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File: 1634481734195.png (258 KB, 550x535, image0.png)

No. 941112

The dumber it gets, the shittier it gets

previous thread: >>>/ot/930681

No. 941114

File: 1634481821506.jpg (55.71 KB, 1080x1174, zi5ozqnklh821.jpg)

Thread pic is golden

No. 941123

fun pic op

No. 941127

File: 1634482952431.jpeg (55.95 KB, 639x594, 10A87544-5694-480D-B845-D4C0DB…)

No. 941128

File: 1634483039539.png (63.67 KB, 223x221, angle.png)

No. 941130

File: 1634483166299.jpeg (29.13 KB, 720x633, 808D602E-26FA-464A-BC7C-F1413F…)

No. 941147

I think this cat is komaeda and the more i look at it i feel bad in my heart.

No. 941172

File: 1634487496789.png (2.36 MB, 1275x1226, 20211010_205554.png)

Hello M'nonnies

No. 941174

File: 1634487968830.jpg (907.92 KB, 1080x999, Tumblr_l_243861668846422.jpg)

No. 941176

too cute!! ♥

No. 941180

File: 1634488467227.png (377.02 KB, 717x418, dfgh.png)

Was looking up care bear pics (as you do in your thirties) to compare the old style to the newer one. Kinda hate how seeing this image first filled me with innocent nostalgia… but then it made me think of furry abdlers.

No. 941182

>thread on kf in the female section
>"who are your favorite female oriented youtubers"
>most users answering the question like normal people
>every page has at least one male retard going "none i hate women" "the ones on pornhub xd"
the question wasnt for you reeee

No. 941187

could you link the thread?

No. 941188

No. 941198

I didn't know that kiwifarms had a female section. Thanks, nona

No. 941207

asking that kind of question on a woman-hating website was your first mistake lmao

No. 941208

I know those arent the kind of people you want around/looking at your stuff anyways but its depressing to know that anything you do or create will be filtered through the lens of "woman boring" by a significant chunk of the population and thus disregarded. I guess you could always use a pseudonym or something but it's sad.

No. 941216

My fave post on kf was one where a cows hysterectomy was being discussed and the guy just had no idea what on earth a cervix is. He wasn't esl or anything, he just thought there was nothing stopping you from hitting the womb if you were hung

No. 941222

So I watched one Karina Kaboom video (not to completion) and got recommended another. I'm a lil interested in Amberlynn but everytime I click a KK video I feel like i'm watching the same video, before I click off. The same clips (Chantel, Chantel's bisexual ex, Becky making a funny sound and I guess KK talking to a squirrel), then the constant rewinds of what ALR is saying. I know she may be doing it so she can't get struck, but it's so hard to watch. ALR barely says anything and like I said before, I find people who make these long ass videos about cows, to be just as much of a cow.
I get it, I'm on here but it's like damn. ALR makes you seethe this hard you make a almost hour long video everyday?
I know it's hypocritcal but something about that youtuber rubs me wrong.

No. 941228

There's a whole load of channels that are just recycling old amber clips and either adding some talk on top or just calling it a compilation.. alot of money being made there I'd say. I do watch some of it but yeah it's repetitive.

No. 941229

File: 1634493355440.jpeg (311.66 KB, 664x621, 30F44936-FD49-41CB-80BB-D0C3FF…)

i wanna fuck her

No. 941248

Thats why I never get those channels that try to pretend they care SO much about these people and the shit they are doing like Moist Critikals video on nik or even Mutahar saying he's eating himself to death for views.
You guys don't give a shit, I feel there's more passion and feelings towards Shayna from some anons, then these people have towards ALR or other cows they make a thousand videos on and make money from. I'm not hating, but I kind of hate the commentary section of youtube that pretends to care. You don't, we don't. 90% of people don't truly care.

No. 941255

There are people who casually observe cows and then there are those people. They might not "care" about her in a positive way but they're emotionally invested in the shitshow. Rent free, really.

No. 941256

team spirit won the international woooo. congrats my autistic russian qts

No. 941279

i'm sick of google trying to intimidate me into buying more storage for my gmail account with their goddamn threatening red headers every time i open my 10 years old email i use exclusively for promotional emails

No. 941280

I start a new job tomorrow. How do I act socially to set myself up to be comfortable there?

In my first proper job I ended up being the doormat because I wasn't a social person and they were a bunch of bitches so tried to compensate by helping whenever I could in the name of "teamwork", while also being resented for not going to lunch with any of the cliques. Like I know where I went wrong I guess, but I don't know how to do it right from day 1.

No. 941284

just don't be standoffish and actually engage with your coworkers if it matters to you

No. 941299

nta but I hate how you can't just do your job and you need to socialize and then comes the office politics into play that drains the life out of me. Like, just let me do my job and go. Which doesn't mean I'm rude to my coworkers or unwilling to do teamwork when necessary but anything beyond the common courtesy shouldn't be expected.

No. 941305

you don’t HAVE to, but if you’re worried about the way you’re being perceived by your coworkers then yeah, you’re going to have to interact with them. you’re allowed to set your own boundaries with how much effort you’re willing to put into your work relationships, but you also have to stop caring so much about other people’s perception of you if you don’t want to interact with any of your coworkers.

No. 941315

Hey girl I started a new job after leaving my old one after 7 years. It's difficult but just put yourself out there. If there's a conversation, go ahead and join in. Ask people about themselves. People absolutely love talking about themselves so you can never go wrong there. You never know, you might find a few people you really click with. Good luck and congratulations on the job.

No. 941318

Just be patrick bateman and also never befriend your coworkers. you’re there to be a wagecuck not sip wine and have cocktail hour with those other sociopathic selfish little assholes. never befriend coworkers they are not worthy of friendship, love, good and water and even existence they should all be chained to a basement away from society.

No. 941325

It’s not just about how you’re perceived. Not being especially social can impact your potential promotions or your chances of getting better shifts (depending on your type of work). I’ve seen a lot of shitty do-nothing coworkers get promoted because they were asskissers.

No. 941328

that 100% depends on your line of work. i’ve worked everything from retail to tech and i’ve never been in an environment where your social standing held more value than your ability to get work done. there are tons of anti-social assholes that climb the corporate ladder.

No. 941348

If life's a game I might marry a farmer but my chart says I can be recognised for humanitarian work and farms ain't ethical

No. 941361

sometimes i like to take out my nose ring and massage the hole

No. 941368

File: 1634501409644.gif (1.95 MB, 368x654, EA4DD6D9-AB5A-4675-9A65-20CC97…)

I am drunk and really hate my boyfriend rn also ignore pic related it’s just funny. But actually this man is so frustrating and vulgar. I know most men are but he really likes ass and doggy position and in general his ideas around sex are so vulgar crude and ugly. He has no understanding of aesthetics and intimacy when it comes to a person and sex itself which is something really beautiful, where two people put so much trust and respect into each other and it is so vunerable. Sometimes I think I’m a lesbian because I cannot imagine spending the rest of mhy life with a person with that mindset. I also feel alone in the factthats hes had a super easy life and he just doesnt get me because my life has been really shit im gonna stop talking about that because its too venty and not as funny weird as me getting pissed over my boyfriend beimg a guy

No. 941375

>thinks she’s a lesbian and complains about her dumb boyfriend

drink until you get poisoning please

No. 941377

she will, alcoholics just drink themselves to death and pickle their brains and organs with that shit

No. 941379

>>941368 I’ll be your platonic gf. I feel the same way about sex and relationships. It would be so nice to just find a nice person you’re attracted to but who also doesn’t have to be a… well. Man.

No. 941390

Uhh, is this one of the guys from >>937653 ??

No. 941391

File: 1634502088403.jpeg (34.07 KB, 800x450, 922B2921-BC24-4257-B0DB-6DD9C2…)

i couldn’t even read this because the dirty feet are too distracting

No. 941395

That’s literally what I was just about to post anon

No. 941396

i’ve been binging love island uk and there are so many goddamn episodes of this shit. the sheer amount of time i have this stupid show running in the background is giving my internal dialogue a british accent. it’s like the worst type of language immersion imaginable and yet i can’t stop watching it.

No. 941398

This is so frightening kek who the fuck is he

No. 941402

Do you think that the drunk anon is self-posting?

No. 941413

Noo its a long story but i save weird looking men bcs its funny and it was the last thing i had saved

No. 941416

are you 100% sure that he’s not woman? it confuses me so much

No. 941417

That guy really does have the most bizarre face, where did you find him?

No. 941423

I can’t tell if this dragonfruit has gone bad or not because there’s barely any taste to begin with but it’s leaving a sort of sour feeling on my tongue… but not like an off sour… or I just can’t tell but I like this sourness feeling. Whelp, guess we’ll see if I shit my brains out later.

No. 941426

I have to get up at 4am tomorrow so the annoying ass couple that are fighting rn in their apartment below me will have something new to bitch about when I blast my music and hairdryer getting ready because fuck them. They'll be able to go to sleep again after but I hope the gf has a dream the bf cheated like they're fighting about now. I'm going to make alexa wake me up to case of the ex by mya fuck these bitches

No. 941427

With the rise of AI it is inevitable that androids will be programmed to rape and released on campus, in schools and into minority communities. Men make me sick.

No. 941428

Anon you're my idol and I have to know, what you pretending to be them on discord entail? I'm so curious

No. 941429

why is it always the cuter guys going bald

No. 941430

This is one of those things it's healthier not to worry about unless it happens, since there's nothing we can do and it isn't happening (unless you want to fight for laws about it)

No. 941432

File: 1634505209360.png (88.38 KB, 478x835, Screenshot (278).png)

The americafag vs britfag sperging (I forget which thread) made me want to do American states and European country quiz. Here are my results as a britfag. In hindsight, there were a bunch of States that I should've known, but I couldn't name on the spot, but for some reason, they didn't accept my spelling of oregan or Detroit which was BS. There were some European countries I've never heard of

No. 941434

File: 1634505269562.png (154.23 KB, 847x808, Screenshot (276).png)

No. 941435

tbf as an american i know for a fact there are fellow burgers that would score lower on this than you did kek, so i commend you. also it’s “oregon” and detroit is a city, the state is michigan.

No. 941443

is your pic supposed to be a tranny or?

No. 941444

At my worst (and most mentally instable) I literally created a whole persona to do with one guy who was really just bizarre looking and i honestly would just let out all my most sped behaviours and thoughts and feelings, and it was really theraputic. Now I just collect and occasionally while joining random servers when bored, usually in an attention whore server with a selfies channel and sort of get rid of this pent up energy inside me and be a retard basically

No. 941449

It’s a guy I’m pretty sure at least by the stuff he says, I don’t think he’s a tranny. Also found from soc which yields the best of weird looking thumb men, like they literally congregate on there. Warning because soc is nsfw. Dating apps also are good for these types i find

No. 941454

File: 1634506108186.png (320.75 KB, 1800x779, geo test.png)

I'm American, and I'm pretty interested in travel/geography but I've never left the usa. I cannot believe I forgot about ohio and hawaii kek. Thus was pretty fun though

No. 941458

your europe results are really impressive, definitely better than most europeans would do

No. 941469

File: 1634506705110.jpg (62.88 KB, 1200x676, box.jpg)

>have shitty teeth due to a recessed chin
>parents decide to do nothing about it in childhood, so have to deal with it myself in adulthood
>decide to go to the dentist about it after an ungodly long waiting list
>they say I have 2 options:
>1. knock out 2 of my healthy teeth + braces
>2.move my chin forward using jaw surgery, which would fix my recessed chin, + braces

I haven't got in contact with my orthodontist yet to consult me about the surgery regarding jaw surgery, but I'm kinda excited in a weirdly insecure way

No. 941470

I learned about “greyromantic” today. Wtf is this shit isn’t it normal to not experience romantic attraction all the time…

No. 941482

It's funny how asexuality has turned into a whole wide spectrum now because, let's be real.. a good portion of people who have those complicated feelings around sex and dating and who need to label every quirk in their dating habits.. are likely just on the actual spectrum

No. 941487

i'm in the exact same situation! but for me they'll just have to remove wisdom teeth so i don't mind. i wish i could get the results of the surgery without the surgery kek i think i'll just go for the braces.

No. 941491

File: 1634508192871.jpg (15.12 KB, 261x174, gyro-3456-05c39fc21e4881788326…)

I read this as gyro-romantic at first

No. 941502

Kek my bf is somewhere without phone service so I messaged him on an Instagram account I don't really post on but have to check out artists. I messaged him a bunch of hearts and he said fuck off and blocked me before messaging me back a couple min later to be like "wait is this anon? lol"

No. 941503

I hate how Greeks look like their food

No. 941507

Please elaborate kek

No. 941519

A way more valid sexuality tbh. I support.

No. 941521

File: 1634510709141.jpeg (108.48 KB, 828x339, 613AAD78-EB75-4227-A424-BB97E7…)

Nonnies, what will we do now that funny amogus haha sussy thicc hates us?

No. 941523

Should have gone in the vent thread instead
Break up with him

No. 941537

kms i suppose. a modern tragedy really

No. 941545

File: 1634513881164.jpeg (102.75 KB, 828x341, CFA53444-373E-4406-B8C2-370615…)

I'm shit.
Really though who gives a fuck about New Hampshire. I've never heard of anything from there.

No. 941547

File: 1634514309296.png (543.41 KB, 660x645, men.PNG)

Tbh I've seen similar things like this >>941216 on KF where moids have no idea what they're talking about lmao. So idk know why you'd give a fuck about what moids say in the first place. They are fucking DUMB, literally the most retarded creatures on earth.

No. 941564

I think lolcow used to be more entertaining. I was reading a confessions thread from 10 months ago, and it was better and more fun to read including my posts than our more recent confession threads, but maybe that was because of quarantine.

No. 941575

Hey don’t you know I’m a savage

No. 941579

File: 1634516901914.png (57.91 KB, 300x375, gweh.png)

my mom walked in when my idol anime man was making yawning noises and the burning i felt from her expression was very intense

No. 941592

Songs like Sweater Weather don’t just happen. They’re monumental.

No. 941598

idk what those big fancy words mean but i fucking hate that song

No. 941600

It’s a meme song at this point but I still find it good

No. 941606

File: 1634518152454.jpg (63.46 KB, 976x850, 218.jpg)

I have never had sexual feelings for a cartoon character

No. 941607

you're missing out

No. 941609

File: 1634518392966.jpeg (55.71 KB, 597x418, 600730ED-6A91-42A0-978B-EB03D5…)

Ignore bait, post ben shapiro memes go

No. 941611

File: 1634518554520.jpg (216.3 KB, 850x924, quiz.jpg)

Burger here, this was fun. The midwest completely dissapeared from my memory for soem reason. I need to remember those Eastern euro countries next time so I don't make an emberassment of myself lol

No. 941612

My boyfriend so fuckin dumb sometimes. He can build and repair beautiful intricate furniture but he just tried to defrost some frozen curry by putting the plastic container in a pan with an inch of water and turning the stove onto max.

No. 941613

File: 1634518638432.jpeg (55.24 KB, 400x600, A9D1478F-DD30-45B3-B6E6-A7B2FE…)

No. 941615

I think it's mostly because everyone confessed their most juicy confessions in the first thread, and we don't have THAT many newfags.

No. 941617

No. 941618

I still haven't confessed the juiciest ones

No. 941620

File: 1634518905754.jpg (41.22 KB, 680x666, 47b.jpg)

this one has to do with the stinky blonde man I think?

No. 941622

that and there's way less posters now

No. 941623

No. 941625

File: 1634519123796.jpeg (91.76 KB, 749x726, 74C2CF9B-C7F5-4C63-8BCA-9D372D…)

does anyone have that enby ben shapiro edit

No. 941630

also I have to confess, I'd never heard him speak before or watched him in action but a few days ago I watched a video of him reacting in misery to tiktok videos and heard his nasally voice and cadence. I'm quickly becoming obsessed. there's something kinda endearing about him

No. 941632

No. 941633

You're one of the lucky ones

No. 941644

File: 1634520931574.jpeg (21.15 KB, 326x289, BAC178BD-BB13-4AAC-ACDE-B88E3D…)

right here m’lady

No. 941646

whoa she's a cutie!

No. 941647

Their pronouns are they/them

No. 941648

I'm dying thanks anon
um ben's pronouns are facts/factself

No. 941653

When I see GMT, I automatically think General Meringue Time

No. 941656

would peg with force

No. 941659

File: 1634523088106.jpeg (116.82 KB, 1097x605, 11475D8E-F653-40E9-A0DC-E40B5F…)

recreated an old meme for you

No. 941661

Lmao thanks anon

No. 941667

Who is ben shapiro and what is general merengue

No. 941671

ben shapiro is my husband. he puts on a masculine act but I peg him hard, especially on federal holidays.

No. 941672

Nothing, it's just a dream and you will wake in a few hours with no memory of this

No. 941679

Meringue, anon. Like the whipped egg whites.
Samefag, but I also think hubris should be pronounced like debris.

No. 941682

Welcome to the matrix anon, we've been waiting for you

No. 941688

you poor thing leave before this place makes you grow tumors

No. 941691

File: 1634525228270.jpeg (89.75 KB, 485x671, 0D2A2670-3053-432B-926B-AB710D…)

No. 941692

No. 941696

wait a minute is that ben shapiro

No. 941700

yes, ben is actually 3'9"

No. 941731

Shinji Ikari

No. 941740

elliot page

No. 941743

Samantha's back again. I hope mods leave the thread up this time

No. 941746

File: 1634529628395.jpg (57.65 KB, 738x418, Lana_.jpg)

This is Lana Del Ray's brother, say something nice about him

No. 941747


No. 941748

Prison Bitch

No. 941760

Queen samantha prater has a youtube channel. This video is called "I'm sorry for being Narcissistic."

No. 941762

>hello my name is emily
holy shit I feel cheated on

No. 941763

oh my god everyone please listen to this one

No. 941764

Damn, I feel bad about making fun of her now, she is genuinely autistic.

No. 941771

potential terven queen. if only the jannies would let her stay..

No. 941775

im going to cry i checked my profile on a discord bot in a public server and the description was set to "i eat ass" from like 2017 when that was peak online overexposed to bad things zoomer humor. i left the server i have never embarrassed myself like that

No. 941780

File: 1634532885198.jpg (43.18 KB, 556x493, 8323b97f06efc469f44059ca692527…)

I always miss her comebacks for like a few minutes. My movie watching time is so in synch with sam's returns

No. 941818

File: 1634537744713.png (572.31 KB, 1144x641, Help me.png)

>Be me
>Chilling in my room
>Hear brother
>Punching his bed and wall
>Weirds angry noises
>Sounds like if someone was performing an exorcise
>Brother sounds angry, almost crying
>Get scared
>Leave room
>Slowly get to his room
>Door is open
>He is just sitting on his bed
>Ask what's happening
>"Nothing anon"
>He sounds weird
>A few steps away from brother's room
>Angry crying noises and punches on the wall and bed come back
>Get scared
>Hide on the stairs close to his room
>He is now hitting the desk
>Suddendly stops
>He goes back to play Brawl Stars

Why does my brother gets so frustrated while playing mobile games? It really scares me because his room is next to mine and I can hear his wall punching next to my bed.

No. 941829

File: 1634538254613.png (294.4 KB, 611x751, 850437850480539966.png)

Stand proud stand true for your love of ass eating nonny

No. 941888

I named the player character in undertale Loser so now when people say Frisk I don't know who they're talking about. He will always be loser to me

No. 941890

can you get addicted to tracking the shipping process after ordering something online because i think im a fucking junkie

No. 941893

File: 1634551505498.jpg (21.66 KB, 424x393, 1616717219073.jpg)

i have 70 hours of backup sick time, 200 hours of vacation saved, and only ever call out sick when i have primary sick time saved up that i can use, and i always do a good job at work and get good feedback from my boss

so why the fuck do i always feel insanely guilty when i use that sick time? i feel like such a stupid fucking corporate slave for feeling guilt

No. 941898

I hope your brother breaks a fingernail while tard ragging.

No. 941899

The fucking tard wants some attention. Tell him to shut the fuck up

No. 941918

Told my mutuals I'll delete my blog, and I will. But I already made a new one that's anon. I like tumblr and the pretty pictures, but the users can be painfully annoying

No. 941928

File: 1634556691900.png (98.31 KB, 1141x1009, gatsu drawn.png)

There are a lot of parallels between Chris-chan and me. No, not that. But you know, we're both fucking retards.

No. 941950

File: 1634559528956.jpeg (153.56 KB, 750x417, 75DDF604-CC0E-4831-B41D-072A62…)

making people wonder what they did wrong is so amusing like why are you so attached to a human? what are they going to give you that’s so valuable? using other people and then detaching from them is unironically based

No. 941951

he’s probably going to set you and the entire house on fire because of his mutated Y chromosome, i suggest you get it put down immediately

No. 941952

this is how i thought when i was an edgy 16 year old

No. 941953

now now anon his mom wasn't developmentally impaired she's just elderly
You aren't anything like him or you wouldn't be having this moment of self judgement

No. 941956

no but like was your 16 year old self wrong? no, when we grow up we tend to lose the most important values we used to hold. using people and depriving them of their emotions and energy is the only way to gain power in this world

No. 941962

sometimes I don’t even have the energy to post on here and reply to people because it’s so tiring don’t any of you get tired of it once in awhile and just read and lurk around the chaos instead

No. 941964

That's what I've been doing for years. I go on posting sprees then get silent again. It's nice to just lurk.

No. 941967

i straight up forget to check the site for weeks, then come back, stay a week straight (mostly lurking or 1-2 posts) then go back again.

No. 941973

This only happens to me with regular social media, sometimes I leave my instagram completely silent for months, then I have a few days of activity because my friend sends me a bunch of posts that she wants me to see, then I leave Instagram there to collect dust for another few months.
I haven’t even posted there in more than a year.
Dunno, I don’t take lolcow seriously, so that’s why it doesn’t make me feel tired like when I have to interact with real people.

No. 941976

The moment you realize you’re old when adult contemporary stations play shit you listened to when you were a kid…

No. 941978

When the memes you grew up with are called boomer memes. (Does anyone actually know what a boomer is?)

No. 941986

File: 1634565681365.jpg (825.58 KB, 1664x1280, B612_20211018_090059_732.jpg)

Rate my setup

No. 941991

Thanks for the realness anonita.

No. 941992

9/10 very nostalgic and cozy in a non-cozy way. Would've given it a 10 for the teddy bear but the schizo webcam tape put me off a bit.

No. 941994

I like the tape over the webcam and the micron pens

No. 941995

dirty 0/10

No. 942001

File: 1634566412190.jpg (173.39 KB, 1536x768, mark-zuckerberg-tape-facebook-…)

Zuck does it too

No. 942005

File: 1634567510923.jpg (95.13 KB, 638x673, Tumblr_l_12078740475630.jpg)

Can someone tell me where is the toilet?

No. 942008

I have a crush on a short man but I know he's strong af. Dominate me Short King!

No. 942011

File: 1634568324284.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.2 KB, 2880x1620, Magic-Wand_16x9.jpg)

Just the two of us

No. 942025

File: 1634569235474.jpg (54.67 KB, 471x628, ELkGui-UEAUtL1i.jpg)

This is Muhammad Ali’s grandson, say something nice about him

No. 942029

>planned to go out with a friend today to try a restaurant and just habg out
>she's too sick to go, noticed at the last minute
>I go out anyway, thinking I should go shopping instead since all the stores I'd like to go to are next to the restaurants
>didn't buy anything except one manga I grabbed on the way to the cashier and some sheet masks
>too embarrassed to try going to a restaurant by myself after that because it's seen as weird here for some reason
I'm truly a dumbass.

No. 942033

what are you expecting me to do with this? he looks pretty average

No. 942042

he could get it, maybe

No. 942043

My wii remote doesn’t have one of those roller looking things on it??

No. 942075

File: 1634574913104.jpg (224.95 KB, 1308x1416, Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 17.33…)

I think I did okay? I'm from the UK but I just know I'll do terribly on the european countries

No. 942079

okay I got 22/45 on euro countries, I was about to submit kazakhstan when my time experired. I never took geography GCSE!

No. 942081

I get the webcam tape but what is the other thing he's covering on the side of the computer?

No. 942087

I had this once happen with an otome game husbando dying and making noises of pain (and death). She just closed the door again without looking at me screen before I could explain anything.

No. 942093

Get a takeout and enjoy your weeb evening

No. 942096

it's one of those remote plus ones, no idea if they're still being produced tho since the wii is dead (rip in pisces)

No. 942115

File: 1634578041903.png (227.3 KB, 1276x869, euusa.png)

am eurofag (I swear I didn't cheat on the countries of Europe), I don't think I did bad on the US states considering I was never taught them in school or anything. I knew there were more states called North something South something but my mind kept going to North Macedonia kek

No. 942116

File: 1634578131883.png (133.29 KB, 835x883, fuck you san marino and micron…)

All of you need to git gud.

No. 942120

if you were an expert on oceanography you would have known all about Micronesia

No. 942125

>san marino
someone did not watch eurovision

No. 942128

I can't swim!!


Idk, brainlet moment. And no I don't watch Eurovision I'm a burger.

No. 942131

(I was jk about eurovision of course)
That's really impressive though, do you enjoy geography in your free time?

No. 942156

There's too much sexual tension with me and my no.1 work crush. I think others are noticing. so far we've barely spoke to each other. If we have an actual conversation I might pass out

No. 942170

Yeah lol, I thought it would be cool to be able to name every country so I started doing these types of quizzes when I was bored.

No. 942174

get a grip loser, your desperation is showing

No. 942176

Too late, I'm eating something my mom made with the food I bought. And plot twist, my manga has a few torn pages despite being brand new and I can't return it. I was window shopping on my way home because I need a thick coat for winter and when I was in front of a more expensive store some guy with no mask on told me something like "uh, sales haven't started yet you know?" and ruined my day in 10 seconds. I finally grew a spine and told him to fuck off and he did but given his reaction he probably tried to start a conversation but he pissed me off so much he gave me a headache. Next time I'll order some really fat food to compensate for this cursed day.

No. 942177

File: 1634581349360.jpg (504.33 KB, 1588x1588, Tumblr_l_429330307621050.jpg)

I am back on Tumblr and I am kinda addicted to it again. It's so nice to scroll endlessly through mindless shitposts, nice art, aesthetically pleasing pictures, terf stuff occasionally, cool fashion, studying tips, etc. I follow the right blogs for me and the right tags do there are no teenagers looking like clowns for clout that is usually everywhere even if you don't follow it.
Pretty cozy.

No. 942179

Where do you live that people are so rude?

No. 942182

Idk how?! Ignoring him creates more tension!!

No. 942184

In a big French city, where men hit on you by calling you poor apparently. I forgot to add that the guy not wearing a mask was already pissing me off because I nearly died of covid last year so yeah…

No. 942185

I want to start a skating instagram, to have a place to look at my own progress as I (hopefully) improve, and to maybe even make new friends. I emptied out my main ig and use it to send reels back and forth with friends and have a hard rule of not posting anything, and stories cannot show my face because selfies mess with my self image.

I worry that I'm just being a hypocrite if I start a new ig to post myself skating. I don't like the pressures of social media, and I've become more paranoid over the years of having things attached to me even though I'm a nobody both on and offline. I keep my socials but I keep them empty for a reason, so why have another separate one to post on now? I think it'd be nice to make skating friends though. I was also inspired by a climber I follow who's heavier and often posts her falling and failing at climbing- I think it's a real niche to show one's failures and actual progress online. I plan on making the account on a different phone to avoid ig autosuggesting it to existing mutuals on my main account.

No. 942188

I tried to go on tumblr but there’s no endless scrolling for the tags I like. I’m lucky if there’s 3 posts in a day. I gave up.

No. 942195

Sorry to hear about it, anon!

No. 942196

File: 1634582266889.jpg (160.33 KB, 1200x628, uggsies.jpg)

i always wanted to own uggs, they look comfy and cozy and i don't care that people say they're "cheugy" or whatever. they're kinda expensive tho

No. 942199

I doubt he was trying to hit on you

No. 942200

You sound fat

No. 942202

i kinda want a pair to wear as slippers

No. 942208

'cheugy' is 6 yrs from 'trendy'

No. 942218

File: 1634583607513.jpg (124.66 KB, 900x526, 5465.jpg)

Not sure how well I was expecting to do but..

No. 942221

i always buy knockoffs from h&m as slippers for winter because my dorm is so fucking cold and they are the best thing. nice and warm. comforble, if you will.

No. 942222

You got my country right, am proud of you!

No. 942225

I'm not.

idk I described the situation in more details to my family and that's their conclusion.

No. 942228

Just follow more people. Tumblr is the last sm site that doesn't have a stupid algorithm feed you irrelevant shit.

No. 942231

I can't believe I'm getting pestered by an american couple online because they're so horny for me apparently like how did this happen to me

No. 942237

it pisses me off whenever the dog hate thread is bumped that someone has to unnecessarily bump the dog love thread like just admit that dogs are inferior to cats already jeez that doesn’t mean dogs aren’t cute and amazing but cats will always win tbh

No. 942239

I feel that one anon

No. 942242

Just hide the thread then

No. 942248

File: 1634584787538.jpg (78.84 KB, 854x569, fnaf.jpg)

I can't believe there's people in the world who played the fnaf games, saw these sexless robot mascot things and managed to somehow develop obsessive sexual attractions to them.

No. 942259

I'm back on tumblr too and quite happy about it! It has become a cozy place if you follow the right blogs. I also find it more enjoyable now I'm a bit older and don't really care about numbers anymore.

That's not bad at all!

No. 942270

Got an endometriosis diagnosis and want to call up my mom, aunt, and grandma to tell them fuck you for never taking me seriously and making me feel like I was somehow overreacting and crazy for feeling something was wrong. But instead I will nap

No. 942273

You have your containment thread, autist.

No. 942275

File: 1634585944318.jpg (352.44 KB, 600x600, original.jpg)

Have a good nap nonnie!

No. 942281

Tumblr-anons, is it possible yet to have seperate dashboards within one account? Since it's possible to have sideblogs too. Maybe with a 3rd party extension?

No. 942286

File: 1634586800738.jpg (660 KB, 1057x1057, uwuwinstonchurchill.jpg)

Sometimes I feel like Winston Churchill was mean on purpose

No. 942288

In my experience, it's not, but I don't use add-ons. Just curious, why would you want multiple dashboards?

No. 942295

I wish they would fix the fucking search function. It's absolutely useless and unhelpful when looking for specific types of posts

No. 942296

I don't even hate dogs or post in either thread but dogfuckers are cringe with how they get so defensive and touchy

No. 942303

even google search of all things (putting in site:tumblr.com then keywords for whatever post you're looking for) is unironically more helpful but i don't want them knowing what smut i get off to. although occasionally the results link to a completely different post.

No. 942306

The hot receptionist at my therapists office has longer hair now and is even hotter. But he wears a wedding ring and I'm too ugly and fat for him anyway. Uhhhhhhgggg fml

No. 942308

You sound insane lmfao. Take off your tinfoil hat.
If the dog thread being posted in triggers you… consider the following:
>just admit that cats are inferior to dogs already jeez that doesn’t mean cats aren’t cute and amazing but dogs will always win tbh
Seems like you are really insecure with your cat love. I wouldn't post that kind of autism (only doing it now to demonstrate how you sound).

No. 942311

Everyone puts tape on the webcam, even the normies I know do it
lmao just use headphones

No. 942325

the mic. I love the fact that an NSA agent had to listen to my five second long fart earlier. it's saved in the American freedom archives

No. 942331

File: 1634588998892.jpg (42.3 KB, 500x500, haribo_-_spiegeleitjes_-_150_s…)

I found a pack of haribo fried egg gummies at a French grocery store today and I'm v happy

No. 942334

Just how erotic were those yawning and dying noises?

No. 942340

What do they taste like?

No. 942346

damn i love haribo, would cop the whole basket

I hope custard, i fear its jist lemon

No. 942365

File: 1634590087515.jpeg (85.18 KB, 465x659, haribopeaches.jpeg)

Enjoy nona, eating Haribo peaches while stoned was one of the top five moments of my year kek

No. 942412

File: 1634594186694.jpeg (2.17 MB, 1772x2363, jpeg-127346.jpeg)

they taste like a milky lemon. the yolk part is fruity and the egg white is softer in texture and more creamy in flavour

the peaches are so good too. haribo makes the best candies in general

my fav candies are picrel, they are so soft and lightly flavoured. they taste like what pastels would taste like. they are so hard to find in my North American city tho

No. 942432

Fried eggs are the worst haribos…

No. 942454

I like the frogs better than the eggs but they're far from the worst haribo

No. 942455

File: 1634596866150.png (16.34 KB, 597x170, jiro yawning.png)

i can't find the exact clip but it was pretty suggestive sounding. this is the price i pay for my male hag
i have tinnitus and headphones make me paranoid that it'll get worse unfortunately

No. 942464

File: 1634597735719.png (134.76 KB, 1047x584, Screenshot 2021-10-18 6.51.16 …)

125/196. I really thought I'd do better on this than I did. Luckily,I've never seen anons here from any of the countries I missed so I'm not insulting anyone.

No. 942467

i want a pair too! i want the ones with the bows at the back. i dont care what anyone says about them i love them

No. 942507

They literally said dogs are cute and amazing.

No. 942573

File: 1634611813150.png (244.9 KB, 511x438, anna.png)

she's cute

No. 942585

My husbands mom tried to explain to me yesterday how Frankenstein is about how you shouldn't call other people ugly because it might break their psyche and turn them into violent killers. From there the conversation only went downhill.

No. 942595

The man didn't even read the summarised version kek

No. 942616

His mother anon, but I'm pretty sure she's never read a book all the way through in her life despite being a sub teacher

No. 942617

So you're married to Bobby Hill, I see

No. 942627

If so, quite the glow up

No. 942645

Ohh I read that as 'my mom's husband'

No. 942664

File: 1634621116558.png (475.04 KB, 1125x572, 1634544492586.png)

u stupid nerd lol

No. 942665

Good taste anon, I loved him in the anime.

No. 942668

That's mean, why you doing that?

No. 942669

File: 1634622138943.jpg (50.07 KB, 680x759, 1631240502628.jpg)

The weak should fear the strong. She lost the battle of ideas.

No. 942708

File: 1634629360885.png (192.11 KB, 384x380, let me tell you about hate.png)

No. 942765

File: 1634639919961.jpg (26 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

What’s the deal with instathots using teenage Powerpuff Girl icons lately?

No. 942767

File: 1634640279697.jpeg (60.42 KB, 451x346, 8124AE65-3D11-4DC8-BBA2-AB890C…)

The teenage power puff girls are y2k icons to them, they also look like proto insta thots.
>tfw I loved bubbles’ pants but I was a fatty kid and couldn’t wear something like that.

No. 942827

they literally appeared for like 40 seconds though

No. 942831

File: 1634645984879.jpeg (84.53 KB, 453x386, EDB655F3-3B75-4047-B704-31E189…)

growing up is finding all of the batman movies really shitty and whatever nonsense this hot clown is spitting is the truth

No. 942833

Frankenstein is about a lot of things, but the main thing that broke that monsters psyche was being created just to be abandoned and then cast out and shunned. It’s a very simple minded take.

No. 942835

File: 1634646279723.gif (757.25 KB, 375x296, giphy (6).gif)

>all of the batman movies really shitty
Um ma'am, this is high art. How dare you.

No. 942838

kek all of them looked so goofy it almost seems like it was a comedy especially when joker was on screen. dark knight is a travesty who even greenlit christian bale’s horrible batman voice? it amazes me how much moid favorite films are actually boring, pretentious as fuck, or just unintentionally funny

No. 942840

File: 1634646522997.jpeg (332.14 KB, 600x848, ONE.jpeg)

Are you ready to wake your psyche up, nonnies?

No. 942843

I tried to explain to her how her take didn't make any sense and was inappropriate. I faced serious abuse as a child and am not a violent, broken person. Her own brother went through physical abuse and she witnessed it and he's like a saint. She was literally saying how her mom never hit her like she did her other siblings but she saw it happening to other people so she knew what it was like to be traumatized. I have no idea what this had to do with anything, when I admitted to her that my parents who she's met have beaten me and my brothers she looked surprised and almost like she didn't believe me. Then she was like "Well you wouldn't believe the things I've seen, and the way my sister and I used to fight, that was really scary stuff." I didn't know what to say, but my husband came in the room and told her it wasn't a competition and she was being weird and this has nothing to do with the book. We left shortly after because she just kept bringing up abuse over and over.

No. 942845

There is a dolphin on that ladder, there is nothing unintentional about how hilarious that is. '66 Batman is pure comedy.

No. 942851

File: 1634647159222.jpg (190.46 KB, 1160x773, thumbs up.jpg)

Lets fucking GOOOOOOOOOO

No. 942860

None of us will be alive to witness this era become history but it is historical how connected average citizens are with the globe without travel. I'm talking about the Internet. We need to all be friends I'm serious. Blackpink should do a global concert for the aid of the world

No. 942868

File: 1634649826381.jpg (38.86 KB, 704x396, 1073830467618_10240510_image17…)

Original batman was serious-for-kids but a total goof actually. It was supposed to be a roast of overly serious corny superhero & detective content. Like the secret doors have a giant sign saying "SECRET DOOR" right in the background while batman & robin are trying to escape somewhere. It's like made for kids to point at like the map in dora the explorer. Then robin will be like "Look Batman! A secret door!" "Good eyes Robin!". Modern seriousbatman is like if they remade scooby doo and it was a dead serious murder movie.

No. 942877

File: 1634650619758.jpg (30.22 KB, 540x269, 27000951._SX540_.jpg)

comicsfag, in the last decade or so there's been this attempt to make batman more "tactical" under the writing of Tom King(Ex-CIA officer) it's had "interesting" results
this is the version that the new Robert Pattinson Batman is supposed to be based on

No. 942935

the white guilt my friend manifests is incredible. it also makes her unbearable to be around

No. 942954

File: 1634658610538.png (64.97 KB, 300x300, 1634215923395.png)

I was zapping through random 0 viewers cooking streams on twitch and I found this guy talking alone with 0 viewers, cooking canned beans and ruinng them too. He's blabbering about the fuck he is doing as if it was some philosphic woke shit. It is surreal. How can scrotes be so delusional. He streams everyday too it seems. The past ones o checked had 0 views too.

No. 942958

File: 1634658838589.jpg (56.47 KB, 1024x575, batman-de-tom-king-capa.jpg)

Tom King is so hit or miss, some of his stuff is absolutely fantastical, others atrocious, im genuinely excited for this new batman movie and what they do with the characters.

No. 942964

File: 1634659353370.jpg (29.62 KB, 717x717, 2sv9sw.jpg)

I'm too fucking lazy to even go into paint right now, but I feel like my personal relationships can be described with
>invite people out, do things that would get or keep friends around - nah
>going home and bitch about being friendless to strangers - hell yea

95% of the time I don't have the mental or emotional capacity to do anything social and then I'm surprised when I'd like to go to a bar and I have no one to call

No. 942976

>if they remade scooby doo and it was a dead serious murder movie.
honestly wouldn't be surprised if this gets made in a few years considering the live-action edgy Archie

No. 942998

don’t you like don’t you actually like don’t you don’t you don’t you just like don’t you don’t you just ever feel like don’t you have you ever dreamed of ever felt like ever conceived ever ever felt like going don’t you ever just like I just ever like ever like ever like… Twitterfag?

No. 943014

Have you ever had a dream that, that, um, that you had, uh, that you had to, you could, you do, you wit, you wa, you could do so, you do you could, you want, you wanted him to do you so much you could do anything?

No. 943021

This clown makes me feel murderous and he would be my first victim

No. 943025

he’s so sexy it’s a misfortune they just had to go the “hehe he’s crazy and above sex like a cool sigma male!!!” route like no make that MF wanna fuck batman he was clearly in love with him like make him sexual it’s not bad to make him sexual come on now

No. 943027

File: 1634664075063.jpg (352.84 KB, 725x1251, 2848512-batman_zone_020.jpg)

THANK YOU. The Joker needs Batman to live, he's totally in fucking love and obsessed with him.

No. 943038

I binge watched the kdrama goblin I had been meaning to watch it forever ago. Seeing Gong Yoo in Squid Game reminded me to watch it. God I loved the story and the characters but it was so exhausting as I cried so much.

No. 943041

idc about the joker but agreed tbh. the 2kweel4sex thing has always been my pet peeve when it comes to fictional villains and rival characters

No. 943057

That's what they get for casting Dark Knight and Joker movie Joker qs attractive actors underneath the makeup and grime kek

No. 943071

File: 1634665911634.jpeg (144.16 KB, 1280x720, 26B21CB8-CDD5-4019-8349-1D6E51…)

nonatella they are CLEARLY endgame

No. 943077

File: 1634666169770.jpg (38.05 KB, 450x206, batman-joker-gun-1940-thumb-46…)

I somewhat agree and disagree, Batman and the joker simply aren't just fictional characters, they are fictional characters who have been written by hundreds of people, they have interpreted and reinterpreted in countless settings
I mean originally during Bob Kane and Bill Fingers run on Batman comics, Batman did kill people with guns and the Joker was just a gangster who happened have bleached white skin and green hair due to a chemical accident
It was during the 50's-70's where moral puritans had implemented regulations on all comic series, these included any sort of depictions of death and violence
and so the Joker went from just a gangster with bleached skin to a clown villain and this is the era where a lot of goofy comic book heroes and villains came from

as for the particular "relationship" between batman and joker, it depends on whose writing it,
I ship Joker and Batman as well(specifically the telltale versions), and the Joker has been written in a million different ways, him being portrayed as effeminate or bi depended on how the hundreds of writer's who have worked on Batman choose to write him

That's the trouble with western comics, even shipping is a mindfuck

No. 943080

samefag, the first really gay-ish interpretation of the dynamic was first introduced in Dark Knight Rises
its worth noting that the Comic was written by right wing conspiracy theorist nut job Frank Miller, so Joker being portrayed to be Gay/Bi is not meant to have any positive connotations

No. 943084

File: 1634666330861.png (1.38 MB, 720x1108, 1622486734608.png)

This is also canonically the same version of the Joker, both were written by Frank Miller and set in the same continuity

Frank Miller's really into making the Joker unreasonably hot for no apparent reason

No. 943164

>friend says she could talk my ears off about "X" for eternity if I let her
>but she's sure I won't be interested
>ask her to explain its appeal to me then
>"oh, I'm a long time fan"
>"ok, but sell me on it"
>"it's really cool and different"
Bitch, what the fuck, work on your salesmanship or don't claim it's your "autistic special interest" constantly

No. 943174

I love hearing people talk about stuff they're into, I love when people are passionate. So is she passionate, or is she trying to seem cool by being into this thing she doesn't actually know a lot about/is gatekeeping but teasing you with it so that she seems more cool?

No. 943190

File: 1634670553102.jpg (17.06 KB, 300x227, s-l300.jpg)

Magpie anon has made me aware of the magpies in my surroundings. I spent 10 minutes watching a magpie hopping from bike to bike while waiting on the bus. When LC seeps into real life..

No. 943192

I don't think she's faking it, but I have no idea why she's teasing it or making obvious gestures that she wants attention related to this if she's gonna say "shit's cool" basically. When I did indulge her once and she asked me about my experience, she basically negged me, so I became less responsive to her comments and bids. I don't know what's going on.

No. 943197

Here is a video of crows making tools to solve problems. I love corvids.

No. 943200

Weird behaviour. Maybe she wants you to get into with her and is too shy to ask? Doesn't want to give away too many details?

No. 943211

Is it fandom shit or an actual activity?

No. 943230

I think she believes I don't "get it", and she's not wrong, but I'd be willing to listen to her ramble at least. Maybe she wants me to magically just be as invested as she is, and doesn't like that we're not the same person, like I'm failing her. She does have actual autism, which is why it's weird she's being so not… straightforward.

It's an actual hobby, related to music.

No. 943268

My new job, while mundane, is absolutely fantastic. My previous job was my first serious one and I think I gaslit myself into thinking that that's just the corporate workplace.

But I've been welcomed and supported without being micromanaged. My manager seems to actually know how things work in the department and is happy to communicate with me exactly what I need to do. I get good vibes from my coworkers and so far haven't seen any signs of power complexes.

In contrast to my first job where I didn't know who my manager was for a month and who I think for the year I was there didn't actually answer a single question straight, initially thought a coworker was my supervisor because she did shit like tell me I could go to lunch, when I should come in and when I should go (we chose the times ourselves, I found out later) while being a massive hypocrite and getting away with doing nothing because she sucked the higher up asses.

Granted it's my first week so maybe I'm overly optimistic, but wow, it's a world of difference. I wasn't expecting much from this position, just that I'd get out of the first shithole but it's so nice!

No. 943288

>actual autism
I think autists sometimes have an awareness of how dumb they sound because they can't explain shit in a way that other people will understand, and are traumatized by their childhoods of being made fun of, so they compensate by being cunty. It's like an esoteric defense mechanism built on "I can't explain it because I don't have advanced communication skills" and "I am already anticipating being mocked".
I bet you were nice to sped kids in elementary so you have empathy for her. If you want to engage her you could research it on your own and ask more targeted questions, but know that'll likely bolster her ego, leading to increasingly frustrating situations like this.

No. 943371

File: 1634676729936.gif (1.33 MB, 498x280, dance.gif)

i have so many ideas for board-tan but can't draw and don't feel like learning how.
ok look you remember that teen titans episode where cyborg and beast boy went inside raven's mirror and there were these other versions of her based on her moods, like happy raven with the pink cloak, sad raven with the grey cloak, so on, well there could be something like that with board-tan, multiple versions of her that look exactly like og board-tan but with vastly different facial expressions that represent different parts of the site or different types of posters. maybe some tiny differences in details but they should generally look like board-tan. and they should all be sisters

No. 943397

Oh I love that episode, it made me think that I had autism and multiple personality disorder when I was a child though

No. 943402

>have so many ideas for board-tan but can't draw and don't feel like learning how.
ask for art anons to do those ideas in the board-tan thread at /m/, if they are fun ideas I think some anons would do it

No. 943409

cute gif

No. 943496

I know it's what I get for playing a game with bimbo in the name, but I hate every single tranny and "sissy" on Bimboland.

No. 943513

File: 1634687881756.jpg (74.18 KB, 1080x362, IMG_20211020_015628.jpg)


No. 943526

File: 1634688463068.png (835.9 KB, 1366x768, god i wish that were me.png)

Thank you nonnie! Scamco created a character directly for my interests and I took the bait. thank god GS is by points and not ranking, SEM's event is coming up after the beit and frame ones

No. 943534

File: 1634690253512.jpg (40.56 KB, 720x405, super fanboyism.jpg)

You mean this one? I can't stand the joker but I really like this one.

No. 943549

File: 1634692261876.jpg (628.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2021-10-20-03-09-53…)

What is this

No. 943552

File: 1634692514202.png (165.55 KB, 223x420, cumaeda.PNG)

Lol I thought about posting the tranny Komaeda bimbo and Sonic items here, but I didn't think anyone would care.

No. 943553

File: 1634692590646.png (Spoiler Image, 212.14 KB, 225x425, karkat.PNG)

Also this

No. 943557

What the fuck, I tried logging in and it says that my account doesn’t exist.

No. 943560

Me too. I'm still sticking with the site because the customisation options are impeccable.

No. 943572

Maybe you got banned?

No. 943574

Why tho? I never interacted with anyone and my page was adorable with cute gifs and shit.
Then again, the page has had some issues with people hacking the site and banning random people.

No. 943579

Thought that was bad art thread

No. 943581

is this lolcow's official videogame?

No. 943588

The second hand embarrassment I feel
Sometimes I pity them but realise they're all attention whores anyway
Guess they have to start somewhere

No. 943589

Drop the channel name

No. 943593

It’s more like /g/‘s official game.

No. 943604

File: 1634696215079.gif (163.38 KB, 220x220, smiley-emoji.gif)

Someone on the hideous art thread on /m/ found a new horrorcow of some person who draws extremely disabled kids naked and I just have this horrible pit in my stomach after having seen a snippet of the """"sfw"""" version of those drawings, its so fucking gross and disgusting I want to throw up my whole evening was ruined thanks to that shit. And the only thing I did was hover on top of the spoilered pics. Jesus christ!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 943615

Dude, imma read some nice comfy fanfiction of my fav otp now so maybe I can take that fucking gross story out of my head. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! That's what I fucking get for being curious.

No. 943617

I wasn't expecting a Nemu 2.0 as soon as I ended my hiatus from here, jesus christ

No. 943618

the sanic and komaeda ones look like farmers taking the piss but sometimes i can't tell anymore

No. 943657

File: 1634699779079.jpg (51.87 KB, 640x583, ipj5sbat9vv41.jpg)

Y 'all really made me go and look at that huh?

No. 943661

At this point I’m not even surprised anymore. I’m just hoping whoever the hell drew it doesn’t ever interact with IRL disabled people.

No. 943665

I honestly think these people always go their way and interact with children and anyone vulnerable and it makes me so sick, how the fuck is this person drawing this sick porn and putting it out there

No. 943680

You guys peaked my curiosity and now I feel sick and want to cry. The fact that they didn't even pornify it and it's literally just severly disabled children is the worse part.

No. 943692

File: 1634704170589.jpeg (288.42 KB, 667x1000, 4F581CFC-A570-4896-8066-6C6F99…)

>someone posts horse weebshit figure
>I comment ‘cute glue’ as an obvious silly joke
>literally everyone acts like I just told them to kill themselves after I murdered their mother over this and I’m the most edgy edgelord

How the fuck do these people go outside? Pic of the figure btw.

No. 943694

Not in the figure fandom, what's even there to be offended about?

No. 943695

Vocaloids and ponies are fucking dumb.

No. 943696

You deserved it tbh

No. 943697

They got upset because I explained that horses/ponies used to be made into glue and linked a video from Billy and Mandy and apparently this was deeply offensive

I still genuinely don’t get how this is offensive.

No. 943701

The pony looks like shit imo

No. 943704

Don’t have much of an opinion on the figure itself honestly since I don’t really care about ponies or vocaloid

No. 943705

Glue is made from horses you retard
Hotgluing is when you jizz on figures

No. 943707

I just read this so I'm now taking you don't now about it, but there's a gross slang in the figure community that is to "hot glue" or sometimes just "glue" a figure and it means ejaculating on it. Don't google it.
Now you know why they were upset.

No. 943708

Samefag, I've heard both. Did they specifically said they were offended because horses become glue? Cause it usually comes from cow or it's just synthetic nowadays.

No. 943710

File: 1634705228790.jpeg (35.6 KB, 750x422, B718553E-880C-488F-A78A-E6EE90…)

No one mentioned hot gluing
They literally said they were upset over the pony being turned into glue

No. 943711

Yes, they specifically said that they were offended by that >>943710

No. 943713

Okay, legit my apologies
They are truly just too sensitive then, I didn't think this was possible

No. 943715

not into either of these things but i think it looks kind of cute

No. 943717

Too add insult to injury
>it’s a /cgl/ server
>everyone there is at least over 21
Maybe this is a normal thing for bronies but I don’t really interact with them.

No. 943721

Same, it just looks like any other MLP character.

No. 943723

File: 1634706214901.jpg (26.34 KB, 359x266, 190efe910a27a5ed190c0067b06165…)

>/cgl/ server
No offense to you, but I thought it was just some TikTok adjacent zoomer server.
How the mighty have fallen

No. 943724

Don’t blame you for thinking that, no idea why someone who goes on /cgl/ would pull a holier than thou act however

No. 943746

>horse corpse processing
Lol this community sounds autistic af.

No. 943779

File: 1634712196057.gif (971.51 KB, 500x288, Tumblr_l_17138262225328.gif)

>new PULL is created
>Kenna thread is immediately the one with the most replies

No. 943783

why do the autists over there hate her so much? i might be biased because i think she's cute but she's not milky enough for as many threads as there were.

No. 943789

Such a tired excuse, but I think this is one of the rare instances where "They just bully you because they're jealous" is true.

No. 943808

File: 1634715098216.jpg (28.37 KB, 432x188, 20211020_015546.jpg)

Should model for vogue

No. 943811

looks like a fat agp mr.beast

No. 943822

No. 943824

How the hell are there Americans that know this shit? Do you mean to tell me you actually liked sitting in class listening to this shit in school?
Damn I really am white trash

No. 943828

File: 1634717372825.png (286.13 KB, 1594x996, 4565.png)

I'm a burger, I think I did ok. I used to do world map tests for fun though, I know I'm not a reflection of the average burger kek. Could have gotten more US states if I'd tried harder I think.

No. 943832

I don't know if this will help but I was faced with exactly the same situation. The surgery is extremely invasive, I see a lot of people and especially dentists who likes to minimize the big complications that you could face. Please really read a lot about the consequences before doing it! Also I might be wrong, but the type of jaw surgery that you will get will not really fixed a recessed chin I think. I choose option 1 and had to wear braces ( it was the Damon type I thik) and the whole process went so well that they didn't have to take out the 2 teeth! If you take option 1, you will still have the possibility to go for option 2 in the future. I hope everything will go well nonnie

No. 943834

File: 1634718995960.png (138.66 KB, 824x930, caca.png)

not too bad, very proud of myself

latin america version where? I can do that one EZ

No. 943835

File: 1634719307295.png (33.45 KB, 506x496, caca.png)

No. 943840

now try the ones where you have to click the country/state named.

No. 943844

File: 1634720540881.png (178.13 KB, 1140x1044, Untitled.png)

kek i'm european

No. 943848

File: 1634721500929.png (55.43 KB, 507x537, Untitled.png)

sorry for double post but i just found one something like that, you gotta guess the correct country not just the names

No. 943862

File: 1634723923223.jpg (64.66 KB, 550x412, nn3t9Jzk1qjscrso1_640.jpg)

god I wish we had a battle station thread ! It would be so fun to see everyone set up

No. 943863

I actually like this.

No. 943865

Make one

No. 943867

I agree with >>943865
If you do happen to make one create it in /m/ so it doesn't get locked.

No. 943874

Try the countries of Europe without outlines. (Feel free to skip for later cuz it's near-impossible to get some places like Luxembourgh and Liechtenstein without it)

No. 943895

If you guys make one you should use >>941986 as op image

No. 943901

>invest in weed stonks
>already lost 600 $ in a couple months


No. 943907

File: 1634730204081.jpg (520.34 KB, 1718x1071, Pixiv.Id.601156.full.897836.jp…)


No. 943908

Probably not a good idea to invest in something with such a large black market

No. 943911

File: 1634730474620.jpg (85.52 KB, 600x503, 1631739999151.jpg)

Men are built for labor and service

Pic unrelated

No. 943914

next time spoiler that shite pls

No. 943927

File: 1634732511470.png (49.38 KB, 232x490, Ideal_bf.png)

I like skinny men for aesthetic purposes, I think skinny male bodies also look hot in sex, that said I like muscularly(not gym freak muscular though) men as well
I hate fatties and think they shouldn't be allowed to breed

also I fucking hate bara tiddy memes, I swear its just twitter aidens who came up with it and any IRL examples are either normal flat chests or disgusting abominations against god

No. 943940

File: 1634734271948.jpg (81.62 KB, 750x1334, 1613863807129.jpg)

Based. Men are also allowed to be thin while retaining muscle (pic related).

No. 943943

I have a week off next week and I wanna go do something fun with my mom for a day. Anyone got suggestions? Points if it doesn't cost a lot of money.

No. 943945

wdym pic unrelated? he’s building my custom pc

No. 943958

I hope you're being ironic because >>943911 looks like he makes Minecraft skeleton rattle noises when he moves. Looks like when you slap his ass the noise is the same as a phone being dropped on some tiles. Looks like a 2litre bottle of cola would nerf him. And theres no way he looks good having sex either, jesus, Eugenia Cooney lookin ass

No. 943961

im gonna feel bad if he has a disease, but this is disgusting

No. 943965

just more reasons to stick with 2D skellies tbh. "real men" are disgusting

No. 943972

File: 1634738150145.jpg (54.2 KB, 667x1000, imago1002209986w.jpg)

not related but WHEW thank you for reigniting my love for yuzuru hanyu.

No. 943976

All the yellow fever anons should be permabanned

No. 943978

i don't think finding one asian attractive is "yellow fever"

No. 943984

Both skinny and muscular men are good as long as they understand their purpose, which is to serve and aid women and society, and never get full of themselves.

No. 943985

Mad scrote detected

What a cutie

No. 943987

Yes he has a disease. It's called gaming

No. 944000

Nta but I'm pretty sure she's referring to prettyboy/male model type of skinny lol. I wonder if anyone else remembers that thread on /fit/ where all the posters there were shitting themselves over this male singer (from the band iceage? I think) getting more attention from women despite being thin.

No. 944016

>Both skinny and muscular men are good as long as they understand their purpose, which is to serve and aid women and society, and never get full of themselves.
>I'm pretty sure she's referring to prettyboy/male model type of skinny
that, but I like all types of skinny men, Auschwitz-tier skinny men, tale male model skinny men and druggie looking skinny men
not gonna lie, I'm probably most attracted to a drug addicted looking skinny man over the others

No. 944021

File: 1634742254291.jpg (49.13 KB, 274x195, Lurch.jpg)

What do u think about him

No. 944032

No. 944035

Bake a cake or some cookies!

No. 944039

File: 1634744036715.jpeg (174.84 KB, 750x761, B27DEE6B-C48C-4DE6-9CFC-3AE58F…)

I want to have a gigantic lesbian orgy with the jannies and the admin before this website inevitably shuts down

No. 944040

same, I want them to redtext me across the cheek

No. 944045

Did you pay attention to all the american genderspecial tranny discord drama that happened throughout the last year? They all tried to chase out the og users but in the end they got mostly banned kek

I prefer insane rping sissies and middle aged women playing bimboland as opposed to woke xe/xims that police thoughts all the time so I'm glad that happened, at the cost of the shop sadly though. Every time someone new wants to design for the shop they dm the user telling them how the staff is super transphobic

No. 944053

No. 944055

wait, I thought this website was saved already, is it really going off line

No. 944056

Is that shad

No. 944058

they have the money but big bitch in charge hasn’t been properly updating us on what’s gonna happen at the end of the year

No. 944063

>gets invited over text by casual friend to a party
> says I'm unsure if I'll be able to make it that day but that I very much appreciate the invite
> she says she hopes I can come and that it's always nice to have me there
> I almost start crying

The absolute state of me.

No. 944064

File: 1634746890795.jpg (109.61 KB, 1080x389, IMG_20211015_212456.jpg)

this is what admin say a while ago in the matrix chat

No. 944070

yay thanks anon for giving me that info

No. 944128

Have been chatting with a college friend and I was talking about work and how I'm dressed too casually today and wearing flannel, he asks me to send a pic then (unprompted) sends a selfie of himself and his outfit and that shit was just so off putting to me. Am I just getting in over my head or isn't it fucking weird?

No. 944144

File: 1634754865408.png (369.37 KB, 1138x2048, Screenshot_20211020-142331~2.p…)

Nb just got hired, she starts on the 1st. Found her Twitter and saw this towards my sweet manager. Also:

>"thinking about changing my ID to bigender just so it matches my bipolar and bisexual ids what do y'all think?"

So cringe and picrel is so disrespectful, I'm marinating on whether I should rat her out or let my managers realize their mistake lol

No. 944151

File: 1634755037155.png (37.47 KB, 590x409, question mark.PNG)

What the fuck is the point of censoring the names when you can just search the tweet

No. 944152

It's not ratting when she's posting on fucking Twitter

She looks like she will just cause drama and headaches

No. 944154

Damn how'd you even find her twitter? I wouldn't even know how to explain to my boss that I found her twitter but I'd rat her out because she seems like she'd be a fucking pain to work with

No. 944156

your icon is showing. Also yeah just tell your boss

No. 944160

>anime profile pic
>judging someone else’s dumb tweets

No. 944174


No. 944207

whenever i watch a south park episode it's always based
today it was about the dad no longer being able to coom without watching the most degenerate porn, and there are seemingly 100s of episodes about troons

No. 944208

Rat on her lol so they fire her. I don't think this is the type you want as a co-worker.

No. 944217

Hey hey hey these guys pay my salary, they can be as diseased as they like

No. 944223

best guy I ever knew defended women in our town with a pistol and watched South Park with me. miss that madlad, whenever I see anything about the show I think of him and I can't even hear any criticism. that show got me through so much shit but I digress

No. 944225

I was walking to the store earlier when I heard some guy in a passing car shouting. They had a heavy accent so it took me a sec to process what they even said.
> That guy won't stop taking pictures of you!
Now when I hear random shouting I usually assume it's not for me but once I processed what he said I looked around and still couldn't tell who they were shouting to or about. I was the only woman in sight though so I kinda feel like it was aimed at me?

No. 944227

File: 1634759606417.jpg (50.45 KB, 640x610, yq172cbj41571.jpg)

I love the Finnish language more than any other, I have no interest in Finland, just the loveliest language in the whole world.

But I can't roll my tongue, only a short, tap type of pur. I can't hold down the rr sound like a purr, and everyone else in my family can. It makes me so sad. I think I will never learn my favourite language because this one silly thing I cannot do.

No. 944231

>there are seemingly 100s of episodes about troons
Never watched it, how did that not get cancelled yet?

No. 944236

I can't wait for my roommate to go home, I mean I love her but I can't draw my husbando while she's here, I don't want her to see

No. 944242

I didn't think anyone would care enough to do it kek
her instagram is widely available but I googled for her twitter (since she definitely has one). Took me like two minutes. Anyway another coworker found it too and we agreed that maybe this newbie will be low-key and we won't have to hear her garbage. We're just going to let it play out, best case she's alright to work with, worst case she stays for just a few months before quitting

No. 944243

Started birth control this month and have only had good side effects, pray that my good luck continues anons

No. 944247

Did you draw it yourself?

No. 944257

I don't know what you're talking about but if you mean maybe the anime profile picture I am not that person I am a 3rd person I just felt like writing sique burn.

No. 944265

File: 1634763261174.jpg (28.69 KB, 574x420, DWnMx57V4AAp-rm.jpg)

I'm really bored what are you guys even doing right now

No. 944271

I kind of wish streaming services weren’t a thing. I just want to send my friend a cute package with a dvd in it but these days everyone just pirates it or watches it on Netflix.

No. 944274

File: 1634763570430.jpg (96.92 KB, 1080x865, Tumblr_l_202403932132786.jpg)


No. 944275

Procrastinating studying and reading wikipedia articles of some of the first secretary generals of the united nations, wbu?

No. 944284


No. 944297

don’t you sometimes get tired of being a self-pitying bitch and just want to be a bad bitch? i’m more powerful than any scrote could ever be in their puny existence

No. 944299

File: 1634764556118.gif (1.06 MB, 480x480, 4EB97E57-04F4-4134-A2A5-BE96E8…)

I’m trying to find cute gifs for my bimboland page when I should be researching about Hispanic literature.

No. 944307

Finding ways to make more money and get a plushie.

No. 944310

i know i should judge the enbie but i can't help but judge anons who leave their icon in screencaps too. i managed to make a small collection of them, along with anons putting in their emails

No. 944313

What's bimboland?

No. 944316

This is autistic but I hate how short and useless those curtains are.

No. 944333

File: 1634766171436.jpeg (94.73 KB, 498x1201, 768E3A05-C81C-402E-A959-5C6046…)

A game where you create a character who is a porn caricature. But it’s possible to
create sonic too.

No. 944348

File: 1634767308943.jpeg (14.79 KB, 150x150, 22E6EFB5-AFCE-43BB-A50F-1B68BA…)


No. 944351

It's fine to have an anime profile picture
It's fine to have an anime profile picture
It's fine to have an anime profile picture
It's fine to have a

No. 944352

I'm playing Bimboland too right now! I just realized I need to figure out what my winter seasonal look AND my Christmas look is gonna be. I wanted to do some kind of reindeer look for Christmas.

No. 944357

It's not fine if your taste is shit

No. 944361

pls no more sanic

No. 944365

If you're ugly or a man, and in the case of troons: both

No. 944367

Nonnies what should I be for Halloween? I want kind of a sexy costume but not over the top or too expensive. I don’t think I have time to really make something good.

No. 944373

i save all screencaps with visible profile pics regardless if it's anime or not, because it's fun and i like stalking anons

No. 944374

please anons I forgot what I was going to write here again holy shit. It happens so often, I open lolcow to write some shit and then forget

No. 944375

File: 1634768207503.png (298.04 KB, 1333x1000, B8130ACF-4123-4991-96B1-B65E02…)

Your bargaining phase is showing

No. 944380

I know I should get my leather handbag repaired but I'm too lazy to look up who could do this in my area. I'm doing the same thing with my laptop right now even though some specific keys in the keyboard are fucked up and I can't change the battery easily myself. I need to do some research now.

No. 944381

File: 1634768421544.png (1 MB, 658x658, What Jane Saw.png)

I think it's really sweet and cute when I see two farmers connect and become friends off LC, but I don't think I would want to interact with any of you anywhere but here. Lurking farmers social media accounts just makes me even more sure of that. Love you guys though.

No. 944383

Fuck u too bicth

No. 944385

File: 1634768564552.jpg (88.78 KB, 600x419, menina-japoneses-triste-fotos_…)

Feel like pure shit just want an active Behind the Bows back

No. 944387

Put down the bottle pls

No. 944388

I want to try something classy for winter and go nuts with Santashit for Christmas, I love winter/Christmas themes so much!
I bet your reindeer theme will look super cute, nonnie.

No. 944394

How do you find farmers socmed accounts?

Tbh I wouldn't want to either but that's because I'm awkward and wouldn't be able to hold a conversation one on one

No. 944402

I follow radfem accounts on tumblr and the things they post gives it away that they post here so

No. 944412

Are you doing those surveys that pay you

No. 944441

I wish I could connect with some farmers… some of you seem so relatable… I want to cry
What the fuck, that's amazing. The only thing I've seen is a relatively well-known radfem account have a meltdown about how vile lolcow.farms is and how tbe fake radfems and horrible for shitting up on other women. Basically 'how can women fall so low???'
What kind of things out someone as a farmer, anyway? Can't imagine sperging about cows, lol

No. 944460

i'm suddenly having flashbacks to that one anon in an old leftcows thread who had straight up coomer anime porn in their profile pic

No. 944469

Only the very cringe melodramatic radfems hate places like this, the ones I follow are probably posting in this thread rn kek

No. 944511

This reminds me I reblogged something lolcow-related (a screenshot) but don't have a radfem blog, and within 5 minutes a follower blocked me. I was impressed and can't tell if they knew about this place or if they checked out the source and saw something terfy. I don't use tumblr much so it was funny how fast that happened, are they always online or was it good timing? I agree with you though op, every time I found farmers' accounts it was disappointing. Often they seemed a little unhinged or nasty but what else to expect.

No. 944519

I'm both relieved and disappointed I haven't been found out

No. 944520

I wanna grab his thighs and shove my face into his ballsack

No. 944529

File: 1634774651977.jpeg (180.91 KB, 1242x1513, 612dac476e7d8618d4b62f09_1242_…)

ugh yuzuru hanyu is such a cutie

No. 944538

File: 1634774994381.jpg (8.04 KB, 235x240, d0e18125868e521981976b9a5e0818…)

i fucking hate math so much its unreal!!!!! fuck fractions so hard im going to commit hate crimes if i have to solve one more problem involving fractions!!!!!!

No. 944597

File: 1634777253658.jpeg (34.74 KB, 400x449, 1C1BDE54-2B0F-45E2-AD62-621A6D…)

I swear I have the smartest person on LC and don’t get me wrong there are some smart ass ITT hoes that know their way around a computer but I have to be the only one spitting facts.
I swear I have the smartest person on LC and don’t get me wrong there are some smart ass ITT hoes that know their way around a computer but I have to be the only one spitting facts.
I swear I have the smartest person on LC and don’t get me wrong there are some smart ass ITT hoes that know their way around a computer but I have to be the only one spitting facts.
I swear I have the smartest person on LC and don’t get me wrong there are some smart ass ITT hoes that know their way around a computer but I have to be the only one spitting facts.

No. 944615

Not yet, but I will if it's necessary.

No. 944626

File: 1634779042086.jpg (31.88 KB, 425x425, 91zcID26vqL._SX425_.jpg)

I swear these fucking things make it harder for me to shit but will I stop eating them? No.

No. 944640

My new passport finally arrived back and it reminded me of when I studied abroad and was with my french roommate who was so amazed with my american passport. She was flipping through it saying “wow!! they have pictures of the cowboys and monuments and stuff!” and I asked to see what the french passport had and it was just the regions. I guess that wouldn’t work for the US since some of our states are just straight up squares KEK. Now I’m curious what other countries decorate their passport books with.

No. 944651

Love those bois

No. 944661

they taste like shit

No. 944666

Fibre one anything is so good I end up binge eating the whole pack in one go, for that many calories I may as well have a real brownie

No. 944670

real brownies will always be superior to this cardboard flavored bullshit that can't even make you shit

No. 944692

No. 944703

actually yes

No. 944708

Well yeah of course a brownie is better but you sound like you've never been deprived of junk food while on a 1200 calorie diet if fibre one tastes like cardboard instead of a gift from god at times

No. 944711

File: 1634784001681.png (50.28 KB, 460x460, 460x460-Protein-CaramelNut.png)

This exactly. Those fiber one bars are good even when I'm not dieting. The other flavors are also better than the brownies, like birthday cake. Picrel is great as well.

No. 944715

nah and the other flavors are even worse. the lemon one tastes like soap. chewy bars are okay

No. 944721

I accidently set my alarm an hour too early because I thought my train is leaving an hour earlier than it will. Mfw I could've slept 4 hours instead of 3.

No. 944740

File: 1634787647410.png (154.67 KB, 343x366, cow.PNG)

So tempted to buy these cute, stupid little things

No. 944746

what are these things?? i like em

No. 944749

They're for nails. I don't usually like those decorations cause they're too chunky for me, but I would make an exception. I'm sure you can use them for other things too.

No. 944761

These are so adorable you should get them if they make you happy, idk what else you would use them for lol but that’s cute

No. 944768

File: 1634789973453.png (369.59 KB, 720x700, omg.png)

This is the best ad that's ever been shoved in my face

No. 944807

File: 1634794012615.jpg (81.14 KB, 1024x580, 12.jpg)

>Kushim is regarded as possibly the earliest known example of a named person in writing.

Something oddly "poignant" about the oldest recorded human being in the world not being some god king conqueror but rather a fucking accountant

No. 944883

>can make anything
>makes sonic
nonny i love you but damn you'r austific

No. 944885

File: 1634802706737.jpg (1.59 MB, 2426x3533, Complaint_tablet_to_Ea-Nasir_2…)

Reminds me of my man Ea-nasir.

"Tell Ea-nasir: Nanni sends the following message:

When you came, you said to me as follows : “I will give Gimil-Sin (when he comes) fine quality copper ingots.” You left then but you did not do what you promised me. You put ingots which were not good before my messenger (Sit-Sin) and said: “If you want to take them, take them; if you do not want to take them, go away!”

What do you take me for, that you treat somebody like me with such contempt? I have sent as messengers gentlemen like ourselves to collect the bag with my money (deposited with you) but you have treated me with contempt by sending them back to me empty-handed several times, and that through enemy territory. Is there anyone among the merchants who trade with Telmun who has treated me in this way? You alone treat my messenger with contempt! On account of that one (trifling) mina of silver which I owe(?) you, you feel free to speak in such a way, while I have given to the palace on your behalf 1,080 pounds of copper, and umi-abum has likewise given 1,080 pounds of copper, apart from what we both have had written on a sealed tablet to be kept in the temple of Samas.

How have you treated me for that copper? You have withheld my money bag from me in enemy territory; it is now up to you to restore (my money) to me in full. Take cognizance that (from now on) I will not accept here any copper from you that is not of fine quality. I shall (from now on) select and take the ingots individually in my own yard, and I shall exercise against you my right of rejection because you have treated me with contempt.”

No. 944887

Late, but maybe you should ask in the Halloween thread at /m/!
If you have a cat dress as them and dress them as you

Just saw a kikomi comic on Tumblr. I wonder whose blogs I have scrolled through that are currently itt

No. 944889

Yeah you tell him Nanni! Whoooo

No. 944891

"NOOOO DON'T MAKE MY HUSBANDO GAY" "NOOOO DON'T MAKE MY YAOI BOIS STRAIGHT" who cares. they're not fucking real. both sides are retarded.

No. 944896

File: 1634804192664.jpg (27.8 KB, 480x480, 1631743764861.jpg)

Check if there are any speech therapy exercises online, ones that finnish kids use when they are behind with their rolling R's!

Want to get in waiting line for chihuahua puppy but noone in this shit ass country is breeding deer heads.

No. 944950

File: 1634813327767.jpg (9.97 KB, 228x221, scrotesbelike.jpg)

Reading comments under a youtube vid, it's a small channel. Someone is writing the longest paragraphs about how they're afraid to comment anymore because they got called 'greedy' the last time they commented. Then they went off about how they're religious and greed is a sin so it's higly offensive to be called that and they're in a state of great distress because of it.

I checked it out and they said the youtuber should make merch.. she said she doesn't think her channel is big enough yet and that she doesn't want to appear greedy. That's it… that's the life ruining comment. People are handling this guy with kid gloves explaining to him what she actually meant.. and he just keeps weeping about his hurt feelings and turning this into the worst thing to ever happen to him. I love stumbling across this crazy shit lol

No. 944958

Evangelion was a mistake.

No. 944969

true but one side like the rest of the human race is straight and the desire for one party to be gay is only brought by Fujo brain rot

No. 944973

it's ok anon, middle school is hard

No. 944991

who cares. they're not real.

No. 945114

idk what the context for this is but sometimes i feel like the rare breed of farmer who is both a yumejo and a partial fujo, who likes both male and female anime characters even if they're not written as perfect deep role models, and wish that everyone would just hold hands and get along. weeb shit feels like politics sometimes

No. 945294

Rei is cool cuz her hair is a pretty colour and that's the only thing I got from Eva

No. 945317

the most based of takes

No. 945391

File: 1634839924959.png (12.49 KB, 679x257, 01.png)

is this why ben shapiro is a manlet

No. 945401

We’re in the same boat, nonnie, we don’t need to turn Chinese cartoons into some sort of political statement like American cartoons.

No. 945407

>waiting for my test results from my doctor to come back
>get 5 spam calls, and 10 spam texts
truly dystopic

No. 945409

Me too, we're a dying breed I guess

No. 945411

>weeb shit feels like politics sometimes
thiiiiis, I like both female and male characters, but only like two husbandos in the real "like" way (?) but if for some reason I went like "I like this and this female character because they're cool" people here would probably call me retarded or worse

No. 945418

File: 1634840969241.jpg (99.62 KB, 750x754, Tumblr_l_24405996929088.jpg)

My brain naturally synthesizes such pure, concentrated copium it's amazing. You guys would not believe it. Wish I could bottle and sell this shit. pic unrelated

No. 945419

Sell me some

No. 945420

i think that people who only watch anime bc they want to fuck the characters are super weird

No. 945421

Can't stop laughing at this OH WA AH AH AH compilation lmao

No. 945422

i'm curious

No. 945434

Me too I love that video.

No. 945513

Most are both. Even in JP fandoms you come across those who can enjoy both.

The only ones who have an issue with either side haven't left their delusional bubble or project their bad experience with a random indonesian yume/fujo they met on discord to random anons

No. 945556

It would be easier if you guys just posted his pic in the ugly men thread and got wild

No. 945564

Yumejo mainly here.
I don't give a shit about what fujos do unless they go on extreme gatekeeping rants hating on everyone who isn't both a lesbian and a fujo. But let's face it, that's probably only one schizo on lolcow.

No. 945575

I'm a fujo but yeah it's definitely the bi-in-denial anon who goes on her spergouts kek. Her posting style is embarrassingly obvious.

No. 945580

It is, she is a total cow.

No. 945600

>But let's face it, that's probably only one schizo on lolcow
God, I hope so. Sometimes it feels like there are at least 3 of them

No. 945609

Where can I see the spergouts?

No. 945616

File: 1634851280136.png (241.97 KB, 642x426, what the fuck.PNG)

Why is this soup 9 dollars??

No. 945617

File: 1634851379489.png (65.45 KB, 168x235, 168px-Arin_Hanson_at_Anime_Exp…)

who's this? He looks like Dross wtf

No. 945618

Your file name says Arin Hanson

No. 945619

Oh, the filename…god i'm so retarded

No. 945627

John Lennon

No. 945630

File: 1634852038167.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, rZ-jckw8.jpg)

bizarro en el sentido anglosajon de la palabra

No. 946062

File: 1634865977569.png (369.82 KB, 600x600, 2ZZVV.png)

No offense to Middle Easterners, but this stuff is good. I've only bought it once, but I should make it myself.

No. 946109

I follow a ftm troon who posts on /blog/ on Twitter and sometimes I wonder how they feel about casual tranny hate posts anons do. Things like this is what makes me so sure that trannies post among us casually too despite the obvious sentiment towards them. If you're reading this tranny, YWNBAM OR WOMAN.

No. 946145

Based nonnie.

No. 946148

Who is that random lady getting posted in snow? Is it Elaine again

No. 946180

No. 946186

vent thread is destroyed and I wouldn’t want it any other way

No. 946209

It’s the admin and she’s cute as fuck

No. 946216

Damn, Elaine knows more than I thought then.

No. 946217

Wow she's pretty

No. 946218

wtf is happening in the vent thread

No. 946219

That's the shitpost thread now. Depressed nonnies will have to find somewhere else to talk about how much they want to kill themselves.

No. 946228

It's glorious.

No. 946237

I want to join in with the other nonnas reindeer games but I'm too autistic. W-What if the jannies ban me?

No. 946254

File: 1634875362348.png (422.07 KB, 900x900, focus-gummy-focus-focus-2.png)

Has anyone here tried these?

No. 946255

Good pussy sounds like a big rock being thrown into the windshield of a fancy car going 60mph on the freeway

No. 946274

god, pussy rock is in the house tonight

No. 946276

Go for it anon

No. 946289

Do i have my yaoi goggles on, or is this a curious case of a lifelong unrequited love for a 70s electronic musician by his friend?

>man worked (mostly unpaid?) as promoter and groupie for several bands in the german music scene in the 70s

>he then spends several years working for his (at the time, amateur) musician friend as promoter and groupie for free
>man later gets hired by him and works with him exclusively as groupie, promoter, producer for the next 47 years and counting
>man does the official website for the musician, including writing most, if not all, of the content, goes into a lot of geek-level detail there
>man writes a 5 part biography of the musician, includes references to his presence by the musician's side over a long time
>at one point musician moves out to the countryside and man follows because he says he has nothing else keeping him in the city
>musician has had several women over the years, can't find anything about the other man in this regard
>man has been making the musicians newsletter for the last 26 years with 11 releases per year
>lots of content on the website is written in a very protective, defensive tone of the musician's work
>man has lots of musician's old tapes, seems to know more about his releases than the musician himself
>even in interviews the man constantly sings the musician's praises

I swear it's something

No. 946290

File: 1634877656677.jpg (57.88 KB, 1280x720, 773322.jpg)

>the jannies are posting with us

No. 946294

File: 1634877902822.jpg (47.31 KB, 981x735, IMG_20180520_005846.jpg)

I wonder if Admines ever shitposts with us too.

No. 946308

File: 1634880186067.png (73.08 KB, 938x538, marzia.png)

I LOVE gurugossiper and tattle now that pull died. You can click on any topic and the autists writing walls of delirium text are a-plenty.

I wish we had a random milk thread, but then again it would probably devolve into vendettas.

No. 946323

The sperging about Marzia is insane there, I'm convinced they just hate her because she fell ass backwards into wealthy neetdom. They would be just like her if they could

No. 946329


No. 946349

i mean yeah, i'm jealous too. I wish I had an attractive husband that loved me and had infinite money for me to do crafts, buy clothes and play animal crossing all day. I don't understand why they don't just say it.

No. 946360

File: 1634883909778.jpeg (226.99 KB, 1500x1500, 227F5C15-BE2D-4754-B89B-50ACE7…)

What’s wrong anon? Don’t people mysteriously drop all the vowels from their proteins where you live?

No. 946390

They do that so people who don't eat meat will find it easier, and meat eaters won't buy it thinking it's meat and get upset when it's not.

No. 946394

I remember reading about marzia on PULL 2 years ago or so, it was full of people saying "she's a horrible person because she can't stick to one hobby" and I don't like throwing that word on imageboards and forums but it's the first time I thought to myself "damn, these bitches are jealous".

No. 946398

ot but this is probably the best gardien product i've tried.

No. 946401

Maria's threads on gossipguru are my daily dose of cringe. Her threads are like Kenna ones but worse. I think the only milk she has is that she gets "heavily inspired" by other brands, etc. But I think it's obvious that she wants to becoming something more than PDP's wife for a long time, hence why left YouTube. I did enjoyed her short videos back in the days, they were nice. Don't care about her husband.

No. 946409

Really? I only had them once cause the grocery stores closest to me don't sell them, but they weren't that great. I remember something about the crab texture being weird I also don't like seafood that much anyway though. Do you bake or fry them?
Imo, the best Gardein product is the orange chicken. That and the quorn meatless pieces are my go-to's when I need something with chicken, most of the time I don't even use the sauce packet.

No. 946426

I hate HATE hearing the phrase 4chan bf lolcow gf. It’s the same feeling as in high school when someone ships u with an orbiter scrote you don’t like, disgustingggg

No. 946430

??? That's a common phrase or something?

No. 946434

I'm guessing it must be something that 4chan scrotes say because you know, they're delusional and desperate for female attention.

No. 946438

Probably said by chicks on Twitter and TikTok who just discovered imageboards and think they're on the deep web and call themselves femcels bc they watched Serial Experiments Lain once

No. 946495

File: 1634903517341.jpg (323.64 KB, 2331x3297, 1632136714580.jpg)

Starting a petition to change aging conventions from year by year to general ranges, or like….idk, seasons. The only context your exact age should be known and/or relevant is in medical, legal and government papers, or if you're one of those astrology people who care about shit like birth time I guess. Within reason, people should be addressed and treated according to their general maturity level and/or mode of appearance
I'm kind of sick of the social pressures the year by year structure brings along. We're all living our lives differently, and as society becomes more fractured, setting general milestones is becoming less and less realistic
Also, literally anything you do will be judged much worse from the time you're 30 and I think that's stupid. "You got drunk on a weekday and you're 30" does not strike the ego the same way "You got drunk on a weekday and you're 29" does, even though they're just one year apart. This makes no sense, and I'm not looking forward to it in the future. That's also why the whole "mature student" in uni stigma is dumb. University isn't for children, and (in my experience) there typically isn't some massive difference between 18, 19 and early 20s to make the last one out to be some middle-aged stand out or oppressed group or something lmao
Also, it sounds like 1000000x cuter to say "How old am I? I'm in my summer, and my cousin's in her autumn" than give numbers IMO
On the other hand, though, I don't really want to lose my ability to dunk on disgusting old scrotes. It's good to be able to remind a man of his age every time he acts up
>48 years old and you're harassing young women online? Pitiful
Hard decision

No. 946497

I agree in general. It's even funnier because I think unis were regularly visited by 25+ year old (men) in older times, before the whole "child-teenager-worker" disctinction came with public education and industralization. Like remembering the less scientific times where people were lawyers AND doctord AND politicians and whatever else, now we're so specialized, someone needs to be 10-20 years on a field to be considered worthy of speaking about the subject. What the fuck is someone going to do with their life if they hate the track they're on and they're 33? Just suffer for another 30+ years because it's uncool to be an older beginner/student?

No. 946500

File: 1634904131516.jpeg (59.48 KB, 750x518, F09D115B-D52E-4B25-A00F-280C08…)

No. 946513

File: 1634905372746.png (5.76 KB, 483x104, bihetscolonizingyaoi.png)

In Unpopular Opinions #54 and fujo thread #3 among others.
My favourite part was how bisexual and straight women colonize yaoi from the true fujos, lesbians.

No. 946524

File: 1634907084241.jpg (71.04 KB, 1200x675, SpiderPoint1.jpg)

Fujo fights on lolcow be like

No. 946532

File: 1634908022234.gif (859.53 KB, 400x323, 60DD27E5-CD63-4004-86B7-437C1A…)

I’m gonna fight board-tan on the left

No. 946534

File: 1634908280617.jpg (99.27 KB, 640x785, b403850f3c9dd99cfa081bfa67de58…)

big bagiba

No. 946535

why does Morrigan look 60

No. 946536


No. 946537

in my next life i want to be a professional triangle player and then get paid a lot of money

No. 946538

I would like to be recognized for a dumb catchphrase and be paid a bunch of money just to say it.

No. 946543

No. 946570

File: 1634912540510.png (1.05 MB, 827x598, gatekeep.png)

this but unironically

No. 946572

No. 946580

BPD energy.

No. 946604

people hate on those with BOD because they’re jealous of their swag

No. 946624

shr got that BPD BOD-AY

No. 946636

File: 1634918181188.webm (517.58 KB, 956x538, tumblr_qxpr9mXoAa1r4x5j7.webm)

No. 946644

File: 1634918790245.jpg (100.57 KB, 935x938, 1634004451756.jpg)

To me the whole debate about radical feminism and made hatred is more about logistics then morality
hating males irrelevant to the discussion imo, Its just logistically impossible to group women as a class and its delusional to attempt use the same logic of a full scale revolution, we lack the material groundwork for a revolution
same problem with most Marxists really, refusal to narrow their horizons, that's what happens when your theorists refuse to read any bit of military theory

No. 946662

File: 1634920618179.jpg (249.17 KB, 936x1464, 864236898755.jpg)

Looking through ancient threads is always a blast.

No. 946687

This reminds me of someone in /meta/ who kept claiming they were an oldfag and that we used to be okay with men posting until the pinkpillers showed up lol

No. 946696

File: 1634924150391.jpg (531.27 KB, 1080x1070, emotions .jpg)

How are you feeling today anons? Hope everyone's having a nice day

No. 946703

I'm 32 and had my first kiss like a few hours ago but I'm not sure I liked it and I don't think I want to continue this relationship (it seems we're dating somehow?). Relationships appear to be like such a headache, I don't know how people manage to get involved in one on a frequent basis. I'm so happy I'm alone again. I think I'll just text him that in case we're dating that I would like to call it quits.

No. 946706

File: 1634924987728.jpg (735.46 KB, 1920x1280, What-We-Do-in-the-Shadows-Coli…)

This asshole better not be dead

I think he's just metamorphosising like a caterpillar since he just turned 100 years old

No. 946709

i hope so too. i almost cried when i saw that episode

No. 946715

Succumbed to my premenstrual binging urges. Pasta with pesto sauce is everything

No. 946717

My new phone is compatible with fb dating, but the man I want is my work crush and I still don't know if he's single or not so I will browse the fb dating even tho I dream of making love to my work crush

No. 946720


No. 946723

File: 1634925939140.png (1.41 MB, 1024x767, Screen-Shot-2021-10-16-at-9.41…)

Can't get over how hilariously were cats depicted in certain eras. Gonna spam some medieval&renaissance cats. If anyone else has weird looking paintings of cats, feel free to join

No. 946726

File: 1634926046750.jpg (40.19 KB, 409x573, v7rx3myrvbc61.jpg)

look at this goofy little fucker

No. 946727

This tard types like twitterfag

No. 946728

File: 1634926126253.jpeg (62.1 KB, 562x423, YNgwgky.jpeg)

No. 946730

File: 1634926304843.jpg (76.09 KB, 552x728, KotKazansky.jpg)

No. 946731

File: 1634926318201.jpg (185.25 KB, 1580x1220, Katz.jpg)

No. 946733

File: 1634926502994.jpg (126.63 KB, 972x826, Screenshot_6.jpg)

No. 946734

File: 1634926586906.jpg (100.79 KB, 700x638, ugly-cat-paintings-6.jpg)

No. 946735

File: 1634926675656.jpg (97.51 KB, 700x513, funny-medieval-cats-licking-pa…)

No. 946736

File: 1634926685407.jpeg (169.28 KB, 1600x1689, C61FB192-9870-4A1A-9CC6-E7E7D4…)

I love bullying men on livestream, in the comments section, on their social media, and anywhere they gather, really.

No. 946737

File: 1634926806425.jpg (71.04 KB, 736x676, ugly-cat-paintings-10.jpg)

No. 946743

File: 1634927060468.jpg (85 KB, 700x711, SHEWZYcGzTCg_4160_700.jpg)

No. 946746

File: 1634927219978.jpg (160.53 KB, 660x880, ugly-cats15.jpg)

No. 946754

File: 1634927476579.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.04 KB, 700x624, ugly-medieval-cats-art-107-5aa…)

Good kitty, attack the scrotes weak spot

No. 946762

No. 946765

How do you do it nonnie?

No. 946766

based gato

No. 946779

File: 1634928799398.jpg (39.16 KB, 750x418, dfghj.jpg)

I bumped into my crush today, made small talk, he showed me a tattoo that he'd been telling me about before… I complimented it. I've spent half the day now reliving a 2 minute convo and wondering how I came across.


No. 946784

I love going on scrotes stupid little Youtube videos with like 50 views and telling them how ugly they are. I imagine their faces when they click on the notification, full of anticipation that someone has complimented their awfully mediocre guitar cover. Nope it's just me.


No. 946801

Holy fuck based

No. 946811

File: 1634930564767.jpg (99.49 KB, 473x506, 1617566551866.jpg)

come on anon that's just…. like Christ why do someone you don't know
This is why I can't trust other women sometimes, I relate more to fellow lonely autistic men then I do other human beings

No. 946814

You have the blond demon himbo who should have been squashed at birth like a cockroach as pic. You don’t get to talk. Your opinions are immediately rendered invalid and your hands should be cut in a public square so that we will never have to be subjected to such visual online terrorism ever again.

No. 946816

Most of the time these streamers or you tubers have shit videos or are boring. They deserve to be told so.

No. 946819

>fellow lonely autistic men
They hate you though.

No. 946825

File: 1634930891094.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, 1609444396114.gif)

lonely autistic men are known for being particularly kind and respectful to women

No. 946832

wtf anon that's awful, you don't know they're bad people just because they are male. Two years ago I left a thirsty comment on a guy's reddit livestream (I know) bc I wanted to subject a man to the same type of comments they post, well immediately regretted it and felt guilty about it for months afterwards lol. Being as bad as them isn't something to be proud of

No. 946837

File: 1634931221862.jpeg (57.79 KB, 792x520, d31.jpeg)

No. 946839

File: 1634931230048.gif (1.83 MB, 500x281, 1625338303585.gif)

>you don't know they're bad people just because they are male.

No. 946840

why are you defensive and upset over males you don't even know
>This is why I can't trust other women sometimes, I relate more to fellow lonely autistic men then I do other human beings
big NLOG energy

No. 946841

at best they don't know how to treat a girl, at worst… well at worst they're incels.

No. 946842

>I relate more to fellow lonely autistic men then I do other human beings
The demographic that routinely grooms, doxxes, harasses and/or rapes and murders women and underage girls? Lol.
A sad truth: 99.9% of those depressed, socially autistic men you've decided are okay are calling you a stupid whore or bitch behind your back, and the remaining 1% who might actually be nice won't bother to defend you, both because they fear being called a whiteknight and because they don't care that much

No. 946845

Lonely autistic men would rape you if they knew they could get away with it. Most of them despise their own mothers as well as all women. When Bianca gets reposted on r9k most of them sneer or jack off. Realize that they're not human.

No. 946846

Oh no, she's back with her baits again

No. 946849

>half the users were probably bullied girls and the other half are the bullies
I'm both. It's called evolution babe, look it up.

No. 946850

it could just be normal strong friendship anon, and there's 100% a certain breed of obsessive music fan that would do all of that even without having a personal friendship with the musician. not to admonish away your fantasy,

No. 946855

File: 1634931541838.png (804.54 KB, 1200x400, TT.png)

an entire adolescence of bullying and social exclusion can make you sympathize with those that don't fit in
Anon targeting random people and being mean them for no reason gives me flashbacks to my own childhood
Its kinda funny, I remember a post here about how likely half the users were probably bullied girls and the other half are the bullies
you just an asshole and bully and your feminism to justify it
You know I'm not talking about male Incels on 4chan, I have online get togethers with fellow autistic people and we enjoy each other's company and talk about our issues, its hard for us but we manage

No. 946857

File: 1634931581548.gif (114.73 KB, 220x221, fishing-swallog.gif)

No. 946858

File: 1634931595827.jpg (109.78 KB, 1124x1062, 1616108869454.jpg)

>you don't know they're bad people just because they are male.
well, actually…

No. 946859

File: 1634931632567.jpg (53.1 KB, 650x650, p9eZkWnMJV.jpg)

No. 946860

Oh mama just stop replying

No. 946867

As if majority of us aren't on the spectrum

No. 946870

that’s hilarious tbh, i love it. i want to bully scrotes but dont want to face consequences lmao

No. 946874

I don’t trust men or women they’re both equally pieces of shit who will always hate women

No. 946877

God I fucking hate male autists. Even the ones outside of 4chan act like massive creeps and/or tard rage.

No. 946879

cp don't scroll

No. 946884

Men leave highly undesirable comments on women's videos all the time, including your austic male friends, but when it happens the other way around it's "this is why I can't trust other women" what?

No. 946885

File: 1634932173436.jpeg (22.81 KB, 474x266, 9E8D9D28-992A-4B75-8B03-87DED6…)


No. 946887

I like to use a really depraved soundboard of a man recorded from a gay sex line to sexually harass scrotes on the phone and in various VoIP communications and make them learn what it means to be uncomfortable for the first time

No. 946888

File: 1634932187697.jpg (36.27 KB, 750x472, EcPeUYQX0AANLjI.jpg)

CP don't scroll

No. 946889

I just scrolled past an image of a man abusing a very small child and then I stumble into a conversation about how men shouldnt be bullied.. yo that timing

No. 946895

Yes the timing is interesting.

No. 946896

File: 1634932333536.gif (4.99 MB, 340x340, 9ea6abdca3e6501f3b75da80824f5a…)

It's like poetry

No. 946898

exactly what >>946884 said!! sure, girls have been mean to me, but they have never bullied me in the horrific way that males have. men are cruel, they feel the need to comment on our bodies, faces, hair, makeup, personalities, interests, everything women do, and rip us to shreds for it.
scrotes bullied tf out of me in school and it fucked with my self esteem as a young girl.
a woman has never ever treated me that way, even the most mean ones i’ve encountered aren’t nearly as fucking evil as males.
men deserve to be bullied, they should all an hero

No. 946900

Please god help that little girl

No. 946926

File: 1634932815116.png (1 MB, 890x892, 4v5iw3.png)

no more scrotes. society has eveolved past the need for scrotes

No. 946929

File: 1634932889353.gif (168.2 KB, 231x231, gorilla.gif)

>moid angry about 1 woman telling random men they are ugly on the internet for lolz
>moid larps and defends autistic moids
>still seething because testosterone
>autism machine put to the maximus
>chimps out and posts CP


No. 946932

exactly why men should have a curfew and should have their rights taken away because this shit means they clearly don’t deserve it

No. 946933

Not only that, but males don’t mind being physical by holding you or spitting on you and such.
I used to get bullied by everyone in school, but males were ruthless, stealing my stuff, ripping it to shreds, spitting on my bags or my hair, putting bubblegum in my hair, I even got punched once.
I honestly don’t understand how can anyone defend a male, they’re disgusting and deserve anything bad that happens to them.

No. 946936

It's gone

No. 946939

File: 1634933058039.jpg (49.3 KB, 552x712, Tumblr_l_323648356296224.jpg)

Harmony will be achieved when males make up 20% of the population and used for labor and semen (the cute ones). Then there won't be enough of them to war and do scrote shit like crimes against humanity. The ones you keep at home will be Himbobots and have advanced AI that can feel empathy

No. 946946

File: 1634933362809.jpg (45.27 KB, 500x724, 48e0148af0f5e3058ee0a5d9ff25bc…)

>Himbobots and have advanced AI that can feel empathy
i want this one

No. 946948

I would commit arson for a hot himbobot bf.

No. 946949

File: 1634933612475.jpeg (51.85 KB, 680x636, smh.jpeg)

Anyone else have this problem or just me?

No. 946953

thoughts on vid rel?

No. 946957

Pesto sauce makes my tum hurt URGHGGHGHGHGH

No. 946963

Going out to clubs and interacting with men made me realize that when they cat call women or touch them, they arent trying to do it to make us uncomfortable. They are doing it because they are projecting their desire on to us. In their scrote brain they're thinking "I want to fuck her therefore she wants to fuck me". Its really bizarre having random men trying to talk about sex with me and seem genuinely confused as to why a total stranger is not engaging with them. It is because they think just because they are attracted to you, that automatically means you are attracted to them. This scrote logic is really hard to understand but that is how they think.

No. 946964

Maybe heather because all she has to moan about is not having a bf.. I already don't have a bf so I wouldn't be taking on a bunch of actual problems. I'd just have the mentality of a teen again I guess.

No. 946967

nta but god, he was my sexual awakening as a kid. i was watching the movie and saw that scene, it made me feel things in my heart and other places
i was scared that my mom would read my thoughts or something because i was an autistic kid kek.

No. 946968

>can't stand upsetting people, men included
>lowkey scared of men face to face, can't help but insult them or tell them to fuck off when they talk to me outside of a context where that's expect like work, included when they're nice or flirt with me
>feel guilty 5 seconds later everytime
Let's trade places anon you'll love it.

No. 946970

whoever's the richest

No. 946975

File: 1634934156679.jpg (97.64 KB, 720x1600, Tumblr_l_56260648860828.jpg)

>"My friend over there thinks you're cute"
>Pic related

Wat do

No. 946976

bruh when i told my friend about alec baldwin shooting a woman on set she was only worried that this will affect the movie's ratings because she doesn't want it to fuck up jensen ackles' reputation, what the fuck

No. 946978

Eww I googled the long haired bearded tranny-looking youtuber one of you guys mentioned the other day in one of these threads and now he's all over my YT recommendations. It's so creepy to be reminded that google and youtube are connected.

No. 946980

and then once we have perfected parthenogenesis and himbobots (himbots?) we can get rid of the 20%

No. 946982

Which spiderman enemy is that

No. 946984

File: 1634934526203.gif (2.7 MB, 540x260, tumblr_pklvtqc2ld1tu7563o1_540…)

First time I saw this was in jr high in English class, everyone was giggling like mad at this scene. AI is also legitimately my favorite movie of all time, watched it three times in a row once, it's like 2 and a half hours long. You know how that one channel from Georgia used to replay the same movie over and over again in the middle of the night to fill air time? I cry really hard at the ending not just because of how it ends but because poor Teddy is left all alone. If I were David I'd spend the rest of my life adventuring with Teddy, but David is stupid and obsessed with his mom. Those beings would have given him anything!

No. 946987

Gosh darn i forgot about him. Sweet baby, he looks like my dog. Rather have an ai teddy than a himbo bot.

No. 946988

File: 1634934636934.jpg (65.14 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-211018171952-634-K…)

No. 947010

I hate corspe husband because if he wanted his name to be a reference to the corpse bride it should have been corpse groom

No. 947018

Groom is a dodgy word to use when you're a youtuber.. and alot of male youtubers are groomers

No. 947030

nta but I agree, the crab cakes had a weird sour taste. I really love their fish fingers, turkey cutlets (with gravy), and their chicken patties.

No. 947094

>flaisch macht flaisch
>meat makes meat

No. 947098

Nonny you posted this in so many threads it's embarrassing. He's probably not even going to read it past the first sentence. Don't waste your energy. Just leave him on read, that's the biggest insult to loser men anyway, he will legitimately seethe and it requires no time or energy on your part.

No. 947110

not your personal army, this autistic vendetta is pathetic lmfao
if you're not smart enough to come up with your own insults, why would anyone else do it for you

No. 947125

File: 1634942121906.jpg (17.48 KB, 326x326, 2iyqd26rsjc11.jpg)

i started watching love island: uk a while back because it was on hulu and i recently finished the 2nd season and why the fuck does this show have so many suicides attached to it? it's bizarre actually.

No. 947142

Damn anons, I'm dizzy, the world is spinning. What the hell happened? I just chill in front of the computer and start feeling really weird.
It's first time this shit happened to me, what the fuck.

No. 947146

I'm more otome than yume but I like seeing my favorite anime boys in otps with girls as well as them getting buttfucked on the side. I wish everyone could calm down and we could all just mind our own business and like what we like.

No. 947149

Vertigo maybe? Did you do anything leading up to it, like turning or tilting your head? Or if you feel weak as well, maybe anemia?

No. 947150

have you eaten? it could be like a million different things if it’s not a recurring issue.

No. 947159

My cat loves to watch me masturbate and I hate it. Whenever I do it, he lays next to me and start purring or walks on me. It's so annoying and feels gross. One time, he started licking me.
He only comes in my bed to wake me up to eat or to watch me masturbate.

No. 947173

He probably thinks you have weird spasms.

No. 947186

Why not just kick him out and lock the door?

No. 947187

Idk, I was sitting straight and starting to feel dizzy. Otherwise I feel good, I don't have anemia.

I feel a little better now so I eat now and drink water.

I think if it's my meds mixed with alcohol. Doctor said I can mix these two but who knows. But I didn't drink much, I also drank about three hours ago.
Now, when I look side to side, my head is still spinning a little, but it's not that bad now.
I will chill a little bit more and go sleep I guess…

No. 947202

My dumb cat woke me up at 5 this morning scratching at my door because she wanted to come in so out of spite I shooed her away. A few minutes later I hear her throwing up in the hallway. Little bitch made herself puke just to piss me off, and it worked.

No. 947204

Try doing each side individually. Do you get the spinning sensation when you turn your head to one side, or does it kick in on either side? If it's only one side it may be vertigo, which usually goes away on its own and you shouldn't worry too much unless it becomes frequent and/or chronic. If it's both then it could be what you said, alcohol and meds may be affecting your sense of balance.

No. 947208

I wish I could but there's no door.

No. 947215

Well, now I actually feel ok, it passed but it did kick in on both sides.
It could be because of meds mixed with alcohol. I won't drink anymore. If this happens more often, I think I'll see a doctor.
But thanks anon, it was really surprising at first, I don't really remember when I felt that dizzy.

No. 947218

Good to hear you're feeling better anon, and hopefully it doesn't happen again! (I kept asking vertigo questions because I started getting it recently and my reaction was the same as yours. "Wtf why am I so fucking dizzy? I didn't do anything??" Scared the hell out of me the first time it happened kek.)

No. 947226

Yes, at first I was surprised, I even thought if it would get worse or I would pass out. But it's okay now.
I hope we both won't have it anymore, though if it's gonna happen to you often please go to a doctor anonette!

No. 947253

that's what i like is top 5 greatest songs in the world i swear to god that shit enters my entire soul. bruno mars sings so well

No. 947261

Eww has it been confirmed that Gerard Way actually said he’s non binary? I keep seeing people referring to him as they. If so I feel really disappointed and saddened to be quite honest lol. My high school crush is no more. Then again I shouldn’t be surprised, he always had a weird obsession for trannies

No. 947269

File: 1634955532100.jpg (367.78 KB, 1080x1144, Screenshot_20210705-180325__02…)

Deleted my reddit account and uninstalled the app today. I already feel less autistic.

No. 947279

From Wikipedia
>In January 2015, Way was featured in The Boyzine, an independent zine published by SWMRS frontman Cole Becker. Way again discussed his gender identity, commenting, "I never really subscribed to the archetype masculinity growing up, I had no interest in sports or anything like that. There was a time where I was called a girl so often that when I discovered the idea of transgenderism I considered myself to be more of a girl. So I identify with trans people and women a lot because I was a girl to a lot of people growing up."[78] In June 2015, Way tweeted that he uses he/they pronouns.[79]

No. 947285

>be a dumpy boy
>gets called a girl
>reads some stuff
>oh shit, i'm really girl
???? lmao
thx gerard, very cool

No. 947291

Damn burgers really are bad at geography. I just tried to do one of those tests that shows you a map and tells you to click on the country it asks you to and I flopped hard. I was doing one for Europe which I thought would be easy enough but all the countries south east of Italy may as well all be Croatia to me. I got 62% oh the humiliation. I came so close to rage quitting when I couldn’t find stupid ass Kosovo.

No. 947298

I've never even heard of Kosovo rip burger edumucation.

No. 947299

its just another word for serbia

No. 947300

No. 947306

Me too, I embarrass myself with the those tests. Keep at it, do it whenever you're bored. It's fun to challenge yourself with those things and then you can move on to other continents

No. 947307

Me neither, but I didn't want to say it Wonder how many other countries there are that I don't know about.

No. 947318

The outline of the country is on the flag though kek

No. 947327

Are Europeans good at geography outside of Europe? Like could they easily label and name South American and Middle Eastern countries? God, I feel like such a tard even looking at a map of the Middle East. Why isn’t geography more important in burger schools. I feel privileged to even be able to name and label all 50 states on a map. It seems like a majority of zoomers my age never even got THAT drilled into their minds.

No. 947333

Am Euro, and for me, not really. I know Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and the Arab Emirates exist for ME (is Egypt ME or Africa??), and SA has Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Cuba, Brasil and Portugal. But that's about it. Couldn't even tell you where they lie (except for Brasil, because it's so big). Then again, the only countries I could get in that Europe thingy a few days ago were the neighboring countries from where Iive (had to learn them to not embarrass myself in a job interview), Italy, the North European trio and my home country so maybe I'm just an extraordinary stupid European lol.

No. 947338

I hate to break it to you nonny but Portugal is in Europe next to Spain.

No. 947339

Don’t beat yourself up too much over it, that’s the equivalent of expecting someone from Kosovo to know where Nebraska is.

No. 947352

File: 1634962253188.jpg (38.66 KB, 680x383, jhgfsdf.jpg)

So extraordinary stupid European it is, yes?

No. 947353

File: 1634962255820.png (1.75 MB, 1277x717, amnesia.png)

Dating sims are perfect for me because I have commitment issues and am afraid of being known but at the same time I want to be loved

No. 947356

That wasn't the only thing wrong there, just the most impressively wrong

No. 947357

Nta, but I'm American and I can't even point out where Nebraska is. I know it's somewhere at the top of the west-side, but if someone asked me to point out it's exact location I would embarrass myself.
In my defense though, Nebraska is one of the irrelevant states that everyone forgets.

No. 947360

Nebraska is in the middle of the country. But yeah it is irrelevant.

No. 947404

Wtf are they teaching kids. I have two younger cousins (14 and 16) and they genuinely believe you only wear super tampons if you've got a loose coochie and that they can make you loose?? They buy these Korean o.b style tampons because any other kind is embarrassing apparently. Their moms helped me when I got my period so they didn't get that info from them.

No. 947405

>Korean o.b style tampons
what's the difference? those are not available where I live. I use kotex

No. 947409

File: 1634971380309.jpg (109.45 KB, 720x960, 984fb5c170088c3903c6d7305d1e33…)

I guess lack of applicator and size?

No. 947410

Fuck target for being so assthetic and fuck me for being a basic ass bitch who loves it

No. 947412

O.B. has different sizes, from tiny to huge. I've used O.B. all my life, and I honestly don't get why you'd need an applicator. Like, are you afraid of touching yourself? You're going to wash your hands after going to the toilet anyways, so… idgi

No. 947413

kek I've used them before too that's not the point, it's that they're scared of making themselves "loose" somehow.

No. 947414

of that using something else means they are "loose" to begin with

No. 947416

I think it's more for convenience than anything, since you're pretty much guaranteed to get the tampon in far enough if you're using an applicator. I mean, I use menstrual discs, and I can put them in by hand just fine, but if I had a handy device that could seal that mf to my cervix in one fell motion I'd use it in a heartbeat.

No. 947418

My flow is so heavy that I doubt this would do anything to my period. That is literally the size of my blood cloths sometimes.

I like applicators because I've tried to put it in without one and it hurts, somehow the smoothness of the applicator helps it

No. 947431

This is my first time hearing of tampon applicators and I've used OB for years (before switching to another brand). Are they that common?

No. 947432

File: 1634975332781.jpeg (589.95 KB, 1640x1786, 8FC48581-7533-4D27-96FF-C652DB…)

Brendan Fraser is the love of my life. I’ve never met him except in my dreams and I anticipate him every night before I fall asleep

No. 947436

My first ever fuck buddy is treating me like a gf and it's weird af, it's better than most bfs have treated me (which have been with geeky "feminist" types where we split everything).

When I'm hanging out with him, my wallet doesn't exist. There's no question that he'll pay anything I need or want. He's definitely spent upwards of 500 euro on me just the past 2 months or so based on comments I've made when conversing, and I know his income is less than mine, which isn't much. Initially it made me super uncomfortable. Recently I was sick and he was like "anything you want" and multiple times a day came over to give food, meds, comfort items etc.

But like my percepton of a casual sex partners was that they'd begrudge you a glass of water after fucking, what is this shit? Is it a spending money kink? He's explicitly said he's not looking for a gf, and I'm happy with that (though I am a little embarrassed to do the whole fuck buddy thing) because I'll be moving away soon.

It's just leaving me bemused because I said thanks for looking after me when sick and he was like "it's normal" and I'm thinking no the fuck it's not you weirdo.

No. 947438

Wait, women can easily put those dry tampons in? I can't do it without an applicator. It's cotton, it sticks to my insides so it hurts to push through. I accidentally bought one of the raw tampons and had to lube it up to actually push it in kek. I swear I think it can actually tear my insides if just using dry cotton.

For the rest of the pack, I bought another box with applicators and washed and reused the same applicator to stick the raw tampons in. Cannot do it without. It would be nice because they take up virtually no space.

No. 947448

Anon are you dumb
It's not rocket science that incredibly shallow hookup and party culture along with pressure from fame would make people suicidal, those people live empty lives and it makes them depressed

No. 947459

I just spent six hours going through old websites on wayback machine saving pixel art. I want more.

No. 947477

So nonnies, any funny sleep talking anecdotes?

No. 947483

One of my earliest memories of having a bad dream was this dream where I had apparently pissed of Tinky Winky from Teletubbies. He was chasing me around and trying to wack me with his red purse, and I was terrified (and 4) and I was yelling in my sleep "stop tinny winky please! Don't hit me anymore!" and my mom came rushing into the room and woke me up kek. Something weird about it that I always remembered, which is why it's stuck with me, is how real and vivid the dream became in the time that I was yelling. Anyway fuck that faggot Tinky Winky.

No. 947593

he is so unbelievably ugly

No. 947598

My mom told me that while we were traveling, I was talking in my sleep about what happened with my dad and a guy selling us a computer.
She told me that she thought I finally lost it and was insane, but then she noticed that I was completely asleep.
She said that it was impressive how I was speaking so articulately while asleep, it was as if I was talking to a friend by the phone or something about the funny anecdote.

No. 947604

I hate that adhdfag in /m/ who keeps making new threads

No. 947607

my sister says that once I got up, stood on my bed, repeated "the computer the computer the computer" a bunch of times then went back to sleep. I don't remember any of this

No. 947611

I have once again got too high to see my family but I press on.

No. 947612

You'd think after like a decade of smoking I'd stop freaking out about being high around my parents but that's like a side effect of the drug

No. 947649

File: 1635001299805.jpg (26.63 KB, 500x375, MV5BNTI3OTA4NjkxMF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I'm old and I like care bears

No. 947653

File: 1635001469132.jpeg (12.2 KB, 466x237, 6D1D367E-C226-4E32-B19A-8C5659…)

I’m freaking out, is hello Kitty a furry? If not, why does this sheep has the same face as hello kitty? Do they eat sheep? What is going on??

No. 947655

Is it just me or is hello kitty the least cute character? I don't get the appeal

No. 947658

Sorry, but Hello Kitty is the cutest, i love her in all her presentations.

No. 947660

I like kuromi but I swear I don't have bpd

No. 947677

File: 1635002992900.jpeg (995.22 KB, 3464x3464, 19D13557-4976-4363-BD22-D465D9…)

No. 947681

hello kitty has ugly eyes

No. 947685

how can she be the least cute or have ugly eyes when she looks the same as the other characters

No. 947690

File: 1635003801236.png (98.76 KB, 360x450, Sanrio_Characters_Charmmy_Kitt…)

Kinda same. Or at least I've always thought that Charmmy Kitty and Chococat were way cuter and more appealing. Tbh there are a lot of Sanrio character designs that are really cute to me, but just as many that I don't find all that endearing.

No. 947692

…but she looks the same as hello kitty. just messier ears

No. 947696

She's Hello Kitty's pet cat

No. 947697

File: 1635004157251.png (49.72 KB, 278x216, BE5E53BF-4FBC-423B-8391-36B46D…)

I love charmmy kitty so much.

No. 947701

Charmy Kitty nonnies UNITE

No. 947703

Saw Charmy on the front page and came to support the best sanrio pussy
The Pluto to Hello Kitty's goofy

No. 947707

i get that but i've seen tons of shitty reality shows with the same types of people on them and none of them have nearly the same correlation as far as the suicides are concerned. even the fucking host offed herself.

No. 947708

isn't that slavery

No. 947709

Ugh I want him

No. 947710

just did a u-turn and cane here for charmy kitty

No. 947711

i know i just don't get how one looks better or worse than the other when they look similar. it's like when an anime states "oh this character is ugly, this one is beautiful" but then put the characters next to eachother and they have the same design

No. 947712

>even the fucking host offed herself.
She was running away from pedo allegations iirc

No. 947714

really? damn i need to look into the circumstances more i guess. 3 people from the same show within 20 months just seemed really weird to me.

No. 947722

I know one of the contestants was from online hate…I wasn't watching it back then so idk the specifics but people get really invested into love island here.

Ime you see how slimy scrotes are and the type of games/logic they play irl play out right in front of you so even I catch myself genuinely hating some contestants but obviously some viewers take it too far and start harassing people on Twitter.

No. 947753

Two days ago someone upstairs played a bass guitar, it was just random notes and bad smoke on the water, but the guitar tone was really nice. Today someone is playing the saxophone, and someone else is playing the piano, and just now there was some drumming too. It's really nice like I have a concert and it's not too loud, and it's somebody skilled playing. nice

No. 947757

it would be really fucked up if men were real and not just a concept created to sell yaoi and otome

No. 947759

No. 947788

File: 1635009768126.jpeg (58.9 KB, 600x750, C1CFD19A-A28F-41F2-9AB1-82F94F…)


No. 947789

Reading the Europe thread and seeing anons trash their country’s cinema cracked me up because I’m used to seeing cringy fellow Americans hype up “european cinema” all the time. They watch critically acclaimed films from a select few countries and think it represents all of them lmao.

No. 947792

Europe is a smelly ugly disgraceful garbage dump anyways

No. 947866

The top 10 list of countries with highest living standards would disagree kek

No. 947914

Should I buy a 1.50 sprite to go with my 4.50 cheesecake to avoid being charged for a small order just to satisfy my sweet tooth…I feel so silly but I'm home alone and it's late…

No. 947915

I feel like the sprite won’t let you enjoy your cheesecake properly because it’s too fizzy.

No. 947921

Don't listen to that anon I think it's a great mix

No. 947924

Personally a mix like that would make me vomit

No. 947926

File: 1635017115556.png (78.27 KB, 330x242, transformice_580417.png)

Where all my OG Transformice players at?

No. 947927

No. 947928

Yay! What year did you join?? And what rooms did you like to play in?

No. 947930

my account is 10 years old next month, holy peppers. hows the game doing? afaik Meli is the only one on the team for a few years now, Tigrou ditched for other project (while he was the coder and everything, Meli is just an artist) but he comes every now and then. Sucks how their Co-op game Kickstarter didn't get enough money… i was excited

No. 947931

Oh man, is the game still around? I hated being shaman so much

No. 947934

It's almost dead now, most active players are in Brazil and Portugal. All of the updates really killed it, especially the updates that removed Rype's glitch which disabled a LOT of maps using it for gameplay. And killing classic survivor by changing how shaman is chosen and introducing meeps. I hate the skill trees and levels so I fell off of it. Honestly the game was so good when it was as simple as possible.
I loooved being shaman, especially in vanilla maps because I had crazy builds that always impressed people. I was never great at getting firsts so shaman builds were where I felt like I shined.

No. 947941

Honestly, I feel terribly bad for the game. I have a feeling it won't last in the next two years, or even next year. I recall there were server payment troubles, too. Poor Melibellule, she has to take care of everything. I know the Discord is really active, at least she's always there. Wish anyone could help

No. 947945

File: 1635018346153.png (51.97 KB, 416x397, oatsontoast.png)

I want the game to last, but people won't even use the chat box anymore. It feels lifeless in there. The gameplay is still just as addictive and I still go back even 10 years later to play survivor sometimes but there's no making friends and swapping art and rating outfits like there used to be. There isn't even proper leaderboards.

I'm totally doxxing my mouse self since it's not connected to anything about me and I don't use this username anywhere else. Hoping maybe a familiar mouse will remember me kek

No. 947947

Omg I used to play this game in primary school. I got the entire class into it, so when they had computer science they would all come play in a special room just for us and I would play with them from home because I didn't go to computer science. I liked being shaman (shammy, just writing that word makes me feel warm around the heart) but I was afraid to let everyone down if I didn't make a good construction. My favorite part of the game is wall jumping, and collaborating with everyone on those maps that had like a see saw or something where you had to work together, I always tried to sacrifice myself so others would get to the mousehole.
And I remember when there was a map that make you walk upside down, everyone would write sqooq so it would be boobs upside down kek

No. 947948

I could DM you in-game, but I live in EU timezone and I am drawing commissions right now, so I can't play, but only chat!
I used to love the fan mini-games, but my fave classic will always be music-bot. The good ol' days. Unironically I am good at drawing mice because of this game (not a furry artist though) lel

No. 947951

This is so wholesome!! I bet you were a total pro sham, and so sweet that you'd sacrifice yourself, we know that's uncommon kek I remember one time I downloaded a hack client that one of my friends made and I went into survivor and spam spawned over 50 boxes at once and wiped out the entire map and crashed the room! I was banned for two weeks but it was SO worth it.

Mellpell, Savetheocean, you were my girls and I love you.

No. 947952

I'm logging in, feel free!

No. 947963

File: 1635019975831.png (299.59 KB, 802x753, arcticturk.png)

Showing off a couple of maps I made that I'm still very proud of, they're a permanent part of the games map rotation and its one of the small achievements in my life I'll always treasure lol

No. 947965

You made the turkey that made me seethe so much?

No. 947966

Wow well done that is such a beautiful turkey!

No. 947970

I'M SORRY KEK I made it for my friend Kalkoen, their username means turkey in Dutch

No. 947975

My biggest flex is that me announcing that I was dating someone has sent two seperate moids into a state of despair

No. 948052

File: 1635026074265.jpg (127.22 KB, 1181x1181, 691.jpg)

>state of despair

lmao. nice job

No. 948093

pinterest just sent my boyfriend an email suggesting he may enjoy a board called "I am a homosexual" and I'm fucking dying

No. 948100

File: 1635030190421.jpeg (100.23 KB, 1500x1500, 17C7EA49-296B-4BD2-8FCC-78CB41…)

I really want a donut but it’s too late to eat donuts.

No. 948101

File: 1635030204362.png (196.74 KB, 350x342, imagen_2021-10-23_180321.png)

god I wish

No. 948103

Why are drugs cute? Why can’t candy makers follow the example that drug dealers are giving to them?

No. 948108


No. 948133

My chest always feel heavy after I eat a PB sandwich

No. 948136

Thank you for inspiring me to eat peanut butter on toast

No. 948138

Put a banana on it so I can live vicariously through you while I'm on a diet

No. 948139

File: 1635034707060.jpeg (2.23 MB, 4032x3024, 4CBDE827-D70E-45E5-9534-32F7BD…)

No. 948140

Aw I don't have any bananas but you feel free to imagine I did that

No. 948164

my friend who is 21 years old, a brilliant law student, attractive, popular, is positively simping for this bartender scrote who
>looks 10 years older than her
>has a girlfriend
>flirts with her but thinks he's such hot shit he won't even make a proper first move
what the fuck? I'm straight too but all I could think while trying to talk some sense into her is "what the fuck is wrong with straight women" kek lolcow has changed me

No. 948195

in the past week or so i've been randomly thinking about how the thread pic of the dog dressed as a cow scared some anons and it makes me laugh so hard

No. 948200

i had this exact thought while i was walking the other day! mind twins

No. 948209

File: 1635040871717.png (1.22 KB, 88x52, no.PNG)

I have never used this word. No matter how funny I think another anon's post is, I don't think I can bring myself to do it.

No. 948210

It just sounds like someone is hacking on a hairball “KEK”

No. 948216

File: 1635041458729.png (433.38 KB, 960x540, ezgif.com-resize54-960x540.png)

But that's exactly the sound I make when I laugh

No. 948219

having a twin brother must suck, the amount of times I got to listen boys in my class making incestuous jokes about a former friend makes me want to puke

No. 948223

it’s honestly worse for twin sisters i think. my high school boyfriend had older identical twin sisters and he and they were constantly subjected to comments from dudes of all ages about trying to get them both in bed at the same time for a threesome.

No. 948224

I'm watching Body Revenge with Khloe Kardashian (she's not really in the show other than just as an anchor for people to watch this lol) and I'm really enjoying it.

No. 948226

My brother and I aren’t twins but we are both adopted (so we aren’t biologically related) and I got the same treatment and it bothered me to no end when I was a kid/teen. I still think it’s gross but luckily adults have a little more tact so I haven’t had a remark like that in years

No. 948227

If degenerates dropped dead the moment they share their degenerate thoughts with other people, the world would be much better.

No. 948230

Does he feel like a real brother to you anon? Never met adopted siblings before

No. 948231

if u read tgis ur gay

No. 948232

File: 1635043454048.jpg (58.96 KB, 601x607, 643.jpg)

No. 948233

File: 1635044319547.jpeg (18.72 KB, 204x204, FD508CF0-089A-4F5A-9D47-D6F0BC…)

wow I really had no motivation to post on here and I still kind of don’t like don’t you ever just wonder or ask yourself why are you here

No. 948234

No. 948237

File: 1635045010320.jpg (110.41 KB, 1080x1350, Tumblr_l_73003848281160.jpg)

I can't even comprehend this post rn. Don't ask me philosophical shit

No. 948238

Alright nonnies, which movie should I watch? Eyes Wide Shut, The Grand Budapest Hotel, or It (2017)? Recommendations are welcomed.

No. 948250

File: 1635047384868.jpg (46.94 KB, 680x404, Nicole-Kidman-in-Eyes-Wide-Shu…)

eyes wide shut nonnie.

No. 948265

File: 1635050747386.png (211.41 KB, 552x542, cum.png)

No. 948292

File: 1635054231936.jpg (89.42 KB, 736x736, ayukawa ryuji.jpg)

i'm so tired of the blue period fan-base misinterpreting/gendering this character. he isn't trans, he isn't "enbie", he isn't "genderqueer", he's just a cross-dressing guy. that is it. all the angst he had in his arc was quite clearly about being seen as anything but a guy, but lo' and behold, look at what the fan-base is doing! fucking retards

though it's so interesting how they'll tell on themselves, and reveal that their ~deep and insightful and inclusive uwu~ opinions on gendershit ultimately amounts to skirt = woman/not man.

i do wonder if any such discourse surrounds masc women (characters), but at the moment i'm too lazy to seek it out.

No. 948299

File: 1635055956758.jpg (6.61 KB, 200x150, 4c9da86f313fa066b1184309532373…)

>Be me
>Resting in the couch
>Couch is next to a window
>Be able to see the entry of the house
>Too tired
>Use couch as a bed
>I can't be seen from the other side of the window
>Little girl knocks the door
>Girl starts to run
>Knocking woke me up
>Rise up and see her through the window
>Mom is coming to open the door
>"Mom, she already left running"
>Mom looks at the window too
>Girl heard me
>Girl didn't run far
>We look at her standing on the road
>She says hi, goodbye and runs away faster
>Mfw now I can't sleep again
>Dumbass kid

No. 948311

File: 1635059899095.jpg (36.53 KB, 372x400, tumblr_nk9xqnoxxR1u8ulhbo1_400…)

why is /ot/ sooooooooo dead lately?

No. 948312

Probably because of the CP spam.

No. 948319

Definitely The Grand Budapest Hotel! It's so beautiful anon, you won't regret it, promise

No. 948323

Oh god, it's 4:20 am. I swear it was just 11 pm, damn

No. 948326

What's wrong with the farmers in the lucinda thread? Where are that girl's parents?

No. 948335

Imagine how annoying it'd be wearing glasses if we didn't have external ears

No. 948339

built to be nerds

No. 948340

File: 1635067220253.jpg (15.58 KB, 236x354, medievalglasses.jpg)

I got you fam

No. 948341

I secretly wonder if her parents havent;s sacrificed her to some island spirit

No. 948347

I finally saw a cross lolcow/twitter post from a suspected farmer. Sometimes you really can just tell

No. 948349

Drop the name

No. 948350

>omg anon you look really sick, you even have bumps on your face!

That's acne you fucking retard. I hate how people think that after a certain age you magically stop having acne. I also have a shit cold.

No. 948362

I want to and have always wanted to look and act cold, intimidating and unapproachable but in college my friends all say I come across as cute and silly and it just kills me.

No. 948369

I wish I was tall enough to turn guys off and make them feel insecure

No. 948386

Why? I've been told on multiple occasions that people thought I was an "Ice Queen" before approaching/getting to know me. I don't think that's a postive thing at all.

No. 948408

This. I have a resting bitch face and people assume I'm an arrogant stupid, scary bitch without ever talking to me, it's not fun. The only pro side is that it keeps men away.

No. 948409

not her but it looks cool and powerful. but it's considered more positive for males, my brother was popular in school because of it.

No. 948423

File: 1635080572986.jpg (43.74 KB, 337x445, 61BYAMPJJQL._SY445_.jpg)

Didn't Andy Milonakis die a decade ago? Why is he suddenly alive again?

No. 948435

im exactly one mental breakdown away from going out in public with fake sideburns and leather shorts

No. 948460

It’s because males are expected to be obnoxious twats 24/7, so when one acts like an average human being…
The asshole is treated like the second coming of Christ!

No. 948464

*If men dropped dead the moment they spoke, the world would be much better.

No. 948467

Cute and silly is what I live for

No. 948484

File: 1635087741201.jpeg (124.43 KB, 640x793, 1590C0F1-7FE1-40FB-BDD6-44593F…)

This piece of art is so unappealing to me. I get annoyed every time I see it. I can’t explain why, I just feel intense scrote energy radiating from it idk

No. 948487

File: 1635087826779.jpg (37.55 KB, 622x622, E0Ma3xFUYAQ-zr6.jpg)

Since three weeks I've been showing my aunt movies with Mads Mikkelsen and I've managed to make her go from "eww he's ugly" to "he's ok I guess" to "nonita play another episode of Hannibal.." and giggling when she sees his photos. Now I have to turn my coworker into a madsfag as well. My powers are growing

No. 948492

lmfao who is more smug, the goat or her this absolutely must be a paintover of a woman's face amd photobashing. looks like a grown woman's tan face and a corpse's hands. probably took everything but her face straight from an illustrated kid's bible stories book and shooped in instagram prettygirl

No. 948493

This guy is weird. I guess it's an acquired taste. I'm also starting to get the appeal because of long exposure to his ugly face here.

No. 948495


No. 948510

File: 1635090520845.jpg (157.82 KB, 1080x1611, a2329219d85ed347b34acc057fc43e…)

regular facial features, high cheek bones, curved lips, soulful sad eyes, strong jaw, nice hair and beautiful athletic body, how is he ugly

No. 948515

Ntayrt but he looks botched. Idk if he's actually had a bunch of surgery but he has an off putting uncanny valley quality

No. 948524

he always looked like that

No. 948525

File: 1635092102309.jpg (34.07 KB, 379x490, glitz pageant flipper teeth.jp…)

She looks like one of those dolled up kids who participate in beauty pageants (honestly those pageants are fucking evil)

No. 948533

This may sound retarded to non believers but I went to visit a family grave and I took a few photos and there's those light artefacts in a couple of them, but just one in each photo (it's a grave of two and they passed close to each other). And the orbs move around even when I shot the same scene so the light didn't shift. Spooky. Anyway as soon as I got there I cried hysterically. RIP

No. 948536

Anon I'm sorry but "orbs" are minute particles of dust Ave other debris floating through the air or stuck to your lens.

No. 948538

File: 1635093346736.jpg (189.97 KB, 1080x1483, tumblr_8a1ce43ced17be0137dfc24…)

>he looks botched
that's just his face

No. 948542

File: 1635093746973.jpg (83.77 KB, 807x960, 119556400_10109036189819993_24…)

when I showed a picture of Mads to my mother and sister, they first comment is "where are his eyebrows?", now they refer to him as "the one without eyebrows" haha

No. 948543

That's exactly what bothers me about him, he looks like he has no eyebrows

No. 948545

Same. He looks weird.

No. 948549

File: 1635094488928.jpg (656.63 KB, 936x1950, IMG_20211024_185439.jpg)

kek he doesn't fucking have them

No. 948560

he looks too old and weird. i don't think I'll ever see the appeal

No. 948561

File: 1635096340564.jpg (51.77 KB, 631x764, EpAdu6PXcAM61uo[1].jpg)

the appeal sees you

No. 948562

Ew, too old.

No. 948568

File: 1635096924759.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1623091195727.jpg)

No thankies

No. 948570

Mads should be the new forbidden man so we don't have to see him in /ot/.

No. 948573

He's offensively ugly. His skull shows too much like a romulan. Whoopi Voldemort looking geriatric bag of bones

No. 948576

i think part of what makes him attractive (to me) is just all the memes i've seen about him. used to think he was ugly, but now he's cute in a dog-like way. like an ugly-cute dog?

No. 948584

he probably looked better when he was younger. any pics?

No. 948586

File: 1635100016925.jpg (74.95 KB, 552x879, tumblr_51d2b9e24d4f2a4b437d830…)


No. 948590

there's still something about him that looks off.. i think i'm just not used to that face shape tbh

No. 948591

beautiful. i missed my chance to fuck him…

No. 948593

File: 1635100457434.jpeg (49.76 KB, 370x500, 23FFDA95-48D5-479D-80DA-079F79…)

this is what he looks like

No. 948594

holy high cheekbones kek they were even more pronounced back then
attractive, ngl

No. 948595

File: 1635100770771.jpg (79.8 KB, 720x960, 05894cc42929bb8813c9247ee67463…)

fuck you

No. 948596

saw a guy in college with cheekbones just like his, i was smitten

No. 948609

File: 1635101896947.jpeg (124.32 KB, 750x1000, C07B2B72-46AC-4ABE-B79A-43B7EC…)

honestly im just tired of horny-ass anons posting their ugly men all over /ot/. Stick to /g/ dammit

No. 948610

Mads is objectively attractive tho

No. 948613

I mean, at least post someone young and beautiful if you gotta spam.

No. 948616

i mean there's already a bunch of "husbandos" and "men you want to fuck' threads, why come here

No. 948622

I'd post the photos but I don't want to dox myself. There very distinct bright orbs and only one in each photo and it's hard to describe but I think it's ghosts but I also think God sends me signs so I'll stop explaining myself now lol

No. 948624

I get it, I'm just extra bitter about having to look at old ugly guys.

No. 948627

There's a certain type of woman who makes her attraction to a man she can't have (or multiple men) into her whole personality, and they think it's cute or quirky or something. Sometimes, their strongest bond with other women is through both of them husbandofagging over the same man
They're the same as k-pop stans basically. Driverspergs and Mikkelsenspergs are in fandoms. Because of that (think to edits, reaction images, etc of actors and general fan culture), and for their own individual reasons, all of this means that like 30% of their random thoughts gravitate to those men, so it ends up bleeding into /ot/ where they're just posting random stuff. It's cringe and should stop, but I get why they're like this. Western boy bands used to take advantage of this in the 90s and 2000s too, women can just be huge simps

No. 948639

Not drinking soda instantly makes me respect anyone 10x more. Not drinking soda is sexy

No. 948641

I drink black coffee all day, like non stop…is that still good?

No. 948643

Soda is a nice treat and it helps soothe my nerves

No. 948654

I don't drink soda I drink pop

No. 948658

I don't drink soda I drink the pee of people who drank soda. Soda 2.0

No. 948668

File: 1635106912061.jpg (129.1 KB, 851x1493, 71SUaiQ9zHL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

You gotta run the pee through one of these carbonator things to get the full experience

No. 948673

the strawberry poptart lawsuit has me rolling

No. 948674

Um…guys chans….je veux vous poser une question desu…giggles kawaiiment

So there’s a girl (une tomodachi of mine hehe) who I ran into from a couple years ago, and we had a really nice talk and I walked back to hers…i-it had been two years, but it was actually really nice. And she feels odd in her new class, and I’m cripplingly lonely atm because school finished (temporairement!)
But when we stopped being friends, she had started to ignore me, elle a agi comme si she didnt want me to exist plus…cela me rend so sad to think about it tbh desu

But it was à cause de this girl who was a baka and turned people against me. Maybe with just us in town it would be ok? Should I ask if she wants to go to the library or qlqch silly? We only talked pour la première fois depuis like two years…i dont want to be desperate. But we got on so well, and I’m arguing with another girl, and I miss her. Should I send the text? I’m devenu so nervous and retarded from lack of contact. Help nonnies

No. 948688

Having one of random months where my period is old brown blood the whole way through. Its like my womb is a hoader and she's finally letting go of old junk.

Or maybe it's cancer. I dunno

No. 948693

nonnie do u get pap smears?

No. 948694

Mine too, it was bright blood for 2-3 days and the rest has been dried. High five

No. 948697

Same. Coffee too.

No. 948699

Now that's an ugly pic. It kills all the appeal instantly. Men should be shamed to never take their clothes off the way women are shamed when we show skin, but in this case it's because they're ugly. We should make fun of them every time they take any piece of clothing off. Like, how you let your man walk around showing his ankles? That fucking ogre. And you call him worse things the more skin he shows. That's the society we should live in.

No. 948703

He needs some sugar

No. 948704

My goal for this week is to find out if my work crush is single. Plz Lord. Let me have him

No. 948720

Not sure if based and pinkpilled anon or undercover scrote with cock in hand

No. 948739

Guys I was gonna say something but I forgot

No. 948742

File: 1635114989805.png (516.97 KB, 1134x727, dr983.png)

Guys what if this actually happened
What if Joe Biden really did make Donald Trump say "I lost the debate because I'm a bad kitty" after a debate
Who would be in the wrong

No. 948762

what if i generally don't drink it except for a few times a year. it actually helps my stomach aches sometimes tbh

No. 948763

This is a fair opinion, I do drink coke zero often but usually in small amounts because it makes me feel sick. The thought of drinking a tonne of it is gross, and I'm particularly grossed out by people who drink soda in the mornings. There's a guy at work who drinks Mountain Dew all day long and it's viscerally repulsive.

No. 948824

I was following a troon on Tumblr that I thought was a woman because he was using snow filters that actually looked decent and feminized his face a lot. I feel so betrayed and dumb, damn.

No. 948825

File: 1635122436473.jpg (126.67 KB, 1080x594, Screenshot_20211024-193949.jpg)

The fuck

No. 948826

>$20 per 10 pages
Wtf that's 50 cents a page

No. 948827

I hate people who don't know anything about how a job is done and decide to determine the price themselves. Do you go to the car mechanic and say I will pay you 50 dollars to fix my car? No you don't he fixes your car and tells you how much money you need to pay

No. 948829


No. 948830

I did some more research on the LLC that posted this job and it's owned by a woman who claims to be an actress and writer. She looks like a nobody trying to monopolize on other people's talent.

No. 948835

File: 1635123378849.jpg (205.42 KB, 2000x1334, shower jelly.jpg)

I just found out about shower jellies, and now I want to eat one.

No. 948838

My nephews love them, it makes them want to take a shower so they can play with it.
They're fun, you should buy one.

No. 948839

what are those? just eat normal jello…

No. 948868

That mandela catalouge video was kind of cool and creepy but the segment with the voice actors was so bad it took me right out of it. The part where the doppleganger runs up to the camera and it's just that still image of that one creepy police sketch guy made me laugh really hard it was so cheesy. People commenting how they couldn't sleep after watching it confuse me. Are people so easily impressed that someone with basic video editing skills put together something so basic? It's no local 58 for sure.
The video blameitonjorge posted recently about the missing woman that doesn't exist disturbed me and keep me up for a few nights and that wasn't made up by someone trying to be scary.

No. 948872

I watched that video a couple nights ago and it didn't scare me that bad, but I am usually good at preventing myself from being scared. Was the video you watched the Hannah Upp one? It looks interesting.
Speaking of scary shit that isn't that scary, I don't get why that Walten Family stuff got so hyped up. I tried to watch the Nexpo video about it but it was just so boring, I can't even really remember the plot. The only "creepy" (and I use that word loosely) thing was the picture of the founders.

No. 948876

Nope it was Joanna Lopez

No. 948939

File: 1635137106468.jpeg (37.44 KB, 590x418, 35159DB6-8036-4848-9E9B-8831E3…)

I’m so self-conscious about my huge ass, that I pick anything that falls on the floor like pic related but without letting that my leg touches the floor.
I just hate knowing that there’s people staring at my ass, I don’t care if I look funny while picking up stuff, I’ve been doing this since I was a kid because I’ve been told that I have a huge ass since forever.

No. 948949

I tried one from Lush and it smelled so good, I seriously wanted to take a bite sometimes. They go really fast though.

No. 948975

File: 1635139484283.jpg (183.48 KB, 1200x800, DWuNB_tX4AAoYXw.jpg)

I just went on wikipedia to look at pictures of all the different species of seals and I started crying. They are so cute.

No. 948984

That's better for your back anyways.

No. 948992

I can't believe how dumb my mother is. We were watching a movie with Jake Gyllenhaal in it (he's around 20 years old in it). My mother looks at me and says that's not Jake Gyllenhaal. She doesn't seem to understand aging at all. How the hell is she 58 years old yet does not understand how people look different as they age. It's worse when the actor/actress has known drug problems or EDs and on top of that abuse photoshop/filters. It hurts my head how mind numbingly stupid she can be.

No. 948994

Kys anon

No. 948999

Only if you go first nonnie.

No. 949012

File: 1635144366206.png (Spoiler Image, 112.9 KB, 228x420, i hate sissies.PNG)

I have to stop playing this fucking game. My eyes…

No. 949040

File: 1635146675881.jpeg (74.72 KB, 634x960, 5ddacea77e847.jpeg)

I was in my first car crash today. I was driving through the main street and some idiot 17 year old rolled through a give way sign and t-boned me right in the drivers door. Luckily we were both going pretty slowly and the most I have is a stiff neck and a sore shoulder but it was still really fucking scary. This nice lady hugged me and called the police for me because I was crying too much, and a guy who worked at a corner store brought us some bottled water. Luckily we're both insured and the kid stayed on the scene and admitted fault to the police, but fuck, really didn't need getting my car fixed added on top of the list of shit in my life I need to think about.

Overall would rate the experience 3/10, was v scary and pretty painful but was nice having complete strangers step out to help me in a moment of need.

No. 949048

is that grimes

No. 949072

File: 1635150819062.jpg (61.66 KB, 750x707, 1611454881590.jpg)

Fucking hate that sitting granny. His voice ruins every livestream he wanders in. Old man has couple more years to live and he is using them to live vicariously through younger and more famous twitch streamers.

No. 949090

File: 1635153630388.jpg (28.58 KB, 474x457, jsu.jpg)

There's no better feeling than finding a new, completely unexplored concept to daydream about. I'm set for the next eight or nine months, nonnies.

No. 949092

Spill it nonnie, whatcha daydreaming about?

No. 949104

I'm like 70% certain that listening to shitty modern pop music non stop gives you brain damage, seeing the way its fans talk and interact with each other. Creepy shit

No. 949128

There's this small part of me that panics a little when I see a post from an anon about how she made a new cool friend. I'm like "what if that's my friend and she's made a new friend and she's going to stop talking to me". I don't think she even uses image boards, or even knows what one is, but I still get this feeling. She's all I got in terms of friends, so I guess I'm just afraid of being abandoned. We don't get to see each other much and she's made some really cool friends at work. Idk. We had a conversation recently about self esteem and how we both think we're garbage but think the other person is amazing and it felt good to say those things but it doesn't erase the insecurity. I'm sure if she was next to me she'd hug me and tell me I'm being silly.

No. 949151

File: 1635161446397.jpeg (45.09 KB, 540x540, 4D90FF83-7F40-4D9F-A7DD-3A63A9…)


No. 949170

Why did I think Audrey Hepburn was a European actress she's British.

No. 949173

File: 1635165793417.jpeg (20.74 KB, 593x121, 79415E80-F638-4EDE-A52C-DACB49…)

We haven’t had lots of e-mails posted nowadays, so this is a treat, I hope e-mail list anon has it updated.

No. 949189

No. 949190

You're not wrong anon. Her ancestry was English, Dutch and Austrian and her family moved around a lot, living all over Europe.

No. 949193

I think she means Brit vs a continental European country. Unless I'm being dim and it's some sort of joke that's flown over my head lol.

No. 949205

.. am I really this stupid but being British also makes her European, right? The UK is in Europe afterall? Like how a German person is also European?

No. 949209


No. 949213

Interesting analysis, but no. At least not in my case. Maybe you should go on and write a research paper on the phenomenon kek. I see genuine potential, so I would love to read it
>all of this means that like 30% of their random thoughts gravitate to those men, so it ends up bleeding into /ot/ where they're just posting random stuff
IDK if my 3D husbando makes even a 5% of my yearly thoughts. Head full

No. 949221

i made a really awful thread when i was drunk and i can't stop laughing at the outrage it caused and i simultaneously feel really guilty that people had to use it for a few days

No. 949256

Which thread was that anon?

No. 949262

Burger education…

No. 949286

Season 4 of Family Guy is high art

No. 949288

Screw em it's good to shake it up

No. 949301

the absolutely god awful shayna thread
i specifically remember being off my balls and Ctrl-fing "thread picture" and finding nothing
i feel like people were having mental breakdowns because of the format in the thread it went so far someone made a whole new one that got locked
i feel like ive broken a few shayna anons in my intoxicated 3am brainfog

No. 949327

nobody actually cared that much, you've riled yourself up over nothing. it just looked like newfag shit.

No. 949400

File: 1635187465529.jpeg (15.04 KB, 250x205, 20238BFA-F5E0-4E78-9A3A-E96361…)

Why does everyone looks like raw or roast chicken in their nudes?

No. 949412

Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

No. 949428

File: 1635190426313.jpg (23.03 KB, 612x406, istockphoto-1136834897-612x612…)

Pouring one out for the reading comprehension on this site.

No. 949436

File: 1635191421866.png (350.11 KB, 640x455, E3E1C6EB-8959-4EFB-9BCF-060190…)

I sent this to my ex who’s just a fan of indie music and he’s seething while I tell him how much one direction slaps and synth notes looped and sustained for 8 minutes is boring and stupid. Just to feel something (superiority)

No. 949438

That’s some real girl boss shit right there

No. 949439


No. 949449


No. 949486

File: 1635195456814.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.86 KB, 1080x607, Screenshot_20211025-155718.jpg)

Raw chicken? That's just what wh*te pussy looks like. Everyone's eager to take nudes after getting waxed and their hair follicles are still traumatized, looking like feather plucked chicken skin.

No. 949521

File: 1635198366975.jpeg (169.01 KB, 828x612, BE3DE245-7661-4300-8322-C30914…)

There’s nothing funnier to me than ethots who tell people to work harder when they have an Amazon wishlist link in their bio and they constantly beg for donation/gifts. Peak comedy.

No. 949527

I hope you said that. Tell that e-beggar bitch what's what

No. 949537

I really like brown noise

No. 949539

Waxing in general is awful unless you go to a place that absolutely knows what they're doing which is rare, on top of that most waxing places don't put proper aftercare products on you so you have to drive home and rub your raw cooch against your panties/pants/ whatever. I prefer shaving for this reason and it's not as harsh if you do it right

No. 949543

I thought waxing was supposed to be better

No. 949552

Shaved or waxed vulvas look so off-putting to me, almost prepubescent. I'll take a nice trimmed bush any day

No. 949553


sugar paste > wax. also if you're wearing anything tight or underwear to and after any downstairs hair removal, you're retarded

No. 949555

these bitches would die if onlyfans didn't exist. imagine e-thots going to college?

No. 949556

File: 1635201729960.jpg (118.16 KB, 1838x1385, interesting.JPG)


No. 949582

File: 1635204373424.jpeg (87.02 KB, 735x1102, BEDE1A2A-D61D-4BAB-ACAC-6D7AFF…)

I tried to bake a chocolate and orange flavored cake and accidentally used two tablespoons of baking soda instead of 2 teaspoons. I am sad because of the wasted ingredients but also sad because that cake was going to be my dinner. I’m going to just re-do it tomorrow and I know it’ll be fine but I’m just so mad at myself for making such a stupid mistake that led to something so wasteful if you’re wondering it’s completely inedible, it tastes delicious for a split second but then immediately inundates you with that metallic baking soda taste also not my pic but what I was going for more or less

No. 949587

That happened to me too once. It tasted like pretzels, my dad didn't mind it he ate it (thanks dad) I did too out of guilt

No. 949596

> but also sad because that cake was going to be my dinner
You should be thankful, your subconscious was trying to prevent you from eating cake for dinner.

No. 949603

I'm such a fucking simp, all a male content creator has to do is be funny and not hate women and I will develop a retarded parasocial crush on him. kill me

No. 949621

I feel your pain anon, I'm the same. Mind sharing your latest squeeze?

No. 949624

actually yes because my most recent one (who promoted that post) is extemely embarrassing and anons will (righfully) bully me to death. before him it was xqc though yes I posted him in /g/. tfw no lanklet manchild bf to bring tendies to

No. 949639

File: 1635212507515.png (Spoiler Image, 152.13 KB, 400x400, 1635203013614.png)

someone posted this in a thread and this woman is so… I dont like her face. Like her face makes my skin crawl. I never wish to see her ever again.

No. 949640

sure, Jan

No. 949643

NTAYRT but More like tfw no lanklet gamer bf to squeeze around the tiny waist and abuse and also fuck the shit out of

No. 949646

File: 1635213112012.gif (1.44 MB, 498x276, 04h.gif)

>she doesn't know

No. 949654

Most people that say "Yes" to the question "Would you date a trans woman?" only say yes because in their heart, they know they'll likely never be put in that situation so it's easier to say "Yes I would" because they can safely assume that their "morally correct" will win, but they will almost never be put in that situation.

No. 949656

AO3 is so bizarre…

No. 949663

It's like how the vast majority of christian women say they'd never abort but the real statistics for abortion in the case of detected fetal deformity is over 90%

"What would you do???" polls are absolutely useless as most of the answers come from the ego and not the truth

No. 949673

File: 1635216162022.jpg (76.04 KB, 563x558, 01d5eb3a6537c2e654642bc4c0c50b…)

This reminds me that I didn't know who AOC was for a while and I would get her name mixed up with AO3 on the internet.
Like an absolute ding dong

No. 949685

I'm gonna sound like a huge bitch but fuck it this is lolcow. I was lurking some trad woman's tumblr, and ended up on her instagram. I was actually shocked to see that she's not that attractive at all, she's chubby and her fashion sense ranges from boring to ugly. I was expecting someone who puts so much focus on femininity and looking good for your man to look better.

No. 949696

Fat bitches don’t have to worry about style and trying to look presentable. Once they have a man they know he doesn’t give a fuck about how she dresses and how bad her BO smells.

No. 949716

I saw some onlyfans chick tweet about how she’s glad she never went to college because now she’s making “more than doctors do”. joke’s on her because a doctor will still have a job 5 years from now. I also wonder how many of these girls don’t have savings or an investment portfolio and dump all of their money straight into buying toys and designer garbage because it seems like most of them just buy junk instead of putting money into savings.

No. 949731

The userbase truly confuses me. Is it women that are writing all those fucked up fanfics involving rape, pedophilia and such?

No. 949739

it's possible with the sheer amount of ddlgtards out there, they're all over tumblr fics too (although not outright pedo shit generally)

No. 949740

I think it is, I mean I don't think women are necessarily above that kind of stuff, we're just less likely to do it IRL. The reason I made that post is cause curiosity got the best of me and I read the "about me" section of a women who is a self proclaimed "Well-behaved pedophile". Completely killed my horny. It's really my fault for forgetting to use the tag filters or just sticking to authors I already bookmarked.
With that being said, there are some great writers and interesting fics on AO3. I also don't know if the AO3 userbase skews towards women, it might be an equal amount of men and women?

No. 949748

Are anons really gonna act like fucked up fetishes are a prominent issue on ao3? The site is so easy to get actual data from to prove whether it is or not. Pick any random fandom, check the filters and you can see for yourself how uncommon it is. I guarantee that in almost every fandom, unless the canon itself is particularly fucked up, gen/teen fic far outnumbers explicit fic. And of the explicit fic, only a small % has a warning for rape or underaged. And of those rape/underaged warnings, most apply to the bad guy raping a character or a highschool au or literally anything other than it being the fetish in sex scenes.

I feel like I'm tripping when people act like a site which is mostly not even porn is full of sick fucks.

No. 949753

im not attending a "mandatory" meeting that could have been an email on my day off, my boss can suck my ass. im gonna get some hard cider and stay under a blanket all day with my pets

No. 949761

that's a tranny nonna

No. 949765

You can always tell when a tranny has been spamming images all over the site because they have no control over it and continuously spam it and spread it all over, even when it's clear that it's not funny and that people have moved on. It's their male brain going "oonga boonga woman like my post? must post more!!". Especially the waifu generator among others…

No. 949775

man the last time i complained about the waifu generator thread so many anons got upset and started posting their boulder-titted waifus outside the thread

No. 949799

Do you have any examples of this?

No. 949844

My favourite is when an obvious moid gets his feelings hurt over manhate but tries really hard to suppress his spergout and instead starts being extremely passive aggressive and trying to pull embarrassing gotchas.
>H-hello fellow girls, d-do you like huge dommy mommy milker anime titties? I sure do!
>Piss off scrote
>Harumph, you DO realize SOME women like big dommy mommy milker anime titties too? What, you hate female characters or something?? Sounds pretty misogynistic, am I right??

No. 949849

There's one doing it right now in the unpopular opinions thread. Even going as far as accusing nonita of posting cp all because she voiced an opinion that called him and his ilk out.

No. 949850

No, that's just homophobe-chan being called out. I'm talking about the scrotes who post obvious coomershit and chimp out when anons aren't fooled.

No. 949851

Nothing homophobic was said. OP didn’t even say she hated gay men. Get over it retard. You’re the one being called out.(infighting)

No. 949852

Why are you so fucking obsessed?

No. 949853

Jesus christ please don't spill this shit over multiple threads

No. 949854


No. 949855

Cry me a fucking river. Just asking schizo a question.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 949856

Projecting what?

No. 949859

I don't mind the waifu generator thread and I thought it was kind of fun at first, but you can pick out the scrotes easily when they make their stupid coomer brained comments. It's like they can't help being degenerates no matter where they go. If scrotes didn't try to sexualize all their interests or go into man rages every time you disagreed with them, I wouldn't even know they were a man.

No. 949867

File: 1635236153744.jpg (190.72 KB, 720x900, saking eatan teh banana.jpg)

Yeah I'm thinking it's dark chocolate fudge Oreo time (3:15 am)

No. 949872

>but you can pick out the scrotes easily when they make their stupid coomer brained comments.
Really? Because I see no coomer comments on the thread

No. 949937

File: 1635239994110.jpeg (30.97 KB, 240x320, 402D1284-9518-45EA-AAFF-FD3E2D…)

The way this image triggered my fight or flight reaction

No. 949942

why did they take this picture

No. 949946

And then put it on the cover of a magazine. I don’t know anon. I don’t know.

No. 949950

Is that… is that Jason Bateman? Wtf lol

No. 949989

bump, gore

No. 949992

File: 1635245232908.jpg (73.1 KB, 577x1024, Claude West -Cat Man on Twitte…)

Gore, be careful scrolling

No. 949997

Bump, there's also gore in /g/.

No. 949998

Retard keeps posting gore, don't scroll.

No. 950002

File: 1635245469208.png (1.25 MB, 800x684, Nigerian Dwarf Baby Goats for …)

I think it's all gone from this board now

No. 950004

File: 1635245537257.gif (15.92 KB, 220x220, animation.gif)

Nice job with the bumping girls!

No. 950020

is it gone yet?

No. 950021

Yeh you're good

No. 950062

File: 1635250613391.jpg (132.02 KB, 1180x820, 20211026_141311.jpg)

Maybe I'm mean, but I'm losing my shit at a 26 year old girl drawing stuff like this kek. Not posting it in the horrible art thread since it's not gross, just beginner shit.
she's been drawing for 8 years now

No. 950063

Nta but there was a point before where someone kept using "milkers" unironically but I haven't checked the most recent posts

No. 950064

Clearly it hasn't been focused drawing. 8 years? With one year of actual learning she would drastically improve. Encourage her to pursue the fundamentals if you can. And no I don't mean anatomy, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

No. 950065

File: 1635250921465.jpg (30.55 KB, 460x390, borzoi_snow_dogs.jpg)

the images in the neural blender thread disturb me more than any of the gore that's been posted here

No. 950066

If we were friends I would, but she's just some munchie that keeps telling teen friends on discord how she has 50 diseases, my younger sister sent me her twitter account to trashtalk her.

No. 950067

She deserves her mediocrity in that case
I'm majorly addicted to it

No. 950068

File: 1635251153317.jpg (369.88 KB, 1280x1007, bday___pikaxrich_by_jose_ramir…)

It's kind of cute, I like how the one on the right has no ears kek but I don't think it counts as making fun of beginner shit if she's been drawing like this for 8 years..that's almost impressive. My favorite kind of art personal cows are the people who draw constantly but never improve even over the course of years. The ones I find are usually autistic deviantart moids who draw like picrel and have weird cartoon-related fetishes. Doing a deep-dive of these people's galleries yields some weird shit.

No. 950070

When I sit to draw I have this anxiety that makes me shake and sweat because I'm terrified of doing badly (I went through a few years of my family, especially my mom, shaming me and my art and comparing me to people with higher skill levels) so I have this bit of jealous of people who draw no matter what their skill level is and regardless of what others might think of their work. I wanna draw freely too.

No. 950072

the smiths did incelcore before it was cool

No. 950073

where the fuck is the gore. somehow i always miss it

No. 950076

why do you want to see that shit? It's not cute

No. 950077

It's was like a whole ass exploded face this time

No. 950107

it scares me when lc users follow me like I always get nervous like how would you guys react to me because i’m pretty sure one of you just followed me

No. 950119

We follow you, but we will never tell you what we think about you.

No. 950127

>Tfw that girl draws better than me and I’ve been drawing ever since I was 8
I don’t know, nonnie, some people are just too autistic to learn, I went to an art school for a few weeks lots of things happened all I could learn was how to color a bit better and how to make my drawings look cleaner.
But it’s just that not everyone has art as their first priority and they only draw for actual fun instead of trying to be the next big artist in the block.
I stopped caring about my skills and only learning slowly because like, why should I compete with everyone else? I’m just having fun while doing my funny little doodles.

No. 950130

Well, it's not about competition. It's just about personal improvement. Imo people who don't care should refrain from signing their art like it's some kind of masterpiece or a valuable piece of property.

No. 950131

That’s another issue I got, I don’t see why someone shouldn’t sign their doodles, maybe it was a great achievement for the person who did the drawing because it pushed their own capabilities further and so they’re proud of their art.
The issue is when they start selling their doodles for like 100$ a single character without background.

No. 950132


People signing their art means fuck all.

No. 950134

Yes it does, they're trying to "watermark" it, to prevent people from stealing it when it isn't worth stealing. You sign your art when its an actual piece of art, not a doodle or a character design. Sorry if that opinion bothers you.

No. 950137


You're really this challenged? They tell kindergartners to sign their art. People signing their art isn't an instant watermark. Watermarks are watermarks.

No. 950139

NTA but "worth" is subjective lol. Nothing wrong with IDing. I literally only see autistic artfags from places like /ic/ make it out to be an ego thing, but it's an extremely normal thing to do. Even little kids do it on crayon drawings

No. 950143

i just went through the mcdonald's drive thru and it was weird. the lady looked at me like she was scared and slowly handed me my meal, then right when i drove off i thought my car was hitting like 3 curbs at the same time but when i looked back there was nothing in the way. if i'm gonna be dramatic, the employee had some final destination moment

No. 950149

File: 1635259755951.jpg (145.28 KB, 750x422, ascension.jpg)

i feel like some kind of higher being when i catch my period the moment it starts

No. 950154

and I thought weird shit happened to me. at least I was able to tell when I hit the employee (not McDonalds) who knows what the fuck was happening at your location

No. 950157

Could you see a child showing this anon their signed art? "Oh, you think you're gonna sell this, Timmy? You think you're an artist?"

No. 950162

so apparently there was a furry convention where 19 furries came on a pizza, one of them ate in, then they left it in the hallway

No. 950174

You didn’t have to post this anon

No. 950178

File: 1635263887530.jpg (69.09 KB, 375x599, 74f0d9419bfd8a16d7ea1cf82468b3…)

Furries would have a lot more respect if they chose to wear lizard suits when doing weird shit instead of the retarded dog shit. They could even make it to Congress in a lizard suit.

No. 950188

File: 1635264649419.jpg (25.91 KB, 570x428, cry6.jpg)

Does anyone else who has been banned for a dumb reason feel a bit concerned with posting again once you're unbanned? I made a post and immediately deleted it afterwards because I was low-key worried that a mod would find a way to ban me for it somehow

No. 950196

No, on the contrary. I tune up the shitposting as soon as my ip changes I'm unbanned.

No. 950201

Shit, my brother was right that I interrupt people. I just get excited and dont think and say shit before the moments past. I noticed today. So then at lunch I listened lol, and it fucking sucks because like, the moment does indeed past and sometimes you can't circle back and it's like aw.

No. 950204

I love it when I shitpost a lot here, and on one post I've made I get a bunch of replies calling me a fucking idiot who should kms, then on another post I have multiple nonnies calling me based and/or relateable.

It really highlights the duality of man, hmm.

No. 950205

i've been told it's an adhd thing but they say that about everything now. i have the same problem but moreso because i will immediately lose the thought if i don't get it out right then and there.

No. 950207

I either have adhd or habitual weed smoking and speaking with other smokers has rendered me socially retarded lol

No. 950214

File: 1635266847148.png (267.37 KB, 1080x1920, Have a good day.png)

I'm bored

No. 950226

the people who call you based are other idiots like you

No. 950228

File: 1635267976277.gif (18.38 KB, 512x512, 1632189197264.gif)

No, I have no superior on image boards, not even Admin herself (peace be upon her) can deter me from shitposting.

And I can and WILL report my own posts if I don't get any attention.

No. 950229

i started going to church again for the first time in about 9/10 years. have no idea why, it just feels safe and clean and quiet. i don't believe in god btw

No. 950231

I feel like a huge idiot after ive been banned but that won't stop me.

No. 950232

in those 8 years how many hours has she practiced? that's what matters, unless you assume she practiced 24/7

No. 950235

I'm getting bored of my work crush lol his stealing glances at me is boring now. He needs to step it up or the crush is done.

No. 950238

no, i love when my shitposting is acknowledged

No. 950255

File: 1635269762952.jpg (48.86 KB, 600x497, Tumblr_l_171404757368987.jpg)

Are we in agreement that the Euro thread is a containment thread and eurofags are not welcome to the rest of this board? Voting starts now

No. 950258

I never realized how badly I needed a watermelon car until this moment

No. 950259

t. eurochad

No. 950262

Who cares? It's nice to talk to people from different places

No. 950265

U american

No. 950269

No. 950274

File: 1635270423647.jpg (43.97 KB, 560x375, vb.jpg)

No. If there is a janny who bans for retarded reasons, it's always better to make them seethe

No. 950275

Looking forward to burgers trying to post in the Italian, German, Scandi and Finnish threads now, since europeans are only allowed to be in the euro thread. No google translate allowed. Grammar must be perfect.

No. 950276

NA containment thread next? xo

No. 950277

File: 1635270541660.png (1.16 MB, 960x640, traditional-british-brick-terr…)

I like British people. They are always nice to me, make good music and their houses are cute

No. 950279

Yes please, finally.

No. 950280

Contain what? At this point, "containment thread" is just a way to say "thread I don't like/triggers me".

No. 950281

No. 950282

She's either joking or salty because she got called out for thinking EU countries are states like in the US.

No. 950293

File: 1635271757234.jpg (49.37 KB, 605x454, caba967d6191ad62d601aef5951cf6…)

I'm just perfecting the art of triggering an infight in one post. I'll be back tomorrow.

No. 950294

It's currently doing a great job of containing to