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No. 637302

Everything sux

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No. 637308

File: 1600899482245.png (118.04 KB, 297x512, 1583786827956.png)

Noone charged for Breonna Taylor's death. Is civil war soon burgerfrens? How to deal with living in extremely anti-black area during this time when you're not black but brown.

No. 637317

this is not entirely true. brett hankison (the same officer that was fired following the incident) was indicted on 3 charges related to the shooting. it's just a step below being officially charged, which i'm assuming will come next as the investigation/court proceedings continue.

No. 637318

samefagging, but i'm seeing now that he wasn't indicted for taylor's death specifically, but at least it's something.. really wish all three involved had been indicted on something, rather than just hankison. seems like a scapegoat with him being released without serving his full sentence (if it goes that far).

No. 637324

I know, it feels really insulting.

No. 637338

>say something
>person understands something else
I'm going to just lurk because trying to explain myself is not worth the headache.

No. 637356

I want to ghost a guy I have been talking to because all he does is talk about his ex, how bad his life is and how depressed he is. He doesn't do anything all day and basically expects me to entertain him but when I try to talk to him, he gives me shitty, one-line answers like lol, ok, wow and takes a long time to respond even when he says he isn't doing anything. He doesn't have any interests or hobbies to share and admitted that all he had going on was his ex. I told him that I wasn't sure how long I could continue to talk to him because it was tiring and it felt one sided and he gave me this sob story about how everyone leaves him and that he expected this to happen but he expected me to be different and that he will miss me a lot if I left. I feel bad for wanting to leave him since he is in a vulnerable state and feel like a selfish person but he is too tiring to be around.

No. 637357

I don't know if it's the combination of the day getting darker earlier again and me going into the office from 10-7, but I feel like time is moving very fast. Not in a good way.
You'd think I'd be happy about the office hours flying by but there's more to it than that (plus that just makes me more anxious about meeting deadlines on time). Like I come home and what feels like an hour has been actually three, and guess what? Then it's time for bed and it's dark anyway. I watch the hours count down on my alarm until I tell myself I need that 5-6 hours of sleep or else. Then I sleep in the next morning and roll into work late because I just feel so rushed and tired. Not physically tired, but tired mentally of the same damn routine. Maybe staying up late and sleeping in are just a passive form of self-destructive rebellion as if to say 'See universe? There's still one thing I can control.'

I'm basically a robot. Beep Boop.

No. 637364

i have thought a lot about the signs i have of being abused as a small kid and i aways thought that i could be just imagining things and my mom would have known.

but as i keep thinking it is entirely possible she missed it. she never really cared about physical health and mental health issues i presented as a kid. i know she was busy but i like to think if my nonexistent kid had trouble walking correctly for example or they had a crippling difficulty interacting with people i would realize and so would most parents. she just kept putting the blame for these things on me and watched me spiral down.

but what left me confused is that she said i suddenly changed personalities. i was a bright and extroverted girl who loved to dance, and suddenly wasnt one day. this is weird to never follow up on right? i keep thinking if it really happened because i have many other weird signs but can never be sure.

there is not even a point to this, im just lost and ashamed because it might not be true. i feel like a fraud for bringing it up in therapy.

No. 637373

i regressed from all my progress last year, i have become so paranoid of people i can hardly speak to anyone without shaking. last year i reverted back to my usual trigger-happy extroverted self and all of a sudden im quiet and reserved. i feel so stressed out, i think quarantine and the trauma of 2020 has just completely ruined me. i cant even get a coworker friend, i dont know what to do. i feel so shitty

No. 637376

File: 1600908370517.png (11.98 KB, 554x554, images (6).png)

Me and my boyfriend of almost 7 years had a fight and now he's treating me like an acquaintance.


No. 637379

I attempted suicide ten years ago today. High school overdose. I've been nothing but a huge disappointment and loss of potential since.

No. 637401

yknow what I thought about it in the mental illnesses you cant handle thread and now i'm really pissed off that my autistic (among other disorders I don't know about for sure) friend keeps harrassing me at the gym. they ask for help lifting but whenever i put my hands on the bar they start PORN STAR MOANING AND GRUNTING and generally making me super uncomfortable. I know its on purpose because one time after they asked 'how was it for you' as some kind of gross joke. And I know they do it because im too shy to tell them to fucking stop or to refuse to help them. So i'm gonna have to stop going to the gym because I don't wanna deal with that bullshit, i'm sick of men making me feel uncomfortable and trying to play it off, im disgusted that I wasn't allowed to just go to the gym and do my own thing without being religated to a helper who counts reps, just because someone knows I'm bad at saying no. so fuck that honestly, its not the heaviest transgression ever but its enough to piss me off when i'm trying to improve my own damn self and stop being some kind of an object to vent sexual frustrations on. He also made sure to always lift ONE KG more than me, every single time, to prove some bullshit, and to also critique my form and tell me how many reps I should do.
fuuuucking never be friends with men, even if they offer to give you a ride to the gym, its just not worth it

No. 637403

He probably cums to you every night

No. 637404

I know it's hard for you but it would be good to use this opportunity to practice being assertive and tell people to fuck off when they're harassing you. You'll need to learn how to stand up for yourself eventually.

No. 637405

File: 1600912706261.jpeg (12.11 KB, 274x182, CBD3B9B1-271C-4962-BC42-D81770…)


I really wish I had committed suicide years ago. Im so disappointed in myself and I don’t know why I tell myself to keep pushing and that “things will get better” when there’s just no hope for people like me. I don’t have any friends, I don’t have a college degree or my own car and license, a good career and etc. The things I wanted as a kid I have yet to get, which is embarrassing for someone my age. I had high hopes and I let myself fuck up. I see everyone having the time of their lives on social media and I just wonder “why can’t that be me? why can’t I be as happy as them? Don’t I deserve something like that?” . Im too scared to post even shit online most of the time, I’m too much of a chronic socially inept moron to throw myself out there

I’d seek a therapist but they’re all so expensive and I’ve just resorted myself into crying myself to sleep until I forget about it the next day and repeat. I don’t even like the idea of taking pills just to feel like normal functioning person. But I can pat myself on the back for not drinking my feelings away. I don’t drink like that and whatever I do drink, it’s just shit like seagrams or mike’s lemonade. and I hate the smell of weed/nicotine so smoking and shit is definitely out

And I don’t tell my boyfriend anything because he has enough to deal with as is; I hate bothering him with the shit I deal with, even if he says it doesn’t. I don’t believe him when he says that, despite knowing our relationship is crumbling and all I can do is watch it fall. it’s my fault I let it be that way.

This got too long but I guess I’m using the purpose of this thread. I don’t know what to do. I’m a piece of work but at the same time, I’m a lost cause

No. 637406

Autistic men are notorious for sexually harassing women and crossing boundaries. They should be avoided like the plague. Sorry you have to deal with such shitstain anon.

No. 637408

I dont doubt that I am cum material for him and that he whenever we hang out he has a girlfriend fantasy
I felt indebted to him because hes the one driving me to the gym not asking for gas money even though his parents pay for everything but I just can't cope with it and I also don't wanna see him 4 times a week on his own schedule. Bringing up the moaning shit would be super awkward because he would say it wasn't on purpose and maybe start autistically hating me or something, I already feel bad for him because he whispers to himself just to practise what to say next, but dude has talked enough about sex (making me and my other female friend uncomfortable) that he clearly just doesnt know whats appropriate. but damn the trauma of him asking 'how was it for you' while the whole gym looked on, i think i'll just cut him out unless I really desperately need a ride somewhere

No. 637411

What's it honestly going to take for you? Does some man have to corner you and make threats for you to finally speak out about how inappropriate he is?
Well good news, the little creep has only begun and will escalate his advances. He'll take your shyness as 'hard to get' since you haven't explicitly spoken out about it. In fact he will take it as his greenlight to continue and that deep down you want him if you allow it to continue. But hey, isolating yourself at home and hoping a man's unrequited desire never aims for you again is also a pretty shit solution as well.
You're considering giving up something you do because of an autist.

Get ahold of yourself.

No. 637413

>"Hey guys I'm accepting free rides from a man and entertaining his sexual jokes without protest while I dutifully help him lift weights. He audibly rehearses a script for what to say to me and talks about sex a lot and I'm too shy to tell him to stop. But why does he think I like him like that?????"

Are you sure you're not autistic? I think you're more afraid to lose your free ride to the gym than actually sticking up for yourself. Learn to prioritize what's important and quit being a mooch for starters.

No. 637415

I was really happy to be starting a new job 2 months ago, but now I'm already bored of it and it's not fun anymore. I feel depressed knowing I'll probably never find anything that makes me happy. Why is my brain like this

No. 637419

you guys are right im gonna fucking say something right now instead of on an anonymous vent thread
thank you anons this will be the first time I call this kind of shit out but its gone on too long for me

No. 637421

Good luck, stay safe, and let us know how it goes if you feel so inclined.

No. 637423

yeah he just said he's sorry about it. which is better than I expected but hes not much of a talker so I cant gauge how he feels about it, i'm still quitting the gym because this is very awkward and i'll probably start up at another gym when I can drive myself in a few months

No. 637425

no nevermind hes now denying it and playing it off as normal regular noises and that he never said anything weird afterwards. dude never made a sound until i touched the bar every single time. still glad i said something even though i'm being gaslighted, i'll just ignore this shit and hang out with less creepy friends

No. 637428

File: 1600915604722.jpg (1.24 MB, 918x1363, russionked.jpg)

I decided i wanted to get into programming/coding and starting off with some basic css but its so freaking confusing wtf maybe i'm just a big dunce or maybe today isnt my day

No. 637435

Just got out of the shortest relationship of my life. He started to act like my ex which im glad i noticed now.
Im just disappointed in myself and bummed because i really liked him

No. 637436

Not surprising. That sucks, but it’s good for you to recognize and not allow him to do. Steer clear and again, stay safe. I hope you’re proud of yourself for speaking up!

No. 637437

start with neopets layouts anon

No. 637439

i have bad self control while pmsing and i've fallen behind on class lectures. i have 6 hours of lectures to watch and a shit ton to do i'm so fucked.

No. 637444

God, I really can't believe people get murdered. Thinking about an Amber Alert I received about two young girls who unfortunately got murdered by their asshole step father. It was a while ago, but it pains me so hard. I can't stop crying.

No. 637446

social media is a lie, anon. many people's lives have miserable elements. i restrict access to a lot of places online now because it's brain worms, it will make you feel inadequate for not being at the front of a delusional pack that is charging off the side of a cliff.

at the end of it all you are your own best friend. no matter who else is in your life. if it helps, there are many therapy materials available online. I find that true self love and acceptance is what people struggle with the most, maybe look at IFS therapy approaches. it really changed things for me. >>637379, I want to mention you in this too. us rabid females should stick around to see how hard we can bite back.

No. 637449

I can't let my ex go, because I still love him and he tells me he loves me too that I'm the only one he wants and the only one that deserves his love but then he ignores me and I told him to stop doing this to either get back together or just straight tell me its over, I hate this uncertainty and I love him so much it hurts so bad I can't focus on anything I just want him to finally give me his answer, all he had to say was that he had to go to work and we'll talk soon, and I'm just so anxious just make up your mind! I feel so pathetic chasing him around but then he gives me hope like that and god I just want a concrete answer

No. 637452

the reason why you feel so strongly rn is probably BECAUSE hes ignoring you and you feel like all your problems will be solved if he just changes suddenly and gives you the attention you deserve. but he won't, it sounds like hes stringing you along like some second option, never letting you go or allowing you closure. you've got to nut up and end this yourself. if you go no contact I PROMISE you he will be trying to initiate contact within weeks/months. just find some other guy to spend love on or focus on what actually makes you happy, because if hes your ex, it obviously isnt him

No. 637459

File: 1600923425944.jpeg (685.83 KB, 1027x1041, 0B073845-DD7B-456C-8EC0-495795…)

A guy in my friend group recently trooned out and I have to play along if I want to keep any semblance of a social life. Fighting the cognitive dissonance of calling this balding linebacker his new infantile girl name is exhausting.

No. 637460

sad dog stuff. i'm fucking crumbling ladies

my mom told me to check on her dog, thinking she hurt her leg, i took her to the vet and she's fucking paralyzed. the vet said it'd be a 7,000 dollar surgery and that the chance she'd walk again is 5-10%. the vet recommended putting her down. i want to fucking die, i love that dog so much, she's the sweetest funniest dog i've ever known, she loves to run and jump and play, this isn't fair, why does this fucking happen. i can't stop crying, why the fuck does this happen. i just lost my dad and had to put my dog down due to old age, i can't deal with all of this, i can't do this!

No. 637461

I'm "the only one that deserves his love"

That is such a weirdly egotistical sentence right there. Has himself up on quite the pedestal Lol

No. 637462

Kek are you me anon? One of my guy friends went nb and now constantly sends drag selfies in the group chat asking for fashion advice, tagging all the girl members. I don't know why he bothers asking me when among the girls in the group I've displayed the least knowledge/interest in fashion. But I'm a ~girl~ and that's what girls do, right? And I have to be nice and constantly compliment him so that the group doesn't implode. Solidarity, sis, sending you strength. (And why is it that they always go for cute "little girl" names? My friend is the same.)

No. 637463

So, so sorry to hear that, anon. I've also had the experience of a vet advising me out of nowhere to put my dog down, I know how absolutely fucking painful it feels. I'd hug you through the screen if I could. Hang in there

No. 637468

i am so sorry, sending you guys good thoughts. give her steak and chicken and a million kisses.

No. 637472

File: 1600925732297.jpg (201.38 KB, 735x1073, 1593999121069.jpg)

I feel like I should be sadder at this, but currently I am just… Numb?
Probably because my brain has not fully realised it yet.

No. 637481

File: 1600927447619.jpg (26.69 KB, 582x314, 20200608_010730.jpg)

I frequent a few Discord channels and have made friends along the way, but there's one channel I frequent the most that is absolutely cursed with cringe newfags. One of the more recent cases was someone who my friends and I suspected was a troon, because they would talk about their pussy, being a "queen", also obsessed with pop music. Out of nowhere, 6 months after they joined, they admitted they were a super gay dude this entire time and not a woman. Which is fucking hilarious assuming we thought he was female. His whole reasoning for not correcting people was because he was shy.

No. 637482

Very recently became friends again with my ex from 6 years ago. Talking to him made me realize how much I miss him but he's engaged now and I'm in a relationship that's currently 5 years strong. I'm such a dumbass for this but I really enjoy talking to him again. Fuck I feel lousy and depressed as shit over this and crying every night

No. 637488

Men are literally almost always like that when they're turned down. I'm happy you're not letting him gaslight you.

No. 637504

I can’t take women’s beauty anxiety anymore. I know it’s cultural and you’re pretty much forced to grow into it, but after escaping it, it’s just all so tiring to listen to and I have no time for it and I know it’s hypocritical because I used to struggle with the same problems. Makeup, clothes, body hair, and all the negative feelings your brain cooks up about it. Just all the talk about it like it's the most important thing. I hate, hate, hate that it’s a thing. I hate how shallow and empty it is as a concern. I hate that I have to listen to anyone talk about all that just by existing in this world. I know I can’t change it by feeling shitty about it. But I doubt I’ll see the true emancipation of the female form in my lifetime. I just want to kick and scream a little. Just for today.

No. 637509

I cheated on my husband and I dont care. Hes a creep who sexually assaulted his own sister and within the past 2 years we lived together, he never moved out and he let his mom control the relationship. Everyday he texts me some sob story about how much I have ruined his like. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE I HOPE YOU DO FEEL LIKE SHIT.

No. 637512

You can't separate/divorce? I hate cheating bastards but if it's a case when one of the two is abusive or one is forced into the relationshio then it's fine.

No. 637514

I need to cut off Internet "friends" and focus on the people around me irl. My Internet friends are just enabling an unhealthy cope. It's not their fault, they don't know that they are doing that.

The people that are there for me when I'm at my worst are the people worth investing time and emotions.

No. 637515

File: 1600938986009.jpg (68.18 KB, 850x611, 1594073067558.jpg)

Fuck I hate this obsession with internet fame people have, I have lost friends that have gotten so obsessed with their image and turned into completely different people the moment they get a little following because they 100% believe they have reached influencer level fame when they have 20-25k followers on instagram.
I get wanting to be famous, and I get that you need to hurt people on your way to success, but the obsession with it is so eerie to me. I miss the fun times I used to have with the people I lost, before they started to act like divas and get 100% convinced that stores in japan recognize them when they are actually just doing their regular suck-up customer service. Even had a falling out with one because she was upset over not getting a free ticket to an event last year because she was completely convinced she was the one main pull and that no one would go if she wasn't there. I like to think this obsession actually pulls out the latent narcissism that was always there and I didn't see because I love them but I'm really disappointed by how they turn into these vain messes that acts like a victim the moment things don't go their way, complete 180 from their previous selves.

No. 637517

Anon same! I get we can’t help it and it’s sort of ingrained in us that beauty is #1, but it’s so hard to try to get together with friends and have the convo just be about wrinkles makeup, and hair. Even my “favourite” (I have to say that because I don’t have a best friend) friend to be around, who’s usually a really intelligent and educated feminist, will sometimes just go off onto tangents about bleaching her hair and Etsy dresses.

Every time I see them I just want to start off with I’m sick of saying you have no new wrinkles, I’m sick of saying you don’t look fat, let’s enjoy brunch.

No. 637520

I feel bad for one depressed family memeber. However, everytime I want to try reaching out to her as a gesture I remind myself the petty and passive-aggressive way she acts towards me (and only me alone), along with many things she would do out of jealousy with neverending mind-games. Sometimes I really want to check on her but the way she acts whenever she meets me IRL makes me stay away from her. Even on my birthday she was being fakenice while staring at me as if she wants to kill me, on top of that she was forced to give me a gift that I believe was originally meant for her mother on Christmas (It's nothing expensive, I assure you.). She kept being butthurt like a child and being obnoxious whenever I show that I am happy. Ever since my birthday (because her mother and grandmother are nice people who knows me for a long time), she's been angry and butthurt even on her own 'uwu' Discord server that is filled with edgelord-tier men (not a social-justice person, but their humor would consist nothing but 'women are made for nothing but making food and babies', along with racist or 'muh ironic depresso memes' remarks).

I think at this rate I should give this woman her gift back because I feel uncomfortable over it, even though it's nothing to really be angry about because I even looked up the website and it was a cheap set anyone can afford. However her grandmother made her gift it because grandmother is actually concerned about the way she acts towards me. So weird to remember that we got 5 year difference and she acts like a spoiled kid.

I am happy that instead I choose to check up on good people, however everytime I decline to check up on her I feel like as if I am the biggest asshole.

No. 637536

File: 1600942229593.png (465.76 KB, 530x584, 3223.png)

i have contagious bad luck
everyone in my life suffers and everything i like gets fucked up
why this? who did i piss off?

No. 637546

I need to learn budgeting, I spend too much and it's stressing me out.

No. 637548

Anon, look online to educate yourself and possibly get a second opinion. Maybe it's because of a tick bite.

No. 637559

My boyfriend is so whiny, I‘m at my wit‘s end with it

No. 637561

I have short hair. For years I've been cutting it myself because the type of anxiety disorder that I have would make me dread having to make small talk with a hairdresser. I'd rather go to a dentist appointment just because small talk would be minimal.

So I keep cutting it too short. I've been repeating this cycle for years where I get really fed up with my hair and end up taking too much off. I moved to a really small and kind of backwards (religious) countryside village and not only is my cut unflattering…I now look about as gay as I secretly am. Fuck

No. 637563

I'm so fucking lonely. All I want is a gf to cuddle and play video games with but the girls I crush on never seem to like me romantically and the girls who do like me romantically I can only see as friends. I keep spending money on frivolous shit that I don't need in order to fill the void. Sometimes the need for romantic/sexual attention gets so bad I talk to men on dating apps even though I'd never date or fuck them. I flirt with them for a bit and then ghost them and feel gross afterwards. And then I buy more useless crap to feel less shitty about everything.

No. 637567

I’m a very tense, neurotic and negative person by nature. As I’m getting older, I’m trying to become more positive cause I’m starting to realise how adversely this affects not only my mental but also recently my physical health. But I seem to never get anything right. These past semesters at college I’ve been more trying to be mindful and not let my depression and all consume me but I still fuck up, and one failure is enough to make me lose motivation and wanting to give up everything again. On top of that, none of my friends seem to be emotionally invested in me although despite my own misery I’m always there to act like their therapist. I literally respond to them seconds after they text me their problems but all I get from them is a sentence, ghosting or an emoji. And even after all that, I’m still second choice to them. I can’t even be comforted by own family cause we have complicated relationship and my mum never really bothers to listen to me when I open up to her. I’m such a failure and I’m so miserable. I wish things would go my way for once in my life. I feel so dead.

No. 637571

I'm moving and it's such a pain. I have waay too many things. I'm just thinking about heaving my mini fridge from the third floor and it makes me regret buying it in the first place.

No. 637576

I think my roommate claims to be bi as an excuse to be homophobic. She's admitted to my face that she has no interest in dating or having sex with someone of the same sex, but she has no problem calling me an evil gatekeeping dyke! Last night we were watching a movie and a character got beaten up while being called queer and her reaction was to laugh. I can remember my homophobic mother spitting that word at me when I was younger so it was a viscerally uncomfortable moment. I know this is a twitterfag rant and I shouldn't be upset by it but damn I wish someone other than me would call her out

No. 637587

NTA, but same. My best friend who I feel is at heart a radical feminist would go off about her wrinkles, acne, makeup, how she's gaining a little weight, and if a shirt she likes looks good on her, all despite while looking more than fine. I'm over here with the acne scars and a fupa because genetics, but it's not my biggest worry, probably one of the things I may focus on if I literally have nothing else to worry about.

No. 637600

Your room mate sounds like a real piece of shit and i would call her out too if i was there. sorry you have to go through that. Some people dont get that gay people are still beaten up and killed for being gay while they are cozy in their first world nation living room, making fag jokes.

No. 637601

I'm 23 I have extremely neotenous face. A little androgynous too. I look like a pale 12 year old boy. 19 year olds ask me if I'm still in middle school. If I put on some make up, I don't look more adult or womanly, I look like a tranny. Just end me already

No. 637604

It's so ridiculous that with all the advance in medicine and technology you don't get painless and quick suicide pills. There's no fucking bridge or tall building where I am. I wish I could order some pills online and just end it all. No, it's not going to get better and I don't care, I just want to close my eyes and never open them again.

No. 637605

I wish he would disappear

No. 637608

>painless and quick suicide pills
I'm pretty sure those exist but they're just illegal in most places?

No. 637611

Do they? I think the closest is barbiturates, which are impossible to get anymore, that are easy to OD on, especially with alcohol. Benzos or especially fent nowadays are a close second. Anyways, don't do it anon.

No. 637612

I fucking hate my sister. she's either doing it on purpose, or she's completely oblivious how her actions impact me. She left the laundry basket in her room, and so I got in so much fucking trouble for it. She also fucked with her wardrobe door, so mom couldn't put her stuff away and again I was the one who got hell for it. How fucking hard is it to just not do shit that is going to get me in huge trouble ffs.

No. 637617

You sound like a scapegoat and your mom is unreasonable. Your sister not doing her chores has nothing to do with you.

No. 637620

Yeah, like >>637617 said, that's exactly what it sounds like. It was the same for me growing up with my sister. Obviously, she never made it better and took advantage of that, but your mom might be a narc and your sister might just be her Good Child. I dunno, though. Sorry anon, it sucks, but it gets better when you move far away from them and limit contact.

No. 637621

>>637617 I know it makes no sense and I am the scape goat, but even so my sister should just fucking act correctly so I don't get in shit.

No. 637622

After being severely abused at home during my late teen years, I guess I was conditioned to believe that standing up for myself was useless. As a result I ended up being way too polite and tried to be as stoic as possible when someone was treating me like shit.
My last two jobs were hell because of this. First one was filled with insecure white women who were nitpicking my appearance and sabotaging my work. What did I do? Nothing. The store manager was obviously racist and gossiped about details of my personal life that I had told her (I was having severe GI problems related to anxiety, like I threw up blood on the clock) with other managers and had to step down from her position.
Second job was way worse since I was getting made fun of constantly but because I knew these people were mentally ill bottom of the barrel trash, I tried not to let it get to me.
I’ve spent all year trying to let what I’ve experienced go, since it all reappears in the form of intrusive thoughts. I just want them all to die. I try to imagine the women being kidnapped by ISIS and the men being beaten to death by major Chads, and it helps, but I really wish I could see them suffer somehow.
This, along with reading similar experiences on the site have helped me realize how I need to react in the future. I was ferocious as a younger teen, so I’m hoping to channel some of that attitude from now on.

No. 637624

Fuck anon I'm so sorry. Work culture can be really fucking traumatic, I worked in this surreal office and I can't even go into the stories that happened because it seems fake lol but basically insecure menopausal women need to sort their lives out before they lash out on random coworkers.

No. 637626

Ty for the support anon! She's so fucking out of touch with actual LGB issues. She acts woke and will get super upset about "muh fetishization of gay men!!!!" and then turn around and say "I hate the gays" in the next breath. Any criticism is met with "I think women are pretty I can't be homophobic!" like bitch….

No. 637627

My mum I'm pretty sure is a narc and I had an older brother that would steal, fight, be an arson lol etc etc and I'd get the beatings for it. My brother still to this day thinks I'm the problem child because I had 'moods' (he really resents me for getting a period y'all) and would cry scream at both my brother and mum about how fucked up the household was (dad gone obvz).

I remember after one particular beating of being kicked into a corner and attacked for about 29 minutes when I was allowed to sit up to 'aplogise for allowing my brother to steal from me and then try and get him in trouble…' I asked why I was always get to hit and my ma just said it was cause I was smaller than her so what was I going to do. She'd also threaten to tell my school I was a bad girl at home because she knew I had made a sanctuary of the fucking place, so I was terrified of ever telling people. My own brother got expelled from that school and teachers started treating me like I was troubled, I felt so fucking depressed lol.

It's hard not to be mad at your sister but it's not her fault your mum is being a cunt to you. I had to wait until I had my first proper office job to move out. It gets better eventually anon don't lose hope

No. 637632

I’m sorry you had to go through it too, anon… In response to how it all would seem fake if you talked about it, RIGHT? Even simply hearing someone else say that this stuff happens somewhere else on earth makes me feel less like it was actually my fault or that I was imagining it

No. 637641

Men go on and on about wanting compliments, to be pampered etc but in reality they really dont want that shit lol
They do not really want you cooking and cleaning for them unless you're their wife. They find it creepy or they just ignore it.
They do not want you spending money on them because they find it desperate.
They dont want compliments from women because they do not value our opinion. They dont base their value on what women think, like we value our worth based on what males think.

I wish I couldve understood this 10 years ago it wouldve saved me so much drama.

No. 637645

> They do not really want you cooking and cleaning for them unless you're their wife
IME if you live together they do tend to fall into this selfish expectation that you'll just naturally be the one doing the majority of those tasks, even if you both work 40 hour weeks

Maybe that's just my shitty luck with men. I just not much of a cook and the amount of arguments that's caused..

No. 637650

No. 637652

NTA but that has been my experience with men as well. I hope when I move in with my new bf things will be different because he does make a conscious effort to help me clean my space when he comes over. I love cooking so I never minded that but the kitchen cleanliness drives me insane. Something changes when they live with us though, they do have those gender role expectations even if our income is equal or greater.

I wish I would've realized too. My mom didn't teach me shit about dating and what men are like. I mimicked her pandering and kowtowing ways, and I got taken advantage of a lot. What I saw as being generous and a good girlfriend, men saw as someone desperate and convenient. When mom seen I was copying her she would angrily berate me and yell at me to act different towards men cause she must have saw me heading down her heartbreak path (three divorces–all miserable users and abusers). However, since I thought she was being a bitch to me and a hypocrite I wrote her off as bitter. She talked a big talk but never did shit to help herself. I don't think she ever wanted to talk about her mistakes because she is a narcissist and wanted to blame men for everything, even the way she treated me. Guess I never had a good example, so instead I had to learn from multiple heartbreaks. Experience is a pretty good teacher though.

The least I can say is that I've never made the mistake of getting married. In combination because I saw some for the creeps they were, and sometimes because they were leading me on and tricking me about their intentions.

No. 637661

I am so fucking done with everything, so fucking shit fucking done
the moment things seem to start looking ok it turn on it's fucking head into shit again
Considering just offing myself

No. 637663

I'm an obsessive cleaner but I hate cooking so I'm happy to do all cleaning if a guy will just cover cooking. My last ex was still like "no I'll cook two nights a week and you do the other 5" Dude I'm doing every last bit of cleaning, I'm not cooking 5 nights a week too. It's absolutely based in gender roles. They argue that a 90/10 split is somehow fair, ffs

No. 637676

File: 1600961383749.jpg (40.38 KB, 564x696, richbitch.jpg)

>3.5kg away from underweight
>thighs still look fucking massive

I hate how short I am. I wish I could be at least 5'5. I just want to look elegant and wear miniskirts dammit

No. 637684

I feel u anon.

Also Ashley is so pretty. She has a petite frame but average height, ugh. It works so well for her.

No. 637685

Left the house and actually found that multiple women that I vaguely know from shops or the local post office were actually extra friendy with me… I guess women aged 35 and under are pretty okay with the 'probably gay' look. That's something. I feel a little less sressed.

No. 637688

SAME. I came here to vent about being a womanlet, but I'll just tack onto your post.

Just looked over a doctor's note from the other day and decided to convert to cm to ft, and apparently I'm 4'11 and some change with shoes off instead of 5 1/2ft like I thought. I'm either shrinking or just always get measured with shoes. I'm so distraught, I don't want to be a chunky midget ugh. It's hard to look skinny when you're short unless you want to look like a literal child.

No. 637698

Same. I’m a unique kind of skinny-fat. I got sturdy cankles like Lilly-Rose Depp, and muscular calves that will never go away unless I become an ana-chan— and fuck that.
I’ll settle for strangling men to death between my legs.

No. 637702

I miss Nemu. None of the cows right now on any of the boards here capture my attention like she did. Idgas about any of these dime a dozen lip injection addicted e-thots that are plastered over /pt/, /snow/, and even /w/, but that seems to be the only cow breed that people like now. It’s so boring. Bring back the old man barf art, or something equally hilarious yet repulsive, PLEASE

No. 637706

I'm a freelancer and had just landed a contract with a great, well-known company as a client. I can't be too specific but news just broke out that said client is protecting a group of men who'd sexually harassed some female minors (the victims and their parents are demanding certain measures but the company just gave the perpetrators a slap on the wrist ). I know the right thing to do is withdraw my contract and demand they deal with the men correctly, and I'm already preparing to write that email, but fuck. The pandemic's been hard on me work-wise. The money would've really helped. I don't have anything else lined up. I'm so angry and disappointed and scared. Why is the world like this.

No. 637709

If not you, they'd just contract someone else… Honestly, your email most likely wouldn't change their mind or effect them in any way. It's disgusting but you have more to lose. I'm sorry anon.

No. 637713

>Found a super cute dress on H&M's online store
>Gets it home
>Tries it on
>Gets a grim reminder that I'm a 177cm giant that's 80% torso
>For fucks sake

Couldn't I at least had been born more proportional or had my torso on the liiiiiittle shorter side so I could use some dresses as tops instead? Nope the waist on most things gotta end up on my ribs, even when I buy from the tall section.

At least I know how to dress so I can fool people into thinking I got long legs instead of all of my height being in my upper body, too bad I can't fool myself while I'm at it. But fuck do I hate being tall.

No. 637718

Yeah, I'm under no illusion that I'll be the one to somehow cause their change of heart. But I don't want to stick around. I appreciate your words, thanks.

No. 637720

Womanlet anon, can we please trade off some height? Help each other out?

No. 637723

Be proud that you're able to stand for what you believe even though you're losing a lot, because I couldn't. You're really strong anon.

No. 637724

File: 1600965341093.jpg (112.97 KB, 900x1200, IMG-20181109-WA0013.jpg)

I have made a post in the old thread because I could not find the new one so sage for my retardeness.
I used to work with those two girls and we became really close friends. Almost exactly a year ago I moved out of the city that we all lived in and since then i would see them sparingly, say once every month or something. We have not seen each other at all since quarantine started and so I invited them over this last weekend over a Skype call. They seemed really excited to come and I could not wait to see my best mates.
I have planned a day for us - with sightseeing and museums and such and then I wanted to go out on a Saturday night. They came early in the morning, said they are hangover and they would rather just stay home. I felt a little snubbed because why would you go out drinking if you knew you are will have to travel the next day? And also, wouldn't it make sense to be rested etc if you were meeting your friend that you not have seen for months? But okay, I thought, no problem. You can still have fun just sitting at home - I was just happy to have my friends there.
From the get go they didnt talk much and I thought it could be because they are hangover and I thought they just need time to feel better. But it persisted the whole day. They would NEVER start a conversation, even when addressed they would sometimes not respond. They would roll their eyes and sigh and text each other though. One of them was much worse though - she literally acted as if being in my presence was torture and i felt as if I was a parent dealing with a moody teenager. And such behaviour coming from a 30 year old woman. The second one was always a doormat and she almost seemed scared to talk in case the first one did not approve. She would look at her whenever I would ask her a question, scared of losing her approval??? At some point I just stopped trying to engage cause I knew they would just not respond? I held back tears so many times that day.
They would only seem animated when they were complaining about something, especially other women, or people not following the covid guidelines. They were adamant that covid would be deadly for both of them as they are in "weak health"? Which was never the case when I knew them before. They also developed a keen fear about taking the stairs - they would hold hands, lean on each other, and give each other ~praise for defeating their fears~. Neither of them fell down the stairs or anything like that and when we used to work together they never had issues with it. Of course, they are both depressed but do not do anything about it and instead just feed each other toxicity and validate their negative behaviours.
The evening came and they made some bullshit excuse about needing to go home and at that point I was drained and just shrugged my shoulders.
Moreover, they would act like cunts to me but when my husband would come by they would start joking and laughing and engaging with him. That really stung.

I thought I am over getting upset about friendships, but I could not believe how hurt I felt over their visit.

No. 637733

Any doctors in here?

>>637720 needs a height transplant and I'm a willing donator

No. 637759


Eh, I am 174cm and even at my lowest weight (68kg, I know it's not that low but I am kinda broad) I had no thigh gap or anything.
It's more the bone structure and the fat distribution rather than the height.

No. 637765

You're based and everyone should aspire to your level of integrity.

No. 637766

File: 1600967686424.png (385.77 KB, 1024x611, 1559068860244.png)

lolita fashion is my cope
I wasn't allowed to be feminine growing up, I think that's where it stems from
Like I was encouraged to be a gross tomboy, and when I wore pink it was disappointing
I like to dress absurdly feminine now because for whatever reason, it makes me feel comfortable, and when I look at myself wearing that, I feel better than I normally do
I know everyone thinks I'm a freak, even other lolitas
I've been told before if I wasn't so small, (obviously biologically female), everyone would think I'm an over-compensating scrote
I just wanted to be a normal girl; I'll never be
No one will ever like me

No. 637767

Aaw anon, you sound like a really sweet and thoughtful friend. I'm sorry these two women acted like such brainlets and messed up the fun day you had planned. They seriously sound crazy by feeding into each other's depression and wasting their time on fear-mongering crap. (Not saying people should ignore COVID, just that they shouldn't let the fear of it rule their lives.) I know it's not fun to realize they're no longer people you want to associate with, but I hope you can find much better folks to spend your time with and who will put in as much effort as you do for them. You deserve it.

No. 637771

File: 1600967969648.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, BRAND_THC_PAWN_168898_TVE_000_…)

best i can do is a feet transplant

No. 637772

I don't think you're a freak anon, and I think it's nice you've found something that helps you feel comfortable about yourself and makes you happy. You don't have to be "normal," and in fact I think being uniquely yourself is more interesting than trying to blend in with everyone else. Please don't believe that you are unlikable even if the people around you aren't open-minded enough to see your strengths.

No. 637776

File: 1600968264019.jpg (48.27 KB, 400x394, 1541132237578.jpg)

thank you

No. 637778

those other lolitas sound like cunts. but that’s par for the course. wear your shit and live your best frilly life, you could be a lardass like me who doesn’t fit into any of her dresses right now from bingeing to feel alive. embrace your over the top feminine side

No. 637787

the great shut-in is fattening everyone up, don't feel too bad
I don't even post myself, I'm jealous of fat girls who have more confidence than me
Everyone in my old comm is, and they still hang out and they're always posting pics and having fun
Being thin is fucking worthless if you're still a loser
even /cgl/ is posting good fat girl coords now and not shitting their pants over it immediately, I mean of course they do, but not immediately, and you know how much that means

No. 637801

File: 1600969812629.png (92.27 KB, 900x792, Screenshot_2020-09-24 BetterHe…)

I resent the fuck out of Facebook advertisements aimed at the mentally ill. 9 time out of 10 they're month-old services with bot 5 star reviews. The 10th time it's fucking BetterHelp.

Also, if I had a nickle for every overseas spam shop I see endorsed on social media I could afford a decent sized Wish order. At least with Wish I KNOW the quality will most likely be shit.

No. 637815

Jesus, this is so sad and predatory. I actually used BetterHelp at one point and got connected to a really kind lady who helped me help myself, although she did actually take video counseling appointments and directly referenced things we were talking about. Taking advantage of people who are already vulnerable is sickening.

No. 637904

Something is definitely not right with me upstairs. I can't think like other people. I lose my thread too easily. "Whats wrong with you?"I can't get this out of my head.

No. 637919

I picked up some funk and now it feels like I have snot stuck in the back of my throat at any given time. No matter how many times I try to snort up and swallow it there's more somehow to replace it. It never fucking ends.

No. 637953

just try to hack it up and spit it out

No. 637977

File: 1600984044136.png (341.65 KB, 853x478, 70b.png)

I've never lived in the same city as a popular lolcow before. I'm currently following their thread and I'm getting some cheap thrill from it. Like I recognize the areas they've been at, can see who they're mutuals with, etc. I wonder what they'd look like if I encountered them in the wild, all candid-like without their shoop and angles and airs and how different they'd be from their online personae. This shouldn't entertain me as much as it does.

No. 637989

I know you didn’t say who it was for privacy reasons but damn I wish I could know

No. 637998

File: 1600986283555.jpeg (22.53 KB, 275x275, 1598111860369.jpeg)

I love seeing all the scrotes triggered because they havent been able to get laid as much since corona. Feels good seeing all the guys who acted like i wasnt shit contacting me out of desperation. It was hard for men to get laid before now a d it's even worse now. At this point I just dangle the hope that they will fuck me without ever actually doing it and canceling plans everytime.

No. 637999

we love to see it, but be sure to be safe. watch out for the psychoscrotes.

No. 638010

this is the second night in a row i've heard my boyfriend talking to someone in the bathroom while the shower is on so either he's having a secret phone call or having an entire conversation with himself. i wish i wasn't so paranoid and quick to assume the worst but i'm too cowardly to ask him. i really hate confrontation. whats even worse is we are open about EVERYTHING and he calls his relatives while i'm there all the time so who the hell could he be talking to? i wish i could've heard the conversations, all i got was snippets of words. i don't think he'd cheat on me because he's been cheated on before but the thought of that happening makes me want to vomit. my mental health has been horrible so we haven't been very close physically so i dread the idea of him seeking that elsewhere. i hate this. i bet i'll ask the next time it happens and it'll literally be nothing and i will have overreacted over nothing.

No. 638023

Girl you gotta ask. Confrontation, regardless of the outcome, is far better what you're going through right now. Just be honest about how it makes you feel and he will understand.
From my perspective though it's far too blatant to chat with someone when you're in the bathroom, everyone knows it can be heard. If he was actually cheating he'd be more sneaky.

No. 638032

File: 1600988988173.jpg (20.38 KB, 275x261, 1599477159243.jpg)

i'm so stressed about money. i want to work but it's basically impossible to get a job right now. i've just moved into a new place and the deposit alone ate into my savings, i don't even want to think about how much i'm going to be spending on rent. i'm seriously considering selling feet pics to horny scrotes if i can't get a job soon. i want my successful career now pls

No. 638040

File: 1600989378360.png (54.01 KB, 275x185, 1466456993291.png)

Watching a docuseries on CPS and I think it triggered my fucking self. It's unbelievable that kids as young as 5 know how to lie to keep up the facade of stuff being okay at home, I am so fucking angry and sad to know I could have gotten help and I wouldn't have been a traitor or weak. I could have gone to school normally and not miss a ton of school, I would just fucking sleep. People thought I was out doing dumb shit, adults thinking I was out drinking when in fact I was sleeping all day because it was the only time I felt safe sleeping, while my dad was at work. I am a grown ass woman who still has moments of bad stuff just looping in my head, I have mental health issues but everything considered I am pretty sane, more sane than many people would be. I think many kids develop this "I did something bad to deserve this, I am inherently bad because other kids don't have to go through this", even though there are tons of kids going through it, they're all just good actors and surprisingly tough because they have to be. No kid deserves that shit and I still carry this toxic "I am facing these issues because I can handle it, it's better that it's me and not someone else, I am used to it, they are still okay and I was already fucked, not as big of a loss to ruin me even more." I am going through a lot and I can't say shit like "oh I wish I was a carefree child again", bitch I don't even have that so I just blindly need to tell myself I can do this, it's gonna be better because it absolutely has to be. I sound so whiny, wow.

No. 638042

I hate how relatable those words are.

No. 638043

I am so sorry, wish I knew what would make it okay

No. 638049

File: 1600990573333.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.72 KB, 275x275, lol.jpg)

my GRE is on oct. 13 and my practice exam scores for quant have been significantly lower than what i need. im so frustrated bc ive already been studying for over a month now and my score went down on another practice exam today (157→155). i need a 163, pls pray for me anons. i'm about to drop $99 on target test prep for a month :l

No. 638056

No. 638067

Why do scrotes take pictures with the camera angling them from the bottom?that is the most unflattering angle and I can see up your nose.

No. 638073

Omg grow out of that age 13 mentality of not wanting people to copy you. You can still enjoy your hobbies if someone else has the same hobby kek

No. 638074

Damn it you got me again. I hope your grades improve and your boyfriend notices you, u slut.

No. 638093

ever since i was a kid ive had constant abandonment, repeatedly over and over. for the past year or so, i experienced the worst abandonment possible. ever since then, my coping mechanism has become just ghosting people. it feels relieving. it feels like no one can hurt me if i do it. ive done it to so many people, im not sure if its like a revenge sort of thing for how often its happened to me. ever since i was younger, my friendships and relationships would end dramatically and often times would traumatize me for several years. if i didnt ruin it myself out of fear (i have ptsd and paranoia from it) my mother would by cutting off contact if she personally didnt like the person. ive always been the friend to go ghost for a year, return, then come back. often times, my mothers behavior would lead to them leaving me. ever since, i demand control over everything regarding relationships. i need to destroy them, i feel so scared if i dont. its ruining my life i cant fucking stand this i cant stop doing it i want to ghost everyone ive ever spoken to until i can have everyone gone i dont want to be hurt anymore. seriously. seeing how people would react when i was younger when id leave for extended amounts of time, they didnt seem bothered at all. this has fucked with my head so badly. i need the control of destroying a friendship. i feel so accomplished when i know no one can ever hurt me again.

No. 638096

Mom made fun of me because she was hangry. My brother defended me a bit, but still laughed.
This right after I was dizzy from work.
My boyfriend won't talk properly to me.

I want to leave.

No. 638097

I have done things like these to a degree, and the urge to run never has gone away for me. It's easy to just think you're stronger to cut it off yourself but a gradual, organic drifting apart does feel so much better, no guilt and it's almost always for the good. I hope you find peace and comfort.

No. 638120

>Tfw when there are over 3 billion males on the planet, and men outnumber women, but your world is ending because of one.

No. 638135

It's 4am and there's a mouse in my room. It ran away but now I'm paranoid and can't go back to sleep I want it dead omg
Only found out about it yesterday and now I don't feel safe in my house, it hides in the bathroom so i can't even pee in peace
I'm tempted to just stay up and catch it with a salad bowl channeling years of evolution


No. 638136

Try and get a humane trap or set up your own if you have the know how lol. I've taken dormice out of my house before and they're more scared of you definitely. It's not going to bite you or anything, it'll be wanting to keep itself safe too. Hope you sleep well lol

No. 638138

Thank you anon, I'll look into it tomorrow after work.
I'm actually scared for my computer, imagine if the little thing went all crazy on the wires!!
I feel sleep deprived tho so i know I'm going crazy.
I've only seen one mouse and I really really hope there are not like 10s waiting in their bathroom den

At least it's really cute

No. 638143

File: 1601000703819.jpg (15.24 KB, 373x427, hi_bingus.jpg)

Well work was…eventful today. I work at a local bar. Nothing special or crazy happens, it's a very chill job. However today. It was around an hour before we were closing and this guy comes in the lounge(we have a main bar and then a lounge room next door). We are used to regulars and this guy has never been here before so I was already on guard. His speech was slurred and didn't understand my questions well so I assumed he had a learning disability, shrugged it off didn't think much of it gave him his order. 5 mins later asks for another, this time my co-worker serves him, things go fine as well. However when it was time to stop serving drinks he tried to order again and I said that the bars closed. Immediately the guy gets really angry at me, tells me he's gonna rape and kill me. I leave the lounge to go tell my co-worker what happened, and I can still hear him shouting that he's gonna kill me. Co-worker comes through. Tells him to leave, does the same with her that he's gonna kill and rape her. She starts shouting at him to leave(she's very petite compared to him and I was shit scared he was gonna hurt her). He refuses to leave, two of the locals from next door come through and start pushing him out. We have a glass door and then a main door. Managed to get him through the glass door but then he tried breaking it down with the sign that was outside, eventually he gets out and managed to lock the doors. He's still banging on them for about 10 mins. Finally leaves and we made a police report. Turns out this fucker is known for this shit around my area and has several articles on his crimes but police let him off easy just because he's an alcoholic. I'm so glad those two guys were next door to help or I'm scared to think what would happen as the police found a knife on him after he was arrested later on tonight. Needless to say I'm pretty distressed about it and not feeling safe.

No. 638151

File: 1601001820289.jpg (65.02 KB, 640x640, yi6yd4en4lw31.jpg)

my boyfriend seems to get upset that i… go home to my parents instead of moving in with him right now? i'm actually not sure why gets upset, but that's my best understanding

he wants me to pull away from them faster. but i'm 21, and he's 28 from a family he wanted to get away from. i think he's projecting his worries on to me. we have plans to move in together middle of next year!!! so why be upset that my family and i should be around each other while we still can…

i'm confused and a little hurt, am i really doing something wrong? i know i'm not. i just wanna scream into the void a little

No. 638155

File: 1601002636596.jpeg (56.07 KB, 566x460, 8329A238-F091-49CD-9BAB-1FB723…)

I started talking to this guy a few weeks ago and we really got along well, he asks me out on a date and I agree. I tell him it is my first time going on one and he tells me he is quite a bit nervous himself.
We went out, got a bit drunk and before we know it we’re at my place. This was my first time bringing someone home with me like that, which I also tell him, but he gave me all these vibes of being someone kind and trustworthy. I’m a fucking idiot, I know.
Right before our second date he gets sick and have to cancel, and a few more days later he gets very distant so I asked him yesterday if he still wants to see me when he gets better.
That’s when he drops that he’s realised he is not in a good enough place to date right now. That he feels that he is too depressed for it to be good for him at the moment.
And I’m fucking devastated, not only because I really like him but also because I feel so fucking used. I feel so dirty and disgusting. I’m a former rape victim and it wasn’t too long ago I managed to more or less feel less dirty and disgusting. I have been curled into a ball in bed unable to sleep all night. I hate myself, I hate my body and I’m disgusted. I 100% want to kill myself.
I’m a fucking idiot slut

No. 638156

You’re definitely not, and I don’t want to extrapolate too much from this little snippet, but the age difference with how young you are worried me. I hope he’s not trying to isolate you, especially because of his own issues. Be careful, anon. Enjoy your family without guilt. If he’s the one, he’ll understand and support you.

No. 638157

No you’re not anon. I’m sorry that you feel that way and that someone made you feel that way. Your feelings of guilt are intensified by your past sexual trauma, but that’s not a reflection of you—what happened then or what happened with this guy. I don’t know what to say to truly make you feel better, but I hope you understand that your worth isn’t diminished by the fact that you trusted or spent the night with someone, even if they turned out to be a bad person. Even if his excuses are legitimate, he shouldn’t have done that to you. But again, you’re not an idiot slut. All you can do now is try to learn from it. Block that guy and move on, he doesn’t deserve any more of your time or energy. Big hugs.

No. 638161

Youre young! It’s not abnormal to live at home until you’re 22 imo, he’s much older so he’s at a different stage in his life. How can he not compartmentalize that? How long have you two been together?

No. 638164

why oh why do scrotes always have to put fucking anatomical diagrams into hentai. How did seeing the inside of a pussy and asshole ever become the norm for what's sexy. And the sperm attacking the egg always illustrated at the end of every doujin. There is nothing tantalizing about seeing the microscopic process of reproduction omg. None og this shit is fucking sexy at all I know I deserve what I get for looking at mainstream hentai in the first place but holy shit every time I see any of this stuff I'm immediately turned off it's so fucking disgusting. And don't even get me started on being able to see the dick protrude through the chicks abdomen. How did things go so wrong that this shit is in all hentai. wtf

No. 638166

Sorry to hear, anon. That was scary to read. I don't know what to say to make you feel better, but get pepper spray or other self defense items or skills if you can. Disgusting how the world lets shitheads like him off the hook countless times. We need to protect ourselves as much as we can because nobody else looks out for us. Take a day off if you can or do some type of self care to feel better.

No. 638167

You are not an idiot, nor you are a slut. You did absolutely nothing wrong. I know you feel used, but it doesn't make you dirty or disgusting. Please be kind on yourself anon and take a break from dating for a while until you feel better (i start to date fast after a bad experience, which leads to more bad experiences). You're gonna find someone that is going to treat you the way you deserve, and that guy isn't worth your attention at all. I'm sending hugs your way, I hope you realize you're a good person.

No. 638169

why the fuck would you move into a new place if you can't pay for it?

No. 638170

File: 1601004494524.jpeg (13.89 KB, 474x248, download (5).jpeg)

Anon sorry to say but you're a dummy. You can love him however much you want, but that age difference will ruin your life. He's already trying to rush you into isolating. No well adjusted man wants someone much younger than him.

I'm so fucking sick of girls literally chopping themselves up for men to eat. At this point I'm tempted to say any abuse they get, they deserve, for being such fucking dumbasses.

No. 638173

>normal girl
>not a gross tomboy
It sounds like you're coping hard and falling into shitty gender expectations. A woman isnt made up of pink and frilly dresses, anon. Love yourself

No. 638175

Ez, men get off on impregnating women.

No. 638180

>police let him off cuz he's a local drunk
I hate men. And i'm sorry that happened to you. that's so scary!

No. 638194

Someone please tell me not to go to the liqour store. I'm tired of being bloated and miserable but it's so hard to stop.

No. 638195

Because they're fucked up. I especially hate the ones where it's a man and not the egg but the prostate? it's fucking weird.
Also animated hentai is fucking ugly and I have no idea how anyone can get off to it. I hate seeing ads for it on 4chin.

No. 638200

File: 1601005891958.png (229.47 KB, 439x678, Hero.png)

Dunking on moids is fun

No. 638210

Same, anon. I got drunk at midday today and passed out. Sometimes I read Shayna's thread to guilt trip myself to not end up as bad as her and quit for a few weeks.

No. 638226

Kek that's actually not a bad idea. I'm cursed with Shayna's fat distribution as it is. Hope we can keep it up anon.

No. 638236

I understand if you run a nsfw server you wanna be absolutely sure you don't have any minors. But holy fuck some people are just stupid. Taking a pic of drivers licenses and a pic of your face and other hoops. That is no business of mine but girl you can't come crying to me when they spread your info everywhere because you pissed off one of the mods.
Oh yes, they released an apology for information being leaked. But that mod is still a mod and you still willingly gave a bunch of unstable tumblr refugee idiots that much power over you. Was those poorly drawn dicks worth it?

No. 638241

File: 1601009507283.gif (1.86 MB, 500x281, FDAC66F0-8E9E-4142-B831-4E89CA…)

This is so specific

No. 638242

File: 1601009581366.jpeg (6.14 MB, 4032x3024, 9D90BD3E-9FE3-4194-99CA-B1DDFE…)

I’m so fucking sick and tired of hormonal acne eruptions all over my face. 6 years of this shit, nonstop, and nothing seems to work. I hate looking in the mirror. Everyone I see outside has this radiant, plump, perfect complexion and I’m so insecure and constantly comparing my skin to theirs. I just want normal fucking skin ffs. I feel so vapid with how much time I spend stressing about it but I feel so ugly and alone because no one I see irl seems to struggle with anything like this.

No. 638243

Have you seen a dermatologist, anon? I think at this point, that’s all you can do. That sucks so bad, I’m sorry.

No. 638249

I wish everyone didn't instinctually dislike me.
Or I wish I wasn't convinced that everyone dislikes me.

One of these is true and whichever it is…stop.

No. 638252

I'm only in two classes and I'm already behind as fuck in my programming class. Seriously considering using one of these websites like Chegg where you pay and they basically give you answers. You might think it's a waste of money but failing this class would be an even bigger waste of money. I'm just so disappointed in myself

No. 638253

I know I should block him or at least distance myself a great deal, but a part of me doesn’t want to because I’m a goddamn simp (I’m honestly wonder if I’m just a sucker for making myself feel crap). But I know nothing will happen since “I am not in a good place for dating/relationship right now” is today’s “I don’t want you, it’s not you it’s me”
I can’t stop talking down on myself because I feel so stupid, fuck

No. 638256

I'd be careful with that. Professors and TA's have started to catch on, so they post answers on Chegg and then slap you with plagiarism. Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes it can take just one day to make significant progress, which is better than no progress. I know a lot of this just feels like memorization, but hopefully you can watch some supplemental videos to help the information stick or suddenly it just clicks. We've all had our moments of weakness in school. Just gives you a more satisfying victory once you're finally out of the trenches. Good luck, anon! You got this.

No. 638258

File: 1601013321047.jpg (25.81 KB, 213x285, 1540871481047.jpg)

literally this is what everyone tells me, why is my cope so unacceptable?
I was instructed to pick my nose and wipe it on the headboard of my bed, you don't know my shit
this /is/ how I love myself

No. 638259

Same but I'm in 4 classes. Why are we like this…

No. 638260

File: 1601013624630.png (61.58 KB, 400x300, lain_00.png)

is it like, entry level programming? not even worth it, do your work anon. if you're in a tech related major, you'll sink in your later classes if you don't try now. better to struggle through than risk the embarrassment of getting caught, too

No. 638269

you ever just say fuck it and think of suicide from not a suicidal stance and realize how much more relieving it'll be, just to not be?

No. 638277

I hope you didn't go, anon. If you're already bloated and miserable, imagine what you'll look and feel like in 5 or 10 years. That shit leaves its marks. Put the booze down! It tastes disgusting anyway.

No. 638278

Oh for fucks sake
I was supposed to get a kitten from my brother’s ex-wife’s litter, since the cat tends to have the most AMAZING kittens so I decided I wanted to pick one up now that she’s preggers again
But I just got a text that a fox killed her, I’m super sad not only for myself but that the cat had to die at all. But it’s a bit much in top of me already feeling like shit, that was one thing I was really looking forward to

No. 638283

Oh yes. Too bad death is permanent. I'm interested in seeing where my life takes me but I wish I could just take a 10 day break or something and then come back

No. 638288

Same, but also because I’m a selfish bitch that want to see how people would react (especially since no one reacted or responded with depression memes when I was desperately reaching out for help before my attempted suicide last year) and which ones of my acquaintances would use my death as a mean to get attention

No. 638291

I bought chinos to smarten myself up (a soon to be ex-NEET slob) and I figured to be safe about sizing I'd get one size up than the size I know I am (bought from a supermarket). Get home and it's too small for me kek.


No. 638293

Life sucks for you right now, huh? My condolences. Block that dude though, maybe focus on friends for a while.

No. 638295

I don't believe a single person who says I'm pretty. I just don't believe it.

No. 638296

I just want to suck the meat off his johnson

No. 638302

I don't feel i can freely express myself in my diary anymore since it was read aloud to me multiple times.

No. 638305

Honestly it's not THAT specific though. I was going to join the FDS discord but they required some form of ID and it's like no? Fuck off?

I mean shit it seems like such a careless thing to do, giving your info to some random possible nutjob online? Haven't they learned anything?

No. 638308

I feel for you so much anon, been struggling with hormonal acne for years too, seen many dermatologists but it was never "bad enough" for them to suggest any treatment except "oh you should exfoliate". So I'm fucking stuck with cysts on my chin for like 90% of the year.
Are you maybe on contraception pill? Supposedly it can make things better, didn't work for me but maybe you'll be luckier

No. 638317

what's confusing?

No. 638328

I never wanted kids but it seems like all "quality men" want children at some point. I don't know how and where to find a good man who doesn't want kids. I'm also afraid he would change his mind at some point and leave me. I want to have a life partner so bad, but having it my way seems so hard in a society where nuclear family is forced as the only healthy norm

No. 638329

> instead of learning the basics properly and do homework, I'm gonna cheat
you're a genius, anon

No. 638331

File: 1601024898888.jpg (41.16 KB, 704x728, awaken.jpg)

Thought I'll be able to have a delicious guacamole today but my stupid ass avocados refuse to ripen for over a week already

No. 638335

That's dangerous, if you don't have a good foundation of knowledge it's gonna trip you up in the future. It's better to work your ass off for a bit to catch up if you can.

No. 638336

Same anon, I found out all the men who say they never want children even if they already have a job/house are huge manchildren.
My ex was a good man but he really wanted kids and he started pressuring me when we were getting close to our 30s and I noped the fuck out. My current bf says he'd like to have kids someday and honestly he'd be a great dad but once he starts with the bullshit I'll drop him as well. I'm not fit to be a mother and never will.

No. 638346

File: 1601027809858.jpeg (83.22 KB, 750x614, 1600720383279.jpeg)

okay you see that manifestation trend on tik tok?
I dont believe in this kind of shit usually but i was soooo desesperate fore a boy that i tried the 5x55 method and the day i finished it, he sent me a message out of absolutely nowhere
i think it worked lmaooo wtf

No. 638348

File: 1601028048241.png (20.88 KB, 125x128, 705497653122957334.png)

i spent 2 days pouring my heart out on a project only for people to shit on it i want die
edit: it hardly gained any traction either

No. 638360

File: 1601031524210.jpg (115.61 KB, 884x1300, 11913942-angry-old-woman-holdi…)

I was reading something online with women talking about their experiences being hit on by adult men when they were underage and I suddenly remembered all the times that happened. I had a part-time job at 16/17 and several 40+ men would hit on me, it was quite obvious I was in high school. One guy came in with his daughter who was only a year younger than me, still gave me his number and came by to "flirt" with me while I was working.

Everyone at the time just joked about it, and even my store's manager laughed it off because this older guy was "so smitten" with me.

Just looking back, I can't believe nobody thought it was weird or stood up for us. All the other girls took it for granted that older men would pursue us and it wasn't a big deal, just an annoyance we had to deal with. I'm so annoyed that this was normalized by everyone.

No. 638363

To be honest, whenever I tried to shield younger girls from creeps like that at work (retail), both the creeps and the girls would make fun of me and call me old and jealous, now it's no longer any of my business. Fuck that, it's not worth it.

No. 638367

File: 1601033202934.jpg (65.19 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1596140204100.jpg)


Anon you made me really consider trying lmao

No. 638368

Yeesh, what ever happened to “don’t use your real name or location! Internet safety!” Now people want to see IDs to join a fucking chat app kek no thank you.

I don’t use discord, so I guess I’ve never come across that issue, I didn’t realize it was a thing.

No. 638369

That's sad. I hated older guys hitting on me and I was actually grateful when an older lady (a store owner) yelled at one of those creeps to leave me alone

No. 638374

Me too, anon. Had a dream about it last night.

No. 638378

Reminds me of a time I worked in customer service and coworkers were trying to out compete each other about who could get the most obscene attention from a random man. "No anon, he wanted to take me back to his car!" "no anon, he asked me to go to his house!"

No. 638395

You're not wrong. Us idiot teenagers all thought it made us very ~cool and mature~ to get attention from 42 year old Anthony in his 1994 Honda Civic.

No. 638397

That really triggers me, anon. I had an uncle that used to pretend to want to grab my boobs and ass when I was like 15 in front of my parents (on my aunt's funeral kek) and everyone laughed it up as if it was the best joke. I somehow also feel guilty about that situation cause I was laughing too, but I just laugh when I am nervous or scared and people do not take me seriously ._.

No. 638414

I think I might be autistic and I want to die because of it.

Reading about autism, in women specifically, is confusing. It’s like everything under the sun is listed as a possible autistic symptom. Honestly the only things that don’t line up for me are taking ridiculous shit literally, being excessively gullible, and having weird speech patterns (I don’t think).

The fuck am I supposed to do with all of this. How do I know if I’m different from other people.

No. 638416

Stop reading about it and stop caring. If you're able to connect with other people well enough or can navigate your life, who cares. Everyone has their quirks, you're probably not autistic, and if you are, you're better off not knowing if it makes you want to die, jesus.

No. 638420

Well yeah but I’m not navigating life very well at all.
Let me obsess about dumb shit, anon, I might be autistic.

No. 638422

Autism is a spectrum, it's normal not to have every symptom, even if they're common ones

No. 638428

Alright, proceed to continue making yourself miserable by self-diagnosing on the internet when "everything under the sun is listed as a possible autistic symptom."

No. 638431

I do that too. It's okay anon.

A lot of people say things like "if that had been me, I'd freak out on the person," but honestly, it's not that simple when a situation occurs that's difficult to process. Sometimes you don't realize how awful the "joke" is until later, and some situations are so bizarre and out of left field, you don't always look at it objectively until later.

No. 638457

File: 1601045338681.jpg (93.62 KB, 660x863, 4564153.JPG)

If yall have any suggestions to annoy my big sister with her computer without outing it was obviously me I'm all ears (have access when she isn't here)

No. 638463

If it's in a playful way, change her background photo or open a stupid internet tab for her to see when she turns it back on.

No. 638470

I once changed the start up sound on my brothers computer to an airhorn like sound, was very funny. Otherwise you could invert her screen colours, flip her screen orientation upside (not the actual screen) or buy a Bluetooth mouse and move the cursor when she’s using her original mouse.

No. 638475

>flip her screen orientation upside

That’s the one anon

No. 638482

Why are the anons so wholesome here I was thinking about what kind of virus I can download to make her keyboard randomly not working

No. 638488

>Screenshot her desktop
>Set screenshot as background
>Hide all icons and browser bar
>Retreat outside computer-throwing distance

No. 638497

you can disable her keyboard or something, it will take forever for her to figure it out.

No. 638503

Make a whole bunch of folders and hide something inside of it. One of my friends would do that and change the file names to silly questions or things so it’d be like a game

No. 638506

saran wrap on the network cable was a fun one before wifi came around

No. 638512

>a hot 42 year old tries to woo me
>turns out he has a wife and a kid
Why are moids like this? Why don't they understand they're ruining men for women? Also, it makes me mad that this fuck probably fucks women half his age behind his wife's back and she will never know because he's "smart" enough about it
Even if he wasn't married, I would still be sceptical about him, I believe every good man is already taken before he hits 40s (unless he's a widower or something), that's why there's no point in going after "hot older guys", because if they haven't committed up until this point, that means there's something fundamentally wrong with them
This fucker was hot though (tall, fit, young looking, conventioanlly handsome) and I'm still mad

No. 638514

>she'll never know
Lmaooooo, she'll know don't worry. At best she's just pretending not to know to keep up appearances, but odds are she's caught and "forgiven" him in the past.

No. 638525

I was thinking about this possibility and it also makes me mad. Like, the status of a married woman in our society is high enough for so many women to overlook their husbands fuckups and "forgive", they still feel better than the side hoes because their relationships are legally sanctioned. I don't think I could forgive cheating, but I don't know what's inside the head of a woman who shares a house/budget/child/friends and even job (like in this case) with her man, so I'm trying not to judge

No. 638529

i got it now :,) I was having a hard time customizing the page, turns out i had to import the css into the own page's tool thingy or whatever it's called. I was trying to use the own page's tool thingy(editor?)and was following instructions and i would update to "run" and the page wouldn't implement what i had typed in. I was doing everything right too but it just wouldn't change the background to an image. I could change it to a color but not an image. so im still confused as to why when i wrote it in a diff program and imported, it was able to implement it and change the background. but whatever now ik when thats an issue i should just import. maybe it was the website who knows

No. 638532

At 42 he can hardly be all that hot

No. 638540

There are too many people who want me dead what's the fucking point?

No. 638544

Bitch are you Donald Trump?

No. 638545

No. 638547

No. 638551

File: 1601053957451.jpg (13.67 KB, 400x309, 699506162baca7432bbf3c339959bb…)

I wish that I was this relevant

No. 638552

We need an explanation. wtf is going on, anon?

No. 638558

It's stupid that I'm so stressed about whether or not I should break up with my partner who I love very much and explore my sexuality because there is no exploring anything during covid 19 anyway. I wish I could just tell my brain to just pause this issue for now and just live in the moment in our happy home.

No. 638585

Ah I’m starving! I wanna get up and make food but my kitty is sleeping next to me and he’s just so cute and warm!

No. 638616

same anon ive had ppl write essays about it but i just started laughing at that shit. its not worth getting upset over. if someone wants you dead theyre already pathetic and creepy as fuck. they dont define ur worth, like at all. i laugh at them and i dont give them that power over me.

No. 638620

Bitch are YOU Donald Trump??? Why do people want you dead???

No. 638633

File: 1601059952632.jpg (224.72 KB, 720x480, 85860~2.jpg)

I was on a date with this guy a few days ago and we held hands for the first time, and I'm pretty sure we would have kissed if not for those fucking masks, I hate the grimdark future of 2020.

No. 638639

Hang in there JK bb, this'll all blow over in a few years

No. 638643

No. 638647

Quarantine Fanfic (2020) by farmer420xx #vanilla #fluff #mutualpining #handholding #maskomask #slowburn #potentiallemoninfuturechapters?

No. 638650

Not lemon kek

No. 638653

hope theres lemon in future chapters for you. i will be graciously awaiting chapter updates

No. 638662

RIP coffee shop au

No. 638669

My car's getting worked on and the mechanic bill is estimated to come out above what I have in my bank account right now. At least when I get my car back, it's going to have 30,000 less miles than what I bought it at.
I cannot wait to be extreme frugal again for a few weeks. God, I need some overtime.

No. 638729

File: 1601065548545.jpg (46.73 KB, 564x599, 2f2a4257324655e7975986c4d1b25b…)

okay same bitch from earlier and i think this witchery fucking works the hell
my manifestation was like "he gonna talk to me and ask me on a date"
he only talked to me so i was like okay so it only works 50/50
BUT he just dmed me "what you're doing rn" (its 10pm right now in my cunt)
what is this fuckery

No. 638732

I feel you anon. My car has been in the shop for two days now. Dunno how much it's going to end up costing me because my mechanic can't even figure out what's wrong with it. It's not the type of problem than I can just let slide, either. It's literally not safe for me to drive in this state. Meanwhile, I'm still unemployed and broke can't apply for jobs because I don't have a fucking working vehicle.

No. 638734

File: 1601066031219.jpeg (122.44 KB, 680x680, A3CFA1B2-6E67-44AC-9726-E0B3B3…)

I’ve been living with my sister to help her out with her kids while she works. Everything was fine in the beginning, but since the whole COVID shit started it’s been a steady decline. I’m trying my hardest to help her out with everything but I’m starting to feel really fucking bitter about it.

Lately my sister has been treating me like she doesn’t want me around anymore, but she’s still keeping me around for the free child care and it just fucking hurts. I just feel like I’m just being a bitch for getting upset about being unpaired live in help

No. 638740

I'm not on tik tok so I wasn't aware it was a trend but I did it once a while ago when I was desperate. I was doing a portfolio intake for something and my portfolio wasn't that good, but I got accepted. I don't know if LoA is a real thing but I kind of want it to be.

No. 638760

I once made a coworker's computer say "I like big sausages" every 2 minutes. Drove him mad, as he couldn't figure out what was making the sound so he just had headphones plugged in 24/7 with sound turned down low.

Another thing you can do is to install software that randomly makes certain keys not work for a single keystroke so it feels like you mistyped. Drives people mad.

No. 638763


I'm sick of seeing Eugenia Cooney's face everywhere, her gross skeletal bucktooth overbite, dressing like a 2000's scene kid who is fucking 26 years old and is clearly dying and people are just like "Ohhh but her mom is controlling her" I'm sick of her acting so helpless when it comes to having pedos on her Discord and Twitch. Girl is not dumb, she's not a baby, she's a grown fucking woman and I'm sick of people letting her get away with everything because she has an untreated mental illness.

No. 638775

I'm annoyed because for my assignment in my science writing class we have this assignment where we're supposed pick two articles and compare the writing style. at first I thought they had to be scientific articles, but I read the criteria at least twice and nowhere did it say that they had to be academic/scientific. it just said "pick two articles".

cue a post from my teacher being like "some of you are choosing popular science articles, you're supposed to be choosing academic articles, make sure you read the criteria:-)" like bitch nowhere in the criteria did it say they had to be scientific articles. for someone who is teaching a goddamned writing class you'd think she'd be more straightforward with her directions

No. 638777

Tf you talking about

No. 638783

One of the guys I regularly game with ruined a planned gaming night by screeching like an autist over Among Us. I'm so embarrassed as I introduced people outside of the gaming group to join us for the game. And he ruined it by screaming and tryharding the entire time. Fucking why?

No. 638794

JK Rowling is being witch hunted right now for being a "terf".

No. 638803

Not my problem.

No. 638804

nta but the joke that you're apparently missing is that anon was implying you were JK Rowling due to people wanting you dead

No. 638806

>what are you doing rn at 10pm
He's asking you for nudes, not a date
Ask him when he's taking you out for (insert name of food you like). Stop sending messages to the universe and manifest that shit with your own two hands.

No. 638848

I want to kill myself. I don't even have a particular reason. My life is not bad or good, just flat lining. I know it is selfish but I have no motivation to do anything. I've lost all my will to live and I don't even know why.

No. 638849

start watching a really long tv show, it will distract you for long enough to figure out something better

No. 638854

Please seek help for your dangerously low IQ holy shit, you might hurt yourself

No. 638869

No. 638874

File: 1601075875247.jpg (32.72 KB, 502x502, 945a4d33a0dd8bc4fbb0a86bbe8b4c…)

When people from the same country as me realize that I'm a compatriot they always act so surprised and keep insisting on how I don't look like I'm from the same country at all, and how much I look like a foreigner.
That triggers my traumas of always being the weird one out, at school kids saying I should not even be there because I was 'too smart' or that the way I spoke was weird, or how I always was the weird one in family gatherings from both sides of my family. For one I was not European(blond and slim) looking enough and for the other I was too white and too culturally detached.
The only place I legit feel comfortable with myself is online, irl people always make me feel like I'm an alien.

No. 638893

File: 1601077190968.jpg (79.46 KB, 800x992, Dk0LGPKU0AAWPpX.jpg)

I'm sick of not being able to do normal things or anything. I have debilitating anxiety over everything and I can't accomplish anything. I can get random bursts of anxiety for no reason like if there are too many dirty dishes I freak out and start shaking. It's so pathetic and I try to work through it only to hurt more. I started working at a call center to get rid of it and so far I've tried to take a call but I couldn't remember anything I learned and I put them on hold and transferred them and started crying, shaking and then I puked. I can't remember many things anymore and I'm becoming forgetful. I can't drive because I get so nervous about missing a turn or getting pulled over getting into an accident everything that I can't think of the task at hand. I had an anxiety attack while parking and when I backed up I hit the gas and broke my car and the garage. I don't want to be this way I'm completely useless and all of the meds that have tried don't help or mute my emotions and feelings. None of the breathing exercises or anything work ever. I don't know where my life will go I'm 21 and I can't accomplish simple tasks and my mind is rapidly deteriorating from anxiety.

No. 638907

what is this witchery thing u guys speak of?…. asking for a friend

No. 638913

>I don't know where my life will go
>My mind is rapidly deteriorating
You're so young anon, you still have plenty of time to figure things out so please try to remember to allow yourself time and compassion. Medication and techniques like CBT can take years until they click unfortunately, but you will get there, this is not forever. You managed to get a job and a driving license at 21 which is year before many other anons do, even if you have a rough patch now and stumble a few steps back you can still take those steps forward again and many more in future.

If driving is dangerous for you it might be a good idea to put that on hold until you can work through this, the same as someone would have to stop driving until an eye injury heals up.

No. 638922

Talk to her about it and if she gets passive aggressive afterwards, immediately dip and watch her struggle. Probably not great for your relationship, but it feels good and then you’re free.

I was in a similar situation and did this and it felt great. We haven’t spoken since. 10/10 petty revenge, would do it again.

No. 638923

I've been noporn for a while now, but decided to click on a camgirl's reddit profile today and it just upset me.
The normalization of women being degraded for men in porn is incredibly sad, and being away from porn for so long just made it 10 times more apparent how shocking this all is.

I also just…love women and my distaste for female pain just made my preference way more apparent. If I stumble upon male degradation it still elicits little emotional response (though I do logically believe it to be bad), but with women? Distress.

No. 638926

i'm not an expert but it's essentially Chaos magic, u should research sigil magic, it's very fun and cathartic if you can suspend your disbelief a bit. chaos magic is an inherently agnostic magical practice and to some it's more about putting yourself in the state of mind to "manifest" energy, to others it's more supernatural. have fun

No. 638929

Manifesting is law of attraction. Basically, the ability to attract your desires into your life. Anon just said witchery cause it's "like magic", but it has nothing to do with witchcraft or anything lol. Do more research on it! Not everyone believes in this stuff but it's pretty cool.

No. 638932


Adding that the 55x5 stuff anon was talking about is:

>Write something you really want, usually in the present tense and with a positive feeling attached to it (ex.: I really love my new car)

>Do that for 5 days, writing it 55 times.
>Obtain wanted thing (car)

There is also 3x33, 4x44, 6x66, 7x77 and 8x88. It all depends on your objectives and how much you want it

No. 638933

File: 1601082022527.jpg (41.48 KB, 720x822, FB_IMG_1595820389025.jpg)

Third day of my bf acting like a moody teenager.
I've cried yesterday, I apologized today.
If this goes on for longer, I think I'll ask for him to leave.

No. 638934

I cried until my eyes were swollen and meant to brush my teeth before my boyfriend came home and now I have to face him. I'm kicking myself in the ass for being so sluggish, I could have been pretending to sleep right about now

No. 638947

I want to quit discord so bad because I spend way too much time on there and I cant get anything done but I'm so fucking lonely and I have no friends irl

No. 638964

sounds like you're on the right track. no need to put up with whiny bullshit from a man when there's another waiting in line to do better

No. 638970

OP should seek help, not me. I made a post and she compared me to jk based on that post, so I said it's it's not my problem because our situations have nothing in common!

No. 638971

I know and that's why I said that!!! But it's not the same because my situation is not political. Anon's comparison is retarded and you are also retarded because you didn't understand my reply.

No. 638975

My dad still thinks my mom will come back to him after everything that has happened. Even after my mom said several times that she lost her love for him. My dad changed but the past will never change and he can’t accept that. It hurts because their separation fucked up my life and I’ve always wanted them to go back together, but after learning the truth I just feel like they’re better off in their own ways.
This may come off as immature but why do people have kids just to part ways? Is love really an illusion?

No. 638976

what the hell kind of pick up line is I thought you were 18? Do I behave that juvenile? Or do I look old enough to be flattered by that? Is this negging? Did I just get negged?

No. 638979

I want to kill my male family whenever they leave piss on the seat. It's like fucking animals marking their territory.

No. 638980

It does seem immature bc you're not recognizing that people who have children are still individuals who develop & change throughout their life. It isn't like life stops because you shit out a kid. They're the same great/shitty people before & after. Parenthood doesn't confer perfection.

No. 638989

This is an hour late but they're just trying to say you're hot. They're doing it in a dumb way because of stupid sex reasons. Here's what you do:

Is it a scrote? Ok it's just scrote shit.
Is it a girl? Is she retarded?

The end.

No. 639072

bitch my hand hurts this shit better be worth it

No. 639093

I've always been raised by retarded parents who wouldn't stop saying "if you're not happy about living with us you can just leave!!" whenever I'd complain about being treated like shit by them, like being beaten up because something at their jobs upset them or because they want to watch TV and not hear my siblings and I talking in the whole flat. I've heard this shit on a regular basis ever since primary school and they weren't empty words. Now I'm still with my parents after coming back from abroad because the housing market is fucked and I need a job first and not only was my mother harassing me on the phone when I was abroad because she wanted me to come back asap, now whenever I say I'll get a flat as soon as I start working next week and save enough money for it she takes it personally. I talked about how my career plans were ruined because of the pandemic and how if I could have stayed away from them abroad for a few more months like planned I would have and she lost her shit and started crying like a baby with a persecution complex.

I also remember how my parents promised they'd help me go abroad for university as an exchange student by being guarantors if I need a loan for that and they refused at the very last minute because my father said he hated me and I didn't deserve anything good in my life and my mother probably went with it because she didn't want me to leave and have a normal life with normal people where she wouldn't be able to stalk me. They're deranged.

No. 639098

File: 1601114935048.jpg (16.18 KB, 328x117, 3.JPG)

> he/him lesbian ok
> bi lesbian cancel

They both don't make sense anyway why is the community like that

No. 639103

do you even know what a he/him lesbians are

No. 639104

Do you know what a lesbian is?

No. 639106

an adult human female that only has a sexual interest in other adult human females, no matter what retarded pronouns she uses

No. 639107

>mom sends me pc monitor
>she couldnt be fucked to make sure the package was under 5kg
>package is 5,2kg
>ends up having to pay as if it were a 10kg package
>fucking retarded but ok whatever thanks for sending it mom

3 weeks later

>go pick it up

>have to pay taxes for whatever reason
>salty because this probably doubled the shipping price
>realize i need a new cable to plug it

1 week later

>finally figure out which cable to buy

>happily report this to mom because i really wanted to use this monitor
>also report a crack monitor's casing that seems superficial despite how deep it is
>mom is furious, calling me all kinds of stupid
>starts threatening me and says she will make a "very difficult decision" if i plug this fucking monitor to the power supply (or to my laptop if i eventually get a cable)
>i'm being threatened over a monitor
>says she doesn't want to try and get the tax money back or some kind of compensation for the crack
>says she would rather buy me "another monitor, a laptop, a tablet, whatever the fuck just tell me the price and THROW. THIS. OUT. THIS IS AN ORDER"

am i being pranked? i won't burn the fucking neighborhood down if i plug a defective monitor. why the fuck would she rather buy me a $800 ipad rather than try and plug this shit in?
why the fuck does my mom resort to threatening me in nonsensical arguments like this???

No. 639111

Still denatured of sense and sage your shit

No. 639115

NTA but what exactly was your problem with that post if you essentially agree with it then?

No. 639116

I just want to take a nap but I'm having horrible period cramps and diahrrea and nothing is helping. I want to rip my uterus out!!

No. 639132

There's a girl in my college friends discord server, I don't know if people are just tolerating her because she's crazy or because they feel bad for her.

Every time someone posts anything about their life, a selfie, a piece of cake they had, a vent about their exams - she does the same and interrupt the conversation to make it about her. Whenever anyone else says anything or needs someone to talk to she ignores it because it's not about her.

She never takes any advice we give her and spends her free time arguing on the internet, then telling us about it. Sooooo annoying.

No. 639138

I don't use discord but I feel like every discord server has this one girl, there's a post like this at least once every week

No. 639151

Back to just seethe more about how any multiplayer game I play is ruined by sweaty moids trying too hard, if it was competitive/ranked I'd maybe understand but even when its Stardew Valley or a party game like Jackbox/Among Us they freak out. Honestly pathetic.

No. 639162

File: 1601128000289.png (13.77 KB, 300x330, E429AF1B-A9E6-480C-9224-71EBAA…)

I'm friends with this girl who's always going on about how she "questions everything" and trusts nothing but she's constantly sharing wildly inaccurate shit on facebook with zero critical thought first, like COVID conspiracies and QAnon child trafficking garbage and that "post this status to tell Facebook they don't have permission to use your photos!!!" that's been going around for years. as far as I can tell she doesn't even look at the fact checks facebook automatically attaches, and often she'll go off based on a misinterpretation of a headline without even reading the article and it drives me insane, mostly because I've always felt obligated to correct this sort of thing (guess I just love a losing battle)

No. 639172

Is there any way to make your dreams less vivid? Ever since I started anti-depressants I've been having really horrible vivid sexual nightmares, and it's made me fear going to sleep. I don't think it's a good idea to stop taking them but I have no idea what to do. Has anyone else experienced this?

No. 639174

Direct her to the Tinfoil Thread for observation and isolation.

No. 639178

File: 1601130458981.jpeg (21.43 KB, 674x455, aaaaaaa.jpeg)

Fuuuuuck i'm so jealous of kids who just don't have to think about money

I'm working on it but today is just one of those days where i'm miserable remembering how a lot of my childhood and my teens were lost because of money issues… as a kid i was aways so worried about how my parents would make rent, it gave me a lot of anxiety because they would even take my pennies so i thought the situation must have been dire. And it was, we landed in an awful living situation with 5 people crammed into one room for years. I would dread coming home everyday and was sure we would be homeless soon.

I got a low paying job at 14 and didn't give a fuck in school or hang out with my friends, i missed on so much looking back now. And i still am, i'm still putting college behind and giving more importance to my shitty minimum wage job because i'm worried we will end up losing the house again and my parents are aging with no health insurance or retirement money and FUUUCK I JUST WANT TO NOT WORRY ABOUT MONEY FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!!

Every single thing i buy comes with guilt, i can never enjoy downtime because i must study all the time to land a better job but it seems impossible with this economy. All my future plans have to be made with giving my parents money to survive in mind.

I feel like i'm going to explode from neverending money stress. I used to blame my parents, the relatives who didn't help and myself for not saving enough but i don't even have the brain power for that anymore.

No. 639181

File: 1601130696881.png (432.56 KB, 860x797, E61E045F-1C87-4847-9B4F-CEF394…)

I feel like I don’t get this out of my chest I’m going to go crazy so excuse me if I repeat myself.
I don't want to help you anymore because you don’t want to be helped, simple as that.
Your life’s miserable because you don’t want to change nothing at all, all you want to do is to complain and feel pity for yourself. See, we all have problems and we all have to deal with it, sometimes it’s easier and sometimes we want to do it but that’s just it.
All of your friends abandoned you because you bring so much negative energy into their life and IT SHOWS. They don’t want to meet you because you’re boring, always talking about yourself and your problems, always bringing this “poor me” image into conversation, always.
You’re the kind of person that comes to everyone’s minds when we think “this is why we can’t have nice things”.
Your judgemental, stuck up on yourself and think you’re better than anyone else when actually you’re incapable of having a nice conversation with someone without seeming arrogant. I'm tired of feeling dumb when I’m next to you because you question every single thing I say, even when I’m talking about something I know about.
And I tried, god knows I fucking tried to help you but I don’t know how I can face you anymore and pretend I still liking spend time with you because actually I would prefer to be at my home chilling than being with you just because you need someone to vent to.
How can you tell something won’t help if you didn’t even tried it? It’s ridiculous to me. You’re like an old song no ones likes and everyone’s tired of.
I used to feel sorry for you because I know you will never have a nice and normal relationship with anyone and that made me sad but now? Honestly you can fuck off with your pessimistic moods and all the shit you don’t even want to try to change.
Keep crying and do nothing about it, it’s so much better than to try and get better, right?

No. 639184

File: 1601131587337.png (118.56 KB, 500x602, fearnoSero.png)

I wish I could give helpful advice anon bc I'm having that side effect with Seroquil. Knock on wood I don't have too many nightmares but my dreams have been… fine during, even comforting, but leave me feeling very depressed when I wake up. It's like my subconscious is saying 'hey remember when you were happy and had a future lol' every other night.

Can't recommend stopping the anti-depressants without a doctor's consultation but if they are keeping you from sleeping (or wanting to sleep) absolutely tell your doctor/psychiatrist. At best it's a short term side effect, at worst you'll do the sad med shuffle and be given something else.

No. 639242

My weird creepy boss went outside to check out of my boyfriend who drove to my office to pick me up and went to smoke quite literally next to his car when he normally smokes outside the building. He then returned to our office and announced that my boyfriend needed to up his game and that his car was shit and cracking jokes about him. I quickly left as the day was over and then the next day I went out for drinks with a my colleagues and found out that when my boss went out to smoke my boyfriend’s car yesterday, he was waiting for him to get out so he could speak to him. It’s so bizarre. He’s made a couple comments in relation to finding me attractive and a couple relating to my sex life which make me quite uncomfortable. It’s so annoying but I can’t find anything else right now and it’s weirding me out. Why the fuck is this 50+ year old man acting like this?

No. 639247

Anon, get a better job. I don't know why people stay in minimum wage, you can easily apply and worm your way into companies with the skills you gained. I started out at Dunkin Donuts, hopped into the restaurant life, and now I work in museums. I'm a college dropout. If I can do it, you can too. You just have to fucking do it

No. 639251

That sucks, anon, I am sending you my love. Nothing worse than economic anxiety and fear for money. Where do you live?

Fuck me, what a creepy guy. How the fuck adult men think that behaving like that is appropriate? Why are middle aged men the worst cunts? I bet he thinks he is being sly about the fact that he wants to fuck you, I just am at the loss for words for how retarded men are.

No. 639260

Anon, how did you worm your way into a museum job.

No. 639261

File: 1601139704250.jpg (35.52 KB, 564x564, mkgfemnskltgnsilkg.jpg)

>mfw I hate vent posts written like it's addressing the reader because I always become paranoid of it being a friend of mine ranting about me anonymously

No. 639263

This isn't really venting because this is something I perceive as very positive, but I really want to write about this somewhere anon and idk where else to post this

I was raped a few years ago, and after that I went from someone that didn't think much about gender and treated everyone very equally to being somewhat afraid of men. Being touched even by accident made me flinch, only times I felt comfortable being touched even by my male friends was during hi/bye hugs. Hell, even looking a man in the eyes was scary. So of course it ended with me distancing from most of my male friends… I have never talked with anyone about my fear of men either, it's a stupid pride thing and I don't want to come off as making myself into a victim.

Either way, the good thing is that I have started to get a lot better, I can look men in the eyes again (some days it's harder, sometimes I have no problems) and I don't have a panicked knee-jerk reaction to being touched. I still feel awkward around men, even my friend's husbands, but I am moving forward and getting better!

No. 639269

Glad you're slowly feeling less anxious anon.

I was never raped but I've had a series of (much) smaller incidents happen where men showed an interest in me and rather than taking rejection well, they just pushed and pushed, with one turning into stalking. Been feeling some similar ways and I'd say that I trust my dad and maybe one neighbor, most other men have a question mark over their heads.

No. 639272

I'm trying but i already had experience working and no one would hire me even for minimum wage, i got very lucky with this one. I'm not in america so minimum wage in a regular job is better than 50% of the population, my mom and dad earned close to this their whole lives. Maybe college will help.

Yeah it's awful isn't it? it aways seems like you will suddenly be honeless and hungry and have to keep your guard up. I'm in latin america.

No. 639277

>Anons my boyfriend did this thing and it seems really shitty, is it shitty?
Yes anon it's shitty, it's pretty fuckin shitty
>Omg my boyfriend is literally the best man I have ever met, how dare you make out like he's shitty!

No. 639286

The worst thing about this is that I can't tell if you're talking about Reddit or Lolcow.

No. 639289

It was here but it reminded me of reddit lol

All you have to do is parrot their own words back at them and then watch them switch over to being on the defensive.

No. 639292

It's both. Then they come to unpopular thread about how the only advice they ever get is "dump him".

No. 639296

i found my bf messaging girls on tinder AGAIN. i rely on him for housing atm so i can't just leave. i feel dumb and hopeless. i'm going to save up to move out as soon as i can but i just have no idea where to go on from here. i refuse to move back to my home town with my family, very toxic place. i just feel stuck.

No. 639301

I hate MLA formatting.
Who the fuck is counting inches on a screen? Fuck off.

No. 639304

> i rely on him for housing atm so i can't just leave
Ouch, been there. The shit I put up with for cheap rent… got an std from his cheating!

Hope you get out of there soon.

No. 639305

On that note, average margin sizing is way too damn big. Fuck margins, I prefer efficiency

No. 639308

Is he nice in other aspects or is this something that would be surprising given his other behaviours? men are so two faced.

No. 639311

the thing is, he is soooooo incredibly nice and loving but recently this year started doing this. He buys and does anything i want, if i'm getting off work he'll make sure to feed me and makes me feel relaxed and special. everything we do is about us spending special bonding time and connecting. i used to truly really trust him but stopped after the first time, and i kept nagging him in a way to please not hurt me again the same way (he told me he was acting out of anger that day that was his excuse) and i'm not sure what the excuse is this time other then our relationship being dead. I don't have anyone in my life or any guidance whatsoever so this is all very sad and lonely for me. I will work hard to get myself out of this situation.

No. 639317

Refuse to have sex with him or be affectionate with him beyond hugging in the meanwhile and get another man. Once you're done saving up, dip.

No. 639341

Do you think he has met up with women? Just careful with your health.

No. 639367

File: 1601150867558.jpg (682.7 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200926-160539_Sna…)

Some random scrote who I've never spoken to sent me a dick pic. AND I WAS AT THE SALON WHEN I OPENED THE SNAP. I'm tired of scrotes flashing their dick to any female they can.

No. 639370

Send him a dick gore pic back. You can find them at bestgore

No. 639371

I finally had the courage to cut ties with the people who kept being friends with my abuser. I already feel better and like I did the right thing, but I still have doubts.

No. 639372

Good for you anon. I wish I could do the same, but unfortunately a lot of these friends are basically family at this point and it would take a lot for me to walk away from them completely. At least they don't hang out with my ex on a regular basis, or talk about him around me.

No. 639375

Goddess of retribution

No. 639383

I showed my friends this and they said i was too harsh to him kek they said I went too far telling him to kill himself.

No. 639384

Tell your friends to kill themselves, send them each a dick pic if they like it so much

No. 639386

you were way too nice to him, your friends are stupid lol

No. 639391

This is why women still have to suffer unsolicited dick pics. Literally lying down and taking it kek. If more women sent pp gore then men would be discouraged.

No. 639393

Many of them get off on seeing women freak out. The best thing you can do is sending a drooling emoji and butchered tranny cock right back.

No. 639395

I wouldn't say she was "way too nice" to him but at the same time I don't blame her for getting mad at the dick pic, I would be disgusted if that happened to me too.

No. 639399

I've never gotten an unsolicited dick pic before in my life and I still don't fully understand why this is a problem for people.

No. 639401


"I've never had this problem so it must not be a real problem"

No. 639402

File: 1601154367622.jpg (34.12 KB, 563x544, 1590767712740.jpg)

im on a discord call with my kinda rich friend studying for a quiz and we're not even half done and I already zoned out in self pity thinking about how our lives are different and how bad i have it. i cant even focus on studying, she now went to eat her lunch that she ordered and I have even more time to dwell into misery and self pity i hate this so much i wish i didnt care that much but i cant because i share a room with my sister in my small home and i have to mute myself all the time because its loud and embarrassing while she and normal people have their own private rooms and they dont feel the need to stay muted, i hate being poor so fucking much and this is just an example of how i am constantly reminded of that.

No. 639404

That's not what I meant. I meant like, how are these guys able to do this in the first place? Are they getting your phone number somehow? Are they sending you pics through social media?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying an unsolicited dick pic is justified. I'm just confused as to why this seems to happen so much for some women and not others.

No. 639409

I think it depends on how you use the internet. If you’re on dating apps or just publicly a woman in general, it will happen. I always have a neutral name and profile so everyone assumes I’m male and I just don’t correct them

No. 639413

>I always have a neutral name and profile so everyone assumes I’m male and I just don’t correct them
Same. I've done this since I was like 14. I've never used dating apps for more than like a month, and the worst that ever happened there was that I'd sometimes get creepy messages asking for sexual favors, but never any explicit pictures. I also have all my socials set up so that people I don't know can't message or friend me. I guess not everyone is concerned about privacy to the extent that I am lmao

No. 639414

You've never gotten random sexbot message you on snap? There are services out there that let scammers spam a bunch of accounts. Scrotes also regularly post girls snap in chan threads so they get harassed.

No. 639419

I don't use snapchat. I only regularly use two social media accounts that actually show people what I look like.

>Scrotes also regularly post girls snap in chan threads so they get harassed.

That's fucked. How are they getting their names? Are they already friends with these women on the platform?

God I feel like such an oldfag now. I don't even know how a lot of this shit works because other than image boards, I've never gone beyond FB and IG lmao

No. 639421

Yeah both girls they know, like some Stacy in hs, or (underage) ig girls with public snap

No. 639479

File: 1601159387858.jpg (27.08 KB, 350x255, 13322187_276035026075909_46029…)

If you have no prior museum/office experience and no hope of getting hired: Honestly a lot of hiring is done internally, so get a job at a museum as custodial or security staff (usually contract, like Allied Universal or Clean Tech. Sift through their websites for museum opportunities). Treat it as an internship. Learn as much as you can about the building, observe museum staff behavior, and befriend EVERYBODY. Don't be fake to people or tell them that the custodial/security job "is just temporary lol", just say hello and remember their names. I was working as a gallery guard for eight months (very easy to get into, and you just have to stand there and kindly tell people not to touch things) and when I applied to work for the museum itself my application was bumped to the top. Make sure you know how to get around the city and learn about other touristy stops that you can tell visitors, and style your face/hair like you already work for the museum so potential managers can easily envision you in that position.

No. 639486

My best friend accused me of ghosting her and trying to avoid her BC of some drama between us and I'm pissed. She was the one who stopped calling me everyday and wasn't texting me, I thought she was mad at me and wanted space. Which that was fine, I wasn't even mad about that. I've answered the couple of times she's called me and texted her a few times too but I get short replies, like she doesn't want to talk to me. While we weren't talking, she was messaging my sister about how I'm avoiding her and all this.
Like how are you gonna message my sister about how I'm avoiding you when you're not making an effort either? I've answered every call, I haven't left her on read until she was only texting back one word replies. And then accuse me of being the one who's "shady" and ghosting? Its just frustrating and dumb.

No. 639487

I worry sometimes that I have an STD and just don't know it. There was evidence that my ex was cheating on me towards the end of our relationship, although it wasn't definitive. I don't know if that's a good enough reason to get tested. I'm also not sure I'd even want to know if it came back positive for anything. Like I really want to believe that I'm just being paranoid about my ex cheating on me.

No. 639490

I hate the way every female oriented online space just becomes a radfem cesspool. This has ultimately happened with literally every online female space I’ve been involved in since I was a teenager. I feel like there’s no online communities left anymore apart from social media that isn’t either full of pp spergs or mra/incels.

No. 639492

I feel like you're gonna get torn to shreds for this lol

No. 639494

Which spaces/sites are these? It's the complete opposite from what I've seen

No. 639496

Interesting that spaces where women get to bond and share their experiences free from male perspectives or societal performance eventually result in women arriving at approximately similar conclusions HMMMmm
Must the work of the shadow radfem organization.

No. 639497

Rad fems are pretty much the only group of women who would want a space that's only women sooo..

No. 639498

It’s almost like everyone who’s not “radfem” leaning makes men the center of their universe. Oh….

No. 639499

Right? It usually gets overrun with (gay) men or trannies lol. I wouldn't even really call lolcow radfem.

No. 639500

not any more at least kek

No. 639503

Or women who are tired of scrote shit, which naturally make feminist ideas compelling.
It never was radfem. There was radfem containment thread because anons don't identify as such. Anons simply hate men and troons. But we know calling everyone ebil radfem is a slur at this point.

No. 639504

No, it’s usually not the original users, it’s new users who never integrate. It usually starts out with original users complaining about them/arguing with them but eventually they all just leave because it’s like arguing with a wall how cyclical and repetitive they are and it ends up ruining the culture.

No. 639505

A lot of the recent ‘man hating’ like pp/black pill feminism communities pull a lot from radfem theory and are essentially just radfeminism rebranded to appeal to zoomers bc it has such a bad reputation but I’m pretty sure you probably know that.

No. 639508

Must be the work of the shadow radfem organization. But don't worry, we have zoomer twitterfags to the rescue. We'll be back to male worshiping in no time!

No. 639510

It's not just the new users, it's the mods. At the end of the day they chose to nerf gc and venting about men and their decision was the main reason why the vibe on lolcow is so different nowadays. Clearly it hasn't paid off that well because scrotes have been getting very brave lately, there's an increase in blog posting in the lolcow threads and the site over all just seems very dead. I have no idea why somebody would go to a site known for rampant man bashing and get upset at all the man bashing and go on a crusade to protect the sanctity of all trannies. Good work i guess?

No. 639517

The ‘new users’ I’m talking about are the radfems.The mods decision was good and they should have done it sooner. The site originally was not known for ‘man bashing’. I criticised them a lot for not doing enough to combat the radfem spergs but realistically there’s only so much they can do. It’s not just this site it’s most female spaces online. There’s definitely a growing ‘radfem’ sentiment (whether it’s the traditional or ‘rebranded’ kind) among terminally online women, and increasing ‘incel’ sentiment among terminally online men that’s becoming impossible to avoid.

No. 639518

File: 1601161368160.jpeg (49.01 KB, 576x474, 1591283083069.jpeg)

Zoomers aren't into PP, GC stuff anon. Anons fought with radfems over having boyfriends, getting pregnant and wearing makeup. So no not the same just because they all hate men.

No. 639520

Get off the internet then. Or use normalfag platforms. Normies are neither of those groups you're so scared of.

No. 639521

>It’s not just this site it’s most female spaces online.
Fucking where

No. 639522

You keep mentioning these online female spaces, but what are they? Genuinely asking cause I would like to know

No. 639524

What makes you think that the radfems are new users? And how is all this a reason to censor these topics?

No. 639525

More like most of them are too cowardly to have their opinions publicly so they are obviously drawn to anonymous/lesser known spaces.

There are a lot of younger women being drawn in to it. I know they’re not the exact same but they still pull heavily from it and fall under what I’m talking about.

No ones scared of radfems lmao they’re just stupid and annoying.

No. 639526

Literally just die

No. 639527

>fucking scrotes ruin everything. Wish there was an image board for women
>oooh lc
>fucking man haters ruin everything

No. 639530

Anon how long have you been on this website?

No. 639531

>More like most of them are too cowardly to have their opinions publicly
I don't think it really has to do with cowardice, but more to do with the fact it's not "safe" to openly be radfem irl.

No. 639532

>there’s no online communities left anymore apart from social media that isn’t either full of pp spergs or mra/incels.
This is correct, and will likely never change. It is also why we all need to go the fuck outside.

No. 639533

I'm going to ask as well, what female spaces? What makes you think that the new users are the rad fems, especially since there used to be an authorised rad fem thread if you look through the catalogue. Sorry, but you seem like a new fag, not even saying this as an insult, just a very clear observation.

Are women supposed to take bullshit lying on their backs? Men are allowed to have spaces where they can share revenge porn, call all women whores and sluts, confess to wanting to rape and wanting to abolish the age of consent. Are women not allowed room to vent against this? I don't think it even think you need to be a rad fem to speak against the problems with anti-sjw culture and mens rights activists, it's just called not being a push over.

No. 639534

Remember, we actually do have confirmed trannies posting here.
Some of them are literal MtF tripfags from /lgbt/ who have a massive hateboner for detransitioners, others are obese furries from Twitter.

No. 639536

I care here from stamina rose, literally since it first started. I’m not talking about just any ‘Complaining about men’ which I know has always been present.

the culture significantly changed in late 2016-2018, and admins poll about 2x showed a lot of them knew absolutely nothing about the history of the site. I think banning topics was good to try and retain the culture of the site but now don’t think it will be effective because it’s part of a wider issue that’s out of the admins hands. Anyway I’m not going to keep going back and forth and I have no desire to ‘debate’ about it, that’s just how I feel.

No. 639537

not to mention the PULL and Kiwi faggots

No. 639541

This is super off topic, but I have a feeling those tea channels like Edwins generation and petty page and friends have something to do with a lot of the sperging on rad fems. It's confirmed all those bitches read a couple of thread, then proclaim themselves as master researchers to their brainless fans.They are notorious hard core lib fems and are not strangers to fighting random people on the internet and tend to be over emotional. Just a theory.

No. 639545

I swear someone is baiting so they can summon tranny jannies to ban “infighters”
Happens every month, usually after they got btfo over porn or some shit

No. 639546

Well that's an interesting theory anon, I'll give you that.I see tea channels get info from kiwifamrs too so it's possible.
Also forgot to mention LSA and GG, but I don't know if this site would appeal to them that much to them too.

No. 639549

Honestly, I'd venture there's more lC farmers who lurk on LSA than vice-verse. LSA members tend to be drawn to discussions around African-American culture and popular celebrity culture. But they do agree on disliking TRAs, troon madness, soo..

No. 639553

I always kinda thought people from LSA posted in the celebrity threads. There's something kinda off about some of the posts made in there.

No. 639558

LSA goes in really hard on mainstream celebrities who has legions on stans and have been called out for being toxic numerous times, but at least they have measures to shield themselves from spergs thanks to the membership system. Apparently they have had to deal with people comparing them to 4chan which is hilarious.
As for kiwifarms, I find that most channels who make content about the cows there tend to be scrotes themselves, so they find the culture over their to be agreeable.

I get that vibe whenever somebody posts about Megan Markle.

No. 639562

Anon please go get tested. You are already his ex so it wouldnt change anything in a current relationship. You are risking your physical health as well as any next partners by not being tested. One anon a few days ago had cancerous cells ftom HPV because her bf had been cheating for a long time behind her back. I dont think you want to end up in that same boat.

No. 639563

One of the only good things I can say about LSA is that the majority don't support tranny bullshit, and they're pretty pink-pilled in general.
The stans are deranged, though.

No. 639605

I know it's very stupid and childish and not a "real" problem but I can't stop obsessing over an actor (not a popular one, he's not even a B lister), it's been a few years now and I can't stop thinking how no man can compare to him and no man will ever be as attractive and interesting and endearing to me. I also feel guilty fantasizing about him since he got married because I'm a moralfag, I don't stalk his social media for the same reason. I can't make fun of weeaboos for sacrificing real life relationships for the sake of 2d waifus when my fantasy is just as unrealistic, cringe and beyond my reach. I have very specific interests and this one sexual fixation and I won't talk about it to anyone because I don't want to seem creepy and childish

No. 639606

I think my dad has dementia coupled with alcoholism and my mom won’t do anything about it, and I’m stuck here with them. He just got into a fight with us when I logged into my Hulu (their account gets logged out on their roku sometimes and my mom didn’t want to ask him to put in the info because that’s how difficult he is) to watch something with my mom and he took the remote to punish us I guess. I don’t know what to do, I love my dad but he isn’t himself and it’s at a point where he’s fucking up his relationships with me and my mom. My sisters live away so they tell me I’m overthinking but it’s been getting worse for years. I have no idea what to do to make things better, it’s constant eggshells

No. 639610

I'm extremely shy and somewhat paranoid and I'm scared of making a dating profile. Should I have a few drinks tonight, take some selfies and go for it? I'm worried that theres only sex addicts and cheaters on there. Idk what to do

No. 639614

Anon, I'm on the same boat but with a fucking k-pop idol (!) My crushes, even in real life last like two weeks but this one won't go after years, and I don't even listen to k-pop. I'll pray for both of us

No. 639615

File: 1601172028593.jpeg (68.34 KB, 473x360, B80AE682-F782-4963-89FF-D812F7…)

I took DMT for the first time last night, and had the most terrifying experience ever. I was literally in hell. Everything I looked at disturbed me, and I felt like I was no-clipping out of reality.

No. 639617

That's crazy anon, have you tried Elk?

No. 639620

Do it again. You probably won't no clip out of reality twice back to back. Maybe.

No. 639623

I've heard of a couple of success stories for finding long term relationships on dating profiles but they're really rare. Most men just use online dating for easy hookups, to be honest. If you're not looking for anything too serious go for it, if you're searching for an actual boyfriend then don't get your hopes up too high.

No. 639624

File: 1601172957330.jpeg (210.79 KB, 750x543, A3B844EA-7158-4823-97E0-107E49…)

I can’t believe the amount of absolutely stupid life decisions two of my ex coworkers have made.

No. 639627

>sex addicts and cheaters

You wouldnt be too far off

No. 639682

File: 1601183427006.jpg (64.63 KB, 400x587, tumblr_f5237179f12d1f39e7a520c…)

I just started working on my passion project and now I roped too many people in to back down, its a media thing and now im interviewing video editors and its making me so nervous, im really passionate about what im doing and everyone i've spoken to thinks the idea is very unique and fun, i've even roped in some participants with minor internet clout.

But im so scared too, this is my first time being in any sort of management position, the money im spending isn't that much since most of the actual hard work will be done by me but its so terrifying to try and make something, im scared no one will watch it, im scared i won't be sucessful, im scared some creep will doxx me and leak my nudes from back in college.

There's so much that could go wrong but i really want people to see this thing, i don't want money or fame I just want the thing that I made to be seen and make an impact.

No. 639685

What kind of life decisions we talking?? Spill sis. Also wow I really like the art you attached

No. 639694

f it's dementia, things like telling time/remembering time ("what time do you get up in the morning?" "what time do you do (routine thing you always do)", not knowing how to navigate spaces he's well acquainted with, will be large signs. The tricky thing is, alcoholism's long term effects are also pretty similar, imo. Either way, you can't control him and you can't control your mom. You can voice your concern, but parents are stubborn and live in denial about this shit. Sounds like they're well in practice. The better area to spend your time and emotions is on how you can get out of the house, the steps you need to do that. That's the only thing that is in your control.

No. 639702

retard sperg alert. i want to slit my parents' throats. college stresses me out so much i procrastinate every assignment. these fucking retards make me feel like i have to get As otherwise they won't love me anymore and will gossip to all their friends that I'm a retard and should kill myself because I'm a waste of money. i feel like i have no control over my life and don't think and am losing the ability to use my hands because of carpal tunnel i want to watch my mother bleed to death for being a stupid cunt. i'm kidding, i'm projecting. i cry at night because i'm a dumb piece of shit who doesn't have the common sense to kill themselves. lying to my parents about my college grades when they're paying for my education in this retarded country makes me a bad person but when they're braindead retards who only know how to lecture and not talk to like human beings why would i bother? i probably won't be able to move out and get a job with my degree later because i'm a retarded sperg and my mom's a helicopter who might as well shove her fucking tiddies down my throat because that's how this braindead shit acts like. i want to move out but they'll act like i'm a whore and then what i don't know if i can trust them i only have a joint bank account and how can i get a job on my own when i don't care and am so scared and tired of them seeing me i don't want to leave my room i don't want them to see me i don't want my mom to touch me i don't like it i don't trust her

No. 639715

File: 1601191049851.jpg (35.47 KB, 500x493, 295.jpg)

I gotta dm my friend and tell him I can't come out and hang out on my day off. I said yes because I'm excited he moved closer and everything but I really cannot just hang out with two people I haven't seen in 5 years to just smoke and hang out right now, especially since I work at a place that has had lots of covid cases and one of said friends is a cancer survivor. He's gonna be bummed and probably think I'm a flake even if he's too nice to say it but I gotta do it sooner rather than later.

No. 639738

unrelated sperg, I want this figure so fucking bad why did you use her as your image reeeeeee

No. 639740

My bf ran over a fucking curb last night and now I'm nervous about driving around in his car. He was pulling out of the hotel parking lot so we could go out to eat, and I was busy fiddling with the phone for directions. Idk what he was doing but I guess he missed the giant sidewalk curb that juts out and didn't clear it. I had no idea what happened but the jolt was intense, I thought he hit somebody. We weren't going fast but the sound was so loud that someone from another room came out to see what had happened. It was enough to take out two protective panels from underneath his car. He claimed a check air gage for his tires came on but went away upon a second start up. It effectively killed the mood for the rest of the night as he was too angry at himself to eat or do anything else. So we went to sleep.

I'm like really freaked out that he fucked up his car. We were supposed to do stuff on our last day tomorrow and home is a 3 hour drive. But I dunno. He should really drive it to an auto place and get it checked out, but I think he's half nervous to do that because if it requires a massive repair he will have no money for it.

No. 639742

File: 1601197324886.gif (979.88 KB, 500x250, tumblr_lmcnesrKPH1qa6spbo1_r1_…)

I can't fucking stop thinking that my friends are secretly glad that I'm more unfortunate than them in a lot of areas - dating, job search, mental health etc. because it makes them feel better about their own life. Also my best friend and his boyfriend sometimes make passive aggressive comments about the fact that they think I'm gay - which I'm not, I'm straight, I just haven't dated anyone in years because I have intimacy and trust issues and I'm also avoidant - and it drives me crazy

No. 639759

You again. You're the one who's constantly posting whining about the anti-male posts over here and sperging about radfem and how "girl boss" shit is "harmful". Don't think I don't recognize your pants on head retarded, distinctive way of posting. If you hate it so much here, why don't you just fucking leave? You make this exact rant every fucking week here.

No. 639764

God why do I have to go and befriend suicidal people, why do I have to be so soft and start caring about them even when they tell me not to, since they could just be gone any day. I know it's gonna break my heart if/when I'll wake up one morning and hear the bad news. Why do I have to care about people so much why can't I just stay cold and detached I hate this I hate having feelings

No. 639765

Nta but pants on head retarded made me chuckle

No. 639794

File: 1601209284325.jpg (97.37 KB, 800x528, 5d623341214341985e17564f.w800.…)

Had a minor issue with my bf and mentioned it to my mom, to which she immediately responded that "maybe I should consider breaking up with him" and when I've pressed it on her she explained that it's because it "doesn't seem like he wants to marry you", while she knows very well I don't really want to marry anyone myself. It's so annoying, because when my ex cheated on me multiple times and I've cried about it to her she was encouraging me to stay with him because he intended to marry me and "was sorry". Why are boomers so into official relationships at all cost?

No. 639803

I love my boyfriend but I can't stop thinking about being in a relationship with a woman, I'm bisexual and have felt like that since I was a kid but now I'm in my first real relationship and these thoughts keep happening and are quite intense I don't know if I'm a victim of comp het or if this is normal for bi people, someone help I don't have anyone I can trust to talk to about this.

No. 639810

Thanks, anon. His mother passed away from Alzheimer’s so that may be why I’m paranoid about it. I didn’t really think about it being long term alcohol abuse but that doesn’t sounds far off either.

You’re right though, I’m going to focus on getting out and take care of some stuff today.

No. 639812

Anon I’ve had the same thoughts (intensely) with my boyfriends, but at the end of the day I wanted to be with them. If it’s an invasive thought it could be a symptom of unhappiness or dissatisfaction- is this a new relationship?

No. 639813

I had seen anons talk about tiktok being full of cp before but I never really took it all that serious until I saw screencaps on an IG page where a 13 (motherfucking THIRTEEN) year old girl was being groomed, in broad daylight, had a tiktok account where it was all CP, I felt like puking. So many men in her comments encouraging her to take off her clothing, underwear, filling her with praises and all that gross fucking shit. Her account was reported to her school and I think it was deleted, and she seemed pretty bummed and angry it was deleted but god, she's a fucking kid. I could see myself in her, except well, I hid my face and didn't share identifying information, but I was a kid like her getting encouraged by pedos online and the validation really gets to your head as a kid, all the praise. I hope she grows older and realizes what a stupid kid she was, I hope she's safe. It's just enraging and so sad I can't really do shit about it. There were people in the comments blaming the kid for all of it too. Like she should've been smarter, who the hell is smart at 13

No. 639821

One of my coworkers is a dad and he was talking about similar things, worrying about his daughter and her access to social media in the future. He's not boomer age, but old enough that he's not too big on social media and was browsing tiktok for the first time and was so distraught coming across 15, 16 year old girls posting the shit that they do. He was like "I didn't search that shit up and it was so easy to find, what about the men who are definitely looking for it? It's disgusting." and was voicing about how he hated that he had to worry about things like this.

I feel like I went through some grooming as a kid, but the internet wasn't what it's like today, so thankfully no photos were exchanged or posted. I was that sort of validation hungry kid and I can see myself rebelling if my parents found out the weirdo men I spoke to and shit, saying "it's fine! you don't understand!" but in hindsight, of course it's not. Poor kid.

No. 639829

>one of them comes into my workplace pre-rona
>says they married a guy that already has three kids
>saw them again a few weeks ago asking if we had any openings
>they’re getting divorced, are also pregnant, and came in with a box of cigarettes so they’re smoking too
>came in again later in the day high on weed and found out they were over the other ex corowker’s place - they got along well so not surprised
>came in again last night, they didn’t remember they saw me a couple weeks ago and told me again about the pregnancy while adding the other coworker is pregnant too
>the other girl had an absolute nightmare home life while working with us, crazy druggie narc mom who bounced them around hotels and shady houses until they got an apartment down the street
>she was a high school dropout that got her GED while working with us but didn’t go to college because her mom wouldn’t help with paperwork and getting her to school
>they got 10k+ from suing after a car accident they were in and they blew all the money in two weeks, she was fired a bit after that
>I could go on, her mom is a horrible influence and I’m not sure if they still live together
So both of them are around 23-24 now, having babies during an economic crash and I’m guessing neither of them have jobs either. Poverty is one hell of a cycle

No. 639831

I don't even know what to say when I see adults whining about how we should encourage these kids to "explore their sexuality" by essentially allowing them to be groomed in broad daylight. I've even seen adult female libfems support this, that kids should be able to be sexualized like this because it's "healthy" for them not to suppress it. Like there wasn't a middle road between bible thumping families checking up on their teens that they sleep with their hands over their covers and full on child exploitation we see on social media.

Social media should really be banned from people under 18, no excuses. There are numerous studies about how damaging it is to developing teens and children, instead of dancing around the issue and making all these different mechanics to make it "healthier" kids should just be banned altogether.

No. 639833

I was browsing Linkedin and I found this super cute girl that works in the same field as me, I asked to connect and sent a generic message about boring network stuff.
I feel like one of those horny Indian guys now, but she's so cute, I mean she's my type but most people would think she's average, and it's the first time I crush on someone just from the picture alone and on Linkedin from all places.
I really wish she replies and that she's into girls and single.

No. 639835

If you feel fine fucking him then it's not comp het.

Sadly a lot of women will become prostitutes out of their own free will due to this socialization. I think by now there should be no public photos/video of people under 18, and no ads directed to kids either. The grooming is way worse than when I was growing up.

No. 639839

On one hand, please dont flirt on linkedin, ew
but on the other, the gay part of me wishes you good luck, fingers crossed!!

No. 639843

File: 1601218271783.jpeg (227.45 KB, 1334x1296, CAA91C40-DEA7-460F-A521-E6107A…)

I have always felt like the easily ignored weak link that everyone would vote out if they could in my high school friend group, and it’s nice to see nothing has changed in college. My friends always hang out together, post cute pictures on Instagram, and enjoy each other’s company. They never invite me anywhere or reach out to me at all. I think it is time to distance myself from them (like I even have a choice). It hurts. It really does. I just question why I’m such a fucking loser who easily fades in the back. Maybe I could use one of those friend finding apps to connect with people? Have those worked well for you guys?

No. 639844

I'm planning to quit my job once the lockdown ends and things will return to semi-normal, but because there's no guarantee when it will happen I'm basically trapped in a nightmare scenario. It's eating away my soul and I dread waking up on Mondays because each week is more stressful and depressing than the last, I guess I just need to figure out a way to cope until the time is right. Anons, how have you dealt with people bullying you at work and treating you like a bottom feeder? I've already reported this to a higher level multiple times but it did diddly-squat, which is the reason why I'm going to resign. I've also tried confronting them face to face which only seemed to make it worse. I'm at the end of my rope.

No. 639868

Do you have enough evidence for a lawsuit? That'd be pretty sweet.

No. 639920

I hate my country for political and economic reasons. I hate living in eastern european shithole. I hate feeling inferior. I hate our history. I hope that one day my health will allow me to leave this fucking place.

No. 639924

I don't get why whenever someone asks me a question and I give the correct answer they don't understand it and make me repeat myself, and then pretend that I never gave the correct answer to begin with and that I'm retarded. I'm trying to cope with the fact that this is going to make me lose a job opportunity just because the interviewer wasn't even listening to me when I answered one of his questions, made me feel like I gave an incorrect answer, and then made me repeat myself and gave the same explanation I gave like I'm some kind of idiot, just because he wasn't paying attention.

No. 639926

File: 1601226182854.jpg (135.91 KB, 400x519, 1597791225103.jpg)

I hate how I overthink things and get anxious
Due to some circumstances things were a bit insecure between me and someone, and I decided that I still want to be friends with them because I otherwise usually feel calm around them and love how genuine they are, and that I hope they feel the same. Wrote it to them two hours ago, they read it almost immediately but no response.

No. 639928

I have never posted about ‘girl bosses being harmful’ ever? It’s funny that whenever anyone says anything about radical feminism you all come and swarm them and try and discredit what they’re saying because they’re all one poster, from LSA, from PULL, from twitter, trans, edwinsgeneration etc Like I don’t get how it’s genuinely so unfathomable that someone could just find the shrinking amount of non pp/incel spaces left online frustrating

No. 639939

Do you think The radfems are also starting to sound way too incel-y?

Sometimes the stuff said on the mtf thread is borderline psychopatic, if the genders were flipped it would be straight incels.co content.

Don’t get me wrong, weird fetishist are funny and milky but wishing violent deaths on people is just too much.

No. 639941

Some of us have been directly affected by troons and the vitriol shows

No. 639942

Stop this gaslighting shit. Everyone knows that thread is proven to lurked by the /lgbt/ troon tripfags who post a-logging "all trannies should be killed, am I right fellow vagina havers?" replies to derail the discussion and they always get shot down for it.

No. 639943

>Some of us have been directly affected by women and the vitriol shows.

Doesn’t it really sound the same tho?

Wishing violent deaths in a whole demographic really isn’t going to make things better, get therapy to deal with your anger and trauma.

No. 639947

Except trannies actually assaulted or even killed women and children, women don't assault and kill trannies (men do). I don't even mention males in general because you can't even compare men on women hate vs women on men hate when it comes to scale, history and cruelty.

No. 639950

Why did you change the word troon to 'women'? kek

No. 639954

Holy shit, I'm so sorry anon. They're shitheads.

No. 639955

Oh noes da women say meanie words. Unless it's in detail how you're going to attack a certain person then I don't see the problem. Love how get therapy is the new 'lay down get fucked and don't blame anyone but yourself'.

No. 639956

I have about as much sympathy for that as someone who has a bad experience with a black person and becomes a neo-nazi

No. 639957


Actually women are disproportionately more responsible for child murders but heeeeey those trannies amirite

Plus saying all trannies are violent criminals is exactly the same rethoric used to say that gay men are serial killers and kiddy diddlers, sure a small chunk of them may be but thats not enough to vilify an entire demographic, same with yknow, black people and criminality.

When you genuinely sound like an 80s conservative bible thumper reeeing about how those goddamn deviants are going to kill our children you need to re-evaluate you mentality.


Exactly my point lol.

No. 639959

Ghost him sis without a second thought. Men will ghost you and abandon you even if you're fucking pregnant with their child and never give it an ounce of guilt.
Free yourself

No. 639961

just get tested asshole?

No. 639963

You’re completely right but it’s not going to be well received here, it’s pointless to argue with these kinds of people

No. 639966

This is one of the most demented posts I've read here in a while. How do you take the people discussing the TRAs absolutely obliterating anything regarding to the female experience and the pedophilic muh girlhood pink pajama sleepover prom gown fetishizers in that thread to compare them to homophobic bible thumpers? Surely there's nothing personal at play?

No. 639967

>There was evidence that my ex was cheating on me towards the end of our relationship, although it wasn't definitive
Exact same situation here. It'd cost me about 300 quid which I just don't have. I always get my free pap smears when they are due and I have no symptoms. There's so many other things that I need to sort out when I get the funds together so I hate that I have this extra nagging worry. I'm not about to start any sexual relationships soon anyway.

If you can afford it (or if free testing exists where you are) I'd go for it. The worry doesn't go away.

No. 639968

Based and pink pilled

No. 639970

It's not new, soon to be 3 years. I suppose I am not the happiest currently there is a lot of stress and our sex life sucks and a lot of it is because of his low libido. I think I feel quite similarly that at the end of the day i do want to be with him but I was starting to feel immense guilt for having these thoughts. Thank you anon

No. 639971

I meant children associated with the victim. There's way more cases of trannies/autogynephiles assaulting or killing a woman and/or a child that was associated with her than women assaulting or killing trannies or doing the same thing to their children. Weird how the so called lgbt community didn't want to talk about that one tranny who murdered two lesbians and their son. But they will talk about misgendering as violence kek
I'm a marxist and I don't care how I sound to you.

No. 639975

Always get tested if you have a new partner, I mean I didn't use to follow this advice then I got cheated on. I thought something was wrong and got tested. Thankfully everything came back normal but just the stress of thinking gave me symptoms so the peace of mind you get is worth it. Better to be safe than sorry.

No. 639978

File: 1601231475590.jpeg (149.66 KB, 540x960, EC5ED140-27DE-4EF3-85D0-607B4F…)

>she’s not being clear enough that she doesn’t want to be touched
>wears a t shirt saying ‘boys are not allowed to touch me’
>gets expelled for ‘ harassment’

even children can’t get a fucking break i wish i was born male it would be so much easier

No. 639980

This is one more reason why we need more women in higher positions. Disgusting.

No. 639981

>MRA-slanted "b-but all these WOMEN killing their children"-whataboutism when anon was talking about women being scapegoated to hide male violence
>The MTF general thread providing constant receipts of fetish-ridden AGPs masturbating over fantasies of heavily sexualizing underage girls and/or being blatantly misogynistic and homophobic, anons discussing them is exactly the same as conservative bible thumpers of the olden days
>Comparing troons being called out for being sick degenerates to the racism black people face
>reddit spacing
fee fi fo fum I smell the blood of a banned word

No. 639983

I'm starting a new job this week and I think panicking will kill me tbh. I hope the demands settle down, but nothing gets me going like "oh this question very urgently needs to be answered ASAP" at like 3pm on a friday. I was too late to answer the woman, so it's like a little demon sitting there, waiting to strike first thing monday. I've never ever been a fan of unfinished business because I can't bear the anxiety. Whether that's unconfirmed plans, unanswered questions or unresolved fights, I can't fucking deal with them.

No. 639984

I have this friend who's a few years younger than me and very sweet but she keeps hanging out with absolute scumbag deadbet loser guys. I'm not sure if I should intervene and tell her straight that she's tolerated by these guys because she's pretty and kind of oblivious, even though that will probably make her hate me. Or should I just let her learn a lesson by herself?

No. 639986

File: 1601232264439.jpg (45.35 KB, 700x700, tard.jpg)

>Actually women are…

No. 639991

File: 1601232433482.jpeg (29.12 KB, 298x403, ded.jpeg)

KEK anon you just killed me with this one. Keep 'em coming ladies!
t. Anon who lurks meta complaints for the juicy threads

No. 639996

Literally can't concieve that a woman might disagree with radfem shit kek

Have fun living in your echo chamber where the whole world is reddit and 4chan(stop baiting)

No. 640001

All I posted was a meme? Chill lol

No. 640006

File: 1601233196059.jpg (9.01 KB, 236x227, disappointed.jpg)

Anons are really falling for this level of bait nowadays? I hope derailing the thread was worth it

No. 640010

File: 1601233438758.jpeg (36.8 KB, 500x500, hmm.jpeg)

Nta but when is anything in /ot/ actually on the rails kek?

No. 640013

File: 1601233585222.jpg (51.78 KB, 718x706, Joj.jpg)

Is Joji hot or not? He's slimmed down but his face is still kinda fucky

No. 640015

Oh god this discussion is still happening? 20 hours later? Thought you guys stopped last night

He's ugly-cute. Cute in a weird, unconventionally attractive way.

No. 640016

Unconventionally attractive but still ugly

No. 640020

In some pictures fuckable, in others absolute haram. He is an enigma of our time.

No. 640021

File: 1601233916056.png (2.21 KB, 345x69, terfcels.PNG)

kek it happened like clockwork, everyone who hates psycho pedo trannies is a ~terfcel~

No. 640022

Funny you say that since trannies are extremely homophobic and anti-black (with most of their hatred targeted at lesbians and black women for "mysterious reasons").
Please keep my and other demographics with actual, valid issues out of your fight for men in dresses, thanks.

No. 640023

That post brought me some good laffs. Not the post itself, but the fact it directed me here.

No. 640024

I'm pretty sure I accidentally flashed my hairy pussy during a zoom call with like 14 people and I want to fuckING DIE

No. 640025

He's ugly. He looks like someone tried to photoshop Mr. Bean into a Chad. I'm tired of people pretending he's hot.

No. 640027

If it's real hairy it might've looked like underwear?..

No. 640028

What if you paper bagged his head?

No. 640029

I WAS wearing underwear. It's just THAT hairy

No. 640030

oh I certainly can conceive a "woman" who might

No. 640031

Of course the sex obsessed perverted would consider not having sex a negative trait.

No. 640034

Then I probably could.

No. 640054

I don’t get why it’s so incomprehensible to them considering the vast majority of women aren’t radfems but I guess if your only exposure to people is on reddit/4chan echo chambers you’re not going to have a good grip on reality

No. 640058

Gimp mask Joji could work for me

No. 640065

The idealogy on 4chan has barely any similarities with LC. Tranny hate might be one of the only things anons here and there agree on. I also feel like twitter is even worse than reddit but I'm probably just nitpicking at this point.

No. 640066

So, this is probably going to be the most autistic post today but I need to let this shit go.

I am just so fucking over my stupid ass family. Nothing I do is ever good enough. I can do a million things and they will inevitably find one thing to criticize me about. Like fuck I am doing everything but wiping these niggers’ asses and some of them still have the nerve to bitch at me about petty shit like today, it is the gates I am taking my time to paint. So yeah I didn’t finish that shit in two days but why should I? The world isn’t going to end tomorrow, and I have other things I need to do, or would prefer to do right away anyway. But no gotta get eyes rolled at me, dismissed and shit when asked about it.

It is really stupid and petty I know, but my family is stupid and petty. I shouldn’t let this shit upset me, because of how asinine it is, but it does get to me sometimes because none of us are treated equally. One person is the special snowflake we all have to tiptoe around, the other is the golden child who can do no wrong, blah blah.

I just wish I wouldn’t try so hard, because that’s my problem. I try too hard and I care too goddamn much.

No. 640068

There’s a weird overlap between radfem or pink pill ideologies and girls who post on /r9k/ for some weird reason

No. 640083

Walked around a middle class shopping centre today (just passing time until my restaurant reservation) and had two thoughts:

1. Wow, these clothes are all so bland and the only way I can tell one brand from another is when the items have the brand name emblazoned across them, why are they so expensive especially when they’re made using cheap materials and sweatshops?

2. Yet all the people wearing these clothes look so much cooler and put together than me

I hate being an ex-poorfag who has no fucking idea about style. It’s tempting just to buy a bunch of boring but nice clothes and copy mannequin outfits but I like being a bit “quirky”… but I just end up looking like your 10 year old sister who raided your wardrobe so idk

No. 640086

Reddit is very pro-trans and bans anyone who isn't, and 4chan has /lgbt/ (more like /tttt/ at this point), a board dedicated to giving them a safe space.
Also, not liking trannies is hardly radfem. Just like…go outside if you don't live in a super liberal American bubble. I promise it's not some rare thing to think Chris-chan isn't a woman, it's just being pushed aggressively in some spaces.

No. 640087

File: 1601239196185.gif (283.45 KB, 640x516, tenor.gif)

wild to me that money is like the root cause of every single issue i have. if it were possible i'd absolutely sell my soul for a million bux

No. 640091

>a safe space
It’s more like a containment board at this point, like how /b/ and /mlp/ are still a thing

No. 640099

File: 1601240035274.gif (5.25 MB, 640x386, derp.gif)

>Chris-chan isn't a woman
Pfft.. you're obviously just jealous

No. 640106

At least half of 4chan actively jerks off to trannies. /pol/ only hates troons because it’s gay and joo conspiracy to castrate white pipo. We are not the same kek

No. 640109

You have to be being will fully obtuse, there’s no way you don’t notice the increase of ‘radfem’ or derivative ‘pink pill’ type ideologies on 4chan and Reddit and the amount of pp posters here who also seemed to have a preoccupation with incels and post about /r9k/

No. 640112

I don’t wanna talk to you go away, imagine being so desperate to push the “radfems are literally fembots” narrative that you just refresh this page to reply to anyone even though they didn’t even quote you

No. 640120

File: 1601241265147.gif (794.01 KB, 619x621, 1581784631496.gif)

You still haven't told us which spaces these are. Tell me so I can leave this hellsite for good.

No. 640121

File: 1601241305596.jpg (237.92 KB, 640x817, 1404040524625.jpg)

Just got out of work, walking to bus stop
Hobo: girl you so fine, you have a husband?
Me: shut the fuck up
Hobo: yes ma'am, you still fiine tho-
Me: shut the fuck up

Next time I'm pulling my knife out. God I hate the crumbbums in my city. Why do we have such great drugs here

No. 640123

She probably means lipstickalley and Gurugossip. I like LSA, but can't stand gurugossip. Don't know much about the userbase, but they never do thread summaries. If you wanna know about someone, you gotta read through like 100 pages.

No. 640125

Yeah that’s the exact reason I didn’t, why would I want even more of you to go there and make it worse

No. 640126

No. 640128

imagine gatekeeping a website

No. 640131

File: 1601241568612.jpg (87.93 KB, 862x486, 1393991157732.jpg)

>Mfw I whored myself out twice and couldn't even spend it on nice things because I had bills

Wishing great fortune onto us, anon.

No. 640136

>You have to be being will fully obtuse
kek I read this as 'you have to be full willy obtuse'
I was confused

No. 640142

Nta but I whored myself for a couple of weeks to avoid homelessness, it brought back memories of my CSA and I ended up in a psych ward

While in the psych ward and heavily medicated I gladly told my dad about my whoring… he has never brought it up since because I think that he thinks I was too high to remember telling him.

No. 640145

wish i could channel this energy instead of spiralling into a weird paranoid anxious mess when strangers talk to me

No. 640146

File: 1601242466792.jpg (64.81 KB, 781x544, nobody_help.jpg)

4chan finished raising me while my mom ignored me for an abusive marriage with a retarded man
I don't know what to do with myself
She moved me into a house far away from my family, and she's never allowed anyone to visit the house in over 15 years
I wasn't allowed to have friends, my mom was always afraid, and constantly telling me, that if anyone saw me, they would kidnap and murder me
I don't know what the fuck to do with myself, I had to drop out of college and high school to help my mom with her various medical issues, (she's fat)
I literally only exist to take care of my mother
I can't bond with anyone, my mom has autism and never wants friends, and as an adult, she's admitted to me that she literally just hoped that I would stop wanting to see anyone but her
I fell into an abusive ldr for a fucking decade before realizing the guy was literally acting exactly like my mom, then I realized it the one fuckign time in ten fucking years that he talked to me about myself, I immediately realized it, told him to eat shit and fuckign die for all I care, and haven't spoken to him since
I am now more alone than ever before in my life
I don't know what teh fuck to do, how the fuck do my fuckign video games help me now?
I used to play Harvest Moon and shit to have a pretend life, I used to have so many fulfilling pretend lives
Now I just know that I'm alive for my mother to leech on
Every time I got a better job, she charged me more rent money, when I got a fuckign brain tumor, I had to keep fuckign working and she was still charging me
I feel so sick and stupid and hurt
I just want to see her as a stupid sick old lady now, like Bojack and his mom, but man, just like Bojack's mom babying the doll made him fucking sick, fuckign saaaaame everytime she tried to guilt trip the fucking dog for being to rough playign with her
That's all she has is guilt, she will guilt you until you die, as long as you do it after her
I don't fucking feel guilty living in her garage anymore lmfao, she literally wanted me to be a fucking loser
She charged me enough rent for one fuckign life time, she literally took every semblence of a normal life from me, why the fuck should she get my money too?
You gonna throw me out now? After fuckign decades of me taking care of you?
Me not even having a fuckign boyfriend because when I got one in high school online fuckign finally, you let me know how jealous and sick you were over it because you hate your marriage
Stop fuckign talking about your marriage to your chilld
Don't fucking tell me you want to cheat, don't tell me you want a fucking divorce
She fucking was tlaking to me about wishing she could suck more cocks when I was fucking 12, what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
I wish I was fuckign dead, I wish I was never born
She always tells me about losing four babies before me, I would swap with any of them in a fuckign heartbeat
When my kidneys started shitting up in higschool, there she was ready to regail me with the anniversary of her first miscarriage- which actually, after my entire life telling me she had four miscarriages, she then suddenly revealeve, no, that one was an abortion, I need way more sympathy now
Let me fucking die jfc why the fuck was I born

No. 640147

Unironically, instead of bitching all day that every woman on every woman's site isn't pro-trans, can you not just make your own forum or imageboard?
If your opinion is the majority, I'm sure it'll take off beautifully.
The truth is, most actual women don't like trannies, or just don't care about them and won't get upset if others dislike them. Most men outright hate them, but some will fuck or jerk off to them. In fact, to get this hung up about this topic and taking note of how "all" the women's sites don't support trans people almost sounds like…

No. 640150

why did I bother reading some of this infight. not gonna get those minutes back

No. 640154

What is this little kid response

No. 640155

One of my friends (X) is dating a disgusting, ugly friendcel who has no boundaries. None of her friends like him and even she thinks they have a failed relationship, but X refuses to break it off with him because she thinks she can "fix" him. Her boyfriend is a piece of garbage with no boundaries and has asked her friends (me included) to do couples cosplays with him despite that he acknowledges he's still dating X. The cosplay he asked me to do was even a wedding day cosplay so it's not even a "they're a popular ship but not a canon couple" type thing. All X talks about all day now is how bad her relationship is, how she wants to leave, and what an emotional toll the relationship is taking on her, but she just refuses to break it off. It's frustrating seeing her go from a very independent, successful businesswoman to a sniveling little bitch because of a fucking incel.

No. 640157

i miss these kinds of memes

No. 640158

That’s a lot, anon. It sounds very unfortunate. I would refuse to pay rent if you’re caring for her for free.

No. 640175

File: 1601244398692.png (109.36 KB, 253x243, 1557105509465.png)

Oooooooh but that's not enough, anon!
She was beaten daily, and she would never do that to me!
How many times has she told you how badly beaten and abused she was?
And she never did /that/ to you!
So you have to pay!
You have to drop out of high school your final year and get a job.
And fucking pay.
College too, she's suffering, don't you care?
Why doesn't anyone care about her, huh?
Her whole life, and not one single person ever cared for her, no matter what.
And now you can't even pay her rent? When you're so old to be living here?
You should have been able to go to college, pay for college, have a full time job, pay rent, AND take care of her, why didn't you do better in school even though she was always telling you school was for retards and she would have turned out better if she'd never gone to college?
And now you don't even want to help her keep the house afloat? (my stepdad makes over $80,000 per year and we're in the fucking flyovers
(and /she/ never kept a job longer than a year, at least since I was born)
And when it's all your fault that you got diabetes and ruined the family?
You ruined so much for her and the world, you can't even cough up a few hundred a month for your poor mother?
;n; Well, you can do anything you like, she would always support you in anythign you do.
Too bad she was never supported before, but it's okay
It's okay that you hate her and never loved her and nobody else ever did or could
It's fine
Don't worry about it

fucking jfc, I am not ok lol
thank you anon, thank you for lettign me talk to you, that means so fucking much to me you cannot imagine, random online stranger, thank you

No. 640178

>cucked by ugly cosplayer
That’s just sad. Did any of you tell to her face that she’s pathetic yet? She needs a cute guy’s attention, it plants the seed of emotional cheating. Effective for people like her to grow a spine and leave.

No. 640181

period diarrhea sucks

No. 640192

File: 1601245339694.jpg (16.72 KB, 263x320, Kyoko_Saito-P1.jpg)

Yeah, I've told her to her face that she's being a dumb bitch.
She also won't leave because she genuinely thinks she can't do better than him even though she looks like pic related but slightly chubbier. I can't convince her that being with a friendcel is as bad as it gets and that no matter who she moves onto next, it'll be better than that piece of trash.

No. 640212

I've started shaving my mustache and it's the best decision I've ever made. It doesn't regrow thick and awful, it's quick and it doesn't hurt.

No. 640215

It's kind of a pavlov response at this point. Get angry, anon-chan! These men are scum

No. 640216

I started crying while watching Trolls World Tour ironically idk why

No. 640218

are you on Discord anon?

No. 640223

I mean I have one, I've never posted that shit before though

No. 640243

let me figure out my discord user tomorrow morn because they have a weird username system on there

i am in my own bad relationship with my partner and i need to talk about it so bad i think it might be useful to exchange perspectives on it. i hate my boyfriend so fucking much but i’m basically imprisoned by my stupid love for him

No. 640254

Sure, you should talk about it here first though too
I already think I know what you mean; that escape is hard

No. 640296

I’m so fucking lonely. I have no one in my life.,I have no one to talk to, no one to laugh with. I wish I had a boyfriend so at least I’d be able to hug and kiss someone and say welcome back when they get home. Idk when was the last time I hugged someone. Probably several years ago. I wish I had someone to dote on me and say that they miss me. I want to feel happy for once in my life. I feel so empty on the inside, just going through the motions everyday. What’s the point of all of this? I’ve been alone my entire life, it’s not like it’s going to ever change.,

No. 640341

Try the friend finder thread? Or discord even?

No. 640344

Well this is relatable. I've had a couple of bfs though and the pain of having that affection and then suddenly losing it again… feels so much worse

I'm jealous of people who find 'the one' when they're like 18 and then they're just sorted. I feel your pain, you're not alone in being alone… especially on here.

No. 640388

There's this absolute retard in our community who takes even simple things like 'hello' and 'thank you' as insults and it's so fucking annoying having to deal with him. For some reason he's popular and everyone sucks his dick and that makes it even worse. If he's so frail that he has to throw a bitch fit every time someone tries to be nice why doesn't he just fucking kill himself. Ugly wrinkly balding faggot.

No. 640391

I got invisalign a couple days ago and my teeth feel so goddamn itchy all the time it's driving me nuts. On the plus side I will probably end up losing a ton of weight because it's a huge hassle to take off the trays/floss/brush/put the trays back in every time I want something that isn't water.

No. 640393

Do you feel that you are someone who deserves that level of affection? What makes you worth hanging around?

More often than not, people complaining about being lonely don't have a lot to offer (which is why nobody spends time around them).

No. 640401

Nta, but how do you even define this? Skills and talents?
Academic achievements? Knowledge about obscure topics? Employment history?
Or do you need to benefit them personally in some way (financially, you enhance their social status, they can use your skillset for their projects, etc.)?

At least with jobs you know the requirements and expectations. I constantly worry that I'm not providing enough benefits for my friends and am wasting their time, so I push them away.

No. 640408

Nta but i feel that means shit like: can you hold up a conversation, are at least emotional intelligent, do you actually give a fuck about the people you talk to and so on. Emotional maturity and capabilities to add value to someone's life and basically your own. Are you a miserable fuck basically.

No. 640409

i'm so tired i hate period brain fog i just do not care and want to zone out but i have an exam tomorrow

exam should be easy but i'm over this shit

No. 640410

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed as soon as they began posting kek. Someone should compile all his posts already.

No. 640411

I can’t believe I’ve managed to get even more amazed by my own family!
So, my uncle is a drunkard, after lots of years of being completely crippled by it and basically murdering one of my grandmas, he finally has a job and is self-sufficient, great, right? NO!
After a few years of a relatively normal life, in which he only got drunk on the weekend and worked during weekdays, he decided to fall in love with some motherfucking low class dirt bag and his fly-like friends, pests all of them.
At first we thought they used my grandma’s house as a brothel and squatting space, and it was fucking infuriating, the issues with the gasoline and the coronavirus made it impossible for us to go to her house, so we expected my uncle to be a tiny bit less retarded and not let them stay in the house.
But tonight my uncle updated his WhatsApp stories and what did we see?
The fucking disgusting bastards using my Grandma’s hard-earned cutlery, her wine glasses and even her motherfucking clothes.
I’m so fucking mad, everyday i feel even less sympathy for those low level opportunistic asshats and my retarded uncle who should have a fucking nurse watching his ass 24/7 and a huge ass motherfucker to fucking slap him with a metal bat whenever he tries to talk to any-fucking-one.

No. 640413

i wish i could just die already. i dont mind having no real purpose in life, i never had one but at least i was content with my aimless life. i cant even have that now, it feels like im just suffering through this bullshit without a reason and everyone's pep talks and empty words are so fucking tiring. i dont want to kill myself in a big dramatic scene, i just wanna go to sleep and dont wake up. as simple as that.

No. 640414

Queen teach me your ways pls

No. 640415

File: 1601259158088.png (843.29 KB, 1235x695, EgRq9nLXsAAS4Z.png)

I'm so lonely. Only way I can make friends is through school discords but I got into a disagreement with one of the regulars there so that's out the window. I just miss being in the presence of others; seeing people quarantined with their friends or loved ones while I'm rotting in my childhood bedroom hurts.

No. 640418

When I was a kid I came extremely close to being mauled by a bear on a camping trip and sometimes it keeps me awake and i’m weirdly mad my parents didn’t just let it maul me.

No. 640443

File: 1601264425927.jpg (74.54 KB, 686x663, df4d8f0c4fcf1189bffc01dae004c1…)

I've been re-reading all the evaluations on my yearly/bi-yearly school reports yesterday and I'm still feeling sad and angry about it.
Young-me was simply done dirty by what the template for being "successful" was and what would have actually been more beneficial for my development into a proper functioning member of society. There's literally no difference in core interests, tendencies, strenghts and weaknesses between my first year in school and my last. They are completely identical. The things I've tried so hard to change because adults told me I should and punished me if I didn't were never fucking problems for me or the person I am/wanted to be in the first place. They simply were problems for the template I barely benefited from anyway. The more I think about it, the more I don't get it. Why would teachers look at a kid who shows a strong interest and curiosity in subjects as soon as they require involving nature, using fantasy, languages, creativity or any other way than directly speaking to communicate/express herself and obviously being more distracted/daydreaming when confronted with subjects she has no interest in (literal quoting here lol) and think "You know what, instead of focussing on developing and working on the shit she actually likes, the proper tools for it and the skills she seem good at, so she can find a job where she can fully take advantage of her strenghts and interests, she should spend years and years being forced to listen and repeat shit she doesn't care about, won't even remember longer than a few weeks and that have no value for her life or career beyond vague symbolism". Same with my learning speed. The ever re-appearing theme since day one was that I was considered too slow and often couldn't finish tests or bigger homeworks because of it but what I got to deliver was good/very good. I heard it so so often, most of the time in a sincerely regretful tone too, but at the same time the advice given was always "you have to work/think/be faster lul". But what if I'm simply a smoothbrain in that regard? What if, instead of having all my grades - the symbol for how "good" I am - getting whipped as a result, I was taught about fields and options that accompany my working speed better? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against working on weaknesses but looking back at it some things almost seem unchangable unless it's for an equally bad result. Things could have been so much better if just handled differently.. It's like being short-sighted and getting a sniper-gun as your weapon lmao. It sucks.

No. 640450

When people talk like this.. “why didn’t the school cultivate on my strengths? Why didn’t my teacher push me towards the things I cared about?…”

The answer is, bitch please. We don’t have time to do that. We have 150+ students and work with them 25+ at a time. What’s your name again?

No. 640455

not her, but fucking comforting, sensei, lmfao

No. 640463

Kek but also sad. Might as well just rename schools into an extended child care center since it barely serves its pupose after the 4th grade then.

No. 640469

File: 1601269790009.jpg (7.84 KB, 270x169, tZNmX1O.jpg)

i havent been doing well these past few days and my mental health is deteriorating and ive gone back to self harming to cope with whats happening. the people around me suck the life out of me and i cant do shit since they live with me and my family. sometimes i think about just….getting it done so i wont have to face anything anymore but at the same time im scared that they'll disrespect my final wishes, especially my dad. i can literally see his fat hands turn my room into his personal mancave. not that i dont mind my room being repurposed but something about him would be very glad that im gone.

No. 640479

i know i shouldn't be expecting much from 4chan, but fuck reading a thread and seeing it get derailed for several posts because anons get pissed, argue, and bring up troons or dilating unprompted. it's not triggering bullshit, but man is it annoying seeing threads full of tranny this, dilate that because anons are too stupid to not take bait

No. 640481

>Things could have been so much better if just handled differently
I feel sad about this too sometimes, my school teachers missed a lot of issues happening with me that they should have caught but I was well behaved and didn't make enough fuss…. But then I also remember how one girl dropped out and how many others were actually living in abusive homes or dealing with teenage drama, so I can't blame teachers for missing me out when their hands were full with so many obvious crisis situations. Teachers are overworked and underpaid, they can save a kid from committing suicide but still get fired because they didn't get the kid to deliver the grades the school wants to see.
Realistically we're lucky to even have been able to go to school in the first place.

No. 640483

oh my god anon??? how close is close? wtf that's terrifying but I want details if you don't mind.

No. 640485

School does teach you one thing well, and that's not to listen to shit adults say or be overly obedient, otherwise this is what you end up with.

No. 640488

my fiance's mom refuses to send us money that he needs so we can move. she wants him to leave me and go back to his home country, but he refuses to do that. she was all for the idea of us moving and said she would fund some of it but she's refusing now. i have been paying for everything since may and this is the last fucking straw. we just want to be free of her manipulative bullshit.

No. 640489

I'd argue most of the threads are slow and are disinteresting without the troon derailment. I won't personally contribute to it, but I will sip my tea from the sidelines and enjoy the ride.

No. 640496

Instead of breaking up myself, I'll just play along and hope she breaks up with me. I'm that pathetic.

No. 640505

all i want to do is spend 4 hours cutting off my split ends

No. 640506

Why, anon? Why doesn't it work out anymore?

No. 640507

I hate that I have issues with emotional intimacy. If I like a guy, and I go on a date with him I experience crippling anxiety, I constantly worry whether he likes me or not, I feel this pressure to alter my personality to his liking and the thought of getting physical with him makes me break out in cold sweat. If I don't like someone or I feel like they are not a good fit for me personality-wise, I can easily be myself with them, chat away, joke around and be physical because there's nothing at stake. I hate being this way

No. 640513

I’ve been so fucking bored lately bc one of my fave troons is taking a break from social media and a bunch of threads have dried up because of school starting again in a lot of places. I’ve been cornered into scrolling through my old facebook to see what my shitty highschool classmates have been up to but god they’re so bland.

No. 640515

How come?

No. 640524

I'm 5'5 and my weight fluctuates between 110-115 lbs and I need to buy fucking wide leg boots holy fuck I hate my weirdo proportions so much!!! I danced and swam my whole childhood and I long distance run most days, so this situation is partially my own doing but ugh I feel like such a fucking freak with thighs the same width as my waist.

No. 640528

File: 1601287603238.jpg (4.48 KB, 250x180, 1578584266925.jpg)

i can't sleep, so i'm just up remembering unpleasant things. i keep thinking about the time i was sexually assaulted by a cab driver and i hate it. i hate that it happened. i hate that i got in that cab and not a different one. i still wonder what would have happened if i'd chosen a different one. my entire life would have been different and i wouldn't have those memories of his disgusting sausage fingers on me, the words he made me say repeating in my mind whenever something reminds me of it. i did nothing to him, i didn't even know him, i was even kind to him, and he just ruined a part of me just because he could. even now that it's been a few years, i feel dirty and tainted. i never even had the chance to get closure because when the police went to his house to question him about the assault, they caught him dealing drugs and arrested him on that charge. it led to a huge drug and weapons bust that turned into a federal case and i guess my little assault was just unimportant in the face of all of that. i hate how unimportant i was made to feel by the police and even my own family. or, well, the men in my family. they made me feel like i was hysterical and unreasonable for being upset about what happened to me. i remember my uncle laughing when he found out because i was "only groped a bit" and telling me that it didn't count because i wasn't raped. he even "joked" that i ruined my assailant's life by calling the police on him and i should have just "let the poor old geezer cop a feel". i remember all the words. i wrote them down over and over in my journals. they don't leave me, ever. i always thought that if something like that happened to me, the men who claimed they cared about me would want to defend my honor or whatever like they do in the movies and books, right? no. that wasn't the case with me. they mocked me and empathized with the man who tried to break me. my female family members showered me with support and love, and if there was anything good to come out of the whole incident, it's that i learned who i can trust in this world. but still i just wish it had never happened at all.

No. 640529

By your uncles logic you should be able to slap him in the face "it's just a slap dude, it's not like I knifed you"

No. 640535

File: 1601289636367.jpg (42.88 KB, 400x524, 1564987984.jpg)

i get in these moods where i have delusions of grandeur, i'd spend a whole day feeling smug about how great it is to be me
then that would go away, i'm left borderline suicidal because reality is so harsh, literally all of it is just cope, i'm really pathetic and lonely

No. 640536

Anon, I'm really sorry you had to go through this horrible experience. You should break contact with your male family members if you can, you deserve to have better people around you

No. 640537

I get similar highs and lows but it's due to my constant daydreaming. When I fantasize I obviously feel great, I imagine having lots of friends, an active sex life, an exciting career, etc. and then I inevitably come back to reality and have to deal with having none of these and I feel suicidial. Rinse and repeat

No. 640538

Apparently my car insurance says I paid the bill two days ago, however I'm not seeing the transaction in my bank account. Did I just get a free month of insurance? Hallelujah… I need the money so if anything this is a gift and a sign luck is on my side. I will keep the bill amount and a few dollars off to the side, just in case though.

No. 640539

every single day I bounce to wanting to do something different with my life or to just die. Just within the past week I've gone from wanting to study childhood education to teaching to fine arts to experiential design to graphic design etc but also wanting to die. I have an associates degree in animation but I fucking hate animating. I might go for some more education in interactive media or something and just become a ux designer if I'm not too much of an idiot. It doesn't help that I'm currently a broke ass neet and i also have chronic pain and idk if I'll ever be able to do anything

No. 640547

File: 1601292307369.png (2.55 MB, 1780x2204, merolas_strage.png)

I have a downturned Nicolas Cage kinda smile/mouth movements. My lips look like if Meryl Streep and Nicholas Cage had a baby. I can smile more wide and nice if I'm fake-smiling, but my natural smile looks crooked. I fucking hate it, it looks dumb and disgusting.
Is it possible to kinda train your facial muscles to not drag the corners of your mouth down when you smile and talk? Or is there some kind of fillers I can get to look less constipated?
My face feels so damn tense all the time, too.

No. 640548

you really need to force yourself to focus for a bit longer, make it a month or two for starters, don't even look at anything else during this time to not allow yourself to get distracted. If after pushing through this amount of time you'll think, ok, i dont want to do it after all, sure go ahead and look for something else. but if you just keep only dipping your toe and running away you'll end up having nothing.
Is there absolutely no animation style you'd enjoy making? Given you already have a foundation in this, it's still a good thing to explore.

No. 640549

I hate having long hair. It constantly tickles my nose and neck, gets into my mouth, maintaining is a bitch and ponytails look awful on me and I'm at the stage of growth where I can't even style it to look pretty.
I wish I was stick thin and had a nicer bone structure so I could cut it short again but I know I'd just regret it.

No. 640550

I'm a slim person with a fat face and very short hair. I tend to regret it for the first few days after the cut..after that I stop caring

No. 640551

Friends asked to stop sharing my weight loss progress with them, because it feels like shaming to them for not trying to lose weight

No. 640552

Deal with it. I've lost a lot of weight myself and still think it's annoying when people can't hang out without sperging about their weightloss all day.

No. 640554

You're right, I need to force myself to focus on something. I guess I'm so confused on what I really want to do right now. I feel like I have to pick something and I'm putting so much pressure on myself to. I'll try to stick to an idea for a bit. Animation hmm maybe I can learn storyboarding a bit more. I feel a lot like an imposter and like I suck at it though

No. 640557

I have a winged shoulder blade and it’s seriously making me want to kill myself. No matter what I do I can’t fix it. Girls made fun of me for it when I wore off the shoulder tops and now I feel deformed. My boyfriend said he likes my shoulders but now I feel like he’s a disability fetishist or trying to keep me from feeling confident. I just want to get hit by a car

No. 640563

Who the fuck cares about your bone structure? If long hair annoys you that much cut it.

The non issues some of you have…

No. 640564

>I feel a lot like an imposter and like I suck at it though

You will only continue to suck if you don't do anything about it anon.

No. 640565

Can you explain to me how your boyfriend saying he likes your shoulders is him trying to keep you from feeling confident? What kind of relationship do you two have if a compliment could be something so manipulative and mean spirited?

No. 640567

Honestly it has nothing to do with him. I’m just crazy. One of my exes was abusive as fuck, tried sabotaging my weight loss by refusing to let me buy vegetables and only feeding me carbs so I’m paranoid that men are trying to prevent me from improving myself

No. 640571

I fucking care. I don't look good with short hair due to my bone structure.
This is a fucking vent thread and today I want to vent about my goddamn hair. Go suck a big fucking dick you nasty bitch. We can't all have big problems that make us want to cut our wrists and puke.

No. 640575

>i have been paying for everything
Why isn't he paying for anything?

No. 640578

Why are you marrying him? He's an adult, his mom does not owe him money or financial support if he is an adult. It's him that you should have an issue with.

An adult whose talking about marrying you but can't pay for shit and uses either your money or his moms money to pay for things…. yeah blame the mom tho…logic!

No. 640580

Then I wanted to vent about people like you. :)(:))

No. 640581

Fuck that bitch, hair is a big part of our appearance and it can be annoying af!

No. 640583

File: 1601300444417.jpg (104.77 KB, 640x961, nakd_big_rounded_hairclip_1015…)

How about some hairaccessories to keep the hair out of your face? Like those large pearl clips that were trendy a while ago. Or a hairclip like pic. Keeps the hair out of your face and neck and looks a little nicer than a ponytail.

No. 640585

But be careful with those, I wore these daily in high school and it destroyed my very fine hair. I still love these but I limit myself with this style.

No. 640589

Oh that's a great idea. Didn't even think about buying clips. Thanks, anon

No. 640604

>I feel a lot like an imposter and like I suck at it though
imposter syndrome is very common and can plague you for ages but the more you do and the more projects you complete - even small! - the less these thoughts will come back and eventually you'll be free. Storyboarding is cool and perfect for freelancing if you ever want to make money like that, so worth a try!

No. 640613

If you want to put your appearance in front of life quality and comfort be my guest.

No. 640618

There's this one cringe pickmeisha who panders to mgtows and incels and shits on other women on youtube and tiktok, and she had a suicide attempt recently (not surprising) and moids leave comments like
>THE 1 chick that UNDERSTANDS men’s rights & look what she has to go THRU. NO. We ARE NOT giving up on u babe!!!
>The things you’ve said in support of men have floored me and comforted me in ways you’ll never know. YOU are the only voice as a 32 year old male that I’ve heard who’s cared about men. WE NEED YOU!!!
You know well they wouldn't give a fuck about her if it wasn't for her tremendous work of male pandering and women dragging. And if it was some woman they don't agree with, they would make fun of her suicide attempt.
I'm honestly surprised Roma Army doesn't have her own thread here

No. 640630

What's the tik tok girls name?

No. 640632

File: 1601307807920.jpg (233.99 KB, 1080x1487, IMG_20200928_171646.jpg)

Chloe Roma (romaarmy). She posts the same shit on her youtube and instagram. She's so fucking cringe.

No. 640635

Wow, she's making feeding scrotes her whole brand.

No. 640642

You could reverse the genders and talk about men licking stuff off your pussy to 'treat you right' and its still just plain gross

No. 640651

Kek I scrolled through her instagram and she really thinks she saying something, doesn't she

No. 640653

I don’t know if I’m either demotivated to search for a new job or just plain anxious to not get any response again or a plain “sorry we can’t hire hire you, but good luck” ….It’s a daily nightmare and I hope my psychologist can help me with that problem.

No. 640677

It's weird because she's not exactly the tradwife type of woman these MRAs like

No. 640684

I have days where I’m just angry as my base mood. Today is one of those. I just can’t get over all the slights, injustices, and straight up petty bullshit I let myself endure from idiots who were trying to feel better about themselves. My idea was that they’d do it anyway, that they’d take any kind of defense as weakness and just use that against me too. Now I just want to go apeshit on someone and I can’t stop. I’m restless, feel like a failure and can’t even protect myself. If I died today I wouldn’t mind. I’m so done with it. I hate everyone I’ve ever met, everyone that I know, and everyone I will ever meet. Fuck all of them

No. 640686

idk if this counts as venting but i recently went through a 6 month depressive episode and didnt talk to anyone except my dad, now after meeting new people my first instinct is to manipulate them. this has never happened before and idk how to stop having thoughts like this lol

No. 640688

Do you have a personality disorder?

No. 640694

I feel like people are rewarding my abusive ex for acting like an asshole. I'm starting to doubt my sanity whether it's just me and I'm the one wrong here, but how can I be when he actually admits that he enjoys making people feel like shit and keeps hurting others? Why are people always following him?

I know I shouldn't search for validation for my own feelings and just trust myself but it's so lonely.

No. 640702


I doubt so, I haven't been diagnosed with anything.
My depression makes me disassociate pretty badly and I create false realities in my head to cope, so maybe i just adapted some character's personality traits into real life if that makes sense. Not quite sure why but i don't have any other explanation.

No. 640717

same here, plus I self-sabotage a lot by making mistakes in the application e-mails or I forgot to attach my CV or some retarded shit like that

No. 640722

I cried while sucking my boyfriend's dick yesterday. I don't know why, all I know was he didn't notice because it was dark. I still feel horrible about it.

No. 640723

Why were you crying anon?

No. 640727

I am an egg

No. 640729

Poor men have it so hard :( Isn't she tired of all that simping for scrotes?

No. 640731

I am so sick of being the only woman in my office. The dudes I work with are so pervy towards me, including my boss. They have made jokes about wanting me to have an onlyfans, me being upset about not being fucked and about my "sexy" voice. They also have this weird hatred for my boyfriend and my boss actually went outside to smoke by his car and eye him up on a day he came to pick me up, like ten minutes before anyone was allowed to leave. Then he came back in and starting ragging on his car and saying he needed to step it up. It is so fucking stupid, I don't even understand why he's doing this. Today while I was on the phone with a male client, they were making comments about how he was only listening to me because my voice was sexy and that's why people respond to me on the phone and not them. All in fucking front of me and then had the nerve to act like they didn't say anything once I got off the phone. I am seriously getting so sick of it now.

No. 640734

Wow, this is messed up. If you have different options you should start looking for a different job; even if you stand your ground here, which you're totally allowed to do, you'll get fired for "not being a good fit with company culture" or some shit.

No. 640748

File: 1601320786509.jpeg (63.92 KB, 750x767, 2B49D293-9D55-4267-84BE-9B3395…)

feeling like i’m in purgatorio uwu

No. 640749

You're gonna reach paradise luv

No. 640750

I mean it's more likely they'll manipulate you with that little social contact. The best manipulators practice daily on a wide range of people. Probably just your emotional barriers talking.

No. 640752

Do you mean you're trans or lesbian and hiding it?

Honestly I'd quit it with your boyfriend asap, nobody should be crying during sex (unless that's your thing, weird BDSM folk out there)

No. 640763

For the second time in a row my councilor cancelled my appointment at the last minute. There were a lot of things I wanted to talk to her about, a lot of issues I'm having rn that I feel I need to address with a mental health practitioner (including intrusive thoughts of the big S word and physical health problems I'm having genuine trouble coming to terms with). No explanation, no referral to make up for the lost appointment. I have to call back in a week and I'll have another appointment in a month ~maaaaybe~ but w/e I'll be fine it's not like I've been getting progressively worse for the last few months…

No. 640765

File: 1601322740570.jpg (37.58 KB, 750x615, 156165151.jpg)

feeling good about the way you look IS part of life quality and comfort for some people goddamn why are you acting like you're the first woman to ever give up on vanity, not everyone wants to be ugly bitches like us and that's okay lmfao

No. 640775

Don't therapists dump clients that do that shit to them…. But they get to do it? That's shitty

No. 640805

I wish I could have one fucking day at my retail job without men hitting on me, following me around, and generally being a nuisance. Like, I can't leave my job and I can't be rude to customers.

No. 640806

Gain weight and wear ugly glasses.

No. 640820

File: 1601326976693.jpg (121.01 KB, 990x672, tumblr_otnwmvwZIg1rxcuf9o1_128…)

I just watched Edward Scissorhands for the first time and now I'm literally crying. Why did nobody give him hands? Why did they leave him up there all by myself? At least visit him for fucks sake. Poor Edward must feel so guilty and lonely

No. 640822

how does he pee

No. 640826

he uses a catheter
t. Edward Scissorhands writer/ director

No. 640827

Same problem here where I can't be rude to them or speak my mind if I want to keep my job. It mostly bothers me when it's a repeat thing with someone who's a regular.

I looked up the 'gray rock' method after one particular guy kept 'bumping into me' both at work during the day and then again on my way home every night and trying to make out like it was totally a coincidence… Literally every night. Twice a day every day I had to make excuses to cut conversation short. He's decades older and wants to chat forever about nothing. That and tell me I look good five times per chat.

I now act like the dullest person on earth. Like I'm half dead and it gives him nothing to grasp to. Whether it's at work or on the street he can't call me rude for simply being a big boring expressionless rock with no personality. I stare into the distance when I give him my one or two word basic replies. He stopped passing comment on how I look. He called me moody the first couple of times I was acting dull. I came very close to snapping at that point! but months later I'm still sticking to it. For him it must be like talking to a wall. We're down to simply saying hi twice a day. Thank fuck it worked. I was legitimately about to become a shut in, he had me driven that mad.

No. 640832

Same and I hate customers like that so much. They know you’re being paid to pretend to be nice to them and that’s why they do it.

No. 640834

When you see one approaching, maybe change your personality to one of a socially inept aloof moron. Like a high functioning autistic. I know you are customer service but, if you can, don't smile/laugh or be overtly nice. Start relating anything they say back to your Harry Potter fanfiction or something. I'm not in retail anymore but that was usually enough to get men to stop trying to talk to me.

Maybe try walking with a hunch or slouch.

No. 640835

Hell fucking yeah, this is how you do it.

No. 640844

I wanna ask so many questions anon.
I've had bad experiences on dmt. it seems like a lot of people dont have bad experiences or they dont want to tell you what they saw if they did. I do how ever encourage you to do it again when ever you feel comfy again its not always the same trip only the ascent(that can be scary part for some) is the same I think.

No. 640869

I finally figured out that my ex from 2 years ago was actually grooming me and using me. And im very disgusted with myself that i let that happen, im 19 so when that happened i was 17 and he was almost 20. I was by my law still a child, i thought what he did to me was "normal" but now i just feel disgusted. I really wanna gag right now, i just wanna die.

I wish i still had the evidence of him being a disgusting pedophile scrote so i could use it against him in court, but i lost all of that shit and i feel so mad about myself. I just want him jailed and locked up so badly because he ruined my life, he ruined every relationship i've ever had, he ruined my mental health, he ruined me and almost made my whole family hate me because he couldn't keep his disgusting opinions to himself.

I cannot wait to get into therapy soon, because my mental health is just beyond fucked up because of him, i cannot stand him at all, fuck him. I cannot stand men like him, i just have this burning hatred for scrotes and men.

No. 640876

I’ve been doing this volunteering thing at a school the past three years and I don’t think I’ll be able to this year because of covid and I’m so sad. It was the main thing I would look forward to every week and I don’t really have any other hobbies I’m actually passionate about.

No. 640877

Are you saying he’s a pedophile for dating a 17 year old at 19?

No. 640880

>>640877 samefag

19 almost 20, when he turned 20 i was still 17 and not 18 yet. He still kept explicit pictures of me which makes him a pedophile. I do not wanna go into too much detail about it. I think i should have explained it better but i was too angry typing it.

No. 640883

Hes an asshole but not a pedo. Theres no difference between a 17 year old and a 19 year old.

No. 640886

This objectively isn’t grooming

No. 640888


it actually does tho, dating him is not a crime. But keeping explicit pictues of me is, and is illegal. I know im dumb for not reporting it to the police, and i know i should have at that time but thats impossible now considering i do not posses any evidence to back this shit up since i have blocked him everywhere and basically lost every dm with him.

If this doesn't make him a pedophile i dont know what is.

No. 640889

It's illegal for you to be sending nudes at 17 aswell but that doesnt make you a pedo. It's illegal for you to have naked pictures of yourself at 17.

You were not groomed hun.

No. 640892

Work shitty menial job despite being overqualified. Allow local druggo to do cleaning tasks in exchange for free coffee and bathroom/phone use. She's charming and doesn't cause problems, just helps out big time. This goes on for literal years. Now today I was made to tell her she is not welcome on the property to do free labor any longer because some Karen offended by her appearance decided to complain that she is a covid risk. (Note maybe 20% of people in our community follow social distancing or mask wearing, upon several other points of hypocrisy). She cried, and now I've been crying. Feels shitty to make someone else's shitty life even shittier.

No. 640893

Every bad relationship isn’t ‘grooming’ and the police wouldn’t care about a 17 year old sending a 19 year nudes.

No. 640895

Anon that's just a bad relationship (depressingly common at that age) Twisting shit two whole years later to call him a pedo only makes you look nuts

No. 640896

A two year age gap doesn't equal a pedophile…

No. 640898

You definitely need therapy but not for the reasons you seem to think

No. 640900

What's the age of consent where you live? I don't think you'd get very far in court with pedophilia claims, anon, but the nudes could maybe get him in trouble if that's the path you want to take. I think you should get therapy and see where your head is at afterwards though. I'm sorry you're struggling, hope things pick up!

No. 640905

Likely one of the only ones who's going to sympathize with you here, but I wholeheartedly agree with what you're saying. I side-eye any already adult dating a minor. Anyone who says they're friends with a 17-year-old when they're 20 is a creep in my eyes. No 17-year-old is engaging enough for me to risk being looked at like a pedophile. Sounds to me like he did use you and he's a piece of shit for it. Sorry you had to go through that. It's not your fault and he'll get his comeuppance sooner or later!

No. 640908

Take some personal responsibility for your decisions. This wasn’t some grown man grooming a child, you were 17 and they were a couple of years your senior. You were perfectly competent to make your own decisions. You chose to enter the relationship, you chose to send nudes, you chose to stay in the relationship. Learn from it and stop trying to retroactively act as if you were some kind of victim of pedophilia when you objectively weren’t.

No. 640909

>Full grown adult
So youd think an 18 year old is a creep for dating a 17 year old?

No. 640912

Let me preface by saying I'm going based on American morality here. So if they're a graduated 18-year-old, then yes. If they just turned 18 then no. I feel like dating a minor or waiting until they're 18 are both weirdly predatory. Why would you, as an adult, want to date someone who could still be in high school?

No. 640913

Anon that man was a scum but not a pedo.
Though it's funny that even young guys do shit like this to girls who are a few years younger than them, they rarely choose a girl exactly their age (or older).

No. 640914

I mean you could say the same about girls. They rarely choose someone their age or younger. There really isn’t a meaningful difference between a 17 and 19 year old for it to even matter.

No. 640915

18-21 year olds are only adults legally. They are kids themselves.

No. 640918

It sounds like he was very manipulative and i think it's kind of creepy for a 20yo to date a 17yo depending on circumstances like level of maturity and intentions, and it sounds like he was after someone naive to abuse.

But really, this is not pedophilia, i would advise you to drop this, go to therapy and try to mend your life and relationships. You're still young and have your whole life ahead, please don't get stuck in revisiting this part of your life and adding things to it. It was an awful relationship with an abusive man, that's it anon. You can get past this and be happy again with some help.

No. 640920

If there's no difference why is the younger person almost always female?

No. 640921

Some research suggests the brain doesn't fully develop until one's mid-20's. That doesn't mean someone who's 22 should be dating someone who's 14, imo. After high school, you're officially supposed to transition into a different period of life (I mean socially, not just developmentally). 17-year-olds are only a grey area because most of them have already been engaging in risk behaviors and illegal activities for years anyway and are so close to adulthood. That being said, it still doesn't sit right with me. Furthermore, saying it's a case by case situation leaves to much possible precedence for more explicit pedophiles to slip through the cracks.

No. 640924

There can be in some cases. If it's a sheltered 17 year old in high school and a 20 year old in college, outside parents home and working, it's different. Not pedophilia though.

No. 640925

22 and 14 is not the same thing. We are talking about people in their late teens and early 20s. Nothing is wrong with 17-21 year olds dating each other.

No. 640927

I think society does portray women dating younger men as more weird/less desirable than the reverse, and that people subconsciously pick up on that and that it’s a problem, but I don’t think you can take from that the man was ‘looking’ for someone younger to ‘do this to’ especially when it’s such a negligible difference. I also don’t really see where anons are reading abuse in their post. OP is clearly not a reliable narrator based on the pedophilia thing and all they say is he ‘couldn’t keep his opinions to himself.’ Posts like this genuinely make me hate being a woman, when people act like they were just a retarded little 17 year old baby who was “groomed” when they don’t like how their choices turned out and want to get the 19 year old “pedo” thrown in jail, it makes people skeptical of all genuine victims and adds to the idea women can’t make their own decisions and are manipulative liars. It reads like a bait post honestly and it’s disappointing to see people agree with them.

No. 640928

I LOOOOVE how I can't post hating men because they are ugly, gross and generally never fucking care about shit because it does not affect them or their shitty scrote lives. They really have that luxury of being centrist about every fucking thing, they can go out be ugly and dumb as shit. Don't get me wrong, I could too, I can go out looking like shit but a man doing that is just expected. I post how pointless and unwanted they are in my life unless they are fucking deaf mute and basically a house maid that is cute and it would be a spectacle of scrotes crying yet men post shit about women needing to be a mom, a hole to fuck, pretty and a fucking saint to them 247 and that's just normal. Everytime I vent shit like this, some poor soul has to chime in about how their bf isn't like this thank goodness but at the same time they have never dared to open up convo about the stuff most scrotes scrote-up the most at. Does your scrote know anything about your reproductive system, does he think abortion is murder, can you really just hold in your period and should birth control be free or at least more accessible to all women. I am tired, I am angry, I feel like I am gonna get some pp ban from all this.

No. 640931

I thought bait too

No. 640932

You're arguing 21-year-olds and 17-year-olds are in the same place mentally and socially to carry out a relationship with an equal power dynamic? Yeah, I guess we're just going to have to agree to disagree. I'm 19 and the thought of dating someone 21 even right now doesn't sit right with me. If OP feels like the age disparity between her and her s/o explains why she left the relationship worse off, then I believe her. Could it also be in tandem with the other fucked up things he did to her? Absolutely.

No. 640934

I knew a 22 year old who dated a 17 year old specifically for that reason so I think it's naive to say that men don't target younger women like that.
Also many teen girls in middle school and high school saw dating guys a few years older than them as prestigious, it's a status thing. You're better if you have a more "mature" boyfriend. Then it turned out many of those relationships were just toxic.

No. 640936

She talks about him ruining her mental health and relationships, that seems pretty abusive, but i think she is just grasping at the "pedophilia" angle to try and get revenge on a bad person in any way she can, which is understandable if he is that bad to have destroyed her like she says.

And i don't know, 17 year olds are pretty dumb and i don't consider most of them responsible or adults. Not kids, but there is a whole lot of maturing in the 17-25 age range and they are still vulnerable to be taken advantage of.

No. 640937

No one is saying men don’t do that, but it’s weird to immediately assume that as the intent especially in that posters situation. We aren’t talking about a 5 year age gap like in your scenario we’re talking about a 2 year age gap.

No. 640938

I just find it funny that someone in the confession thread is wanting to fuck 16 year olds and then this thread is talking about two year age differences being immoral or dodgy or whatever.. What is up on here tonight lol

No. 640939

If she’s grasping at the pedophilia what makes you think she’s not grasping at the abuse. 17 is young but so is 19 and both are old enough to be responsible for your actions. I think it does women and victims in general a disservice for people to be encouraging of posts like that.

No. 640944

Scrote, probably.

If you're older than 20 you know that you do a lot of maturing and learning about the world between late teens and early 20s. I absolutely think it should still be considered grooming. A lot of men think it isn't pedophilia if they groom an under 18 girl then wait until she's 18 to have sex. Its grooming, it's not ok.

No. 640947

From personal experience, i've seen more women being abused than lying about abuse, and having been in hs while seeing older guys toying with young girls plus being in my 20s myself i see a difference in maturity in most cases. Again, not pedophilia, and i don't think anons are agreeing that he is a pedo, only that he might be skeevy.

And idk i just don't think a 17 year old is developed enough to navigate some things with maturity. I would not blame someone for regretting things like petty shoplifting, doing porn, entering bad relationships and staying or choosing the wrong career at 17.

No. 640950

Me neither, and I would have sympathy for a 17 year old regretting any of those decisions too, but she isn’t saying she ‘regrets’ it. She’s saying she was groomed and trying to get someone put in jail over it bc they’re a “pedo”. Anyway I think it’s just a bait post, but I like I said it just genuinely does make me hate being a woman when I see posts like that and people encouraging them. It’s not “feminist” to patronise women and act as if they are inherent victims and to encourage someone to use objectively wrong definitions of abuse and pedophilia for their own gain.

No. 640956

Seems like she does regret entering and staying in this relationship if she was so shaken up by it. Also seems that she regrets taking and sending nudes at that age.

Yeah i think it might be bait too, but no one here is agreeing that he is a pedo or encouraging that he should go to jail. If it was a guy saying these things about a older woman/man i would try to empathize too because 17 is young enough to do extremely immature shit no matter the gender.

No. 640958

I have a lesson tomorrow that I'm wildly unprepared for and I can't bring myself to go work on my materials so that I'm not so wildly unprepared.
It's extra embarrassing because it's the same material I've had for seven weeks now, I just can't bring myself to work on it.

No. 640969

Same, the only way I can seem to get around it is by feeling the regret of fucking up before I actually fuck up. If I regret not preparing or doing my homework several days before it's due, I do it.
I would like there to be a way I just do the things I'm supposed to without emotionally blackmailing myself.

No. 641022

I feel like a fucking idiot. I'm panicking because I have to submit a research paper proposal tomorrow, I've been reading and researching and compiling sources for two weeks but I still can't come up with an interesting thesis or a substantive argument. It's like those two weeks amounted to almost nothing and I don't know what to do now because my thoughts are so scattered and disorganized even though I was trying to avoid this

No. 641031

I can't wait to quit my job soon. I'm so fucking sick of working 55+ hours a week and having to deal with the stupidest people. It's been two fucking months since people four people quit/got fired and they have only managed to hire one person to cover the lost people. Yeah having extra money is nice but fuck I miss being able to have free time instead of wasting away by just sleeping/working.

No. 641033

File: 1601348132690.jpeg (47.58 KB, 900x900, C63DF641-C20C-4CB9-BD68-A566D1…)

I’m tired of hunting for roommates in this shit economy and shit city.

My agency just emailed me this morning to tell me that the piss poor rent reduction they offered me will stop because apparently it was a 6 months thing (They never even mentioned it in the first place)

The clubs are not open, the pubs are not working full capacity, there are still hundreds of thousands unemployed or people having a reduced salary. And they want rent to go back to how it was before?? At least waiters and bartenders could kill it by working weekends before, now nobody can do shit.

I’m so pissed. Landlords are so fucking vile. I’d understand if this was at least happening the moment all restrictions were lifted off.
And now I gotta find another roommate cause mine decided to fuck off soon and everybody is offering reduced rent prices so I gotta basically pay more just to be able to keep my flat and have a roommate.

I’m so fucking tired of this shit.

No. 641038

White instagram girls are making me think my lips aren't big enough and that I'm not curvy enough?! I swear I'll see a photo on my explore page of the 20th girl with insane lip injections and photoshopped curves and even though I know it's artificial, I have slowly started to look in the mirror and think "your upper lip is kind of small. You don't have much of an ass".

No. 641043

Meh y2k fashion is coming back. In a few months being rail thin and having baby lips will be in.

Dont bother worrying about fitting into beauty standards because you wont because standards are changing for women constantly. 16 years ago having anything other than a flat paris hilton ass was considered disgusting.

No. 641046

I used to always want a cute bf but since doing drugs, it made me less interested in men because no man could ever make me feel better than molly or adderall.

No. 641051

File: 1601351273937.jpg (42.67 KB, 680x518, 20200730_040438.jpg)

Holy fuuuuck. I am in my mid-20s, and it is so hard for me to make female friends. Now, I know "blah blah not like the others girls uwu" and I hate that mindset too, but I haven't had a female friend since high school and it's just really hard for me to talk to normal women irl to try to get them to befriend me. I'm an INTJ and I don't wanna be friends with scrotes anymore. Their friendship always feels fake as I don't know whether they're speaking to me to get in my pants or to try to genuinely get to know me as a person. But around other women I get so nervous and don't know what to say. I just struggle and I need some advice. Do I have autism? Am I socially retarded?

No. 641056

Same, but I'm autistic and I was always pretty GNC, not interested in performing femininity and romance and most women always bond through femininity and bitching about their boyfriends (and then kids). The only people in my life I get along with are gay men and lesbians (despite the fact I'm not a lesbian). Just don't look for friends among normies

No. 641058

Oh boy

No. 641063

Why is my life so uneventful. Every day for the past 10 years has been the exact same, only changing when bad things happen or I have the occasional job change or graduation day. Nothing exciting has happened to me. I can't believe how unforgettable I am not only in the world but to those around me. What did I do to deserve such a fucking colorless life?

No. 641067

just make friends with scrotes that are married or have gfs then befriend the wife/gf. it works pretty well for me, the gf usually has similar interests so they are fun to talk to and easy to befriend

No. 641071

I have the same issue, Just curious but what was your relationship with your mother like growing up? I had a difficult relationship with mine and I suspect that’s part of the reason why I am nervous around women. My relationship with femininity is disturbed or faulty in some way.

No. 641072

wow, you’re so special and not like the other girls. you’re sure you can’t bond with women because they’re all bitches who only like makeup and hate their bfs and not because you’re just a judgemental weirdo?

No. 641076

My mom has always been super helicopter. Never let me do normal teenager shit like go over to friend's houses, wasn't allowed to go to school dances, etc. We have an okay yet strained connection now. Don't really talk to her about my problems or anything too deep, cause she flips out over small shit. My dad, on the other hand, was there physically but never supported me emotionally and just went to the bar every night (except Sunday ofc lmao).

I'm about a mix of feminity and masculinity, though I'd say it skews a bit more towards the latter

No. 641078

Lesbians are not women?

No. 641084

didn’t say that but pretend i did to make yourself feel better, autist

No. 641089

Well, I can also mention febfems (bi women who only date other women), if that makes you happy. Just don't deny that focusing on men and traditional gender roles consumes a huge portion of an average woman's time and personality. And yes, autists who never conformed to gender roles are literally "not" like normies who conformed.
Even here women are bitching about their female friends who settled down, absorbed their boyfriends' interests and traits (like the spermbots they are) and then suddenly didn't have the time for their female friends. It always ends like this and I saw it hundreds of times kek. That's the normie nature.

No. 641090

WTF for the past few hours Ive been convincing myself im dying because my heart rates going up… I think Im having a medication nehative reaction but I cant fucking sleep. anxiety is fucking destroying me tonight, oh my god. this happens so often, i think i might have ocd or something. weird thoughts im dying or some shit, VERY often. like twice a day often. i hope im not actually sick and this is all the leadup

No. 641092

women (people) are different calm down. I get what she's saying. it doesn't hinge on those girls being lesser, just unrelatable and understandably sometimes grating. like you

No. 641097

being bullied so bad in school still affects me (im 23 now).

in grade school i was bullied so much, my teachers hated me too. middle school was the worst, it got so bad i had to repeat the 8th grade because i skipped class so much to avoid everyone, i still assume everyone hates me. there was one incident that haunts me, a really mean girl in my class one day stole my drawing notebook which was my dairy basically and i wrote some pretty disturbing shit (i was in my emo phase), and showed the whole class, and then told the admin that i was going to shoot up the school, even though i never wrote or drew anything like that. luckily they didn't believe her bc she was a raging bitch who did attention seeking shit all the time, but it made everyone scared of me and hate me more.

i wish i could just get over it but the effects of those 12 years linger

No. 641098

sounds like could be the medication. I doubt you're dying for real because that sounds like a panic attack, which is rooted in your mind. definitely tell whoever prescribed it

No. 641100

tbh most anons don't know what nlog even means. these are probably the same people calling women pickmes for not wearing makeup

No. 641112

Are you me anon? I also had to repeat a grade because of the bullying (then I ended up homeschooled because I refused to go outside) and I still assume adult people will hate me or bully me. My heart goes to you

No. 641114

and my heart to you. i wish people would teach their kids not to bully others, words can cut so deep and leave lifetime of scars i have hope that gen z will be nicer to each other.

No. 641121

Your post makes me feel a little less alone since your expierence was similar to mine. I got held back twice due to skiping school so much because I was so depressed and I changed schools so many times I lost count. I was bullied all through my school years and during the last two years it got particularly worse. The teachers started to blame me for the bullying too and disliking me and the girl who started the bullying towards me had her parents harras me outside of school as well. I still have panic attacks till this day (just turned 24) because of all the shitty things I endured. Sorry to blog post and start complaining about myself from your post.

I really hope that at least life is better for you now even if the memories make it difficult.

No. 641123

File: 1601358991727.jpg (63.11 KB, 540x437, 15041bdebb30d96_e3007b46_540.j…)

i'm terrible with procrastinating. even if it's things i definitely have to do and or will enjoy doing. what the fuck is wrong with me. i think never acc failing at anything has enabled me for too long too, i'm so scared of failure but yet keep trying to play with fire.

No. 641124

I can't stop thinking about my ex after running into him yesterday. At the moment of breaking up I saw it as the best choice to end it, and the relationship had a lot of problems, but now when I look back I can't help but feel sad that it's over. I reread my texts with him and I seemed kinda rude in some of them, and I had a reason but I can't help but think that I was part of the problem and that maybe I had judged him too harshly. I hate this. I'm so sad and it's eating away at me but I don't want it to be this way. Logically I can recognize how incompatible we were but emotionally I can't help but be hung up on him. What's worst is I have no choice but to keep running into him because he works next to my college. I don't know anons, I don't know…

No. 641128

File: 1601360170961.jpg (75.14 KB, 960x540, hug-putin_tcm27-53111.jpg)

sending hugs to you, anon. its nice to know im not the only one this happened to.

the pic made me laugh a little, i hope you like it

No. 641131

I’m so fucking tired of how unapologetically dishonest scrotes are in the dating world

No. 641150

My last dentist really fucked up my teeth through several methods and it has given me the worst dentist anxiety ever my front tooth now has a hole at the top and i’m terrified it’s gonna fall out the state of my teeth at the moment is literally making me want to kill myself but i don’t have insurance and can’t afford to go to the dentist i really don’t know what to do my teeth falling out is my biggest fear I know this sounds dramatic but if one of my teeth fall out i’d probably just kill myself, i’m also unemployed so I have no options for insurance and even if I did I feel like I’d just go to the dentist to be judged and insulted like my last dentist did.

No. 641193

File: 1601371502034.jpg (33.15 KB, 360x360, g4sy3ltn77o31.jpg)

another day, another game of "does he actually like me or does he just find me" lockdown cute"/am I just overanalyzing our interactions"

No. 641196

I just want Elder Scrolls VI to come out goddamnit.

No. 641204

why'd i even buy carrots. im glad i only used one of the two in the dish i just made for the week because it overpowers whatever food is in the bite i took and it's not even a good flavor!!!!!!!!!!!
carrot bad fuck carrots all my homies hate carrots

No. 641207

Marinate them in soy sauce or teriyaki sauce or something? Still overpowering but at least not a carrot flavor.

No. 641210

i'll try this when i'll cook the other carrot eventually. thanks for the tip!

No. 641223

Anon I can heavily relate to you, but I think we both need to stop with that

No. 641233

My bf says he loves it when I talk a lot because it means I'm happy, and that he thinks I talk about interesting subjects. But I keep apologising for rambling bc I'm traumatised by my ex telling me he didn't listen when I was talking bc he didn't care or found it interesting. Plus adults during my childhood telling me to shut up for talking too much. And now that I have a lovely bf who loves it when I'm myself, I just feel guilty for it even though he loves it.

God why are you so cruel lol

No. 641248

I just found out an old family friend and his brother both died from covid, they’re the 3rd and 4th family friend we’ve had die from it. I didn’t know him that well but I remember him from when I was younger and it was just really shocking to hear. I feel bad for my dad, and the whole thing just makes me feel anxious because he’s not much younger than they were.

No. 641251

File: 1601380436202.jpg (104.74 KB, 733x641, ew.JPG)

I'm so mad I looked at my old friend again we're SO MUCH lookalike why did she changed so much, her friends are full of troons she's a huge supporter of this shit. They would literally brand you as tERf for being slightly critical of the trans community but despite that we're 99% compatible, same taste, hobbies, even fashion style and and makeup wise, we're like sisters. I want to go back at that old friendship pre twitter.

No. 641265

This is probably going to sound corny anon, but you should try to look past that and continue the friendship (so long as you're in a healthy place and can manage it.) Troon stuff is just a political fad– a few years down the road, she will probably have moved on to something else. My friends have had some cringey phases and weird opinions, but I've tried to still be there for them and remember what it was I liked about them when we became friends.

No. 641267

It’s probably more likely the friend doesn’t want to be friends with her than the other way round. I wouldn’t want to ‘continue my friendship’ with someone like op either.

No. 641271

What are you basing this off of?

No. 641272

File: 1601381543118.jpg (64.03 KB, 680x909, 13346dbdd6c06cd33ddf9ff110c442…)

lmao, terrible bait

No. 641276

You constantly see posts here from terfs or gc or whatever talking about how they have no friends or can’t be honest with the “friends” they do have about who they are, you don’t really see much of the reverse. Op said her friend was a “huge supporter” so I doubt she’d want to be friends with someone like that. I wouldn’t want to be friend with someone “slightly critical” of the trans community because any normal person knows what that actually means. I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who’s just a little “critical” of the gay community, black community etc either.

Every post that doesn’t agree with you or isn’t pp/gc/radfem/whatever positive isn’t bait

No. 641277

>implying that misogynistic autogynephiles are the same as gay or black people
no, not bait at all kek

No. 641279

I've been hesitating half a year ago trying to find the right moment to contact her again without sounding too awkward but we were busy with life I ended up postponing the mail™ She's still really sweet but I'm afraid to walk on eggshells and be an hypocrite if we ever touch the subject, since it's been diluted in every other medias and all.

We lost contact 3 years ago

bait or troon

No. 641282

You know gay and black people can be critical of their communities too right? It's one thing to be critical of a communities actions and another to be critical of peoples actual sexuality and skin color.

No. 641296


No. 641299

>I wouldn’t want to ‘continue my friendship’
>I wouldn’t want to be friend with someone “slightly critical”
Also don't make this about you.

No. 641303

Why post it if you don’t want feedback. Get a diary or go to AG if you want everyone to agree with you.

No. 641308

You're not supposed to post retard feedback, check >>641277 's point.

No. 641309

people can respond to your post whatever they want retard. Your posting it on a public imageboard.

No. 641311

I know that this is a small inconvenience as far as covid goes but I won a bunch of prizes online from a game based in Japan. I won them back in febuary and march. There has been no airmail operating between japan and my country since march so I'm now in the 7th month where my stuff is sitting in a warehouse in japan. Most other countries lifted their restrictions and I keep checking the website for updates.. slowly every other country has been allowing mail but mine.

I can't get a refund because they're prizes and not something I just bought. I still spent waay too much money on these things and it would be nice if they at least came by xmas. I'm very likely to be alone for xmas this year so it'd be nice to have my parcels here to open.

No. 641314

Then let people reject retard feedbacks? Seeing someone complaining about troon shit and making the link with the gay and black community is a big reach. That was enough bait for today.

If we get posted in the infight lolcow screencap blame your retard self.

No. 641315

Idk why you think it’s bait for someone to just not agree with you. It’s not an uncommon opinion for someone to view transphobia on the same level as homophobia and racism. It’s probably more common than being a terf or gc sperg or whatever.

No. 641325

God wtf has been going on in this thread lately. We desperately need the pp thread back.

No. 641326


No. 641327

No. 641333

Damn I hope you'll get your gacha stuff, I don't know if you have considered those services where someone send the stuff at an adress the country can ship and pick it up to send it back for you, but that's also quite the gamble. But if you still do get them around christmas you may want to consider it(?)

Not for disagreeing but for barely bothering to know what is was about and jumping into retarded conclusion, who the fuck think that being critical of a community's mob mentality means they must hate all of the LGBT and black people? You sound just like the troon friends

WE GET IT I wasn't planning to derail the thread to begin with

No. 641334

File: 1601389661774.png (483.55 KB, 486x413, whygod.PNG)

I get like this like every couple months but it couldn't have come at a worse time. im literally too horny to concentrate on anything. I just wind up masturbating all day and not getting anything done and I still never get satisfied. I hate being an animal, is this what cats in heat feel like?

No. 641335

File: 1601389692949.jpeg (79.08 KB, 828x811, D538765B-FF40-4690-8E93-182D59…)

shut the fuck up.
this post was made by tranny hating gang(infighting)

No. 641339

I'm still a little salty because my two attempts at having a nice bday dinner with my bf really fell flat.

Over the weekend he wanted to treat me to a tapas restaurant. It looked really yummy but he was so pressed for money that we wound up splitting only 3 small plates. That's…not really how it works at that kind of restaurant. Like if you're going to share small plates you need to order several. I counted how many bites of food I got to have, it was 8. I had 8 bites of food. Really delicious but I was hungry and I let him know in a polite way but he wouldn't budge and insisted we choose only 3 options out of everything I wanted to try. I read the glowing restaurant reviews afterward and got even more bitter when I saw how couples had ordered several dishes, or ordered 4 plates just for themselves. He tried to ham up how he got plenty of food but I think he was trying to save face to not feel embarrassed at himself. It was not satisfying at all and if I wasn't so self-concious about looking like a pig I would have asked him to take me to a McDonalds.

On my actual birthday we went to an oyster bar but I told him he wouldn't have to worry about paying for me because my dad gave me birthday money and so technically this was his treat. Tbh I needed to save the money dad gave me for bills. So my meal was pretty conservative albeit pricey. I ordered 12 oysters and 12 clams. Bf turned to me and was like "Are you sure you're getting enough food?"
I wanted to be snarky and respond like, "Well not really. Yet it's still more food than the whole 8 bites I got at the other restaurant sooooo." Obviously I didn't say it like that and I wasn't mean, I pretended it was fine and made a joke about it being more food than the tapas. I think he was trying to show obligatory consideration but it did annoy me because it's not like he was gonna do anything about it I don't think. Like I'm not going to emasculate my boyfriend over dinner but it was pretty disappointing overall.
He's the type of guy who eats like he's poor. He doesn't really care about food so he'd rather not spend money on it. He's super skinny. It clashes with me a lot because I love food, and at the least I wanted a decent dining experience for my birthday where I wouldn't have to leave hungry. I don't think I was being a glutton for expecting more food.

No. 641343

Happy birthday, anon. Mine was on Sunday and I spent nearly the entirety of it having an emotional meltdown from having a fuckload of papers due without my goddamn ADHD medication. My kids didn't even so much as utter a birthday wish, and I make sure they do for everyone else with a little card or craft. Maybe I'm just being petty or emotional.

No. 641346

One question though, is he actually struggling with money or just stingy? Because if it's the former, and it's how your post sound like tbh, then you really come off like a really unnecessarily rude and bitter person.

No. 641350

I'm so sorry anon, I know that fear. Where do you live? Have you tried to look for options for people with no insurance? Is there anyone you can lend money from?

No. 641351

That's super shit, but for what it's worth, happy birthday to you too.


No. 641354

I was thinking the same thing. If he’s just cheap then I get it (but also why are you with him then if he’s that cheap) but if he’s actually struggling for money that bad she sounds really resentful and callous.

No. 641355

nta but "pressed for money" makes it sound like he literally couldn't afford more than he was getting you. also you said both dinners fell flat but the second one sounds like it went fine and you got enough to eat?

No. 641358

Okay then. So both of you completely not-the-samefag anons do stupid shit like take your dates to expensive restaurants you can't afford or something?
If you want to save money then don't go out of your depths and then inform your dates they're only going to get a few bites of food because it's all you can actually afford. Why would I have picked my bf's brain beforehand about what he can afford when he's the one who took me there?

The reason why I ate okayish the second time was because my dad helped pay for it, not my bf.
I hope this explains it adequately, you dingbats.

No. 641359

Sounds like a scrote. Imagine thinking a woman is being rude because she wanted more than several bites of food on her birthday lmao. Love how anons are making his lack of money your problem even when you said you'd be okay with McDonald's if it meant you got to actually eat something.
Heaven forbid there's a standard.

No. 641361

i'm not samefagging, is it really that hard to believe more than one person disagreed with you lol. fair that he shouldn't have taken you somewhere expensive if he can't afford it though, i'm assuming he knows you well enough by now to know that you like food.

>The reason why I ate okayish the second time was because my dad helped pay for it, not my bf.

your bf had to have payed for it for it to be nice? you got to eat on somebody else's dime either way.

thank you, I've posted on here for too long to have never been accused of scroteposting. was starting to think I was being too nice or something.

No. 641366

I feel like I'm such a bitter bitch but I still haven't forgiven my big brother for all the abuse he has done from my childhood to my early 20s. I'm 28 now, ever since my childhood I was always told that "it's normal" that he beat me up and made me feel like shit and then laughed when I cried etc. Stuff that most people would find fucked up if it was a parents treating their child like that. I've learned to laugh it off and talk about it with dark humor, say things like siblings always do that shit to each other and don't really love each other, but my new friend was shocked and told me it's not normal. That was the first time someone said that to me.

I have never revenged anyone but I am very distant with him and don't really want to see him. My parents are disappointed in me because I don't want to let it go.

No. 641368

tone of your response only confirms you're just an entitled, rude person as i've initially assumed, lol
Learn how to communicate with your boyfriend instead pretending to be fine if you're SO BITTER about him trying despite struggling with money.

No. 641370

Being accused of scroteposting typically means you're saying something idiotic, and you really are.

No. 641371

honestly you both sound immature

No. 641372

>your bf had to have payed for it for it to be nice?
Anon never even said the dinner wasn't nice. She basically payed for her own birthday dinner with money that was needed for bills. Anons bf did try and that is very nice, but he should have been honest that he couldn't treat her to a full dinner. I swear some of you on here like to argue about any and everything.

No. 641373

Such a reddit meme.

No. 641374

Why do we have this thing now where vent posts are being nitpicked?

Just let people vent. This is not the relationship advice thread.

No. 641375

No. 641376

It's a samefag thinking she's a master baitsmith. So annoying, I see her post a lot.

No. 641377

Get a journal. Idk why we have this thing now where people expect lolcow to be PULL now but please go back to whatever hugbox you came from.

No. 641378

Communication is not a reddit meme but ok. Some relationships are beyond salvageable but even professional relationshiptherapists will learn couples how to communicate properly.

No. 641379

You can equally shut the fuck up when people think your hot takes to vents are shit and contribute nothing. Go write in your journal about what a rude entitled doo doo head you think someone on the internet is.

No. 641380

No one is samefagging but you know you can just report posts you think are if you’re so confident about it?

No. 641381

Communication works if the other partner is interested in what you have to say but most men do not give a shit what their girlfriends feel or think. Sorry but that's just how it is.

No. 641382

your S/O didn't make sure your kids did something for your bday? that's disappointing for sure, but if they're really young, the responsibility really falls on your S/O or whoever didn't give them any direction. but happy birthday anon!

No. 641384

It's a meme because reddit always forgives men for being retards under the guise that their women didn't "communicate" enough with them.
You sound underage. Because you seriously believe the onus is on your date to figure out your own fucking budget when you agree to take them to pricey places to eat and be grateful when you underperform because YOU are the one who didn't communicate that it wasn't realistically within what you could afford so your date could have a good time on their birthday.

You're embarrassing yourself.

No. 641385

No it isn’t, you’re just projecting your experiences onto ‘most men’

No. 641386

she DID say that it wasn't nice.

No. 641387

NTA but you’re whining about your poor boyfriend and depressing life where you ate 7 bites of food on your bday, I don’t think you’re in any position to say someone else is embarrassing themselves.

No. 641390

It speaks worse for you that someone is in that position and is still embarrassed for what comes out your head. So there.

No. 641391

You sound hungry

No. 641392

I think my best friend is getting into her ED again, and I don’t know how to help her. She keeps liking pro-ana posts on twitter, and I know she’s been letting herself starve for days. She is so young, I’m not sure how I should handle this. I’m afraid to talk about it with her, I don’t want it to seem like I’m policing her life.

No. 641393

Your butthurt feeds me.

No. 641394

My last ex had a birthday where his son forgot to get him anything and he flew into a rage and then gave his son the silent treatment all weekend, that was an overreaction..

You just quietly feeling a little hurt isn't petty. Happy belated bday anon.

No. 641395

seriously though just tell him to prioritize quantity over quality when it comes to food in the future (assuming you haven't), yeah you shouldn't be expected to pick his brain as to what he can afford but how should he know that you'd be willing to eat at fucking mcdonalds for your birthday if you don't tell him? we have a running joke about low-tier men taking their dates to applebees here for a reason. if you've talked to him and your scrote is just retarded than disregard and good luck sorry we ruined your vent lmao

No. 641396

As someone who has been through pro-ana I think the only people who can help are the ones who have been through it as well (and have recovered obviously). No one else can truly understand that mindset.

No. 641397

maybe he only let you choose 3 plates because he's subtly trying to tell you you're a fatass and he wants you to stop eating so much. how do you know it had anything to do with money if he didn't say he was cutting your food back because he was budgeting? his, "are you sure you're getting enough food?" comment at the oyster bar could have been a disgusted, passive-aggressive remark meant to bring attention how much food you were shoveling in your face. consider it, anon, he might just be trying to help you.

No. 641399

No. 641400

No. 641401

Is it a lot of food? Tell the class anon.

No. 641402

Anons, I haven't gotten aroused in months, like 8 months but a man called me a whore today on a dating app and then unmatched with me and fuck, I got wet. I want to kill myself, I fucking hate myself. After 8 fucking months because I got fucking insulted. Fuck

No. 641403

Well now you're just being a cunt anon kek

No. 641404

>laughing at your own posts

No. 641407

…so the entire time it's been a jealous anachan pissed at OP for not being satisfied at the morsels like she would have been because
anon's men only take her to Applebee's where there's no safe food.

No. 641410

not sure if larp or low self esteem, either way, love yourself anon.

No. 641412

When will you drop the “every poster who is mean to me is one person” thing, it’s sad.

No. 641413

Multiple people have said you're being retarded. Drop it already.

No. 641414

File: 1601395672048.jpg (3.74 KB, 265x190, 54646.jpg)

one of use needs to change our typing style so people stop thinking we're samefagging and its not gonna be me, ana-chan

No. 641416

What gave it away?
The 'I spent waay too much' part? kek Yeah it's toreba

No. 641417

Apparently I also have the same typing style.

No. 641418

Whenever I see a post that's lowercase I know I'm dealing with a smoothbrain.

No. 641419

No they haven’t. You’re referring to someone else. If you think people are samefagging report it instead of trying to larp as some forensic linguist on lolcow.

No. 641420

This post is BPD.

No. 641421

You accused me of being the samefag first? You're awful grumpy.

No. 641423

Not a larp, sadly. I have pisted about not feeling aroused for a long time here before, I kinda feel like crying. I didn't even do anything I'm so ashamed I'm not happy, this is so bad. Anon.

No. 641424

Surprisingly, there's more than 3 anons here, dumbfuck.

No. 641425

Calm down.

No. 641426

Mods must have been sleeping for the past 2 days

No. 641427

>pressing the shift key while typing on a mongolian horse breeding forum

No. 641428

Good point, that anon did sound very fat to be fair.

No. 641429

Maybe mods have given up because people posting massive bait are the same type to ban evade anyway so their energies are better spent on boards where it actually matters.

No. 641430

I just wish people would ignore bait or be the bigger person and stop replying when an argument is turning into pointless spam in the thread.

No. 641432

Baiters can go neck themselves.

No. 641433

People are so soft recently and think anything not telling them they’re 100% in the right is ‘bait’.

No. 641434

We all saw

No. 641438

If you weren't baiting you were wrong anyway.

No. 641439

I knew a guy years ago who was on the sex offenders register for child porn. I obviously didn't know that when I first befriended him. I cut him off but I heard a while ago that he was engaged and his partner was pregnant.

Just realised that baby must've been born by now

No. 641442

File: 1601397098247.gif (4.85 MB, 400x300, 56465654.gif)

What is the best course of action when you notice your grown adult son is still leaving his dishes in the sink and his shit all over the tub?

>Tell him to clean up after himself.

>Tell your daughter to tell him to clean up after himself (because it is, of course, her job to police this grown man's behavior.)

>Yell at your daughter for the mess in the kitchen and tub as though she is the one who made it even though the things are clearly not hers, point out the one time she did leave stuff in the sink weeks ago as evidence that she is just as bad when she physically points out that everything in the sink and tub are his, then move the goalposts and say WELL WHY DON'T YOU EVER TELL HIM TO CLEAN UP AFTER HIMSELF? when you realize you've made a mistake.

Thanks mom I love it here.

No. 641444

Throw his dishes in his room before your mom can notice them and yell at you.

No. 641445

Man, that's awful. It's that type of parenting that raises men who are absolute nightmares and take women's labor for granted their whole lives. At least when you can move out one day he won't be your problem anymore, though it sucks you have to be around this shit double standard in the first place.

No. 641446

His poor future live-in partners.

No. 641448

File: 1601397517730.jpg (40.73 KB, 728x780, y8hkx1bc8zs31.jpg)

I hate obviously piss-poor men who'd go out of their way just to make you feel like shit. I unfortunately encountered them while a dog barked at me, and they did too whilst degrading me. Worst part is you couldn't do anything about it, because you shouldn't. All I could do is wish they'd struggle financially and hope their family dies and suffer living alone.

No. 641450

You’re saying the men just randomly started barking too mid degrading you?

No. 641452

the others were barking, some are laughing and degrading me, and some are telling them to "keep barking haha!" sounds silly but i hated it so much and had to vent.

No. 641454

Were they just random strangers? That’s so weird of them

No. 641455

Were they mocking you for being scared of the dog?

I moved to a new town last year and one of the first people I met was a man with a large dog. I was using google maps to look for a nearby store and he suddenly says to me "oh don't worry about the dog!" Dude I didn't even see you or your dog, stop trying to pretend I'm a shaking damsel at the sight of a big dog.

No. 641456

File: 1601398016740.jpg (26.1 KB, 563x578, 72bbca61decfa125e443733b07264e…)

I fucking miss the days when I was 12-14 and a blissfully unaware teen. I had bad art, bad makeup, bad hair, bad clothes, and took bad photos but those were my happiest days because I was still self-confident.
Now I live in a cage of imposter syndrome and BDD even though I have an art degree, an art career, and am considered beautiful by my friends. I just wanna be a fucking retard again.

No. 641459

Sometimes when I think someone is being an ass to me in public I hold my mobile out as if I'm recording them. Sometimes it gets them to pull back or stop the behavior if they think they're being recorded.

Those guys sound cowardly enough to where something like that might work.

No. 641460

yep. just some randos i passed by. they were imitating the dog who barked at me after i was warily glancing at it. (it was dark already and i was checking where it was. it was behind a gate thank god) And that's when they started being assholes and barked at me whilst the others encouraged it and laughed. Then I felt like shit…

No. 641461

Can't. I'm in a 3rd world country kek. nobody gives a shit there. All you could really do is ignore them because they do that shit and loiter there all the time. feels bad tbh.

No. 641462

He’s probably had people be scared before and it’s just something said out of habit or he was just trying to be polite and put you at ease. Not everything is some kind of micro-aggression.

No. 641463

Condolences. They sound like a pack of roaming dogs themselves.

No. 641465

I mean they're the ones barking at people.. I get how you feel but they're very much the losers in that scenario. Desperate for your attention, even if it's not good attention.

No. 641467

File: 1601398303185.jpg (34 KB, 550x550, 72a75de.jpg)

I feel like I'm a sad cuck who gets cucked by shitty men again and again, and then I hate myself when I think like this because it doesn't make me any better than Nice Guys who think they treat girls better than sadists and assholes, deep down I'm an asshole too and also a bitter lesbian so most women probably find me a creep.

No. 641468

Kids of 12 to 14 now are already well past that blissful innocence, that's nuts to me.

No. 641471

File: 1601398505843.png (46.99 KB, 840x680, Cute-heart-clipart-pink-red-tr…)

aww thx anons. these really comforted me.

No. 641473

I've had a two year break from dating. Felt like I needed it because my last relationship was baad. It's been two of the best years, even with covid and shit. Just living alone has been so peaceful.

It's like I hit the reset button and my mental health is recovering like I never thought it would. Maybe a break from even thinking about that stuff could be good for you?

No. 641482

I'm sorry if you misunderstood but I meant as in I keep losing even my friends to abusive shitty men. My earliest memory like this was when I was 13 years old and my friend started dating my bully and now the newets on is now when I'm almost 30 and another friend is taken by a shithead. Then they come back to me to vent because I'm a dumb cuck who always listens.

No. 641485

top kek, i love you anon

No. 641486

Yeah I read it as you being bi and struggling in dating.

Sucks that at nearly 30 that's still happening to you. Sorry anon.

No. 641489

File: 1601399678497.jpg (117.98 KB, 750x432, 20200207_230048.jpg)

I'm an asshole right?

My life is pretty much falling apart - might lose my job, my father has cancer and is giving up and basically the only one holding the "family" together.

I asked my friend if I can vent to her from time to time and she said she'd prefer if we would only talk on holidays/birthdays and I just… I'm hurt. She's been my best friend for over 6 years now so yea. Of course I'll respect her wish and we didn't talk daily (but like weekly, initiated by her) for the last two years so it's not like I was too annoying or we were mostly talking about her anyway. She has a new boyfriend, hopes to get engaged next year and is building a house, which is a lot to deal with so I get it.

I know I'm not entitled to shit here but am I an asshole for thinking what she did was, well, a bit rude?

No. 641490

>at nearly 30

Nta but shit gets worse with friends doing that the older you get. Most of your friends will probbaly ditch you for guys by the time you get to put age.

No. 641491

I'm lesbian but I didn't realize til my 20s because I always just thought I'm too obsessed with my friends.

I hate being like this because it makes me think I'm the same as the incels who bitch about women, I wish I could be just a normal straight woman whose life revolves around cock.

No. 641493

I'm early thirties myself but friendless so I guess I don't know what I'm missing

No. 641496

File: 1601399987065.png (309.57 KB, 424x371, 84395743267437.png)

My ex (we are in the process of separating, currently living together) made me dinner last night in a supposed attempt to be nice. When I thanked him but said I wasn't hungry right then, he went into the kitchen and threw out all the leftovers. As usual, any "gifts" have to be received with what he deems is the appropriate reaction and the appropriate timing, otherwise I will be punished. Even now when we aren't together anymore.

I would've liked to eat it. It was one of my favorite dishes and he is a good cook.

No. 641497

It's not obsession it's just women usually value their bfs over their friends meanwhile guys will ditch their wives/gfs for their friends

No. 641498

I think you should take her honesty at face value and vent to us instead.

Would it actually have made you feel more supported or better to have vented to someone who couldn't or didn't want to handle it deep down? Usually those people act distant and give lukewarm support at best after you've spilled your guts, which won't make you necessarily feel better.

No. 641500

I guess the 'bright side' of this is that deciding to break up with him is a good choice. I hope you're able to get away from him quickly and safely, anon.

No. 641501

Isn't this why it's important to enjoy your own company so that when your friends have lives independent from your friendship, you don't take it personally?

No. 641502

I dont understand why men think we like to be treated like shit. No, we want a cute guy to treat us good. The reason why scrotes think we want to be treated like shit is becuz they see cute guys doing it and cute guys could get women regardless of what they do.

No. 641504

I do enjoy my own company but it just hurts

No. 641509

Right because you're taking it personally, because regardless of what you believe your happiness depends on the availability of your friendships. Even if the moids treated them right, it seems like you'd still be upset for the fact that they'd be spending more time with their men than they would with you.
It hurts anon but what they're doing isn't necessarily wrong, it's normal. You need to find what works for you being being the third wheel to straight friends ain't it.

No. 641513

Well I have a couple of friends who have been with the same guys for 10-15 years and those ones I accept. I think partially it's because of my trauma with my mother who used to date shitty men after my parents divorced and she forced me to live with them and one of them bad touched me too. I think she thought her pleasure is more important than my safety.

No. 641514

Thank you anon, it will definitely help to have physical distance from him. I appreciate the kind words. I feel very alone right now and every little bit helps.

No. 641517

You're right. It did annoy me that she never asked anything despite knowing and being close with my family, especially my dad. I just ended up more upset than relieved.

The only reason why I considered venting to her was that I know her irl so I hoped the support would feel more genue than replies from strangers online.

No. 641522

I understand anon. I've learned to cope by sectioning friends as shallow and fairweather. It's not that I hate them, but I know they're just the types of friends I can only ever count on to have fun with or spend money with. When it comes to interpersonal problems they all kinda suck and can't be there in the way that I need them. That way I just don't get my hopes up or get resentful over expectations I couldn't have possibly expected them to meet. I have moments, but it's made me feel better overall.

No. 641523

Been in a very similar situation, we were two months still living together post break up and the mind games stayed the same. He had a new gf and was still starting fights with me about anything he could. Calling me dumb any chance he got.. Makes moving on easier!

No. 641535

The doctor I was referred to to address my ADHD and anxiety issues is so backlogged that I'm not going to hear from him for 6 months.

I just started studying again after taking a four year long break and I'm alreay struggling to manage my inattention and it's making me panic

No. 641537

I'm getting the urge to look up my ex on facebook. It's been a year since we formally broke up but we slept together as FWB for like a month until he broke it off and left for his female friend that he told me "not to worry about". Part of me wants to see if they're actually together still. Idk why I'm like this when I don't want him back, he was actually ugly as fuck in retrospect.

No. 641542

You're strong, two months sounds like such a struggle! I hope I can find something sooner. I'm so sorry you had to go through this as well. I wish I'd had more time to prepare but he was the one to initiate it. Probably a blessing in disguise. I've been trying to communicate with him as little as possible so he has nothing to hurt me with, but he still finds these ways. You're right though, his actions just confirm this is the right choice. Thank you!

No. 641546

It's normal, I think quarantine has encouraged a lot of people to reflect on their exes and consider looking them up. If you're not going to reach out to him or have a breakdown over what you might find then why not have a look

No. 641551

I just did the same thing the other night, if not on purpose, but maybe have a friend with you to trash his page? My friend looked up my ex’s insta WHILE I WAS THERE and she was trashing on how he’s gotten uglier in the past 7 months and how his new gf is not photogenic, i know it’s tacky and not very enlightened but having a friend say that shit can lighten the blow of checking up on an exes life so you don’t have to wallow in the moment lol

No. 641553

Thank you, anons. It's nice to hear, and silly as it is brightened my day up.
It's shitty when you're stuck inside during all the Covid crap and feel like you're finally getting to be a little bit spoiled. It's hard to not feel a little bit of resentment when you've got an expectation for how something is going to go and the night just shits itself with little things that may not have even bothered you otherwise. It's okay to be upset, you didn't end up getting to do things how you planned them. Could you guys opt for getting some nicer meats and have a really nice meal at home with candles and all over the top extras? Still dress up, make him dress up too, make a little to-do about it?
They're 7 and 11, and I had even told them. Yeah, it's kind of up to my SO, but he was working the whole weekend and yesterday 12 hour shifts. I refuse to be too upset with him. I took it out on him a little as it is, but all in all if I really want things I need to make a stronger effort to says something, no matter if it feels a little embarrassing or not. I've always been really direct with my kids, and when I'm shy and withdrawn about something they're not going to know why unless I tell them.
Man, that's secondhand embarrassing. Everyone wants to feel special and shit, but that dude sounds a little nuts.

No. 641564

It's going to be okay.
Caffeine isn't really the best, but it'll do in a pinch. Matcha powder in latte form (about a tsp) and La Colombe coffees have natural caffeine (anhydrous caffeine in energy drinks may work for you, they just make me per a lot and I feel zilch). I'm trying to think of alt herbs you can use. Lemon balm is supposed to help with calm focus and it's a little more gentle. Solaray offers good quality for inexpensive. I took eleuthero before having to get back on ADHD meds, but it helped when I was taking it. Banyan Botanicals, Starwest Herbs, and Frontier Herbs are really reputable and recommended by my old therapist (she was a master herbalist too, god she was amazing).
It's hard, but don't sell yourself short, you'll have to make a little effort to find an alternative in the mean time while you wait. Good luck, you can do this.

No. 641567

Is 5 years really a long time? Recently my boyfriend made a comment about one of my pics when I was trying to show him something off my social media and he exclaimed that I looked like a young girl in it. It was only 5 years ago. The same thing happened with some rando friend of my ex when I tried to show her a pic I took of myself wearing goth makeup and she said the same thing, when I had taken that pic only a year prior.
Apparently I look like an old hag now.

No. 641568

It depends how old you are, when you’re young 5 years is a big portion of your life. I doubt they mean you look old but you could have matured a lot and your features changed (not necessarily for the worse).

No. 641571

Just saw a picture of a few years ago and I was so fucking fit with my "11 abs" and that line on the lower back, now I have like 15 extra kgs. I like my figure, why can't I stop being lazy and start working out again

No. 641573

My ex cheated and left me for her, it's been 2 years and I check fb once every few months just because I don't want his affair to pay off and be his happily ever after…. He could settle with any other woman and I'd care way less.

Just don't do it if you're having a low day already

No. 641574

our family dog had to be put down very suddenly yesterday. he was 14, and we knew that he wouldn't be able to make it for a v long time but still… dad called so suddenly and said he was really sickly, 2 hrs later another call, had to be put down bc he was in so much pain.

i couldn't even say goodbye to my lifelong friend, it all happened so fast. i can't even cry im in so much denial cuz i haven't gone home to my parents yet.

i hate this year.

No. 641576

You're right.
For context it's the difference between 25 versus 30.
Idk. I don't think I've aged that much but it could just be my denial that I am, in fact, getting older and uglier. I'm okay with that, but it hurts when people make comments about pictures like they must have been forever ago cause I'm such a grown beastie now.

No. 641577

Makes less of a difference as you get older, but sometimes stress or weight loss/gain can make you look different and not even necessarily in bad ways. Plus your face can naturally change shape, accentuating your cheekbones a little more. Don't worry about it, it most likely wasn't meant to be offensive.

No. 641580

It'll be okay, anon. Just try to take it easy and roll with the motions of it. Let yourself be upset, you deserve that much. Your pet isn't suffering anymore, and it's hard to bear the loss but he would want you to be happy. Ask your parents to keep a collar or one of his toys and embed part of it in some resin for yourself as a keepsake.

No. 641581

Same anon as >>641537. It's worse than I thought? He made a new IG and is super popular on it. He's also not dating the girl he left me for but a new girl that seems to be very likable by other people's standards. She seems like one of those girls who has a good personality but is uglier than me. She also listed her pronouns in her bio (kek).
Now I feel bad about myself. I'm prettier but I'm also basically permanently socially awkward and my only friends atm are people who I've met online. The girl that he left me for and this one have nicer personalities and seem to be more outgoing.

No. 641582

I feel like you maybe be conflating them saying you look younger with them saying you look better when it doesn’t really sound like that’s what they were meaning from how you described it. Idk now you have me thinking of times I’ve said this to friends when they show me old pictures and I feel bad, it’s just like an instinct to say ‘aw you look so young’ bc what else do you really say? I didn’t think people would take it as an insult or that they looked better then.

No. 641588

Oof, didn't mean to make you second guess what you've said it's just that in the past couple years or so I've been getting this whereas before I never have.

No. 641591

i miss being a stupid teenager reading gay mcr fanfiction, sneaking out to see my best friend and having crushes on weedy smelly boys… adulthood fucking sucks

No. 641592

You're not those girls, you're you. If you worry yourself with who your ex chooses (he sounds like a flippant cunt btw), you're going to just sit there and pick yourself apart about the differences and similarities between you all when none of that really matters. Everyone has a pros/cons list and it differs for each person that evaluates you depending on their mood or the context. Fuck that dude. Spend more time focusing on yourself and your interests and think about other people instead that will not make you feel like shit.

No. 641599

File: 1601405980050.jpg (16.55 KB, 400x225, importedImage350613_header.jpg)

I would like to ask for advice on two issues that I have (and they might be connected actually). One is that I am addicted to daydreaming. I grew up in a family where I felt I couldn't be myself so I created a constantly changing fantasy world as a kid where I could express myself. I always regarded this fantasy self and fantasy world my main thing, reality was just secondary. I think it also served as a sort of ego-defensive function - if I fuck up something in the real world, it doesn't matter, because that's not my real self, my fantasy self is my real self!! This has been ongoing for decades since and I feel like it's become an addiction, an integral part of the way I am and the way I function. Every time I do something monotonous like running, washing the dishes or walking somewhere, it instantly gets triggered and I get a high from all the exciting scenarios that I imagine. I think the hardest part to accept is that obviously reality will never be as exciting and romantic as my fantasies so I feel reluctant to stop.

My other issue is apathy. I just can't get excited about things in real life. I get out of my comfort zone, I meet people, do things I've never done before but nothing gives me an excitement. I know I'm not depressed and I do not want to die but I feel like I cannot live either. I find it so hard to give a fuck about myself and my life. I don't care what job I work, how many friends I have, what clothes I'm wearing, what I eat for lunch, or if I die or live. To me doing something and not doing something feels exactly the same

No. 641605

Thanks. I appreciate the advice a lot, anon. My biggest insecurity is my personality and my likability to others. The best descriptor I've found is mbti, I'm an intj female but wish I was more of a feeler/extroverted type.
He definitely capitalized on my insecurity to make me feel bad in our final fight. He said his new girl was super sweet and kind and basically said that I was friendless bc I have a shit personality and no one will love me. And that looks don't matter bc I'm attractive but I'm insufferable to be around.

No. 641612

i really hope my boyfriend doesn't start balding young

No. 641615

Because they like to treat women like shit so they like to convince themselves that actually women LIKE being treated like shit. Like how they want to use women as bangmaid broodmares, so they try their hardest to convince everyone that ACTUALLY women love being bangmaid broodmares, there's nothing wrong with treating women like bangmaid broodmares!

No. 641617

Honestly anon… you're living the dream

No. 641618

I'm 29 years old and I genuinely don't know my sexuality. I have had crushes on girls more than boys and I have never liked men sexually but I've always thought it's normal, that women aren't supposed to be like that. But my friends keep saying they want to fuck men so why I don't?

I have never had sex either, I was in a relationship with a guy for almost a year but we never had sex for some reason.

Isn't this something you're supposed to figure out when you're in your teens? I'm scared I am bisexual because I feel like everyone will think I'm a slut who can't commit, so I try to deny it. But I can't be lesbian either since I was dating a guy, even though I didn't love him that way. I don't feel straight either but I usually tell people I'm straight because it's easy. I daydream about a girlfriend though.

No. 641621

Can’t help but I have the daydreaming thing too, kinda grew out of it a year or two ago but it gets bad again when I’m depressed… the key is probably to fix your general mental health. Maybe in the meantime you could try writing so at least it’s productive?

No. 641624

I have done this too ever since childhood. I have ADHD diagnosis too and especially as a kid I used to run around in our house and have these vivid stories in my mind.

I think it helps with my writing hobby, have you ever tried to write down your stories?

No. 641625

I just took a good look at my skin the other day and it looks like shit. I have the usual acne and blackheads but I think I’m starting to see age spots at 26. Or are those just regular blemishes? Idk what’s up

No. 641626

It sounds like you have maladaptive daydreaming. It's a form of dissociating. I don't have any real advice on how to deal with it, but look it up so you can hopefully learn to manage it.

No. 641627

If you don't want to fuck men, maybe you're not straight.
It's ok not to know what's your sexuality even if you're 29. And who cares what people think, idiots will think you're a slut, but most people won't care and guess what, you don't have to tell anyone your sexual preferences, except for your sexual partners! Keep it to yourself, it's ok. Just be true to yourself.

No. 641628

Sounds like maladaptive daydreaming. Have you tried diagnosing for autism spectrum or ADD?

No. 641629

I honestly don't think I'll find anyone at this age but I'm scared if I'll find a girlfriend and she'll leave me because I have been in a relationship with a man

No. 641630

No way! 29 is not old at all, there are people who find love at 40+. Don't put yourself down. And if you want to find a partner, put yourself out there.
Noone is going to leave you because you dated a guy for a year, go find yourself a girlfriend that you love and loves you back.

No. 641641

This is a dumbass vent.

Past 18 months or so I've been unemployed and looking. Now that I have a contract secured I'm so scared of it all. Literally only dealing with the calls, emails and contracts my daily workload has jumped tenfold. I haven't even started but I'm wondering WTF did I do with all the time I had?

What if I'm late? I need to be up closer to 5 than my usual 7.
What if I get my period?
What if I straight up don't feel like it that day?
What if I get a headache?
What if the staff are mean?
Worse, what if the boss is mean?
What if the trains are really crowded and uncomfortable?
What if I really need to do a big shit but the bathrooms always have someone in them?
What if the weather is AWFUL?

I'm tired today because I had to answer like 3 emails and make a phone call. How will it be with 8 hours of solid work + 2 hours commute?!

It's a privileged af issue to have, but the home/unemployed conveniences are something I've had for long enough to be used to and unsure how I'll go without. If it was raining heavily I'd just curl up with some tea, when I was stressed Id just promise myself I'd do less and relax a bit. Ássholes? Just stop associating with them. Can't do that with a job.

No. 641656

Can you touch yourself? I feel like I crush on girls but the thought of being intimate with one turns me off. I've only had sex with 3 guys but I do enjoy it. Most men are gross and I fear them but when I fall for one I fall hard. Never experienced that with a woman although my first kiss was a girl.

No. 641660

I don't understand why one of my friends decided to stop talking to me one day. We had a great friendship, visiting each other and having sleepovers. When I visited her at work once, she seemed annoyed and like she didn't want to see me. The next week, I messaged her and she also answered rudely and made me feel very stupid because I asked her if she was moving out alone by herself. I don't get it.

No. 641665

File: 1601411067739.jpg (65.51 KB, 512x384, unnamed.jpg)

How is being unable to care about any facet of my life and having to resort to fantasies living the dream?

I've been in therapy for a while and my therapist never mentioned ADD or autism, he said though that I have avoidant tendencies

I'll look this up, thank you!

No, I don't write them anymore because they are just wish fulfillment fantasies. They used to be more interesting when I was a kid

No. 641675

File: 1601411600446.jpg (34.82 KB, 483x439, -483-439v2_00.jpg)

I'm 24 and I never had any friends irl. Socializing was always hard, kids either rejected or ignored me, they openly called me a "weirdo", and even if someone was interested, they would talk to me a few times and then never do it again. I had one internet friend, then he met me irl and he said he couldn't believe I'm the same person, my levels of introversion and anxiety were just too high for him. We ended up texting as we sat in the same room because I was basically mute. Talking to someone feels like a game dialogue, I just choose what I think is the most appropiate for the situation (based on observations or movies/tv shows or my past experiences), I don't know how to be spontaneous etc. I'm so far behind my peers in terms of socializing I don't think I will ever catch up. I feel like an alien or a robot trying to mimic human behavior.

No. 641682

I completely understand. I was mute as a child and paralyzed when in social situations. It led to some intensely weird situations with otherwise normal people when I got to high school. You know that social experiment where a lady stood still no matter what anyone did and at first people just put funny hats on her and stuff then slowly people began actually hurting her? That's what it was like.

No. 641721

Just want a gf

No. 641723

I'm not a scrote btw just a lonely lesbian

No. 641725

I talk way too fucking much, I overshare then I feel disgusting

No. 641729

Same. When I was younger I used to never share anything about myself and I think in trying to get out of that habit I went to far the other way.

No. 641730

No. 641743

He's just trying to be manipulative, shitty and get the upper hand. You're just as capable of love and friendship as anyone else that's more extroverted than you. There's nothing wrong with your personality.
I'm an INTJ on those too, for what it's worth. I struggle with friendships, but I attribute that more to not wanting to waste time sharing myself with people that I can't be completely honest and myself around. It's exhausting to try to put up a front with other people only for the friendship to end up one-sided.
Don't get discouraged. He was one turd floating in the ocean of prospects.

No. 641745

>+2hr commute
Is that common there? That's a long ass time to be sitting in your car, ruminating your own thoughts

No. 641746

Yeah, people turn into sadists when they have too much freedom. Adults were telling me you can't feel like a victim because it will bring bullies to you, they basically pulled the law of attraction on me, but this shit doesn't work on a 12 year old who doesn't know how to change. At least I could fight back when someone physically attacked me, but that was my automatic, animalistic response, just like backing off and going mute when someone bullied me verbally or spat on me or destroyed my stuff etc. No way to control it. I feel like sometimes people are so annoyed with you being such an easy target they basically want it to happen to you, even if they don't bully you themselves. "Everyone got bullied at some point, just develop thicker skin" . And if it makes you weaker instead of stronger, it's your own fault.
Also why does it feel like bullying against boys is taken more seriously than bullying against girls? They tell you boys bully you because they like you which is the most retarded shit. How is spitting on someone a sign of liking?

No. 641764

I’m so sick of dating guys. I just don’t understand them. The guy I’m currently seeing never asks me about my life..like at all. Today we were meant to video call but something came up and I messaged to say that, and the response was just ‘okay’. We’ve been dating for 4 months now. No follow up questions, ever. No asking about my day, or weekend plans, or work, or family or friends. I’m always just telling him without prompt because isn’t that what getting to know someone is? Whatever, I’m already feeling done with this guy too. Can I please just find a cute boy who’s actually invested in a noticeable way?

No. 641774

It's interesting how guys on dating apps act like they're doing you a favor by getting their dick/attention. Even really good looking guys would be lucky to get 4 matches a week….I know yall not getting pussy like that to be acting so arrogant kek

No. 641781

The dumbass shit thread pic sucks ass

No. 641783

Was probably playing vidya if that makes you feel better

No. 641791

i have depression but i feel like no doctors ever help. it's partially my fault because sometimes i feel better when i have my appointments. and other times the psychiatrist just says that my issues are outside of the medications i take.

i feel really depressed today all of a sudden and i have no idea why. i would write down my problems but i can barely bring myself to type. my limbs and hands esp feel so heavy.

No. 641815

I had this teacher in high school who I never liked because she was just too "not like the others" and #Downwiththekids for me, she used to swear in every other sentence and then go on and on about getting remarried 4 times which I didn't like because I was a little teacher's pet and I thought it was inappropriate behavior for a teacher kek (I was insufferable and very not cool). Anyways all the boys loved her and thought she was the absolute shit- she wasn't attractive at all so it wasn't a crush thing, she's quite old too and definitely wasn't flirty but all the guys absolutely adored her and her shitty history class. Never thought anything of it til now but I've been going through my little brothers tagged posts and there's loads of pictures of his friends with her at parties. Fucking weeeeird.. she's in her late 40s and they're all 15-17.. tf is she doing there? I feel like I should do something about it but I don't know what I could do! I have no proof there's anything weird going on but I can't think why on earth she'd be at a party full of teenage boys.

No. 641839

Is there alcohol at these parties? I feel like that's enough evidence to take to authority.

No. 641847

Anon, you got this. Keep in mind that eight hours could just be 5-6 hours of actual work; give yourself lots of mini breaks, go to the bathroom or chat with a colleague, drink your tea at your desk. Slow yourself down and never give 100% to a job cause then they'll always expect that 100%

Congrats on the new job!

No. 641902

>i feel like no doctors ever help. it's partially my fault because sometimes i feel better when i have my appointments. and other times the psychiatrist just says that my issues are outside of the medications i take.
The doctor/psychiatrist's job is to prescribe medication, so technically, they are helping you to the best of their ability. It's a therapist's job to help you work through the reasons why you have depression, as well as help you change your thinking patterns. Are you seeing a therapist in addition to taking meds? If not, you really should consider it.

No. 641903

I'm so fucking uncoordinated and just generally lacking in kinesthetic awareness. It's really pathetic. I feel like I have no bodily awareness at all. I bump into things like 10 times a day without meaning to and am always covered in bruises because of it. I trip over things constantly, often in public. I tried jumping rope earlier just to get some cardio in and ended up punching the wall multiple times because I kept tripping over the rope and was so angry about it.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I seriously feel like I have some kind of disability. It's too the point that there are forms of exercise I outright refuse to do because I'm convinced I'll just end up seriously injuring myself.

No. 641917

My moms so shitty lel. When I used to vent to her, she uses those times that I felt shitty to victim blame me. Like “oh anon, your friend was so shitty to you and cost you $2000 in court fines, but you should’ve known that she was so shitty! It’s all your fault!!!”. Like the thing is, you usually trust your friends and for them to have your back, but I guess to her, everything was my fault since I couldn’t see the future in my eyes. Even when she sees that I’m in a bad mood, she won’t leave it alone. She’ll be like “oh someone beat you up today?” Like fuck off I’m in a bad mood, I don’t need more of your bullshit. She’s literally a stay at home mom that never leaves the house, has no friends, doesn’t interact with people, and expects me to come home after a shitty day to act like it’s all right. Sorry I don’t live in a bubble like you do.

No. 641919

Oh hey, we have the same mom.

No. 641961

It's 2 hours overall, a bit over 1 hr each way. I'll probably relocate though. I'd say 1.5 hours one way is my limit, otherwise I'll be listening to audiobooks and stuff.

Thanks so much, it's actually a bit tougher because I need like 10 minutes to get into the work area (need to be totally sterile) so need to stay there, but you're right on the 100%. All this jobseeking has really made me cynical.

No. 641971

Scroll up a bit and you see someone getting wet from being called a whore and unmatched. They see girls like that and think we're all like that.

No. 641984

I had a dream I met the most wonderful girl. She felt so real; she had a name I'd never thought of as pretty or anything, it was just a relistic regular name, she had human flaws yet she was wonderful.
We had a meetcute at some convention and lost each other for a while and then saw each other again. I helped her find her lost dog, a cute corgi.
Then we went on a spontaneous trip to different countries in the middle of the night. She was an interior designer and bought all sorts of things for her job while I just watched and was kind of marveled by her creativity.

Then the dream suddenly ended with her disappearing into the night without saying goodbye.

Now I'm just sad. I don't believe in soul mates but it would be awesome if she was real and out there somewhere. Maybe she had the same dream about me.

Tfw I'll never find a cute interior designer girlfriend who wants to go to Amsterdam with me at 5am. Feels sad and empty. Why does my own brain have to tease me with shit like this when I'm too scared to install Tinder.

No. 641986

My country (mexico) thinks that radical feminist = destructive feminists who riot. This week there were some rioting people who destroyed things in the name of feminism and they call them radical feminists because "radical" in spanish means extreme. and im super mad. People here will never truly know what radical feminism is. Kill me I want to die.

No. 641987

samefag but
And the worst thing is that those """"""radical feminists""""""" who destroy shit here are also the ones who believe in gender ideology and do weird crazy shit
Can I die please

No. 641993

Every single fucking day I wake up at exactly 3 fucking am and cannot get back to sleep. Someone shoot me

No. 641995

You can die if you want

No. 641996

>Now I'm just sad. I don't believe in soul mates but it would be awesome if she was real and out there somewhere. Maybe she had the same dream about me.

You'll never know unless you look, anon. Describe her & her name and post in dream/missed connections threads, the worst that can happen is nothing comes of it!

No. 641997

I left a discord server without telling and a lot of guys kept reaching out to me asking me if I was ok. No girl did that. Even tho they were all over me all the time lol. What does that mean? Are a lot of girls on the internet just fake nice to other women to obscure their pick me ways? I also get a lot of passive aggressive behaviour from some of them. I guess they are angry at me that I steal their attention? Maybe they think I'm the pick me because I talk about weed all the time the favourite topic of the guys there but honestly I just love weed.
Now that I think about it the girls never had a discussion and just shitposted stuff like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I missed u soooo much where you been uwu / you know XY is actually my husband uwu I invite you to my wedding and nonsense like that. The girls also called me wifey and stuff.
I genuinely wanted to talk to them about fashion for example but they just kept shitposting. I don't know what to think about that.

No. 642000

I don't reach out to people because when I do that, they usually hint at them needing space and not wanting people to bug them. Or one friend from the group messages to ask what's up and then relays the message to the rest of the group, so nobody else messages for the same reason (otherwise I can imagine it would get pretty spammy and overwhelming with everyone up your ass asking if you wanna talk all of a sudden).

If some of them are passive aggressive maybe there are some pickmes, but not everyone is out to get you all the time.

No. 642001

Yeah seems a little paranoid of me ngl. I'm just sad because I thought I'd get a female friend there

No. 642003

Maybe you’re just insufferable, I get that vibe from your post.

No. 642004

I have an allergy skin test coming up in a week and I have to give up smoking, caffeine, chocolate, allergy meds, eye drops for allergies, and weed before my test. I never realized how weak and dependent I am on this stuff, it sounds like a damn nightmare. No tea or chocolate or anything and I'm going to be sober during my birthday now? I know like there's bigger problems but fuck.

No. 642007

Honestly I think I give off those vibes to women, because they all seem to hate me in the end. Is there a cure?

No. 642009

I just don't feel like there are a lot of girls interested in being friends on discord. Idk I've tried reaching out to different women on various platforms and most of the time it doesn't go anywhere after a few days. Wish I could get more girls to hmu but oh well

No. 642010

Stop doing what youre doing

No. 642011

Get a personality besides weed and the internet and don’t assume women are all fake just because scrotes are desperate

No. 642015

-shoots you-

No but really I think waking in the middle of the night is normal. Idk. Read it on a tumblr post kek

Apparently people would wake up at that hour and pray or some shit. does anyone know what im talking about lol

No. 642017

you sound dumb and boring, what would you actually bring on a friendship? really think about it. list your qualities on your reply

No. 642019

It sounds like you aren't trying to make female friends but rather enter discord groups that are designed to have a few girls and a sea of orbiters. The other girls who are desperate for orbiters are there with you. You aren't friends, you are competition. Maybe try chatting with people without the main purpose being to get attention and you can grow some more genuine friendships.

No. 642021

>I left a discord server without telling
>without telling
>Are THEY fake-nice?

No. 642024

I'm not >>642009 but >>641997.
I guess the anon who said that the discord server I was in is designed to collect simps has a point. It was my first server ever and I thought we are just there for fun but that's not how the internet works. I just give up on finding female friends online and keep my bland weed internet personality to myself

No. 642025

This kind of stuff is very common on Discord servers (if they are desperate), however most likely they didn't ask you because they know that's none of their business.

No. 642026

Samefag but the reason I left was serious. A member there had a disgusting kink that hurts women and was protected by the admins

No. 642028

Did any of women know that… I personally wouldn't stay if it had some abusive kinkshit because it screams red flag to me, if a person doesn't keep their fetishes in private.

No. 642029

Yes it was a wide spread drama there

No. 642031

This. Think of Bianca Devins and the countless examples of discord girls who enter a server/make a server to be "friendly uwu"

I'll descrive them to you.
These girls range from anything from 15-23 year olds, but there's cases of being as old as 25. They dress cute or trendy in the internet way, and can be very out there, but not so much that they don't appear nerdy and introverted. They use twitter and instagram a lot, for selfies or "hot takes". They either can be super rude for fun, post a lot of memes, or try to be cute. It's like they don't have a personality outside of the internet and clout chasing.

They will act nice towards other girls in public, because they want to be regarded as nice, sweet, caring girls in the eyes of everyone, including males. They will act like they're sisters, cute friends, adorable girls who you can talk to. But they're doing that just to cause a good impression on you and the others. In reality, they want as many simps as possible, gender doesn't matter, but males are the ones they truly strive for. That sweet, sweet scrote attention. Why? Who knows, never got it myself. But the more orbiters they have, the better. They feel like their shits matter, like they have the attention their mommy and daddy never gave them.

So your response is, yes, they're fake. They're super fake, and a hilarious kind of fake at that. You'll never find a true female friendship through a discord server, and you'll probably struggle to find one online. You do sound kinda obnoxious and dumb, so good luck. Maybe try another server until you hit gold.

No. 642033

What was it anon, and what were people's reaction?

No. 642035

those "concerned" guys probably just wanted a taste of your e-pussy, sorry anon

No. 642037

I'm just saying, you were the one who left without giving them any notice but at the same time you expect them to give a shit you left? They have to put in the effort but you don't? You gave a clear Idgaf sign when you left them without saying a word.

No. 642040

He jacks off to crying girls. One guy said that he will leave the server because he think it's disgusting and harms real people. The other ones came to rescue the poor kinky guy because he was kinkshamed. Including one woman.

But thank you for explaining this to me as I was to dumb to get it, it fits to a t

No. 642041

maybe they're focused on the real "serious" shit instead of a random twat who left out of the blue? the world doesn't revolve around you.

>"I left out of the blue by my own accord yet people don't care about my feelings and me leaving. omg whyyy??

>but I never said anything/thought about their feelings. omg such fake friends.

No. 642043

I didn't think they were my friends nor that they need to keep up with me. I was just wondering that I heard nothing from them but I guess >>642035 is right

No. 642044

File: 1601452675899.jpg (147.27 KB, 711x713, 1578708945372.jpg)

i know this is totally unhealthy, but i look at my narc ex's social media sometimes to see if he's dead yet/chuckle at him being stupid

the thing is he has an on again off again girlfriend and for her own safety i wish i could warn her. i won't because i'd look crazy, but i wish…

he did the craziest shit–forcing sex even when i was sick with strep, lying that people who knew me from highschool told him i'm a whore (i was online schooled lol, how), yelling at me for using heart emojis with my mom (???????), threatening to break up if i didn't take out a loan to help him move out… and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

i hope he's treating her better but he's probably not. people like that don't just change, no matter how nice their girlfriend is. i've seriously cried at the thought of him hurting another girl like he did me. i know it's better just to drop it out of my mind completely, it's not my problem, but he nearly killed me and the fact that he gets to start fresh as if it didn't happen is scary

No. 642045

was it a lolita/jfashion/kfashion server?

No. 642047

>forcing sex even when i was sick with strep
doesn't that involve diarrhea

No. 642048

No. 642049

didn't have that but the scrote didn't care about my fever, male sex drive is fucking horrifying

No. 642050

You left without telling and now are mad that not all of them run after you? Play dumb games win dumb prizes.

No. 642051

speaking of that, i wish every jfashion server wasn't so shit. the ones that let men in end up with a lot of pickme type behavior, and the popular ones are moderated by bitter people who can hardly dress themselves. not even worth it to try starting one because nobody can behave themselves

No. 642052

My ex pressured me into having sex when I had strep throat as well. I had a high fever, he said it felt good because I felt warmer than normal. I never really felt the same about him after that. It seemed so weird and selfish.

No. 642053


You guys can say rape you know

No. 642054

>forcing sex even when i was sick with strep
Anon for your sake I hope he got a painful burning uti from that, having oral sex with strep is basically asking for a horrible infection on their genitals.

No. 642056

For some reason having sex while having a fever actually sounds nice to me, if your partner is more caring. it just feels more warm and nice.

No. 642059

Good thing you left that asshole, I hope you've found a better man or that you will in the future.

>>642053 this

No. 642072

It could totally be nice but OP said she was forced, so big yikes here unfortunately

No. 642078

How did he force you?

No. 642082

File: 1601457398207.jpeg (161.11 KB, 1707x2048, F8F7D935-2D21-4ED3-BFE3-FF340D…)

Augh i feel you anon. In my case extremely poor motor skill is probably linked to asd. Its such a fucking embarrassment, i cant to things normal ppl enjoy like any kind of competitive sports or dancing. Despite passing as normal on a outer level im always worrying that my body language betrays me as an autistic cunt. Makes me feel like an eternal outsider.

My constant anxiety over this shit has given me chronic muscle tension.

No. 642083

Did you do any sport as a kid? You might be too harsh on yourself, I think the vast majority of adults struggle to develop body awareness and grace if they didn't already get past that awkward, uncoordinated stage when they were young.

No. 642099

I feel like I'm never going to find a job. I have shitty social skills, non-existant self-esteem, I'm slow, I have a shitty degree in a useless humanities field and Ive worked in the same place for 4 years, so I don't have experience in other fields. I feel fucked.

No. 642110

I asked about headaches on here yesterday, and tried going braless following a sweet anon's advice on here. My mom noticed I wasn't wearing a bra and commented on it, I said it was for headaches and that I don't have a headache today. She was angry but more than that she kept roaming her hands all over my back and almost on my boobs a few times and I'm feeling so uncomfortable right now, I feel a little disturbed. I'm gonna wear a tight bra again, the headaches are better than this

No. 642114

File: 1601463083258.jpeg (693.13 KB, 1242x811, 1570817492724.jpeg)

What the fuck anon, that is so weird. Sorry your mom is like that.
Some parents don't have a sense of boundaries and I get to experience that quite often as well. Ew.

No. 642115


Maybe try a sports bra so your mom?? is not sexually attracted to you what

But glad you didn't have a headache today anon. Sorry your mom is weird.

No. 642116

A webcomic I really used to like is going to end in a couple of months, and I really want to read it to the end but the artist made a choice with a character that was extremely weird for how she presented it through the entire comic before that. She went from a character that was presented as straight, proud dominatrix to suddenly being a meek, spineless trans man that crushes and have sex with women. It really turned me off from the comic and I don’t feel like seeing it to the end anymore.
The artist get to do whatever she wants with her own characters but there are other characters that it would have made more sense to go down that route with imo.

No. 642117

She's always been a touchy person and I don't really mind but this incident just left me feeling I don't know, violated is a very harsh word, but extremely weirded out at least. I'll just have to woman up and tolerate the headaches if she's gonna comment on my body at every turn.
Yeah, I'll go back to the bras. She loves telling me how floppy my tits and how she hates them so she's definitely not sexually attracted, maybe just doesn't believe in personal boundaries.

No. 642120

fuck your bitch of a mom. fuck her. she's a monster.
get away from her. you shouldn't have to suffer because of her stupidity.

No. 642121

don't go back to bra's. fight. anon, fight. I believe in you.

No. 642123

>I'm gonna wear a tight bra again, the headaches are better than this
No sis. How about you call her out on her bullshit and do what you want?

No. 642125

I hope you don't internalize what she's saying, but I know snide comments from parents just get to one. Even if your tits are floppy that's none of her concern and nothing to be ashamed of.

My dad once said I didn't have the calves for skirts kek, and my little brother agreed. These two scrotes go out once a year at best to buy one new tacky boomer t shirt but here they are complaining about my fashion kek. It's always the insecurity and trying to bring you down.

No. 642128

I don't want her touching me like that again, ever. But I know if I bring it up she'll act offended and all, it has happened before. I asked her not to touch my ass because it makes me uncomfortable but she just said 'i'm your mother, trust me' and still touches it. Frequently says she's allowed to touch me but no one else is. I don't know, she knows I got molested by a teacher, she should at least let me be in control of my body. She's been looking at my boobs if I'm walking around her because they're free and moving a little, and it's making me so conscious.
I do like this headache-free day for the first time in months, maybe I should just hold on for a while longer. Last time I tried going bra free she made me cry, around 3 years ago when I was 16.

No. 642131

Jfc what is wrong with her. Psycho shit, lots of older women I know don't wear a bra because it's more comfortable for them. Fuck her.

No. 642134

She is sexually harassing you and it's not okay on any level. Her being your mom actually makes it worse. Negging you about your boobs is also a form of harassment. Can you move away? Report her to the authorities? Nothing about your situation is acceptable and you should not have to go through that.

No. 642135

She's molesting you. She's sexually harassing you. No mother touches their kid like that and then asks if they're the only one doing so. No mother looks at their child like that. Get away from her.

No. 642136

oh yeah anon those girls are just so dumb and boring because they'd rather post memes than engage in deep intellectual discourse about weed with you and ~the boys~ uwu!

No. 642139

Anon, I have a similar mother who would pinch my ass and make comments on my boobs and my therapist confirmed that she's a narcissist. They think they own our bodies. It's time to move out

No. 642143

I don't know if this is harrassment or molestation, that sounds so extreme. I think she thinks what she does is wrong, she thinks I'm overreacting. She touches my thighs and stuff and tells me not to let anyone else touch me here or whatever. I have an older sister but she doesn't seem to be this way with her. She's not even a lesbian or anything. If I told this to any authority, I'd get laughed out of the office. No one will take it seriously, not where I live. I wanna move away when I am capable, but I'd feel so guilty leaving my mom all alone. She already doesn't have anyone she talks to other than her daughters. Maybe I'm just making a mountain out of a molehill.

No. 642149

Anon, no. It is sexual harassment, she is touching you without your consent. Blogging but my father does the same creepy shit and it makes me want to cry and puke. Your body and subconsciousness is telling you all you need. She is a grown-ass women who can make her own friends, you don't owe her shit and on top of it all she's treating you like that. If she wanted to have a good connection to you, she wouldn't do this.
I know exactly how you feel, how humiliating it is and how you try to play it down. But I've talked to close friends about it and it is real harassment. You know it deep, deep down. She has no right. Move out as soon as you can and keep low or no contact.

No. 642151

I feel exactly like you but one step ahead.

You need to for real fake confidence and relatability for the 30 min you're in an interview. They can't see your self esteem on paper but it's absolutely necessary to come off as confident in your abilities that you've learned and will learn.

Um, also if you get an interview google the interviewers, their background and the specs of the job, to the point you can maybe assume specifics that weren't mentioned in the job description. It gives off a strong impression that you know what you need to do. Then ask a LOT of questions based on those assumptions. Enough to take up 10-15 minutes at least.
Even if you get the assumption wrong it's not anything bad. For example, it lists some activity you do. You look it up and it usually uses some specific software, so you ask "so for this task in the position description is (whatever) software used?", it might not be that software but what you do in asking that is create the assumption that you know how to do that specific activity well enough to know the software. It's not lying per se because you never said you knew how, plus you usually get training anyway.

I guess you can't create charisma asap like most naturally have to connect, especially if you have a low view of yourself because you can't find a job. But you can create the illusion of enthusiasm by doing your research.

My first day is tomorrow kek, yet to figure out how to deal with that but baby steps.

No. 642152

I feel sick