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File: 1622239349228.jpeg (61.81 KB, 464x618, 23381F73-9B96-4DA4-B61B-F6FC10…)

No. 818392

release your vexed dumbassery

previous thread: >>>/ot/811045

No. 818395

I hung out with an acquaintence one evening, and realized how much I miss just getting tipsy and hanging out with friends on a warm evening. She lives far away though, and I have zero friends because I cut all bridges during my depression (and have no intentions of picking those exact relationships back again). It just seems so difficult to make new friends now. It was the first time in years where I felt like maybe I'm missing out on life.

No. 818396

File: 1622239982726.jpeg (47.57 KB, 435x293, A9E4B5A5-750E-4C37-B2FB-CEB9DE…)

i got my tongue pierced three days ago and i miss being able to eat like the ravenous autist that i am. at least it looks cute

No. 818398


Do you have any IRL hobbies and live in a sub/urban area? I know the advice is overwrought, but hobby groups truly are a great way to make friends. Not to pry, but why aren't you open to reconnecting with your past friends? Unless you're a truly heinous bitch, people are willing to forgive quite a bit if you feel sincerely bad.

No. 818424

File: 1622241669818.jpeg (23.78 KB, 275x204, 1613099749372.jpeg)

My friend finally got rid of her shitty cringy genderspecial roommate! Her roommate is one of the single most infuriating people I have had the dishonor of knowing and following on social media, self diagnosed autistism/DID/BPD/allergies/every other mental illness, vtuber, and has to act she has the worst parents in the world, how dare they offer her free housing! Buy her things! Aboosive. My friend got in such a weird, toxic rut living with this bitch, now she can thrive.

No. 818427

I don't really have outside hobbies apart from jogging, but I don't think jogging makes for great friend-dates. I don't have much money to expend now either (in middle of buying my apartment).
Those friendships were broken like 6-7 years ago now, and I don't want to play catch-up, since the main reason I rejected everyone was because I was falling so far behind on becoming an adult and I still don't have an adult mentality while some of them I think even have children now. I don't want to return into their lives only for it to inevitably fall apart again. I can usually get along with certain types of people really well, but I am incredibly bad at actually initiating meetups or deepening surface level friendships, so I feel awkward hanging out 1on1. I also never talk about myself IRL, only if I really must, because I'm always afraid I'll overshare, since I was a fuckup for so long.

No. 818432

Being a married introvert fucking sucks. I just wanna be left alone but no theres a fucking male in here talking to me all the time. It's hard to behave like a human when I'm so socially drained all the time too so I seem like a bitch. Just leave me alone reeee

No. 818442

oh shit I've never been in a relationship but I can see this being my future kek. I'm so comfortable being alone, having someone trying to interact with me all the time sounds exhausting

No. 818448

Have a room that is just for yourself with the rule that if you go in there, you are to be left the fuck alone. This is how I deal with being introverted and married. My husband understands that I need "recharge time" after being around people, it's my in-laws that don't.

No. 818450

I don't understand why men have to put on a tough mask/stoic shell in a relationship. Sometimes I just want to feel needed by my bf, to see him completely soft and know that he really does care about me, want me, need me. I want more.

No. 818452

allowed myself to develop diabetic gum disease because I'm miserable filthy piece of shit, all of my bottom teeth are loose, and now I have to get some sort of dental procedure done and a retainer put on to hopefully hold them still long enough for my gums to heal back to them
I wish I would stop being a sad sack of shit with no hope, every bad thing in my life is my fault and I deserve it, throw me from the Bastille with the French flag wrapped around my neck

No. 818463


the procedure will work, if a professional is certain it will resolve the issue then trust in the process. if possible i would highly recommend looking into getting some over the phone counselling arranged, you clearly have things you need to offload. i doubt every bad thing that’s ever happened to you is actually your fault, but even if it is you still deserve an outlet for how you’re feeling and you still deserve to be listened to. even if the bare minimum is hard right now i would focus all your energy into recovering and seeking out professional help, you can even call a suicide hotline and just vent about things there if counselling is too daunting

i hope things work out for you anon, if it means anything, i want you to feel better physically and mentally. don’t be afraid to reach out to a service that can offer you even the slightest bit of relief from how you’re feeling, that’s what they exist for

No. 818464

File: 1622250502425.jpg (23.96 KB, 640x640, hanifah-atbaakwaaas-the-idea-o…)

No. 818467

Kek I wanted to cry the other night and asked my bf if he could go out outside for a while

No. 818470

I went to an upscale mall for a job interview and I felt like such a poorfag standing next to nicely dressed rich people ordering Starbucks before leaving but on the outside, I was wearing relaxed business-formal with my Ralph Lauren flats.

No. 818473

File: 1622252337332.jpeg (100.44 KB, 625x833, 13717264696.jpeg)

those are the nicest things anyone has ever said to me

No. 818480

Shower crying ftw. The steam helps keep my sinuses from absolutely slamming shut, I'm all alone, it's cleansing.

No. 818482

File: 1622253616796.jpeg (25.52 KB, 300x250, 16FBC62A-9FA3-448D-A25F-EFE2BA…)

What the fuck, I hate 3D men, they’re disgusting, fucking retarded and pathetic.
>be me
>have smartest, beautiful best friend ever
>her family is shit
>3 siblings
>one is a violent retard, 2 times her size
>a dumbass little sister, probably autistic
>a dumbass little brother, most surely autistic
>distant mom
>picke grandma
>absolute shit scrote moid dad
She had a tough life the moment her retarded parents thought they could have a second child, which came out retarded as fuck, like, he can’t even wipe his own ass, an absolutely abhorrent drooling retard.
Things in our third world country got worse and worse economically and what did they do? Have two more children that miraculously came out “fine”.
The thing that makes me fucking hate the guts of her dad is
>my bff is making dinner
>she even sends me a picture of the stuff she’s cooking
>she told me she said something to her grandma
>who is her dad’s mother
>and her grandma took it personally
>and her dad too
>he threw a tomato at her
>her mom probably said something like “yo what the fuck”
>he proceeded to hit bff’s mom hard enough to draw blood
>he looked for a knife but couldn’t find one
>proceeded to choke his own mom
Like, what the fuck, right now theyre “fine” but obviously traumatized, except her pickme grandma who tells bff’s mom to not say anything about her son being a violent chimp.
I fucking hate men, I can’t wait to have a job so I can get an apartment where my bff and me can live peacefully.

No. 818490

Damn honestly as someone who’s family came from a 3rd world country that story really reminded me of what would happen in my mom’s side of the family. It’s so fucked how misogynistic and violent some men are allowed to be. I hope he gets a stroke and dies or something. Rooting for your friend to get away from those assholes

No. 818507

File: 1622257408007.jpeg (84.42 KB, 640x594, B021BFD2-5501-4F94-B48E-7FB119…)

it seems like a manipulative bitch thing to sh again but I cannot think of a better cope right now

No. 818508

posters who accuse random people of having bpd/npd/ whatever else are so weird, like they could just be a bad person or whatever else not everything is a personality disorder

No. 818514

having those disorders doesn't make you an insufferable person by default either

No. 818521

>smartest, beautiful best friend ever
Do you have a crush on her?

No. 818522

The only time I’ve been called BPD (at least that I remember) is by one anon who got mad at me for not somehow reading and replying to a post she made after mine. Then she started typing long-ass rants and spamming “hug” gifs saying she "forgave me"(?). Things like that are why I think anons who constantly jump to accusing internet strangers of having BPD must have it themselves, or some other mental issue.
It seems to have this weird cultural (or maybe just personal) baggage, too. I've literally never seen it used as an insult or even really talked about on a daily basis except here.
It really gives "I/my mom/my sister/some bitch who was in my life was diagnosed with BPD, so now I have a fixation around it. I know all the pills, all the therapy methods, every point on the checklist for diagnosis, and now I see the world through BPD-vision". Either that, "All I do is watch YT videos with titles like "Top 10 Narcissistic Traits" and now I think every person who's a dick (or that I just personally disagree with) must have a personality disorder", or "I'm copying other anons' vernacular because "sperg", "autist" or "take your meds" isn't a hard enough insult".
>inb4 some salty anon feels targeted by this and says "you have BPD"

No. 818523

I hope he dies too, he’s a fucking asshole and deserves anything bad that happens to him.
I don’t think so because I’m straight, I just think she’s too good for this world.

No. 818531

Accusations mean nothing. BPDs run this site. BPDs make the best shitposts. Neurotypical beckies go back to the mundane shit thread.

No. 818538

File: 1622261038886.jpeg (30.29 KB, 344x452, 91406DFC-63AF-4AC5-B400-534403…)

I’ve done it because it seemed appropriate. Not that anon seemed to genuinely have bpd, but in response to the energy in the writing of her post and the fact that it was a shitpost. I do regret it, though. I feel bad if my comment hurt her and I’d imagine it’d be feel worse for her if she actually had a personality disorder. But I could have been overthinking it so I stopped in case I ruined the fun.

I’ve never been accused of bpd though. I assume when anons make the claim that it’s mostly humor motivated since usually the posts are funny. It’s not as if we can see each other’s psyche evaluations and prescription lists, so I hope as a general rule of thumb anons don’t take it to heart.

No. 818561

I feel like my psychiatrist thinks or is going to start thinking that I'm just hunting for controlled substances. Just because every pill she's put me on to try and help me sleep has not helped one bit, they have not made me drowsy in the least and the two that did I had adverse reactions too. Of course all of those meds aren't actual sleeping pills and used for something else but they usually do make people tired enough to be used as sleeping pills. But like fuck, I'm so tired of not being able to sleep or only getting four hours of sleep once I go 24+ hours of sleep and pass out from exhaustion. I feel like my body fucking hates me. Like why the fuck is nothing working for me, I'm so frustrated. It's been making me cry and super irritated because I just feel so miserable all the time dealing with insomnia. I'm so scared of also being viewed as a drug addict and like I'm trying to get something out of her when I'm not, i just want sleep.

No. 818581

File: 1622268471954.jpg (65.11 KB, 680x453, Eohoh92XYAEvhtS.jpg)

I find myself jealous of someone that's way better at a game than I am, despite me having played it for longer.
Basically, I stared last year – played for five months, didn't do very well, dropped it (because I sucked). I come back to the game, I've been playing for roughly a few weeks, and I still…suck.

But this guy, within his first month, has managed to establish himself as a ~figure~ within the community because he's just that good. Five months later and people are still talking about the stuff he's done in game (and the stuff he's doing, currently).

It's dumb but I'm mad. Why do I suck so much at this game

>inb4 what game XD

An old-ass role-playing MMO on this client called "Byond". It literally won't affect me IRL ever and I do have stuff going on IRL/in other places related to this hobby, but I don't know! I'm just jealous. It's silly.

No. 818582

True I have BPD tendencies yet I am cute and a bit retarded

No. 818585

**I started. Fuck

No. 818590

Addition, since I'm mentally working stuff out: I think part of the reason I'm so peeved about this game and this situation in particular, is because it seemed like people were expecting me to do way more with what I got than what I did. Naturally, I…did not.

No. 818595

I think thats a fair feeling to have, but just remember that as long as you enjoy it thats all that really matters! I don't think theres a perfect equation where being really good at something always equals maximum enjoyment. sometimes we're mediocre at one thing and don't even realize how good we are at something else, meanwhile someone is looking at you with envy just as you're looking at him

No. 818598

im a paper fucking doll. all i have to show for my 30ish years here is a closet filled with nice things. i waste all my money on clothes and drugs. i don't even go anywhere. i'm a recluse and i can't remember what it's like to have friends. like i actually wouldn't know how to act if another woman actually wanted to spend time with me. the thought of someone else knowing they are my only friend also feels like the ultimate shame. i look the part, but i hate myself and it might be karmic justice for ultimately being a consumerist sheep after all. even when i fancied myself above it all and better than. i look like the cool girl but i am lame as fuck. like every single frumpalicious normie girl that i've ever scowled at is guaranteed happier than i, and i deserve that. i hate on my ltr but the truth there is the same: he might be the most basic dude bro going but if i left him i'd be doomed to banging tinder losers for validation until i die alone meanwhile he would have his pick of basic beckies, family up and finally know true happiness or something. im just the woooorrrrssssst you guys. UGH.

No. 818600


It's the bitterest nostalgia, truly. I am in the same boat, so internet cheers, nonna.

No. 818607

I relate, I am also a snobbish loner whose boyfriend would be better off with somebody else

No. 818634


Sorry to hear, but also glad I am not alone? Idk about you, but it's like I know he wouldn't leave me, but I also know he would be objectively better off if he did, but I am also too selfish to leave him, even though I often resent him, because I would not be better off in that situation. Most of the time we're happy and it's fine, but if I get to thinking about it too much I feel like a vampire or something, like it's sick.

No. 818638

I mean, that's all on you as you said. Stop consooming, start volunteering and learning new skills. The internet has so many free resources.

No. 818644

I'm an Asian woman and OH MY GOD I am so done with this asian-fishing talk. I honestly hate both sides. I hate Asian girls who knew what they were doing by adapting cutesy Japanese school girl style act all surprised and offended when white girls do it, saying that they're fetishizing Asians and pandering to pedophiles. I also hate white girls who profit off of sexualized version of Japanese style but will never own up to it. I obviously hate pedophiles and race fetishizers, who are the direct cause of all these issues. I'm just waiting for weeb culture to stop being mainstream so I don't have to listen to this asian-fishing talk and I can stop feeling like I need to wear plaid skirts and cat ears and tawk wike a bawby to feel attractive. I referred to myself as a woman but I'm only 19 too. This whole shit is really fucking with how I view myself.

No. 818648

File: 1622278203926.jpeg (484.52 KB, 1153x1147, 2B95F5CC-86EA-4361-8E6C-E451BB…)

posted on the last thread about the guy I felt got too attached to me in just under a week, and after re-reading my post I was like yep… just stop talking to him.

So I did. Two days ago I only sent him one group of messages, yesterday I didn’t send him any messages, and today I removed him from the social media’s I had him on. At first it felt like a relief. Right before I removed him i re-read our messages, and it’s CLEAR he got attached way too fast- he was talking about the future he was already imagining us having (and not in a joking/playful way) and in retrospect some messages came off a bit manipulative or pick me sounding being like “I’m gonna be all alone lol… at least if I have you I won’t be alone I hope”.

So tell me why now I feel a little bad about ghosting :| I think we needed to stop talking for both of our sakes tbh but it’s kinda feeling like maybe he got attached so fast because he has attachment issues and an anxious attachment style or the root of it was confidence or something (I thought he was handsome, but he seemed not to fully believe that). Kinda wish I just sent him a message before I removed him explaining a little because if the roles were reversed, even though I know I wouldn’t have acted the way he did in less than a week of talking, I wouldn’t have liked to be on the other end of it still :( I know I don’t really “owe” him anything but… I hate the thought that if his self image is not the best that I hurt it a little more.
Oh well, I guess I learnt from this experience. I want experience a normal romance again. Deleted my dating apps and hopefully I’ll meet someone in person to keep it that way. Why is dating difficult!

No. 818652

God I need to go to the gynecologist so bad for what I think is endometriosis and also a Pap smear because I’m 23 and never had one. But I’m so scared I’ll freak out because of my trauma and make an idiot of myself. I’m such a baby

No. 818655

I'm mentally ill and like working. I go into employment when I can and due to my problems I regularly get laid off.

Most employers like me but they lay me off after my depressive slump because I only come into work 3 days a week. It's typically "sorry, you're a good worker and we understand you have problems, but we need someone more reliable". I've gone through like 8 jobs over the last two years. I'm pretty qualified in many trades and I get glowing reports when I'm not in a slump, I get called in for casual jobs regularly for people too.

However, sometimes I get employed into places that chronically abuse their staff. They try that shit to me and I just don't come in the next day or bail after my first pay. It's unreal to me that these people take it. They've all been gaslit hard into it, and it's the most depressive thing to see. Like wtf, just go on unemployment and get another job? They're not bad workers and they're not stupid, it's pure gaslighting that induces it, plain and simple. The company always, ALWAYS, without fail tries to hit you with "We're the best company around and we expect the best!". Yet all the stuff about high standards is always an excuse to treat their workers like garbage.

That shit is sadder than NEETdom, a more depressive fate. And I just can't understand why these people put up with it. Imagine being middle aged and being constantly demeaned by someone at work. In the third world, yeah, you have no choice, but you're not exactly going to die because you quit your job.

No. 818663

You sound like a spoiled child, idk where you live but I'm sure these people can't get better opportunities else where and if tey quit they most likely wont get unemployment. Be grateful you get hired despite being pretty much a hindrance to employers.

No. 818671

>you're not exactly going to die because you quit your job.
You do understand that staying alive and buying food, water, and shelter requires money, right?

No. 818672

Also, samefagging, the job mark is always harsher for middle-aged people and they have way more to lose than you. Old people can't job hop like the young.

No. 818673

Where are these people dying on the street in the west of starvation? There are chronic NEETs in every developed society that get by not working just fine, even if it is tight. Even if you're homeless momentarily you can bounce back.

This is the sort of cowardly mentality that just opens you up to abuse, grow a spine.

No. 818675

Wow anon, you sure are an entitled brat.
Say that to fucking service and food workers that can't even afford rent and are literally living out of their cars while caring for children.

Life can go bad fast the older and the fewer safety nets you have, and you obviously have a lot of them.

Why don't you pick Empathy as one of your new multiple trades you judgy zoomer?

No. 818676

Honestly, the description you gave in your OP had me worried this guy was up to no good but the discussion had moved on.

Lots of people have a tendency to get ahead of themselves with new romantic prospects, but the vast majority of those people know they're supposed to play it cool and keep it under their hat. I don't think the red flag here is that he was so smitten with you; I think the red flag is that he wanted you to know about it.

Email scammers leave really obvious mistakes in their emails to make sure only the most suitable targets respond. Acting out an anxious attachment style like this dude has was sure to push away most people except 2 kinds: people who feel sorry for him and stick around out of obligation, and people who have that same attachment style so they think it's just a whirlwind romance and don't see the problem.

If he just wants to milk your pity, then he doesn't really care about what you want or feel or need. If he wants a clingy girl, then he most likely wants someone easy to control.

Either way, sounds pretty manipulative.

No. 818678

Good on you, nonny. It's OK to feel bad, but guys like these will attach themselves to anyone who gives them the time of day because they're so unhappy and put everything on some imagined future, then they'll be mad when just getting into a relationship didn't magically solve all their problems.

No. 818679

If you lived in the third world you'd have a point, but after being chronically broke I know the hysteria about being one pay from ruin is just that, hysteria.

Renting a room is almost universally covered by NEETbux/temporary unemployment in any developed western society. If you have your own place and are paying power and other assorted bills, you can juggle them around several times and be in the red -$100 a week for about 3 months before things come crashing down. They don't switch off your power after a single missed payment. And if it comes to it you can downsize your life significantly.

I've had more experience in these things than most people and I'm independent. It's not that bad being fired, you can pick yourself up pretty easily. There's absolutely no reason to stay at a place where you're being bullied and any reason you tell yourself is a cope short of having several children dependent on you.

No. 818681

I'm 28 and just got my first invite for a PAP-smear, and it said it's recommended every 3 years for women between 25 and 60. So I don't think not getting one at 23 should be a big deal.

No. 818683

I wish someone knew how disgusting my parents are and how they keep covering the whole house and all the food in urine and poop and snot and call them out on it because I want to cry from having to live here and touch things

No. 818684

>if you lived in a third world country
How do you know I don't live in a third-world country anon?
You do know that we poor lowly third-worlders also get the same internet your so very enlighten western bootstraps picker all trades knowledgeable believer of the true meritocracy and in the universal simplicity of scalling down ass does, right nonnie?

No. 818685

They aren't dying because they aren't quitting their jobs because they need the money for food and shelter?? Retard

No. 818689

What the fuck? Are your parents mentally ill and dependent on you? Or junkies? Can you move out?

No. 818692

File: 1622282871058.jpg (70.36 KB, 760x675, cyzp314uhia41.jpg)

Shit, anons, what do you make of this?
About 3 years ago I took uber to work, driver was nice, we talked but then he started to be very pushy about me taking his number and then calling him, I didn't know what to do as I didn't want to anger the man I'm stuck in a car with for a bit more while so I did; and then immediately after leaving the car I one-stared him and blocked his number. Nothing came after, and I'd only mention it when someone talks about bad uber experiences. UNTIL TODAY. 3 years have passed and this fucker messaged me from a different number; the message was innocuous in tone, "Hey, Anon, do you remember me?", but it's so weird he'd go through the effort of messaging me so many years after especially since I've blocked him immediately that day and we didnt interact at all except for the ride; not to mention how tf he remembers my name? I wouldn't remember any person i've interacted with for such a brief moment; even if I had it saved in my phone memory I wouldn't know who that is anymore.
I know PUAs have this thing where they message every girl on their list or whatever, but even for a pua it doesnt make sense to use a different number message someone who blocked you years ago. What do you think is his deal? Am I in danger??

No. 818693

This is so childish, you blame your mental health problems for getting fired regularly but your attitude is clearly not great either. Imagine if someone with kids and responsibilities just quit for any reason and burned a bridge while they were at it, or didn't turn up to work. Not everyone has whatever luxury you do to not work regularly.

If a responsible person doesn't like a job, they will just stay there until they find a new job. If you can't get a job quickly, then you'll be glad you stuck around and won't be unemployed for too long. If you get a job quickly, then problem solved with minimal drama. Quitting jobs without a backup is either risky or necessitates leeching off people who do work.

No. 818694

What a fucking weirdo, i would definitely be scared of him. Does he live close by and does he know your adress? If you have any social media accounts you should set them all on private. Maybe he's been stalking you on social media and that's why he still remembers you? Try to ignore his messages and if he starts acting even weirder be sure to inform friends and family of this weirdo. Stay safe nonna!

No. 818697

You are either very young or very trust funded.

Kids and other responsibilities are the main reason people don't leave their jobs whenever they just feel like it. The job didn't necessarily suck when they started and abandoning your family, dreams, and creditors because you're fed up feels bad to most non-sociopaths.

Kids need a certain standard of living or the government takes them away, just FYI. Most parents don't even need the threat of child protection to want to provide for their kids.

I guarantee you won't feel so cavalier about it in a decade or two. Even if you float about avoiding responsibility all that time, I guarantee you'll get tired of being broke and all that comes with it. It wears you down.

No. 818699

Thankfully I've moved to a completely different part of town since that time, but I still work at the same place. Fully privated my FB now, good idea, never too careful with these things; and I've forwarded my friends screens with these messages showing his number so at least people know. Blocked him again too but since first time didn't work who knows now… Thank you!!

No. 818700

How do you know it's the driver?

My friend had a stalker and the police advised her to never respond, never engage in any discussion no matter what he said. Don't even pretend it's a wrong number. Just block again.

No. 818704

I didn't give my number to anyone else except of course people I know well and would immediately recognize, it was on whatsapp so he has a photo set up and looks how I remember he looked like, I'm gonna say I'm 99,99% sure.
Thanks for the advice, blocked already and I'm gonna ignore and hope for the best, it's a huge city so there's a solid chance I'll never run into him again.

No. 818705

That's why my advice is tailored to first worldies in modern welfare states. Of course I feel bad for Pajeet and Chang working in dangerous conditions in order to look after their kids.

I'm in my early thirties. I've been a wagie cuck on minimum wage, built myself up to around $80,000 a year around 2017 and now since my problems I'm back down on minimum wage. I felt deathly afraid of being fired and having to find work but after having to pick myself up and running the gauntlet I've worked out it's no big deal.

I don't know, I have an uncle I talked to about it who runs a business and he agreed with me. When he was younger, even when he had children, he had the sense to walk out. The one time he didnt' he ended up putting the boss in hospital and being taken away in handcuffs, he snapped when he was denied his pay after two weeks of work arbitrarily. He's fine, his kids grew up healthy, his business is doing well. Staying and taking that abuse would just induce depression and chronic mental problems, stunting your future.

No. 818706

>Pajeet and Chang working in dangerous conditions
Ha, so she's actually racist.

No. 818707

Right, like the western analysists of the Soviet Union were racist for referencing the country as "Ivan". I love India and China.

No. 818719

File: 1622286386962.jpeg (105.79 KB, 750x481, FFB5E279-A963-4451-B00F-9B126C…)

sometimes I don’t think anons read posts properly because some of you are a little dumb ngl

No. 818720

It's true but it's ok to be dumb sometimes. Dumb anons unite

No. 818722

File: 1622286949571.jpg (53.31 KB, 528x606, 1621714571449.jpg)

You only need to read the first paragraph and then assume what the next 5 paragraphs are about. I mean, it's only a jumping board to further my agenda or to tell my own story anyway.

No. 818726

I think I have a crush on some guy, but whenever I remember him, I just think of how much I want to know about him, not anything deep or serious. I talk to him a bit, he seems lonely and a little mundane besides the really strange things about himself he’s mentioned. I also think the idea of him being attached to me is funny and cute. I feel kind of predatorish for thinking this way, but it’s not like I would actually hurt him.
I wish there was a proper word for this, maybe “boredom”. I want to get closer to him just to learn everything, and then maybe ghost when I’ve heard enough. I wish he was a movie or TV show character instead of an actual person so I wouldn’t have to bother, though. Has this happened to anyone else?

No. 818772

File: 1622293620201.jpeg (2.53 MB, 3078x2176, FPZWSMTU4ZAURGPMEGQMM32R3I.jpe…)

I have to drive my husband to the airport once a week, and everytime someone pulls up right next to me to drop someone off while I'm trying to leave. And they are never quick. Always have to get out and hug, help them to the side walk, then sit in their car and think about what they just did. Why do people think the world revolves around them so much. I'm just some background character with no places to be to them. Its not busy at the time I usually am there at,, they could easily just pull up a little further to find an empty space. I hate rude people.

No. 818773

File: 1622293703285.png (421.81 KB, 908x643, jfkpain.png)

Sometimes I wonder what great and amazing things I could accomplish if I was born as a man into this bullshit society and didn't have to worry about performing femininity at fucking all.
I spend way too much energy on beauty routines, fashion bullshit, skincare, etc. - and truthfully, I don't need any of the things I do for the most part. I'm starting to think it's okay if I stay ugly, I don't care, just let me be an individual anstead of working on painting my face. God I've become such an (albeit moisturized and thinner) hull of a person. I want to create things, I want to make stuff, I wanna explore ideas, but my stupid brain turns on beauty routine autopilot when things get too hard because researching fashion, skincare and other things like that that I resort to when I'm under stress. Why can't I accept being the frump that I really am inside and actually do the art that I want to but am to afraid to make? Why do i have to focus all of my great creative efforts to please semen deposits? Why and how am i stopping myself?
All I'd ask for in my next life is to have the same personality but in a male's body so I can just focus on being perhaps physically unremarkable but artistically successful, because then I'd get 50x the respect from my art than the recognition any gorgeous woman gets for her looks in this hellhole.

No. 818776

I wish I could just ask my dad for help with things without him getting mad or making fun of me. I want to start driving again (got my license two years ago and have only driven a couple times since) but I'm scared and need practice, my mom has been coming with me and I appreciate it a lot but she's not a great driver herself honestly and she can't really help me that much besides just sit there and give emotional support. My dad is a really good driver but I know that driving with him in the car would be absolutely miserable becuse he'd get angry and yell at me for the smallest things. I also wish he'd offer to help on his own tbh but he just doesn't care
On one side i know i shouldnt be so sensitive and just ask but on the other I almost crashed the car last time I got upset while driving so maybe it's better this way

No. 818778

File: 1622294039842.jpg (17.81 KB, 438x547, FB_IMG_1622236283809.jpg)

Gotta go to work in a few hours and ive just, hit a wall.
Im a barmaid, the jon itself is fine and the pays good but talking to customers and coworkers is just so draining. I wouldn't consider myself a introvert but my god, I feel mentally tired after. Takes me about 1-3 days to charge my social energy back but by then I have another shift. Sucks ass my dudes.

No. 818779

You can't get a new life anon, just accept yourself.
You don't need to be "pretty", you don't need to spend time and money and energy on your hair, face, etc.
It's ok to just be yourself.
I haven't done any makeup, shaved my airpit, legs, don't care about a piece of clothe "fitting" my figure, etc, in years and if anything it had a positive impact in my life.
I have more time, spend less time looking in the mirror, have less creepy scrote attention.

You are way more than your looks, you have the right to live life like you want now.

No. 818780

I really want to focus more on the things that make me happier. I don't want to care anymore. I'm gonna reread The Beauty Myth, I think…
Wish I could get to where you are now anonushka

No. 818781

You can do it anon.
Feminist media helps, and therapy can help too you have access to that.

No. 818782

Taking bpd insults to heart is bpd behavior

No. 818786

Yeah, work like that drains energy like nothing else. I used to do the same kind of work and having to spend 8 hours talking to customers while simultaneously remembering and making orders, keeping an eye on potential fights, knowing which ashtrays are full and need cleaning, etc etc etc is tiring as fuck.
I only managed it for about 3 months until I called it quits because I would be mentally and physically drained for a full day after every shift.

No. 818787

Nah anon, you sound like a projecting narcissist to me

No. 818800

Exterminators were here and did a treatment yesterday. I already woke up today with a bite and blood drops on my blanket. I can't invite anyone over until I resolve the bedbug issue. I can't have anyone have a sleepover until the bedbugs fucking die. I can't date. I can't do anything. And the shittiest thing is, I haven't seen one single animal so far.
As for other areas of my life, I got no job, no money and no friends

No. 818807

I got straight As in my last semester of my 3rd year of university, but I feel guilty because I googled all the answers of my finals since there’s no restriction in using the internet during the exam.

No. 818809

I was an event bartender for a year, so I was lucky I only had to work usually twice a week, but even with that schedule and making 1000 a week, I only lasted a year. I would literally dissociate every shift just to get through. Just kept laughing at everything and always smiling. People thought I was bubbly, but I was just one bad night away from a mental breakdown. Honestly get out of the industry, not worth it.

No. 818810

Was double-checking some facts about gaslighting and it hit me while reading it that my last ex fucking gaslighting the shit out of me, no wonder I was feeling so shitty and questioned myself a lot

I'm so goddamn angry at myself for a few reasons now, one of them being that in my mind I still defend it as a "he probably didn't realize he was doing it". ffs me even if he didn't realize what a shit he was being he still messed me up emotionally

I was in an abusive relationship 8 years ago, and of course years later I run head first into something that ended up toxic. Fuck am I stupid, I should have booted it when I started feeling something was off instead of telling myself I was just overly sensitive

No. 818812

It will get better with practice, you can also reread the books you used to study. You don't need your dad for this

No. 818815

They aren't any of that, they are very much capable of behaving but they don't care. I can't move out because I have no money, friends, or family. I'm thankful I get to live here and eat food and stuff but today we had a fight about this again and it was horrible.

No. 818817

how do i make it clear to my cousin's almost 4 year old son and the rest of my family that i don't dislike him in particular at all, it's just that small children's voices are like nails on chalkboard to me and that's why i don't like being around them in general

No. 818823

He's not even 4. There's no way he's going to understand that and not take it personally.
I don't see why you can't just straight up tell the family though. If they're really adamant on still thinking you dislike the kid maybe throw in a 'I'm sensitive to sound because of autism/hsp/whatever' as long as you don't mind them thinking that's true.

No. 818829

i've been telling them that several times yet they still insist on "getting me used to it" because "what will happen when you have your own???" lmao
i hate myself for this because he's actually a cute and usually well-behaved child but when he's loud he's loud and i have to leave the room everytime my ears can't handle.

No. 818832

I fucking hate those brain dead people on tumblr & twitter that write "friendly reminder" before making one of their ridiculous dumb statements. It is so passive aggressive and makes me want to punch them. Thank you so much Kayden, Xeph, Rayx, Lynx or whatever your new foul sounding super special enby name is, for gracing us with your all knowing brain vomit.

No. 818844

Same nonnie… I don't feel guilty though, that's just zoom university for you

No. 818846

I get you, my nephew is almost 4 and he is so screechy, I have a lot of chronic pain and am on the edge as it is so whenever I call my sister and hear him screech, I just say I need to go. It feels like my brain will shut the fuck down, I can actually deal with it better irl but last summer he was with me for a week and it was an actual chore. My sister understands though, it's already a lot for me to focus on normal convo, let alone with that boy screaming in the bg. They grow out of it quickly though, I think your family should understand, it's not like you choose this kek

No. 818852

It bothers me that men jerk off to women who look like models getting pretty much treated like dirt, being spat on, slapped and choked. Like go on the front page of pornhub. It’s so depressing and not enough money will ever compensate that. I bet you men are desensitized and sexually unsatisfied with their normie gfs cause of it

No. 818853

>friend asks to hang out
>sure thing
>say I'm otw and drive 45 minutes to hangout place
>arrive and check messages
>"Oh anon I thought next weekend?"

I know it's my fault but jfc. To be fair she did say next weekend at the beginning but all I thought was "Saturday" and it's a holiday weekend so it made more sense in my mind that it would've been today and not next weekend. Guess I forgot the reference in the first message. Ugh. So I just drove out here for nothing.
Fuck fucking fuck.

No. 818907

File: 1622312824346.jpg (90.72 KB, 600x600, 5de.jpg)

I am barely functioning honestly. Living with my mother and family gives me so much anxiety and makes it hard to get up and get out of my room. The only way I can somewhat-function without wanting to die is due to Xanax, and I'm heading towards addiction but I honestly don't care. I'm really struggling and I've just lost the will to live. I'm trying to get a job and move but I have very little money because I stupidly spent it all. I just want a comfy office job, a good life, independence, etc. But that will never happen due to my mother, my family, how I grew up. I've kind of accepted this and either will get addicted to Xanax or just kill myself eventually. Without Xanax I can barely get out of bed and want to kill myself. I'm only a little better today because it's the weekend but otherwise weekdays are the worst because my family's horrible shit is amplified. I'm just so fed up with the shitty life I've been given and every day I want to die.

No. 818908

Yep, porn ruins scrotes, grass is green.
You're right to be bothered by it because it is a huge problem. It's still getting worse too, I bet we haven't yet seen the height of the men desentizised by porn era.

No. 818929

Agree, I think that the adult men of today maybe started watching porn in their early teens (+13) but boys aged 8-9 nowadays have access and watch it…

No. 818934

Exercise does not make me feel good at all. I'm not fat, I'm skinny to average weight but I'm not fit at all. This would not even be an issue if I didn't meme myself into believing that exercise can fix having a flat ass. I can't even do 20 squats without getting completely worn out. I wish I didn't have a body.

No. 818937

The good thing about exercise is that it gets easier the more you do it

No. 818941

I cannot stop eating I must fill the void inside and numb the bad feelings

No. 818944

I'm on the other side, I can't binge anymore. Even if I want to allow myself to have a really relaxed eating day or snack on junkfood, my stomach fills up very quick and I'm only desiring it mentally.

No. 818949


i could sperg about porn for hours, i truly miss the days where consuming porn made you a person others avoided. when my mum was younger, every time a perv would walk in to the shop she worked at to buy porn she would loudly say “ew” or “that’s fucking disgusting” and they would always hide it as soon as they paid and rush out. the way the world has made it so that if you don’t consume/approve of porn or you’re not online posting about having a 24/7 bdsm lifestyle uwu that you’re essentially a social outcast/“vanilla” (because god forbid you enjoy intimacy without violence being involved) is insane to me. i’m only 22 and i have no hope for future generations, they’re already far too desensitised to this bollocks

No. 818954

File: 1622316857984.png (67.26 KB, 1168x564, anon.png)


Just saying anon, porn is not just a moid problem anymore. Its affecting us too.

No. 818955

File: 1622316874243.png (1.68 MB, 1600x1600, creatura.png)

this is such a dumb thing to get upset over but my favorite series might not get an animated conclusion. it's just an adaptation, but a really damn good one and i love seeing the characters more. i feel like i should be happy that it even got those first two seasons, but i really want it concluded somehow. not only that but we live in a post molcar world and that's super sad

No. 818960

Which franchise?

No. 818964

Don't forget that troons make that number too lol.

No. 818970

Yeah, I don't know when being "kinky" became something to brag about instead of something to hide, but I hope that people will start to see the downsides of this kind of mindset soon enough.

That's a good point, I really do wonder what percentage of that statistic is made up of troons. It seems likely that it's a significant portion, but god knows that statistics like that aren't going to be made public anytime soon. Even if it is mostly actual women increasingly getting ruined by porn, I wonder if that's a result of men normalizing porn and even making it into the trendy thing to be into more than anything else.

No. 818975

From what people have told me my English is really good despite being ESL, but I still worry that my sentences look somewhat off to native English speakers. It's hard to tell at this point.

No. 818977

Embrace the ESL-isms. Maybe people will mistake us for retarded americans.

No. 818987


My best friend got involved in pornography and it severely damaged her.

Also a lot of these moids got exposed to pornography when they were 12, 11 or even younger. That's an age where they don't have impulse control or any real idea of the long term consequences.

It's incredibly evil and I don't care what libfems or sex positives say.

No. 818988

Bf is ignoring me again lol. Honestly I’m over it at this point, gonna block
him and I’m not going to cry. I just hate that he lied and did the whole muh values thing and made me feel like I could be loved and accepted like that. I don’t think dating is for me, hopefully I can make some friends in this new city.

No. 818991

File: 1622323540100.jpg (28.94 KB, 474x337, external-content.duckduckgo-2.…)

I hate when people don't take two seconds to check to see if someone's behind them when opening a door. Are you really that busy? Theres no excuse for it since its just a habit. People say women are guilty of this but every time I go to the post office a man lets the door hit my face. Fuckin animals

Its nothing to do with wanting to be treated like a lady, I always check behind me man or woman

No. 818992


Please don't put up with someone immature enough to ignore their own partner, it's immature and manipulative. This asshole's behavior towards you is not indicative of your own worth. I hope that you're able to make new friends and heal from dating this fucko!

No. 818999

Just curious, but did you grow up with abuse?
I've noticed a lot of abused people including myself tend to conflate how other people treat us to our value and if we're deserving of actual love.
Don't let it get to you. Like another anon said, that behavior isn't healthy or normal. It's not a reflection on you, you're worthy to be treated with love.

No. 819013

Yeah, I was abused by my parents, esp father when growing up. I’ve always known it had an impact on my relationships, I’m just trying to let myself feel like I can be a valid human being without a man right now.

No. 819016

Dont worry non, i stopped taking care of my teeth for a couple years and if you start taking care of them again you can narrow down damage to just small fillings / cavities etc after your procedure. I beliebe in u

No. 819031

File: 1622327728043.jpg (45.79 KB, 670x670, 1602317213996.jpg)

Whyyyyy do I ever have any expectation of men that's ever above the absolute bare minimum. Why. It only ever sets me up for massive disappointment. I'd write a more detailed version of what pissed me off today but it all boils down to that.

No. 819034

black obsidian's channel got removed just as I was going to archive her videos. Fuck I need more black pilled feminists in my life.

No. 819038

the older i get as a virgin the more afraid i am for my relationship prospects. I've only ever done fake online dating like.. 6 years ago as a teenager. I'm so goddamned afraid to talk to women and make connection in people and have a tendency to pull away in fear of liking her more than she likes me.

No. 819039

i'm like partially at fault for ruining my 'friendship' with the bitches i use to talk to but holy shit i hate them so fucking much. they shit talked me in their nasty little discord server after i left and they all make me so fucking sick. i hate every last one of them so much and i wish i'd never met them. i felt comfortable around these girls at one point but looking back on it their all fucked in some way. i hope they die.

No. 819041

make sure you tell that revolting dick haver to kill himself before you do anon <3 best wishes

No. 819042

what the fuck!

No. 819067

Do we really have another assmad whiney admin who hates the userbase again? Jeez

No. 819072

What happened, sweetie?

No. 819080

File: 1622335027557.jpg (38.73 KB, 326x430, 1610228574451.jpg)

Gotta abandon ship soon. If kiwifarms goes under this place is done for.

No. 819083

No it wont. Kiwifarms has been "going under" multiple times in its history, it's not going to close down. Null is too addicted to the sense of power it gives him, he'll always find a way to keep it running. And even if he didn't, one of his sycophants will create a new one.

No. 819087

im so fucking sick of this i've been going to therapy ive been taking my antidepressants why dont i feel BETTER

motherfucker ive switched medication like ten different fucking times but none of them WORK im so done im so fucking DONE WITH THIS SHIT!!!!! fucking killing myself would be easier than booking in ANOTHER psychiatrist appointment!!!!!

No. 819089

I was sick all morning, puking like a motherfucker. My boyfriend in turn ordered two pizzas, a shawarma wrap and fell asleep. Men will never know how to love the same way a woman does. I seriously feel like being this annoyed with him is gonna cause an aneurism. He is such a boring fuck, every weekend is the same except me being sick changed nothing.

No. 819093

they're doing construction directly in front of my house, have been for the last 13 hours. jackhammering underground shaking the entire house. at one point this afternoon they started chucking 2x8s onto my lawn and hitting my fence so I pulled out a camera to record them and they immediately noticed, told the guy he was on camera, and he started lowering them more carefully.

town website has a construction alert for my street, so I know it was planned, but the project website says there's no construction taking place this week or next week. I called the nonemergency line for more information and they said they can be out there for as long as they want because it's "emergency construction" I'm like how is it an emergency if it's been planned for a month

If they're out there past midnight I'm gonna force my car out past them and go park and sleep at the train station

No. 819095

I actually really like this site, I hope it doesn't die

No. 819098

I spent 70 dollars on shoes on Amazon, and found they're 50 on Dollskill. Should I buy them from DK and return the Amazon ones or should I just deal with the money loss?

No. 819101

There's a massive flying insect hiding in my room. And I can hear it stuck somewhere making noise and I just wish it would die or I could find it and kill it.

No. 819102

If u can afford it return the amazon ones and buy a pizza

No. 819103

I'm so bored, I could honestly power a small country with the energy my boredom produces. I'm hoping Shaynus gets on cam so I can at least have a good laugh before an early bedtime. Part of me wants to take my car and just fuck off for the night though, I hate it here.

No. 819104

Good deal, thanks nonny

No. 819106

God im bored too anon. Just putting shit off I need to get done before bed. I feel like fucking shit too, I think im gonna get my period soon. I hope things get less boring for you though

No. 819107

I left my car windows half open yesterday and it rained all night. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and the next couple days, too.

No. 819114

>backed There She Is! indiegogo in 2016
>finally get my rewards
>oh cool at this point it feels like getting free stuff
>$50 CAD shipping

well I'm retarded for forgetting S+H exists but still

No. 819122

File: 1622343716273.png (358.18 KB, 470x477, CrTxqbh.png)

"pregnant people" shut the fuck up. you know what a pregnant person is? a woman. they're pregnant women you fucking coward

No. 819124

File: 1622344105991.jpg (44.17 KB, 451x451, 6800964e-f3e0-409d-a935-7e8f1d…)

He came quick

No. 819141

File: 1622347386402.gif (3.75 MB, 600x600, 8184.gif)

so fucking tired of 3DPD males pretending they're 2D and the blind people encouraging them. you will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER be cute. EVER. stop it. you are ugly and fleshy like all males. die
every """cute""" scrote is ugly
every """hot""" scrote is ugly
every ugly scrote is ugly, obviously. just stop pushing this shit on me

No. 819144

samefag and fuck cube heads, beady eyes, and facial hair too. cave freaks

No. 819156

I have relatively uncommon first name and I’ve recently been encountering so many more people irl and online with it too than ever in my life before. Same exact spelling too. It’s been weirding me out.

No. 819161

I hate myself. I keep finding ways to get people to tell me things to make myself feel even more shitty about my body. Then I have the audacity to get upset about it, like I wasn't even doing it on purpose. I don't take it out on the people who say the things I want them to say but also don't want them to say but I do get really salty about it in my mind. I don't even know why I need to do this, I don't need help fucking up my body. It's like I need validation or something to hate myself even more I guess.

No. 819166

I finally decided that even though I don't have insurance anymore, I'd try and pay for a few appointments out of pocket this summer. I called my therapist's office on thursday and asked if he would be able to see me, and the receptionist said she didn't know because the last time he saw me was in august. I know that therapist's go through periods where they don't take new patients and I figured he might have replaced me with another patient since he knew I lost my insurance. I feel like checking would have been really fast, and they never called back.

but that being said, back when I was still seeing him he had me do this thing where I wrote in a journal and he was going to read it during sessions (this is because I always told him I thought my thoughts were really weird, and he said reading them out loud would make me feel less weird). we only ended up doing that once, couldn't continue it because it made me cringe too much.

I'm scared that he read it, and now doesn't want to see me after being disturbed at what's in it. even though I barely remember what I wrote in there it's probably just mundane shit and schizo ramblings, it's extremely embarrassing at best, possibly horrifying at worst. I'm really hoping he just threw it away, wish I had never agreed to that.

No. 819176

I forgave my mom for so much. Her actions got me abused and molested but I know it wasn't completely her fault so I forgave her. Lmao but she's really going to hook up with the man who abused me years later? I feel stupid and embarrassed for myself for giving her a chance holy fuck

No. 819193

i hate follow a bitch who keeps talking about getting a BBL, her "whole body done", getting lipo (just inquired about fucking arm lipo) and wears a waist trainer.
these bopo haes idiots are so uncomfortable in their own skin and they’d rather toy with the idea of plastic surgery and corsets than admit they want to lose weight to look better.

No. 819195

File: 1622356535622.jpg (10.71 KB, 339x419, af0f314fa37bfdb1bfc75203d98936…)

I'm 200% mad. I bought a book on eBay for 40 dollars. I get a message from the seller stating that they are "out of stock". I looked up the book on eBay so I could buy another copy. Found the same fucking seller, selling the book for 65 dollars. I'm irate. Fucking bastards.

My response:
>Then why are you selling the book at an upcharge of 20 dollars now? I find that hard to believe. Please be a decent human being and sell me the book for the original price that I paid for.
This is fucking ridiculous. They better fucking send it or I'm going to buy it on a fake account with a different address and chargeback the card.

No. 819210

Update, reported them to eBay. I don't even care if they send me the book now, that shit that they did was purely trifling.

No. 819211

I want to perish NOW

No. 819214

File: 1622358310061.jpeg (16.85 KB, 500x272, E2895D88-98CB-4C18-A182-3B78A5…)

then perish

jk nonnie, please continue existing. I hope whatever is plaguing you improves soon. just remember life is always changing. I'm sorry I hope you at least know I care you and wish the best, despite being strangers

No. 819234

I realized how much of a Pickme my longest childhood friend was, while I kept looking up to her. Like I randomly remembered an instance where she bragged about having no gag reflex, and could deepthroat guys (we were like 17), and when I said that sounds pretty disgusting, she told me how immature I was, so then I felt bad because I didn't want to compete for men's attention I guess.
She also told me she'd only accept a son as a child, because then he can be a talented musician or sportsman. If she was still in my life, I'd ask her what the fuck was her problem.

No. 819237

Thank you, nonny. Also fuck that most "soft" men just look like the same soyboy mouth agape guy from the meme template. Why must testosterone destroy their hairline so much?

No. 819266

fuck my friend for ruining my game and drink night. i bought that fucker alcohol so we could both have something and instead he once again turns shit into 'uwu i dont like angry game speak' as if all people dont snap at least a little when they lose a game with shit team mates. go back to your fucking hug box building game then. literally just dont be in the call if you cant handle at the bare minimum saying the enemy team is a bitch. i have no clue how he ever made it through the past xbox360 or PS days. also comparing tattooed people to troon issues what the fuck? one infringes on the rights of half the population while tattooed people are not a 'group' without choosing to be. in which case they probably knew a lot of societies see them as less clean cut and hirable. im sorry if this is incoherent im just pissed i wasted money on alcohol when i never drink. things just totally fell through tonight.

No. 819267

File: 1622367177515.png (2.34 MB, 1399x2048, Screenshot_20210530-043026.png)

I did that Google Arts and Culture thing to see what painting you look like and they gave me a self-portrait of a dead soyboy. kill me

No. 819268

he looks cute, anon

No. 819273

My mom's birthday is coming up and I hate it because she's so focused on being miserable about aging and gaining weight, that I know what she's really interested in is facecreams and being skinny, at like 65 years old. Not saying you should give up at that age but it's depressing how preoccupied she is with it. If I got her a nice top she'd be more worried about the size on the label than how it actually looks. Every top she wears she has a bit of a muffin top because being a size 10 is more important than being comfortable I guess.

I don't want to feed into her toxic mindset, but then whenever I got her interest based things in the past they'd go unused.

I guess I just find it sad and disappointing that even at that age her self esteem is so low. Also what kind of role model is that to be to your daughter? I've tried to lift her up but she's very stubborn about it.

No. 819274

As much as it's good to have more people, especially girls and women, speak up about being Autistic and/or having ADHD/ADD so not as many people are ignorant about them it's beginning to look like another label that too many people are latching onto because it's aesthetic or trendy now?? Neurodivergent is such a broad term that any random fucko can think "I'd rather do anything but my homework and chores, i'm so ~neurodivergent~ <3". Relating to videos on TikTok from someone who says they have some sort of neurological disorder does not mean you're free to "self-diagnose" yourself with whatever you fucking please. Regardless if you're actually neurodivergent or not you can't use the label to hide from the consequences from being a shitty person. We make mistakes, it's the most human thing you can do really but once you stop holding yourself accountable and expect everyone but yourself to get better as a person you're just a spineless parasite at that point, not because you're "neurodivergent". I don't want to be associated with fragile narcissists who'll try anything but grow up and practice common decency. I don't free passes when I fucked up just because I'm Autistic and have ADD so why should anybody else who says they're neurodivergent?

No. 819278

dont patronize me
(thank you)

No. 819289

A lot of people that fake those disorders are just young and actually do believe it gives them a free pass, when in reality the actual disorder is annoying and embarrassing to have. I have multiple disorders relating to trauma and my general functioning as well as autism. It makes me feel like shit to think there's thousands of little kids pretending to have ADD because "I'm so quirky and funny haha"

No. 819297

It's hard getting old, especially for women in this society. Try to hype her up. Tell her she's beautiful. I know it sounds silly, but you only get one mom.

No. 819300

That's ridiculous. I hate scalpers. Take em down

No. 819301

File: 1622373729243.jpg (54.95 KB, 951x960, EY9ltKtXkAEOIgt.jpg)

Celebrating mom's birthday, nothing better than playing the mediator and trying to move along the conversation while my parents scream at each other in the parking lot over absolutely meaningless shit.

No. 819307

I'm too old to be saying things that an edgy teenager would, but I really despise my dad. He's been verbally and emotionally abusive to me for years. I can't even tell him to fuck off because of my shitty culture's expectations.

Thankfully, I'll be moving out soon. Another silver lining is that he's a fat diabetic alcoholic so it's possible that he'll die before I ever have to see him again then.

No. 819310

Lol, you're a champ for trying anon. The last mom birthday I was present for was when my dad drove us to a fancy estate tour. She lashed out at me after getting angry about something in the car and tried to claim I was only going along with the trip for myself.
Parents are petty.

No. 819332

File: 1622378254597.jpg (57.48 KB, 640x626, today2.jpg)

the girl that diddled me is having a kid.

No. 819346

What was the book? Just curious what book is so damn expensive and sought after

No. 819360

It was an interior design book from the 80s that I guess they noticed was being sold at a higher price everywhere else.

They immediately initiated the refund this morning. Fucking absolute dickbags. I reported them and will be giving them negative feedback in a few days.

No. 819367

Today has been an overall stressful day. Boyfriend's family wants to hang out, but I don't feel like tucking my autism aside and hanging out with his sisters and their boyfriends (usually I'd be okay but one of his sister's has a new bf so I just know I'd act autistic)

I wanted to buy an already overpriced book but sellers are ramping up prices and the buy I bought from cancelled on me (see above post).

Time to self-soothe by baking cookies and acrylic painting.

No. 819371

I've spent years dealing with agoraphobia and general/social anxiety. I have csa in my childhood and then when I became sexually active as a young adult the second guy I ever slept with consentually..later told me he was on a register because of child porn charges. Since then I've gone back and forth between being frigid, housebound, losing 2 partners to my inability to face sex..to then being hyper sexual in some sort of (still hard to understand) effort to take back sex and a feeling of control again.

I've flipped back and forth every few years and it doesn't feel like a choice I make. It feels like it just happens, switches out of nowhere. I'm 3 years into no-sex right now after a partner cheated on me. I just link sex to pain and betrayal and men toying with my health.

Today I read a discussion on how some people become hypersexual from abuse and a bunch of guys chimed in saying that that's bullshit. God I hate know-it-all men, I really hate em for their surface level scanning over a situation and their confidence in quickly declaring what's real and what's not when they've never been there. Any guy who has had enough ONSs has likely spent a night with a CSA survivor who was going down that route to cope. That girl who was crazy for you and willing to do stuff your gfs never would…could be reliving abuse and trying to process it and that's why she'd agree to fuck you like that. The amount of guys that have no clue why I was drawn to that risk or what was in my head during sex.

No. 819377

Damn nonny. We the same person? The difference is my boyfriend is patient but I feel our relationship is slowly becoming ruined. I can't have sex with him without thinking about my abuser at least once so when we finish I disgustingly push him aside. It's hard to kiss him sometimes without feeling like I'm being abused. I love him but it's really hard for me to be intimate. But this has NEVER happened to me before with any other partners. I feel like this stems from the fact that I sought protection and comfort in my abuser and he ruined it by molesting me, and I currently seek protection and comfort in my boyfriend, more than any other previous guy. So I guess this is life's sick way of being funny.

At the same time, I can go on masturbation sprees for hours and am super hypersexual. Please never try to reason with a moid over your own sexual history and experience, fuck those assholes. I posted my story in the traumatic experiences/ptsd thread over in /g/ if you want more info or if you want to speak with more survivors over there.

I'm so sorry that this happened to you and that you're having difficulties. (hug)

No. 819378

>eat a healthy diet full of omega 3s, biotin, collagen, etc.
>sleep on silk pillowcase
>never heat treat hair
>put moisturizing oil product on it everyday
>shampoo once a week only
>still have thin, frizzy, dull, ugly wavy, stupid hair that I can't grow past my shoulders without the ends starting to go scraggly

Genetics are EVERYTHING fam. There's no fucking fixing this witch hair I inherited.

No. 819380

I'm just sick of censorship and 'wokeness' on the internet.

You can't have certain opinions. (I'm not talking about things like being a racist or a literal nazi white supremacist and just a generally shitty human being calling for violence against groups of people. They can fuck off)

I fucking hate reddit. I love the concept of a big forum where you can discuss anything and everything but the ironic thing is you can't. It's full of censorship and full of 'woke' bullies. Everything that makes online spaces diverse or interesting has gone down the toilet.

Sometimes I even feel this way about lolcow

"I don't want the covid vaccine, it's fine if you get it, but I don't want it"

"I don't like cats, I think they are ugly and they freak me out".

"I love babies, I want 5 of them. Other women can do what they want"

Causes a chimpout, even on the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 819383

Oh hey DA but I've posted there as well
I promise it gets better if you keep trying it just takes forever

No. 819386

My husband has an office space he goes to. My kids have plenty of toys so they can occupy themselves. I'm not saying we don't all spend time together, but I'm not someone who can be constantly talking to and interacting with other people.

Just do whatever works for your household.

No. 819387

Hello? Are you me? I'm in the exact same boat. Meanwhole my sis just bleached her already bleached hair 4 times over 2 days and her hair still looks better than mine, what the actual fuck.

No. 819396

When I was married I think I almost ended up acting like I hated the guy when all I was feeling was this, cramped and overwhelmed by constant comapnay. We lived in a tiny apartment together and I felt like the walls were closing in on me. Add on to that I was grieving the loss of a parent and I wanted to be alone to essentially ugly cry without any fuss. Could just never get that time to myself.

Next relationship went the same way and I decided I wanted to move out of the city and get my own place that was bigger than the stupidly small apartments filling the city I'm from. Thank fuck I got out of there before lockdown started.

I feel for anyone either in a rocky relationship during that or anyone just dying for more space and quiet time. Has to be hard.

No. 819421

I was supposed to be studying this weekend and I absolutely fucked it up. I am just so damn tired of being home and want to go outside so much. Instead of taking a proper walk, I just procrastinated on the Internet and Netflix and now I feel like shit. I could've gone on a trip or something instead if I was not gonna learn anything anyway

No. 819425

I feel you. I always proctastrinate and then at the end of the day I feel bad because I could've at least done something more fun or play through a game if I was going to relax all day anyway…

No. 819426

File: 1622393017838.gif (1.44 MB, 301x384, 123456.gif)

Why are /meta/ posters the worst on the site? Idk why I keep voluntarily reading that shit and submitting myself to torture. It's so fucking cringe. People will just argue for days and weeks about shit they don't like instead of moving on. Who is so invested in lolcow.farm that they just infight for hours and hours and hours about muh GC and muh MTF thread and aboo boo bad radfems out to destroy the site. MY PURE GOSSIP BOARD EXPERIENCE IS BEING DESTROYED OH NOoooOOoooOooO where WILL I GO TO TALK ABOUT SHAYNA'S VAGINA. Fuckers. No one cares. People have real life problems. I hate you all.

No. 819428

I check meta to see if there is any actual news and info from admin etc. The constant retarded infighting posts and anger against mostly fictional radfems is fucking tiresome.

No. 819429

Shit take, it's the best cow thread.

No. 819432

the truth is that the only rational reason why someone would be that triggered by radfem spergery is if it offends them personally, ie they're male or genderspecial themselves. We're not allowed to "hi scrote" or "hi tranny" then but we know it's the truth kek(not a gc thread)

No. 819447

At first they were angry about the manhate thread,then the gender critical thread, then the X2 containment zone - and with that all gone they now whine about the MTF and femboy snow threads. But there is no whining about the FTM thread. HMMM I wonder why…(not a gc thread)

No. 819456

I'm ultimately convinced that they're male. Not even the royal pickme queen of handmaidenstan or the most dutiful Aiden would be that personally offended by all the "radfem" boogeymen like the anons there are. They're always extremely triggered by scrote accusations while most women would just brush them off because they know they're not male, they can never offer concrete examples of "manhate spergery" shitting up any other thread than maybe the unpopular opinion one. Which in itself is an oxymoron to complain about that particular thread being controversial, and it's in /ot/ to begin with.

Either way, the site is constantly monitored by moids from Kiwifarms who have trouble hiding their male aggression and pretending otherwise is dishonest, just a few days ago a vigilant anon posted about that one literal incel typing out identical posts on KF regarding Lolcow terfs as the people complaining about them on /meta/. We're also well aware that /tttt/ posters hateread the site to seethe over women. Make of that what you will, I myself am standing by the statement that the people complaining the loudest are scrotes, end of. They don't complain about the FTM thread despite it being just as filled with "GC derailing" as the MTF one because that's just "laughing at ugly dykes" to them. It's not offensive because it's not dedicated to calling out pornsick men.(not a gc thread)

No. 819484

Just because admin told you to fuck off from the /meta/ thread doesn't mean you get to /meta/ post here, TELF-chan.

No. 819506

why are ALL scrotes so fucking useless and annoying??

i agreed to move to a bigger city and room together with a gay male friend, but it's spiraled into me doing everything - searching for apartments in a city that's notoriously difficult to find housing in, spending hundreds of dollars in apartment application fees, doing all the interviews, etc etc etc. He's 25, white, upper middle class, and has never lived away from his parents or paid any bills or rent. And if we get a place together everything has to be in my name financially (which is a big risk because he's a messy alcoholic who's always breaking shit and ruining carpets) because he has a shit credit score and no savings AT ALL despite making $3000 a month at his cushy job. Whenever i ask him to contribute he just goes 'but i don't know how :(' and leaves it at that. doesn't even try to learn.

he's always complaining about how much he hates our town and how he'll kill himself if he has to stay here any longer, but hasn't made any effort to actually get out or get ready to leave. he keeps procrastinating asking for a transfer for his job (which they'll readily do), we were supposed to move in June but now we can't until at least august IF he puts in the request, and I've had to let go of 3 different nice apartments I qualified for. I can't afford to pay rent on my own in this city, so I can't just go ahead and move into one.

at this point I'm really regretting this and want to back out, but I know if I do he'll have a bpd meltdown and threaten to kill himself. I'm stupid for getting into this and letting our friendship go on this long smh

No. 819510

File: 1622402583600.jpg (22 KB, 275x275, 06bdeb51-1089-4503-8164-ec0638…)

Idk what the context is but she's absolutely right

No. 819511

>and aboo boo bad radfems out to destroy the site. MY PURE GOSSIP BOARD EXPERIENCE IS BEING DESTROYED OH NOoooOOoooOooO where WILL I GO TO TALK ABOUT SHAYNA'S VAGINA. Fuckers. No one cares. People have real life problems. I hate you all.

Exactly, it's so annoying

No. 819513

>the people complaining the loudest are scrotes, end of.

Agreed with this, they're also the ones shitting ot threads and hating on radfems. It's so obvious, yet, they're so loud and stupid that they think they're the majority and they cry about "the evil mean radfems" and they're also like "b-but not everyone is a radfem" it's so dumb(not a gc or pp thread)

No. 819516

/meta/ is an absolute shithole

No. 819519

>at this point I'm really regretting this and want to back out, but I know if I do he'll have a bpd meltdown and threaten to kill himself. I
Anon, be smart and back out. He sounds like an unreliable mess. Not doing so is just postponing the trouble that's sure to come.

No. 819528

No. 819564

But anon was venting. Why even give her that red marker.

No. 819565

My bf pisses me off so much sometimes. I'm watching him play hitman, a game I've played a million times before and he insists on not listening to me. I tell him to slow down, I tell him to look around, I tell him to stop spinning the fucking camera so wildly and use his instinct (game mechanic). He responds with "But that's how I like to play" and then continually cries when getting spotted and how he has to restart the level. The game is made to be played at a steady slow pace granted you don't already know the schedule of every NPC and character. Speedrunners already know the schedules of each npc and character, that's how they can do it so quickly. I don't understand why my bf doesn't understand that and refuses to listen to me when I say slow down.

No. 819566

Must be a vendetta the only logical explanation

No. 819584

I went out with one guy twice and he decided to leave things there because he "really liked me" and didnt want to start a relationship again with someone because he was really discouraged from his previous one. it sucked because I really liked him, I kind of kept talking but he was really cold and left me on read twice. Now like onw month later hes liking some stuff I upload on insta. Like what do you want dude? If you changed your mind start a conversation damn…

Im also kind of seeing a younger guy too and he sends mixed signals a lot too, hes also kind of bad at giving compliments or praising me on anything I mention/my hobbbies etc. Why are men so sucky at that? It feels on purpose, like they compare themselves and dont want to give you praise because of it. I always give compliments and Im very happy when someone does anything cool or related to their interests.

I guess my rant is men send mixed signals all the time and they suck. They give the minimum and then leave people like me that go all in really confused and annoyed. Im just tired of the way people act so apathetic nowadays in terms of liking someone, like the advise is always "don't talk to him, wait for him to do it first, act cold, don't do that" and I hate it.

Fuck all of you, I'm sweet, I like to give gifs, ask how you are, worry about you and if you feel that's too "intense" then suck it and stop stringing me along.

No. 819592


FUCK what happened?! that is so enraging. her channel was a treasure trove of wisdoms fr. do you know if she's on any other social media? in the mean time, check out sekhmet she-owl. she's just as based if not moreso

No. 819605

ofc return them. there is even an option to state as reason "found them cheaper elsewhere." amazon makes too much money anyways.

No. 819609

That's a shame, I hope she's all right. There are some other resources about Youtube radfems here: https://smalldarlinglesbian.tumblr.com/post/615872305942380544

And I wish I could remember her exact username, but there's a black woman I think called "youvegottobekiddingme" who does a lot of radfem breakdowns, esp on trans issues.

No. 819613

No. 819622

File: 1622413377832.gif (1.8 MB, 500x300, D8EE6BED-F64E-4867-BEE6-ADCDA1…)

there is nothing to praise about me. i don’t understand people who want you to have a high-esteem of yourself lmao, there’s only so much you are capable of. i’m a replaceable person, everyone is and being confident and putting on such a stupid act is time-wasting and exhausting. i’m quite literally nothing, i’m pretty sure I don’t exist. shut the fuck us with your dorky positive “aw anon we got this!” like bitch die and embrace chaos

No. 819630

I think you are great anon, don't let your bad self esteem tell you otherwise

No. 819641

I think you're cool anon.

Are there any youtubers that specifically address trans madness? I never did find someone that could replace Magdalen Berns, not that she could be replaced truthfully.

No. 819644

this must be bait

No. 819650

Thank you! Yes she's the one I was thinking of, properly subscribing to her now

No. 819658

i would love to work on a collaborative project, doing art and creative stuff for it. i dont have many friends and none of them are doing anything like that, but i would like to have something solid to make content for (like a clear goal, guidelines, and the motivation that comes with working to create something concrete.) and i feel like id work really hard because when it comes to making stuff for other people i always want to do my best and never let anyone down

in general I'm pretty scared about putting myself out there though, and i find it hard to be happy with my work so i guess this isnt gonna happen

No. 819660

I realized recently that self-esteem should be less important, all the time I spend worrying about liking myself and if other people like me is narcissism. for me I think the solution is unironically just do better, and think less

No. 819672

What other people think of you has nothing to do with your SELF-esteem.

No. 819674

you literally cannot have healthy self-esteem without feedback from others

No. 819675


No. 819677

File: 1622420720746.gif (498.45 KB, 194x269, aquacat.gif)

I sat outside in the sun reading a book all day and now I've got sunburns all over despite using tons of sunscreen. The worst part is my scalp being burnt pretty badly, at least in places where my hair is parted. My headphones hurt like fuck but I don't have any way to play audio except for these.

No. 819679

My dad mentioned that my grandmother is having balance problems and my parents tried to comfort me mentioning that it’s just something that happens when people age and it’s so stupid because I’m 20 and my grandmother is 90, I know that she’s old but she’s always been so active. She played golf this spring and now she needs someone to walk her to her car out of church? I know it can be helped by a cane but now I can’t stop thinking about how she lives alone (one of her sons lives next door to her and comes over every day so she’s not truly alone, but what if something happens?) and her bedroom is up a flight of stairs, I can’t sleep tonight knowing that she’s alone in her house and I can’t help her because I just signed a lease for an apartment. I want to drop everything, drop out of college and be there for her 24/7.

Even though she was 70 when I was born, she raised me and my younger brother a lot because my mother worked 2 or 3 days a week when we were kids, and she just never seemed old to me even though I knew she was much older than a lot of other people my age’s grandparents. Last year she had to get dentures and she always complained about how they made her feel like an old woman— she was 89! Seeing her grouchy and uncomfortable with aging then made me feel more comfortable with the idea of her passing away, and I think I read an Alan Watt book shortly after her sister passed away at 92 that said dying of old age was just like falling asleep after a long day. That helped me then but now the idea that her mobility is worsening is fucking gutting me. My dad just told me about it randomly at dinner thinking I already knew and I couldn’t stop sobbing and still haven’t been able to stop and it’s been almost an hour. I feel so stupid cause it’s obvious she’s aging and this isn’t a big deal but it’s just making me confront it all at once.

No. 819680

My boyfriend doesn't do aftercare after sex. It's not a dealbreaker per se but it's difficult considering I'm the type of person who just wants to lay there and cuddle for at least 10 minutes after. Don't know what to do honestly.

No. 819681

Why does he not do it? It seems like a pretty easy ask imo

No. 819683

As a virgin, what do you mean by "aftercare after sex"?

No. 819686

I don't know he's just not… into hugging and stuff in general I guess. Can't understand it because I love to cuddle, not too much but a good moment would definitely be after sex. I've talked to him about it and he's just like "but we already do that [aftercare] enough" and to him 'enough' is a kiss and then sitting back on the couch with his arm around my shoulder.
Stuff like cuddling after sex, kissing, pillow talk, etc.

No. 819688

Did you say it would be important to you? Work out a compromise of some sort. Don't accept "I'm not into it" because cuddling is pretty normal.

No. 819691

I don't really know how to stand my ground in a situation like this because from one side I don't want to force him to do something he doesn't want to

No. 819693

He's not doing it well enough if he doesn't want to cuddle up with you after. Give him a backhanded compliment like that lol or don't

No. 819696

Most of the internet is fake gay/fake mentally ill now and it's fucking annoying

No. 819697

>acrylic painting
you sound like a comfy anon

No. 819698

Kek that's pretty funny. Might have to try something like that

No. 819700

>But that's how I like to play
It's probably cope for being shit at the game

No. 819704

File: 1622423720460.jpeg (109.16 KB, 827x848, 1F155A83-0869-4178-A767-0619BD…)

briefly met my bf's parents today and i feel like such a dumb fucking autist. i wanted to impress them and for them to like me so bad but i don't think it worked. i'm so embarrassed

No. 819708

I bet they liked you, my family just met my brother's new gf today and we all liked her. We were like, "I'm glad she's normal" to each other in relief. That's how most people are, don't sweat it

No. 819709

Letting people self-diagnose was a mistake. Most of them are not too poor to get a diagnosis, they're middle class teenagers who are looking for identities to put in their bio. There's actual methods and rules to diagnosing mental disorders, which I'm not saying are perfect, but far more likely that a psychiatrist would know than a teenager reading symptoms on Tiktok. For example, I'm pretty sure there are rules around which disorders can be comorbid, the age and circumstances around their emergence, etc.

t. someone who used to be an angsty teen who read wikipedias for mental illness and related to all of them, but just had anxiety and depression which is enough to give you overlapping symptoms.

No. 819712

I need to go to the hospital again even just to sign up for an IOP but jfc my family canNOT stop relying on me for emotional labor and being the one who "rolls with the punches" meanwhile I've been spiraling since March (since October let's be real) and none of them have noticed because hahahahaha anon nothing bothers you! what would we do without your steady support!! we couldn't handle all this without you!!!!!

fucking go on your month-long vacation to Hawaii so you can stop texting me to vent about the same fucking situation every single day and I can get a three day break to commit myself already

I'm worried if I go now, they'll cancel their trip because they'll think I'm about to an hero, and then I'll have to listen to them cry about "why didn't you tell us boohoohoo" (because you guilt me into acting the Supportive Stable role) and also complain about how much they needed that vacation and how stressed they are and then I'll just never be able to do it again

No. 819715

I told my bf something he was doing in a game was upsetting me and he even acknowledged beforehand that he knew it bothered me but he thought it was funny that I got bothered. I told him to stop because it was seriously upsetting me, well he didn't. Then I decided to stop playing with him and then he gets pissed off at me?? lol. now he's saying I have no right to be upset by what he did because it's not a big deal and I'm too sensitive. says the fucking guy who got upset at me for calling him a slut and whore in game as a joke because of how his character was dressed and then never put his character in those clothes again.

No. 819727

why date this guy he clearly sucks. literally takes pleasure in making you feel bad :(

No. 819736

I just did the math and I’m 71.9% likely to kill myself due to my PTSD, Clinical Depression and Anorexia

Also knowing I’m going to have these mental illness for possibly all my life is really making me think it’s something unavoidable that will just happen eventually

No. 819757

My older sister has been sitting her room all day smoking weed and not taking care of her son lol I'm about to call cps on this fat bitch

No. 819776

My bf is too lazy to buy sunscreen so I had to tell him to do it because he literally runs outside every day and gets sunburnt and then he ordered online so it’s going to take 5 days instead of 1. I asked why he didn’t do free delivery from the store and he said I forced him to order that one lol like what no you just didn’t pay attention fml why can’t men do the simplest things for themselves and then get triggered when I point out a mistake? Also it’s over 80 degrees in my room because I don’t have AC installed and I’m irritated.

No. 819783

File: 1622437543969.jpg (350.6 KB, 1071x1069, Screenshot_20210531-070311_Fir…)

I just remembered how back in 5th grade or so I bought a friend pic related (but a lot smaller) for valentines day and a few days later she stopped beong friends with me because she was scared that I was a lesbian. Still makes me sad because it was very much a platonic gift, even if I knew I liked women back then.

No. 819806

File: 1622440044020.gif (384.77 KB, 370x300, ff9dcd11a510bebd2ab142487fa450…)

I want the early 2010s back!! I want a re-do DAMMIT
This timeline is all wrong!!!

No. 819811

Ngl lol, I wanna do the test.
You can always just..not kill yourself and really work at the therapy. It’s not a death sentence unless you choose.

No. 819825

Sometimes I wonder if it’s even possible for me to be happy. What if my brain is so fucked that it literally can’t get better? Then what’s the point?

No. 819836

Who the fuck had the bright idea to put nerves in the teeth? also I wish my dentist wasn’t so shit

No. 819837

People never seem to think the bridezilla thing applies to them but holy fuck my wedding-planning sister is being unbearable. I know it's mostly stress so I'm not about to block her out but WOULD IT HURT TO BE NICE

No. 819842

I love my best friend to death but i cant stand seeing her in pain about her shitty relationship she wont give up on. I cant do it anymore. And shit, she only calls me to complain about it and im so fucking over it.
Your boyfriend tells you youre annoying, hd rather hangout with his friends than you, he cancels plans on you and he even told you he will take a break from you for 2 weeks and what you do? YOU CALL ME AND THINK YOURE GONNA WAIT FOR HIM?? Bitch what the fuck?? I fucking hate seeing her sad but holy fuck it makes me so mad how he can treat her like shit and she acts like his lap dog and she just accepts it.
I cant do this shit anymore. If you wont help yourself then leave me out of it. I can talk to her for HOURS, give her so many reasons on why she should breakup and how amazing she is but at the end of the day it doesnt do anything. Im sorry..ive tried…

No. 819843

Run away from guys who invalidate your feelings and use the words emotional or sensitive. Its all garbage

No. 819844

this is how i lost a former best friend, 3 years of that shit and at some point you just give up on her

No. 819845

Yeah im going to distance myself from her. It hurts because i care so much but i just feel so helpless and she wont listen to me. It makes me feel so bad

No. 819848

Anon please back out.
I have bpd and i threatened to kill myself when my ex broke up with me..i was 17 and im still alive.
People who do that are very mentally unstable and arent ready to do anything. Please back out and dont move in with a bpdfag especially a male one

No. 819858

File: 1622448637824.jpg (29.02 KB, 481x524, Chj9xqfW0AASQ5m.jpg)

I'm legit too stupid to hold down any kind of job. I've been in my current position for almost 2 ywars now but only because no one actually monitors my work. Pretty sure that next month I'll get fired because the bosses are coming over.

My 100% are most peoples 30% or 50% and at this age I'm more than embarrassed by it. Why can't I be normal.

No. 819861

I can no longer deal with people who do not have their shit together in my life. I'm almost 30, so are most of my friends. There are a few people I love but I just cannot be friends with anymore. I cannot keep hanging out with people who are still going from dead end job to dead end job and are so miserable in their own existence and always ready to be like "Oh boohoo you look like you're having so much fun. I wish I could afford that." every time I post a fucking Snapchat story when they had every opportunity or more than what I had to not have their life end up like this. I can't deal with people who still do retarded shit in relationships (romantic, platonic, or professional) because they refuse to get whatever mental illness they have under control. I know a girl who attempted to seduce her married boss to make her boyfriend jealous and basically killed her career just as it was starting to take off. Who does that?! I wish there was a nicer way to tell someone they are a downer, crazy, and/or a lost cause and I will no longer be associating with them because of that, but there isn't so I'm just ghosting.

No. 819862

Just curious, what job do you have that no one notices your mistakes?

No. 819864

>you literally cannot have healthy self-esteem without feedback from others
That's not self esteem. That's just esteem.

Self esteem is what you reckon other people should think of you if they knew you well enough and weren't dickheads.

No. 819865

>Self esteem is what you reckon other people should think of you if they knew you well enough and weren't dickheads.
Nta but what's the difference between this and delusion?

No. 819866

Same here. I worked for 4 years at a company where the management shat on everything. Then I switched jobs and I was fired from the new place after 3 months

No. 819867

I think self esteem can and should come from within. Anyone can reasonably judge themselves based on their own values, regardless of how other people treat them.

I see it like, self confidence is thinking 'yeah, I'm hot and awesome and everyone likes me'. Self esteem is thinking 'I might not be that hot or awesome and not everyone likes me, but I have value as a human being no matter what people think of me'.

No. 819870

Something between customer support and call center stuff. I'm supposed to call companies/people and offer them our shit or process existing orders. I have to write activities of everything I do but they can't verify if they're true in cases like calling, so I don't them. Mostly because people really don't give a crap about the products. And because I have call anxiety.

No. 819906

I sure do get irrationally angry when people ask me about my dating life. I have no idea when or why it's so secretive to me. It's not even like I'm ashamed of the people I date or have sketchy motives for it, I just feel like it's personal and I don't like sharing that part of my life with others I guess. Same thing if I'm single, like why are you asking me if I'm dating so or so. Why does it even matter? Can't you just mind your own business on that topic. I get that way even with friends though which has caused a lot of troubles because they take it very personally but it's like idk I just don't see the need nor do I want to talk about this kind of stuff with other people. Like unless I'm moving in with someone, getting engaged, or getting married, then I don't really feel the need to share anything else with anyone. So now here I am annoyed because my friend decided to question me too much about who and who I'm not dating and I accidentally snapped, I'm a shitty person.

No. 819907

File: 1622455137754.png (581.63 KB, 480x483, RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEe.png)

I am seeing red, I had a dusty bag and I stepped outside to scrape the dust off of it and I leaned over the fence. The neighbor opens his window and says hello?? and I look at him confused. He says "that's my garden, and you're throwing your, something, into my garden." His "garden" is a 2 metre wide incline overgrown with weeds and I was throwing dust into it. I said "alright if it bothers you so much I will move" and he says "do you do that at home too?" Motherfucker, if I did that at home, my neighbors are not anal fuckers that would take some dust as a personal attack and go tell me off. Fuck this city fuck those rich ass neighbors FUUUUUUUUCK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I hope he falls off that window into the weeds

No. 819917

I'm sick of liberal men whining about TERFs under the guise of being woke, when really they're just upset that women are still making fair criticisms of society and men. Every single time a conversation devolves into male screeching, they always slip and say, "And they all hate men!" As if that's some horrible, idiotic thing. Misogyny is the oldest prejudice, and women having a rational distaste for their oppressors is not and never will be the same as a man hating women. We are not killing, maiming, and raping men in droves, the same way men do to women, and we don't want to. If you cannot come to terms with the fact that women disliking men is rational, and that you are among the caste oppressing women (even if you are gay, nerodivergent, disabled, non-white, etc), you are dooming yourself to be the uneducated bigot you're so afraid of being seen as. Maybe think about why you're so predisposed to consider the feelings and thoughts of "male-born women" over those of "female-born women," before you voice your stunning commentary on what qualifies as "good" feminism.

No. 819918

Some fucking foodie blog wants to interview me about the work I do at my local homeless shelter and the brief they've given me sounds kinda insulting tbh, they basically want me to talk about why I think homeless people should have a diverse range of high quality food. I do not want to do this one fucking iota but the thing is it might do the shelter some good and get a few donations or maybe even volunteers. I think I'll bite the bullet and do it but oy vey, this is gonna be painful.

No. 819924

File: 1622456940103.jpeg (107.36 KB, 700x700, B2AB590A-6B99-48E7-94E7-B7D7C0…)

I hate my scrote manager, pretty sure he’s definitely on the spectrum, he’s white as hell, and mumbles rude shit under his breath while pretending to help. Literally just wishing and hoping God or whatever cosmic force strikes him down and he catches on fire or the entire store combusts into flames. I hate my fucking work schedule and this job is already fucking up my fragile mental health

No. 819937

I need to quit my job for my mental health's sake. I work an extra 5 hours a week and get min wage. I don't think it is worth it as I can gather almost the same amount of money by doing freelance work (minus the benefits of course, but my mental health is so garbage I don't even care about the benefits). But I feel like I've duped my bosses, they're actually super nice and I feel like I'll let them down. Sure I'm replaceable and this job isn't anything spectacular that I can put in my resume and be proud of, but it'll stump their progress. I feel so bad I can't even give my resignation letter. They really are nice people and I'm sure they'd pay me more if they had the money, but god damn I can't live like this. I feel like a horrible person for wanting to quit.

No. 819955

Tbh liberal men being "woke" when they're complaining about groups of women always reeks of misogyny no matter what. It's obvious they jump on whatever defence they can to justify it and pretend they're only mad at "bad" women but slip in their misogynistic complaints about all women.

>men complaining about white women being bland and basic to disguise their weird hatred for harmless female pastimes

>Men complaining about terfs to disguise their hatred for any kind of feminism to avoid losing the woke crowd
>Men complaining about "prude" women against the porn industry because they'd rather have porn than question how it hurts women

No. 819957

I'm so sorry for you nonna, I've been there with bipolar depression. I was the perfect patient, going to therapy, trying my best to do the right things (eat healthy, exercise, socialize, sleep the right amount) and nothing seemed to work.

Have you considered ECT? It sometimes helps with treatment-resistant depression. It didn't help me but I found a good mix of pills later and ECT did ease things for few months. I went through it twice, my then psychiatrist hoped the second time would be permanent and it didn't work anymore but it was a relief for those brief months to taste the food again and feel the sun on my skin like a living person.

I wish you good luck and hope everything turns out well! You deserve to be happy!

No. 819965

> it'll stump their progress. I
Doesn't matter, put yourself first. Especially considering your mental health. They would do that too, no matter how nice they are. As managers that's shit they have to deal with and their pay reflects that so don't feel bad about it and do what you need to do.

No. 820023

>Men complaining about terfs to disguise their hatred for any kind of feminism that doesn't center scrotes to avoid losing the woke crowd
>Sure I'm replaceable and this job isn't anything spectacular that I can put in my resume and be proud of, but it'll stump their progress. I feel so bad I can't even give my resignation letter. They really are nice people and I'm sure they'd pay me more if they had the money
Nona! Never think like this. You should have zero loyalty and sentiments toward your employer since they have neither for you. They will manage just fine if you resign. Worry about your ass only, since they wouldn't hesitate firing you even if it meant you would end up on a street with nowhere to go. Be polite to your managers and fellow coworkers, do a reasonably good job, but please don't cuck yourself into feeling guilty for centering YOU instead of some heartless company. That's some slave mentality.

No. 820055

File: 1622471627518.png (438.76 KB, 536x758, jm.PNG)

I guess it's not ok to criticize men for being narcissists and cheaters now
yes it's my fault for being on tumblr dot com at all

No. 820059

File: 1622472117926.jpg (5.08 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

I just can't stand scrote logic when they try to "gotcha" about sexism on men, literally all of their examples I've come across are just superficial shit, nothing about their security and safety
>booo women in military get to keep their hair long while we have to shave double standard!!
>look men shirtless on TV show and women get to touch, yet they complain about objectification
>"what if the roles were reversed…"

God I hate men they don't have a thick skin. Like they pretend to care.

No. 820065

they boohoo about prison rape but dont make or join any support groups or accept that its male on male violence

No. 820067

Tumblr used to be a pretty feminist website, now they love to kiss male ass just like everyone else. Sad

No. 820071

>"what if the roles were reversed…"
Any time I watch any sort of true crime vid or a crime report news clip there's always that. Men screaming about hypothetical reversals. Imagining that women kill all the time and just walk free. Really winding themselves up by imaging scenarios like that. Every time.

No. 820078

It's basically why most social media, especially reddit is hard to read, even on female-centric subreddits.
>OP posts about rape/sexual assault
>oh, OP, your story reminded me of how male victim of SA don't get taken seriously obviously paraphrasing
REALLY? That's what it reminded you of? A story about a woman being abused by a man reminded you of that?

No. 820081

I wish my brain wasn't fucking busted.

No. 820082

File: 1622474494911.jpeg (70.9 KB, 750x718, 29C7C2F4-5135-4315-8F11-638F46…)

Me not knowing whether to feel good because I can make my bf cum in minutes or bad because maybe he just wants to get his nut as quick as possible

No. 820086

Okay but what is he doing for you? Does he make you cum within minutes?

No. 820090

Other people can't make me cum. Sad but true

No. 820093

I don't get it. They act like victim blaming doesn't exist and female victims always get taken seriously. 90% of the time it's women who are supportive of each other. It's not our fault that your bros don't care that you got diddled by your babysitter.

No. 820148

Fat geriatric standing on my heels in line with a large pizza and family size bag of chips probably all for herself, disgusting rude hippo creature

No. 820154

My bf will. not. stop. talking about pegging and I’m sick of it. It’s my fault because he always asks me if I’m okay with it and if I want to do it and I always say yes because I want to make him happy. Why am I such a retard.

No. 820155

Anon, please don't force yourself if you don't want to or / and don't feel comfortable about it. It's okay to not want to do something in bed, after all life is all about boundaries. I hope your partner will understand that. Maybe you could try telling that you are uncomfortable with this idea?

No. 820157

Nigga he gay.

No. 820158

Hes probably gonna Troon out soon

No. 820161

Agree with >>820158 , a Nigel obsessed with begging his girlfriend to peg him is 100% going to troon out in the near future. Not even memeing, so many transwidow stories start with that note.

No. 820166

Just found out that the most active user on r/femalehairloss is a fucking tranny. I'm so fucking angry

No. 820167

It's funny how I vented about this use of the term "Nigel" here less than a week ago and anons acted like I have schizophrenia like it never happens. Here it is

No. 820168

>start seeing a seemingly normal guy
>we hook up after a few dates
>the next day he texts me
>"peg me next time?"
>confused because he had never even so much as hinted at being interested in that
>reply "haha what no"
>he immediately blocks me on all social media
>forget about it
>2 years later a random troon requests me on instagram
>it's him, and his name is luna now

I dodged a massive bullet. >>820154 break up with him before it's too late

No. 820172

>It's funny how
It's not

No. 820179

You're using the term wrong

No. 820183

No he’s anti tranny like me

No. 820186

KEK anon I'm so sorry but ew I'd feel so weirded out knowing I dated or fucked a man that was degen enough to troon out later on. Knowing the types I attract though, I can't help but wonder if eventually one of the nerds I dated will become a Luna/Lily/Willow/Alice

No. 820195

Similar thing happened to me.
>had a fling in college, but remained friends
>mediocre artistic type who wanted to do comics
>first red flag
>always wanted to insert his character as a female
>second red flag
>threw some shade and immature negs at my appearance as if we were in competition
>third red flag
>had zero masc energy in bed which is why I stopped hooking up with him
Never asked me to peg him but I'm sure it was building up to it. Remained friends with him on facebook to see him troon out and turn his name into something feminine. It's super cringe.
Now he hates white people and has a special hatred for anyone who fucks up his pronouns because he doesn't pass. Uses his trans status as leverage to boost his still mediocre comics.

No. 820201

File: 1622487747659.gif (167.81 KB, 220x212, sponge.gif)

Why is zoom presentation anxiety 100x worse than normal presentation anxiety

No. 820208

For me it's because it feels like there's zero feedback, so every silence break feels like an out of body experience.

No. 820215

Why would you actually believe anything that comes out of a mans mouth?

No. 820217

People started to love overdramatising anything just to get more feedback on social media.

No. 820218

Never had to do one, but I imagine it's because any mistakes and errors would be super obvious; either with the camera zoomed in to your face or on the work you're presenting. Makes it way more awkward knowing that any flaws and your reaction to them are being hyperfocused on and subsequently judged. I feel like mistake made irl have a decent probability of going unnoticed or at least unaddressed.

No. 820221

File: 1622488761924.gif (327.04 KB, 220x220, tenor (5).gif)

This drawing that I've been working on for almost two months now is driving me crazy, yet I can't let myself to draw anything else because I finally want to get this shit over with. I am so sick of it and it makes me feel incredibly sad. Art is nothing but pain.

No. 820222

A coomer coercer isn’t a nigel anon. It’s supposed to mean a supposedly idealistic feminist-ally man.

No. 820223

Grow a spine and tell him to stop being a creepy groomer with no respect for boundaries.

No. 820224

yeah it's weird because the guy I was seeing was not the typical type i'd suspect at all. he worked for a hedge fund and had the classic masculine look. makes me more suspicious/apprehensive of any guy I might date

No. 820233

REEEEEEEE I HATE PCOS!!! I grow enough facial hair to make an Aiden cry with jealousy, I have dark tummy fuzz and a visible happy trail and I've even got fucking sparse chest hair, but nooooo that's not enough, the universe has to fuck me over some more with fucking BACK HAIR! And don't even get me started on the cysts! Try bleeding heavily for over THREE WEEKS while also being anaemic, I fucking HATE my piece of shit body. This was meant to be hot butch summer, I was meant to be showing off my muscles not fucking worrying about BACK HAIR!

No. 820234

Oh my god I feel so sick, between vomiting and having a migraine I also roped myself into making dinner for my grandmother. What I have isn't viral so there's no risk of transferal and I've already cancelled once. I wish I had taken something for my headache when I woke up instead of at 3pm, but it's already kicked in a little. Goddamn I feel like death and a half. However I am knitting a bag for my brother and getting ready to make dinner, plus did a load of laundry and hung it outside to dry. I wish I didn't feel like shit because I could have accomplished more, and not felt like shit.

No. 820235


Can my mother stop mentioning my fucking weight?

I recently gained weight because of a medication change not too noticable unless you see me 24/7 i've also already started losing it but my mother cannot stop bringing it up, she's the type of women to talk shit about the way someone looks in public within earshot

she's also the reason I have such disordered eating with her constent comments about my body since I was young, I've never been obease even at my heaviest it was still healthy for my height/age but her issue is probably my bodyshape, I'm quite curvaceous bust/hip wise so when I was going through puberty she would only buy me baggy clothing so I didn't look "lewd" whilst also constantly saying shit about me dressing normally being "slutty"

anyway if she doesn't stop borderline insulting me i'm going to start fucking biting people

No. 820257

File: 1622493032971.jpeg (308.24 KB, 2000x2666, A3B8ACE3-3A71-4C68-A104-2ECA70…)

My sister’s moved in with me after graduating until she finds a job. I haven’t lived with her since she left for college and she’s developed the worst eating habits. At any given meal she eats 50-100% more than a normal person, super quickly, and she snacks constantly throughout the day into the late night. She’s gained a bunch of weight to the point of now being either overweight or obese but seems to see no reason to change. I don’t bring it up directly with her but, like, can’t you see what you’re doing to yourself?

I go on a hike every morning because I’ve been wanting to get healthier myself. I always invite her to come along but she keeps turning me down, instead preferring to watch Netflix in bed for the next 6 hours.

No. 820261

She's clearly going through something mentally and emotionally, anon. Have more heart to hearts with her, eventually she will tell you what's up.

No. 820263

Can kinda relate. I don't have PCOS, but i'm naturally hairy as fuck. I got hair all over my body and it even grows on my feet lol. I feel like a hobbit, but trust me you're still a hot butch with back hair.

No. 820271

Antichoice people who label unwanted pregnancies as merely "inconvienient" for the woman can literally go die in a fire. That is some of the most digustingly minimizing and dismissive bullshit a person can say. If you're going to be against reproductive rights, the least you can do is not intentionally downplay the seriousness of pregnancy, childbirth, and it's impact on women's health in every fucking category.

Oh wait, that's right, antichoice people have to be intentionally manipulative with their arguments because their entire position relies on prioritizing the rights of a clump of cells over a sentient human being.

No. 820299

Kek were you dating Aaron Diaz or something? It's like they make these people in a factory.

No. 820322

They really do contaminate everything, especially if its on the shithole Reddit. It sucks, because i have hair loss problems too, and Reddit moves fairly fast, so you get a variety of topics. Anyway, you can try the Longhaircommunity forums. Despite the name, they have all sorts of hair advice threads, including ones for hair loss. As far as I can tell, it's women there, I haven't spotted any troons yet.


No. 820353

Everyone is ignoring me and my anxiety is sky high I want to crawl into a hole and die.

No. 820357

Holy shit this place is still around? I used to browse there in middle school when I was trying to grow rapunzel hair. There were dudes on there then but not many tbh, it was filled with hippie moms iirc. Some women with beautiful hair down to their ankles that I was insanely jealous of. Interesting place, weird to see it mentioned on lolcow.

No. 820358

I absolutely fucking hate this feeling anon, I'm sorry you're dealing with it. It gets even worse when there are no people online even on lolcow to respond to posts.

No. 820378

Thanks for taking the time to reply anon, I appreciate it <3.

No. 820379

In the past four days, my apartment complex office has sent out seven fucking emails, mostly about ~da rules~, for the swimming pool THAT ISNT EVEN OPEN because they failed their own inspection that they knew about. Bully for them, because they don't have to pay someone $$ to watch and upkeep the pool. Just like how they screwed us out of our amenities during covid last year, but at least then they could pretend their money grubbing was for our own good. They're making so much money off the residents and doing practically fuck all for us in return.
I hate them. It's fucking hot and I can't even enjoy amenities that I pay a premium for. They treat people here like shit and constantly inconvenience us with their bullshit.
When I leave to go live on my own fucking property in another month, I'm going to leave such a nasty fucking review for these greedy cunts that I hope it dissuades business. Fuck landlords and fuck apartment complexes. They don't give two shits about being stewards of where people call home, completely gormless mingers.

No. 820383

I was listening to a song on youtube, my earphones volume was high and they edited this very loud noise at the end and now my ears are ringing and every little sound hurts

No. 820385

I wanted to log into my account for an online game that I played over 16 years ago but I can't remember what email I used. I'm gonna pull my hair out. The site admins are not being helpful and insisting they can't help me login without the original email details (by proving it really is my account). How the FUCK am I supposed to remember what email I used in 2009

No. 820392

report the video for terrorism

No. 820396

my apartment complex is the same. the pool has been closed for a year because someone broke a glass in the pool so they drained it and never fucking refilled it and blamed it on covid - every other amenity has been closed bc of covid - and they had the gall to add a "common space fee" in the midst of all of it. sad thing is my lease is up but it's not even worth moving because every other apartment complex here is either owned by the same corporation or owned by a similarly terrible corporation. my rent went up by $20 a month too and it's still not worth the utter pain and annoyance of moving

No. 820397


glad you're getting out!

No. 820411

File: 1622506044202.jpg (55.49 KB, 735x372, smile to that luv.jpg)

it's finals week and one of my profs hasn't graded 1/3 of my work. i need to know how hard i can bomb the final, damnit

No. 820431

I'm experiencing a burn-out rn and i can't help but feel disappointed at myself even thought i knew it would happen sooner or later if i didn't took a break. I've been producing daily content for a year now and for some reason I didn't get tired (i suffer from OCD and bipolar, maybe that was were the extra energy was coming from?) but now everytime i try to get back on track i just fail miserably. I want to quit everything and relax but i really like creating things, it's very addicting idk how to stop.

No. 820434

One of the people I used to talk to became a themlet and started pretending she has DID, and guess what? They're all her OCs. I'm so sad, she used to be genuinely cool now all she does is talk in 3rd person.

No. 820443

File: 1622509685213.gif (610.37 KB, 367x367, D0D54927-14E2-4455-A3D6-016473…)

>asks questions in tarot thread
>keeps getting ignored
>asks questions in the same fashion as the other anons

Okay fuck you, your mom, and your stupid inaccurate tarot cards, I hope all of your toast burns in the morning and you have hot coffee breathe for the rest of your life. I wish all of you a very nice explode in an electric fire, the vent place is the only thing I enjoy in this ungodly place (also /meta/ is funny)

No. 820453

Which one anon? I am offering readings right now on that thread. Just post your question here and I'll do your read asap

No. 820459

Ah fuck me. Been cutting my hair for years and somehow messed it up this cut. Trimmed hair I shouldn't have and so much is uneven. I am impressed at how bad it is. Not like I have plans so I'm gonna clean it up and hope it looks better in a couple weeks but right now I really want to cry every time I look at myself kek

No. 820464

No readers owe you anything anon, if you want your query to be read that bad just pay or learn about tarot and stop wishing illness on other people.

No. 820469

There’s ANOTHER guy at my workplace getting scammed for gift cards, and this time he’s married. We thought he was at least one of our normal customers but my coworker noticed that he had a bunch of porn saved on his phone. So now there’s around four of them getting into buying Steam cards by titty pics. I’m so tired of men

No. 820470

File: 1622514335413.png (359.57 KB, 614x449, 12075821.png)

I wasn't born with a fucking job so you can't keep making me do it
I'm an embarrassing mistake my dad wants to hide because I got raised trashy by the woman he chose to leave me alone with, and I'm a disappointing broken Furby to my mom because I don't "worship" her anymore, which like, what a fucking disgusting, creepy way to describe your child's relationship with you
I don't have to do shit.
I keep getting put back in the psychward every time I talk to my doctors even though I haven't said I'm going to hurt myself, and every fucking time they put me in, I get even fucking worse while I'm there and I don't get better again anymore when I get back out. Jsut leave me the fuck alone, is this not enough for me to be dealing with? I haven't slept a solid five hours in years, I am fucking exhausted.
The last antipsychotic they put me on made it feel like my skin was going to come away from my bones like slow cooked pork.
I spent over 20 years telling you how perfet your were and that you've never done anything wrong and I packed you hysterectomy wound and I washed your ass and it was all fuckign worthless becasue I still couldn't make you better, andthat was BEFORE I went crazy, how the fuck do you think I can do it now when I couldn't in over two sane decades? Why the fuck is it not good enough that I jsut sit quietly and watch Malcolm in the Middle with you? Why is my company not good enough? Why do you still want me to dance for you? I don't fuckign like talking, please god jsut let me be quiet, I am fuckign dying over here

No. 820473

Sometimes im a little sad when my relationship with men isn't the best, there are good men out there ofc but the amount of time that I've meet/interact with them are pretty rare. I just wish more sweet and kind men come into my life more, they are so few that i can remember that actually treat me like im equal to them. Im manifesting it rn anons, i just hope kinder men come into my life instead of shitty ones.

No. 820478

can feel my best friend drifting away from me, god it sucks. we've gone from hanging out 2-3 times a week to maybe once every other week for just a few hours, she takes hours to respond to my texts, and she goes out of town almost every weekend on trips with other friends that I wasn't invited on. idk what I did wrong, but I don't want to confront her about it because it'll just make it more awkward. feels like there's something wrong with me specifically because this has happened to me twice before but I can't figure it out

No. 820490

>go to therapy for barely a year
>get kicked off insurance
>decide to pay for some appointments out of pocket a few months later
>call and ask if there are available appointments
>receptionist says she doesn't know, will check and get back to me
>that was last week and they haven't called back yet

Im guessing that means they don't have any appointments then. But a call would have been fucking nice, thanks for nothing i guess

No. 820521

File: 1622522652124.jpeg (50.29 KB, 848x839, reflecting cow.jpeg)

I wish I didn't delusionally believe the world revolves around me. It's so exhausting feeling like everything is a personal slight towards me. Even things that total strangers do feel like some form of cosmic mockery sometimes.
I want to believe it's irrational, but in the moment it feels so very real. I hate people so much and I hate that I'm reliant on them.

No. 820547

Are you a BPD-chan? Because you sound like one. I don’t even mean that as an accusation, y’all can be exhausting as fuck but I’m still saying that as an outsider, I can only imagine what it’s like having to actually live inside your brain and constantly deal with feelings you know are overreactions but still feel so real. Whatever the case, I hope you can eventually manage your emotions better and find peace within yourself rather than looking to other people, even though it’s hard.

No. 820563

I hate myself why do I procrastinate so much why did I thought it would be chill

No. 820566

I can't deal with the fact that I'll never be famous, rich, admired, special, that I'll never leave anything behind in this would, that I'll just be forgotten after my death.

No. 820575

my allergies are fucking insane at the moment. my nose/sinuses are burning constantly and I have a super itchy/dry cough thats so bad it's made me vomit antihistamines aren't doing shit and theres 0 cases of covid in my state/ive been tested and its come back negative twice so what the fuck.
beconase/nasal spray is kind of easing it but even when i was doing my makeup pressing on my sinus with a brush hurt. I know I'm gonna snore tonight I feel so bad for my bf he must have it so rough, been compared to a chainsaw most my life. I wake up exhausted and I'm not even the poor bastard who has to listen to it all night

No. 820579

I had to take some passport photos today and god damn did they make me look terrible. I don't even like taking selfies most of the time but I took some before the shoot to check how my hair etc looked.
>Mirror: cute fairy princess
>Selfie: still cute
>Photo: fat 50 year old mom of five with a beer gut, sagging face and Peter Pan syndrome
Now I feel like shit.

No. 820581

File: 1622539989568.jpg (853.33 KB, 2048x1441, my beloved.jpg)

Become an eco-terrorist and be admired by all

No. 820586

But did I ask you? No bitch, run along thank you.(twitterfag, integrate)

No. 820587

not the type of fame i want

No. 820590

Hobbit sisters! Foot hair is a fucking curse because when I shave it the stubble rubs in my socks all day no matter how much I moisturise. I've always been very hairy too, I'm a middle eastern Jew so I was doomed from the start. PCOS is just speedrunning my transformation into that furry fucker from Star Wars.

No. 820592

Are you doing anything to be famous, rich, admired or special though? First two cant be promised but last two would be totally doable if you devoted your life to developing some skill or helping others.

No. 820599

No matter how important you'd be, people would get over your death; and if you love them you shouldn't want them to not get over that loss. You sound VERY self-obsessed, to the extremely unhealthy degree; just that self obsession is based on irrational hate, not love. Even from your post here it's clear you have two people that love you and would talk to you - your boyfriend and your sister at the very least; also most likely the rest of your family, yet there's something in your mind that doesn't let that realization sink in. Is there anyway you could get a therapy?

No. 820602

I tried so hard, i don't get it. you promised you would tell me if things were getting sour for you before you brought up breaking up. you even told me yesterday how you didn't want me to leave you when it was brought up. you kept bringing up unprompted that you enjoyed spending time with me and calling me. now out of nowhere you were unhappy, you never enjoyed any of it, you only stayed because I was too emotional and you felt guilt tripped by my crying the last time you tried to end things apparently. i feel like such a fool. i tried so hard to make things work this time, i feel like such a failure. i feel so dumb too. you never even gave me warnings, you didn't even act distant. why do you always lie and toy with me. why does my heart love you so much. i want you to be gone forever and forgotten from my heart. then you had the audacity to text me today asking why I was talking to someone in a game, we arent even dating anymore, why does it matter?! please just let me be in peace, i blocked you everywhere else, please… yet i so badly want to apologize for not being good enough even though i tried so hard, i went above and beyond for you when you never even came anymore close. i want to stop crying now please.

No. 820607

I need someone to tell my that it’s not my fault, that I’m not guilty for loving him even when he despises me, that I’m not useless and a retard and that he ignoring me does not define me as a person.
I can’t stand the way he looks at me as if I am the worst person in the world, making me feel guilty even when I know I’m not wrong, even when he always finds an excuse to insult me and degrade me and abuse me.
I won’t ever understand how I fell in love with someone like him, he’s the kind of person I’m always telling my friends to stay away from and right now I can’t talk with anyone about this.

No. 820614

It's not your fault nonny. The human brain is easily manipulated by abuse and shitty people. It's not your fault you love him and it's not your fault he hurts you. You're in a position millions of smart, capable, 100% innocent women have also been stuck in. It's not your fault that he's an abusive shithead and I promise someday you'll find the strength to leave ♥️

No. 820624

I'm sorry anon. Today is my 3rd anniversary of getting away from someone just like that. I no-joke celebrate this day every year. I buy myself something and just treat myself extra well for the day.

I hope you get out soon and I hope that you learn to treat yourself with more kindness than this guy has shown you. The effects of that treatment tend to stay with you for years and it's rough but you have to look after yourself.

No. 820634

Sunscreen is so fucking expensive. If I used as much as I really should I'd be spending like 60 euro a month on it.

No. 820637

If it helps fuzzy butches are the best butches and I'd consider your back hair a plus. You can still have hot butch summer go show off those muscles.

No. 820638

I thought talking to guys long distance online would give me a way to vent my horniness and practice my game on men without dealing with the headache of irl interaction but man has it ever blown up in my face! First guy was doing these weird social "tests" where he would gauge my reaction to things that could have seemed innocuous. It would have seemed paranoid to call it out, sort of thing. Then he joined tiktok and acted like he was too good for me once he got fans kek Still video chatted me the other day trying to get me to show my ass so he could coom. I refused. Second guy was his friend but I told him I got vaccinated and he was put off by that. So idk I guess I learned the true lesson. All men are fucking losers and if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes. Listen to your fellow cisters, nonnies

No. 820639

I have rosacea and when I saw what people sunscreens people recommend for rosacea I nearly died at the prices.. I've just been using a 4 euro sensitive spray from lidl and it seems ok tbh

No. 820640

Every time I try to reach out to an online community to make friends I slowly start to feel convinced that everyone actually hates me and I freak the fuck out and become super withdrawn. Then I get upset while reading all the convos people have without me and think about how much they hate me. I'm doomed.

No. 820641

Well what is your question? I asked you and you didnt tell me

No. 820650

Please im a reader on that tarot thread too and i really hate the peopel like you that think they are entitled to sth, we read for free anon, so mind your manners.

No. 820658

this is a trick, I’m not going to tell you the question because I know what you’re doing lol

No. 820659

pretty sure if a mop fell on the ground in a certain direction it would give me more of an accurate reading than the quirky white eurofags in that thread

No. 820661

Pretty sure with an attitude like that you deserve everything bad happen to you, bold of you to assume im white lmao.

No. 820663

>someone is being mean to me online, that means you deserve to die

girl get lost and let me vent, I hate tarotfags for a good reason

No. 820664

Ok but who wishes tarot readers to die first? You reap what you sown anon and threw a hissyfit when people call you out. Boohoo your question got skipped, big deal.

No. 820666

Kek is the AI acting up? Put in more baitwords, please

No. 820669

Just ask sanic, he's blue and always there for your burning questions.

No. 820672

People living on my street are related to someone on the next street and rather than walking to each others houses they regularly have these screaming conversations. Both just shout from the edge of their gardens. At first I thought it was maybe a covid thing but it's not. They just think screaming is ok and better than walking a short distance to save us all the headache.

No. 820674

File: 1622551329313.jpeg (504.73 KB, 623x785, 8B0B7FFA-F031-4BEC-BE84-562A6B…)

Me! Bless art thou strike you down, heretic

No. 820677

I hate it when people who think they're superior because they're physically unable to experience romance go "Well romantic love is not the only love you can experience, you can just give it up." I mean surely it isn't, I love my mom too, but do I get to fuck her now? Jfc.

No. 820679

Nah, try again next time. Sorry your feelings got hurt but who gives a shit lmao, cry harder anon, maybe some of the tarot readers here will give you a read.

No. 820681

It isn't a trick, I legit will read for you if you let me, seriously
I'm not a a white eurofag, I'm a mixed mexican. Give me your query and I'll read for you, I've read on 4chan's /div/ as well.

Either way if you don't want your query answered then I can't go and beg for you to tell me, it's your choice but I'm sad that you are an atsushifag and acting like this, cause I was going to read for you because I love atsushi too.

No. 820682

I'm on summer vacation and I hate it. I want to go back to work. I don't even like work that much but the covid situation is getting worse where I am and I can't do anything or go anywhere. I'm literally just sleeping all day every day. I can feel my brain turning to mush.

No. 820683

Today is my first day at my new job and there are massive train delays. Pls pray for me nonnies

No. 820687

Leave her alone anon, its a little sad to see some anonette here act the same when their querry got skipped like the moids on /div/. They act like we owe them something for our free services, you better of read some of the nicer anon on the tarot thread that actually value and understand how this works. Let her have her pity party, no one is going to come.

No. 820690

>I hate tarotfags
If you hate tarotfags so much then why the fuck do you even go and ask a question on a tarot thread on the first place?
Do you know how many queries get ignored on 4chan on the daily even when they're adressed to a certain reader? It sucks but that's how it is. No one is entlitled to a free read, sucks that you didn't get picked up but you're just acting entlitled over it and assuming it's the fault of the reader when they simply could had skipped you over by mistake. It's an imageboard with multiple replies, shit happens. On /div/ people who get skipped over just politely tell the reader and they reply back, they don't immediately go and act like an immature little piss baby and I can't believe 4channers can be more mature than you in this case. Honestly reading cards is just a dumb fun hobby, you pinning it on the tarot readers doing it out of goodwill instead of going within and seeing how insufferable you are is such as stupid thing to do.
then grab a mop and stick it up your butthole(infighting)

No. 820693

File: 1622553603649.png (76.26 KB, 360x360, AFJEFHLKF.png)

ok well open your 3rd eye pussy and read for yourself, bitter-chan

No. 820696

File: 1622554165594.png (1.06 MB, 1533x881, 177.png)

>infighting over magic yugi-oh cards

No. 820701

I live with like 6 men and 2 other women and men are so damn disgusting. I literally brought bathroom rugs a few days ago and someone already pissed on it. The fridge is disgusting because someone was stupid enough to put their work baits on the top shelf, the floors haven't been cleaned and as soon as I moved in there was a literal layer of dust, it constantly stinks and there's slugs everywhere. How could anyone live this way?

No. 820702

I don't want to do anything but I know I'll regret it tomorrow
It's my day off, the weather is amazing, but I just want to be depressed in the house in peace, maybe tidy a little and watch some tv in the dark
But then tomorrow I'll feel bad about it

No. 820704

Slugs??? Inside??

No. 820709

I pray for you nona, holy fuck I hope you can get out of there soon.

No. 820711

I do this all the time too, anon. If it’s your only day off, enjoy it how you want to. You need to rest. Maybe just sit outside for a bit, like on your porch or anything you might have, if you want to do that. It makes a difference without going out of your way.

No. 820712


No. 820726

I think that's what anon meant by
>worm baits

No. 820731

No I understand what slugs are, I’ve just never heard of an indoor infestation of them and I am shocked

No. 820749

I rent out a room in a big cabin full of fishermen, factory workers, etc. It's in the literal swamp and no repairs are ever done so slugs and mosquitos get in usually

No. 820759

That makes sense. Damn anon, that sucks, and I’m so sorry. I hope you get out soon or find a way to keep your spaces nice enough.

No. 820776

File: 1622562791427.jpg (68.89 KB, 1200x797, 1612677930553.jpg)

My mother in law uploaded a really gross candid of me. I have no ass and a big belly. I thought my period bloating was slight but someone commented that I kinda looked pregnant. I feel like such shit I dont even wanna get dressed cause I didnt know my body was that ugly. I'm so sad cause I didnt know I was that gross looking .

No. 820792

I started college a year before the pandemic and almost half of my major has been done online. Unfortunately I have no discipline for having online classes and going out everyday was very important for my mental health and wellbeing. I barely learned since last year and the projects and extra stuff I wanted to do got put on hold. I feel extremely shitty rn because I feel like I'm lazy and I'm being left behind and I've started to hate this major but I'm too far in to quit.

No. 820801

i keep attracting emotionally unavailable workaholics. I fucking hate them. why are they all so hot and why do they keep talking to my needy no drive having ass? Is this what they mean when they say opposites attract?

No. 820803

Holy shit I think about this all the time and it feeds into my depression
Fucking can't stand myself

No. 820809

Nta but I've done very little with my life and my thinking is…well at least I'm not leaving behind a bunch of destruction either. I know people who have kids, abandon them or emotionally fuck them up and the genrational pain just lives on. That's worse imo

No. 820819

anons, this is going to sound like a shit post but it isnt. My parents leave the front door wide open during the summer, and the stress it causes me is unbelievable.

The leave the front door literally wide open.

They'll be in the back yard whilst it's open, so they couldn't see if anyone walked in. They wouldn't be able to hear it either.

This stresses me out because I don't want my shit stolen. I live with them. I'm not allowed a lock on my door - this has been a giant fight many times.

There's gypsy gangs that work in the area and I've had to call the police on them before. This means the chance of a robbery is high.

I've spoken to them so many times about how dangerous it is and how deeply it stresses me out, but they don't care. I'm scared to leave the house because I then can't protect my belongings.

Any advice?

Please don't tell me to chose move out, obviously that is my goal in the end.

It's not like I could even get a proper safe because I wouldn't be allowed to bolt it to anything?

My car gets way too hot to store electronics in

Maybe hiding my stuff is the best option for now? It's weak since obviously a criminal would know where to look

Please help anons, my parents are fucking retards and the stress it is causing me makes me want to die

No. 820823

Can't you at least lock the door to your room or something?

No. 820825

>>820823 i'm not allowed a lock. It's been a fight we've had a million times and theyre not going to change their minds

No. 820828

Pay someone ora friend to pretend-rob them. Let them live through the stress for a day or two, then let the belongings magically be brought back.

No. 820832

Perhaps a personal safe with all your most irreplaceable/expensive
Unfortunately I think other anon might be onto something by getting a friend to pull a fake heist, sometimes people only learn when bad shit happens to them.

No. 820840

the kind ones are just good actors. there are literally no genuinely good men

No. 820842

I truly don’t get those girls on Twitter who post the most graphic sexual content with kinks about being kidnapped and whatnot, then post full face selfies. Who wants their face linked to that? Why do it? For likes from strangers? Wtf.
At the same time, part of me really wants to know how this guy I’ve been ERPing with would react to my physical appearance, but another part doesn’t want to risk getting doxxed. We both said some very embarrassing and fucked up shit. It’s so annoying, I wish we could go back to the days before people could be identified easily online.
Please knock some sense into me nonnies, I know I shouldn’t trust a scrote but his response would be so interesting ffs

No. 820850

I am having the most painful burning shit right now, my asshole is literally on fire. Pray for me nonnies

No. 820858

File: 1622572270714.png (812.9 KB, 1080x1068, 1622329239456.png)

I am so extremely disappointed
I was going to go out with a girlie soon-ish but then we got into an argument because she told me she likes having mysogynistic attitudes and also thinks prostitution is a choice

and idk, it just goes on top of the things that I already didn't like about her. I guess my life lesson out of this is telling me that no one is perfect, everyone has skelletons in their closet, and that I should focus on myself instead of finding a romance right now because I should chose myself and more people who are right for me will come in the future. Idk

No. 820863

Last time I wanted to kill myself I listened to this song and now this song is ruined for me even tho I absolutely love it. Fuck, even listening to it right now is giving me a bit of anxiety

No. 820872

No because I'm lazy and depressed, and because the likelihood of failing if I was to try scares me so so much. I'm not a good person, I want to be admired because I'm famous and beautiful and not because I was good to many people.

It makes me so depressed, any time it crosses my mind I immediately start crying and feel like I'm about to vomit.

My new vent is that after 6 years of having mental problems it's gotten so bad that I felt that I must seek professional help but now my doctor is on vacation and I feel like I won't make it til he comes back.

No. 820880

so my bf had a dead girlfriend, she died mysteriously like five years ago. It's very sad and I try to comfort him whenever he gets reminded, but sometimes he springs it up in ways in which I don't know how to respond. I'm at work at right now and he emailed me that he was researching if there was a grave for her, and then he sent me a small part in an article about how an unknown skeleton washed up on the island she disappeared.

Like, how do you even navigate grief with a loved one? My internal instinct must be broken cause my knee jerk reaction for the above situation was to reply, "sorry about your still dead gf," but I caught myself and just responded with an upside down smiley face, which I think may have been even worse.. I followed up with promising hugs

No. 820889

Why do you feel like you need to comfort him every time he mentions it? Lots of time has passed and if he is looking it up of his own volition he obviously is not going to cry if you don't comfort him. I don't think you should make such a big deal of it, if he has grieved enough and accepted it as a fact of life don't be all boohoo when he mentions it, that just makes it worse and reminds of the pain

No. 820892

File: 1622574535795.jpeg (127.64 KB, 613x373, 1581879770074.jpeg)

My sister has adhd she refuses to acknowledge and get treatment for, she almost uses her kids like photo props only, constantly snaps at the boy for everything. If he isn't playing, that's worth being snappy, if he does play, snappy. Now her baby ended up in the hospital with an UTI and it may be in her kidneys already, I know how painful that is but I also know for a fact that you would notice it even from the smell alone. Her husband said she had been acting sick a few days, my sister claims only today she acted weird. I am so pissed off, she is such an adhd hellbitch with anger issues, I know the cps are always notified of stuff like this where I'm from but I am gonna combust soon.

No. 820903

Damn anon same, wtf, i wish i didn't give a fuck about people

No. 820908

god you're right, anon. I don't know, I guess since it's still "new" to me, I feel like he needs to be comforted. He usually isn't so boohoo about it, in retrospect. Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely apply it in the future

No. 820910

There's no time limit on grief, especially when it's sudden or when there's no usual line of closure. I can empathize with him as someone who has grieved to a point where a partner once just told me to get over it.. but then given the nature of who she was to him it'd be better if he had a friend to talk this out with. Or a grief counselor.

No. 820915

Really fucking hate how everything I like is being ruined by politics and every media put out is inherently political.

I always liked Bo Burnham but apparently his new comedy rutine is basically a communist manifesto, which is fucking IRONIC cause he is whining about capitalism on a fucking Netflix special that you have to pay to see.

Really hate it here.

No. 820919

Thanks for your insight. I agree that grief isn't something to be rushed, especially since they were so close and the way she went was horrible

He has a therapist that he talks it out with thankfully

No. 820920

god scrotes age like milk forreal

No. 820923

Thank you… I was looking forward for it, but you saved me time.
> American commie
I hate these fucking people.

No. 820925

Yeah he looks like he just got off the Island he was stranded on like in Cast Away.

No. 820933

guy needs to fucking shave and get a haircut, that's all

No. 820937

File: 1622577416516.png (548.85 KB, 663x780, vaush.png)

he went full Vaush

No. 820940

my grandma went to the doctor to check if she had lung cancer because she's been having a hard time breathing. the doctors said they'll call her back in a week with results. they never called her bc they're shitty doctors in bumfuck USA. my sister whose an RN asked for documentation or w/e, and saw that they had written that she has fluid in her breasts. she's already had breast cancer once before and my sister said this is looking again like stage 2.
at least she doesn't have lung cancer. but she does have a cyst on her kidney. she doesn't have any good, reputable health providers where she lives. for some reason my aunt won't drive her 3 hours to the nearest big city and has no one else to help her. me and my family are 12 hours away

No. 820943

What's the timeframe here? He looks like he aged 20 years.

No. 820948

File: 1622577922552.png (444.39 KB, 750x477, bo.png)

This picture is from his comedy special in 2016…

No. 820969

that first picture is from 2013, plus he didn't really gain any weight (unlike vaush) he just grew a beard and his hair out

No. 820971

he also looks more insane and depressed

No. 820980

>friend A messages me
>a mutual friend of ours from uni, friend B, wants to talk to me after a while
>give friend A my discord tag to relay to B
>friend B adds me, says hi, asks how I am
>I respond a day after
>no response after two weeks
what the fuck lol

No. 820984

tbf bo burnham performances have always felt like public meltdowns you're guilty to enjoy

No. 820985

File: 1622580911381.jpeg (169.16 KB, 1015x763, F8EE018B-2991-41B8-B73C-C34073…)

i can't smile with my lips closed. when i do it looks like i've got stuff in my mouth, like i'm holding in water and about to spit it out all over you. it is literally one of the worst, most annoying and crippling things about my appearance. women always look good when they present a closed lip smile… except me. so if i want to smile i have to do a smile with teeth showing, a full duchenne smile, which isn't appropriate for every situation, what if i just want to smile a little bit, a nice non-duchenne smile. jesus fucking christ how annoying

picture absolutely not related

No. 820990

You aren't alone babe I look like I'm hiding baby birds in there. I'm hoping getting my teeth straightened will help.

No. 820996

ew why do moids always age like shit

No. 820999

I've never liked Bo but I don't think he looks bad here at all (he's only the top two photos).

He looked ugly and like a wimpy gross soyboy piece of shit back in the day.

No. 821000

bo looked good in promising young woman, which was filmed in 2019, I'd really like to believe that it's just the horrible hair beard combo disorienting his looks

No. 821010

I'll still check this out, but jfc I wonder if he's getting paid to throw in these ideologies to avoid getting cancelled. As long as it fits the agenda, am I rite? Like, remembering shit he would throw in before, it was still direct on what thing he was referencing, but barely would it be covered with politically pandering vocabulary, like certain words and phrases. Dunno how to describe it here, but if any anons understand what I'm saying, you get a cookie, because I can barely understand what i wrote lol.

No. 821013

I know this is a first world problem, but I lost a lot of weight since last year and I'm so frustrated over clothing. My old ones look like garbage on me and aren't really my style anymore either way, but replacing my wardrobe requires so much time and money…mainly money. I revolved a lot of my self esteem around being well-dressed and having personal style, so yeah I bought some cheap basics, but I actually feel worse when I go out now than before losing weight.

No. 821021

Have you tried thrifting if it's an option for you anon? Depending on where you are your stores may have good finds or they may not, but when I felt like I needed clothes on a tight budget I'd go thrifting

No. 821061

Some ugly fat bald man of indiscriminate age was turning into the street I was leaving and stared me out and when he was next to my car he screamed "Cheer up!". I was in a good mood, that's just my face. I didn't scream bald at him. I may have made a face when I caught he staring but it was creepy. Anyway it bothered me.

No. 821062

Went to the podiatrist today to get an ingrown toe nail removed and that shit hurt so bad. I got a local anesthetic shot but i don’t know if my body just doesn’t react to lidocaine well but I could feel the doctor digging my ingrown nail out but I was too much of a pussy to say anything. I figured he’s already in there ripping it out anyway it’s not like I can stop and ask for more lidocaine at this point but I fucking wish so badly that I spoke up. He was digging around in there for a good 5 minutes trying to fish out a piece of nail that was too hard to grab. I’m about 6 hours post op and i’m still in horrible pain, i’m happy I got the ingrown removed but i’m not sure how worth it this pain is.

No. 821063

Jesus anons, I'm fucking hungry all the time. I just ate fuckton and I'm still hungry fuck!

No. 821066

File: 1622590210681.png (122.18 KB, 500x431, c7e61e9c4b34e17354122448bf3676…)

I really regret not having a cringe phase as a kid. I was really creative and I wanted to write and draw but I would get so scared of it being bad that I wouldn't even practice. My mom made me take art classes as an after school thing a couple times a week and I hated it, the teacher was super serious and we were only allowed to do realistic illustrations. Like she had a big file cabinet full of pictures and at the start of each class we'd pick one and then reproduce it as a drawing. Which is maybe how real art works but it's not fun for a 9-year old, I couldn't even put a unicorn horn on my otherwise realistic horse sketch you know? Then I got on the internet and cringe culture ruined me, couldn't even write privately for fun anymore because I would obsess about whether or not my OCs were Mary Sues and it just became stressful. I wish I had just drawn dumb shit and written dumb fanfiction and had dumb childhood fun.

No. 821069

i feel like bpdchan for laughing, genuinely enjoying and vibing to music while my fucking 'boyfriend' is having a meltdown because of me. i love that he is in genuine pain and is suffering because of me that fucker deserves it so fucking much holy shit

No. 821071

lol… girl… you're on thin ice. In all seriousness, I remember doing that to my ex when he was having a meltdown. Motherfucker should've killed himself, fucking faggot.

Dump your bf but pretend to be sad just in case he feels the need to go suicidal.

No. 821084

Oww anon, I have an ingrown toenail too and I think you've talked me out of ever fully removing it; i'll just get braces every few years and call it a day. Hopefully it won't hurt for too long and after a while you'll think that it was worth it though!

No. 821087

File: 1622593176804.jpeg (375.39 KB, 1242x1862, 9E42900F-DCF4-493F-AEE6-F9118B…)

You can be cringe, nonnie, just make do it in an alternate account. I honestly wish I wasn’t cringe when I was a teen, I wouldn’t have gotten bullied so much.

No. 821089

She sounds shitty but what does adhd have to do with it?
Beards make everything worse tho

No. 821095

This BPD-chan has been stalking and harassing my friend group for couple of weeks now lol she's convinced she's the victim even though she left the server on her own(due to lack of attention and ass kissing) called us dogshit people, secret racists and wished we would all die yet still expected us check up on her and to beg her to come back to the server. Anyone who dealt with a BPD-chan, how long is this going to last before she finally moves on?

No. 821100

Have to tell myself every 5 minutes that I don't actually want to kill myself and this is just PMS and it happens every month and please try to get through it without doing something crazy like for once

No. 821101

I went home for Memorial Day and my shitty fucking Trump-apologist liburtaryan brother in law left his Jordan Peterson books all over his mom's house. Just begging for one of us to say something, but I kept my mouth shut because not my pig not my farm. This dude is so deep in the closet he's coming out the other side it's unreal. I feel bad for my husband who's like "I don't even know who this guy is anymore"

No. 821102

I'm never telling my mom any good news I have again. She always manages to ruin my mood. Today I called her to tell her that I got the job that I applied for and her response was basically "congrats anon! the pay is kinda shitty but it'll do for now". Then she kept talking about how one of my cousins is making six figures now, so I should be "striving to do better and make real money". Fuck off! Just say congrats and stop complaining! I'm only 22, I literally just managed to graduate college last year during a fucking pandemic, and was able to find entry level jobs in the career I studied for. I have my own apartment and take care of myself. Yet all she can say is "that's nice, but still not that impressive". I'm sick of her treating me like a disappointment, there's people who would kill to have a kid as productive as me. Even when I was in college I would get scholarships and she would complain about how they weren't full ride scholarships so it wasn't good enough and I needed to try harder. Sorry I'm not successful enough to brag about yet I guess. I'm sick of her negativity. Sometimes a simple 'good job' then shut the fuck up is enough.

No. 821104

File: 1622596277432.jpg (2.98 KB, 237x213, 1483149515270.jpg)

I've been talking to this qt boy from work lately and although things between us have been growing and getting steamy, nearly every time I talk to him he insists on bringing up the resident Stacy at work who everyone seems to have a hard on for. Our latest call featured a comment about how sexy she looked sitting in her work chair… Instead of directly calling him out, all I could muster was some vague responses that I hoped would tell him that I was not in the least bit impressed but it seems to have gone over his head. Next time we talk, I'll probably make a passive-aggressive joke at him because I really can't stand the though of having a serious talk about this (he's the type of guy that would drop an argument for the sake of keeping things peaceful and I'd rather not get painted as hysterical). Hopefully he'll get the idea then but god damn I feel like knee-dropping this scrote in the balls. This is killing my interest in him and I find myself questioning why the fuck I'm going along with this.

No. 821105

I was thinking about this like, say they compacted my carcass into some kind of heirloom gemstone, how many generations would it be until the last remainder of my corporeal being wound up in a landfill somewhere? I estimate probably 1.5

No. 821106

Why would you ever start something with a guy who openly thirsts after other girls in front of you? Don't even bother, if anything happened you'd know for a fact you're 2nd best and he's settling.

No. 821108

Idk where you are, but at least in the US if you have an ok phone camera you can take your own passport photos. There are services online that let you upload and crop pics. Take a bunch in good natural lighting in front of a white background, then pick the one that doesn't make you want to die. Every time I've had someone else take them they turn out fucking awful no matter what

No. 821110

As a bpdfag, I don't really "move on" I hold a grudge forever but the intensity of my obsession diminishes eventually (think like several months to a year). After falling out with people I frequently check up on them to see if they mention me. So best you can do is make sure none of you talk about her at all or about anything she can misconstrue as being about her. Once she finds other people she will leave you alone.

No. 821112

Previous times he'd bring her up, he'd phrase it in a way like it was other people saying things about her, but after today… yeah, I'm just very disappointed. Besides this, he treats me really well but it's so fucking disappointing.

No. 821116

Ah thank you anon, everyone is tired of her antics and just want to move on but she keeps trying to get a hold of everybody and threw a fit when people started blocking her.

No. 821126

I'm so over being such a good and caring friend and my friends not giving a fuck about me. I'm always the one who plans things for the group, books things, helps them out, does favors, gives random little gifts etc. and they would never. I remember details from our conversations, a lot of times they cant even remember major thigns I told them. The other day my friend was sick and I offered to bring her some food and medicine, she was really happy I did. today I said in our group chat that I had a really hard day and wasn't looking forward to having to go pick up my prescription and the only response I got was "that sucks" and a frowny face. one time i was in a car accident where my car was totaled and no one would even come give me a ride, i had to get a fucking cop to drive me home. I feel insane for caring about it but it would mean a lot for me if they did a fraction of what I did for them. I should probably just stop doing everything I do for them but they probably would just forget about me kek

No. 821150

File: 1622603122661.jpg (314.66 KB, 1282x1247, d6b467a82af9d99bc9ace0fe0ba4b6…)

>tfw your parents take a literal child more seriously than you
maybe my classmates were right, maybe i really am retarded
i have no advice but i strongly relate to this. i used to be extremely paranoid about my OCs ending up in a cringe compilation or on one of those many anti-mary sue and bad oc tumblr blogs/IG accounts. tbh i'm still paranoid about it despite keeping everything private. kind of sucks the fun out cause sometimes i want to commission art or short stories with mine but i don't want anyone to see them. even with it private i keep imaging how people would react if it was an actual published character and i just know she would end up in a 'characters you hate thread' or smth, i'm unfortunately just drawn to cliches and shit taste. it's hard finding a balance between making something good/well written/designed but also something that appeals to my taste at the same time.

No. 821151


No. 821178

File: 1622606645034.jpeg (63.97 KB, 800x500, A588E25C-3692-4B4F-8128-30DF28…)

I’m going on a family trip to Miami very soon; idk if it’s this week or by the end of the month, depending on my sister’s job situation atm but it has been confirmed and I am very anxious yet excited to go.

I’ve never been out of state before and I don’t really like long drives but I tolerate them whenever we go out of town. We know it’ll be worth it in the end but still…

Maybe I’ll meet some cute Cubanos there, who knows.

No. 821197

Well fuck. 1.5 months no cigarettes but I messed up and got a pack. They aren't even that great. At all. I blame the alcohol in the long run. You'd think I'd learn by now. But, why must all social activities nearly always include a cocktail?

No. 821210

File: 1622612084651.jpeg (49.02 KB, 436x552, 159FDB86-2814-4DD8-9400-4EB4DD…)

my boyfriend has been nonstop playing dota for the past week. every time i ask him to do something with me it’s always “but my friend just got off work!”, or “my friend just got back from a camping trip!”, or “but we have the whole squad on!”. i have to wait for him to play 1-2 games to get him to do anything with me, and then he’ll hang out with me for less than an hour and then go play more games! i’m so sick of it anons.

No. 821225

I'm so tired of tuckerposters, they're even worse than the dr*ver posters

No. 821230

why worse, though?

No. 821231

I have a skin tag under my eye and it's making me feel physically nauseous. It's small and thin and if I moisturised it in the right way it'd be invisible because it'd be pressed against the skin. I thought I had a grain of dirt near it this morning so kept trying to get it off and realised that the end of the skin tag has turned dark, making it super visible. I'm disgusted and want to die. I have skin tags on my ass which is whatever, but THIS, this is awful.
Why does it need to be in such a visible place. I'm not sure if I'll take nail clippers to such a sensitive area, and i think it's too small to do that rubber band thing. Medical supplies here are both really shitty and expensive, so I'm not sure if I can freeze it off either.

No. 821233

Oh my god can my cat please not jump at 200% force for everything. Even jumping on the couch he jumps so fast and hard. Anyway he fucking jumped into my face and busted my lip. Hope that thick skull of his is ok. He's purring in my lap kek.

No. 821239

Jesus, that must be pain, remembering that DotA games usually last more than 1hr. Poor anon. It'd be less painful if it was a single player game.

No. 821250

You deserve better. My mom is the same way for other people and I tell her constantly to give them the same treatment. If they're not willing to put in the same amount of effort you do after giving them so many chances then it's no longer worth it.

No. 821256

File: 1622620569090.png (96.24 KB, 413x297, 4893724832604255.png)

I just want to take a vacation but all this back and forth on planning is almost ruining the experience for me. My first choice is off the table because it's overcrowded with tourists and I wouldn't be able to do the main hike I wanted. Second choice has shitty weather this time of year. Third choice is almost impossible to get around without a car, and all the cheap rentals are gone and I can't afford shit going for like $300 a day. I get that everyone is rushing to do something now that people are getting vaccinated and travel guidelines are loosening up, but ffs. I'm not wholly against doing something in state, but I really wanted to zone out on a nice beach and I'm on the wrong coast for that. Maybe I should just look for a place I can Uber to then plop down and not move for the rest of the week, car be damned. Privileged problem I know, but I'm so tired of thinking after all these 14 hour work days and little sleep. Just want head to be empty.

No. 821258

I wish I had your problems, even when it comes to the farms. Or not. You sound like a whiny pissbaby. Just ignore the harmless posts that you don't like. This imageboard doesn't revolve around your ass. Besides, you act like those posters are as unescapable as fucking superwholock, like you cannot browse a single thread without seeing Tucker or the forbidden man, and it's not like that at all.

No. 821260

Lol our family cat growing up also had the habit of violently headbutting people. He's headbutting angels in heaven now. I miss his silly ADHD ass

No. 821271

Miami is fucking awful, I pray for you anonita.

No. 821275

Is he a mega autist? I really wouldn't date a guy who is this socially unaware and doesn't know how to behave around women. Unless he is actively trying to turn you off him.

How old is he? If he is older than 25 you are going to have a hard time training that sort of behavior out of him and should probably look for a guy who is either not a thirsty coomer or can keep it to himself.

No. 821278

I wish cooperative housing was more popular. Sure, it presents its own challenges because you have to collaborate with your neighbours to some extent, but this is also the case for condo corporations. The housing market where I live is extraordinarily unaffordable. I'm not really interested in buying a house, but the cost of renting a decent place is also soaring and it's hard to find a good landlord. Home ownership is out of reach, renting is precarious. I would rather buy a share into a place and know that the rug won't be pulled from under my feet because someone else has decided to sell the building. I've also had it with bankers and investors downplaying the severity of the housing crisis and saying "it's not that bad, the market will cool a bit at some point" fuck off. Feels like we're transitioning into some weird neo feudalism where people are desperately holding onto any shred of decency we can get our filthy little hands on. There are feasible alternatives, it doesn't have to be like this.

No. 821292

File: 1622624475577.jpeg (257.21 KB, 1670x2015, 03C9AE2C-79B9-4E1F-99F4-155D4F…)

Im so over going on online dating websites, seeing a cute girl and then it’s “teehee looking for a gf because they’ll give me what my boyfriend can’t” or “I’m in an open relationship”. Poly fucks are a cancer to society, what’s the point of having established romantic relationships with people when you’re just gonna try and fuck a bunch of randos anyway? Just don’t have boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives and just have fuckfriends.

No. 821305

>He's headbutting angels in heaven now
I love the mental image of this, may he headbutt happily in peace

No. 821309

When I was 16 I transferred to a new school because I was bullied at the old one for being quiet and weird. I wanted to be different at my new school and avoid getting bullied so I dressed differently. After a few weeks of not getting bullied and actually making a few friends I got a crush on this dude who was a grade above me. I didn't knew what kind of reputation he had since I was the new kid. He asked for my number and I was shocked that a guy actually showed interest in me since before that I was only getting bullied by boys. I was naive and dumb and had a crush for the first time in my life. We had 1! date where we kissed and agreed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I was so happy. Then at that same night I got a call on the phone. It was my "boyfriend" who was super drunk at a party. He told me that he forgot his house keys, wasn't feeling well and that he wanted to go over to my place. It was 2am and my parents were already sleeping. I was a naive and dumb kid so I said yes, come over - because I was worried. So he came over to my house and we layed in bed together and I was trying to sleep but couldn't because he got up about three times to go to the bathroom and vomit. The next morning he tried to get me to do stuff to him. I said no first but then he told me that we couldn't be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore if I was so against it. So I tried doing the thing he wanted me to do. I had a weird feeling in my stomach afterwards. My mother discovered him eventually when he tried to go to the bathroom for the fourth time and threw him out and told him not to come to our house ever again. Two days after that he called me and told me that we were over and that he did not love me. I just hung up the phone because I was so fucking pissed and felt hurt in my pride. I was SO angry. Back then I didn't even knew why I was this angry and had these weird conflicting feelings. I proceded to badmouth him to all of my friends so his reputation got worse but sadly nothing really ever came from it. He eventually graduated and moved away and I stopped doing this. I am now 21 and it still kinda haunts me what happened that day and how this guy used me. I know that there are worse things happening in this world but I still feel bad about it and angry and I don't know what to do about it. I am in therapy right now for a panic disorder and I already thought of talking it to my therapist about this but I just feel so ashamed. I hope that this guy rots in hell and that he dies of alcohol poisoning.

No. 821311

it's 1:30AM, should have gone to sleep long ago but now I'm feeling really nauseous, fuuuuuck I hate this feeling it makes me anxious

No. 821324

File: 1622628943034.jpg (49.85 KB, 720x699, FB_IMG_1622587846464.jpg)


No. 821329

Co-operative housing is honestly one of the only ways to really thrive in this housing market. It chills my soul to think of the situations I have been saved from because I've been living in a co-op for the last ten years. My dad asked me recently if I would start my own co-op and the answer is yes but with a few huge caveats, namely that nobody I want to live with has the capital for any kind of deposit, and house prices are completely out of control in my area so the capital we would need would be unattainable anyway. My current co-op only exists because 15 people begged, borrowed and scraped together a deposit for a run down house 25 years ago

No. 821331

Not completely related, but it's so funny that whenever there's some poly/threesome profile, they ONLY have images of the woman. I can't imagine what a fucking fat sloppy beast the man must be that he isn't even included with his face covered or something.

No. 821332

You can get a sunburn even in winter, focus anon.

No. 821338

I don't know how these next few weeks are going to go for me due to

>I'm having a bout of manic depression

>my ldr boyfriend hasn't spoken to me since my birthday last Monday >It's getting hot in my country, My body can't cope with heat to the point where I have fainting spells
>I still have to shop weekly for my Grandmother and elderly neighbour
>I have no clue when I'm getting vacinated
>my bloodprusure is too high according to my doctor
>There's no weed in my area right now so I can't even chill out for a Friday night
>I'm getting fucking stress/heat rashes and my normal Eczema cream does nothing for them
>my country is still in lockdown + I can't risk even seeing friends 1 on 1 due to the fact I shop for two highrisk people
>My "best friend" is really dismissive of me when I ask for advice or try to spend time with her via discord, but she still expects me to be there for her when she has a problem
>had to drop out of my online course because I don't have enough time with helping my family out and taking on a bunch of art commissions since I have rent to pay

Fuck me I just want things to get better but everything just keeps piling up

No. 821349

I just accidentally came across an instagram account and linked youtube channel where a man cuts up beanie babies, sets them on fire, crushes them under his feet, melts them in the microwave, talks about abuse and torture… all the comments on his posts were confused and upset children who collect these toys because he puts this stuff under a bunch of kid friendly tags. His youtube also asks people for paypal donations so he can buy and 'torture' new toys. What a great cause to support lol

I hate that there's no escape from mens bizarre fap material. I also hate that insta or youtube won't give a fuck because there's no nudity involved. Go set fire to your dick next dude. Seeing as setting fire to things is your kink.

No. 821351

why is it always people in straight relationships who have the most to say about pride? it feels like a cope to feel special, especially from bisexual egirls with discord boyfriends posting shitty infographics about pride that always are 80% about trannies and the other 20% is grossly sexual

No. 821354

I hate everything. I hate my life and I hate having to work everyday till I die and only having the weekends to live. I hate everything and I hate rich people and that I have to live in this shitty world. You can all rot in hell for all I care. I dont want to do this shit anymore. Dying now is probably better than working for Bezos and other rich people and waiting for death by cancer or stroke where you cannot even afford the medical bills. I hate working and going to job interviews where you have to kiss their butts and say how much you would like to work there and that it is a privilege to have a good job and that people basically are their job. I hate this crap and by saying this and writing this down or dying or committing suicide I would change nothing. My pain is always there and nothing can make it stop. This has meant nothing. I am nothing.

No. 821368

I still pine for the first guy I had sex with, even though I was 18 and he was 27 and he didn't care about me at all. He just saw me as an curiosity because I had only ever been with women before.
We are so incompatible and its been nearly a decade since, but good god I've never encountered a man who smelled that good again. Damn.

No. 821383

It sounds like he was a complete jerk but now he will be a jerk nearing his 40s and men rarely take care of themselves, I highly doubt he smells good these days.

No. 821392

Yeah, you're likely correct. And his beautiful head of hair is almost certainly a tragedy now. I still have his number saved though, just in case (pathetic)

No. 821393

call him and see what happens!!! then report here ofc.

No. 821397

I feel sorry for those kids who've gotta see some destructive scrote shit on things they love.

No. 821398

This is from my social media: There was a threesome poly relationship between women, and recently one of the women proposed to just one of the two. Like…what's that gotta be like as the third woman in that kind of "relationship" where feelings were allegedly equal? That seems so shitty even if the third was supposedly okay with it.

No. 821403

Guy I’ve been seeing for 8-9 months lied multiple times about the depth and nature of the last girl he was seeing for three months. Last night a third party informed me he got her pregnant and ghosted her after the abortion. Then he screamed when I asked it’s none of my business. This guy was perfect to me in every way. Just a painful reminder that men are fucking terrible and don’t view us as people. I guess I dodged a bullet for nine fucking months nonnies. If you have a gut feeling about someone, trust it.

No. 821408

I did wonder if the horrified reactions of those kids..is part of why it turns him on

No. 821409

Careful, anon, if you clutch those pearls any harder they mught shatter in your hand.

No. 821410

Do they say their relationship is equal? Most polyfags I know have the "main" person and the other people are aware and sign on with that understanding.

No. 821412

Can't we all just shed the meaningless labels and bond over our ability to shit talk cows and trannies on this fine anonymous Mongolian basket weaving forum?

No. 821413

I mean I could crush some pearls in my hand..watch them just shatter..except that's not my kink lol

No. 821415

File: 1622644179253.jpeg (38.53 KB, 643x517, 94904608-A79B-4D4D-9950-ABCE85…)

>really trying to get my life together and feel motivated
>brain actively working against me and making me anxious about simple shit
>Parents also throwing in their negativity and problems at me

Oh my god fuck off with this shit. It’s embarrassing to admit but I have been suicidal the past couple of days. Still, I refuse to give into my shitty thoughts and want to turn my life around. I’m making progress step by step.
I really hope everything works out for me farmers. And I hope everything works out for everyone here too.

No. 821417

I believe in you anon!

No. 821419

What’s wrong with Miami? Is it ghetto and crime-ridden? Hopefully we’ll be in the safe areas if so.

And thank you for your prayers anon, God bless

No. 821422

I'd rather not self-destruct like that. I'd sooner post his number in this thread than call him myself lmao

No. 821431

File: 1622646973694.jpg (90.75 KB, 678x760, rr.jpg)

how the FUCK do you message someone first on bumble BFF this is way harder than online dating or hookups what are you even supposed to say other than just immediately launching into the interests they post about

No. 821433

I'm tired of worrying about getting sick and vomiting my guts out or choking on my vomit and dying. I hate eating outdoors because of all the shitty insects going on my food, I hate street food because I can't clean my fucking hands while I'm outside and I have to touch handles and gross things. Everything is so fucking itchy too and I can't touch and scratch my face. I just want to live in my personal clean room where I don't have to worry about anything.

No. 821438

i fucking despise ted bundy and hollywood for making a movie on that ugly unibrow having motherfucker. OOOH IM SO MAD

No. 821440

I'm so tired for my boyfriend's family judging me (though mostly judging him for being with me) for things out of my control or for how I choose to live my life. I don't want kids, I don't want to get married, I come from nothing, I struggle with things like agoraphobia and depression. The fact they don't take our relationship seriously at all almost 8 years later is really getting to me today. Some days I feel like maybe I am only holding him back and maybe they're right. I know it's none of their business and my boyfriend 100% gives no shits what they think and always defends me but I just get it in my head that he could be happier going down the more normie route he was heading before he met me.

No. 821453

Superwholock? In 2021? That's a thing???

No. 821471

Even if I'm kind and understanding no one still wants to be around me. I act like people's therapist, I give a lot of my time and effort, I always try to be kind and interesting enough, but still no one will act like a proper friend to me. I'm lonely and I can't even figure out why. Everyone just uses me for compliments and comfort. If I act like a bitch then it's even worse. Maybe people just can't tolerate my presence or it's because of how ugly I am. When even your parents are ashamed of you, you know you really are a failure. I just want to have friends and have fun too for once.

No. 821472

obviously not, but anon acts as if driverfags and tuckerfags were as obnoxious and unavoidable on lolcow as those retards on tumblr in 2012 (and then you would walk out of your home and run into a girl with a 'i'm sherlocked uwu' tote bag and a tardis necklace). if there is some new unavoidable cancer that would be a better comparison… don't tell me, very happy to live under my rock

No. 821496

File: 1622655069929.jpg (115.73 KB, 640x641, heart.jpg)

Thank you anon. REALLY needed that ♥

No. 821515

>buy a cute tshirt
>get a refund a week later
>guy relisted it to make an extra $4
what is the point!!! that's four goddamn dollars!! you had the listing up for over 8 months when i bought it why do you think it's going to sell for more now!

No. 821538

It's probably to make up for the cost of taxes, fees, and maybe shipping from when he sold it to you.

No. 821548

you already recognize that there is a problem, that's the first step, take it slowly and you'll be able to get better i'm sure

No. 821567

OF girls disgust me so much. I have a lot of sympathy for actual prostitutes who are out on the street and sell their bodies bc they feel they have no other choice, but most OF girls are from middle class families and have plenty of opportunity to get an education or a real job. How fucking stupid do you have to be to ruin your reputation forever just to make a bit of money (a negligible amount in most cases). Posting your vag and asshole online might be easier than getting a job but do they not even consider the consequences? The internet is forever and any background check will bring up videos of them fucking themselves on dildos. They're never going to have a proper career, never gonna get a non coomer boyfriend, they basically have no future whatsoever. All for some quick cash while they're young. Absolute morons. They've got no self respect or marketable skills so instead of going to school or just getting a job at Walmart or smth like a normal person would, they do retarded shit on camera for moids to jerk off to. So pathetic.

No. 821589

Every time I tell my mom about a positive experience in my life, I always regret it. Today I told her that I booked my drivers test, and she had to go off about random bullshit about other people and shit I did in the past. Completely unrelated to what I told her. God why the fuck can’t she just say “good luck!” And be done with it. That’s honestly all I wanted to hear, and maybe some positive encouragement but I guess not. She doesn’t even drive and thinks that she has valid experience to give to me. She doesn’t even think I’ll pass. She even told me “oh don’t worry, it took my coworkers 3 tries to pass!” Like why the fuck would she assume off the bat that I’m going to fail right away. I didn’t even do it yet. Literally nothing happened, and she’s already assuming the worst.

No. 821618

It annoys me that my neighbor will say hi to my bf but not me. She will be a sourpuss to me, not return my hellos, not make eye contact but if my bf is around she will say hi to him first and act sweet. It actually infuriates me. We saw her in the grocery store today and she pointedly greeted my bf and refused eye contact with me. What a sour old bitch.

No. 821625

My cat is driving me nuts.
I adopted her a year ago and she just never shuts up. I play with her, I give her lots of attention, she has all the toys and all different kinds of food in the world she could want. She won't stop yowling and following me around the house.
It's become unbearable. I can't focus on my work, I can't have Zoom meetings with my classmates without her making a racket in the background, I can't sleep without her screaming my ears off in the morning. I took her to the vet several times and she's perfectly healthy. The shelter staff said she was very shy and timid, and I told them I prefer having peace and quiet and can't handle a high energy, needy cat. They said I'd be perfect for her?!

On top of that I've developed a nasty allergy to what seems like pet dander. My nose is so stuffy and my eyes itch like crazy even though I vacuum every day and clean my whole house thoroughly.

I want to give her away but I'm scared that they won't want to take her back or will think I'm just lazy or hurt her or something.

No. 821638

She wants your bfs cock

No. 821640

That, or she is jellis of anon and says hello to her bf because he's not intimidating.

No. 821642

You should put her up for adoption or give her away if she's impacting the quality of your life that much. You sound like you were ignorant and uneducated properly on cats before you went to adopt one.

No. 821660

Just bring her back to the shelter. If you just explain they'll understand your situation. Mismatches happen sometimes, they know that. They also know that the true personality of an animal doesn't always come out in a shelter setting, it'll be fine. Or adopt her out yourself.

No. 821669

Doesn't sound like a healthy situation for either of you. Call up the shelter or look for some cat groups near you.

No. 821677

I read a lot about adopting one and specifically tried to go for a cat with a temperament that matched mine. It's an adult cat, not a kitten.
That's what I was thinking, will do.

No. 821678

what do you do to cool off? i've been angry as fuck for the last two hours and can't seem to get my mind off of it

my boyfriend just went to sleep without talking to me about it so i'm fuming. i feel like i'm gonna take my rage to the grave, i'll be angry anon forever.

No. 821679

Decide what you're gonna do to talk about it or deal with it tomorrow and just chill, occupy your brain with some games or discussions and make peace with it. I hate that feeling you're angry but can't do anything with it. Sucks

No. 821682

Running always makes me less pissed off…grab your favourite running shoes, hop to the gym/trail and just run for hours. Gym is nice because you can go ham and not look like you’re running from a murderer, trail is nice because the outdoors is so calming. Make your rage productive and worth your time.

No. 821686

i've been making music but i'm just too focused on this

it's midnight here sorry burger sisters

some of my friends are chatting and joking with me so it's slowly going away, i think i'm overreacting because of my pms or something

it's not about our relationship so it's okay

good day/night to you all!!

No. 821688

I usually do random workouts (whichever is comfortable in your current position) or watch pet videos

No. 821694

I’ve posted before about wanting to quit my job, and I haven’t yet but draw nearer every day. My bf will be GM of the place in a week, and I told him, “Just to be clear, I’m not joking when I say I either want to be fired or quit. I hate this job.” I happen to have severe stomach issues as well, usually linked to stress, and they’ve gotten worse the past few months. His response to me saying I legitimately want to quit included, “sometimes I worry that this job is what’s impacting you, stomach-wise,” and I’m so fucking pissed if he actually thinks that but won’t let me quit or take how much I hate it seriously. I haven’t quit yet bc I don’t want to leave the shop in even worse condition/short staffed and fuck him over, but I’m like livid rn.

No. 821699

I fucking despise men (some of the time)
All of them are shit, but usually not ALL the time
But when they are shit, and some are shit more times than others, I just want to commit genocide




did they think I would take it laying down. tell them mommy thinks they are a special smart boy. special queer little ugu wuhgu baby boy let me suck ur pp wee wee so the whole facebook meme group can see because i'm just a WOMAN who knows NOTHING about the world and you are a SPECIAL BOY with SPECIAL WORDS who knows EVERYTHING

kevin if I ever met your mother I would spit in her eyes. she should have suffocated you in the crib with a piss soaked pillow.(Integrate )

No. 821700

File: 1622674547965.jpeg (17.22 KB, 750x733, 1616454321643.jpeg)

I'm fucking graduating tomorrow! I'm so nervous holy shit I want to go back.

No. 821704

why are men so chickenshit about asking me out, I know they are interested but they just say hi or dance around the subject instead of being direct. It's such a turn off.

also I'm horny as hell all the time and can't seem to find a guy that would see me decently often to fuck? like I've been seeing a guy and I'm pretty sure he doesn't want anything serious but I haven't given him that impression as far as I know, and he still is really lazy about asking me to his house (which I can only presume is him acting aloof so I don't "like him too much"). I'm a safe bet goddamn I just want to fuck and maybe watch a movie, talk for a bit. I really can't read him and it's annoying, and I hate the position of "waiting to see if he'll make a move".

No. 821706

and to continue on this, why is it so hard to find a decent guy that is open to casual sex but shows at least SOME interest in me and is fun to hang with? am I asking for something that weird? Because I'm not looking for a "don't talk let's fuck and then leave" type of man, and it seems if you show even one crumb of attention besides what they assume is casual they label you as "getting attached" or something. No dude I'm just being friendly and want at least the minimun in terms of a connection with you.

Like I get casual is different for every person but damn is it boring to just see each other once every month and then have the most superficial talk ever, fuck and then leave the next day awkwardly.

No. 821709

Because men cannot respect a woman they're fucking casually. They freak out and think if they're too nice to you that means you wanna marry them. They wont admit it but they low key think women who let them hit without commitment are desperate and gross.

No. 821715

Same, men keep reporting me for misandry and stalking my timeline way back to find where I wrote something joking alluding to the phrase kill all men.
There's so many annoying moids retweeting tweets of "misandry" and how "misandry" like how #KAM isn't being taken seriously enough kek. Imagine if we had an actual "femcel" or an extreme pinkpill board where we copied and pasted the same shit as those other incel boards but replacing 'women' and 'girls' with men. The website wouldn't even last a day. Not even actual femdom can exist without centering the dude, idk how CBT videos exist when men are literally such fucking babies.

No. 821718

lol so I guess a woman can't have sex without being labeled gross then? that's a bit much considering most people jump into sex fairly quickly nowadays but I'm with you on the first part. I do think they freak out by the most minimal things, like we want to marry them just because they gave us a compliment once. it's really annoying since I'm sure they've had circumstances in the past were the girl didn't give a shit about them and they knew.

No. 821719

the good news is after I roasted the shit out of him he left the group (pissbaby).

No. 821722

Men can barely respect and be nice to the women they're in a relationship with, you're asking for a bit much if you want them to be respectful to a girl they're just fucking.

No. 821731

File: 1622678677331.png (214.82 KB, 635x629, 1621332913739.png)

I'm so fucking tired of trannies in everything. They have ruined everything that I loved. I can't play video games, watch anime or shows, use social media without being exposed to trannies on some level. Also fuck zoomers and their identity politics. I just wanna go back to like 10+ years ago when no one cared about this shit! Maybe deleting all of my social media will help, I was somewhat more sane when I did that before. I mostly just post here and 4chan anyway

No. 821732

Even outside social media everything is full of trannies tbh, I'm an artist and I'm dreading so much everything about the tranny month.

No. 821733

This is going to sound petty af but after more than years of dealing with the same shit I need to get it off my chest.
My best friend never gets actually happy when good things happen to me unless I’m always one step behind her. This applies to studies, jobs, relationships, even friendships.
Every time I got a new job, she always has to ask how much will I gain, how my schedules will be, what exactly I’ll be doing. If by any chance I’m earning more than her and with better schedules, she will comment how happy she is in her job and how she’s glad she’s been working so much years than me.
Every time I started a new relationship, of course she had to judge every bf or gf, asking me questions about the future and if we’re similar or not, just to find any flaw to rejoice. Truth is people have always been more interested in me than in her, so I had no trouble finding someone to hook up when she practically had to beg for a little bit of attention (she even admitted so many times that’s she tired of not being the “chosen one”), so I know it’s due to her jealousy, as always has been. And it upsets me because I truly wish all the best for her all the time and I really mean it but I know it’s not the same for her.
Have you ever told anyone something knowing almost perfectly how their answer will be? That’s what happens with her since I can remember.
“You’re right anon but…”
“I’m glad that you’re happy but you have to remember…”
“That’s awesome but I need to tell you…”
I wish she would just stop because she’s one of the few people I trust with all my heart and I’m always happy about telling her good or different news but what I get from her makes me feel all deceived.

No. 821736

I know. I was just watching TV and an ad came on, it was some kind of HIV drug. I wasnt even listening very closely ane then i hears "something something assigned female at birth". Like holy fuck. And dont get me started on "birthing people". They're trying to change laws, language and everything else to fit their ideology and feelings. And then when you try to argue with them about it they go all "but twanz people are such a small portion of the population:( we dont wanna impact other peoples lives we just wanna live our lives quietly in peace uwu:( why do u care so much about what we do with our bodies:(" the amount of gaslighting coming from trans people and TRAs is fucking insurmountable.

Also i respect that lolcow is not w gc haven but i don't understand why some anons posting on /meta/ get so fucking triggered at gc opinions. Like, shredding women's looks apart day in and day out is perfectly acceptable/encouraged but if you say something remotely negative about a trans person/trans people suddenly its "derailing"

No. 821739

I was reading trough the Luna thread and I realised seeing the kids toys and plushes in contrast with the grimey junkie house aesthetic reminds me of living with my heroin adicted mother until I was taken from her by Social Sevices

No. 821747

>most people jump into sex fairly quickly nowadays
Isn't this a meme? I heard that less people are having sex in recent years.

No. 821750

Stop acting as if people weren't referencing massive walls of autistic text

No. 821762

YOOOO the police ended up showing up at my house to ask ME about the construction, I was outside smoking a joint at the time and almost pissed myself when they showed up but it's perfectly legal here anyway

I don't know the full story because I mind my business but I think my across-the-street neighbors had their shed/garage condemned and so they knocked it down and have been doing construction for the past few weeks

and the police started grilling me about it! the construction crew left a weird little plywood hut thing on one side of the road and my street is already pretty narrow and curved, so they were like "do you think the neighbors had anything to do with the electric work happening underground" and I was like holy shit no I don't poke my nose if I don't NEED to and she was like well I wish more people had your attitude and left

are my neighbors criminals? did they damage underground power lines? the plot thickens

No. 821764

But the people who are writing massive walls of text get banned just like any other blogposter, people on meta were saying that "gc derailing" is all over /ot/ and /g/ and its not. Gc opinions yes, prolonged discussion usually no and if it does it geta banned

No. 821765

aren't the non-cow boards for blogposting anyway, what's the point of /ot/ if not for off-topic discussion?

No. 821767

I was on a walk with my bf and some guys yelled “HEY GIRL!!” out the window at me—it was obviously directed towards me as no one else was around and they said it driving past us specifically. I feel like they were making fun of me, I was wearing sweats and a bright tie-dyed sweater and feeling extremely ugly anyways. I immediately started crying a little and my bf didn’t understand why I felt like they were making fun of me or just how gross and self conscious it made me feel. Today has been really hard as is, and that sucked.

No. 821768

I saw that commercial and just… No hope.

No. 821781

I haven't really seen that on /ot/ either but I'm talking about the derailing in snow threads. Anons victimize themselves over it and it's annoying because people get banned for blogging and derailing all the time but as soon as it happens to be a manifesto they act like everyone is out to get them.

No. 821783

Would forcing myself to see my trans ex as a man make it easier for me to rationalize to myself that they're an abusive asshole? They passed really well and we barely got past first base and feeling each other up. I just want to shake off the guilt and it feels like it would be easier if I forced myself to believe that they were just a gross scrote no matter how they presented.

No. 821788

File: 1622688927574.gif (687.01 KB, 500x235, 38954923.gif)

My bf has a habit of either closing or commandeering an already open tab of my stuff and it annoys me. He just came home super tired from work, we decided to watch a show on my computer, and he IMMEDIATELY CLOSES 5+ TABS I had open one by one. I admit it, I lost my temper and snapped at him, and he immediately slinked back into his room to "rest," aka not be where I am. Now I'm mad and upset that he basically ran away from me, but also tired too so I guess I'm going to go bed now.

No. 821790

File: 1622689229494.png (8 KB, 259x194, 1AA336D0-4241-4D4B-BDF3-AAF7EE…)

No. 821793

Kek. Nicely done.

No. 821796

I despise Eve Barlow and her stupid takes on Judaism.

No. 821807

if a man touched my computer let alone closed my tabs or messed with my browser history I'd probably chop his hand off

No. 821818

weird vent.

im half white/native/middle eastern and my bf is half white/Asian. he basically got the good genes when regarding his body hair and mine is just thick , dark and unmanageable.

i was trying to just trim my bikini line/ pubes and i ended up doing a shitty job , and i want nothing more than my pubes to just grow back asap. i really just want to get laser hair removal or just wax my pubes off because i fucking hate the way my public hair is. even after shaving i was already getting regrowth 4 hours later. i can literally feel the ingrown/ irritation and i just want to rip out each individual hair follicle.

i just wish i had blonde body hair or very minimal body hair, idc if its 'eurocenteric beauty standards" or "the male gaze" because for as long as Ive had body hair its just been painful. like if Ive grown out my body hair, it still manages to cause me pain, if Ive just shaved its also incredibly uncomfortable.

like no matter what i always get ingrown hairs or just irritation, even if i exfoliate or i dont wear underwear , i hate having curly coarse body hair, ntm a bikini line thats on my thighs /areas of my buttocks.

im so jealous of my bf, he has naturally light hair and very minimal body hair.

ive been tested for pcos/endo and everything has came back negative.

my genetics just fucking hates me. why

No. 821822

File: 1622693497081.png (564.7 KB, 500x609, C600DBED-83DA-486D-BD48-3C41B2…)

My dad kicked my mom and I out of my childhood home back in October and I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress in a living room since. I know it’s better than not having a place to stay but even here we have to leave for a few weeks sometimes and hotel hop. I have no fucking privacy, and no space for myself to decompress. My mom will stay downstairs until 10 o clock at night and I have to wait until she’s done before I can even go to bed. I’m so tired from sleeping on something with no support for 7 months. I don’t even have any place to put my stuff, it’s all in bags and my ‘closet’ is a cardboard box will all my clothes thrown in. The small area I do have my mom will still leave her stuff all around it. I just want a fucking bedroom.

No. 821839

I can't stop crying. I wish he never existed. I can't even play my mmo in peace. He came up to me and started messaging me about how I'm not allowed to be in the city he hangs out in, nor am I allowed to use emotes on people, and how if I didn't stop that he's going to hurt me and makes things very ugly for me. Then he started asking who I even was playing with and if I moved on and how I'm not allowed to move on because it's only been three days and that would make me a shitty person and that I'm obviously just trying to replace him Like oh my fucking gosh, you broke up with me. I didn't do anything to you. If anything the breakup was easy, beneficial, and as calm as it could be. Yet you're still trying to control me and treat me like shit. I just want to be left alone from him. And why do I still feel love when he's so crazy, I hate this so much.

No. 821843

Everything and everyone just fucking pisses me off! I’m seriously going from an outgoing person with quite a few friendships to an angry misanthropic loner. I can’t interact with other humans in any capacity without getting irrationally and painfully angry.

No. 821853

IPs can't be used to hack you. Rest easy, anon.

No. 821860

I'm not in the mood to type out the details of the situation that have made me feel this way tonight, but damn I just feel absolutely shat on from every angle in society for being an average working person.
I get taken advantage of by greedy people, receive no assistance cause I'm deemed not poor or hard up enough, am expected to keep on truckin' or else lose everything, have few luxuries on account of not being rich, constantly worried about debt, and the list goes on.

I'm basically a working servant to make someone else's life enriched. My life by itself doesn't really have a grand purpose save for personal enjoyment for enjoyment's sake, but I don't have access or ability to seek enjoyment most times because the majority of time is spent stressing & working to "earn" those morsels of enjoyment. I ask for scraps and get punched in the mouth for it. I have little confidence that I will either live to retirement age and/or have enough saved to live a comfortable life when I cannot work any longer. Admittedly, I have come a long way from how I grew up (tl;dr we evolved from second generation immigrants to trailer trash to working class and would have had more money if my parents weren't financially irresponsible with unhealthy marriages). It would make me feel like my strife was worth a damn if I had kids who might go on to have an even better life than mine, but that's quite a gamble and not guaranteed either.
I want this suffering to mean something. I want all these tears and this despair to have at least amounted to something. But so often it doesn't. I'm really, really depressed. All I wanted was a place to live so I could stop being financially raped in increasing rent and shitty landlords every year This vent was prompted by a bank deeming I need to cough up $30k extra in order to close on a place to live, and if I walk away I lose the $20k in cash I took out of my retirement that I already put into it..looking hopeless.
I just don't like this gay earth right now.

No. 821862

thank you anon i knew it was just dumb

No. 821869

Sorry about your situation and I hope it gets better anon but just for reference pls do not use the term "financially raped". It's scrotespeak and tbh fucking degrading to people who have actually been raped, at least it is to rape victims like me and other women that I know

No. 821881

File: 1622704755219.jpg (30.71 KB, 440x310, craaaaaaaawl.jpg)

I'm really sorry anon, if you're also in your late 20s the financial crisis really struck us the hardest.

Likewise, I just have no hope for anything. I don't think I'll ever be able to afford a home, I've given up on having a family because I got married too early and got burnt by my ex being an unwashed, useless incel who did nothing but insult my culture and beg for sex.
I know some of my friends will recognise me here but I don't want to bother anyone with my bullshit again and be tiresome so I'll just scream into the void here for a bit, if you'll allow.

I also have the absolute ballache of being an immigrant thrown into the mix. I come from a poor country, and I moved to a much richer place as a teen. I got my Bachelor's here despite the limited options (you need an IB diploma to be able to attend normal uni here if you're foreign, IB programmes in my country are super expensive and I'm poor), now going for postgrad.
I somehow landed a full-time job after years of cleaning various assorted toilets and flipping burgers, and they know full well I can't quit so I'm being bled dry by my employer. I can't quit because my visa is tied to my job, and you can't get a new visa unless you've worked at a place for at least 6 months. I don't know if I'll be able to study in autumn because I'll have to work until I get citizenship, or else my citizenship application is revoked (student visas don't count).
I have no time for learning new skills, hobbies or socialising because my job is holding me hostage. I have no decent friends because most moved out of the country after graduation, and the few that remain are all men who I'm pretty sure just want to fuck me, not that I'd ever let them. Recently my job cucked me out of a holiday I'd waited on for 2 years by giving me too little time off, so I wasn't even able to go see my family.

I used to have a family visa which was a lot more flexible, but depending on a man sucked and he'd hold it over my head all the time in order to get things out of me, and people really looked down on me for being a "mail order bride". Even his own family, who said nasty things about me, which is why we broke up. I don't want to get a bf because there's always a risk his family will think I'm after their money, it's happened twice now and those relationships never go anywhere.
Recently I found out they'd been bumping back my citizenship application and I haven't moved in the queue for nearly a month.

I can't go back home because in my home country jobs pay peanuts and I'd simply never be able to get one because my family is dogshit poor and has no political connections. I can't get a job abroad either (and I've tried) because at the interview stage they always ask me which passport I've got and say they can't sponsor my visa when I tell them. I can't get a (career) job here because I'm not a native. I have no experience doing what I studied and will probably not ever be able to do it here because I don't fit the profile. Without the citizenship I basically can't do anything, which sucks because I got so many job offers from other countries and all were rescinded once they learned where I'm from.

I pay so much in taxes but I can't vote, get national healthcare, buy a home or find work I actually like, meanwhile I pass by at least one druggie/alcoholic on the metro every day who gets shitfaced on the government dime and beats his kids. My ex's parents were rich as fuck but he still qualified for welfare when he moved out, and I don't.

I want off this ride.

No. 821891

My teenage cousin took his own life last night, and I found his Twitter account looking for answers. Of course, no real answers, but I did find out he was an even funnier and deeper thinker than I realized. I wish I could've known him better, he was so funny and keen to see the world become a better place. I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted to reach out to his 30 year old cousin, but I wish we just could've talked, and he could've known maybe that someone else in the family was like him too.

No. 821893

oh my god that fucking sucks, I don't know what that's like but it sounds awful, and your dad is an ass. really hoping you and your mom can get in a better situation soon.

No. 821911

I don't get why some waiters/servers in America have such a victim complex about their job. I'm just starting out as a host/busser and this server on my first shift knowing her goes into a rant about how serving is soooo hard and servers are so disrespected. And then she complains about how the back of house cooks make so much more.

Then she complains about bad tippers and then shortly thereafter talks about how she doesn't want to work in the restaurant in town that doesn't do tips.

I don't think serving is an easy job, but there's no low-skill job in America that pays more. Like maybe if you hate being a waiter so much go be a dishwasher or something. Like it sucks in America that it's hard to find a decent job but servers aren't unique. And a lot of bussers bust their ass but get paid significantly less.

No. 821915

doesn't sound like "best" friend material tbh… you shouldn't have to deal with someone this condescending, she sounds like an energy vampire.

No. 821916

right there with you anon, as a retail worker who is also on my feet all day and has to put up with shitty freaks hitting on me or being insane, I wish I got a damn tip.

No. 821923

Everybody wants to hold out for a better option. You have to make them think you aren't so easily available. Humans are retards and they are attracted to things that are rare or hard to get so they feel special for getting them, they care more about that then quality. That's why normalfags play games and act hot and cold with each other, it is necessary to balance the power in their relationships. It fucking disgusts me. You claim to be my best friend but you won't rsvp for a camping trip in september? You won't confirm plans with me until the day of? I know what you are doing and I know your attitude towards me and it makes me fucking sick. Fuck you.

No. 821928

the disrespect from customers is more of death by a thousand cuts than what happens on any particular day. stay in the industry enough years and you might begin to understand. you haven't completed your transformation into peasant yet and are still looking from a customer's perspective. p.s. everyone on the planet complains about their job so it's pointless to compare it to other jobs and it won't make you any friends. creative roundtable bitching and ranting with coworkers is particularly part of service industry culture. get in or get out

No. 821932

not US anon but as a teenager i hated working as a waitress, but I would get groped by men alot and my staff would always tell me I should just get over it, the other place would have misogyny from other women. The amount of times you would get yelled at by some random Karen or a man for a thing that's not even your fault is crazy.

Meanwhile my mentally ills 'friend' new bf ended up yelling at a barista (who was wearing a facemask) for not telling them 'Hi' before order…

No. 821933

Plenty of jobs have to deal with shitty customers. Like >>821916 said retail has shitty customers too. Also when I worked fast food I made way less while also having to deal with customers.

I'm working a summer job. Idk if I will work here for two months much less "years." I'm not really planning on making bffs with anybody here.

And if I started complaining about anything with my job people would laugh in my face. How is it "culture" if it's just one sided? idk where else this is accepted. I was working as a tutor in a school, and it would be so weird if a teacher started ranting at the first day about how difficult it is when they made way more than I did.

No. 821936

>Idk where else this is accepted

I know, that's exactly what I'm saying dude. it IS accepted at restaurants. that's how they do. that's what "culture" means. I worked in restaurants for years as you can guess. and the "two months" thing explains it as well. you have an end in sight. it's different when this is really your whole job you have to work at potentially for a long time. and no one said other jobs don't have shitty customers. I'm not really trying to argue whether it's right or wrong with the servers complaining I'm just trying to tell you how it is.

No. 821938

My work-crush just called me "bud".

No. 821944

maybe they meant like a beautiful rosebud, on the precipice of bloom

No. 821948

Last night I had this dream about meeting this gym instructor and slowly developing a romance with her. She was strict with me at first because I was bad at sports but eventually we grew closer and kissed and all that. It was nice.
Then today I went to a uni lecture and I swear to god the lecturer looked exactly like the woman from my dream. It was so strange. This was the first time I ever saw this lecturer but I recognised her from the dream instantly. I hope she didn't notice me staring.

No. 821951

>the disrespect from customers is more death by a thousand cuts
Tell me about it. That’s the perfect way to describe it. It’s even worse now we have to enforce mask rules. I’m literally scared for my safety every time a customer gets aggressive about being asked to wear a mask, I’m scared I’ll be physically attacked, coughed at or spat on. What also irritates me is the raised eyebrows and the sudden change in attitude when I do. No matter how polite, they will visibly show their irritation and act like I’m being unreasonable or crazy. A few times I’ve even been sworn and shouted at and accused of being rude, just because I’m not smiling or engaging enough, or in the right way.

I’ve always vowed that if a customer lays a hand on me, I am going to fight back with everything I have. Staff have the right to physically defend themselves if there is no security available, and i will take full advantage of that if I have to.

No. 821959

kek I hope so, thank you

No. 821960

my heart goes out to you. I got out of the industry right before covid started and I can't even imagine what it's been like for you guys. I took a job making literally half what I was making at a high-end restaurant and changed my whole lifestyle just to leave. it's also double shitty being a female server because if you don't act like you just won a trip to disneyland when you interact with a table you are "rude" or "glaring at them". I hope you have an eventual escape route planned or are in college. unsolicited advice but some community college programs can be just one semester or one or two years and can be a foot in the door to a different type of career. or moving to a higher-end restaurant helps limit the number of type of customers willing to act a complete fool in public. keep yourself safe and be strong, you are better than anyone willing to belittle their server.

No. 821980

Cut off my tailbone length hair on a whim because I felt like only giga Staceys could pull it off. It's gonna take 2 years to grow back and I hope that by then I'm more confident.

No. 822005

I fucking hate when twitter idiots come here and say "it's the x for me". I beg you to either integrate or leave and take your retarded twitter wigger speak with you. REEE

No. 822008

>"I was gonna tell you but I didn't want to say anything."

Holy shit, could you be a worse and more passive-aggressive parent?
Why do you feel it isn't your place to offer me guidance on serious issues?! What do you have to gain by letting me fail by not "saying anything" and then coming at me with this pseudo ~told ya so but I didn't~ attitude later as if it would do anything besides make me feel worse? Do you feel like a very smart parent when you say that?
The second most stupid person in this room after me is you, but even then you don't have lack of age and experience as an excuse!

No. 822009

Is this twitter speak? I've never used twitter in my life, but I say this kek

No. 822011

Literally every single person complains about something about their job and the things about it, jfc. You’re the odd one out or a bootlicker or something. Yes, even teachers and tutors—the things I hear from my partner and his friends (hs teachers) are hilarious but legitimate complaints and criticisms. It’s just blowing off steam, very normal.

No. 822013

Isn't this derived from the "for me it's the mcchicken" copypasta which I'm pretty sure originated on /ck/?

No. 822014

I'm not even in my mid-twenties yet and I feel like my metabolism is plummeting. I knew I'd gained a little weight but I just tried on a pair of shorts that always used to be somewhat loose on me and now I can barely even close the zipper. My lifestyle didn't change at all, if anything my diet is healthier now, and yet it seems so much harder to stay at a slim weight than it did before.
I feel like a whale but it's hard to stay motivated when eating at a pretty harsh deficit for weeks doesn't seem to do anything. To think I thought losing weight was tough in my teens, I didn't know shit yet.

No. 822016

I think that's unrelated. The phrase I'm talking gained popularity from a TikTok trend called the "For me challenge" and is extremely overused on twitter

No. 822022

File: 1622728340027.png (2.04 MB, 2984x4248, 1621108774857.png)

samefag, the anon who made these cringey wojacks knows what I'm talking about

No. 822028

Have you tried intermittent fasting?

No. 822033

It's more because of my schedule at the time than purposefully doing intermittent fasting, but I have done a 14h fast/ 10h eating window type thing. That might not be long enough to count as fasting though.
What kind of intermittent fasting schedule would you recommend? I'm the type of person who gets hungry easily but is also full easily, so it might work.

No. 822037

If staying at a "pretty harsh deficit" for weeks doesn't move the scale you're doing something wrong, somewhere.

No. 822046

shut the fuck up redtext its the vent thread

i hate retarded mods and the trannie jannies. you put a fuckin space between e and ) like an absolute noob. look at my post history you fuckin degenerate, this is not my first rodeo, sorry I didn't use enough chanspeak in the fucking VENT thread that is here to VENT about stupid shit, now im venting about YOU

No. 822049

I saw this yesterday and I don't get why it's redtexted. Is it the spacing?

No. 822052

It’s Reddit tier posting.

No. 822057

It's incredibly obnoxiously written, has way too much reddit spacing, and the overuse of line breaks and all caps makes it feel spammy.
I don't quite agree with it being redtexted but I do understand it.

No. 822058

There are lots of methods, here are a few and decide which one fits you the better https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/6-ways-to-do-intermittent-fasting#TOC_TITLE_HDR_7
I've found the most success with the 16/8 one when it comes to weight loss but I've read that the 14/10 is still effective.
Maybe your eating habits are alright but you might need a different type of exercise? HIIT workouts and lifting/body weight exercises will boost your metabolism. Harsh calorie deficit in the long term will slow you down, is not sustainable and imo not very healthy

No. 822060

Late twenties anon here, and I'm seconding what the other anon suggested, definitely try intermittent fasting, it's the only thing that made a big difference for me. I also do HIIT exercises

No. 822061

samefag, I do the 16/8 method

No. 822062

Wth is hatari

No. 822063

I love that I have the special power to look absolutely disgusting and unclean even right out of the shower.

No. 822066

Thank you for the info! I'll be trying the 16/8 one for now, since a full 24 hour fast might be a bit tough to start out with. Is it important to keep the windows at the same time every day too, or is it possible to switch them around a little? (eg, having your eating window from 1pm to 9pm one day and 4pm to midnight the next)
I'm also going to look into HIIT, because I suspect that part of the problem is my sedentary lifestyle. I used to get more exercise but since lockdowns hit I've been sitting on my ass all day.

No. 822071

Spotted the non eurofag

No. 822076

I think it's refering to the band Hatari? lmao if I'm wrong and it's weebshit instead

No. 822077

I thought it was a mistyped Hatori until I remembered she's called Harada

No. 822080

It's the band

No. 822083

File: 1622735142202.jpg (173.09 KB, 1200x1200, 3117.jpg)

It's definitely the band, considering the context and their image lol

No. 822094

They redtexted me because I hate men and the janitors are trannies, nobody said you couldn't all caps REEE in the fucking vent thread, in fact thats exactly what you would expect from goddamn /ot/ blogpost threads.

Nobody wants your disgusting tranny dick mods

No. 822105

The redtext literally says "integrate". You got banned because of your dumbass way of typing.

No. 822106

File: 1622736500568.png (336.75 KB, 305x412, 1623022622307.PNG)

I wish I had a best friend. I'm so lonely, I'm so envious of people who always have people around. I have 0 notifications, I try to get close to people but they don't seem to want me. I'm not unpleasant, I'm fun to talk they say. Yet no one really cares.

No. 822108

I thought this was the find a friend thread kek, send you good vibes you seem sweet. I remember when I used to get friends was through forums but no one use them anymore, and discord friendships last just a day or until the current topic switches.

No. 822116

>dreams of a dystopian world where men are more submissive

Did you mean: Utopian

No. 822118

Tired of feeling like shit talking to my successful art friends. I know i dont wanna be in their position because they constantly talk about killing themselves over stress and body pain, but i wonder if that's how a successful art career is and if it is, I don't want it.
I'm kinda aiming to be happy here idk, still feel like I'm wasting my life away and they're right, i guess i feel like i haven't tried hard enough because im lazy and i was getting high while they were working hard ughhh

No. 822121

Thank you! I'm sending you goob vibes as well. That's so true about discord friendships lmao

No. 822124

perhaps this will be regarded as dumbass shit, but I was struggling with my faith lol. I believe in his but then there is so much shit perpetrated by religious institutions and it poisons everything else. I have to remember people can be corrupt and have ill intentions. I believe in good intentions and love thy neighbour i.e. Don't be a bigoted prick. Same thing I guess that's happening to a lesser extent in other groups like how pride gets hijacked by other groups and corrupts the meaning. Idk. everyone should be nice lol

No. 822126

God* not his.

No. 822131

File: 1622738624811.jpg (28.77 KB, 700x693, expressive-cat-nana-1-20-5f16d…)

I have an exam this weekend and I'm seriously doubting that I'll pass. Just looking at the work other people have submitted for review to our professor makes me feel hopeless, they are all so much better at figuring out the problems and finding good solutions… I'm seriously considering dropping out because I lack the motivation to even do anything about this. But I'm already getting so much help from my parents with rent and such, it would feel wrong, especially because I could probably do better if I just tried more. My head is just so fucking empty all the time and I can't concentrate or make sense of anything. Thinking feels like carefully detangling headphones with tweezers, if I drop the cord the entire thought process is gone.
Yesterday I deactivated all social media so I wouldn't keep getting distracted but I still manage to find ways to keep myself from thinking. I will try to get some studying done but it all just feels so useless. Going to uni might have been a stupid and rushed decision but I graduated highschool with very bad grades and with no prior job experience no one would have hired me for any office job, which is ultimately my goal. My grades in the first semester were pretty good also, I just feel myself slipping. Maybe I need someone to tell me that it's okay to take less classes and more time, but if I did that and still failed I would feel even worse. I want to hurry up and make as much money as possible so I can live as a neet for at least a few years and focus on art but at the same time I don't want to do anything or be anywhere

No. 822139

vade post me satana

No. 822144

Same here, I watch them so the constant grind and I know I'll never want that for myself. Trying to keep up with them was so exhausting so I made myself a small normie life and I dabble in art but my next step is just to accept that it's okay to have chosen this path

We're now unsuccessful art friends, cheers to us both

No. 822145

anon don't be too hard on yourself. i don't know your situation but anyone who hasn't figured out how to make their career choice sustainable for their physical and mental health, is doing it wrong. i wouldn't call such a person successful lol
art is difficult to get established in but take it from someone who's had it rough in art (because my country is the worst possible place to choose this line) AND is now able to make a living off it, i'd rather be making a little less money or have fewer followers than kill myself and completely burn out within a couple years to go back to the "shitty boring day job" most artists try so hard to avoid. if you don't hate your existence, if you enjoy the art you make, and if you're happy with the balance you've struck - congratulations! you're likely doing better than your successful friends

No. 822162

File: 1622741388266.jpg (88.09 KB, 540x540, tumblr_81409e57e38feb2fb714d50…)

I thought I'd be able to make friends for once and stop being a hiki by enrolling in college but classes are online-only and I literally can't even focus when I'm at a computer, like at all.

No. 822183

you're the bitch in highschool who said they didn't want a boyfriend because they were too busy with their studies, but when you got caught out in stacies boyfriends DM's you had to drop out due to 'bullying'

No. 822184

You don't need to have the fasting/eating window at the same time, ketosis (the process happening in your body) will be there as long as you fast for more than 12 hours. Good luck nonnie! Hope it helps

No. 822192

File: 1622744110301.jpg (96.51 KB, 1080x517, 20210603_201330.jpg)

My bf said I was gaslighting him, and I said no, I haven't done anything to make him question his reality, and that I didn't think he knew what gaslighting meant . And he started mocking me, telling me how stupid I was for saying the wrong definition, that I was a moron for saying he didn't know the definition when I didn't know myself, that anything that escalates a fight is gaslighting, bc its throwing gas on a flame. Over and over again how stupid I was and how I didn't know what I was talking about.

How funny, how extremely ironic that he calls me stupid, and how extremely ironic he is basically gaslighting me on the definition of gaslighting

No. 822194

Being ex muslim is such a pain. I’m lucky enough to live in the west but having to sneak around living like a 16 year old when you’re an adult is so embarrassing. My boyfriend is coming to visit and it’s such a pain having to meticulously plan every detail and come up with excuses for every occasion just so we can be together for a few days. I feel so embarrassed and tired of it.

No. 822197

Even if you were wrong about something during a fight (obvs you weren't wrong here) it's a bad sign if he's saying you're stupid over and over again instead of saying 'that's stupid' That one word right there makes all the difference.

No. 822198

File: 1622744456735.jpg (112.79 KB, 1175x1390, what the fuck am I reading.jpg)

No. 822203

File: 1622744955382.jpg (10.5 KB, 275x175, 234689433321.jpg)

god anon i hope you mean soon-to-be-ex-bf.

life's too short to be shackled to a passive-aggressive brainlet who can't admit when he's wrong like that. you deserve better.

No. 822211

Dump him, it doesn't sound like he respects you.

No. 822213

Lmao he's shit. I hope this will give you an epiphany

No. 822228

File: 1622747795791.png (9.88 KB, 277x459, Untitled445454.png)

Looking in a full length mirror while stoned on shrooms gave me a better grasp of what my body dysmorphia really makes me feel like I look like. (Bad MS Paint drawing related)

It's a weird feel

No. 822237

Not even her but god damn anon this is too specific lmao

No. 822240

I went out for a walk in shorts with tights and a dad shirt, and some gross old fucking man slowed his fucking car down next to me and asked me where "A pretty thing like me" was going so I told him to fuck off since it was none of his buiness so he called me a bitch and drove off

Fuck off you old fart you probaly have to take 12 viagra just to get a semi, If I was such a disgusting fossil I would simply kill myself

I fucking hate men

No. 822241

He's the real bitch here. I don't understand what old fucks like this think is going to happen when they pull shit like that. Do they think the women they harass are going to swoon and get in their cars or something? Brain rot.

No. 822245

Lmao I love how they can never just apologize and fuck off. They just gotta find a way to insult so as not to sit with their own rejected feefees. You didn't deserve that anon. That guy is a creep.

No. 822248

At least your head is perfectly smoothe and symmetrical.

No. 822253

A 40 year old dude has been hitting on me for some time, thinking I'm 18-19, and when he found out I'm actually 26 he started ignoring me lmao. I wasn't interested in him, it just makes me hate men even more

No. 822255

File: 1622750623223.png (80.35 KB, 247x247, 77c3f8a29c5b0c0d03c0908b93088d…)

I've noticed a few other Anons in this thread and other vent threads venting about how they don't have any friends at all/no best friend and I think I have a problem that's kind of the opposite? I have only 7-8 friends that I only occasionally talk to and have a slightly higher than acquaintance relationship with, and 16-18 friends that I talk to everyday, watch movies with almost every week, and am constantly playing games with. The problem I have though is that I have a very skewed idea of what a friend is and am only calling all of these people "friends" because I can only assume being with a group of people so often would make them your friends. I just feel very apathetic towards any relationships I have at all including family relationships and I don't know why. I wasn't always like this and when I was much younger I would have feelings for others and would've cared a lot if everyone were to hypothetically leave me, but now that hypothetical sounds enticing. Do you think I have some heavily repressed traumatic incident that might've happened that's caused me to be so apathetic? From the time between when I was more emotionally in tune and now it feels like there's a huge blur, I don't know what happened. I keep hoping that if I wait everything out I'll feel happy with life and reobtain stronger emotions again but that seems like a shitty idea

No. 822256

Ew, I'm sorry. Something similar happened to me a few days ago, I was visiting someone in the hospital and the guard who was measuring the visitors' temperature went 'Wow, I've never measured someone as beautiful as you!! Sanitize those pretty hands here, will you'. He was like around 50-60 and seemed genuinely excited. Creep.

No. 822257

My dad always taught me to carry a potato-sized rock in my purse to specifically throw at cars when people act like that. Then run like Hell. Unless you live in Burgerland where everyone carries 3 guns

No. 822263

Everytime I want to study after dinner my head hurts… but I also struggle to get up early in the morning to study then. I NEED to study at least 8 hours in these why can't I ugh

No. 822279

File: 1622753433807.jpg (27.11 KB, 720x405, pyramautistic.jpg)

There's different levels of "friendship" anon, and I doubt your feelings about these relationships have anything to do with trauma on your end.

It just sounds like you have a lot of casual friends, and it's perfectly find to want one of those fabled "close" or "intimate" friends. You're not alone if you don't have that type of friendship, but just know that for most people it is hard to obtain that kind of closeness to begin with. Not to mention it can always change with age and natural drift.

No. 822281

You might be depressed, but you definitely sound burnt out. I couldn't imagine chatting to 16 people every day, I would be so exhausted and would grow to hate them. You can always create a level of contact that actually suits you if you're upfront, and if they react badly, you're just not compatible. Taking a break is always an option too.

No. 822282

duuuuude why are men like this lmao. Lolcow, I thank you for finalising my departure from pickmeism, but curse you simultaneously for encouraging my blunt and harsh nature. I now have zero tolerance for men and often times find myself so disinterested in them beyond their bodies and hypotheticals. My heterosexuality compels me to politely play along initially, but I have pissed off so many men after reaching my limit, lol. Ironically, I never respond in an emotional manner. I don't raise my voice or become physically aggressive. These scrotes on the other hand always seethe as if their life depends on it. They will say horrible things about women to your face, but become everything they hate when faced with a comment that cuts deeper than their unoriginal misogyny. I just wish I wasn't a biological human sometimes kek. Whyy must my body crave love and intimacy with a male in the twenty-first century… It is wasteful! Having a group of women whose tolerance towards men is similar would be ideal. Farmers, join me :,)

No. 822285

I found a perfect job offer but I‘m too retarded to write an application, rip.

No. 822287

Use examples you can find online and modify them for your situation. You can do it!

No. 822289

> connected in mind, body and spirit

No. 822294

It just means a strong spiritual or emotional connection. Creator just got whimsy with the wording.

No. 822295

nta, where is this from?

No. 822299

I feel kind of bad that my mom is sad about my eating disorder but at the same time, does she not realize she had a role in it too?
She herself has always been obsessed with being thin and is always restricting her food and talking about how awesome being thin is, there was a period in middle school where she would leave me one (1) rice cake wrapped in tin foil as a snack because I was getting stretch marks, she only acknowledged my ed behaviors at almost 19 but before that id been throwing up since 15 and visibly starving myself and binging since 17. When she confronted me about it she said that she noticed that I had body image issued at 16 because I never wanted my picture taken, bitch then why are you confronting me about it now? Why did you keep looking at my body all disappointed and encourage me when I started losing weight at an obviously unhealthy rate?
Thinking about it, I was visibly starving myself at 17 and literally no one said anything about it except for my fucking religion teacher who cryptically asked me "are you okay?" once. That's the most anyone ever cared lmao. My dad didn't say anything because he doesn't care, my mom and best friend because they both have their own issues with food (tbf I also knew about my best friends bulimia and never said anything), my other high school friend was jealous probably? Idfk. The only person who I believe was in good faith is my sister because she's lowkey autistic and genuinely doesn't notice/understand these things.
Anyway know my mom gets all sad now when she's confronted with the fact that my problems didn't all solve themsleves on their own, well I'm sorry but it's not like you ever did anything to help before I got visibly underweight. The "not skinny enough for people to care" ana meme is true lmao

No. 822307

Yeah you two seem right, and I think I do have some mental illness like depression since it runs in my family but I have an odd and damaging aversion to seeking out help for stuff like mental illness. I'll try my best to have the courage to seek some kind of help from someone though

No. 822308

Just something I found on google images when I searched for friendship types. There are many like it. I was looking for something more basic. When I was in grade school we talked about the kinds of friends one has in life.
For example I remember "fair-weather" friends being depicted as a weather vane. Imagery like that really stuck with me, and at least it comforted me knowing that just because someone wasn't close with me didn't mean they weren't a friend. It's just that different friendships carry different expectations and that's fine.

No. 822313

This moid I know (downgraded from friend) has apparently gone some sort of nonbinary over lockdown and started wearing earrings, nail polish and skirts. He looks bad. Anyway, he started trying to engage me in talk about his 'gender exploration' and I just didn't really say anything. He even went as far as to say he 'gets it now'. Like what about wearing a skirt means you 'get' my experience. I was like 'well ok but if you take off the skirt you'll be safe. I'm not safe because of who I am, a female' and he was like 'my gender expression is who I am!!'.
I just had to make excuses and leave because what the fuck

No. 822320

File: 1622756848791.jpg (41.95 KB, 575x747, staying strong.jpg)

I have cripplingly bad ADHD. I, for the life of me, cannot get myself to focus on anything and I haven't for my whole life. I think I went under the radar because I would always do pretty alright in school (I'd never do homework but I always managed to get perfect A's on tests so my grades were fine) but now
I'm older and IDK how to go about getting an actual diagnosis. Whenever I want to do anything, like draw or focus on one thing, I just fucking can't. I sit there and maybe do it for five minutes and then think, oh shit, let me see what's on Youtube. Then twitter. Then here, and any other website. I get lost for an hour or two and then I draw for another 2 minutes and repeat the same fucking process. This isn't just for drawing, it's for anything I genuinely want to do. Idk why it's so easy for me to get lost in youtube videos but not art, which is productive and something I always want to improve. I'm not yet in college (decided to take a gap year because of covid) and I genuinely don't think I will be able to survive it without being medicated. My mind's constantly racing with thoughts, I always forget what I'm saying as I'm saying it, and shit like that. The only reason I'm so sure it's ADHD is because it runs in the family (both mom and dad have it) but whenever I mention the possibility of me having it, they kind of ignore me.

No. 822322

>I have cripplingly bad ADHD. I, for the life of me, cannot get myself to focus on anything and I haven't for my whole life. I think I went under the radar because I would always do pretty alright in school (I'd never do homework but I always managed to get perfect A's on tests so my grades were fine) but now
fuck are you me

No. 822328

So apparently the baby has pneumonia too, no covid but I can't help but to think how hanging out with people who go to house parties with no masks just days ago wasn't the best idea. I am so tired of spending my days feeling scared wtf my sister will ignore next, her husband is a fucking wuss but at least he cares about the kids.
She cannot focus on anything and it ends up with her getting frustrated and agressive, it's been like this since she was a kid. She was diagnosed after getting ordered to take anger management courses, please do not try me on this, anon.

No. 822332

god i felt this in literally every single way anon. i hope you get it sorted out, i haven’t started trying yet but the thought terrifies me cos i know i’m not gonna be taken seriously. good luck, i’m rooting for you (and as someone who just graduated, i do really recommend you see a doctor before going to uni for sure)

No. 822339

I called a nurse today just to hear if I needed to come in with some symptoms and she asked if I was in any pain. Bitch I am in pain every single moment, I have no idea what is "normal amount of pain" anymore, just bake me into the fucking pie already. I just need to sleep but I can't.

No. 822341

I'm exactly the same way and diagnosed, 29. Idk if this helps you but over the years of failing I managed to get my degree and an ok job so don't be too discouraged even though I waste every second of my free time doing whatever it is that wastes all my time but maybe I'll fix that by 49 please find us a cure please

No. 822345

> I now have zero tolerance for men and often times find myself so disinterested in them beyond their bodies and hypotheticals.
Same but I'm pretty non confrontational so I ignore them as much as possible. I've embraced the idea of not doing emotional labour for men so that means no laughing at unfunny jokes, no starting small talk just to prevent awkward silence, no responding when they talk aloud to themselves with the expectation that I'll respond, short responses when I do feel obligated to reply.

No. 822347

Why do we need to do group works at uni? I hate dealing with them so much! They are either irresponsible or plain rude.

No. 822365

I fucking hate being significantly disabled and not being able to change it or change how people perceive me, I really hinged my entire childhood on my adult life being somewhat better, and it's fucking not. I can't get good jobs, it's difficult for me to make friends and personal connection on a deeper level, and I constantly feel so alone and hopeless. My own family can't even do the bare minimum to support my disability.

No. 822370

we're the same age and that sounds exactly like my mother kek ily anon, even i wasn't able to achieve what you have yet. i hope your new job treats you good

No. 822382

Some bitch in the downstairs apartment is in a bad mood and keeps slamming every door and cupboard available. Chill tf out.

No. 822386

Will I ever grow out of self harming? Will I ever stop acting like a 13 year old? Probably not

No. 822392

one time I got assigned to a group project in english class, the project was that we had to find a problem in our city and propose a way to fix it. the other girl in the group had already decided to make the project about homelessness before I even got assigned to the group, then when we were trying to propose ways to fix it and having problems she was like "WelL nO OnE ElSE HaD ANy IdEaS" even though she didn't even give us a chance.

then one day after class on monday (or project was due on friday) she said "I'll text you" and she never did. they changed the idea of a project to something else entirely (they changed it to "our city's first jobfair" because of unemployment, but there are literally job fairs all the time that she was just unaware of because she's so rich and sheltered) and didn't let me know and did the presentation without me, which made me look lazy in front of our teacher (who already hated me). I should have tried texting her beforehand but all the finals were due that week and I didn't know if they were busy with those, plus I had never been in a group project before as I had never been to HS and am socially retarded.

tl;dr fuck group projects, they are literally just a way so that professors can spend less time grading, as they only have to grade one project per every 5 students instead of grading each student individually.

No. 822400

Idiot. Wake up.

No. 822403

File: 1622765118721.png (73.91 KB, 248x373, 489326754082750235.png)

I was this person the other day. I was trying to fix part of a bookcase and a particular nut would just not come loose and I ended up shrieking like a maniac, hurling my wrench across the room and shoving a shelf against the wall. I'm normally nowhere near so psychotic but it'd been a rough day and that was just the cherry on top. On behalf of all angry noisy people in apartments, I apologize.

No. 822407

I think I'm feeling socially lonely, people don't realise how lucky they are to have friends to do stuff with or have a partner you can always feel comfortable to talk with. Most of the hobbies outside my main one I don't have anyone to do it with and in my main hobby i'm not close enough to people to do it as a group. As someone with anxiety i used to message and talk to my ex when i felt lonely or when i want to chat to him in general but now adays I just stare into my phone.

I wish making relationship and friendship wasn't so difficult.

No. 822412

>intermittent fasting
Isn't this just like ramadan lol

No. 822416

do you wear a headscarf
what does your bf think of you being a secret ex-muslim

sorry i'm so curious because i've been contemplating a lot lately

No. 822417

Oh he was totally losing that original argument and decided to focus on your "mistake" to patch up his ego kek pathetic. Get rid of insecure scum like that, I beg of you.

No. 822421


I can relate to you Anon, My mother had a role in mine too, she'd would constantly talk about the food I ate and how it was bad because she used to be a food writer

It's hard to deal with, I hope things get better for you soon

No. 822434

I don’t wear a headscarf anymore, haven’t since I was a young teen. My boyfriend was hesitant to be with me at first because of all the problems of being with a secret ex muslim but he got over it. Apart from that he’s fine with it.

No. 822435

Look at your local newspaper (a lot of them are digital these days), FB groups that have corresponding in-person meetings, Meetup groups and local clubs anon! Or maybe take a local group class? You can branch out and explore new stuff while meeting people. Don't rely on exes for socialization, they usually end up making you feel worse. I know it's hard to do things with anxiety but honestly even having a somewhat awkward experience with strangers is more validating then going back to someone who was shitty to you or staying alone when you don't really want to be.

No. 822465

Why does my ex keep texting me asking when I'm going to start dating, what I would do if someone likes me, if I've already found a replacement for him? Or how he saw me out with someone and demanding to know who it was. He broke up with me three days ago and he keeps sending me texts like these with in between of calling me a shitty person if I move on quick. I even asked him if he regretted breaking up and he told me he never wanted to be with me again. It's so frustrating. Like you broke up with me. If you didn't want me to fucking date again then maybe you shouldn't have broken up with me. But holy shit I sure am glad you did now because you're controlling as fuck, even when we're not dating.

No. 822466

Block him?

No. 822467

Nonnies please help me forget the awkwardness I experienced with my coworker today. She's so cool and down to earth and I was just straight up socially retarded.

Please anons i need this

No. 822468

I did and he either changed his number or used someone elses number because I got more texts today.

No. 822471

File: 1622778795012.jpeg (131.73 KB, 1000x1300, 2006AAE9-CB4C-4920-A035-AE9CFB…)

Think of it this way: I genuinely can’t remember a specific cringeworthy moment from someone I’ve met. I’ve met people who were overall cringey shitheads, but I can’t recall a singular incident from someone I found otherwise cool.
I can recall some incredibly embarrassing shit I did (accidentally sent gay porn to my new roommate, at my boss’ food by mistake, farted on a date), but I can’t remember anything anyone else did, though logically I have to had witnessed at least a few things that people sit up at night remembering.
I’m shit at explaining things but what I’m saying is that she’s probably going to totally forget it really fast, because we’re far more critical and self conscious of ourselves.

No. 822472

Block that number too but save all texts in case you file a report. And if he continues, contact the police. Fuck that scrote, shut that shit down.

No. 822475

I want his head on a pike that is vile

No. 822482

File: 1622781032572.jpeg (881.38 KB, 1170x1726, 14D0B2DB-428D-47CA-8962-7B5F67…)

I do look younger than my age, but I’m pretty unattractive so it’s honestly a waste.

I’m not talking plain or Hollywood homely, I literally look like Eric Warehaims blonde sister

No. 822484

Thank you so much anon.

No. 822497

I had my second vaccine dose and now I’m getting a fever in bed. I need to look for socks and a thicker blanket but it’s in the middle of the night rn

No. 822505

i spent $200 on a pair of pants on depop and the seller still hasn’t shipped 11 days later. i feel like a major bitch because i’ve messaged her 3 times asking when she’s shipping and i can tell she’s annoyed as fuck with me. if she would just give me a solid date, i would gladly stop messaging her about it! i don’t want to open a paypal case, but i just sent her a message threatening to open one if she doesn’t ship soon. it’s always fucking depop sellers that take forever to ship. ugh.

No. 822508

it's be 11 days sent you spent $200 for an item! Fuck yeah you should be on her case it's totally unprofessional. If there were any delays she should have notified you immediately.

No. 822513

File: 1622787303971.jpeg (16.9 KB, 300x300, 73BDD4FE-4647-420D-8AC0-BADB51…)

Are you Kombucha girl?

No. 822514

Depop sucks for this reason, other services like Mercari / Poshmark allow you to cancel after x amount of days, Depop makes you contact the seller first. Retarded.

No. 822516

Kek no but we could be sisters. Just me, Eric and Kombucha Girl family forever.

No. 822541

I guess it wasn't worth to continue hanging out with me if you couldn't get your dick wet, huh?

No. 822542

I'm vicariously happy for you that they're annoyed because 11 days is ridiculous and you should be wary of them trying to run the clock out on refunds. I'd be accusing them if scamming by now.

No. 822559

I hate Amber alerts so much at this point that even if I DID happen to see some unfortunate child get kidnapped by a close family member, I'd simply turn my head away. Fuck your insignificant child court lives, I was ASLEEP! It's 4am.

No. 822561

I've become sex-averse in the last few months and I think lolcow might be a contributor. Though the same thing happened in my last relationship, about a year and a half in I stopped having any sexual attraction to my partner and sex stopped. The difference between that relationship and my current one is that I've always found my current partner sexually attractive, the sex was great up until I stopped being able to get into the mood. I've always been a bit squeamish about sex, because although I used to have lots of it and be fine, sometimes I couldn't shake off the feelings of shame and disgust. I experienced some sexual abuse from kids my own age when I was young that I've never spoken to anyone about, I never fully considered how that would affect me now. The Shayna threads are what I look at most and a I always feel repulsed coming away from them because some partso of her remind me of myself a few years ago. I also find myself in a really agitated mood when I read a ton of the gendercritical and misandrist ideas about men. I project that "all men are ignorant coomers" mentality onto my boyfriend. I don't blame the stuff I read here for how I'm feeling entirely, but I think I would feel a lot better if I stopped coming here. Has anyone else managed to curb their sex repulsion?

No. 822563

>I project that "all men are ignorant coomers" mentality onto my boyfriend.
But it's true. Even the cute and nice ones are this.
>I've become sex-averse in the last few months and I think lolcow might be a contributor.
Maybe take a small break anon. I'm rooting for you.

No. 822564

If you have sexual trauma from sexual abuse from your childhood then that's the source of your problem, not lolcow. Cutting off lolcow is just making yourself feel better while not having to face the real problem.

No. 822566

I still find my e-date very attractive and he's cute and all but he's just disappointed me so many times that I just got tired. I still could go back to loving him because honestly he's a good man except that he's a big idiot. Like, I see good qualities on him but I also see very bad shit. Dunno. I'm not thinking of him anymore when I think about my future. I only think about myself and what I want. And maybe he's not what I want, after all. I just want money and to live a calm life kek, having sex and having a partner seems dumb now.

No. 822571

> i feel like a major bitch
Nonnie you paid $200 for something and she hasn’t bothered to ship it, you shouldn’t feel like a bitch for messaging her. Honestly I’d just open a case now because anything above 5 business days is unprofessional. Finding buyers for high value items who don’t fuck you around can be hard so she’s being pretty disrespectful here.

No. 822574


Yeah you're right. I can't date a fucking scrote abusing me by accusing me of fucking abuse, how fucking mental.

He also accuses me of manipulating him. Because I told him he promised me to hang out with me when he ditched me for a friend, and that I also had asked for confirmation that we were hanging out. He said it was manipulative of me to ask if we were hanging out because he knew I would be using it against him later. Wtf he told me we were hanging out and I just asked for confirmation? How is bringing up that we have plans manipulative?

No. 822604

Nonnies I'm so overwhelmed…
My mom has breast cancer and as a med student I'm planning and researching all her doctors and helping her with everything, I'm also very worried about her. It's now the end of the semester and exam month now so very harsh stress. My long term bf and I also broke up in a nasty way few months ago and I'm missing him a lot, even though he wasn't good for me. I wish I had emotional support and I can't stop thinking about the good times. I live with my parents since breaking up and they keep arguing, our home is also really cluttered and hard to concentrate in. I feel like my temper is also bad and I can be a little ungrateful shit to them. I don't have time to meet with friends too much, I have friends but no one that's really close and I could confide in. I was supposed to go work on a research abroad for a month this summer which I was looking forward to so much but it was cancelled because of covid.
It all feels like it's falling apart. Even our very loved family dog died from cancer this fall after a long battle.
I feel like there's nothing to look forward to. And I'm so lonely.

No. 822611

I dropped and smashed my good perfume and my back up is nearly done!! The good perfume I always get for birthdays and Christmas cause it's expensive and I'm a good few months out from either I sad

No. 822613

I'm so sorry anon, that's a lot of stress. If your school has any resources you can maybe seek guidance from them if you feel overwhelmed with deadlines or anything, or just even let them know your circumstances in case you under perform. I didn't have nearly that much stress but bombed and exam and was able to make up for it.

No. 822615

I'm very sorry to hear about all that misfortune nonnie. It is very understandable you have temper problems in a situation like that. You're still a med student, which seems to be like a promising future at least. And nostalgia is a fucking liar, try to snap yourself out of the nice memories whenever you feel yourself slipping and focus on the rational decisions regarding your bf.
You're not ungrateful for being annoyed with your situation, they're your parents and they're supposed to support you. When you're feeling better you can make it up to them. Meanwhile, try to ease your stress in small ways, don't shoot for the biggest comfort. Maybe keep one room in your house clutter-free and try to do your activities there? If your country is more open, maybe taking strolls can be nice. It's cliche advice but it works. Talk with your professors about your situation to ease your schoolwork, they'll most likely be understanding. Don't be afraid to reach out of shortcuts and resources if you're overwhelmed. Sending lots of hugs.

No. 822616

What was the perfume?

No. 822643

Did you drop it at home? Cause if you did at least your house smells amazing right now

No. 822719

File: 1622819118376.png (199.14 KB, 588x396, 4lve77.png)

I work from home and its my second last shift at this job after I handed my notice in. 3 hours left of my 11 hour shift and I so badly want to just pretend there's a power cut and fuck off but I was already "late" this morning (just didn't want to get out of bed.) I have a one-to-one meeting tomorrow with my manager who's already had me written up for work avoidance lol. I just cant be bothered I want to go enjoy the rest of my day before it's finally all over tomorrow aaaaa!!! I dont know why I feel like I owe these people anything as i've had no AWOLS or latenesses before and they're a huge megacorp with thousands of employees anyway.

No. 822730

I hate that my birthday is in pride month, wish I was born in fall or early winter

No. 822739

File: 1622821599821.jpg (327.58 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20210604-103915__01…)

Cannot stand bisexuals who insist on calling themselves lesbians while happily fucking men. Die.

No. 822742

My dating profile literally says "not interested in children" it shouldn't be that hard to understand that it also includes someone else's kids, single dads need to fuck off my dms

No. 822743

File: 1622822099419.jpg (534.06 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20210604_175456.jpg)

that person is male apparently

No. 822754

I haaate this whole "mspec lesbian" thing so much. Apparently you're an "exclusionist" if you don't think lesbians have sex with men. What even

No. 822759

it's obviously just a joke and meant to be inflammatory. i don't get why people are so, so obsessed with this straight fake bisexual or bisexual fake gay topic and I say that as a lesbian. it's so hugely disproportionate to how much it actually exists irl.

No. 822761

Obviously I know they don't really but sometimes it feels like on some subconscious level immigrant parents are dissapointed(?), or maybe resentful(?), of you not having to suffer to the extent/in the same way that they did. idk it's hard to explain, clearly they have sacrificed a lot and are ultimately happy you have a better life but i do sometimes feel there is some bitterness or belittlement about your own problems over it.

No. 822762

File: 1622823598354.jpeg (321.39 KB, 750x389, 7B1C9F1C-3FAA-4AE6-8756-A82CFB…)

going on /g/ be like(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 822764

how do the tuckerfags and carreychans fit in this

No. 822765

I still think the posters on /g/ seem way less mentally ill than most of the posters on /ot/. But neither hold a candle to /meta/.

No. 822770

femcoomer since finding tucker carlson attractive is a forbidden fetish

No. 822774

Meta is where the lunatics truly sperg out.

No. 822776

I literally look forward to reading the drama there more than any cow thread currently

No. 822777

I think like half the content on /g/ is mostly LARPing and anons are just trying to get a reaction out of people, either by shitposting farmers or male lurkers

No. 822778

I hate the way people in general, but men especially, expect everyone to act like they've never stepped outside or looked in a mirror. Like I think most people know realistically how attractive they are, I wish people could talk openly about it but you can't say you're attractive without seeming like a huge narcissist and can't say you're ugly without seeming like you're fishing for compliments.

No. 822780

The content on /g/ is more in line with normie women than /ot/ imo, but I don't use it that often so we may be looking at different threads

No. 822781

Okay but seriously, I know fame is terrible and not really what you should want unless you're also making huge bank, but why do i also want it so bad? If fame is so notoriously horrible, why am i so fucking sad that I don't have it?

No. 822782

I meant for the "ashamed to fuck threads" and the "fetish threads" I think those threads are mostly people LARPing

No. 822785

Is it notoriously horrible? I feel like it just depends on the person. Many famous people do absolutely everything in their power to avoid losing it, even to their own detriment and when they are set for life financially, so clearly some people enjoy it

No. 822786

you could apply "repressed irl and possibly virgin" to all 3 of them, I've known camwhores who haven't even kisses boys IRL, I've known sub/dom women who have never even interacted with males longterm
still I don't get these people, I'm literally autistic and have a hard time socializing with people and understand social stuff but I still have normal healthy sex

No. 822788

not me, i actually am attracted to kazuma kiryu's feet and i'm not even ashamed of it anymore

No. 822789

it's mostly detrimental to your mental health and privacy, and I know I'd be the type of person to not enjoy it. But for some reason yeah, can't deal with just dying and being forgotten forever.

No. 822790

This is so true. I know it doesn't make sense to people (I find it hard to wrap my head around too) but a lot of camwhores/ig models are extremely anxious and autistic and just disinterested (or too awkward for?) actual sex irl. It seems like a cliché or cope when people are like "the most sexual people online have the least sex" but I think it's accurate in a lot of cases.

No. 822791

This was 100% made by a male.

No. 822792

Idk, I think the mental health thing definitely depends on the person and I don't think privacy is something people all value in the same way/to the same extent

No. 822797

Nobody ever thinks of the vanilla loving self-insert yumejos…

No. 822798

Anon you just can't say that without posting a pic of them.

No. 822806

and this is another cliche but its 100% true, some time off line can help solve a lot issues their facing, it won't fix everything but interacting with good people, having normal healthy sex with an attentive male partner will maybe clear their minds

No. 822810

There are Carreychans now? I love this website

No. 822811

being a fujoshi is a the most natural and healthy expression of female sexuality, don't let any moid tell you otherwise

No. 822812

File: 1622826989709.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 265.13 KB, 1323x2048, 1620413641986.jpeg)

not too much focus on the feet unfortunately but they're there

No. 822815

Yeah you can be a horny weeb without being shotacon or a fujo. In fact seeing shotacons here is very rare. It's not connected to the femdom threads either.


No. 822822

File: 1622827618183.jpeg (376.16 KB, 1242x1469, 0AF146C6-B3C7-46D1-83DD-11E141…)

>graphic design is my passion

No. 822832

men have an inflated idea of how they pretty they are and the one that have low self esteem become incels

No. 822835

Oh I don't disagree, I was saying that men especially expect it of people. Like they react extremely negatively if an attractive woman is aware she is attractive and want her to play dumb like, obviously someone knows if they're generally considered attractive or not.

No. 822837

Yeah I also agree with you. I know I'm average in every way but when I say it people think I hate how I look or I don't feel unique lmao.

No. 822843

no your just women who meme'd yourself into fetishizing male homosexuality, your no better then males who masturbate to trap doujins

No. 822846

I'm still not 100% sure what a fujoshi actually even is so I could be wrong but whenever I see this discourse about it pop up it always seems to just be the most maladjusted tenderqueers who never leave the house engaging in it. I've never met a gay man irl who agrees with this take or remotely cares about it.

No. 822847

Because conversations work with the expectations that the other will react, so just blurting out "I'm so beautiful" or "I'm so ugly" don't exist in a vacuum. What other context could it even be mentioned in where it isn't self-conceited or fishing for a reaction?
>I'm being hit on because I'm so beautiful
>I'll never be loved because I'm so ugly
>women hate be because I've been so beautiful all my life
>I got hit on even though I'm so fat and unattractive!
Most of the time you can either leave it out because the other person can also understand where you stand in terms of attractiveness. Keep it for your diary.

No. 822849

File: 1622829081503.jpeg (108.26 KB, 1200x628, 6015AF17-889A-4591-B5D1-E20030…)

No. 822850

I feel like how attractive you are generally impacts how you view yourself, or how others view you and interact with you in many aspects of life and therefore can sometimes be relevant when discussing your experiences w/ various things. Like personally I just don't find the examples you listed that annoying or necessarily looking for a reaction compared to how most people do I guess, I find people talking about that stuff interesting and like when people are realistic and straight forward with these things.

No. 822852

You're like a year late with your bait anon

No. 822853

nothing a woman does will ever be as bad as anything a subhuman male does

No. 822854

It just sounds like either fishing for some kind of response or a massive cope. If someone dropped "I'm so beautiful" in any context in the middle of a conversation with me I don't even know what they'd expect me to say. Like what's the motive here? Do you want me to agree regardless of what I personally think? Did your mom not call you pretty enough as a kid?

No. 822855

saying you're ugly is always a move for asking for the other party to deny it, or at least you have to understand and keep in mind that it comes across that way. By social contracts of politeness, you can NOT agree with that unless you're looking for a fight. Maybe letting it slip like you didn't hear it is an option, but only for people you're not reall close with.
I had a high school classmate who constantly went to check herself out in the mirror, and sighed I'm so ugly, so her friends would circle around her and praise her. She was actually unattractive. But obviously it's even more annoying when said by a very beautiful person.

No. 822856

you use the same arguments male hentai addicts use 9/10 of times and you'll bring up the abuse women face globally just to justify idk porn of an adult raping a 16 year old job cause as said you meme'd yourself into fetishizing male homosexuality

No. 822860

>If someone dropped "I'm so beautiful" in any context in the middle of a conversation
I'm not saying it could never be socially awkward in any scenario ever or something? That's obviously not what I'm talking about. I'm just saying I find it odd we're all supposed to pretend we have no concept of our own attractiveness and I think there are some conversations where it could be interesting.

I know, again I'm aware of the social norms around it. That was the whole point of my post. I don't disagree that that's the way it is, I'm saying I just don't think that's the way it necessarily should be. If being ugly wasn't seen as the worst thing ever people could probably talk about it easier. People can talk about other short comings and it doesn't come off so inherently fishing for compliments as the ugly thing does.

No. 822865

honestly i think this is why depop sellers think they can get away with long shipping times. mercari and poshmark have instant cancellations after 7-10 days. on depop, there’s no cancellations because it’s all done through paypal. you have to go through a paypal case, which can take weeks to get your money back. i wish sellers couldn’t give bad feedback for stuff like opening paypal cases, or else i would’ve started the process already.

No. 822876

File: 1622830669134.jpeg (80.17 KB, 368x642, C66D012F-7CC6-4B5D-98A5-38DE3E…)

yes the carreychans have been here, just more subtly, ironic considering it's carreychans

No. 822877

>you you you
i'm not the fujo you were arguing with
and no it's not the same argument because she's not a male
>fetishizing male homosexuality
the only use a homosexual male has is as fetish fodder for straight women

No. 822879

it's not that deep anon

No. 822882

You are right it isn't, its just a dumb meme fetish like being coomers being into traps

No. 822885

>you're just women who fetishize male homosexuality
yes stacy dot jpg
>you're no better than males who blah blah blah
I dont care about males

No. 822888

Are you still pissed about people posting male maids in your maid waifu thread

No. 822891

okay where is the fujo rape epidemic cause I'm not seeing it

No. 822892

It wasn’t but keep seething anon

No. 822893

No. 822924

File: 1622835017521.jpeg (49.09 KB, 480x600, 1A7DE798-DAA0-49ED-B021-812385…)

>When you want to bring up the subject of hygiene to one particular coworker but he's been here way longer than you have and no one else seems bothered by it.
I've dealt with homeless men who smell better than this dude. It's horrendous. One other coworker agrees with me but I've started in February and this guy has never once smelled decent.

No. 822944

>”wahhh wahhh wahhh how dare women have desires outside my hideous dick and balls!!!”
>using being groomed by scrotes from a young age as a character flaw/personal failing
All those women are based and sexy, unlike the person who made that pic. Cry forever. I hope a femcoomer and fujoshi team up and draw you getting assfucked in prison (where all incels belong) sometime soon.

No. 822947

Ban the cheugy thread, everyone posting in it is clearly 11 years old

No. 822949

I don't even understand what that word means,even after reading the OP. Is it supposed to just be distasteful or lame?

No. 822950

>you'll bring up the abuse women face globally just to justify idk porn of an adult raping a 16 year old job cause as said you meme'd yourself into fetishizing male homosexuality
>porn of an adult raping a 16 year old job
You mean cartoons of two characters who look like butch/tomboy lesbians with dicks? It's actually so disgusting to liken that to actual humans being raped because of your "muh poor homosexual men" fixation. Not a single actual gay man gives a fuck about this fujo shit, either.
People who argue things like this always seem like they're compensating hard.

No. 822951

It means not on trend. And yes it's dumb.

No. 822959

My cousin just came out as a trans woman, the same cousin who came onto me when he was 17 and I was 14 (not exactly a female behavior). Dude is a depressed internet nerd who grew up on 4chan and porn and this just makes it that much more obvious. The idea that because he now conceptualizes himself as a woman means that he's The Most Oppressed (especially when he never would have had to deal with an older male cousin doing that to him as a kid, because, what do you know, he's a male who's been socialized as male and I'm a female who's been socialized as female and that's based in material reality with material repercussions, it's not just a matter of "identity") bugs the hell out of me.

No. 822963

Refuse to acknowledge him as a woman or use she/her pronouns. Don't enable his delusion.

No. 822965

your ugly twink won't fuck you, faghag

No. 822969

I have lived near Amish people all my life and I can’t help but side eye them. I will be nice when I need to buy more potato salad, but they are very eerie to me. Who the hell knows what goes on deep in the community here

No. 822972

They have this wholesome image but I've heard that there is absolutely no help if your husband is abusive or you've been raped.

No. 822973

Talk to your parents and his parents about his behaivor and why they shouldn't enable him, please

No. 822980

I don’t think it’s weird for a 17 year old to come out to a 14 year old at all. Do you think people should just pretend gay and trans people don’t exist until they’re 18?

No. 822982

trannies are autogynephiles, imagine "coming out" as a sexual deviant
And what she meant was that her 17 year old COUSIN (incest) came ONTO HER (as in hitted on her, or worse) when she was just 14. Age difference is also a factor here. Learn to read

No. 822991

Oh sorry I misread it as “out to”. It’s kind of weird to me she’s more bothered about the trans thing than paedophilic incest thing but either way hopefully she can just not have contact with them again.

No. 823001

Yeah mostly going to avoid referring to him at all if I can

If it comes up I will definitely explain to my parents why I'm not going to pander to it, though we rarely see him/his family and he's well into his 20s now so I probably won't interfere with however they choose to handle it

I'm not necessarily more bothered by the trans thing than the incest thing, it's just that it happened some time ago and I've dealt with it, but this news of him coming out just brings up some feelings about what happened and frustration about how nonsensical it is I suppose

No. 823002

Thank you anon, I have been branching out and joined some fb groups but most of the time I end up being socially awkward or quiet in big group chats or meet up (unless theres an activity I can engage with them with). I know so many people from different groups and yet I struggle to form connections.

Actually I'm going to a solo meetup tomorrow for a festival I'm going to in August and I'm so nervous because of how difficult it has been to fit into the group chat. But yeah I've blocked my manipulative ex and I don't talk to my other exes anymore so thats one thing I'm doing right.

No. 823005

Maybe bring it upto the manager so then the manager can bring it upto him

No. 823007

Do you end up having a pride theme birthday?

No. 823008

Maybe you could book some days off before you leave, that's what my colleague is doing

No. 823011

Dont go back, especially if he's an e-date. You can probably find someone better who isn't stupid

No. 823013

What the fuck do I buy with my tax return? Boyfriend suggested I build a PC, but I don't have enough room, really.

No. 823021

Love running through the neighborhood while 7 months pregnant in 90 degree weather to catch my dog because my husband was on “an important call.” Then the second I come back inside he’s on my ass for accidentally letting her out in the first place. “How are you going to take care of a child if you can’t even take care of a dog?” Hello?? How are you going to take care of a child if you can’t even help me for five fucking minutes???

No. 823023

I'm glad you got your dog back, that sounds so stressful, like you really need piling on when he didn't do shit. He was probably projecting

No. 823062

Why are the mods so slow when it comes to dealing with shit that actually matters? I found out one of my personal favorite vintage cows had a thread yesterday, but someone posted lewds of them from when they were a minor (cow is currently in her 30's, but said lewds were taken when she was 17) so I reported them, but they're still up. Come on, guys.

No. 823063

I really hate having to eat, enjoying food should be catalogued as some sort of mental illness because it ruined my life. I hate enjoying the food I eat and I hate that I wish I didn’t like eating.
I know the whole “there’s people out there literally dying” stuff, I’ve seen it and I feel bad for them. But I still wish I was some extreme picky eater and that the only thing that made me happy was eating salads and drinking water, I wish I was never shown as a kid the different kinds of nice food that there is and that I could go back to when I had self-control, you know, before the pandemic.
It was just a year ago when I still had the will to stop myself from eating food that is unhealthy, and that I could do exercise every day and feel motivated because I actually saw results, hell, the clothes I bought back then don’t fit me anymore, what the hell.
And I’ve been really trying, not buying sweets, eating small portions, drinking lots of water, but I relapsed today and got a fucking burger for dinner, I haven’t been losing any weight even though I’ve been eating properly, and I know I haven’t done as much exercise and the same quality of exercise as before, but I’m doing something.
I just want it to be tomorrow so I can go back to working out and feeling like I can do it.

No. 823064

That sounds absolutely infuriating holy shit, quote sounds like he's not even hiding the clown makeup.

No. 823071

>7 months pregnant
>still on lolcow
Please grow out of your chan site phase by the time the baby gets here. Few things are more horrifying than non-rehabilitated channers raising children.

No. 823074

File: 1622854403075.jpeg (33.51 KB, 380x572, 887553C3-3B66-4418-9A2E-4C46A4…)

I hate when you get pimple-pregnant, where it gets swollen and painful but you can’t pop it yet no matter how hard you try.

No. 823077

>Stop enjoying things!
>wow, you’re over a random age and you’re still doing this? Lol
Nonnie, you better give her your adulthood card and your mother card because you’re totally a toxic narc or something like that.

No. 823080

i imagine any parent on lc is on the same level as that deranged one from the plastic surgery thread tbh

No. 823081

>implying being a farmer doesn't inherently make you toxic af
Oh, nonnie, most of us have long since accepted what we are. Join us. It's liberating.

No. 823090

>>823071 You do realize that channers can have normal, healthy lives? And that some of the women here are mothers, old, and totally normal despite browsing here? That's like telling people to leave fandom because they're old. Strange shit, anon.

No. 823092

based post tbh.

No. 823099

Girl just get a vibrator or one of those fucking machines
Imo if you can, say something. They're as successful as they are partially because women aren't speaking out. If you just bring up that he's a child predator and you have enough experience with him being predatory when you were 14 then you aren't necessarily ~twansphobic~ imo. You could even frame it as "I'm scared for trannies to be around him"
We need to start exposing these predators. The more we do it the more evident the rapey incel to troon pipeline will become. I'd recommend you do it now before he gets some footing in the troon community.

No. 823104

okay im sorry nonnies and mods this is a blog post but i am just so annoyed

my neighbor (who i already really dislike) have this really old dog, im talking 20+ years old. These mother fuckers do not watch this dog at all. They leave their front door wide open all the time or their garage doors open and he just wanders out of the house and will walk down our street and in the street! which isn't safe people fucking fly down our street constantly and don't pay attention!! its a miracle he hasn't been hit yet!

here i am enjoying my night and im kinda tipsy. some lady starts ringing my door bell & i was ignoring it but then i hear her yell to someone about a dog and i some how just immediately know its these mother fuckers old ass dog. So i go outside and of course they're like “this dog is limping and he is walkin in the street and won’t let us get close ” so im like hold on ill go get his owner & i go to my neighbors house to tell her to come get this fucking dog and for some reason the fucking gate to their back yard is just gone?! its just fucking gone???? so im like okayyy dog must have gotten out from the gate being gone.. well i go up to the front door and ITS WIDE OPEN?? like i could have gone into her house and shit on her floor and she would have no idea, like just fucking wide open. so now im like okay what the fuck and i start ringing the door bell and no one comes and im like i know this lady is home her car is here… so i start calling out and she finally fucking comes to the door and shes like “sorry i was microwaving my dinner i didnt hear!” and im like bitch what???,,,, come get ur dog i have ppl knockin on my door bc ur old ass dog is trying to die in the street

she of course tells the lady that knocked on my door some made up shit and is like “oh he is so silly and old~! he is just so good at getting out” and after she left i told the lady that she was lying and this shit happens all the fucking time.

it just makes me so mad bc they are always leaving their shit open and not watching their dog!! they just got a new fucking puppy and they dont watch her either!!!! and they got these two kittens and just threw them outside bc they wanted outside cats,…. like bitch we live in the city go buy some fucking rat traps and keep ur fucking cats inside!?!? they drive me nuts with how careless they are with their animals and yet they keep buying more!!!! like oh my god fucking stop you deranged assholes!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

No. 823105

>That's like telling people to leave fandom because they're old.
LMFAO imagine using this level of false equivelency as a cope

No. 823108

>"Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women."
Thank you for your service and welcome to the pinkpilled club.

No. 823111

>non-rehabilitated channers raising children
I'd trust a farmer to babysit my children over someone from reddit or twitter. Sure LC is full of poorly contained mental illness but it still looks sane compared the shit that gets posted elsewhere on the internet.

No. 823116

>I'd trust a farmer to babysit my children over someone from reddit or twitter
None of those is the best option. A farmer would forget about the child so she can tear her implants out or fight for 2 weeks straight.

No. 823119

Yeah, but she'd fight with the child, so she at least wouldn't lose it

No. 823125

A farmer would get into a multiday heated seething spergfest with a child over their candy tastes.

No. 823132

My life is legitimately meaningless, it's kind of amazing that I'm not suicidal

No. 823146

I'm so tired of having to listen to friends talk about people's attractiveness level fucking constantly, it always gets brought up
Talk ad nauseum about the hotness of the youtuber we're watching, if we're talking about someone they knew in high school there's comments about their hotness, people playing smash or pass all the time

I'm not insecure and I'm not judging them for it I'm just too autistic to care and it's so fucking boring

No. 823154

lel only the fujo one is funny and accurate

No. 823164

> A farmer would forget about the child so she can tear her implants out

Um… wat

No. 823172

File: 1622869642458.jpeg (14.8 KB, 275x274, 8670DC6F-1C2F-4821-8BF3-D905B2…)


No. 823175

Going through a manic episode made me really see how deranged scrotes are. I was clearly unwell and fucked up but instead of trying to be a friend or just leaving me alone they could only focus on their cocks. Men are evil

No. 823180

Going thru my normiefication was a long and lonesome road. It seems like all alt people care about now is being visibly alt, liking the same music or having the same interests seems to be trumped by the visual signifiers of facial piercings and dyed hair. My friends get so much online attention that gives them a huge culture shock in relation to the real world where most people over the age of teenager don’t care abt 24/7 aesthetic larps but refuse to compromise on their aesthetic ideals for future boyfriends or girlfriends— that trumps values, personality and interests. Like fuck I’m so glad I can retain my personal interests but also be approachable because I’m not an angry teenager with a shaved head and a studded leather jacket anymore!! I did a 180° and grew out of it and now I’m worried I’m growing out of my friends (some of my friends have the worst fucking tattoos I’ve ever seen and pretending that they’re good cause it’s all they want to talk abt is getting difficult lmao)

No. 823191

Fuck you for not trying and leaving without giving me the chance to even say goodbye properly.
But also thanks for letting me go.

No. 823192

I wish you well on finding better friends, normiefication is awesome

No. 823194

men don't do that because women constantly talk about how feminine and off-putting it is

No. 823197

Everyday I convince myself more I should just be alone and childless for the rest of my life and wonder if lolcow helped me rethink that (ngl tho its something I wished for since I was 11 but I fell in love with a guy for a while)

No. 823200

Or even when women explicitly beg for more sensitivity and emotional expression they continue to act like automatons because they know other men would see those acts as weak, and they always prioritize fellow scrotes over women.

No. 823201

this is going to be long but i'm really upset so whatever, i'm currently living with my bf and his mom, older sister and little brother. this is EVERYTHING i need to get off my chest.

his mom:
>lazy as fuck. will cook dinner and leave the pots/pans out until they're moldy. leaves her dirty underwear all over the bathroom floor, never bothers to clean the house or buy groceries.
>2 faced. i told her some sensitive things in confidence and afterwards she told her daughter for some reason. (i haven't told her anything personal since, even if she asks)
>horrible taste in men. her ex-bf would lay around the house 24/7, never help her clean or anything. he had food stamps but wouldn't buy groceries either.
>her and her bf broke up because he was drunk and punched her dad in the face, but they don't stay apart for long.
>alcoholic. she's always coming home late at night drunk as fuck. this isn't really of my business, i drink too, but the time she spends passed out on the couch could be spent doing something more productive.
>has a dog that she neglects.
>said she would be home with dog food yesterday. just came home at 12:54 am. the dogs ran out of food 3 days ago.
>will buy beer but not laundry detergent.

his sister:
>threatened to kill me. (she owns a gun)
>is cool with me one day then hates me the next. she's this way with my bf too.
>slams her door every time it's just us in the house. (lol)
>threatened to kill my bf after accusing him of never taking out the trash. (he's the only one who takes it out)
>has directly said that my bf is using their mom for money. (what money?)
>recently got a gf, when mom introduced me to her, i said hello and they laughed in my face and no one said anything.

his brother:
>15, already a father.
>has owned several dogs and treats them all like shit. his last dog's name was oreo, she was really attached to him but he spends most of his time at his gf's house (that's why he's a teen father kek) so he couldn't take care of her. she kept pissing and shitting in her cage because he refused to take her outside, so he threw her cage outside with no cover and stopped feeding her as "punishment". i could hear her crying at night but couldn't do anything because i'd tried to intervene before, got into a huge fight with bf's mom, he defended me then she fucking kicked us out of the house.
>got ANOTHER dog after that, also threw it in the cage.
>mom gave both dogs away.
>SUPRISE, he has ANOTHER fucking dog. he is still never home so my bf and i take care of him. an hour ago, he pissed in his cage so i cleaned it out and gave him a bath. seconds later my bf got an xbox notification that his brother was online, at his gf's house. that really pissed me off.
>left a used condom in the bathroom then accused my bf of it being his, then "covered" for us and said it was actually his, so their mom wouldn't get mad at us. (his girlfriend confessed that it was theirs)
>will probably give this dog away then get another one. he keeps him in his cage constantly and rarely lets him out. he doesn't pet him, walk him or spend time with him.
>called his mom a bitch when she took his xbox away after he failed all his classes, she gave him his xbox back after. (idiot)
>makes his gf sleep on the floor when he's mad at her. (sociopath)

btw, the only reason that i'm bringing up his mom's shortcomings as far as $$ and groceries go, is because she spends all her money on her youngest son, buying him food, expensive shoes and such, then tells us, "sorry i don't have enough money to pay the electric bill this month. i'm broke." "i couldn't buy dish soap because i'm broke" then i see she bought him another $70 game. that's all.

No. 823202

check the PS thread on /g/. she didn't actually tear them out (yet) but was planning to and had a meltdown for several posts, plus she mentioned breastfeeding at one point so she has a kid along with all of that

No. 823203

File: 1622873278866.png (618.01 KB, 589x558, 5739284740324825.png)

I'm sorry nona, I hope you will have another chance to get the merch some day.

No. 823207

I had the weirdest and most painful PMs so far, and now that my periods are back I feel like complete messed up shit.
I got invited to lunch tomorrow to which I agreed before all the pains started, and now I don't want to go at all but I feel like I'll seem rude as fuck.

Don't even know if I'd want to risk wearing my summer dress and it'll be 27c tomorrow…jfc

No. 823211

i am at the end of my fucking rope anons.

No. 823212

No. 823216

File: 1622874507256.jpg (36.54 KB, 640x480, 1518553890976.jpg)

No. 823223

why does life have to keep going and going on and on and on?

No. 823227

File: 1622877205223.jpeg (107.3 KB, 640x480, D397F166-993E-4210-B773-841B64…)

lately i’ve been having reoccurring memories from when I was about 12 and my father would drunkenly get in bed with me in the middle of the night and it happened more than once. what was even weirder is he slept nude except for his underwear. it stopped when one night I got up to leave as soon as he got in my bed and I left to sleep in the other empty guest room next to mine and he followed me again. I screamed at him to stop following me and he left and slept in my bed anyway but ever since then i’ve never slept with my bedroom door open for any reason. it wasn’t unusual to find him passed out on my bed after that but he did stop getting in bed with me. I don’t remember or know if he touched me or anything but he was a horrible alcoholic and he has physically assaulted my mom and i but he’s out of my life for good but i’m too scared to talk to anybody about it in person 15 years later because idk if he diddled me or not maybe it’s not even a big deal and it and I feel like I use my boyfriend as a therapist too much and he gets sick of hearing my shit
it’s been eating away at me for the last two weeks it’s fucking me up I feel like i’m being stupid thinking about the past

No. 823230

I took a nap and now I cant fukkin sleep

No. 823234

thats heavy, dont use your bf as a therapist, go to someone who can actually help

No. 823259

Crying for xth time over some asshole who hurt me. What kicked it off was the discord notification sound (as retarded as that is). That familiar feeling of heart fluttering excitement left me feeling sunken in and depressed at the reality that I'm lonely and that no one really cares about me in that special way. It's really hard not to let those thoughts spiral and get the better of me. I found an old journal, and even though I knew reading it was a bad idea a part of me thought it'd be good to remind myself why I left that guy in the first place but now I'm drenched in tears with a red, sore nose and ugly red face. The real kicker was seeing his social media climb in followers almost instantly as I keep revisiting it on daily basis. I have an inability to let-go and am already forgetting and questioning if I was being unfair to ditch him when I know my feelings were justified. Reading those entries and seeing how I felt - I can't deny that I was really hurt and that I still am. I wish I could forget this guy but don't know how.

No. 823262

I just came to write about something similar but I was the one who was dumped in the friendship and she blamed all the problems on me in one final message. Her followers have gotten large enough she's able to go full freelance which I just fucking hate. I feel so used up for her own enjoyment then spit back out when she realized there was no social media on me which would up her followers or further her stuff. I wish she'd failed so she was stuck at her shit job for how she treated me as well as others who ditched her earlier on, they were smarter than me. I need to pick myself up, I need to chase after my own dream of freelance work but I also just want to cry right now. I'm pissed at myself as well as her. Anon I understand your loneliness of no one special messaging you. We might have been friends but we sent messages every day until her bf came along. He's an asshole in his own way but she was just a shitty friend overall who I put too much into.

No. 823268

I laugh whenever I see men (especially weebs) crying about political correctness or "pandering to women" in media, ie. lowering the amount of big tit characters running around naked or removing fanservice like pantyshots. Good grief, get over yourself. I enjoy if there's even a guy with a nice design and personality, and female weebs in general have been bringing out the most out of minimal pandering from the author side for decades, and men think they're being opressed when their waifu gets a longer skirt in a reboot. Men have zero creativity, they're like the ultimate consumers.

No. 823269

I want to punish them further. For every big titty character, there should be a male character with his dick print and/or balls constantly visible, and jiggling whenever possible.

No. 823277

I suppose you should be thankful that you no longer have someone like her in your orbit. Similar goes for me. It sounds like you have a drive in you to pursue your freelance career, whatever that may be, so I hope you focus on that because time and time again I find myself in this pit and I've realized just how important it is to have something you're passionate of to fall back on and give you your own source of fulfillment. I also hope you're not like me and secretly hope for retribution or karma, because as badly as I've wanted to see that asshole suffer and feel the emotional pain he caused me and relish in that sweet delicious schadenfreude, it's only a temporary bandaid and eventually their "ups" will come around and possibly send you back into the pit.
>she blamed all the problems on me in one final message
I did something similar with the asshole I mentioned, so this hits a sort of sore spot for me. I didn't necessarily pin all the blame on him as I let my emotions get the better of me sometimes, but I do wish I could've been more honest about saying the painful things and not be so afraid to let him speak before making up my mind.

No. 823287

tbh the only thing that the yakuza series is missing is big crotch bulges on the guys. unfortunately the world is not ready

No. 823293

Sooner or later you’ll accept as I have, that women compete with one another for men. It does not make much sense to me, I can’t imagine anything worse than seeing men compete over women’s affections (It does not look good) but here I am defending everyone and their blonde friends:
First of all: stay away from people I find attractive. They like women to compete after their attention, they were not loved as children. They won’t love you. If you think they love you, they are thinking of me when they talk to you. They are not inherently loving beings. If I were attracted to ‘loving people’ I would date an ugly guy. I apparently enjoy the company of men who need to remind me that they would be better off dating very attractive women that I would not compete with. They are so desperate for me to prove that I love them ‘the most’ that they will do very nasty things. 

They might be very dedicated to pretending otherwise.
They might actually marry you and have children with you to see if I get jealouse. 

They are doing it specifically to upset me. 

They know they can do better, I know they can do better, they know there are much prettier women than me, they know that you have a lot of friends that they can also have sex with. 

They are very slutty, promiscuous and desperate to be unconditionally loved and sometimes when you are indulging their ‘sexual addiction’ you are perpetuating what might have been ‘child abuse’ to them as infants. If you read this and you know this and you still do it to them, it’s on you.

No. 823297

File: 1622892837223.jpg (49.1 KB, 616x699, 1615218207540.jpg)

I'm sick of my little sister having panic attacks for being dumped by her fiance three months ago. He's a useless dumbass and should have never proposed to her because he absolutely was not psychologically and financially ready for marriage, but I can't really blame him for dumping her when I think about how they were together for 7 years and the most they've done is kissing on the cheeks and hugging because of our family's retarded religion, and she's super stressful in general. Imagine having having panic attacks because of how stressed you are but you can't believe your ex when he says you stressed him out too. She also thought arguing everyday for months over petty shit was perfectly normal, probably because of how we were raised.

The more time passes and the less empathy I feel for her. I know her love life sucks but move on already. She came home tonight in tears and hyperventilating and I had to listen to her saying she tried to contact her ex a few ago and could only go to sleep at 3:30 AM.

No. 823303

I feel like I'm in the wrong major but I don't which one I should switch to. Nothing interests me and this one will at least make it possible to get into a higher paying position, so It's probably better to stay for now. I just wish someone would tell me what to do, I can't figure anything out on my own

No. 823315

yeah im amazed that mfs who live with their parents into their 20s can claim their parents are 'abusive' lmfao come on man

No. 823318

cute ending tho, god bless

No. 823321

I'm curious what kind of "vtuber" she is kek
A bit reminds me of a weirdo who is not a vt but draws lame Chibi commissions with completely ripped off artstyle, she bullshits about her whole life for pity, and lied to people that she needs commissions to pay rent because she's leaving her parents just to spend them on hooking up with random people in a hotel. "Wholesome kawaii uguu loli" btw

No. 823325

me :( u got discord?(remain anonymous)

No. 823328

I was drinking vitamin C solution and thinking about how I'll always be the weird one and the outsider even in my more mature years, as the sour taste of the solution went through my throat I burst into tears, I'll always be the one with no family to go to, I will be alone on holidays, and having committed relationships is gonna be awkward because I don't have any ties with my family, I'm so regretful, I wish I had normal accepting parents instead that I can grow alongside them and be their friend, and not whatever this is.
I hate them so much for both being incredibly stupid but also for making me feel like an alien always and forever, I never felt like I belonged anywhere and it's always and forever because of them. in my early years they alinated me from everyone else and now and in the upcoming years I'll be always resentful and envious of people who have a relationship with their parents, I'll always feel like an outsider with no roots or family, forever the child with abandonment issues. fuck this shit man.

No. 823329

File: 1622896654116.png (1.23 MB, 596x1262, Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 13.32…)

Why do we have a reputation for being a hive mind? Men are the true NPCs.

No. 823333

honestly as someone in their late teens the thought of an office job makes me want to kms. maybe it’s because i associate adulthood with being boring and bleh but i just love how colorful, fun and simple childhood is, and an office job wearing suits makes me think of the polar opposite as that. In middle school I wanted to kms because I was super envious of small kids, I can’t even bring myself to watch shows related to offices just because it makes me miserable kek sorry for the autism but holy shit, how does one get out of this irrational judgment of office jobs?

No. 823335

office job >>>>> retail/ customer service
wayy better pay, better hours, and you don't have to deal with costumers, plus other benefits.
people who say 9-5 office jobs are bad are just conning you so they can have better chances at securing an office job.

No. 823337

There are plenty of office jobs that don't require you to wear a suit.

No. 823340

Work in a nursery or if you have a degree, train to teach young kids. You can dress in bright colours and do collage for work, you get to take part in all the fun stuff as you supervise them and you will constantly be making them props for their plays on your personal time

No. 823342

Nta but it's so wild to me you don't need a degree to work in a nursery, you need one for every fucking job here. Aka i am neet af.

No. 823343

>(remain anonymous)
Yeah this shit is silly. It’s just Discord, not your fucking social security number, lmfao.
Anons, should I make a thread on Crystal Cafe for farmers who want to befriend each other? We can just leave our usernames and stuff there, then link that specific thread to each other for when we want to trade contact info. It won’t be the same as breaking anonymity here because it’s completely offsite, plus no one can actually prove it’s you.
(Do note that CC doesn’t allow linking to Discord servers, though, just one on one contact info.)

No. 823347

No. 823351

Cc is full of troons and Pol people in /feels category just fyi.

No. 823352

Samefagging, literally saw a baiter tranny on CC few minutes ago kek

No. 823353

Its bizarre that women compete for men. Men need us so badly that they will stick around a woman this hate and have 0 attraction to because it's better than being alone for them.

No. 823360

I have a nightmare roommate. She's dating our other roommate, and constantly bullies her in front of me and other people. Saying mean shit that she probably thinks is funny, but it just makes everyone uncomfortable.

She also has cats that she refuses to train. They jump on the counters (which I feel like is normal enough), but she flips the FUCK out every time they do. They also lick plates in the sink which results in her getting mad at me + other roommates for "leaving food residue" in the sink. Honestly she is just a nightmare, and I have only lived with her for a week.

No. 823370

cats walk into their litter box and shit and piss then kick litter over it then jump on countertops where food is prepared, some people think it's fine and others see it as a way to spread disease. her not wanting cats on the counter isn't an unpopular opinion but screaming at a cat isn't going to stop it from doing what it wants

No. 823378

I am so lonely that I interpreted people being nice to me while doing an online uni project together as them trying to be friends. I feel so embarrassed. The project is now over and I feel super lonely now. I don't have any friends because I usually avoid people due to being bullied in school a lot and I liked having to do a project with other competent people together. I even postet my number in the group chat but no one reacted to it and now I feel like crap lol

No. 823396

You were brave enough to reach out to others, nona. Be proud of that. If you try, you will find friends. Sadly, it requires a lot of effort… I'm in the same boat as you, so fingers crossed both of us find out people eventually!

No. 823418

Seeing everyone constantly talking about how disgusting and racist arabs are all the time is so depressing. Why did I have to be born arab? Fml

No. 823420

i am the worst fucking poster on ohtee it's like cringe is imprinted in my dna. why am i allowed to exist?

No. 823428

I think my depression is getting bad again and I can't do anything. Tried to call my old therapist office but it's impossible to get through and after a few tries I gave up. The waitlist is immensely long already, and even longer now after COVID. Not sure my insurance would even pay for another round of therapy. I'm just so fucking tired of feeling like I have to fucking beg for help of basically stand on a bridge ready to jump to be worthy of basic-ass therapy.

I have a huge page paper due in less than two weeks and I haven't even started. I can't bring myself to even do the research. I hate this so much. I also need to retake an exam and I have no motivation to study but I cant afford to fail or I'll be exmatriculated and all my efforts where for nothing.
I've basically lost what little contact I had to my fellow students so there is little help there. I was just too socially autistic to make a single friend in the 2 years I've been studying now.

TL;DR I'm at a low point in my life but I just can't manage to pull myself together and get some help

No. 823440

I think your existence proves that arabs are not disgusting and racist. Also we can't choose who we will be born as, but we can choose how we treat the people around us.

No. 823441

File: 1622915183594.jpg (38.35 KB, 409x406, 1622635706900.jpg)

I miss my old friends. I know it's only my fault that I grew myself out of them, I moved out to a place at age of 19 all by myself and would do everything, spend sleepless nights without money and food just to reach my goal. These past years were extremely tough to me and still are because I am alone without parental or anyone elses guidance, trying my best to survive in this world.

As for them, they are mid 20s-close to 30s NEETs (there's nothing wrong to live with your parents or if you are incapable of not being a NEET, but they sit on their parents neck, doing nothing but playing videogames) who would even drop out of university because Twitter told them it's the right thing to do, even though that made their mother cry. I distanced myself from them because they would do nothing but complain and play mental health card. But I miss them. I miss all the fun, old times when we were kids and things were simple.

I tried reaching out to them again, because God, I am finally free and It took me a long time to gather money to buy myself a PC again. They ghosted me. I feel sad. I know it's my fault and I know it's pathetic of me that I am on a verge of crying because of how lonely I am, but then again it's only my fault for not talking to them, even though the reason to that was that I've always been a person who wouldn't throw emotional baggage at anyone and deal with my shit. They don't know what I gone through and that's okay. I didn't want to hurt them with my issues. I miss them a lot.

I am thinking of just drawing my old closest friends OC, sending it to her on Twitter and stopping using this account altogether. I know they don't want to talk to me, after all they don't owe me anything. But it just sucks so much being left without at least a small explanation. I know it will hurt me a lot but I want to say a silent goodbye like that, deactivate account and call it a day. I kept this account just to talk to them, which I did, but that contained nothing but me responding to all of their venting tweets.

I've got friends with whom we talk once a year, or reconnect after many years just to act like we never randomly stopped talking, but here… I don't know. I am just too overlyemotional right now because of all the stress around me.

No. 823449

I wish there was a way to help my friend more. I listen to her whenever she’s depressed and I try to reach out, I try to make her playlists and things we can do in the future, but I feel like she’s so depressed it makes no difference. I was reading old messages looking for a link to something from awhile ago and it felt so long ago even though it has only been a few months because even though she was depressed we were still able to talk about other things. One of her dogs died early this year and they’ve had him since she was very young so it just made everything worse. I don’t blame her or feel resentful about it, it’s more that I just feel like I can’t help her at all and it makes me feel frustrated with myself.

We talk less these days because I’ll message her to check in and she’ll ignore it or vent, I’ll reply and then she’ll stop responding. I know it’s hard and I have depression as well, it just sucks that I feel like every day I’m nervous I’ll find out she’s commit suicide. I hate to feel overbearing when I ask her to check in with me to make sure she is okay, like I’m treating her like a child so it’s natural she doesn’t talk to me much anymore. Therapy isn’t an option because of insurance reasons, but even when she went it didn’t seem to help. I get it, it didn’t help me either.

I try to be there for her but I feel like she hates me now. It really hurts. I feel evil because I think this will end badly and I have no way to reach out and help. If she killed herself I don’t know what I’d do, it makes me have a panic attack when I think of how I fail her. I can’t even vent to anybody about this, I used to be able to vent to her but now it feels so impersonal.

No. 823461

File: 1622917913467.jpeg (294.21 KB, 1170x986, 37E574FD-41FB-4A5E-BDF7-CBCCFB…)

update on the $200 pants! they finally updated shipping this morning, after i filed a paypal dispute. the seller already left me 1 star review! hurray for fair depop ratings! can’t wait to write my own review back!

No. 823463

I went out yesterday evening for a walk and got instantly harassed by some drunk asshole and had to yell at him to get rid of him. Today when I went to buy groceries another idiot tried to provoke me with dumb disgusting comments while I was waiting to cross the street, is there something in the water? I was just minding my business, fuck you assholes

No. 823468

why do i have to study and pass exams and go to work and earn a living i just wanna suck on some fat himbo tits

No. 823470

I did it, anons!: https://crystal.cafe/b/res/88862.html
Have fun, make friends

No. 823477

ugh god really hates me and doesnt want me to be happy or comfortable whatsoever

No. 823481

lost all my friends except one too. feel like dropping him sometimes just to really become friendless (yes i have low self esteem) but we work the at the same job. some people i just dropped like an ass but im really antisocial. some stopped talking to me because i am too anxious to even make an effort.

No. 823485

File: 1622919576216.jpg (50.22 KB, 540x365, 36e1e02794a9dd3e1d8b13f79fc83f…)

I know this is a stupid vent but I’m angry because an ED account I followed on Twitter got suspended for “transphobia”. Context? She’d post fat people’s bodies to make fun of them, or people with awful fat distribution. One day, she posted a tranny without realising (he had an apple shaped body). Twitter mob got on her ass, and now she’s gone. She made amazing art and actually posted tips on how to fast healthily (I know that sounds like an oxymoron), too.
Even if we’re talking purely from the “Don’t body shame anyway” standpoint, I just love how it’s okay to make fun of cis women’s bodies, but not trans ones, lmao.
Fuck them all. Nowhere is safe for mentally ill women.

No. 823495

>an ED account I followed on Twitter got suspended

No. 823497

>I just love how it’s okay to make fun of cis women’s bodies, but not trans ones

This is becoming the standard pretty much everywhere now

No. 823498

Forgot to attach the k-pop fancam to your post, lol

No. 823504

I made my husband a steak and onion pie because it's his favourite food. Before I put it in the oven I shaped letters out of pastry and wrote "I love you" on the top. When I put it down in front of him, he cut it up and shoved it down his throat so quickly he didn't even notice.

No. 823511

Poison him

No. 823518

my thoughts exactly, IDK what OP expected when she admitted to following proana turds

No. 823524

Original anon is absolutely retarded for following an ED account to begin with but the sentiment is right
>Woman dresses up in altfashion with well-coordinated clothing and accessories
>cringe she looks like a clown, isn't she like 23 that's way too old to wear skirts
>Troon puts on programmer socks and cheapest aliexpress e-girl garbage
>Omg queen you're just adorable!!!! love ur outfit hon
>Woman has a body that doesn't fulfill the standards for the top 0.1% female ideal
>Fat bitch needs to be put down, what an ugly skank
>Troon looks like a skinnyfat skeleton
>You have the body of a goddess luv <3

No. 823541

I'm sick of being so sensitive, everyone keeps telling me i should grow up and they're right. I'm broken and nobody should pity me for that, i should get my shit together and stop ruining everything. I don't know why I'm always boosting myself, I'm a total failure and is very obvious.

No. 823542

destroy them in the review

No. 823543

I'm sorry for you anon. I've had lovely meals cooked for me before and been so excited to eat it it'd be only halfway through I'd think enough to stop and remember to compliment and take a photo to commemorate it. Like those first momemts are just brain off time, you know?

Was he appreciative at least?

No. 823546

>if u wanna deal wit a little kid

Damn, they sound incredibly immature themselves. Write something really classy and scathing.

No. 823548

OP here, this is my point. I know it’s not good to follow those kinds of accounts, but that's not the important part.
It makes me seethe that even in the most toxic, mentally ill, destructive spaces for women, we must make exceptions for troons. Like, fuck off. The pickmeism makes me rage. Troons want to be treated like women, but not when it comes to the not-so-nice things that they can’t fetishise, and all these dumbasses are happy to concede for the 5 seconds of “I’m being a good person [by doing absolutely nothing of value]” dopamine in their brains they get.

No. 823555

File: 1622926650288.jpg (32.28 KB, 585x360, 8ddf95687b0e7a254f3ac024796bc9…)

I bought a lot of things in the mail that were on my wish list for the longest time and I am very excited

No. 823584

File: 1622930371174.jpg (59.77 KB, 720x900, f742eeeb04bb221661220e410c50e3…)

I know this is dumb, but God, I hate having a chubby face so much. It's always been my biggest insecurity, and I feel a tiny bit jealous of women who have skinnier faces.
Also, I just scratched the fuck out of my thigh with carpet trim

No. 823592

File: 1622931637027.jpeg (198.66 KB, 1439x1758, FD6B6EAD-3C6B-46EA-A411-ACFE69…)

you fucked yourself over with your paranoia, and I’m thriving on it to be honest! You were so convinced everyone fucking hated you from the start, and that wasn’t true at all then, but it is now. Have fun spiraling for no goddamned reason, learn to quit playing the victim.

No. 823603

I hate mine too. Having a mooney heart shaped face is the worst, it makes your features look way more squished together. God I wish I had a skinnier face

No. 823610

I just want to get better, go abroad for a bit, act stupid, make a few friends, even just one and that's it. God I just want to connect with new people in a new place.

No. 823614

File: 1622934488755.gif (785.55 KB, 263x275, 1557026243694.gif)

Dont know what to do anymore, im sick of being surrounded by extremely woke losers on twit but i know if i tried going on moid/alt-right sites like 4chan of kf id probably kill myself from self hate. I dropped out of college twice and quit my retail job because i thought i would be dead by now. Im too scared to go outside and am slowly the ability to communicate with real people. fml

No. 823617

I understand, nonnie.

No. 823638

my vent is that this could have been written about me

No. 823643

i recently found out my family dog has an enlarged heart and probably not much time left and i cant stop crying. I've been an emotional mess for several weeks now and i cant bear the thought of losing her. I live in a different city and im going home to see her in a couple of days just to hold her and be with her as much as i can. I've lost pets and even family members before but her being sick has broken me so much. She is such a good girl. I dont know what to do, i think im just grieving now so it doesnt hurt so much when she acutally dies. Shes only 4 years old. She's all my parents have, since all us kids have moved far away, i dont know what they will do without her. Im just really sad.

No. 823662

do we have new mods? asking this because they don't check past IPs before banning me for something im not????? like ??

No. 823680

File: 1622945622561.jpeg (979.15 KB, 3464x3464, F3473560-8C5E-42C9-B70D-DD6779…)

something about gnosticism is so comforting. our bodies are an actual prison of evil and cruelty, seeking happiness is actually impossible, god is locked in a prison. human beings are incapable of realizing this because our realm including earth and the rest of the universe is not or has no longer been touched by divinity. why do you think there are disturbing creatures down in the bottom trenches of the sea? it resembles something less excavated than space. humans were never terrified of space or aliens, they are terrified of seeing things that are divine madness

No. 823681

File: 1622945761602.jpg (44 KB, 640x480, 02.jpg)

Too many things I like are exclusively enjoyed by twitter kids and are considered too cringe/detested on lolcow. I've never felt more alone. Who else am I gonna sperg with?

No. 823682

People get so triggered over the cheugy thread. It's so dumb.

No. 823683

What do you like nonner? Give me your list and I'll give you mine.

No. 823685

how dare kids enjoy things! god, shut up already. anons saying the words wokie/twitterfag/kids/zoomers makes my teeth vibrate in the worst way possible.

No. 823688

you must be one of them then, no one likes wokes or twitterfags

No. 823690

File: 1622946586617.jpg (57.01 KB, 720x544, Tumblr_l_57475285828229.jpg)

I can feel myself on this destructive spiral, my friend group consists of mostly nerdy young professionals with a high disposable income and I'm the only woman in the group. It feels nice being the stallion but it really reinforces how autistic I am around normies and that I'm forever forced to hang out with terminally online faggots because I can't get it together. At least the sex and gifts are somewhat decent.

No. 823692

I know, they end up clowning themselves by taking it way too seriously

No. 823693

File: 1622946901704.jpeg (112.14 KB, 453x566, 02CBA335-0D88-4DA3-BA08-18A822…)

I'm spotting only two weeks after my last cycle ended, which isn't normal. I dealt with a lot of stress before my last period hit. is my body keen on punishing me? have I not been through enough torment?

No. 823702

I'm still too embarrassed tbh. Just think of any anime, manga, webcomic, show, etc. that's considered both popular and bad at the same time with questionable fans.
Well that is the group who likes it, what other word should I say? Just children in general? Anyway I'm not mad at them, the point was that there was not that many other people to discuss with. I don't think I'm going to connect with a child or someone who inserts politics into things.

No. 823703

I feel some of this pain. And now I'm obsessed with scenarios and things I can't have. I wanna have a little thrill in a way I never have before, do something that'll fuck up my life, have a motive to die, then I'll gladly die, is that too much to ask?

god if he actually has plans for me and doesn't want me to kms or won't give me my last ride before I die… I have to ask, why he made me a dumb crazy dysfunctional bitch who is constantly held back by her trauma and has trouble getting anything done. someone like me should not be allowed to exist

No. 823705

why cant people fucking post caps when talking about something? oh x person said this on twitter



nasty lil theives

No. 823756

Thought I was going to go to dinner with a friend and had picked a time/place already. After I arrive at the restaurant she says she is going to eat with a different group instead. Like wtf did I do to deserve this???

No. 823764

holy shit my parents are so loud, they are always screaming and bickering at each other, and if they're not they're watching the TV having it turned up really loud, that or they're doing both at the same time. I just want to fucking read and relax on my day off for fucking once, holy fuck.

shit like this is why I don't buy from people who aren't professional sellers. I don't use depop/poshmark/letgo etc because I have heard way too many stories like this one. fuck that bitch, hope she goes out of business soon.

No. 823796

No. 823797

Coming across any discussion of abortion with majority male participants can really boil my brain. Nowhere else would I see/hear the words that women would get pregnant on purpose, just to abort it, but from men explaining women to men, as if it was pleasant or fun for any parties involved.

No. 823799

>women would get pregnant on purpose, just to abort it
That's fucking insane, why on earth would anyone do that?

But yeah I really hate when people think of abortion as avoiding responsibility or getting off easy, it's fucked up enough that people think you should have a baby as punishment for a mistake but they ALSO seem to forget that having an abortion isn't a good time… Like, it's a medical procedure that costs money and has a stigma, anyone would want to avoid that even if they were totally emotionally fine with the idea.

No. 823810

>why on earth would anyone do that?
Forgot to mention that the context was that women would do/do this as a "political statement".
On another well-known forum here I read their seething over that valedictorian speech and that the high schooler(!) only wants abortion rights so she can ride the "cock carousel" in uni. Like at that point, your mask slipped off, and it's clear you're just angry that young people (read: women) are having sex and aren't being heavily punished.

No. 823820

My parents are like that too!
My dad loves to blast his damn music and watch tiktoks super loud. I hate it!! I just want to sleep dammit

No. 823826

I haven’t been on /pt/ in a while but wow I didn’t know the onion and momokun threads were still active. I also didn’t think people would be so invested in momo for this long.

No. 823832

I can't take notes, I hate taking notes. I'd rather read the material 3 times that to prepare written note. I was explaining and clearing up some things about the material for our next exam and was asked to share my notes and I told I don't have any, and I fear they think I'm being selfish for no reason, while I can only get myself to study if I don't have to take notes. I never understood the people that have neat, organized notes that are even color-coded.

No. 823833

Her thread is just anons infighting, tinfoiling, cat sperging and gawking at her being fat now. It's been unreadable for almost two years now.

No. 823837

so because I watch some conservative videos about trans issues, youtube thinks I am an avid michael knowles and ben shapiro fan, and thinks I want to see every single video about how ~abortion is murder~ (lmao) I still don't understand how so many conservative channels think they're shadowbanned

No. 823849

I've been improving mentally and for the last few weeks I've been actually happy and calm. Stopped dreading going to work, feeling like complete shit etc but I have to admit that it's scary. I've been depressed since childhood and am now in my mid 20s and it's all new.
I have no idea who I am when I'm not feeling like shit. I'm not "cured" and am trying to enjoy this period of being happy but it's so incredibly odd that it almost feels like a dream or like something will go very, very wrong soon.

No. 823860

holy shit i never thought i would come across someone who also witnessed that shit
i really hate that her account got suspended she was based as fuck hope she will make a comeback

No. 823863

She's zoomer Jessica Nigri. Give it a few more years until the next 'sexy' low skill cosplayer with a flaw rolls along and starts making money.

No. 823864

mariah was born in 1995, not a zoomer. only a 6 year difference from jessica.

No. 823869

>I just love how it’s okay to make fun of cis women’s bodies, but not trans ones, lmao.
Because male feefees are more important than women's feelings.

And to be fair, considering emotionally maladjusted men are behind stunts like mass shootings, I guess society really does have to cater to them to an extent or else. Until parents start raising boys to be mature earlier like they do girls, then they're just going to be that fragile.

I read a huge blog social post with thousands of shares the other day about a gay man being too fat to get sized for a suit and how he felt "body shamed." He went to cry because the associate politely informed him as such and it's embarrassing to weigh almost 400 pounds uwu. Meanwhile women have to deal with shops not carrying their sizes all the time, even many bespoke stores won't size certain women and ofc sales associates can get away with being rude to us if we're too fat or thin for their wares. But we'd be called "Karens" if we made a stink about those experiences. I can't imagine a woman making a blog and receiving any amount of sympathy for the same issue this screeching fag had got.

No. 823872

It's a reference to her audience, not her.