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File: 1625594364647.jpg (413.33 KB, 1280x1280, 479242a4-c772-4a39-bf34-45b88c…)

No. 847382

Ever since tumblr started banning 18+ content a lot of retarded shit started blending into twitter and that found its way into mainstream media. Not only that demonstrates that we have a nsfw epidemic but also tumblr was a containment zone for retards.
Talk about the good, the bad, and the awful shit that came out of tumblr before and after the ban and how it has impacted people's lives, ours and theirs, after tumblr dunked on itself.

Alternatively, talk about old and new interesting lolcows from tumblr.

No. 847393

Did they really manage to ban 18+ stuff? when I went on a few months ago I was getting spammed by pornbots. Used to go to tumblr for nsfw gifs, there was good blogs focused on female gaze porn. Not anymore I guess.

No. 847399

I joined just today and got recommended porn blogs so yeah. Not fully banned

No. 847409

As bad as it was, I'd rather have that version of tumblr back, when I go on there these days I see a lot of depressing and unnecessarily rude posts, unfunny memes, edgelords, and a ton of /pol/tards everywhere for some reason (maybe because the site has basically no moderation). Tumblr before the ban felt more light-hearted and fun.

No. 847414

Isn't it funny how poltards hated tumblr and now they use it for their shit?

No. 847416

No, nsfw stuff is still there, it's more filtered as in you can't find it directly via tags and blogs are now marked as nsfw.

I literally left tumblr because sissies and agp's kept following me (yey for being a muscular woman) so yea, that part is still alive and well.

I want to say depends who you follow but even as someone that mostly followed fitness and nature crap, the political stuff still came up and yea, it did get worse, it's staring to be hard to avoid which is funny since the worst scum (imo) decided to join twitter instead

No. 847504

It affected me for the better. I used to look at NSFW blogs and porn to pass the time. It was so easy to jump from feed to feed, and it was scary how quick time went. I remember once 40 minutes went by, I thought it was like 5 minutes.
So when that ban came, I had no replacement site for that, and I stopped.
I really hope Twitter bans porn soon.

No. 847582

File: 1625610384800.jpg (404.6 KB, 1752x1452, 8f5164a8h9w21.jpg)

I joined Tumblr in 2012 and was on it daily until about 2015. I was part-fandom-blogger part-aesthetic-blogger, mostly posted my art and writing and reblogged whatever I thought was cute, funny or interesting. It was light-hearted and casual. Around 2015, the gradual implementation of several rules and restrictions (which would eventually lead up to the "porn ban", though much more than just porn was banned) was the nail in the coffin for me, what made me finally leave for good. Most users in the communities I was active in were migrating to other platforms because of the changes, but I had no interest in those platforms and tried to stay, despite far less interaction. After a while it was clear that the site was a shell of what it used to be, so I left. The culture was different, the userbase and its humor was different, it just wasn't early 2010s Tumblr.

I was never active on any social media platforms besides Tumblr (except for DeviantArt, which has been completely lifeless for years, which I'd also started leaving around the time) so when I left Tumblr, that was basically the end of social media for me. I haven't been active on any social media platform since mid-2015, so leaving Tumblr was sort of like a chapter of my life closing. The people I met on there greatly influenced me and opened up for me so many things that I likely would've never known about otherwise, being a "weird girl" in a small town in rural south USA.

I genuinely, deeply miss pre-ban Tumblr, specifically the 2012-2014 era. I miss how chaotic and expressive it was, how people could just be as open as they wanted to about anything. I could be the autistic teenage lesbian I was and not have to worry about it, have conversations with people who shared hobbies and interests that I never thought anyone else would care about as much as I did. Nobody commodified their identity into a convenient "aesthetic", they just posted whatever garbled messes they wanted to. I miss the lack of censorship and moderation, how everybody was on a "don't like, don't look" basis but were still courteous to other users. (Tumblr is far more moderated now, but the staff is so lazy that they couldn't even get humans to do the moderating, so they use bots that will auto-detect nearly anything as "adult content" which then flags the post and flags your blog, every single time.) There are very few places like that on the internet anymore, where you can have raw, organic interactions that come from the heart, and content doesn't cater to what advertisers want. I frequently reminiscence about old Tumblr, spend a lot of time on the Wayback Machine looking at archives of users' blogs and wondering what they're doing now.


No. 847884

I have a very similar experience to you, loved early 2010s tumblr, it was my only actively using platform, atmosphere there was great, especially when you'd create your own "bubble" of only your friends and people in the same fandoms / with the same interests.
But even though ban heavily contributed to tumblr transforming, I'm pretty sure that in current internet climate (the need to monetize everything, e begging, ""cancel / callout culture"" etc etc), even if NSFW was never banned, tumblr would change just the same; a lot of what made it great these 8+ years ago just couldn't possibly be a thing nowadays.

No. 847998

Wasn't the real reason nsfw was removed because there were politicians and other influencial people using it to host child porn rings?

No. 848287

NSFW content was removed because Yahoo bought Tumblr in 2013, and Yahoo wanted to make the platform more palatable for advertisers.

No. 848370

I thought it was removed because Apple threatened to ban the Tumblr app from the app store if they don't fix their CP problem so they just decided to nuke all NSFW content to make it easier

No. 848463

File: 1625708388766.png (264.07 KB, 1281x720, imagen_2021-07-07_204006.png)

thanks to tumblr there's troons everywhere and we had the worst "pride" month in history YET. This flag is a nightmare.

No. 848495

I came back to tumblr during the Pandemic and maybe it’s because I follow a bunch of oldblrs but it’s so much better nowadays. The shitposts are good and the people I follow like their weird fandom shit but aren’t complete freaks about it. It’s also fun to look at all the dipshittery that’s bled out into bigger mainstream social media sites that used to plague tumblr. The people I follow though are definitely refugees from starting their blogs in like 2011 so maybe it’s just the oldfaggotry talking and finally learning that pointless discourse gets everyone nowhere.

The negative is that there’s definitely been a weird increase of right wing and trad blogs recently. They usually talk to themselves but they’re definitely growing. It’s fucking weird seeing republicans on the Steven Universe discourse website.

No. 848502

i lurk radfem and gc blogs, and even though they still can end up terminated if they get too edgy it's nice they have a good community there because tumblr's a mess. they post a lot of tweets there though. in general, seeing the amount of tiktoks and tweets posted on accouts is kind of annoying. same content everywhere i guess.

No. 848535

Tumblr has somehow become the most tolerable social media platform. All the crazies fled to twitter and now all that's left are twentysomethings that just want to share memes, aesthetic photos, and silly text posts. It seems more chill and no one takes themselves too seriously anymore. I've been there since 2011 and this is by far the most enjoyable incarnation it's gone through.

No. 848618

This, it's a pretty nice place now. My only issue is that it's barely useable on desktop, idk if it's my internet but gifs/images on the dashboard rarely load.

Either way I'm 100% in favour of banning porn on any and all platforms, regardless of how it affects the userbase.

No. 848663

I feel like I have much more control over the kind of content I want to see on Tumblr as opposed to other social media platforms. I'm mostly on there to post and see artwork and only follow good artists or art blogs that focus on reblogging quality content. That way I barely see cringy OCs or fanart anymore, unless I go looking for it.

I still get followed by porn bots, but it takes 5 seconds to report and block, so it doesn't bother me much.

In general Tumblr feels quieter now. It still suffers from the same issues with needless political discourse and snowflakes as every other website, but I think it's easier to avoid. I never looked at nsfw art or gifs before the ban, and while I do sympathize with the artists who had to relocate, it's kind of nice to have one spot where I don't have to be exposed to nasty fetish art or similar while browsing.

No. 848728

File: 1625746788112.png (546.84 KB, 544x421, 1624250516447.png)

I've seen a bunch of people saying that this is better now because the underaged kinnies, fakeois and SJW as well as the older crazy SJWs who attracted them to begin with left, but I can't see myself going back to tumblr. All the accounts I followed were either ex online friends who became unhinged SJWs who hate themselves for being weaboos when they made their accounts between 2010 and 2012 and fanartists who left tumblr long ago and barely post anymore even on twitter.

I don't think I'd have anything left to post anymore myself anyway because bak in 2011 or 2012 I made my account to talk about fandom stuff but I'm getting really sick of it these days. And this applies to the internet in general because I remade a twitter account at the beginning of the year and I'm barely following anyone and I only post Switch game screenshots. Honestly, seeing anons saying tumblr is better now makes me want to try it again but at the same time I feel like I already know what to expect. btw I'm only kinda using instagram nowadays to post pictures to show them to friends but I'm not actually seeking content there. It's kinda shit for that, it's 90% reposted shit from other websites and apparently the guy who owns it wants it to stop focusing on pictures to compete more with TikTok. I'm guessing it's going to get even worse, I wouldn't be surprised if some photographers, copslayers and artists would go back to tumblr after that.

No. 848738

>I wouldn't be surprised if some photographers, copslayers and artists would go back to tumblr after that.
God I hope so. The best thing tumblr had going for it is no visible follower count, which makes for a better outlet for creatives who just want to share their stuff and grow their audience without competing with others. The ability to reblog on Tumblr is actually genius for networking. Every other platform forces users into their own little bubble that makes it feel like you're posting into the void.

No. 848769

>I can't see myself going back to tumblr
Same. I did briefly on 2020 to make an aesthetic blog because I was bored but meh. It's still tumblr after all. It did feel quieter and more peaceful but still it's annoying and one wrong step means encountering the wrong people.

>I'm 100% in favour of banning porn on any and all platforms, regardless of how it affects the userbase.
Same here, all the way. Anyone who doesn't ban porn on their platforms is a prick who doesn't want safety for their users AND SPECIALLY if there's minors involved. I hate twitter because of that.
The only thing is that banning content can be used by annoying types to censor your content (example, posting vagina art = censored by troonies)

The reblogging feature on tumblr is both a blessing and a curse. Yes it might potentially help you grow your audience, but for someone like me whose art is not something I want to be discussed with the wrongs kinds of people because of ""cancel culture"" it's just free for anyone to reblog and bash you or send their hoardes of followers and send anon hate or do some shit like doxxing. I wish there was something similar to tumblr out there, all the alternatives focus on reblogging and sharing your opinion and aren't aesthetically pleasing enough. All I can think of is devianart if you're an amateur or behance if you're a professional artist. Or instagram if you want to sell out.

Some artists / people just DON'T want their stuff to be interacted with. Sometimes all we want to do is to show our stuff without people having to comment their shitty takes on our pictures. The internet made it in a way that every opinion out there "matters" and everyone has a platform to yell to their hearts content, but I swear to god, no gallery has comment boxes under their pieces. Imagine if they did. It would suck and people would be entitled. Imagine all the troonies cancelling reinassance art lol

No. 848781

this is the first i've heard of an artist preferring not to get reblogs, is the climate really that bad? i enjoy the scarce reblog on mine, especially when there are nice tags. you just don't get those anymore, people on tumblr barely leave likes as it is. i post shit the troons and sjws in my main fandom despise but to their credit they mostly ignore my stuff, granted people have been rude to me about it but no outright harrassment (yet)

No. 848784

It'd be great if it were possible to disable the reblogging feature depending on you posts. If you just want to update your blog to show something to your followers you'd be able to just post something and be done with it without getting reblogs and notifications.

Seems like for art and photography if you want to set up a professional portfolio without people interacting with you or being fucked over by some algorithm your best bet now would be something like Flickr, or you'd have to set up your own blog or website with something like wordpress maybe.

No. 848789

I think Behance is better for professional artists and photographers

No. 848791

Eh, it's always been a personal prefference of mine. I just don't want to risk any asshole interacting with my things or taking them out of context. The mere thought of it having a chance of happening by mere luck bothers me a lot. At least on deviantart you had an opportunity to turn off comments, but deviantart is a cesspool.

No. 848794

Wasn't there a problem in tumblr of people re-uploading content that didn't belong to them and taking the credit for it?

No. 848799

That's in every platform ever

No. 848954

Sorry your art sucks, anon

No. 849782

Coming back to ask something kind of related to what the OP said, especially to people who made an account in the early 2010s and who deleted it after several years of use or who are still there. We already talked about how tumblr evolved with time because of a bunch of good or bad decisions from Yahoo and whoever else, how tumblr influenced other social media, etc. But how would you say it influenced you and especially the people you were interacting with back when you were on tumblr? Did these people, whether fans of yours or just online friends, change much?

In my case I was suddenly thinking about how I starting using it in 2011 or 2012 because I wanted to talk about some video games, especially JRPGs and Ace Attorney which I just played back then and loved, and made a few online friends on tumblr by commenting on each others' posts. They were mostly nerdy girls from all over Europe, so our time zones matched. We gradually all stopped talking to each other because of differences in opinions and hobbies, like how I unfollowed a few girls who wouldn't stop spamming shitty Steven Universe posts when that was just the new hot thing, but I do remember a big shift in how we interacted when two of them became passive agressive towards each other because one of them thought saying Naoto from Persona 4 was just a crossdressing cis girl was offensive towards her trans fans plot twist: she never beat the game while the other was diagnosed with aspergers and wouldn't stop talking about the game in general, and she hated being cyberbullied for saying Naoto is a feminist female character. Last time I checked the first girl was deep in SJW bullshit discourse and her art was still shit despite graduating from art school, and the second girl is still obsessed with Persona 4 and Kingdom Hearts. The few mutuals I still had followed me to twitter and unfollowed me when I just posted one tweet about dislike some Yuri on Ice fans for being fakebois who can't draw to save their lives. No idea what they're doing with their lives now, now that I have a bunch of very close irl friends it makes me realize who much none of them really mattered to me while I thought they were actual friends way back.

Does anyone have similar stories to share? Somehow I wouldn't be surprised at all if many friend groups split just because of petty shit like headcanons or "politics" more often than not. Sorry if it's not coherent I only slept 4 hours last night.

No. 960622

That's everywhere. Original photography I've posted online have been reposted everywhere from instagram and tumblr to pinterest. It's not an tumblr problem but an internet in general problem.

No. 963590

I've used tumblr for a long time, ever since 2012 if memory isn't failing me, and tbh the porn pan actually made Tumblr a bit better because it forced the shitty people out.

I'm not a puritan by no means, if anything I used to follow some pretty damn good porn gif blogs that sadly went down due to the ban, but on the other hand the ban made most of its rabid users leave the platform and re-unite on Twitter. Nowadays Tumblr is a lot quieter for sure, but compared to all other social media I'm in it's by far the most calm and nice one to cruise around. I don't follow any poltards so my dash is mostly just innocent fandom stuff, some memes and shitposts, etc. It's nice. Nothing spectacular and definitely not the best for building up a following or fanbase like it used to be (in my case I'm an artist), but that's fine.

If anything it's as if Tumblr and Twitter changed roles, but Twitter became a super-intense version of what Tumblr was known to be like. Full of rabid SJWs, callout posts everywhere, porn everywhere, people not knowing how to discuss a topic without resorting to insults and childish arguing, but now with the dandy little twist of mainstream media meaning you can't run from anything even if you use the blacklist feature since Twitter's tagging system is trash. Meanwhile Tumblr is now just a quiet platform with people using it for fandom stuff, like always, minus the freaks.

No. 965788

From what I've noticed, a few of my mutuals now saying they're going to quit twitter and going back to tumblr. But seems difficult for them due to the lack of engagement on the site (probably they can't admit they're addicted to numbers).
I really miss it when twitter was just an alternative to chat more with mutuals, when we still maintain the blogging quality on tumblr. The tagging system is just perfect for me, and I'm a compartmentalize thot.

I remembered back then people would complain about others abused fandom tags for post hate, but I never browsed the tags myself and only checked contents from focused blogs (for example fuckyeah(ship name) dot tumblr).
Tumblr definitely wasn't the best, but in compared to twitter right now which is a larger scale of dogshit.

No. 965819

I first got tumblr in 2008/09 I think and used it regularly up until 2014 and had about 25k followers. I made a ton of friends on there, 2 or 3 I still keep up with. I logged onto my blog for the first time in a few years the other day and a bunch of posts that I reblogged were tagged/removed for having NSFW content - like paintings of women whose breasts you can see and shit from like, the 18th century. I really wish they would've just better contained and restricted the NSFW content rather than delete anything that their AI detects as having a nipple. I'd really like to go back to it because I hate social media but liked having some sort of creative outlet, it seems pretty dead now though

No. 965839

I'm always surprised to hear how many followers people had on there. In my experience tumblr was the hardest social media site for me to gain followers on. And I didn't just reblog stuff, I frequently posted original content that sometimes hit 100k+ notes. After about 10 years I only had 1,000 followers.

No. 965846

second this, my arts did get blown up here and then, and even got on tumblr radar once but it has never break to 10.000 followers for a decade I've been posting on it.

No. 965849

>But seems difficult for them due to the lack of engagement on the site (probably they can't admit they're addicted to numbers).
See now this annoys me because I have a Tumblr account, and I consistently see images that I found on obscure parts of the internet and posted on my own blog end up on "aesthetic" Twitter accounts. It's kind of flattering but at the same time it's like they're lying about how "dead" the site is while copying literally everything from those of us who don't fuck with Twitter lol
The truth is, a lot of Twitterfags just don't post interesting content. Twitter seems to be more about talking to people, while Tumblr is like having your own virtual wall-space to put up visual stuff. They just don't know where to find cool photos or art, neither do most of them produce it themselves (with some exceptions, of course). They're just complainers, consoomers and copycats

No. 965870

were you in a fandom? I was heavily involved in the one direction fandom (pls no bully lol i was a child) which is probably how I got so many followers

No. 965951

Same, at most I had 120 followers I think but I was mostly reblogging posts and my own posts were short, personal stuff that I never tagged on purpose. And my mutuals and I used to be a group of friends but we slowly stopped communicating besides liking each other's posts anyway. My blog was just full of things about a bunch of differeng manga and video games and tv shows so it was a mess and full of spoilers, and I wasn't following a lot of people either as well.

I remade an account last month because I wan't to repost my old wordpress stuff there but I don't know who I could follow. I don't care about the same things anymore, most of the artists I followed migrated to twitter because of the porn ban and the shitty AI deleting their sfw content randomly or they're too busy with their actual career in art and animation, and the fandoms got even worse than before with the tranny headcanons and horrible art. The blog format isn't good for discussion either. I'm not following anyone right now or reblogging anything so far and my posts are just walls of texts about literally anything in general. Not sure if I could make friends here, especially non-SJW ones.

No. 965988

File: 1636669633532.jpg (96.62 KB, 564x564, Farmcore.jpg)

This, i have some very popular aesthetic blogs (one of them with 26k followers, which is a lot for tumblr) and stuff i curate myself from scouring the internet, looking at less known movies, art etc just ends up on twitter the next day lmao.

I was one of the first people to make cottagecore like, an actual concise thing and it kinda stings to see something that was a small community into this disgusting trend appropiated by brands and shit.

No. 966032

File: 1636671040996.jpeg (120.97 KB, 827x612, A981EFDD-423D-4492-8FDE-65425F…)

I’m still on that godforsaken site, but I have a few friends I made when I first started which is nice and from there, it’s easier to find similar blogs I like.
Also the fact that it’s known as a “dead platform” doesn’t make me feel bad for having 0 interaction and like 50 followers, it’s just nice to yell into the void.
I will admit though, it seemed like it killed the jfashion community, it was harder to find well dressed bloggers and IG’s current algorithm is terrible as only promotes people with high follower counts/engagement. I guess it’s not too bad though since for some reason jfashion tends to attract rabid wokies like flies on shit,like fairy kei tends to attract a lot of fakebois and it became weirdly over politicized.
> a small community into this disgusting trend appropiated by brands and shit
It’s sad and true, you know when F21 and Dollskill get a hold of your niche, it’s become exploited

No. 966064

people who were doing the shabby chic thing in the 00s walked so you could run. it is pretty sad though, especially as someone whose life is about to be ruined by the cheap aestheticization of the practical aspects of "lifestyle" cottagewhores from the city

No. 966085

File: 1636673827298.jpg (54.12 KB, 495x619, images.jpeg-284.jpg)

That screenshot makes my eyes hurt oh god.
nonnie i was cherry picking magnolia pearl old catalogues like crazy for cute aesthetic photos hahahahaha, though i do feel like shabby chic is more maximalist and more… beige.
Still love it tho.

I have personally moved on from cottagecore to trying to come up with something more practical to my lifestyle but it was so nice in the early days, i wish it could've stayed that way.

No. 966092

There’s a fuckton of hostile zoomers on tumblr these days it’s outrageous. Can’t even browse a lolita blog without them screeching about terfs and other nonsense. And the more mentally ill ones post ryona or message you to kill yourself. It’s so jarring seeing them be so awful for no fucking reason. I’m not gonna act like there weren’t shitheads back then but at least you could easily get away from them and people weren’t so hostile about mundane shit.

No. 966155

>And the more mentally ill ones post ryona or message you to kill yourself.
holyshit I thought it's just me. Like another day I was browsing this random blog that was following me, which turned out they're in a circle of sending death threats to catholic blogs. I saw them visibly bragged about "I just told this bitch to kys" after reblogging their victim's posts about being icky about their gay headcanon or something.
I blocked them right away but I can't always monitor my blogs to prevent them from following me, I just post non-fandom arts and talk to no one really.

No. 966367

There's a lot of active radfem accounts on Tumblr these days.

Pornbots are still up but they're way more censored now and Tumblr regularly removes a lot of that content. Thank God.

No. 966372

I blame tumblr for everything being -core now.

No. 966376

We can easily blame reddit/4chan for incels and general young male degenerateness, but we have tumblr to thank for queer insanity and shithead zoomers. Back in the day it was like a place for every weird kid to congregate and talk about the things they like, but in the past few years it’s just punching down everywhere you look.

No. 966416

I blame tumblr for all of the degeneracy that has become mainstream like troons and all of the genderspecial nonsense, normalization of fetishes, porn etc. It is tumblrs fault and now the new tumblr is twitter

No. 966426

so true. i miss the early tumblr days ca. 2010 when everything was memes and funny gifs and WHAT IS AIR? and the only drama was hipster blogs reblogging this gif from the sherlock opening sequence without knowing it "belonged" to the sherlock fandom. this is why we need social diversity irl - you can't just have a school full of nerds in the middle of puberty, you need some popular kids who yell at you from across the hall for being a freak so you don't get too confident in your weirdness. tumblr just made it possible for a bunch of outcasts to gather in an echo chamber and now we have nonbinary transmasc greyace aidens who think fujos are fetishizing the gay couple down the street.

No. 966427

I agree with you. However, it's worse than that.

I was on Tumblr during its golden era. I have fond memories of browsing Slimetonys blog every day in the bus home from college, watching the Hamilton aids fanfic drama unfold, and the early days of Matt Smith Doctor Who vs Benedict Cumberbatch fandom battles over who was hotter.

Its insane now, as an adult living in the present day, to see how Tumblr has had such a dangerous negative impact on today. It's not just troons and multigenders.

Tumblr cultivated an environment that bred an ideology. And the ideology had lead to people losing their careers over a funny one liner, it's lead to the entire media having to bend over backwards to accommodate people at the cost of censoring art, and its lead to a significant uptick in the normalization of nonce behaviour.

Sit back and consider this for a moment: The mindset that Tumblr created has gone on to have genuine political influence

No. 966459

>you need some popular kids who yell at you from across the hall for being a freak so you don't get too confident in your weirdness.
It's funny, this shit was the main reason why I didn't grow upnto beba normie. If it weren't for that I would have been a totally boring normie who happens to like reading manga at the public library and watching TV.

No. 966464

exactly kek I doubled down on my weirdness to rebel against the status quo. as an adult I still have to rein it in sometimes

No. 966465

Through my time clicking random google links, I discovered that people were talking about the same concepts like non-binary and genderqueer on LiveJournal in the 2000s before Tumblr was created. However, it seemed to be niche communities and contained to just those. After they migrated to Tumblr their ideas started to spread widely.

No. 966469

It's gotten worse very fast since tumblrinas migrated to twitter because of the format. These days there are less and less social media and the ones that exist are pretty huge so that makes most info way too easy to spread. Before that it was easy to find what you wanted and avoid uninterested things because of tags and forums based on specific themes.

No. 966759

god one thing that marks tumblr for me was around mid 2010s when shit like kinning/otherkins were everywhere. i got involved into drama with one of those kinnies once but i was a child and they were some late 20's year old who behaved like a fucking baby thinking that they were a fictional character so it didn't go too far bc i guess they were afraid of getting called out for starting discourse with a kid (i was 13 or 14).

most of the rabid pieces of trash left tumblr for twitter which i'm happy for but on the other hand it feels like the few who stayed on tumblr just got worse and worse. good thing it's much easier to block and blacklist content/people on tumblr but still. it sucks, tumblr was such a nice platform.

No. 966982

omg anon are you me. I wasn't a kid, but a mid 20s artist that made fan arts which by accident offended the a kinnie. The drama escalated when I snapped back at them. It fucking sucks all around when all of them pulled up victim cards Boohoo I'm autistic and you're a bully when they were basically trying to harass my friends. Only much later I learned that one kinnie is much older than me and probably 30 by now. Fucking lunatics probably still stalking my tumblr.

No. 966999

same anon as >>966759

god i'm so sorry you had to go through that. kinnies are the worst tbh, even when i was like 13 just from seeing how the kinnie acted already made me go 'something's very wrong with that person'. they'd try to justify shit they'd do and say on the fact that they kinned a fictional character and that 'i'm kin with x character and that's just who i am! it's not my fault i do that!' and then larp about how they had previous lives being that character even though they were definitely older than the series the character came from.

tumblr was CRAWLING with these people it was so annoying. i didn't draw fanart at the time but i'd make posts with headcanons and just silly memes about characters from a series i liked and somehow kinnies would find it and reblog + tag the post with #kin or #me or just go on in the tags about how 'oh i don't remember doing this in my previous life but those are cute' like. what.

No. 967014

I can totally sympathize anon. Tbh I'd be more understanding with them as they're allowed to live with their delusions or whatever, as long as they keep themselves happy and not kermit I suppose.
What really tossed me off was how incredibly intrusive they are, and no one dared to cross them because they're so used playing victim that they'd pull evert snowflake card, and whenever a person calls them out for crossing boundaries they're immediately labeled as x-phobic.

I wish it didn't affect me as much because at the time I really wanted friends and I was really unlucky to run into them.

it got to the point I called the kinnie out for being racist towards me (I'm asian), and they couldn't find the victim card to retaliate that and for fuck sakes my mutuals were so fucking stupid and ended up showing me posts of them attempting suicide. I fucking hate how this still affects me even to this day and I fucking Dare to make a new online friend now

Will delete this post later because I really wanted to vent so bad sorry. I'm sorry you had to run into them when youre so young though, back in my generation none of this ever happened at all.

No. 967093

nta but im sorry anon

No. 974377

don't know where else to ask this, anons who still use tumblr, where do you get your themes from? I've been scrolling through themes tags but I can't find anything that is what I want and also works.

No. 974385

No. 974403

i remember one blog who was in the kind of "film enthusiast" part of tumblr, she had a lot of followers and was some kind of quentin tarantino megastan. she was probably one of the cringiest persons i saw on there because she actually tried to get into directing lmao, i remember on quentin tarantinos birthday she posted nudes holding some cosplay replica of that "bad ass motherfucker" wallet from pulp fiction. that whole circle of blogs were the epitome of pseudo-cultural NLOG bullshit imo. i can't believe people were actually into those god awful snoozefest movies by wes anderson, quentin tarantino, sophia coppola etc. but it was so popular to have boring interests back then around 2012/2013. thank god it's over. although i feel like today's equivalent of this are people who listen to mitski and have stick and poke tattoos.

No. 974410

File: 1637506087364.jpeg (55.93 KB, 680x453, 1634823147067.jpeg)

>Tumblr cultivated an environment that bred an ideology. And the ideology had lead to people losing their careers over a funny one liner, it's lead to the entire media having to bend over backwards to accommodate people at the cost of censoring art, and its lead to a significant uptick in the normalization of nonce behaviour.

This is really interesting nonnie, I often hear people saying that 4chan had a huge impact on the right wing and on the 2016 election ( and I agree ) but you just made me realize that something quite similar happened also with tumblr. I guess the difference is that the whole transition to twitter made this new ideology reach a much more "normie" group of people and led to the big expansion of it. Funny how both site are also very autistic but in a opposite way too.

No. 974411


i got the krelium theme (last link) for my text-heavy tumblr and zenhance's for the picspam ones

No. 974412


No. 974413

What do you post on the heavy word ones? Asking because I would like to write poems but idk

No. 974415

i used to have a discourse blog ca. 2013-14, to my eternal shame
i still have a text blog for fandom stuff, i post some fanfic and essays

No. 976616

I'm still using the same theme I've used 5 years ago, found it between the free Tumblr themes when you try to change yours, can't tell if it's still useful or available. I just like a clear theme that combines textposts and pictures in a nice way.
This reminds me that I want to get back to Tumblr, have been so busy that I haven't been there anymore the past few months.

No. 978084

i miss searching for redux edits and renders for anime characters to have on the bottom corner of my blog. peak era tumblr was the best

No. 978101

god i used to love this. i remember always using the latest theme by tukut, kek. can't believe it's been over six years already.

No. 978268

How is this thread only 4 months old, I thought I'd been seeing it for like a year wtf

No. 978294

File: 1637906882416.png (100.79 KB, 217x383, 99a07b957024a2f1fd2ee09dd0cb8e…)

One of my weirdest memories of Tumblr was being mutuals with picrel. We started following each other before all of the crazy happened, and I remember her being really close with another user that had an assassin's creed url. They had their own tags on each other's blogs and everything. Eventually they had a falling out, which I only knew about because the posts with their tags on them started getting a bunch of dramatic commentary tacked on to the end of them. I ended up unfollowing her shortly after because the drama and everything was just getting exhausting. A few years later, I don't even remember how, but I stumbled upon a whole ass thread dedicated to her on kf (https://kiwifarms.net/threads/martinfinnegan-sarah-anne-sander-safe-space.15260/)

No. 978300

omg im going to read all this during lunch, thank you nonna

No. 978306

>Mentally Ill
Kek, she only needed to say it once.

No. 978442

I started using tumblr back in 2012. I've been there on and off.
While I understand why the ban happened(and it's good it did because there were a lot of more than questionable porn blogs), I'm sad that it basically ran off some good artists and photographers to different platforms. I remember that the automatic censoring started banning sfw content because it mistook completely safe images for porn for some reason. It doesn't do it anymore, I think, but the damage is already done.
Anyway, tumblr is much nicer now since it seems majority of users are adults and I've noticed people get called out for being idiotic shit stirrers.

I also remember when kinnies first reared their heads, even the militant troons made fun of them for being cringe weirdos. Nowadays it seems weirdly acceptable to tell everyone you're a Sasuke kin or whatever and it baffles me.

No. 979222

Ayrt. There is a reason why people view Tumblr as inherently good and 4chan as inherently bad.

Tumblr was always the other side of the coin. 4chan and Tumblr are two types of the same energy. While 4chan is totally aware of this, Tumblr is not.

Tumblr culture was pioneered by people dettached from reality. There were people who idolised fiction and lived in fucking la la land. They started the pissing contests about oppression. They value oppression so much that they had regular instances like the infamous gay smut Hamilton fanfic author who leaped being a half Chinese Pakistani sex trafficked lesbian with HIV engaged to an Indian "man" (ftm). That shit happened all the time.

The ideology is that you are inherently good as long as you are oppressed. If you hit enough oppression points, you are an angel. oppressed people are good people. You are a good person if you are marginalised

Now where are we? Trans people are a club of rapists getting away with everything because transphobia purifies their sins. Pedophiles are slowly gaining approval through the MAP movement because DDLG was just a uwu trauma cope and you're all cold hearted people who oppress mentally ill for criticising it. Black people are allowed to rip apart San Francisco and steal everything because mild oppression makes black people are automatically innocent forever. You have straight couples larping as LGBT because their partner is non-binary and they have immediate status over cis straight couples because the straights are bible thumping racist loonies. You have entire media outlets outright lying about world events but because they side with the oppressed people then they are the good guys fighting for what's right. Nazis are a majority of the political realm because someones mum didn't use fae/fir pronouns when talking to their daughter.

All of the madness you see today is just evolved from the Tumblr mantra: "oppression = good"

Who tf chooses Sander Cohen for their DID larp? At least pick someone cool, like Atlas ffs

No. 979305

this is unrelated but you reminded me that I was mutuals with the tranny that accused mitski of trafficking him as a child. on top of having a story full of holes and contradictions, he was always posting about doing drugs that exacerbated his psychosis. the entire situation was retarded, you had people jumping to defend him because "believe all victims," people expressing doubt being accused of not believing his sketchy story just because it was about a singer they liked, and people jumping to defend him because "yeah he lied but it's because he's mentally ill, shame on you all for how you're treating him." he never seemed apologetic about it.

last I heard of him he was getting arrested for beating his girlfriend.

No. 979322

File: 1638039957481.jpg (170.45 KB, 640x960, e31743dfafa20155f6c76739c68c0c…)

I know this is somewhat a tumblr hate thread, but I assume the most anons who still use it are here.

Can anyone recommend some christmas amd winter themed blogs?
I just love it for getting in the mood and getting inspiration.

No. 979361

I'd be own for a tumblr-user thread tbh. As in for anons who still use tumblr.

No. 979387

these posts contradict each other which one is right aaaaaaaah

No. 979478

nta but me too anon!

No. 979489

just try it? Personally I like tumblr as it is now but it may depend on your "circles"

No. 979544

despite knowing about tumblr's existence for years, i never actually used it until a year or so ago just to look for some fics.
why is their search system complete ass? and how are people supposedly having deep conversations there with the site's format? in the fucking notes section kek? god i just can't stand the whole format. and i fucking hate people using ugly font and background colors that make everything unreadable. like fucking white on off-white or super light neon on light grey. it's not even done intentionally as a joke.

No. 979584

Tumblr's technically for microblogging, I'm not sure that includes having "deep conversations". But you're right about the search system, it sucks.

No. 979609

File: 1638063868323.jpeg (42.76 KB, 400x400, D649C85E-8C63-40B9-A6E2-F662CA…)

>Black people are allowed to rip apart San Francisco and steal everything because mild oppression makes black people are automatically innocent forever.

No. 979917

I made a tumblr general thread for anyone who's interested >>>/m/171798

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