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File: 1603758658628.jpg (95.08 KB, 1200x1200, borzoi-sz6.jpg)

No. 660412

Post random things you hate and why.
Please don't vent about your life here. Only physical things are allowed.
I'll start by this iconic dog that borzoi anon hates.

No. 660422

File: 1603759343584.jpg (241.16 KB, 1080x1296, bd0844cceec654e71fd50bddc72e6d…)

I hate y2k fashion so much

No. 660423

I hate men that like taxi driver, american psycho and ski masks

No. 660424

Fuck broth. It's never the best part of any soup and drinking hot food is not a comforting thought.

No. 660431

File: 1603760272802.jpg (114.43 KB, 1000x563, intro-1576783200.jpg)

Awesome thread anon.

Tomatoes. They make everything taste soggy and tomatoey-ish. I've tried to like them, but I can only eat them if they're chopped up in teeny tiny pieces.

No. 660436

I hate bone broth. My sister was into making it for a while and the smell was so bad I couldn't stand being in the house.

No. 660439

I hate feeling my hands or feet dirty

No. 660441

File: 1603761829260.jpg (10.92 KB, 300x265, 100-Cotton-High-Absorbent-Medi…)

I hate cotton balls because anytime I touch one I get an absolutely horrible feeling down my spine. I'm not afraid of them like that one woman who was on Maury but I just always avoid touching them.

No. 660444

I have this feeling when certain fabrics rub together. Like some hoodie strings or pants strings. I have to shrug bc the feeling is so terrible

No. 660445

I fucking hate when people rub their fingers on the corner of the paper.

It's the worst fucking sound ever.

No. 660446

Winter jackets. They’re all ugly. and perfume. Makes me nauseous.

No. 660454

File: 1603764437261.png (237.92 KB, 505x341, 7986439857346.png)

I hate "modern" decor. It seems like most people into it think it's classy, minimalist, perhaps a bit futuristic. All I see is a bunch of clashing, ugly ass neutrals, blocky furniture and an inability to decorate disguised by mind-numbing pretension. It's pathetic that this hideous, soulless shit is what we consider the defining style of our era.

No. 660455

File: 1603764899679.jpeg (243.71 KB, 1080x1342, D24AE4F1-CBD5-426C-B526-81C49C…)

I hate greasy bangs. I hate eyebrow zits. I also hate when the comforter gets crumpled under the duvet. I hate the feeling of stepping on crumbs indoors. I hate fruit flies. I hate audible open mouth chewing. I hate when you take a steam bag out of the microwave and hot vegetable water dribbles out of the little steam pocket. I hate the new season of British Baking Show. I hate when you can hear how dehydrated a person is when they talk - bitch, drink some water. I hate when the volumes for YouTube videos are all different levels so you have to keep actively adjusting them all the time. I hate when you get high and start cringing at things you like. I hate when cats pick at their nails with their teeth. I hate the douchey default commercial voice for Comedy Central. I hate night sweats. I hate when you find tiny sweater fibers on makeup . I hate when fridges groan. I hate the sound of trumpets.

No. 660472

I hate when you're eating a meal with someone and they won't shut up about how good the food is

No. 660473

Kek this made me chuckle.

No. 660475

I hate contouring/instagram make-up

No. 660478

Touristy things. tourist sites are always shitty and overpriced. When I went to California I had no interest in hollywood boulevard, universal studies, etc, but ended up going and really disliking it.

No. 660504

I hate when you make food for someone and they don't say it's good even once

No. 660507

File: 1603772351007.jpeg (87.88 KB, 742x699, 4621C8E5-8CA2-4BB0-8332-BB22BB…)

Oh anon, I know that one…

No. 660515

File: 1603773525837.webm (2.22 MB, 720x900, tempFile.webm)

No. 660517

File: 1603774382918.jpg (127.08 KB, 1000x600, iStock-916731072-1000x600.jpg)

I hate Okra. Its insides are literal snot. Same with other slimy veg. I hate them all.

No. 660518

I hate mushrooms and black olives. Hate artificial grape and cherry flavors since it tastes like medicine. Taking a test and three people are sniffing (or coughing) throughout the whole thing I hate too. Hate in summer or winter when the water wont turn hot or cold because its so damn hot or cold outside.

No. 660520

Fried okra is delicious. How dare you.

No. 660521

I hate walking barefoot inside and getting crumbs or dirt on my feet.

No. 660523

File: 1603775016867.jpg (63.26 KB, 580x406, white-diamonds-e1445995668367.…)

I hate the smell of Elizabeth Taylor perfume. White diamonds, to be exact. Every bitchy old lady in America wears that perfume I stg.

No. 660525

File: 1603775313477.jpg (155.5 KB, 1450x969, prawns.jpg)

I don't understand the appeal of something that spends it's life living next to a sewage outlet. Also they smell disgusting.

No. 660526

If it's slime it's BC you're not cooking it properly. If you wash it before with a little bit of lime it will be fine

No. 660527

I can't stand spaghetti or lasagna of any kind. I spent two years of my childhood being fed that shit every day because my parents were working poor and the ingredients for those (especially spag) were so affordable. Never again.

No. 660533

I hate touching the part of my chest above/between my boobs. Its bony (despite healthy bmi) and it makes me shudder so hard. Hate touching my spine too but not as bad. Lastly touching my feet is challenging but that's probably because they're the only part of me that's ticklish.
I feel deranged because it's parts of my own body
Bonus nsfw: the sight/concept of assholes being held open. idk looks painful even if it's not (plus, ew). I like vaginas but don't wanna peer DEEP inside them either. wtf is hentai

No. 660535

I hate dirty windowsills. That shit makes me ill! If I see a bunch of dead bugs and dust in your windowsill I’m making a gagging noise internally. Same with your nasty ass ceiling lights and open wall sconces full of perished mosquitoes and moths.
Also I can not stand when people wear thick ass jet black black eyeliner sans mascara, double points if your eyelashes are caked to shit in foundation or pale eyeshadow so they stand out extra hard. Urgh.

No. 660536

THIS, my mom loves this shit, she even buys the roll on knock offs from the corner stores/beauty supplies store.
I hate the smell of this shit now.

No. 660539

>I hate touching the part of my chest above/between my boobs.
On my god, me too. I also hate being able to feel my ribs. Sucks to be pear shaped with a big frame so at a lower healthy weight you become Mrs Skeletal on top but still have fat legs.

No. 660541

posted earlier but forgot to add I hate bugs. well, not entirely… they're fascinating in theory but pls don't touch me bugaboos. Shit man the stories about them laying eggs inside you, just kill me if that happens

No. 660542

most of all I hate men haha I really fucking hate winter. Where I live it's dark, moist, cold, overall depressing and it lasts for months on end. When people talk about how they love winter they mean the TV christmas special type with heaps of white snow and reindeers without ever realizing what it's like in reality - months of suffering. No snow, just endless rain and total blackness. Spring can't fucking come fast enough. The only good thing about corona-chan is that I don't have to leave my house since everyone's working from home.

No. 660544

Oh anon-chan at least we can commiserate. I've got these squishy thighs and yet nothing in that damn spot. I'm nervous for if I lose weight lol. At least I've noticed that spot on a lot of other women, it's not uncommon to be kind of bony there but eughhh

No. 660585

Me too anon. The holiday shit may look and feel nice but I'm not willing to suffer cold, darkness and disgusting humidity for that. Plus I tend to get sick more during the winter and I fucking hate it. I don't like heat either but at least during spring and summer it's light, you can go around just fine, it's fun and you don't have to wear four layers of clothing to feel good.

No. 660602

>When people talk about how they love winter they mean the TV christmas special type with heaps of white snow and reindeers without ever realizing what it's like in reality - months of suffering. No snow, just endless rain and total blackness.
But I like those other things too tbh, and layered clothing.

No. 660606

File: 1603790358013.jpg (250.85 KB, 1000x1000, 17-x-13-x-13-standard-boxes-10…)

I work in retail and I have to stock stuff all the time, i hate folding the boxes and throwing them away or when my fingernails scratch the box. I just scream internally. I hate folding boxes, the sound of cardboard scraping itself gives me such disgust I wanna crawl out of my body. I want to instinctively lick my fingers after I hear it(i never do, i know its unsanitary, but I did it as a child because it helped for some reason) it just seems so dry

No. 660614

This reminded me of my dad. He doesn't own or use moisturizer despite having dry skin on his hands. For as long as I can remember he has licked his fingers randomly throughout the day (in front of people) when his hands feel dry..

Now that he's getting older he seems to catch every cold, flu and bug going around and it's no wonder why

No. 660619

File: 1603792612175.jpg (21.83 KB, 500x345, onions.jpg)


No. 660620

I eat raw onion

No. 660624

that's self harm, get help

No. 660630

Onion is in so many things where you wont outright taste it but it's in there adding flavor

No. 660633

File: 1603794942572.png (263.2 KB, 778x1024, Screen-Shot-2019-06-26-at-10.4…)

Fuck you, caramelized onions are based.

Women's short sleeved shirts. The sleeves are too short, who the hell thought they looked good. The fact the outer part rises up just looks terrible. It brings out that fat flab that forms right at the armpit. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 660635

File: 1603795263947.jpg (266.08 KB, 1300x1065, colourful-bras-many-patterned-…)

I hate bras

No. 660638

File: 1603795731960.png (476.21 KB, 660x438, 592cde83ad2435c0b6388a94f6d3cc…)

Hard agree.
You know what else sucks in female clothing?
Who the fucks has the use for them? So you want to appear to have pockets but have none of the utility of them? For what reason even? I hate fast fashion.

No. 660639

I hate the smell and feel of pet food. It makes me gag every time and I don't understand how people can just like, touch it and not wash their hands afterward.

No. 660640

It's healthy

No. 660644

Same. I wear a bra only when I have a doctor appointment

No. 660653

i will taste it, that's why i hate them
i can't fucking escape them
what would you even use pockets for

No. 660656

>what would you even use pockets for
Are you retarded? Like, storing stuff? Putting keys, money, your hands, idk, stuff?

No. 660657

I hate winter too, and cold weather in general. The thing I hate the most about winter is the ice. It's slightly better when it rains and I walk on mud because I don't have to worry about falling kek.

No. 660659

I hate how some of them are tighter around your waist, they give you such a bad silhouette. Also most of them are see-through.

No. 660662

your pockets would just look bulky and weird and it'd all be unorganized

No. 660665

Taking off a bra after a long day of wearing one is such a blissful feeling

No. 660667

I've seen a few comments lately where people describe the winter as being their fave season because they love 'sweater weather' and I don't get it. It costs me a fortune to heat my house in the winter. It's dark, I either get pissed rain on walking to work or I have to be careful about slipping on ice. I live in a country where nobody owns or has room for clothes dryers in the home (weird given it's a cold wet country) so in the winter I struggle to dry my clothes. Wearing several layers or sweaters is just an added drying obstacle to me. I put them on the radiators and then worry about it causing dampness in the house.

Maybe if I had lots of money for a car (tho I have epilepsy that stops me anyway) and unlimited heating and a dryer and all that I'd love it too. But for me winter is mostly an expense and inconvenience.

No. 660668

Because women have been memed into believing that they need to value looks over functionality so all female trend clothing is uncomfortable to wear, flatters nobody and is often too thin and revealing during the colder seasons. All the fashion designers are men and they treat the female body (and the consumer) as a dress-up doll instead of a person with basic needs such as idk pockets and shoes that don't kill your feet.

Additionally it's due to the handbag industry as well, if women started using pockets only like men then they wouldn't have the need for all the accessories.

No. 660670

>sweater weather
>constantly around 4 celsius (40f) so putting on a sweater and a jacket outside makes you sweat like a pig but leaving the jacket off it gets too cold
>it's dark and rainy, the rain only makes the ice under five inches of slush more slippery
>your fucking sweater gets soaked because you're sweating, it's still raining and you slipped on that god damn ice and fell flat on your ass
No. Fuck winter. It's not worth the two days of nice snowy fantasy weather to suffer for months of shit described above.

No. 660682

When I see people saying that whole 'but sweaters and hot chocolate' thing I assume that they either live at home with parents and don't pay heating bills or they live quite a comfortable life where they drive everywhere and don't actually interact with the elements or have outdoor work.

I'm 30 and I already have joint pain in the winter, that's a new development that has me extra grouchy

No. 660688

File: 1603802935319.jpg (396.96 KB, 1280x1920, Roasted-Crunchy-sallted-peanut…)

Peanuts, I feel disgusted everytime I have the misfortune to catch the smell, and if I accidentally eat something peanut flavored I go feral. The only way I can stand it is in Thai cooking, where the taste compliments the whole meal rather than being at the frontpiece.
Can't stand the smell of sea food as well, especially shrimps, it got unbearable to me after becoming vegetarian. Everytime my dad eats some, my brother (who's a regular omnivore) and I go eat in the kitchen, the smell makes us gag.

No. 660690

wtf I love folding boxes

No. 660695

Is it strange since I was young I am always scared to eat nuts raw? I always worry I have a nut allergy and my throat will close and I die. I know I don’t as I eat chocolate and stuff

No. 660698

I fucking hate celery

No. 660701

File: 1603804714657.jpg (162.13 KB, 960x960, 0_k4HrPiqbUJNn5yr3.jpg)

I hate ugly ass disney obsessed adults. Disney world is overpriced and the lines are insane and it's not a personality trait.

No. 660703

when i worked outside changing car batteries my fingers froze and split open like every day. and then i had to carry the batteries into the store over ice and had to make sure not to slip while holding them. i actually quit because i was starting to get man hands but that job reinforced my hatred for the cold.

No. 660713

Agreed. Don't get me wrong, I've been to Disney and it's fun and magical, but only because it was a special occasion, not something I do or plan to do regularly. I'm probably set for another decade or so before I need to go again. How do people do it all the time and not get bored, the rides are lame.

No. 660717

I just realized the thread pic is the dog that one anon hates oh my god kek. Anyways I hate hippos.

No. 660724

They think it's quirky but it's just childish and immature.

No. 660730

I hate the anon who hates borzois

No. 660731

Wow I'm kind of the opposite. I hate peanuts in my food, and when I get thai food, I always ask them not to put in the peanut toppings because it ruins the rest of the dish for me (before someone calls me stupid, I get shit like soups and whatever where the peanuts are an additional topping just like scallions and shit and aren't an integral ingredient) but I'm okay with them only when they are on their own or in the form of peanut butter lol.

People putting peanut butter into their noodles to make some sort of pad thai is fucking gross though.

No. 660737

Pockets don't look bulky if it's just a few things. It adds a lot of convenience to life just being able to put your phone and keys in pockets.

No. 660747

my boyfriend is white, european, comes from a upper middle class family, and loves disney parks and skiing and I get what you mean

No. 660748

Did Jade make this thread?

No. 660758

File: 1603808860629.png (233.4 KB, 519x255, bitchifyouwhistleonemoretime.P…)

I hate whistling. If someone just sits there and whistles it drives me nuts. I also cannot stand the feeling of whistling.

No. 660767

I hate being addicted to shaving.
I’ve been addicted to it ever since I was a kid and I’ve been fucking up my skin just to feel like I’m not as ugly as everyone says I am.

No. 660770

I hate Coriander/Cilantro and I hate that it's in all the asian foods I love. Even if you take it out it just seeps into the food and makes everything taste like soap.

No. 660772

I hate this too. And when people moan while eating "mmmmhhhh this soooo gooood mmmmmmmHHH OOOHHH YEAAHHHH HMMMM SO GOOOOD MMMHHHH!"

fucking obscene and disgusting, keep your foodgasms to yourself. I literally can't eat when someone does this.

No. 660776

When people just take a drink and loudly exclaim 'ahhhh!' after their gulp to signify that they enjoyed it… that shit gets to me. Seems kind of obnoxious.

No. 660779

File: 1603809865491.png (137.31 KB, 839x236, 454546543365.PNG)

No. 660789

I didn't know this was a thing, sometimes the food is so good I can't help myself.

No. 660796


No. 660806

I hate the anon who bumps old threads and says absolutely nothing

No. 660829

I hate the sound of my roommate's heavy footfalls and the way his house shoes slap against his feet when he walks. He also tends to drag his feet, also an annoying sound. Whenever I hear his steps (and feel the ground shake) as he walks past my door to the other end of our apartment it sets me off, even though he's generally a fine roommate. It's just that his footsteps are obnoxiously loud so I don't mention anything about it I just silently seethe in private.

No. 660838

>Even if you take it out it just seeps into the food and makes everything taste like soap.
If I take it out the food won't taste like soap because not everyone has the same genetic anomaly that makes cilantro taste like soap to you.
On that topic I hate the idea that not liking spicy things makes you a pussy. It doesn't matter how much I push myself to get used to spicy food it makes me feel unwell, why should I have to get the shits just because some Brad wants to make a meal that hurts to eat?

No. 660840

People who enjoy cilantro are the abnormal ones. Your tastebuds are just dead.

No. 660850

My goddess

No. 660859

Cilantro smells exactly the same as stink bugs.
My reaction to both is the same.

No. 660864

I don’t judge people for being spice babies too often, but I hate “white people spicy” and all the false advertising that goes with it. I love hot food (idk maybe I’m masochistic, but I enjoy the sensation) and when I sit down for a meal advertised as “flaming hot!! warning only for real spice lovers xxx BURN” and bite into it to get, like, a single fucking jalapeño and some dried red pepper, my sense of disappointment is immeasurable. I usually rely on islander or Asian food for that real shit with Thai chilis, Scorpion peppers and so on but even there they’ll often water it down for the burger masses. It’s a treasure to find a place with food that actually provides a nice burn.

Similarly, I hate when spice babies hand me something and spend 5 hrs explaining how it’s the hottest thing they’ve ever had and how it’ll rip me a new asshole and it ends up having a mild Tobasco flavor. If that’s what you consider hot then whatever but don’t hype me up like that. It’s gotten to the point where I always just assume I’ll be disappointed regardless of what people say.

No. 660907

I hate buttons on clothes. I have never worn a button up shirt and don’t plan on doing so. When i was a kid it was wayyy worse though.

No. 660947

File: 1603823089513.jpg (17.7 KB, 500x294, 1f1.jpg)

I hate going to the beach and the feeling of sand on the skin, especially when you get out of the water and the sand gets stuck to your body, when you get rid of it it leaves a very unpleasant feeling on the skin.

No. 660953

File: 1603823339167.jpeg (4.08 MB, 3411x2265, E856CC34-7F14-4CD5-8E3D-C222AD…)

Brie cheese. Smells like a fungal infection and tastes like a dilapidated wall. Hard pass.

No. 660969

never heard of this cheese before but I'd be lying if I said it didn't look tasty af.

No. 660972

You're not supposed to eat the rind, just the creamy bit inside.

No. 660974

Nta, I always eat everything because I feel wasteful if I don't

No. 660975

Do you also eat the wax coating on edam cheese?

No. 660976

I snorted

No. 660983

me too anon, every one I've met has been emotionally stunted or retarded in some other way

No. 660989

NTAYRT But you don't eat the shell? Sounds like pussy shit

No. 660991

Cinnamon smell and tastes disgusting

No. 660995


No. 660997

I hate the song "happy" by pharrell williams. it makes me want to become violent

I also hate it when people say et cetera like "ex cetera"

No. 661006

Same with this song but I feel like this song for some reason has a hidden meaning as if you should be happy with your shitty job being an overweight underpayed slave boomer but you should be happy because the song says so

No. 661010

I hate adult harry potter fans, brand fashion addicts (let's be honest, most high fashion KNOW their stuff is crap design wise but hypebeasts buy it anyway cuz of brand), sailor moon obsessed uwu bitches who love it just for aesthetics and gacha life.

No. 661013

They exist but they cost more and contain plastic

No. 661014

I hate pharrell williams in general tbh he really enrages me

No. 661015

File: 1603827066438.jpg (61.76 KB, 709x544, 1575835561843.jpg)

I hate both anime and furries (both are equally worst)

No. 661016

reminder that he is a disgusting lolicon. just watch "it girl" video and see.

No. 661017

I hate textbooks that don't publish any solutions for their problem sets.

No. 661028

File: 1603827858139.jpg (25.64 KB, 400x317, n9xv8oCEOL1s2xq89o1_400.jpg)

I also don't respect bitches who use ugly white people cartoon memes

No. 661033

YEAH WTF? It discourages me from self studying like how do I know if I did it right??? Oh wait, they sell a separate solution teacher-edition book…

No. 661043

Tbh dryers suck and ruin clothing beyond repair, what you need is heated bathroom flooring and one of those round wooden/plastic hangers with clothespins. Now that is a winning combination.

No. 661052

Anyone into animation or cartoons in general are fucking weirdos.

No. 661061

File: 1603830261977.png (897.43 KB, 918x509, 483209760597645.png)

Ew wtf the video is literally him creeping on lolis at the beach

(Ngl I kinda like the colorful and cute pixelated aesthetic but the way it's framed by him perving is gross)

No. 661067

File: 1603830802282.png (204.15 KB, 685x422, preview~2.png)

The guy on the drawing looks like an ugly white person to me kek

No. 661073

>ugly white people cartoon memes
What memes are that?

No. 661074

I hate that you're not allowed to dislike or criticize someone after they died, even if they were a shitty person who did shitty things.
They were shit and them dying doesn't change that.

No. 661079

whoever cowtipped on erin painters thread you got a big storm coming

No. 661080

I hate when you empty the bin and it stinks and all the liquid type material has migrated to the bottom and it kinda sloshes about as you move it

I was just today thinking how bony my chest looked and how I dislike it but my thighs are still huge.

I fucking hate fake pockets. those bastards. I read it's so women have to still buy new handbags. I remember going apeshit once when I realised my new trousers had fake pockets before my mum calmly showed me there was a small piece of thread you cut and they were in fact real pockets. the thread was to just keep the pockets nicely in place before purchase

whenever I feed my cat and get the tiniest amount of wet food on my hand I run to sink to wash it off immediately. gross

when I was suicidal someone from the crisis team came to my home and suggested I listen to this song. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, like how was this her job and this was the advice she was giving. I felt like saying I WANT TO KILL MYSELF a fucking song isn't going to help especially not one so shitty

No. 661081

nta but he is

No. 661084

sounds expensive as shit

No. 661089

wtf who hurt you anon

No. 661090

literally who

No. 661108

I hate adele's music. Can't stand her voice for more than a few seconds. Same goes for Ed Sheeran. Overplayed and overhyped garbage music.

No. 661117

Maybe you just hate Brits

No. 661118

Thread literally becomes Unpopular Opinions

No. 661120

oh no, I love a lot of brit music acts, just not the two I mentioned above.

No. 661124

File: 1603834915464.jpg (23.4 KB, 699x428, brie.jpg)

Anon your pic is a coulommiers and not a Brie. What should we believe ?
You're supposed to eat the rind wtf is wrong with you. So wasteful.

No. 661126

I don't mind those two but I fucking hate Drake.

No. 661152

I hate Adele's music and I hate her accent even more, she has a way of pronouncing words that is so irritating, and her songs are overplayed on the radio, I wanted to blow my brains out everytime I heard Skyfall and Hello.
I can't stand Ed Sheeran's normie music and his disgusting mug, it looks like he relishes in looking like the ugliest motherfucker ever.

No. 661154

my mom does that and it makes me feel dead inside. She also talks during meals nonstop. I don't want to talk woman, I want to eat. Can't I have peace for one moment

Also something funny that I'm glad I can't experience: my male friend told me some guys grunt when they piss in the urinal. He named some including a teacher we had, it's horrifying. I would hate those people if I were male

No. 661156

Yes you are supposed to it it as well, were you raised in a barn?

No. 661157

me too, I also like to dip it in soy sauce or sprinkle it with salt

No. 661159

Women grunt when they use the bathroom too, have you never had that experience? Maybe I've just been unlucky but I notice it pretty much every time I use public restrooms.

No. 661168

>not eating the rind

I hate pleb anons.

No. 661177

>complaining about weirdos
>on lolcow
>on fucking /ot/
yeah this is just yet another contrarian thread
Anyway fuck eggs, they stink

No. 661181

Literally a french manlet

No. 661183

The weirdos here are nothing compared to the shit outside this website

No. 661194

The midwest. The weather can never chill the fuck out. It goes from HUMID in the summer to bone chillingly cold. The first time I went to the west coast I felt like I was placed on another planet because the weather was so….neutral.

No. 661231

How did you find this site

No. 661235

I hate when people bring their shopping carts to the vegetable/fruit section and then just park it in front of everything. Just leave your cart and bring your produce to it later, you're blocking the way!

No. 661258

Twitter has proven this

No. 661302

File: 1603858442081.jpeg (31.04 KB, 352x353, 53DB3451-F353-419D-8BB7-9D0C5B…)

Take it back

No. 661310

No. 661355

I hate Mexican music with every fiber of my being.

It’s stupid lyrics about love, narcos and whatnot
Ugly cowboy/ranchero outfits and costumes
The accordion is so ugly-sounding
I couldn’t even sing praise at church because they decided to use that particular style of music so I just stood there and cringed uncontrollably.

Edit: I’m Mexican

No. 661371

I love it personally, sorry you feel that way.

No. 661405

File: 1603875236548.gif (54.28 KB, 220x165, ED165A7D-1A8F-4E12-B1DB-A57A8A…)

No. 661414

I hate adults who still watch anime and weebs in general. I someone over 20 who is hardcore into anime (especially the ones involving high school aged characters) has to be on the spectrum.

No. 661421

File: 1603878084727.png (992.31 KB, 1265x720, E-girl.png)

I hate egirls they ruin alternative fashion

No. 661428

>t. a 18 year old just getting over her cringy weeb phase

No. 661446

File: 1603881806335.jpg (140.23 KB, 1024x1016, IG-annvmariv-1024x1016.jpg)

This shitty haircut is part of the package, I have no idea why it took off like that, I've always associated it with Rogue from X-Men. Also those overdrawn thick eyebrows.

No. 661467

Kek a few years ago I was walking with a huge suitcase and this bitch was walking towards me looking at her phone. I didn't have room to move since I already was brushing a fucking wall so I just rammed the suitcase into her legs. Bitch had the audacity to scream at me to look where I'm going but I didn't even look back.
Yeah I hate those people too.

No. 661468

I hate the way the internet makes initially fine phrases make me want to tear my hair out with the repetition. The first that comes to mind is 'x isn't a personality trait'. It's so bad YouTube comment tier.
Yes! It's so impersonal and not at all inviting. I can't imagine ever feeling comfortable in a living room like that tbh

No. 661472

it literally fucking disgusts me that my interests have been exploited to be a scrote coomer fetish. and also having 40% of gen z skinwalk the same 5 people. i just feel so grossed out. i blame both the scrotes and the girls that degrade themselves like this. its so fucking disgusting to me and theyre a big part of why i refuse to create a social media acc, bc i just get so annoyed. they all act the same, talk the same, have the same boyfriends, the same political opinions, its so fucking weird and its so fucking universal. and it disgusts me.

No. 661475

I honestly like the fashion if I ignore the more slutty/trashy looks but aside from the blush egirl makeup just looks like another genre of instagram baddie shit and I hate it. I'm so sick of false lashes, thick eyeliner, overdrawn lips, concealer and then adding fake freckles. It's so boring and overdone. And I hate the fucking ahegao/hentai culture associated with it, fuck coomers and girls that play into that.

No. 661479

i normally wore a lotta early 2000s emo stuff (im 20 btw) but even though i never did the cringe makeup, 5-9 people told me i look like an egirl. and now i dont feel like wearing it anytime.
same with goth clothing. i dont want people to think im cosplaying as the "goth gf" meme so the enjoyment from wearing alternative fashion has died down quite a bit.

No. 661486

File: 1603887702205.png (98.82 KB, 332x372, doomergirl.PNG)

It's how egirls interpret doomer girl's haircut, it exploded after the meme became popular.

No. 661488

Girl, what? The meme came to be beacuse of "egirl" looks' existence, not other way around.

No. 661496

Anon, those two don't even look similar. Not even slightly.

No. 661508

I hate going to the dentist.
I hate wearing shoes.
I hate people who just let their dogs bark and bark and bark all hours of the day then get triggered when I want to set off fireworks one day out of the year cuz it might scare their precious pupper.

No. 661520

File: 1603891839788.jpg (636.83 KB, 1544x2080, zra8kjwSOD0KmXHENeONaq5RGvL1sZ…)

kek, I hate egirl instagram shit too. I wear really baggy early 2000's alternative fashion with either no makeup or weird black raccoon eyes and no one ever says anything like that to me anymore. It really has to do with how you go about it, just don't wear the super stereotypical egirl shit, don't show skin, and be genuinely fucking weird with how you dress and accessorize, and scrotes will fuck right off with the weird comments and unwanted attention.

No. 661531

File: 1603893089765.jpg (49.14 KB, 1080x1080, 300.bale.cm.3811.jpg)

This is incredibly autistic but I hate when superheroes in movies wear face paint around their eyes. Am I supposed to believe Batman applies a shitload of eyeliner every time he puts his mask on? Why can't more movies just have the eyes covered with white like they did with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool?

No. 661532

Aww that pic

No. 661548

He's already in a stupid bat costume, at that point guy liner is just insult to injury

No. 661571

It makes sense to apply make-up if he wants to obscure his identity. What'll really tickle your tism is that the eyeshadow instantly disappears when he takes the mask off.

No. 661597

gen-xers and their misuse of the ellipsis

No. 661640

Dots are the most disgusting piece of shit candy of all time so fucking revolting

No. 661641

I challenge you with Hot Tamales but Dots are also vile

No. 661644

I hate myself

No. 661646

But I love you, anon.

No. 661649

Also anyone who actually enjoys Laffy Taffy is a fucking menace to society

No. 661654

I hate how the rainbow pattern is associated with the lgbtqwerty. If I wanted a bag or shirt or any accessory with a cute rainbow design everybodys gonna think I'm some queermo. It's no big deal but it bothers me so much.

No. 661659

I'm sorry

No. 661662

There's a very specific way to represent the gay flag, I'm not automatically reminded of it when I see stuff with random rainbows on it.

No. 661672

Kek, this reminds me of when I was in HS, I did a project where I had a rainbow background (simply for the fact that I was borderline autistically obsessed with color coordination) and this dude in my class straight up asked if I was a lesbian because of it.

No. 661692

I feel you anon, I hate the feeling of cotton balls too. Another thing is aluminum foil. Gives me a horrible feeling to touch it or hear it

No. 661727

I hate YOU. Yes you, the scrote reading this.

No. 661740

File: 1603908911488.jpeg (112.36 KB, 499x748, D08CEB34-0BF4-4F35-86B4-4C2991…)

How do you do, fellow woman?

No. 661747

Me too, anon. Also, the colors for the rastafari flag got ruined for me because a girl from my class kept saying it was “qweerty” and that “only lesbians wear it” for fuck’s sake, it was a wholesome gift i got from someone in an island, not a gay parade souvenir.
Ever since then, the kids from my class asked me if I was into her and whatnot.

No. 661818

I'm in my late twenties and the last time I watched anime was when I was a child and it was Sailor Moon on TV. Like a normal person I grew out of it. Not everyone has a weeb-phase, cause not everyone has autism.

No. 661891

I love this pic. I feel like awkward and goofy teen fashion is not a thing anymore, literally every alt teen I see looks 30 times better than me with flawless hair and makeup and fashion, it's weird as hell. Maybe because everything is more easily available but things seem more uniformed now

No. 661919

Same with the 2013-2014 tumblr kitty hats that are now rebranded as pussyhats. I want one because they're cute but since "feminists" started wearing them it's completely ruined.

No. 661929

I hate big dicks(7+ inch), the fact it has become a popular thing to brag about having, grosses me out.

No. 661931

I've never had sex, but my vag is not very deep, I'm scared of big dicks because of this reason kek.

No. 661935

Rightfully so, it hurts with an average dick. Just imagine a big dick, no thank you. Sex would legit seem like a hell marathon with awkward foreplay and taming a snake.
To be fair anon, your vagina can stretch when you are turned on but some girls are only 4-6 inches deep. I don't want my hate to scare you from having sex, just big dicks are my nightmare.

No. 661944

if average dicks hurt too then what's the point of sex at all

No. 661958

you can ease into average dick because the average vagina happens deep as the length of an average dick. There is a dick out there for every depth of vagina. Just measure your depth if you are really concern about it, make sure to do it while really turned on.
Sorry to spook you

No. 661962

I hate dicks, period. Doesn't matter how big or small they are, they're all disgusting. Don't know how any woman can love them.

No. 661963

SAME, hate the big dick brag so much; it very clearly shows men don't give a damn about women feeling good during sex. Sure, there are some women that enjoy pain but that's not that high of a percentage. From the way men talk about big dicks it's obvious they would prefer hurting their partner but having a reason to brag among other guys than the other way around.

No. 661964

File: 1603920071716.jpg (234.93 KB, 1576x2048, IMG_20200811_205546.jpg)

Same kek. Any dick that's even hurt SLIGHTLY bigger than average just hurts my cervix. Actually it's one of the reasons I enjoy anal (with proper foreplay ofc), because my ass can take more dick… I grew up reading hardcore BL Manga so I never considered anal to be an issue… Also big dicks just look grotesque. Say no to big dicks!!!

No. 661976

I own one sex toy and it's a dildo with 4 inches of insertable length. I can take up to 6inches (like I've fucked average sized guys before) but it bothers my cervix when I do. Trial and error while playing with toys taught me that 4 inches is the sweetspot where I can enjoy it and not hurt my cervix

Visually bigger ones can be impressive, that's more the bulge than bare dick tho

No. 661982


Enough with the dick derailing. You seriously want scrtors to feel better about themselves.

Sorry dicklet, big dicks are better regardless of what these anons are saying. The chances of your girlfriend kek as if you'd have one anyway being happy with your 5 inch dick is unlikely. She will at most be "just okay" with it.

No. 661983

Fuck off
I am fucking woman, I am allowed to hate big dicks just like I hate small dicks.
I can prefer Average dick over big or small.
Stop fucking speaking for all women, speak for yourself.

No. 661988

Great, I don't care. I was saying stop derailing and since you're a woman, then I was not talking to you about your dick size, sperg.

Let me make this clear that I was not implying that anyone that I was talking to was a scrote. It was more like "the scrote reading this". Now stop fucking talking about dicks or take it to /g/.

No. 661990

Anon I'm posting on a fucking women's board for women to read and share. Stfu thinking anyone gives a fuck about passing scrotes or how they'd feel. Stop posting messages for men on a female board dumbass

No. 661992

you are legit derailing by posting what you are. Jesus man. This is things you hate, well I hate big cocks on men as dildos, I hate that men think it's something of value. I don't see how it doesn't belong here?

Ps. Still hate big cock

No. 661996

Welcome to the board for women where other women will tell you to shut up on the off chance that a man could possibly read your post and feel less shit about his small dick.

No. 661997

Anything after 6 and a half is a waste and just makes me wanna barf and roll over when nailing the cervix. Some people don't tent as much as others. I don't know why we need to explain our short vag canal game to other women when on /g/ there's literally some women complaining about not even being able to be fingered comfortably.

No. 661999

Girth > Length
But don’t get it twisted, dicklets do not deserve to breed. Gtfo with the psyop.

No. 662001

Wanna know what I hate? I hate YOU!

No. 662002

This in spades. That massive cheesecake with all the doodads and berries at cheesecake factory looks incredible, but if I eat the entire thing (or probably more than a few bites) I'll spend the whole night barfing because my stomach doesn't have the capacity.
Large dicks can look really pretty, but it's something that I can only pat the dude on the back for and tell him to have a nice day. No fucking thanks beyond that.

No. 662003

Ex-fucking-actly. This shit is already a major topic of discussion on /g/. Those bitches have been talking about dicks for a whole hour. We get it. You like small dicks. Now quit derailing with the back and forth about you dick preferences

No. 662004

I hate when people complain about a thread topic but don't add any new topics to be discussed.

No. 662006

I hate people that obsess over their dogs. Get married then since you wanna fuck your dog so badly.

My ex roommate was the worst at this. She was so obsessed she didn't bother training him or cleaning after him because "she just wanted things to be natural" too bad she only has about 12 years with him. ##nodreally#

No. 662009

I just did

No. 662025

I hate sleeveless dresses, rude old people who dont say excuse me at the store, buttons that fall off easily, fire alarms beeping until they get batteries, acne products which hurt people more than help, just missing an item you saved for, family that snore loud as hell on vacation, people who bring kids to late showings and adult movies, people who wont stop being loud during whatever you paid to see, plush blankets that wear out over time, touchy car or fire alarms, places that wont let food in so they can make profit (some people have deadly allergies), loud car engines, spam calls, getting a stain on your clothes when you still have other places to go, phones gaining problems with each update that doesnt fit the model, your size being common so its sold out for a lot of items, items that just don't do their purpose right, expensive items where you got a defective model so now you have to try using warranty or return it, expensive items built to break in 3 years these days, birds shitting on cars, people blasting music out their car, people claiming their opinion on music is the right one, spiders or flies in the house, coats with no pockets, swim goggles that leak, sandals that detach while walking, heels that break off, creases that set into shoes, sore boobs each time you move, scratchie sweaters, not enough outlets in a room, and nuts in chocolate

No. 662032

>family that snore loud as hell on vacation
Gaaah. We started getting separate rooms every time, but I could still hear them through the wall. Tired as fuck, walked around to see attractions all day or swam or skied, but can't rest. Every vacation nightly frustration. My eye is twitching just thinking about it.

No. 662039

File: 1603928309016.jpeg (48.63 KB, 640x574, DAFA74C0-238E-40B7-961C-D8B1F1…)

>creases that set into shoes
Fuck that shit, really.

No. 662048

I hate them too. Especially if they also love the Joker.

No. 662051

How is me saying I hate dicks supposed to make scrotes feel better about their dicks lmfao. At least try to make it make sense. Big dicks are ugly as shit, btw. Die mad about it.

No. 662052

I hate soggy restaurant leftovers.

No. 662061

I promise you, an air fryer will be the best investment ever. I used to hate food delivery specifically because food would be slow as shit and it always got soggy. Pop those suckers in an air fryer for 5 min and boom, crispy hot fries/nuggies again.

No. 662067

What's wrong with being perceived as gay? It's not a negative trait, and you can just correct people who ask. If you're so disgusted by gay people that you now hate rainbows because of it, you have no one to blame but yourself, homophobe-chan.

No. 662070

Nta that’s clearly not what she meant. Maybe she doesn’t want to be perceived any certain way, label-lover-chan. It is completely understandable to be bothered that something innocuous like rainbows is now a highly politicized symbol. Being gay isn’t personality.

No. 662071

File: 1603931100690.png (180.3 KB, 1853x513, 1654464648.png)

No. 662072

Yappy dogs

No. 662079

She said it wasn't a big deal, stop trying to create drama where there is none. Even if you aren't vehemently against something it's annoying to be associated with a group you're not part of simply for owning some generic symbol or item. For example I have a friend who is an actual blacksmith and his logo is a guy holding a hammer. I can't tell you how many people have asked if he's a communist. It's a literal representation of his job and yet people make the leap to the hammer and sickle and it's obnoxious.

No. 662086

Basically these. It's now a design that symbolizes something I'm not, and you could correct people if they ask, but let's not ignore the fact that people automatically think of you identifying as something else for just wearing it. It isn't just a design anymore.

No. 662099

troons are so fucking weird, I hate them.

No. 662101

Hate monkeys and apes. If I was ever in a situation where a chimpanzee was within 10 feet of me I would hope someone would snipe it before it has the chance to rip my face off. I can’t believe some people keep them as pets like wtf do you WANT to die?

No. 662107

>arguing about whether “cis” or trannies are more empathetic
I don’t get it, do they think they are exactly the same as cis women or not?

No. 662108

I never related to the “women all hate eachother” cope. You should not be having this problem past high school generally.

No. 662116

same I can’t stand primates. it irritates me the most when people talk about baby ones saying how cute they are, nah fam they’re fugly as hell and fucking worthless. they could all die off and id genuinely be happy

No. 662119

I'm so fucking tired of looking at "funny vid" comps on youtube and there are gorilla and monkey inserts. there's nothing interesting or funny about them.

No. 662127

When a number can go into every single free square of a sudoku block.
no standards, huh, seems like everything goes, right?, if you were a human you'd be a pick-me

No. 662133

They think they are above women, I read a troon say on 4chan that men make better women and some misogynistic rant

No. 662148

Interesting new/seasonal flavors of soda that don't come in diet

No. 662151

Oh yes this

Only sort of related, but the fact that diet dr pepper cream soda had such a limited run has left me heartbroken and without purpose. It was the best soda I've ever had in my life, hands down.

No. 662153

Candy that's so sour it hurts your mouth. Just why?

No. 662196

Diet Dr. Pepper Cream soda was amazing! I've seen a few cases of the regular pop up recently but no diet for months, I think it's gone. At least Fresca is back. When will soda companies get it together? I feel like I know way more diet soda drinkers then regular, but maybe it's just the circles I run in?

Another for the thread: Soda fountains that have ONE diet option, and no caffeine free diet option at all! This is like 90% of them! If the diet is out of order I will march back up to the counter and ask politely for a refund. I don't even care so much about the calories, maybe a semi-unpopular opinion but I know I'm not alone in it, regular soda is too sweet, it's disgusting.

No. 662198

Yelp reviews where the person goes into their whole life story and doesn't even go into the business liking the thing that they sell.

> I decided to take my niece here after I heard such raving reviews about the place from all my coworkers. My niece just finished having surgery for her severe scoliosis and I figured what better place to take her to make her feel better than an asian cafe since she's taken interest in asian tv shows and music recently. When we walked in , the menu only had tea options and different cakes. I'm a classic english tea girl, and I've never been a fan of cake besides my aunt sherlys milk cake. I ordered the cake that looked like a knock off swiss roll and a water. The cake had matcha in it, I can't stand matcha but figured it was worth a shot. Not a fan. 4/10 at best.

No. 662200

Or if they leave contradictory reviews.
>"I love this place/item!!! So good!! Perfect."
>only 1 star
Wat. How. Why.

No. 662201

>aunt sherlys milk cake

No. 662209

Thinking that hating women makes you more of a woman is the most obvious male thing I’ve ever seen kek

No. 662212

I hate how cgl has been so shit lately. I know it was always shit but recently it’s been more obnoxious than usual. The jannies don’t do shit and the bait posters are still shitting it up.

No. 662226

It seems like moderation across the entire board is absent unless something obviously illegal pops up.

No. 662244

This. I get why the old testament forbids it. Shrimps eat rotten bodies.

No. 662254

/cgl/ has been literally unreadable for at least 5 years by now, just give it up anon. Let it die.

No. 662257

I'm dying anon, this is too real to the point I'm wondering if you just copy&pasted it. I also hate those people who leave shit reviews for places abroad because they didn't speak English and because the food was "too local". Like if you're going to be like that then just stay home and eat McDonalds or something.

No. 662270

Oh man, Americunts leaving reviews about foreign countries not being up to their lofty, lofty expectations… due to not being Americn is my favourite thing. Like whining about Italian pizza being "tiny", or restaurant portions being "kid-sized", or coming to Europe and then being absolutely amazed that they can't find some product from back home in the supermarket.

No. 662274

on a similar note – when people use an online recipe and heavily change it for whatever reason, and then rate the recipe based on the outcome. If you have to change the recipe significantly to make it edible, then don't give the recipe 5 stars!! Now this shit tier recipe has a 5 star rating and is getting pushed to the top of the search results!

No. 662289

>Like whining about Italian pizza being "tiny", or restaurant portions being "kid-sized"
Every fucking time I look up restaurants abroad. Americans leaving 1-star reviews because the portion was "overpriced" and "kid sized" i.e. normal portion size instead of a humongous American steakhouse platter worth 5000 kcal you pay 10 bucks for.

No. 662291

Probably boomers who don't know how to use the notation system correctly, so they think leaving a positive comment is enough, when the star notation is actually more important.

No. 662311

People that don't use their turn signals. It's dangerous, annoying, and shows a lack of basic driving skills.

I know it's such a basic non issue, but it sends me into a foul language rage every time.

No. 662325

the taobao threads are good for links so I’m not leaving just yet.

No. 662326

When people bite their forks/spoons when eating? Enraging.

No. 662340

I hate how periods can change so much in cycle length, symptoms etc and all we can ever really chalk it up to is 'mysterious mother nature' That there's no real science or explanation when our bods just spaz out that extra bit during one cycle

Most months my period is slow to come, the back ache sets in slow and gradual, the bloated feeling creeps in, boobs feel tender and it's all a process. This month I just got hit by intense back pain when I'm not due yet and a minute later I'm in full flow

No. 662354

I hate people who think you can't be bi because you're in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex

No. 662365

People don't think you can't be bi, people are annoyed when bis in a straight relationship think they're not straight passing and are just as oppressed as someone in a gay relationship.

No. 662376


Am also bi btw, just ignore them who cares lol.

No. 662396

Random thing I hate: This thread
Because I made it to hear some funny shit like "I hate cheese" or "I hate cotton balls" and everyone is making it into the vent thread 2.0 with their troon and bisexual hate shit, it's always the same in every thread on /ot/
Yes I hate troons too but this isn't the unpopular opinion/vent thread
But tbh who am I to say anything about this? No one I guess. You do you whatever

No. 662397

Glad I never needed the personal validation from anyone then

No. 662402

File: 1603979290342.jpg (84.24 KB, 600x1034, 16CHAWFLCFLLZPHDXAPT_Granite_H…)

I hate these hoodies with the zipper in the middle, they make you look tacky, unhinged, underdressed, unbathed, ans lumpy. The zipper is so goddamn distracting, I hate them, they're not even good for working out because they feel like shit
It also pisses me off that for a while growing up this is all they sold on the mall at my tiny ass town. Just stupid zipper hoodies or tracksuits. Honestly they look so bad that I want whoever thought this was a good idea to burn in hell. Zipperless hoodies FTW. I love a good NORMAL LOOKING hoodie, fuck these abominations.

No. 662403

It has been mostly random/fun stuff though?

No. 662405

Yawn. There are only a couple of tranny posts and the bishit thing was an obvious bait. Most of the thread is just "I hate yelp reviews" "I hate cheese" or something. The dick size sperging took way more posts than any of the troon/bi discourse.

Anyway I hate people who don't keep the door open for those coming out behind them.

No. 662408

I hate when I get really bad or just plain silly songs stuck in my head

No. 662410

They're easy to throw on and to take off whenever needed, great to use for weather that's just slightly below t-shirt temperatures. Taking off pullover hoodies is a bitch because it messes up your hair and brushes against your makeup if you're not super super careful.

No. 662413

File: 1603979913986.png (Spoiler Image,401.46 KB, 492x404, godno.png)

Before anything, a clarification: I'm bi, not a scrote

I hate getting horny at almost anything to do with naked women. I see a good round bootie and I feel my vagina tingling and getting warmer immediately. I even get horny at things I know I shouldn't or feel uncomfortable to feel horny at, pic related: pixielocks just posted her first onlyfans-esque picture, and god that round butt with those cute panties are making me so fucking wet, I fucking hate it!!! I hate it because she has the ugliest bloated face and ugliest nose ever, she literally dresses like a stupid womanchild and her makeup is so clownish, god she even looks like her crazy mom, I hate this so much, but then my vagina is like "yess mmm hot bootie mmm let's just touch ourselves for a bit" but then I'm like "NO PLEASE NO HELP I DON'T WANT TO BE A COOMER FOR PIXIELOCKS" god I want to die

It also makes me wonder if I was sexually assaulted as a child because I started masturbating when I was 3 and never stopped since. Sorry for this long crazy post

No. 662416

I never wear makeup and I love my messy hair, checkmate
Tbh I feel like a cardigan is better to just throw on when it starts getting chilly

No. 662419

This sounds like a very personal problem and more of a vent kek

No. 662422

speaking of regretful fapping sessions, I have gotten horny to so many cows here, I just never say anything on the thread. God I regret it so much. My list goes as follow: momokun, venus, micky moon, shayna, and that one weird tattoed girl. Never with Lillie Jean though, I have standars.
I hate being a horndog lol.

No. 662423

Is your vagina perhaps a former scrotum? Cause can't relate. Women are inherently not visual when it comes to arousal.

No. 662427

All the other cows are despicable but for some reason Venus is extremely sexually attractive to me and I hate myself for it because I feel sorry for her and don't want to enable her thotting around.

>the women aren't visual!!! meme

No. 662429

/ot/: Bisexual people are not truly attracted to the same sex therefore not oppressed
Also /ot/: you can't get horny for another woman based on how she looks

No. 662433

Anon: says she gets horny quickly because she probably was molested as a kid therefore she regrets being horny
you: omg a scrote???

You sound like you have a scrotum yourself

No. 662434

You hated it so much you made sure to save the picture, to show us and definitely for no other reason

No. 662436

Ugly out of shape men love to cling to that 'women aren't visual' line kek

No. 662437

>Getting horny from Momokun
Anon please cherish yourself more

No. 662439

When I'm horny fat women start looking good to me based purely on them having fat in 'the good places' too. It is what it is.
Do you come and then snap back to reality?

No. 662448

File: 1603982964896.jpg (55.6 KB, 500x324, 517aiNMae2L.jpg)

I used to hate ketchup and mustard as a kid, heavily chosing mayo instead. Then I became a teen, and I started to hate mayo and love ketchup and mustard. But now I just realized that I hate mustard and ketchup again and would rather have mayo on things.

Why does this happen? anyone with a similar experience?

No. 662452

i think micky and weenos are cute even when unshooped but dear god not shayna. and i hope you're not getting horny from pnp anon, she looks like she smells like rotten meat and feces

No. 662456

File: 1603984187792.jpg (59.59 KB, 589x860, hate these.jpg)

I hate cold shoulders on tops. They're even more stupid on jumpers.

No. 662459

Tastebuds change for a variety of reasons, but I think it's fairly normal to get sick of certain flavors after a while, especially when you eat them a lot.

No. 662462

AGREED. They're finally coming out of trend, but every time I see someone wear one, I get irrationally annoyed kek

No. 662467

File: 1603985838123.jpg (19.43 KB, 425x352, 61kcvg3XIUL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

I hate these, it's weird seeing someone having fake jewlery on their asshole… it looks tacky

No. 662468

I used to work in the sex toy industry and I just love how gendered sex toys are especially when it comes to anal toys.

Mens toys have to be black, womens plugs need to be hot pink or sparkly, Both are going in a shithole but you gotta make people feel secure that their ass play is famme enough or masc enough.

No. 662470

>I used to work in the sex toy industry
Wow anon, please elaborate? That's pretty cool, never met anyone who did this as a job, I'm interested in listening

No. 662476

leftists that don’t vote because they’re adamant about a revolution. Like, asides from being beyond delusional, they don’t stop to think that anything other than reform is impossible and will result in a bloodbath.

It’s just such a shame, because even though they’re a small minority, they could shift things quite a bit if they just grew tf up.

No. 662477

This is so funny for some reason. I think the idea of someone seeing these enough to hate them/think about a jeweled asshole tickles me.

No. 662479

these are so trashy ugh, i especially hate when cows use them

No. 662480

Very little expense goes into toys being made ergonomic or from safe materials.

Plugs with practically no base on them are often approved and sold because the design looks pretty and once it sells well that's all that matters, first time toy buyers are pretty visual and make those poor choices like jelly toys and baseless plugs. Small sellers that make their own silcione toys put more thought into safety than those main manufacturers.

Jelly toys, pvc, TPE, none of that should be legal but it's just not regulated and the loophole of calling toys novelties is shitty and irresponsible. I mean you buy a dildo intending to insert it.

No. 662483

what would be a good butt plug then?
Anon I admire you

No. 662484

See it for what it is anon: An excuse to not vote. If an actual revolution were to happen those same people would cower in their rooms in fear.

No. 662487

Zipperless hoodies take at least 5 minutes to take off.
Cardigans aren't snug enough tbh

No. 662489

File: 1603989929593.jpg (32.18 KB, 360x480, tumblr_lxvekxeJiu1qci9z6o1_400…)

i hate overdone lip fillers, it's so grotesque

No. 662495

I hate when people are super into conspiracy theories or astrology

No. 662498

The ceiling of my apartment. I know my upstairs neighbor is just walking normally to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water at night, but it sounds like tap dance practice on a boxspring wearing steel toed boots.

No. 662504

Sorry for side note because I agree, but what the hell are those sunglasses. I thought they were like to protect her identity for the lip lady’s ig photo, but that’s a selfie? They’re so ugly wtf

No. 662520

I guess since that woman is bimbo looking those glasses are meant to be a censor bar to sexualize herself futher and show off her lip fillers

No. 662544

File: 1603991726110.jpg (49.89 KB, 680x508, 93e.jpg)

I hate the internet lingo, shut the fuck up and speak like a normal human being

No. 662549

same, they look like teeny sausages

No. 662551

I can promise you no one is using internet lingo outside of the internet. Out of the words in this collage, I've probably only used like 2 out loud. The majority of these are only common on imageboards or in the occasional annoying Youtube comment sections. Some people don't even use them correctly on the internet, let alone in person. Anyway, they'll probably fall out of style soon enough like all slang in the past has before.

No. 662651

File: 1603998545071.jpeg (22.95 KB, 261x210, 0D3976E6-46AA-403F-A88A-37A0E9…)

I hate the whole semiotics bullshit and all of those annoying literary theories. I feel like I’m just reading some word puke written by someone who took too much aderall.
I also hate how I find it mildly interesting but not interesting enough for me to read all of that shit.

No. 662699

File: 1604001748564.gif (897.98 KB, 372x560, meme10.gif)


No. 662702

>internet lingo
>twitter, onlyfans

No. 662705

My friend's husband upon hearing I was exclusive with my current boyfriend went "Hurr anon's got another simp!" I wanted to punch his ugly jaw in. Didn't even make sense.

No. 662707

I hate anal I think it's disgusting and I'm never doing it ever in my life. Why does anal disturb me more than gore. I just can't stand it. If you're not a gay man I have no idea why you'd ever want to do anal.

No. 662709

I tried it once (ex pressured me into it) and it was painful and disgusting. There is NO POINT if you don't have a prostate. I think the vast, vast majority of women (probably all of them, but idk) who say they like it are just being pickmes.

No. 662712

File: 1604002789349.jpg (290.06 KB, 1000x667, 1603016886731.jpg)

Spotted this abomination again on Unpopular Opinions (I'm not the anon who posted it there). Fugly. Universally flattering? Try universally flattering to no one. SO. HIDEOUS.

No. 662714

The way you wrote this reminds me of this song

No. 662717

it's one of the ugliest dresses i've ever seen. if i could go the rest of my life without ever seeing it again on social media, i'd be overjoyed

No. 662720

I know that some religious women do anal so when they get married they pretend to be virgins

No. 662722

Can't speak for you but it disturbs me because men know that for the majority of women, anal causes pain, discomfort, and medical issues. It's like they get off on causing us pain all for the sake of their cocks having another hole to smash like in their pornos where women are paid to harm their bodies. Not to mention it's filthy and idgaf if women claim to enema every time, that doesn't take care of the bacteria. Women are known to get anal and vaginal infections from tearing, or if the dumb moids try to go from the back door to the front.
Every man that has ever wanted or tried anal on me didn't respect me and were really mean if not abusive. I own a butt plug because it was the only way I could get some of them to shut up and stop trying to root me in the ass. Sane, non-pornsick men rarely want anything to do with it cause they know it's dirty.

No. 662727

>Every man that has ever wanted or tried anal on me didn't respect me and were really mean if not abusive.

This is so fucking true my god I never realized. The exes that I did anal with were always pornsick and downright physically abusive with me.

No. 662749

Nayrt but the man who groomed me on internet when I was 16 kept being obsessed with the idea of anal to a point where he sticked up a cucumber up his butt while masturbating and kept bragging about it for weeks. Surprised he didn't end up being a tranny.

No. 662750

The old poophole loophole; a classic case example of Christian hypocrisy.

Personally I find ass play fun and pleasurable - on my terms. That does not involve shit-witted straight manchildren who whine about it.

Most of the straight dudes who want to fuck women in the ass want to do it because they have a deathgrip while wanking, so they think anal sex is the solution to their self-made pornsick problems. Don't let a fuckboy fuck you up the ass, anons.

No. 662751

personally i like it, not full on but i like using plugs sometimes however i never tell guys about it anymore because when you do they expect that you'll want to do anal every time you have sex. i don't understand the obsession either, i've seen guys online talking about anal before and saying it doesn't even feel THAT much better than vaginal sex, some even straight up saying it doesn't feel good at all but then admit that they still ask their girlfriends to do it??

No. 662753

NTA, but you want something made out of medical-grade silicone and with a flared (preferably rectangular) base; you might want to get a set of three, with differently sized plugs. And good quality anal lube - water-based, thick, unscented, no glycerine.

Have fun, stay safe, and remember it is not supposed to hurt even a little bit if you're doing it right - take your time and back right off if you get even a little bit of pain. Your ass will still be there for you for the rest of your life.

No. 662760

It's a mental thing, it's hot cause it's taboo and you have to "convince the girl to let you do it". I have also been told that it doesn't feel better than vaginal cause unlike the vagina it is completely smooth on the inside without much friction, just the entrance is tighter.

No. 662774

Holy fuck same anon. Everyone screaming about how cute the dress was but this ugly fucking tulle nightmare deserves to be burned en masse. Only fashion-blind autists still clinging to their childhood would think this was acceptable to go out in public in.

The only person it looks even remotely ok on is the blonde woman on the right and even then it's just because she's slim and above a 5. The rest just look retarded, particularly the one in the full-body suit under the dress. If you can't handle wearing a dress that shows even a little bit of skin (be it for religious and/or insecurity reasons), keep wearing your full-body condom and save yourself from looking more retarded than you already do. (Not that the other two are any better, with that greasy pink flat mane and failed attempt at harlequin curls.)

No. 662776

… what kind of tacky-ass ddlg fever dream bullshit is this? that is one unflattering, terminally twee garment, holy shit

No. 662777

it's because women have PIV sex WITH their partners whereas anal is something they do FOR them. They see it as a degrading favor, and one which they aren't expected to return (like oral).

No. 662799

Fuck men up the ass in return for anal, problem solved.

No. 662807

I hate my best friend's girlfriend because she's a manipulative cunt and he can't see it because it's his first girlfriend, meanwhile she's divorced with a kid and she's moving him in to replace her ex and have a daddy for her child AND HE REFUSES TO SEE IT so by extension I hate him but only a bit.

I hate all the simping that Corpse Husband gets? I don't get it. They don't even know what he looks like. I hope he's ugly.

I hate the UK government.

I hate how shitty Cadbury chocolate is now.

I hate how I have more chin hairs growing in now? I'm 30, this is bullshit.

I hate the fact that there are nonces in every industry everywhere I look.

I hate lychees.

No. 662809

When anons don't realise some women have vaginal and cervical issues that have always made vaginal penetration mad awful and anal has always seemed way better as default even with no male in sight.

No. 662812

Kek I literally told my partner this (I'll let you fuck my ass if I can peg you) and he was all, "Shit if that's what it takes then I guess it's off the table then." I said I guess so and haven't heard him bitch about it sense.

No. 662822

I've only heard people say "cringe" or "cringey" irl. Though, anybody who types poggers or says poggers irl, should have their thoughts and opinions ignored.

I hate anybody who draws loli art or claims "porn is art!!", please have your hands smashed.

I hate people who worship voice actors, it's just as cringey as people worshipping youtubers.

I also hate stupid weebs who wanna claim their hanna barbera-tier animation is superior to any other form of animation.

No. 662826

i'm gonna be honest i still don't know what poggers means. i've never bothered to look it up

No. 662833

File: 1604013393609.png (228.43 KB, 800x450, pogchamp.png)

It's basically the new age "epic" or to show amazement. It comes from an emote on Twitch that's derived from a Youtube video of the guy in pic related.

No. 662834

Lychee reminds me of shrimp so much that it makes me nauseous to eat the fruit. It's retarded.

No. 662835

I thought it was a slur at first lmao

No. 662841

I hate that 'hey soul sister, play that mister mister on the radio' song. Swear I hear it every time I run an errand

No. 662846

Corpse husband is 100% ugly, he himself said in a live that his face didn’t developed properly and he has a really small airway which means he has basic chinless incel face.

No. 662847

I second the corpse husband being ugly mainly for the fact of watching all of those who simp him for deep voice=hot trying to mental gymnastics to convince themselves and others that he's good looking.

No. 662850

File: 1604015068241.jpeg (156.09 KB, 458x462, 7961510B-BD48-4FFE-9679-31B130…)

I’m convinced the body shot he posted is shooped, in his interview with Andy he wore a jacket that was extremely baggy and he was careful to make sure the fabric never went concave, I think he’s got a porker belly and that’s why his fingers are so fat. I was sure he was a manlet at first, but in this you can see he’s at least 5’7.

No. 662853

i hate this new trend of people being harassed for having a depop. it's always teenagers who don't pay any bills or unemployed twitter egirls who sit around begging for money online all day who shit on sellers, too.
i've been reselling things for almost 3 years on ebay and a couple of other websites and i've never gotten shit for it anywhere other than depop, where i consistently get underage children sending me death threats and telling me they hope i get raped or murdered for "stealing clothes from the poor". i don't get it.

No. 662855

sis, that IS a manlet.

His songs are also really bad compared to 1nonly, who is actually not bad-looking and makes way better music, IMO. If you want fast-paced flow, listen to 1nonly instead. (But everyone has different tastes, Corpse's lyrics are kind of cool!)

1nonly songs I would recommend: One Night, Bunny Girl, Stay With Me (this one is my favorite song rn and it's amazing!)

No. 662856

File: 1604015589813.jpeg (73.08 KB, 674x458, 5F323AD4-626B-4F0C-B453-CF3160…)

Let me share the uncropped. Andy is 5’10. 5’7 was me being a skeptic. He’s not a manlet, I was shocked.

No. 662858

File: 1604015845088.jpeg (203.62 KB, 551x458, DC1F1738-C2F6-4F05-B83A-B383B3…)

He also has really feminine shoulders

No. 662859

what the fuck? I have never heard of that. I thought depop sellers were welcomed on the internet sorry to hear about that anon.

No. 662860

lmaoooo that song is always playing in a grocery store somewhere I hate it too
corspe husband's voice isn't even hot. my bfs voice is way deeper and hotter imo. I can't imagine simping for a guy who has no face. especially knowing cry and his allegations. can't believe 12 year old me had a crush on him in 2012

No. 662861

My tinfoil is that he’s much older than he says and he uses the fake age to get nudes from barely legal e-girls.

No. 662862

File: 1604016347396.jpeg (7.37 KB, 201x251, Unknown.jpeg)

Some Y2k fashion can be cute but that decade has the ugliest trends. Mini skirts and flip phones were cute. Juicy Couture track suits as well (depends on the color and fit. These pants are cute imo

No. 662864

Things I hate: simps, egirls who get mad and attack you when you say sex work is dangerous and shouldn't be encouraged. I also really dislike Shayna Clifford. I used to feel bad but she's a massive cunt I can't wait until she is 400 lbs kek

No. 662866

for some reason I find it hot. I haven't tried it but I would be down as long as I didn't eat beforehand to prep for it lmao. I like the idea of how taboo it is and doing it for the other guy's pleasure. don't attack me I know men are trash but I'm naturally submissive to my significant other.

No. 662867

sadly it's become a trend on parts of tiktok and twitter to accuse depop sellers of "gentrifying" thrift stores and harassing them. even when you try to explain to them why it's not gentrification or "stealing" from anyone and that many depop sellers are poor or grew up poor themselves, they just flat out refuse to listen.

No. 662869

Cadbury chocolate isn’t the same. But when it comes to chocolate I am so glad I am a britanon as American chocolate SUCKS and is no competition to cadburys even now. Sorry burgeranons

No. 662870

i agree, i really hate how normalized online sex work has become. a while back i saw a 13 year old on twitter talking about how she wished she could make an onlyfans and in the replies there were a couple of 18-19 year old women encouraging her and telling her to do it once she's old enough and my heart sank. an entire generation of women and girls have been groomed and the cycle is only going to repeat itself

No. 662871

I am also surprised at how many people are suddenly OBSESSED with corpse. Not to be that person but I watched him for years before all of this Among us stuff and him streaming. As I love listening to youtubers like him, Mr Nightmare and Lazy Masquerade reading scary stories and stuff.

No. 662872

what's different about british and american chocolate? i'm in the us and i don't eat chocolate often because of how sickeningly sweet most of it is

No. 662873

You want a cookie?

No. 662876

Cute lmao this is what I meant about how I didn’t want to be that person who is like “oh I liked blah blah before it was popular” I just meant that I was shocked as he has had a youtube channel for years.

No. 662877

This is my opinion and I can’t speak for other brits, but we have “cheap” chocolate which is like chocolate coins and like novelty chocolate stuff. Which tastes cheap, off brand, which I think US chocolate tastes like, to me. I have family that moved to the US over a decade ago and they think this too. Again, my opinion.

No. 662878

File: 1604019005502.jpg (307.61 KB, 1242x959, corpse-cringe.jpg)

>Corpse's lyrics are kind of cool!
Time to post this again
I always hated those type of pants and anything that has words on the ass.

No. 662879

File: 1604019039883.png (81.2 KB, 411x860, ow-the-edge.png)

No. 662880

Kek at those lyrics just reading them without hearing them in a song or whatever is so funny

No. 662881

I hate medical bills so much. I had to go to the ER last year because I compound fractured my toe and I got stuck with a $12,000 bill over a TOE. And then 2 other bills for the xray and physician's bill. I was uninsuranced so I knew it would cost me an arm and a leg but it honestly made me consider suicide because of how scared I was that it would ruin my credit since I knew I wouldn't be able to afford to pay them. I actually got the hospital to waive the huge giant bill because I told them I was uninsured and well under the poverty line which really made me cry tears of joy. However, that didn't do anything for the x-ray and physicians bill which I now have a collections company out to get me for. I'm so scared of them suing me over it even tho I live in a state where they can't garnish my wages so yay. But I'm so fucking scared of checking my credit score. It used to be in the mid 700's but now i'm sure it's completely fucked I feel so helpless. I fucking hate burgerland healthcare so fucking much I want to die. And the state I'm in doesn't allow for single adults to go on Medicare which is really just the cherry on top of this horrible shit life.

No. 662882

Anything that has writing on the ass is trashy by default. These pants are hideous imo and it makes me kek that people unironically shell out god knows how much for the ~white trash chic~ look.

No. 662884

Idk if this is anything but I always see burgerfags talk about asking them to separate things, like itemize the bill or something? My friend just broke her ankle and payed 30e, usa is so ruthless.

No. 662892

Anon.. did you pick up the phone and acknowledge the debts at all?

No. 662895

absolutely based (tho pegging sounds fun to me so i would be glad if he said yes, i know im disgusting and i dont care kek. also my butthole will remain virgin either way)

No. 662897

Tfw I'm wearing a juicy tracksuit rn. (doesn't have writing on the ass tho) its just mad comfortable and I love finding them secondhand on ebay. I was so excited for the Skims velour collection cause KKW is really trying to make it happen again, but I just could not fuck with the bland Kardashian color palette.

No. 662898

I haven't answered the calls at all. Oddly enough they haven't sent anything by mail either except for the bills I got directly from the x-ray company. But now that it's been passed onto collections the collections agnecies themselves haven't sent any mail (yet).
I think the itemized thing only works for the hospital bill itself but thankfully that's the bill I got waived. The x-ray and physicians bill are their own unique bill.

No. 662901

I think they're required to wait a few months after it's gone past due before sending it into collections. Anon, I would contactfag, but yeah. My aunt owns a credit repair company and there's loopholes for this shit. Easy loopholes. I'm not a dishonest person, and I try not to be shitty, but this is something that I find abhorrent. We're extorted by these shitty practitioners that quarter-ass an effort in the care they provide and then we get fucked over even when we have insurance in this dumpster country.

No. 662920

>I hate how shitty Cadbury chocolate is now.
Cabury's chocolate has always been shit. It contains vegetable oil and turns to slime when you eat it.

No. 662926

British chocolate is creamier, US chocolate has a chalkier texture.

No. 662927

Cabury chocolate (US) was delicious until they fucked with the ingredients. It's barely chocolate anymore
UK never changed the ingredients that's why it's superior.

No. 662939

File: 1604028371590.jpg (59.4 KB, 800x521, subway-car-1973.jpg)

I hate the 1970s. Everything seemed so ugly and depressing. I hate watching movies made in the 70s because they always look so grimy.

No. 662940

I know what you mean, I kinda feel that way with 80s movies too

No. 662943

I feel this way about both but yet I love 40s and 50s films.

Something about 70s and 80s is depressing and makes me feel uncomfortable.

No. 662964

It doesn’t help that everything was covered in nasty carpeting, even ‘luxurious’ places. The plywood and carpet look was so popular and it was gross, on top of that you could smoke anywhere and people smoked like freight trains so everything was yellowed. 50s doesn’t bother you because everything was black and white.

No. 662975

Okay this is going to make me seem like a full on autist but I absolutely hate it when people make the "grabs my popcorn" line whenever there's drama going on. I mean posting popcorn gifs and talking about how they wish they had popcorn and so forth. I don't know why it sends me into a rage, I associate it with pseudo-intellectual redditors who unironically use 5-year old internet memes and think they're hip with the crowd. A special breed of socially retarded, disrespectful people are the ones who are watching you having a heated debate about something that's serious and then start throwing in popcorn comments. Fucking christ Brent, you go choke on that shit right now.

No. 662977

I completely get what you mean, anon. I hate those little phrases that do nothing to add to the conversation, they just are there for the speaker to seem… witty/fun I guess? I particularly hate the "I see you're a man of culture as well." because most times it's used in the most disgusting context.

No. 662979

I hate the throngs of antisocial, schizoid, Aspergers/autistic individuals allowed to fester online and spread their sheltered worldview about shit (meaning, they actually don't do anything or go out anywhere but they speak like they have the main authority in anything). It's also incredibly cringy how this seems to be a good 40% of the weeb and video game community. I wish they'd all collectively die out tbh

No. 662980

>I hate those little phrases that do nothing to add to the conversation, they just are there for the speaker to seem… witty/fun I guess?
AYRT and YES, exactly. Thank you for wording it for me. I hate it when they use the situation as a stepping stone to drop a stale old phrase just so they van seem "smart" and "above the situation" because they're too pussy or dumb to actually engage.

No. 662981

High crime rates, at least you didn't see a bunch of retards voicing their unwarranted and unhinged opinions all the time without pause (unrelated to this website)

No. 662984

File: 1604042220719.png (475.75 KB, 960x587, 1soipu1cf0gz.png)

No. 662985

Dont see how calling out misogynistic and racebaiting young males online means i'm that but by all means go ahead

No. 662991

These daddy LARPer type niggas just make me wanna bully and dom them, idk how anyone can feel submissive to this lol. Corpse’s shoulders and thighs and posture all point to chubby, soy, and insecure. He’ll really ruin his voice constantly talking like a damn frog, speak with your mouth not the back of your throat, that’s not where “deep” comes from god.

No. 662992

Anything about y2k fashion, music, media is shit to me.

No. 663019

I hate dogs and cats. I like bunnies though.

No. 663026

>about something that's serious
this is rarely the case online

No. 663037

File: 1604047502543.jpg (60.11 KB, 600x600, stickers-covering-louis-vuitto…)

I hate Louis Vuitton, I hate their ugly print they cover their entire bags with, the quality is shit and the people who love this brand tend to be huge bitches.

No. 663041

I love you
It's so ugly and tacky I don't care how expensive it is, it's tacky

No. 663067

Same here. Small pets are a little lower maintenance, too.

No. 663075

File: 1604057281178.png (747.63 KB, 942x680, mallette lv.PNG)

The print only looks good on old suitcases and briefcases, the rest looks bad and sometimes even trashy or tacky. The only thing I really liked when going in one of the Louis Vuitton stores was this, and even then it would look better without the red things and it's too small to hold anything anyway.

You can so easily buy good looking, high quality bags for way cheaper I don't see the point of luxury bags anyway, unless you want to invest and sell them for more money once they're officially considered vintage. I keep hearing rich women on LSA saying the quality of a lot of brands, not just Louis Vuitton, is severely declining.

No. 663076

I bought a replica burberry because it was so hard to find an offbrand version with the same bag shape/design at the time, and I’ll probably keep buying replicas now kek. The bag wasn’t cheap by any means, but it was $150 vs $1500 and no one, not even my snobby luxury brand loving parents who own authentic Burberry, could even tell.

The bag you posted is cute as hell though. The LVxMurakami collab items are probably the only LV items that don’t look tacky as all hell to me.

No. 663080

File: 1604058639787.png (587.88 KB, 2048x2048, louis-vuitton-nano-monogram-br…)

Am I the only one who would be inclined to NOT purchase something just because it is a designer brand? Not that I have the money to buy a lot of designer but this also goes for more accesible brands like CK or something like that. I don't want to be someone who looks like she cares a lot about designer or brands, there's just something negative about that to me. I don't want to wear a brand's image, I want to wear my own, if that makes sense?

The only LV/designer thing in general I've ever liked enough to consider buying was this particular bracelet. I saw a girl irl wear it and really liked it a lot. I didn't realize it was LV until I saw the logo pattern upclose. Then I looked it up and it's 200 euro for a bracelet made out of canvas and brass. For 200 euro I want a bracelet made out of leather and gold(plated) clasps. Genuinely do not understand why anyone would pay 200 euro for basically fashion jewelry. Even if you can easily spend that kind of money, wouldn't you want something made out of higher quality materials?

No. 663081

File: 1604058823291.jpeg (66.02 KB, 691x444, E1AEBB02-57CF-4DC5-8D9E-FDAE96…)

i really fucking hate promare. i have a genderist mutual on twt i keep around for the lolz and god. i don’t understand how she’s so goddamn attached to it at 30 years old. the art style is ugly as fuck and the storyline and setting seem so extraordinarily boring… weebs eat up the dumbest shit don’t they?

No. 663082

Samefag, sorry for this wall of text. I thought this was the Fashion we hate thread in /g/

No. 663084

anon are you me? I watched it pressured by the hype and it's yet another bullshitty shonen anime that people only like because the movie gives the tiniest scraps of ship tease for fujos to run wild with it

No. 663086

The aesthetic of it is amazing imho but the story as shallow as a puddle, you watch it and immediately forget. It's typical for Studio Trigger though, all style no substance.

No. 663087

As long as you don't get in legal trouble for buying replicas then go for it. Since most fashion brands get "inspired" or straight up copy luxury brands one way or another I just buy original stuff that just look like luxury products from far away if I really want to and I know the quality will be worth it.

I don't have that kind of money to begin with but even if I were a billionaire I wouldn't buy luxury shit out of principle. I'd rather buy good looking, high quality products that don't have a specific dead or old man's name plastered on them and focus on supporting small businesses. If anything I'm waiting for eventual Fenty's handbags to see if that could make me change my mind but even then only some of the sunglasses looks cute and fun.

No. 663098

My thread contribution: I hate spoilsports like you. Promare is fucking awesome and the gay stuff was a good bonus.

No. 663111

>I'd rather buy good looking, high quality products that don't have a specific dead or old man's name plastered on them and focus on supporting small businesses.
this 100%

No. 663119

File: 1604063720205.jpg (27.41 KB, 1000x1000, callitspring.jpg)

An old coworker who had a cute bag recommended Callitspring to me and their handbags are so cute but also remind me of the style of some luxury bags (e.g. their sanmarcos bag looks like chanel's classic bag). Terrible discovery for my wallet because they're reasonably priced and so, so cute. I've been eyeing pic related but I know I shouldn't buy more bags because I don't need them lol.

No. 663124

Since we're on the topic of purses fuck every bitch who got a Telfar bag give it to me

No. 663127

I hate when people say "I rather"

No. 663136

but anon it didn't make me think therefore it's bad

No. 663139

I love how this is literally the thing people hating on it always say

No. 663141

It's gay, colorful and fun, anon just wants to keep her giant stick up her ass. Nowdays something has to be 2deep4me to be good it seems.

No. 663156

The jewelry from most luxury brands that's sold in boutiques is just costume jewelry and a total waste of money. Some brands like Chanel have high fashion jewelry as well that costs as much or more as their handbags, but you can get metals as just as good quality as the "high" pieces from other brands. It's just paying for the name.

No. 663183

I dislike dogs but I really hate cats,I'm more of a bird person.

No. 663199

DND, or at least DND culture. My friends only ever want to sit around in the dark playing it for like 7 hours straight and it's so fucking boring. Not to mention everyone thinks their story/lore/characters are the greatest thing ever created and sperg about them all the time. Idk I just don't get it, such a waste of time for so little enjoyment.

No. 663203

Did you miss the scrote bunny saga the other week?
I disagree, my bun takes much more work than my cat, but dogs are definitely not worth any of the hassle.

No. 663241

I hate it when people unironically say “but I digress”

No. 663250

File: 1604077988977.jpg (94.47 KB, 1000x1000, 01c6e309f1e8d7ee19e59503549c22…)

I hate the cigarette and condom song.

No. 663252

I hate the "new" internet culture.
Nowadays everyone wants to be famous so they put every info on the internet so they can be recognizable and I hate that being an internet influencer is considered a job.
I miss the era of everyone being a lil bit scared but comfy on the old days, coming up with random nicknames that stick with us forever (I love that in my group of irl friends we call each other by a minimized version of our internet nicknames since we knew each other there) and posting in forums, blogs or chats.
Social Media in 2010+ feels so constructed and cookie cutter, it's terrible imho

No. 663275

Straight facts anon.

No. 663276

Add "alas" to the list

No. 663295

I've never heard this before, what sort of sentence would it be used in?

No. 663308

Because it’s grammatically incorrect or because you’d rather people exclusively speak in toddler english?
So what do you use in place of those expressions?

No. 663310

File: 1604083289247.jpeg (571.53 KB, 2000x2000, 7595F8C3-1F5E-4633-BD7F-FF9039…)

I HATE mommy bloggers/insta influencers.
Obviously not all are exploitative but I just wonder how much damage they’re are doing to their poor kids by never allowing any moment to just be natural, everything has to be fucking curated or caught on camera. Also, none of these kids can consent to have their most personal experiences blasted all over the internet to see…I honestly think most of these women view their kids as props and accessories for attention, validation and money.

No. 663311

File: 1604083507206.jpg (176.39 KB, 903x903, 2ae7388e-0096-4141-acda-324b02…)

Literally me anon I despise banda music it's so goddamn loud and annoying. Fuck everytime my family has a fiesta I know going to be bed is going to be next to impossible. I love mariachi music and old groupos like los temerarios, but banda can just fuck off.

No. 663312

The desire to be seen as the best moms ever is numero uno.
The money, validation, and attention are just the delicious after perks.
It'll get interesting in 18 more years, when some of the very first kids where their every lifestage is available online for public view, become adults too.
What repercussions will it have for them? Do they deserve restitution from having their information published and sold online without their true consent?

No. 663313

I couldn't even fucking watch it. I tried. The opening sequence was a bunch of fucking neon colors with characters and objects in 3D spaces that made no sense visually. I love the music though. 10/10.

No. 663395

SAME. Only thing I don't hate about influencer culture is laughing at the inevitable "influencer" cows it produces. Though I guess that's a given, seeing as I hang out here? I'd trade that a zillion times over to go back to 2008 internet, though.

No. 663421

only valid cartoon is the amazing world of gumball

No. 663424

gumball is so fucken good

No. 663427

I hate it when I see people shit-talk things I like because it makes me feel stupid and self-hating

No. 663428

aw anon just like what you like, salty people are annoying

No. 663444

People not understanding how a thyroid illness is an actual illness that I take pills for and will feel awful if I skip. People who fucking ask for them to use as some diet pills, wtf.

No. 663452

You’re being too nice, you could be saying this to a total cow

No. 663456

i hate seeing 18-22 year olds give backhanded compliments to women in their mid-late 20s or 30s on social media
>wow she's so pretty i can't believe she's 30
>i would have never guessed she was 25 she looks so young
it really comes off as a form of negging to me. and the oddest thing is that it's not even just scrotes doing this?

No. 663462

Because they genuinely believe the lie that women turn to shit at 25. Sad.

No. 663464

I wouldn’t bother letting it bug you, 18-22 year olds also have dramatic insecure meltdowns over the stupidest shit and haven’t yet mellowed out enough to know anything about life and how it works. The fire of this is also stoked by instagram and delusion so it’s probably worse than it’s ever been. The 18-22 year olds are also the ones coming on here bawling about inconsequential inevitabilities like it’s the end of the world.

No. 663482

File: 1604100625701.jpg (74.66 KB, 563x863, 84093275426.jpg)

Comics that have gorgeous cover art but it's done by a guest/feature artist so when you check out the insides the regular art in the panels is hideous. So disappointing.

Alternately: Comics that have beautiful art throughout but the stories are uninspired, derivative and ridden with plot holes because the artist think they're capable of writing or they hired someone to write who's too far up their own ass.

No. 663486

Imagine being a catfish of a comic

No. 663487

Gumball gang

No. 663489

>their sheltered worldview about shit
What are you talking about exactly?

No. 663491

File: 1604101821570.jpeg (67.2 KB, 480x640, 96DD8B88-AA25-45C8-A9A1-7B2F0F…)

This is exactly how I felt as a kid saving up to buy the Labyrinth manga online.

No. 663492

Anons diatribe makes perfect sense to me.

No. 663496

anon my boyfriends stepmom (currently staying with family, poorfag who lost home lul) wears fucking white diamonds and it's disgusting. we sleep in the living room and many a morning I wake up choking on that nasty fucking perfume.

I also hate White Diamonds.

No. 663500

It's so cute and fucking odd, i love it

No. 663502

That’s why I stopped reading a lot of (American) comics. With manga or euro comics whatever’s on the cover is usually what you get inside

No. 663504

so what is she saying?

No. 663505

Arielle Scarcella. I used to look up to her, but now she's gone full right-wing grifter, even on abortion rights. It's pretty gross.

No. 663506

why couldn’t she just have become a based mommy radfem dammit

No. 663512

Radfem women don’t pay you like right wing simps do

No. 663513

are you serious? that's such a shame i used to really look up to her…

No. 663596


since the english language is so succint and limiting, i'd rather use as many words as one can in order to convey my true thoughts and opinions in a manner that suits my bilingual brain; but alas, i digress
did i make your skin crawl anons? dont come for me! ily anons i just wanted to make a joke

No. 663604

Fuck yes someone i knew finally quit which lets us hang out more. it seems like such a time wasting activity every week.

No. 663607

Consumerism and high end brands. This is absolutely disgusting. Why the fuck does anyone need all this expensive shit? Stop calling buying a luxury bag an investment. Invest in a house or something. One of those birkin bags is like 500,000 dollars. I can't believe people will gawk over videos like this and be jealous. I just find it embarrassing.

No. 663609

lol those bags are ugly as fuck too. i don't understand rich people

No. 663614

Lol this. They can easily change the housing market by investing in a shitty house, flipping it and making it affordable, or even better but apartment complexes and charge affordable rent but noo 4 ugly carbon copy purses is better

No. 663622

So when are we gonna start lynching rich people again.

No. 663624

It has to be done tbh

No. 663655

Men putting animals in danger or staging "accidents" with animals that, in some cases, result in death or severe injury of the animal, just so they can post a video on youtube. Many of them are fake rescues, but some just show an animal getting injured, like a cow falling off the cliff (perfectly timed recording with the cow falling right in front of the guy, like she was running away from him huh). Then the guy probably leaves her to die. With small animals they usually just stage fake rescues, and it's an entire genre on youtube. People putting kittens and puppies in dangerous, cold and wet places, just so they can film themselves "rescuing" them for profit. I fucking hate people. I get that some of them are poor but there is n o justification for something like this. Everyone in the comment section knows it's fake and youtube does nothing about it.

No. 663659

when the alt wighters act like black/white mixing is a new thing or never happened when 70% of african descended people in the new world have a european Y gene passed on in their bloodline. seriously how fucking dense can you be. it's like they don't wanna admit how much european males actually did interracial mixing in history..(racebaiting)

No. 663661

File: 1604124229870.jpg (150.59 KB, 670x800, moschino-fw20-bag3.jpg)

Moschino ripped off rose of Versailles art and it pisses me off.

No. 663666

File: 1604125736751.jpeg (103.05 KB, 625x491, images (70).jpeg)

This brand is so overrated

No. 663668

The only good noodles in that brand are the original and the jajangmyeon

No. 663669

kiss-assery of kids with involved parents in public schools. All the kids whose parents donated to the school or showed up to things always got special treatment. I remember one time there was an art contest where all types of art (photography, drawing, painting) were accepted. I drew a castle on a large poster, and honestly it was really good for an 8 year old. I worked on it for days and I was so excited. On the day where winners were announced, I didn't make it in the top 5. Who won first place, my classmate who submitted a photo of her and her newborn sister in black and white, that she didn't even take. It didn't even make sense that she qualified, and yet she won first place? It was either that her mom was involved or the fact that she was cute and I was ugly and ethnic in a nonethnic school. That's besides the point though, I know someone who regularly gave a teacher hell in high school and somehow they ended up with no consequence because their rich parents who donate to the school got involved.

No. 663692

Orangutans are very gentle and intelligent. But for real, fuck chimpanzees.
Good advice from >>662753 I personally use mostly glass toys. They're easy to clean and can be heated in the microwave for a couple of seconds (make sure it's made for that first) or frozen for temperature play.

No. 663708

File: 1604133826818.jpg (140.62 KB, 453x467, away we go.jpg)

I hate people who feel the need to find a moral justification for all the shit they like. I'm mostly talking about autists on Twitter and Tumblr who feel the need to write essays on why something is or is not "problematic." Why the fuck can't they just relax and enjoy something without shoe-horning into their political ideology? Sure, it's occasionally interesting to read about the impact art has on society, but nobody wants to read your fucking essay on why Spyro the Dragon is secretly transmisogynistic or whatever.

No. 663713

I hate it, as well as those youtubers analyzing and poring over disney cartoons, fashion styles and dumb movies, looking for a deeper meaning.

If I wanted to listen to Giggles the clown here giving me a lecture on why some movie or fashion is problematic and stare at her garishly painted face for 30 minutes, I'd go to clown college.

No. 663725

>If I wanted to listen to Giggles the clown here giving me a lecture on why some movie or fashion is problematic and stare at her garishly painted face for 30 minutes, I'd go to clown college.
I'm in tears anon

Anyway I agree with you both. It's because you can't just "not like" anything anymore, there always has to be a moral justification for something you dislike or something you like. Everything has to be a big brain political debate now and it's exhausting.

No. 663748

I hate crumbs and dirt in the sheets. I hate when I feel a tickle and think it's a hair but it's really a bug. Also, I hate bangs that get greasy faster than my hair. I hate jeans where the crotch is too low or blouses that require a safety pin. I hate games that force you to press a button repeatedly for crafting. I hate long, unskippable tutorials. I hate off-leash dogs or pet dogs at work. I hate cheezits and goldfish and think they taste like the smell of unwashed penis. I hate coffee. I hate menstrual cups. I hate dry shampoos that makes hair look greasier. I hate Black Ice air freshener. I hate people that walk in the road when a sidewalk is there. I hate essential oil diffusers. I hate LinkedIn. I hate stepping in dog piss with socks on
That's a good one. I hate when parents do their kid's homework or art project for them. You could always tell who had a lot of extra "help".

No. 663751

i hate lolishit and shota shit. i hate anime fans. you know the fucking ones. how the fuck can anybody normal fucking be attracted to lolicon

No. 663799

Remember when people unironically said Paw Patrol was copaganda? I wonder if some autists tried to cancel their young nieces / nephews / siblings kek

No. 663806

The fuck do you do to get crumbs all over the place. Eat at the dinner table, don't be nourisht0flourish.

No. 663864

not only rippng off, but ugly as hell!!

No. 663865

"investment" by definition is something that you spend a shitton of money on but can get that back.
Everyone who says that fashion is an investment is stupid as shit since the bags just….stay there like paperweights

No. 663869

This isn't entirely true. Designer bags tend to retain a lot of value if not go up in price and the 2nd hand market for designer bags is lively. I wouldn't consider them investments either but you can't compare them to a bag from Zara that loses it's value the second you check out.

No. 663874

Yeah but these bitches most likely would not sell them, since they collect them. also, the more value it gains, the more they will keep it just as a show off

No. 663876

Agreed anon. Why do people even need 50 bags or 100 pairs of shoes? It's all vapid and empty, putting so much value of an object that is excessively overpriced.

No. 663877

When people make separate social media accounts for their pets. Especially if they write captions/statuses from the pet's point of view. ESPECIALLY if they type in a baby voice. Ugh.

No. 663880

File: 1604157356646.jpg (453.39 KB, 750x813, b2ac693.jpg)

Not to sound like r/nicegirls but why do men complain about this even though women who treat men badly are actively supported and encouraged by other men and women who support men are always the ones getting cheated on and left for younger? Srs if men want to be respected so much start with their own men. Half of business men and hollywood men had some poor lady to mooch off of just to leave her when they got on top, even Stephan Hawking left the wife who had to wipe his ass for years for another woman, even all the teens men end up leaving their wives for end up cheating on them and I'm all for it. meanwhile women like anfisa from 90df actively get loyal and supporting men kek. Lurking males, want women to treat you better? Fix this shit

No. 663884

This man can go fuck himself. I'd argue that the slapping, punching, choking, and hitting of women is waaaaay more normalized as a fetish, and way more destructive than cuckolding. You're not even allowed to criticize it lest you be accused of "kinkshaming".

No. 663885

I hate video essays or whatever these are called.

No. 663890

First that’s camembert.

No. 663894

>humiliating men is normalized in sexual contexts
I'm actually speechless, I'm pretty sure even the most anti feminist man would admit that it's objectively the other way around. Redditors are on another lever of cognitive dissonance

No. 663897

Men literally pay for femdom, that being said men also pay for women to endure their abuse (or most commonly manipulate women into enduring it). I have yet to see a woman pay or encourage a man to endure abuse by her, half the time it's always the man's idea

No. 663918

I don't mind video essays if the content is insightful and not centred on virtue signalling, but I cannot stand this youtuber. She's out of her depth, her voice alone makes her sound like an airhead and her styling choices don't work for her. She's trying to look like a 2003 John Galliano runway model but she just looks like a crazy old lady that collects empties.

No. 663968

What the fuck is this. Cock and ball torture, anal play, humiliation and cuckholding are entirely male's inventions. Men ASK for these things. As shown on this website, sexually dominant women are not nearly interested in the shit sub males are into. Imagine thinking getting cucked is more "mental torture" than rape play bimbofication shit lol men are weak.

No. 663971

I can guarantee you he read somewhere 'Humiliating women is far too normalised, especially in sexual context', didn't like it because it hurted his fragile man ego and twisted it around to make women seem the wrong-do-ers here so he could feel good about himself.

No. 664072

I hate dry tasteless donuts (aka every donut I've ever had), men who say they like history but actually just like World War 2, the way foundation feels on my face, pillows that won't stay in pillow cases, people applying 'fuck the troops' logic to when conscription was mandatory & soldiers didn't even really know what they were fighting for, alcohol being seen as necessary to have fun, people who compare recreational drugs to anti-depressants, people just abandoning broken umbrellas in the street.

No. 664075

being poor

No. 664078

File: 1604180521297.jpg (60.36 KB, 748x500, 9c5941e033e30e71b1bf56ca554a36…)

>I hate dry tasteless donuts (aka every donut I've ever had)
It's the opposite for me. People always bring these Krispy Kreme assorted boxes into work and they're just disgustingly rich and sweet, and there's nothing dry about them because they're covered in a thick glaze/icing as well as filled with it. I feel sick just thinking about them and it makes me want plain dry cinnamon donuts instead. Original glazed are fine though.

No. 664087

Krispy Kreme isn't a thing in my country as far as I'm aware, but just the image looks ominous as hell. How big are they? They look like something that would only be tolerable if they were the size of werther's originals kek

No. 664091

I hate rich people, how they justify the money they have by pointing out they work hard, the custom of putting plastic flowers and lanterns on graves and polluting the world unnecessarily, people who get extravagant gravestones, people who take an arm when you offer them a finger, pickled vegetables, how we common people are made to feel obligated to give our money to help those in need in our and other countries when the government won't do anything about it, corrupt politicians, politicians in general, how my roommates are unable to talk at a volume under 100 decibels, people who argue abortion is immoral, men who absolutely cannot see women as anything other than a vessel to fulfill their sexual desires, Tooru from Jojolion, and how comments on every social media are just rehashed jokes from 10 years ago.
I want to try just a tiny slice from each

No. 664121

All of this, excepting the pickled vegetables though.

I hate those plastic T-shaped strings that tags hang off of on clothing and textiles. They're see-through and thin so they always get lost in the actual garment, and they're stiff so when they do get lost you only find out when they prick the ever loving shit out of you. And god help you if you drop one of those things on the floor and later step on it.

Literally no purpose to them, a string would do the job just as well if not better, not be a pain in the ass to remove, and not pollute the planet.

No. 664150

Exactly, it's projection. Despite all the screaming about how men making entire communities, glorifying, begging for, and manipulating women to like (inb4 are you saying women are stupid??? Scrot) rape play, child molestation roleplay, knife play, pregnancy fetish, bondage, anal, fisting, choking, mental humiliation, body shaming fetishing, reverse fucking, deep throating, breast bondage and everything else, defending it as "just a niche fetish! That's the equivalent to crazy Christian's who say video games cause school shooters", are now upset because they have this ~crazy~ idea that some women who seek out men willing to endure abuse, humiliation, cucking, etc, are ACTUALLY mentally ill and want to hurt men

Nothing men hate more than a taste of their own medicine

No. 664152

I hate when ppl say some one says an ugly person looks like a toe, foot, or thumb. It just doesn't make sense. No one actually looks like that. It's a dumb, unfunny, normie insult.

No. 664153

Untrue. SJP does look like a foot, and Channing Tatum does look like a toe.

No. 664157

i know a guy that literally looks like a thumb. you might be autistic

No. 664160

>you might be autistic
Now this is a dumb insult in response to what the OP said lmao

No. 664167

Nayrt but getting upset over such minuscule things is pretty spot on for the tism so eh

No. 664178

in that case you might direct that to this whole thread

No. 664185

the only one that makes sense imo is the thumb one. bald men with wide ass necks do look like thumbs

No. 664190

And sjp has a long ass, bleak face like the bottom of a foot

No. 664195

I hate how grown women will talk shit about other women for liking stuff that is deemed childish. Like let people enjoy wearing cute clothes or have childish hobbies, they probably couldn't afford to do it as a kid or teen. Gatekeeping on what an adult hobby or fashion should be is just cringe. Frankly, any person who does this type of behavior I automatically think they are insecure.

No. 664196

You may not agree with it but it isn’t cringe.

No. 664198

No it's cringe to me, I actually cringe when I see people doing it especially other women.

No. 664202

Maybe grow a backbone. There are plenty of times where being hyper-fixated on childish things as a grown ass woman is cringe as fuck. They’re going to get made fun of.

No. 664203

Looks like I found one of the people who does it, hi insecure person. I hope you are having a good day. lmao

No. 664205

If they're DDLG types they can fuck off.

No. 664206

That's why I said Hobby and Fashion. don't confuse this with me being okay with weird add fetishes that border pedophilia.

No. 664207

yep, i hate the idea that once you hit 18/25/30/whatever other arbitrary age limit you can't enjoy anything cutesy anymore. as long as you're not using it for some ddlg fetish shit it's perfectly fine

No. 664223

I hate the It remakes with a passion.

No. 664232

I’m not insecure, I just assumed you meant in the scope of acting like a cringy autist like pixielocks in which case I’m so sorry but none of us are insecure for laughing at her.

No. 664234

Go back to /w/ autist

No. 664237

This is so funny, calling me an autist for saying you adult babies are autistic

No. 664240

Says the one conflating “cute things” with shitting in diapers kek

No. 664242

I also cannot stand the remakes.

No. 664246

What are you on about? I just said spergy pixielocks types. You don’t take criticism well.

No. 664261

any mention of danganronpa makes me feel homicidal, and yes, i've actually played it.

No. 664266

Homicidal you say? That's going in my evidence folder. See u at the class trial bitch.

No. 664288

Agreed. It's more childish to be ashamed of your hobbies than to embrace them. When I still had a regular commute, there was a 50-ish year old woman who dressed in pastels / cute stuff (little pink backpacks with bat wings, pink leather jackets, those heart collar things) & she was the best part of going home tbh.

No. 664334

i wanna be her friend…. amazing….

No. 664369

Dang I want her confidence. Life is too short to be stressed about being too old for things. It's so sad that you can only wear this kawaii shit from age 16 to 22 despite barely being able to afford good quality alt clothing during that phase.

No. 664534

I thought I was the only one who doesn't like this girl. Her ugly ass eyebrows make me want to punch her.

No. 664628

I hate Tootsie Rolls. They're like if an alien tried to recreate chocolate flavor, and they're literally the consistency of wax. I'm not even sure how they qualify as edible food.

No. 664634

They're so easy to choke on too. I had an "infant choking hazard"-like experience when I was younger where I ate one in the car within the company of my father and cousin. I began to silently choke without being able to notify them because the Tootsie Roll felt like a rock stuck in my throat. I've sworn off of them since.

No. 664708

K pop posting —> borzoi posting —> Adam driver posting

No. 664718

what are you trying to say with those arrows

No. 664724

Evolution of hate

No. 664730

What's wrong with borzoi

No. 664731

Here we go again

No. 664732


No. 664753

I remember seeing these Type of moms with their newborns and being so jealous of the fact that they Had time to raise a kid AND take cute pictures with them. They always seem to be playing with them and going out with them but now I realize everything those bitches do is for a picture, they’re probably not even actually doing anything just posing and pretending. I feel so bad for their kids. I would rather have few pictures of my baby and more actual memories than taking pictures or blogging every damn day. Fuck these bitches don’t listen to any of their “advice” either. They’re the type to sit their babies on a tablet and give them herbs when they’re sick instead of actual medicine

No. 664759

I'm 6feet tall with broad shoulders. I know that I can't get away with wearing plushie backpacks or kawewe clothes. People will automatically assume I'm a tranny or severely autistic. Tbh if you want to wear cute stuff just have subtle pieces.

No. 664789

Misinterpreted it, it’s just a cycle of hatred

No. 664817

File: 1604277520009.jpg (101.11 KB, 960x953, tumblr_26d223fc9c8980057896fa8…)

>>660748 I hate tori stupid basic boring bitch if it weren't for trina she'd've been the untalented one.
I hate rich people that pretend they give a damn about the working classes. I respect openly evil sleazy materialistic frackers so much more than any champagne socialist that tweets about knowing their privilege uwu. Like that one Jameela Jamil essay in the comments lmao, every time I see shit like that I want to go into a vegan cafe and shank every bitch with a kanken. If you really care about the plight of the common man give me some of that fucking money you inherited instead of doctor shopping for valium.

No. 664839

File: 1604279397289.png (11.5 KB, 806x208, GRFBVVF.png)


No. 664843

No. 664893

I love garlic knots. Fluffy, light garlic flavor, soft

I hate garlic bread
always too much butter, over powering garlic flavor, crumbs get everywhere

No. 664904

Found the femcel(?)

No. 664905

Can relate. Internet slang was a mistake… A big one.

No. 664906

I don't like Corpse Husbands voice because it sounds like he's forcing the deep voice which is hurting him. That or it sounds like someone punched him in the throat
That and people think he's this sexy alt dude but his interview showed he is a porker. Honestly I hope he never does a face reveal

No. 664925

Some anons even started defending him, like "noooo aha he looks skinny…"

My man dresses like an autistic sixteen year old and looks fat as fuck with a cringe voice and even cringier rap lyrics. Gross.

No. 664927

He said he loses his voice constantly. This is a common symptom of people who force their voices.

No. 664949

me too but i had to wear them for school for years and you've just reminded me of how it feels urgghhhhhh unpleasant

No. 664965

File: 1604297503071.jpeg (41.22 KB, 379x441, A2DF72DA-5B10-4227-9FE7-02B7FE…)

I hate these stupid fucking drawings. Everyone and their mother who draws these think they ooze artistic talent. I also hate seafood, it smells and looks disgusting, good lord

No. 665082

I hate it too, aren't these like a warm up/drawing exercise where you draw without lifting your pen from the paper? And now they're just an art hoe style kek it's hideous.

No. 665120

LIDLs garlic baguette from the fresh bakery was heavensent.

Someone tell me why dutch supermarkets have such lack of: garlic bread anything/sweetsour and onion chips/lactose free products

No. 665397

File: 1604358054019.jpg (28.79 KB, 570x427, il_570xN.1917345004_eo4y.jpg)

oh my fucking got I hate seeing them on jewlery so much, I don't understand how people can like them

No. 665414

YES. It's disgusting. I don't get it

No. 665418

Straight girls who refer to their bfs as their partner

No. 665435

Eh, I get it. After a certain age, 'boyfriend' sounds kinda immature.

No. 665444

So you think it sounds more intelligent? Since when is saying boyfriend immature?

No. 665447

Nah older women use partner because they're ashamed to admit they aren't married or engaged or anything more than a fucking gf

Younger women do it bc they think they sound sophisticated lol

No. 665458

Nta but since I'm 30 and not in high school anymore. I don't want to get married or have kids, although my "partner" of 5 years and I hope to stay together for life. I don't care if other women use boyfriend in the same scenario but for me it seems kind of weird to use the same word as a teenager going on her first date. For me partner implies a long-term relationship that's more serious than that.

No. 665461

NTA I agree with that anon though. Intelligence has nothing to do with maturity, she didn't say that. It doesn't sound more intelligent, but saying "uwu me and my boyfriend" is the same term you used since you were 12 years old.

>older women use partner because they're ashamed to admit they aren't married or engaged or anything more than a fucking gf
implying all a woman wants in life is to be married and engaged and is ashamed of anything else. scrote-like mentality. tsk tsk

No. 665479

I hate when zoomer/millenial sjw types say "go educate yourself" when you disagree with them on a certain issue and leave it at that all smug and righteous. Like, I'm willing to hear the reasons behind your stance and if it's something you're so, so passionate about then surely you'd try to bring others over to your side? If you ask they'll just say something like "it's not my job to educate you uwu" like they're some infallible authority. It's intellectually lazy and doesn't really help spread whatever your particular message is, not hard to link a couple sources.

No. 665483

It amazes me. Everyday theres something new added to the list of what older women cant do lol

No. 665487

Hmm. Can't say I agree with this. It's fine if you try and provide people with information but at a certain point, people literally don't care about whatever facts you present. And if they have gotten to the point where they are constantly arguing with people anyway, they have probably heard enough "If that's true, then why did [dumb ass thing that didn't actually happen] happen?!" and then you get into a circling of stupid shit with people who don't actually care about learning.

If you aren't in a retarded shouting match with someone and they're mature enough to explain to you, then try and sound earnest? Because I've gotten into my fair share of twitter bullshit and tried to "educate" people, only to have them say "That didn't happen" or "that's not true" or "I'm not clicking that link" or to completely ignore the post after I've said something, basically making it pointless. If I have to waste my time to educate someone, then I just won't do it to begin with. It's a clear tactic to tire out your opponent. Make them talk in circles by asking them to explain stuff and then tire them out. I've done it myself. People that say "It's not my job to educate you" have likely been there or don't want to be there. Plus, if it's something simple that you could google, just do it. That's also fucking lazy if you expect to be spoonfed everything.
But hey, what do I know.

No. 665492

I agree. It alienates people from your cause when you should want to persuade people through reasonable debate, but people don't know how to debate and in fact seem hostile to stuff like critical thinking and theory, they just rely on grandstanding.

No. 665493

Millennial here. Maybe I'm just a shit, but the first thing I wanna do when I'm having an argument is show proof that I'm right

No. 665524

I think the reason I hate it is because I don’t see mature women use the term partner in my vicinity, I only ever see tumblrinas and pretentious hipsters say tha like they’re afraid people will know they’re in a heterosexual relationship. I should clarify I don’t think everyone does it to sound more intelligent, I think these particular types of annoying girls do it because it feels more special to them to say partner, god forbid everyone know they’re a heterosexual that only pretends to like girls every now and again when watching Jennifer’s Body and arguing on Twitter.

No. 665544

This only really rings true for Americans and maybe Candadians. In the queens English anglo countries like England or Australia, partner is a very common term.

No. 665547

Okay well I totally get that and it’s not what I’m referring to by any stretch.

No. 665550

idk, for some reason saying "boyfriend or girlfriend" when you are in a ltr or even more so when you live with them just doesnt sound accurate to me personally. also when you are older it sounds kinda cringy

No. 665551

imo it's because it's cringe to still date when you're older instead of being married

No. 665553

how are any of these cringy

No. 665555

I like using boyfriend as a 30year old in a 7 year relationship kek. I might use partner in a setting to establish that it's a long-term/serious relationship but for the most part I just don't care.

No. 665557

Because society thinks women are supposed to be married by 25 and after that she needs to give up on life and never fuck/date again. Preferably she should kill herself.

No. 665558

im not a native english speaker so im thinking of bf/gf but translated into my language, to me it sounds kind of childish.
> establish that it's a long-term/serious relationship
i think what anon said here illustrates my point further. saying bf/gf kind of dimishes the relationship in a way, at least in my opinion

No. 665563

People who are really into the It remakes, Chucky, or Harley Quinn/the Joker always give me big tweaker vibes.

No. 665774

NTA but I agree with them
I don't know who Pixielocks is though

No. 666177

Call me a femcel but I can't stand PDA, especially when it's weird shit like I once saw a couple blowing into each other's mouth wtf. I'm especially annoyed by the idiots kissing in the train despite the masks being mandatory.

No. 666188

I look both gay and younger than my age. I was walking home from work lately when I had a teen couple put on a display very obviously for me.. Guy was groping her and then looking at me for a reaction. Ugh guys I'm old, I'm tired after work and I'm not excited by a girl that young or any girl at all. It was odd. Reminded me of those bdsm couples who wear leashes in public and think that's cool

No. 666198

Holy shit, we had neighbors from hell in the form of teenage boys in the house beside us because it was divided into units. I guess they were staying with their aunt’s friend or something. They’d sit on the porch for hours at night to peep on me through the windows, our houses were only a few feet apart and they’d yell the most vile shit trying to get my attention. Their unit was upstairs and we had the long, old windows where there was a foot or so of window above the curtain rod and they’d watch for if our kitchen light went on at night and would throw rocks at it and stare at me. They’d shout weird shit like I love you and talk loudly about vandalizing my car????Teenage boys are nasty.

No. 666200

I don't understand why couples want to start grinding on each other next to me on a public bus. Why the fuck do people care so much about their relationship being so public when they're probably just getting cheated on? Like stfu. I'm so tired.

No. 666233

I also hate that. It’s uncomfortable to look at. Like save your intimacy to yourselves. in my experience, those who pda in front of everyone, especially when amongst a group of frieds or acquintances are those most troubled ones. gotta show the LOVE so no one suspects any problems.

No. 666235

I sort of get it when teenagers do it because teens are stupid and socially retarded but when I see actual adults eating each others' faces in public I just can't understand. The worst is when you're sitting behind/next to a couple in public transit and they just start kissing and giggling. You're grown ass people for god's sake you know better than to make everyone around you uncomfortable.

No. 666240

yea, teenagers are just hormones fueled and attention seeking. Adults doing this is somewhat creepy and a red flag to me.

No. 666242

Red flag to what? My parents has been often kissing in public so I grew up not really caring about this and similarly I will not think twice before kissing my bf when we're waiting for a bus or whatever; I can understand how hardcore making out would be inappropriate but is it all so bad and weird really?

No. 666247

NAYRT and I don't consider it a red flag but it's still awkward and makes me uncomfortable, like me just being there is disturbing some private moment I'm forced to be a part of. Hand holding and hugging and putting arms around each other etc. don't bother me but kissing is personally too intimate to witness. It depends on where you live though, in my culture PDA is considered rude and inconsiderate.

No. 666249

I see, yeah, it could vary a lot in different cultures

No. 666255

I meant those pairs who grope each other and are all over themselves. to kiss each other is perfectly fine

No. 666261

People who refer to their pets as their “fur babies” or say “heckin pupper”. They’re always fucking insufferable people.

No. 666263

I thought thinking PDA is gross was a normal thing. How does that make someone a femcel?

No. 666266

I hate when ever I am dating a guy or girl that they send a shit load of selfies then asking if I saved them. I like them every once in a while but everyday, why? I rather them blog about random weird rocks then sending selfies. I can't tell if it is vain or insecure behavior….

No. 666270

agreed. i love my dog more than almost anything but the word "pupper" makes me want to tear my fucking skin off

No. 666291

Maybe I'm just autistic but I don't understand why people get so pissed off about "pupper" and "doggo." At least they're not gross like "clitty."

No. 666297

they're often used by redditors trying to be "quirky"

No. 666321

as a non native speaker, the word "doggo" is so cute to me! i didnt know it was supposed to be cringy

No. 666323

File: 1604456838974.png (138.27 KB, 676x449, fogged-safety-glasses.png)

When your safety goggles/glasses fog up. This annoyed me so much when I took chemistry.

No. 666384

You know when parents let their kids run around the store and burrow through the merchandise while you're trying to actually get things done? Then and one comes up and hits the other one and both start screaming to their mom who isn't paying attention to them at all? Welcome to my job.

No. 666397

When I was cashiering at my job there was this one regular coupon abuser who would spend like 30 minutes ringing up a handful of items because she wanted to abuse coupons. I was supposed to deny her but I would usually just let her get away with it because she always brought her admittedly very cute but horribly behaved toddler daughter and I wanted to interaction over as fast as possible. The amount of times this kid directly projectiled a toy at my face and her mom went "ha sorry" and nothing else infuriated me. Again the kid was really cute, very friendly, not bratty at all – she genuinely didn't know she was crossing a line and her mother was doing nothing to teach her.

also on Halloween I got to watch a 12 year old dressed as Naruto have a full blown fight with his mom in the seasonal section. Highlight of my night tbh.

No. 666414

It's cute in english too, but people are sick of it and find cutesy things annoying

No. 666426

Dog people overuse it. I hate dog people. They're the most obnoxious pet owners ever.

No. 666429

File: 1604472347033.png (34.56 KB, 1024x160, low testosterone.png)

I hate males who like anime girls. I hate weak, simpering, beta boys who squeal and coo over their "waifus". It causes a physical disgust in me that even the cringiest fangirl could never compare to.
Men should never speak about women like this, fictional or otherwise. They should never "fanboy". They should be confident and attract women that way, not by groveling at their feet and begging for attention. Do they even have a pair of balls? Did they drop? It's nauseating.

No. 666434

A good chunk of the userbase here would unironically enjoy men groveling at their feet in submission. I agree that reaching this level of desperation for a 2D character is pathetic though. Acting like this takes all the fun out of it. Know your audience, anon.

No. 666437

If this game didn't have so many good husbandos and cute boys I'd be unable to play it due to the coomer male waifufag audience.

No. 666465

I hate borzoi anons and driverstans equally

No. 666485

AYRT and I was expecting replies like "reee you're just jealous of people in love fucking femcel", I was not expecting everybody to agree with me. I think PDA is seen as a good thing on my country given the number of adults who have deep kiss in public.

No. 666493

File: 1604483842013.jpeg (114.12 KB, 750x621, 4FB2B20D-1797-4B95-AF1A-BD41F2…)

Personally love a Borzoi but couldn’t help but see this Gal Gadot photo shoot for Vanity Fair and laugh thinking about all the anons that are going to HATE this.

No. 666563

I hate the concept of "white guilt" and I hate it even more when some dipshit acts like you are racist if you don't have it. I hate pit bulls. I hate chest tattoos, especially on women. I hate raccoons. I hate animal rights obsessed people in general. I hate when someone chews loudly or slaps their lips. I hate the sound of a small group applauding. I hate people who spend 20 minutes in line buying lottery tickets, knowing there is an ever growing line behind them but just keep throwing their money away in the hopes of winning when they will likely only break even if lucky. I hate the smell of cigarettes. I hate big fat fake asses that look like loaded diapers. How does anyone find that attractive? I hate winter. Is a gloomy hellscape, it's cold, I fucking hate having to go outside in the morning to shovel my driveway, and having to spend give minutes preparing myself just to step out the door to take the fucking trash out cuz it's so cold and gross. I hate that the Swype feature on my phone is retarded. I hate those fucking big trucks with loud exhaust and I hate the tiny dick chodes that drive them even more. I hate the far left leaning liberals and the far right leaning repubs, and all the annoying shit both sides spew. I hate Brad Jones. I hate property taxes. I hate when people have lots of pets in their house. It will smell like a fucking farm, I don't care how much you claim you "clean up." I hate youtube ads. I hate youtube. I hate cancer (cliche as fuck, yeah, but it killed my family and it's killing me). I hate going to the doctor. I hate tumblr and the people who use it. Honestly, this would probably be shorter if I write the things I do not hate. Oh well(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 666566

I genuinely hate it when newfags take the time to post yet 0 seconds is spent reading the rules. The disrespect.

No. 666571

Doggo is fine imo but I think only because it’s the least used.
Also on the topic of people’s ill behaved children, I hate people who don’t train their pets properly or don’t have them on a leash when they’re supposed to. Or don’t clean after their damn dogs. No one wants dog poop encrusted sidewalks ffs people

No. 666574

I hate men. I hate trannies. I hate nonbinary people. I hate people who clap their hands after movies or airplane rides. I hate loud noises. I hate strong smells. I hate people thank the bus driver for literally doing his job. I hate penis. I hate the united states. I hate extremely religous people. I hate shallow and flaky people. I hate crowds. I hate pedophiles. I hate porn.

No. 666582

>I hate people thank the bus driver for literally doing his job
Yeah, it's kinda customary to thank people that are providing you a service, dipshit

No. 666592

This reads like a 35 year old lesbians tender profile

No. 666597

>tender profile
very lesbian tbh

No. 666602

me too, lets be friends

No. 666603

I hate when people finish eating before me because I feel the need to stop at the same time even if I'm not done yet.

No. 666608

I hate people who namefag. why would you want clout or attention from lolcow dummy? And I hate all the fucking scrotes that suddenly on appeared /w/ and /snow/ and even here, seriously where did they come from?

No. 666609

what dating site do lesbians prefer? bumble? asherahs garden?


No. 666614

Me too! I’m a slow eater also..I always feel like everyone is waiting for me to finish.

No. 666670

File: 1604508424147.png (532.49 KB, 493x682, Capture.PNG)

I hate this blush trend. It makes you look like you were wearing ski goggles for a while and they left a pink indentation/outline in your skin.

No. 666674

kek that looks so retarded

No. 666675

Looks exactly like lupus rash, that's all I can see

No. 666726

I hate it when guys make no noise in bed or facial expressions. They're just kinda there, quiet. Giving me the poker face while cumming lmao

No. 666731

I hate teenagers with every fibre of my being

No. 666732

I hate Bella porch too

No. 666734

i don't even know who she is, what did she do? aside from lulzy makeup

No. 666741

I hate people who sexualize everything, as in the "Rule 34" or people that make porn out of children cartoons or stuff like that. Peak degeneracy. I know more people are saying this but sex HAS to be a taboo again

No. 666742

File: 1604513850757.jpeg (120.29 KB, 1160x1017, FDA3CB78-03FF-4F97-B19A-33A9F0…)

She got viral on Tiktok from a lip syncing video, and panders to scrotes by acting like a dumb uwu anime girl even though she used to be in the army, and her previous posts on ig show that she used to dress and act like an ig baddie. She also got cancelled because she had a rising sun tattoo.

No. 666753

I hate wolves and foxes
I feel like people who are obsessed with them are zoophiles
Let people hunt them,there are bigger problems in the world than some forest dogs fur being ripped out

No. 666756

>I know more people are saying this but sex HAS to be a taboo again
Why? What good would that do for society?

No. 666758

Reducing the way-too-early exposure, ergo, expectation of hardcore/bdsm style sex or sexual behaviors in young teens and adults, for one.

No. 666764

Hate the furries then, don't hate the wolves and foxes themselves

No. 666766

Does she really make good cash? If she does, ngl, I'm jealous

No. 666779

I just hate that in a time when any kind of porn can be found online that people have to still post borderline porn on every non-adult site too.

I use Insta for nothing else than following accounts connected to a hobby that I collect, I've no idea what I accidentally liked because now my recommended feed keeps showing vids of expensive cars and women with huuge asses hanging around them with captions like 'would you give her a ride?'

Cars and ass… you can imagine the high IQ community that is. Oh and I saw one post of a woman damaging a car and when the caption asked 'what would you do if this was your car?' The responses were literally men saying they'd grab the hammer from her and rape her with it.

No. 666815

Exactly. I guess I said it in an easy way, what I mean is that sex should be private again and kids should be more rightly educated about it. In my country our sex education is absolute shit if we even have it, everyone's first contact with sex is through porn which is always more and more accesible and that's fucked up in so many ways
Jesus, that's just repulsive. It genuinely drives me mad, really tired of women being objectified and violented by men everywhere at any time

No. 666862

File: 1604521851558.jpg (73.71 KB, 720x404, Tf.jpg)

I hate tweets like picrelated. They really make it sound like as if you don't have genuine intentions behind things, as if you are some sort of a manipulative cuck.

More than that, after years I have realized how much I hate it when someone opens up to me about something really personal over short time of knowing me. They would start venting to me all the time as if I am their pocket therapist, while doing nothing about their own issues. Neverending whining that makes you feel like as if they don't care about you as a friend. Don't get me wrong, its okay to vent to friends as long as you understand that you shouldn't do that all the time, or almost all the time, making it your own personality while rarely having any good, normal convos.

No. 666875

I hate that weird blubbery part on chicken wings. I hate cutesy slang and babyspeak in general. I hate anons who say "sage for ot/no milk" but don't actually sage.

No. 666892

I hate how men dress. Stupid t-shirts with logos or cartoons on them paired with cargo shorts. They look like 12 year olds. I bet they earn the money for those clothes by selling lemonade from little cardboard stands they made themselves, and lemonade is spelled wrong. I bet they still wear briefs. How can you be seen in public with a man who looks like he's about to run home to eat mommy's mac and cheese and talk to her all about Transformers and beg her to buy him some? Disgusting.

No. 666893

Tbh I like it when people say “sage for ot/no milk” without saging, because it looks like they’re trying to integrate, but just don’t quite get it (and then look stupid) lol. If that even makes sense

No. 666897

I HATE this trend of taking pictures with your tongue out
Idk what kind of look these girls are trying to go for, but to me it looks so fucking trashy
I hate it with a passion.

No. 666901

I hate kissing and I feel like a freak for it. So many people apparently judge their partners for being “bad kissers”. I’m surely one of those. But I don’t find it hot or attractive except in fiction.

No. 666902

I’m assuming they think simply typing sage will sage the post but they have no clue what it means or how to do it. I find it infuriating as well.

No. 666908

Sage is really the greatest newfag filter. I actually find it pretty useless as a function, I come here specifically to read anons commentary rather than solely milk/news. But when you see some weird, suspicious post that also lacks sage it's a solid hint that they're a newfag and possible troll, if someone uses it properly I feel a little reassured that they're familiar with board culture, if they say 'sage for OT' without saging you can see they're trying to blend and might be larping as a farmer for their own reasons (eg self posting). It's like a code word to subtly prove you aren't new.

No. 666912

I hate that we don't shame newfags nearly enough more. They should be met with as much hostility and slurs as possible. Teach these ledditors and twiter thots to not come in here and try to run shit.

No. 666916

I have in the past and they always get super defensive, it’s funny

No. 666921

I hate carbonated drinks. They irritate my throat.

No. 666924

Announcing that you're new should be a bannable offense. I get really annoyed by posts like
>this is my first time posting so let me know if I do it wrong!
You can tell they're just sincerely trying to join in and aren't causing trouble but it's obnoxious. Lurk more if you don't know how to post, don't advertise it.

No. 666925

Same. They irritate my nose too. I like the flavour of some carbonated drinks sans bubbles but whenever I order one and leave it for a while to decarbonate, someone gets annoyed with me for that. It’s not your drink dude, chill.

No. 666961

I had a former friend who was like that, we were vaguely acquainted when she told me her entire life story, even some embarrassing moments, I really had no idea how to respond. This was her schtick, say an anecdote or a joke and she would answer with a memory either traumatising or extraordinary (I couldn't help but think she was a compulsive liar sometimes). She even did that to a friend of mine she never met before, I cringed internally a lot.

No. 666964

People who harm children.

No. 666988

When I was little, drinking soda made me tear up every time. But I loved it because I wasn't allowed sweet treats very often.

No. 666998

And don’t forget the ugly loose khaki Cargo shorts

No. 667007

Tfw I dress like this as a 29 year old woman

No. 667044

did a victorian child write this post?

No. 667049

File: 1604543282279.jpg (50.14 KB, 606x454, olivertwistmain.crop_606x454_0…)

where was kendall jenner when anon needed her most

No. 667054

water is really all you need in this life

No. 667057

I hate porn memes. They show up in even the most unexpected places. I can't escape them.

No. 667137

You clearly have never been involved with the snake "community". Especially dumbasses with their super special, one-of-a-kind ball python morphs with neurological problems.
What game is it?
I kek'd so hard. Thank you.

No. 667147

>drinking soda made me tear up every time
Any carbonated drink makes me tear up still.

No. 667170

I hate women that, in the work or education environment, deepen their voice and get really mean, almost developing a scrote like mentality just to assert themselves and prove they're not a "weak" employee,. It's annoying because they become unnecessarily rude and then high five "the guys" when they're done berating your or otherwise doing jerk-off behavior. Fucking worse than handmaidens to me.

No. 667173


>women deepen their voice at work

Do normies do this? I never noticed it, big Elizabeth Holmes vibes kek

No. 667174

>You clearly have never been involved with the snake "community". Especially dumbasses with their super special, one-of-a-kind ball python morphs with neurological problems.

humblebrag about being a part of snake community, i see you anon! still not even close to how bad and widespread "doggo" craze is, every passionate niche is intense and cringe at times, but with dogs it's like, every 5th person in the world, so it's much harder to deal with

No. 667198

I hate those stupid compilation YouTube videos with the titles “(insert celeb name) being chaotic for 9 minutes” or “these tiktoks cured my depression” I hate them SO much

No. 667200

kek anon got yelled at by a dyke

No. 667208

Everyone changes their voice depending on the situation they're in and who they're around. It's a human mechanism.

I didn't get yelled at by a dyke. She's got a boyfriend and she was giving a presentation but being so abrasive and brutish. I had to turn the volume to zero.

No. 667211

I usually see the opposite

No. 667214

What fields are you working with? I'm in technology and consulting and work with the US government so it's all about power and being on top here

No. 667222

I have an unnaturally deep voice for a woman and I hate that deep voices are read as aggressive or rude. I catch myself softening my voice all the time. Mostly around women

No. 667223

File: 1604576117387.png (Spoiler Image,1005.9 KB, 1200x628, do not unspoil this horror you…)

Sage for autismo but when I see aluminum foil my brain automatically goes "imagine biting that" and I always do. Just typing this makes my teeth hurt and my palms sweaty

No. 667225

Hmm. It's not necessarily that deep voices are read as rude, its her tone and the language she uses. However, something about deep voices in women does come across as more "frank" if that makes sense? Maybe there are some phrases that would sound differently depending on pitch of voice. Sorry to offend.

No. 667226

aaaaaaaaahh I've got goosebumps now

No. 667230

Not offended, tbh I had an incident lately where I used it to my advantage and freaked out a creep by putting on my best man voice..so it has pros and cons lol

No. 667241

File: 1604578266262.jpg (58.05 KB, 762x762, dr-pepper-330ml.jpg)

This is the nastiest thing I've ever tasted, I don't get how people can drink it with pleasure. I'm not big on sodas in the first place, but I can see why people like Coke or Fanta. This shit? Simply awful, I drank one can once and I never digested something so fast, my entire body had a visceral rejection of it.

No. 667258

>>667241 lol we don't have Dr Pepper in my country so when I saw it at an import shop I got excited to try it. Come to discover it tastes like Jagermeister mixed with a little vomit.

I paid so much for it and didn't even finish the can, still salty about it.

My contribution to Things I Hate is licorice. I have a friend who bakes amazing things but she'll sneak fucking licorice in everywhere and it makes our potlucks feel very high stakes

Fucking unholy flavor. Hey let's mix tar, coins and petrol into our sweets woo fuckin hoo

No. 667260

It tastes like chocolate to me. Definitely one of the better pops imo.

No. 667264

covid fried my taste buds off and all soda tastes like gasoline to me besides this and orange soda for some reason

No. 667265

Thank you! Muricans hyped this shit up so much when I finally tried it, tasted like disgust and disappointment.

No. 667275

It's my favorite but they don't sell it in many places in my country. The diet one is even better

No. 667304

This guy. I think it's his punchable face caked in badly applied makeup and irritable voice
>says he's interrested in makeup
>can't apply it for shit
>doesn't research about it
>washes his face with dishsoap
I have no words. Classic scrote I guess

No. 667322

It makes me really sad that so many young girls gush over these creatures

No. 667343

american politics

No. 667352

The thumbnail made him look like this weird dude who made videos about winx or witch, cant rememeber which. Watched them when i was sick and bored.

No. 667357

Yes, it's him kek. But now he's wearing makeup

No. 667363

File: 1604588540724.jpg (18.29 KB, 428x534, EfaP3SAX0AU4c_p (1).jpg)

this specific wojak and anything else that came from tiktok. It's basically tumblr 2nd gen.
as an ex-fakeboi this wojak as a profile pic is 100% means you are a fakeboi in my experience.
tiktok has been creating these new fakebois left and right and it's really dangerous for getting kids who are lost in their identity to be pumped with medication that will have irreversible consequences for the rest of their life.

No. 667373

Why on earth would anyone admit to washing their face with dish soap

No. 667375

I hate when people are like "omg i look just like this wojak i feel so called out heehee" like, no Aiden, you're just unwashed and smelly.

No. 667379

holy shit I laughed so hard

No. 667417

I hate people who put a charmander model in some default 3d landscape and make a video of it running around and everyone's like "WHOA THIS GUY MADE A 3D POKEMON GAME OMG NINTNDENODO WHY CANT YOU DO THE SAME" like it's just a single charmander in a default landscape, calm down dude.
Or when there was a video of some fantasy swordsmen fighting and everyone was like "this guy made a better final fantasy game all by himself!!!!111!!" what, you think just because he can make a shiny animation he can make a better game than a large successful game developer?

No. 667428

Lol it's the "NINTENDO HIRE THIS MAN" meme

No. 667432

File: 1604593564052.png (894.51 KB, 934x935, 7f61a8f5a2036678d1b9e35949966d…)

posting the lyrics just for you anon, no need to thank me

[Verse 1]
There's a man who has artistic vision
He's showing up Nintendo with each decision
He makes it in a flash
And all the assets clash
Do his artistic skills know no boundaries?

Nintendo, hire this man
Nintendo, hire this man
He's using Unreal Engine in any way he can

[Verse 2]
Take Mario's model for the first step
And put him in a field filled with stock assets
Then adjust the lighting gain
And though it runs at 40 frames
This man's still a master of the medium

Nintendo, hire this man
Nintendo, hire this man
He's using Unreal Engine in any way he can

[Verse 3]
Make a model's textures look realistic
With no regard for artstyle or the aesthetic
Oh, crank the bloom and then
It'll really look next gen
This man truly is a fucking genius

Nintendo, hire this man
Nintendo, hire this man
He's using Unreal Engine in any way he can!

No. 667435

Thank you anon that was cathartic

No. 667445

I hate wearing new shoes and knowing they're going to cut into my heels til I break them in.

No. 667454

File: 1604594705056.jpeg (46.52 KB, 425x642, 9B2D69E5-FC04-478E-91AE-EB0F6F…)

Use these after you try the shoes at home and find where it hurts, then it won’t be as horrible.

No. 667575

File: 1604606408419.png (547.05 KB, 1088x1042, chickenvsduck.png)

I hate chickens.

No. 667598

File: 1604608088364.png (558.4 KB, 1088x1042, odrhgudhrg.png)

no bigotry allowed

No. 667619

the words neurodivergent and neurotypical are two of the most retarded terms related to mental health to be churned out of the internet in recent years. stop trying to mental illness sound cutesy you fucking fags

No. 667620

How do those terms sound cutesy?

No. 667646

Neurodivergent literally means that your brain is different to a normal one, how's that cute? its just a term to not outright state you have autism or adhd

No. 667652

No,I gladly hate both

No. 667690

Timothee Chalamet's wonky eyes.

No. 667709

File: 1604621524852.jpeg (842.2 KB, 1242x685, 3D049BD9-2525-433A-BC71-A6206C…)

STRONG hatred of chitlins. People who think durian stinks haven’t smelled the scent chitterlings cookings

literally nothing compares to the sort of feeling you get when you came home from school as a kid and saw a plastic red bucket by the sink. my parents were the strict sort that you’d have to prepare an essay for just to ask to go to a friends house for an hour just to told no anyway, but they let me leave the house when they cooked chitterlings.

just thinking about it makes me feel like sick.

No. 667710

wtf is this¡?

No. 667712

pig intestines. my parents would by it 2 or 3 times a year when i was growing up. they had to stand over a sink and clean the literalshit off of the folds piece by piece. It smells like boiling shit.

i never tried it but i don’t trust anything that has actual shit on it

No. 667713

i hate people using macron for japanese. it's not a tonal language, and the vowels are only ever pronounced one way. macron omits actual letters and makes it more difficult to learn. i constantly get idiots telling me that x word doesn't have the letter "u" in it because of shit macron.

No. 667714

Anon that’s literally intestines, of course they’re going to smell like rotting shit

I don’t understand why people eat such gross food if they have a choice. In my country it’s quite common to eat kidneys but I stopped when I realised what it was and that it tasted like pee

No. 667720

offal is mostly poor people food and it only becomes traditional/soul food because of how often it was historically eaten. most black/southern soul food is literal trash that was either inedible or impossible to cook. black eyed peas, collards, chitlins. some foods like this get resurgence from hipsters/yuppies (like lobster and other sea bugs) but most of it just sticks around because it's traditional. this stuff is the same in other cultures too, i just know chitlins first hand.

No. 667734

Well I learned something today.

No. 667736

anon i grew up with chitlins i know what it is

No. 667738

I fucking love fried chicken livers. I know it's organ meat, but it's so rich.

No. 667744

At least chickens don't rape

No. 667748

all poultry birds rape

No. 667762

this is so specific but relatable. other warning signs are men who love kubrick, tarantino, or hitchcock

No. 667763

The costhot//e-girl/streamer obsession with poop and farts. I blame Jessica Nigri for this one…it's so tryhard.

No. 667771

How can anyone even hate chickens? They don't scratch or bite you or give you toxoplasmosis like cats do

No. 667779

File: 1604630127640.jpg (164.73 KB, 720x350, 00.jpg)

but baby chickens are so cute and ducklings are ugly

No. 667785

kek. I see where you're coming from. I even used to say "doggo", but only around my boyfriend. I think it's probably how I feel whenever I post a picture of one of snakes on ig and someone has to comment "danger noodle".
Ew, why does he remind me so much onision?

No. 667847

Lol I used to bite foil for fun as a kid / young teenager because i thought the feeling of it molding to my teeth was the coolest shit imaginable. Ah, the joys of pre-internet.

No. 667887

I hate the electoral college. We have moved past the need for it. I hate swing states. Pieces of privileged shit holding up the election. I hate the fact that I have to share a country with 50% idiots. I hate that the states hasn’t just split apart. Let the red states eat themselves alive for all I care.

No. 667902

This is such a weird thing to complain about.

No. 667905

holy shit I almost snorted my drink out

I was about to say this, even our ages match up kek

No. 668168

I hate the political sperg thread on Kiwi Farms. It's laughable how easy it is to get a rise out of them.

No. 668192

kiwifarms is a constant sperg and the only thing that's good are the milk threads

No. 668227

Was reading their pyrocynical thread earlier and some autistic furfag had come onto the thread sounding a little too invested in defending furry shit, wasnt defending the underage stuff but he was still a triggered furry. With each new post it became apparent that this guy might just fill the entire fucking spectrum by himself. Annoying but too retarded to take seriously.. so naturally there was threats to basically find out his identity and make him regret posting..

No. 668250

File: 1604694240048.jpg (47.73 KB, 1000x685, fuckyou.jpg)

fuck this stupid fucking game

>takes forever to set up

>anxiety ramps up with every turn in anticipation
>loud as FUCK when everything comes crashing down
>clumsy? go fuck yourself because you won't last more than 2 rounds (thereby ruining the game for everyone else)
>have to set everything back up again just to play
>nine million variations (truth or dare jenga! lava jenga for some god damn reason!!) basically acknowledging that the original game is inherently boring and pointless

seriously you could tell me that jenga was invented by our ruling overlord species as a sort of rat maze for us to complete and see how many times our dumb asses would set up the blocks over and over again just to be knocked down, and I'd fully believe it. as a species, we've failed.

No. 668263

I hate Guinea pigs so much, they’re extremely ugly and annoying. They look like some kind of fat, mentally disabled rat and those squeaking noises they make.. Can they even be quiet? They even feel disgusting to hold because of their weirdly long and fat body. Awful pet all around.

No. 668285

I hate when dudes come onto /snow/ /pt/ or /w/ to talk about a cow and don't realize this is a female imageboard. I hate that people assume we are scrotes.

No. 668294

The males fuck eachother in the face in attempts for dominance of their quarters. It's disgusting.

No. 668299

The females mount/hump for dominance too weirdly enough, sometimes people will see humping behaviour in females and they'll assume their guinea pig just wasn't sexed correctly when they got it. They all do it though. They eat their own shit too.

No. 668300

thank god I'm not the only one who feels this way. Rabbits are far superior.

No. 668301

Rabbits are autistic shakey ass rodent chihuahuas though

No. 668302

rabbits aren’t rodents they’re lagomorphs

No. 668313

I tried Milk bar crumbles from whole foods and they were literal shit? What is with the hype with Milk bar? Granted I never tried anything from the actual store.

No. 668319

i work at whole foods and trust me, half the shit customers suggest I try that is sooooo amazing is awful. Some items just have bizarre cult followings for absolutely no reason. I tried the seaweedsnax after everyone kept suggesting them, and I almost threw up.

No. 668325

Okay nerd i did think rodent sounded off, thanks babes

No. 668328

yw anon I just love bunnies ♥

No. 668365

File: 1604712367035.jpeg (245.13 KB, 1242x1394, 0FCCE443-BC76-47F3-B242-0CD3D8…)

I can't stand internet beggars who want to be paid just for existing. How fucking embarassing and shameless.

No. 668392

I don't know why but it's always cringy whenever my sister calls her husband "Love"
Now I'm hearing it more and I hate it

No. 668485

i hate the old asian lady at kroger who actually screamed when she saw me walking towards her. tbf i was wearing really edgy shit and have a ton of piercings but now she always follows me around and stares at me when i'm in self-checkout. im not fucking stealing you bitch

No. 668487

>wearing really edgy shit
Maybe you shouldn’t do that then? Honestly if you choose to edgefag yourself you should expect to be treated like an edgefag

No. 668489

I don't that warrants a public freakout for sharing the same airspace as the old lady, though. She was clearly looking for some excuse to antagonize her.

No. 668490

nah, im still gonna do what i like to do no matter what lol. most reactions dont bother me, i live in the south and people try to give me bibles or loudly pray for me in public and i just stare at the ground and walk away while they berate me. this specific old lady is pretty much the one person who gets on my nerves with their melodramatic bs

No. 668491

I think that's an interesting thing to point out. I always thought it was funny when /r9k/, /mu/, et al. made those satirical wojaks that made fun of a specific type of person. I really enjoyed it when I could find myself in those images, because it made me realize I wasn't special, and it kind of pushed me to discard my pretensions. The big difference, of course, is that the halfchan wojacks are extremely vulgar and don't pull punches.

Now that I think of it, that's precisely what those doomer wojacks are, in principle. It's just that the Reddit/tumblr bottom feeders were forced omit the obscene parts in order to fit it into their community, and the core sentiment is watered down by consequence.

I think this can be said of a lot of 4chan memes.

No. 668712


No. 668723

I hate the new generation of cosplayers. They're all virtue signalers and e-thots now. Makes me nostalgic for the dark age of cosplay. When everyone wore Naruto headbands and wielded yaoi paddles lmao.

No. 668726

The posters in the Jess/Binkie Princess thread, they’re actually retarded kek

No. 668728

Naruto headbands were peak cosplay/weeb culture

No. 668737

It's an easy way to find out a tranny's deadname, or to make sure they can't get more money / use those sites at all by reporting them for using a false ('chosen') name. They deserve it for being so entitled tbh

No. 668758

i made a fake donation post a while back on tumblr pretending to be a troon and i got no money.a few people reblogged but it lost traction. woe is me

No. 668786

kek, i'm glad nobody donated to you.

No. 668807

Kek, what the fuck? Are they not embarassed begging like this?

No. 668815

Sucks! I wanted to try that too! But I'm too scared of getting outted.

Why's that?

No. 668889


No. 668897

File: 1604778782485.jpg (377.34 KB, 800x533, thatsound.jpg)

Similar, but the sound when a dry broom sweeps a dry floor - I get that horrible shivery feeling. But not when it's on wet ground, then I don't. There must be something to explain this feeling, right?

No. 668902

I get the chills when I think of wet wool socks lol

No. 668924

Did you have a false sob story or was it one of those 'I'm a tranny of color donate to me or you're transphobic' deals? If it's the first one you're shitty but if it's the last one you're fine imo

No. 668938

I get the same sensation when anyone is filing anything. Manicure is impossible.

No. 668964

File: 1604787708512.jpg (65.11 KB, 500x684, 2a1a353cefc35ba4ec4a872516075f…)

I hate this shitty fucking comic. It's not funny and the art syle is hideous yet somehow redditors think it's peak dark humour

No. 669023

I hate the whole idea of body positivity. Like, why do we have to accept fat people? Majority of them are fat because of poor choices and no we don't have to be attracted to fat people either.
They shouldn't get hate but we shouldn't have to pretend to accept and find them attractive.

No. 669026

You do realise it's more than just about fatties? I see more of the skinny bitches with like A freckle (1) on their ass posting shit about being confident despite looking like an ig baddie.

No. 669027

File: 1604797207127.jpg (Spoiler Image,132.23 KB, 604x491, 50471f66-1189-4b49-abc4-d46e42…)

queen shit. fatties stay seething

No. 669028

I think you just mean the fat positive stuff. Body positivity (although they overlap often)shit usually just calls anything a flaw then says "embrace it" in a weird,passive-aggressive way. A lot of body positivity nowadays people will see one stretch mark on a relatively average woman and say "embrace your flaws" as if stretch marks are some serious flaw and not just a normal bodily reaction they even do it with pregnant women too and it always makes me think that without this constant "embrace your flaws" they'd just shrug them off as normal. they imply anything as retarded as a birthmark is a flaw. ive always found it funny how they do that. i wonder if a lot of it is projection or some shit.

No. 669029

File: 1604797886262.jpg (433.35 KB, 2000x1601, 111716-Over-The-Knee-Boots-LEA…)

I hate over the knee boots. They look extremely fugly and don't match with anything at all.

No. 669030

Is Taylor closet cosplaying Sailor Moon????

No. 669031

It's about giving people a baseline of respect and not being a dick.
Are you really such a child that you can't handle fat women having spaces on the internet where they can boost themselves and tell each other they're pretty even if YOU don't think so?
Yes, yes you are.
I don't visit those spaces and I literally do not care. Body positivity has not impacted my life in any form except for males feeling a bit less comfortable to make negative comments about women's bodies that they don't like. I have no problem with people like you being told to take a backseat as if your opinions about what you find attractive is important.

Hate away, sis.

No. 669032

this is good, anon, crying burns calories

No. 669033

Back to twitter, sis. Flips wig

No. 669036

So does laughing. Lol.

No. 669040

The whole movement is really for fat people. If it was the goal they set it out to be then it would be more on natural healthy body types not overly fat and anorexic bodies that are clearly not healthy. They don't even touch on stretch marks, birth marks, etc. It was jump started for 'natural body issues' like the whole embrace your flaws but more of "I'm fat, accept me." Fat girls are poster child of the whole movement, not women with acne, stretch marks,etc. The movement itself was a good idea but it harbors fat people who want a pat on their back for being fat which is controllable compared to other things you mentioned as flaws.
There is nothing attractive about someone who let themselves go, pretending that hugboxes is going to change majority of people's views on fatties when it won't. I won't play along to boost an ego of someone who can change and get healthy. Such laziness that hides behind body positivity. If People want to be dick to people who let themselves go then I am fine with that. Fat people actively can get better and improve themselves. Only a small minority actually suffers from weight gain to conditions outside their control even then they aren't fat as these obese girls claiming to be "curvy". That isn't curves, it's just lumps. Of course I am going to hate away, this is what this thread is for.

No. 669043

Are you the same anon from like months ago who tried to argue that a woman who went from being death-mode obese to normal and attractive was actually "ugly" and that she "hated herself" after she lost weight (then got angry at the idea that all fat people hate themselves)?
Stop typing essays and do some sit-ups lol

No. 669045

Imagine being such a void brain that several sentences is an "essay." Defend your fellow essayists like >>669040.

No. 669048

>they don't touch stretch marks, birth marks, acne, skin conditions
Do you think anyone here believes your dishonesty? You might as well drop it altogether if you have to lie to make an argument.

No. 669049

>pretending that hugboxes is going to change majority of people's views on fatties
This is exactly why you're here complaining, because a niche group of people are doing just that and fighting to represent themselves and you're in the background yelling "NOOOOOOO!" lmao. The fuck cares.

No. 669050

You're calling someone else a void brain, but you don't even understand hyperbole?
I mean, I have read before that obesity has negative effects on the mind. Also, that anon is making points, while you just typed some rant that could've been lifted off of 2015 Twitter.
Most right-minded people simply don't support addicts glorifying their addiction. There definitely shouldn't be this kind of energy for ana-chans, and the same extends to the other extreme.

No. 669051

It is very painful when I agree with this post but admitting that is embarrassing because you ended it off with that cringy tagline.

No. 669052

I've read that anger clouds judgment and renders people ineffective speakers due to their exaggerated belief system, my condolences.

This website is cringe, embrace it.

No. 669053

File: 1604800658150.jpg (64.86 KB, 720x471, stolenzoi.jpg)

tfw you will never be skinny and perfect like this majestic creature

No. 669054

>no argument
>"Y-You're angry!"
Projection is always the main cope. Anyway, food addiction and eating disorders are never a good thing, and decent people won't enable it. Sorry to break it to you.

No. 669056

>no argument
>samefag anon from months ago, essays and situps!!!1!!
I fight fire with fire, chile. I just forgot to call you obsessed too.

No. 669057

Not a niche, if it was then it wouldn't be on fucking posters and promoted by every company that even has a small market for fat women. Body positivity could have been good for other areas but it didn't do shit. People still photoshop and still lie but hey now we have to accept fat people. I am not even being dishonest, fat people can change.
"The fuck cares." Kek you do because you wouldn't have commented on it in the first place. Thanks for reading.
You don't have anything to add to this convo other than who cares, get off this thread then.

No. 669058

I do have an argument, though. Can't you read? Also, that's not what samefagging is. Are you new or something?
Sit-ups are good for you. What's wrong?

No. 669059

>was then it wouldn't be on fucking posters and promoted by every company
So you admit it works? Wanna trade lives? I want my biggest problem to be seething about fat women getting clothes marketed to them.

No. 669060

u mad u sooooo mad

No. 669061

File: 1604800968844.jpg (31.18 KB, 306x459, 28850238-8358927-image-m-6_159…)

anon stop being fat and you won't get so twisted over ~bodyposi discourse anymore, I promise

No. 669062

Calm down. Some breathing exercises can help, too.

No. 669063

Fat acceptances of course works, because majority of the hell hole of a country is fat so of course they want people to accept their food addiction. I wouldn't have complained if it didn't work.

No. 669064

You have to be accepting of many body types to post fugly borzoi

No. 669066

i heard somewhere that it's dangerous to get angry and your blood pressure up when you hold half of the earth's weight around your fatass

No. 669067

Projection is the ultimate cope.

No. 669068

File: 1604801227502.jpg (49.38 KB, 534x400, 3550.jpg)

borzoi is dainty and angelic and makes anas weep. you take that back

No. 669069

File: 1604801302232.jpg (96.96 KB, 1300x1300, 51920872-vector-image-of-a-car…)

Does Polly want a cracker? Wait, nevermind.

No. 669070

"projection! projection!"

take your insulin shots already you fat fucking tubby wubby nikocado avocado kin big

No. 669072

File: 1604801483418.jpg (130.69 KB, 800x600, Borzoi-dog-wallpapers-6-e14569…)

borzoi does not partake in the eating of carbohydrates. Be like borzoi

No. 669073

based borzoi poster

No. 669076

Nice way to confess you enjoy looking at blown out gay asshole. Where do you think we are, the yaoi thread?

No. 669077

File: 1604801723612.gif (2.36 MB, 640x360, na.gif)

>nikocado avocado kin big bitch
Anon wtf

No. 669080

File: 1604801945943.jpg (170.53 KB, 690x1024, 1602178509661.jpg)

NTA, but why would you know about his asshole and its blow status, anon? Are you projecting?
>being fat and a fujoshi
Pick a struggle

No. 669081

lost it at that line

No. 669082

are you aware we are on lolcow.farm? outside of /ot/ faggotry some of us enjoy snarking on internet personalities, do you think every anon in the onision thread gets off on looking at a disgusting pedophile?

No. 669083

i'm mostly under the impression that you were one of those "i paid for nikocado's onlyfans so you didn't have to!". thank you for your service to fat feederism fags, but the rest of our normalized society has no use for your birth parents' ultimate mistake creating another mistake

No. 669084

File: 1604802128146.png (209.66 KB, 421x236, Jabba_the_Hutt_in_Return_of_th…)

My sisters lied to me about the body acceptance movement and told me it was about amputees and veterans with scars from war being normalized and accepted but then I figured out it was just….y'know :/

No. 669086

Weird confession thread twist.

No. 669087

Can you be more twitter jfc fat cunts go, you're slowing my internet with all that waistbandwidth

No. 669088

Show us on the doll where the Twitter touched you.

No. 669089

twitterfag why do you insist on posting muh body politikz retardation on an imageboard? this isn't your hugbox, if peoples uncensored anonymous opinions that fatties are indeed uglie makes you cry buttery tears, this isn't the site for you

No. 669091

Who needs food when you feed me all this attention for free? chef kiss

No. 669092

crying rn and immediately felt better thank you borzoi anon

No. 669093

gladly if you lose weight from not shovelling as much in your mouth anymore

No. 669096

holy based

No. 669097

Thank you borzoianon

No. 669099

When the anachans come out of their caves, bones rattling because not everyone cares enough to …care?

No. 669103

File: 1604803466574.jpg (127.77 KB, 1080x1080, 380305fee535478d0efeeca3c72963…)

beautiful borzoi does not go on twitter
seethe. you wish you looked like this

No. 669104

No it's just borzoi anon and her discord.

No. 669105

I love it when you talk dirty anon uwu <3

No. 669108

>Everyone who doesn't support fat acceptance is an ana-chan
Stop this

No. 669110

Yeah, fuck this. Fat people fuck up the healthcare system and make insurance costs skyrocket.

No. 669112

You know, reading the thread, she's not wrong. The mind of the person I love the most was destroyed because of self-hating and low self-esteem due being overweight. It makes me so sad. I wish she realized that it's okay that she exists the way she is. I lover her so much.

No. 669113

No, health insurance companies are what make health insurance prices go up. Do people with type I diabetes make insulin prices go up? Do people with peanut allergies make epi-pen prices go up? Capitalism is what makes price rise, not the common people.

No. 669114

>fat people are why politicians rape me for health insurance
Bahahahaha! Fucking pigshit Americans are retarded.

No. 669115

That stupid anachan is sperging about the healthcare system in other threads too.

No. 669116

that is sad, could have avoided all that if she'd just put the fork down

No. 669117

Not them, but no one chooses a peanut allergy or type 1 diabetes. Obesity is the result of an ED left unchecked, and shouldn't be glamorized.

No. 669119

Go fuck yourself.

No. 669120

That wasn't my point. The point I was trying to make was that health insurance prices will rise regardless of if you're born with a condition or if the choices you make cause it. Blaming fat people isn't going to make them drop.

No. 669121

File: 1604804581013.png (1.02 MB, 1200x923, 6bebad46-dce4-457c-81ff-d2a830…)

go cry me a river of bacon fat tears

No. 669122

>admitting that insurance companies rob you regardless if you've chosen your ailments and thinking that's a counterargument

No. 669123

Must be, i just came to post and saw a fucking skeleton war happening. Who the fuck has the time for this all?

No. 669124

Borzoi is officially unbased. Anachan bitch shit.

No. 669126

Enjoy the pounding, filthy troon.

No. 669127

Obesity doesn't just happen on its own. It causes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and the myriad of shit that comes with diabetes, higher risk of cardiac events, etc.
Obese people are a walking handbag full of doctors bills. When healthcare plans are out there, the goal is for you to need preventive care and maybe some maintenance drugs. The obese population has a constant strand of health issues that insurance companies can't outright count as preexisting conditions anymore, so they raise the costs for everyone else so that they're able to max money.

No. 669128

File: 1604804804803.jpg (65.48 KB, 512x319, unnamed.jpg)

borzoi does not abide by the societal contruct that is basedness. borzoi is forever

No. 669129

Lame bitch.

No. 669130

KEK you think if someone doesn't drink the FA koolaid they mist be a troon. Pretty misogynistic of you to think all womens veins are clogged with lard. Die mad about it fattie

No. 669131

Stop trying to make "everyone but me is an anachan" happen. It's not going to happen.

No. 669132

Troon words.

No. 669134

literally how

No. 669136

Yeah. Not them. Anorexics have their own plethora of healthcare costs, but there's not enough of them. I mean, shit.. it's not like stickchans are putting anyone else out by not eating. They're just kind of pathetic and spindly and a little bitchy from having tanked out blood sugar all the time.

No. 669137

They'll rob you blind no matter what lead to it. The infrastructure has been fucked for a while. You can't keep blaming this on the "obese bogeyman."

No. 669138

File: 1604805174129.jpg (19.22 KB, 412x357, a2436a44480cd8acc7eb506bcd469a…)

The fats are fatting it up on this /ot/ thread tonight.

No. 669139

Sis, I have no fucking idea what you're trying to say. Can you chill? This thread is gonna get locked, wtf is with this thread tonight

No. 669140

Illiterate troon, amazing.

No. 669141

>not saging
are you lost? can I direct you to twitter?

No. 669142

Shut up tranny

No. 669143

You don't need to sage every damn thing on ot, maybe check the rules again luv? Blood sugar tanking mayhaps?

No. 669145

Can yall take this back to your discord?

No. 669146

alright I'm sorry I said your fat friend deserved what she got. that's no reason to go around baselessly accusing a farmer of troondom though lmao

No. 669149

The troon is so dumb, he can't even recognize different typing styles.

No. 669150

Things got real aggressive. I just wanted to bitch about healthcare costs, but everyone's starting to put their purse down like they're on Maury Povich.

No. 669152

You have the vent thread for that, why did this thread have to be turned into some spergy rage arena?

No. 669153

Fuck you for bringing your discord friends here. I hope you reach your desire 70lbs then die.

No. 669154

someone will out thenselves as fat, have other anons call them fat, and then go calling them a tranny for no other reason than because they see through fat acceptance bullshit. enjoy your cholesterol I guess

No. 669155

The troon keeps proving he's unable to read properly. What a delight.

No. 669156

What? I'm talking about in general in this thread. I didn't come from Discord, I was making a casual comment that was taken out of context. Damn y'all are on a witch hunt tonight.

No. 669157

Enough. Stop ruining the thread with troon accusations, "ur an ana-chan" and Twitterspeak shit. It was actually funny and kind of light-hearted at first when we were trading dumb insults and reaction images, but now you're being fucking weird. What's this Discord sperging, too? Let the thread go back to normal and pack it up, Hungry Hippo. Damn.

No. 669167

File: 1604808742070.jpeg (20.78 KB, 474x355, th.jpeg)


This is a very long-winded argument. I'm intrigued by the many different points that I've gathered from such fine examples of human communicational exchange over the internet. That being said, all of this chatter has motivated me with equal determination to add my own input.



No. 669173

File: 1604810047369.jpg (501.45 KB, 1480x720, Shiiiiit.jpg)

No. 669186

Pure projection. Trannies love fat acceptance shit because the blubber erases facial features which makes them “pass” better.

No. 669244

This thread's OP says not to vent here. Guess this is why we can't have nice things.

No. 669298

I love this post

No. 669387

i hate danish

No. 669413

This thread is a good example on why everybody on lolcow is batshit and should have all their opinions ignored(/ot/ rule 7. do not go to a thread to complain about it)

No. 669422

File: 1604852915449.jpeg (303.47 KB, 828x455, 25BDA5B7-916F-4535-9398-46E407…)

No. 669430

Filthy frank/Joji. He's such an unfunny scrote I'm so not surprised so many unfunny scrotes are fan of him

No. 669443

I want to fuck him, no idea why or what the appeal is exactly.. but yeah he's weirdly popular with women too and it's kind of unexplainable

No. 669445

you guys realize that he's a high key sjw, right? he's like an asian sadboi sjw, of course he has a million fans.

No. 669446

Since when he turned into sjw? His new fans really need to take a look at his FF videos LOL

No. 669447

his ff stuff was satire…are you really that dense? i think he was extremely cringy as well, but ff is clearly satirical and he's expressed that it is many times.

No. 669452

I just want to fuck him and I don't know much about him as a person outside of the little he shows now.

I do know his pink guy era songs have messages underneath them about racism, sexism, police profiling and all that so I get that frank was him purposely playing ignorant characters just to highlight ignorance.

No. 669454

that's fine, anon, you do you. i just am really shocked people think the frank stuff was real.

No. 669456

One of my fave pink guys songs is him singing about dora the explorer being a sexy 4 year old
> "that's not illegal cos she's an animation.. and I'm a human"

Perfect imitation of the map community

No. 669460

he also shits on dan schnieder.

No. 669482

I hate it when I say I'm going to try something and someone says "don't try it, do it" or some variation of that. seriously, fuck outta here with that shit

No. 669485

Shapeless clothing.

No. 669488

File: 1604861789886.jpeg (Spoiler Image,172.18 KB, 1200x1200, CF852279-2D7C-4F93-A036-567C75…)

Cow lingerie. Borderline zoophilia. Same goes for calling boobs ”mommy milkers”.

No. 669490

stop subscribing to hoes onlyfans and you won't ever see this cause normal people don't wear shit like this

No. 669491

>do or do not, there is no try
yoda ass bich

No. 669493

How is it zoophilia, it's not like a fursuit lol? not very animal-like at all, just a human trying to be cutesy like a budget halloween costume. agree about "milkers" being weird and fucking gross though.

No. 669501

>borderline zoophilia
not even close

No. 669510

hemorrhoids. I could have spent this weekend having sex but I'm watching Netflix with an ice pack on my asshole instead.

No. 669521

animal prints = zoofilia now, I don't make the rules, sorry gals

No. 669616

File: 1604877850365.png (534.41 KB, 572x656, ewqeqw.PNG)

I hate how people think this is what is feminine, no this is what a drag queen looks like. A normal female doesn't wear this much makeup nor is this feminine. I hate how all these beauty gurus and media are pushing this retarded amount of makeup as if this is normal or looks good..

No. 669620

Nobody likes beauty guru makeup except beauty gurus and wannabe beauty gurus who consider makeup their hobby. And coomers who would fap to anything ig.

Light, natural makeup (and having skin good enough to pull it off) is still widely accepted as the most attractive look.

No. 669621

Are you living under the rock anon, all beauty youtubers wear this much makeup or more, it all started with Kardashians (definitely women) kickstarting the contouring trend few years ago, I think.

No. 669624

I never said that light makeup wasn't, the point of my post is this is what certain groups think is feminine when this is clearly not. The picture references Nikki's new Video which is a whole ass mess.
No shit sherlock. I legit mentioned beauty gurus, the point of it was the picture as said above.

No. 669625

Troons want women to look like like drag queens so they pass better.

No. 669626

Anon the sad truth is a lot of women are conditioned into thinking this is an acceptable amount of makeup to wear so it's normal to them. During my most insecure years I was mortified to leave the house without foundation, eyeliner, and mascara in the least. The whole contouring and 'baking' aspect of makeup was a bit after my peak so I never got into heavier makeup but still, I definitely felt I had to wear a cakeface to feel normal and seen as a woman. On days when I wouldn't wear it people would say I looked "tired" and even mean.

I'm just too old anymore to care lel. Now I just accept my acne-scarred bitchface. But I realize if I started to fall back into old habits tomorrow that people would consider me more feminine and approachable.

No. 669632

As much as they deny it and circle-jerk, I've noticed most men ignore make-up free and dressed-down women, even when they're naturally very attractive. I'm going to sound like an ass phrasing it like this, but they do prefer "thots" (on average).

No. 669633

I don't own any make-up so by my standards all those beauty youtubers just look insecure and like they're promoting the same insecurity in the women watching them

Covering up some skin blemishes is one thing but attaching massive fake hairs to your own existant lashes…gluing them into place, lining your lips to look twice their actual size. So much of it is clown shit.

No. 669634

Who cares what men think, if men like make-up they can go wear it lol

No. 669639

Thots always get disproportionate amounts of attention regardless of the many traits they have which men claim to hate (sluttiness, skimpy clothes, fake hair and nails, heavy makeup, plastic surgery, etc) and even if they're not very attractive in general. I dont think that necessarily means men find it more attractive, they just see them as easy and glamorous, high maintenance girls are a status symbol.

That said, their preference wont be for low maintenance girls either. They want the illusion of natural beauty, not the reality.

No. 669652

John Lennon
He's an over hyped retard

No. 669654

Tbh looking at Nikki again here he does look like a fat gay man

No. 669667

File: 1604881674668.jpg (157.78 KB, 1200x1200, 0_NikkieTutorials.jpg)

He's 6'4. How the fuck his bf didn't realise he was banging a tranny i'll never understand.

No. 669671

I hate Yoko more, and I reeeeally fucking hate John Lennon.

No. 669679

i hate anime

No. 669681

a common hate it seems

No. 669686

Women can be 6’ 4. Rare, but not unheard of. The bigger question would be why the bf didn't notice the bottom surgery

No. 669688

Me too

No. 669690

Unbelievably fucking rare lol. A 6'4 female is taller than 99.999% of women (actual stat, not pulling that out of my ass). Nikki is taller than 99% of men. Then we have the manly hands, hips, fridge body, intonation (Nikki sounds like a gay male to me) & NEOVAG.

His bf is either faggy and lying out of his ass or a sheltered, low libido (minimal to no porn use) virgin before meeting N. Tho, to be fair, not everyone is clued up on troons. I feel sorry for masculine-looking heterosexual females, I bet things are harder for them now, esp re online dating.

No. 669703

Imagine is one of the worst song ever written, even if you ignore the Lennon's own shittiness, those 3 piano notes are soporific and the lyrics are just so bad, peak champagne socialism. How can people have this as their #1 favorite song?

No. 669750

I hate organza, the texture is fucking disgusting and even the thought of it rubbing together or against skin sends shivers down my back. Idk if it’s some autistic sensory issue causing this obviously irrational hatred, but I’ve hated it since I was a kid.

No. 669751

While we're on the subject on being autistic over textures, let me tell you how much I hate tags sewn in necklines. THE ITCH. I've had some of them rub into my skin so much it got scraped raw. And you can rarely remove it completely if you don't want to ruin your shirt.
Why the fuck do they choose such a stupid placement, if it were sewn in any other place it wouldn't rub and itch that much.

No. 669753

It's so fucked up Nicki lied to that awkward looking virgin boy. He flat out said his bf struggled with it when he found out he'd been fucking a man. Nicki is lucky he's got money because that guy would have peaced the fuck out otherwise.

No. 669785

File: 1604898546364.jpg (58.47 KB, 563x688, IMG_20201107_181303887.jpg)

Hey I'm OP of this thread,
Next time it's made (if I can't get to do it myself for some reason) please put this as a description

Post random things you hate and why.
Please don't vent about your life here. Only physical things are allowed. A picture is always appreciated.
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

I would also like to make the borzoi OP picture a tradition.
That's all. Thank you.

No. 669792

File: 1604899896752.png (127.77 KB, 355x603, Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 11.3…)

even the front page laughs at borzois

No. 669794

I HATE picking up paper towels when my hands are dry. The idea of a dry hand rubbing against a paper towel gives me chills.

No. 669805

One sentence: pantyhose on unshaven legs

No. 669807

Ok, but you've gotta use this one.
I don't give a shit about this dog breed, but that dog is beautiful and looks like it gaited whimsically right out of Ancient Magus Bride.

I hate math. It makes me seethe that something so simple for others takes so frickin long to do.

No. 669813

Just yesterday I was complaining about pulling paper towels with wet hands, because it tears off little bits of it instead of a big piece you can actually use. So annoying!!

No. 669827

Why do people hate Yoko? I don’t know very much about her or the Beatles

No. 669835

tl;dr is she’s mostly blamed for breaking up the Beatles, but it’s definitely an exaggerated claim. The band had numerous other problems. Yoko’s an easy target for hate because she does experimental hipster “art,” like gluing a hammer to a wall or screeching into a microphone. Her art is basically useless rich people art that gets displayed at art shows and everyone pretends to like it to look cultured.

John Lennon’s also been weirdly deified among boomers, but he wasn’t a great guy at all. He talked a big ~love and peace~ game while treating his family like shit. He pretty much abandoned his young son for several years to run off with Yoko.

No. 669836

I hate how she sings

No. 669841

I hate the slang Twitter zoomers/kpop shitter hybrids use.
>on god
>insert bratz /niki Minaj mental illness meme
>this is sending me
>you thought you did something
And all that other shit they say. Its so fucking obnoxious.

No. 669842

Okay but this fucking gets me everytime. Chuck's reaction kek

No. 669843

same, i hate how it's seeped onto here too
but what is the point of pantyhose if not to hide unshaven legs

No. 669847

Same anon but memes aside she does have some good stuff.

No. 669849

Is it true that John beat her? I also heard that his first wife came home to find Yoko in bed with him. Like what a piece of shit lmao fuck John Lennon and his shitty music

No. 669857

There are some interviews where he openly admits to abusing his first wife and several other women. I’m on mobile but they’re easy to find.

It’s pretty gross how people act like he’s so great when he did pretty much nothing in terms of activism. He pretended to be some uwu peace and love hippie while living it up as a millionaire from all his Beatles money and ignoring his son. He never did shit. He was a massive hypocrite and would likely have a /pt/ thread if he were alive today.

No. 669887

How he treated his son Julian makes me so mad. He didn't just leave his wife, but he estranged himself from his child just as a way of cutting off his old life. Kid was 5 years old.

Even Paul McCartney had more compassion for John's family and wrote Hey Jude based off knowing how bad things were for Julian during the divorce.

And then when Lennon died, he had the gall to leave Julian much less in his will than Sean and Yoko. A final fuck you to his own kid. Ugh.

No. 669895

File: 1604917904554.jpg (43.17 KB, 360x240, fondant-1.jpg)

Cakes Covered in Fondant and while i'm at it…

No. 669899

File: 1604918060536.png (258.5 KB, 361x357, yolanda.PNG)

How to Cake it, makes beautiful cakes, all of them are covered in fondant but whatever. My biggest issue with her is SHE RUINS EVERY VIDEO with her seasame street corny ass joke and commentary.
I watch her on mute now, becaue it's so fucking annoying.
She's a sweet lady though

No. 669902

Sesame Street corny ass jokes

No. 669906

I honestly agree. Its a pain in the ass to cut and it gets ruined easily.

No. 670038

Anon, isn't all cake meant to be easily cut and ruined because.. Y'know, you eat it?

No. 670082

When you try to cut a cake with too much fondant on it, it sloughs off all weird. Normal frosting stays on the cake when you cut it.

No. 670182

Thank you, fondant is disgusting

No. 670229

File: 1604951134292.jpg (639.56 KB, 1000x702, kiwifruit_245014345.jpg)

Fuck kiwis.
Just looking at a picture of kiwis makes me me salivate and hurts my tonsils. Why this trash fruit does that? It stings in the weirdest way possible

No. 670246

File: 1604953747425.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1080, 7475BB35-6A3A-4FA8-B852-1C7865…)

I fucking hate age regression and all it portrays. I tried reading about it so I could understand why and such, but it’s fucking gross and whoever falls into the muh coping mechanism meme should just get themselves thrown into a looney bin forever without any sort of human interaction because they’re a fucking lost cause.
I hate the whole theme of am baby shit in music and media and seeing a character go from adult to child makes my skin crawl like I had a thousand millipedes walking on every single inch of my body.

No. 670248

but anon it's so tangy

No. 670251

Maybe you're allergic?

No. 670257

It definitely sounds like you are allergic anon, kiwi isn't an uncommon allergy

No. 670261

Ugh I love kiwi, easily fav fruit

No. 670269

I tried it once and it was so hard to come out of it, please never do this, it seriously affects your mental health and most professonals are against it; we are adults for a reason

No. 670273


I learned you have much more luck when you pinch the paper towel between your entire thumb and forefinger, not just the tips of the fingers. That decreases the amount of force that’s being put on a given part of the paper towel and makes it a lot easier to pull without tearing.

No. 670275

File: 1604956264429.jpeg (78.22 KB, 512x384, 35DAE2D4-1AC2-4C11-B286-94173A…)

Ever done a bug collection, for fun or school? When you stick the pins in the styrofoam it makes this horrible squeaking noise, and also vibrations that you can feel through the pin. I think that’s one of my most hated things.

Very similar is the occasional piece of popcorn that nasty-squeaks in your mouth as you bite down on it. Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

No. 670289

File: 1604958417629.jpeg (50.7 KB, 715x463, 2847A9E1-EA2C-4185-9273-9B72F6…)

on the topic of bugs, i don’t collect them but i like entomology. but i absolutely hate one and only one bug- the robber fly.

one got into my house before, i picked it up with a paper towel, could feel the thing vibrate through it and it made me gag. not to mention, they are huge.

No. 670297

I like entomology too but jesus christ what the fuck

No. 670309

File: 1604960937629.png (358.27 KB, 400x628, fbeberbr.png)

Speaking of entomology, here's someone I don't like:

I used to be a big fan, he still posts relatively interesting stuff and his writting style is fun to read. I love the pokemon reviews and other miscelaneous things he pulls out.
But he's such a huge snowflake. He thinks being fat as fuck (as well as bald) and eating fast food is absolutely healthy, hoards a bunch of shit like toys and random halloween decorations ala chis chan, is quite frankly neurotic and has a veeeeeery weird fascination with ticks, lice, and fleas, out of any other bug. He also has weird fetishes, but I'm unaware of wich ones they are. Both his roomate and his wife are troons as well.

But what irks me the most is the roomate he has. I have talked about her on the personal cows thread, and again, I have nothing against her lol she's just super entretaining. Basically a ftm troon who is "a DID system" and BPDfag with at least 2 furry personalities that use the it/its pronouns, one that is called "Teddy" who is an eboy psychopath serial killer with no empathy that likes trenchcoats and has its own "traumacore" blog, she's delusiona, and has hit her mom before, and I'm sure she came to whiteknight herself on the personal cow thread and I ended up looking super dumb lol (I'm sorry about that, I was new to posting about cows). She documents everything, every single thing in her tumblr. Like I wish more anons saw her blog and laughed like I do because I personally don't know her yet I think she's deranged, but she's kinda too self aware.

No. 670314

spoiler this fucking image I want to die after seeing this fucking thing

my contribution: I hate bedbugs most of all, they're disgusting little fuckers

No. 670425

My sis had to collect bugs and make a board like this for her summer project. Yes, yes, the squeaking is bad. But do you know what's worse?

The fact that you have to keep the collection in the tightest display case you can. If there are any gaps, tiny bugs appear and start munching their way through the display insects.

Our family found out the hard way. Absolutely revolting discovery

No. 670429

Supposed to reply to >>670289 soz

No. 670494

File: 1604978970370.jpeg (543.91 KB, 810x2274, 737A728B-6719-4979-B0D2-559F83…)

I hate Trump omegaverse

No. 670500

File: 1604979779766.jpeg (125.94 KB, 700x467, 3704E960-0FFD-4D98-BDC3-305726…)

I love jam, but I hate jam with seeds. I don’t mind the texture, I just autistically hate the way they get stuck in the gaps of my teeth.

No. 670522

I hate how xxxtentacion is remembered so fondly by a lot of people. His music is not at all good and he was a total piece of shit. I heard they're making an anime about this monster now?? Dude got exactly what he deserved and should be forgotten.

No. 670527

Wtf I remember all the popping champagne memes from when he died kek what happened to that energy

No. 670565

File: 1604987657928.png (638.26 KB, 872x591, 1847.png)

You should try a golden kiwi. Normal green kiwis are ok but a bit too tart for my liking, the gold ones are sweet af and sooooooo delicious my god. I only discovered them this year and I feel like I've really missed out.

Though yeah obviously not if you're allergic like anons have suggested.

No. 670663

OT but that Kimbleefucker is fucking weird, she ships herself with an FMA character to the point of wanting to change her name for his, is one of those ultra feminine zero effort they/them and has a split tongue, which I've never seen on a sane person.

No. 670711

I avoid everything that has blackberry bits in it, despite liking the taste of blackberries. The taste isn't worth the annoying seeds

No. 670722

I hate middle partings and I think they're ugly

No. 670770

I think they make some women look plain. Ted bundy used to love them.

No. 670783

I think I have a kiwi allergy because the seeds taste like metal to me. Is this not how they are supposed to taste

No. 670788

Kiwis and bananas both burn the roof of my mouth and leave my tongue buzzing afterwards

No. 670806

i hate all make up. mascara, eyeshadow, blush, foundation, lipstick, everything. i hate it when i'm forced to wear make up in certain social situations.

No. 670830

Speaking of bugs, I hate those creepy fetish drawings people make of bugs fucking humans. It’s the worst.

Same. I barely wear it anymore unless I go to a job interview. It’s nice not having to worry about rubbing my eyes and smearing it lmao

No. 670831

Same. Came to this family dinner and I was passive aggressively insulted because I didn't wear makeup. I was wearing a nice dress and well done hair but 'oh you should've put on at least a little mascara and lipstick, don't come looking like this' and then one aunt forcefully put some lipstick and blush on me. Like my normal face is offputting and not fit to be seen? Hate it.

No. 670833

>bugs fucking humans
What? Like life sized ones or a bunch of small ones, because a bunch of small insects in my vagina is literally the biggest fear in my life. Can't imagine someone desiring that.

No. 670843

Life sized ones! I’m pretty sure if there are small ones involved tho it’s usually torture porn shit which I also hate. Just nightmare fuel all around.
>Can’t imagine someone desiring that
You’d be surprised anon.

No. 670850

I absolutely hate that there are sex dolls made to look like kids. I hate this earth

No. 670864

I hate that they use the excuse of it not even being a child "oh It's just a short doll" Yeah it's 3 foot tall with no breasts and some pigtails. That's a child.

No. 670868

this vet clinic near me where i took my dog. paid for a biopsy more than a month ago and never received a call back about the lab result so assumed nothing bad was up. dog poops blood this morning, call, turns out he the growth WAS cancerous after all. just wtf are they waiting for dogs to get worse in health so they can milk its owners out of more money for treatment/prevention/ etc.?

No. 670870

bitch, you call them and get what you paid for. that's not 100% on them, you just let that sit for a month.

No. 670872

Disagree, they should have called back concerning a CANCEROUS tumor wtf

No. 670874

You're supposed to call to get the results dumbass. For animals and humans. It's your fault. When some time went by and you didn't get a call didn't you think, "hmmm, maybe I should call them myself and see what's up".

No. 670878

exactly why it's also fucked up anon waited over a month to call. if i get a biopsy on my pet i am ready to call the minute i get back home.

No. 670882

That's how it's usually done, you chase it up. Them having to make calls, leave messages, ring back or and chase owners would take up too much of their time.

No. 670883

I don't disagree that anon should have called sooner, especially if her dog was still exhibiting symptoms, but I'd 100% expect the vet office to call back with negative results, ya know? My doctors, human and vet, call me back even when things are fine, much less really bad.
Anyways, I'm really sorry about your dog, anon. That suuuucks.

No. 670884

No shit, I should've called but this is still not at all on me. Just like they're busy, I'm also fucking busy. If they say they'll call me I expect a call from them within that time frame, otherwise I will assume it came back negative, and you as a professional shouldn't be surprised when they do.
It wasn't going to be ready that same day.

you guys sound like morons who don't know how biopsies work, why am i even surprised. I was in that clinic more than enough times, well after the bipsy should've been done.
no, they were able to call me for other prescriptions when they were rdy for pick up, they're a small clinic, tyhey should've been able to some time in the day.
thanks sweet anon

No. 670885

>It wasn't going to be ready that same day.

no shit autist, anon means she's keeping it on her mind.

No. 670886

I hate that I'm home for college. I have to share a room with my sister who snores like a grown man, my dad stresses me out, the house is super loud all the time, and no one seems to care that I don't have free time and want my own schedule and my own privacy.

No. 670891

>No shit, I should've called but this is still not at all on me. Just like they're busy, I'm also fucking busy
That is your dog, so that is your responsibility. If you can't take a couple minutes out of your day to call the clinic concerning your dog's health when it has a growth, then you shouldn't be taking care of animals. And why would you just assume it came back negative? If you really thought hospitals were supposed to call the patient back, then you should have also thought they would update them on the results whether or not they were bad. You need to use your common sense.

No. 670896

>you guys sound like morons who don't know how biopsies work
biopsies don't take a month

No. 670898

learn to read will you anon? I was PHYSICALLY there well after the time they told me it would be done! so there was no need for me to call, they never told me while I was there, so is it crazy for me to think they would let me in on something I paid for????????

No. 670899

they also usually don't take a day. i feel more like a moron the more i engage w you fucks, im out

No. 670903

I know they ring when prescriptions are ready to be collected, but not results

No. 670905

I know how that feels. I got dragged to my grandparents house on the last week of my class and was told to have fun. I deeply regret it because I fucking bombed my course.

No. 670906

no one meant that literally, you autist. take better care of your dog. i guarantee you don't wait your ass a month to call your doctor if you get testing done.

No. 670908

Fake asses on tiny legs, shit triggers the fuck out of me and Crusty lips.
Shayna's thread makes me so fucking mad, because it's not hard to slap some lip chap on before taking retarded selfies.

No. 670909

I'm not dog anon, that's me replying to her…

No. 670910

Were the people there supposed to magically know you didn't call and were waiting for the results? The lab and pharmacy would be two different operations. I wonder if you also didn't notice any strange behavior in your dog considering she, y'know, has cancer. I just feel bad for anything that has to deal with such a negligent owner like you.

No. 670913

my b misclicked >>670899

No. 670960


No. 670976

File: 1605032427171.jpeg (489.95 KB, 1242x1398, 88742821-8CF3-4905-90AF-C4DE43…)

Polyamory. It’s so retarded.

No. 670991

No. 671047

what does this even mean?

No. 671066

First person POV games. Shit gives me massive motion sickness and I hate it when the games have an interesting plot that I want to play/watch playthroughs of without feeling physically awful.

No. 671071

I'm so sorry about your dog, but I don't think it's your fault. I go to a small vet too but they always call me when they get test results back so I know what's going on. It depends on the vet I guess, but I don't think it's unusual to expect them to call you, especially if they find something as serious as a cancerous growth. I hope you dog pulls through this and you'll have many more years together!

No. 671074

File: 1605036646984.jpg (529.37 KB, 1049x2169, IMG_20201110_202756.jpg)

I want to bully those retards so bad… and not in any ~kinky~ way. Someone needs to beat sense in to them, I swear

No. 671075

Seconded, anon. ♥

No. 671076

Reminds of the time I tried playing Dishonored because I loved the universe and the designs, I didn't manage to escape the prison (the first level) without triggering the alarm and having to kill a dozen guys, which you were definitely not supposed to do kek. Iirc I also played Skyrim on third person most of the time, I really don't like not seeing my character.

No. 671085

I hate most modern tv shows for the same reason. They have a shaky cam anytime they want to show some conflict or tension, and it gives me motion sickness. Not to mention the circling camera (also used in movies), where it does several full circles around the actors. No, it doesn't make the scene feel dynamic, it just makes me sick.

No. 671091

>I hate most modern tv shows for the same reason
oh anon…

No. 671096

This is my favorite video.

No. 671110

Oh my lawd, reminds me of AV class in high school

No. 671114

Fucking “content creators” who do nothing but consume media created by other people yet want credit for being “creatives”.

My husband used to watch this streamer who, when ACNH came out, would stream it for 1-2 hours every day and acted like this was some mentally taxing full time job that people should be grateful to him for doing. He would get pissy with his viewers for trying to interact with him instead of just chatting amongst themselves and would regularly whine about how hard it is to be ~creative~ for an hour or two every day. All he did was run around, shake trees, dig up fossils, all the usual shit everyone does in that game every day. The only difference is that he streamed it. Since they were livestreams he didn’t even have to edit anything. Others modded his chat for him. Dude earned enough off of Patreon to support his family. What the fuck.

No. 671120

Ugh, and when they start begging for money by saying "clicking on the affiliate link/donating to my patreon helps me create more content *for you guys~*". Drives me up the wall.

No. 671138

She's like the final boss of a JRPG right before transforming into some ungodly abomination that takes up more than half of the screen.

No. 671158

File: 1605042771537.jpg (23.81 KB, 420x294, fcba1d4d7b4da1ac799ca00cbfdcf1…)

I hate coworkers who can’t shut up and ask you “why are you so quiet” when you’re busy. Bitch, why are YOU so loud? I’m concentrating on my job, hbu?

Wish they would fuck off. Just because you’re anxious and insecure and you hate silence doesn’t mean others should have to bend to your whims and cater to you. Even worse is when they loudly announce “gosh it’s so quiet in here!” Or some other inane thing that distracts us all from our tasks. We’re working, motherfucker.

No. 671160

Big agree. I hate when people can't sit in silence in general. One of my good friends is like that, and she's great, but she's the most exhausting person to be around because she does not understand this concept.

No. 671165

I can't get close to extroverts. This isn't me thinking I'm better than them, we just clash too hard. I have some extrovert friends but we just cannot hang out for too long as they start to think I'm upset/angry/etc because I'm not as high energy and talkative as them, plus they think me not having energy for plans is me hating them. It's too tiring. All my close friends are introverts who fully understand that my behavior isn't a slight.

No. 671175

I used to have several coworkers who’d come into the room where I was working by myself, exclaim “Wow it’s so quiet in here!” and turn on the radio, then grab whatever it is they came for and leave. Motherfuckers it’s quiet in here because I like it that way. Surely you can brave the silence for those five seconds it takes to grab your stuff.

Imagine if I did the same thing in reverse, walking into rooms just to turn the radio off and then leave. People would think I was a total asshole.

No. 671193

People do this? Are they socially retarded or just inconsiderate because you are the sole outsider among friends and nobody will defend you?

No. 671207

Same. My sister is a huge extrovert too, so she’d always bother me or get upset when I didn’t want to hang or go out with her. It’s like, nothings wrong, it’s just not my jam!
You do? I’ve never felt like I had to do that around other introverted friends. They’re the ones I feel most comfortable around, whether we’re staying in or going out. It probably depends on how clear you make your social battery, though.

No. 671212

I have a friend like this. even talks during movies! we went for a picnic in the park and she talked the whole time, like damn can we just chill and enjoy nature for a second. plus she interrupts me constantly.

she's naturally sooooo loud too. I cant invite her over to my apartment anymore to hang out because my neighbor literally complained.

i've come to realize that some friends are for different purposes - I love going out to bars and parties and stuff with her (well not know bc covid but before), I am super introverted and shy so it's nice to have someone who is more outgoing to cling to lmao

on a similar subject, how the fuck do you make friends with other introverts, especially as a post-college adult?

No. 671213

i feel like i have to walk on eggshells around them when they're in their passive moods. i am all about sitting in silence sometimes but i can't hang out with you if we're gonna have slow conversations and sit in silence half the time.

No. 671214

File: 1605047164824.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, AF12A5C0-29FF-4B26-9EA4-165E1F…)

I am an introvert who hates being around them too, I’m an autistic level of shy that requires 70% of interaction from the other person in order for me to open up and when I am forced into a situation with another quiet person, it’s just awkward. Both of us would rather be alone and here we are. Not making eye contact and shit.

Adding to the thread by saying that I hate toilet paper and wiping my ass in general. Does nobody realize how much time it takes up? I feel like I never get the job done right and I wind up having to shower after every shit and I take like 3 shits a day. Toilet paper sucks and wipes are always better.

No. 671218

I'm introverted to the point where there is nobody around me to feel awkward

No. 671219

Omg for sure. My extrovert friends are the best for when I’m feeling fully charged and really want to have a good night. My introvert friends always want to go home early (though I can’t complain bc if I’m not in the mood I’m that friend).
> on a similar subject, how the fuck do you make friends with other introverts, especially as a post-college adult?
Well I’ve met my closet introvert friend and best friend in general in college, but we didn’t get close until 2 years after. I just reached out to her after a bad breakup, asked for lowkey hangs like lunch and coffee a few times, and the rest is history. Other introvert friends I’ve made post college are from work(!) or online.

No. 671220

Anon are you me??
Fuck toilet paper and fuck my fellow introverts.

No. 671221

I shit once a day before my shower, I would haate to shit three times a day for that reason.

No. 671222

Are people really out here pooping once a day? I poop twice a week no matter how healthy or bad I eat..

No. 671230

I poop once a day with maybe one random day of the week where I just don't for some mysterious reason.

I think twice a week still sounds better than say twice a day. I like to feel clean at all times in case of spontaneous sex. Poop too often and that starts being an issue you have to work around

No. 671313

>I poop twice a week
don't you feel bloated and uncomfortable?
if i don't poop for a day i get extremely uncomfortable and irritable

No. 671325

Invest in a bidet?

No. 671332

sounds like projection.
>I’ve never felt like I had to do that around other introverted friends. They’re the ones I feel most comfortable around
this. introverts are chill as hell

No. 671333

File: 1605058695825.jpg (76.39 KB, 512x314, unnamed.jpg)

i hate how male characters are allowed to have wildly varied proportions and looks and emotes but female characters all have to be cute and pretty and wrinkle-free

No. 671338

Could you explain more with 'hard to come out of'?

No. 671342

File: 1605060013560.jpg (50.96 KB, 650x462, xxr9tlnautk11.jpg)

i'm a bug nerd and i hope this helps you like them a little more. robber flies are expert predators who prey on other insects, even ones quite a bit larger than themselves. they'll attack wasps, hornets, grasshoppers and dragonflies and they have a high success rate. they're amazing predators who are harmless to humans.

No. 671347

Projection how? They are only "chill" on the surface because they are very judgemental in secret.

No. 671353

You're describing sensitive people and bitchy people. True introverts are just more reserved and actually can't be bothered to be offended by anything because we don't put so much emphasis and value on communication with others. You could say something slightly off to me and I'll think to myself "hm…that was bitchy but whatever.. 2 hours to go and then I can go home and forget about this interaction."

No. 671354

NTA but this is just you projecting. That isn't even a characteristic of introverts. You realize introverts are just people who are easily drained from socializing and keep to themselves more? Like that's the literal definition.

No. 671355

this is like saying all extroverts are narcissists who lack empathy or something. it's not a personality trait to have either one of those things. i've known confident, loud introverts and shy, meek extroverts. like anon said it's about your social battery.

No. 671422

You probably have a latex allergy. Do band-aids give you red marks after you take them off?

No. 671438

File: 1605077451260.jpg (667.49 KB, 3120x4160, uc8ix34onpv11.jpg)

i hate how men are allowed to write/say/do extremely sexist shit under the guise of "it's just a joke" but god forbid women make fun of men, then they're just hateful misandrist feminazis.

No. 671441

I really hate that too. I was thinking about this when I saw Dave Chappelle’s SNL monologue the other night. All his jokes were things he really meant, like pro-Black messages and viewpoints, but then as soon as he got to the topic of women he started insulting women. Then he pulled the “calm down ladies it’s just a joke” card. But like I said, all his other jokes were coming from a place of truth. How come it’s just when talking about women that we are suddenly expected to believe the jokes aren’t meant at all? Even though all of the other jokes are things he actually meant, phrased humorously? It’s just when it’s women that men suddenly take the gloves off and hurl abuse. Same with that white dude comedian who hosted SNL a few weeks ago and randomly started talking shit about “white women” unprompted.
“Calm down it’s just a joke.”

No. 671454

Probably because men are the biggest jokes

No. 671469

I hate when people look at their phone in the middle of a conversation.
I've had 3 people my age do this to me. They clearly stop listening so I say something nonsensical and give up. I feel like a boomer despite being college age. why are my peers so brain dead with their phones? Was the conversation so terrible?
I doubt it's me because others aren't like this. As a counter my favorite type of person is those who show genuine interest in things, and have a conversation that is TWO SIDED not just them or me talking selfishly of our own interests. I know not every talk's gonna be a deep back and forth but god it's so rude. It's worse that it isn't personal. I would prefer they had a solid issue with me than lacking basic manners.

No. 671470

That's a lot of words and paper wasted just to say "mommy never loved me"

No. 671476

chappelle fucking sucks now, he's such an unfunny boomer. he used to be hilarious. now he comes off as super jaded and out of touch

No. 671482

> coded in men’s MNA
The D in DNA doesn’t refer to anything gender specific? Why are men so fucking stupid? They could at least ensure their shit jokes make sense

Also men are pissbabies when they are the butt of jokes because they’re not used to it. Women are subjected from childhood so it’s just seen as normal

Jokes about women are not funny because I’ve heard them all before. It’s like being subjected to knock-knock jokes for years. You would quickly go from ‘heh’ to ‘ok can you stop that’ to ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP, IT’S ANNOYING AND UNFUNNY’

Except at least knock-knock jokes don’t make light of the oppression of a social group

No. 671483

File: 1605087130638.jpeg (148.86 KB, 748x748, 0EF18447-121D-4F9A-8A27-46D70F…)

Moids. I just hate them. They’re all so fucking hideous and low effort.

No. 671486

Damn I won't be able to ignore this now. Even all the female villains are hot mommys.

No. 671512

File: 1605092088289.png (1.15 MB, 1389x562, RcMX2IL.png)

whenever I point things like this out it's a resounding "eh" since I guess it's the expectation

No. 671530

The sad part is these are in the top tier for everyday scrotes

No. 671533

Yeah, maybe if you're a business or marketing major.

No. 671541

I like Bogleech's Pokemon reviews and some assorted spergery, but never knew much about his personal life. Do you have a link to the Teddy blog? I'm interested in reading about this crazy person

No. 671554

>cue the moids using this as evidence that they live in anti-men world because women get to be drawn hot while men are ugly and old

No. 671562

Wow seeing it all in a collage like this, very dissapointing.

No. 671618

Most League girls are drawn to look like the most obnoxious people you've ever known.

No. 671649

Tbh I never really found him funny
He has a few good jokes here and there but woof

No. 671657

I hate the beef with Columbus.
It happened 500 years ago, I agree it was shitty, but you can stop getting mad at him as him was the one to decapitate your uncle.
America, by now your blood has merely one drop of native ancestry, shut the fuck up. Tearing down his statues wont pull back the natives from the dead, sorry. Also if it wasn't for him, you've probably died at 30.

No. 671661

Idk why
>the beef with Columbus
made me kek so hard

No. 671662

So you also think we should have Hitler and Mussolini statues around plazas in 100 years because 'their murderous rampages happened long ago'?

No. 671664

500 years ago is not the same as a modern genocide.
In the Middle Ages you can't really say the people even had the concept of respect, in the 1900's people were assholes just because.

No. 671665

>In the Middle Ages you can't really say the people even had the concept of respect, in the 1900's people were assholes just because.
This is bullshit, the future humans could say the same thing about us.

No. 671667

It's the meaning of evolution. We have plenty and plenty of history, but in Europe you don't see people vandalizing statues or Spain getting mad at muslims for stuff happened centuries ago where we were all barely apes.

No. 671668

The Germans didn't keep statues of Nazis up.
> barely apes
> 15th century
Pls, take anthropology 101.

No. 671672

The barely apes concept was in as human rights. We could've been clothed and had ships but other than that everyone went "oh cool land googoogaagaa", muslims did that thing for centuries to spain and then shit on Sardinia, but aside some cultural references, you don't see anybody getting angry at muslims but oh no let's bash Columbus in 2020.
Never been to Europe uh?

No. 671673

Spain has a unique history because of how long it experienced both a battle between religions as well as a period of coexistence betwee