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File: 1608651965166.jpg (28.71 KB, 600x596, 302.jpg)

No. 699819

Anything goes here.

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

No. 699832

File: 1608652579035.jpg (90.67 KB, 1280x720, edt.jpg)

Ed Sheeran's Toes were very important parts of his body. He would speak out about his toes, often, before concerts, saying "hey guys, welcome to my concert! My little toes are wriggling in excitement!" He would frequently post images to social media of his toes, often with captions such as "They're wiggling! Hnngh!" and "OOwaaaaaa Me Toesies ><"

His toes suffered a massive loss, of their lives. In 2015, through unknown means and for unknown reasons, all 13 of his toes, one day, disappeared. Only Ed Sheeran knows, however his ex spouse has come out and said "ya i stole his toes lol". They broke up after that unfortunate event. The same ex spouse was later known for the flesh stealing incident of 2017, and there are multiple warrants for their arrest.

Ed Sheeran Sucks Toes

He Sucks Em

He Sucks Toes

He Sucks Toes

Ed Sheeran Sucks Toes Because He Misses What He Once Had

Toes by the baker's dozen

Toes by the Pound

Toes Toes Toes

Ed Sheeran Sucked Komaeda's Toes

Ed Sheeran Will Suck Anyone's Toes

His Body Flexes

His Toes A-Wrigglin'

If Only He Had Them

Ed Sheeran, being very close to his toes, had actually named all 13 of them. Their names were, as follows:

1. hoogogougughuhugh Flesh Eater
2. Reaper Of The Darkness And Of The Souls Condemned To Hell
3. The One Who Holds Judgement
4. hot dog
5. Judas Baby
6. Six, Like The Number Of Ed Sheeran's (REDACTED)
7. He Who Watches As The World Is Engulfed In Flame For The Final Time
8. hehe 8
9. awooooWOOWOOOWOoo Pengy
10. god
11. Macklemaeda, Son Of The Chosen Ones, Macklemore And Komaeda
12. The Most Powerful Being Who Shall Smite Us All When The Time Comes
13. number 13 burger king toes the last thing you want in your burger king toes is no toes

No. 699840

File: 1608652787152.gif (919.67 KB, 390x355, 60b.gif)


No. 699841

now kiss!! XDD

No. 699844

these are my thoughts on the matter

No. 699915

File: 1608655595735.gif (1016.22 KB, 500x340, Ic3o6VD.gif)

No. 699960

File: 1608657620010.jpg (43.96 KB, 1024x599, dc-1024x599.jpg)

No. 699965

File: 1608657993958.jpg (79.67 KB, 474x842, 0801d410bc172fa001070ec8fc4bda…)

the craziest thing about that movie is how constantineXking shark was not even the weirdest ship. Like who tf at dc approved damianXraven

No. 699967

kougami shinya come Fuck

No. 699974

File: 1608658578668.jpg (106.47 KB, 1188x2208, image0-15.jpg)

No. 700064

File: 1608660702386.png (1.02 MB, 828x794, 9A960B1C-A4E3-47A8-9DD3-41E416…)

No. 700072

what if adam driver posted here

No. 700086

how did you manage to butcher the impeccable name of the previous thread? RETARDRETARDRETARDDDDD

No. 700088

File: 1608661139671.png (469.62 KB, 1139x1079, _02ce1500d6530fdacd4e60eb8fd2…)

No. 700095

File: 1608661310137.jpg (58.39 KB, 600x450, 3397ed699db930a235e80706b18abb…)

No. 700139

sigh, same

No. 700157

I love this reaction so fucking much. Thank you for reminding me of this.

No. 700162

What is there that a man can give me emotionally that video blogging rpf can't?
Cool snow effect btw

No. 700177

File: 1608664114891.jpg (191.07 KB, 640x915, Untitled.jpg)

No. 700181

File: 1608664203744.png (833.03 KB, 2048x2048, c883f04d-80f6-4bb9-a02b-1ccb99…)

Jungle Anons Untie

No. 700193

File: 1608664895970.jpg (609 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200123-102838.jpg)

No. 700227

reality check, he's an internet-averse boomer retard

No. 700228

Make a Night Jungle theme and I will switch right now. RIGHT NOW.

But my precious sight orbs cannot handle lime green at night.

No. 700231

File: 1608667184475.gif (953.14 KB, 244x192, butdoyou.gif)

No. 700236

File: 1608667381204.jpg (41.72 KB, 603x647, EcpuRXmXgAA4oEZ.jpg)

I'm dog

No. 700238



No. 700240

File: 1608667494665.jpg (16.21 KB, 500x328, dogneedle.jpg)


i'm dog but with needle

No. 700242

this made me actually lol

No. 700288

This is poetry

No. 700304

ABRA (hehe a bra)

No. 700316

File: 1608671404131.gif (558.2 KB, 480x270, BEES_AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.gif)

Calling all bee farmers

No. 700331

File: 1608672090388.gif (2.86 MB, 320x240, mRQ4g_.gif)

Fuck your bees my revolvers are immune to bees

No. 700340

File: 1608672881044.jpg (265.52 KB, 1257x1280, c1f.jpg)


No. 700342

No. 700349

I just realized I am in lovewith young ocelot he is such a chuunibyou cringe bastard but looks like a serious soldier but the part that makes me love him most is that you only see him pop up in cutscenes so every time he appears is a moment to treasure

No. 700371

I'm a bee keeper & I just think that you should all know that this time of year almost every bee you will see is a female because they kill off all of the male bees once the weather starts to get colder

No. 700378

File: 1608675375177.png (44.43 KB, 511x126, AA08424E-2383-4DE6-AD78-F4D345…)

No. 700381

File: 1608675531279.png (417.44 KB, 812x866, 133.png)

ouch! stubbed my toe, must've been those pesky fujos/scrotes/vulture chan/ham-chan/finnanon/the wind/billie eyelash/a borzoi/my pimple/shayna/the jannies/a box of oreos/the neighbor's sister's boyfriend's teacher/adam driver/the blade of grass 2 blocks away from the pharmacy/a pee stained tissue/ or pitbull

No. 700382

>this time of year almost every bee you will see is a female because they kill off all of the male bees once the weather starts to get colder
Also actual bee keepers on lolcow?? That is amazing

No. 700385

hey, I'm a beekeeper too.
Where are you based? You can just give me the region, not a town. I'm asking because I want to know what sorts of bees are you keeping?

No. 700389

File: 1608675796043.jpeg (91.09 KB, 500x489, 182D3B7D-ADBF-4A3A-8A2E-E575F4…)

No. 700391

>Where are you based?

No. 700394

I'm the anon that asked you >>700385 because I'm from Europe and different parts of europe have specific bee species pertaining to them. I wanted to ask more how's the year going for you and if you're happy with the results but if you don't feel like talking, that's okay I guess.

No. 700395

feel like I'm at the gates of lolcow greener pastures and the site's past months flashed before my eyes

No. 700396

File: 1608675999308.png (561.02 KB, 720x418, skelt.png)

No. 700400

File: 1608676083864.gif (1.37 MB, 320x240, UIBIrmg.gif)

Um I meant to tag this post >>700391 but I guess I get to post another reaction

No. 700404

>the neighbor's sister's boyfriend's teacher
Is this a specific reference or just how a lot of posts sounds

No. 700410

i just threw in some random shit to mix it up tbh

No. 700429

I like your hat.

No. 700544

After many years of strenuous and thorough research, I have come to the conclusion that… I hate everyone. Fuck y’all.

No. 700547

KEK look at this retard researching something everyone feels

No. 700548

I'll kiss you…on your forehead!

No. 700550

You got to let go of your misanthropic ways

No. 700573

File: 1608695989823.gif (1.07 MB, 600x550, 5.gif)

No. 700591

A woman of quality I see

No. 700645

File: 1608704431826.png (140.18 KB, 397x399, 1608511945617.png)

I just found out pork ternderloin (filete de lomo) is as lean as a chicken with no skin on, and it's pretty cheap, so I wanted to share this knowledge with fellow farmers who are trying to lose weight; pic not related

No. 700669

shut up nerd

No. 700689

File: 1608708900511.jpg (241.69 KB, 1648x1300, 1588524875036.jpg)

The funny threads aren't funny
The regular posting somehow is

No. 700767

File: 1608723528722.jpg (65.13 KB, 284x439, 1608696152287.jpg)

who else is coming with me?

No. 700768

I've heard about this before. This is them telemarketing calls I've always been warned about! Nice try, normie to anime waifu pipeline.

No. 700773

File: 1608724714679.jpg (89.04 KB, 1280x852, IABHZ63FYNFXBADGTI5Q54NTC4.jpg)

No. 700774

File: 1608724875983.jpg (195.31 KB, 1073x512, d59253742bb956fe47b9ed8133c8fc…)

is this what they call himbofication?

she's so sexy…

No. 700775

File: 1608724963020.jpeg (33.06 KB, 660x787, 208909.jpeg)

No. 700777


becky rowling vs stacy azealia

No. 700779

he's such a cool dude, he not only made monkey ball but also yakuza… what a chad

No. 700781

I feel like the most attractive is either number 4 or number 8

No. 700786

File: 1608726032851.jpg (348.26 KB, 1280x1707, 1598634151529.jpg)

Can we pls make Miku into a terf icon

No. 700788

File: 1608726311735.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 219.8 KB, 1200x970, 296B70A4-B7C5-4E3C-98C6-E2D80A…)

No. 700799

File: 1608727353192.jpeg (26.36 KB, 225x225, 32E0AD13-A632-4394-87E3-10690D…)

No. 700811

File: 1608728596678.jpg (207.4 KB, 1527x2160, 33385d1491cbf7138fadeb4c7e2475…)

I want cool Russian girl friends so that we can bond over memes and the fuckery of the west

No. 700813

i ship them

No. 700816

southeastern euro / balkan anons where are you

No. 700821

here i am sister too bad our region is so small i'm gonna doxx myself by revealing further info

No. 700827


No. 700831

I knew there were trannies between us, lol.

No. 700832


No. 700840

croatia here

No. 700849

Theme of Adamposting

No. 700858

Krazy Orgy - Panty & Stocking ft. Pitbull

No. 700859

No. 700865

File: 1608734882473.jpg (599.62 KB, 1080x1543, 1603331467415.jpg)

Ah, an old friend.

No. 700874

No. 700953

File: 1608742415790.png (355.39 KB, 468x600, A5155C17-8E66-44EA-B0D8-201622…)

She already is ♥ ♥ ♥

No. 700969

lmao who is drawing these? anonymous surely but where did you find them?

No. 700987

the second one is an edit lol

No. 700997

Kek you know it’s an edit because people with these ugly artsyles are always sucking troon dick

No. 701053

File: 1608751179068.jpg (27.98 KB, 345x350, IMG_20201221_130434.jpg)

I saw this and realized that momokun was in character after all

No. 701199

File: 1608759010148.jpg (49.19 KB, 540x405, aw.jpg)

Thinking about this image

No. 701228

File: 1608759800459.gif (131.04 KB, 400x300, rinkagamine.gif)

I get it cracking like a bad back
Bitch talking she the queen when she looking like a lab rat
I'm Angelina, you Jennifer
C'mon, bitch, you see, where Brad at?
Ice my wrist-es then I piss on bitches
You could suck my diznick, if you take these jizzes
You don't like them disses, give my ass some kisses
Yeah, they know what this is, give bitches the business
'Cause I pull up and I'm stuntin' but I ain't a stuntman
Yes, I'm rockin' Jordans, but I ain't a jumpman
Bitches play the back 'cause they know I'm the frontman
Put me on a dollar 'cause I'm who they trust in
Ayo SB, what the fuck's good?
We ship platinum, them bitches is shippin' wood
Them nappy headed hoes, but my kitchen good
I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish a bitch would

No. 701236

File: 1608760008183.jpeg (178.95 KB, 854x900, 1608161484820.jpeg)

No. 701239

File: 1608760056032.jpg (90.3 KB, 540x400, 96f589e1ff6b_63fa0311_540.jpg)

picture timeeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 701250

File: 1608760387918.gif (129.46 KB, 827x591, 1491657804_res.gif)

No. 701254

File: 1608760473150.jpg (102.85 KB, 450x338, 436369-bigthumbnail.jpg)

Niggas will believe whatever you tell 'em, if you tell 'em enough
Helpful when you sellin' some stuff, or startin' a war
They rotten at the heart, at the core
I'm plottin' to pour LSD in the reservoir
All over the floor, I'm bringin' psilocybin on tour
I'm hidin' the cure, for fixin' niggas, I'm very sure
Stop bein' depressed, step outside and puff out your chest
He made you the best, that's ever gonna jump out the nest
I'm a crushin' a pest, you rushin' to get up like you next
You failin' the test, impale yourself through one of your breasts
Somewhere on your chest
Your heart departs and leaves you with less
Now, look at this mess, bitch, pull yourself together, no rest

No. 701256

File: 1608760501640.jpg (59.44 KB, 540x720, w1qitbs1o1_540.jpg)

thinking about burgiesss
burger time
ham bagah

No. 701261

File: 1608760594714.gif (121.73 KB, 320x320, 95e67698914c0363159c58b01fcf66…)

I feel like Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
We mobbin' through the lobby, that faggot tried to rob me
No ho, like D'Lo, bitch
I feel like Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
I think the copper saw me, but I ain't chain-link-hoppin'
'Cause I ain't see no shit

No. 701262

File: 1608760601432.jpg (147.13 KB, 1242x1301, hungy.JPG)


No. 701263

File: 1608760650688.jpg (22.35 KB, 496x247, Man-on-leash.jpg)

No. 701265

File: 1608760730447.jpeg (364.15 KB, 1920x1080, 1EAAC2F8-C4FC-46E7-ADBF-1B0D4A…)

What do you like on your burgie, anon? Answer now or forever hold your piece!

No. 701266

I love rikki tikki tavi he was my favorite story from the jungle book

No. 701270

Begone Lil Darkie fan!

No. 701280

File: 1608761176172.jpeg (1.95 MB, 2409x3000, lf.jpeg)

Same anon :)


No. 701282

who needs pornhub when this exists anyway

No. 701300

Not to be racist but why do all chinese men look like Kevin hart?

No. 701312

File: 1608762477417.jpg (51.75 KB, 465x282, china_nuns_armwrestling.jpg)

happy Holidayyyysssssss

No. 701318

What color are your nails right now mine are purple like milka chocolate but iridescent

No. 701329

I have no nails caus i ate em

No. 701338

oh omy god I'm sorry for your loss

No. 701343

File: 1608763377424.png (1.05 MB, 685x653, death.PNG)

Help her!!!!

No. 701351

I am literally just about to paint them in Essie's Ballet Slipper, the colour the queen wears. My toenails are a baby pink.

No. 701357

File: 1608764308936.jpeg (97.52 KB, 750x654, EjWMbMHXkAEMjX9.jpeg)

which one r u i'm emo

No. 701363

No. 701366

the only swag I know of is pretty boy swag

No. 701369

im swag

No. 701390

File: 1608765945166.gif (499.11 KB, 500x229, tumblr_mgiwta1eAP1rnuujpo1_500…)

No. 701408


No. 701434

File: 1608769346696.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.42 KB, 351x346, k.jpg)

No. 701704

i painted them a sparkly green to match my christmas elf outfit kek

No. 701706

File: 1608795035531.jpg (37.74 KB, 900x900, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…)

fok im wamt burgie too burgie kang iz opn but i no want be a butt going anywhere during krisma

No. 701732



No. 701751

haha,the guy behind third world quality is getting exposed for being a supposed pedophile. seems like everyones getting a turn.

No. 701752

Wait, what the fuck? I love(d) his aesthetic, that's fucked. Receipts?

No. 701753

No. 701757

I thought TWQ was a 15 yr old boy in Argentina or something? Not like 15 yr Argentinian boys can't be pedos but is that not the case?

No. 701765

File: 1608801397804.jpg (102.74 KB, 1080x1920, keeganlove__2020.12.24_tal7yo.…)

Samefagging, found the receipts (I think). From @keeganlove_'s IG story. Posting here.

No. 701767

File: 1608801440801.jpg (183.59 KB, 1080x1920, keeganlove__2020.12.24_qx6729.…)

No. 701770

File: 1608801573358.jpg (261.13 KB, 1080x1920, keeganlove__2020.12.24_oyv8c6.…)

No. 701775

File: 1608801769224.png (967.37 KB, 1788x998, ofd3.png)

TWQ's response.

No. 701777

File: 1608801934498.jpg (81.55 KB, 1080x1798, third.world.quality_2020.12.24…)

From the "Xpose" highlight

No. 701779

File: 1608802015671.jpg (101.01 KB, 1080x1798, third.world.quality_2020.12.24…)

>the CP < Illegal Porn is something I'm gonna explain in another history

No. 701782

File: 1608802045537.jpg (111.08 KB, 1080x1798, third.world.quality_2020.12.24…)

No. 701783

File: 1608802147982.jpg (45.05 KB, 1080x1798, third.world.quality_2020.12.24…)

No. 701784

What's that? A valid problematic triggered toxic abusive terf victim oof!

No. 701786

File: 1608802255984.jpg (101.42 KB, 1080x1798, third.world.quality_2020.12.24…)

This is wild to me, because these pictures don't seem to show anything about the Russian or American governments being connected. It's like he used those photos and CP "buzzwords" for aesthetic.

No. 701787

File: 1608802277696.jpg (73.88 KB, 1080x1798, third.world.quality_2020.12.24…)

No. 701789

File: 1608802377245.jpg (160.67 KB, 1080x1798, third.world.quality_2020.12.24…)

No. 701791

File: 1608802485495.jpg (160.09 KB, 1080x1798, third.world.quality_2020.12.24…)

No. 701792

File: 1608802601486.jpg (176.19 KB, 1080x1798, third.world.quality_2020.12.24…)

No. 701795

File: 1608802749505.jpg (69.08 KB, 1080x1798, third.world.quality_2020.12.24…)

No. 701798

File: 1608802985274.png (1.45 MB, 1592x1510, jgke1.png)

So…He just hops over himself saying "i still remember your nudes"/"if at 13 you had that body i cant imagine now", and when he was 15, telling a 13 year old girl he wants to piss/shit on her after receiving her nudes.

No. 701808

Samefagging again. Apparently, the picture of the girl with the guns isn't actually from anything fucked up, it's from a thread about guns on an Indonesian forum.
No clue on the other, and not even sure if I want to look. Sorry for autistic digging, it's just that I've seen that particular one floating around on Tumblr a lot, and reading this shit had me worried it'd be like that photo of the kid with the cigarette.

No. 701825

File: 1608806835898.jpeg (199.89 KB, 658x783, 32FC3362-A1F4-44C9-8BCB-CC52CB…)

Look me in the eye and tell me I’m beautiful

No. 701834

C-can I ask you a question?

No. 701835

File: 1608807561757.gif (497.57 KB, 500x250, pounce.gif)

No. 701855

File: 1608810681211.jpg (154.01 KB, 720x1280, b3a99b1af398caf0636a81839daac0…)

Merry Xmas to all my based driverspergs especially the Kylo Ren cosplay fuck anon!♥ everyone else have a nice day I guess

No. 701859

File: 1608811097095.jpg (720.76 KB, 1000x1723, 1591470455512.jpg)

I'm stroking my cock as fast as I fucking can.
You can't outstroke my cock eggman, its bigger and more oval than you.
I'm stroking, goddamnit tails, stroke your fucking cock faster we gotta beat eggman
Fuck YOU eggman! I can stroke my cock at 100 x wavelength speed than you can.
Oh fuck sonic, its CHAFING, I don't think I can…
Shut the fuck up you fucking scab, fucking stroke your cock or I'll beat you to pieces.
Nyahaahaha, you two can not keep up with me, I Dr. Eggman is using TWO robots to get my cock stroked much faster than you, because they have cock propulsion!
"Stroke" "Stroke" "Stroke" Stroke" "Stroke"
I know what will get us to stroke our cocks faster!
"Shows post image"
No, don't post a picture of rouge sonic, or I'll splooooooooooge!
Oh dear god, you got it in my mustache you stupid fox!
Blah, Eggman you creamed into my fur you deviant!
Huh oh no, i'm the third wheel,
Haha looks like you got a milk mustache Eggman!
Oh yea, what about you, I'll squirt all over you!

No. 701861

nonnie valid problematic triggered toxic abusive terf victim oof

No. 701867

File: 1608811899486.png (Spoiler Image, 748.39 KB, 810x888, killmeplease.png)


raises tail

hnnn… nnnnggggh…








nngghhhhh… ngAAahh!!!…

nnhhHNNGGGHH- THTHHRRPRPTPHHHFFTTTgurgurburubrburburblebublburbububr- plip- plip drip… drip..

huh… Yaagh! jesus… nggggh…



hhh…. hhh….

hhhuuuhhh… fuck….



anyone have a plunger xD

No. 701870

File: 1608812293495.jpg (418.66 KB, 1056x784, ChristmasDriver.jpg)

Merry Chirstmas to all driver poster. Ily all.

No. 701879

File: 1608812900445.jpg (88.5 KB, 720x909, a5b493057c09f38d494f46f1c2fe4f…)

lets get festive

Merry christmas to all the driverspergs, borzoifags and the kylo ren anon!!!

No. 701880

File: 1608812922618.jpg (52.42 KB, 400x400, w6mpCbKX_400x400.jpg)

No. 701881

File: 1608812955235.png (1.23 MB, 1200x676, Adam-Driver-SNL-Christmas.png)

No. 701882

File: 1608813028800.jpg (19.7 KB, 600x340, DvQhJbFWoAASh12.jpg)

No. 701890

why did i send this with the scat copypasta i just wanted to post le funny 9/11 shayna edit i made

No. 701897

somehow i didn't even question it

No. 701923

File: 1608817285566.jpg (57.91 KB, 500x524, 20dwbs.jpg)

Ily you anons! let's all wish for 2021 being the best year for driverfags yet
driverfag mod when

No. 701981

File: 1608829059408.jpeg (135.27 KB, 1200x733, 7AEDFFDE-A541-4ADA-BA3F-4849AD…)

Y-y-y-y-You’re b-b-b-b-beau-beau-beaut-beautiful-beautif-f-f—f—-ful sweats

No. 701983

File: 1608829098884.jpeg (64.89 KB, 500x667, 5786EAC7-7CD0-498A-8C3A-4F491B…)


No. 701990

File: 1608829636961.jpg (30.43 KB, 636x355, 0a4bf6b2d29e5bcacaa90e4642f701…)

I am Kylo Ren Cosplay Fuck anon and this made me cackle, I love you bitches, hope everyone here has a fantastic couple of days
Merry Christmas

No. 701992

Merry Christmas you fucking fags!

No. 701993

It made it so much more ominous and daunting IMHO very fitting

No. 702011

File: 1608831325832.jpg (1.68 MB, 3006x1872, merry shitmas.jpg)

femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel sperg femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel scrote femcel

No. 702019

File: 1608832346713.gif (444.12 KB, 320x259, ca297fe35ea76e6950f8415acc9b2f…)

armpit hair is hot!!

No. 702024

I started reading this in the tune of baby shark

No. 702026

this is how i'll read all arguments from now on

No. 702030

File: 1608834899562.gif (493.38 KB, 320x218, 0c649a17ec1e5f5ca340248b4ef4e4…)

Guess what butches, I have a midi keyboard AND a legal, non-laggy copy of FL studio now.
It's O V E R.

No. 702033

>over for many girls

No. 702035

Butch musicians are shaking in their boots

Jk, congratulations anon! I barely know what that stuff is but, I hope you have fun

No. 702124

cool! what kind of music are you planning to make?

No. 702149

Merry Chrysler!

No. 702199

Merry crisis!

No. 702230

No. 702231



No. 702232


No. 702235

TUMMY HUrts just want to poop easy and forever and be comfort

No. 702315


No. 702341

Merry Christmas retards

No. 702372

File: 1608896078077.jpg (105.92 KB, 750x744, tumblr_3e73e219b3342584c4c25ae…)

No. 702374

File: 1608896334005.jpg (123.81 KB, 1280x720, leons.jpg)

choose your leon

No. 702375

I choose…. all!!!

Mwah mwah mwah mwah Mwah mwah mwah mwah!!

No. 702376

you ever see a dumb comment on a random post and click on the blog and it’s like a conservative vegan terf covid denier or some shit and you end up scrolling way too long and when you finally leave the blog you feel like you just came up from the bottom of a dark swimming pool gasping for air

you ever see a dumb comment on a random post and click on the blog and it’s like a conservative vegan terf covid denier or some shit and you end up scrolling way too long and when you finally leave the blog you feel like you just came up from the bottom of a dark swimming pool gasping for air
you ever see a dumb comment on a random post and click on the blog and it’s like a conservative vegan terf covid denier or some shit and you end up scrolling way too long and when you finally leave the blog you feel like you just came up from the bottom of a dark swimming pool gasping for air

No. 702378

I know Rick Sanchez is like a huge joke and it’s not like I kin him or anything but I still do do find him ultra relatable in all the worst and most painful ways, like, the “saying a seemingly random nonsense phrase that means ‘I’m in great pain please help me’ in another language and numbing with substances and over abundance of social stimulation” …… I still Felt That

No. 702380

(copy pasted from my favorite troon tumblr blog)

No. 702381

Suuuuureee anon. Those are TOTALLY from a tumblr blog and definitely not your thoughts.

It's ok. We won't judge you.

No. 702382

File: 1608897334616.jpeg (89.1 KB, 750x741, D5F4B0E0-E207-43C5-8B03-34BD5C…)


No. 702385

No. 702389

File: 1608897681045.jpeg (34.21 KB, 518x592, images (18).jpeg)

me??? nah I would never be a 27 year old ftm troon who roleplays having multiple personality disordes and bpd… unless??

I would kill myself if I was…

No. 702390

File: 1608897774254.jpg (339.68 KB, 1080x2991, 25122020130208.jpg)

but those are from an actual he/him tumblr

No. 702392

nah not falling for that again, posted it once when an anon asked alongside a compilation of crazy posts and nobody replied, and the troon got so ass mad that she had to use her tier c tumblr famous friend to defend her. sad.

No. 702394

dang I bet you are her or her friend cause I wasnt gonna post it either way lol
she doesn't deserve any fame, good or not.

No. 702396

imagine being a he/him

No. 702401

Wtf is this shit

No. 702405

Please listen to this Gasolina remix

No. 702420

a he/him ftm troon is still a troon

No. 702427

File: 1608900196815.png (842.73 KB, 1108x754, toddgrande.png)


No. 702429

fuck it. leon vs chris dance battle! who wins?

No. 702436

File: 1608900784838.jpeg (9.35 KB, 194x200, images (19).jpeg)

Mfw knowing I have issues but at least I'm not a tranny

No. 702453

No. 702504

you forgot komaeda anon

No. 702510

TBH Belle Delphine should had become a tik toker, she has the wit, the funny, the looks, and the weird face. She could had done pic related alongside some kawaii shit (like the makeup tutorial and bedroom tour she once uploaded), like, things with personality and etc. But she instead chose to suck a ugly scrote off on camera

No. 702512

File: 1608912230724.jpg (120.54 KB, 540x538, 1550673120566.jpg)

Women and sp*rm makers

No. 702514


No. 702516

File: 1608912723445.png (74.64 KB, 257x257, baby.png)

merry christmo every1

No. 702519

File: 1608912844119.jpg (142.2 KB, 600x629, 1608817735173.jpg)

merry himbas

No. 702534

She doesnt have the squeaky loli voice tho
I find it ironic how her voice is normal-deep.

No. 702555

File: 1608916590441.png (1.43 KB, 42x38, cringe.png)


No. 702558

I felt this in my soul anon

No. 702560

File: 1608916914146.png (257.52 KB, 600x863, EqDmtBEUcAATdN8.png)

No. 702564

This looks exactly like my cat, Merry Christmas!!!

No. 702653

File: 1608925942287.jpg (8.38 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

No. 702654

Does your cat turn into a cute boy too when you kiss it?
It's from a manga called 猫とキス (Neko to kiss), idk if there's a translation

No. 702657

File: 1608926399765.jpg (156.56 KB, 919x1067, Screenshot_20200822-193438__01…)

POV: you've successfully come across yandere dev trapped inside an oven. He demands you to let him out and calls you a fucking roastie too.

What do you do next

No. 702660

turn on the oven to 240 degrees

No. 702662

File: 1608926656546.jpg (67.15 KB, 471x581, 1608926399765__01__01.jpg)

No. 702664

Just watch him burn

No. 702673

File: 1608927443195.jpg (43.97 KB, 283x367, qdysjuqw5rd51.jpg)

No. 702675

File: 1608927581223.jpg (63.95 KB, 944x430, a54.jpg)

No. 702677

File: 1608927685053.jpg (67.54 KB, 720x710, 20201225_171845.jpg)

No. 702679

File: 1608927720262.jpg (60.79 KB, 720x711, 20201225_171904.jpg)

No. 702680


No. 702681

>>700799 Miku Hatsune dice:
"¡Es hora de patear TERFS!"

No. 702685

cállate a la verga pendeja

No. 702687

No sabes escribir, huevona.

No. 702688

y tú sí culera?

No. 702689

Cállate, pajúa.

No. 702692

File: 1608928518945.jpeg (12.57 KB, 300x168, AE91C247-BABE-444F-9ADD-CC55E8…)

No. 702694

File: 1608928637980.jpeg (151.84 KB, 749x746, 4E5222ED-6604-43D2-8432-2D0109…)


No. 702696

File: 1608928671995.jpg (47.45 KB, 736x415, 11b43b0db85f2197322a329743105e…)

Am I a

No. 702697

File: 1608928970281.jpg (80.84 KB, 771x595, 2110.jpg)

No. 702700

File: 1608929622923.png (19.97 KB, 105x105, sdfsdfe.png)

All of my online profiles have a weird African guy's pic and a name like Habumbe Marumba so nobody can give me trouble anymore and ever since I've done that my stress levels have gone down a lot

No. 702703

>>702685 TERF ardida detectada.

No. 702705

File: 1608930063757.gif (2.26 MB, 220x220, tenor-1.gif)

>>702697 POV: Yandev is in front of you. What you do?

No. 702706

>Tronino ardido detectado<

No. 702707

File: 1608930242370.gif (54.02 KB, 250x200, die.gif)

No. 702713

File: 1608930756113.jpeg (44.96 KB, 640x520, 5f2c6873b3c5b.jpeg)

No. 702722

File: 1608933266197.jpg (17.49 KB, 367x397, 0abcee627e3755c759704414f52038…)

No. 702736

I unironically think Yandev is cute. Put me out of my misery pls

No. 702738

File: 1608935319070.jpeg (77.1 KB, 750x745, 49493F79-7FEE-43BF-B2D3-51DD1F…)

No. 702740

I think he was kinda cute too, but he's just too insufferable so it went full circle and now I think he's ugly

No. 702742

File: 1608936324036.gif (2.07 MB, 460x246, 8Szr.gif)

>should had
>could had
It's have goddamnit

No. 702754


No. 702779

he was okay before. not so much now. like damn did he go downhill. he's bloated as fuck.

No. 702785

File: 1608942136215.jpg (21.7 KB, 650x366, literally him.jpg)

No. 702812

File: 1608946550883.gif (994.45 KB, 475x334, 9da93160e23a0d4738823a6f94fe31…)

No. 702816

File: 1608946897397.gif (3.45 MB, 366x267, burger_spinning.gif)

hello fellow spinning burger lover. I raise you this one. btw it's totally not a computer virus

No. 702861

disgusting troon detected

No. 702881

Why does Seth MacFarlane voice almost all the characters in family guy? They all sound the same and it is so weird.

No. 702884

>>700799 idk what's TERF, i only say that because the red text. Lmaooo.

No. 702905


No. 702910

No. 703070

The word woman is like a combination of the words womb and man. Etymologically speaking am I just a man with a womb?

No. 703076

It’s actually
>wife of man
Which is kind of retarded.

No. 703077

That's even worse than what my retarded stoner brain blurted out about wombs

No. 703155

File: 1609014162395.jpeg (69.96 KB, 750x328, C0279CB1-F78A-4BA1-8B3C-E40014…)

No. 703166

Report it to the authorities for being gross.

No. 703178

‘Man’ used to be gender-neutral and just meant person. Woman (originally wifmann) obviously referred to a female, whereas werman referred to a male. Somewhere the wer- affix stopped being used for males, though it can still be seen in the word werewolf (‘man-wolf’)

Don’t let men be thinking the world revolves around them any more than necessary.

No. 703184

'Wifmann' sounds like some obscure badminton terminology, I love it

No. 703186

File: 1609019069597.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, D3F42D95-12DB-4307-93D2-C61228…)

No. 703193

File: 1609020193586.jpg (174.63 KB, 650x650, qlPBKQnj65.jpg)

Make the snowflakes stop I'm fucking tripping out and can feel them on my skin

No. 703208

So there you go uh, can't make a wife outta a hoAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 703236

i am so sick of red scare

No. 703238

File: 1609030839057.gif (616.91 KB, 500x281, anotherperiod-beatriceyell.gif)

No. 703242


No. 703245

File: 1609032569964.jpg (15.18 KB, 480x360, fp.jpg)

[beautiful orchestra music plays]

No. 703281

top 20 scary logos…oh fuck…I peed while watching this video. Watch at your own risk!!!!!

No. 703286

File: 1609042189574.jpeg (90.18 KB, 609x1010, 97DA504B-BFD4-413D-9885-E9A74D…)

No. 703290

File: 1609045755773.jpeg (4.79 KB, 259x195, download (2).jpeg)


No. 703296

90s-2000s YTV logos were iconic lmao

No. 703314

File: 1609052973081.jpeg (77.21 KB, 750x541, 6D462995-D5BA-4EFF-BA4E-89FD7F…)

Tiktok comments I found funny pt 1 (retarded)

No. 703315

Aw man. This is like walking into a "your mom" joke. They never saw it coming. Poor thing.

No. 703329

File: 1609056365983.jpg (43.2 KB, 640x417, 8bb2e72d-f541-4bd5-abc9-52b7b2…)

when he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster cause I slay

go vegan

No. 703336

File: 1609057254017.jpeg (25.01 KB, 567x408, 4A345B0F-EE6E-4D3A-BBF5-864876…)

No. 703341

File: 1609058704734.jpeg (25.5 KB, 290x403, DD4A2F71-8C77-4B74-8A7C-73B764…)

II WANT!!!! TO EAT!!!!!! A FUCKING!!!!!!! PRETZEL!!!!!!!!!! BUT!!!!!!!!I HAVE!!!!!!!!! TO DRIVE!!!!!!!!!’ AT LEAST!!!!!!!!! HALF AN HOUR!!!!!!!!! PUT OF TOWN!!!!!!!!!!! TO GET ONE!!!!!!!!!!’nn

No. 703343

File: 1609059483273.jpeg (52.19 KB, 554x554, images - 2020-11-30T173630.878…)


No. 703344

File: 1609059547981.jpg (118.02 KB, 1080x1355, 1589910833295.jpg)

just told the work group chat about my work crush will let you guys know if it pans out

No. 703353

File: 1609061893486.jpg (175.31 KB, 640x633, 72864591.jpg)

goro is short for gorothy

No. 703376

hanako is one of us i don't say this lightly

No. 703379

File: 1609069159814.gif (1.31 MB, 498x373, 299163711.gif)


No. 703381

File: 1609069490959.jpg (134.29 KB, 821x1023, 234801702-028.jpg)

i miss jackie diaz
i miss her masterpieces


No. 703384

No. 703428


No. 703440

File: 1609078492271.jpg (115.46 KB, 1300x960, a hot dog that looks like a su…)

glizzy gobbling champion

No. 703441

Thanks now I’m going to be looking at these images forever

No. 703585

File: 1609096192471.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.78 KB, 1400x933, Dkv1FtrX4AcOqCB.jpg)

points to his wiener is that seat taken?

No. 703596

I was thinking about this the other day and couldn't remember what it was called nor the name of the creator of this masterpiece

No. 703615

File: 1609098466673.png (740.01 KB, 1280x1155, tumblr_ptjxz5Lvz01v2oldw_1280.…)

this shit makes me crack up every time wtf is this shit

No. 703617

Imagine your husband-brother saying some shit like this to you while giving birth

No. 703687

File: 1609105972741.jpeg (67.2 KB, 604x542, 8E4FAAEB-C509-44C3-AEFC-275BB0…)

Million dollar puthayyyyy~

No. 703690

File: 1609106394620.jpeg (66.36 KB, 640x438, 535AE982-EA61-441F-9141-23E302…)

here's looking at you, bitch

No. 703691

he's having a war flashback

No. 703702


No. 703717


No. 703718

boobs with fu




No. 703719

File: 1609111642228.jpg (102.08 KB, 640x800, SZ94RAhUNDQ.jpg)


please pelase please please let me put my head between them please please please ma'am please a crumb of booba please pleaplsepl lpepleaplslpeplalpelpaelpaelpalpelpealpasplaple OHHg ? yes

feel like shit just want her back x

No. 703721

File: 1609111869761.jpeg (32.85 KB, 472x649, 717254281.jpeg)

I hope the Adam-borzoifags see this

No. 703722

File: 1609111900059.jpg (339.04 KB, 2048x2048, 20201228_062926.jpg)

No. 703723

File: 1609112534235.jpeg (389.34 KB, 1139x1109, 15FAA3BE-702B-40A8-9183-BB8301…)

This is beautiful.

No. 703749

kashiwagi's reaction kek
ngl he's kinda hot with that hair

No. 703751

File: 1609117375387.jpg (48.9 KB, 720x960, e4e295b8e7b240a2a1aae20e044c14…)

This crossover is too powerful.
But I still think he looks way more like these cats etcetc

No. 703772

File: 1609122478495.png (139.11 KB, 619x533, 52D606BD-1474-42EB-9DB0-063942…)

No. 703834

File: 1609135685749.jpg (688.16 KB, 1620x1080, Common_toad_Bufo_bufo_multiple…)

how long until women can single-handedly carry on the human race in ballz

No. 703852

File: 1609138090991.jpeg (45.92 KB, 377x731, 54748A60-51EF-47EC-8AC5-2A78B4…)

No. 703897


about the same time the state can grow human drones in vats and decides this whole democracy shit isn't worth the hassle when it can hold brain implant-leashed gimps subsisting on chicken shit in a pig pen

No. 703908

File: 1609147968460.png (56.84 KB, 300x100, 66.png)

I'm very much an adam driver fan now thanks to this retarded website

No. 703931

File: 1609149912640.png (322.5 KB, 558x700, adamyes.png)

oh my god pppffbbfbfbttt its perfect

No. 703937

File: 1609150229244.png (177.47 KB, 700x505, lol.png)

No. 703941

File: 1609150379688.png (247.45 KB, 558x700, borzoiyes.png)

also made a borzoi version

No. 703944

File: 1609150645405.png (1.16 MB, 1125x1103, A0rhyax.png)

No. 703949

File: 1609151058864.gif (3.51 MB, 700x394, source.gif)

No. 703950

File: 1609151097091.png (360.8 KB, 718x645, adamborzoi.png)

driverspergs and borzoifags are friends!!!

No. 703951

laura en america

No. 703952

Truly lolcow ultimate husband and pet dog.

No. 703961

File: 1609152264959.gif (5.82 MB, 456x334, tickle.gif)


No. 703981

Every motherfucker who looks like a Greek statue or Renaissance and/or Baroque painting is a trickster!!!

No. 703986

oh my god, I wanted to say that I love the Adam and borzoi art but it turned out I just got banned for posting about AD.
I came back here and it got so much better!!! I love the banner and the memes, IDK if I get banned for saying that… I need to show my love to you guys, this is amazing ♥ thinking about stopping using lolcow because of the retarded bans but I will miss you guys so much, holy shit

No. 703994

don't care didn't ask plus you call women females

No. 704011

if adam driver and the borzois was a real band what music would they play?

No. 704013

No. 704016

The mods need to realize that Girl just wanna to have fun

No. 704076


No. 704090

File: 1609164222971.gif (13.77 KB, 222x198, 4CB1375B-79C0-4640-A631-646716…)


No. 704092

speedcore gabber breakcore with brostep (all in one song)

No. 704094

wow is there more adam + borzoi art?

Also, hot take: Mods shouldn't ban adamposting here because this is literally the thread for shitposting, and that includes adamposting

No. 704102

Even my spergy nigel boyfriend who is a 4channer (but not the rapist kind) agrees that lolcow has serious moderation issues

No. 704112

Anons stop showing your fellas our website we don't want them.

No. 704113

File: 1609166617145.jpeg (7.9 KB, 200x200, D3314E3B-48ED-4851-801E-B7CF87…)

ahh yeas. it is quite Womackian in its design. its craftsmanship holds markers reminiscent of Womackian influences.

No. 704117

0/10 would not smoke weed from

No. 704128

why is a male giving his opinion on lolcow

No. 704130

4chan has worse moderation issues than lolcow, comparatively speaking.

No. 704137

File: 1609168534374.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.47 KB, 1273x1080, Janniesbtfo.jpg)

I wish the Jannies are gone

No. 704139


it's not like lolcow is our sekrit club lmao, I have shown him screenshots of my bans and the reasons why I was banned and he said it was unjust. He actually hates that I come here because he avoids drama and confrontation

No. 704141

he looks hot like always

No. 704146

>it's not like lolcow is our sekrit club lmao
it should be. also why does his opinion matter?

No. 704155

no1curr about your smelly scrote bf and his opinion of lolcow. imagine getting validation from a male on a female website kek

No. 704159

Why do you care so much about this website that you're showing your boyfriend your bans and complaining about them

No. 704161

Half agree but why are showing this to your boyfrined?

No. 704164


No. 704168

File: 1609170578337.jpeg (403.88 KB, 1242x1991, DBAFFDFA-4CA7-4FE1-86BF-66B9E2…)

>she thinks we care about what her Y chromosomoid thinks of lolcow

No. 704173

>it should be
exactly, these "muh bf/husband knows i post here" anons are annoying. i don't want any more male lurkers/posters here than there already are i fully support gay farmers telling their gfs about lolcow though, we need more lesbian posters here

No. 704175

god, can you imagine her boyfriend (a 4channer for christs sake) mentioning lolcow and getting fucking raided by scrotesville because anon couldn't keep her flapper shit?

No. 704176

*shut oops

No. 704186

why did you all reply if you so quote on quote dont care then? I already said he doesnt care about lolcow. Why should he come here?

It's not like I was showing him all the spergery or anything, I was showing him how unfair some mods are, because talking about something funny to someone close to you is normal. He values my radfemish opinions and just really doesn't care to troll somewhere. Also me showing him has happened in the past, not today. He loves the borzoiposters and driverspergs btw, he thinks it's the best thing that has come out of this website.

No. 704190

No one cares about your gay ass boyfriend's opinions and neither should you. Pathetic.

No. 704191

File: 1609172563489.jpg (86.31 KB, 632x782, 92iwh171jwg717.jpg)

No. 704193

File: 1609172742048.jpeg (124.5 KB, 1105x448, B5928AC2-926E-40E3-A390-A5DE33…)

No. 704194

>He loves the borzoiposters and driverspergs btw, he thinks it's the best thing that has come out of this website.
even more of a reason to not listen to him tbh

No. 704196

File: 1609172976264.jpg (21.63 KB, 500x282, TsubasaHanekawa.jpg)

>why did you all reply if you so quote on quote dont care then
this is dumb as hell. we were replying to you about sharing it with your boyfriend – we weren't replying to your actual bf's opinion. damn, yall belong together i guess.

No. 704202

kek she deleted her cowish meltdown message as I was typing a response

No. 704203

>No one cares
Then why did you all over react about nothing? It's not like my retarded and pathetic nigel boyfriend can do anything by his own.

Btw, this is the retarded shitpost thread. My post was a shitpost about something that I found funny and you all took it way too seriously, it's even in the OP's description. Banning me for "no1cur" points out again that my stupid 2 braincells nigel boyfriend was right: this website's moderation sucks.

Next time just permaban me, here, I'll even post some emojis for you: 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 I'm tired of this website.

new copypasta

No. 704206

File: 1609174029490.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424, 342342343.gif)

when my nigel bf found me through lc and isn't like those other 4channers uwu

No. 704207

File: 1609174054867.png (20.19 KB, 1186x177, hmm.PNG)

>asking to get banned because we don't want your bf on here
Why'd you pussy out and delete the post, queen??
>He loves the borzoiposters and driverspergs btw, he thinks it's the best thing that has come out of this website.
Ok……? Good for him? If he doesn't browse here and only looks at your bans then how would he even know about that

Anyway, make sure to show your bf all our posts ♥

No. 704213

File: 1609174483190.jpeg (149.3 KB, 1242x827, 2EBFE538-E286-498E-862B-F69B76…)

No. 704214

File: 1609174808254.jpg (64.1 KB, 250x604, TnUP4.jpg)

No. 704215

File: 1609174810445.jpg (47.96 KB, 768x432, sheeran-chest-fb.jpg)

nigel bf nigel bf nigel bf

No. 704216

File: 1609174911700.png (203.45 KB, 839x492, ananas.png)

No. 704225

>4channer (but not the rapist kind)

No. 704233

You're not wrong for what you've done, you're wrong for posting about it here.
Also, this thread is full of those troon-looking autists from that one server. You can practically smell them.

No. 704245

What the fuck are you on about. Anons outside this thread are against it too

No. 704265

File: 1609180490740.jpg (123.45 KB, 901x1200, EBh18JUU8AA1Gs5.jpg)

It's autism of highest degree

No. 704269

File: 1609180856918.jpg (86.74 KB, 736x724, 9ca539b854bce554cb3045ed3b07bd…)

Man am I glad I'm not into 3dpd

No. 704272

File: 1609181098602.jpg (305.86 KB, 1542x1541, 58532a0be3d613c03e1ea4db_adam-…)

I'm waiting for nonnie to make an Adam Driver shitposting thread.

No. 704283

File: 1609181720879.gif (513.01 KB, 316x161, 79D56528-670F-40F2-91AA-1AABB8…)

where did the term nigel come from in description for someone's boyfriend?

all i can think of when i hear nigel is the dad from the wild thornburys

No. 704285

I am also secretly waiting for this but I don't know if it would be a bannable offense

No. 704286

i read somewhere that it's short for NIcest Guy who Ever Lived

No. 704302

File: 1609183214625.png (Spoiler Image, 43.64 KB, 640x480, d80931e-4d954065-03dc-4542-bb2…)

fuck all of you. sonic's ass IS SEXY

No. 704306

Damn the fuck does he need all that cake for??

No. 704309

File: 1609184003138.jpg (12.42 KB, 705x127, Screenshot_20201228_202610.jpg)

I find it extremely distressing that anyone would compare driverspergs to the far superior borzoi posters. Driver posting was never funny and is an annoying forced meme. Borzoi posting is funny and cute. Stop putting them on the same level

No. 704310

Ladies, if you're ever wondering how to get an ass that won't quit, the key is to gather rings as quickly as possible while destroying robots.

I goddamn near put incel in the e-mail field because I was thinking about a joke for one

No. 704313


No. 704317

I feel kinda bad for these posters. It gets out of hand because it causes spergfests and infighting, but I don't really mind seeing the doggies or AD. Even some of the anon spergs about them are cute because there's a few that get really excited about it. I just wish that we could quit infighting over stupid things, outside of little spats here and there.

No. 704320

Anon learn this lesson

No. 704322

Aw, you're the cutest anon

No. 704323

The most offensive in that choice is they put Pittbull Anon as same level with Borzoi and Adam

No. 704331

File: 1609186354640.jpg (409.25 KB, 1500x2000, Walkin.jpg)

Adam Driver walkin with borzoi

No. 704332

File: 1609186383926.jpg (295.53 KB, 1280x1355, tumblr_ol4dt20htj1vskywdo1_r1_…)

Bonus: Kylo Ren Borzoi

No. 704333

Unironically this
I guess I can kinda see how ADposting and Borzoiposting could relate… The pitbull anon? Fuck out of here

No. 704335

Tfw I’m the one who start Adam posting and I wasn’t even try to meme legitimately though he was cute and that pissed other anons off

No. 704342

File: 1609187478770.jpg (47.87 KB, 736x504, e7d60cb0dda2bd327c87c879c7edd9…)

Eeh aren you sure you were literallly the first to post about an A-list actor in this site, nonnie? The first? Are you sure? A guy that has been popular at least since 2014?

No. 704343

File: 1609187689787.jpg (36.14 KB, 555x350, braco-and-naomi-campbell.jpg)


braco bros where u at????

No. 704348

There are only two genders
(You) and

No. 704355

No. 704378

File: 1609190992512.jpeg (170.33 KB, 750x1025, 878FFBAB-FA97-4A5F-BAB9-3306E9…)

No. 704383

File: 1609191270304.jpeg (41.93 KB, 700x478, 8975C8E4-94A3-4C33-AEEB-63DABF…)

No. 704387

I’m gonna do some drugs. Tee hee!

No. 704389

File: 1609191875546.jpg (9.22 KB, 480x360, r-i-p-michael-jackson-now-lets…)

No. 704392

No. 704409

File: 1609193845739.png (220.21 KB, 800x629, 1607798672298.png)

This thread has too much sperging/discussion and forced memes (ugly star wars man and likewise ugly dog). If any of these continue I'll be forced to shit my pants and post it here.

No. 704414

>I'll be forced to shit my pants and post it here.
Please do

No. 704415

File: 1609194179722.jpeg (190.41 KB, 1200x1152, 6C71B606-E9D4-4E9B-A713-A6522F…)

Thank u spider anon

No. 704419

The hero we don't deserve. Thank you for your service.

No. 704420

File: 1609194365672.gif (643.34 KB, 498x206, tenor (4).gif)

No. 704421

File: 1609194596989.jpg (212.19 KB, 736x552, b6c6ac845ec7b339ad7bd1207cfd28…)

i can't wait anon

No. 704425

File: 1609195542594.jpg (99.8 KB, 640x876, 3091de0429f0a2c6affcc4b326d09d…)

haha ugly star wars man go brrrr

No. 704426


No. 704428

I dare you to make this the Adam driving shitposting thread pic (actually I'm begging u)

No. 704433

File: 1609196484966.webm (2.12 MB, 400x400, spider mom.webm)

the ultimate pleb filter

No. 704436

File: 1609197408436.jpg (102.73 KB, 735x956, 93d6e1d5fcf8ca200a056e0a8ad1de…)

I love how welcoming driveranons are.
No fighting with each other, no jealousy, "here, let's share this crumble of Adm Drver".
It's peaceful, it's beautiful.

No. 704443

File: 1609198092720.png (2.29 KB, 215x112, 41A5BECB-8C45-4FB0-9E6E-3B325D…)

No. 704449

Thas wha I’m sayinnnnnnn

No. 704452

File: 1609198647147.jpeg (96.69 KB, 1242x709, 2wcuc5pk8ijn51ix_1608281647.jp…)

hay sisters

No. 704456

File: 1609199852809.png (2.33 MB, 1080x1974, Screenshot_20201019-230638~2.p…)

No. 704457

File: 1609199954398.png (Spoiler Image, 155.12 KB, 255x359, 4B41CA7F-AC65-4CF1-BAAD-73124A…)

freud was right, I do have deep unsolved psychological issues

anyway driverstans pls continue to shitpost ilu

No. 704460

god damnit not you too. de/g/enerates are leaking.

No. 704462

File: 1609200695922.jpeg (48.32 KB, 600x600, 007D6BD0-B3E6-4019-8CB3-7548BB…)

did the driveranons originate on /g/? i thought they started off in /ot/ to begin with

i think it's cute how this site is developing its own running gags is all

if next year isn't better I hope a black hole swallows us all up as well

No. 704476

Yeah, pretty sure AD is OT king.

But hey we always hard running gags I think, they just don't last that long, and I think it won't be different this time

No. 704486

File: 1609203509926.png (182.68 KB, 748x377, b.png)

>Yeah, pretty sure AD is OT king.

No. 704488

No one cares about this ugly nigger

No. 704495

File: 1609204482571.jpg (129.88 KB, 1772x766, 1609101490171.jpg)

Try me bitch

No. 704496

Braco x Driver x long dogs

No. 704499

File: 1609205144226.png (304.92 KB, 608x443, the_venkman_hole.png)

I have 268 images in my Peter Venkman folder

No. 704508

someone make this into a pokemon duel edit

No. 704509

File: 1609206381619.jpg (463.51 KB, 1250x833, 60.jpg)


No. 704512

File: 1609206649001.jpeg (222.67 KB, 1242x1523, C71E4722-FB2F-462D-A732-E86739…)


No. 704518

File: 1609207196509.jpeg (94.33 KB, 618x665, E7922AD1-EF18-420F-8076-4E3F08…)

No. 704522

File: 1609207415209.png (812.38 KB, 1024x703, 1134DF53-4FF8-4907-9E08-080A34…)

No. 704523

File: 1609207446839.gif (260.73 KB, 250x250, 1346790864.gif)


No. 704525

File: 1609207777989.jpg (46.54 KB, 620x413, juraj_komar_384461.jpg)


No. 704529

Brrrrrrr shiver me timbers

No. 704532

File: 1609208528130.jpg (1.05 MB, 2052x1314, Spiderswishtheywerethisuwu.jpg)

No. 704535

File: 1609208914250.gif (732.85 KB, 250x310, tenor.gif)

No. 704536

You're lucky that they aren't cockroaches!

No. 704538

File: 1609209424036.jpg (85.18 KB, 805x805, s09.jpg)

too long tbh

No. 704540

File: 1609209625046.jpg (297.62 KB, 1242x1277, smiling_spidey.jpg)

smile, anon, it's free!

No. 704544

I love Harley Quinn

No. 704546

she's cringe but she's hot, I concur

No. 704547

File: 1609211441573.jpeg (13.35 KB, 113x124, 1541934239380.jpeg)

life not ok

No. 704548

File: 1609211542537.jpeg (305.04 KB, 3603x2609, 5170D1E9-D025-476C-9898-624406…)

…it's a moth, b-baka!

No. 704550

life ok

No. 704556

File: 1609213606469.gif (2.99 MB, 540x230, tumblr_pdfx74oaUs1weksw2o1_540…)

I just had sex and I'm about to eat nachos Greatest Moment of My Life

No. 704579

Holy fuck ow driversperf how I wish I was you
I'm just so horny put me out of my misery

No. 704582

File: 1609218490005.jpg (542.79 KB, 800x1105, large_ad1900ae034498d4031c6a9c…)


No. 704583

File: 1609218586298.jpg (221.86 KB, 870x1200, D-MeJ1NVUAAC_Mj.jpg)


No. 704584

No we are just born in le wrong era of beauty

No. 704586

File: 1609218885401.jpg (119.56 KB, 639x651, Photograph-Showing-a-Happy-Fac…)

yall bitches in a spider thread

No. 704588

Looks like a bundle of sticks.

No. 704589

genderfluib baby

No. 704593

File: 1609220909607.jpeg (104.96 KB, 720x814, 01D496EC-9762-4763-ABEA-0EAEC1…)

No. 704594

File: 1609220922944.jpg (165.45 KB, 1080x1191, 18juwi1729.jpg)

No. 704598

Is he gay??

No. 704602

File: 1609223061538.jpg (48.97 KB, 432x345, 2005-august-18_spruce_sawyer_2…)

flies onto your shirt
eyyy wassup man

No. 704603

I dislike fat alt chicks. They annoy me.

No. 704605

File: 1609224427073.png (82.02 KB, 237x296, 291CEF80-C371-4B9E-B198-3A8A64…)

you're going to… roach jail

No. 704607

File: 1609224988965.jpg (81.16 KB, 640x426, 9enRbAYU69FtvZ4L.jpg)

I'M……NOT………..A ROACH………!!

No. 704611

File: 1609226316994.jpeg (23.15 KB, 294x174, 17ECDECD-17EE-41F2-A5D9-119BD4…)


No. 704613

This is the spider equivalent of doing the splits. 10/10 I would attend her gymnastics recital

No. 704615

File: 1609226825627.png (717.55 KB, 1082x609, histora eren aceroso.png)


No. 704636

File: 1609230711937.png (723.01 KB, 640x640, image0.png)

I see the thread
It doedsn't make sents
anonds are fighting
wiwwout any sents
what the föök is ron with u

No. 704640

File: 1609231187465.png (244.62 KB, 500x393, 51e943fe33171264ef9a449fd59c61…)

Once, I can't remember
I was, long ago, someone strange
I was innocent and wise
And full of pain
Now that I'm a woman
Everything is strange

No. 704641

File: 1609231259306.jpeg (133.73 KB, 1400x1050, 02016-09-16_20at_2012.09.31_20…)

Once, when I was searching
Somewhere out of reach
Far away
In a place I could not find
Or heart obey
Now that I'm a woman
Everything is changed
Everything is changed
Everything has changed

No. 704644

miss u gabe

No. 704649

File: 1609231878361.jpg (763.98 KB, 1089x1600, lhxhldlh.jpg)


No. 704654

File: 1609232075305.jpeg (10.96 KB, 266x190, 94BC0872-907F-49B3-A69D-1A18E7…)

No. 704655

File: 1609232242718.jpg (147.52 KB, 1200x900, 5758.jpg)

I don't wanna close my eyes
I don't wanna fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you babe
And I don't wanna miss a thing

No. 704670

File: 1609234289652.jpg (65.5 KB, 500x333, 0183752.jpg)

Anon, help! My friends are being trafficked and held at gunpoint. I can't call the police or the FBI or they will be publicly executed on TikTok. I need your help, please! Please help my friends! I don't want them to die. I'm cyrm
inng. Do you want them dead anon? Save them. Save us. Pull the trigger piglet. this is so sad alexa play despacito

No. 704677

File: 1609236860956.jpg (24.5 KB, 270x332, 01837522.jpg)

This is a call for help. Anon please. You're the only one that can help us. Save my friends. Do you see the pain in their eyes?

No. 704680

File: 1609236988050.jpg (19.51 KB, 246x332, 018372.jpg)

Anon I know you're reading this. You may think this is just a random fake post but these are real people being trafficked and getting ladied and the tramped

No. 704690

File: 1609237763903.png (360.91 KB, 500x333, 1609237577437.png)

call for help

No. 704716

They are not social distancing!!! Hope they ch0ke

No. 704753

File: 1609252290209.jpg (178.55 KB, 376x891, tumblr_n53bf0cDdR1sqjpmqo1_500…)

now you're just a body that i used to grow

No. 704793

File: 1609257282517.jpeg (207.03 KB, 750x1116, 8E8E8CE9-63FB-4783-B43E-7BD25F…)


No. 704794

File: 1609257410264.gif (1.33 MB, 290x230, VDrf.gif)

No. 704834

Hate having to see this motherfucker everywhere but I remember the meme kek

No. 704839

I need more nekobama

No. 704871

File: 1609269278443.jpeg (46.14 KB, 750x355, 75CAD0CA-1AD9-4865-B177-A36AE0…)

Tiktok comments I found funny pt.2 (nsfw )

Context: ushijima brings you to his farm

No. 704885

File: 1609271706221.jpg (35.09 KB, 540x643, xuo5mq7sd1441.jpg)

send more anon

No. 704900

off topic but that pic reminds me of that time when i was around 3-4 at my grandma's house in the countryside and i showed her a dead mouse i found, all happy because i thought it was a squirrel

No. 704952

File: 1609281574833.jpg (10.43 KB, 235x245, 1592120755845.jpg)


No. 704977

oowicka ooWIXCKA

No. 704984

File: 1609286455150.png (2.04 MB, 1242x1504, 1578749806319.png)

kek, how did she react ?

No. 704991

I fucking love these rat images.

No. 705004

Anyone else bored

No. 705012

File: 1609289938194.png (284.41 KB, 647x543, yea.png)

i fucking LOVE women

No. 705017

>probably slutshamed her too when she used to be a funny baiter
What’s even the point of the 18+ rule if most of the shitposts end up being petty?

No. 705129

File: 1609302388956.jpg (22.83 KB, 704x222, IMG_20201230_012123.jpg)

Anon if you mean me, the KR Costume anon, the answer is now yes
I can't post cursed man any thread else or I'll be banned kek

No. 705180

I just want a cool andro gf so badly.

No. 705211

File: 1609318574195.jpeg (10.09 KB, 183x276, download (4).jpeg)



I just really like bread man it was special bread but I hate myself

No. 705226

nice wood ear pic, anon

No. 705234

File: 1609323058580.gif (276.13 KB, 370x300, AW356572_00.gif)


No. 705243

ayrt, she didn't tell my parents until years later, i guess she was terrified by my raw power and courage kek

damn i was such a retarded kid

No. 705257

File: 1609326648092.png (2.32 MB, 2048x1662, 4A19E695-6EC8-4DAE-AF46-933E23…)

They're the bravest people I know.

No. 705266

File: 1609328443782.jpg (17.14 KB, 316x415, 9977039,J0O6k4vH6QBWvNjc7VCceK…)


No. 705269

File: 1609329221316.jpg (54.77 KB, 792x446, aanoano.jpg)

No. 705270

File: 1609329788444.jpg (52.7 KB, 598x900, funny-james-bond-grandma-matur…)

Are you taking care of yourself?

No. 705271

File: 1609329830568.jpg (75.1 KB, 450x300, 123994546-experienced-female-a…)

Do you know you're important and good and deserve to be well?

No. 705276

File: 1609330242248.gif (1.22 MB, 320x180, 20XVDL.gif)


No. 705281

It hydrated!!!

No. 705290


No. 705294

have you ever internalized how something works so much that, when you see someone explaining how it works to someone who doesn't know, it barely makes sense?

No. 705302

No. 705303

So basically what she was trying to say is

No. 705312

No, no, listen to me. You once didn't know this thing. This thing gets explained to you, but once you interact with the thing in the daily you forget the "theory" behind it. Now when you see an explanation of it you're initially confused because you don't see it that way anymore.

No. 705313

this is the shitpost thread

No. 705314

File: 1609334881594.gif (969.59 KB, 320x240, 7c9.gif)

everyone wants to socialize in the most fun thread

No. 705315

What the fuck did you just say about me huh? I'll let you know

No. 705317

File: 1609334996235.jpg (48.29 KB, 800x573, muscle-emoticon-28046684.jpg)

not if I let you know first punk

No. 705320

File: 1609335127100.jpg (30.42 KB, 500x500, retarded.jpg)

we need to go 100 times harder

No. 705322

File: 1609335210204.png (184.89 KB, 860x544, 370-37075.png)

sometimes I think

No. 705341

Nobody knows I'm high as fuck right now. Don't tell on me

No. 705348

File: 1609338557788.png (135.63 KB, 1080x675, JohnnyBravo.png)

Whoa, hey there pretty lady

No. 705355

File: 1609339094169.png (270.42 KB, 400x450, aaaaaaaahhhhhh.png)

I'm in the same boat so if I sink you sink

No. 705377

File: 1609340548745.jpeg (10.95 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

hunties I'm broadcasting your lives to the entire human population as we speak

No. 705385

File: 1609341084155.jpeg (29.19 KB, 275x275, 3B781260-0B8B-4EE0-A4F6-0A1E79…)


No. 705388

I had a dream wheree someone forced me to fucking explajn what SuperNatural was and I started freaking out because I don't know so I named a bunch of Tumblr things such as hannibal or whatever.

No. 705430

File: 1609345985515.gif (6.35 MB, 604x586, zkgzigxxl.gif)

No. 705432

File: 1609346082200.gif (1.75 MB, 648x364, cadf058432760104a9a75d56570dbe…)

No. 705457

File: 1609349363947.gif (3.46 MB, 256x256, 2820BC02-2FAE-4D57-9A81-F3A98B…)

> no one would ever change this animal I have become

No. 705502

File: 1609355409507.jpg (21.39 KB, 334x600, jojo-s-bizarre-adventures.jpg)

Hi everyone it's me Dioffbrando

No. 705506

No. 705584

File: 1609362802090.jpg (7.13 KB, 235x221, e80e3c8566fc7f8f9293fd0b2460a4…)

No. 705589

File: 1609363424944.jpg (88.07 KB, 625x833, dab17a301d93ba4c609e5b70f319bd…)

welcome to my shirt little guy. don't worry, you can chill here for a while until I place you outside carefully

No. 705604

File: 1609365029298.jpeg (57.65 KB, 1080x957, 306A9CAD-B52F-4462-AEF1-FDF936…)

No. 705696

No. 705705

File: 1609373120689.gif (297.78 KB, 480x480, shrimply.gif)

feelin' shrimply 2night, alright…

No. 705725

File: 1609377156109.gif (397.51 KB, 326x260, BOOBA.gif)

No. 705761

File: 1609384928639.jpeg (209.56 KB, 1242x1945, CBD586EA-7C28-49BD-8750-9A2AA2…)

No. 705791

File: 1609391979763.jpg (61.1 KB, 640x847, 42ei9n3ndnc31.jpg)

No. 705811

File: 1609403825470.jpg (85.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

bitch got that android 18 forehead

No. 705826

I'll smooch both of them on the forehead forever

No. 705844

File: 1609407810053.jpeg (84.17 KB, 500x500, 5B849B56-51A0-4103-B640-30F660…)

No. 705849

Hey! Where's my food? I wanna grub too!

No. 705859

File: 1609411015319.jpg (50.78 KB, 1125x935, 134275568_2679696342343611_466…)

No. 705886

No. 705892

File: 1609417703731.gif (37.58 KB, 359x479, 532425768bcd33e82b27e0e7b78318…)

This is my sword with which I pronounce you ^ v husband and wife

No. 705906


No. 705952

File: 1609426868206.jpg (47.62 KB, 750x388, 9d838427081b48c61fb10eb2cec58a…)

it's january 1st in Japan! which can only mean

No. 705989

File: 1609429944840.jpg (1.28 MB, 1970x2048, 1605463372501.jpg)

Did you forge the sword with the appropriately runed crystals anon?

No. 706024

  ✦                                               .                  .       ˚                    .        .                  .           .               * .                    .           ✦         ˚   . ✦ ✦                   ゚     .               .      🌎 ,                                          .               ✦ .           ✦             ˚                                    .   ☄            .            ✦                               ,       .             .   ゚      .             ✦       ,       .                                   . ☀️                                                        .         .             .                                                                             ✦        ,                    ,                  .            .                                             . ˚        . ,                                    . .           ✦  ✦          .             .                           ✦                                               .                  .           .        .                  .           .            .                    .           ✦     

No. 706036

File: 1609435343640.gif (5.87 MB, 488x418, ffyed.gif)

No. 706037

File: 1609435402558.jpeg (64.34 KB, 1242x1692, CAD9F4FE-8228-40A0-9BAF-562AE5…)

It looks cute with the snowflakes tbh.

No. 706040

File: 1609435610664.jpg (144.15 KB, 960x960, cb0.jpg)

You're walking on thin eyes buddy

No. 706045

>suicides increase by 500%

No. 706063

File: 1609439708511.png (345.15 KB, 581x602, F2AC78DC-3AFA-419C-B767-07F2F9…)

No. 706101

File: 1609443665763.jpeg (96.86 KB, 563x706, DCF4E697-0B31-4EFA-8753-29B9E5…)


No. 706107

File: 1609444114560.jpeg (58.79 KB, 750x502, E65F3DA2-0952-41F3-946A-42994F…)

Tiktok comments I found funny pt.3

No. 706117

File: 1609445376058.jpg (12.08 KB, 221x222, media-Edacqe0-XYAAF7yt.jpg)

i still haven't laughed at a single one of these nor do i get the jokes

No. 706118

he looks so hot here omggnhgfc

No. 706137

File: 1609447537447.jpg (89.93 KB, 575x700, EPSON006_5bd6adf3-f470-46b6-91…)

He looks like Roark Jr

No. 706150

File: 1609448579570.gif (1.02 MB, 360x450, step0004.gif)

Near far
Wherever you are
I believe that my heart will go on

No. 706180

File: 1609451819351.gif (332 B, 220x138, C3597ACC-09C1-46A5-AB2E-A9859D…)

Tiktok comments I found funny pt. 4 (face reveal)

No. 706256

File: 1609457894113.jpg (28.73 KB, 640x480, ZP948Mt.jpg)

El oh el @ everyone still in 2020

No. 706262

2021 sucks already, so ive been told by australia… so… maybe you're the one who is suck.

No. 706269

Happy new years bitches I want you to know I love you all

No. 706273

I love you too, hope you ate well today

No. 706285

File: 1609461496772.jpg (35.56 KB, 564x564, EnjiB6Y.jpg)

love you too bitch, happy 2021

No. 706287

File: 1609461598848.gif (124.09 KB, 256x319, 7188130.gif)

No. 706291

happy new year everyone! i hope it gets off to a good start for everyone ♥

No. 706293

File: 1609462125465.gif (25.84 KB, 255x217, shimmy.gif)

let's party

No. 706315

File: 1609464882258.jpeg (152.5 KB, 740x742, 1D525B19-197B-4803-8A78-57B77D…)

and i love you too nonnie, couple hours to new year here yet, but happy new year!

No. 706320

File: 1609465334047.gif (1.15 MB, 220x265, tenor.gif)

okay just this once

No. 706321

File: 1609465432528.gif (270.66 KB, 500x500, sjaji.gif)

even if it's the light of a dumpster fire

No. 706345

File: 1609470006089.gif (370.37 KB, 320x320, 7C737448-174E-4EDC-9169-E81A9D…)

No. 706380

File: 1609475148185.jpg (83.78 KB, 598x406, obie.jpg)

No. 706388

Why is there #only# two fanfictions of Jordan peterson and Ben Shapiro on AO3!? There needs to be more they're my OTP!!!!

No. 706392

File: 1609476712496.gif (3.24 MB, 500x272, 75546BA7-9742-4F25-9CF9-056A49…)

Happy New Year bitches, it’s my time to shine

No. 706395

Be the change you wanna see in the world, anon

No. 706396

File: 1609477377340.gif (628.22 KB, 320x288, B9C78FF9-36B5-444B-BA64-9A8B92…)


No. 706397

Happy New Year

No. 706399

No, anon! I didn’t want to get so horny at the beginning of the year!

No. 706400

I will research whatever they are and write a nice short fanfic for you, anon.

No. 706401

File: 1609478007244.png (661.25 KB, 596x592, thickums.PNG)

happy new years ibtches!

No. 706402


No. 706409

File: 1609479909985.png (478.7 KB, 600x601, 845DF3E9-D667-4423-88D7-1F4F4F…)

No. 706411

File: 1609480368174.jpeg (102.88 KB, 680x677, B18B3930-1972-465E-A9B0-BB3A80…)

No. 706413

File: 1609480563939.gif (125.13 KB, 208x292, haruhi best dance.gif)

Happy New Year everyone

No. 706419

File: 1609483148920.png (870.87 KB, 853x480, .6.png)

20 minutes left of covid 2020 here

No. 706424

File: 1609483676375.jpeg (2.88 MB, 4032x3024, 81266551-6D01-45B2-B19C-5B52DC…)

Happy new year everyone!

No. 706438

29 minutes left till new years. cheers everyone!

No. 706445

didn't fall asleep! happy new years!

No. 706458

boys are retarded. all they do is play video games. i hate them all.

No. 706514

File: 1609510131830.gif (260.53 KB, 500x334, zApvfPF.gif)

80s remix

I've become so numb
I can't feel you there
Become so tired
So much more aware
I'm becoming this
All I want to do
Is be more like me
And be less like you

No. 706517

slurp slurp bitch

No. 706588

File: 1609527786903.gif (1.48 MB, 496x280, whoompthereitis.gif)

bringing back this meme and song

No. 706589

File: 1609527842984.jpg (98.46 KB, 720x924, manythoughtsheadfull.jpg)

No. 706595

File: 1609528598969.png (1009.03 KB, 824x982, katie.png)

Kawaii post Anon-chan

No. 706603

Guitar hero III warriors of rock was the last good game ever made everything after that is just going downhill

No. 706632

File: 1609533667940.png (83.77 KB, 438x543, 20210101_153827.png)

holy shit that guy has some legit emotions hair

No. 706655

File: 1609536806690.jpg (162.61 KB, 933x605, 1570244663014.jpg)

Heartbroken and horny. A dangerous combination.

No. 706754

you and me both sestra

No. 706884

File: 1609557148541.png (171.07 KB, 373x344, 160955641963691019.png)


No. 706889

What is this from

No. 706894

United States of Tara. Great show!

No. 706996

File: 1609575202928.jpg (50.13 KB, 750x744, weed132.jpg)

i am having the longest craziest high and it is beautiful

No. 706999

File: 1609578040434.gif (18.24 MB, 640x360, yoVjqE.gif)

No. 707042

File: 1609589585745.png (33.19 KB, 937x482, risk of neet.PNG)

I had to double take when I saw this on the UK gov website. They're sending the imageboard users back to school before everyone else lol.

No. 707083

the term originated from UK social work, it's not a 4chan invention

No. 707131

File: 1609604585777.png (40.2 KB, 94x702, yes i'm that retarded i have t…)

what should i play out of these for the rest of the weekend? no, i'm not installing anything else

No. 707142

Sims 2 if you want the most escapism and to feel like time goes thrice as fast.
Yakuza 0 if you want the most fun.

No. 707167

Yakuza 0, it's long but it is also really fucking good (except if you hate story heavy games with lots of dialogs, but i swear that they're well written).

No. 707184

riririri ririririri ririririri ir ir ir irririririririririririrriririririririririririri ri ririri ri riririri Riririri ririri riririririri riririri ririririririri

No. 707185

File: 1609612715217.jpeg (65.16 KB, 464x570, F0389F04-60E7-4511-BD4F-A25775…)

No. 707225

File: 1609617391095.gif (13.58 MB, 640x480, 951a8c998bb9bdf5c59607370bc2cb…)




nausea heartburn indigestion
upset stomach

No. 707231

found this
everyone please enjoy

No. 707245

File: 1609619704558.png (27.05 KB, 577x159, A-Zashley-Story-Ep-16-Dont-go-…)

god it was such a simpler time. a better time.

No. 707258

File: 1609620844700.gif (661.71 KB, 302x228, 78869B44-DE8E-40AB-8969-5A956D…)


No. 707410

File: 1609636112654.jpeg (74.25 KB, 750x744, FBA84FD4-A513-421E-908D-A6976C…)

Hee hee uwu tee hee OwO wuwu woo hoo boo boo coo coo loo loo poo poo foo foo ee ee qwee qwee ree ree yee yee wee wee pee pee gege bee bee me me ne ne vee vee ze ze de de hee hee kiki ga ga goo goo juju ku ku

No. 707415

File: 1609638286476.jpeg (77.63 KB, 828x729, 199B2836-AB46-415A-B210-B5E3FF…)

Who of you bitches is joining me

No. 707419

Pick me! Tag me in!

No. 707420

File: 1609639074509.jpeg (318.12 KB, 750x722, 9A87F0F6-2BD7-42F8-B20A-DF18F7…)

No. 707422

File: 1609640455266.png (81.19 KB, 540x373, 1488798001242.png)

scrote animators are nasty

No. 707477

File: 1609653759012.jpeg (316.47 KB, 3000x3650, 66D25F83-6BCF-4742-8DEB-90F67C…)

I just want a penis inside me shdjdkdkdmdkdkdkdkdkdkrjrjdkeodidhwusjsjsjhshz

TFW no metal head bf

No. 707606

File: 1609688692934.jpeg (215.73 KB, 1080x739, 4F90C0F2-C78E-445B-93D4-305F2E…)

No. 707617

File: 1609690400840.jpg (914.91 KB, 1716x2288, 1607545262971.jpg)

i propose a new rule of the internet: for every fictional character there's at least one fakeboi who kins them

No. 707626

File: 1609691558627.jpeg (387.54 KB, 1140x700, 2B596C92-00F6-4874-81A7-A93DC5…)

this guy fuckin scares me

No. 707631

File: 1609691864824.png (303.39 KB, 731x645, ee277a7f-d751-46bf-ae0e-2da06c…)

No. 707649

No. 707651

aw why? he seems like such a kind person

No. 707654

I like him. He reminds me of Coyote Peterson. Both kind personalities who seem asexual

No. 707669

File: 1609695570778.jpg (132.71 KB, 1200x1430, andy milonakis.jpg)

wait, what do you mean this prebuscent ftm lesbian is a 44 year old male???

No. 707701

I can't get over how fem Jefferson looks sexy next to the other three

No. 707712

File: 1609699384951.jpg (130.15 KB, 1125x787, xn9auq3xdoa51.jpg)

you mean Miku Binder Jefferson

No. 707714

technically ayrt is right

No. 707778

File: 1609704847926.png (428.38 KB, 1027x792, xkikw1a3e2ly.png)


does this count as racebaiting

No. 707779

File: 1609704904318.jpg (32.41 KB, 1080x357, tyvy8khum8951.jpg)

No. 707781

File: 1609705007732.jpg (88.28 KB, 942x1024, D29ohmFX4AYzx6P.jpg)

No. 707784

The hell is going on over there?

No. 707787

that's just how balkans show affection, nonny

No. 707790

I see. Have fun kids

No. 707889

File: 1609711706013.jpg (39.61 KB, 332x363, tumblr_inline_o0v35azLCX1qafa9…)

I'm not from europe so I never quite understood the context of these images…but fuck are they funny

No. 707952

there is something comical about men cumming like I feel like I would be embarrassed in their position

No. 707954

I feel the same, looks kinda pathetic

No. 707956

Sex in general looks retarded, I can’t watch porn the majority of the time because I can’t help but think that everything is extremely unsexy. I honestly don’t even know what’s supposed to be sexy anymore.

No. 707963

File: 1609719780873.jpg (8.59 KB, 480x360, og-image.jpg)

I want to cum in your face my fucking suckpuppet cumming in your fucking naked feet and body nasty whore bitch cum in all my face fuck you cum

No. 707965

File: 1609719857130.jpeg (19.18 KB, 480x360, Kv-Gm9MRT3_3q7gsmJA56WsA80zBYM…)

No. 707969

File: 1609720135826.gif (3.97 MB, 333x250, DeterminedBouncyHyracotherium-…)

No. 707971

File: 1609720281512.png (323.87 KB, 840x423, bosnian-artillery-is-guided-by…)

No. 707973

Nta, but I get it. I always ended up watching it more like a documentary than anything sexy.

No. 707978

Yan dev looks good here. Would totally drink from his little milk faucet

No. 707979

dakota is so obviously a lesbian but I also kind of wonder about kiki. she doesn't seem genuinely into any of the men she's been with but it could just be bc she's autistic.

No. 707980

I love the lesbian tinfoil and I wish you'd go on more about it

No. 707986

File: 1609724699339.gif (1.26 MB, 352x264, aed24986b1644c5bc2f883369ff3f.…)

No. 707987

clears throat

No. 708006

File: 1609730830239.gif (301.35 KB, 220x220, whereisit.gif)

I want… I want to drink

No. 708017

File: 1609733141801.png (313.41 KB, 500x625, azul-pugmom4evr-me-after-rearr…)

Cleaned my house

No. 708022

File: 1609734409405.jpg (321.35 KB, 1080x1393, 20210104_012326.jpg)

No. 708023

File: 1609734434945.jpg (514.19 KB, 1820x1336, n2fn60d12s851.jpg)

No. 708024

File: 1609734596171.jpg (21.73 KB, 600x600, ur,mask_flatlay_front,product,…)

No. 708031

i got whiskey and cola and possibly corona

No. 708044

Turn this into some panties and they’re going to sell out the second you put them in a shop, anon.

No. 708054

File: 1609738946146.jpeg (80.2 KB, 562x479, 157D7AE8-9FDC-4EFD-BD7C-E41CA6…)

me when I tried to look at porn to be (what I thought was) normal but many times ended up so unsettled i quit…
like each time discovered some gross thing they did that I had to process (for ex. spitting)
I also need no face shown if its a scrote, legit dont know whats wrong with me im bisexual and for the ladys faces were all i needed to coom
pic unrelate

No. 708055

File: 1609739035105.jpeg (237.17 KB, 1200x1400, 5DD4553D-67C4-4E98-AB71-DAF2F3…)

Mined craft bottom text

No. 708070

looks like a modified betty spaghetti

No. 708076

post em pls

No. 708080

File: 1609742763469.jpeg (306.34 KB, 750x827, 88D5DD8A-7713-4CCD-B037-66192F…)

fortunately your sorry ….because you hurt me very hard….you ask me if i would be really willing to eat his vomit…..what it means is that you would be willing to think that i'm a liar!I am not a liar ,i think absolutly al i say!

sighs if i called me forum Sonic "PASSION" it's not for nothing.

Sure that i ever eaten my vomit,i imaginated that it was his of course otherwise i couldn't perform that kinda stuff…

NO,i do not want to hurt him but i would want to drink his blood YES,i wanna be his slave

NO Sonic will never love me because he is god and i'm trash



No. 708094

oh my god i was just reminded of her existence yesterday
great minds think alike

No. 708126

lmao what is she up to now?

No. 708141

File: 1609759521565.jpeg (35.63 KB, 828x505, D1174974-1B31-41F3-98A6-51D369…)

Yoshi is a fictional green dinosaur character, and although he may appear to merely only be "cute", there is much more to him than meets the eye. His gigantic nose is actually very alluring, he uses it to sniff out mates and once he finds one, they are truly lovers. Yoshi is also very smooth with the ladies, his voice is very deep and saturated with love and lust.

Yoshi may appear unintelligent to human thought, but he is actually very smart and very intimidating. I love Yoshi and think he is sexy because he is everything a man could ever hope to be combined into one simple entity. Some say Yoshi is annoying, or even worse, stupid. Well, I believe such people are nothing but haters, Yoshi is beautiful the way he is.

No. 708154

A wild GEORGE LUCAS has appeared!

GEORGE LUCAS got away!

No. 708187

NTAYRT but she got over Sonic when she found out he was voiced by a real human and quit being a hedgehog fucker to become some sort of a plastic surgery freakshow or something. She said herself that she's obsessed with becoming rich and famous and that the sonic's wife thing was mostly for "media exposure". She also changed her name so I don't know if people have been able to trace her.

No. 708213

Plot twist: she’s Kim kardashian

No. 708217

>she got over Sonic when she found out he was voiced by a real human
wait, how did she think it all worked? did she honestly think Sonic was an AI?

No. 708246

File: 1609779529828.jpeg (47.21 KB, 679x465, F60BE30C-665B-4600-99C5-A9A50A…)

No. 708331

File: 1609791312356.jpg (1.25 MB, 2094x1470, stephanielazarusmugshotmurder.…)

I have a friend named Schmeeda

No. 708348

Okay who wants some of my extra boob meat

No. 708354

Not me but I am donating my stomach and back fat

No. 708355

File: 1609793648737.jpg (69.99 KB, 866x1300, 14390282-young-woman-hold-out-…)

I'll take some, thanks.

No. 708360

File: 1609794221364.png (665.48 KB, 1464x856, gib bob.png)

No. 708487

File: 1609813016953.png (15.14 KB, 240x240, 2FC22D8A-7775-4DCE-ABFC-5FD61F…)

Yes pls ma’am

No. 708941

File: 1609879407375.jpg (35.6 KB, 736x626, 2cefa3c64e8b42f92e2051ee1053e7…)

Got myself a bluetooth keyboard so now I can sperg twice as fast

No. 709002

File: 1609885559100.jpg (37.95 KB, 399x298, d43877e7c5835473e97e9a6f0637db…)

You have been visited by the pencil stub fairy!

Lay your pencil stubs under your pillow tonight in exchange for a wish

No. 709007

File: 1609886039926.jpeg (93.02 KB, 1600x1689, 10FC1611-3A13-4223-8195-420DE1…)

Fire pencil stub go brrrrr.

No. 709014

File: 1609887500901.jpg (27.09 KB, 350x239, aursut.jpg)

No. 709015

File: 1609887531315.jpg (47.8 KB, 350x353, rsjfsfisifs.jpg)

Sit down if you're gonna have an ass

No. 709016

File: 1609887616738.jpg (74.18 KB, 350x258, kgiu.jpg)

No. 709017

File: 1609887716139.jpg (66.41 KB, 1200x720, EqlkXdbXIAQ0s5W.jpg)

No. 709021

File: 1609888021658.png (63.99 KB, 191x237, eo-liberalism-10-year-challeng…)

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

No. 709046

File: 1609892233372.jpg (55.24 KB, 878x574, 3a252f0-1.jpg)

No. 709053

File: 1609893857942.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.36 MB, 500x800, bonk.gif)


No. 709056

File: 1609894012160.jpg (103.16 KB, 709x457, 62242452_627775577721212_88582…)

Pussy. Cunt, even.

anyone got adderall?

No. 709065

When my I got my breast reduction I was so glad to get it off my chest

No. 709070

File: 1609896386170.jpg (71.85 KB, 500x345, 621130_poster_l.jpg)

why he beak so bik

No. 709071

File: 1609896419419.gif (800.14 KB, 500x281, boo.gif)


No. 709072

File: 1609896536207.gif (107.97 KB, 220x165, tenor.gif)

NO! Let her speak!

Tell us another one, queen!

No. 709073

>not shitposting wherever you goddamn please
kill youurselves

No. 709077

File: 1609897219203.png (876.93 KB, 730x871, b01626f06e44526b5af4c9bb9b9adb…)

To store fruit loops

No. 709078

File: 1609897346578.jpg (41.5 KB, 600x388, d15.jpg)

man I posted some unfunny shit in this thread

No. 709079

File: 1609897542042.gif (969.67 KB, 500x311, 3d-gif-13.gif)

That's him, Doctor Cox, that's the loser right there

No. 709082

Got arrested for carrying around a dump truck ass without a CDL

No. 709093

Why are you still doing it?

No. 709107

File: 1609902095220.jpg (22.67 KB, 500x375, bongwaterlcl.jpg)


No. 709164

File: 1609915342547.jpg (259.45 KB, 650x637, fuckjannies.jpg)

I did too. Clean that shit up jannies
is it just me or are these janny memes getting hornier and hornier…

No. 710177

Has anyone ever told a secret they really didn't want to because they were high?
I've never smoked with my bf because I have an extreme paranoia that I will start talking about sex with my exes or something. I want to get high with him but I'm scared this has become a self fulfilling prophecy

No. 710183

File: 1610086014892.jpeg (65.27 KB, 564x706, E55C8FD0-FA68-4CEA-ACDE-BB709F…)


No. 710186

I do that too! Also with drinking. Even though ill forget about whatever it is once I get going. One time I started to tell my bf something while I was stoned but lost my train of thought halfway through and he didn't ask about it

No. 710265

I just want to bury my face in his cat chest

No. 710379

File: 1610119229600.gif (1.69 MB, 500x269, 6E4A4C13-A011-48AD-87A0-30E69D…)

I’ve been taking biotin supplements for like 3 weeks now and my nails have gotten to long and strong and sharp I feel like I could slash somebodies face open. Like they could really make some nasty gashes on somebody if I had to and I don’t think they’d break.

No. 710386

Kek reading this makes me wanna take biotin even though I don't need itn. Nails would make the most convenient weapon for self-defense

No. 710397

Even if they don’t work as a deterrent they certainly can create and store a lot of evidence in our favour if need be.

No. 710521

File: 1610129187319.gif (10.97 KB, 90x90, tenor.gif)


No. 710551


anons pls…love yourselves…

also cat anons when you were posting the long snoot cats I couldn't tell if you were saying they looked like Yandere dev or Adam Driver…

No. 710572

phsss… come over here… no! closer… a little more…

piss eheh

No. 710577

File: 1610132028636.gif (818.92 KB, 280x280, 70785181-3010-4D9E-B9C4-FF0AE7…)

No. 710578

I hate this disgusting stained ancient smelly mattress with STEEL WIRE STicking out of it and I hate the god damned mold growing wherever it can and I hate these uncaring landlords who just take my MONEY and don't use it to HELP ME a bit and I am scared to say that my bed is trying to murder me because they will definitely raise the rent if they have to buy me a new mattress even though they could surely buy a new one for less than a month's rent!

No. 710602

File: 1610134013907.jpeg (22.4 KB, 554x554, images - 2021-01-08T162515.503…)

Obviously Adam. It's actually a pretty old meme, I remember first seeing it around 2014ish

No. 710618

File: 1610135608530.jpeg (73.9 KB, 1067x1098, DA24CD53-C5ED-4960-BB99-FE64E6…)

No. 710655

I like juice, it is a true filtered vitamin substance

No. 710737

File: 1610145699132.jpeg (82.81 KB, 1118x1094, 7C2FB645-5E18-466B-97C3-C72EC7…)

No. 710817

Lol I’ve never and never had anyone divulge a deep secret to me while stoned. Maybe if you already have a hard time holding back it’d be an issue, but I don’t see it being a problem for most people. If you really wanna smoke with him, you could try just starting with a small hit and see how it sits.

No. 711035

File: 1610208162765.png (2.73 MB, 1059x2487, waoh.png)


No. 711095

What is this it's awful

No. 711110

idk who keeps posting these but i love u

No. 711112

i don’t get it and it’s ugly

No. 711128

Scene source anon ?

No. 711146

sorry wife
I'll fullfil
my promise

No. 711153

keep posting these, these are hilarious lmao

No. 711199

File: 1610229736944.gif (2 MB, 365x220, 15083c8b33f13c37413902499429.g…)

Gooooood Morning Driverfags

No. 711216

it's almost midnight

No. 711235

it's past midnight here but I hope you have a lovely day! ♥

No. 711236

File: 1610235043786.gif (Spoiler Image, 926.77 KB, 340x190, Tumblr_olavarTLkD1vwmvmzo1_500…)

HBO girls. I actually really liked the first two seasons. Season 4 and 5 were okay and the rest was shit, especially season 3. The protagonist (Lena Dunham) gets absolutely insufferable after season 2.
I only finished it because I was already too invested and because of AD sex scenes, but his character kinda sucks at the beginning, but he gets better at the end

No. 711238

File: 1610235243423.jpg (68.63 KB, 680x400, 370uen.jpg)

Samefag cause wow, I posted this without even seeing this >>711199

We're all connected fellow dspergs

No. 711240

Its fun for me just to grab a
plus my peanus got an atti

No. 711242

I tried watching this shit for AD like twice and gave up on the forst episode. I may try again since I am running out of AD movies to watch…

No. 711247

Maybe you're better off just watching the compilations of all of his scenes on yt lol but being yt they will certainly cut all of the sex
I liked the self aware jokes and I don't mind flawed characters, it's just after season 2 Hannah had no redeemable characteristics at all. Her friend Marnie, who's also a shit, at least had some stuff going on for her.
After season 2 I actually just like 1 out of all the characters. So yeah, I am not sure if I'd actually recommend it at all

No. 711248

Bitch what, i watched this show on tv and never realised he was such a muscle daddy on it?

No. 711257

File: 1610236640983.jpg (82.53 KB, 736x485, 8c3bc995bb6b99eda85c5125b78436…)

Fucking how anon
He lifts every girl in that series like they are made out of air, even fatass Lena Dunham

No. 711261

Season 5 was the best season, followed by season 3. That's also when Adam Driver was the most attractive.

No. 711267

File: 1610238512832.gif (1.91 MB, 500x227, original.gif)

I agree with the latter but season 3 was garbage
The literal fanfic tier episode where Lena gets with the handsome doctor for no reason, c'mon now
also 'wah wah i hate my job I am a true wwitew i won't wowk fow mawketing'
JessaxAdam masterrace (although I also hate Jessa but at least she has a semblance of a character arc)

No. 711271

I wasn't all that horny back then and blind to the Physique of Men

No. 711364

File: 1610252910339.png (168.35 KB, 500x382, 869196373219868672.png)


No. 711366

File: 1610253102735.jpeg (77.95 KB, 743x743, 70190AD8-4733-4C14-9B4F-812E3F…)

1.5 hours of sleep and a 1.5 hour nap, no stimulants, no caffeine until half the day was over. how the fuck did I not faint

No. 711427

File: 1610271790890.jpg (211.99 KB, 1280x2047, 137258183_3600089056778681_280…)

Just leaving this here

No. 711432

I (properly) jerked off and it felt nice, I can’t explain it in proper words but I now know the feeling of pure ecstasy that I can’t shake off yet and the tingling sensation down there of wanting more…

The only downside is I think I accidentally scratched my hymen as there was blood on the toilet paper.

No. 711439

File: 1610274080491.png (1.36 MB, 827x1022, EAEC9A59-9A2A-40D3-A2FD-A28067…)

No. 711530

how do you jerk off a hymen

No. 711585

File: 1610300110268.jpg (54.74 KB, 735x719, fef3be6d5a528088e19d3279a024d6…)

Hmmmm I love myself some sea roachies

No. 711593

By fingering yoself

No. 711594

Women who use the terms "jerk off" and "fap" to refer to them masturbating are cringe.

No. 711595

(Can i also add "Jill off" and "flick my bean"? Only men would come up with that retarded wording)

No. 711596

Jill off is funny. Flick da bean sounds painful

No. 711599

Always makes me picture a poorly passing transwoman tugging at 'her ladydick'

No. 711601

It really should be rubbing the bean. Wonder where the flicking part came from

No. 711607

Saying "shlick" is way worse than fap though

shlick shlick shlick

No. 711611

what about polishing the pearl
at least that one makes a little more sense

No. 711614

Have you guys ever considered just saying masturbate

jk I'm still gonna say "jack off", or just a simple, timeless, classy "play with my pussy"

No. 711617

File: 1610303908237.png (1019.39 KB, 1198x1196, screen-shot-2019-10-03-at-10-2…)

I got the good stuff, $20/g

No. 711625

It's snowing it's snowing it's snowing when it never snows it's snooooowing

No. 711628

>not giving your girlpussi a good wank
smh tbh nonnies

No. 711638

idk I've always said masturbate. Why beat around the bush.

No. 711748

No. 711776

Then what are you supposed to say other than masturbate?

There are females who sometimes refer cunnilingus as blowjobs or “giving head”.

No. 711780

I've seen "eating box" used as a euphemism for cunnilingus before

No. 711956

I feel….. whack

No. 712118


No. 712161

>There are females
I hate when men refer to us as females, I hate it even more when women do it.

No. 712170

File: 1610382889231.jpg (869.29 KB, 1080x1989, SmartSelect_20210111-113434_In…)

which one of yous is cosplaying

No. 712174

File: 1610383425274.jpg (54.47 KB, 735x437, d6976c1b1053b4377da1d52010450c…)

Damn, this is such a lazy cosplay though
I guess I cosplay Kylo Ren everyday, then

No. 712243

English is not my first language and I have used female because I though it was normal for you. Now I have seen posts by people complaining about it and feel dumb. The words for female and male are not used on humans in my language unless you want to be sexual in a cringy way or are literally comparing them to animals.

No. 712248

why do girls make better boys than actual boys

No. 712251

Similar for english speakers it generally is a red flag when the word woman is always replaced by 'female' in a mans vocabulary. They tend to be shitty and sexist men.

No. 712252

Long term testosterone makes you ugly

No. 712256

Maybe you're just gay anon, cause she doesn't make for a good boy at all. Her face is absolutely too feminine, not even androgynous

No. 712265

I would agree with you overall but not in this case. She makes for a piss poor Kylo even with an assumption she's cosplaying a fanart or a drawing from graphic novel and not a movie version aka Adam Driver.
same. also my nose is actually on point kek

No. 712481

>roll over
>feel two warm fruit gummies under my ass
>eat them

No. 712489

No. 712550

File: 1610418640732.jpeg (148.64 KB, 1242x207, 4619E738-F41C-4484-98D8-7FD1AC…)

I swear when I was a teenager I didn’t see as much of this intense fear of age that you see now but maybe I just didn’t notice it

No. 712554

god what a backhanded comment lmao. i'm only 20 but whenever i see people my age or younger commenting shit like this on 25+ year old womens' photos i always hope the op will clap back and be like "you won't"

No. 712578

i have bump developing on my vermillion border. i think it's a pimple but what if it's oral herpes. im a virgin, but cant that shit spread through touch? anyway, i'm popping this shit as soon as it's ready. lip pimples hurt the most but i love the pain. it was hurting before the bump started growing (getting irritated?) but i can't stop touching it because i like how it hurts. that's probably hwy I like getting spanked (non-sexually, because i am a virgin).

No. 712579


It's so fucking weird being in your late 20s and having someone only a few years younger than you "compliment" you with the "you look younger" line. Like I'm sorry scrotes have brainwashed you to think that women expire at age 25 and you have to put other women down to feel superior about something as retarded as having been born at a later date but don't project your insecurities on me, Pickmeisha. I was an ugly duckling and have only gotten more attractive with age so can't relate to people whose looks peaked in hs lmao

No. 712587

It’s literally disgusting behaviour but almost always comes from pickme loser bitches who hate to see older women looking attractive because their only actual attractive feature is their youth. I’m like you, I look so much better at 23 than 18 and honestly can’t wait to see what I look like and what I’ll be capable of when I’m older. Being an ugly duckling definitely has its perks, one of which being less likely to idealise men and actually take their words and thoughts seriously, lol.

No. 712592

I don't think it's a deliberately backhanded compliment at all, I see so many comments like this from younger girls and they really do seem to think it's s nice thing to say because they've all been completely brainwashed by men and constantly seeing FaceTuned influencers

No. 712597

Same I think they’re being sincere too and genuinely don’t consider 26 youthful even though it’s still so young which is why I find it alarming. Like what do they think a 26 year old is supposed to look like.

No. 712601

Sis I got herpes as 4yo because some kid in the daycare apparently had a breakout and I ended up in the hospital for a few days, you can get it as a virgin. If it burns, and you feel feverish it most likely is the herp.

No. 712607

damn maybe I should wash my hands and quit touching it then, just in case. Do you still have it? i know it sounds stupid, but i don't quite understand if some strains of herpes are like STI's where they come and go away. did he get it from his mom when he was born or something?

No. 712610

It's a virus that never leaves, it lives in some nerve near your face or some shit and i still get breakouts if i don't use spf lip balm, get really stressed, a cut on my lip, too much sun or my immune system fucks up. It's not even the looks that annoy me but the fact that i always get a high fever and my lip swells up and i have scars from them. I have pretty big lips as it is and always get them on my bottom lip so i just put a plaster on it if i need go somewhere and no really notices. Idk, you basically can touch your sore and spred that shit, that's why i prefer the plasters and i have 10/10 hand hygiene since forever, i was made for this pandemic hand washing shit.

No. 712615

can you still spread it when you're not having a breakout? I know the questions are annoying, but I'm highkey curious

No. 712620

Basically yes but my doctors told me that most people have the virus but can never experience an outbreak because it's so common. Last time i had an outbreak was at the beginning of summer due to the sudden sun exposure yet my mom has never had it even though i lived with her for 20 years. I know it's gross but it's actually painful and not always a std, like i was a small child getting morphine for that shit, enough with the stale jokes, people.

No. 712625

you herpes anons are being 2 real. this convo is more "dumbass shit thread". but derailing can also be considered shitposting, so is it a catch 22? i don't know.

No. 712657

I don't think teenagers and women in their early 20s think women in their late 20s/30s are old as much as you guys think they do. A lot of younger girls will say that 30 is not old, but obviously there are some that think that it's practically elderly. I don't think that's anything new at all.
>t. zoomer

No. 712658

as a scrote who lurks except to tell people to keep cats indoors, i think "scrote" is the answer to the fungdart question. it's really terse, rude, gross. sounds vulgar. and it's perfect because cunnus -> cunt, scrotum -> scrote.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 712659

File: 1610433427190.gif (1.51 MB, 436x298, 5D7DE7FF-3B94-4247-9CFC-F3C9D4…)

Push it push it to the limit limit give it all you can give it cause were in it to win it, in it to win it OH I realized that thisis where my heart is. Now is the time to finish what I started Dont worry bout what other people might say its who I am gotta live my dream my own way

No. 712661

We don't care, love.

No. 712662

File: 1610433600945.jpeg (83.47 KB, 500x577, 5B0D01B9-9FC6-4A26-8C26-CC95C6…)


No. 712666

while there are plenty of zoomers who don't fall for "the wall" meme and don't view 30 year olds as ancient, i see just as many who freak out about turning 19 or 20 and neg any attractive woman who happens to be over the age of 22

No. 712677

File: 1610435149768.jpg (15.96 KB, 474x313, 20210107_032454.jpg)

Some anon's granpa died and his name looks like "huge cock" and i

No. 712678

hard huge cock

No. 712681

File: 1610435402498.jpg (20.41 KB, 480x480, 20210112_010120.jpg)

No. 712682

File: 1610435453791.jpeg (76.93 KB, 828x641, E6E654C6-0D2A-415B-B76B-B362E0…)

No. 712683

it's definitely not new to think being 30 is old while being college aged, the only difference is that stupid 20 year old are able to more easily communicate with actual adults now because of how social media works.

No. 712686

File: 1610435781340.png (596.1 KB, 540x674, unknown-46.png)

No. 712689

god fucking stop doing that.

No. 712699

I'm in my very early twenties and it's definitely been happening more lately.
In the early 2010s, my sister who is now late 20s always talked with her friends about what cool stuff they would do when they get older and have a career. I remember some being scared of getting older but it wasn't nearly as bad as it is now, my peers are insufferable and girls younger than me won't stop bragging about being uwu tiktok lolis. Soooo many people now have an OF account as well as soon as they turn 18.

I swear it started with the egirl Belle Delphine trend.

No. 712702

>tfw when i am almost 32 and these dumbass children think i am one of them

No. 712714

>I swear it started with the egirl Belle Delphine trend
it did. brb gonna go back in time and make her wear the right wig for that kotori cosplay

No. 712726

I don't get it, it's not like I wasn't online at 15 myself but at least I knew I was fucking 15 and that's the only reason 21 year olds looked old to me.

Plus back in the day if you were a dumb spergy kid on the internet there was so much nasty shit like bullying and doxxing directed at you just for the fact that you're a kid, not to mention omegle pedos. Imagine saying shit like "wow I hope I look as youthful as you at 26" in 2009, you'd get your ass handed to you.

No. 712734

front facing joe swanson

No. 712758

never thought about it like that before

No. 712802

File: 1610454779178.jpg (34.23 KB, 1080x606, IMG_20210112_073133.jpg)

No. 712804

women are based and i love you all

No. 712813

File: 1610456628642.png (153.57 KB, 400x400, b56444d4570480482a884029d8b659…)

Good afternoon to all driverfags!
I would like to confess that yesterday I talked about Kylo Ren to my therapist for at least 20 minutes. It wasn't just autism though and I haven't planned it It was both nice and awkward since my therapist is normie AF (understandable) and therefore I don't think she was aware how meaningful fictional characters can be, even to adult people.

No. 712879

File: 1610467167303.jpeg (265.29 KB, 750x758, 07068F68-BBF6-4FA0-9318-0DBDCB…)

No. 712880

I've talked to my therapist about my celeb crush before and learned she also likes him, good for you anon! That's so wholesome, hope it felt validating

No. 712903

Being a millennial who grew up online was wild. As a kid/teen, you had to pretend to be older or else yeah, you got tipped apart for being too young/underaged, now we're all old and busted and have wasted our lives at 25+ and use obsessive filters and styling to seem younger while kids and teens are styled like adults and encouraged to completely reveal their full selves to the internet. Full circle.

No. 712906

its fun for me just to grab a
plus my penis got an atti

No. 712910

ur a cutie bb keep it up

No. 713066


No. 713086

they're going to be replaced with either more Adam or something more sinister

No. 713094

this very ominous
what comes after Adam

No. 713096

No. 713107

File: 1610490693112.jpg (29.78 KB, 684x433, Michael-Cera.jpg)

i for one welcome our new cerafag overlords
he doesn't have a hint of charm, it would be hilarious

No. 713109

if this becomes a thing it’s a sign from god that i need to leave

No. 713110

No. 713119

ill fucking slit my own wrists i swear to god

No. 713121

no way, adamfag for life or at least until he is revealed to be a creep/rapist/pedo/whatever

No. 713123


I thought the driver and borzoi fags were cute and funny, but Idk if I can deal with cerafags

No. 713133

File: 1610493356155.jpeg (641.61 KB, 1242x1242, 282393FD-2A46-4331-A30F-D8596E…)

Please don’t jinx him, let’s pray for him to be and stay sane.

No. 713158

If Adam Driver and Keanu Reeves turn out to be creeps, I will an hero
I think their relationships are too wholesome, idk
Driver married before making it big and even kept his son a secret for years.
Keanu married a woman his age after grieving the loss of his first wife for years
I trust them i am only a driversperg, whoever

No. 713162

Didn't keanu also lose a unborn kid when his wife died? And somehow marilyn manson was involded? Rippppppp

No. 713167

File: 1610496628444.jpg (189.34 KB, 720x1080, IMG_20210112_210937.jpg)

I don't know about MM, but apparently this is the story

No. 713170

I think she was leaving his party or some shit

No. 713172

we keep downgrading with grosser and grosser moids….

Also ngl I'd kek hard if Driver came out problematic

No. 713175

File: 1610497488879.jpg (30.6 KB, 433x551, c4587f98871b364c1885a76f0f2431…)

what do you mean, nonette??

No. 713189

No. 713196

i have managed to be able to be on my period and not use tampons or pads by using my muscles to hold in my blood.

I will deploy it at will

No. 713199

You are now a weapon of mass menstruation

No. 713202

File: 1610499721231.jpg (30.75 KB, 451x401, ErbuTN5XAAIq7AM.jpg)

No. 713205

File: 1610499973319.png (189.17 KB, 1200x1081, lossless-page1-1200px-Pilbara_…)

me irl

No. 713208


Hate it when my dangle-baby and armpit boobs get in the way of my spear fighting.

No. 713213


thats our umbilical bond u binch

No. 713224

File: 1610504188355.gif (Spoiler Image, 535.61 KB, 275x155, 1610503727780.gif)

As seen on /g/

you part his sticky asscheeks

unwashed scrote ass aroma fills the air bnb

No. 713228

I was gonna give a variety of choices but then the cerafags came in, curses!

No. 713236

Please give your suggestions still

No. 713241

File: 1610506241511.png (Spoiler Image, 439.89 KB, 630x383, 25D93E23-D664-433D-B2EB-D2D342…)

Evil grows in the dark
Where the sun, it never shines
Evil grows in cracks and holes
And lives in people's minds
Evil grew, it's part of you
And now it seems to be
That everytime I look at you
Evil grows in me

kill me

No. 713255

File: 1610507773938.jpg (66.37 KB, 720x879, FB_IMG_1610493448802.jpg)

Hello there, Carrey-chan!

No. 713261

File: 1610508304833.jpg (1.15 MB, 2896x2896, LowIQDaddyDomBugChaserBakingSo…)

Is he doing an AMA in the corona-chan thread?

No. 713264

Did this scrote just gender a virus or am i dyslexic

No. 713265

Did he gender the virus… or is he the virus? Either way I hope he gets the herp

No. 713267

Is the vaccinator (he/him) the one finishim him?

No. 713273


No. 713277

I read this as someone rping as the fucking coronavirus having a vaccine fetish

No. 713278

I hate Weezer so fucking much it's unreal

No. 713284

File: 1610512173363.jpeg (392.37 KB, 1124x1704, 84034F00-BFCD-4DF9-8BDE-B9E096…)

This ad
>Married to the devil's son and be a baby making machaine

No. 713285

the comic sans is killing me

No. 713289

Yo I saw this pic on wikipedia the other day, inspiring.

No. 713294

Stacy (commendatory)

No. 713326

File: 1610517981807.jpg (135.62 KB, 540x650, tumblr_pdu4wgHO7i1weksw2o1_540…)

Ding Dong
Fellow Driverfags enjoy these daisy from Driver-san

No. 713329

My family all shamed me for liking him this past holiday I was like wtf you guys all like some weird looking motherfuckers!! How dare you!! They didn’t even shame me for crispin glover like they did over Adam

No. 713336

File: 1610518782141.png (63.8 KB, 928x810, 444.png)

Based family

No. 713339

File: 1610519117668.png (32.77 KB, 943x902, eqWo9c2.png)

why does no one want to talk to me on TOR's omegle..sigh

No. 713345

>You got sisters or cousins or wife or daughter

No. 713346

File: 1610520030777.jpg (219.89 KB, 984x1029, 2fauct.jpg)

Than k

No. 713349


This means there were actual trousers, like jeans, inside the breakfast

No. 713351

File: 1610520809116.gif (3.06 MB, 268x290, d1883cd96ac3a5c53097ee63c64063…)

He was so fucking hot in Hungry Hearts, I feel like his hair was the perfect length i miss when my bf had that hair length, but now he prefers super long -which is hot by its own right- so he can tie it up

shit I lold irl by drawing alone

Holy fuck these stupid imagines make me kek so hard, especially unironic ones. Please farmers let's channel our inner stupid tweens and make our own shitty imagines. We can all use Braco, Cera and Jim Carrey

No. 713352

File: 1610520943710.jpg (21.29 KB, 480x292, xvs4w55vy8j41.jpg)

How would it be different if it was porridge?

No. 713356

god i miss grilling babies in sims 2, but i can't find that mod anymore

No. 713359


No. 713363

File: 1610521983844.jpg (42.75 KB, 500x499, 349c55f2b05d5234692ba0e2ef9cff…)

No. 713365

File: 1610522159843.jpg (57.65 KB, 540x540, 2b284105e5b6620b6765d37778e077…)

Special delivery for lolcow muah

No. 713366

Is this lolcow farmer ultimate fantasy

No. 713367

File: 1610522529352.jpg (88.48 KB, 612x612, 1892648752-16e4b7e277e17dd2c41…)

shall we make stylesposting a thing?

No. 713370

As a brit when I first read pants I thought it just meant he had fed her underwear, so it made me laugh when I thought about how it used the American word oatmeal and realised that meant it could instead mean he fed her a whole pair of jeans

No. 713371

I am super favorable to all moidsperging, I just think it's funny

No. 713373

File: 1610522885832.jpg (493.31 KB, 800x896, imagineharry-styles-comes.jpg)

ok, have some hobama

No. 713374

File: 1610522968210.png (127.42 KB, 706x700, a1d4be28-54ee-4c37-a0cf-f86402…)

god this is a hideous outfit. pls don't tell me my husband Harry chose it for me

No. 713380

oonf hot

No. 713386

File: 1610523733507.jpeg (98.68 KB, 828x823, 6D1FCC90-AD4C-4203-8FFD-BFE4A6…)

Been sayin it should be a thing

No. 713390

File: 1610524029409.jpg (25.84 KB, 400x551, 09982d1715beb959d8769a789f9184…)

be the change u wanna see in the world sis (they went to the same nail technician)

No. 713392

I ship it! (hadam?)

No. 713393

File: 1610524121082.jpeg (55.25 KB, 540x557, 1595210894732.jpeg)

It can't be just Harry or you miss out on this classic

No. 713394

I need some edits to visualize it better. But they are couple matching in those pics though

I fucking cackled at this

No. 713400

File: 1610524726746.jpg (82.24 KB, 766x766, Photoshoprequest.jpg)

Can someone photoshop the next guy on Adam please and replace it with Henry

No. 713403

File: 1610524781387.jpeg (62.86 KB, 1125x618, ELzrqBmU0AADMCp.jpeg)

In the mean time I can give you this

No. 713404

File: 1610524836541.jpg (41.21 KB, 828x889, adamsackler-photo-2021_01_11_0…)

I wish this meme was in a better quality

No. 713406

File: 1610525253001.gif (6.48 MB, 498x498, 1608322457873.gif)


No. 713428

File: 1610528781574.jpg (35.25 KB, 500x558, tumblr_ec48f3cb7acbb220d2618e5…)

No. 713430

File: 1610528994071.jpg (62.32 KB, 524x668, tumblr_8a6a64d88a3c64e34fa1dd5…)

i never listened to any one direction song but i love 2011-2013 directioners sfm

No. 713432

Braco, Cera, Adam, Harry, Carrey, why does it seem almost poetic in that order?

No. 713435

Holy shit I was a directioner on tumblr in 2012 and 2013, we were crazy as fuck lmao. This picture is just the tip of the iceberg

No. 713460

kek 2012-2013 directioners doxxed more people within those couple of years than the entire userbase of 4chan and kiwifarms ever have

you did not want to anger them, especially the larries

No. 713461

Larries were the worst

No. 713462

Istg is tumblr the core of mentally ill stan? Unreleated I remember someone doxxed Adam Driver and stalked Adam during Burn This play.

No. 713478

I don't know fam have you seen that 4chan did to Jessie Slaughter, Boxy or even our queen?
At least the 4D boys were doing ok now

No. 713541

File: 1610551133291.jpeg (40.65 KB, 640x480, 7CC75C89-76F6-4E6E-AFF4-01521D…)


No. 713567

The tree branch makes it look like it’s doing the Ok hand sign.

No. 713576

omfg yes, one of the best movies for enjoying Adam's looks! It's so underrated though. Good taste! ♥

No. 713578

i miss this era of being a 1d fan so much, holy shit! it was so unhinged. one thing i miss too is the fucking imagines people used to make where they'd be like 'imagine you and harry were a couple and he punched your ex boyfriend in the face for disrespecting you at a party!!!!!' with a bad boy edit of harry styles, fuck.

my fave thing about being a fan of theirs as a teenager was the fact that every single one of their albums leaked before release. i used to sit up at like 4am on a school night as a wee 14 year old trying to hunt down good quality leaks through random ass tags on tumblr. i'll never get a serotonin rush like that again

No. 713582

File: 1610557990377.jpg (7.59 KB, 206x244, 8d7.jpg)

So tired of the ugly men propaganda. Even sonic's more fuckable.

No. 713583

File: 1610558258383.png (1009.98 KB, 1000x1300, d8iux2l-953e83c8-bbb1-4a33-aa4…)

you called?

No. 713584

aw i miss those days, remember punk edits? i was obsessed with those

No. 713587

File: 1610558406643.jpeg (220.1 KB, 1024x1024, 8852F02A-CCA1-4FF2-AACF-66B4E3…)

dropped pic

No. 713591

File: 1610559127298.jpg (79.48 KB, 600x600, 7422.jpg)

I am now eggman the hedgehog

No. 713592

why can't the yakuza series have been as popular in the west in like 2006 as it is now? we could have had windows movie maker slideshow amvs set to cascada's bad boy and caramelldansen edits

No. 713593

File: 1610559250227.jpg (59.45 KB, 600x549, Ow_the_edge.jpg)

Pleased to meet you, I'm Shadow the Edgehog

No. 713594

it's me, your retarded cousin, shedew the hedgeheg!

No. 713595

I co-ran a punk edit tumblr with some friends back in the day, there were some kpop idols as far as i know

No. 713596

File: 1610559389805.jpeg (625.67 KB, 1242x1731, C2ED59A4-296C-46D4-A533-06E657…)

You’re making me wish I was a 1D Stan as a teen and not some emo retard.
>tfw you used to think they were totally not cool.

No. 713598

I love you shedew let's go play some volleyball

No. 713599

File: 1610559767511.gif (6.83 MB, 480x360, 5gOXCaK.gif)

i'm more of a bowling guy myself

No. 713604

Sanic the Hedgehog

No. 713610

Shadow the.jpg

No. 713615

shedew sounds like a lady villain that makes lawns extra sparkly or sth

No. 713632

try but you can never be eggman

No. 713639

anon, we were almost name twins, I got shedew the hedgehog

No. 713642

Sonic the Hoghedge
and so I shall be the antisonic

No. 713651

File: 1610563666226.jpeg (409.39 KB, 828x1030, weirdeyebrow.jpeg)

I feel like these posts go together somehow

No. 713656

not the government falling again

No. 713711

You could’ve been both anon!! I felt like Hannah Montana ‘‘twas very fun

No. 713722

When I was in primary school my friends were 1d stans and I was working on a group project with 3 of them and one of the girls got a phone call from a foreign number so she didn't answer of course but then we looked up the country code in the number online and it was from great britain and they were like "omg what if it was one direction calling us!????!!?!?!?!?" so they begged her mom to let them call it and she said no and they thankfully didn't call because it would have been really expensive.

No. 713724

File: 1610570924696.jpg (114.05 KB, 500x713, tumblr_prf46cyInL1t058gt_500.j…)

No. 713730

File: 1610571552002.png (108.45 KB, 500x384, 1556640.png)

Man I could never get into boy band stuff in general even as a child cause the songs always sound like they're talking down on me. Plus they're uggo. Harry in particular looks like a damn rat.

No. 713732

1d poster here, never willingly listened to any of their songs in my life and i admit they're pretty damn ugly, i am just so fascinated by the fandom. i guess i'm in the one direction fandom fandom (meta fandom?)

No. 713743

File: 1610572625072.jpg (6.36 KB, 252x200, download.jpg)

No. 713755

File: 1610574504529.png (106.44 KB, 500x654, imagine-michael-cera-as-christ…)

No. 713778

Why don't people who make skirts make them an inch or two longer in the back? That would be really simple and really nice of them to do

No. 713786

There's skirts like that but they don't look good.

No. 713794

Some of us are just not made for wearing skirts, anon.

No. 713802

Did this song being included on those plastic toy phones contribute to yellow fever among zoomers? Pay attention to the lyrics.

pls no serious answers

No. 713807

As if yellow fever isn't rampant on millennials

No. 713817

Is it just me or is this not a zoomer song at all?

No. 713823

It isn't, it's older than a lot of zoomers

No. 713825

How is thissa zoomer thing, millenials listened to this AND had the shitty phones

No. 713832

It’s not a zoomer song, and also you’re upsetting all of the zoomers

No. 713836


I thought this was ellen degeneres

No. 713839

File: 1610581439741.jpeg (51.98 KB, 620x960, received_250901469728377.jpeg)

No. 713840

File: 1610581467137.jpeg (376.08 KB, 2048x1434, received_10207303416316824.jpe…)


No. 713911

File: 1610593650508.jpg (16.48 KB, 487x63, Untitled.jpg)

No. 713921

hope she only had pity play-dates with this guy, and not pity-play dates

No. 713932

it's penis butter smelly time

No. 713940

File: 1610598176273.jpg (81.46 KB, 736x732, 9ba04746a6c4acc4d95c38868b124f…)

No. 713960

this ones a hit huh

No. 713995

File: 1610611029103.jpeg (485.27 KB, 2312x2344, DBB96946-32CB-4444-ABF1-D62A16…)

No. 714014

File: 1610615952285.gif (1.97 MB, 268x375, 7981ba534006d27d41cfca383c8bf4…)

Big late, but today I've found out that there are rumours dating back to 2015 or so that Adam's marriage has been in the gutter and that it's pretty on and off, also that both parties cheated emotionally and physically and they are just keeping appearances and are together for their baby. Some even say that if it wasn't for the kid, they wouldn't be together at all.
Some sources seem to be pretty believable but some just sound like a big Reylo cope so take it with a grain of salt.

not as problematic specially compared to Armie Hammer shit but still

No. 714018

Weren't those rumors made up by stans who hated and were envious of his wife? You think they would've gotten divorced by now if they were true

No. 714020

Some surely seem so and shipping him with Daisy Ridley is cringe af but there are a few things dating back to his non-SW days, so I don't know.
Also there are some made by Enty from CDAN, but he's done fanfics before, so who knows

No. 714021

both Reylos and anti-Reylos were so cringe

No. 714023

Yep but I'll take a Reylo over a ""Daiver"" anyday

No. 714035

I wish I could go back to 20 minutes ago when I didn't know that that exists

No. 714058

File: 1610622305109.jpeg (23.3 KB, 739x415, im18817261.jpeg)

I think he once stated he doesn't want to get divorced after filming marriage story from interview.
Daiver is the worst like they also harassing Daisy's boyfriend.
They have the same nature with kpoppies shipper

No. 714072

File: 1610623436637.jpg (92.56 KB, 1080x486, Knivesout291710.jpg)

Driverfags, It seems bluebirdstan are freakout about Adam Driver in knivesout 2. What do you think

No. 714074

Ehh, I've heard those rumors but I handwaived them since we don't know shit (as Adam likes it). R/adamdriverfans would love to believe that his marriage is on the brink of collapse. Some of them also genuinely believe that Joanne has bought Adam's love by funding Arts in the Armed Forces. I cannot imagine how hilarious that idea must be for anons that find Adam ugly kek.
Joanne's family is skeevy as fuck from what I remember (as most old money people are), but frankly I don't care about her. I'm kind of glad that Adam likes to keep his life private.

I don't get the point of shipping real people. Like whether AD is with Daisy or Joanne, it's still not you kek. Being this invested in a real life relationships you know nothing about is mental.

No. 714078

I love this song aiaiai I'm a little butterfly

No. 714079

File: 1610624464169.jpg (372.25 KB, 880x1131, 6239187_dibujos-tumblr-one-dir…)


Lol yes, even if I'm not into 1D anymore I sometimes catch up with the drama going on in the fandom because it's so entertaining. Remember the whole fiasco with Louis' baby and the Larries were saying it was a fake plastic doll and they hired a whole ass kid actor to pretend to be his son??? Absolutely incredible. Being a 1D fan as a teen is what made me discover tumblr lol, it was my first time encountering and writing fanfics, imagines, making edits and gifs, waiting for song and music video leaks. And the massove detailed long essays Larries wrote about their body language. Ahhh good times

No. 714122

bubbles underwater

No. 714124

How bout they don't make a sequel to that completely unremarkable movie

No. 714132

I don't like that I will have to watch both of those movies since AD is in the sequel. I honestly wish he wasn't since idgaf otherwise

No. 714153

While I think he's hot and talented, his wife is one of those old money freaks and he has a military background which make me extremely uncomfortable. I like him but I keep getting a weird vibe.

No. 714159

>I think he once stated he doesn't want to get divorced after filming marriage story from interview.
Do you have a link for it?

>I've heard those rumors but I handwaived them since we don't know shit (as Adam likes it)
I do believe some stuff, like on and off marriage, cheating and bandaid baby (wasn't Adam himself a kid of divorced parents? Maybe he is trying to "keep it together" for his son because of divorce trauma or w/e)
Shit I don't believe: He went off to Daisy on random vacations alone cause he was so smitten, they had to distance themselves because oh evil disney, John Boyega was jealous of their chemistry etc etc - Big fat Reylo cope if I've ever seen one
Other rumour that I particularly find super weird is that the bandaid baby is not even Adam's?? Why the fuck would they stay together? That would actually be the perfect reason to leave if their marriage is so bad.
But anyway, I don't doubt that if Marriage Story, that's basically Noah's therapy movie about his life and Greta's, sprinkled a bit of Adam's own marital problems in the middle. If it was also a therapy movie for Joanne and Adam, good for them I guess kek

>I cannot imagine how hilarious that idea must be for anons that find Adam ugly kek.

Sometimes tall dick be too good

>I don't get the point of shipping real people. Like whether AD is with Daisy or Joanne, it's still not you kek.

I kinda get it and I admit that I've shamefully have done it and it usually comes exactly from the idea that you have no chance, but hey those two are hot together and have a great chemistry on stage/on film/in my meth fever dreams, so I'd love to see them together. But it's definitely something you keep inside your stupid fat monke head, not something you'd harass real people over. Could never be me, damn

No. 714167

to be fair he was a young dumbass that got caught into post 9/11 propaganda. I don't hold it against him but I'm politically retarded so yeah.

No. 714168

agreed, anyone else with this background is usally bad news

No. 714196

What would the second one be about though? Marta would get caught up in another murder? Ransom comes back to haunt her and Adam's char has to save her? I loved the first one but I'm curious what direction it could go in

I've come to yo yo with enty's bullshit because he basically publishes anything. I did a deep archival dive into blinds and I'm shocked by either how much he pushes the same narratives for controversy points or completely contradicts himself with earlier or latter posts when the narrative runs dry or the original "tea" isn't interesting enough. Cult blinds crack me up.

If I sent him a fanfic about any given one of my fav controversial celebs that fell in line with whatever he published he'd probably put it up, no cap. He and his commenters really hate certain celebs and he publishes non tea (literally "tea" about a celebrity's food preferences or something nonsensical and dumb) to encourage his viewership to hate on them even more lmao

No. 714203

this is a test

No. 714209

#this is a test 2#

No. 714212

this a test 3

No. 714213

Ok bitch i give up. How do u spoiler shit

No. 714219

# # spoiler # #
Just do it without spaces

No. 714220

Thank you kind anon

No. 714221

Do it like writing code [spoiler] whatever u want and then [/spoiler with a bracket at the end closing that last tag too (I just couldn’t do it so it wouldn’t spoiler lol)

No. 714227

seeing if this works now

No. 714230


No. 714236


No. 714238

I'm so confused
Anon i think you're gonna have to eli5 since i'm ESL

No. 714241

whatever u want and then

No. 714242

Oh my god i figured it out. Thank you anon

No. 714244

Dab dab dab a dooooh

No. 714256

File: 1610649497851.jpg (60.44 KB, 1200x748, 77315e1aebcad4effd6fe5d763688b…)

Made a driverposting thread!
Come sperg >>>/m/122022
All driverfags invited.

Apologies in advance for the announcement but a lot of anons do not not check /m and I was advised to make the thread there.

No. 714267

are you 14? if not, kill yourself

No. 714270

Containment thread means no more sperging elsewhere, be happy nonny

No. 714274

File: 1610651432514.gif (197.59 KB, 220x124, 1941CED2-FD20-41FF-83C4-C213C4…)

No. 714303

>don't post in OUR threads!
>w-wait, how dare you make your own thread that I can easily hide???
this is beautiful

No. 714358

I'm testing it
I'm testing it

No. 714364

File: 1610656506909.jpg (237.35 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_20210114-120903_Ins…)

I don't know what to do with this anons. I just cant be the only one that had to see this

No. 714365

Is that Shayna?

No. 714368

File: 1610656966661.jpeg (116.05 KB, 1242x872, E7180F3F-5062-4E84-8123-4FC836…)

Wow, I guess I’m not having dinner tonight, thanks for the inspo, anon.

No. 714369

my little nonny wonny shunkums pookums sweetie weetie tervy wervy beany weenie booboo wubu uwu oowoo woowoowoo honey pie baby

No. 714371

File: 1610657298412.gif (808.2 KB, 540x221, hors.gif)

based and horsepilled

No. 714372

Sounds and looks more like a fetish dogwhistle for scrotes than it having anything to do with feeling positive about their bodies.

No. 714407

File: 1610659468372.jpg (61.46 KB, 1011x735, Sy8tHQM.jpg)

this HAS to be either a troll account or a fetish one. No other option.
I'm laughing so hard tho, brb going to follow this account

No. 714433

this gif is amazing

No. 714448

File: 1610662972687.jpg (943.58 KB, 1080x1525, Vidya.jpg)

No. 714464

File: 1610665328469.jpeg (371.66 KB, 1242x1656, 4D151118-04D6-46DC-9B02-D63D5F…)


No. 714466

File: 1610665728185.png (84.35 KB, 181x299, OFans.png)


No. 714471

It's Billie Skarsgard!!

No. 714472

Now THAT'S Billie Skarskård!!

No. 714522

File: 1610674972820.png (659.95 KB, 592x1020, Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 8.39…)


No. 714528

File: 1610676289418.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 15.5 KB, 259x194, 0C8AE6A4-FC5B-4186-A618-86C67A…)

Because the crosses look like they were made of spoiled milk.

No. 714529

File: 1610676353698.png (66.47 KB, 1366x481, Category Fictional characters …)

is this accurate

No. 714537

i KNEW elsa was going to be there, crazy bitch

No. 714553

mona makes too much sense kek

No. 714556

File: 1610681224494.png (404.71 KB, 1156x667, jpavwpjvwph.png)

don't reply to ginger Villanelle folks

No. 714558

I want to see yandere anon engage with this being, only because yandere anon reminds me of someone who scares the utter shit out of me that I knew in the past.

No. 714568

damn, I was hoping it was a fun rp thing like the lolcow hotel

No. 714569

>servix sisters

Bitch put this shit on a t-shirt, im hollering

No. 714570

What's up BITCHES I'm zoinked

No. 714571

File: 1610682588675.png (659.42 KB, 1080x1125, Screenshot_20210105-141647~2.p…)

Look who the fuck just followed me lmao

No. 714572

Something like that, she responded again today and put me on edge. She reminds me of someone I knew from discord in the past who was severely deranged beyond belief and ended up causing people real harm with her behavior, I don't know why people are cheering her on, she's fucking creepy

No. 714575

No. 714578

Go to meta dumbass

No. 714579

bitches really out here minimodding the retarded shitpost thread

No. 714580

File: 1610684210527.jpg (186.91 KB, 1024x1024, websiteUser.jpg)

No. 714630

File: 1610696709114.jpg (87.53 KB, 400x600, aaoh.jpg)

Oh to be a watermelon
cradled by his soft woman-like hands
that is a pleasure
I wish to feel

No. 714633


No. 714635

She must have been blinded by his beauty and was too enamored to notice.

No. 714646

I thought it was Cera for a second

No. 714647

it isn't?

No. 714648

the watermelon?

No. 714674

are you all sure that's not a cactus

No. 714705

i think is a big pepinillo

No. 714889

File: 1610737139708.jpeg (115.36 KB, 590x827, 508B7187-034D-4C4C-AFF9-4E0F22…)

Hitler is such a fucking hoe, why is he trying to seduce Hatsune Miku? Does he really think he can get an ounce of creativity just because they fucked? He’s such a cow, Miku deserved better.

No. 714894

>Does he really think he can get an ounce of creativity just because they fucked?
typical scrote behaviour

No. 714900

File: 1610737850289.jpg (136.42 KB, 1024x701, dbbrfys-6203087b-c566-4d23-b61…)

I CAN'T believe this. I thought he was with Mami!

No. 714993

He’s a gross two timing skank, I bet he was sending shitty dick pics to Mami when he was supposed to be dating Miku.

No. 714997

File: 1610746360705.jpeg (409.18 KB, 1535x2048, 2CDD7D62-ADB8-4E5C-9223-F0E8C6…)

This dog is kinda sus ngl

No. 714998

He looks like me when I take a bad photo of myself

No. 714999

Definitely vented. Send it out through the airlock!

No. 715000

File: 1610746479525.jpeg (59.88 KB, 583x419, BC7F06D9-E870-4DAE-8EA1-AA9A66…)

No. 715004

File: 1610747063464.jpeg (23.45 KB, 325x325, 0_ENcOSSSAzToVbTad.jpeg)

Thanks it looks delicious!

No. 715006

god i hate this commercial

No. 715010

Anon clearly offered you a Caesar salad, so why are you holding a fruit one? HM?

No. 715011

Ummmmm it got transmuted on its way to me

No. 715035

diagnosed coomerism

No. 715090

File: 1610759027561.jpeg (475.81 KB, 2048x1366, ErxwJGKXcAAIWKy.jpeg)

This car pulls up next to you…wyd?

No. 715098

Take leo and brad pitt to a time machine and cover up my feet

No. 715108

File: 1610761440083.jpg (112.9 KB, 1100x741, wb_f3_stanshunpike_theknightbu…)

the conductor from harry potter makes me consider if men are real or not haha no you're not!!

No. 715114

have brad kick them both out and take the front passenger seat

No. 715129

ask tarantino if he pays me for seeing my feet

No. 715140

File: 1610765450525.gif (1.53 MB, 480x605, Gzhe.gif)

Can Transhumanism Trend Already?

Transgenderism Is So Last Year..

No. 715142

how much do you think he'd pay
would it be enough to get me to meet my emotional support celebrity

No. 715165

the man is ugly but that outfit is hot as fuck
mm yes working class uniform

No. 715272

Hahaha that guy got punched in the balls

No. 715301

what if tarantino it's my emotional support celebrity …

No. 715403

File: 1610814905916.jpeg (355.49 KB, 807x917, 02203EAA-5057-42F6-8A02-A6E47D…)

No. 715418

File: 1610818003751.jpeg (85.92 KB, 1280x720, 52D97D32-F81E-4B81-9D5C-D784E6…)

No. 715425

File: 1610818976780.jpg (367.99 KB, 1280x1280, 1FE6D188-706B-4B24-84B8-8C9C37…)

I can't read

No. 715457

>see how you smell
galaxy brain

No. 715459

File: 1610822423617.jpg (104.87 KB, 637x964, bitch_ass_tarantino.JPG)

If this is the view when they are pulling next to me then I'm tall as fuck. I could just crush those mf. No pity.
That's what you get from making the most boring tarantino film

No. 715510

fuck brad pitt kill tarantino after selling him feet pics and force leo to date a woman above 25 years of age

No. 715514

File: 1610828202053.jpeg (305.6 KB, 750x662, 65E80EE4-929A-495A-8A43-BA1058…)

Wow. Is there anyone we can actually trust around here?

No. 715525

I wish those were bare feet

No. 715527

File: 1610829132566.jpeg (30.91 KB, 720x616, received_315010716564889.jpeg)