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No. 976034

Let’s continue the fun!

No. 976042

Feeling sorry for Germany. I associate them more with beer. What are the pics representing Poland and Italy?

No. 976052

File: 1637669871005.jpg (70.46 KB, 1200x1200, RDT_20211123_13162089602339826…)

italy is the typical italian hand gesture, poland is the polandball meme. And I agree, Germany should be beer

No. 976057

File: 1637670014268.jpeg (1.65 MB, 3464x3464, 6E5469B2-4571-4F13-8C09-E58F4A…)

Poland is a cartoon doodle called “poland ball” It’s basically hetalia but sightly less gay. And Italy has the thing they do with their hands when they eat a good pasta or something like that.

No. 976073

File: 1637671660786.jpg (17.39 KB, 600x277, windows.jpg)

Do you guys have tiltable windows in your country? I was surprised when I found out they're not the standard worldwide.

No. 976074

Yea yes! It’s so good to have the option to open just a little bit so you can put stuff on your windowsill etc. it’s confusing to see memes about it apparently burgers don’t know. Lüften!

No. 976077

File: 1637671880587.gif (Spoiler Image, 167.28 KB, 220x126, italiano.gif)

ackchyually that hand gesture is used to express disagreement or disbelief. like "what do you mean" "what do you want from me" "wtf is going on"

No. 976082

>Spain has the Catalonian flag
Is this supposed to offend Spaniards or Catalonians?

No. 976098

File: 1637674334145.jpeg (31.23 KB, 640x480, 08C9BBC5-85BD-4DC2-BBB2-3C1FA2…)

Nice, I didn’t know, have a cursed hetalia picture as a form of payment.

No. 976242

Do you brits not have mandatory masks in your county?? I went to prague recently and some British tourists wanted to join us for a tour through a museum and the front desk lady had to ask them to put on masks. Guess what they didn’t have any. They used scarfs as cover.

No. 976447

My uni has them but I don't think they're very common.

No. 976512

They are 'encouraged' which just means the government dont give a shit. People do still wear them in crowded places such as shops and trains but its like 1:5 ratio of mask wearing vs maskless.

No. 976700

Nah, I know I would wear one if I was abroad but I live like nothing has changed and no one enforces masks much. I’d go to the supermarket and only three people would wear masks, didn’t see any on the train and I’ve never taken a test or jab.

No. 976710

File: 1637713104063.jpeg (98.85 KB, 540x541, D09BCD2A-EE0A-48A3-A014-CD4607…)

Rudest/worst eurobong?
Tho they technically don’t count Russians & Brits are the absolute fucking worst, especially when they’re drunk. Constantly taking the piss and if you don’t think they’re the most hilarious people on earth they’ll come at ya with flaming assholes.

No. 976711

Rudest: French and Swiss

No. 976928

French and German

No. 976996

French and german. Neither of those countries was fun to visit because of their stuck up people.

No. 977009

Fucking obsessed.

No. 977012

Greek and Turks

No. 977021

French, Austrians and Bri'ish people. Frenchies are the worst though, both online and IRL.

No. 977036


Are attitudes different by region? Like northern french people are nicer than southern french, and is one area skinnier than the other? What intracultural differences are there? Fanks luvs

T. Bri ish queen

No. 977042

@britbongs u ok over there?

No. 977045

what’s a good country to immigrate to for a better quality of life?
i tried finland but honestly it’s been horrible, i can’t even get a restaurant job, everyone treats me like shit, and so on.
i’m considering spain since i already know spanish, i don’t know what life is like there.
suggestions? please help me euroanons

No. 977049

I want to know about Spain too, españons. It would be my main choice and I don't think that realistically I'd have enough strong will or resources to move around Europe too much when something doesn't work out

No. 977050

Germans are stuck up and are constantly trying to neg "lesser" countries in subtle ways, acting like they're doing us a huge favor by existing. The brits that come are usually just rude drunks that think our country is their fucking oyster to fuck, but they're at least normal when sober. Russians are a weird bunch, they're surprised that people don't speak their language and are very often flakey or change their minds on a whim, but they don't give out an air of superiority so I don't mind them.
t. worked in tourism before the COOF

No. 977054

The French are the rudest people I've met. They truly think they're on another level to the rest of Europeans. Their food sucks, too. There's so much better cuisine in europe.

No. 977065

I keep hearing about the frenchies giving every non-french a whole time, but I almost crave a more detailed explanation or at least some kind of reasoning. My friend who went into another unrelated country as an exchange student also reported that the french ones were messed up.

No. 977069

File: 1637757503465.png (423.79 KB, 750x749, raised_by_the_french.png)

>is one area skinnier than the other
the richer someone is and the skinnier they tend to be, so I guess the difference would mainly be between rich and poor communities

>Are attitudes different by region

Yes, parisian are the worst imo, just straight up rude/cold if you don’t know them kek. The extreme south and north are where people are the warmest and less stuck up in my experience. France is a very mixed country so it's hard to really describe all the intracultural differences but you can definitely feel the influence of the other country when you are close to the frontier. Idw if all of this was helpful to you, you might get better answers from other anons if you ask more specific question.

kind of related to >>977065 but I think we all are united by the habit of being too honest and not really prone to fake feelings in order to make someone else comfortable.

No. 977075

Its not about honesty but about French people and their govt believing that they are the most superior people (one of the reasons why a lot of French people don't speak English too well (I'm guilty too because it's my third lingo) according to one of my colleagues), acting as if they are in a pretentious high society, tend to be hysterical as hell and throw their mental illness at everyone while victimising themselves everytime they fuck up, yet their horrible behaviour towards others never change. They hate other frenchies and everyone else in the world but themselves, using people left and right. I do not want to generalize it, just speaking from the experience. I also used to be close with a French artist that would talk shit about everyone to me and argue with me and others all the time (over any topic. Her lack of English was showing a lot but she would always be convinced she is the one who is right and the first reaction towards anything is be hysterical and swear at others). Complains that she doesn't have friends while acting this way and talking only to people who would give her personal gain ("I'll talk to her only if you guys tell me how many numbers does she have").

No. 977080

you can't win with the french and language, either. They don't speak English well, which is fine, but they also will get pissed at you for trying to speak French.

If you want an example of French mentality look how they acted with Britain won hosting the 2012 Olympics.

No. 977084

North of France is closer to Germans, south of France closer to Italians and Spanish.

I am Parisian so I'll talk mostly about this : France is a very centralized country and the opposition between Paris and the Province is an important cultural phenomenon, Parisians being stereotyped as rude and snobbish while the rest of France is supposed to be simple and uncultured. The truth is that Paris concentrates most jobs and higher education so a ton of provincial people resent that they have to go there, but a substantial amount of Parisians" are actually from the Province, so this duality is senseless and source of numerous idiotic debates.

I am in an exchange right now in Germany and people love telling me they hate the French when I meet them for the first time. It's weird to start a convo by showing your inferiority complex, I never know how to react.

We perceive ourselves in this way but I actually heard from a Russian guy that he thinks French people are particularly hypocritical and people-pleasing in the workplace compared to other Euros (he just laughed when I brought up Americans kek). Workplace culture would be very interesting to discuss too

No. 977087

Fuck I wanted to link >>977069

No. 977116

Not Spaniard but been living here for over a decade.
Restaurant jobs are easy to get, but you'll get treated like shit there. Long unpaid hours, free days are unheard of, they'll write 40h a week in your contract and payroll but expect you to work 60… Unless you can do something else it's not desirable at all. Wages are pretty shitty in every work sector but life is a bit cheaper than in the rest of Europe. If you want to come to one of the big cities get ready to either share an apartment with noisy students/welfare moms, commute for a couple hours or pay more than half your wage on a crappy studio apartment until you can share with someone you trust. Small towns are a lot cheaper but have no job opportunities.
Otherwise life's good here. Never too cold, AC everywhere in summer, people are really nice and laid back. Avoid the East Coast if you don't want to deal with brit colonisers (sorry, expats).

No. 977118

Rudest: Austrians and Germans. Assholes aflame throughout the year, but that could be because I'm Hungarian and therefore untermensch to them or some shit. Germans are nicer than Austrians overall, in my experience, but some are still salty for no reason.
I'll give Romanians an honorary mention because everyone I've met from that cursed country that wasn't a gypsy was very severely mentally ill in some way. I can't really explain it but it's like talking to residents of Silent Hill. We may have the highest suicide rates in Europe but those bitches be haunted.

The French have been alright in my experience, I've been to both Paris and other places and while I did get the air of superiority about them they've been relatively kind. My standards of politeness might be low though, dunno.

No. 977142

I don’t know if it’s my place to say, but Bulgarians seem kind of mean or cold.

I used to go and stay with my family there, I have been many times, and they would help me learn and pick up stuff, but it’s like you try to talk Bulgarian there and people are like ‘frick you for trying your best’.
Even if they don’t know you’re from abroad, people in stores seem annoyed by life, annoyed by everyone, and wanting to be better than everyone else. There are nice people in the countryside, families, but you do get a ‘dead inside’ feeling from most others. At least the cornershop lady is nice, and there’s always a group of old men chatting and drinking beside the park, whether its 35 or minus 20 degrees.

No. 977196

I'm suprised so many of you answered Germans. I go into Germany a couple of times a year (live near the border) and I find them generally decently friendly.

No. 977201

>>976710 i didn't travel to every country but most of them and i wouldn't call any rude. There were rude people here and there - France and Italy but also a lot of nice ones.

No. 977219

Austrians are all around terrible. I like France as a country, but there's seriously something wrong with the French, they're kinda from another reality, probably one where they won against the British. Speaking of Brits, I think they're fine as people, but holy shit, fuck Britain, preferably with orbital nuke.

Also kek at that Vlad the Impaler.

No. 977249

File: 1637785071082.png (1.05 MB, 2048x1240, shashlik.png)

>Romanians an honorary mention because everyone I've met from that cursed country that wasn't a gypsy was very severely mentally ill in some way. I can't really explain it but it's like talking to residents of Silent Hill. We may have the highest suicide rates in Europe but those bitches be haunted.
The scrotes are misogynistic drunks and the women are either super religious handmaidens or super based. It's one of the top trafficking places and like no jobs. When it got quiet at night it felt like it was disconnected from the world in some limbo and something bad was happening but idk what it was, that kind of feeling in the background. Maybe it was just where I lived though.
Good food and fast internet.

No. 977252

I think it depends on where you're from and who's the one visiting. I assume most western europeans treat each other with at least a bit of respect, but if you have an eastern accent then all their interest in you as a person is out the window.

No. 977253

Fuck your nukes

No. 977260

Ah yes, catkiller windows.

No. 977280

Chill sis, it's not like Br*tain is relevant anymore to a target of any nukes.

Yeah, we do, everywhere. Very practical.

No. 977313

russians with enough money to visit other countries, older brits moving abroad after retirement, danish and austrians

No. 977327

these fucking suck and are gross
case in point it's like the trash they put on student housing

No. 977341

why do you have such strong opinions on windows

No. 977419

Everyone on here has aggressive opinions about everything
> You don’t air fry your chicken? Wow, unhinged pickme, I bet you think you’re better than me bitch

No. 977643

She's right. The world be a better place if London was nuked off the face of the earth. All the politicians, the BBC, Guardian journalists and the advertising industry would be taken out in one shot and this country would be better for it.

No. 978119

>guardian journalists

are you a fellow bong? what do you have against the guardian compared to rags like the daily mail?

No. 978182

Guardian sucks tranny dick.
Also, they publish shit like this: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/jonathanjonesblog/2015/aug/31/terry-pratchett-is-not-a-literary-genius (I also think Pratchett is overrated, but whoever wrote this garbage deserves to get their teeth kicked in). At least they don't put up a paywall everywhere.

No. 978200

An accurate depiction of anons in shay threads.

No. 978220

How do Irish vs English vs Scottish people see each other? I know there’s a lot of bad blood between England and Ireland (Mostly on England’s side). But how do the Scottish and Irish see each other? Or the Scottish and English? I think I once saw some Irish person say in a thread that Scotland is a huge English bootlicker and I still don’t think I really know what that means.

No. 978222

scots hate the english on the whole and are looking for independence from them and i don't blame them. scotland have their head on straight for the most part, england is a dead weight for them.

No. 978223


They voted to stay in Great Britain while Ireland literally fought for independence.. if that isn't what a bootlicker is then idk .

No. 978237

Burgerfag here but I always wondered if there is any animosity between Ireland and Northern Ireland still. Wouldn’t the North be the ultimate bootlickers for staying as a part of the UK?

No. 978240


There definitely still is. There were some conflicts//riots maybe some months ago that didn't really make mainstream global news .

No. 978256

What are Germans general attitudes towards immigrants?

I went to Munich recently and I was surprised to see how many Arabs were there. Not that it bothers me or anything, I'm not white either and I prefer Arab food to German but being a Burger I always had this perception of Germans to be racist..

No. 978303

People are people and the majority do not hate each other (why does everyone forget about Wales btw?) Plenty of mixed blood and movement being a good indication. Example, 35% of English people are part Irish now. (Ime those drawn to answering these sorts of questions are usually hateful and/or ignorant outliers skewing perception. The general ignorance itt is pretty funny actually. Like Britain isn't relevant anymore! anon. London is the second biggest financial centre in the world. Zurich is the only other European city in the top 10 and it's not even in the European Union lol)

And you should know you're talking to an idiot when they compare Scotland and Eng&Wales relationship and history to that with Ireland. That's the first sign you should stop listening lol. There's always been frustration with how London/Westminster-chattering-classes-centric things seem to be (this is felt among the English too) and that's usually what's meant by disliking the English. Scotcen, Natcen, whatukthinks etc has shown we all think very similarly about a range of issues. Ignore politically motivated opinion pieces and hunt for research if you want reliable info on attitudes. Example, Scottish people are actually less likely to think of themselves as European and just as opposed to immigration, although you wouldn't get that impression from some corners of the media, twitter or reddit lol.

No. 978375

To the people of France:
a good-looking, depressed guy smoking a cigarette is not a movie,
and your sirens sound like gay guys having a threesome.

No. 978376

No. 978381

You stole this "joke" from somewhere.

No. 978382

Lol why the fuck are people answering that Austrians are the worst? We don't even have funny stereotypes for them despite my country being close to austria.

No. 978383

I am not German but I can guarantee you that Americans are way more racist than Germans

No. 978393

File: 1637933056901.jpg (29.43 KB, 620x400, 819.jpg)

Internet culture and the English language are so foregin to me I have completely separated them from my real life, the political topics and banter are completely irrelevent to me usually. But seeing these eurofag threads which hit closer to home makes me realize how the posters are bottom tier white trash I'd avoid irl.

No. 978394

Literally from Family Guy lmao

No. 978508

German here. I don’t hate all immigrants. Obviously. I just hate when people are assholes and are not willing to integrate. I’m planning to move to another european county next year and started learning the language for example. I understand that Germany is really comfortable to live in since you get lots of benefits and living could be cheap if you’re careful.

No. 978594

File: 1637957676570.jpeg (28.86 KB, 629x438, lmao.jpeg)

>I'll give Romanians an honorary mention because everyone I've met from that cursed country that wasn't a gypsy was very severely mentally ill in some way. I can't really explain it but it's like talking to residents of Silent Hill. We may have the highest suicide rates in Europe but those bitches be haunted.
kek anon

No. 978632

Belgians and Britbongs hands down

No. 978643

File: 1637961697097.jpg (127.82 KB, 728x1092, bongland and france.jpg)

If the UK and France had a fight, who would you side with and why?

No. 978645

No. 978664

I'd use my Algerian passport to fuck off and not be involved in that shit, and then I'll use my French passport to come back once things calmed down.

No. 978672

File: 1637963524129.jpg (1.03 MB, 2048x1844, Tumblr_l_516643453841456.jpg)


No. 978713

KEK at hitler being the pic for Germany

No. 978718

The things with Scots and wales, people from other countries sometimes just assume the whole of the uk is just England. They are forgotten about. They get angry.

No. 978759

…what do Danes think tapas mean?

No. 978795

France, because I hate Bongland more.

No. 979421

File: 1638047769880.jpeg (378.73 KB, 2048x1152, F8BE6F0F-4AF7-4476-B6FF-E0ED2C…)

If macron and BJ got in a fight, who would win? Or if they where to make violent love to one another, who would be the top?

No. 979425

Welsh and British people sound exactly the same to me accent wise.

No. 979453

File: 1638050081734.png (975.98 KB, 775x565, tumblr_mte3l57kNl1rus3rko1_128…)

European aesthetics blog recommendations? Not very good, but here's one, has mostly UK architecture, gardens and interiors, that sort of thing. https://classicalbritain.tumblr.com/archive It would be nice to get a little list going. Sculpture too?

No. 979455

not sure but say what you want about the uk, it has such beautiful places to visit. Little villages and cities.

No. 979470

that's because you have no taste.

No. 979569

No. 979830

File: 1638078851407.jpeg (214.78 KB, 1024x765, 57DCD398-CCFB-4903-966F-77AB92…)

The Spanish Legion uniforms are simply ridiculous I mean wtf

No. 979833

File: 1638079221153.gif (1.37 MB, 480x360, 90812E37-B68C-4A11-BA1B-A99704…)

Must… Not… Objectify…

No. 979835

Macron is the power bottom to Boris' gentle top. Obviously.

No. 979836

You’re forgetting the frogs are inherently degens so I think Macron would be some uber top dom with a shit fetish

No. 979845

whichever gay dude designed this has my eternal gratitude

No. 979873

Why not? They're moids who gives a fuck kek

No. 979932

If Manu didn't hate Boris so much he could have rebounded with him after Justin Trudeau

No. 979937

File: 1638105914613.jpeg (85.14 KB, 500x704, B2156449-B35C-4CF3-A11C-BA48AC…)

The beta Spanish legion vs the chad Italian military coppers

No. 979971

They look like sluts, no offense though.

No. 979973

File: 1638109650294.jpg (156.35 KB, 980x765, file.jpg)

Amazing. Scrotes should look sexy, it's the least they can do.
What's up with the goat though?

No. 979977

File: 1638109977087.jpg (105.93 KB, 628x1024, 028446e875e213c0f73b608bad99a6…)

The Spanish dudes will seduce the Italians and win, just look at their butts too.

No. 980005

carabinieri are literally notorious in italy for being retarded

No. 980025

They have a song about how they're Death's lovers so I guess that's why they dress so gay.

I heard about this, kek, but those uniforms still look snazzy. Weren't they designed by Armani or sth?

No. 980030

The goat is there to keep them in line, of course. It's their superior.

No. 980070

It must be true because it looks really fed up.
>Stop fondling each other's butts and get going! Baaaah!

No. 980110

Lmaooo please elaborate

No. 980120

File: 1638117372767.jpeg (537.77 KB, 828x1336, 5D627153-0224-402B-9AEF-13F26F…)

No. 980121

File: 1638117674934.png (5.83 MB, 828x1792, 0198A53B-2B87-4DB9-ABFE-E6F6F7…)

Samefag Odin is actually not the goat in the post I replied to but this ram

No. 980135

I wish more armies had goats and rams, this is so cute, look at that little hat on the goat!

No. 980167

Anyone else lives in a country that is horribly centralised? At least event wise? I'm so tired of having to pay so much for traveling

No. 980195

Where are you from? France is very centralized, I know I missed a lot of job opportunities for being too poor to move to Paris for my mandatory internship and other jobs. I even had some companies contacting me directly on Linkedin to ask if I was interested in very interesting job offers but I had no way of going to Paris and I had a really hard time finding a job in my own city for several years. Now Parisians are coming to my city and are making everything way more expensive, fuck them.

No. 980216

Croatia, and yes, the same thing with jobs is happening here

No. 980234

not much to elaborate, there is a very old very widespread stereotype that carabinieri are stupid and ignorant, "carabinieri jokes" are an entire genre of comedy. No idea where it comes from, ig the lower ranking officers (which as a civilian you'll interact with the most) do tend to not be very educated

No. 981380

File: 1638227399011.jpg (704.8 KB, 1065x1443, tumblr_dd172e0e07db661ec083ef9…)

sorry if this isn't the right thread, but im not sure where else to ask. anyway, i want to live in the UK with family for a little while as an American, and i want to have a job, but from what i can tell you can't have one on a standard visa. is it realistic to want to get a job while there, and if i can, what visa would i need to get?? im so frustrated kek

No. 981748

>>979973 that goat is so cute!
>>979937 Now this one is hot, the green ones just look gay

No. 981834

File: 1638281954940.jpeg (37.83 KB, 945x283, 8C96AB52-41EE-43AA-A22F-1C3ACA…)

sweden just got its first tranny minister, a mtf who is going to become minister of education. in an interview with a big newspaper he said picrel. translation:
>There are pictures of me as a child standing naked in mom's high heels and a pink bra
i hate this not only because it's obviously disgusting and crazy, but because it's going to turn even more swedes from normal socdems into retarded right wingers in time for the next upcoming election, and then we will get an ultra libertarian government that will destroy our country even further.

No. 981839

I'm so sorry Swedish anons.

No. 981840

Our first female prime minister…and then a fucking troon, way to ruin it.
I was hoping that he at least was a HSTS, but that sounds like AGP behaviour.
Hope he doesn't fuck up our kid's education.

No. 982040

Whyyyy did he have to become the minister of education. I’m gonna be a teacher in a year and the school system is fucked in Sweden. Now it’s gonna be even MORE fucked.

No. 982133

Oh shit sorry sweden. Germany has legalized that gay men are allowed to donate blood now, has anyone of your home countries crazy old fashioned laws like this?

No. 982231

I was watching Project Runway and a gay contestant was talking about how upsetting it is that gay people in America can’t get married (this was filmed circa 2011 I think) and then he went on to say something along the lines of “it’s just crazy how backwards America is when so much of the world has caught up! It’s weird to think that me and my husband could go to the Czech Republic and get married but we can’t get married in our own country.” And oh my god the cringe. I know he just pulled a country out of his ass but why go for the Czech Republic of all places? Kek I don’t even think gays can get married there in 2021. Stupid Amerifags

No. 982273

You can have a registered partnership since 2005 or sth which is much more than any other eastern european countries have even right now, 15 years later

No. 982434

RIP Swedes. Try not to let your kid become brainwashed from the inevitable gender cult indoctrination.

No. 982462

not trying to derail but i think we need mass peaking and the only way it will come is by lunatic trannies being lunatic. every european country west of the balkans and poland probably is slowly but surely going to be trannyfied and we can only hope a new left emerges to adress the upcoming societal issues or else we‘re fucked. we already experienced the right getting stronger and stronger in europe because of refugees, another crisis involving lunatic scrotes won‘t go on us as easy.

No. 982466

File: 1638333536858.jpeg (115.22 KB, 800x533, 01CE955C-396A-41D3-9FB7-EE4528…)

What are your favourite travel destinations in Europe? I love middle european countries. Slovakia has been amazing with stunning hiking trails. I want to visit Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia one day, but flights are quite pricey.

No. 982628

I came across this video, it's a Swedish girl, Dutch guy and a Norwegian guy guessing the meaning of German sentences to compare the languages. I'm amazed at how much the Swedish girl got right, when she spoke Swedish it sounded nothing like German to me, I recognized nothing!

No. 982706

>>982466 My favorite was definitlely Romania for it's nature and because it still looks very wild and like 200years ago in the countrysie.
Second place is Normandy for the best peaceful and chill vibes.
Third place is Ukraine for the friendliest people that help hikers in need. And their mountains are very beautiful too.

No. 983301

File: 1638420615492.jpeg (48.41 KB, 720x478, 39068E8B-6943-434E-B5ED-E54B1B…)

Why is there so much drama with them recently? I don’t pay attention to either of these countries but froggie called Boris a clown recently? UK x France such frenemies

No. 983377

I think France is pissed at Aus, UK, and USA for some retconned sub deal.

No. 983499

Also the recent death of 27 migrants in the English Channel and rights to fish in UK waters now that Britain has left the EU.

No. 984427

This story goes to show that NATO is officially dead and buried and I feel like it might lead to something more ominous
>Through sabotaging the Franco-Australian agreement, USA is seeking to form a ""new"" alliance that will help strengthening their confrontation with China in the Indo-Pacific ocean
>Following Brexit, the UK is using pick-me tactics to remain a Great Power nation through Commonwealth ties and doesn't give a shit about a potential war
It's like the 2003 disagreement meltdown all over again

No. 985479

Wanted to share this with non-britfags

No. 985480

The alt version with the other man

No. 985494

France was actually not a full member of NATO between 1966 and 2009 - they remained in the alliance for mutual defense purposes, but did not agree to integrate their national military 8nto the NATO command structure. So they're only recently even back in it, and it wouldn't be at all surprising if they partially withdrew again.

No. 985550

video unavailable in my country but jesus the woman in the thumbnail has the skinniest neck

No. 985619

To what extent is the stereotype of the English being high functioning alcoholics true? Non-English anons who know have been to England, how did you find the drinking culture there compared to back in your home country?

No. 985625

kek. Use tor or something

No. 985901

I always find it ironic that a lot of European open borders left wing types typically fail to see that they’re playing right into the hands of the multinational/international capitalist class when they shill for mass migration and catastrophic demographic change the way they do. Europeans are usually more cognizant of this than Americans who rail on about muh FrEe MaRKetZ, but it’s the elite and money-grubbing businessmen who benefit the most from migrant influxes. Corporate stooges or bankers by and large couldn’t care less about national culture, safety, or stability. They simply need a new wage slave serf class to exploit now that Europeans aren’t having many children and the labor pool is drying up. Who else would they get to work their underpaid jobs nobody wants? And won’t anybody think about muh GDP?

So they lobby their neoliberal media partners to publish endless sob stories and drum up leftist support for their self-serving agenda. Of course, they fall for it hook line and sinker
anyway was a Pedophile and rapist

No. 985910

Generally I agree, other than it's always been a myth that natives won't do shitty work or that the West suffers from 'skills gaps'. I don't know about other countries, but Tony Blair admitted he wanted mass immigration to rub it in conservatives faces and change the social fabric forever, esp via labour votes. That's how evil, short-sighted and naive elites are. You're right, it absolutely does effect national stability but they think they can "work with any people" as Eric Kauffmann put it. Which is nonsense. British elites actually admitted they thought Muslims would integrate by intermarrying with natives and become atheistic and liberal over time. That's how fucking retarded our ruling class is. I have hope for France tho and seriously wish them the best.

No. 985912

I do think what Macron is doing is somewhat correct but he's not going far enough, he's following what Ataturk intended which was the localization of Islam
Have the Azan and prayer be in a local language, have all Qurans published be in local languages, no 7th century Arab bullshit
this is the only way to demystify the faith of the Arab pedophile and will get finally get Muslims to finally understand how awful the religion of the arab pedophile is

No. 985924

>British elites actually admitted they thought Muslims would integrate by intermarrying with natives and become atheistic and liberal over time
That's the case in France, kinda, and I'm not only using myself as an example here. Great Britain and France have very different Muslim people with a different history, North Africans in France are more moderate than the guys (mostly Pakistanis?) you have in Great Britain from what I've been explained.

No. 985935

I really don't agree with this sentiment at all. I want multicultural society and globalism. Education is the best way to integrate migrants. The people that hold society back aren't people that want to work but the lazy work shy class that essential resents doing anything or being told to do anything. These are the people that for whatever reason couldn't handle school and has a me against the world type attitude, authority issued and general ignorance.

No. 985939

that might work for asians and africans but not Muslims, Muslims will wish to oprsss non-Muslims and they believe they have the right to rape kafir women and consider it form of Jihad

No. 985940

Muslim isn't an ethnicity, most Muslims in Europe are either African or Asian.

No. 985950

>Tony Blair admitted he wanted mass immigration to rub it in conservatives faces and change the social fabric forever, esp via labour votes
Only it didn't work. Labour has now lost former safe seats in working class constituencies. If he actually wanted to offend Tory voters he would have sent migrants to the wealthier Tory areas, not straight into the poorest regions of the country.

No. 986047

File: 1638719594889.jpg (30.69 KB, 500x333, z7358447O.jpg)

Just randomly remembered the time when some Polish company used Sonic the Hedgehog to promote their pickles. I wish I could translate the caption to fully convey the cringe but I don't think it's possible. It basically says "our little dragon recommends… tasty, crunchy pickles" but in a really embarassing way. And yes, green Sonic is supposed to be a dragon.

Have you seen examples of small companies co-opting well known intellectual properties in your country? In Poland it used to happen all the time, as well as in other ex-eastern bloc countries afaik. Green Sonic is a relatively new example, but I clearly remember snacks with knockoff Mario and Asterix on the packaging from my late 90s/early 00s childhood. It makes me weirdly nostalgic.

No. 986069

File: 1638721347912.jpg (114.71 KB, 1024x576, 5867343342a09994fea562ba04ae.j…)

Samefag because I'm currently going full nostalgia here. This is not a case of stolen IP, just the ugliest fucking packaging I've ever seen and there was much more, featuring either knockoff western cartoon characters or creatures like picrel. Cheap Polish snacks from the early 00s were truly something to behold. If you know of anything remotely similar from your country then please post it because I'd love to see some hideous graphic design from the time when Eastern European people thought that putting ugly cartoon characters on childrens' products is how they do things in "the West".

No. 986079

lmao I can't stop laughing at this

No. 986176

>North Africans in France are more moderate than the guys (mostly Pakistanis?)
The only Pakistani I ever came across followed and harassed me until I gave him my number. Said I didn't like men but he didn't care. Couldn't even give him a fake because he obviously checked by sending me a message while looking at my phone. Good time. Algerians have no chill either though and everytime I see someone with an algerian flag in their twitter bio they most likely also retweet anti-french and pro-islamist shit (alongside having a weird boner for Attack on Titan, ironically).
>made me think about vidrel music
>almost 20M views
the new Marseillaise

No. 986183

Please tell me you're not judging an entire ethnic group based on bored teenagers on Twitter. Because I know what type of guys you're talking about and they're almost always teenagers or young neet guys whose opinions are never taken into account by normal people. And just in case you didn't know, most young people in France are into manga, good luck finding an Algerian or Moroccan guy in France who isn't obsessed with shonen manga because that's the norm. They usually have shit taste and think shojo manga are automatically bad because they're usually not about epic battles or sports or whatever. They somehow manage to be total normies despite that, it's hard to explain how or why. Spoilered because that's off-topic.

No. 986191

Sorry algerian nonny, I'm not judging "an entire ethnic group based on bored teenagers on Twitter" just pointing out a loud minority and I stand by my words that Algerians have no chill. They're usually overly patriotic and proud, not complicated to understand why when you look at France's colonial history. Also, the moids that I saw doing it weren't teenagers, they were of YA age, same for the muslim pickme women that you can easily find while falling down the twitter islamo rabbit hole

No. 986201

All the Pakistani men I know are hot and liberal. They were goof balls when young and then idk wtf happened after they left school but they grew out their hair and gained muscles and got hot. Sorry the ones you know aren't reaching their potential.

No. 986497

File: 1638760952800.jpg (79.72 KB, 512x320, Arab_worshippers.jpg)

where do you live, I'm in Pakistan its self, 9/10 males that aren't a Pashtun are 5'7 and have stomachs like pregnant women's that jiggles

No. 986499

File: 1638761475934.jpg (95.76 KB, 625x410, farmers.jpg)

as someone whose lived here my entire life and has travelled throughout the country, I can assure you this is the best looking men Pakistan has to offer
Tribal villages

No. 986513

kek ily paki-chan

No. 986516

Yeah everyone knows its me, I'm just saying where are you meeting Pakistani guys that aren't all 5'7

No. 986632

File: 1638782350304.jpg (110.05 KB, 1080x1080, 45351188_1983867238578699_7962…)

Touaregs and Berbers people in general are based. It applies for all tribal people of any race tbh

No. 986645

File: 1638785116045.jpg (144.94 KB, 1435x978, 12c.jpg)

yeah a rural farmer or nomad is gonna have a very decent body, a type of body men have evolved to posses
but once they become urbanized and they don't workout, they don't do hard labor and become pudgy and hard to look at

No. 986714

Most Berbers were never nomads, Tuaregs are the exception, not the rules. My family from my father's side probably never left Kabylie until right after WW2 even since before Jesus existed for example.

No. 986752

they were still likely farmers though

No. 986783

File: 1638802430081.jpg (162.9 KB, 1000x700, fuck pocket editions.jpg)

Wanted to order some books in French since nowadays I almost never read in my own language but then I realized why I never do. I love pretty books, but France deals with englo literature in such a half-assed way that it’s genuinely gross, not only are the translations borderline incorrect and rushed, but the book covers are just fucking outrageously terrible to the point that I genuinely wonder if it’s not some form of elaborate sabotage meant to draw potential buyers away from englo lit. For exemple, pic related is other countries VS french edition of The Song of Achilles. Despite it being a popular book, there’s 0 paperback editions, only a shitty pocketbook one. The review from Donna Tartt on some editions reminds me that The Secret History (so an actual modern classic) was also given 0 effort covers. All of them look dated and unappealing apart from a 2014 limited release (kek) pocket edition.

No. 986794

File: 1638803453359.jpg (26.69 KB, 283x424, Santé!.jpg)

I kinda love all that hate towards France, must suck not to be us.

No. 986800

Living in a historically French part of the US, I’ve run into quite a lot of French tourists and you guys are all so polite and nice. I honestly don’t have a single bad thing to say about French people I’ve met. Chinese tourists on the other hand…

No. 986813

Mean and arrogant french stacy vs polite and nice quebec becky
I think the rude stereotype might come from parisians? But I understand why parisians are rude to foreigners to be honest. Paris is a tiny city compared to other capitals and yet it's the most visited one. Having to deal with tourists on a daily basis sounds exhausting. And yes, Chinese tourists are out of this world kek. I used to work as a waitress and a lot of older chinese men had a habit of SPITTING on the carpet flooring

No. 986824

>>986813 That reminds me my uncle who drives a tourist boat in Prague and before he was a cook on that boat. It opened my eyes to how horribly some foreign tourists treat the staff and have no manners when he told me about his job. People are spitting like you said, throwing food they don't like on the ground expecting the waiters to pick it up, or throw food in the already pretty dirty river, i don't think the sawns appretiate chilly wings or some crazy nonsence they are ordering. I'm not even talking about toilets. Chinese and arabs were the worst tourists on the boat i belive.
When i'm abroad i try my best to be polite and even when i was staying in Prague in the luxury hotel that foreign people visit 99% ,the manager told me that we are the most polite guests, some guests whipe their ass with a towel and leave it in the bathroom floor and don't think it's embarassing at all.

No. 986831

Yo I think the guy in this pic might be french

No. 986866

Anon, the French hate themselves as well, we all want to collectively commit suicide and we just live out of spite.

No. 987216

File: 1638828759316.jpg (180.57 KB, 1400x2266, 71 TwVO38NL.jpg)

French book covers are very sober and formulaic. The one you linked is pretty out there already. It's not a ploy against anglo literature lmao.

No. 987220

tbh i prefer it, they're cheaper and made to be red, not just for display. i find it so dumb when people praise a book for its cover, and it's often so tacky

No. 987262

>France deals with englo literature in such a half-assed way that it’s genuinely gross, not only are the translations borderline incorrect and rushed, but the book covers are just fucking outrageously terrible to the point that I genuinely wonder if it’s not some form of elaborate sabotage meant to draw potential buyers away from englo lit.
Typical Frenchfag behavior

No. 987305

>French book covers are very sober and formulaic
It's only true for French classiques, go take a look at the average Guillaume Musso cover kek. Ugly and tacky but still, efforts were put into them

No. 987566

They're all tacky except for the french cover thought.

No. 987695

No. 987747

French cover makes it seem like historical gay porn, which is pretty much what it is, so it's good
I don't like the French so this is completely unbiased

No. 987748

File: 1638885102652.png (13.46 KB, 500x289, eu-highest-alcohol-per-capita-…)

Why have you waited days for a response when it takes 2 minutes to find stats nona kek. Bingers, not functioning alcoholics. What constitutes binging is defined differently by country, sometimes the UK ranks surprisingly low. I think that depends on age/sex, so newspaper reports are misleading. From the governmental and WHO stats I've seen, overall Brits drink comparatively less annually, (Males 18 litres, females 4 litres, avg 11) but they report "getting drunk" more often at once a week. So, maybe even nothing throughout the week, but will binge on a weekend night out (which tallies with my exp), proportion who binge: Scotland (37%), Wales (30%) England (26%). "Binging" by the UK gov is defined as exceeding eight units for men and six units for women. In England, it differs by region, binge drinking is more common in the Northern counties. The North East has the highest proportion of binge drinkers and the South West the lowest. 1 in 5 Brits are teetotal. Higher-earning middle class males are more likely to binge contrary to the chav stereotype and the Daily Mail's sidebar of shame kek.

No. 987752

*I think it depends on age/sex asked too.

No. 987763

Also, if you're asking because you're planning a trip and worried about it you should know many young people don't partake. The problem is it's in your face at universities and big cities on the weekend, so European students don't see the people inside on a Saturday night playing games and watching TV with their friends until they get in with a decent friendship group, which is tough in the UK, we're slow movers socially. You need to be the one to be proactive about making friends, unfortunately.

No. 987920

As I said, I was curious about the personal experiences of other anons. I can Google statistics too, but thanks anyway

No. 987923

Sorry, that sounded bitchy, I genuinely appreciate your post and it was a really great summary! I'm surprised to learn that higher-earners drink more, I would have never guessed

No. 987955

Damn Lithuania why are you guys drinking so much and having high suicide rates? Is life there that bad?
>>986794 yes I have taken part in france sperging but i am actually a bit of a francaboo/ouiaboo, just won’t admit it kek

No. 988063

File: 1638912680129.jpeg (121.1 KB, 1036x1200, bm4b5wstt2z51.jpeg)

Not Lithuanian but Latvian (also high drinking rate), and yes, sometimes life can get pretty miserable out here. Declining + aging population, lack of opportunities for career growth, post-Soviet mindset and education system- actually a pretty large crisis in Latvia, there is a shortage of teachers and pedagogical workers here - violent abusive scrotes (speaking from experience lol) and a general cynical attitude towards government and life in general. I love my country, I am patriotic in terms of tradition, but sometimes it does get tiring having to have your guard up to other people all the time, on the street or in day-to-day life. You have to keep in mind that the Baltic states were for many years rules by other more powerful countries, so when the Soviet Union collapsed, it lead to both a patriotic mindset congratulating ourselves for having finally earned our freedom, and an insecure self-hating collective mindset once the people realized that 1) everyone emigrated to other countries like Germany or Ireland/UK for higher paying jobs and 2) we have a very fragile view of our own "identity", due to us having been ruled by either Swedes, Germans or Russians in the past.

True story - I once encountered a Latvian nationalist (a lot of those here) who said word for word: "Any Latvians who emigrate to other countries to work in a job that is in no way related to working for their country are traitors to their nation". I was shocked, but with time I realized that is actually the consensus amongst a lot of Latvians here. Love tour country but complain about it constantly and shit on others who decide to look for something better. anyways latvian rant over

No. 988107

Thank you for such a detailed answer. I didn't know much about Latvia but I guess it would shape your identity to have been ruled over for years, and losing your young citizens to more economically comfortable countries.

I hope life gets better for Latvia, and honestly I can see parallels to Bulgaria in the average citizen being cynical, distrusting of others and introverted, as well as having youngsters wanting to leave. Post communist countries seem a little depressing sometimes. And I wouldn't have guessed that there were abusive guys there, I thought that was more of a Russian thing but that still sucks.

Also are Latvians usually really beautiful? Because the only Latvian girl I've known looks like a model/princess. Do other countries just seem uggo in comparison?

No. 988139

File: 1638920053936.png (320.9 KB, 1094x1199, 837AE3E7-B614-4963-940A-20D4DB…)

Damn I forgot Sweden owned a good chunk of Europe once.

>sry finnons

No. 988447

I am completely confused how some people can down so much piss-quality beer. In the adriatic/greek area spirits and wine are the more popular type of alcohol and that's why people only drink small glasses but stronger shit.

No. 988458

File: 1638959221650.png (196.1 KB, 1200x757, greenland_smaller_custom-ad23e…)

Wait, I might be mistaken so maybe a scandi anon can correct me, but isn't the Kingdom of Denmark/"Danish Realm" the biggest in the Western world? Because Denmark owns Greenland, right?

No. 988464

why tf is greenland called greenland when there is nothing green on there

No. 988469

that's the reason. iceland is called iceland because the settlers wanted others to think that there is nothing but ice there and would stay away and greenland is called greenland so that people would go there instead.

No. 988472

It was a likely made as a Joke, lots of places around the world have Joke names, I come from a country that was colonized by the English, my ancestral village that my paternal family is from was named after a concept of Islam, but one day a British administrator came and mispronounced the name so badly in front of the Sardar(feudal lord) and the Sardar found it hilarious and renamed the town after the butchered pronunciation as a Joke

No. 988480

File: 1638963851686.jpg (70.39 KB, 634x476, 12967498-6979893-image-a-34_15…)

Reminds me of the Britain's rude road trip

No. 988481

Men who are this ugly don’t deserve to live

No. 988487

They look like faces carved in potatoes

No. 988978

File: 1638995230167.jpeg (132.9 KB, 933x849, imdone.jpeg)

So are there any eurofags here who actually think they live in an overall good country? Or does living in a country automatically mean that you hate it there and don't see the good in it?

No. 989004

I live in uk and I just think…it could be so much worse. There isn’t a horrific war raging in this country right now. There is no taliban rounding up people on the streets. Well not yet anyway…

No. 989027

I mean I see the positives, living in EU is better than pretty much any other place outside of it. But that does not make it good, things suck and only keeps getting worse, that is just a global trend.

No. 989035

Poland here, itd a joke to live here..

No. 989038

I live in the Netherlands which is objectively a good country to live in. I'm grateful I was born here. But I'm also deeply concerned about the rapid decline of our welfare that has set in since the mid 10's or so. Then again a lot of people in the West seem to complain about this so maybe it's more of a global trend than specifically us.

No. 989044

I’m sorry Non..
Lucky bitch

No. 989052

I vaguely remember reading up on this topic. I believe in 70s the post-war boom ended and crises of profitability returned to global economy. From that point onward the trend is shrinking role of government in economy and erosion of social state. It got worse during 90s, with collapse of international left, and then again with post 2008 recessions.

No. 989078

Would portuguese nonnas accept my brazilian ass in your country? <3

No. 989081

No. 989083

Ireland, village. The planet must be fucked if even the most rural untouched places are becoming destroyed by whatever unholy shit people are doing elsewhere on earth. Zero craic.

No. 989098

Spaniard nonny here. Shit has always been weird here. If it wasn't because of the language barrier Spain could be Europe's Florida.
Not great neither bad, just crazy.
The only awful thing is the economy, but it has always been bad since the independence of the colonies, at the earliest, so just we just get by or get out of the country. It gets less shitty in some places like Madrid, Basque Country, Valencia, the coast of Catalonia and some regions on Andalucia and Galicia.
People are normies, but, at the same time, walking shitposts. I don't know if the modern era made us more unhinged or it has always been like that.
We are the same and we have strong differences between us. A Gaelician won't have the same language and mannerisms as a Madridian but will have the picaresca on them, aka tricking the system with small things, kinda hard to explain that thing to fellow eurofags.
TL;DR: Spain is what happens when a country is run by Lolcows for Lolcows.

No. 989105

File: 1639002066852.jpg (218.51 KB, 780x1040, 1tv1lr2d7na31.jpg)

>great food, a mix of Italian, German and Turkish cuisine
>women outnumber men in STEM by a large margin, tons of female doctors
>beautiful nature, great vacation spots, cute bear sanctuary, beautiful sea
>actually free university education, fee is 20$ a year
>can still find a decent amount of pussywhipped men, men pay for everything, degeneracy gets you beaten up

>our main income is being a fancy vacation spot
>they'll pay me more in other countries
>post-war trauma and politics, my family was almost murdered because my grandfather was a serbian farmer who migrated when he was 19, my husband's parents have PTSD from being in the army

7/10 would have stayed here if there were more careers in stem and everyone wasn't accusing you of being a commie or nazi and you develop severe paranoia

No. 989142

French here, I'm not white so shit already sucks and I get treated less well than most people in average whether it's during job hunting or just shopping. People assume I'm Muslim on top of that. Never really thought about how I was treated all this time until I lived abroad for several months in a country known to be "racist" by French expats but I was treated like a normal human being for the first time. I could go shopping without being stalked by security anytime I wanted for example, or I wasn't underestimated for my most basic skills while looking for a job.

On a more general note, the job market sucks ass, politics right now are a joke and I'm not even sure I'll bother voting for the next presidentin 2022, rent prices in big cities are getting higher and higher because of parisians coming here and ruining everything for everyone and being pretentious little bitches, French people are all on the verge of committing suicide and won't stop smoking cigarettes and being passive-aggressive faggots, the police is useless, etc. Get me out of here.

No. 989205

Huh, I romanticised France a lot, so your description is surprising and disappointing. I like French skincare, read French books, read books in French, cook French food, consume French music and media, play compositions by French song writers, watch French YouTube, meme my sister into learning French so I can speak French with my sister, read about French history on Wikipedia, study French, dress like a French, try to smell French (i keep lavender in my room, wash with vintage soap, spill flour on myself and walk into cigarette smoke), and plan to travel to France. I really wore a beret to school and also a striped shirt, and have considered changing my name to a version that sounds more French and French people could pronounce. I really think I was French in another life. I accidentally use French words in sentences and know French laws. I have a partial German background but it’s from the part that literally touches France, so I’m almost French. I hoped to study in France and marry a French woman with strong arms from crafting baguettes all day, and we would open a bakery and I would be playing Debussy on the piano and all that.

But that is kind of in the past tense. I still love France but I’m not unrealistic now. I’m sorry the police don’t look after citizens properly and you are surrounded by passive aggressive people. That must feel lonely. I hope there are more job openings soon. But is there nothing about France you love ?

I love the way you describe Spain, VERY funny and I think I detect both ridicule and affection for your people.

No. 989296

Ouiaboo no?

No. 989367

I like French food and having "free" healthcare I guess but that's it. Even then it's not like France is the only one with free healthcare but if I were specifically American I would have been in some deep shit because of one specific health issue I couldn't have gotten treatment for.

No. 989385

the country part is beautiful and really varied, but the cities are becoming shitholes before my eyes, it's definitely worsened over the last decade or so. you can kind of get around that if you're middle class or upper middle class. i get it's migrants (the young single male kind) for the most part but idk why the uptick in crackheads and homeless tents around stations.

love the term anon lmao

No. 989402

Because it was green in the past. People easily forget that weather changes a lot by itslef. Earth is tilted to one side now that's why it's frozen, in a couple of thousand(?) years it will be tilted to another side and greenland will be green again.

No. 989428

Thanks..i am sorry for my self too. Hope one day PiS goes away..let Poland be normal

No. 989471

File: 1639044795750.jpg (208.03 KB, 1600x1300, 08488_FJSK.jpg)

Frenchfag and I genuinely adore my country. I don't ever see myself living in any other place, and tbh not even in another french region than my own.

No. 989486

T'es dans quelle région?

No. 989497

File: 1639047353061.png (369.02 KB, 1601x1440, europe-safety-walking-alone-at…)

What do you think?

No. 989506

I'd like to see separate stats for men and women.

No. 989508

File: 1639049047942.gif (2.53 MB, 498x276, girlboss.gif)

>free healthcare and education, the former not as accessible to some areas however
>fine cuisine, nothing too special
>plenty of sun, nice beaches
>tons of history
>everyone is friendly
>high life expectancy
>apparently got many metal bands if you are into that???

>wages are significantly lower than the rest of EU and pensions barely get you by
>economy is heavily dependent on tourism
>refugees everywhere
>dealing with bureaucracy is such a pain
>rampant nepotism
>shit public transport
>scrotes can be extremely chauvinistic

all this corruption and political instability gives me a sense of comfort.
it could've honestly been worse, but I'd rather not live here

No. 989509

Yes, this has been happening to many Western European cities, it seems that every time we are called to take in child refugees and vulnerable people (reasonable), fighting age men appear, who generally hate our culture.

>>989296 yes technically I am a ouiaboo kek but our school made us learn kids’ songs in French, celebrate French national holidays and we had teachers from France. I guess I didn’t get an unbiased look at it like a native would. It’s an expressive language to me but the grammar makes me want to ‘express’ myself by pulling my hair out lmao

>>989497 I think England should be lower because even during the day our high street is almost void of shops, these remaining shops mostly being kfc and charity shops. There is a genuine smell of feces in the high street and lots of people in tents in the street. I have been followed and harassed as young as 13, and even walking to school ‘lads’ will yell at you from their cars or throw glass bottles at you. ‘South Asian’ men look at you like you’re shit on a shoe or yell at you too, you just avoid those areas, as one of those guys tried to rape a family member of mine and stalked a young family member, but they say at school to ‘not be racist’ and to ‘check your privilege, white privilege’ etc. Even if, in your year group, being white makes you a minority. A lot of them hate us and don’t want to integrate. And then even during the morning a guy tried to molest a boy walking to school, or multiple stabbings in broad daylight. This country feels depressed and what was once pretty houses and high streets full of life are now retail parks and formulaic new build neighbourhoods, and the coldness of southerners. And you know how many parents, teachers, friends, kids are doing hard drugs and just don’t talk about it? You know how many teenagers without loving parents got groomed into trafficking drugs and ended up with stab wounds? You know how the police will harass you for walking stiffly or saying something mean online? I’m beginning to feel very sad about my country. And to clarify, I’ve never had a problem with mainland Europeans like Polish people, my mum immigrated here too and they feel like neighbours to us, normal people you would feel familiar with. Never had a problem with a few other immigrants too. But yes, if you hate me, I hate you back, and this applies to some groups of people.

You can understand why some people go extreme. I genuinely want the best for women and children escaping from terrible situations abroad, and I would let them in- but I don’t give a shit about letting le poor migrant men immigrate anymore. The rich people from Home Counties (counties near London, better funded), vote to import more, because they have that middle class guilt and they don’t have to live with them as they can afford higher priced locations, mostly white and middle class and self righteous. And lots of England isn’t like this, you could move to the South West, home counties, or the North, and people are warmer and there are places that aren’t like this. My view is not from someone from a lively, safe, fun area, and these do exist.

Sorry for ranting here, it just feels sucky and it’s not ‘acceptable’ for me to complain about it. I’m sorry for ranting, but this is the only place I can express it.

No. 989511

PACA, c'est vraiment la plus belle et la plus agréable région de France pour moi, notamment grâce au beau temps.

No. 989519

Can I ask how Sikhs are compared to other South Asian ? cause genetically speaking most Sikhs are the same ethnicity as Pakistani's in the UK but I have never heard of Sikh grooming gangs, Sikh terrorists, Sikh stabbings, sikh mass raping girls

No. 989542

Ntayrt, but all the Sikhs I've met have been great people, would be interested to know if anybody had a bad experience

No. 989549

>TL;DR: Spain is what happens when a country is run by Lolcows for Lolcows.

I don't know much about what's going on in Spain so I'd love to hear some examples of this behaviour!

No. 989554

sorry it's come to this anon, i do experience this kind of things also and it's very sad and frightening. plus you can't really talk about feeling unsafe without people wanting to shut you up.
but i feel like there is hope because this problem is even starting to reach wealthier neighborhoods here.

No. 989562

>Extremely low crime rates
>No air pollution
>Mothers receive monetary support from the state for their children
>Roads are well taken care of
>Cheap healthcare
>Free lunches at schools
>Free universities with no tuition fees, high quality schooling
>High living standards
>Ranks high with press freedom and gender equality
>Low levels of corruption

>Culture can feel alienating and hostile to some foreigners
>Language is hard to learn
>High levels of depression and alcoholism
>It's cold and dark outside for most of the year
>Small economy and lots of bureaucracy which makes it hard to start a business
>High taxes (though used to pay for social benefits that help everyone)
>Some level of structural corruption, a lot of business monopolies

I'm happy to live here and consider Finland an overall good country.

No. 989657

i’m going to sweden for a couple of weeks in january. what should i bring back to america?

No. 989708

Feel free to take some of our dumb anti-vaxxers with you when you leave.
Honestly though, do you like candy?

No. 989768

Meuf ça compte pas c'est une des rares régions à peu près normale. Je t'aurais insultée si tu m'avais dit que tu étais en région parisienne par contre, vraiment l'enfer sur terre cet endroit.

No. 989854

Anything on Italy anons? Id love to travel there, though people say the pickpocketing can get quite out of hand.

No. 989861

The big locations are total tourist traps and not enjoyable, especially when it's crowded. Also be warned that people aren't really fond of English, some are really chill and friendly but a lot of them seem annoyed because they have to live in tourist bait towns. Yeah, pickpocketing is a thing, happened to one of my friends.

No. 989875

The most chill experiences I had when travelling were in The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia. I'd like to visit Greece and a lot of the smaller countries, the big ones don't interest me at all.

No. 990025

File: 1639087337623.jpeg (12.27 KB, 309x300, 2FB6F39E-E94C-4FA3-80C1-D93188…)

Je suis du limousin

No. 990031

How indie

No. 990041

don't worry, you're gonna get exposed to that feminine penis eventually

No. 990061

Spaniard here, tourists please stay the fuck out of my country, eat frozen fake paella and get skin cancer elsewhere. There's nothing in this world that can compensate the urbanization of my coasts. I wish I could bomb all those tourist appartments in habbo.

No. 990063

Which is the best Eurovision song of all time and which is the worst?

No. 990067

where abouts la

No. 990101

I feel like people would argue it's Waterloo, since you know, it's ABBA.

No. 990159

you must hate germans (and brits) for what we‘ve done to beautiful mallorca. i‘m so sorry that it’s been annexed by party tourists and precariat emigrants

No. 990450

the best is very obvious

No. 990504

No doubt

No. 990545

lost my virginity to this

No. 990663

Yeah, I hate anyone, specially people from Madrid. I hope ecoterrorism fixes this problem soon.

No. 990962

There's too many good songs, but for fun you should go watch ooooold eurovision because there's some really cute and wholesome stuff

No. 990983

No. 991003

No. 991006

I remember how hated she was, kek. Watching this now it's almost sad how few people got that she was doing a parody. Iceland has a way with sending satire to ESC, kek.

No. 991017

it's a bit out there but i love this song. after all these years it stuck with me bc it's so unique

No. 991028

Was Hatrid mun sigra satire? I thought they were serious. Sylvia's a legendary troll though kek.

No. 991040


I'm Croatian and can agree, used to go alone home drunk past midnight and nothing ever happened.

No. 991050

It's complicated, they've been open about the fact they've entered the competition as a joke, and there's an irony with going to a contest which is know to like best songs about love and general wholesome vibe of unity between european countries with a song titled "hate will prevail". The band itself thought is not a joke or satire band, which is clear seeing their activism in the contest itself, where they put Palestine issue into the spotlight when no one else dared to annoy Israel.

No. 991051

Yea, I feel like there are bigger odds to run into a mean stray dog than anything else. Not that shit doesn't happen but we're a really safe country.

Then again, I wonder what % of domestic violence we have. Your neighbour is more likely to kill you than a stranger on the street (according to all the latest headlines at least)

No. 991052

From Serbia and yeah, sounds about right. Coming home from a party in France was definitely scarier because I wasn't used to groups of men catcalling.
In Serbia there's safety in crowds and it's common that other people step in to intervene, catcallers and harassers often get an ass whooping from angry grandmas or young men/women passing by, mostly because locals don't really do that. We only heckle people at daytime for looking stupid, catcalling isn't really a thing where I live unless you're foreign.

No. 991068

>Tfw Croatian diaspora in Chicago

I didn't even feel safe walking through my school let alone in public at night

Got to go back.jpg

No. 991208


I agree. I've lived in both countries for a short period of time because I have family there but when I moved to Germany I didn't feel comfortable walking home by myself at night at all and I still avoid it most of the time. Maybe because where I used to live it was common for poeple of all ages to still be outside after 10 pm or later, whereas here it isn't, unless it's the weekend maybe. Could also be that I've noticed way more refugees here and I don't have anything against them in general, I'm just against those who stand around in groups, destroy stuff and catcall women. Like don't they have shit to do and places to be? Yet as a normal migrant you never get to catch a breath when you move to another country.

No. 991238

File: 1639193191203.jpeg (457.17 KB, 1506x1004, 3EE5D4BB-B4B5-4E69-878B-5ED316…)

Which cities architecture do you love the most? I’m biased and I have to say it’s Barcelona. All the Gaudi sites make me so happy I can’t help but smile when I see them. So whimsical.

No. 991324

Prague and Vienna imo

No. 991417

I would love to know the percentage of germany before the refugee influx in 2015. I bet it was def higher because after that you stopped feeling save on the street at night. Not only my own experience but also from many, many other women I've talked to.

> Like don't they have shit to do and places to be?
kek anon, these people do not work and never will.

No. 991582

File: 1639239360777.jpg (314.94 KB, 750x501, thermes-de-vichy.jpg)

I like Gaudi a lot too. I love Art Nouveau so much, it reminds me of fairies and absinthe, pretty sure it was the early 1900's version of vaporwave kek. I know that Paris is often cited for art nouveau architecture but my ultimate fav is probably Vichy. It looks so chill

No. 991631

File: 1639243926635.jpg (270.91 KB, 1000x750, 55f063c69dd7cc16008b906f.jpg)

Budapest, the pointier the better.

No. 991713

File: 1639248983020.png (75.04 KB, 612x553, 9D19429F-4E7A-43AF-8897-EF4B86…)

coffee euro > tea euro

No. 991724

File: 1639249418916.jpg (87.6 KB, 630x420, drinking-tea.jpg)

I live in a coffee loving country but tea is truly the best.

No. 991750


Yeah hard disagree. I'm someone who does book covers for a living. Turkey's is fine. Just fine. I like a maximalist shit but this one falls just a hair shy of truly embracing it. It's the dainty typefaces for me that take it down a notch. Netherlands could be fine but the text is poorly placed, which is a shame, really, because the typefaces are pretty well chosen, the colour, illustration and textures are beautiful. It really is a shame because if the justifying on all of it was better, this one would take the cake for me personally. Spain is pretty though it's very 'final year design student' kind of cover, but it works, it doesn't have to be revolutionary. France's is beautiful, nothing mind-blowing but it's good enough design, and anon, if there's ever a place to go balls to the wall emo gay drama, it's media regarding fucking Achilles. USA's is a fucking disaster, Germany's is a mess.

So chill out. It's fine.

No. 991772

I'm in teasville but I'm working hard to change that. Sip sip

No. 991798

Italians, how is Italy, really? I read about how small towns are selling land and house for really cheap if you're willing to renovate it. How's the healthcare/transportation/political climate/job market?

No. 991802

Seconded! i've been wanting to go there for my studies for a while now but the student associations of my nationality in italy seems to be inactive online so i can't ask them anything

No. 991887

>me: "oh you don't know what kind of trashy music they play here"
>every german I ever met: "oh I can imagine, we have Schlager"

Schlager Musik is really not so bad, consider yourself blessed

No. 991891

*And by that I mean, consider yourself blessed you don't know worse shit.

No. 991980

You clearly havent been trapped in a car with germ boomers

No. 992069

File: 1639272807948.jpg (274.36 KB, 1200x1200, tokio-hotel-6820.jpg)

I know worse shit kek

No. 992088

Hating on Tokyo Hotel, what year is this

No. 992089

>Schlager Musik is really not so bad,
yes it is anon, stop lying

No. 992286

You have clearly never heard this shit they play in Serbia

No. 992457

I unironically listen to TH, they have a couple of nice songs on their old albums.

No. 992645

>>992069 Tokio hotel is my childood. Their first album was some epic shit for an 8yearold me. I though i was listening to hard rock music, but revisiting years later it was very soft cute music. It would be worth it to remix these old songs with a new spin.

No. 992770

They put out a new version of Monsoon in both languages out a while ago.

No. 992773

>kek anon, these people do not work and never will.

I know, but they have to at least be supervised or something, no?

Omg that just gave me some serious flashbacks. I used to listen to TH, OOMPH, LaFee (haven't typed that name out in more than a decade kek) and so on and thought I was goth or something. No idea how my parents were so chill about it, blasting that through the entire house. I cringe every time I think of it.

No. 992780

Wow thanks for the bop nonnie

No. 992790

File: 1639343894613.jpeg (86.84 KB, 476x574, CDB159F9-DC6B-45EC-B1B9-1E605A…)

>Heul doch! Heul doch!
The cringe

No. 992835

The real bops happened in the 80s, I prefer the pussywhipped fuckboy genre.

No. 992844

Kek this just took me down memory lane. Oh how I dreaded hours long car rides in the blazing balkan sun and this music playing in the background, though I loved Viki and Stoja as a kid.

No. 992885

why are swedes always such shit winners

No. 994932

I know this is kinda weird uestion but i gotta write it somewhere. So i am following the JK Rowling new drama where she disagres with transgender identified men being recorded and delath with as women by police when they do some crime and i saw a comment somewhere, i think on youtube, where they listed countries that do that and house transgender inmates with women and i think there was Norway and Denmark on it.. and some other countries i wish i remember more and the poster said that from what they read the women are very against it and have a horrible time with the trans inmates, being assaulted and all. SO i wanted to ask if any of you live in a country which allows that and how it really is like for the inmates? if you know by chance. Because i feel like there is something being covered or not very talked about anywhere and i am even suprised that there was so many countries already doing this prior to Scotland or whatever country Rowling was speaking against.

No. 994935


oh hi, its the soundtrack of my youth.

No. 994964

File: 1639524742337.png (23.89 KB, 692x233, trans.png)

Back when GC threads were allowed on /ot/ I posted an article about female inmates in Canada being raped by MTFs. It was so bad that prison officers were providing condoms, birth control and emergency contraception. I can't find the article again, either it's been hidden by search engines or doesn't exist anymore. I do have the header from the article that I posted with the link.

No. 994978

typical canada shit. more worried about looking bad/not morally superior than the reality of the problems situations like this cause. who cares right?!!! as long as transwomen feel validation

No. 994981

Fucking hell. There's a cow I follow whose roommate is a mini cow himself. He was raging extra hard today saying mtf rapists should go in women's prisons. I wondered what was behind the extra level of sperg and then I remembered Rowling tweeted again. He's in Canada. He also said prisons should be abolished (make up your mind) so no prison for rapists or womens prisons for anyone who self identifies. Both such cool choices.

No. 995309

>>994964 wow that's horrible, thanks for the info

No. 996575

>and there are places that aren’t like this.
Yeah no shit, the majority of England isn't like what you described. What a fucking weird post. It's like something from Unz.

No. 997466

Poland has now a new enemy the USA cos of LEX TVN what fun..some one wanna adopt me so i can go out from dis trash land..?

No. 997473

No. 997511

>>997466 i have one friend from poland who moved away. Are young poles moving away on a mass scale?

No. 997524

judging from how many live in my german city, yes. i also watched a documentary about poles who live near the german border and send their kids to german school for better education (not to toot my german horn, our education still kinda sucks big time)

No. 997614

Ye no one wants to sit here watching all that bulls.. Putin gonna come for Poland in a moment and the USA hates us eh fun

No. 997824

Vidrel is about Paris quickly changing their infrastructure to become more bikefriendly, which I thought was really interesting in light of EU's enviromental goals and quotas. Any Parisians wanna comment? I'm just curious if the change has been noticeable for people who actually live there.

No. 997901

I don't live in Paris but in a city that had the same changes applied to it for bikes and whatnot and it's hell, bikers act hollier than thou when they don't even have license and just ride as they please.

Basically, if you don't live in the city center-ish and have your work close by, pray to god you won't have to cross it by car because it takes forever as parking spots are being destroyed and streets are being changed into bike lanes only.

No. 997903

?? a license to ride a.. bycycle? did I understand that right?

No. 997950

NTA but in my country and I imagine everywhere as an adult you don't need a license to drive your bike into the traffic along the cars and many retarded bikers know NOTHING about traffic rules, which is definitely not great.

No. 998398

Oh yeah of course I can comment! It sucks major fucking balls! Main avenues have been under construction for months one after the other! Roadside space is being colonised for rental bike parking (which is RETARDED expensive) ! And bikers think they’re somehow above all traffic laws! They’re on the road, on the sidewalk, take their unfolded bikes in the tram, and then they’re behind you right as you open your car door (: i hate bikes i hate bikes((:)

No. 998411

parisian here, it sucks bc the bike riders now think they own the place and no traffic rules apply to them, as a pedestrian you get nearly run over about 3 times a day on average. insufferable

No. 998447

It's not an instant fix but they could teach kids about traffic rules and cycling like they do in holland and denmark

No. 998478

>Roadside space is being colonised for rental bike parking (which is RETARDED expensive)
what is expensive, the infrastructure or the rent?

No. 998522

Adults too. Biking is great and more cities should be made bike-friendly. A big way to achieve this is to seperate bike and car traffic.
My city is bad at this and it feels dangerous to bike among the cars, even if you know traffic rules.

No. 999161

File: 1639917440641.jpg (142.76 KB, 1000x750, beep beep.jpg)

I'm gonna sound like an old fart, but the rise of unlicensed vehicles driven by teens in France is a major step back ecology wise on top of being worrying. I do see pros but if everyone jumps into this trend bandwagon, it will cause issues
>inb4 americanization of streets and people

No. 999200

can confirm, though i see why they don't want to run the risk of being flattened by a truck sometimes they're just not careful. it's just a mess.

No. 999235

I imagine it'll take a period of adjusting for everyone since it sounds like a pretty major change

No. 999418

This, western countries are often smarmy and worried about the LOOK of morality rather than the reality of morality. It's a great day to not be Canadian.
Yeah I think I was annoyed because where I live it hasn't been the nicest, and if you aren't sheltered you will see some cities and areas like that. I wish that those who live in the worst parts of this country get to see the nicer cleaner parts, and get more optimistic about this country, and those who live hidden in the safe and clean parts are exposed to the reality of some places here and start getting realistic. Don't know what Unz is though.
Some of Barcelona looks pretty but I really don't like a lot of these buildings. There's no 'logic' to them, the buildings do not correspond, they are bizarre and do not look like they belong anywhere. I like artistically formulaic cities like Paris (the look of Paris anyway, it smells irl lol/mdr)

No. 1000187

I really wanna visit the Nordic countries when I finally graduate and iceland is number one on my list. I'm a bit concerned over the language barrier. are job opportunities good for immigrants there? i really wanna migrate to a colder region when i decide to leave my country

No. 1000207

if you think iceland is like nordic countries you're in for a Bad Time. You would be filleting fish and being glared at.

No. 1000227

Why would you move to a recently bankrupt country with a population of like 5 in the middle of fucking nowhere and with one of the most notoriously difficult languages in Europe? You got a death wish or something?

No. 1000255

File: 1640015703942.jpg (50.11 KB, 306x552, 0159704E000004B0-0-image-m-44_…)

Spanish anons, does she still try to pretend the only surgery she's had is a minor nose job to correct a breathing issue? I know her surgical makeover is old news, but she's still teased in our newspapers for being so ridiculous to lie about it. If she'd said she only wanted to improve her looks, no one would have cared after a week or two.

No. 1000279

Nta but I’m surprised Iceland is bankrupt. I thought of the ,yes nordic, countries to be wealthy. Maybe the anon wants to move to norway, i really liked it there. I don’t like how they handle corona though.

No. 1000286

nta but Iceland went bankrupt? Wut how did I miss that, was that in the media at all? Last Euro country I remember to go bankrupt was Greece and that was massively on the news for literal years

No. 1000302

Not icelandic but I visited my mum's family there when I was 7. It's very very beautiful and surreal, I remember other people spoke English but I think you may miss out unless you learn, and there aren't many resources for it. Some of the food is abominable, people can be nice though and from my family's facebook posts it looks like lots of people there play instruments or enjoy the outdoors if that's you. Also in summer the sun didn't really really go down as far as I remember. Anyway I'm not the CEO of Iceland but I think there are a few anons here from there. Also a lot of them go on holiday to Spain because they miss sunlight so if you need sun in your life then be prepared. There are some jobs in forest replanting and researchers there. I remember how nice the people there were as they helped us find our home, and we stayed in a relative's friends' house for a bit and it felt really warm and open. I hope if you make it there you have a great adventure, but you are putting a big challenge in front of yourself too haha

No. 1000330

File: 1640020360466.jpg (18.81 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I randomly remembered this TV show that caused me nightmares as a kid and I always assumed that it was a local Hungarian one but turns out it's an adaptation of a British show (Spitting Image)? It had these horrid puppets of politicians. I wonder if any other (ancient, millenial) anons remember it?

No. 1000336

File: 1640020478741.png (380.14 KB, 720x406, 457213.png)

Forgive me, another nightmare inducing image

No. 1000339

i was fantasizing about moving o Island too, but i knew it would never happen. It feels hidden from the rest of the world and that's nice.

No. 1000347

File: 1640021296089.jpg (46.47 KB, 890x499, ik_mik_loreland.jpg)

no but I did watch this shit
what's up with creepy puppets in old kids' shows

No. 1000360

jesus christ this is terrifying

No. 1000500

File: 1640033783009.jpg (140.47 KB, 1200x630, 4589669--les-guignols-opengrap…)

french anon here. i thought it was an original french show as well… you learn something every day..

No. 1000530

Looks like something made by Henri Xhonneux kek

No. 1000531

for fucks sake I'am so sorry for that thumbnail nonnas

No. 1000538

LOL nonna.

No. 1000643

File: 1640041055088.jpg (196.42 KB, 1039x1039, Hurra-Deutschland.jpg.jpg)

i can't believe this shit was so successful they exported it to several countries. its fucking horrifying and ugly and i just learnt that they are making a german revamp in 2022 like who would voluntarily sign up to see these nightmare-inducing things AGAIN? picrel is the old german version of it. god it's so infuriatingly ugly

No. 1000655

We we forced to watch this show in elementary school because it was supposed to be educational or something and everyone hated it. Karbonkel and that creepy fish thing gave me nightmares for years. Cursed show 0/10 do not recommend

No. 1000718

How did Iceland went bankrupt?

Thinking about Sweden actually but might change my mind sometime. Also how did Norway treat the pandemic anyway? Last I heard about the pandemic situation in europe they were out there protesting about restrictions like they were about to die or something

This anon gets it

No. 1000951

Are sunscreens unavailable in stores and pharmacies during winter in your country too or is it just my retarded balkan country?

No. 1000969

Never unavailable, but they’re not displayed prominently like they would be during spring/summer. It’s only in the last few years that sunscreens with an SPF above 30 are even sold in mainstream stores though. Before that everyone would insist that sunscreen wasn’t even necessary unless you’re going to the beach and would tell my sun allergic red haired ass to “just get a tan lol what are you afraid of”

No. 1000976

You should always wear sunscreen nonny (I say that but I never do) especially if there's snow+high altitude

No. 1000982

File: 1640080809034.jpg (69.78 KB, 1022x590, wizzywoppy.jpg)

Same, Karbonkel was terrifying. Fellow Dutch/Flemish anons may also recognise picrel. It was on tv a lot when I was a kid and it always scared the shit out of me.

No. 1000992

Oh my god Wizzy & Woppy was terrifying, nothing about it was cute.

I also was scared shitless by the bear and lion sketch from teletubbies, I think this one was notorious for mentally scarring kids everywhere kek

No. 1001034

In which European countries can you get Tretinoin without prescription?

No. 1001057

Guess it didn't catch on here yet

I ise acids so I'm aware, but store just don't carry them. Time to buy online for too much, ugh

No. 1001062

I used to buy Biore sunscreen directly from Japan, it was actually about 50% cheaper than buying it locally. The only reason I stopped because the EU decided to put import charges on goods from outside the EU below 22 euro now too which causes ridiculous extra costs. So if you're outside the EU I say look into importing sunscreens from Japan or South-Korea, they have good stuff.

No. 1001101

File: 1640094343070.jpeg (79.41 KB, 694x461, B30B3997-6F3E-482D-AD76-C0FC04…)

I’d repressed that one but thanks for reminding me.

While we’re on the subject of creepy live action Dutch children’s shows, did anyone else also really hate Kloontje? For some reason the others like Sap didn’t bother me so much but something about Kloontje the giant child/child of giants was fundamentally offensive to me as a kid. Like she’s supposed to be a large young child acting like a child but clearly it’s just a normal adult woman acting like a retard.

I used to buy cosmetics from Japan and Korea too but packages kept getting lost in the mail and it wasn’t worth it to pay tracked shipping for €10 worth of products, even before the new tax. Right now I buy from a local reseller which has a markup but only a minor one imo, plus next day delivery vs. waiting for a month to see if it shows up at all. I don’t know if there are resellers like this in the Balkans though.

No. 1001126

File: 1640096965143.jpg (41.71 KB, 1280x720, purno.jpg)

>she’s supposed to be a large young child acting like a child but clearly it’s just a normal adult woman acting like a retard
Yeah, I dislike most child characters played by adults for this reason. It's just uncanny. I don't know if showrunners actually think children act like that, or if they think kids just enjoy seeing adults act like over the top retards. When I was a kid it always got a visceral reaction out of me that looking back I can only describe as 'cringe'.

Another Dutch fever dream cartoon I remembered recently is Purno de Purno. That was some insane stuff, can't believe they actually aired it, especially the first two seasons.

No. 1001284

What is it with British households and giant clocks? They add nothing to a room. They just sit. On the wall. Whoop-de-doo, it's three fifteen, and there's a giant clock on the wall.

No. 1002039

File: 1640196058496.jpg (92.02 KB, 1000x750, IMG_20211222_185951_721.jpg)

How do you decide what country to move to? I like the ideas of few but tbh idk how much of what people say is reality.

I'm fluent in German and English and pick up languages fast so I don't think that would be a real issue but I just can't choose. Switzerland seems nice, Norway too but idk.

The whole process and the chance to get scammed by a landlord seem really high

Pic taken by a friend in Switzerland last week

No. 1002051

I'd base it on living standards, economic welfare and job opportunities in your field. Are you an EU citizen? Moving to an EU country as an EU citizen eases the process a lot so that's something to take into account. If you remain with a list after that.. culture; some cultures are more accepting of foreigners than others or you may wanna choose a culture closest to your own, climate, situation on the housing market, safety, living costs… A country like Switserland sounds good in theory but the cost of living is sky high, something to take into consideration.

No. 1002071

Yes, I'm croatian so the eu part won't be a problem. I've never been outside my country and poor so I never really had an interest in other places. Thabk you for the list, it'll be helpful!

No. 1002073

You look for jobs first and see where you can get in

No. 1002102

If you can't choose, you should move to where you know someone. I am croatian too, my friend moved to ireland and she had friends there who went to look at apartments in person in her stead because apparently there are lots of scammers who list apartments that don't exist online. If you have someone to help you in the beginning it will be a lot safer and easier; they can help find a place for you to stay, they can tell you what to look out for, what to do and what not to do because they've done it too. Good luck

No. 1002112

File: 1640201555591.png (425.38 KB, 795x300, image.png)

Why do people calling Czechia "Czech Republic"? It's longer and I don't understand, why exactly this country is exception.
There is! One of the biggest memes of russian imageboards in 2000s is from Belarus. Local bakery company redesighned waffles, but images for packaging was probably stolen by person who doesn't watch anime. So weebs immediatly spotted Haruhi Suzumia in "Yulechka" waffle and Reimu Hakurei in "Olenka" waffle.
There's all images if you want to see and some other examples of plagiat: http://lurkmore.to/Вафли_Юлечка
Also your post reminded me of this commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC3pGcRHeQ0
>Source: Numbeo
I checked, this site just asks respondents where they live and what they're think about crime in their country. First of all it depends on a region of a country. In Russia Moscow is safer than most of Western Europe, while Tuva has crime and murder level higher than in Brazil. Capitals are more rich, safe and other shit. In Belarus 20% of population lives in capital. Also site is in English, so surveyed people were more educated if they can uderstand another language. Still doesn't understand, why Belarus so low. My guess is casinos. In most of post-Soviet countries casinos are banned or restricted except Belarus. So Minsk is basically a Las-Vegas of CIS countries and it causes crime.

No. 1002115

intruding amerifat here, sorry. which european country, excluding france, would be best for me to move to? i’ve been thinking of italy or spain, but i’m unsure. i’m black (2nd gen ivorian), if that helps

No. 1002124

File: 1640202346380.jpg (95.88 KB, 480x640, Space_Girl.jpg)

Thank you anon! I have recognized some characters or artists of the chocolate bars without adnotation… there is a drawing by Satoshi Urushihara among others. One looks like a weird fanart of Misuzu Kamio, but I'm not sure.
I love picrel so much!

No. 1002126

>kept getting lost in the mail and it wasn’t worth it to pay tracked shipping for €10 worth of products
Oh I never had that problem, is that just a problem with your local postal system?

No. 1002174

ntayrt but good luck in your search fellow croatian nona, may we both get out of here soon.

No. 1002281

I swear there's a Bulgarian fried snack pack with something that looks like Big Chungus on the front.

No. 1002631

I've got a stupid question for fellow Dutch anons, I don't know where else to ask this lol sorry

Weet iemand toevallig waar ik nu tijdens de lockdown a3 formaat documenten kan scannen? Want de bieb en printshop zitten dicht. Ik was naar de plaatselijke AH gegaan want ze hebben daar zo'n grote printer staan maar schijnbaar kun je daar niet scannen. Iemand enig idee?

No. 1002639

File: 1640251011353.jpeg (136.85 KB, 1280x853, 7404473D-BF2C-41CB-B906-733367…)

Scandinavian country. They’re kind to african Americans, very secure welfare system, free education and easy culture to adapt to.

No. 1002640

I wanted to go to Instanbul for New Year's but because of bring busy had to delay the trip for spring.
I really really want to see the city, I've never been there and I yearn to experience the place I read about so much in history.

But apparently Turkey is, uh, in trouble. Get yourselves together guise, I wanna visit.

No. 1002643

Why would you even move to fucking europe? For college? A passing thought? I don’t get it. The old world sucks balls. If you’ve failed in the US you’ll fail even more in Europe. But if it’s temporary go to the Netherlands or Scandinavian countries as you won’t need to learn dutch or vikingnese as everyone already speaks English.

t. Europoor

No. 1002650

Why are you encouraging amerifats from the land of unlimited space to come to our small countries so they can compete for our space, jobs and extremely tight housing markets and profit off our welfare? I sure as fucking hell don't want to compete for a house with a fucking american when housing prices have gone up 20%(!!!) just this year and doubled just the last 3-5. And one that's too lazy to do her own research and wants to be spoonfed on top of that. This is literally amerifats windowshopping our countries like they're candy.

No. 1002656

Based. I feel like every week I see another amerifat asking where should they move

No. 1002657

What exactly qualifies you to live there more than her? That its the chunk of land your mom happened to have shat you out on?

If she's an educated, self-sufficient adult, I don't see how she'd harm any country she moved to. Also I really don't blame people (particularly nonwhite) for wanting to leave the United States. Frankly if I was black or Latina O wouldn't feel safe here.

No. 1002658

File: 1640253696053.png (736.6 KB, 1000x798, good luck.png)


No. 1002663

Lithuania is full of mental fuckups and Estonia is the prime Nazi land, while Lativa barely has any money. Hell, no country around has any money either. Fuck Americans

No. 1002664

my thoughts exactly anon.

No. 1002665

Why don’t you just move to another state? Why Europe? Those countries are different than god bless america the land of the free

No. 1002666

No fuck off americans. Sweden just introduced a new law making it harder for immigrant workers anyway. https://sverigesradio.se/artikel/regeringen-foreslar-hardare-regler-for-arbetskraftinvandring
Exactly this anon. Stay in the US.

No. 1002674

Didn't Communism fuck your shit up?

No. 1002675

I know you said no France, but fuck it. France or the UK

No. 1002691

I can't help but laugh at the amerifat simply asking which of the two euro countries she should move to and has instead been told to stay in the us kek

No. 1002692

> What exactly qualifies you to live there more than her?
nta but she was born there? so it does qualify her to live there lol

No. 1002699

We're tourist country and we've been getting an influx of americans wanting to live at our coast, the prices of housing, even rent have gone up so much since they're richer than the locals and accept any price. Man I hate it

No. 1002705

Don't ever come here, we have already enough bullshit to deal with.

No. 1002706

It's annoying. America is huge. Why must they come here?

No. 1002707

not the uk either, we have enough immigrants already

No. 1002709

>Frankly if I was black or Latina O wouldn't feel safe here.
You're insanely naive, you think black people and latinos from America won't be treated in racist ways in European countries? Especially if they only speak English and nothing else? Maybe if they go to English speaking countries they'll be fine but even then I doubt it. White latinos might be doing ok in Spain since they probably wouldn't stand out too much.

No. 1002712

just come over to duitsland, everything is geopend

No. 1002728

I was born in my country, I've contributed to my country all my life, I've got my family and friends here and it's my culture. I don't deserve to be out-competed by American fortune seekers who've got more space in their own country than they'll ever need in their and their grandkids' lifetimes, they can go fix their own country if it's that tragic. Native people should be priority, always, our countries are ours'.

>I don't see how she'd harm any country she moved to

Read again, maybe your thick skull will catch it this time.

No. 1002736

Genuine question but how are you guys just deciding at random to move to another country, especially if you don't have relatives or friends already living there? Especially the amerifat anon. That seems crazy to me.

No. 1002739

I'm the eu anon, and why do you mean? I have a plan I hope to realize in the next 5 years, I'm not just packing up and leaving within a week. And the reason for leaving is that the country is a shithole and I want to have a normal life. I know no place is perfect but at least being treated as a normal worker instead of a dumb slave would be nice. + I'm gay and meeting other bi/gay women is almost impossible here

No. 1002740

Nat but I think she was more so referring to Americans wanting to move to Europe, like a lot of anons itt

No. 1002742

Oh, makes sense. I answered since they replied to my post

No. 1002755

I fucking hate arrogant foreigners who move to Sweden and think they don't have to learn our language at all because we understand english. Move to fucking Australia if you think our language isn't worth learning.

No. 1002767

> arrogant foreigners
you know this is almost always americans

No. 1002803

Any time I'd take a person from a poorer country (provided they arent a Muslim psycho, accent on psycho) looking to integrate and build their life anew over an entitled amerifat that can move back wherever, especially a scrote thinking that Slavic women will fight to suck his uncircumcised dick since he has dollars

No. 1003094

Dutch here and same. I’m in academia and I’ve met so many people who’ve lived here for 5+ years and have even bought houses but can’t be bothered to learn the language. When any of them enter a room all the Dutch people are expected to switch to speaking English because speaking Dutch is considered rude. I don’t mind this with students who are only here for a few months to a year, but when it comes to a guy who’s been here almost a decade? Learn the language, asshole. I don’t care if you think it’s tOo HaRd, god knows the university pays you enough to hire a private tutor.

No. 1003245

>taking my bait
europoors and amerifats are so retarded. imagine thinking that i would genuinely ask for life opinions from mentally ill female kkkrakkkers. here’s to hoping that more black and brown refugees and immigrants flood your countries and institute a jdpon. by the way, amerifats and europoors, excluding eastern europeans, do not “contribute” to modern society in any way because you’re both first world labor aristokkkrats, also known as parasites who suck on the blood of the third world. remember to read settlers by j sakai and be aware france will be rightfully receiving a nuclear holocaust soon(edgy b8, m8)

No. 1003287

File: 1640312118411.gif (4.53 MB, 268x306, Tumblr_l_1538144051916679.gif)

No. 1003299

File: 1640314587613.png (399.01 KB, 1104x1500, 63C10188-EC5D-4863-8141-0E0932…)


thats all

No. 1003326

File: 1640319573807.png (331.44 KB, 1043x591, Truth.png)


No. 1003353

Ah sweet schizo thread

No. 1003386

Based tbh.

No. 1003422

This thread is dumb

No. 1003448

File: 1640338159546.jpg (73.3 KB, 500x350, ak557.jpg)

God jul to all Scandinonnies!

No. 1003449

I like Europe the pictures look really pretty, I would like to visit one day

No. 1003485

italy is nice but many people are racist, I'd recommend coming here only if you have money/a well defined plan (connections, family, a job offer etc), or if you speak italian already. Otherwise leaving your native 1st world country to be an immigrant in italy isn't worth it, imo

No. 1003488

File: 1640345907650.jpg (6.91 MB, 3553x2823, Juleribbe-0243fe-hm.jpg)

God jul nonnie.

No. 1003489

Oh dear who is carrying that food? A ghost?

No. 1003491

God jul. I'm in quarantine, but that means more ribbe for me. Who needs family.

No. 1003492

Dear Edward Said,
I'm so happy you found lolcow last week and decided to post on aristokkkrats kkkrakkkers imageboard, can't wait for that nuclear winter since there's no snow at all here currently. Merry christmas to you too

No. 1003493

I can't tell if this image is from the 80s or modern

No. 1003495

Kek yeah, it looks like a pic from a grandma cooking book

No. 1003503

File: 1640349433264.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)

No. 1003548

Ah same. Quarantine since today kek and we didn’t buy food so we just ordered random shit via a grocery shopping service. Might have pizza tonight. Festive!

No. 1003593

I wish I had covid so I could avoid shit family din. Pretty sure we're all gonna catch it tonight anyway considering my parents apparently don't give a shit about covid anymore and went for lunch to a bar of all places, smh my head

No. 1003637

you could fake a covid scare ("I need to get tested!!") to get out of it.

No. 1003674

File: 1640358589127.jpg (98.32 KB, 700x900, anMNELo_700b.jpg)

merry christmas from germany, european nonnies!

No. 1003704

Goddammit nona why is he hot?

No. 1003753

Das Brustfell though? Kek nonny

No. 1003866

i guess he'll be sliding down your chimney tonight, nonnie ;)

i knoooow bei dem das ich im german thread hochgeladen hab sieht man das brustfell nicht so arg… nur das beste für die nonnen

No. 1004065

Ho ho ho merry xmas to me!

No. 1004138

File: 1640376257345.jpg (95.97 KB, 800x600, Santa_reclining_800x600.jpg)

Why would you make Santa a disgusting meathead? He already has the perfect male physique. Look how cute and chubby he is.

No. 1004149

It looks like he only has one tooth

No. 1004159

It's because he keeps drinking sugar water.

No. 1004300

Merry Christmas eurofriends

No. 1004400

there is juløl in the tynnj

sing with me fellow scandinavians

No. 1004514

Go away shoe0nhead, you’re not European.

No. 1004569

I have no fucking idea what this is, sounds Danish.

No. 1004886

File: 1640475679678.jpeg (85.06 KB, 750x546, E3630136-8969-47E0-8432-559AB6…)

Dra åt helvete danskjävel!!

No. 1004926

Det er den norske versjonen din dumpapp!

No. 1005331

What's this amazing slur?

No. 1005340

File: 1640523174281.jpeg (37.99 KB, 500x353, 6A4E5610-60C1-4051-AA55-73FEB8…)

Nä nu jävlar, inge mer lösgodis och snus för er norrbaggar

No. 1005342

>annandag jul
>skandinavierna bråkar redan
För mycket glögg, gott folk?

No. 1006323

>2nd gen ivorian???
What does that even mean? Also med countries are pretty racist, source am med. Try the Northern ones. Also fuck off we are full.

No. 1006326

Because my ancestors spilled their and their enemies blood to rule this piece of land. If you have a problem with that you are welcome to try the same. Otherwise fuck off from MY AND MY PEOPLE'S piece of land.

No. 1006327

I didn't know a Turk could be this based, what happened to Turkey?

No. 1006353

File: 1640607094629.jpeg (131.38 KB, 800x800, зайо байо.jpeg)

No. 1006362

>Try the Northern ones
No, we have already told the amerifats to fuck off and stay in the US itt.

No. 1006983

Shut up scanders, you are emotional wrecks.

No. 1007380

Wtf anon was posting about a xmas beer song…
Are you the butthurt american anon?

No. 1008728

A friend of mine has been reconnecting with her Polish heritage the last few years and she’s seemingly gone off the deep end. She has some grandparents who are from Poland and she’s only visited a few times as a child. She’s gotten super into Polish politics and history and now she’s gone from a pretty liberal burger to a complete right wing nutter. We were talking about Holocaust restitutions and I brought up how it’s kind of fucked up how Poland refuses to compensate Jews who had their property taken and she started sperging and freaking out about how Poland was not very antisemitic or collaborated with the Nazis. She insisted that if anything it was Jewish people helping the Nazis more than poles and the general Polish public were the uber victims of ww2. I just feel so insane. She’s now planning on getting her Polish citizenship so she can live there and I honestly cant wait to not have to see her again.

No. 1008783

What a kurva. It’s cool to look up your heritage and connect with your roots/ancestors but that is a few steps too far. I hope for her she’ll have a realization in a year or so and cringe.

Are there any anons from Hungary here? How is generally life there? Do you live in Budapest or a smaller town?

No. 1008789

That's hilarious. Tell her she'll never be Polish because she was never socialized Polish or speak Polish on a native level.

No. 1008791

>burgers are crazy
what else is new. your friend should grow a brain

No. 1008793

Where are you from? Tbh getting her Polish citizenship isn't a bad idea, it's an automatic EU citizenship. If she gets fed up with Poland's shit she can move to a better country.

No. 1008795

The problem with the EU is that every country has its own useless obscure language you need to learn to live there.

No. 1008798

I'm from Hungary (Budapest), it's pretty shit. I love my country and the people but the living conditions are really bad and the current government is awful. Budapest is additionally shit because we get the worst tourists, from sexpats hunting for their dream mail-order bride to Western Covid refugees who can't go one year without travelling somewhere and we happen to be one of the most accessible places right now.
Anyway, stay out.

No. 1008800


No. 1008819

I mean, it's true in the case of languages like Latvian, Hungarian and Finnish. They're not only impossible to learn but you also can't use them anywhere other than the tiny countries where they're spoken.

No. 1008821

Why don't Americans understand that even if you're 50% something other than burger, you'll never be considered part of that other country if you never were raised and educated in it. "Muur duur Irish blood from my mother's side and German from my father's side" stfu, you're American and will always be American

No. 1008847

they are useful in the country they belong to, i wouldnt call them useless. English speaking people were just lucky their language is too easy and also colonialism and stuff helped it to be so popular.

No. 1009033

I think it’s cool to connect with your heritage. Would you rather they connected with brands, media, or politics?

I know they won’t be considered as part of that country. But if you’re half Irish or half German then good for you. It’s better then being a weeabo, koreaboo or consoomer. It’s natural instinct to want to belong somewhere, and although I’m no burger I would be proud to be an American with European roots, knowing my ancestors came a long way, worked hard, had their own stories to be proud of. Actually I see European Americans as cousins who moved away. Furthermore, modern Europeans are often out of touch with their cultures, as globalism, the internet, and weaker family structures weakened cultural ties.

To me, being proud of your culture means remembering traditions, learning your language, remembering where you came from, trying to honour your ancestors with your actions, looking after your family, and being the best individual euro you could be.

No. 1009059

But that's the issue, they can't remember things they never experienced, their heritage is nothing but a larp, devoid of meaning.
Ethnic identity is not something you choose, but something you are. You belong to that group because you share a conditioning nobody outside that culture can share. A combination of language, sensibilities, looks, and experiences.

What's the difference between some American choosing Poland instead of Japan? Being wapanese is a meme, so it gets ridiculed more, but everything you can say to a weeb applies just as much to the Poland fan.

If you're American, participate in American culture, cherish American traditions, be the best American you can be.

No. 1009553

Blood and heritage doesn't mean shit, racialization should die.
>It’s natural instinct to want to belong somewhere
But they do belong somewhere? They're Americans. USA is a whole ass country with its own culture (and yes, I know it's an unpopular opinion but they do have a culture). You know what would actually make sense imo? Celebrating, learning and reconnecting with Native American culture, it will never be the case because America is obviously too racialized and stuck with colonists' history to make it happen. Celebrating the native folk culture of your land (thanksgiving doesn't count for obvious reasons kek) sounds pretty cool.

No. 1009763

the way you guys put tobacco in weed is disgusting, you can’t change my mind
seriously you guys roll the saddest “spliffs”
a bunch of tobacco with a couple weed crumbs in it…. why even bother??

No. 1009773

I agree. I remember people in highschool always cutting it with tabacco, it made sense back then for economy reason I guess but I see people with jobs still doing it out of habit probably

No. 1009795

why do people keep sucking eastern europe's dick like this

No. 1009800

let's get rid of all different cultures altogether as well and live in anglo usian hellscape if that's what you think about diverse languages

No. 1009810

Take it easy, this is a euro thread. I speak one of those useless languages myself. It's all banter.

No. 1009829

I'm literally Hungarian but go off

No. 1009833

There's a shit ton of Eastern Europe wannabe, most of them are ameritards

No. 1009848

oh that explains it you are self hating doormats who wanna pretend to be better than the uralics you are always pick meing for the indoeuropeans

No. 1009856

> I would be proud to be an American
Get out.

No. 1009922

File: 1640885122058.jpg (252.29 KB, 1024x683, 49614315412_b1285b482d_b.jpg)

French x German nonnas Europa-Park meetup, WHEN

No. 1009942

File: 1640885592319.jpg (125.36 KB, 500x375, Entrance_of_Gardaland.jpg)

kek i'd love this. we could also include the italians and visit the shittiest amusement park in europe: gardaland.

No. 1009958

Of course all europoors would be invited, kek at Gardaland. Doesn't Italy have a really sad looking Winx Club theme park too?

No. 1009977

File: 1640886867243.png (1.5 MB, 1000x667, 55888737.png)

fuck i just googled and this pic took me out. the first thing i saw was the tokyo mew mew cosplayers, then i saw tsunade from naruto and son goku and THEN i spotted hatsune miku. i hope those are just weebs having a mini con and not actual characters at the park kekkk

No. 1009987

How does a franchise about fairies have a WHOLE ASS THEMEPARK lmao this never fails to floor me

No. 1010001

Doubt they are actual park characters, but if they are, I'm defo going.
Europa Park is the superior eurofag park, fuck Disneyland Paris, the only valid French theme park is Puy du Fou, I dream to go there but I never could because the tickets for the main event sell out so quickly
Winx was pretty good, it's a shame the park failed even though it was kinda doomed from the start kek. They should have done something like Efteling

No. 1010003

You’re right, America has a culture, where there’s people, family, values, there’s culture. But consider: you can inherit a goblet from an ancestor, hair from a grandfather, temperament from your father, morals from your older relatives and eyes from your mother. When I am surrounded bu family I see how we are linked through these things- and I feel at home in what I have in common with them. Inheriting my area’s traditions, that’s home. If you want to celebrate your heritage, start with honouring your family, act in a way to please your ancestors, and then learn old songs, remember how they used to celebrate spring back home, use the old words. Because this all gives you a sense of identity and reminds you that you belong to something greater than yourself, your people. It’s coming from a place of love. If an American wants to celebrate being American and Irish, and enjoy both traditions, then let her celebrate, if your family is involved with it and passing things down it’s not a larp from the internet, but flesh, blood, belonging.

I think coming from growing up in a house with extended family where we look after each other and elders passed on traditional dances, recipes and songs meant a lot. And the village I grew up in was very steeped in tradition that outsiders wouldn’t know about.

I don’t see native American culture as a heirloom for European Americans, but I agree it should be remembered and preserved. And if you believe America belongs to natives, then it only makes sense for European Americans to celebrate European and American traditions.

I think flesh and blood thinking is entirely natural. I love going home and seeing people who look like me and familiar ways of speaking. Where I live there’s little cohesion, and you may stick out for being ethnically European, and people would stay in their own groups, looking after their own. It’s nice in some ways, but it can be lonely in that you will have less in common with people on the street, you will care for and understand each other less. I get that some people want to live like that, I like living with different people myself, a little diversity can be cool. But I also like to feel at home with my own people. I would even feel at home with other Europeans like Italians and Polish people. I like my own people, is that controversial?

It is sad to see the way some young Europeans and Euro Americans see themselves as ‘bland’ or disregard their own people. Not looking out for their families, fetishising other cultures, wanting different/ethnic features. Now that I celebrate my blood, I love my features, my family is written on them, I love my colours, and I enjoy my history and my family. There’s a sense of duty and pride in my ancestors (as in I know their stories) that makes me want to do them proud. I’m more dutiful to my family, I’m happier in who I am, and cannot be made insecure as a European/white girl. If I was Indian, I would be proud to be Indian, if I was African, I would be proud to be African. It’s very healthy, and stops you from being exploited by the beauty industry and race dividing media outlets. I will say again that my feelings are only from a place of love. Every race has beauty that it’s people should be proud of. Why not us?

No. 1010007

The only thing that caught my eyes in your post was "Euro Americans". Euro Americans isn't an identity, they're Americans.

No. 1010023

Why is Belarus potatoes? It should be forcing migrants across the polish border.

No. 1010024

File: 1640888435259.jpg (53.01 KB, 601x600, 3b253b42078320f62658e29bbf2710…)

I'm sorry for minimodding in ot but this thread is great and I don't want to see it go to shit like other threads here. Do not interact with obvious tists/spergs

No. 1010025

Yeh, most those guys are just retards who embody the ameramutt meme

No. 1010031

File: 1640888599034.jpg (5.78 KB, 210x240, wut.jpg)

Oh shit I didn't even notice that giant word wall.

No. 1010034

File: 1640888737876.jpg (278.37 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_inline_nv0rflwtgs1ttoe7…)

I kinda love it, it's giving me liminal space vibes

No. 1010036

Oh definitely, I loved Winx as a kid.

No. 1010037

Honestly I’m down.
I’m serious. Let’s go. I’m a rollercoaster otaku.

No. 1010043

i don't like rollercoasters but i'll wait outside and guard everyone's bags and jackets while you're on the ride.

No. 1010057

Is this still around? This would of been heaven for 20 years ago.

No. 1010072

dude, I still can't believe that this weird show got it's own theme park store, or what ever the fuck this place is.
Was the show really that popular?

No. 1010075

The franchise is still alive, so it must be. At least it got a new animated spin-off just a few years ago and a life-action movie (show?) on Netflix this year or last year.

No. 1010087

Gardaland is the holy grail of every croatian 1st year of high school trip kek

No. 1010103

well of course, Netflix is always trying to make something their killer show, like Disney's Mandalorian for ex.

Thought I still can't believe this franchise is still a thing.

No. 1010115

File: 1640891553020.jpg (48.92 KB, 250x380, 30124747.jpg)

The fact that some pretty obscure Italian show became a western world beloved franchise kinda led and hyped up the people behind the show to start their own theme park. W.I.T.C.H will always remain the better Winx imo, but I think that the reason why Winx people are so proud and try so hard is because they reached success "by themselves", unlike W.I.T.C.H which was bought by Disney and had a massive help stemming from Disney marketing

No. 1010126

Dude, this show always gave me "Totally spies" vibes (If you get the reference)

No. 1010129

Witch was Disney bought and marketed? I watched it on tv when I was a kid, just the first season afaik, and it wasn't around for long at all. I'm genuinely shocked Disney has anything to do with this property that, from my perspective, is obscure as fuck

No. 1010130

i loved witch. Winx not so much, they started to play it on tv when i was too old for it. But the gifts from Witch magazines were very nice and not bad quality at all. I still have the witch keychan strap after so many years.

No. 1010144

Did anyone watch Galactik Football as a kid? It's French-made so I think it counts itt. I LOVED that as a kid

No. 1010146

Witch magazines were so good, I honestly feel grateful towards them because as an nlog child who hated girly shit, they helped me to understand that pink and overly feminine shit could be cool
Yes it was, and I'm not really well informed but I think it created some pretty hardcore drama inbetween the two women who created it
Yes, it does have that vibe. I loved Totally Spies too but Martin Mystère and WITCH comics were my shit

No. 1010149

Never watched the show, but just looking at some images allows me to know when this anime wanna be show came out

No. 1010151

File: 1640892887567.jpg (214.33 KB, 1900x1252, w1900_h1252_x1500_y988_DPA_bfu…)

nta but me too, i'm an absolute rollercoaster autist. let's fucking go, but phantasialand is way better and we can invite the dutch and belgian nonnies too

No. 1010154

File: 1640892993891.png (29.23 KB, 290x360, Shuriken_School.png)

Anime wanna-be show? Have you seen picrel? kek

No. 1010157

File: 1640893093913.jpg (26.56 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

It even had a character dressed in a sailor school uniform

No. 1010158

No, I'm an Amerifat and was born after 1999

No. 1010159

and you feel the need to announce this in the euro thread for what reason?

No. 1010165

Why are you in this thread then? Especially when we're discussing things you may not recognize as an American?

No. 1010166

I just assumed this was made in Europe, and I thought the amerifat thing would be funny.

This defines most of my post TBH

No. 1010169

File: 1640893379199.gif (2.82 MB, 853x480, e9f.gif)

I'm probably too old, I don't know it. I only know Foot2Rue (kek) and Captain Tsubasa/Olive et Tom football wise. Wakfu will always remain the best French animated show and is as good as Avatar the last airbender
Looks really cool, I'd had no idea how to properly organize it though, kek

No. 1010187

File: 1640894511169.jpg (92.59 KB, 512x381, unnamed.jpg)

Europa-Park is too far away from me, so I agree with >>1010151 Phantasialand is better, anyways. Colorado Adventures is such a good rollercoaster, ugh.

No. 1010199

Yee, I proposed Europa-Park because it was rather close from where I live + it's the only German theme park I know

No. 1010201

i just noticed that the page doesn't have all the issues anymore, anyway: some finnish witch autists scanned and translated the witch comics in english, they're reposted here, don't know why the original site doesn't have all the comics anymore

No. 1010202

accidentally posted starting from the page 7 but anyway

No. 1010208

ooh nice, thanks for posting anon. I've never seen the witch comics so I'm gonna read a few chapters.

No. 1010210

File: 1640895782772.jpeg (68.05 KB, 362x360, 18FC69F1-F615-4562-BF03-E0B2B7…)

Ummmmm sweaty???

No. 1010216

lmaoo code lyoko scared the shit out of me

No. 1010223

the comics were out of print, now they aren't and Mooncloud is removing issues that are available commercially in the US

No. 1010225

I've never seen this but I kinda like the look of it tbh

No. 1010227

File: 1640897115941.jpg (86.28 KB, 800x600, tumblr_p6uvs3wXea1v16cy6o1_128…)

Code Lyoko is the french Serial Experiments Lain and I'm sure it lead to 80% of people my age to chose IT as their study field kek

No. 1010229

Alright lets get a dutch nonnje to let us crash

No. 1010232

>Code Lyoko is the french Serial Experiments Lain
I wish you weren't joking, I would watch it then but AFAIK it's just a cartoon for kids. Please change my mind

No. 1010236

I unironically love SEL and I have to admit: you are right.

No. 1010270

>>1010210 How do their faces look so…uncooked? It looks terrible, I must watch this
I will have to disagree. If you can be ‘African American’, from being an American whose ancestors came from Africa, you can call yourself ‘European American’, although you are not like a European generally, you will have roots there. I prefer the term ‘European’ to white because ‘white girl’ or ‘white woman’ to me has been used pejoratively a lot. ‘European girl’ reminds me that my identity is with my continent and people, which is rich in culture and discovery. I hope all races of women love themselves, including European women. I’m sorry my simple message was put into too many words haha

No. 1010288

File: 1640902087395.jpg (33.92 KB, 500x400, EjRggD4X0AE0H4I.jpg)

You should watch Youtube reviews, I haven't watched it since I was 11. It was and still is praised, the creator of the show said in an interview that Serial Experiments Lain was his main inspo for CL alongside Tron and Matrix. But yeah, it was toned down post pilot episode since it was airing in the mornings for kiddos to watch. It gets darker and less formulaic after S1 from what I remember

No. 1010292

Referring to people by their past ancestry and current culture makes more sense than breaking it down into skin colour.

No. 1011515

happy new year eurofags

No. 1011519

Happy new year my nonnens!

No. 1011523

Happy new year! based firework chads are still firing them here despite a ban on them

No. 1011557

I'm convinced the 'banning fireworks' thing is just for limiting the amount of fireworks set off in one area, not for trying to bust every person who uses them. I've never heard of the cops coming by because of a few people playong with fireworks, kek

No. 1011571

Nta, but probably also to somewhat limit kids using it. Those retards create so much damage to property and harass people with it

No. 1012799

Here in Stockholm there was far less fireworks than before. I was at the Old town and compared to previous years there was barely any fireworks. So I think the whole “restrict fireworks” thing European countries have implemented is working.

No. 1015208

Same here in germany. I’m glad though because it’s such a waste of resources and it’s harming the environment. I head a colleague say their neighbor spends ever new years (or Silvester) around 1000 €. Sick shit.

No. 1015286

Why do you guys have such a "ban everything" mindset? Let people have things

No. 1015297

File: 1641317238426.jpg (200.16 KB, 1876x1064, kinder.jpg)

No. 1015298

Because South Europeans literally can't stop shitting up the place unless they're clearly forbidden from doing so. And as for fireworks, it's because people keep getting severely hurt or killed because they get drunk and careless with them.

No. 1015305

People did fireworks here too despite the ban because of corona restrictions and I'm glad they did. Doing fireworks that one day in the year is tradition and part of our culture. And for everyone who complains about the environment: maybe stop purchasing junk food in plastic wrappers and buy a little less shit and then your concerns about the environment will be believeable.

No. 1015311

>Doing fireworks that one day in the year is tradition and part of our culture.
This. It would've been a seriously depressing new year otherwise.

No. 1015456

Why is there almost no public restrooms in France? Is that normal in most European countries? Wtf do you do if you need to go and you’re at a shopping center? Just kill yourself?

No. 1015460

That's odd, shopping centres should and usually do have nice restrooms. Do you mean free ones? Because homeless people and hooligans ruin them if they're free.

No. 1015513

In my country (Poland) you have free toilets in shopping malls and they aren't ruined, wtf. Railway station toilets aren't free though (probably because they would be ruined)

No. 1015605

i feel like this year there were more fireworks than ever. People were a bit offended by the "ban" so they did it as a revenge. I stood on a hill looking at the thousands of fireworks a thought how depressing it is. What are they celebrating really? I don’t like people saying it’s a tradition. People have all sorts of horrible traditions, like one tribe that is allowed to kill polar bears - same bad tradition. It’s like people do it just to do it and never think why they are doing it. Monke hear boom boom monke like! There are so many better ways to celebrate Earth’s birthday than hurting it.

No. 1015618

are you really saying setting off fireworks one night a year is the same as killing polar bears? lmaaaao I've had enough internet for today. (I'll answer your why? question: it's fun to do fireworks and pretty to watch, everyone knows this)

No. 1015628

People enjoy it, and the damage it causes is completely insignificant, like if you banned all fireworks absolutely nothing would change wrt the environment because It's literally just one night a year. Let people have fun and celebrate.
If people with your attitude got to decide things, we'd spend New Years alone in our in ice cold pod apartments eating raw vegetables.

>I stood on a hill looking at the thousands of fireworks a thought how depressing it is.

Are you even human?

No. 1015730

File: 1641335045632.jpg (86.32 KB, 694x463, download.jpg)

I dislike fireworks to but not because of the enviremont stuff. Like i think it's super pretty but there are always some stupid fucks who throw fireworks at people and cars. Like this new year again so many people got attack including aid workers, fire brigade and the police. Idk i always used to say that I liked that anyone could buy firework and use it but that was because I grew up in a nice neighbourhood where people don't try to burn your carn down or throw firework at you.

I wouldnt mind one very big and pretty firework show or otherwise more police to protect aid workers and the fire brigade but I don't think it would help much.

No. 1015777

File: 1641338628362.jpeg (487.27 KB, 900x1412, 46BD1513-4C46-4791-8828-BDAAC6…)

Man I’m late to the witch discussion but I remember few moments that were as peaceful when your witch comic would come in the mailbox, sigh

No. 1016242

No. 1016253

File: 1641365809010.png (238.35 KB, 700x394, F15E938D-A780-4B00-A241-6E47ED…)

No surprise we still have so much lack of environmental conscious mindset when people prefer to boom boom monke on new years. I guess it’s fun to literally burn your money into the air so i can at least laugh at that. When I read something along the lines of “but it’s tradition “ or “we have been doing it all these years though “ I’m gonna finally lose all hope in humanity

No. 1016453

the picture doesn't support your statement at all because in 2013 fireworks were just as allowed as in 2009

No. 1018332

>>1015618 Well its not one night these retards have been doing it the whole december, not even talking about when they do it in summer. You have some low standarts for fun and pretty things then. Its boring af, same every year, and it stinks. But i guess you are one of those people i was talking about so please go back to beating sticks on eachother and making your fire ooga booga

No. 1018357

i am more human they you know. But fire flashes that are the same evey years stopped being exciting to me when i was an 8 yearold. I would rather people take magic mushrooms to celebrate if they must. At least the dumb people would realize how dumb they are, mean people would realize how mean they are and good people would enjoy the celebration and learn something about the universe and themselves too. Without the mess,noise and cringe. Just an example of good fun that also helps people be better people for next year.

No. 1018907

Fuk new drama in Poland cam some one just take the PL gov away plz

No. 1018909

Why do fireworks always get shit on to this degree when there's far more pressing environmental matters that should be prioritized way before fireworks one night a year. Is it just because fireworks are an easy, comfortable target?

No. 1018938

At this point I'm losing track & losing my mind, which one you refer to, polski ład bullshit?

No. 1018962

The newest one is Polski Ład but the drama with Pegazusss is funny too..like all there is in Poland now is drama

No. 1018977

I don't like fireworks because big boom makes my autistic ears go ouchie

No. 1018987

File: 1641558264155.png (336.66 KB, 802x698, i55573tbaxy41.png)

I keep thinking about this pic every time sth new happens, it just keeps on going, and I feel myself start to be more and more apathetic about it
Also I hate how according to polski lad I'm considered middle class, pretty much living paycheck to paycheck lmao

No. 1019004

Same here, middle class but where when masło is 8zl!?
Pic is perfect 10/10.
I just wanna it all to end can we Please get ride of PiS..

No. 1019105

File: 1641568204294.jpg (141.41 KB, 1024x777, GettyImages-165793283-1024x777…)

Sexism/misogyny in your culture, how does it manifest? If you have lived in a country other than your own, what were the comparisons/differences?

No. 1019183

I'm not saying I hate the english but there's definitely something wrong with a lot of them. The worst experience I had was staying in some tourist town for 2 nights in Greece and it was the full on english tourist stereotype. Shiny red beachball stomachs and a dimwitted but entitled expression. I went to a bar that was run and populated only by the english, and they sat there loudly badmouthing the scots unprompted. Server joined in, pub quiz had joke questions angled to disparage the scots etc. I mean I know why the scots wouldn't like the english (government at least) but what's wrong with us? What the fuck did we do? Wanks.

Anyway, whenever I go down there i'm amazed by the overtly dim people that are functioning in society, I just don't see it in Scotland. The english are great in creative endeavours though.

No. 1019185

File: 1641573515947.jpeg (40.6 KB, 500x375, 7573DE04-C1C8-4CA0-BA76-305E71…)

What is the worst swear word in your native language and what does it mean? Excluding any racial slurs.

No. 1019192

Vittu. Its kinda like fuck - fits everywhere - but I think its somehow nastier than in english. It means pussy, but again, in a nastier way. Like cunt actually I guess

No. 1019195

I use swear words in English but I cringe at them in my native language. They're so crude and gross. I guess despite growing up online I somehow never internalized the connotations of the English words.

No. 1019200

>I'll give Romanians an honorary mention because everyone I've met from that cursed country that wasn't a gypsy was very severely mentally ill in some way. I can't really explain it but it's like talking to residents of Silent Hill. We may have the highest suicide rates in Europe but those bitches be haunted.
I'm romanian and this made me fucking choke on my soup kek
I can confirm that the vast majority of this nation is filled with fucking idiots, the smart youth leaves as soon as they can but some remain mostly because of families, such as myself. I wanted to move to the UK 5 years ago but gives what happened,Brexit and all, I think I might relocate to another country.
>The scrotes are misogynistic drunks and the women are either super religious handmaidens or super based
Yea most of the men are absolute shit,the good ones are unicorns.
Generally the older generation are super religious.
There's this retarded culture of "showing off your money" amongst the low IQ guys (they're called "cocalari") who generally make all their money via illegal activities and then buy Audi,BMW or Mercedes cars (ofc most of them second hand from Germany kek) but in recent years they upped their games expanding to other brands of expensive cars.
The nature/mountain side is gorgeous tho,I strongly suggest visiting Brasov/Cluj-Napoca as those 2 cities are the most civilized and gypsy-less.
Also I'm sick of this "everyone here is a gypsy" shit. No we aren't, gypsies are a minority nobody likes.
>When it got quiet at night it felt like it was disconnected from the world in some limbo and something bad was happening
Can confirm,in smaller cities after 7-8 pm you won't see a single soul out and it's so fucking creepy.

No. 1019207

This. I've had a lot of close calls with fireworks in the past, they're almost always associated with anti-social behaviour. Little shits throw them out of car windows at unsuspecting pedestrians or throw them onto busses full of people (and since disabled people, pregnant women, children and elderly people sit at the front, they're targetting the most vulnerable). Kids also strap them to animals, unfortunately some of those animals survive and live the rest of their lives with half their faces blown off.

They should be banned, literally no reason why they should exist. Or at the very least, they should be picky about who they give licences to.

No. 1019210

the English are just European Americans; fat, racist and arrogant. Idk, i guess it depends where you're from. I live very far down south and we all love the scots. Everyone loves their accents. I live by a lot of nice beaches so i meet many of them on their staycation holidays. Perhaps they have more hostility towards the Scottish up north?

No. 1019217

Everything that gets misused should just be banned. The world ought to be completely free from any objects that can be in any way harmful.

No. 1019218

i want to know if swear words in other languages are prettier. English swearwords sound like the barks of a dog. Fuck! Shit! Cunt! Wanker!
Vittu sounds quite elegant

No. 1019219

I'm Hungarian, compared to Western countries I have to say our men are more tolerable to talk to. I don't know why, they're just less up their own ass. It could also be that Western men look down on me because of my nationality, but whatever it is, they piss me off and I can't stand talking to any of them without wanting to wring their neck like a baby bird. They're unbelievably condescending and full of themselves and never fucking shut up. British men especially, if I could create a virus that would specifically kill off all British males I would. Fuck off out of my country.
Hungarian guys can be awful or they can be okay, but one thing they all have in common is that they never do any work around the house and act pissy when they are told to clean up after themselves. On average they're more autistic than even your average German and love to pity themselves. There's a lot that try to act tough with girls and then seethe when women don't want to go out with them. I would not have children with a man from here, because that would mean having two children, but one of them is hairy, ugly and talks back too much. Some make okay boyfriends. Still better than a British or Irish man.

No. 1019220

we better ban pillows then, just in case they're used for baby smothering. better ban cars, since everyone drives like a complete fucking tosser anyways!

No. 1019227

how are you going to butter your bread then or slice the vegetables for dinner, sharpen your pencils, go on the internet, do you no longer want to have electricity? Just about everything in this world has the potential to be abused, don't say dumb things.

No. 1019259

File: 1641577135612.jpeg (48.35 KB, 500x304, D24BDD90-5585-4077-9C25-310002…)

h-hej finnon

No. 1019263

So you're okay with cats being blown into pieces just so you can have your silly New Year's fireworks?

No. 1019265

No. 1019266

you can literally kill peole with a pillow nonna please

No. 1019275

>What are they celebrating really?
surviving another year and starting a hopefully better one

No. 1019310

>nooo don't enjoy beautiful sparkling lights eliminating the night sky in all kinds of forms, instead of enjoying the real life, take drugs instead!!
god why are druggies always so insufferable

No. 1019354

You can use a pillow for sleeping and knives for all sorts of things. Fireworks are useless other than for making big booms so monkey happy for five seconds. Move to America and traumatize cats and dogs there.

No. 1019362

just because they're useless to you, doesn't mean they're useless to others

No. 1019392

What other uses are those? You British or something, like the vid related guy at 18:48?

No. 1019431

Starting the new year with something beautiful to boost optimism for it. If people liking things you don't like bothers you that much you that much, you can take your own advice and just get high on whatever you want to fry your brain with.

No. 1019555

Parca amenintai ca te sinucizi

>Can confirm,in smaller cities after 7-8 pm you won't see a single soul out and it's so fucking creepy.

This never happens, there are people outside at every hour compared to other countries. It's the opposite of Silent Hill.

No. 1019600

File: 1641591383517.jpeg (299.38 KB, 1054x1433, FC432ABD-DC3E-43E7-B475-CDB9D8…)

Balkan/slav farmers, educate me on your life living in your countries.
Good and bad, false and true misconceptions, are you tired of being accused of being ruski KGB sleeper agent etc

No. 1019642

Yeah you do. As if Scotland isn't populated with red beachball stomachs lol. You're the fattest in Europe, you're what bump the UK up the fatty league table, look it up. As a nation, you posture as the liberal ones, but score worse on all measures, something which does not shock me. Why would I be surprised when you were equal partners in the Empire and were even practicing slavery before joining forces with the English but unlike the English your countrymen minimize their role and choose to play perpetual pretend victim, as if your hand was forced lol. This conversation has pissed me off, because I fucking hated my time in Scotland, my first time experiencing racism ever. As for dimness, you have a lower IQ, whomp whomp. https://www.scotsman.com/news/scotland-lags-europe-iq-league-2470181

England has the highest rate of interracial relationships and EU research has found it to be the least racist out of European nations, on all sorts of measures including institutionally and re avg person's attitudes, so please fuck off with this tired shit. I bet you're white to parrot such nonsense, it's like the exceptionalism flipped "oh no, WE are the WORST!" Many of my friends moved to England (or in my case moved back) because we got so much shit in Scotland. Being mixed with an English accent made things even worse. Maybe spend some time there, it's not just politics, a significant minority genuinely hate anyone from England, I'd guess around 20%. Whereas at worst England is indifferent toward Scots, those stupid expat pub people are not representative as you well know.

No. 1019655

Scotland benefitted from England dominating the fuck out of the world and then pretended they were oppressed and never helped colonise, and that they're so different from the English despite being slightly further North than we are. Keep up the circus for us Scotland, at least you have that quirky little accent going for you.

No. 1019781

>..so please fuck off with this tired shit..
It's amazing to me, as an immigrant, how ppl think AMERICA and UK are "supr duper raceeest!1!!" Ungrateful fatties.

No. 1019967

fuck it, let's do it this summer!

No. 1020060

>Good and bad
good: i like my friends and family, i like the nature even though our govt is doing its best to have Westerners ruin it, we're very welcoming and open-minded, i like our history and culture and the fact that we're europe's little cockroach nation that exists despite all odds, balkan women are stacies
bad: corruption, some people are either retarded or crooked or both, pollution is really bad in cities, despite being welcoming and open-minded towards foreigners being a gypsy is not a good thing here, balkan men are cancer
>false and true misconceptions
no i don't speak russian, i've never been to russia, i have no feelings towards russians one way or another, but i sure do hate the EU foreign policies concerning the balkans and their xenophobia towards us
most people are actually not racist, we don't hate black people, we love all foreigners and are nice to them because not being from here means they have money, you've probably just pissed someone off by saying something controversial like the russian thing above or tesla being a croat (seriously lmao)
>are you tired of being accused of being ruski KGB sleeper agent etc
yes but i have my fun with it now, i put on a fake accent and really clown on them as much as possible until they finally get the memo

No. 1020123

>pollution is really bad in cities
The air fucking stinks! Muh poor lungs.

No. 1020243

>Europe’s cockroach
are you Romanian

No. 1020621

Poland is a joke.

No. 1020736

>One chance in life
>Born in Poland
Thanks God, I hope to be born again in this place. It's very comfy here.

No. 1022613

Yeah, shit isn't perfect and it may actually be getting worse… but so far, life here isn't bad. There are plenty of opportunities. Even to leave if you don't like it here and/or don't want to deal with retarded politicians, which is more than can be said about many countries.

No. 1026468

File: 1642119077468.jpeg (84.98 KB, 1234x815, 023B54D1-D0BB-4BFE-B688-AAC2FE…)

So what’s up with Russia and their invasion of Ukraine? What’s their endgame? Will the rest of Europe go to war with Russia at some point?
I ponder.

No. 1026473

>US hours on lolcow

No. 1026488

File: 1642121110623.jpg (37.54 KB, 559x552, väsyddävää.jpg)

>war with russia


No. 1026504

At this point I'd welcome them tbh

No. 1026505

just when I was having major fomo on not getting to experience the same angst regarding russia as my grandparents lmao

No. 1026868

File: 1642159171775.jpg (6.46 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

Euranons from big cities do you have or plan to have a car?
I'm starting to slowly think about getting one as it would be useful for any time I wanted to go somewhere further in the outskirts, or have a car trip, in general the comfort of just not having to be 100% dependent on public transport; but then in a daily life it still would be completely useless because no way I'd want to go into the city's feral traffic or fight others for parking spots.
What are / would be your pros and cons?

No. 1026875

File: 1642159856743.png (498.84 KB, 1057x573, Untitled.png)

tl;dr bunch of degenerates film a "movie" where two dudes have public sex where the Parthenon is and call their degeneracy activism



>what the creators say about the film, also in english and basically a wordsalad which includes woke shit like lgbt rights and patriarchy to justify this porn film


No. 1026916

I don't, it's a waste of money in large cities. If you think you'll only use the car occasionally, look into rental cars. I don't know if they're a thing in other countries but where I am, in big cities, there's cars that you can like rent in an app and they're left in public parking lots. If you only drive a handful of times a month it's way cheaper than owning a car.

No. 1026919

Car anon here. Tbh now isn't the best time to buy if you don't need to. There's an inventory shortage and you're probably better of waiting a year when the prices drop. But take into consideration the amount you spend on trips and public transit and see how much money that is monthly and how much a car would cost in monthly payments (including insurance) to weigh out of it's a good idea comparatively.

No. 1026936

>In the Balkans
When will they learn? Just fuck each other in the ass quietly in your bedroom like normal people, this shit does nothing but rile up uncles and grandmothers on purpose.

No. 1026941

If you live in a big city with any kind of public transportation do not get a car. You're looking at haemorrhaging money on
>driving lessons and licence
>licence plates
and most importantly
I live in a European capital that's one of the least densely populated cities on the continent and even here finding decent parking spots is a nightmare. It just isn't worth it.
In the long run it pays off way more to just rent a car when you need it than buy your own if you only use it for daily comforts and the occasional trip out of town. I suggest looking into Whim or a similar service if you have one where you live.

No. 1026946

File: 1642167453813.jpg (192.21 KB, 794x644, skinny legends.jpg)

No, at least they have EU membership. My country doesn't even have that going for it, but at least we're still here.

No. 1026959

I like Poland bcs the nature is amazing - i recomend to take a train trip here if you can one day, just siting in a train in any season makes me fall in love with life and is very therapeutic. Also all women are very pretty it is hard to find someone average loookig in my opinion

No. 1026966

Today I found out my country went from having 4.2 million people 10 years ago to 3.8 million today.
Hello neighbor-chan

No. 1026985

The state I live in lost 30% of its population since 1990 and will probably have lost 35% in 2030. At the same time a hand full of big cities have actually increased in population.

Rural areas are emptying with only geriatrics left, and you can't walk 5 minutes without seeing a couple companies begging for wagies in mid sized cities. The city I live in has an average age of the population of 50 fucking years and like 120 males per female, despite there being more older women than older men. In some towns its 130 to 100, because women move out of this hellhole (I will too, if I stop procrastinating). My demographic (women between 20 and 30) makes up about 5% of the population here. No wonder I can't find any friends.

It's a really weird vibe for society to literally just wither away.

No. 1026989

i know this is old but andruty to były pyszne mimo tego dizajnu

No. 1027013

Thanks for your input anons! In my country we're experiencing growing inflation so this caused that anxiety in me that if I don't get a car now I never will but all the points against are convincing enough. Renting for one day is unfortunately not an option here (we used to have some electric cars available with an app but they're all gone now) but for longer trips it really is the best idea in the end.

No. 1027018

File: 1642172285744.gif (2.58 MB, 300x214, BD82E3DF-7740-4EBE-8B31-923746…)

Sending out some pervitin finnons

No. 1027037

kek is there more of that gif? like a vid

No. 1027039

They're predicting that in 2050 (only +- 25 years away) +-70% of the global population will live in cities, crazy. Imagine all these overpopulated cities like Hong Kong, we're truly heading towards hell on earth. Life peaked in the 00's to mid 10's. I'm hoping to secure a spot on the rural country side in my country and hope it doesn't get urbanized (probably false hope)

No. 1027042

File: 1642174492881.gif (4.14 MB, 540x304, B334CC4A-18D7-429A-90DC-F7ECBA…)

Nah that’s the whole thing here’s some Simo Häyhä tho

No. 1027047

Well, a "big city" here is 300-500k people with lots of green spaces and such, so it's not a hellscape like Hong Kong by any means.

No. 1027660

I miss traveling. Switzerland and Austria my beloved please stay beautiful until I can visit again

No. 1027695

For now.

No. 1028712

Lolcow roadtrip when

No. 1029361

Underrated destination. The breathtaking waterfalls!

No. 1029364

This year yayayayay!

No. 1030318

Have any of you considered moving elsewhere in Europe/the EU after finishing education because of little job/housing perspective in your home country? I've heard people in my circles (mostly 20's or so students in higher education) talk more than once about trying elsewhere because there's little to no perspective for buying a house and starting a family in your 20s or even early 30s here. I'm from Western Euro btw. I've even heard people mention Slovenia and Croatia as potential countries to migrate to, which surprised me initially because of the low living standards but maybe it makes sense because they're relatively cheap and not overcrowded countries afaik. Now I don't think many of them have concrete plans of moving abroad but just the talks of it do say a lot about our future opportunities here and it does make me wonder if migrating could be an option at least worth considering. Thoughts?

No. 1030325

>Croatia and Slovenia
These people don't know shit about these countries then lol.

No. 1030351

Yeah, ew. I know an American who wanna move to Romania or Croatia for the cheap lands/houses, so I guess it is a popular idea

No. 1030353

I've only heard of those digital nomads moving to Croatia and buying up all of our cheap property near the cost making it uninhabitable for people that lived there for generations.

No. 1030357

Tbh the Croatian coast is too pretty to be left to the Croats. It is just a matter of time when it starts belonging to rich people. Just like the equally pretty Cote d'Azur belongs to them and not the French.

No. 1030359

File: 1642411625291.jpg (113.96 KB, 1024x768, chamonix.jpg)

It's kinda sad. I know that the Mont Blanc area/Chamonix is overcrowded with rich brits and americans, which made the local population flee. "Silent" invasion my ass, if only it was at least silent, the foreign richfags living there are super proud of this gentrification and call Mont Blanc "their mountain"

No. 1030368

>equating Slovenia and Croatia
>thinking you as a westener would experience the "low quality of life" locals are subjected to
Please stay away from us, we don't want you.

No. 1030381

I have to second the fuck off part from the other anon. We already have enough problems without richer people buying up land and housing.

No. 1030382

Yeah, I know a couple who moved to Hungary a couple of years ago. They paid like €8k for their house and pay cents (not literally) for their mortgage. My education costs more than their home and I spend more on food every month than they for their mortgage, crazy. But they're lucky ofc, the guy works in IT so he earns our income while living on their incredibly low living costs. It probably wouldn't be so appealing if you had to earn Hungarian average income. Personally I'm not sure if it's worth moving to central or eastern europe just for low living costs tho, you just pay in other ways because you've got to deal with a completely different culture, language barrier, you'll probably always remain the foreigner etc.

No. 1030556

>low living standards

No. 1030595

File: 1642436143625.jpg (23.23 KB, 612x467, istockphoto-619085830-612x612.…)

Nonas, do you know if there's any Spanish thread lost in the catalog? I can't find any…

No. 1030624

There's an Hispanic thread but not one for Spain. You can make a Spain thread if you want to

No. 1030683

They must be lonely af, there's no way in a billion years they're gonna try learning the language either. Every foreigner I've met either comes for Eastern European (according to them) pussy and eventually fucks off or has a partner here who babysits them while they don't do anything but sit at home.

No. 1030685

Fuck off out of my country

No. 1030698

i know you already got ratioed but i want to highlight how describing slovenia and croatia as low living standard countries is just plain ignorant

No. 1030916

Thanks! I'll check how these kind of threads work and make one tomorrow!

No. 1031599

File: 1642519370668.png (287.38 KB, 638x425, FJI5x7fWQAAtcXY.png)

Do Europeans and Americans even realize how big they are compared to most people around the world ?
I'm considered very tall for a woman in my nation(I'm actually half an inch taller then the average male height in my nation) but I went to Germany for my masters, I felt like a midget there

an anon in the celebcows thread was talking about knowing plenty of girls who were 5'10-5'11 and that's just wild to me, my cousin can't even find a find a man to marry her cause of height of 5'9(which is considered Freakish here)

No. 1031603

this chart is kind of dumb because canada has large amounts of east and southeast asians, we're not really a white ethnic majority like usa. we got weird white giants here too, i for sur noticed it when i moved here

No. 1031608

Yeah I feel like a giant whenever I go abroad, it's kinda weird.

No. 1031611

yes we know

No. 1031613

I’m taller than all the male averages at 6’0.

No. 1031616

my friend is that tall and it's the absolute perfect female height imo, I want to be that tall so badly.

No. 1031624

Only downside is it’s harder to find clothes that fit. Most tall girls can find shoes in their size but unfortunately big feet run in my family and I have to get mine specially ordered in size 14.

No. 1031669

I'm so jealous, you are truly a queen. I drank milk daily in recent years, stretching out morning and night, and yet I still can't reach such queenly stature.

No. 1031691

People are tall, and?

No. 1031839

well its just odd if you compare yourself with the rest of the world
a tall man in Pakistan would be considered average height in Europe and even below average in certain regions
I can think of only 6 women in my life who were above 5'8 in my country and in Europe I saw thousands of them

No. 1032163

I only think about because I notice how short Americans are when the topic comes up in conversations.
When I go shopping or whatever I'm surrounded by 5'10 women and 6' men, it's just normal. Even 6' women are something I see every time I step outside. 6'3 is a male height yo see all the time too. Two of the ten men in the male department of my shifter are taller than that.
There was a girl in my school who was only 5'1 and everyone thought she was freakishly short and like a toy, most of her friends were a full head taller than her.

I'm 5'5 and I feel towered over everywhere all the time. I wish I could look into the head of some third world scrote who is their average 5'5 and walks out of an airport into a supermarket or something. It must be a surreal experience.

No. 1032313

I mean you can come to India, you'd be taller then half the entire male population and only 2 inches shorter then the other male half

No. 1032611

one thing i noticed about visiting Europe vs the US is that European countries are EXTREMELY hostile towards tourists & visitors

Americans will do the absolute most to make sure visitors & tourists have a great experience, help them out in any way possible, and be really kind

European countries will fuck you over in any and every way possible, treat you like shit, lie to you, scam you etc

No. 1032613

>generalizing all of europe
lol sure

No. 1032614

am i wrong though? i visited 4 different European countries and felt this in all of them

No. 1032615

Which ones?? unlike USA this is not a monolith, it's very different from country to country; from my travels around europe with the exception for SUPER touristy locations of super popular countries (France, Greece, Italy, Spain, UK&co) everyone has always been going above and beyond to ensure tourists have the best experience

No. 1032618

the USA isn’t a monolith either, you guys don’t seem to realize how fucking huge it is and how parts of it can be very different

No. 1032619

Alright, it's not a monolith but there's still a big difference between a country where everyone speaks the same language and has the same history and all the variety going on in Europe, sorry for engaging in the vicious circle of generalization still though

No. 1032620

You've visited 9% of Europe clown, you're in no position to make sweeping comments on the whole of Europe.

No. 1032622

>oh muh USA state differences r totally the same as the differences between literal tens of countries!111!
oh please not this again

No. 1032625

i understand that anon, when i say “Europe” i’m talking about European countries vs non European countries, not lumping Europe into a giant country

love that you’re being hostile instead of trying to have a meaningful discussion

No. 1032629

Yeah yeah, I get it nonna, sorry. I'm still curious though, which countries exactly you've had a bad experience with, and did you go to the most popular locations or also travelled a bit in the non-touristic parts of said countries?

No. 1032937


go away.

No. 1033790

Personal experiences and shit.
In Sweden, people were super nice to me and would often small talk in trains when they saw me with my suitcases. Had a surprisingly good experience in London too. It depends from where you're from as well. Of course you're going to find Europeans a bit hostile when you're fucking American, kek. Burgers are the literal labrador puppies of the world; overbearing, social, and a bit retarded.

No. 1033808

I'm unhelpful to tourists/foreigners because tourism fucked up our housing, our nature and our economy. Rich idiots ruin everything.

No. 1033822

24h and she didnt clarify where in europe she's been, poor burger larping being a tourist lmao

No. 1033825

Just curious, where do you live? Spain?

No. 1036884

My Bf is Polish and him and his family(who are all mostly 6+) seem to think that everyone else is just short, Its just they've never even thought about it
I have to explain to him that their all just really tall

No. 1038677

Any Lithuanian anons here?

No. 1038695

Wtf is this ghetto shit? Turn on English subs. I discovered this guy today because he said when the West falls we should flee to Siberia kek.

No. 1039222

Looks like they all an heroed

No. 1039947

anons do you use the uk or us spelling/pronouncing? such as mum vs mom? or like words that use 'ou' and 's' instead of 'o' and 'z' like cosy/cozy or colour/color. doesn't canada/oz spell/pronounce the uk way?

No. 1039961

Eastern euro nonnies i dont feel so good… russia wont attack other countries besides ukraine, right?

No. 1039964

sometimes mom, sometimes mum, sometimes color, sometimes colour. i literally just do whatever, idk.

No. 1039969

I hope they won't attack Ukraine either, I'm trying to - I guess? - stay in denial that it's just all just a provocation and Russian forces will never enter their territory. Crimea situation was messed up but in the end thats true that majority of the residents were Russian and they preferred to be part of Russia so I guess it's easier to accept that the annexation happened; Russia invading the "main" country would be a whole different, terrifying story. If it happens, they'll definitely not do anything more immediately but it definitely opens the possibility of it happening in the future, which I believe does not exist now.
What EE country are you from nonna? How is Russia viewed in your country by both people and the government?

No. 1040032

i'm from poland and i would say Russia is generally disliked and seen as shithole, the hate mostly focuses on goverment tho as even our curriculum tries to show russian civilians as "battered wife" or "abused dog" kek. Goverment especially likes to use them as a boogeyman but many people accuse them of acting like russian puppets. if ukraine was just one more country away i wouldn't care but since we are bordering you just know that if they go down, poland will be next. we dont have the best history… people say it won't happen but most consider this a possibility. lately ive seen more and more questions online on how to not get drafted if you have A (I) category.

No. 1040048

Ah, I'm polish too; I think we have far FAR less reasons to worry than countries like Belarus or Moldova. Knowing our history it's not wise to say anything is impossible but at the same time I don't think Russia would want to touch European Union country any time soon. Would EU actually care? No idea, not like Poland's allies cared in 1939, but Russia has a fraction of power it used to have and it doesn't seem like they would do a gamble like this.
I feel awful for Ukrainian people though, I'm working with many and it's terrifying to see this completely abstract to us concept - being invaded - suddenly become that likely reality to them. Seeing all the recent reports about other countries supplying Ukraine with weapons and USA evacuating their embassy makes things feel really inevitable even though I struggle to wrap my mind around it. Let's hope it's all stupid flexing and things will calm down soon.

No. 1040792

Poland is a NATO and EU member, same as the Baltic countries. It's why Russia can only do (admittedly hilarious) stunts like the refugee thing to mess with them.

Ukraine and Moldova are in a rough spot because significant portions of their population do actually kinda want to be ruled from Moscow, and neither are part of some larger alliance that would protect them.
So the Russians have a strong incentive to mess with them (bring areas populated by Russians under Russia's control) and little to worry about (economic sanctions at most). It also means they don't have to full on invade the country to achieve their goals, they can keep poking at the issue and destabilize the region until eventually an opportunity presents itself for a peaceful take over, like what happened in Crimea.
If Russia had wanted to actually invade they could have done that during the hot phase of the civil war. Of course context changes, but I doubt that actual war is something the Russians intend.

MSM will hype up everything to make money, they don't care about the effects of their reporting on mental health or politics.

No. 1043993

Nonas how bad are thieves in your country? I want to visit Barcelona in the summer to see family and my mom and grandma won’t stop sperging about how bad the street thieves are. They keep telling me stories of how men have literally snatched the jewelry off their necks and ran, purse snatchers all those kind of things. And that the police don’t give a shit and no one around will help you because it’s so commonplace. They said it’s like that in most large cities in Southern Europe but idk if they’re just being dramatic.

No. 1044020

Im a spanish nonny and I don't think it's worse than in any other large city. But as long as you steal anything valued under 400€ you only get pretty much a slap on the wrist in this country so violent theft is definitely increasing.
If you keep a good eye on your items you're normally fine, older ladies are usually the target.

No. 1044615

File: 1643362455972.jpg (77.41 KB, 500x750, CYACBkZU0AAnKAV.jpg)

I know the perspective of a WW3 is giving everyone anxiety but let's see it in a sensible way
>Russia is poor as fuck, absolute failing country
>Economy is shit and only getting worse every year
>GDP is actually less than Italy
>Main exports are things that are getting outdated like natural gas
>Would be nothing without nukes
>Basically big North Korea
they can't even afford an actual war, their economy would fail, their country would be done, it would be the end. I know a bit of schizo could go a long way in the past, but nowadays naa. I just wonder if they're actually stupid enough to do it

No. 1044619

I was visiting Rome which has a bad reputation when it comes to pickpocketing especially in the tourist spots, so I left the most valuable things in the hotel and stayed mindful of my surroundings the entire time I was in crowded location - nothing bad happened except for the things left in the hotel being stolen by the staff lmao
This anecdote aside, I don't think any place in Europe is particularly bad in these terms, just don't do anything stupid like have your wallet stick out of a back pocket, walk around with unzipped backpack or whatnot

No. 1044633

Your post reminded me of Vagrant Holiday existence, I don't know if it was in vidrel but he visited Portugal at one point and got his shit stolen + got chased by some drug dealer kek. Too bad he removes a lot of his vids, nothing more entertaining than this hummus eating, stinky hobo larping scrote who always manages to get hit on by random women

No. 1044745

Speaking of tourism, what European countries would you never want to visit and why? Whether it be lack of interest, because it's unsafe etc

No. 1044750

this sounds like infighting waiting to happen

No. 1044818

There's no country I wouldn't want to visit at all, but if someone said "let's go to Estonia or whatever other country" I would probably pick the other one, although if theres any Estonianon willing to share estonia's best selling points for tourism that would be great to read!

No. 1044894

finland is a shit place. don't come.

No. 1051705


No. 1051783

Never wanna see balkans. I haven’t had good encounters with ppl there so i don’t care about seeing the countries.

No. 1051853

I'd like to visit it all, but I have a hierarchy: the colder it is the lower on my list to see.
This is ever since I went to Poland one winter, I couldn't even manage to stay more than 5 minutes outside for sightseeing, couldn't stand the weather. I saw nothing, the only thing I got from the trip was painful flaky skin from the dryness and coldness.
I plan on visiting Istanbul this spring. Next on list is Spain. Last on list is Iceland and Scandi countries. And it's gotta be summer when I go there.

No. 1051858

I kind of want an amsterdamse bf… Culturally, they remind me of the endearing Italian stereotypes: cute accent, strong family values, masculine in a charming way. such a pleasant idea…

No. 1051861

Why? I actually wanted to one day…

No. 1051862

can anyone from there give me their opinion on me wanting to move to the Netherlands? I'm from Belgium and it just seems like a straight upgrade

No. 1051864

Don't visit İstanbul. I'm turkish and visited it a couple months ago, it's shit, there are so many criminals and it's truly chaotic. It doesn't help that there are so many uncivilized Muslim, especially afghan, immigrants that harrass and state at women, attack them, etc. Instead visit Antalya or Bodrum which are more modern cities where you'll feel safer. If you want to visit historical landscapes there are other cities you could visit but I really wouldn't recommend Istanbul.

No. 1051880

Thanks for the warning. I'm really interested in the historical aspect, that city was for ages the centre of culture. I am so stoked about visiting Istanbul in particular. THE Istanbul, y'know?
One of the friends I'm going with already visited and had a good time but she was with her husband. We were planning on going just us 3 women, but maybe it will help if we drag along a male? Idk, I'll tell the what you told me and we'll discuss. Thanks again

No. 1051896

You're welcome, it'd be fine as long as you had men around you I assume but it doesn't hurt to be careful. Istanbul's demographic has declined severely in culture since the last year since a lot of immigrants moved in. I wish you good luck on your journey if you decide to visit my country, just be careful about the men. Turkish men aren't as bad but they'll still try to scam Europeans or sleep with you so don't associate yourself with the strange men there.

No. 1051918

never say never but i'm truly not interested in turkey, albania, kosovo, bosnia or bulgaria. any country with too many muslim scrotes will turn me off. a few years ago i would've put romania on this list aswell (not bc of islam though) but they have truly beautiful landscapes. i love most middle eastern european countries but i feel like they are very similiar. i've been to slovakia, slowenia, czech republic and poland and while i enjoyed each stay it wasn't that drastically different, at least the cities look very much the same. slovakia and poland share awesome mountains though, don't really know about czech republic as i've only been to prague.

No. 1051924

>any country with too many muslim scrotes will turn me off.
Same. That and high street harassment in general.

No. 1052504

UK anons: which universities are most known to be racist/discriminatory? which schools are predominantly white? they all claim to be multicultural etc so I can't tell

No. 1052524

Bosnia is gorgeous, cheap and has the most amazing food. It's as safe as Slovenia, Croatia etc.

No. 1052680

And has Republika Srpska where Muslims are a minority

No. 1052717

Bosnian muslims aren't that horrible imo, although I'd guess it depends on the area.

No. 1052722

Yeah the existence of Republika Srpska is a great thing…

No. 1054081

the local Bosnian muslims aren't bad (when you don't have to live with them), but there has been a big influx of Arabs and their extremist shit over the recent years…

No. 1054270

Yeah, I've always heard that muslims in european part of balkans are pretty secular and chill. At least enough that it isn't dangerous to travel there as woman.

No. 1058271

Nederland is prima maar houd er rekening mee dat we een woningcrisis hebben. Zowel huur- als koopwoningen zijn lastig en duur om te vinden, ook buiten de Randstad.

No. 1060062

File: 1644509587495.jpg (67.8 KB, 720x390, FK7vWYNXwAQUd_U.jpg)

So apparantly there is fake news campaign among radical muslims where they say that the Swedish state is kidnapping muslim kids and forcing them to eat pork and drink alcohol kek. Actually the origin of this is the social services removing children from their parents if the parents are severely physically abusive. How about all violent scrote muslims leave the country in protest against the anti-child beating laws? Would be lovely.

No. 1060088

Why are they like this?

>escape 3rd world shithole to come to 1st world country

>given opportunity for better life
>act ungrateful, treat 1st world citizens like shit and act like the same neanderthals they were in their 3rd world country

They need to be deported.

No. 1060122

Its literally in the religion, non-muslim can not be allowed to rule over you, so they will never respect the state's laws and customs and as stated many times on lolcow, all non-muslim/kafir women are potential "war-booty" and it is a form of Jihad(thus a holy act that will give you blessings) to "take" a kafir woman
this was an aspect of 7th century arabian culture that made its self into the religion, like 90% of Islam is arab culture

No. 1060124

Anon deleted her post but just in case. When you want to complain about middle eastern male refuges doing stupid shit in Europe, stop saying "MENA" everywhere, it makes you look extremely retarded. The vast majority of north africans are unrelated to this shit and way more moderate when it comes to islam, if they're not lowkey atheists to begin with, and are being blamed for completely unrelated people's stupidity, I'm sick of seeing inaccurate accusations.

No. 1060128

I really wish European states would adopt a Ataturk style approach to Islam, that is not ban it but localize it, translate the Quran into the state language(be it German, French or whatever) have the prayers all be in local languages, remove the arab aspects of Islam and make it bare bones
that demystifies the faith

No. 1060136

The people who bought into that lie don't even speak swedish. Good luck making them read the Koran in swedish. They know nothing about our culture and rules and get all their info from their muslim-dominated neighbourhoods and foreign media. Why are they even here if they dislike it so much?
At this point I just feel like: Fuck. Off.

No. 1060148

Is dat niet overal het geval momenteel? Is hier ook zo dus dat zou geen big change zijn

No. 1060169

The Quran has a shit ton of translations in a shit ton of languages, that's obviously not the problem here. And a lot of Muslims all over the world don't even know a lick of Arabic, all dialects included.

No. 1060198

The Quran has a shit ton of translations in a shit ton of languages, that's obviously not the problem here. And a lot of Muslims all over the world don't even know a lick of Arabic, all dialects included.
technically yes but practically its a bit complicated, most Quran translations still have the original Arabic written atop the translation, the Azan and the prayers are still payer in Arabic, Arabic holds so much power over non-Arab muslims
localizing might not fix all the issues but but it could be a start

No. 1060273

I don't think everyone thinks that way not many people blindly follow their religion's rules or take them quite as literally. I'm in turkey and most of the people hate Arabic view of Islam which twists what's actually in the book to rule the country better. Yes Islam is misogynistic, as any religion is, but you have to realize that the society it was brought to, women were considered objects of men, either whore or wife nothing more. Little girls were buried alive and dug their own graves if old enough. Women had no rights. Islam was a step in the right direction for that era, although it's quite backwards when you compare it to modern law. A proper Muslim woman or man shouldn't judge or try to invade(Muslim refugees also tried to invade our country btw, even though our country is %99 Muslim lmao) non-muslim countries. It literally says in our book and our prophet himself never started wars, he only fought back when another nation attacked. I hate it when some retard tries to use Islam to justify their hatered for non-muslim people when you're actually supposed to treat non-Muslim people with kindness so they might want to learn about Islam more instead of forcing it upon them when they're clearly not interested. Also the group of Muslim men treating non-muslim women as "whores" is because they're quite literally retarded and assume from the shitty shows they watched, those women will have lower standards and fuck them easier compared to the "uglier and darker" middle eastern girl who usually wont have premarital sex.
Also this kind of thing is very common when third world citizens go to first world countries and then get shocked that they have to behave like them and fit in the culture. Also the pork and wine thing is hilarious to me. Like I get it… The adopted child eats pork at the new christian/etc. family but are they going to feed the child wine? Literally insane what these people came up with so they could cry about losing their the very child they were actively abusing.

No. 1060369

>not many people blindly follow their religion's rules or take them quite as literally
Not that anon, just wanted to say I agree with you, it's more a case by case thing. I've known a lot of people calling themselves Muslims because they believe in the abrahamic god, don't eat pork and were raised by moderate muslim parents and sometimes they try to fast during ramadan, and they don't do anything else. Extremists are way easier to spot than them usually because they won't stfu about it despite the topic not even coming up, I've had some people calling all sorts of names for not fasting despite me not even being muslim, just because they think I should be one because of my ethnicity.

>It literally says in our book and our prophet himself never started wars, he only fought back when another nation attacked.

It doesn't matter because at the end of the day you're talking about just one guy and the religion still exists more than a millennia later. Not that long after the prophet's death, several countries in Africa and Asia got invaded and the religion was imposed on these countries centuries ago and it's still affecting these countries today.

No. 1060669

>The vast majority of north africans are unrelated to this shit and way more moderate when it comes to islam
Always those Moroccans and Algerians, kek. You want a cookie? Quit lying to yourself.

No. 1061026

Changing the language that they read it in won't stop the female genital mutilation and the honor killings.

No. 1061600

How are things in your countries now - are there any covid restrictions? My country removed all restrictions for vaccinated and it feels weird as fuck.

No. 1061605

What country are you in nonny?

No. 1061612

There's been rumors they're going to let go of all restricions throughout february and march. I hope it's true, but even more I hope they'll get rid of the corona pass.

No. 1061616

Sweden. Help I'm not ready to sit next to people on the bus yet. It's been 2 years and being close to strangers feels invasive.

No. 1061853

File: 1644611089424.jpeg (439.87 KB, 1024x1499, k.JPEG)

Can anyone French help translate this? It's an old manuscript so it might be hard to read but Google Translate isn't much help and there aren't any English translations I could find.

No. 1061891

I don't speak French but I'm guessing this is an older version of French, like middle French. Maybe there's a dictionary of it somewhere. I can barely read this lettering though.

No. 1061916

what manuscript is this from?

No. 1061989

I've forgotten all my French but my eyes got used to reading the scribbly text. Managed one line: "As long as you are in this contrite way to silence and end my fellowship"

No. 1062632

File: 1644675343739.jpg (56.65 KB, 751x501, IMG-8e828ff7a3ccc695cc01c31311…)

B o y

No. 1062716

The US in 10th place…? This is so weird to me, there must be countries that are more racist than the US. Where's Hungary? Russia?

No. 1062751

Depends on which groups they used as samples honestly. I don't think Serbs are that racist, like in a lot of the balkan countries people will openly express their disgust towards gypsies or neighbouring countries, it depends who you ask. Same with the U.S.: are you asking somebody in a developed city or in rural Texas?

Like, I know from a friend that they had blackface on TV in Russia and the same thing happened here locally in entertainment shows (the videos are now blocked in other countries lol).

No. 1062768

Kek yea israelis are quite racist

No. 1062796

More minorities people see, especially if they're separated by majority and are from lower economical classes, the more racist they'll grow to be. Americans separated minorities from whites and didn't let them have education and career opportunities in the past, leading them to have higher rates of crimes and unlawful behavior in general which in turn made people grow more racist. In my country black people usually study and work and don't ever commit crimes so there aren't anyone being racist towards them but the immigrants that don't work face racism because again, they are are of lower socioeconomic standing and because of that, commit crimes more often.

No. 1062899

File: 1644686732194.jpeg (107.63 KB, 512x768, «_La_complainte_de_Gennes_[...…)

this is from a manuscript called "La complainte de Gennes sur la mort de dame Thomassine Espinolle, Genevoise, dame intendyo du roy, avec l'épitaphe et le regret" written by Jean d'Auton in 1505. I found a transcript from the middle french manuscript, I can give you the link if you want.
This is how I translated it:

[I must] Complain with my mouth and burst into tears with my eyes,
This regret I grieve is so strong,
That my sighs, which hang always in the air,
Make me faint and hinder my words,
So that I’m forced, and by this mean,
To silence myself and finish my conplaint.
Following is the Epitath spoken through the mouth of the deceased

Like everyone, in this misfortune, fall,
Under this massive tomb,
I am dead, alas! and perished before the age,
Without having any respite despite the advantage
Of youth, wich I possessed,
And of beauty, so lavishly adorned,
Of wordly goods which I also acquired
In large quantity, when I was born in Gennes,
Where I lived quietly,
And til this day remained

I never thought this part of my stupid degree would one day be useful

No. 1063769

A manuscript by Jean D'Auton called the Lament of Gennes on the death of Thomassine Espinolle.

Anon, thank you so much! I lost hope. There aren't any English translation of any Jean D'Auton manuscript I could find. Did you study French/medieval literature anon?

No. 1064151

I'm doing a degree in modern french literature, which include learning to translate ancient french to modern french! I'm curious to know why you were interested in this manuscript in particular, was it the illustrations? They are indeed nice.

No. 1065455

Insults against God

No. 1066424

So…war is starting?

No. 1066430

I wonder if we have any Russian anons here and if they could give us their thoughts about the situation?

No. 1066476

No. 1066492

I am from Poland and well we are fucked i think. Our politicsss are really stupid so..ye

No. 1066499

cheers from boeing and lockheed martin

No. 1066504

am i the only one who thinks this is just as an opportune time for china to take taiwan?

No. 1066518

Dont give them ideas..

No. 1066544

File: 1645640931724.jpg (247.72 KB, 720x1162, 20220115_183753.jpg)

I am russian but i migrated long time ago. I knew shit was coming when COVID started, US told Austria to kick out diplomats for something that didn't have any proof, then US and RU both making drama that included visas (US told to kick out all of the Russians out of US, something along the lines and Russia said the same towards Americans), etc.I think the recent worst thing that happened (and I am surprised people don't talk about it) is that Germany cancelled all of the study visas for _Russians_. So people who got accepted into German uni won't be able to study there. Not sure how it affects the current students.
Even without it it's pretty difficult being in central EU, honestly. I got yelled at and a person started talking shit about me for being russian back when I went to job applyment place, it was tough. Back when I moved I went to a hairdresser, she told her friends n colleagues that her client is russian, she admitted she got scared because everyone started telling her how bad they feel for her and that she should cancel it ASAP, that she will have a bad experience, etc, so she got surprised that I act like a decent human. At one point you get used to it, really. The only thing I find annoying is when people cant tell the difference between ukrainians, belarussians n russians, but can you blame them. However, generalization sucks…
As for Poland thing, I am incredibly worried. I know nothing about Poland, I admit, but I've got polish friends and I feel terrible for them about the abortion law, etc. I think 'the wall' that their man is trying to build (while also now saying that russians will be banned from travelling to Poland) terrifies me. Russia in general is a fucked up country, our police put a kid to jail over Minecraft just few weeks ago, I spent the night crying because of mix of this and all of the sanction news, along with Ukraine 'war' is just…blergh. I honestly don't think any war will happen, really. Putin and his army are known for not being able to do anything but scare the people away, and it's easy to do that since english media knows nothing about Russia, while also being biased or just using bad sources (without actual checking) over the news, down to simple stuff such as back when a disgusting russian streamer killed a prostitute live on twitch, the eng media kept claiming it was his gf and among other BS things when in reality it was a prostitute. And things like picrelated happening all the time makes me sad. The worst thing is, of course, how people hate me for just being russian and assuming that i am some anti-lgbt villain or some shit.

No. 1066575

If your surname ends in -ich or -ov you can LARP as someone from the Balkans.

No. 1066807

some finnish users on reddit report getting banned from russian subreddits if they say anything negative about russia on the finnish subreddit, like people jokingly try it and write stuff like "putin has a small dick" and get banned from the russian subreddits in mere minutes

No. 1066821

That's sad nona, people shouldn't be giving you shit over this. People can be such dicks

No. 1067044

I'm sorry nonna, it's true that russians get treated pretty weirdly in europe.
>I think the recent worst thing that happened (and I am surprised people don't talk about it) is that Germany cancelled all of the study visas for _Russians
Where have you read about that? I can't find anything.

No. 1067150

File: 1645669463290.png (247.03 KB, 500x411, 1644342266516.png)

So I guess war is here now. I feel so bad for Ukrainian anons. I will never forget what some of you have said about previous wars.

No. 1067206

I hope all the Ukraine anons will stay safe, this shit is horrifying.

No. 1067220

i hope the best for all anons in ukraine. love from finland

No. 1067338

So its rly started now?

No. 1067340

Read the fucking news instead of being disrespectful here. Casually asking if ~the war has "rly" started now~ is not cool.

No. 1067342

Please stay safe, Ukraine anons. Love from a non eurofag.

No. 1067352

I can’t believe they startet it. I wonder how far this will go and how many euro countries will be further involved in joining in.

No. 1067356

I think some are with Russia in this one? are like „its ok what they do” correct me if i am wrong

No. 1067359

I hope our Ukrainian sisters are safe. If you don't know what to do right now, read up on wartime survival, trauma emergency care, make sure you have gas and can leave anytime. Have a bag ready. Keep people updated on where you're headed. Check twitter for eventual route updates.

Don't share any images or videos of Ukrainian troops. Definitely share any Russian movements if you can. Keep the geotags and do upload it to twitter.

No. 1067360

Not a regular in this thread (African), but stay safe to all Ukrainian anons. Protect yourselves, your children/family (if any), your pets, your loved ones.

No. 1067362

I've decided to focus on spending more time with family, friends and loved ones since I have the feeling more and more that we're facing a rather bleak future. Take care, everyone.

No. 1067366

Lmao… Yeah, like Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Belarus. Iran and China. Used to have close ties with India.
I think Nicaragua supports Russia too, but lol, can't wait for their air support!

No. 1067371

I'm about to visit family, and I can still remember when we sat together the last time, just when covid started spreading. I'm tired of living through this many historical events. There's a reason "may you live in interesting times" is considered a curse, not a blessing.

No. 1067372

Putin decided to bomb Ukranian cities, where there is mostly civilians - just awful. I hope o e of his Oligarchs, that are losing money currently, strangle him.

Anyways, found Adam Something's videos really informative when it comes to what Ukraine has been facing these past few years.

No. 1067373

i guess since this kind of stuff finally is happening close i'm just thinking how i have wasted my life worrying about such stupid things when actual bad shit could happen

No. 1067382

and it feels so stupid to feel nervous because it's not happening here, i can't imagine how uncertain people feel in ukraine

No. 1067383

I liked some of his videos, but iirc he kind of went into the manosphere and started collabing with Vaush and some of them. He is Hungarian though so he is probably motivated to portray these things accurately.

No. 1067387

Nona i feel nervous too, i am PL and i hope he will not come to us..

No. 1067402

Do we know the "real" reason why this is happening? Is it because Russia wants Ukraine's natural resources or something like that? I looked it up but the reason why Russia is starting war seems like bullshit imo. I hope Ukranian anons will be ok, it's really scaring me even though I should be impacted by this situation.

No. 1067406

Putin is an ill person and thats it.

No. 1067415

That is the consensus it seems.
This is completely contrary to Russian foreign policy in the last 20 years, will harm Russia a lot. The already weak Russian economy will suffer a severe blow, her neutral neighbours will grovel before NATO to get bases on Russia border so they don't end up like Ukraine, Russians are mad and sad because they know this will make their shitty lives even shittier. And for what? some depopulated deindustrialized soil in Eastern Ukraine? If Russian troops leave, Ukraine will become a complete puppet of NATO for protection.

What possible reason could there be for this? It makes no sense.

No. 1067417

1. More access to the warm bBack Sea
2. Big pipelines
3. Historical obsession with long lost russian glory, small dick complex
Imho Russia has too many infrastructural problems to be conquering other countries now and all they truly have are threats of nukes and cyberattacks.

The strategy reminds of what happened in Yugoslavia in the 90s.
>ummm,you see people of nation B live in this area of country A, so that's technically ours
>those people will revolt and say they're independent and the area will be ours
That situation ended with borders being more or less returned to mediveal ones, but bosnia is still a big mess and the whole kosovo situation is awful.

No. 1067420

*Black sea
Also ofc that's in the long run in the next 50 years

No. 1067424

My heart goes out to you Ukrainian anons, and anyone else in the area affected.

No. 1067425

I'm also afraid, not only for friends and family I have in Russia, but worried the US will get involved and it will seriously become WW3.

No. 1067426

Thanks anon. I nervously pooped like three times already (not in the pants). Really scary.

No. 1067427

Looking at the Rubel, you can already see how Russia's economy is tanking now with added invasion.

No. 1067431

I'm thinking of our Ukrainian anons, I hope you are safe

No. 1067432

One world government, natural resources, military might, etc. Take your pick.

No. 1067436

As a Hunganon I can't help but wonder if Hungary is going to be affected by this war at all. I was somewhat surprised by Orbán not sucking up to Putin and instead saying that Hungary will stay out of this. As obviously insane he is, I expected him to send us to war as well

No. 1067437

I hope we get lots of Ukrainian refugees resettled permanently. That worked well with the millions of Russians who came here. Push back demographic collapse for another decade so I can post on lolcow.

No. 1067438

War is expensive. Money will decide who wars and who wins. Moids need to chill with their chimp outs, not drag along nations.

No. 1067439

I'm so sorry Ukrainian nonnies. I hope you and your families will get through this safely and may this shit end soon.

No. 1067440

How many Ukrainian farmers do we have? Can you guys do a status update? Are you safe? Which part of Ukraine do you live in? Do you hear bombs going off from where you are?

No. 1067441

Ok, mildly related, can a french anon help me find a specific kinda obscure, coming of age french movie where a girl moves to ukraine and falls in love with an ukrainian guy? At one point, Russia invades or something like that even? I watched it a few years ago but I can't remember the name of it. The girl had bright pink hair

No. 1067444

Nta but this is my impression as well. This has no rational element just the emotional scroteish reason of 'we have to show everyone that we are a big dick country that can't be fucked with'

No. 1067445

File: 1645692647364.gif (758.43 KB, 275x188, 18DD6769-8367-42BB-A864-453F88…)

Mate these Putin fags are the worst for years I’ve heard about Russian submarines lurking in our waters and and now we get this shit can that fucking country ever be normal?

No. 1067447

>Let’s continue the fun!
Aged like milk

No. 1067449

File: 1645693163839.jpg (36.56 KB, 468x699, classic-lolcat.jpg)

thanks for the chuckle

No. 1067453

See you nonnies when we get drafted.

No. 1067455

For the anon who suggested using horses rather than cars again, another benefit is that the price of gas won't sky rocket because some retard scrote decides to declare war.

No. 1067457

No bully because I'm legit retarded but that's not how the army works anymore, right? Meaning they won't just draft lame and untrained civilians unless all of the military cores drop dead? Also where the fuck are they gonna send my autistic plank ass kekk?? army IT or something

No. 1067458

Well, since it seems we're not going to survive into old age, might as well have that bowl of ice cream and a bag of chips I've been craving all week.

No. 1067459

Just woke up and I hate this. Both terrifying and completely surreal. I'm from Poland and I want to believe we're not next but who knows anything anymore. Stay strong Ukraine.

No. 1067461

Same nona, but when they attack Poland - we are in NATO - there gonna be a WW3..

No. 1067462

NTA nor an Ukrainian anon but where I live every man who went to military is obligated
to march out in case of war.

No. 1067466

Kek, no I was only kidding. But yeah, if troops get sent but they need more, then we have to start worrying.

No. 1067467

Polish nonnas I'm scared

No. 1067468

I hate all of this. Every country is dealing with rona, inflation, unemployment and countless other things and now this. I'm only in my mid-twenties but it feels like things were always shitty and continue to get even shittier and like >>1067458 said, I don't see how I/we are supossed to make it into old age. Fuck scrotes, their microdicks and their Napoleon complex.

No. 1067469

I'm glad ot/ started working again in time for WWIII

No. 1067472

Lets hope Duda will not make Putin angry

No. 1067473

Only women should be allowed to rule at this point. All wars declared by scrotes, all scrotes ree about proving their masculinity, all warring scrotes rape the invaded countries woman, even scrotes rape their own woman after having been raped by invaders because they view them as traitors who didn't resist (look at WW2 history shit). No scrotes in government, need a women only country. Prey that all Ukrainian anons survive and all Russian anons don't get fucked by their retard scrote dictators actions.

No. 1067475

File: 1645694894881.png (14.38 KB, 1327x86, kms.png)

>every man who went to military
Can't even be happy about potential cleansing because picrel

No. 1067476

I don't want to add to fearmongering and I choose to believe what you believe anon, though historically, well… Poland had allies when WWII started too; and it's not that surprising that western countries ended just thinking that it's just some eastern issue that may not affect them if they turn the blind eye. With Putin threatening nuclear war, wouldn't be surprising it something like that happens again. Hope someone assassinates him.
But let's stay hopeful, at least for now…

No. 1067478

I hate this so much, my late grandma lived through WWII and the rare times she'd ever remember these times she said that soviet forces brutal rape of women was worse than anything nazis did in the region prior to that. (she was from a small village though not any major city much more affected by nazi invasion, so that's a factor too)

No. 1067479

Anons, I'm scared and I think I'm logging off the internet and I'll stick to reading the news once a day for now. Reading all these theories and war reports isn't doing anything good. So bye for now, stay strong everyone. May you all be safe.

No. 1067481

Good choice, stay safe!

No. 1067485

It’s often overlooked and probably besides the point, but Russia stood higher in deaths when it came to world war two. They didn’t really save Poland and other counties like many believe in fact they made things worse, a different kind of hell. Germans gets blamed for being the worst war criminals but I’d argue too that Russians are the most evil bastards out there.

No. 1067487

I wouldn't worry about Poland too much yet, Polish anons. Your country is big, better armed and a lot more valuable to NATO than say, any of the Baltics, where I live, so trying to pull this shit in your country is probably a little too ambitious for Putin at the moment. But I can see him starting somewhere smaller and attempting something like this in my country, especially in the areas near the border where the population is 90%+ ethnic Russians, and NATO will just fuck off because who really cares about us? But he's probably not gonna steamroll the entire Eastern/Central Europe all at once, so Poland is safe for now. I hope.

I hope that the rumors/tinfoils about Putin's declining health are true and he croaks soon. It's incredible how no one has assassinated him yet, you'd think between all the poisonings and falling out of the windows someone would try and succeed.

Yeah, the Red Army was known for being extremely rapey. All armies are but theirs was notorious for it.

Be well, anon!

No. 1067489

Yeah, Russia shifted sides last minute so they ended up on a more "positive" side of the history, and surely they exhausted German army who tried to fight them on their soil; but they deadass attacked Poland hand in hand with Nazis, they didn't save shit. And all the "liberation" they've done at the end or after war was not to actually liberate any country but to make them part of USSR, so I'd definitely fight anyone who thinks that Russia was a good guy in WWII

No. 1067490

Not to be that person but the military info of Poland like how manny thanks we have etc was leaked a week or two ago and Poland is not that strong

No. 1067491

I have had the news open for hours now and our politicians are making a bunch of warnings and statements standing by Ukraine and urging civilians to check on what their kids are watching online. My TikTok is already filled with videos from Ukraine. This shit is insane, a war in Europe in the age of social media. The war feels so “close” in that way..

Btw Eurovision will be cancelled this year right?

No. 1067493

I'm in Kyiv. Woke up at 5 AM due to sounds of explosions. Currently sitting listening to news and messaging relatives and friends. Bags are packed in case of sirens and need for evacuation, nothing's happening where I live or near. The battle is going on near russian border now, in Kharkiv Oblast, although there are occasional attacks of rocket weapons in other regions. I want to vomit.

No. 1067494

Be safe, anon! I wish you all the best

No. 1067495

Holy shit anon. I can’t imagine how scary that must feel, I’m sending my prayers your way.

No. 1067496

Ngl positive side of history is bullshit in general. In an alternative history we'd be pushing guilt for the nuclear bombs thrown at Japan as hard as Germany has to apologize and ban any symbols of nazism (rightfully so). Yet the term "nuke" is still in casual language, imagine if "they're gonna holocaust this thing lol" was popular slang.

There were also brutal murders comitted by Britain in India, mass murders of gypsies in the balkans that were so brutal even the nazis didn't want to deal with that shit, and generally awful war crimes in Africa but we put all that stuff under the rug.

No. 1067499

want to add that didn't hear any explosions after that ~7 times that were in early morning. thank god.

thank you!! I wish all of us the best. and death to Putin

No. 1067501

I pray for safety for you and your family anon, it has to be alright.

No. 1067502

Be safe nona

No. 1067503

Kek, I think so.

No. 1067504

Stay safe nonna, may God or whoever is willing protect you and your country.

No. 1067505



The tax collectors will chase you down

No. 1067511

Where can I read about this nonna?

No. 1067515

NTA but here if you can read polish
or here in english

Polish Armed Forces claim it was all just publicly available data and I think it's pretty possible; my company had a huge employees personal data leak few years ago that is still circulating the internet but it's encrypted in the way that no one was able to access the most crucial data yet, hopefully an Army is protected just as well if not better?

No. 1067516

Oh nonnie, thank you so much, I love you.
Kinda wanna get tiktok only for that reason, I know there's going to be a sea of fear mongering and fake stuff but I'd rather do this than watch currated western "news"

No. 1067517

>Btw Eurovision will be cancelled this year right?
Unless it escelates beyond Russia and Ukraine, I doubt it, tho Russia may be refused participation. Eurovision has gone on despite war on the European continent before.

No. 1067518

best wishes for you and all your friends and family

No. 1067520

They should cancel it because this time it'll be full of shitty political messaging from rich people.

No. 1067521

this. I can smell the tone deafness of it from here

No. 1067523

Fuck that may be true

No. 1067526

Eurovision has been crap and political for how many years now

No. 1067528

Isn't that the point? It'll be full of obvious passive aggressive votes as usual.

I hope you'll be ok. Keep us updated from time to time, I'm worried about you.

No. 1067529

Y’all easties come over to switzerland rn we’ll go skiing

No. 1067532

Hope you have fondue ready nonny

No. 1067533

tfw living in the town near border with majority of population being Russians.
I hate reading comments below the news here. These people are making fun of situation in Ukraine. Absolute psychopaths with zero compassion.

No. 1067534

Eurovision is inherently political because it was made to encourage/celebrate peace in Europe and artists literally represent their countries, waving their flags.

No. 1067535

I love Swiss waterfalls in the spring! So picturesque, highly recommend as a destination for nature lovers.
t. a tourist

No. 1067536

The world could be ending right now and most of us would be laughing about it, sad shit. Not saying you can't laugh about sad things to cope but remember when edgy humor wasn't the norm and when we used to take serious things seriously?

No. 1067538

On the other side of the world and read this just before going to bed. I’ll say a prayer for you and your loved ones before I sleep nonna. Are there any reputable local aid groups that you recommend donating to?

No. 1067540

This, people complaining about Eurovision being political clearly know nothing about Eurovision lmao

Kinda on the topic of running away from war, if it ends up touching my country, I have no idea what I'd do. It's easy to say that I should run away, but I know my parents wouldn't and I legitimately feel like I'd rather die myself than leave them behind like that. It's sad and scary.

No. 1067543

I wish you the best and nerves made of steel anon… I hope you and all the other civilians stay safe and this shit will be over soon without further escalation.
seconding this!

>tinfoils about putins declining health
I hope those rumors are true and this obsolete relict of the past will be gone soon.
I am not super educated about those terms if someone itt knows more about this you’re welcome to educate me, but: I know russian expansionists have always been super horny for warm water ports and ukraine/krim is an important strategic/economical place for their wet dreams of great russia etc. But this will probably strain the infrastructure of the ukraine even more, and russia’s too because all of this is expensive as fuck and even if russia is a federation now, it always had the problem of being way too large to effectively manage its resources and it will always have this problem so I see the plan of further expanding their territory as the dream of delusional old men who want to get off to their power fantasies one last time. Idk what kind of 5d chess is going on with this it just looks not very smart to me as a layperson. I know ukraine could gain them some potential economic benefits but not in a post-war situation, and at what cost? I Just wish they would leave the civillians out of this, fuck war and all of those warmongering assholes around the globe for carrying out their delusions of grandeur on the back of the people.

No. 1067546

I joked earlier in this thread that in case of a new war I'd renew my very old Algerian passport and move to Algeria despite never going there in my entire life, now I'm kinda considering planning an appointment with the local Algerian authorities to redo my passport just in case France wants to get involved in this shitshow. Fuck Russia.

No. 1067547

I'm booking my one way flight back to Africa as we speak

No. 1067548

Which country?

No. 1067549

Do it and pray you'll get to laugh about how exaggerated of a reaction it was afterwards. Better safe than sorry.

No. 1067551

Probably a bad decision but if it is then oh well

No. 1067552

Yeah, I'd rather not regret anything. Absolute best case scenario, I'll have my passport, there won't be any issue with covid and I'll visit Algeria as a tourist from time to time without having to pay for a visa every time. I've been made fun of by my family at the very beginning of the pandemic for being worried because I was abroad and "it only happens to others" and plot twist, I got sick for 3 months and had to go back home instead of working like I planned. So I always prefer to be a bit too paranoid than not enough after being proven right in one of the worst ways possible.

We'll be neighbors then.

No. 1067553

I fled to Africa too when there was war in my country. Never regretted the decision (or rather, my parents' decision)

No. 1067557

No. 1067564

File: 1645701870258.jpeg (12.63 KB, 256x256, CB608E8E-1522-47DB-8E80-34713A…)

Mfw just remembered I’m a reservist

No. 1067566

Eurovision has largely been a celebration of western pop in the last decade. We do get gems from time to time and songs in native languages, but it's sad that some people tell smaller countries no one cares about our language.

No. 1067567

I hope not in Ukraine Nonnie

No. 1067569


No. 1067570

What does this have to do with anything you replied to lol

No. 1067572

Nona, you can come and stay at my place in case of an emergency
t. Hunganon

No. 1067574

Read it again? Eurovision doesn't celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of the nations, conforming to popular trends is rewarded or making a joke out of traditions.

No. 1067575

Anon thinks Russia is acc invading Ukraine because of the Ukrainian 2016 eurovison entry.

No. 1067579

Hopefully we won't get involved directly with this war, and since you're "just" a reservist maybe you won't be sent to war asap like actual fulltime soldiers. Stay strong anon.

No. 1067580

Finally, time for my autism to shine. Have you ever been to Tunisia before, nonnette? Corruption and political instability runs super deep, it's such a massive issue that it's actually difficult to export and import anything because of how Radés port is controlled by corrupted people (made us lost one billion). Ben Ali regimen alongside the economic crisis fucked the country big time, still haven't recovered and probably never will in the near future because of said corruption messing up with our economical rebirth plans. Covid worsen the crisis even more and now the people are developing a "Ben Ali regimen nostalgia" and want to go back to more sinister pro-Islamist times. Some Tunisian women are even wishing for it. I can't even blame them, because longing for times where your country APPEARED to be more stable is normal, most people there think that the Tunisian Revolution lead to nothing. The Tunisian elite is also getting richer while the people are getting poorer

No. 1067582

anons you quoted were talking about eurovision being political which has nothing to do with uniqueness or celebrating western pop

No. 1067590

>artists literally represent their countries
This is the part I meant, probably shouldn't have replied to the first post too. My point was: I like seeing songs in native languages and people representing their country, I don't like how that became more rare in the last decades.

No. 1067596

Kyiv anon here, I'm ok!
Thank you all sweet nonnas for your kind words!!
You can make a contribution here

No. 1067600

You're not wrong but I meant artists representing their country in itself is political. It wasn't a discussion on how they choose to do that representation itself. But I can see your point now lol.

If it matters any, so far there's quite a few entries in native languages this year and last year's top 3/10 had a lot of it too.

No. 1067607

Nta and I want to add to your post, I've been to Tunisia and I was afraid so fucking much of the men there. I was with my family yet they still followed/screamed/stopped their cars to harrass me. I wouldn't ever dare go alone. Maybe if you wear hijab and cover yourself they'll leave you alone but from what I've heard from local women it's still terrible. Not a good choice nona.

No. 1067611

Can you give us an update on the general situation in Kyiv? Glad you're ok

No. 1067614

It's generally the same, our forces are offsetting russian weaponry in oblasts, news assures they're doing it successfully.

No. 1067615

nta but I'd rec @KievUkraineLive, also have https://twitter.com/kylejglen/status/1496804693976231936
dude casually filming while helis are getting shot down by manpads (kek wtf)

No. 1067621

No. 1067622

Can't imagine what you're going through right now, I hope you'll be safe. Have you stocked up on food and water?

This is all so scary

No. 1067623

I'm not saying that the situation is any better there, its my homeland and the only place I have connection with outside of Europe
Not like its the best choice which I already prefaced

No. 1067626

>all this talk of north africans moving back to their country from France
>Just moved to France a few years ago as an American

No. 1067627

Is there anywhere safe you can go if need be?

No. 1067629

kek, nice. Bienvenue nonna

No. 1067630

I mean… In my case I can't say I'd be moving "back" to Algeria if I redo my passport because never went there in my entire life. I always lived in France whether I like it or not. Where are you right now? Are you enjoying your stay so far?

No. 1067631

Doesn't this break conventions and mutliple international laws? Why is it ok for bombing to suddenly happen above populated cities without any opportunity for civilians to evacuate?

No. 1067635

Small Town in the South of France and it's nice but a bit inactive. Would prefer to live in a city like Montpellier, Toulouse, or even Strasbourg. I hope all will be well with you and your family, nonny.

No. 1067643

It's not, which is why other countries will likely interfere.

No. 1067649

that's why there are sanctions being established for russia but foreign military helping ukraine would escalate the conflict

No. 1067650

Nonnie that's called war.
Nothing is forbidden in War and Love.

No. 1067651

>All is fair in love and war
is how the idiom goes in English

No. 1067653

gas prices in germany have already gotten way more expensive because of that recently and probably other countries as well, which are financial casualties the countries usually try to avoid at all costs. I guess there will be many more sanctions etc in the future now that russia has escalated the conflict. Other countries will suffer too from having to pay more for certain resources, but this conflict will probably not be beneficial to the russian economy at all.

No. 1067655

War was legit more civilized when men were beating each other in fields, this is akin to a barbarian attack on a city.

No. 1067656

That's such a stupid opinion. Women and children were always raped and killed in war. Men never left them alone.

No. 1067657

I have a tinfoil theory about this.
Putin can invade Ukraine because Biden is so weak and incompetent. Any attempt to rally the US against Russia would fail because America is so divided politically.
Disruption of Russian gas to Europe is going to cause more economic problems as countries recover from covid and will probably make civil unrest more likely. There are already protests over vaccine mandates and lock downs. Because coal and nuclear bad because global warming, a lot of power plants in Europe are gas fired. No gas, no electric.

Putin may not even care about Ukraine but the consequences are in his favour. The US is shown to be too weak to act when China is watching, and the resulting political instability in Europe could lead to the replacement of the current elite.

No. 1067658

samefag, correction to that the conflict has been escalated again to a further degree. Don’t forget that this war has been going on for 8 years now..

No. 1067662

File: 1645708491365.jpg (121.55 KB, 976x651, _123401093_gettyimages-1238718…)

damn, i can't imagine how scary that must be. you're in my thoughts nona, wishing you and your family all the best. the pictures from ukraines highways, bus/train stations and gas stations completely overrun are chilling.

No. 1067665

"war" and "civilized" kek

No. 1067677

Idk about the detailed economic situation of every other european countries so this a vey localized post but germany alone produces way too much energy and sells the overshare to the neighboring countries afaik. (friend who works in the sector explained it to me like that if I recall it right). So while I don’t know much about the energy production in other eu states but even if some industries and sectors are dependent on gas, I assume the economic impact of this shouldn’t be too devastating and the coof shit is laughable compared to other political unrests imo (the restrictions are continually decreasing now anyway). But idk. coal is going strong here but I assume the plans to ditch it because of the bad environmental effect are now getting strained even more which sucks. I don’t really believe it, but I hope this KGB fossil and friends do not care about the expansion of russia that much because that would make the whole situation way less dangerous on a large scale. Since Ukraine is not a member in the NATO the allied states are hesitant in joining in on military action as long as no NATO state is being under direct attack and he knows this. I dont think biden as a person is really relevant here because he’s being carried by other instances. but god Imagine this would be happening with trump still there, the fearmongering would be insane.
sry if this post is a bit all over the place.
man this situation sucks so bad. hope it gets better soon.

No. 1067679

Eugh, I just saw some people on Serbian forums throwing a pity party over Russia and how they're being unfairly judged and americans ebil. I'll just stick to national news outlets.

No. 1067687

just wait for the alt right incels to start taking the side of Russia like they did with the Taliban.

No. 1067690

Ot but taliban would've killed those incels without a second thought. Incels are delusional

No. 1067691

this kek
>makes chad russian wojak meme
>based chads, they're exactly like basement dwelling, morbidly obese us

No. 1067695

>alt right incels switching from "i can get a Ukrainian gf out of this" to "based russian chads i am just like them" in 5 minutes

I wish we can send those fags to the frontlines tbh

No. 1067699

File: 1645712054419.jpg (278.72 KB, 1024x678, 8684636663_1bdabf068d_b.jpg)

I wonder this too. I have friends who are into Russian history and they were 100% sure that Putin would not invade ALL of Russia.. maybe the Donbas region but nothing else. I am shocked that they would bomb major cultural cities like Kyiv where there are thousand year old monasteries, it just does not make any sense at this point

No. 1067703

Clearly they're possessed by an outside force.

No. 1067708

Please please stay safe nonnie. I've heard shit is going down in Kyiv too now.

No. 1067728

Historically I feel like Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia were historically the border for europe tolerated to get invaded before hitting back. Hope this time they stop it at Ukraine.

No. 1067729

Women are not drafted, this isn't Israel, it's Europe.

A country will absolutely draft untrained civilian males if they are invaded and in danger of losing the war. Not women of course, we are safe, but young moids are very much in line for becoming canon fodder.

No. 1067738

keeping you and all other ukranian posters in my thoughts… stay safe nonas, i'm really praying for you all ♥

No. 1067750

It's not illegal to fight around civilians, only to specifically target them. A weapon missing a target and hitting civilians is not a war crime.

No. 1067751

I read that people from Kiev have been adviced to hide in bunkers for bombings, I hope you're okay and safe (as one can be there) Kiev anon(s).

No. 1067757

That is correct. Otherwise any attack near a population center would be a war crime.

No. 1067759

xi is absolutely going to take taiwan, it's the perfect opportunity

No. 1067760

>Women are not drafted
In Ukraine they can, they changed the Law 3 weeks ago or so.

There is Video of Russian Paratroopers in the Antonov Airport.
If any Kyiv Nonnie wants to leave, this one of the last chances.
Yes, the whole world is currently occupied with the Russia-Ukraine War

No. 1067762

Now I will never be able to afford a new graphics card.

No. 1067767

>In Ukraine they can, they changed the Law 3 weeks ago or so.

I never heard of that. Sounds like bullshit though, considering how sexist Slav men are, I really don't imagine they would tolerate women in the military, at least from what my Slav friends have told me.

No. 1067768

What about Russian nonas? are there any here? How is the mood in russia?

No. 1067773

File: 1645717504764.jpg (26.91 KB, 500x331, 6nffeminisationarmees.jpg)

Anon? Look up the russian, east european and yugoslav partisans. Women were promised more rights and even before that the western image didn't apply here.

No. 1067775

i just texted my friend who's in Taiwan now and she said she's fine. she kind of brushed it off which worries me a bit

No. 1067783

No. 1067784

It would take months to prepare something like that and it would be obvious, like how everyone knew the Russians were massing troops on hohol borders.

No. 1067787

and how do we know it wasn't being prepared during the olympics? an island invasion would be very different from ukraine

No. 1067788

> an island invasion would be very different from ukraine
Yeah, it would take far more preparation and would be even more difficult to hide.

I genuinely think Putain has lost his mind and is doing this out of mental illness, I see simply no way this won't end with Russia in a far worse situation than before. I don't think China is as dysfunctional as Russia, they're barely holding together as is, without triggering a giant economic crisis and war against god knows who.

No. 1067798


No. 1067800

>>1067767 what? Slav countries have women in the military if they want to be there. They wouldn't draft us but they can fight if they want

No. 1067801

Oh I know women can serve, but I was talking about being drafted. That's what I seriously doubt happened, like the anon I was initially answering to said.

No. 1067804

My bf's theory is that Putin will definitely try to get baltic states if he gets Ukraine and if that works even Poland and Slovakia…, because russian currecny is now extremly low and will be even lower tomorrow. He basically ruined their economy for a bit of land. So it's not just for that bit of land, he will try to get as much land as he can. It's everything or nothing. So far my boyfriend was right about every prediction about this war he had so probably is right even this time. I honestly can't belive how so many people were so sure it won't happen when he was in my ear about this for a year.

No. 1067809

China sent a large convoy of ships heading towards Taiwan during the night.

No. 1067814

File: 1645720058793.gif (797.47 KB, 280x210, toast.gif)

I'm gonna waste myself numb tonight. To incoming nuclear winter!

No. 1067815

Just a passing burger
I know you all think we suck at geography and we do, OP's pic however would really be a good learning tool to teach us borders

No. 1067817

I can't find anything about that online.

No. 1067819

Not Russian but a lot of my classmates in med school are (they get to study for free here if they learn the language). They're really worried they're all gonna lose their study visas and get deported. They are sharing a lot of 'Russian people didn't want this' content on social media. I feel for them.

No. 1067828

File: 1645720806785.jpg (117.16 KB, 675x532, ummmm.jpg)

>trying to seize the chornobyl npp
>is this reality?
Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… yes. Yes it is.

No. 1067830

Didn't they choose this route because it's the fastest way to Kyiv?

No. 1067846

if chornobyl blows up, then most of europe will be gone within a moment. No joke. My mum is still sick because of this event back in 1986. The vids from people from ukraine on twitter are freaking scary, keeping all ukraine anons like >>1067493 in prayers. Fuck that shit.

Also, do you think the ESC will still happen this year?

No. 1067848

I'm not a big drinker but I'll have a drink tonight as well
I mean she's not wrong lmao

No. 1067850

File: 1645721491070.png (274.96 KB, 752x408, jgfb.PNG)

No. 1067853

I assumed it’s this as well, and the fact that it is an unlikely route to take makes it a risky move but with high gains if successful from a military perspective. What the fuck do they want with a sarcophagus full of nuclear waste that could easily turn against themselves anyway, moscow is not that far away.

No. 1067854

They can't be that retarded to bomb Chernobyl NPP

No. 1067859

There's a bunch of those near India and all over the Chinese coast. They seem to correlate with swarms of ships classified as fishing boats, and the clustering looks the same as the regions that are overrun with fishing ships. I assume it has something to do with that.

No. 1067861

I Googled this because I was curious and apparently it doesn't work that way:
>What would happen if all the nuclear reactor cores in Chernobyl exploded at the same time in 1986?
>If this happened, the local contamination would be about 4 times higher. It wouldn't spread much further - more explosions won't spread the waste further, just produce more of it in the same spot.

No. 1067863

i wonder for how long putins billionaire buddies are willing to support him considering how theyre losing billlions in this conflict

No. 1067866

they are ane Putin is going to say the ukrainians did it. I wish i had a bombsheter in my house

No. 1067868

They're not going to bomb it, they want to seize it to move their troops more easily to Kyiv. The issue is that they're fighting on radioactive grounds, near the central. They're playing the russian roulette, no pun intended

No. 1067869

Can someone assassinate Putin already? He is a disease

No. 1067870

guillotine for poutine

No. 1067873

But when they sieze it they will extort nato with it and putin is crazy enough to do it.

No. 1067878

It would be a horrible move for them and their territory, they would poison themselves. Offtopic: If you want to threaten Europe, you might as well look at the nuclear power stations in Hungary that were built with shit tier USSR equipment, or the one in Slovenia that's close to many important countries.

No. 1067879

he's alleged to have multiple body doubles. how do you know if the putin that's being assassinated is the real one

No. 1067883

Is Kyiv anon here? Any other Ukrainian anons here, how are things looking in your region?

No. 1067887

I keep seeing russians whine about this online too, that everyone is being russophobic and making them out to be the bad guy when they didn't choose their government and have no way of fighting against it. I'm russian myself and I think most people understand that already. I haven't seen many statements complaining about regular citizens, I have no idea where they are getting that at all, especially with all the videos of people holding up signs against war and getting jumped by police immediately afterwards. It's just so tonedeaf to cry about being perceived as "evil" when there are ukrainians in actual danger right now

No. 1067889

I agree that putin is crazy as fuck and he and his henchmen belong on the guillotine, but if you take a look at the map you see that the contamination would predominately affect the bordering countries who used to belong to russia back then that russian expansionists are thirsting for, as well as the capital cities of russia who would probably be even worse off than the western core parts of europe. This would be the dumbest move ever and would probably let him lose shitloads of support from his own population and maybe even his own military since it would put their own homes in danger.

No. 1067893

>>1067887 i've seen one profesor and his personal sanctions against russia. He's not going to let russian kids graduate kek. But he deleted that message after backlash

No. 1067894

I have seen some people say
>why don't the russians just revolt?
but those people don't get how everyone would get killed

No. 1067895

I mean a growing part of the russian population seems to be increasingly fed up with this shit. He’s a warmongering relict of a past time that should have died long ago, only ex-kgb agents, ultra-nationalist freaks and brainless army idiots and will cope and simp for him now.

No. 1067897

File: 1645723193003.png (14.29 KB, 814x239, belgium.png)

I'm on the fence about decisions like picrel.
It's not the people's fault, as if being born in a dystopian dictatorship poorfag country wasn't hell enough, now they're actively being punished for something they didn't chose.
However, don't flee your country in time of war. What a borderline disgusting cowardly move, you stay, even if you can't fix it. People who fleed during WW1 and 2 were resented (rightly)

No. 1067901

I totally get that, it's easy to judge but I myself would be terrified of protesting if I lived in Russia, knowing that I could get beaten, jailed or disappeared, I would just not have the courage to step up. And because everyone is afraid of the same thing happening to them, no large protests can be held, no one wants to jeopardize themselves or their family. I think for Putin's regime to topple from the inside he'd have to piss off the police and the military.

I mean I understand them, I would flee too if war broke out in my country but only if my family came with me

No. 1067902

>However, don't flee your country in time of war. What a borderline disgusting cowardly move
Fleeing because your life is in direct danger, how disgustingly cowardly!!!! This comment is disgusting more than anything.

No. 1067903

>However, don't flee your country in time of war. What a borderline disgusting cowardly move, you stay, even if you can't fix it. People who fleed during WW1 and 2 were resented (rightly)

That's a bizarre take. Why die for no reason? It makes no sense to expose yourself to danger and suffering without purpose.

No. 1067905

Yeah, I've seen a lot of people talk about how any attempt to speak out against the government is shut down and the people trying to will get lawsuits for random shit that land them in jail. Right now there are people getting detained in Moscow for simply saying "No to the war". I just don't get how it all got to this point in the first place, how does someone just decide to do all this?

What other option is there? Stay and pray you don't get randomly killed for something you have no control over? I hope all people in currently affected areas can find safe places to go to. They all deserve to live

No. 1067906

>However, don't flee your country in time of war. What a borderline disgusting cowardly move, you stay, even if you can't fix it.
If you want to die, be my guest. You aren't safe even if you're not involved and nobody cares, my parents lived in a village 15km from a small town and a grenade missed our house by just 5 meters, dozens of innocent kids died just from random air attacks or lost their limbs. Not to mention the starvation in Bosnia where the UN did nothing.

No. 1067907

That's the thing, I'm not from a first world country and wouldn't be able to do so legally, so it's coming from a mix of bitterness and misplaced patriotism

No. 1067909

Why would you resent someone for wanting to save their lives? How is it cowardly? As of them staying inside their country would do anything besides putting them in direct danger, this is such a retarded take, how much empathy do you have to lack to think like this?

No. 1067910

oh man, there is a big ukrainian diaspora in my city and i saw so many obvious refugees with giant bags today. i knew it would happen but somehow its hard to comprehend that this is real life

No. 1067911

I hope many Ukrainians resettle to Germany. We need young people and Ukrainians will integrate and work, unlike the rapists and thieves the government keeps importing by the million.

No. 1067912

I get the feeling he doesn't stop at bloodshed when people disagree with him. Look how nervous the chief spy was when Putin pressed him. He knew he'd have an 'accident' as soon as he disagreed with him

No. 1067913

to be fair anon I think it’s very easy to say this if you’re not currently under threat of dying in some retarded war you didn’t even choose. We can’t pick the shitty places we are born and grow up in. If we are not in the same situation we cannot relate to this so imo it’s a bit ..eh to say that. I agree tho on that moves like picrel absolutely suck! what the hell let the people go where they want. As said before they didn’t choose to be born there.

No. 1067916

File: 1645723888591.jpg (360.04 KB, 1080x1848, IMG_20220224_183038.jpg)

Disgusting that people are trolling with this.

No. 1067917

>Ukrainians will integrate and work, unlike the rapists and thieves the government keeps importing by the million.
Careful with what you wish for nonna, kek.

No. 1067918

I see some people siding with Russia here (Italy) because "Ukraine had their nuclear missiles pointed at Russia!!" but that's a retarded take and it feels like a shitty excuse. I hope this situation will calm down soon, maybe with some agreements, but I fear Putin is too much of a psychopath.

I would absolutely flee my country of something like this were to happen and everyone else would too. What's the point of staying and possibly dying? You can't fix your country by staying. Fuck that.

No. 1067921

they do work, my aunt was working as a person who finds jobs for ukranians and they are very good. If you want to fix a house ukranians do it fast. Might do some weedselling on the side but who doesn't.

No. 1067923

My government imported millions of Russians a couple decades ago and they integrated well.

No. 1067926

Should we make a ukraine general or stick with the discussion here for now? Not like the thread has any better usage and the war is on all of our minds.

Why does Putin's face look so bloated and swollen here?

No. 1067927

It's true yeah, it's a retarded take like nonnies mentioned but I guess I do also understand the "against"

No. 1067928

i say stick w this one

No. 1067931

when I look for info and see memes about this I feel a bit sick atm, I’m all for making dumb jokes usually but some people are so detached from reality the only way they can relate to this is in seeing this as an immediate opportunity for le epic memes. Also the amount of people who whine and bitch and start to make opression olympics-styled posts on twitter and shit or try to use it for their agenda, get a grip.

No. 1067932

File: 1645724327027.jpg (85.21 KB, 745x784, NotGood.JPG)

No. 1067933

>Why does Putin's face look so bloated and swollen here?
Not kidding: he's had too many fillers and other cosmetic procedures. My mother pointed it out to me once when we were watching the news, she works in healthcare. There are also articles about it: https://www.topic.com/what-happened-to-putin-s-face

No. 1067934

Kek first thing I'd tell anyone (especially those with family) is to flee because politicians and governments don't give a fuck about their nation. They're the true cowards, starting wars yet expecting people to fight for them while they hide away somewhere with lots of security around.

No. 1067937

I like it here, it's prime eurofag talk, doesn't prevent Americans and other non euros to join in
I browsed pol (mistake, but I do it everytime there's a world threat) and they're all sperging and memeing about the hot ukranian gf immigrant, bleh why did I do thaaat

No. 1067940

It honestly made me feel guilty about the middle east, africa and china/taiwan, I never made memes about the people there but I lived blissfully ignorant despite being born during a war. I know we can't have empathy for millions of people at the same time and save the world, but it makes me feel gross.

Meanwhile some people on the other end of the world make "vladdy daddy" and nuke memes.

No. 1067941

File: 1645724453287.png (28.57 KB, 815x240, Capture d’écran 2022-02-24 184…)

samefag, there is also this

No. 1067943

File: 1645724541707.jpg (54.68 KB, 400x617, comment_1645723635arL26zzh07Kb…)

there are people protesting in russia

No. 1067945

Thanks for confirming what I thought anon, it kinda makes me feel satisfied that this piece of shit succumbed to vanity and poisoned his own body with shitty fillers to look younger, and is still shorter than a lot of slavic women.

No. 1067946

People have been speculating that he's a closeted fag with how obsessed he is with his appearance. I think he's just a proper fucking narc though

No. 1067947

bruh i checked pol too out of curiosity and they were literally reeing about ukrainian women standing up for their own country and saying that they deserve to get raped and that because of feminism and women those exact polfags are shut in incels

No. 1067948

Good boys, goodspeed russians.

No. 1067949

Is there a livestream? Godspeed to them

No. 1067950

I swear if they fucking try to spread the nuclear waste in a last mantrum bitchfest… Old scrotes should never be in charge when they know they're dying they lash out and try to pollute and kill everything.

No. 1067955

Scrotes should never be in charge in general. Everything just turns to shit.

No. 1067958

This is hilarious bc you'd think he would have the funds to get cool sculpting or something with less side effects. Someone should've told him about the snow app kek.

No. 1067959

File: 1645724783615.jpg (226.5 KB, 1400x1400, GettyImages-89594293.0.0.0.jpg)

Not sure if he's gay or not, but a narc for sure, his attempts at appearing young and macho are ridiculous. He's insecure as fuck

No. 1067960

Did he wax his chest?? Confirmed homo

No. 1067961

Nvm found it

No. 1067963

He shoud've invested in a hair transplant first and foremost

No. 1067965

Let's talk about cyber warfare. What do you think is Russia willing to do?

I know from my friend that they did multiple network tests in the last months and she couldn't access things without VPN and some other workarounds, I bet russia is ready to go off the grid like china to discourage protests. They could also attempt DDOS attacks in the western world.

No. 1067966

putin is a faggot confirmed, just look at all the botox

No. 1067969

this, not gonna die for the wet dreams of some asshole whos sitting behind his security guards playing 5d chess or whatever, probably drinking tea and thinking about his next plastic surgery while shit like this goes down.
kek I hope his health problems are from complications with that, would be a fitting death for such a narc.
It could also be that they want to claim it for sentimental nationalistic reasons, because russia lost many soldiers while trying to clean this shit up back then. Military freaks do be like that.

No. 1067970

Saggy tits, Vladimir Vladimirovich needs a boob lift and abdomen lining for a fake 6pack.

No. 1067972

File: 1645725018257.png (105.63 KB, 589x515, Capture d’écran 2022-02-24 184…)

I mean they already had cyber attacks

No. 1067976

Browsing pol is like watching a trainwreck. They are genuinely so fucking retarded, it's actually amazing, some of them have ok takes but it get drowned by the amount of smoking retardation. They keep sexualizing and thirsting over the chimera that is their ukranian migrant ideal as a cope for being ugly perma single scrotes

No. 1067978

incel poltards are honestly the most retarded males to have ever existed in the history of mankind.

No. 1067983

the glowies are at it again

No. 1067991

I saw a documentary like two or three years ago I think? They were about protests in Russia, and I don't even remember what they were protesting but that shit was violent, people were just walking and holding signs and at some point one guy got shot right in front of the camera and died in his own blood while protestors were freaking out, that gave me nightmares for a few nights.

No. 1067992

Who cares what men think? Seriously.

No. 1067994

We have so many of these moids in France that do not even have the decency to hide their unhinged degeneracy, it's absolutely gross. I don't know if it's because I studied + worked in a STEM field or what, but anime and weeb shit truly ruined an entire generation of men, and I'm not even joking kek

No. 1067995

I mean Russian government have people arrested for literally just standing around and peacefully protesting, no wonder they'd think invading another country is totally ok

It all seems so hopeless

No. 1067999

The threads on kohlchan int are actually pretty good. Reasonable, informative, and okay speed. 4chan /pol/ is just spam.

No. 1068001

Their retarded asses are not only in power but make up 50% of the population, sadly. The only good thing about potential ww3 is that a shit ton of them will finally drop dead

No. 1068002

no you're completely right, it absolutely wrecked men and took away all their good traits while leaving all of the bad

No. 1068003

going there is selfharm

No. 1068004

As someone from a country where anime isn't even popular, they are obsessed with football patriotism and shooter games.

No. 1068005

Deluded hero complex. People not wanting to die are not fucking guilty of cowardice, what are you a Soviet General?

No. 1068008

>"Ukraine had their nuclear missiles pointed at Russia!!"
??? Didn't Ukraine give up all of their nuclear weapons in 1992?

No. 1068011

>I don't know if it's because I studied + worked in a STEM field or what, but anime and weeb shit truly ruined an entire generation of men
You being surrounded by weeb males in STEM definitely contributed to this shit, they're even more autistic than the average weeb scrote. And I say that as someone who studied Japanese in France. The very few guys studying with me were nerdy but not nearly as mentally ill, thank god.

No. 1068015

around 1996, yes, everything went back to Russia, if I remember correctly. Guess people are misreading things, Russia accused Ukraine of wanting to arm themselves with nuclear weapons and that Ukraine also has the technology for it.
It's really hard to find good information that are correct and not manipulated and most people don't know how to check the source of their information. Got two people at work always telling what Russia Today wrote about scientific stuff and it's mostly false and rubbish.

No. 1068016

Yes, they gave up their nukes a long time ago. I wonder why though
Our country is on such a terminally level of weeb shit that we have our own wikipedia category entitled "the french exception" kekkk. Thank you Club Dorothée I guess.

No. 1068023

was going to say the same, france has to be the one place where being a weeb wasn't considered weird before the 2010s. their bookstores are filled to the brim with manga

No. 1068024

File: 1645727190383.gif (2 MB, 200x200, 1640021007449.gif)

Maybe Ségolène Royal was right after all….

No. 1068025

Since in the bothering countries some nationalist trends are rising, I really doubt anyone wants to join Russia. The bad memories of the old system are still ingrained in adults.

No. 1068026

>i checked pol
First mistake. These retards do not realise that it's the patriarchy that started the male only draft. How the fuck is it our fault? If the government changed it to included women then it would be fair yes, but again, we are not responsible for this reality!