys, but I would absolutely still be irritated if it were Arin posting shit like this – but he doesn't. He's not the one constantly going onto instagram and twitter giving out "wisdom" like he's a fucking god of knowledge, unlike Suzy.

No. 207986

Pretty ironic considering the whole Etsy scandal. I kind of hope that rantgrumps calls her out on this too.

No. 207993

Instead buy from me who purchases cheap shit from China then marks up the price to 100000x with little to zero costs with no artisan talent that you couldn't do yourself.

No. 208026

File: 1448565957528.jpg (35.64 KB, 800x300, comments.jpg)


And the fans are noticing it, she deleted the mean tweets.
I made this before they get deleted, too ♥

No. 208028

I thought she doesn't read the comments.

No. 208029


No. 208030

How long until she instagrams/tweets a pseudo inspirational "When people try to bring you down" quote? I give it a day.

No. 208084

That side cut was an awful decision.

No. 208085

File: 1448579681470.png (10.97 KB, 587x104, 64d29765533a7eaf55293504f57575…)

y'know, not for health reasons or anything

No. 208091

This was when she compared ALL of the fanbase to a piece of shit for getting criticism and getting trolled by people on the GG subreddit. Including people who put effort into fanart trying to make her not look like a snowman made of fried dough. Grouping in people who love you to that degree and people who hate you is not beautiful or kind.

No. 208101

No wonder she failed as a model. she badmouthed her hairdresser. Never badmouth your coworkers

No. 208102

Oh and she's ugly. That punchable face

No. 208103

plus: it's kind of emotional blackmail-ish. Oh, the grumps would totally be here all the time if you weren't so mean to me(us!)

No. 208130

Holy shit Suzy made the original shoe unboxing private lmao. She's also deleting people's comments about it.

No. 208131

Also do you think Suzy didn't realize she made an unboxing video on those pair of shoes already or do you think she thought she could get away with it and people wouldn't realize? Considering she's deleting people's comments and not saying anything makes me think it's the latter.

No. 208135

I'm starting to think she might actually be delusional. Like she honestly thinks reselling cheap crap is perfectly fine, someone pointing out she made the same video before means they're out to get her, someone saying she's not funny is sexist, etc.

No. 208143

She's such a cunt.

No. 208144

This fat ass

No. 208148

No. 208150

>because there is no other reason to hate a woman like suzy because apparently her personality is perfect because shes a woman
tumblr feminism makes me puke

No. 208151

why does she still have fans with all the shit that proves that she's a cunt? GG fans are truly delusional.

No. 208153

I thought about this too, but she could of just plainly said "i completely forgot I did this already etc" you know some air head excuse, but It would literally be FAR better then deleting comments and making the video private.

I was literally going to comment on the video if she just forgot she posted the video a year ago, but I thought she would take that as her reason if she was fucking lying lmao

No. 208154

File: 1448595186843.png (13.43 KB, 598x115, Oh so it is just a regular day…)

No. 208175

File: 1448602078389.gif (2.72 MB, 400x202, ocelotlaugh.gif)

>that filename

No. 208322

This is her 4th unboxing/review video in a row, 90% of her channel is sponsored shit, and people still worship her channel.

She knows she can keep being a lazy money grabbing youtuber and still get away with it.

No. 208354

Somebody made a post on rantgrumps about Suzy.
The person was probably from here - telling from the informations and photos.
But I don't care.
Spread the shit.
Spread it good.

No. 208359

Her intro has devolved into this super bored voice that she tries to compensate for with an over the top fake smile. She knows she's a lazy cunt at this point.

No. 208373

That would be me. I hope that wasn't against the rules (newfag.)

No. 208374

this video just made me angry. she can't even pronounce Bethesda, and I doubt she's played fallout at all.

plus, the 111 hoodie wasn't 'omg lootcrate exclusive guies!' it's for sale on the fucking Bethesda site.

god, what a waste of fucking space.

No. 208380

I don't know about rules around here.
And personally I think it is good you spread this over to rantsgrumps.
Cause they agreed as well on this topic.
The more people know, the better it gets …

No. 208385

I think you may have linked to the wrong video. But other than that I agree. Hell, English isn't even my first language and I don't claim to be a great gamer (I have played some Fallout and TES though) and even I know how to pronounce Bethesda.

Does she think coming off stupid is cute and endearing?

No. 208388

Nope thank you! was too lazy to do it myself

No. 208389

File: 1448661400763.jpg (185.22 KB, 440x960, Suzy's Etsy.jpg)

kewl new fanart of Suzy's etsy store ^_^

No. 208390

I totally forgot to link the video, sorry anon. but you know which one I meant which is good.

I don't know if she's trying to be stupid/endearing, or what her deal is, but she just comes off entirely stupid.

I was looking at her Lush xmas haul video and she flat out said 'I don't like really candy sweet smells, so I don't like this product very much', then proceeds to scream about how she loves like, at least 2 other products and how they smell 'candy sweet'. stupid fuck.

No. 208391


also I'm stupid and didn't reply to the right person.

excuse my double post.

No. 208398

words and logic are not her friends. I really wouldn't mind so much if she didn't act like her shit don't stink all of the time.

No. 208400

Her last seven instagram posts have legitimately only been ads for her store or her shirts. Someone needs to calm her the fuck down.

No. 208403

She's so not subtle about it it's pathetic

No. 208405

All posted in about 36 hours. I know tips and hints for selling online say to use social media like this, but… not like this. You're more likely to get unsubs then anything else. Post maybe twice a day. And that's it really.

No. 208417

I called her out about how many times she's posted and I have so many people on my ass now. lol Her fangirls need to calm down.

No. 208418

please post pics/links of them (with censored names)! I don't want to harass them or anything but the delusion makes me laugh.

No. 208420

File: 1448667372054.png (79.88 KB, 722x512, i'm still gonna keep saying fr…)

Done and done.

No. 208421

lmao, getting so assblasted over suzy, fanboys and fangirls are pathetic

No. 208447

God I know people who are trying to do successful Kickstarters and even they don't post around social media as often as Suzy does in what is less then a 2 day period. And they are peddling something that might disappear in a month. Suzy's bugs and grump tees aren't going anywhere.

And I don't think they realize that professional advertisements use a specific algorithm to make sure that they don't overstatement media with ads which would have adverse effects to sales.

No. 208457

She's posted two more ads about her store and an ad for another store all since telling her to chill. I think she's trying to spite me. lol

No. 208467

File: 1448687726209.jpg (174.42 KB, 971x625, ss (2015-11-27 at 09.14.13).jp…)

No. 208468

File: 1448687759042.jpg (134.62 KB, 935x575, ss (2015-11-27 at 09.16.24).jp…)



No. 208492

i bet she didnt even play metal gear

No. 208544

Arin played in her place because she sucked as always.

No. 208545

Uugh with all that money, I could finally get my granny that medication she needs, damn how I hate rich people… I hope Suzy burns.

No. 208548


Yes poor Suzy can't afford her medication to be healthier because she has no money.

Because seriously, she spends it on much more significant things, like expensive merchandise, sunglasses, clothes and make up. And the really life depending trips to like Japan, I mean everything there is so cheap.

Plus she hardly makes money from her overpriced rotten etsy stuff, t-shirts and sponsored original video content.

Please guys understand, she really can't.

No. 208572

It just means she'll be fat, unhappy and unhealthy.

No. 208661

If anyone wants to see her in full glory, there's currently a GG Livestream going on

No. 208662

No. 208671

Does she only ever wear gray t-shirts?

Also, apparently, Sweden is the new America.

No. 208673

Someone said she was a fashion icon and asked where she mainly shops?!

No. 208674

kek. Hey, urban outfitters and forever 21. Support small businesses, eh Suzy?

No. 208676

Two stores with highly reputable backgrounds too huh.

No. 208686

So Brian just joked that Suzy doesn't have any friends and the silence lasted way too long.

I'm dyin.

No. 208688

Brian is a dick.

But bless him.

No. 208711

I hope someone got a cap

No. 208714

what video? i haven't watched anything game grumps related in over a year

No. 208716

Somebody linked to a twitch stream a few posts back. It's over now though.

No. 208835

I want to see this

No. 208877

Suzy's excuse for the second unboxing video:
"Whoops! Turns out i'm an idiot! Its been so long since I've done a shoe unboxing video that I accidentally (Yes it was an accident!) filmed this one twice! The first one was uploaded about a year ago!
I put shoes that need to be reviewed in a special spot in my filming room when I am not wearing them and these were left there - so I reviewed them. Sorry to everyone who go confused! I am not "reuploading for the money" or "refferal link" Just forgot I already did it.
I deleted the old video since there was no point in having two videos reviewing the same shoes.
Sorry again! Just trying to get back into the shoe review loop! "

Sure Suzy. That's why you were deleting all those comments. That's why you made the video private long before you had an explanation.

No. 208880

It took her that long to come up with this excuse? lmao If it was the actual truth she could've responded that same day to YouTube comments or tweeted something instead of deleting comments. That makes people suspicious Suzy

No. 208906

File: 1448787164431.jpg (138.85 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpg)

>Ootd from #friendsgiving at @commanderholly and @rubberninjer ’s house ?

No. 208951


WOWW I'm pretty sure that sweater is from Hot Topic. I live in Canada and we just had one open up, so of course I had to take a peak inside. 99% sure I saw it there

No. 208981


The very first day the video came out all people asked was "Oh, didnt she already review these?" If that was her REAL reason she could of literally replied to the people asking. It would of been over just like that Lol

But instead she waited 4 days and kept deleteing comments and made the video private hopeing people would forget. I think she knew she couldnt save herself and finally decided to come up with an excuse.

No. 208986

She should've just deleted this, apologised for forgetting that she'd done it before (lol) and kept the old video because she looks hideous in the new one and sounds like she's smoked fifty pounds of weed.

No. 208988

I absolutely hate those shoes.

No. 209006

Could have/could've, should have/should've.

No. 209010

File: 1448808436134.png (377.23 KB, 600x450, 1448570801255.png)

You see, she'll go and say she can't afford her thyroid medications/treatments/whatthefuckever and then she'll go and blow god even knows how many hunnids on some busts of her husbandos.

Like, is she not raking in enough dosh from mooching off her slob husband's sweet e-fame and her sweatshop manufactured overpriced dead bug displays?

I don't feel any semblance of pity for bitches like this.

No. 209011

Why did she think that skirt was a good idea with that sweater?

No. 209012

Why does she think those shoes look good?
Like, it just looks so awkward and bad like hoofs or something.
Ugh should have kept the old one, looked way better, also wtf how do you just forget that stuff?

No. 209037

Her resistance to the thyroid medication shit make me think she's either grossly exaggerating her condition or lying about it altogether, meaning all of her fat is hers alone, and she doesn't want people to realize that her weight problem is her own fault and not "muh thyroid."

No. 209039


Dear Anons, I want to see that.

No. 209062

File: 1448813343039.jpg (383.69 KB, 1437x2161, IMG_20151129_110835.jpg)

No. 209067

I would totally try to look for it but unfortunately they don't archive their streams, last I heard.

No. 209069

someone over at reddit said they'd record it but nothing has been posted yet afaik.

LOL, they all look thrilled to be alive…

No. 209074

File: 1448816718423.jpg (144.73 KB, 1324x653, ss (2015-11-29 at 09.05.41).jp…)


literally from hot topic.

how basic can this bitch get jfc

No. 209078

Iron Fist makes cute stuff but it makes her look really dumpy.

No. 209084

No. 209088

White Knights, polish your armor and saddle your horses!

No. 209090

Why do they always look like this? Everytime I watch GG, I wonder if they even like each other. They honestly remind me of reality TV show contestants shoved into a room with other strangers awkwardly.

No. 209091

>mfw people still blindly defend Suzy just bc she takes Arin's chode on the regular

No. 209099

File: 1448820470650.jpg (30.67 KB, 391x246, and its gone.jpg)

No. 209104

Because she's a GAWTH FACHEN IKON.

Honestly I don't mind Hot Topic for specific pieces, And it's an OK place to start for a goth wardrobe, but you have to be selective. Suzy's probably shopping there because they do have bigger sizes (and their plus sizes end up at Torrid usually.) I do like that sweater, but I'd need to see it in person to see the knit quality. I'd wear it with skinny jeans and combat boots personally, but I don't self identify as goth so.

Brian I think just has that kind of face. The rest, I'm not sure, other then Suzy being shit at taking candid photos.

No. 209108

File: 1448822143878.png (788.85 KB, 845x578, 0050adf36ed2d3f39d50b3026b4d7f…)

No. 209109

This so far has been the most accurate un-edited piece of fanart for Suzy thus far. She looks gross and creepy.

No. 209136

outside of Arin and her sister who does Suzy hang out with?

No. 209137

i suck at fashion but those boots look horrid

No. 209139

The Grumps and their SOs if they have any and I guess Markiplier? But to be honest I don't really think she hangs out with any of them the way friends do. Like I can't imagine Suzy and Holly going shopping or anything.

No. 209144

>>208686 I wonder how many REAL friendships that she had in her life that have been totally severed because of her behavior and who she hangs out with. I am willing to bet MOST people who are youtubers at least have 1 or 2 friends outside of the "internet fame" that stuck by them through most of their lives. If Suzy has no one outside of her GG bubble, then that is truly sad.

No. 209293

File: 1448851108442.jpg (34.09 KB, 507x437, save the penguins.JPG)

oh god, this is going to turn into a grump meme, isn't it? Leave poor Pingu alone. I really don't want to see Arin+Suzy in those weird Japanese animal onesies that seem to be all the rage.

The art is pretty cute though.

No. 209312

File: 1448854641445.png (899.67 KB, 934x550, ?Suzy Berhow? (@mortemer) • In…)

Only two of these stores are worth looking at. The fuck is wrong with Vensy? Why the hell would anyone buy a 50 dollar night light? God damn I need to get into the business of selling shit to cosplay and lets play fans.

No. 209313


Here's the original video that she's set to private on her channel:


No. 209315

you're the fucking best!

And this is atrocious. She remembers exactly where she got them from in her new video but she doesn't remember making a video about them before?

No. 209321

sorry for the double post, but what the everlasting fuck? She knows how much they cost and where she got them from in both videos. But doesn't remember making a video before. She ~*loves*~ those shoes but apparently hasn't worn them at all for at least a year? Lying fucking piece of shit.

No. 209329

She paired it up like a retard. Leggings, short skirt and those shit boots make the sweater look like she found it on a clearance aisle.

No. 209348

File: 1448865268700.jpg (125.53 KB, 750x788, image.jpg)

>I clean up nice ?.

No. 209352

Oh wow that wobbly ass black lipstick, line your lips Suzy. It helps she's given herself a filtrum though.

No. 209354


those eyebrows seem…off

No. 209355

>that lipstick application
>that wonky lash coming up in the inner corner
>the amount of space between her brows and eyes why
>that "headband" choker necklace in the middle of her fatass forehead


No. 209362

eyebrow, eyeliner, and lipstick application are ALL wonky. what girl fucks up her makeup this bad

No. 209371

I wish she would have some sort of fringe or part her hair on the side. That middle part makes her fivehead so much more noticeable

No. 209379

Her face looks so giant and…long. A true horseface.

Has she ever come to these threads/do we know if she has?

No. 209382

File: 1448872357605.jpg (158.33 KB, 750x788, 1448865268700 2.jpg)


She still looks better without that point in her eyeliner

No. 209383

Forgot to mention I also lowered her eyebrows, added some small false lashes on the lower lash line, and fixed that patchy lipstick.

No. 209384

The false eyelashes coming off are driving me crazy. Proserpina has an issue with that also. Fix your damn lashes at least for a selfie

No. 209392

she looks so much better with such small changes.

No. 209418

File: 1448885457966.jpg (46.44 KB, 938x641, 1381905356677.jpg)

ugg boots don't suit short, dumpy girls. they come up too high on the leg.
tfw her lips probably look even worse without the filters

No. 209440

Goddamn I can tell she's widening her eyes to make them look bigger, but for her they just look normal sized.

I also always end up lining my lips after I apply black liquid lipstick, I just don't get the same precision and it shows with darker colors. You'd think she'd know this with her over drawing her lip.

No. 209444

Yep. She should have worn short black booties with a heel instead. Suzy has no sense of fashion.

No. 209445

Wait…Suzy is 5'8? I don't believe it. She looks maybe 5'5. I'm 5'7" and some change and she looks way dumpier.

No. 209447

Right? I'm the same height as Suzy and it always astounds me what a stout looking body she has, like a dwarf.

No. 209450

Hahah yes! Like Xiaxue. Though I guess there's no helping her since she's legit 4'10".

Also now with the weight gain she's going to look shorter and stouter.

No. 209461

She's admitted in a Q@A that she's actually 5'6" but wears heels to make her look 5'8." I do the same thing so I don't really fault her. What's funny though is that she put her height as 5'8" on her modelmayhem account. I know it's common to lie about an inch but not two.

Linked the video. At 3:54 where she says her height.

Also lol'ing at 2:26 she says she'll never be a person who just wears jeans and a t-shirt. Oh lord.

No. 209466

No. 209469

these are always so fucking embarrassing to watch.

No. 209473

I actually think she looks good here. Her face seems slimmer and her eye makeup isn't as insane as it usually is.

No. 209476

God damn they are. Her attempts at being quirky and cute are as bad as PT. And she's not even the goddess of kawaii like our queen.

No. 209478

She just moves around too much and too fast in all of these. You don't have to do a new cutesy pose or movement every second.

No. 209481

File: 1448908929510.png (1011.4 KB, 1028x964, thyroid.png)

No. 209484

File: 1448909018774.png (429.28 KB, 615x505, f5af6946a8bdacd8670905d90f3f42…)

>Short sleeves with those flabby arms.

No. 209488

Thyroid disorders are the new PCOS.

No. 209490

That is not an outfit anyone sane would wear out of the house.

The first dress looks cute but I haven't watched the vid yet.

No. 209498


I remember she threw Danny under the bus afterwards and said that he had a made the picnic basket comment.

No. 209504

Lol that ducking pose. I'm now convinced Suzy is somewhat mentally retarded from her FAS

No. 209505

*fucking goddamnit

No. 209506

Oh my god her stomach….I give it a good 2 months before she's a full blown whale.

No. 209508

Did she? Because it doesn't matter, her name is attached to the comment.

No. 209525

File: 1448919066826.png (387.79 KB, 533x628, tumblr_nylwhlWA5i1ucq89po1_540…)

just saw this on tumblr

No. 209527

Ew no one wants to know that

No. 209536

Legit want that Ocelot, like damn

Suzy blew over 1,200 USD on this though but no money for meds?? okay

No. 209537

That can't be Arin. Ostrich actually have a neck.

No. 209540

She's such an ugly gremlin.

No. 209542

Wtf does this even mean?

No. 209547


Just when I couldn't imagine her looking any dumpier …

No. 209549

File: 1448924664635.png (1.65 MB, 1366x768, suz.png)

No. 209551

How much money does the average lolcow user earn? Buying $1,200 gift once in a while is not rich. I think they are middle class/upper middle class+cannot spend money wisely

No. 209555

File: 1448925048626.png (1.08 MB, 876x768, smms.png)

I cannot figure out what type of body snoozy has. Although her thighs have gotten larger, she still has decent looking legs. She seems to put all of her weight on her neck/face, arms, and stomach. And like very little into her legs in boobs.

No. 209558

I would say apple.

No. 209562

I like her first and second outfit but I am always so fucking triggered by people wearing black boots without stockings.

No. 209564

She looks like a mom wearing her pre-teen daughter's clothes.

No. 209572

She doesn't spend $1,200 once a while though. When MGSV came out, she bought a crap ton of stuff related to it, including a useless pair of overpriced sunglasses.

No. 209573

Why i her shirt hanging out of her first outfit? It's not like she ever leaves the house looking like this either.

No. 209575

File: 1448926952097.png (58.17 KB, 165x177, 5bc169dabf96664f3a1bae23481fe9…)

No. 209579


Oh shut the fuck up you cunt. Suzy is a money crazed snake who lies and thieves to get any penny out of her useless channel and useless store. SHES so money hungry and then spends Arins money on stupid shit because she can't make anything from her own failed ventures. That's why people criticize. Fucking ignorant.

No. 209584

Okay but Suzy and Arin get two cuts of the GG money, plus all the money from their other channels, plus merch, plus a good cut from Starbomb, etc etc.
They are definitely not middle class.
They have a house in LA plus a huge office space filled with video game shit. Not to mention the five trips to Japan and Hawaii every year.

Arin and Suzy live well beyond their means and that's why it's such bullshit that Suzy will spend her money on high end cosmetics, brand name clothing, and MGSV merchandise rather than medication.

No. 209592

Plus if they asked for donations from their fans for whatever bullshit, you know the fans would give it to them in a heartbeat.

No. 209603

That arin like her butt. I mean she has a decent one for a white girl, but she's not being cute about it in the slightest.

Not sure about suzy, but arin grew up relatively poor. Not really poor, buy not spoiled the way I was as a middle class child of the 90s. He would spend money frivolously because he has enough to do that. Suzy is just making up excuses as to why she's gained weight when all it really is just the usual hormonal change that a lot of women in their mid 20s go through. If she stopped eating such shit and went for a 15 minute walk everyday she'd lose weight a fuck ton faster.

No. 209641


No. 209646

File: 1448940182253.jpg (479.31 KB, 1280x1642, yikes lol.jpg)

I'm disappointed in Chris Pratt.

No. 209648

Please tell me this is shopped

No. 209654

How embarrassing

No. 209656

Can we have a xiaxue thread? I remenber her being lulzy and tons of drama

No. 209658

Theyre definitely rich with all the money they make. And
>implying middle class can get gifts worth 1,200$ once in a while

No. 209659

Those outfits are so terrible holy shit. This makes the uniform of people who work at mcdonalds look like louis vuitton

No. 209660

No it's legit. Sadly. Tho I don't think Gordon Ramsey has ever acknowledged them, so that's a plus?

No. 209662

Finally watched this, and I still think the first dress is the nicest (it's on sale on the website, so I'm tempted) but the dress is clearly too short for her. It's why she doesn't turn around for a back view unlike the other two outfits.

No. 209668

Make one.

No. 209721

Is it just me, or does she look too old to be wearing skirts of such a length? Aside from the obvious fact that she is too fat to look good in them anyway. Maybe it's a combo of both.

No. 209756

She's 26 so she still has some time to continue to wear short skirts before it becomes questionable. But she does look much older then that. And not in a good way.

No. 209772


Holy shit its so obvious shes sucking in her gut as much as she can in the middle photo. Aside from the fact that we all know her gut is bigger than that, you can clearly see her chest is puffed full of air.

No. 209776

She's only in her mid twenties. like the other anon said, she's just fat and has a sad figure now, so it doesn't suit her at all.

No. 209777

Is this real? Oh man, my respect for this dude went from 10% to zero now.

No. 209778

I don't understand how this fat bitch has all the time in the world and just doesn't buy a machine for home and work out 45 mins a day and eat less junk??

No. 209800

Thankfully she only wears short skirts and stuff like that in these outfit videos, and normally just wears hoodies and jeans for the rest of her life then.
Because otherwise she would totally be just "cool mom" style.

No. 209823

I feel like this is just him being a good sport for them having a bit about him, I doubt he would actually like their attempts at "comedy"

No. 209825

Because people are lazy and would rather come up with excuses rather than doing something about it.

No. 209828


It's amusing because in British English a prat/t is somebody who is a moron/fool/idiot.

No. 209887

I think in the last thread someone noticed in some random pic that they do have a treadmill in their home. It's probably 'broken'.

I suspect the same. He's likely too busy to try to work time to record with them into their schedule, and also probably hadn't heard of them until now.

No. 209904

File: 1449018084797.jpg (238.81 KB, 1080x1350, image.jpg)

>Calling this my @linzb0t outfit- cause it reminds me of her. #livingdeadclothing #jefferycampbell #ootd

No. 209906

I do not believe she walked out of the house dressed like this.

No. 209909

why this bitch keep wearing boots too tight for her cankles

No. 209910

Someone should tell Suzy that thinspo poses don't work when you're a fucking landwhale.

No. 209911

I don't believe she did either, but I don't believe she leaves her fucking house much.

No. 209913

But thing is there is a physical location she has to go to for GG and KKG. I very much doubt she would wear anything besides jeans, sweats and t shirts there.

No. 209972

top kek

No. 209979

I figured that Jon wanted out because of the stress. I mean they have to pump out this crap all the time and it leaves little room for quality. Look at old eps of game grumps compared to now. Old ones were chill as fuck.
On a side note I love how everyone draws Arin with multiple chins.

No. 210005


I made a comment saying she may be doing too many unboxing videos and got called rude/immature/childish/unreasonable by her fans.

No. 210009

You dared threaten the utmost divine Suzy? Damn you to hell

No. 210031

It is possible she saved up money and then bought things all at once

No. 210032

I can believe they are upper middle class but rich? I do not know yet

No. 210041

Her fans would buy her bottled farts if she sold them.

No. 210048

still can't spell Jeffrey Campbell I see….

No. 210049

Even if that is true, she had the saved up money to buy her ~thyroid medicine~ but didn't.

No. 210138

That dress looks really cheap and unflattering.

No. 210155

That's Suzy!

No. 210169

File: 1449105196259.png (3.08 MB, 1701x1321, bow deathmatch.png)

No. 210170

Please. Suzy wishes she could have the appeal of a Disney Character.

No. 210171

I know. It's sad when a drawn character has more personality than an actual person.

No. 210214

You know, I'm surprised that Suzy hasn't gone down the Disney Princess route yet. Goth and Punk versions are a-plenty, even if majority are edits of clip art and screencaps.

No. 210266

Well that headbow is from tokyo disney…

No. 210268

File: 1449127769476.gif (1022.55 KB, 500x254, ffs.gif)


Nothing she's wearing goes with anything else in that outfit

I'm fucking disgusted

No. 210270

Did she get blonde on her other side too? She only had the skunk stripe

No. 210291

File: 1449136320209.png (1.14 MB, 1079x1056, Screenshot_2015-12-03-10-51-03…)

I think those are extensions, she recently cut her hair shorter

No. 210292

File: 1449136437027.png (84.46 KB, 375x151, 1449105196259-1-1.png)

No. 210326

holy shit, she dresses like an edgy 12-year-old

No. 210373

Can't unsee

I can totally see her dressing as something like "Snow White elegant goth version"

No. 210374

What the fuck is going on here

No. 210398

That design placement. Holy shit kek.

No. 210402

Now I can't unsee. haha

No. 210417

damn, this would have been an AWESOME outfit if she had colormatched it correctly…. I love all element of this but darkgreen and purple dress with pink headbow and mintyyellow shoes? WHY! why not just a purple headbow at least?
anyway she doesnt look too bad here in general though

No. 210423

Don't you dare to compare Snow White with Snoozy, anon. Snow White is my fav Disney princess :'C

How is it even possible that a drawn character has got more personality than a real person?

No. 210435

Gomen, she was the first black haired one that came to my mind!

No. 210439

File: 1449174296492.jpg (105.01 KB, 900x900, 20130107151213-0.jpg)

Considering her hair color, she is rather Cruella de Vil, except she is too fat and has got no personality, kek

No. 210444


And has no fashion sense :^)

No. 210483

File: 1449183515773.jpg (117.26 KB, 540x540, uhg.jpg)

do they not know what Snoozy's done?
Neutral good, my ass.

No. 210486

They'd need a new block entirely with categories


No. 210488

hey now, ripping off the fanbase is good! Good for Suzy, at least…. how else is she going to afford sunglasses and statues?

No. 210491

That seems likes chaotic evil to me :P

really, if they wanted to acknowledge her shit but still think she's some sort of goddess, they could've switched her and Holly's places I think? Because afaik Holly's only crime is having questionable hair choices.

No. 210499

they're never going to acknowledge it. For some reason her 'but I'm a guuurl' shtick really seems to work on some people, absolving her of any wrongdoing.

No. 210517

I'm upset by this. I like Two Best Friends they know there shit when it comes to fighting games and anime. Sadly it proves that Polaris and Machinima are working together.
Also fun fact: The only way they know Arin is thru Jon. Jon is mentioned a ton in vids and they hang with him when they come to America for cons.

No. 210518

File: 1449195784438.png (940.71 KB, 914x552, Game Grumps (@gamegrumpsoffici…)

No. 210519

This is grossly disappointing.

No. 210522

I wonder how many time Arin had to say nigger to get it out of his system before he could record.

No. 210523

Sorry! The comment was meant for >>210518

No. 210527

I love them too, and I agree, they know their shit about a lot of things. One of the main channels I like to binge-watch

How much you wanna bet Arin will shit talk them behind their backs afterwards? Also, just his face in that picture… it says a lot.

Also I may be out of the loop, but you'd think Machinima and Polaris would be more so against each other.

No. 210531

I LOVE MATT AND WOOLIE. Best friends play is actually a hilarious and fun channel with good commentary. I'm so pissed GG is weaseling their way into the few good people left on youtube. ugh. This is so distressing.

No. 210534

I just marathoned the fuck out of their SOMA and Mirror's edge playthrough. They're great dudes and I have more respect for their commentary and gaming channel than any other on Youtube. I fucking hate Arin. Didn't he say he doesn't like black people?? Woolie is awesome.

No. 210536

I can binge watch their videos very easily as well. I have a feeling Arin talked so much shit about them behind their backs.

No. 210572

File: 1449208282256.jpg (142.33 KB, 750x750, image.jpg)

>At #thegameawards with @egofaptor !! Just ran into @michelemorrow ???

No. 210574

Why are they even there? They aren't game journalists or game devs.

No. 210575

Arin looks like a defeated man.

No. 210587


Quite a lot of cosplayers and lets players are there, which is just pure cringe as the event really should be for those in the industry.

No. 210621

Nice, two people who are horrible at Let's Plays are teaming up with the Super Best Friends, one of my favorite groups. What would go wrong…

No. 210634


also that bow is hideous

No. 210696

Isn't Holly shitty too though? I read on cgl when the whole heroes of cosplay thing was big that she pretty much stole a shit ton of money from another cosplayer who commissioned her to make a costume for a charity event she was doing. The only reason it didn't come to light was because the cosplayer took the high road and just made the costume as quick as she could and cut ties with her.

No. 210699

Ehh. Unless there was a source provided, I wouldn't give that accusation too much thought. Holly is an extremely kind person and really doesn't peg me as the kind of person to do something like that.

No. 210700

Heroes of Cosplay was a hot mess full of train wrecks. Wouldn't believe half the shit that's linked to that show.

No. 210705

File: 1449251296022.png (107.59 KB, 413x197, Untitled.png)

No. 210712

I believe it. Cosplayers are fucking insane and Lolcow dickrides Holly way too much

No. 210733

Found the thread. Turns out it wasn't a cosplayer it was the face model for Samara in Mass Effect

No. 210738

File: 1449259430630.png (39.16 KB, 658x271, 9287957298.PNG)

No. 210785

Interesting. I feel like it's more likely that the girl just got a refund and was able to use that refund money to commission the second person, but who knows.

No. 210809

File: 1449275396444.jpg (59.66 KB, 600x397, shoulder rug.jpg)

suzy looks like a granny trying to dress like she's 20 again

No. 210811

Every single one of these guys is unattractive except maaaaaaybbbe the one all the way to the left. But he's too short for my taste.

No. 210812

I would the tall guy in the middle but I have pretty low standards basically just because he is tall. The other ones are fucking gross imo tbh fam.

No. 210815

Eh, I get it. I'm 5'7" and some change so I like taller guys too, but the one in the middle doesn't look too attractive to me.

If the guy on the left had the middle guy's height then yeah, it would look better. But left dude is almost the same height as Suzy, too short for my liking.

No. 210816

Arin's smile looks really fake.
Or his face looks like he just came.
I can't decide.

No. 210819

I'm hoping for option one because number two is something I really don't want to think about.

But seriously. Why is he almost always this awkward in pics? He never looks normal but always like he's either begging you to kill him or like he's trying really hard to pose/put on some kind of 'knowing/in on it' personality. It's just weird.

No. 210833

ok so do none of these people have a sense of style? like the dude in the middle seems best dressed, and the two on the left are ok but like, t-shirt jean combo is pretty basic and reminds me of high school bois. Fucking Arin though, guess he and Suz really have given up all hope. At least he's not wearing socks, but i bet he never does, fucking ew.

No. 210836


Barry's a cutie though

No. 210837

Yeah,that's really wtf. Lets players are basically just gamers and there are a lot of video game players out there who are way more hardcore than Arin and Suzy.

No. 210838

Arin's fucking sandals. In general, I shiver when I think of people wearing dirty ass shoes in the house, but that's mainly me. I see all the crap I step on outside, so I'd never want to drag that into my kitchen or bedroom.

No. 210856

Same for E3. I can think of like 10 personal friends that get in that have no creditenials outside being fanboys but now the US industry think that cosplay and efamous gaming comm people are the way to stay genuinely connected to their audience, plus all the free hype-I mean-pr

Honestly, I miss reading like 1 or 2 articles about a game coming out, the 1 or 2 trailers, and playing it. The entire "gaming community" is so masturbatory that I can't even enjoy releases anymore because of how MUCH it gets talked about, 1 million "leaks, trailers, reviews"

No. 210857

Which one is that?

No. 210858

Same. I avoid all reviews, lets play, trailers, and leaks like the plague. The only lets plays I'll watch are silent ones. I don't get the obsession of listening to some fucking moron talk over a game. I thought lets plays were for if you just cant play the game (old school games or unreleased in your region, etc), and want to enjoy them anyways. I didn't know it was actually listen to people circle jerk.

No. 210865

The gaming community is one giant circle jerk and it's gotten worse over the last 7-8 years. It's disgusting. I don't even watch video game awards or any of that bullshit because it's all based on hype instead of a game actually being a good game.

No. 210881

How did you not know about your husband's metal plate in his head? How do you not learn that in more than 10 years of knowing someone?

No. 210889

All the way on the right. Beats wearing a shovel knight tee unset a sweater. And he still remains to be the most attractive grump. Rips would be if he wasn't such a man child. Is only on holly's channel is he less so.

Because it's not a real relationship. Like Suzy puts investment into it.

In truth I enjoy brain scratch commentaries more then I should but that's likely because they are much more standard nerds then most on you tube and super knowledgeable about games. Also since it's post commentary they aren't juggling brain functions as much. Even in the few where they have to it's still not so rage inducing.

No. 210890

*he's wearing.

Dumb phone

No. 210896

Off topic–but I can understand your point of view; it's not for everyone. But I personally watch "Let's Play" videos or youtubers in general because I like their personalities and find them funny. It's enjoyable entertainment to me to watch and listen to them, much like a movie or tv show can be. I only watch silent playthroughs for walkthrough type things if I absolutely need help in a visual way, or just want to watch a gameplay more seriously.

I won't watch gameplay from someone I don't enjoy though. Everyone has different tastes and enjoys different forms of entertainment, obviously.

(And I personally haven't watched much Game Grumps after Jon left, the quality has just shut down and I only watch occasionally to see if it changed and NOPE. And that drama. People who care more about the money ruin it for me too.)

No. 210897

Because they're both extremely vapid people who probably know nothing beyond a surface level. They shouldn't have gotten married.

No. 211080

Why does she always speak like she's constipated or is having a convulsion?
Also, it's funny how she manages to be super cringey even though she's supposed to "act badly".

No. 211084

So she has a permanent double chin now. I liked the video besides suzy. Ross has amazing eyes I can't believe I never noticed lel

No. 211086

File: 1449345781755.png (1.13 MB, 1366x768, ariiiin.png)


>without joy in his heart

The summary of his career now

No. 211087

i would but i suck at making threads

No. 211088

at least mickey mouse is cute

No. 211089

File: 1449346006742.png (786.02 KB, 847x469, Untitled.png)

No. 211090

that's because he is a defeated man

No. 211092

File: 1449346125044.png (738.91 KB, 818x469, Untitled.png)

No. 211094

File: 1449346197451.png (711.91 KB, 839x459, Untitled.png)

No. 211095

File: 1449346306692.png (703.5 KB, 845x466, Untitled.png)

Werent they drinking in that hospital bar in Japan??

No. 211096

File: 1449346341805.png (637.15 KB, 839x427, Untitled.png)

No. 211097

Are his teeth really yellow? Or is it the reflection of color from his headphones + beard?

No. 211098

Kevin was pretty cute in this too bad he fucking sucks at editting

No. 211099


>muh sheckles

No. 211101

If anything I hope Ninja Sex Party see the light soon and leave Game Grumps 'crew' too. I used to really enjoy GG until Suzy got more involved and Arin has just become a complete twat. Thank god JonTron left when he did.

No. 211139

I do love Ross' eyes.

No. 211140

It wouldn't surprise me if they actually were. His hygiene is pretty shit.

No. 211159

Yeah Ross is generally adorable TBH
I actually like him and it's also nice to see him in let's plays on Holly's channel

No. 211163

File: 1449363147575.png (640.33 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (525).png)

>tfw you wasted the greatest years of your life playing with toys for children, married to a vapid whale with nothing to show for it

the man didn't even finish sophomore year of highschool. hopefully the youtube bubble doesn't burst because would be fucked

No. 211165

File: 1449363617093.png (665.81 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (527).png)

>is this a toy? why do i need this
>doesn't suzy know those glasses look retarded
>my hands hurt
>my wife is fat
>i wish i was playing video games right now

No. 211178

how have they been together for 10 years+ and yet they still have like NO chemistry at all. They barely look at each other. I feel like it make for more comfort viewing if either of them recorded a video with a random person on a train.

No. 211200

"Why do I need this" is a good point… Whenever I see these videos I wonder what they do with the heaps of unnecessary crap they get out of these loot crate videos, most of which serves no purpose and often isn't even relevant to their actual interests.

No. 211233

Is it possible they have a sponsorship with them and receive the items for free as long as they do these videos?

No. 211255

Don't know if they're getting them for free but they're DEFINITELY sponsored by lootcrate to make these videos. Every unboxing video Suzy does is sponsored.

No. 211296

Yeah. Guess what happens in Japan totes doesn't count. (To be fair the drinks in Japan are weak af)
I sorta hope it does, just want to see how they'd do without it.

No. 211401

Arin and Dan both drink, tho Dan isn't supposed to because of an allergy? They mention drink jack Daniel's in one video for some reason. I think arin had slowly realized that not drinking doesn't make him a better person and regrets it. For the video it's part of the joke I guess.

No. 211462

Compare this video to her newest one…

It's really sad. It seems she's lost all her energy and passion.

No. 211479

Your height isn't as much of an issue if you're not doing catwalk. Print doesn't care how tall you are.

No. 211483

Wow you're right. I wonder if it's fat induced depression. That's really the main difference.

No. 211496

You might be right. She might have depression, which is why she has gained weight. She should get help I had that problem and talking to someone and being more active really helps.

This in no way makes up for her poor salesmanship and lackluster makeup/ fashion.

No. 211510


If not depression, it looks like the typical "married life". I've seen countless friends who've gotten married and made it official gain weight since then and they just let themselves go as time passes by. It's a strange effect.

No. 211518

Ross is a cutie, aw.

No. 211521

Never watched GG before, I thought this was decently cute until it just turned out to be a shameless three minute commercial

No. 211529

She made a video about it. She explained that she has some mental illness and that it runs in her family but she was very vague. She talked in circles about it and read really basic facts off of her phone about depression and it was pretty useless. She takes medicine for it, which is kinda weird considering her thyroid medication situation.

No. 211534

Can someone explain to me why she can't do the lootcrate vids by herself?

I swear every time I click on a video from here, Arin looks more and more like an arrogant asshole.

How's the Japanese studies been going buddy?

I'm willing to bet everything I own when they come to Japan, Arin's Japanese helps them with jack shit.

No. 211535

File: 1449461488036.jpg (49.03 KB, 554x564, pieceofshit.jpg)

Well, add Octopimp to a GG official piece of shit. I swear all these gaming youtubers all suck GG's dick. I thought Super best friends was safe. I really, really hope they don't collaborate with GG again.

Octopimp's abridged stuff was amusing. Now he's just another run of the mill twitch streamer.

No. 211538

File: 1449461947661.jpg (77.49 KB, 500x300, https://40.media.tumblr.com/f1…)

> How's the Japanese studies been going buddy?
> I'm willing to bet everything I own when they come to Japan, Arin's Japanese helps them with jack shit.

That is definitely a given since (I believe it was in one of the Sakura Spirit episodes) he didnt even know what tsundere meant. One of the most simple terms to get - especially since he is apparently so into anime - and he was like "uhh I think it means something rapey. like the dude is saying the girl wants it lolol"
And everytime Danny or anyone else asks him what something means, there is a long pause and he either blurts out something wrong, gibberish, or changes the subject

He is almost certainly that kid you knew back in high school that bragged about learning japanese and could only say shit like hello, cute, and how are you doing (he seems to know a few other basic phrases but you get my jist)

No. 211545

Who fucking cares? Octopimp is fucking terrible anyway.

No. 211649

Wow Suzy looks so cute, healthy, bright, and peppy in that first vid compared to now.

No. 211670

the cankles!!!!

No. 211673

Why is she still unable to model properly after all this time ?!

No. 211677

Went back on her youtube channel, you can really see the change in not just her fatness, but video quality after she got married.
Even her old modelling skills were way better.

No. 211683

Her fat ass ankles don't support her weight correctly so she has to just awkwardly shuffle so they don't give out

No. 211685

Why does she spend so fucking long on each pair of shoes

No. 211688

I doubt SBFP is really riding GG's dick that hard, they know damn well they're the better channel.

No. 211725

Does she even have anything redeeming about herself. She even has awful taste in shoes. She has awful taste in everything

No. 211734

rite? the music sucks. The floor sucks. Shoes sucks. I saw a comment on the main sub of GG that had hundreds of up votes saying "Suzy is so basic" so even theyre catching on. I didn't like Holly before because I thought she was weird but Suzy has converted me to a Holly fan with how basic and boring she is

No. 211761

File: 1449530279805.jpg (250.15 KB, 799x1151, why.jpg)

game grumps has some new posters made by shanen pae, who imo has a very neat art style
the one nitpick i have with this fucking poster in particular though is suzy. mainly cause she looks like a teenager? but also cause she's drawn skinny as anything and has cat ears.
i get the stylistic choice but, it doesn't really fit in at all when the rest of the guys actually look like themselves?

No. 211763

Isn't this the person who draws porn of them?

No. 211764

File: 1449530548850.jpg (262.78 KB, 769x1153, nooo.jpg)

also, oskar (raspbearyart), ANOTHER great artist, made this
i just don't understand why people feel the need to lie to themselves when they interpret suzy in art? maybe it's cause they get paid to…

No. 211765

haha, yeah. the way they draw arin is also questionable

No. 211767

Idk, they all just draw her as Generic Woman Character 1 with a blonde streak in hair.

No. 211770

suzy has no upper lip tho

No. 211772

for the amount of time she spends on each pair of boots, you can't even make out any of the details since half the time she's flailing around like a spastic

jfc what is wrong with you Suzy

No. 211773

Theory: before she got married (i.e. when she was thinner) she felt fine with just standing around and "looking hot", but now that she's a rotund butterball standing still would just make it easier for people to notice how fucking fat she is so she has to flail around and act "quirky" to distract people.

No. 211781

Wow each and every one of these is ugly as shit. She has awful taste

No. 211791

hey look, a decent game grumps video. no suzy, no arin, everyone is having fun and the game is getting played.

No. 211797

Oh god she's too fat for these shoes. Her legs legit just look like stumps haha oh god. Suzy, buy shoes that look better on thick ankles for gods sake.

Still using that shitty silver glimmer shit in the background.

Also she always wears those shoes in nr 9 and they are so fucking ugly on her legs? Like why she like them so much? Am I just crazy to think they're really unflattering?

No. 211806

Ew god the bottom middle pair looks like ugg boots existing in the final fantasy universe

No. 211807

holy shit… it can't be… actual chemistry between people in a grump video…?

No. 211808

I like this artist. They do a good job of making them look like GG while also making them look really stylized. Sure, these aren't 100% accurate representations (Arin is a lot bigger than that), but it almost looks like someone else drew Suzy? Maybe girls aren't their strong sport but she looks really out of place and bad.

No. 211810


Well suzy is chubby and fugly, can't make her realistic or else no paycheck and plenty dramu

No. 211816

>Suzy has no skills to portray with her/things she does so she's just generic animu catgirl


No. 211817

That's what I thought too lmao. They have to make Suzy look all animu because if they made her look realistic(the 5head, giant teeth, no lips, and double chin) her fans would go after the artist and go all "how dare you disrespect our queen Suzy she's perfect!!"

No. 211820

Yes thank you! This has always bothered me, but that's not what sealed the deal for me.
>Dan: I've seen you drink honey from the bottle, gross lol
>Arin: Uh no, it's ok, Honey isn't sugar

Arin is a "know-it-all" idiot, and it's only gotten noticeably worse.

No. 211827

Too true. With the guys, showing their interesting features that make them unique adds to the art and makes it better. But for Suzy it would be a huge insult to see her most obvious traits drawn out. The only thing they did right was give her a short piggy nose. It is cute art though, and god knows if I was that ugly I would hope to not be drawn accurately either.

No. 211828

>trying to draw Suzy cute and thin

No. 211837

What if Suzy rejected the original so the artist inserted a generic animu cat girl to shut her up?

She seems like she was pasted in.

No. 211866

arin should break up

No. 211995



Is 10,000 times more faithful to Suzy than this shit.

No. 212066

This is so useless… she's pathetic.

No. 212072

I suspect this video was sped up. Rather then cutting out parts, like a smart person, she just sped it up so that it wasn't stupid long.

No. 212081

fuck, this is really sad ;___;

No. 212082

if someone brags about knowing something, that's a pretty good indication that they don't know shit about the topic

No. 212083

>fat ankles
>mallcore trash boots
what a shitty video

No. 212085


Is there a reason why holly who has been a grump way longer than ninja Brian, isn't on this poster?

No. 212086

>no talents, hobbies or skills
>drawn as generic catgirl #2384


No. 212091

I don't get why Snoozy is always included in GG group fanart, but not Holly. Holly's just as much of a GG as Snoozy is. I guess Snoozy is just around more because she's got no personality of her own and has to force-include herself into everything her husband does.

What, buying tons of useless ugly shit isn't a hobby? I'd have drawn her with a handful o' Arin's credit cards…

No. 212096

Artist is obviously a thirsty ass bitch who doesn't know real talent and probably wants to fuck Arin or Danny.

No. 212114

Because people see her as an extension of Arin which is what she works hard to make herself

No. 212116

File: 1449598426936.png (2.93 MB, 1536x2048, womens.png)

A little grump store modeling Suze

No. 212119

holly isnt a grump, shes considered just a guest. which is good, holly doesnt need to join the trainwreck that is game grumps, she has her own channel which does really well and her cosplay stuff.

No. 212121

File: 1449599415187.jpg (103.62 KB, 1000x1000, thyroidflip.jpg)

holy shit.

No. 212127

File: 1449600478932.jpg (188.39 KB, 954x605, ss (2015-12-08 at 10.46.17).jp…)

No. 212128

File: 1449600523811.jpg (190 KB, 958x604, ss (2015-12-08 at 10.48.15).jp…)

No. 212129

File: 1449600570349.jpg (160.24 KB, 943x607, 4.jpg)

No. 212132

They dont even like WoW. Ross and Holly are the WoW fans.

No. 212133

Are those chocolate graham crackers? Is she at home? I don't get it.

She can't even make proper smores.

No. 212134

She has the easiest job on earth. this bitch still has the gall to complain.

No. 212135

Not doing her own art as usual. Why do these idiot artists allow her to make money off of their work?

No. 212144

can't believe people find holly more interesting than suzy… in my opinion they are both just as boring and ugly. holly looks like she hardly ever showers.

No. 212151

I think it's mainly that Holly actually has talent, creates things, and is not an all-around shitty lying person like Suzy is, regardless of her looks or charisma (or lack thereof).

No. 212154

holly looks more like a man than ross does.
but i guess you are right in her being more talented at life than suzy is.

No. 212155

Somebody thinks that's Arin, lmao.

No. 212156

omfg lol

No. 212165

File: 1449605091889.jpg (19.93 KB, 600x279, kwality.jpg)

Ah the gold old days of modeling, when she was younger and thin.

Such quality!

No. 212169

File: 1449605167640.jpg (32.99 KB, 600x400, kwalitytoo.jpg)


No. 212184

File: 1449610775267.jpg (12.52 KB, 201x279, move over jaslene.jpg)

Tyra really dropped the ball on this girl.
She's giving you the most all the time.

No. 212191

that's what i would bet my money on.
i can totally imagine her throwing a tantrum when presented with the rough draft.
gotta stroke dat customer ego.

No. 212203

"It's a glandular problem, guith!"

No. 212218

Oh shit I thought that was arin too. Lmfao

No. 212255


To be honest, I think the makeup/hair and photography is much better in that second photo, and has little to do with any weight gain.Hair and makeup look way better in the second photo, and the lenses keep her eyes from looking super beady. That top photo is pretty yikes though.

-terrible hair (that shaved head thing does her no favors)
-no lenses drastically make her eyes look different, they're very beady.
-is she wearing foundation? Her face looks super uneven and splotchy.
-her face is at a bad angle, not flattering.

No. 212257


Don't worry anon,GG won't last forever. It'll be fun watching her find a real job once she can't leech on her internet name anymore.

No. 212414

Which for her would mean retail. Which she hasnt done in years which means a low wage. Better hope minimum wage goes up by then Suze!

No. 212515

I know kind of off-topic….

But I read through rantgrumps, and someone made a long post about why he unsubbed GG.

And this summed up what (many?) think about the GG channel situation right now.
I think it's accurate, especially the last sentence.

>>When you change, you always need to keep in mind what worked in the first place. In Game Grumps case, it was the genuine, two best friends having a good time aspect that drew people in. But now it's just a cluster fuck of fake characters to appeal to a mainstream teen audience. There's no magic anymore. <<

No. 212517


I meant this sentence:

But now it's just a cluster fuck of fake characters to appeal to a mainstream teen audience.

No. 212519

I do personally like some of the grumps + guests but you're not wrong lol.

No. 212525

File: 1449700938404.jpg (180.43 KB, 942x597, ss (2015-12-09 at 02.41.52).jp…)

No. 212526

File: 1449700983585.jpg (185.51 KB, 949x614, ss (2015-12-09 at 02.42.51).jp…)

No. 212527


this random group of models fucking kek

No. 212528

File: 1449701058519.jpg (162.12 KB, 945x606, ss (2015-12-09 at 02.44.05).jp…)

No. 212531


Oh my fucking god, this video is so embarassing!!!

Her poses
her acting
her figure

I just can't.. HOW could she upload this shit?

No. 212532

File: 1449701262227.png (988.02 KB, 752x724, Untitled.png)

No. 212533

File: 1449701337745.png (1.11 MB, 1366x768, Untitled.png)

No. 212534

Video for posterity.

At least she's not using that horrid background, the sparkly one.

But jesus it's like she forgot ALL her skills from her modelling career….

No. 212535

She looks so awkward flailing around trying to be "quirky".

Also her outfits are just so samey lately… awful.

No. 212537

File: 1449701641388.png (651.58 KB, 870x754, Untitled.png)

No. 212538

File: 1449701676731.png (56.01 KB, 188x155, tongue.png)

No. 212539

>Eye stuff on fleek (dont know what its called )
That comment kek

No. 212540


I agree. I think shes trying to be funny and quirky now thats she fat, since she doesn't have her looks going for her. But her dumb faces are just so forced and annoying

No. 212545

that airbrushing…

No. 212556

She's not even THAT fat, it'd look so much better if she just acted normally.

No. 212561

I feel embarrassed. Actual embarrassment as if I had something to do with it. Does Arin film these? He seems at least half self-aware enough to realize this isn't good.

I usually rather comment an Suzy's antics rather than her looks. But this is hideous. The dress, the shoes, the black lipstick. She can't even be bothered to stand up straight/suck it in a bit?

No. 212562

She has such unfortunate weight distribution

No. 212565

This is probably Arin with Suzy's youtube channel instead of insta

No. 212583

steampunk stuff is cringey

No. 212587

LOL Arin is definitely Nate!

She really is an utter sellout. You just know she wouldn't wear any of this but hey, affiliated links! Some of her either young and/or dumb fans might buy something so she can fill her pockets to buy more….not medication…but useless shit.

No. 212594

God her body shape is so similar to mine now, and I'm about 50 lbs overwieght. I do have a few things working against me, including genetics and depression, but I don't blame my fatness on that, especially when I've already lost about 30 lbs. Suzy needs to do what confident fat girls do and just own their body size and go with it. And know what works for it. She's been almost there a few times, but not quite.

No. 212595

File: 1449712877673.png (41.71 KB, 683x280, Screenshot_2015-12-09-17-53-13…)

No. 212597

File: 1449713685457.jpg (111.12 KB, 916x608, surrealism at its finest.JPG)

I like how none of the artists can even be bothered to figure out her actual eye color.

No. 212599

Nice catch.

It's brown right? This is what happens when you wear dumb circle lenses.

No. 212600


WTF is with the cheezy 80s "fantasy guitar rock" music? The sound, her spastic nonsensical poses, combined with her wearing skintight clothing over a body that needs shapewear (she's not a landwhale yet, but she's def lumpy in unattractive places) doesn't add up in any way to make me buy something she's wearing. In fact, she makes the outfits dated, odd, and clearly unflattering to most body types.

And let's get real, most "gamer girls", goffic teens, and women into cosplay are not known for being in great shape, and they're the audience Suzy and her sponsors are aiming for. So all she's done is make it apparent that the clothes are going to look shitty on you if you're Suzy-sized or bigger. And clothing itself is ugly; you couldn't pay me to wear that ugly shit, let alone sell it to me.

Lastly, lol at whoever (Arin?) is filming this shit. I cannot imagine being behind that camera, watching her make a fatty fool of herself and convince her that yeah, that was definitely cute and will make her sponsor happy.

No. 212603

I know she's trying to be a quirky spaz like her hero grav3yardgirl but even Bunny knows how to model halfway decently so you can see the clothes…these ugly faces and retarded movements are just like they let some FAStard play dress up or something.

No. 212611

File: 1449717298407.jpg (45.75 KB, 583x325, wait what.JPG)

I don't wanna mock mental health issues…but yknow, know one is forcing you to make a video Suzy. I'm sure the world will keep on turning if you don't hold up a lush/lootcrate/birchbox item that's ~*amazing*~ for a week. And what's with the random enthusiastic plug of another (monetized) show?

No. 212612

*no one, not know one. I'm a fucking idiot.

No. 212613

Bunny's spastic nature is clearly her, just a part of her personality. With Suzy you can tell almost everything about her is crafted but not with much care. Suzy has one facet to her personality and it's try hard.

No. 212614

Why does almost every e-celebrity have depression/anxiety/borderline personality disorder nowadays?

No. 212616

Hmm. I wonder. I've been friends with bipolar people and their depressive states are… well, severe in one case because her meds failed. When she went manic about a day later her vision made everyone sparkled. In the other she was just grumpy for days before she suddenly started hugging me at random. I know every case is different and that we don't see all of Suzy and her life, but something feels amiss.

No. 212617

Remember how about 5 years ago every e-celeb was bisexual? It's kind of like that.

No. 212619

I've had a friend who was diagnosed as bipolar as well and shit was way worse than just feeling low for a bit and then being kinda okay. She thought the fucking radio was talking to her specifically and then went missing for days.

No. 212624


10/10 agree with this. It would be tens times less annoying if she just rolled with her current weight instead of "LOOK GUIZE I"M A SIZE S, IT SAYS SO ON THE BOX"

No. 212625


I think her actual eye color is blue and that she wears those brownish circle lenses to make her irises bigger

No. 212645

She would. She would look better if she stopped being lazy and lost the weight in a month or two.

No. 212647

ngl, I'm jelly of the artist on the right. I wish someone draw art of me like that.

No. 212656

I just don't get why she wouldn't draw her own art instead of having random people on the Internet do it

No. 212734

She knows she can get away with selling other people's art.

No. 212757

Also her art is shit. I don't think she's ever made anything that's meant to be reproduced for print and would majorly fuck it up, aside from not drawing especially well.

No. 212759

Yeah her eyes are blue. I think she looks way better without the dark circle lenses honestly. Those are what make her eyes look beady because they're just too small to accommodate so much iris. At least her shade of blue is pretty and looks interesting contrasted against all the eyeliner. Circle lenses make her look like a rat.

No. 212771

Who in their right mind would wear those cringy legging outside on a normal day? I'd only wear those if I was about to kill myself and I needed perfect justification

No. 212779

Like Suzy walks outside in any of these cloths.

They would be okay as con clothing, since leggings make for good comfy clothes but normal people stick to black and brown and maybe the odd color or leatherette detail.

No. 212866

>1 second ago

No. 212878

Did this bitch seriously just say 60 seconds to Mars in her latest video. I just can't with her anymore . Why do people even like her anymore

No. 212879

File: 1449791001291.webm (639.52 KB, 718x404, oO2cC2C.webm)

Even the spanx can't hide that belly fat.

No. 212883

I'm all in for making fun of people here on lolcow but I never understood peoples need to say such nasty things directly to peoples social media

No. 212884

Why do you all hate this girl? Not being a smart ass…OP does not know how to give a general description.

No. 212887

she's super dishonest: scammed her fans by selling them 'handmade' jewellery when she really just ordered a 2 dollar pendant, slapped it 5 dollar chain and then sold it for 100 dollars.

Took down some guys GG comedy compilation video because it made her look bad (it didn't, she was in it for about 2 seconds) When that became public and people weren't too happy she pretty soon changed her story to 'I only flagged it because the video was monetized u guiiz' when it almost certainly wasn't.

No. 212888

thx anon

No. 212923

>60 seconds to mars
>Not getting her fat ass out of the house
God damn suz you are the worse

No. 212924

One of my best friends follows Suzy like she's got a twinkle sprouting from her ass. She draws her birthday fanart to send to her, is one of those people who replies to her stupid tweets, actually wastes her money on her and GG's merchandise… it's actually making me disrespect and loathe her as a person for her foolish 'inspiration'.:
I guess faty, lazy girls inspire other fat, lazy girls.

No. 212928

it's almost like this is directed at suzy

No. 212931


Well, at least she dropped the fugly wig and her hair looks nice. Kudos, snooz.

No. 212932

>One of my best friends
>I loathe her as a person because she likes something I don't like
>calls her fat and lazy
Doesn't sound like she's a "best friend" anon.

No. 212933

Tries to brag about connection to famous band.

Gets band name wrong.

Joking aside, how is she not ashamed of making such a blatant whore-out video?

No. 212939

>I guess faty, lazy girls inspire other fat, lazy girls.
As a fatty I find this upsetting

No. 212940

File: 1449807949768.png (67.33 KB, 253x256, 1412114836010.png)

>60 seconds to mars

No. 212943

Does Suzy have any youtuber or real life friends? Like I feel like the ones that are friends with gg don't count because I doubt they're even actual friends with her. She probably tried to be Grav3yardgirls friend but Bunny never acknowledged her lmao

No. 212945

That's a replica

No. 212947


She mentioned those limited Ouija board posters she got made were almost sold out, and that she had 400 printed….

$20 a piece, basically 400 sold

No. 212954


I know she's friends with one of the artists who draws stuff for her (linzb0t).

No. 212963

Yeah, because no one's ever lied about the scarcity and desirability of their products to make them appear worth purchasing.

I would be surprised if she manages to sell 200 before she takes them down from humiliation and claims they're sold out. Then she can just release a "reprint" of the remainder as a kindness to all her fans clamoring to buy one.

No. 213016

I believe lindzb0t does GG stuff anyway. I don't think Suzy has a friend that isn't related to GG in some way.

No. 213050

No. 213053

Does anyone find her voice to be absolutely irritating? I couldn't even watch more than 15 seconds

No. 213060

File: 1449862854537.jpg (46.92 KB, 500x375, 1447871107528.jpg)

>grabs kabooki brush just blend your eyeshadow out with that!

No. 213064

oh my god, I thought you were exaggerating for comedic effect

No. 213065

God her eyes are tiny

No. 213069

My god, literally all of her makeup tutorials are the same. It's hardly any different from her non-glasses "looks".
Plus, unless your eyes are beady as fuck like Suzy's are, winged eyeliner is just going to be hidden by your frames.

No. 213070

Oh man I went and looked for it after this comment. Hilarious.
3:30 for anyone who doesn't want to skip around.

No. 213089

Her eyes aren't just small they are beady and lack any prominence of eyelashes. It seriously looks like she had developmental issues. If I were Suzy I would be pissed at my mom. It's probably why her mom knew she wouldn't be picked on ANTM, despite the obvious fact there were no cameras. I bet she knows she fucked her daughters face up for life. /takesofftinfoilhat

No. 213094

File: 1449867570852.gif (2.56 MB, 336x335, fat.gif)

No. 213096

Her main problem is that she does 1 eye liner shape, and that covers any variation of shadow shapes she might be doing. I don't know if any other looks like butt on her tiny eyes, but she'd have so much more range if she just changed up the size of the wing a little. I look good with winged liberty but I don't do it every fucking day.

No. 213097

*liner not liberty fucking phone

No. 213102

The winged eyeliner really closes her already beady eyes too. She should try a thinner line and an eyeshadow look (not with a kabuki brush) that would make them look bigger.
She's also getting older and she can't dress like a teenager forever.

No. 213104

File: 1449869171692.png (242.89 KB, 536x552, shert.png)

Wait New T-Shirts coming soon!

(Somebody with skill put that logo on her shirt please?)

No. 213111

File: 1449871691052.jpg (48.03 KB, 190x176, IMG_-nwgo2t.jpg)

holy shit.

No. 213137

Her weight here doesnt look bad.
She should try to get a flat stomach but that's it.
she should try wearing waist training shit or corsets.

No. 213138

am i the only one who's concerned about her health? i mean what if she has depression or some shit?

No. 213143

or she could try losing weight, which would also improve her health, instead of just putting shapewear on and continuing to be a lazy cunt.

No. 213144

I actually really like her hair. Her weight gets distributed in such a weird way. Her arms are so big.

I think some of us are. Seems like her and Arin are bored of each other and they don't give a fuck about what they look like. They got married too young I think.

No. 213153



No. 213156

File: 1449883577017.png (329.51 KB, 477x570, absolutely disgusting.png)


No. 213163

that's what they get for pandering to tumblr

No. 213178


BITCH YOU HAVE HOODED EYES. Unless you make a cut crease, NO ONE WILL SEE YOUR FUCKING EYE SHADOW. All anyone ever sees are the big black liquid eyeliner lines. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

Also, your voice makes want to off myself. And your face if fat. Maybe learn how to contour before you make a fucking video where you're all, "My face makeup is on point, guize! All we need now is a fuckton of Cleopatra eyeliner! Make sure to power up your eye crease - especially if no one can see it, because your eyes are hooded!"

No. 213210

What the fuck…

No. 213213

I meant she just needs a shapewear to have an average or decent body and corsets improve health lol

No. 213214

the fuck?

No. 213216

any tumblr word ending with shame doesnt exist

No. 213217

I'm confused. They're joking, right? Like, no one actually feels 'kink shamed' by a Who's Your Daddy joke (if you can call it a joke).

No. 213222

I wouldn't say they married too young, they just married the wrong people. There's no chemistry between them whatsoever and there never has been, they're like two wet blankets that got stuck together. Look at Holly and Ross, that's a normal marriage.

No. 213234

Holly and Ross are married?

No. 213255

It's a joke, I use Tumblr frequently and "kinkshame" is a joke people make in response to mainly dd/lg kink.

No. 213281

Her nasty Vienna sausage toes trigger the fuck out of me.

No. 213288

Yes. Ross frequently refers to Holly add his wife. I think they've been married for a long as Arin and Suzy,but a much less dysfunctional relationship.

Then again Suzy is only capable of using chemistry with Barry, who seems to have chemistry with everyone.

No. 213309

honestly Suzy seems she'd be alot better off being with Barry than with Arin.

then Arin could also go out and get the gay out of his system finally

No. 213311

Don't wish bad things on Barry.

No. 213312

Do people on tumblr have literally zero sense of self awareness and how jokes work?

No. 213323

Suzy reminds me of this ~~goth gurrl~~ I know that literally only wears jeans and a t shirt every day, but with Edgy hair and makeup
She even does this exact face holy shit

No. 213325

Ask if she watches any youtubers. I truth Suzy's make up is a pretty common goth style, but the goth make up people I follow in yt do other things besides the inner and outer corner wing.

No. 213349

she likes Drac Makens

No. 213365

No. 213368

What's wrong with Drac?

No. 213374

File: 1449958492305.jpeg (117.02 KB, 1080x1350, image.jpeg)

No. 213381

this isn't too bad, but i still hate people who wear ankle covering boots with no stockings on

No. 213389

what's her deal with weird, childish hair accessories? Dumbass bows, flowery shit, these cat (or bat?) ear things?

No. 213390

unclench your anus, this accessory is fine and goes with the look.

No. 213400

can she even walk in that? the skirt looks like its going to split at any second.

No. 213402

sometimes Suzy actually hits a good look. Its rare but it happens. I really like this!
I hope it doesnt give me a nasty surprise when i see the video

No. 213403

Really? I think the skirt is trashy and those boots make her look stubby.

No. 213417

at this point she's not even a real person, just like an OC or character people like to redraw

No. 213421

Suzy defiently should find better boots that compliment her legs better, I do agree with that

No. 213422

Agreed. Also let's see how good you think she looks when she takes off the jacket

No. 213423

File: 1449967993548.png (Spoiler Image, 515.41 KB, 1236x1155, 1449959117008.png)

man, some of their fans are fucking insane. who draws this shit?

trigger warning: extreme faggotry

No. 213424

yeah thats why I said I was hoping it wasnt gonna give me a nasty surprise in the video when she takes the jacket off

No. 213425

File: 1449968272433.jpg (6.01 KB, 250x250, 1449949233596.jpg)

No. 213428

They don't even recognizably look like anyone on the show… Also lol at that hand

No. 213431

File: 1449969275923.gif (4.19 MB, 320x240, 1438137814442.gif)

Don't click that spoiler. Just don't.

No. 213433

Barry is ugly and boring tho

No. 213440

Her make up is pretty extreme. That's about it. Her application skills are a million times better then Suzy and has eyes big enough that the inner wing doesn't look dumb. And she doesn't do it all the fucking time. She's also a bit of a norm when it comes to the internet, but she seems to be learning. My mom say one of her looks and thought it was pretty (until she drew the flies on her brows…) and my mom hates it when I do dark, smokey or weird make up looks (even though I'd get compliments all the time.)

I like the jacket. I like asymmetrical moto-style jackets so maybe that's me. That skirt looks like a trash bag and she should know better then to stand pigeon toed. Also that camera angle. It looks like Suzy's gonna fall over at any moment.

No. 213444

where's the jacket from? i really like the look of it but if it's some cheap shit then nty

No. 213451

One of the problems with starting a relationship with someone at a young age and continuing it into adulthood and eventually marriage is that oftentimes neither of the people involved ever get the chance to grow up. I think some time single/spent dating other people would be good for Suzy and Arin.

No. 213452

Drac is pretty cool, personally don't like how she does her lipstick and he voice is kind of irritating.

No. 213460

imo Barry's cute but it's all based on preferences.

No. 213461

She uses Limecrime and uses a pushover excuse of, "but muh make-up addiction" and "lets just all appreciate the beauty of make-up guise"

She even used LC to recreate a look by Shrinkle and was clueless about what the big deal was.

But besides that not much

End me

No. 213466

I see what you're getting at. It wouldn't be such an issue if even one of them was moderately intelligent or mature and could spur them as a couple to work towards growth together, but as is, they're just bringing each other down.

No. 213470

why is wendy pegging cartman

No. 213474

File: 1449980606877.jpeg (111.34 KB, 750x750, image.jpeg)

Hope everyone is enjoying Saturday! It’s pretty chilly/windy here! Loving my #diamonddogs @kombostore jacket ??? #mgsv

No. 213477

Don't they make enough for her to get lip injections?

No. 213480

#videogames #gamergirl #arinhason #egoraptor

No. 213508

her nose is so WRONG she looks like a poorly made sim

No. 213511

She does look like one of those randomized sims lmao

No. 213549

oh come on you guys, shes not THAT ugly… sure she is boring as fucking hell with a personality as interesting as watching paint dry, which is why I dislike her the most… but shes not UGLY as people say.
Id like to see some of you guys if you think shes so horribly disfigured.

No. 213552

File: 1450023266935.jpg (19.85 KB, 550x416, 142788-004-C3E60EBF[1].jpg)

Don't forget that Suzy was never really interested in Arin anyways, and only came back after Arin went all obsessive over her. Then she told Arin to stop making animation because he would never make money off of it.

No. 213555

Question:Is Kati Dans Girlfriend?

I am talking about this girl, shes in a lot of Hollys Lets Play Videos and stuff but I dont actually watch them so yeah

No. 213560

I don't think so, I know Dan is probably the type of guy whod have some fuckbuddies whod hed only wanna bang, but I don't see why he wouldn't say it out loud if he had a girlfriend.
I don't see his reasoning in hiding having somebody

No. 213566

File: 1450026497805.png (963.02 KB, 1750x1014, morty.png)

Sure, she doesn't look horrible with 10 pounds of makeup on… I would hate to need to do that just to look socially acceptable.
Pic related and she is even wearing makeup in this (foundation, concealer, contouring, and blush).

No. 213572

I don't think Suzy is ugly. I think her problem is that she has no idea how to dress or style herself.

No. 213583

that's really sad, that she has to spend so much time on makeup

she should just lose weight so she can look normal

No. 213585

i think she looks average ''without'' makeup
but yeah since shes fat it makes her look pretty ugly

No. 213586

I wouldn't call that average, anon… tiny, far spaced eyes… skinny lips… moon face… thin early 2000 eyebrows…

That's below average as fuck

No. 213587

I dont think so. Looking at the photos she works with ninja sex party and hangs out with the GG group a lot but nothing suggests they are romantically connected.

No. 213589

To be honest, I expect a little bit higher from Dan. That girl is pretty standard looking.

No. 213685

She's not. Both have been adamant about that when one mentions the other. Kati I believe games with Holly on her channel and seems like a genuine, sweet person.

Suzy isn't ugly, but she's not what anyone would really call pretty, or even handsome. She can be borderline homely without make up, but the best way to describe her would be interesting, and not even because she's gawth.

No. 213742

>I don't see his reasoning in hiding having somebody

Didn't Markipliers fans go crazy and stalk one of his gfs? I can see why he may want to. I've heard people alude to Dan having a gf but nothing concrete.

No. 213751

File: 1450046884575.jpg (141.76 KB, 943x608, ss (2015-12-13 at 02.46.11).jp…)

No. 213753

File: 1450047021432.jpg (122.91 KB, 943x608, ss (2015-12-13 at 02.49.20).jp…)

No. 213754

I know recently mark had to move in with the dudes he's living with now because fans showed up at his doorstep (which is why we aren't getting a house tour because people figured it out last time). I think what might have happened with Mark is that people figured out who is last girlfriend was and thought her to be the one he talked about in a tumblr post who was abusive. People are dumb and jump to conclusions and I remember a post on fb he made about the more recent ex, who he is still friends with.

I can imagine Dan trying to keep a gf on the down low for awhile, but I don't think it would remain secret for too long. I think he might be afraid of getting into a relationship too because at the age he is the next one will be serious since it seems like he'd want a family at some point.

Also why I think Barry is still single because a mention or slip up probably would have happened by now.

No. 213755


Maybe they're related…?

No. 213756


Like their psychical features are really REALLY similar.

No. 213757

File: 1450047254827.jpg (93.51 KB, 592x593, ss (2015-12-13 at 02.53.15).jp…)


>sorry forgot my picture like an idiot

No. 213762

I noticed that too. Dan does have an older sister, but she has a normal job working for a magazine. Kati is a friend of his from the east coast however.

No. 213774

oh wow they actually kind of do look alike.

I guess all jews just look alike.

No. 213776

no, they're just both really jewish lol

No. 213778

File: 1450051063444.jpg (157 KB, 1600x927, 1450026497805_meitu_1.jpg)

If she would lose weight, wear red lipstick and try to make her lips fuller, use cute blush and volumizing fake eyelashes then she would look fine.
(i'm sorry if the lips look weird)

No. 213785

>Only reason why she made the video was because someone funded it. She didn't do it for fans.

In all they were great tips you can get from any google search. Just done by suzy (which is half assing it)

I just wished she talked about skin care more. Eye cream is needed for glasses wearers and people over 25. If you don't wear makeup all the time (I save makeup for events)it is a great way to handle bags under eyes which can get highlighted when wearing glasses.

No. 213797

File: 1450052272725.png (369.69 KB, 935x479, Kati Schwartz (@twolineschwart…)

No. 213798

She looks like a fat old asian lady-pimp

No. 213799

Didn't see the comments. My bad. But hay if the see each other like that then 6 in one hand half a dozen in the other.

No. 213808

i tried my best, anon

No. 213809

actually, eye cream isnt needed.
you can use facial oils under your eyes.
i've been doing this and it's better than buying an eye cream tbh

No. 213815

Like Suzy knows anything about skincare. She's done maybe 2 videos on it and not really about how to take care of it properly. She's still in a very hs mode of covering everything with make up rather then dealing with the issues itself.

No. 213826

what the actual fuck did you do to her?

No. 213827

A really bad job using one of those make up app things I think. Not one of the better Suzy edits.

No. 213832


I just want to know why they added the mole

No. 213833

That I couldn't tell you. Probably a preset.

No. 213844


This made me crease up, lol!

On a serious note no amount of make up can fix that huge nose-mouth gap. Please Suzy, get an upper lip lift and lose weight.

No. 213861

She would totally do that too.

No. 213864

I wish she would get lip injections. I think it would improve her face so much. It's crazy how much full lips change a face

No. 213866

wouldn't change her shitty, rude, entitled, scamming, unfunny personality though

No. 213873

If she knew how to properly over draw her lip it would a help in the meantime.

No. 213874

File: 1450062404704.jpg (131.59 KB, 469x348, 1360096833074.jpg)

No. 213878

File: 1450062759862.png (1.13 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

This. She would look so much better if her face was just less fat. The more weight she loses the better for her face.

And what is wrong with her eyes is that they are slanted upward and she accentuates this with the winged liner. She should do a droopy eyeliner to create the illusion of no slant.

No. 213882

I saw this fat girl with bad makeup at the last concert I attended. While we were waiting for the band to play, she was scrolling through IG and I saw her commenting on a Suzy photo. It…all made sense.

No. 213885

File: 1450063291041.gif (702.42 KB, 400x160, frodo-ultimatedigust.gif)

What the fuck

No. 213889

Haha, yeah fuck anyone who seriously uses Limecrime. I work in retail and i run into a lot of women who wear limecrime lipstick and I seriously have to wonder if they are blind or dumb or both.

No. 213901

File: 1450064463388.jpeg (112.95 KB, 1334x750, image.jpeg)

She looks much better with normal makeup than her style of makeup even. I still didn't do exactly what I wanted to do (like a reverse winged liner because too lazy to find an app that would let me). Also I hate her hair color so lightened it up a little.

No. 213902

because i like moles

No. 213904

hey i'm not a expert at editing, get over it man

No. 213905

she looks okay

No. 213906

I agree.
she needs full lips

No. 213910


Obviously this isn't a "fantastic" edit, but jesus christ she looks much more palatable here.

Still doesn't change the fact thats shes got such a terrible attitude tho

No. 213913

File: 1450065999336.jpg (64.23 KB, 526x594, 1370594319243.jpg)

Dear God…
I assume the girl is Suzy, but who is the guy even supposed to be? I thought maybe Ross because of the hair, but why did they draw him so fat? Why is he fatter than Suzy? What sick twisted individual dreamed up this monstrosity? tbh I'm not sure I even want to know…

No. 213923

I thought it was Jontron…

No. 213955

People are shitting on artists for drawing Snuzy fanart but tbh if i was semi good at drawing and wanted more followers Id definitely draw fanart for someone like Suzy who retweets/reblogs a lot of it and she has a big following.

Like a fair few of em would be ass kissers but I guarantee, a lot of the shit people draw fanart of is solely for more attention cause its popular atm

No. 214002

Pretty sure its supposed to be arin

No. 214029

Holy shit, that was literally my exact thought the second I saw it.

No. 214070

honestly though I dont wish for anyone having to resort to plastic surgery or injections. Thats horrible you guys would even suggest that.

Suzy just needs to learn how to do makeup and looks to suit how she already is.
And also calm the fuck down with trying to be a popular grump. Thats all i ask.

No. 214073

man I know Arin is pretty fat but people always draw him as obese and give him 80 chins.. gotta feel bad man!
I mean fair enough he defiently needs to loose weight, but people are still mean drawing him at like 500 fucking lbs!

Also this looks nothing like suzy or arin at fucking all

No. 214119

File: 1450093684329.jpeg (104.29 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

Why does she have shirts? All she does is open boxes wtf

No. 214120

File: 1450093721666.jpeg (104.07 KB, 750x750, image.jpeg)

No. 214121

Go back to PULL. It's not horrible to suggest she fix her fucking face. At this point lip injections would be considered corrective surgery since she obviously has FAS

No. 214130

i feel embarrassed for anyone who actually buys a shirt that says mortemer on it. like who would want to represent her so badly that they feel the need to buy one of her shirts? it's a great way to show everyone in real life that you have no life and enjoy watching some fat thin lipped bitch on youtube opening boxes and saying "amazing" whilst reviewing makeup products for a living.

No. 214134

so you need surgery or injections if youre ugly now or have an ugly area of your face? Is that what youre saying?
Because in that case we would all need some corrections, and then when does it stop?
We all have ugly areas. Get over it.
Suzy just needs to do correct makeup and not the cakey shit she does now.

No. 214137

Why are you getting mad over something two anons say on here? You're getting upset over something that's not even about you, lol.

No. 214142

I feel like babbies on tumblr buy way too hard (literally) into her """brand""" and psuedo-feminism. People act like the bug taxidermy is the most unique thing they've ever seen and nag their parents into buying them a $100+ bug in a cheap frame so they can shove it up their ass as a celebration to Suzy's greatness. It's a weird thing. People ride GG's dick super hard, so I guess if they like Suzy too, it's just the next step.

No. 214144

Actually I think these people are Wendy and Cartman from South Park, don't know why anon posted it as 'Suzy and Arin'

No. 214177

That wasn't for you…

Maybe this is in a previous thread I missed or she said it in a video, but why is her handle mortemer anyway? Aside from Disney lore it seems random. Also all hey shirts are ugly.

No. 214183

I'm not upset im just discussing, just like everyone else. dont read too much into a board

No. 214190

Mortemer was the name of her Dragon Ball Z OC as a kid.

No. 214193

This explains so much.

No. 214300

Sure people have ugly areas. But she has FAS, is trying to be a model and is in front of the camera doing videos left and right. Not everyone needs to correct their imperfections because not everyone does what she does or has FAS.

No. 214312

Not to mention it's more about making her face look more balanced. People who try to fix everything wrong with their face usually end up looking weird. I don't think the Asian eye surgery that makes them bigger is something she'd do, but getting lip injections would be helpful for the gap she has there.

No. 214330

Yes exactly. If she just had some semblance of an upper lip her face as a whole would improve and look more humanly. Right now it's uncanny valley. Suzy has the money for it and is in LA with so many surgeons at her disposal. She can even see the guy who did Kylie Jenner's

No. 214337


Can you imagine how much her fans would shit on her if she got surgery? I mean, there would always be a legion of loyal followers who would say "It's her face! She can do what she wants with it!" but there's definitely a stigma of sorts associated with plastic surgery.

No. 214339


What's wrong with Limecrime? I'm just curious, I don't keep up with makeup.

No. 214343


There's a thread for LimeCrime's CEO, Doe Deere.

No. 214350

I feel like her fans are so oblivious to everything she does and let her get away with anything so I don't think lip fillers would be different. Her viewers are all children. She could just say she's over drawing her lips kek.

No. 214389

could someone please shoop suze with thicker lips? I'm skeptical fillers would work that well with the FAS filtrum.

No. 214400

She's a lazy cunt with no personality of her own, but damn that is a pretty cool design, I must admit. It would have looked better without her shitty youtube name on it though. Still wouldn't give her a penny regardless.

No. 214401

Are you fucking new to life? Google that shit.

No. 214412


I did right after I asked lol, I'm just lazy and was hoping someone would give me an extra-abbreviated explanation.

No. 214442

File: 1450147641984.jpg (178.53 KB, 500x500, suzy_fix.jpg)

I made a really quick attempt and also made her make up a smokey eye and a darker lip. She needs to stop doing concealer lip.

No. 214447

Has she lost a little weight? I swear she looks skinnier in this video than I remember.

Also these kinda suck.

No. 214449

These outfits are hideous. The last one is especially bad.

No. 214452

Jesus, she looks like she's wearing a witch costume from the drugstore, complete with wig attached to hat. She has no friends.

No. 214453

those dress lengths aren't doing her any favors. also shoes in outfit 1 are fug as fuck

No. 214454

They look extremely bad quality. She needs to throw those away. She needs to throw most her shoes away actually

No. 214455

>She has no friends.
So fucking true. If she had any actual friends (especially female friends) they'd tell her she looks like a complete idiot.

No. 214456

It's crazy how proper makeup helps her look semi-attractive

No. 214459

File: 1450152327575.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

NONE OF THESE OUTFITS ARE GOTH. NONE. Suzy is seriously one of those stupid basic bitches who says they're goth and probably doesn't listen to the music or is involved in the subculture. And even if you are going to be that lazy, research proper goths. This is just ugly coordinations on all parts.

>I'm wearing black so I'm totes goth!

Not with that hat, those ugly fringe (flare) pants and just…everything. This is a total mess. And her poses are obnoxious. Suzy has no idea what she's doing. She has no personal identity. She thinks styles and subcultures are some kind of 'feel like wearing this today' type of thing. I mean, if you're gonna pretend to be goth, don't make it a halloween costume. Better yet, don't pretend.

No. 214467

>sick band shirt anon
>actually it's for professional box opener FAS poster child Suzy Berhow

No. 214472

that could probably be applied to everyone in the world though

No. 214473

oh wow. her philtrum is still fucked up, but this is a huge step in the right direction.

No. 214474

cute hat but i'm not really feeling the gay cowboy core suzy. also holy shit her taste in footwear is atrocious.

No. 214485

File: 1450158279942.png (381.82 KB, 623x398, xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.png)

she's wearing tumblr goth shit. tumblr ruined subcultures and turned them into cookie cutter generic versions that you can get at walmart for 10 dollars. they made everything look the same and all the little shits of today just buy into it. these bitches can't come up with anything unique or good looking it's always just shorts paired with tights lmfao

No. 214487

File: 1450159204774.jpg (44.22 KB, 480x487, 1445815161252.jpg)

I hope you guys realize the comments are jokes. It's tumblr making fun of tumblr for believing "kinkshaming" is a thing.

No. 214493

No kidding. This all looks so awful

No. 214496

File: 1450161289123.jpg (45.68 KB, 570x456, il_570xN.440068508_4z79.jpg)

Yeah if you search for "hipster goth" you get a lot of similar pics, its just, no. No. Awful.

No. 214498

um what the fuck is this. this is even worse than suzy kind of

No. 214500

Looks pretty felice fawn like fashion to me, she came up in the same search, a lot, that this pic did lol.

No. 214506

I must be a faggot because I think the "goth" look is kind of cute. Not goth at all, but interesting.

Pastel goth is pure retardation and "grunge" looks like a forever 21 store vomited on this girl. I

No. 214559

File: 1450185892156.png (133.25 KB, 309x303, LW6Tsib.png)

I can't stop thinking about the past, I'm sorry

No. 214560

File: 1450185925013.gif (1000.13 KB, 218x262, tumblr_inline_nxcm50szlH1rpdlx…)

I also found this kek

No. 214562

ok this angle

literally looks like shes from a dr seuss book

No. 214563

I always thought she looked like a Who too

No. 214564

Ewwww the space between her nose and upper lip when she says "sass"

No. 214572

Her acting skills suck. Hell, all she wants to do is look "pretty" and that's it, she doesn't take any risks, she doesn't even frown to show that she's pissed, he face is like a wall, you would think that after so many years of sitting in front of a camera smiling and reviewing shit would teach her how to act slightly invested in was she's saying, but no, bitch has no talent, she's as bland as she looks.
(Sorry about the sperg out, Playfag here, half assed performances makes my bloodlust rise)

No. 214591

I guess you're aware of this parody from collegehumour mocking beauty gurus, right?


There was a comment saying something like this:
"I thought I was gonna watch a CollegeHumor video but I guess I clicked on a mort123m456er video instead"

This comment got a huge amount of likes and comments.

Now the comment is gone,

Now there's only a replacement comment with graveyarg girl.

No. 214619

>hipster goth
fuck this gay earth

No. 214622

I didn't freeze enough areas properly before I started to liquify her lip but yeah. I don't think you can fix her philtrum completely, but you can make that area of her face look less… stretched.

I like the first dress, but I'm not goth. I like the aesthetic of goth culture, but Suzy doesn't get it at all.

No. 214625

File: 1450206634804.png (1.32 MB, 1020x1236, herecomeshoneybooboo.png)

Man, I know it's probably just the lighting set-up she had, but she just looked so… healthy. Weight gain aside, her hair and skin looked great and she genuinely looked happy. Now she looks dull, dumpy, and like she crawled out of a trailer park.

No. 214626

what annoys me about Suzys outfits is that theres always something nice on it, like its not TERRIBLE but she is horrible at mixing and matching things.
The two first outfits could be great if she could style them properly!

but okay theres no helping the last one.
It seems like theres always 2 okay or even sometimes good outfits and then 1 really fucking horrible in these outfit vids.

Also Suzy clearly has grav3yardgirl syndrome, where she constantly makes vids and instagram posts about outfits she never actually wears in real life.
Or at least super rarely.

No. 214627

File: 1450207002935.jpg (406.59 KB, 619x846, 1440811851433.jpg)

Dropping another.

No. 214628

While I agree Suzy isn't very goth, my fucking god you sound like a pretentious asshole!

stfu man you sound like those lolitas who say you cant be lolita if you dont EMBRACE the lifestyle and have teaparties and frilly sofas

No. 214629

Honestly, It just looks like they both gained some weight lol

No. 214635

File: 1450209217347.png (569.99 KB, 2118x1276, 1441654629097.png)

>Egoraptors expression growing more strained with every pound Suzy puts on

No. 214637

"How to remain hip and cool at 40"

Jesus christ she really needs to stop. If she put this much time and effort into cardio instead of into outfits she looks terrible in doesn't actually wear, she'd be down 30lbs by now. Priorities, Suzy.

No. 214640

Off topic but I don't care!
Arin and Jon (plus Holly and Ross) are together in Jon's new and final Starcade.
Wonder what will come out of this
Wonder what Suzy thinks about this

No. 214641

okay call me a newfag if you like, but I dont see why Suzy would care?

No. 214643

i think it's cool they are friends again or still. But Jon and Suzy don't follow each other on twitter this is a things that's weird. Something is off about that.

No. 214648

Seeing the end of that made me happy, god damn i'm such a faggot but i can't help it.

I thought it funny that Suzy wasn't shoehorned into the ending, just imagine how awkward it would've been.

Who knows if she was just glaring at everyone off stage lmao

No. 214649


it made me happy too, you are not alone.

No. 214654

My bf has a youtube gaming channel so he's subscribed to all the other gaming channels and tries to keep up to date on what's doing well. He recently complained that he had to unsubscribe to GG because he was sick and tired of all the promotion, ads and product whoring they do.

No. 214658


I thought she was the one with two lightsabers at first

No. 214661

honestly though they are the only fucking channel who is upfront about ads and sponsorship on whole fucking youtube

No. 214662

Those thunder thighs don't lie

No. 214663

File: 1450218190670.jpg (74.63 KB, 800x725, af17006096b3877b2489fa62039bd5…)

Does anyone know where she got this top?

No. 214664

a store for goffic pirate bar wenches.

No. 214665

it's from the d.i.a. brand. i think you can only get their clothes in japan.

No. 214668

I never understand why she names these videos with something like "3 Outfits 1 Video". Wow, what a deal! We get to watch Suzy awkwardly pose in some shitty outfit for one who minute!

I'm not into outfit videos and stuff but don't most people have way more outfits in a video?

No. 214673

that top is an atrocity

No. 214681

exactly, it's tortuga from pirates of the caribbean if it went 90s goth-kei.
have not seen many things quite so shit put out by a brand.

No. 214685

This. At least they try to make their sponsored videos (somewhat) entertaining.

No. 214686

File: 1450225578065.jpg (97.93 KB, 675x369, shrek-fun-facts-1.jpg)

Her smooth philtrum reminds me of Shrek.

No. 214693

File: 1450226284199.png (901.35 KB, 1080x1288, Screenshot_2015-12-15-16-35-05…)

Ew she looks disgusting
Also lol @ her ember poss

No. 214694

No. 214702

even with that proana pose her thighs still touch


No. 214707

why the long face?

No. 214708

The individual pieces of this outfit aren't bad… but together it's a bit much.

No. 214710

Naa it's alright, just not with her wearing it - plus the hat is ridiculous.

No. 214711

File: 1450230259480.jpg (474.37 KB, 1278x834, NOES.jpg)

But, but, that's her right here in the mask ? It even has the winged eye ?

No. 214712


I know I'm not crazy then! Them pasty thighs gave it away. I like the fact she's just a background character in this. Just like her actual role in game grumps.

No. 214713

>that terrible rick ripoff in the middle

No. 214714

It's gonna take some time, to realize
But if you look inside, I'm sure you'll find
Over your shoulder you know that I told you
I'll always be pickin' you up when your down
So just turn around…

No. 214715

Why the hell is it so trendy right now for people to rip off black metal logos. It's fucking lame. Especially since I know this bitch doesn't listen to metal.

No. 214717

>My bf has a youtube gaming channel
so he's unemployed?

No. 214718


No. 214728

yea because Egofaptor hasn't also packed on the pounds like someone who's given up. lel. they both look awful.

No. 214733

File: 1450238238630.jpg (60.86 KB, 600x800, beachtrip07052.jpg)

Can't tell if Suzy or twin sister. If Suzy, she needs to change her shitty eyeliner

No. 214736

Damn she needs to exfoliate the fuck out of her lips too

No. 214748

ikr i thought it was a leviathan shirt at first glance and i was about to flip shit

No. 214750

Definitely Suzy, her sister would never wear shotty winged eyeliner.

No. 214754


Holy fucking pock marked forehead, her skin is fucking foul

No. 214758


What in the fuck is that eyeliner and why is it a centimeter below her lash line - how can anyone walk around like that when they aren't walking around saying "Hi welcome to Hot Topic"

but bc of her weight gain she's keeping her face looking young and preserving her collagen, minus the texture of her skin. nice from far away, but her sick consumption of sugar will catch up to her skin.

No. 214759

The Best Friends play are pretty upfront, from what I know. They'll just straight up say "This is sponsored by company, we're getting money for this. We're saving up for an office."

No. 214783

Damn. How many months apart are these two screencaps?

No. 214784

Are you blind? Arin has gained just as much weight. Or do you give fat guys a pass?

No. 214786

The same reason pastel goth and hipster goth exists. People are unoriginal and just copy shit they have no respect or real interests in. It's annoying.

No. 214787

Her skin is so bad… Whoa

(and have you never seen Jean before? She wears more natural makeup and not all this caked on shit. Also, she has much better skin than Suzy.)

No. 214788

The thread is about taking jabs at Suzy, not Arin. I don't think the poster was giving him a pass intentionally.

No. 214789

Speaking of her shitty skin, do you think it may be due to her thyroid? I say this because before she ballooned she had good skin even if she did wear a lot of makeup. Currently you can see her skin condition even with the same old thick makeup.

No. 214793

Nope she has stated in a lot of her makeup lush things that she doesn't do a lot for her skin. I think as of recent she has (Japanese face mask and samples of scrubs)She doesn't use moisturizer or sunscreen (she thinks she doesn't need it because she doesn't go outside).

The damage has been done to her face and with her getting older it is starting to show even with all the thick makeup.

No. 214797

File: 1450248289623.jpeg (91.58 KB, 640x898, image.jpeg)

Apparently they're filming something with Jontron. Ross posted this earlier…thoughts?

No. 214798

Have you not seen the most recent StarCade?


No. 214799

File: 1450248391917.jpeg (124.8 KB, 640x877, image.jpeg)

No. 214802

I think it's a bit farfetched to say that, since that would most likely be a more gradual thing that would be noticeable over time, not immediately after weight gain and an announcement about thyroid issues which CAN make you break out btw (Google hypothyroidism and acne, I can't link because my phones copy paste is being retarded.)

It's like nobody has ever lived in a world without usingface masks and creams. I do believe in using sunscreen but that is really it. Sometimes I wear face masks for fun to feel pampered. But jfc I guess it's easy for me to say since I have normal skin and get a pimple or two before my period and that's it.

I pray I don't become the crypt keeper.

No. 214803



No. 214818


On Jean's DA, she sometimes sport's Suzy's eyeliner look so I was confused.

No. 214821

Pastel goth looks less retarded when done right. Agreeing that the "grunge" girl just looks like she fell into a F21 rack though.

Have you heard of health goth yet?

No. 214840

File: 1450267210829.gif (222.53 KB, 350x340, ain't right.gif)

No. 214842

>that skin
it's not jean :^)

No. 214865

What? This is also a GG thread. It's right in the title. We do and always have given Arin shit for being a fat loser.

No. 214866

The first one was October 2013 and the second one was November 2015. :(

No. 214867

A nice way to differentiate Suzy from whatshername twin sister up close is that Suzy has that crater on her forehead and that grubby pasty skin, also darker hair, the sister has it dyed a light brown tone.

No. 214868

Snoozy and friends in Japan. Sorry if it's been posted before.

And at 14:41, Suzy gets that portrait done, the one she was so proud of, even though it's just a super generic and shitty anime face lol

No. 214869

Also this one.

No. 214870

Aw come on, I love that channel and the last thing I was expecting was to find her FAScinating face there. God damn.

No. 214892

File: 1450282776826.png (214.21 KB, 888x1453, arinmadrant.png)

Suzy is a GG and Arin is connected to her like a parasitic tumor, so he can be mocked as well. He's defended her scams before publically on reddit.

No. 214893

File: 1450282872879.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)

Come on, Jon. You got out. I respected you for that. Don't get pulled back into this black hole.

No. 214894

Damn. That's quite the spiral down.

No. 214897

Jean only tend to do the outer wing because she's normal. I also think she likely takes better care of her skin overall and has a better diet. Otherwise she'd probably look more like Suzy right now then she already does, with the blotchy skin and uneven texture. When I take care of my skin it looks close to flawless. When I don't it looks like Suzy's. I do have a pretty heavy regime, but that's because my 20s hormones are worse on me then my teenage ones ever were.

No. 214900

So Dan and Arin were on Good Mythical Morning. It's a lame kids show but from what I saw of it they weren't too bad. Maybe a little awkward, but Rhett and Link are awkward on their own, so they weren't out of place.

No. 214902


I thought it was sweet, despite not really liking Game Grumps. Jon and Arin still live on opposite sides of the country, so I doubt they're going to do much together, but it's nice that all that negativity was cleared up.

No. 214905

>Best performance Arin has given
>Jon wrote all the lines

No. 214917

His best performance ? Damn, I thought it was lame as hell. Jon act way better than him.

No. 214922

Can someone please explain the jontron/GG feud thing? I always got so many different stories that I never really understood what happened.

No. 214924

I think thats honestly because nobody actually really knows what happened

No. 214925

Ah there's no official story? The claims I heard where always so varied and some were so extreme I never really knew what happened.

Like I heard everything from jontron had sexually assaulted someone to him not wanting to do sponsored videos to him hating suzy and her forcing the break, that I never really understood, lol

No. 214927

Here's a few conspiracy theories for you from the first thread

Jon's girlfriend not liking her:

No. 214930

Thanks! That helped a lot.

No. 214932

Jon is a better person than Arin in many ways and it sucks to see him collaborate with him again especially considering Jon created GG and Arin basically stole it for himself after Jon moved to NYC.

No. 214936

Isn't there supposed to be a video with her in this by now?

No. 214937

Earlier in the thread there is a link to the sleepycast here >>206784 he was tired of doing it. Wouldn't you? To make good let's plays but being told by Polaris that you have to keep pumping out content it can be draining. It even shows. Jon's vids take time but are better than GG's.

No. 214949

File: 1450298687085.png (675.76 KB, 504x577, okay.png)

Jesus Christ!
This picture only looks good, if you if you ignore her face and her wiener stubby arms.
Plus, perfect model pose!

No. 214950

the dress actually seems really nice but its really fucking hard to see if it looks good on her or not when she stands like that!
Fucking just stand up straight Suzy that pose doesnt make you look skinnier just constipated

No. 214951

right, only thing looking good here is the dress….

No. 214954

Oh man that sleeve is not helping her arm look any better. Could she have smiled? or something? She looks like a rodent.

No. 214956

The dress looks hideous on her orange skin. It might be cute, but I'd never know seeing it on snuz.

No. 214958

File: 1450299636658.jpg (14.49 KB, 200x283, 200px-Bawwwww_bunny.jpg)

N..No.. No.. A-Arin.. Dan is fine but.. Arin..Why..

My heart hurts so much now.
Why GMM.. Why?

No. 214959

Is she fucking with everyone now? Who in their right mind would wear those stupid fucking glasses with that ugly ass dress making that retarded face with that generic pose featuring a shitty tattoo? Everything about this picture infuriates me. Thunder thighs over here needs to step back and look at herself.

No. 214962

File: 1450301181296.png (24.23 KB, 120x135, Screenshot_2015-12-16-22-24-45…)

What's this face supposed to be

No. 214964


No. 214965

Dan sure is a sweetheart, you can feel his positivity from a light year away. Arin on the other hand has such a "I'm only here because you're paying me" attitude.

No. 214966

File: 1450301994662.jpg (24.98 KB, 354x484, themtht.jpg)

Teeth appropriation post.

No. 214973

I don't think thats it, I just think Arin has extremely low confidence and alot of selfworth issues which in many cases can make him seem arrogan or closed off.
I don't think Arins a bad or snobby person at all, I just think he needs to go see a therapist about believing in himself.
That's also part of Suzys biggest problem.
And when two people with extreme confidence and worth issues are MARRIED its just bound to be bad.

No. 214974



No. 214976

It looks like the photo was taken mid word. I can't believe she ever considered modeling as a career.

No. 214979

She makes that dress look bad. It's much nicer on the model from the actual website. Also why can she never wear shoes that go well with anything?

No. 214981

File: 1450306199668.jpg (79.66 KB, 1333x900, 1435803662998.jpg)


No. 214984

Is anyone watching the Yogscast charity stream? Game Grumps are joining them right now, Suzy too.

No. 214985

Like I know yogscast can be cringe too but ffs at least they're hard working and intelligent.

No. 214994

Holy crap this is awkward as fuck to watch. It's literally just Suzy and Arin with them and they're barely saying aaaaaaaaaaaaaanything. I feel like they shouldn't have even bothered to invite the grumps on, it's pretty much as if they aren't even there.

No. 215005

Lmao i got banned from chat for talking mad shit.
this makes me hate yogscast a little bit tbh. gagging your community is always a bad move in my book.

No. 215007

LOL just got banned for saying "this stream is cancer"

No. 215019

What is that fucking music that's playing. Also I just dropped in – how many times has Brian jerked himself off over his PhD in the stream so far?

No. 215024

how are her arms fatter than her legs

No. 215025

the angle she's standing makes her legs look slimmer

No. 215034

Jon's face here looks like he's mentally screaming "help me."

No. 215043

I hope Jon doesn't get close to GG again but don't think he will. Having Arin in his video just looks like a gesture of goodwill, which I think reflects well on him in a way.

No. 215046

Her arms are huge. dear lord.

No. 215055


Yeah that does suck but I think Jontron still gets paid with all the videos with him in it. Thats why he refuses to talk about the feud because it would destroy his non-disclosure contract or w/e and he wouldnt get paid.

So yeah sucks because his idea baby got stolen but still not terrible since he still gets paid. Could have been worse

No. 215063


Holy fucking shit snoozy, why would she ever think this looked good enough to post? He upper arms look disgustingly fat and so does her gerbil face.

y can't she let go of her youth already and just accept shes getting older and letting go of herself.

No. 215064

File: 1450325131977.jpg (63.54 KB, 1039x434, Screenshot 2015-12-16 20.04.11…)

No. 215065

Image in response to >>215055

No. 215072

File: 1450326108217.png (429.77 KB, 501x441, Untitled.png)


arins man boobs lol

No. 215073


WHAT seriously. What the duck…

No. 215075

File: 1450326466012.png (906.01 KB, 845x470, Untitled.png)

No. 215077

Arin is even more disgusting than she is

No. 215078

File: 1450326673700.png (666.25 KB, 834x462, Untitled.png)


Arin looking like a big ol' butter ball

No. 215079

I actually like the dress. That pose though, her teeth too lmao

No. 215080

File: 1450326830130.png (889.08 KB, 846x932, Untitled.png)

No. 215081

He got A cup titties.

No. 215082


Yup, money that was rightfully Jon's went right to Snoozy's arms and Arin's necks.

No. 215084

This actually reminds me of a story I once read, in which a man gave his wife an unremovable cursed ring. Through the ring, he was able to transfer all the negative effects of his aging and food intake to his wife. Despite how hard she dieted and worked out, she just got fatter and more haggard (and thus no one believed her), while her spritely, ever-youthful husband did whatever he pleased and looked better than ever.
I think Dan has put this curse on Arin and Suzy.

No. 215087

Arin is a disgusting saggy titted mess.

No. 215089

Dude, she's only 26. She is hardly 'old.' Calm down. She doesn't have to let go of her youth, but she needs to diet and work out or else she is going to continue looking like shit.

No. 215090

Arin really is fatter than Suzy. They're both bags of lard.

No. 215094

It's an Iron Fist sweater. I own one. It's pretty decent quality, but the peter pan collar is a little stiff an itchy.

No. 215125

>lame kids show

Please leave. Good Mythical Morning is fantastic.

No. 215142

Also being apple shaped. She gains on her top half faster then her bottom.

I'm also getting confused why none of Suzy's pictures are straight. It's like the live in a horse with an incline.

No. 215162

Ha, I actually love GMM! It's just how I introduce the show to people so that their expectations are exceeded when they watch it.

No. 215163


OT but: I just recently found their channel like a week ago and have been binge watching them. i can't believe I'd never heard of them before, especially seeing how popular they are.

PS Link is bae.

No. 215196

Am I the only one who thinks Jontron is cringe worthy? I don't understand all the love for him.

No. 215204

I think he was a lot better before they gave him the fancy sets and stuff. I get the feeling thiat whole Star Wars thing really got a lot of other cooks in the way of what he wanted to do. Plus production dragged on for way longer than he expected… I am hoping he will return to something closer to his normal stuff later… But, I think his earlier stuff is his best work (for example, Dinotopia or his Final Hallway XIII video).

No. 215205

Dinocity not Dinotopia, sorry.

No. 215212


No. 215214

Okay so despite the obvious fact she has too much belly for the first two dresses, this gotta be her best outfit video to date, she actually doesnt look awful.

No. 215220

>that first dress
god damn her ass gets me hard

No. 215222

You'd think on her own channel she's have her own little thumbnail ideas, but instead she just rips from GG still

No. 215223

the last dress looks good on her but jesus christ don't wear a bodycon dress unless you have a flat stomach

No. 215229


I think Suzy is fine here, she's giving advice and stuff, and her voice is way more tolerable here than it is in her unboxing videos. Arin's laugh is super annoying.

No. 215230

Nope, I'm with you there. I started watching GG once Danny was already on the show so I didn't get to experience the "Jon Era", but I watched some older GG videos with him in it just because people would never shut the fuck up about how great he was and he just… was not funny. I know I didn't watch enough videos to get a good idea of him but I couldn't stand to watch more when the few I did see were so embarrassing.

Off topic, I know she's not really a grump but since she's lumped in with them anyway, does anyone know if anything happened between Holly and Jessica? I get the vibe that they're not friends anymore.

No. 215232


ESPECIALLY if your stomach sticks out as far as your tits. Very unflattering. And I agree, that last dress is cute on her.

No. 215235

File: 1450396914423.jpeg (94.2 KB, 683x1024, PRI-VanGoghRoses-HNToastieDres…)

No. 215237

She's still managed to retain an overall pretty okay body shape despite her weight, but damn she's so doughy. Suzy just go to the gym, or better yet jog for christsakes. At least that shit is free. Can you imagine how nice that body would be toned?

No. 215240

Her belly pouch sticks out farther than her butt, not a good look for these types of dresses. If I were here I would go more for A-line type things to hide that area… And she is still flailing around as usual. However the clothing itself is way nicer than most of her outfit vids.

No. 215241

i just find it cringey that suzy is almost 30 and her entire LP brand identity is portraying herself as a kawaii neko girl
at least with mortemer, despite being tryhard, looks professional enough paired with the shit she sells

No. 215242

Yeah since she used to be very thin and looked way better. It's not like she's destined to look like a sack of potatoes. She's just chosen that.

No. 215243

I dislike most youtubers but I'm seriously diggin' their style, they seem very relaxed (plus both are REALLY cute…)

No. 215245


No. 215247

YESSS psychicpebbles wrote the lines

No. 215251

File: 1450401041702.jpg (143.56 KB, 1440x1137, IMG_20151217_201019.jpg)

No. 215252


No. 215256

That fucking hand on chin pose she always does annoys me so much lmao

No. 215259

Suzy never had big boobs and her weight gain didn't help her there. I don't think she looks bad but… you can tell she is not comfortable in those first two dresses.

No. 215273

It doesn't even matter. In the end all her pics will be her in jeans like for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

No. 215283

Hahaha she wishes.

No. 215303


Uhh, look at Arin's neckline, compared to the others. It looks like they had to cut down the back to get him into that body condom suit… do y'all think that's what happened?

No. 215304

I can so imagine this!

No. 215307

File: 1450421400664.jpg (68.95 KB, 652x601, ss (2015-12-17 at 10.48.57).jp…)

No. 215308

File: 1450421587137.jpg (75.26 KB, 506x581, ss (2015-12-17 at 10.52.35).jp…)

No. 215309

File: 1450421692254.jpg (89.4 KB, 508x550, ss (2015-12-17 at 10.54.27).jp…)

No. 215310

File: 1450421746122.jpg (79.64 KB, 515x575, ss (2015-12-17 at 10.55.35).jp…)

No. 215311

File: 1450421780996.jpg (48.36 KB, 527x411, ss (2015-12-17 at 10.56.12).jp…)

No. 215313

File: 1450421806720.png (14.44 KB, 638x97, ss (2015-12-17 at 10.56.43).pn…)

No. 215314

File: 1450421992464.png (40.72 KB, 610x345, ss (2015-12-17 at 10.59.43).pn…)

No. 215315

File: 1450422096299.jpg (178.6 KB, 530x1200, CV1AqfXVEAAn_oV.jpg)

No. 215316

File: 1450422282605.jpg (168.1 KB, 803x593, ss (2015-12-17 at 11.04.35).jp…)

No. 215317

File: 1450422316743.jpg (187.71 KB, 920x571, ss (2015-12-17 at 11.05.12).jp…)

No. 215318

File: 1450422447155.jpg (150.59 KB, 921x593, ss (2015-12-17 at 11.07.13).jp…)

No. 215319


what kind of fatass needs "the strength" not to order a dozen cupcakes to their house, where only 2 people live?? Unless you fatasses will each eat 6 within the next day - and who the fuck needs more than one?? - they'll go stale.

I think we discovered why they're both whales.

No. 215320

Goddammit I want Amazon cupcakes, but Sprinkles only delivers locally. I live with four other people though. 6 cupcakes is way too much for one person.

Also…why are all her fans jumping up her ass over cupcakes? Is ordering cupcakes that big a deal that everyone needs to make fanart about it? It's fucking food. Her fans are probably as fat as she is.

No. 215337

I'm pretty sure they're still friends, it's just that they really just do their own things now. I think Jessica said something about not finding cosplay too much fun anymore because of how seriously people took it. She works for Geek & Sundry now, so I guess that takes up a lot of her time. I do remember couple (or a few) months ago, Holly appeared on Jessica's Geek & Sundry twitch show and still referred to her as her best friend. So, y'know. Maybe something happened, maybe something didn't. I do miss their duo, tho. :(

No. 215338

Rhett and Link have been consistently some of my favourite Youtubers. I've been watching since before they started Good Morning Chia Lincoln and I love how they've evolved since then.

No. 215339

Rhett and Link have been consistently some of my favourite Youtubers. I've been watching since before they started Good Morning Chia Lincoln and I love how they've evolved since then.

No. 215340

Her poses are pissing me off so hard I can't even finish the video

No. 215356

It's okay you aren't missing much since Suzy can barely move in the outfits so the failing fits. My gripe is that she doesn't do a fucking voice over for these like many who do these kinds of look book videos. Or even film outside. She's in CA she can film outside unless they have a shit yard.

No. 215357

File: 1450452005074.gif (951.54 KB, 500x251, https://45.media.tumblr.com/37…)

Her face just kills me

No. 215358

I'm going to have an aneurysm

No. 215359

God she looks like a middle aged mother of 2. But she's 26 and never birthed another human ever.

No. 215371

Maybe she should just get the baby thing out of the way now and then lose all the weight afterward. I'm so curious and terrified to see Arin and Suzy have kids.

No. 215372

File: 1450459604123.jpg (71.02 KB, 385x393, whatwhat.jpg)

Let me introduce to you, our own, the everly lovely lolcow Suzy Berhow:

No. 215375

I can imagine that when she flails like that while filming, she's just mouthing her words instead of talking.

No. 215381

Dress for your weight! Jesus.

No. 215383


this is so fucking cringe worthy

No. 215384

how can you put that much eyeliner on your face?
If she accidentally rubs her eye in public she's fucked

No. 215406

arin looks really gay in this drawing

No. 215409


No. 215416

I don't know if arin has ever said he wanted kids or starting a family, but Suzy should do it soon if she wants one and lessen the risk of stuff happening to the kid because of age. Since their kids will already have a few points against them genetically.

No. 215430


Question: Do people with FAS pass down similar looks to their children, even if they don't drink while pregnant? Or would their kids look normal despite their Mom having FAS face?

No. 215442

All I know is Suzy looks very similar to her parents.

No. 215490

what a waste of talent

No. 215498


This is a prime example of why you should dress for the body you have, not the body you want/used to have.

No. 215502

File: 1450482529162.jpg (175.93 KB, 931x596, ss (2015-12-18 at 03.48.43).jp…)

No. 215503

File: 1450482580623.jpg (128.75 KB, 931x502, ss (2015-12-18 at 03.49.30).jp…)


No. 215504

File: 1450482662861.png (26.31 KB, 604x161, ss (2015-12-18 at 03.50.55).pn…)

No. 215509

File: 1450483091919.png (249.21 KB, 235x741, Untitled.png)

No. 215510


Maybe shes pregnant haha

>pls god no

No. 215511

File: 1450483348793.png (820.91 KB, 970x748, Untitled.png)

No. 215520

>Suzy we can see your reflection

LOL Professionalism.

No. 215522

At least they drew her fat.

No. 215523

>Muh genetiks

No. 215524

File: 1450484480720.gif (194.45 KB, 477x456, villager-mad.gif)

What a waste of talent.

No. 215525


But they drew her "cutefat", even though her waistline is clearly bigger than her boobs.

No. 215526

>Only buy from me
>give me all your money

How old are her fans usually? 16? 17?

No. 215527

She doesn't even look like the same person. She's wearing SO much makeup, holyshit. She looks like a trashy whore from NJ.

No. 215528

No. Gross!!

No. 215534


Probably in their twenties, honestly.

No. 215535

she's really not doing herself any favors with her 'look'. I think she'd be alright, even despite the weight gain, if she just softened up a bit. But the super harsh eyeliner, the stark contrast between the black and blonde in her hair, the tattoo that just makes her arm look even bigger - it just emphasizes all the wrong things.

No. 215537

post fappable pics or vids of suzy

No. 215538

Was this posted? I forgot lmao

No. 215539


btw the intro is an advert, featuring suzy and barry

No. 215540

File: 1450486607053.png (859.74 KB, 1062x597, tumblr_nzj5tkmzke1tj1nnuo6_128…)

No. 215541

File: 1450486636710.png (796.47 KB, 1062x598, tumblr_nzj5tkmzke1tj1nnuo9_128…)

No. 215543

File: 1450487118288.png (212.87 KB, 318x1350, suzy.png)

i dont understand why her fans insist on licking suzy's asshole so much

No. 215547

>handles it with absolute grace

Uh. If saying that all criticism is because of misogyny is graceful is she a fucking ballerina then?

No. 215548

File: 1450487552045.gif (1.7 MB, 350x153, tumblr_nqikp2yfCq1uo712po3_400…)

No. 215549


>schedules and manages the grumps so shit actually gets done

Is doing the bare minimum of running a business/channel supposed to be super impressive now or something?

>reviews that are refreshingly honest

LOL. "I don't like candy scents. OHMIGOD THIS (candy-scented) STUFF FROM BIRCHBOX IS AMAAAAAZING."

>mental health struggles

"Guise, people flirt with me all the time! I mean, they bullied me! Yeah, I was bullied!"

>deals with the most ridiculous bullshit…basically because she's a woman

Oh for fucks sake why do her fans believe this shit.

>handles it with absolute grace

Going full Capslock Warrior is graceful now?

No. 215550


You know I'm tempted to shit on this but I'm pretty sure 90% of it would be envy because I'm single lol.

Her profile looks like shit though. Her nose is horribly proportioned to the rest of her face.

No. 215551

>Oh for fucks sake why do her fans believe this shit.

Probably because it's the most palatable form of "feminism": Everyone who doesn't like me is sexist so I have no responsibility to maybe do better.

I hate this new fucking social media definition of it. It does untold damage to the actual cause.

No. 215552

but her thyroid u guise

No. 215555


No its okay anon, I shit on her and Arins relationship all the time and I'm married.
They just seem so fake together

No. 215560

Dentists can file down long teeth, can't they? She should get her two front teeth shortened.

No. 215563

This is so uncomfortable looking. Meanwhile Arin kisses his guy friends no problem.

No. 215569

File: 1450501727649.gif (673.29 KB, 476x259, tumblr_mvjwkq1X881qa4rnxo1_500…)

>She gets shit on because she's a woman

Such absolute bullshit. A lot of the people who don't like her are both men and women because she's a leech and wedges herself into things. To be honest, all of GG is trash now, but at least it was kind of okay a year after Jon left and Dan was getting settled in. I stopped watching too long ago.

No. 215570

Arin's facial expressions and body language says it all. So much pretending here.

No. 215586

Don't like Jontron, but god damn his bird is awesome. He's flailing around having a seizure and that bird is chill as fuck.

No. 215605

File: 1450511015650.gif (837.07 KB, 500x207, tumblr_nqikp2yfCq1uo712po6_500…)

No. 215606

File: 1450511031825.gif (1.29 MB, 500x220, tumblr_nqikp2yfCq1uo712po5_500…)

No. 215609

File: 1450511060130.gif (984.99 KB, 300x298, tumblr_nqikp2yfCq1uo712po8_400…)

No. 215610

File: 1450511093822.gif (1.85 MB, 333x187, tumblr_nqikp2yfCq1uo712po4_400…)

No. 215613

File: 1450511207610.gif (1.52 MB, 450x248, tumblr_nsmli5UMjX1rrxarpo8_500…)

man, I love that time she was on pepper gaming kek

No. 215614

File: 1450511302992.jpg (262.89 KB, 1280x1575, tumblr_nwj7q3OdNn1saljxoo1_128…)

Fanart of that time on Table flip they played "cash and guns"

>looks like an in real life representation of suzy

No. 215615

File: 1450511324780.png (906.77 KB, 1280x836, tumblr_nuogewgwwC1qdjznzo1_128…)

No. 215616

File: 1450511427057.gif (1.45 MB, 500x222, tumblr_nwdnf7vCw51t046cio1_500…)

No. 215620

File: 1450511540294.gif (1.67 MB, 500x281, tumblr_nzkvqtKvWT1u1u3pyo2_500…)

No. 215622

File: 1450511658224.jpg (335.66 KB, 1280x1481, tumblr_nzbt561kDu1rq28sso1_128…)

>currently arins fb profile picture

No. 215623

File: 1450511682367.jpg (149.29 KB, 866x568, ss (2015-12-18 at 11.54.36).jp…)

No. 215625

File: 1450511859770.png (974.77 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nz4gqrntJt1v127dco1_128…)

No. 215626

File: 1450511875267.png (339.57 KB, 838x774, 2.png)

No. 215627

File: 1450511908735.png (144.56 KB, 1372x1116, 3.png)

No. 215628

File: 1450511988636.png (826.25 KB, 1280x759, tumblr_nyyfqiVJUC1uvkotqo1_128…)

No. 215629

File: 1450512065786.jpg (28.53 KB, 314x366, ss (2015-12-19 at 12.01.00).jp…)

No. 215630

File: 1450512246487.jpg (242.59 KB, 1107x1920, tumblr_nyt5ltsJXh1r69fmjo1_128…)

No. 215631

File: 1450512353297.png (Spoiler Image, 930.02 KB, 1280x1614, tumblr_ny832ie5QD1uk1miio1_128…)

No. 215632

File: 1450512814107.png (1.47 MB, 1196x764, Untitled.png)

>are their fans really this autistic tho

No. 215633

File: 1450512873283.jpg (59.02 KB, 313x530, ss (2015-12-19 at 12.14.30).jp…)

No. 215635

File: 1450513000556.png (Spoiler Image, 870.66 KB, 1280x1646, tumblr_nwrxsegjkq1uk1miio1_128…)

No. 215637

File: 1450513156269.png (Spoiler Image, 687.83 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nwqt2eD6dA1uk1miio1_128…)

No. 215638


>suzy cosplay

Are you fucking serious?

No. 215639

this is embarrassing. Is she trying to mimick random grumps or something?

No. 215640

File: 1450513373823.png (657.54 KB, 651x1508, tumblr_nu1bmuEy9c1uadstpo3_128…)

No. 215641


>skinny arms

>small waist

I love how people always draw her like she can actually pull off her outfits lol.

No. 215642

File: 1450513453663.png (183.83 KB, 683x639, tumblr_npul4rnhgU1qemks9o1_128…)

Why do people always draw her so cute? Are they afraid of pissing off their queen?

No. 215643

File: 1450513571365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.55 KB, 316x327, ss (2015-12-19 at 12.26.07).jp…)

No. 215644

File: 1450513662901.jpg (40.68 KB, 300x451, ss (2015-12-19 at 12.27.35).jp…)

>games r hard guize

No. 215645

File: 1450513765828.jpg (56.55 KB, 304x534, ss (2015-12-19 at 12.29.23).jp…)

No. 215646

File: 1450513833468.png (373.98 KB, 1006x1374, tumblr_nu6m9zFxSk1qfi7feo1_128…)

No. 215647

File: 1450513885817.png (Spoiler Image, 230.43 KB, 940x782, tumblr_ntvlkl5zBT1sd73wvo1_128…)

No. 215648

this one actually looks like her

No. 215650

>that weird half dyed pube
I just died there.

No. 215651

What has Suzy done that's ~problematique~ outside her bug scam things? She doesn't seem very political, outside of using feminism as a shield. Hell, in the eyes of a SJW, she seems very tame.

No. 215654


No. 215655

Most tumblr users hate her because she used to "promoted an unhealthy diet" or smth

No. 215656

this image and all the other NSFW images in this thread are nightmare fuel

hah! you are so right. arin's snuggle (gross, can't believe i had to type that word in reference to two adults) is so forced. just divorce already. there's less shame in getting a divorce than there forcing youself to be with someone.

No. 215657

File: 1450516239830.png (607.18 KB, 882x497, Suzy Makeup.png)

I know it's super late, but I wanted to try to put makeup on Suzy without altering her actual face structure.

No. 215666

yeah, i don't remember which video it was in (probably sometime around when she found out she had thyroid trouble?), but suzy was talking about how she couldn't lose weight, and she was on a 700 calorie/day diet for a few weeks, or a month, something like that, and she still couldn't drop a pound.

No. 215668

not the exact same outfit, but something similar that she pulled it off really well (imo) here

No. 215669


Yeah, flared skirts look good on her. Especially back then. She doesn't wear weight very well at all.

No. 215683

At this point it might be harder actually. Arun seems to be afraid to be alone or try to find someone who isn't going to use him for his e fame (kek) and Suzy works for his company. They'd still have to work together because she could sue for being fired since finding an administrative assistant to replace her wouldn't be hard. And he'd probably pay alimony too. They are imature enough to not want to deal with that creak

No. 215702

LOL that's bull. No one defies the laws if physics. It's cals in < cals out. My friend has hypothyroidism and manages to lose weight.

No. 215705

*of physics. Specifically the law of thermodynamics.

No. 215706

>calories in, calories out
It's not that I disagree that it is the majority of the case that people overestimate/underestimate their calories, nor am I defending her in particular, but significant differences in metabolism do exist. It can vary due to factors ranging from muscle mass to hormones. There are people who legitimately track their calories and activity levels who observe a harder time gaining or losing weight compared to their peers.
Just pointing that out.
>inb4 100 reply debate about this shit

No. 215707

>putting sage in the subject field

No. 215714

While you are correct to a degree, I would say it isn't true for the vast majority. Suzie eats crap, it's not her thyroid. I would say someone with Prader-Willi or Cushing's would have an extremely hard time but most people don't have either of those conditions.

If Suzy stopped drinking her cals, stopped eating junk and went on the treadmill for an hour a day at a decent pace, I guarantee she'd lose weight.

No. 215715

I also wanted to say that thyroid disorders account for five to ten lbs of weight gain, not thirty or more. It's been proven.

No. 215716

Yeah, but it would suck to be in that five to ten percent and have your situation delegitimized because others have stigmatized the condition so much that it's now associated with excuse-making, or something liars/lazies cop out with.

Again, I'm sure as shit not defending Suzy because her weight gain has been recent and rapid. Clearly it's the result of some sort of bad decision making, whereas I'd more likely believe someone who's shown long-term struggles with their weight.

No. 215723

Yeah, and in the end Suzy has to live with herself. But I really don't buy that she is unable to lose weight eating 700 cals, even with a supposed thyroid problem.

No. 215725

She probably just underestimated her calories and had a lot of "cheat days" which I suspect Arin currently does too given that he talks about dieting yet only seems to get flabbier.

No. 215727

I think so, too. Besides, the more you weigh, the higher your BMR is anyway.

No. 215762

File: 1450543981333.png (45.94 KB, 226x253, dat_goiter.png)


i was totally a model guize

No. 215775

Yikes. Everything is so yikes.

No. 215794

There is no helping her. She really looks like she's in her mid 30s rather then her mid 20s.

No. 215811

Holy shit, how old is this? Arin actually looks decent here.

No. 215813

It's probably his way of hinting that he wants his wife to have a visible jaw line again.

Stop ordering $30 of cupcakes and lose some weight, Suzy.

No. 215815

It seems that way. It really is embarrassing.

>(sorry the photos are so bad )

>gonna post them anyway!

No. 215820

Seriously. Dare I say handsome.

No. 215824

I don't think he has his stripe so, before marriage is my guess?

No. 215828

Wasn't she supposed to be on a paleo diet awhile back? I know it worked for arin, who just gained it back but with a bit more muscle. Seriously cutting out excess sugar and eating more fresh food would do a world of good for suzy.

No. 215834

People who cosplay as real personalities make me cringe harder than anything else.

No. 215840


jesus christ this is horrifying.

I wouldn't even give her any flack if she got a face tuck or whatever to get rid of that flabby ass neck.

No. 215846

Do you think its possible Suzy low key has aspergers or something like that. I know playing armchair psychologist is looked down here cuz it goes OT, but something about the way she interacts with others and has no friends kek just gives me sperg vibes.

No. 215847


I'm dumb

No. 215882

lol no.
Absolutely not.

No. 215885


Ugh why must we always psycho-analyse every lolcow? Some people are just embarrassing, shit people and that's it. That's just their personalities. Go back to tumblr

No. 215890


I see what you mean, but honestly I think it's just down to her vapidness.

Don't get me wrong, some people are just quiet or a little spergy and it has nothing to do with their intelligence, but people who aren't very bright often have trouble coming up with something to say.

She'd probably be a little smarter if she didn't have FAS, but Jean seems to be doing alright for herself.

No. 215894

I don't know Jean's interests, but I said in a previous thread that Suzy doesn't strike me as being someone who reads much. I've noticed those who can at least come off as intelligent do read, but Suzy seems like she'd just read if she'd have to and not because she wants to. I mean with so many YT-ers writing books now you'd think she'd try to cross channels that way (Lisa Eldridge's book came out a month ago on make up and seems like something a make up enthusiast should pic up) since that is a way to increase viewership. You can't keep riding the grump coat tail forever.

No. 215895

>a little smarter if she didn't have FAS

I honestly don't think she has FAS. I think that's just the way her face looks.

No. 215897


Yeah. When she does her reviews and the only descriptor she can think of is "~amaaaazing~", she makes it pretty clear she probably doesn't read much.

If she had some kind of personality and/or intelligence, she'd have more interesting things to say, and if she was a little more down to earth, she'd be able to connect with people a lot more. Those are the things that people like Holly have that she seems to lack.

No. 215898

Chill out it was just a thought more than anything.

In another thread an anon posted a FAS baby that looked exactly like Suzy. Imo she only has the outward appearance that FAS does to you but I don't think she's retarded. She's definitely slow because thats cuz like the other anon said she's vastly uneducated.

No. 215901

yeah, she just seems like a shallow, boring person more than anything. Like all her interests are merely superficial because she can't be bothered to read up on things or engage with them on any deeper level. Yknow, the sort of person who claims they're really into World War 2 history because they watched Band of Brothers twice or something.

No. 215907


That's exactly it. She presents herself as this ~beauty guru~ and ~fashionista~ when she really doesn't know that much about either topic.

She has a few interests that she tries to make into her 'thing', but doesn't really have a very deep knowledge of any of them.
I wonder what it's like to have no real strong passions like that.

No. 215913

File: 1450578218799.jpg (8.18 KB, 200x268, fetalalcoholsyndrome-01.jpg)

No. 215914

Bit of a rant ahead.

She always struck me as really childish/immature: like when you're cooking something and a small child is around who wants to copy you so you hand them a bit of dough to play around with. You know it's not going to turn out great but they'll enjoy themselves (shut up) for a few minutes.

That's how everything Suzy does feels like to me. She sees people doing Lets Plays - she has to have her own Lets Play channel. She sees people doing unboxings, makeup stuff, OOTD - she wants to do that too! She wants to be a super-important part of the Grumps - lets have her 'host' things!!

No. 215916

File: 1450579062061.png (213.76 KB, 291x409, 1435186696258.png)

No. 215917

>that ass

No. 215925

>gets paid to play video games
>can't play video games
what a faggot

No. 215939

This is kinda cute. I wouldn't be surprised if these days Arin doesn't look really into it bc Suzy got fat af

No. 215941


arin can literally fill out a training bra. they're both fat as fuck, i hate how she gets judged more.

No. 215942

yea you're right lol

but the thread is mostly about suzy so that's why

No. 215944

Arin is so fuckable in this gif

No. 215950

To be honest I don't care if she or Arin are fat. People let themselves go when they get married. My friend's wife gained more than 35 pounds in less than a year after marriage. I dislike suzy because she sells 2 dollar products for a 100 dollars. That and she claims to know a lot about makeup, fashion, and gaming but it doesn't show.

No. 215957

looks like they atleast had to cut the neck out

No. 215995

No. 216002

File: 1450628457016.png (383.56 KB, 1080x1463, Screenshot_2015-12-20-17-16-58…)

It's called an imageboard for a reason you know

No. 216003

File: 1450628736327.jpg (59.35 KB, 468x576, twins.jpg)

Seems like Jean got all the brains…and Suzy got all the …?

Reminds me of Twins

No. 216012

>Suzy got all the..?
Misplaced confidence. I wonder if Suzy feels stupid around her sister.

No. 216146

File: 1450672374437.jpg (143.04 KB, 820x596, ss (2015-12-20 at 08.31.58).jp…)

No. 216149

File: 1450672641238.jpg (97.17 KB, 532x417, ss (2015-12-20 at 08.36.55).jp…)

No. 216156

"cosplay" really means fuck all now, does it? Make it Halloween everyday, use it as an excuse to show off your body, dress up as random people even if it's kinda supercreepy.

No. 216160

That comment "do you age" lmao. She's only 26. She actually looks kinda bad for 26. If I didn't know I would've guessed she was early 30s

No. 216164

She actually looks nice here.

No. 216165

This is exactly what Suzy does to Arin

No. 216179

honestly, these clothes would look shitty on all body types

No. 216181

>wearing a shirt saying "girl gang"
i bet she says shit like "girl power" oh god
the cringe

No. 216182

why cosplay as some random people who are "famous" (lmao not) for just playing video games?
what the fuck?

No. 216183

File: 1450676947358.png (95.56 KB, 312x270, 1448603443462.png)

this is kinda creepy
I wonder if the they noticed them, and what they think of stuff like this

No. 216198

>"Suzy. Ive said it before and Im saying it again. Calm yourself and save some beauty for me. Its not fair that you have it all. Stop making me love you so much. Its damaging my health."

Why do her "fans" insist on rimming her at every step? Sure she's actually fairly attractive in this picture, only because she actually looks her age here and not like a 43 year old housewife acting "hip"

>"How she will look when she dies"

All these comments are fucking gold.

No. 216199


Well I found it because Suzy re-tweeted it. Kind of weird shes okay with impersonators of her husband and friends.

No. 216206

Wow.. Her being fat makes it seem like from her side profile her face indented. She looks cute here, that extra weight really takes a toll on her.

No. 216234

How can she wear heels like THAT and STILL look stumpy? How tall is Suzy anyway?

No. 216251

Why does this Arin cosplayer look super constipated?
also who wants to cosplay as a fat childish turd? how sad.

No. 216252

She says she is 5'8" but I think she's lying. I'm 5'7.5" and I don't look stumpy like she does. She's probably 5'3-5'4.

No. 216254

… people are proportioned differently.

No. 216255

Yes but upthread other people said that Suzy isn't as tall as she says she is either, like maybe 5'5" or shorter.

No. 216256

Jean says she's 5'6", so I'm willing to be they are both 5'5"-ish.

No. 216261

She's said in a video that she 5'6 and wears heels to be 5'8. Since jean says she's the same height and they have that size difference some twins have I cam believe she 5'6. Weight gain can make your proportions look weird.

No. 216265

Lol thank you. I'm 5'5" 1/2 and I don't look stumpy like that either.

No. 216299

Yeah, it also has to do with that she carries her weight like a brick.

No. 216328

Dif anon, but I suspect Suzy is about my weight and I'm shorter them her. I'm just in that overlap in sizes that are in both regular and plus. She's just being really dumb about what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. I have a horrible sweet tooth at that, but even I can say no to cupcakes and whip cream. Usually.

No. 216339

What is the deal with Pingu?
Why is there fanart with Arin and Suzy? Why is this a thing?
Fuck them for defiling one of my beloved series as a kid.

No. 216341

They randomly make pingu noises at each other.

That's it.

No. 216343

oink, oink would be more authentic tbh

No. 216362

File: 1450737909729.jpg (206.3 KB, 487x591, dumblr.jpg)

Some girl on tumblr made a caricature of her, and the artist is really proud of her work.
She really should appreciate her fans' marvellous work.
Fucking kek.

No. 216363

Arin looks so uncomfortable.

No. 216364

>Suzy's arms

No. 216365

LOL Arin is so depressed.

No. 216366

Ew why?!
>people drawing animu hentai fanart of a youtube celeb
>Dying suzy's pubic hair

I don't understand this world.

No. 216367

File: 1450739000166.gif (9.69 MB, 640x360, stop.gif)

>Suzy cosplay
….Well, we hit the bottom of the well.

No. 216369

I hate this earth.

No. 216372

Other then that jawline, it's pretty accurate.

No. 216373

I swear the people who make those comments are 15 and under. I don't know why they expect people to fall apart at 25 years old.

No. 216374

I seriously don't get 'cosplaying' youtube celebs.

No. 216375

File: 1450741779589.jpg (520.77 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_ny2413CsGp1um3hxno1_128…)

No. 216377

File: 1450742233513.png (Spoiler Image, 945.94 KB, 1280x1460, tumblr_nxy9lyYPun1ujtz2xo2_128…)

Decided to go into the dark recesses of tumblr today to find more NSFW grumps. Mother of god it continues to be horrifying. They even write fanfics of this trash

No. 216378

File: 1450742247404.png (Spoiler Image, 925.72 KB, 1280x1460, tumblr_nxy9lyYPun1ujtz2xo1_128…)

No. 216379

File: 1450742270473.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.49 KB, 435x694, tumblr_nz0v4xKek01re90lzo1_500…)

No. 216380

File: 1450742291472.png (Spoiler Image, 432.71 KB, 1280x812, tumblr_nzmht659KS1uk1miio1_128…)

No. 216381

File: 1450742321277.png (Spoiler Image, 303 KB, 800x638, 1760896 - Game_Grumps Suzy_Ber…)

No. 216383

File: 1450742344780.png (Spoiler Image, 569.07 KB, 1280x1478, ko4lFQc.png)

No. 216384

File: 1450742375515.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.49 KB, 2313x1316, FBJHPab.jpg)


>pls send eye bleach

No. 216385

>those yaoi hands

No. 216386

I don't understand!! Why

No. 216389

Why the fuck is it yellow
Is that piss?

No. 216390

The idea of people cosplaying other actual people has always rubbed me the wrong way. It's fucking creepy.