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File: 1605322413829.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.47 KB, 563x688, 1604898546364.jpg)

No. 673756

Post random things you hate and why.
Please don't vent about your life here. A picture is always appreciated.
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

Remember to make the borzoi OP picture a tradition.

No. 673759

File: 1605322652085.jpg (556.23 KB, 1000x1500, tf is wrong with you.jpg)

I hate those ripped jeans that are only ripped at the knees. All over I can still kinda understand, but what's with these ugly symmetrical cuts? Why is it just one? You got fat knees? Is it that what it is? Were they normal jeans but you just busted them? Yes???

No. 673760

jeans with rips all over them are even trashier lets be real.

No. 673761

Ugh. I loathed them too anon. I remember a lot of people wearing them back in 2016. It pissed the hell out of me because it just looks pointless.

Yea, they really are. But I think the point of wearing ripped all over jeans is to add a trashy vibe to what your wearing. The neat slits over your knees just look weird and I don't see what it adds to the outfit.

I know, people could wear whatever but it's the things you hate thread so… pls excuse the pants sperg.

No. 673764

Bring back cute jean patches.

No. 673767

Why is that dog snout so long
Good ness gracious!
What a honker…

No. 673788

I hate how people think femboys are a thing outside of anime/video games.

No. 673790

Transphobia is so fucking STUPID, just mind your business lol(bait)

No. 673792

File: 1605332040047.jpeg (193.33 KB, 1000x907, 6D2B8AFA-59E8-426B-850D-1CE7F1…)

I hate western “kawaii” art/illustration I can’t quite explain what it is about it or why I hate it. Maybe it’s that they always draw the eyes too close together with lashes and the white dots but it’s really obvious when it’s made by a westerner

No. 673793

File: 1605332091125.jpeg (110.8 KB, 640x824, 0BC98D5E-56D4-4F77-9C50-CF24A2…)

Japanese kawaii for comparison

No. 673795


Holy shit anon, this has been bugging me for years, and it's so true. When it's western (or just bad western) is just so obvious. Too black eyes, highlight dots, either a ":>" or ":3" face. A wink if they are feeling daring. And some blobs for blush.
There's no experimentation, either because they are too afraid to break the mold or just don't fucking know. It's soulless. And not 1/10 as cute as their japanese counterparts.

No. 673796

picked the wrong site lol.
Can't mind our business when they are in women spaces and down grade women for the sake of 'feeling more women' than actual women. They gatekeep what a women should be. So no we can't ignore it

No. 673798

What are you talking about?

No. 673801

I think she means speaking down onto, as if women are lesser.

No. 673814

That’s what we tell the trooners but they’re always telling lesbians if they don’t suck dicks then they’re terfs and saying “people with uteruses” instead of women and other dehumanizing shit

No. 673818

File: 1605339956470.png (518.34 KB, 488x788, gfgsg.PNG)

Down grading women for their fetish
classic men.

No. 673827

why don't males mind their business and stay out of women's spaces and stop appropriating womanhood? simple

No. 673831

Maybe I will when they stop being sexist, homophobic perverts under the guise of being progressive kek

No. 673889

You reminded me about picrel. Funko pops are already really ugly and dumb, but they did the Sanrio characters dirty. Look how dead Hello Kitty's eyes are.
I know a few trans people irl and none of them are like these disgusting fetishists online. Don't call women "holes", sir.

No. 673890

File: 1605354667975.jpg (58.55 KB, 1280x720, funkpop.jpg)

dropped pic for some reason, sorry.

No. 673961

Yup, I know exactly what you mean. I don't know why so many westerners are so shit at the whole "kawaii" thing (especially since they're often the first to make fun of it).

No. 673976

Heyyy real talk here, why was the picture spoilered? it's just a dog, I've seen blood and softcore porn not spoilered here but somehow a dog with a big snout is spoiler worthy?? I'm not complaining, I'm legit curious lol did Borzoi anon report it?

No. 673979

File: 1605366085477.png (5.33 KB, 170x297, download.png)

>Look how dead Hello Kitty's eyes are.
But anon….

No. 673980

File: 1605366097251.jpeg (9.05 KB, 188x268, 724A8CDF-F1AB-4F96-B9BF-9DD6D7…)

I HATE this movie

No. 673981

Nta but yet she’s still cuter than the western recreation somehow!

No. 673985

File: 1605366199062.jpg (120.29 KB, 1254x991, tardle.jpg)

I was almost excited at them coming out with pokemon. Thought I might actually find one I liked but they sucked the souls out of them

No. 673987

File: 1605366771033.jpg (42.19 KB, 770x434, portada-bulbasaur-funko-770x43…)

I like the bulbasaur one, he's a cute lil fella. But I hate every other funko pop lol.

No. 673994

In polite society, it's rightfully considered obscene to insinuate hatred for Borzoi dogs.

No. 674002

Why do you hate it? I watched it too, I was kind of disappointed by how it progressed but the beginning and overall concept was creepy which I appreciated lol.

No. 674011

He's definitely the best of the pokemon ones. They made the main few cutesy ones look like absolute shit. How do they do it?

No. 674013

I hate Reddit's layout, why do I have to click a thousand times just to read a full conversation? Also on mobile you have to register if you want to see everything, I'd rather die than make a Reddit account.

No. 674024

download the app 'rif is fun' (used to be called reddit is fun I guess they had to change bc of copyright). This app has been around forever and has kept an old school layout that is great. You still have to click through longer conversations but it at least loads it in the same area. You also don't have to register a username. Actually 1000x better than normal reddit.

No. 674039

I don't go to reddit often, like barely once a week (which is enough to annoy me with the layout), so I don't think I need the app just for that, but thank you for your suggestion.

No. 674059

lmao she looks drugged out of her mind

No. 674069

File: 1605374659786.jpg (110.1 KB, 933x696, 1602815582497.jpg)

I hate uwu bitches who think being smoll and tiny beans are replacements for a personality. Being short sucks absolute ass, you can't reach stuff, people don't take you seriously, every pound you gain makes you look bigger than you really are. I would do anything to at least be 5'5 insteadd of a 5'1 goblin.

No. 674070

I hate the short girls who act like uwu tiny beans and try to get the attention of the green giant. And I can never understand 6'0+ men who decide to date these compressed soup cans.
god I wish I was taller

No. 674071

Most girls who act like that aren't even short to begin with.

No. 674073

I don't like girls who do that either and you're allowed to not like being short, but I personally think being short has its advantages.

No. 674075

this. it's always girls who are like 5'7.

No. 674076

Like what? I'm a tiny bit over average height, so often I'm still one of the tallest women in the room, but I always wished I was a proper tall woman, but never that I was shorter.

No. 674078

advantages? like what??

No. 674122

This is a great description of exactly what I was taking about in the original post, it’s all so boring and soulless.

No. 674130

I like dogs but I HATE “dog moms” they make having a dog their whole personality and compare them to children which is so cringe. They spend thousands of dollars on surgeries for their 15 year old dog when that dog dies they act like their child dies even tho every dog is replaceable. They kiss their dogs in the mouth which is disgusting. I especially HATE when they bring their nasty dogs which aren’t service dogs into public buildings or stores. It’s just no respect for anyone that may be allergic or had a previous bad experience and is scared of dogs. It’s like the childfree retards on reddit get mad that people bring their children out in public but think this is okay???

I think the dog moms are just the “crazy cat lady” stereotype for millenial women with a misplaced drive to nurture something, it’s sad and weird. It’s all a massive cope

No. 674135

Is this still a popular art style? It brings me right back to 2006-2008.

No. 674141

Nah the smol beans are usually more like 5'4-5'5, bang on average so they can still delude themselves. 5'7 is the point where you have to admit you're kinda tall or pretend to be average despite being slightly above.

No. 674143

I mostly agree with you but I definitely don't think that every dog is replaceable. They are amazing life companions and should be treated with respect of their nature and needs, not as human babies. But they are like family members to a lot of people (who are perhaps lonely) and when they pass it can be very hard.

No. 674148

People who depend on animals to an unhealthy degree when they've been traumatised by a person… I'm seeing more of those lately. The classic
>"animals are pure and act on instinct wheareas people are cruel"

Yeah no shit. Get therapy for your trust issues.

No. 674149

escaping through the ventilation ducts when you're being chased by angry cannibals, to give an example

No. 674151

I wanted to agree, but this just kind of sounds like you're annoyed that you're not loved as much.
>They spend thousands of dollars on surgeries for their 15 year old dog when that dog dies they act like their child dies even tho every dog is replaceable.
I mean what the fuck is this, kek? Sounds way too bitter, or just creepily low empathy.

No. 674154

>when that dog dies they act like their child dies even tho every dog is replaceable
You lost me here.

No. 674155

Nta but in a way I like that we are usually kind enough to put old dogs to sleep peacefully when they are unwell. People treating cancer in very old dogs are doing that for themselves, not the animal

No. 674159

I feel the same way about humans, if they're clearly in pain and/or want to die. I don't know about dogs most of the time, because they can't actually express that they're done with living.
It makes sense to want to keep a beloved companion alive, I think, unless they actually want to go, or if it's literally hurting them to remain alive.

No. 674166

I agree with nonservice dogs in public spaces but you lost me after that. Are you some weird schizo faggot who secretly tortures dogs wtf lol

No. 674171

>schizo faggot who secretly tortures dogs
Ntayrt but years ago I knew someone who admitted to snapping the necks of several hamsters and eventually a dog. There's a memory I had tucked away for a long time

No. 674172


I hate how often I interact with this website to try to feel less lonely, only to read shit like this and wish I had healthier coping mechanisms

No. 674175

Wtf were they male?

No. 674190

I love you anon that made me snort so hard

No. 674191

I had similar experiences anon, my father's brother snapped an adult dog's neck and my father beat newborn bunnies to the ground because he didn't want to spend money on food to feed them. You'd be surprised by how much people are unnecessarily violent to animals, and imo that's a HUGE red flag.

No. 674204

>and imo that's a HUGE red flag.
I mean, isn't being cruel to small animals literally an early indicator of psychopathy? lol

No. 674225

It's how serial killers start out, so yes. One of many reasons people who go on about "hating" any animals like it's a hobby make me uncomfortable.

No. 674238

This. 2D anime femboys: cute and attractive. IRL 3D twitter "femboys": disgusting pornsick degenerates in shitty aliexpress thotwear.

No. 674241

I don't understand why people are so bothered by people who do this. I think they're weird too but the way "dog moms" send people flying into this irrational rage is so weird. The "I have the right to bring my dog here" people are naturally rude and inconsiderate but that's not a traditional "dog mom" trait but instead a "shitty entitled pet owner" trait. You're absolutely right that a lot of women cope with their infertility by treating their dogs like children and I don't know why that's a bad thing. If it makes them happy and they treat the animals well then why not?

>when that dog dies they act like their child dies even tho every dog is replaceable

Lacking empathy towards animals is a telltale sign of sociopathy anon

No. 674260

Let me guess? jealous that a dog is treated better than you, right? Get laid or something.

No. 674299

Fuck dog people honestly

No. 674300

I hate images like this
They’re so obnoxious

No. 674302

All dogdads are gaslighters what's up with that????

No. 674309

get therapy

No. 674319

File: 1605412591798.jpg (459.02 KB, 1433x1256, 3454.JPG)

>millenial women with a misplaced drive to nurture something
there's nothing "misplaced" about it unless you think women should only care about shitty babies
anyway, stay seething that i love my dog more than anyone will ever love you

No. 674349

I don't hate dog moms more than I hate human moms but I kind of hate them all tbh. I find it lovely that people are attached to something they're caring for, that part is awesome but the amount of spamming and exhibitionism their attachment also involves is what annoys me. Often times non-moms are expected to act like we give a single shit about their uwu baby and lie about how cute it is etc. If people kept this shit to themselves I doubt anyone would have an issue. I see it as TMI, just like how uncomfortable it is when a friend airs out their sex life on social, or people having relationship drama publicly. It's just not my business.

No. 674369

I'm 6 feet tall and I feel like every height has its pros/cons Guys treat you like a guy because you're taller than most girls. Look at Megan thee stallion who was told she could have stopped Tory Lanez from shooting her because she's bigger. Another thing that sucks is you can't really share clothes with your friends.
Sum it up its basically people dismissing your femininity and clothes won't fit right.

No. 674380

I wish I was tall. I'd like to be able to see the band at a show for once kek.

Most of those smol bean bitches are my height too (5'4). That's the average height for most American women and taller than the average height in Latin American countries.
Same. Do you guys feel that way about trophy hunters too? Not like the people who kill a deer to feed their family. But the weird scrotes who taxidermy deer heads to show off to other scrotes or safari hunters killing lions?

No. 674406

this but for any kind of exhibitionism

then again, I look at how dead pt and snow are, and even just facebook in general, and I think if people got the message and kept shit to themselves, the internet would be get even more boring

No. 674433

I hate having curly hair, knots too easily, almost always frizzy, can't do much for styling and when combed I lose a shit ton of hair.

No. 674557

>schizo faggot who secretly tortures dogs
You sound like a schizo faggot yourself out here assuming everyone that’s disgusted by these literal shit eating child killing vermin tortures them or want to. You psychotic dogfags always say stuff like this.

No. 674559

And having more empathy for animals than humans isn’t? Pit bulls literally gets killed in a more human way after ripping a kids face off than a fucking person that got caught with some weed.

No. 674563

Cope harder

No. 674565

Those dumb tiktok or celeb compilation videos on YouTube that end in "for two/five/ten minutes straight" or "cured my depression"

No. 674567

Go outside

No. 674573

When people use the word chemical to mean something inherently bad. It's one of those stupid, tiny things that irk my soul.

No. 674583

I like to make a comment about how I totally get that being illiterate in chemistry is pretty common, too bad. Throw their ignorance in their face tbh. They're only signaling that they don't get chemistry anyway.

No. 674584

Um, Pit Bulls don't rip kids' faces off. I work at a shelter and have been bit by labs, chihuahuas, and huskies, but never a Pit. I don't hate any breed or think a breed is more likely to bite than another. And it's always a human's fault if a dog bites. Dogs and other animals have mental illness as well, most commonly anxiety and PTSD.

Yes, I would save a human from a fire over another animal. Your strawman is moot.

No. 674588

Take your own advice anon
People can dislike whatever they want. If you get triggered that’s your own problem lmaooo

No. 674594

I'm tired of the generation wars. Generations may as well be astrology for marketing people.

No. 674596

>And it's always a human's fault if a dog bites.
even if the human's a 3 year old sitting there doing nothing?

No. 674612

Enter the schizo fag immediately as usual

No. 674614

yes because the dog should not have been left alone with a kid.
how am I triggered when you are the one replying to an hours old post with a desperate lmaooo to show how not bothered you are.
Dislike whatever you want, but if you are like 'fUcK dOg PeOpLe', you clearly have some issues.
I am not a big fan of certain animals, but I don't seethe over people enjoying them.

No. 674620

Nta but peak annoying dog person

No. 674623

they're not always left alone though

No. 674630

So just because you yourself never have been bitten by one of these stinking beasts that means pitbulls don’t rip off children’s faces? You’re absolutely retarded anon. Go do your fucking research instead of rimming and sucking the fish smelling fluids from the uwu doggos anal glands from you shelter all day you literal abomination to mankind.

No. 674634

Nta but peak annoying dog hater too, Jesus

No. 674643

I just want to know if you have some secret dog fetish or something because there is no reason for you to cape this hard over some animals omfg.

No. 674676

Mental illness. I wish people like this posted their faces so someone could put together a physiognomy chart and we'd all know who exactly to avoid/block from owning any pets or being left alone with them.
I wouldn't be surprised if these anons are the kind who enter those zoosadist/animal torture rings for money. Disgusting.

No. 674706

Again some anon assuming people torture or get off on torturing animals just bc they hate them. Are you serious right now? Most of you dog owners get off on scaring and intimidating people by walking your giant pitbull in the street and letting your dog stick their nose into people crotch making them uncomfortable on purpose.

No. 674712

Can you guys chill with the dog sperging? It's really fucking weird.
Something I hate is when men make pedophile or incest jokes very casually. Especially when they're grown men.

No. 674713

Simply not liking dogs is fine, but this shit right here >>674630? Essays about rimming them, how their anal glands smell and their noses in crotches? Seek help. Please.

No. 674715

Lmao this is what these crazy dog ppl do
I know people that’s confessed to having sex with their dogs or putting peanut butter or some shit on their vag or penis and make the dogs lick it off

No. 674717

why the fuck do you know so much about dog's assholes you fucking sick freak
literally gagged irl

No. 674718

The projection

No. 674719

>Tfw getting todokara flashbacks

No. 674724

Are you a refugee from the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread or something? Can you go back?
Stop pushing your gross dog fantasies here.

No. 674725

Because I know much about dogs psycho. I grew up with dogs and we had to take it to the vet to empty its anal glands from the fluids or whatever because it smelled like DISGUSTING rotten fish.

No. 674728

You trying to push them as a dog fucker is also weird…

No. 674730

I don't know about you, but normal people certainly don't write this much about dog anuses unless they're vets.

No. 674731

It always looks unoriginal and souless to me because westerns don't know how to make kawaii art unique so they go for AT Wannabe.

No. 674733

The words “anal glands”

No. 674744

yeah, the person who isn't you is acting psycho
you clearly need therapy if you're still this traumatized from growing up
also this >>674730

No. 674757

I hate how there are more art tutorials to draw thick thighs than to draw muscular men!damn it!

No. 674760

File: 1605476672846.jpg (147.67 KB, 1080x1004, a1170847c928a37e6243e872dbe4c5…)

I've never studied anatomy, but wouldn't drawing muscular men mean you have to learn how to draw the actual muscles?

No. 674771

mainly because coom is popular so men perspective on it

No. 674818

I hate how invested some people are when it comes to the cows that get posted on this site. It’s one thing to criticize or laugh about what someone posts online, but the obsession some have is borderline insane.

No. 674859

You gotta follow more gay coomers anon
They usually have some decent tutorials

No. 674896

Bologna. What the hell.

No. 674904

People with no sense of humour

No. 674905

File: 1605493122145.jpeg (79.42 KB, 290x1552, 385FA700-3E25-4C97-86CF-691E03…)

I like this one.

No. 675009

the entire concept of "catboys"

get bent weebshits

No. 675014

No. 675052

Honestly this, I'm not even sure if the dog hater anon is trolling or being 100% serious with the insane "you dog owners sucking your fucking pitbull's asshole while it's killing people and sniffing crotches intentionally" sperging because /ot/ has always had its resident anti-dog anons who love derailing threads to talk about how they hate them. It's pure psychopathy to hate a sentient being that much, especially because they have their containment thread and even that's not enough.

No. 675260

seriously, even people that have to deal with their dogs anal glands are not sperging about them as much. I hate stumbling upon those psycho posts, wish they could stay in their own circlejerk thread.

No. 675312

People that need input on everything. Make a decision for yourself, why do you need a fucking council to tell you how to swipe on a Bumble moid?

Also this.

No. 675320

Yes. the hype is so contrived.
And attempted in real life? Disgusting. The cringiest I've ever seen. Every single time.
At least keep that shit 2D.

No. 675326

Cat girls and Cat ears too

No. 675327

It's cringey 2D imo too, like they're portrayed as crybabies or super feminine boys with cat ears and tails. What is the appeal? Besides to troons?

No. 675340

>they're portrayed as crybabies or super feminine boys with cat ears and tails.
That's the appeal tbh. Like 'moe through helplessness' or something. Sometimes vulnerability is cuter in male characters cause they're not often portrayed that way.

No. 675344

It has been two days of the dog talk, for the love of god don't get it started up again lol, it spilled out onto other threads yesterday. Stahp

No. 675345

Ah, okay! I can see that. I'm not personally interested in men or women like that, irl or as characters, so it's a turn off to me. To each their own then.

No. 675355

Thank you for shaming her into deleting that post kek

No. 675391

When I search painting references on Pinterest and it gives me photos of actual paintings.

No. 675441

When I'm reading fanfic and it says some shit like "he gently bit her swollen bud." Why the FUCK! would you want your clit bitten. I will never trust any many enough to let them pet their fucking teeth on my clitoris

No. 675443

same and nipples too, I am sure some women are different but being bitten there? it's a full body cringe from me

No. 675446

If I read 'swollen bud' I just wouldn't know what body part they're talking about. I don't read erotica though

No. 675458

Mods. Got banned for samefagging when I didn’t even samefag. Retards.(:()

No. 675466

There’s this one fanfic writer I’ve been following because she’s so cringe and completely in denial about it. She writes Red Letter Media RPF and is absolutely obsessed with Jay, and is very proud of how “true to life” her fics are. She sprinkles in lots of little details that she claims she’s gotten through thorough research but some of these things I have no idea where she’s gotten them from. I skimmed her latest fic and there’s a point where Jays mom shows up and she uses what I think might be her real name?

Anyways I brought this up because she likes to use the phrase ‘nipples pebbled up’ and it’s so weird kek.

No. 675486

I can't stand fanfic

No. 675500

I hate when people mix up giger and geiger

No. 675535

>Red Letter Media
lmfao link it

No. 675613

Redtext all you want jannies, you’re still retarded and this site is declining

No. 675622

Why are you still here then? People like you are the fucking worst. Just fucking close your eyes or look away from the website.

No. 675679

Tongue out selfies. Kind of appalled by the amount of adults out there who don't know how to clean the plaque off of their tongues.

No. 675739

I’ve been on this site since its birth, if I want to make one minute complaint about jannies I fucking will.

No. 675778


No. 675780

File: 1605589695966.jpg (12.79 KB, 352x395, DcHLMbNV4AEQ-ZW.jpg)

Well aren't you special.

No. 675782

Our salaries and how it hasn't increased to accommodate the economy's inflation. Rent shouldn't be so fucking expensive.

No. 675879

Rents in my city are fucking scandalous, every building is this old european architecture with terrible isolation, you need to be in a relationship or have roommates if you want to afford a below decent place, if you're an asocial autist like me, too bad for you, you're fucked even with a good wage job. People have to rent apartments in the suburb not to get eviscerated with rent, but then they need to commute for at least 60 minutes, in crowded trains which more often than not have accidents and unexpected delays. I can't even hate my city because it's where there are the most job opportunities and there's a lot to do from a cultural standpoint, but God is the housing crisis driving everyone crazy.

No. 676081

I'm sorry to hear about your situation in your country. I'm relatively lucky to have found a small but functional place for myself, but the price I'm paying is slightly overpriced as I'm staying downtown (by my own choice). I'm in a major city in Canada and all my friends are either paying through the ass for a shitty, "modern" 1bdr(some with a den) or splitting 1 bdr with their SO. A lot of the "modern" ones get rent increases every year as the buildings here are only rent controlled if the building is built before 2016 or such. Airbnbs have also inflated prices and ruin neighbourhoods too. Even the fricking SUBURBS are increasing their fucking rent prices because the government won't and can't fucking do anything about affordable housing! I'm scared for my parents since they're just floating by. Fuck this.

No. 676151

Peeing. I can appreciate a good shit but peeing sucks.

No. 676159

I hate that my choir professor sounds a lot like Onion man - same voice tone and everything!

Like, why does Grease have to haunt me irl too? I just want to sing and advance my sight reading comprehension without worrying about stupid lolcows.

I actually like my professor though, he’s a very kind and understanding man.

No. 676164

>I can appreciate a good shit
I hate that you had to share this info

No. 676169

Where I live used to be a comfy somewhat cheap area that still had a lot to offer. In the past 10 years people from other regions have started to move here and they have more money from their higher living areas so realtors and apartments increased prices. It's not possible to have an apartment alone unless you make 20/hour or more. It makes me sad that the original people are being driven out completely or are moving to the outer areas that suck because of the higher prices.

I hate people who's perfume is so strong it fills the room when they walk in.

No. 676177

I hate show off minimalists
"Oh look at my white/grey house with only the essentials, the only stuff you need :)"
Bitch fuck you, while do you like living in a mental hospital room, where are your interests, your pictures, anything that shows you have a kind of personality at least instead of being a boring human being that likes nothing at all and only talks about how they don't waste money because you don't need a bed to sleep only the sheets or that you've trained yourself to wake up with the sun so you don't need a clock.
Go in a cave and fuck you, I like going to people's house and see the shit they like, their collections or anything that makes them happy so I can feel comfortable too while being there.

No. 676186

I don't mind minimalist homes (the idea appeals to me bc it makes cleaning easier) but it's the most rich ass privileged way to live, ofc you need less things when you can buy the highest quality, best functioning, coolest looking items to the point of not needing much else.

No. 676198

I feel the same, I think it stems from me living with my grandparents who had complete rooms (instead of putting it in the basement) filled to the ceiling with boxes and old furniture and me climbing all around and hiding and sleeping in there with our cats kek
Are you really living if you're not hoarding at least a tiiiny bit?

No. 676218

File: 1605653731724.jpg (163.72 KB, 564x690, edeaec213aa95f4b84c004fe3be81c…)

You don't have to hoard for a place to have warmth and personality, you really don't need a lot of tchotchkes strewn about everywhere and bunched up comforters with string lights on the wall, just carefully picking furniture.

No. 676223

I need string lights like I need air

No. 676233

I can see the simple appeal of the mental hospital emptiness. It must free up a lot of time and mental space.

But I do agree about the showing off. The part I find strangest is how some minimalists are so obsessed with things, just as obsessed as very materialistic types. They argue that minimalism gives you freedom from stuff, but defeat that argument by obsessing although in a different way to others.

No. 676234

How if a man is gay they can get away with saying any old disgusting thing. I remember watching some reality show, where this flaming gay guy was dating a pre-op trans woman, some woman said something to him and he got up trying to fight her.
Everyone seemed more mad at the woman then the grown ass man trying to fight her and having to be held back.

No. 676250

I see the minimalists as the anorexics of decorating.
They want to be in control of their spaces and claim they just like to live like this but in the end they are just afraid of things because some objects might not be useful or might show off too much in some distorted way the view the space they live in.
A mug with a funky design instead of your white one won't kill you, dumass, putting a picture with your friends on the wall is not gonna ruin your perfect space.

No. 676253

Diplomatic immunity

No. 676266

At least pee is consistent. I rarely get good shits.

No. 676284

File: 1605660333545.png (108.74 KB, 237x233, Capture.PNG)

i hate they every time i see a cute hoodie or sweater it's a fucking crop top. it's supposed to keep me WARM, why is it exposing half of my belly

No. 676290

Because faghags love defending them.Gay men get away with a lot of sexist shit but only because the retarded women around them enable it. That and no one wants to risk being publicly labeled a homophobe

No. 676310

I rather call a faggot out than call another woman a cunt or a bitch in my lifetime. I still say the word hoe as a playful thing, but I'm slowly taking out the word slut out of my vocabulary. Joto, maricón and faggot may stay though.

No. 676313

did you came out of the womb posting in the shayna thread? lol

No. 676317

i hate when i see a post that says "UNMUTE" or "DON'T SCROLL PAST THIS"
thanks, gonna keep it muted and scroll past

No. 676318

File: 1605666404170.png (609.38 KB, 832x646, w.png)

I hate this shot in the new higurashi anime

No. 676319

I hate hoarders, when my mom dies I'm throwing all the stuff away or giving the ones that work to someone else. I dislike living in a place with 3 rooms filled with crap. This is why I have no bed and sleep in the floor. It's so easy to just give things up for the greater good.

No. 676321

I hate hoarders and hoarding tendencies aswell. I know hoarders all have mental health problems, but it’s so hard to care when they’re living between mountains of actual shit and are about to lose their children over it. It’s sickening to see how much they value garbage over their loved ones.

No. 676324

I hate this shit too, because it's always some dude screaming or some dude singing some stupid shit and I'm likeee… did I unmute for this piece of garbage trash? I just hate when people order me to do anything on the internet, like "REBLOG TO SAVE A LIFE" or "REBLOG OR YOU'RE RACIST"

No. 676325

the art director for the anime is the bakemonogatari guy from shaft.

No. 676327

Just this shot? The whole anime looks terrible.

No. 676332

File: 1605667918731.jpg (201.89 KB, 1579x1080, 102811772_4312534365427087_751…)

Nah I don't mind his designs for Higurashi at all, they have some kind of charm and the animation has been better in many other scenes overall. Plus in the old anime they just looked like bratz dolls (huge head small thin body)

No. 676335

samefagging but I feel like this is the best Higurashi has ever looked (Higurashi no naku kokoro ni kira). Sadly this is like, a fanservisey ecchi OVA and it makes me uncomfortable in the bad way

But yes I do enjoy the Akio Watanabe designs, even if Akio Watanabe himself is trash

No. 676338

>in the old anime they just looked like bratz dolls (huge head small thin body)
Still better than this greasy pizza shit.

No. 676345

File: 1605670182220.png (799.44 KB, 870x520, higurashi-kai-870x520.png)

Kira looks great, it's just gross as hell. I thought Kai/Rei looked totally fine, but the first season was just the most awful looking DEEN shit. Even fucking Nanoha Strikers (not DEEN) got most of the worst scenes fixed for DVD.

I don't really mind the new styles, R07's art is an acquired taste anyway.

No. 676351

File: 1605671604016.jpg (108.71 KB, 640x360, higurashi_bychild.jpg)

the OG style is the best one hands down

No. 676366

I unironically agree. Those mitten hands have a special place in my heart.

No. 676374

File: 1605674238060.jpg (101.88 KB, 1280x720, ss_5546b4998d417355f9908361207…)

I hate irrationally hateful people.

Like those videos of "Karens" losing their shit over small stuff just give me anxiety.

No. 676378

File: 1605674893214.jpg (6.82 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

I hate how I was reminded Bijuu Mike was a thing

No. 676389

File: 1605677272555.jpeg (59.47 KB, 634x360, 8717E88B-EF18-4EE9-AA55-068B0B…)

Long horse faces with bad tooth to gum ratio. Gummy smiles are so weird

No. 676397

Same anon. I can't watch them with volume or much at all.

No. 676415

how black eyes in sims 4 are brown

No. 676426

But nobody has black eyes irl. It's not even an option on official documents. Brown eyes with a limbal ring can seem black from a distance, but they're not.

No. 676433

I hate zoomers cosplayers, they make it a race to who is the most accurate with their shitty taobao dress and talk shit about other people who sew by hand if their costumes are a bit off.
Back in my days you'd slap a cheap wig, spend the nights with your friends making the costume and NYAAing:3 people at cons and being comfy in general. Now it feels like it's a goddamn shitshow of a runaway. While I agree a good cosplay is pleasing to the eye, the community is pure shit.

No. 676470

you've never seen an asian up close huh?

No. 676473

Yeah. You can’t even praise their cosplay because they will laugh at you on your face because you don’t cosplay like their autistic asses.
Like, fuck off, I know I’m petty but I’m glad cons are not happening for a while, those retards need some alone time in a corner or something.

No. 676498

i fucking hate people who can't take a joke and get defensive over every little comment. nothing less attractive than people who can't laugh at themselves a little.

No. 676503

NTA but I see one in the mirror everyday and "black" eyes are just extremely dark brown.

No. 676507

The average Twitch viewer is so pathetic. I cannot actually believe how lonely and bored so many people are to fill all the virtual rooms of streamers sitting in their chairs at home. Even the top tier streamers who have entertaining personalities and skills bore me after a few minutes. The chats aren’t even a recognizable language, they literally all sound like a bunch of bots spamming “POGGERS” and twitch lingo every second. I’ve seen talentless nobody’s get donations for existing, not even titty streamers, just a completely average person sitting at home playing. I find twitch simps of both genders pathetic and it makes me glad I have a social life.

No. 676510

The funniest part about Twitch is how much of a sellout this place has become over years. Not even just staff giving 'immune' status to popular titty streamers, but also them, throwing DMCA trainwreck at everyone without even taking proper care of it in a first place. You will get banned even if you get VODs deleted because they still keep them.

What's even better is that in order to get 'verified' status on Twitch and earn money from it, you can pay subscription to some spotify rip-off that will increase your chances now. Pay 2 win OP.

No. 676559

I feel bad because I love twitch, I don't watch titty streamers, I mainly watch Jerma985 (who puts a LOT of effort into his streams at times) and sometimes Joel or Vinny from vinesauce.
And kitboga, I feel like there's some decent people on there imo.

No. 676580

I hate autistic gamers who make it painful to keep up a conversation. I'm biased as an extrovert but fuck learn basic conversation skills.

No. 676726

File: 1605724731860.png (14.14 KB, 912x158, Untitled.png)

i hate when people claim no one cares about the appearance of the outer vagina and that labiaplasty isn't obviously based on porno ideals but then call small labia "clean" while bigger is "more mature and fleshy"

No. 676727

extroversion isn't a personality trait, dumbass. it just has to do with social battery. maybe they don't talk to you because you're annoying

No. 676742

Anons who act like the "old man yells at clouds" meme

No. 676762

>organized looking vulvas
This had me laughing. What does it even mean? What would be the opposite? Disorganized vulvas? Where the clit is placed where the left labia should be and the vagina is at the top?

No. 676787

File: 1605728064035.jpeg (111.72 KB, 940x702, 1602549200101.jpeg)

When a neighbour or roommate's thunderous fucking footsteps literally cause the floor to shake. I also hate it when I hear my roommate compulsively snapping his fingers around our small apartment, just snap snap without any rhythm. Noise doesn't typically bother me but the stomping and snapping is really grating for some reason. Also, when moids leave the fucking toilet seat up. Idc how clean the bathroom is, I don't want to touch the toilet lid.

No. 676812

File: 1605729401738.jpg (171.72 KB, 1078x591, Screenshot_20201118-144259_Goo…)

Bullshit like this. Every fucking week, there's a post on reddit about how men can't talk about their feelings. And wahh wah wahh. The truth is that they could talk about their feelings, they just don't because they're afraid of being seen as weak. The key element is that it's their problem if they are scared to be seen as weak.

THATS THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT ABOUT TALKING ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. YOU NEED TO BE VULNERABLE TO DO SO. The shit is fucking retarded and it's EVERY WEEK. Why don't you just make a new fucking subreddit about it instead of constantly bitching. Also maybe go to /r/AskMen instead of AskReddit. Nobody gives a fuck about your sensitive male fee fees if all you're gonna do is whine about how you can't talk about them.

Then they act like it's an act of God that someone wants to hear them talk. Fuckers. Fuck men

No. 676838

Men share their emotions all the time by acting on them. They literally do whatever they want.

No. 676853

holy fucking shit anon I'm suffering this right now. Sounds like my upstairs neighbours have bought a fucking herd of horses WHY ARE THEY SO GODDAMN LOUD

No. 677008

File: 1605747966063.png (11.5 KB, 371x182, expertise.PNG)

people like this. tumblr is still full of this "As someone who took a class…" posting and then some dumb claim
If they removed that part I could try and take them serious. Well, until I read the rest of their bullshit opinion.

No. 677057

I hate how normal its become to be disgusting and lazy. My sister in law has a nice home and backyard, but because she’s so lazy, its gross going over there. Even her washing machine is completely covered in gunk, it makes me cringe just thinking about it. Her backyard smells like dog urine and feces. Her whole house is covered in fur and dust. We went over there to have dinner and she doesnt even bother to wipe the fur off her dining room table. I feel so uncomfortable being in her house, its filthy. On a related note, i hate fat people. Slobs, all of them. Ive never met a fat clean freak. Everyone is so fucking repulsive… im so tired of it.

No. 677061

File: 1605753698061.gif (102.38 KB, 300x233, image.gif)

>On a related note, i hate fat people.
uh oh

No. 677065

The Southern US is full of them. My aunt is an attractive portly woman that is obsessively clean.
I'm average weight and an absolute slob despite wanting to be better.

No. 677069

Why do you have to have such weird copes rather than deal with the fact that you married into trash?
Being a filthy slob is all about upbringing and mental illness which has little to do with weight.
Also quit being spineless and put your foot down. Tell your SIL you'll pass on having dinner at her place again cause you found dog hair in your food.
But let me guess, you sat in that revolting house and pretended there wasn't anything wrong because you're a coward who will always be dominated by some fat bitch irl who isn't even a blood relation.

No. 677077

I hate nacho cheese

No. 677088

The phrase "This is just as bad, if not even worse than―", because it's never just as bad, if not even worse than―.

No. 677116

OMG right?! This is just as bad as when people say "This is the worst!", if not worse, because "the worst" is obviously not worse than this.

No. 677125

on the topic of stupid phrases, I absolutely seethe whenever someone says "I could care less" or "I could give a shit." FFS, Its "I could NOT care less" how the fuck do people walk around saying "Ah, I could, in fact, be assed to care about this" as if its some major burn.

No. 677128

The vanity of basically everything nowadays. Seeing people feeling themselves on tiktok (don't have it but it shows up everywhere) buying excessive amounts of clothes to take pictures in, etc. If you don't have an instagram (I do) you're considered a weirdo or people automatically assume you think you're better than them. Maybe some people aren't vain or in a desperate need to be complimented/validated.

No. 677146

>married into trash
NTA but SIL could be anon's sibling's wife as well? Seconding that she's spineless though kek.

No. 677156

you don't have to justify hating fatties by making some weird claim about their domestic cleanliness. it's ok to hate fatties.

No. 677171

>people automatically assume you think you're better than them
and they're right

No. 677176

Do we have the same SIL? On top of all the dust, food crumbs and cat fur all over everything she also leaves her toilet sink covered in what looks like pubic hair and the toilet bowl itself is completely encrusted with shit. I’m not talking about some skidmarks, I mean it’s completely covered to the point that you can barely see the white underneath. How do you even manage that?
Her brother and parents are normal people who keep clean homes so I have no idea how she turned out like this. One good thing about COVID is that I no longer have to come up with excuses for not wanting to go to her place.

No. 677210

I hate having a really, really nice meal that I love, but still feeling hungry afterwards.

No. 677228

I hate with my heart that people can't read the OP and come to vent here anyways, next time I'm highlighting the DO NOT VENT HERE ABOUT YOUR PATHETIC LIFE part

No. 677277

Meanwhile in the vent thread anons talk about the smallest little annoyances that probably belong in the 'annoying' thread instead. Every thread is turning into a vent thread tbh lol

No. 677280

Just say you’re obese and gross, anon

No. 677285

Just say you're a doormat who likes to eat pet hair.

No. 677291

Not that anon, doesn’t apply to me.

No. 677303

You think people who don't have social media think they're better than you? Just the act of not having it? kek

No. 677308

no, i meant myself. i don't have social media

No. 677314

File: 1605797786033.jpg (298.33 KB, 1600x900, hippo-sunscreen.jpg)

Hideous, disgusting animals. I hate them.

No. 677321

Agreed. fucking freaks.

No. 677325

File: 1605798553343.jpg (299.97 KB, 800x1200, x-171218.jpg)

Even during my weebiest years I never managed to get into Vocaloid, those synthesized voices are so grating. My friends would tell me "they updated the software, the voice is much more natural now" or "you are not listening to the good songs, check this one", nope, it's still the same computer generated text-to-speech program. I can't even take the more emotional songs like Rolling Girl seriously because of Miku's completely unnatural voice. I can say the designs are neat and some music videos are very well done, but I can't understand how people can listen to the songs when they sound like that.

No. 677327

File: 1605798584144.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.2 KB, 600x612, gettyimages-178347412-612x612.…)

i hate their teeth

No. 677331

Ugh, thank you for spoilering because that's so rank. I've always thought they were ugly, but I remember seeing that shit flinging video of one when I was younger, and I've deeply hated them ever since. Learning that they're unnecessarily aggressive, deadly animals just solidified it. Awful creatures.

No. 677334

I'm sorry anon I totally understand you but this is on par to me with "I just can't read fairy tales, they're too unrealistic". The computer generated sound is sort of the purpose of the whole genre, it's not supposed to sound human.

No. 677335

File: 1605799352333.jpg (309.25 KB, 1280x960, 1280px-Hippo_skull.jpg)

Look at their skull and how alien it looks. I think the babies look cute, but learning that they are the deadliest animal in Africa despite being herbivores really fucked me up.

No. 677339

File: 1605799572603.jpg (54.52 KB, 640x360, Hippo_002_Med-1-640x360.jpg)

Pygmy hippos are pretty cute. They don't get that big and don't develop giant ass tusks. You kinda have to be into ugly-cute animals though.

No. 677343

These things are horrifying. They kill so many people annually too being huge as hell and having jaws that can crush skulls and bones with no effort at all.

No. 677394

File: 1605804323503.jpg (1.31 MB, 4032x3024, URTLE.jpg)

turtles, i hate them. they gross me out, especially the picrel kind. i dont hate the sea ones so much but they still gross me out

No. 677396

nta but I'm on the same boat as her. I fucking hate CG sounds, even autotune grates my ears. I fucking hate trap music because of it. I don't care it's on purpose, I don't care it's ~uwu~ ironic, it drives me mad.

No. 677409

Hippo anon, I don't like turtles/tortoises either. Snapping turtles freak me out, and I think I lump them all together kek. They're kinda fine from a distance, but I never want to touch one.

No. 677420

big disagree, turtles are cute

No. 677447

I hate monkeys

No. 677493

Same. Ugly, shit flinging, dangerous, annoying, etc. Bonobos are the worst imo, it creeps me out when people try to compare humans to them.

No. 677500

File: 1605812305588.jpg (65.36 KB, 424x446, 1605804848656.jpg)

what the fuck is this shit fucking why

No. 677505

File: 1605812571820.jpg (366.21 KB, 2000x1000, o-SEA-TURTLE-facebook.jpg)

No. 677510

Same, they're awful.But tbh I also hate those psychos that want to see monkeys or any other animal they don't like get hurt or tortured.

No. 677512

What? Chimpanzees are more dangerous and vile than bonobos

No. 677517

ew. it's mouth reminds me of a botched neo-vag

No. 677533

>botched neo-vag
I hadn't even seen one of these up until yesterday. Thanks LC, I hate it

No. 677537

No. 677542

File: 1605816468176.jpg (63.61 KB, 564x846, 7d15b10ac89e978e932fba0bff4d36…)

I hate Capybaras. Ugly pig rats. I was so happy to learn they makes the prettiest gloves.

No. 677545

Every time I see an animal pic pop up while I'm scrolling I assume it's the 'Things we love' thread.. and always I'm disappointed. Lot of animal hate lately lol

No. 677546

Go post an animal you love, anon! I put one in each kek

No. 677548

I like orangutans and gorillas but chimpanzees and bonobos freak me out so much. I almost went into behavioural biology but the department was all about chimps and no thank you.

I don’t understand that either. When I think an animal is gross I don’t want to see it at all, not go out of my way to watch it being hurt.

No. 677552

File: 1605817425398.jpeg (89.87 KB, 800x533, ACE608D4-1996-4169-B136-FFB0C8…)

Im a total dog person and I love every dog breed but yorkies are so ugly to me. Their hair looks greasy and stringy and not soft at all fuck them

No. 677558

It’s weird when it’s animals people don’t generally interact with. Not an animal lover but I only dislike the ones that effect me, like wild birds because they might shit on my head. Never been bothered by capybaras because I don’t live in a South American savanna lol.

No. 677577

I always just listened to the covers (even though I found Gumi and IA pretty fine to listen to) lol

No. 677581

File: 1605819388088.png (2.84 MB, 1300x6220, 1553746070713.png)

No. 677713

I agree with you but I heard a song which sounded totally human, someone must have worked very hard on it and it was a cover of a jojo opening but I can't find it anymore!! Ughhh

No. 677731

i fucking hate when makeup youtubers put on some highlighter or whatever and silently make the :OOOO face for like 10 seconds

No. 677754

I understand anon, vocaloid is something that you can either love or hate, not everyone is just into their text-to-speech-like voices.
Maybe you should just find the covers of their songs made by humans, some vocaloid songs have some really, really nice lyrics.

No. 677768

File: 1605842150368.jpg (4.8 KB, 202x277, f4FPVxm.jpg)


No. 677773

>when you let the Tinfoil General anons out of their quarantine

No. 677778

People posting their daily hangouts/parties in the middle of a 9 month pandemic. Do you really have to prove to people you have a budding social life even at times like these, where what you're doing is straight up irresponsible and borderline offensive. The numbers are horrible in my state and rapidly increasing. You're telling me I have to get covid the one time I go to the grocery store and watch the people who gave me it record their antics?

No. 677796

File: 1605846411298.gif (1.55 MB, 275x207, FC9056EE-352C-41CD-BE02-A3FBDD…)

I enjoy fujoshit nonsense and slash but I hate it when the fans expect things out of the writers, even though it was obviously not going to fucking happen. Your ship not happening is not homophobia and you’re drawing attention to us for all the wrong reasons.

I just want to enjoy my gay sex stories in peace. For fuck’s sake.

No. 677808

File: 1605848511814.jpg (59.21 KB, 400x267, lion-and-lioness.jpg)

Speaking of animals, I kind of hate lions (male). They're kind of jerks and I think they look silly with their mane. Lionesses look way more elegant.

No. 677830

What's the tinfoil, the comments? Because they're real and unfortunately very common. Go look up any "Poor Baby Pity Monkey" video and read for yourself. People who hate monkeys are just psychos.

No. 677842

that's horrible that that exists, but maybe anon meant something else. I used to see monkeys as "uncanny valley" territory. The resemblance to humans clashes a lot with their movements in a way that makes them look fake, like puppets. And the wrinkly, close-eyed faces, they seemed weird at first.
except now I really love those guys and all kinds of primates, thanks primatology class lol. I love how weird they are and find the closeness to humans fascinating

No. 677844

oops went ot, just meant to say anon doesn't have to like monkey abuse simply because she dislikes them. it was even mentioned how anons dont like it >>677510
Now that I've learned such content exists, thats my thing I hate for this thread

No. 677875

File: 1605863825806.jpg (465.52 KB, 1908x1146, 310DF2AB00000578-0-image-a-26_…)

I had a friend who hated monkeys. She said they were creepy. I just can't hate any animal. My favourite animals are spiders. Also picrel, do monkey hating anons hate pygmy marmosets?? They're so tiny and cute.

No. 677892

When people create a new thread while the previous one is still open, it's either newfags who freak out when they see the 1100 posts notice or people who think they have a great thread pic and absolutely want to use it.

No. 677893

This. Also reminds me how at least at some point there were always drawfags who are mad that their unfunny caricature fanart didn't become the next thread pic and they spent the first 80 replies arguing how their amazing super witty artwork was supposed to be there.

No. 677895

I agree it's annoying when it's a ship that's obviously never going to happen due to either having no basis or being born in a context where it's unrealistic to expect it (like shonen manga mains probably won't ever be made gay) but sometimes authors just tease the audience and make the relationship glaringly obvious but refuse to turn it 100% canon due to either homophobic male fan or publisher pressure. It's especially grating when the author drops some sort of a vague "It's how the reader interprets it! winks eye" remark and you're stuck in this weird limbo of both scrotes denying the ship being canon because it's ~not confirmed~ and the author basically dangling it in front of your face.

Don't know why I'm taking it so personally, I guess I just want gay relatioships to be normalized in the media to the point that they wouldn't be just "implied" at best. Sorry for the sperg.

No. 677900

File: 1605870398509.jpg (180.03 KB, 1200x1200, bird from hell.jpg)

Seagulls. It's not just hate, it's fear.
I like most birds, but seagulls have too much audacity and scare the ever loving shit out of me. Searching for this image upset me, right next to it there was a news story / pictures of a seagull just plucking a rabbit out of its warren and eating it whole. WTF. Once IRL I saw a pigeon who had been ran over (RIP), and a seagull eating its guts. Good for them for being good predators / scavengers I guess, but I'm genuinely afraid that I'm going to meet my end by a seagull just fly-lunging at me and taking out an eye ball.

No. 677905

i live in a seaside city and the seagulls in highly populated areas are fucking huge because I guess they have more to eat. The regular ones you see elsewhere in the city are of normal size but the city centre seagulls are the size of two regular seagulls stacked on top of each other.

they're terrifying, but even the big ones will back off if you look intimidating. I've even pet the big ones before and they can be very sweet, they're just extremely dumb and screechy.

No. 677912

These fuckers are massive too. I don’t mind them because the ones in my area are relatively well behaved, but they are scary looking.

I hate swans. There’s a lake where I live and I like going there to see the ducks because they’re funny and harmless. The swans ruin that though, they’re almost as tall as me and so fat. They just assume you have food and harass you. Arrogant creatures that wouldn’t be afraid to attack if you stand your ground. Strong enough to do some damage, too. I can’t even appreciate their beauty.

No. 677914

Do you have advice on how to intimidate a seagull?

No. 677921

Look bigger, make noise and run at them if they follow you around and get too aggressive. The usual, really.
They usually just screech and beg for food, then leave you alone if you move away though.

No. 678019

I hate sharp cheddar cheese, it tastes mouldy.

No. 678028

Once a seagull swooped down and tried to grab a half-eaten banana right out of my hand. It was unsettling, but at least I gave the guy across from me a good laugh…

Swans are evil creatures too.

I think pigeons are the worst bird though. Those ugly, beady eyes. Their ugly feathers. Just sitting there being dirty and waiting to poop on you.

No. 678073

I hate goat cheese it tastes like straight grass, I'd try sheep cheese but not if it tastes the same

No. 678127

Sheep milk cheeses are so good! Feta and ricotta are sheep cheese, which I feel like a lot of people don’t know. Halloumi too, I think.

No. 678142

You can also try a cow/sheep blend! Sheep cheese has more similarities to cow vs goat cheese, so people who don’t like goat find it more palatable.

No. 678145

I hate normalfags but not really hate I just dislike them.

No. 678151

I tend to have a "normies get out reee" attitude when it comes to hobbies but I much prefer having normies as coworkers, they are the most tolerable people in your daily life.

No. 678153

Agree anon. I rather spend with normie rather some stranger with the same hobbies with me.

No. 678190

I get what you’re saying about fear for these creatures. I used to live near the sea in the past and the seagulls there were insane. If you f ex got yourself a hotdog or a bun from the kiosk these birds would dive after you and sometimes ever rip it out of your hand. They also try to attack you if you just walk past their seagullbabies

No. 678196

NTAYRT but nah. There's a middle ground between "insufferably autistic adult child with no social skills" and a normie. I can't stand normies because they're often extremely shallow with their interests and I get sick of hearing about their whole world revolving around bar hopping, their relationships, kids, apartments etc. I work with mostly nerds and it's great, they're well adjusted socially but have genuine interests and respect for mine as well whereas my normie coworkers frown at anything more niche than going to the gym. With my geek coworkers I can have long and interesting conversations about movies, music, games, creative hobbies and crack jokes but normies aren't interesting in anything enough to hold a conversation longer than ten minutes. They're harmless but boring to be around.

No. 678200

Agreed. It might sound dramatic but lbr it is homophobia most of the time. Not necessarily the writers or actors or whoever hating gay people, but hesitance to 'take it too far' out of fear of alienating their straight male or self inserting female audience. It might be direction from higher ups or their own personal choice, but there's definitely pressure to avoid offending any delicate sensibilities.

I also feel like writers think they would be sacrificing their integrity if they fully indulged a fujo audience despite not intending to write gay dudes. But it's not fujos fault that male characters and their relationships tend to get the best writing, more depth/complexity and the most interesting dynamics and storylines because people can't write women for shit. Just using Destiel as an example because it's recent, but who the fuck else should people ship Dean with? One of the poorly written, sidelined female characters who got killed off? imo real integrity as a writer would be developing the relationships with the strongest chemistry as a couple, regardless of gender. If it happens to be male characters that's fine, and frankly it often will be because of how people write men.

No. 678206

I don't get why nerds think that hobbies are the be all and end all of being an interesting person. Socially adept people develop a way of talking and telling stories about normal, everyday things that makes them fun to be around, they don't rely on having niche nerd hobbies to socialize. The funniest, most entertaining woman in my office is a 50 year old normie lady with kids and a husband and no other particularly notable traits. Nerds who can't relate to people who don't share their obscure interests are the boring ones, not regular people who built up their personality to be independent from their hobbies. Of course plenty of them will be boring, but it's a lack of charisma and social skills rather than a lack of unique interests.

No. 678220

This. Normies can be fun. Nerds can also be insufferable.

No. 678238

Different strokes for different folks. I can't stand small talk and I hate people talking about mundane topics that could be summed up in a few words.
It's not even about having hobbies but interests that don't revolve around family/coonsumerism or some utterly trivial matter that doesn't require much thought or perception. Even if you start an easy topic such as movies or some current (non political) trend, you will always get the most basic bitch tier response. I wouldn't mind "normies" if they weren't insufferable in the sense that they constantly invite you to go somewhere or join some tedious event. After work, I don't want to socialize and I don't care about your life.

No. 678294

Agreed. And tbh the normies usually do have hobbies, the nerds just don't want to admit that it IS a hobby because they themselves don't like it.

Look, if you want everyone to respect and chat about your niche hobby, you have to have that same energy when they talk about their not so niche hobby. You can't be like "hey I'm gonna ramble on about anime and it's disrespectful if you don't listen but god damn it I will not hear about your yoga."

No. 678309

>Normies have interesting hobbies and all others are just autistic weebs who ramble about anime
Literally all the normies at my office job couldn't be more boring. They don't have hobbies, not even basic bitch tier yoga, they can't hold an interesting fucking conversation to save their lives. They don't follow current events or have really superficial opinions on them and find stupid celebrity gossip more engaging. I wish I was just parroting a tired stereotype but this is my everyday experience with my normie coworkers aged 20-35 and I'm screaming internally whenever I'm stuck in a situation where I have to try and make small talk with them, even talking about mundane topics with them is a chore. The only topic that gets them going is shit talking people or going to the night club. The 40+ ones only talk about their kids and I can't relate because I don't have children.

The only relatively interesting normies are the 50+ who have older teenage/adult children and have enough life experience and the lack of excessive self-consciousness to talk about whatever. The nerdier people at my work on the other hand are very talkative and can talk about pretty much anything be it movies or food or the weather because they pay attention and are invested enough to make observations they can discuss. Seriously, I just don't understand people who insist that normies are some peak performance of humanity, most of them are just unambitious and painfully mediocre people with no personality and a very narrow look on everyday life. That's why they're normies.

No. 678324

File: 1605916237374.png (14.88 KB, 577x688, Untitled.png)

i cannot stand how the youths talk these days in fandom circles. i know we all had horrible cringy ways of talking as teens ourselves, but i guess i just especially hate this lingo because it reminds me of the way people nowadays react with vicious hate and harassment if others don't agree with them.

No. 678326

this tbh
stop self-hating, nerds, you can be into geek stuff and still have hobbies. i sometimes wonder what normies who aren't avid outdoorsy even do. how can you live without geeking out about something unless your life is super tech-free/pop-culture-free? that just isn't what i'm interested in, personally.

No. 678340

I could tell from the first 3 replies alone that these are written by horny AGP trannies and the last one confirmed it kek

No. 678363

it's that or fakebois simping for mtfs

No. 678365

File: 1605919770480.jpg (91.94 KB, 720x846, 6507858ccc4ef227ad782acbd3822b…)

eh all dogs will get greasy like that if you don't wash them. yorkies look cuter with shorter cuts though. i'm biased, every yorkie i've met has been a total sweetheart.

No. 678367

Nobody's saying normies are peak performance. It just goes both ways. You think they're boring, they think you're boring. They're normies because they're the norm, not because they're useless. In some circles the normie would be the weirdo and the weirdo would be the normie. It's all relative, my friend.

No. 678368

Man that's the softest looking little dog I've ever seen. Nta but this made me like yorkies more

No. 678370

File: 1605920068981.png (42.41 KB, 420x294, 1346677235526_813075.png)

i like dogs, but i hate "dog people" with the intensity of 5000 suns

No. 678371

similar to chihuahuas, it takes a good owner to raise a nice, friendly, calm small dog. and they are SUPER soft and warm with these cuts, like velvety little hot water bottles!

No. 678380

I hate when people are competitive about things that aren't actually a competition. You know the ones. You've been to Tenerife and they've been to Elevenerife. You've ran a 5k and they've slingshotted themselves to Madagascar using a leather slingshot that they fashioned from a free range cow.

No. 678390

When i voluntered at the shelter every fucking one said that they prefered animals to people, and would go on about how dogs and cats are loving and honest and faithful and pure and everything nice. And i get it, i prefer animals to people because animals dont care that i'm a retarded autist if i treat them right. But it just seems like a really rude thing to say to another person, know what i mean?

No. 678411

File: 1605922549430.gif (453.83 KB, 400x400, saved_from_cute_emo_boyz_69.gi…)

oh u think u wernt annoying as a teen anon? XP holds up spork roflz r u suuuuuure? :3

i jus think mebbe u arnt being honest wit urself ^___^

(\ / )
( ^ .^)
O('') ('') bunny sez rAwR! XDD

No. 678416

I want a whole thread in which every anon talks like this anon.

No. 678417

Seeing that post makes me realize I want an imageboard where people have usernames, post glitter graphics and type just like that.
It'd be cancerous and amazing.

No. 678419

File: 1605923233884.jpeg (65.03 KB, 409x271, 04A83DFC-FE00-4E1A-91FE-B1A089…)

>you’ve been to Tenerife and they’ve been to elevenrife
I love you anon, so much.
But yeah, it’s so fucking annoying, bitches need to stop acting like they will get a fucking medal for doing shit, this is why I avoid talking about what I’m doing/I did with my life.

No. 678430

i literally said that in my post though. the reason the lingo i posted makes me wince is because i associate it with people harassing and doxing others for liking ships they deem problematic and other insane bullshit.

No. 678436

sorry anon I just grasped my one chance to shitpost in a relevant manner

No. 678437

Can't stand the ,,,,, thing like in the third reply. I know someone's going to be annoying as fuck when I see that.

No. 678447

File: 1605925489947.png (635.81 KB, 635x636, screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-3443…)

Photos of models eating pizzas, and really skinny women doing huge mukbangs.
Everyone knows you heavily restrict, puke all that shit up, or spit it out the moment the camera is cut. Enough with the lies.

No. 678452


ugh yes, and I hate mukbangs in general. wish this trend did not fucking exist, it makes me feel sick, most commentators for vids etc tend to be creepy men asking "how much can you eat?" / "i nutted to this" anyway.

No. 678453

i'm not even a normie but god you sound insufferable lol

No. 678457

File: 1605927177726.png (417.44 KB, 812x866, schizo.png)

Can you maybe fuck off with your reddit normalfag bullshit and go kill yourself.
Fuck off my board you faggot

No. 678458

Someone didn’t get bullied enough kek

No. 678459

Fuck you emoticons are still fucking cute
Emojis are retarded and can’t compete

No. 678460

Ugh yes this always reads to me as fake and pandering to males, you can't just be thin and hot, you must be so by miracle and eat a ton just like the guys

No. 678484

God I hate Mukbangs so much. I fucking hate watching people eat in general, and mouth/food sounds absolutely gross me out, they literally make me want to puke. Seeing them eat so much in one sitting just makes it even more disgusting. I had a ex-friend from high school who would make me watch these with him and him forcing me to watch them is literally a big part of we aren't friends anymore kek.

No. 678485

from what i understand they didn't used to be like that. it was something about how south korean culture has a stigma against people being out, alone (according to a friend who lived in sk for a time), and eating alone, so some people started making videos pretending to eat with them to provide some comfort. it was never meant to be this gross ASMR "stuff yourself and eat like a disgusting slob" thing it's become bastardized into. i think the original idea was cute.

No. 678554

I live alone and watch (toned down/chill) mukbangs while I eat, fitting with the original idea behind them. I used to stick on documentaries but then you miss important details or cant hear well while chewing so it makes for better background noise.

No. 678558

>I fucking hate watching people eat in general, and mouth/food sounds absolutely gross me out, they literally make me want to puke.
My anon, I wholeheartedly agree. I absolutely loathe mukbangs. They make me sick. I never got how it's supposed to be seen as "ASMR" or something to be entertained by. I simply don't find watching someone smack their lips and gobble down tons of food appealing. They're so gross and I will never, ever understand how people can watch this shit for hours on end. Why? How can you stomach it? The first mouth sound I hear makes me so uncomfortable.

No. 678589

I think the reaction to photos of models/skinny women eating pizza is usually a projection (not just you anon, it’s widespread). True that EDs are widespread among models, but a photo of someone eating a single slice of pizza is not an accurate insight to their diet. We don’t look at a photo of an obese person eating a banana and assume that their diet is super healthy, so why is it different switched around?

Mukbangs are more indicative of disordered eating if the person maintains a low weight despite doing mukbangs often. But again, it’s supposed to be unrealistic hence why they attract people by eating such huge portions. This is the Internet. Porn is fake, YouTube challenge videos are fake, instagram photos are fake, half of social media accounts are probably fake.

I understand this can be damaging to kids who don’t know any better, or people with severe pre-existing issues. At the same time, I don’t know understand why other people can’t understand how they are viewing this through a (possibly damaged) lense and projecting their shit onto it.

No. 678611

Mukbangs are literally the most disgusting concept ever imho. I hate listening to people chew, I don’t even like eating with my friends/family and listening to them, never mind some stranger gobbling fettuccine Alfredo with the volume turned up

No. 678676

ASMR sounds in general are rage inducing. Idg how that shit is "relaxing."

No. 678705

>a photo of someone eating a single slice of pizza is not an accurate insight to their diet. We don’t look at a photo of an obese person eating a banana
It's universal that people don't like being lied to.
But the difference between a fat person depicted eating a healthy food is that society generally condones that for health reasons, whereas a thin woman eating something unhealthy that we all know she doesn't eat is just fetish schlock mainly aimed for scrotes, so.

But I agree with everything else you said.

No. 678800

flies and people that h8 mosquitos more than flies. like are they dumb stupid or dumb? flies eat literal shit

No. 678806

Some people have really severe skin reactions to mosquitos whenever they get stung. It's no contest, both are annoying and repulsive

No. 678809

Go back to twitter.

No. 678836

i also h8 people that say go back back to "x"

No. 678853

I hate people that seem to make a mess by just exsisting
Those filthy people who can spend 5 seconds in your kitchen and somehow mess up your floors, fill the sink with dirty dishes and produce an odor no matter which room they go into.
Like how? I couldn't even be that messy if I tried. This is a weird talent

No. 678892

ugh my fucking father. I don’t know how he does it.

No. 679093

File: 1606013734207.jpg (13.18 KB, 300x250, 80f4a8345aee7a65bc99071936d762…)

I hate the Instagram shop shit and the twitter story thing they added. I also hate all the goddamn advertisements everywhere. Ffs leave me alone REEEEE
I also hate that there's no decent site to upload artwork to.

No. 679111

I recently went back on instagram after deleting in 2015 and jfc. There's more ads than content from people I'm actually following. I don't want to consoom products, also I don't get why every social media app besides snapchat has to have stories now.
Left a sour taste in my mouth, I definitely made the right decision to quit social media.

No. 679117

God I was just about to make a similar complaint
I decided to start uploading art to insta and my interactions are just absolutely dismal, I really miss having a place catered to art

No. 679154

On a semi similar tangent I hate the retarded embedded ads on Pinterest as well, and the fact that they seem to be appearing more frequently than ever on mobile now. Even my desktop adblocker doesn't seem to nuke them, it's pissing me off. I don't care about this faggotry, I just want to save pretty pictures to my boards

No. 679158

Opera. It's not music, it's just some irritating yowling. No rhythm and melody at all. Female voices in particular are insufferable, they sound like nails on chalkboard. Males are not much better.
Ugh. Stop it. Shut up.

No. 679161

lol i want you and the anon who masturbated to opera music to have a conversation

No. 679162

That anon must have an ear rape fetish.

No. 679168

File: 1606031080418.gif (507.41 KB, 221x231, 1602771054375.gif)

nta should I delete my instagram for artwork then? I just made one a couple days ago, after not having any social media since 2015. Like I just hate how corporate everything is. There's no real site for professional artists that is super mainstream and everyone can see and get in contact with artists and get jobs. It has to be fucking instagram, I'm tired. What to do?

No. 679172

Tik toks (which people repost to instagram, I don't have Tik Tok) and Instagram reels of people trying to look ~uwu~ cute or act like an anime character. They all just look like spazzes. I can understand the young teens but I'm seeing fully grown adults doing this shit. And also the fact that people report their tik toks to instagram… I don't want to see it. If I did, I'd be on the damn app. Calm your damn clout chasing.

No. 679173

I hate people who are misinformed about weight loss. You literally won't lose a damm pound if you don't create a calorie deficit, no matter what you've been tol, and "starvation mode" isn't a real thing unless you're an Anachan spoop with lanugo all over your skelly face.

Also wanted to add that keto isn't sustainable for most people and butter in coffee is fucking digusting.

No. 679177

I’ve heard that Instagram engagement is slowing down for some artists and tbh I see it happening to cosplayers too. Some of them have like 20-40k followers but only get 1-2k likes or under that. Twitter might be a little better but it’s also hard to get followers in there too oof.
I miss when tumblr was the best place to post art.

No. 679178

twitter is a cesspool, never joining that site.

No. 679185

> I don't get why every social media app besides snapchat has to have stories now.

Leading on from this, all the content is reposted between every social media. TikToks, YouTube videos, screenshots of Tweets/Instagram posts, everything. Why is it necessary to have a compilation of XYZ’s best TikToks on YouTube when you could just go on TikTok and watch them?

It’s basically just one massive social media network now, rather than different websites with unique purposes and user bases. Boring.

No. 679187

This is so accurate. All the major sites seem to be becoming one entity. All of them look the same with the sleek minimal basic UI. It's so boring. No charm.

No. 679188

I remember when twitter removed the possibility to add your own wallpaper to your profile/tl and made the header bar way to big for most pictures to look good.

You're not missing much, most artists with a big following on twitter started to gather their audience on tumblr or instagram long ago when it was still possible, then all these people started following them on twitter.

No. 679190

I hate tiktok in general, but alt tiktok annoys me. Yesterday I saw this “punk” guy screaming inside his car that terfs and people that hate troons should get killed or something. Like wtf he sounded psychotic it was sick lol.

No. 679191

I HATE when I go to an album on bandcamp and click play on the top but the song they picked to play is not the first song on the album, so I have to go way down below all the links to buy merch and cassettes and vinyls and cds and the notes which can be very verbose to get to the song list.

No. 679192

I really miss old custom-background Twitter, although I guess they removed it to prevent exploitation. Back then there was the option for animated gif profile pics too.

I didn’t notice it until now, but you’re right. A lot of the old popular artists on tumblr just moved platform to twitter with ye Great Porn Purge of the old site. Honestly I miss how nice tumblrs image display options were. Twitter crop sucks. And the ability to sort posts by tags/archive was so much easier to navigate art and inspiration blogs.

No. 679193

Why the disproportionate amount of hate for terfs? Is it because they are women? Why don't I hear anyone yelling how all racists should die when that is surely more warranted? Is it because all the people yelling about "die terfs" are white so they don't care about real problems?

No. 679196

> Is it because all the people yelling about "die terfs" are white so they don't care about real problems?
White men yelling about racists would have to do some reflection on themselves and their history of dominance. It’s too close to home. Thank fuck the terfs are now the bad guys because before that the target was cis straight white men so they weren’t allowed to take part.

Very disturbing how now the most hated group is a minority.

People praising these guys are probably the type of deluded Americans who call themselves Commies because they’re slightly/moderately left wing. Laughable.

No. 679197

They saw a chance to hate on women without anything holding them back and took it. Also punks on tiktok just sounds so funny.

No. 679203

I think ArtStation is now the best place for professional artists, they all have visible contact infos, but people who get the most views and engagement are concept artists in sci-fi/fantasy, it's probably very hard to get noticed there too.

No. 679208

File: 1606040267327.jpg (68.55 KB, 480x640, beech.jpg)


No. 679214

I can see where you're coming from anon. Rin's voice can be so ear grating. That's why I mostly prefer the adult vocaloids like meiko, kaito, gakupo, etc.

No. 679242

Where the fuck is this? my country doesn't really care about our beaches, but holy fuck that's another level

No. 679268

I don’t really like beaches either but fuck living inland.

No. 679279

This looks so disgusting, I want to scream. They need to clean their beaches up

No. 679289

If the beaches where I live looked like that I'd hate them too.

No. 679297

The soft/edgy aesthetic. Not necessarily the sanrio e-girl type, but the type that mixes lolita/victorian princess aesthetics with gore/horror/creepy angels

No. 679303

like nicole dollanganger and company? I agree, they look all the same. I like that girl they used to call andre the giant though

No. 679310

>I like that girl they used to call andre the giant
you mean Cryspell/Rosie Diamonds

No. 679316

Meiko and Kaito have the most grating voices in my opinion. I do like Iroha and Gumi though

No. 679323

I'm one of those anons and I'm just sticking it out tbh. There really isn't an alternative option out there right now with Tumblr dead and Twitter not being much better with posting art if you don't already have a following, I just might have to start being obnoxious with tags

Actually, I super hate when art shows up on my feed under a tag I follow and it has nothing to do with the tag at all, drives me nuts. They're clearly just just using random tags.

I also hate how Insta seems to hate the color red. lmao compression city augh

No. 679470

Time and time again, I see people sympathize with pedophiles, and every time I die a bit on the inside. I saw a video about a pedophile in this show, where the character masturbated to child pornography and got blackmailed for it (Kenny from Black Mirror, if you're wondering). In the comments were a bunch of people saying: "~uwu pedophiles are different from child molesters, he didn't do anything wrong~" Of fucking course they're different, but do you know how child molesters came to be? I know not all child molesters are pedophiles, but if you ARE a pedo you have a higher chance of molesting a kid than someone who isn't. It's just if they feel so sorry for being attracted to kids, then why can't they just stop surrounding themselves constantly with temptations and harming others indirectly (child pornography [real or fictional], dating a fellow adult despite not being really attracted to them, working with children, even having children themselves)? I get sometimes people can't control their desires/fantasies, but you definitely can control your actions, and watching child porn is definitely a fucking action. Treat pedophilia like a mental disability, and accept that you will never, ever get to live out the """"love"""" you seek, despite seemingly being able to.

No. 679478

Something that's always overlooked is only a small minority of pedophiles are exclusively attracted to children, so it's not even like they can just never express their sexuality in any way not to break the law and have to live le tormented chaste life, most of them can jerk off to adults and fuck adults too, they just choose to still coom the illegal way.

No. 679502

i hate that women cant criticise other women without looking jealous/immature but its fine for dudes to literally beat up other men for virutally nothing and their mental health is never scrutinised for it.

this woman has been stalking and harassing me since her ex moved out of her continent to date me 2 years ago and i could tear both her eyes out and jealousy has nothing to do with it, she's just a manipulating psycho who's been trying to convince my partner im bad even though she has no chance of getting back with him.

women's anger is always invalidated a labelled as misogyny, jealousy and affinity for conflict/drama and im sick of it.

No. 679538

Why is your bf still talking to his ex?

No. 679771

File: 1606117764418.jpg (104.69 KB, 634x932, 97FHJ.jpg)

I hate zoomer fashion, this is how my SIL dress for work and she's a daycare worker!

No. 679773

Based SIL

No. 679777

Lmao, but why the big t shirt, no pants look? Is it to emulate the toddler she take care of?

No. 679784

your SIL is amazing

No. 679785

File: 1606119327455.jpg (463.76 KB, 1080x1975, IMG_20201123_091257.jpg)

braindead retards explaining their braindead lyrics like it's Shakespeare and not embarrassing trash libfem is cancer

No. 679795

The crush fetish community. People who produce that kind of content and those who enjoy it/request it should have their feet cut off.
I don't even care if it's just food or other inanimate objects. Not only is it wasteful, god knows they always escalate to living creatures. I first learned about their existence from some guy who kept shilling his insect-crushing porn company on /cgl/ and /r9k/ trying to employ girls, and then news stories about people filming themselves stomping on small animals like kittens, and even some people filming themselves stomping on literal children. They are disgusting.
The fact that there are tons of videos on YT alone of people stomping on and tearing apart stuffed animals and dolls that look like children haunts me, knowing that whoever watches that shit is probably thinking of real life counterparts in the toy's place (or that they will soon, because the stationary objects won't satisfy them forever).

No. 679798

I usually don't care about other people's fetishes, but the crushing fetish makes my blood boil to an unbelievable level. I can't really figure out why would someone enjoy watching the suffering of innocent creatures like kittens and little kids like your post says, even when they are just toys it pisses me off. I wish that those people and their awful excuse of "B-but don't kinkshame UwU" could dissapear forever.

No. 679801

File: 1606121999060.jpg (45.81 KB, 749x556, IMG-20190805-WA0006.jpg)

I hate that even the lowest tier men feel like they can dictate me what I should be doing/are viewed as above me by other scrotes. Case in point: a couple of months back I was recording a training video for my work and there was this little smarmy cunt that was trying to direct my every move, told me what to say, where to stand, and that I should be smiling all the time. He was not a designated "director" for our shoot, nor did he give any hints to the men that were working with us. I know I was not doing a shit job, so I dont think that was the case, just male entitlement. And he was a short fat little manlet, I felt disgusted with myself but still listened to him.
Another situation that comes to mind is that I was the manager in my previous job, but customers would dismiss me. One time some customer was kicking off at me and he only stopped when a new hire, a 19 year old 5'4" boy, told him to leave me alone. I fucking hate it here.
I hate that I am not confident enough to stand up for myself in those situations, and I am scared to be called a bitch and shunned as a bossy cunt.

No. 679803

Apparently, there's a healthy community of people who enjoy watching baby monkeys getting abused and tortured on youtube and other places on the surface web. I don't know if it's just a rumor, because I'm too scared to go look. You can't tell me for a second that they aren't stand-ins for human babies and children. Anyone who enjoys it needs to be put on a wall.

Tinfoil but I feel like the mukbangs with pretty Asian women in caked-on makeup laughing and smiling as they bite into and deep fry living animals falls under the same umbrella. They always have some kind of underlying sexual element to them, with how gleefully they're dominating these defenseless creatures, up to literally devouring them.

No. 679814

I hate how this reminded me of when I first discovered a video of this fetish. Unfortunately it was done with a real life rabbit. Fucking awful. These people are psychos and need to be thrown off a cliff.

No. 679816

Same fag but if they can manage to do this to small helpless animals I wouldn’t doubt that they’d quickly escalate to human children. I genuinely wonder what the fuck the appeal is? Dominance?

No. 679851

File: 1606132265225.jpg (156.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Youtube storytime animators. So fucking annoying.

No. 679854

Yes it’s the worst generic place to go on vacation. I went on a class trip overseas and all the rich kids unanimously decided we would skip a volcano hike to just spend the day at a beach. I was really looking forward to it so I burst out crying because it was a main factor for even going lol and then they complained after about an hour there anyway even though they could afford jet skis and other touristy gimmicks. Like yep there’s not much to do besides sitting there in the heat sweating and swimming around.

No. 679863

only rivaled by all the whinging about how hardworking they are and how youtube is cucking them over and so on. wish they'd all cease already!

No. 679866

I would enjoy doing this exact thing to them. Just kicking the shit out of them until they’re crippled for life. See how much they find it “sexy” then. Fucking retards.

No. 679872

Those skinny models wearing crop tops/tight outfits aren't going to eat that huge slice of pizza or the large ice cream cone because they'd have to walk around bloated and ''fat'' for the rest of the day.

No. 679880

I hate when people at my job, on our employee profiles page (where each employee lists their likes, dislikes, and hobbies) will seriously write things like "excuses", "tardiness", "complainers" or other negative personality traits under their 'dislikes.' It kinda looks like you're sucking up to.. the boss? Like by somehow saying you aren't any those things and everyone else take note.

Most people just put shit like brussel sprouts or cold weather lol. I guess it is nice they put those things out there tho because I know who to never open up to lol.

No. 679900


Orwellian shit. You'd better start toeing the party line on your mandatory company profile page.

No. 679903

Turkey. Shit is always dry, and even when it isn't, it tastes "like napkins," to quote Jake Peralta.

No. 679937

For tardiness I can understand, there's nothing more infuriating than people who are always late for any kind of meeting or date, especially when they make it part of their personality, it's one of my biggest pet peeves, but the other answers are clearly shit written by corporate obsessed employees.

No. 679940

I make sure to let turkey "rest" after taking it out of the oven and it's made a huge difference in the meat texture for me. Approximately a half hour at least. Don't carve into it as soon as you take it out or else all the juices spill out and evaporate out of the meat. Most people are too antsy after waiting three hours for their meat to cook and then wanna cut right into it while it's still piping hot. That just isn't necessary.

I will agree that white meat turkey is dry on leftovers reheat (but that's what good gravy is for!) yet the dark meat always tends to be good and not dry.
I'm looking forward to making leftover turkey pot pie.

No. 679972

>leftover turkey pot pie
Okay, now you have my attention for reconsideration. I looove any sort of pot pie, not sure why I'd never thought of this. I mean, probably because I never get a chance to make it as I'm not in charge of the turkey, but still.

No. 680082

File: 1606163958604.png (4.42 MB, 2386x1526, Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 3.38…)

Small purses (pic rel). I don't carry a purse in general but I especially don't see the point of purses in this size. What the hell can you even put in them?

No. 680094

a phone and documents when you're in a elegant dress with no pockets

No. 680102

File: 1606165527175.jpeg (34.82 KB, 452x678, images (2).jpeg)

Hi; I'm OP of this thread again
I see many people are using this thread to vent for personal issues and are not following the OP post. Please next time this thread is made put this as a description (if for whatever reason I cant do it myself):

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated.
Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

No. 680131

I'm sure this has already been brought up in the thread but I really hate Insta-thot makeup like this. It is so surreal to me that a decent portion of our society finds this attractive. The spider lashes, thick orange foundation, overlined clown lips, block brows and shovel nails. Absolutely nothing about this look is flattering or looks even remotely human, and I can't help but look down on people who like it for those reasons. It comes across as embarrassing to me as having a weird fetish.

No. 680133


No. 680136

Same. I thought that was a popular opinion but so many people seem to be into it both scrotes and women alike.

No. 680145

File: 1606169014432.png (461.7 KB, 1405x764, 6640106_n.png)

I hate watching people fight. Especially if pregnant women or children in them get hurt.
I especially hate how women fighting is considered "hot" and entertainment to men and is filmed.
I just hate violence

No. 680163

I hate pineapple on pizza, it's fucking sacrilege

No. 680171

I honestly think a lot of woman have such a low opinion of themselves due to the media they consume they literally think painting thick layers of make up is better than their own faces which is sad. Make up always looks best when it's used to accentuate natural beauty. Otherwise everyone looks the same and it's jarring

No. 680178

File: 1606172368163.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.51 KB, 1600x2134, facial_piercings_by_usagi_rair…)

Piercings in general but facial piercings even more, I find them so nasty, even second earrings. The only ones I like are nip piercings but only on women. I hang out a lot in alternative circles so it's a very unpopular opinion, I look super conservative compared to other people (I love tattoos though).

No. 680182

Same anon, love tattoos, hate piercings. I feel like tattoos can be artful and beautiful while piercings are usually just so tacky and so often infected.

No. 680186

File: 1606172970017.jpeg (24.52 KB, 250x340, 25CAF8F3-7B2A-4CD9-AE9E-A2972E…)

> they literally think painting thick layers of make up is better than their own faces
I remember thinking this in the 2000s when pic related look was in fashion. On reflection that style was hardly an issue. Yes it involved heavily changing your appearance to look like everyone else, but there was simplicity. No proper fucking with your features, just slap on the fake tan, bleach your hair, line your eyes, put foundation on your lips. No skills involved. Almost anyone could be transformed into a stunner (at least by the beauty standards back then lol).

Now it’s all contouring, smoky eyes, filling in brows, salon nails, but still never looking perfect enough without a filter. It’s hard to witness.

No. 680187

How do you feel about single ear piercings? Do you hate them too?

No. 680193

I should have specified - piercings anywhere but the earlobes. The worst piercings placement, in my mind, is either the brow (reminds of the Joe Exotic ring hanging on the thinnest shred of skin on his brow) or anywhere near mouth. Mouths are just really dirty and I cannot stand how some people just suck on their piercings, so gross.

No. 680194

Oh crap, I realized you were replying to the original op. I just was happy that someone replied to my post, sorry girls ;_;

No. 680195

I mean they could just eat that way. Everyone is different, you can eat big unhealthy meals and be really skinny, probably something about the frequency of it or how you eat the rest of the day or whatever.
t. always the skinniest and always the one in the group eating the most

No. 680196

they're trying so hard to hold on to any way they can be a victim. their problems dont even exist the way they claim but if you keep claiming it everyone will join in to coddle them

No. 680197

watch him be the next pedo to be outed

No. 680207

Piercings near/in the mouth or nose always look like acne and they feel so unhygienic to me. It's gross.

No. 680232

I hate vtubers ad

No. 680240

I hate monkeys.
These are cute though.

No. 680248

My sister.

No. 680308

AYRT and I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that, when somebody only has one ear pierced? I don't consider traditional ear piercings as "real" piercings since 99% of women have them, same with single
ear, I find the asymetry a bit obnoxious but that's just my autism.

No. 680330

File: 1606185446446.png (395.18 KB, 582x379, ew.png)

I hate this for a variety of reasons.

1.I hate instathot shit.
2.This is fucking wicked and disturbing, so many women are beaten to death for the pleasure of scrotes.
3.I really don't understand how this is a fetish.

This angers me so much.

No. 680333

It's weird how sex obsessed scrotes are but they dont even like having sex and they dont like women either.

No. 680336

Lol sorry for the weird wording, I just meant traditional ear lobe piercings. >>680193 too, thanks for your input!

No. 680337

File: 1606186737571.png (235.34 KB, 400x400, rsw400cgtrue.png)

I hate fake lashes

No. 680339

File: 1606186849770.jpg (31.18 KB, 427x427, Log_in.jpg)

I hate gauges

No. 680341

File: 1606186877128.jpg (16.46 KB, 390x390, Floating_Nomad__Photo.jpg)

I hate these how do you breathe?

No. 680343

How does the skin on the lower ear not just burst apart from all that weight? This is so gross.

No. 680349

same, maybe it's because I blink too much but I literally cannot fathom how that shit stays glued on people's eyes. I have naturally long lashes so luckily mascara works but even if I had short ones I couldn't with falsies, theyre nasty

No. 680357

File: 1606188604045.jpg (21.62 KB, 500x458, 41taRDhtheL.jpg)

cw gross, it can rip if you stretch too much but also the ear lobes are really elastic when you're young. i had gauges for awhile. thank god they closed up after i took them out, and mine were this big. they closed entirely though i still have a little mark that sort of looks like i had an earring pulled out.

No. 680358

File: 1606188793506.jpg (33.34 KB, 500x500, danielle-bregoli-face-piercing…)

i HATE this type. so much. oddly i think piercings on the actual lip are hot, and i don't mind nose piercings so long as they're a ring or large stud (wtf is with the tiny studs?). but these ones always look like a zit. and as i mentioned i do not at all understand the appeal of teensy tiny studs. legit just a shiny blemish

No. 680359

File: 1606188826976.jpg (30.78 KB, 512x185, delete this.jpg)

Those seem reasonable though compared to those fucking amethyst saucer plates holy fuck. No way the bigger ones shrink down unless it's surgery.

No. 680360

i used to have a monroe/upper lip piercing and i liked it specifically because it was a small stud and looked kind of like a mole. i can understand thinking they look zitlike though lol

No. 680365

Large piercings look way uglier to me.

No. 680383

File: 1606190649259.jpg (9.83 KB, 300x300, userimage-418802.jpg)

tbh all my friends who have had monroes now have a hole in their lip. i mean it's not open or anything but it's just there. forever. it looks even worse than the piercing.

No. 680399

File: 1606191990280.png (1.24 MB, 1637x884, lashes.PNG)

Wow I came here to post this.

I've noticed more and more women wearing them with no eyeshadow too which just makes them look squinty and weird.

No. 680417

the entire act of heterosexual sex

No. 680424

fuck google spreadsheets. I have to fill in a spreadsheet for a group project so we're using it, and the scroll bar to move horizontally is right about the fucking page tabs so I keep misclicking on those and losing my spot. I'm killing the google ceo and will wear his scalp.

No. 680455

File: 1606199609976.jpg (37.37 KB, 477x469, Capture.JPG)

I hate that skin bleaching is very popular in my country. The skin color always looks so unnatural and it reminds of pig/raw chicken skin.

Also thrifted loose tshirts that get reworked and turned into those ugly crop tops that have garters or turn it into an ugly two piece tube/coat/skirt

No. 680467

this is why I love hidden piercings like nipple and ones on genitals. (I know that's very unpopular) ones on the face are the worst looking IMO especially ones in obvious places like the lips, its even worse since those piercings can cause corrosion of the teeth.

Those are usually extensions which are even worse than wearing faux eyelashes with out make up since majority of the time the glue they use causes the natural lash to fall off with the extension.

No. 680469

I remember when that style started getting popular and some girls would start painting on their foundation and up close it just looked so cakey I don’t want to think of how long it takes to clean all that off. I’m so glad I stopped being insecure and having nightmares about being seen without makeup. But I hate that everyone commented on how I looked sick or tired like nope I’m just not curling my eyelashes so they’re 3 inches long anymore. The freedom of not caring about beauty application is rare and it sucks there’s an expectation to “fix yourself”

No. 680495

It always looks mannish/trannylike to me. It uses techniques popularized by drag culture so figures.

No. 680505

Exactly, and a lot of girls mirroring the style even admit that as if it proves it'll make them prettier. Like, ladies, you realize you already have the features troons have to falsify through bucket loads of exaggerated, garish makeup? They are compensating for what we naturally have so of course it looks ridiculous and fake by its very nature.

No. 680547

>ruin me
>just an aesthetic nose bleed
this ticked me off kek

No. 680573

File: 1606214533223.jpg (Spoiler Image, 569.29 KB, 1436x1808, n10368-1018-4b3zb-web-cropped-…)

A disorganized vagina is what happens when Georgia O'Keefe and Picasso have a daughter

I hate that the master file in cgl about cross play has NO information on FTM cosplay. I downloaded the file and it's just all about mtf. I remember getting really good information from there years ago when PT was a common thread and when I tried to find some info to give a friend for a Halloween costume she was making all the info for women was just GONE

I hate people breathing on me, it hurts and the temperature change from hot to cold is frustrating

I fucking hate how impossible it is to look up and read scientific articles, like most sites only give the shitty overview, and unless you pay $120/month guess you're just going to be ignorant. Why is it so difficult to get scientific research and general education?

No. 680585

Sci-Hub is your friend

No. 680923

There's this fashionblogger I follow who often mentions reusable shit like makeup rounds and cups because it's soo sustainable. But at the same time she's constantly promoting wasteful PR in her videos and buying tons of clothes, has a closet chockfull of sweaters in the same 5 colors, coats, dresses etc. No one needs 20 coats and I'm pretty sure it takes a fuckload of saved single use cottonround and waterbottles or whatever to make up for even just one coat. It's basically "sustainability is fucking great as long as I don't have to make any uncomfortable adjustments to my lifestyle/consumerstyle!" and I hate it.

No. 681369

Through your nostrils. Like everyone else. It's the dumbest question that people constantly ask me.

No. 681599

Pic on the right is my natural skincolor so fuck me I guess kek

No. 681656

I hate terms like "disaster bi" or "useless lesbian", they really annoy me for some reason

No. 681663

Same. I know they're jokes, but I roll my eyes every time.

No. 681666

my parents
and I'm not even a teenager, holidays man

No. 681676

I feel like they are mostly used by people who put pronouns in their bios and who base their entire personality from their sexual orientation.

No. 681714

Isn't "useless lesbian" the trope about how lesbians are so self-conscious and internalized the homophobia to the point they're afraid of making advances in fear of being seen as predatory and not some twitter baby talk?

No. 681718

Yes it is, but I think it's been co-opted by annoying twitter users.

No. 681938

Horoscope/zodiac shit. I hate how people take those things seriously. It’s embarrassing.

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