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No. 171798

A general thread for anons who're on tumblr.

No. 171799

I'll start, does anyone know html/css? I wanna broaded the width of my posts in my theme but I can't figure out how to do it. What piece of code should I be looking for?

No. 171806

look up keyword "width" "heigh" "margin", and ideally if theyre under body { parentheses you can start from there.

No. 171810

I miss tumblr so much wish it could be revived again. It was so fun way back when

No. 171815

girl what do you mean it’s still active. i go on there every day

No. 171817

It's still active though. I mean it's clearly beyond it's golden years obviously but it's not ""dead"" like people like to say either. The atmosphere overall is more pleasant imo, the people who remain are largely people who really want to be there.

No. 171820

It’s better without the porn. I said it.

No. 171831

What the other Anons said. I just recently (like a year ago or so) started using Tumblr again after trying to migrate to Twitter for a while.
Current Twitter is way worse than Tumblr at its cringiest heyday, you can tell Tumblr's average user age has gone up in the last few years lol

No. 171843

Quick question, is there a way to completely turn off replies to posts? I sometimes see very popular posts in which the note section has something like "This user chose to turn off replies" at a certain point or just in general. When I look at the settings for my blog the only option is limiting it to blogs that I follow? So is that it and tumblr just displays it as if replies are completely off?

No. 171848

Does anyone know what this link used to do? It's dead now but it's still in the settings sidebar.

No. 171867

I still use Tumblr a lot just to lurk (which is what I always used to for). But I find it really annoying how much people abuse tags on Tumblr. I have to scroll and scroll to see posts that are actually related to the thing I'm looking for. I feel like that doesn't happen as much on Instagram and other places but I don't really use them as much.

No. 171874

what blogs do you all enjoy? can be any aesthetic/topic, it can even be your own lol I don't care. I'm trying to get back into it now that it seems to be more chill.

No. 171885

This is one thing that always bothered me.One thing I wish Tumblr did(ofc they won't tho lol) was to make it possible to search multiple tags instead of just one so that finding stuff would be easier

No. 171889

I think there was a way of doing that but you had to write some weird string in a search box yourself

No. 171943

I mainly use Tumblr nowadays to lurk and follow art blogs that still post there. I've been thinking of becoming more active but even after the Twitter migration, I find most of Tumblr's userbase to be obnoxious

You can search multiple tags by adding a comma between them in the search bar. So searching '#pokemon, #pikachu' will pull up all the posts that contain those tags

No. 171950

I remade an account last month and I don't follow anyone. I can't find any interesting blog at all, all the artists I liked left when their sfw art got removed by the staff and they all left to go to twitter, and the only artists left in fandoms I like are underaged SJW they/thems with horrible ideas and art who can only speak in memes. I only post giant walls of texts to vent sometimes and that's it. I guess I should focus on specific topics or themes, I don't know which ones yet. I guess I could sperg about video games and BL?

No. 171954

This is true

No. 171961

I wasn’t really referring to porn or missing porn i just miss the funny text posts and people’s creative shitposts on there. its just not as lively nowadays.

No. 171973

lmao why no one told me all these years.thank u anon
(tumblr is still written in spaghetti code tho)

No. 171974

Yeah people didn't just leave tumblr because of the porn ban but because of other people leaving. I remember my dashboard becoming more and more empty because artists deleted their accounts one after another even though they all posted sfw stuff all the time and nothing inappropriate.

No. 172137

I seriously wish Tumblr had some kind of feature like Pinterest has where you could make different folders of things. I have been using my current Tumblr account on and off since 2017 and have over 1000 liked posts, I get tired of scrolling and scrolling to find things. It's annoying to scroll for hours through likes to find some post I liked 3 years ago that I can only vaguely remember.

No. 172138

using it to find and post aesthetics is unironically the best time i have on there. not to mention the shelf life of posts last so much longer then Twitter.

No. 172139

File: 1638345254270.png (50.46 KB, 555x400, d.png)

i wonder why people assume tungle.com is dead people still get 30k+ notes regularly, is it because you can't get rich off it? or has it been meme'd so hard that it's become some sort of Schrödinger's social media site?

No. 172152

the way twitter goes viral is Immediate and lasts about 2-3 days until it fizzles out. while tumblr is more well archived and a random post of yours since 2012 can suddenly go viral because a more active, large following blog reblogged it.
This goes well into roleplaying community (and yes, including the fiction kin) since theyre the most active one I've seen; and I'm only posting fan arts.

No. 172167

>is it because you can't get rich off it?
There’s plenty of people using tumblr to e-beg so it’s probably not that

No. 172168

Is there any sponsorship program with tumblr though? Influencers don't use it, at least not as a mean to get more money and followers. E-begging isn't as stable as promoting diarrhea tea and hair growth pills on Instagram imo.

No. 172174

What blogs and tags do you nonnies follow? i made a tumblr again a while back but idk where to start

No. 172241

I agree, it's definitely not dead. Also I don't agree with people who say that all the annoying users left for Twitter after they banned porn, there are still tons of those people left and in fact those who stayed became even worse.

No. 172249

File: 1638391700041.jpeg (45.11 KB, 400x400, 8CB42227-090B-4ED2-909D-DCC261…)

> in fact those who stayed became even worse.
Now I'm interested. I haven't had the fortune to run into any tumblr cow yet.

No. 172254

It's because tumblr doesn't work like other social networks. It confuses young zoomers and they can't make money off of it. They also don't like that they have to actively search for blogs to follow. I've seen many complain that Tumblr is useless because it doesn't have an algorithm that filters content for you. The other reason is that coomers are stupid. Porn blogs were a part of tumblr, but they were their own little niche. Most of the moids proclaiming tumblr is dead never saw or interacted with the sfw side. They don't realize they were in the minority. Therefore to them no porn=dead tungle.

No. 172257

I don't really follow anyone, but I like following the hashtags for like y2k and fruits magazine and cake/pudding, I just reblog cute things mainly and just ignore all the troons e-begging still on the site

No. 172262

I’ve only seen blogs trying to be sneaky with affiliate links, but I do wonder how many of those e-begging accounts are real or users making shit up to try getting free money.

No. 172264

After all the years I’ve used tumblr I have actually never used the tag following thing.

No. 172266

If you are into small/niche fandoms, tags are pretty much the only way you will find content for it. Otherwise, they are pretty much useless outside of organization purposes.

No. 172280

>the way twitter goes viral is Immediate and lasts about 2-3 days until it fizzles out.
The way twitter jokes get repeated and stolen for likes because of the short shelf-life is a god awful side effect of that site.

No. 172291

Does anyone else use tumblr but hate the sense of humour most of the userbase seems to have? It's hard to describe but it's like people who think they're edgy and original when they're really trying very hard to be inoffensive and clever sounding. So many of the popular textposts come off this way to me

No. 172299

i've noticed that, probably, a majority of users only use the mobile app now. i can tell whenever i click to view their blog and they have the default mobile theme instead of some custom desktop theme. it's honestly kind of sad, especially when a lot of the times these users will go through the hassle of making a caard, but won't learn basic html/css.
tumblr really is the last place, outside of neocities, where you can completely customize however you want.

No. 172302

I hate it too. It feels very forced, like the people who post joke posts have never talked to normal human being in their lives. I didn't have this impression back in the early 2010s at all but it became like this once discourses started about SJW topics.

No. 172304

Agree with this and I've had to unfollow some accounts like thebootydiaries and unclefather (although she also won't stop e-begging) because of it. I do like the really nonsensical humor though, I'm just retarded I guess.

No. 172306

Right? I think the best part of tumblr is definitely still making your own cute theme.

On the topic, but my dashboard is pretty active. I mostly follow aesthetic and positivity/recovery blogs and the aesthetic ones especially reblog a ton of posts all the time. I also follow some radfem blogs but i don't like following people who post too much depressing news or discourse, but terf tumblr sure is thriving.

No. 172313

srsly she is always e-begging, like it made me have to unfollow her also. I also hate how some users you know are trying way too hard with being poetic and shit about something mudane like soup in the kitchen or whatever but it's so badly written, jfc. I do like tumblr though because besides that ugly popular stuff that just pops up, as long as you stick to what you like its really nice and chill compared to other online spaces

No. 172315

At least for me I mostly use the app because it's easier to read through the notes on posts. Also when someone's blog redirects to that right side popup thing on the dashboard, it takes too long to load stuff and my computer starts heating up but on mobile I don't have any loading problems.

No. 172332

unclefather is legit a really funny person imo, she always had lots of actually funny and creative shitposts that made me laugh (the one about feeding the electronic santas birdseed in walgreens is one i'll always remember as an underrated classic) as opposed to thebootydiaries who basically just dealt in outdated memes and cliches. Anyway it made me sad to see unclefather finally caving and turning to e-prostitution after years of getting anons saying "i'll send you $5 for nudes" and her going "no, fuck off" (only funnier). Tumblr retards can see that storyline play out in real time– a woman hard on luck financially trying to make ends meet for years for her children finally has to turn to whoring herself out for horny scrotes for cash– and still preach about how empowering sex work is. The tumblr userbase I think is only one step above current twitter in terms of intelligence.

No. 172409

I've got 500K, lol. Kinda wish I could search the tags of that. Or even my 9000 drafts

No. 172539

Who uses tumblr as an actual blog and not as a social media? I do but posting walls of text seem weird on a website where everyone either post pictures or short shitposts.

No. 172544

that's based, I wish I did that but I get triggered by my posts being mixed in with random reblogs.

No. 172559

tbh I'd feel the same way if I were following people to begin with. All the artists I like left tumblr and I feel like all that's left is content I'm not into anymore.

No. 172581

I’m honestly sad about not many artists nowadays using tumblr tbh i like tumblr’s format and how its set up its much more chill than twitter. On twitter its hard to connect with them. They either post their shit and go which is fine or whatever or are really rude and talk down to their followers for the dumbest shit. Its irritating like damn okay bitch we get it.

No. 172588

I used to do that when I created my first Tumblr account back in like 2013 but I stopped when I learned my abusive ex was reading it. Luckily he lives in another state, but it was still freaky. Nowadays I barely post, I mostly read and like things.

No. 174739

Is there a way to prioritize certain blogs you follow on your dashboard?

No. 175951

Tumblr is sterile compered to what it used to be. And I'm not talking about NSFW content, the general atmosphere is more boring and watered down. It's like everyone is afraid to come off as edgy and offensive, so people just post the most boring shit imaginable. I don't how else to put it honestly.

No. 175952

The entire internet is like that these days.

No. 175962

I still use tumblr, I only follow accounts for the tv shows I'm into and reblog gifsets. I want to branch out though. what is everyone's favourites? can be about anything!

No. 175979

Can anyone recommend me any tumblrs that just sperg out about vidya? Can be any vidya. I just like seeing people talk about the things they love.

No. 175983

No you described it perfectly. It's like people want to be seen as edgy (like NLOG except not like the other social medias) but at the same time they don't want to be edgy and want to be woke and smart?

No. 176009

Its social medias fault. Should have been nuked 15 years ago. That's when it all started

No. 176017

It's what happens when advertising is prioritised over user experience. With more commercialisation of the internet and websites, the more the sites need to present a proper image to be worthy of being associated with a brand. Since the brand is paying the site to advertise on it, the brand is the customer being catered to, while the users time and viewing of the advertisements is what's being sold. Things use to be less advertisement heavy as the internet had less users due to accessibility (phones, wifi, computer knowledge all used to be sparse).

No. 176018

Less users, less people to view your ad, therefore less reason for brands to pay websites for advertising space, resulting in the websites focusing on maintaining user satisfaction and not brand satisfaction.

No. 176084

Not a tumblr blog but a blog, doesn't quite share the views of lolcow but she is a female. I enjoy seeing her takes even when I don't agree

No. 176113

did anyone see the new list of banned words that tumblr has had to blacklist in order to help the app pass the apple app store regulations? the complete list is here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YG7E84Dvs2PyoKMgSgZFgEX0Kh0RtJqsazZsyVGY8dk/edit basically if you use any of these tags from now on your posts wont appear in the search and potentially on the dashboard of anyone following you, I think this only applies to the app and not on desktop

No. 176115

Based as fuck removing my face tag kek, no more enbies!!

No. 176116

is the my face tag something enbies use specifically? I've never posted anything personal like selfies on tumblr/never followed many people who do

No. 176121

wtf happened here?
no, plenty of people have/had a tag like that. sometimes under a more creative name

No. 176123

anything that could potentially bring up porn I suppose. surprisingly a lot of people (men) have armpit fetishes. I seem to remember a subreddit or website dedicated to taylor swift's armpits

No. 176125

they've blocked terf, terfs do interact and terms please touch yet they didn't "terfs do not interact". Cowards.I feel like if that tag ban was working, they would lose 60% of their userbase kek. What's up with blocking ptsd, my GIFs etc.? I dont get the idea behind some of those bans. What's the point of Tumblr anymore if almost everything important to their userbase is banned from the tags? kek
Ah, that's what I suspected. Hope they banned all body parts then.

No. 176127

banned gender critical too, I saw. funny they'd block a tag like that when the users most likely to use that tag are least likely to post porn

No. 176129

Some of these are so random, why is "about me" banned?
Also is gender critical banned because of Apple troons or something?

No. 176132

I think perhaps about me is banned as people could potentially use it to post their own nudes? hell Idk some of these choices seem so strange, like black tar? (color) stim? 1488 (good)? what does that last one even mean?

No. 176133

1488 is some Nazi code

No. 176141

I heard that the more random ones could have been banned because high reports on posts with those tags

No. 176142

Black tar heroin. I don't know if they're around as much these days but Tumblr has communities of different drug users who share pictures of their drugs and post about their trips. I remember coming across several meth blogs.

No. 176146

Good, as an iphone user I don’t care if I never see another post with some zoomer demanding money for weed and uber eats

No. 176149

They're tags have more or less resulted in nsfw imagery when reviewers were combing tags to see what searches yielded porn. There's tons of bots on tumblr that post porn under random-ass tags, so those random tags were flagged and then banned

No. 176170

I know shit is going down with shadowbanning on the ios app but does anyone have reccs for art, aesthetic or fashion (any kind) blogs that are mostly "apolitical" or don't have long annoying "do not interact if" lists?

No. 176191

Which themes would you recommend for a text heavy tumblr? I'm using the good old redux theme out of sheer nostalgia but I feel like it could be kinda hard to read long text posts with that one. I'm not sure how to change the font and the size of the texts on this theme because I don't know shit about html and css.

No. 176192

>I think this only applies to the app and not on desktop
I need clarification for that lol. Is it
(a) I post on desktop, everyone sees it
(b) I post on desktop, only desktop sees it
(c) I post on mobile, only desktop sees it
(d) I post on mobile, nobody sees it? From the way I'm understanding it it's (a) and (d)?

No. 176194

Ctrl+f "font size" or some variation of it. Do people still go on blogs as opposed to viewing them within dashboard?

The way i understood it, if you use the app, posts with those tags are hidden for you. b and c in your scheme?

No. 176207

Yeah, they're weirdly aggressive but really wimpy at the same time. It might be nostalgia talking but I really miss how it was in the early to mid 2010s, people just seemed more fun and relaxed, it's like they didn't take their blogs too seriously. Now it's like everyone's bitchy and rude for the sake of it lol

No. 176209

how about seyche's base code? it has a large font and is very minimalistic


No. 176241

I just use tumblr to look for fanart of vidya now, but back when I had an active account I used to be in the true crime community kek. It was definitely full of edgelords, but I made a few friends on there and it was a nice place where I could sperg about all of my theories and personal opinions and people would actually read and respond. After being inactive for like a year, I saw on the news that some girl had hitch-hiked to Colorado to try to replicate Columbine or something (it was April 20th) and then 30 minutes later I got an email from tumblr saying that they'd deleted my account kek. I'm glad that whole area of tumblr is basically nonexistent now since I can't imagine how much worse it would be now, but I miss my friends and the discussion. I mostly use reddit now for true crime news and discussion, but it isn't as fun because everyone asks the same questions and shits out the same lukewarm takes over and over. Ironic considering how everyone on reddit considers themselves ""intellectuals"" but I knew sixteen-year-old girls on tumblr who had done better research and started more interesting discussions. I wonder if there were any farmers who also used to be on there before it got nuked? There was definitely so much milk in that community lol.

No. 176255

It only applies for ios users. Meaning, people with iPhones won't see posts with banned tags. They can see them in a browser or on desktop but not in the ios tumblr app.

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