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File: 1627349125661.jpg (28.84 KB, 463x403, 1625723065699.jpg)

No. 864401

Previous >>>/ot/849759

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 864416

Lots of moms don't actually love their kids they just go through the motions because of societal pressure. Wish they'd get down from he martyr cross and be able to talk freely about how having kids is usually a shit deal.

No. 864430

>don't actually love their kids
>having kids is usually a shit deal.
Those are two very different things, the most common thing I hear from unhappy mothers (anonymously online) is that they love their kids but they hate motherhood. It's very believable to me and makes sense, it's not the kids fault that she's stuck doing all the work while her shitty husband plays video games.

No. 864436

This is really damaging for kids to hear though, even when they're adults. It's one thing to always be suspicious of a parent's dislike, but to have it confirmed is really devastating even if the affirmation is temporarily satisfying.
How are kids supposed to feel when the people who brought them into this world love them only conditionally, meanwhile other kids are born to loving parents for having done nothing differently?

Tbh I think any decent parent would lie even if they didn't bond well with their kid and hated parenthood. At the end of the day, it's not the child's fault nor problem. No one asks to be born.
This is definitely one of those self-inflicted burdens that belong in a support group or an anonymous forum, but never in a kid's ear.

No. 864489

From what I've heard from the mothers who do speak out, they do tend to love their children and feel terrible that they know they'd be better off without them. Having kids is terrible and essentially self torture especially for women but it's not the kids fault and most adults know that.

No. 864494

I like chubby men but only when they're tall and it's paired with a bit of muscle and they carry it all over instead of only their stomach/chest and it doesn't affect their face. So like only the 4 guys I've ever seen that match that description to me lol

No. 864497

I know what you mean anon they look so nice to hug. Pretty sure they're called bears.

No. 864506

I don't care as much about height but yes I want a man who's soft and strong!

No. 864643

i don't like seeing sims custom content with non-simlish, especially english text on it, breaks the immersion

No. 864647

the Simmersion, if you will nonnie

No. 864667

808s and Heartbreak was supremely disappointing, even for its era. Actually, i don't get the hype with Kanye's "best albums".

No. 864671

If you talking about abusive parents, namely their moms, then yeah they really don't love their kids lmao

No. 864683

I haven't heard 808s and Heartbreaks so I can't comment, but My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, while a good album, is nowhere near a masterpiece or one of the best albums of the 2010s. That's always made me confused. People love to overrate the hell out of that album, while The College Dropout and especially Late Registration are way better and superior. But I'm not a huge Kanye fan to begin with so meh

No. 864705

I used to have a friend who'd get a few drinks in her and then get real honest about regretting her kid. Her kid was around 5 and he had just started school. Then fast forward a few months later and she told us she was coming off her BC injection to have another one seeing as the kid was in school now so she had time to spare… ?

I also had an ex bf get drunk and admit that both money wise and weekend/relaxation wise he often wished he just didn't have to factor in a kid. He did the vare minimum and still resented it. He at least got a vasectomy though.

No. 864732

Pork/bacon doesn't taste nice at all. It's extremely overrated and I only see scrotes obsess over it

No. 864755

I only like pork because I can larp as a cannibal

No. 864757

I don't think OP meant tell the kid but be honest with strangers

No. 864758

its a bad album in my opinion graduation is his best album in my opinion. but i hate kanye so i dont listen to it much anymore. Also ultralight beams is incredible but fuck that man he said enslaved people had a choice to not be enslaved he can go straight to hell.

No. 864943

File: 1627418298036.jpg (159.62 KB, 2000x1209, velociraptor.jpg)

Velociraptors were actually the cutest dinosaurs.

No. 864958

File: 1627419908071.jpg (373.42 KB, 1030x580, 031020_cg_dino_feat.jpg)

What about the dino that was the size of a humming bird?

No. 865130

I feel like people who complain about vegans and 'vegan terrorism' are being extremely oversensitive. They act like they've been insulted if they see a product labelled 'vegan' or if a person says they're vegan. Even if a vegan says 'hey, you shouldn't eat meat' I can't imagine getting offended unless you physically can't due to poverty or severe allergies

No. 865133

So cute!!! what is it called?

No. 865140

Yeah, I’m not even vegan but it’s weird to see people take that stuff so personally. Like just keep eating how you are then who really cares?

No. 865141

Once a scrote started fucking screaming at me for eating soy patties. Werent vegans supposed to be the angry ones?

No. 865238

If I could revoke me and my siblings existence so my mother could have the peaceful life that she deserves I would do it in a heartbeat. I feel a lot of guilt for existing and being a burden on to her.

No. 865269

People who freak the fuck out over veganism give off total NPD vibes. It’s like they can not allow their virtues to be questioned the slightest bit by someone merely suggesting that meat consumption is unethical. Like just be unapologetically uncaring if meat is so important to you.

No. 865274

>sob story about woman with several kids having financial and housing troubles looking for a handout
I understand struggling moms with one or two kids who are having a hard time. Sometimes life happens and one can't always predict the worst case.
However, it says a lot when one lives in a first world country and yet she still somehow couldn't have predicted that having multiple children with different scrotes wasn't a wise decision. I know civil society wouldn't dare cut off financial aid to a mother for fear of punishing the kids, but at what point do these bitches get called out for what they are? Birthing more than several kids while having no meaningful employment and no way to provide for them isn't just an 'oopsie,' it's a purposeful decision as a consequence of a welfare state being ransomed by lazy assholes who know no one is going to let a kid go without a roof over their head and a meal. They know damn well if they keep having kids then they don't have to fucking work because shit will just be provided for them.
These people don't deserve to be rewarded via proxy of their children.
>inb4 but parenthood is a full time job!
Being a SAHM has its difficulties, but it's nowhere near the level of expectation and frustration as having an actual job. Plus not all stay at home parents are good parents. There's no way one person dutifully attends to a litter of kids like that. Like most entitleds who decide to have ridiculous family sizes, they tend to pass the burden of child-rearing to their eldest (usually the daughters).

No. 865280

Vegan hate always seems way too personal like it’s coming from a place a hurt. These people do not have rare conditions that require them to eat steak every week. They feel personally victimized by vegans because they feel bad for their terrible food practices but also don’t have the willpower to force themselves to change. I’m not even a vegan myself but unless they have NPD like >>865269, they they should learn to live with the fact that they are a bigger problem than a vegan.

No. 865320

File: 1627447957527.gif (1.79 MB, 202x360, 2D3F5CAC-664E-4BC6-8C65-60FC7B…)

I don’t care if global warming is killing off the world and will affect humans and animals. Why is the world being on fire a bad thing? It looks so cool. Plus humans deserve this shit, get fucked kek

No. 865321

I feel bad for the animals. The humans can suck my ass tho

No. 865328

File: 1627448797414.gif (2.83 MB, 360x198, C8A421FD-2F2C-4550-AF77-D12F79…)

Ikr like look at this shit it looks so metal. I feel like doomsday theories make the end of the world seem worse than it really is, it would look really beautiful and paradoxical like picrel

No. 865329

I can't believe this thing in my country was such a cool thing for other people

No. 865350

a lot of single moms sadly see their kids as just a government paycheck, and consider having a kid easier than marrying. And all these kids grow fucked because they lack a father figure. Blows my mind the US statistically has 40% people without one parent

No. 865404

I wish I could set fire to you both. It would look so cool.

No. 865406

The stretch mark positive talk is weird to me. I'm not against it and can even understand why in some cases but calling mine tiger stripes/badges of honor or whatever feels like another unnecessary way to justify and cope with my body. I feel pretty neutral.

No. 865410

it's over the top and extremely performative. everyone has stretch marks to some extent. it's similar to saying the little moles you get all over your body are angel kisses.

No. 865472

people that shower in the morning make no sense. you just laid in your bed for several hours with your alleged contamination… contaminating the bed itself and then going to bed again tonight on a contaminated bed. just shower at the end of the day and go to sleep on a clean bed wtf

No. 865479

I personally don't like (most) m/m smut because anal sex viscerally disgusts me. Obviously I hate it in m/f even more, but it's easier to avoid it there, let alone in f/f.

No. 865480

I like m/m if it's oral sex or frottage, if you tell fujos this they get angry for some reason. Everything needs to be about the holy anal sex.

No. 865481

agreed. I want to get a front row seat for the apocalypse.

No. 865485

I thought I was the only one who showered in the evening. I hate people who go to bed funky, it makes no sense. When I spoke about it before people were like "but what do you do in the morning?" I wash??? Fucking soap dodgers, man.

No. 865488

at least 80% of the twitter and tumblrtards who don't shut up about "tops" and "bottoms" will never have gay sex in their lives

No. 865491

You're 100% right but I wouldn't call that unpopular outside of the Blue Hell Sites.

No. 865494

Calling someone a bottom is just the twittertard way of calling someone a Faggot, but without the impact
if you dislike someone just call them a faggot and get it over with, don't say shit like "he's a totes bottom" you annoying faggot

No. 865519

A lot of conventionally attractive men with pretty faces and abs are incels. It makes 0 sense because they get attention from women and treated nicely buy them becuz they're hot but they just ignore that and are insecure about their masculinity anyway.

No. 865543

literally if i shower in the morning im still going to shower at night! i dont get people who do morning showers only. they are weirdos.

No. 865547

ew, I could not think of anything worse than being out of the house all day, not showering, then getting into a clean bed at night makes me shudder

No. 865552

So how small is it? I'm thinking 4 inches. I hear they have pretty advanced plastic surgery nowadays, I'm sure you could get penis enlargement covered by insurance.

No. 865556

Night showers are the truth, the light and the way.
It's so nice to relax with a warm shower as part of my evening routine. Free face steam for nighttime skincare absorption. No time pressure to get to work or start your day. Plus, the sheets stay cleaner for longer.
I dated a morning shower guy and his sheets had a brown patch where his feet would rest. He refused to see the light but I at least talked him into rinsing his feet before bed.

No. 865560

Here's something worse: I only ever shower in the morning even when I do heavy workouts. I just change from sweaty gym clothes to clean ones, and no showering until next morning. I wash my feet before bed but that's it.

No. 865562

i tried not shaving my vagina and i've come to the conclusion that everyone should shave or at least trim their bush. I know there is pedo implications to shaving which is why i stopped and tried to embrace the bush but the way it traps sweat and odor in the summer time i'd rather not. Plus i think i ruined my follicles from shaving so haphazardly over the years so when hair does grow back its super itchy and uncomfy. So yes i think men and women should shave both their genitals, assholes, and armpits. Not for aesthetic reasons but just because you feel cleaner imo. Again i know the scientific reason why we have body hair but like…i dont care i like being able to see how cute my pussy is. I even discovered i have a cute lil mole.

No. 865564

you're disgusting anon and this should've been kept to yourself. imagine thinking changing your clothes is going to help you in anyway when you are pouring in sweat. your pores must be screaming.

No. 865570

My unpopular opinion is that I don't give a shit about some online strangers personal hygiene routine and I don't understand why there's a huge infight everytime the topic is brought up. I've seen the exact fight happen here at least three times already so can we all just not?

No. 865571

Whatever anon I support you

No. 865575

I do the same. I don't get the obsession with keeping bed sheets clean. Shower when it's most convenient and wash your sheets regularly.

No. 865622

File: 1627478317983.gif (326.1 KB, 220x163, DC3A3A89-A820-4D90-B861-06D781…)

Do it, bitch

No. 865671

>animals and people running around through rubbles of your hometown in delirium and panic with their flesh peeling off by the second, so cool, very beautiful
You edgelords are so lame and sheltered.

No. 865672

The hardest part about being a single hetero woman is knowing that men are shit, but women are not and it's the comparison to other ladies that worries me. Women are gorgeous and so much more interesting than men, no wonder men can appear to be incapable of not cheating even though they should count their fucking blessings a woman even gave them the time of day. Fuck men

No. 865688

this is it right here. straight men have so many more options than straight women when choosing a mate. ITs not fair at all. Women are literally incredible, photograph well, usually have degrees, interesting hobbies, personal hygiene (well thats debatable after reading that some of you bitches go to bed sweaty and dirty). I recently changed my dating app to show men and women because i noticed that i've been attracted to girls my whole life but just hid it, and the women's profiles versus the mens were night and day. I felt cheated. Its not fair at all. being attracted to men is a hell i wouldnt wish on anyone. THey suck and are boring conversationalists half the time

My opinion is that most women just like the idea of men. Which is why so many read novels like 50 shades or twilight because men in irl are nothing like that but we like to pretend that maybe there is one.

No. 865722

>you edgelords are so lame and sheltered

NOOO NO MORE CONSUMING AND TRAVELLINGGG, NO MORE DRINKING, NO MORE OF MY WASTEFUL MODERN LIFESTYLE. there is no easterman or spiderman, only one hot man titty at the end of the journey.

No. 865727

Here's my opinion: dry humping and making out is the pinnacle of sexual pleasure.

It feels incredible, especially if your makeout partner wears jeans. I ruin my underwear every single time. There are so many bonuses to dry humping, too - which I am about to link.
No risk of pregnancy, diseases, getting caught naked on hidden camera footage. Nobody has to see you naked at all. Everyone can enjoy it (except amputees I guess)? It's the perfect point where the sexual tension is highest before the unsexy realities of sex start to set in. You can do it anywhere. Also, if you sleep with men but also hate them, you don't have to give them the satisfaction of full sex when you can have a better orgasm without the hassle. And you can also work it into your favoured dynamics. For instance, I like being treated like the pathetic creep who rubs herself off on people and cooms too easily, but you could also enjoy bullying someone for coming in their pants and then get them to eat you out. Or you could finish together and cuddle if you really want.

I just think it's perfect. I wish I had somebody around right now to do this with.

No. 865729

Take your meds

No. 865736

/g/ fags go back to your station

No. 865741

I agree with you 100%. The only problem is I have trouble finishing from it despite it feeling so good, since I'm so accustomed to using my hand. Sorry if the following is gross. I'm dominant so I like how it makes me feel like I can't control myself around my boyfriend when I do it. It's incredibly hot just being able to push him down and rub up against him, taking what I want from him and using him while he gets nothing in return. I especially enjoy humping his thigh or rubbing up against him from behind (he has a nice butt so it's difficult not to). He says he feels so overwhelmed and desired when I do it to him, it's cute how meek he gets but still pushes up against me to make me feel even better.

No. 865743

Have you had full sex before? I kinda feel like this at times but tbh I think I have undiagnosed tism and a range of sensory issues from that. Sometimes I want to skip all the mess/direct contact and other times I'm horny enough that I want it all.

No. 865748

>he has a nice butt so it's difficult not to
Living the dream, nonita.

No. 865764


No. 865779

File: 1627486886399.jpeg (63.84 KB, 1200x1800, B1728814-FAB1-46EC-9DB4-F77D17…)

Eat a bagel, nonnie, egg, cheese and bacon were made to taste great together.

No. 865793

File: 1627487610707.jpg (82.95 KB, 1024x500, download.jpg)

Are you triggered nonnie

No. 865812

Fujos who try to gross out men with pictures of shitty tumblr yaoi fanart are pathetic, use sadistic femdom instead.

No. 865814

That might turn them on, though.

No. 865816

Only if you use femdom made for moids, and no one with taste reads that.

No. 865821

If it's anything with a woman they'll fetishize it. Posting pics of degraded and objectified males is the only way.

No. 865831

They might be turned on by the yaoi too you know.
But at least posting various types of pictures objectifying men in troll threads makes the threads more fun for farmers.

No. 865840

BL is less likely to be doing it though, or else we'd have more fudanshi.

No. 865845

the only way to gross them out is by sending them chopped dicks kek or just say something like "women should be able to exist without having to be sexualised constantly"

No. 865922

And of course the absolute worst thing for the male ego is to ignore them. This kills the scrote.

No. 866238

Was scrolling through twitter replies to some news article about Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher not bathing regularly (or bathing their kids either) and yeah, that's gross and unhygienic to go a long time without washing yourself, but so many ppl in the replies were acting like everyone who doesn't soap up every single day is a disgusting smelly freak, and that's just…really stupid imo. Like yeah, I bathe every day in the summer since I'm outside and sweating all the time, but in the winter? Every other day works perfectly fine for me and I'm sure plenty of other people as well. I get really dry skin in the cold months and water makes it worse. I've got a bidet and I always wash my face and wear deodorant, but apparently not scrubbing myself raw every single day of the year means I'm a smelly cavebeast lol. So be it.

No. 866244

That doesn't work either. Literally nothing works except ignoring them, all they want is attention and to know that somewhere, somehow, a woman has been impacted by his existence. Any sort of counter attack means he got to you.

However I will always encourage casual disparagement of tiny dicks and unattractive men in conversations amongst ourselves, in the hopes that male lurkers can't cope and fuck off, possibly to kill themselves.

No. 866356

But responding with komeda dick headcanons is so funny anon

No. 866528

If not working myself up to a state of psychotic anxiety over something I can't control makes me an edgelord, then yeah I'm definitely one

No. 866586

Only if you're an overgrown teen tourist from tumblr.

No. 866592

Bo Burnham is a an unfunny misogynistic soyboy who looks like he's about to mansplain to me what a joke is and accuse me of being too sensitive. He just radiates performative male feminist energy and I don't know why so many girls are thirsting for him. He's not adorkable, he's cringe.

No. 866601

Yes, thank you, I hate him. Everything about him makes me think humblebragging redditor, sometimes even narc. I don't know why. He'd definitely deploy tears and faux-intimacy as a way to get sex though.

Imagine being a scrotoid hit full in the face with Komaedasperging though. I'd never come back kek. I like that we've got our own board culture and pet retards, separate from other sweaty-ball-stinking imageboards.

No. 866644

>Imagine being a scrotoid hit full in the face with Komaedasperging though. I'd never come back kek. I like that we've got our own board culture and pet retards, separate from other sweaty-ball-stinking imageboards.
Yup, you sound like a newfag trying really hard to fit into some made up "imageboard culture" you just discovered after years of seething in moid forums as a fujo who doesn't fit in.

No. 866695

File: 1627563732840.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, tumblr_qw1aye7uxO1z1cg8p.webm)

You know what's pathetic? Adults getting a consoomer soyboy orgasm over kweer representation in cartoons supposedly for children that are, in fact, only watched by kweer enby millenials.

No. 866702

do you not know lotion exists? im so confused as to why people's excuse for not bathing their sweaty bodies that have been in contact with other people all day regardless of weather dont shower just off the strength of that. Lotion is literally to put moisture back in your skin that you lost while showering. I'm not gonna racebait but i remember my white friend told me that she had to cut down her showers because she started getting itchy dry skin. I asked her if she lotioned and she said no and we both looked at each other like each of us are crazy. Needless to say the last time i spoke to her she said "i started using lotion after i shower and my skin is no longer dry, flaky, and itchy." It just blows my mind how people dont use lotion after a shower or at least some type of body oil its bizarre.

No. 866711

File: 1627565255447.png (58.44 KB, 150x285, 23424242.png)

IMO wearing a crop top with high waisted pants looks odd, unless you have a long torso. I see many people wear this to try to look skinnier, but they just end up looking disproportionate.

No. 866716

eh i think it looks fine.

No. 866731

File: 1627566632398.jpg (46.41 KB, 529x800, a.jpg)

No. 866881

File: 1627577555969.png (50.69 KB, 269x269, yzwtxt.png)

carrd is actually good, it's in fact better than linktree.

No. 866886

Unless you're a business or looking for a job, I can't imagine blabbing so much about myself or having so many socials to warrant either of those things

No. 866889

>carrd is actually good, it's in fact better than linkedin
is what I've read, and I agree with that for sure LOL

No. 866894

I agree, I like how customisable it is, reminds me of tumblr themes. I get why young zoomers like it so much and I like a lot of their carrds aesthetically, shame the contents are so retarded

No. 866952

All this time I thought Bo Burnham is the name of the Bojack Horseman protagonist… what kinda name is Bo…

No. 867020

this comment confused me so i googled him. turns out i thought bo burnham was thomas sanders.

No. 867027

Indomie are the best instant noodles out there. Mie goreng for life

No. 867029

bitch yes. why is this here? Nobody will disagree. I ended up going full on fat ass and bought around 30 packs of the white ones in store.

No. 867031

I think it's actually robert

No. 867063

Men shouldn't be allowed to be gynecologists.

No. 867066

absolutely, i bought a box of 40 packs months ago and now i'm on my last one. i gave some to my friends so they can try them too but i ate like half of that box all by myself.

No. 867069

oh my god that's so funny, I love you

No. 867106

laying on someone's arm is uncomfortable as fuck (for both parties)

No. 867109

Agree 100 percent. They have zero business at all in a field of female anatomy and health. It should be illegal

No. 867112

Based af. Frotting and mutual masterbation are the hottest in m/m fics and doujins

No. 867117

I'm a fujo and I prefer frott and oral. Weird generalization there

No. 867125

I saw this reddit post once where a male gynecologist went on a rant about how he doesn't care that women are uncomfortable that he's male and it's vain to think that he's getting hard while fiddling our vaginas. It made me seethe. Fuck you, dude, I don't know why you would choose gynecology as your career of choice if not to be a disgusting moid and talk shit with your gross friends. If a woman is uncomfortable with you, then she is uncomfortable, end of story. You don't get to be offended by that.

No. 867126

I will forever keep requesting a woman nurse/doctor for any intimate issues.

No. 867127

Whenever this discussion comes up I feel like there is always one woman that comes in and goes "EVERY female gynecologist I had was a bitch, my male gynecologist is a respectful perfect angel and is way better", I almost feel like it's a guy making these posts or a women with internalized misogyny. It's just creepy of men to go into the field in the first place. There are so many cases of male fertility specialists using their own sperm to inseminate patients, not to mention the rampant sexual abuse. Even on their best behavior they will never understand what it's like to be female or properly empathize with their patients like a female gynecologist can

No. 867146

My first smear I requested a female nurse and had an awful experience, but I still request a lady nurse for my next one. I just know I would personally not have a good experience with a male doctor in any capacity dealing down there.

No. 867154

Nta and also not white before you start but stripping the body of its microbiome frequently doesn't work for everyone. Location, physiology, and habits both dietary and physical factor in. I have shit fuck eczema and was told to bathe my skin less except for the obvious areas.

No. 867185

Deftones is just an okay band.

No. 867231

Of course I've tried /lotion/, anon. An absolute fuckload of different ones over the years. Never made a difference. But that's beside the point because I don't need an "excuse" to not shower every single day in the winter, it's literally not abnormal or unhygienic at all. I don't get sweaty during those months and I'm not rolling around naked in mud, all my skin is covered when I go out and the parts that aren't covered (face, hands) I always wash.

Literally this topic being so contentious is baffling to me. So I should /still/ shower 365 days a year despite having no smell, not feeling dirty, and not enjoying it? Nope. Waste of time and water. I'm convinced the people who are so scandalized by this must have body odor issues that they're projecting onto everyone else bc a swipe of deodorant in the morning is all I need to smell fresh all day whether I showered that morning or not. Just bc you reek if you skip a day of bathing doesn't mean we all do.

No. 867249

i know it's just that everyone is always drooling over korean and japanese ramen while indomie rarely gets any love or attention

i'm scared to buy a full box because I know i'll go thru that shit like it's nobody's business

No. 867256

>So I should /still/ shower 365 days a year despite having no smell, not feeling dirty, and not enjoying it?
You realize that people generally don't notice a smell if they're surrounded by it constantly, right? There are people out there with serious BO issues, they don't realize it because they're used to their own smell. There are people who live in houses that stink because of their pets or w/e, but they don't notice because they live in it. And nobody's gonna tell them otherwise because it's likely to hurt their feelings.

I'm not saying it's impossible or even unlikely that you can go a day or two without showering, but you can't expect people to trust your judgement over how you smell. You're free to do what you want, but stop getting so OTT offended and projecting on other people ("you're the one who must smell if you have to shower every day!") when they question it. You can't actually know how you smell to others, it's not unreasonable to question it. Even if I don't think I smell, I'll shower just in case because it's a risk I'm not willing to take.

No. 867259

>you can't actually know how you smell to others
technically true but I live with 5 rude family members who would tell me immediately if I stank, and my friends are the bluntest group of women you'll ever meet so I'm pretty sure I would have heard it from one of them. My brothers in particular will take any excuse to insult me but never about odor bc I generally just don't smell bad. Anyways sorry for sperging like a retard before it was indeed way ott.

No. 867266

why the hell even are there male gynecologists? What non-weird explanation is there for a scrote to specialize in a body part he doesn't even have? Literally choose any other field

No. 867326

Women who have gotten manipulated by men are just stupid. They're so obvious when they're cheating or lying about something. They are not good at hiding the fact that they're being fake or doing something fucked up at all. You've got to be borderline retarded to get played by a man.

No. 867330

Reminds me of memes that talk about ignoring red flags in relationships. All I think of when I scroll through the comments and seeing women agreeing with the meme or saying "but the red flags are what I find attractive!!1!!" or something along those lines is that they're truly the lowest of the low. We will never be free.

No. 867337

I'm a TERF and I wished so bad we could have a TERF drama general thread on /snow. I'm just on the tumblr TERF community and despite being good for finding resources there's always some retarded drama going on. From the top of my head:
>All the race faking for oppression points, blogs going from african american to latin american etc as convenient
>Dykes harassing women for mentioning boyfriends or stable relationships progressing like wanting to become fiancees or moving together
>Blogs first starting as heterosexual or bisexual, then progressing to "female only bisexual" or dykes with "comphet" either to avoid harassment, social contagion to fit in, or for oppression points
>Munchies sperging about being told by doctors "there's nothing medically wrong with them", claiming this is misogyny and not them malingering
>Similar sperging from deathfats about being told to lose weight and how "weight is gemetical"
>Schizos claiming that being told to take their meds by doctors is an attempt at "chemically lobotomizing" them for being female
>Dykes sexually harassing tumblr user "not-your-intersex-pawn" due to her having a big clit
>Dykes having BPD-ridden, years long break up drama with detroons, both of them accusing each other of rape through discord calls since they never met IRL
>Oppression pointers constantly accusing each other of homophobia, racism or any other -ism of -phobia to assert superiority
>Some users being nazis or friends with nazis but claiming it doesn't matter because they are more opressed for being fat

The milk is just constantly flowing

No. 867339

Tumblr sounds exhausting.
This is funny though
>Some users being nazis or friends with nazis but claiming it doesn't matter because they are more opressed for being fat
Oppressed because you are overeating. OK.

No. 867352

You should do it anon. We have the Anna Slatz thread, so why not? Just add the "This thread is for milk, not radfem discussion" rule in the OP. Maybe you can ask in /meta/ if mods will allow it. I'm especially interested in the racefaking, nazis, and sexual harassment of women with big clits. I only occasionally browse radfem twitter accounts so I wasn't even aware that tumblr had so much drama.

No. 867367

I think it'll be infested by trannyfags vendetta

No. 867378

You're just going to attract that one anon who is seething 24/7 over lesbians to shit up the thread.

No. 867381

Yeah that would be a very likely problem, we don't want to attract more of those.

No. 867382

back when the gender critical reddit sub was still up, sooo many members admitted to being bored housewives, i thought that was pretty milky in and of itself kek

No. 867389

TERF tumblr is a fucking trip. I don't consider myself fully radfem but I'm happy I peaked and learnt about stuff like the porn industry there. I'm so glad I left I though, but also disappointed I didn't post milk here. It's cow fucking central and nearly everyone has some sort of superiority complex which makes the milk taste even better.

No. 867516

you use the word dyke a lot

are you one of the spergs who gets angry over separatism drama

No. 867517

she sounds like the anon honey

No. 867520

"You cant criticize cultures you arent apart of"

I dont care if I'm not apart of your culture or not. If something is stupid or toxic I'm going to point it out. People always want to hide behind "but it's my culture!" To disregard toxic shit.

No. 867527

>Dykes harassing women for mentioning boyfriends or stable relationships progressing like wanting to become fiancees or moving together
Ah that's a classic. Apparently they can harass bi/straight women for something they have no control over, but the moment you call them out on their bullshit, they cry lesbophobia. Apparently, you can be a piece of shit to your fellow women because you are at the top of opression olympics uwu (and also are the most opressed by scrotes despite not being in a relationship with any and cutting most if not all out of your life. Straight women can't have anything)
>Blogs first starting as heterosexual or bisexual, then progressing to "female only bisexual" or dykes with "comphet" either to avoid harassment, social contagion to fit in, or for oppression points
comphet ain't real lmfao. but I feel bad for the idiots who get pressured into this nonsense because of the above-mentioned tendency to use bihet women as punching bags (so progressive)

No. 867530

Kek almost, but it seems like it's summoned now anyway.

No. 867531

i used to be there for a few months and i learned so much, but i had to leave because it made me so angry that the entire world was so shit for women, but also because you couldn't even make fun of e page for looking like shinji ikari. like one side was making fun of her looking like shit and the other side was like reeee you're just like men who force women to submit to beauty standards reeee. like stfu, this is a privileged(tm) rich woman who can afford an entire team of stylists and you are crying because people make fun of her for looking like shit for no reason.

No. 867541

idk who's the lesbian-hating anon, I don't hate lesbians but the tumblr psychos are annoying as fuck. you are supposed to always empathise with their issues, while they give zero fucks about women who are not gay. how is that fair?

No. 867551

Keeping your skin dry is a better way to fight off acne than using moisterizers

No. 867567

Yeah it's incredibly depressing when you realise the full scope of misogyny and then you get women posting about feeling like shit like girl… this is NOT helping. Yes fight for your beliefs and educate yourselves but ffs take breaks. A lot of radfems just make it their entire personality though. Oy vey, the way some of them treat FTMs pissed me off so much. "b-b-but they don't rape and kill like men! they're damaged widdle girls!" and? The ones that make tiktoks and tumblrs and youtubes etc dedicated to making trooning out look cool and especially the ones who tell you how to lie to fucking doctors deserve to get shit, I won't apologise for calling them out. I was in a predominantly nicefem discord server and was constantly getting put on the naughty step for not using kiddie gloves with FTMs. Even the word "Aiden" was consider dEroGAtOrY. I completely agree about Shinji Page. It is funny and I WILL laugh about it. It beats getting fucking depressed about yet another lesbian in the public eye trooning out. #1 rule of radblr is no fun allowed though.

No. 867572

do you think that lesbians don't get raped by men. like lesbianism grants you a magical shield that makes men not to harrass you or to violate you

>cutting most if not all out of your life.

you realize that not everyone or hell most lesbians are the tumblr radfem type, that lesbians work with men, lesbians have brothers, lesbians have male friends etc. fucking insane.

No. 867601

i cringe when people say "i don't need anyone but myself" and stuff like that. it sounds like a massive cope. no, we are human, we need social relationships, especially romantic ones and love. of course in order to be happy in those relationships and get the most out of them, both partners need to be healthy and actually be capable of not having a relationship without going on some downward spiral. i haven't had a bf in two years, i am fine on my own, but i know i would be even happier in a great relationship, and not coping like
>bruh i don't need anyone but myself
sorry you got your heart broken or whatever but it's obvious coping

No. 867603

anon is talking about a specific group of terf lesbians on tumblr. An everyday lesbian is not a het-woman-hating neet

No. 867609

how many times have you been raped?

No. 867612

That really depends on your skin type…

No. 867620

>you realize that not everyone or hell most lesbians are the tumblr radfem type, that lesbians work with men, lesbians have brothers, lesbians have male friends etc. fucking insane.
The anon is clearly talking about the mentally ill Tumblr radfems, not normal fucking humans, lmao.

No. 867621

File: 1627656136637.jpg (1.87 MB, 2500x1400, 191217-astrology-gets-a-bad-ra…)

The people that hated astrology really look at it the wrong way tbh. The sun sign/ pop culture astrology really damages it for good…I just hope people are more open-minded about astrology though, it can be very interesting regarding the stupid "I'm such an X sign lol" meme.

No. 867622

It’s all nonsense, but I don’t mind people who just enjoy it by themselves, the Twitter ones though lol ew no

No. 867626

i'm not rich to be throwing away cash at people to do readings for me only for a year later literally none of what they said would happen to happen

No. 867629

I confirm that I specifically mean angry tumblr lesbians that seem to hate "bihets" more than actual men, lmfao.
>that lesbians work with men, lesbians have brothers, lesbians have male friends etc. fucking insane.
sure but you cannot claim political purity due to your sexual orientation and avoiding males AND claim that somehow you are just as abused by men as women in relationship with them. Pick a side lmfao. And maybe let the dirty hetties have a space to talk about the opression that comes with being in romantic/sexual relationships with scrotes. IDK why tumblr lesfems want to pretend that they face exactly the same issues with scrotes as the bihets (not talking about lesbians forced into straight marriages, those clearly aren't posting on tumblr)

No. 867632

That's odd, can you tell me why? I use astrology as a form of understanding myself, even more, its quite eye-opening in a way that i didnt even know. Did you got your reading from a good reader? Sometimes readers can be very fickle if you dont know where to find a good one.

No. 867633

To be honest, I’ve only ever had one male doctor down there and he was way more gentle than any female gyno. They gave no shits about my pain because they had children before so it wasn’t as bad and I just needed to suck it up (literally what they said to me, I wish I was making this up). I wish I could have that male doctor every time I need a pap or to talk about female health. Some women are just jerks.

No. 867635

your personal experience does not negate the wish of most women not to have a male gynecologist.

No. 867636

like i said, i don't have the cash for such an… "abstract" hobby. you either shell out money for a reading where nothing will happen, or by some coincidence one or two things happen and nothing else does, and then what? it just seems like a form of gambling to me. you're paying for a product you may or may not get.
maybe those personality readings, the customer gets more out of, because you're receiving information that you can relate to in the moment. i would be be extremely disappointed and it would solidify my standing though if i even paid for a personality reading and they still told me a bunch of stuff that isn't true.

No. 867643

For sure, I definitely want women to go with what makes them most comfortable but it seemed like anon was implying that anyone who preferred a male doctor was brainwashed when it usually comes down to the female gynos in their experience were being too rough and not listening to them.

No. 867645

>as a form of understanding myself
that's what professionals trained to understand the human mind aka psychologists are for, not "readers" who you're paying to bs to you.

No. 867646

nta but you can always read up on it yourself. There's plenty of free resources online and getting to know your birth chart is a google search away. It just provides a new lens for psychoanalysis, they same way meyer briggs or the big 5 does (not saying they're an exact science).

No. 867649

I get what you are saying anon, but you haven't tried it yourself, no? Get yourself an experienced astrologer or you can just look it up yourself. I promise you that its more interesting than it looks because people always have a fixed mindset because of it they refuse to give it a chance.
If you want an accurate fortune-telling reading, Vedic/Asian astrology is where it's at.

No. 867653

I did the research myself anon, so no money was wasted here. Its ok anon, you can give me your birth chart at anytime.

No. 867666

i guess, but don't you actually need to be "qualified" in some way to understand what the birth charts mean? i've generated birth charts for myself but i still wouldn't know how any of it is supposed to be interpreted
i'm not gonna fully knock it; maybe if i find a reader that has good reviews, i'll come to a definitive conclusion on whether it's worth it.

No. 867702

meet me in the astrology thread with ur chart anon, we shall talk
come join us

No. 867715

Where's the thread? Could you link it?

No. 867721

there you go nonnie

No. 867732

Not for me it wasn’t, but you do you

No. 867756


No. 867798

My unpopular opinion is that not everyone should have the right to produce children, and that the ability to reproduce should be removed under certain circumstances.

For example, people who have a criminal history of a certain kind (domestic violence, heavy drugs, gang activity) should just have their shit removed. How many times am I going to hear about crack head prostitutes forcing their daughters into prostitution to feed their habits? How about moids with a violent criminal history beating their children to death? People like this should have their reproductive systems scrambled by law as an act of mercy for their unborn children

I'm not antinatalist so miss me with that "you're a weddit fag" bullshit. Kids are great and raising them is cool, but some people should not have the right to do so since they only fuck up their unwilling innocent children by choosing to do so

No. 867915

No thanks, once they find out there's more to it than sun sign girl columbs they'll colonize it and I don't want that. Let them think it's a dumb female thing and we'll keep using it to avoid future mistakes. They don't need yet another advantage.

No. 867952

That would sound good on paper but it would quickly be used for eugenics

No. 867961

Coming from a shithole where most people are criminals, this is a very based take. I'm sick of psychopathic degenerates being allowed to fuck up their own kids.

No. 867964

This is a seriously popular opinion I hear all the time but everyone who has it is under the impression it's cutting edge and will shock people.

Forcing infertility/abortions or forcefully preventing pregnancy is a violation of bodily autonomy and unethical. It's not that I want kids to be born to shitty parents but you just can't get around how wrong it is to actually enforce the prevention. And, like anon said, eugenics will come into play, and we all know specific races will be targeted. Education and access to birth control and abortions are the best option, and we also need to make not having kids the default option. Have kids if you really want them and are ready for them, not just because you can, maybe if that's the normal line of thinking people will stop having kids they can't care for.

No. 867965

I think the better option would e to monitor high risk parents but the government simply does not give a shit about children. Hell, they're the ones buying child escorts.

No. 867971

more than i can count. happy about that info?

No. 867974

you know lesbians have fathers etc who can be abusive. acting as if we are shielded from male violence because of our sexuality is retarded, not all male violence happens in heterosexual relationship you moron

No. 867975

Yeah that would be a great idea, like regular wellness checks and reports from teachers etc for specific at risk kids. Too bad the govt would never wanna fork out for it.

No. 868008

I know that you're right but as somebody who works with kids I nevertheless always name this as the first think I'd do if I became president or something. The shit young kids will just casually tell you…way too many are doomed right from birth just because of their parents. Like only being 7 yet proudly talking about how their parents don't work and just get money from the state instead, or refusing to do homework because "my mom always worked hard in school yet nevertheless only got a shitty job!" What are you supposed to respond to that? If all they experience at home is discouragement and shitty adult idols.
And that's not even talking about the many parents are are abusive to their kids.

No. 868010

*who are

No. 868246

Okay so now you know how bihets feel when lesbians shut up conversations on violence in rationships because "we have it the worst, lol just be celibate".
I'm aware of all that you said, I'm tired of tumblr idiots who want to be the biggest and only victims of patriarchy as well as the truest feminists ever.

No. 868296

I just find atheists who believe in astrology very, very funny. Our generation wants to drop religion but can't really let go of faith, so they replace it with either astrology, political extremism, some vague blind belief in science, or venerating a semi-famous philosopher.

No. 868340

Mutual attraction doesnt work in heterosexual relationships. The man has to always like the woman more and wear the woman down until she finally gives up and agrees to go out with him. If a scrote can sense in any form that you are attracted to him, it's not going to work.

No. 868351

personally i just think theyre desperate

No. 868355

largely i think its a white guilt thing which in itself is racist - thinking people of other cultures are incapable of assessing their practices and changing them in accordance to what they believe is moral/right. traditions shouldnt be honoured just because theyre traditions

No. 868364

Weed addicts are just as bad as heroin addicts. At least heroin addicts know that shit is bad for you, but weed addicts are constantly in denial or make excuses like "weed isn't bad for you maaaan it's natural it can cure cancer it doesn't affect your mind lol you're just a tight ass prude". The majority of them really don't think any bad consequences or side effects can come from smoking copious amounts of weed every day.

No. 868370

I don't disagree, but there's no way that's doable. A shit ton of people are good at hiding how terrible they really are and get caught once it's too late and they already have kids to abuse, or they never get caught at all.

No. 868374

Make homeschooling illegal, because I keep reading the craziest shit about parents homeschooling their kids. And that's including some anons that mentioned being homeschool for a few years and not knowing how to do some basic shit because they were never socialized normally.

No. 868404

I guess it's an unpopular opinion for this site but I see Comphet as the beard concept just with a fancy term. It may apply to some lesbians and even Bi people because people are messy and may react to social pressure to conform differently?

Yes I know it was coined by a polilez ( ew) but even a broken clock can be right twice a day. I also think lesbians and bi women are affected differently by heteroconformity then gay men and bi men so ehh

No. 868408

I agree. They're like vegans

No. 868409

Absolutely. I might be biased as an ex-heroin addict but I did smoke weed too and literally my whole friend group I made smoking weed were fucking up their lives up because of it. Yet they made fun of me for being a smackhead even though I fully admitted it as a fault, but when I said "hey maybe you should cut down" I got hit with "um ackshully weed is totally good for me and [blames all their problems on others]". Now I'm clean, engaged, employed and thriving and most of those people live in fucking squats. Others are homeless and a couple back living with parents. I think I know like, two people who successfully quit weed for good. Obviously heroin is the worse drug, but weed has a much worse culture where it's taboo to bring up how disruptive it can be to peoples lives. I'm so sick of "it's just a plant!" Bitch opium comes from fucking poppies. Why don't you go shoot up that plant based goodness too?

No. 868410

File: 1627733877461.jpeg (76.54 KB, 878x658, 1622719657949.jpeg)

This makes me depressed because this is the reason I'm afraid to show too much of my feelings to my current bf. I like him a lot, we've started saying I love you recently, and I feel like I'm really starting to fall in love, yet I have this fear that when I truly become vulnerable around him, a checkmark will go off in his brain and he'll lose interest.

No. 868413

I see Weed like alcohol. Some can just not with it around while others can still function ok in spite of consumption. Though I still get sus when people undermine how addicting it is even just for the mind. Gamblers don't go through withdrawals but no one is about to say that there addiction isn't real or somehow lesser destructive

No. 868422


Thats exactly what happens. Even scrote PUAs reading the Art of Seduction agree with that. Men can spend a lifetime pining after an unattainable woman, but once he has her the fire is gone. Playing games is the only way to win. You can birth his kids and spend years serving him but nothing will bring about the obsessiveness like being distant and leaving him. Thats why all their love songs are about the one that got away. They need their ego to be hurt to want something.

No. 868425

Dont take relationship advice from the users on this site, especially in this thread

No. 868431

No doubt a lot of men are like this, but it's pretty easy to see early on if a guy is just interested in the chase or actually cares about you. Men are retarded and tell on themselves. Also, men with high EQ and empathy will actually be turned away if you play cruel games with them. The best course of action is to be very, very observant of a man's actions and his intentions behind those actions. It's really not too hard to get into his head, like I said they tell on themselves. Even the ones that hide their true personalities in the beginning have their own tells, especially if you're in a close relationship with them.
That's why it's important to be authentic from the beginning. If he reacts badly to you being yourself around him, then you know straight up he belongs in the trash. Don't hide parts of yourself for years just to find out that he's an insensitive blockhead when you've already invested so much time in him. It's so fucking normal to be unsure and insecure in a relationship, and it's part of the man's job to prove that he isn't a flighty idiot. If he can't do that he's garbage.

No. 868451

I always notice scrotes always have an ex, a girl best friend or a bitch from high school they cant get over as "the one who got away". Men love unrequited love and I think the reason is because most men have very low self esteem and do not feel worthy of real love.

No. 868458

lolwat? If anything, it's the omnivores who make fun of vegans for being vegans and go "umm akshually meat is totally healthy and not full of antibiotics and hormones!! ur gonna grow titties for eating beans and tofu, soyboy!!!"

No. 868463

but it's true they aren't worthy of real love

No. 868467

This lol

No. 868469

>Men love unrequited love and I think the reason is because most men have very low self esteem and do not feel worthy of real love.
No, I think it's simpler than that. It's so damn easy to idealize a relationship that never was or that happened so long ago you only remember the good parts of. Women aren't immune to that either.

No. 868471

And yet it is always a vegan who pops up to screech whenever this topic is mentioned. Curious!

No. 868474

I smoked a lot of weed at some point and yeah most of them are losers and coping

No. 868477

From knowing weed addicts and heroin addicts I can definitely tell you the heroin ones are way worse.

I smoke too much weed and know it directly hinders my productivity. I'm not living up to my full potential. Does it bother me? Yes. However, coasting through life suits me fine. The greatest riches are in the kingdom of heaven. Cmon!

No. 868479

Yeah women do it too but I really think men find women who desire them to be gross because they do not like themselves. This is the reason why men prefer women who they have to coerce and beg for sex more than women who just give it up without a fight.

No. 868483

Not a vegan, though. Weak gotcha.

No. 868490

Anon eugenics is a pretty good idea but the main problem with it is that a lot of undesirable people have evolved to properly socialize. Don’t fall for the right-wing melted brain take where “undesirable” people are just inherently antisocial and outwardly dangerous, there are multiple institutions that made these people possible to procreate and hide, like marriage, government, capitalism, etc. If all menaces of society were just antisocial and outwardly with their crimes and negative behavior then how would we explain most if not all politicians or government officials? Sometimes the biggest threat is right in our very eyes, and they have the biggest advantage.

No. 868494


Yeah, as someone who spent the past 2 years smoking face all day everyday, I agree. I feel like life passed me by. And I definitely did stuff to get weed I wouldn't have if it wasn't so serious for me. (No I did not sell pussy)

With that said, I kinda depend on it for my appetite. I literally don't get hungry or eat without that sweet sweet THC. Working on moderation, and I'm going to get a medical license soon. But I'll be practicing moderation, and not just smoking the depression away.

No. 868504

True. Men subconsciously know their place is below women in terms of reproductive or social values so they view women who beg for their attention as having “fallen” to the dirt. Men are addicted to NOT self-confidence, but the feeling of having their insecurities cradled and soothed. Like a little eternal masochistic baby. Treat them mean to keep them keen is good advice.

No. 868598

File: 1627751748659.jpg (1.74 MB, 4096x3320, 9765446100134011.jpg)

Have you guys ever read Why Men Love Bitches? The entire book talks about this phenomenon. Men are the OG pick mes, they love chasing after what they can't have and if you serve yourself to them on a silver platter they lose respect for you. That's why they use "easy" as an insult for women who sleep around.

I used to be mean as fuck to the random men who would DM me trying to fuck and they would just keep coming back for more insults. It was weird. Now I ignore and block because it's not worth the trouble, they don't know when to give up.

No. 868639

Beyonces fertile African kuhween act is cringe

No. 868651

So was her French shit.

No. 868654

Well her mom is french

No. 868656

Beyonce is cringe

No. 868721

Fucking this. They constantly stink of literal shit 24/7 and are too lethargic to do anything with their lives

No. 868723

Women should not get drafted to war or even be in the military. I don't see why feminists cant see the obvious issues with that.

No. 868727

Tina's not French. Like most African-Americans, Beyonce has some European ancestry (distant French male ancestors). It's just a bit cringe from a European perspective watching Americans make a big deal out of it by larping in traditional/period costumes and playing up to outdated cultural stereotypes. Also, quite hypocritical, but that's a whole other topic kek.

No. 868729

It'll never happen besides in really backwards countries so it's a pointless conversation. In the face of war, humanity will go back to it's primal basics and afaik only true born women can give birth to future generations

No. 868781

>muh traditions

No. 868785

>t. amerifat who discovered their heriteji

No. 869065

The only people who advocate for women being drafted are MRAs who see it as a revenge for women wanting any rights at all. Women having the right to join the military by choice is another story. We should, theoretically be able to join the army and be safe among other soldiers, but most feminists are fully aware of how widespread rape is within the military so I see mixed perspectives on it.

Ultimately I see war as something men start and we should not be obligated to get involved it, especially not when we're in more danger of assault from fellow soldiers than the enemy (though god forbid the latter gets a hold of female soldiers). It's simply not ever going to be fair when women can be harmed on multiple levels that men usually aren't, we're always in more extreme danger than them.

No. 869157

White males should be banned from trooning out, while (East) Asian males should be strongly encouraged to do so. Other races of males can do whatever.

No. 869165

Kill yourself

Your bait isn’t funny retard

No. 869189

>widespread rape in the military
Why not just develop legal protection against it? I mean the reason of this is not the military itself, but the fact that women are not really protected from assault here. I don't really mind having a draft tbh - military has always been appealing to me. Never understood why everyone (men being scared of and trying to avoid draft/women getting chickened out by the thought of this) has a problem with this issue.

No. 869191

And what are the issues? Come on, enlighten us.

No. 869195

lmao get a load of these ugly fuckin white guys, amirite?

No. 869197

yeah unironically

No. 869198

Honestly nowadays I do the opposite - act like a total trad doormat (dont argue with fools/them, don't try to bait their chimp instincts with insults, pretent to act shy but actually grey rock them,etc) so that moids would immediately think that I am "conquered" and would lose their interest in me (they like fresh blood, not dead inside women).

No. 869202

File: 1627815987292.gif (3.83 MB, 327x250, 4E765692-35BF-4F79-8D03-7C85E9…)

>Never understood why people, especially “chicken” women, would not want to be forced into mostly pointless wars where they will see and experience humanity’s worse atrocities

No. 869206

>I don't really mind having a draft tbh - military has always been appealing to me. Never understood why everyone has a problem with this issue.
Yeah, why would anyone have a problem with forcibly being trained up as potential cannon fodder?

No. 869243

That other post read so much like a scrote bait post. Your gif pretty much sums up the summer fags in here. Im not fighting in any man's war

No. 869257

Having a daughter is more important than having a son. Daughters carry more genetic material and with the double x chromosome are healthier overall. The importance of male heirs is dumb and lessens genetic diversity. Femicide is detrimental to society, that's probably why there's so many odd birth defects in countries that practice it. Save The Girls

No. 869303

In a few years bo burnham is going to be exposed for something, most likely sexual assault. Liberal white men who try to virtue signal always have dark secrets.

No. 869306

Exactly what I've been thinking too. He gives major sex pest vibes

No. 869312


No. 869313

Dating people you are not attracted to because of their personality makes no sense under the age of 60. If you like their personality why not be friends? You dont have to fuck him.

No. 869345

He gives me emotionally abusive type tbh, the BPD stank just wafts off him. He thinks you're stupid and suicide baits constantly.

No. 869355

Not to defend that, but I'd say for the majority of people that they absolutely can't fuck someone they don't like even if they were irresistibly their type looks-wise. Personality is a pretty huge deal and it's not a stretch to assume that someone who has feelings for that person would still want to be intimate even if they were ugly.

One thing I enjoyed about giving an average or below average guy a date is that I'd be more focused on how he was interacting with and treating me, and the bonus is that he was an easier dump if he was bad. Whereas if a guy was more attractive to me, he'd get away with more bad behavior cause…well I was thirsty kek.

No. 869376

Wtf do you do on dates if you don't like each other's personality though? Sit in stony silence and wait til you can have sex?

No. 869379

Nta, but good looking people aren't all vapid bores.

No. 869390

I'm pretty sure that's not what anon was implying. There are more options than ugly and interesting or attractive and boring.

No. 869394

It's possible to find men you find attractive and like their personality…men do it, Idk why women act like its impossible to stop fucking ugly men.

No. 869396

They keep getting memed into thinking that if they only focus on pErSoNaLiTy then it's easier to find a guy won't treat like you shit, but that's false. What matters most is his actions at the end of the day.

I used to think that I only cared about personality, but actually I have really specific taste in looks, I just didn't give myself the space to find that out.

No. 869528

Uncle Rodger is horribly unfunny

No. 869578

he’s like those stuck up chinese people who probably say racially offensive things about black people behind closed doors

No. 869590

Realistically not many men are both attractive with a good personality (and interested in you) so never finding someone decent is a real possibility.

But god forbid we just stay single lol men will never change or improve unless women collectively accept being alone as a viable alternative to a bad relationship.

No. 869620

Bunny the Talking Dog on Tik Tok and having dogs "talk" through buttons is completely stupid. The dog's "words" do not line up with their actions and I can't believe people actually think dogs can construct sentences in a human language through buttons.
I can understand something with 10 buttons or less, but anything more than that is probably stressful for the dog and it presses buttons based on the owner's reactions.

No. 870014

Putting your kids on leases when in public is a good idea

No. 870017

Rent is expensive tho… where would they get the money?

No. 870019

our society goes out of our way to hide underweight bodies from the public eye in fear of triggering someone so much that its going to cause a generation of rampant anorexia glamorization at some point. refusing to let others see a person who happens to be underweight comes off as envy and jealousy to younger people. as if the person is just peak beauty standards, so much that our psyche breaks and we lose our minds risking our lives to look that amazing. like they must be hidden away at all costs behind trigger warnings and disclaimers and blocking their social media profiles because we just cant handle seeing a body so perfectly spectacular. the way our society currently deals with eating disordered people sadly contributes to the glamorization of them. its been this way for decades because people who dont suffer keep trying to control the situation like its something people do for fun and they dont understand that its an illness that mutates like a virus.

No. 870075

I'd go further, I think any amount of the buttons is bullshit. All they know is that pressing it gets reactions

No. 870081

I genuinely think that all hetero sex is a degrading and hateful rape, basically just a form of violence towards women. Inb4 lesbian I’m straight just not blinded by penis.

No. 870088

I’m straight and not at all blinded by penis or a pick me and yet I disagree with this completely. Good unpopular opinion I guess anon?!

No. 870096

File: 1627923841680.jpg (345.75 KB, 1053x783, Tw.jpg)

Tumbleweeds are cute as hell I want one as a pet

No. 870099

Nta but sex between a man and a woman can be gentle and passionate but men dont want it that way, especially even more now when everyone is scared of being a simp.

No. 870102

>never seen a tumbleweed irl
You know what I know where you're coming from and I agree

No. 870109

Agreed. Women are more at risk of STDs, can get pregnant, side effects from any birth control, mens semen has tons of stuff like serotonin that reinforces fucking him, if you get revenge porn'd your career and life will probably be over, court is full of rapey men who wont do shit about your possible rape, rough sex defense can be used by men to get off scott free for offing a woman, self defense laws favor men and most women who defended themselves got jail time, etc. Also men had to do a whole campaign to eroticize and normalize piv as the only way to have sex. Back in the day lots of women just offed themselves on their wedding night bc they didn't want to be piv'd for the rest of their lives.

No. 870142

This. And the elites in charge always yell at us about global warming is killing the planet. Well, fine then, how about we stop people from having so many children and adding to the problem, then?

No. 870143

Honestly I mostly agree with you. If the women really wants to do PIV though, I think she should only do it with a guy that she has vetted to be gentle and kind and empathic. Not because of purity bullshit, but because engaging in degrading sex where she's disrespected/objectified causes mental harm imo. It also reinforces in the man's mind that women want or are asking to be abused
So many women have damaged self-esteem or are traumatized from from past sexual experiences and porn that they think being treated like shit during sex is normal, and use it as a way to self-harm

No. 870168

Adding onto this, it would also remove the pressure for women to reproduce by way of reducing the amount of men worth reproducing with.

I live in a very backwards, patriarchal shithole (rhymes with lease) where many women get pressured into marriage and children with some of the laziest, most awful scrotoids when they very, very clearly don't want it.
This pressure comes from husbands, parents, neighbors, aunties, uncles, grandmas and grandpas who suddenly disappear when it's time to change diapers and the woman will be left alone to deal with kids she never wanted and will resent for the rest of her life. You can guess the kind of childhoods these kids have.

No. 870169

Rape is the ultimate display of male sexuality. Of course, this is not a good thing. It's terrible. But I have never met or heard of a man whose sexuality shows no predisposition to a rapist mentality. Desire to possess a woman, to literally own her, affinity for women who "play hard to get", the desire to be loved only by women who do not love them, lust for lesbians, the unattainable MILF or step-sister (or actual sister), BDSM, the desire to dominate a woman (physically, mentally, and emotionally) through any means possible, the list goes on. The most reviled by men I have ever been is when I sought out their approval, and the most desired I've been is when I was at my least available and most disgusted by them. I've met truly beautiful and kind women who struggle to find men to pay attention to them, and ugly and horrible women who get showered in male attention, simply because they do not want it. And the second a woman who doesn't want a man gives in and says yes to one is the moment she stops being desirable to him. I've seen it, time and time again. A woman will never willingly satisfy a man, because he desires to dominate absolutely, and that is something that requires the woman to not consent.

No. 870178

This and men also know men are gross and hate themselves so they dont want to be with women who want them. If they see that a woman wants them they assume something must be wrong with her. I've had guys tell me they think it's weird when a woman is excited about having sex or wants them too much.

No. 870179

Casual sex is for trashy people.

No. 870191

I've always been pretty clear about boundaries and how I like to stay in control of myself and my sex life, no submission or those random acts that men like to throw in like hands on your neck or a smacked ass out of nowhere… I've never been on the receiving end of those things or any name calling mid sex… that kind of stuff. My friends have been and have talked about it being gross. I almost thought that meant the guys I'd been with were all pretty ok. It doesn't mean that though. I was just clear enough to tell them in advance and make it clear I'd likely make a scene if that ever happened.

One of my exes is with a woman now who is into the whole "I'm his woman" thing and I realize that even if a man respects YOUR boundaries..he'd still trip over himself to get with any woman who is willing to bend over to please him in that sense. I'm sure he sees that as a huge bonus and that deep down I was 'uptight' for not being down for that dynamic. Their preference will nearly always be to dominate and degrade you if they can get away with it.

No. 870201

I'm married and I actually agree with this at least partially. My husband has never treated me badly and we are equal partners in our marriage, except when it comes to sex. He has never forced me to have sex with him and I enjoy it, it's more that sex for a woman is always an act of submission. He doesn't let me have sex with him, I let him have sex with me. During sex I submit my body to him and if we weren't using birth control, I would potentially be giving him access to my ability to bare his children. This doesn't change if I get what I want out if it.

No. 870204

I tried dipping my toe into casual sex but apparently I'm very vanilla because I don't think a dude saying he's going to choke me is hot. I've been with men that try to have performative sex they try to emulate from porn and imo if they can't manage the fucking basics they have no right to expect a sex show.

Things seem weird atm. Like I have no issue riding on top and prefer it in most cases and I've had guys blown away by this prospect but they also think it's weird if I don't want to be slapped about. And these guys aren't the type that want to take direction from you or your pleasure, it's all about their power fantasies and it's a load of bollocks. When sex is a mutual understanding of getting both off how they enjoy it it's amazing. I thought I'd had luck at casual sex since I can cum easily but the emotional fallout from dealing with most scrotes is not worth it.

No. 870210

Most men are so porn sick they start going soft as soon as they have to act normal and cant even stay hard enough for me to get on top and ride

No. 870211

>apparently I'm very vanilla because I don't think a dude saying he's going to choke me is hot
Gosh anon you're so weird! How can you not find it great when some scrote threatens you with violence you could die from!
Seriously I'm convinced that the only way it would be safe for a woman to have casual sex with a man is if he is tied up the entire time. Violent pornsickness is real.

No. 870215

Nothing worse than all the build up and suddenly you're trying to stop a soft dick from flopping out and then you're like oh… "can you still finish me off?" and then you get an emotionless fingering. Maybe just me?

No. 870218

No it's not you I had the same experince with casual sex. Most men can't get off unless they're jack hammering like in porn because they have death grip. Most of them dont even know how to tongue kiss, feels like kissing a virgin 14 year old. Men these days are like 22 and cant even stay hard or cum in like 2 seconds with a limp dick.

No. 870221

I'm so fucking tired of my friends laughing and cackling at his stupid pulled-back-eye-level "haiyaaa fuiyoooh why rice cooked bad" humor. whenever i see his face on my timeline i feel like committing homicide. The unfunniest motherfucker ever lauded as comedy because zoomer internet asians thinks being an asian and/or liking spices is their entire personality. Sorry for sperg i fucking hate his face so much. t. a seasian

No. 870233

>if you get revenge porn'd your career and life will probably be over,
Can't this be remedied if more women just start making their men do degrading/submissive things and take photos? That way, they can out-revenge porn them if they try it.

No. 870238

Constellations are a scam. None of those lines actually look like what they're called but everyone pretends they do.

No. 870241

Men don't get ruined by that stuff like women do. Women's "sexual purity" is seen as the core of their integrity and worth, but men will bend over backwards to defend or excuse other moids' degeneracy.

No. 870250

File: 1627933028362.jpg (74.03 KB, 1000x1080, lynx-constellation-with-beauti…)

Yeah, like, "lynx"… The only things that look like what they are are the southern cross and the triangle constellations

No. 870255

Wtf, I hate constellations now.

No. 870289

The reason why men get into relationships is because they're too ugly or socially retarded to get casual sex

No. 870301

I look back on my casual sex days and tbh I think I was naive and likely sleeping with men who had partners. I see signs now that I wasn't great at spotting back then

No. 870318

It's ok to get plastic surgery, wear makeup and wear sexy clothes if you can admit you don't do it for yourself.

No. 870328

Tbh it’s more empowering to acknowledge your indoctrination and decision to choose path of least resistance than to inhale choice feminist copium. At the end of the day, it’s hard to blame women for wanting the best chance at an easy life albeit through conforming.

No. 870333

>giving into societal conditioning
I mean I can understand the reasoning behind it but it's still incredibly weak-minded. There's nothing empowering about being a spineless pussy.

No. 870369

normalize men and women wearing the same clothing

No. 870375

Women who have casual sex and sexy clothing are pickmes

No. 870378

Wearing makeup sexy clothing and ps is (literally) the most superficial shit, it doesn't matter as long as you're not deluding yourself with the "if only I was prettier all my problems would be solved/male validation is life". Unfortunately for most women in this world (aka poor with no prospects) looks is their foot in the door. Like Cardi B.

No. 870384

I wear sexy/tight clothing because it makes my life easier. Being a black woman I cant really wear baggy stuff without people acting like they cant tell I'm a woman and treating me like shit. I just get treated better being hyper feminine.

No. 870385

Lol Cardi B is an extreme outlier. Getting famous and rich in general, much less solely off of your looks, is rare.

No. 870395

Samefag, but claiming that most impoverished women can be successful if only they dedicated their lives to bimbofying themselves by spending thousands of dollars on makeup, clothes, and ps is just stupid as fuck. Plastic surgery is expensive and dangerous. How old are you?

No. 870404

Women who have casual sex usually have terrible sex. I know someone like this. she's super hyper femme and cutest, but she has tons of one night stands and i swear she hasnt had an orgasm in her life from her descriptions.

No. 870407

I said it gets your foot in the door, not that you can get insta rich by being pretty. If you're not already skilled/smart then it doesn't do shit and may even bring more harm your way with the male attention. For plastic surgery, depending how desperate a woman is she may get backstreet surgery. At that point of desperation from poverty they see it as worth the risk, either die and escape their shit life, or become prettier and get an edge to help them move upwards. If you don't get this mentality then move to a poor part of town for a few years and get it.

No. 870408

Do they just do it for male validation? As a weird way of self harm? It's bizzare.

No. 870412

Most poor women in my country get out of poverty literally using their looks to find rich men/sugar daddies and i know plenty that could get out from here by doing so, it's not the best solution but it helps.

No. 870426

yes, but it is also beautiful women from third world countries that don't want to be prostitutes but get groomed/prostituted for their looks, but some ugly women want to cope and they think men fuck anything, but the truth is that men desire good looking women more than ugly women, thus being pretty and in a bad situation adds to the possibility of being sexually trafficked

No. 870429

Men desire pretty women more but they will fuck anything. Why do you think 45 year old crack heads with no teeth still have men paying them for sex?

No. 870431

Also I think a lot of women get trafficked not because they're super hot but because they're underage and men wanna fuck kids if they're paying a high price for pussy

No. 870432

This is really unpopular, but those third world women in poverty that can get out with their looks are better off than those that can't. A lot of human trafficking is third worldies swapping the use of their bodies to access a first world country or a lot of money, and not all of this involves sleight of hand neo-slavery.

The problem is generalized poverty, not exploitation. If they weren't hookers they'd be working in sweatshops for 12 hours a day for a bowl of rice, is that really an improvement?

No. 870433

Casual sex sounds fun until you look at the other side of the coin. I have two male "friends" that regularly meet up with girls by using dating apps to literally fuck and dump them even when they expect a relationship out of it. I'd never want to be another conquest from dudes like that cuz the way they talk about the girls is honestly sickening

No. 870439

You must be a scrote if you think the living conditions for women who are trafficked are good

No. 870443

I know right, nothing better than fucking an ugly ass scrote who hates your guts and who has a whole family that also hates your guts, while you’re away from your family, hoping to get that sweet residence status so you can divorce his ass, just to see that it’s impossible because he finds a way to tie you up to him, either with abuse, a baby or something legal.
Easy mode, ezpc gg.

No. 870444

The one thing I hated about casual sex was how smug and stuck up most scrotes act. They assume every woman they meet is instantly inlove with them and wants a relationship, they have to act like assholes because they think they're so hot shit that you'll fall Inlove with them instantly if they show you humans decency. Like bro, you cant even make me cum but you think your cock is made put of gold. Of course when you make it clear that the sex was bad or you do not want to date them they start working hard to kiss your ass.

No. 870450

yes being sexually trafficked because you are poor and beautiful or above average in looks is such a privilege. I know you are not even a scrote but a first world country jealous and ugly woman that thinks women that get trafficked for their looks are at advantage because you hold misogynistic values and refuse to see or understand the pain of poor women that become victims of trafficking due to their above average looks. Sexual trafficking rings In third world countries don't target ugly women generally, but above average in looks one, they don't pick gremlin looking, fat women, but strategically they choose above looking women. It is also a huge patriarchal lie, cope and grooming tactic to tell others and believe that women from third world countries can escape their poverty and suffering through their looks. Even if you don't end up in a first world country brothel being fucked by strangers for 10 dollars per day, in the best case scenario you end up married to a man like Ed.
It's just scrote mentality to think that women that get trafficked and abused due to our lookist patriarchal society are at advantage. Those women would be at a much greater advantage if they were not groomed or taken advantage of for being pretty. I think a poor life is a better life than a life where you have to be raped by men for a living or a life where you have to spend 24/24 with an old grandpa from a germanic country

No. 870469

kek what's with the speculation of me being an ugly coper. I think it's tragic, but outside of the children that get groomed into it, I do see a lot of it as the third world women making a gamble for a better life, a high risk high reward sort of situation. Because despite the cope in the thread, there are a lot of women that marry geriatric men, the man dies and they get a decent inheritance and residency. It doesn't always end up as a total loss.

Compared to where they're coming from, they often can be. If you read in depth into human trafficking you do come across the narrative that a lot of women are doing it for migration purposes, many who would resent the doors being closed.

No. 870474

>If you read in depth into human trafficking you do come across the narrative that a lot of women are doing it for migration purposes, many who would resent the doors being closed.

I think the issue here is you don't even know what human trafficking means.

No. 870859

I don't know if it's just here that I'm seeing it all the time but the phase "sex pest" is going to make people even more scared to fuck each other than Getting Consent has. It's going to make it so that anyone asking to bang is suddenly a pest. If someone has tried to court you and then asks, they've been setting grounds for pestering. It's just dumb. If you are referring to "sexual harassment" then just call it such.

No. 870864

Whose everyone? This is a man problem. And being a sex pest is not the same as sexual harassment.

No. 870870

Lol nah, sex pest is a valid term to use on creepy moids. They're pests and it's always down to sex. Consent isn't a difficult concept. If people are afraid to approach the concept of consent then they're most likely a sex pest.

No. 870873

if men are too retarded to know when is an acceptable time to flirt or not they should be scared.

No. 870874

If you're scared to get consent you shouldn't have sex in the first place

No. 870879

I feel like a sex pest if the kind of person whose brain is always stuck on sex. For example if you go to a scrote sad that you're dad just died he says something like "oh let me make it better. Let me.make you feel good", then proceeds to try to kiss you. The type of person who cannot read the room.

No. 870880

No. 870913

if you're bitching about "terf containment zones" i'm pretty 100% certain you're one of the demographics that are not supposed to be here, yet the mods don't give a shit. ugh

No. 870915

male moment

No. 870918

Go clean your room frank.

No. 870919

If you headcanon canonically OSA chracters as gay (as in exclusively homosexual), you personally have no right to complain about racebending or trans headcanons, canon divergence is canon divergence. I personally don't give a shit about any of those, but at least be consistent.

No. 870922

i think one of the reasons why abortion gets so much pushback is because it's more profitable for many companies for you to make a child and have to buy food, diapers, clothes, toys, furniture… there are so many companies that make money off of it whereas abortion is a single payment to planned parenthood. i'm sure a lot of companies covertly funnel a lot of money into pro-life propaganda too

in a similar vein, big pharma/doctors make more money off of transgender more than gay people now that conversion therapy is illegal in most places, which is why they want as many people to be trans as possible for hormone and surgery money. not to mention being transgender is just such a consumerist identity in general. i never post so i'll take my ban for this

i literally just thought of this while watching a pro-life video so let me know if any parts don't hold up/make sense

No. 870935

The Thong Song by Sisqo is a musically beautiful song despite the lyrics

No. 870938

silence, scrote

No. 870939

>abortion gets so much pushback is because
the world would literally end if women stopped giving a fuck and birthing/caring for little kids. They don't offer any benefits for having a kid (in fact it's all cons) and the religious brainwashing isn't working anymore. Leaders are getting nervous, if countries aren't letting immigrants bust their ass open then they're restricting abortion.
>big pharma/doctors make more money off of transgender more than gay people
Don't know what gays have to do with it but ok? They're basically manufacturing body dysmorphia in kids to make future $.

No. 871016

Did hou take a wrong turn on the way to tumblr? Who gives a shit about sexuality headcanons lmao

No. 871076

Taking any drug that isn't at least 10 years old is a bad idea.

No. 871204

Theres no reason to be starving in the usa. Just get food stamps.

No. 871272

but what if you live in the forest there are no food stamps

No. 871358

No one gives a shit about your shitty self insert OC nor does anyone want to read about it. Same goes for your "headcanon". It is completely irrelevant and your OTP is shit.

No. 871380

Click tf off my kinnie wattpad then bitch

No. 871382

Ain’t as good as it used to be. These mf want me to work now.

No. 871409

Summer Olympics are boring. Winter Olympics all the way.

No. 871415

-I don't care about men outting each other. Especially when it's TIMs outting men for being with them.
If TIMs want to mess with men who hide them and men want to hide tims, why should I or anyone else feel any kind of sympathy? If all parties truly believe it's "Straight" then there would be nothing to out.

- Mint ice cream isn't that great.

No. 871423

There's not much money to be had for big business in children, it's the opposite. When people form families they stop being consoomers on useless shit and start saving for the future when possible. Any money that would've been spent on diapers, prams, etc goes towards dogs, cats, bibleo games, etc.

Capitalism actually hates families and reproduction because it lowers people's proclivity to waste money on useless shit. They don't care about a crashing birthrate because they can just import more people.

My unpopular opinion is that pro lifers typically aren't doing a 4D move to take away women's rights. They're more just religious people that genuinely do believe life begins at conception. I'm pro abortion more to counteract dysgenics, I don't want a world swamped with low IQ, impulsive individuals.

No. 871426

That is why capitalism is stupid. What will they do if all the people already got imported? Clone us to multiply our suffering?

No. 871443

There's over a billion people in India alone kek. They've got mass reserves of third world labour.

I think that people complaining about social pressure to have children in the west are delusional. If you have 4 children or more, in most contemporary circles you're seen as a handmaiden freak. It's more acceptable to have no children than to have five children. Three is basically the socially acceptable limit and even in certain circles that's seen as weird.

No. 871451

I literally just found out today my friend has 6 siblings. I thought she had 2. So weird.

No. 871459

>My unpopular opinion is that pro lifers typically aren't doing a 4D move to take away women's rights. They're more just religious people that genuinely do believe life begins at conception.
As someone who grew up in an environment of those people, agreed. Actually the life thing still concerns me and I feel like most responses are dismissal of that concern that is reasonable to have. Anyway this is not to say that a lot of them don't also view women as lesser etc. but that there is genuine concern about the life being taken, it's a matter of disagreement about whether it "counts"

No. 871479

I agree that many pro-lifers do see life beginning at conception and they think of that as the primary issue. However, I also think it’s impossible to go hardcore on that stance without knowingly disregarding women’s rights. No pro-life adult can plead ignorance to the impact their wishes would have on women, so while oppressing women might not be their main aim it’s a major consequence that they’ve decided is okay. Which feels like splitting hairs to be honest.

No. 871483

Abortion is getting so much pushback because it's about giving a woman control over her own body and especially reproduction system and that doesn't sit well with men. The women who are against it are just memed into thinking about muh poor murdered babies or the bitterness of never having the option to have an abortion themselves.

Also there's no money for big pharma to be made out of gay people, literally none. Troons are a lucrative source of money on the other hand, get them all hooked on expensive hormones and surgeries that cost more than a house and you're all set.

No. 871488

The projection here is strong. Women don't feel regret over not having abortion. In fact most mothers love their child and wouldn't give them up for the world. It's usually women who have had abortions who end up feeling regret and having mental issues later on

Also no money for big pharma from gay people? AIDS,anal cancer, prolapse, fecal incontinence, and so on. Gay men are a walking piggy bank for doctors! And don't get me started on the psychological issues they all have…LGB people probably provide the mental health industry with the most profit of any group aside from trannies of course(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 871493

did you get lost in the way to /pol/

No. 871499

I just thought about that song last night after watching Wild Wild West.

No. 871602

> or the bitterness of never having the option to have an abortion themselves
The crazy thing is that there are women who claim to be pro-life but end up getting abortions themselves, and after they still peddle the pro-life bullshit! My mom actually knew a woman like that. I also read a really interesting article about pro-life women who get abortions (told from the perspectives of the women who work at abortion clinics), and they're hypocritical as fuck. These women seriously bring themselves to theses clinics and then tell the staff that they murdered their baby and basically treat them as if they're evil. I fucking can't with these hypocritical bitches.

Also, I'd link the article, but I forgot what it was called and what website it was on.

No. 871618

>In fact most mothers love their child and wouldn't give them up for the world
Lmao and yet you clearly lack a mother's love to be larping as a tradthot online

No. 871630

File: 1628041918007.jpeg (133.34 KB, 1024x735, 1_4YwQBMZhOGpfKbVxGiN7OQ.jpeg)

The west over the last 80 years has been pretty meritocratic, intelligent families have been able to ascend to the upper classes over the three generations. The closing of income mobility is due to the fact that the smarties are already at the top and the dummies have remained at the bottom.

Other poorshits remain seething and believe themselves to be actually smart in a dunning kruger fashion. I see a lot of people searching obsessively for every unfairness to explain why they're not doing well in life (pic related), but the fact that they're not smart or skilled enough never comes across as a possibility.

No. 871655

Are you a burger? if you're europoor or asian poor or latam then meritocracy is definitely not a thing.

No. 871658

idk if I should actually read this. your post smells like hummus and American spirit cigs

No. 871660

True, in the US don't Asian immigrants tend to do very well? Seems like they bring their cultural values and apply them to do pretty good.

No. 871664

Billie eilish and charli d'amelio look so huggable

No. 871668

While yurop in places like England is burdened with an inbred aristocracy that basically live off rent from their vast real estate portfolio, other europoor countries are probably more meritocratic than USA just due to the free university thing so many have going for them. Besides, this more applies to your professional class of doctors, engineers, business owners, etc. They genuinely are smarter and more adapt than us that remain in the lower classes our entire lives.

I'm not even posting this as a smug sociopathic "hurr bootstraps" post, I've only done menial jobs myself and I'm aware of my limitations). But for most people that fall around the bottom, they'll find it absolutely humiliating and unbearable. It was okay when in past ages we could console ourselves with copes that it was all just arbitrary, but as society moves to become more fair and equitable that becomes less true.

There really isn't enough sympathy for slow people in the modern age. Dyslexics, imbeciles, intemperates, etc. The ones that will be sweeping floors and breaking concrete their entire lives due to their limitations. The imperative to get people out of these jobs is only if they're capable of doing something better, how do you think the ones remaining in those jobs will feel.

Excuse the longpost sperg, it's just something I've been thinking about for a while.

No. 871756

>"Dyslexics, imbeciles, intemperates"

did you stumble here from the victorian era or something?

No. 871813

this. Imagine willingly giving your pussy easy to the dumbest, lowest scrotes. Women who picked the casual sex pill are brainwashed by media. You have like 4% chance of actually getting good sex from a guy

No. 871845

Why don’t you stumble on back to Twitter you worthless little reprobate. And take your shoddy vocabulary with you.

No. 871853

>the fact that they're not smart or skilled enough never comes across as a possibility.
You've misspelled "unethical", you can only be really succesful if you abuse others & the system. Many people are too decent to do this and are not aware that this is exactly what the wealthy are doing.

No. 871859

That picture is actually based and factpilled. I used to believe in muh meritocracy working in IT which is highly regarded as a meritocratic field, but in the end it's nothing less than an impossibility to uphold a true meritocracy. It will always default to a classist structure sooner or later, only in modern times the divide isn't between reptilian level aristocrats and peasants, it's upper middle class and lower middle class.

I've met so many smug bastards who have a nice salary, high education and a respected job preaching about their hard work to people from disadvantaged families when in reality they had supportive parents getting them the best extracurricular education they could get, helped out with schoolwork, secured them with a stable household and overall nurtured their talents and invested time in them. Of course you're going to turn out better than the poor kid who has to go home to a drunken single parent and take care of their younger siblings even if they had the exact same potential to succeed. Someone from a well-off family spending their teenage years just smoking weed and lazing off will still be able to bounce back a lot better than someone who had to skip studying for exams because their parent was choking on their own vomit or someone who had to cut back on networking and socializing because they had to be home to cook for little sister.

No. 871865

The thread pic of the Things We Hate Thread is perfect

No. 871867

kek this pic reminds me of how my dad tried to turn my step brother into a genius, he gave him dubious enrichening powders and tonics that his chemist friend gave him, promising that it'd make him smarter, enrolled him in the best schools, bought him all the best textbooks, etc only for my step borther to drop out and he's been jobless for literally years kek

No. 871871

the idea of "main character syndrome" is kind of stupid. like, of course you would think you were the main character in your life, because you only see life from your perspective inside your head. it would be more concerning to me if someone thought of herself/himself a side character.

No. 871895

>it would be more concerning to me if someone thought of herself/himself a side character.
that's how I used to feel

No. 871898

I'm an NPC and fine with it, they have comfy lives

No. 871905

>it would be more concerning to me if someone thought of herself/himself a side character
That's how I feel right now. It comes from years of being bullied for my interests (nothing extreme, just your regular shounen anime, weird music and languages in a town where everyone got pregnant at 16 and dressed the same) and being a goth. I looked exactly how any other alt kid growing up in the 2000s would look.

People would say things like
>Oh you wanna be special so badly huh?
>Wow that's so pretentious, you think you're not like other girls huh?
>Why are you trying so hard to be different? You think you're better than everyone else?

Really I just liked what I liked because I found it cool.
Now I'm too embarrassed to do anything, say anything positive about myself, talk about myself or talk about my interests because I assume that, at best, nobody cares and I'm not important enough for them to care, at worst I'll get mocked again. Any time I say anything nice about myself I worry that people will take it as bragging so I've stopped. I come off as a total boring NPC with no interests or hobbies even though that's not the case in private.

No. 871974

The protests during the George floyd murder was one of the most embarrassing times to be a black woman. Mothers were bringing their 5 year old daughters put to protest…We were really out here making a fool of ourselves. I hope we have grown since then and learned to be less pick meish but probably not.

No. 871975

No. 872007

isn't main character syndrome more on thinking of yourself as special, designed for something greater than others?

No. 872071

No. 872079

I feel like scrote accusations are more of a lazy defense rather than anons genuinely believing we're being raided by males daily, it's become quite annoying and only seems the make issues around here worse and makes farmers look crazy, esp when they're obviously samefagging

No. 872081

Because they were putting their lives and health on the line for men who do not care about them. Some of these women ended up getting raped and killed at these protests. These women were bringing their kids out to protests and putting them at risk for covid, all for men who would throw them under the bus in a heart beat. It was pathetic to see. They forget at the end of the day they're still women.

No. 872083

File: 1628089290712.jpg (99.17 KB, 1080x775, Screenshot_20210804-175959_You…)

I normally find her hideous but grimes looks beautiful here

No. 872093

No. 872116

I don't really like working from home. My boss gives me the option but I never do it. Ever since college, I've liked to set boundaries between my relaxation spaces and work/study spaces. Working from home is convenient, but I'm also blessed with an decent commute (20-30 minutes by train if no delays, office and home are less than a five minute walk from the station) so maybe that's why I don't mind it too much. I think WFM would mean getting very little done for me (getting distracted easily) or my home space becoming stressful (from work).

No. 872121

I like that you know yourself so well and have set those boundaries for yourself.

No. 872135

Thanks anon lol. I had to take a sort of "adjusting to college" class in college as part of the program I was admitted through, and my advisor (professor for the class) suggested to us that we separate study and relaxing spaces. She had really just advised that we don't study while laying in bed (it made it hard for her to sleep eventually), but I found that studying in libraries and computer labs was even better than studying in my dorm room. I have to set these boundaries or I will very quickly become a mess kek.

No. 872165

Because she doesn't have heavy makeup and she isn't doing her stupid alien persona with ugly hair and ugly dresses and ugly everything

No. 872186

File: 1628095537773.jpg (12.59 KB, 320x246, 1603819495471.jpg)

>ah the weekly "DON'T dismiss me, DEBATE ME, CHANGE MY MIND" post
>not being raided by males daily
>cue the verified KFtards, 4chins admitting to lurking constantly
>cue the daily incel, coomer and scat/gore posts that I report everyday
I know you're a tourist cuz you think it's a new development and your opinion is a fresh take. Or that you didn't know hi-scroting was banned and it was worse.
Nah, only males get triggered by being reduced to a brainless scrotum. They think it's samefagging since they couldn't understand how women's intuition can hack it that he's a man. The rare occurrence I get called scrote, it doesn't even register, I just go on to say what I need to say instead of knee-jerking like I'm guilty of having a chromosomal defect between my legs.

No. 872212

This might make me sound like a pick me but whatever. A lot of women still marry men for resources and money, if you live in a third world country and theres no other options I get it but if you live in a western country and you have family that you can live with it's stupid. So many women wanna live like its 1954 and stay at home, cook, clean and take care of kids but it rarely works in their favor. It didnt work in the 1950s and it wont work now. Get a job and stop being lazy.

No. 872503

Bunnies have more of an attitude than cats do

No. 872508

I can’t blame some women for wanting a moid provider. But yeah they could at least work. That way if things do go bad they have the money to leave.

No. 872525

Anti-psychiatry is legit and it's only got a bad name because of schizos.

It's strange that people accept that there's widespread abuse in prisons from prison guards and wardens, but then dismiss the possibility with the health system due to schizos being schizos. I've worked in dementia wards, which are almost identical to normal mental health wards (minus the 130kg polynesian guards and orderlies). There's abuse in all of the large ones, every single one. Two or three nurses will get together and start winding someone with dementia up to get funny statements out of her (literally the same way kiwifarms wound up Terry Davis to get him to say "glowniggers"), oftentimes recording it. This typically happens on skeleton night shifts. Over the next few days you'd sometimes find the old lady hunched over in bed, scared of everyone, shitting and pissing her pants because she's so paranoid.

My experience working in dementia wards inclines me to believe a lot of what's written on r/antipsychiatry. I know these same types of people work in those places.

No. 872528

that’s impressive and i admire that

No. 872532

Something about the house of gucci makes me feel very disturbed. If I had to explain what “western civilization” was I would say it’s an unholy combination of costco (burgers know what I mean) and house of gucci

No. 872538

if you had the chance to go back to the office and chose to continue to wfh, your salary should be cut by 15% at a minimum.

No. 872551

I wish anons would stop accusing every female celebrity they dont like of being trans

No. 872587

Switching over from the celbricows thread obviously but I'm sure we'd all love for the select few to stop accusing any woman with larger shoulders that they're born a man.

No. 872592

i wish anons would stop

No. 872613

I think anons are just getting bored and making shit up since that thread has been so dry.

No. 872689

Men now are only good for their dicks (making babies and pleasure) and muscles (strength for manual labor and eye candy) other than that, what else can they offer that a woman can't do herself?

No. 872769

Their dicks don't even work anymore though, they usually break it by 20 from too much cooming.

No. 872927

Dicks aren't even that good. Vibrators are better. Every guy I've had sex with (not a lot, I'm not that into it), I've had to kindly show them how best to use their fingers and how to stroke/slide/rub instead of jabbing and all that.

I agree, though. Apart from heavy lifting, they're fucking no use. At all.

No. 872929

I want to add, this is something not world enhancing, but I prefer to watch males play guitar and drums. As much as I love L7, I love how a man fingers a fretboard. If only they could transfer that skill to a vagina.

No. 872938

Lol most men have ed by 30 now a days. Nothing more fun than being jack hammered for 2 minutes by a barely hard dick.

No. 872943

The worse part about most men is if they're bad at sex they will get angry at you for trying to teach them

No. 872948

File: 1628162329357.jpeg (322.53 KB, 1024x707, 12AFA56C-0869-4B90-989C-B63662…)

This is why I exclusively date epileptics. Once they get their member fully in, I turn on the strobe lights that line every corner of my room. Cheaper than a vibrator and 10x more thrilling.

No. 872985

If men gave a shit about the existence of LC the site would have died a long time ago. If /b/ or /r9k/ really wanted to destroy this place, they would. The population of LC as a whole is tiny compared to even a single board on 4chan. All it would take is 50 scrotes, a folder of cp and VPN. Image boards are extremely vulnerable to raids, yet we are able to post using VPNs and without a captcha because outside of a few assholes or men that are simply curious, no one fucking cares.

No. 872987

Theres nothing wrong with going to chain restaurants like chillis, red lobster and applebees on the first date.

No. 872989

Why do they continue to post child porn and gore then?

No. 872991

A single scrote spamming the contents of their wank folder is not a raid.

No. 873003

It's ok to dump a man who has female best friends.

No. 873042

No. 873045

Sadly yes, the most emotionally flakey men I've been with have had almost exclusively female friends. You'd think men would be better for it but no, they strategically choose a harem of pickmes.

No. 873048

Oh really? I always thought that a man that only has male friends is kind of a red flag

No. 873051

Reverse the sex. How do you feel about women that only have male friends? It's the same thing.

No. 873052

nta but keyword best friends. It's okay for them to have female associates and friends that are a part of a larger group. But a single female best friend? Hmmm, idk bout that one.

No. 873057

I don't like either. They're all pickmes.

No. 873071

I'm ok with it if they've known each other since they were younger

No. 873107

It's ok to dump someone for any reason; you don't have to be miserable your whole life just because you tried something and it didn't work for you.

No. 873150

Elective plastic surgery should have never become an option. It has caused great damage psychologically and physically to the population. Any excuses given as to why it’s “good” are rooted in even deeper problems; problems that people keep pretending they don’t see and aren’t affected by.

No. 873154

No it's not the same thing. Women see men as human and can be friends with them. 99% of the time straight men cannot be friends with women and not wanna fuck them.

I would not be worried about the female best friend, shes probably oblivious and thinks the scrote is just friends with her. I would be worried about my scrote lusting over her in secret.

No. 873162

your post is dumb and lacks nuance, empathy, and understanding of just how much society strives to keep poor people poor. Sad that you don't see that a lot of people cant hard work themselves into a better life if they dont have financial and familial support. There are so many smart and educated people in poor communities who literally had to sacrifice their education in order to take care and provide for their family. This is giving very much "pick yourself up by your bootstraps" tease.

No. 873166

and on the reverse a lot of these "rich" and "successful" people are only rich and successful not based on their skills but based on the fact that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Almost every billionaire grew up in an already wealthy and established family. They are not smarter they are just luckier.

No. 873168

>I've only done menial jobs myself and I'm aware of my limitations
So, which are you? A dyslexic, an imbecile or an intemperate?

No. 873169

Dumb and false statement, because many of the Southeast Asian immigrants to the US are poorer than immigrants from elsewhere. Asian isn't just East Asians.

No. 873170

To add to this, all the "smart" people at the top have the money for private tutors, to live in areas with the best public schools, or can just send their kids to top tier private schools. Dummies stay dumb because they either have to give up their education or they cannot afford academic help that could help put them on the same educational level as their rich peers. Affording the best schools also means building a network with fellow rich peers who will most likely help them out in the future. The poor and the dumb poor are locked out from the very beginning.

No. 873171

File: 1628177633938.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.95 KB, 482x545, userimage-14a8161f-41d3-497c-b…)

I hate how women have been tricked into mutilating their bodies under the guise that it's "self care" and "actually feminist." pair that with the fact that there's now a trend cycle for body types and facial features and it results in a never ending cycle of women getting things put in to or removed from their face, ass, and boobs depending on what the kardashians are doing. women are literally risking their lives for a fatter ass that ends up botched (picrel) half of the time. I feel so sorry for women that have fallen for this bullshit.

No. 873173

File: 1628177677553.png (75.43 KB, 1490x1500, Figure3.png)

>>873169 is correct.

No. 873175

File: 1628177822641.png (75.31 KB, 1490x1500, Figure7.png)

https://equitablegrowth.org/how-data-disaggregation-matters-for-asian-americans-and-pacific-islanders/ Many East Asians who immigrated were mostly rich and smart and led to chain migration of their family who were also rich and smart, building a foundation for East Asians to continue their wealth. Southeast Asians are mostly refugees, so they were poor and had no education to begin with, and also dumped into poor neighborhoods where that cycle continued.

No. 873179

its funny just how many people eat up white supremacist talking points without even realizing it and just how detrimental and fucked up it is. THe model minority is a myth that was literally created as a way to shutup black americans by only allowing and incentivizing east asians from wealthier backgrounds access to this country. Like you said it completely undermines and disregards the asian americans who don't fit into that stereotype. it's harmful as fuck to assume that about people. >>873175
I literally just finished this post and i saw your comment lol.

No. 873183

Here’s an unpopular opinion: if you’re spending that much on tudors, you’re not close to being intelligent.

No. 873187

You would probably benefit greatly.

No. 873189

File: 1628178866939.jpg (212.15 KB, 1200x1200, henry-viii-gettyimages-1640812…)


No. 873193

it's insane, in the late 90's and the aughts it was the biggest insult to say that a woman has a fat ass. Women would tell each other 'stop eating that chocolate, you will have a fat ass'. Kids would laugh at you if they thought you have one. It's insane that now having a flat ass is considered ugly. I grew up with women like in vid related being the beauty ideal. It was super trashy and porny, but definitely not thicc. I guess at least now fat/chubby girls can feel a bit less shitty about themself? Back then you either were a skinny bitch with fake tan, or you were nothing.

No. 873195

File: 1628179103165.jpg (259.6 KB, 1022x1024, 3c2c95b049e6b63d6e2f0c78cd6c.j…)

No. 873200

It was a joke y’all

No. 873203

I remember growing up as a black girl and watching white tv shows where the wife would get offended if their husband answered that her dress did in fact make her butt look big. That shit confused my black ass cuz i was like "isnt that a good thing?" it was then that i realized we really live in different americas lol.

No. 873212

I hate how it's one extreme or the other. I blame porn for the rise of kardashian body

No. 873227

It all got popularized from porn is the thing. The blond, skinny big-titted, tanned bimbo archetype came from porn, and when scrotes collectively got bored of that, it became the brunette, dark-skinned bimbo with the big ass, big lips and big tits (but a tiny waist).

No. 873231

File: 1628181274228.jpg (54.88 KB, 580x767, 1627982413663.jpg)

Preference for big breasts and big asses is linked to lower intelligence

No. 873239

This is inaccurate. Nonnies scroll down to General Discussion to get the gist.

No. 873242

That's not what that studies says at all but okay.

No. 873251

Its true though, only dumbass subhuman closeted gay males are into women with big butts

No. 873254

The person who posted that link is a rogue waifufag scrote/ana fetishist from 4chan, lmao.

No. 873264

File: 1628183153650.png (394.36 KB, 938x1046, afjesgej.png)

Lol and anon's choice of Keira Knightley as the body type men find attractive, when they made countless memes at the peak of her fame and you couldn't scroll anywhere on reddit without some tard whingeing over her lack of tits. The whole, "when did this become hotter than this?" would be her and literally any other woman… poor choice anon lol.

No. 873268

just say you are racist and believe in psuedo eugenics science and go back to pol

No. 873274

File: 1628183571580.jpg (36.42 KB, 400x626, b9b82ae7f9beaf0c8700e97bda2d6d…)

I never said men find her attractive, I said only men that are unintelligent find women with big breasts and buts attractive
Your the one being racist implying women of African descent should have big butts, it's disgusting really

No. 873278

And men who only like super skinny girls are usually pedos

No. 873280

High IQ flat-fetishist over here

No. 873281

>argues against black women having big butts
>posts pic of a black woman facing forward, butt not in pic

No. 873283

I wish we attracted clever trolls. It's the same old tired shit.

No. 873284


You sound like a retarded ana-chan. Go eat a cheeseburger, plenty of men like full figured women.

No. 873290


No. 873446

While breastfeeding women definitely should not be shamed for doing so in public, I still fail to see why some of them feel the need to take selfies while feeding and post them on social media. I also hate seeing childbirth videos on social media and don't understand the point of them. Not every single thing in your life needs to be on the internet.

No. 873457

I remember when bubble butt was a fucking insult. I hated it and now we got all these retards paying for these shitty life threatening surgeries just to have a large ass.

No. 873462

I think some of them get off on making other people uncomfortable because "I HAVE A RIGHT". I remember my friend's mom breastfeeding randomly when we were at a museum and when I looked away I was chided and lectured about how it's "natural". Yeah, it's natural and good but it's also natural for me to not want to intently watch your kid suck your tit. It's not enough that they breastfeed in public, everybody has to coo and clap over it for them

No. 873471

I don't get nona's aversion to the current Vent pic. Sure, it's no angry baba but I don't think it's bad enough that it warranted the reaction of those first 30 or so posts. The olympian before that though, that one I did understand.

No. 873472

Me either. They come across as underaged or really fragile

No. 873485

Nta but I hate it too. Sure it's natural, but to me it's an intimate thing and maybe you shouldn't do it so openly in public and someone has every right to be slightly uncomfortable while looking at your baby sucking your tit. Since it's natural and good, should I also piss and shit in front of everyone? Should I talk about childbirth, periods, sex and other intimate and potentially gross stuff when everyone can listen? There's a time and place for everything.

No. 873507

I don't get this argument, spitting, fucking, pissing and shitting are also natural but you don't do it in public. Breast pumps and coverups for breastfeeding women exist.
I don't find breastfeeding gross but it's just so fucking awkward and anyone who whips out their tit in public to breastfeed, especially an older child, is clearly doing it on purpose to make others uncomfortable and get attention.

No. 873522

I'm fine with it in public, most are pretty discreet about it anyway (and do that thing where you have a small blanket you drape across yourself) but whenever I see close up breastfeeding pics shared online it starts to feel weird.

No. 873526

>get made fun of growing up for having big butt & hips
>now it's hot
Literally made me stop giving a shit about beauty, what a rigged game. Was pretty bitter about it for a while too.

No. 873537

I grew up at a time when having a big ass was considered the grossest thing, the only good place to store fat was your breasts. Now I see women even my age buying into the trend and like..surely they're old enough to know how this stuff changes and goes from oneextreme to the opposite. I also remember having bold eyebrows was just about the worst thing too. It all flips back and forth. Don't do anything major based on passing trends. Maybe change your make up routine for a trend but not your whole body shape.

No. 873543

Same but with big eyebrows.

No. 873544

How can you compare shitting and pissing in public to breastfeeding?
Shit and piss are waste and can cause infections and other diseases, besides being super foul smelling.
Breastfeeding is literally just feeding a baby, who you can't just tell "shut up, let's I'll feed you at home".

>Should I talk about childbirth, periods, sex and other intimate and potentially gross stuff when everyone can listen?

I mean, you can? Being annoying is not a crime, and some of these you have to be really childish to find gross.

The problem that >>873446 brought up was posting it online and taking selfies and being generally an attention whore about it. I mean, it would be as stupid to take a selfie in your toilet at home.

The fact that you compared feeding an infant in public with fucking in public just shows how much you think like a dude that can't comprehend that boobs have a literal biological function other than making their dicks hard.

No. 873548

I agree 100% with you. I don't want to look at babies sucking tit, but women have the right to feed them whenever. Babies don't understand shit, but we should

No. 873549

Agreed. I really don't get what line of thinking makes someone believe that shitting is the same as breastfeeding.

No. 873550

I see women (and even men) being super bitchy about sparse brows now or blonde brows with no make up and I clearly remember the time when strong brows would've been relentlessly bullied and called mannish. I wish we could appreciate both at the same time and not always pick one to bash as if its so insanely ugly. Brows vary…so let them vary a bit.

No. 873557

cringe powerlevel but I've come across coomer discord servers where moids share pictures of women breastfeeding their children and get off to them. There is absolutely nothing these animals won't fetishize.

Breastfeeding in public is fine, sharing it via instagram is not.

No. 873559

That's why I mentioned breast pumps and coverups though?

No. 873562

There is no powerleveling here we don't even have usernames

No. 873563


No. 873566

always go for natural tbh, anything extreme always ends up being seen as ugly in a span of 10 years and you'll be embarassed about all old pictures.
Haven't seen a single one of those pencil-line thin eyebrow ladies remember them fondly

No. 873572

Pencil thin brows will be back by 2025, that's my prediction. Get your tweezers ready lol

No. 873606

Absolutely. People who kept average brows survived the pencil thin phase, the sperm brow phase and the cara delasagna phase with no judgment. Just plucking strays and trimming longer hairs will stand the test of time.

No. 873614

I really hate that. Even on the tamer end of things men just like to pass around pictures of women as if it's a hobby. Candids of women doing daily activities, compromising snaps you never recall happening, upskirts and all the like. Even when you don't share your own photos you can be passed around all over the internet simply because they need dominance over something and the spectre of you is good enough.

No. 873633

We're anonymous

No. 873644

A lot of hate people have for Boomers is actually for people from the Silent Generation before them

No. 873649

yeah, silent generationers were fucking crazy and mean. probably from their parents enduring prohibition and od'ing on bennies during the war and becoming addict like

No. 873655

The amount of scrotes who told me to 'grow a butt' while we were dating in recent years is disgusting. And of course they're all coomers addicted to following IG models. I can understand the appeal of a round butt on a short thicc fashion nova girl, but these dudes are insane if they wanna see a fake round ass on a lanky mf like me.

No. 873694

>muh scawwie haxx0rman 4chan
>semantics about the word raid
Like, what are you even trying to convince? That there AREN'T plenty a rape-apes constantly vying for women's attention around here?
Back to the original point, calling out scrote is a good thing. What to do if you're not a man and get called a scrote? a) reconsider your shit takes or b) get tf over it.

No. 873719

File: 1628211384962.jpg (25.25 KB, 450x450, unfunny joke, i love tudors.jp…)

>if you’re spending that much on tudors, you’re not close to being intelligent
not sure what eating my favorite biscuits have to do with intelligence, nonnie

No. 873767

i find it hard to believe that trans have it harder in the south, ive lived in many major cities in ga, la, al and visited a few in tx, ok, and mi and there are huge lgbt communities in all of them. i was going to pride in atlanta since the 90s. going to trans clubs in la.

whenever i see a gofundme and a tranny whines about the south i lose any tiny amount of sympathy i might have. plus add on they might bitch about past child support and theyre a mtf leaving their kids behind halfway across the country

No. 873849

my favorite part of the chris spergatry is that anons believe its because of kf transplants and not because of the twitterfags who have sought to take down both farms because we're all transphobic. all the anons who believe that kf anons support chris are retarded. we all want him locked away. just because kf talked about him since the cwcki doesnt mean we support raping a hardly there geriatric woman.

i cant argue against josh trying to help chris tho. that was his cow of choice. chris did alright with filling gofundme requests but the fact he was a rapsist abuser kind of negated any work he did towards ponycon or whatever.

No. 873862

If a single man posting images has you screeching scrote like a retard, imagine the nervous breakdown you would have if there was 10 of them. I really don't get the constant need to live in permanent state of paranoia. If you can't handle posting an anonymous image board, then maybe discord where everyone lists their preferred pronouns would be better for your mental health.

No. 873882

Go contribute to male suicide stats, they're way too low(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 873890

peak like the rest of us

No. 873891

Considering I'm a woman, my suicide wouldn't do anything for male suicide statistics and I'm not the one in this conversation that is expressing outward signs of mental illness, so the probability that I would commit suicide is low.

No. 873898

>If a single man posting images has you screeching scrote like a retard, imagine the nervous breakdown you would have if there was 10 of them.
Nta, but It's not just regular images or porn, it's cp and gore. Also, it's definitely more than one man that comes here to spam pictures. There's the scrote(s?) who posts cp, the trannies who post gore, the south Asian one who posts his ass and facenot illegal, but it's disgusting. It's not "screeching like a retard" to be upset over that.

No. 873899

okay but what was going on thru this? ive learned thru the years what to expect in gender discussion but at some point its unintelligible. ive been embroiled in this for 20 years but still people find ways to make it indecipherable

No. 873907

That's not what I'm saying. There really are scrotes that spam disgusting images. What I'm suggesting is that constantly accusing anons of being scrotes during discussions on /ot/ is inane and pointless because the chance that it is actually a scrote is low. Scrotes do not lurk /ot/ looking for opportune moments to post spicy opinions. The level of paranoia surrounding it isn't justified.

No. 873938

I liked the babushka thread pic for the vent thread better than the medusa

No. 874038

Based and babushkapilled. I like to think that when we enter the vent thread we all become babushkas in our little social circle putting the world to rights.

No. 874601

File: 1628287240537.jpeg (20.82 KB, 259x195, 867D2EEB-F978-4B1F-89E5-E8EF82…)

Lyndie England was based. If I was in her position I would probably do the same thing kek

No. 874607

amazon is for stupid americans that don't think to get the same products on aliexpress for a fraction of the price

No. 874613

To men, yeah but in the military?gross

No. 874618

File: 1628288088006.png (207.6 KB, 324x470, 82726151526.png)

Actually psychopathic.

No. 874644

It’s also for impatient Americans who don’t have time to wait two months to get that little bubble package in the mail.

No. 874649

this is why you're sending jeff bezos to space

No. 874661

>actually psychopathic

Aw are you one of those anons who worry about the poor lil men you surround yourself with? Who cares, hope they all choke and die

No. 874664

maybe they're just concerned with someone idolizing a war criminal… take your meds nonnie

No. 874666

NTA and I know it's an imageboard but damn you're sooo edgy

No. 874702

Amazon in my country is full of counterfeit products and cheap Chinese garbage now. I wonder if the quality is better in the US because to me it's useless now and I don't know how so many people still use it.

No. 874959

Every kid I know from a rich family is fucked up. If your family makes more than $150k a year you are probably a shitty person.

No. 874963

Before or after taxes?

No. 874972

her good ol' military buddies raped prisoned women on the daily and she had no complaints

No. 874976

Dang that's fucked

No. 874978

File: 1628317216718.jpg (303.72 KB, 1080x2002, 765567888765433.jpg)

No. 874985

That woman wasn't based, just straight up physco-

No. 875013

>Letting your moid friends rape female prisoners is soooo based epic kek!!!!
Is this scrote bait?

No. 875117

yeah I really hope it's a shitty bait, the entire thing was disgusting. this is no way to treat anyone

No. 875138

if natsuki is your favourite doki you're a pedophile sorry. her personality is shit so you can only like her small height and childlike body. "oh but she likes manga!" kill yourself nonce

No. 875143

I like her because she was a lot like me growing up - mistreated and compensating for it with a parodic bully attitude. She has skill and passion and is empathetic towards Yuri - asking the player to help her because Monika won’t - and she has pink hair! But yes the males that “waifu” her are pedophiles kek.

No. 875145

I don’t condone what Lyndie England did to the women but most scrotes deserve to be treated that way lmao

No. 875154

>being pick-me to a bunch of moids so you can torture some other moids and oversee other women being raped for your shitty country's agenda is BASED

No. 875173

parents shouldn't be able to post content of their children publicly and people should stop making memes of children and being generally cruel. its going to give kids a fucked sense of privacy when they have a digital footprint they can't control from an very young age, even stuff seen as harmless like peanut butter baby is probably extremely embarassing for them. kids of influencers/family channels or kids like gavin are going to have such a shit time when they inevitably try to distance themselves from it all or expect more privacy. maybe in the future it wont be seen as a big deal because everyones embarassing baby pictures will be easily searchable but sometimes i really worry we are headed into a truman show direction.

No. 875177

Agreed. I look down on people who are posting pictures of their kids online everyday. Just tells me they're not doing much of anything besides forcing little Susie to act happy for the camera for their own image. It's really fucking gross.
Funny thing: One person who I know does this has a teenage son now who looks so awkward and uninterested in being photographed, so now she focuses most of her energy on her little girl who doesn't quite know better and still wants the attention.
I can't wait until they both start telling her to fuck off lmao.

No. 875186

it doesn't matter if someone deserves it or not, if you are doing what England and her scrote pals did out of free will and for funsies, you are a sick fuck and deserve a bullet in your head

No. 875188

They're unironically having kids for attention. Lots of those family channels are watched by pedos, you can check YouTube statistics to see who watches your vids. I remember one mom on yt who talked about checking her stats and seeing it's mostly old men, and how she's going to stop posting.

No. 875239

sage but i remember when i quite young i had a dumb blog and one time posted some photos of my new baby cousin. its long since deleted and basically no one knew of it in the first place but i still remember feeling a bit guilty about it when i got a bit older and the concept of online privacy really started to click for me. maybe an overreaction but i have no idea how these parents do the mental gymnastics they do to justify it lmao

No. 875263

Have fun being mad because I think moids should get what they deserve you scrote

No. 875283

I guess we should ignored the imprisoned raped women then.
I would have stan her way more if she did that to the raping scrotes tho

No. 875288

>woman allows other women to be raped but she hurt men so it's ok
What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 875291

Also I think representation matters little in the grand scheme of things and people act overly retarded towards it ( in either blind praise or hatred) using a cake metaphor it's the frosting and you can't enjoy a good cake with just frosting even if it can be an important element to the cake itself.
I suppose representation matters in a sense of only you can care about it of you wish and no amount of cajoling can get someone to care.

No. 875293

Ah, a classic 'be mad' in a reply to a calm post to hide the fact that you are the only one seething. God, come up with something new, it's boring

No. 875332

Representation is moralizing. do you think women would be plagued with insecurity if tv showed normal women and not primped dolls? Do you think women would feel like their only use is a servant hole if tv constantly showed power trip fantasies like they do for men?
Anon why do you think society was controlled by religion for so long.

No. 875345

As a teenage girl, I remember thinking I was worthless for not being the blonde Stacy. Just cause that's what media has been teaching me. You can either be a hot Stacy or the ugly loser and that's the extent of your worth as a teenage girl

No. 875367

Og anon here but,
Personally I haven't found much moralizing/ life affirming "representation" even after being suggested many things that are supposedly good ( I'm a minority in many aspects outside of the woman thing) so really I wonder how subjective good or bad representation is.
I personally think it can matter and should be normal to want to depict the whole spectrum of the human experience just because seeing the same boring shit gets repetitive but I don't blame people especially the targeted minorities for being skeptical or unsatisfied

No. 875375

My biggest issue with representation is that even when it's "well-meaning", it often exposes the seedy underbelly of the culture producing the media.
It's so often the same shitty archetypes and stereotypes, and I can't really appreciate the effort because it just contributes to the wider problem. Writers are lazy, and often prejudiced themselves.

No. 875380

I couldn't have said it better and does bug me as someone who's fond of storytelling and art to see something half assed being praised for representation that isn't even as well integrated as they think it is. I'm at best " representation " critical even if willing to give it a chance or assume good intent. I want to see good shit in media

No. 875388

Yeah lots of representation is just skin deep, as in just replacing an actor with a minority/woman and not even bothering to show their reality/perspective. Movies like birds of prey do it well because it actually shows the perspective of a woman, comments on society, and doesn't make her into a 2d character to jack off to.

No. 875394

I wasn't huge on the birds of prey but I appreciate what was trying to do to be fair and I like most of the clothes.

I'd like it a bit more if it had been a Gotham sirens movie. Especially since poison ivy and cat woman are usually such sexually charged characters it would have been interesting to have seen a more female gaze friendly presentation.

No. 875395

Speaking of skin deep, shadow and bone did that so sloppily with Alina, not only did they adapt the least praised and popular part of the grishaverse, the add ups were a mess as well as the visual direction.
We're supposed to root for Alina when she's as paper thin as a pad and as far as I'm concerned the racial aspects stop as soon as she gets into the little palace.
Between Alina being cast as Asian for brownie points and having it cast for brownie points and shittingly inserting it idk what's worse

No. 875397

File: 1628363143433.jpg (90.4 KB, 387x767, whatthefuck.jpg)

Guess what? The three pitbulls in the pic that attacked a corgi and a little boy were sentenced to euthanasia, then their owner appealed and sent them to a remediation program in Montana. Why the fuck does this keep happening? I feel like once a dog attacks it should be put down, full stop. But instead they get spirited away or get petitions for them. I can't believe this is an unpopular opinion now. The pitiots run the world

No. 875398

To be fair I'd feel bad putting down a perfectly healthy dog just because of shit head owners who didn't know what they were doing.
At best they should have their dogs removed from their owners and actually rehomed properly or something.

No. 875400

They are so vicious they broke through a window to attack a little boy. They shouldn't be alive anymore

No. 875402

Did the corgi die? This is so upsetting.

No. 875408

Jesus christ I love dogs so much but pitbulls should be outlawed. Not calling for them all to be put down immediately but breeding more of them should be made illegal. They're literally created for killing and overrepresented in dog attacks because they can snap any time if their brain gets overstimulated and attack, especially because they're prone to dog aggression and towards people outside of their family. Instead of protecting themselves they go straight for the kill, other breeds look for submission pitbulls won't let go until their opponent is dead. It's not just a bad owner, the whole breed is fucked beyond belief.

No. 875409

>unfortunately the woman reacted quickly
wtf did I just read right now?

No. 875410

Just classic pitbull owner apologist crap. They always try to downplay their dogs' violence and spin it around as the victim "provoking" their heckin good nanny dog puppers that would never ever hurt anyone.

No. 875411

I agree, except I think they should have the bad genes bred out. Letting them go uncontrolled so that shitty people can breed them into attack dogs is horrible, but in my opinion, the people who want to kill an entire breed of dog that humans are the ones who ruined are also sociopathic.

No. 875416

That's the thing that always scared me about pitbulls in particular, I always hear stories about them not just attacking but snapping out of nowhere. One second it's the family pet the next it's mauling the baby to death.

No. 875417

Yeah, dog owners practiced unending eugenics with dogs for sport for ages, why shouldn't we do the same to weed out actual dangerous behavior?

No. 875425

I wonder if one could bread pits to be less aggressive as well?
Lots of big dogs have even temperaments when well raised and their genes definely help, so why not make pitties more like that on the long run?

No. 875459

File: 1628369202945.jpg (67.95 KB, 750x498, 1627889019970.jpg)

fucking hell, what is that wording?
>shitbulls break through a door to ""play"" with a small dog and child
>unfortunately since the woman panicked her dog got maimed by the heckin friendly nanny pupperino
pit supporters are dumb as hell. These dogs were BRED for aggression, yet people turn a blind eye because all dogs are the goodest bois, even after they've killed a child or two. These dumb ugly dogs just randomly snap and cause so many injuries but apparently that's dog racist to point out. This mistake of a breed should be round up and shot, it would drastically decrease dog attack statistics.

No. 875493

That level of sadism is subhuman and you're literally insane. Cope and take your meds.

No. 875506

>it would drastically decrease dog attack statistics.
>From 2005 to 2019, family dogs inflicted 54% of all fatal attacks. 65% were perpetrated by pit bulls. Of the 346 fatal pit bull attacks during the period, over half, 53%, involved killing a family or household member.
>In the 15-year data set (2015 to 2019), there were 74 owner-directed attacks, when a dog kills its primary owner. Pit bulls inflicted 62% (46) of these deaths, over 11 times more than any other dog breed.
>In 2020, 79% of adults killed by dogs involved pit bulls (22 of 28). Of adult male deaths (≥ 25 years old), 92% were killed by pit bulls.
>In 2020, 15% of fatal dog attacks involved multi-victim attacks. 100% were carried out by pit bulls, of which 86% (6 of 7) were inflicted by a single or pair of family pit bulls attacking multiple household members.
>Unlike all other breeds, pit bull terriers were relatively more likely to attack an unknown individual (+31%), and without provocation (+48%).
B-but it's just the owners' fault, heckin good nanny puppos would never hurt anyone unprovoked!

I swear pit owners have some sort of a dog savior complex and they want to prove their worth by "taming" this dangerous and aggressive breed. I honestly have no idea how any sane person would take in one of these hideous, ugly creatures instead of a normal dog that most likely isn't going to maul you to death. My heart breaks every time there's a new case of a pitbull sending a kid to ICU or killing another smaller dog.

No. 875589

The misconception of a “nanny dog” come from the fact that people don't really differentiate between "pitbulls" anymore and instead discuss multiple breeds as one which mixes up the info. The idea comes from smaller breeds, like the english staffordshire bull terriers. The easiest and most common breed to get hold of in the US is the american pitbull, which came from dogfighting and was bred to be better at it. This means people hear nice things about smaller SBTs, thinking they’re hearing nice things about “pitbulls” and then go get an actual pitbull because they're typically considered better-looking. People sperg about how great pitbulls are because they know someone who had one and it practically raised their kids for them or some shit but that person might not have even had a pitbull.

The mixing up has gone the other way in the uk. SBTs are widely considered dangerous but most of the dogs involved in fatal attacks were proven to be APBs, which are banned, or were so unusually tall and heavy that it was likely they could be mixed with APBs. Animal charities have even pointed out that they didn’t meet breed standards size-wise and that people import APBs and successfully pass them off as SBTs because of the similar head shape. That’s one of the reasons that breed-specific legislation never really happened for SBTs despite all the media outrage and the banning of the pitbull. Dogs that were proven to be SBTs just didn’t show the aggression of proven APBs.

People have muddied the waters enough that it’d be very difficult to enact decent laws that could be enforced. Until people start correctly identifying their dogs, people will always be able to question statistics or keep saying “they’re nanny dogs” despite owning an entirely different breed of dog. It’s a shame really because these people think they’re saving these dogs but in reality, correctly identifying them, researching the breeds, neutering the ones that are “unfixable” and then allowing them to die out slowly would be fairly easy, kind to both dogs and owners and just generally more beneficial.

Sorry for the dog sperg

No. 875634

File: 1628380494189.gif (1021.77 KB, 245x160, B1A0F015-CC38-4200-8B37-E60CE5…)

if the early 2000s could imagine a world without constant flavorless heterosexual relationships in media this would have been the true endgame.

No. 875647

>Liking doki doki
Kys anyway

No. 875667

I think any dog bigger than like a border collie should require a license. I love dogs but an untrained big dog is like having a gun, even if they're not naturally aggressive if the owner is retarded they're a public safety hazard. If a dog is strong enough to overpower an adult human you should need to register it and provide proof of training, and proof of rabies vaccines to prevent a Cujo situation. My friends have two German Shepards and they're very well trained and sweet and I love them, but the male literally broke through a bedroom door one time when he was home alone. They're strong and if they weren't sweet and well trained it would be a horror movie.

No. 875675

Beauty standards for women in media barely affected me growing up, when I felt insecure it was due to comparing myself to girls in my class not women in movies or magazines.

No. 875679

I find it annoying and condescending at when people blame the media for insecurities. Like bitch do you think I'm blind? I can look around and see for myself that there are plenty of beautiful, skinny girls who aren't photoshopped or rich privileged celebs or unrealistic looking.

No. 875718

Parris and Rory should have happened. Maybe she would have ended in a better place

No. 875722

Logan was such a douchebag. And I hate everything about him and his pompous friends and their faggy life and death club. Rory and Paris should have been endgame. Paris with the pixie cut and Rory with short french bob style. Also Lane and jess should have dated.

No. 875736

But like, it's cuz they were closer to what's on tv than you were? I was more insecure about my passiveness and social skills than anything else though.

No. 875858

I think media plays a role but it's hardly something that exists in a vacuum? It's at best a reflection of a larger societal taste/ issue then something that exists for its own sake. People undermine how bad peers, family, friends and beauty standards can have an effect on the mind of a growing girl. I only started feeling truly insecure and bad because of my mom chiding me over having perfectly natural body flaws because I was growing up quickly. The media is but a drop in the ocean compared to something like that

No. 876010

Same, apart from media representation re skin tone which I think fucks up a lot of girls. It's not the source of the issue by any means, but it does make things worse. I would like to see that changed.

No. 876109

Male video game autists are fucking nothing compared to male sport autists. Fucking insufferable

No. 876115

No. 876195

Komaeda is ugly

No. 876198

File: 1628447997500.jpeg (566.16 KB, 750x1019, 9C279874-4647-4CBD-B9DD-AA1286…)

how can you say that about this perfect boy?

No. 876201

he looks like he stinks!

No. 876203

Outside of dangan rotard circles that is the popular opinion.

No. 876212

File: 1628449060990.png (24 KB, 348x354, 65BB8166-D974-4988-AB02-378D12…)

Only of despair

No. 876219

both of you need to shower

No. 876228

File: 1628449971604.jpeg (30.47 KB, 448x400, 75AAA935-5844-477A-A5D9-8CA007…)

No. 876232

I don't get reggae music. I listen to pretty much everything and get the appeal of most music, just not reggae.

No. 876239

It's just hippie music to smoke weed and be pretentious to

No. 876245

i just wanna know why this nigga don't know what a hair straightner is smh.

No. 876248

File: 1628450992273.png (749.68 KB, 1000x987, 38161F44-F883-438B-AFEE-3E3985…)

Straight hair is overrated

No. 876251

File: 1628451596637.jpeg (6.53 KB, 275x183, 1627468166134.jpeg)

is clean hair overrated too hun?

No. 876257

It's called manly musk anon

No. 876303

The fuck planet are you from? Reggae is literally an indigenous music style from jamaica, trinidad & other afro caribbean communities. I don't think it's definitionally possible for an indigenous music style to be pretentious. It can be, like, hard to listen to, like i dont sit around listening to tibetan throat singing, but its not pretentious for the tibetans to throat sing.

Perhaps you meant white people who make white "reggae"? Yes, they suck and are fakechill fags. But that has as little to do with actual reggae as post malone does with tupac, ie its not really relevant at all.

No. 876305

That reminds me of that one anon who said she wants to suck on manly musk balls or something lol

No. 876319

This is what most people think of when they think of reggae because it is the best reggae song of all time(embed)

No. 876330

Tattoos are ugly and dumb, it makes your skin look like shit and they’re expensive.
>but muh memento to appreciate the dead
Keep a picture of the person/animal around like a normal person?
>muh i like this picture a lot
Frame it and put it somewhere nice? Get the picture and put it in a nice folder with other nice pictures?
>muh funny memes
Stay in cringeland, some people grow up, I hope you can do it someday
>muh it looks nice
It’s ridiculously expensive to keep it looking decent and they lose their charm like after a week
>muh fashion statement
Print the design in a shirt and it has the same effect
They’re dumb.

No. 876353

Same, I've never understood why people would want to put a permanent picture on their skin that will never go off. Maybe they are addicted to the pain? I remember a lot of people getting ass antlers in the 90s and early 2000s and then regretting it bc it then later got labeled as tacky

No. 876412

don't know if this is "unpopular" but middle aged asian women look just as old if not older than middle aged women of other races… don't know where this meme came from that they age better. their faces are flat obviously their features are gonna look different lol

No. 876414

This stereotype is coming from the fact that Asian skin is just thicker than white therefore aging signs are not visible as fast, same for black skin I believe. It's just a general fact though and a lot depends on individual's genetics and lifestyle still.

No. 876422

I think a lot of people who say this are mainly around people of their own race, so they don't know or aren't used to how age shows on another ones, which makes them worse at guessing age since they don't know what signs to look for.

No. 876424

You read my mind. I nearly got one once and and the actual tattoo artist talked me out of it or told me it was too small so it would blur and look like shit but I wanted it to be small. Some other artist would have gave me that dumb tattoo. My friend is riddled in terrible tattoos some which he designed lol and they're fucking awful. He doesn't have a regular artist. He just goes wherever and I went once and the guy literally traced the sketch my friend did lmao

No. 876437

this is the most plausible reason imo

No. 876441

Yeah, like I've seen plenty of old Asian people with very minimal wrinkles but you can still tell they're old from the sagging and age spots.

I concede that Asian celebs do age spectacularly a lot of the time, but I think it's simply more important to them than western celebs and they have a more advanced beauty/surgery industry.

No. 876452

No they don’t, don’t drag other minority women into your insecurities. You’ve been the beauty standard for hundreds of years, pull up your big girl panties and deal with it racist.(racesperging)

No. 876460

not either of these anons but a lot of assumptions happening here

No. 876470

File: 1628469326112.jpg (491.96 KB, 1200x675, glow.jpg)

this post screams of 'FBI trying to figure out which farmers should be put on a watchlist'

No. 876472

More like which ones to employ.

No. 876525

File: 1628477830111.jpg (15.03 KB, 590x332, 6.jpg)

I've had a short but diverse sexual life with multiple partners and I have come to the conclusion that the best sex between heterosexuals should be "bureaucratic" in nature, no kinks or cliches or any shit
acknowledgement of the physical ability of both partners, agreement of what exactly is to be done, practice and preparation and then have simple yet enjoyable sex for both partners involved

No. 876537

now that you mention it, fuck coitus, humans should reproduce purely through osmosis.

No. 876541

I don't know if this is a tinfoil or unpopular opinion but I genuinely think KF died forever and it wasn't because of the glows DDOSing them or whatever. I think glow daddy offered nool 15 million dollars to delete and he did. Is not casual that nool has been whining about KF becoming "too mainstream" and being unable to monetize it enough to start playing house like he wanted. I also think Bella was disowned and glow daddy only cares about his search results due to what gov classified info he has

No. 876695

File: 1628503072731.jpg (15.21 KB, 280x280, mb_sub.jpg)

Idk if I was just unlucky when I had it in a restaurant, but I find that instant pho is much tastier and flavorful than the real thing

No. 877345

I don't see the point of having a big house or apartment if you live alone. I live with my family and the apartment is big enough for all of us but I hate being alone in it because I can't see all the room in one glance and it makes me a bit paranoid. My little sister lives by herself and was supposed to live with her ex-fiance and I don't get how she's confortable living alone in a big apartment like the one she has. I'd rather live in a small one room flat once I have enough money to get out.

No. 877347

Same, I just don't get it. My friend lives alone and when she was apartament hunting she really wanted something around 80-100m2 and I wonder, just what for? I live in 43m2 and I'm already a bit lazy sometimes to clean it all, can't imagine having to deal with something twice the size

No. 877349

100m² is way too much, that's the size of the apartment where I lived until 2018 and we're a family of six. And same, I'm already lazy, I wouldn't even try to clean anything if I lived alone in a big apartment or house.

No. 877350

I would give it another shot at a different restaurant. Instant pho tastes like water and sadness.

No. 877382

Related (not accusing you of this, just your post reminded me), I don’t understand the weird flex of bragging about living in a small space. I get youtube recommendations about small apartments and most of the time they’re not even crazy small. I live in a 30m2 apartment which is considered pretty small by my country’s standard but it’s more than enough space for me and my non-minimal possessions. Considering living in this amount of space or larger to be noteworthy is dumb unless you’re sharing it with 2+ people.

I do find literally tiny homes like that girl’s 8m2 Tokyo apartment impressive because they require creativity and discipline to be habitable, but they always look cluttered so I don’t understand the appeal there either.

No. 877384

i unironically want there to be a mass uprising against billionaires and disgustingly rich people. like mass beheadings tier, burning at the stake, etc. the real "reset" would be killing off those people. elon musk is going to be launching advertisements in SPACE. why are these people allowed to exist?

No. 877387

I've never seen anyone bragging about living in small places, usually I see people complaining about living in small places or sarcastically joking about it.

No. 877388

I like being at home and like having enough dedicated space for all of the things that I like to do.

No. 877390

Me neither, if it's an apartment they're usually just sharing tips for making it work, not bragging. The only braggarts I've seen are the tiny house/van life ones.

No. 877394

God please make it happen. I hate them so much and I just want them to disappear and their money to be invested in clean energy and reforestation so we can all live in forests like elves.

No. 877400

>van life ones.
Living in a van sounds nightmarish.

No. 877405

File: 1628549623355.jpeg (296.38 KB, 721x1235, 97F75723-A956-4ABF-A5C9-A0CAD1…)

Maybe bragging is the wrong word, more acting like it’s an uncommon and difficult living situation. A search for ‘small apartment’ on youtube shows endless examples.


>featuring 50m2 apartments
Of course it’s not too small for one person (those videos feature people living alone).

No. 877406

I was thinking more about people I talk to irl, not youtubers. Youtubers' opinions on anything never truly matters, let's be honest.

No. 877407

These sound like very American things. I can't believe 50m2 is considered small, I lived in a 25m2 studio for a while and it was an apartment intended for two people. Two!

No. 877413

A bigger place is just more cleaning and more time and effort to fetch things or move about. I do like open, spacious areas but I'd rather have one big room. I want my bed, sofa, tv and computer all together because I'm constantly going from one to another and it would be convenient for me.

Problem is studio apartments are not the best investments, it's not ideal for having guests and (this is the big one for me) I have a lot of clothes and want a big ass wardrobe. Disproportionately big storage space isn't common in small apartments.

No. 877414

The architect in the studio by living big is actually a super cool apartment for one person. I love it

No. 877421

not sure if right thread, as I'm not into gc and I'm not sure how popular this outlook is. but I feel like instead of shilling the idea that ~you can have no gender/be multiple genders in one day uwu~ people should just stop gendering clothes and behaviours? if I cut my hair short and wear jeans and a hoodie that doesn't make me a boy today, it doesn't even mean I don't feel feminine. genderspecial behaviour just reinforces the idea that clothes and personality traits are gendered and imo undermines the struggle of people who genuinely experience gender dysphoria as a mh condition

No. 877484

I used to cut, and binge, and I have to say cutting is the better coping mechanism. You can hide that shit but you can't hide fat, despise younger me for choosing food as her main coping mechanism.

No. 877495

Not to mention shaming someone for cutting scars will generally be frowned upon as a dick move.
Whereas people actually fancy themselves as being helpful when they shame a fat person.

It's twisted and you're 100% correct. People do this and see nothing fucked about it.

No. 877500

>shaming someone for cutting scars will generally be frowned upon as a dick move
Damn, where do you live? Where I'm from you'll still be seen as attention whore and you should simply get over your problems.

No. 877518

I looked up porn for the first time in years and it's all either fake shrieking shit or the women look like they'd rather be anywhere else. How can men look at this? It's so low quality. No wonder so many camgirls and pornstars have short careers they're all shit at it. Nothing to offer except the same bland expression and a nice body. No wonder men went crazy over mia khalifa and belle delphine, they knew how to market themselves.

No. 877523

Doubt a lot of people would have fun and work on being expressive/convincing enough if they had to drug themselves to get through another day of being raped on cam, but maybe I'm wrong, not sure.

No. 877550

Hide how? A big part in me stopping cutting was realizing that I want to wear whatever I want without the fear of my cuts showing and it's kept me from doing it since. And cutting inner thighs seemed gross and infection prone to me. What essentially made me stop was that the shame from anyone seeing my scars got stronger than the desire to continue doing it. When you're in your 20s and have visible cutting marks people will avoid you like the plague.

No. 877556

None of the anons above but I just read this long brag from some guy about how he willingly chose to live in a cramped studio because it's "more ecological" and "he doesn't like spending time home anyway". It's always moids who have no clothes other than the dirty outfit they're wearing right now or no hobbies besides going out for drinking or leeching off their friends' bigger apartments. Women who live in small apartments are the ones handing out information on how to make the layout work and avoid clutter.

No. 877568

File: 1628573934256.jpeg (207.47 KB, 1284x1361, 06A41E78-825E-4065-B8F4-CE5C1C…)

I’m pretty sure this isn’t unpopular but I’m so sick of seeing wigs styled like this. I miss the days when weebs would just wear a flat wig over whatever the fuck this is.

No. 877574

The komaeda personalityfags should be forced into a containment thread like the forbidden man anons. They aren’t very funny and manage to make the character more unappealing and annoying than it would be otherwise.

No. 877576

I love how we just post danganronpa shit out of the blue.

No. 877578

File: 1628574542518.jpg (27.78 KB, 282x548, 19e7f332-78a9-42c1-af02-45d923…)

Disagree, I find it very funny. How else am I going to post this manhating meme.

No. 877584

This meme is fine. At least it’s a different character. The rest of the autism isn’t funny at all once the retardation leaks out of the horny husbando thread, and it’s barely tolerable in there anymore.

No. 877585


I wish it were Dangan Ronpa but that person was cosplaying a character from Genshin.

No. 877589

File: 1628576090112.png (145.68 KB, 288x307, 1623208480863.png)

Have another one then
weird because it looks 100% like komaeda

No. 877590

File: 1628576167056.jpeg (106.39 KB, 593x647, tAgBSSo.jpeg)

I think it is funny and I want it to continue

No. 877603

There’s nothing wrong with rereading funny posts that are old. I think that’s a lot better than beating a very dead horse.

No. 877611

File: 1628578790843.jpeg (49.27 KB, 600x877, -rXTuwaxVjzc-zOMyAOSzQI70IDGj3…)

I feel bad for this Japanese volleyball player for always being sexualized everywhere online

No. 877613

Hm well now I feel like shit for reacting to the photo before your text

No. 877616

I think she's cute and body gaosl for me

No. 877617

I agree but, damn, she's fine

No. 877618

>those muscles
Tbh I just want to look like her…

No. 877622

Nona that’s exactly what gc people say. Welcome to terfhood

No. 877655

I agree but every time I see her also I wish I could have sweaty lesbian post-match sex with her.

No. 877656

I think the not-like-other-girls attitude can be a good thing sometimes.
>inb4 pickme REEE
It happens usually in teen years and lets face it, most teenagers are dumb and do self destructive shit. If peer rebellion means a teen girl chooses to read classics instead of being on social media, skateboard instead of doing bikini body workouts, listen to indie shit instead of Cardi B, spend her weekends knitting, woodworking or painting instead of drunk crying in a club… That's a good thing, even if it starts with a snotty attitude that she doesn't want to be basic.
It's not always about inner misogyny or wanting to be more appealing to boys. Sometimes you rightfully see your peers are idiots and want to live differently.

No. 877663

Agreed tbh. Annoying as shit to see these gross-ass posts all over a bunch of threads.

No. 877674

Yeah at least with weight you can loose it no problem if you aren't a lazy fat ass and have the ability and means to do so and no one who hasn't seen you pre weight loss will even know. What's up with that anon?

No. 877678

It's immature but it isn't always scrote driven even. A lot of Bi/ Lesbian girls couldn't care less about many tennets of " teen girl" life because attracting guys and being palatable isn't a concern or not an immediate one.

No. 877739

I think every other girl goes through this line of thinking where she's like 'all these girls try so hard and bat their lashes trying to impress their crushes and dressing up for them and I'm in a sweatshirt with no makeup on' type of thing, probably a fujo or something and hates male attention. But there's the other type of NLOG that's more pickme-ish where she also feels different from the other girls but wants men to like her and accept her, she might also be the no makeup-sweatshirt type but she still wants to impress guys. I don't know. I'm just rambling. But I agree with what you wrote.

No. 877745

As someone who did both like OP, both of those coping habits are horrible and leave lasting psychological damage that make it difficult to stop and get your shit together. It's not only a matter of your body getting damaged, but also your head, and that is an even bigger problem. I don't see a point in comparing them and saying that one is 'better'.

No. 877752

File: 1628593540813.jpg (32.95 KB, 317x431, E8YoqV9X0AQTnA0.jpg)

I'm tired of fashion having to be subversive or queer or whatever, I just want men to wear good fitting suits and be well groomed, is that too much to ask
thats all I ask for

No. 877754

Women who birth males are class enemies and especially retarded if they call themselves feminists. The evil in males is very obviously biological, do they really think all these women before them just didn't raise their sons right? That all the monstrosities men have commited and commit everyday is because of how their mommies raised them? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_conflict https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_coercion_among_animals

No. 877769

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse.

No. 877811

I don't consider myself a terf. I'm happy to respect pronouns and I'm supportive of SRS for those who have experienced debilitating gender dysphoria. I just don't like the argument that because gender is a social construct we should all just be "genderfluid". like I'm a woman regardless of what I'm wearing or doing. not sure if I'm making sense anyway. apologies, saged because not meaning to start gc discourse itt

No. 877845

Wasn't that more of an "all men are trash" post than a gc one?

No. 877908

Valerie Solanas was right, radfems and women as a whole can and should condition away their sex drives to achieve real progress. Objectifiying other women and desiring our oppressors are both harmful.

No. 877910

i will continue to have sex with women, anon.

No. 877914

You are free to continue to do so, for women are inherently halal. Only penis is haram.

No. 877915

That exact opinion is what gets women called terfs though. At this point it doesn’t matter if you’re actually a radfem. Any woman who believes women are oppressed on the basis of their biological sex (or that sex is even relevant at all) is automatically a terf.

No. 878003

File: 1628616550520.png (2.93 MB, 1999x1599, v4mucwdvi1w41.png)

Who cares whether he likes pussy or not, he is ugly in all iterations and looks like what incels think women find attractive

No. 878005

I have to agree anon. At least in pic 4 and 5.

No. 878011

He looks bad in the PS2 graphics. But not in the HD ones

No. 878081

File: 1628623411742.jpg (52.71 KB, 720x718, FB_IMG_1615496191899.jpg)

>she thinks she can decide for herself that she's a terf
Sorry, the TRA mob has spoken. A woman questions a single aspect of their ideology and she's an evil TERF. You can grovel about respecting pronouns and believe in ~real dysphoria~ but if you aren't displaying complete and utter submission without a hint of dissent you're on the wrong side of history to them.

Most of us were like you at one point, moderate and empathetic and willing to make small accommodations for the comfort of others. It's never enough.

No. 878087

damn he looks constipated as hell

No. 878119

damn so i have a tiny incelsona living inside my head and that's why i find him attractive?

No. 878125

After seeing how a lot of young women behave on social media, I encourage the NLOGs to keep doing their thing

No. 878204

>looks like what incels think women find attractive
that's the perfect way to describe so many male celebrities and male characters I dislike.

No. 878226

i don't know where this idea came from that women with makeup on look more "professional" and "competent" than women that don't wear any. it seems like complete and utter bullshit to me, if anything when i see women with visible or full makeup i automatically think of them as incompetent or at the very least untrustworthy. especially when it comes to being in a professional setting, i would expect for women in those environments to be wearing barely any makeup, if at all, rather than to be ENCOURAGED to wear makeup. what the fuck.

No. 878233

Women looking "professional" just means entertaining to mens dicks anon. Makeup, heels, and styled hair are all required to be seen as "professional".

No. 878241

most of the pop culture, fashion, and media of the 80s was fucking terrible. there's nothing flattering about frizzy hair and shoulderpads, I think 80s classic rock is horrendous and I'd rather eat my own cochlea than hear "don't stop believin'" or "I wanna know what love is" ever ever again, and the films don't hold up at all. I'm so glad I never had to live through it but I truly don't get it when other millennials fetishise that particular time period.

No. 878246

For me, funnily enough, I kinda feel nostalgic about 80s and even early 90s because I have seen the nice, happy holiday photos of my parents and the rest of the family. Clothes looked comfy and colorful, everyone was tan and things weren't so bad back then, absolute romanticized bullshit on my behalf. I also enjoy new wave music but I do agree with you on many points

No. 878250

men gaslight the fuck out of us. first they enforce rules at work like we have to wear makeup, dresses and high heels to look "professional" and all of the lawsuits I've heard of of women trying to sue their workplace for making them wear makeup/high heels have lost.

then when the #metoo movement happened all of these men like jordan peterson were like "well why were you wearing makeup/high heels at work anyway?????? that's not appropriate, it's for the sole purpose of garnering sexual attention"

can't figure out if they do that on purpose or if they're just stupid.

No. 878251

kek, that's quite sweet anon. don't let me reign on your family nostalgia, I'm just pretentious and hate lycra mostly

No. 878252

Someone's never watched Miami Vice.

No. 878253

My idiot friend moved to Japan to teach and then complained every single day that she had to get up an hour earlier to do her hair and makeup. I asked her why even bother and she told me that most Japanese companies force you to wear makeup or else you arent hired and can even be sent home for not looking 'presentable.' It's honestly nothing more than a gross, sexist rule. Like when jobs want hosts to wear heels and makeup because they are the 'face' of the company.

I loooved the 80s for the cheesy horror. I was a kid in the 90s and on top of having good horror, the video game boom, and no social media to deal with, it was paradise. The hair was big and fun, accessories and makeup was colorful and i loved all the oversized clothing. Now everyone just looks like a thot. I miss the creativity of the 80s and 90s, that's for sure.

No. 878256

gonna have to respectfully disagree with some of this. I think really big hair is actually kind of flattering and while the fashion was ridiculous and not flattering I still prefer it to the fashion nova crap that's popular today that exists for the sole purpose of sexualizing your body. I also really hate 80's rock like journey and hair bands like snake and poison, but I love 80's pop music like depeche mode and dead or alive.

anon I hate to break it to you but your idea of an nlog isn't the only kind. there are women in their late 20's, early 30's and beyond who don't do any of those things and still say they're "not like other girls" and are smug about the fact that some of their interests and personality traits are traditionally masculine. tara babcock is the biggest nlog in existence and she made it her whole goal in life to pander to men and make herself look like a blowup doll.

No. 878258

Didn't mean to hijack your post, anon! Lycra and fucking polyester, everyone must have been so sweaty.

No. 878263

I remember some idiot moid researcher commenting on this. He said as makeup is ubiquitous now men probably perceive a woman not wearing any as someone losing control over her life, as if she hadn't washed lmao. So we should be penalised because men are schizo projecting retards? Gotcha.

No. 878272

it is not at all pathetic to leave a google review of a fast food place

No. 878286

>My idiot friend moved to Japan
Play stupid games win stupid prizes

No. 878346

Go back to reddit

No. 878443

I thank God everyday I work blue collar, never had to deal with any of this shit

No. 878469

I've done office jobs my whole life and never had to deal with it either. I'm guessing it's specific industries and career paths, like maybe a fancy high flying lawyers or customer facing roles like receptionists etc. But in my experience us average low paid girls sitting in an office doing data entry or customer service don't give a single fuck how we look at work and nobody else does either. If I've just been lucky, thank fuck for that.

No. 878481

I'm very late to this but I feel like sperging a bit. Representation in media nowadays feels so performative I often think they're just mocking the minorities or trying to make everyone hate them.
Let's take Star Trek for example. TOS was aired in late 60's had a black woman and a Russian on the bridge, and when it was remade into movies almost no one was surprised Sulu was gay. The Federation is basically a communist utopia (for peasants at least). TNG had quite the controversial episodes, DS9 was all about the Holocaust but with aliens, even Enterprise was damn good at addressing social issues.
Now take Discovery where every fucking one except for the bad guy is some minority and they're sooo in your face about it. They tried so hard to make all the characters unlikeable and now they're crying everyone but wokelets hate their show.

No. 878540

Man, I loved Star Trek until Discovery. They're pissing all over this incredibly rich history of (what was) a fantastic show. I find it kinda funny that most oldfag fans barely acknowledge it exists though. At most they have an interest on the lore but as a piece of entertainment it's radioactive dogshit that's only entertaining if you're an idpol sperg.

No. 878544

Definitely depends on your industry. I went from in house production where visible eyeshadow was seen as "ooh you're making an effort today" to corporate in the beauty industry, where women are full on contour, smokey eye, false lashes every damn day. Quite the culture shock lol. Scrotes stay scroting but at least in corporate I don't have to see their zombie tier toenails because closed shoes are dress code for them.

No. 878545

Summer is by far the worst season

No. 878553

Right? It's like people think there Buddha because they depicted x minority or god forbid had a woman have a major role here and there when it isn't even a tenth as impressive as they think it is ( especially since it's so sloppily made!)
It's like one can't depict other people for the sake of it anymore; they always need a big reason to do it when " because I felt like it and I wanted to depict my characters just as I see them" doesn't do it seems.

No. 878563


No. 878572

I'm wondering how much of this is caused by this new generation of writers being spoiled. They get a degree paid by their parents and immediately join the industry. In the 60s most people involved in creative process of any kind (music, writing, cinema) previously worked in completely different field, often manual labor in the family business or things of that sort, and that gave them life experience and humbleness that would later inspire their work

No. 878589

You think TV writers from the 70s were all construction workers in their spare time? You're confusing them with novelists and poets. Truth is most people who study literature etc don't end up writing for a living, and most working writers are regular people who persevered with their talents, with the exception of society/academic elites in paid or prestigious writing roles. Screenwriting has always been an elite closely guarded role, for example Joss Whedon is a third generation TV writer.
I agree with OP that representation ain't what it used to be, but TV writers have always been sheltered soft types. That's why incel logic permeates through scrote-created media.

No. 878626

>Screenwriting has always been an elite closely guarded role, for example Joss Whedon is a third generation TV writer.
Fuck that POS, I'm so tired of hearing his name everywhere for the last 10 years of so. The fact that he had family connections explains everything.

No. 878667

Not wanting one or two vaccines doesn’t automatically make someone anti-vaxx

No. 878668

The pomodoro technique doesn't work for me personally

No. 878698

Depends why they choose not to have those vaccines.

Wouldn't work for me either, if I take a break it's gonna be 1-2 hours.

No. 878701

>make informed decisions to have other vaccinations because the benefit clearly outweighs the risk
>want to wait for more information because there are limited studies that prove the covid vaccine is worth the risk and there are even studies that suggest the opposite
>suddenly be evil selfish anti-vaxx schizo
Life is difficult when you have a triple digit IQ

No. 878714

I get people being nervous about how new the vaccines are and how quickly they were released, It's just a shame that it's time sensitive though. Seems to be no way around it because by sitting back and waiting it's giving it time to turn into new strains that'll fuck us over again. What do we do then…make vaccines for the new strains and rush them out too? Acting fast is what'll get the job done.

Don't get me wrong, I can see all sides but I just don't see the solution if too many people choose to wait it out.

No. 878719

The polio vaccine was brand new at the height of the polio epidemic too and you didn't have people questioning whether it's gonna turn them into chimpanzees or not.

No. 878726

Why do people forget natural immunity exists? If we just made the vulnerable populations keep isolating and nobody got the vaccine it would take care of itself

No. 878729

Because most people are retarded and already unable to follow simple instructions

No. 878733

Yeah and at the same time, if I'm going to focus on something I do it for at least an hour. All the times I tried I was overthinking about the time, feeling stressed and nervous and ended up not doing anything lol

No. 878734

File: 1628699189652.jpeg (149.93 KB, 791x1024, CB4FD1D0-9C58-4ED4-A41C-3FB35B…)

Yes, people were skeptical and for good reason. The original rushed roll out was a disaster.

No. 878747

Ntayrt but what source did you get that pic from?

No. 878754

Didn't it take years for scientists to realize that HIV vaccine causes cancer in women?

No. 878806

found the welfare queen lol

No. 878807

Good grief I regret taking the vaccin. I wish I had done my research before taking it.

No. 878812

Source? And what's an hiv vaccine

No. 878822

I fucking love the celebricow thread anons

No. 878847

the biggest reason the vaccine was so rushed is because the CDC and governments were horrible about explaining the efficacy of masks and quarantining as much as possible. Instead they decided to politicize a fucking MASK, lied about not needing a mask, then retracted and said everyone needs a mask, then lied again and said if you are vaxxed you dont need to wear masks anymore to, then backtrack AGAIN and say nvm dont take off the mask. Its just so ugly how we as a society can't come together during such a sensitive and dire time in EVERYONES life. it just makes me think that if the earth does implode its what humans deserved for being the most selfish species on the planet.

No. 878886

They were correct about masks the first time. Paper and cloth masks do not protect anyone against airborne infectious illness. Covid enters the body through mucus membranes, so mouth, throat, nose and eyes but no one suggests wearing googles, glasses or face shields. The masks that do provide protection are rated N95 or FFP2 or FFP3, yet we're being told we don't need them.

No. 879045

>Paper and cloth masks do not protect anyone against airborne infectious illness.
This coming January will mark a full year since I've been sick. Yes, I've had to be at the office around coworkers this entire time. Yes, I've gone to public places without a mask on.

People with this opinion can kiss my ass. Scaring people to cover up their gobs, stay at home if they feel a cold, and wash their filthy little paws has done WONDERS for not spreading infections.
>suggests wearing googles, glasses or face shields
You said nose and mouth. A mask has got those things covered. Eyes? Well lots of people wear glasses. But the probability of getting sick through eye infections isn't likely. Some people were wearing face shields until it was revealed that face shields just trap contaminated air and may prolong someone's exposure to a viral load.
>The masks that do provide protection are rated N95 or FFP2 or FFP3, yet we're being told we don't need them.
It's all dependent on exposure and viral load.
Someone who makes a casual romp to the grocery store a few times a week will have relatively low risk as opposed to a RN who's confined to a small space with multiple coughing and hacking covid patients. One group needs the legit protection, while the other doesn't.

No. 879059

Park from House MD was a nice character. I don't get why she's often cited as the worst/most hated team member of the entire series when there was whatshernameagain next to her in the same season, who basically had no personality. Before I watched the last season, I accidentally read some minor spoilers which also included the general opinion on Park, and the entire time while watching I was waiting for something that was supposed to make me hate her, but then the last episode ended and I still had no idea at what moment I should have started to dislike her.

No. 879060

What HIV vaccine?

No. 879071

> Paper and cloth masks do not protect anyone against airborne infectious illness.
The reason masks didn’t work in America is because Americans are way too me-me-me. Of course paper or cloth masks don’t keep YOU from getting sick you tard, but they reduce the germs you spread if you’re sick. If everyone around you is wearing a mask it’ll significantly decrease your chances of getting sick from them. If you wear a mask it’ll significantly decrease others’ chance of getting sick from you.

No. 879076

I think her character was fine, but the actress' acting is so hard to watch. Especially since she's acting across from someone with formal acting training like hugh laurie, it just made it insufferable to watch her performance most of the time

No. 879102

When did that series finally end? House had some good episodes, and i know Hugh Laurie's character is supposed to be insufferable, but it was still hard to watch. Also, was it ever Lupus?

No. 879104

I'm a huge fan of TOS and DS9 and i feel like Star trek just did things without thinking. There were lots of fun episodes where the holodeck crashed and safety systems didn't work. Data's cat Dot was adorable. No one caried what's his face was married to Kimiko (a japanese woman.) Whoopi Goldberg ran ten-forward. there was more interracial and interspecies kinda doing whatever, but now with the left woke they want to pander and shove minorities in your face and it's exhausting. It's stale, boring and lazy. The pandering of gen z sucks and ruins anything new and creative

No. 879110

No. 879155

If masks don’t protect me against getting sick from the germs spread by other people then how do they protect other people against the germs that I spread?

No. 879195

Louis Vuitton bags are extremely tacky. They scream “I make poor financial choices, like spending $1,500+ on a basic bag only for its ugly monogram logo”. This applies to other brands and fashion items as well but I see LV bags the most.

No. 879197

File: 1628744559902.jpg (12.85 KB, 197x256, index.jpg)

the pipi remains only with you

No. 879200

>I shouldn't have to isolate, other people should
or we could just all wear masks and no one succumbs to isolation despair

No. 879280

i think saying 'people of color' is equatable to saying 'colored people' - the only difference between the two is that the former's reversed with an 'of' in the middle - and i don't understand how this has become default language/woke

No. 879282

Kurt Cobain wasn't more talented, more creative or more intelligent than most softboys out there, everyone just idolises the dead.

No. 879285

Agree and I feel the same way abiut Jon Lennon. At least Kurt was a decent person (from what I've heard) the same cant be said for Jon though.

People are just obsessed with dead celebs.

No. 879302

Agreed. It's the same with mental disorders, people arguing that "X disorder person" is offensive but "person with x disorder" isn't when they are in fact both exactly the same in 99% of contexts.

I'm a literal sperg so it annoys me that when insist I must feel offended when people call me "autistic person" instead of "a person with autism". Do they keep the same energy for "a person with blindness" rather than just saying "a blind person"?

No. 879329

most skincare is a scam and spending money on anything other than a cleanser, an active ingredient and a moisturizer is just stupid

No. 879333

you forgot sunscreen

No. 879339

true albeit unnecessary if you're not actually spending time in the sun

No. 879351

Most skincare is useless or even harmful. Your body stops production of what it already has a surplus of to not waste resources, and the turnaround time to start producing it again is a lot longer as it builds back slowly.
Meaning if you add lotions/creams with vitamins/whatever to "boost" your skin you're stopping and training your body to NOT produce it by itself anymore and your skin gets worse - unless you of course just keep using the product over and over… so the second you stop using it it seems like your skin is "worse" and the product was working when all you did was harm your natural skin production that now has to heal back slowly.

No. 879366

Damn, anon you're scaring me. I know the body develops the same dependency with things like melatonin for example (use too often and your body stops producing its own). I never considered skin could behave the same either. Do you have any links to back that up?

No. 879421

Anybody that had an eye on covid since January 2020 knows this.
I tried to tell this my relatives and friends and they ignored me and continue to wear their papermasks.
I even bought FFP3 mask for them in March 2020.

No. 879424

File: 1628772955742.jpeg (639.64 KB, 828x1464, 7D839A7C-8E3F-441E-B38D-92B40F…)

The thrift flip/fashion hack videos on tiktok are trash and 99% of the clothes aren't good fits themselves. Zoomers and just people in general don't understand what actually makes clothes flattering.

No. 879425

>The masks that do provide protection are rated N95 or FFP2 or FFP3, yet we're being told we don't need them.
In my country these are the recommended ones, although no one is enforcing them. Ultimately it's better to have any mask than none at all.

No. 879426

Based. When I was a kid I realized that my face was always much clearer when I used water only rather than Pro Activ or some other garbage product.

No. 879432

you basically said im sick of seeing minorities on my screen i miss when they were just only 1 to deal with. YIKES.

No. 879437

I don't think they try to make the clothes flattering, they are just trying to copy what is trendy; they don't see clothes as "this will look good on me" but as "I saw this online and it looked cool"

No. 879448

most of them is either just resizing or making everything into a two piece tube top and short skirt

No. 879470

Short men shouldn't exist and we as the human race should eradicate manlets.

No. 879477

sad Napoleon noises

No. 879481

File: 1628777574649.png (55.61 KB, 1034x286, nap.png)

Good, he should be sad forever.

No. 879483

I feel like mental health support groups and self-improvement groups don't work online. If you need a group like that it's a lot more effective to seek them out irl.

No. 879484

On the contrary, men being taller and bigger = easier for them to dominate women. We should strive to make women bigger and men smaller

No. 879485

File: 1628777866024.png (109.62 KB, 798x708, bonakun.PNG)

he was above average height for his time and country of origin actually

No. 879487

Or, breed out the will to "dominate", since they're not fucking animals and their place is under ours anyway.

No. 879488

His being short isn't actually true. He was 5'6", the Duke of Wellington was 5'8".

No. 879489

I agree. More cute manlets and amazons are needed.
I just knew someone would come along and make an ackhually…post about Nap-kun.

No. 879491

Nothing was gonna ever help me until I got pills for my hormonal imbalance.
I don't need any special kind of wash, cleanser, or lotion now that my androgens can be controlled. I can be like those faggots who slather their face with burger grease, sleep on it, and now wake up with a clear face.

I was lied to about what I needed to treat my acne and gaslit about it being my fault. I'm big pissed off.

No. 879492

Yes, agreed. Literally all of my skin problems fixed themselves when I stopped eating like I pig and drank enough daily.

No. 879496

And so his ghosting wife became even more based.

No. 879502

Did he say this before or after Joséphine denied him the opportunity to lick her unwashed pussy?

No. 879514

I saw this one TikTok where it went something like
>I hate when girls be like "you don't need to apply skincare products to have clear skin" like Karen you don't need a car to get places but it sure helps
while she was slathering a pancake batters worth of some mask on her face
And I realised how many women have cognitive dissonance and are prone to placebo effects when it comes to stuff like skincare. No bitch it will not help you to use $200 worth of products on your face no matter how much you want it to. Find a less expensive hobby.

No. 879517

>Or, breed out the will to "dominate", since they're not fucking animals and their place is under ours anyway.
And how do you do that?

No. 879520

You're delusional. Short men are even worse than tall men.

No. 879531

File: 1628780828291.jpg (53.87 KB, 452x600, 19250515.jpg)

So I know that illustrations were only used in old magazines because photography was too expensive (or wasn't even invented) but I wish they used them more often today. Magazines used to look much more interesting in the past

No. 879546

napoleon is trash. julius cesar is my choice of historical husbando manlet standing strong at 5'7. napoleon fags can go SEETHE

No. 879547

only if they are insecure little pieces of trash. if they aren't, they will worship your tall ass forever.

No. 879551

right? napoleon has a a derogatory term for manlets named after him. cesar has a delicious salad.

No. 879556

Roman scrotes were completely patriarchal and awful though. I really doubt he was any better.
Only if they have…the Nap-kun complex.

No. 879571

Nonnie… the salad was not named after him kek

No. 879576

File: 1628783959492.jpg (205.06 KB, 1280x851, 3208493.jpg)

no julius cesar invented it and liked it so much that he put some on his head to save as a snack for later. autists actually misinterpreted it as a laurel wreath but it was actually salad

No. 879607

Parents who go through loops to fertilize an egg, whether it be freezing them or "buying" a surrogate just so the baby is biologically theirs, are fucking weird and deserve to be shamed. There is nothing inspirational about going agaisnt the infertility odds. Like jesus, just adopt. The arrogance that a child HAS to be biologically theirs is so weird. Though it's understandable some women want to go through pregnancy, it's also just so overhyped and exaggerated. The reason they want a child to be theirs is because they want to own them. Whether it be an downsy or a general fuckup, there is always this ego that at least it's theirs.

No. 879614

Also is no one freaked out that kids who were never supposed to even happen are being born? Like if your egg/sperm is so weak that it can't even fertalize then that's a sign to fucking NOT. It's basically devolving humanity. With this tech we'll become molerat humanoids eventually, all dying at 30.

No. 879615

Those kids always end up with weird birth defects ranging from benign enough things like lazy eyes to full on chromosome deletions. Their risk of getting various cancers and other diseases is also a lot higher. I don't think anyone who genuinely wants the best for their child would do that to them, but as you said, those people just want a mini-me for ego stroking reasons.

No. 879624

I think a big part of it is that it’s extremely hard to adopt an infant. People who go through IVF want to raise a kid from the very start, but there’s way more people who want babies than there are babies in need of parents, at least in the west. It’s also often much more expensive to adopt than to do IVF, even if you’re taking about older kids.

No. 879625

But if that were the case, how come so many people adopt Chinese/Thai/Russian children?

Adoption is piss easy in my country, people just don't want to adopt because it's "someone else's kid" and "will have baggage and mental issues I don't wanna handle".

No. 879635

You are one miserable cunt. You really can't wrap your head around why a woman would want a biological child? She's arrogant and wants to own it? WTF are you a tranny?

No. 879637

>short scrote fetishist
Get help

No. 879639

You're putting that second part in quotation marks as if it's not a genuine concern. Like sure every genetic recombination is a roll of a dice and their kid might just be born with behavioral problems, but there can be real concerns about bonding with an older adoptive child.

No. 879640

kek sorry that poor and dumb people exist mr trump

No. 879642

We're talking about babies though, they have no idea what's happening.

No. 879643

Just said some short guys are annoying because of Napoleon complex.
Literally where is the fetishism anon.

No. 879644

File: 1628793006103.jpg (84.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

She's talking about women who can't have biological children but want them at all costs.

No. 879646

That doesn’t make them arrogant

No. 879648

It does if those kids only exist to validate their parents' ego and will suffer from health issues all their life because it was made out of dusty ass cum and old eggs.

No. 879653

File: 1628793798066.jpg (183.37 KB, 1474x1227, Christabel-Pankhurst-co-founde…)

Bonnets are sweet! And men probably hate them so let's bring them back.

No. 879654

Idk anon I kinda agree. I find it hard to justify jumping through all sorts of hoops to have kids in the most artificial way possible when there's so many kids on this earth who need parents and this world is already overpopulated. And I don't just feel that way about mothers but also about gay couples trying to get a kid with a surrogate.

No. 879655

I am going to have a retarded baby and then name it after you anon. I hope you will be a good aunt.

No. 879656

Anonita Nonatella, you were named after the bravest woman I know…

No. 879661

>Anonita Nonatella
Sounds like a Jojo character kek
Stand: laughing cow

No. 879768

I've never understood the point of using 5+ skin products on your skin every day. like didn't we evolve for hundreds of thousands of years without skin products? why would our skin suddenly need something it's never had? if you had really bad skin issues like acne or something it might make sense, but not for normal skin.

No. 879774

Ikr the most our ancestors did was slap on some animal fat for dry skin.

No. 879777

File: 1628805089779.jpeg (75.99 KB, 826x953, 03B755FA-C55C-4252-9416-713FC7…)

if you don't have a 9 step skincare regime you're a dusty ugly pick me bitch lol!

No. 879780

I know you're joking but how would using less skin products make you a pickme, wouldn't be the other way around lol

No. 879782

I don't understand why you would need to use a cleanser both at morning and at night… like you literally just washed your face before you went to bed, put your head on a pillow for several hours, then woke up. Why tf use a cleanser again? Just water should be more than enough in the morning.

No. 879784

questioning the current trend of using half a dozen products on your face is "not like other girls" behaviour now

No. 879786

One of my friends spends ludicrous amounts of money on skincare products, most of it a specific brand. She's now reading a book on how to create the perfect skincare routine, which is published and created by aforementioned brand. Like, really? You don't see that this a complete scam to get you ro buy more shit???

In the meantime another shared friend and me have mostly clear skin and dont do shit with it…

No. 879789

They've been brainwashed into believing that wanting to have your own progeny is bad and selfish, specially because there are children somewhere in the world suffering; same children that get worked to death yet you still see this people buying iphones, tons of make up, brand clothing made in Asia, and so on. I've seen it a lot in the last 5 years or so. Imagine thinking that fulfilling literally the only purpose of your existence is egocentric. What's actually "arrogance" is believe we as species exist for any other reason than to procreate.
>men probably hate them
I find that really hard to believe. I have the suspicion men like women to wear feminine clothing even if it's uncomfortable but are scared of saying anything. Last boyfriend I had went crazy when I bought a long georgette skirt for summer. He would always "casually" suggest I should wear it.
It's literally a scam to make money off women.

No. 879790

no people always had skin issues. Back then they were even worse with hygienic standards. Back then they looked really ugly, some of our ugliest people today would be considered beauty icons. They had smallpox all over their faces, rashes and it was the norm to have at least one missing tooth. And they smelled bad.

No. 879791

zoomers use pickme as a synonym for nlog

No. 879792

True it is just that people care about it today with media, beauty standards and better hygiene. Having a 10 step skin care routine is probably overkill but you should at least wash your face and moisturize. Also if someone enjoys a skin care routine why judge that

No. 879794

They’re trying to remove the grain and natural texture in their face it’s so hilarious and sad. Faces need to be cleaned because dirt, oil, and bacteria loves to attach to our skin but the $60 exfoliators that are in a very small vial for single use is doing it a bit much, only obsessive people tend to care that much. You’re not a pick me if you maintain hygiene like what the fuck??

No. 879796

i judge it because it's useless not because they're enjoying something. it's a stupid expensive hobby that isn't even a real hobby. go play the piano or something

No. 879797

I don't even use a moisturizer, I just don't eat like shit, exfoliate before showering and wash my face with water. My skin is fine, no dryness, greasiness or spots. I even get told that I look younger than I actually am.

No. 879801

>it's a stupid expensive hobby that isn't even a real hobby
Billion times this. A hobby that produces nothing isn't a hobby, it's an activity. People pretending being into skin care is a hobby is epitome of coping with the expenditure.

No. 879804

>In the meantime another shared friend and me have mostly clear skin and dont do shit with it…
I don't believe in the 101 step routine shit but you having clear skin when you don't use products doesn't mean products don't work, especially when menstrual or hormonal breakouts can be horrible for some women. Everybody's different. Some people could wash their face with a dirty rag and still have beautiful skin.

It's for oil. If you have oily skin or hair and don't wash your pillowcase every day it can make your skin a little gross. You don't really need a cleanser for it though. Assuming people wash their sheets regularly, I think just warm water and a cloth would be enough.

I think most skincare can be replaced by a cheaper alternative. People shell out for la mer when aloe vera is a nice moisturiser and it costs like $2

No. 879805

>I even get told that I look younger than I actually am.

everybody I've ever met that said this was delusional

No. 879806

anon people don't just rub 18 products on their faces everyday just because they "enjoy" it, they do it because they think they need it and think it will make them look better/more attractive.

No. 879807

>think it will make them look better/more attractive
And they enjoy that feeling. Therefore they enjoy it. NTA though.

No. 879808

Some skincare is enjoyable. Those cold little roller things and refreshing masks feel nice. Can't imagine how horrible those chemical peel things are though. They make me itch just seeing them.

No. 879809

The people on this site that zoom in on camgirls or instathots vaginas and point out something like labia or pubes or whatever are legitimately crazy. How can you sit there, zooming in on a complete stranger's pussy, and think you're somehow better than them? If you went out and showed someone that, do you think they'd find the person weird or YOU weird? Lunatic behaviour.

No. 879813

I find it tacky to do it, but…
>and think you're somehow better than them?
Because they are not the ones exposing themselves online?
>If you went out and showed someone that, do you think they'd find the person weird or YOU weird?
Them. What you described already happens.

No. 879816

Nta, but if you showed someone you know some random persons vagina and started nitpicking it, I think they would definitely think that you are weird. Who does that?

No. 879818

Your/their example makes no sense. Why would you go to a random person you don't know to talk about a random topic? The comparison makes no sense because it can be applied to anything:
>If you went out and showed someone a youtuber cooking clothes in a pot, do you think they'd find the person weird or YOU weird?
>If you went out and showed someone a video of mexican cartel duded beheading another dude, do you think they'd find the person weird or YOU weird?
>If you went out and showed someone chris-chan dilating his perineum neovagina, do you think they'd find the person weird or YOU weird?

No. 879819

It is weird, but…why would you do that?This is lolcow, 90% of us are autistic and it's kind of what happens here.
I think most people would find 70% of the shit we follow on here weird.

No. 879821

honestly kinda agree. this is why when it comes to cows I tend to focus more on their shitty behavior or incredibly foolish decisions rather than their appearances.

No. 879822

I said "someone you know" not a random person you don't know, and I assume OP also means a person you know

No. 879823

But anon… lolcows accidentally (?) exposing their genitals is part of their shitty behaviour and/or incredibly foolish decisions

No. 879826

Yeah but why do farmers have to zoom in until the pubes are pixellated? Like post the picture, comment on it, whatever…but do we need a cropped and zoomed in picture? We can tell it's a pussy without getting between the lips

No. 879828

Don't assume what the OP means to tackle your point, which also doesn't stand ground for the same exact principle:
>If you went out and showed someone you know a youtuber cooking clothes in a pot, do you think they'd find the person weird or YOU weird?
>If you went out and showed someone you know a video of mexican cartel duded beheading another dude, do you think they'd find the person weird or YOU weird?
>If you went out and showed someone you know chris-chan dilating his perineum neovagina, do you think they'd find the person weird or YOU weird?
They'll think you're a weirdo no matter wtf you show them unless you already have that topic as something you talk about often. It doesn't even have to be something shocking. You could go to a family member and show them something as innocuous as a comedy skit and they might think you're a weirdo just on the basis of not sharing your interests.

No. 879832

Half of the time their shitty behaviour is just eclipsed because some autist found an onlyfans pic.
>yeah she cooked and ate the last of this rare and beautiful species but omg look at her labia minora in this lighting

No. 879833

It'd be weird because a lack of context more than because it's a vagina
I'd find it creepier if someone showed me some random picture of some lolcow's skin and how it has changed over time
At least with the vagina it would like look at this how odd but with the skin I would think they are obsessed

No. 879834

Go contribute to male suicide stats, they are way too low

No. 879835

No. 879836

That's completely true, I only said that cause the anon I replied to said you wouldn't be seen as weird if you just started showing people pictures of strangers vaginas.
You also assumed what OP meant though. And showing your family member a picture of a strangers genitals to nitpick them is a lot different than showing them a comedy skit or a youtuber cooking clothes in a pot. If you can't understand that, then idk what to tell you.
>They'll think you're a weirdo no matter wtf you show them unless you already have that topic as something you talk about often
But why would someones vagina pictures even be a topic that cones up often irl?

No. 879838

Having a biological child as a woman is comparable to cuckold. Its way worse actually, no man comes even close to how cucked women are

No. 879839

why did you delete your post and made it again exactly the same?

No. 879840

>raising a biological child is comparable to raising a non-biological child unknowingly
That makes no sense.

No. 879841

And therefore every single person should reproduce? You must have the XY disorder

No. 879844

You are free to do what you want with your life. Pretending your life has any other meaning is literally the definition of arrogance.

No. 879845

I reposted it cause I wanted to add the second reply. I don't like replying in different posts, feels like it clutters the thread.

No. 879846

makes you seem petty when you already got a reply, but I see your point

No. 879850

I deleted it before >>879833 replied, sorry though.

No. 879852

no, no, I get your poitn and think it makes sense

No. 879855

Yeah it really makes the thread unreadable, if the thread is even interesting in the first place that is. It also attracts scrotes looking for fap crap. You HAVE to have some kind of issue if you dedicate multiple posts to some rando's vagina.

No. 879857

>Imagine thinking that fulfilling literally the only purpose of your existence is egocentric. What's actually "arrogance" is believe we as species exist for any other reason than to procreate.
Sure, that's why women need to be forced and pressured to have children. That's why rape exists in so many other species and females evolve so that it's easier avoid it https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_conflict https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_coercion_among_animals

No. 879864

>muh strawman
Keep coping.

No. 879873

>A hobby that produces nothing isn't a hobby, it's an activity
Hobbies are activities that you do for fun they don’t have to produce anything

No. 879876

Makeup is the same. The way other women defend it to death is embarrassing

No. 879878

baste, the Y chromelet invasion of this website is obvious. if she's not a moid, cringe

No. 879879

>a hobby that produces nothing isn't a hobby
someone come get your ceo boomer ass grandpa, I dunno how he got out here

No. 879881

I honestly agree. Reminds me of news about this couple I saw today. At least they didn’t use a surrogate to top it off.

No. 879885

it's irrelevant to try and argue that skincare is a totes valid real hobby because at the end of the day it's the most money wasting, vapid, boring, vain "hobby" to possibly have. just go put on some moisturiser and don't make it your personality

No. 879890

>Having a biological child as a woman is comparable to cuckold.
Nta and idc if you think having a child is a terrible choice for a woman, but having your own biological child is LITERALLY the opposite definition of """cucking."""
Read a book.

>just adopt
Now THIS is some cucked shit.
There's tons of nuance and variables regarding adoption that it's a joke anyone would think it's any more easy, affordable, or ethical.

No. 879899

ntayrt but… read what book? lol

No. 879900

how isn't adoption more ethical than pursuing a designer baby because muh genes uwu? You are potentially saving an abandoned child from misery, (sexual) abuse and poverty instead of bringing another one for no reason whatsoever beyond being selfish. Don't breed, adopt.

No. 879905

I am married with my partner for 10 years now and we are using IVF for a child because it feels right for us. Especially as a lesbian couple. It's sad that the stigma of IVF is still like this. Some women just want their own children and there's nothing wrong with that. They dont need to explain to anyone why they want to go through with it.

No. 879908

ntayrt but completely agree on the makeup front. it's fine to want to wear it to feel pretty, stop screeching about how "it's a hobby!!!!1!! it's how I express myself!!1". I would respect these women more if they would just admit that they wear it because they want to be conventionally attractive in the eyes of society. god knows I don't waste a big chunk of my mornings slapping foundation on just because "muh self expression", I just do it because I don't want to feel ugly kek

No. 879909

>adopt, dont shop
That bs doesn't work for human beings since couples usually build connections and emotional love for each other. Mothers who have children have chemical bonds to them. It's an emotional and unique experience for each person, especially women. It's not my job to take care of children that other people didnt want. It's sexist as shit to tell any woman she should not bear her own children because there are starving xxx here and yyy there.
Children in adoption are sad, but that is more a social issue, leading into sexism and women with lack of education and access to abortions or plan B. No one should ever be forced to have a child. Just like no one should ever be forced not to if they really want one and are able to carry a healthy offspring.

No. 879910

Exactly. No one questions the 7 person family in a coucil estate for their reasons on having kids but a stable couple that wants to pursue medical assistance gets stigmatised. How's about no

No. 879914

Didn't someone post something like this a while ago about IVF and anons ended up sperging across multiple threads about how people who have kids are evil for like, 3 days

No. 879923

I'm not into skincare, it's just tragic to think that someone thinks hobbies have to be side-hustleable
Like, should you not play tennis because you'll probably never be a professional tennis player? Should you not play solitaire because you don't work in a casino? Lots of shit is hobbies

No. 879926

Naw ur wrong on wanting biological kids but right on ivf.

Ivf kids are weird as fuck and often retarded and a genetic combination that usually wouldn't have happened. If it dosent happen naturally, dont force it, it dosen't happen for a reason.

No. 879928

>It's sexist as shit to tell any woman she should not bear her own children because there are starving xxx here and yyy there.
That’s cool but it doesn’t negate OP’s point that trying to force a baby to be born when you can’t naturally have one is out of wanting a sense of ownership over another person.
>Just like no one should ever be forced not to if they really want one and are able to carry a healthy offspring.
Trying to “defy the odds” doesn’t really equate to being able to carry a healthy offspring. And if it did, those babies would come without complications a lot more often. No one is inherently owed the opportunity to give birth, especially through IVF. Not doing so isn’t being “forced”, either. Wtf anon.

No. 879956

No. 879986

>instead of bringing another one
That's the issue though. It's not "another one". A random child is not the same as your child. Pretending it's the same it's peak clown world; it's literally brainwashing-tier perspective.
Nobody said anything about it being "side-hustable". You can do things for yourself that produce an outcome that doesn't generate revenue, like playing a musical instrument, sewing, cooking, designing stuff, even autistic things like building gunpla. Putting shit on your face isn't a hobby.
>If it dosent happen naturally, dont force it, it dosen't happen for a reason
Now this is a reasoning I can get behind.

No. 880010

>That's the issue though. It's not "another one". A random child is not the same as your child.
Why the fuck not? Because it doesn't have your eyes and yout scrote's ugly nose? The only way your baby is different than a random one is that it's a result of being slave to base instincts and retarded glorifocation of pregnancy and narrowly understood motherhood. But sure, bring another person in this hellscape of a world just cause you want to own "someone yours uwu" and spread your shitty genes

No. 880107

File: 1628847661215.gif (156.97 KB, 500x374, worldssmallestviolin.gif)

Not really unpopular here, but tried to read some confession subreddits, and they constantly bitch about men's body shaming being "normalized", and I couldn't give less of a shit. It's for a petty reason too - young girls were constantly told about female ideals. If you spent your early years on the internet, basically all you read was men's take on female bodies. Let men feel insecure over actors playing superheroes needing to be buff and having porn-induced insecurity about their penis, maybe they'll learn some basic empathy.

No. 880111

I bet the majority of the ones complaining are fakeboi girls, real men don't tend to care that much tbh. Just look at all the no-effort transwomen, even when pretending to be women they think they're hot shit for putting on badly drawn eyeliner and having greasy long hair

No. 880116

I love insecure men on reddit. I saw a comment from a man in a thread complaining about the FDS subreddit, where he urged others not to go there because he read what they wrote about preferred penis size and apparently broke down crying because he's never seen such mean comments about men's bodies before. Apparently he felt insecure about himself ever since. Good.

No. 880132

File: 1628849709824.png (383.42 KB, 924x896, 1623087455142.png)

>tfw born through ivf and in perfect health with stacy genes
rip to yall but I'm different

No. 880168

I think it can count for self expression if it's really odd or kinda of Bordeline clownish? I've seen girls painting themselves to look like a cloudy sky and shit and I actually think that's pretty cool/ artistic even if not particularly practical. If I was ever going to wear make up id definely would do it to accentuate a specific look or to make myself look like an actual clown for all I know.

The argument doesn't hold up if your make up is natural / basic or following a current trend, though. One implies you want to hide your flaws and the other is really just following basic shit others are doing and doesn't always look fun.

No. 880170

How tf is motherhood narrowly understood. Women have been mothers since the dawn of time wtf is happening.

No. 880172

I mean if both the sperm and egg that were made to make you were viable and healthy then it's just insemination without the funny part. It's only a issue if one of the parties ( egg or sperm) isn't doing so hot yet being forced to perform as if they were there healthy counterparts

No. 880174

That anon is unhinged I wouldn't give it any attention lol.

No. 880176

It's one thing to say that motherhood as an ideal can be daunting, unfair and isn't a sea if roses ( a lot of moms don't love their kids/ weren't able to chemically bond with them , treat them really badly, see them as a means to an end, enforce patriarchal bull down their daughters throats etc) but saying moms don't get motherhood is just ???

No. 880180

You actually sound crazy

No. 880182

by the "hellscape world" I'll assume they're one of the antinatalist-chans, they always sperg out when children or motherhood comes up in any thread

No. 880185

In the 17th century a man could divorce his wife for using cosmetics because it was akin to witchcraft. Ask most men today if they prefer makeup or no makeup and they will most likely say no makeup or they just don't care. I can't tell anymore if makeup is actually pushed onto women by men or other women.

No. 880186

ayrt, yeah that makes sense, my parents don't really talk about it but afaik it was a problem with her fallopian tubes, not with the egg itself

No. 880189

They immediately think motherhood indicates a want for ownership and dominion which just sounds like a fucking scrote.

Like yeah women want to have their own children. Y'all never been in love and wanted to know what your offspring would look like? It's a very natural thing lmao

No. 880191

I think men often don't even know what makeup looks like. They usually mean makeup that they can notice, and that means attention-grabbing makeup like red lipstick or very colorful eyes. But if a girl they eye'd for a while would go from natural to no-makeup, they'd notice it if she had a dark undereye and uneven skin, looking "sickly".

No. 880194

I had this experience with an ex lol, was on a trip with him and some mates. We were all in the hostel and I took my makeup off and one guy was just blown away. He didn't think I wore make up and was shocked my face wasn't all one tone. I felt so self conscious lol like I had done something wrong but he was a retard.

No. 880195

This is literally only a thing in movies nobody ever says or thinks that irl

No. 880196

While that's understandable, you're not the same as parents dealing with low quality sperm or eggs at all, so consider yourself lucky in that sense.

No. 880197

Oh, sorry, your experience is the only objective experience of reality

No. 880202

If that actually happened to you I can't imagine how heavy your foundation is or he was genuinely a retard

No. 880204

File: 1628858076869.jpg (46.72 KB, 600x600, old.jpg)

This is the most meaningless thing ever but I think people born between 1994-1998 should be considered a different generation like a transition generation between y and z. We're nothing like millennials, who consider us zoomers, and also nothing like the zoomers who consider us millennials. Someone born in 1994 has very little in common with those born in the late 80s and is obviously not gen-z. People born in the late 90s are considered elder zoomers but there's a big disconnect between those who grew up on early fb/twitter/tumblr vs instagram/tiktok. I guess vine would be the defining sm for those in high school or college in the early/mid 2010s. Shit example but you know what I mean. Also using a pc vs using a smartphone. Most zoomers have no idea how to even open a folder and stuff like that. Can't even touch type.

No. 880207

You can say you're just a non retarded Zoomer, it will be ok anon.

No. 880210

Having children makes no sense from a logical stand point. I do have children and as much as love them and enjoy being a mother, I still wonder why and what is it that makes me happy about this? I'm married and live comfortably, it would have been more logical for myself and my husband if we stayed childless because we would have more resources such as time and money for ourselves to enjoy. Now we have children we have to share the resources we have and if we want our quality of life to improve we have to work harder to gain enough resources for both ourselves and our children.

No. 880211

It's literally our monkey lizard brain being like " breeed" even being gay/ Lesbian doesn't stop one from desiring children even if actually doing the deed to acheive babies would be impossible to excruciating.
Hell, even through wars, pest, famine and poverty people still had children.

No. 880212

This kind of how I feel about people born 1998-2002 as someone born in 2000, ofc there's less of a gap and we are gen z but I think most of us always felt a disconnect from musically/fidget spinner/tiktok etc. kids

No. 880213

>Hell, even through wars, pest, famine and poverty people still had children
And you think women had these children by choice? Please go contribute to ever growing male suicide statistics

No. 880216

I didn't say they had them happily and willingly anon, chill with the moid flinging. It just biological imperatives can override "logic" and no access to contraceptives/ lack of them doesn't help much either

No. 880217

>It's literally our monkey lizard brain being like " breeed" even being gay/ Lesbian doesn't stop one from desiring children even if actually doing the deed to acheive babies would be impossible to excruciating.
"our" don't project, scrote

No. 880218

Then it's not "people", it's men

No. 880219

I was born 2001 in a third world country and even if slightly better off then the average ( enough to have needs meet and internet connection) I do think there's a slight difference but even those differences I think I have much more in common with zoomers then I do with fucking Milineals even with the slight differences. We are pretty young for all accounts

No. 880220

A lot did retard. Not everything is rape.

No. 880221

I didn't speak for yourself in specific anon. I don't want to have babies myself, be them by birthing or taking care of them. I could adopt an older child if the stars aligned right, though.

No. 880222

It's always the scrote who is obsessed with reproducing but since man is the default it's "human nature", even though women need to be pressured and forced to have children and even females of other species avoid reproduction. Google sexual conflict and sexual coercion among animals, females evolve to avoid getting raped better

No. 880224

>even though women need to be pressured and forced to have children
That doesn’t represent every woman, though. Just because you don’t want kids, aren’t straight, or whatever doesn’t mean other women don’t want children or have to be pressured into it.

No. 880225

Yeah it's not the fault some peasant woman was pregnant in the middle of a famine because some socks choose to ransack shit and burn the lands as it could happen very often. I get sad thinking about moms in this situations because even if it was a wanted child it still sucked for them.

No. 880226

avoid getting raped =/= female mammals avoid having children
Wtf is going on in this thread

No. 880228

Vendetta-chans who have a very warped view on reality.

No. 880229

I wish they’d stop. Tired of this being brought up every other week.

No. 880230

While you're right about females in animal world avoiding getting impregnated by an unwanted male, comparing humans to animals is very scrote argument to make

No. 880231

Exactly. Anything can happen at anytime. It’s heartbreaking to family-plan and then have something terrible happen that’s completely out of your control.

No. 880233

Anon, a woman can just want having a kid, or even enjoy taking care of babies in a communal sense. They don't need to be pressured even by society to have them ( and many who opt of rearing kids themselves for a multitude of reasons; I my self think I can't take care of a baby effectively because of physical limitations but an older child with more bodily anatomy isn't beyond me if it's something I ever want to give serious thought to. This is a very specific situation in my case ) and can want them even it's not physically possible to them ( such as being infertile or a lesbian). I do think the biological doohikey that makes us all want to breed feels very different between men and women because we're the ones going through labour pains and are physically weaker/ vulnerable while pregnant and are at a bigger risk in general. Lots of women don't see the risks as worth it and I can hardly blame them

No. 880238

Female ducks for example have a cloaca that has evolved to be resistant to rape but this does not mean that female ducks never want to reproduce. The avoidance of rape in females is about the choice of who is going to father her offspring, not avoidance of reproduction.

No. 880239

Fujos aren’t a threat to gay men. And I think it’s rare that one would ever want to actually interfere with an IRL gay relationship. The ones that do are usually trannies but we all know how much brain damage they have already.

No. 880242

Kinksters that shame/make fun of "vanilla sex" are just seething and trying to cope with the fact that other couples can get each other off without having to do a bunch of crazy shit like they have to do.

No. 880243

No. 880244

Correct. They are only a threat to themselves like when they troon out from serious internalized misogyny.
Or if they like shota, I knew two fujos who got into drawing shota and later started to write some really worrying things about real life boys close to them.

No. 880245

I mean it's likely a real gay dude may not understand Fujos and their culture and may the appeal of many of the media, or alternatively may like some of the stories and art of they aren't inclined to enjoy bara and bara adjacent styles and stories ( made usually by gay guys)

No. 880246

as annoying and degenerate as fujos can sometimes be (some of them, not all, probably not even most), I can't help but roll my eyes so hard at the "they fetishize gay men which is bad!!" argument. can't believe even self-proclaimed radfems on dumblr believe this.

No. 880250

I mean, do ACTUAL gay men ever worry about fujos? Whenever I see a screencap about someone talking about fetishizing gay men, it's an Aiden, and they couldn't be further away from what fujos get off to.

No. 880252

I mean sometimes the stories feel more like two butch/ boyish lesbians getting on and you'd be shocked by how many of them are actually Bi or lesbian rather then straight so it's pretty funny they get thrown in the bus when half of the fan base is actually themselves gay if the fujo threads are even mildly reflective of the " fandom"

No. 880253

People just want regular sex and shouldnt be shamed for it. I dont want to be choked or slapped. That kind of bullshit has fucked up men even more and ruined the women encouraging it. it's so disgusting

No. 880255

It's always an aiden or a pick me bitch. Gay men and men in general dont give a shit because women arent a threat to them, unlike men who fetishise lesbians and g/g

No. 880256

I think even my "tendencies" I can't help but think that I would be pretty happy with run of the mill sex as long as long as there's a lot of teasing and foreplay.

No. 880260

even for women who [pretend to or are brainwashed to] enjoy it, too many women have been murdered by men under the guise of "rough sex gone wrong."


No. 880262

radfems be like "we're the only group who actually accepts lesbians!" then go call lesbians with interests they don't like fake and problematic
again, this is on tumblr, but i'm seeing more and more "gender critical" gay men whining about fujos, even the otherwise normal non-gayden ones. but i would not even be surprised if quite a few of those fellows are actually gaydens themselves larping as actual gay men.

No. 880263

exactly and it’s so annoying the amount of people who compare men with lesbians to women with gay men. men in general are a threat to women and real women bear the brunt of their sexual violence. women do not pose the same threat to men (regardless of sexuality) so pretending they’re even remotely the same issue is stupid. there are probably some women who have sexually assaulted gay men. i don’t deny that, but to act like it’s as prevalent as straight men hurting women (regardless of sexuality) is such a brain dead take . the only people i see who give a shit about fujos fetishising gay men are trans men which is just pot calling the kettle black in my opinion. if they care so much about it they wouldn’t have consumed copious amounts of bl and trooned out as a result

No. 880265

Yeah I'm the op, and I'm not straight either and while I don't think teasing and foreplay is anything too weird I am someone that's pretty dominant in my desires and I would definely be proactive and I get off when I think of vulnerable partners but I don't think I need to hurt them or strictly dominate them to get off if that makes sense but it does mean I have an appreciation for mild degradation and bondage in the realm of fantasy lol.
I would probably never do it for real/ personally on the fence precisely because I don't want to hurt a partner or have it turn unhealthy quick.

No. 880267

to be honest, i'm seeing more and more ftms saying that we should be easier on fujos because they might turn out to be ftm themselves

No. 880283

I see, so they acknowledge their background of being fujos and want to groom other girls into becoming Aidens just like them.

No. 880345

ntayrt but a retarded guy pulled that "are you sick?" shit with me a few years ago only because I showed up without any makeup ie no eye brow makeup or mascara

No. 880371

sometimes I really wish anons would stop arguing, it’s such a waste of time why are you arguing about sex for the 100th time again? goddamn

No. 880376

Pickmes call girls boring for not letting their bfs choke them during sex and don't realise how sad it is that they're fucking men that get hard over hurting them

No. 880447

All men are bisexual. Men are mad for men. They love them. It's funny that when men go on drinking benders they're called benders because they all go off the rails and bend over for each other they're all a bunch of benders. Swear down

No. 880456

File: 1628879843886.jpg (Spoiler Image, 666.32 KB, 1024x683, phalluses-on-the-wall-of-the-b…)

I agree, most men love other men and dicks A LOT. Do you see them draw vulvas on the walls btw? No. Always dicks. They love them.
Here is some Roman "art"

No. 880458

An excellent point. They're such faggots.

No. 880504

long shot since this post is a day old but what imbalance did you have specifically, was it just adrogens? and what medication did you try? I have a hormonal imbalance (fucking testosterone and androgens) and my skin is oily and acne prone as a result even though I eat pretty 'clean'.

I would love to just use cleanser and moisturiser and sunscreen. currently I use BHA cause my sabaceous filaments/pores are huge/clogged. also recently introduced a retinal but I'd rather keep things minimal.

No. 880509

Right?? And I remember when I was in elementary school, the young scrotes loved drawing as many dicks on the whiteboard as they could during break. I suppose it's the same mechanism that makes dogs mark their territory by pissing on stuff

No. 880514

I agree, they're super cute!

eye creams are such bullshit. even all the skincare youtubers I follow agree.

No. 880521

File: 1628882249393.jpg (39.09 KB, 640x399, 875434788654.jpg)

No. 880663

Anti-natalist feminists sound a little bit too much like death cult members.
Have kids, or don't have kids. It's fine.

No. 880823

Certain books just can never be adapted right for film or television, this isn't a "Le books are better" post, its more about how Film and Literature are different mediums with different capabilities
I think the best example of this would be the Film Adaptation of Lolita, see the the book's narrative is from the perspective of a pedophile. all the events in the book is how he sees it, what could be just a little girl goofing around is him seeing it is act of "seducing him" and forcing herself on him. The problem with any film adaption of Lolita is that these acts have to be shown to the viewers, the pedophile fantasy has to be part of cinematography

No. 880836

This reminds of when someone told me moles and freckles were fairy kisses as a child and then I was terrified because I had a small freckle on my vagina and I was wondering why it kissed me there

No. 880886

Although I don't disagree with you, this could work if the director's put a little more thought into crafting the scene. For example, we can film Dolores from HH perspective, like over his shoulder to indicate it, and put on a male gazey lens which tbh it's just tasteless anyway and then have the same scene, the same moment, from someone's else perspective like her mother or a teacher/friend and show literally how she was just being a regular child and not doing anything seductive, like chewing gum or reading comic books. It would also help to show HH acting like the freak he is when he's not narrating.
Stuff like that have been pulled off before in movies with unreliable narrators.

No. 880887

In an ideal world (and with a smart enough female director), Lolita is a black comedy that shits all over Humbert and the rest of the irresponsible, clueless adults in Dolores' life. In this world, it's a glossy, "scandalous" romantic tragedy for scrotes dressed up in hyper polished aesthetic/fashion direction. Life sucks.

No. 880898

In the book there's a lot of hints that indicate his perspective is completely fucked up
>her pale-fredded cheeks were hollowed, and her bare shins and arms had lost all their tan, so that the little hairs showed. She wore a brown, sleeveless cotton dress and sloppy felt slippers.
This is him meeting Dolores again when she's "past her prime" and for him she's become old and undesirable and Humbert is infuriated about the fact that he wasn't able to be with her during her most "desirable" age range, note she's only 17 during this

No. 880910

File: 1628926302817.jpg (78.94 KB, 520x1103, 11.jpg)

I hate this recent obsession with "big bara tiddies" or whatever its called, I also feel anons who make these posts have never seen an actual muscular men or even muscular women, pectorals are a mixture of fat and muscles but mostly muscle, If you've ever tried squeezing the chest of a muscular male you'd know them you'd know its like trying to squeeze leather, its rough and hard and not anything like a breast, when I had sex with my bf I used his chest sorta a wall to adjust myself when he was on top of me

No. 880912

i just think gay ships are boring. not gay people or gay characters. just ships. i think they're boring. i can't place myself into it, mainly because i don't see myself a gay man and i don't see why so many women, idk, do. obviously not everyone is straight, but like… idk i like men and i am attracted to men. is it stupid to want to read a well written female character get boned by a well written male character or shall het always be ew

No. 880913

File: 1628926726170.jpeg (8.31 KB, 300x169, images (23).jpeg)

No. 880914

There's a tiktok where a hunky guy demonstrates you can indeed squeeze his tits when relaxed.

No. 880917

that guy had gynecomastia though, idk why people bring up that one in a million example

No. 880922

>She touches disgusting 3DPD mantitties
Anon it's meant for 2D husbandos

No. 880923

I'm the same but with straight ships, I just can't bring myself to be excited for them and I always feel like it's a waste to pair them in a socially conforming relationship instead of exploring the possibilities of a homosexual one. I hate the unequal power dynamics in heterosexual relationships and am not straight myself so there's nothing a straight ship can really offer to me, I'd rather have them date someone they can't fuck over as bad as a scrote would a woman. I can like the characters as standalones fine but shipping them together is a massive turnoff.

No. 880924

>and I always feel like it's a waste to pair them in a socially conforming relationship instead of exploring the possibilities of a homosexual one
96% of the Human race is heterosexual, It is the norm for a reason

No. 880925

lmao okay? I don't care, if I wanted to look at hetties all day long I'd just open a TV on a random channel or talk to pretty much anyone outside. That's the point nonnie, creating your own niche content because you belong to that "4%"

No. 880943

I don't know if it's a "waste". For me it just happens that like 90% of the time the dynamic characters have with other men in series are way above the dynamics they have with their canon straight love interest. It's like when men are surprised why even shounen manga characters get gayed by fangirls, but the one token girl love interest usually sidelined and only used for coomer art covers. And like you said, hetero relationships are often plagued with tropes I hate. I can't sent insert into a female character who's treated in a way I wouldn't want to be.

No. 880947

okay but they aren't gay though, like the vast majority of everyone

No. 880948

NTA but who gives a fuck? Why are you being so autistic about this? Why does them not being canonly gay affect someone shipping them together in a reimagined setting? Will the universe collapse or something? Will the globohomo force you into a same-sex relationship?

No. 880953

i barely care about m/m anymore and now i strongly prefer f/f, i just wish the obnoxious fujoshis would stop accusing all himejoshis of being or associating with scrotes or trannies

No. 880959

They're fictional characters. I find people "shipping" real life people cringeworthy, but I don't think it matters if you turn a straight fictional character gay or a gay one straight (although people freak out way more about the latter).

No. 880960

Kek you don't have to be a fujo in order to find gushing over anime schoolgirls fondling each other scrote oriented

No. 880962

good thing i don't care about animu schoolgirls and neither does any female f/f fan i associate with

No. 880979

No. 880994

>eye creams are such bullshit. even all the skincare youtubers I follow agree.
Please do elaborate, all I'm seeing is stuff about how special eye cream is super important and you'll age horribly without it.

No. 881003

Eye creams are just a regular moisturizer put in a smaller bottle with a higher price tag.

No. 881004

I think a big reason is because eyecreams claim to do so much or be a 'fix all' for the eye area when the issues with eye area can be so vast. could be dark undereyes, puffiness, could be fine lines or wrinkles. the manufacturers basically promise too much with their eyecreams and can hardly deliver. eyecreams tend to cost a lot more than other products too since their claims are so bold. basically it's better to just use products that will target what your specific issue is and just use it in the eye area. for example, products containing caffeine are good for undereye purpleness/discolouration since caffeine when applied topically this way is a vasoconstrictor which can cause the little veins under our eyes to constrict meaning less blood collectining in that area and causing the discolouration

this video by cassandra bankson explains a lot about why eyecreams are overhyped, she's a trained esthestician too.

No. 881009

i genuinely like them though anon, on 3d men mainly, though this cartoon guy could get it

No. 881010

no way these "bara tiddies" posters aren't all gay scrotes, or at least extreme male-brained autists.

No. 881012

>attraction to certain men makes you "male-brained"
I'm not into barashit, but please shut up

No. 881015

ntayrt but shut up lol, not everyone wants to look at cartoon boys sucking cartoon penis

No. 881017

It's not even about the body type, objectifiying people (or even worse, cartoons) and reducing them to body parts is a very male thing to do

No. 881022

File: 1628943456305.jpg (14.17 KB, 236x393, 50a546d66143b1d99ed8b4d1bb19b3…)

Again no muscular men has these "tiddies" or whatever and again I'm pretty sure you've never had sexual relationship with a fit man, if you want tiddies on men you'd have settle for men with fat boobs like Seth Rogan
Its mostly about some weird boob parallels

No. 881026

Let them objectify men, who gives a fuck. I'd rather them do that then have them objectify themselves or other women.

No. 881029

>objectifiying people (or even worse, cartoons)
kek anon, why is it WORSE to objectify drawings?

No. 881031

it's unnatural and degenerate to want to fuck lines on paper, thought that was obvious

No. 881032

Thanks anon. Now I can save some money.
Yeah I don't know any women who are into that, I like TV femmeslash and stuff like Gentleman Jack.
>objectifiying people (or even worse, cartoons)
Won't someone please think of the cartoon men?!

No. 881033

Oh, I thought you meant it's morally worse, and had to laugh. Makes sense.

No. 881034

do you have autism?

No. 881035

asks the cartoonfucker

No. 881037

nah, between the two you are still legitimately more autistic

No. 881038

Alright autismos, I just like fondling thicc hot guys with a fat chest. And they are squishy when relaxed.

No. 881041

Crystal Cafe is shit.

People think it's good because they have a pinkpill thread and a TERF thread, but if you post in them you can get fucking banned for participating and no other reason. They literally set up a moid larp thread where you could post and it's ok but if you respond to eachother, female anons all larping as moids in a moid larp thread, you get a week long ban for taking bait from a moid

I'm sorry but the people who post about CC being a more relaxed version of lolcow farm, or say it's better because they have a pinkpill thread, are lying to themselves. Being a female oriented cosy image board doesn't automatically make the place good or even ok. Idk why people like it so much

No. 881043

yes, i (and any other normal non-coombrained woman) am autistic becuase i think wanting to fuck cartoons is weird. makes perfect sense.

No. 881044

When I looked at it, it was half dead. LC isn't the most active imageboard in the world either, but it appears fast compared to cc.

No. 881049

I saw some peen graffiti near my house lately and was reminded of when I grew up in a rough area full of peen graffiti all over the place…. Like why do teen boys not even draw tits? Why is it always dicks?

No. 881050

Maybe it is weird, but your comment about lines on paper makes you come out as either retarded or unable to understand what drawings portray (and it's a real thing in cultures that don't use the same visualisation as we do, though IDK if that would apply to cartoons)

No. 881051

Do you like Samoans and Indians ? they have the build your describing

No. 881068


Meat always costs more than plant protein.

No. 881072

File: 1628947173762.jpg (37.8 KB, 900x506, Drew_McIntyre_bio--faf610edeb2…)

I mean I watch pro wrestling and a lot of those men have big pecs, like picrel. are these not the irl equivalent of those barra titties anons talk about?

>I'm pretty sure you've never had sexual relationship with a fit man

lmao you've got me there

but as for the seth rogan thing, I would settle for that honestly kek. I've literally posted him on /g/ before in the unconventional attractions thread.

No. 881079

its not that rare if theyre roiders.

No. 881082

well nonnie I have dated marital artists and weight lifters most of my entire life, I tried having a relationship with a "regular" guy and while we broke up for other reasons the sex was also a factor, I only do it with a man that has a decent build and knows how to use his body, the guy you posted pectoral muscles are not at like the "bara tiddies" you read about, they are rougher and more trying to fondle someone's calves
even my breasts are pretty rough and stern due to years of exercise and Karate training

No. 881085

Dating as a straight woman is pointless because everything is too much in mens favor and there are too many pick mes and gold diggers for things to change. Most men know they dont really need to be good people or attractive because most women are controlled by money and will still suck any cock as long as they have cash. There are too many pick mes who will just take any man not to be alone.

No. 881086

>its not that rare if theyre roiders.
true, I know plenty of gym freaks that got gyno due to roids

No. 881096

Ok so? If anything we need to sexualize hot men more, maybe then men'll learn some fucking shame and put effort into their apperance. Or atleast make them feel bad about themselves, like women are made to feel bad about our bodies. "Don't sexualize men uwu" fuck off this is some nicey wicey feminism shit.

No. 881125

Suffocating in bara tits is my human right.

No. 881132


No. 881142

or how about no one sexualise or body shame anyone? we don't have to be and we shouldn't be as bad as men.

No. 881143

nta, but I understand where this post is coming from, because bara is mostly made by men whilst yaoi/bl is made by women and typically has pretty ikemen characters rather than big hairy guys.

No. 881144

Taking "the high road" had literally never accomplished anything for women and if anything just makes thing worse, because it's like sticking a white flag up your ass and waving it around, "do anything you want I'll just grin and bear it!".

No. 881147

File: 1628953164897.jpg (121.89 KB, 608x900, 89028904_p0.jpg)

Men need to make themselves more appealing to women.
Hush now and post more bara titties

No. 881148

gross. go back to the hornyposting thread

No. 881157

I'm fine with whatever gets anons off but man tits are not my thing and seeing man tit pics fill non horny threads is getting annoying

No. 881158

Men should. Grooming yourself is the norm in most asian countries, but the west views grooming as gay and made up the term metrosexual for it. It's so dumb. Men should at least attempt to do look good. Women do so much more.

No. 881160

that's why no one finds asian men attractive except yellow fevered kpop fans

No. 881161

I wasnt even talking about kpop. You sound deranged. Men should be held to the same grooming standards as women. They barely brush their hair or brush half the time.

No. 881162

Way too many threads about men on there. Like threads in /media/ about music get 5 replies but "shitty music men like" gets 100 replies. Every thread has to revolve around men somehow or it dies after a few days. Just looks pathetic.

No. 881163

lol i don't know what kind of men you're going for but that sounds nasty as hell gl

No. 881166

I think we get a lot of new users who find themselves here after being censored in other supposedly female spaces, so they relish the freedom. I get it, and sympathise but it's annoying af.

No. 881167

Nice try, but not really

No. 881169

Please revive those dead threads then.

No. 881171

It's not even about "taking the high road" but more about not forcing women to act more like men in order to be respected. the vast majority of women (normal ones, anyway) do not perv over men like gay men and the deranged autists here (if they are indeed female) do or straight men do over women. it's just not in our nature.

No. 881173

Why is it so impossible for you to accept that some women are horny. Geez. Let it go.

No. 881175

>it's just not in our nature.
Women are not a monolith. And besides, you rarely see women perving over men in other spaces because it's frowned upon. Instead women are taught to sexualize themselves and focus on how attractive they are instead of men, which is way, way worse and probably why a lot of women think they are "asexual" and why a lot of men don't groom themselves or wash their asses.

No. 881177

Ok miss women-are-pure-beings-who-never-get-horny, take it back to spinster.

No. 881180

>not forcing women to act more like men in order to be respected.
Women don't get respected any way they act, might as well be as petty, angry, and horny as we like. No more hiding "unladylike" feelings just to make ppl comfy.

No. 881182

You just sound like a male saying "hurrdurr is my nature to be this horny" but in reverse. Stupid argument, as if it's not socialization to it's core.

No. 881195

>Grooming yourself is the norm in most asian countries
Is it really? And which countries in Asia are you referring to exactly?

No. 881202

This "women can't be horny, they're pure virginal ladies by nature" is an awfully malebrained take nonny, maybe you should drop it

No. 881203

I just realized that there is a lot of hornyposting on LC because it's okay here.
You really can't post like this on other websites without getting dumb male input or be considered inappropriate by other women.
I felt glee when I saw the retarded hornyposting thread in /g/ for the first time because I've never seen threads like that before for women.

No. 881205

i really think it has something to do with how women are written. i guess that's why i prefer works written or created by female creators who know how to write engaging, and wholely written men and women that ARE compatible. again, it's cool if it's not for you, but i just feel completely neutral when i see someone gush about two guys fucking. "ok… doesn't make my pussy wet but go off"

No. 881211

File: 1628958589951.jpg (32.93 KB, 1024x555, dojacat.jpg)

What? Attractive asian men get more and more popular in pop media

No. 881218

I think Asian men can be pretty sexy, I think this is just one anon saying opinion as fact, so don't take it too seriously,tbh

No. 881221

It sounds like the typical "women have a low libido" spiel but you try to make it sound as a positive trait. It's not morally reprehensible in itself to be horny, not even for men, the problem is how they force their sexuality and horniness on everyone, like it's our problem to solve and we must witness it constantly. As long as nonnies can keep it in their respective threads, what's the harm? I hate most 4chan boards because men can't go a single thread without posting soft porn and anime titty even on blue boards in a thread about gardening.

No. 881225

Ok then, if most normie women are supposedly as horny as you weirdos are then why is there no branch of sex work that caters to women? the industry is based on supply and demand just like any other. if there was significant demand there would also be supply.(male)

No. 881227

File: 1628959496965.jpg (63.85 KB, 800x508, Webp.net-resizeimage-8-2-1-800…)

People fawn over him but I always found kinda ugly looking and after him saying he enjoys filming rape scenes he's even uglier.

No. 881228

shit bait moid

No. 881229

he's hideous.

No. 881231

I agree 100% after those comments he made, pic hidden.

No. 881234

Honestly I believe the whole "women have a low libido" stereotype only exists because it's so normal for women to take hormonal birth control and that stuff really effects one's sex drive (plus purity culture is still a thing obviously)

No. 881236

That and patriarchal culture, with ugly patriarchal men, which is a turn off.

No. 881237

It also exists because a lot of boys think jackhammering for three minutes is considered good sex.

No. 881240

The "women have low libido" is 100% pushed by moids and amplified by the fact that a lot of women have sexual trauma from abuse and that society in general treats female promiscuity as a negative trait. It's honestly depressing to see anons aged 20+ talk about how they've never had an orgasm and don't know how to masturbate because everything that has to do with female sexuality is only about pleasing men and not figuring out what they enjoy themselves.
>You don't cum after having a something going in and out of your half dry vagina for 90 seconds? There must be something wrong with you!

No. 881248

Why are you on an imageboard making fun of female spergs for being female spergs? What did you expect?
Are you the anon in /g/ who was ashamed of masturbating kek

No. 881257

I agree with you, we are prescribed often really strong hormonal birth control from young ages (I was on Ortho Tri-cyclen and then Diane 35 in my teens and both of those are among the stronger pills with more pronounced side effects) over things like acne and menstrual cramps. It has had an effect on women in our generation, and contributed to these stereotypes men have of women, as you said. I wish there was more education about non-hormonal birth control and safe sex, as well as a focus on women's health overall without so much stigma, instead of doctors giving us onesize-fits-all pills as a bandaid.

No. 881307

I'll add onto that, everything about making women horny has been erased. Expected to be neurotic over how we look and perform porny acts leads to dissociation from the body and loss of all sensuality. It's just another version of purity culture, look and act like the perfect whore yet get no orgasm or enjoyment, just degradation and neuroticism.

No. 881317

File: 1628967181714.jpg (186.02 KB, 469x600, Smiling_Girl,_a_Courtesan,_Hol…)

Yes there are so many reasons why women appear to have a weak sex drive. Especially compared to men who are more risk-taking, not picky and constantly see softcore and hardcore media aimed at them. I've seen men say that women like sex less because we are less likely to want to sleep with a random stranger.
The thing is it's a risk for a woman to sleep with a random guy. Physical safety risk, pregnancy risk, and risk of being disappointed by an uncaring "lover" who won't make us come.
That doesn't mean we can't be horny as fuck.
I'm sure btw if instead of intercourse with a rando, you ask women if they would like to get oral from their ideal type with no risks, the amounts of yeses would go up.

No. 881320

Millennials are just trendy boomer wannabes.

No. 881324

what does this even mean lol

No. 881328

Millenials want to be like their grandparents? Imagine having the gen x generation as a grandparent. Eww

No. 881330

File: 1628967985560.jpeg (201.65 KB, 627x407, 810EED25-B0E3-4800-BBA8-9ED7CA…)

Whining about younger people and what they like, they pretty much just ruin everything. Gen Z is dumb because they’re mostly children, teens, and young adults, not people who go brunching and infight about their favorite metal band that no one cares about. The problem is that millennials always take the bait like picrel and it’s a desperate attempt to kick down. Really wish we can start redtexting the word “twitterfag” as well.

No. 881335

This stuff is funny because I recall younger millennials circa 2012-2015 having similar "discourse" on tumblr. I'm the oldest a zoomer can be and people a few years older than me were leading the nonsense.

Teenagers just overthink identity because (surprise) they're figuring themselves out for the first time. Weird for people in their late 20s to be beefing with teens anyway. I go out of my way to avoid minors and so should they if it upsets them so much.

No. 881343

Together Forever > Never Gonna Give You Up

No. 881349

Whining about the younger generation doing weird things and "losing their way" is a humanity thing, it'll forever keep repeating as long as we're around, didn't start with boomers.

No. 881358

Have you ever met a zoomer? Kek those videos aren’t bait, a large portion of terminally online zoomers are exactly like, if not worse than their millennial counterparts were when tumblerinas were a thing. Twitterfag is an apt title for them and their autism.
>not people who go brunching and infight about their favorite metal band that no one cares about.
But anon, plenty zoomers don’t go outside. All of their friends are online, they send death threats captioned fancams to other stans twitter for not streaming Good 4 You and Positions. “Touch grass” is popular with because of how they’re constantly tapped in to online bullshit.

No. 881359

The 14-year-old girls are worse than dudebros in any fandom(ok scrote)

No. 881363

File: 1628970951264.png (1.13 KB, 266x26, mailfag.png)

No. 881396

while i think older generations complaining about younger ones is mostly dumb and pathetic, both younger millennials and zoomers living terminally online is honestly so damaging to their development in an abundance of ways and it's worrying that they're so out of touch with reality (myself included, i hate it here)

No. 881400

No. 881405

The Pokémon song?

No. 881414

The Rick Astley song.

No. 881425

It's always brushed off as old people complaining, but zoomers and whoever comes after are seriously stunted compared to even millennials and this is coming from a(n admittedly old) zoomer.
Many people I've met have been raised by the internet and their parents are nothing more than spineless providers and enablers. All they do is consume content on social media and repeat whatever YouTubers tell them to think.

No. 881428

Kids in their late teens and early 20's have always been extremely retarded and dumb but the difference now is that they get a louder, public outlet for their dumbassery. I'm 30 and in my teens you couldn't broadcast your identity crisis to the whole world in a way you could now or much less had people exploiting it. It's so easy for older people to recruit young people for their demented cults as we have seen with troons, incels and alt-right spaces for example. Social media singlehandedly destroyed a generation.

>inb4 b-but livejournal and myspace

Back in those days statistically much, much less people were online and the dubious activity was limited to various niche spaces, not two sites owned by megacorporations that got too big for them to handle.

No. 881498

You have autism, of course you think they aren’t joking because autists have difficulty picking up high contextual humor and that’s okay!

No. 881520

>but the difference now is that they get a louder, public outlet for their dumbassery
This, they get rewarded for retarded behavior with attention at best and ruin their entire lives by inviting angry internet bullies at worst.

I can't imagine how obnoxious and cringe I'd be if I was allowed to get a Tiktok account at their age and validated by some internet circlejerk that kept telling me everyone else is the problem and not me. And not only that, imagine what being cancelled does to a fourteen year old, especially if the people doing it is someone the kid considers its friends. Add onto that attention span issues, constant exposure to porn, internet echo-chambers where they're told they're ugly and worthless after 20, called holes, etc etc.

Zoomers can inhale their copium all they want but I can't see how this is anywhere remotely the same as old people bitching about midriffs and weed.

No. 881529

> I'm 30 and in my teens you couldn't broadcast your identity crisis to the whole world in a way you could now
I'm in my 30s and one thing that always trips me up is comparing this.. at 13 I was put on antidepressants, when I told my best friend she had no idea what the fuck depression even was. She'd never heard of it or anyone who has a thing called 'mental illness' or the meds that exist for it. It was shitty being looked at like I was that strange over such a now 'mundane' mental health issue. It's so weird to think how things have changed in that time because of the internet mainly. We surpassed 'mental health awareness' and went into a whole new set of problems in no time. Same with sexuality and identity. We went from one extreme to another in the space of one or two decades, from hush hush to oversharing and self diagnosing. Was there ever a good balance?

I feel for kids now surrounded by so much oversharing of mental health and identity talk that they're going through their own very public struggles with it and indiscriminately sharing it anywhere that they can. We were all cringe teens, up until now only our siblings got to torture us by telling those stories back to us. Now it's on record.