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File: 1625184028747.png (1.06 MB, 1148x595, this is lame but I couldn't co…)

No. 843804

Previous thread: >>>825059

>Former Nickelodeon child star Drake Bell was charged with child endangerment. Also has aged horribly. Speaking of Nickelodeon, Amanda Bynes reminds everyone that Dan Schneider is a pedo and a degenerate.
>Azealia Banks keeps schizo posting on her IG
>Lorde flashes her vagina on the cover of her new album
>Emrata keeps posting thirstraps that include her baby. Also brags about her coke dealer husband who looks like Charles II of Spain.
>More discussion on Ariana's Grande being an anachan and having botched plastic surgery. Speaking of Ariana, Pete Davidson still seems to be salty about their relationship while she has moved on.
>Speaking of anachans, anons suspect that Olivia Rodrigo might be one as well
>Sperging about the weights of Megan thee Stallion, Billie Eillish, Lizzo, and other celebs ensues (Seriously. No one fucking cares unless it's actual milk)
>Discussion about professional beard Irina Shayk and how much plastic surgery she has gotten
>Disney +'s Loki show premieres.
>Grimes appears in Doja Cat's new music video. Looks like she's playing into Elon Musk's bimbo fetish even more.
>Billie Eillish "queerbaits" (Actually just posts a vague caption on one of her IG pictures and everyone overacted). Also maybe might of said "chink" in a video taken when she was 14 years old.
>The Gossip Girl revival trailer drops. Of course, lolcow instantly starts talking about the troon.
>More documentation of Chrissy Teigen's fall from grace. Could she be getting a divorce from John Legend?
>Demi Lovato, who has to be mentioned in every single celebricow thread, is starting a podcast about UFOs.
>Jojo Siwa talks about coming out and her narc mom
>Ellen Paige posts a selfie of her wearing a sweatshirt that says "Protect trans kids." Still looks like she wants to kill herself.
>It's the Ed Sheeran comeback that no one asked for! Seems to be going into a pop punk direction, which, I'll admit, is automatically more interesting than his "more boring than watching paint dry" catalog of music.
>Nick Cannon needs to wear a condom. And stop giving his kids retarded names.
>Justin Bieber meets French President Emmanuel Marcon while looking like a heroin addict.
>Selena Gomez looks bloated.
>Chris Brown is accused of committing domestic violence again to the surprise of no one.
>Britney Spears breaks her silence on her conservatorship. Admits she's been lying this entire time and is actually miserable. Also details some of the abuse and restrictions she has gone through, including having an IUD in her that she wants, but isn't allowed, to be taken out.
>John McAfee offs himself in a Spanish prison.
>Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are spotted in NYC. Try to get into a club but are rejected for unknown reasons.
>Japanese singer Utada Hikaru comes out as a genderspecial, despite the fact that she's a 38 year old mom.
>Racesperging in regards to Halsey and Doja Cat. Again.
>Courtney Love accuses Olivia Rodrigo of ripping her off despite the fact that she didn't create the "crying prom queen" aesthetic but rather it was from Stephen King's Carrie.

No. 843813

ty for making a new thread, anon

No. 843814

it's been a horrible week for assault victims.

>Allison Mack of the NVXIM cult had her sentenced reduced

>Bill Cosby released based on technicality
>Kyle Massey of the well known anime Cory in the House facing prison time for the same reason as Drake Bell
>James Franco settles in sexual misconduct suit for $2.2 million

What in the actual fuck is going on with the legal system

No. 843817

File: 1625185038487.jpeg (374.9 KB, 828x1058, DC5E90F7-B2CF-4A07-A7BC-C0496B…)

Amber Heard also had a daughter via a surrogate. Nothing about who the father is though.


No. 843818

Delete this. This isn't stuff for /ot(mini-modding)

No. 843822

The fuck kind of name is that?
Also, I'm interested on why she can't have kids.

No. 843824

It’s Irish.

No. 843826

It looks awful but sounds like Oona, which is a common name where I'm from. God speed to the baby though.

No. 843831

Well, her party trick is putting coke up her cooter and she has several incurable STDs thanks to JD so one would think that would be a part of it kek

No. 843835

I'd think it's the amount of drugs…if you look up interviews with her on Youtube, in half of them she's coked out of her mind

No. 843836

excellent summary and thank you for the new thread, OP. all of our lazy asses were waiting for this

No. 843838

Seconding this!!

No. 843842

Can coke fuck up male fertility too? Does it just generally fuck up chances of conceiving?

No. 843845

Yeah, it does seem like it's pronounced as "Oona," a name that I am familiar with. Spelling is weird though, although Google tells me it's a variant.

No. 843871

It can lead to developmental issues too via man spunk.

No. 843873

I'm Irish for the record, it's pronounced "Ooh-Nug-Hug-hh"

No. 843877

I definitely wanna know more about the coke cooter trick nonna . Do you get high faster if you put coke in your cooter like you do with alcohol?

No. 843887

File: 1625192280690.jpeg (111.55 KB, 1080x1080, rs_600x600-180716151149-bekah-…)

I don't even know if she counts as a celebrity really but this girl who was a contestant on the Bachelor and now shills on instagram apparently said on a podcast that she had sex with her boyfriend while she was breastfeeding their infant child. am I being overdramatic or is this absolutely repulsive? neither of you could wait for a baby to not be attached to your boob?

No. 843888

Going to have to ask Heard about that lol not a druggie so I don’t know

No. 843903

I heard (pun unintended) that it works well when you put it up your asshole, which is a trick a lot of people whose other orifices are too busted to take coke use

No. 843904

That's pretty fucking gross. It's not just you.
Also is it just me, or does her boyfriend kinda look like Armie Hammer?

No. 843906

I hope sex with babies isn't normalised I might be sick.

No. 843908

well that fucking sucks. it's a wonder anyone in Hollywood and the music industry can reproduce with the stds, alcohol and drug abuse

No. 843915


She apparently had frozen embryos with Elon musk that he was fighting to be destroyed

No. 843918

I’m not sure if this was talked about yesterday but here it is, Britney will never be free. :*(


No. 843919


She has to file to end the conservatorship

No. 843927

That's unfortunate.

No. 843934

File: 1625197030360.jpeg (407.66 KB, 687x963, 217C2DF5-2BA7-44F0-8F94-807661…)

Holy shit, I hadn't heard about this! I forgot he existed tbh.

No. 843970

Another musky autist baby welcomed into the world? You think she would've thefted some of Depp's sperm…

The fact that his victim was even younger than Drake's, yikes

No. 843980

First Orlando, now Kyle.

No. 843997

Corey has known her since she was 4 years old. He told her mom that he could help the child become an actress and even invited the child to move on with him.

Another Y Chromosome moment.

No. 844016



No. 844023

kek, cory in the jailhouse

No. 844054

File: 1625219176513.jpg (338.4 KB, 1080x1147, ew.jpg)

Why is she so ugly?

No. 844060

Is that real or some seriously fucked up shoop? I thought she was kinda human looking before, even if she gives off an impression of being constantly unwashed.

No. 844061

if i had musk money the first thing i'd be doing is get my busted teeth fixed, but yeah vampire cosplay in the living room sure to each their own i guess

No. 844064

Jfc seeing this on the main page caught me off guard. What a surprise that it’s fucking Grimes kek.

No. 844066

eww she should stop overlining her lips. but otherwise for what it's worth im kinda glad seeing a woman that is not perfect (not conventonally attractive nose, imperfect teeth) that doesn't give a fuck despite being able to afford any change she wants. Just if only she wasn't musk's gf, that would be ideal

No. 844072

I heard for years Kyle Massey was a pedo, how is he only getting busted now I thought he already had been for this type of shit.

No. 844083

File: 1625222594694.jpg (96.97 KB, 927x1390, troll-doll-aka-dam-doll-first-…)

so sorry but she reminds me of those troll dolls from the 90s. Also is that bruising in her upper lip from the fillers?

No. 844087

File: 1625222834994.jpg (464.35 KB, 1936x1936, lx54u1ybva521.jpg)

She definitely had fillers, that's not overlining

No. 844089

It's the chipped teeth that really add to it.

No. 844093

Unpopular opinion: she looks cute and her face suits her persona idk and the fillers wasn’t a bad decision i kinda like it

No. 844094

her lips look identical here though, just on one she has a vibrant pink lipstick and another it seems like her foundation was also applied on the outside line of the lip, or she has them naturally this pale. I'm not 100% sure ofc but if she has lip fillers, it's barely anything.

No. 844098

I think so too! She has a really cute face, and why is America obsessed with 'fixing' their teeth? Bones aren't white. You don't have to be the most beautiful woman in the world just because you're popular?

I will however say that she sounds a bit thick when she speaks / types, fantastic producer though.

No. 844100

Seriously, what possessed her to look in the mirror, decide to get surgery, and go for her lips instead of her nose?
The vampire teeth look cute, though.

No. 844111

Why to get it fucked up like Momokun kek

No. 844114

>why is America obsessed with 'fixing' their teeth?
Marketing by dentists and companies producing whitening products etc. of course. It costs a lot of money and their dentists are immoral. A non-money-grabbing dentist that actually has your oral health in mind will always tell you not to fuck around with your teeth as long as they're healthy.

No. 844144

it looks like she already had shit done to her teeth, fillings on the front of her front teeth, looks more natural than veneers

No. 844146

Oh I don't doubt. I also don't understand how anons don't see the obvious fillers, not just in the lips but face too, her skin looks painfully tight.

No. 844158

File: 1625231974146.jpg (323.76 KB, 1365x2048, 1sdxrl.jpg)

An arrest warrant has been put out for Chris Hansen, who has failed to show up in court.

Oh dear this makes me want him even more. The only thing that I find upsetting is that onisan fans will be fucking creaming themselves

No. 844160

Wait, what did he do?

No. 844162



"The warrant announced on Thursday was issued in Michigan and comes after authorities say Mr Hansen ignored a subpoena in relation to a police sting operation conducted in October 2020. Mr Hansen had been called to testify about the operation. "

No. 844163

File: 1625232503465.png (509.85 KB, 1064x1468, Screenshot_20210702-142456~2.p…)

Seems like an automated warrant because he missed a court hearing he was meant to be testifying at. The news outlets are really making a meal out out it

No. 844168

File: 1625232985553.png (694.34 KB, 889x403, Untitled.png)

God I wish she'd stop overdoing the fillers. Her face has looked all sorts of fucked up since she got with that toad.

Her styling has always been um.. questionable? Underneath it all she used to be legitimately pretty. All of Elon's exes look pretty identical to each other and I think she's trying to have that same face. It's weird.

No. 844176

File: 1625234046357.jpg (226.29 KB, 683x1024, Donatella.jpg)


she needs to get out of Elons bimbofication ray, with that tight skin and her nose she's starting to look a little like donatella

No. 844178

my sides, anon!

No. 844186

She actually looks really cute here imo if you cover up those chipolata lips. Potato nose and all.

No. 844189

it's 100% from the fillers, you can tell by the ridge above her top lip

No. 844190

i know there are several years between those 2 pics, but the cheek fillers have aged her horribly

No. 844191

the fillers suck ass, she looks cute naturally just with a different nose than most white women. those aren't her real teeth.
ALSO it's clearly a shit pic because of focal length stuff, it's so obvious. look how distorted her whole face is

No. 844217

lmao i'm sure she would take it as a compliment.

No. 844253

File: 1625245292372.jpg (383.33 KB, 1200x1800, 1200px-Cannes_065_(28008265782…)

Is there any milk on Anna Kendrick ?
She's always seemed like cringy awkward NLOG to me

No. 844264

yeah i'd love some on her too. mean girl vibes.

No. 844301

I know the stylist from a Simple Favor made a Tiktok back in Feb about:
• Anna refusing to talk to her.
• Demanding 10k to wear the clothes.
• Throwing away all of her fan mail without reading it.
Just mean girl vibes.

No. 844310

I disagree, the actual volume of her lips look plumper, she likely has had fillers. Also, she definitely has received nasolabial filler

No. 844315

File: 1625251073823.jpeg (102 KB, 828x690, 1624490158882.jpeg)


Looks like she's wearing a tesla logo necklace. Between that and the spacex logo on her nose in that AI communism sperging tiktok she's becoming a bimbo billboard.

No. 844323

File: 1625251443108.jpeg (95.31 KB, 640x841, 6aomkOW.jpeg)

Agreed, I have always found her to have this fake zooey deschanel-esque awkward girl persona

No. 844324

Why on earth would she name her daughter that? Is Amber heard another American that claims to be Irish? That poor girl not only has to have her as a mother but will have to go to school with people unable to pronounce her name and most likely picked on for it, it’s stupid to have that kind of name outside of Ireland.

No. 844345

She probably just thinks it's a cool name lol. It was a reasonably common name in early/mid-century US and it's found outside Ireland these days, 'Oona' (that particularly spelling) consistently ranks in the top 20 in Finland for example.

No. 844346

samefag. her profile on ethniccelebs is funny. Ethnicity: Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, English, Irish, German, Scottish, Welsh… Um, what? lol. At least it wasn't scotch-irish lol. Is that supposed to mean scottish planters in northern ireland + english + irish + scottish from scotland (not planters?)… or? what the fuck are they on about?

No. 844350

I honestly think her features just make her look like a bitch lol, but then maybe she also is.

No. 844352

I'm an ulsterscot lol sorry y'all don't like immigrants. UK is a mix of western Europe, my planter route into Ireland started back in Denmark, like genetically it's been mixed for enough generations that there's no indigenous anything in UK and Ireland.

No. 844366

Celebrities give their kids weird or unusual names. More news at 11.

No. 844372

anon, you act as if celebrities do not consistently give their children insane names. oonagh is pretty tame. she would probably stick out more with a normie name in celeb circles

No. 844378

>no indigenous anything in UK and Ireland
Respectfully, this is nonsense and you've misread my post.

No. 844390

File: 1625258486277.jpg (138.5 KB, 1552x873, chrome_XMLPSOb8hW.jpg)

It looks like Zendaya and Tom Holland are each other's beards now.

Inch resting.

No. 844392

and so faux love between a dyke and faggot ignites

No. 844394


Um ew. First tweet is sexual harassment. Second tweet is just not actually funny.

To me she comes across as one of those theater kid mean girls that thinks they're better than everyone else.

No. 844396

I do not understand over how people could thirst for this guy who has no lips, they are paperthin. He also looks like a kid.

Will not be surprised if it's a part of PR, they've been baiting whether they are dating or not during spider man days.

No. 844401


No. 844406

This could just be PR dating considering there's a new Spiderman film coming out, where they play love interests

No. 844408

What's the sauce on zendaya being gay?

No. 844409

File: 1625259749341.jpg (103.71 KB, 750x737, af035a622533e5b788f49437421f59…)

Certain sites suggest that he's dating his personal assistant/fellow actor Harrison Osterfield and he's not planning to come out anytime soon

No. 844413

Ayrt, I know, I don't mean because it is weird and uncommon. I mean because of how 99% of people won't likely be able to pronounce it.

No. 844415

took a quick look at this and thought zendaya was the one on the right kissing some random girl

No. 844417

Terminal levels of anime consumptions. Not even women or the ultra rich are safe from this cancer.

No. 844418

Stupid question but could it be that the surrogate mother is Irish and that's where the name comes from…?

No. 844420

Another famous white guy dating a f*cking mulatta. Imagine how tired we are.(racebaiting)

No. 844421

I don't even care about his lips, it's the fact that he looks like a kid. Want to assume most of his fangirls are young but I can't imagine why anyone my age (and we are the same age) can lust after this baby faced looking dude

No. 844423

idk any milk on her but I've always been fucking dumbfounded at how many people call her gorgeous and gush about her beauty. I'm too autistic to even care about facial beauty most of the time but I don't even want to watch her as a lead actress with her bland, pinched facial features. Her and Tina Fey have a type of beaky white woman face that I'll never understand the appeal of.

No. 844425

also you can say 'fuck' here

No. 844426

Adding a "" is more dramatic. Now fck off.

No. 844428

You okay?

No. 844429

ew they look like teenage brothers

No. 844430

if you're underaged I guess

No. 844432

eh it could be pr but they're pretty cute together imo

No. 844433

Well she seems to disagree anon lol

No. 844434

She plays gay in Euphoria

No. 844435

I'm perfectly fine. Just tired to see all these mixed girls everywhere.

No. 844436

Minus being friends what evidence proves this theory? So stupid.

No. 844437

You big into breeding then. Cool

No. 844439

just a meme probably because her 2012 swag~ photos lol

No. 844441

>no sage
Are you one of the jilted KF scrotes, fat women or trannies? Can you leave?

No. 844442


He looked cuter with the blonde girl.

No. 844443

I'm fat and I don't care about interracial dating, don't do us fat chicks like that

No. 844444

Isn't the character she dates/fucks (never seen the whole thing tbh) in that show a troon though?

No. 844446

Why does it matter that he is white? Would you prefer mixed girls only date black men? What does their race even have to do with anything?

No. 844447

Yeah. The character is supposed to be a lesbian though.

No. 844448

Bless you fat-anon, I hope you have a good day

No. 844449

You're right anon, I was just thinking of that one pic with the different KF mods

No. 844452

File: 1625262452201.png (582.61 KB, 638x471, sha.PNG)

They probably are together, but this seems so staged.

No. 844453

I’m so tired of mice race sperging in these thread. Who the fuck cares?

No. 844454

ahh, my apologies for existing racist-chan! you should probably learn to sage though

No. 844455

If that’s true then wow. Honey you’re not even that cute. Be humble.

No. 844460

File: 1625262704759.png (431.64 KB, 455x810, B82CDC87-7349-462E-B763-72B4F2…)

she’s a tomboy and posted some dyke-y shit on her socials, and played a bisexual “lesbian” character, so people assumed she’s gay.

No. 844525

go back to lsa or stop seething

No. 844562

File: 1625273303202.png (173.97 KB, 965x542, d1b9c8b92b5473c1db8c08dd69247b…)

No. 844564

File: 1625273486097.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.2 KB, 615x410, 1360537445_christopher-dorner.…)

Whats next? The dad from thats so raven is gonna turn out to be a murderer?-


No. 844575

not everyone is as dumb as you

No. 844580

Why even bother typing such a childish reply anon?

No. 844591

this was 10 years in the making, too. absolutely disgusting.

No. 844594

launching tomorrow apparently. i thought it was fake for some reason

No. 844596

>another y chromosome moment

I haven't been here in a year, why the hell are there so many terfs here? Was tumblr not enough to satiate your pussy cult

No. 844601

File: 1625278700259.png (253.13 KB, 640x360, briana-responds-blurred-146011…)

I do not understand this ? its literally One Direction Louis Tomlinson's baby is fake Fujoshi-tier, believing in grand conspiracies of big bad hollywood keeping their favs from expressing their real sexuality is literally schitzoid behavior, and sort of proof that x individual is a gay or a lesbian usually comes across delusional, homophonic, sexist and misogynistic
Retards have been claiming I'm gay since I was a teenager, just cause I like wearing comfortable clothing

No. 844603

Honestly, I think all social medias that completely rely on just "muh freeze peach" and "discourse" are kinda doomed to fails.
Not only do like 90% people just so happen to not be weirdo's that go on social media for the single purpose of dishing hot takes all day, not only will inevitably almost the whole community be a bunch of weird schizoid boomers/redpillers that keep everybody else away, but inevitably you are gonna have content in the site that is kinda morally questionable and you're gonna have to ban it but now since you based your whole image around "freeze peach" the people that you attracted are gonna get mad at you for moderating them.

I wonder what Donny boy is gonna do if/when people start posting schizo infographics about "(((them)))".

No. 844604

Are you stanning the pedophile in this argument, because that's what it looks like.

No. 844607

If pointing out male failures makes you a terf, then how does that not make lc a terf haven from the get-go.

No. 844610

okay pedo lover

No. 844611

the ego on this douche

No. 844613

samn, u right, women can be just as pedophile as men, all God's children are bastards

No. 844619

obvious newfag pretending to be a former farmer is obvious.

there are only terfs and Stacies here. as the good lord intended.

No. 844621


No, but that being the conclusion you jump to really makes me contemplate if you're a terf who has never spoken to man other than her father and makes 100 post notes on tumblr dot com about how all het women would be healther if they dumped their husbands and projects her own personal trauma onto every single person with a vagina

go back to your tumblr hugbox and leave imageboards alone(what is this spacing)

No. 844622

not the fucking tumblr reddit spacing oh my god

gtfo and learn to integrate, newfag.

No. 844628

What does being a terf has anything to do with hating men? Wouldn’t anon be just a radfem?
Being retarded must be so difficult.

No. 844636

they learned a new word today

No. 844638

File: 1625282285306.jpg (160.06 KB, 1280x711, 8109f8e84a43131ad_90960277_128…)

>there are only terfs and Stacies here.
True and based though the terms are mutually inclusive

No. 844652

Anon that's Christopher Dorner. That was not the dad in That's So Raven, he was actually relieved he died because they look so much alike. Do better lol.

No. 844656

Anon it's a joke.

No. 844659

File: 1625285204869.jpg (302.99 KB, 1954x973, grimes_needtoknow.jpg)

I don’t know why this makes me sad. Her face and lips looks like they're about to pop it’s so tight, and all her features look so apart. The makeup is doing no favors either I guess?

No. 844662

man and he's just gonna leave her when the kids start school

No. 844668

You can’t really be a radfem without being a terf lmao

No. 844700


No. 844714

> Lesbian dating a man with long hair
Yeah, totez gay

No. 844830

there are not only terfs here, ya'll just speak the loudest. 5 years ago every thread didn't turn into gc sperging and farmers could refer to a trans person with whatever pronoun they liked without a bunch of you screeching and saying "dO yOu KnOw WhErE yOu ArE????"

No. 844835

You'd have a point if Tom Holland wasn't one of the most blatantly closeted people and these photos weren't obviously staged for some sort of PR.

>Retards have been claiming I'm gay since I was a teenager, just cause I like wearing comfortable clothing

Then stop dressing like a dyke and getting mad people assume you're a dyke? lmfao

No. 844852

Seriously. They come here, try to impose their own little subculture on the entire website, and these people are the same now gatekeeping from "newfags". Buncha opinionated self-important circlejerkers.
I'll take my ban for derailing, idc

No. 844857

5 years ago there were a bunch of males posting dumb shit

No. 844870

go back to twitter please I beg
Also 5 years ago, this site was full of males kek are you dumb?
Trans shit is cringe and should be mocked, end of story. Trans shit will never be accepted.

No. 844872

Last time I checked there has been a mtf and fakeboi lolcow thread on /snow/ created more than 5 years ago
I don't care about what your dumb stance of tranners is, but trannies are retarded and they deserve to be made fun of. If you can't take it, go back to whatever other pro-tranny website you might like. I suggest lipstick alley

No. 844877

Fakeboi thread was originally made to laugh at fake trans, implying there are true trans, as many og posters considered themselves to be.

No. 844878

yeah, i'll take the ban too lol
i never had a twitter, this is some dumb gatekeeping of lc. i actually do have plenty of gc views and i like that this is a ciswoman only space, but it gets old that as soon as someone aren't as radical as some of you, they are accused of being a newfag when some of us have probably been here for longer than you. it doesn't even take much, a simple pronoun will get you out of your chairs and it's annoying. a good example would be the old soren threads, everyone refered to soren as "he" and no one had an issue or started debates about it until years later where terfs came and accused old regulars of being newfags and asking why farmers were "suddenly saying he" when it's the other way around. get mad about non terfs if you want, but pretending that you were here first is delusional
funny cus i never share my views on trans people here, nor do i care how many of you do, it's the gatekeeping and screeching everytime you smell a non terf that gets annoying

No. 844880

difference is that now the rules say that males can't announce themselves but nowhere does it say that you have to be a terf

No. 844882

You're not wrong but you won't win this argument, the loudest ones won't listen and responding to it will only get you a ban. Just let it go

No. 844883

>gatekeeping of lc.
which is a good thing
please go away already

No. 844886

>tHe lOudEsT oNeS
Do you mean women with brains?

No. 844888

yeah im done kek, i'll let them terf in peace now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 844889

Nta, but no. I don't want this to become just another circlejerk. That would be sad.
I'll shut up now too.

No. 844892

>fakeboi thread
>true trans (FtM)
>identifying as a man and considering yourself a "true" man (mentally)
>still posting on a woman's imageboard and making fun of those who are "less man (mentally)" than you
Make it make sense. Don't try to "Actually, this was NEVER a woman's board" either, that'll show your hand too soon lol

No. 844915

>wanting trannies and tranny supporters to run free and wild on this website when it's a fact all of them are mentally ill wokerinos
now that would be extra sad

No. 844925

plenty of lesbians dress feminine tho

No. 844926

File: 1625325104459.png (194.04 KB, 505x284, ice_screenshot_20210703-170412…)

No. 844932

File: 1625325633668.jpg (154.04 KB, 681x383, iggy-azalea.jpg)

WTF i'd never recognize her here, kinda crazy

No. 844935

Not gonna lie, I genuinely thought this was Nicki Minaj when I first saw these photos. Apparently it's the filter over the video making her look so tan

No. 844937

Honestly this might be the only sort of "cancellation" I agree with, she does fetishize African American culture and dumbass dusty black men let her and invited her in

No. 844938

File: 1625325778813.png (56.28 KB, 558x604, lmao.png)

she also keeps on responding to people calling her out, embarrassing you know you have hit rock bottom in irrelevancy when you argue with random twitter users.

No. 844940

File: 1625325968663.png (38.38 KB, 565x226, ice_screenshot_20210703-172550…)

and also begging fans to trend your music

No. 844945

I thought it’s cardi b kek honestly i don’t even know if you can really call this black fishing to me it’s the female rapper uniform they all gonna put on to make it in the business

No. 844949

>i don’t even know if you can really call this black fishing

No. 844955

so this is what rock bottom looks like?
i bet she's going to pull a miley cyrus and put out bland ass pop/rock music in 3 years while wearing blue contacts.
and honestly she'll never be held accountable because bm will let her do anything she wants if it means they can watch a her twerk her plastic filled ass.

No. 844957

I kinda doubt it, Miley did both for clout but Iggy literally does fetishize black culture and yeah BM do not mind, they will literally throw black women under the bus and make way for fetishizers like Iggy

No. 844958

Kek thought it was Kim K for a moment.

No. 844964

File: 1625329072632.jpeg (79.14 KB, 777x686, 7C0C51D5-383C-4A92-AF8A-B67C9A…)

hard to believe she ever looked like this

No. 844970


isn't she a literal faghag who only hangs out with gay men and drag queens? they probably won't call her out for this shit, I honestly thought the pic posted was a latino/black women scrolling past

No. 844980

>isn't she a literal faghag who only hangs out with gay men and drag queens?
She is, also i feel like she is in too deep when it comes to only pandering to them that if she stopped she would lose the majority of her fans.
I only see gay men defending her, she does have a loyal fanbase atleast.

No. 844988

looks like a drag queen

No. 844990

File: 1625331656812.jpg (194.63 KB, 1152x2048, E5YRcvHVEAMeKxR.jpg)

No. 844992

File: 1625331836100.jpeg (167.58 KB, 828x479, 69705A4D-638F-41D7-8C23-1713B6…)

she really is digging herself deeper by directly replying to people

this is why PR folks eventually end up controlling celebrity twitter accounts, y'all

No. 845011

She looks like a hybrid of khloe and Kim Kardashian with a pinch of Cardi B. Why couldn't she just stay how she was for before the new classic with the ponytail

No. 845022

for what purpose would this PR relationship even be like, I keep on hearing you delusional morons continuously its a "PR relationship" "PR Marriage" "PR baby" since 2014 with every guy on Trumblr, like stop that's not how companies work or what they do

No. 845026

scrolling, I thought she was a tranny. what the hell has she done to herself now?

No. 845030

its a cope for that fact that those men will never be with them. They spend all their time simping and and making up fantasy scenarios about these men so when these dudes get into a relationship they cant deal with their fave uwu boy actually being with someone so they either start making up rumors that the guy is gay or that it is PR.

No. 845037

I can understand that, but this whole "PR relationship" term is the weird thing, It just seems dumb as fuck and I don't get how any believes in that shit
even Shit like "PR marriages"

No. 845041

boosting profiles, money. PR couples are a real phenomenon. These industries are fake as fuck, it's a smoke and mirrors world.

No. 845042

can you name one of these "PR relationships" in the last 10 years

No. 845043

Theoretically speaking, wouldn't it make sense to have two co-stars of your movie date for a bit as a PR move? Things like that always get people talking.

No. 845046

If Tom ever has a kid I wonder if it's going to be similar to the Benedict Cumberbatch fangirls denialism

No. 845048

Nta, but have you forgotten about that awkward "relationship" Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston had? I'd argue that Kirsten Stewart and Rob Pattinson thing looked really fake too.

No. 845053

nta, i can't decide if it's fake or just repellent but blake shelton and gwen stefani

No. 845055


Drake And Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles plus Selena Gomez and Zedd

If you really think celebs don't fake relationships when they do a collab or just to bost sales (Selena Gomez and Zedd is a good example since they worked on one song, publicly annouced they were dating, dropped the song and "broke up" almost as soon as it dropped from the chart) you have no idea about the history of hollywood and actors in general

No. 845058

File: 1625339062326.jpg (54.83 KB, 467x345, 1370956367_ellen-page-alexande…)

Check out the dating history of some lesbian actresses prior to them coming out (Ellen Page, Jodie Foster, KStew). Isn't it weird to you that all of them dated men, even though they claim to be gay?

No. 845059

kstew is bisexual though?

No. 845077

Shes obviously white in every other part of the video, I don’t think she’s purposefully trying to be black at all. People are going to give her a hard time no matter what because she’s a white girl with a hood accent and made it big in pop rap for a moment.

No. 845084

File: 1625340682889.jpeg (523.86 KB, 828x729, 64E0D4F3-0434-440F-9BD8-2AEB4C…)

she's gone so overboard with her surgery regardless that the kardashian comparison is understandable. shes only 31…

No. 845086

Her accent is fake, lmao. She's from Mullumbimby, Australia.
She's been trying to cosplay as another race for a while now, it's honestly cringe.

No. 845089

File: 1625340957539.jpg (41.24 KB, 500x667, db705a7b11da1d3468a7dc0e5351e1…)

That nosejob doesn't look good at all

No. 845092

nta but Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton, Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, Kanye West and Irina Shayk, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (in the year 2021, right after she split from A-Rod). if you read blind gossip you'll begin to realize how many celebrity relationships are based on a contract.

No. 845096

all these relationships you listed were genuine, I mean there is literally no proof for your shit

No. 845098

She's racist and was accused of faking a black accent when she shings, and now she pulls out this? Idk it's very suspicious.
Couldn't she own this look? or did she had no career left to use it so she needs a stunt?

No. 845099

Wait… is that iggy??? uuuhhhh what the actual fuck.

No. 845100

and do you have a single shred of proof

No. 845103

Looks like some manchester girl or huda kattan. I don't understand how does this have to do with black people.

No. 845105

File: 1625343869872.jpg (44.77 KB, 720x564, IMG_20210703_221955_314.jpg)

Her makeup artist is defending her in the comments of this tiktok.

No. 845108

Why are anons pressed about PR relationships? They’ve existed since Hollywood began, sorry your favs aren’t actually twu wuvs

No. 845109

i think she has really bad body dysmorphia due to being called manly and ugly all these years, which is why she keeps on tweaking her body and face.
And same goes for Chloe too.

No. 845110

Maybe cause I've seen these fags on Tumblr since 2014, always the same observations and same complaints a fake relationship, fake wedding and fake baby, at some point it gets delusional tier
I think most of the time it's wishful thinking, like those retard spahics getting upset Taylor Swift had a long term relationship since 2016, or the previous thread with Ana Taylor Johnson
It always sounds like cope or schitzo posting

No. 845118

they literally have a movie together

No. 845125

lmaoooo her and Ariana are starting to look the same

No. 845126

Her face is so plastic, I thought I was looking at an ariana grande impersonator or whatever. Imagine if this came out now lmao

No. 845132

Nta but why does this seem so unbelievable? There are many reasons why celebrities would want to appear like they are dating:

No. 845143

File: 1625347281912.jpeg (482.98 KB, 828x913, A2750A0C-1774-468C-A8F2-068852…)

Speaking of questionable relationships

No. 845153

using a link from one the those insane Benedict Cumberbatch tinfoilers is proving that anons point.

No. 845165

i don't get the "shawn mendes is gay" tinfoil, maybe it's different in usa but if i saw him in the street in my country i would assume he was straight. there are literally thousands of straight men that look like him here

No. 845167

Middle-aged gay white men on Twitter literally just saw him, got mad and said "No way THAT can belong to straight girls", and now here we are, lmao.

No. 845183

i don't get it either. what's the origin of these theories? tumblr girls who like to write harry styles/louis type fanfiction? jealous fangirls? that being said Shawn and Camila seem a lot like staged relationship but if that's even true then it's for the song promotion not as a coverup. i'm surprised they're still together
damn it Grimes nose and cheeks skin looks like its about to burst any time. it's so stretched and has an ugly shine. what's next that muskrat tells her to do, brow lift? foxy eye?

No. 845205

moids are always so obvious. they overreact to women having opinions. 'gtfo tranny' suddenly equals 'unholy screeching and gatekeeping uwu'
and 99.9% of the human race are terfs kek. go cry in the streets.

what about kristen banging that director to get the snow white gig? She looked pretty damn cosy with him. but she also identifies as bi so I guess she's irrelevant on the topic of beards(derailing)

No. 845215

File: 1625355170051.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, EEE1E54C-0CFA-4E0A-A108-E31301…)

And yet another celebrity claims that they’re “queer” in a desperate attempt to remain relevant and don’t specify further.

But hey. It’s a dude this time

No. 845219

nah he's been fucking troons and sucking dick for a while now. He came out years ago and said it wasn't true, last I heard of him he talked about how he had troon girlfriends and sucked a guy off.

No. 845220

Some people do go overboard, but I have no inclination to believe that any celebrity is doing anything genuine. In a world of social climbing and shady shit, why would relationships be sacred.

No. 845222

Literally who

No. 845228

File: 1625355832773.png (29.2 KB, 752x307, Tyler Posey.png)

is he still trying to get attention from 'the gays' with his desperate onlyfans account

No. 845266

>overreact to women having opinions
this is just ironic considering how terfs on lc react to any woman who isn't a full on terf(derailing)

No. 845310

The fact that he's been receiving sexually inappropriate messages since he was 14 by these men is really just disgusting,
It was a trend on Gay Twitter to say more and inappropriate comments about him attached with clips from porn
Shawn's fans were majority teenage girls and they would get offended by these comments, but the males still kept piling and on and this "meme" eventually evolved into riling up his underage female audience, so you'd have a twitter thread of some teen girls talking about their crush on Shawn and one of these males would post a porn gif and say something along the lines of "oh sorry girls shawn is a bottom faggot and doesn't want you"
so it's just gay men being misogynist fucks and a minority of faghags imitating them

No. 845315

Looking like Robbie/Blaire White here

No. 845322

He's a disgusting porn sick attention addict coomer so I don't doubt he fucked every kind of disgusting holes

No. 845386

"LGBTQ member" makes it sound like he joined a cult. I guess it kind of is these days

No. 845393

You'd be surprised how many gay actors are still afraid to come out out of fear that it'd affect their career

No. 845423

I assume there are some actual closeted Gay actors, but I do think 99% of actors and actresses twitterfags think are gay, actually aren't
it's always based on wishful thinking, homophobic Stereotype and a lot delusional nitpicking and taking "signs" out of context
There is literally never given proof most of the time of why "x is gay"

No. 845433

What kind of proof do you expect? If there was undeniable evidence out there, they wouldn't be able to stay closeted in the first place.

I agree that it's generally wishful thinking because what are the odds the gay stars just happen to be the ones with big gay/fujo fanbases but you never know.

No. 845440

>If there was undeniable evidence out there, they wouldn't be able to stay closeted in the first place

No. 845441

High profile figures and celebs take out super injunctions all the time regarding certain facets of their personal life. That way they can sue people who perpetuate shit they don't want out there.

There's a journalist in NI that's gay and has a ban on it being disclosed. He recently took a twitter troll to court and won damages for a 6 figure sum.

No. 845442

I'm sorry Tom Hiddelsonton wasn't actually gay, but in this age where celebs are followed around at every turn, I'm sure there would be some proof
Stop being delusional

No. 845448

This is so retarded. Why are people obsessed with the conspiracy that various male celebrities are secretly gay? It likely does stem from twittertards hoping their favs are gay. Like do you remember the whole thing with one direction fans truly believing Harry and Louis were in a relationship. That was awful for the two of them.

No. 845449

Speaking of Tom Hiddleston (I love him kek), people on woke Twitter are almost boycotting the Loki tv series because it seems he isn’t having a gay lover and their fanfic dreams aren’t becoming reality.

No. 845455

>It likely does stem from twittertards hoping their favs are gay
Wrong, lavender marriages and PR relationships actually date back to the 1920s:
"During the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1920s, actors and actresses shot to fame—but only if they tailored their images to the demands of the big studios. For LGBT actors, that often meant marrying a person of the opposite sex.

Queerness could be appreciated on stage, but in the every day lives of major stars it was often hidden in sham unions known as "lavender marriages," according to Stephen Tropiano, professor of Screen Studies at Ithaca College and author of The Prime Time Closet: A History of Gays and Lesbians on TV.

These marriages were arranged by Hollywood studios between one or more gay, lesbian or bisexual people in order to hide their sexual orientation from the public. They date back to the early 20th century and carried on past the gay liberation movement of the 1960s.

Lavender marriages were a solve in part for “moral clauses” issued by big studios at the time. The clauses, first introduced by Universal Film Company, permitted the company to discontinue actors' salaries "if they forfeit the respect of the public.” The kind of behavior deemed unacceptable ranged widely from criminal activity to association with any conduct that was considered indecent or startling to the community. The clauses exist to this day.

“We have to remember that a lot of these decisions that were being made, they were economic decisions,” says Tropiano. “It was about a person holding on to their career.”" Source: https://www.history.com/news/hollywood-lmarriages-gay-stars-lgbt
Why is it so unbelievable that people still do this today out of fear that coming out would affect their career?

No. 845464

ok nonnie

No. 845478

Wait people are still shitting this thread up with conspiracy theories about their fave celebs being gay.
Either way there is a thread about closeted celebs where you can talk about that there -> >>>/ot/536373

No. 845479

yeah to me it looks like she is trying to make herself look biracial/latina/brown/arab which is just as bad.

No. 845483

File: 1625402093360.png (112.68 KB, 699x362, ice_screenshot_20210704-143355…)

Cardi b changed her profile picture to the ''there is no such thing as a coincidence'' guy.

No. 845526

I mean celebrities are literally products their whole thing is being appealing to the masses so they can generate as much sales in whatever projects they align with. I know fuck all about Tom Hiddleson except he was spiderman I think, but it's not delusional to know celebrities lie for publicity.

No. 845528

It's delusional to think nearly all of them are gay.

No. 845531

You're right, but I wouldn't bother. Some anons itt are retarded, they have no idea how the world works.

No. 845537

lmao literally noone said that almost all of them are gay, just some of them

No. 845547

and it's always celebs popular with teenage girls, I wonder why…

No. 845548

File: 1625406507429.png (277.69 KB, 597x497, cardi.png)

Profile pic makes this funnier somehow

No. 845573

File: 1625408850821.jpg (582.9 KB, 1080x1922, IMG_20210704_162101.jpg)

Selena's gained weight.

No. 845575

I think she looks cute.

No. 845576

Holy shit, FREE WILLY

No. 845577

no, i actually think she has lost weight, weren't there pictures a couple of moths ago where she was bigger than this.

No. 845578

ok anachan

No. 845579

A different bikini could've been more flattering but I like it tbh. She looks good.

No. 845582

have you not seen her since her disney days or what? she's been seen way bigger than this. i think she looks good

No. 845583

>hasn’t been here for a year

explains everything

No. 845585

Are you all blind or coping? She's overweight, there's rolls on her stomach and her upper arm is a dead giveaway to her frame.

No. 845595

Ew the stomach though? Looks like she’s only had beige fast food for a few month

No. 845596

File: 1625411230360.jpeg (84.79 KB, 800x800, B26C3B59-AEA7-4D40-8784-D2CDE7…)

She looked so cute in Ice Cream mc

No. 845598

Idk I look the same and I have a bmi between 20 and 21

No. 845599

scandifag here, i know it's all just based on norse mythology and not supposed to actually represent it but kek, loke isn't gay in norse mythology so this is just funny to me

No. 845601

Those type of panties look shit on everybody tbh.

No. 845603

her weight gain is a mix of lupus and her being a alcoholic.
I think this was already discussed before.

No. 845604

agree, i hate today's bikini trends. but her body is cute, i feel sorry for anyone who thinks she is fat. it sucks to have such a warped view of what bodies should look like, i've been there. i hope you get well soon, anachan anons

No. 845605

cranky cause you're hangry, ana-chan?

No. 845606

File: 1625412132992.png (541.58 KB, 721x486, angie.png)

No. 845608

File: 1625412169018.jpg (366.59 KB, 2000x1334, weeknd-angelina-1.jpg)

No. 845611

well that was unexpected

No. 845612

Her lupus she’s referred to as leukemia? Keep believing this druggie has any legitimate illness. She went right back to drinking after her kidney transplant.

No. 845614

No. 845618

wow, he looks old and botched. has he had work done?

No. 845620

Fridge figures and giant shoulders will never be "cute", not even on thin women.

No. 845621

he looks the exact same as always

No. 845626

yes i know she also does drugs but that doesn't change that her lupus was caused by drug use and being a alcoholic and that she does have lupus no matter what it was caused by.

No. 845629

hes always been ugly with chipmunk cheeks.

No. 845630

Drugs don't cause lupus though, it's an immune disorder.

No. 845632

I mean there was never once any Indication that he was gay in the entire MCU, but for some reason twitter queers had this headcanon of him being Pansexual or something

No. 845634

Imagine thinking this is being overweight. Retired anachans coming in and calling female celebrities fat and thinking it’s milk gets on my fucking nerves. Her gaining weight isn’t milk you absolute retard, kys

No. 845635

Right now it would literally increase someone's credibility if they came out as gay, I swear to god it was one to thing have your retarded headcanons but now you actually believe your own delusions

No. 845643

>Right now it would literally increase someone's credibility if they came out as gay

I know this is LC but homophobia does still actually exist. Do you really think that, let's say Jamie Foxx coming out would boost his popularity and not tank his career?

No. 845663

File: 1625416801944.jpg (24.15 KB, 652x107, Screenshot_10.jpg)

Except if they already appeared having straight PR relationships. Then it would do the opposite

No. 845675

shut the fuck up, your opinion is not objective and your opinion is trash and reeks misogynist scrote WHO's never seen a woman outside of porn and hentai

No. 845680

i saw someone on instagram say that the tom holland and zendaya photo looks like they're just spontaneously kissing to mess with paparazzi and fans i can see it. they seem like the kind of people who would do something like that for laughs

No. 845703

Good for her

No. 845709

>Do you really think that, let's say Jamie Foxx coming out would boost his popularity and not tank his career?
that's the thing, as another anon already pointed out a lot of these supposed gay males all happen to be one's popular on twitter and have gay/fujo fanbases

No. 845713

but literally where though

No. 845721

She looks good anon and so do you

No. 845756

File: 1625424511216.png (546.28 KB, 1144x628, chet.png)

Chet Hank's ex leaked their texts

No. 845760

>chet hanks
literally who

No. 845762

Tom Hanks' son

No. 845767

Is he the cringe one that has a fake Jamaican accent or something?

No. 845768

No. 845789

Yeah that’s why he dated Selena. Lmao

No. 845792

Justifying it by talking about his mom being domineering.. immediately followed by him talking about being needing to be 'respected as a man' oh it's just perfect

No. 845806

based comment. plenty of high-fashion models have ill-defined waists and broad shoulders. Fuck coomers.

No. 845809

Do you seriously think anyone with rolls or flabby arms falls into the medical category of overweight?? She's probably BMI 23 and just doesn't exercise so she doesnt look as toned. She's not skinny, some might even call her chubby but she's deff in the healthy weight range.

No. 845822

File: 1625429337068.jpg (141.31 KB, 1200x879, 03T1991.jpg)

No. 845882

Shut up oh my god. You're worse than males with all this nitpicking and unachievable standards

No. 845901

fridge :^)

No. 845923

Like George Michael

No. 845940

Shame your dad didn't make you a stain on the couch instead of a stain on this thread.

No. 845945

egdirf(Have a piece of bread )

No. 846051

File: 1625446680027.jpg (410.61 KB, 1080x2188, Screenshot_20210705_025153.jpg)

not new, but john mulaney and olivia munn had this totally candid pap pic taken of them. it's wild how i used to find him funny but now everything about him is just repulsive to me. dating some hollywood star immediately after leaving your wife + within a year of getting sober and calling paps so you can prove how totally happy you are or whatever this is? what a pathetic man

No. 846053

if this is overweight to you you must be a bag of bones anachan jfc

No. 846071

kek people born after 1999 really do think a woman's body is supposed to look like a wisdom tooth

No. 846090


i agree it's insensitive.

addicts really tend to be massive assholes even in recovery unless they actively try to become better people. if his wife stayed with him through substance abuse, one of like 3 things could be happening:

1. she liked the guy he was when he was using
2. she thought she could save him
3. he had her completely manipulated in a narc-style hoover relationship

in every case it's really for the best that they're not together, but it sucks she didn't dump him first.

No. 846101

high fashion models do not look like a lump of mashed potatoes, amerifat.
coming out only works if your fans are young and woke/addicted to the internet. if you’re fans are 30+ and normal or conservative, it’s career suicide

No. 846104

30 year olds rn were born in 1991, little buddy

No. 846124

> now appreciate how radical it is for us as women to think about one of the most fundamental parts of our destinies in this way.

What in the fucktard is this?!
She bought that child and she calls it a fundamental part of her destiny as a woman?

No. 846163

she looks healthy

No. 846174

Where in my post did I say that Selena looks like a high fashion model? She obviously doesn't, and I think she also looks chunky, but it's retarded to act like women with broad shoulders are inherently ugly. I hope your reading comprehension gets better.

also sick insult, except I'm not a fatty. good try!

No. 846224

She looks fine. The weight sperging in this thread is so weird sometimes. Come back when she gains 50 more lbs and she’s bordering obese like Aubrey O'Day did last year.

No. 846284

what -don't- they headcanon as queer bullshit

No. 846288

She looks like she has sober weight tbh, combined with her cooking show weight. I hope she does recover and pivots towards being a wellness/culinary celeb like goop or Chrissy Teigen. I want to see the messiness Selener might bring to the table.

No. 846361

File: 1625488968357.jpeg (877.61 KB, 787x911, BCCC94E0-312E-412A-94CF-1601EF…)

Chrissy has ended her social media hiatus after the leaked tweets of her shit talking little girls and telling a teenager to kill herself, and she’s as shameless as ever- flaunting her wealth and going on luxury vacations with her gay husband (who remains silent on the whole scandal)

No. 846408

File: 1625497423782.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, 9900B55B-28A0-4726-855C-28A7DD…)

grimes defending elon under a tiktok that was clearly a joke

No. 846455

This makes me want to cyber bully her

No. 846485

You know there's some truth to it when it stings enough for her to comment on it…

No. 846497

Úna is Irish.
Oonagh is like the name of a ghoul from Scooby Doo

No. 846504

oona or oonagh are anglicised versions that have been in use for some time

No. 846509

Hahahahhahahhahahahahhahhahahha he’s a faggot and his jaw looks like troll face

No. 846510

Why does he look like a literal reptile wearing human skin? He's so ugly

No. 846555

John legend should fire his stylist

No. 846574

in 2012-13 grimes was THE hottest thing in canadian music. my friends wouldn't shut up about her and majical cloudz and sucked up so hard to anyone with arbutus connections. i couldn't go to anyone's house without hearing her songs or seeing one of her vieos. she was supposedly the coolest edgiest thing that had ever happened&while her music is good, i didn't get why anyone fell for her "i'm so quirky and nerdy and not like the other girls" obvious attention-seeking persona. now that the hype's faded and she's trying to babytrap an actually famous person so she can stay in the spotlight (also defending horrific treatment of workers as "the cost of doing business) i feel vindicated. her jack-layton-dick-sucking, rabidly pro-grant, trust fund leftist fans look pretty stupid now

No. 846649

File: 1625519121674.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1242x2059, F5C9E547-B508-4B6E-AE23-381444…)

Dove Cameron just posted this. Girl needs to learn how to edited consistently because who the fuck is this?? That face is wtf.

No. 846650

Uhhhhh what the fuck? “there’s no actual records of using child slavery so let’s just keep pretending that they don’t :)”

No. 846656

File: 1625519891056.jpeg (512.24 KB, 1125x1098, 8B17BF28-9993-429E-BD35-32CB95…)

kek she’s naturally a very pretty girl but seems like she has a long/consistent history of photoshopping

No. 846661

Nothing about her current face is natural nonita kek

No. 846671

someone took a bite out of her left buttcheek I guess

No. 846674

She’s honestly been a personal cow of mine for years. She came out as “queer” recently too. So much ps/lying about it and she shoops like Amanda Brett trying to look like a big eyed alien princess. She even poste pics of her dad recently(deceased) for Father’s Day calling him an alien I thought it was weird.

No. 846682

File: 1625521927133.jpg (83.45 KB, 720x699, 6403247832043256.jpg)

>dove cameron

No. 846691

oh wow oops, I’m not really familiar with her, guess it’s naive of me to assume any modern celeb is “naturally” pretty kek

No. 846696

File: 1625523556437.png (6.75 MB, 1242x2208, 94F26C57-6F62-42A6-BAAF-291C40…)

She looks like a balding toddler in real life kek

No. 846704

Olivia Rodrigo (turned 18 in February) is rumored to be dating 24 year-old Adam Faze. Apparently he’s known her since she was 13 but I’ve just seen stans saying that and not any sources, plus I don’t follow her super closely. It just reminds me of Billie Eilish to be honest.

No. 846712

looking like a stock photo lmao

No. 846715

is it just me or does pre surgery dove look similar to shannon (creepshowart)?

No. 846717

Do women in hollywood not love themselves? He's so fugly and doesn't even have a good body. Considering there's billionaires who are better looking and his music is popular I have to think that the main perk of a celebrity dating him is staying relevant and in the tabloids.

No. 846724

File: 1625528263586.jpg (306.34 KB, 960x1281, wixson.JPG)

i think she was better-looking before, bad choice of eyebrows though. more unique/high fashion type thing like picrel. too bad she's a midget and doesn't actually do anything, otherwise she could have parlayed a weird but definitely pretty face into something better than her shit career now

No. 846739

which g fuel flavor is he? I will boycott it

No. 846744

weird to think Angelina's this old taking a (relative to her) little girl's sloppy seconds, and it's totally inexcusable since he's not even hot

No. 846747

kek, it really does. "now look at each other and smile! pretend i'm not here"

No. 846763

The same is true of Lily Rose Depp, but no one seems to talk about it. Honestly, Cameron's surgery basically turned her into a clone of her. She looks like Anya Taylor Joy, too.
It's weird, like some kind of counterpart to the Kardashian clone surgeries.

No. 846856

Can anyone with netflix PLEASEEEEE post the pic of Adam Demos' supposedly gargantuan penis? I can't find any pic of it anywhere! Ive only seen pics of his torso on that scene and tbh it looks like it has some fake cover/skin (because of the lines). need to see the johnson tho

No. 846891

File: 1625550652481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.47 KB, 1080x530, IMG_20210706_075034.jpg)

No. 846892

nta but holy shit

No. 846894

that's bigger then my forearms

No. 846895

Jfc that thing is huge.

No. 846897

This is shopped, right?

If you scare him, will it drop off in order to distract predators while he escapes?

No. 846923

thank you anon!

Idk it could be fake but if its real….wouldnt this be some kind of disabilty? I mean thats literally a third leg (albeit shorter) that you have between your legs. How can he sit down? ride a bike?

No. 846931

The man with the largest recorded Penis in the world(9 Inches at rest, 13.5 When Erect) is a Virgin, he physically is incapable of having sex with anyone, In face when Erect for long periods of time he almost passes out

>Falcon gained media attention after appearing in the 1999 HBO documentary Private Dicks: Men Exposed[9][21] (filmed by Meema Spadola[4][20] and Thom Powers[21]), in which 25 males were interviewed in the nude about their penises.[5][21][22] Rolling Stone published an article[20] in 2003 that reported Falcon's penis as measuring 9.5 inches (24 cm) in length when flaccid and 13.5 inches (34 cm) in length when erect.[5][8]

>When becoming and being erect a large amount of blood flows to his penis and, according to Falcon, causes lightheadedness.[16]

No. 846949

Just checked, seems like they found a new(and bigger) penis:

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from northern Mexico, has an 18.9inch penis
(but a lot of it is foreskin, supposedly).

Anyways me think Adam's penor is fake. What do y'all think?

No. 846952

It seems about 6 or so inches at rest with a slight chub, so its not too implausible

No. 847003

File: 1625560117705.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.36 KB, 615x923, BM_HALF_METRE_02670866.jpg)

Fuck me for Googling this kek. Click at your own risk to see the unsexiest image in the world

No. 847067

That was so unnecessary anon why do you hate us

No. 847079

omg he's from my hometown, gracias anonita me lo voy a cojer

No. 847086

kek forgive me, my curiosity got the better of me and I thought it'd be funny to share it with you guys
lmao mucha suerte anon

No. 847101

It's so hard for some people to believe that actors don't want to flaunt their sexuality around like a parade float. It wouldn't matter if he was gay or not, and it doesn't make sense for these retards to make conspiracies. If he was gay he doesn't owe it to the LGBT community to walk around constantly reminding everyone that he takes it up the butt. Maybe he just wants to be known as a good actor who made some great films instead of a big twink

No. 847102

I'm the same anon. I used to think of Mulaney as one of my favourite stand up comedians but now that I know hes actually a disgusting prick doing what he did to his ex wife I just can't with him anymore. It sucked the joy out of his funnyman good guy persona

No. 847103

Injunctions only apply to England and Wales, everyone else can disregard them entirely, see the story about elton john's husband having sex in a kiddie pool filled with oil that ran everywhere except these countries.

No. 847127

fuck I want to go to Mexico even more now

No. 847129

it wouldnt even fit anon, its not worth it

No. 847147

No need to get upset, its mostly twitter fags and fujos who unironically believe this shit

No. 847152

Please stop making fujos into a boogeyman. And please stop trying to accuse people of being twitterfags. What a sad bait.

No. 847158

Fucking Christ, really ? I'm not accusing anyone here of being a Fujo, I'm just saying that the delusional retards who believe in these elaborate gay theories are mostly fujos and twitter fags, like I don't think most normal fans believe Louis Tomirkon is secretly having a relationship with harry styles and that his baby is a fake doll so that they couldn't be together

No. 847161

Calm down

No. 847215

Sage but Grimes was never a good musician. Not back then, especially not now. If you strip her of pickme not-like-the-other-girls image she just loses everything. You know you're not doing well when Melanie Martinez has managed to have a better career despite doing this about half as long and while everyone still thinks she raped a troon, like the bar is incredibly low here and still Grimes was never near that bar. Grimes is a personal lolcow for me partially because shes just hilariously bad but deluded into thinking shes hot shit because of her tyrant husbands "achievements"

No. 847232

Damn poor guy, imagine living with that thing 24/7

No. 847251

what other kind of person would believe in these theories though?

No. 847268

tinfoil i'm starting to think her relationship with elon is just one of those setups to create PR for elons companies among zoomers. why else would she go out of her way to defend his image and hype him up constantly on tiktok and twitter?

totally agree anon. this is kind of a tinfoil as well but i think she's always piggybacked off her various boyfriends and brothers musical capabilities. if you listen to her old boyfriends music and you can hear significant similarities between them and what she has released. i also have a hard time believing her "i made visions in one week alone in my room lolz" story which she's always changing. that said her music is still very bad and amateurish.

No. 847270

File: 1625583816910.png (12.72 KB, 300x250, pFZHKbM4BL-4.png)

>He explained: “So, it doesn't go all the way through the foreskin.
>"What the CT scan showed was that there is a very large foreskin. It goes just before the knee."
>"But the penis itself is about 16 to 18cm from the pubis.
>"The rest of the tissue found there is just foreskin, blood vessels, and some inflammation of the skin."
>It then emerged Roberto had talked to his psychiatrist and revealed he had began enlarging his willy since he was a teenager, with Dr Munro saying: “He was obsessed with the penis length."
>It is understood 54-year-old Roberto has been stretching it with weights since he was a teenager.

No. 847291

File: 1625586921713.jpeg (333.69 KB, 750x491, 77C130F0-986F-452F-8187-34431F…)

gwen stefani and the cowboy got married. yeehaw. she’s cute and he’s old.

No. 847292

File: 1625586954624.jpeg (212.93 KB, 750x916, D26C371A-FA63-49D4-948C-DBA9E9…)

No. 847297

Fucking kek

No. 847303

File: 1625587978014.jpg (65.69 KB, 420x642, f8cf14a1ad793875dc33f92bc5e058…)

w-what this is the wedding dress??? This could've been really cute as a long dress but this looks like some sort of stripper wear imho …Just to show the boots or what?? Gwen omg bby what is you doing?

her pink wedding dress was iconic when she got married the first time around.

No. 847308

ugh why
didnt he cheat on his first wife? who was also way too attractive for his ugly yee yee ass? gwen of all men why would you choose to remarry this one? the fact that they've been together for so long baffles

No. 847312

As much as I agree that Grimes is a massive talentless pickme, I do feel bad for her. Idk if anyone else has made the same prediction but I have a funny feeling that Elon is just going to ditch her for someone else when shes a bit older. An anon in another thread referred to her being caught under Elons "bimbo ray" and it's almost even more sad when I think about how he is 100% going to bimbofy her to smithereens before he throws her out for someone new

No. 847313

oh he's definitely cheating on her and will have another pregnant woman by 2022. Grimes is just publicity for him and i wouldn't be surprised if he just kills her once he's done with her

No. 847314

>ugly yee yee ass
I kek'd

No. 847317

nooooooo I’ve always hated them together this is such a waste. gwen must’ve posted her new husband in the ugly men you find attractive thread

No. 847318

nobody has ever posted Blake in there that I've seen kek

No. 847319

File: 1625589419946.jpg (243.04 KB, 760x1055, blake-shelton-is-named-peoples…)

remember when …

No. 847323

the voicebux paid for Adam, John Legend and Blake to all be on one of those covers…

Then again, they've made some pretty bad choices in the past.


No. 847325

The sexiest man alive thing is a fucking joke. Wasn’t perpetual turtle man toddler face John Legend considered the sexiest man alive at one point?

No. 847328

Most of the men in that thread are 10xs better looking then yee haw.

Yes and it’s the worst cover photo ever. He looks like a turtle in every way including whatever they did to his arms to make them look like short flippers.

No. 847329

among other questionable choices
>Matthew Mcchicken
>Matt Damon
>other voicefag Adam Levine
>Channing Tatum
>picking Chris Hemsworth over every other MCU guy

No. 847338

God even Chris Hemsworth looks like shit on his cover. Idris Elba Is the only acceptable cover choice that People made.

No. 847386

it looks weirdly smooth and disproportionate, it's probably fake

No. 847388

underrated comment

No. 847401

AYRT and i'm not into her lazy writing style but she seems prtty good at live mixing which is supposed to be her signature thing i think?
agree that it was annoying that she basically pretended she was her own producer/mixer/masterer the whole time though. but she has some catchy tunes with fun robot noises
seems like she has ronda rousey disease where she bought into her own hype and then crashed cause she actually couldnt do it all

No. 847405

kek hot blonde girls looove these crap white guys. they're used to being worshipped and need the security of being the more attractive one in the relationship. i used to feel bad for all these beautiful women who didn't know they could do better, but the fact is they actually do know, and don't want to.

No. 847415

she looks like she's about to take a piss and is making sure no one is around

No. 847420

I felt bad for him before I read this but moids never disappoint in their lunacy. I literally thought he had some sort of genetic anomaly or something damn he just stretched his willy. That sounds so uncomfortable to live with, why would you bring this upon yourself

kek anon she really does

No. 847426

And the baffling thing is, he doesn't want to have a reduction surgery for whatever reason. He admitted that he's suffering from it but doesn't want to help himself

No. 847458

> just foreskin, blood vessels, and some inflammation of the skin

No. 847508

Why are we forgetting that China is the biggest movie market on the planet and they hate gays?

No. 847516

westerners don't know shit about asia and can't be arsed to learn. look at how they react when a white person says they're from hong kong or harbin

No. 847560

oh who cares. Most asian people know fuck all about the west, believing some pretty funny fucked up shit. get over it

No. 847636

sage for ot but did you just compare an asian person's knowledge to the average American kek?

No. 847639

NTA But I genuinely think dumb people are anywhere

No. 847717

we don't pretend it doesn't exist though. and we learn at least some of your shit in school. fucking burgers will be 40 and like "wtf bbq japan invaded china when???"

No. 847797

This screams publicity stunt to me, either for the guy or the movie. whichever one.

No. 847835

Anon…my sides.

>for whatever reason
I’m sure title of “largest human penis” is a big motivator. Even if it’s completely useless in bed.

No. 847848

Ah the China angle, "The reason we can't have our heckin gay boys come out is cause of the meanie Chinese forcing them to stay in the closet, but we know their actually gay"
Another delusion insanity and justification, Don't worry I'm sure one day Harry Styles will proclaim his love for Louis

No. 847853

it's a show, and it's getting plenty of press already for being racy

No. 847868

This looks like CGI LMAO
Anon, there's literal men who kill themselves by injecting silicone into their balls. Kink freaks can stay suffering.

No. 847874

File: 1625645520101.png (Spoiler Image, 298.62 KB, 720x847, Screenshot_20210707-130715.png)

Sage for supeeeer off topic but this is the man with the actual natural largest penis in the world
>9 inches at rest and 13.5 flaccid
>He is incapable of being erect for long periods of time without passing out
>He can't piss properly while standing up
>He is a virgin and can't have sex with anyone

No. 847876

That doesnt look THAT big. Is there any pic of him with a hard-on?

This. I was the op and I kept seeing a LOT of memes on IG about his dick so yes its definitely helping the series.

Man, her ex-husband(forgot the name )was hot as FUCK in Constantine

No. 847921

File: 1625651945956.jpg (42.19 KB, 379x480, sl9kpulnpsa21.jpg)

gavin rossdale had a good 20+ years looks wise.
pretty sure he was my first celebrity crush way back./too old for this board

No. 847931

I wish Grimes had her own thread. It sucks coming to look for new milk, and having to go trough all the boring bshit to find what dumb shit she did this time.
Last I knew from her, was when she was simping for the muskrat on insta, and it made me cringe bad.

No. 847937

I agree, it doesn't look that big. Depending on his height, might even be average.
Let's put an emphasis on "recorded", cause there might be someone else with an actual big functioning dick.

No. 847941

damn you for making me horny for absolutely no reason

No. 847942

not with them beady little eyes.

No. 847943

>Search page for "Grimes" or "Musk"
>Check what post the most recent posts are quoting
It takes seconds

No. 847945

Either way those dicks are effectively worthless, as they can't get hard without having head dizziness and even fainting in a couple minutes
So about 13 Inches is the starting point for when a big dick becomes a disability

No. 848006


Get well soon

No. 848054

File: 1625668489633.png (5.27 MB, 828x1792, E3621E6D-B8D7-4578-88BD-3303FB…)

she looks so different?

No. 848062

Puffy face from alcohol, it looks likr

No. 848099

cope lmao. bc pretty blondes never get treated like shit by insecure hot guys, rite?

No. 848102

File: 1625672612087.jpeg (115.39 KB, 681x565, C7492E22-E373-4EFD-B4F3-0669E6…)

One of my friends said that John Legend looks like a quokka and it’s all I can see now

No. 848104

No. 848105

I mean this doesn't have anything to do with race, many beautiful women end up with ugly or mediocre looking men

No. 848112

How hard is it to piss? Scrotes are fucking weird

No. 848113

File: 1625673103107.jpg (132.06 KB, 742x1024, BBC One Watership Down Photoca…)

Speaking of supposed closeted gays. I was pretty surprised when turned out that Nicholas Hoult has a baby and a long-lasting relationship with a woman. For some reason I was sure that he's gay. Are there any rumors about him?

No. 848119

Christ Stop already

No. 848121

Same I'd love a grimes thread but I don't think it'd be very active

No. 848148

Isn’t there a thread for these dumb conspiracy that all male celebs are gay? Go there anon

No. 848150

File: 1625675640843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.74 KB, 680x671, E5tP1FCVgAkPUOs.jpg)

Halsey's cover for the new album that will be out in August.
Title is "If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power"

No. 848153

File: 1625675784773.jpg (98.01 KB, 720x900, E5ksYLjWYAMV8vH.jpg)

Just saw the pic of the veil and realized that she had a typo in it. It's suppose to say her name next to Blake but it's a gothic "O" not a "G". Wondered for a sec what or who Owen is …

No. 848157

Halsey just gets more and more insufferable. I hoped she would fade into obscurity years ago. Weird tranny bitch

No. 848160

Why is is that so many of these "woke women" end up becoming the most infusible and annoying type of mothers

No. 848162

halsey has always been annoying as fuck and got knocked up as an excuse to be more annoying. i really can’t stand her and her shite music

No. 848169

oh i didn't mean it as a race thing, just the bottle-blonde type of peaked in high school woman

No. 848170

i still can't believe she tries so hard to make out like society didn't treat her as white all her life

No. 848171


No. 848177

what a shitty cover. it’s so cheap looking

No. 848187

Yikes, it’s even more obvious when comparing it to the G in Kingston. How tf did no one notice

No. 848191

“Blake Owen” lmao

No. 848193

gross, the boob being visibly fake takes it from slightly risqué to extremely vulgar

No. 848196

Why the tit. It would have been fine if the tit wasn't out

No. 848197


were her boobs photocopied or something? it looks weird.

No. 848205

non binary genderless they/them fearless queen with his/their titties out!

No. 848209

Am I blind or are they both Gs, only the one in 'Gwen' is turned upside down?

No. 848212

File: 1625679163627.jpg (40.08 KB, 1102x171, OandG.JPG)

No, it's a O. Here you see what she has on the veil vs. how it should be. It's especially funny because she used this type of font for decades now for her merch etc. but got it wrong for her "Big Day".

No. 848228

halsey's poor attempts at "industrial metal" albums with trent reznor are actually pitiful. now she acts as if she's so rock or metal, even though her last album was conventional radio pop. she's clearly not over her obsession with marilyn manson.

No. 848238

File: 1625681898914.jpeg (184.66 KB, 547x1185, 4759D46F-54F8-48B4-8661-96160E…)

not to wk kvd but this reminds me way to much of this giant portrait she had done with her son. In my memory her tit was out too but i guess not. missed opportunity to use her actual baby for this, why would she use some random baby kek

No. 848255

File: 1625684016185.jpeg (178.34 KB, 640x720, 67367E96-99B3-4263-A882-5A9CF8…)

It’s a play on the Madonna portraits where Mary has a tit out holding baby Jesus but she’s doing it because uwu edgy pop star invoking religious imagery how different how rock and roll

No. 848260

I don't like her music but referencing art history is not something to mock her for. Whatever this woman does you bitches will tear her apart anyway it seems.

No. 848265

she thinks she's so edgy for putting the game of thrones shit behind her too

No. 848289

you’ll never be able to eat Halseys pussy, get over it

No. 848295

Why the fuck do so many celebrities sexualize breastfeeding? This is just a gratuitous, photoshopped tit for the sake of showing tit, the kid might as well not even be in the photo

No. 848297

The only difference is that she isn't even looking at her kid

No. 848337

File: 1625690741703.jpeg (380.25 KB, 828x1165, 1E578705-1468-4345-8D8C-4E6766…)

So as it turns out, Drake Bell says he has been married… and has a kid… after he was charged with child endangerment, and he tweets about this in Spanish of all things


No. 848340

Why does his bio say he's the CEO of Taco Bell

No. 848342

File: 1625691089426.jpeg (154.16 KB, 828x469, DB2BAF39-EF67-4308-9AF3-39A6A1…)

I thought you were joking…

No. 848346

>Taco Bell will soon accept Bitcoin

No. 848365

Such a pretentious title

No. 848395

Hes been tweeting exclusively in Spanish for years now since he’s a Mexican citizen now. He’s a pop star there

No. 848476

Wait, did I miss something? Trent is working with her? How did she manage to rope him in with her oat milk music

No. 848545

bc she is wearing a turkish rug

No. 848556

File: 1625721636507.png (1.07 MB, 631x768, ED383266-B2B9-404A-88C5-6A4EFF…)

> hot boy summer
women really can’t have anything without men trying to butt their way in huh

No. 848568

hey halsey, thank you so much for entering the american music industry with your game-changing records so you can help further the pedo agenda by shamelessly displaying your bolt-on next to a child's head in the name of "art"! we're all so happy you're here…

No. 848584

I’m fine with this, let men be objectified for once

No. 848592

It’s not that deep

No. 848654

File: 1625735834365.jpeg (490.02 KB, 1214x933, C0924BAB-B814-4772-B53A-560BA7…)

The way this photo was edited or taken makes him look like a Spore character with two long limbs and a short body.

No. 848658

why is that female reproductive system on legs looking at me

No. 848660

kek, I thought he looked like a toy with those circular plug-in joints at the arms so they can move
anyways you are now aware that he's in the middle of mounting the photographer

No. 848661

he looks like the top half of a garbie doll

No. 848672

You know the worst part, most scrotes and even women in LatAm do no care, we have celebrities that have done just as bad and no gives a shit, I suspect he'll be just permanently staying in Mexico from now

No. 848717

File: 1625744993594.jpeg (19.52 KB, 480x240, images (1).jpeg)

She should have anticipated that fucking americans always lose their shit the moment a tit pops out and won't get cultural references that aren't in the marvel cinematic universe.

No. 848725

It's not at all the same, but okay.

No. 848727

I bet money this one ends up trooning out before 35.

No. 848742

Well he's an insufferable faggot attention whore, so

No. 848746

"Hot girl summer" is a meme, anon

No. 848748

I've been saying this since Old Town Road. I can see it in his eyes

No. 848752

He's a misogynist too so he'll be welcomed with open arms. Only problem is he'll have to say he's """straight""" if he's going full hsts larp and that takes away about 75% of his talking points.

No. 848754

Don't care about him or his music but "hot girl summer" belongs to stupid thot and hookup culture so gay men can have it. He makes music for gays that is just as dumb slutty as what women in hip hop are doing right now.

No. 848770

No. 848773

Her boob looks so hard and unnatural here. Christ you'd think with so much money, she'd get a better looking tit job.

Legitimately thought this said Owen Wilson at first

Was he hacked or is he just being ~weird~ for attention?

I guess she thinks her own son is too ugly for an album cover kek

No. 848774

>"hot girl summer" belongs to stupid thot and hookup culture so gay men can have it.
that's the shittiest take I've read on lolcow all week. Are you also going to hit us with a "yass queen"?

No. 848776

>missed opportunity to use her actual baby for this, why would she use some random baby kek
wait thats not her baby?? lmaooo

No. 848778

He reminds me of crazy weird people who don't have limbs and I'm creeped out lol

No. 848779

He just HAS that "I'm trooning out any second soon" look lol

No. 848785

Mary did it better tbh kek

No. 848796

Seriously? The fuck is wrong with straight women, he looks like someone's bloated drunk dad. What's the point of this title if it's just something the magazine sells to the highest bidder?

No. 848801

Anon I like men and I also think he looks like an ugly dad lol

No. 848812

did you make this in spore just for this post? because if not that's a crazy coincidence to have a pic that illustrates his fucked up pose and spindliness so well

No. 848828

hot girl summer means whatever you want it to mean but it was originally just for girls to have fun and live their best life in the summer. If some women equate that to partying and having sex who fucking cares? My idea of a hot girl summer is going to the beach more than one time this year lmao.

No. 848829

Yes. Hated him since Montero or w/e. As someone that got cheated on by her closeted cocaine addicted ex I hate it. He seems very envious of women. Even all the old tweets. He tried too hard.

No. 848847

anon, you really think he came up with the headline himself and ran with it? the article was written by a woman.

No. 848869

i totally missed that halsey has a baby…?

No. 848870

ive noticed that closeted gay men tend to be even more sexist than open gay men, i guess they take their anger out on women because they are in the closet.
>>cocaine addicted ex
anon why were uou even dating a cocaine addict.

No. 848902

File: 1625761987681.png (460.48 KB, 501x667, screen_shot_2021-07-04_at_5.53…)

it looks like prednisone moon face + overall weight gain to me

No. 848907

File: 1625762429075.jpeg (166.01 KB, 1170x2532, l7q9mdzhp5871.jpeg)

it's a prosthetic

No. 848908

shes looking very cute to me

No. 848921

>still have small tits
talk about unlucky

No. 848923

It was already posted

No. 848930

calm down skelly go back to your containment thread

I agree she still looks cute

No. 848931

Bitter hag. She looks about normal.

No. 848940

File: 1625764699107.jpg (21.58 KB, 450x250, ce0099d0-db4e-11eb-b37f-e3107d…)

apparently people who know him say otherwise

No. 848946

File: 1625765095419.jpg (77.94 KB, 641x767, l.jpg)

the Selena body pics remind me of Lana PSing her latest photos to make her tits look big because she got clowned for being big with small tits. they have the same body. once they put on weight, they look 'big boned'

what's the point of PS tho, everyone sees the paparazzi photos of what she really looks like.

No. 848947

oh I didn't mean to imply that she doesn't look good. but I think people compare her face/body to how she looked when she was super thin as a disney teen to now and are like "omg she doesn't look like herself!!" and everyone jumps to conclusions. i think she's said that her weight fluctuates a lot due to lupus

have you watched the scene? it's very obviously a prosthetic, you can even see the seam where it's been attached. good move on his part since he's gone from a nobody to the hot topic amongst 45 year old women

No. 848949

I mean I don't want to be associated with a stupidass meme that normalizes being treated like a cum dumpster as a woman so who cares if gay sluts "take" it from us. Song is shit, Megan Thee Stallion is shit, photos with "hot girl summer" as a caption are shit

No. 848962

I have this intense need to push that cake down to the ground and see her face going from smile to frown, that barbie cake is just asking to be smashed HARD

No. 848965

Megan is doing such a disservice to all of women witht these """"sexually liberating"""" songs

No. 848970

File: 1625766236760.jpg (35.87 KB, 760x380, rat-driving-car-760x380.jpg)

>mice race

No. 849000

did her and elon go broke? i assumed she would live in far more impressive dwellings.

No. 849002

File: 1625767705724.jpg (2.07 MB, 3264x2448, a5eed0d513dfacd136dd05420c04a6…)

Why won't she wear clothes that fit?

No. 849023

She's in a different house every week. Elon probably owns several houses, she seems to just tag along and live rent-free in them. The more I think about it, though, I could easily imagine Elon being the kind of dumbass that thinks "I'm filthy rich, I can do whatever I want!" and then loses a shit ton of money on retarded purchases.

No. 849129

File: 1625776809791.png (645.57 KB, 564x776, SUMMERTIIIIME.PNG)

I have the perfect substitute for you anon. This is how I’ve been living my summer

No. 849206

lmao why? Historical references don't automatically make something smart, thoughtful, or good. Go back to tumblr if you want to sperg over anything slightly "intellectual"

No. 849211

Dude fuck the fridge body what’s wrong with her face she looks like a reconstructed burn victim

This is the celeb hate thread on a gossip image board so yeah everyone’s gonna hate no Matter what

No. 849219

File: 1625786750683.jpg (140.01 KB, 1027x1276, y.jpg)

looks like she could be related to Trisha Paytas.

No. 849237

Those retards are probably just caping for him because they're desperate for his attention. I've seen a lot of naked men because I draw from life, and it's plain to me that his dick is cartoonish and disproportionate. Not only is it fake, it's fucking embarrassing and pathetic that this insecure scrote made some poor makeup artist glue a rubber dildo to his micropenis. I bet the only reason the people on the production haven't spilled tea about it is because this insecure scrote forced them to sign NDAs.

No. 849259

File: 1625791406390.jpg (74.99 KB, 799x597, BB1ekF0Z.img.jpg)

this happened in 2015 but I had to remind everyone

No. 849260

File: 1625791428273.jpg (76.22 KB, 799x621, BB1ekGRH.img.jpg)

No. 849267

No. 849271

starting to think this is a kiwifarms sperg who's never seen a girl outside of porn instead of a woman

No. 849342

real hot girl shit

No. 849382

Her head just looks small but her body is normal. It’s better to show pics like this rather than Ariana trying to make her waist disappear to the point of editing random black shapes to cover it from side view. It seems like a lot of people are used to Instagram editing and FaceTune shit.

No. 849395

I don't watch the show, so maybe I missread, but as I understood it, the point of the scene was for the other guy to feel insecure by his huge dick, so it might have been for the purpose of the show only.

No. 849404

sick rhymes anon

No. 849421

she looks sexy as hell

No. 849465

>everyone pay attention to me, the clown pig woman!
she must have spent hours and hours on reddit and twitter reading every single post about her stunt

No. 849499

Forgive me my spoon-feed request but what picture are you referring to? Sounds hilarious

No. 849621

chet hanks did the dirty first with his white boy summer crap. i apologize sincerely for the link

No. 849643

“Hot boy summer” over a picture of the ugliest twink in the industry lmao

No. 849649

I don't have anything against gay people at all but why does it always have to be these attention whores who get the spotlight? He's insufferable. The whole "Montero" controvesy made it even worse.

No. 849658

File: 1625840193008.jpeg (434.9 KB, 620x800, 4F0ACB16-E9D3-45BB-818B-3260C9…)

this is Bella Hadid’s new boyfriend Marc Halman. leaving us to continue wonder why beautiful women date ugly men

No. 849668

Anon what are you on?
Dude looks just fine and Bella isn't some stunning beauty like Megan Fox or Margot Robbie.

No. 849674

you're either a scrote or a pathetic pickme because that man looks like he smokes diluted bath salts behind a burger king.

No. 849679

Convinced nonnie here is actually a scrote. She may be on the botched side dude to plastic surgery these days but she’s still well out of this mediocre (at best) looking mans league. He looks like a closeted troon.

No. 849689

File: 1625843748760.jpeg (48.45 KB, 634x485, 45206721-9770137-image-a-82_16…)

he looks like he lives in a trailer park and smokes meth

No. 849708

File: 1625845335593.jpg (61.28 KB, 432x630, Ariana-Grande-Poster-Sweetener…)

well i mean ariana has a fridge waist body no matter how much she starves, so i would photoshop too if i was her.
Thats why she wears high-waisted clothes all the time to make her waist look smaller

No. 849711

i don't know who this jackass is, but that was horrible and i won't forgive you.

No. 849712


chub chub

No. 849713

nta but her body is normal and fine, except everybody has become used to instagram shoops. I'm not saying there aren't people with smaller waists than hers but there's nothing wrong with hers and it's a normal woman's body. she still has a waist even if it's not an insta model's photoshop proportions (or her own kek)

No. 849716

>margot robbie
lol get a grip
also she lies about her age

No. 849720

For real, how did this happen? Maybe Trent became retarded as 99% of males that reach his age.

No. 849724

Never understood the hype around him. What's his appeal besides being a gay dude??

No. 849741

Nta but Margot Robbie is top tier, who gives a fuck about how old she is? If either of them is overrated it’s Megan Fox’s fake bisexual ass. So fucking annoying how people constantly lick her ass on this site, shes made of 75% recyclable plastic and it absolutely shows. Sage for OT.

No. 849742

What an amazingly interesting contribution anon thank you for your service, this surely added further depth to all of the other comments calling a celebrity fat and advanced the culture of our board

No. 849748

>age is unattractive on a women
WEE WOO WEE WOO scrote detected

No. 849749


being a ~black~ gay dude.

also zoomers love him because he is Extremely Online and into meme culture, consistently posting memes on twitter. he has no appeal otherwise.

No. 849752

I think a lot of women prefer ugly or average/unconventional men. I mean, go look at the unconventional attraction thread in /g/. It fills up faster than the conventional/attractive male threads (probably also because girls in there reeeee if the dude isn’t a gigachad).

Saying that, this dude -is- very ugly kek. I wouldn’t even post him in the unconventional thread.

No. 849764

Goodness, how did she become so moon-faced? Too many fillers like Chrissy Teigen?

No. 849768

File: 1625854156951.png (647.81 KB, 828x1792, C8A20131-F091-45E7-8C76-286C48…)

Not really milk but I found this funny. Princess Nokia sharing her grandfather’s simple way of life and specifically mentions shitting outside lmao

No. 849822

i love her, everything she does is so funny to me. my petite and fertile queen

No. 849835

>Man dating model puts effort into his appearance
>He's secretly gay
>Man doesn't
>How could they date each other???

Women are allowed to date you know

No. 849851

Have any of you ever seen a short woman in real life? She has a visible waist, there's just not much space between ribs and hip bones on someone who is under 5'4. It's not "fridge waist" when the thing you're pointing at is someone's bones.

Go jerk it to some photoshopped instagram fitness model or something.

No. 849866

File: 1625861981222.jpg (82.66 KB, 634x951, 45171147-9766499-image-a-354_1…)

>beautiful women

No. 849867

at least someone without terrible hair holy shit that hair

No. 849871

Are you trying to make a point?

No. 849883

File: 1625863525020.jpeg (33.22 KB, 480x720, a39584b4.jpeg)

Come on, she has the hairstyle of a 60 year old farmer man here… Anyway I just found this image randomly, if I were her I would wear this hairstyle my entire life

No. 849887

chub chub

No. 849890

I think she's pretty and has a nice body, but she probably has self-esteem issues from her mom treating Gigi as the pretty one and being so strict with them for being "models." Didn't her old tumblr have a bunch of pro-ana stuff? Even after getting plastic surgery I'm sure she still struggles, hence the ugly boyfriends

No. 849915

Nonnies, I don't know if you were there for the recent "big" Grimes Discord event with the countdown et al, but if you were, I'd love to talk to someone about it because I am still angry about it, I stayed up for it until 1am because I was curious.

Grimes essentially created this hype undisclosed purpose event in a Discord server stylised to be some sort of cringe cyberpunk gamer den.
It was meant to run for an hour, but the first 20 minutes were just Grimes not knowing how to fucking make her Discord work on her phone, so she left her friend Liv to talk to the crowd, although admittedly she was perhaps more charismatic than Claire. When Grimes finally figured out how to speak on Discord, it essentially boiled down to her talking her usual nonsense about AI and the future, sounding like a valley girl who's just watched Blade Runner, and essentially shilling her planned Dune podcast with Liv? The event ended at the one hour mark as planned, despite Grimes not fucking even turning up until nigh halfway through.

It pissed me off that her fans kept praising her despite this fuck up, can you imagine turning up at your job and doing half the work you're supposed to and getting praised?

Then, recently, she's posted her collab with Chris Lake, where she vocalised the lyrics she wrote:

"Money, power, beauty, fame
Choose your weapon to beat the game
Money is power and art is fraud
And love is just a drug from God"

Which is just, too on the nose.

Sorry for sperging, my boyfriend doesn't deserve to be subjected to me talking about this any more kek

No. 849921

>Didn't her old tumblr have a bunch of pro-ana stuff
yup, i saw it while it was still up, she posted pictures of her ribs and thigh gap, also had some horny posts in her likes lol. her url was luvzmez if anyone wants to see, its on the wayback machine but its not working for me for some reason.
also i have no doubt in my mind that bella and gigi are very insecure, i kind of feel bad for them, their mom is horrible. but for nepotistic and wealthy girls they seem pretty sweet, compared to people like kendall jenner who is a huge cunt according to everybody

No. 849946

I've read many times that both Bella and Gigi are very sweet and humble, never seen any bad commentary about their behavior, so there's that.

No. 849951

any stories about kendall jenner being a cunt?? lmao

No. 849967

Chet Hanks is one of my favorite celbricows. Wish he had more milk.

No. 849970

File: 1625870930504.png (370.07 KB, 472x721, 8875.png)

theres many stories of her being arrogant entitled bitch, i think that literally every person that met her will say that. i read once she never looks at worker eyes lol, and that one time she threw money at a waitress face. you can see on their reality show that shes a brat, and theres compilations on youtube of her being rude. imo shes very very disconnected and out of touch with reality.
pic not related i just think its funny

No. 849977

lol I remeber how everyone freaked out over this but i'm pretty sure its just one of those bags they put replacement buttons in.

I remember seeing a video of her smacking someone's phone out of their hand, I can't find it though

No. 849979

She purposely made her nipple look brown lol

No. 849980

She just had a baby. Your nipples darken during pregnancy and even more after giving birth. It’s not that deep.

No. 850000

based. I know a million girls with Margot's look. she's basic and boring. "top tier" in what world? Nebraska?

No. 850016

He looks like a druggie and she is a confirmed druggie so they match. She also has no personality and despite all her plastic surgery, looks basic as hell so it’s not like she’s ever going to pull someone better. Just look at her exes.

No. 850021

Jesus Christ she’s pushing 40 and still trying to be a lolita figure. At least she isn’t pretending to be a ~mysterious~ figure anymore though and has embraced that she’s white trash kek

No. 850062

ntayrt but she probably hasn't had the baby yet. she posted a video of herself unveiling the album cover at the Metropolitan Museum of Art a couple days ago and she is still visibly pregnant. plus the cover was shot back in March apparently.

No. 850089

This was like watching paint dry. It's like she wants to be Lady Gaga circa Artpop but can't commit to the bit

No. 850102

Christ, this took forever and i had it on 2X speed and scrubbed through 70% of it. Who the fuck wants to watch her slowly waddle through a museum just to see an image you can also see on Twitter just as efficiently. This is some pretentious ass shit. What was the pitch for this?

No. 850107

All that effort to look so tech forward and sci-fi and she can’t even make discord work kek also nta and I wish I knew enough about grimes to discuss with you nonita cus I would love to

No. 850121

a different anon mentioned this before, pretty girls who grew up upper class/popular like to be the hotter on tin the relationship&can't handle the concept of not being the most desirable woman alive, so they get ugly boyfriends because an attractive one who didn't treat her like god would be too scary.

No. 850127

This is insanely embarrassing.

No. 850135

Wait so she’s saying this is an album about pregnancy and childbirth but she hasn’t even gotten to the childbirth part yet???

No. 850156

File: 1625886925443.jpeg (40.27 KB, 700x394, download (3).jpeg)

Age is a ridiculous standard in Hollywood…but ngl she IS a great example of the saying "you're not ugly you're poor"

No. 850161

It's so hard for me to imagine he's one of Tom Hanks sperm in human form

No. 850200

her grandpa must be retarded cause ive never heard about any old fuck doing those things here and im from the country side too. She keeps acting like we’re in the 1800’s i cant stand her nuyorican ass.

No. 850204

Apparently she refuses to talk to waiters etc because she has aNxIeTy. Kylies apparently even worse.

No. 850210

young Tom Hanks was kind of cute I would've never figured that mess came from his sperm

No. 850229

>she IS a great example of the saying "you're not ugly you're poor"

I disagree. the only difference in those photos is makeup, lighting, the shitty tan and fake looking dyed black hair she has in the before pic

No. 850273

yes, that's literally what she's saying. if you're not poor, you can do better than the shitty tan and black hair, have your makeup well done and your picture well taken by professionals.

No. 850276

but usually when people say "you not ugly you just poor" they mean in terms of injections, surgery etc

No. 850283

yeah it's not hard to look decent when you're poor, plus styling standards change over time. celebs all looked like shit 10 years ago
(unrelated to margot but the "shitty tan" thing is stupid in anon's hypothetical, poor people don't get spray tans)

No. 850332

File: 1625904197019.png (5.83 MB, 828x1792, 4DE6F206-BA90-438F-819E-6DE7DA…)

This was from last month and some people were shocked by the photo since she looks so weirdly thin and others noticed these weird tiny black cutouts around her waist. Classic body check from her either way.

No. 850382

the link to the last thread is broken. Where can I find it?

No. 850391

File: 1625916568066.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 8.41 KB, 600x600, 40207_lwc_62011_2017-06-20_13-…)


Here you go:

No. 850401

File: 1625917911998.jpeg (444.68 KB, 828x826, 12857548-9824-46B9-AEFD-4585A9…)

Nobody asked for this

No. 850406

I think Margot Robbie will play a good barbie. I’m surprised they haven’t changed barbie’s race though like they seem to be doing with the majority of movies recently lol

No. 850410

Likely they'll run the gamut with the friends

No. 850485

File: 1625927858631.jpg (26.1 KB, 250x363, lifesize.jpg)

>haven’t changed barbie’s race
That would be so 2000

No. 850489

this movie is the thing that made me realize I liked girls growing up not a pun.. or????

No. 850500

File: 1625930350662.jpg (306.56 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_20210710_111740.jpg)


No. 850510

I'm curious what angle she's gonna take with it. I bet it's gonna be one of those very self-aware comedies poking fun at consumerism, gender roles and body image with smartass, fast paced dialogues like in the Gilmore Girls or in Diablo Cody's movies

No. 850515

File: 1625931786669.jpg (232.86 KB, 775x1452, owwwtysus7a71.jpg)

Hilaria Baldwin (aka Hillary Thomas born and raised in Boston) produced an Instagram screed defending her "multi-cultural" upbringing and reminding us that we are ALLOWED TO BE FLUID and not to let any haterz "invalidate you".

Rachel Dolezal has been vindicated.

No. 850519

Hollywood stars are something else lmao. So now not only gender and sexual orientation but cultural background is also fluid???? Okay, nevermind my basic white European ass from now on I'm Mexican, hola todos

No. 850528

Jibaro means hick, kek. What a weird flex. I’m Puerto Rican and we don’t use clean socks. The cloth strainer we use is like a fucking dollar at any given super market or local discount store. My mother grew up in a village with dirt paved roads and they still never shat outside. She’s so full of crap. Bragging about her hillbilly ass grandparents is not the flex she thinks it is.

No. 850537

how can you be a self hating european and call yourself "basic". absolute cringe. and then act like mexicans somehow are less basic than you lmao. every single european country has a shit ton of culture, even the UK.

No. 850539

Nta, but I don't think it's that deep.

No. 850540

it's not deep but it's cringe (and just entirely inaccurate) when europeans are desperate to equate themselves to americans for whatever reason

No. 850542

kek what anon? she's more attractive than any of us in the before pic too. she just dyed her hair badly

No. 850543

agreed, i've been to puerto rico and it's not a shithole? it's just like…dusty america

No. 850544

sooo Legally Blonde but zoomers don't remember that movie so they'll see this one?

No. 850546

File: 1625936375489.jpg (188.25 KB, 1920x1080, jzjz.jpg)

I absolutely hate what her surgeon did to her nose. It throws off all the balance in her face for me and makes it look like someone took a bite out of her nose bridge. Stil can't believe she's supposed to be the most beautiful woman in the world when there are so many more public figures out there that didn't have to basically buy themselves a completely new face.

No. 850551

Anon, it was a joke. I just find Hilaria's concept of cultural background ridiculous
Kek absolutely

No. 850556

Thank you so much for feeding me. Am retarded and grat

No. 850559

Were u dropped after delivery or something

No. 850570

were you? nice unfunny two cents

No. 850580

File: 1625939037060.jpg (81.04 KB, 750x700, ciin15051802-01-Bella-Hadid-Ca…)

I will forever see her as the carla bruni skinwalker. And will prob age worse than her because of the ps she already got at that young age.

No. 850581

lmao I'm sorry for you Uglyina

No. 850597

This will never cease to creep me out. It's as if she walked in a plastic surgery clinic with a pic of Carla Bruni and was like 'I'll have her face, thanks'

No. 850598

Gwen is gorgeous, but this is not a look.

No. 850605

Honestly who knows, maybe she did something like that. It's definitely creepy how much she looks like Carla, especially since she had no similarities to her pre-surgery.

No. 850610

File: 1625941898437.png (138.85 KB, 464x352, Harold_SquarePants.png)


What is this Spongebob's dad lookin nose

No. 850612

I'm surprised models haven't started to have their plastic surgeons named on their campaigns in magazines. Like where it states what piece they're wearing and how much the designer chargers, they may as well start noting who did what surgery and their rate. Models these days more about consumerism than the art of fashion

No. 850613

The sad thing is that she was naturally a very pretty girl, but her narc mom always put Gigi on a pedestal for her natural model looks while Bella was the "ugly kid" (she really wasn't, just not the "model type" her mom is obsessed with). There are all those clips from The Real Housewives where you can see Bella being ignored by her mom, and she only started getting attention once she got her nosejob and started modelling. But someone who grows up with those insecurities won't just stop there, so she started getting more and more PS.
She always gave me the impression of someone who's suffering. Feel bad for her.

No. 850617

her mum was right about the volleyball thing even if it was worded weirdly. volleyball players don't have model bodies, if she continues to play volleyball she wouldn't be a runway model for sure

No. 850622

File: 1625943394862.jpeg (181.47 KB, 500x392, 21162263-BA37-447F-B899-7E1F63…)

I’m the OP and lol are you kidding me kek her face is full of filler. Look at her face before and how “flat” it looks compared to now. She’s also had a nose job and buccal fat removal. Super subtle nose jobs that retain the original shape but just barely trim the cartilage of the nose are the norm in Hollywood, see Jennifer Lawrence for an example.
The sooner women and young girls realize how all of these people are surgically enhanced the better. All of them. You can’t stand opposite of someone like Margot Robbie on camera and look good, your natural face will look terrible in comparison. They all enhance themselves. Including Margot’s transformation from a slightly frog faced average girl to one of the hottest women in Hollywood. Don’t get me wrong, she did have some good features before plastic surgery but the majority of her beauty is her bone structure which isn’t even bone, it’s filler. No use in comparing ourselves to these women who have doctors that have sculpted their face when we can’t even get the names of their surgeons because these surgeons only work on the rich and famous.

No. 850623

File: 1625943419046.jpg (84.38 KB, 828x824, b.jpg)

Looks like her surgeon took off too much cartilage to give her that ski slope look, which makes her nose look terrible from the front, kinda like she can't breathe. It would've looked way better if he made her nose bridge just straight.


Their mom is awful. I really hope Gigi's daughter won't be around her much. Yeah, that volleyball statement is true but how much of a damn narcissist do you have to be
to try to live through your daughters like she does and give them an ED/body dysmorphia. She constantly kept/keeps pestering her about food even though a piece of cake will do absolutely nothing to her weight.

No. 850624

Jesus what a toxic mother

No. 850626

Couldn't have said it better anon, even the most naturally attractive normie you know would look out of place next to these designer-face-and-body people

No. 850644

As someone whose a recovered ednos fag, this is extremely upsetting. My mother’s comments were much less insidious and just on the nose abusive. I can’t imagine how this made her feel. What a absolutely fucking awful mother. Doesn’t help that she looks like the cat man with all that Botox, herself.

No. 850659

Thank you! Once you learn what a nose job looks like, so many celebrities regarded as beautiful start looking bad due to the artificial shapes of their noses, meanwhile plenty of people think celebs are natural. Practically everyone in Hollywood has had a nose job.

No. 850684

Speak for yourself nonita

No. 850818

File: 1625960481125.jpg (1.55 MB, 1300x1426, margot-before-after.jpg)

She's younger in the left photos and has probably lost some weight, but she's definitely had some things augmented.

No. 850844

I think they maybe defined her nose bridge (or it is contouring idk), she lost a lot of weight and babyfat + maybe gave her an eyebrow lift and some fillers for her cheekbones. The jawline and chin also look more defined and her face looks longer, squarish and more modelesque as opposed to the round/square and undefined face shape from before. It could also be simply ageing, but i doubt that since it's hollywood.

No. 850850

This has legitimately changed me. Maybe even I could have been pretty. If it wasn't a completely bogus way to judge someone else/yourself before, it definitely is now. What on earth

No. 850870

She looks like Michael Jackson. This is considered "top-tier"?

No. 850877

ngl she got some beautiful eyes. phew.

her face is nearly as plastic as Bella's. The only reason she doesn't get shit on as much is probably bc Bella was famous pre-surgey and no one cared about Margot before she got big

No. 850899

I really like her fuller face a lot more, but at least in the later photos she doesn't look overdone and still kept some of her unique features.

No. 850965

File: 1625976309285.jpg (323.16 KB, 720x988, 20210710_220221.jpg)

Sage for old news but I hate this roll of nickels so much. The Elon bimbofication is in full effect it seems

No. 850968

She looked like young Taylor Swift in that top right

No. 851019

This is so funny to me, poor anon

No. 851145

She wasn’t barbie in that movie, she was just a doll, so it didn’t have anything to do with changing race anon?

No. 851148

Lmao preach anon!
I’m so tired of all the celebs going on about their natural beauty when their tits go up 2 sizes at age 25 or their nose shrink (late puberty my ass)

One of my friend cracked me up when she once said “first of all these rich bitches are good looking cause their dads married some tall model”. Sure some lose the genetics lottery but it’s futile to try and compete when you’re born from two average people who don’t have the means to pay you spa treatments on the daily, boob jobs or a stress-free life.

No. 851154

File: 1626000644493.jpeg (52.67 KB, 750x411, 0F49F569-7B48-4D11-8A28-C1838C…)

not sure if anyone remembers Tavi Gevinson but she’s on the new gossip girl show and i literally thought it was some old lady fag when i was watching. she looks old as all hell and she’s 25

No. 851171

Damn she does look like an old basic mom. I heard they’re making Blair a tranny now, too? This shit is gonna be so botched. Can’t wait.

No. 851174

File: 1626003893523.jpeg (832.58 KB, 828x1160, 89F3ADE5-BF79-49BE-AF5F-EDF0AD…)

Samefag but I just googled it and yeah they’ve casted a troon. Sage cus it’s def been posted here before (I skimmed the last thread) but god damn. This dude is so clockable next to an actual women. Also, that vacant soulless stare.

No. 851180

had to google her and damn…can somebody tell me what makes her look so old, i can't exactly pinpoint what it is, it's not like she has wrinkles and i also think she looked rather young for her age when she was a kid?

No. 851187

File: 1626005754584.jpg (124.43 KB, 1024x587, GettyImages-1055646864.jpg)

I was a reader of her fashion blog back in the day and I agree. I think it has a lot to do with the fact on how she presents herself now. I feel back then you saw her more smiling and looking happy, but at some point she started doing those resting bitch faces with those dead eyes that just makes her look super harsh. The styling also adds to it I guess.

The reboot looks like a hot mess tho.

No. 851310

File: 1626019960437.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.33 KB, 910x1100, ezgif-2-05eeae0191af.jpg)


Her nipples are actually brown, even before pregnancy.

No. 851317

She looks like Bobby Hill here

No. 851332

Have any anons watched the new series? I was a huge fan of the original but seeing this troon put me off it

No. 851336


No. 851343

boring like most of her other stuff. the hook seems to be the best part, but a hook isn't a song.

No. 851350

boring. she even sounds bored and it's her song.

No. 851355

she needs to stop mumbling please

No. 851357

I actually liked Lost Cause but this one sucks. Boring. Nothing about it grabs me.

No. 851358

>blonde dressed in all black

I'd rather listen to this

No. 851386

Super into it, honestly. I feel like if I looked up the lyrics they might be a bit cringey but I really like the whole vibe honestly and thought the effect with the cars in the music video was cool and effective with the song.

No. 851444

He is too obvious, also his 'roles' always included him having the exact same face during every photoshoot or a scene like on picrelated.

I tried watching the first episode, and it's not worth it. It's literally riverdale 2.0 just without any mystery (they reveal who is who right away) and with shitty acting.

No. 851492

grimes being so 'ai and cyberpunk' but she couldn't even know how to use discord is the funniest shit ever

how you gonna be a cyberpunk queen if you're not into the internet

No. 851517

i haven’t watched it yet but based on the trailer they saw the success of Euphoria being all gritty and gay and made a carbon copy of it. i’ve seen a ton of comments and even a few articles comparing the two as well

No. 851533


There's a great celeb plastic surgery analysis channel on youtube, here's the video on Margot Robbie. Skip to 4:30 for analysis of specific procedures.

If you don't want to watch, she suspects Margot had a rhinoplasty, buccal fat removal, fillers, and botox.

No. 851576

I watched the first ep and his forehead is so stiff jc. Incapable of making any expression

No. 851615

Why do they always choose fucking troons to replace original womens roles in movies and tv series? Why does it always have to be a troon? Men are overrepresented in movies + tv series and womens roles are still underrepresented and now they try to to make it even less by casting ugly hambeasts in wigs. Wouldn't it be more "inclusive" to replace some of the mens roles with transmen?

No. 851678

aw man, she was great in Edward Scissorhands

No. 851721

Kids on TikTok keep pointing out that the portion at 0:38 sounds like the Among Us theme or the song that plays in the background of the Wii Fit Plus Rhythm Kung Fu game. They're right.

No. 851736

she was a fashion doll bro it's barbie without the copyright

No. 851741

OT but it’s garbage. It’s revealed in the first 20 minutes the teachers are Gossip Girl so it’s already weird that the entire premise is “grown adults bully 16 year olds they have direct authority over,” including taking and distributing photos of 14 year olds in their underwear. The main character is 27 IRL and noticeably older than her teachers. She’s an “influencer” which misses the mark of the original GG spirit e.g. “old money.” Her friends are also like… just touching her face with a powder brush for 50% of their screen time which is weird. Notably they’re really on that whole non-white racial ambiguity thing, which stands out when its setting is a culture that’s 95% white. Etc etc.

No. 851774

She is really not as edgy as she thinks she is.

No. 851806

File: 1626073555123.jpg (23.82 KB, 615x357, Rosemarys-Baby.jpg)

Rosemary's Baby vibes

No. 851811

The first few seconds sound EXACTLY like tATu's Show me love. Haven't thought about them in ages.

No. 851812

she's transitioning into cafebeef

No. 851941

Can the whispersinging trend die already please thank you

No. 851946

For some odd reason I read that as 'she's transitioning into a carebear' lmao

No. 851992

File: 1626096961700.png (50.28 KB, 711x386, techno goddess.png)

Joining the Discord made me realise she's actually retarded

No. 851999

kek it’s crazy how fast teens nowadays turn on celebrities they used to love. i’ve already seen so many tiktok teenyboppers call her boring and this song repetitive

No. 852020

why is she dressed like a council estate drug-dealing chav? i thought she was rich

No. 852021

Why does it always sound like she has no clue what she's talking about whenever she mentions AI? She just namedrops it and calls it a day.

No. 852024

I'm pretty sure she has a surface interest or fascination with the topics she explores but no real desire or drive to really dive deep into them. It's all about spontaneous in the moment self expression for her, she's not researching or developing her ideas much if at all.

No. 852026

File: 1626101330862.jpg (411.76 KB, 1280x960, lily_rose_2.jpg)

i love lily rose depp but what happened here, did she get filler in her cheeks??? why lily…

No. 852030

File: 1626102044046.jpg (14.97 KB, 340x453, d91a55d892b9d45d22f338d6c41974…)

something i always felt sympathy for Lily Rose-Depp for is when she dated Ash Stymest, his chavvy ex, Maille Doyle, threatened her and blamed her on instagram for the demise of their relationship, even though she was a 17 year old child and their marriage ended years prior

imagine being 10/10 lily rose depp and having a random british chav come after you and delude themselves into thinking they're you're competition. like, i just cant believe that someone this low down on the food chain thought she was even worthy of breathing Lily's name

No. 852032

Christ anon, now this is a blast from the past.
What is Maille Doyle and Ash these days? The last thing I know was that she got another kid with a different dude that later starred in a uk television show or something like that and for Ash I only remember him trying to jump on the soundcloud rapper thing.

But it is very true about her tho, recall her twitter being super passive-agressive, especially after the break-up with ash.

No. 852035

she just has an instagram where she posts incredibly shooped pics to the point where she is unrecognisable and desperately tries to convince her audience that she's happy

ash just fell out of relevance since his split with Lily. i'm glad Lily is the only one of them who is actually thriving. i can't stand women who abuse teenage girls just because their ex-scrote moved on with them

No. 852037


you're gonna rate a 17-year-old like a piece of meat, really

No. 852038

File: 1626102905405.png (768.6 KB, 882x589, Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 16.14…)

didnt mean it like that. i just find her really beautiful, the peak of feminine beauty

No. 852039

File: 1626103136580.jpg (105.48 KB, 729x833, Screenshot_3.jpg)

She always had big cheeks but I guess it's more noticeable when she loses weight

No. 852044

She’s cute and all but y’all can chill? lmao look at that fucking hairline? She’s definitely fucked her face up. Sad because she is naturally pretty but “worthy of speaking Lily’s name”…? Bruh wipe the drool off your chin and pray.

No. 852047

Wait, was her hairline always like that? Is that Johnny's fault?
Seeing people on Twitter and other parts of the internet pushing her as like a goddess or something is so weird to me. She's obviously conventionally pretty, but nothing crazy or out of this world.

No. 852059

File: 1626106289026.jpg (36.08 KB, 449x600, 7b57f4e830f9f3a13cd145489cf7ce…)

Yeah it's always been pretty high. She's got unusual features, I don't find her extraordinarily pretty either

No. 852106

Looks like Chrissy

No. 852122

File: 1626111780257.jpg (142.64 KB, 1100x2048, 20210712_203913.jpg)

Billie Eilish defends her music by saying "my tits are bigger than yours" on her tiktok

No. 852126

kek I've seen countless of tiktoks shitting on her new song. It really sounds like a Kahoot song

No. 852129

she looks like gabbie hanna

No. 852131

I know she's old but wow she acts like a boomer

No. 852139

Wait, is that true? How old is she really?

No. 852141

sounds personal

No. 852149

Lol this was the first time her account came up on my fyp and as soon as a I read her caption I blocked her. Like that's all she has to offer wbk.

No. 852153

Oooohh I'm shaking oooohhh
After all, we shouldn't expect much from a 19 y/o born in fame

No. 852155

I wanna see comments, I bet there are people crying transphobia

No. 852156

>hello fellow weebs how do you do

>cries about body standards and shit
>puts down other women using same body standards

I love these hollywood pick-mes

No. 852162

>my tits are bigger than yours
Do people really need to point out that it's because she's f

No. 852180

File: 1626116353568.png (403.4 KB, 594x570, smh.png)

Drake Bell, a.k.a. Drake Campano, was sentenced to 2 years of probation and 200 hours of community service today for child endangerment. The victim, in her impact statement to the court, claims they began exchanging messages online via Snapchat and IG in 2017 (when she was 15), which she says eventually turned sexual in nature and included photos. She said that she attended a concert of his back then, and that he took her backstage where she allegedly performed oral sex on him. Drake was seen shaking his head a few times during her remarks.

No. 852181

File: 1626116455729.png (1.31 MB, 966x838, pedo alert.png)

also he's married and has a baby and he's one of those adults that is obsessed with Disney to the point where every room in his house has Disney memorabilia in it

No. 852187

tbf her music doesn't suck any more or less than it did before. teens are just gonna hate on her because she's not that whacky fat girl with green black hair anymore

No. 852188

I feel like you can tell that this woman hates him

No. 852189

Why'd she reproduce with him then

No. 852192

No. 852199

5 years older than she claims, 36 this year

No. 852208

I had such a gripe with this, I find it incredibly hard to believe that these wealthy old money families in Manhattan's Upper East Side would accept these trannies and 'influencers' as the cool girls at school. If they wanted to push this type of story so badly it would at least be more believable if it was set in LA or something in a universe completely outside of the original Gossip Girl.

No. 852233

File: 1626120840857.jpeg (125.91 KB, 1050x1122, 3AFBF8D6-EC95-4E65-8E45-D1F45C…)

olivia rodrigo’s staged pap pics with her 24 year old boyfriend. just turned 18 a couple months ago and just graduated. her eyes are open kek

No. 852236

Bruh I don't understand.. if you're gonna date some older creep why not date someone whose actually attractive. His hair literally looks like a hat

No. 852239

File: 1626121379722.jpeg (143.4 KB, 1035x1247, 040039F6-939D-45AC-AFB7-6AD23B…)

looking right at the camera. he’s so ugly

No. 852240


No. 852242

Incel tier

No. 852243

my fucking god he looks like if zayn malik were a hunched backed incel.

He's going to get her pregnant to trap her, they always do

No. 852270

Why would (her stylist I assume since nobody would do this to themselves) do a centre part and tight pony style if you already have a high forehead? That might be the worst style for women and only looks good with a good hairline.

No. 852273

Samefag, her top/dress looks like someone threw a bunch of Polos on a black surface. Her stylist definitely hates her.

No. 852278

Is that his wife glaring up a storm next to him? ahahahaha
>She said that she attended a concert of his back then, and that he took her backstage where she allegedly performed oral sex on him. Drake was seen shaking his head a few times during her remarks.
Embarrassing, I guess groupies are a thing of the past now

No. 852283

Teenage groupies have never been cool though.

No. 852304

File: 1626125529788.jpeg (701.83 KB, 1242x1410, 8CB5284D-A87C-415F-A7AD-B0F4A3…)


No. 852307

Please don’t use ‘Oof’ here, it is redtexted for a reason, reason being, it’s retarded

No. 852312

No. 852313

All that surgery but she doesn't do anything about the eye wrinkles.

No. 852317

Is this Lana? I don't remember her lips looking like that at all

No. 852318

who does she think she’s fooling….the faceapp filter is so obvious

No. 852319

Oof this whole imageboard is retarded. Get over it.

No. 852322

She’s always looked like shit if you look back. Very few times has she ever looked well put together. At least she seems to be embracing that she’s a Lake Placid hick now and not trying to be ~glamorous~

No. 852339

Triggered Oof

No. 852364

Got the wrong anon kek

No. 852366

Calm down minimod

No. 852374

File: 1626129643136.jpeg (125.15 KB, 571x720, DFA92567-4384-429D-A056-6E2C6E…)

Kek why is her mouth on the side of her face. All this shooping and she looks like a fucking Picasso painting

No. 852380

Is he central or west asian?

No. 852391

Rich people dress up as plebs because they think its fashionable

No. 852417

Tbh I can kinda see the appeal he looks like a trash bag but in the freaky tall half dead Eastern European basketball player way

No. 852443

It's a flex to be so rich and attractive you can make shitty normie clothes look cool

No. 852444

She looks like Handsome Squidward if he were to become MtF

No. 852449

If you could pick one celeb commonly posted in celebricows to fuck, one to marry and one to kill, who would you pick? I would fuck Selena or Azealia, marry 2012 Grimes and kill Elon

No. 852454

F: Ariana
M: Grimes
K: Chrissy Teigen

No. 852459

F: Grimes
M: Ariana
K: Azalea Banks

No. 852468


Why shoop when we all know what she really looks like

What's the point

No. 852478

M: Ariana
F: Emrata
K: Demi

No. 852479

File: 1626139312801.jpeg (63.22 KB, 306x677, F94699E2-DED0-43F1-B392-CE8454…)

Because she looks like crap and knows it so it’s a cope lol

Her new teeth are absolutely awful. She can’t stop messing with her face but she needs to.

No. 852483

Nightmare fuel. What the fuck Lana. I can't even figure out what is going on here. The lighting, filter, it's all wrong.

No. 852484

holy shit i didn’t recognize her lmao wtf did she do to herself

No. 852485

i thought this was natalie portman shooped

No. 852487

full on Chrissy Teigen face. I used to think she looked like a skull but now I guess it's more like a balloon

No. 852489

It sounds the same as her other music. I swear I forget how all her songs sound immediately after I hear them. Repetitive, mumbly, nothing songs. How she's gotten so popular is beyond me

No. 852493

File: 1626141894099.jpeg (394.56 KB, 1242x1267, D5AC3813-D332-4996-BB12-0EBCF8…)

I didn’t see this posted.

No. 852500

>kid not understanding the satirical reason for the suburban white lady in a black cartoon

They’ll really cancel anyone for anything these days huh

No. 852502

*white kid. Not lady.

No. 852506


No. 852507

either she's starting to do hard drugs or she's retarded. what did she think saying this would do?
>i relate to the annoying white girl from a satirical black comedy show teehee
knowing her fanbase is made up of ultra-woke fangirls and coomers what a fucking idiot

No. 852514

This is him reacting while the victim recounts what happened, he looks so smug and incredulous that it's infuriating

No. 852515

Kill Halsey, fuck Ariana, marry Billie

No. 852524

ever since i read an anon calling her nose "a loose button" i can't unsee it and i hate her nose. it's too small or something. looks like she got punched in the face.

No. 852537

Holy shit you can tell he liked having all this shit recounted to him

No. 852539

Her music was always underwhelming trash, she’s just a white girl and people in the entertainment/music scene will always love white people and that love for mediocre white entertainers will never go away, except now we find them endearing like a little oblivious kid that we have to deal with. Lana Del Rey handles her fan backlash better than her kek, she literally doesn’t care about anything anymore she just wants to eat so much get fat and be happy

No. 852543

>3 year old interview

Might unintentionally be wking but I don't know whats more sad, the fact that she is being canceled for some dumb thing she said when she was 16, or the fact that within 3 years things have changed enough that something that was fine 3 years ago is now unacceptable enough to warrant an article about it.

No. 852544

I honestly didn't see any outrage on twitter before the article was made so it's just the journalist picking up old ass dirt for clicks

No. 852588

I feel so vindicated, I thought there was no possible way she was 23 in wolf of wall street

No. 852786

Well I am now thoroughly engaged. I truly wonder if rape and grooming will ever be taken as seriously as it needs to be. I swear to God they want these people to reoffend, the justice system continues to be absolutely fucking useless.

No. 852803

File: 1626179036549.jpg (135.47 KB, 978x1260, shakira.jpg)

shakira changed her twitter banner and pfp to the lesbian flag. what do you think farmers?

No. 852810

Unfortunately, I think I still don't have a chance with her.

No. 852848

Nothing means anything anymore.

No. 852880

Looks like we have reached Lana photoshop era

No. 852882

shakira is known to queerbait so she will probably say she was doing this to be a ally to to wlw
Or maybe she will come out as ''queer' , bior pansexual.

No. 852914

File: 1626189088155.jpg (70.37 KB, 828x869, E6GdQVQWUAMpRZW.jpg)

Booblie Eilish needs her own damn thread at this point
>insults fans boob sizes because they didnt like one song she made, while trying to preach body positivity
>can't be seen without wearing a flattering bra or controlled angles but turned her entire career into her boobs pretty much
>queer baits, race baits
>gets lip injections and other surgeries at 17 but wanted to preach about how she was NLOG and wasn't fake
>makes weird tiktoks of her jiggling and zooming on her tits
>got shitty haircut that made her look like the inbred of a karen and veggie tales character
>despite betraying her fans, bodyshaming people and mocking the LGBT community she makes everything about how she is hurt
>weird relationship with her brother and her family

where do you think she's going at this point? With her obsession with her own tits I feel like she will probably attempt do porn or some sort of sex work and then when her body is revealed to not be all that photogenic when flattering clothes are removed and nobody will want to shoot her in actual bikinis, non-push up bras and without a corset, she will pull the whole "wtf stop body shaming me because i have big tits guys" but then insult other womens bodies as well. Kinda reminds me of MMW how she can never stfu about their tits but will refuse to wear anything outside of enhancing bras and clothes

No. 852919

Wait did Lana get new teeth?? Her teeth were freaking fine

No. 852922

What else can she do to stay relevant? Write better music? Most of her songs remind me of deviantart journal entries from 2006. I feel embarrassed when I hear her music.

No. 852928

Nasty scrote, his face is so punchable

No. 852931

A slow & steady decline from fame. And chimping afterwards ofc, be it onlyfans or a drug bender, or both. Her music isn't varied enough to last the teens who are outgrowing her.

No. 852935

I feel like she's going to pick fights with other celebrities in order to stay relevant, and then the lyrics to NDA sounds like she tried to make some sort of conspiracy of herself, she's can't use the fact she's 17, NLOG as shock value anymore, and once she realizes no one cares about her tits either she's probably just gonna attack some singers with actual talent

No. 852948

the sad reality is that sex crimes are usually very difficult to prosecute. he agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to receive a more lenient sentence. if he had pleaded not guilty, and if it had gone to trial, it is likely that he would not have been convicted. there almost certainly wasn't anyone in the room with them when the oral sex took place. it would have only been her word against his, which unfortunately isn't enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it occurred. it's better to get probation and potentially a sex offender designation than to get a not guilty verdict and no punishment whatsoever. jail time certainly would have been ideal, but it would have been very risky to take this to trial.

No. 852949

in her defense, she's 19 and grew up in a weird environment and was famous at a young age. her parents probably let top dogs molest her, it explains why she talked about wanting to kill herself a few years back.

still insufferable tho.

im sorry but what the fuck is happening here. she looks like the offspring of an alien and human

No. 852952

File: 1626192240512.jpg (90.76 KB, 900x508, E6L-vLHUUAIics8.jpg)

The emmy nominations are out and I guess we can all already see who will win this category and why …

>muuh already making history so brave

No. 852955

I'm out of the loop, is somebody a troon or something?

No. 852956

god, the troon sticks out like a sore thumb

No. 852958

the mj dude in the middle, twitter is already getting wet pants over this.

No. 852961

Millie Bobby Brown allegedly dated Tik Toker Hunter Echo. She was 16 at the time (turned 17 in February) and he’s 20.

vid related he’s agreeing and laughing about someone saying “That child knew how to suck dick”

there’s more in the thread here https://twitter.com/defnoodles/status/1414800741185691648?s=21

No. 852963

I hate scrotes

No. 852965

we need to start killing these men

No. 852982

fucking faggot bragging about getting his ass ate by a teenager

No. 852983

not only is he morally repulsive, he also acts like a retarded monkey

No. 852988

bragging about getting your ass ate is soyboy shit

idc if men can like buttstuff, he looks like he moans when he wipes his ass. if he even does. y chromosome makes you allergic to hygiene.

No. 852994

jesus christ wtf

No. 852998

hope she wins

No. 853000

Poor millie, she's going to get so much more sexualized by scrotes than she already is. He's so disgusting, where were her parents?

No. 853005

you will never be a woman

No. 853014

that anon can't be talking about the troon bc it's a male and the anon said she

god, I hope this reply conveys the snark intended. anon troons are mini lolcows

No. 853017

I want to a-log so badly.
You don't say shit like that if you aren't a pedo, do you.

No. 853019

That's fucking disgusting holy shit

No. 853032

Counting the money she's making them

No. 853038

fat anons are the og mini lolcows, go eat a salad, you'll never be skinny or pretty

No. 853039

im sorry but the visual of a scrote moaning while wiping their ass took me OUT

No. 853040

calm down, troon. this isn't the time or place to sperg you're not female

No. 853042

They finally acknowledge more than one token black woman deserves a nomination and one of them is actually a man. It's such blatant pandering, it reminds me of those creepy Amazon ads from last year after Bezos started getting criticized for profiting off Covid. They don't really give a shit about representation or doing something because it's the right thing to do. They're desperately throwing out the widest net possible to retain viewers, to market to them, instead of facing the fact that Americans don't want to watch rich people jerking each other off anymore

No. 853048

File: 1626198491584.jpg (61.83 KB, 590x685, trailer.JPG)

There will be a movie to this

looks like the walmart version of game of thrones

No. 853054

>be a tranny
>sperg for no reason
>people remind you you're a man in a dress
>first thing that comes to mind is to call them fat
really weird

No. 853055

> Tranny detected

No. 853062

File: 1626200037369.png (48.75 KB, 1680x251, em.PNG)

Speaking of which, how come Emma Corrin identifies as non-binary or whatever yet she's still competing in the female category

Billie should just take a break and a walk, but at this point I'm pretty sure her pr team is encouraging her to be as controversial as she can be because otherwise she'd fade into obscurity

No. 853083

I’m sure her PR agency are the ones pushing for her to be sexualized too. Because scrotes

No. 853100


Her parents are the reason she has been put in the horrible situations she has been in with older POS men.

No. 853107

Troons are infinitely more pathetic than fatties. Even heroin addicts are more respectable. You can’t even accept your own genitlalia you fucking broken freak kek.

No. 853115

Hahaha she fucking sucks. Not even 20 and career is basically over. Only fans in 3…2…1..

No. 853116

i'm not trans i just know you're all fat because of the smell of repressed anger in your replies lol

yet, you'll never be skinny

No. 853119

idk what you mean, there isn't a woman below 9/10 here. be gone, Becky. Stacies only.

No. 853121

File: 1626202812389.png (1.77 MB, 783x1128, 0682D5F8-82F3-4D67-A86A-549AE8…)

She built like a Slavic grandmother.

No. 853123

File: 1626202926489.png (123.13 KB, 280x340, E6MoMvQXsAcgn2Q.png)


No. 853125

> Anons don't pander to men in skirts, yet his only insult is "u-u guise are totally fat!!!xd"
Your brain is so rotten, get some fresh air and find better insults

No. 853127

do big tits count if they're only 2 cups bigger than your stomach

No. 853128

rice crackers have enough sodium in them to guarantee slight weight gain if not eaten with anything else, water will bloat your stomach which will make you have more cravings and green tea doesn't work. Fruit has sugar so if its the only sweet thing you eat it'll still add up and cause weight gain if youre already malnurished

have a nice day

No. 853133

that's either a chin implant or too much filler

No. 853135

Absolutely not. She looks like she needs a girdle.

No. 853143

that anime chin.

No. 853146

>seeking terf validation

No. 853158

She's shaped like every other lazy American girl, fat, wide, no ass and big saggy boobs. Unbelievable she thinks she has some rare special body type that makes her better than every other also fat american girl with big tits

is that cigarette photoshopped in too or does billie smoke like every other trashy white girl?

No. 853170

clearly photoshop anon

No. 853178

idk the caption doesn't seem like she's legitimately trying to shame anyone kek just trying to be inflammatory in a goofy "your hate doesn't phase me" kind of way. some anons have a big imagination and assumptions when it comes to stuff a literal teenager is saying.

No. 853185

That would be gold if she accidently insulted a troon for having small tits
she insulted the hypothetical hater by body shaming and then implied people with boobs smaller than hers aren't allowed to have opinions. If you're famous you should be use to hate, but you can't cry body shaming then body shame others. If your way of standing up for yourself is saying you have big tits thats just embarrassing and shitty to women everywhere, big or small tits

No. 853190

No, she said what she said, she thinks her tits look better than her fans'. Which is topkek because they may be big but are completely disproportional to the rest of her body. She's shaped like a brick with no waist or hips and thinks she has an hourglass figure when she's actually shaped like a lunch lady grandmother of five

No. 853197

yep, it's no wonder she refuses to be photographed from the shoulders up without a corset or baggy clothes, her outfits were the ugliest shit ever it looks like she raided closets of morbidly obese kyles

No. 853198


No. 853214

Anyone who can't tell Disney is a conglomerate owned and ran by pedos that caters to fat seratonin-addicted kidults in order to drain their bank accounts in exchange for plushies and plastic shit needs to exit the Earth. Everything Disney touches ends up decaying or being beaten beyond death like a horse, they destroyed the economies in CA and FL where they built their parks and Walt himself fucked up copyright laws 50 years ago just to make sure his company would be able to own and profit from previous classic works forever over anyone else. We legit need a "Disney is evil" thread imho.

No. 853218

tbf all she said was that they're bigger, not better. i also don't give a fuck about "body shaming" though, we're on lolcow.

No. 853220

She's just being self aware. Her tits are the only reason anybody cares about her.

No. 853223

you sound personally affected by it

No. 853233

>my tits are bigger than yours
she didn't say it but it's implied, if she said better she would have her ass handed to her more than she already is

that being said, her body is painfully american average, she's shaped like adele when she was fat but pre death fat, if she tried to do any sort of legit modeling for curvy women like playboy, penthouse, lingerie modeling etc she would be laughed at into oblivion, she doesn't have magical big tits that made her famous, it's just the matter of fact her boobs are all she ever seems to talk about nowadays and every single picture or video she posts of herself is all centered around her boobs. No one cared about her body or how big her tits were when she was actually a good artist and dressed like a fat high school drop out gas station attendant named Ryan

No. 853238

Are you retards done sperging about how fat and average Billie is or do I have to read another 800 posts about it?

No. 853240

you must be new

No. 853242

I wish. Sadly I've just reached my threshold for bitter flattie anons that can't contain their autism over an insanely vague and mundane Tiktok caption.

No. 853244

I have big tits but I find girls with big tits who act like billie embarassing ngl. it is a gossip thread though so when the body posi queen is a hypocrite people are gonna say something

No. 853245

maybe it's supposed to be ironic

No. 853247

even if it was a "joke", it still would go against what she preaches, you really think billie would react neutral if someone said "I'm skinnier with better curves than you so eat my dust"?

No. 853248

File: 1626209775537.jpeg (123.71 KB, 629x485, 779FB152-1288-42F8-8213-5A326A…)

>is that cigarette shooped

No. 853249

nobody said that though, it's just one huge projection

No. 853251

yeah but if someone said that you know this world will flip and billie will be blasting everyone for body shaming her, why can't she just take responsibility for what she said? she's in the public eye and if she posts something that goes against what she preaches why shouldn't she be called out?

No. 853254

i think you're just taking it a lot more seriously than everyone else kek

No. 853256

let anons dunk on celebs in peace.

her behavior confirms she's a fat. you know you're a fattie when you can shit-talk the bodies of other women but if a skinny chick did it to you, you could call it literal violence and fatphobia and have your army of small fats reee

No. 853257

not really since most people are agreeing with me in this thread, Billie Eilish doesn't get a free pass to say whatever she wants, don't be a Schrödinger's Douchebag

No. 853259

i’m just saying pick more interesting ones to dunk on. the ones going on and on about being so offended about her tits comments are the ones keeping her relevant in the long-run.

No. 853261

Imagine your defence to statutory rape and grooming a child being "she knew how to do it!" Yikes. Hope he chokes!

No. 853263

>billie has no tea and isn't interesting
bitch are blind

No. 853265

Her tits are the least "30 y.o trailer park stonermom of 3 on welfare" looking feature of her body, what else could she have said? Her ass is painfully disappointing for a fat girl.

No. 853267

that's only because her tits are small for a fat girl too and she wears push up bras, completely humiliating on her part that she made them her personality though

hmm I predict she will join the "reduction gang" by getting a breast lift and being too embarrassed to admit that ms great tits isn't all that perfect and then she will do an only fans or start dressing even sluttier since she doesn't have to hide her tits being saggy anymore

No. 853269

what's the tea besides being a fat industry plant and having a creepy brother?

No. 853272

No. 853275

90% of that post was about her tits tho

No. 853285

>body shaming over tits
>making weird posts about her tits
>makes everything about her boobs but probably doesn't even have that big or nice of boobs

I'd confused how 2 actual drama things and 1 nitpick is "90%". Her tea has been revolving around her tits lately and last time I checked that there was no rule that boobs somehow meant tea wasn't tea

No. 853286

Hanging out with creepy ass Drake and other pervy middle aged industry predators since she was 15, "somehow". It's weird how that was never more of a "thing", especially once she turned 18 and it was clear that the way she dressed before was more to protrct the creeps she might have been seen with before she turned 18, like the only reason she didn't want to be sexualized until the day she turned 18 was because she was hanging out with middle aged creeps at 15 and it would make them look bad otherwise, not because she wanted respect or to be a good role model for other girls.

No. 853290

The "tea", I guess, is that she used her tits as a pathetic attempt at a dig after being called out on her mediocre music when she has sad, saggy fat girl tits to begin with.

No. 853291

yeah that's more interesting than her boobs

No. 853293

yeppers, idk I find the weird constant boob posting on tiktok to be cringey too

No. 853296

They're her only asset, she's a fat apple with a flat butt. Her music is flopping, so now she's slowlt resorting to whoring out. Wait and see, she'll do some ass-backwards bodyposi budoir shoot as an excuse to take sexualized male-gazey nudes when another underaged soundcloud pickme gets signed and people stop using her as a household name.

No. 853303

are you autistic?

No. 853305

didn't she already do that with the vogue shoot

No. 853314

No, she wasn't nude in that. That shoot was just her excuse to get a Vogue cover for sloughing off her "I'm actually pedo-avoidant" style of dress so she can let it all hang out without putting her middle aged male peers in any compromising situations.

No. 853352

File: 1626214790749.png (436.97 KB, 681x639, 38.png)

I wonder what the sex is like.

No. 853353

Stinky and performative

No. 853359

isnt that weird to fuck the little sis of the girl you used to have beef with as a teen

No. 853361

I honestly don't doubt Demi and Miley fought Because of unrequited sexual feelings and now BAM

No. 853362

Something about this is disgusting and almost nefarious if they’re dating.

No. 853368

what the fuck is this …..gross

No. 853376

I thought it was Demi and Selena who had sexual feelings for each other? And the beef was Selena and Miley fighting over Nick Jonas?

No. 853384

The age gap is not creepy but the fact that she knows her as mileys little sister is what makes it creepy

No. 853387

Her chest looks like she never wore sunscreen in her life

No. 853388

she just forgot to photoshop her chest

No. 853390

two "barely was"'s desperately cling to fame

No. 853391

i know its been discussed before but damn demi's so close to being deathfat it's sad

No. 853397


take off your ana-goggles, anachan, she looks just fine.

No. 853399

Wait, are there really women who actually eat ass? God fucking no. You couldn't pay me to run my tongue over some disgusting moids anus, absolutely humiliating and degenerate. I feel terrible for her if she actually did it. It's bad enough to lower yourself to that and even worse to have your retarded ex sperging about it online

No. 853404

File: 1626217271153.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x2099, 90A2632F-1FE9-44BF-BD21-0A458B…)

“Climate change awareness” exhibit?? Coming from the same person who sold NFTs? The hypocrisy is unreal.

No. 853413

I thought this was zendaya
Nta, she is more than thick. I definitely wouldn’t say deathfat but she’s overweight or even potentially obese if you consider BMI. She’s 5’3”

No. 853414

The fact that she was 16 when (allegedly) doing that is even more worrying, it's not your average sexual practice. I'm just hoping the scrote is lying with that part, at least, if not, it's depressing that this is the state of sex for young people. Jesus this is so all so disgusting

No. 853416

I will say that photo's the best she's looked in a while.

No. 853417

this is the worst she's ever looked. not necessarily deathfat but still bad. she looks like she smells

No. 853418

Grimes proves you can avoid blackfishing accusations as long as you pretend you're an alien

No. 853425

kind of hard to tell cause she's wearing baggy clothes

No. 853427

literally in what universe does she look black in that picture

No. 853430

Do you think those are cornrows or something? She looks her pasty self

No. 853431

Apparently they did coffee enemas together and it was her idea. That's something a child learns from a perv adult.

No. 853438

Maybe the reason he goes for people so young is that he can convince them to do more degenerate stuff because they don't have a lot of experience of confidence.

Yeah, young girls deserve to discover love and relationships slowly and safely. They deserve innocent dates at the movies, not dates where they're pressured into mimicking porn.

No. 853450

Yeah and the same person who made album about how "cool" is climate catastrophy and destruction of the planet, which by the way was bad self-insert fan fiction with her as "goddess of global warming" or something kek

No. 853451

Literally where? The braids? Lmao. Nonny. Please.

No. 853453

nah bitch looks like a balloon

No. 853456

Out of curiosity, do hard drugs make you gain weight? Or is it just her leaning on food as a way to cope with coming off the drugs

No. 853462

I- What the fuck. Scrotes are making teenage girls lick their assholes. Jesus Christ. I am done. Now’s a good time to die, I think.

No. 853463

Dat Dorito chip chin

No. 853535


Defnoodles twitter is suspended so I can't see the thread but the article I read about this story says "He also says he “ate her a**” at one point." idk why people are thinking it was the other way around

No. 853536

Remember when Trent covered himself in mud on stage and collabed with Coil? I miss those days.

No. 853537

Can someone explain to me… why she's getting this backlash all of a sudden? I'd like to think that it's because she's sexualizing herself out of nowhere and young girls are rejecting it but these are pornsick, bimbo-idolizing zoomers we're talking about. All pop stars get hate at some point but there's something really disturbing to me about teenagers making videos with their whole ass face and identity out telling Billie how much they hate her. That said, Billie needs to log the fuck off. This is not healthy

No. 853538

Watch the video anon linked or google.
>Echo’s sister “that child knew how to suck dick!?
>Echo “she did, she did! She ate that ass too!!
I’d like to know where you heard this though anon. I googled her after op posted to see if this had any traction(it did) one and two see how she looked lately and I didn’t read that anywhere

No. 853539

Click not watch* it still works

No. 853545

specifically at 1:35 his sister brings it up but they continue to mention it throughout the clips

No. 853547

>That's something a child learns from a perv adult.
Absolutely, it's sad and sick she most likely learned from a sick fuck in pedowood.

No. 853569

File: 1626233438246.png (324.1 KB, 602x487, 2.PNG)

No. 853571

she's so brain damaged

No. 853572

This. I don’t think Billie is a cow overall despite having milk here and there. Idk where OP is getting at.

No. 853576

As a kid growing up I hate a love/hate feeling towards her because she made me realize I was gay

No. 853583

who is that guy?? sorry i don't have tiktok

No. 853584

not really. it's a stupid health thing that hollywood cLeAnSe/vegan/crystal healing tards do. one of those things that "health nuts" are obsessed with but it's really just something they heard keeps you skinny

No. 853592

Oh there is no doubt in my mind she wanted to fuck Miley. Miley's an idiot but she was right to stay away from Demi's crazy ass

No. 853595

Seconding this, where is the milk? idgaf about her and her boring shit but her stans are fucking retarded. They’re literally thirsting for every opportunity to attack, while still buying her shit. Fucking conzoomers. They are more milky than her at this point.

No. 853605

holy shit thats Lana? I thought that was Khloe Kardashian

No. 853607

They’re talking about eating ass, anon. Or maybe eating ass keeps you skinny and i’m out of the loop, kek

No. 853610

Fuck off and go do something else then you bore

No. 853614

Plastic surgery makes people age like utter shit.

No. 853617

I'm so sad girls are being memed into literally licking mens assholes. Love yourself Millie

No. 853619

It really does. All these 20 year olds getting “preventative Botox” are going to be in for a surprise lol add in the smoking, alcohol, and drug use for Lana and this is what she’s left with. Should’ve never messed with her face or any of those things. Her sister and her mom are pretty so she could’ve been too.

No. 853621

File: 1626245030979.jpg (51.32 KB, 763x533, Screenshot_7.jpg)

From Halsey's film which looks like an edgy, low budget mixture of Game of Thrones and Marie Antoinette

No. 853630

File: 1626246832295.jpg (81.19 KB, 1081x595, Screenshot_9.jpg)

Looks like a narcissistic, hour long exercise in artsy shots with a thin excuse of a plot noone asked for

No. 853632

>I want to make audiovisual albums like Beyonce too

No. 853635

Halsey annoys me so much, she has NO talent but tries to present herself as this edgy pretentious unique alt artist.

No. 853639

No. 853641

yuck, looks like a shitty HBOMax promo.
100% this

No. 853643

I'm mostly annoyed because I actually like her music, if she just stayed in her lane and released more whiny pop there would be no issues

No. 853710

Anons were referring to coffee enemas

No. 853716


I'm sick of this cycle of Billie's pedopeer circle getting buried under stan posts saying she has no milk. No way a sedated fatass who looks 30 got "famous" for mediocre music while hanging out with known middle aged creeps at 15-17. She pedopandered and that's milky af, especially comsidering the "chikd eating ass" issue currently being discussed and how they're relevant. It's not OK that Billie is famous for being mediocre jist bc she's "relatable" to dumpy fat averages who fuck for handouts from predators to get a leg up over prettier girls with talent and drive. Girls like Billie shouldn't be role models bc I don't want an army of lazy fat girls fucking to get through life on handouts from creeps with an agenda like Billie is. She's doing her part now by normalizing it while her stans try so hard to bury it and say it's not milk- other girls WILL find a way to do what she did and pedowood will consume more girls in exchange for "fame" as an awkward, ugly fat girl who gets put on a pedestal bc she sucked middle aged dick. What men out there are just looking for new talent online to give a free ride to fame to for nothing? None. What man on this Earth ever does anything that doesn't get him laid, paid, or make him feel like a god? Nothing. Especially not a narc like Drake.

No. 853725

If middle aged men were interesting in helping young girls and women out, they wouldn't need their help to begin with. The music industry is run by middle aged men and young people everywhere have dreams of fame, so what is all this focus on unknown meiocre teen stars about when there are plenty of good artists of all ages with amazing music out there? Because they want the awkward young girls with no drive for themselved to be their fuckpuppets since Dan Schneider exposed how Nickelodeon used their shows to creep on the stars by being too obvious for too long. Now, all these pudgy nobodies who would undoubtedly do absolutely any disgusting thing for money and attention to feel pretty are getting famous, while actual pretry girls only get famous for being whores or being disgustingly vain and unaware. Hollywood is trying to turn the tables so that ugly averages are the ones doing the nasty for favors because pretty girls can get attention online now.

No. 853769

nta but i think that was the point? braids like that on a white person are usually enough to get the wokes seething

No. 853780

alright, my bad. I always speedread these threads and oversaw that she hung out with drake the pedo and other creeps while being 15 which is pretty fucked up and deserves to be talked about, but I don’t know why anons such as >>852914 did not include or focus it in their reasoning on why she should have thread because the pedo shit is the main issue imo.

No. 853792

she’s never actually hung out with drake, not sure why anons keep saying that. she mentioned texting him once on instagram when she was 17 and said they never met. drake met millie though

No. 853793

Why are you directing so much blame and ire at her for the pedos she was surrounded by as a minor?

No. 853803

Its actually horrific seeing that botched nearly-bimbo face moving around in front of her original teenage face. She absolutely was a communist in her youth, and like a real communist she was swayed by money. Spends all day on TikTok defending her husband, cant take his dick out of her mouth for 5 minutes to just think about what shes actually doing. Horrific. Lips aren't doing you any favours love just pack it in

No. 853813

Once you turn 17-18 and continue to pander to pedophiles that's completely on you, if belle delphine doesn't get a pass for pandering to pedophiles why should Billie? By 17 you're smart enough to know but Billie is selfish and cared more about fame than protecting other girls

No. 853816

i blame selena gomez for using her nepotism on the likes of demi

No. 853829

Why are people so quick to protect Billie eilish from being responsible for her actions? Hollywood pedophiles are a thing for sure but no one forget Ariana grande, Miranda Cosgrove, Miley Cyrus and so on to run around insulting other fans, act like a thot while screaming not to be sexualized nor did they protect pedophiles. She's not a brain dead vegetable she knows what's she is doing

No. 853841

If you just stayed focused on pedos re:Billie I'd be with you but you seem to think Billie's real fault is being "too fat and ugly to be relevant" and with that you show your entire ass to us. If she's a minor and she ended up fucking her way to the top then that's still an issue of a minor being exploited. Just because you think the minor was too ugly to "deserve" it doesn't mean we then act like it was the minor's fault that she got groomed. God you're an imbecile.

No. 853844

It takes time and therapy to process the trauma of being objectified, molested, or raped for years. You don’t wake up on the day of your 18th birthday with the necessary mental fortitude or maturity to carry the mantle against Hollywood’s pedophiles. Not after being raped for the entirety of the decade prior. Even the victims adjacent to the pedo-protectors you mentioned (Jeanette McCurdy, Erin Sanders, etc.) took years to suggest that Dan Schneider acted inappropriately/molested/raped them. Are they considered pedo-panderers up until the moment they come forward too? They’re literally victims and the people ITT being like “Billie was a 15 year old little SLUT” are gross.

Ariana and Miley are old enough now that they absolutely are obligated to say shit and speak up in defense of their old coworkers, but there’s a distinct difference between 28 year olds choosing to keep silent or supporting pedophiles STILL and 18 year olds being forced or traumatized into silence.

No. 853845

File: 1626275353248.jpg (50.63 KB, 659x534, ohno.JPG)

>The 30-year-old singer/songwriter, who is one of the most successful musicians on the planet, floated the possibility of exploring a more extreme musical path while speaking to The Sun on Sunday's Bizarre column. He said: "I was really into death metal as a kid. I listened to CRADLE OF FILTH and SLIPKNOT and all that stuff. I'm not saying I could ever step into that world. I learnt all those riffs on guitar as a kid. That's something I've never thought about doing — but something I would not be opposed to creating."

>Sheeran had previously dabbled in a variety of genres, including rock, dance, rap and reggae.


No. 853847

You actually sound psychotic. You're saying Billie deserves to be taken down a peg because she was preyed upon by Hollywood pedophiles. Because you, being the strong, smart, perfect nonnie that you are, would never have let that happen if you were in her position, right? Jesus Christ, this is why this thread has a reputation as one of the worst on this site.

No. 853853

she really doesn't commit to anything at all that's way she bothers me so much, its just all about aesthetics with her. there most be someone on her team telling her she's an alt genius or something. i don't get it
omg yes he should. we need this

No. 853857


The next time I hear about Ed Sheeran it needs to be along the lines of "first commercial space fatality".

No. 853858

this isn’t true at all ariana has praised dan schnider for years and has never spoken up about anything, even when her cast mate jeanette mccurdy alluded to it. even in that victorious reunion last year dan was in it and she never said anything. if anything ariana is the one who panders with her filters, photoshop and baby voices to seem younger

No. 853859

Kek based

No. 853862

My first reaction to this was 'Ed, the whole world is opposed to you making a death metal album'. But coming to think about it, it'd be so out of character for him that I'd actually listen to it

No. 853865

Yes it is. I think they just tried to make her look more like james gandolfini

No. 853869

File: 1626277977980.jpeg (415.3 KB, 1242x1416, CEA4A296-6B60-4AA2-9CF5-9301E2…)

Not sure if anyone is a fan/aware of Jack Dylan Grazer (from Shazam and IT), but I haven’t heard or seen anything about this or what the allegations are until this post. It seems so weird and almost like it’s bringing more attention to some the controversy that not many people may know of. Will add some things I dug up in case anyone else is curious.

No. 853870

>they destroyed the economies in CA and FL where they built their parks
Source for this?

No. 853872

File: 1626278106180.jpeg (142.35 KB, 1080x1250, D5F6F151-9B3A-4FB4-BA86-1AB955…)

You sure

No. 853873

girls that age are often still super naive and can't see the wrong in adult men wanting to be with them, they just get flattered and thinks it's because they're more mature than other girls. that doesn't mean they're braindead or should be held responsible for a pedophiles actions, their brains just aren't fully developed

No. 853874

File: 1626278186198.jpeg (360.2 KB, 1119x2081, 03567F91-5BDE-4270-AC78-1D90C2…)

This is a list from some random website because there really isn’t a lot of information out there. It seems like they gleaned this information from the girl’s sister’s Twitter. Also, I didn’t see any videos or anything, so not sure if they exist or the writer just added that. He’s like 17, Jesus Christ. His future bodes so well!

No. 853875

I am not sure if you're being serious but I am laughing anyways

No. 853877

kek it’s photoshop

No. 853878

Anon it’s photoshop

No. 853879

Uh idk if this is shooped but I’d definitely looks it. Also, Drake is the creepy pedophile, not Billie

No. 853881

I think the reason Billie even just doing slightly problematic things is pissing so many anons (including me lol) off is because it's obvious that her fame did not come naturally, and that just feels unfair.

This video isn't that important but in the comments many people list celebs who surprisingly come from wealthy family - and it's nearly everybody who's famous nowadays and not just the obvious ones like Jenner, Hadid, Miley Cyrus, the Smith kids and Co.
Just to name a few:
>Chloe Zhao, who won an Oscar for best directing last month, is the daughter of a billionaire who runs convict operated steel mills.

>this reminds me of olivia rodrigo's stans tbh. they act like her parents are just "a therapist and a teacher" when in reality they're a los angeles bourgeoisie family with generational wealth and her mother essentially bought her acting career for her

>plus she was signed to a label before having even written anything. im 90% sure the label manipulated streams/paid influencers to plug her song to get her to number 1.

>i love rina sawayama but it turns out her parents were rich enough to send her to oxford and had a modeling career which gave her connections.

>I’ve been thinking about this recently as well!!! It’s crazy how many celebrities were born into wealthy backgrounds. I mean Emma Stone, Chris Evans, Ariana Grande, lady gaga, Kate Hudson, Dakota Johnson, Billie Eilish. The list is endless.

>Clairo is definitely another example to because of her dad's connections
>Lady Gaga's parents were rich before Gaga?? I thought her dad simply worked at a restaurant and that was it
>yeh she went to the same school that Paris Hilton had been at.

>One celebrity that DID surprise me was Ed Sheeran. I know all his songs so I was shock that his parents were so well off. He literally has songs about being homeless and couch surfing and barely making it by (Homeless, You Need Me I Don’t Need You).

>Apparently he did actually couch surf while getting his start. It was on Jamie Foxx's couch though

>This also made me think of Timothee Chalamet. He's undoubtedly a great actor and is charming, so I can't criticize him, but he too had the resources to help him achieve what he has today. Like, he may seem like a normal guy, but his parents are wealthy, his mom went to the NYC art school he attended, and he has a family history of people who were involved with film in some way.

>the other day I read an article about how timmy was lourdes leon's first boyfriend so he went dancing with madonna in high school.

>I also thought of Yara Shahidi. her dad was Prince's photographer and her mother is cousins with Nas (the rapper) and does commercial acting herself.

>not to mention that she was able to meet and befriend Michelle Obama, who wrote her a recommendation letter to Harvard University
>And Saweetie, who's cousins with Gabrielle Union. She also went to USC where she met (and dated) Justin Combs.
>And Saweetie’s grandfather played in the NFL.

No. 853888

Makes me curious, who is internationally famous right now and not coming from a wealthy background?

No. 853889

……yes? How maybe truly unknown/named actors and musicians are out there and make it. You literally need connections to become famous. This is not rocket science and doesn’t change the fact that a lot of these young/young adult celebrities are still vulnerable to the industry. Like, fuck ‘em, celebrities and celeb worship culture is retarded, but this isn’t groundbreaking, nor does it make Billie or whoever the hell else anons are taking about culpable for seasoned adults in the industry taking advantage of them.

No. 853890

File: 1626279573265.jpeg (86.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdef_ault (6).jpeg)

I don't even buy the "young teenage pop star" thing anymore. That's a 27 year old woman lol.

No. 853891

I feel like the only people that think it's surprising that celebrities come from a wealth are teenagers or something. I can understood that argument with people that intentionally made it seem like they had no label or anything like that Clairo girl but is it really a shock that some girl that got her start on disney channel already had parents with money? Nobody thinks they just pulled Olivia Rodrigo off the street and gave her a record deal.

No. 853892

People named JB and 1D.

And you get to decide what people are interested in talking about here because…?

No. 853894

>And you get to decide what people are interested in talking about here because…?
nta but if you want to discuss billie's authenticity as an artist or how she became famous then you should read the past threads. her being a wealthy, industry plant being whored out by her parents at a young age as been discussed ad nauseum.

No. 853895

With talent shows for musicians I believe it's slightly easier, what about actors though?

No. 853898

well i didn't know about some of the other celebs written about so i just wanted to share it.
and rehashing billie (or whatever other young female) having been abused ad nauseam is also not really it

that's the reason talent shows even exist, people love the idea of rags to riches actually being possible

No. 853904

sage in case this is old milk
has everyone seen these vids of justin being abusive to hailey? he is such a piece of shit i dont get why she puts up with it. she's such a doormat he just walks all over her it's actually sad.
links to the other vids:

No. 853907

yes Rihanna, nicki minaj, honestly a lot of black celebrities grew up poor before making it big. But a lot of them also came from wealthy middle to upper middle class backgrounds like beyonce for example.

No. 853908

hasn’t their relationship always been like that? i feel like they’re just bearding for each other at this point.

No. 853913

File: 1626281798958.jpg (72.72 KB, 630x1200, MV5BODYzOTE3ODc1M.jpg)

Billie in 10 years

No. 853915

>troubled, immature, attention seeking young woman
Nice lawyer they got there, very professional. This won't backfire at all

No. 853916

How dare you insult Toni Collette like that

No. 853919

rude. toni collette is skinny and talented.

No. 853926

ngl i would love a justin bieber gay reveal

No. 853927

File: 1626282913944.jpg (59.83 KB, 592x565, demi.JPG)

whatever this means

No. 853928

The audacity of moids. I believe they’re together but it’s clearly an emotionally abusive relationship, but they’ve known each other so long they just eat it. Loving how he says clearly fucked up things and just laughs it off. Gaslighting 101. I hope someone breaks his legs.

No. 853931

So they're gay for the media but still get dick, got it

No. 853933

She wishes

No. 853936

File: 1626283886425.jpeg (171.04 KB, 1242x1423, 339166C4-79FA-4494-A830-6DF605…)

>i even misgender myself sometimes!
>as long as i remember my truth, the shift will come naturally

No. 853938

Seeing these two side by side is like looking at the extreme ends of a character slider

No. 853939

Ariana and Jeanette used to have beef too so i wouldn't be surprised if ari not speaking up is also spite to jeanette

No. 853942

Not to split hairs here but I don’t think all these celebrities listed had ridiculously wealthy or loaded parents but they definitely all had connections/knew the right people.

No. 853945

>implying being a terf is a bad thing
do you know where you are?

No. 853961

If you took away the make up and jewelry they would look like Manson family serial killers.

No. 853962

Kek Ariana Grande is a big time pedopanderer. However, I've seen anons debate whether or not she does it intentionally or if she infantilizes herself as an extension of her anachan behaviours

No. 853964

File: 1626286001424.jpeg (4.85 KB, 225x224, pobrane.jpeg)

fuck, I finally know who Demi looks like

No. 853968


No. 853969

anon, I fucking inhaled the tea I was drinking lmaao! Thanks for this, kek.

No. 853975

omg KEK

No. 853994

I’ve seen this meme thrown around a lot on these boards but for once someone has finally fucking nailed it KEK have a great day today anon you deserve it

No. 854019

Hunter Echo being a worthless scrote. He posted an apology for the livestream and blamed it on him being drunk. Also says that “people are making it ten times worse than it actually is” like there isn’t video proof of him saying he groomed her, laugh about it, and laugh and agreed when his friend said “that child knew how to suck dick”. His Instagram has been nuked, his tik tok apology video has thousands of comments rightly shitting on him, he’s a social pariah.

No. 854021

>his friend said
I would like to make clear his sister, a woman said that. Fuck that bitch

No. 854022

File: 1626290052105.jpg (631.04 KB, 2000x3000, Tavi-Gevinson-Child-Blogger-Gi…)

Tavi looked old as fuck through most of her life. I thought people were crazy when they were praising her looks when she was a ~super duper tween fashionista~

No. 854027

Maybe it’s because I’m an only child but I can’t imagine being THAT invested in your sibling’s sex life. Gross.

No. 854028

im honestly surprised this noodle shrimp of a child has the ability to even pick up a pencil. looks can be deceiving i guess

No. 854033

File: 1626290907543.jpeg (538.62 KB, 828x968, A0C8DDF1-36A0-4E1F-B110-1674EC…)

i’m glad millie is suing him

No. 854034

His sister sounds like a huge pickme

No. 854036

>im so sorry
>it was fabricated tho
>im ashamed
>but remember it’s also not true

Lmao his management people must have dumped him already, if they let him put that out- get fucked scrote

No. 854039

No. 854043

>his tik tok apology video has thousands of comments rightly shitting on him
Good, i glad this fucker ruined his own life trying to be funny on tiktok

No. 854048

Good for her but I doubt he's lying. That child has had no one looking out for her and it's not surprising she's been groomed by grown men into doing those sorts of things.

No. 854052

I think this just goes to show how normalized that kind of thing must be. Neither he, his sister or his friend had any shame about what they were saying. They just forgot they weren't talking to other Hollywood people.

No. 854064

There are pics of her and Drake in the studio together before she turned 18. And besides that, why does Drake need to be texting an unknown 15 year old nobody musician? What incentive does he have to ne helping a random, underaged fat girl? And it's just a coincidence that she got fampus for shit tier mumblerap while looking like a moddle aged burnout while actually being underaged and texting a middle aged industry predator? Drake only cares about fame, money and pussy. Billie had neither fame nor money as a 15 year old when they started communicating, but of course she had pussy. Figure it out.

No. 854076

>teenage girl gets roasted for being groomed by a grown man with a history of texting minors

No. 854077

Regarding billie eilish, i want to add its confirmed (means both sides talked about it) that before she was famous she played a private concert for Jared Leto and Leonardo Di Caprio in his or Letos living room. They always scream her actor parents absolutely were z listers and god forbid they know any hollywood people, but then billie eilish accidentally plays for Leo and Leto? Just saying its not just Drake. Jared Leto is another name associated with pedowood.

No. 854082

I couldn't care less about her background, I just think she lacks talent. I have nothing against rich people with talent. But I am also extremely picky so 90% of celebrities are lame.

No. 854087

More likely the opposite, she went the ana-chan route to make the pandering easier. You can't be a small bb loli if you have tits and ass.

No. 854088

Hope he commits sudoku(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 854095

Well, not really but kind of. Sage for long.

I live in FL so I grew up seeing and hearing how things were pre-Disney and now, but really I don't know how to say it but I know about it. Walt began buying uo property in FL in 1959, but before that Florida was a big deal economically- in fact up until Disney's early-2000's boom of suddenly being fucking everywhere Florida was a hot spot. Movies were filmed all over the state, Miami was the party city, the entertainment history of Florida pre-Disneyfication makes California look like a basic bitch. Will Smith had an entire album with songs about Miami, celebs had houses there, and then suddenly nobody cared about Florids anymore because now they could get any kind of Disney item from any store they want in Florida. The fat Disneyphiles pushed out the entertainment economy in exchange for commercial tourism. Nobody comes here to make art anymore, and Florida is America's running joke.

I dont want to link any conspiracy sites but honestly, Disney is so good at censoring anything that makes them look un-Disney that I honestly don't know where to even find evidence of Walt Disney/Disney company's actions and impact. I remember having to learn about that kind of economics in school very early on, then it was all taken away and Disney started rapidly expanding and suddenly Disney merch was in literally every store, for adults and kids. I still remember the day I started seeing normal Disney stuff in Spencer gifts next to the sex toys and adult gag gifts and being confused and worried. Florida's economy is getting worse and worse, nobody can afford to live and none of the jons here pay worth shit or have any benefits because the parks have made the entire economy into basically retail, foodservice and male-oriented trades. The only people here who make a decent living either got lucky or were already born in their economic position, it's literally impossible to start out at 0 and not end up working 2 jobs or getting into a relationship just to avpid homelessness. You have to have a kid or be male to get food stamps- I was a childless 25 year old and homeless and was denied foodstamps and not given a clear reason why. Every other woman I've met that has improved her life wasn't ablw to get any help until they had someone else to worry about as well who also benefitted from her getting help. Florida is a toirist economy- that means the entire state is gamed in favor of whoever comes or lives here just here to make or spend money, and everyone else is their underpaid servants whose rights only matter if they can prove they were voilated and it's not he-said-she-said. That's why there's "nothing to do" in Florida and why it's such a shitty state- it's filled with Floridians whose economy is being sold to rich snowbirds and Disneyphiles who pay to treat them like crap while the Floridians have take all the shit for shit pay and no future, because it's such a rat race to get a job that isn't dead end service shit, and even if you make good money the only other thing to do here besides work and be seen spending money on touristy shit, is get high. The bulk of available jobs here are low paying and dead end because Disney needs desperate, underpaid workers that have to accept being treated like shit by rich assholes to avoid being homeless and afford enough drugs and distractions to forget they live in a literal trap designed to keep them from getting out. Anyone trying to work their way up in that kind of economy is never gonna make it because it's literally a losing battle.

I kind of went off, and I'm aorry if it doesn't make any sense, but part of my frustration is important my education about the ecomomy and my education in general were up until Disney started expanding, then suddenly school was daycare and now I dont know how to do anything except notice how wrong everything is, but I don't know how to say it or…anything. It's like the future my generation was being prepared for was quietly bought out from under us and sold to fat Gen-Xers, Zoomer kids and retirees from out of state, and now all of Florida is just a vacation spot staffed by locals struggling fruitlessly to improve their lives. I haven't read as much about Disney's impact on CA, but I do know they did some fuckshit a long time ago with zoning or zip codes to avoid some kind of government penalty. The problem with anything negative about Disney is that if you don't save a copy of it and the source the moment you see it, guarantee you'll never see it again.

No. 854099

florida as a whole is primarily a beachy tourist destination, it was always going to be tourist industries (retail, food service, hospitality) that thrive there with or without disney

No. 854101

there are 0 pics of them together anon. you’re just making shit up out of thin air about their nonexistent relationship

No. 854107

Not always, there used to be a rich entertainment industry and music industry here, as well as filmmaking, agriculture (which Disney has also started taking over by buying up the farms that produce stuff they can use for their Disney branded Mickey Mouse fruit trays & paying thenworkers shit/using illegals), and ecotourism. Florida has amazing natural resources that have been bought up by evil corporations like Nestle as well- Zephyrhills bow bottles and sells water from the popular cold springs in Gilchrist county: Ginnie springs. They bottle water at the same spot people pay to go get drunk and campout. There was a petition to stop them, but of course it happened anyway. Florida was always a tourist state, but it used to have something for everyone, now it's just for rich fat Dishephiles and predators looking for desperate, vulnerable young people to exploit for profit.

No. 854110

Disney is thriving, Florida's economy is not. That's the whole point. Disney is making all it's money by strangling every part of the economy it needs to function so that only Disney benefits from it in the end.

No. 854111

Okay anon it’s clear you are samefagging with the whole fat girl schtick

No. 854121

>Death Metal
>Cradle of Filth

He has no idea.

No. 854124

most states economies are struggling right now, this isn’t a florida specific thing

No. 854134

Demi will eventually come out as poly

No. 854166

File: 1626301428052.jpg (42.62 KB, 547x455, uou.jpg)

I don't think her teeth are fake in >>852304 but I'm no expert. Pic related.

male vs female behavior in action. I've never seen a male troon reassure those who 'misgender' them by accident.

Advanced queerbatiting cause it's hip to be queer.

No. 854178

there’s a pic of them together in the thread

No. 854180

..you mean the shooped one? anon you can't possibly be this stupid

No. 854181

File: 1626302795543.jpg (213.8 KB, 1080x1828, 20210715_014554.jpg)

>The pic in question
Are you blind, anon?

No. 854182

lmao i hope this is meant to be ironic

No. 854187

Florida is a shithole because of its Republican backwards government. Not because of Disneyworld.

No. 854193

Nice photoshop anon. Anyone can draw a grey patch, what does that prove? Hello???

No. 854196

File: 1626303774757.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 854199

Funny how Rina emphasizes that she grew up poor and working class in one of her songs and many of her inteeviews.

No. 854203

celebricows posters combined iq is so low I'm starting to believe they got second hand brain damage from demi's tweets

No. 854206

File: 1626304794728.gif (991.92 KB, 500x242, a1b0bf12bc401ca50e35e36e1d1ea1…)

>ed as a teenager

No. 854211

it does look super big considering it's flaccid imo. freaky.

No. 854220

Her body and boobs are both average sized lmao what are you smoking

No. 854224

oh come on anon this thread really isn’t bad for being in /ot/, believe me it could have been a lot worse.

No. 854230

no, have siblings, want to hear about their sex life as much as I want to walk in on my own parents tyvm

No. 854233

Nah you’re right, anon. People that are too comfortable about that are weird as fuck.

No. 854248

True, but a common ED behaviour (especially among lolcow tier anachans) is being weirdly obsessed with presenting yourself as a uwu tiny smol innocent child. It could go either way, but at the end of the day, Arianna is a pedopandering piece of shit

No. 854260

Celebrities will literally never admit to the huge advantages they were given in life out of a fear of alienating their fanbase plus imposter syndrome.

No. 854262

cuz we all know no Democrat run areas are shitholes kek

Fuck off with your political sperg retard

No. 854267

now both of you kiss

No. 854275

Sage for tinfoil but do you anons think there's any chance Demi and Selena might have had some sort of sexual/romantic thing when they were younger? Or was Selena more like Demi's straight friend?

No. 854277

i feel awful for her, from the bottom of my heart. whole situation is utterly vomit-inducing and i hope she adjusts okay as she grows older. idc what age of consent laws are anywhere, a 16 year old is absolutely still a child, your brain isn't fully formed nor your body. to be groomed and possibly abused as a child star is awful enough, but to have your vulnerability exploited and exposed by a perverted fuckboy for clout… i cant imagine the shame and trauma she's going through privately

No. 854278

disney also buys out local and state politicians with their insane lobbying which contributes to orlando being kind of a shit hole atm (and why we cant get rid of fucking buddy dyer)

sage for ot

No. 854282

god damn this is absolutely right, that shit is a hellhole

No. 854283

kek ed sheeran singing metal is entertaining though but i'm done with pop/dance/trap celebrities suddenly getting an idea that in 2021 it pays off to make alt or punk or industrial albums and pretend they've always been all about that

No. 854284

Demi has implied it but I don't think it's true. I'm not sure Selena is straight though. She spent an awful lot of time kissing and showering with Cara Delevingne

No. 854285

same, nonita. he is the biggest piece of shit, can't imagine what she must be going through right now. the whole situation is so gross and sad, and no doubt the news cycle is going to exploit it even more for the salacious details.

No. 854294

Big true. You get more money when you larp as a poor uwu middle working class individual. Gotta get that coin.