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File: 1627774041482.jpeg (1.12 MB, 4644x1996, magcovers.jpeg)

No. 868889

Previous thread: >>855255

>>855678 nobody cares about new Shakira music
>>855948 US Gov get stripper looking Olivia Rodrigo to pursuade its citizens to get vaccinated
>>855969 Alanis Morissette surrounded by losers including Grimes as judges for a new version of masked singer, this time with 2d avatars >>855991
>>856217 azeealia banks cap
>>856422 >>856439 Camilla Cabello out in the wild and anons are relatively nice about it as far as body sperging goes
>>856527 if you didn't know Grimes did some vo for cyberpunk
>>856575 emrata shames her followers for shaming her for being a bad mom, if Britney was forgiven so can she!
>>856700 anons speculate over Bella Thorne being pregnant from same Italian singer
>>857008 anons discuss Maneskin
>>857153 >>857206 and comment on how old and ratty their lead singer looks aside from probably being smelly, pee stains in undies and all
>>857220 PR femanon is at it again, hating on fridge and petite lady Alicia Vikander's body like a sperg because how could Fassbender marry that?
>>857250 Lil Nas X going to court over the blood shoes, which was settled in April >>858397
>>857363 Britney post about the conservatorship, assumed to be fake
>>857382 playing guess who from a tumblr gossip screencap
>>857645 Adele dating LeBron James' agent
>>857791 anons learn that Norwegians are fatter than Swedes despite being avid mountain climbers because they stock up on cheap booze and candy
>>857824 Katie Hopkins, British retard deported from Australia
>>857828 screencap from tattle documenting Jameela Jamil's many self proclaimed 'trials and tribulations' including multiple bee attacks
>>857906 the unkillable and uncancelleable JKRowling gets another, of many, twitter deathreat
>>857958 Halsey with new baby
>>858045 old vid of JamieLynn badly performing Britney's songs for her while Britney is seen fake smiling through it all
>>858336 girl on the Bachelor, Bekah Martinez has nightmares about being a pedophile and acting on these compulsions, but that's just like pedophile OCD, its not pedophilia
>>858351 apparently she has had sex while breastfeeding
>>858360 Bekah has intrusive sexual thoughts about her children, but NOT of harming them
>>858850 Jamie Lynn goes an a deleting spree but who knows of what
>>858925 Maneskin made to apologize for singing a song with offensive words
>>859592 anons want a pop-punk revival and forget that pop punk was just as consoomer driven and corporate as rap
>>860467 Marina tests positive for COVID
>>860487 Halsey sperging over pronouns used in an Allure interview
>>860666 devil trips goes to Grimes talking about signing to a label to get out of gate-keeping in indie so she can also have money for her music videos, but according to this anon >>862994 her brother makes them for free
>>861226 Lil Nas X new music video, the thumbprint should be enough for some
>>861891 >>862473 Britney's handlers continue to make her look unhinged using old af photos
>>862472 ugly has been musicians open for the Olympic ceremonies
>>862900 Madonna looks like Lily Rose
>>862930 her photoshopping skills have improved >>862934
>>862936 >>862937 the azealia and grimes feud continues
>>863625 Grimes is going to Hollywood(cuz she plastic af) >>863955 >>864510
>>863800 Seth Rogen wants you to forget he is a lifelong best friend of creep James Franco
>>863837 Jlo and Ben saga continues, just sadder this time >>864199
>>863875 kanye wears nylons over head, not to rob a bank but to live in a stadium to record his new album
>>864040 >>864044 Grimes and Jennie from Blackpink in front of boyfriend's rocket
>>864269 rapper DaBaby is a misogynist homophobe, later apologizes >>865060
>>864658 a furby appears
>>864767 is Britney's account handler Jamie Lynn's husband?
>>865070 heiress extraordinare might be pregnant
>>865287 anons old milk about burlesqueen Dita being a narcissistic cunt
>>865290 irrelevant stars trying to stay relevant by not showering
>>865467 Better Call Saul actor collapses on set
>>865720 Variety magazine enables Ryan Adams publishing his whining for labels to give him a second chance after he got caught sexually harassing an underage girl and six other women he 'helped' so he could later ask for favours >>865771 >>865774
>>865735 Slipknot drummer is dead at 46
>>866315 >>866355 >>866378 Ariana outtakes from her album shoot, leaked from photographers icloud
>>866947 Scarlett Johansson sues Disney for releasing film on stream when contract stated exclusive theatrical release. Disney hits back with muh corona and health of citizens concerns
>>867034 Billie Eilish continues to be dressed like trash

No. 868890

File: 1627774581858.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1946x2560, wtf is this cover.jpeg)

the previous thread got locked before I could post a link to the new thread, sorry anons!

Anyways, here's a recent cover of new dad Ewan Mcgregor, unrelated to the news but I've been fascinated by the demise of magazines lately

No. 868892

>new dad
did he impregnate MEW?

No. 868893

File: 1627774662870.png (696.66 KB, 934x601, newbabybroClara.png)

Ewan had a son with the PUTA.
His daughters have obviously healed and are the ones to have shared the pics

No. 868894

File: 1627774714280.png (582.77 KB, 810x603, newbabybro.png)

yes lol. I had no idea

No. 868904

File: 1627775119333.jpeg (53.67 KB, 615x409, newbaby.jpeg)

its funny to me that she managed to give him a son when he previously had all daughters

No. 868927

Agreed, what the fuck is up with these uninspired covers? Snoozefest, I hope they don’t inspire any designers into creating beige peach and cream collections

No. 869027

File: 1627791324210.jpeg (1.73 MB, 2999x3999, F2C55ADB-F539-4A5F-9119-47D31D…)

I never noticed how similar his ex wife and Puta look. Does anyone know why he left his ex? Was it just a typical moid in Hollywood trading up or did something go awry?

No. 869032

File: 1627792360567.jpg (41.63 KB, 1320x54, hmmm.jpg)

Yeah, probably just a typical moid midlife crisis affair with a younger version of his type.

No. 869035

File: 1627792685054.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 452.71 KB, 828x1043, 189423F6-72AC-4110-8966-C43AB7…)

Oof. I knew I never liked him for a reason. He's a piece of shit.

No. 869038

>she managed to give him a son
Females don’t determine the sex of offspring nonita

No. 869081

File: 1627801268798.jpg (8.79 KB, 373x106, Screenshot_5.jpg)

This comment kek

No. 869133

File: 1627808435033.jpg (123.89 KB, 1080x1350, download.jpg)

No. 869142

File: 1627810064379.jpeg (843.67 KB, 1412x1505, 68C47A2B-53F3-45E4-9112-57CF83…)

Don't know which thread this belongs in but jeez

No. 869144

His ex is incredibly beautiful and is aging beautifully and naturally - and she is the mom of his children! But ofc even that isn't good enough for a famous scrote. They just HAVE to be younger

No. 869156

>literally who

No. 869158

I think we have tiktok thread in snow.

No. 869224

File: 1627817928668.jpeg (175.82 KB, 1117x363, D47F74A9-00DB-447C-B6BD-9E3192…)

This isn’t milky. Most marriages end in divorce, and most relationships have been dead for years before the divorce is actually finalised. Parental alienation is a real thing that people use to get back at their ex when they feel salty about their relationship going under. Until the kids realise they’re being weaponised. It’s not like MEW is some young bimbo, she’s 36 and a well respected actress. His ex is also dating someone with almost the same age difference between EMG and MEW

No. 869235

>almost the same age difference
10 years and 18 years isn't almost lmao

No. 869245

EMG is 50 and MEW is 36 so 14 years

No. 869254

File: 1627824000543.jpeg (771.23 KB, 1200x1525, 06574C5C-5238-4BAC-B0EC-C539C5…)

Ah yes, let us honor Queen Mary Elizabeth Winstead, sole bearer of an heir to the throne of the McGregor dynasty.

No. 869256

I didn't even know Eugene McGregor had daughters but lol at the daughter writing about her dad and the new mistress. Blogpost plz don't report, but it's funny, my dad did the same thing. His new wife is the double of my mum except she's near 2 decades younger. Scrotes gonna scrote

No. 869262

Trailer to Gaga's new movie "the House of Gucci" Thoughts?

No. 869274

The accents sound so forced and cringey.

No. 869276

File: 1627826876322.png (413.7 KB, 246x644, C8-C0067-F-4485-4-F5-B-97-E4-7…)


No. 869278

That's Perched's edited pic, not that she looks much better in the original.

No. 869280

she and billie eilish are twins at this point

No. 869288

>Father, son and house of Gucci
made me lol

Agree with >>869274 though, it borderline sounds like a parody or caricature

No. 869290

Lol, I hope someone posts the original.

No. 869292

File: 1627827771252.png (59.95 KB, 1182x181, Screen Shot 2021-08-01.png)

No. 869295

Gross, but I doubt the kids were surprised, McG's had an open relationship. He's been having sex with his co-stars throughout their marriage.

No. 869297

This looks fucking terrible tbh. I have no idea why they chose to have everyone do shitty Italian accents. It sounds so bad.

No. 869315

why do burgers all look ten years oldr than they are

No. 869316

>caping for has-been scrote who doesn't give a fuck about any of us

No. 869318


No. 869320

File: 1627832196229.png (561.24 KB, 465x600, DA7F7E09-50F3-442B-8CDB-9D40E2…)

here it is. not much different

No. 869326

File: 1627832841024.png (352.77 KB, 492x428, pasture.png)

True, I want to be fingered by him, as he cuddles me and places my leg on top of his body. He will gently caress my outer lips and then start rubbing his finger deeper, feeling my syroupy pussy all over his fingers, up and down. I will look at his eyes, and kiss him. Then he will enter me softly with those big hands, and I'll moan everytime he moves his fingers. He will do this until I cum and fall asleep embracing him.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 869328

Who would hire Jared Leto after years of him being a complete asshole, down to a point where made a literal sex cult? Hollywood pls

No. 869333

File: 1627833264824.jpg (120.77 KB, 902x1200, DfWK1JLX4AASHf9.jpg)

Maybe because he was the face for gucci ads in the past? But I also heard that the gucci family hates this movie because it isn't accurate, so I guess this is not really tied to the brand gucci itself and just another vanity project of gaga.

No. 869343

It feels cheap and low budget

No. 869344

Kind of unrelated but I hate that comment sections for things like this are just full of spam
>Nonsense spam
>SoundCloud or YouTube links
>my Mom says that if this comment gets 90000 likes
>9 identical posts of some lame "it's the x for me" oneliner
I just want to know what people are actually saying!

The Lil Nas X music video was exactly the same, I hate it

No. 869349

he still gets plenty of roles unfortunately.

No. 869383

I thought the cankles were at least fake. Why does she keep wearing these outfits?

No. 869391

Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I'm actually really excited for it.
I don't mind the cheesy Italian accents– I don't think the film is going to be taking itself overly seriously. It adds some camp to a movie about the messy history of a fashion house that ended up having "porno chic" revival. Taking an overly refined and tasteful approach would have been a mistake. It's a Hollywood dramatization afterall, not a scholarly documentary. If the film was actually shooting for authenticity, it wouldn't even be in English.
I think this role is a much better fit for Gaga than her character from A Star is Born. Her look is really suited for powerful Italian women from the 80's. I would love to hear some 80's remixes of her music in the soundtrack.

No. 869408

Where are you from? They look their age to me

No. 869424

offtopic since this is a hate thread but shawn and camilla have such a nice relationship, i was watching some videos of them and shawn is very sweet towards camilla.
The pedo gays that sexualized shawn since he was a child are in such denial and butthurt that he is dating a woman, also i feel like 50% of camilla hate comes from those gay men and 50% of it comes from butthurt normani and fith harmony fans.

Get over it, she said those insensitive comments when she was child and has changed drastically since then and is even taking classes on race to help her understand the insensitive comments she made more and change. Like what more do you want from her.

No. 869425

File: 1627842802982.jpg (160.7 KB, 1024x1080, selena_gomez_weight_gain_by_17…)

I dont wanna shame Selena since this may be lupus related but wow….looks like alot of celebs let themselves go during quarantine

No. 869431

At least she still has her neck.

No. 869435


She quarantine thicc.

No. 869446

Jesus she looks like 90 kg

No. 869449

does lupus make people gain weight like this

No. 869458

makes me feel better considering i gained like 20 pounds

No. 869459

Billie is most definitely a DL troon, calling it now

No. 869461

She looks fine, it’s just the side-by-side that makes it shocking

No. 869465

I think she looks okay with a fuller figure but she also looks unhappy and unhealthy

No. 869470

Lupus can affect your thyroid. Some lose weight, some gain weight.

No. 869477

idgaf about her body, people forget a lot of famous women are like 5'2" and that shit cameras make you look bigger.
but what is up with the expressions she's making in every photo? the first one i thought was a split-second workout face caught by luck but she's doing it in every one

No. 869478

his face is just so…crap, to me. he looks like a trooned out jim carrey

No. 869479

File: 1627845861672.jpg (286.24 KB, 503x601, get-a-stylist.jpg)

her body is totally average (which is fine), but she really does such a disservice to herself by styling her proportions in the least flattering way possible. the short legs/long torso is a bitch, so she needs to hire someone that can figure her clothes out for her.

the weight suits her, honestly. her round face never seemed quite right on her thin body. Selena has more fortunate proportions since gaining weight, but she's being styled in a way that's flattering for her new fuller figure which is why she looks so much better than Camilla. she'd probably also look dumpy if she was wearing Camilla's clothes.

No. 869480

i'm from a western european country but live in singapore. those two look at least 25 to me. i'm white too but they do not look 13 years younger than me even though it says they are

No. 869482

it's shocking to see the very young celebs pack on pounds like this. obviously she shouldn't be forced to maintain a weight lower than her natural one, not everyone can be a 24"-waist-chan, but it must take a lot more than just skipping the gym twice a week to literally double in size. especially when these rich people have treadmills and often yards or pools they can get a bit of exercise in

No. 869502

Parental alienation is a pedo scrote myth that helps abusers gain legal control of their families.

No. 869514

I always wondered, how does one know their "natural" weight?

No. 869537

There's a way of gauging this but I kinda forget. It's something like eating at a maintenance wait in a healthy BMI, and what you look like is what you look like

No. 869550

how big you are when you're eating just when you're hungry and getting an amount of exercise that isn't damaging your body.
it's what HAES was supposed to be before internet fats fucked it up; do the healthy actions, and accept whatever size you end up as when you're doing the healthy actions. it basically means "not everyone looks like kate moss and that's ok"

No. 869585

me too nonny. celebs, they’re just like us!

No. 869599

File: 1627857592411.png (1.14 MB, 924x816, 1627655141996.png)

ladies, please try to contain your excitement

No. 869605

I'd piss on her face and Elon's too.

No. 869607

I'd piss on your piss and I'd piss some more piss on it! haha!!!

No. 869609

How can she write a lesbian AI romance, she's the straightest pickme in the industry.

No. 869611

I'd be excited if she was even 30% as cool and smart as her persona. It's disappointing.

No. 869627

bitch has been listening to too much kpop now she's made herself look asian

No. 869632

Same thing i thought. Looking like a aespa member.

No. 869634

>a DL troon
A what?

No. 869692

it's like he misses amber and picked up a scalpel when she arrived and thought "I can work with this"

No. 869714

She still looks white to me, but I get where you are coming from

No. 869720

down low

No. 869723

what's a down low troon?

No. 869724

File: 1627870586612.jpeg (386.34 KB, 750x1140, D23052F6-AFC5-45D4-8A8E-FE8141…)

>she looks unhappy and unhealthy
Project much? Selener looks fine, not thriving, but fine.

No. 869727

She’s hasn’t told anyone that she’s trans

No. 869732

Isn't that a frown though? it looked like a frown to me

No. 869735

and why do you think such thing?

No. 869742

Nta, but it looks like a regular resting face, plus that pic is low quality

No. 869744

autistic people have a hard time discerning the meaning behind facial expressions, please try again anon and yes we will be patient with your autism

No. 869751

It's so distracting if you actually know how Italian accents sound

wow, I did not expect to ever see another foreigner in singapore on here, feel free to email me

No. 869754

File: 1627872625442.jpeg (145.99 KB, 2160x1080, 565CB438-FD66-4EA2-8EE2-C4C687…)

I’m going to hell for this

No. 869770

No. 869786

did carles from hipster runoff write that headline or is it real
i wish grimes had found a rich boyfriend at mcgill and gone to live in a gated community in ibiza and never bothered the world again

No. 869787

She’s doing the most neutral face ever, also she’s squinting because she’s at the beach and it’s sunny

No. 869788

Now this needs to be completed with other clebcows. Nonas, post faces matching the scale and I’ll add.

No. 869790

ty anon. i hate so much when all the comments under some boring celeb pic are "[celeb] looks like she's gonne rip out the throat of whoever she's looking at!" or "damn who she shooting that dirty look at"
i hope to god i never have to work or socialize with people who assume so much from minor expressions

No. 869792

File: 1627877659992.jpg (255.11 KB, 1080x1214, IMG_20210802_060908.jpg)

What's with celebrities and breastfeeding obsession? The child is turning 6 in November.

No. 869804

god i miss hipster runoff

No. 869819

Jfc that’s absolutely disgusting.
>can’t say no
How do you want to raise the kid if you can’t say a simple no

No. 869832

Her head looks TINY compared go her torso, makes it look like photoshop.

No. 869833

File: 1627887167267.jpeg (449.24 KB, 3000x2250, 1CB5FF05-BE86-4B12-9C96-B6DF23…)

Does Margaret Qualley have any milk?
What I know so far is:
>she has aspergers
>she has tourettes
>probably an eating disorder
>all her relationships have been staged management shit, ostensibly no real bf

No. 869841

File: 1627890197371.jpg (66.4 KB, 634x762, 9fe264168ab0424d8d542eb4e08ac1…)

>she has aspergers
>she has tourettes
…where did you read this?? Granted, she's socially awkward in interviews but haven't found any information that points to her having these illnesses. I read in a blind item that after Cara Delebrow broke up with her girlfriend, she started having sleepovers with Margaret and Kaia Gerber and they got really close to each other

No. 869846

File: 1627890693716.jpg (510.59 KB, 2400x1260, PRI_160801477.jpg)

I'm convinced Cara fucks every woman in her vicinity and definitely fucked all of her friends

No. 869854

I never understood the appeal of this woman. How she's a supermodel is beyond me.

No. 869862

I wish she would teach me her ways

No. 869865

Pretty easy to stumble into a modelling career when your godfather is the head of one of the biggest media conglomerates. Her whole family is mega rich and famous, no wonder her breaking onto the scene was so sudden.

No. 869866

Well that explains a lot.

No. 869874

ive always wondered why she was so famous and given so many modelling gigs considering she was not star quality at all so this explains alot
stop being a scrote

No. 869877

some women are not straight, nonnie

No. 869887

Real women are chaste and only express their sexual desires via silent, longing gazes, duh.

No. 869891

stop bsing. i said scrote because this site is filled with male lurkers and larpers so of course the probability of people thinking its a male are higher than some dyke.

No. 869895

if this was a lesbian thing she wouldn’t have stiletto nails, or at least have the first two fingernails squared off since the hands are so prominent. missed opportunity to shill this better. don’t know why she just couldn’t make it about female friendship, even if that involves potential romance, this just seems like the last thing she would naturally do. there’s real lesbian performers who deserve her funding and backing.

she destroyed her indie career for a misogynist man using her as an incubator for a preselected male child, doesn’t even pay her which she brags about like a real dumb ass, and his wives had been speaking out forever.

No. 869896

the fact that she is bragging that she doesnt get money from elon is crazy to me.
Like why would you date a person like Elon without monetary gain and even brag about it.

No. 869902

There's no reason for this unless you're going through famine; it's completely fucked up and should be considered abuse.

No. 869905

Elon probably gets a kick out of humiliating her like this and she doesnt even see it lol

No. 869907

Exactly, it's sad, not something to be proud of.

No. 869940

File: 1627905533494.jpeg (57.2 KB, 960x640, A1337495-5BA5-47DF-8397-5195FE…)

amazes me how she puts up with this sixtillionaire tech retard who has protruding nipples that probably ooze estrogen. literally a fat slob he resembles steven seagal

No. 869943

His tits are bigger than Grimes' kek

No. 869953

Claiming he doesn't give her money is an easy lie. He might not give her cash in hand but he's paying for her entire life.

No. 869964

No matter where, be it red carpet, her videos or promo shoots, she always looks like she washes herself once a week and shops at goodwill. I don't get it.

No. 869967

File: 1627911522948.png (714.56 KB, 1200x690, 46A41DA7-F779-4A67-9B5A-8B7541…)

What exactly looks unwashed about her?? You can hate her sure but that??

No. 869968

Her thin, limp hair and shitty tattoos for example. There's just something about her that doesn't make her look well-put together ever. I don't think she's ugly, but I've seen uglier celebrities looking more groomed.

No. 869969

I’ve thinking about this, they usually say this about people who have the “poor and homeless look” even though some of them aren’t poor. Hear me out this is going to be retarded but Grimes looks black, and people are unconsciously attributing dirty to blackness. I don’t think it’s intentional but I see where the anons and other people are coming from

No. 869970

this is the dumbest take i’ve ever heard. she “looks black” and that’s why some anons say she looks unwashed?? it’s not bc she favors the greasy skin makeup look, overdrawn lipstick, and washed out arctic fox hair dye?

No. 869971

I think that’s her easter though if you didn’t realize it by know. She wants to look ~otherworldly~ and ~weird~ I guess so you’re not gonna see her in a loose wave blond highlights nude lip soft contour kinda look

No. 869972

Not easter -> aesthetic kek

No. 869973

I'm (kind of) a fan but she does look unwashed. It's her face, she has redneck features.

No. 869974

I thought wearing makeup was bad, so why would it matter how she looks? Everything she says and her opinions on anything and her handmaiden relationship with Elon are more cringey.

No. 869977

Idk she sort of likes like a child that got into her mom's makeup. Maybe why she looks not put together you could picture her throwing a tantrum at bathtime.

No. 869978

what….people are saying that she looks dirty because of the way she style herself (aka the dirty commie hipster fashion style).
Also she doesnt look black at all what are you smoking, her having lip fillers doesnt make her look black. Just bloated.

Also this thread always devolves into grimes sperging or fujo sperging.

No. 869980

Yea we need a grimes thread

No. 869982

File: 1627913854749.png (Spoiler Image, 651.93 KB, 692x664, 19875483-0.png)

She gives off n2f energy, she's even dressed like her in this post >>869599

No. 869983

wtf are you talking about? when did anyone in this thread or even the previous say wearing makeup was bad?

No. 869985

I mean her name is grimes so there will probably always be some grimy association with her

No. 869986

What a horrible crossover.

No. 869987

File: 1627914478814.jpg (88.62 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)


No. 869988

Lots of indigenous ppl breastfeed their kid as long as possible anon, it's not that strange. Breast milk is most nutritious thing a kid can have & there's correlation between long breastfeeding a good health later on.

No. 869989

Please be shopped please be shopped

No. 869991

>Hear me out this is going to be retarded
listen to your instincts

No. 869992

File: 1627914800266.jpg (41.11 KB, 474x458, grimes.jpg)

obviously it is

No. 869997

>the year of our lord 2021
>still believing the "lupus" excuse

anon pls. the girl has been an alcoholic and drug addict for like half of her life, it ain't lupus.

oh man i havent seen this pic since 4chan yeaars ago. She still looks the same tho

Some people said she got banged on camera by Shia. Like, real sex.

No. 869999

That's just how hipsters look, it's their 'thing'

No. 870001

File: 1627915553803.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.56 KB, 642x321, Screenshot_9.jpg)

>banged on camera by Shia
You mean that artsy music video of her sister's song, right? It's so forced-artsy. I checked out her sister's songs and even though she's trying to cram as many famous people in her music videos, her career just doesn't take off

No. 870002

What video is this??

No. 870003

Rainsford - Love Me Like You Hate Me
It has every element of an artsy music video, naked people, awkward contemporary 'dancing', and a long-ass intro until the song actually starts

No. 870006

>Hear me out
I'm about to start disregarding whatever anyone says if they start with this.
Anon, punish yourself for this stupidity.

No. 870011

Maybe if they said "tits or gtfo" but come on haha

No. 870023

File: 1627918856282.png (1.42 MB, 1255x1338, Screenshot_15.png)

If anything, Rainey is the bigger cow out of the Qualley sisters. She films her music videos with her famous friends like Kaia Gerber, Cara Delabrow, Olivia Sui, Twin Shadows, she was praised by Perez Hilton and she still couldn't ger her break and even her most viewed video has like a hundred thousand views. Even having her sister fuck with Shia Lableurgh on camera couldn't drum up enough interest for her work

No. 870026

And sometimes she just trying way too hard to appear 'quirky' and 'weird'

No. 870030

ok but every man i have ever met is uglier than this. at worst it is funny and amusing she looks like this and has such a prominent career. like i get it she lets her facial vellus hair get wild n crazy n free, but she is literally autistic lol. elon is a highly manipulative and misogynistic billionaire who has been belittling her for years and likely uses their kid against her or to control her, i don’t think she’s a cunning person and it does suck she’s getting played and become a target instead of elon himself. he probably did that on purpose.

No. 870038

there are many people who hate billionaires, they both have their haters.

No. 870043

File: 1627920616510.jpeg (21.15 KB, 354x319, 5867640331.jpeg)

why does every autistic woman kin grimes

No. 870047

i’m not autistic, grimes talks openly about being autistic so why do you think she doesn’t groom herself correctly. could there perhaps be a correlation

No. 870051

I just looked through her videos cus I thought that surely it can't be that bad. But it is. Some of the visuals are pretty but only if you pause it cus her movements are so awkward and tryhard and the camera work + editing is terrible

No. 870053

why do you defend her to the point of writing fanfic about her life and relationships then? it's pathetic the lengths anons on here will go to to explain away everything about her

No. 870054

It's funny because they have the potential to be almost good, the imagery is sometimes interesting but something is always off, either the editing or the camera work is bad or the choreography is awkward or the whole video is just her trying to look sexy and there's no narrative

No. 870063

Billie Eilish ignored a preteen fan during a live Q&A session kek. Some of her stans are saying that it was due to wifi lag but I don't buy it. I think she's just a bitch.

No. 870067

Lmao she tried not to laugh after. That was definitely on purpose.

No. 870068

she looked disgusted kek

No. 870069

this is barely milk. Not saying 'thanks' to a fan when they compliment you is hardly enough to be considered a 'bitch', and, as you said, wifi lag was a potential factor

No. 870076

add her to >>869754

No. 870080

yeah she's trying not to laugh, what a bitch

No. 870082

Was the eyelash trunk or something? She seems really out of it and has a slow reaction

No. 870083

i don’t think she was laughing. the host mentioned that the fan said “love you billie eilish” and it seems like billie realized that she ignored the girl

No. 870106

>grimes talks openly about being autistic
Where? Link to an interview? People need to stop labeling her this way just to explain away her "quirkiness". Let a girl be weird in peace lmao.

No. 870110

good, I love when celebrities are mean to ass kissers

No. 870153

god he looks like every old money retard in hong kong with a BA in economics who works a non-executive position at his great-grandad's bank all his life and goes to australia to fuck underage thai prostitutes every december.grimes you idiot

No. 870155

exactly yeah it's a fake gritty look, i'm surprised nonnies can't tell what a costume is in genres outside of soundcloud

No. 870157

she's not autistic, she's an upper middle class whte girl with permissive parents so never really learned to function in a group situation. it's just naive selfishness, i had it too until i started working full time to pay rent at 18 like a normal person

No. 870158

sigh i don't care how cringe or cowish anyone is, i only wish my genes would allow for a flat stomach like that. idgaf about anything else in life tbh

No. 870177

I understand where you're coming from, nonnie, but after years of building a parasocial relationship with her fans it's amusing to see.
This is also coming off the tails of her liking a post calling her fanbase embarrassing for exposing her racist homophobe old scrote boyfriend.
And as I said, I don't buy that it was lag. She makes a face right after, and you can see her albeit small movements during the interaction.

No. 870184

File: 1627928985525.png (245.18 KB, 631x421, IMG-5911 (1).PNG)

Yeah she was totally out of it and looks oddly bloated. Drug and/or alcohol abuse would explain her rapid aging too.

No. 870194

yeah, and how she leaned back at first

No. 870287

azealia banks, hi! i love your soap!

No. 870291

File: 1627935273952.png (40.09 KB, 275x138, 1627872625442.png)

No. 870293

Fucking yes. This is fantastic keep it going please

No. 870296

Yeah this take was retarded. In what way, shape, or form does Grimes look black?

No. 870304

File: 1627935884586.png (256.43 KB, 904x382, lol.png)

kek who is lying to this girl

No. 870307

I don't care whether Claire is or isn't autistic but upper middle class people can be autistic too. Maybe it's a bit of both, you have to be a certain level of something to make the choices that she has made

No. 870311

File: 1627937312913.png (259.52 KB, 910x400, whatthefuck.PNG)

Kek her creepy brother
Seriously though, her new album is full of so many sexual references which would be fine if she didn't write and produce the whole thing with Finneas. It's just fucking weird.

No. 870315

File: 1627937962539.gif (Spoiler Image, 334.17 KB, 500x333, CCE2AF32-C907-4D84-9C7D-414E0D…)

Grimes might not be the straightest…

No. 870317

I don’t think this ended up getting posted in the last thread. Unpopular opinion but I don’t mind Billie. I appreciate that the music she puts out is really different than everything else on the radio. Finneas doesn’t follow the typical pop song formula so it really stands out. Plus idk, maybe I’m just old, but I like that there’s a pop star who doesn’t have 1 of the 2 acceptable body types (thin or Kardashian). I think she’s kinda dopey looking but cute.

No. 870321

the people who post about grimes here may be one of the most annoying and boring people on this whole board.

No. 870323

>the music she puts out is really different than everything else on the radio.
in what fucking world

No. 870325

Lupusfag here; yes, it can affect weight gain because it affects the thyroid as >>869470
said. You’re at higher risk for thyroid cancer too

No. 870329

damn that girl she's with looks extremely loud and annoying

No. 870337

Do you listen to top 40 radio? I have to at work. Her songs absolutely stand out, especially Bury A Friend. Her music isn’t really my vibe but it’s definitely different.

No. 870339

>Maybe it's a bit of both, you have to be a certain level of something to make the choices that she has made
Or on drugs

No. 870343

File: 1627941355321.jpeg (60.8 KB, 634x418, Cringe.jpeg)

I hate what I'm about to type but Blake Shelton must have great D game because he has Gwen doing the absolute most. He's not attractive and has a meh personality, especially in comparison to her, so he has to be making it up in the bedroom somehow.

No. 870345

It's all of that. She's a mess.

No. 870350

How hard do you all think this will flop?

No. 870351

File: 1627941795660.png (444.8 KB, 921x585, Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 3.01…)

^ why tf didn't the image upload? Anyways…

No. 870356

no she said it in a tweet that was posted a few threads back. i don’t keep up with her but i’m sure if you google it or search her tweets for autism/autistic it will come up. either way she can definitely be weird in peace it’s refreshing, ive never heard her songs and do not care to i just think it is funny she is growing a cute beard. i want her and azalea to drop the act and profess their love for each other though, maybe together they can do something more interesting than whatever is going on.

congratulations on paying your own rent instead of letting someone else do it and damn that’s crazy at only age 18 that’s so cool i’m so relieved that your autism was a false alarm

No. 870357

Billie was probably jealous because she looked hideous next to her fan.

No. 870359

Billie's voice is mediocre at best. Unremarkable mezzo soprano with a 2 octave range. Not terrible but she's not standing out either.
She owes her career to her brother, who is a weirdo but a competent producer. What makes her music is the production.

No. 870364

File: 1627942920290.png (43.99 KB, 778x220, skjbnj.png)

Grimes stans stop lying challenge. Google just shows a fan speculating that she might be.

No. 870366

this is true but he also can't produce for shit outside her. They're both slightly above mediocre and propping each other up.

grimes fans fuck up this thread every time she's mentioned. her fans really are autistic as fuck and trying to make their queen one of them.

No. 870372

Lol watch one video of her… She definitely got a touch of the 'tism. She's retarded and so are her fans.

No. 870377

Why doesn’t anyone talk about Shia spreading herpes to partners without telling them… Can’t believe I thought he was cute

No. 870379

Kek. I think that's how it's going to be moving forward. She's probably jealous of her young fans since she can no longer boast about being jailbait and that's why she's appealing so much to coomers. Musty behavior.

No. 870383

I was just thinking about this. I don't see many people talk about the things FKA Twigs came forward about either.
Shia is so gross.

No. 870387

Is that why she was on TikTok like "my boobs are bigger than yours"? RIP.

No. 870390

God I hate all of this bullshit "YOU LOOK SO GOOD GIRL!" forced positivity love-bombing on social media. It stinks of fake.

No. 870391

she's less painful to hear than ariana granda but that's about all i've noticed
ot but what's with all the reviewers squeeing about ariana's "chops" when her tragic belting sounds like the christina aguilera impression from family guy

No. 870392

grimes makes good music idgaf if she's autistic or doesn't shower. she and azealia should make up and be crazy together

No. 870393

oh no what is that lipstick

No. 870394

she loves boring vaseline on toast men, nonalina. she was married to gavin rossdale, remember

No. 870417

File: 1627947721729.jpeg (96.93 KB, 768x1024, 2FB700DD-06AB-437D-9B6B-394C71…)

Glad I have one ninã on the same wavelength

No. 870418

Gwen is all about appearances. She wants to be the hot one in the relationship. I wouldn't be shocked if all their antics were mostly for show…Gwen really has always been a fame ho

No. 870419

Tired on mobile and saw this on the homepage I thought this was pink guy

No. 870427

Billie's career for the past year has confused the shit out of me. She was pretty cute when she was alternative and then she turns 18 and gets the ugliest makeover imaginable. And then she gets her boobs out and appeals to the coomers in her music videos. And now she's acting like a complete bitch and not "relatable" as she was marketed last year… the complete turnaround is so ridiculous

No. 870438

File: 1627949222714.jpeg (186.92 KB, 2160x1080, ECEA02D3-D098-4845-B51D-427F33…)

The beast is almost complete

No. 870440

i guess put noah cyrus in that last spot

No. 870448

My vote for the "discomforting" spot

No. 870449

i think both she and music label wanted more sexy era next but no one knows what exactly to put on her. she probably has complexes regarding her weight and since she realized men crave seeing her boobs, she put it all on boobs card. as in adapting this "you're all thin but you don't have boobs like this haha" attitude as a cope.
she should've left her hair alone (dye black or brown instead of blond). second throw out those horrible oversized beige shirts, they hide nothing, they actually add weight visually. third, stop awkwardly squishing her arms against her body while on red carpet. dressing elegant but in dark colors would do her more favour. it's stupid that she plans to dress all beige all year, even her sportswear hoodies and pants are beige
>> 870438
kek add camila as discomforting

No. 870451

Kek, and Christine Weston Chandler as “no pain”

No. 870463


No. 870464

her music is an absolute snoozefest, basically a knock-off lana

No. 870465

File: 1627951406394.png (35.34 KB, 498x391, 1.PNG)

Blac Chyna (rob Kardashians/Tyga's baby mother) is outting Tyga for liking MTFs, I don't know if she's hacked or not, but I saw some MTF/handmaidens getting mad, when this is old news. The reason we know he likes MTF's is because multiple troons have outted him and were even in the comments saying it's true. It's petty and dumb but if MTF's can out him, why can't she?
Nikita outted him, a pornstar MTF outted him, That troon who got kicked out of Jake Paul's party for not being a "real girl" outted him, random MTF escorts outted him, just the other day I saw a video of a sloppy mtf on tiktok outting him. As far as her saying she loves them too, she does date openly bisexual men (except for Tyga who denied it all), so she probably does have threesomes with MTF's like I've heard.
I know nobody cares but I just thought it was interesting.

No. 870467

File: 1627951520275.jpeg (199.66 KB, 2160x1080, F1214279-2B94-4791-B56A-E9DA19…)

I can’t find any good cow pics of them

No. 870468

this is some wannabe caroline polachek shit

No. 870479

File: 1627952296844.jpg (54.18 KB, 625x1101, sub-buzz-3255-1614560704-16.jp…)

I nominate poot for unspeakable unbearable whatever

No. 870481

File: 1627952472943.jpeg (64.39 KB, 1020x574, 9B78B3EB-5468-4C5D-9AA7-498E00…)

Why is she called poot lmao

No. 870487

I like her new album a lot. I thought her last one was too adolescent. Obviously her brother carries her because he's a pretty exceptional producer. His stuff is like NIN meets Portishead and Fiona Apple and I'm living for the psychosexual thriller vibes on the new album. It is a bit gross that his sister is singing the shit she does over it, but he needed someone to sell the music. She's not untalented either and has a good ear for jazzy/lounge type melodies.

No. 870494

File: 1627953524429.jpeg (207.61 KB, 2160x1080, EAF4D195-EF5D-4BED-BAC8-0B8E29…)

One more…

No. 870497

Billie Bossa Nova sounded like bitches broken hearts and most of the songs were just her talking over a beat.

The only ones I can imagine listening to over and over are “Everything I Wanted” and “Happier Than Ever”. The rest can be tossed.

No. 870507

where exactly in their music are you hearing NIN or Fiona Apple? it's all just one-level quiet white noise, but this time pseudo-artistic and pseudo-mature nonsense with Billie still whispering over sounds of metronome. the only dynamically varied thing was Happier Than Ever, the only standable song, and even that Finneas managed to fuck up. drums are horrible in this, as if he stood in a hallway next to a band having rehearsal in a show venue and recorded the sound with Sony Eriksson phone, and then mixed the WAV file straight into the album

No. 870514

Well we can agree to disagree. The distortion was obviously an artistic choice.

No. 870525

File: 1627957468468.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210802_222401425.jpg)


No. 870528


You hit it on the head, she needs to get an actual studio outside of her brother and his friends to save money

*autistic choice

No. 870529

Worded strangely, but she obviously mostly does music with her brother for the convenience. She’d be better with a studio and perhaps some ghost writers who will write songs meant to be sung instead of spoken.

No. 870532

File: 1627957985987.jpeg (213.96 KB, 2160x1080, 7BB0338D-2C5D-44E8-87FA-09EEDE…)

Calling for this to be the next thread pic

No. 870535

Billie and cowbell should be switched imo

No. 870536

It’s perfect anon

No. 870540

Lmao, I like it like this, looks like it’s morphing from expressed physical pain to the struggle to hide excruciating mental pain

No. 870547

Blac Chyna should do more reality. Rob and Chyna was great television. Don't @ me

No. 870558

File: 1627960425222.jpeg (211.43 KB, 2160x1080, 92E7E871-945A-47FB-8E5C-DC897F…)

This was a pain in the ass to do, I’m going to sleep now, nona

No. 870573

Kek it gets funnier the more i look at it

No. 870581

Idk, I think Poot’s expression lends itself more to “no pain”, rather than “excruciating”, but that’s just me

No. 870585

Oops i meant unimaginable, not excruciating,

No. 870609

File: 1627968220441.jpg (158.79 KB, 974x2047, fat.jpg)

No. 870620

Her face honestly reminds me of mine and I look like that because I drink too much

No. 870631

File: 1627970596675.jpg (388.67 KB, 1080x1912, IMG_20210803_080154.jpg)

No. 870662

damn, i hope she’s okay. fuck cancer

No. 870666

I have a soft spot for her after binging the D-List after surgery when I was younger. I hope everything goes well and she recovers.

No. 870833

Poots existence is unimaginable, isn’t she non-binary or something now to avoid the fact she attacked a family business

No. 870842

File: 1627992396166.jpeg (215.34 KB, 2160x1080, BB437AB0-BCA4-466B-A7DD-DF07BC…)

Nta, but I can’t believe she forgot the most euphoric man alive

No. 870847

Love you anon

No. 870863

does anyone know how bad it is? life on the D list was one of my first reality shows and I used to love watching her old standup. had them on my iPod video. I hope Kathy pulls through.

No. 870867

File: 1627994318271.webm (3.05 MB, 640x800, 228367511_251068463513439_7527…)

Lana always tried to look like Priscilla Presley so in a fucked-up roundabout way her plastic surgeon did their job right by having the outcome be botched.

No. 870869

Best version

No. 870872

her botched ugly face and weight gain is karma for her glamorizing pedo's and domestic abuse.

No. 870916

Not her best look, but that's not why I care about her. I think most of her fanbase is like that. I do hope she turns around though, unless she's happy being fat and sloppy. In which case… good for her.

No. 870925

File: 1628000631252.jpg (261.42 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20210803-172300_Chr…)

No. 870926

I think she looks cute

No. 870940

in deep shit because a literal who accused his producers of stealing? no one cares lol

No. 870941

they are. I'm fucking tired of Americans butchering accents… german, italian, russian… jesus

No. 870948

> But I also heard that the gucci family hates this movie because it isn't accurate

Not defending the movie but didn’t it all boil down to them being salty that one dude in the movie wasn’t as good looking as irl counterpart?

No. 870949

puffy cheeks+thin nose always freak me out cause it reminds me of a dead body. don't get a nose job if you have a fat face, farmers

No. 870951

if she's done the tumour-shrinking chemo and is still able to have it excised from only her lung prognosis is pretty good!
they wouldn't be doing this if it had spread to other parts of her body
(am cancer anon from previous threads kek)

No. 870966

Listen to it anon they sound exactly the same

No. 870977

ok? and? they can probably get a nice settlement for an amount that's pocket change to the weeknd. this shit is common in the music industry. makes me think you're self posting

No. 870985

NTA but why are you so defensive, lmao?

No. 870992

Synthwave is so repetitive it all uses the same scale, types of synths, and presets. What a shock some of it comes out sounding the same.

No. 870993

I'm not selfposting. It's been posted to r/popheads which i visit pretty often so i decided to update you guys. You're weird as fuck lol

No. 870998

Stans of The Weeknd are literally unstable.

No. 871003

i literally couldn't name a single weeknd song but if you think ripping off faux 80s synth from a nobody is "deep shit" you're extremely low iq

No. 871005

I didn't listen to either sample, don't listen to The Weeknd and don't care. Your aggression is just very weird, take some meds or something.

No. 871007

I literally said "apparently" because i've seen people talk about it outside of twitter. Usually when that happens it's safe to assume that an artist is in some sort of trouble. Learn how to read dumbass

No. 871010

Learn to sage dumbass

No. 871017

Who the fuck sages in /ot/ this is my first time hearing about this. Anyways you're dumb as fuck and lack reading comprehension skills.

No. 871019

this thread is a cancer. please go back to reddit to talk about how the weeknd is gonna get in very serious trouble!!!

No. 871024

Wow you're embarrassing. Stop replying

No. 871026

I think you're both just absolutely precious

No. 871064

Normally anons have the decency to sage their off topic sperging, even in /ot/

No. 871079


The "original" isn't even original itself. Literally, there are like 30+ other Synth/Synthwave songs that sound exactly like this.

No. 871125

Yes, they called out the movie for saying that their grandpa wasn't that ugly.

I'm still excited about it. (Mostly AD though)

No. 871171

god why did i try to watch that i couldnt finish it even with the sound off

No. 871284

Agree with you she's cute and gets far too much hate but whatevs. Yeah she gained weight but I always thought she was gorgeous

No. 871293

It’s not her weight… it’s her god awful plastic surgey.

No. 871298

There’s a reason why she gets ~hate~ She’s a grown ass woman that’s made some real dumb choices, she doesn’t need your coddling.

No. 871308


No. 871313

Why? Stop worshipping false idols. Especially ones that pedopander.

No. 871314

This thread is going to shit. Is the milk supply drying out?

No. 871345

celebrity gossip is better on LSA you guys just talk about literal whos and ugly ass grimes. no one cares about these people.

No. 871357

There's no milk so inevitably we talk about LDR glorifying lolita 10+ years ago. This is so tired

No. 871375

just let the thread die until something interesting happens

No. 871385

if there's no milk then let's wait a few days until there's any celeb milk.
as for Grimes, i honestly wondered about trying myself at her summary and making her a separate thread. i like reading about her shit sometimes but not gonna lie anons arguing if she's pretty or ugly are getting annoying.

No. 871394

>false idols
calm down

No. 871404

Lana looks genuinely happy in videos and photos when she's out and about mingling with fans, which is more than we can say for some.

No. 871410

Only good thing to come out of this thread, here’s to hoping it makes next thread pic

No. 871434

you might as well, there’s a lot of people here who seem to know all about her and people sure have enough opinions. main reason is you know azalea will be all over it

No. 871441

I know, I'm obsessed with this so much. Must be next thread pic.

Also there's no milk so stop posting happy pics of lana with fans because who cares. We know she's fat now, and she's obviously bloated and not botched. Some anons really want her to be milky but she hasn't been since last year. She literally just writes music and hangs out with her family and friends from what I can see from her insta. Lana's just a boring basic bitch who shouldn't open her mouth on social media, but is hardly a constant source of milk. Can y'all stop now.

No. 871448

File: 1628029167520.png (694.79 KB, 1334x750, F91641D3-3AF8-4FF5-85F8-BF8103…)

As the anon who made the pic. Glad my fellow bovine loving sisters enjoy my garbage.

Here’s Charlie Day’s cute butt to close the thread

No. 871449

File: 1628029173736.png (115.51 KB, 300x300, Lana_Del_Rey_-_Blue_Banisters_…)

I know this isn't milky but since she got slammed so hard for her recent artistic choices, her new album cover is kinda a serve

No. 871456

Why do her feet look poorly photoshopped in???

No. 871474

Another one? Isn't this like, her third album within the last 2 years?

No. 871484

Because literally everything in this pic is

No. 871489

>she's obviously bloated and not botched
Don’t think any other fan base is as delusional and in denial than Lana Del Rey’s. Probably still think she was actually poor and never had a nose job or lip fillers kek

No. 871496

It's a single distant snapshot of someone we don't personally know. You're both projecting kek.

No. 871513

File: 1628034197256.jpeg (151.9 KB, 970x1430, 1A52DA71-A768-4B42-A809-5CFDCB…)

I don’t even know anymore kek

No. 871528

holy shit is that lena dunham

No. 871529

File: 1628034945321.jpeg (130.33 KB, 640x586, 913D60B4-C0DE-4B3C-96AB-6D8499…)

That’s Lana Del Taco, honey

No. 871530

yes lmao

No. 871533

God, can we just get a cute butt thread for once, tired of “milk” this and “milk” that.

No. 871534

Are you shitting me

No. 871537

she looks so much like current day andy milonakis

No. 871550

Holy shit, how'd she get even fatter? On the other hand, I think it helps her a little bit. She looks less like a rat, and more like a warm mother or grandmother who'll serve you comforting homemade food. Babushka vibes.

No. 871554

there's a butt thread in /g/

No. 871561

File: 1628036542866.png (1.16 MB, 1334x750, 749B3711-C202-4130-B6DD-C7B14F…)

It’s not the same

No. 871566

File: 1628037117003.png (15.65 KB, 174x138, Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 5.31…)

Which absolutely sucks for her kek

No. 871567

File: 1628037493420.webm (4.27 MB, 640x800, 227117864_228213639188233_6403…)

I got this spotify add after this whole mess happened…
"I fall in love with my fans after each concert" kek

Comments range from "her publicist is shoving her down our throats because they think we like her but we don't" "I see this girl everywhere, I'm sick of it" and "she looks like when shrek takes the clothes from some guys in shrek 2"

No. 871570

Why is she dressed like a mental patient? it's not just me right? this outfit is seriouly giving me a wardcore vibe

No. 871572

wait I thought that was Lena, but thats really her? WTF?

No. 871581

Ugh I hate when artists use idiotic fan clips to sell their shit. Her album has direct references to how much she dislikes being a celebrity so it's an especially odd choice. It must be her label doing it to change the narrative on her fans jumping ship. I wonder if the backlash made her abandon the pinup aeshetic and retreat back to baggy clothes. I wish she was more like Lana or Lorde since she takes so much inspiration from them. Both of them know they'll never have a huge hit again but still sell consistently, so they just do whatever without much fanfare

No. 871596


Yeah, she's one of those damaged baby butterfly ass white girls so ofc she'd wear some inpatient scrubs for the edge factor.


No. 871599

Who the hell is this suppose to appeal too? Randoms that want to fall in love with her at a show? I do not understand the appeal. If her music is so good she should shut up and let it speak for itself because she's terribly inauthentic. No wonder she says how hard it is to be authentic. I assume she borrows most of her personality from her weirdo brother.

No. 871603

>white girls

No. 871607

>"she looks like when shrek takes the clothes from some guys in shrek 2" kek
I'm so over her fake industry plant ass. Not to tinfoil but do we really believe that her album was the most save album on Apple Music in history? I have a feeling that it's not true. The only people who I've met that listen to her BS are 14 year old girls and Coomers. And she's rapidly losing the 14 year olds.

No. 871610


She's white isn't she?

No. 871616

I got stuck in a seedy old man bar where people were sniffing coke or meth dirty shit anyway off the pool table. There was a jukebox and I couldn't get near it. Some chav was territorial and played bad guys on repeat. I think the drugged out and low iq ones like the repetitive best and simplistic lyrics. It's only ever been moids that have mentioned her around me.

No. 871619

Her brother is really everything interesting about her. Seems he created her entire act. With her rapidly declining looks I wonder if he'll have to start working with other people, or if she will to try to be more commercially relevant because there's no way she's going to stay the most famous artist on the planet selling his weird ass music. He gives me big Ethan Kath/Titanic Sinclair vibes in that he'll replace her with a clone the second she stops being convenient for him.

No. 871621

Honestly I could go on a whole thread about her shitty new album. All of her shit is fake-deep, but at least the last one had some semblance of an artistic vision. This one is just shallow with no direction.

No. 871628

>The only people who I've met that listen to her BS are 14 year old girls and Coomers. And she's rapidly losing the 14 year olds.
Kek, give it one more year and she'll lose the coomers as well

>He gives me big Ethan Kath/Titanic Sinclair vibes
Of course he's just like them, I'm just waiting for the clone now
Go ahead nonna, I want to hear your thoughts out.

No. 871634

>rapidly losing 14 year olds
I feel like this album wasn't written for her fans at all. It's just Fineas and Billie's vanity project almost specifically made as it is only to get high praise and ass pats from journalists, music critics and other artists for being "incredibly mature". visual-wise they probably wanted to go into that old-Hollywood pinup Lana thing, but funny how she's taking a step back and wears oversized sport things again, only this time in ugly beige color. they mixed both and in effect gained nothing, it looks like mess.

No. 871638

there is already a clone, his girlfriend Claudia is a clone. except she doesn't sing

No. 871640

But I meant a clone like how Titanic got rid of Mars Argo and used Poppy, or how Ethan Kath used and abused Alice.

No. 871643

I don't hate Billie like a lot of you do, her brother seems fucked up and that makes me nervous for her. If their music flops, I just know he's going to blame her for it. These puppeteer scrotes always do

No. 871646

File: 1628042637958.png (1.11 MB, 906x768, billiee.png)

oh ok, you're right. lol it's odd how much he resembles Titanic guy, same puffy self-assured stuck up vibes

Anyway Billie's entire concept for this era is sitting in ugly hotels in every promotional photo and video

No. 871647

File: 1628042641576.png (1.4 MB, 1366x582, geehtethbegeg.png)

I hate this so much. Bimbofication, objectification, sexualization. They're all tools for men. And of course the tranny wants to be sexualized as if he was a female. Fuck men.

No. 871654

>I just know he's going to blame her for it. These puppeteer scrotes always do
Of course, they always do. Fuck them.
I don't hate her either, she's just another girl victim of a stupid narcissistic man and the industry. I just hate the fact that they had to change her wardrove so fast and so ugly and sexualized and she just stood there and agreed. For money.

No. 871656

Why is it always the crackheads that are into her? I’ve had a a very similar experience at a weird bar and know other women have too.

No. 871657

lol don't worry, she won't ever flop, her fans will buy literally anything. if he blames her, she can always wipe her tears with her stacks of money.
that being said i think a lot of worse more fucked up things possibly could have happened to her, this family is weird

No. 871661


>With her rapidly declining looks

she was acknowledged for her looks? Always thought she was kinda hard on the eyes.


How old is she? She's only 20 or something like that right? She looks like a mom.


What aesthetic is this? It's bad.

No. 871665

I disagree anon, I think if he abuses her, she basically has no support system to turn to because he's her family.

No. 871669

It’s because she’s fucking vegan and stressed, I did that shit for a year, even with multivitamins it ruins your looks and body as a whole

No. 871670

Yeah I think you’re both right about her family. I get such weird vibes from them, especially her brother. Idk if you guys watched her doc but when she was 16, she was dating at man who was in his 20s. Not blaming Billie, she’s clearly the victim, but I’ll never understand why her family just sat back and watched. Especially her weirdo brother. If I was a guy and knew some creepy scrote who can’t date within his age range was getting with my little sister I’d go to jail for battery.

No. 871672

Watching her interviews, she seems like a suburbs bhad bhabie, ebonics and all, phenis (or however you spell it) does everything for her and that’s why her music getting worse and worse.

No. 871676

ayrt yeah ofc she has no support system. her parents were all fine with her being 15 and fucking adult dude
do you think he abuses her now? is he rumoured to be aggressive? i had impression she has good contact with her creepy brother. so good they write obnoxious DD/LG themed songs together

No. 871679

Kek she dropped the AAVE after getting backlash and now sounds like a typical basic LA girl

No. 871680

File: 1628044353415.jpeg (68.06 KB, 520x570, 4960ABC0-D0E8-45A9-92B5-F465B3…)

Nice to see some consequences for once even though it won’t last, shame it’s almost all because of the homophobia instead of the blatant misogyny and bringing someone you call a friends abusive scrote ex who fucking shot her after an argument

No. 871681

Lmao anon I love you

No. 871683

Did Billie do AAVE at some point?

No. 871684

agree, it's odd how she and everyone else concentrate on condemning that guy (rightfully of course), but nobody talks about her parents and brother allowing this. it doesn't matter how he treated her, good or bad, they should've just told him to leave her the fuck alone. instead Billie's mother (i think) can be seen hugging that guy in a doc trailer. why nobody questioned her family, why it's only fans talking about this

No. 871688

What's interesting is that she called this guy out for not liking her parents and isolating her in her Happier Than Ever song, but it sounds like her family hung her out to dry. I'm worried for Billie. No one in her life seems to have her best interests at heart.

No. 871690

anon she did this almost all her previous era. google this, or pick her random older interview. even her brother called her out on this at some point during livestream

No. 871693

I watched one of her Spotify interviews and she seems to have dropped the blaccent entirely. It was jarring having not listened to her speak since her last era. I guess that was just her being a dumb teen.

No. 871695

Unfortunately no one cares about the mistreatment of black women especially in the rap industry. The best thing for everyone will be to see Megan continuing to thrive and those scrotes continue their spiral into irrelevancy.

No. 871696

File: 1628045219497.jpg (52.51 KB, 382x595, phineas.jpg)

she was called out on this big time this year so she can't continue this anymore. she's still dumb teenager in a lot of ways, she says about growing up but she behaves very immature. same with her brother. some guy criticized his use of autotune and he flipped shit lol. what a cringe

No. 871698

What is it with weird filthy rich “artsy” LA families and treating their kids like a project or allowing them to have weird relationships with adults, not exactly the same but the Billie situation really reminds me of Arrow De Wilde both have weird parents that try to sell them as a product and don’t seem to give a fuck about them as a person or even as their own child

No. 871700

>music and technology of younger musicians
Creepy brother knows that autotune isn't like, a new thing, right? The xoomer he's responding to seems to be saying it's oversaturated and done, which it is. How is using technology that was pioneered by fucking Cher in 1998 cutting edge?

No. 871703

Kek, I love how sharing political views is a prerequisite for him to respect your opinions. God, the lack of self-awareness is cancerous.

No. 871704

that's reality of LA and washed up ex stars raising their kids purely to make them stars in the future. as far as i know the age gap here is similar, Arrow de Wilde has a guy that's even older than Billie's NEET actor and started dating at 18. all these people "born and raised" in LA are the same

No. 871710

he went through guy's profile just to have something to pick at lol. his "i'm younger artist uwu" argument is so lame, he's an adult man not some 14 year old. damn they are so used to ass kissers and hearing praises only that now they cannot handle even slightest criticism.

No. 871712

I only appreciated her “Your Power” song, I know when that shit played on the radio constantly it probably stopped a couple dudes from molesting women/made them slightly self aware.

No. 871719

File: 1628047662237.png (2.86 MB, 2182x1484, C5702E2A-BA3F-44FF-81D7-34CAD7…)

Oh, I used to love her, bought her merch too, but I couldn’t stand her fucking interviews with the botched AAVE mixed with general LA speak.

I’m glad she’s stopped it, but, ironically, it was the only thing that made her interviews slightly interesting. She really sounds like she’s stoned all the fucking time and is not an interesting person AT ALL. Her drawings are ass too, disappointing.
(Picrel from her Apple TV doc, for legal reasons, I totally didn’t pirate it)

No. 871723

File: 1628047838394.png (5.38 MB, 2844x1576, 112EAF81-743A-42AD-870F-F86AE0…)

I wish she’d gone with the aesthetic and color palette of her room, I love the cool colors over beige, beige, and more beige.

No. 871738

I almost spit my water omfg

No. 871741

I don't even listen to her music and even I find this shit kind of distasteful, cause 99% of her milk is just comments about her body and nothing else

No. 871743

any type of cute anything thread here just turns into neurotic hetero 20-year-olds posting gigachads and reeeeing at anything that isn't a spraytanned Liefeld drawing

No. 871744

yeah but her music sounds like…nothing

No. 871745

whoa wow is she an alcholic? her face looks VERY 12 beers a day

No. 871747

File: 1628050414857.png (783.13 KB, 1118x774, Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 12.1…)

yo did john waters' makeup artist do this? she looks 50. what brand of foundation is that so i can never buy it

No. 871748

she had a very pretty face until recently. maybe since she turned legal she started drinking and smoking too much, idk.

No. 871750

it's like she has the same horrible grooming stage parents as millie bobbie brown but wasn't smart enough to escape them

No. 871752

I think it's just the blonde. It washes her out and the cut she has makes her look like a person of Walmart.

No. 871753

you're right. dee barnes has had migraines and memory problems her whole life and everyone waffled about how iTs CoMpLiCaTeD when the NWA movie came out. dababy got his buddy to fucking torture a black woman and no one gives a fuck?

No. 871759

I don't think millie escaped her's yet.

No. 871788

File: 1628053981932.png (593.91 KB, 637x794, o7BtMLtfQruCej1TCGE1OA[1].png)

Would've been better if they did a switcheroo and made it out like she was talking about carpets instead of herself because that might have sold me on it being a nice commercial, those nice carpets

No. 871797

That video on the spotify page of her in a corset with her tits pushed up is embarrassing

No. 871830

File: 1628062294955.jpg (16.49 KB, 400x400, DwKFmGKN_400x400.jpg)

Y'all think Ryan Seacrest is in the closet?

No. 871833

idk why you guys keeping praising finneas like he's shit without Billy. His solo stuff is awful and the worst songs Tove Lo has put out in her entire career were down to him. The guy is dating a youtuber, how much more proof do you need he's just as retarded as his sister. They need each other to survive.

All i got from her album is she hates being a celebrity and acts like it's not an active choice she's making for her life, and got groomed by some scrote which she thinks was true love.

i hope to god youre joking. The fact Billie thinks you can ask an abuser nicely to stop abusing their power shows she doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about.

No. 871839

Britney Spears does

No. 871844

That's what they say, yeah

No. 871846

'Girls' cologne'?? Who says that kek

No. 871856

My pussy tastes like Pepsi cola,
Would you like a side of fries?
I gotta taste from men who are older.

No. 871857

>On November 17, 2017, it was reported that Seacrest was under investigation for sexual harassment allegations by a former E! wardrobe stylist.[88] Seacrest denied the allegations,[89]
nope he's definitely straight man in Hollywood

No. 871858

Imagine drawing dicks that ridiculous, putting a date on them as if they're worthy to be remembered and showing in a documentary or sth, lmao

No. 871906

woooow I love this cover. I'm shocked it's real. I may even buy a copy of the CD, which I haven't done since Lust For Life. I hope the music is good
she's a prolific singer-songwriter, as her hundreds of unreleased songs prove
based Lana enjoyer

No. 871917

It just becomes weird when child can ask mommy for some tiddy. Teething phase must have been fun for her too.

No. 871920

File: 1628074581405.png (33.73 KB, 348x535, png-clipart-shrek-2-princess-f…)

>she looks like when shrek takes the clothes from some guys in shrek 2
lmao i can see it

jokes aside, the worst fear of celebs is to become irrelevant, girl is getting dropped by her fans before she even hits 20, that's going to take a massive toll on her mental health

No. 871933

wow I didn’t know about her brother calling her out. It was hard to find so I’ll embed this shitty YouTube vid. Only 2 min starts at 20 sec. this was the second one I found he did it again on another live I’ll post that too.

No. 871936

She gets so pissy and yells at him in this one kek. The other one he called her out and she kinda brushed it off then he said to turn live off, it was weird.

No. 871938

She gets so pissy and yells at him in this one kek. The other one he called her out and she kinda brushed it off then he said to turn live off, it was weird.

No. 871957

At least it would’ve been unique, I think her fans are tired of her shilling herself and her sound as the best thing since sliced bread while all she’s doing is releasing slam poetry over trap beats.

No. 871958

“How long can I carry a reverberated note until it’s no longer considered music?” - anaL Del Gay

No. 871961

she has a lot of different songs in her back catalogue, I don't think it's right to talk about "her music" as it's uniform. Her recent music, maybe (though I don' think it's as bad as you guys are describing, but that's a matter of taste)

No. 871964

File: 1628078008942.png (4.45 MB, 2830x1366, 2446B74F-640F-4E17-B489-825237…)

I no longer hate phenis, I’m glad he stopped his sister from doing this before it got out of hand. I don’t care who uses a “hood” accent or whatever, but you can tell it wasn’t natural for her.

She needs real friends who aren’t hyper-sexual male rappers, making her think this shit is okay.

The doc wasn’t that bad either, but they shouldn’t have done the concert segments, I honestly don’t care about how many people want to hug Billie and whatnot.

No. 871978

The shoes on the bed. Gross

No. 871997

File: 1628082978984.jpeg (122.24 KB, 828x543, 074DF0B2-8DFE-4DD8-8F49-4E0E70…)

Lol wut?

No. 872008

Looks nothing like her. Hate they didn’t do a Medusa thing with her ponytail instead of just elongating it.

No. 872016


>Drawing dicks and ass and showing it to people as part of your documentary series

Is Billie okay? Ten years from now we're gonna hear about how she was abused as a kid and it's going to make me sad.

No. 872024


I cringed. She sounds like Micky or one of those other hood weebs that grew up in the suburbs. Glad her brother called her out.

No. 872027

File: 1628084481368.jpg (215.09 KB, 1080x1350, tragic.jpg)

No. 872028

don't be so dramatic

No. 872030

tbh I always appreciate when people put out such a candid photos of how makeup really look like close up, without filters and studio lights

No. 872043

She already has come forward about being abused as a kid, she was groomed by a grown man at 15.
But I wouldn't be surprised if in the future she came forward about her brother or some exec at Interscope abusing her.

No. 872044

I have to agree with you nona.

No. 872073

Is Billie still with her scrote? If they are it seems like they've been keeping their distance

No. 872080

File: 1628088968180.jpeg (297.39 KB, 711x681, A6DD0C02-F91A-4889-A777-D3934F…)

yeah shes still with him. they’ve been doing a pretty good job of hiding but he still likes all her posts right away. he was just with her at her album party (he’s the guy with the mustache, billie is the blonde)

No. 872086

File: 1628089562037.jpeg (430.85 KB, 828x772, 50FF94B9-4D54-4AEE-8E35-7E0DCC…)

this made me kek

No. 872095

Why her though?? Arianas brand is more glam/Stacy no? Why would she be featured in fortnight >>872027
Who tf is this

No. 872099

She looks so damn old wtf. Did she pull a Juliana rmah and lie about her age too? Homegirl looks like a 40 yr old woman named Tammy who lives in an Alabama trailer park. Maybe the lying about age thing is to hide plastic surgery as well

No. 872115

lol anon i think thats Selena Gomez’ bloated corpse

No. 872122

File: 1628091693926.jpg (354.48 KB, 667x1000, billie-eilish-pics-09.jpg)

I always found her mediocre looking but you're definitely right. Ik a bunch of celebrities often get meme'd into doing drugs and just getting Botox and fillers later on. She definitely had lip fillers though, possible boob jobs to make her weight gain look better, Botox, and the hair alone is completely hideous, she went full Karen completely and she look a million times better without all that fake shit but anything to appease disgusting porn sick males I guess

No. 872124

>Did she pull a Juliana rmah and lie about her age too?
At this point, I'm convinced she did. Explains why her parents aren't concerned about her dating an older guy (aside from them wanting the grooming backstory for plot/album purposes).
Like…sorry, this is a grown ass woman to me.

No. 872131

No one bores me as much as Billie Eilish. Want to suck the fun out of the room? Put on a Billie Eilish song.

No. 872133

Woof, you could serve dinner on that rack!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 872138

True, would also explain how there's no talk of how she balances high school, I also think the pics of her when she was supposedly 10-13, look nothing like her but all the sudden she looks like a whole different human at 14 lol… Teenagers don't change THAT dramatically in a year. I guess it's because we live in a shit tier world where a grown woman doing anything is boring but a teenager doing something is interesting and gets twice the attention, which is smart unless you're in Billie Eilishs case where you're trying to pass off a 30 yr old heroin addict with bolt ons and Botox as a fresh young 18 yr old

No. 872141

she was homeschooled anon

No. 872142

>draws dicks and naked women
>caption below: something something THICC ENOUGH

?? she has no talent jesus christ.

No. 872143

Tbf if this is from when her hair was silver I think she was about 14-15 the boobs could just be puberty/weight gain she definitely had her lips done if not botox since her face looks so puffy nowdays

No. 872144

Go back to twitter, this is a milk thread.

No. 872146

Even then, no one gets famous overnight, and you have to meet a curriculum for homeschooling in America as well, but there's no talk of that either since you have to take tests and everything else. I don't see how someone going on world tours and performing concerts and doing practices most hours of the day every single day has time for that

No. 872147

File: 1628093091420.jpg (62.35 KB, 599x601, Screenshot_20210804-190349_You…)

Nitpick but why are her hands so big

No. 872148

i doubt she had a choice, she doesn’t have enough experience in reality to know how this new image would be received, her sources of perspective are all biased to exploit her to make the most amount of money so capitalizing on sexualization and shock value is predictable, and coercion is common with female artists especially if they’re young because there’s no concept of long term consequence. all this proves is how used to sexualization she is, and that removing her clothes wasn’t a big deal because she was already groomed into playing private in home concerts for pedos like jared leto.

also why do you guys keep acting like money is everything and as long as she is making it the trauma doesn’t exist? her own brother is prostituting her and likely has been the only throng she’s known, how is money going to fix that and her brain development?

No. 872149

>the worst fear of celebs is to become irrelevant
She is already irrelevant. Bitch is flopping hard, people finally figured out her music is boring as fuck, her attitude is shitty, no one cares anymore. Her PR team are the ones pushing her, shoving her down everyone's throats.

>girl is getting dropped by her fans before she even hits 20

Good. That's what happens when you go from a "cool girl" to a "sex liberated consumer-friendly" celeb. She was always into DDGL and very money hungry. She was never the girl everyone thought she was and she pretended to be. Besides whispering she has no talent. I hope she gets dropped by her fans even harder.

No. 872151

it's on /ot/

No. 872152

Could be it but most women who have naturally large boobs start developing them around 14 ish, as far as weight gain goes, she did gain but her boobs were never THAT big, she went from an A cup at like 14-16 and then a triple D at 17 almost 18. Could very well just be all the special bras she wears too which would explain why she practically refuses to be seen out of anything but baggy clothes or corsets and other clothes that can easily hide heavily padded bras

No. 872153

They give me incest vibes and it's creepy.

No. 872155

But it is a milk thread, retard. I got banned the other day for not sageing. If you want to talk about "cute stuff" go to /g/. Basic rules to follow.

No. 872157

let's say it's true they're lying about Billie's age, then they'd be throwing the groomer guy under the bus when in reality she could be 18 at that time, and maybe the guy signed that whole infamous NDA to shut up about her real age… it is weird though how fast she's aging. i don't think she's as seriously vegan as she claimed to be. what about those bags of lays or cheetos
Phenis also looks more than 23

No. 872159

File: 1628093540228.png (429.9 KB, 640x480, tenor.png)

Any new grimes milk?

No. 872160

Interesting. BTW I wasn't the anon posting whatever. I've assumed the thread was moved to /ot/ since anons were sperging about nonmilk anyway, so some amount of casual conversation is ok.

No. 872161

Being featured in a male video game is good for airplay and making sales. I assume one of Billie eyelash songs is in some video game which helps with her moid fanbase. Wouldn't be surprised if she was in fifa or some shit

No. 872162

She looks so ugly here lol
it's because she has this REM character that does crazy animey videogamey stuff so I guess they put her in. Also she already was in Final Fantasy at some point, plus she has a lot of underage fans and fortnite is still popular between children and teens.

No. 872168

No way she dead ass claimed to be vegan kek unless her version of veganism is tequila and impossible whoppers day in and day out. You're definitely right about the NDA though, Billie loves the idea of letting everyone and their mother know about her sex life so the only possible reason i could think of as to why she would have them sign NDAs is because she's lying about her age, her body, her form of living, and probably isn't the "skilled sex goddess" she wants her moid fans to believe she is. Either way someway, somehow, her actual personal life would completely ruin her image which is why she doesn't want people to speak about it

No. 872169

she already graduated years ago at 15, she said this in an interview about 2 years ago

No. 872170

>Graduated at 15
>Actually believing that

No. 872171

I think it's because her shoulders are so shooped

No. 872172

>you have to meet a curriculum for homeschooling in America
no you don't. that's why fundies and conspiratards do it. it's not regulated&anyway, she never planned to go to university so didn't have to balance "school" and work

No. 872173

damn that picture looks like she's 20. her face, i mean.

No. 872174

kek holy fuck this cover is literally "bet you never heard of a SAD clown! genius."

No. 872176

No. 872178

even a few years when she was less famous some people from LA circles claimed in reality she's 2 years older, but of course there's no way to verify words like that

No. 872179

oh my god you've nailed it

No. 872180

Her outfit from that party was so embarrassingly ugly

No. 872181

>Hood weebs
Webster could never kek

No. 872183

Why did they troon her out in fortnight

No. 872184

Says “Not Thicc enough to…” “Not…Enough to…”
I can’t read the rest, likely an instagram quote or something

No. 872187

File: 1628095568823.jpg (33.19 KB, 640x797, duwtsvvkh3041.jpg)

She's always been quite shady and weirdly manufactured and forced, I got a bad vibe from her as soon as I heard "you should see me in a crown" and how all of the sudden Billie eilish everything became forced with the TikTok generation considering most teens I knew never been too crazy about her

No. 872190

Bitch I thought you were 14 when that song was written

No. 872191

She looks so insufferable here. Very punchable.

No. 872193

>sex life
Wait… she talks about her sex life? I thought she had braincells

No. 872195

File: 1628095924128.jpg (53.05 KB, 540x283, PRC_192761893.jpg)

I gasped at this and immediately looked for more photos. how did she balloon like this? her bf must be in it for the attention/money

No. 872197

LMAO nailed it

No. 872198

File: 1628096013265.png (446.64 KB, 649x720, Maggie_Baird_in_2014.png)

Another shady thing is Billies mother, Maggie may Baird, is in her 60s, I did the math and that means she would've had Billie at 44. So you mean to tell me, this lady had a baby in her mid 40s with zero complications, that just "happened" to graduate at 15, that just happened to became ~a famous talented teenager~ who also just so happens to look 30 at 18 kek.

This is either the world's biggest coincidence and pure luck or she's lying about her age, and if you think the first is the more likely option then idk what to tell you

No. 872201

Her says she struggles to be “authentic.” But it sounds more like she struggles to form and hold a sentence; most of her interviews fill her dead noise with song instrumentals.

Here I can make an interview transcript right now:

“Sup, I’m Billie Eilish. I like..uh…”
(Bad guy chorus plays for 30 seconds)
“Pizza, yeah, pizza’s pretty good. I ate pizza as a kid, I think. Y’kno?”
(Cuts to video of her rolling on the floor or crying ink)
“Can I say ni—a? Oh, naw? Das crazy. Censor it out then.”
(Quick cut to her staring at a wall, arms waving about)
“Yeah, I’m not your typical musician, I make music. Wait, fuck, I mean, I’m realer than the others.”
(She scrolls through instagram for the rest of the hour, laughing randomly at memes, while a jazzy rendition of her entire discography plays quietly in the background)

No. 872202

the side profile looks like Angela Merkel kek but jesus, what an absolute unit.

No. 872206

didn't know video games have gender

No. 872207

>very manufactured and ugly
of course she is, she suddenly was everywhere when her first album came out. And then she became a celeb out of nowhere.
I also hate you should see me in a crown. I wish I had words to describe why but it's just… to forced and cringey.

No. 872208

I'm convinced too, but the only thing that makes me doubt the theory would be her voice. She sounded like a pre-pubescent child just a few years ago.
I guess vocal training to sound younger? I don't know a little tinfoily but not impossible I guess.

No. 872211

you forgot about "And this company like specializes… specializes? is that a real word?"
she randomly asked this about most basic words

No. 872213

It's not uncommon for people to sound younger than they are, she has a smoker voice but the only thing different is that she uses lots of slang

No. 872215

I'm 25 and I still sounded pretty young like 3 years ago when I was 22… women's voices usually change later in your mid 20's. I now sound like a full on adult.

No. 872216

I suspect her rapid boob growth is from antidepressants. Obviously I don't know if she has ever taken them but I know first hand they cause weight gain and gynecomastia which would explain some things.

No. 872218

Yeah but it wouldn't be that dramatic, 3-4 cup sizes sure but not from B cups to Gs

No. 872219

Sorry to derail but I just turned 22 are you telling me my voice is going to get deeper than it already is?

No. 872221

Idk anon she's always sounded pretty 'mature' to me. She was 14 in this (supposedly)

No. 872229

Was this offensive to someone? Because I was just crackin' a funny, I wasn't trying to be a cunt.

No. 872230

no one is saying her trauma doesn’t exist. we’re saying we don’t care. she’s rich and can afford all the best mental help and drug addiction treatment. truly do not give a fuck about rich person problems.

No. 872235

Phenis wrote that shit, I don’t know why she’s still lying about that. You listen to her pre-ocean eyes songs on SoundCloud about zombies and whatnot, it sounds completely different. Very generic 2000s movie soundtrack.

No. 872236

you came off as a scrote, nothing funny about it. try another time nonnie

No. 872238

I mean, I used to have a "child-like" voice (a bit high pitched, soft) and I now sound like my age (which I'm okay with). I don't think every woman goes through this, but I've definetely seen it in some people. I wouldn't worry too much honestly, if your voice is deep already then it might just continue being the way it is.

Billie though, maybe she was faking her voice all along? I can still talk as if I was younger if I try to but it doesn't come naturally to me.

No. 872239

That shit was hilarious, though it does sound scrotish. Don’t get banned, girl.

No. 872244

Next time say you're a lesbian because it really did sound scrote-like

No. 872246

Well what's funny is subjective, and me being crude doesn't mean I'm a man or anything like a man. >>872239 thought it was funny. >>872244
Why do I need to announce my sexuality to make a joke about boobs in a thread where people are mocking how old someone looks and how big their hands are? It's all the same shit in another pile. You can just ignore me if you don't think it's funny, and I would move on and we'd all have a fine and dandy day. Like, I'm not mad that people didn't think it was funny, I still laughed.

No. 872247

Which is funny, because she was recently named as "the pop star with the biggest vocabulary".

No. 872250

by whom

No. 872252

It didn't sound like you were trying to be funny, it sounded like you were a thirsty man (or woman.) Either way it's inappropriate.

No. 872257

Well I apologize for making people uncomfortable.

No. 872278

No. 872280

Probably just lyrically, but it seems like her brother Philadelphia (or however you spell it) whips out a thesaurus when writing songs. Often, larger words are used as a gimmicky chorus or just seem out of place among the kindergarten rhymes.

No. 872290

File: 1628100849866.jpg (266.69 KB, 589x588, Courtneylove.jpg)

No. 872292

pic of outfit?

No. 872293

hes ugly as shit too though

No. 872294

She's right lol

No. 872295

>but they funny
Is she brain dead or did a Russian gen-z teen hack her account?

No. 872296

i know lots of women who had kids in their 40s with little to no complications, not to say she isn't lying about her age though.

No. 872297

File: 1628101146712.jpg (151.42 KB, 800x1202, ifihidemytorsotheywontknowimfa…)

No. 872299

File: 1628101326015.jpg (193.88 KB, 960x1200, billiesoutfit.jpg)

No. 872300

ugly 45 year old edgy christian rock cigarette adicted auntie that smells like feet and tj maxx clearance body spray

No. 872302

She and her husband have connects in the music industry, she isn’t lying about her age, she’s lying about Billie’s story of “working hard” for this from talent shows to LA.

It’s all bullshit, they’ve been planning her success and ensuring it by riding the trend of electronic punk aesthetics.

No. 872303

anyone seen how she reposted this in stories and cropped photo and zoomed just on her tits… is her career only based on tits from now on

No. 872304

She looks like a 30 year old hooker, what's with this fall in love with fans narrative? That's the last thing you want to be saying if you're in the public eye. Her actual fanbase must be miniscule to even risk such a statement. Security at gigs exists for a reason, there are plenty of crazies out there who don't understand boundaries.

No. 872305

What the fuck is she wearing

No. 872308

Yeah you would think she would have learned after pulling a restraining order on a stalker that was camping in front of her parents' house, the same stalker she also references multiple times in her album.

No. 872309

File: 1628102042720.png (972.19 KB, 591x606, CHONK.png)

lmao thank you for this. the slight smile got me.

her hands have been huge since she did that music video in the mall. I noticed it then and thought it was weird. It's weird I think she just carries weight there? kek

i feel like this girl is always fighting her own aesthetic?? There's nothing cohesive about this era and it bugs the shit out of me.

Also someone needs to tell her big tits on a fat girl isn't impressive.

No. 872312


No. 872313

Lmao the filename

No. 872314

Not really kek. Sounds like a you problem

No. 872316

> her hands have been huge since she did that music video in the mall

Her hands were huge before that and she's always been aware of it. That's why she always wore those tacky rings and started wearing acrylics, she thinks that it'll make her dick ripper hands more girlish.

> There's nothing cohesive about this era and it bugs the shit out of me.

I think she's dressing herself at this point, there's no way a respectable stylist would send her out looking like that. The pieces might be able to work in other situations but all together it looks tacky. Like she ordered everything from Amazon the night before the party. Especially the corset.

No. 872317

Having crow's feet visible from that distance, and double smile lines at her age is bizarre. I think she's maybe 4-10 years older than stated and has been taking drugs consistently for the last decade.

No. 872319

Lmao that was great. “You’re fake as fuck”

No. 872321

File: 1628102762807.jpg (340.08 KB, 1801x2600, 69e9b3041ffb4790902aff07adfe36…)

the corset looks like one of those tacky adidas corsets

No. 872323

Music is shit, her shock value of age is up,face is botched, body is hopelessly American average and the eccentric style has been overused by popstars since Madonna, her only interesting shock value now is her tits and even then no one seems to care except coomers who aren't gonna spend a dime on her since fat girl tits are unattractive once the bra comes off. She did this to herself and basically shot herself down once her 15 minutes of fame are up and she finishes blowing all the money she has.

Anyway, I give her another 5 or so years before she starts applying at McDonald's or trucker tier strip clubs

No. 872324

yeah her pupils are often so small as if she was on opiates

No. 872330

What the fuck is this and why did Adidas put this out

No. 872332

File: 1628103245204.png (1.31 MB, 838x872, bl.png)

i think she could maintain fans if she (besides not behaving like a brat/making it all about tits) maintained this style. still e-girl thing but with less tomboyish short skirts and let's say black hair.

No. 872333


Roast me but I kind of like this. It'd be better with jeans or a skirt though I think.

No. 872334

gynecomastia only occurs in males, dumbass

No. 872336

File: 1628103287195.jpg (282.65 KB, 828x814, whoswaifuisthis.jpg)

No. 872337

Whatever either way SSRIs and SNRIs made mine and other women's tits grow that's the point I'm trying to make

No. 872338

File: 1628103427820.png (578.95 KB, 882x834, disney princess.png)

and then this comeback to reality

No. 872340

It feels like a souless shill from Adidas to the y2k fairycore bestie yaaasss girlies

No. 872342

What's the tea on Sky?

No. 872343

Billies tits always looked so weird to me, they look so weirdly placed and rock hard

No. 872345

corsets look awful with casual clothing, jeans would make it worse

No. 872346

I'm really curious to see how much she sells in the first week. Wonder when we will get the numbers to see. Most music mags predict that she will go straight to to number one ans stay there for a while.

No. 872348

It's because of the double push up bras she wears

No. 872351


I didn't say I had an evolved sense of style. I unironically like the y2k tacky shit.

But styling it is where I'd be stuck.

No. 872352

Yeah, by like a cup or two, not as dramatic as billies had, if that was the case then psych wards would be filled with big titty bitches

No. 872353


Right? Anti-depressants never grew my titties

No. 872355

File: 1628104213424.jpg (68.65 KB, 395x594, dvt.jpg)

I agree with you nona, or if she was really deadset on wanting to go with the vintage "timeless" look she was going for she could have gone for the Dita Von Teese look (I don't like Dita but she's the example I thought of fastest). Like a Morticia Addams aesthetic if that makes sense, elegant but still mysterious dark and sophisticated. The transition wouldn't have been as jarring as well, and the corsets would actually make a little bit of sense.

No. 872357

i advice bloomers, short or long and heavy/military boots. or very long maxi skirt. but it's tacky pink so idk what to pair this corset with tbh

No. 872360

i guess it depends on how fat from antidepressants you get, and how much you eat. maybe billie eats too much shit food and eats when stressed, tinfoil cause in one of her new songs she sings something like "I'm trying not to eat, distract myself with pornography"

No. 872361

File: 1628104552879.jpeg (266.38 KB, 828x505, 1F995926-AF87-44FA-8B1A-6903A3…)

here’s the prediction

No. 872362

Idk mine ballooned while I was on them and when I was inpatient my room mate had the same experience.
We both started taking them before puberty though I don't know if that made an impact.

No. 872366

ayrt, agreed. she could stylize her hair like Dita, i think she already have in Vogue shoot. maybe she should actually wear dresses, just elegant dresses. in black color. or dark red. or cool tones. not beige nonsense

No. 872370

Why do I get the feeling that Billie's numbers are grossly inflated

No. 872371

agreed. She should had done this style instead of the hooker shit she's doing.

No. 872373

File: 1628105266487.jpg (51.05 KB, 306x784, 3F3B98ED00000578-4411088-Worki…)

Late but holy fuck
She was never a looker and I know she had to remove her uterus and that can further fuck your metabolism up, but man, that's extreme

No. 872374

Which ones did you take?

No. 872375

Totally. Cool jewel tones would make her look so much better. The light and mid-toned neutrals make her look sickly

No. 872376

>olivia rodrigo on top of doja cat
it's shit

No. 872379

it looks like she's never been allowed to pick her own clothes and doesn't even know how to do up pants because her plant staff choose every part of her image

No. 872385

nonnie, the pants are supposed to be like that kek, they’re bondage pants

No. 872389

File: 1628106332001.jpg (402.42 KB, 1280x1920, _ALE0423.jpg)

her catwalk debut

No. 872392

i'm 30 and have sounded like bart simpson all my life. women have tiny ribcages, we're more likely to have "younger" sounding voices

No. 872395

kek she's not a G. plus if you're naturally top heavy so much fucking weight can go there. i can make mine go from D to F in a year if i sit on my ass eating wendy's every day

No. 872396

you're sure obstinately arguing for your crap joke like a man

No. 872397

I was started on zoloft but then switched to lexapro and then prozac. I was taking the generics versions though.
I don't remember what my room mate was taking but she was flip flopped between SSRIs like me and I think an SNRI at some point.
I don't know it could have just been our genetics because there were plenty of other girls in our inpatient treatment who didn't experience the same effects but who knows.

No. 872398

If you read a little further, I literally apologized.

No. 872402

You're all seriously fighting over a tasteless joke about big booba

No. 872404

I don't get this. How is she supposed to be 19? I know kids born in the same year and billie looks like she could be their mom. I never wanted to sperg about somebodies age so hard but Billie makes it hard not to.

No. 872406

I'm really not. I just replied to more than one post in single reply and apparently that means I'm mad. Then I apologize and I still get shit on.

No. 872407

yeah she could just go full big tiddy goth gf and stay beloved by egirls or whatever and her coomer fans

No. 872408

Got an ad for amazon or spotify music about "come hang out with me, get closer to me" which yes is not only a dangerous narrative for delusional fans but jesus her style is awful she might as well go back to the baggy clothes she was known for

No. 872410

finally someone agrees with me. i know i knowww she has tourette's, but her eyelids, pupils, and general bluuuuhh-ing is SO much like a smackhead on the bus. i don't know why people don't see it. gen z is nuts for opiates too, because alcohol, coke, and acid is way more expensive than it was even 10 years ago.

No. 872411

I'm on the same boat as you nonita.
If Billie wasn't making people sign NDAs left and right there would be so much milk coming out but obviously she has one person on her team who is a little bit intelligent.

No. 872412

she has the grandma slope up top because they're saggy/floppy and she wears super pushup bras

No. 872417

i didn't mean those pants specifically, i was trying to desrcibe her level of skill at dressing herself in general

No. 872419

good lord this shot looks like she's huffing and puffing at the struggle of walking at a normal pace

No. 872420

Nona did you not know that there's no such things as accepting a stranger's apology on the internet? The only way to atone for the sin of speaking your mind is capital punishment

No. 872421

Why does she look so greasy

No. 872425

she looks like an oversized toddler going to get christmas pictures taken

No. 872426

California birth records are public as far as I know, and I couldn't find any for billie or her brother

No. 872429

File: 1628107912248.jpg (18.15 KB, 360x500, blllll.jpg)

well i'm not sure, maybe i measure her by my own opiate experience, but Billie's pupils are often visibly small especially on her blue eyes. smallest pupil is on heroin/morphine but lighter stuff like codeine gives quite small pupils too. i know i know day light etc but sometimes i wonder. if anything she probably just takes pills at most

No. 872433

Are you searching for their full names?
Even if you are I think there's a way to negotiate/ask to make your public records private. I might be wrong.

No. 872434

I was thinking less toddler but more christmas wrapping paper spilling out of a trash bag vibes

No. 872437

Christ, I thought this was Anohni at first.

No. 872438

File: 1628108345601.jpg (103.92 KB, 500x750, IMG_20200407_023420.jpg)

She should have gone with a Electra Heart kinda styling if she really wanted to keep the blond hair

No. 872439

This would have made sense too, especially now since everyone is nostalgia sperging about the classic tumblr days.

No. 872443

she looks like someone put glitter on a bag of dog poop, in my head her obesity is karma for her molestation of her sister

No. 872447

File: 1628109008678.jpg (20.52 KB, 1380x85, Screenshot 2021-08-04 163001.j…)

Yes, birth names. I wasn't aware you could make them private, I was born in CA and looked into it previously and couldn't find anything. All it would show is picrel

No. 872452

File: 1628109986034.png (798.06 KB, 1334x750, 076C2722-B4B4-4F50-84B2-4E7FA1…)

Fuck you, bitch

No. 872453

I think Billie is trans…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 872455

Lmao the random ass Disney+ logo, guess it isn’t too wild for them to hire sexually abused women

No. 872458

Does she actually do this???

No. 872459

Holy shit, they are cyborgs like I thought

No. 872463

Why is she pregnant

No. 872466

CABI records are only searchable online until 1995, aka before either of them were born, you idiot

No. 872467

File: 1628111198019.jpeg (192.39 KB, 750x1050, 48062F8C-E116-4434-A3A8-8C425A…)

Fetty Wap’s daughter passed away

No. 872468

She has a whole song bragging about it literally called NDA

No. 872469

What's wrong with them hiring women who have been abused

No. 872470

I think they were made in a lab

No. 872471

That's terrible news. May she rest in peace.

No. 872475

She’s a test tube baby

No. 872476

Yeah but that's two cup sizes, she couldn't have been more than a solid B cup before her supposed "magical boob growth".

No. 872477

This would make sense, considering there's infant pics of her, pics of her from 12-17+ but nothing inbetween. The manly face, shitty fat distribution but large hard boobs, maybe this could also explain the Uber baggy clothes so she can have an excuse before she started getting the effects of HRT? You're onto something(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 872478

File: 1628112368790.png (791.38 KB, 750x729, wbaud3h1wcu51.png)

Serving me picrel

No. 872481


Not every unfortunate looking chick is trans guys come the fuck on. She has female boneand body structure outside of her man hands.


Poor baby, she was cute. Wonder what happened to her?

No. 872483

she was adorable, what in the world happened

No. 872497

I'm pretty sure you just went through the puberty anon, probably isn't related to the ADs lol

No. 872514

She had cancer unfortunately. poor babygirl

No. 872520

News about a child dying is already sad enough, cancer makes it even sadder. Hopefully she passed peacefully without any pain.

No. 872522

No not one bit. Large shoulders and narrow hips, man face and large limbs. Literally a man(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 872537

her face and body are unmistakably feminine what are you on lmao

No. 872550

Tinfoil time, holy shit, they only release the photos where she looks androgynous/after HRT. I’ve heard of rich parents starting the second their child wishes to be a woman, so I wouldn’t doubt it.

No. 872552

File: 1628122123951.jpeg (63.71 KB, 474x589, CE941CEF-10EE-4140-817B-19F659…)

No, she does look similar to a younger NikkiTutorials, maybe it’s the same story over again. Now to wait for the coming out video.

No. 872553

Billie should have kept this style. Now she’s all about ~muh boobs are bigger hatersss uwu~
Her new album is shit. She is just whispering with annoying repetitive beats

No. 872554

File: 1628122495038.jpeg (107.38 KB, 319x358, B38D8B6B-9FEB-4141-865B-03C6D6…)

Lmao, I’m fucking around, definitely a woman
This photo is killing me though

No. 872555

File: 1628122568906.jpeg (2.19 MB, 2814x4000, B5288D22-A659-4F7D-B3BB-177A7C…)

I like her butch/tomboy look, no more 50s crack addict

No. 872559

She's obviously gained a lot of weight since 2017/2018 and trust me that is where the boobs have come from. She was a dancer/gymnast when she was younger which is where the athletic/boyish figure came from, she had to quit because of an injury and after that she started gaining while going through puberty. If you're the right kind of girl weight gain will go straight on your tits. I went from D to an F just from weight gain.
The obsession with her boobs come from insecurity, she felt shitty about gaining weight so she hyper-fixated on the boobs being an asset to make herself feel better. Fat chicks do it all the time 'i may be a big girl but at least I've got mommy milkers'

No. 872568

Lanafag but I think she looks beautiful. So what if she gained a couple pounds? She isn’t a deathfat, she still looks good. Pretty sure the whole planet gained a few pounds with this pandemic.

No. 872573

Can we get a Grimes and Lana containment thread already?

No. 872576

Same here. The fact I used to listen to Billie as an older teen makes me cringe. Ever since I turned 20 I haven’t really enjoyed or listened to her. I guess her music is only enjoyable as a angst teenager
No. Lana isn’t milky enough for a thread. claire’s only milk is that she’s with chunky Elon

No. 872577

File: 1628124272235.jpeg (357.75 KB, 1242x1921, 1138AA3E-127D-46C7-8359-BEBD29…)

David Harbour shading Millie’s father hard. Poor kid didn’t stand a chance.

No. 872579

>containment thread
It is needed. Y’all are annoying as hell on both sides.

No. 872582

Wha happen

No. 872584

Her pedophile ex

No. 872590

Jacob Saturdayious?

No. 872591

Shut the fuck up

No. 872596

Hunter Echo, an even worse “nobody” than Jacob

No. 872618

File: 1628126784911.png (472.19 KB, 744x564, DDF0854D-E8E8-41D0-8FF1-3EAEF2…)

Alright, I’m tired of being a bitch on the internet, here’s a kinda cute guy that Billie has working for her. I’d milk his prostate with a pink glitter dildo any day.

No. 872632

No. 872638

more like fucking punchable

No. 872640

it's okay to love yourself anon

No. 872646

File: 1628128446438.jpg (9.02 KB, 172x435, disgust.jpg)

>this entire post
Take that shit to /g/

No. 872649

her parents are fucked. hopefully she owns her earnings or at least enough to fuck off away from them when she turns 18. idk i have hope. she doesn't seem stupid or guilty about leaving them so I hope she will

No. 872652

straight women are only attracted to chris hemsworth or steve from blues clues. they love that uncustomized avatar look/have been deeply conditioned from birth to settle

No. 872660

Cute as in, he likely won’t leave or hit me. Life is disappointing.

No. 872663

Never give an ugly scrote a chance because you think they won’t leave. If you do it just inflates their ego and makes them think they can do better, then it hurts even worse when even the ugly one leaves. Raise your standards for your own sake, anon

No. 872666

Ugly men are more likely to be abusive nonita

No. 872669

This is actually one of my biggest fears.

No. 872679

File: 1628131608803.jpeg (29.57 KB, 481x481, F5B18414-029F-4754-BDEE-CC0E47…)

Damn, I can’t even fantasize about pegging a guy I don’t even know without being faced with how men see women as disposable items to be beaten into submission then replaced…

No. 872687

Well then he'd trooon out and you'd have to deal with validating his womangood 24/7

No. 872715

Not if I amputate his limbs and make him my beautiful husband pillow. uwu

No. 872725

God I miss Electra Heart era Marina. She was so beautiful then. She looks so sickly thin now

No. 872738

She got obsessed with doing some military diet and exercise a few years ago. Probably doing a lot of cutting which is unhealthy and you can tell her body wants to be at a higher weight.

No. 872746

How would you guys feel if she got a breast reduction?

No. 872754

Wouldn’t care, stop lurking Billie.("hi cow")

No. 872758

File: 1628135383613.png (9.67 MB, 1242x2208, 1628119681676.png)

Another anon posted this on /g/ about DVT.. you know things are bad when you're sponsored by WEN kek so much for her carefully curated image of glamour and sophistication.

No. 872765

Kek do you actually think she lurks here
Or any other celeb for that matter?
I can see maybe Doja just to troll

No. 872772

AB is almost 99% a farmer.

No. 872778

I'd say good for her, they're probably causing her back pain

No. 872780

Kek yes scrotes are known for their listening comprehension capabilities, especially with random songs on the radio! Thank you Billie, very cool!

No. 872787

Only brainless scrotes and pickmes play Fortnite. Which are you?
Honestly starting to believe that Billie is at least in her early twenties. How fucking milky would that be, if it came out that she was lying about her identity/age to appeal to teen fans and cash in on being fake jailbait? I’m rooting for that now just because I think itd be hilarious.
RIP :(
Anon he looks retarded. Love yourself.

No. 872789

File: 1628140284621.jpeg (288.46 KB, 750x565, 769707DE-C38D-40D0-9342-5E690A…)

No. 872792

and that's how your whole nasty family got pinworms

No. 872794

Didn't we discuss this already, but it was Mila Kunis saying this?
Why do they keep telling the world that they don't bathe their children? What's the gain here?

No. 872804

Another one, these people all live in California which is freaking Hot as hell and you need daily showers to even survive, how do they live like this

No. 872817

Anon I play fortnite, its mostly children and some teenagers and the gender ratio leans slightly more on the male side but girls make up up at least 40% of the playerbase

No. 872825

You play with children and teenagers?

No. 872828


No. 872830

No I play with my own friends online, but I encounter a lot of kids and teenagers

No. 872838

Hating the imagery of this nona

No. 872894

I think anon meant it could start a dialogue, honestly, don’t fucking know. Maybe she’s in an alternate universe where men stop at the first hint of apprehension.

No. 872914

Sounds romantic, a man you can pick up and lock away whenever you get tired of him

No. 872917

I play video games too, but I'm just generalising about moid gamers. Fps are generally male dominated and I looked it up and Billie was on the fifa soundtrack which explains why chavs across the country were blocking the jukeboxes from playing literally anything else

No. 872921

Hardly evidence that she actually makes people sign NDAs. That’s like saying the world is matriarchal because Beyoncé revealed “who run the world.”

No. 872922

No it's not. The probability of Billie having NDAs is not as far fetched as believing that Beyonce is queen of the world.

No. 872924

It’s a song, dummy. She also said that she jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in a song.

No. 872926

Disney is known for exploiting these women more, overworking or grooming them

No. 872933

That's amazing you know that, still, her having NDAs is believable and it's naive to think otherwise.

No. 872956

File: 1628162819656.png (167.85 KB, 1281x540, Screenshot 2021-08-05 13.25.36…)

>That’s like saying the world is matriarchal because Beyoncé revealed “who run the world.”
I'm sorry, but your comment really made me want to share pic related. It's an excerpt from 'All the Lives I want' by Alana Massey. Highly recommended

No. 872969

tbf that song and Beyoncé both suck, cause it was written by a old Swedish man and that children Indonesian sweatshops are the ones who make her clothing line.

No. 872972

lol Dita is going to make all of her wannabe pin up followers go bald

No. 872977

I agree, but I still like that passage since the author agrees it's bullshit (except she's a Beyonce stan kek, so she copes )

No. 872978

I'm Eurofag and not familiar with this brand, is it a controversial one? Or is it something you'd find at the drugstore?

No. 872980

I play too and I don't even know who I'm playing with cus I don't use vc. FN is such a harmless and fun game and the "it sucks cus it's a kids game!"-take is getting so old lol. FN collabs with a lot of different celebrities and such, so having Ariana featured doesn't seem out of place to me

No. 872983

File: 1628165556445.jpg (254.8 KB, 1080x1201, IMG_20210805_141232.jpg)

No. 872992

Oh dang

No. 873028

shut the fuck up you got guts to talk shit about adidas you filth. talk shit about celebs instead

No. 873072

>defending brands
Serf moment

No. 873083

There is no tea in the sky, it's mostly clouds and stuff babe.

No. 873088

your first mistake was fantasizing about pegging a guy in the celebricows thread. like some anon said previously, take that shit to /g/

why do celebrities keep revealing shit like this? do they think it makes them "quirky" or relatable in some way? or is any attention good attention, including people on twitter making fun of them?

No. 873102

I don't know, in this video she was about 15/16 and she did look very young in the face.
I think she just aged quickly because of the stress and possible drugs.

No. 873103

good she’s fucking hilarious

No. 873110

she’s like 41 and looks incredible and dax isn’t look good like at all. does she not share her skincare routine? what happened

No. 873117

Stop being so naïve. In the song she explicitly says that she dreamt that she jumped off the golden gate bridge, not that she actually did it. Emphasis on dreamt. Brush up on your comprehension skills nonitas.
If you think that a celeb as big as Billie who's been groomed her whole life for stardom doesn't make the people close to her sign NDAs, you're an idiot. Her family, agents, and label have perfectly tailored her image for years, they're not going to let a couple of scrotes she's fucked around with ruin it that easily.

No. 873118

are you joking? celebs have expensive air conditioning. Also, I doubt they'd consider swimming "bathing" and I'm sure they all have huge fuck off pools

No. 873119

She looks like she's in her late teens to early twenties. But I agree drugs have probably taken a toll on her.

No. 873120

He recently relapsed so maybe alcohol?

No. 873121

I don't know why but the notion of this is so funny to me.
It would make sense kek, this thread is constantly sperging about Lana and Grimes.

No. 873126

File: 1628174400445.jpg (835.47 KB, 3464x2309, jb-stories.jpg)

Justin Bieber complains about media making him look "sick and unwell" in his instagram stories

No. 873128

that’s sad, i didn’t think of that and hope he’s ok. he seems like a good husband and father which is rare anywhere especially hollywood.

No. 873130

Might want to look into him more kek he’s a fucking nightmare

No. 873131

He looks exactly the same amount of sick and unwell in every picture, you just imagine him at a gas station in a different region of the country. It sounds like he wants to ride what Britney is fighting for but no male performer has ever been controlled like her since Michael Jackson. I hate how performers who haven’t done literally anything with the power they have to try to help her or show support, yet want to siphon the attention she’s getting to fight for her freedom. Justin was a fucking nightmare and never got forced into a conservatorship wonder why…

No. 873138

No. 873144

>BAAWWW y they no use shooped pics to make mi look smexxy?
kek get BENT scrote you look a trash!

No. 873145

What is justin even doing these days? The last thing I heard from was this god awful song yummy and after that he successfully vanished from my radar. Is he now a fulltime junky?

No. 873146

When female celebrities complain about this, don't they get laughed at and ignored? Lol.

No. 873152

File: 1628175786020.jpeg (109.37 KB, 780x438, 1226F04D-5162-4685-970B-37E0D5…)

wow you weren’t kidding. i think kristen bell’s presence just made me think he had to be decent, she’s a good performer that makes them seems fun, bright, and normal. i just read that kristen had to defend letting their daughters drink non-alcoholic beer because it “made them feel closer to their dad”. fucking yikes. she has a really specific and curated image of positivity and i’m not surprised he only puts in a fraction of the work in the same industry. imagine being one of the stars of a major disney film like frozen and your husband can’t just clean up.

she’s not my style but dudes are crazy for her type, and he’s such a gross slob i wish i was still in the dark about

No. 873161

File: 1628177015221.jpg (86.95 KB, 960x960, sadcat.jpg)

tfw when no sky tea for me when i die

No. 873164

File: 1628177112355.jpg (11.17 KB, 500x272, barkek obmna.jpg)

Then perish

No. 873415

File: 1628191392486.jpg (393.91 KB, 1080x1730, IMG_20210805_212236.jpg)

Why the fuck is she reaching out to this loser?

No. 873424

>the internet is the nucleus of cancel culture
woah man we might need to call up Lil Kim Jon Uz or whatevr tf his name is to call off the bomb threat

No. 873434

File: 1628192346155.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 1242x1790, 773D6A61-7128-45F3-878F-0BF8B1…)

just in time to profit off sexualizing my infant

No. 873465

wow, breastfeeding. so incredibly she/they and absolutely not womanly at all. stunning and brave.

No. 873467

Just a theybe embracing ithood whilst her non defined genderless baby suckled on her zit.

No. 873575

File: 1628200483345.png (203.46 KB, 434x596, rip.png)

actually she died of a congenital heart defect. not sure where you got cancer from because that wasn't reported anywhere.

No. 873580

Ok, I understand we’re supposed to hate her, but how is this sexual in any way? She’s breastfeeding…

No. 873583

Because Miley knows what it’s like to be unjustly written off as inappropriate/unnecessary, I hope she keeps her distance though and doesn’t get exploited

No. 873586

he went on a homophobic tyrade on stage at a huge event totally unprompted kek not exactly “unjust” he’s just a huge retard

No. 873590

I've watched too many "football player dies on the field" videos to not understand why all rich people wouldn't screen their kids through a cardiologist

tinfoil but I think she's gay af and not bi and is desperately trying to hint at this, see also her miley made me gay!! merch

No. 873602

I had quite the hearty kek at your assessment, dear nonnie

No. 873613

Is Miley actually even gay though? It's pretty rich to see a "queer" celebrity excusing blatant homophobia, but I shouldn't expect any better

No. 873630

Not defending Miley but is this supposed to be passive aggressive?

No. 873632

I read that on LSA

No. 873640

File: 1628205296175.jpeg (166.61 KB, 827x696, 0E132695-0D97-43FD-9B18-883BB9…)

No. 873650

she's been papped making out with kaitlynn carter and stella maxwell. have you heard of google before?

No. 873656

psst, be quiet anon… you'll disturb the hivemind

No. 873662

Anon did you do this edit? It looks much better on the right with the green accents but I'm not quite sure why. Can you explain? Thankies

No. 873665

has halsey always had huge tits or is this how big they really get with pregnancy?

No. 873674

File: 1628208161076.jpg (481.63 KB, 2048x2048, 7e7wt898t57894.jpg)

Pregnancy definitely had something to do with it.

No. 873682

Implants. Very obvious in her 'you should be sad' vid.

No. 873684

So spicy straight then

No. 873687

File: 1628208903960.png (3.05 MB, 1792x828, 5269B396-1E54-4C5D-8813-0299F5…)

idk it's hard to tell, it's a possibility. wouldn't the implants fuck with breastfeeding?

No. 873693

What reason would a nonbinary person have to get implants?

No. 873713

>beg for negative attention
>get it
>qq people are so mean

No. 873738

to make them sound ~relatable~ and down-to-earth

No. 873742

Her bleached eyebrows look so weird

No. 873765

If anyone is interested in the Ariana Grande x Fornite event, here's some gameplay about it. Her weapon is called the 7 Rings Mallet. She's also doing a "Rift Tour" (online concert?) with Fortnite. Here are the deets:
Basically, a "medley" or just a playback of her songs back to back as you play the game, with in-game effects taking place. Nothing too exciting imo

No. 873766

Looking like Lucinda over here kek

No. 873770

female socialization

No. 873776

I'm not sure, but babies naturally try to latch and suckle on nipples shoved in their mouths, lactation or not. This could've been a photo opt.

No. 873779

Sooo she's doing exactly what Travis Scott did 2 years ago?

No. 873780

she has sex with women when she's bored or mad at her male boyfriends who she has committed relationships with. so yes, she's bisexual.

No. 873794

File: 1628219626167.jpeg (981.47 KB, 3464x3464, 96CA0D49-B932-4553-8332-27DC63…)

Olivio Rodgrigo dropped new clothing merch, as expected it’s childish edgy shit that teens as expected have eaten right up, bought shirts from the store, and are complaining about the piss poor quality. Picrel but this is hilarious

No. 873797

Shut the fuck up you stupid lesbian incel, go back to your containment thread in /g/

No. 873799

she's super straight basically

No. 873801

A hit dog hollers

No. 873803

I started going on ontd in 2007/2009 (when Britney got 5150d) and now I come to this thread instead bc fuck the handmaiden weirdos on ontd

No. 873806

thats comparing two wildly different times and mindsets tho. of course it looks strange compared to the social climate we have now. i remember kids in my high school writing harry potter/anime/movie/band fanfics between underage and adults or torture and really just any kind of degeneracy you could think of and it was fine. being gay was different but not a major talking point that people made their whole identities and people race swapping anyone at any turn and it was seen as a cool take on a character without the threat of erasing a whole culture because someone saw someone as light brown as opposed to a darker brown or the reverse.

No. 873809

samefag but this was the era that sinead oconnor was vilified for ripping up a picture of the pope in protest of child abuse in the catholic church and britney and xtina and the spice girls were having their albums and merch burned because they were too sexual and garrish.

im not supporting those beliefs at all but again, the times were different and the mainstream was far different from what we have now.

No. 873813

Pretty much, but with Ariana

No. 873814

I'm gonna be very honest I think this is dumb. I can just play any videogame with ariana grande music in the background, been doing so recently actually.

No. 873833

tinfoil: lucinda and halsey are the same criature

No. 873850

Bi women live rent-free in your mind, huh? Kek.

No. 873852

I mean water is wet

No. 873874

theyre really pushing this y2k shit on this rodrigo chick huh, feels very inauthentic and only shilling the current trends. industry plant

No. 873876

The fact that any woman wants to reach out to this man is absurd. Nobody batted an eye when he literally slapped a woman but hurting gay men's feelings? EVERYONE STOP EVERYTHING. Once again men's feelings >> actual violence against women

No. 874003

Please don't insult Lucinda like that.

No. 874084

File: 1628249671769.jpg (525.46 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20210806-073426_Chr…)

I'm as straight as Miley Cyrus, babe.

No. 874147

File: 1628253616068.png (514.76 KB, 627x1222, Cringe.png)

No. 874161

No. 874166

>chiiile what am I the damn song monitor? snoopin around for songs chile?

No. 874202

Sinead O'connor was based. I remember when she did that.

No. 874204

When did this happen? I'm surprised she wasnt cancelled over this, the way shit is now. I love how people get away with saying homophobic shit against lesbians, but not gay men.

No. 874215

File: 1628258318757.jpg (118.35 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

She was based, then she joined the religion that says that a Pedophile warlord was the greatest human being who ever lived, Honestly as an ex-Muslim I lost all respect for her

No. 874222

All of pop stars that Interscope shits out are industry plants, Billie Eilish is signed to them too

No. 874227

All major record labels have been in the business of pumping out industry plants for the past 40+ years. Interscope is no different.

No. 874241

i lose respect for anyone who chooses to be muslim. literal insanity.

No. 874244

Learn to sage your posts nonnie

No. 874256

It is saged lol

No. 874264

It's not but Ok

No. 874273

when she was with cody simpson. i remember she basically said that she was only gay/bi/whatever bc she didn’t find the right dick or smth like that and cody laughed. it was some livestream she was doing. she apologized and everyone forgot about it lmao.

No. 874279

Nta and it's saged retard

No. 874282

I forgot she dated Cody Simpson. Stella Maxwell seems to be the token model to use if you want to act up being bi. Isn't Miley's song Slip Away about the Hemsworth and her kissing on Stella's mouth? Literally everything miley has done since the last song film has been in retaliation against her Co star lol, Liam! Couldn't remember his name lol

No. 874284

Nope not at all, implants if done correctly are placed behind the milk ducts and glands

No. 874292

Why did her skin get so much worse from 2014 to 2020

No. 874302

File: 1628265324569.png (132.62 KB, 891x915, not saged retard.PNG)

To not be the anon, you're being quite defensive, nonnie.
Hide saged posts and you'll see that the post is still there. It bumped the thread. Not sage, retard.

No. 874308

looks like sun damage

No. 874309

i didn't even know or recongize olivia at first.

No. 874328

File: 1628267057135.png (214.79 KB, 900x624, eat the apple sauce.png)

The resemblance is uncanny kek

No. 874331

pure distilled autism

No. 874355

No u
This spreg fest is boring as hell. The potential ban for infighting I can catch isn't worth it and it's clogging up the thread. I'll stfu now until there's actual milk again.

No. 874382

Pakistani-anon you're still here?

No. 874383

Why would anyone buy this

No. 874401

File: 1628272651379.jpg (53.17 KB, 654x533, disgUHsting.JPG)


Yup, Ice-T and his 5 year old daughter alternate sucking on his wifes big fake cocomelons

No. 874403

File: 1628272757572.jpeg (170.85 KB, 1284x1970, E8HgtgLWEAIpaw0.jpeg)

Okay tinfoil time; why the fuck are all these freaks suddenly announcing they don't bathe?

No. 874408

What the actual fuck is going on

No. 874411

Is he saying that he is against good manners too?

No. 874418

i think you guys are missing the point. european people generally know not to overbathe (ie most don't bathe once a day) and they definitely don't use a HAREM of products while doing so. something like showering once every 2 days and just using a palmolive, dove, or nivea body wash is enough. americans especially but also other anglos tend to overdo it, but especially americans. i've seen the way americans shower twice a day and use 5 different products while doing so and it's really not good for your body. then they'll turn around and use moisturiser after every single shower because their skin is so dry… from showering too much… where is the logic.

No. 874421

We getting slapped with a water ban soon?

No. 874422

they're just normalizing behavior that this will be necessary during climate collapse. they're Conditioning for the masses. You think the world is going to be able to reliably deliver luxuries such as excess water for bathing in a few years

No. 874425

Do euros not understand how fucking hot it can get in the United States? Not bathing every day in the summer when it’s over 37 Celsius is disgusting. These celebs are gross and stinky, it’s just no one can tell them otherwise if they want to keep their jobs.

No. 874428

med. euros are often stinky

No. 874433

Fucking right? It gets up to 115 here regularly in the summer (46 celsius for Euros) and I feel gross and dirty all of the time because of it.

No. 874434

Maybe you mean people in colder countries? I'm from southern europe and the norm is showering once a day

No. 874435

samefag but no we are not wtf :(

No. 874436

French people smelling is literally a meme through out Europe.

No. 874439

Pretty much every European country has been stereotyped as unclean and smelly at some point, doesn't mean it was or is true.

No. 874440

No. 874451

wtf is this. i can tell in central europe countries it's absolutely normal to take bath 2ce a day. better to have dry skin than not bathing. use fucking cream if skin's dry, wtf
As for celebrities not bathing they'll believe any trendy shit about "maintaining beauty" or "health" and pass it on. remember when celebrities stopped eating gluten? don't get why this one became a trend but this is hollywood, there's no logic.

No. 874456

i can smell the german

No. 874462

I was in France once, there was a lot of piss in the streets. It kind of colored the air like a faint, fetid perfume. I think the people had grown nose-blind to it. Very strong memory.

No. 874470

Everyone I know who has visited France has said the same thing that it vaguely smells of piss all the time. I'll never visit just because of that reason.

No. 874472

blame the Algerians and Africans

No. 874473

I've lived in France and the ethnic French were smelly and a lot have greasy limp hair

No. 874474

Cope, cheesefrog

No. 874477

There's tons of immigrants here in the USA but they don't piss every where. Never heard of other countries smelling like piss in the streets except France. Seems like it's just an isolated French problem.

No. 874478

Didn't they use to pee everywhere in Versailles too?

No. 874488

Its true though, Africans literally shit on the streets of Paris, not all of Europe is clean but western Europe is way more then any other region in the world except maybe Japan

No. 874489

Yes but it's not a very recent news

No. 874490

Why do they do this in Paris specifically?
It doesn't happen in my country.

No. 874492

It's just Paris and a very specific subway station in Lyon that I won't even name.

You wish.

No. 874493

I'm assuming you mean the homeless Sudanese and Eritrean people from that one news article/video. I didn't see that personally, but I did see dog shit.
If it really is all migrants, I don't get why it's just France with this problem. I'm guessing it didn't start with them.

No. 874497

>you wish
Ha ha ha ha ha, yes Its the French people pissing and shitting in the streets
there's a reason street shitters are associated with Africans and Indians(racebait)

No. 874502

That was filmed because it's uncommon behavior in that area. In France, it's like all the locals see Paris as a public toilet. Not everything bad is the migrants' fault, you've been doing this since Versailles. Please just stop peeing everywhere.

No. 874505

>all the locals see Paris as a public toilet
So ironic since it's supposed to be this romantic, beautiful city people want to visit. When I visited it sure was pretty but it sure smelled like pee.

No. 874507

>showing a most likely staged video in NYC to prove anything about France
Based retard. Watch this instead. Paris is disgusting sometimes but it's not a recent phenomenon whatsoever.

No. 874509

I'm thinking this more and more everyday.
none of you guys know about sulfates and it shows. moisturize and seethe.

No. 874510

BTW this is a staged video by comedian Cornbread that took place in NYC

No. 874513

And watch this too. It's all French people living here and fucking up Paris.

No. 874514

ayrt, I just realized I completely forgot France is a Mediterranean country too kek

No. 874515

1960's video of people mostly littering and being irresponsible with their trash, that somehow proves that Africans don't take shits on the streets

No. 874516

And somehow all the Africans conspired to shit specifically in France? Out of all the countries in Europe, in North America, etc? Weaponized shitting?(enough derailing)

No. 874517

I grew up in Paris and yes it's disgusting. There used to be public restrooms on the street but i think they got taken down in the late 90s as part of Vigipirate after the bombings in the Metro. It was a long time ago so i could be wrong, also i don't live there anymore. Def used to pee between cars all the time when i was a teen though. Sometimes it's 2am and you just gotta go lol

No. 874518

Exactly. There's plenty of displaced people throughout Europe, if it was specifically the immigrants all of Europe would smell like public bathroom, which isn't what I've heard

No. 874519


Africans in Europe are just taking over and they all smell too. Same for the pakis.

No. 874520

And you posted a staged video in NYC to prove that they do?

No. 874522

If that's true, they must be in good company among the natives of Paris, because the rest of the world certainly doesn't share this "ambience".

No. 874526

I used public toilets in Paris, but they were all near tourist attractions if it matters. Do you think the problem is the lack of public toilets overall or just plain shitty attitude of the locals?

No. 874529


Not really. Most Europeans don’t like them because of culture differences and the Africans men and Asians harassing women. I’m a woman of colour and even I don’t like them.

No. 874530


Get over it anon.

No one wants them.

No. 874535

It's probably a mixed bag tbh. Again i left a long time ago, but when i was still there, most bars closed fairly early, public toilets were pretty much non existent and iirc there weren't public bathrooms in the Metro (which also closed super early) either. Not that any of my homegirls enjoyed pissing on the streets either, especially because of all the perverts, but we didn't really have any other options.

My male friends pissed everywhere tho but men are just gross.

No. 874537

I'm talking about the smell and bathroom habits.
Come to think of it, even the parts of the ME and African countries I've lived in/been to didn't have that permanent piss odor. Paris is truly unique.

No. 874541

>time to open the celebrity thread for some celebrity news
>just 2 anons arguing over who exactly made the entirety of France smell like piss

No. 874542

Actually there are multiple anons engaged in the stinky Paris hot topic kek

No. 874544

It was me, sorry tourist nonnies.

No. 874550

If you have any new celebrity milk then contribute.
If not, then let us keep talking about stinky pissy Paris nonner.

No. 874553

So how are Rome and Barcelona in comparision to Paris?

No. 874555

You can smell piss very strongly around Amsterdam too. They have those outdoor piss things around the canals

No. 874556

I've never been personally but I know multiple people who were prolific travelers before the pandemic and they never mentioned Rome or Barcelona smelled like piss. But they specifically mentioned the piss smell in Paris. This is another tangent, but they told me Barcelona was boring compared to Madrid.

No. 874563

its a /pol/cuck meme

No. 874567

Just to add to the stink sperg, nothing matches Bourbon st in New Orleans. It smells like piss AND vomit year round.

No. 874574

>obese femcels crying because people with healthier skin than them shower a normal amount instead of twice a day because they're not fat and don't need to

No. 874579

I went one time for Valentines day after Mardi Gras. Never again.

San Francisco and Portland are a little stanky too.

No. 874584

I was a stripper on bourbon and I can confirm this kek. On top of that people bring their children around naked and drunk people all the time and leave their stinky diapers and shit everywhere. I don't even know how people can bother eating and getting horny with that level of nastiness around

No. 874586

File: 1628286423059.png (644.15 KB, 792x638, global-rule-6.png)

right??? this thread has been completely hijacked by spergs and they need to quit derailing

No. 874593

thin people sweat too nonny

No. 874595

File: 1628286784871.jpg (61.52 KB, 656x492, fe7cf4865688b5d168a4ed1e9b2d15…)

Rome smells normal and people don't shit or piss in the street or anything crazy like that, but they do litter more than in northern countries (in my experience more than in Paris too, though I've only been twice and to the nicer touristy areas so I wouldn't really know). The worst sight you'll come across is overflowing garbage bins like picrel because public services are bad in general

No. 874611

I feel like I'm on crack, I left this thread on Miley Cyrus backlash and I come back to a wall of text about Pissue de Paris.

No. 874623

That sounds miserable anon. New Orleans really brings out the worst in people. The only time i didn't smell the usual pee-vom aroma on bourbon was when it was completely shutdown last year.

No. 874625

File: 1628288643048.png (1.39 MB, 895x930, shut the fuck up.PNG)

Not very milky but something to talk about besides what places stink kek.
Does Billie seriously think she's fooling anyone? She's definitely gotten lip fillers, maybe some kind of tit augmentation, and something done to her chin/neck. I don't buy that she has a fat girl body without any little bit of double chin, although she has been looking a little bit more bloated in that area recently.

Kek if you have some milk to contribute then spill it, nonnie. Sperging about other people sperging is just as annoying.

No. 874636

she's not fat she's just a chubby fridge lol. she doesn't need to have 4 chins like some fat femcel in order to have her body and face/neck combo. i don't think she's had anything done.

No. 874643

really? she has old bat in hollywood tier botox and lipfillers at the very least. As for breast implants it's hard to tell with chubby girls since the vast amount of existing breast tissue covers it (trisha paytas for example). Sudden dramatic size difference is very sus though and I find a lot of women who can't stfu about their tits often have fake tits so

No. 874646

> old bat in hollywood tier
I'm a retard what does this mean

No. 874647

it's hard to tell if the size of her breasts is sudden/dramatic in change because she's been wearing baggy oversized clothing every day until recently for at least 2 or 3 years

No. 874656

Figured it out kek. Like I said I've got a wee bit of the tism.

No. 874659

yeah but even in baggy clothes they were nowhere near as buldging out as they are now

No. 874662

Was just about to say this.

No. 874669

French people are rude, smelly, and ugly cousins to the mutated industry-built Britfags. Hope the whole continent gets drowned by the surrounding ocean, they took their European stank and proceeded to shit on the streets in the early days of New York because the public service was indeed very bad and inadequate in early American cities. They’ll project and continuously blame issues on minorities that they have started themselves because pissing and shitting on streets instead of not being cheapos and constructing better facilities are muh successful white nations. Had to derail, it bugs me how much their coin smelling legs and expired ham gets projected to minorities when they infact stink and sweat like pigs. God I hate Europeans this derailment was needed

No. 874672

File: 1628290779655.png (707.05 KB, 1040x736, tinfoil.png)

Not exactly the same angle but you can seen her lips have definitely plumped up over time. She had naturally large lips to begin with though.

It's weird because she if her lips aged like the rest of her face they'd be papercuts by now.

No. 874673

File: 1628290798908.jpeg (47.91 KB, 720x1280, 3433AC86-AA0E-4AE3-B089-1B869D…)

i really don't think it's far fetched that these are natural given her size. she's not by any means skinny. there are some people that just have weight going straight to their breasts… i'm not one of them lmao but there are people. really the best way to tell would be if she ever got into something extremely revealing like a bikini, implants ALWAYS defy gravity and hers look like they have natural sag at least.

No. 874677

nah, like I said, chubby girls with more breast tissue have saggy and natural looking breasts when they get implants, it would be practically impossible to tell unless they say it or they actually do nudes, trishas only give it away because after her third boob job her nipple placement became a joke

No. 874678

It's a lose-lose situation. If she puts on a bikini and they're sagging she'll get shit on for having NatGeo tits. If they're bolt-ons and defy gravity she'll get exposed for lying.

No. 874680

File: 1628291071141.jpeg (225.03 KB, 750x631, A422B963-8991-485E-BB1B-5D82D4…)

Just say you can’t bathe without the aluminum and sulfates trapping your natural piggy stink because europeans haven’t learned to survive in hotter climates. Lmao sorry for this again but remember picrel? Britfags literally thought 75 Fahrenheit was skin-tearing??? KEK sorry I’m done

No. 874682

do you think if she ever fully widened her eyes her music would finally get better to listen to

No. 874684

well isn't miss tits so proud of them or not, if she hadn't made her entire personality revolve around them no one would care

No. 874686

File: 1628291373889.jpeg (122.63 KB, 359x372, 67D94C30-5B44-4E56-949E-46CC59…)

>she had naturally plump lips though
Huh? What exactly about her lips on the left look plump anon are you fucking blind? No, picrel are plump lips. If your lips look like that I’m so sorry to tell you that you’ve been lying to yourself because you are not a big-lipped bombshell and neither will Billie

No. 874687

File: 1628291434113.jpg (38.97 KB, 890x986, 3004.jpg)

Opinions on this outfit?

i remember there were photos from before Billie's fame where she's still thin, has silver hair and poses in front of mirror in public toilet with some other girl, she was dressed like a typical egirl circa 2014, white tennis skirt and yellow tank top, she already had bigger tits. sorry i can't find this photo now but some anons probably know this photo

No. 874690

personally i think it's hideous, but i've never liked her fashion sense.

No. 874691

>large lips
omfg bitch do you need glasses?

No. 874692

If she was truly as proud of them as she claims, she wouldn’t need to wear double padded push up bras to push those things up to her neck. My body and boobs are about the same as hers and that shit is not comfortable even if you’ve got a good bra. She needs to just let them hang naturally for once if she’s so body positive.

No. 874693

ik what you're talking about but her boobs weren't even THAT big and ontop of that any girl who's ever worn a push up bra in a tank can definitely tell it's a heavily padded bra vs natural boobs

No. 874696

Kek my lips are slits so I guess I don’t have a good grasp on what’s big. I guess I meant for a slice of white bread, she had bigger lips than the rest of us

Yes bestie clearly I do kek

No. 874701

File: 1628291871782.jpeg (277.79 KB, 2600x1500, CD0969CC-666A-4D72-AD53-E5C421…)

…you need to stop. act bratty and you're gonna get called monkey lipped which is a lot more realistic than "plump". pic related is plump. not saying billie's natural lips were exactly plump but let's not pretend prototypical black person lips are the definition of plump.

No. 874703

>American white
explains things, she had thin lips before, like most white girls(racebait)

No. 874704

She looks so dumpy in everything she wears because she has a normal trailer trash body it’s like no one cares that nothing in that outfit works or accentuates her body. Some women need to learn that the baggy y2k tomboy it-girl look isn’t for everyone. Also notice how she dresses really shit when she doesn’t rip her fashion inspo from 90s black rappers and R&B singers kek

No. 874705

if anyone is curious about the ariana grande """live concert""":

>"YouTube is allowing creators' streams of the Fortnite Ariana Grande concert to be temporarily monetized. This represents a unique opportunity to monetize a video with Ariana Grande music in it, which is hilarious"

Starts at 13:35

No. 874706

She needs to stop with the big button down untucked/skirt combo. She looks autistic.

No. 874711

>"act bratty and you're gonna get called monkey lipped"

Are you okay?

No. 874713

You and other nonner are autistic. Less talk about lips more talk about the milk.

No. 874717

Isn’t the answer obvious kek

No. 874720

there is no nice way to explain to a black person that is convinced only black people have plump lips that their view is incorrect

No. 874721

Makes her shape looking like fucking humpty dumpty, large body with twigs for legs.

No. 874723

You’re both spreging about dumb shit. Either derail about something interesting like how badly Europeans stink or just shut the fuck up.

No. 874724

How is breast feeding sexual?

No. 874725

That pic was posted inside one of the last 2 threads, also she looks so fucking ugly lol

No. 874727

You’re just racist, annoying, and highly defensive about your true aryan race~. Oh boohoo, most white people don’t have nice plump lips. Kylie Jenner didn’t use white women as inspiration for her numerous lip surgeries, we all know why she tans her skin and makes her lips bigger. Black people typically have big lips and are always a target for it and your post pretty much proved my point. Stay bitter, snow roach.(racebait)

No. 874731

you both probably have ugly looking mouths shut up

No. 874732

lmao take it down a notch. it's not my fault you think having lips like a baboons asshole is attractive. people like plump lips that's a fact. they don't like slits for lips or gorilla lips either. i'm sorry you have to lie to yourself that whypeepoe can't have nice lips, i'm sure it does wonders for your ego.(racebait)

No. 874737

File: 1628294080999.jpg (81.83 KB, 744x744, Skirt.jpg)

This one?

No. 874738

File: 1628294133567.png (2.48 MB, 1390x900, lips.png)

she used to have normal lips, with upper lip quite thin. her fans who say she always had plump lips use the fact that it's hard to compare cause she always smiled in her teen photos (which made them a bit thinner) but now she just does sad pouting. found more photos and i think she could just overline upper lip with lipstick to make it bigger but nope, had to start loading fillers

No. 874739

yes, thank you anon! she also filmed a Vine in these clothes

No. 874740

paris piss billie booba racist retard goo goo gaga(integrate)

No. 874741

Thank you for the comprehensive and in-depth collage nonita. I had a hard time finding old photos of Billie

No. 874743

I appreciate this post so much

No. 874745

>tfw black but lips are the same size as billie's
now what

No. 874746

Speak for yourself, giant lips are amazing like it is my personal tragedy that no amount of filler will ever make mine that fucking cool.

No. 874747

This needs to make it into the summary in the next thread

No. 874748

File: 1628294691064.jpg (29.15 KB, 540x591, Huh.jpg)

I also found this during the search and her boobs look similar to now? not here to boobsperg though

No. 874749

i think once she opens her eyes fully something bad will happen. you know like in animes when the character with fox eyes suddenly opens his or her eyes… yeah.

No. 874752

Now we know why the Paris subway smells like pee

No. 874753

i googled "billie eilish 2016" but it took a lot of random official photoshoot clicks to find more. yeah it is hard to find her old stuff, maybe her team tries to make it harder to google. fan pinterest and reddit are the key

No. 874759

File: 1628295347958.jpg (58.55 KB, 543x708, Tescorun.jpg)

Just google "billie eilish tenis skirt" I got a bunch of her from back then in the related images

No. 874769

File: 1628296130882.jpg (86.08 KB, 1080x1080, af4c85b2686a0410128b23a41ff7a2…)

yeah she used to dress more girly, skirts etc. she already had silver hair and lip fillers. later all that was deleted from insta. idk how popular she was but i heard she had some decent following and showed more skin.

No. 874780

She was just another Tumblrina ddlg “choke me daddy nghhhh” types, just an edgy teenager.

No. 874791

She had decently “plump” lips for a white girl at (supposedly kek) like 13 or 14 in that pic. We get it, you queens come extra large & in charge, nobody’s talking about a black or even mixed girl.

No. 874793

You can see in the three photos furthest to the right she's had fillers. The top lip has been augmented compared to the other photos.

No. 874797

yeah this is 100% the work of a push up bra. if you have actual big boobs and you wear a bra and tank top it just has a lot more cleavage and they aren't that high up on her chest

No. 874804

File: 1628298351081.png (2.95 MB, 1678x1100, billie2.png)

i didn't know but seems in the very beginning they tried more girly Billie style. these are early professional promo shoots. pastel tumblr style etc.

No. 874811

Lol no wonder she struggles with authenticity. Fake ass bitch

No. 874813

Kek you nonas seem to have completely forgotten about ocean eyes. She was originally pitched as a softgirl.

No. 874814

Blame her parents and brother Phenotype. She’s their puppet.

No. 874816

File: 1628299477104.jpeg (173.09 KB, 397x361, 5E816AC5-A8AA-4939-92CA-6E93D6…)


No. 874827

come to think about it, she changed drastically every 2 years or so, style wise and attitude/things to tell journalists wise. every teen experiments with style but it was interscope who experimented with her style. maybe that's why her new era is crass, she doesn't know what she really likes.
ocean eyes and that first yellow EP in a soft choir cafe soundtrack voice type with soundcloud beats, sometimes i forget about that phase

No. 874831

File: 1628300231886.jpeg (188.85 KB, 509x462, 1C6D6071-643C-4FC9-89DC-FDFA4D…)

i don’t think she has implants, here’s a pic from a 2020 video, looks naturally saggy to me. there’s some clips of her jumping up and down and they seem pretty saggy and heavy. those button down outfits have got to go though, it doesn’t compliment her shape at all & if she’s going to stay that weight she should learn how to dress it. her corset/leather pants outfit was a step in the right direction

No. 874841

File: 1628300880147.jpeg (425.05 KB, 828x814, 16B84277-39D3-48EC-9B7F-96CED1…)

Are you talking about this outfit nonner?
She did take a step in a direction. That’s all I can say though.
If she wants to keep going with the corsets she needs to invest in an actually decent one that will shape her, the boning in this one is warping around her body it’s not flattering at all. She can afford it. Don’t even get me started about the silhouette of the outfit, and the awful button down shirt she wore over it to hide her arms.

No. 874844

I liked her first ep. Never cared for her first album tho

No. 874848

glaringly obvious lip lift if nothing else

No. 874851

File: 1628301895558.jpg (43.02 KB, 490x381, lips.jpg)

>monkey lipped
Lol(enough already)

No. 874855

even your own men don't want you. calm down.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 874859

Huh? I don't know about you, but most non-femcel anons here have SOs and a pair of lips. I was just laughing at your projection. Monkeys have thin lips, it's just a fact.

No. 874860

since you can't read
>chubby girls who get implants have natural looking ones and implants and it would be impossible to tell

No. 874863

>white men aren't attracted to white women

No. 874864

yes nonnie, it’s this one. and i agree with you. her stylist clearly just got her any old cheap corset that doesn’t even fit her well and literally made her look even more pregnant, which is the whole reason she started wearing corsets kek. she and her stylist have 0 idea how to dress her body & it’s embarrassing.
she’s clearly insecure about her weight so idk why she hasn’t hired a dietitian and personal trainer….seems like she hasn’t even bothered going to the gym ever since those viral pap pics

No. 874867

She's just fat and wide, anything that seems to hug her body lately has been a corset. Not hating or anything but still. She probably just stocked up on a bunch of random corsets and just chose whatever color matched and hoped it would help her

No. 874874

File: 1628303273967.jpg (66.23 KB, 594x449, 1.jpg)

No. 874879

That bitch aint european tho, he american.

No. 874887

She has lip fillers. We all know and understand this. How many more threads are going to be taken up by Billie breast size and lip filler sperging? I almost miss the Paris piss conversation now.

No. 874891

The age tinfoilers are ridiculous. This is a teen girl. She is just aging very, very poorly and I doubt she wears sunscreen much, which is the death knell for fair skin. Wear sunscreen, everybody

No. 874897

You’re missing the point, nonnie. Billie preaches self-love and on several occasions has called models out for denying they had any form plastic surgery when it was clear they did, and in turn set unattainable expectations for women. She’s doing the same thing and being a hypocrite, yet no one calls her out. If she was honest, it wouldn’t be milk.
Make a separate thread about how Europeans stink, I think that would be a good idea so it doesn’t clog up this one.

No. 874901

I’m fair, 22 years old, didn’t wear sunscreen until 6 months ago and don’t have any wrinkles. I know fair women in their late 30’s who barely wear sunscreen that look better than Billie. It’s not ridiculous to think.

No. 874903

File: 1628306228772.jpg (286.63 KB, 1080x2033, Screenshot_20210806-221623_Sam…)

In actual celeb news, Britney Spears gets her first iPad at 39 and calls it a "groundbreaking day."

I feel so sad for her.

No. 874906

how do we know it's her posting on ig? it doesn't seem to be on tiktok

No. 874907

This is huge for her. It feels so bittersweet, on one hand it’s so refreshing to see her so happy, but on the other hand that conservatorship has wasted the best years of her life and her children’s lives.

No. 874909

File: 1628307121116.jpeg (366.85 KB, 750x606, 73DC4FC7-6AB5-4FDB-9A27-0CE410…)

Can someone give me a run down of what rights she’s stripped of? So tired of scrolling past memes and walls of hashtags to see what’s actually happening to her.

No. 874911

Forced IUD that can't be removed
Forced to perform against will
Father controls finance
Father controls mental health treatments
Controlled social media presence

She wants to get married and have more children but literally cant. She can't even say hi to her fans without someone typing it up for her.

No. 874914

I like how all these people are crawling out of the woodwork now in an effort to get some of the limelight. Dickheads.

No. 874923

this was actually really cool, i liked the medley of songs. it’s funny how they censored positions though by omitting “make a lot of love” and “bedroom.” when you hear it on the radio it’s not that censored.

No. 874924

you can read the transcript of her june court appearance

No. 874933

Her mental health treatments also determine and interfere with when and how long she can see her own children. They also controlled when she can leave the house. She has no real autonomy.

No. 874947

New copypasta

No. 874960

why are you two retards loling about this like Nicki didn't just out herself as not giving a fuck about what music she's on and just collecting check? Queen of rap my ass if she needs her label to pick her songs at the level she's at

No. 874964

Who cares, honestly

No. 875004

my sister started listening to her when ocean eyes came out and this is how i originally remember her kek
soft pastel tumblr teen girl

No. 875014

What a loser.

No. 875015

Yeah it's a verse on a pop single it's supposed to be a hit not a creative endeavor.

No. 875022

At least the city smell derail was better than the lip sperging.

No. 875042

her psychostans should for sure. what an embarrassment. >>874960 is right

No. 875054

File: 1628333134130.png (388.46 KB, 719x1091, 1.png)

Igloo Australia gets mad at a fan for posting chart numbers. The original tweet was deleted.

No. 875055

File: 1628333155676.png (141.29 KB, 719x724, 2.png)

No. 875057

because it's funny

No. 875093

Who cares what Mara Wilson has to say though? What has she done since she stopped acting aside from being Lindsay Ellis's ex-friend?

No. 875095

They’re supposedly going to make a Matilda sequel so gotta start the pr early kek

No. 875113

i'm an european (from a cold country) and most people i know take a shower every day or go 1 day without showering at most. imo people from my country would be embarrassed to admit what jake gyllenhaal, mila kunis & aston kutcher etc said(derailing)

No. 875265

File: 1628355095429.jpeg (227.79 KB, 650x781, C9821462-2164-4F32-9112-C8E286…)

Who do you think has had more procedures between Ariana and Grimes? Lorry Hill recently did a video on Ariana’s plastic surgery and said she thinks she’s had about 6 procedures including two boob jobs? Not sure how much work the filters do but she’s starting to look like a Bratz doll.

No. 875267

lol this, and it's not uncommon for people in hollywood to lie about their age for clout

No. 875269

Ariana def had more (brow lift first just with Botox then surgery, cat eye surgery, jaw shave maybe, lip and cheek fillers and probably hair plugs or a transplant because there's no way her scalp is unaffected by all those years of wearing ponytails with extensions and Botox in her forehead. I don't think there was a boobjob tho, it was just her weight fluctuating). Grimes had lip fillers, a slight browlift and maybe Botox in her forehead

No. 875274

This is the video I was thinking of. I wonder what she’ll look like in 10 years time.

No. 875278


Never saw the appeal

She looks like a little girl(integate)

No. 875333

Tough to say. Neither one seems to be able produce lines on their forehead but who knows since they’re both addicted to filters and dark lighting. The both like to pedo bait as well - I never realized how much they have in common.

No. 875336

No. 875340

Grimes is pedo bait? Can you elaborate?

No. 875351

File: 1628359899246.jpg (96.24 KB, 634x951, datenite.jpg)

This is a bad pic as is, but it seems like instead of getting 'natural' Grimes like this, which was more common before Elon, so many of her insta pics are of her trying to look as young as possible. I think she initially started getting work done for that reason.

No. 875352

File: 1628359924173.jpg (69.76 KB, 640x796, eww.jpg)

Like this.

No. 875370

Mara Wilson fuck off forever challenge. so annoyed by her existence.

No. 875379

Also the fact she always edits her voice to sound like a child. The parts of her in a machine with a stuffed animal dressed like a little kid in the we appreciate power music video have always grossed me out too.

No. 875413

File: 1628364525077.png (1.37 MB, 1021x753, grimes.png)

''never posted a thirst trap before'' lmao the elon effect

No. 875426

Her whole career has been about posting thirst traps - she just used to pander to the indie male hipster demographic and now she has to pander to Elon's tastes or he'll dispose of her completely.

No. 875427

File: 1628365903098.jpeg (67.37 KB, 1024x612, 064816A9-403F-42C0-A057-C8BBED…)

What’d she do to you? I personally loved Matilda.

No. 875430

Lol, queen

No. 875441

File: 1628367328665.png (780.32 KB, 720x1016, lenadunham.png)

Why? She looks awful

No. 875442

>capes for rapists

No. 875450

Anon, out of all the shit Nicki has done, her saying that her label finds songs for her to feature on is probably the dumbest thing to be mad about. Maybe tweeting Jessie J was petty and unnecessary but literally who gives a fuck about her not searching for songs. That's probably how most artists signed to big labels find songs to collaborate on.

No. 875453

ntayrt she’s an insufferable handmaiden on social media.

No. 875454

What's up with Lena's weight gain? I remember her being chubby in like 2012 but that she recently lost some weight in 2019 and was looking pretty good like in here >>875441. (Apparently it was due to endo?) Now she's even fatter than she was before? Wtf is up with that? I also don't feel bad for talking about her weight because celebs can afford healthy food and home gyms even if there is a pandemic.

No. 875462

File: 1628369306980.png (705.39 KB, 726x534, wtf.png)

I really can't understand how something like this can happen to a celeb. And a weight like she has right now is definitely dangerous… especially around the belly. jfc.

No. 875468

she's back off a bit lately but the upper lip used to look fucked UP. swollen like a raw sausage left out in the sun. &you're right that lips get thinner as you age. mine were normal in high school and now i'm like, glenn close.

No. 875483

oh my god her exaggerated eye drooping pisses me off so much

No. 875485

kek wow it gets to 35 regularly in toronto. what a wussy country

No. 875487

File: 1628371950047.jpeg (83.05 KB, 800x600, 2E1AF453-CDB5-4D01-994F-50CF3F…)

Wig is slipping…

No. 875489

Oh look, the world's biggest pickme found something to distract from the fact her rapist husband refused to register as the sex offender everybody knows he is. If only her rapist brother had showed him how.

No. 875491

You can refuse to register as a sex offender?

No. 875495

File: 1628372698352.jpg (67.06 KB, 800x534, a0a784b3a5c377a93b7a7972de4083…)

she straight up looks like she could be his edgy daughter.

No. 875497

Now I wanna know why she's her ex-friend.

No. 875498

It's technically "failing to register". He moved states and didn't register in the new state.

No. 875501

It's at least in part because Lindsay was dismissive when Mara came out to her as bi.

No. 875512

this outfit would be fun if she still had her old hair/look. it fits the whole goofy/not trying to look hot for men thing she did before

No. 875514

kek she's hiding half her body behind the other girl to make it look like she has a waist

No. 875516

i'm paler than her and in my 30s and don't look that bad. she must eat like shit. her skin's dry all the way down to the dermis

No. 875528

Those lips are way too big like having a chimp's big swollen ass on your face signalling you're ready to receive dick. Gross. That isn't plump, that's PUMPED and coarse featured.(back to /pol/)

No. 875536

Forget that pro-Ana bitch. Elon has some juicy tits.

Dropping rhymes is this nonna’s only crime.

No. 875540

wasn't she still 15 at the time? i know she's an NLOG but still

No. 875548


No. 875549

File: 1628376346995.jpg (359.76 KB, 1080x1376, IMG_20210808_004518.jpg)

No. 875552

File: 1628376476394.png (140.47 KB, 536x286, s.png)

No. 875553

Who cares, just don’t watch it if nepotism gets your panties in a bunch? Also, is Joe Hill the penname of Owen King?

No. 875554

joe mama

No. 875561

Nta but there's a middle ground between no lips and sausage lips. It shouldn't have to be either extreme.

No. 875562

The only thing I've saw of Sean Penn was that highschool film in which he had a few scenes and that episode of Friends. Stephen King is a well known writer but I've never read his work and thinks he looks like a pedophile. I don't want to criticise the girl. And idk who Brian D'Arcy James is and none of these names makes me want to seethe film on that merit alone.

No. 875563

Ok, I understand you had to get this out of your system, but I’m tired of these games. I’m so fucking tired you. You ragged whore, I ask one simple question and all I get is a mockery of my mother. Mock her name again, I dare it. I will find you. I will tear you limb from motherfucking limb and feast upon your flesh, savoring the taste of yet another useless tramp.

No. 875564

Joe mama was funnier.

No. 875565

joe mama

No. 875567

No. 875571

none of you are funny

No. 875579

Wrong, >>875536 is funny

No. 875582

Thanks you for the compliments, still wanna suck on Elon’s tits
(Instrumental break)

No. 875598

>a celebrity of your choice is revealed to be a terf after dms with jkr are leaked

Who do you pick and why?

No. 875605

Lady gaga for some reason

No. 875607

we'd have the most fun if it were a vocaloid

No. 875613

Doubt it, too much of a troon panderer

No. 875619


No. 875631

It wasn't told to be realistic, lemme dream, anon.

No. 875637

Scarlett Johansson

No. 875639

Any celeb that is held up to unrealistic standards. So Beyonce I guess.

No. 875640

Honestly anyone notorious for woke pandering. It would be especially hilarious.

No. 875645

That annoying Jameela lady

No. 875654

It would be very funny if it was someone like poot or Miley. Or Ariana since she loves Harry Potter so much…

No. 875655

I second Beyoncé.

Also Jennifer Anniston.

No. 875657


No. 875660

>tfw we will never see beyonce/jkr leaked dms in which beyonce calls cwc a he

No. 875683

Elle DeGeneres

No. 875696

What the fuck this doesn’t even look like her. Did she seriously think it was a good idea to post this?

No. 875697

TERF Beyonce would be as devastating to HSTS as TERF Miku is to weeb AGPs. I'd love to see it.

No. 875699

Doja cat, I've said it multiple times already

No. 875705

emma portner

No. 875712

Jaime pls

No. 875725

How do you exaggerate drooping your eyes, anon?
Go racebait somewhere else, papercut lips.
Thinking long and hard about this, because I want it to be someone powerful and shocking in a way that pisses as many troons off as possible while also making normies reluctant to give in so easily so that it peaks some people because they refuse to cancel their fave for the sake of troons… someone whose reputation and opinion is respected…. my top choices are Harry Styles, Beyoncé, TSwift and Britney Spears. Brit is #1 for me.
I like/support Britney and don’t want to see her cancelled or having any more troubles, but it would be interesting to see people being conflicted to cancel/attack Britney if it were revealed she was a TERF because of all the #FreeBritney stuff going on + her mental state + how much of a gay icon she has been for decades. It would divide the LGB/T for sure.
I could see lots of people peaking while defending Britney from the nastiness troons would spread about her in retaliation. Theyd call her a hag, attack her looks/body, claim they’re hotter than Britney ever was kek I can see it now.
Britney is beloved and almost everyone wants her to succeed. I feel like if it came down to it, a lot of people would choose supporting Britney and being on her side over troon-pandering. I’d like to think so, at least.

No. 875728

Sameanon, now I’m posing a question.
Who do you think social media would side with if Britney Spears posted a video saying:

Hey all, I just wanted to get on here to tell you guys that trans women are not real women! If you have a penis or a neovagina, please get away from me and stop trying to invade women’s spaces. If you haven’t had SRS yet, please just go ahead and castrate yourselves now and fuck off, or get therapy and try to fix yourself — though you’re probably irreparable at this point. If you have had surgery, go dilate and cry about how you’ve permanently fucked your body up and nobody will ever love you or your internal genital fur. Have a nice day, everybody!

Britney or the trans community?
Who wins in the court of popular opinion?

No. 875737

The gays would mobilize against the troons in a second if she revealed herself as a terf.

No. 875744

Actively wishing for this now. It would be a mass-peak event and a hot mess. Come on, based Britney.

No. 875751

manifesting this

No. 875754

If it was Britney her father and his team would use this as an opportunity to claim she really is mentally ill and without their influence, because he and the rest of the parties involved in the conservatorship are 100% lgbtqiaoriwkronajdiis+ friendly. Then her HSTS and handmaiden fans would try and guilt the other fags and normies who support her into seeing this as evidence that her mental state has deteriorated into “bigotry” as a result of her abuse. I couldn’t see Harry and Taylor peaking more than a few aidens and some normies. Taylor would probably have less of a hit to her career than Harry. And I’d imagine Bey would take the smallest hit out of the 4 if it was her. I think Nicki would fair pretty well if it was her, too.
Fiona Apple because I love her. Elon and Grimes because they’re retardedly wealthy and the meltdowns would be amazing, especially when so many troons are on their side because Azealia is a big bad terf. Troons aren’t the people buying teslas so I can’t conceive how they’d be able to hurt the couple.

No. 875755

Gay men literally only care about being degenerates, posting drag queen gifs and movie clips of women acting "#fierce"
they literally can't be expected to do anything

No. 875756

>It would divide the LGB/T for sure.
I don't know, they have to be politically correct and support whatever new agenda is woke and hot now.
If conservatives haven't divided and conquered the lgb/t movement now, it's hard that anyone else would.

No. 875758

Most of the LGB hate the T and + anyhow, they expect partners with natural genitalia and no stupid convoluted titles for their gender or sexuality

No. 875759

I’m glad this won’t happen, Britney has been through enough and people would use it as an excuse to be shitty about her mental health. What about Lil Nas X? Ayydens love him and already got annoyed with him recently because he tweeted he liked dick (kek).

No. 875760

Ariana Grande. The seething would be hilarious.
Her, Fiona Apple, or Grimes.

No. 875770

I see gays on social media defending the T all the time though, specially in my country

No. 875776

That’s genderspecial Twitter gays, cis gays usually just want to date and have sex with men

No. 875778

If it was Beyonce, they'd write think pieces on how black people should never be rich and always be poor because blah blah capitalism ruins the progressive movement (aka they're mad because they can't cancel her and take away her career).
If it was Taylor Swift, they'd just bring up her being white as proof she's always been the ultimate evil.
I agree Nicki Minaj would have an easier time, if only because most of her fans are like…not normal. Like, they don't care that she's dating a sex offender, they will defend her to the end. This is also true for Ariana Grande, except a lot of her fans are HSTS, so there'd be a hilarious mass meltdown that'd never really touch her.
This is random, but I think Poppy would take almost zero hits too, because her fandom is doggishly loyal, and a large percentage of them are waifufag scrotes who never liked trannies. Lily Rose Depp also has like the whole, "cool girl" cigarette waif Red Scare stan fandom going on, so she could start off a whole renaissance of being a trendy cryptoterf (which is already kind of a thing). She's big enough to make some impact with her opinions if they're ever exposed, but not big enough to effectively cancel. Any hit pieces would just be met with eye rolls, but she'd definitely influence some people.
Alexa Chung and really anyone else big in fashion, but "snooty", have a similar sort of immunity, if you know what I mean. Kylie Jenner is another who'd cause mass rage like Ariana, but not get any real consequences because she's already rich and mass-worshiped. Nothing to lose.

No. 875780

Co-signing Beyoncé. Idk if she’s actually GC or not but the salt would be hilarious considering the internet licks her ass constantly while always vouching for troons.

No. 875783

You really thing that Cuckqueen has an opinion of her own, she's a cooperate shill

No. 875792

nta but just because you think it's ok for artists to have 0 input in their own careers doesn't mean the rest of us are and it doesnt mean thats how other artists work. go stan elsewhere, retard.
she gets off on looking like a giant toddler. im convinced

No. 875793

I didn’t say I thought it was true, nonnie. Just that it would be funny if she was.

No. 875794

Why is Nicki such a cunt, honestly?

Let’s not forget she seems like such a pickme. Say what you will about Beyoncé but at least Jay Z is relevant. Nicki literally married a literally who rapist.

No. 875796

Ed Sheeran anon, please.

I still remember when one of her PR people (a gay scrote) sent a package to the pedo tranny Alok, and she fired him because she didn't cosign that, lmao. I don't think she's GC/radical feminist (or very feminist at all, aside from the typical pop feminist/libfem "Who run the world, girls" thing), but at the same time, she's a Texan mother in her 30s, and she gave mild Regina George/rich teen mean girl vibes back when she was way younger and would actually be "herself" in interviews. She probably has a few "trad" or non-PC thoughts that match that. She never really boldly states any opinions, just puts out pop music/typical PR stuff, does photo ops and minds her business, so a "leaked DMs with JK Rowling" thing would make sense.

No. 875802

File: 1628401004713.jpg (436.82 KB, 1080x1954, IMG_20210808_073448.jpg)

This is so cringy.

No. 875803

File: 1628401057364.jpg (316.24 KB, 1080x1214, IMG_20210808_073511.jpg)


No. 875804

The "I got the story wrong all these years" and "Look, the song did its damn thing, love and light babes" parts were fine, but the "Thank you for clarifying I was wrong" and entire rest of the post is just kind of embarrassing. Didn't need to say all that.

No. 875806

i second fiona. grimes would be hilarious but shes way too retarded

No. 875807

File: 1628401844762.png (37.38 KB, 602x408, rrvrrvrvr.png)

why are they even arguing about such a retarded non important thing? Bang Bang is Ariana's song at this point and she hates it too.

No. 875811

>when ur offended but you dont have an actual retort so you tell them to sage

No. 875813

late on britney but i heard a paralegal explain the iud and marriage ban. if she has a child, her baby daddy replaces her father as primary conservator. same with a husband. she is also on lithium and gets her blood tested every day to make sure shes taking it before she can see her kids

No. 875815

Idk why but something about Ariana gives me a farmer vibe

No. 875817

File: 1628404002166.jpg (23.77 KB, 449x488, 986.JPG)

They wrote 'Anonymous' in the email field not sage, hence not saged, dummies. >>874244 is right.

Late but this guy is a slob. Not surprised she has ballooned up being with him, he's probably her feeder.

No. 875821

Using the Pulse situation to come out as a Kinsey 2 made me dislike her tbh.

No. 875832

Elon participating in Take Your Kids To Work Day

No. 875838

NTA but damn, I did not know she used the Pulse shooting to "come out". Her milquetoast "nazis bad" posts have always annoyed me like yeah no shit Mara, would you like to also teach us plebs how water is wet? But using the Pulse shooting is… wow. Did she get shit for it? I hope she did.

No. 875872

omg breastfeeding that's sexualizing an infant give it a bottle asap

No. 875886

It's a very special day astrologically about truths. Let us all manifest a celebrity comes out as a terf today.

No. 875888

File: 1628420560280.jpg (129.18 KB, 1080x1350, 234363156_384584463016346_9069…)

No. 875890

File: 1628421387689.jpg (159.84 KB, 961x1200, E19_hS9XEAEOZzj.jpg)

Really wonder how her face looks like in person when she moves it like laughing or so. Must like mask at this point. So creepy.

No. 875957

File: 1628431260527.jpeg (114.59 KB, 578x600, 89719D38-1C2E-4AB3-B692-FA8F6B…)

No. 875959

File: 1628431355227.jpeg (105.5 KB, 384x600, D5BB7A76-DC68-4AE6-B9EE-942D49…)

No. 875961

File: 1628431485196.jpeg (108.29 KB, 371x600, 06BC3045-630A-4803-88B5-B0822C…)

No. 875964

File: 1628431674287.jpeg (112.4 KB, 600x516, 4C9D2E85-EC96-4B1E-B82E-0E2A10…)

No. 875967

I'm thinking of a few celebs; Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Stewart, Jessica Alba, and Queen Latifah

No. 875970

omg Kristen Stewart would be amazing

No. 875972

I honestly don’t care about the wellbeing of anyone with “tea” in their name. NEXT!

No. 875974

what site did cardi use? uh, asking for a friend.

No. 875976

they are both retarded and cardi's skin is so thin. It's just annoying. She's friends with bloggers, so all this is just dumb.

No. 875977

I liked bang bang…

No. 875980

It’s been 3 years, nonna
This milk is expired

No. 875984

ERW gives off crypto TERF vibes and I don’t know why

No. 875986

No. 875999

Did Cardi actually doxx her or did she already have her full name on the internet?

No. 876001

Looks like this bitch had arrest records and all publicly accessible information, hardly even doxxing

No. 876007

File: 1628434066023.jpeg (102.85 KB, 1242x1022, 2qw0dr747jp41.jpeg)

Grimes already had her terf callout

No. 876009

File: 1628434324995.png (955.94 KB, 1334x750, BC70AE65-DDF2-46B5-BE22-9C6C5E…)

Did she lie?

No. 876014


This always makes me laugh because when Sophie died she was like 'uwu poor soul rest in peace you were amazing' and completely backtracked on herself so she didn't have yet another scandal lmao

No. 876019

Miley Cyrus